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Initiating change in our own names As the world remains financially unsteady, our general ennui will certainly be exacerbated. Much of the tedium, or even dissatisfaction, centres on the social world in which we find ourselves. Our political, social, economic and cultural structures appear no longer capable of delivering the goods. This will be the grist for the political mill already launched. Some have maintained that we have a severe case of “bad governance”. The incumbents insist, with the aid of a few selected examples, that things aren’t really so bad. But they are merely conceding the accusation. One can always conjure up some other examples that “prove” the original charge. The reality, of course, is that we live in an imperfect world, and contrary to what politicians may state, all that is conceived cannot necessarily be achieved. As citizens of a republic, we must interrogate the assertions that are thrown at us, as far as governance goes, and make our decisions on what may be feasibly implemented and what cannot, based on our circumstances. Bad governance is a form of injustice that must be corrected; it is just that we must realise that we are part of the problem as well as part of the possible solution. Many of us have become intellectually lazy and allow too many of our leaders to do all our thinking for us. Good governance ultimately rests on a vigilant citizenry. There is talk of initiating “state” reform and “deepening democratization”. State reform must involve more than just reorganization of the administrative system or the system of resource allocation as is presently being pushed by the ‘advocates of radical change”. Changes at this level will only be meaningful if they foster participatory nation-building processes. But are we, the citizens, prepared to become more involved with governance issues? Right now the system, for instance, demands that the citizens of every community have the right to demand the details of any governmental project that is being implemented in that community and to monitor the execution of same. Are we doing this? No; but we get all worked up when excesses are uncovered by a vigilant media. One of the bulwarks of a viable democracy is the existence of a vibrant civil society that can act as a counterforce to an always potentially tyrannical government, no matter who is in office. If citizens balk at getting involved with governmental processes, why is it that they also balk at strengthening their own organisations? In Guyana, we desperately need a strengthening of civil society. Civil society involves various sectors, including the business world, trade unions, women’s groups, churches, and human rights activists. If we are alienated from the institutions and practices of governance, and public institutions are unable to solve social problems, then we always have ourselves. Community relationships and civic life either should not be allowed to further disintegrate. When civil society is absent or inactive, it is an open invitation to an oppressive regime. It is hard to dispute that strengthening community and civil society will not help to address persistent social problems such as destructive injustice, poverty and violence. Strong civil society can promote dialogue and reconciliation, foster good governance, and build peace across cultures. It can also foster the values of caring, tolerance, and cooperation, and encourage public discourse and broad participation in the construction of public policy. People who care about community are less likely to participate in mindless development and racial and economic segregation. Civil society can also play a positive role in dealing with dislocations in the economic arena - such as uneven economic development - that is a great source of tensions in our society. The educational and skill discrepancies that result in economic disadvantages to some unfortunate individuals can most efficiently be rectified by local, personalised programmes that are the forte of civil group activity. It is not that government does not have responsibility for much of our angst, but that it will be up to us, as subjects, to initiate change in our own names.

Tuesday January 21, 2014

Letters... Where your views make the news

One can only take Freddie Kissoon’s daily rhapsody with a grain of salt DEAR EDITOR, Readers have come to learn that one can only take Freddie Kissoon’s daily rhapsody with a grain of salt. Stella Ramsaroop, a few years ago, exposed him grossly for journalistic inaccuracies, and lectured him on the propriety of professionalism when it comes to journalism. You’d think that the columnist would learn a thing or two by now. Freddie Kissoon’s column (in quotation marks), “What I saw made me embarrassed to be a human being.” (KN, 12-01-14) is a mockery of veritable journalism; (Mr. Kissoon replaced the words “human race” with “human being”). Let me cite the first paragraph of the column that pointed to the quotation: “If you read these words anywhere in the world coming from a journalist, UN official, visiting politician, medical doctor, nurse or a scholar on a research project, you would definitely think that he/she is referring to a country that is at war and what they see are just horrible manifestations of the tragedy of life. Guess which country that quote refers to? Bet you would not believe it. Yes, your own land of birth, Guyana.” Kissoon wrote this column from info derived from an internet blog which Dr. Dennis Leblanc’s friend has had on the internet. Unfortunately, the long-time, seasoned journalist deliberately misquoted Dr. Leblanc to suit his poisonous vilification. Like many of his daily rants, this column was full of lies and misquotes. First, he referred to the Rev. Dr. Dennis Leblanc as a “visiting Catholic priest”. Dr. Leblanc is neither ‘Catholic’, nor is he a ‘priest’. He is a (Protestant) pastor/counsellor (as well as a medical doctor). Second, the visiting doctor/pastor, in his lamentation, was not pointing to the country of Guyana, as Mr. Kissoon would have us believe. He was writing in reference to the Mental Health Centre in Canje. It deeply distressed Dr. LeBlanc, to a point of tears - to see what he saw (of the mental health facility), and this is what he wrote: “What we saw there defies description, and so I have few words coming to me right now. But I will say that what I did see made me embarrassed to be a part of the human race. That we can warehouse people in such a fashion, and hide them away so that no one knows who they are, where they are, how they are doing, is a travesty…” Third, Mr. Kissoon deliberately changed the wording of his “quote”: “The priest has traveled all over the world but thinks that Guyana is the worst, miasmic-stained country he has ever seen. Let us quote him; “there is no relief here from the poverty, pain, unemployment, corruption, garbage…these are not temporary problems that come and go like our seasons … they are their (sic) perpetual state of affairs…” Again, Dr. Leblanc was referring to the Mental Health facility, not the state of Guyana. Fourth, Mr. Kissoon derides Guyana in his own terms and attributes them to others. I chatted with Dr.

LeBlanc recently, and can assure you that that description of Guyana (“the worst, miasmic-stained country”) is that of Mr. Kissoon – not the distinguished visitor to Guyana last October. Fifth, Dr. Leblanc has travelled in the Middle East and elsewhere, but his travels ought not to be described as “universal”. Sixth, Mr. Kissoon deliberately tweaked quotations to change meanings and context. His attributed supposed quotation of Dr. Leblanc on Guyana was, “Here is the part that made him feel that Guyana was not a civilized land; “I will say that the filth, squalor, poverty, and disregard for humans (sic) life made me embarrassed to be a human being.”

He was referring to the facility in Canje, not the country of Guyana. Seventh, the distinguished columnist reported that Dr. Leblanc’s castigation of the country of Guyana was given “wide coverage in different newspapers in the United States”, but this is another lie. The ‘report’ was given to a local news blog where Dr. Leblanc lives! E i g h t h , M r. K i s s o o n a g a i n borrowed part of the quote from Dr. Leblanc on the mental health facility – to make it look as if the visitor was referring to the country of Guyana. This is what Dr. Leblanc wrote – to appreciate the context of what was written: “… which brings me to the (Continued on page 5)

CCJ agreement should be amended to enforce judgment DEAR EDITOR, Caribbean nationals were surprised to learn last week that there is no mechanism to enforce all judgments made by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). This surprise disclosure was made by a judge of the CCJ, Ralston Nelson, when he addressed broadcasters in Jamaica. This means that the B$77,240 judgment obtained by the young Jamaican woman, Shanique Myrie, against the Barbados government for wrongfully denying her entry in the country, and for an illegal cavity search by immigration officers, might encounter some problems before she can reap the fruits of the award. Justice Nelson said that there is no power in the national laws for a CCJ Order to be treated as a national order. My humble suggestion is that the Agreement establishing the CCJ should be amended to make CCJ judgments in its original jurisdiction be enforceable as judgments in the Appellate jurisdiction. I am amazed that the powers to be did not see the wisdom to

include this clause when drafting the agreement. The CCJ judge explained to broadcasters that there are several regional integration treaties that do not have coercive power to enforce their judgments. However, legal experts feel that there are powerful reasons to impel a judgment debtor on the Original Jurisdiction to comply with a CCJ judgment. Investigations revealed that save and except for the Myrie case, all the other orders have been complied with. Barbados is a country which observes Rule of Law and one wonders why there is a delay in honoring an Order from the highest court of the land. Myrie is a Jamaican national, and Jamaica has not joined the CCJ in its appellate jurisdiction, but she was entitled to move to the CCJ in its original court which she did successfully. Only three countries, Guyana, Barbados and Belize have abolished appeals from the Privy Council and accepted the CCJ as the final appellate court. Oscar Ramjeet

Thank you, Medex Gouveia DEAR EDITOR, I write to publicly thank one of Guyana’s medical officers, Medex Gouveia, for the kindness and professionalism he showed me when I needed his help on Monday January 14. A woman who works with me informed me during the morning that her brother had been bitten by a rattlesnake and was hospitalized in Aishalton where he was given antibiotics and saline. As a layperson I wondered whether treatment should include some antivenom medication and, given how worried his family in Georgetown was, wanted to be able to reassure them that he was being well cared-for and didn’t need to be moved elsewhere, for example, to Lethem. I couldn’t get on to the Aishalton hospital and therefore tried two alternatives. The first was to call Minister Ramsaran who was out but

returned what he had received as a missed call and then put me on to his Secretary. The second was to call a friend whom I asked to enquire from the head of the GPHC who I should speak to. That second call provided me with the name Medex Gouveia, but when I called he was in a meeting. Sometime later he called me, and I have no idea whether he too, was simply returning a missed call or had been put in touch with me by the Minister’s Secretary. Whichever it was, he deserves my thanks for calling to reassure me, and through me the young man’s family, about his condition, and then calling again later after he had spoken to the doctor. The best part of it was that he provided details and when asked for clarification, offered it without sounding impatient or condescending. Nice work. Andaiye

Tuesday January 21, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

What is the status of the technical/vocational education curriculum in our schools? DEAR EDITOR, The KN news item captioned “Guyana still working to become CVQ ready – Manickchand” dated 1/16/14, exposes the troubling state of education in Guyana. This report raises a number of questions for which the Minister of Education must provide answers. The education of the nation’s children is also the business of the people. Minister Priya Manickchand, therefore, should not be given a free pass on this issue, since it is one which speaks to the future of our children and ultimately the country. In the article, the Minister is reported to have informed the media that her ministry is now looking to see what it has to do to meet the requirements determined by the Caribbean-based Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), in order for Guyana to become ready to offer the CVQ (Caribbean Vocational Qualifications). The report went on to state that “Guyana, through the Ministry of Education is fervently working towards becoming ready to offer the CVQs.” Manickchand is quoted as having said that ”we have to specifically check off what is needed to bring us to that level, so that we can offer the CVQs, at least, at Level One in the SCCP (Secondary Competency Certificate Programme).” The comments of the Minister, as reported in the KN, are a damning indictment

on the Ministry of Education and the PPP/C government’s failure to plan for the education of our children. It exposes the fact that the technical education programme in Guyana has drastically declined or is nonexistent in the schools’ curriculum. It is therefore time that the Minister provide the nation with a status report on the technical and vocational education programme currently offered by the Ministry of Education. Before the Minister tells us that Guyana is not ready to offer the CVQs, she should tell us why we are not ready. Those of us who have invested a lot of time in the education sector in this country know that, prior to 1992, Guyana had one of the most robust career and technical/ vocational programmes in the Caribbean. The structure of the community high schools was specifically fashioned to promote and support massive skill training programmes. Students were enrolled in many classes which helped them to acquire many different skills, skills which are especially important for economies like Guyana. The curriculum of the multilateral schools was also designed to equally support both technical education and academic programmes. The curriculum of most secondary schools also provided opportunities for students to pursue different technical or pre-vocational courses.

Yes, the Burnham/PNC government had in place a complete, purpose-driven, well-rounded, education programme for the nation’s children. Education policy was directly associated to a sound vision, a vision which was in sync with the socioeconomic realities of the day. One of those realities was that as a nation we needed to ensure that our young people are provided the opportunity to acquire the requisite skills and knowledge in order for them to become independent and functional members in our society. The Minister must therefore let the public know why in 2014 Guyana has to play catch-up in technical education. She must be honest with the nation and tell us what her government did to render us as a country not ready to offer the CVQ now. Since I assume that she will attempt to regurgitate the usual PPP/C propaganda about “progress” let me pause to explain why we are at this discreditable place. She must let the people know that; 1. The PPP/C came to power in 1992 and launched a vendetta campaign, against Burnham and the PNC - the mission was to erase all the PNC’s achievement and remove the name Burnham from Guyana’s history, a mission they are still on today. So education was targeted. 2. The PPP/C had no concept of what is education – for them, exposing students to write CXC is education. The Minister’s latest sales

ONE CAN ONLY TAKE... From page 4 realization that this is both an appropriate metaphor AND real life here. There is NO RELIEF here - from the heat, humidity, torrential downpours ... or from poverty, pain, unemployment, corruption, garbage, congestion, noise, danger, illness ... and on. Relief is a concept very few can afford (the rich or powerful, maybe). These are not temporary problems that come and go like our seasons. They are the perpetual state of affairs, that people today have inherited from their forebears, and now whose children are also destined to have as the reality of their lives.” Ninth, Mr. Kissoon falsely attributes that “LeBlanc ended his description of Guyana with the following expression; “It was a sad and depressing experience”. This is not true, as Dr. Leblanc expressed that he had a “wonderful” teaching experience in Guyana, and shall never forget the lovely people in the land. Tenth, Mr. Kissoon stated of Dr. Leblanc, “He said he is not coming back”. Dr. Leblanc never expressed the negative (of not returning to Guyana). His good buddy with whom he came has returned to Guyana nine times, and God-willing, will return another nine times. Guyana is

not the only entity that is in the mind of the visitor; merely stepping one’s feet in the physical land is not the only way to help out. You would think that Mr. Kissoon, a ‘seasoned’ writer/columnist/journalist would be fair and give the ‘other’ side of a story, and mention that Dr. Leblanc was flabbergasted by the incredible hospitality he experienced in Guyana. The visitor related how he and his travelling colleagues were travelling in Suddie. They were hungry and wanting to look for a restaurant to eat. The driver, overhearing their conversation, burst out with “nonsense”, and proceeded to whip out his cell phone, call his family who was having a Hindu religious function, and inform them that the entourage was coming to be part of the feasting. Within half an hour, they were ‘lashing out’ the 7-curry (dal and rice and all!), and were taken for a tour of the family’s backyard of chickens, ducks and fruit trees. This experience has been etched in Dr. Leblanc’s mind, and he has been proclaiming this episode as representative of Guyanese hospitality. I appreciate Mr. Kissoon’s desire to see change; I appreciate his desperation. However, this is no reason to exaggerate or lie in his daily missives. Devanand Bhagwan

pitch about “making secondary education accessible to everyone” highlights the shallowness of the regime. Lofty language with no substantive or real foresight! 3. The PPP/C embarked on a deliberate campaign to suppress technical education in Guyana because they associate this programme with the PNC and Burnham. The PPP/C stance on education is yet another example of this government’s lack of foresight and capacity to run any national government. Since the PPP/C came to power in 1992 education in Guyana has suffered because of the retarded and spiteful polices of the government. The regime approaches every issue from a purely narrowminded political standpoint. It is more concerned about flexing political muscle, and could not care less if its actions are detrimental to people and the nation. The PPP/C government’s assault on the education sector demonstrates the callousness of the regime.

The Minister of Education should let the people know that, had it not been for the PPP/C’s intentional attack on the technical education programme, Guyana would have been more than ready to offer for any certification programme in the vocational and technical field. The Minister needs to provide clear and precise information regarding the PPP/C government’s vision for education. We need to know what happens to the large percentage of our children who are not intent on pursuing studies along the traditional academic lines. How are we helping them to realize their full potential by pursuing the career they choose? Do we just deem them failures because they may not pursue the purely academic-centered careers? What about the student whose inclination is to become the best plumber, carpenter, welder, electrician, mechanic, hairdresser, barber, dressmaker, tailor, dietician, etc? Where have many of these programmes gone? Can

the Minster provide the relevant statistics? Can the Minister tell the people why the multilateral schools are in such deplorable state? Will we hear the truth about the government’s plan to destroy President’s College? And what about the technical programme in these schools, can the Minister tell the nation in which year the CXC numbers for those subjects begun to take a downward slide? Will the Minister be forthcoming and share the number of technical education subjects that Guyanese students took at CXC, prior to the PPP/C assault on the prevocational/ technical programme? The Minister should be made to account for the nation’s education programme. Our children are cheated and left unprepared to meet the challenges that await them outside of the classroom. We are failing to prepare them with certain basic skills to function independently in society and still we appear to be clueless as to why there is so much (Continued on page 23)

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After three years on the run …

Wanted beauty queen to turn self in today Former Beauty Queen Carolan lynch, who the police has fruitlessly been after for the last three years, plans to turn herself in today to face the murder charge relating to the death of her husband, former Swiss House Cambio Managing Director, Farouk Razac. Lynch has been on the run ever since the Director of Public Prosecutions had recommended that the murder charge be reinstituted against her. The first charge had been discharged by a city magistrate. In a statement issued to this publication, Lynch, who once held the title of Mrs. South America, announced her intentions to come forth to face the charges in what she hopes will be a speedy court hearing. Lynch, who maintains her innocence, made her intentions clear as she indicated that she is surrendering so that she can clear her name. “I am pleading for a speedy hearing so that I can again attempt to put these false accusations behind me once and for all. I am willingly turning myself over to the Guyana Police Force and I am asking that members of the public be vigilant because I have no faith, confidence or trust that my Preliminary Inquiry will be expedited in an attempt to keep me locked up,” Lynch stated. “I am determined to clear my name. I am determined to ensure that my daughter grows up knowing that her mom is innocent and is being victimized, wrongfully accused and targeted,” Lynch added. MURDER, CHARGE AND DISCHARGE Reports indicate that in 2007, on May 7, Lynch discovered her husband’s lifeless body lying on the bedroom floor of their 106 Ireng Place, Bel Air Park, Georgetown, residence. Razac was purportedly found with blood oozing from his mouth. The post mortem showed

Carolan Lynch

Dead: Farouk Razac

that the businessman died as a result of “asphyxiation (suffocation) due to possible ligature strangulation.” Four days later Carolan was charged with his murder. In 2008 the Preliminary Inquiry ended with Magistrate Gordon Gilhuys discharging the accused, citing that the Prosecution had failed to establish a Prima Facie case of murder against her.

that Lynch was wanted by the police. When the police got wind of her whereabouts and attempted to apprehend her at Arrow Point, she had already reportedly fled the scene.

FAILURE TO RE-INSTITUTE MURDER CHARGE After the perusal of the file by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), instructions were given for the charge to be reinstituted against Lynch who had by then “fled the jurisdiction.” Since the discharge in 2008, the reinstituted charge is yet to be read to the former beauty queen. On November 7, 2010, after she failed to appear before Chief Magistrate, Priya Sewnarine-Beharry on three occasions for the charge to be re-read to her, an arrest warrant was issued. Even with the arrest warrant and subsequent wanted bulletins being published, Roraima Airways later confirmed that she had been working with the company as a Manager at the Arrow Point Resort up the Demerara River. However, proprietor Gerry Gouveia had claimed ignorance to the fact

LYNCH CLAIMS INNOCENCE In her statement, Lynch shed some light on the reasons for her flight. “There was absolutely nothing that could have been done to erase the damage that was caused to my character, my reputation and my good name. I tried desperately to move on with my life for the sake of my daughter and my family.” “Then in September of 2013, I was informed that the Guyana Police Force had issued a second wanted bulletin for me in relation to the alleged murder of my husband. The nightmare that started in 2007 is still clearly not over as yet. How could I be wanted again for a murder when a Magistrate already found that there was insufficient evidence against me?” Lynch questioned. “My daughter was deprived of her mother’s love and care for about one year as I sat languishing in the New Amsterdam Prison on remand facing a framed up charge for murder.” In the release, Lynch insisted that she did not kill her husband and added that she feels she is being victimized by persons who (continued on page 13)

Tuesday January 21, 2014

Port Kaituma-bound vessel sinks In Atlantic with $80M in cargo - captain and crew rescued by fishing boat The owners of a Port Kaituma bound vessel, along with a number of business persons in the North West District are counting heavy losses after it sank on Sunday with millions of dollars in cargo in the Atlantic Ocean some 45 miles from the mouth of the Waini River. Fortunately the captain and his two-man crew were rescued by a fishing boat that was passing in the area shortly before the cargo boat “MV Stollie” went down. From all appearances, the cargo boat developed engine trouble while it was in treacherous waters way out in the Atlantic and the Captain and crew took no chances with their lives and sought help in the nick of time, leaving the vessel to the mercy of the high waves. All its cargo totaling about $80M in clothing, foodstuff and other items went down also. Kaieteur News understands that the vessel sailed from Port Georgetown last Friday after rectifying some mechanical problems it had encountered. According to a source that is closely associated with the vessel, the Captain claimed that during the journey, he heard an explosion emanating from the engine and the engine sputtered to a

stop. “He say all he hear was ‘pow!’ Like de engine head buss,” the source said. He explained that there were no reports of any leakage on the vessel although on Saturday the captain had requested a water pump, which was subsequently taken out to the “MV Stollie” at the mouth of the Pomeroon River by speedboat. According to the source, following the distress call, a speedboat was immediately sent out to render assistance to the crew and to try to ascertain if anything could have been done to save the vessel from sinking. “Whole day we search and all we found were food boxes, toilet paper and some empty plastic bottles that were on the boat,” the source told this newspaper. He said that the area where the vessel went down is so treacherous that any attempt to salvage it was dismissed. “Based on the location, we have to write it off,” he said. Meanwhile, some angry vendors at Port Kaituma who lost their cargo on the vessel are demanding some amount of compensation. Clothes vendor Yonette Barrington told this newspaper via telephone

yesterday that she is so frustrated since she has not received any official word from the owners of the vessel. She explained that after loading her goods onto the vessel in Georgetown, she travelled to Port Kaituma via aircraft, with the assurance that her cargo would arrive there yesterday. “All we hear was de boat coming and then we hear it turn back, now we hearing that de boat sink,” Barrington told Kaieteur News. Another vendor, Shelliza Ramdat, claimed that she loaded four jumbo bags with clothing worth $500,000 on the boat on Friday and flew into Port Kaituma the following day to await the vessel’s arrival. She said that yesterday she was getting all kinds of conflicting reports, which made her very suspicious. “We hear that the boat tek in water. We hear that they tek off the goods and put it on another boat. But then we hear dat they see goods floating,” Ramdat stated. Gowkarran Persaud who has been using the service for the past two years, also had four bags on board the ill-fated vessel. He too is lamenting his loss and is demanding compensation. Maritime officials are investigating.

Heavily-armed men invade chartered ... From page 3 proceeded to destroy the GPS system, the radar and other gear. They later poured a flammable substance on the floor of the tug's wheel house and down a flight of steel steps. The men then soaked a piece of clothing in the said liquid, attached it to a six foot long piper and threw it at the end of fuel trail. The fire started to catch just as the invaders escaped into the darkness. The crew however managed to untie themselves, and was able to put out the fire before it developed. Around 02:00hours, a report was made at the Timehri Police Station where two ranks were dispatched to the location. Walrond however told Kaieteur News that

yesterday's event seems like a clear case of sabotage. Walrond is currently embroiled in a bitter dispute over the sand mining location which he occupies. The man is engaged in a court battle with a family also claiming rights to the said property. They had picketed the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) demanding a cease work order on Walrond's mining company. They had also accused Walrond of using connections to bully them out of their property. Walrond has refuted these claims and filed several injunctions to prevent the family from entering the disputed area. The man has further obtained a renewed licence from the GGMC to continue his sand mining operation.

Walrond has noted however that the incident will further delay his sand, while the local agent is hoping that the boat could be on its way by Thursday. Tug Seven Mako was busted off the coast of Claxton Bay Trinidad in 2009 with some $250,000 worth of compressed marijuana in two crocus bags. Trinidadian authorities said then, that they had received a tip that the narcotic was onboard. The Trinidadian vessel entered Guyana almost two weeks ago and spent five days off loading stone at a location at Pearl on East Bank of Demerara. It then went to the Didco Wharf for three days and then to Walron's sand mining pit at Sand Hills Vreed-en-Rust, West Bank Demerara.

Tuesday January 21, 2014

Kaieteur News

U.N. chief disinvites Iran from Syria peace talks Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad (L) welcomes Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (SANA).

(Reuters) - U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon withdrew a lastminute invitation to Iran to attend peace talks on Syria yesterday after the Syrian opposition threatened to boycott this week’s conference if President Bashar al-Assad’s main sponsor took part. Ending nearly 24 hours of confusion that dismayed diplomats who have spent months cajoling Assad’s opponents to negotiate, Ban’s spokesman said Iran was no longer welcome at the initial day of talks at Montreux, Switzerland tomorrow. The opposition immediately withdrew its threat to stay away from the conference known as Geneva-2. But the uproar over Iran, which has provided Assad with money, arms and men, underlined the difficulties of negotiating an end to a bloody, three-year civil war that has divided the Middle East and world powers. Ban, his spokesman said, made the invitation to Iran after Iranian officials assured him they supported the conclusion of a U.N. conference in 2012, known as Geneva-1, which called for a transitional administration to take over power in Syria something neither Assad nor Tehran have been willing to embrace. Throughout yesterday Iranian officials made clear that they were not endorsing that conclusion as a basis for the talks. “The secretary-general is deeply disappointed by Iranian public statements today that are not at all consistent with that stated commitment,” Ban’s spokesman Martin Nesirky

told reporters at a briefing. “He continues to urge Iran to join the global consensus behind the Geneva Communique. Given that it has chosen to remain outside that basic understanding, he has decided that the one-day Montreux gathering will proceed without Iran’s participation. While rebels and their Western and Arab allies see the 2012 accord as obliging Assad to step down, the Syrian leader has support from Iran in rejecting that view. Russia, too, though a participant in the 2012 accord and co-sponsor of this week’s first direct peace negotiations, says outsiders should not force Assad out. Moscow has said Iran should be at the talks. Syria’s opposition National Coalition had said it would not take part if Iran did, threatening to wreck painstaking months of diplomatic effort in bringing representatives of the two sides to the table. It welcomed Ban’s change of heart. “We appreciate the United Nations and Ban Kimoon’s understanding of our position. We think they have taken the right decision,” Monzer Akbik, chief of staff of the coalition’s president, told Reuters. “Our participation is confirmed for 22 January. Expectations are low all round, but Western diplomats, some of whom had spoken of a “mess” and

“disaster” after Ban’s unexpected invitation to Iran late on Sunday, said the talks could now provide some start to easing a conflict that has killed over 130,000 Syrians and made millions refugees. “We are hopeful that, in the wake of today’s announcement, all parties can now return to focus on the task at hand, which is bringing an end to the suffering of the Syrian people and beginning a process toward a longoverdue political transition,” U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement. Washington had earlier called on the United Nations to rescind the invitation to Tehran. Adding to clouds over prospects for accord, however, Assad said he might seek re-election this year, effectively dismissing any talk of negotiating an end to his rule. DISPUTE OVER 2012 ACCORD Ban has said his invitation was based on an assurance from Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif that “Iran understands that the basis for the talks is the full implementation of the 30 June 2012 Geneva communique.”

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Tuesday January 21, 2014

Canadian based Guyanese charged for cocaine possession An overseas based Guyanese who was apprehended at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport for allegedly possessing 4.090 kilograms of cocaine in the false bottoms of his suitcase, made his first court appearance at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court yesterday, just three days after the drug bust. Twenty eight year-old Trevor Packs, a resident of West Ruimveldt, Georgetown, pleaded not guilty to the offence of possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking, but the court, presided over by Chief Magistrate, Priya Sewnarine-Beharry ordered him held. Prosecutor Inspector Michael Grant who briefed the court, stated that on January 17 (Friday, last), Packs, who is a Guyanese citizen living in Canada was a Caribbean Airlines passenger on flight BW606, en route to Canada . Inspector Grant reported that while Packs’ suitcase was passing through the scanner, a police rank observed an unusual bulge on the bottom of the luggage. As a result, the rank reportedly performed a physical check on the suitcase and during the course of the inspection managed to observe broken false bottoms under which

there was a whitish powdery substance contained in Zip-loc bags. According to the Inspector, the substance was taken to the Police Narcotics Branch where it tested positive for cocaine. Subsequent investigations were conducted and the charge was instituted against Packs. Representing the accused was Defence Attorney James Bond who, in submitting his application for his client to be granted a court bond stated that he was denied an opportunity to speak to his client while he was being held at the Narcotics branch. He said that his client is a vendor and father of two who has had no brushes with the law. However, his application was met with objections from the Prosecution who argued that no special reasons for bail to be issued were raised by the Defence Attorney. Inspector Grant said that the serious nature and gravity of the offence were also grounds on which he should be held in remand. The Chief Magistrate upheld the objections of the Prosecution and James was remanded to prison until January 21. The matter is set to be called before Magistrate Leron Daly at the Providence Magistrates’ Court.

West, Iran activate landmark nuclear deal (Reuters) - Iran has halted its most sensitive nuclear operations under a preliminary deal with world powers, winning some relief from economic sanctions yesterday in a groundbreaking exchange that could ease a threat of war. The United States and European Union both suspended some trade and other restrictions against the OPEC oil producer after the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog confirmed that Iran had fulfilled its side of an agreement made on November 24. The announcements, which coincided with a diplomatic row over Iran’s role at peace talks on Syria, will allow six months of negotiation on a definitive accord that the West hopes can end fears of Tehran developing nuclear weapons and Iran wants to end

sanctions that are crippling its economy. Iranian officials hailed a warming of ties that will also see their new president make a pitch to international business leaders at Davos later this week: “The iceberg of sanctions against Iran is melting,” the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organisation, Ali Akbar Salehi, told Iranian state television. Iran should be able to recover $4.2 billion in oil revenues frozen in foreign accounts over the six months of the interim deal, as well as resume trade in petrochemicals and gold and other precious metals. But EU and U.S. officials stressed that other sanctions will still be enforced during the six months of talks and that reaching a final accord will be difficult. Israel, which has called the interim pact a “historic mistake” and has repeatedly warned it might

attack Iran to prevent it developing nuclear arms, said any final deal must end any prospect of Tehran building an atomic bomb - something Iran insists it has never had any intention of doing. The interim accord was the culmination of years of on-off diplomacy between Iran and six powers - the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany. It marks the first time in a decade that Tehran has limited nuclear operations that it says are aimed mainly at generating electricity and the first time the West has eased its economic pressure on Iran. TALKSAHEAD “This is an important first step,” said EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton. “But more work will be needed to fully address the international community’s concerns regarding the exclusively peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear program.” Ashton, who coordinates diplomatic contacts with Iran on behalf of the six world powers, said she expected talks on the final settlement to start in February. U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said those negotiations would be “even more complex” and added: “We go into it cleareyed about the difficulties ahead.” A White House spokesman said the “aggressive enforcement” of the remaining sanctions would continue. A senior U.S. official said: “This temporary relief will not fix the Iranian economy. It will not come close.

Tuesday January 21, 2014

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A FRIEND OF THE FARMERS Rice was one of the star performers of the Guyanese economy in 2013. For this, two persons need to be thanked, because without the action they took, the rice industry would not have been revived. After the early boom of the 1990s had passed, rice prices began to fall even as production costs were increasing. These increased costs were primarily but not exclusively as a result of the increase in the cost of petrol. Rice production had become so mechanized days that tilling, planting, reaping and milling all were capitalintensive activities. This demanded energy, the cost of which soared because o f rising petrol prices. The cost of fertilizers also increased. This compounded the problems of the industry since farmers had become reliant on artificial fertilizers to improve their yields.

R i c e farmers love to complain, but amid rising production there was a problem with production costs and this ate away at profits. Their plight was aggravated by the constant prices paid for rice exports in the European market. Rice has always been at the mercy of the weather. Bad weather and poor drainage perennially threatened to put farmers on the breadline. At one stage rice farmers were threatened with mass bankruptcy. Many of them had overextended on loans from local commercial banks and these loans were being called-in by the banks. Even though production continued to increase, low prices, flooding and high input costs were threatening the very survival of the industry. Rice has been the success story of the PPPC administration. It is true that

Dem boys seh ...

Check out why de exchange rate going up De bad news is that dem two people who been pun de plane that crash dead; de good news is that de family get closure because dem ain’t got to worry. Perhaps de time now come fuh check out and probably get rid of dem single engine plane. De view is that dem can glide. This one didn’t glide. But dem same plane can serve a good purpose. Dem boys wonder if all de people who bring misery to Guyana can’t get pun a couple of dem plane and tek a trip. Dem plane must also get engine problem. Things reach de stage wheh Donald getting vex wid dem. De other day he let loose some cuss word at a couple of dem crooks. Dem boys seh it is about time Donald show people that he got power and that he prepare to use it. Donald sit down and examine de books and find out that de currency devaluing because all of dem who thief and skim off money trying to change to US dollars. That happen back in 1992 when Papa Cheddi come to office. People run to buy US dollars and de price go up. This time because de world focusing on money laundering all of dem trying to buy US dollar. Fuh years dem didn’t have to buy US suh de money stay round 200 to one. Now it reach 213 to one and is not that people stop sending money to Guyana. Now everything in Guyana gun get expensive and de government gun seh that de people only pressing de government. De truth is that is de same people who seh that dem like de government who cause de problem. Dem don’t care if de money go up and dem is de same people who must get pun de plane and disappear. Brazzy still trying to sheet out de $8 million of sand that disappear. He also know bout nuff other money. Dem boys seh that de man ain’t got shame. He collect nuff money fuh NICIL but when is time to pay in de money, de government can’t find $6 billion. And Brazzy still wukking. Talk half and think about de reason.

gold is glittering, but gold’s climb was attributable to foreign investment by Brazilians who came when local miners were departing the “backdams.” The Brazilians brought investment and much needed technology at a time when prices were low. Rice did not have a similar fate. At one stage, the banks were cautious about further exposure in the industry. Today they are lining up to lend to the farmers. Minister Leslie Ramsammy is today basking in the glory of last year’s record-breaking production of rice. But the person most instrumental in ensuring that rice production continued to increase was Ramsammy’s predecessor, Robert Persaud. Persaud has been the most successful agriculture minister ever. Sugar has been a blot against his record, but when

it comes to the farming sector, Persaud remains the most popular Minister on the PPPC’s benches because of the remarkable support that he gave to farmers, all farmers, and not just rice farmers. Under his watch there was significant and unprecedented investment in drainage and irrigation. Anyone who has followed the challenges of drainage in Black Bush Polder, the largest rice growing area in Guyana, will testify as to the tremendous investment that was made in drainage and irrigation in that area. So committed was Persaud to farmers in the Polder that for the first time ever, heavy earth-moving machines were placed permanently on location to ensure continuous work on the drainage system. In the Mahaicony area, Persaud helped farmers a great deal. He addressed their problems promptly. If

tomorrow the farmers of Mahaicony were asked to name their most popular Minister, they would not go for their own daughter of the soil, but would without hesitation name Robert Persaud as their favourite Minister. He has done more for them than all the other Ministers combined. Period! It was he, too, that was responsible for reading the riot act to millers. He also tabled legislation to strengthen the hand of government in dealing with unscrupulous millers who were in the habit of taking farmers produce and not making timely payments. It was under his watch also that the Hope Canal Project got going thereby ensuring that water will not have to be released again into the creeks where a great deal of rice is planted. When markets were being threatened and prices were

unattractive, Hugo Chavez stepped in and committed to annual purchases of rice. Today Guyana exports more rice to Venezuela than it does to Europe. The Venezuelan market has been a lifeline to rice farmers. The two individuals who therefore deserve the greatest credit for the revival of rice in Guyana for the record– breaking production are former Agriculture Minister, Robert Persaud and the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Rice farmers should build a monument to these men. It was because of their instrumentality that today the sun is shining so brightly on the rice industry.

OPR to recommend charges for cop in Timehri assault The Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) is likely to recommend charges for the policeman at the centre of allegations of brutality against 23-year-old Colwyn Harding. However, the charges may have nothing to do with the alleged sexual assault on the victim. A source close to the investigation informed this newspaper that there is enough evidence to charge the cop with physical assault of Harding. But according to the source, there is no strong evidence to support Harding’s claims that the policeman inserted a baton into his anus. Harding has been a patient of the Georgetown Hospital for the past two weeks, suffering from a ruptured intestine. According to one of the investigators, the evidence revealed that although the alleged incident occurred in November last year, Harding’s mother in a statement given on December 20 did not make any

allegations of a baton being placed into her son’s anus. The police only obtained a statement from Harding last week, in which the allegation was made. Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell had told a press conference last week that the OPR’s investigations should be completed by today. The policeman at the centre of allegations has a history of violent behavior, according to his colleagues. The man, who was up to last week under close arrest, was previously investigated on two separate occasions for indiscriminately discharging a loaded firearm while on the job. These incidents led to advice being given that he should not be issued with weapons while on duty. Kaieteur News was reliably informed that in 2011, while on patrol duty with other ranks, during the period he was stationed at Impact Base, Brickdam, the Constable discharged two rounds at a colleague from the M-70 weapon that he was

carrying. At the time, the patrol had stopped a vehicle and there was some disagreement over whether the driver should be arrested or not. He was initially placed under close arrest while the matter was being investigated. He subsequently proceeded on leave, but later resumed duty without charge at the Stabroek Market Outpost. According to his colleagues, in 2012, while on duty at the Stabroek Market, the rank discharged several rounds at a criminal suspect on Lombard Street, endangering the lives of persons in the vicinity. Again no action was taken except to transfer the rank to Timehri, with the advice that he should not be given a firearm to work with. Apart from the two mentioned matters, the policeman has reportedly had several run-ins with other colleagues. This newspaper contacted senior police officers, but they all claimed

not to know about the two incidents, although the policeman’s colleagues corroborated each other’s reports of them with details. Meanwhile, the Justice Institute Guyana has condemned the brutal attack allegedly made on Harding. According to the institute, the alleged attack would amount to torture, contrary to Article 141 of the (continued on page 25)

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Tuesday January 21, 2014

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

The Government wants the democracy project executed by the US Embassy to be stopped until both sides negotiate the contents. What are the risks in the US Embassy accepting such an agreement? Actually there is only one risk. If the US Embassy agrees, Guyana will not see the implementation of the project. Surely, the US Embassy has research staff that write analyses for the Ambassador on the political and sociological trends in the host country. The role of an ambassador is to study the nature of the country he/she

is posted to, thereby guiding his home government on policies towards that particular territory. That has been one of the requirements of diplomacy since ancient times. The Wikileaks cables show the extent to which the US finds some governments questionable in their conduct of politics, for example the Russian system. One of the key strategies of the PPP leadership is to begin negotiations and then drag it out. Then momentum is lost, time passes on, and nothing at all is concretized. When in February 2012, UG

went on strike, the Ministry of Education met with the union leaders in what was to be a monthly session to look at new directions at UG. That was the only meeting. 2012 has passed into history. In the same 2012, Linden rose up and negotiations began with the highest level of players in the government. 2012 has passed into history. We are now into 2014 and none of the agreements reached during those intense exchanges have been actualized. The Government has now informed Linden that it cannot go through with the television licence because there is a court case. How foolish this argument is, but the government gets away with its truculence. The permit cannot be awarded because some media owners have taken the Government to court challenging the granting of licences by Mr. Jagdeo to certain applicants only as he was about to demit office. Successful applicants included the PPP itself, Dr.

Bobby Ramroop’s outfit and Channel 69, among others. Commonsense would tell any human that if because of the court case the licences have to be on hold then the status quo should be reverted to before Jagdeo made his give-away. In other words, Linden’s application will be put on hold and so should be those that received them. But only Linden is without its right to transmit. Is the US Embassy willing to take the risk in halting the project until discussions are concluded? Here is what the PPP leadership will do. The Government’s point persons will be Roger Luncheon, Gail Teixeira, Odinga Lumumba, Robeson Benn and Irfaan Ally, among others. After the first day of agreed modalities, a follow-up meeting will be impossible. First, Luncheon couldn’t make it and no decision could be arrived at without him being there. Then this pattern is repeated with Teixeira. Then the Ministers are busy

with Mashramani, so meetings will have to wait for March by which time the Government has to attend Phagwah ceremonies. In April, the long Easter holiday plus the busy schedule of the Ministers will stretch the talks to May by which time preparations for Independence celebrations are underway. In June, both Luncheon and Teixeira are overseas and since they comprise the real cream of the Government’s delegation, Lumumba, Benn and Ally cannot proceed without them. By the time we reach July, the Government is bogged down with sensitivities, complexities and inanities involving preparations for the Local Government polls. The rest of 2014 is a bad period for the PPP leadership because of election campaigns for local government. We come to 2015. Another meeting is held, but nothing substantial emerges, and there will have to be further discussions. But key members cannot make

Frederick Kissoon the scheduled arrangements. By this time in 2015, general elections are on the horizon, but in any case, huge parts of the project are now irrelevant because Local Government polls are already held and the voter education exercise did not take place. Parliament by this time is no longer in possession to receive the benefits of the US assistance. By the time Guyana gets into election overdrive, the democracy project would have died a natural death. My advice to the US Embassy is not to do it. Go ahead with the project. Sadly, the Speaker of Parliament put his foot in his mouth by suggesting talks should be pursued. Parliament itself can negotiate with the US Embassy for the implementation of those aspects that are beneficial to the House, without waiting for the Government to meet with the Ambassador. Unless the Speaker feels that the Parliament is subordinate to the Executive.

Tuesday January 21, 2014

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GPSU still searching for way forward over government imposed wage increase GPSU workers picketed over 10 years of imposed wage increases

Almost three weeks into the New Year and the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) is still trying to sort out what next must be done to fight the government-imposed five percent wage increase that public servants received for 2013. The union’s First Vice President, Mortimer Livan, told Kaieteur News yesterday that they are still conducting a fan out of associated members nationwide to ascertain through consensus, what will be the next step toward addressing annual governmentimposed increases. Livan told Kaieteur News that the union is still in

discussions since they feel that talks must be held with its members in order to move forward strategically. He pointed out that representatives in places such as Georgetown, Berbice, Essequibo, Linden etc. are being updated as to the developments involving the union, and the union is in turn taking in feedback. The union, toward the end of last year, took a firm stand to demonstrate against the imposed wage increase, indicating that the act by the government has become an annual trend. Several lunch time protests were held and later increased with some

public workers abandoning their posts and holding hours-long demonstrations outside state entities. City wide protests were scheduled for the close of last year, but did not meet expectations as city dwellers geared for the holiday season. The union had given government a two-week ultimatum which led to the start of protest action; but even that did not encourage the Administration to increase the wages. Without the constitutionally collective bargaining agreement being acknowledged, the union again promised to commence

APNU moves to draft National Flood Control Plan - Government needs to stop responding to floods in a haphazard manner A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has deemed the recent floods and that of last year a horrible manifestation of government’s management style and “supposed” commitment to the improvement of drainage and irrigation in the country. With their empirical evidence at hand, the coalition has made moves on their own to draft a plan geared towards effectively addressing the situation. Just yesterday, a private meeting was held amongst members of APNU, and that of some of Guyana’s best engineers. Present at the meeting were APNU’s Leader David Granger, Shadow Minister of Public Works and Telecommunications, Joseph Harmon, Shadow Minster of Natural Resources and the Environment and Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine . The seasoned engineers

included Bert Carter; Terry Fletcher; John Piggott; Horace Nurse and Edward Gonsalves. This publication was informed that the discussions will soon lend towards a carefully drafted plan which will be proposed to the government. Roopnaraine has disclosed that it will not allow the project and its success to be dependent on the government. “The government will get a chance to see the proposal but we will not be depending on them for its implementation. We are not going to allow our hard work to be placed on hold as is the case with other situations.” He added, “We are hoping that over the next few days we can put forward a plan which will address not only the concerns of residents in the city but also those in the country side. As you would know, the issues affecting the city may not be the same as

Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine those affecting the people of the Pomeroon area, so we are also looking to have the proposal tailored in such a way that it addresses not only the individual problems of each area but also similar issues.” “We are aware as well that there are some large scale operations that are also having an impact, like the building of the East Bank road and the effects of these projects on the drainage (continued on page 13)

protest action at the start of this year; but that is yet to materialize because of the claimed “fan out exercise.” The government has however maintained that they are in no position to pay more than the imposed five percent. This has long been the government’s position on the issue, yet talks to discuss their (government) financial position with the union are being disregarded, union President Patrick Yarde stated. Yarde had told the media repeatedly that consultations over public workers increase are regularly shunned, while wage increases, for the last

10 years is being imposed on workers. The combined Opposition had however stated that Parliament had signed off on enough money that could see public workers receiving more than five percent. They have stated also that a large part of the money identified for public workers over the years has not been used by the government and thus asked for a paper trail or rather, an in-depth explanation as to what was done with the money. It was further stated that the Finance Minister’s explanation; that the funds were used to hire new staff and increase wages for

promoted staff did not relate with procedure. Alliance for Change Leader Khemraj Ramjattan had told this publication in an earlier report that monies for promotions and added staff came under a separate amount for public workers, while wage increases were already catered for. Both the AFC and A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) have stated that a closer watch will be kept on that aspect of this year’s budget and noted that hard questions will be asked about the money that was, and is being designated for public servants.

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$1.5B spent in two months… Simply returning Financial Papers with expenditure that previously did not gain the support of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) does not guarantee approval. This is the position held by Leader of the Political Opposition, Brigadier (ret’d) David Granger, who said that while the coalition is still to take a definitive position, some of the expenditure returned had been previously voted down as a matter of principle. He said that the coalition’s Shadow Cabinet will meet today and take a decision on how it will be voting on Thursday. Granger did point out that key to the decision-making process would be if the Finance Minister has provided the requisite explanatory information accompanying the expenditure amounts. Granger reminded of a previous occasion where Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman, had pointed out to Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh, that he would not be allowing debates on Financial Papers, if they do not meet the requirements of the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act, as it relates to providing the required information. Under the Substantive Law, after drawing down from the Contingencies Fund, “The Minister shall report at the next sitting of the National Assembly on all advances made out of the

Tuesday January 21, 2014

‘Returning voted down expenditure does not guarantee approval’ - Granger

Contingencies Fund since the previous report of the Minister, which report shall specify - (a) the amounts advanced; (b) to whom the amounts were paid; and (c) the purpose of the advances.” Granger pointed out too that another main consideration that the coalition will be addressing is whether the moneys that had been drawn down by the Finance Minister from the Contingencies Fund, meet the criteria. Under the law, “The Minister, when satisfied that an urgent, unavoidable and unforeseen need for expenditure has arisen - (a) for which no moneys have been appropriated or for which the sum appropriated is insufficient; (b) for which moneys cannot be reallocated as provided for under this Act; or (c) which cannot be deferred without injury to the public interest, may approve a Contingencies Fund advance as an expenditure out of the Consolidated Fund by the

Opposition Leader, David Granger

Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh

issuance of a drawing right.” The last time the National Assembly met, Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh, tabled two Financial Papers representing expenditure he would have approved in the final two months of 2013 amounting to just about $1.5B. The scrutiny and vote on the amounts is scheduled on the Order Paper for Thursday’s sitting. According to the details of one of the Supplementary

requests to the 2013 Budget, between November 6, last year and December 31, $121.9M was transferred to the Ministry of Public Works and the expenditure was incurred in relation to providing additional support to Transport and Harbours Department. The Ministry of Home Affairs was also a beneficiary of moneys allocated over the two-month period. The Financial Paper details that $69M was used

in relation to increased travelling by ranks to conduct investigations, especially in interior locations. The Ministry was initially given $616.5M for local travel and subsistence. The Guyana Defence Force (GDF) was also the recipient of $100M. According to the Financial Paper, the expenditure was “incurred in relation to Joint Services Operations.” The money was provided under the line item, “dietary” for which it had already received more than $747M. The GDF also received $50M under the line item for equipment maintenance and according to the description provided, “Expenditure incurred in relation to Joint Services Operations.” It had initially been allocated $320M for the force’s equipment maintenance. The GDF spent an additional $51M, moneys which it received under the line item, “Other Transport, Travel and Postage.” The explanation for this

expenditure was said to be in relation to Joint Services Operations. It received a further $36M for its Vehicle Spares and Services. The Ministry of Agriculture’s Crops and Livestock Support Services also received under its Agriculture Export Diversification Project, $257.5M. The Ministry’s explanation of how the money was spent is, “Provision for additional inflows specific to drainage and irrigation works including control structures, gates, culverts, bridges, pump station and rehabilitation of channels and consultancy services.” The Ministry of Housing and Water under its Low Income Settlement Programme, received an additional $97.6M. “Provision for additional inflows specific to upgrading of roads, construction of core homes and supply of materials and labour for the construction of houses under the hinterland pilot component” was its explanation.

Manufacturers’ goal should be “consumer loyalty” – EMPRETEC Consultant Not only do manufacturers have a social obligation to ensure that the products they produce are of a high quality but these products must also meet the necessary safety requirements. This notion was recently amplified by

Consultant attached to the EMPRETEC Guyana training organisation, Ms Marilyn Collins, during a recent Government Analyst Food and Drug Departmentspearheaded sensitisation meeting for treated water producers. At that informative forum she directed much emphasis to the legal, social and moral responsibilities of manufacturers even as she pointed out that since water is essential to life, fervent efforts must be made to ensure that it is free of contaminants. “We all know that if the water is contaminated it can have a negative impact on consumers’ health,” said

Collins as she pointed out that “consumers today are paying a premium cost for treated water and so they need to have a premium product and so consumers’ expectations when they purchase your product is that this product will satisfy all tacit and implied requirements.” Moreover, she highlighted the crucial role of local treated water producers to ensure that they meet the ever-high expectations of their consumers. Once this goal is achieved, she disclosed that there is likely to be the development of a bond between the producers and their consumers which is generally referred to as “consumer loyalty.” “Once a

consumer is satisfied they will return time and time and time again to purchase your product and that could result in sustainability of your also results in enhanced profitability and viability of your enterprises,” Collins categorically affirmed. She therefore noted that it is essential that when a product reaches the realm of consumption it must meet the requirements of the regulatory authority and by extension the consumers. As such she spoke of the important responsibility of those charged with manning treated water producing facilities to be very aware of the quality of their incoming water which in essence would

EMPRETEC Consultant, Ms. Marilyn Collins give them a sense of their “raw material.” “If you have a sense of that quality it determines therefore the type of processing equipment that you will buy, it determines (continued on page 25)

Tuesday January 21, 2014

Cheaper power… Canadian-owned, Reunion Gold, the company which is now operating the Matthew’s Ridge, Region One, manganese mine site, is exploring possibilities with neighbouring Trinidad to build a processing plant there. The reasons, the company has said, include cheaper cost of power there. According to Reunion, it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with National Energy Corporation setting out the terms under which the parties will collaborate to evaluate the potential development by Reunion of a silico-manganese plant in Trinidad and Tobago. Reunion said that following the release of the pre-feasibility study of the Matthews Ridge Project in July 2013, it performed various desktop studies, including assessing the viability of reducing the output of the Matthews Ridge Project located in Guyana and converting the manganese concentrate into silicomanganese alloys in Trinidad and Tobago. “In addition to its proximity to Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago offers numerous benefits including competitive power costs, deep sea port facilities, dedicated areas for industrial projects and proximity to silico-manganese markets.” David Fennell, Chairman

Kaieteur News

Matthews’ Ridge firm signs MoU with T&T for manganese processing plant The Matthews’ Ridge, Region One, manganese compound.

of Reunion, stated: “This is a significant development for the company. While Matthews Ridge as a stand alone mining operation is an attractive investment opportunity, we believe that the construction of a silicomanganese plant in Trinidad and Tobago to be supplied by Matthews Ridge ore may potentially allow us to create a vertically integrated operation which could become one of the world’s lowest cost producers of silico-manganese.” Reunion Gold Corporation is a mineral exploration

company engaged in the exploration and development of the Matthews Ridge manganese project located in the North West District of Guyana, South America. The Matthews Ridge Project consists of four prospecting licences covering an area of 185 km (2) in northwest Guyana, in and around the former mine. In July 2013, the company announced a proven and probable reserve estimate of 26.3 million tonnes of manganese with an average grade of 14.2% Mn. Manganese is the fourth

GPF lacks Proper Supervision of ranks …Those who don’t hear will feel - Rohee Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee in speaking on the negative perception of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) with respect to the social transgressions that some of the police officers have been accused of committing, said that ranks are not being properly supervised. Rohee said that he has been constantly addressing this issue “Every one of those conference which takes place on an annual basis, I make reference to the question of supervision . At every one of the graduating classes at the Force, I make reference to this question of supervision because I know that this is one of the weak areas within the Guyana Police Force” said the Home affairs Minister. N o t i n g t h a t he has specifically highlighted the need for proper supervision

Page 21

Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee of ranks at the station level, he reiterated that this issue must be taken seriously. Rohee further said that he has ventilated his concerns in this regard in the newspapers, television and other similar outlets, and he

expects that ranks read these things. “you know there is a saying those who don’t hear will have to feel, it’s simple as that, so it’s a combination of factors and as I said before I don’t think that the Ministry has been lacking in pointing out and giving forewarning, so to speak to the heart of the Force and to all other ranks of the force to look out for these things because things can happen that can backfire on you” said Rohee. The Home Affairs Minister expressed that they will continue at the policy level to express “these things over and over again like a mantra, but you know there will be people who will not give a swat about things coming out of the politicians mouth but I believe that it would be to their detriment if they were to do that because it will come back to haunt them” he said.

largest metal consumed in the world, behind iron, aluminum and copper. It is a key component in steel and iron production. National Energy, a subsidiary of the state-owned National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited, is engaged in the promotion of new energy-based industries and the provision and management of industrial estates, port and marine facilities to support the industries in Trinidad and Tobago. Reunion yesterday, however, warned that at this

stage, it still needs to complete a number of studies. “Certain statements contained in this press release constitute forward looking information under Canadian securities laws. Such statements include those discussing the potential development of a silico-manganese plant in Trinidad and Tobago, and the possibility of becoming one of the world’s lowest cost producers of silicomanganese. No assurance can be given that these events will happen.” The studies include a

scoping one and a full feasibility. The Canadian investor has also signaled intentions to explore the establishment of a vessel’s facility, railway linkages and improved roads. Two years ago, Reunion said it had spent over US$21M, and plans to start full scale mining of the ore early this year. Reunion Manganese, in September 2010, was awarded by the Government of Guyana, four prospecting licences (PL) to conduct exploration and development activities for manganese in the North West District. The PLs cover an area of 45,729 acres and are centered in and on the abandoned manganese mine at Matthews Ridge and Pipiani, which was operated by a subsidiary of Union Carbide Corporation from 1962 to 1968. In excess of 1.66 million tonnes of manganese concentrate were shipped from the mine site during that period. The company had told representatives of the private sector that it will be investing around US$250M in the coming years and it is projected that annually, up to two million tonnes of manganese will be produced. Manganese is the fourth most used metal in the world, behind iron, aluminum and copper, and is a critical alloy in the production of steel.

CGX granted injunction against former partner Repsol CGX Energy Inc. yesterday announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, CGX Resources Inc. has obtained an injunction order in a local court restraining Repsol Exploracion, S.A. from proceeding with the 30% farmout of the Kanuku petroleum prospecting license to RWE Dea AG. According to CGX, this is pending the hearing and determination of the arbitration proceedings commenced by CGX Resources against Repsol. On December 23, 2013, CGX Energy announced the commencement of an arbitration proceeding under the rules of the London Court of International Arbitration against Repsol in connection

with the expiry of the petroleum prospecting licence covering the Georgetown Block. Dewi Jones, Chief Executive Officer of the Company, said that: "CGX Energy is pleased with the decision of the Commercial Court and will continue to work towards protecting the interests of its shareholders by pursuing this claim against Repsol." Professor Suresh Narine, Co-Chairman of the company, added: "When the Georgetown Block partners decided to cease drilling and plug the Jaguar 1 well due to safety considerations, CGX Energy immediately indicated its intention to continue exploring the Georgetown Block because we strongly believe in its prospectivity, as we in-

deed strongly believe in the prospectivity of the GuyanaSuriname basin.” CGX said that this latest step with the courts in Guyana seeks to further protect its shareholders' rights with regards to the results uncovered by the Jaguar 1 well. “CGX Energy has a long history of operating and in supporting law and order in the basin and this injunction is a significant endorsement of those who want to ensure an orderly functioning of the petroleum industry in Guyana as more players enter into the basin." CGX Energy is a Canadian-based oil and gas exploration company focused on the exploration of oil in the Guyana-Suriname Basin.

$50.2M Special Needs School commissioned From page 14 and suitable staff for the school and to have a new building for the Vocational Training Centre (VTC), for which funding has been approved by the Caribbean Development Bank and the Ba-

sic Needs Trust Fund. Meanwhile, President Donald Ramotar, during brief remarks expressed that the new school emphasizes Government's commitment to educating its people including those differently-able,

thus enabling them to, in turn, develop the country. He assured that Government will continue to invest in the people of the country, creating conditions for them to have a fulfilling and better quality of life through work.

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Tuesday January 21, 2014

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Tuesday January 21, 2014

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Letters... Where your views

What is the status of the technical...

From page 5 chaos in the nation. We see three boys from Albouystown, all born during the reign of the PPP/C regime, shot and killed by the police, and quickly write them off as criminals, without recognizing how the education system might have contributed to their dilemma. We read of teenage murderers, carjackers, rapists, cell phone thieves, con artists, mango thieves, school thieves, school gangs and the like and all we do is label these youths criminals, and encourage them to perfect their craft by hardening them in jail. Did we stop to think about the education of these youngsters? Did we help them to meet their educational potential? How could we simply allow these boys to fall through the cracks? Could these children’s lives have been better if they were exposed to the kind of education programme that appealed to their learning styles and preferred career pathways? Wouldn’t the PNC/ Burnham technical/ vocational education programme have helped these youngsters? It is no secret that technical education or prevocational skills help many youths to find their purpose and relevance in society. The many skills training provided by the then Guyana National Service (GNS) is a testament to this fact; one only has to talk to the many distinguished men and women who have benefitted from this institution. The Minister would also remember that the PPP/C and friends also took action to disband and render the GNS useless. This is another example of pulling the rug from under our children’s feet! Every school system has its share of challenging children, the question is how we provide for these children and help them to still realize their maximum educational potential. Where is the typical alternative learning and skills training educational programme for these children? The Ministry of Education has failed the nation’s youth, the PPP/C government has failed the nation’s youth, and the ruling party has failed Guyana’s children! It is time to stem the tide; our children deserve better. Minister Manickchand owes the nation a lot of answers. It is time we demand

answers. It is time that we hold this government accountable. The lack of a comprehensive education programme, vision and wellrounded curriculum has done nothing but help to criminalize many of our youths. While the parents have their job to do, the government also has a responsibility to provide the educational opportunity to help our children succeed. We the people also have a responsibility to advocate for our children and help to make meaningful deposits into their lives, as our own livelihood depends on whether these children succeed or fail. Technical education has always been regarded by the PNC government as important to national development, unfortunately the PPP/C see skills training programmes as short-term political overtures with no real long-term benefit to our children, the education sector or the national economy. Lurlene Nestor (From page 22)



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Kaieteur News

Tuesday January 21, 2014

Clinton Williams is new GGMC Chairman Prominent city executive, Clinton Williams, has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC). Rickford Vieira was also confirmed as Commissioner for that mining regulatory body, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment announced yesterday. The appointment of Williams and confirmation of Vieira were done in accordance with the GGMC Act, said Minister Robert Persaud. The moves were made at a time when the mining sector, one of the fastest growing locally, has been worrying operators and the administration alike. The mining sector has been raking in billions in revenue, especially from the gold mines as world prices reached record levels of US$1,900 per ounce last year. However, the world prices had begun to slide, reaching almost US$1,100. The price has started to climb again. Operators have been urging Government to reduce its fuel tax and even consider waiving duties on pickups as

- Vieira confirmed as Commissioner

GGMC’s new Chairman, Clinton Williams some of the measures to ease the industry. Minister Persaud made it clear that the appointments are expected to improve the efficiency and organizational functioning of the Commission. The Minister also pointed out that there will be a continuous review of the operations of the organization, and other critical appointments will be made shortly. Williams is the Chief Executive Officer/Director of

Confirmed as Commissioner: Rickford Vieira Guyana National Industrial Company Incorporated, having been with the company since the time of privatization in 1995. Prior to that, he served the previous company; Guyana National Engineering Corporation in various senior executive roles including its Executive Director, Planning and Marketing; Divisional Manager, Planning and Development and Industrial Engineer. He is an Industrial

Engineer and holds both first and second degrees in Mechanical/Industrial Engineering. He is a member of a number of International Professional Associations in the Shipping and Engineering fraternity and has completed a number of publications, research projects and reports in this capacity, inclusive of a Strategic Plan for the Shipping Association of Guyana in response to the CIDA Caribbean Regional HRD Programme for Economic Competitiveness (CPEC) Program. He has also completed a number of consultancy assignments for a wide range of industries in Guyana and the wider Caribbean, including shipping, engineering and manufacturing sectors. According to the Ministry, the executive has a Post Graduate Certification in Project Management and vast experience in Comparative Management Systems, Energy Conservation, Project Evaluation and Preparation,

Strategic Port Pricing and Private Sector Partnerships for SME Development. He previously served as President of the Shipping Association of Guyana, Chairman of the Guyana/China Business Council, President of the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association Limited, Sub Sector Chairman, Energy Power and Skills Development, Private Sector Commission, Chairman of The Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training, Chairman, Board of Industrial Training and Chairman of the Board of Guyana Forestry Commission. Williams was a member of the team of experts which formulated the National Development Strategy for Guyana, particularly in relation to the strategies for the Transportation and Manufacturing and Engineering Sectors. Meanwhile, the Ministry said, Vieira is qualified with a Masters of Engineering, (Mining Engineering) 1997, University of British

Influx of doctors helping to bolster efficiency of health sector - CMO Close to 300 new Cubantrained doctors are currently in the public health system even as moves are being made to improve the delivery of health care countrywide. And according to Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr Shamdeo Persaud, in the quest to ensure that these new doctors are competent to operate in the local system they, upon their return here, are exposed to a very strict 18-month programme. This programme is especially important to ascertain whether the fledging doctors are proficient enough to obtain their independent practicing license. Currently about 283 of them are placed at institutions across the country under supervised institutional registration, a state of affairs that obtains also to newly trained nurses and pharmacists, Dr Persaud disclosed. He insisted that all these health professionals must undergo a period of internships after completing their training before they are deemed ready for independent practice. According to the CMO, although it was anticipated that the full complement of doctors who had undergone training in Cuba would have been back in the system by now, there are a few who must complete some programmes in order to fulfil their

graduation requirements. “The few more are either completing courses they needed to and some have some specialised training to do; a few were selected in Cuba for training in health services management so even though they have completed the medical programme they have to remain to do that...some have completed but some are still to do so,” explained Dr Persaud. However, the CMO sought to emphasise that the inability of some medical students to successfully complete the programme on their first attempt is not worrisome since according to him, “every good training programme would have persons who need to get extra work in, in some specific areas.” Dr Persaud is nevertheless hopeful that all those in training will soon return so that the health sector could benefit from their expertise. Previously a total of 175 Cuban trained doctors were added to the system. The medical training in Cuba came as part of bilateral cooperation between Guyana and Cuba which should have allowed for some 500 individuals to be so trained. The CMO’s comments on the Cuban-trained doctors were forthcoming during an interview with this publication which saw him

seeking to deflate reports that the quality of the medical personnel trained in Cuba are not on par with the training in other countries even or that accessed at the University of Guyana. “Cuba has just a rigid evaluation programme as the University of Guyana, the University of the West Indies, Maryland University, Vanderbilt (University) or wherever; it is not a free for all...I can assure the public that the programme is just like any other training programme,” Dr Persaud firmly declared. In fact he insisted that the assessment that the Cubantrained doctors undergo upon their return is identical to that which doctors trained elsewhere are expected to endure. “We feel this is a good way to, first of all, standardise their practice and secondly to give them the necessary skills that they may not have learned at their training institutions.” Training for the new doctors include: courses on Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and according to Dr Persaud, each of them are required to undertake the Advanced Labour and Risk Management (ALARM) programme. The latter programme is intended to enable the doctors to be on alert for Maternal and Child Health cases so that

they can spot early signs that can lead to complications and respond to those promptly. “Those kinds of skills building training are ongoing, and during the time we hope to rotate them to improve access; so we have set-up quite a complex network of supervision with both the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), the regional hospitals, district hospitals and the Regions so they are able to move easily between these areas providing services to the public but yet still obtaining their training and educational requirements,” Dr Persaud explained. He noted that even though these young doctors are tasked with rendering service in the primary health care arena, they are also dispatched to health centres and are placed at these locations for a defined period of time, under a strict protocol, which they are expected to follow without faltering. “And the feedback that I have gotten so far from the public has been very positive especially our elderly population, both men and women...and this is mainly because they don’t have to wait in long queues at hospitals anymore,” said Dr Persaud. With the addition of doctors at the various health facilities, he is optimistic that

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Shamdeo Persaud the health seeking culture nation will drastically change. “We really would like to see this change in the health seeking behaviour of the population; we would like all adults and even adolescents and children going to the health facilities to have regular screenings throughout the course of their lives. We all need to, at different stages of our life, have different checks and tests done,” noted Dr Persaud. He alluded to, for instance, the supplement programmes, for pregnant mothers and children, whereby sprinkles are provided by health facilities which are designed to help ensure that they have access to vital micronutrients. And according to him, with the influx of the doctors, it is expected that the public would be able to easily access even more programmes offered by the public health sector.

Columbia, Vancouver, Canada and a Bachelor of Engineering (Mining Engineering), 1994, University of Guyana, Pass with Credit. “He is an engineer with extensive experience in project management, production management, field exploration, site rehabilitation, environmental impact assessment, environmental management planning, environmental monitoring, closure and decommissioning plans, feasibility studies, mineral inventory estimation, mineral processing plant design, rehabilitation and revegetation of mined out lands, mine plans and training instructor for mining and environmental studies.” He worked at WWF Guianas from 2004-2011 as the Regional Coordinator, Gold Mining Pollution Abatement Coordinator with responsibilities for conservation activities for the small scale gold mining sector in Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. In addition, he functioned in various capacities at GGMC from 1984 to 2002, then resigned as Senior Mineral Processing Engineer 11 after which he worked with Environmental Management Consultants from 2005-2011 as a Mining Environmental Specialist. Mr. “Vieira was also an independent environmental consultant for several mining projects in Guyana and Suriname and lectured part-time at the University of Guyana in the Department of Mining.” He has several publications in scientific journals including the Journal of Cleaner Production, the International Journal of Environmental Health Research, and the Health, Safety and Environmental Quarterly. He participated in several mining conventions on mercury for the UNEP and EEB in Sweden, Switzerland, Kenya, Belgium, Thailand, Philippines, USA and in Brazil. Prior to Vieira’s confirmation as Commissioner, he was Deputy Commissioner for the period January 2012 to October 2012 and was later appointed Commissioner (ag) in November 2012 until his confirmation to the post of Commissioner. Minister Persaud said he remains optimistic that these appointments will continue to build on the record breaking declaration of 481 and 102 for 2013, surpassing the previous highest level of 455, 918 ounces in 2001; which included the declarations of both Omai and small scale operators.

Tuesday January 21, 2014

Kaieteur News

MANUFACTURERS’ GOAL SHOULD BE “CONSUMER LOYALTY” - EMPRETEC... From page 6 how you will lay out those processing equipment, it determines your maintenance schedule, it determines all the other financial input that you may have to provide to ensure that the end product is of the required quality,” Collins expounded. In her attempt to further emphasise the dire need to improve the operations of the local treated water producing industry, the EMPRETEC Consultant made reference to the possible contaminants of

water such as suspended materials, chemical contamination and even biological contaminants that must be omitted before water can be deemed a consumable item. “The water producer has a responsibility that when the product is finished it is aesthetically pleasing, it is attractive, and it is safe,” said Collins even as she underscored that invariably what will make water unsafe cannot be seen by the naked eyes. “...So you have to ensure that your facility is so designed that you will have

that confidence at the end that you have a quality product; testing should just be a verification that your process is okay but if you put everything in place you have that confidence,” noted Collins. And in order to achieve this goal, she disclosed that EMPRETEC has on its training agenda a programme for the producers of treated water that would assist them to create that enabling environment that could give them confidence that the water they produce is safe.

Tuesday January 21, 2014 ARIES (MAR. 21APRIL 20) New methods and innovative technology will make your job far easier than you anticipated. You can make personal changes that will enhance your reputation and give you greater self confidence. Travel will promote romantic connections. TAURUS (APR. 21MAY 21) You may want to make drastic changes concerning your personal partner. Enjoy taking courses or lecturing others. Older members of your family may try to take advantage of you. GEMINI (MAY 22JUNE 21) You can get ahead if you present your ideas to superiors. Caustic language may cause you to want to get out of the house. Don't overspend on luxury items. CANCER (JUNE 22JULY 22) Don't take your frustrations out on the ones you love. Lovers will be demanding. You are best to sign your partner up for activities that will be tiring. Your creative ideas must be put to good use. LEO (JULY 23-AUG 22) Take care of matters involving institutions or government agencies. Make plans to attend group discussions or get together with friends who like to talk as much as you do. Don't blame others for your own stubbornness. VIRGO (AUG. 23 SEPT. 23) Take the initiative and go after your goals. You can win points with children if you take the time to show interest in their accomplishments. Try not to spend too much on children or entertainment.

LIBRA (SEPT. 24 -OCT. 23) Expect temper tantrums on the home front if you haven't been letting someone have their way. You are best not to nag or criticize. You must not lead someone on or show interest in them for the wrong reasons. SCORPIO (OCT. 24 NOV. 22) Your partner will be emotionally unable to cope. You must act quickly. You will be able to pick up on future trends if you keep your eyes peeled for unique ideas. SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 23 -DEC. 21) An older loved one may be having problems. You have to know what your boss wants if you expect to do your job correctly. You will gain valuable insight and knowledge through the experiences you have along the way. CAPRICORN (DEC 22.JAN. 20) You should get into some of those creative hobbies that you always said you wanted to do. Be up front if you don't want to be embarrassed. Your contributions will be valued and helpful. AQUARIUS (JAN. 21 FEB. 19) Romantic opportunities will be plentiful if you get out and mingle. Deal with the needs of children and get into groups that deal with self awareness. Your persuasive nature will win the heart of someone you've had your eye on. PISCES (FEB. 20-MAR. 20) Make love, not war, and all will be fine. If you can mix business with pleasure much can be accomplished. Your attitude could be up and down like a yo-yo.

Page 25

OPR to recommend charges for cop in Timehri assault From page 9 Constitution. It said that it is deeply concerned at the failure of the State to show adequate concern for Harding’s wellbeing and his dignity as

a human being. “We deplore the fact that Mr. Harding was shackled to his hospital bed and had to suffer the indignity of waiting for colostomy bags rather than having the bags

Harding confessed to... From page 18 black eye, in the process. She was taken to court days later and placed on $110,000.00 bail. “I could not afford the bail. I was remanded to prison. I was in East La Penitence for four weeks. I bled continuously for the four weeks. I came to Berbice (prisons) before Christmas. I reported I was bleeding. The medex at the New Amsterdam lock up told me that I lost the child and I started to cry. This was my

first child. They gave me tablets. I continued to bleed and am still bleeding up to now.” Edwards also claimed in her statement that she was charged with assaulting a peace officer and disorderly behavior. Officers at the Timheri Police Station involved in the matter were all transferred and Constable Devin Mahendra Singh was placed under close arrest for the incident. The Police Office of Professional Responsibility is investigating the incident.

immediately to hand. It is also alleged that prison officers have assaulted Mr. Harding on his hospital bed while he has been in the care of the Georgetown Public Hospital. The Justice Institute calls for an immediate and independent investigation into the treatment received by Mr. Harding at the Georgetown Public Hospital.” The Justice Institute also lamented what it deemed as Minister Bheri Ramsaran’s attempt to attribute Harding’s injuries to hernia. “The Minister’s interference is improper, has undermined public confidence in the statements subsequently made by the doctors of the Georgetown Public Hospital and has regrettably provided a basis for public suspicion of a cover up,” the Justice Institute Guyana stated.

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Tuesday January 21, 2014

Central African Republic names new leader, EU to send troops (Reuters) - Central African Republic lawmakers chose their capital’s mayor to become interim president yesterday and lead the country out of months of sectarian killings, as the European Union agreed to send in 500 troops to help restore order. The change in leadership and deepening international involvement in the former French colony follow waves of killing and looting that have forced 1 million people nearly a quarter of the population - to flee. The landlocked nation, impoverished for all its mineral reserves, descended into chaos when mainly Muslim rebels, known as Seleka, seized power in March. Abuses by Seleka fighters triggered revenge attacks by Christian militia known as ‘anti-balaka’, fuelling unprecedented violence between communities that had lived side-by-side. “I am the president of all Central Africans, without exception,” said Mayor Catherine Samba-Panza,

Catherine Samba-Panza reacts after she was elected as Central African Republic’s interim president at the national assembly in Bangui January 20, 2014. (Credit: Reuters/Siegfried Modol) succeeding Seleka leader Michel Djotodia who stepped down as interim president this month under international pressure over his failure to

end the bloodshed. “I appeal to my antibalaka and Seleka children to listen to me and lay down your weapons,” said the

Chadian-born politician, who moved to Central African Republic when she was 18. A senior U.N. official warned last week of the

possibility of genocide in the nation that borders six other countries in the heart of Africa, including strife-hit South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo. But the appointment of a candidate with no links to either camp in the fighting raised hopes of an end to the slaughter. People sang and danced in the streets of the riverside capital Bangui on Monday to celebrate the choice of postcolonial Africa’s third female head of state, after Malawi’s Joyce Banda and Liberia’s Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. A spokesman for a major group of anti-balaka fighters, which had earlier threatened protests against the vote, said they were happy with the result. “She is a woman who can bring peace,” Sebastien Wenezoui told Reuters. “NEW BEGINNING” The EU mission, the bloc’s first major army operation in six years, follows heavy French lobbying for international support for their efforts to bolster an African peacekeeping mission. “This means that in cooperation with the U.N. and with the African forces, Europe will militarily support Central African Republic, as we asked,” said French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, whose country has already deployed 1,600 troops. But Fabius said the new force under discussion was just 500-strong, smaller than the contingent of up to 1,000

that EU officials had earlier suggested could be dispatched. Few EU countries have so far come forward with firm offers of troops and some of the EU force could be French soldiers, EU diplomats said. EU officials hope the first troops could start arriving by next month and stay for up to six months before handing over to an African Union (AU) force due to reach 6,000 peacekeepers. Central African Republic has seen little but sporadic rebellion and instability since independence from France in 1960. The latest crisis has simmered for over a year but spiked in December when Christian militia attacked Bangui, triggering violence in which more than 1,000 people were killed. Many of the estimated 500,000 displaced people in sprawling camps around Bangui had been waiting for the outcome of Monday’s vote before deciding whether to return home. French President Francois Hollande’s office congratulated Samba-Panza, who was chosen above seven other candidates by the interim assembly. But, underscoring the sense of urgency, France also urged Samba-Panza to immediately set about restoring order, reconciling the country and preparing elections. The United Nations said the vote must mark a “new beginning” and an end to “senseless violence”. Donors at another meeting in Brussels pledged nearly half a billion dollars in humanitarian aid . A spokesman for the U.N. World Food Programme told the Thomson Reuters Foundation that 1,500 tonnes of food - enough to feed 155,000 people for a month was blocked on the border with Cameroon as truckers were too afraid to enter the country.

Tuesday January 21, 2014

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Relations with Trinidad a work in progress - Nicholson

Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister AJ Nicholson

(Jamaica Observer) Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister AJ Nicholson says relations with CARICOM partner Trinidad and Tobago “is a work in progress” following bitter controversy late last year over the deportation of Jamaicans from that country. Nicholson and his Trinidadian counterpart Winston Dookeran had a hastily arranged high profile meeting in Kingston late November to avert what was being described in some circles as a “trade war”. Jamaicans had responded angrily — threatening to boycott Trinidadian goods — after 13 Jamaicans were turned back at the Piarco International Airport in Trinidad in what was said to be a breach of CARICOM rules relating to free movement. Though the meeting between Nicholson and Dookeran reportedly went well, with the two men arriving at a mutually acceptable understanding on the movement of nationals, Dookeran was publicly criticised by a Cabinet colleague on his return home leading to more disquiet. However, in a question and answer session following a presentation to lay

magistrates in Mandeville late last Thursday, Nicholson played down the problems. “In every integration movement, whether it is in Europe and South America or anywhere, you are going to have challenges,” he said. “We could never expect that after that dialogue (with Dookeran) everything was going to be honky dory, but it is a work in progress,” Nicholson said. He confirmed that “dialogue” with Trinidad and Tobago would continue at the beginning of March when he visits the twin-island republic. Jamaica is the second largest importer of Trinidadian goods behind the United States and has a trade deficit with its Caricom partner in excess of US$2 billion, mainly fuelled by petroleum, lubricants and related products. Trinidadian companies also hold a huge stake in the Jamaican economy and employ thousands here. Nicholson argued that it was the duty of Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and other CARICOM partners to iron out the difficulties and to ensure that CARICOM citizens are given due “respect” at points of entry. “It is our duty to keep on and I intend to keep on with

TAX WARNING Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler on Sunday night warned professionals such as doctors and lawyers and selfemployed people, including mechanics, they will soon be under greater Government scrutiny to ensure they pay their fair share of taxes. He said that with a Barbados Revenue Authority to be launched in April, “we’re going to be coming after them with a seriousness you have not seen before”. He made the comment responding to a question about “tax evasion” from the floor at a meeting of the Democratic Labour Party’s

Page 27

(DLP) St James South constituency branch in Wanstead Terrace, St Michael. Sinckler said the agency, which would embrace departments including Customs, Land Tax and Inland Revenue, would be able to take action speedily against tax evasion, under-invoicing and other discrepancies because it would have its own legal team in place.He also reported that some problems people had complained about, including allegedly inadequate revenue collection by Customs, would be tackled by the authority.

my Trinidad counterpart and other foreign ministers within CARICOM to make sure that what is to be given at the airports is respect,” he said. He referred to what he described as “bellyaching” and “quarrelling” regarding travellers being searched at airports including Piarco International. But according to Nicholson, Jamaicans needed to accept that “searches” at points of entry was an ongoing reality globally.

“Searching of travellers is something that happens all over the world every minute of the day and night,” Nicholson said. “The problem is when you are treated in (a disrespectful) way and you are turned back; and that is a very serious thing,” he said. He urged Jamaican travellers who believe they have been treated badly to make reports to the relevant authorities rather than simply

going to the news media. “If you travel within Caricom — Trinidad, Barbados, Antigua wherever — if you travel and you feel that you are not treated properly it nuh mek any sense you go and tell the press about it, and don’t tell us (government),” said Nicholson. “Telling the press ...can’t help you. The press can only give you some residual excitement. What you need to

do is produce a report and give it to the authorities, either the immigration authorities or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade,” he said. Nicholson took comfort in a recent Bill Johnson poll commissioned by the Gleaner Company which he said had shown by a margin of 3-1 that despite the difficulties, Jamaicans believed the country should remain part of CARICOM.

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Tuesday January 21, 2014

New funds needed for CCJ

ST. JOHN’S - Caribbean countries are being asked to re-examine the US$100 million Trust Fund that had been established to fund the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). The Fund had been established amid concerns that judges of the CCJ would be paid by governments which could exert decisive informal pressure on them to deliver judgments favourable to regional governments. The Caribbean Court of Justice Trust Fund is administered by a Board of Trustees drawn from regional entities and as a consequence, the CCJ is the only integration court of its kind financially independent of the largesse of governments and free from their administrative control. But now, Justice Ralston Nelson, one of the judges of the Port of Spain-based Court, said the time has come for a review of the US$100 million initiative given the changing global economic

and financial environment. “I think when the sum of 100 million US dollars was arrived at, obviously the data they had considered would not have included the collapse of interest rates and the collapse of a large part of the financial world in 2008. “So that any calculations you would have made prior to setting up that fund now have to be revised anyway so that there is that aspect of it…and I think truth to tell is that the operations of the court were not fully looked at,” Justice Nelson told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC). He said “the whole question of the cost of having a Commission was never seriously looked at and those costs are real costs. “If you were to revive now those figures in light of what you now know you will find that we do require a new injection, that’s my personal view. It may not be a painful injection in the sense that in the same way the CDB

(Caribbean Development Bank) borrowed 100 million and allocated portions of each state and backed by a sovereign government, the same way that could be done,” he said. Justice Nelson said that the US$100 million borrowed in 2008 has not almost been paid up “so that if there was a continuation of the loan with new funds, I don’t think it would put the governments under any additional pressure”. The CCJ, established in 2001 to replace the Londonbased Privy Council, also acts as an international tribunal interpreting the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas that governs the regional integration movement. The CCJ also has original and appellate jurisdictions and while most of the Caribbean countries have signed on to the original jurisdiction, only Barbados, Guyana and Belize are signatories to the appellate jurisdiction. (CMC)

Amnesty International reacts to reports of Police ‘Death Squads’ (Jamaica Gleaner) KINGSTON, Jamaica: Amnesty International says the culture of covering up in the police force, hostility towards the main police oversight body, and weaknesses in Jamaica’s justice system could challenge efforts to investigate claims of police death squads. The international human rights group has become the first global organisation to comment on a Sunday Gleaner article on claims by a retired cop and a serving police officer that the killings of some alleged criminals were thoroughly planned by high-ranking police personnel and executed by police hit squads. The police high command has since issued a statement rejecting the report. However, Amnesty International says

given its documented cases of extra-judicial executions, the claims by the two men should result in internal probes. The lobby group says probes must also be convened by the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM and the Director of Public Prosecutions. Caribbean researcher for the human rights group, Chiaria Liguori says the men who made the allegations should report what they know and receive the adequate protection so that they don’t fear for their safety. She stresses that the investigation should be thorough, effective and timely. According to Liguori, Jamaica has a record of impunity for abuses committed by the security forces.

Tuesday January 21, 2014

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Tuesday January 21, 2014

Vintage Federer books Grove Hi Tech are Murray quarter-final MCYS/EBFA KO champs MELBOURNE (Reuters) - A majestic Roger Federer emphatically returned to the grand slam big-time by trouncing Jo Wilfried-Tsonga 6-3 7-5 6-4 at the Australian Open on Monday to book a blockbuster quarter-final with Wimbledon champion Andy Murray. The former world number one, coming off a wretched 2013, channeled the halcyon days of his new coach Stefan Edberg, swooping at the net to fell the stunned Frenchman at an electric Rod Laver Arena. Having suffered early exits at Wimbledon and the U.S. Open, Federer muscled into his 41st grand slam quarter-final, equaling the record of American Jimmy Connors in the professional era. Under the watchful eye of Edberg - one of the game’s finest serve-volleyers - the Swiss master fittingly sealed the match with an imperious cross-court volley and declared the crisis of confidence that blighted last season banished. “For me personally, I’ve overcome it, I don’t have doubts anymore,” the 32-year-old told reporters. “I know I’m going definitely in the right direction. I’ve had a great off-season. I had a strong end to the year. I couldn’t have worked harder in the off-season. “This was a big test for me. “What I’ve shown over the last three to four months to myself is that I’m more confident, that I know I’m most likely going to play okay in my next match, which wasn’t always the case midway through last year.” Having mauled a string of unheralded opponents in his three previous matches, Federer braced for his biggest test against the flashy Frenchman, who dumped him from the Roland Garros quarter-finals in straight sets. Federer picked apart his opponent’s serve twice in an opening set boasting 14 points

won from 17 rushes to the net, and sealed it when Tsonga pushed a lob into the tramlines. The Frenchman battled to keep the match on serve in the second set but it all came unstuck at 5- 5. He saved a break point with an ace, but Federer raised a second with a sliced backhand that the net cord dropped unkindly onto the Frenchman’s side. Sealing the set with an ace, Federer then ensured there would be no repeat of the marathon five-setter he needed to knock out Tsonga at last year’s quarter-finals. Trailing 4-2 in the third set with three break-points against him, an exasperated Tsonga howled in frustration, earning a warning for bashing a ball into the night sky. He saved them all to close out the game and slammed his racket into his chair in a bid to pump himself up. But in the following game, the Frenchman dumped his sole break point chance into the net allowing Federer to march on, and serve out the final game to love. Wednesday’s clash against fourth seed Murray will be a re-match of last year’s semifinal in which the Briton won a thriller in five sets. With eight-times grand slam champion Ivan Lendl in Murray’s corner, both players will rack the brains of their 1980s legends turned super-coaches in a bid to find an edge. “He did things his way back in the day,” Federer said of six-times grand slam champion Edberg. “I’m sure things were different back then. But still you can take so many things from his experience. I want to say maybe try out a few things that worked for him, try out a few things that he thinks would work out for me this time around. “I feel like I can think ahead. I can think tactics. I can think many things out there ... I’ve overcome a lot in the last few months.”

Greed and amnesia... From page 32 what it’s like to be on the receiving end. England didn’t even bother sending a fullstrength side to India until 1976-77. Australia visited precisely twice between 1969-70 and 1996, when they deigned to play a one-off Test in Delhi. Then, the Indian economy went from bust to boom and everything

changed. Yesterday’s pariah became Mr. Popular. Before they nudge the likes of West Indies towards the exit door, India’s administrators would do well to think of debts owed. In the days when others couldn’t be bothered to send their stars on what was considered a punishment tour, West Indies sent Weekes and Walcott, Sobers and Kanhai,

Past national footballers to gain access to matches The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) is embarking on a new initiative which is to grant all former national players free access to matches locally. As a result those past players are being asked to produce one coloured passport size picture in addition to their full names, address, date of birth, Identification card or passport, on or before 12 hours on Friday at the Federation office.

Hall and Griffith. Watching these legends inspired two generations of Indian cricket fans. Contrary to what the Bible says, the meek seldom inherit anything. But at least in other sports, they get a semblance of a level playing field. This decade, Spain, world and European champions, have played 49 football matches, 18 of them in major tournaments. Tiny Andorra, with no hope of ever qualifying for a major event, have managed 25 games in the same period. Spain, fortunately, don’t have the luxury of scheduling games only against England, Italy, Brazil and Germany. No sport is perfect, but few get it wrong as often as cricket does. With Ireland and Afghanistan making a big push, this should be the time to open doors, not slam them in others’ faces. Cabals are not the future, founded as they are on greed and deceit. As fans of this great game, we need to keep banging our heads against the brick wall for as long as we can. This is a cause we must not abandon. If we do, the sport as we know it is as good as dead.

- tame Kuru Kururu Warriors 3-1; Soesdyke Falcons are third, Diamond FC fourth Led by the tournament’s MVP, Domini Garnett who netted a double, Grove Hi Tech maintained their superiority and supremacy as the top club on the East Bank of Demerara when they defeated Kuru Kururu Warriors 3-1 to win the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports sponsored knockout tournament. Organised by the East Bank Football Association (EBFA), the tournament involved all the major clubs on the East Bank corridor and ended in grand style on Sunday last. GFF President Christopher Matthias was on hand to witness the encounter on a sunny afternoon. Grove wasted little time in taking control of proceedings. Garnett, who controlled the strike line created all sorts of problems for the Warriors defence. It was no surprise when the home team assumed the lead six minutes on, midfielder Orson Francois scoring the easiest of goals following a one hand attempt by the

Warriors goalie, Nijaun Hooke to clear a cross from the right side by Garnett. Hooke only succeeded in parrying the ball into the path of Francois who gleefully accepted by patting the ball into the back of the nets. Warriors did make a few enterprising raids of their own but found the going tough in the attacking third. Captain Garnett ensured the advantage was doubled in the 15th minute when he tucked in the first of his brace. Colin Lewis narrowed the lead when he rose above the Grove defence to net the Warriors first and only goal, a well timed and executed header in the 35th minute. The first half ended with Grove enjoying a 2-1 advantage. The Linden Soesdyke Highway based side, tried their best to get their second goal which would have brought them level with Grove but that was not to be as Grove, urged on by the vociferous home fans kept them at bay. The game was virtually sealed in the 68th minute

when Garnett converted his second goal; the game ended 3-1 in favour of Grove Hi Tech. Michael Matthews of the winning side was voted the tournament’s best goalkeeper, Sunday’s supporting game, an exhibition match, saw Diamond FC defeating Timehri Falcons by the lone goal of the match which was scored by Eric Williams. GFF President Christopher Matthias in brief remarks before the presentation congratulated the teams for their performance while noting that the federation forward thrust focuses on youths. He also complimented the ministry and the EBFA for their combined efforts in bringing off the competition. Teams on the East Bank will now turn their attention towards preparing for the upcoming EBFA division-one league which will officially kick off the associations 2014 season. The league is being sponsored by Ansa McAl and will be officially launched this month.

Broncos to face Seahawks in 48th... From page 33 in the 1997 and 1998 seasons. MASTERFUL DISPLAY Manning played in two Super Bowls with his former team the Indianapolis Colts, tasting success in the 2006 season, and has the chance to win a second ring at age 37 after another masterful display against the Patriots and his old rival Tom Brady. “Well, it’s an exciting feeling,” he said. “You do take a moment to realize that we’ve done something special here and you certainly want to win one more.” Manning broke the record for the most touchdown passes in a regular season with 55 strikes and continued his devastating form against the Patriots, completing 32of-43 passes for 400 yards and touchdowns to Jacob Tamme and Demaryius Thomas. Brady threw one touchdown pass and rushed for another but was unable to prevent his team from suffering another agonizing loss. Although New England has been the dominant force in the NFL for the past decade and a half, winning three titles between the 2001 and 2004 seasons, the Patriots have lost their last two Super

Bowl appearances and have now lost the last two AFC Championship games. “It’s tough to get to this point, two weeks from now there’s only one team that’s going to win that game and that’s a tough one to win,” Brady said. “Anytime you come up short of what you’re trying to accomplish, it’s not a great feeling but I’m proud of our team and the way we fought.” HOPES DASHED AGAIN The 49ers were also cursing their postseason ill-fortune. Beaten by the New York Giants in the NFC title game two years ago, then by the Baltimore Ravens in last season’s Super Bowl, the Niners still had a chance to beat the Seahawks. But their hopes were dashed when Seattle linebacker Malcolm

Smith intercepted a pass from San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick with just 22 seconds left on the clock. “I didn’t play good enough to win,” said a dejected Kaepernick. “I turned the ball over three times, I cost us this game.” Seattle trailed 17-10 in the third quarter but piled on 13 unanswered points to seal the win, highlighted by a 35-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Russell Wilson to Jermaine Kearse in the final quarter. “This team was ready to finish,” said Seattle coach Pete Carroll. “We knew we weren’t in the lead but that didn’t matter. “They were going to go out and get it done no matter what it took.”

Windies Women star... From page 35 Evelyn to bowl the final over. Her previous figures were none for five off one over. Bowling to Harewood, who took a single off the first ball, it was left up to Lavine to bring victory to the Pride, and she was up to the task striking the next three

balls for two fours and a single, turning over the strike to Harewood. With two runs needed from the last two balls, Evelyn managed to bowl a dot ball and then Harewood struck the final ball through deep midon for two runs, to earn a thrilling victory for Pride.

Tuesday January 21, 2014

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Guyanese elected CBC Vice-President - strengthens Guyana’s bid to host regional events The Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation’s (GABF) bid to host the Southern group of the Caribbean Basketball Confederation (CBC) Junior Championships this year was further strengthened when Guyanese, Patrick Haynes was elected CBC VicePresident last weekend in Puerto Rico. According to reports reaching Kaieteur Sport yesterday, Haynes was elected as the new CBC VicePresident for Finance and Marketing following a nomination from GABF President, Nigel Hinds, who attended the CBC Congress.

Vice-President of the US Virgin Islands, John Abramson Jr., seconded Hinds’ nomination and Haynes won on votes 9-3 against Puerto Rico’s Carlos Beltran. The election of Haynes will give Guyana a bigger voice at the highest decisionmaking forum for basketball in the Caribbean and help the country in its bid to host regional competition. Patrick and Paul Haynes had done extensive work in the development of local basketball over the years, partnering with Youth Basketball Guyana and many other projects, including

schools’ basketball, to make valuable contributions to the sport locally. They operated the United States-based charity organisation, Haynes Foundation, which also had done social work in Guyana. However, Haynes Foundation has been closed while they focused a lot of effort on the development on the website. Hinds and GABF VicePresident, Michael Singh were expected to attend the General Congress in Puerto Rico, but Singh fell ill following a stint in Guyana’s interior and thus was unable to travel with

Hinds, who credibly represented Guyana. The new GABF President had indicated that he will be offering to host the Southern bracket of the CBC competition, which comprises teams from Aruba, Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname and Guyana in August. In addition, Guyana wants to also host a Senior CBC Championships, following the 2014 contest that is set for July 1-12 in Tortola, British Virgin Islands (BVI). Guyana is expected to compete this year as they did two years ago in the Bahamas. (Edison Jefford)

NOCSC development programme to resume Saturday with U-15 tourney The New Opportunity Corps Sports Club (NOCSC) cricket developmental programme is set to continue on Saturday with a round robin U-15 25 overs tournament. The club has managed to gain the support from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport (MCY&S) to host the competition which will be played at the NOC ground on the Essequibo Coast. Coach Forbes Daniels told Kaieteur Sport yesterday that one team each from North and Central Essequibo,

Gunners Sports Club, Affiance Sports Club and two teams from NOC will take part in the tournament. He said that the NOC teams will consist of students from the institution as well as surrounding communities. The club’s developmental programme commenced in 2013 and Daniels stated that he is satisfied with the progress of the players. “The younger players have shown improvement, they are committed and have a better understanding of

game sense”, he added. He indicated that one of the club’s objectives is to ensure that the players take sports and Education seriously. “We want the youths to understand the importance of Education so that they can develop into well rounded individuals”, said Daniels. The coach informed that he is please with the support from the MCY&S and sections of the business community adding that this augurs well for the growth of

the sport in the area. Daniels indicated that while cricket is the main sport in the area, they are also looking at other disciplines and the club will host a fitness run this month end which will continue on the last Friday in every month. Athletics coach Lawrence Kelman is in charge of this event. As part of the Republic Day celebrations the club will host a 10\10 softball competition starting on February 21 and it will culminate in February 22.


A brief moment with Mr. Colin Klass DEAR SIR, “Self-criticism is just a phase of appraisal or evaluation, while constructive criticism must be accepted with the deserved smile and strive toward rectifying the situation.” Editor, the Police Sports Club Ground, Eve Leary, Kingston, was the venue, which had facilitated the semifinals doubleheader, in the Kashif & Shanghai K.O InterSecondary Schools Championship. Upon entering the ground, I was told, “Klass is upstairs in the pavilion viewing the match”, while my response entailed “it would be a pleasure seeing him at football”. However, this never occurred until the conclusion of the feature match and with Klass making eye contact with me, he extended his hand for a handshake, of which I acknowledged and responded accordingly. In one motion he placed his left hand on my shoulder and said “you are doing a good job, keep it up”. In response I said “thank you” and extended my compliments for the festive season and the New Year. In the final analysis there was no animosity shown from either side, but rather mutual respect, which I was extremely grateful for. The point I am getting at, is “if others within the corridors of power for the administration of national football, can take

a page out of Klass’ book in realizing one’s mistakes, then be a man; conduct some soul searching; review previous shortcomings, along with the positives. Most importantly in striving to become better, acknowledge “elected/appointed officials are the servants of the sport, not the stars” Since it is an efficient, accountable and transparent administration that creates the environment for stardom. In this aspect I throw out a challenge to the current GFF administration, over the next 4 years. Enable Guyana once again is ranked within FIFA’s top 100 countries; ensure 2 players locally secures a MLS tryout and ensure the senior national team qualify for the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Also implanting a sound nursery programme, reflective of meaningful development towards enabling resounding success is achieved at the age-limit level for both male and female. All in all, strive to better the performance and achievement of Klass, and eliminate any measure of witch hunting. This would clearly outline that the GFF Executive upon being elected, is worthy enough of transforming the nation’s football to an acceptable level. Respectfully yours, Lester Sealey.

Militant Islamist video threatens Winter Olympics MOSCOW (Reuters) Two men said by Islamist militants to have carried out suicide attacks in south Russia appeared in a video donning explosive belts and warning Vladimir Putin to expect a “present” at the Sochi Winter Olympics from fighters following after them. The video was posted by a group identifying itself as Vilayat Dagestan and appeared on a website often used by militants from Russia’s northern Caucasus region where Moscow has been battling insurgency for over a decade. It could not be independently corroborated. The video said the two men, named only as Suleiman and Abdulrakhman and posing also with assault rifles in front of a banner with Arabic writing, were the suicide bombers who attacked the city of Volgograd last month killing at least 34. One, who is bearded, reads a statement in Russian to the wailing of a song in Arabic. The video shows

Members of the emergency services work at the site of a bomb blast on a trolleybus in Volgograd December 30, 2013. REUTERS/Sergei Karpov them having what appear to be explosive devices attached to them and one pushing a button that nestles in his hand and appears to be a trigger. “We have prepared a ... present for you, for you

(President Putin) and all those tourists who will come over,” their statement says. “If you hold the Olympics you will receive a present from us. It will be for all the Muslim blood that is shed

every day around the world, be it in Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, all around the world. This will be our revenge.” Putin has staked much personal and political prestige on the Games, which are

expected to cost Russia more than $50 billion and are intended to show how far the country has come since the collapse of the communist Soviet Union in 1991. He has also launched a huge security operation around Sochi that involves about 37,000 security personnel and has tightened security nationwide. Carrying out an attack in the Sochi area could be exceptionally difficult, but some fear provincial cities, or even Moscow, might be more vulnerable. “PERFECT UNDERSTANDING” Vilayat Dagestan, which says it is affiliated to a faction in Iraq known as Ansar alSunna, gave no other details of the two men. It is the first group to claim responsibility for the Volgograd bombings of a train station and a trolleybus. There was no immediate comment from the Russian authorities on the video, which lasts 49 minutes. Dagestan is a mainly Muslim province at the heart

of the insurgency to create an Islamist state in the North Caucasus and is racked by almost daily violence. Doku Umarov, a militant leader, urged the insurgents last July to attack the Games in Sochi, which lies on the western edge of the Caucasus mountains. The pro-Moscow leader of Russia’s Chechnya region, which is also in the North Caucasus, said last week he believed Umarov was dead but that his body had not been found. Security sources did not confirm his comments. Putin told Russian and foreign reporters in comments broadcast on Sunday that Russia had a “perfect understanding” of the security threat to the games, starting February 7, and how to combat it. Some U.S. lawmakers said on Sunday Russia’s security services had not fully shared information that U.S. officials need to protect American athletes in the Games and that cooperation on security could be better.

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Test cricket: CSA asks ICC to withdraw ‘flawed’ proposal

CSA president Chris Nenzani (right) with Greame Smith. (Getty Images) BBC Sport - Cricket South Africa has called on the International Cricket Council to withdraw the ‘fundamentally flawed’ proposal to give England, Australia and India greater control of the sport. A 21-page “position paper” is scheduled to be discussed at the ICC’s executive board meeting on 28-29 January. CSA argue that the plan is in breach of the ICC constitution. “We propose the draft proposal be withdrawn immediately,” CSA president Chris Nenzani said. The position paper proposes the formation of a four-man executive committee, on which the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), Cricket Australia (CA) and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) would be guaranteed a place. The other position would be selected by the three boards annually. The powers of that executive committee would supersede those of the ICC’s executive board - a panel on which all the full-member nations sit to agree major decisions. CSA argue that any

proposed amendments to the ICC constitution or to ICC competitions first need to be discussed in committee before they can be voted on by the ICC Board. “Without addressing the merits of the proposal insofar as it concerns constitutional amendments and changes to ICC competitions, these proposals should first be referred to the relevant ICC committees or sub committees for proper consideration and to make recommendations to the ICC board,” Nenzani wrote in a letter to ICC President Alan Isaac. “Although there is nothing to prevent a review of the ICC funding model or finances, the proposal selfevidently is inextricably tied up with a fundamental restructuring of the ICC, which has far reaching constitutional implications. “The draft proposal is, therefore, fundamentally flawed as regards the process and, therefore, in breach of the ICC constitution.” Any decision on potential changes to the structure of cricket’s governing body will be made solely by the ICC

board, with further discussion to take place, if required, in its meetings in April, July and October. Key proposals the ICC will discuss: · Setting up a new executive with permanent memberships for governing bodies of England, Australia and India, with powers over all other committees · Relegation and promotion in Test cricket, with exceptions for England, Australia and India · Scrapping the Future Tours Programme, with bilateral agreements taking over · New finance model of ICC revenue distribution · Reviving of Champions Trophy in 2017 and 2021 in place of the World Test Championship · Test rankings · 1. South Africa · 2. India · 3. Australia · 4. England · 5. Pakistan · 6. Sri Lanka · 7. West Indies · 8. New Zealand · 9. Zimbabwe · 10. Bangladesh

Inaugural GTTA League to start this month The Guyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA) is inviting all its members and subassociations to participate in a GTTA League to be held in Georgetown, Berbice, Linden and Bartica. The League is expected to start this month and conclude in April, according to a release from the association yesterday. The League will have these categories: ‘A’ Division; one national senior player per team, either one ‘C’ Class or one junior player or two ‘C’ Class players; ‘B’ Division; where any player can play, but there will be a grading between ‘B’ Class and ‘C’ Class and ‘C’ Class. The tournament rules are: a team must consist of three players in each Division; a team can enter no more than two teams in each division; a representative from the teams must be present with their team(s) at the tournament; teams winning the first five games in a match will be declared the winner; a player cannot play on more than

one team in the same division and is only allowed to play in one division; the tournament will be played utilizing current ITTF rules–11 points game; best of five games; two points alternate serve; teams are required to be at the playing venue at least 30 minutes in advance of matches; teams are required to submit the names of their players and their confirmation slip by January 29; an entry fee of $2,000 will be charged per team and teams will play a round robin with the top four teams advancing to the semi-finals round of the tournament where there will be a cross mixed of teams. The release said that trophies and monetary incentives will be presented to the first, second and third place winners in all events. Players must agree to compete against any other participating player, and participants must respect and acknowledge the ITTF Anti-Harassment Policy.

Tuesday January 21, 2014

Greed and amnesia: cricket’s ugly future Wisden India - It is the match made in heaven – the meeting of the forces of greed and commerce with amnesia. The lure of those few dollars more can make you forget anything. Yesterday’s enemies become today’s friends. Those that slighted you repeatedly once are now your brothers in arms. If you follow cricket, you would know this. There has been so much evidence of this celestial partnership over the past few years. The recent revelations about an ICC revamp make for alarming reading if you love the game. But they come with a silver lining. The fact that such sensitive information was leaked into the public domain suggests that there are still some in cricket administration who care about more than just the bottom line – men with at least a smidgen of integrity. Sadly, there aren’t enough of them; else the game wouldn’t be in such a state. Make no mistake, if the proposed changes come about, the spineless bunch that let India, England and Australia do as they please deserve the sort of withering contempt reserved for men like Neville ‘Peace in our time’ Chamberlain. There are seven other countries that are full members of the ICC. If some of the administrators that represent those nations can still stand upright, this frankly gangster-ish attempt to hijack the game’s future may yet fail. How would things be any different from the way they are now, you might well ask? Despite a Future Tours Programme being notionally in place, the big three pretty much do as they want, and play each other as often as they can. What these proposals would do is rubberstamp that, and ensure that they no longer even have to pretend to be interested in playing West Indies, New Zealand or Bangladesh. The idea of the poachers guarding the game reserve finds ultimate expression in the promotion-relegation system that has been mooted for Test cricket. In theory, it’s not an appalling idea. If nothing else, it would give each fixture some context and ensure that there are no dead rubbers. But the way it’s likely to be implemented – with India, England and Australia permanent fixtures in the top tier “to protect ICC income due to the importance of those markets and teams to prospective ICC media rights buyers”

- would be hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic. What is being proposed is little more than match fixing. Assuming that we’re talking about two divisions of six teams each, with two sides going up and down in each cycle, you could find a scenario where the teams that finish second and third are relegated just so that the three bullies can continue to stuff their faces at the top table. It isn’t as implausible as you think. These moves have their genesis in arrogance and ignorance. The arrogance is easy to explain. It comes from the money that these boards make, based on sweet deals with the likes of Star Sports, Sky and Channel Nine. The ignorance comes from a lack of love for the game, and witlessness about the cyclical nature of sporting success. In America’s National Football League, the Green Bay Packers won 13 championships before 1968, five of them under the stewardship of the legendary Vince Lombardi. It would take them nearly three decades to add another Super Bowl to the collection. They have won one more since. Real Madrid, the most successful club in world football and nine times champions of Europe, didn’t win that most prestigious trophy once between 1966 and 1998. Then, they succeeded thrice in five years. The current drought goes back more than a decade. Those that talk glibly of merit should be grabbed by the throat and forced to look at Test results from the 1980s. That was a decade when New Zealand were unbeaten at home, when West Indies thrashed most teams for fun, and Pakistan were the second-best side around. England’s win-loss record in that decade was a pitiful 20-39. In the 1990s, it was scarcely better – 26-39. As for India, they won just 11 of 81 Tests in the ’80s, losing 21. Australian cricket was such a basket case midway through the decade that they would even have lost at home to India but for umpiring dodgier than two-day-old prawn sandwiches. Now, these three, who have all known what it feels like to hit rock bottom - one could argue that England are there now, with India having experienced the sinking feeling as recently as 2011-12 – have no qualms about kicking the others when they’re down. Such an attitude should be especially cringe-worthy if you’re an Indian, who knows (Continued on page 30)

Despite a FTP being notionally in place, India, Australia and England pretty much do as they want. The new proposal would further rubber-stamp their whims and fancies. © Getty Images

Tuesday January 21, 2014

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Pakistan claims historic Test victory against Sri Lanka SHARJAH: Azhar Ali hit a brilliant hundred as Pakistan pulled off a thrilling win in the third and final Test against Sri Lanka in Sharjah on Monday, levelling the series 1-1. Set a daunting 302 to win in a possible 59 overs, Pakistan owed their successful chase to Ali’s fifth Test century (103) as he and Misbah-ulHaq shared a 109-run stand for the fifth wicket. Misbah, who finished with 68 not out, hit the winning single with nine balls to spare in fading light. Ali, ironically dropped for the first two Tests, hit paceman Suranga Lakmal for a boundary, then twice took two to reach his hundred off 133 balls. He hit six boundaries before falling caught behind with just seven still needed to win. P a k i s t a n ’s c h a n c e s seemed to have faded away at 107-3 at tea, as they needed 195 in the last 35 overs. But Ali upped the tempo during a rapid 89-run partnership in 14.5 overs with Sarfraz Ahmed (48) which left Sri Lanka on the defensive. Even when Sarfraz was

out, caught behind off paceman Shaminda Eranga, Pakistan needed 116. Sarfraz hit four boundaries and a six off 46 balls. But Misbah supported Ali as Pakistan achieved their second best chase in all Test cricket, behind the 314 they chased against Australia in Karachi in 1994. Sri Lanka had won the second Test in Dubai by nine wickets while the first Test ended in a draw in Abu Dhabi. Pakistan had lost Ahmed Shehzad (21), Khurram Manzoor (21) and Younis Khan (29) as they were derailed in their chase. Needing to score at a rate of more than five an over to win, Pakistan were given a rapid 35-run start by the sixth over but paceman Suranga Lakmal (3-79) halted that progress by dismissing openers Shehzad and Manzoor within 13 runs. Younis Khan tried to increase the pace before being caught off Angelo Mathews two overs before tea, but the scenario changed in the last session. With the series tied, Pakistan also remained unbeaten in five series in the

United Arab Emirates, which has become their home since security fears — sparked in the wake of attacks on the Sri Lankan team bus in Lahore in 2009 — forced them to play at neutral venues. They twice drew series with South Africa (2010 and 2013) and beat Sri Lanka (2011) and England (2012). Misbah said Pakistan desperately wanted the win. “That was really a much wanted win. We wanted the win it for our coach Dav Whatmore and wanted to give him a winning farewell,” said Misbah of the team coach who ends his two-year tenure with this match. Sri Lankan captain Angelo Mathews regretted batting failure. “We dominated for three-and-ahalf days but unfortunately could not score big in the second innings and lost,” said Mathews, declared man-of-the-series for his 412 runs in three Tests. Earlier, Sri Lanka were bowled out for 214 in their second innings, with leftarm spinner Abdul Rehman finishing with 4-56 and offspinner Saeed Ajmal taking

Pybus to look at NAGICO Super50 format

Richard Pybus (BCB) Jamaica Gleaner Kingston, Jamaica Richard Pybus, West Indies Cricket Board’s new director of cricket, believes the format of this season’s NAGICO Super50 is not ideal, and it is something that he hopes to address going forward. The tournament, which bowls off next Thursday in Trinidad and Tobago, is set to see the six traditional regional teams as well as

invited team Ireland and the Combined Campuses and Colleges (CCC) battling it out over the course of a twoweek period. This is in contrast to last season where the teams, excluding Ireland, faced each other over a five-month period when the tournament was twinned with the regional Four-dayers. TIME TOO SHORT “I think the format is something that we may need to address going forward,” said Pybus, who was appointed to his post late last year. “Two and a half weeks could be considered a bit too short, as what we will have this season is some teams playing only three matches. “This cannot be ideal in terms of the development of West Indies one-day players, and is something we will have to look into,” added the former Pakistan and Bangladesh coach. The tournament, which was won last season by the

Darren Sammy-led Windward Islands, will see the eight participating teams being sub-dived into two zones of four. The teams are set to play each other in the preliminaries in a roundrobin format, following which the winners and runners-up will advance to the semi-finals. The final, to be at Queen’s Park Oval, will be held on February 15, with February 16 earmarked a reserve day in case of rain. The other venue that will be used throughout will be Shaw Park in Tobago. Jamaica, to be led by Chris Gayle, will play the defending champions on the tournament’s opening night in a Zone A fixture at Queen’s Park Oval. The zone is completed by Ireland and Guyana. Zone B consists of Tr i n i d a d a n d To b a g o , Barbados, Leeward Islands and CCC.

Angleo Mathews and Misbah-ul-Haq after sharing the series 1-1. (AFP) 3-53, but not before their batsmen had kept Pakistan at bay on the morning of the fifth and final day. On an exciting day when both teams had a chance of victory, Mathews (31) and Prasanna Jayawardene (49) shared a 62-run stand for the sixth wicket and batted positively to add 56 in the first hour after the tourists resumed at 133-5. But Mohammad Talha gave Pakistan their much-needed

breakthrough when he had Mathews caught off a miscued hook. Rehman then grabbed two quick wickets to put the brakes on Sri Lanka, having Dilruwan Perera caught at short-leg for eight before removing Rangana Herath for a first-ball duck. Herath recorded a golden pair in the match as he was also dismissed first ball in the first innings. Prasanna hit six

boundaries in his 88-ball knock before he was dismissed by Ajmal, who also removed Shaminda Eranga to wrap up the innings. Scores: Pakistan 341 (Shehzad 147, Misbah 63, Herath 5-125, Eranga 4-60) and 302 for 5 (Azhar 103, Misbah 68*) beat Sri Lanka 428 for 9 dec (Perera 95, Mathews 91, Sangakkara 52) and 214 (Rehman 4-56) by five wickets. (Pakistan Affairs Forum)

Broncos to face Seahawks in 48th Super Bowl

Denver Broncos players hold up the Lamar Hunt Trophy after they defeated the New England Patriots in the NFL’s AFC Championship football game in Denver, January 19, 2014. REUTERS/Mark Leffingwell


EW YORK (Reuters) - The Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks won their National Football League conference championships in brilliant style on Sunday to set up a historic Super Bowl between the top two ranked teams in the United States. The Broncos, led by their unflappable quarterback Peyton Manning, beat the New England Patriots 26-16 in Colorado to make it to

their first Super Bowl in 15 years.The Seahawks overturned a 10-0 deficit to defeat the San Francisco 49ers 23-17 in Washington state and advance to the NFL’s title game for just the second time in the franchise’s history. “This feels even sweeter,” said Seattle owner and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. “What an amazing job in a super tough game.” The two teams will meet in the 48th Super Bowl

at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on February 2 in a game that has all the makings of a classic with the Broncos boasting the best offense in the league and the Seahawks the best defence. The Broncos will be appearing in the Super Bowl for the seventh time, one less than the record jointly shared by the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys, and chasing their third win after back-to-back victories (Continued on page 30)

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Tuesday January 21, 2014

‘Big Four’ through as Sharapova sinks in Melbourne


ELBOURNE (Reuters) Rafa Nadal came through his first proper test to storm into the quarter-finals of the Australian Open on Monday but Maria Sharapova was ushered to the exit after a second big shock in as many days in the women’s draw. Victoria Azarenka was left as the only top-three seed still standing in the last eight when Sharapova was scratched from the title race by Dominika Cibulkova, a day after Serena Williams had also tumbled out in the fourth round. In the men’s draw, the “Big Four” look poised to scrap it out for yet another grand slam crown over the next week after Nadal, Roger Federer and Andy Murray all won on Monday to join Novak Djokovic in the last eight. Spaniard Nadal led the way with a 7-6 (7-3) 7-5 7-6 (7-3) victory over Japan’s Kei Nishikori on Rod Laver Arena that was by no means as easy as the phrase “straight sets” would suggest. The world number one had to contend with a blister on his hand, a tumble, a time violation at a crucial moment and his first losses of his serve in the tournament but most of all with some

Rafael Nadal of Spain celebrates winning the second set of his men’s singles match against Kei Nishikori of Japan at the Australian Open 2014 tennis tournament in Melbourne January 20, 2014. Credit: Reuters/Petar Kujundzic inspired shot-making from the Asian number one. “I didn’t play bad today, but I didn’t play as good as I did two days ago,” Nadal said, reflecting on his brilliant performance in the third round against Gael Monfils. “But today’s victory has much more value than the victory of two days ago. Because when you are playing that good, the normal thing is to win.

“When you are playing normal and the opponent is a good one, and you are able to keep winning, that has much more value.” While Nadal will meet Sharapova’s boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov for a place in the semi-finals, Federer and Murray’s quarter-final date ensures that at least one of the quartet of dominant men’s players will go home on Wednesday. Federer’s quickfire 6-3

Jammers capture Black Sharks in close encounter


asketball action in Berbice bounced off on Sunday with Rose Hall Jammers coming from behind to draw first blood when they overcame the attacks of the Fyrish Black Sharks, sinking them 49-45 in a close encounter as action bounced off in the Inaugural Anamaya Memorial Interclub Basketball competition for teams in Berbice, organized by Sports enthusiast Vibert Garrett. In the game which was played at the Port Mourant Training Centre Court, Black Sharks looked sharp, as they were out on attack with constant raids on the Jammers bucket to take a 10-03 lead after the first quarter. The second stanza was more even with the Jammers beginning to find their range, but the Black Sharks continued to attack relentlessly to remain in the ascendency with a 21-19 lead at half time. A rejuvenated Jammers, got oiled up and reorganized and came out purposeful in the third quarter to match the Shark’s wave of attacks and take the lead to end the third quarter 37-32. It was an all-out battle in the final stanza as the Sharks kept surging forward and Jammers thwarting their attacks and launching counterattacks of their own. In the end it was the Jammers that were able to keep their nose in front for the 49-45 win.

Top Scoring for the Jammers were Eman Wiggins with 16 and Terry Cort with 10 baskets each. For the Black Sharks, Jewel Fraser sunk a game high 20 with Densi Douglas supporting with 13. The competition will continue on Sunday 26th January with a top flight game between New Amsterdam Warriors and East Canje Knights at the Vryman’s Erven Basketball court. The other two teams in the six-team competition are Smythfield Rockers, and Homeline Basketball Club. The semifinals will be played over two days with the winner of group A taking on the runner up of group B on 16 at Rose Hall, while the second semifinal will see the winner of group B and the runner up of group A clashing on the 19th at Vryman’s Erven. The winners will clash in the finals on February 23rd at the Rose Hall Basketball court. All matches will begin at 16:00hrs. At stake in the competition will be cash incentives and trophies for the top teams and outstanding individual players. The tournament is being played in memory of the late prominent Attorney-atlaw Joseph Anamaya after whom the Anamaya Memorial Hospital was named. It is being sponsored by his family including his three sons Dr. Ryan Anamaya and Attorneys at law Adrian and Eon Anamaya. (Samuel Whyte)

Maria Sharapova of Russia reacts during her women’s singles match against Dominika Cibulkova of Slovakia at the Australian Open 2014 tennis tournament in Melbourne January 20, 2014. REUTERS/Petar Kujundzic 7-5 6-4 victory over JoWilfried Tsonga was the most impressive of the day, particularly given the French 10th seed had taken him to five sets in Melbourne and beaten him at Roland Garros last year. “I definitely felt momentum was on my side, no doubt,” said the Swiss 17times grand slam champion. “I started the match well. Did I break first game? I think I did. I felt, alright, things are working for me tonight. Let me try to run away with it.” Murray also looked to be racing to victory against Stephane Robert, the first lucky loser to reach the fourth round in Melbourne, but blew a couple of match points in the third set and was dragged into a tiebreak, which the Frenchman won 8-6. The Wimbledon champion took out his frustrations on his a racket, changed his shirt and then whipped through the fourth set to record a 6-1 6-2 6-7 (6) 6-2 victory. “I dominated 95 percent

of the match, and for 15 minutes didn’t close the match out,” said the fourth seed. “But I still created chances, even when I wasn’t playing so well at the end of that third set. So it was pretty good for the most part.” Like Murray, Sharapova missed the back end of last season because of injury and she admitted after her 3-6 6-4 6-1 defeat to Cibulkova that the tournament had probably come a little bit early for her. “I certainly would have loved to played a little bit more before playing a grand slam, but this is the chance that I was given,” said the Russian third seed, the 2008 champion here. “It’s tough. I will be genuine about it. It’s never easy (but) it’s moments like this that ultimately shape you and make you who you are.” “CHIPS AND SALSA” Azarenka was utterly dominant as she swept into the quarter-finals with a 6-3 6-2 victory over American Sloane Stephens that extended her winning streak

at Melbourne Park to 18 matches. The win had none of the edge of last year’s semi-final between the pair, when Azarenka took a medical timeout after blowing five match points. Both Azarenka and Stephens had played down the controversy and the second seeded Belarusian said she could not have felt more at home on the same Rod Laver Arena where she was booed last year. “I just love playing here,” she said. “It feels so cozy. It feels like I’m in my living room, on my couch. I can have some chips and salsa - that’s how it feels.” Azarenka denied the departure of Williams and Sharapova had made her a strong favorite for a third straight title. “We’ve seen over the last couple of days that somebody can bring their best game on any given day,” she said. Next up for Azarenka is fifth seed Agnieszka Radwanska, who beat rising Spanish talent Garbine Muguruza 6-1 6-3 in the final match of the day. Cibulkova’s reward for beating Sharapova is a meeting with Simona Halep, who beat eighth seed Jelena Jankovic 6-4 2-6 6-0 to reach her first grand slam quarterfinal. “There’s no pressure on me so I can just enjoy the quarter-finals,” Romanian Halep said. “It’s my chance and I have to fight for it.” Dimitrov, also entering unknown territory in the second week of a grand slam, b e a t S p a i n ’s R o b e r t o Bautista 6-3 3-6 6-2 6-4 to set up his last eight date with Nadal. “He’s Rafa. We all know him,” said the c o n f i d e n t 2 2 - y e a r- o l d Bulgarian. “But I’m quite happy with the way I’m performing so far. So I like my chances.”

Rough Riders are Banks DIH Dominoes champ


he Banks DIH sponsored team dominoes competition in Berbice came to an end recently with Rough Riders of Rose Hall Town travelling to New Amsterdam and destroying their opponents New Amsterdam Killers and Terminators of Ulverston for a runaway victory in the final. Rough Riders led by Wilbur Wilson with the maximum 18 games were in ripping form, chalking up 81 games as they made the going bumpy for their opponents. NA Killers ended on 73 games and Terminators

in the cellar with a mere 53 games. The tournament, which was organized by Nigel ‘Nayee’ Ikel, was played at Angoy’s Avenue. The competition which was sponsored by Banks DIH had also had Red Warren of Ulverston Village and Bad Boyz of Number 28 Village West Coast Berbice competing. Rough Riders for the win walked away with the $35,000 first prize and the Banks DIH Trophy with NA Killers collecting the $25,000 second prize and Terminators the $15,000 third prize.

Tuesday January 21, 2014

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Bonner aiming Administrative interruptions will to play key not obstruct policy implementation - Matthias Super50 role D Nkrumah Bonner

Jamaica Observer Kingston, Jamaica Batsman Nkrumah Bonner aims to play a key role for Jamaica as the country hunts success at the Nagico Super50 cricket tournament to be staged in Trinidad & Tobago from January 30 to February 16. Jamaica failed to defend their Super50 success of two seasons ago as they faltered to eventual champions Windward Islands in a semifinal loss in the previous edition of the competition. But the 24-year-old Bonner did his reputation no harm and was the top Jamaican batsman in the tournament with a team-high of 294 runs. As the Junior Bennettcoached squad continues its fine-tuning with a host of practice matches and training sessions, Bonner expressed an interest in spending valuable time at the batting crease. “The key basically is to spend some time at the crease. In recent times I’ve been playing only T20 [Twenty20] cricket. It’s about batting and getting a feel for the ball on the bat,” he told the Sunday Observer recently. If all goes to plan, he has set ambitious targets. “Last year I scored the most runs for Jamaica. However, it wasn’t good enough; we fell short. This

year I want to aim for most runs in the entire competition to help us to win the cup,” the sidelined West Indies T20 player explained. The solid right-hander, who usually bats at number three for Jamaica, and who bowls tidy wrist-spin, is obviously seen as a leader, even at his relatively young age. He has captained in squad matches- a responsibility he seems to relish. “That kind of responsibility helps any young player. When you get to the wicket [to bat] you know you have that added responsibility to hold up the team and help put the team in a winning position. I was given that responsibility and I had senior players to help me along, and so far so good,” he said. Bonner, who has played two T20 matches for the West Indies team, has enjoyed moderate success at the regional domestic level. He has struck one century in 27 first-class matches at an average of 21.19. He has also taken 22 wickets at 24.13. In 21 One-Day matches at the domestic level, Bonner averages 28.05 with a solitary hundred to his name. He has grabbed 15 wickets at 16.26 apiece. Giant West Indies lefthander Christopher Gayle has been named the skipper of the 14-member Jamaica squad.

espite the administrative interruptions t h a t h a s threatened to obstruct the free flow of policy implementation, the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) has been able to achieve a lot in nine (9) months since assuming office following a landmark Electoral Congress in March 2013. This is according to President of the GFF Christopher Matthias, who sat down with Kaieteur Sport for a brief conversation a b o u t t h e e n t i t y ’s performance to date in spite of recent developments that has resulted in the r e s i g n a t i o n o f Vi c e President Rawlston Adams and subsequent suspension of another Vice-President Collie Hercules. “We’ve been able to commence our National Premier League which is set to restart shortly, while the Technical and Tactical, Infrastructural and

Christopher Matthias Competitions Committees are up and running,” Matthias told Kaieteur Sport. The GFF Head said that among the other significant achievements was the establishment of a fixed criterion to select players for national duty, increased remuneration for clubs and players, while affiliated associations now have more resources at their disposal.

Matthias, in projecting the way forward, mentioned the impending training for about thirty (30) coaches, participation in international tournaments and the construction of a home for football as among the priorities in the short term. “We intend to have a few more competitions on the agenda namely the Nation’s Cup which is slated for December 2014 and the Golden Arrowhead Cup scheduled to run off in the new month where both tournaments will field thirtytwo teams. There will also be the staging of women’s football and Futsal tournaments and all this we plan to execute this year,” Matthias disclosed. Questioned on the current status of the ‘Goal Project’, the GFF Head said the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has already been submitted to the

Ministry of Sport, while a schematic diagram outlining all the requisite components for the Project is expected to be presented to the Minister shortly. Responding to an inquiry on the Audit Report to determine whether or not the previous administration had misappropriated any monies belonging to the GFF, Matthias said Ram & McRae, the Company retained to undertake the job, will be visited shortly and the Federation will then be guided by their recommendation (s). “More information has been forthcoming in the public domain and we intend to continue this trend and not be distracted by unhelpful judgments,” he stated. Matthias promised to have the game played at every level this year as part of the continued development for the sport.

Windies Women star in Barbados tourney Barbados Cricket Association Bridgetown, Barbados - Pat Whittaker Pride rebounded from their 74-run defeat by Angela Harris Tridents in their 50-over match on Saturday and showed what it took to be champions, by defeating Sagicor UWI Blackbirds by five wickets off the last ball of the very last over in a thrilling opening match that could have gone either way in the Iris Walker Memorial Twenty20 competition. After a brilliant 99-run first wicket partnership between the opening pair of West Indies players Shaquana Quintyne and captain Shakera Selman, the Blackbirds, who won the toss, were restricted to 128 for seven off 20 overs at the cosy Friendship ground. Quintyne was the first to go for 54 off 47 balls, striking three fours. She was one of three victims for Savyair Byron-Toney, who was the main wrecker after conceding 26 runs off four overs. Byron-Toney’s other victims were Selman, who made 40 off 44 balls including four boundaries and Malissa Howard who did not score. She was ably assisted by Rashida Goring with two for 21 off three overs and Danielle Small and Aaliyah Alleyne, one wicket each. Pat Whittaker Pride opened with Small and captain Kycia Knight, a West Indies player, but they had a disastrous start, losing Small for nought to fast bowler

Shaquana Quintyne

Shakera Selman Selman, with just two runs on the board. In came Aaliyah Alleyne but she could only manage one as she was caught by Selman off Quintyne. The next at the crease was Byron-Toney, who along with Knight steadied the innings. They achieved a 58-run thirdwicket partnership before Knight, who made 25 off 30 balls with three fours, became Ashli Antoine’s only victim off the first ball of her first over being caught on the mid-wicket boundary by Quintyne. This brought to the crease the very experienced former West Indies cap Pamela Lavine, coach/player of the Pride, and in her very easy-going

manner, showing a bit of aggression at times, she and Byron-Toney took the score to 108 in a 47-run fourth wicket partnership before she became Quintyne’s second victim in her fourth and final over. Rashida Gorin did not add to the score as she was Quintyne’s third wicket. Qunityne finished with three for 13 off four overs. With the Pride 21 runs adrift of their target and two overs to go, Selman brought back on herself with the hope of adding some more pressure as only two runs and two wickets had come off the previous over from Quintyne. Krystal Harewood joined Lavine and took the score to 117 in the penultimate over off the innings, leaving 12 runs off the final six balls. With the spectators shouting different advice as what should be done to both teams, Selman turned to Shonna (Continued on page 30)

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- tame Kuru Kururu Warriors 3-1; Soesdyke Falcons are third, Diamond FC fourth

EBFA President Wayne Francois hands over the winning trophy to an elated Grove Hi Tech Captain Domini Garnett in the presence of GFF President Christopher Matthias and happy Grove members.

Vintage Federer books Guyanese elected Murray quarter-final CBC Vice-President Roger Federer of Switzerland celebrates defeating Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France. REUTERS/ Petar Kujundzic

- strengthens Guyana’s bid to host regional events

Recently-elected GABF President, Nigel Hinds (left) takes a photo opportunity with Guyanese counterpart, CBC Vice-President, Patrick Haynes after the latter’s election to the post in Puerto Rico last weekend. Printed and published by National Media & Publishing Company Limited, 24 Saffon St.Charlestown, Georgetown.Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491 or Fax: 225-8473/ 226-8210

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