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US court deems jailed EZjet boss a major flight risk

…says Ramdeo admitted to Feds that “he was in trouble”

High tide floods East Coast carriageway, drives fear into commuters

Startling revelations emerge about New GPC/Health Min. drug contracts - Govt MPs rush to defend New GPC

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday January 15, 2013

High tide floods East Coast carriageway, - Authorities dispatched as gas drives fear into commuters stations, businesses close The authorities are continuing to monitor the effects of extra high tides that lashed coastal Guyana yesterday. The tides caused panic and confusion with commuters who used the East Coast Demerara public road last evening. Wa t e r o v e r t o p p e d s e v e r a l sections of the seawall leaving commuters in amazement and shock. The roadways were flooded, causing police to cordon off from the Celina resort and rerouting traffic from the public road to the Railway Embankment. That caused traffic to stretch for miles. The flooding affected both the northern and south carriageways of the East Coast Highway. The northern carriage was flooded and rendered impassable to traffic. On one occasion the southern carriageway used to enter the city was made into a two-way while police tried desperately to control the heavy traffic. After a while that too was closed to traffic. At approximately 17:00hrs violently high waves slammed into the sea defence as authorities say the high tide was 3.15 meters, thus the Liliendaal pumping station would be in operation to dry out the roadways. Gas stations along the East Coast were forced to close along with other businesses as the high tide spilled over the sea wall. At Ogle, water also pounded the sea defence for hours. Afternoon joggers were thwarted and before long they gave up trying to use the seawalls. Properties near the seawall were flooded and it will be some time before they could get the water off the land. So extensive was the flooding that people called to report a breach in the sea defence. They would not be convinced otherwise. The high tides are expected to continue for another few days, getting progressively tomorrow and the ensuing days.

Tuesday January 15, 2013

Kaieteur News

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US court deems jailed EZjet boss a … says Ramdeo admitted to major flight risk Feds that “he was in trouble” Embattled owner of the failed EZJet Airlines, Sonny Austin Ramdeo, has been unable to convince United States authorities that he would be available for trial should he be granted bail. Ramdeo is being held without bond after the Court specifically found that no condition or combination of conditions will reasonably assure the “Defendant’s appearance in court as required.” Several factors were put forward to support the court’s position not to allow Ramdeo his pre-trial freedom. The Defendant is charged by indictment with three counts of wire fraud and if convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison on each count and, up to three years of supervised release. He also faces, as to each count of conviction, a fine of $250,000 or twice the value of any

gross gain to him or victim loss, whichever amount is greater. Another factor staring Ramdeo in the face is the strong weight of the evidence against him. By his own admission, Ramdeo, through the testimony of an FBl agent, claimed that he “knew he was in trouble and that much money was missing.” “…Approximately $24 million USD in funds intended for the payment of wage payroll taxes for over 3,500 hospital employees was unlawfully diverted through a Defendant-owned payroll service to the bank accounts of EZ Jet Airways, a Defendantowned airline company. The fraud occurred over the span of approximately two years.” According to the court, during a subsequent corporate audit, Ramdeo attempted to disguise his

Sonny Austin Ramdeo unlawful activity by creating a fictitious email account and fraudulent email correspondence. When that did not work, the Defendant packed up his office and left. After expending

Abused woman fears husband might kill her

Carolyn Torres-Ramoutar, 47, of 696 Best, West Coast Demerara is now fearful for her life and that of her five children, after being abused and further threatened several times by her husband of 13 years. Ramoutar claims that her husband has threatened that whenever he is released from the lock-ups he will come after her and their children. “He said that no matter how long he stay in prison he gon come out and kill me and we five sons and burn down we house.” The woman, who claims to be a victim of constant abuse for over seven years now, explained that the last fight she had with her husband stemmed from a meal that he was not pleased with. “We went good, good and I ask he what he want me to cook. We didn’t have money so he said honey cook what you have and don’t beg anybody for anything that he

Carolyn TorresRamoutar going out lil and will come back. So, he sister did give we two pack s o f ‘ r a m e n noodles’. I take that and mix it with li’l rice that we had, and I “pressure” it with lil garlic. Now, me and the children bin eating when we hear a loud sound coming from the kitchen. After he see what I cook, he get angry,” Ramoutar explained. She added that when she

Tender Board Chief Executive dies of cardiac arrest Chief Executive Officer, Lloyd Forde, of National Procurement Te n d e r Administration Board (NPTAB) died yesterday at the St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital. The 69-year-old who was also a former Deputy Comptroller of Customs; succumbed to a heart

attack. Forde was rushed to hospital during Monday morning and died hours after being admitted. Forde was propelled into the top Customs job when the government moved to oust the then C o m p t r o l l e r, C l a r e n c e Chue.

tried to calm the “drunk” man, he became more aggressive and started to look for a weapon. By that time the children ran out of the house and Ramoutar was brandishing a cutlass. “He tried to chop me but I run. He keep saying that he gon murder me and I just keep running. I run by the bathroom and I grab a towel to cover meself properly and I run out to the police station (Vreeden-Hoop Police Station). That is how my life was saved.” By the time the police arrived, Leonard Ramoutar was nowhere to be seen. After a few hours however, he was arrested and taken into custody. The man subsequently appeared in the Vreed-enHoop Magistrates’ Court on January 9 last. He was then remanded to the Camp Street Prison until his next court appearance on February 14. Ramoutar related to Kaieteur News that while her husband is a good man at heart, he gets very violent when angry and when under the influence of alcohol. “I don’t hate him. I still wish he would change, but at the same time I’m scared. He is a regular drinker, and every time he drinks he does come home and beat me. I am always going to work with my face “black and blue” and swell. I am just scared that if he get out he gon definitely kill me. He needs help. He got serious anger problems.”

considerable resources to discover Ramdeo’s whereabouts, law enforcement finally tracked him down and arrested him in an apartment building basement in Queens, New York. At the time of his arrest, the Defendant indicated that he knew he was in trouble and that much money was missing. “The Government presently estimates the total amount of loss as being $24 million, but it believes that the amount may very well exceed $55 million based on the Defendant’s own statements. At present, the Government represents that approximately $5 million is wholly unaccounted for.” Further, the United States government pointed to Ramdeo’s history and characteristics as another reason why he should be kept in jail pending trial. “The Court takes judicial notice of the following information in the Pretrial Services Report. The Defendant is a dual citizen of the United States and

Guyana. He has visited Guyana countless number of times to visit friends and his former wife’s family. Apart from his travel to Guyana, he has a history of extensive travel to Trinidad, Canada, and Barbados.” According to the US government, Ramdeo’s known assets include a Florida home valued at $425,000 with $80,000 in equity, but he apparently owes substantial amounts of money for outstanding judgments against him and credit card debt. At the time of his arrest on December 11, 2012, Ramdeo was the Chief Executive Officer of EZjet Airways, the airline service involved in the alleged fraud at issue. Up to mid last year the airline service offered international flights between New York, Guyana, and Canada. It did not end there for Ramdeo as the court also revealed a criminal history that dates back to 1999. Ramdeo has a misdemeanor conviction for petit larceny in 1999, and a

2001 felony conviction for attempted grand larceny. While the court found that Ramdeo does not pose a danger to the community and is thus not detaining him on this basis, it however found that no condition or combination of conditions will reasonably assure the Defendant’s appearance in court. F o r o ne his dual citizenship and extensive travel history to an international destination where he maintains significant ties, combined with the circumstances of his arrest and the large sum of money that remains unaccounted for as a result of his alleged fraudulent scheme, all lead the Court to find the Defendant to be a flight risk. “Accordingly, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the Defendant be committed to the custody of the Attorney General for confinement in a corrections facility separate, to the extent practicable, from persons awaiting or serving sentences or being held in custody pending appeal. “

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Kaieteur News

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Ignoring some resources When people talked about resource-rich Guyana, they were talking about a country that seems to have been blessed with everything necessary for its survival and the continued existence of its people at an excellent standard of living. It is a country blessed with a weather that is never in the extreme although there have been times when the rains would be heavier than usual and cause limited flooding. What this country calls flooding is not even considered in other countries. And the same thing can be applied to drought. Trees for the most part remain green and while in some locations there may be some parched grass, Guyana can never really say that it has experienced a drought. There have been no reports of cattle dying in large numbers because of an absence of food and certainly no community could talk about people being thirsty because of an absence of water. Because of the abundance of many things, we often take some other things for granted. We have never been known to manufacture much by way of utility items, so people would often criticize us for never making the spoke for a wheel. We have been good assemblymen and excellent producers of primary products. We do produce all we can eat; every major food crop that adorns the tables is grown in Guyana, yet we import foods, but then again, it has to do with either an acquired taste or a case of being induced by what those in affluent societies crave. But in an effort to appear to be a person in a developed country many, including those in Government, forget some of the products that have made some countries rich. One of those products is the coconut. There is no shortage of coconuts in Guyana. This is one plant that does not need intensive nurturing. In fact, once one places a bud in the ground there is a tree. A fallen nut will more than likely spring another tree. There was a time when people relied on this palm for a living, when they used just about everything that the coconut palm had to offer. To this day, people still make a living from the branches—they fashion brooms that could be an export commodity, since households would vow that the coconut broom is perhaps the best of its kind. The nuts were perhaps the most sought after thing from the plant. There is a burgeoning trade in the young nuts, which are believed to have special health benefits. And indeed, an analysis shows that just about every nutrient is found in the water from the young nuts—iron, magnesium, sodium. But it was the older nuts that demanded its share of the market. Copra was the mainstay of many households. In parts of this country, one could have seen the shelled nut being put out to dry. This was one stage of copra production. From copra came the oil which has immense medical benefits. Countries like Malaysia and some other eastern countries did wonders with coconut oil, to the extent that scientists in the developed world, in a quest to promote their own product, found a lot wrong with coconut oil. But while they were finding fault with the raw coconut oil, their factories were busy refining the oil and making tons of money. Today they find that coconut oil is perhaps the best of the vegetable oils on the market and is credited with lowering cholesterol and preventing scabies and other skin infections. Guyana never had a vibrant coconut oil industry, because there was never the governmental support. It remained a bottom house industry. Today we talk about the coconut occupying almost as much land as sugar and rice. Yet it is a forgotten plant. The government now wants to resurrect the coconut industry. It may be a little too late, but sometimes it is better late than never. We talk about being the breadbasket of the region, but we are dumping valuable food commodities. Our production of crops and livestock remains at the subsistence level; we still cannot satisfy an order for a few containers of tomatoes or bora or ochroes. However, we can supply and satisfy an order for vegetable oil, if only we try.

Tuesday January 15, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

Impressed with Dr. Flaherty and Ms. Dennison’s pieces DEAR EDITOR, Dr. Peter Flaherty penned a fantastic piece on his observations of life in Guyana. (KN Jan 7). Like Ms. Geralda Dennison (KN Jan 8), I am also impressed with Flaherty’s piece. But I disagree with Geralda’s position on the need for writers to reveal their identity. Politicians should heed Dr. Flaherty’s call for national unity to facilitate development. Dr. Flaherty is right about his observation that few newspapers around the globe carry commentaries that make references to well known philosophers like Foucault, Kant, Voltaire, Plato, Hegel, Marx, etc. I travel a lot and read international publications and found few papers that carry op-ed pieces that reference outstanding social or political theorists. Prof Bertell Ollman, under whom I studied Political Theory at New York University in post grad work, told me he was most impressed with the high quality of commentaries and references to political theories in Indian newspapers when he was a visiting scholar at Indian universities. I would rate the commentaries in the Guyana media on a similar footing as those in India. As Dr. Flaherty stated, Dr. Ravi Dev and Mr. Freddie Kissoon are excellent writers (never mind that the latter is a perennial critic of my work). In a survey I conducted last

year and in 2011, readers told me they look forward for the Kissoon, Dev, Adam Harris and Peeping Tom columns as well as wha dem boy seh. They like Kissoon for his attacks on the government. People admire Dev for his intellect. Adam Harris also some very interesting commentaries. Geralda objects to anonymous writers because “they often attack others”. Letters that attack people or are deemed to be personal or libelous should not be published. I don’t know which writer is anonymous. Freddie Kissoon feels he should know a writer’s education, background, employment, etc. Knowing the background of writers won’t change the contents of their writing. Even if their writing is bad, the public does not need to know their identity which is their personal life — it is called freedom of speech. And at any rate, bad speech is better than no speech as the late American Chief Justice Wendell Holmes so eloquently argued in a precedent setting case before the US Supreme Court. The public does not need to know any writer’s identity. The writers are not writing for a peer reviewed academic journal which would require a brief note on the person’s institution of employment. For the mass media, it is the substance that matters. Readers are impressed with

fresh ideas and coherent thoughts, as in Dev’s or Harris’s columns, not the degrees behind one’s name and job status. There are several excellent writers without letters behind their name. I don’t know Messrs Mohammed and Maxwell, but they have not penned anything outrageous that would warrant readers knowing their identities – their education, work place, etc. In fact, in New York and in Guyana, people I spoke with are extremely impressed with both writers. Mohammed and Maxwell are excellent writers and political analysts. Very few write as well as them. They

are not redundant. I do not agree with their views (and they are known critics of mine) but I admire their depth of knowledge and how they make logical arguments. They are fair, objective and balanced. They are intellects informing, instructing, and educating readers. They don’t mislead and distort. They help to make us wiser about issues and our society. Their writings are not driven by personalities or hate. They are not pompous, ego-driven and condescending. Their writings are credible, fresh, powerful, outstanding and several times they took shots at me, but I am not offended Continued on page 6

DEAR EDITOR, I wish to publicly show my appreciation to the management of the Pegasus Hotel, particularly the Security personnel, who demonstrated honesty and integrity in the execution of their duties. I am pleased to say I was at a meeting at the hotel a few evenings ago and upon conclusion accidently dropped a personal item which I only realized early the following morning. I returned to the hotel to enquire about the lost item and to my pleasant surprise it was found by the security and logged in their record and presented to me upon

verification and in good order. This is surely worthy of commendation and a reminder that all is not lost and we still have trustworthy and honourable citizens who still practice doing the “right thing” despite the negativities and adversities we often face, particularly in the provision of service to customers. My thanks and congratulations to the security officer and the management of the Pegasus Hotel for upholding good values, a system that allows patrons the safety, trustworthiness and comfort they can. Impressed

We still have trustworthy and honourable citizens

Tuesday January 15, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Ralph Ramkarran is spot-on but he omits the fears of the other side

DEAR EDITOR, Former Speaker Mr. Ralph Ramkarran’s recent column in the Stabroek News —The PPP’s Enduring Fears (Monday January 14—) is a brilliant reflection, from the inside, on the principal factor that has informed the PPP’s political behaviour since it took office in 1992. Some of us have, perhaps simplistically, referred to this as the “Politics of Revenge.” The central argument of this column should be digested by all political operatives and non-governmental organizations, especially those who are tasked with interfacing with the PPP on a regular basis. But even as I laud it, I do have a problem with the column. It has to do more with what was omitted than what was said. While the gist of the column was about the PPP’s fears that are rooted in six decades of history, it is, perhaps unfair, to discuss those fears outside of the PNC’s and by extension, African Guyanese fears. Mr. Ramkarran spends the second half of the column discussing how the PNC

could address the PPP’s fears and, although he did not say so explicitly, by extension, the Indian Guyanese fears. Very well. But the PNC’s inability to treat candidly with its stewardship of the state is rooted in the very six-decade history that informs the PPP’s contemporary behaviour. Both parties and their respective ethnic constituencies share that history and have individually and together shaped it. I make bold to say that just as the PPP’s behaviour in office has been heavily influenced by the perception and reality of its treatment at the hands of the PNC in office, that the PNC’s behaviour in office was also largely grounded in similar fears, perceived and real, arising from the PPP’s 195764 tenure. Mr. Ramkarran’s reference to the Indian Guyanese and PPP feeling of electoral disenfranchisement is spot on. But he omits the African Guyanese feelings of disenfranchisement. Whereas Indian Guyanese suffered from elections that

DEAR EDITOR, I thank Messrs Andrew Tyndall and Russell Lancaster and team of the first ever National Song Festival (for Choral Groups) for a delightful afternoon of glorious music last Sunday (13th inst) at the National Cultural Centre. I was transported to my days at The Bishops’ High School when the indomitable Ms. Edith Peters made me appreciate music by having me learn to play the recorder and violin (to some extent) and allowing me to sing (be it thirds) in the school choir. Those who missed the Festival did themselves a grave injustice and I was disappointed that the audience filled half of Auditorium Front. However we all enjoyed the presentations, judging from the thunderous applause and standing ovations. The Groups, whether small or large, delivered our National Songs with great aplomb and the open

selections varied from Folk Songs to Negro Spirituals with innovations that included the Doo wop style and excellent Acapella techniques. I was heartened by the mixture of ages, maturity and experience, a new National Song from St. Mary’s Musical Academy of BV, wonderful young soloists from The Children’s Choir of Region 10 and Sophia SDA, the exuberance of Imani (just 3 weeks old) and the professionalism and attire of all the participants. Congratulations to the winners: The Messengers, J4 Inspiration, Circle of Love, Sasca Heraldiers, Brickdam Cathedral and New Amsterdam Secondary School, who won their seniors by 12 points. I trust that this event heralds the serious (re) introduction of music in schools and choirs in our Beautiful Guyana. Margaret Lawrence

It was nostalgia…

were rigged against them, African Guyanese suffer from the fact that the electoral system is rigged against them. The PNC stole elections. The PPP has not stolen elections in the same barefaced way, but they have barefacedly stolen the executive government. The present government is a prime example. The Presidency was won by the

PPP. But the remainder of the Executive branch, the cabinet, was not won by the PPP. The results - accepted by the three political contestants - show that the majority of voters did not vote for the PPP. But those results are not reflected in the executive branch. I anticipate that the constitutionalists on both sides will tell me that the allPPP cabinet is a reflection of the Presidential system,

whereby the President can choose his entire cabinet from his party if he wishes. But I wish to remind us that Guyana does not have a pure presidential system. Ours is a hybrid system—part presidential and part Westminster-parliamentary. And our cabinet functions in the parliamentary mode— unlike the pure presidential system where cabinet members do not sit in the

legislature, our cabinet members sit in parliament. From my standpoint, therefore, both the PPP and the PNC have fears born of our shared history of ethnopolitical insecurity and rivalry. Both parties’ behaviour in government has been largely driven by these fears. Both parties should make statements of atonement, preferably together. David Hinds

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday January 15, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news...

The ball will be in the Speaker’s court at the next session DEAR EDITOR, I write in relation to the ruling of the Acting Chief Justice, His Honour Mr. Ian Chang, in the matter of the gag order imposed in the National Assembly on Home Affairs Minister, Mr. Clement Rohee. Based on the press reports of the ruling, I believe the decision is a sound one and Justice Chang should be commended. The Government seems to be interpreting this ruling as a victory for its position. However, this may be a hollow victory. In reality, the ruling in stating “it is n o p a r t o f t h e c o u r t ’s function to give directions to the Speaker or the National Assembly as to the future conduct of the Assembly’s affairs” seems to turn the matter over to the Speaker of the National Assembly and, although the

Speaker has indicated that he will seek legal advice, it is difficult to see how he can act contrary to the wishes of the majority in the House. As Speaker Trotman ponders his responsibility and considers his decision, he is likely to reflect on the words of William Lenthall, Speaker of the British Parliament in the 1640s when there was a struggle between King Charles I and Parliament. Although Lenthall was the King’s appointee, he is reported to have said, when requested by the King in Parliament to identify five of the King’s opponents, ”May it please your Majesty, I have neither eyes to see nor tongue to speak in this place but as the House is pleased to direct me, whose servant I am here.” I believe that Justice Chang’s decision points to

the need for compromise on the part of all parties in the National Assembly as none of them wants to face the electorate at this time. In my view, the Opposition parties were premature in their move against Mr. Rohee. The report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Linden shootings, if it does not implicate Mr. Rohee, may give them a chance to backtrack without losing face. As for the Government, it will have to act in good faith and reciprocate any Opposition comprise by making appropriate concessions. I understand that Speaker Trotman holds a postgraduate degree in Mediation. Come the next session of the House, to borrow a popular expression, “the ball will be in the Speaker’s court”. Harry Hergash

This school’s teachers have behaved very unprofessionally DEAR EDITOR, I honestly hope that my letter will capture the attention of the Minister of Education. There was a recent incident that occurred at a secondary school in Berbice with a female student. One teacher who knew of the incident reported to the head teacher, which is of course protocol, but there was a staff meeting where the incident was discussed and later told to every class of the school. Why were our teachers so unprofessional when it comes to protecting our children? The only thing that was left

to do was paste posters of this child all over the place. Students started internet discussion on the incident and a teacher of the school informed a television station that in doing all of this, it brings down the self esteem of the child, who is aiming for exams. A teacher is like a second parent to our children, but today we have to know their status before disclosing anything to them. My concern is that children fear to disclose things to teachers because they are not confidential. Why can’t teachers be as professional as

their job requires? Some of them only teach because they get a salary - the love for children and the job is not there. Speaking as a parent of children going to that school this is not the first incident where this school’s teachers have behaved very unprofessionally. I am calling on the relevant authorities to investigate and send these teachers on special training to make them more professional and know the value of these vulnerable children who depend on them for a bright future. Concerned Parent

Impressed with Dr. Flaherty and ... From page 4 as I learn from them as indeed writers learn from each other. Mr. Kissoon has a habit of wanting to know peoples’ personal life as though that would make their writings more credible. Freddie should just take it or leave it when it comes to peoples’ writings. He uses an old worn out strategy to discredit good writers – a demand to reveal everything about one’s self or else newspapers should not publish one’s letters. That is wrong. I urge the editor not to require people to describe their background before publishing their letters. Virtually no newspaper in a democratic society operates that way. Knowing the identity of the writer is optional as publishing criteria. Writers may have justifiable reasons for not revealing their

background. And at any rate, one’s background does not reveal a true picture of a person. Several unlettered people are excellent writers and thinkers. A free press protects people from revealing their identities. People should be protected from intimidation and harassment, which could happen if the public knows one’s background. If they write under another name, they can write freely. I should note that a lot of people write under pen names (nom de plume) and pseudonyms — Peeping Tom and Dem Boys Seh. Also, famous writers like George Orwell, Ann Landers etc., are all pen names. We should not censor writers just because we don’t know their background. All that is required to pen a letter is some contact information so that the editor can affirm

whether he or she actually penned the text – the names Maxwell and Mohammed are enough as identities. These men have not written anything that is repugnant or libelous that the editor would demand they reveal their place of work. And even if a writer pens under a pseudonym, good readers can decipher the true identity of a writer through the writing’s diction, tone, style, content, logic, etc. If Mr. Kissoon is so offended with what someone pens, he can respond to it. Censoring writers should not be an option. I urge politicians to pay heed to all objective writers in particular the outsider’s view of Dr. Flaherty -who have expressed concern about the political problems we face and the direction of the country’s future. Vishnu Bisram

Tuesday January 15, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

GPHC lab gains certification

Staff of the Medical Laboratory witness the ceremony The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation Medical Laboratory was on Friday issued with renewed Certification by the Guyana National Bureau of Standards. In presenting the Certificate to Laboratory Director, Dr. Pheona Mohamed-Rambarran, Executive Director of the GNBS, Evadnie Enniss congratulated the staff of the Unit on their excellent performance in the standards and quality of service they delivered. Ms. Enniss urged them to maintain the levels and to be ‘Good Starters and Good Finishers’ so that in time the Department could win their Accreditation Standards. Ms. Candelle WalcottBostwick, Head, Conformity Assessment also praised the Laboratory for the improvement in operations and urged that they do not lapse into non-conformance. Dr. Pheona Mohamed-

Dr. Pheona Mohamed signs accepting the Certificate with Ms Evadnie Enniss Rambarran thanked her staff for the relentless and collective efforts put in by the

team as they worked towards this certification. “This is a great achievement for the

Department and we must work towards greater heights”.

Tuesday January 15, 2013

GT&T appoints new CEO Radha Krishna Sharma has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) and Justin Nedd, Chief Financial Officer. The appointments follow the resignation of Yog Mahadeo as Chief Executive Officer and Royston Rajpaul as Chief Financial Officer last year. Mr. Sharma, whose appointment takes effect from March 1, recently served as Director of the National Competitiveness Strategy Unit and Support for Competitiveness Programme. He also held positions as Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Ltd from 2000 to 2009 and General Manager of Demerara Bank Ltd from 1994 to 1997. Mr. Sharma brings to the job more than 18 years of executive management expertise and a wealth of knowledge in the fields of finance, commerce, business strategy and corporate expansion. He has an outstanding record of achievement at the helm of financial institutions in terms of growth in profit, assets and shareholder value. He is the holder of a Master of Commerce Degree (First Class) and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Hons.) and currently serves as a Director on the Board of Guyana Power and Light Inc. Mr. Sharma is a seasoned and dynamic leader with the capacity to provide the vision, policy leadership and management oversight required for the continued growth of GT&T, the telephone company stated in a press release.

Radha Krishna Sharma

Justin Nedd “I am excited about joining the GT&T team and continuing to provide consumers with the best value in Guyana in terms of telecommunications services. GT&T continues to invest in Guyana and bring more advanced services to our people. I look forward to being a part of this continued evolution,” Mr. Sharma said. Justin Nedd is an accounting professional with diverse experience and qualifications in a number of industries including telecommunications, government, manufacturing, and mining. Up until recently, Nedd served as the Executive Financial Officer in a provincial government department in Canada and managed multimillion capital projects for Vale, a Brazilian mining company. He has completed the Certified General Accountants of Canada (CGA) programme and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). He also possesses a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Computer Science and a Diploma in Electrical Engineering, both, from the University of Guyana and numerous industry certifications from Oracle, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems. Having worked at GT&T from 1996 to 2005, Justin Nedd says that he is delighted to be a part of the GT&T team once again.

Tuesday January 15, 2013

Kaieteur News

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THE POOREST OF IMITATIONS The Main Big Lime saw a change last December. It became a more familyoriented event and this was a very good development because it allowed the entire family to be part of the event which was also held over a longer period. Congratulations should be extended to the Minister who was responsible for these changes which went down well with the public, or at least those keen on familyoriented type of public entertainment. The next big festival is Mashramani and it is time that this entire event also has a complete make-over to make some of the events, such as the Float Parade more familyoriented. One of the disconcerting things about last year’s Float Parade was the sight of a mother having to cover the eyes of her children for fear that they would see some of the lewd gyrations that were taking place by some of the revelers. Some of these revelers left little to the imagination. The vulgarity needs to go. If it is allowed to continue, then the organizers should make the event an Xrated one and ask that children not be allowed along the Parade route. The Float Parade needs to become a family -oriented

event. Those who want to engage in sexually suggestive gyrations should have the freedom to do so, but please make that a separate event, one that would not be family oriented. Every year the vulgarity seems to be getting worse. Each year, the revelers try to outdo each other and outdo the performance of the previous year. By the next five years, the reveler may well end up dancing naked on the streets and this may even by them become acceptable because each year the costumes seems to be getting skimpier and skimpier. There are some things not for family and the way the Float Parade and Costume Competition is organized it should be restricted to adults. There should be separate events organized which would appeal to the family. Mashramani is supposed to be the celebration of Guyanese culture but the way the events have been organized mimic what is done in Rio and what is done in Port of Spain. It is not our duty to copy what other nations are doing. We should come up with our own festivals for Mashramani. One good idea is to have a food festival catering for the cuisines of the various ethnic groups in Guyana, each of

Dem boys seh...

De Govt can’t explain de GPC deal When Sonny who start up Easy Come Easy Go end up in jail dem boys didn’t know that de Feds had to search like if dem was looking fuh a needle in a haystack. Dem ketch de man hiding in a basement. But is he statement when he get ketch that had dem boys laughing, and de statement come out in court documents. Sonny tell de people that he know he in trouble and that he know that nuff money missing. De feds didn’t even go to ask he how much. This was de same Sonny who get Rosie fuh tell people how Sonny was talking to de Feds this time he hiding like a rat in a hole. Then he got de nerve fuh apply fuh bail. Well dem boys seh that right away de judge blink. De Feds did already tell him how dem spend nuff money searching fuh Sonny and how Sonny could getaway to Guyana. Sonny got to stay in jail. And this is only de start. De judge done tell he that every charge carry a 20 year jail term and is three charge. That mean that he ain’t gun see de light outside again fuh thief. But dem got some ah dem right in Guyana who doing all de thiefing and nutten ain’t happening. De parliament decide to examine de deal between New GPC and de Ministry of Health. Some shocking things come out. But that ain’t de wuss thing. All de government people running fuh defend New GPC like if is dem own. When Carl de Short One decide fuh allow de questioning, a government lady decide that he ain’t fit to be chairman. One man claim how he gun encourage Bar Bee fuh sue a man who ask nuff question. Well Bar Bee got to sue everybody because dem boys got dem own questions to ask. Dem, boys seh that it look like if dem people suh big that nobody should question. Well de news coming out and de Americans listening. Dem is people does act pun things that dem know is true. Dem boys seh that de whole country must listen out fuh hear who visa getting tek way in de coming days. De story now start. Talk half and wait fuh more pun de drugs deal

which have their own individual dishes. Now that is something which can be branded and become a tourism attraction because it would be a case of Guyana doing something different to celebrate its national day. For the adults there can be a beverage festival which will allow Guyana to showcase the various liquors and wines. We can have a sports festival in which all of the major sporting associations can put on major competitions featuring the best in the Caribbean. Years ago there used to be a music festival. And today we have had in Guyana drama

festivals and visual arts festivals. All of these things can be timed to coincide with Republic Day. No one is asking for the calypso competition and the chutney competitions to be discarded. These can be continued but an effort should be made to raise the standard of these competitions perhaps by inviting a few foreign artistes to be part of the event. We need to really sit down and decide just what our National Day means and try to develop an attractive series of events to commemorate February 23. We are just fooling

ourselves into believing we have something here that is going to be a big attraction. What passes off for the Mash Parade each Republic Day makes us the laughing stock because when compared with the carnivals in Rio and Trinidad, our Mash Day celebration is an embarrassment. It is the poorest of imitations. At least if we are copying from the Trinidadians and the Brazilians, let us at least try to come as close to the standards they have. But we do not need to be copying anybody. If after forty-three years of

Republican status we still cannot come up with our own ideas as to how to mark our Republic Day, then it means that really we really do not know what this day is supposed to be and therefore before we begin to plan anything, what is needed is some serious reflection as to what does this day mean to the people of Guyana- all the people of Guyana.

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Tuesday January 15, 2013


Is there going to be a snap poll this year? Will there be snap polls this year? No! Here are my reasons. A word on the local government thing before. If the PPP agrees to local government reform legislation, then there will not be a general election before 2016. They will not concede to such restructuring. If municipals and councils are given autonomy under the reform, then they become independent of central authority. The local PPP chieftains then lose their power of patronage and control over money they can distribute during the campaign of a general election. Go into the NDC office in Lusignan and you will see on the walls of the office PPP election posters still hanging from the 2011 campaign Afraid of losing more votes in an upcoming general election, the PPP will consider it suicidal to hold municipal polls and see defeat all over the place. What those losses will do is to send a nation-wide signal that the PPP days are over. I posit, therefore, that there will not be local government elections this

year. It is naïve for Guyanese to think that the statement by the ABC countries on the exigency of local elections will deter the PPP. My theory of political behaviour is that over a long period of time, authoritarian regimes lose rationality and become oblivious to their weakness and encroaching reality. Back to the reasons. First, there are nightmares rocking the collective psyche of the PPP as to the gamble of a snap poll. The content of the pressure cooker is the defeat of 2011. With billions of dollars and six media houses at its disposal the PPP couldn’t win a majority. It must ask itself if it can happen again. The media did not help because PPP supporters do not read the Guyana Times and the Chronicle; few Guyanese do. NCN, and Channels 65 and 69 are not good at influencing people. Money didn’t work either because like the Obama campaign, nuff dollars were spent. Obama won both the Electoral College and the popular vote. The PPP lost the latter. Not to mention that Jagdeo’s

Day of Appreciation did not create an aura for the former president. On the contrary, sugar workers didn’t want to hear his name. Personnel are a formidable challenge for the PPP’s snap poll. It just hasn’t got a quota of young, bright stars that have charisma, intellectual bite, can talk persuasively and hold their own against their young opponents in APNU and the AFC. An analyst can hardly point to the definitive factor that caused an organization to lose an election even though some weaknesses were more conspicuous than others. We can point to some definite factors that took away the PPP’s majority in 2011 but other stupidities were important. For example, why in a country overflowing with young people, a party would want to go into five consecutive elections over a twenty year period with the same Prime Ministerial candidate? That is sickeningly unrealistic. Equally stupid would be to enter a snap poll with the

likes of Texieira, Luncheon, Rohee, Ramotar, Chandarpal, Bibi Shadick etc. The simple truth is that the era of these people has ended. The PPP has to bring fresh faces to the table and they must not have baggage. This is like finding a needle in the Atlantic Ocean. The new faces have some serious baggage like expensive swimming pools and palatial residencies. Did corruption play a part in the defeat? Yes it did. If there is a 2013 general election it will play a negative role again because the PPP psychologically cannot move against its corrupt officials. Their exposure by the opposition will devastate the PPP again.

So what has the PPP got going for it if it tries another election? Two things. One is to democratize. This is a catch 22. Once the PPP tames its lust for power, the opposition will steal its thunder by claiming that if it wasn’t for opposition vigilance, exposure and confrontation Guyana would not have had democracy after 2012. The other factor is the race card. This is the PPP’s raison d’etre throughout its post 1955 life and which it exploited with deadly consequences in the sixties. It seems to be accepted by Freedom House as the only game in town. It started as early as December 2011 when Ramotar exclaimed that

PPP supporters were physically prevented by opposition people from voting. Read that to mean Africans stopped Indians. Next came the Chronicle editorial in June 2012 that was more vicious than anything we saw in the sixties. Then it tried to milk the Agricola unrest. Will the race bait work in a snap poll? I doubt it.

A resident of East La Penitence Housing Scheme has been placed before the court for snatching a $170,000 gold chain in the vicinity of the Bourda Market. The defendant, Kennard Persaud, 25, allegedly stole Cindy Ramnarine’s gold chain. Persaud pleaded not guilty to the charge. According to the prosecution, Ramnarine was walking along Light Street when the defendant ran past her snatching and bursting her gold chain in the process.

The man continued running but the woman raised an alarmed and public spirited persons aided in his apprehension. The gold chain was recovered on his person. Attorney At Law Paul FungA -Fat asked that the complainant’s necklace be returned to her since she wishes to mend it. Persaud was remanded to prison until January 22. And a 19 year old boy from Lot 8 East La Penitence Housing Scheme has been sentenced to community service and ordered to pay a

court fine of $3,000 after he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court on a drug possession charge. The accused, Shawn Barrow, was charged for having half a gram of marijuana in his possession. He confessed to the crime as he stood before Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry. “A friend gave it to him for him to try it your worship,” Attorney at Law Paul FungA- Fat told the court, who provided legal representation to the teenager.

The Guyana Manufacturers and Services Association (GMSA) has expressed some concern over the implications of an amendment to the Customs Bill which was tabled in the National Assembly by Minister of Finance Dr. Ashni Singh on Thursday. The Customs (Amendment) Bill is seeking to amend the section that imposed an Environmental Tax only on taxable goods imported into Guyana. At present the tax is imposed on importers of drinks and beverages into Guyana. The proposed amendment extends the tax to every container, metal, glass or plastic container imported into Guyana for manufacturing beverages. The amendment means that whereas only importers used to have to pay this tax in the past, by virtue of the proposed amendment, the net is being widened to

include in-country manufacturers. If the Bill is passed into law, on one hand, it would mean that a tax of $5 on e v e r y c o n t a i n e r, m e t a l , glass or plastic container holding any drink, alcoholic or non-alcoholic imported into Guyana. Notably and additionally the Bill states that all importers of such containers for manufacturing beverages shall pay the same $5 tax at the same time as the Customs Duties are paid . If they fail to do so they will be fined $5,000 for the offence, in addition to paying to the Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) twice the amount of tax payable. Among those who will be hit with increased costs if the Amended Bill is passed are major local manufacturers Banks DIH and Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL). President of the GMSA, Mohindra Chand, confirmed

yesterday that the Bill is of some concern to the Association since it has economic and social implications. “Costs of production by local manufacturers will go up and this can in turn impact on consumers who may have to pay higher prices for those products,” he said. He said that the GMSA at one level appreciates the need for such taxes but will prefer to work with Government to ensure that all the implications for local manufacturers are taken into account. The GMSA has set up a special committee comprising members and environmental experts, to review the proposed Bill. The Committee, Chand said, intends to engage all stakeholders. One of the areas of interest, he added, is to what use the funds obtained from the extended Environmental Tax net, will be put.

Frederick Kissoon

Accused chain snatcher remanded to prison

GMSA to review proposed Amended Tax on imported drink bottles, cans

Tuesday January 15, 2013

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Guyana's oldest laid to rest


uyanese from all walks of life paid a fitting tribute to the woman who liad claim to being Guyana's oldest. A home going service was held on Sunday at the Springlands Seventh Day Adventist Church in honour of a well- lived life of Mrs. Ismay Winifred Spooner, who was born on December 27, 1900, in Barbados. She was the wife of the late Carroll Spooner, a Barbadian who was brought to Guyana to work on the sugar plantation as an indentured labourer. The now dead Ismay Spooner worked at Springlands and Skeldon Estate in her younger days. She was a pioneer in the formation of the Springlands Seventh -Day Adventist Church which she served as a Sabbath school Superintendent, teacher and Welfare personnel. She served the Church for more than seventy years. She was a role model not only to the church members, but also to the community in which she resided. The church was called the 'Bajan Church' since only Barbadians attended. Mrs. Spooner lived with her

mother, who died at the age of 103. She nursed her mother until her demise. She was a remarkable nurse in her own way. She had two other siblings: a sister and a brother. Both are deceased. Her house was always open to anyone who needed a place to sleep or house to live. She even built and repaired her own house with

her own two hands. She loved the hammer and nails. Mrs Spooner only mothered one daughter who passed away overseas, having been taken there by her white father. Nevertheless, she adopted many children. And so, the tributes flowed at the going -home service. Speaker after speaker spoke highly about Guyana's famous

centenarian. She was introduced to this nation through regular features and articles in this newspaper. Mr. Collin Bynoe, Guyana Teachers Union president, who conducted the service led the congregation in numerous songs. Among persons who made tributes were the Chairman of Corriverton

Interim Management Commitee (IMC), Mr Bhawase Harripal; Regional Chairman Mr. Permaul Armogan, Dr Faith Harding and Ouditnarine Tejpratap from the New Jersey Arya Samaj Humanitratian Mission, Guyana Chapter. Armogan told the assembly, “ President Donald Ramotar has asked me to express his regrets for not being here to pay his final tributes to this fallen sister, but he wishes to let you know that his prayers are with the relatives and friends”. “There are two things in her life that must be pointed out. The first one is her penchant for hard work. She believed in hard work and she laboured a lot in her lifetime. And this tells us a story that hard work doesn't kill anybody. Dr. Faith Hardling said, “Mrs. Spooner had a way of touching peoples' lives”. Mr. Tejpratab, secretary of the New Jersey Arya Samaj Humanitarian Mission said, “Mrs. Spooner was a mother to the Mission". He also reminisced about the time when members of the mission went to visit her and

Pandit Suresh Sugrim fed her ice cream; her favourite food. “Unfortunately, Pandit Sugrim could not get a flight to come to Guyana and be here today. Nevertheless, he asked me to speak on his behalf. There is nothing that any of us can do today to make Mrs Spooner a happier person." The secretary for the NJASHM/GC reminisced about an encounter Pandit Suresh had with Mrs Spooner some time in 2011. “I can clearly remember how happy she was when she had her favourite thing, Ice Cream. She talked about how much she loves listening to music, preaching and the teacher teaching the children on the radio. Her love for radio was so much, since her sense of sight was taken away. “Most importantly, I remember her praying for Pandit Suresh Sugrim before he left. She was indeed a role model. She was a virtuous woman that the Bible speaks about." The funeral procession was escorted to the burial ground by youths from the church and a police drum session.

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Tuesday January 15, 2013

Explanation of teenager’s death at West Dem. Hospital ‘very strange’ – Health Minister

investigations by Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr Shamdeo Persaud, the young man was recovering well when an unfortunate turn of events led to his demise. Minister Ramsaran in the presence of the CMO and the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Leslie Cadogan, said that based on initial reports a nurse who was administering drugs during a routine process gave the patient a drug which should have been taken orally. Reports are that the medication was being administered in a syringe instead of a medicine cup. According to reports out of the hospital, there were no cups in the ward for oral medication. The teen, the Minister explained, was at the time on intravenous medication. “According to the nurse she gave him the oral suspension and he instead of drinking it, when she turned her back to deal with other patients, administered it via the IV line.” “This is a very strange explanation and that is why it prompted an extremely quick

response from the Ministry of Health,” said an evidently concerned Minister Ramsaran who informed that an investigation was launched almost instantaneously. He noted, too, that the CMO will facilitate a more detailed investigation which will be made public as soon as possible. It is expected that the investigation will be completed within days, as according to Dr Persaud, “we are already quite clear with what happened...we just need finalisation of written reports so in another few days it will be sent to the Nursing Council for pronouncement.” The Guyana Nursing Council which is tasked with regulating the country’s nurses will make the final decision as it relates to the attending nurse’s fate, according to Dr Persaud. “As soon as we conclude this aspect of the investigation all those bits of information...evidence and reports and so on will be sent to the Council.” Since the incident the nurse who has been in the profession

for about eight years has been sent on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation, said Dr Persaud. The incident, he noted, will be brought to the attention of the entire nursing fraternity with a view to identifying where procedures, if at all, were not followed. He, however, sought to highlight yesterday that a review of all documents pertaining to the patient reflected that the medical management aspect was undertaken in the correct way as were the prescriptions which were all written up in a timely manner. He noted that there are indications that there might have been a breach in the protocol for administering medicines “so that is where the investigation will be focused.” Even as he sought to empathise with the grieving family, Minister Ramsaran underscored that “losing a patient in this manner is not only painful for the family but you must understand it is also painful for the staff members involved...There are no winners in this situation.” According to him there are reports that desperate efforts were made to resurrect the teenager but all such attempts failed. A Post Mortem examination conducted by pathologist Vivekanand Brijmohan on the lad yesterday revealed that he died from asphyxiation caused by food in the lungs. According to Minister Ramsaran it is “extremely disappointing” that something of this nature occurred at a facility which has been the recipient of significant investments over the past two years. However he noted that even as investigations continue into the dilemma, moves will be made to look at other aspects of the functioning of the hospital so that “out of this crisis we can get an opportunity for change and improvement.”

Patrick Smith, 18, will spend the next year in jail after he admitted to robbing Constance Wiggins of two gold chains valued at $220,000. Smith is also accused of stealing a gold chain valued at $80,000 from Michelle Henry in December but pleaded not guilty to that charge. The presiding magistrate was Chief

Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ court. Police Prosecutor Kerry Bostwick said that the defendant and the complainants reside in the same neighbourhood. On the day when he robbed Wiggins, the plaintiff said that she saw the accused on the street corner. When she walked past

he mounted his motorcycle, s n a t c h e d t h e w o m a n ’s chain and made good his escape. A report was made and following the investigation the defendant was arrested for the crime. Smith was ordered to return to court on January 31 for the hearing of the charge to which he entered a not guilty plea.

...nurse sent on leave pending investigation

Health Minister Dr Bheri Ramsaran is flanked by Chief Medical Officer, Dr Shamdeo Persaud, (at right) and Permanent Secretary Leslie Codogan. An explanation offered by the nurse who attended to 15year-old Shemar Miggins shortly before his death at the West Demerara Regional Hospital last Saturday has been described as “very strange” by Minister of Health, Dr Bheri Ramsaran. The Minister’s remark was made yesterday when he

addressed an emergency press conference at his Ministry’s Brickdam, Georgetown, boardroom. Miggins, according to the Minister, died at the Regional Hospital under what he described as “controversial circumstances” after being admitted a patient there a few days earlier. Emphasising that

the distressing outcome was in fact preventable, the Minister noted that the lad was hospitalised “for a few days for a relatively simple thing. He had an abscess to the foot caused apparently by a fish bone puncture wound.” Based on reports premised on preliminary

Shemar Miggins the day he was admitted to the hospital.

Teen jailed for one year after confessing to crime.

Tuesday January 15, 2013

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Tuesday January 15, 2013

Banks DIH acquisitions show improved Robust standards, new products propel Banks DIH Group to historic $2.5B profit performance in 2012 - Chairman

Chairman of Banks DIH, Clifford Reis, announced that the group has continued the acquisition of major plant and machinery during last year. This enabled the reduction of the unit cost of the products thereby contributing to the improved performance. According to Banks DIH 2012 report, as part of the ongoing modernisation and expansion programme, capital works included the addition of a state-of-the-art Krones 400 bottle per minute Soft Drink Plant, a shrink wrapper for the flavour mixing line, the Brew House upgrade and automation (including a malt

handling system and additional fermenting tanks), a water treatment plant, equipment relating to the Rum Factory and the Bakery, Co2 Recovery System and additional trucks and forklifts to enhance our distribution fleet. The report further stated that capital expenditure within the new financial year will include the acquisition of equipment for the Syrup Room CIP and sugar dissolving systems for the Soft drink Plant; further expenditure on the brewery/ Cellars modernisation programme, pasteuriser,

bottle depalletiser and case palletiser for the Beer Plant; filler/rinser, labeler and silos for the Water Plant; automatic ice cream filler and aging tanks for the production of Premium ice cream; further upgrade of the Co2 Plant; 800 HP boiler, water treatment plant, chill water system for the Central Service operation; additional trucks and forklifts also for the distribution fleet and building works related to the capital expansion programme. The chairman’s report also noted that the Stabroek Sports Bar was completed and opened last October.

BANKS DIH Limited Group of Companies last year recorded a profit of $4.938 billion before taxes thereby improving its overall performance over 2011 when the group recorded a $4.036 billion profit, Banks DIH 2012 Annual Report noted. According to Chairman and Managing Director, Clifford Reis, Banks DIH Limited for the first time in its history achieved a profit before tax of $3.5B profit after tax of $2.5 billion. He said profits after tax for the Group attributable to Shareholders increased significantly from $2.298 billion to $2.776 billion, an increase of $478.0 million or 21 per cent. The Company’s profit before tax was $3.672 billion compared to $2.802 billion in 2011, an increase of $870.0 million or 31per cent. Profit after tax increased from $1.934 billion in 2011 to $2.522 billion by $588.0 million or 30 per cent. Included in the profit before tax is a one-off profit of $167 million arising from the disposal by the Parent Company of the Camp Street property to the Banking Subsidiary. QUALITY CONTROL In February 2012, Banks DIH soft drink production facility was accredited with the Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) which is an upgrade of ISO-22000, as required by Coca-Cola International. In pursuit of the

Chairman and Managing Director, Clifford Reis Certification, the Company had to achieve Certification in PAS 220 (Publicly Available Specification) which specifies the requirements for establishing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to assist in controlling food safety hazards. In July 2012, ISO 90001 Quality Management Systems was achieved by the Soft Drink Plant, while the Dairy Plant passed the Surveillance Audit for its previously accredited ISO 22000-2005 compliance. CUSTOMER SERVICE/ DISTRIBUTION The beverage giant noted that in 2012 the year the acquisition of new trucks enabled the company to maintain efficiencies and improve our delivery service. “We also launched the 12 oz package of Coca-Cola and

Sprite products, as well as the X.M. Family of Aged 7, 10, 12 and 15 year rums. During the period the accounting and financial reporting and internal control systems continue to direct attention to critical areas of operations and strengthen the stewardship within the Company. To this end an Operations and Standards Committee has been formed.” Further upgrades in the Information Technology infrastructure also complemented the processing of financial, production and other operating information. In addition, training of junior and management staff continues to be a priority as the company strives to maintain responsive succession planning and the maintenance of sustained leadership for long term success. COMMUNITY RELATIONS/ PARTNERSHIPS Commitment to social partnerships has again been reflected in the significant contributions to and sponsorship of educational, cultural, sporting, religious and environmental projects. The continued success will depend on the company’s ability to respond to the needs of a rapidly emerging middle class market in society, and to be the active supplier of products and services to customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Guyana and Kazakhstan establish diplomatic relations

Guyana’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador George Talbot (second right) and the Permanent Representative of Kazakhstan Ambassador Byrganym Aitimova (second left). The Governments of Guyana and the Republic of Kazakhstan have formally established Diplomatic Relations as of January 11, 2013. A Communiqué establishing diplomatic relations was signed at the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Kazakhstan by Guyana’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador George Talbot, and the Permanent Representative of Kazakhstan

Ambassador Byrganym Aitimova. The two countries expressed their confidence that the establishment of diplomatic relations will contribute to the promotion of trade, culture and friendship between the two countries. Guyana and Kazakhstan have in the past cooperated in several multilateral fora such as the United Nations and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on issues

of common interest. This marks another step in the strengthening of the relations between the two countries and is expected to lead to enhanced bilateral cooperation. The decision is in keeping with the foreign policy of the Government of Guyana to develop relations with as many Member States of the International Community as possible with which it has mutual interests.

Tuesday January 15, 2013

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Contents of Rohee’s utterances at discretion of Speaker - APNU As far as A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s chief legal mind, Basil Williams, is concerned, the ruling of Chief Justice Ian Chang in relation to the position of Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee does not change much. The party said that the ruling “maintains the status quo that currently exists in the National Assembly.” Citing the ruling of Justice Chang, the shadow Legal Affairs Minister argued that the Home Affairs Minister is not privileged to speak in the National Assembly in that capacity. Rohee, he said, is however allowed to speak as a Member of Parliament on any issue other than national security, but those utterances, it was highlighted, will be at the discretion of the House’s Speaker, Raphael Trotman. Williams was at the time addressing media operatives at a party press briefing when APNU executive member and Parliamentarian, Lance Carberry, sought to explain the role of the House’s Speaker on the issue. Carberry said, “The speaker will determine whether or not that is appropriate. It is the Speaker’s prerogative,” he said, to determine whether Rohee’s

APNU executive Lance Carberry utterances are relevant when he stands to speak as a Member of Parliament and not as Minister of Home Affairs. Williams interjected that the Chief Justice, while giving Rohee the right to contribute as a Parliamentarian and elected member, highlighted that the Minister does not even have absolute right to do so. Williams clarified that, “In addition to the constitutional right that he (Chief Justice) is talking about to speak as a Member of Parliament, even that right is not an absolute right, because the Speaker can regulate that right through the standing orders.”

Legal Affairs Minister Anil Nandlall Williams said that the Chief Justice has declared that Rohee’s right to speak is also not an enforceable one, since again it is the Speaker who directs the conduct of the Parliament through its rules and regulations. Given the set of guidelines of separation of powers for the two entities, the Chief Justice ruled that the right itself “appears to be of such a nature as to be unenforceable by the Court.” There has been much contention over the interpretation of the Chief Justice’s ruling. While the Opposition has seen the ruling in their favour, the Government has viewed the ruling as a victory and

No calls for new protests…. But Lindeners told to remain vigilant Thousands of Lindeners and residents of Region Ten were on Saturday urged to remain resolute in backing their leaders to ensure that all aspects of the agreements which were signed last August to bring an end to unrest are implemented. The exhortation was made by speakers at a meeting near the Palm Tree cinema on Burnham Drive, Mackenzie. These speakers included Region Ten Chairman, Sharma Solomon. The venue was where Lindeners gathered to be updated on what was described as the stalemate on negotiations over the agreement that was signed by the government and Region Ten leaders in August last year to end the month-long protest over electricity rate hikes in Linden. Solomon told the large gathering that the talks were being stymied but the world must know that Lindeners have a most sincere hope to have peace in their community, once it is a peace based on equal rights and justice. Stressing that the terms of the agreement were wider than just the electricity rate hike, Solomon, said that the Region had achieved small success in that the electricity

rate hike has been shelved and the Land Section Committee has been returned to Regional Administration. He stated that progress on the Technical Committee to determine mutually acceptable electricity rates by both parties and the Economic Development Committee has been stymied because a Chairman has not yet been found for these committees. He stopped short of saying whether further protests were to be held but urged listeners to be resolute and emphasized that himself and other leaders of Region Ten will continue to negotiate with the government to ensure that the government honors the agreement. Solomon also reiterated that the Region is moving to provide television broadcasts from its own television station by the end of this month whether or not it receives a television license. He argued that the struggle in Region Ten (Upper Demerara/Berbice) is intended to end the divisive and destructive politics that has plagued the country and usher in a new environment in which people can talk with each other, work together, learn from each other , and

respect each other and peacefully settle their differences. He stressed: “We will voice as we have been doing for the longest while our concerns and … our concerns have not gone by the wayside. The international community has paid attention to our concerns. The rest of Guyana would have paid attention to our concerns.” Several other speakers, including Vanessa Kissoon, Member of Parliament and former Member of Parliament, Aubrey Norton and Christopher Ram addressed the meeting. Mr. Ram noted that the Agreement, which was signed on August 21, 2012 – some 142 days earlier – had specific terms of reference and timelines with 90 days being the timeline for implementation of one committee and sixty for another. He said: “Yet, 142 days after the agreement was signed, we are still talking and wasting time.” He, as the other speakers did, exhorted the Linden and Region Ten residents to remain vigilant to ensure that all aspects of the agreement are implemented.

declared that the other side’s case is shaken. Legal Affairs Minister Anil Nandlall has argued that Rohee being Home Affairs Minister has nothing to do with him speaking since he is a Member of Parliament. Nandlall charged that “Rohee can speak, full stop.” APNU is however saying that it is the government’s move now since the Chief Justice’s ruling vindicates the National Assembly, proving that the Opposition was trekking within its boundaries. In the meantime, the “Gag Rohee” issue which stemmed

from the one-seat majority Opposition coalition’s “no confidence” motion is still to be brought before the Committee of Privileges. The move to the Committee was what led to Minister Nandlall moving to the courts declaring that the committee had no jurisdiction to deal with the issue. Chief Justice Chang has however noted that he will in no way get involved in the affairs of the committee, since it is an arm of the Parliament. Williams said that the Chief Justice has struck out the AG’s declaration, noting that the committee has

jurisdiction to look at any matter that is referred to it. “It is not a constitutional committee or a Parliamentary committee; it’s a committee established by the National Assembly under its standing orders, which deals with internal matters.” Rohee is however in Parliamentary fire for what the Opposition indicated is his lack of competence by failing to efficiently execute his duties as Home Affairs Minister. Under his watch, they charged that national security has deteriorated and frankly, they are fed up with his performance.

Citizens Bank Guyana Inc. recorded an increase in revenue of $421M in 2012. The Banks DIH 2012 Annual Report noted that the 51 per cent owned subsidiary increased its revenue from $2.458 billion to $2.879 billion, an increase of $421.0 million or 17 per cent. Profit after tax was $922.0 million as compared to $805 million, an increase of $117.0 million or 15 per cent over last year. Group Chairman, Clifford

Reis, said that the improved profitability was due to increased net interest income and prudent management of the Bank’s corporate objectives. The total assets increased by $3 billion from $35 billion. Loan assets increased by 14 per cent over the previous year to $21.5 billion. Deposits also increased from $30.6 billion to $32.2 billion, an increase of $1.6 billion or five per cent. Earnings per share were $15.5 compared to $13.5

the previous year. Citizens Bank Guyana was incorporated in 1993 and commenced operations in November 1994 with 70% of its capital stock held by Citizens Bank Limited (Jamaica). Four years later, in 1998, the interest held by the Jamaican company was acquired by local shareholders. The Bank has four full service branches, providing both retail and corporate banking services.

Citizens Bank records $421M increase in revenue for 2012

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Tuesday January 15, 2013

Startling revelations emerge about New GPC/MOH drug contracts - Govt MPs rush to defend New GPC

Member of the Public Accounts Committee yesterday during a fiery clash on government’s drug purchases. Ministry of Health officials during the Parliamentary grilling yesterday. Government’s purchase of drugs for its hospitals in 2010 came under scrutiny yesterday with revelations that one controversial business, with close ties to former President Bharrat

Jagdeo, was not only granted billion-dollar contracts under questionable circumstances and was paid tens of millions to store these drugs. The examination of Report of the Auditor General

for the Year 2010 yesterday by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the National Assembly was fiery as Government sought to defend the purchases. At the centre of the

controversy is the New GPC, whose principal is Dr. Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop. Yesterday, there were verbal clashes between the government and opposition Members of Parliament who form PAC, the Parliamentary body which has oversight on the audit reports of state entities. The situation became so tense yesterday that there were ad hominen attacks, with even former Finance Minister Carl Greenidge, being told by Government’s Bibi Shadick that he was a poor Chairperson of the proceedings. Odinga Lumumba, another Government functionary who is a member of PAC, threatened Jaipaul Sharma to have New GPC take legal action for suggesting that the company was involved in a conspiracy to defraud the government. CRITICISMS Even the Auditor General, Deodat Sharma, was criticised for poor wordings in his report which was causing much misunderstanding. Representing the government benches on PAC, in addition to Lumumba and Shadick, was Manzoor Nadir. Jaipaul Sharma and Keith Scott of A Partnership For National Unity (APNU) and Trevor Williams of Alliance For Change are the representatives of the Opposition. Under questioning were several officials of the Ministry of Health (MOH), including Leslie Cadogan, Permanent Secretary; Finance Manager, Sandra Singh; Manager of the Materials Management Unit (MMU), Laluparam Hariram; Trevor Thomas, Deputy Permanent Secretary, and Marcia John, another official

of the MMU. Sharma, especially, was relentless in his line of questionings. The Ministry of Health has been under the microscope for a number of years now for its drugs purchases after suppliers complained that New GPC was given preferential treatment. The Auditor General Report of 2010, which was the subject of yesterday’s discussions, spoke of a July 2009 fire which destroyed records of the drugs purchases and the Ministry’s headquarters in Brickdam. A number of persons have been charged and are in court. While the Ministry was able to reconstruct vouchers for almost $40M, it has still been unable to verify whether drugs to the tune of $222M were delivered in 2010. A process using receipts from elsewhere and contracts are being used to ascertain the amounts delivered. Also hotly debated was how the Ministry did not follow competitive bidding processes and as such allowed $1.252B in contracts to be granted to New GPC to deliver drugs in 2010. Government disclosed that it has moved for a new concrete building and fireproof cabinets although it has not yet taken action to have records duplicated off the site of the main office. The Auditor General said that he has since ordered that copies of all contracts with the Ministry of Health be lodged with his office, with the office of the Finance Secretary and at the Accountant General’s office. RENTALWINDFALL Regarding the award of the drugs, the Ministry insisted that in November 2010, it advertised for companies to be pre-qualified

to become suppliers for drugs and medical supplies. The National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) decided in December of that year who the suppliers were. These included PAHO, Medpharm and New GPC. Nadir made it clear that non-reconciling does not necessarily mean that New GPC had not delivered the $222M. However, Williams pointed out that it was the Auditor General who was saying so…not the Opposition. The Permanent Secretary, in response to questions, said that it is the Ministry’s policy to sever contracts for nonperformance. He also said that despite the Ministry bond being at New GPC compound in the former Sanata Textiles Limited compound, Industrial Site along Mandela Avenue, Ministry officials had a system to ensure strict monitoring. Government had been renting the bond from New GPC since late 2007, with Supply Chain Management System (SCMS), a consultant company sponsored by USAID, a donor agency, paying $1.5M monthly. This arrangement with SCMS ended last year July and from then Government picked up the tab to December. New GPC would have collected more than $90M since 2007 for storing the drugs. That disclosure immediately raised the eyebrows of the Opposition members of PAC who found it strange that a supplier was allowed to have such an arrangement. LACK OF STORAGE Lumumba, however, was quick to rush to Government’s defence, (continued on page 17)

Tuesday January 15, 2013

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One freed, other committed for Chateau Margot businessman’s murder The Preliminary Inquiry into the murder of Chateau Margot businessman, Dennis Ramah, ended in some controversy yesterday with one of the accused being set free by Magistrate Alex Moore at the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court. After more than two years of listening to evidence presented, the magistrate discharged the matter against 20-year-old Quincy Arthur, while committing his coaccused 28-year-old Victor Bobb to stand trial in the High Court for the murder of Ramah. The decision to discharge Arthur caused some concern among relatives of the murdered businessman, especially since the matter had some undesirable hiccups along the way. A few months ago family members had expressed concern that the matter was going nowhere because of the repeated absence of police witnesses. However, this was rectified and the matter proceeded but not with the expected results for Ramah’s family. Magistrate Moore found that while a prima facie case was made out against Bobb, there was not sufficient evidence to commit Arthur. On November 16, 2010, bandits carried out a brazen daylight robbery at Lot 18 Second Street, Chateau Margot, East Coast Demerara, killing the owner of the L&D Shopping Centre, 64-year old Dennis Ramah. On the day of the robbery, a man had entered, Ramah’s business place, posing as a

Dennis Ramah

Victor Bobb

customer. He said that the man ordered a “packet of chips” from an employee and as she was attending to him, four other men entered the supermarket. Two of the men then held the employees at gunpoint and ordered them to lie face down on the floor, while the other three went upstairs. Around this time, the businessman who was alerted about the robbery entered the house with a cutlass and attacked one of the bandits from behind, dealing him a severe chop on his back. Another bandit then turned his gun on the businessman and shot him several times in his chest. The men, sensing that their plans had gone awry, quickly bolted from the premises. A car was parked at the head of the street, but according to an eyewitness only three of the six men managed to make it into the vehicle.

The others, who were making good their escape by foot, were confronted by a Rural Constable, Davenand Shaymaraj, who shot one of them. Shaymaraj was also shot by one of the gunmen during their escape bid. One of the fleeing bandits was subsequently shot dead in a confrontation with the police while one was caught in a yard by publicspirited persons and handed over to the police. The captured bandit turned out to be Arthur, while Bobb of “B” Field, Pattensen, East Coast Demerara , was later discovered by residents in the area with several gunshot wounds. Yesterday, Arthur could not hide his relief after the magistrate discharged the matter against him. However, he was detained for several hours as the police sought the advice of the Director of Prosecution. By late yesterday afternoon he was released.

Startling revelations emerge about New GPC/MOH drug contracts From page 16 saying that Guyana was suffering from a lack of storage facilities. He even insisted that the $1.5M was cheap and that there was no hanky-panky as being painted by the Opposition. The Ministry of Finance Officer, regarding questions how New GPC was allowed to become eligible for sole tendering awards in 2010, pointed out that it was a Cabinet waiver that allowed this to happen in March of that year. At that time, it was President Jagdeo who was in charge. The health officials admitted that it never exercised options of severing New GPC contracts for nondelivery. AFC’s Williams immediately concluded that it may be that the Ministry

sanctioned short deliveries without any actions taken for recovery. Lumumba, at one point, said that the Auditor General should go to jail for how he worded his report on the drugs purchase. The Ministry officials also made it clear that they do not accept drugs with a shelf life of less than six months and although this is not included in contracts, “it is something understood by all suppliers.” In 2010, Hydar Ally was the Permanent Secretary, a fact that Sharma said that it is now known who should be investigated. The Ministry also stressed that there was no violation of the procurement and prices, services and a number of other factors were used to choose the

supplier…not only prices. The Ministry officials also admitted that its contracts do not stipulate that drugs have to be delivered within a particular year, despite the monies being paid up front, a disclosure that alarmed the MPs. The role of the PS was also questioned in the award of contracts. It was revealed that the PS would from time to time be appointed as chairperson of the evaluating committee. There were more disclosures. In addition to paying upfront, the Ministry would wait until there was need for the drugs before ordering from New GPC. The Ministry officials have been given two weeks to supply additional documentations, including the 2010 drugs contracts.

Man, 42, dies in fatal accident

What’s left of the bike that Ward was riding. Police are probing the country’s latest fatal accident which claimed the life of 42year-old, Rudolph Anthony Ward, around 02:15hrs yesterday. The accident occurred at

Houston, East Bank Demerara. According to a police press release, Anthony, of Lot 164 Tucville Housing Scheme, Georgetown, was riding a motor cycle along the East Bank Demerara public

road when he lost control and crashed into a concrete base utility pole. The 42-year-old man was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

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Tuesday January 15, 2013

Tuesday January 15, 2013

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IT’S A WAKE-UP CALL PM: Survey will inspire Government to do more (T&T Express) A wake-up call. That is how Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar described her reaction to the findings of the exclusive Market Facts and Opinion (MFO) survey. PersadBissessar, in a media statement, Sunday said the poll will “inspire” her Government to do more. “What we take from it is the areas where we need to improve,” she said. “We can choose to shrug it off as imperfect or use it as a wake-up call to do more. The Government chooses the latter. Look out for an administration that is inspired to do even more,” she added. “As a Government in its mid-term, the continued faith in us must be encouraging despite any misgivings on areas where the electorate felt we can improve. The People’s Partnership was elected with huge expectation from a populace that had grown tired and frustrated with the former authoritarian, corrupt and uncaring regime they had endured for a long time. In this context, we always knew there would be an impatient public and an urgent requirement for much to be done in the shortest time possible,” she said. The Prime Minister added

that the survey seemed to indicate “that the message on the development achieved by Government in several areas has not got through to the public”. “So it is a balance between working harder to do more in all areas and improving on the message development on what we have in fact delivered. It is a welcome introspection for the Government and an opportunity to revisit the way things are being accomplished and while we accept that there is always reason to question any survey, its mechanisms and process, it’s always best to see what is wrong and work harder to make it right in service to the people,” she said. In an already tense political environment, the recent findings of the MFO survey have become yet another bone of contention between the Government and its dissenters. While some Government members dismissed the dip in favour as customary mid-term blues, the increased disapproval rating translated into more ammunition for the Opposition camp. The MFO results, published in the Sunday Express, garnered mixed responses and in some cases, no response from the main players in the political landscape. People’s National Movement leader Dr Keith Rowley said the drop in the

Grenadians will go to the polls in a General Election on February 19. Prime Minister Tillman Thomas made the announcement Sunday, as he addressed hundreds of supporters at a rally of the ruling National Democratic Congress. “The time is right to seek a new mandate from the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique,’’ he said. “With God’s grace and guidance, we shall be victorious.’’

The party will be seeking a second term while the Opposition New National Party, which was voted out of office in 2008, will be seeking to take back of the Government. Last week Wednesday, the Prime Minister in an address to the nation advised the Governor General to dissolve Parliament, paving way for General Election. There are approximately 55,000 registered voters on the list.

Grenadians go to the polls on February 19

T&T PM Kamla Persad-Bissessar approval ratings did not surprise him. In a telephone interview, Rowley said he did not need a poll to tell him that people were now more unhappy with the People’s Partnership Government. “With this Government, things are going from bad to worse,” Rowley said. “Polls have their place but the MFO survey did not tell me anything I did not know already,” he said. Rowley said the MFO survey simply proved what the he and the PNM have been saying all along. “We have been objecting to this Government for some time and instead of getting better, they are getting worse,” he said. When asked about the findings that despite the dip in approval, 53 per cent of the people polled said they would still vote as they did in 2010, Rowley took that with a pinch of salt. “It is not for me to believe or not believe, that is for the people who they spoke to in the poll. The Government believes that their position is secure despite what is going on every day and they could believe that if they wish,” he said. Rowley said the Government viewed themselves as “the best thing since sliced bread” and as such could continue to “denigrate” the people of the country and still come out on top.

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Former chief justice pushes for judicial reform in Bahamas NASSAU, Bahamas — The question of whether the judicial system in The Bahamas will ever g a i n independence is a dispute that will continue “until the second coming”, said former Chief Justice Sir Burton Hall as he made a push on Friday for the restructuring of the judicial system. That was one of several recommendations Hall offered to the Constitutional Commission. Appearing before the commission during its latest round of consultations, Hall said in addition to restructuring the system, the constitution should be amended to remove P a r l i a m e n t ’s a b i l i t y t o impose trials by jury for serious criminal Supreme Court cases. Hall, who is now a judge of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, has been critical of the jury system for years.

When asked to expound on that recommendation, Hall said the jury system is inefficient. “[It’s inefficient] both in terms of time and in terms of money,” he said. “But more importantly… it dawned on me that something has to be wrong about the most serious criminal charges being determined by a body who gives no reasons [for its decisions]. “Every other level of judicial work requires the decision-making bodies to give reasons which can then be reviewed by an appellate court, or whatever type of system, or can be considered by the public at large. “The notion that a jury can make a decision and give no reason for it at all strikes me as being — at this point in world development — odd, to use as mild a term as possible.” Hall also said there is an anomaly between the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal.

He said the Supreme Court’s name alone lends to the thinking that it is the highest court in the country, when it is not. Hall added that the constitution also ought to guarantee similar protections to Supreme Court judges as it does to Family Island administrators who make decisions on judicial matters. He said the constitution should embrace all aspects of judicial system. Turning to judicial independence, Hall said, “That is one of those delightful areas that will be the subject of endless disputations from now until the second coming. “And there is no country that has perfectly solved the problem. It’s a continuing dance between the judiciary on the one hand and the executive on the other.” The commission is expected to make its recommendations on or before March 31, 2013.

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Tuesday January 15, 2013

Gov’t signs off on IMF measures Businesses unite to fight (Jamaica Gleaner) Finance Minister Dr. Peter Philips says the Cabinet has signed off on measures aimed at bringing the discussions with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to an end. While not going into the details, the finance Minister disclosed that a programme was unanimously agreed on to reduce the country’s debt stock. The finance minister also disclosed that the country’s primary surplus will increase from 6.3 to 7.5 per cent of Gross Domestic Product for the next fiscal year. The debt stock now stands at $1.7 trillion. Dr. Philips also hinted at new tax measures and a wage restraint in the public sector. He said the g o v e r n m e n t ’s t e c h n i c a l team is now in the final stages of discussion with the IMF as both parties seek to finalise a deal. He was speaking at a press conference which is now underway at Jamaica House. The finance minister said a full report will be provided once the deal is finalized, as

Chinese competition

Finance Minister Dr. Peter Philips he does not see it fit to disclose the intimate details of the deal at this point. He also sought to assure that the government is working to finalise a deal that is in the best interest of Jamaica. The finance minister also noted that while sacrifices will have to be made, the most vulnerable will be protected. Meanwhile, Financial Analyst Ralston Hyman said the Portia Simpson Miller led administration took too long to update the public on

matters relating to its negotiations with the IMF. Hyman believes the global and local financial markets have already responded to the lack of information. He said the government should have provided an update on IMF negotiations immediately after the Cabinet Retreat and not two days after. He reiterates that the lack of information by the government has influenced the continued devaluation of the Jamaican dollar.

The popular retail store ‘Julia’ at the Gompertsstraat. The store attracts many clients in the evening because of its diversified products. (dWT photo / Irvin Ngariman) (De Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO - Several big businesses in downtown Paramaribo, including Lucky Store, Kirpalani, HSDS, Uniqa, Beyrouth Bazaar and Steps have united to fight the competition by Chinese mega investors. The stores propose to stay open longer and have surprises for customers in order to make Paramaribo attractive again. ‘We want customers to experience something different. In fact we’ll turn downtown into the biggest mall in Suriname with the best quality products, service and a wide variety of affordable products’, says an enthusiastic Pavan Bhojwani, director of HSDS. LOSSES Almost all businesses downtown have the same complaint: ‘Surinamese are

weary of the busy traffic and the few parking lots. Chinese investors, who put up colossal malls at the outskirts of Paramaribo seem to attract most customers. They stay open late and are not troubled by busy streets and parking issues. ‘It is not easy competing with these foreigners. There are significant drops in our retail, so now we focus on whole sale and those products that they do not offer’, says Jule Fernandes in an attempt to describe the gravity of the situation. Both HSDS and Kirpalani suffer the same blows, but they stay optimistic. Kenneth Kross with Kirpalani says that the ‘foto’ (downtown) concept will be reintroduced. ‘Abroad, the hours between five and eight p.m are the best business hours, but instead

of staying open, we closed. Paramaribo was simply a ghost town after four p.m. BENEFIT Kirpalani has been staying open for business after five for some time. ‘We’ve seen a little improvement’, says Kross. It works both ways, because people looking for employment can find a job since we were obliged to hire more people. The extra hours are not only aimed at locals but at tourists from neighboring countries. Bhojwani is grateful for the Chinese efforts. ‘It is a positive move to stay open late. We can learn from their commitment to hard work. The Asians have a phenomenal work ethics and if we want to advance we have to adjust our philosophy’, Bhojwani says.

Tuesday January 15, 2013

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PNM leads THA race

A poll ahead of next Monday’s Tobago House of Assembly (THA) election is predicting a landslide victory for the incumbent People’s National Movement (PNM). The poll, by Nigel Henry and Tarik Parris of the firm Solution by Simulation, was carried out by telephone from January 7-9. It showed the Orville London-led PNM team winning 11 of the 12 seats being contested. And Ashworth Jack, leader of the Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP), has an uphill struggle to retain his seat, figures suggested. The pollsters reported, however, that while the PNM was in the lead, “more than one in three Tobagonians are still waiting to be convinced.” Apart from the incumbent PNM, the TOP and the Hochoy Charles-led The Platform for Truth (TPT) are also fielding full slates of candidates in the January 21 election. The poll showed that 46 per cent of interviewees favoured the PNM, while 18 per cent favoured the TOP. But 36 per cent of electors surveyed failed to indicate a preference. The pollsters said some of the registered voters interviewed chose The Platform of Truth, “but the total support did not register above statistically significant level.” The report said, “Unless TOP can tap into the hearts of the large block of voters in the middle, the PNM is set to repeat its landslide of 2005.” The PNM scored an 11-toone victory at the polls eight years ago. Henry said 30 per cent of those interviewed said the most important issue in the election is internal selfgovernance for the island, while 22 per cent said it was completed or stalled projects and 19 per cent said the biggest issue is corruption. The pollsters said 29 per cent of interviewees also listed “a myriad of other issues such as general economic development, road repair and land and law reform as also

being important.” “TOP’s biggest challenge is its deficit on the issue of internal self-government, the biggest decider in this election.” The report continued: “One of the most surprising findings of the poll is that Mr Ashworth Jack is among the candidates with the biggest gap to close, trailing the PNM’s Sheldon Cunningham by a 43 per cent margin.” The pollsters said the number of respondents who said they made their choice on the basis of internal selfgovernment for Tobago was higher in Jack’s electoral district than in any other, with a margin of 44 per cent. “This suggests that voters find Mr Jack too closely associated with the central Government to be a suitable leader of the island’s Assembly,” the survey said. The pollsters said they were not commissioned to do the survey by any campaign or political organisation. Calls were made to 478 likely voters in registered households and the interviews were done via landlines. The margin of error for the overall sample was plus or minus 4.4 per cent. The T&T Guardian was unable to reach London, Jack or Charles for

comment on the poll results on Sunday

(Barbados Nation) Before the week is out, close to 25 000 Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) members will be involved in a general strike, in protest against giant telecommunications company, LIME (Cable & Wireless). After a three-hour meeting with the company’s union division and the union’s executive council, BWU General Secretary Sir

Roy Trotman announced at 8:10 on Sunday night that plans were in place for a general strike and work stoppage across the BWU’s membership. “I will not be able to tell you the date on which this stoppage is taking place; that remains a matter which we shall be dealing with. But I wish you to know that it will not take another week, and we are planning for before the general strike and

for after the general strike. We’re planning for the long haul,” Sir Roy told the DAILY NATION in the boardroom of Solidarity House. Reiterating that LIME had, without warning, refused to further discuss the issue in the midst of negotiations and had chosen “to chase home 97 people instead”, Sir Roy implied there was little likelihood of returning to the bargaining table.

PNM’s Orville London

The pollsters: Nigel Henry is the lead analyst at Solution by Simulation, which has historically provided analytics for US political candidates for the municipal, state, federal and presidential levels. He was recruited as lead numerical analyst for Florida, North Carolina and Virginia for Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election campaign. His expertise is in the use of agent-based modelling neural networks, artificial intelligence and social simulation, to model economic, political and social phenomena and their application to strategic planning. Henry earned a BSc from Yale University and a MA from Elliot School of International Affairs, where he gained experience applying computer-learning models in social science contexts. Tarik Parris is an April 2013 Bachelor of Mathematics candidate at the University of Waterloo in Canada with a major in statistics and a minor in economics. He is a statistics intern at Solution by Simulation.

Close to 25,000 workers for B’dos general strike, union says

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Tuesday January 15, 2013

Mali Islamists counter attack, promise France long war (Reuters) - Al Qaedalinked Islamist rebels launched a counteroffensive in Mali yesterday after four days of French air strikes on their northern strongholds, seizing the central town of Diabaly and promising to drag France into a brutal Afghanistan-style war. France, which has poured hundreds of troops into the capital Bamako in recent days, carried out more air raids yesterday in the vast desert area seized last year by an Islamist alliance grouping al Qaeda’s North African wing AQIM alongside Mali’s home-grown MUJWA and Ansar Dine militant groups. “France has opened the gates of hell for all the French,” a spokesman for MUJWA, Oumar Ould Hamaha, told Europe 1 radio. “She has fallen into a trap which is much more dangerous than Iraq, Afghanistan or Somalia.” Paris is determined to shatter Islamist domination of northern Mali, which many fear could become a launchpad for terrorism

attacks on the West and a base for coordination with al Qaeda in Yemen, Somalia and North Africa. MUJWA, which has imposed strict sharia law in its northern fiefdom of Gao, promised France would pay for air strikes on the city. Dozens of its fighters died on Sunday when rockets hit a fuel depot and a customs house being used as a headquarters. Launching a counterattack far to the southwest of recent fighting, Islamists dislodged government forces from the town of Diabaly, just 350 km (220 miles) northeast of Bamako. French and Malian troops attempting to retake the town were battling Islamists shouting ‘Allahu akbar’, residents said. The rebels infiltrated the town overnight from the porous border region with Mauritania, home to AQIM camps housing wellequipped and trained foreign fighters. France, which has repeatedly said it has abandoned its role as the

policeman of its former African colonies, convened a U.N. Security Council meeting yesterday to discuss the Mali crisis. “ORGANISED AND FANATICAL” “We knew that there would be a counter-attack in the west because that is where the most determined, the most organized and fanatical elements are,” French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told France’s BFM TV. France has said its sudden intervention on Friday, responding to an urgent appeal from Mali’s president prompted by an advance by a heavily armed rebel convoy, stopped the Islamists from seizing the dusty capital of Bamako. President Francois Hollande says Operation Serval - named after an African wildcat - is solely aimed at supporting the 15nation West African bloc ECOWAS which received U.N. backing in December for a military intervention to dislodge the rebels.

A French Rafale fighter jet lands in Ndjamena, Chad before being deployed in Mali. (Nicolas-Nelson Richard/ECPAD/Handout) Under pressure from Paris, regional states have said they hope to send in their forces this week. Military chiefs from ECOWAS nations will meet in Bamako on Tuesday but regional powerhouse Nigeria, which is due to lead the mission, has cautioned that training and deploying troops will take time. Two decades of peaceful elections had earned Mali a reputation as a bastion of democracy in turbulent West Africa but that image unraveled after a military coup in March left a power vacuum for MNLA Tuareg rebels to seize the desert north. The MUJWA, an AQIM splinter group drawing on support from Arabs and other ethnic groups, wrested control of Gao - the main city of the north - from the Tuaregs in June, shocking

Mali’s liberal Muslim majority with amputation of hands for theft under Sharia law. Last week’s drive toward Bamako appeared to have been led by Ansar Dine, founded by renegade MNLA commander Iyad ag Ghali in his northern fiefdom of Kidal. ISLAMISTS DESTROY TIMBUKTU SHRINES The group has said that the famed shrines of ancient desert trading town Timbuktu - a UNESCO world heritage site - were un-Islamic and idolatrous. Much of the area’s religious heritage has now been destroyed, sparking international outrage. Hollande’s intervention has won plaudits from Western leaders but raises the threat level for eight French hostages held by al Qaeda allies in the Sahara and for the 30,000 French expatriates

living in neighboring, mostly Muslim states. Concerned about reprisals at home, France has tightened security at public buildings and on public transport. However, France’s top anti-terrorist judge, Marc Trevidic, played down the risk of Islamists carrying out an imminent attack, telling French media: “They’re not very organized right now ... It could be a counter attack later on after the defeat on the ground. It’s often like that.” In its first casualty of the campaign, Paris said a French pilot was killed on Friday when rebels shot at his helicopter. Hours earlier, a French intelligence officer held hostage in Somalia by al Shabaab militants linked to al Qaeda was killed in a failed commando raid to free him.

The UN human rights chief has called on for an international investigation into possible crimes against humanity in North Korea, including the torture and executions of political prisoners. Navi Pillay expressed regret that there had been no improvement since Kim Jongun took power a year ago, and said it was time for world powers to help bring about change for the “beleaguered, subjugated population” after decades of abuse. “Because of the enduring gravity of the situation, I believe an in-depth inquiry into one of the worst – but least understood and reported – human rights situations in the world is not only fully justified, but long overdue,” she said in a rare statement on North Korea. The reclusive country’s

network of political prison camps are believed to contain at least 200,000 people and have reportedly been the scene of rampant violations including rapes, torture, executions and slave labour, according to Pillay, a former judge at the international criminal court. These “may amount to crimes against humanity”, she said. Conditions in the camps are reported to be “atrocious” with insufficient food, little or no medical care and inadequate clothing for inmates, she said. “The death penalty seems to be often applied for minor offences and after wholly inadequate judicial processes, or sometimes without any judicial process at all,” Pillay added. “People who try to escape and are either caught or sent back

face terrible reprisals including execution, torture and incarceration, often with their entire extended family.” She said it was unfortunate that international concerns over North Korea’s nuclear programme and rocket launches were overshadowing “the deplorable human rights situation ... which, in one way or another, affects almost the entire population and has no parallel anywhere else in the world.” The deputy ambassador of North Korea’s mission to the UN in Geneva, Ri Jang Gon, dismissed the allegations. “We totally reject the news release. Our country doesn’t have such kind of crimes,” he said. Instead, Pillay should examine the record of the “king of human rights abuses, the United States”, he said.

UN human rights chief calls for North Korea investigation

Tuesday January 15, 2013

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Chinese media urges Sri Lanka’s President removes action on air pollution chief justice after impeachment (Reuters) - Chinese media said yesterday the government had to take urgent action to tackle air pollution, which has blanketed parts of the country at dangerous levels in recent days, and one newspaper called for a rethink of a “fixation” on economic growth. China’s media are under tight Communist Party control and usually steer clear of controversy, but news organizations are freer to report on pollution, partly because it can’t be hidden from the public. Air quality in Beijing was far above hazardous levels over the weekend, reaching 755 on an index that measures particulate matter in the air with a diameter of 2.5 micrometers. A level of 300 is considered dangerous while the World Health Organization recommends a daily level of no more than 20. “How can we get out of this suffocating siege of pollution?” the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Communist Party, said in a

front-page editorial. “Let us clearly view managing environmental pollution with a sense of urgency.” A thick smog shrouded the capital on the weekend, cutting visibility and sending many people out to buy face masks in a bid to protect themselves. It was the worst recorded air pollution in the capital, according to Zhou Rong, climate and energy campaigner at Green peace. Yesterday was again gloomy but the pollution index stood at 321 in the afternoon, according to widely followed data collected by the U.S. Embassy from its own measuring device. The Global Times newspaper said the foul air “shocked locals ... triggering calls from the public to shift the country’s development model away from the previous fixation on economic growth”. It said heavy smog was hanging over most of the north China plain. Cars pump out much of the pollution which fills the air on cold, windless days.

Many people burn coal for heat in the winter, and this winter is the coldest in years. The China Daily blamed Beijing’s tall buildings for trapping the pollution. “The high-rises are too densely built and block the dirty air from dispersing,” it said. Many other cities showed alarmingly high pollution over the weekend. About half of 74 cities monitored for air quality showed severe pollution, the People’s Daily said. Particulate matter with a diameter of 2.5 micrometers, known as PM2.5, can cause cardiopulmonary disease, lung cancer and acute respiratory infection, according to the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Authorities advised citizens to stay indoors and ordered government car fleets to cut back driving. Beijing resident Xu Tingting, 27, said it was up to the government to do something: “The air quality would be better if the government could take measures.”

(Reuters) - President Mahinda Rajapaksa removed Sri Lanka’s chief justice from office with immediate effect on Sunday, defying a Supreme Court ruling that the impeachment process was illegal and setting the stage for a possible constitutional crisis. Rajapaksa’s ruling party voted to impeach Shirani Bandaranayake, Sri Lanka’s first female chief justice, on Friday. The move has caused an outcry among opposition lawmakers, religious leaders and lawyers, prompted the United States and United Nations to voice concern for the integrity of justice in the South Asian state, and may alarm foreign investors. “The president has said in the removal statement that he was in agreement with the request for the removal of the chief justice from office made in the said address of parliament,” Rajapaksa’s office said in a statement. Bandaranayake’s lawyers confirmed that she had been notified of her dismissal, but declined to say if she would leave office. The Court of Appeal has

President Mahinda Rajapaksa also nullified the ruling of a parliamentary panel which found Bandaranayake guilty of financial irregularities and failure to declare assets. Lawyers across Sri Lanka boycotted courts for a second day running on Friday in protest at the vote. A black cloth was hung at the entrance of the Supreme Court building in Colombo, and some lawyers inside covered their mouths with black cloth or wore black headbands. Lawyers Collective, a

judiciary activist group, has urged all Supreme Court judges not to accept Rajapaksa’s appointment of a new or acting chief justice. “The politically motivated process of removal of the Chief Justice was nothing but a misuse and abuse of constitutional provisions and Standing Orders,” the lawyers collective said in a statement on Sunday. “The conscience of the nation and the bar is disturbed and is in anguish - and will never accept the illegal and unconstitutional removal of the Chief Justice.” The clash between the government and judiciary has underlined the power wielded by Rajapaksa and his family in the island nation, where he has been president since 2005. Relations between Rajapaksa and Bandaranayake soured after the chief justice ruled in September that a bill submitted by the president’s younger brother, Basil Rajapaksa, proposing an 80 billion rupee ($614 million) development budget, must be approved by nine provincial councils.

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Tuesday January 15, 2013

Syria war envelops region in “staggering” crisis: aid agency (Reuters) - Syria’s civil war is unleashing a “staggering humanitarian crisis” on the Middle East as hundreds of thousands of refugees flee violence including gang rape, an international aid agency said yesterday. Opposition activists said an air strike on rebel-held territory southwest of Damascus killed 20 people, including women and children, adding to the more than 60,000 people estimated to have been killed in the 21month-old conflict. Over 600,000 Syrians have fled abroad - many to neighboring Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan - as violence has spread and international efforts to find a political solution have sagged. Refugees interviewed by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) cited sexual violence as a major reason they fled the country, the New York-based organization said in a 23-page report on the crisis published yesterday. Gang rapes often happened in front of family members and women had been kidnapped, raped,

A boy, standing next to his father, cries as they wait to receive humanitarian aid in the countryside of Idlib. REUTERS/Giath Taha tortured and killed, it said. “After decades of working in war and disaster zones, the IRC knows that women and girls suffer physical and sexual violence in every conflict. Syria is no exception,” the group added. Rebels and government forces have both been accused of human rights

abuses during the conflict, which began with peaceful protests against President Bashar al-Assad in March 2011. The unrest turned violent after government forces fired on demonstrators and has since become a full-scale civil war. Fierce winter weather has worsened the plight of hundreds

of thousands of refugees. The IRC urged donors to step up planning and funding in the expectation that more Syrians will flee. “Nearly two years into Syria’s civil war, the region faces a staggering humanitarian disaster,” the IRC report said. Despite advancing in Syria’s north and east and winning support from regional powers like Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the Syrian rebels have been unable to break a military stalemate with government forces elsewhere. They have struggled to counter government air

power in particular, making it hard for them to take and hold territory crucial to Assad’s grip on power, including major cities. An activist in Moadamiyeh, a rebel-held town southwest of Damascus, said an air strike there killed 20 people yesterday. Activist video footage showed images of the limp body of a boy being pulled out from broken concrete, his back covered in dust and his front in blood. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britainbased monitoring group, said at least 13 people had died in the air raid but the toll was likely to rise. Syrian state television said “terrorists” - its word for rebels had fired a mortar from the Damascus suburb of Daraya on a civilian building in Moadamiyeh, killing women and children. The reports could not be independently verified because of government restrictions on independent media in Syria. Syrian warplanes also bombarded the strategic Taftanaz air base that rebels seized last week, the Observatory said. In another sign of escalating bloodshed, Human Rights Watch said it had evidence that government forces had used multi-barrel rocket launchers to deliver Egyptian-made cluster munitions in recent attacks. “Syria is escalating and expanding its use of cluster

munitions, despite international condemnation of its embrace of this banned weapon,” it said. Syria’s rising death toll has brought international intervention no closer. The United States and Russia have been deadlocked over how to resolve the crisis. Moscow - which has continued to back its longstanding ally and arms client Assad - urged the opposition on Sunday to make its own proposals in response to a speech by Assad a week ago.The speech, which offered no concessions, was criticized by the United Nations and United States. Syrian rebels described it as a renewed declaration of war. Talks between Russia and the United States in Geneva on Friday failed to produce a breakthrough. As diplomatic efforts have stalled, the conflict has continued to draw in Syria’s neighbors. A mortar round apparently fired from Syria crashed in a field in Turkey overnight close to a refugee camp housing thousands of Syrians along the border, Turkish state media said. NATO troops have begun deploying Patriot defense missiles in Turkey against a potential attack from its southern neighbor. The missiles are expected to be operational by the end of the month. Turkey is a strong supporter of the Syrian rebels.

Hugo Chavez’s medical evolution ‘favourable’ – Venezuela

CARACAS, (Reuters) – Cancer-stricken Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s lung infection has been controlled and his medical condition is developing positively, more than a month after his latest surgery in Cuba, the government said yesterday. “Despite his delicate state … in recent days the general medical evolution has been favourable,” said the latest health update read by Information Minister Ernesto Villegas. “The respiratory infection is controlled, though the commander-president still requires specific measures to solve breathing insufficiency … he is conscious.” The relatively positive communique, which gave no more details on his condition, came as the three most powerful government figures after Chavez gathered in Havana to check on him and meet with Cuban allies. Vice-President Nicolas Maduro, Congress head Diosdado Cabello, and Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez have

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez been shuttling to and from Cuba since the 58-year-old socialist president’s fourth and most serious cancer operation a month ago. Chavez, who missed his own inauguration for a new, six-year term last week, has not been seen or heard from in public since the surgery. Many Venezuelans are assuming his momentous 14year rule of the South American OPEC nation could

be nearing an end. “We are all Chavez!” and “Chavez will return!” were among slogans sang and chanted at numerous solidarity rallies, meetings and concerts across Venezuela over the weekend, which drew thousands of passionate and anxious supporters. Venezuelan state TV yesterday even split its screen into four to show events going on around the nation. “The situation is complex and delicate,” Elias Jaua, a former vice-president and ally of Chavez, told one rally. “He continues battling for his life.” Villegas said Maduro, whom Chavez has designated his successor, informed his boss of the outpouring at home. State media said Maduro, Cabello, Ramirez – who also heads the powerful state oil company PDVSA – and Attorney General Cilia Flores all met Cuban President Raul Castro over the weekend. But there were no details of the talks.

Tuesday January 15, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Woman claims family vilified in story about Albouystown man’s death An Albouystown woman is alleging that her family was vilified in a recent Kaieteur News story which described her household as “notorious”, and which implied that one of her sons was involved in the death of a 21-year-old man in Bartica. The woman said that the January 10, 2013 story linked her son to the demise of 21-year-old Anthony Biswah. The young man, who was also from Albouystown, died on January 4, last, a day after he was admitted to the Bartica Hospital. Although Biswah’s relatives said that the postmortem showed that his brain was swollen and that the result were inconclusive, they also suggested to Kaieteur News that he was murdered. One relative had alleged that Biswah was beaten with a firearm at a mining camp. Police have since issued a statement saying that there were no visible marks of

violence a n d t h e p o s t mortem results were inconclusive. Biswah’s relatives had told Kaieteur News that he left his Albouystown home on December 15, 2012 for a brief sojourn in the interior with neighbours another Albouystown family. He was scheduled to return home after 20 days. The relatives claimed that the next time they saw Biswah, he was in the Bartica Hospital with a badly swollen face. They alleged that he succumbed a day later but not before relating that he had been badly beaten by the very people who took him into the interior. The mother of the man accused of having a hand in Biswah’s demise confirmed that her son had travelled to the interior. But she denied that Biswah and her son travelled together. “They claimed that my son killed him, but my son traveled to the ‘bush’ after (Biswah).”

Tuesday January 15, 2013

GRC receives $10M from Baishanlin Forestry for victims of disasters - Company plans to assist in construction of hospitals, schools for free The Guyana Relief Council (GRC) received $10M from Baishanlin International Forest Development Inc yesterday to aid with persons affected by disasters. The cheque was handed over to Chairman of GRC, Yvonne Hinds, by President of the Forestry Company Wenze Chu at the entity’s head office at Lot X West of Public Road, Ruimveldt. According to President of Baishanlin, Wenze Chu, with the aid of an interpreter, the company pays attention to people who need help and that is why the money was donated. He explained that the company wishes to also contribute to the economic development of Guyana while creating more job opportunities. Adding that their wood processing plant is a long term plan, Chu said the company is being operated on the principle of loyalty and honesty. “We will always follow Guyana Laws…and try to set up good investment for Chinese…we will contribute even more, and this is only the beginning of what is to be donated to Guyanese in

President of Baishanlin, Wenze Chu hands over the cheque to Chairman of GRC Yvonne Hinds. need, along with education development in Guyana. “ Chu further revealed that the company plans to also assist in construction of hospitals and schools without cost attached. Chairman of GRC Yvonne Hinds said that many persons

will benefit from the kind donation, since for 2012 the GRC assisted 65 fire cases involving 291 persons; there were 12 cases of high winds affecting 50 victims; 25 cases of welfare for 127 persons while 21organisations were assisted. She said that for 2013 the

organisation so far assisted one family consisting of seven persons of Friendship, East Bank Demerara whose home was demolished when a coconut tree fell on it. Three separate fires, one high wind and four welfare cases are pending assistance.

Voir dire ongoing in Cotton Tree murder trial A voir dire is expected to continue in the Berbice High Court before Justice Brassington Reynolds in the absence of the jury when the murder trial of Nazrudeen Jahoot, called “Buddy”, of Cotton Tree, We s t C o a s t B e r b i c e continues. Jahoot is indicted for the murder of one-time n e i g h b o u r, Ramlall Mangal, called “Ochro” and “Dereck” on August 25, 2008 at Cotton Tree West Coast Berbice. The voir dire began on Thursday before the main trial which is expected to continue today.

This was after defence attorney Charrandass Persaud made some objections before the matter began. Jahoot, who was 18 at the time, is accused of murdering his neighbour, following a misunderstanding which ended in a fight. After the jury was sworn in and the indictment read by state prosecutor Prithina Kissoon, the matter was adjourned for a few days upon a request by defence attorney Charrandass Persaud after he had informed the court that he had only received the deposition a few

minutes before. However, before the trial began on Thursday the defence attorney raised certain objections which prompted the voir dire.

Pooran Bros gets E’bo garbage disposal contract Among bidders last year for the collection of solid waste, especially on the Essequibo Coast, Pooran Disposal incorporated was awarded a contract by the Local Government Ministry in conjunction with the Region Two Administration to execute duties on the Essequibo Coast with effect from yesterday. The contract was signed in early December. Reports emanating from the Region Two Administration disclosed that Pooran Disposal incorporated was awarded the contract after a lengthy

process. The solid waste management team will only collect residential garbage throughout the Essequibo Coast at a cost of $300 per bag. Senior members of the Region Two Administration have also noted that two disposal sites have been identified—one at Lima and the other at Charity. As part of the agreement between the solid waste giant and the Region Two Administration, the former has proposed that while more sites were promised to be made available, the Region has warned that the disposal

sites must be operated according to environmental rules. The Region Two Administration is arguing that the company will operate sites according to cells with the intention of getting maximum use for land space. Pooran Disposal which will be afforded a 15-year lease will also have to adhere to regulations to provide operations in keeping with agreements, failing to comply the lease will be terminated, the report warned. Free barrels will be provided by Pooran Disposal incorporated.

Tuesday January 15, 2013

Kaieteur News

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LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) You may be unsure why your day is overtaken by tasks that don’t help you move any closer to your goals. You might be feeling less than ambitious now, so it’s advantageous to just do whatever is expected of you. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) You may create more stress by trying to resolve the conflict between your current desires and a more logical approach to your needs. Thankfully, the tension should begin to settle down today without any specific action on your part. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) If you are stressed out about making a financial decision, don’t just take the easy way out today. There is more going on now than meets the eye; you’ll be better off if you let the current situation take its course for a while longer, giving you additional time to discern what’s best. Rest assured that your thoughts will grow clearer in the days ahead. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) You may have to let go of control over your schedule today. One thing after another comes up and you might have to accept that you cannot handle so much chaos at once. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) Responsibilities at work may conflict with your personal goals, but try not to let that concern you too much at this time. You might not have as much clarity as you want now, so avoid making a decision based upon inaccurate facts or incomplete data. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) You are living in two distinct worlds today. On one hand, you’re quite comfortable floating around in the dreamy fuzziness of your own imagination.

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Tuesday January 15, 2013

Djokovic makes solid start to hat-trick bid MELBOURNE (Reuters) Novak Djokovic showed brief flashes of his best tennis as he began his bid for a third successive Australian Open title with a workmanlike 6-2 64 7-5 win over Paul-Henri Mathieu on Monday. Perhaps keeping energy in reserve for the battles that lie ahead, the world number one only really roused himself when he faced three break points in the second set and again when the third set looked destined for a tiebreak. On the first occasion the Serbian rustled up three aces to get himself out of trouble and on the second, he produced a couple of exceptional winners to break the Frenchman and set up victory in an hour and 42 minutes. “I thought it was a really good match. We both served well in the second and third but I managed to hold on and play well when I needed to,” said the top seed, who will play American Ryan Harrison in the second round. “It’s a two-week long event, it’s the

first day, everybody’s obviously excited. For me, it was great to be back here.” Maria Sharapova had earlier shown greater ruthlessness and swept aside any fears about her fitness with a 6-0 6-0 victory over Olga Puchkova. Sharapova, the 2008 champion and runner up to Victoria Azarenka last year, was quickly joined in the second round by Venus Williams and Li Na after both the former losing finalists also enjoyed emphatic wins. Men’s fifth seed Tomas Berdych progressed with a 63 7-5 6-3 win over American Michael Russell, while Asia’s hope Kei Nishikori brushed off his injury woes with a solid 6-7 6-3 6-1 6-3 win over Romania’s Victor Hanescu. Despite the record temperatures which have gripped Australia for the last couple of weeks, the year’s first grand slam opened in mild conditions under overcast skies at Melbourne Park. There was nothing mild about Sharapova’s demolition of Puchkova on Rod Laver

Arena, however, and after saving a couple of break points in the opening game, she powered her way to victory over her compatriot in just 55 minutes. VENUS VICTORIOUS Smashing winners at will, particularly off her forehand, the Russian showed no signs of the collar bone injury that saw her pull out of the Brisbane warm-up. “I was happy with the way I started, considering I didn’t play any matches coming in,” the 25year-old said. “It was just one of those matches where I didn’t try to worry about her too much, I just tried to think about what I had to do.” American Williams could meet Sharapova in the third round and proved she might be a handful for the second seed by winning 12 successive games to beat Kazakh Galina Voskoboeva 61 6-0. Williams, playing in an eye-catching self-designed dress inspired by watercolours, lost her only

Novak Djokovic of Serbia hits a return to Paul-Henri Mathieu of France during their men’s singles match at the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne, January 14, 2013. REUTERS/David Gray

Australian Open final to her sister Serena in 2003. Serena, an odds-on favourite to clinch her sixth title this year, gets her campaign underway on Tuesday. Fourth seed Agnieszka Radwanska battled through a tricky first set and whipped through the second to beat Australian wildcard Bojana Bobusic 7-5 6-0 and extend her season-long winning streak to 10 matches. China’s Li Na lost to Radwanska in Sydney last week to end her own winning

streak at eight matches, but the former French Open champion continued to thrive under the guidance of her new coach with a 6-1 6-3 victory over Sesil Karatantcheva. “He’s not only a teacher about tennis, not only about technique, he’s also helping me get my mind stronger on court,” Li said of Justine Henin’s former mentor Carlos Rodriguez. Mental fragility has contributed to Sam Stosur’s poor previous showings at her home grand slam and the

ninth seed again failed to convince in a 7-6 6-3 win over Chang Kai-chen of Taiwan. “I desperately wanted to win out there today, but I didn’t necessarily feel it any more than my first rounds in grand slams,” said the Australian, who was knocked out in the first round last year and at her warm-ups in Brisbane and Sydney. “I still think there is a load of room for improvement at the moment but it’s just the start of the tournament. Hopefully each match I can get a little bit better.”

Race walkers will be busy as CSTC outlines competitive Mashramani itinerary The year has just begun and already the administrators of the Cavaliers Sports and Tour Club (CSTC) have set out an itinerary which they envisage will propel the sport to another level. The first race of the year is set for Thursday January 24 next with the Youman Nabi 10k Race Walk around the National Park, Thomas Lands starting at 06:30hrs. The Mashramani activities commence on Saturday February 9 when junior race walkers compete in a 10k race which starts at the Five Door Koker Dam, Land of Canaan, EBD starting at 16:00hrs. This is one of the corporate events that will be held as part of the 2013 Mashramani celebrations and administrators of CSTC are beseeching the assistance of the corporate community in this and other events, geared to help promote the sport. Race walkers will then convene at the President’s College, Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara, on Sunday February 10, for the Forbes Burnham Anniversary Race Walk which culminates at the place of origin after proceeding to the Golden Grove Market.

The Olga Harry 10k Junior Race Walk will be staged around Soesdyke, EBD On Saturday February 16 after the athletes are sent on their way from the Trevor Harry Photo Studio, Back Road Soesdyke at 06:30hrts. The race will end at the place of commencement after a 10K trek around the village. Several other activities have been planned including the Linden Race Walk on Sunday Feb 17 from the Wismar end of the Linden Bridge up to the Winifred Gaskin Highway and ending at the Bayroc Recreational Centre, Wisroc. Activities will then simmer down on Friday Feb 22 with a Mash Concert and Fashion Show in Soesdyke before the walkers return to the Capital City when the curtains will be drawn on the club’s Mash observances on Sunday Feb 24 with the Georgetown Mash Race Walk from the University of Guyana, Turkeyen Campus up to the National Cultural Centre, Homestretch Avenue. The athletes would be competing for trophies, medals, cash and other prizes in several categories including Male and Female Seniors, Juniors, Veterans and the differently able.

Tuesday January 15, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Stosur survives on day of carnage for Australia MELBOURNE (Reuters) A nervous Sam Stosur survived the first test of her annual battle with stage-fright at the Australian Open, but the spotlight is set to focus on the ninth seed after all of her compatriots were dumped from the first round on Monday. Australia’s hopes of a home-bred champion at the year’s first grand slam have gone unfulfilled for 34 years and, with Lleyton Hewitt crashing out against eighth seed Janko Tipsarevic late in the evening, appeared set for further frustration. The ageing former world number one’s loss made it eight out of nine local entrants sent packing on day one, leaving Australian flags sagging and a raucous local crowd at Rod Laver Arena deflated. The burden of expectation has been Stosur’s cross to bear in recent years, but the former U.S. Open champion has struggled, never passing the fourth round at her home grand slam. A repeat of last year’s disastrous first-round exit was fresh on the minds of the centre court crowd as the 28year-old strode into Rod Laver Arena and promptly stumbled to give up an early break to Taiwan’s plucky Chang Kai-Chen. Bundled out of both of her warm-up tournaments in Brisbane and Sydney at the first hurdle, Stosur’s shoulders were tight and her serve askew before she

composed herself with a dominant 7-3 win in the tiebreak before closing out the match 7-6 6-3. In the lead up to the year’s first grand slam, Stosur had, as always, taken care to avoid reading local newspapers, where dissections of her state of mind are an annual feature at the start of the season. Had she tuned into the nightly news, she would have found Australia’s relief in her flighty first-round passage reflected in the lead item on at least one of the major local networks. “Obviously I feel very happy, a little bit relieved, and, yeah, just nice to get through that first round finally,” Stosur told reporters. “No matter how good or bad you play, a win always makes you feel better.” MENTALDEMONS Where Stosur has wrestled with mental demons, former world number one Hewitt has railed against his ageing, battle-scarred body, relying on grit and determination to drag himself into his 17th consecutive Australian Open. Hewitt has been under the knife five times in the past four years, and spent last year’s tournament taking pain-killing injections for a grisly toe injury in a gallant run to the fourth round. “Maybe I just love punishment,” the father-ofthree said last week at the

warm-up Kooyong Classic in Melbourne. No amount of sheer bloody-mindedness was to dislodge Serbia’s Tipsarevic, who was ready and willing to be dragged into a street fight, and enjoyed silencing the crowd on the way to a clinical 7-6 7-5 6-3 victory. “I gave 100 percent,” Hewitt said truthfully, having shown flashes of his former brilliance and his usual fistpumping swagger in the three-hour slog. “I was pretty happy with my ballstriking, just frustrated with the result.” The next generation of young Australian talents challenged their opponents at times on the minor courts, but all fell by the wayside, leaving ranks of yellow-clad fans heading to the exits deflated and muttering about missed chances. Young talent Bernard Tomic’s lead-up form, winning his first ATP tournament at the Sydney International, has raised hopes in Australia of a successor to two-time grand slam champion Hewitt. But the 20-year-old, who plays his opener on Tuesday against Argentina’s Leonardo Mayer, is likely to face mission impossible against Roger Federer in the third round, should both progress that far. Hewitt’s post-match reaction would have been shared by many of the locals on the opening day at Melbourne Park, where the

Bacchus is new Essequibo Cricket Board President After serving as Vice President for eight years Mr. Fizul Bacchus won the Essequibo Cricket Board (ECB) Presidency by defeating Prince Holder by a vote of 11 to 5 when the entity held its Biennial General Meeting and Elections last Sunday at the board’s hostel at Anna Regina on the Essequibo Coast. The Essequibo Cricket Board consists of the Bartica, Wakenaam, Leguan, Pomeroon, East Bank, North, South and Central Essequibo Cricket Committees. Wakenaam school teacher Totaram Ramnarine was elected as Vice President unopposed, while Aotto Christiani returned as Honorary Secretary and Andy Ramnarine of South Essequibo was elected Assistant Secretary. Viren Chintamani of Leguan will

Fizul Bacchus serve as the Honorary Treasurer; former GCB Vice President Alvin Johnson of East Bank Essequibo was elected as his assistant. The other positions, all unopposed, were won by Pomeroon’s Verna D’Aguiar (Competitions Chairperson), Nazeer Mohamed of

Wakenaam (Public Relations Committee) and Mr. Anthony Murray of Bartica who returned as Marketing Manager. Miss Stacy Williams and Shastri Mangal were elected as the Board’s Trustee and Travis Simon was elected as the auditor. The nine elected Officers of the Board were nominated and elected as representatives to the Guyana Cricket Board. The meeting discussed reports from the Area Committees, Administrator and Competitions Committee. An Audited Financial Statement was also presented by the former Treasurer Christiani and passed by the members. Mr. Bacchus and his entire executive promised to work hard for the development of Essequibo cricket.

Samantha Stosur of Australia hits a return to Chang Kai-Chen of Taiwan during their women’s singles match at the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne, January 14, 2013. REUTERS/David Gray

last home winner was women’s champion Chris O’Neil in 1978.

“Obviously it’s so soon after the match. But, you know, frustration,

disappointment,” he said. “They’re obviously the first feelings.”

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday January 15, 2013

South Africa secure series win over New Zealand

Dale Steyn picked up three more wickets in the second innings after his five in the first (Associated Press)

(Reuters) - South Africa completed a 2-0 series win over New Zealand on Monday after thumping the visitors by an innings and 193 runs on the fourth day of the second test. Fast bowler Dale Steyn claimed innings figures of three for 48 and match figures of eight for 65, as New Zealand were bowled out for 211 in their second innings half an hour before lunch. New Zealand also lost the first test by an innings after they were bowled out for 45 before lunch on the opening day. South Africa captain Graeme Smith said that he had been pleased by the standard of cricket his team had played over the series as they strengthened their position as the world’s top-ranked test nation. “They (the wins) were very professional and both were very big wins. A lot of guys contributed and I thought our style of cricket and the way we played was good. Bar a couple of dropped catches in the first test I thought our cricket was of a very high standard.

Dean Brownlie and BJ Watling provided the bulk of New Zealand’s runs with a 98-run fifth wicket partnership. Brownlie brought up his fourth test fifty but after making his way to 53 off 141 balls he edged a delivery from Jacques Kallis to keeper AB de Villiers. Watling, one of the few positives the Black Caps could take out of the series, recorded his second halfcentury of the match, scoring 63 off 117 balls with 11 boundaries before he was bowled by a superb delivery

from Steyn that pegged back the batsman’s off-stump. Brownlie’s dismissal left New Zealand on 182 for five and the advent of the second new ball brought about the departure of Colin Munro (15) 21 runs later when the lefthander was caught at third slip off a delivery from paceman Morne Morkel. Steyn followed up Watling’s dismissal by having Doug Bracewell (0) caught by a diving Alviro Petersen at third slip before Morkel got Trent Boult (3) caught at point. Steyn

wrapped the series up by having Neil Wagner (4) caught by De Villiers. New Zealand skipper Brendon McCullum conceded his team had been inferior to the Proteas. A three-match oneday international series between the two countries starts in Paarl on Jan. 19. Scores: South Africa 525 for 8 dec (du Plessis 137, Amla 110, Elgar 103*) beat New Zealand 121 (Watling 63, Steyn 5-17) and 211 (Watling 63, Brownlie 53, Steyn 3-48) by an innings and 193 runs.

New Era ENT/Cell Smart/LABA Super -8 ‘March Madness’

MVP to receive motorcycle New Era Entertainment group, the promoters of the Cell Smart/LABA March Madness Basketball tournament, promised that the event this year would certainly be one of the biggest of the year and so far, the plans and systems put in place are reflecting such promises made. Yesterday, the group announced that the person adjudged the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the tournament will be riding away with a brand new motorcycle. It’s the first time in the history of any basketball tournament in Guyana that a player is being rewarded with a motorcycle and according to Co-Director of the New Era Entertainment Aubrey Major Jr, “This is just one step taken to show that we are going to make this tournament one of biggest and most talked about to be held in Linden in recent times.” He added, “Corporate Supplies will also be giving a pair of basketball sneakers to the MVP as well and as the tournament grows,

I know the prizes will get bigger and better. In the end, we want the players to be happy with the tournament because it’s up to them to make this a success as well. The fans too will be involved on a nightly basis so we are anxious for the start of the tournament.” Major is also grateful for the sponsors who have so far came on board for the tournament, stating, “So far we have Cell Smart, the Kashif and Shanghai Organisation, Corporate Supplies Limited, Bella’s Hardware and Lumber Yard and Gordon Alleyne of New York and I must say thank you and we’re hoping that others can come on board as well.” The tournament kicks off on March 9 and concludes on March 30 featuring eight teams from Linden all vying to stake claim of the tournament’s $200,000 first prize, second place gets $100,000, third place $75,000 and fourth place $25,000. Victory Valley Royals, Amelia’s Ward Jets, Kashif and Shanghai Kings, Retrieve Raiders, Bulls, Block 22 Flames, Wismar Pistons and an All-Star team will be the teams participating in tournament that takes on a knock-out format.

Tuesday January 15, 2013

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McIlroy joins sport’s high earners as he pens £150m sponsorship deal with Nike Rory McIlroy is set to become one of the biggest earners in sporting history after confirmation today (yesterday) of a multi-year sponsorship deal with Nike. Although the exact length of the deal was not revealed, it is a 10-year contract worth as much as £150million if McIlroy, previously with Titleist, goes on winning majors. McIlroy will use Nike’s full range of clubs, balls, clothing and accessories, with the clubs used competitively for the first time in the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship later this week against a field including the other leading golf name in Nike colours, 14-major winner and world No 2 Tiger Woods. ‘I chose Nike for a number of reasons,’ McIlroy said. ‘It’s a company and a brand that really resonates with me. It’s young. It’s athletic. It’s innovative. They are committed to being the best, as am I. ‘Signing with Nike is another step towards living

out my dream.’ Cindy Davis, president of Nike Golf, added: ‘Rory is an extraordinary athlete who creates enormous excitement with his on-course performance while, at the same time, connecting with fans everywhere. ‘He is the epitome of a Nike athlete and he is joining our team during the most exciting time in Nike Golf’s history. We are looking forward to partnering with him to take his remarkable career to the next level. ‘McIlroy, a boy wonder who was the world Under 10 champion in 1998, turned professional in 2007, two months after finishing as the leading amateur in The Open at Carnoustie. But it was the 2011 US Masters that put him on a new level in terms of fame and popularity. McIlroy led by four with a round to play and was still out in front at the turn, but in an horrific back-nine meltdown he crashed to an 80 and ended up in only 15th

place, 10 shots behind winner Charl Schwartzel. The sporting world waited to see how long the mental scars would last, and got their answer two months later when he won the US Open by eight shots. At just 22 he was the youngest winner of the title since Bobby Jones in 1923. A superstar was born. ‘If you are going to talk about someone challenging the record of Jack Nicklaus there’s your man,” said Padraig Harrington, referring to the Golden Bear ’s 18 majors. ‘At his age he’s probably got 100 more majors where he could be competitive. It would give him a great chance.’ Told of the Dubliner’s comment and aware of the expectation it would lead to, McIlroy sighed: ‘Oh, Paddy, Paddy, Paddy.’ But he has a second major already and it was again achieved by a runaway eightshot margin at the US PGA

McIlroy is unveiled as a new Brand Ambassador for Nike at Fairmont Bab Al Bahr Hotel in Abu Dhabi

Championship last August. It took him back to the world No 1 spot he had been fighting Luke Donald for most of the year, but with three more tournament victories since then he is now way out at the top of the rankings. He also has a well-known girlfriend in tennis star Caroline Wozniacki, which

has added to McIlroy’s celebrity status. Although Nick Faldo has questioned the decision to switch from Titleist to Nike, McIlroy said in November: ‘I think all the manufacturers make great equipment nowadays and it’s all very similar. ‘A lot of them get their clubs made at the same

factories. I don’t think it will make any difference. ‘I’ve started the process of trying a few new things. I’ve tinkered about a little bit with the new ones, enough to feel comfortable going into next season.’ That season is now here and for McIlroy it starts in the desert on Thursday. (Mail Online)

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Tuesday January 15, 2013

K&S Chico Junior U-13 Football championships...

Keenly contested battle as Soesdyke Primary and Grove Primary go after top prize Footballers of the Soesdyke Primary School and Beterverwagting Primary School, egged on by vociferous cheering by their teachers and parents, engaged in a ferocious battle for honours when the inaugural K&S Chico Junior U-13 Football championships resumed at the Georgetown Football Club Ground Sunday afternoon last. Despite the inexperience of the players, those in attendance witnessed a match of an extremely high quality that went deep into the second half before Soesdyke’s striker Jermel Holder broke the stalemate to propel his team into the finals slated to get underway January 20 next. In all, there were three matches with two going all the way into penalty kicks. St Gabriel’s Primary lost to Buxton Primary after Yamai

Armstrong breached their custodian in sudden death penalty kicks, while Grove Primary defeated West Ruimveldt Primary, also in similar fashion. Alwyn Haynes was the scorer in that match. The Beterverwagting/ Soesdyke Primary match was a joy to behold. The two teams engaged in a ‘no retreat, no surrender’ battle, each relentlessly aspiring to surge ahead. The youths demonstrated will power and determination, striking the ball with such force that impressed seasoned ball weavers at the venue. Captain of the BV unit, Troy Abrams, may have been pint sized but he made his presence felt, weaving past the opposition’s defence cordon with such regularity that the pundits were amazed that he failed to score. Kevin Marshall, a striker

of the Soesdyke Primary School was another outstanding player whose dexterity left his opponents kicking thin air even as he slickly dribbled past their defensive lineup. The game was nil all with the time quickly dwindling when Marshall snuck past Beterverwagting defence and delivered a powerful kick that had success written all over it. Instead, the ball ricocheted off the left upright and back into play. Jeremel Holder trapped the rebound, spun and delivered a fierce kick that whizzed past Soesdyke’s custodian, Jamal Robinson in the 36th minute. Beterverwagting Primary had little time to make amends but that did not stop them from trying. Several raids to Soesdyke’s goal were met with fierce resistance as those players defended their lead right down to the final whistle.

Alwyn Haynes Jermel Holder and Kevin Marshal Soesdyke Primary will now face Grove Primary in a showdown for the championship trophy on Sunday January 20, while West Ruimveldt and BV will clash in the third place playoff. Uitvlugt Primary and Company Road Primary will clash to determine the 5th and

6th place, while Tucville Primary School has already been confined to the cellar position after they withdrew from the tournament after they were sanctioned for breaching the rules. Eight teams participated in the tournament which was to have concluded on January 1

last but was postponed after torrential rains over the holidays had forced the organizers to put activities temporarily on hold. Apart from the lucrative prizes put up by the main sponsors, Beharry’s Company Ltd, the Most Valuable Player (MVP) on each team will receive BMX bicycles donated by Victoria’s Fashions of Church and Light Streets.

Tuesday January 15, 2013

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Legendary Curtly Ambrose to join Windies Cricket Radio commentary panel for CT20 - Live ball-by-ball commentary provided by WICB to radio stations free of cost

Curtly Ambrose St John’s, Antigua – Starting today, Tuesday, January 15, legendary former West Indies, Leeward Islands and Antiguan fast bowler Curtly Ambrose will join the Windies Cricket Radio commentary panel for the St Lucia leg of the Caribbean Twenty20. All 13 games played at the Queen’s Park Oval in Trinidad were broadcast around the Caribbean live from the venue under the West Indies Cricket Board’s ‘Windies Cricket Radio’ brand. “The Windies Cricket Radio commentary is a full WICB production to promote and spread the game. The

broadcast is funded in its entirety by the WICB and is provided to stations around the region at no cost to them,” explained WICB Corporate Communications Officer Imran Khan. Khan commented: “Live ball-by-ball radio is critical in not only keeping fans across the region informed with the latest scores and updates but also aids in promoting the game and the WICB has made a strong commitment to ensuring that fans are able to follow the Caribbean T20 games on their radios and online.” Leading regional cricket commentator Andrew Mason is leading the commentary panel. Mason is joined by Fazeer Mohammed and other commentators. Ambrose, who is also the Combined Campuses and Colleges Bowling Consultant will be supported by former Trinidad and Tobago captain and West Indies batsman

Daren Ganga and former Barbadian and West Indies fast bowler Wayne Daniel. Daniel’s countryman, Philo Wallace, former Trinidadian and West Indies fast bowler Anthony Gray and Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and West Indies batsman Ricardo Powell analysed the games in Trinidad. Veteran cricket broadcaster Joseph ‘Reds’ Perreira is adding colour and variety to the Windies Cricket Radio broadcast with wideranging interviews with various cricket officials and notable persons. WICB Senior Communications Officer Adriel Richard, who is a seasoned radio producer, has been leading the production of the high quality broadcast. “While it is a significant investment to produce the broadcast, it is a worthy one as there are still legions of fans who enjoy and even

prefer radio commentary as they enjoy the nostalgia of it and the unique entertainment of the radio medium,” Richard noted. The tournament moves to the Beausejour Cricket Ground in St Lucia and will resume on Tuesday January 15th with Guyana facing Jamaica at 4pm and reigning

champions Trinidad and Tobago taking on home side Windward Islands at 8pm. Fans are advised to check their local listings for stations which will be carrying the broadcast. The Caribbean Super Station which is heard in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and

throughout the Caribbean is broadcasting all matches. A total of 12 matches will be played in St Lucia, including two Twenty20 Internationals between West Indies Women and South Africa Women. Both matches will also be broadcast by Windies Cricket Radio.

Death bowling a worry for India From page 39 the remaining four are worrying, considering that he bats in the top order and has more time to build an innings. Kohli was found out by the moving ball against Pakistan and in Rajkot he edged a straight one to the keeper. His place in the lineup may not be in doubt, but India are missing a big contribution from him. Ian Bell has been shifted around the batting order in his

one-day career but of late he has found a second wind as an opener. Bell filled in at the top after Kevin Pietersen was dropped last year and in 12 innings he averages 57.63 with a century and five fifties. If there was one positive to emerge from the Pietersen drama, this is it. Bell has given the Indian bowlers a few headaches, with scores of 91 and 108 in the warm-up games and 85 in Rajkot. TEAM NEWS Cook confirmed that

England will keep with their top seven, giving Joe Root another chance. Root didn’t get to bat in Rajkot, but bowled nine overs of spin for 51. The only change could be in the pace attack. India could also make a change to their seam line-up. MS Dhoni said after the first ODI that they would like to test Shami Ahmed’s death bowling skills at some stage. India opted for Ashok Dinda in Rajkot as he was more experienced.

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GCB senior 4 day inter county cricket – 2nd rd By Zaheer Mohamed Demerara, who defeated Essequibo in three days at Everest, will take on the President’s XI at the same venue when the second round of the Guyana Cricket Board senior 4 day inter county tournament gets going today. Berbice, fresh from an innings victory over the President’s XI will face Essequibo at Wales. Demerara Pacer Paul Wintz, who was rested in the first round, is expected to return for this fixture and share the new ball with Andre Stoll. Their spin bowling trio

Kaieteur News

Tuesday January 15, 2013

Demerara battle President’s XI, GT&T Berbice take on E’bo today of Amir Khan, Zaheer Mohamed and Totaram Bishun are more than capable of destroying any batting line up at this level and with back up from Robin Bacchus, who bowls medium pace, the President’s XI batsmen will have to be watchful to get big scores on the board. Bacchus appeared to have cemented his place at the top of the order after registering a half century in the previous game, while fellow opener Shemroy Barrington needs to concentrate harder since he was guilty of throwing his wicket away on a few

occasions after getting starts. Rajendra Chandreka, Vishal Singh, Chanderpaul Hemraj and all-rounder Troy Gonsalves are capable batsmen and will no doubt want to put their names on the national selectors list. Anthony Bramble and Tagenarine Chanderpaul lead the President’s XI batting but will need more support from their team mates. Krishna Arjune, Kevon Boodie and Eugene La Fleur need to put a bigger prize on their wickets. Gilford Moore will once again partner Brandon Bess with the new ball, while Devon Clements, Raj Nanan and

Sewnarine Chattergoon

Tagenarine Chanderpaul

Collins Butts will take care of the spin department. GT&T Berbice, whose batsmen are improving, are favourites when they face Essequibo at Wales. Sewnarine Chattergoon who scored a century against the President’s XI will look to continue his fine form. He will be supported by Gajanand Singh, Richard Ramdeen and Assad Fudadin. The improving Keon Joseph who bowled with pace in the first round and Clinton Pestano spearhead the bowling attack with support form Gudakesh Moti Kanhai , Fudadin and Eon Hooper. However the composition of the team will be interesting since the likes

of Shawn Perreira, Zamal Khan, Shemroy Hetemeyer and Krishendat Ramoo are still awaiting their chance. Essequibo will have to improve to show resistance. They can depend on openers, the Federicks brothers Norman and Royan for a good start, while Dillon Heyliger and Vijay Surajpaul registered half centuries against Demerara. Ricardo Adams, who scored two half centuries in the 50 over competition, needs to continue getting runs and Wayne Osborne would have to come good for their team to get big totals. Anthony Adams and Herry Green are consistent

Anthony Adams

Zaheer Mohamed bowers who also bowl with variation and good control. It will be interesting to see if medium pacer Roopesh Motilall retain his spot ahead of Grayson Paul and Mark Tyrell.

A number of grounds are to be rehabilitated in Berbice By Samuel Whyte A number of community playgrounds numbering 13 have been rehabilitated and some are presently being rehabilitated in East Berbice as part of the Ministry of Youth Sport and Culture countrywide grounds rehabilitation programme. This disclosure was made recently by Regional Chairman of Region No Six, East Berbice Corentyne David Permaul Armogan when he spoke at the regions end of year press briefing held recently at the Regional Democratic Council boardroom. The Regional chairman stated that the project comes under the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports and is only supervised by The Region. He said that over 50 applications were received and could not say how the grounds selected to be ungraded were selected since that aspect was undertaken by the Ministry. He mentioned that from the money released only 13 grounds could have been looked at and while some

- Regional Chairman have been completed others are ongoing. He gave the assurance that as funds become available, more work on these facilities will be undertaken in the region, since other agencies are also undertaking projects. The chairman did not mentioned the grounds rehabilitated, but stated that some saving should be derived from the projects and that some work will be undertaken on the Whim Community Centre, which is one of the major grounds in the region. Asked about the No 53 Sports Complex of which residents have been complaining. The chairman said that some work will be done to the facility soon. The tenders are out and work is to commence on the facility shortly. With regards to the grounds in New Amsterdam, the chairman said no major work was undertaken to the more than 12 grounds in the municipality for last year, but some work was done previously on the once famous Burnham Park. He

stated that the New Amsterdam municipality has its own grounds committee. He said that “they came to me once asking for some assistance, I told them, I am willing to assist, but let them tell me how they are going to contribute. I asked them to return with a plan, but they have not returned since.” He stated however, that he is pursuing the possibility of doing some more work on the Burnham Park including the installation of lights to facilitate night activities. The Ministry of Health through the Regional Health Authority is also doing some general works in the National Psychiatric Hospital (Mental Hospital) compound. In terms of the lighting project at the Albion Community Centre, the chairman stated that the project is a major and would cost about $48M. He said that the president is very serious about the initiative and it should be completed by the first quarter of half of this year.

Tuesday January 15, 2013

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WICB President hails ‘Hurry Up’ ready to school Dharry TTCB hosting of CT20 Gros Islet, St Lucia – President of the West Indies Cricket Board, Dr. Julian Hunte has praised the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board’s hosting of the preliminary round of the Caribbean Twenty20. “The WICB must commend the TTCB for the simply outstanding job in hosting the preliminary matches,” Dr. Hunte said. “The planning, preparation and logistics were of the highest standard and they all lent to the successful hosting of the first portion of the tournament in CT20,” Dr. Hunte added. “While I was in Trinidad I met with Prime Minister, The Honourable Kamla PersadBissessar and Minister of Sport, the Honourable Anil Roberts and I was keen to outline how impressed the WICB is with the TTCB and their management of the CT20 and overall with their management and administration of cricket in the

twin island republic,” Hunte explained. “We must also place on record our thanks to the government of Trinidad and Tobago for stepping up and supporting the hosting the event in a major way,” Dr. Hunte added. The WICB President said that while some of the matches resulted in low scores and some undesirable batting displays the WICB was cognizant of the fact that the pitches did not benefit from full preparations owing to the rainy weather in Trinidad and Tobago leading up to the tournament. “I also wish to congratulate the Queen’s Park Cricket Club for their role in hosting the matches and offer the commendations of the WICB in this regard,” Dr. Hunte elaborated. “Overall we can look back without doubt that the CT20 was very well organized and hosted in Trinidad and it sets the standard very high and

we trust that the St Lucia leg will live up to the high expectations,” Dr. Hunte said. “The Trinidad leg concluded with a fitting triumph by Trinidad and Tobago on Saturday night last and it has certainly heightened interest in the tournament now that we have moved over to St Lucia to conclude the preliminary round and to contest the playoff and final,” Dr. Hunte said. For the first time in the history of West Indies cricket, a day’s play in domestic cricket (Saturday January 12th) was sold out in advance. Tickets were sold out from as early as Thursday while the opening night on Sunday January 6th was also sold out. Overall, attendance to the Trinidad matches of the CT20 has been beyond WICB and TTCB projections with cricket fans turning out in huge numbers to support their favourite teams.

Leon ‘Hurry Up’ Moore is ready and willing to accept any challenge that USA based Elton ‘Coolie Bully’ Dharry and is promising to school Dharry in the elementary aspects of boxing. Responding to a recent challenge issued by the Dharry camp, the 32-year-old super bantamweight Moore promised to “overload” Dharry’s circuit if he should have the gall to step into the ring. “I have heard that Elton has issued a challenge to me. When I meet him in the ring he will see how out of place his challenge is. Dharry is nowhere near Leon Moore and I’ll prove that by knocking him out in five rounds. I’ll give him a round for each letter of his first name,” Moore said. Dharry has won his last nine fights and according to reports from the USA, is confident that he can brush aside the former CABOFE super bantamweight champion. “I’ll say this, all Dharry has to do is make 122 and contact Seon Bristol. I’ll fight him on top of the Cuffy Monument if it comes to that. If he is the real ‘Coolie Bully’ then let him try bullying Leon More. I’ll put him to bed in five rounds,” Moore added. Moore has not fought since April 2011 but is scheduled to return to the ring in mid February when he battles Rafael Vazquez in the Dominican Republic. “We can do this April. It will only take five rounds,” declared the hard-hitting Moore, who has won 28 of 30 fights. “In this sport you don’t talk like a bad man but rather you act like a bad man. I have said enough. The rest is up to him now.”

Leon Moore

Elton Dharry

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Tuesday January 15, 2013

Boyce puts Presidency in perspective - looks to second, final term By Edison Jefford The Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG) will hold its Annual General Meeting and Election of Office Bearers on Sunday, and as such current President, Colin Boyce, who is expected to run for his final

term, placed the future in perspective in a recent interview. Boyce, after lifting athletics out of dormancy during his first term as President of the AAG which started in 2009, made it clear that his intention was to change how the sport was

administered in Guyana and as such, he will only be serving two terms at the helm. He made it clear when he came to office that he does not intend to follow the trend of none of his predecessors at the top of the organisation. He believes he has done what he came to office to do, and

as a result, Sunday will mark the beginning of his final term. “I would want to say that I would have achieved most of my goals that I set out for the very first term of my Presidency,” he noted, adding that the push for a synthetic facility, corporate support the sport and

Colin Boyce

international exposure of athletes were high on his agenda. Satisfactorily Boyce was able to accomplish those feats with Guyana participating in most, if not all, regional and international competition and the introduction of new meets that are corporately oriented to benefit athletes and clubs across the board. He said that his initiative to ensure that Guyana is properly represented overseas paid off with the extremely talented US based Kadecia Baird winning silver at the World Junior Championships in Italy last year. In addition, he believes Guyana’s bronze medal at the CARIFTA Games, and two bronze medals at the South American Juniors were also positive results. “Internationally, we have done well, we have won some medals at the South American Under-23 Championships, CARIFTA and ALBA Games, but the brightest spot was when Kadecia (Baird) won Guyana’s first World Junior medal while also making the Olympic qualifying time,” Boyce said. Conversely, he identified Tevin Garraway not being able to compete at South American’s Youth Championship and Jevina Straker not going to the U-23 Championships because of some issues related to funding as “unfortunate” last year. However, he did say that he will continue to ensure that Guyana’s best talents are exposed providing the standards are met. Against the background of such a robust and active first tenure, Boyce placed the second term in perspective when he said that he will work to ensure that athletics continue to progress because it is “in his blood”. He indicated that his desire comes from being able to prevent the pitfalls during his career as an athlete for others now that he is President. “People will have their own perspectives on how

things should be, but what I can say is that I am keeping an open mind (as it relates to the future). If I am re-elected I would not run for another term after 2016, but if I’m not I will wish them well and do my best to ensure the progress of the sport because track and field is in my blood,” Boyce pointed out. But in terms of administration, he said he will be working feverishly in a second term to develop what he hopes will become a culture for the sport locally. According to Boyce, there will always be change, but the sport will remain, which means that it is time coaches begin to ensure athletes understand that they are not bigger than the sport. “I think it’s time we move past athletics of the past where Coaches want to make athletes feel as though they are bigger than the sport for whatever reason and because of my guidelines some of these Coaches are afraid of change, but change is inevitable,” he said. Boyce informed that the AAG is currently in talks with the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) President, K. A Juman Yassin to identify the possibilities of training stints for Guyana’s leading athletes ahead of the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. “It is something we are discussing, and with the help of the Government, who have indicated that they want to walk the walk along with corporate Guyana, we can be successful in preparing them for 2016,” Boyce believes. He said that he will be implementing a rule that ensures that all overseasbased athletes aiming to represent Guyana must compete at National Trials here; he believes the rule becomes much more necessary given the advent of the synthetic facility. Generally, Boyce is of the view that a second term would set new standards for the sport, athletes and the association.

Tuesday January 15, 2013

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New Guyana Horseracing Authority body installed The Guyana Horseracing Authority held its Annual General Meeting at the Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club pavilion on Sunday, January 14th, 2013. The meeting was attended by all seven (7) race tracks along with horse owners, trainers and other stakeholders. The tracks present were allowed to engage in the voting process to reinstate the GHRA in full after a prolonging lapse in the sport’s governing body. Mr. Cecil Kennard was nominated President. His deputies will be Mr. Fazal Habibulla and Mr. Roopnarine Matadial. Ms. Zenzie Goring will continue to serve as Secretary, the same position she served on the previous IMC. Her assistant will be commentator and Organizing Secretary of Norman Singh Memorial Turf Club Mr. Compton Sancho. Mr. Francis Chichester will continue to serve the post of GHRA Treasurer, while Mr. Dennis DeRoop of Simply Royal racing stables and Mr. Mohammed Sheriff of Sheriff Racing will represent horse owners. Former racing jockey

- incoming president vows to take horseracing to a next level

Cecil Kennard Mr. Ivan Dipnarine will represent the jockey’s. Mr. Krishna Jagdeo, Mr. Dennis DeRoop, Mr. Lakeram Sookdeo and Mr. Lenny Singh will serve the body as committee members. Mr. Kennard has vowed that his position as the head of the GHRA will see major changes forthcoming in Guyana’s horseracing. The passing of legislation by the government to regulate the rules of the sport is the main agenda of the body. Clubs were issued with dates that should be the official dates of racing for 2013 to avoid any reoccurrence of clashes that took place in the sport during

2012 between the Port Mourant Turf Club and Rising Sun Turf Club, who both had scheduled race meetings for December 30. It took efforts by Director of Sport, Neil Kumar, to see the issue resolved. Another hot topic that the body will address immediately will be the licensing of jockeys. There is a growing concern that requirements need to be put in place that will see the body registering all the previously interested jockeys. New jockeys will now have to be recommended by an owner, trainer or stable and meet the age requirement of 15 years of age providing they are still enrolled in school as to avoid breaking the governing child labour laws. Proper stud records will be addressed to assist in the registration of locally bred animals ahead of them starting as a 2 year old with correct information of dam and sire. It was brought to the authority’s attention that

2 and 3 year old horses born and bred in the USA can either race in an open event for their age, providing that they carry the required weight above the Caribbean imports, as this has been part of the revised draft registered rule of the body since 2002 but has been overlooked previously. Also the horseracing

website, Guyana was represented by its Guyana liaison officer Mr. Anil Bhola who requested the GHRA and all the clubs cooperate in getting and releasing information in a timely manner as to promote their product for free. This is mainly to benefit overseas based racing fans and some locally. In 2012 it was a hassle to acquire such information but yet with dedication the website, which just turned a

LABA to hold AGM, biennial elections January 28 Within the next fourteen days, the Linden Amateur Basketball Association (LABA) has announced that it will be holding its Annual General Meeting and Biennial Elections as mandated by its Constitution during this month. Yesterday Secretary of the LABA, Joseph Chapman, made the release that the LABA’S Annual General Meeting and Biennial Elections are set for Monday, January 28 at the Mackenzie

Sports Club Lounge at 6:00pm. The Association in a correspondence to the various secretaries outlined that the AGM will be held this month and each club was invited to send four representatives. It also stated that clubs must by Saturday 26th January, ensure that they affiliate themselves to the Association for the year 2013, and have all players registered for the new season.

year old in December, saw over 7000 hits. These overseas fans mostly depended on Guyana as the only means of following Guyana horseracing in the wider diaspora. Mr. Kennard and the clubs vowed that they will support the unbiased website since they welcome all publicity they can receive and thus signal how this might just be the thing to bring overseas sponsorship to the sport. (Anil Bhola) The association stated that it intends to have competitions in the various categories hence it is asking that clubs complete the registration of their players. They are required also to submit the Club Affiliation Forms with the current executives so that the association would be in a position to effectively communicate with its various stakeholders. As such the forms should have the names and contact numbers for the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, captains and managers for the 2013 season.

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GCA\Noble House Sea Foods 2nd division 2 day cricket

GCC, Everest record outright victories, GYO and GDF match ends in stalemate - Castello grabs 7-wkt haul, Singh, Mason take 5 each By Zaheer Mohamed Georgetown and Everest Cricket Clubs recorded victories, while Gandhi Youth Organization and Guyana Defence Force game ended in a tame draw when the latest round of matches in the Georgetown CricketAssociation\ Noble House Sea Foods 2nd division 2 day tournament concluded last weekend. At GYO, GCC defeated Malteenoes Sports Club by 77 runs. When the game started on Saturday, GCC batted first and were bowled out for 144 in 43 overs. Martin Pestano Bell 22, Almando Doman 20 and Gavin Singh 17 were their leading scorers as Steve Sankar grabbed 4-45, Dorian Best 3-21 and Shaquille Williams 2-25. MSC in reply mustered 122 all out in 46 overs. Williams returned to score 44, while Jamal Norton made 32.

Chidanand Shivram, Winston Forrester and Gavin Singh claimed 2 wickets apiece. GCC with a lead of 22 mustered 186 before being bowled out in 38 overs batting a second time, with Forrester leading the way with 69(13x4), while Singh supported with 35 and Bernard Bailey 29. Williams 4-43 and Sankar 3-64 were the leading wicket takers for MSC who folded for 131 in their second innings. Williams top scored with an even half century but got little support from the rest of the batting with only D. Allen getting 21. At MYO, Everest Cricket Club got the better of Ace Warriors by an innings and 79 runs. Ace Warriors were skittled for 50 in 14.4 overs in their first innings. Chris Persaud made 25 as Garfield De Roche and Javed Rasheed picked up 2 wickets each. Everest then declared on 234-6 after facing 39.5 overs

Paul Castello

Mohan Ramdeen

Arthur Mason

Devon Lord

in response. Mohan Ramdeen slammed fifteen fours and one six before he was dismissed for 91 while Riyad Sattaur supported with 76 (14x4); offspinner Arthur Mason bagged 5-73. Ace Warriors who fielded 9 players, in their second turn at the crease could only muster 105-8,

innings closed. Rawl Enmore 38 and Ronald Hercules 35 were their main run getters as Chris Surat captured 4-22 and Deon Thomas 3-49 for the winners. At GDF, GYO took first strike and were bundled out for 121 with Wazeer Mohamed 31 not out, Shivindra Hemraj 28 and Paul

Castello 15 offering resistance. Paul Castello snared 7-43. GDF in their first innings declared on 251-7. Francis Mendonca led the scoring with an unbeaten 68 and got valuable support from Castello 51, Isaiah Brijadar 39, Terry Fraser 32 and Travis Blyden 23;

Kamesh Yadram took 3-73. GYO in their second innings were 195-7 when stumps were drawn. Yadram was their leading run getter with 63, while Fenton Persaud scored 56 and Wazeer Mohamed 29. Castello had 251 to end with match figures of 9 for 94.

Tuesday January 15, 2013

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Death bowling a worry for India responsible for those runs says a lot. Ironically, his death bowling had been effective in the previous ODI, when India snatched a low-scoring game against Pakistan in Delhi. Take a look at his figures in Rajkot, and it’s easy to miss his two maidens among the ten overs that leaked 86. Ishant wasn’t solely at fault, for all of India’s bowlers haven’t been as consistent as they should be. Death bowling has been a problem for India since

India need their fast bowlers to bowl yorkers more consistently © BCCI ESPNCricinfo - If the pitches and outfields for the rest of the series are going to be like what was served in Rajkot then the bowlers, especially India’s, better take cover. In 12 balls, England leapfrogged from 287 to 325, and as a result of those two overs at the death, they had made just enough to secure a

match-winning total. Though India did well to run them close, falling short by nine runs, the positives were overshadowed by overs 49 and 50 in England’s innings, that hemorrhaged 38 runs. That India’s most experienced bowler, Ishant Sharma, was partly

Robert Williams Memorial Dominoes - zone 1...

TNT, Rage, KTS through to semis TNT, Rage, KTS have booked their places in the semifinal of zone 1 of the Robert Williams Memorial Dominoes competition after recording outstanding performances in the quarterfinal matches which were contested on Friday evening at Transport Sports Club. TNT marked 85 games to win Quarterfinal one ahead of Rage 76 and FIB 64. Ravin Persaud 17, Sonia Goodluck 15, Leroy Edwards 15, Kanhai Samaroo 15 and Shawn Morgan 14 were TNT leading players, while Mark Welsh scored 17 and Carolyn DeFreitas 16 for Rage. Narine Singh made 16 for FIB. Pressure Point won the second Quarterfinal with 78 games followed by KTS 70 and B6 on 66. Valery Fortune and Patrick Douglas chalked 17 apiece for the winners. Afzal Haniff and Talesh Ramoutar marked 15 and 14 respectively for second place KTS, while Rita Seader made 15 for B6. The semifinal and final will be contested tomorrow night at the said venue. Pressure Point drew the bye to the final. Meanwhile, organizer of the tournament Orin Joseph told Kaieteur Sport that due to the efforts of the M&CC team in the preliminary round they will be given a free reentry when zone 2 continues

Orin Joseph this evening. He also extended an invitation to Malteenoes Sports Club and Demerara Cricket Club as well as teams form Linden and Bartica. The winning team will receive $250,000 and a trophy, while the second place team will collect a trophy and $100,000 with the third place finisher taking home $40,000 and a trophy. The competition is being played in memory of the late Robert Williams, a former Mayor of Georgetown and a member of the Blue Bird Dominoes team.

Zaheer Khan’s slump in form. In good batting conditions, yorkers are the bowler’s best weapon but India’s attack hasn’t been able to deliver them consistently. Not that England set the best example either. Steven Finn and Jade Dernbach went in excess of six an over in their ten overs, while Tim Bresnan leaked 8.37 in his eight overs, though he picked up two wickets. The captain Alastair Cook defended the trio, saying the

conditions left little margin for error. Spin came to England’s rescue in the form of James Tredwell, who not only took four wickets but went for less than five an over. India’s relatively more experienced spin attack wasn’t as effective, picking up just one wicket. Not the first time, after the Tests, an England spinner upstaged India’s spinners. The Rajkot ODI was a change from the trend of low scores in the Pakistan ODIs. While it benefited the likes of

Gautam Gambhir and Yuvraj Singh, who got some runs and confidence, the fast bowlers were battered. More sporting conditions would allow for a better assessment of the side as a whole. IN THE SPOTLIGHT Twenty-one, 38, 9, 27, 0, 6, 7, 15 - a breakup of Virat Kohli’s scores across T20s and ODIs since his century in the Nagpur Test against England. Apart from the first four scores, made in the T20s, (Continued on page 33)

t r o Sp

Race for top three spots on in CT20 Gros Islet, St Lucia – At the end of the action-packed first phase of the Caribbean T20 at Queens Park Oval, defending champions Trinidad and Tobago lead the points table. The Trinis played unbeaten at home to record three wins and a no-result due to a wash-out, and stand top of the charts with 13 points. They ended their home games with a rousing win over Guyana on Saturday night in front of a colourful and supportive capacity crowd at the historic Oval. Under the new tournament format, the team which tops the preliminary round will advance to the Grand Final on Sunday, January 20 at the picturesque Beausejour Cricket Ground. The second and third placed teams will meet in the Play-off on Saturday, January 19. The winner of the Play-off will advance to the Final. Jamaica sit in second spot on the table on nine points from four matches. There is a three-way tie for third place with Barbados, Windwards and Guyana all on eight points. Windwards and Guyana have both played

three matches while the Bajans have played four times. Combined Campuses and Colleges are in sixth place on four points from four matches – gained from their shock win over Barbados. The Leewards have lost all four matches so far and are yet to register a point. The leading batsman is Darren Bravo, the T&T left-hander, who hit a career-best 82 not out on Saturday night against Guyana to win

the Man-of-the-Match award. He has so far made 164 runs at an average of 82, and an impressive strike rate of 149.09. Chadwick Walton of CCC is second with 131 runs at 46.33 runs per innings. He made 99 not out against Guyana, which is the highest score in the four years of the Caribbean T20 tournament. Third in the batting charts is Shivnarine Chanderpaul, the Guyana legend, who has so far scored 114 runs in three innings with a top score of 53 against the leaders. The leading wicket-taker is Tino Best, the experienced Barbados pace bowler. He has so far picked up 10 wickets in four matches at 7.30 runs per wicket. He had the impressive figures of 4-26 in the win against Leewards and then went even better with a career-best 4-19 in the victory over CCC. Jamaica’s left-arm seamer Krishmar Santokie has continued his heroics in this format and is the second highest wicket-taker with eight wickets at 9.87 runs per wicket. He is the leading wicket-taker in the tournament’s history with 41 wickets in 20 matches. There are four bowlers on seven wickets

– Carlos Brathwaite, the tall seamer and Sulieman Benn the beanpole left-arm spinner both from Barbados; Raymon Reifer CCC’s lively left-arm seamer; and Liam Sebastien the wily off-spinner from the Windwards. Reifer, who also opens the batting, completed this tournament’s first hat-trick on debut against Guyana. His team-mate leftarm spinner Derone Davis also completed a hat-trick in the win over Barbados – with the rare feat of three wickets off the first three balls of the innings. The Caribbean T20 continues on Tuesday at Beausejour Cricket Ground. Guyana will face Jamaica in a bid to stay in contention for a Play-off spot at 4 pm (3 pm Jamaica Time). In the second match Windward Islands and Trinidad and Tobago will meet at 8 pm (7 pm Jamaica Time). Fans in the region can watch the entire tournament live on ESPN Caribbean – the broadcast partner of the West Indies Cricket Board. Additional coverage is available on ESPN’s Networks in the UK, Australia, Middle East and Africa. In Canada, fans can see the action via the Titan GSG Media Corporation.

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