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Saturday January 18, 2014

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Modifying institutions to match our circumstances If our country is to continue to develop and, as is necessary to catch up with even our Caricom neighbours in the next decade, accelerate the pace of development, our squabbling politicians will have to take some time out to agree on the major fetters to our efforts. This does not mean that the present enthusiasm for housecleaning has to be abandoned, but merely suggests that even if the house is cleaned we are still left with the question as to what to refurnish it with. The factors for development are multiple and diverse. We all know, from our personal experience, that there isn’t one simple answer to the question why each of us becomes richer or poorer: it depends on inheritance, education, ambition, talent, health, personal connections, opportunities, and luck, just to mention some factors. Hence we shouldn’t be surprised that the question of why whole societies become richer or poorer also cannot be given one simple answer. Different experts have different views about the relative importance of the conditions and factors that make countries richer or poorer. The factors they most discuss are so-called “good institutions,” which may be defined as laws and practices that motivate people to work hard, become economically productive, and thereby enrich both themselves and their countries. Among the good economic institutions that motivate people to become productive are the protection of their private property rights, predictable enforcement of their contracts, opportunities to invest and retain control of their money, control of inflation, and open exchange of currency. For instance, people are motivated to work hard if they have opportunities to invest their earnings profitably, but not if they have few such opportunities or if their earnings or profits are likely to be confiscated. There is no doubt that good institutions are important in determining a country’s wealth. To our credit, we have introduced most of the above institutions since 1990. So why haven’t we progressed farther? There is the question of time. A long history of government doesn’t guarantee good institutions but at least permits them; a short history makes them very unlikely. One cannot just suddenly introduce government institutions and expect people to adopt them and to unlearn their long history of backward organization. This year is the 47th anniversary of our Independence from Britain: this is a blip in the life of nations. Our politicians must appreciate we are a very young work in progress. An additional factor behind the origin of the good institutions is that in our country, Europeans introduced corrupt “extractive” economic institutions, such as slave and indentured labour and confiscation of produce, to drain wealth from our country. There were also authoritarian political institutions. In our case “extractive economic institutions” meant practices and policies designed to extract incomes and wealth from our entire society to benefit the foreign imperial power. For instance, even though we produce sugar, not a single refinery was established here to give a higher value added product. This is the ‘underdevelopment’ of which Walter Rodney spoke. This was unlike countries such as Canada and Australia where European settlers had to work themselves and they developed institutional incentives rewarding work. When the former colonies like ours achieved independence we inherited the extractive and authoritarian institutions that coerced the masses to produce wealth for dictators and the elite. In the ‘settler’ colonies of Australia etc, they were left with institutions by which the government shared power and gave people incentives to pursue. The extractive institutions retarded economic development, but incentivizing institutions promoted it. But while we have noted the comparative youthfulness of our nation, this does not give our political elite an exemption. It is an indictment of their maturity that while the questions above were confronted by the founders of our independent nation some seem to revel in finger-pointing. Unless the institutions undergirding our flawed systems are modified to match our circumstances and patience is exercised to ensure their rules are inculcated in our people (including mainly themselves) we will be arguing about our ‘underdevelopment’ forty-seven years from today.

A new paradigm of development must be embraced by policy makers DEAR EDITOR, The income gap between the rich and the poor continues to widen. A study conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in 2011 found that income inequality in OECD countries is at its highest level for the fast fifty years. According to the findings of the study, the average income of the richest ten percent of the population is about nine times that of the poorest ten percent, up from seven times, twenty-five years ago. Even in the more egalitarian societies in the western world such as Denmark and Sweden there have been significant increases in the income gap. This trend of increasing income gap has been further established by a study done by the World Institute for Development Economics Research, which found that the richest one percent of the adult population owned roughly forty percent of global assets. The three richest people in the world possess more financial assets than the lowest forty-eight nations

combined! The main contributory factor for this yawning gap is the capitalist mode of production and distribution in which surplus value is extracted from the worker who is then rewarded not on the basis of his net contribution to the production process, but by what is considered minimally necessary to provide him with the barest essentials to survive. Put in a different way, it is the savage exploitation of labour that is the cause of increasing wealth in the hands of a few and the concomitant growing poverty of those who are responsible in the first place for the creation of such wealth. The fact is that there are more than enough resources in the world to feed every man, woman and child to their fill. There are more than enough resources to send every child to school. There are more than enough resources to provide free medical care to each and every citizen of the world. Yet there are millions of children, particularly in the developing world, who cannot read and write; tens of millions who die from

starvation and hunger; millions who die from preventable diseases including the dreaded HIV virus. What we are experiencing is what is referred to as “poverty in the midst of plenty”. Poverty is almost wholly a man-made disaster which erodes the well being and dignity of peoples in all continents of the world. People are poor not because they choose to be poor but because the economic, social and political structures in which they work and live do not provide the institutional, legislative and in some cases moral support required to enable them to lead decent and dignified lives. This is why I have always held the view that a new paradigm of development must be embraced by policy makers which must put people at the centre of all development activities. People must be seen not only as the instruments for creating wealth, but the ends to which all wealth created must be ultimately directed. This is why the PPP had always embraced an approach to development that is essentially pro-people

and pro-working class. It was Dr. Cheddi Jagan who coined the term “development with a human face” on his assumption to the Presidency on October 1992 and it has since remained the cornerstone of all successive governments until this day. The call for a New Global Human Order by the late Dr. Cheddi Jagan which was adopted by the United Nations Assembly a few years ago must be acted upon in order to bring relief to the poor and the downtrodden. The resources are there to address the issue of poverty as pointed out by Dr. Jagan in his book the “New Global Human Order”. Too much money is spent on the military and on unnecessary wars and conflicts and to support the luxurious lifestyles of a few who wallow in luxury at the expense of the starving masses. It is time for policy makers to put the necessary resources in place to realize a global commitment to reduce poverty by half by the year 2015 among other objectives. We are just one year away and that goal seems increasingly elusive. Hydar Ally

Education is not the job of the State only DEAR EDITOR, Some of the difficulties faced by Kamarang school teachers, highlighted in your news article of 30th December 2013 (“Kamarang schools need some attention”) are being actively addressed by one private sector organization - Gafsons Industries Limited through its Support for Vulnerable Persons (SVP) Fund The Fund’s support through the Guyana Book Foundation, an NGO, is committed to providing teachers and children of both the Kamarang nursery and primary schools with the needed teaching and learning supplies which will be sent to them at the earliest shipping opportunity. The Guyana Book Foundation recognizes the difficulties (shortage of books, teaching supplies, trained teachers, adequate infrastructure) faced by schools in the hinterland and deep riverain regions where the geography of our country makes it difficult to travel and communicate with relatively isolated communities of the interior. This recognition has ensured that over the past 1015 years, we have distributed free books and teaching

resources to nursery, primary and secondary schools in the interior regions # 1, 7, 8 and 9. More recently, in partnership with Scotia Bank, Republic Bank and AINLIM, schools in the riverain areas of regions #2 and #3 as well as nursery schools in Region

8, benefitted from books and supplies. Education is not the job of the State only; partners have to be found with the family, the private sector, NGOs, religious organizations and the Guyanese Diaspora. The

Guyana Book Foundation is particularly heartened by the response of these private sector organizations to the plight of some of our most vulnerable - the children in the interior regions. L. Jagdeo Guyana Book Foundation

THE WAIT CONTINUES DEAR EDITOR, There is an issue that is causing the residents of Santa Rosa, Moruca much discomfort and anger. Over a year ago, work got underway on the rehabilitation of the Kumaka-San Jose Bridge and Dam. To date this capital project on the Region One RDC’s 2013 budget is incomplete. This bridge and dam is vital for the livelihood of residents and safe passage of patients and schoolchildren and the haphazard manner of the works has left the dam in a slushy state, this being further exacerbated by the incessant rainfall being experienced here currently. This project to the best of my knowledge has gone through two phases, with the first phase costing 29 million Guyana dollars and the second, 15 million; these the utterances of Regional and Local Government Ministry officials. What is evident is the sloppy and slapdash incomplete work and plundering of taxpayers’ money. The present bridge has raw edges and rails that look like they belong to a cattle ranch and the slushy dam points to scant disregard for human beings. No less than the Permanent

Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government stated that the Kumaka-San Jose bridge and dam was near completion at a press conference as reported in the dailies. I am calling on this same Permanent Secretary, the Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Minister of Local Government et al to tell the people of Santa Rosa, Moruca, why this project cannot be completed as yet! As a human being, I find this blatant disrespect and disregard for my basic human rights; unacceptable in a supposedly democratic country! Region One officials are simply disappointing and have no bark much less a bite in this fiasco. There has to be a way to sanction the defaulting contractors and if the engineers are at fault sanction them too! I am seeing clearly that corruption, nepotism and cronyism are criteria for being awarded projects in this country. Sad, really. We are waiting for this project to be completed and commissioned for close to one year now. The wait continues. Steve La Rose Resident Santa Rosa, Moruca

Saturday January 18, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

I am stunned that such an Wrong to demonize Alexei Ramotar EDITOR, having obtained a graduate after Alexei, it is also wrong important resource is rejected DEAR It is unfair for the political degree in Computer Science. to attack Dr Singh’s wife and DEAR EDITOR, Thanks to our Government, Democracy was returned to Guyana in 1992 and Guyana is aptly positioned to become a hub of global trade and food security. I am sure that for such a small territory engaging more globally, the strengthening of our democracy is critical to the protection of our people and allows us to promote closer economic integration in the world by strengthening efforts toward building better institutions that might also help to achieve economic development. A democratic political system is central to the process of development and is essential for understanding and fulfilling economic needs. Therefore I am stunned that a resource to strengthen civil society and empower the average

Guyanese to know their rights and responsibilities and participate in building our democracy is rejected. I have read many statements on this issue and I still have not seen any specific evidence of the Government of Guyana (GoG) illustrating that the Leadership and Democracy project is a collusion between the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the opposition. Are we to conclude that it the Government does not agree with you then you are considered opposition? The GoG leaves more questions than answers in its contention and has not published its own evidence on the falsity of USAID’s claims of consultation. First we learn that there was no consultation, and shortly after we are told that the project was concocted by

the opposition and the USAID. I patiently await photos or some form of evidence to support the position of the Government of Guyana. In the meantime I empathize with the US Government in their effort to strengthen the civil society in Guyana, I am sure they will not be the last group to seek after such an opportunity. I am happy that the Government of Guyana recognizes its own values. I would be happier to know what programs the Government of Guyana has in place or will put in place to enhance democracy and governance here. D. Nicholson

opposition to demonize Mr. Alexei Ramotar for his titular position — head of egovernance project – charging nepotism. Guyana is a very small society with limited talent and human resources. If we start excluding people based on their relationship with others, very soon there will be no one left to serve the state. The fact that he is the President’s son does not disqualify him for a job at which he is very specialized. And at any rate, the charge of nepotism does not arise as he was appointed to the position before his father became President. I do not know Alexei and never met the young man. Based on what is reported, he is competent in his field

That should make him amply qualified and competent to lead a tech project like egovernance unless APNU and the AFC can show otherwise. Delivery of service has not been an issue – at least I have not read any complaints about a lack of performance in e-governance. We should encourage and support the young man to succeed, if the opposition feels he is failing, not demonize him. We should provide constructive criticism to him not his replacement. It is not only wrong to go

Dr. Mahender Sharma – both of them are very competent in their roles. They have forsaken lucrative positions and salaries in the private sector and abroad to serve the nation. As long as their family relationship with members of the government does not interfere with their performance, that should not be a factor to deny them employment – not as long as they are qualified for the job and their performances have been outstanding. Vishnu Bisram

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Saturday January 18, 2014

‘Eyewitness’ says he found Harding unconscious in cell after hearing screams of ‘murder’ A former prisoner is claiming that he heard Colwyn Harding repeatedly screaming ‘murder’ after police forced him into a cell at the Timehri Police Station, and says he later found the alleged sex assault victim bleeding and unconscious in the same cell. The man, who identified himself as Stephan Joseph Phillips, called ‘Muslim’, also claim that Harding later disclosed that he had been sexually assaulted by a policeman at the station. Phillips came forward to speak to reporters yesterday and also to give a statement to Attorney-at-Law Nigel Hughes. Asked if he was aware of the alleged eyewitness, Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell told Kaieteur News last night that he was informed that Hughes “had a statement from someone and that they (investigators) were checking it out.” Phillips told Kaieteur News that he, along with his 17-year-old son, was detained at the Timehri Police

Station from November 14 to November 15 on a sex assault allegation at the same time that Harding was brought to the same station. According to the former inmate, he had known Harding previously by the nickname ‘Obama’, while Harding knew him (Phillips) as ‘Muslim’. Phillips alleged that on the day that Harding arrived at the station, he observed police ranks “tugging” at Harding to go into the lockups. “I ask he what happen and he say that the police come up and arrest he, along with some other suspect, at Timehri for some break and enter.” He recounted that they were placed in separate cells. “They place him in Cell Two, and I hear he hollering for ‘murder’, ‘murder.’ When they left I open the lockups (cell) where I was, and I go and open his lockups and I find he lying down and bleeding from his head, his foot and other parts of his body. He was unconscious.” Phillips said that he was the ‘prison orderly’ and

therefore was allowed to move from one unlocked cell to the next. “Two days after, they come in about five o’clock in the morning and take him to court.” Phillips, who alleged that his son was also beaten by the police, said that he was eventually released without charges. According to Philips, he had decided to come forward with his story because Harding had mentioned his name “on the news”. “So after I heard that, I decide to come forward. I decide to come forward because I know about the incident. I was the one who advised him (Harding) to go to the media. I came forward this morning. I come to the hospital, then I went to the lawyer’s (Hughes’) office.” Phillips also alleged that some police ranks have approached him and asked him not to give a statement. “All they are asking me is that Singh in problem and they don’t want me to go against him. I decided to come forward

A 77-year-old BountyHall, Essequibo Coast pensioner, who lived alone and apparently became weary of living, took his own life by hanging. Detectives were summoned to his home on Wednesday by Bradford’s neighbour, Roxanne Livan who noticed Bradford hanging from a rope slung from his roof and alerted her

family who contacted the police. Police from the Anna Regina station subsequently visited Bradford’s residence and examined his body for marks of violence before taking it to the Suddie f u n e r a l p a r l o r. A p o s t m o r t e m examination is scheduled to be performed sometime next week. Reports emerging from

Bounty-Hall suggest that Bradford was last seen on Wednesday around14:30 hours by his immediate neighbours. Around 16:00hrs, his body was discovered. No marks of violence were discovered on Bradford’s body. Last Tuesday Leo Rodriguez, formerly of Kuru Kururu on the Soesdyke/ Linden Highway hanged himself in an incomplete house he was constructing at Little Red Village, Onderneeming, Essequibo Coast, hours after he stabbed and killed his 16-year-old paramour, Raveena Cozier.

E’bo pensioner commits suicide

without them knowing because I know the pain he (Harding) went through. “ Officials from the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) are conducting the investigation. Yesterday, an OPR investigator visited Harding at the Georgetown Public Hospital. He spent several hours questioning Harding in the presence of attorney Nigel Hughes. Brumell had told journalists on Thursday that the constable that Harding had accused has been placed under close arrest. He said that “about six to eight” other ranks, including an assistant superintendent, have been transferred from the Timehri Police Station to Georgetown. The Commissioner stressed that the

investigation was still incomplete and that the accused ranks had denied forcing a baton up Harding’s rectum. Harding, he said, had also never indicated to police that this was done to him. Brumell had said that investigators were also to have visited the Georgetown Prisons, where Harding was remanded. A Prison official had told Kaieteur News that Harding never indicated that he had sustained any injuries, when he was brought to the penitentiary. The official also expressed doubt that the inmate was injured while he was incarcerated there. The official explained that prisoners being placed in the Camp Street facility are questioned as to whether

‘Eyewitness’ Stephan Joseph Phillips they have any injuries. If the injury is not a serious one, the inmate is treated at the prison infirmary. In cases where the injury is severe, the prisoner is transferred to hospital, the official said.

Harding accuses Health officials of lying about his injury Accusing Health Ministry officials of ‘lying’, alleged police brutality victim Colwyn Harding yesterday stuck to his story that a cop with a condom-covered baton inflicted the injuries that now have him bedridden. Harding was responding to Minister of Health Dr. Bheri Ramsaran’s statement that he, Harding, was suffering from an incarcerated hernia, rather than from the effects of being raped. In his statement to Parliamentarians on Thursday, Dr Ramsaran also said that Harding’s condition had reached a point where his bowels had become gangrenous. According to the Health Minister, a section of the patient’s intestine had to be

removed and the two lengths connected. This was done on December 18, after which there was a breakdown of the joining. The Minister said that this led to a septic condition within the abdomen and the patient suffered a strangulated hernia Ramsaran said that Harding’s intestine had to be rejoined, and this led to the use of Colostomy bags. “The most I can say is that the Ministry is lying…because due to the assault, my guts were already damaged,” Harding told Kaieteur News yesterday. “I never had no hernia problems; the only sick I ever had was asthma.” Harding again named the constable whom he alleged physically assaulted him,

while his colleagues allegedly watched. “He was the only one that was doing the hitting.” Harding alleged that the rank struck him unconscious and it was when he awoke that he felt the pain in his rectum. “He lash me in my head first that is how I get unconscious.” He said that he also saw Singh with the condom-covered baton. “He throw off the condom from the baton and throw it right in the house.” Harding also alleged that he was beaten at the Timehri Police Station, and confirmed that he knew the individual ‘Muslim’, who alleged yesterday that he found Harding bleeding and unconscious in a cell at the station.

Saturday Januray 18, 2014

Kaieteur News

In long-awaited speech, Gandhi tries to boost India’s ruling party NEW DELHI (Reuters) India’s Nehru-Gandhi dynasty scion promised yesterday to combat corruption and warned of an opposition trying to split India on religious lines in his first speech since being named to head the embattled Congress Party’s campaign in a general election. Broadcast live across India, the address was touted as a coming-of-age event for a 43-year-old politician struggling to follow in his family’s footsteps as a statesman and fiery orator capable of galvanizing a new generation of voters. “We want to give the country anti-graft bills which will transform the country, punish the corrupt and protect the honest,” Gandhi told a meeting of the ruling Congress party. “Change is coming to the Congress party.” Flanked by his mother, Congress president Sonia Gandhi, and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, he often shouted into the microphone to hundreds of delegates in an impassioned speech aimed at firing up the party ranks. His politically-powerful mother earlier said Rahul Gandhi would not be prime ministerial candidate, following a Congress

tradition of naming leaders only after winning elections and also protecting her son from a likely election defeat. Gandhi’s speech was aimed at a resurgent Hindu nationalist opposition party and a new anticorruption movement that have profited in opinion polls from the Congress Party’s weakness as it tries for a third term in an election due by May. Some senior ministers had pushed for Gandhi’s name to be announced as prime ministerial candidate to help revitalize a party hit by corruption scandals and overseeing a moribund economy. S o n i a G a n d h i ’s address was punctuated by chants of “Rahul PM” from some supporters in the stands. Rahul’s mother made clear that option was off the table, with some party members worried that it would expose him to a confrontational campaign against Hindu nationalist opposition leader Narendra Modi. Modi, prime ministerial candidate of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), is seen as more charismatic. R a h u l ’s speech underscored the touted achievements of the Congress party in its two

terms of power and called for further efforts to protect the poor and the rights of women and religious minorities. “We do not respond by turning people against one another, by lighting fires of communal hatred,” he said to bursts of appla u s e f r o m party members. The Congress accuses Modi of a deep-seated bias against t h e c o u n t r y ’s M u s l i m minority and blames him for failing to control deadly riots in 2002. Modi denies the allegations and a Supreme Court ordered investigation has absolved him of any responsibility. R a h u l ’s f a t h e r, grandmother and greatgrandfather were all prime ministers in postindependence India, But critics deride Gandhi as a political lightweight who depends on his family name for power and has barely registered his presence in parliament despite being a member for the last decade. “The strength of Indian democracy will be proved when a former tea vendor defeats a dynasty representative,” tweeted senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley, referring to Modi’s more modest background.

World won’t be fooled by Assad regime at talks: Kerry Washington (AFP) - US Secretary of State John Kerry warned the Syrian regime yesterday it would fail to divert next week’s peace talks away from the aim of installing a new government. Accusing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of funding and even ceding territory to extremists in order to fuel f e a r s o f militant groups, Kerry said “nobody is going to be fooled.” “ T h e y c a n b l u s t e r, they can protest, they can put out distortions, the bottom line is we are going to Geneva to implement Geneva I, and if Assad doesn’t do that he will invite greater response,” he said. Kerry and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov have led moves to bring together the divided Syrian opposition and the Assad regime for the first time since the conflict erupted in March 2011. More than 35 countries will gather in the Swiss cities of Montreux and Geneva from Wednesday for talks on setting up a transitional government to lead the

John Kerry country, in line with a 2012 deal. “I believe, as we begin to get to Geneva and begin to get into this process, that it will become clear that there is no political solution whatsoever if Assad is not discussing a transition and if he thinks he’s going to be part of that future. It’s not going to happen,” Kerry said. The international

community was “not out of options” for increasing the pressure on Assad, Kerry warned as he met yesterday with Mexico’s Foreign Minister Jose Antonio Meade and their Canadian counterpart John Baird. “I’m not particularly, you know, surprised that he is trying to divert this. He’s been doing this for months, trying to make himself the protector of Syria against extremists,” Kerry said of Assad. Kerry slammed alleged comments from the Syrian regime that the Geneva II peace talks were to discuss ways to combat the rise of terrorist groups plaguing the country as “revisionism.” And he accused the Syrian leader of even “funding some of those extremists, even purposefully ceding some territory to them in order to make them more of a problem so he can make the argument that he is somehow the protector against them.” “Nobody’s going to be fooled. We’re not going to be fooled by this process.”

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Saturday Januray 18, 2014

Saturday January 18, 2014

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AFFIRMATIVE ACTION IN EDUCATION Last year there was a very important development in the education sector that escaped notice of our op-ed columns. This development is of great significance because if taken to its logical conclusion, it can be the beginning of a process that transforms the education sector for the better. Two junior secondary schools, Bygeval and Rosignol, were converted to A-grade schools. It is apposite to observe that these schools were not certified as A-grade schools based on performance at examinations or by virtue of the qualifying marks of the students admitted therein. They were upgraded to A-grade as a matter of public policy. This policy is a good policy. It will allow for a great deal of benefit for the educational system as whole. For one, it will lead to greater egalitarianism in education, since A-grade schools will not be restricted to those in the towns. Guyana needs more A-grade schools and over a wider geographical spread. Many of the top scholars of

this country came from areas in which there were no AGrade schools. They were forced to either come to the city for their education or to travel long distances. What this shows is not that the schools they attended were good, but rather, it demonstrates the potential of the students. Bygeval Secondary, which was formerly a junior secondary school, produced a former President of Guyana. By upgrading these schools to A-grade schools, it allows many talented Guyanese to not have to leave the environments they were accustomed to, just to benefit from a higher standard of education. With better opportunities, students from areas with no A-grade schools at present can perform with and even out-perform their counterparts in the A-grade schools in the city and towns. For parents, having to send their children away from home is a difficult decision. They want their children to do better and they are prepared to make the sacrifices

Dem boys seh...

Brazzy gone wid $8 million more De good book seh that a wise man build he house on solid ground but a fool builds on sand. From de evidence GPL got to be a bunch of fools and dem boys seh that wid Brazzy as de Chairman dem ain’t expect anything different. GPL decide that it gun build a new power station at Vreed en Hoop. This station suddenly cost more than dem plan. When de experts do de figure dem find out that was eight million dollars more. This couldn’t hide because dem boys find out bout de money. Some people decide fuh ask questions. Brazzy decide fuh slide down in de chair and is only he belly that chock stop he from going down to de floor. Sam Hinds decide fuh push in he mouth wid more stupidness. He claim how de project progressing stage by stage. De first stage was to lay de foundation fuh hustle de money and de second stage was to thief de money. But Bharat Dindyal seh that he can explain de situation. He claim how de place wheh dem decide to build de foundation de place was a swamp. Now dem boys want know who gun look fuh a swamp fuh build a foundation. Dem boys seh that de reason is because Brazzy know that he had to thief and he had to find a way because dem boys watching he every move suh he get de perfect excuse when dem find de swamp. But everybody know that de only swamp dem got in Vreed- en- Hoop is by de mudflat. Even Plastic City which deh over de seawall is no swamp. Anyhow, Brazzy tell Sam who tell Bharat that de swamp eat up $8 million dollars worth of sand. De truth is that de foundation had to be like Brazzy belly. In fact, dem boys seh that if he did put Donald in de foundation de money woulda still disappear because Donald belly not far from Brazzy own. Imagine sand disappear. Dem boys seh that Guyana tun animal farm. Brazzy did nuff siphoning off fuh de Rat and now it got to be that he siphoning off fuh de Don-key. If this foundation eat up all that sand wha dem build de real foundation pun? That is wha dem boys want to know. De next thing dem boys guh hear is that piglet, Shaatie, had to get and Squealer-de Irfaat had to get too. Well dem boys intend to squeeze Brazzy till he fork out de money, even if he got to sweat (and that is not really de word) out de sand. Now dem boys also got to worry if de plant gun sink too. That gun be US $26 million. Talk half and watch Brazzy sheet out sand.

necessary. But sending your child off to secondary school means that you no longer are able to see them each day, to monitor their work, and to be there for them after school. Some children, of course, in order to attend an A-grade school, are forced to travel long distances to get to and from school. With more and more A-grade schools, these same students can now be closer to home and thus not have to travel so much, which also represents a financial burden for most parents whose children have to attend school far from home. Rebranding a school as an A-grade school increases the prestige of the school and this brings about greater confidence in the children, and this can lead to improved performance. Of course it takes more

than a simple rebranding for a school to become an Agrade school. A-grade schools are distinguished by the quality of the performance of students at examinations, but more importantly, the entrance requirements. For students to attend an A-grade secondary school in the city, for example, they must have gained a certain number of marks at the National Grade Six Assessment. With the elevation of the Bygeval and Rosignol Secondary Schools, it now means that students who live in areas close to these two schools and who perform to the standard of what is expected of those who are assigned to A-grade school will now have a chance to choose to go to these schools. But since there will not be for some time yet,

sufficient students with the marks to fill the first forms, it means that other students will have to be accepted. This is to be expected during this period of transitioning and development. To compensate for the fact that admission requirements may have to be lowered, there should be increased emphasis on improving performance at end-of-school examinations. To do this requires that the policy of affirmative action should be extended to ensure that in the initial years following the upgrade in ranking, these schools should have some of the best teachers available. They should also be outfitted with state-of-the-art laboratories and libraries to allow them to catch up with the other Agrade schools. There has unfortunately not been any

announcement as to how these recently upgraded schools will be assisted so as to bring the students up to par. Notwithstanding this, a start has to be made to address educational inequalities. The Ministry of Education must be congratulated on making this start which will allow for more egalitarian opportunities in education. This policy must be seen as one of positive action, aimed at converting weaker schools into stronger ones.

Cutlass attack leaves victim and alleged perpetrator injured An alleged cutlass attack early yesterday morning from a jilted West Coast Berbice man has left one other injured while up to last evening he (perpetrator) was receiving treatment at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) after having the blade turned on him. The assailant has been identified as Oudit Thom, 36, of Number 5 Village, West Coast Berbice and is said to have received chops to the head, neck and arms. His victim, 18-year-old Tevin Hamer of Lot 30, Number 4 Village, West Coast Berbice, was dealt chops to both arms, the right side of his forehead, upper back and left thigh. Hamer was treated at the Fort Wellington hospital before being transferred to the GPHC where he was attended to and sent home. According to a family member, the attack on Hamer was actually intended for his cousin, Belinda Bourne called ‘Nicky’, the 25 year-old mother of Thom’s two children, aged one and five. The relative explained that Bourne had recently severed the relationship with the man “because he’s not working and providing for his children,” resulting in him being asked to remove from the home. She said that with

his removal came steady threats where Thom would claim that he is “coming with cutlass to kill her (Bourne) and her two children and then kill himself.” The relative said that the man first acted on his threats just days ago when he showed up at Bourne’s home and dealt her two stabs; once to the lower back and once under her left arm. Her wounds were treated at the Fort Wellington Hospital and a report of the attack was lodged at the Fort Wellington Police Station. Detailing the attack yesterday during which Hamer was injured, the relative related that at about 01:30 hrs, Thom scaled the verandah of the premises after mounting a tire onto a glass case. She said that the front of the house was unsecure since half of the glass door was absent. In its place, the occupants taped plastic. She said that Bourne’s sister who was staying in the first room of the house was awakened by the noise and subsequently raised an alarm to other members of the household. By this time, Thom had already chopped his way through the plastic leaving only a curtain between him and those inside the house. The relative

Tevin Hamer

Belinda ‘Nicky’ Bourne explained that it was at this point that Hamer “pull the blind and Oudit chop him.” The woman added that the alleged perpetrator was armed with two cutlasses and during the scuffle, Hamer managed to get a hold of the other weapon resulting in Thom receiving injuries.

Police from the Fort Wellington station were alerted and, after arriving at the scene transported the injured Thom to the Fort Wellington hospital; where Hamer was also taken by a family member. Both were subsequently transferred to the GPHC.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday January 18, 2014

TCL to reintroduce technology for cheaper, more durable roads After 30 years, roads made from concrete foundation are still durable, therefore, the Trinidad Cement Limited (TCL) Guyana Incorporated is looking to reintroduce the technology here. According to Avaleen Mooloo, the TCL Group’s Civil Engineer, apart from lasting longer, roads built using the soil cement stabilisation process would cost less, especially here in Guyana, since all the materials needed are available locally. “Guyana would no longer have to worry about importing asphalt,” she stressed. Mooloo explained that concrete roads were being done here; however, like Jamaica, the country had

- training of Guyanese commences moved away from this technology and had started to use asphalt. The Engineer told Kaieteur News yesterday that upon realizing the benefits of the soil cement technology and how economically viable it is, TCL is looking to simultaneously re-launch it in the two countries. Mooloo explained that currently, both the East Bank Highway and the Parfaite Harmonie Access Road are being constructed using the concrete foundation. “This is also being used by private contractors on smaller projects.” The TCL official guaranteed that roads made from the aforementioned technology can be sustained with little or no maintenance. It was to this end that smaller islands across the Caribbean have fully implemented the use of concrete roads. “It’s because these French West Indian Islands do not have enough resources to continue repairing their roads that they are sticking to the concrete

foundation,” Mooloo told this newspaper. She explained too that the durability of the concrete roads is not dependent on the state of the soil. Therefore, even if the soil condition is poor (perhaps sinks), the road will remain as is, without deteriorating, Mooloo asserted. Kaieteur News was told that in an effort to ensure that the soil cement stabilisation process is properly used and fully implemented, the TCL Group will be conducting a series of training sessions here. The seminars will be facilitated by staff of the recently established- TCL Learning Academy such as Mooloo who is also the Chief Facilitator, and Andira Kowlessar, Coordinator of the programme and TCL’s Customer Excellence Officer. The training will target students enrolled in tertiary and vocational institutions as well as professionals within the industry; both government and private. Avaleen Mooloo explained that the trainings will be divided into Level One,

which is the introduction, Advanced Level, and a separate Building Technology course, which is a more practical aspect of the training, and will be taught to the students of the technical institutions. The sessions began yesterday with the engineering students of the University of Guyana, and will end with a live call-in programme on the National Communications Network (NCN), on January 20. In conclusion, Mooloo said that initially, Trinidad and Tobago had invested $2M towards developing a “greener” way of constructing

Andira Kowlessar (left) and Avaleen Mooloo roads. “The aim was to enhance the quality of the roads using recycled materials.” Mooloo added that as a result of this, researchers

agreed that cement would be use in the foundation of the base layer. “The cement is used to regenerate straight in the base layer,” she said.

Legislators approve laws to reduce real estate fraud The Deeds Registry (Amendment) Bill, which was tabled and debated in the Parliament in 2012, but was subsequently sent to a Special Select Committee, was finally passed on Thursday. The Bill seeks to amend the Deeds Registry Act to elevate an agreement of sale of immovable property to the status of a bond, a lease or other encumbrance. The agreement of sale of immovable property would therefore be registrable in the Deeds Registry and can be annotated on or recorded against a transport or other duly recorded deed. Importantly, both the agreement of sale and the annotation can be cancelled. Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall, spoke highly of the work of the select committee, which was comprised of members of all Parties. He said that during the deliberations, many differences of opinions arose, but they were subsequently reconciled and all decisions were consensually arrived at. There have been rising complaints of one owner selling his property several times, to different buyers, because of weaknesses in the laws and systems. The Bar Association, one of the most important stakeholders, was lauded by all members for its invaluable input in guiding the work of the committee. The Bar Association attended many sessions of the committee’s meetings and made written and oral presentations that were adept and showed much researched positions. “I will concede that the Bill, which will now be presented for its third reading, is an almost overhaul from what was initially tabled, though it captures the singular mischief which it was intended to address, which is to ensure that a transported holder is not free to sell

that property subject of the transport, fraudulently to more than one purchaser,” the Attorney General explained. He added that while the general concept was retained, the Bar Association and the members of the committee were able to devise a far more elaborate mechanism. This Bill will allow persons in possession of an Agreement of Sale of immovable property to be able to register it in the Deeds Registry. This will enable the agreement to be recorded or annotated against a transport or other duly recorded deed to the property in question. With regards to what percentage of the purchase price is required to be paid before a person can be injuncted from selling a property, the Bar Association was calling for an amendment to the law to allow for a 50 percent deposit; however, the members of the committee stood strongly for the maintenance of the standard 10 percent down payment. Currently, an agreement of sale confers upon the purchaser no interest in land which is the subject of that agreement. Over the years, there have been several reported cases of purchasers of land being defrauded of the benefit of the agreement of sale by the land being re-sold to a third party and transport passed to that third party without the knowledge of the original purchaser. The purpose of this Bill is to clothe a purchaser of land held by transport with some form of protection until the transport is conveyed, a Government statement said yesterday. Basil Williams from the APNU and Moses Nagamootoo from AFC also spoke of the concerted efforts of all involved at the level of the select committee in the bid to create a better, more efficient Deeds Registry, which has time and again come under criticisms.

Government has successfully piloted laws that will help reduce the possibilities of homeowners fraudulently selling a home several times to different persons.

Saturday January 18, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Muneshwer’s clerks charged AtlanticVille resident for embezzling hefty sum on fraud charge

Three longstanding employees of Muneshwers Limited were yesterday arraigned before the Chief Magistrate, Priya SewnarineBeharry for allegedly embezzling a hefty sum from the store over a period of time. According to Corporal Bharat Mangru, who led the Prosecution, the investigations thus far have revealed that in excess of $50M has been embezzled by them from their employer. However, the charges yesterday read to Sabrina Rahaman, 28, of Well Road, North Ruimveldt and the two sisters, Bibi Twaheeda and Bibi Shimoon Ali of Industry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, amounted to just over half a million dollars. The charges laid against Rahamat detailed that in Georgetown on January 13, May 1 and July 1 last year, while under the employ of Muneshwer’s Limited, she allegedly embezzled the total sum of $223,972.62. The three counts of Embezzlement by Clerk/ Servant read to her claimed that the sum was taken into her possession for/in the name of/on the account of the said company, her employee.

The three counts of Embezzlement by Clerk/ Servant read to Bibi Twaheeda Ali claimed that on April 1, 20 and 28 last year, she, who was a clerk/servant of the said store, embezzled a total of $218,008.68, on those dates. Meanwhile, her sister, Bibi Shimoon Ali faced three counts of the said charge. It was alleged that on April 1 and 2, and October 4, while also employed at Muneshwer’s, she embezzled a total sum of $188,123.18 from the store. The three women who were all represented by Defence Attorney Nigel Hughes, pleaded not guilty when the charges were separately read to them by the Chief Magistrate. The Prosecutor stated that the facts are as charged in the matter. He added that investigations are ongoing and more charges are pending. He offered objections to bail on account of the quantity involved and further revealed that the amount the investigations have currently unearthed is in excess of $50M. Mangru further opined that the three women are flight-risks who, owing to the quantity of cash involved,

Man allegedly beaten to death at Dochfour Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of an unidentified man whose body was pulled from a clump of bushes on ‘mud dam’ at Dochfour, East Bank Demerara at around 23:30hrs on Thursday last. The man had a gaping wound to the head, and it is believed that he may have been battered to death. According to police, an eyewitness who made contact with them related that from a window shortly before midnight, he saw three men standing along the dam, arguing. One of the men then struck another, causing him to fall to the ground. The eyewitness told police ranks that he saw the now dead man being pulled to the side of the dam where he was further battered to the head by the

alleged perpetrator. The eyewitness further told police that after the two men left and he was certain that the ‘coast’ was clear, he came out to check the area. Kaieteur News was told that upon realizing that the injured man was dead, the eyewitness summoned the police. Up to late last evening, the body was still unidentified.

would not return to face the charges instituted against them. However, their Attorney in an attempt to quash the Prosecution’s claim of them being flight-risks said that investigations in the matter had started since October and his clients have since been reporting to the Police Station. He informed the court that it was on one such occasion (last Friday) that the allegations were put to them and they were subsequently granted $100,000 station bail. The lawyer added that they attended yesterday’s court hearing of their own free will. He even stated that he was surprised at some of the charges since “half of the days are holidays; days when work is closed.” However, the Prosecution interjected, stating that the women were placed on station bail prior to the charges and added that since they are now charged, the situations differ. In an attempt to offer clarifications, Mangru said that it was back-dating on holidays which led to the accountant discovering the embezzlement. Hughes also informed the court that Rahamat who has an unblemished record had been employed by the store for about seven years, whilst the sisters have been there in excess of three years. He added that no complaints have ever been made against any of his clients. The Chief Magistrate ordered the Prosecution to have the statements filed for the next court hearing and the Prosecution requested three weeks to complete their investigations. The case is set to be called on February 7 and each of the women was granted bail to the tune of $50,000.

Bail was yesterday set to the tune of $500,000 for a 51-year-old resident of AtlanticVille, East Coast Demerara who was arraigned at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court for allegedly selling the vehicle he acquired on hire purchase from Trans-Pacific Auto Sales without having completed his payments. It was the first court hearing for Komalall Latchmin-Narine who pleaded not guilty when the charge of Obtaining Money with Intent to Defraud was read to him by the Chief Magistrate, Priya Sewnarine-Beharry. The particulars of the charge laid against him detailed that on February 4, 2013, with intent to defraud, he obtained $2.6M from Ganesh Persaud by pretending he could sell one motor truck. Representing the accused was Defence Attorney Paul Fung-a-Fat who stated that it was a civil debt but a criminal matter, and

indicated that his client was willing to hand over the money in court. He asked the court to consider bail so that his client can “go to obtain” and thereafter return with the money. Corporal Bharat Mangru, who represented the Prosecution, said that based on his instructions, the man owes Trans-Pacific $1.2M. He indicated that the man was allegedly in the process of repaying the Auto Sales for a canter truck and sold it prior to the completion of his payments. He said that in response to the offence allegedly committed, the Auto Sales entity repossessed the vehicle and the $1.2M would clear the sum. The prosecution however offered no objections to bail, thus this was offered in the aforementioned sum, and the Magistrate instructed him to obtain a cheque for payments. The matter will be called on January 24.

Former NOC inmate charged with robbery under arms A former New Opportunity Corps inmate was yesterday brought before Chief Magistrate, Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court where a charge of Robbery Under Arms was read to him. According to the Prosecution, the accused, Junior Kenny, was sentenced to the Onderneeming, Essequibo penitentiary “sometime back.” The charge which was read to the now 23year-old yesterday, however, detailed that on January 13, at North East La Penitence, Georgetown, while in the company of others and armed with a cutlass, he stole a quantity of electronic gadgets from Fiona Haley which amounted to just over $800,000. The items included a flat screen television, a Digital Virtual Disc (DVD) player, a Samsung Galaxy cell phone and a Samsung Tablet. Kenny

pleaded not guilty and was later remanded to prison by the presiding Magistrate. The Prosecution was represented by Police Prosecutor Corporal Bharat Mangru who told the court that Kenny is known to the victim and about 00:30 hours, he and another individual went to her house armed with a cutlass. He said that they came into contact with her at the back door where they pointed the weapon at her and ordered her into a room whilst they swiped the items. They then fled the scene but the matter was reported and acting on information received, police ranks were later able to apprehend them. Mangru added that the DVD player and the flat screen television were found in Kenny’s house. Subsequent investigations

were conducted, hence the charge was instituted against him. The Prosecution objected to him being granted bail, citing the serious nature and the prevalence of the offence. Mangru also offered objections on account of the fact that the accused knows Haley. He said that if granted his pre-trial liberty he may tamper with her. When Kenny addressed the court, he stated that he lives in Sophia, but offered an alibi claiming that he was at North East with his little brother at the time the crime was allegedly committed. He admitted to having been an NOC inmate and told the court that he is a miner, but has recently worked at a newly-opened carwash. Bail was refused to Kenny and his matter is scheduled to be called on February 7.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday January 18, 2014

Alleged rape victim never told doctors of his assault Colwyn Harding, the man who alleged that he was sodomized by a constable at the Timehri Police Station sometime in November last; did not tell medical practitioners at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) that a baton was pushed up his anus. This was disclosed yesterday during a press conference at the hospital with Chief Executive officer, Michael Khan, Senior Registrar in surgery, Dr. Navin Rambarran, Director of Medical and Professional Services, Dr. Sheik Amir and Supervisor of the Male Surgical ward Keith Alonzo. The hospital officials said that they only learnt about the alleged rape after it was reported in the media. “He never told us that he was raped. Up to this morning (yesterday) we met with him and he said nothing to

From left is Senior Registrar in surgery, Dr. Navin Rambarran, followed by Director of Medical and Professional Services, Dr. Sheik Amir, CEO, Michael Khan and Supervisor for the Male Surgical ward Keith Alonzo. us,” Dr. Amir noted. According to the officials, Harding was t a k e n t o t h e h o s p i t a l ’s Outpatient’s Department on December 13, and was

diagnosed with hernia. He was then referred to the surgical clinic. On December 17, last at around 22:35 he was rushed to the hospital’s Accident and Emergency Unit after complaining of experiencing severe pain, vomiting and an increased swelling to the area. It was there that Harding was diagnosed with strangulated inguinal scrotal hernia. He underwent the first surgery on December 18 and a second surgery was done on December 27. Strangulated inguinal scrotal hernia, according to Dr. Amir is very common in Guyana. He said that he dealt with many patients who were diagnosed with that problem. An inguinal hernia is a bulge that occurs in the groin region. It occurs because of a weakening of the muscles in the lower abdomen. “This is where the bowel comes down to the scrotum sack and goes up back. Any contraction of the abdominal wall increases the pressure within the abdomen and usually cause the hernia to come down,” Dr. Amir explained. Meanwhile, from his hospital bed yesterday, Harding said he did not tell doctors about his sexual assault because he was ashamed and embarrassed. However, persons are now

questioning why Harding would report his attack to the media and not to his doctors. “We are treating him. We are the ones he needs to tell about his injury. He said he was embarrassed. How can he be embarrassed to tell us and not the media who would inform the entire Guyana?” a source stressed. Dr. Amir added that, “You are coming here with an emergency condition, nobody told us anything, and why would we assume that this happened. This is not a normal thing that we will look for. If he had brought it to us

Harding on his hospital bed

then we would have checked.” “It is now almost one month since Harding alleged that he was raped and the possibility of doctors finding any bruises to the anus is “very thin.” In a recorded interview with this newspaper last Wednesday, Sharon Harding, the young man’s mother had related that her son was first rushed to the hospital on December 13, 2013 after he had collapsed at the Camp Street Prisons. She said that he was examined and on account of

what was discovered, the young man was given a date to return for surgery. He was returned to the Prison but before scheduled surgery date, her son was again rushed back to the hospital for emergency attention. “According to the Prisons, he started vomiting green stuff for like three days straight and some Cadet officer went and checked on him and said ‘No, no, no y’all gotta get this boy to the hospital now, now, now. Y’all gotta come.’ That’s when he did surgery,” she related. “I spoke to the doctor after I got the call and he said, um, the intestine was ruptured but apart from that, he said it was rotten”. Meanwhile, Michael Khan said that reports made that the hospital was unable to provide colostomy bags and needed medication was not true. “A preview of his chart shows that whatever he needed was given to him. Everything was available and given to him and we must understand that if the ward does not have it, it can be obtained in the other wards,” Khan stressed. An investigation has been launched and the rank who was accused of committing the act is under close arrest.

Saturday January 18, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Several Le Repentir burials still on hold - Work being conducted to clear flooded cemetery While work is ongoing to clear the flooded Le Repentir Cemetery, officials of the Mayor and City Council (MCC) have reported that there may a national crisis if the heavy rainfall continues. “It’s a national disgrace that several burials were postponed this week due to poor drainage at the city’s premier graveyard. I apologise on behalf of the council to those who could not have had a proper and timely burial for their loved ones…” “But we may be headed for a national crisis should the heavy showers continue, because the funeral parlours around may not have the capacity to accommodate the amount of bodies. We are hoping that the weather holds to ease the difficulty with having the dead buried” Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green said in an invited comment. Meanwhile, as the burial ground at Le Repentir was completely swamped, several burials are still in limbo. Family members of the deceased had bemoaned the condition of the city. Yesterday Kaieteur News visited the area; water was still lodged in the graveyard. A representative of Merriman’s Funeral Home described the situation as “absolutely sickening.” “It can be detrimental to us; we are hoping and praying

that the current crime situation remains at a stable level because we won’t have place to store the dead. We are packed.” Representatives of other funeral homes also shared similar sentiments. It was emphasised that the thought of an impromptu burial arrangement was quite “inelegant” Overseas-based relatives of several of the deceased explained how the lack of proper drainage at Le Repentir has inconvenienced them in the worst way. “Our time in Guyana is limited. We only have one more day; we were waiting to pay our final respects.” Several burials at Le Repentir Cemetery, the biggest of its kind in the city, had to be postponed on Wednesday following a period of heavy rainfall. However, the Deputy Mayor explained that efforts are underway to clear the flooded cemetery. “The Public Works Ministry is currently conducting drainage exercises. They have identified the pump at Liliendaal which is being used to aid the Princes and Sussex Streets canal to have the flooded areas cleared.” Notwithstanding this, Chase-Green said that the current condition of the Cemetery is largely due to the

An entrance in Le Repentir Cemetery

lack of collaboration and interest on the part of the administration. “July 2012 was the last time the cemetery was cleared by the Public Works Ministry and it might have cost approximately $50 million. But Le Repentir Cemetery now lies in waste, largely because the council needs the assistance of the government to clear and maintain it to a presentable standard. It will cost a lot more than that, to clear the cemetery of the overgrown trees and grass, replant the palms, have

Magistrate orders alleged baby-thief held The 19-year-old teacher, who allegedly stole a 4month-old baby from a Buxton, East Coast Demerara Day Care, on Tuesday last, was yesterday arraigned at the Vigilance Magistrate’s Court for Child Stealing. Candace Adonis of Vigilance, East Coast Demerara, made her first court appearance before Magistrate Zamilla Ali where she was later remanded to prison. The charge laid against Adonis detailed that on January 13, at Buxton, East Coast Demerara, she took away the infant, Miracle Angel Prince, with intent to deprive Samantha Price, the mother of the child, thereof. The accused was not required to plead to the charge as it was deemed indictable at this stage. The prosecution team was led by Sergeant Ayesha Gibbons, who told the court that about 15:30 hours on the day in question, Adonis went to the Day Care centre, pretending to be Miracle

Candace Adonis Rescued: Miracle Angel Price Prince’s aunt and uplifted her. She then allegedly took the child to a house in Pouderoyen on the West Bank of Demerara where she gave the child to Carlton and Shameena Jeremiah, a married couple. According to the Prosecutor, Adonis told them that the baby was hers and further requested for them to take care of her “baby” until

she returned. Sergeant Gibbons explained that it was after Adonis was contacted by the police that she led them to where the child was being kept. The prosecutor said that the child was then recovered and reunited with her mother. S u b s e q u e n t investigations were conducted hence the charge was instituted against the 19year-old. The Magistrate refused bail and the matter was adjourned and will be called again on February 14.

the appropriate drainage system in place, and maintain the facility,” Chase-Green added. She suggested that a multi-stakeholder involvement approach is needed to rectify the issue.

“The council used to have workers to maintain the cemetery, but the rates and taxes we collect cannot pay these workers, thus we were unable to upkeep their employment…implementing a maintenance fee for gravesites

may aid the council with doing its work…however, I would suggest a multi-stakeholder approach to tackle this issue; the involvement of the government, the council and private citizens.”

APNU calls for renewed development strategy for Region 10 Leader of the Political Opposition faction, David Granger, has made an urgent call for the renewed regional, economic and social development initiative to improve the economy and as well as the quality of life of residents of the Upper Demerara-Berbice Region (Region Ten). This he expressed at a press briefing yesterday which was held at his office on Hadfield Street, Georgetown. Also present at the conference was Member of Parliament (MP) and Regional Democratic Councilor of Region 10, Renis Morian. Gra n g e r, before highlighting some of the key points to justify his call, firstly noted that the region is the real gateway to much of the hinterland and indeed the rest of South America. He then reminded that the region’s mining and logging resources have been exploited for decades and that the agricultural potential of its vast intermediate savannahs is still untapped, while its physical infrastructure is undeveloped and its tourism resources are largely unexplored. During his address, Granger expressed his disappointment that the

residents continue to remain poor whilst the Region is rich in resources. The Opposition leader also expressed his concern for the region’s current state, given its economic potential as well as its strategic importance, and taking into consideration as well that “the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) Administration has been so reluctant to implement comprehensive administrative measures to improve the quality of life for residents of the region”. The Member of Parliament went on to discuss a few topics of interest which he believes should be made the focal point for the review of the plan to develop the region. Granger spoke to the importance of educational attainment, the need for an increase in employment opportunities, the unavailability of technicians to operate the equipment at the Linden Hospital and a ‘river ambulance’ for the riverain areas such as Calcuni, Kimbia, Wiruni and Sand Hills. He also spoke to the terrible terrain which continues to make transportation an arduous task for residents. He said that some schools within the region are physically unsafe as basic necessities such as lights,

David Granger proper sanitary facilities and running water are not in place. He noted too that even with the presence of the Russian Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc and the Chinese Bai Shan Lin and BOSAI companies, who have “provided slight relief”, several labour issues still remain unsettled. Granger also made reference to the fact that transport has been severely affected by the withdrawal of the of the Berbice river-boat service which has affected agricultural production and marketing in the region. He also mentioned several roads, including the Linden-Ituni-Kwakwani roads, which are currently in (continued on page 21)

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Kaieteur News

New River Triangle debacle… “One of the key resource bases of the New River area is its biodiversity resources; but the resource base of this area is not limited to just biodiversity but also to forest carbon sequestration services, potential ecotourism activities, research and technical studies, bioprospecting and minerals and timber.” This is according to Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Robert Persaud, in response to an assertion by A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s Dr Rupert Roopnaraine. At the coalition’s most recent press briefing, the APNU parliamentarian called the disputed New River Triangle Area, the “last pristine untouched area of the Guyana forest.” Persaud is contending that this is not accurate. He said that national level assessments of forest cover, for not only the historic period but also covering

Minister wanted to survey resource base for future planning current periods, conclude that the New River area is a pristine untouched area, like most areas in south of Guyana, but it’s not the only remaining pristine area of forest in Guyana. According to the Minister, planning for a forest area with such characteristics, or more aptly called High Conservation Value Forest, requires adequate information, effective foresight and strategic coordination. He said that it was for these reasons it was identified as essential to effectively assess/survey the full resource base of this area. Persaud maintains that it would be somewhat partial and incomplete to only recognize the need to assess the resource base as it relates to biodiversity, for the New River area. The Minister with responsibility for the environment in responding to Dr Roopnaraine said that “all resources, including minerals

must be included to know the true value and wealth of an area.” He said that the results of such assessment along with other non-environmental related considerations, should determine how and to what use the area is put, as it would be premature to make a decision with incomplete information, or to make a decision with no information. “This decision when effectively assessed and with adequate information, can mean that an area can be allocated for conservation, sustainable utilization, allocated as titled lands to Indigenous peoples, area management as community conservation areas, a national protected area, or a wide gamut of options.” According to Persaud, “this kind of strategizing requires not just some information, but full information on the resource base… This has been and remains the thinking of the Ministry of Natural

Immigration INFO: Immigration News For Our Community By Attorney Gail S. Seeram,

petitions filed on or before September 2013.

Through this “Question & Answer” column, our goal is to answer your immigration questions. We appreciate your comments and questions. If you have a question that you would like answered in this column, please email:

Question #2: I have been in the US for the past 7 months, have a job and am a green card holder. I have a girlfriend in Guyana and I would like to know if I can file for her now as a fiancée. If, yes, what are the procedures and how long will it take? Answer #2: As a green card holder you cannot sponsor a fiancé(e) but you can sponsor a spouse. So, if you marry your girlfriend, then you can file a sponsorship petition for her. The backlog for visa processing is about 1 year for a spouse of a green card holder. Only a U.S. citizen can file for a fiancé(e). Question #3: I want to apply for a visitor visa. What are the requirements? Answer #3: Visit the U.S. Embassy-Georgetown webpage for information on requirements for tourist visas: h t t p : / / non-immigrant-visas.html Question #4: I am divorced from my wife and have two children to take care of. All three of us (myself and the two children age 17 and 13 yrs) have ten and five years visitor visas respectively. We have visited the USA on a number of occasions. Recently I have been

Question #1: My husband is a permanent resident in New York and will get citizenship this year. We got married in 2013 and he has filed for me. My priority date is December 13, 2013. My question is, how long does it take for my interview to be schedule when my priority date is current. When is it estimated that I will be called for an interview? Answer #1: Once the required documents were sent to the National Visa Center and the file has been approved, it will be sent to the U.S. Embassy. We normally see interviews within 3 months upon National Visa Center approval. But, once you are notified that the file was sent to Embassy, you can contact the Embassy. According to January 2014 Visa Bulletin, visas are being issued to spouse of permanent residents for

Saturday January 18, 2014

Gail S. Seeram married to an American citizen. All the documents were done in the USA when we visited. I would like to know if me and my children can remain in the USA and enjoy legal status (i.e. working and going to school) whilst our papers are in process, because my wife has already filed documents to sponsor us to live in the USA. Answer #4: If your wife is a U.S. citizen and she processed the paperwork as if you were in the U.S. then you and children would obtain the green card in 3 months and can remain in the U.S. Remember, if you overstay in the U.S., even with a petition pending by your U.S. citizen spouse, you are considered illegal and can be deported. Question #5: How do I apply for a H-1B visa green card visa? What is the requirement? Answer #5: H-1B is not a green card but a temporary work visa issued to a “specialty occupation”. An employer has to agree to file an H-1B petition for you.

Resources and the Environment as an activity that relates to not only the New River area but other areas, and there are others, that have high conservation value or as some may refer to, as pristine areas.” The New River triangle area has been the talking point of a raging public debate ever since it was discovered that the Ministry had facilitated for permission to be granted to Muri Brasil Ventures Inc, to conduct a Geographical and

Geophysical Survey of the area. Among the contentions held was the fact that the company was all but guaranteed 18 prospecting licence to mine in the area. Another had to do with the security implications. Days after the Public Works Ministry denied the company permission to build an airstrip in the location to facilitate the survey, the comapny pulled out and blamed hostility against the project.

Environment Minister Robert Persaud

Father, son killed in E’bo road accident The Essequibo Coast recorded its first road fatality Friday afternoon, when a father and son were killed on the Land of Plenty Public Road whilst attempting to cross. Dead are Muntask Baksh, 72, and Rafmat Baksh, 44, both of Plenty Back Street, Land of Plenty. Reports are that the young driver of motor car HC3460 was proceeding north along the Land of Plenty Public Road when he hit and killed the men, who were holding hands as they attempted to cross the road. The dead father and son sustained severe injuries upon impact and died before receiving medical attention. Noreen Baksh, daughter of the deceased older Baksh, told this publication that her father, brother (Rafmat Baksh) who was reportedly ill, mother Zoorul and herself, had travelled to the Anna Regina market earlier in the day. She said the duo was returning home when they met their demise. The woman said that rather than accessing transportation with the rest of the family, her father, an overseas based Guyanese who was visiting Guyana from Canada, requested that he and his son walk back to their home since he needed the exercise. The older Baksh who was on vacation with his wife, since December, was expected to return to Canada in April. The father w as reportedly holding his son’s arm to assist him in making the trip from Anna Regina to their Land of Plenty residence when the accident occurred. Commander of “G” Division Dale Alves and other traffic ranks visited the scene and are investigating.

Dead: Muntask Baksh, 72, and Rafmat Baksh, 44

GPL overspends US$8M on V/Hoop ... From page 15 30 days. He said that the company will be refueling every ten days. According to the CEO, about 98 per cent of the equipment to be used is already on site and given the lack of storage space, there are about 30 containers more of equipment still at the John Fernandes Container yard on Mandela Avenue. Workers were yesterday observed assembling the insulated walls of the plant while others could be seen laying some storage tanks and other periphery works. Prime Minister Hinds, who also addressed the media briefly, said it was good to see the project progressing stage by stage.

The new power plant had initially been set for commissioning late last year, but has now been pushed back to July of this year. The Wartsila-made engines arrived from Finland in September last, but could not be transported across the Demerara Harbour Bridge because of its weight. It had to be taken from the Georgetown port to Parika via a barge that was contracted out of Trinidad and Tobago, from where special trucks that were brought in transported them along the roadway to the Vreed-en-Hoop site. The three 8.6 megawatt engines will be the largest of the lot currently being operated by GPL countrywide.

Saturday January 18, 2014

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Don’t pay the $20 fare increase Construction worker injured - Govt. tells West Dem passengers

Minibus and hire car operators earlier this week, during the announcement that they will increase fares by $20. Government on Thursday called on commuters to disregard the demands of minibuses and hire cars operators on the West Bank of Demerara for a $20 fare hike. According to the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, it remains deeply concerned about the “uncaring” and “contradictory” action being displayed by some minibus operators, “who seem determined to unilaterally adjust their fares upwards and hold the travelling public to ransom, as a means of bullying an acceptance of

their callousness.” On Wednesday, the West Bank operators gathered at Patentia and announced intentions to implement the $20 hike, effective Thursday. They cited the high costs of fuel and spares. The operators also made it clear that while they would like the Ministry’s approval for the $20 hike, the reality is that there is no clear authority on who sets fares. “We can’t wait anymore; it has been 10 years since fares were raised for us. It is just $20 more.” The Ministry on

Thursday, however, said that instituting any fare increase without the conclusion of joint operators (bargaining body, and the Ministry) agreement is unacceptable, and breaches the good faith principle that should permeate discussions currently ongoing among the parties. As a consequence, the Ministry said it is “categorically rejecting recent attempts of minibus operators to one-sidedly impose fare increases and calls upon commuters to disregard this unconscionable action.”

APNU calls for renewed development... From page 13 a terrible state. “The Linden Economic Advancement Fund (LEAF) — the successor to the Linden Economic Advancement Programme (LEAP) has been starved of funding thereby depriving many poor people from escaping from poverty,” Granger said He further asserted, “The PPPC administration, seven years ago in 2007, did indeed promise to promulgate a five-year development plan. Its objectives were to be the reduction of the Region’s traditional dependency on mining and the achievement of long-term economic diversification and collaboration between the state, the private sector and the community. That plan targeted the agriculture, infrastructure, manufacturing,

transport, tourism, information communication technology and mining sectors.” APNU, he said, laments the fact that the PPPC administration never fully implemented that plan. “The PPPC administration has still not implemented the essential elements of the 21st August 2012 agreement between the Central Government and the Regional Administration seventeen months after signing it.” It is upon this background that the leader of APNU made a call for a new plan which he believes is now needed to resume the task of the development of the Upper DemeraraBerbice Region. This call was also supported by Morian, who also later elaborated on the points raised by the Leader of the Opposition.

Leonora Court recommissioned From page 17 in a timely manner they will have a devastating impact on the sector. The President further expounded that the state remains a most important stakeholder. He emphasised that many large transformational, capital intensive projects are affected and some even halted by litigation. “I sometimes believe that some people go to the Court to use it as an instrument to slow things down, and this is unacceptable. Therefore the timely delivery of decisions, even if they are wrong, is imperative, so that at least those decisions can be quickly challenged by the appellate process. My personal feeling is that before giving sometimes these tail orders, the people should be heard. We know of a recent case where we saw again an attempt was being made to slow

down progress in our country by trying to resort to the Courts.” The Head of State said that equal accesses to the justice system is very important, he said that facilities similar to the Leonora court are being developed across the country because of the need to quicken the dispensation of justice to people everywhere so that their lives are not put on hold by cases that are in court. More so, Ramotar said as it relates to business, developmental programmes and everyone in general, justice should be as swift as possible, because that is their entitlement and the reason why the facility was commissioned President Ramotar charged those magistrates and other persons who will be working in the recommissioned building to be more productive and that more cases should be heard.

by falling zinc sheets

Nineteen-year-old Yajendra Lall is a patient in the Male Surgical Ward of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) following a mishap on Sunday when his end of a pile of 27 zinc sheets accidentally fell and landed on his left leg. The leg is broken in three places. The young construction worker of Strathspey, East Coast Demerara related to Kaieteur News from his hospital bed that the accident occurred while he was on a job at a Houston, East Coast Demerara establishment to replace the old zinc sheets on the building. Also on site were the contractor tasked with the works and his uncle. Lall admitted that he could not remember much since he fell unconscious immediately after being hit, but explained that the group had already piled the old zinc sheets onto a forklift and were in the process of removing them and placing them onto the ground. Lall’s mother, Rohani

Injured: Yajendra Lall Balram explained the injured youth was then rushed to the hospital by the contractor and, after being attended to at the institution’s Accident

and Emergency (A&E) Unit, was admitted to the ward. She said that he is expected to go into surgery on Monday.

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3 Female (8 weeks old) German Shepherd pups - Tel: 638-5778

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Saturday January 18, 2014

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Gold and Diamond mining lands already prospected Tel:699-3992



Make your music available in 95+ online stores, Email: to download details.

American pool table - Tel: 277-0578 (Continued on page 23)

Saturday January 18, 2014

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FOR RENT PLANNING AN EVENT? BIRTHDAY PARTY, GRADUATION,WEDDINGS, ANNIVERSARY, ETC. – CALL DIAMOND TENTS: 216-1043; 677-6620 1 – Three bedrooms house in Grove, E.B.D – Tel:2230733; 692-8513 Two bedroom concrete apartments, self contained toilet & baths; security steel bars & grills @ Unity ECD-Tel:680-4447; 228-2497 Vacant one house upstairs and downstairs with toilet and bath, big space for parking @ Prospect EBD Tel: 673-1872 One two bedroom house to rent in La Parfaite Harmonie WCD - $28,000 per month Tel: 668-8799

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Saturday January 18, 2014

Water safety, a key factor in helping to promote development -Consumer Affairs Officer “Consumers not only have the right to safety but also to satisfaction of their basic needs inclusive of food,

health, shelter, water and sanitation” is a notion touted by Consumers International, the world federation of

consumer groups. This notion was on Wednesday amplified by Consumer Affairs Officer

Consumers Affairs Officer, Kishana Archer (third from left), along with other officials at the sensitisation meeting on Wednesday. attached to the Consumer Affairs Bureau, Ms. Kishana Archer. Archer was at the time speaking at a Regency Suites/ Hotel venued meeting designed to sensitise the operators within the water/ice processing industry on ways to improve their products. She was among several other officials who spoke to the need for improving the operations within the water/ ice processing industry. According to the Consumer Affairs Officer, consumers have a right to be protected from products that could cause them or the environment harm. Moreover, she highlighted that the safety of consumers in Guyana should not be jeopardised by incidences such as the recent chemical spill that occurred in West Virgina in the United States. And according to Archer, even if such incidences do occur, systems must be put in place to ensure consumer safety. She added too that consumers must have the right to choose and be able to select from a wide range of products and services offered at competitive prices and the assurance of satisfactory quality.

In order to ensure that these rights are not violated, regulations and control for packaged water must be the mandate of the manufacturers, the consumers and the relevant Government organisations, Archer noted. According to her, “this team approach is necessary because of the dire consequences of consuming poor quality water to public health. Consumption of contaminated water or poorly produced water can result in waterborne diseases like cholera and diarrhoea,” Archer firmly pointed out to the participants of the meeting Wednesday. She explained too that chemical contaminants such as lead and iron nitrates in water can give rise to illnesses and even death. Archer in her deliberations observed that experiences over the years have revealed that many businesses in Guyana are merely concerned with profits, while health and safety is usually not at the top of their agendas. “We usually take a more reactive approach when situations arise and we don’t have systems in place to

prevent a situation,” said Archer of the local situation. In order to arrest potential challenges, Archer said that the Consumers Affairs Bureau is of the view that self-regulatory measures should be put in place for manufacturers of packaged water. With necessary measures in place, she noted that Government agencies will be better focused on rendering assistance to these manufacturers so that they can meet their optimal potential in terms of product safety, quality, accessibility and marketability, both locally and internationally. However, Archer disclosed that since “the results of past market research have shown that this is not always the a result we are here today to sensitise you on new regulations.” Consumer International, which is regarded as the world federation of consumer groups that serves as the only independent and authoritative global voice for consumers, has identified good health as a fundamental right of everyone. In realising its mission, the body has underscored the need for collective responsibility to secure the health of everyone. According to Archer, Guyana, like the rest of the world, has accepted that good health is the key to development and that “anyone who contributes to good health also promotes sustainable development.” As such she said that the Consumer Affairs division has made a clarion call to all manufacturers of portable to package water to ensure that they procure a copy of the Consumers’ Affairs Act 2011 which aims to promote and protect consumers’ interests in relation to the supply of goods and services and for related purposes. This Act was enacted by Parliament and assented to by former President, Bharrat Jagdeo, on September 27, 2011 and can be purchased at Parliament Buildings.

Saturday Januray 18, 2014

Kaieteur News

Pope defrocked 400 priests in 2 years, per Vatican document obtained by AP VATICAN CITY - AP - A document obtained by The Associated Press shows Pope Benedict XVI defrocked nearly 400 priests over just two years for molesting children. The statistics for 2011-12 represent the first time that the Vatican has provided details on the number of priests who have been defrocked. Prior to that, it had only revealed the number of alleged cases of sexual abuse it had received.

The document was prepared from data the Vatican had been collecting to help the Holy See defend itself before a U.N. committee this week in Geneva. Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, the Vatican’s U.N. ambassador in Geneva, referred to just one of the statistics in the course of eight hours of oftentimes pointed criticism and questioning from the U.N. human rights committee. The AP obtained the document yesterday.

Charles Scicluna

Iran has $100 billion abroad, can draw $4.2 billion: U.S. official VIENNA (Reuters) - Iran has about $100 billion in foreign exchange assets around the world, of which it will be able to access $4.2 billion under last year’s nuclear agreement with six world powers, a senior U.S. administration official said yesterday. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the money and assets were held in various countries and that a significant proportion was Iran’s oil

revenue. Financial and other sanctions have meant Tehran has not had free access to spend it. The governor of Iran’s central bank said in mid2012 it had built up $150 billion in foreign reserves to protect itself against tightening punitive measures on the country. Under the November 24, six-month accord between Iran and the major powers, Tehran will receive limited sanctions relief, which the U.S. estimates to be worth

about $7 billion, in return for curbing its disputed nuclear program. Of this amount, $4.2 billion is in the form of access to currently blocked Iranian revenue held abroad. The U.S. official said Iran would identify from where it wants to take the funds and that Western authorities would facilitate their transfer in a series of installments during the next half year, depending on the Islamic Republic carrying out its part of the deal.

Hague warns Scots of EU exit on independence Glasgow (AFP) - Foreign Secretary William Hague yesterday warned Scots that independence would leave them stuck outside the EU and losing influence on the world stage. Hague said Scotland could be forced to join the euro currency and the European Union’s Schengen open borders agreement. He was speaking in Glasgow to launch the government’s analysis paper on EU and international issues if Scotland votes to go it alone in the September 18 referendum. “Scotland leaving the United Kingdom would diminish us all,” Hague told an audience at The Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture. “The advantages of Scotland remaining in the United Kingdom are indisputable in foreign policy as they are in every other area of our national life. “A Scotland outside the UK would find itself less connected in an increasingly networked world, less able to advance its interests in an ever more competitive global

William Hague economy and less able to influence decisions in a shifting international order.” The analysis paper said that as a new state, an independent Scotland would have to apply for membership of international organisations. It said that would be straightforward in some cases but “would not” with the EU. It cannot be assumed that an independent Scotland would have the same EU optouts and rebates as Britain

does, it said. European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso and European Council president Herman Van Rompuy have both indicated that Scotland would have to reapply for EU membership, Hague warned. “There are pronounced question marks over an independent Scotland’s membership of the EU,” said Hague, who is from Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative party. “No-one knows for certain how long it would take for an independent Scotland to become an EU member.” And while proindependence Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond wants to retain Britain’s pound sterling currency rather than adopt the euro, “people in Scotland cannot be sure it would have the political capital to resist the pressure to join”, he said. Among the four main parties in Scotland, Salmond’s Scottish National Party is campaigning for a “yes” vote to independence, while the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats are in the “no” camp.

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Saturday Januray 18, 2014

Ukraine chides West for criticism of new anti-protest law

KIEV (Reuters) - Ukraine yesterday rebuked the West for what it called foreign interference in its internal affairs after an outcry over legislation rushed through parliament to curb antigovernment unrest in the exSoviet republic. The U.S. State Department and senior European Union politicians voiced deep concern with the measures, which still need President Viktor

Yanukovich’s signature and foresee prison terms of up to 15 years for “mass violation” of public order. Demonstrators first hit the streets in Kiev in November after Yanukovich backpedalled at the last minute from a free trade deal with the EU in favor of closer ties with Kiev’s Soviet-era overlord, Moscow. Protests quickly spiraled into an all-out movement against Yanukovich’s

government, attracting as many as 800,000 people at its peak. Numbers have dwindled since, but several hundred people remain camped out on Kiev’s central square or are occupying public buildings like City Hall. On Sunday, at least 50,000 people demonstrated against Yanukovich in Kiev. The law, sped through parliament by Yanukovich’s allies on Thursday, winning support from 235 of 450

lawmakers, sparked an uproar from the opposition and protesters. Foreign Minister Leonid Kozhara “expressed concern” over the foreign criticism and said it was “considered in Kiev as meddling in the internal affairs of our state”, according to a ministry statement. Kozhara, it said, made his comments during a meeting on Friday with the EU’s ambassador to Kiev, Jan

Tombinski, and U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt. The new law further bans any unauthorized installation of tents, stages or amplifiers in public places - all of which remain on prominent display in the protest tent city on Independence Square in the Ukrainian capital. “I am deeply concerned by the events in Kyiv,” Catherine Ashton, the EU foreign policy chief, said in a statement, adding that the legislation was “restricting the Ukrainian citizens’ fundamental rights”. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said the course taken by Yanukovich was “a dead end ... Repression is no answer to a contentious, political debate”. Parliament’s vote on the law, whose text ran to more than 100 pages, was taken by

Viktor Yanukovich a sudden show of hands that caught the opposition offguard. It followed a Thursday court ban on protests in Kiev, which boosted opposition fears of an imminent police crackdown.

Obama bans spying on leaders of U.S. allies, scales back NSA program (Reuters) - President Barack Obama banned U.S. eavesdropping on the leaders of close friends and allies yesterday and began reining in the vast collection of Americans’ phone data in a series of limited reforms triggered by Edward Snowden’s revelations. In a major speech, Obama took steps to reassure Americans and foreigners alike that the United States will take into account privacy concerns highlighted by former spy contractor Snowden’s damaging disclosures about the sweep of monitoring activities of the National Security Agency (NSA). “The reforms I’m proposing today should give the American people greater confidence that their rights are being protected, even as our intelligence and law enforcement agencies maintain the tools they need to keep us safe,” he said. While the address was designed to fend off concerns that U.S. surveillance has gone too far, Obama’s measures fell short of dismantling U.S. electronic spying programs. Even as the White House put the final touches on the reform plan this week, media outlets reported that the NSA gathers nearly 200 million text messages a day from around the world and has put software in almost 100,000 computers allowing it to spy on those devices.

Obama promised that the United States will not eavesdrop on the heads of state or government of close U.S. friends and allies. A senior administration official said that would apply to dozens of leaders. The step was designed to smooth over frayed relations between, for example, the United States and Germany after reports surfaced last year that the NSA had monitored the mobile phone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff postponed a state visit to Washington in protest at the NSA spying on her email and cellphone. “The leaders of our close friends and allies deserve to know that if I want to learn what they think about an issue, I will pick up the phone and call them, rather than turning to surveillance,” Obama said. Still, he said, U.S. intelligence will continue to gather information about the intentions of other governments, and will not apologize simply because U.S. spy services are more effective. Obama is trying to balance public anger at the disclosure of intrusion into Americans’ privacy with his commitment to retain policies he considers critical to protecting the United States. In doing so he bucked the advice of some of U.S. intelligence leaders.

Saturday Januray 18, 2014

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Renowned Trini jurist, Karl Russia steps up military lifeline Terrence Hudson-Phillips, dies to Syria’s Assad – sources Trinidad (TT Newsday) A Quintessential citizen of the world. This was the description given to internationally , by his close friend Ferdie Ferreira hours after learning of his sudden death in London, England, yesterday. Hudson-Phillips, 80, died peacefully in his sleep in London where he and his wife Kathleen travelled last Tuesday to celebrate their son Kevin’s 30th birthday. He was expected to return to Trinidad next week. Hudson-Phillips had three children. His eldest, daughter Jennifer, with whom he shares his law practice, was in New York with her mother when they received the news that Hudson-Phillips was found in his bed, not breathing. Persons close to the family said Hudson-Phillips showed no sign of illness when he left Trinidad for London. “He did not complain of feeling unwell at all. It was a shock,” they admitted. Ferreira spent two hours at Hudson-Phillips’ offices at St Vincent Street, Port-of-Spain, on Friday last and the two did as they usually would when they got together: reminisced of old times and spoke of current affairs. As he recalled the life of his friend of 70 years, Ferreira described Hudson-Phillips as “a Trinidadian by birth; a Grenadian by parents; West Indian by culture; European by discipline; American by standards; Asian by taste (he

Renowned TT jurist, Karl Terrence HudsonPhillips, QC loved a good buss up shot and Chinese food) and African by strength.” Hudson-Phillips was distinguished as a former Attorney General, a former judge of the International Criminal Court, politician and legal luminary. Ferreira knew him as Karl, a man who enjoyed planting cassava, sweet potato, pumpkin, plantains and pigeon peas in Carriacou, Grenada, where he had a home. “The country loved Karl because of his strength and testicular fortitude but also hated him because of this.” He recalled HudsonPhillips being demonised for drafting the Public Order Act, which was proposed by the People’s National Movement government in 1973, when

Suriname hit by hail Suriname (De Ware Tijd) - “It’s raining stones, it is raining stones! I’ve never experienced before, “said a 59-year-old resident at the L’Hermitageweg at Zorg en Hoop. It was just after 9pm Thursday night.. Her son confirmed that it is hailstones the size of ice. Nearby Uitvlugt, Care and Hope and Flora people were startled by hail falling on roofs and cars. Not ten minutes later the hailstones were gone. “For four minutes there were hailstones as big as marbles coming down,” reports resident Deryck Ferrier Area Tibitistraat. “I rushed to wipe, to photograph them. Hailstones together on my back patio, but that did not work. It is the second time in my life that I experience a brief hailstorm in Suriname. The first time was on Lelydorp, one afternoon in the late sixties of the last century. “ “At one point we made the observation that the raindrops fell particularly hard,” one person e-mailed. “It looked like someone threw stones at our roof! We realized that there was more to it. I went out to the car and there were chunks of ice the size of a pea.” Police inspector Ramkhelawan told De Ware Tijd that the central control room of the police had received numerous phone calls about the phenomenon.

Hudson-Phillips served as Attorney General. “But he was fearless like that. He always stood up for what was right,” Ferreira said. “He told me: ‘Ferdie, I put it there but they didn’t want me. They rejected me.’ He was very concerned about the current situation in the country and was scared and concerned about the lawlessness in the country. He was strongly against immorality and corruption and was concerned about what was taking place,” Ferreira said. He said Hudson-Phillips was never bitter about the response of the country in 1973. “No he did not let that get to him. He had confidence in Trinidad and Tobago. He was 1001 percent Trinbagonian,” Ferreira said. “He was fearless and was the only Attorney General in the history of TT to put on his wig and go into the court to prosecute a killer and he did that against the advice of Dr Williams,” Ferreira said. “He told Dr Williams he was not going to risk Malick with anyone else. This was the capacity and fearlessness of the man.” “He said he was willing to give up his seat as Diego Martin MP and did so,” Ferreira recalled. This was the genesis of the Organisation for National Reconstruction (ONR) which contested the 1981 general elections and despite getting the second-highest vote tally in the election, failed to secure a single seat.

LONDON (Reuters) - In recent weeks Russia has stepped up supplies of military gear to Syria, including armored vehicles, drones and guided bombs, boosting President Bashar alAssad just as rebel infighting has weakened the insurgency against him, sources with knowledge of the deliveries say. Moscow, which is trying to raise its diplomatic and economic influence in the Middle East, has been a major provider of conventional weapons to Syria, giving Assad crucial support during the threeyear civil war and blocking wider Western attempts to punish him with sanctions for the use of force against civilians. The new Russian supplies come at a critically fluid stage of the conflict, with peace talks scheduled for next week in Switzerland, the factious opposition losing ground, and Western support for the rebellion growing increasingly wary of the role played by foreign militants. Syria has even said some countries formally opposed to Assad have begun discussing security cooperation with his government. Several sources told Reuters that Assad’s forces had since December received deliveries of weaponry and other military supplies, including unmanned spy

drones known as UAVs, which have been arranged by Russia either directly or via proxies. “Dozens of Antonov 124s (Russian transport planes) have been bringing in armored vehicles, surveillance equipment, radars, electronic warfare systems, spare parts for helicopters, and various weapons including guided bombs for planes,” a Middle East security source said. “Russian advisers and intelligence experts have been running observation UAVs around the clock to help Syrian forces track rebel positions, analyze their capabilities, and carry out precision artillery and air force strikes against them,” said the source, who declined to be identified. Vyacheslav Davidenko, spokesman for Russia’s arms export monopoly Rosoboronexport, said they could not comment on arms deliveries to Syria. Russia has said it violates no international laws with its military supplies to Syria and does not sell Damascus offensive weapons. Syrian officials could not be reached for comment. The U.S. State Department said it had no independent confirmation that Russia had increased military supplies to Syria but said such actions would be concerning if true. Spokeswoman Jen Psaki said she discussed the

Reuters report with Secretary of State John Kerry earlier yesterday. “His view is that if these reports are true that would certainly raise great concerns about the role that Russia is playing in continuing to enable the Assad regime of brutalizing the Syrian people,” said Psaki, adding: “We don’t have independent confirmation of the reports.” A source within the international arms industry with knowledge of Middle Eastern weapons movements also confirmed a pick-up in supplies to Assad’s forces, including UAVs. “Equipment has been moving into Syria, and Russia is either bringing it in themselves or sourcing supplies from Black Sea areas like Bulgaria, Romania or Ukraine, where there is surplus stock floating around,” the source said. “Suppliers in that region cannot afford to upset the Russians.” Arms trackers say Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine all have stockpiles of Russian-style light arms that were produced in the countries dating back to the Soviet era, when factories were set up with help from Moscow. A Bulgarian foreign ministry spokesman said Bulgaria’s intergovernmental council, which oversees arms trades, had not issued any certificates for arms deals destined for Syria.

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Saturday Januray 18, 2014

US$100M coke in TT juice cans seized at U.S port

$600 million in cocaine from T&T seized at U.S port Trinidad and Tobago (Trinidad Express) - An estimated U.S $100 million worth in cocaine concealed in fruit juice cans originating in Trinidad and Tobago was seized by United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officers in Virginia, United States in December. The shipment smuggled in Trinidad Orange Juice cans which are manufactured by Citrus Growers Association, was discovered at the Port of Norfolk. The cans were discovered in a shipping container which was destined for New York, according to online news reports. The

cocaine was hidden in over 700 cans which were among thousands of cans, many of which contained juice. According to CBP officers, there was no difference in the cans from the outside, according to News 3 television news. The seizure was described by the CBP as “the largest in the port’s history”. Mark Laria, Customs and Border Protection Area Port Director, told the US media : “We used every tool at our disposal. We have large scale X-ray equipment we have small scale x-ray equipment, we have probes, we have various tools and technology

that were brought to bear on this shipment and it took every bit of it plus the officers knowledge and intuition to locate the cocaine in this shipment”. “I have children of my own, I’m always worried about where these drugs end up, are they getting to schools and for that reason I could not be more excited that this amount of cocaine is not going to make it out onto the streets”, said Laria. The CBP officers said the use of fruit cans is just one example of how creative drug traffickers are getting, having even used body bags in the past.

Construction labour being imported, Jamaica concerned Jamaica (Jamaican Gleaner)- Local players in the construction industry are raising concern about what they say is a crisis in the sector, which they believe is contributing to the current levels of crime in Jamaica. The Incorporated Master Builders Association of Jamaica (IMAJ) says there’s been a progressive sidelining of local entities with almost all significant construction works being awarded to foreign-owned companies. And it says in addition to importing construction services, the country is also importing construction labour. The IMAJ says the negative results of this move towards using foreigners are manifold and demand attention if the current slide in Jamaica’s economy is to end. According to the association, the slide in the economy over the last two

decades mirrors the decline of the local construction industry. In a media release president of the IMAJ, Carvel Stewart said despite the valiant efforts being made to combat crime only marginal gains will be achieved without higher levels of employment particularly in the construction industry. He notes that unemployment drives crime and most of those who are without jobs are males aged 14-25. He says this is the cohort which provides a large portion of semi-skilled and unskilled labour to construction. Stewart also says unemployment in construction also contributes to the chaos on Jamaica’s roads from the plethora of legal and illegal taxi operators. He says a large number of

former construction workers have had to take to the roads as their means of earning a living. Stewart also argues that there is little benefit for the country from the employment of foreign companies as they are often granted waivers and in some cases only as little as 15 per cent of earnings from the project are spent locally. He wants the Government to immediately make amendments to its procurement rules to give local firms a better chance at securing works contracts. He also says the government must ensure that bidding requirements do not effectively exclude local firms. In addition he wants it to be made a requirement that foreign owned companies undertaking work in Jamaica associate with a similar Jamaican company which will participate in the project.

Saturday Januray 18, 2014

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Bravo, Gayle accept Djokovic, Serena stay... retainer contracts From page 34 are now working at settling the issue. “It is still in train. We go back to court shortly but the court had asked us to resolve the issues ourselves. We have been going back and forth and now we have something on the table, so we hope that when we go to court next time, we are very close to having an agreement and it would not require the judge to make a decision.” List of men’s players on Central Retainer

Contracts 2013-2014 (with category) Dwayne Bravo (A) Shiv Chanderpaul (A) Chris Gayle (A) Sunil Narine (A) Darren Sammy (A) Marlon Samuels (A) Kemar Roach (B) Tino Best (C) Darren Bravo (C) Johnson Charles (C) Kirk Edwards (C) Kieran Powell (C) Denesh Ramdin (C) Ravi Rampaul (C)

Shane Shillingford (C) List of women’s players on Central Retainer Contracts 2013-2014 (with category) Shanel Daley (A) Anisa Mohammed (A) Deandra Dottin (A) Stafanie Taylor (A) Merissa Aguilleira (B) Shemaine Campbell (B) Subrina Munroe (B) Shaquana Quintyne (B) Shakera Selman (B) Tremayne Smartt (B) (Trinidad Express)

Friday January 18, 2014 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) Point your aggressiveness in the right direction today. That shouldn't be too hard since you know and understand the meaning of a job well done and what's required to get things accomplished. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) Today isn't a day to lounge around. There's a very important practical matter that must be dealt with before you can engage in any lighthearted activities. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Try to keep your emotions in check today. It's possible that you could become extremely angry and do some damage to yourself and others around you. CANCER (June 21–July 22) You may feel like someone is trying to rain on your parade. It's important not to forget who you are now. Don't be surprised if you feel a negative pull from someone or something.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) There's aggressiveness to you today, but this feeling can be useful to you and what you have going on. There's a practical force helping you stay grounded and realistic about certain issues. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) There's increased emotional tension today. You may be at the forefront of the action as you take things higher and farther. Have a map handy or you could wind up alone in the middle of nowhere. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) Don't hold back today. You're the right person for the job in about every situation you encounter. You'll have the instincts required to move on a project, see what needs to be done, gather the resources, and get the ball rolling. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) Strong feelings may arise through relationship dynamics today and you’ll be better off if you can share what’s on your mind.

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Today is a terrific day for you. You're able to accomplish a lot during the day, leaving the night open for excitement with others. Once you take care of the necessary things, feel free to grab a big helping of fun.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) Don't be surprised if you feel like you're being poked with a stick today, as something urges you to get moving. There's an aggressive energy moving about and making demands on everyone.

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Promote balance and harmony today by letting off a bit of steam before you try to engage with others and their dramas. Secure yourself in a stable environment where you can vent your concerns, punch pillows, or jog around the block.

PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) Pull yourself together, and figure out what it is your heart desires. There's an aggressive force tugging at your heartstrings today. Unless you have it firmly in your mind what it is you want and feel, you'll be easily pulled off track. Stay grounded and you should be OK.

From page 31 after Andy Murray missed the back end of last season, Ferrer next faces Florian Mayer with Tomas Berdych or Kevin Anderson waiting in the quarter-finals. Anderson came from two sets down for the second time in five days to reach the last 16, outlasting Edouard Roger-Vasselin 3-6 4-6 6-3 7-6 (7-5) 7-5 in just under four hours. The tall South African trailed 0-4 in the fourth set

tiebreak and 3-5 in the fifth and let out a huge roar when the Frenchman went long to hand him the win on Margaret Court Arena. Berdych, by contrast, eased into the fourth round without having dropped a set all week courtesy of a 6-4 6-2 6-2 victory over Bosnian qualifier Damir Dzumhur. With Nadal, Roger Federer and Murray in the other half of the draw, Berdych knows he will rarely have a better chance to

Jamaican bobsleigh... From page 35 for optimism and refuses to believe being 46 will affect their chances of success: ‘Man, you should see me! Age is just a number. You’d never believe I was a man of 46. You’d say maybe 30, 25. I’m big, dark and handsome, like a 6ft 235lb running back.’ The similarities with the 1993 Cool Runnings film are obvious and Watts admits to

still watching the movie regularly today. ‘It’s a movie you cannot get tired of watching’ Watts told ‘It’s very touching. It’s just so emotional. Even up until today I watch that movie like its new. It’s just inspirational’. Are we set to hear the film the fabulous pre-race chant again? ‘Feel the rhythm, Feel the ride, Get on up, It’s bobsled time.’ (Mailonline)

reach a first semi-final at Melbourne Park. Li staged the most dramatic escape of the day when she faced a match point against Czech Lucie Safarova, who failed to convert it by the smallest of margins when her backhand down the line was called out, a decision confirmed by Hawk-Eye.

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Saturday Januray 18, 2014

Arjoon opens Pro career in Australia

Perera, Mathews miss hundreds as Sri Lanka foil Pakistan

Former junior standout and current national Squash player Alexander Arjoon is set to join the professional circuit very shortly following in the footsteps of Nicolette Fernandes, Sunil Seth, Richard Chin and Max Weithers. Arjoon, who has represented Guyana at both the junior and senior levels, will open his campaign in the Pro ranks in Australia where he hopes to do well to gain valuable points on the circuit. An exciting player to watch Arjoon was an integral part of the dominant junior squad that compiled a winning streak of seven consecutive Junior Caribbean Titles, capturing two individual Caribbean titles of his own in the process. He then led the National Senior Team to their first Caribbean Senior title in 2013, a feat that they did not achieve since 1996. Among his other accomplishments include, multiple Junior National Squash titles in every age group as well as three consecutive Senior National

titles over the past three years. The stockily built player currently attends Franklin and Marshall College in the United States and represents their squash team, which is ranked 6th in the country. “Squash has been a huge part of his life for many years and it has not only taken him to different parts of the world and fostered many cherished relationships, but in the process he has seen benefits of hard work and commitment. As a young athlete, he has developed a passion for the game of squash, and as he matures he is becoming aware of the range of opportunities, direct and indirect, that the sport offers,” his mother Annette Arjoon-Martins said. After a significant improvement in his game over the past few years he is keen to explore the possibility to compete on the professional squash circuit. Fortunately, he has been blessed with a world class coach Gavin Jones, a relentless fitness trainer KezqweyahYisrael and the unconditional support of

his family. Arjoon feels that he would be wasting the opportunity of a lifetime to represent his country at the highest level if he does not pursue his passion towards a professional squash career. Consequently, in 2014 he plans to launch his professional career by competing in a series of tournaments in Australia around the May/June period. This, he said, would be highly productive for him because the series of consecutive tournaments in Australia, over two months, at a high level, would provide him with the opportunity to gain significant points and experience on the professional circuit. Kaieteur Sport wishes him all the best in his new endeavour and hope that he will truly follow in the footsteps of Nicolette, who has been blazing the trail since her return from injury. This is a talented player who deserves all the support that is required to allow him to become another athlete that could make us proud.

Champagne set to announce FIFA presidency bid Reuters - FIFA President Sepp Blatter’s former righthand man Jerome Champagne seems certain to announce a campaign to succeed Blatter as the most powerful man in world soccer after inviting the world’s media to a news conference in London on Monday. FIFA observers have been speculating for months about his plans following the publication of a far-reaching 20,000- word document in 2012 outlining his vision of the future governance and direction for world soccer. Frenchman Champagne, 55, who was FIFA’s deputy Secretary General from 2002 until 2005, has been working as an international soccer consultant in troubled regions such as Kosovo, Palestine and Israel and Cyprus since leaving FIFA in 2010. In 2012 his “What FIFA for the 21st century?” document outlined some farsighted views, while building on FIFA’s traditional strengths. Central to his thinking are plans to expand the FIFA executive committee, bringing national FA’s into the seat of governance and making FIFA more open and transparent. In a previous interview

Jerome Champagne with Reuters, Champagne said: “The election in 2015 is absolutely crucial for the future of the world game and will shape football for many years to come. “We have to embrace new ideas and develop others like technology, we have to embrace the changes in the modern world, both in the way football is governed and how we redress the imbalances that have crept into the game. “I may not have all the answers but at least I can open up the debate.” Blatter, who will be 78 in March, has been President since 1998 and was close to Champagne during his time at FIFA. Blatter has not yet

confirmed whether he is standing for a fifth term of office when the elections are held in Zurich in 18 months’ time. However, he hinted this week in an interview with French newspaper L’Equipe that he did intend to stand and was not yet “too tired” to continue in one of the biggest jobs in world sport. FIFA, comprising 209 member nations, more than the United Nations, organizes the world’s most popular sport but under Blatter ’s long presidency has suffered a series of crises focused around financial scandals and mismanagement. Champagne was at FIFA during many of Blatter’s woes but was forced out of the organization after political infighting six months before the World Cup started in South Africa in 2010. Blatter, who has won three election campaigns and also been acclaimed as president without any opposition once, is only the eighth president in the organization’s 110-year history. He said he will announce his intentions before this year ’s FIFA Congress in Sao Paulo, Brazil in June. UEFA president Michel Platini has also been linked with a bid for the presidency but has not yet declared his position.

Sharjah: Dilruwan Perera missed a century on his debut while skipper Angelo Mathews fell for 91 as Sri Lanka frustrated Pakistan in the third and final Test in Sharjah yesterday. Perera (95) and Mathews made life difficult for Pakistan through their 112-run seventh wicket stand before Sri Lanka declared their first innings at 428-9, leaving Pakistan to score 19-0 in a tricky six overs before the close of the second day’s play. Openers Ahmed Shehzad (five) and Khurram Manzoor (14) survived an anxious time as Pakistan go in search of a big lead to square the series after losing the second Test by nine wickets (http://—pakistan-vs-srilanka—2nd-test054727160.html) in Dubai. Sri Lanka, leading the series 1-0 after the first Test ended in a draw in Abu Dhabi, are aiming to seal the series. The day once again exposed the flat Sharjah stadium pitch as Mathews put 73 for the sixth wicket with Prasanna Jayawardene (35) and then batted solidly with Perera, leaving Pakistani

bowlers frustrated and failing in their search for quick wickets. The 31-year-old Perera, who made his one-day debut in 2007 but had never played a Test before, looked more solid during his 305-minute batting as he drove and pulled with perfection before hooking paceman Mohammad Talha into the hands of deep fine-leg. He hit 12 boundaries and two sixes and added an invaluable 72 for the ninth wicket with Shaminda Eranga (25 not out). Perera said: “I am really happy to score 95, sad to miss the hundred but it’s still an achievement considering Pakistan had two of the best spinners in the world,” said Perera, whose 95 is the highest overseas score by a Sri Lankan on his debut. Mathews once again anchored the Sri Lankan batting, defying Pakistan’s bowling for six hours before he fell to a miscued drive off paceman Junaid Khan who finished with figures of 3-81. Talha finished with 3-99 while spinner Saeed Ajmal had 2120. Mathews, who hit 91 and a career best 157 not out in the drawn first Test in Abu

Dhabi, took full advantage of the drop caught and bowled chance by Talha on Thursday when on nought, by hitting five boundaries and a six off 256-balls. Junaid said Pakistan will have to bat better. “It’s a tough wicket but that’s part of Test cricket to make an effort to get wickets. We have to bat better than Sri Lanka to win,” said Junaid. Resuming at 220-5, Sri Lanka’s batsmen batted solidly in both the sessions. Pakistan did waste their second referral when Mathews, on 34, was given not out by English umpire Richard Kettleborough, and TV replays showed the ball missing the stumps. In the end it was Talha who had Prasanna, the only wicket in the morning session. Mathews continued in the same style, hitting Junaid for a boundary, and in his next over took a single to complete his 13th half-century. He continued to bat with authority before his dismissal just before tea. Perera and Eranga continued to frustrate Pakistan bowling, with Perera hitting Ajmal for a four and six to bring up Sri Lanka’s 400.

Kallicharran, Holding part of ACF Board The American Cricket Federation has announced the creation of a seven-man honorary advisory board comprised of current and former international cricketers including Michael Holding and Ian Chappell. The move is a significant boost to ACF’s credibility on the world stage and furthers its attempts to challenge the USA Cricket Association’s status as the ICC-recognised national governing body in America.

“I’ve been aware of many attempts to move cricket forward in the USA,” Chappell said in an ACF press release, “and I’m also aware that there has been a lot of bickering among the different administrations. With that in mind, I’m hopeful that the ACF can overcome these difficulties and get the game moving forward in the USA at an improved pace.” In addition to Holding and Chappell, other members of the panel include former West Indies batsman Alvin Kallicharran, former Australian Test players Damien Martyn, Stuart MacGill and Nathan Bracken,

Michael Holding

Alvin Kallicharran

and current Ireland wicketkeeper Niall O’Brien. In November, the ACF organized a cricket clinic led by Holding and Kallicharran in Washington, D.C. Jamie Harrison, chief executive of ACF, had established relationships over the last several years with Martyn, MacGill and Bracken while serving in his role as president of the US Youth Cricket Association prior to joining ACF. Harrison and the USYCA hosted MacGill in New Jersey last April where the former

Australian legspinner held a coaching camp for youth cricketers in the area. “We are delighted to have the support of these legendary cricketers as we move forward with the ACF mission to develop the game in the United States,” Harrison said in the release. “The breadth of knowledge and experience that these individuals bring to the table will be of great value to us as we chart the future of cricket in America, and we are thankful for their backing.” (cricinfo)

Saturday Januray 18, 2014

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Mayweather: Last fight World Boxing Council President, will be in September 2015 Jose Sulaiman takes final count GBBC President/WBC executive relay sympathy

Floyd Mayweather Jr., (center), on his arrival in Johannesburg Wednesday January 15 to commence a six day visit. Johannesburg (AP) Floyd Mayweather Jr. says he’ll fight for the last time in September next year. Mayweather told guests at a gala dinner in South Africa yesterday that he remembers his first fight when he was a kid in 1987, and that ‘’September 2015 will be my

last.’’ The unbeaten fivedivision world champion, considered by many the best boxer of his era, said after beating Canelo Alvarez in a dominating display last September that he had four fights and two years left in his career.

Mayweather’s next bout will be in May against an undecided opponent, having said this week that British fighter Amir Khan and Argentine Marcos Maidana are the leading contenders. Mayweather has a 45-0 record with 26 knockouts and made his pro debut in 1996.

Djokovic, Serena stay hot as Melbourne cools Reuters - Novak Djokovic bared his teeth to finish off Denis Istomin and extend the hottest winning streak in tennis to 27 matches in the third round of the Australian Open yesterday as a cool front brought respite to Melbourne after a four-day heat wave. Serena Williams earlier made light of the last of the scorching temperatures, which again peaked around 42 degrees Celsius (110 degrees Fahrenheit), to blast her way into the fourth round for the loss of only a dozen games. China’s Li Na escaped defeat by a matter of centimeters in her third round match, while Spain’s David Ferrer continued carving his way through the men’s draw largely unnoticed. Ferrer’s compatriot Tommy Robredo caused the biggest upset of the day by edging ninth seed Richard Gasquet 2-6 7-5 6-4 7-6(6) in an evening thriller disrupted briefly by rain. Djokovic’s last defeat was against Rafa Nadal in the U.S Open final and 49 Istomin never looked like stopping his

winning run at 26 matches under the closed roof of the Rod Laver Arena. Looking to become the first man in the professional era to win four consecutive Australian Opens, second seed Djokovic raced through the first two sets in 70 minutes before the Uzbek suddenly upped his aggression to break the Serbian as he was serving for the match. Visibly piqued, Djokovic was in no mood to risk the possibility of giving up his first set of the tournament and broke back immediately before overwhelming Istomin with the power of his shots to convert his second match point. Temperatures are forecast to plummet today, a huge relief to players and organizers alike after four days of rows over what constitutes dangerous conditions. “I definitely look forward to playing in the cooler temperatures,” said Williams, whose 6-3 6-3 win over Daniela Hantuchova was a record 61st at the Australian Open, taking her

past local great Margaret Court’s 60. That Williams achieved her victory without firing on all cylinders - “I wasn’t fully on today” - was another warning to her rivals that her 11-title 2013 season was by no means a final flourish at the end of her career. “For whatever reason, I feel like I just never was really able to reach my full potential, and I feel like recently I just have been able to do a little better,” she added. The next hurdle in the 32year-old’s path to a sixth Australian Open title is Ana Ivanovic after she ended Sam Stosur’s hopes of winning her home grand slam for another year with a 6-7(8) 6-4 6-2 victory on Rod Laver Arena. Ferrer’s attritional style was made for hot conditions and he survived a second set wobble to wear down Frenchman Jeremy Chardy and reach the fourth round at a 15th consecutive grand slam with a 6-2 7-6 (7-5) 6-2 victory. Ranked and seeded third (Continued on page 25)

A pall has enveloped the boxing family worldwide following the sad news that President of the World Boxing Council (WBC), Jose Sulaiman, has passed away Thursday morning last, in Los Angeles where he has been hospitalized since October with a heart condition. He was 82. President of the Guyana Boxing Board of Control (GBBC) and the WBC Caribbean Boxing Federation (WBCCABOFE), Peter Abdool had worked closely with the late President in attempts to change the fortunes of local pugilists and naturally, was devastated by the news. He immediately dispatched a sympathy message on behalf of both organizations of which he is President. Below is the text of the message: It is with profound sadness that I learnt of the passing of Jose Sulaiman, President of the World Boxing Council on Thursday in a Los Angeles hospital after a valiant but unsuccessful battle with a heart disease. The GBBC and WBCCABOFE wish to extend our deepest condolences to the Sulaiman family, the WBC Board of Governors, the WBC Federations and the WBC extended family. Jose was a towering figure in the world of boxing whose absolute dedication to the sport merged with his concern for the well-being of boxers and the tremendous empathy with the poor and underprivileged to significantly change the way in which the sport is conducted. His impact on the sport of boxing is immeasurable and his inspirational leadership will

be greatly missed in boxing circles around the world. On a personal note, he was a mentor and a friend and a man for whom I had great admiration and the highest possible regard. I believe that he shall always be the light of the WBC. And Mr. Sulaiman’s colleagues at the WBC level also expressed condolences on the passing of their former boss: Jose Sulaiman will be remembered as a man of integrity, honour and a pure heart. Inspired by his heroes, the likes of Nelson Mandela and he believed in unbreakable values and principles and lived life to its fullest and as the legendary singer, Frank Sinatra, would sing, ‘he did it his way’. Jose is a natural leader who would never give up and his favourite words resonate, “there are no impossible tasks; some will just take a bit longer.” That was the spirit of Don Jose. His life dedicated to the service of others, inspired by solid upbringing by his parents, his education and his way of leading by example, led to a life full of satisfaction. He also experienced tremendous joy in helping others, especially the underprivileged and discriminated. As such, many refer to him as the father of boxing and indeed, he treated all fighters as children. Their problems were his and he worked assiduously towards the improvement of the sport. Whether the boxer was at the amateur level or the great Mike Tyson or (Julio Caesar) Chavez, he would treat them on par, resolutely offering assistance as the need arose. He was inspired by the

legendary Nelson Mandela and Pope John Paul II in the fight against discrimination of his charges. He was a fierce advocate of human rights and battled against the dreaded Apartheid system while dedicating time and energy in the struggle against abuse of power. Jose also committed towards dignifying the sport of boxing especially among the distaff group while advocating for justice for trainers, managers, promoters and boxers. He was also inspired by Pope John Paul II and always credited the Man of the Cloth with making him a better human being, humble and extending profound love. Another Pope, Francis, restored his faith during his months of sickness and he once testified to be God’s representative on earth, the Virgin of Guadalupe remained by his side at all times while Jesus Christ was his greatest guide and inspiration. Our dear father fought the last 12 rounds of his life, inspired by his hero Muhammad Ali, while in his ‘corner’ were hosts of medical personnel, doctors, nurses, care partners, therapist, lift team and staff at 7ICU at UCLA even as thousands of supporters and well-wishers from around the world prayed for his recovery. Nevertheless, the final bell rang and our dear friend Jose Sulaiman went out by unanimous decision. íSe descanse en paz! (may he rest in peace!) Mr. Sulaiman will be laid to rest today and Mr Abdool rued the opportunity to attend the funeral as he was unable to book a connecting flight to the Spanish country at such short notice.

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Saturday Januray 18, 2014

England beaten by James Faulkner as Australia take 2-0 lead James Faulkner fired an unbeaten 69 as Australia recorded an extraordinary one-wicket win over England in Brisbane to go 2-0 up in the one-day series. Faulkner hit five sixes in a 47-ball assault, sharing in Australia’s highest final-wicket ODI stand as the home side triumphed with three balls reaining. Earlier, Eoin Morgan struck six sixes in 106 from 99 balls; Ian Bell made 68 and Jos Buttler 49 in England’s 300-8. It was England’s eighth successive defeat against Australia. For England, with only two victories against modest representative opposition on this tour, the mental scars of a 5-0 Ashes whitewash can only have deepened after this crushing reverse. When the penultimate wicket was taken, 57 were needed from the final six overs but Faulkner, who posted Australia’s fastest one-day international century against India in November, launched the next two deliveries from Ben Stokes for six. Remarkably he was booed by the crowd for failing to take a single in the penultimate over but he dispatched two more consecutive sixes off Stokes to leave 12 needed from the final six balls, and only three were required as three fours came off Tim Bresnan. The unchanged tourists began confidently enough after opting to bat, with their highest ODI opening partnership at the Gabba, as skipper Alastair Cook (22) and Bell added 57. Three wickets fell in six overs and Morgan, who averages 30 in Test cricket and made the last of his 16 appearances in February 2012, had made only a single when he appeared to have a

reckless swipe at Michael Clarke’s left-arm spin and was caught in the outfield. But the left-hander had astutely observed that only four fielders were present inside the 30-yard circle rather than the requisite five effectively resulting in a free hit - and informed umpire Kumar Dharmasena that a noball should have been called. He accumulated steadily to add 61 with Bell, who played in assured fashion for his 28th ODI half century until attempting a suicidal single to Clarke’s left hand at short cover in the 30th over. However, the innings was transformed by Morgan and Buttler, who shared 113 in 68 balls, with 90 scored in seven overs. Morgan struck Mitchell Johnson off the front foot for an imperious six over extra cover and reached his sixth ODI century in typically innovative fashion by deflecting a bouncer over the wicketkeeper’s head for four. It appeared as if England would fall short of 300 when three wickets fell in five balls but a Buttler stroke off Johnson in the 48th over that was prevented from going over the ropes by Shaun Marsh at long-off and originally credited as two, was corrected to a six during the interval. Whereas Nathan Coulter-Nile spilled a topedged return catch offered by Buttler when on 27, England’s much derided fielding produced two early moments of brilliance as Sussex paceman Chris Jordan struck twice in successive overs. Gary Ballance, who dropped centurion Aaron Finch in the opening match, nonchalantly dismissed him for a duck with a one-handed take at mid-off and the destructive David Warner was

James Faulkner gets the acclaim for his knock, Australia v England, 2nd ODI, Gabba, January 17, 2014© Getty Images sensationally pouched by Jordan in his follow-through. Yet Australia remained well ahead of the required rate, Brad Haddin joining Glenn Maxwell (54) in a partnership of 80, before both were caught in the same Bresnan over as England looked set for a morale-boosting win. However there was still Faulkner, and he pummelled England’s inexperienced attack to share 57 with last man Clint McKay - whose contribution was two from nine balls - in an even more dramatic resurgence than on the first day of the Ashes at the same ground, when Australia rallied from 132-6. England, who have never won a five-match ODI series from 2-0 in arrears, are back in action in Sydney tomorrow.

GFF Congress inflict hefty suspensions on UDFA executive Football in the Linden community hit the crossroads yesterday when the majority of members of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Congress which is the highest decision making component of the Body voted to hand down harsh penalties on the Upper Demerara Football Association (UDFA) for acting in contravention of the constitution. The decision to inflict penalties on the UDFA stemmed from the Association’s choice to play the final of the GT Beer Year end Competition even

though the Congress had passed a ruling that no other final should be played, but the Banks Beer Knockout Cup which was scheduled to be played on January 1. According to GFF President Christopher Matthias, who spoke to Kaieteur Sport last evening via telephone, the UDFA “disobeyed the directive of the Congress.” Matthias stated that “each member must comply fully with the directive and decisions made by the Congress”, adding that the UDFA went ahead and played

its final on the same day as the Banks Beer Cup which totally contravened the decision and agreement of the Congress. The harshest penalty was handed down to President of the UDFA Sharma Solomon, who was given an eight (8)year suspension, while every executive member of the Association including GFF Second Vice-President Collie Hercules will serve five (5) years suspension. The suspensions mean that they will not be allowed to participate in any football activities for the said period.

Saturday Januray 18, 2014

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GVF to host FIVB Beach Shewdas’ coach, Jackson Volleyball Course wants WADA to back off The Guyana Volleyball Federation {GVF} in collaboration with the world governing body for Volleyball, the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) will be hosting a sixday Beach Volleyball Training Course in Guyana at the Carifesta Sports Complex, Thomas Lands, Georgetown. The course will serve off on Tuesday January 28 and conclude on Sunday February 2, 2014. It will be conducted by

two Beach Volleyball experts from Brazil. The programme commences at 09:00hrs and concludes at 16:30hrs daily. Interested persons are asked to get registered as early as possible since a limited number of spaces are available. Contact can be made with the Coordinator Mr. John Flores on telephone number 623 2030 or the Public Relations Officer Ronald Smith on telephone number 684 5885.

- says anti-doping body is “judge, jury and executioner”

John Flores

GFF Referees Department to conduct 5-day Beginners Course The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) will be conducting a Referees Beginners Course from February 7-11, at the GFF Secretariat on Dadanawa Street, Section ‘K’, Campbellville. According to a release from the entity, the Course will be the first one to be conducted for 2014 and participants will be lectured on the Laws of the Game and how to interpret the Laws. The release added that both male and female applicants between the ages of 17-25 years and serious about being involved in the officiating aspect of the sport could apply to attend the Course which will run over

five days. It further added that the specific aim of this programme is to promote referees and prospective participants are asked to have some amount of knowledge of the game; have a desire to make a positive difference; possess relevant organizational and governance experience, or equivalent; have ability to be an effective team member, recognizing and embracing diversity; must participate personally in a minimum of four seminars per year while work in between meetings; be prepared to take a lead role in sub-committees as needed; be prepared to commit to average of 5-6 hours per week depending on season;

prepared to act as a positive role model complete with excellent communication skills; must be competent in computer applications and agree to ab i d e b y t h e Referees Conflict of Interest and the published rules and the Code of Conduct. Interested individuals could submit a one page s u m m a r y o f t h e mselves along with stating reason (s) why they could be an asset to the game. Applications should be emailed to Roy Mc Arthur Head of Referees Department at the GFF Head Office at email and deadline for submission is January 31, at 17:00 hrs.

Barbados beat CCC in day/night trial Bridgetown, Barbados Dwayne Smith smashed a hurricane half-century and Kenroy Williams produced a solid all-aroun d performance to help spur Barbados to a commanding five-wicket win over Combined Campuses & Colleges (CCC) in a 50-over Day/Night practice match at 3Ws Oval on Thursday. With the teams stepping up their preparations for the WICB NAGICO Super50 championship in Trinidad & Tobago from January 30 to February 16, Smith showed why he is such a dangerous batsman by lashing 56 off 29 balls with eight fours and three sixes at the top as Barbados, chasing 165 to win, triumphed with a whopping 18.4 overs to spare. Smith and Kraigg Brathwaite, who made nine,

added 68 off 43 balls for the first wicket. New Barbados Super50 captain Kevin Stoute, who looked in control in the field, scored 35 off 38 balls with two fours and one six, while Williams was unbeaten with 35 as well, having struck three boundaries in a 54-ball knock. Left-arm spinner Kavem Hodge picked up two for seven and leg-spinner Akeem Dewar, two for 30. After winning the toss, CCC were bowled out for 164 in 43.2 overs. Former captain Kyle Corbin hit the topscore of 44 off 74 balls including two fours and two sixes. Corbin and left-hander Raymon Reifer (27) put on 73 off 126 balls for the third wicket. Fidel Edwards took three for 22, fellow fast bowler Miguel Cummins, three for 28, and off-spinner Williams, three for 39.

The teams will again clash in another practice match on Monday at the same venue, starting at 9 a.m. Both Barbados and CCC are competing in Zone B, along with Trinidad and Tobago and the Leeward Islands in the NAGICO tournament. Summarised Scores: Combined Campuses & Colleges 164 all out (43.2 overs) (Kyle Corbin 44, Raymon Reifer 27, Steven Jacobs 22, Kyle Mayers 19, Akeem Dewar 10; Fidel Edwards 3-22, Miguel Cummins 3-28, Kenroy Williams 3-39). Barbados 168-5 (31.2 overs) (Dwayne Smith 56 - 29 balls, 8 fours, 3 sixes; Kevin Stoute 35, Kenroy Williams 35 not out, Jonathan Carter 15, Shane Dowrich 12; Kavem Hodge 2-7, Akeem Dewar 230). (Barbados Cricket Association)

With his prodigy, Gumendra Shewdas on his right, embattled powerlifting coach, Egbert Jackson talks with the media at the Total Fitness Gym at Line Path, Skeldon, East Berbice. By Edison Jefford Gumendra Shewdas’ coach, Egbert Jackson wants the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to back off with its testing programmes, stating that the Organisation has provided no evidence that suggested Shewdas used banned stimulants with intent to cheat. Jackson has come under scrutiny since his athlete, Shewdas, returned a positive result for banned substances, Methylhexaneamine and Oxilofrine in his system. The tests were done at the request of the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) at WADA-accredited lab in Germany last year following the World Junior Championships in August. “Who tests, who finds; all the same people; they (WADA) are judge, jury and executioner... they are faceless voices; to me, drug testers needs to back off; they need to prove intent,” Jackson said when asked about the prevalence of banned stimulants in his athlete. “These testers has gotten zealous, they want to find fault. Essentially, there has

been no evidence that this guy took anything to make him perform above and beyond. So far, they have nothing to show,” he added. That was despite the positive test of Shewdas, which resulted in him being banned from the sport for two years and a $2000 Euros fine imposed on the GAPF. Shewdas’s grandfather, from whom he said he received tablets for nasal congestion, has since said that the athlete will not be paying the GAPF fine. Jackson, like the Shewdas family, has refused to accept the results. His grandfather has said that it was “concocted” while Jackson is now indicating that WADA has no evidence, despite GAPF being in possession of the official analytical findings of the tests. Shewdas was even offered the opportunity to have his ‘B’ sample tested, but he refused because the family said they cannot afford the tests. Jackson said that the local federation cannot disclose the quantity of the substance that was found in Shewdas’ system. “All I can do is be a little

more paranoid. This thing is not me it’s the testers. They’ve not proven anything. They (WADA) are saying once we say so it is so. There is no proof; they have made an allegation. As it stands they can indict you anytime,” Jackson noted. “I don’t accept the findings; I can’t! We need to question; they have not proven anything, where is the objectivity,” the powerlifting coach continued in an effort to vindicate his athlete. Jackson believes that GAPF has allowed things to slide to a point of no return. “I don’t know what they (GAPF) can do. I believe they have allowed things to slide too far. We do not know what they (WADA) do with your samples when they test you,” Jackson adding that he is not satisfied with the situation because his athlete are clean. “We are all paranoid with this situation... we do not encourage these guys with those stuff here,” he said in conclusion. The GAPF has indicated that it will launch an investigation into the matter, while there was a call for the probe to be independent in nature.

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CEO hoping Super50 batsmen come good

Saturday January 18, 2014

Bravo, Gayle accept retainer contracts

Chris Gayle

Officials at the launch from left, Baldath Mahabir (Director WICB), Azim Bassarath Pres. TTCB, Mr. Michael Muirhead CEO WICB, Mr. Dwayne Elgin Designated CEO NAGICO, Mr. Paul Dijkhoffz Exe CEO NAGICO, Mr. Christopher Henriques General Manager NAGICO TT

Port of Spain - CEO of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) Michael Muirhead has made an appeal to current and potential West Indian batsmen to score more runs during the NAGICO Super 50 Regional tournament that bowls off on January 30 and runs until February 15. Muirhead made the call at the official launch of the NAGICO Super 50 Regional tournament at the Grand Ball Room, Brian Lara Pavilion, Queen’s Park Oval, where NAGICO Insurances CEO Dwayne Elgin announced a US $1.2 million sponsorship package deal for the 50-over regional competition for the three year period, 20142016. Muirhead said in this present economic climate when many companies are being forced to cut back, the WICB applauded NAGICO for their commitment to West Indies cricket. But he said that greater attention has to be paid to the development of players in the territories in order to strengthen the pool of players available to West Indies cricket.

“I want to throw out a challenge to the players in the NAGICO Super 50 tournament. We want to see them raise the bar especially in the batting department. We often hear the phrase that cricket is a batsman’s game and we all know that fans in the Caribbean love batsmen with class and flair who also put runs on the board,” Muirhead said, adding that this tournament was preparation for the ICC ODI tournament in 2015 and the ICC Trophy T20 competition later this year. He said the WICB intended for the West Indies to win both competitions. However, the WICB CEO said again noted that although last year’s WICB Regional 50 over tournament was “keenly contested”, the runs were lacking. “The Windward Islands were deserved winners but we did not see the big scores that we are accustomed to seeing in 50 overs. In fact there was not a single total over 300,” he said. Muirhead added that only three centuries were scored even though the

region contained quality batsmen in the tournament who can perform at the highest standards. “We want to see them (the batsmen) come out and showcase their talent and stand up and be counted,” Muirhead said. Muirhead said further that top ICC associate member team Ireland had been invited to give the tournament an i n t e r n a t i o n a l f l a v o u r, stronger competition and wider interest among the television viewership. Asked about the i m p o r t a n c e o f s olid performances in tournaments like the Super50, Muirhead expressed satisfaction that the region’s top players would be involved in this year’s competition. “It is important that we do two things. We make sure the tournament is of the highest standard and it is done in a professional way and we make sure we are playing lots of cricket. We are gonna be embarking on various programmes so we can ensure that there is much more cricket throughout the year and it is refreshing that the participation this year will be almost at a maximum except for those who are

injured at this time, so that speaks to the re-commitment of many of our players who will be enhancing the product of cricket in the region and making themselves available to their own territories and then hopefully later to the West Indies team,” Murihead said. In explaining the St Maarten-based company’s decision to sponsor the 50over series, Elgin pointed out that NAGICO had previously sponsored the Leeward Islands tournament and he hoped that this sponsorship would be the start of “something big.” “It is our hope that with this sponsorship of West Indies cricket we will see a resurgence in West Indies cricket. We have been passionate supporters of West Indies cricket for a long time and we believe this partnership will help to lift the game,” he said. In his address, TTCB president Azim Bassarath promised a Carnival-like atmosphere for the tournament and assured the TTCB would assist and support West Indies cricket going forward. (Trinidad Express)

Port of Spain, Trinidad After years of refusing offers, senior West Indies players Dwayne Bravo and Chris Gayle players have decided to once more sign West Indies Cricket Board retainer contracts for the 2013 to 2014 period. For Gayle and Bravo, the move represents a turnaround after they last refused WICB retainer contracts back in 2010. But the third man who did not sign on that year, Kieron Pollard, is still not on the list of retained players. However, off-spinner Sunil Narine, who had once previously opted out of a contract is now on the list which also includes prolific Test batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul. Gayle, West Indies captain at the time, refused to sign onto a retainer contract in 2010 when WICB’s CEO was Ernest Hilaire. He was replaced by Darren Sammy as regional captain later that year. But new WICB CEO Michael Muirhead says G a y l e a n d B r a v o ’s willingness to enter into contracts with the WICB at this time speaks for itself. “I would like to believe it was a re commitment to West Indies cricket from both of them (Dwayne Bravo and Chris Gayle),” the CEO told the Express yesterday. “They were advised that they were being awarded contracts and they accepted, so it augurs well for West Indies cricket and we really did not have to go into negotiations or anything, so it means that they are recommitted to West Indies cricket and the fact they are presenting themselves, making themselves available at the expense of the other leagues speaks for itself so I am happy about

Shemaine Campbell

Dwayne Bravo that.” Asked if Gayle and B r a v o ’s c o n t r a c t u a l agreement would limit them from participating in other leagues like the IPL, Big Bash etc, Muirhead said; “We are actually going to be having discussions with WIPA in terms of our approach to the No Objection Certificate (NOC) when they go to the various tournaments but it has to be a win-win situation. For West Indies cricket to thrive and to grow they have to make themselves available. At the same time, we don’t want to limit the amount or prevent their opportunities to earn,” he said. He said it was worked out that this year the West Indies does not have any scheduled matches or tours during the period of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) or the Indian Premier League (IPL). “By virtue of not doing that (scheduling matches during that period), we have given them that window which they can take advantage of,” Muirhead said. About the NOCs which were a matter of dispute between WIPA and the WICB that landed in court, Muirhead said both parties (Continued on page 29)

Saturday January 18, 2014

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Sixteen year-old Dwayne Griffith wins GFRC Raffle MCYS donate shirts to officials Ticket holder 1716, Dwayne Griffith of William Street, Kitty won the first prize of a 150cc Titan Motor cycle at the drawing of the Guyana Football Referees Council (GFRC) fundraising raffle yesterday at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport compound, Main Street. The second prize winner was Neomi JamesWilliams of Mocha, East Bank Demerara (ticket number 5953) who won a trip to the United States of America compliments of Caribbean Airlines Limited (CAL). Julio Edwards of La J a l o u s i e , We s t C o a s t Demerara (ticket 0982) won the third prize of a trip to Barbados, compliments of LIAT. Devendra Gangaram of Garnett Street, Kitty (ticket 6563) won the fourth prize of a blackberry smart phone, compliments of Guyana Telephone and Te l e g r a p h C o m p a n y

(GT&T). The fifth place prize of a day trip to Arrowpoint Nature Resort went to ticket holder 4851 Candacee Kewley of Hughhanie Park, Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara. Raymond Daw of Helena, Mahaica (ticket 8724) won a consolation prize of a Microwave, compliments of New GPC while Enid Younge (ticket 4262) of Reid Avenue, Timehri, E.B.D won a hamper compliments of Neal and Massy Group of Companies. Referee Deon Feassal won a special prize of a trip to one of LIAT’s destination for selling the most tickets. Officials of the GFRC will be making contact with the respective winners to present the prizes. Secretary of the GFRC Troy Peters said the fund raising raffle was very well supported and

Winsley Josiah, Supplies Officer of the Ministry made the presentation to GFRC in the presence of Permanent Secretary of the MSYC during the simple ceremony at the Ministry’s Main Street compound. he thanked all those who participated. Special mention was made to the sponsors the Ministry of

Culture, Youth and Sport, Caribbean Airlines Limited, LIAT, GT&T, Demerara Harbour Bridge, Neal and

Massy Group, Roraima Group of Companies and New GPC.Meanwhile, the Ministry of Culture, Youth

and Sport made a donation of referees’ shirts to the GFRC to assist in its development programme.

Jamaican bobsleigh team poised Lennie Shuffler 75th birth anniversary volleyball set for Feb. 9 to qualify for Winter Olympics The 75th birth anniversary of Guyana Vo l l e y b a l l F e d e r a t i o n (GVF) President would be celebrated in grand style when the local governing body brings off the fourth annual Lennie Shuffler birthday festival set for Sunday February 9 next from 09:00hrs at the National Gymnasium, M a n d e l a Av e n u e , Georgetown. All the ground work is being put in place by the GVF Executive committee to ensure that this edition is successful and memorable. This one of a kind festival is open to all existing and emerging third-division teams across Guyana featuring both male and female teams. There will also be an exhibition match between the reigning volleyball champs of Region 4 and the fast rising Guyana Defense Force team. Now in its fourth c o n s e c u t i v e y e a r, t h e initiative is organised to show gratitude while highlighting Shuffler ’s unwavering sportsmanship and dedication to the sport. Over the years, it has attracted participants from other sporting disciplines including hockey players who also performed

for the first time since 2002

Lennie Shuffler

a d m i r a b l y. T h e s a m e approach will be undertaken this year. Shuffler, who has been at the helm of the sport for many years, was introduced to the game at the tender age of thirteen (13) and ever since then he has elevated himself going on to become a national player and then Captain of the Guyana National team. It has now been sixtytwo (62) years Shuffler would have been involved in

the sport, first as a player and then as an administrator. He is now serving his third and final term as the President of the GVF and soon will be handing over the reins to his successor. This year’s activity will be the last time this event will take place while he still holds office as President of the GVF but will continue to be an annual event. His philosophy of friendliness, team work, fair competition, peace and meaningful

The Jamaican bobsleigh team look set to return to the Winter Olympics for the first time since 2002, rekindling fond memories of the Calgary 1988 Games that inspired the hit film Cool Runnings. Barring a disastrous final qualifying race in St Moritz, Switzerland, this weekend, the two-man bobsleigh team look set to book their place at the Sochi Games next month. It would complete a remarkable journey for 46 year-old Winston Watts who competed in bobsleigh in 1994, 1998 and 2002 and has come out of retirement for Sochi. Denied funding from the Jamaican Olympic Association, the huge training costs forced Watts, who is based in Wyoming, America, to whittle his fourman team down to a two-man team. At one stage, he had even been paying for teammates to fly over from Jamaica for training. And unless the duo, who call themselves ‘The Hottest Thing on Ice’, get some financial support from the Jamaican governing body or elsewhere there’s a chance they won’t be able to take

Winston Watts competes in the two-man bobsled during the Salt Lake City Games of 2002 part in Sochi, even though Watts believes they’ve made the qualifying time. ‘In truth, we still don’t really know at the moment if we’d even have enough funds or sponsorship to fly to Sochi itself for the Games

itself,’ Watts told the Daily Telegraph. ‘Hopefully the Jamaican Olympic Association will step in and support us now we’ve qualified’ But Watts doesn’t want (Continued on page 29)

Arjoon opens Pro career in Australia

t r o Sp World Boxing Council President, Jose Sulaiman takes final count GBBC President/WBC executive relay sympathy P.31

Guyana’s Alex Arjoon attempts a backhand return during a match

Jose Sulaiman


GFF Congress inflict hefty suspensions on UDFA executive P.32

Christopher Matthias

Collie Hercules

Sharma Solomon

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