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Crime is falling elsewhere “The trend behind the headlines suggests crime and policing policy has less influence than politicians want to believe The latest crime figures show another remarkable fall, down by 10 per cent. Crime is now at its lowest level since 1982, the year the crime survey was introduced to bring a wider measure of people’s experience of crime in the preceding year.” That was a comment contained in an editorial in the Guardian of London. Had this been the case in Guyana we would have been smiling; the economy would have seen a remarkable jump because foreign investors would have come in larger numbers. At the same time the police would have been channeling their efforts in other directions. So invidious would have been their presence that this spate of shootings with illegal firearms would not have happened. The public would have had greater trust in the police and on the whole, life in Guyana would have been so much better. People would have relaxed their level of security and for sure the government in general and the Home Affairs Minister in particular would have been singing the praises of the police. That year of the first survey in Britain was memorable – the austerity budget, riots, strikes and a national panic about law and order. And its report, showing there were nearly four times more crimes than traditional police figures suggested, seemed to confirm the alarm. At the Tory party conference that year, then an annual festival for hangers and floggers, the future Minister Edwina Currie was cheered wildly as she waved a pair of handcuffs from the rostrum. Understanding the reasons behind this dramatic turnaround in England appears, on the face of it, to be a rare moment to be able to study a successful government policy. The latest quarterly report shows that eight million crimes were committed between September 2012 and September 2013, down from just under 10 million in 2011. The coalition, which has – like its predecessors – been passing crime-related legislation at the rate of approximately one act a year, duly claimed credit and possibly sighed with relief, given the big cuts in spending on law and order. But even a glance at the trend behind the headlines suggests crime and policing policy has less influence on the figures than politicians want to believe. Crime has been falling since 1995, and looks set to carry on falling. But if not government policy, then what, criminologists and justice specialists wonder? The detail contains some of the answers: crimes such as vandalism, burglary and car theft, which once made up a large part of total crime, have fallen steeply – due to better-designed and lit public areas and more sophisticated security. Harder to grapple with is the rise within the overall figures of some types of crime. Shoplifting – which might be exacerbated by austerity – is up slightly overall. Reported domestic violence, which appears more prevalent when times are hard, is rising. But it is also a crime to which police forces are more sensitive than they were. Guyana is not unique. Like England there is increasing domestic abuse and while the government may wish to deny this, austerity, as in any country, is responsible. A husband taking in little or no money feels threatened and he reacts. At the same time, the woman knows that she has hungry mouths to feed and she also acts. While England can boast of improved lighting in certain areas, Guyana can only talk about installing additional generation while the nation is visited by perpetual power outages. Street lighting is not encouraged because neither the city council nor the neighbourhood democratic councils collect enough money to honour that obligation. There are more close circuit television cameras but there are fewer policemen. This may be the reason for the failure on the part of Guyana Police Force to report a falling crime rate. For one, crimes are thwarted by a rapid police response. Rarely is this the case in Guyana.

Sunday January 26, 2014

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Who must investigate the double standards which are allowed at Ogle? DEAR EDITOR, As with everything in Guyana – every issue of major importance, the blame game and funny arguments have begun. This time it is in theAviation Sector. An aircraft crashed and two people are dead. Once again, all the ideas about search and rescue have re-surfaced. Big plans and then big blame. The GCAA is now the target for those who profess to be authorities on ‘everything aviation’; everything that flies. Suddenly, the GCAA is not the right body to investigate plane crashes because in essence, the body would be investigating itself and this should not be. Who must investigate the maintenance, etc, of the aircraft that operate out of Ogle? Who must investigate the double standards which are allowed at Ogle? The Private Sector Commission? Are we heading to this household

suggestion? If so then we know who will be investigating and who will get the pass marks. That being said, the Operators of Aircraft at Ogle must recognise that we, the travelling public, must be made to believe that our safety on the planes is not compromised by slipshod maintenance and engineering shortcuts. Why are we made to travel on planes with only one Pilot on board? This is a commercial operation and ideally there should be two pilots. Sorry, spare us the lofty explanations about it being okay for one pilot to be on board. If we see two, we know that if one falls ill, the other can take over. Remember it is a long and hard fall from the sky and since we are the ones who utilise the service, we should be allowed some say. Do not leave us to listen to the PR consultant who serves all the masters at Ogle. He would never qualify

for frequent flyer status on your planes. In the most recent crash, we hear that the GDF helicopter could not be used - it was not too airworthy and we could not chance another emergency. It seems this particular helicopter can be likened to a child who does not want to attend school on a particular day and plays sick. As soon as ‘school call in’ that child gets well in a jiffy and can be seen running around. Same with the famous helicopter – it will become ready to ply the skies soon, only this time it would be doing so while it is utilised for filming to produce documentaries which are sold for very high prices. We would see it hovering over water falls so that the cameras can capture the flora and fauna and even a fish or two jumping out of the rivers. Poor sick helicopter – Get Well Soon! D. James

Sunday January 26, 2014

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GTUC calls on the DPP to subpoena Colwyn Harding’s medical records DEAR EDITOR, GTUC calls on the Director of Public Prosecution to subpoena all medical records related to Colwyn Harding’s surgery at the state run institution and strongly condemns what appears to be a collaborative public relations stunt and attempt to cover up a crime committed by members of the law enforcement section of the State and involving various departments of the state. GTUC supports the calls made by others for an independent enquiry into the events leading up to Harding’s hospitalisation and surgery and extends a call for further investigation of the state employed doctors and nurses involved in every aspect of his care. The doctors’ disclosure of Harding’s medical condition does not negate the act of sexual torture at the hands of law enforcement officers. We must not be distracted or deterred from an independent inquiry that entails comprehensive medical review. Society must also remember the evidence revealed in the U.S court of

Law where then Minister of Health Leslie Ramsammy was accused of giving instructions to how to medically manage Ronald Waddell who was brutally gunned down by men serving the interest of Roger Khan. Developments in the case of Colwyn Harding are taking on similar characteristics of the case of Haitian born U.S immigrant Abner Louima who also suffered sexual brutality committed by NYPD in 1997. In an attempt to cover up the crime officers blamed Louima’s injuries on “abnormal homosexual activities” and denied allegations of police brutality. In not so dissimilar consequences, both Harding and Louima required major surgical intervention. Louima suffered severe internal damage to his colon and bladder and required three major surgeries. In the case of Harding our medical doctors would like us to accept the coincidence of strangulated hernia and an alleged brutal act of sodomy. The Louima case has become a poster used by Amnesty International in the campaign against torture.

GTUC also notes with concern the violations of privacy surrounding Harding’s medical records/ information which ought to be treated with confidentiality unless he permits public disclosure. Further, Harding’s statement that the doctors did not offer him a diagnosis and that he seems not to be aware of, or fully understand what was done for him medically if as he claims, is also unacceptable. Harding has the right as a patient to know what he is diagnosed with, the full and likely effects of the diagnosis, the management of same, the likely outcomes from medical /surgical intervention, his responsibility as a patient during care and after care, as well as likely future medical / surgical interventions / follow-ups. This information should be made available to him via documentation or verbally, automatically and also upon request. The rights of this Guyanese citizen should not be further violated by our medical professionals, if in fact such violations did occur. The revelation of a snag

in the release of medical records hindering urgent action to care overseas creates concerns regarding a lack of transparency and the possibility of corrupting documentation. GTUC hopes this is not and warns the Ministry of Health to ensure that doctors and all medical professionals and administrators bear true witness to the case of Colwyn Harding. The alleged act of sexual torture meted out to Colwyn Harding at the hands of the police begs the question how more barbarous can members of our Police Force be? How much lower can Guyana sink when a law enforcement officer can viciously use a baton to sexually violate a young man in his charge, in the presence of senior members of the Police Force, and not face immediate charges for his depravity? How much lower can we

as a people sink when we fail to join forces across all divides and speak as one force, united and loud in abhorrence and condemnation of such immoral behaviours. The alleged crime of the victim pales in comparison to the act allegedly perpetrated by this member of the Police Force. It is comparable only to the alleged tacit support of his colleagues who witnessed this debasement, those who choose to be blinded by what they perceive divides them from the victim, and those who laughed at his saga. They must examine themselves and we must also examine them for according to Amnesty International, “Torture degrades and

brutalises both the victim and the torturer. It corrupts any society that allows it.” In 1975 the United Nations issued a Human Rights Declaration against torture to protect persons from being subjected to torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. These standards set for modern society are violated in Guyana. This torturous act of sexual barbarity committed against Harding can be equated to the burning of the male external genitalia of 15 years old Twyon Thomas by Police stationed at Leonora. These acts of police (Continued on page 6)

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Sunday January 26, 2014

Kaieteur M@ilbox

You get nothing of literary or intellectual value in exchanges with these people DEAR EDITOR, From time to time, there are replies in the letter pages to my columns. Over the years, I have taken the position of not offering a follow up to certain people and for one fundamental reason; you get

nothing of literary or intellectual value in exchanges with these people. They are dishonest or extremely racist, simply want to say something nasty about me, or downright closeminded so nothing will be

I too listened to recordings of both the speeches DEAR EDITOR, Please let me join Hydar Ally in marking Martin Luther King Day, January 20. In recognition of MLK Day I too listened to recordings of both the speeches Mr Ally cited, “I Have a Dream” and “I’ve Been to the Mountain-top” and was moved to tears by the powerful oratory and inspirational ideas which have so changed America and much of the world. I cried more at the failure of application of those ideas in my own country, where too many of my sisters and brothers remain downtrodden in savage exploitation for the

enrichment of a few. I wept in despair of change in a system of materialist greed that uses politics and corruption to keep even decency, humility and dignity unreachable from a mass of degraded poverty. That is the status quo of open money-grabbing from which the Guyanese form of democracy is unable to rescue human values. Hydar Ally’s letter reminds us of the partial success of MLK’s leadership, at the price MLK was willing to pay, in a place and time that Guyana’s decision-makers have left far away. Gordon Forte

learned from them There are others that I will engage because readers can get analytical information from the polemics. I have ceased to reply to a faked pollster who I consider a racist. I think most people know this guy has descended to a comical level. Every country I mention, he replies to say he visited it and haS talked to the leaders. Every scholar I mentioned, he claims he had them as teachers or he knows them. He claims to have attended more than six universities. Mr. Mike Persaud recently exposed him because Persaud asked the scholar if he knows this socalled pollster and the professor says not at all I will not reply to Minette Bacchus. She is a charlatan masquerading as someone who knows Guyanese sociology and history when she cannot even argue using intellectual concepts. You engage her and it swells her ego but she offers nothing constructive, only a

racist mind. The same goes for Vassan Ramracha. He sees noting useful in African Guyanese and openly preaches Indian racism. Why would any person reply to a person with such a mind? There is Devanand Bhagwan. He recently penned a view on one of my columns and was downright dishonest in misquoting me. But he went to stupid levels just to prove Freddie Kissoon was wrong. All he proved was that he is a clown. Here is graphic evidence where he is a clown. I will ask readers to ponder on whether this man’s opinions should be respected An American priest came to Guyana, was disgusted and shocked into disbelief at the failure of Guyana as a 21st century state and wrote the following about Guyana, I repeat about Guyana; “There is no relief here from the heat, humidity, torrential downpours, or from the poverty, pain, unemployment, corruption, garbage, congestion, noise, danger,

illness and so on…these are not temporary problems that come and go like our seasons…they are perpetual state of affairs that people today inherited from their forebears…” Devanand Bgahwan, in his emotional quest to propagandize for an Indian dominated government in Guyana, wrote that these words of the priest were a description of the mental institution in Berbice, not the state of Guyana. Any ten year old child reading that statement would know it is in reference to country. It is commonsensical to note that because the writer talks about the weather, unemployment, poverty etc, all concepts that deal with a country. Given this type of mind Bhagwan has, why would I want to reply to him. I will not. Finally, I will not dignify Harry Gill’s pretences by responding to his comments on my columns. Like Bacchus, Ramracha, Bhagwan and the faked pollster, you commit an assault on your own dignity when you engage these socalled debaters. They want

you to write about them so they can be read by others. Then there is the retired Guyanese journalist from Florida who wrote in KN that he had a talk with President Jagdeo when he was President and he was convinced that Jagdeo wanted to bring democracy to Guyana. I should not have mentioned his name in the first place and I will not do it now. Imagine someone writing that and you dignify that with a response. I guess coming soon is another piece in which this retired journalist from Florida will tell us what a freedom lover Ramotar is after he interviews him I close with a brief response to Dr Henry Jeffrey. I will engage Dr. Jeffrey because he is a genuine intellectual debater that has no need to be a pretender. I respect his right to his enlightened views even though I disagree with many of his polemical angles. In his Friday commentary on my question to him about sovereignty, I think Dr. Jeffrey repeated his mistake by assuming sovereignty is acquired through fair (Continued on page 7)

Sunday January 26, 2014

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Kaieteur M@ilbox GTUC calls on the... From page 5 brutality are symptomatic of personal barbaric, depraved mindsets and a culture of torture of alleged criminals held in custody. The sexual torture of Colwyn Harding demonstrates that society failed with the Twyon Thomas case to ensure that our law enforcement services never fail us in such ways again. We are singularly and collectively accountable. This ugly act must never happen again and we as a community must ensure there is sufficient deterrent for such. The PPP government and their Police Force have one common denominator in Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee under whose watch these acts of torture and sexual depravity have raised there ugly heads. We have seemingly not learnt from the 1997 U.S case of Abner Louima that made international headlines. This ended in a settlement of US $8.75 million for the victim, a number of police reforms and the main perpetrator serving 30 years in jail. Can Harding receive justice or compensation under our system? Will Harding be offered an apology or see efforts at police reform? It is time for citizens of this country to say “enough is enough,” act in accordance and unity to stop the torture and sexual barbarism by some members of the PPP State run Police Force. Torture is no substitution for acceptable, humane interrogation techniques and good policing. Nor is it an excuse for any frustration our many brave policemen and women face struggling with an inefficient, under staffed, under equipped Police Force. It is not their fault that the Guyana Police Force continues to suffer deprivation under successive PPP governments all failing to implement the Discipline Force Services Commission, institute an independent Police Service Commission, finance modern ballistic and investigative training, improved staffing, conditions of work and a high level of professionalism.

These conditions have led to demoralisation among ranks, where lawlessness, inefficiencies and ineffectiveness have become the norm for many. If the moral decline we are seeing in the GPF is not stopped the Guyana Police Force can become a natural habitat to shelter or spawn these depraved officers and their barbarous behaviours. GTUC is also cognisant of the perception and possibility of prejudice on several grounds particularly given the marginalisation, lack of respect and continuous violation of rights of certain members and groups in our society. GTUC while recognizing the right of each accused to due process, holds the view that dismissing, transferring, and demoting officers to areas consider less attractive is no deterrent for officers who violate laws and human rights. The perpetrators of such heinous crimes and those who cover these up must meet the full force of the law like any other law-breaker. The punishment must suit the crime and also serve as a deterrent to those with like minds and intent. Acts of sexual torture can now be added to the Human Rights violations, blatant disregard and transgressions of Law and Order under the Ramotar regime same as these latter became characteristic of the Jagdeo Regime. Addressing these violations require a united parliamentary opposition employing every means in conjunction with an informed and active civic society prepared to say “no more.” Together we must hold this government and successive governments accountable for creating conditions conducive to the pursuit and protection of Human Rights and dignity. GTUC will be monitoring the response or lack of from the Office of the President, the State Police Force, The Minister of Health, Minister Rohee and all relevant state offices and officers as it relates to justice for Colwyn Harding. Lincoln Lewis- General Secretary.

You get nothing... From page 6 elections. The two are not dialectically inter-linked. I will follow up on this later. An elected government, once it breaks the social contract, is liable to be removed and appealing to outside help to remove it is perfectly legitimate in moral philosophy. Dr. Jeffrey

studied all the contract theory philosophers; he knows this. I end with two strong views. The Jagdeo regime was more morally and politically inferior to the Burnham Government. Secondly, with a minority government, sovereignty also resides with Parliament. Frederick Kissoon

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An accident waiting to happen DEAR EDITOR, On most days and nights, two bush trucks: GRR 2374 and GRR 5804, can be seen dangerously parked on the south-bound side of the very busy East Bank public road near Eccles, impeding the smooth flow of traffic. It is obvious that the owner of these vehicles feels protected by his high-level judicial connection. After witnessing a close encounter which could easily have resulted in a fatal accident involving a cyclist and a passing vehicle at the rearend of truck GRR 5804, I felt obligated to publish a photo of this blatant traffic violation that is being ignored everyday by passing police ranks. What is most disturbing, is the fact that the Traffic Chief is well aware of this danger, but chooses instead to ignore the numerous phone calls he received from the publisher of Kaieteur News, warning him of these dangerously parked vehicles, day and night in a location that is clearly marked “No

Parking”. According to Mr. Glenn Lall, “I feel belittled and insulted to call the Traffic Chief again on this matter. I called him no less than ten times already.” The questions must now be asked: Does the Traffic Chief feel intimidated by the truck owner’s judicial connection? And, who

painted the “No Parking” signs on the public road, was it the police or did the owner of the trucks put it there himself to prevent other vehicles from parking there? I urge the Police Traffic Department to immediately issue parking violations to the owner of these trucks, and

have them towed away at the owner’s expense if he stubbornly refuses to have them moved voluntarily. This East Bank public road is much too busy with commuters going to and from work and school, to overlook this accident waiting to happen. Harry Gill


DEAR EDITOR, It was quite heartening to read this week in the Kaieteur News that police arrested two youths with an M16 gun along with ammunition and two grenades. What is rather alarming is the fact that it is being reported that weapons were destined for the Camp Street jail. It seemed as if a plan was nipped in the bud. One can only imagine, if

this is true, what would have been the repercussions. Not only lives but the security of this country would have been under threat. One can recall clearly what happened in that jailbreak a few years ago and the chaos that followed, leaving our nation in darkness. What is also worrying is that the two who were allegedly caught with the weapons are mere

youngsters.I have yet to hear from the civil society organizations like the Guyana Human Rights Association about the good works of the police. Despite challenges, they have been working. We also take note recently of the alleged abuse of the detainee at Timehri. It seems as if the media and other sections of the society, including the Opposition, have already judged the police officer

accused as being guilty. We all know what the challenges facing our police officers are. We are not fully there yet. There is still much work to be done. When they do well, we should encourage them.Alternatively, one can only shudder at what would happen to our lovely country if the police decide to step back for 24 hours and do nothing. Cobeer Persaud

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Sunday January 26, 2014

Sunday January 26, 2014

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Gun stolen from guard allegedly used to kill cop

DEAD: Police Constable Quincy Wright The man who killed police constable Quincy Wright on Friday is believed to have shot him with a .38 revolver that was stolen from a security guard the previous day. Police have received word that the suspect, a Sophia resident known as ‘Fat Boy’ or ‘Helmet Head,’ was among a group of men who relieved two security guards of a .38 revolver on Thursday night in North Sophia. One of the guards was shot in the groin and the other was reportedly beaten. Police have so far failed to locate the suspect, despite carrying out searches in Sophia, where the alleged killer had fled. However, investigators have detained a woman who resides at the house where the shooting occurred. Wright, a 26-year-old Police Mounted Branch rank, with two daughters, aged four and one year old, was shot dead at around 22:30 hrs, during a confrontation with another man outside an Arapaima Street, Guyhoc Park residence. A woman who witnessed the shooting said that Wright became involved in an argument with the suspect after the man “looked into his face.” She refuted reports that the killing was due to a triangular affair, and revealed that both men were visiting different women at the house where the shooting occurred. A number of young women, including the eyewitness, reside at the premises. The woman told Kaieteur

Police at the murder scene yesterday. News that Wright had gone to the house to visit a woman named ‘Amanda’. The eyewitness said that Wright came up the stairs and that the suspect arrived shortly after. It is alleged that on arriving, the alleged shooter went to the top of the stairs and looked at Wright. According to the eyewitness, she heard Wright say, “that is how you does peep in people’s face?” and the suspect reportedly replied: “You know me? You better deh pun you heights.” The eyewitness alleged that the suspect looked into Wright’s face again and said “oh, you is a police.” The woman said that as the argument continued, she came outside and pleaded with the men to “cool out,” since they were disturbing a

child who was sleeping inside. She recalled that the men moved to the bottom of the stairs but the argument continued. According to the woman, she was standing between the two men when Wright’s cell phone rang. She said that the policeman placed his hand in his pocket to retrieve his phone, and the suspect, apparently thinking that Wright was reaching for a firearm, drew a handgun from his pocket. “My sister say ‘look that boy got a gun, and I hear a shot, and I see this man got a gun.” The eyewitness said that after Wright collapsed, she fled the scene, while the gunman stood over the fallen

policeman for a moment before escaping via a bridge leading to Sophia. The woman said that she managed to stop a car and, accompanied by two other women, took Wright to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. She said that a police rank who was at the hospital eventually emerged from the Emergency Unit and informed them that Wright had succumbed. Mrs. Pauline Wright, the slain policeman’s mother, told Kaieteur News that she learned of his death at around 23:00 hrs on Friday from a cousin who was at the GPHC when her son arrived there. She described her son, who has nine other siblings, as a “very friendly, very courteous” individual.

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Dem boys seh

Rob de Earth to follow Ganga People use to frighten de name Persaud. Dem remember when Mitta Sharma get couple cuff from Anand Persaud then from Mata Persaud. Now is time fuh de table turn. Donald sharing de blows this time. De first one he knack was Ganga Persaud. Dem boys hear that he now planning fuh knack Rob Earth Persaud. Rob Earth know wha he and all of dem do, wha he nah do, and wha he did plan fuh do. Dem boys seh that Donald deh pun a cleanup campaign. At he press conference he tell dem boys that he stamping he foot before he stamp he authority. He explain that when he stamp he foot is knock off, when he stamp he authority is knock off plus jail. Rob Earth and de others now frighten de authority. Dem can handle de foot but not de authority. But dem boys want tell Donald to continue but only stamp he foot and de authority. He mustn’t knock he chest when he get vex because he might get a heart attack. Donald got a big heart. When Bharrat did knock off Navin Donald bring dem back; when he try fuh belittle Yesu, Donald big him up. When Jagdeo and he forty chores try fuh boycott people dem don’t like Donald does pay special attention to these people. He does attend dem function. That alone show that Donald is a different human being. He been to Yesu party Friday night. Jagdeo decide that he got he party Saturday night and dem boys stake out Donald fuh see if he going. Dem know that he didn’t go and anything that seh otherwise is a fake. He been to Linden although dem had all de big talk about shut down and protest. If was Jagdeo he didn’t going nowhere near Linden because he is a big frighten man. He is not only a frighten man, he is de most stingy and nasty human being. This man was president fuh twelve years and when he lef Office of de President, he didn’t even seh ‘farewell’; he didn’t even seh ‘thank you’ to the people who worked with, and around him fuh all those years. Dem boys want to know what kind of a human being is he. Dem boys have a wish for his 50th burrday. If he got a heart let it open and tek in some love. If he nah got heart then dem hope that de kankawa stone that he got sink he when he jump overboard. That mek dem boys remember when de Waterfalls Boss man go in a store fuh buy a pet fuh he grand. He ask de store attendant fuh help he choose a parrot. The man asked, “How about the yellow one. He cost $20,000.” “Wow $20,000. Why so expensive?” “This is a special one. He knows to type and type fast. “What about the green one? $50,000, can type and answer incoming calls plus take notes.” “What about the red one?” “That is $10,000.” “What does he do?” “I don’t know but the other two call him boss.” Talk half and believe that Donald is de red parrot.

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Sunday January 26, 2014

Prof. Clive Thomas, Chris Ram to address Anti Money Laundering Committee Government has dismissed the submissions of Professor Clive Thomas, to the Special Select Committee on the Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism as nothing more than a thesis on the subject. This is according to Chairperson of the Committee, Government’s Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira. She was this past week updating the media on the work of the committee and said that while Government would have been pushing for more meetings the date settled on will be next Wednesday. According to Teixeira at that meeting the members will not be dealing with the actual Bill but will in fact be taking oral presentations from stakeholders including Professor Thomas, Financial Analyst Christopher Ram and the Bankers Association. She noted that all of the stakeholders had made written presentations during the first select committee. Teixeira told media operatives that while Professor Thomas gave a lot of documentation, “It is a thesis on money laundering…We are not here to debate money laundering, we are here to deal with the Bill to strengthen Guyana’s capacity to fight money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism.” “A number of organizations wrote us but didn’t make any suggestion on amendments but just made general comments about money laundering,” said Teixeira. Despite the written presentations she said the Opposition insisted that the organizations and persons be invited to address the

committee. According to Teixeira, to date “not one amendment has been tabled or submitted or circulated to the committee saying these are the parts of the bill we want to amend.” Teixeira in lamenting the frequency of the meetings noted that there are only two weeks remaining for it to be taken by to the House for a vote and cautioned that more than likely Guyana will be hauled before the International Financial Action Taskforce (FATF) having already missed three deadlines by CFAFT and being blacklisted by that body. Teixeira noted that before the end of the year there could very well be even more amendments to the Bill and added that given the nature of the legislation it will be amended at least once every two years if not more. “As you get into more technology and cyber crime and a whole range of other areas this is a particular Bill that will keep be returning to the House.”

Teixeira, who was elected as Chairperson of the Committee during the break in Parliament on Thursday, told media operatives that the Committee met on Monday last for the first time after the election “and regrettably it seems to be the same ole, same ole.” She had opined that there seems to be no urgency on the part of the opposition to address the issues in the Bill. “We have proposed in committee that the media be invited to sit in on the meetings of the committee so that we have observers of the committee, the opposition appears to be very iffy on it and said that they have to go back and get clearance from their mentors,” said Teixeira. “We felt very strongly that because of what happened with the first Bill and the urgency of getting this Bill through because FATF will be meeting on February 13 and we are quite certain that Guyana will be reviewed, whether we like it or not.”

Chairperson of the Committee speaking to members of the media

She noted that FATF does not have to wait for CFATF to review Guyana. Teixeira said that Guyana has missed deadlines in May, August and November last year, FATF can automatically

proceed to review the country on February 13. Teixeira said that in the interest of transparency and accountability Government felt that the presence of the media and the presence of

other stakeholders in the committee as observers would allow the story of what transpires to be publicized. “The opposition had deep concerns about the presence of the media.”

Overturned tractor kills man in Mahaicony rice field Rameshwar Persaud and his wife in happier times

A 56-year old tractor operator perished when his vehicle turned over and pinned him in the rice field he was ploughing yesterday. Rameshwar Persaud, of Wash Clothes, Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara was pronounced dead at the Mahaicony Hospital minutes after he was pulled from under the overturned tractor. Kaieteur News was told that Persaud left home yesterday for work in a rice field in his village about 07:00

hours. Four hours later the tragedy occurred. Colleagues who were working not too far away saw when the tractor turned over and rushed to his assistance. However it took them a while to free him from under the vehicle and by then Persaud appeared dead. The police were called in and Persaud’s body was taken to the nearby Mahaicony Hospital and then to the Lyken Funeral Home where it awaits a post mortem examination.

Sunday January 26, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Ashni Singh needs GuySuCo’s senior staff seeks to to adhere to meet President on salary increase recommendations

Senior staffers of GuySuCo during a meeting in West Berbice yesterday.

- PAC Chairman

Carl Greenidge Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, (PAC) Carl Greenidge, has firmly asserted that if Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh does not comply with the decisions and recommendations of the Committee then it will not approve the monies he would be asking for. Greenidge, who also serves in the capacity of Shadow Minister of Finance of the political opposition faction, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), stated that there is widespread concern over the unacceptably low standards to which financial management has deteriorated. “These decisions are to safeguard hard-earned financial resources and to ensure accountability in their use, not to mention their cost-

effective and efficient deployment.” The Chairman stated that since the Committee outlined a number of recommendations and made several decisions, only some of them were adhered to by the Minister of Finance. The level of compliance on the part of the Minister, Greenidge said, was in some cases induced by withholding the approval for monies. He said, “It was only in these cases that Dr. Singh listened to some of the decisions. It was only until he was backed into a corner that he listened.” Greenidge also stressed that the Minister of Finance needs to comply more with the decisions of the Committee and not wait for them to resort to actions such as not approving the money they would ask for. “For example, we made certain recommendations and decisions with regard to the 2013 budget and when they were not adhered to, we withheld money and they complied. Some of those very decisions have not been complied with and we will continue to monitor and examine the budget to ensure government complies. We will continue to do what is necessary until the minister understands that he needs to comply.”

Senior staffers of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) are now seeking to meet with President Donald Ramotar after an emergency session in Berbice yesterday to discuss salary increases. The staffers, from the estates in Berbice and Demerara, are upset that GuySuCo has decided that they will not be paid the 4% increase that were given to unionized workers since December. Last week, the senior staffers, who included supervisors and engineers, were told that GuySuCo has

no money to pay the increases. The workers said that GuySuCo’s management met estate managers who then relayed the bad news to them. Senior staffers account for about 3% of GuySuCo’s 16,000-plus workers. The senior staffers, over 400 of them, are also being told that only union members of GuySuCo are entitled to the raise. Yesterday, a meeting was set for the senior staffers at Blairmont Community Centre, West Berbice but the workers were adamant that the facility could not be used.

The workers then shifted to the Shieldstown Community Centre where about 80 of them decided that they will attempt to meet President Ramotar. “We have decided to meet the President because this is absolute nonsense. How could you pay some staff and not pay others?” GuySuCo last year recorded a 23-year production low as workers continue to leave the industry in search of greener pastures. Problems with poor yields, a 37% cut to its price, and defects at the new

flagship Skeldon factory have all been contributing to the poor run. On Friday, President Ramotar confirmed that he will be appointing current Chairman, Dr. Rajendra Singh, as the new Chief Executive Officer along with a new board, as part of the overhaul of the industry. He also disclosed that foreign technical help will be coming. Government has been bailing out GuySuCo in recent years with $4B approved as recent as December by the National Assembly.

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Sunday January 26, 2014

Indian insurance company Canadian expert to conduct risk management study in mining sector expanding to Guyana Trinidad (Trinidad Guardian) - New India Assurance Company Ltd is planning to expand to Guyana from its T&T subsidiary’s head office in Port-of-Spain, the company’s global chairman said on Thursday evening. Speaking after a timecapsule installation ceremony at the company’s one-yearold Victoria Avenue building, Mumbai-based Gopalan Srinivasan said: “Globally, we are trying to expand into Canada, Qatar in the Middle East and Myanmar, or Burma, which is opening up now. In this part of the world, we are looking at Guyana and some more territories where we would (like to) go now.” Asked if the expansion to Guyana would be from T&T, Srinivasan said: “Yes, from this office.” The T&T headquarters of the Indian governmentowned company is located next to the Indian High Commission to Port-of-Spain. Founded in 1919, New India Assurance is a 100-per cent state-owned multinational general insurance company operating in 22 countries and headquartered in Mumbai. Asked about the company’s readiness for T&T’s Insurance Bill, which is now in the hands of a parliamentary committee, Srinivasan said as a global company, New India already satisfies the requirements.

Prior to the drafting of the bill, Srinivasan said, New India had been calling for some of the reforms included in the Bill, so he was pleased to see it progressing to become legislation. Also speaking to reporters after the ceremony, Minister of Trade, Industry and Investment Vasant Bharath said the Insurance Bill is still being refined by a Joint Select Committee of Parliament. While he could not give a timeframe by when it would be passed and proclaimed, he estimated it may be debated further in Parliament in sittings over the next two weeks. Addressing guests at an inter-faith service in commemoration of New India’s first anniversary in its new building, Bharath said Government has started developing a financial business process outsourcing (BPO) industry for T&T. “Through the T&T International Financial Centre, whose mandate is to develop a financial BPO industry for T&T, we will brand T&T as the premier location in the western hemisphere for financial services,” he said. Bharath said T&T has already signed with Quattro BPO Solutions of India to set up an office here to service its US customers. He said the pilot project will initially employ 30 to 50 people, “but,

of course, if successful, they will roll out in a much larger fashion”. He said Quattro will begin the pilot project “during the course of 2014”. Bharath told the New India executives that with their 60 years’ experience in T&T, “you all have certainly contributed to the development of our local economy”. “This is so, as the insurance industry promotes economic growth and structural development through various channels. You provide broader insurance coverage directly to firms, improving their financial soundness. You foster entrepreneurial attitudes, encouraging investment, innovation, market dynamism and competition. You offer social protection alongside the state, releasing pressure on public sector finance. “You enhance financial intermediation, creating liquidity and mobilising savings. As major institutional investors, insurers gather dispersed financial resources, and channel them towards investment opportunities, facilitating companies’ access to capital.” Further, he said, by protecting firms and citizens against adverse events, the insurance sector provides a safety net that allows policyholders to restart their activities whatever their difficulties. “Insurance plays, at this (continued on page 53)

William Oates, Canadian Executive Service Organisation Advisor making a presentation on capital risk management for the gold mining sector on Friday. At right is Minister Robert Persaud. The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment has secured the services of William Oates, Canadian Executive Service Organisation Advisor to assist with the development of a policy framework on capital risk management for the gold mining sector. On Friday, Oates made a presentation to stakeholders in the industry at the Ministry’s Brickdam office, a Government statement said. Oates shared some of the options on how best the financial portfolio in the mining sector can be managed so as to ensure more structure. In 2013, gold output in Guyana reached a record production of over 481,000 ounces; however, it wasn’t a very lucrative year for persons in the gold mining sector because of the tremendous fall in the price of the mineral which fell from a high of US$1,900 to just over US$1,100 per ounce. The Natural Resources Ministry, along with the relevant agencies, has been seeking interventions

through policy guidance and framework to ensure that gold producers, dealers and other stakeholders do not feel the full effect of the price fluctuation, by trying to diversify the portfolio and have proper capital risk management for the resources they have invested. Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Robert Persaud, on Friday met and had discussions with various consultants of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) and the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners’ Association (GGDMA) and other ministry officials at the Ministry’s Brickdam office. According to Minister Persaud, the focus is to stay ahead in the gold market and plan ahead for the sector, and this involves the participation of stakeholders and producers who would be able to provide options and advice in terms of how the ministry and agencies can manage risk in the gold market. Persaud reiterated that he expects greater participation of producers, as well as

dealers because the intended output is to determine how best the sector can be managed, as well as the risks that come with it. Given the way in which the price of gold has been moving, Minister Persaud pointed out that there is urgency for all involved in the sector to pay adequate attention in terms of how to manage production which will enable them to see greater outcomes. Reports will be made available to the dealers, producers, the relevant stakeholders and the GGMA and GGDMA board, to determine what aspects can be developed and what policies can be put in place. “The aim is to work with the dealers to see how best we can manage the situation….we look forward to the outcome with great anticipation,” Minister Persaud said. He added that while the intention is to look at gold, the ministry will also be focusing on diamond to distinguish whether there are risk factors and how they can be addressed.

Sunday January 26, 2014

Kaieteur News

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If the world is getting richer, why do so many people feel poor? By Zachary Karabell (Taken from Reuters – Opinion) In a widely-read statement in his annual foundation letter, Bill Gates took an unabashedly optimistic approach to the world this week. Not only did he tout the massive material progress evident everywhere in the world over the past decades, but he also predicted that as more countries accelerate their transformation from rural poverty to urban middle class societies, poverty as we know it will disappear within the next two decades. “By 2035, there will be almost no poor countries left in the world,” Gates wrote. “Almost all countries will be what we now call lowermiddle income or richer.” With an economy of words, Gates makes clear that he understands the issues. Yes, worldwide there is still immense poverty as defined by critically low incomes or GDP per capita, including less than $500 a year in Ethiopia, less than that in the vast and dysfunctional Democratic Republic of Congo, even less in Burundi and who knows what in North Korea. All of those countries, Gates predicts, will be

Violence is the order of the day, because just about every individual who operates outside the law can lay hands on an instrument of death. Issues are settled every other way other than negotiation. The result is that the police would have their hands busy when a group of men attack a home in which one of their opponents had sought refuge. Bullets would fly and an innocent person would die. The assailants would be caught but eyewitnesses would recant later on.

substantially wealthier in twenty years. This message is in rather stark contrast to the sense in the United States and Europe that we are mired in economic stagnation, and that as inequality grows, more people are unable to meet their basic needs. That message is likely to be a cornerstone of President Obama’s State of the Union address, and it suggests that life is not getting better for many Americans, but rather worse. So which view more accurately describes the world we live in? While it does depend on what you consider progress, it should be hard to disagree with Gates and the evidence he presents. Yet today, many people do. They believe that their quality of life is deteriorating, and they look around and see the world through that lens. In purely dollar terms, it is true that the vast middle class in America (and Western Europe) have seen their incomes stagnate. As is frequently noted, middle-class incomes in the United States have barely budged since the 1980s. Income data, however, has some substantial limitations. While it is used to determine official poverty rates, it says nothing about

the relative cost of living. As many goods and essentials have become dramatically less expensive, stagnant incomes allow for higher living standards. In 1950, for instance, the average American family spent almost 30 percent of its income on food. Now it spends barely more than 10 percent. Apparel costs have also dramatically decreased. Add in the free goods of the Internet — ranging from Google, to GPS data that helps you avoid traffic, to shopping online and saving travel costs — and you have a rather different picture of the net effect of stagnant incomes. Then there is what used to be called the developing world. Gates notes that the only region of the world where there is still chronic poverty en masse is sub-Saharan Africa. That is probably overstating the case, given that India alone has at least 100 million people living in slums without clean water or basic services. Yet over the past decade, more than that number has been able to move out of slums and into legitimate dwellings. Cup half empty, or half full? Or take a different measure: nutrition. According

** Another river accident looms. A boat travelling into the goldfields would collide with another heading in the opposite direction. The result of the collision would be inexperience and a disregard

for the laws governing the rivers. There would be no casualties this time. ** Road fatalities continue at a rate that defies logic. Indeed there are more cars on the streets but at the same time motorists should exercise greater caution. This is not the case. A pedestrian would be struck on a pedestrian crossing on the eastern carriageway. And following on that would be an accident involving a speeding truck and a car.

to the World Health Organization, every part of the world has seen a steady rise in calorie consumption over the past fifty years. Industrialized nations will see an increase from 3065 calories per person per day in the mid1970s to an estimated (and perhaps excessive) 3440 by 2015. Developing nations will go from 2152 to 2850 in the same time. Only sub-Saharan Africa lags notably, and should increase its consumption from 2079 to 2360 calories during these four decades. East Asia, which was calorically poorer than SubSaharan Africa in the 1950s, now consumes over 3000 calories a day per person. On almost any metric — quality of living, lifespan, health, education, income, basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter — life everywhere has improved. That point is being forcefully made by Gates, as it has by others such as Peter Diamandis, the founder of the X Prize for innovation. Yet, the prevailing sense in the West at least is that things are either getting worse or at best not getting better. Given the evidence that globally, life is getting better, why do so many people feel like it’s getting worse? What Gates and others do not sufficiently address is that much of the modern world uses growth as the mark of progress. That means an expectation of more, more and more. It is also true that even in the most affluent societies, many people earn lower incomes and feel disconnected from the wealth and lifestyles of their peers. Humans are wired to be acutely aware of how others near to them are faring, and we all mark ourselves in relative terms. It may be better to live in a trailer with satellite TV and an abundance of cheap, unhealthy food than to live

Bill Gates

in a shanty in Mumbai or a refugee camp in the Congo, but those groups do not live next to one another. They aren’t effective reference points for actual people. Most of us don’t relate to abstract populations elsewhere in the world. Even with humanitarian crises, we don’t take action because of stories we read, as much as pictures we see and testimony we hear. In addition, residents of the more affluent parts of the world are aware that their ability to generate more has started to wane, save for a small minority of the very affluent. While many material goods are inexpensive, many needed services such as education and healthcare are only becoming more expensive, and account for a larger proportion of household spending than they did in previous generations. And those services are the keys to positive change. All of the flat screens in the world won’t make people feel that they are thriving if the quality of their medical care deteriorates. In much of the world outside of Europe and the United States, of course, there is not that sense of malaise. Many societies are indeed exuding confidence — sometimes as in the case of the current government of Turkey, perhaps too much. Yes, countries such as Ethiopia and South Sudan

and the Congo - or Venezuela in this hemisphere - offer little in the way of good governance or hope for the future, but those places are increasingly the exception. What Gates has underscored is that the centuries-old struggle to end poverty and want is coming to an end. That does not mean everyone is happy or that a vast swath of the human race has what they consider to be enough. It does mean that as basic needs are met on a global scale, we will have to address a new suite of challenges ranging from how much more calories, clothing, square feet, years and income we need individually or collectively to thrive. Once most of the human race has secured the basics, it will not be the end of history. We will continue to ask questions of how to satisfy the next level of needs, what to strive for, how much is enough and does everyone indeed have enough. You can hear those questions beginning to form now in the developed world; you can be sure that they will be even louder in the years ahead. (Zachary Karabell is president of River Twice Research and River Twice Capital. In addition to writing the Edgy Optimist column for Reuters, he is a regular commentator on CNBC and MSNBC)

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Kaieteur News

Sunday January 26, 2014

It happened right here in good old Guyana By Michael Jordan Who would strangle a five-year-old girl after having a dream about ‘Dutch gold’ buried in their backyard? Or stab a nine-year-old boy to death and dump his corpse in a latrine? And who would squeeze the life out of a newborn on the orders of a so-called ‘spiritualist’ in the hope of getting a visa to the United States? The answer: people right here in good old Guyana. People who believe that sacrificing a child to various spirits will bring them wealth, or good fortune, or cure an incurable illness. We friendly, hospitable Guyanese may not like to admit it, but cases like these have been with us for as long as we have had a police force. Perhaps the most infamous case occurred in the fifties. It has become known as the Lilawattie murder. It happened in the quiet little community of Stanleytown, New Amsterdam. It all started when a woman, Kathleen

Fullerton, dreamed that a demon-like man told her that there was Dutch gold buried in her backyard. The man in the dream told Fullerton that she could get her hands on the gold if she sacrificed a child. The dream had come at a time when Fullerton and her

husband, Edward, were going through very hard times. She consulted her brother, Eric Benfield, who also lived in Stanleytown with his reputed wife, Dorothy Brutus. Eric, known as ‘Shave Ice man’, had a deep interest in the occult and often held ‘spiritual’ sessions in his apartment. He immediately hatched a diabolical plan. Eric and his spouse lived in a back apartment in the same building with their landlady, who had a five-yearold daughter named Lilawattie. He decided that his landlady’s little daughter would be the perfect sacrifice. With the help of his sister, Kathleen and her husband Edward, Eric killed the child

and hid her in his apartment. However, the landlady soon realised that her daughter was missing and a search was launched for the missing child. One woman, who remembered the case, said that the culprits hid the dead child under their mattress when the child’s mother came to their apartment to see if Lilawattie was there. When they thought that the coast was clear, they dumped the body in a nearby latrine. However, suspicion fell on them, and police eventually searched the larine and recovered the body. For that crime, Eric Benfield, Edward Fullerton and his wife, Kathleen, were

all hanged. But strange as it may seem, in these enlightened times of computers and the internet, there are still some people who practice ritual murder for gain. One such man was Michael De Noon. In 1993, according to police, Michael de Noon, a young father, somehow got it into his head that he could acquire a US visa if he sacrificed his newborn daughter, Mary, to the ‘spirits’. Reportedly acting on the advice of a female ‘spiritualist’, De Noon forced his wife to take their baby in the dead of night to a desolate spot at the Lamaha Canal. He then muttered an incantation, threw some money in the still black water, and strangled his baby daughter. De Noon dumped the corpse into the water. He then forced his wife to accompany him to a city hotel. But while he slept, the woman sneaked out of the hotel and went to the police. She then took detectives to the spot where Michael De Noon had disposed of his daughter’s body. De Noon was arrested and charged. However, the coldblooded killer died in the Georgetown Prison a few years ago without facing a high court trial. Believe it or not, another child sacrifice occurred a little

more than ten years ago. This time the victim was nine-year-old Daniel Netram. Daniel, nicknamed ‘Jackie Chan’, disappeared from his home at Brickery, East Bank Demerara on September 21, 2003. According to police reports, Daniel was last seen alive at around 18:00 hrs, when he and a brother went to fetch water a short distance from their home. But instead of returning home, Daniel reportedly told his brother that he was going to visit a man known to the family, who lived in Brickery. The lad’s mutilated body was found four days later in a latrine aback of an abandoned property. The corpse bore three stab wounds to the chest and one behind the neck. His left arm was severed at the wrist and his head was shaven. Detectives believe that the boy was murdered by an East Bank Demerara couple, on the orders of an ‘obeah man’, who said that offering the lad as a sacrifice would rid them of an incurable disease. Police reportedly acquired a statement from a woman who claimed that she witnessed her husband and another man killing the nineyear-old and dumping him in a pit latrine at Brickery. Indications were that the prime suspect made unsuccessful attempts on an older boy in the community. However, that child had reportedly managed to escape. Detectives believed that Daniel unwittingly sealed his fate when he went to visit the home of one of the suspects after he was sent to fetch water. The suspect’s wife reportedly said she saw when the lad was killed, mutilated, and placed in a bag. Acting on this information, detectives arrested a woman, her husband and a so-called ‘spiritual healer’ from Greater Georgetown. Two people were charged with Daniel’s murder, but the case against them was dismissed. If you have information about any unusual case, please contact us at our Lot 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown offices. You can also reach us on telephone numbers 2258458, 22-58465, or 2258473, or contact Michael Jordan at

Sunday January 26, 2014

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President Jagdeo implied I was a homosexual; now this? I have a very long history of political activism. It began when I was as young as fourteen. Maybe it is in my blood. I have opposed every head of government in this country including Forbes Burnham, Desmond Hoyte, Cheddi and Janet Jagan and Bharrat Jagdeo. In my decades of opposition politics, some heads have been nasty with me, particularly Mr. Burnham. He stopped me from working after I graduated from UG with the President’s Medal and after I returned from serving the Grenada Government in 1983. So bitter was Mr. Burnham that he even extended his poisonous mind to my wife. For this I am unsure I can forgive him. My family should have been left out. Of course I will not forgive President Jagdeo for victimizing my wife at her work place, GO-Invest, just before the 2011 elections. Before he died, Cheddi Jagan took some swipes at me over several serious charges I made against him. They included his nasty hypocrisy

over his rejection of Clive Thomas for the position of Vice-Chancellor of UG, dismissal of Malcolm Harripaul from Customs and Excise, and covering up of corruption by his protégés. In all these decades of torrid opposition activism, the thousands of governmental sycophants that vilified me have never accused me of homosexuality. And I believe the reason for that is that I have never been a homosexual and I am not a homosexual. Of course I do not have any objection to the practice and legalization of homosexuality, but I was never and I am not a homosexual. I married Janet Kissoon over thirty-five years ago and one of my philosophical views is that the female gender is a phenomenally attractive species. Where and how Mr. Jagdeo, when he was President, got that impression of me to make his public accusation of me being a homosexual, is not something I am concerned about or was concerned with at the time.

But I can honestly tell my readers it was one of the political controversies in my life that attracted the comments of thousands (not hundreds) of citizens who came up to me with the identical question - how can President Jagdeo of all people say that about you? I think I must have replied in a certain way which I can’t remember, but I do know a large amount of inquirers asked me if I thought the President was a homosexual himself. I can distinctly remember saying I was not interested in that question and about the President’s personal life. So let’s move on to another terrible accusation against me that surfaced in the Jagdeo-Kissoon libel trial. But quickly before we do so, I recall that Mr. Jagdeo turned fifty years last week. He is not married and is not a parent. My simple advice to him is that being married to the woman you love and fathering a child are experiences of joy that words

cannot define. Now there is the claim that I may have had to face a charge of plagiarism leveled against me during my academic career. This was put to me by the lawyer for Mr. Jagdeo during his cross-examination of me as reported in this newspaper in its October 29, 2013 edition. I never commented on that inquiry although it was reported in the press. I wanted to wait until I was finished with the witness box. On Friday my testimony ended and now I feel more comfortable in discussing the allegation. In all my decades of opposition politics from Burnham right up to Ramotar, including Jagdeo, never was an insinuation of plagiarism made against me. I was schooled at three universities, went right up to

the doctoral level, and never had a statement of plagiarism made against me. I taught for twenty-six years as a teacher at UG and opposed vigorously every Vice Chancellor, and my detractors at UG never accused me of plagiarism. Where did the lawyer for Mr. Jagdeo get that information from? It could not be from the real world. My lawyer was a bit annoyed, because once you say these things in court it implies that it must have come from some quarter, and though no proof was supplied, it may or could influence the courts. No evidence was led of a charge of plagiarism in the libel hearing. But my point, as my lawyer advised me, is that these things should not be said in a court hearing if no

Frederick Kissoon evidence can be produced. What happened if it was a jury trial and though no evidence was tendered, the jury believed it? After all it was said in court. I think this is the danger I have learnt about a court trial. Now that my testimony is over, I can say I found one thing about crossexamination that is totally unacceptable - a witness is compelled to answer yes or no. So have you stopped beating your wife? Answer yes or no. Yes sir. So it meant that you once beat your wife. What happened if you never laid a hand on her?

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Book Review:

Kaieteur News

An essential read on Internet Law

Book: Internet Law by Cleland Thom Reviewer: Margaret Fechtmann Cleland Thom, one of U.K.’s leading internet law consultants and trainers, provides a short and concise reference guide for journalists, bloggers, web writers, masters, editors; social media users, public relations and communications personnel. For each of the major internet media such as Twitter, Facebook, search engines, message boards, website content, etc., he offers a brief overview for specific risk areas and laws. The advent of the internet, and specifically social media, brings news, commentary, and sometimes nonsense to us all, 24/7. Be it Supreme Court rulings or keeping up with the Kardashians. Interestingly, with the birth of the heir to the British throne, the news was primarily relayed to the world via

Sunday January 26, 2014

Twitter. At the same time, the crown followed the rich tradition of having a Kensington Palace staffer step outside the hospital and hand an envelope to someone from the royal household, who then delivered the birth announcement to the Palace where it was placed on an easel. Yet, we were right in assuming that an Instagram photo was shared around the Commonwealth. Be it in government, publishing or commerce, the printed word has historically been mired in delays awaiting legal approval, in order to ensure protection from, or at least mitigating the possibility of, legal ramifications. But the freedom of unfiltered “posting” opens up a world of problems that can be ripe for lawsuits. Universally, there is tremendous ignorance of internet law. And while the postings and commentary can be viewed globally, the legal implication of improper use is determined by countryspecific laws that are not recognised globally. Notably, there are some 1.1 billion Facebook users (that is 10% of the world’s population); 500 million people on Twitter and 216 million using Tumblr. Those

numbers are staggering and growing each day. In a Guardian article dated January 2013, UK reporter Henry McDonald noted that the decision of Google, Facebook and Twitter to establish their European bases in Dublin, has opened the internet giants up to EU defamation and privacy laws like never before. The world’s biggest search engine and the social networks’ presence in Ireland will also enable lawyers in the EU, like the US, to sue the companies on behalf of clients abused by anonymous bloggers and tweeters. This is digital globalization unfiltered. As Mr. Thom states in his book, previously “take down” notices were largely ignored by the likes of Google, who is based in Seattle, and could have sought cover behind the American constitution. But no longer. In Mr. Thom’s guide, he outlines the internet actions that can set the digital “journalist” up for risk of defamation, harassment, libel and copyright infringement. He cites the many laws that have been enacted to protect the public, including the Data Protection Act of 1998; the Trademark Act of 1994; and the Copyright Act of 1998. He references enforcement and punishment imposed as in the case of the Serious Crime Act of 2007, where a group was jailed for

inciting disorder with internet postings during the riots in England. And there is the Computer Misuse Act, which makes it illegal to hack someone’s Facebook or any other social media account. That these laws will be vigorously enforced is left to be seen. Included in the guide are also five pages of helpful tips to bolster your privacy that include blocking mechanisms and scrubbing tools to clean your wall. Actionable steps, such as setting privacy settings to “only me” are also detailed. However, the reality is that social media is used for more than sharing of information The ever-present ‘Big Brother’ is always following your keystrokes, good and bad. Further, there are thoughtprovoking questions about search engines; for example, are they merely facilitators or are they publishers? A 2012 case in an Australia court found Google to be a publisher and therefore legally responsible for their search engine results. And in the closing segments of this guide, Mr. Thom includes important reminders regarding guidance for protecting journalists’ sources in the digital world. For journalists in particular, it is imperative to remember the power and exposure of voicemail and

email. A quick and helpful read, Mr. Thom’s Internet Law Guide is a good reference tool for digital professionals and laypersons alike. Now I have got to stop for a quick look at my Facebook account. There could just be something meaningful that happened while I was away from my computer. (Margaret Fechtmann is a reviewer at Caribbean

Literary Guild) Feedback: Internet Law by Cleland Thom, 2013 Publisher: CTJT Available: Amazon Digital Services, Inc. ASIN: B00B87QZQC Rating: Highly recommended

Sunday January 26, 2014

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The season of goodwill is over The season of goodwill has come and gone; once more it is back to business as usual. For one, this is the time of the budget preparation and in a few weeks there would be the arguments about spending and unsubstantiated allocations. Once more the parliamentary opposition may be in a position where they may wish to negate certain allocations and the old cry of hampering development would go up again. Guyana experienced positive growth last year but as was expected, the government claimed that had there not been budgetary cuts in certain areas the growth would have been even greater. For me, the issue was a mere detailing how the money is being spent and this happened because of all the allegations of corruption. I do not for one moment doubt that as senior government officials there was money on loan from the commercial banks that were bursting at the seams. However, the extent of the constructions and the size of the financial holdings caused many to doubt very much that these were acquired from the

earnings. But even as these things are going to be happening on the national scale there are some things that ordinary people experienced and enjoyed. During those moments they forgot the troubles of the day although they were constantly reminded when they accessed the various news media. I remember the former President Bharrat Jagdeo kept accusing Kaieteur News of promoting the violence in Guyana by reporting on every sordid event. Today, there are the electronic media houses that are as instantaneous as anything. They beat the radio for instantaneity and they are even more detailed. In addition, they reach every corner of the globe. For example, people have called from distant places to ask about an incident that I had not even heard about. And while there were these reports of sordid incidents the number of people visiting Guyana actually grew. I did ask some of them about their fears about coming to Guyana and they said that

they had none; that it is as violent as any other place on earth. They directed me to the shootings in the schools, malls and cinemas in the United States, to the executions in Trinidad, which still attracts hordes for Carnival, and to the various horrors in other countries. At one time I did say that people in other countries felt safer because of the police response. Within a few minutes you can rest assured that an armed response would be at the crime scene. Guyana is still to catch up. But there were nice things too and I was actually at the centre of one of them. My mother turned ninety and with my siblings, we decided that she would be queen for a day. We rented a large hall and the rest; we allowed her to prepare her guest list and organize the programme. She had the final say in the seating, we decided on the music and the menu. Photography is an interesting thing; it captures and holds moments. The slideshow that featured various times in my mother’s life helped us to see her age before our very eyes.

And when it was her time to talk, she remembered from whence she came. Of course we all did. The good side of this is that at ninety she never had to bury any of her children. In fact, all her siblings are also alive, so I am sure that I have a lot of living to look forward to. This occasion also made me see the harsh side of living in the United States. I experienced what was said to be the coldest day in 100 years in that country. Then there was the snow storm. That storm was no excuse for absence from work, so I saw cars sliding all over the place. I also saw people hugging the indoors and grumbling about their relatives who sit back in Guyana and expect the moon and the stars. In Guyana, if there is the slightest bit of rain we saunter into our offices late, safe in the knowledge that our employers would nod an understanding head. For me, I could not head home fast enough. My sister was worse. Even in the house she insisted on wrapping up. She is back home and singing the praises of Guyana to the high heavens.

And there is another thing that was brought home to me in stark reality. There are people who must absent themselves from work at least twice a month. The other day I asked myself, how could that be? In the United States, people know that if they slip there is someone waiting to take that job. In Guyana we all say that there are no jobs, so how is it that people can play with the jobs they have? Glenn Lall has no hesitation in asking people to separate themselves from their

Adam Harris job. I wonder if his nononsense style would spread in Guyana.

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Sunday January 26, 2014

Time for a radical shift in the sugar belt By Moses Nagamootoo AFC Vice-Chairman and Member of Parliament The shadows of doom seem to be hanging over the sugar industry. Besides continuing mismanagement and political interference, there is the ominous warning from eminent scholar, Dr. Clive Thomas, that the sugar industry has reached a point of no return, “or alternatively, a negative tipping-point”. For the 16,000 sugar workers and an estimated 50,000 persons whose lives depend of the industry, this raises the spectre of “bitter sugar” that historically was the root cause for oppression and despair of slaves and bonded workers on the colonial plantations in Guyana. It is ironic that the PPP, which owes its origin to the sacrifice of sugar workers, who also formed its electoral backbone, has now become the handmaiden of the industry’s feared destruction. Should the worst happen, which would be a national tragedy, sugar workers must make the post-Jagan pseudoPPP pay the ultimate price for this betrayal. If the JagdeoRamotar cabal did not heed my

exhortation in 2010 to “light a candle for sugar workers” when GAWU was threatened with de-recognition, they would now do so literally on their knees. Ramotar cannot run from the sugar industry. He sat on the Board of GuySuCo for several unbroken years before he was elevated to a political advisor of then President Jagdeo, who in turn catapulted him to the presidency after a flawed selection process by the Stalinist gang in the PPP leadership. Nanda Gopaul was GuySuCo’s Board Chairman, but was rewarded for the industry’s failure with a ministerial portfolio, that of Minister of Labour. Nothing could be more anti-labour than the progressive decline of the sugar industry under his watch. Then a New Jerseyresident chairman was periodically flown in on an apparent rescue mission, which turned into Mission Impossible! On his part, Ramotar as President, admitted on June 16, 2013, that the sugar industry was in crisis mode. In fact, he recognized that the industry was in a coma. Stabroek News quoted him as saying at an event to

remember the 1948 Enmore Martyrs, that the industry needed “resuscitation”. Finance Minister Singh disclosed that there was a 2013-16 “Turnaround Plan”. It was never laid in Parliament, but Agriculture Minister Ramsammy swore that he had seen aspects of it in the House. All of those antics reminded us of how Nero “fiddled while Rome burned”. Then a brilliant idea struck Ramotar, that if sugar workers were given lands in cooperatives, they could grow canes, as only they know how best to do, which could help solve the low production problem. But, under his very nose, sugar lands were handed out to the elite for construction, mostly of high-priced Miamitype mansions. Lands originally given to sugar workers’ co-ops in places like Port Mourant and Belle Vue, have been seized from legitimate members and their heirs. In the post-Jagan period, it was diagnosed that the sugar industry was ill. Jagdeo, not then a quintuple doctor, had promised a cure: a modern sugar factory at Skeldon. Without the Skeldon factory, he had pronounced, “sugar is dead”. That was in 1999 or thereabout when Navin Chandarpal was the Minister of Agriculture. Instead of putting the Minister in control of negotiation for the modernization of the industry,

Jagdeo essentially hijacked the project, and placed his preferred choice in charge. Navin protested that eyepass. He resigned. King Jagdeo then negotiated a US$200 million loan (G$40 billion) for the factory, but 10 years later he complained that the factory was not working to capacity. In short, the $40 billion was going down the drain. Jagdeo’s brainchild was deformed from birth, and was not responding to an additional $4 billion in postnatal surgeries. He is reported in SN on October 2, 2010 as saying that “This is a US$200 million facility… unfortunately, it’s not delivering the results we expected it to”. “They have too many mistakes going on there and I intend to fix it…it has to change…”If that doesn’t work well, because the European Union cut our sugar prices by 36 percent… if that doesn’t work well the sugar industry is dead,” he stressed. “It’s dead. It’s as simple as that.” The pseudo-PPP knew how important Berbice was to their electoral fortunes. That’s why Jagdeo was to say: “If sugar is not growing in this Corentyne, this place would be a ghost town…” Knowing all of that, our government was expected to come up with a rescue plan. But what we got was platitudes and false hopes instead of authentic leadership on the issue. In

2010, CEO Paul Bhim said that sugar was facing a heavy production deficit which slumped to “some low levels”, but promised that things would “pick up soon”. Ashni Singh promised bumper crops that would have, by now far exceeded 500,000 tonnes and that by mid-2012 the Skeldon factory would be in full production swing. But, production dropped from 325,317 tonnes of sugar in 2004 to 218,070 in 2012 For 2013 production was just over 186,000 tonnes from a target of 260,000 tonnes. We were worried about loss of the European quota, but could not produce enough sugar to meet that quota. Some years ago when, under the PNC government, Guyana imported sugar for domestic use from Guatemala, there was a big hue and a cry, but like a dog chasing its tail, the pseudo-PPP has landed us in a similar situation. It is not only that we can’t meet our export demands, but we are also unable to put the Enmore Packaging Plant to the use for which billions have been spent. We are in even bigger trouble. Parliament has already given the industry massive bailouts, and soon government would come cap in hand, for an estimated $11 billion cash handout from taxpayers’ money. We have only the mis-managers of the PPP to blame for the industry becoming a millstone around

Moses Nagamootoo the neck of the nation. At the time Jagdeo had said that without Skeldon sugar was dead, I recall Dr, Clive Thomas saying (2010) that the “political moment” was moving in favour of fundamental change. He saw a growing rise in the consciousness of several sections of the people, including even supporters of the PPP/C, that you could not continue to rule in the old way. The situation facing the sugar industry has proven him right. The failure of the pseudo-PPP to manage this industry could lead to massive social dislocation in the sugar belt. The AFC believes that the “moment” is here for radical shift in how sugar workers think, and they would now need no more proof that they have been betrayed.

Sunday January 26, 2014

Kaieteur News

Executive Director of NICIL, Winston Brassington

GPL’s CEO, Bharrat Dindyal

SUNDAY SPECIAL PLANE VANISHES WITH PILOT, AIRCRAFT LOADER IN MAZARUNI JUNGLE The search began last week Saturday morning for a Trans Guyana Airways Cessna Caravan 8R-GHS and its two souls that went down in the densely forested, hilly Mazaruni, Region Seven area. There were no reports of smoke emanating from the estimated crash location and the aircraft’s emergency locator beacon, which either triggers on heavy impact or manually, did not go off. The details were revealed by Zulfikar Mohamed, Director General of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) during a press briefing last week Saturday afternoon at the Air Traffic Control Tower, Timehri. On board were the aircraft’s pilot, Blake Slater, 32, and a cargo loader, Dwayne Newton of Durban Street, Georgetown. Mohamed said that at approximately 10:56hrs the Air Traffic Control Tower received a report from another one of Trans Guyana’s aircraft that the company’s Cessna Caravan 8R-GHS reported going down after takeoff from Olive Creek aerodrome on a shuttle operation between Olive Creek and Imbaimadai. “We immediately activated the rescue coordination centre. This operation would have commenced from the area control centre which is the unit that got the initial report…The officers were all informed and the agencies which respond in the events of search and rescues were all advised and convened at the Control Tower,” Mohamed said. CHINESE DEMANDING US$3.5M MORE FOR US$42M GPL UPGRADE CONTRACT The US$42M upgrade to the Guyana Power and Light Company Inc. (GPL) transmission and distributions system could see the Government having to spend an additional

US$3.5M. This was confirmed by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Power Company, Bharrat Dindyal, who made the disclosure during a site visit at the brand new generation plant being built at Vreed-en-Hoop. The Chinese contractor has made claims for the additional monies to be paid to them and according to Dindyal, not making these payments has seen a delay in the project. Dindyal told members of the media that the contractor is claiming that because the payments have not been made, they are experiencing cash flow problems. To date works have only been completed at two stations, Kingston and Sophia. Dindyal said that the contractor’s large claim stems from the unavailability of poles. The Linden unrest in 2012 has also been cited as a factor in the delay of poles, given that they could not be shipped out of the interior. This he said has led the Chinese Contractor to claim an additional US$3M that it wants the company to pay. He said too that the contractor was allowed to import pine poles from overseas. Some 600 pine poles have been erected along the East Coast Demerara and according to Dindyal, the Chinese contractor is now also claiming an additional UD$432,000 for importation. He said that the matter is currently gaining the attention of the company. Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, who was present at the time of Dindyal’s statement, joined in and said that “while we seek to maximize local input of poles there are certain risks.” MONDAY EDITION CRASHED AIRCRAFT SPOTTED - GDF TROOPS TREKKING TO SITE Pilots of two Guyana Defence Force (GDF) helicopters spotted the wreckage of the Trans Guyana Airways 700 Cessna Caravan 8R-GHS about four kilometers south-southwest

of Olive Creek after noon Sunday. However the site’s densely forested terrain and rainy weather conditions made it inaccessible to the helicopters. As such, the GDF troops were forced to rappel into a location one mile away from the wreckage. The Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) in a press statement Sunday afternoon said that GDF Special Forces, including medical personnel, were making their way to provide assistance to the pilot, Blake Slater and cargo loader, Dwayne Jacobs, the only two persons who were on board, and to carry out an extraction. According to Transport Minister Robeson Benn, GDF Special Forces Officers trekking the jungle would be working through the night to access the swampy area where the aircraft was located. They would then clear a helipad to allow for the helicopter to land - not an easy task since the area is densely forested. Director of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) Zulficar Mohamed, told media operatives that progress had been made in attempts to get to the aircraft after it was sighted at approximately 12:35hrs. According to Mohamed two GDF (Special Forces) ranks were inserted on the ground, approximately one mile away from the crash site. NICIL EARNS $7B IN 2012, PAID ONLY $1B TO GOVT. …SOLD ITS SHARES IN

Page 27

BERBICE BRIDGE FOR $950M The National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL), headed by Winston Brassington, raked out almost $7B in profits for 2012 but paid over just $1B to government. This information is contained in its latest annual report (2012) to be tabled in the National Assembly by Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh. According to the report, which was tabled in the House two Thursdays ago, the company’s revenue for 2012 was $6,965,255,955. The report noted that its operating expense was just $154M meaning that its profit was more than $6.8B. According to the 2012 report, NICIL’s assets in terms of property and equipment were just over $1.4B while it holds another $5B in investments. Having never collected any dividends from the Berbice Bridge Company Inc, the report states that in 2012 NICIL sold all of its shares to the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) for $950M. By the end of 2012, the company had also invested almost $3B in Atlantic Hotel Inc, which is building the Marriott Hotel in Kingston. The report also documents that during the year 2012, NICIL also sold all of its shares in the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company for US$30M. As at the end of 2012, NICIL received US$25M for the sale with the remaining US$5M payable in two years. The report stated that other than

Brassington, who has a contract for service with NICIL, there were no other contracts between the company and any of its Directors. TUESDAY EDITION MAZARUNI PLANE CRASH… REMAINS OF PILOT, CARGO HANDLER FOUND - STATE OF WRECKAGE DELAYS EXTRACTION OF BODIES The bodies of missing pilot, Blake Slater and cargo loader, Dwayne Jacobs were discovered by Guyana Defence Force troops after 07:00hrs Monday among the wreckage of the Trans Guyana Airways 700 Cessna Caravan 8R-GHS, 5.4 km south-southwest of Olive Creek in the Mazaruni Jungle. The extraction process was delayed due to the state of the wreckage and risk of fire. The team comprising one officer and nine ranks continue the extraction process on Tuesday. Troops, equipped with chainsaws and other necessary cutting tools had to clear virgin forest of tall trees ranging from 75-ft to a 100-ft in the swampy, hilly terrain along the one-mile stretch from where they rappelled in on Saturday to access the wreckage. They were tasked with clearing a helipad to facilitate the extraction of the bodies. This was done about 100 metres away from the crash site. The soldiers needed to cut the aircraft to remove the bodies. OPR TO RECOMMEND CHARGES FOR COP IN

TIMEHRIASSAULT The Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) is likely to recommend charges for the policeman at the centre of allegations of brutality against 23-year-old Colwyn Harding. However, the charges may have nothing to do with the alleged sexual assault on the victim. A source close to the investigation informed this newspaper that there is enough evidence to charge the cop with physical assault of Harding. But according to the source, there is no strong evidence to support Harding’s claims that the policeman inserted a baton into his anus. The policeman at the centre of allegations has a history of violent behaviour, according to his colleagues. The man, who was up to last week under close arrest, was previously investigated on two separate occasions for indiscriminately discharging a loaded firearm while on the job. These incidents led to advice being given that he should not be issued with weapons while on duty. WEDNESDAY EDITION MAZARUNI PLANE CRASH…VICTIMS’ REMAINS BROUGHT TO CITY, PROBE CONTINUES After three days in the Mazaruni Jungle, the bodies of the pilot and aircraft loader who perished in the Trans Guyana Airways plane crash were transported to the Ogle International Airport Tuesday afternoon. Though Guyana Defence Force (Continued on page 37)

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Sunday January 26, 2014

The Cuyuni-Mazaruni Region is a sleeping giant The Cuyuni-Mazaruni Region, greater in extent than either the Kingdom of the Netherlands or the Kingdom of Denmark, is a sleeping giant that is being devitalised by governmental disregard. The Region’s administrative centre, Bartica, is over 170 years old but is

denied township status. Its mining, logging and tourism resources have been exploited for over a century and continue to enrich the national treasury, but its physical infrastructure is inadequate for such vast territory. Its small, scattered population, comprising

mainly persons of Akawaio and Arecuna descent, is vulnerable to criminal violence, human trafficking and environmental hazard. The economic potential, precarious security and political importance of the Region require a new approach to governance. A comprehensive development plan is needed to exploit the material resources in a sustainable manner and to improve the quality of life for residents. The Region faces numerous challenges. Reckless mining practices have created health hazards. Studies funded by the Canadian International Development Agency through the Guyana Environmental Capacity Development Project showed that 89 to 96 per cent of the population surveyed in one village – Isseneru – had almost double the reference level for humans of mercury contamination as recently as October 2013. High waters in the waterways occasionally lead to flooding owing to which, cassava and other

staple crops rot in the ground and create food crises. The presence of Brazilian and other foreign mining companies has hardly provided relief from high youth unemployment. Qualified young people, in the absence of new investments, seek low-level jobs in the mining and logging industries or migrate to neighbouring Venezuela or other regions in search of work. Household expenses in the Upper Mazaruni are at their highest level ever. The cost of buying manufactured goods, much of which is flown by aircraft from the coastland, is prohibitive. Gasoline, for example, sells for $2,800 - $3.000 per gallon at Kamarang making riverine transport expensive. The cost of the one-hour aircraft flight from Ogle to Kamarang is about $28,000, inflating the cost of commodities. The standard of living – measured by the cost of essential goods, net household income, life expectancy, access to health care and human safety – is low for many of the Region’s residents. Indigenous issues remain unsettled. The Region’s toshaos have resisted the People’s Progressive Party Civic administration on a wide range of land and other local issues. Toshaos – mainly of Arau, Batavia, Chinoweng, Isseneru, Jawalla, Kaburi, Kaikan, Kako, Kangaruma, Karatabo, Karrau, Kurutuku, Paruima,

Phillipai, Ominaik, Tasserine, Waramadong and Warawatta – collectively expressed “great displeasure” over the conduct of proceedings at the National Toshaos Council Conference last year. The Toshaos said that the way that the conference was managed undermined their right to freely speak on issues affecting their communities and to freely express their views on issues which affect them and would have provided an avenue to arrive at possible solutions which would improve their lives. Several communities – Paruima, Waramadong, Jawalla, Kako, Phillipai and Warawatta – had filed a suit against the Government in 1998 claiming land in the Upper Mazaruni which they said was traditionally theirs. The Region’s obsolescent physical infrastructure is inadequate. The 180 km-long Bartica-Potaro trail, which was built over a hundred years ago, links Bartica in the Cuyuni-Mazaruni Region to Mahdia in the Potaro-Siparuni Region, but is in dire need of reconstruction. The Parika-Bartica riverboat service cannot cope with the current needs of the two expanding riverine townships. The PPPC administration, nine years ago in 2005, had promised to explore the prospects of establishing new road links and improving existing ones to enhance access to the Region, but little has been

done. Public services are woeful. There are only three secondary schools in the entire Region. The Waramadong Secondary School is overcrowded and the staff is insufficient for the estimated 500 students. Attainment has been adversely affected by the large number of dropouts from the primary and secondary schools and of failures at the National Grade Six Assessment examinations. The main hospital – the Bartica Regional Hospital – is underequipped and understaffed. A ‘river ambulance’ is needed to service the riverine areas. Hospitals further inland occasionally run out of drugs to treat prevalent, everyday complaints. Owing to the hospitals’ shortcomings, complicated medical cases have to be referred to the Georgetown Public Hospital, a process that involves hours of travel by river and road and a prolonged stay in the city before patients return to the Region. Public security is parlous. The Region’s security problems are rooted in the PPPC administration’s failure to comprehend the scale of the hinterland landscape. The frequency of fatal aircraft accidents and boat collisions; the prevalence of trafficking in persons and the incidence of armed robberies and everyday banditry are notorious. The Guyana Police Force’s sub-divisional headquarters at Bartica, however, is illequipped to respond promptly to violent crimes, especially in the Region’s gold- and diamond-mining districts. The Cuyuni-Mazaruni Region should not be allowed to degenerate into a ‘Cinderella’ province. This important part of Guyana’s territory deserves a development plan to meet its social, economic and political needs. Promises by then President Bharrat Jagdeo when he met members of the business community in Bartica, in July 2005, were never intended to develop this important Region. There should be, now, a new Town Council for the administrative centre – Bartica – and a Development Corporation for the CuyuniMazaruni Region to harness its economic potential, encourage investment and, most of all, to protect the people from environmental hazard and criminal violence.

Sunday January 26, 2014

From page 27 Special Forces discovered the bodies among the wreck on Sunday, they were only able to execute the extraction after 11:00hrs Tuesday. Extra caution was exercised whilst cutting the plane to access the bodies, because of the seven drums of fuel on board. Relatives of the dead loader, Dwayne Jacobs and the Canadian High Commissioner Nicole Giles were at the airport when the bodies arrived. The pilot, Blake Slater, was a Canadian by birth and the holder of a Guyanese passport. Since the horrific accident on Saturday, Trans Guyana Airways (TGA) held its first press conference Tuesday at the Caribbean Aviation Maintenance Services (CAMS) boardroom. The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Correia said, “Any accident is hard for us to accept but this one, resulting in the loss of the life of two members of the family, is even harder for us to accept.” He noted that Jacobs, 28, was a member of the TGA family for some 10 years. He had joined the company as a handyman on July 26, 2004, and as a result of his dedication to his job, he was promoted to aircraft loader, a position of considerable responsibility for the safety and security of the cargo. GPHC $5M FRAUD…SPECIALAUDIT REVEALS 159 INSTANCES OF MISAPPROPRIATION - SUGGESTS CASHIER DID NOTACT ALONE A Special Audit conducted at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) to confirm allegations of fraud within the institution’s Accounts Department was not only able to direct culpability to the cashier, but there is speculation that there might have been others involved. In fact the roles of both the Finance Director and the Accounts Supervisor at the institution have been called into question. Evidence of a fraud suggesting the misappropriation of in excess of $5 million dollars was unearthed within the GPHC’s Account Department last year. The state of affairs warranted that a Special Audit be conducted. And based on the findings of the Special Audit, conducted by The Audit Office of Guyana, there were 159 instances where moneys amounting to $5.115 million were apparently misappropriated by the

Kaieteur News

cashier (name provided) and possibly other persons who were not identified up to the time of the investigation. The cashier and the Finance Director have since been sent on administration leave while the Accounts Supervisor remains on the job. According to the report of the audit process, which was seen by this publication, the apparent misappropriations occurred whereby cash and cheque payments were not made to the respective payees and the related sums were unaccounted for. THURSDAY EDITION APNU TO SANCTION FINANCE MINISTER OVER NICILFAILURES Within the next two or three sittings of the National Assembly, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) will be moving to have Minister of Finance, Dr Ashni Singh, sanctioned for his failure to adhere to the resolutions of a motion passed by the House. This was confirmed by Finance Spokesperson for the coalition, Carl Greenidge, who told this publication that the process has already started. The motion that the House passed, instructed the Finance Minister to take a number of measures regarding the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) and its operations. The operations of NICIL have been the source of severe criticism for a number of years to the point that it has been described as a “rogue company.” YOUTHS NABBED WITH M16 AND GRENADES - WERE PLANNING TO SMUGGLE THEM INTO CAMP ST. PRISON The police may have averted a major catastrophe in the Georgetown Prisons with the apprehension of two men in whose possession an M16 rifle with two full magazines and two grenades shortly before midday, Wednesday. Police say that the two men were nabbed by ranks of an alert police motorcycle anti-crime patrol while they were walking along Aubrey Barker Street, South Ruimveldt. And according to reports, the men said that the items were intended for someone in the Georgetown Prisons. They reportedly claimed that they were given the weapon by the son of a well-known city resident. This newspaper was reliably informed that one of the men is a sibling of a notorious high-profile inmate who was recently jailed for decades on a murder charge. Police said in a press

release that at about 11:15 hours Wednesday, the aforementioned ranks observed the two men walking along Aubrey Barker Road, South Ruimveldt. As the police ranks got closer to the men, one of them threw away a bag that he had in his possession. The bag was retrieved by the police and found to contain an M16 rifle along with two magazines and 60 rounds of ammunition, a fragmentation grenade and a concussion grenade. An eyewitness told this newspaper that the men were seen desperately trying to flag down a taxi. “They look suspicious and dem taxi man radio dey base who then contact de police. Dey had dis guitar bag and we know dat it didn’t had in no guitar,” the eyewitness said. FRIDAY EDITION LOCAL GOVT. MINISTER RESIGNS - “HE DID A LOT OF DAMAGE’ - GRANGER In a surprise development Thursday, Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Ganga Persaud, announced his resignation from the position, effective January 31st. The announcement came as the National Assembly sat for the second time for the year. Persaud, as a Member of Parliament, was not present in the National Assembly. Several of the Parliamentarians, especially on the Government’s side, were seemingly caught offguard. A statement from the Minister said his resignation

Page 37

was because of personal reasons. “My resignation as Minister of Local Government and Regional Development is based on personal issues presently engaging my attention as well as some additional responsibilities to which I am committed.” OPPOSITION APPROVES $1.4B GOVT’S OVERSPENDING Government on Thursday managed to gain the support of the political opposition to vote affirmatively on two financial papers representing more than $1.4B spent last year in November and December. Thursday’s scrutiny of the Financial Papers saw for the first time, supplementary requests for moneys, fully complying with the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act, in that there was attached to documents more details on what the expenditure was used on as well as the impact the expenditure will have. A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Shadow Finance Minister, Carl Greenidge, welcomed the move and drew reference to a previous position held by Substantive Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman, who said that he would not allow the consideration of any Financial Papers that did not meet the requirements of the law. Greenidge did point out that while the move is welcomed, the details that were provided still had shortcomings. Bibi Shadick presided

over Thursday’s sitting and opined that the move was a step in the right direction and in future improvements can be made. Shadick was elected to sit as Speaker for the day, given that Trotman is overseas and the Deputy Speaker, Deborah Backer, is ill and overseas receiving treatment. SATURDAY EDITION GUYSUCO’S CHAIRMAN TO BECOME CEO – RAMOTAR Government is moving ahead to name Dr. Rajendra Singh, current Chairman of the state-owned Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), the new boss, as part of an aggressive plan to turn the industry around. Along with that decision will be the naming of a new Board

of Directors, says President Donald Ramotar. The changes are expected very shortly, the official said. The Head of State was on Friday responding to questions about the troubled sugar corporation which last year fell to a 23-year low production of 187,000 tonnes, placing the industry on even shakier ground. This year, the industry has set a tentative target of 216,000 tonnes. Kaieteur News, since mid last year has been reporting that the New Jersey, USbased Dr. Singh, a former Board member who became Chairman, was set to be named the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The current CEO, Paul Bhim, is likely become his deputy.

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Sunday January 26, 2014

Health tips from Dr. Kumar Sukhraj…

Hypertension and You What is Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)? Blood pressure is the force of blood pressing against the walls of blood vessels in our body. Hypertension, also referred to as high blood pressure, is a condition in which the arteries have persistently elevated blood pressure. Everyone must make an effort to understand their blood pressure readings. It is given in two figures for example 120/80 which can be expressed as 120 over 80. The top number is called the systolic pressure which represents the pressure as the heart contracts. The bottom number is called the diastolic pressure and it represents the blood pressure as the heart relax (rest) or between beats. Below are blood pressure values that can be use as a guide to know our blood pressure status: . Normal blood pressure range < 120/80 . Pre-Hypertension >120/ 80 but <140/90 . Hypertension - >140/90 What causes Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)? The exact cause of high blood pressure is unknown however many contributing factors have been identified as predisposing factors to HTN such as: hereditary predisposition (family history), high sodium intake, excessive weight, diabetes mellitus, excessive alcohol

Dr. Kumar Sukhraj

consumption, smoking, high serum Lipid Levels (Cholesterol and LDL), sedentary lifestyle, ethnicity, increase in age, gender, socioeconomic Status, stress/depression etc. How is Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) dangerous? Hypertension causes the heart to work harder and also hardening of the blood vessels. It can lead to stroke, heart failure, enlarged left side of the Heart, coronary artery disease, kidney failure, retinal damage (eyes) etc. Signs and Symptoms of HTN If your blood pressure is very high, you may experience: fatigue, decreased activity tolerance, dizziness, palpitations (sensations that your heart is pounding or racing), angina (chest pains), and dyspnea (shortness of breath).

TREATMENT · Normal blood pressure range - less than 120/80 (this indicate that your blood pressure is good and you need to keep it that way) · Pre-Hypertension greater than120/80 but lessthan140/90(this indicate that you might be developing high blood pressure. It is important that you change your eating habits, increase your physical activity and lose extra weight) · Hypertension - greater than 140/90 (this is indicating that you have high blood pressure and you need to get help from your doctor) HOW TO PREVENT HTN? Lifestyle modifications prevent hypertension and include: Maintaining a healthy weight, reduce salt/ sodium intake, increase physical exercise, stop smoking , limit alcohol consumption, limit fat intake, control diabetes, use stress relieving techniques, take antihypertensive medications as ordered by your doctor, home monitoring of blood pressure (write values in a book and discuss it with your doctor). I hope that this article will provide some basic knowledge and essential information of hypertension to our audience in order to prepare them early in prevention or management of this disorder in their future life. Please take good care of your health and remember to look forward for future health care articles. Patient education plays a major role in the management of their illness. Dr. Kumar Sukhraj BSC, MBBS, IIWCC-CAN Reference: Lewis, S. L., Heitkemper, M. M., Dirksen, S. R., O’Brien, P. G., & Bucher, L. (2007). Medical-Srugical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems. Missouri: Mosby.

Sunday January 26, 2014

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For young performers at the Grammys, exposure could be the award

Country music singer Hunter Hayes poses during a media opportunity in Beverly Hills, California January 23, 2014 Winning a Grammy Award may be the goal on Sunday, but getting a chance to perform at the annual awards show in front of tens of millions of TV viewers worldwide could be the biggest career maker of the night for up-and-coming singers and musicians. The Grammys, rated in a recent industry poll by Billboard magazine as the second-best promotional opportunity for an artist or group behind performing at football’s Super Bowl halftime show, will offer that chance to several young singers like country music’s Kacey Musgraves, Hunter Hayes and New Zealand teen pop wunderkind Lorde. “It is a humongous opportunity,” said the 22year-old Hayes, who is nominated for best country solo performance this year after earning three nods as a newcomer in 2013. “It’s a huge introduction and endorsement, not only to get to perform in front of these pioneers and musical masterminds but to get the endorsement from the Academy in that way,” added Hayes, referring to Grammy organizer, the Recording Academy, which tapped him to perform last year too. This year ’s top performances include pop stars Beyonce, Katy Perry, promising rappers Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, as well as former Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. Grammys can be notoriously difficult to predict and this year seems to be particularly vexing because there is no predominant genre or theme. The nominees for the top award, album of the year, represent five different sounds, from country pop’s Taylor Swift to French DJ duo Daft Punk. “I’d have to say it is a bit of an odd year in music and not necessarily in a bad way,” said producer Jeff Bhasker,

nominated for three top awards this year including song of the year for “Just Give Me a Reason,” by Pink and Nate Ruess. He sees a “reshuffling of the deck as far as what listeners are hungry for,” noting that popular music is becoming more intimate and slowing down from the uptempo dance music of years past. In the end, the awards could easily be eclipsed by performances and the kind of spontaneity that tends to make the Grammys one of the most surprise-filled nights in show business. “The thing to remember with the Grammys is that it’s not necessarily about who’s going to be the biggest winner of the night,” said Keith Caulfield, the associate director of charts at Billboard. “It’s going to be about those moments on TV that you won’t see anywhere else that will resonate with the public and move them to go stream or buy a song or an album,” he said. TWERK AND SOY BOMB Caulfield tabbed Musgraves as a candidate to benefit greatly from the exposure. The critically acclaimed 25-year-old country singer-songwriter has yet to break out commercially. “That could change because suddenly people who don’t know who she is will be seeing her perform, and it’s on the music awards show that has the highest ratings of all music awards shows during the year,” he said. Another example is Canadian pop singer Robin Thicke, whose performance of his Grammy-nominated song “Blurred Lines” with pop singer Miley Cyrus “twerking” (a sexually explicit dance) at MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMA) in August overshadowed the ceremony and dominated television chatter the following week. (Reuters)

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Sunday January 26, 2014

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Summit of CELAC….

President, Heads of State asked to support end of blockade on Cuba - Khan President of the Guyana Solidarity Movement with Cuba, Halim Khan, is calling on President Donald Ramotar and the 33 Heads of State of Central and South America and the Caribbean to lobby for a resolution calling on the United States Government to end the unjust blockade on Cuba and to release the “Cuban Five Fighters” who are in the US prison for 15 years. “Since the triumphant revolution in 1959, Guyana shared diplomatic relations with Cuba and with this year’s summit we must always show by way of solidarity support for Cuba. Last year Guyana benefitted from 270

students who returned as medical doctors, thanks to Cuba,” Khan said. As Havana is making the final preparations for the Second Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) to be held in that city during this coming week, Khan explained that it represents a summit of union, love and peace. “The official agenda for this important appointment indicates making a series of decisions to fight hunger and poverty that still afflict more than 50 million Latin Americans and Caribbean – a population of over 500 million people , and an agenda special to start the new phase of

Indian insurance ... From page 12 level, a key role in economic stability,” he said. Moreover, as institutional investors, the insurance sector provides a long-term source of finance for investment in the economy, thus contributing to sustainable growth. Insurance not only provides a stable operating environment, but it also improves companies’ awareness of risk management, and influences their investment decisions, Bharath said. “Our overarching goal, as a government, is to become globally competitive while developing sustainable jobs and empowering our citizens to innovate, create and take risks with the aim of cementing our ideas and goods in the global marketplace,” he said. Together, Bharath said,

government and the private sector “can lay critical foundation stones so that T&T is well positioned to take further advantage of opportunities in the global financial services arena.”

Halim Khan economic and financial union of Latin America and the Caribbean,” he underscored. CELAC founded in Caracas in 2011, is considered as the most important institutional event of the region. Khan further explained that since its founding

this bloc, created to promote integration in new forms of solidarity and collaboration, has had on its agenda the approach to other nations and mechanisms, in order to strengthen multilateralism, exchange of experiences and strategies to address poverty and economic crisis. The organisation aims to unite all of Latin American and Caribbean states in order to strengthen the political, social and cultural integration of the region, improve its quality of life, stimulate its economic growth, and advance the well-being of all of its people. He outlined that the unjust blockade on Cuba should be stopped since the confab aims to unite all of the Latin American and Caribbean states in order to strengthen the political, social and cultural integration of the region, improve its quality of life, stimulate its economic growth, and advance the well-being of its entire people.

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Youth in street fight after being called a prostitute A 16-year-old who is an orphan was on Friday placed on one year probation, by Magistrate Sherdell MarcusIsaacs when she appeared before her on a charge of unlawful assault. The teen is accused of slapping one of her compatriots after she said that the girl sent her a derogatory text message. According to a Police report, the incident occurred on November 20, last. It was reported that Tamara Boucher was walking along Philadelphia Street, when she was approached by the accused and dealt a slap to her face and a cuff to her abdomen. Boucher subsequently reported the matter to the Police Station and the accused

was arrested and charged. When given a chance to speak, the teen said that Boucher had sent a text message to her phone stating that she was a prostitute. I asked her if I am a prostitute, when I saw her I slapped her. In presenting a probation report on the accused, Welfare Officer Ms. Shalika David noted that the defendant lacks proper guidance and supervision. In addition, she is uncontrollable and unstable and does not have a fixed residence. She noted that the teen needs to be saved from a seemingly wayward lifestyle. In addition to the one year probation the troubled teen is to receive professional counselling and guidance.

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Chicken Hatchery (Robbins), 28,000 eggs capacity fully ready, $ 5.5 million or credit availableTel: 227-3939/621-4000 Diesel Generator, 3 cylinder Lister pitter (England) key start, 15,000 watts $550,000 cash - Tel:227-3939, 621-4000

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Sunday January 26, 2014

Land to buy in Eccles – Tel:675-7292 1 Truck Driver with Fork Lift & Bobcat experienced – Tel:274-0424; 274-0435 1 Handy Man, 1 Small Engine Mechanic 3yrs experiencecall: 233-2408 A Hire Car to work, must be in good condition - Tel:6914963 One live in maid - Tel: 6431554 FRESH MINT LEAF TO PURCHASE - TEL:2235273/4

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Designing and sewing classes in your district. Sharmela (Canadian- trained) - Contact: 626-2629, 676-6312 FOR RENT One Furnished two bedrooms bottom flat at Happy Acres – Tel: 220-3690 (Continued on page 55

Sunday January 26, 2014

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VERSAILLES: Furnished 5 bedrooms, self-contained rooms, modern facilities, generator, beautiful landscape, gated community - Call: 592-6248704/ 592-684-9203

1 Toyota extra cab pick-up automatic (3RZ) 4x4 $3.7M – Contact Rocky: 621-5902/ 2251400

1 Car – Green Datsun Station wagon HB, good condition $250,000 negotiable. Call: 6154367; 270-4149; 647-8595; after 4:00 PM.

2008 Honda CRV imported from England 17" Rim Antitheft stereo system 2000 CC fully loaded $6.8M – Tel:642-7295; 220-2345

Isuzu Journey Bus, 47 seater BSS115 series – Price: $5.2M negotiable – Contact Brother Keith – Tel:614-5036

Toyota Marino Ac, CD, Mags recently sprayed over - $725,000. AT192 AC, CD, mags, good condition $850,000 – Tel:619-1047

Close to Regent Street$46M, Campbellville (2 Buildings)-$23M, Camp Street - $34.5M - Contact Diana: 227-2256; 626-9382 One - 2 Storey House @ Avenue A Diamond Tel:643-5161

1 Black Mazda Axela PPP Series – Fully loaded (Chrome Rims, Fogs, Remote Alarm, etc )– Tel:662-9037 1 Mark 2 motor car in excellent working condition – Price $1.2M negotiable – Contact:227-5020; 223-9667

Hilux Surf 4 Doors, minor parts needed, sold as is $650,000 cash Tel: 227-3939, 621-4000

2 Business Property on Whim Public Road Berbice Tel: 619-7134; 225-6481 One three storey business property @ Middle Street Georgetown - Tel: 619-7134; 225-6481 House and land @ De’ Edward W.C.B - Tel:689-2973 2 Storey Property Agriculture Road - Tel: 612-2522

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Nissan Maxima, fully powered need repairs sold as is $275,000 cash 227-3939, 621-4000 Stretch limousine, Lincoln Town car, fully powered $6 million or credit available Tel 227-3939, 621-4000 7Pcs Trike Can-Am style Motorcycle, 200cc new, unregistered $275,000 neg or credit, Wholesale Tel 2273939, 621-4000

If selling your house or land Call Ron: 675-7292 Painted 2 storey concrete building 53x26, transported property at 69 Jackson street, Daniels Town, Essequibo Coast - Call: 621-7346

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Mitsubishi 3000GT sports car, 18" rims, leather seats, excellent condition $1.8 million- Tel 621-4000, 2273939 Mercedes Benz S 300 bullet proof, leather seats, automatic, 19" rims $2.3 million cash Tel 621-4000 New Model AT212 Carina, automatic, fully powered, A/ C, CD player, price $1.450M [Hardly Use]- contact Rocky: 225-1400; 621-5902 Toyota extra cab pick-up (22 R engine) manual, (EFI) 4×4, (GPP series) price $2.5MContact Rocky 621-5902/2251400 1 Toyota RZ bus - $1.6M. Immaculate condition [Hardly Used] – Contact Rocky: 621-5902/ 225-1400 1 Suzuki R1 wagon (Jeep) Automatic, Fully Powered with A/C, hardly used – Price:$1.2M Contact Rocky: 621-5902/ 225-1400 1 Toyota Raum [Hardly Use] Automatic fully loaded - Price - $1.350M Contact Rocky: 621-5902/ 225-1400 Driven Auto Blowout Sale!!! – Unregistered Toyota IST $2,195,000 – Bodykit, TV, Camera, spoiler, fogs, HID, Alarm – Tel: 643-6565; 2269931 Driven Auto Blowout Sale!!! – Unregistered Mazda Axela - $2,295,000 – Pioneer CD, crystal lights, remote start alarm -Tel: 6436565; 226-9931

One ToyotaAllion year 2002 and Mercedes C230 Kompressor year 2000 price negotiable Tel:614-8018 (Lady Driven) 1 -1RZ, 15 seater, automatic mini-bus, BNN 3760 - $1.7M Negotiable. Good condition, never used for public transportation – Tel:6280310 ; 672-5429 2002 Rav 4 PNN series, fully loaded - Tel: 694-6537; 650-7875

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VEHICLE FOR SALE 1 Black Titan 4 wheel drive, fully loaded - $3.5M – Tel: 699-2322 or 678-2814 ALYEA AUTO SALE: PREMIO 2004, ALLION 2008 NEW SHAPE & CARINA 212 @ 40 CROAL STREET STABROEK – TEL:231-7284; 622-3823 Smart Choice Auto: Unregistered Premio, IST, Runx & Spacio - Tel:6523820; 665-4529

One Honda XR 125 Scrambler – Price $320, 000 negotiable – Tel:699-7697

1 Toyota NZE corolla, AT192, AT212, AT170, IST, Funcargo, Rav-4, Hilux pickup 4x4 – Tel:644-5096; 697-1453

1 AT192 Carina - $500,000 Tel: 669-4676

2008 Fielder, latest Model $2.7M – Tel: 617-2891

One Super Custom Bus, unregistered 1 Toyota L Touring wagon, EP71 Starlet, Spacio - Tel: 644-5096; 697-1453

Nissan Pathfinder (Left Hand Drive) - $1.7M & Nissan Laurel - $700,000 [Both Negotibale] Telephone: 6441144

Black Toyota Fielder, Rims, Aero Body kit, DVD, CD, Stereo - $2,250,000 negotiable - Tel:689-7325 First Class Auto: Premio, Spacio, Passo, IST, 212, Raum Cold & New Modles Tel: 609-8188; 602-6307 Unregistered Toyota Fielder, TV Rims, Alarm, Camera etc, low mileage - Tel: 654-2036; 663-2700 2008 Toyota Premio, unregistered - $3.7M, 2004 Toyota Spacio PRR $2.4M negotiable - Fully Loaded. Tel: 615-4114 Toyota Noah 2004 Model, 16 inch Mags, silver. Excellent condition! Price:$1.8M negotiable - Tel:612-2258 One Honda CRV fully equipped with running bars & other accessories, PNN Series. Excellent Condition! Price Negotiable - Tel: 660-6763 Toyota Spacio 2002, Late PRR Series, Excellent condition, $2.1M (negotiable) Tel: 611-2802. Owner migrating!

2 - 2007 Toyota Avensis - Tel: 698-0674 AT192, 212, Allion, Premio, Hilux Surf, BNN & RZ & Pitbull buses, 7 seater super custom. Cash / terms - Call: 680-3154 We buy & sell vehicles for cash, also parts available & 30 seater buses; Extra Cab pickups; 2006 Tacoma - Call: 680-3154 2005 Toyota Raum, fully loaded - $2.1M - Tel:6917475; 626-9590 Toyota Runx – Tel:645-5893 One Toyota Premio, year 2002 to 2005 – K/M -43,000, fully automatic, TV,CD, DVD, cameras, 17" mags – Tel:600-4011 Nissan Wingroad wagon $1.6M – Tel:645-5893 Unregistered Toyota Sienta (2004) 1500cc & 7 seater - Tel: 617-5536 One Toyota AT-192 Leather interior, rims, etc - Tel: 6161671

Toyota PNN 2852, AA60 Carina (excellent condition) - $525,000. Free Mechanical repairs for first 2 months Tel: 666-9719 Unregistered Toyota Premio - $2.550M - Tel: 6788534;693-9246

AT192 Toyota Car - $850K. Negotiable – Tel:697-8545

Cheapest: Manaul VVTI Buses, Spacio, CRV – Tel:6167635

1 - RZ minibus, $1.3M negotiable, working condition - Tel: 612-0375

Toyota 4X4 solid Def EFI & new model 212 PPP Series– Contact: 609-4028/ 2163007

1 Ford F-150 2009 GRR 7452. In Perfect Condition! – Tel:227-3728; 618-3712

AT 212 Toyota Carina – Contact:223-6901; 622-1514 1.5 & 2 Ton Canter with power gate - Tel:617-2891

SERVICES PLANNING AN EVENT? BIRTHDAY PARTY, GRADUATION,WEDDINGS, ANNIVERSARY, ETC. – CALL DIAMOND TENTS: 216-1043; 677-6620 Repairs, sales & spares air conditioning, microwaves, washer, fridges & stoves. Ultra Cool, call: 225-9032,647-2943 Repairs to Fridge, Freezer, AC, Washers, Stoves: Call 683-1312,627-3206 (Nick) We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer, dryer call:2310655,683-8734 Omar HOUSE PLAN DRAFTING FOR ONLY $10,000CALL:694-9843/227-2766 Make your music available in 95+ online stores, Email: to download details. For all your prefab building works & welding fabricating etc. 5 Brickery EBD -Tel: 6582567; 660-3466 Brains Construction & Rental Services: Excavator, Bobcat, Truck, Tools - Tel: 6015024/ 227-4536 (Bobcat & Excavator Operator needed) Services and repairs to gas stoves, washing machines Call: 688-0183 House plan drafting from$10,000 surveying and estimates services available Tel: 667-2189 Masons seeking daily or job work - Tel: 678-9043 Permanent & Visitors Visa Applications, Professional Immigration Consultant Room D5 Maraj Building Call:225-6496,662-6045, 223-8115 GT TOOLS RENTAL: EVERYDAY SPECIAL! RANSOM, HEAVY TOOLS, SAW, TILE & STEEL CUTTERS, MANY MORE - TEL: 675-0767; 627-5098 We Refill HP cartridges for $1800 call: 650-7699 Grill work, concrete block molds, general arc welding Tel: 627-6874 Technicians available for appliance repairs – washers, dryers, microwaves, stoves, deep fryers, etc – Tel:6190793; 218-0050 Brian Moe @642-3543: Computer Technician: FB/ Brian.Moe.165: Home and Office visits at your comfort!!

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Anti-Money We are not opposed to the Laundering discussions … presence of the Press - APNU Shadow Finance Minister of the A Partnership of National Unity (APNU), Carl Greenidge is saying that the opposition, which is a part of the Parliamentary Select Committee, is not opposed to the presence of the media fraternity, except in the cases where there are discussions on “sensitive matters.” This position was also supported by Joseph Harmon of APNU who serves as the Shadow Minister of Public Works and Telecommunications. Chairperson of the Special Select Committee, Ms. Gail Teixeira and even President Donald Ramotar, were reported as being in agreement with having members of the media alliance and stakeholders present at their meetings. This, Teixeira believes, will allow for a true understanding of what really transpires during the discussions on the controversial Anti-Money Laundering Bill. Teixeira and Minister of Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandlall, are also of the firm impression that the political Opposition is only employing delaying tactics for such a very important Bill. Teixeira said that since the first meeting on Monday the Opposition’s attitude towards discussions on the

Joe Harmon Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill (AML/CFT) has not changed. President Ramotar noted that there were several members of the political Opposition who, after attending the meetings, expressed that they would not be able to “make decisions on simple matters until they consult with the leader of the Opposition.” To this comment, Greenidge asserted, “When such statements are made I would like to ask how many times we said we needed time to consult. It was only once. Is it a crime to consult? “Because doing that enables you to come back

with a definitive decision. If the government is saying that consultation is simply a waste of time I would like to refer to the time they have taken and wasted to consult on their nominees for the Public Procurement Commission which they have still not submitted. The government should be the last to talk about delaying tactics. Those who live in glass house shouldn’t throw stones.” Harmon in support of his colleague’s points said, “We are not opposed to the presence of the media. Our position on this matter will be clearly stated on Wednesday. But on the point of the media being present, it is surprising that they would now ask for that because how the Chairperson (Teixeira) behaves is very appalling at times. And I’m sure she wouldn’t want the media to be preview to her unparliamentary language.” Greenidge then said, “We don’t believe that the presence of the media would be conducive to frank and candid discussions. Our position is that we can call on them when it is something that is not of a sensitive nature.” He added, “Some aspects just need to remain confidential.” “When we look at the discussions held by the Public Accounts Committee

(PAC) on several matters such as the Audit Department and promotions or criticisms on areas of weaknesses, such meetings are held privately. It is not open to the media because of its sensitive nature.” With the case of the Anti Money Laundering Bill, this is perhaps even more sensitive because of the issues pertaining to businesses, smuggling of drugs, people, fuel, gold and other related issues.” The Member of Parliament added, “Discussing issues about the security of information and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and its adequacy and its mode of recruiting personnel, I believe should not be open to the press. These are all matters that will be on the table for discussions. However, I wish to reiterate that our position should not be misconstrued by any means to mean that we are against the presence of the press. We are in support of transparency but some discussions should just remain private. It is too sensitive.”

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Obama to pitch ideas in speech for spurring upward mobility in U.S. (Reuters) - President Barack Obama will urge the U.S. Congress on Tuesday to do more to help poor and middle-class Americans move up the economic ladder. Both Obama and congressional Republicans view that issue as a high priority, a rare point of agreement between the two sides. But the Democratic president and Republicans disagree on the remedies, setting up a debate that Obama will discuss in his State of the Union address to Congress. In the speech, scheduled for 9 p.m. EST on Tuesday (0200 GMT on Wednesday), Obama will push an agenda for increasing economic upward mobility and propose aid to the long-term unemployed, an increase in the minimum wage and an expansion of earlychildhood education. After Obama’s speech, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the fourth-ranking Republican in the House of Representatives, will deliver a response on behalf of her party. She will likely emphasize free-market ideas for improving prosperity. Senator Marco Rubio and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, two Republicans who are both seen as potential 2016 presidential candidates, spoke this month on proposals for helping people climb out of economic hardship. Rubio has suggested shifting responsibility for many federal benefit programs to the states. Ryan has floated the idea of providing a single benefit to low-income families, modeled on one in Great Britain. The problem of economic stagnation is expected to be a theme in congressional election campaigns this year. Analysts said social mobility was a potent political issue because the United States has long seen itself as a place where anyone with grit and determination can succeed. In recent years, however, the wages of many low- and middle-income workers have held steady or fallen on an inflation-adjusted basis. The slow growth after the 2007-2009 recession has exacerbated this trend. At the same time, the wealthiest and most highly educated Americans, referred to as the “1 percent,” have grown more prosperous. Both Republicans and Democrats have expressed concern about studies showing that economic mobility in the United States lags that of some other industrialized economies, calling into question the nation’s reputation as a land of opportunity. More than 40 percent of American men born into the poorest one-fifth of earners remain there, a 2006 study led by Finnish

Barack Obama economist Markus Jantti showed. In Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden, only about 25 percent of such men stay in that income segment. American sons of low-income fathers are more likely to remain stuck in the bottom tenth of earners as adults than are Canadian sons, University of Ottawa economist Miles Corak said in a study published in 2010. In the United States, 22 percent of men born to low-income families stayed in that category, while the same was true of only 16 percent of Canadians. In 2012, former U.S. Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Alan Krueger published a study that linked income inequality with low levels of upward mobility. He devised a chart he named “The Great Gatsby Curve” after the fabulously wealthy protagonist of the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It showed the United States toward the upper end of the range of both inequality and low economic mobility, along with Argentina, Chile, and Brazil. At the opposite extreme, with low inequality and high mobility, were Denmark, Norway and Finland. A study from a group led by Harvard University economist Raj Chetty added a new wrinkle to the debate with its finding that American children’s chances of moving up the economic ladder had not changed much in the past few decades. The study also made clear that children’s prospects were tightly linked to their parents’ socio-economic status - more so in the United States than in some other leading economies.

Ukraine president offers opposition top government posts (Reuters) - Ukrainian opposition leaders held fresh talks with President Viktor Yanukovich yesterday after overnight clashes between radical protesters and police, and an attempt by other activists to occupy the main energy ministry building. Major rallies were expected to take place in the centre of Kiev later this weekend despite promises by Yanukovich to reshuffle the government and promote changes to sweeping antiprotest legislation. A statement on the

presidential website said the three opposition leaders boxer Vitaly Klitschko, former economy minister Arseny Yatsenyuk and nationalist Oleh Tyahnibok - were in talks with Yanukovich on settling the two months of antigovernment unrest. But tension stayed high with Ukraine’s interior minister saying that all those who stayed on Kiev’s Independence Square - the crucible of the protest where hundreds camp overnight and occupied public buildings would be

considered by police to be “extremist groups”. Police would use force against those who went over to the side of the radical protesters, who have clashed with police in front of Dynamo Kiev football stadium since last Sunday, the minister, Vitaly Zakharcheno, said in a statement. Adding to tension, Klitschko’s Udar party tweeted that it believed a police order had been given already for police to storm the protest zones. Radical protesters overnight lobbed (Continued on page 59)

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Afghan-US deal falters as UK police to arrest anyone Karzai demands Taliban talks returning from Syria Kabul (AFP) - President Hamid Karzai yesterday signalled that a deal to allow US troops to stay in Afghanistan was close to collapse as the NATO combat mission withdraws after a decade of fighting the Taliban. Late last year, Karzai made a surprise decision not to promptly sign the bilateral security agreement (BSA) with the US, despite a “loya jirga” national assembly voting for him to do so. Washington has become increasingly frustrated by Karzai’s manoeuvreing over the deal, stressing that negotiations were completed in November and that it is ready to sign the mutually agreed text. “Afghanistan will absolutely not accept or sign anything under pressure,” Karzai told reporters in Kabul yesterday. “If they want to leave, then they go and we will continue our lives... Our main condition is the practical start of peace process.” The US had earlier pushed for the BSA to be signed by the end of October so that the NATO military coalition could schedule the withdrawal of its troops by the end of this year. But the deadline has slipped as Karzai refused to sign and even suggested that his successor could make the final decision after presidential elections due on April 5. The election may not produce a final winner until August after a second-round run-off and extended dealmaking. Karzai yesterday repeated that before he signs the BSA, the US must stop military operations and bring the Taliban to the negotiating table. “The start of a peace

Hamid Karzai

process would mean that no foreigners can benefit from the continuation of war,” Karzai said. “We want to make sure that after the signing of BSA, Afghanistan will not go towards feudalism, so that no foreigner (can) create a weak central government with satellites in the provinces controlled by foreigners.” About 58,000 NATO-led combat troops who are still in Afghanistan are due to leave by the end of 2014. Washington is proposing that 5,000 to 10,000 US soldiers are deployed from 2015 to train and assist Afghan security forces in their battle against the Taliban militants. Karzai said that a recent US airstrike that killed civilians in Parwan province and a Taliban suicide attack in a Kabul restaurant that killed 21 people, including 13 foreigners, proved the failure of the US to start a peace process. “On one day our country gets bombarded by foreigners, and another day

people get killed in the name of Taliban,” he said. A Taliban office in Qatar that opened last June was meant to lead to peace talks, but instead it enraged Karzai after it was styled as an embassy for a government-inexile. Afghan officials dismiss the possibility that the US may enact the “zero option” of a complete troop pull-out as it did in Iraq, which is currently suffering a surge in bloody sectarian violence. Karzai has had a tempestuous relationship with the US and other foreign allies since he came to power in 2001, often sparking outrage with his criticism of international efforts to help the country. Signing the agreement is also a precondition for the delivery of billions of dollars in Western aid for Afghanistan, but Karzai dismissed suggestions that the aid was essential to future development. “I don’t think Afghanistan will ever be made with foreign money,” he said.

Ukraine president offers... From page 58 petrol bombs, fireworks and other projectiles at police lines, despite the apparent concessions by Yanukovich, before a morning truce was called. The overnight violence near Dynamo Kiev’s stadium, the new flashpoint in unrest convulsing the former Soviet republic, left fires burning and smoke billowing over the area. Protesters kept up a drum-beat of sticks on corrugated metal. Though the violence died out in early morning after a negotiated truce, about half a mile away (one kilometre away), protesters stormed into the energy ministry. “There was an attempt to seize the building. About 100 people came, armed. I went to them and said that if they did not peacefully leave the building, then the whole energy system of Ukraine could collapse,” Energy Minister Eduard Stavytsky told Reuters by telephone.

Stavytsky, who was shown on TV Fifth Channel angrily remonstrating with a blackhelmeted activist, added: “What is taking place is a direct threat to the whole Ukrainian energy system.” A group of masked men wearing battle-fatigues and sticks maintained a blockade outside the building. “We are here to check who goes in and out. We are allowing through only staff who are absolutely essential for the safe running of the ministry,” one of them, 23-year-old Andriy, told Reuters. Hundreds of activists have already occupied City Hall and the agricultural ministry, both close to the energy ministry building, in increasingly violent protests against Yanukovich’s rule. The rallies against Yanukovich erupted last November after he pulled out of a free trade deal with the European Union in favour of closer economic ties with Russia.

London (AFP) - Anyone travelling from the UK to Syria faces arrest on their return, a senior police chief warned yesterday, fearing they pose a terror threat to Britain. Manchester’s police chief Peter Fahy, who leads the Association of Chief Police Officers’ “Prevent” counter-terror strategy, said there was a “huge concern” about people travelling to Syria to fight in its civil war. Sixteen people have been arrested on suspicion of terror offences this month after returning from Syria, compared with 24 in the whole of last year, the BBC reported. Syria “is an incredibly dangerous place and you will be arrested and stopped at the border if you try and come back”, Fahy told BBC radio. “We’ve stopped quite a number of people because we’re very, very clear about what will happen.” A defector from the hardline Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham warned this week that AlQaeda was training hundreds of British people fighting in Syria to become jihadists and urging them to carry out attacks when they return home. The defector, known as Murad, told The Daily Telegraph newspaper that other recruits from Europe and the United States were also being trained to make car bombs before being sent home to form terror cells. Fahy said there was “a real worry about those who may be radicalised, who may have

been engaged in terrorist training. “If people are engaging in terrorism or planning terrorism or fundraising for terrorism then that is clearly against the law,” he added. Fahy said the police were concerned about the welfare of young people who have travelled to Syria and said they could be put on special programmes. He said police would work with youth organisations and schools “essentially to make sure these people haven’t been affected and try and make sure they’re not a threat to this country”. The “Prevent” strategy provides practical help to stop people from being drawn towards terror and provides advice and support. Britain’s intelligence services estimate that around 500 British fighters are currently in Syria. The Times newspaper said Saturday that security screening at airports has been increased, with the focus on people flying in from Istanbul, a staging point on the route into Syria across the Turkish border. Two British women were on Wednesday charged with raising money suspected of funding terrorism in Syria, Scotland Yard police headquarters announced. Two British men were charged last week with travelling to Syria for terror purposes, while another man was arrested on suspicion of attending a terror camp in the war-ravaged country.

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Cuban dissident arrested after World Bank approves meeting with European leaders funds for Jamaica’s Havana (AFP) - Leading Cuban dissident Jose Daniel Ferrer has been arrested after meeting with European diplomats in Havana, activists said yesterday. Elizardo Sanchez, founder and leader of the illegal but tolerated Cuban Human Rights and National Reconciliation Commission, said Ferrer was arrested late Friday and that it was unclear where he had been taken. Ferrer lives in Santiago de

Cuba, some 900 kilometers (560 miles) southeast of Havana, where he leads the Patriotic Cuban Union dissident group. “He was detained late Friday near my home, where he had been a guest,” Sanchez told AFP. “We have no idea where he is,” he said, blasting his friend’s detention as “arbitrary.” It was not immediately known which diplomats Ferrer had met prior

to being detained. Opposition leaders had expressed fear that the government would carry out “preventive detentions” ahead of next week’s meetings of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). The January 28-29 gathering is to host a number of important international officials, including Jose Miguel Insulza, leader of the Organization of American

States. The goal of the summit is to address ways to combat poverty, hunger and inequality in the region. Ferrer had vowed to stage his own summit of opposition activists in Cuba during next week’s meetings. The award-winning Ladies in White dissident group said earlier this week that it would push for an audience with Insulza during his Cuba visit.

largest safety net

Sophie Sirtaine

WASHINGTON, United States - CMC - The World Bank has approved US$40 million in additional funding to strengthen Jamaica’s largest safety net programme, already reaching more than 400,000 vulnerable people. The Washington-based financial institution said that the funding would enhance the effectiveness of the Programme of Advancement through Health and Education (PATH) and expand its reach to more than half a million poor Jamaicans. Similar to other successful Conditional Cash Transfers (CCT) in Colombia and Mexico, the World Bank said a recent evaluation found that PATH has increased school attendance and improved vaccination rate among the most vulnerable population. “The additional funding will not only help increase the reach of the programme, but also ensure a more effective delivery of social assistance to those most in need,” said Sophie Sirtaine, World Bank country director for the Caribbean. “What is innovative about this social protection package is that it focuses on helping families graduate from the CCT programme by increasing their skills and improving their employability,” she added. Dunstan Bryan, project director at Jamaica’s Ministry of Labour and Social Security, said the new support from the World Bank would “enable the government to build resilience, equity and promote active labour market interventions. “The government of Jamaica continues to implement the reforms of Social Protection Systems to alleviate poverty,” he said. The World Bank said the young and the elderly in rural

areas are among the poorest in Jamaica. It said while poor children are typically enrolled in school, their attendance can be “erratic”. The World Bank said lack of money often prevents poor families from sending their children to school and accessing health care. It said growing unemployment was the other “scourge” that affects more than 50 per cent of young people, including 38 per cent of young women. To help tackle unemployment among PATH beneficiaries, the World Bank said a complementary scheme, “Steps to Work” helps young people to find a job through job readiness, skills and entrepreneurial trainings. Through the additional funding, the World Bank said more than one in five Jamaicans, including nearly two thirds of the poorest children, will benefit from PATH’s conditional cash transfer programme by 2017. It also said 1,000 young people would graduate from the job readiness and skill training; and 80 per cent of families enrolled in the programme will receive complementary services, such as entrepreneurship and skills trainings, to help them become self-reliant. The World Bank said the Jamaica experience already inspired other CCT programmes in the Bahamas, Belize, Grenada, and St Lucia. It said CCTs have become a “vital part” of poverty reduction strategies in many countries, particularly in Latin America. The bank said this additional financing is aligned with the forthcoming World Bank Country Partnership strategy for Jamaica.

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Kung Fu Grandpa…

T&T 81-year-old man fights off bandits Trinidad Guardian - An 81-year-old businessman fought off two bandits during a daring home invasion Friday, by kicking one of them so hard that they both fled the scene with whatever they had managed to grab before trying to subdue him in their Princes Town home. With one bandit pinning him to the floor and the other smothering his mouth, and his wife screaming for help, father of ten Basdeo “Barrelman” Paltoo mustered all the strength he could find and kicked one of his attackers so hard in the chest that both of them fled, bolting through an open window and falling eight feet to the ground before escaping. “I don’t get frightened too easily, I am not afraid to die,” Paltoo told the T&T Guardian hours after the bandits made off with cash and other items yesterday. The Paltoos operate the Paltoo and Son’s Barrel Shop at their Naparima Mayaro Road home. Although Basdeo was able to maintain a smile throughout the interview, his 76-year-old wife Dolly admitted the ordeal was too traumatic for her. Police said two bandits entered the couple’s home around 2 am by climbing onto a barrel and removing three louvres near the roof of their

Basdeo “Barrelman” Paltoo and his wife Dolly house. One suspect slipped through the narrow opening and opened the front door for the other to enter. They were able to take out $200, ceramic ornaments valued at $300, a cellphone and several packs of cigarettes before returning to the house. By then, however, Paltoo had heard noises coming from their living room and went to investigate. “I heard ‘click!’ ‘click!,’ so I got up and opened my door. But the fellah was standing there already,” he said. “I ran back in the bedroom and I started to make noise. The first fellah ran behind me and pushed me down to the ground and the second fellah

came and he put his hand over my mouth. “While they held me down, I hit one of them a kick in his chest. From the time the fellah got that kick, both of them ran and jumped through the window.” Paltoo managed to smile throughout the interview, but Dolly was not as excited about the ordeal. “When I saw the men holding him down, I started knock the ply hard and I was calling my son in the other room. I said ‘Ravi get up, look it have thieves inside the house,’” Dolly said. However, by the time Ravi came out the bandits had already escaped. Paltoo said he could not see the bandits clearly

because the house was in darkness. He said one suspect wore a hoodie while the other had a long hat on his head. He said he suspects the bandits may be teenagers from the area. Recapping the event, he said the break-in happened less than 30 minutes after the barbecue outlet next door had closed. He said the bandits must have known there was an elderly couple and that they could have accessed the house from through the window. No one was arrested yesterday, but the couple’s son, Robin, said one the thieves cut himself on the window while fleeing and another left fingerprints on one of the louvres. He said he hopes the police can trace the evidence left behind. Relatives who gathered at the home said they were afraid that the thieves might return, however, so they were making arrangement to install burglar-proofed windows. Despite this, Paltoo said: “I have a different view on these things. I say that when it is my time to die, it is my time. “I am not afraid to die. I am 81 now, I have already done everything. I have worked and raised ten children, I am ready anytime.” Princes Town detective PC Mohammed is continuing investigations.

PM Stuart To Attend CELAC Meeting BGIS Media - Prime Minister Freundel Stuart will lead a delegation to Cuba next week to attend the Second Summit of the Heads of State and Government of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). Those attending will include Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator Maxine McClean and her Permanent Secretary, Charles Burnett; Permanent Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office, Sonja Welch; and the Chargé d’Affaires at the Embassy of Barbados in Cuba, Donna Forde.

The Summit will be held from Tuesday, January 28 to Wednesday, January 29, under the theme The Struggle against Hunger, Poverty and Inequalities in Latin America and the Caribbean. In addition, it will provide the leaders with an opportunity to engage in discussions about priority matters which occupy the

attention of Latin America and the Caribbean and to review action taken since the first Summit of the Community in Santiago de Chile in January 2013. The meeting will be preceded by the Eighth Meeting of the National Coordinators of CELAC on Saturday, January 25 and Sunday, January 26, while the

Fourth Meeting of Foreign Ministers of CELAC will be held on Monday, January 27. CELAC groups 33 sovereign states in the region and aims to deepen the political, economic, and social relations between Latin America and the Caribbean. The Prime Minister will return to Barbados on Wednesday, January 29.

T&T Govt. denies receiving extradition request from US PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – CMC - The Trinidad and Tobago Government has denied media reports here that the United States had sent a diplomatic note seeking the extradition of three nationals as investigations continue into the multimillion-dollar drug bust in the United States last month. “We have received no diplomatic note on this matter,” Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Dookeran told reporters, while National Security Minister Gary Griffith insisted, “we have received no such information from the US authorities on any such extradition matter and neither any official who is involved in any intelligence agency at this time has any knowledge about that. “I think I would be part of that circle being involved. As of this time, we have no such knowledge. I think it might also involve the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and maybe the Central Authority that will then fall under the purview of the Attorney General, but as of this time the Ministry of National Security still has no knowledge of any such request and I am sure the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in the dark,” he added. Last Thursday, Federal officials announced that they had found 732 pounds of

cocaine on December 20, 2013, concealed in cans of fruit juice at the Port of Norfolk in Virginia. Investigators estimate the cocaine had a wholesale value of about US$12 million and a street value of up to US$100 million. Customs and Border Protection Area Port Director Mark J Laria called the seizure a record for a single interdiction in the port of Hampton Roads. The cocaine was found inside a shipping container that originated from Trinidad and Tobago. It was destined for New York. The local company, SM Jaleel & Co Ltd, in whose products the cocaine had been shipped, has launched a series of media advertisements to clear its name as investigators from the United States continue their investigations here. Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley said the opposition was heartened by the fact that the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) was involved in the investigation. “And we expect that the Government of Trinidad and Tobago will cooperate fully in assisting the DEA in bringing this particular issue to a successful conclusion. But it leaves us with a country with its borders still wide open.

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Sunday January 26, 2014

Violence mars third anniversary of Egypt uprising CAIRO (AP) — The anniversary of Egypt’s 2011 uprising brought a violent display of the country’s furious divisions yesterday, as giant crowds danced at government-backed rallies and security forces crushed demonstrations by rival Islamists and some secular activists. Clashes nationwide killed at least 29 protesters, health officials said. The starkly contrasting scenes reflect the three years of turmoil Egypt has faced since the Jan. 25, 2011, revolution began and ultimately toppled autocrat Hosni Mubarak, replacing him with a transitional military council. Last summer’s millionsstrong demonstrations against Mubarak’s elected successor, Islamist President Mohammed Mursi, led to a military coup removing him. And as Egypt looks forward to presidential elections later this year, many celebrating Saturday in the famed Tahrir Square demanded army chief Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi run for president. “El-Sissi saved the nation. It was up in the air like this helicopter and he carried it to safety,” said Mervat Khalifa, 62, sitting on the sidewalk and waving to a helicopter overhead. Military helicopters showered crowds in Tahrir with small flags and gift coupons to buy refrigerators, heaters, blankets and home appliances. State-backed rallies also showcased prancing horses and traditional music for ecstatic crowds. Mursi’s supporters used yesterday’s anniversary

A mortally wounded supporter of Egypt’s ousted Islamist president is evacuated as another wounded protester lies in the street during clashes with security forces in the Mohandiseen district of Cairo, Egypt, yesterday. (AP Photo/Eman Helal) to build new momentum in their defiance of the military and its political transition plan, despite being hit by a crippling police crackdown and rising public resentment against his Muslim Brotherhood group. “Anger is bigger than all. Repression sparks revolutions. The burning of Egypt won’t last,” a statement issued by a Brotherhood-led coalition said. The fiercest clashes raged in an eastern Cairo suburb, where Islamist supporters clashed with security forces for hours in pitched street battles. Security forces fired over the crowd to disperse protesters who threw gasoline bombs. Protesters set up a field hospital to aid

the wounded. Violence also was strong in the provinces. A car bomb exploded outside a security camp in the city of Suez, where gunmen clashed with police, witnesses said. Nine civilians were wounded in the bombing, authorities said. In neighboring Ismailiya, protesters chanting “down with military rule” also battled security forces. In Alexandria, a female protester was shot and killed during clashes, officials said. Two protesters were killed in the southern city of Minya, security officials said. The clashes in the eastern Cairo suburb of Alf Maskan were fiercest. Both Mustafa Mohammed and Sami, protesters there

who only gave his first names for fear of reprisals, said security personnel and rooftop snipers used live rounds against demonstrators. The gunfire struck a natural gas pipeline three times, Mohammed said.Sami said protesters threw gasoline bombs in the clashes, which wounded hundreds. Two security officials in the area described the situation as tense and said at least six people were killed. The protesters put the figures at 24. It was not immediately possible to reconcile the figures. The clashes contrasted with scenes of celebration in Tahrir Square and other major squares in provincial capitals.

Long queues of demonstrators lined up to enter the tightly secured squares through metal detectors. Some celebrating wore paper masks with elSissi’s picture and their rallies showed a ferociously antiIslamist tone. Soldiers guarding Tahrir Square joined them in chanting: “The people want the execution of the Brotherhood.” A crowd beat a woman in a conservative headscarf and drove her away, believing she was a Brotherhood sympathizer. Crowds also turned on journalists. More than a dozen journalists were beaten by the demonstrators, or detained by police for protection from angry crowds. Demonstrators chased one Egyptian female journalist, mistakenly believing she worked for satellite news broadcaster AlJazeera — seen as proBrotherhood. They pulled her hair and tried to strangle her with a scarf until police took her into a building for protection. Security forces also dispersed rallies by secular youth activists who led the 2011 anti-Mubarak uprising and who are critical of both the Islamists and the military. A number of their most prominent figures have been detained for months or sentenced to prison amid a campaign to silence even secular voices of dissent. One prominent activist, Nazly Hussein, was detained by police on the subway as she headed to join one rally downtown, her mother Ghada

India, US start discussions on diplomatic immunity WASHINGTON (AP) — India’s new envoy to the United States says he wants to raise the “morale” of the India-U.S. relationship as the two nations look to mending ties damaged by the row over American treatment of an Indian diplomat who was arrested and strip-searched in New York. “As you would say in the markets, the fundamentals are good, it’s the sentiment that needs improving,” Subrahmanyam Jaishankar told The Associated Press in an interview. India and the U.S. are holding preliminary discussions to resolve differing interpretations of diplomatic immunity following the spat over Devyani Khobragade, who was expelled from the United States this month after she

was indicted on accusations of exploiting her housekeeper. The U.S. and India, the world’s largest democracies, have forged closer economic and defense ties in the past decade, but relations took a tumble because of Indian outrage over the treatment of Khobragade, who was her nation’s deputy consul general in New York. She was strip-searched after her Dec. 13 arrest, which U.S. marshals say is common practice for a suspect taken into custody, but was viewed in India as unnecessarily humiliating. India unleashed a steady stream of retaliatory measures against U.S. diplomats, including restrictions at the American Center in New Delhi and revoking new ID cards for some diplomats. Key to the dispute was Washington and Delhi’s differing

interpretations of what type of immunity was due to Khobragade. U.S. officials argued that as a consular official, she was immune from prosecution for acts performed in the exercise of consular functions but did not have full diplomatic immunity. Jaishankar said while that’s the rule for foreign diplomats in the U.S., he questioned whether Washington expects its diplomats abroad to be treated in kind. He said India has issued new identity cards for U.S. consular officials to specify that their diplomatic immunity does not cover “serious crimes” — referred to as “felonies” in the U.S. “There is an issue of what does the U.S. expect abroad and what does the U.S. give at home. I think there’s a

reconciliation there that needs to be done,” the ambassador said. He said India is starting to work through the issue with the State Department, and Secretary of State John Kerry and his Indian counterpart, Salman Khurshid, discussed it when they met Wednesday on the sidelines of a conference on Syria in Switzerland. Striking the positive tone set in the past two weeks since Khobragade returned home, Jaishankar said he was looking to advance a bilateral relationship that has grown stronger in the past 10 to 15 years. Two-way trade has grown to $100 billion. But Jaishankar acknowledged that commercial relations have not been “plain sailing.” Big U.S. companies have

concerns over what they claim are unpredictable and unfair tax demands. Pharmaceutical companies complain over what they view as unfair competition from manufacturers of generic drugs. Foreign investors, such as Wal-Mart, have grumbled over local content requirements as they look to break into the untapped Indian market. Jaishankar said India has responded to pressures to remain business-friendly and considers “corrections” where they are needed. But he noted that India has its own concerns, including over whether U.S. immigration reform proposals — currently mired in Congress — that he said could hurt the competitiveness of Indian service industries in the U.S. whose business is worth $40

Shahbendar said. Hussein’s lawyer, Amr Imam, said that when he went to see her at the police station, a police shoved him, pointed his rifle at him and warned him he had 10 seconds to leave or he’d shoot. Police used tear gas to disperse one small gathering by secular activists in the Cairo neighborhood of Mohandessin, beating and kicking at least one of them, several participants said. The groups later issued an appeal to their supporters to withdraw from street protests because of “excessive violence” by security forces. “The only thing allowed is el-Sissi revolutionaries,” one of the activists, blogger Wael Khalil, said with a laugh. “Do they think that there will be working democracy this way?” In its statement, the Brotherhood appealed to secular youth groups to unite with it in protests. Secular youth groups, however, have shunned the Islamists, whom they equally accuse of undermining the 2011 uprising’s goals while in power. The rallies took place in an atmosphere of fear, a day after four bombs targeting police killed six people around Cairo. Another 15 people were killed around the country Friday when Mursi’s supporters clashed with security forces. The Interior Ministry said that 237 people were arrested during those protests. The al-Qaeda-inspired group Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, or the Champions of Jerusalem, claimed responsibility for Friday’s bombings, warning of coming attacks and telling citizens to stay away from police stations. “We tell our dear nation that these attacks were only the first drops of rain, so wait for what is coming,” read the statement, posted on militant websites. The group, based in the lawless Sinai Peninsula, has claimed responsibility for the failed assassination attempt on the interior minister in September and a suicide bombing in a Nile Delta city that killed 16. The group calls its attacks revenge for the killings of pro-Mursi supporters and the military offensive in Sinai. The government has accused the Brotherhood of ultimately being behind the militant violence and declared the group a terrorist organization. It has produced no proof publicly and the group says the accusation is baseless.

Sunday January 26, 2014

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Airlines halt ticket sales in Venezuela CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Tempers flared at airline offices in Caracas on Friday as Venezuelans reacted angrily to international carriers’ refusal to sell tickets after the government devalued the bolivar for flights abroad. The offices of American Airlines, Delta, United and Panama’s Copa were all either closed or had halted sales for several hours on Friday as the higher exchange rate took effect, adding to uncertainty as carriers try to collect $3.3 billion they say they’re owed by the socialist government. “Don’t waste your time,” a United representative, sticking her head out from behind a closed glass door, told a group of 10 waiting customers standing outside a ticket office at Caracas’ Centro Lido shopping mall. “It’s out of our hands. We can’t sell any more tickets.” When customers protested that they would never experience such poor service in the US, the agent, who didn’t identify herself by name, said “our situation is different than the US” and then quickly closed the door shut. Megan McCarthy, a spokeswoman for United in Chicago, said the airline continues to sell tickets in Venezuela but acknowledged that they had been halted for

People seek information about flight sales from a closed United Airlines office in Caracas, Venezuela, Friday. (AP Photo/Alejandro Cegarra)

a few hours as prices in its system were adjusted. United has a single daily flight between Houston and Caracas. “When the exchange rate was updated, we had to hold selling them,” she said, adding that online sales had resumed and its ticket office in Centro Lido reopen at regular hours Friday. Gretty Sivira, a 39-yearold teacher, traveled six hours overnight by bus from Barquisimeto to change the date of a flight to Mexico with Copa after trying for two

weeks unsuccessfully through her travel agent. “There’s no solution,” she said with look of helpless worry. Airlines are also losing patience. For the past few months they’ve been locked in a battle with President Nicolas Maduro’s cash-strapped government to repatriate $3.3 billion that it says is trapped inside the country by rigid currency controls. The situation worsened this week when the government said that revenue from ticket sales

in bolivars would now be converted at a new exchange rate almost twice as high as the official 6.3 bolivar per dollar exchange rate. That nominally makes flying costlier for the vast majority of Venezuelans. But tickets purchased in the country are still a bargain, in dollar terms, given the bolivar’s plunge to less than a tenth of its official value on the flourishing black market. Weeks of closed-door meetings have so far failed to produce a deal, with airlines balking at the government’s

offer to honor the debt with a combination of bonds, cash and jet fuel, which is cheaper to produce in the oil-rich nation. On Thursday, United Chief Financial Officer John Rainey said the airline has about $80 million in cash “trapped” in Venezuela while it waits to find out which exchange rate the government will make it use to bring the money back to the U.S. The airline said it works to adjust prices for tickets sold in Venezuela to account for the changes in currency exchange rates. In the meantime, the travel plans of millions of Venezuelans are in doubt amid fears that some airlines could follow the example of Ecuador’s TAME airline, which this week announced it was suspending its daily flights to Venezuela until the government pays it $43 million it says it is owed for ticket sales in the country. Images broadcast on Ecuadorean television Friday showed several Venezuelan passengers, some of them children, stranded at Guayaquil’s international airport. “We’re stuck here, without money, we’re hungry and we’re desperate to leave,” Lorena Villasagua told Ecuavisa network. Attempts by The

Divided Thailand readies for advance voting today BANGKOK (AP) — A tense Thailand prepared for yesterday’s round of advance voting as the main Feb. 2 elections still hung in the balance. The ruling party indicated it wants the vote to go ahead but was willing to delay it if political rivals end months of protests and agree to recognize the legitimacy of a new vote. Yingluck Shinawatra’s government is under extreme pressure from the protesters who have occupied key intersections in Bangkok and tried to shut down government offices and prevent civil servants from working. They have vowed to disrupt the elections, want Yingluck to resign and an appointed interim government to implement anti-corruption reforms before a new vote can take place. On Friday, the Constitutional Court ruled that the government, in agreement with the Election Commission, could postpone the polls. But Yingluck’s Pheu Thai party questioned the legal basis for the ruling.

One official, Thanin Boonsuwan, suggested that the court’s ruling did not meet conditions set down by law or precedent. He said that the court decision was merely an opinion and did not mandate a postponement. The debate over postponing the election came as polling stations across the country were preparing for advance voting on Sunday despite threats from protesters to block it. Suphot Thariwiboon, an election worker in Bangkok, said there were concerns that protesters will occupy the polling stations, or block access for voters. The outcome yesterday’s advance voting is seen as a harbinger for the main vote. Some 49 million of the country’s 64 million people are eligible to vote, and 2.16 million of them have applied for advance voting. In the country’s last general election in 2011, 35 million of 47 million registered voters cast their ballots. Pheu Thai officials hinted the government would consider a postponement of

the Feb. 2 vote if the opposition Democrat Party, which plans to boycott the polls, agrees to take part, and if anti-government demonstrators cease their protests. Neither the Democrats nor the protesters have agreed to those conditions. “This isn’t about compromise,” protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban said. “The people (protesting) will never go home because what the people want is political and national reform.” Yingluck and the Election Commission are set to meet on Tuesday to discuss the election plans. Commissioner Theerawat Theerarojwit said the election body believes the vote should be postponed so that the contending sides can first talk with each other. “As for the February 2 election, I don’t believe it can be held,” he told reporters. “It won’t be able to be held because if there are elections on that day people could get hurt, and the (Elections Commission) doesn’t want people to get hurt.”

Even if the polls go ahead, it is possible that protesters’ efforts to block candidates and voters may result in some legislative seats not being filled, denying Parliament a quorum and keeping it from convening, which would prevent a new government from being formed. Postponing the election could provide a solution to the current crisis, said Bangkok-based political analyst Chris Baker. But he said that unless the Democrat Party — which is closely allied with the protest movement — takes part in an election at some point, “it’s still useless.” Democrat Party spokesman Chavanond Intarakomalyasut on Friday applauded the court’s ruling and urged the government to postpone the polls. He said his party would only participate if it feels the elections were being held under trustworthy conditions acceptable to all. Volunteers and election workers turned up Saturday to get instructions and training at stations that in

some parts of the country are likely to see confrontation when the polls open. Problems are most likely in Bangkok where there are 50 venues, and in Thailand’s south, a stronghold of the opposition. Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade advised its citizens to exercise a high degree of caution because protests at polling stations are likely to result in violence in some locations. The government this week imposed a state of emergency in Bangkok and surrounding areas after a spate of protest-related violence. The measure allows suspension of many civil liberties. The protesters say they will ignore any measures imposed by the decree, which is valid for 60 days. The protesters say Yingluck’s government is carrying on the practices of Thaksin Shinawatra, her billionaire brother who was prime minister from 2001 to 2006, by using the family fortune and state funds to influence voters and cement its power.

Associated Press to make reservations by phone at several airlines including Copa, United and Air Canada also failed, with agents saying that they’re waiting for the government to clarify the new travel restrictions. Travel agents also said they were blocked by most airlines from making reservations. Airlines insist they are being overwhelmed by demand. “There may not be any availability but that doesn’t mean we’re halting sales,” Martha Pantin, a spokeswoman for American in Caracas, told the AP. She refused to comment on how the government’s measures would affect the airline. Adding to travelers’ misery are tighter restrictions on the amount of US dollars Venezuelans can spend abroad in Florida and other international destinations that have been inundated by Venezuelans desperately trying to shuttle abroad as much hard currency as they can under the rigid foreign currency exchange system. Travelers just to Florida will be allowed to charge a maximum of $700 annually on their Venezuelan credit cards and will be allowed to buy no more than $300 in cash, according to the rules published in the Official Gazette on Friday. That compares with limits of $2,500 in credit and $500 in cash they were previously allowed for trips to Florida, an amount that will be maintained for the remaining 49 US states. Cash allowances were also reduced for Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama and Peru. The socialist government hopes that the tighter restrictions will help cool capital flight, which has drained central bank reserves by 30 percent over the past year. But in Doral, a suburb of Miami known as “Doralzuela” for the large number of Venezuelans who live and visit there, tourists were stunned by the new rules. “They’re holding the population hostage,” Julie Gonzalez said at the Baymont Inn & Suites. The 62-year-old doctor said she already received cash and credit totaling $3,000 under the previous rules for her current trip but that future travel to Florida, where her son lives, would be impossible. She said $300 in cash and $700 in credit wouldn’t be enough to cover food and lodging. “It’s an extreme measure for us because it means we won’t be able to leave the country.”

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Sunday January 26, 2014

Biker struck by car, Teen drowns in hotel pool crushed by minibus A biker was killed during the wee hours of Saturday morning after he collided with a car and was then run over by a Route 44 mini-bus at the junction of Albert and Regent Streets, Georgetown. The man has been identified as Sherwin Fraser of ‘C’ Field Sophia. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), close to an hour after the accident. Also injured in the collision was 17-yearold Sharmin Lewis of Drysdale Street Charlestown. Lewis is currently hospitalised in the Female Surgical Ward of the GPHC nursing a broken left leg. Speaking from her hospital bed yesterday, Lewis related that Fraser had just picked her up on his CG 6446 motorcycle from a bar located in Alberttown, where she works, and was giving her a ride home. She said that on reaching the junction of Albert and Regent Streets, without slowing down, Fraser proceeded to turn west into Regent Street with some speed and into the path of a Toyota Corolla wagon, with numberplate PGG 8790, which was heading east. “When you come out of a street, you know you does got to stop but we did not stop,” Lewis recalled. She said the driver of the motor car swerved to avoid a collision but to no avail. “Yes he did swerve out from us because he was coming straight and then he swerve out just to save the motor bike, but by time he coulda swerve out we run straight into the car on the side the driver was on and then the car run straight into the lantern post.” The young woman said that both she and Fraser were thrown onto the road with him

INJURED: Sharmin Lewis

lying in the path of oncoming traffic. Without warning, a speeding minibus then ran over his body. “I tried to pull him in the corner and so I put out me hand so they can know someone is on the road and by time I coulda say ‘Oh gosh look a bus coming!’ the bus just run straight over this boy and pitch he.” She said that the driver of the bus stopped but did not come out of the vehicle. The driver of the motorcar, 21-year-old Marlon DaSilva, of Lot 7 Camp Street, Werk-en-Rust, and the driver of the mini-bus have since been detained at the Brickdam Police Station pending investigations.

Skeldon Sugar factory employee electrocuted Officials at the Skeldon Sugar Factory are probing the death of a 23-year-old electrician at the controversial entity. Kaieteur News understands that Ulric Leonard Johnson, of Lot 48 Leeds Village, Corentyne, was electrocuted at his workplace at around 10:00 hrs yesterday. According to reports,

Johnson was cleaning a transformer in the boiler house, when he was hit by 3.5 megawatts of electricity. He was killed instantly. Kaieteur News was told that Johnson was not wearing the company’s safety equipment at the time. The victim’s mother, Princess Johnson, told Kaieteur News that her son,

who has been employed by Guysuco for about five years, left for work at around 06:00 hrs. Mrs. Johnson said that she received a call at around 10:00 hrs that her son was involved in a “minor accident,” and had been admitted to the Skeldon Hospital. She said that her son was in a room when she arrived at the institution, but she was not allowed to see him. Eventually, a senior staffer came out of the room and requested that close relatives accompany him back inside. It was then that she realised that her son was dead. Mrs. Johnson alleged that no official from the Skeldon Factory has contacted the family to provide details about the circumstances surrounding her son’s death.

Without seeking permission from his guardians, Shemar Edwards went to the Princess International Hotel yesterday with about 20 friends. About two hours before the pool closed, the 17-year-old had drowned. When Kaieteur News visited the East Ruimveldt, Georgetown residence he once called home, his parents were at the East Bank Demerara Regional Hospital. An eyewitness who happens to be a neighbour of the deceased told this publication that after attempts by staff of the Princess International Hotel to revive the youth with CPR failed, he was taken to the hospital. “He was not rushed immediately to the hospital since the staff were waiting on an ambulance but was subsequently forced to use a hotel taxi,” she said. According to the eyewitness, earlier, she had observed Edwards swimming and decided to take out his picture. She then went about her business but was alerted by someone shouting that “a body is under the water.” The girl said she was shocked to see her neighbour being pulled out of the water and lying motionless by the poolside. A boy who she suspects was one of his friends was pressing his chest, trying to revive him. By that time, four employees of the hotel came to Edwards’ assistance and took over the resuscitation exercise. According to the eyewitness, no water came out of the teen’s mouth but blood was oozing from his nose. She added that a man clad in a lifeguard shirt was seen trying to help. She noted that questions posed to Edwards’ friends were met with some of them trying to escape. Only about two friends acknowledged the youth and provided some information.

Shemar Edwards And according Alicia Amos, on August 17, 2013, she was forced to rescue her son from drowning at the said pool. She recalled that on the day in question she had just attended to her son by granting him a request and “within a wink of an eye he plunged into the pool.” Unfortunately it was in the deep section and according to her he went down once and came up. She and her friends then began shouting for the lifeguard. Amos said despite not knowing how to swim she jumped into the pool to save her son. She is thankful that she is 6ft2" and was able to stand in the pool. Amos recalled grabbing her son and pushing him out of the pool and slamming her body into the wall to prevent drowning. Amos said she is disgusted that a teenager lost his life in the same pool in which she saved her son from drowning. She is calling on the hotel to put better management in place.

PNC/R vows probe of police torture, shooting over last 20 years The People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R) has vowed to reunite the labour movement in the country, yesterday saying that it will also investigate every act of police torture and shooting in the last two decades. The pledge was made yesterday during the PNC/ R’s first General Council of the year at the party’s headquarters at Congress Place, Sophia. PNC/R is the largest party in the Parliamentary faction, A Partnership For National Unity. According to a statement from the party on the Council meeting yesterday, the forum held under the theme - “Achieving Inclusive Democracy and Respect For Workers Through A Social Contract” was controlled by Chairman of the PNC/R, Basil Williams, MP.

Williams, in welcoming the members, called on them to recommit themselves to working to overcome any challenges to a good life for the people of Guyana. He mentioned rampant poverty, youth employment and violent crime that continue to be pervasive in communities all across the nation. General Secretary, Oscar Clarke, in his report on the work of the party secretariat and from the eleven party regions, disclosed that training for local government elections was well advanced. He charged party members to aggressively mobilise within their various districts and regions. In his feature address, party leader Brigadier David Granger insisted that the PNC/R was committed to inclusionary democracy and respect for workers.

The Party has declared 2014 as the ‘Year for Workers.’ He said that APNU had called for a social contract to promote national unity, ensure human safety and foster economic development. He reminded that the PNC/R started as a working class party. In calling for an investigation for every case of police torture, the former army chief said that the PNCR “will work to protect the rights of persons who suffer police brutality and will not rest until there is good governance.” Referring to the Year for Workers, Granger said that the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) has damaged the labour movement in Guyana. “…the PPP has divided the labour movement…and the PNC/R will fight to reunite the labour movement.” The PNC/R’s General Council is the governing body and second highest decision making forum of the PNC/R between biennial Congresses and meets at least once every quarter of each year.

Sunday January 26, 2014

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“ICC, BCCI, ACB & ECB Cricket Cartel The one who pays the piper calls the tune!” It was from former West Indies Cricket Board President Pat Rousseau that I remember hearing it, during West Indies tour to England 1995, my first tour as a Sports Journalist, a series that West Indies led until England won Test No. 4 of 6, to draw the series 2-2, that warning that fell on very deaf ears: “If West Indies does not keep winning on the field of play, to be attractive to the much better financed and bigger teams around the world, the time will come when we, as a cricket playing nation, could be severely jeopardized into being almost extinct, as we are much too small, financially and geographically, to fight against the big teams that have the money. We need to keep winning on the field of play to matter!” This was way before T-20 cricket became the in-thing and destructor of what was cricket back then! The biggest irony, now, of that 1995 tour is that every single day of six Tests - Lords, Trent Bridge, Old Trafford, Edgbaston, Kennington Oval and Leeds - was sold out, thousands unable to gain entrance. Back then, every cricketing country still wanted West Indies on their shores, for attractive cricket, and, more importantly, to ensure severely green coffers at least for twelve months!

Everyone clamored for Brian Lara, Richie Richardson, Carl Hooper, Jimmy Adams, Curtly Ambrose, Courtney Walsh, Kenny Benjamin and Ian Bishop, an excellent combination, to do their West Indian thing. Twenty years later, Rousseau, learned guru he still is, in veins of Jamaican counterpart, former Prime Minister PJ Patterson, has been proved very correct, and in only one sense, wrong too! Rousseau was only incorrect in that South Africa, No. 1 team in world cricket now, is not immediately – not yet - included in the cricket cartel conjured up by International Cricket Council (ICC), Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Australian Cricket Board (ACB), and England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB). So, even with high ICC rankings, but not having won any major competitions, SA is out, at least for now. That can probably be more attributed to the seemingly severe dislike by present ICC and BCCI regimes of present head of Cricket South Africa, Haroon Lorgat, who was once ICC’s Chief Executive Officer. The word “cartel” conjures imagination of collaboration of severely wealthy drug barons from Central and South American republics coming together, like a massive political coalition party, to run cocaine

Pat Rousseau (Jamaica Gleaner)

Colin E. H. Croft says:

Dave Cameron exports to Europe and Northern America, maximizing profits while minimizing detection and in-fighting deaths. This new proposed cricket cartel sounds exactly like that, rich mostly businessmen conspiring to steal world cricket, except that they are committing larceny of our cricket in bright open sunlight, in front of our very faces! BCCI’s position is, pure and simple, open black-mail. They know that they have massive finances, so, very publicly, in almost plain nondiplomatic speech, they have told ICC: “Put up or shut up. Accept what we propose or lose out on our participation and our funding. Take it or

leave it!” BCCI is, if no-one believed it previously, flexing its massive financial muscles, calling the tune it has been paying for this last decade or so, especi a l l y since winning its last ICC World Cup in 2011. This last week, several of the world’s cricket boards, including CSA and WICB, have been scrambling to find out, understand, appreciate and to reply appropriately, to this new, almost concrete, cartel edict. Yet another Jamaican, Dave Cameron, present WICB President, is now left to hold the can, to do whatever it takes to clean up that mess left, partly, by our teams not winning regularly and being

attractive over the last two decades, and to the outright greed and avarice of especially three of the cartel’s co-signees. Correctly, intelligently, WICB has suggested that it will have an answer, and a public one too, after properly studying the situation, but will inform ICC first about the concerns and objections, before informing us. No problem with that at all, even if the first reaction is normally the best and the most honest! All Caribbean people want is truth, nothing but that whole truth! By unconfirmed accounts published, WICB will not agree with the cartel’s edicts, which could well mean almost extinction with the very

practical dissent to this proposal, as it is well known that West Indies cricket makes most of its money from tours to and from India and England, sometimes Australia. Interestingly, CSA has openly questioned the cartel’s motives and plans, as if they did not already know. Bangladesh has suggested that it must side with BCCI or die, while New Zealand has taken a wait and see attitude, but will probably side with ACB. Sri Lanka is, like Bangladesh, cautiously toeing BCCI’s line. Like Bangladesh, Zimbabwe too will probably do likewise. West Indies cricket is, more than ever, in severe jeopardy of disappearing from world view, placed between purgatory and hell right now, and can be left, eventually, very isolated indeed! Something has got to give! West Indies is fighting for its very life here! Enjoy!

Letter to the sports Editor

The Cricket charade continues unabated; parliament must intervene Dear Sports Editor, The 2014 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) is fixed for (today) Sunday 26 January, 2014. Yet again a new constitution will be foisted on Guyana’s Cricket, compliments of the embattled Secretary of the GCB, Anand Sanasie. This time around, the constitution contains a clause for the GCB to set up a Commercial Arm (CA) which in effect means that all financial, commercial and marketing issues relating to Guyana’s cricket will be conducted and controlled by only a few specially-selected persons and not the statutory Marketing Committee or the Finance Committee of the

GCB. The CA will be appointed by the Executive Committee and not the constituent Members of the GCB. The CA will also decide on the remuneration of the players, including prize monies. Already, some of the encamped national cricketers have complained that they were forced to sign a document that a part of their collective earnings from the Super 50 Tournament have to be paid over to the GCB. With all the chaos and confusion and charges of fraudulent elections of the GCB, it is simply appalling that for the fourth time in as many years, yet another constitution is being produced and certain persons at this AGM will vote

unanimously in favour of it, very likely without any discussions. As there is no Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) and as the Berbice Cricket Board will not be in attendance, there will be no quorum at this AGM but Anand Sanasie will not be deterred and his constitution will be passed. What is important for the public and the Parliamentarians to note is that the powerful and productive sectors of Guyana’s Cricket, namely the Georgetown Cricket Association, the Berbice Cricket Board and the East Coast Cricket Board, will not be represented at the AGM yet, with the exception of Ronsford Beaton (Essequibo), all the members of the Guyana National Senior

Team are from these very three areas. This is the real tragedy of Guyana’s Cricket. The West Demerara Cricket Association and the East Bank Demerara Cricket Association have not produced one single cricketer for the Guyana Senior Team for over fifteen (15) years and together with the Essequibo Cricket Board have held illegal elections and hijacked Guyana’s Cricket. Anand Sanasie in his letter to Kaieteur News of January 24, 2014 has misrepresented the facts when he stated that the WICB President and CEO visited Guyana twice to mediate in the dispute here. The truth is that for persons who are mediating in the disputes,

they never sought to have any form of discussions with the relevant stakeholders of Guyana’s Cricket yet sent “observers” to the charade that passed as GCB elections in January 2013 and very willingly accepted the results without even a cursory check on the charge that there was no quorum at the AGM and as such the elections were illegal. The cricket charade continues unabated. Alarmingly, Sanasie and Raj Singh have not disclosed who are the persons representing the Demerara Cricket Board, quite an extraordinary position in the annals of sport anywhere. Sanasie’s controversial involvement in Guyana’s Cricket and the many court

disputes in which he is involved should have made him ineligible to sit on the Committee to resolve the affairs of the Leeward Island Cricket Association. But here again the WICB should be asked for a proper and objective explanation. In the final analysis, the sordid issues affecting cricket have to be resolved by Guyanese and the ongoing Parliamentary process presents the best suited solution. As a matter of Law, transparency, democracy, and decency, Parliament must intervene urgently to resolve what can only be described as lawlessness and chaos. Yours faithfully, Parasnauth Seeram LLM Hons, London.

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Sunday January 26, 2014

21st Ricks & Sari Agro Industries 11-Race Meet

Marlon ‘Fishy’ Williams wins feature contest in City season opener Anthony is top juvenile By Franklin Wilson Roraima Bikers Club cyclist, Marlon ‘Fishy’ Williams pedaled his way to a convincing win in the feature school boys and invitational 35-lap race when the cycling season in the city got underway yesterday at the Mecca for the sport, the National Park. Setting the season off in fine style was faithful sponsor Ricks & Sari Agro Industries Limited and this was the 21st year that they have been sponsoring this event. Williams held his nerves among a star studded quartet - Raynauth Jeffrey, Orville Hinds and rising junior Michael Anthony – which had held the advantage from the 10th of the 35-lap duel. The lead rotated from time to time among the leaders as they sought to maintain a handsome lead on the second pack. It was any body’s guess as to whom would have taken victory but the most experienced of the bunch, Williams, emerged the victor in One Hour 17 Minutes 09.68 Seconds. Orville Hinds of United Bike Shop had to settle for the second place improving from his third place spot last year, while Team Coco’s Michael Anthony, who had earlier won the juvenile 10-lap battle, placed third ahead of another Team Coco’s rider, Raynauth Jeffrey who won the same race last year. Carlton Wheelers’ Robin Persaud and Junior Niles (Team Coco’s) closed out the

top six positions in that order. Jeffrey took three of the eight prime prizes, with one each for Williams, Hinds, Anthony, Andre Abdool and Walter Grant-Stuart. A total of 43 riders started the feature race but the pace turned out to be too rigorous for many and they dropped out at varying points. Some were even lapped but opted to complete the course to put in valuable leg hours. National Coach Hassan Mohamed, who organised a record 42 events (National Park and Road Races) in 2013,

Nadal focus on...

From page 69 shape after missing last year’s tournament with a serious knee injury. “I am moving quick. I am able to come back from a difficult situations,” he said. “With great shots of the opponent I am able to keep producing power on the shots, and produce great shots from very difficult positions. “That’s because the movements are ready and because I feel the power in the legs when I arrive in tough positions, and the confidence on the shots.” Nadal will be making his 19th Grand Slam final appearance, in marked contrast with Wawrinka, who is making his debut. Perhaps most telling of all, Nadal has not dropped a set

in 12 previous matches against the Swiss. “It’s a Grand Slam final that’s a different kind of match than I played against him in the past,” said Nadal. “He’s playing better than ever. If I don’t play my best tennis, I am sure that he will win three sets against me. I’m not going to have the chance to beat him.” Wawrinka has climbed to a career-high fifth in the rankings by reaching the final, making him the Swiss number one ahead of Federer, and he will climb to number three if he wins the title. And the 28-year-old insists he is not concerned by his 0-12 record against Nadal, having beaten three-time defending champion Novak Djokovic in the quarter-finals.

complimented Ricks & Sari Agro Industries for their committed and unwavering support for the sport. Mohamed also challenged all the riders to be in top shape as he would not be relenting in terms of more races being added to the calendar this year. Repeating as champions for another year were Junior Niles in the veteran Under-50 5-lap event as well as Over60 stalwart, Maurice Fagundes. Following are the full results:

All set for Kennard Memorial Turf Club horse race meet today After being rescheduled on two occasions due to inclement weather, all is now set for the Kennard Memorial Turf Club (KMTC) Horse race meet slated for their track at Bush Lot Farm Corentyne, Berbice today. The venue will be a hive of activity as they stage what was supposed to be their annual Boxing Day meet. According to coordinator, retired Chancellor, Justice Cecil Kennard, the track is expected to be in top shape for this meet which promises to see a good day of racing. Seven exciting races are

set for the day with prize monies totaling close to $8M in cash incentives and trophies. The feature event is for animals classified ‘A’ and lower over 1mile for a first prize of $1M and trophy compliments of the Kharag Family -owners of Metro. The event will see one of the leading Guyanese racehorse, Score’s Even, in action as it seeks to continue its winning streak. The co-feature race will now be for horses classified F1 and Lower for a $400,000 winning package over six furlongs. The other events listed

for the day are the G3 and Lower contest for a $300,000 winner ’s purse over six furlongs. The H and lower seven furlongs event with $250,000 for the winner, the three-yearold race for Guyana bred horses over six furlongs also with a winning tag of $250,000. There are two J class events on the day’s card. The race for animals classified J1 and lower for a pole position money of $200,000 and trophy and the match up for those classified J3 and Lower for a winning pocket of $150,000. Both are over six furlongs.

Among some of the other horses expected to be on show are top 2013 performers, Cat Messiah, Treacle, Savion, Run Nana Run, Swing Easy, Silent Night, Gold Rush, Easy to Win, Smarty Light, Prince Bayaya and Fresh Again. The outstanding jockeys, trainers and stables will all received trophies and other accolades compliments of Ramesh Sunich of Trophy Stall, Bourda Market and the organisers. The races will be run under the rules of the Guyana Horse Racing Authority. (Samuel Whyte)

Sunday January 26, 2014

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Third-time lucky Li keeps her Boxing champion appeals for his belt wits to win Australian Open Boxing officials promise to deliver the goods soon MELBOURNE (Reuters) “Best speech ever” was the universal verdict to Li Na’s unscripted thanks at the trophy ceremony after she erased two near-misses at Melbourne Park with a joyous victory in her third Australian Open final on Saturday. Runner-up in 2011 and 2013, the 31-year-old overwhelmed Dominika Cibulkova 7-6(3) 6-0 to win her second grand slam title and then left a packed Rod Laver Arena in stitches as she paid tribute to her team. After warming up by paying respects to her opponent, Li thanked her high-profile agent Max Eisenbud for “making me rich” before singling out her husband and former coach Jiang Shan, long the butt of his wife’s jokes, for special praise. “Now, of course, my husband ... famous in China. Thanks for him for giving up everything, just travelling with me to be my hitting partner, fix the drinks and fix the racquets, so, he did a lot of jobs,” she grinned as Jiang was ribbed in the players’ box. “So, thanks a lot, you’re a nice guy. “And ... also you are so lucky, you found me.” The speech capped an emotional night for Li, who was so nervous before her match that she decided to take a late afternoon nap to avoid looking at the television or thinking too much about her third appearance in the final. A flighty temperament has long been her cross to bear and nerves intervened decisively during her first Melbourne final against Kim Clijsters when she took a set lead only to be overhauled by the Belgian and bowed out by taking out her frustrations on noisy Chinese spectators. It was two unlucky tumbles against Victoria Azarenka that contributed to her loss last year. She first rolled her ankle and then blacked out momentarily after she hit her head on the blue hardcourt.

Li Na of China (right) and Dominika Cibulkova of Slovakia with their trophies after the Australian Open finals. (Aaron Favila, AP) MYSTICAL AIR Despite the disappointments, Li has long regarded Melbourne Park as her special place, speaking of the venue as having an almost mystical air that gets her competitive juices flowing and raises her game. She felt lucky to survive her third-round match against Czech Lucie Safarova who blazed a winner down the line on match-point, only for the ‘Hawk-eye’ technology to show it was a couple of inches long. “Now, I believe this is lucky. At the time, I really didn’t think about it as lucky,” she told reporters, joking that she would send the Czech an email.“After I saved the match point I still had to stand another one-and-a-half hours on the court, I still had the chance to lose the match. Asked whether it was her destiny to win, Li said: “Maybe, because last year I was falling down. That was unlucky, so they gave it back to me for this year.” For a period of time on Saturday, it seemed it was Li’s fate to lose a third final, as she handed back two breaks of serve and struggled with an errant forehand. Taken into a tiebreak, Li cracked a string of huge winners to close out the first set, and with the spell broken, roared to victory with

six straight games. Asia’s first grand slam singles winner when she won the French Open in 2011, Li’s success and the expectations of 1.3 billion in her homeland have sometimes rested heavily on her shoulders. A below-par year racked with self-doubt plagued her after she won at Roland Garros and she nearly quit the tour last year when under fire from Chinese media in the wake of an early exit from the same tournament. She stopped short of saying her second grand slam title would banish the dark days for good, only to pledge that she intended to enjoy her win to the fullest. She planned to celebrate the Chinese New Year back in her home-town of Wuhan on the Yangtze river with her mother, who remains too nervous to watch her matches and had not yet sent her any congratulations. “At this moment, I think my tennis is going up,” Li said. “In tennis everything can happen. Right now for me, the most important thing is to enjoy it for a couple of days, have a very good Chinese New Year. “I’m happy to take the trophy back for Chinese New Year. I’ll show it to (my mum) for one second and then put it into my house.”

BCB hosts tribute to retired cricketers programme today The Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) will today host their 4th annual Tribute to Retired Cricketers Programme at the head office of the St. Francis Community Developers, from 13:00hrs. Honoraries will include: George Paddy, Desmond Frazer, Jude Ramkisson, Jaikarran Balchand and

Mahadeo Latchmenn. The programme is been sponsored by the New GPC Inc. The BCB and the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club would also be making numerous donations to several cricket clubs in the Ancient County in its ongoing drive to develop

the sport. Representatives of the following clubs are asked to be at the St. Francis Club Office for 13:00hrs, Bush Lot, Blairmont, West Berbice, Police, Bermine, Edinburg, Rose Hall Canje, Young Warriors, Chesney, Albion, Port Mourant, Whim, Skeldon and Upper Corentyne.

Recently crowned super middleweight champion, Dereck ‘Lights Out’ Richmond, is an aggrieved man; one month after sending James ‘Sack’ Walcott to the canvas for good and earning the aforementioned accolade, the newly crowned champion is still to receive his belt and his manager/coach, Orlon ‘Pocket Rocket’ Rogers is calling on boxing administrators to hand over the accolade since the new champ wishes to move on with his career. Rogers said that Richmond is the first Berbician to have earned such a prestigious accolade at such an early stage in his career and his team had planned a motorcade around New Amsterdam in acknowledgement of the feat. However, they had to postpone the event because Richmond is still to receive the belt. Rogers also said that he asked President of the Guyana Boxing Board of Control (GBBC), Peter Abdool, of the belt and received several dates when it would have been available. “These dates have long past and we are still to receive a positive word,” lamented Rogers. Rogers said that he next spoke with match maker, Eon

Dereck Richmond Jardine who confirmed that the belt was not yet available and he would inform Rogers when he could uplift the item. The manager/coach is now wondering what to do next as his charge wants to push on with his career which could suffer setbacks in the absence of the belt. Efforts by Kaieteur Sport to contact Mr. Abdool were futile but Mr. Jardine confirmed that he had spoken with Richmond on the issue. Mr. Jardine said that the GBBC was short on belts and he had informed Richmond that every effort was being made to furnish him with the accolade. “We have never

defaulted on our obligations and commitments and we will hand over the belt just as soon as it becomes available,” assured Jardine. Richmond, who hails from Cumberland East Canje, has so far chalked up an impressive 3:1:1 record with all three of his victories coming by the knock out route. He disposed of his most recent victim, James ‘Sack’ Walcott’s in 2:57secs of the fourth round and won the national belt on Boxing Day. He also scored an upset win over Caribbean Boxing Federation (CABOFE) middleweight champion, Edmond DeClou, whom he stopped in the third round of a non-title fight. His devastating punching power resulted in DeClou nursing a broken jaw in the process. He also took care of Romeo Norville by the knockout route in an earlier fight. Richmond’s feat is impressive and has been touted as record breaking since he has only stripped off his shirt January 2013 and has clinched the prestigious national title in less than one year. Guyana Boxing Board of Control officials have assured that he will soon receive the belt, an emblem to his recently acquired supremacy.

Ferrari unveils new car ahead of...

The new Ferrari F14T Formula1 car. From page 68 team in 2000 in his fifth season with them. The Spaniard said: “I think Schumacher won in the fifth year with Ferrari. I’m in the fifth year now so hopefully I can repeat some of the success that he had. “Obviously in the last four years we had some opportunities, especially in 2010, 2012, we were very, very close to winning the championship. So this year we’ll try again and hopefully this time will be the good one.” The two-time world champion also believes that

is partnership with Raikkonen will be a formidable one. He added: “I think [with] Kimi and me as a team we should be quite strong because we’ve had some success in the past in our Formula 1 career.” Raikkonen is the last driver to win the title for Ferrari, back in 2007. He was paid off at the end of 2009 to make way for Alonso but the team brought him back for 2014 after tiring of former driver Felipe Massa’s inconsistency. He said: “It is nice to come back to Ferrari, the place I won my championship. The aim is

the same. We want to do the best I can, try to win races and championships.” Ferrari technical director James Allison, who like Raikkonen joins from Lotus this year, said he believed reliability would be “absolutely fundamental” in this year’s world championship, and more important than aerodynamic or engine performance. He added that recent investment in technology at Ferrari should leave the team in a good position “to prosper” in the next few years, as long as the team of engineers “worked well”.

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GBTI U-15 and female inter secondary school cricket tourneys unveiled by RHTY&SC While most cricket administrators continue to pay lip service to the development of game in Guyana, the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club (RHTY&SC) continues to implement new programmes to further advance the game and its main asset, the players. The club on Thursday last launched two new cricket tournaments for Secondary Schools in the Lower and Central Corentyne areas. An Under-15 tournament for players born on or after September 1st, 1999 and a Female tournament would be held with sponsorship from the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI). Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster, at the launching ceremony held at the Bank’s Port Mourant Branch, stated that the Club was dedicated to the development of the game at all levels and the main objective of the two competitions was to identify new talent for the Ancient County. The schools to be involved are Lower Corentyne, J.C. Chandisingh, Port Mourant, Corentyne Comprehensive, Manchester High School, Winifred Gaskin and Central Corentyne. The male Under-15 knock-out tournament would be 30overs per side while the female competition takes on a tapeball format, 12-overs per side. The tournaments start this Thursday (January 30) with a March Past of the seven teams. The Female teams of Corentyne Comprehensive and J.C. Chandisingh

Branch Manager Mr. Ghoeblall Mahadeo (right) hands over the sponsorship cheque to RHTY&SC Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster. Secondary Schools will get competition underway at 10:00hrs, while the male teams of both teams would clash at 12:30hrs. The Lower Corentyne Secondary teams would take on their Port Mourant counterparts on Friday at 10:00hrs and 12:30hrs respectively, while on the same day, Central Corentyne Secondary and Manchester High School will face off at the Kennard’s Memorial Cricket Ground. Winifred Gaskin Secondary School has drawn the bye for the first round. The semifinals are scheduled for February 6 and 7 at the Area ‘H’ Ground, while the finals would be played on Thursday February 13 at the

same venue. At the opening, each school team would be displaying banners promoting the “Say Yes to Education and No to Drugs and Suicide Messages”. Ten less fortunate students from each of the schools would receive educational packages during the finals of the tournament while the top two teams would receive trophies and medals. Foster stated that the RHTY&SC was confident that the tournaments would achieve their objectives and would lift the game to a higher level in the Corentyne area. He expressed gratitude to the Management and Staff of GBTI for their sponsorship of the two

tournaments at short notice while pledging that they’ll be well organised and successful. Branch Manager Mr. Ghoeblall Mahadeo in handing over the cheque informed that GBTI was pleased to be associated with the RHTY&SC, an organisation with an unmatched list of activities and achievements. He expressed confidence that the tournaments would be well organised and that new and exciting talent would emerged. GBTI is fully conscious of its corporate responsibility and would continue to invest in sports and education, Mahadeo stated while wishing the schools success.

Nadal focus on Wawrinka challenge BBC Sport - Rafael Nadal is eager to win a second Australian Open title against Stanislas Wawrinka today, after fitness problems blighted recent attempts. The Spaniard won the tournament in 2009 but was affected by injuries the following two years, and missed the event altogether in 2013. “I had very emotional moments this year,” said Nadal, the reigning French Open and US Open champion. “It’s the Grand Slam that I really had more problems with in my career.” He added: “A lot of years I didn’t have a chance to play in this tournament that I really love so much with the perfect conditions, so it’s very special have the chance to be in the final here again.”

Rafael Nadal and Stanislas Wawrinka (right) will battle for the Aussie Open title. (Getty Images) Nadal will be trying to win his 14th Grand Slam title on Sunday, which would bring him level with Pete Sampras and second to Roger

Federer’s 17 on the all-time list. It would also make the Spaniard only the third man, after Rod Laver and Roy Emerson, to win all four of the

majors at least twice each. And despite a blister on his racquet hand, Nadal appears in good physical (Continued on page 66)

Sunday January 26, 2014

GABA to host preseason games today The Georgetown Amateur Basketball Association (GABA) will be hosting some pre-season games today at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall ahead of what is expected to be another busy year for the association. The GABA have five games lined up, including two Division III games and three Division I games, scheduled to start at 2:30pm with the Division III contests. In a release yesterday, the Georgetown sub-association said that the occasion is earmarked to give teams “warmup” opportunities before it starts its 2014 calendar of activities. “The GABA is conducting these warm-up games to give its teams some practice before we venture into any major tournament; teams are advised to make use of the indoor facility to bring them to match readiness for the 2014 calendar year of events,” GABA President, Michael Singh told Kaieteur

Michael Singh Sport when contacted yesterday. Singh, who is also a Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) VicePresident, said he wants to continue to raise the bar this year and propel basketball in Georgetown to new heights after laying the foundation last year.

Ferrari unveils new car ahead of the new 2014 Formula 1 season BBC Sport - Ferrari have revealed the car they hope will end a six-year championship drought in 2014. The new F14-T features a dramatically shaped front, with bodywork swooping down to a much wider nose tip than has been seen on the other new cars so far. The car will be driven by former world champions Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen, arguably the strongest driver line-up on the grid. The car also features tightly packaged rear body work around the turbo engine. It is Ferrari’s response to the biggest set of rule changes in a generation. Formula 1 is replacing the 2.4litre V8s of the last eight years with new 1.6-litre V6 turbos, which use extensive energy recovery systems. There are also a series of changes to the chassis rules, which have led to among other things to unusual-looking noses. After the new Williams and McLaren were likened to anteaters, and the twinpronged Lotus to tusks, Ferrari have gone a different route. The nose cascades down from the high chassis top into a flatter front nose, while others have chosen a much narrower design.

All the shapes are aimed at getting as much air under the car as possible for aerodynamic reasons while satisfying the requirement for a lower nose. Ferrari are under extreme pressure to win the championship after Alonso finished second to Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel three times in the last four years, missing out by the narrowest of margins in both 2010 and 2012. Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali said: “The technical challenge is the biggest we have seen in the last 10 years in F1. “The season will be very, very long, so it is important to start with a very reliable car and then keep having the development on the aerodynamic side that was not there last year. “I expect the first days of testing to be very challenging, and we must avoid falling under the big pressure we have. We need to stay very focused on the job.” Alonso likened his experience of missing out on the title in his first four seasons with Ferrari to that of Michael Schumacher, who finally won his first championship with the Italian (Continued on page 67)

Sunday January 26, 2014

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Rain stops play in final practice match as Nationals win on DL system

Sewnarine Chattergoon (ESPNcricinfo)

Rain, at 22:40hrs, had the final say in the truncated final practice match under lights at the National Stadium on Friday evening as the National cricket team, which wings out on Tuesday for Trinidad to participate in the 2014 regional Super50, wrapped up their preparations for the eightteam event. Narsingh Deonarine and Royston Crandon added 73 for the sixth wicket to lift the Guyana side, chasing the 194-8 in 50 made by the Rest Team, from 80-5 off 23 overs to 153-5 in 42 overs when rain stopped the contest for the final time giving Guyana victory by five runs on the Duckworth/Lewis system. Deonarine hit four fours from 84 balls in his undefeated 56 while fellow Berbician Crandon was 22

not out from 44 balls after Robin Bacchus (8), Leon Johnson (1) and Skipper and in form batsmen Christopher Barnwell (7) all struggled to maintain any momentum under overcast skies. Pacer Raun Johnson had 3-30 from 10 impressive overs, while off-spinner Zaheer Mohamed and Keon Joseph, who bowled with some pace, had a wicket each. Earlier, Assad Fudadin (46) and Sewnarine Chattergoon (74) provided a solid 117-run foundation for their team but none of the other batsmen reached 30 with Rajendra Chandrika (29) and Vishal Singh (26) being the next best scores. Ronsford Beaton took 330 while Barnwell supported with 2-29. (Sean Devers)

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REGIONAL ONE DAY FACTS Statistician Charwayne Walker this week takes a look back and the Regional One Day Cricket tournament as Guyana challenges their regional counterparts for supremacy in this format of the game. Walker reflects on the past event with the major question being formulated in fans’ minds, whether the current crop of cricketers can emulate and surpass the performances of their predecessors. The Regional One Day Tournament was inaugurated in 1976 (called) the Gillette Cup. Barbados won the inaugural championship defeating Trinidad and Tobago in the final. The first batsman to score a Regional one day century was Barbadian

Emerson Trotman. Trotman’s 107 against Guyana at Bourda in 1977 led Barbados to victory. Vincentian Darnley Joseph’s 155 against Bermuda is still the highest score at the Regional one day level. Barbadian Pedro Collins 7 for 12 remains the best bowling. Sheik Mohamed and Jamaican Keith Hibbert are the wicketkeepers with the most dismissals in a Regional one day match both having (six) dismissals. Nevisian Deryck Parry’s spell against Barbados in 1982 at the Antigua Recreation Ground is still the most economical at this level. Parry’s figures were 10 overs, 6 maidens, 5 runs, 4 wickets. Centuries on debut at the Regional one day Level:

Ramnaresh Sarwan Leeward Islands Wilden Cornwall and Guyanese Royston Crandon. Hat-trick on debut: John Maynard Leeward Islands vs Trinidad and Tobago 1993,

Grove park Nevis. Most centuries in one tournament: (3) Ramnaresh Sarwan (2005); highest aggregate in a tournament Ramnaresh Sarwan 2005. First bowler to capture a 5-wicket haul at the Regional One Day level was Nevisian Lipton Griffin. Griffin took 5 for 36 vs Barbados at the Kensington Oval 1976. Centuries plus 5 wicket hauls at the Regional one day level: Lockhart Sebastien, Philip Simmons and Ramnaresh Sarwan. Will the current crop be able to replicate the above mentioned feats? Only time will tell. Sarwan is involved for Guyana this year and it is only left to be seen if he can top his own 2005 showing. (Charwayne Walker)

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Sunday January 26, 2014

Georgetown versus West side as The 2014 athletic season Mayor’s 79th birthday football races off in Berbice today concludes at Den Amstel Flashback: Athletes battle in last year’s event.

Devon Millington It’s a Georgetown versus West Side showdown at Den Amstel ground today when the final of the Mayor’s 79th birthday seven-a-side Football tournament is contested from 17:00hrs. City line-up North East La Penitence will battle the home side Den Amstel in the championship game for the first prize of $100, 000. The runner-up team will take home $50,000. In the curtain raiser, a Mayor’s All Stars team will tangle with Young Achievers starting at 15:00hrs. Admission to the ground is $500. The Den Amstel team will feature Delon Lanferman, Jeffery Pereira,

Rensford Coleridge Travis Hilliman, Ryan Hunte, Colin Benn, Rondel Hutson, Kester Jacobs and Gilian Payne. The Georgetown line-up features: Orville Milton (Captain), Hubert Pedro, Solomon Austin, Andrew Murray, Randolph Wagner, Rensford Coleridge, Devon Millington and Calvin Moore. The Mayor’s All Star team will field: Devon Charles, Ashley Harding, William Europe, Joshua Browne, Joshua Kamal, Malcolm Wilson, Nikel Frazer, Dwayne Wilson, Jamaal Harvey, Keron Solomon, Orville Stewart, Trevor Lewis, Trevor Jones, Lloyd Matthews, Clive Matthews, Amos Ramsay and Domini Garnett. Young Achievers will include Deon Terrence, Dexroy Adams, Roy Chilcott, Jason Critchlow, Winston Johnson, Marvin

Kester Jacobs

Jeffrey Pereira Josiah and Lloyd Prince. Among the sponsors offering support for the tournament are: GT&T, MACORP, Chris Fernandes, Ricks and Sari, who will give hampers of their products to the winners, Guyana Lottery Company, New Thriving Restaurant, Eddie Grant and Giftland Office Max.

With the aim of spreading athletics to as far and wide in Guyana as possible, the Athletic Association of Guyana (AAG) is trying its best to achieve that goal. Today the first part of that objective is set to be achieved with the staging of the annual season opening Cross Country race in New Amsterdam, Berbice. Officials from the AAG were up to late Friday afternoon in the Ancient County of Berbice trying to finalize logistical and other arrangements with the local organisers in an effort to put

everything in place. The New Amsterdam United Conquerors Athletics Club is the local organisers in Berbice. Speaking to the media Vice President and PRO of the club, Buster Wright, stated that the six miles event, which will circle the perimeters of New Amsterdam, will move off from the Esplanade Park at 15:00 hrs. He said that the athletes will head into Garrison Road between the New A m s t e r d a m Te c h n i c a l Institute (NATI) and the New

Amsterdam Hospital, through to the back of Tucber Park into High Dam, turn right on Vryheid Public Road, left up the Republic Road (back dam), through 60 Stanleytown into Strand (Water Street) and back to the Esplanade Park for the finish. There will be categories for seniors and juniors for both male and female athletes. The juniors will however not run the full course; they instead of turning up Republic Road will cut across Philadelphia Street (High Bridge) into Strand to end at Esplanade Park. Cleveland Thomas is the defending champion. Race coordinators include former national athletics champion Thomas Bowman, Collie Mickle and Henry Shepherd. Officials from the AAG including President Aubrey Hutson are expected to be in Berbice to help coordinate the event. The Cross Country race is usually the qualifying race for the North American, Central American and Caribbean Cross Country race that is usually held in Trinidad and Tobago.

Sunday January 26, 2014

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Kevin Mulling - Not yet great but getting there one punch at a time experienced Isaiah Moore. Undaunted, Kevin was selected to represent his gym at a goodwill tournament in Bartica late last year and not only won his bout but was bestowed the Best Boxer honours. His achievements thus far is hardly meritorious

Kevin Mulling

Living in the Ghetto has proven to be extremely difficult and most residents are unfairly stigmatized because of the area of their birth. Albouystown, one of the popular ghetto villages is one such area where its residents have suffered the indignity of adverse profiling. Yet amidst such setbacks, residents of this community have distinguished themselves and have scored many firsts in the academic and sporting fields. The ghetto residents are extremely proud of their contribution to national development through sports and often refer to the feats of f o r m e r Wo r l d B o x i n g Association welterweight champion, Andrew ‘Sixhead’ Lewis as solid proof that much talent is nestling in their community and just waiting to be nurtured. It was just under a year ago when I first heard of Kevin Mulling, a youngster from the Albouystown based Harpy Eagle’s Boxing Gym, who I heard was of special boxing talent. “Mike, you just have to see this youth in action,” an enthusiastic fan told me one day. I decided to make a special effort to visit the venue to observe this ‘special talent’ that Kevin possessed. Indeed, the lad was impressive though one could have ignored the few shortcomings which

included a playful attitude that stripped him of the necessary ‘killer instinct’ that separated the great from the ordinary. “I was just 7 years old when a friend encouraged me to enter the ring and I decided to approach ‘Sack’ (coach of the Harpy Eagle’s Boxing Gym, James Walcott) to learn the game,” said Kevin. That was four years ago. Kevin also said that despite the hard training and the fact that many of the other guys were more experienced, he stood his ground and felt an instant love for the game. At that time he weighed a mere 55lbs. “When he came to me, he could not even throw a proper punch,” reflected Walcott. The Harpy Eagles coach also said that he introduced Mulling to school boxing, (the theoretical aspect of the sport that introduces tenderfoots to the finer aspects of the sport) and he (Walcott) was especially satisfied with the strides made by his charge. “His first tournament was at the Andrew Lewis Boxing Gym and he won that fight quite easily,” beamed Walcott. Thereafter, Mulling became a regular feature on boxing cards and his first major tournament was the recently staged GBA/DDL U-16 Boxing Championships. His skill was apparent but he lost out to the more

enough to label him as great but I could not help but note that this youngster is of a humble family; his mother and father work very hard to support him, his 3 brothers and a similar number of sisters. Another brother, Kevon, is also attempting to procure

accolades in the boxing field. Kevin attends the Ketley Primary School, is in grade six and preparing to write the Secondary School Entrance Examination later this year. To many, his resume hardly qualifies him to be separated from the riff raff or to be called exceptional.

Those are they that are removed from the ghetto reality; those that fail to truly understand the challenges of growing up in a stigmatized community yet rising above the flotsam and jetsam to earn the distinction of best boxer with a bright future.

t r o Sp 21st Ricks & Sari Agro Industries 11-Race Meet

Marlon â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Fishyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Williams wins feature Anthony is contest in City season opener top juvenile Marlon Williams (left) in an intense and exciting sprint home to win from Orville Hinds (right). Michael Anthony (centre) placed third and Raynauth Jeffrey fourth.

P. 66

Third-time lucky Li keeps her wits to win Australian Open GABA to host preP. 67


season games today GBTI U-15 and female inter secondary school cricket tourneys unveiled by RHTY&SC P.68

Li Na of China (right) and Dominika Cibulkova of Slovakia with their trophies after the Australian Open finals. (Aaron Favila, AP)

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