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Crime not linked to poverty The prevalence with which youths are becoming involved in the commission of criminal acts is symptomatic of a very real deep-seated problem in Guyana. Daily media reports point to a blurring of lines between those traditionally profiled as offenders and an unanticipated emergent class. In recent years crimes including murder, robbery and assault have been allegedly committed by the offspring of persons in the magistracy, government, and police force just to mention a few. According to the latest reports authorities are at a loss to understand why these particular perpetrators run afoul of the law. The implication seems to be that crimes are only expected to be committed by those from among the underclasses in terms of poverty and moral instability. Further, no serious effort is being made to address the security concerns of the people who are so far away from positions of influence that their cries are hardly ever heard. One has to wonder if there is some implied acceptance that crimes are driven by poverty. It has been said before and bears repeating that everyone who has the ability and opportunity to change systems for the better should do so because no one knows when s/he will be on the wrong end of a dysfunctional system. The reported experiences of policewoman Rhonda Hawker is a case in point. It is widely believed that she is being punished for raising questions about the police shooting death of her son Delon Hawker at Mahaicony last year. Allegations of assault made against the son of a high official are not investigated with the haste similar to one made against a leading activist against trafficking in persons. The botched investigations into the murder of a taxi driver resulted in three young men being freed in the high court. One was the son of a former magistrate. In addressing the Colwyn Harding matter it is noted that President Ramotar stated that he supports the need for an independent inquiry but he went further in questioning the motives of people who are asking for the same thing. By raising the issue of the time taken before the allegations were made public, the question is what subliminal message is His Excellency sending? The murder of Trevor Rose by an assailant who emerged from a heavily tinted vehicle is another reason for the police to enforce the laws in that regard. It would be interesting to learn by what criteria are those privileged persons granted a ministerial waiver if any. The way things are going in this country it should come as no surprise that a reputed hit man who was implicated in at least two murders, and one robbery under arms is regularly seen driving around in a heavily tinted vehicle. If a check is made on who drive tinted vehicles apart from senior government functionaries and the nouveau riche, it will be easily seen that police ranks make up the majority of owners/drivers. The target special squad was disbanded long after incessant complaints about the unprofessional behavior of its ranks. But is that any guarantee that there are no murder or robbery squads operating without official sanction within the force? Another observation to be made is the room for abuse which the practical application of the intelligence-led policing concept could suffer. Firstly, when last has a force crime fighting plan come out of the headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Department? Secondly, how effective is the intelligence gathering and data mining focus of the criminal intelligence unit? As a matter of priority citizens need to know that the ranks assigned to those duties are properly supervised and not left to their own devices. Lastly, and by no means of least importance, people need to know that the performance of these various units are audited for

Tuesday January 28, 2014

Letters... Where your views make the news

No need for another study, get the existing system to work as it should DEAR EDITOR, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC) have recently proposed that the PPP/C Government initiate a National Flood Control Plan, funded by the Government and possibly International Agencies/Donors, to come up with solutions to solve the recurring flooding of coastal Guyana and other areas. A state of affairs which has brought so much suffering to the people living in the low-lying areas prone to flooding with resulting damages to their properties at every cloud burst. U n f o r t u n a t e l y, t h i s proposal appears to be another time- and moneywasting exercise, as methods for draining and reduced flooding of most of the lowlying lands in Guyana have been fairly well established. What is lacking is a commitment by the Government to properly operate and maintain the systems, and these have been compounded by bad political decisions with respect to their priorities, poor management and lack of resources for the sector. In any coastal area, if the drainage canals leading to the sluices are de-silted to design bed level/slope elevations and cleared of weeds and debris with the sluices working as per design and the outfall channels cleared of sling mud to bed level, flooding should occur only by exceptionally heavy downpours, as no planning can prevent flooding from extreme cases, unless there are unlimited financial resources to build the necessary infrastructure to do so. Nowadays many lowlying areas have had their drainage enhanced by the placement of pumps to get rid of excess water when the tide is up and the sluices closed. If together all these elements are operational as per design and working in tandem, then why is flooding of coastal low lands so common? Take Georgetown as an example. The drains in Bel Air Park and elsewhere in the City have not been touched by the Mayor and City Council for over 25 years.

Property owners try to keep their drains clean, but in reality this has been getting them nowhere, because their drains are part of an integrated system which has to function as a whole. At the start of the rainy season in December last year, most of the drainage canals in the City were clogged with silt, weeds and floating debris, outfall channels silted with mud, pumps broken down and so forth and so on. Following flooding of the business district and other economic disruptions, the blame game for causes of the flooding started flying left, right and centre, with those time-worn excuses for doing nothing such as lack of resources, irresponsible Georgetowners dumping garbage in the drains and clogging them, El Niño and oh yes!! Ms. Sooba, the beloved Town Clerk for not opening the City’s coffers fast enough to carry out regular maintenance and emergency works. Knee-jerk reaction is no way to solve a perennial problem, nor is preparation of a flood plan necessary to

tell Mayor Green how to prevent flooding of his City. He laments, as well as assures the citizenry, that if he could only get his hands on those funds he so badly needs from the Government and Ms. Sooba’s tight fists to straighten things out, he could once again return Georgetown to its former glory as the ‘Garden City’ with no flooding. Dr. Roopnaraine, a wellknown Parliamentarian and a proponent for a flood control plan, traverses the Hope Canal now under construction at Dochfour twice daily as he commutes to his Office in the City and is familiar with much of its construction progress. This is one of the costliest projects now under construction in Guyana. Its construction was politically motivated, as no feasibility study was carried out to determine its economic and financial viability. U n f o r t u n a t e l y, D r. Roopnaraine has never openly raised serious questions in the National Assembly on the Project’s cost and time overruns, nor sought a commitment from

the Government as to when the sluice gates will be opened to safely discharge flood waters from the East Demerara Conservancy into the Atlantic Ocean, and at what cost. Completion of this Project is always today, tomorrow. Minister Ramsammy has stated that the Project’s cost is within budget, but he has been vague as to where the money will come from to pay for the additional engineering services, the many change orders and additional wages and running costs for operating and maintaining the equipment digging the canal for a project that has over two years of time overrun. Further, it is claimed that the penalty clauses in the (3) contracts, for contracts delay, will not be enforced, as the Contractors’ tardiness to execute the work on time has not only been their fault, but that of the Government, whose commitment to complete certain integrated Project works on time was never fulfilled, for example the eight sluice gates. It is not necessary at this (Continued on page 7)

When will our TVET system be fully CBET compliant? DEAR EDITOR, I wish to join in the discussion on Technical Education. I read the M i n i s t r y ’s p l i g h t a s presented by the Minister of Education (KN January 16, 2014), Ms Nestor’s queries (KN January 21, 2014) and Mr. Chinedu’s declarations (KN January 23, 2014) of the soaring heights to which our Te c h n i c a l E d u c a t i o n curriculum has climbed. However, there are a few questions which remained unanswered, especially in the face of the not so recent declaration by the Minister of Labour that our workforce is not adequately skilled to work on the Marriott Hotel project. It is almost 10 years since the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Act was passed in Parliament in 2004. The Ministry of Education would

effectiveness and are being done in an efficient manner. Finally, the newly formed SWAT unit must be able to withstand scrutiny from the perspectives of its members’ physical and psychological fitness for their role. It is no use just finding numbers to fulfill some undefined criteria and exposing the populace to the potential for a higher level of professional misconduct.

have been made aware of the Caribbean Association of National Training Agencies (CANTA)’s assessment of t h e t h r e e Te c h n i c a l Institutions that were built. I saw the Corentyne Technical Institute after completion. It did not satisfy the basic requirements laid down for certification by CANTA in terms of the physical infrastructure and embracing CBET (Competency Based Education and Training). The other two I have not

seen, but am willing to wager that they would be in a similar situation. Hence my first question is what took the Ministry so long to buy into a movement as critical as this? When will our TVET system be fully CBET compliant? When will the necessary physical/structural improvements be made to our Technical Institutions to bring them up to the required specifications of CANTA? Elton McRae

Anything goes

Tuesday January 28, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Colwyn Harding Freddie Kissoon desires the world to a societal debacle believe he is an intellectual heavyweight DEAR EDITOR, The story of the maltreatment of Colwyn Harding, allegedly by complicit police ranks, has elicited something akin to an explosion – of indignation, rancour, accusations, condemnation, hostility, and all the other negative emotions one can conjure. There has been a cacophony of legal arguments, non-legal posturing and media commentary. We have been witnesses to parliamentary outrage, inquisitorial denouncements, to the emasculation of a force mandated to serve and protect; not to mention manipulated medical obfuscations. But it is uncertain how many have paid attention to the loud rumbling silences that have resounded across the usually vocal genuflective agencies and institutions. It is just possible that some might have missed, for example, the sound of any prayers for the well-being of the abused victim, the aggrieved and grieving mother, siblings and for that

matter, extended family. It cannot be that none of them is a church-goer; and even so would at least be acquainted with some devotees in the afflicted community, who would empathise, and wonder about their own fate, and possibly their faith as well. Is it for them to seek their pastor, or for the latter to turn towards them? Must they ask to what extent their Sunday prayers could provide solace for the Harding family; and reflect on the fact that the church has kept its distance, and that no bells have been tolled for the explicit destruction of the human spirit? For while medical doctors would talk mundanely about a wound they know, but cannot yet heal, and the prosecutors might win their day (or night) in court; leaving the assailants but barely embarrassed, if not incarcerated, none would have attended to the real damage that has been inflicted, less perhaps on the virility, but much more profoundly on the manhood (Continued on page 7)

DEAR EDITOR, Freddie Kissoon desires the world to believe he is an intellectual heavyweight when he’s nothing more than an ordinary academic and can barely be accorded the respect of a Lilliputian. He is incapable of dealing with concrete issues and tends to mask his limitations by throwing around concepts upon which he makes superficial and foolish arguments, hoping they will impress or be seen as accurate. And the truth be told, he has had some measure of success that feeds his delusion of grandeur, but makes the society intellectually poorer. His response to Dr. Henry Jeffrey bears testimony. Refer to Kissoon’s “You get nothing of literary or intellectual value in exchanges with these people” (KN, 26/1/2014) and Jeffrey’s “Kissoon’s arguments rife with assumptions” (KN 24/1/2014). In his usual rant and rave he diverted attention from dealing with the issue, i.e. Guyana’s sovereignty and

U.S Democracy Project, and sought to give the impression he has the ability to identify intellectuals and whom he will debate, and excluded me from this line-up, which I appreciate, because he lacks the discerning ability and I would have been horrified to be accorded his recognition. Calling me a “charlatan” (a new label) and “racist” is an attempt to lump me with others to either marginalise me or elevate himself, neither of which he will succeed at, because this intellectual counterfeit cannot deconstruct the concepts he has ascribed to me. Repeatedly he has been asked to provide my “racist” writing(s) and he cannot, because he knows he is being dishonest. He knows from my writings my intolerance with stupidity and in this regard he has not been spared my attention. Fortunately for him, he is paid to occupy media space to rant with everybody, but cannot deliver an intelligent response to Jeffrey, whom, having intellectually bloodied his nose, causing him some dizziness, he thought he could

save face by lashing out at others. But this is the dichotomy in Kissoon’s polemics (using his two favourite concepts). One would have thought since he considered himself ranking in Jeffrey’s intellectual sphere, he would not take up media space to focus on me, but given the opportunity to deal with Jeffrey, he would have been able to rise to Jeffrey’s level and give a good account of himself. He could not. And in his lengthy diatribe, he was only able to muster a feeble “I think Dr. Jeffrey repeated his mistake by assuming sovereignty is acquired through fair elections. The two are not dialectically inter-linked. I will follow up on this later.” Why “later” and not in the 26/1 letter!? Why dedicate significant space to “reply” to one who was never part of the conversation? But this is his characteristic Don Quixote style - lashing out at windmills. Those who critically analyse Kissoon’s praxis (another of his favourite concepts) recognise his

inability to engage in intellectual debates, which he masks by attacking persons. He is known to regurgitate intellectual things, but on critical review he is not an intellectual analyst of any sort. He is gifted in regurgitating concepts, but very poor at deconstructing them. Jeffrey was being very kind in saying “Finally, Mr. Kissoon, I suggest that, in terms of public comment, we should not place too much faith in academic and intellectual credibility. As Thomas Sowell, (2011“Intellectual and Society:” Basic Books) observed: ‘The list of top-ranked intellectuals who made utterly irresponsible statements, and who advocate hopelessly unrealistic and recklessly dangerously things could be extended almost indefinitely!’ We should pay much more attention to getting to know and telling the truth.” But poor Freddie, this would have flown over his head! And finally, yours truly hopes Kissoon does not wait until the intellectual blows rendered to him by Jeffrey (Continued on page 7)

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Banks DIH focuses on sharpening tactics to reduce expenditure Banks DIH Limited has sharpened its tactics to reduce expenditure and increase profits even as the company has rebranded itself as ‘Banks Country’. This was disclosed as the company hosted its 58th Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Thirst Park, Saturday last. Chairman Clifford Reis told the hundreds of stakeholders that dividends increased from 17 to 30 cents and the company won gold medals in international quality control competitions in which it participated. “Volume growth was not achieved only by providing our customers with quality products, additionally our focus has been the anticipation of and response to the rapidly changing dynamics in the market in which we operate,” he asserted. Adding that customer service is one of the company’s main priorities, Reis also noted that as a result of comprehensive planning and prudent

management of resources, the overall performance of the group improved, with an operational profit before taxes of $5.340 billion compared to $4.966 billion in 2012, a seven per cent increase of $374 million. Profits after taxes for the group attributable to shareholders grew from $2.812 billion to $2.930 billion, an increase of $118 million, or four per cent. He however underscored that while the company has recorded some $2.5 billion in profits, it is disappointing that as a consequence of the national economy it did not meet its targets in the second half of the year, hence not garnering the expected results. The Banks DIH chairman noted that one area the company will be looking to expand in, is the field of technology. He noted that this year more emphasis will be placed on the utilisation of new technology. MODERNISATION The Chairman further

Banks DIH Limited Chairman Clifford Reis noted that with the implementation of the brewery - the modernisation programme which is the second phase of the company’s strategic capital investments -Banks DIH has improved production capacity and availability. The Chairman explained that expenditure was also directed towards equipment

for the bakery, the dairy plant, the win ery and the water plant. The drilling and development of a new water well, restaurant equipment and additional trucks and forklifts were also completed in the year. The installation and commissioning of the new 1.7 MW Hyundai Generator to satisfy increased demand, and a new Cleaver Brooks boiler to increase steam generation for the production areas were started in the 2012/ 2013 period and will be completed within this new year. He also underscored the company’s continued support for “the sustaining of meaningful relationships with our shareholders, employees, customers, and wider society which is demonstrated in our continuing commitment to, and involvement in, the many educational, cultural, sporting, religious and environmental activities undertaken in several communities across our country.”

Issuance of Firearm Licence being abused Leader of the political opposition faction A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) David Granger, is calling for the urgent review of the procedure which allows for the issuance of licenses for firearm holders. This call was also supported by Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, who disclosed similar

- Govt. and Opposition agree on need for urgent review of procedure for issuing licence sentiments at a recent ceremony, held at the Tactical Services Unit at Eve Leary, Georgetown. Granger explained that, “The situation that exists in Guyana is that there are concessions granted to persons who fall into certain categories, like those persons living in the interior. They would use weapons for the purpose of hunting but it is my strong belief that the process for the issuance of licenses for firearm holders is one that should be monitored.” “In fact we need a more efficient force. Its personal capacity needs to be strengthened in terms of

equipment for proper border patrols. The situation that exists in Guyana as it relates to the amount of crimes that occur with firearms suggests that if the Force was equipped enough to keep the population safe there would not be such a great need to consider the widespread issuance of firearms and I think the issuance is being abused. I would also make the call for there to be more control where this is concerned.” “There needs to be a serious control on this procedure because once people are issued these licenses then some will feel

the need to settle scores, and use it in other destructive ways as in the case with the Middle Street shooting with the gold miner Deryck Kanhai,” he added “While the recent receipt of two pieces of machinery for the destruction of obsolete firearms so as to prevent them from entering criminal networks can be applauded, we must address an issue that is going to determine how effective this equipment will be; that is simply, lack of resources. It is here again I wish to reinforce my position that when it comes to looking at the bigger picture— trafficking in arms, then our (continued on page 21)

Tuesday January 28, 2014

Rohee says Harding’s situation reduced to a “political football” by Opposition

Colwyn Harding

The Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) has congratulated local doctors and nurses who rendered their services to Colwyn Harding while accusing the Opposition of politicking over the lad’s situation. This is in the wake of Colwyn Harding’s exodus from Guyana yesterday to receive further treatment in Jamaica for his internal wounds which he claimed were inflicted on him by a police inserting a baton with a condom up his rear last November. The PPP said it “views with deep concern the alleged atrocities Colwyn Harding claims to have been inflicted upon him by a member of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) while he was in police custody and welcomes the decision by the GPF to launch a thorough investigation into this matter. We congratulate our doctors and nurses who rendered professional services to their patient, we noted their findings and hope their findings will play a part in their investigation in order to arrive at the truth in this matter.” General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee said he is dismayed with politicians and naysayers reducing Harding’s allegations into a “political football kicking it around to bolster their faltering political fortitudes…they have already passed judgment on this matter, they have already condemned police ranks, they have already calculated compensation and are demanding the state to pay millions of dollars in tax payers money; all of this they did having

heard only one side and in the absence of any credible, impartial investigation or indeed any investigation at all.” He said that even the doctor’s professional opinions were ignored in this process. The party signaled its commitment to effecting and implementing wide ranging reforms in the discipline forces to ensure that they operate within the confines of the law and that they discharge in a professional manner, their respective mandates. “To date these reforms continue to be a work in progress, in order to increase civilian oversight in the disciplined forces we have ensured that the statutory, constitutional and other mechanisms designed to achieve these purposes are functioning effectively, we refer to the Office of Professional Responsibility, the Police Complaint Authority, the National Commission for Law and Order, the constitutional court and the recently re-established Office of the Ombudsman,” said Rohee. Leader of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) David

Granger had called for an independent judicial inquiry into Harding’s situation citing no confidence in Rohee, the Office of the Professional responsibility or even the Police Complaints Authority to conclude satisfactorily into Harding’s situation. The PPP also expressed that it observed the statements made by President Donald Ramotar in connection with an independent inquiry into the matter.

Tuesday January 28, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news

Colwyn Harding - a societal... From page 5 of Colwyn Harding. The psychological wound is certain to run deep; and the pain of the experience could permanently benumb any feeling of humanity. A soul would have been lost, irretrievably, but not only from the inert, indifferent if not inhumane, preachers. In the midst of the sound bites and silences, few would have recognised that the Colwyn Harding tragedy is very much our own. It is a condition beyond a single mental aberration, an intemperate act of violence; an extreme indiscretion by the indisciplined, a brazen show of insubordination – evidence of palpable

mismanagement. It is more than an ethnic confrontation; than a legal transgression, or a contentious political topic. It is but a physical manifestation of a pervasive state of decrepitude; a reflection of the insensitive, uncaring, selfish, arrogant, materialistic environment which we feel proud to advertise – like alcohol, polluted uncultured shows, and other addictives. It is the mark of the bestiality which we have patented for the concrete jungle through which we now prowl. But perhaps, just perhaps, even at this late stage, we can pause to ponder how much

our collective deficiencies could have brought the society to this cliff-edge called Colwyn Harding; could have contributed to the slide into a digitised society in which virtual reality has overtaken spirituality, to the apostasy of which even the televised preachers must be ashamed. Amoral as we have become, is it too late to hope, and pray, for the prospect of an apathetic leadership transforming itself into at least the mirage of a Moses – to salvage us from this engulfing morass of depravity? Think of the legacy we would have bequeathed to the generations to follow. E.B. John

No need for another study... From page 4 time to goad the Government for a National Flood Control Plan when it has so much unfinished business pertaining to its drainage and irrigation (D&I) sector hanging i n t h e a i r, s u c h a s t h e pumps which were ordered from India lying at the wharf and which should have been installed and operational six months ago. Maintenance and servicing of pump units installed at the Hope Sluice location and elsewhere is necessary to enable them to be fully functional, as and when needed. Sadly, the Pump Operator at Hope, East Coast Demerara, recently had to almost go down on his knees and beg the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority to send someone to carry out the necessary repairs to the down pump there, at the height of the rainy season in December, as flood waters were building up dangerously high in the Hope drainage channel. Servicing of these pumps has to be carried out

regularly and not when the equipment breaks down. There has to be a planned program in place for operation and maintenance of all D&I equipment for optimum performance. What became of the Government-sponsored World Bank Study to improve the safety and operation of the East Demerara Conservancy, and which should have been completed since March 2013? Where is this report with the recommendations for consideration and execution by the Government, or are they waiting for a repeat of the 2005 Flood before action is taken to do what is considered necessary? I trust that APNU and the

AFC are fully aware of the needs of the drainage and irrigation lowlands of Guyana and that the infrastructure is in place to achieve the desired objectives. Unfortunately, the system is not working, for some of the reasons outlined herein. I have not touched on the Sea Defences, but its impact must be taken into account for any improvement of the D & I system. However, what is needed at this time is not another study, but to get the system which is in place with respect to D&I working as it was designed to do, although some modifications here and there may be necessary to improve efficiency and a changing environment. Charles Sohan

Freddie Kissoon... From page 5 heal before he does thorough homework on “sovereignty.” He had better learn how to deconstruct this concept in order to save himself further injuries that may be likely to sustain should he fall

prey to one of his delusional episodes that make him think he can have “intellectual debate” with Jeffrey, absent homework or sober conviction that can withstand scrutiny. Minette Bacchus

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Tuesday January 28, 2014

Man with stab wound admitted to GPHC A 35-year-old man was last night admitted a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) nursing a stab wound to his chest. Reports reaching this publication are that the man, Joel McCordy, a taxi driver, was hired to take a passenger to Parika, East Bank Essequibo. This publication understands that while on the West Coast of Demerara the passenger attempted to rob McCordy during which he was stabbed in the vicinity of his chest. Although information is still sketchy as to how the man was able to flee his assailant this publication has learnt that the man who hails from Supply, Mahaica, was first rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital where it was discovered that he had a wound to his left side chest. His condition was deemed severe enough for him to be referred to the GPHC for further medical attention. At the GPHC the man was

Stabbing victim, Joel McCordy in a stable condition but a chest tube was required to allow for the expansion of his lung to aid breathing. Medical

officials after attending to the young man last night admitted him to the Intensive Care Unit.

Ukraine’s Yanukovich meets opposition ahead of crunch parliament session (Reuters) - Ukraine’s Viktor Yanukovich held fresh talks with opposition leaders yesterday to prepare for a crunch session of parliament at which the president and his allies will be under pressure to make major concessions amid mass unrest. A tough battle lay ahead at today’s session with the opposition calling for concessions including the repeal of sweeping anti-protest laws, the dismissal of the government and an amnesty for all protesters detained in two months of unrest. Ukraine’s justice minister raised tensions by warning she would press for a state of emergency if protesters did not vacate a ministry building they had occupied overnight. The protesters later left the premises, after defying police for several hours, but said they would return if there was no progress in parliament on Tuesday. As the opposition leaders - boxer-turnedpolitician Vitaly Klitschko, former economy minister Arseny Yatsenyuk and nationalist Oleh Tyahnibok - met Yanukovich, the President’s party set the scene for a rowdy session of parliament, saying they did not intend to yield any ground. “The prime minister will not be going. Parliament tomorrow will not be voting for the resignation of the government,” Mykhailo Chechetov, a spokesman for the Party of the regions, told Interfax news agency. He said the Regions parliamentary faction would equally block any attempt to repeal the anti-protest legislation which Yanukovich loyalists rammed through parliament on January 16. “We are categorically against changing these laws. What are we talking about here? A bandit must go to jail,” he said. OPPOSITION RALLY CALL

The Batkivshchyna (Fatherland) party of jailed opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko, now headed by Yatsenyuk, called on its supporters to rally in Kiev’s Independence Square on Tuesday in solidarity with opposition deputies in parliament. “Come at 12 o’clock and support the deputies who are ready to take on themselves the responsibility for getting rid of these dictatorial laws,” a statement said. Yanukovich triggered the upheaval in November when he abruptly abandoned plans to sign association and free trade deals with the European Union, opting instead to tighten economic ties with former Soviet master Russia, and angering millions who dream of a European future. The protest movement has since turned into a mass demonstration, punctuated by clashes with police, against perceived mis-rule and corruption in the Yanukovich leadership. Several hundred people camp round-theclock on Kiev’s Independence Square and along an adjoining thoroughfare, while more radical protesters confront police lines at Dynamo football stadium some distance away. That area remained calm overnight into yesterday. The occupation of the justice ministry building was the third such action in four days. Protesters occupied the agricultural ministry on Friday and only agreed to leave the energy ministry which they entered on Saturday after the minister warned their action could disrupt energy supplies in the country. Justice Minister Olena Lukash said in a video statement: “If the justice ministry building is not vacated immediately, I will be forced to appeal ... to the Council for National Security and Defense with a demand that introduction of a state of emergency in the country be discussed.”

Tuesday January 28, 2014

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DOUBLESPEAK AND CONTRADICTION The need for a political party, indeed for any organization to speak with a clear and consistent voice cannot be underscored. Doublespeak and contradiction are sources of disservice and disquiet within an organization. They can tear the organization apart; split it into factions and send mixed signals that confuse those who are supposed to be receiving the messages sent out by that organization. Political parties are organizations are therefore under a similar obligation to be clear, consistent and coherent in their approaches and public pronouncements. Modern day politics is a complex and sophisticated process. Within political parties, the idea of the maximum leader who is the repository of all knowledge and the purveyor of all information to the public is archaic. The modern day political party must have structure as well as rules and responsibilities. The responsibilities are delegated to many individuals who while they may not always contradict each another, may speak in different tones and convey a different message from what the organization holds. APNU has had its problems with communication. In the past the ruling Peoples Progressive Party Civic has

accused the right hand of APNU of not knowing what its left hand is doing. This year again, APNU has found itself in a situation whereby it could be interpreted or perceived that there are gaps in communication between some of its leaders. These gaps, it is believed, have led to charges and countercharges between APNU and the ruling PPPC. This latest controversy, incidentally, occurred around the same time that APNU had indicated that it did not wish confrontation over the Budget and also around the same time that it raised expectations about an improvement in its relations with the ruling party when it voted in favor of two sets of Bills that came before the House. Unfortunately, the exchanges over the Budget consultations have altered the tone of the earlier exchanges and could even force skeptics to question whether confrontation can be avoided. The prospects for improved relationships between APNU and the ruling party were further dashed when it was revealed that the party intends to pursue sanctions against the Minister of Finance for his failure to comply with motions and resolutions related to NICIL. Any party serious about avoiding confrontation and

Dem boys seh ...

Whuttaker, de acting Minister Imagine some Minister ain’t got wuk to do or ain’t know wha dem got to do as a minister. One of dem sit down pun de taxpayers time fuh write letter to de press telling people how fuh address somebody who nah qualify fuh a position but want de nation to address she properly as though she own de position or hew tek de position and give she. He needs to be reminded or be informed just in case he never learnt this, that all mankind is an actor on earth. He not any different. Dem boys seh is a game we playing and when we eyes close is then de game we were sent here to play is over. Dem want tell he that while playing de game it got nuff danger and downfall. It got embarrassment too. Ask de Rat, Bobby and de Bees not forgetting that fat crook, Brazzy and de shaat scamp, Ash Knee, and Ganga. If de acting Minister did ask people to respect Ganga position, he de Ganga woulda been living a clean life and he woulda still be a Minister today. Had he advised de Rat and de Bees, all de dirty things that coming out now woulda never happen in de first place. Dem boys got advice fuh he and he colleagues, go to church fuh a start; mek peace and mek good wid you Creator. Then start write books and send dem around to people. Don’t tell people you nah got time because you find time to write letter fuh Sooba. Don’t do like that fat crook Brazzy who used to guh inside church seven days a week and thief ten days a week. He na thief fuh heself alone. He mek de Rat get filthy rich and Bobby second filthy rich and Boyah, third filthy rich in Guyana. De sweetie people use to be de richest in de country. Today dem fall below standards in terms of money. And de budget that Ash Knee planning ain’t got nutten fuh dem. Talk half and help Whuttaker, de acting Minister.

keen to build on the positive cooperation that was achieved during the last sitting of the National Assembly would have been better advised to avoid intemperate exchanges and threats. APNU must speak with one voice and everyone must sing in unison. The tone must be consistent. Unfortunately because there are many spokespersons within APNU there is always the risk that someone may speak in a manner that can be misinterpreted and which can go against the position that the partnership wishes to adopt. IF APNU, for example, wants to avoid confrontation over the Budget, it would

have been better advised to withhold the threat of sanctions. It may feel that the government is not serious about consultations but by refraining from a bitter exchange, it would avoid altering the existing political mood which had seen the parties support measures tabled in the National Assembly during the last sitting and which had augured well for the future. The PPPC has always been careful not to send contradictory signals. But even that party at times falls victim to this problem. The PPPC has however long had one person who speaks weekly to the media about decisions of the Cabinet, the award of contracts and

matters of public interest. In so doing the ruling PPPC has been able to generally maintain a consistent line. APNU may have to consider the same so as to avoid sending mixed signals. They had, for example, hailed the contributions of miners in the gold sector. This is an important constituency for them. But when later there was a comment from within APNU about the destruction of the environment that miners are making, it sent out mixed signals as to just where APNU stood on gold mining. This is all the more reason why APNU should try as much as possible to speak with one voice because when there are too many persons

speaking, it does affect the consistency of the message and the tone in which it is delivered. When the tone and the message are not consistent it confuses the receiver. When the tone and the message are consistent but at odds with other previous commitments, the listener is left in a position of uncertainty. And when your supporters are confused and uncertain, they simply become apathetic.

Stalemate continues over 2014 budget talks - Second invitation rejected - Greenidge The second attempt by the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh to invite the members of the political opposition on discussions over the 2014 budget was rejected. Carl Greenidge who serves as the Shadow Minister of Finance of the opposition faction A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) was the one rejecting the invitation. The first “serious” invitation to have discussions on the 2014 budget was on January 13, last, via an email to Greenidge and other members of the opposition faction. But this was met with much disdain since according to Greenidge, Singh is yet to respond to the APNU’s proposal on the process for future discussions so as to prevent the confusion which surrounded the 2013 and 2012 budget discussions. Singh is still to send his suggestions on the refinements to the proposal sent by Greenidge last year. Since the Minister makes his second attempt to invite the faction to engage in discussions on the budget without honouring his initial arrangements, Greenidge says that is a “most inappropriate setting for any discussions, let alone amicable ones. “We have no option but to take the way in which the joint decisions have been studiously ignored as a sign of the lack of seriousness on the part of the Government representatives towards the discussions and their contempt towards the Opposition.” APNU’s financial spokesman also wrote Dr. Singh expressing his concern about his statements in the press which suggest that the opposition had falsely claimed that there have been no meaningful discussions

on the budget. Greenidge in his letter to Dr. Singh said, “Subsequent to the decision of the Party Leaders and prior to November 14, the government and Parliamentary Opposition parties did not meet on the matter. “Since September 9 the Government’s side has been in receipt of our proposals for topics as well as a process that could form the basis of the discussions. “No subsequent discussions touching on either the substance or philosophy of future Budgets have taken place in my presence…In the circumstances, the portrayal of your invitation of January 13 as something intended to advance our discussions on Budget 2014 is beguiling. It cannot be accepted.” In the letter to Dr. Singh, the former Finance Minister also reiterated that he is therefore not in a position to recommend to any of the

Opposition Parties that they take up his second offer. “It is clear, therefore, that the conditions are not at all ripe for any fruitful Budget dialog u e . Further discussions prior to the presentation of the Appropriation Bill would be pointless at this stage.” He added, “If it is the case that your Cabinet has cleared you to proceed to the House with a Budget unencumbered by opinions other than those of the People’s Progressive Party and those persons and entities it deems politically worthy, that is unfortunate.” Greenidge also stressed that if the Finance Minister had intended to pursue the call for dialogue seriously, then the members of the Cabinet would have ensured that he convened the necessary meetings and provided the agreed information on time. “We reserve the right to react to the presentation in an

appropriate manner. I note that you have thrown out an open invitation for the Parties of the Opposition to approach you independently of the process suggested by President Donald Ramotar and agreed to by the other Party Leaders. “Even at this stage one could be sure that the nature of their responses would be a measure of their attitude to the Government’s cynical and arrogant approach to an exercise we agreed at the very outset could not be rushed through in a couple of meetings, which is all that the time now remaining would permit.”

Page 10

Kaieteur News

Tuesday January 28, 2014

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

Donald Ramotar’s worn out game There are many things that Donald Ramotar wants. But behind all these wants is a game. It is an old stratagem. In the end the ancient trick ends up embarrassing the game-inventor who thinks that he has invented something marvelously subtle and creative. Mr. Ramotar’s game is essentially made of words. Sadly for Mr. Ramotar none of his advisors have warned him that if a leader keeps talking, keeps promising and doesn’t deliver, he ends looking foolish in the eyes of all. It would appear Mr. Ramotar learnt nothing from his hypocritical outburst at a speech he gave at an event to observe the 50th

anniversary of UG. He told his audience that the different ideas that the PPP and the opposition have should not serve to divide the nation because all we have to do is try the ideas and see if they work. If they don’t at least they were tried. T h e h i ghlight of that pretence was when he raised his voice and shouted, “But for Christ’s sake, don’t let the different ideas paralyze us.” The man has not tried any idea from any quarter outside of the PPP since he made that exclamation. Since then Guyana is still in paralysis over the failure of the Ramotar presidency to acknowledge any idea from any opposition group, from

any governmental critic much less attempt to implement any such idea. Not deterred by his double standards, Ramotar is at it again. He would like to have the press to be present at the hearing of the parliamentary select committee on the antimoney laundering Bill to avoid “dem seh/he seh.” Although I support the press being at every select committee of Parliament, someone should tell Mr. Ramotar that a long time ago a machine was invented - the tape recorder. It prevents “dem seh/he seh.” So I go to a meeting you, and my colleague puts a tape recorder on the table where you sit, your colleague does

the same. Everything will be recorded and if an erasure occurs you can tell who did it. But Mr. Ramotar thinks he is smart. The press will be admitted but the government side will object to the discussion being debated. So when the private media quotes a PPP member of the select committee as confusing Dominica with the Dominican Republic, the very Ramotar and his fellow apparatchiks will deride the private media as he did with the report on Colwyn Harding. The Chronicle will be called upon to say the private media lied. We will wait to see if the PPP will agree for the proceedings to be recorded. Mr. Ramotar doesn’t mind if there is an independent inquiry into the accusation that Colwyn Harding was sodomized by the police with a baton. But would Mr. Ramotar and the PPP agree that the people who will sit on the committee are independent? My bet is they will not. But Mr. Ramotar will believe that he won because he went

public and proclaimed his acceptance of an independent investigation. Mr. Ramotar’s track record on this is graphic. The Government refused to accept as independent the initial names put forward by Region Ten for the three committees that were set up as part of the agreement to end the Linden unrest of 2012. Next Mr. Ramotar agrees to sit down with the Public Service Union to discuss salary increases for 2014. But he gave himself away. In announcing what he thinks is a democratic concession, he made a big slip up. He said the Government will give public servants what the State can afford. This is where the talks will break down and Mr. Ramotar will proclaim victory. He will reject what the GPSU wants, call the union unreasonable and tell the nation that he was not at fault because he did agree to negotiate. Next, Mr. Ramotar is willing to sit down with the opposition parties to go through their points on the 2014 budget. One can’t help

Frederick Kissoon describing Mr. Ramotar as a funny fellow. We had two budget wars, yet over one year ago the 2014 budget went into preparation and only at the end of January in 2014 when budget time is around the corner, does Mr. Ramotar want to talk with the opposition. One is tempted to ask him if he was in the country from April to December 2013 when his Finance Ministry was preparing the 2014 budget. Finally, Mr. Ramotar returned the Ombudsman to Guyana. But this columnist predicts that the Ombudsman will be completely ignored when he has to get relevant documents from the Government of Guyana. Roger, the slow talker, will not allow it!

Tuesday January 28, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 11

Region Ten feels neglected by government - Like wood ants, they corrupted and under resourced the health facilities in the region - MP The dark politics of the government has crippled Region Ten. It has transformed the district into a system of underdevelopment said Region Ten Councilor, Renis Morian. The Member of Parliament is of the firm belief that while the resources of the district continue to be exploited the community has become nothing more than a “living nightmare for most residents.” The parliamentarian said that the government continues to build “chip sealed” roads in the region, a very cheap form of roads now called “election roads.” They last for six months. “Three-quarters of all public roads in the region are in their worst condition some for the past 20 years. From Linden to Ituni to Kwakwani is a nightmare. The price of having roads that are bad is borne by the residents as transportation costs continue to rise, repairs to vehicles are more frequent, and the fire tender and ambulance cannot reach some residents due to the road conditions. While some market tarmacs on East Coast Demerara are having bituminous surface we are relegated by this PPP

administration to endure living in a quagmire,” explained the Lindener. As it relates to utility services, Morian said that Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds, continues his misleading outbursts on the electricity situation. “The PPP administration is responsible for destroying the stable and cheap environment of electric production in Linden. Government is always ill advised, always looking for a hustle and sold the lone steam power plant to TEXAS OHIO ENERGY. “This was done without consultation with locally elected leaders or with members of the community,” he explained. The representative of Linden added, “This hushhush corrupt deal resulted in the Government and Linmine taking TEXAS OHIO ENERGY, which was filed in the court in August 2002 and by this time the lone steam plant was destroyed, underperforming and wasted. The hearing was held in Washington DC, USA. One of the persons testifying was Hinds who spent over three days under direct crossexamination. The Government of Guyana claims against TEXAS OHIO ENERGY are as

Regional Councilor Renis Morian follows; US$998.6 million for loss of bauxite sales, US$ 1.25 million for failure to apply insurance proceeds to repair or rebuild the plant or remit those proceeds to the Government and US$2. 052 million for loss of power plant through sale to Linden Power Company.” “This is 2014; the good Prime Minister continues to sleep walk in his outbursts that the Government is working in the interest of the people of Region Ten but he would have to explain to residents in linden what has happened to the arbitration money? “Why the Government never honoured the will of the

The terrible state of the roads in Linden people of Linden to replace what they destroyed through corruption by his fellow ‘kleptocrats.’ We would require the Government to replace what they have stolen through mismanagement.” On the topic of health facilities, Morian also explained that years ago Lindeners boasted of having two well managed and resourced hospitals but when the People’s Progressive Party entered, like “wood ants, they destroyed ,corrupted and under resourced the health facilities in the region.”

Army aviators urge re-fleeting of “obsolete, corroding” military planes The Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Air Corps' aging fleet is becoming an area of major concern, and pilots, engineers attached to the military are urging the Administration to consider sourcing a new fleet of planes to replace those in operation at the moment. The current fixed wing fleet includes a 1960s Britishmade Skyvan which has been in service for nearly 30 years and is expensive to maintain. A Chinese Harbin Y-12, purchased in 2001, was recently given an extra five year-operational life; and a smaller aircraft; a singleengine Cessna 206; seized during a drug raid, also make up the fleet. Three helicopters, including a Bell 412, complement the line. Veteran pilots say however that the authorities should seriously look over the fleet, suggesting that the GDF focus on sourcing the early 80s introduced Short C-23 Sherpa and the Polish light cargo and pas-

senger PZL M28 Skytruck as these are ideal for the relatively short and sometimes rough interior airstrips. The aviation officers say that apart from the ageold twin-engine turboprop Y-12, the Skyvan started to show serious signs of corrosion on parts of its frame. These carriers are said to be the most used during operations. Speaking to senior officers within the Air Corps yesterday, Kaieteur News was told that replacing the Army's fleet is not as easy as it may seem. The newspaper was told that replacing the obsolete multi-purpose Skyvan alone would take great consideration taking into account the various functions the plane can perform. “It is not so easy to replace the Skyvan's multipurpose system, no aircraft can compete with it,” the Officer said. “Not even the Skytruck

can stand up; the cabin is much smaller among other things.” The officer added that sourcing parts for the Skyvan is extremely difficult since that line of aircraft is obsolete and some parts have to be made to order. The Officer explained further that the six-seat single-engine Cessna is much too small for the army's tasks. The Cessna Company describes the aircraft as the “sport-utility vehicle of the air.” Kaieteur News was told that a team would have to be convened in order to properly source the most suitable air transport for the Corps. Much consideration has to be put into this new fleet to take into account, not only the airplane's purpose but the environment in which it will operate. The Senior Officer added that aviation officials should pay more attention to the landing grounds of

the interior. One important factor that was mentioned pertained to airstrips and their maintenance. The officer reminisced that in the days of the Guyana Airways Corporation (GAC) the company's 50 seat Hawker Siddeley 748 traveled to interior locations such as Lethem and Kamarang to name a few. “In those days, the airstrips were highly maintained,” the Officer said. He suggested that at this stage, planes such as Dash 8s should have been flying to those areas, before noting that the type of landing space will greatly affect the type of planes needed. Head of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Zulficar Mohamed, has stated however that checks will be made to ascertain information relating to the airworthiness of the GDF's plane fleet. The GCAA is responsible for overlooking the affairs of the country's aviation sector.

“The Prime Minister should visit the Wismar Hospital and the “State of the art hospital” built at Mackenzie. Poor people sometimes have to forego some drugs ordered by their doctors due to cost at local pharmacies.” Morian added that there seems to be a programme of under-resourcing when he takes everything into consideration. “Our schools are a long way off in terms of physical facilities and resources when placed alongside schools in the city. The security and fire

services need new vehicles. “It seems when they are used elsewhere, then Linden is the final dumping ground. We don’t have fire tenders suited for local conditions at Wismar.” The Parliamentarian said that the government needs to draft programmes that are geared towards agricultural development, the development of tertiary facilities, infrastructure and financial support for some of the programmes which locally elected leaders have crafted on the basis of economic development.

Page 12

Kaieteur News

Tuesday January 28, 2014

Anti Money laundering discussions… PPP casts blame on APNU over Opposition is simply 2014 Budget consultation The Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) through its General Secretary Clement Rohee has expressed “great” concern with A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) over what it feels is the opposition’s non responsiveness to the invitation of the Finance Minister for consultations on the 2014 National Budget. “Due to its antics the APNU has been offering a plethora of excuses for the 2014 budget, first they were not invited, then when the APNU leader [David] Granger directed Member of Parliament [Carl] Greenidge to engage, he said he needed more information and then finally it was that ‘it was too late for consultations’” said the General Secretary. “It is evident that Granger had instructed Greenidge to engage in consultations but Greenidge chose to disobey him… a high act of indiscipline, to save face Granger, instead of disciplining Greenidge, made the excuse that it was too late for consultations.” He also articulated that the answers provided by the Opposition were “flimsy” excuses and geared towards political grand standing as opposed to serving their constituents and the nation

as a whole. “It is quite comical that the APNU only a few weeks ago declared boldly that 2014 is the year of the workers, yet weeks later when the workers interest would be best served by budget consultations they choose to turn their backs on the very workers” said the PPP. The General Secretary in a press conference yesterday expressed that the annual budget is the single most important government intervention that impacts significantly the lives of the country’s workers and their respective families. He added that for the Opposition to therefore not engage in budget consultations is a “dereliction of duty” to the workers and constituencies that elected them. Rohee said there is no indication to show that APNU will change their position with respect to the cutting of the Budget since he said the party has publicly announced areas they will be targeting in 2014. Some of those areas he said would be the Government Information Agency (GINA), National Communications Network (NCN), “sugar and the flagship projects as usual.” He however stated that flagship projects such as the

trying to save face

- There is no sensitive matters - AG

General Secretary of the PPP Clement Rohee Marriot and Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) expansion will go ahead and the Opposition is fighting a losing battle. “I see no indication of the opposition shifting their position because were they to admit and recognize in fact that these projects are going ahead notwithstanding the position they took on these matters, I think they will look bad in the eyes of their supporters so they obviously have to keep on with the same position” said Rohee. The party said it believes in consultations and is encouraging all stakeholders who have been invited to 2014 budget consultations to take the opportunity to “engage the Minister of Finance to the fullest with respect to the ideas and negotiate on behalf of their constituents.”

There was a recent disclosure by the Government’s Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira, of having members of the media fraternity and other stakeholders present at the meetings of the Parliamentary Select Committee on the AntiLaundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill. However, according to Teixeira, the political opposition is opposed to this. But the Shadow Finance Minister of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Carl Greenidge, explained that the faction is not opposed to the presence of the press except in the cases where “sensitive matters” are up for discussions. Minister of LegalAffairs,Anil Nandlall, discredited Greenidge’s comments. He said that he is absolutely unaware of what can be described as “sensitive.” “All we are doing is revising the Bill to see what changes can be made if any at all. We are not engaged in any secretive matter which the public should not know.” The Attorney General added, “It was my suggestion since the Bill was debated in December 2013 before the National Assembly and prior to it being sent to the Committee that the press be invited. “My reason for so suggesting was that no committee member can then misrepresent what transpired and more importantly the Guyanese public would be made aware from

Carl Greenidge, APNU’s Shadow Minister of Finance a nonpartisan source, who in the committee is really delaying the works and frustrating the completion of the works on such an important Bill.” Greenidge, according to previous reports, had said, “We don’t believe that the presence of the media would be conducive to frank and candid discussions. Our position is that we can call on them when it is something that is not of a sensitive nature.” He added, “With the case of the Anti Money Laundering Bill, this is perhaps a very sensitive matter because of the issues pertaining to businesses, smuggling of drugs, people, fuel, gold and other related issues.” The Member of Parliament added, “Discussing issues about the security of information and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and its adequacy and its mode of recruiting personnel, I believe should not be open to the press. These are all matters that will be on the table for discussions.

Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall “However, I wish to reiterate that our position should not be misconstrued by any means to mean that we are against the presence of the press. We are in support of transparency but some discussions should just remain private. It is too sensitive.” However, Nandlall firmly asserted, “I believe the opposition cannot with any credibility say that they do not want the press present so this attempt by them is to save face after the Chairperson of the select committee (Teixeira) and I revealed publically, the objective to have the press present at the discussions of the Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill. “We are dealing with the examination of a Bill and changes that need to be made if any. We are not engaged in an exercise of scrutiny over the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) or matters outside of the initial objective. This is not a probe of any kind.”

Tuesday January 28, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 21

Entire station removed as residents UG students charged for protest spate of robberies armed robbery …Commissioner to visit today

confrontation with the cops hundreds of residents of the No48 and 49 villages took to the road and proceeded to block the public road. They were adamant in their claims that the police were the mastermind and were even committing the regular sequence of robberies in the area. The residents proceeded to block the road using trucks and other vehicles then surrounded the police car, demanding action. Reinforcement was summoned and a number of senior ranks arrived on the scene including ‘B’ Division Commander Assistant Commissioner Brian Joseph who quickly took charge of the situation. The crowd after some persuasion eventually dispersed. However, reportedly they did not leave before hurling an explosive device at the police vehicle thought to be involved in the criminal (continued on page 24)

Three students of the University of Guyana, Turkeyen Campus who were on Saturday held in connection with the $9M armed robbery of a city store, yesterday appeared before the Chief Magistrate, Priya Sewnarine-Beharry. Darion Bess, 19; Morris Gibson, 21; and 20-year-old Joel DeMendonca, the defendants, were separately indicted on two counts of Robbery Under Arms. According to the police, on January 25, last, the three students used a gun to rob a Robb Street store clerk, of a quantity of cellular phones worth $8,968,000. The store is owned by Golyn and Sons Fashion Store. The second charge detailed that they used a gun to further rob, Mohanlall Narine, the said store clerk of two gold and diamond rings valued at $500,000 as well as his $130,000 Samsung Galaxy cellular phone. Bess who resides at Lot 429 Guyhoc Park; Gibson of Lot 334 East Street, South Cummingsburg, Georgetown, and DeMendonca who resides at Lot 17 Providence Park, East Bank Demerara were yesterday told that they were not required to plead. Prosecutor Inspector Michael Grant explained that about 9:00 hours that day, Gibson approached the clerk at the store inquiring about the prices of various cellular phones and a fan. Whilst he was inquiring, Bess entered the store, approached the clerk and pointed a gun to his head then ordered him to pack up the cell phones. The clerk complied. Inspector Grant said that Bess left the store and joined a waiting car on King Street and the party escaped. According to the Prosecution, the matter was then reported to the Brickdam

Police Station. About one hour after the report, ranks who received information about the robbery, dashed to Peter’s Hall and intercepted Bess and Gibson. He claimed that at the time, Bess was carrying a haversack on his back which when checked by the ranks revealed a quantity of cellular phones. Both students were arrested and through police interrogation they subsequently led ranks to DeMendonca’s house in Providence. Grant added that when questioned, DeMendonca confessed to being the driver who fled the scene with Bess and Gibson. Grant said that when the house was searched, four cellular phones were found. Inspector Grant stated also, that even though all the phones were not recovered, the ones retrieved were identified by Narine as the assets belonging to the said store. However, the Prosecution’s facts were

disputed by Defence Attorney Lyndon Amsterdam who said that the prosecution failed to mention that his client Gibson had bought a fan from the store. The lawyer said that whilst he would not deny that his client was indeed in the store, that in no way indicates that his client played a part in the robbery since according to him he was merely a customer. Amsterdam’s submission was met with objections from the Prosecution who claimed that the serious nature and prevalence of the offence were grounds for the trio to be ordered held. Inspector Grant also requested that the court remand the trio since a firearm was allegedly used in the commission of the offence. The Chief Magistrate upheld the objections of the Prosecution and the three university students were refused a court bond. Their next scheduled court appearance is February 13.

From page 6 porous borders is also a subject to be addressed and how we treat our limited resources in this regard is also important,” explained the APNU Leader. He reiterated, “We need to strengthen the police force. If you look at the rate of seizures of weapons per year you would note that it is quite clear that a lot of the illegal weapons remain unseized and by reinforcing our human resources in the Police Force there would be a more vigorous approach towards clamping down on trafficking in arms.” Moreover, at the recent handing over ceremony of the

hydraulics shears and the burning tank to Guyana, the Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Clement Rohee also addressed the issue to which Granger highlighted. “Stolen firearms usually find themselves on the street when in fact it should be in safe custody of the person to which it was licensed or with the police or destroyed, but it does not happen like that. We have so many cases of firearms being used in crimes and other malicious attempts and it poses a problem for us but we have to look at this matter in an integrated way. While we welcome and appreciate the equipment, we ought to look

at this activity as part and parcel of a wider engagement and obligation to the security sector.” The Member of Parliament added, “with reference to Guyana’s extensive borders it is unfortunate that some persons use these borders to traffic drugs and firearms so that they can get them into our jurisdiction and our law enforcement officers are tasked with the responsibility of stemming the flow. But the task is monumental… firearms don’t move by themselves. People move these weapons and therefore it is important to keep an eye on the right ball and that ball is the human

traffickers…It is here I wish to return to the integrated approach… we need greater institutional controls in the sense that we need to keep examining the regulations pertaining to the issuance of firearms and keep strengthening the internal institutional arrangements with respect to the distribution and utilization of firearms after they are approved, and we need to review procedures for issuance of licenses. So if this approach is taken with respect to the movement both of legal and illegal firearms we would be able to look at the bigger picture in a much more effective way.”

The grocery shop that was robbed Commissioner of Police Leroy Brumell, is set to visit East Berbice today to address residents’ concerns in light of the latest upheavals in the Corentyne area. This visit was prompted by protest actions by hundreds of residents in the Corentyne area who took to the roads what they termed police inaction over a spate of robberies in the area and even blaming ranks of the force stationed at the No51 Police Station. The force moved with haste and has transferred with immediate effect all the ranks that were previously stationed at that Station. This was also to satisfy a recommendation by Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee. The latest upheaval occurred on Sunday when four masked bandits invaded

the grocery shop of elderly couple Lalman Ramdeen, 66, and his wife Vimlawattie Ramdeen, 62, at No. 48 village and proceed to beat and rob them of a quantity of cash, jewelry and phone cards. During the robbery a number of rounds were discharged by the perpetrators who then made good their escape. The police in a release had stated that ranks of a mobile police anti-crime patrol in a white police motor car with flashing lights which can be clearly identified as a police vehicle, responded to the report received. As the ranks arrived at the scene, residents began to claim that the police were involved in the robbery as they had seen a white car earlier travelling in a suspicious manner. Following the robbery and the subsequent

Two of the accused students

Essequibo needs a pathologist Issuance of Firearm Licence being abused While Essequibo continues to be dependent on the services of a pathologist outside of the Region whenever there are deaths regarding comprehensive police investigations, A Partnership For National Unity Regional Councillor, Wazeer Latiff, is of the view that the Region should have a pathologist operating permanently on the Essequibo Coast. For a number of years now, Essequibians have been forced to depend on the services of Dr. Nehaul Singh, who has to travel from Georgetown to perform post mortem operations. Latiff has argued that more

students should be trained in this field, since there are very few pathologists to serve the entire country, determining the cause of deaths of victims. The councillor stressed that Essequibo needs a pathologist operating in the Region and to stop being dependent on Dr. Nehaul Singh. “More people should be trained in that area.” Latiff have brought this concern to the Regional level. Dr. Singh is summoned to the Coast by the police whenever there is a crime case. However, while his visits are not frequent, families are often forced to delay burials.

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Network Technician, must be able to work out of town email applications to

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Tuesday January 28, 2014

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Tuesday January 28, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Syria peace talks hit more trouble as rebel city ‘starves’ FOR RENT

(From page 22)


Much of Syria’s third biggest city, Homs, has been reduced to rubble

(Reuters) - The United States yesterday demanded that Syria allow aid into the “starving” city of Homs, as talks aimed at ending three years of civil war hit more trouble over the future of President Bashar al-Assad. The Syrian government said women and children could leave the besieged city and that rebels should hand over the names of the men who would remain. A U.S. State Department spokesman said an evacuation was not an alternative to immediate aid. “We firmly believe that the Syrian regime must approve the convoys to deliver badly needed humanitarian assistance into the Old City of Homs now,” said spokesman Edgar Vasquez. “The situation is desperate and the people are starving.” He said the people of Homs must not be forced to leave their homes and split up their families before receiving aid. After long months of fighting, much of Syria’s third biggest city has been reduced to rubble and people inside are under siege, cut off from supplies. The city’s fate has turned into a test of whether the first peace talks attended by both sides in the three-year war can achieve practical measures on the ground, while a broader political settlement seems as remote as ever. “Once again, I tell you we never expected any miracle, there are no miracles here. But we will continue and see if progress can be made and when,” said U.N. envoy Lakhdar Brahimi, the host of the talks. Efforts to reach a political settlement have stumbled over the question of creating a transitional government, which the opposition and its Western backers believe would remove Assad from power. Assad’s government refuses to discuss it.

Syria’s government delegation presented a document for negotiation which did not mention a transition of power. The government’s “declaration of basic principles” said Syrians would choose a political system without “imposed formulas” from abroad. The opposition immediately rejected it. “The declaration is outside the framework of Geneva, which centers on creating a transitional governing body. It fails to address the core issue,” the opposition’s chief negotiator, Hadi al Bahra, told Reuters. STRATEGIC LOCATION Homs, occupying a strategic location in the center of the country, has been a key battleground, and one of the areas in most urgent need of humanitarian relief. Assad’s forces retook many of the surrounding areas last year, leaving rebels under siege in the city center, along with thousands of civilians. Residents say they have little hope that the Geneva talks will save them. “The people know that the talk is only about letting in humanitarian aid,” activist Yazan Homsi, contacted in one of the besieged parts of Homs, told Reuters. “They want an end to the siege. To break it. “Sending aid will only extend the duration of the siege. The aid they are talking about will last for a day or a week or two months. But it won’t do more than that,” he added. An online video from Homs showed demonstrators with Islamist flags denouncing the Geneva talks as “treachery”. Children play in the rubble that litters the streets. The city’s buildings are smashed and its mosques are holed by shell fire. In one deserted souk, debris lies in the aisles and the roof is

shredded with bullet holes. A photo recently posted on Facebook shows a frail boy in Homs holding a poster that reads: “Breaking the siege is a non-negotiable demand.” Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad told a news conference on Sunday the government would let women and children leave the city center if rebels gave them safe passage. Western diplomats said the Syrian government should move quickly to allow aid in or face a possible United Nations Security Council resolution, with Russia and China being urged to reverse their opposition to such a move.

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Kaieteur News

Half a million companies now participate in E-Verify More than 500,000 companies now use E-Verify, the free online service that allows United States employers to confirm their new employees’ eligibility to work. “Since it was established, E-Verify has experienced exponential growth, increased accuracy and high customer-satisfaction ratings,” said Lori Scialabba, Acting Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). “Participation in E-Verify is largely voluntary, so the fact that half a million companies have signed up demonstrates significant confidence in the programme. Employers using E-Verify find it helps them maintain a legal workforce in a quick, secure and accurate way.” Employers who use EVerify receive a response on an employee’s work authorization status within seconds. Approximately 98.8 percent of work-authorized employees are automatically confirmed instantly or within 24 hours, requiring no further employee or employer action. Users gave E-Verify a score of 86 out of 100 on the 2012 American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) survey. The average score for all government agencies was 67. USCIS has worked over

the years to strengthen the system’s integrity. These efforts have led to E-Verify agreements with select states’ departments of motor vehicles to ensure the authenticity of driver’s licenses that employees use as identity documents; the introduction of Self Check, which allows workers to look up their own employment eligibility status and correct their records before they seek employment; and a program that combats identity fraud by locking Social Security numbers suspected of being misused for employment eligibility verification. E-Verify has experienced significant growth since its establishment in 1996.

Annual enrollments increased tenfold during the program’s first 16 years, from 11,474 in fiscal year (FY) 1996 to 111,671 in FY 2012. During FY 2013, employers used EVerify more than 25 million times. To commemorate the halfmillion-participant milestone, USCIS has released “E-Verify for Business Leaders ,” a new video that introduces the program’s benefits to prospective users. USCIS has also launched an updated EVerify website that has more plain-language content and easy-to-follow graphics. The site’s new E-Verify History and Milestones page shows the program’s advances through the years.

Entire station removed as residents ... From page 21 activities. Already residents in the area have been forced to form a vigilante group to protect their communities and Sunday evening’s incident only served to infuriate them more. It is also alleged that the same car was noticed several times at the scenes of other robberies. In addition, they are alleging that the number plate of the vehicle is deliberately disguised to avoid identification. According to the elderly victim of Sunday night’s robbery, she was about to close up the shop when four armed and masked bandits, dressed in black suddenly appeared. They jumped over the counter and accosted her and her elderly husband. She said that they pointed guns at them. She was shoved to the ground. The men started to use expletives while firing shots continually. They then proceeded to beat the two elderly persons while taking an undisclosed sum of money, phone cards and jewelry. The bandit then cut the phone wires and started to ransack the house. They demanded more and continued firing shots before fleeing the scene. According

to the elderly woman the entire ordeal lasted for about six minutes. The woman who was still reeling from the ordeal on Monday afternoon stated that she begged for her life and that of her husband. Another Corentyne resident is blaming the police for the spate of robberies. The woman Anita Dhanrajie Seenauth, a vendor of No 47 Village Corentyne, Berbice, stated that so far she has been robbed four times. The woman stated that she was first robbed about two years ago at the Bourda Market and nothing came out of that ordeal. Over the past month she has been robbed thrice and is upset at the attention and treatment she is getting from the police force. She said that her latest set of ordeals began on Christmas Eve day. She left her premises and went out for a few hours. When she returned she realized her place was broken into and a lot of expensive equipment removed. The woman stated that she reported the matter to the No 51 Police station but was met by some hostile police response. She was again robbed last Thursday. She said that she had just returned home when bandits stuck up her husband

in the downstairs of their home and demanded that she throw down the money and gold which she had upstairs. They proceeded to beat her husband while making their demands. She complied and threw over $400,000 through the verandah, but the bandits demanded more and continued to beat the man, firing several shot all the while. She also blamed the police stating that like other residents she had compelling evidence of their involvements. The woman stated that there are many persons who saw the suspects’ changing their clothes. There was an emergency meeting held at the location involving Commander Brian Joseph, Regional Chairman David Armagon and was attended by other senior ranks of the division , Member of Parliament Dr. Vishawarnauth Mahadeo and Vice Chairman Bhopaul Jagroop. According to Commander Joseph most of the residents were satisfied with the outcome of the meeting. The residents were given the assurance that everything is being done to address their concerns.

Tuesday January 28, 2014

Graphic designer gets trial date for possession of gun, ammo The trial date for a Graphic Designer reportedly nabbed with four live rounds of ammunition and a Luger pistol magazine was yesterday set by the Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry after he made his first court appearance on account of the crime. Yesterday, the graphic designer, Delon Morgan, of Lot 149 D’Andrade Street, Newton, pleaded not guilty to the charges of possession of firearm and ammunition when it was read to him at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. He was remanded. The charge stated that on January 25, last, in Georgetown, he had in his possession four live rounds of 9mm rounds of ammunition and Luger pistol magazine whilst he was not the holder of a firearms licence. On February 20 which is the date scheduled for the commencement of his trial, the Prosecution team headed by Inspector Michael Grant will attempt to utilize their four

Delon Morgan witnesses to prove their case against the accused. About 20:40 hours last Saturday the police were on patrol when they saw Morgan walking on a road with a black plastic bag in his

hand. Grant said that the ranks observed him acting in a suspicious manner so they approached and thereafter conducted a search on him. He explained that whilst nothing was found on his person, when the plastic bag was checked therein contained the firearm and ammunition. The Inspector objected to bail being issued to the accused. He told the court that this crime was committed whilst Morgan granted a court bond at the Providence Magistrates’ Court for a charge of Robbery Under Arms. Morgan, who was unrepresented, said that he is currently charged at Providence for robbery but according to him it was merely his cellular phone which was used in that matter. In response, the Chief Magistrate, ordered him held in custody until his next court date for the commencement of his trial.

Govt. pathologist tenders autopsy report in “Queenie,” murder trial By Rehanna Ramsay The medical report, which was compiled by Government Pathologist, Dr. Nehaul Singh was tendered as evidence at the High Court yesterday, when the trial into the unlawful killing of Barbadian Tyrone Mc Donald Best continued. On trial for the murder, is Tramangra Williams called “Queenie,” before High Court Judge Navindra Singh and a mixed 12- member panel of jurors. After being deemed an expert in the branch of medical science that deals with the examination and diagnosis of samples from the body by the Judge, Dr. Singh told the court that he prepared a medical report subsequent to performing an autopsy on the body of Tyrone Mc Donald Best. Dr. Singh said that external and internal examinations were conducted on the remains. They revealed that the victim died due to haemorrhage as a result of a perforated liver. The doctor recounted that during the post mortem exercise, there were visible abrasions on the left side shoulder and above the hip bone of the deceased. “There was a vertical incised wound to the right side chest, at least four centimeters in length, usually inflicted by a sharp object.” When asked by State Prosecutor, Judith Mursalin-

Gildharie whether there were any signs that victim had received medical treatment or was hospitalized prior to his death; the witness said that there was no such proof. “No test tube, oxygen, or pampers …things from the hospital.” However, while under cross examination by Defense Counsel, Peter Hugh the witness revealed that the coroner report stated that the victim died at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). The Defense argued the possibility of the accused, who is petite in built inflicting such a severe wound to her 5ft ‘9" inches boyfriend by thrusting a knife into his chest. In response, Dr. Singh said that it would be difficult but not entirely impossible. At the opening of the case, the court heard that some time after the murder, fully adorned in an outfit befitting a queen in pageantry, Williams, told Police investigators in a statement that her Barbadian lover, who had passed away, had been stabbed in his abdomen by two robbers. The accused told police officers that she and her boyfriend had lived in Barbados before they came to reside with her two children at Lot 605 ‘D’ Field, South Sophia. “On December 27, 2008 Tyrone had gone to the shop to buy cigarettes. I heard him shout from the outside of our

home: ‘Queenie’! Oh God, come! I Run outside of my house, I see Tyrone on his knees holding on to his left side belly. The place was bright but I see blood coming from his belly,” He tell me that two men “tackled him and take away $20,000 before stabbing him …they wore dark shirts and one of them had a cap over his face.” She claimed that she had taken Best to the Georgetown Public Hospital for treatment, but he died several days later. Last week, Police Inspector Nolan Burnett testified to procuring a Caution Statement (CS) on January 6, 2009 from Williams in which she admitted to stabbing her boyfriend. According to Burnett, Williams had claimed that her boyfriend had beaten her and had accused her having an affair with another man. “She said that she was going to report the matter at the Police Station when Best picked up a shoe and hurled it in her face. She said that she had a knife in her hand and she stabbed him.” In addition, eyewitness Kenneth Anthony Webster told the court that he saw “Queenie,” stab Best. “She de look like when she de hugging he but when she move away I see the brown handle knife in he chest. He tek he jersey and hold on to it (the knife) … I run around the house and tell my mother what I see.”

Tuesday January 28, 2014

Kaieteur News

PUT DOWN YOUR GUNS ...and let’s cuff it out, protesters tell police Beetham Gardens residents square off with police during protests along the Priority Bus Route

(Trinidad Express) “Put down your gun and leh we cuff it out,” said a Beetham Gardens resident to a police officer wielding a submachine-gun on Sunday during a protest over the police’s shooting of a man from the area, who was allegedly throwing stones at the police. The 26-year-old man lives in Hell Yard, in the Beetham area and is currently under police guard at Port of Spain General Hospital. The drama started around 9 a.m. when police officers were on mobile patrol near the entrance to the Beetham landfill. Police said they heard their vehicle being hit and saw a man throwing stones. The officers said they told him to stop, but he refused and continued throwing even larger stones at the police vehicle. One of the officers then pointed a gun at the man and opened fire, hitting him in the legs. The man was then picked up, placed in the police vehicle and taken to hospital. A motorist who spoke to the Express said as he was heading into Port of Spain, along the Beetham Highway, he witnessed the man throwing large stones at the police. “I was not surprised when I heard that they shot him,” said the motorist. But when Beetham Gardens residents found out what happened they became enraged. Spurred on by a few “activists” in the area, they first began blocking the eastbound lane of the Beetham Highway with bits of debris and wood. Heavily armed police were

then seen speeding towards the scene, with support from their Regiment colleagues. Next came the media, whose presence seemed to embolden the protesters. Mostly male residents, accompanied by a few women, were seen pointing their hands at the faces of the police and telling them: “Allyuh can’t do we nothing!” The police occupied the far left lane of the eastbound highway as they guided motorists away from the debris, which included broken glass. The officers also prevented some of the protesters from running back onto the highway and placing more debris. Around noon, the protesters suddenly dispersed. However, the protest moved from the highway to the Priority Bus Route. But within minutes, officers were there and quelled the disturbance just as it began. Residents continued cursing police officers as one man, who wore a red bandana on his head, was seen telling a policeman dressed in operation wear and armed with a Galil rifle: “Put down the gun nah, leh we cuff it out. Yuh cyar do that, yuh cyar do that.” The officer smiled at him, but kept his ground and eventually the protest ended. The police said they maintained a heavy presence at Beetham Gardens throughout most of Sunday into the night and said they would be there yesterday morning as well. Last August, Beetham residents protested following the shooting death of a resident, 23-year-old Christopher Greaves.

The residents alleged that for no reason the police pursued Greaves and shot him, after which they took him to Port of Spain General Hospital only when they (the residents) pleaded with the police to do so. The police claimed that Greaves was seen with a handgun that he was about to draw from his waist when he spotted a party of patrolling officers. The police said they ordered him to drop the weapon and he refused and he attempted to fire at the police, which prompted them to shoot him. The matter is under investigation by the Police Complaints Authority.

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Every nation has narcotrafficking issues - T&T PM (Trinidad Express) Trinidad and Tobago’s international trade reputation will not be negatively impacted despite the $644 million cocaine bust in the United States last month from a container originating in Port of Spain, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said Sunday. “We were able through allies to bust this container of goods, unfortunately with a Trinidad and Tobago name on it. We still don’t know if it was something done here or elsewhere; that is under investigation. The shipment may have left T&T, but what transpired after that is still sensitive and still under investigation. Certainly there will be concerns, but I’m not sure we will be impacted so negatively that we will be branded everywhere and blocked everywhere and I’m fortified in that view that the manufacturer was able to show these labels were counterfeit, and that the shipment was not made by them. “Every nation in the world has issues with narcotrafficking and therefore it’s (about) our response now. We learn every day,” the Prime Minister told reporters at the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA), Port of Spain, before she delivered the feature address at the launch of the National Week of Prayer.This was her first official statement since the story broke two weeks ago

T&T Prime Minister, Kamla Persad-Bissessar that Customs and Border Protection (CPB) officers at the Port of Norfolk in the US state of Virginia seized 732 pounds of cocaine concealed in cans bearing the labels of SM Jaleel product Trinidad Orange and Grapefruit juices on December 20 last year. The wholesale value of the cocaine is about US$12 million and has a street value of as much as US$100 million, according to Customs officials. The PM refrained from commenting further, but endorsed the “information lock down” advocated by National Security Minister Gary Griffith pertaining to news on the progress of investigations. “The matter is under investigation. It is sensitive and it would be inappropriate to comment on it at this time... I think with this being such a sensitive matter, information

should be shared on a need to know basis. Therefore, this blanket in terms of sharing information is on lock down; I think it’s a good strategy because we’ve seen in the past where leakages could lead to compromising of the investigation,” PersadBissessar said, adding she read an article earlier that the region was becoming the number one transshipment point for illegal drugs destined for Europe and North America. “I don’t think it’s a new factor but certainly Trinidad is being used more and more; our geographic location, I suppose, may be a reason we are targeted,” she said. Last week, Griffith said he was invoking a “gag order” on the media and officials from reporting any new information on investigations by local and US law enforcement.

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Tuesday January 28, 2014

Egypt’s Sisi poised to announce presidency bid (Reuters) - Three years after the “Arab Spring” toppled Hosni Mubarak, a secretive field marshal with a cult-like following is expected to announce his candidacy for the presidency of Egypt ahead of elections which he is expected to win easily. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, 59, has been urged to run by members of the public who reject the Islamist government he toppled last year, and by members of the armed forces who want a president who can face down growing political violence. Yesterday, Egypt’s top military council gave him the

green light to seek the presidency, and the interim president Sisi installed six months ago promoted him to field marshal from general. Sisi has calculated that he can win the support even of some of those who backed Mohamed Mursi for president in 2012, who sought change from the era of former air force commander Mubarak, ousted in the revolutions that swept the Arab world. But despite his present popularity, Sisi has no record as a democrat and has shown himself willing to use deadly force against those who disagree with him.

Sisi has trodden a careful path to power since overthrowing Mursi, Egypt’s first freely elected president, last July. It’s the kind of measured advance he has made all his life, from his childhood in the dirt lanes of Cairo’s Gamaliya district, to the highest rank in one of the largest armies in the Middle East. Yesterday, the presidency announced he was promoted to field marshal from general. Friends and family speak of him of as a man of few words and decisive action. “He loved to listen and carefully study what was said.

After he heard many opinions then he would suddenly strike,” said his cousin Fathi al-Sisi, who runs a shop selling handicrafts. “Abdel Fattah had one thing in mind: work, the military, rising to the top.” The world knew little of Sisi before he appeared on television on July 3 and announced the removal of Mursi after mass protests against the Islamist leader. It was Mursi who appointed Sisi army chief of staff and defense minister in August 2012, perhaps his gravest mistake. Mursi, a Muslim

Egypt’s Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi Brotherhood leader, wanted a young general to reduce the influence of the military old guard who had served under the autocratic Mubarak before the 2011 revolution. His reputation for being a pious Muslim may have also appealed to Mursi. But while Mursi appeared deaf to criticism, Sisi was tuned in to the rising discontent on the streets over the Brotherhood’s mismanagement. Eventually he issued an ultimatum to the man who appointed him: Bow to the demands of protesters within 48 hours or the military would act. INTELLIGENCE BACKGROUND Sisi, born on November 19, 1954, honed his strategic skills in the shadowy world of military intelligence, which he headed under Mubarak. He was the youngest member of the military council which ruled Egypt for 18 months after Mubarak’s fall. Western diplomats say Sisi has been weighing whether to stand for president with his usual caution, and only decided to run recently. “I suppose in the back of his mind is the fact that once he takes off his military uniform he suddenly becomes more vulnerable. There is always the chance of another takeover,” said a Western diplomat. A senior European diplomat says it’s mission impossible. “There is a belief among diplomats that he is making a big mistake by going for this job. He will expose himself and the army. The army may act if things go wrong and its image is tarnished. His fall could be sudden and sharp,” said the diplomat. Others also seem to have had their doubts. The prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, a major financial backer of Egypt after the downfall of Mursi, said it would be better if Sisi s t a y e d i n t h e m i l i t a r y, before rapidly issuing a clarification saying that was not what he had meant.

Sisi’s comments in the spring of 2013, when frustrations with Mursi were growing, suggested he would never stage a military takeover, let alone run for president even though he was deeply suspicious of the Muslim Brotherhood. “With all respect for those who say to the army: ‘go into the street’, if this happened, we won’t be able to speak of Egypt moving forward for 30 or 40 years,” Sisi said then. His own writings from his time at the U.S. Army War College in Pennsylvania in 2006 reflected an awareness that ensuring democracy in the Middle East may be fraught with difficulties. Despite the risks, Sisi decided to run because pressure from the street had grown immensely and junior officers in the army urged him to contest elections because they did not feel politicians could handle Egypt’s security challenges. Islamist militants in the Sinai have stepped up attacks since Sisi ousted Mursi, killing hundreds of members of the security forces. And the Islamist insurgency is also gathering pace in other parts of Egypt, including Cairo. Sisi enjoys the backing of the army, Egypt’s most powerful institution, the Interior Ministry, many liberal politicians and Mubarak era officials and businessmen who have made a comeback since Mursi’s demise. Judging by his popularity, those forces are likely to give him plenty of time to prove himself as president, and there are no other politicians who could challenge Sisi anytime soon. It remains to be seen whether Sisi’s caution, which worked for him as a military strongman, can be translated into the skills needed as a president. But his maneuvering before Mursi’s fall suggests Sisi could grow into the role of politician. He gained consensus among key players, from political leaders to clerics, before making his move.

Tuesday January 28, 2014

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Talks on Iran nuclear deal expected in NY in February: U.S. Vybz Kartel trial…

Jury shown images allegedly taken from phone of accused (Jamaica Gleaner) Kingston, Jamaica: The Vybz Kartel murder trial continued yesterday morning with the jury being shown images and voice recordings taken from a BlackBerry said to belong to the entertainer. The images and voice recordings are being presented to the court by Detective Sergeant Patrick Linton, formerly of the Cybercrimes Unit. In one of the recordings, a voice was heard complaining to a man called ‘Shawn Storm’ about missing things. The voice was also heard saying individuals took things and “dash dem weh” .The voice was heard telling ‘Shawn Storm’ he wants back his things and he was holding him responsible. Last Friday, a voice note was played with the voice complaining about a pair of missing shoes. The voice was also heard saying he told ‘Lizard’ he had until 8 o’clock that night to return the shoes. The voice further said that if he did not get back the shoes he was going to kill “one of them”. The prosecution is

alleging that Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams was killed on August 16, 2011 at Kartel’s house in Havendale in St Andrew over two missing guns. Yesterday morning, the jury was also shown snapshots of images from a video taken from the BlackBerry phone allegedly belonging to Kartel. Men were seen in what appeared to be a room in a house. In one of the images, a lightskinned man was seen in a white shirt with a word ending with the letters ‘ph’. An image was displayed showing a man who appeared to be Kartel wearing a white

shirt with the word ‘triumph’ written across the front. The jury was also shown images of what appeared to be the injured foot of a lightskinned man. The injury was said to be on the left leg. The detective presenting the evidence said Google Maps showed that the image was taken at Russell Heights in Kingston. Kartel whose real name is Adidja Palmer is charged jointly with fellow entertainer Shawn Campbell also called “Shawn Storm”, Kahira Jones, Shane Williams and Andre St John for Williams’ alleged murder.

No rush to call elections

St. Kitts and Nevis PM, Dr Denzil Douglas

BASSETERRE – Prime Minister Dr Denzil Douglas says he will not be rushed into naming a date for the general election constitutionally due here by January 2015. Addressing the fourth anniversary rally of his ruling St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP) over the weekend, Douglas said he would not adhere to calls from the opposition for him to name the date for the polls. He told supporters one year ago, traitors had sought to force the collapse of his government, a reference to former Cabinet ministers Dr Timothy Harris and former deputy prime minister Sam Condor, who have since formed the People’s Labour Party (PLP). The two men have joined members of the main opposition People’s Action Movement (PAM) in filing a motion of no confidence against the government. They have also taken the matter to the courts. Douglas, who is seeking a fifth consecutive term in power, told supporters that it was because of the grace of God, the government had been able to withstand the pressure and as a result, it is the SKNLP and not the opposition that will decide the election date. “We are ready, stronger and we are going to make them wait. We are ready and ready and stronger but we are going to make them wait until Labour says we will call it because you see Labour must win because Labour large and Labour in charge,” he told supporters. In the January 2010 general election, the SKNLP won a fourth consecutive term in office winning six of the 11 seats, with the PAM and the Concerned Citizens Movement both winning two seats. The Nevis reformation Party won the other seat. (CMC)

(Reuters) - - The opening round of talks between Iran and six world powers on a longterm deal for Tehran to curb parts of its nuclear program in exchange for a gradual end to sanctions is expected to take place next month in New York, a U.S. official said yesterday. “It is our understanding that the first round of comprehensive negotiations will be in New York in mid-February with dates still being confirmed,” U.S. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said in an email. “New York - agreed to by EU High Representative (Catherine) Ashton and Iranian Foreign Minister (Mohammad Javad) Zarif has a similar support infrastructure to Geneva,” Harf said. “We believe that United Nations and international support is important for work on a comprehensive agreement.” A senior Western diplomat told Reuters that the six powers were looking at the early part of the week of February 16, though the talks were unlikely to begin before February 18 due to a U.S. holiday. In Washington, congressional aides said an attempt to impose new sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program has stalled in the U.S. Congress and lawmakers were discussing whether to introduce a much weaker measure. Last week the United States and the European Union began following through on promised sanctions relief for Iran covering oil exports, trade in precious metals and automotive services as part of a nuclear agreement signed in November that began taking effect on January 20, U.S. officials said. In exchange for steps that Tehran had

taken to halt its most sensitive nuclear-related activity, the White House said the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China and the European Union will “follow through on our commitment to begin to provide the modest relief agreed to with Iran.” Last week, a U.S. official said Iran was currently exporting about 60 percent less oil than it was two years ago and would be held to those reduced levels. Iran is under U.S., EU and U.N. Security Council sanctions for refusing to halt uranium enrichment and other sensitive atomic work that could help it develop weapons. Tehran rejects allegations from Western nations and their allies that it is seeking the capability to produce nuclear arms, insisting its atomic ambitions are limited to the peaceful generation of electricity. The November 24 interim deal between Iran and the five permanent U.N. Security Council members plus Germany took nearly two months to hammer out in three rounds of talks in Geneva late last year. Western diplomats say that negotiations on a longterm deal will likely take much longer. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said last week at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland that Iran is determined to negotiate a comprehensive deal on its nuclear program with the six world powers so it can develop its battered economy, inviting Western companies to seize opportunities now. The November 24 interim deal is valid for six months, though it can be renewed based on mutual agreement.

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Tuesday January 28, 2014

Tuesday January 28, 2014

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Gayle a big loss - Bennett Timothy Bradley gets rematch... From page 32 do what we have to do,” Bennett told the Jamaica Observer. Gayle, who has suited up for the West Indies in 99 Test matches and 255 One-Day Internationals, has played a total of 322 50-over games in his career and has notched 24 hundreds and 61 fifties at an average of 38.41. Kenar Lewis, a powerful top-order batsman who plays for Hanover CA in local club cricket, will replace Gayle in the squad. Bennett said the usually aggressive Lewis has shown improvement in his shot selection. “He had a fairly decent (series of) trial (matches) and

his cricket has been improving over the years. At the trials he had some good innings and he showed signs of batsmanship. It’s a massive opportunity for him and we just hope that he grabs it with both hands,” the veteran coach said. Gayle was named as captain ahead of Tamar Lambert following a recommendation by the national selection panel, chaired by former batsman Wavell Hinds, that was ratified by the JCA. Lambert, Jamaica’s most successful Four-day captain, was 50-over skipper when the team fell to eventual champions the Windward

Islands at last season’s semifinal stage. The Super50 tournament, scheduled for Trinidad & Tobago, starts on Thursday with Jamaica facing the Windwards in the Zone A clash at the Queen’s Park Oval in Port of Spain. The Jamaica squad is set to leave the island today. Squad— David Bernard Jnr (captain), Nikita Miller (vice-captain), Kenar Lewis, John Campbell, Nkrumah Bonner, Jermaine Blackwood, Horace Miller, Andre McCarthy, Tamar Lambert, Andre Russell, Carlton Baugh, Andrew Richardson, Sheldon Cottrell, Jerome Taylor.

Tuesday January 28, 2014 ARIES (MAR. 21APRIL 20) Your generous nature could be taken advantage of. You may not be that popular at home but you should be able to shine at social gatherings. Focus, and concentrate on yourself and your future. TAURUS (APR. 21MAY 21) Health problems may prevail if you haven’t been getting enough rest. You will have a problem sorting out your true feelings when it comes to your relationship. Your communication skills may win you points. GEMINI (MAY 22JUNE 21) Try to be tolerant of the moods of those around you. Do something constructive outside. Take a second look; difficulties with appliances, water, or electricity in your home may be evident. CANCER (JUNE 22JULY 22) Try not to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Spend time with friends or family. You are in a high cycle where travel, education, and creative endeavors are concerned. LEO (JULY 23-AUG 22) You can make money if you are careful not to let it trickle through your fingers. Passion will be your only answer. Don’t let someone take the credit for a job you did. VIRGO (AUG. 23 SEPT. 23) You may be angry if someone tries to take credit for something you did. You can persuade even the toughest opponents to think your way.

LIBRA (SEPT. 24 OCT. 23) Don’t get depressed, get busy. You can accomplish a lot if you’re willing to put in a little extra time. You will learn valuable information if you travel today. Finish up any correspondence by early afternoon. SCORPIO (OCT. 24 NOV. 22) You may exaggerate your emotional situation. Your talent will be recognized. Pursue outdoor activities or any physical exertion. SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 23 -DEC. 21) You will meet potential new mates through friends or relatives. Secret affairs may be tempting. There are ways of making extra cash if you put your mind to it. CAPRICORN (DEC 22. - JAN. 20) Enjoy the company of relatives today. Don’t waste this exciting day by sitting at home. Get busy making those changes to your home. AQUARIUS (JAN. 21 FEB. 19) Don’t bend to the pressure. You can get your point across if you don’t beat around the bush. You could make extra cash through creative hobbies. PISCES (FEB. 20MAR. 20) You will enjoy interaction with others today. Jealousy may be a contributing factor to your emotional ups and downs. Opportunities for romance may develop through dealing with groups that have a purpose.

From page 33 Bradley, this fight had nothing to do with money. Pacquiao was named the fighter of the last decade, and Bradley snapped a 15-fight win streak by Pacquiao that spanned seven years. During that span, Pacquiao won titles in four more weight divisions and beat top names like Marquez, Oscar De La Hoya, Erik Morales, Miguel Cotto, Shane Mosley, Antonio Margarito and Ricky Hatton to skyrocket to international fame. Because of the controversy surrounding Bradley’s victory, he felt he never got the respect he deserved, despite being undefeated and winning world titles in two weight classes. “This fight is to get the credit I didn’t get the first time,” Bradley said. “In this fight, I have to beat him as convincingly as I beat Marquez.” When Bradley first fought Pacquiao, it was his first time on an international stage on a marquee pay-per-view audience. And it was the first time Bradley had fought anyone considered a future Hall of Famer. “Now I’m not the little dog on the block. I’m a top dog,” Bradley said. “I’m a lot more mature as a fighter, as a man. I’m a little older, Pacquiao is a little older, so it’s different. I’ve had some great wins in those two years and I feel I’m more than ready. “It’s almost like I spar someone the first time. OK, you get a few shots. The second time, it’s much easier, because I know what to expect. Pacquiao can say the same thing about me. But Pacquiao only fights one-way guys. Only one way, and that’s the Pacquiao way.” After the loss, Pacquiao had another big setback to his career when he was knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez in their fourth fight in December 2012. Pacquiao came back in November, where he won a unanimous decision over Brandon Rios in China. And with Bradley’s two impressive victories in 2013, it adds more luster to the rematch. “We couldn’t have asked for better timing,” DuBoef said. “I think Tim reestablished his position with how good he is and his abilities with his performances. I think it will work to everyone’s benefit.” Because Bradley won, Bradley said he expects Pacquiao to be even more aggressive this fight. In the first fight, Bradley said he thought Pacquiao was more defensive. “I think Manny Pacquiao will get aggressive until he gets hit,” Bradley said.

“People are going to laugh about this, and it’s OK, they can laugh. But like I said, if I was a non-puncher, if I didn’t have anything, guys would walk completely straight through me. Guys who don’t have any power, I walk them down, I go straight to them. I eat ‘em up. I eat ‘em alive. If I didn’t have any power, or anything to keep guys honest, like Marquez, like Provodnikov and all these other guys, they wouldn’t worry. They would

just come through.” Bradley said his power helped him against Pacquiao in the first fight. In the second round of the fight, Bradley strained ligaments in his foot. In the fourth round, he sprained his other foot. “This fight, he’ll get more aggressive, but it will open things up. I’m ready for whatever Pacquiao brings,” Bradley said. “I’m ready basically to win and get the credit I deserve that I didn’t get in the last fight.”

Big Three offer redraft... From page 32 opportunities for all countries. The proposed system will take smaller nations like Sri Lanka to the situation in 1980s.” Zimbabwe Cricket, despite its financial debt to the tune of $18m and its player strike due to non-payment of dues, is expected to vote in favour of the proposals largely because of their good relations with the BCCI. In the last 10 years, India has played

two Tests, nine ODIs and two T20s in Zimbabwe, compared to Australia’s three, England’s four and South Africa’s three ODIs. Among the other Full Member nations, New Zealand Cricket had come out in support of the proposal while the West Indies Cricket Board only stated that they had taken a position “in the best interests of West Indies cricket” following two board meetings in the past ten days.

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Tuesday January 28, 2014

Malta Supreme sponsors Guyana team By Sean Devers Banks Malta Supreme came on board at the eleventh hour to offer sponsorship for the Guyana Cricket team which wings out today for the 2014 Regional Super50 tournament from January 30 to February 16 in Trinidad & Tobago. This is the first time Malta Supreme is sponsoring the team which is captained by Christopher Barnwell and Brand Manager Clayton McKenzie reminded that Banks DIH Ltd is always proud to support sports adding that when the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) approached the Beverage Company for sponsorship they immediately came up with Malta Supreme. “We chose Malta Supreme because it is a nonalcoholic Beverage with Vitamins and honey added to provide instant energy. We wish the team all the best and hope they are good Ambassadors for not only the brand but for all Guyana,” McKenzie noted. Banks DIH was previously involved with the GCB, sponsoring the Banks Malta Inter-County four-day competition and McKenzie said the Company was happy to be the team’s official sponsor in the eight-team tournament which will

Players wing out today for Regional Super50 broadcast live on ESPN Television. The sponsor’s logo will be at the top back of the team’s shirt and also on the sleeve of the predominately lime green uniform which has a tinge of red, black and orange. According to WICB Director and Secretary of the GCB, Anand Sanasie, the sponsor’s incentives will be divided into two parts with a sum of money going to the team for every win in the Preliminaries and another larger sum going to the team if they qualify for the finalfour. Sanasie was high in praise for the selectors and Chairman Rayon Griffith will travel with the side to the Twin Island Republic today. Director of Sports, Parliamentarian Neil Kumar also congratulated Griffith and his team for picking one of the strongest Guyana teams in a long time and said that in all his years of following Guyana’s preparation he had never seen so much emphasis placed on physical fitness like this year. Kumar told the players that the entire Guyana will be looking at them as they aim to give their country its 10th title at this level.

Two soldiers were hired to carry the players through their fitness drills and in an invited comment Coach Esaun Crandon felt the pair of Army personnel played a huge role in getting the player ’s fitness up by constantly pushing them during training sessions. He added that he was satisfied with the preparations provided by the GCB and opined that Guyana is in the tougher of the two groups. The South Americans are grouped with 2015 World Cup qualifiers Ireland, defending champions Windward Islands and eighttime past champions Jamaica. “We are in a very competitive group but I am sure the guys are a bit relieved that Jamaica skipper Chris Gayle and Windwards Captain Darren Sammy are both out of the tournament due to injury.” Crandon, a former firstclass fast bowler, said he feels the strength of the team is its batting, but was quick to add that the bowlers were all capable of restricting the opposition to manageable totals. Manager Alvin Johnson said he was confident that if everyone played to their full potential the team will return

home with silverware. “We have got a very powerful batting line-up with several batsmen who have played for the West Indies, while we have two Test spinners in our attack so we would not want to disappoint our fans,” Johnson noted. He thanked the GCB for what he described as excellent preparation which included two day/night games at the National Stadium. Guyana is scheduled to have their first practice session in Trinidad tomorrow before facing-off with Ireland on Friday in their opening game. They take on the Windwards on February 4 before battling Jamaica on Feb. 8 in three day/night matches which are all scheduled to commence at 13:30hrs. The full Guyana team read: Christopher Barnwell (Capt.), Shivnarine Chanderpaul (vice-Capt.), Robin Bacchus, Ronsford Beaton, Devendra Bishoo, Anthony Bramble (wk), Royston Crandon, Narsingh Deonarine, Assad Fudadin, Trevon Griffith, Leon Johnson, Veerasammy Permaul, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Paul Wintz, Esaun Crandon (Coach), Alvin Johnson (Manager).

Umpires named for this weekend’s GCA matches The Georgetown Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association (GCU&SA) has released the names of the umpires that will officiate in the Georgetown Cricket Association first and second division matches which commence on Saturday. In the Hadi’s World first division 2-day, Demerara Cricket Club will play Police at Queenstown with Ryan Banwari and Shannon Crawford officiating and Transport Sports Club will take on Gandhi Youth Organisation at Eve Leary with Eddie Nicholls and Cyril Garnath umpiring. In the Noble House Sea Foods second division , Muslim Youth Organisation will travel to GNIC with Mario Nicholls and Leyland Liverpool performing on field duties, Malteenoes Sports Club will take on Demerara

Protest in press room... From page 31 Sochi’s $50 billion price tag for what will arguably become the most expensive summer or winter Olympics staged. Senior IOC members have criticized the cost saying it

Mata hopes United move will secure Spain World Cup spot MANCHESTER, England (Reuters) - Juan Mata hopes his move from Chelsea to Premier League rivals Manchester United will help secure his place in champions Spain’s squad for the World Cup in Brazil in June. Playmaker Mata spoke to the media for the first time on Monday following Saturday’s 37.1 million pounds ($61.22 million) move. The club revealed he would wear the number eight shirt rather than the number seven used by former greats David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Eric Cantona. The 25-year-old Mata struggled for game time this season under Jose Mourinho, with Chelsea’s manager preferring an attacking midfield trio comprising Brazilian internationals Oscar and William and Belgium winger Eden Hazard. That led to fears that if he continued to be overlooked he would struggle to claim a seat on the plane to Brazil. Mata said getting regular game time was crucial ahead of the June finals. “It was really important,” he told a news conference ahead of

Tuesday’s Premier League match with Cardiff City. “As you know the Spanish squad is really difficult to get in. “Lots of players are fighting to be in the last 23 going to Brazil so I hope this is going to be a great chance for me to keep playing, to keep being fit and to keep showing to the manager of the national team that I want to be there and I have to be there.” Mata would not say that remaining at Chelsea would have cost him his Spain place. “I don’t know, now I’m here, now the moment is here, now I’m trying to play as much I can to try and help the team,” he added. “Obviously if things are good in the last part of the season the World Cup is going to be closer for me for sure.” Spain have drawn Netherlands, Chile and Australia in Group B. FURTHER BOOST United, who sit 14 points adrift of league leaders Arsenal, were handed a further boost on Monday with injured trio Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie and Marouane Fellaini back in

Manchester United’s new signing Juan Mata holds a club shirt during a photocall at the club’s Carrington training complex in Manchester, northern England, January 27, 2014. REUTERS/Phil Noble training, and Mata said he was looking forward to sparking a productive relationship with the England attacker in particular. “I can’t wait to play alongside him,” Mata said of Rooney. “For me he’s one of the

best players in the history of this country. He’s a striker who can score, assist and come into midfield to take the ball. I will enjoy it. “For me he’s an unbelievable player and I will try to connect with him as much as possible and find the

Cricket Club under the watchful eyes of Linden Matthews and Heuvel Cunha, Everest will match skills with Transport Sports Club while at the Muslim Youth Organisation ground Andrew Allen and Cyril Goberdhan will be calling play. Sophia and Georgetown Cricket Club will battle at Gandhi Youth Organisation with Javed Persaud and Anthony Ramsahai u m p i r i n g , University of Guyana will challenge Police at Turkeyen with Daniel Richmond and Randolph Rose in charge and Guyana Defence Force will entertain Gandhi Youth Organisation with Deon Faesal and Clyde Layne performing in field duties. First division games start at 09:30hrs, while second division matches commence at 10:30hrs.

gaps in rival defenses. I think that’s my best style of play, to get into positions where I can assist the strikers.” Having struggled for game time in his favored position at Chelsea, Mata could be seen to be in competition with Rooney for a spot just off the main striker. However the World Cup winner was diplomatic in saying: “I will play anywhere the manager wants me to. I just want to help the team win as many games as they can.” United’s struggles and the hefty price tag means Mata will be immediately expected to perform, despite not having played since New Year’s Day. Chelsea’s two-time player of the season said he would thrive on the expectations. “When people are suspecting big things from you then it’s a challenge but I am looking forward to being successful,” he said. “This is a massive club. I’ve realized that since I came here and I’m really glad to be here. This is the club that has won the most trophies and it’s down to me to show people the football I have inside of me.”

was scaring off possible future hosts. Stockholm dropped out of the race for the 2022 Winter Games two weeks ago due to cost concerns while Switzerland and Germany ended plans to bid. “Sochi was elected seven years ago with a project which gave Russia a winter sport centre which Russia did not have after the dissolution of the USSR,” Bach said. “The starting point for any bid or candidature is different and we should appreciate it ... if a country decides in its own authority to develop a winter sports centre. “We cannot just say from our central European perspective, with us having built them over the last decades or century, that we are now against anybody else coming up as a competitor for winter sports,” said Bach, a German lawyer who was elected to the top post in September. He added that the issue of thousands of unpaid workers at Sochi’s Olympic venues, highlighted in a German television report, had largely been resolved with the intervention of the IOC. “The IOC addressed these problems and concerns with the organizing committee and as a followup to these discussions you could see the agreement reached with Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister and the ombudsman for human rights in Russia to pay 227 million roubles ($6.56 million) in outstanding payments,” said Bach.

Tuesday January 28, 2014

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>>>Letter to the Sports Editor<<<

I am unaware of any over age player that represented E’bo DEAR EDITOR, After reading the ‘letter to sports Editor’ column in last Friday’s edition of your newspaper, I would like to respond to Hakim Khan’s letter which captioned ‘North Essequibo condemns the silencing of Mr. Holder by the ECB’. The letter stated that “An Under-15 player who is a relative of the ECB Under15 Coach was selected for the County and subsequently for the Country in 2013. A Senior Coach of the ECB knew that the player was overaged based on his records but the ECB, including the junior coach who also is a selector thought otherwise. He subsequently had to be withdrawn from the national team after he could

not have produced his birth certificate”. Sir, as a senior coach attached to the ECB and the only one on the Essequibo Coast, I am unaware that any player was over aged who represented the county in any age group tournament of recent. I would like the public to know that I do not share players’ profile with any unauthorized individuals. I only share such information with officials of the board. So what I would like Mr. Khan to do is indentify the coach because my interest is to do what I am being paid for, which is to develop the skills of the cricketers in Essequibo. Forbes Daniels Senior coach

MICHAEL ESSIEN: Chelsea midfielder secures AC Milan move BBC Sport - Midfielder Michael Essien has completed his move to AC Milan from Chelsea, signing a 17-month deal with the Serie A team. The 31-year-old, who joined the Premier League side in 2005, will be officially unveiled at the San Siro on today. The two clubs agreed a deal for the Ghana international on Friday. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho told the Blues’ official website: “We would have been happy had he stayed because he is fantastic player for the team.” The experienced midfielder has committed his future to the Italian side until June 2015. Essien, who was Chelsea’s record signing when he arrived from Lyon for £24.4m, has made nine appearances this season since returning from a loan spell at Real Madrid. “He’s given everything for the club and a great chance arrived for his future,” added Mourinho. “I know he can continue to play at a high level and I wish him success and happiness in Italy and at the World Cup in Brazil.” The midfielder held talks with new Rossoneri manager Clarence Seedorf last week. There had been reports in the Italian media, which Essien later quashed on Twitter, suggesting he had failed a medical. Essien helped Chelsea to

Michael Essien (PA) win the Champions League although he was an unused substitute in their 2012 final triumph over Bayern Munich - as well as two Premier League titles and four FA Cups. He made only 10 league starts in 2011-12 following an injury-hit year and moved to Real Madrid on loan last summer. Following 35 appearances with the Spanish giants under Mourinho, he followed the coach back to Chelsea after his loan spell ended. However, he has struggled for a place in the team this year, starting only two Premier League matches since his return, and the £21m signing of Nemanja Matic has further decreased his chances of playing. Seedorf was named Milan boss last week after Massimiliano Allegri was sacked with the club 11th in the table.

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Matthias assertively dismisses Solomon’s charges of constitutional violations Needing to respond to the accusations of constitutional violations leveled against the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Congress which handed down severe punishments to President of the Upper Demerara Football Association (UDFA) President Sharma Solomon and members of his executive, President of the GFF Christopher Matthias assertively dismissed the charges as false. Matthias was speaking to a media gathering at the Federation’s Head Office where he gave a chronological account of what transpired during the period leading up to the UDFA’s transgression of playing its GT Beer Yearend Tournament despite being warned by the Federation of the likely consequences of not adhering to the ruling of

the General Congress which had deliberated and decided that only one tournament should be played on January 1 and that was supposed to be the Georgetown Football Association Banks Beer final. According to Matthias, who was accompanied by Vice-President Ivan Persaud, new Technical Director Mark Rodrigues and Committee Member Keith O’Jeer, Solomon and the UDFA defied the ruling made by the Congress and went ahead and played the final even though correspondences flew back and forth, clearly articulating the position of the GFF and its Congress. The GFF Head reminded all present that the Congress is the supreme Legislative Authority and no member has the right to challenge its directive, while the GFF’s role is to regulate, control, develop

and improve football in Guyana. He added that in accordance with the GFF constitution, it is the President’s responsibility to ensure that the decisions taken by the Congress are adhered to by its affiliates. Matthias mentioned that Solomon was asked on quite a few occasions to desist from making public pronouncements, but continued to do so and while they believe that he is a learned person and he must understand that rules must be adhered to. He said the Congress was legally authorised to do what it did with regards to instructing that suspensions be handed down to the respective parties. Matthias, however, encouraged the aggrieved officials to make the

necessary arguments if they so desire to take the appeal route. Quizzed on whether an Interim Management Committee (IMC) will be set up to run the affairs of football in the community, Matthias responded by stating that the GFF will not get involved in the nomination of persons to serve on any committee which according to him will have to be decided by those in the community, but their role will be to ratify such a Body should it become necessary. In closing, he said that many attempts have been made by persons within the current administration and those who’ve been before to frustrate the work of development by the GFF, informing that it started even before they were duly elected and continues until now.

Protest in press room not podium, says IOC (Reuters) - Athletes at next month’s Sochi Winter Olympics may be punished for making statements on the podium against Russia’s antigay law or human rights record but can do so at news conferences without fear of sanction, the IOC said. Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), explained that under the Games charter political protests and demonstrations at venues are not allowed. ”It is very clear the Games cannot be used as a stage for political demonstrations however good the cause may be,” Bach told a media conference call on Monday. “The IOC will take, if necessary, individual decisions based on individual cases. It is also clear on the other hand the athletes enjoy freedom of speech so if in a press conference they wanted to make a political statement they are absolutely free to do so.” Asked whether he was urging athletes to make their point at news conferences rather than the medals podium, Bach said: “If you are drawing this conclusion I would not say anything against it”. Russia has caused considerable controversy with a recent anti-gay propaganda law that critics say curbs the rights of homosexuals in the country. In a clear message to Moscow, U.S. President Barack Obama included three openly gay athletes in his official Olympic delegation and Britain said it would send a minister responsible for its same-sex marriage laws. Moscow expects more than

International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach kicks a soccer ball during a visit to Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro January 22, 2014. REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes 6,000 athletes from 85 countries and hundreds of thousands of sports fans in Sochi. President Vladimir Putin has said homosexuals will not be discriminated against during the February 7-23 Games but many athletes have said they will make their opposition known during the Olympics in the Russian

Black Sea resort. SECURITY FEARS The buildup to the first Russian Winter Olympics has been rocky with security concerns peaking following bombing attacks in Volgograd last month. “An IOC delegation is already in Sochi and of course in the meetings security matters

are addressed,” Bach said. “It is the responsibility of the host country. We have full confidence in the host country. Russia and Russian services are working closely with international services to ensure all participants and visitors can feel safe and secure.” Bach also defended (Continued on page 30)

EBFA AGM set for February 16 The Annual General Meeting of the East Bank Football Association (EBFA) has been set for Sunday February 16, 2014 at the Grove Community Centre. The General Council of the EBFA, which held its first meeting on Sunday last, agreed to the date for the AGM which will see elections being held for the position of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Assistant S e c r e t a r y / Tr e a s u r e r, Organising Secretary and Public Relations Officer.

AGENDA i. Prayer ii. Welcome and Opening Remarks iii. National Pledge iv. Roll Call v. Confirmation of Minutes vi. Business arising from the Minutes vii. Presentation of the General Secretary’s Report viii. Presentation of the Financial Statement and Audited Balance Sheet for the year just ended. ix. Motions and Amendments x. Elections of Officers

xi. Any Other Business Nominations for office must reach the General Secretary fourteen (14) days before the date of the Annual General Meeting at which officers are to be elected. (Article 10.4) Notice of any motion or resolution to be moved at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) must be submitted to the General Secretary on or before the fourteenth day preceding the date of the Annual General Meeting (AGM). (Article 10.9)

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Tuesday January 28, 2014

Malta Supreme Hugh Ross Classic 2014... Big Three offer redraft to IFBB Pro Jeff ‘Classic’ Beckham ICC as lobbying intensifies is confirmed Guest Poser

There could be some radical changes to international cricket if the ICC Board accepts the proposals © ICC

ESPNcricinfo - Cricket’s formally-united Big Three the BCCI, Cricket Australia and the ECB - will present the seven other Full Member nations with a set of redrafted “resolutions” around their radical “position paper” at an ICC executive meeting in Dubai today. The resolutions - five in number - were being talked through the first official meeting of the Finance & Commercial Affairs (F&CA) committee after its “working group” - made up of the heads of the BCCI, Cricket Australia and the ECB - came up with the proposal in a 21page document that called for a complete overhaul of the ICC’s administration and its revenue distribution. The first of the proposals to be watered down is expected to be the one pertaining to a two-tier format for Test cricket and the relegation of the bottom two ranked into the ICC Intercontinental Cup. The other proposal which could be reworked pertains to a newly formed Executive Committee (ExCo) and it’s possible expansion from four to five, with a second nominee coming in from the “small seven,” as opposed to only one according to the draft position paper. As the ICC’s Board met for its scheduled quarterly meeting in Dubai, the Big Three were known to be in discussions with six of the Seven in order to ensure their support should the proposal go to vote on Tuesday. One board chief said the

BCCI, ECB and Cricket Australia had been “surrounding people, taking them in, we’ll give you this, we’ll give you that.” Another said that BCCI led the majority of such discussions, their offers being enhanced with every meeting, “Individually they call every board and offer them something each time.” The only vocal objector to the proposal, Cricket South Africa, has been left out of these discussions and the benefits being offered to the rest of the boards. The main negotiations took place on governance issues with FTP agreements particularly those pertaining to tours by India - being used as “bait”. The resolutions, first expected to be presented in a list of 50-plus points, were later gathered together under five categories. While in the past governance issues had dominated revenue matters, on Monday evening, one of the Big Three officials said there could be “further discussions rather than negotiations around revenue models” with an attempt to explain how they would work in real terms and the guarantees being offered. The main boards involved in the talks are the three Asian boards - the PCB, SLC and BCB - who have been left mulling over their options due to various reasons. There has been public protest in Bangladesh, including a crowd gathering of close to 3000 in Dhaka on Saturday, over the possibility

of their cricket board ceding Bangladesh’s Test match status and calendar in the face of the proposals. A senior Bangladeshi cricket official said, “It is a big thing, (to us) this status. In 13 years Bangladesh have managed to win four Test matches. India and New Zealand did not win their first Test till 30 years. So how come these people are now telling Bangladesh that you will need to fight out in the I-Cup to retain your Test status.” Should the relegation issue be diluted from the resolutions, the Big Three may find the leverage they need with the BCB. With the PCB, the main issue concerned their FTP arrangements particularly with the BCCI, in the light of a fluctuating political climate. SLC finds itself in a state of financial crisis, an application pending for an $8m loan from the ICC and the prospective carrot of a 2017 tour from the Indian team. Plus, officials are under pressure from former players and administrators who believe the rights they won at an ICC table, “the hard way” should not be surrendered for “short-term gain.” Former Sri Lankan captain Arjuna Ranatunga said accepting the proposal would take smaller countries back to the skewed international calendars of the 1980s. “From 1987 to 1990 in four years Sri Lanka played just seven Tests. After that, ICC’s Future Tour Programme ensured that there were equal (Continued on page 25)

The Hugh Ross Classic (HRC) organising committee has announced that International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB) Pro athlete Jeff ‘Classic’ Beckham will be the guest poser at the fourth edition of the Malta Supreme Hugh Ross Classic set for Saturday March 29 at the National Cultural Centre. HRC Chairman, renowned Guyanese and International athlete Hugh Ross has said that the 32-year-old Beckham was a Musclemania Pro and the two would have competed together in the past. “What we at the HRC are looking at is someone who is a phenomenal athlete and who we believe will do more than just appear on stage, come the night of March 29. We are aiming to have Jeff here in Guyana a few days before the competition to interact with our athletes and to do some other things we will be tying up shortly.” Beckham, stands at 6’1 in height and currently packs 280 pounds on a very athletic frame. He became an IFBB Pro after winning the Overall at the NPC’s NY Team Universe in 2012. Fans and followers of the sport will be in for a treat according to Ross since Beckham is excited to make his debut trip to these shores. “I can assure all that Jeff Beckham will be here not only to wow the crowd but he is also a very friendly and people’s person.” Interaction with local athletes who will be competing has been going well according to Athlete’s

Coordinator Lee Baptiste. “A number of forms would have been distributed to date and the response has been very encouraging. We are scheduled to pay a visit to Berbice this Saturday, we’ve met athletes in the city already and the interaction would be ongoing. We are also on the pulse with regards to Linden.” Other areas including West Demerara, Baptiste disclosed will be visited shortly as they seek to maximize participation at the Classic. There would be three female categories of competition - Female Bodybuilding which will

target athletes who are of a more muscular body type; Miss Figure which will be for athletes who are symmetrical and toned and the Miss Bikini contest will be for the softer and more feminine eye pleasing type of figure. The male categories are, Bantamweight – up to 65kgs (143lbs), Lightweight – up to 70kgs (144-154lbs), Welterweight – up to 75kgs (155-165lbs), Light Middleweight – up to 80kgs (166-176lbs), Heavyweight (176 and over). The respective category winners will then compete in the overall when the winner will be crowned Mr. HRC 2014.

Gayle a big loss - Bennett

Junior Bennett (IRIEFM.NET)

Jamaica Observer - JAMAICA senior team cricket coach Junior Bennett says the absence of Christopher Gayle from the 14-member squad for the NAGICO Super50 regional competition is a big blow. Gayle, still recovering from a hamstring injury sustained on the West Indies tour of India late last year, was recently named Jamaica captain, but a subsequent medical assessment ruled out the star left-handed opener, forcing selectors to turn to David Bernard Jnr to lead the team. The 34-year-old Gayle led Jamaica to the 50-over title in the 2007-08 season, and again two years ago. “He’s definitely a big loss to us as a batsman and as a captain,” said Bennett in reference to Gayle’s qualities. “The last two times we won the 50-over (competition) he was the captain. Everyone knows his quality as a One-Day player, his power and everything. To lose him at this time is a big loss. “To the younger players in the team he was also a motivational factor. But we just have to go out there and (Continued on page 29)

Tuesday January 28, 2014

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Timothy Bradley gets rematch with Manny Pacquiao USA TODAY Sports WBO welterweight champion Timothy Bradley verbally agreed to a rematch with Manny Pacquiao on April 12 with a chance to right a wrong. Bradley will face the Filipino star at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for the WBO title he won when he got a split decision over Pacquiao in 2012. “It feels great to get this rematch,” Bradley said in an exclusive interview with The Desert Sun. “I’m happy to have this opportunity to get rid of this dark cloud that has been looming over me since 2012.” In June 2012, Bradley won a split decision over Pacquiao that a large majority of media and fans felt Pacquiao had dominated. Top Rank’s Bob Arum urged the Nevada State Attorney General’s office to look into the fight, and they found no evidence of a fix. The WBO had five judges watch the tape to rejudge the fight. All five

judges had Bradley winning the fight, but the WBO couldn’t reverse the decision. Since that fight, Bradley (31-0, 12 KOs) had been harshly criticized. But it didn’t stop Bradley from having a very impressive 2013. In March, Bradley beat Ruslan Provodnikov in a fight that most publications tabbed the Fight of the Year. Bradley followed up his show-stopping performance by winning a split decision over Pacquiao’s biggest rival, Juan Manuel Marquez, in October. Marquez was coming off a knockout victory over Pacquiao. Despite the criticism, Bradley said he believed he won the fight over Pacquiao, and welcomes the chance to clear the controversy so he can “basically shut up the naysayers and everyone who felt I can’t win or won’t win this fight and that I didn’t win the last fight.” Contrary to media reports, Bradley said he has not signed the contract yet,

but the fight has been verbally agreed to on his end. Because it hasn’t been signed, Bradley wouldn’t confirm contract numbers. Top Rank president Todd DuBoef said contracts are being drafted, but confirmed terms have been agreed upon. “I think it’s going to do terrific,” DuBoef said. “Timmy really had an incredible year with the Provodnikov and Marquez victories, and Manny had a terrific performance in the Rios fight. I think there’s a lot of demand for it. “It’s a personal thing with Manny. He wants to get rid of what he considers an unneeded blemish on his record. And I think Timmy wants to say, ‘Hey, it was no unneeded blemish. It was real and I’m going to prove it’s real.’ You have two guys who want to fight each other, and that’s not always the case. But Bradley did indicate he would sign the contract soon and the media tour

Timothy Bradley Jr. and Manny Pacquiao during their bout on June 9, 2012. (Photo: Omar Ornelas, USA TODAY Sports) starting Feb. 4 to promote the fight likely will go on as scheduled. Pacquiao (55-52, 38 KOs) and Bradley will

also get a cut of pay-perview revenue. Their first fight had approximately 900,000 buys. In the first

fight, Pacquiao earned a reported $26 million and Bradley $5 million. For (Continued on page 29)

NBA ROUND-UP: Pistons drop fourth straight game Detroit’s Josh Smith, centre, takes a shot against Dallas’ Brandan Wright, left, in the first half Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014, in Dallas. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

Lionel Messi: Forward is not for sale, says Barcelona president

Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu said Lionel Messi (right) is not for sale. (Getty Images) BBC Sport - Barcelona forward Lionel Messi is not for sale and the club plan to discuss a new contract with the Argentine, says president Josep Maria Bartomeu. Four-time Ballon d’Or winner Messi, 26, is reported to be a target for French side Paris St-Germain. In an interview with radio station RAC1, posted on Barcelona’s website, Bartomeu said: “The club will sit down and negotiate a new contract. “We will do what we have to, to ensure he’s the best-paid player.” Messi scored 60 goals in 50 appearances last season but has struggled to match that goalscoring form in 2013-14. He has scored 18 goals so far but just

eight of those have been in the league, although he has provided 36 assists in 20 appearances. His last league goal came in September, before he was out for five weeks with a hamstring injury. “He can do everything,” said Barca coach Gerardo Martino. “If he succeeds in other facets of his game, it doesn’t matter if he scores. “Nothing surprises me with him. He controls the game well, passes the ball well, he is a good finisher, he can press and recover the ball. “He sees passes that most people can only see whilst watching the game on TV or in the stands, not ones that you can normally see on the field.”

The Windsor Star – (AP) DALLAS — Dirk Nowitzki scored 28 points, Devin Harris had a season-high 14 for the second straight game and the Dallas Mavericks beat the Detroit Pistons 116106 Sunday night. Nowitzki was 10 of 16 from the field in his second straight game wearing a sleeve on his sore left knee after sitting out a loss in Toronto. It’s not the knee that required surgery and sidelined him the first 27 games last season. Harris scored five straight points in the final minute of the third quarter to break a 79-all tie. His 3pointer early in the fourth capped a 15-2 run for a 94-81 Dallas lead. Brandon Jennings had 26 points and seven assists to

lead the Pistons, who lost their fourth straight. Josh Smith had 25 points and eight rebounds. The Pistons got within five midway through the fourth, but Vince Carter hit a layup to start an 8-0 run as the Mavericks answered consecutive losses on an East Coast trip by winning the opener of a four-game homestand that includes a pair of two-day breaks. ROSS NETS 51 POINTS TORONTO — Terrence Ross seemed a bit taken aback by all the fuss. Although he’d just matched a Toronto Raptors record with 51 points, Ross wasn’t sure why someone threw him a game ball. With the media crowding around his locker, he noted that New York’s Carmelo Anthony

poured in 62 on Friday night and Oklahoma’s Kevin Durant had 54 earlier this month. It was left to teammate Greivis Vasquez to offer some perspective, noting that while those veterans may have scored more, Ross had eclipsed the half-century mark in just his second year in the NBA. “You don’t think about it once you try winning the game and you do whatever,” Ross said after the Raptors fell 126-118 to the Los Angeles Clippers. “You don’t really realize what you’re doing until it’s all over. “It would have been better if we had the win but I guess that’s just how it goes.” Ross nearly doubled his previous career-high of 26 against Portland last season.

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Tuesday January 28, 2014

Fruta Conquerors FC engages in brutal introspection By Michael Benjamin The Fruta Conquerors Football Club (FCFC) has, in the past, defeated some of the best local clubs and has etched its name as one of the top units locally. However, despite the efforts of administrators to solidify its coveted place among the best, the club has suffered severe setbacks last year that have forced its administrators to implement new strategies that could see the club reinstating itself to the top echelons as in previous years. President of the club, Wayne Forde, engaged Kaieteur Sport in discussions yesterday afternoon and was particularly concerned about the club’s performance over the past year. “We tried our best but our senior players did not do so well,” Mr. Forde admitted. He said that he was somewhat disappointed that they had lost out in their signature event, the Namilco tournament, after losing to Santos FC. Notwithstanding, the Fruta Conquerors boss said that his club managed to salvage some pride after defeating the powerful Guyana Defence Force squad in the third place playoff. Mr. Forde is also disappointed with their first round loss to Pele FC when the two teams faced off in the Banks Players Cup in Berbice and the first

Vows to change fortunes this year game loss to Monedderlust in the GFA/Banks Beer knockout tournament, December last. That apart, Mr. Forde is adamant that the many positives emanating from the club have overshadowed the negatives. He said that there have been distinct improvements in the club’s infrastructure with the stands, lighting and the club house undergoing rehabilitation. He said that this could not have been done devoid of the input of several corporate entities and individuals. He singled out Managing Director of the National Milling Company (NAMILCO), Bert Sukhai and his equal at the Guyana Beverage Inc, Robert Selman for special commendation. “These two gentlemen have supported our programmes in thick and thin and Fruta Conquerors FC feels indebted to them for their input,” exhorted Mr. Forde. Mr. Forde praised his fellow executives for their diligence and commitment but laments that their hard work could be reduced to naught if the status quo remains unchanged. He was referring to the unfair practices of some administrators who encourage top players to defect to their clubs after another entity would have contributed immensely to their development during their

formative period. “Fruta Conquerors utilizes over seventy five percent of its budget in youth development programmes and it is certainly disheartening when clubs with huge financial resources poach on our players after they would have attained high standards at our expense,” lamented Mr. Forde. He further labeled this act as counterproductive and feels that at the minimum, clubs should be reimbursed a percentage of their investments as compensation. “I am surprised, even appalled that some clubs could actually operate devoid of youth programmes while luring away talent from other clubs that have sacrificed immensely towards this initiative, while GFF officials refuse to implement laws to protect affected clubs and ensure that they are adequately compensated,” Mr. Forde said. He said that in the absence of such implementations by the parent company, executives of the Fruta Conquerors FC will carefully review participation of all culpable clubs in tournaments organized by Fruta Conquerors FC. Mr. Forde said that his executives have shifted their sights to the continued developmenta l works with Danza Hyatt was the intention

Hyatt may need surgery for broken nose forced to retire hurt on zero


amaica Star K i n g s t o n , J a m a i c a Discarded national opener, Danza Hyatt, is awaiting doctor’s instructions to find out whether or not he will require surgery on his broken nose. Hyatt sustained the injury on Saturday, while participating in Jamaica’s final inter-squad practice match at Sabina Park. He was hit through his helmet after mistiming a short ball from all-rounder André Russell off the second delivery he faced. Hyatt was

representing Nikita Miller XI, who played to a bad light-affected no-result with David Bernard Jr XI. “I was taken to the University Hospital, where I saw a specialist. He examined me and told me that my nose was broken,” said Hyatt. “I was then released and told to return on Tuesday, when another assessment will be made to determine what should be the next move.” The 30-year-old, who was dropped from Jamaica’s Super50 14-member squad

Wayne Forde

ofchanging the club’s fortunes. “We are cognizant of the expectations of our key stakeholders and huge fan base and we embrace those expectations while understanding that we must be willing to implement those changes deemed necessary to meet those high expectations,” assured the Fruta Conquerors’ boss. He said the NAMILCO tournament is slated for late April early May and his administrators are keen on regaining supremacy. “We will be content to place among the top three teams in other high profile tournaments while we continue the developmental works,” explained Mr. Forde. He is imploring all stakeholders and supporters of the club to exercise patience while reassuring them that Fruta Conquerors executives have put the necessary modalities in place to change the flagging fortunes of the club.

Johnson wins T&T International half marathon


recently, also said he has been experiencing pain in other areas of his face. “The ball actually hit me between my nose and eye, which is at the moment swollen,” he said. Hyatt was one of four players who were named as reserves for the Super50. The list has, however,

been reduced to three after young opener Kennar Lewis was drafted last Friday as a replacement for the injured Chris Gayle. Jamaica are set to fly out today for Trinidad and Tobago, where they will play Windward Islands in the opening fixture of the Super50 on Thursday.

uyanese Kelvin Johnson won the Trinidad and Tobago Half Marathon on Sunday with another Guyanese, Lionel D’Andrade finishing second to cap a dominant performance in the mega distance event for the duo. Johnson won in 1:15.17 ahead of the 2012 and 2013 Champion, D’Andrade, who posted 1:17.23 for second place. Trinidad and Tobago’s, Elvis Turner finished third in 1:17:58. There were 325 participants in the marquee race. Meanwhile, on Saturday, the duo placed second and third respectively in the Tr i n i d a d & To b a g o International 5km Road Race; Trinidad’s, Richard Jones won in 16:10, while Johnson trailed in 16:29 with D’Andrade (16:32) rounding out the top three.

Kelvin Johnson

Lionel D’Andrade

Tuesday January 28, 2014

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Rodrigues confirmed as new Technical Director


resident of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Christopher Matthias speaking during a press briefing which was held at the entity’s Head office on Dadanawa Street, Section ‘K’, Campbellville, confirmed the appointment of former Lady Jags Technical Director Mark Rodrigues as playing a similar role within the GFF. According to Matthias, he met Rodrigues at a CONCACAF-organised Sports Summit in the Cayman Islands late last year and it was there that the initial conversation was held on the subject of him being interested in the job and after

- calls for a more dynamic local programme further discussions the decision was made to confirm him to the job, a task that will be conducted gratis, except for getting him to Guyana and his upkeep during the period of his stay. The GFF President added that he was very impressed with Rodrigues’ work with the Lady Jags, while his knowledge of the game and coaching was equally inspiring, prompting the decision in his favour. Rodrigues, shortly after introducing himself reminded those present that he was here before and his presence is merely a return to

the football atmosphere in Guyana after his first interaction in 2009 with the Lady Jags when the national programme for the ladies was launched. He said it is indeed a pleasure to meet the technical staff and was eagerly looking forward to meeting the coaches as they seek to implement a robust national programme. “It is time that we stop scrambling to put together a team (s) just a few years prior to the World Cup and other international competitions. We’ve got two good legacies to build from,

the women’s outstanding performance in 2010 and the men’s World Cup exploits last year so we see right away that if we start from the bottom and build a solid base what the results could be,” Rodrigues stated. Rodrigues urged that things will be organised in a manner that will make them stronger thereby ensuring a sustainable programme is developed going forward, but cautioned that while the aim is to get a more dynamic local programme, it is not the intention to scrap the search for overseas-based players with the potential to play at

New GFF Technical Director Mark Rodrigues the highest level. The new TD will be in charge of all the national teams and is expected to

commence work shortly along with support from the local coaches and the Technical Committee.


PARIS, France (AFP) — Former cricket chiefs Sunday attacked the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) proposal for greater decision-making powers for a three-strong group of the Board of Control for Cricket. The trio concerned are India, Cricket Australia and the England and Wales Cricket Board — who between them represent the game’s wealthiest nations. The ICC is due to discuss the controversial plan — which has been drafted because of an apparent threat by India to withdraw from major global events unless there is radical reform of the ICC - in Dubai today and tomorrow. However, a growing number of respected former cricket chiefs have expressed their alarm at such moves — which would also include a two-tier Test league with Australia, India and England being protected from relegation owing to their financial weight. Pakistan’s former ICC president Ehsan Mani has written a letter to the ICC — which significantly has been co-signed by Malcolm Speed and Malcolm Gray formerly high up in the Australian cricket administration and then respectively chief executive

and president of the ICC — saying the paper needed to be withdrawn. Instead he and the other signatories - which also include former West Indies captain Clive Lloyd — agreed the ICC needed to reexamine the conclusions of the 2012 Woolf Report into ICC governance, which recommended, among other things, an improvement in governance standards, the appointment of independent board directors and greater transparency. Mani estimated that if the draft was given the thumbs up the loss in projected revenue to associate and affiliate members would be more than $312million, an amount that would instead be redistributed largely to the boards of India, Australia and England. “The biggest gainers are BCCI, ECB and CA,” Mani wrote. “In addition, ICC events for the period 2015-2023 will be held only in India, England and Australia. “These boards will receive hosting fees for the events in addition to the ICC Distributions they propose. “A point that also needs to be addressed is; why does BCCI need more money at the expense of other countries? “The domestic and international media fees that BCCI receives from playing

with other members are massive and underpin BCCI’s financial position. “It is the richest cricket board in the world. “If cricket is to grow and develop around the world more investment is required in the associate & affiliate countries, not less. “The associate & affiliate countries represent some of the biggest economies in the world. “If cricket could be established properly in the United States of America and China and become an Olympic sport, the ICC could double its revenues in real terms over the next 1015 years. “This requires vision and a less parochial approach.” Ali Bacher, who was managing director of the then United Cricket Board (now Cricket South Africa) from 1991 to 2001 and tournament director of the 2003 Cricket World Cup in South Africa, added his powerful voice to those of Mani and Speed in arguing for a more prudent approach to be taken. The 71-year-old former South African Test captain wrote a letter to present ICC president Alan Isaac saying that cricket risked being torn apart if the proposal went through. “The Position Paper put

Clive Lloyd agreed the ICC needed to re-examine the conclusions of the 2012 Woolf Report into ICC governance.

forward by BCCI, ECB and CA if accepted would lead to division and strife in world cricket as never seen before,” he wrote. “ICC member countries should never forget the animosity that existed particularly in the Subcontinent and the Caribbean

when England and Australia had veto rights prior to 1993. “I am therefore associating myself with the sentiments expressed by former ICC President Mr Ehsan Mani in his critique of the Position Paper where he espoused the recommendations of the Woolf Review.”

Bacher told AFP that Mani had left no stone unturned in his perusal of the proposal. “A lot has happened in the last 24 hours. I have got enormous respect for Ehsan Mani and he has made a thorough assessment of the position paper.”

Scotia Bank Kiddy’s cricket prog. to be launched today


he Scotia Bank Kiddy’s cricket programme for 2014 will be launched today in the board room of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) from 13:00 hours. The launch will involve participation of representatives from Scotia Bank, Ministry of Education, Allied Arts, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport and the GCB. The launch will immediately be followed

by the first round of the preliminary festival matches at the Georgetown Cricket Club ground and other venues across the Country. The preliminary phase of the competition will be played on a knock out basis and shall be the method used to determine the schools to participate in the Scotia Bank Kiddy’s Cricket County Festivals, which will comprise of one festival in the three counties.

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(from left) GCB Secretary Anand Sanasie, Directorof Sports Neil Kumar, Veerasammy Permaul, Royston Crandon, Anthony Bramble, Devendra Bishooand Banks DIH Brand Manager Clayton McKenzie at last night’s sponsors dinner at the Windjammer Hotel.

Malta Supreme sponsors Guyana cricket team

Players wing out today for Regional Super50 Malta Supreme Hugh Ross Classic 2014

Matthias assertively IFBB Pro Jeff dismisses Solomon’s charges Beckham of constitutional violations

is confirmed Guest Poser Jeff ‘Classic’ Beckham

President of the GFF Christopher Matthias (second right) sits with new TD Mark Rodrigues (second left), Vice President Ivan Persaud (left) and Committee member Keith O’Jeer at yesterday’s briefing.

Rodrigues confirmed as new GFF Technical Director


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