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Friday January 13, 2017

I am in total disagreement with OP being painted in the colour, green DEAR EDITOR, About ten or eleven years ago, when I went to work for an organization, it was very surprising to me as a new employee, that some employees who were there before would attend staff meetings and remain quiet most of the times or would not openly challenge decisions. I soon learnt that you could have gotten into trouble for expressing your opinions. Someone also gave me a very good bit of advice: that I should only express my views to the extent to which I am prepared to suffer the consequences of my convictions. Now, I will get straight to the point; I totally disagree with the decision to paint the Ministry of the Presidency green, so I would like to kindly and humbly ask President Granger to change the colour from green to a neutral one. The Ministry of the Presidency should not be painted in green, yellow (gold) or red; these are not neutral colours in the Guyana context; they are associated with politics and political parties. Lest we forget: the ‘Office of the President’ is a public building and with this precedent, if the PPP should get back into government, they can justifiably paint the building red and the AFC can paint it yellow (gold).However, here are my substantive reasons for disagreeing with the decision. Painting the Ministry of the Presidency green makes a mockery of the whole process of institutionalizing social cohesion. How can we have a Ministry of Social Cohesion and still do this? The Ministry of Social Cohesion is one of the most important ministries in

Guyana. It was a great idea at this point of our history and development to have an institutionalized arrangement to address matters relative to cohesion; if conceptualized and constituted properly, the outputs from this ministry would become inputs to many other ministries to realize the development agenda for the country. A more cohesive environment, which is essential for business and investment, security and peace, will accelerate our development, among other things. By painting the Ministry of the Presidency in green, it sends a message that our leadership has not placed a high economic value on strong social capital. Building strong capital should be the core of the existence of the Ministry of Social Cohesion. Therefore this is not just some green paint; this green paint has a meaning attached to it and that meaning is a part of our problem and a hindrance to our development – our politics. Another reason I disagree with the decision is that you see, Editor, while politics is a science, it is also an art, and it does not require much artistic imagination to arrive at a conclusion as to what the artists are painting. Additionally, what the government has to understand is that for many of the PPP/C supporters, their communications are more implied than expressed. Therefore their interpretation of the message of painting the Ministry of the Presidency green will not be that this is just some green paint or is in line with the theme, a ‘Green Economy’. Also, it is another Continued on page 6

I am still waiting on the Ministry of Housing to deliver DEAR EDITOR, In May of 2015, my dream of becoming a homeowner was finally in sight when the Central Housing and Planning Authority called and told me that I had been selected for the award of a house lot as part of their one stop shop initiative. I was so ecstatic for my fifteen years’ wait for a house lot has finally been over. I saw many faces as gleeful as mine when I went down to the Convention Centre where the one stop shop was held. I paid the required deposit and subsequently the balance within two months. I was told that the house lot to be situated in Cummings


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lodge would be ready in six months since the CHPA is still in the process of developing the lands. In four months from this date, it would make two years since I had done this transaction and am yet to receive my house lot. I had made several attempts to enquire about the delay but on all occasions was told that they’re awaiting a board decision or a budget to be approved. I am, like many others still waiting and I’d like to ask the Honourable Minister responsible to follow up on this matter so that closure can be brought to this project. Shelly Browne

The 1980 Constitution has served the interests of both PPP and PNC DEAR EDITOR, The Burnham Constitution continues to reap havoc on the sensibilities on all those who love freedom and democracy in Guyana. The 1980 Constitution is riddled with dictatorship-like powers. By the way, that is exactly why President Burnham constructed that constitution the way he did. And that is why no party in power wants to make any substantial amendments to it. It was written to maximize power, power for whoever holds the presidency. All Guyanese would remember that during the Ramotar years, PPP was pushing for the Amalia Falls Hydro Project. The IDB wanted to see support from the Opposition, as well. The PPP did not have the votes in parliament to pass the overall funding for the project. This led the PPP to seek the blessing from the then independent and objective AFC. However, Ramjattan and his colleagues were siding with Granger and his APNU leadership and they were asking to see how the exorbitant figures for the project were arrived at. The

PPP held out that that was inside information and they would not divulge the costing structure of the project. However, the PPP kept pushing for the project. They held several high-powered consultations. They had all the heads of the religious community meet at the President residence. The idea was to convince them that the hydro project – PPP style – was necessary and viable. The hopes were that the spiritual leaders would buy the PPP’s sales pitch and go back to their congregations and sell it to their parishioners. That planned failed miserably. Then the PPP called a massive consultation at the Arthur Chung Convention Center, which saw thousands coming out to hear the PPP big-guns again sell the project, complete with PowerPoint presentations and handouts. That too failed miserably. However, when the PPP pressure was too much for Ramjattan, he held his nose and made a deal with Jagdeo (Ramotar was just a Jagdeo rubber stamp). The deal was that Ramjattan and the AFC would sign on to the Amalia Falls project if Jagdeo

would set up the Public Procurement Commission, without his Cabinet ‘No Objection’ clause. Mr. Ramotar wanted the deal. It would have seen the largest infrastructural project in the history of Guyana, being launched during his Presidency. So Ramotar was willing to move forward with the idea but Jagdeo would have none of it. The monies that the PPP could skim off the contracts awarded by the State were far more than the monies that had bloated the cost of the Amalia Falls project. So even though Jadgeo looked like he was pushing hard to make the Amalia project a reality in Guyana, he was more concerned about the potential loss of billions of dollars from contract. What Ramjattan was offering make logical, patriotic, nationalistic, sense, Jagdeo refused; there was nothing Ramotar could do. When Ramjattan realized that Jagdeo was not going to accept his logical compromise, of setting up the Public Procurement Commission, without the Cabinet’s ‘No Objection’ clause, Ramjattan

hatched the plan to move a ‘No Confidence’ motion against the PPP government. The AFC met with the APNU and they collaborated on the ‘No Confidence’ motion against the PPP. Sensing his impending embarrassment, of being the first President in the entire Caribbean, to be removed from office in such a humiliating way, Ramotar found in the 1980 Constitution a life-line. Hidden deep within the Constitution was a sub section which allows for the President to Prorogue the Parliament. So in 2013 Ramotar prorogued the Parliament and sent Ramjattan and his party and Granger and his party home for six months. As the time the prorogation was ending Ramotar – still fearing the threatening ‘No Confidence’ motion against him – called snap elections. That is the metal of the 1980 Constitution. It is designed to work for whoever is in the driver’s seat. Fast forward to 2017, Jagdeo, knowing that he will be the PPP General Secretary and positioning himself as a third-term President, is trying to hurry up the replacement of the Elections Commission Continued on page 6

The President should have chosen Mr. Latchmansingh DEAR EDITOR, A government cannot gerrymander for the purpose of helping the majority party in parliament, a government rule within a framework of a Constitution. Thus what we are seeing today can see Steve Surujbally remaining in office for the next 10 years because clearly the PPP and the PNC cannot behave like mature parties that have the custody of the nation in their hands. But the bigger portion of the blame must land on President Granger’s desk. Why is he listening to that legal junior called Basil Williams? Why is he not consulting experience people worthy of their SILK like Rex McKay, Miles Fitzpatrick and Robin Stoby on how to proceed with this GECOM matter? Article 161 (2) is easy reading even for a dunce and thus I cannot understand why President Granger cannot comprehend on his own the essence of that part of the Constitution? For the record the part that I am focused on is: The Chairman of the Elections Commission shall be a person: “…….. OR ANY OTHER FIT AND PROPER PERSON, to be appointed by the President from a list of six persons, not unacceptable to the President, submitted by the Leader of the Opposition…..”

In a normal society with fair and progressive governments in place, the fit and proper test takes into consideration a few factors to arrive at fit and proper. These factors include: • Has the person been involved in any tax fraud or financial dubious transactions? • Has been proven to be incompetent to the point that they have not managed an organization and thus cannot be seen to manage the affairs of GECOM? • Does the person have political leanings from past actions that will import undue bias into their decision-making process while serving as Chairman of GECOM? If one look at the six names, I am convinced beyond doubt one of them is lean, clean and aptly qualified for the position but was elimi-

nated. Chris Ram ticked two boxes but is a political exposed person who has been extremely close to the WPA and the AFC and thus cannot be seen as unbiased politically and thus his elimination was just. Ramesh Dookhoo like Ram also ticks two boxes but is a political friend of the PPP and will not be able to make political sound and unbiased decisions and again I agree with President Granger to send this PPP supporter packing. Ryan Shah, a hell of a strong woman who has strong and respected views, but I would also eliminate her for the image of being so proIndian to the point that she comes across as anti-Black. A Ryan Shah Chairmanship will send shivers down the spines of the supporters of the PNC and can result in a political war if she is sitting as Chair-

man of GECOM and the PPP wins the 2020 elections. James Rose should not even have been on that list since he was a PPP candidate and this was a very foolish submission by former President Jagdeo. Now the two candidates I really felt had a fighting chance were Norman McLean and Lawrence Latchmansingh. Normal McLean ran the GDF in the days when the GDF was the GDF when it had over 10,000 men in uniform and he is close to both the PNC and the PPP and thus neither side could attack him as bias. However, on the question of finance, I have many questions. I think Continued on page 6


Friday January 13, 2017

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Recurring flooding has to be blamed on the MoA/NDIA I am in total disagreement... DEAR EDITOR, In a letter which appeared in the news media, engineer, Charles Ceres has opined that it was due to marginalization of the Afro-Guyanese communities there were adverse effects on the recent flooding of large sections of Buxton. He was also critical of the technical competency of the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) and its Division the National Drainage & Irrigation Authority (NDIA) to deal with flooding of coastal areas and their seeming bias in allocating drainage pumps to East Demerara communities. The facts, however, suggest otherwise. According to Deon Abrams, Chairman of the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), the recent flooding of sections of Buxton was due to the doors of two Kokers left open at high tide and ocean water entered Buxton’s drainage channels, overflowed the Company Dam and then over the East Sideline Dam which was breached flooding large sections of the village. Buxton

has a pump station with two pumps which apparently were unable to remove the flood water expeditiously and therefore the NDIA sent a mobile pump to complement the existing pumps. Lusignan has no pump station and the one at Pln. Enmore is owned and operated by GuySuCo. Buxton has a pump station with two pumps which is managed by the NDC. In a Flood Management Study (FMS) conducted by Engineers from the Netherlands and which was commissioned by the APNU+AFC Govt., several recommendations were made to deal with flooding of coastal areas including Georgetown due to heavy rainfall. Among these was the strategic placement of drainage pumps at several locations. It is inconceivable that the Netherlands engineers would have used the ethnic as one of the parameters to determine the placement of pumps and their numbers in specific coastal locations to relieve flood water, as Mr.

Ceres claims. Pump size and their numbers for drainage requirement are determined by the volume of water to be removed within a specified time. Therefore land area to be drained and rainfall intensity are among the parameters which have to be taken into account for pumps selection which would be based on their output capacity in cubic feet per second at specified differential heads and not on base slab dimensions as stated by Mr. Ceres. The reason for recurring flooding of coastal lowlands due to heavy rainfall is because of poor and lax management by the MoA/NDIA which is responsible for drainage & irrigation (D&I) in declared D&I areas, M&CC in Georgetown and the NDC’s . The Ministry of Public Infrastructure also dabbles with drainage problems particularly when they impact on the river and sea defences. The APNU+AFC Govt. have no coordinated strategic plan to deal with the regu-

lar flooding of coastal areas. Flooding will continue to be dealt with in an ad hoc manner with the several agencies handling drainage “doing their own thing” with no one responsible for anything and for that matter answerable to anyone. Much of the lands on the Essequibo Coast are Declared D&I areas with statutory responsibility by the M0A/NDIA to provide farmers with irrigation when needed and adequate drainage for their lands as is necessary. Do farmers get the service they pay for annually? The evidence suggests not and as Mr. Ceres observed at Buxton that due to neglect and incompetence by the MoA/NDIA and probably marginalization and lack of reliable and appropriate response by the APNU/ AFC Govt., to provide the services they pay for in rates and taxes, they are left to the mercy of the weather to grow their crops and protect their homesteads as best as they can. Charles Sohan

The 1980 Constitution has served the interests of both... From page 5 (EC) head. So he sends his best six picks for the President to choose one. However, President Granger suspects that all the six persons are likely to be favourites of Jagdeo, so he delays the process by making Jagdeo request curricular vitaes (CV) from all of the six nominees. President Granger further delays the process by making it appear as if he is reviewing the CV’s, while all along he was only waiting for the right occasion to outmanoeuvre Jagdeo. The President waited until all the press personnel were at his home for their annual brunch and he dropped the rejection of all of Jagdeo’s picks like a bombshell. President Granger diluted the hopes of Jagdeo by rejecting ever single name on the list. Nandlall is crying “foul”. He said that President Granger is planning to rig the 2020 elections. What Nandlall is doing, however, is just a smoke screen and red herring for the

PPP, uninformed supporters. Nandlall knows full well that the 1980 Constitution – that he (Nandlall) embraced – allows for the sitting President to reject two sets of six names submitted by the Opposition Leader, after which the President may select someone he deems suitable for the position as Elections Commission head. The President can also refuse to accept the resignation of the current EC Head. Back in 2013 it was Nandlall who found the clause in the 1980 Constitution that made Ramotar prorogued the parliament. In 2017 someone found the clause in the 1980 Constitution that says the President does not have to accept any of the Opposition’s nominations for Elections Commission’s head. The PNC is beating the PPP at their own game by using the Burnham Constitution that they (the PPP) refused to substantially reform in their 23 years in power. The 1980 Constitution is now back in the hands of those who were trained to use

it. When the PPP had the opportunity to amend it, they refused, choosing rather to embrace it for their own selfish reasons and egotistical gains. Now it has returned to haunt them. The United Republican Party (URP) believes that the 1980 Constitution needs to be immediately reformed. We believe that it was designed and written, not with

the betterment of Guyana at heart but rather to keep repressive, non-patriotic, politicians in power. Let the records reflect that the URP will immediately call for a total reform of the Constitution, so that Guyana can move away from the regressive, oppressive, nuances that are imbedded in the 1980 Constitution. Dr. Vishnu Bandhu Leader, URP

The President should have... From page 5 there is still a pending court case against him. For this reason, I believe he should not be considered. Now let us come to Lawrence Latchmansingh, a UN man all his life. He is married to an Afro-Guyanese woman and has a wonderful mixed family. He is a true representation of the Guyanese nation. He is close to the Catholic Church and was always a peacemaker and never close to any one political party. Actually, through his work, he helped Guyana on

major developmental issues over the years such as social cohesion, national unity and elections management. He is squeaky clean financial, ran many UN projects in the electoral arena all over the world all his life and is at peace with senior political leaders in both the PNC and the PPP. So why was Lawrence Latchmansingh not fit and proper Mr. President? This situation clearly exposed the nature of people in the Granger cabal that runs the PNC today. Surujdai Lilmohan

From page 5 small topic that would stimulate public discussion, debate and energy, which if harnessed strategically, could be used to mobilize the nation around the development of the country. What the government needs to do is to find a common topic around which to mobilize the society – individuals and institutions. Last year when there was the big hype about cleaning up the environment and on sanitation, I was really hoping that the strategy was to use these two areas as entry points around which to mobilize the country; and having achieved success in working together and experiencing positive results (short term wins), this would have been a powerful platform upon which to mobilize the nation around working together on other development issues. You see, Editor, unlike many of the President’s advisers I have one citizenship

– my Guyanese citizenship. I am not even a resident of another country, so Guyana has to work for me. The APNU, AFC and PPP have to work together; Africans and Indians have to and I repeat have to get this cohesion and inclusion thing right. We will not, and I repeat will not, spend the next 50 years going around the mountain like we did for the past 50 years, Guyana has to work for all of us, man, it has to work! The Ministry of Social Cohesion needs an experienced sociologist/psychologist to head it, someone who will also be an adviser to the government in relevant areas such as these. I am admonishing the President and appealing to him to please, please change the colour of the Ministry of the Presidency from green. I only desire the best for the President, the people of Guyana and for Guyana. Audreyanna Thomas

SARA is necessary and it... From page 4 of his taxes to GRA on the alleged $18B income? How is it that a Permanent Secretary could, without any hassle or alarm from local financial institutions, be able to deposit approximately $18B or US$90M into the system with no questions being raised? The ordinary man would be questioned, or investigated or probably refused trying to deposit US$5000 or GYD$1 million. Had it not been for SARA, would we have ever known about the Omar Shariff case? At the end of the day, it is because of SARU’s work that we are even aware of the Omar Shariff case that is currently being pursued by the relevant authorities. It is worrying that the investigation into this matter was not a direct result of the institutions mandated to report these activities and protect the financial system from being a conduit of these

suspicious transactions. As the Ram and McRae’s of this society ponder that salient point, I maintain that SARA is necessary and we should do all that is possible to strengthen its role in our society. Resorting to character attacks on the likes of Dr. Thomas; people who are genuinely interested in capturing the political thieves of our time, would not help anyone. And as an aside, if anyone feels that they were handed down a bad decision by SARU or they were not given a chance to due process, there is redress in the courts. I conclude by suggesting that the glaring weaknesses of the Central Bank, the FIU and other agencies, and the availability of audit firms that assist “businessmen” to cover their tracks and even to launder money in Guyana, justify the existence of SARU. Rustum Bulkan

GECOM Chair imbroglio puts... From page 4 consult wider. It must include more stakeholder organizations in its

consultation; there are a whole range of interests that were not consulted the first time around. I am not aware that Amerindian and African Guyanese interests were consulted. Also omitted were women’s interest groups, the academic community, youth groups and the full range of religious interests. In the end both sides must display a sense of fairness and statesmanship—the stakes are too high. David Hinds

Friday January 13, 2017

Former Barama chief, Girwar Lalaram, dies Girwar Lalaram, an executive who played a critical role during some of the most testing times in the forestry sector, has died. An economist and father of two, Lalaram passed away at his Prashad Nagar home Wednesday evening, family members confirmed yesterday. He had been ailing for some time now and was only recently released from the hospital. Lalaram was probably most known for his time as a powerful player at Barama Company Limited, a Malaysian-owned operations involved in logging and plywood manufacturing that had the largest forestry concession at the time. He served as both the General Manager and Chairman of Barama. Prior to that, Lalaram was the Chief Executive Officer of Willems Timber. He served at senior

The late Girwar Lalaram positions at the Ministry of Education, the Guyana Sugar Corporation, the Guyana National Engineering Corporation and Neal and Massy. Significantly, he would have also served in a critical role for one year ending in 2014 - that of Deputy General Manager of BaiShanLin Forest Development, a

Chinese logging company which found itself in deep trouble last year, forcing Government to revoke its concessions. Lalaram’s expertise would have seen him contributing in several areas. He made substantial contributions to the National Forestry Standard as Director of the Forest Products Marketing and Development Council. He also helped in the review and analysis of the Legal Verification system and Lacey Act. During his latter years, Lalaram was involved in consulting, with his clients being some of the biggest players in the forestry sector. He was, until his death, the current CEO of Lalaram and Associates, a distribution company for building materials from Colombia. According to family members, the funeral of the former executive is expected Sunday.

Tourism potential explored in Linden Tour operators from Georgetown were given an opportunity to view the Linden community during a reconnaissance visit last Friday. They assembled at the Watooka Complex with the aim of boosting tourism opportunities. The trip was organized by the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA). After visits to historical sites on both the Wismar and Mackenzie shores they visited the Water Wheel, the Linden Museum, Hymara Park, Richmond Hill and Watooka Complex, leaders within the community were given the opportunity to highlight the tourism potential of the community, while tour operators shared their views. GTA Product Development Officer, Haydock Thompson, explained that the aim was to ascertain the tourism potential of the Linden community, so that Tour operators would be able to successfully package community tours. Thompson in addressing the media said “We want tour


Kaieteur News

operators to start packaging tours for Linden, offering tours for Linden. So that’s the whole synopsis of this trip – promoting Linden. “Linden is on show right now. Our main objective is to get persons coming to Linden… We hope that the touristic potential of Linden would be ascertained by these operators, hopefully that they start offering tours to this location. The Guyana Tourism Authority is very committed to developing communitybased tourism.” Speaking at the event, Linden Mayor Carwyn Holland was delighted that there was such an interest in the tourism sector of the Mining town and described the Linden community as beautiful and untapped. The Mayor alluded to the many natural clear springs, rivers, trails, blue lakes and fishing areas. He explained that the Demerara River, which runs through the community is a product in itself and described Richmond Hill as picturesque. Regional Vice Chairman,

Elroy Adolph, told the gathering that Sub Region Two of Region Ten Kwakwani, is the safest place in Guyana. Adolph noted that the people are very hospitable and the scenery was amazing. “It’s a very beautiful place to go. We also have blue lakes where people go to get married, engaged, and hold parties. Also, we have the Berbice River where people go fishing. There’s also the beach where persons go to play cricket when the tide is low. Down the Berbice River, we also have Fort Nassau where persons go to tour the Dutch site and also there are other neighbouring communities such as Aroaima and Hururu, he said. Also present were tour operators: Salvador de Caires of Wilderness Explorers, Jamal Thomas of Evergreen Adventures and Mark McCall of Tours R Us.

More oil found! - “High quality” reservoir discovered in another successful Exxon-Mobil drill

More good news is continuing to roll in with regards to how big the country’s oil find really is. E x x o n M o b i l yesterday announced “positive results” from its Payara-1 well offshore Guyana. Payara is ExxonMobil’s second oil discovery on the Stabroek Block and was drilled in a new reservoir. The Payara-1 well targeted similar aged reservoirs that were proven successful at the company’s Liza discovery, says the USowned Exxon-Mobil. “This important discovery further establishes the area as a significant exploration province,” said Steve Greenlee, president of ExxonMobil Exploration Company. “We look forward to working with the government and our coventurers to continue evaluating broader exploration potential on the block and the greater Liza area.” According to the Texasbased company, the well was drilled by ExxonMobil affiliate Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited,

and encountered more than 95 feet (29 meters) of “highquality, oil-bearing sandstone reservoirs. It was safely drilled to 18,080 feet (5,512 meters) in 6,660 feet (2,030 meters) of water. The Payara field discovery is about 10 miles (16 km) northwest of the 2015 Liza discovery.” In addition to the Payara discovery, appraisal drilling at Liza-3 has identified an additional high quality, deeper reservoir directly below the Liza field, which is estimated to contain between 100-150 million oil equivalent barrels. This additional resource is currently being evaluated for development in conjunction with the worldclass Liza discovery. “These latest exploration successes are examples of ExxonMobil’s technological capabilities in ultra-deepwater environments, which will enable effective development of the resource for the benefit of the people of Guyana and our shareholders,” Greenlee said. Drilling on Payara began on November 12 with an initial total depth reached on

The Stena Carron which conducted the drill.

December 2. “Two sidetracks have been drilled to rapidly evaluate the discovery, and a well test is underway to further evaluate the successful well results. The well data will be analyzed in the coming months to better determine the full resource potential.” The Stabroek Block is 6.6 million acres (26,800 square kilometers). Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited is operator and holds 45 percent interest in the Stabroek Block. Hess Guyana Exploration Ltd. holds 30 percent interest and CNOOC Nexen Petroleum Guyana Limited holds 25 percent interest. Guyana received news of its first major oil find in May 2015 from the Exxon-Mobil. The discovery is being viewed as a major gamechanger for Guyana and one that will change the country’s fortunes. Training, legislations and consultations have been ongoing to ready Guyana for oil production with approval already granted to build an on-shore facility.


Friday January 13, 2017

Kaieteur News

Chamber to probe foreign currency shortage - to seek an audience with Central Bank, Banking Association The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) is concerned that local banks are making claims that there is a shortage of foreign currency even though the Central Bank insists otherwise. As a result, it is expected to meet with the Banking Association soon to ascertain who is really telling the truth. This is according to President of the GCCI, Vishnu Doerga. Speaking with this newspaper yesterday, Doerga said that he is of the firm belief that there is a shortage of foreign currency in the banking system as his own company is experiencing the effects of it. In this regard, he shared that he was placed on a waiting list for a week for transfers to be effected. The GCCI Chairman said that the situation hampers the private sector logistics since businesses are unable to pay suppliers in a timely manner, thereby delaying shipments. The scarcity also leads to the exchange rates being increased, he added. The entrepreneur also noted that the Chamber has been receiving complaints about the shortage from other banks about the issue. He stated that the Chamber will make moves to ascertain how many businesses are being affected by the issue. Up to yesterday, local banks informed some businessmen that they are unable to do transactions ranging from US$80,000 to as low as US$5,000. The excuse given is that there is a shortage of foreign currency within the

Central Bank Governor, Dr. Gobind Ganga GCCI Chairman, Vishnu Doerga system. Inquiries made by this newspaper also showed that the situation remains the same. Some banks are proffering the explanation that they sell the USA currency based on what is brought in by their customers. Such is the case with Republic Bank. When Kaieteur News made contact with the Camp Street branch, it was told that a transaction of US$30,000 or even US$2,000 could not be done. A supervisor subsequently stated that there is a shortage and that checks should be made at the Republic Bank branch at Water Street. But this too was not successful. Representatives at the branch stated that the amount was not available and that “there seems to be a shortage for some time now.” The official told this newspaper that checks should be made at a later date.

In other cases, some banks are stating that customers would have to go on a waiting list and the time for their request to be facilitated is not guaranteed. They insist that they cannot guarantee that the waiting list process would result in the transaction being effected within two or three days. Central Bank Governor, Dr. Gobind Ganga, insists however that the banks have foreign currency. “I don’t know what they are going on with. There is no shortage. All the banks have money. What is happening is that some of them are just holding on to their money. The foreign currency situation has even improved significantly from last year to now!” Another senior banking official at the Central Bank asserted, “All the banks can provide foreign currency to the consumers, but they are

trying to be difficult. Some of them are keeping the money

so they can send it to their other branches in the region.” In addition, Dr. Ganga stressed that there was no reason for concern. “There is no foreign currency crisis looming in Guyana. The fact is, we have a net supply of foreign currency in the system, so there should be no depreciation of the currency by any significant amount. It is not a situation where there is a piling up of demand for foreign exchange at the commercial banks,” Dr. Ganga said. He even provided details which illustrate that the current foreign exchange reserves held by the Bank of Guyana and the commercial banks were in excess of the 2015 figures.

“Commercial banks have increased their foreign exchange holdings. In 2015 they had a gross holding of US$357M. As of September 2016 it was US$388.4M, and we were expecting the commercial banks to hold approximately US$403M by the end of the year,” Dr. Ganga revealed. He said, “The (commercial) banks have money… and they have quite a lot. It is not a small amount. The Bank of Guyana had US$598M at the end of 2015, currently we are holding close to US$625M which is much more than last year. You can see, therefore, that there is an increase in foreign exchange availability from the holdings.”

SARU sending wrong signals to investors – Jagdeo Recently the Head of the State Assets Recovery Unit (SARU), Dr. Clive Thomas, said that his agency will be documenting all of the highrise buildings in Guyana in an effort to know who owns the structures, how they were financed and if the owners are paying any taxes. However, this move has been criticised by the Leader of the opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo, who is of the opinion that it lacks logic and will only serve to drive investors away. Additionally, Jagdeo made mention of Thomas’ statements that the Central Bank was deficient because it did not look at the flow through of money in the banking system and together with the commercial banks did not do due diligence of customers. During a press conference at his party’s headquarters, yesterday, Jagdeo said that Thomas should be asked how he has quantified the illegal money in the banking system. “The reason why I am so upset with this, and the President needs to look at this, that these loose mouthed people are damaging our economy. The business community and ordinary citizens operate on signals. If the entire government speaks as though it hates investment and investors and if you put up a building you will be subjected to a full range of scrutiny by the government, they are not going to invest.” The former Head of State said that investors will not have confidence in G u y a n a ’s e c o n o m y a n d hopes that the President speaks to persons like Dr. Thomas who are damaging investment prospects for

Dr. Clive Thomas

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo

the economy. “So what’s the logic, assuming you have one five-storey building or fifty-one storey buildings? What’s the logic of this? So he is going to map that one five-storey building that you have and subject you to investigation when you have other persons who have fifty properties around the city but they are not tall buildings.” Jagdeo said that Dr. Thomas is damaging the prospects of Guyana and its people as it relates to the creation of jobs which will generate income. “I do hope that the President looks into this. Sometimes you can get everything right, but if the signals are wrong about your intent, then people act on signals and investors do so as well as ordinary citizens.” In a recent report, Chief Executive Officer of SARU, Aubrey Heath-Retemyer, said that the department of the Ministry of the Presidency has already created

an inventory of over 100 buildings in Guyana. He said that the anti-corruption programme in Guyana will be a comprehensive and far reaching one. According to HeathRetemyer, “How do you justify building a complex several stories high and you are only using the ground floor and there is no other activity going on in the upper floors? If you are paying a mortgage, you can’t afford to just use the ground floor of a four or six storey building.” He said that the agency is not operating in a laid back manner but is actively conducting research so that when it officially becomes an agency, it has the necessary information to begin its work. However, gathering the relevant information has been posing a problem for SARU as Thomas said that places such as the Deeds Registry are unable to supply documentation stating who owns a number of lands or businesses.

Friday January 13, 2017


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UG’s law programme is on wobbly legs Behind every cloud there is a silver lining. Where there is a problem, there is always a solution. Where there is a problem there is always an opportunity. This is something that local entrepreneurs need appreciate. Instead of only seeing the negative effects of a problem, there is a need to see the opportunities for making money that this problem presents. For years, the law stu-

dents of the University of Guyana have faced a problem in terms of continuing their studies. There was a quota allocation for admission to the Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad. This quota system had created havoc with the students at UG. It limited the number of students who could gain admission through that system. A number of Guyanese law graduates have

therefore not been admitted to the Bar because they have not been able to continue on with their studies, either because of this quota system or because of the cost of tuition and boarding in Trinidad and Tobago. The University of Guyana is supposed to be establishing a school of business and entrepreneurship. Yet here was a golden opportunity for the University of Guyana to establish a full law

Probation officers now in all administrative regions Probation officers are now deployed in all ten administrative regions. The Assistant Chief Probation and Social Service Officer at the Ministry of Social Protection, Ricardo Banwarie, said this is a major accomplishment for the Ministry in 2016. Speaking with the Government Information A g e n c y, B a n w a r i e e x plained that public assistance is one of the safety net programmes of the Ministry. He added that with the deployment of the officers in all regions, all districts are functioning. “We have 33 districts in the country and all 33 local guardians are functioning. We h a v e t h e P o o r L a w Commission in Georgetown and that is also functioning so it’s an ongoing process and everyday persons

are coming,” Banwarie said. Public assistance is a life line for persons with extremely low income and those who, for medical or other reasons, are unable to work. H o w e v e r, Banwarie noted that efforts are underway to assist persons to become self-sufficient and not rely on public assistance. Banwarie pointed out that the Ministry has partnered with the Central Recruitment and Man Power Agency (CRMPA), the Board of Industrial Training and the Ministry’s People of Worth Entrepreneurial Resources (POWER) and Women of Worth (WOW) programmes among several others, for assistance to ensure that “our clients are given the service that they require.”

Additionally, the Assistant Chief Probation and Social Service Officer indicated that the ministry has already trained officers to be effective in guiding and encouraging persons to become independent. “We would have had stories where officers would have worked with persons who are not able to manage their finance and now they are managing their finance. Some have even started small businesses like chicken rearing and others so that they can be able to sustain themselves and family,” Banwarie said. In the 2017 National Budget, $14.8B was allocated for social services under the Ministry of Social Protection. Public Assistance will increase from $6500 to $7, 500 effective January 1, 2017. (GINA)

Former cashier charged again for fraud A former cashier attached to the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, yesterday made an appearance before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts to answer to the charge of fraudulent conversion. It is alleged that between January 16, 2012 and August 7, 2012, Tiffany Peters, of Lot 35 Garden of Eden, East Bank Demerara, while being employed as a clerk or servant at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, fraudulently embezzled the sum of $1.1 M property of the Court Registrar. The 26-year-old was represented by Attorney Latchmi Rahamat who told the court that her client was previously charged for a similar offence and sentence to 60 months’ imprisonment but was granted Presidential Pardon last year after an appeal was filed. Latchmi further stated that after her client was pardoned by the President she was part of the USAID Skills and Knowledge for Youth Employment (SKYE) Guyana, where she benefited and is

Tiffany Peters now the owner of a poultry farm. Her Attorney mentioned that her client is not a flight risk because she has been living at the same address for the past six years and has no pending matter in any other court. Latchmi went on to say that on the day in question her client was at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters to uplift a Police Clearance when a member of the Fraud department told her to appear in Court yesterday. Her attorney’s request for

bail was successful and Peters was released on self bail by the Magistrate. Police Prosecutor Neville Jeffers did not object to bail. The 26-year-old will make her next court appearance on January 24. Peters was jailed on October 13, 2014 for 60 months after she was found guilty by Magistrate Judy Latchman for fraudulently converting $3M while being a cashier at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. According to report, Peters was employed as a cashier in the court’s Maintenance section. Her duties entailed writing up maintenance/affiliation cards and cash composition book as well as collecting cash from persons. During the period, Peters made changes to receipts and records and stole the sum of $3M. After making off with the money, Peters was on the run, and following a sting operation she was arrested one year later. During the trial, a number of witnesses including clerks, supervisors and former Clerk of the court testified.

programme and have it accredited so as to avoid its graduates having to go to one of the other law schools in the Caribbean. UG did not seize that opportunity. A private group has however come forward and done so. The group will soon be establishing a law school in Guyana. UG will have to play the bridesmaid for this school. UG’s law programme will collapse. UG’s law lecturers will be gobbled up by the school. And UG law library will no doubt be rented or leased for the law programme. It is hard to envisage any other fate given that the establishment of this law school will mean the end of UG’s law programme. The market is not there for two law schools to operate. A great many persons want to study law. Many cannot get into the UG law programme because the number of places is limited. This would tend to suggest that a second law school would do well and be

able to accommodate those who were left out. Correct? Wrong? The problem is not just the number of places. The problem for many law students is also cost. And when you are dealing with a private law school, you will have to pay upfront. The new law school is not going to run a loan agency as the government does with UG. And the fees are not going to be cheap either given the facilities which will have to be established. Only one school can therefore survive. UG’s law programme is about to go into remission. It will eventually give way to the private law school which we are told is being supported by the government. The government will have a 30% stake in the law school. Why put all that money into a private law school and still have to subsidize UG’s law programme. It is not difficult therefore to imagine which law programme will go out of business.

If the fees of the private law school are affordable, if they are competitive with that of Hugh Wooding; if the standards of the law programme to be offered are high and can be accredited by the Council of Legal Education, then the private law school will become the premier law programme in Guyana. It will become the only law school in Guyana. It will solve a lot of problems. It will also end the nightmare that UG law graduates have had to endure. But it will mark the end of the UG law programme, perhaps a deserved demise for an institution which has shown a glaring lack of entrepreneurial drive for over fifty years.


Friday January 13, 2017

Kaieteur News

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

Guyana in 2016; Repulsive, repugnant, repellant It is expected that confusion will arise at the airport in a country going through the throes of civil war. There will be a mad rush to get out, the immigration officials will be overwhelmed and papers will get lost. In Guyana in 2016, on a normal tropical day, with serenity and social cohesion in full swing, a diaspora family that had visited and was departing got driven into an emotionally draining situation. Father checked in, son checked in, mother checked in. When it was time for the immigration official to return

the mother ’s passport to board the plane, he told her the passport was misplaced. This couldn’t be true given the space at the Timehri airport that immigration officials work with. Where and how that passport could have been lost? Even if someone called him, he would not have left the security area and just go off far away. And if it was an urgent call, he would have left the mother to be attended to by one of his colleagues. But that was not the most abominable dimension of this mystery. After failure to re-

cover the passport, the surveillance cameras were checked. No results. Surely, this could not have happened. Those cameras have to pick up the transactions and movements of people at the check out counter at the immigration section. The public interest wasn’t served by this devilish incident but not even one journalist asked President Granger on his Public Interest television programme what became of the investigation. Not even one journalist asked the Minister of Security (oops, sorry, Public Security) what eventually happened with the inquiry into this mess. From a missing passport, we moved to killing puppies. It really was a year of angst in Guyana in 2016. Any human that could endure the vortex of madness of Guyana could live his life in a swamp and not feel uncomfortable. A gold miner and two of his assistants came into Kaieteur News to relate a tale that you only find in the fantasy section of the National Enquirer. This gentleman lives in Guyana. Just as how I live in Guyana, this man lives in Guyana. His dog gave birth to four puppies. He took a

plane out of the interior to bring the puppies to Georgetown to give his friends. If you saw these puppies, you would have begged him for one. At Customs at Eugene Correia Airport (which I thought only serves incoming foreign passengers), Customs took the puppies, called in the vet at the Guyana Livestock Development Authority who accused the miner of having foreign puppies and decided to put the animals to death. The miner then chartered a flight to bring the mother to the airport. He told Kaieteur News that the puppies were about to be killed when the mother turned up. To show you what a repugnant, repulsive, repellant country this hell hole of a country is, after Kaieteur

News featured that story, days later more puppies were executed at the airport with the Guyana Chronicle highlighting the photos of the dead animals. One can conclude that there were some vexations at the publication by Kaieteur News and someone decided to show Kaieteur News the power he/she has. This is Guyana of course, the worst country in the world. The Minister of Security (oops, sorry, Public Security) said not a word about the missing passport. The Minister of Agriculture said not a word about the executed puppies. The President said not a word about the many abominations and atrocities like these that took place inside his government in 2016. The morbidity that really pierced my mind in 2016 was

Frederick Kissoon the three years of imprisonment a 65-year-old woman received from a Berbice magistrate for possession of one gram (yes, most definitely, one gram) of marijuana when she went to visit her grandson at the New Amsterdam prison. Come on man, she didn’t steal or kill or defraud anyone or use violence. Where was our humanity? But then again, that left Guyana many, many moons ago.

Man to stand trial in High Court for murder Arthur and Griffith were inof “Junkie” volved in a brief scuffle afMagistrate Faith McGusty yesterday ruled that a prima facie case was established against Eustace Griffith, a man who is accused of stabbing a “Junkie” on July 4, 2016 at Hadfield Street, Georgetown. The charge read that on the day in question Steven D e x t e r A r t h u r, 4 5 , o f Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara was stabbed to the stomach following an altercation with Griffith. According to reports,

ter the accused threw a banana peel at him. However, the scuffle escalated and Griffith reportedly armed himself with a knife and attacked Arthur. The accused reportedly ran into the Brickdam Police Station where he was arrested. Arthur was said to be a drug abuser who did odd jobs around the Stabroek Market area. Griffith will stand trial at the next sitting of the Demerara Assizes

Eustace Griffith to stand trial in the High court

Dem boys seh... Never believe a politician and ee promise Life does teach people to make good use of time while time does teach people de value of life. That easy to understand. It mean that young people should learn when dem young and don’t wait to complain when dem old. Mek provision when you young and strong and don’t beg when you get old. Jagdeo understand that saying too good because he tek he education when he was young and then he mek provision fuh heself, he friends and ee family while he still strong. He even mek provision and dem boys ain’t talking bout plantain and cassava fuh ee party people. Nuff people like do to others but dem can’t tek it.

Nuff times dem boys see people tantalizing dem friends and when de friend tun back pun dem is fight dem want to fight. Dem boys know people who like to mek promises and break dem but when other people refuse to even entertain ration he does get vex. Jagdeo did sit down and con Hoyte. He promise not to issue any new radio licence. Hoyte close he eye and Jagdeo forget all about that promise to Hoyte. He tun and give away radio licence to he friends, he family and he party. Before he lef office he promise to personally fix de Skeldon plant wha he seh he spend US$200 million, wid he own hand. He never go back close to Skeldon. The corn,

not cane plant, now dead. This same Jagdeo always promise to declare ee assets. He still ain’t do it and every time people ask him ee twist he mouth and get vex. He promise to sell de $500 million chandelier in he house to de Waterfalls Boss man, fuh $5 million. De Waterfalls boss man still waiting to cut de cheque. And dem boys seh Jagdeo mustn’t try to get a counterfeit one and swap. Now he want Soulja Bai to mek a promise about GECOM. He want Soulja Bai to pick a person who he Jagdeo select. Dem boys seh Soulja Bai should be like Jagdeo and mek a promise but don’t keep it. Talk half and remember promises are only made for fools.

Friday January 13, 2017


Kaieteur News

Repairs to the Seawall Road sinkhole to start before month-end

Cops seize rifle from East La Penitence home

The seized rifle

Public Infrastructure is in charge of repairing a sinkhole at the Kitty seawall and not the M&CC, an engineer of the former said yesterday. Works on the Seawall Road sinkhole should start before the end of the month. Chief Roads and Bridges Officer, Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Ron Rahaman, told the Government Information Agency (GINA) that contractors have already been shortlisted. Rahaman said that by January 17, bids will be opened by the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NTAB) after which it will go to Cabinet for their no-objection.

The Chief Roads and Bridges Officer explained that three pipes or culverts feeding the Kitty pump station failed. He added that the one at the seawall had a worst impact causing a sinkhole. The Ministry is hoping to start works on the road by January 24 and plans to complete the entire section including those areas where mini holes are formed. On Thursday, January 2, 2017, reports surfaced in the media that the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) was waiting

to obtain funds from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure to repair the sinkhole that had opened on the Seawall Road in Kitty. Rahaman said that he is unaware of collaboration with M&CC to undertake these works and the works will be completed utilising funds catered for in the Ministry’s 2017 budget. Budget 2017 has provision for miscellaneous roads and urban roads and drainage to the tune of $1.1B and $1.05B, respectively.

Police have detained a 28year-old technician after finding an unlicensed .45 rifle and a 9mm round at an East La Penitence home. Ther find was made around 14.00 hrs yesterday. A release stated that the ranks, acting on information, also found several ecstasy tablets. Last year, police seized 109 illegal firearms, compared to 115 in 2015. The firearms comprised 49 pistols, 32 revolvers, 26 shotguns, two rifles and one submachine gun.


Friday January 13, 2017

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Headless and lost …

New names being looked at for GNBA Board –Nagamootoo Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo is currently receiving advice on the reconstitution of the board of directors for the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA). Nagamootoo, the First Vice President, said that he is in the process of consulting on new names but they would have to be taken to Cabinet for approval. Until such time, Nagamootoo said that the Authority is well equipped with a competent Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Prudence Lewis-Bhola. The Prime Minister reminded that Dr. Lewis-Bhola has a doctorate in Transformational Leadership along with a Bachelor of Laws and a Social Sciences Degree in Communication from the University of Guyana. He said that it is his understanding that Dr. LewisBhola is convinced that there is much to be done at this time and is eager to make a positive contribution to the Authority and the broadcast sector as a whole. “Keenly aware of the issues and challenges of the local broadcast landscape, she is optimistic that much can be achieved from meaningful engagement and collaboration with all stakeholders in the broadcast industry.” “The CEO plans to be proactive and diligent in her

Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo efforts to execute the GNBA’s statutory mandate. She has already commenced strategic planning sessions with GNBA’s senior management team and hopes to lead a series of consultative sessions with broadcast operators.” Nagamootoo added, “So while the GNBA may be without a Chairman, there is a competent CEO in place. And in between the functioning of a board, the CEO would have to take those operational measures that are in the interest of the

Authority. “As CEO she can take operational measures to ensure basic functions are carried out but let me make it clear that I have not forgotten about the authority. Moves are being taken on the names for the board and the names have to be given cabinet’s approval.” In the meantime, it appears that the image of the Authority is taking a few blows. Officials within the Authority told this newspaper

that they are peeved at the fact that a Board is not in place; as such important work within the realm of broadcasting continues to be stalled. Explaining this state of affairs, GNBA Member, Anthony Vieira, said that there is yet to be a meeting following the board’s suspension. This was as a result of the Commission of Inquiry that was launched to ascertain the veracity of corruption allegations against Vieira and another member. They were however cleared of all accusations. Nevertheless, Vieira said, “The board was suspended pending the outcome of that Commission of Inquiry. So from the time that inquiry started, it would mean that it has been over three months since we have met. The report has been out for over 80 days.

“Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo, was supposed to reconstitute the Board, but this is yet to happen.” Vieira reminded that the Inquiry Report also recommended the removal of the GNBA Board member, Leonard Craig, but he subsequently tendered his resignation. “We don’t meet. We don’t know what is going on and because we can’t function without a board you really don’t have a broadcast authority. So we are lost and headless; that is to say without a Chairman,” opined Vieira. Kaieteur News understands that some officials within the authority will be writing to the First Vice President to take the necessary steps so that the Authority can continue with critical

works. Since the appointment of a new board at GNBA in 2015, it has earned nothing but harsh criticisms to the effect that it is, and continues to be, the most unproductive of the boards under the APNU+AFC administration. In fact, the board has done absolutely nothing of consequence since it was installed. The Authority is months late on a promised implementation of new regulations that were to bring order to the Broadcasting sector. Those regulations were supposed to force broadcasters who are holding “illegal” licences granted to them by Bharrat Jagdeo, to surrender their licences and to reapply under a new structure which was supposed to be free from any form of corruption or nepotism.

Vessel too large:

Bosai, Rusal in one-off deal to use transhipment point in Berbice River The Ministry of Natural Resources says that it has assisted in successfully brokering a one-off agreement between Chineseowned bauxite company Bosai Minerals (Guyana) Inc. and Russian-owned Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc. (BCGI), a subsidiary of bauxite giant RUSAL. This agreement, brokered over the past few days, will allow for Bosai Minerals Inc. to utilise – for one shipment only – the services of the transhipment station located in the mouth of the Berbice River. This station is operated by Oldendorff Carriers – a sub-contractor of BCGI. Because of the agreement, Bosai Minerals (Guyana) Inc. will be able to dispatch a 24tonne shipment of bauxite to

China. The vessel ‘Hua An Sheng’, into which the bauxite will be loaded, was expected in Port New Amsterdam yesterday. This vessel has been deemed too large to transit the Demerara River to Bosai’s Linden operations. “Therefore four smaller vessels will be transporting shipments of between 5,000 and 6,000 tonnes each from Bosai’s operations in Linden to Port New Amsterdam where their cargo will be transferred onto the ‘Hua An Sheng’.” Hitherto, this arrangement, Bosai Minerals (Guyana) Inc. would utilise a transhipment station located in Trinidad before onward shipment of the bauxite to Bosai’s international markets. “It is hoped that this one-

off use of the Oldendorff Carriers’ transhipment facility between Bosai Minerals (Guyana) Inc. and Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc. will evolve into a longer term arrangement to the benefit of not only the two parties involved, but also to the people of Guyana.” Bosai is located in Linden while Rusal is located in Kwakwani and Aroaima, another area in Region 10. “The Ministry of Natural Resources is happy to have played a part in brokering this arrangement between the two bauxite companies operating in Guyana with the expectation that it will assist Bosai in meeting and exceeding targets that both its principals and the Government of Guyana have set.”

Guyana, Iran discuss possible ties in the area of infrastructure Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Annette Ferguson met with the newly accredited Iranian Ambassador to Guyana, Mostafa Alaei on Wednesday to discuss possible collaborations between the two nations in the area of infrastructure. During the meeting with Minister Ferguson, Ambassador Alaei shared his hope to boost the relationship and better ties between Guyana and Iran. He further said that the two nations have different capacities and potentials and could therefore work (Continued on page 31)

Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Annette Ferguson, receives a token from Iranian Ambassador, Mostafa Alaei.

Friday January 13, 2017


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Emerging Oil and Gas Sector...

Guyana has to develop capacity to support the Industry Former Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs, Kevin Ramnarine, said yesterday, that Guyana’s emerging Oil and Gas Industry needs the support of all stakeholders to ensure that it starts on the right foot. Ramnarine was at the time preparing to give a lecture at the Le Meridian Pegasus Hotel, Kingston, Georgetown, at an Oil and Gas Seminar. “I am of the view that Guyana has to develop the capacity to support this industry. This industry needs everything. In the early days of Trinidad and Tobago for example, Trinidadians would rent cars and houses to oil companies. Now we’ve come a long way where we provide the essential services for drilling and so on.” He added that the cementing of wells is being done by Trinidadian Companies as opposed to the importation of services to the twin-island republic.

- T&T’s Former Energy Minister

Former Trinidad and Tobago Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs, Kevin Ramnarine Machine shops, he added, are also now actively involved. “The country also provides the highest to the lowest in terms of skill set and I think that is where Guyana has to get to,” Ramnarine said. PRIVATE SECTOR’S ROLE The former Minister, now

Lecturer at the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business in Trinidad, noted the importance of the Private Sector role in the emerging industry. “The (Private Sector) has to step up to the plate and if they don’t do that, they will be left behind. The government can’t do it all and the government’s role is to facilitate, not to frustrate,” “You want the country to develop the services that the sector needs and (they) aren’t going to develop all the services immediately, but you know there has to be a starting point.” RECENT DISCOVERY Meanwhile, Guyana continues to advance in the world of Oil and Gas. E x x o n M o b i l yesterday announced “positive results” from its Payara-1 well offshore Guyana. Payara is ExxonMobil’s second oil

Reported increase of C-Section at GPHC - doctors claim to reduce maternal mortality - former Public Health Minister insists practice against medical ethics There has reportedly been an increase in the number of births by way of Caesarean Section (CSection) at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). An official close to the operation of the hospital disclosed that in one day there was an unprecedented 19 C-Section conducted last year. While C-Section is the use of surgery to deliver one or more babies, it is usually performed when a vaginal delivery would put the baby or mother at risk. But according to the official, C-Sections are reportedly not merely being done at the GPHC because of emergencies, but in an effort to reduce the number of maternal deaths and avoid being sanctioned. “Doctors are trying to protect themselves...Doing C-Sections also makes it easier for them...They are looking at safety and they wouldn’t have to be bothered at night,” said the official. This development, the official said, seems to suggest that the hospital is gradually moving towards a practice that occurs in some private institutions. The official pointed out that this

practice has long been adopted in a number of overseas hospitals. But according to former Minister of Public Health, Dr. George Norton, while he is not in possession of the statistics, he would hope that there is not an increase in the number of C-Sections at the GPHC. “While I cannot doubt it is possible, I am convinced, and this is no politics, medical ethics will not permit any surgeon, any obstetrician to do a Caesarean Section unless it is absolutely necessary. They should not do it just for the sake of a good friend, a wife, a that they do not go through the so-called labour in its true sense. Medical ethics will not permit it and I hope and don’t think that our physicians will do that...” said Dr. Norton. He continued, “I personally have not heard of there being an increase but I would not want to believe that. However, I can’t doubt it because I don’t have the information so it is possible that there has been an increase.” Last year, the Ministry of Public Health recorded a total of 12 maternal deaths, an amount that represented a decline from the 17 recorded

the previous year. As Minister of Public Health, Dr. Norton boasted that his Ministry was able to keep its maternal death numbers down because of an increase in medical evacuations to ensure that women likely to have problematic pregnancies be swiftly transported to a facility with capacity to effectively cater to complications that could result in death. Minister Norton also attributed this reduction in maternal mortality to the fact that there are more trained doctors in the Public Health system in the field of Obstetrics. “This has resulted in earlier diagnosis of complications,” asserted Dr. Norton. This is due to the fact, the Minister said, that to date, some 75 percent of all Cubantrained medical practitioners have been trained in ALARMS (Emergency Obstetrics Training). Forty more health care workers were trained in ALARMS in 2016. The reduction in the number of maternal deaths can also be attributed to increased education and women being seen earlier in their pregnancy, Dr. Norton quipped.

discovery on the Stabroek Block and was drilled in a new reservoir. The Payara-1 well targeted similar aged reservoirs that were proven successful at the company’s Liza discovery, says the USowned Exxon-Mobil. “This important discovery further establishes the area as a significant exploration province,” said Steve Greenlee, president of ExxonMobil Exploration Company. “We look forward to working with the government and our co-venturers to continue evaluating broader exploration potential on the block and the greater Liza area.” According to the Texasbased company, the well was drilled by ExxonMobil affiliate, Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited, and encountered more than

95 feet (29 meters) of “highquality, oil-bearing sandstone reservoirs. It was safely drilled to 18,080 feet (5,512 meters) in 6,660 feet (2,030 meters) of water. The Payara field discovery is about 10 miles (16 km) northwest of the 2015 Liza discovery.” In addition to the Payara discovery, appraisal drilling at Liza-3 has identified an additional high quality, deeper reservoir directly below the Liza field, which is estimated to contain between 100-150 million oil equivalent barrels. This additional resource is currently being evaluated for development in conjunction with the world-class Liza discovery. Ramnarine was asked about his thoughts on this recent development to which he responded: “What we could be looking at here is the possibility of the Guyana/ Suriname basin being the new North Sea. “So that, to me, is huge. It becomes very difficult to wrap

your mind around the enormity of what is happening here,” The former Minister was asked to expound on what this development means to the “man in the street”. “It means that the country is going to become wealthier in a short space of time; it means that the economy can be doubled within the next five years of Liza’s production and the economy could probably quadruple after the next ten years. The standard of living is going to improve.” Guyana received news of its first major oil find in May 2015 from the Exxon-Mobil. The discovery is being viewed as a major gamechanger for Guyana and one that will change the country’s fortunes. Training, legislations and consultations have been ongoing to ready Guyana for oil production with approval already granted to build an on-shore facility.


Bajan mom pays the price for son jailed in Guyana Barbados (Barbados Today) - He’s out on bail in two courts in Barbados, but Kyle Chad Archer’s luck ran out in Guyana recently. Now the mother, a 59 Bayview Avenue, Bayville, St Michael resident has to pay a hefty price to the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court, and she has only six months to do so. Archer’s attorney, Roy Hurley, appeared in court, yesterday, and informed Magistrate Douglas Frederick that the accused was in a Georgetown prison serving a four-year sentence, after he was caught smuggling drugs into Guyana. Hurley said he received a call from a lawyer in that country that Archer had been arrested at the airport with cocaine strapped to his thigh. “I was shocked,” the attorney said. Archer’s mother told the court she was not aware that her son had left the country. “He left home for school at the [Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic]. I didn’t know he was going away. He left dress for school, with school bag and all that, Sir, and that was the last time I saw him . . . October 6,” she said. The mother went on to explain that she did not check her son’s whereabouts when she did not see him, as he has a young child with his girlfriend and usually slept there. “I thought he was with his girlfriend . . . and she thought he was with me,” the mother added. Hurley said Archer’s action was a “stupid move on his part”, as he had now left his mother to bear the burden. “This mother standing surety and most mothers will do the same, but he took advantage of his mother [as] there is no way she can check on him 24-7,” the lawyer said. Archer was out on B’dos $10,000 bail, on a charge of having sexual intercourse with an underage girl. His mother has six months to pay the court B’dos $5,000 of the total bail amount or she will spend three months in jail.

Friday January 13, 2017

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GECOM Chairman Nominees…

PPP willing to approach CCJ to interpret constitutional provision Opposition leader Bharrat Jagdeo is prepared to take the matter of the interpretation of Article 161 of Guyana’s constitution before the Caribbean Court of Justice if no common ground can be met with President David Granger, concerning the composition of the list of six nominees from which the next chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission is to be chosen. Jagdeo said that it appears that he and Granger have varying interpretations of the same Article and this is the reason for the confusion. During a press conference yesterday at Freedom House, Georgetown, Jagdeo said that there is a lot of confusion as to whether the ‘fit and proper’ section of the Article should be followed. The Article which states “ Subject to the provisions of paragraph (4), the chairman of the Elections Commission shall be a person who holds or who has held office as a judge of court, having unlimited jurisdiction in civil

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo

President David Granger

and criminal matters in some part of the Commonwealth or a court having jurisdiction in appeals from any such court or who is qualified to be appointed as any such judge, or any other ‘fit and proper’ person, to be appointed by the President from a list of six persons, not unacceptable to the President, submitted by the Leader of the Opposition after meaningful consultation with the non-governmental political parties represented in the National Assembly. Provided that if the

Leader of the Opposition fails to submit a list as provided for, the President shall appoint a person who holds or has held office as a judge of a court having unlimited jurisdiction in civil and criminal matters in some part of the Commonwealth or a court having jurisdiction in appeals from any such court or who is qualified to be appointed as any such judge.” Jagdeo then quoted the 1980 version of the Constitution which does not

include the ‘fit and proper’ category from which persons could be chosen. However, this version of the section is not applicable any longer and Jagdeo believes Granger may be using it instead of current version. The only category in the 1980 constitution is that of a judge of a court, having unlimited jurisdiction in civil and criminal matters in some part of the Commonwealth or a court having jurisdiction in appeals from any such court or who is qualified to be appointed as any such judge or persons who could be appointed as any such judge. According to Jagdeo, the change made to the old constitution was to widen the pool from which persons could be chosen rather than limiting names to just judges. Jagdeo said that his interpretation of the Article is similar to that of late President Hugh Desmond Hoyte. Jagdeo said that Hoyte who was a Senior Counsel, while he was opposition (Continued on page 31)

Prisoner attacked in holding cell at Magistrates’ Court Calvin “Gun butt” Johnson a prisoner who was attacked in the holding cell at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court yesterday morning, had his matter adjourned to January 31, 2017. Johnson of Lot 154 East Ruimveldt, Georgetown is on remand for robbery. According to reports the 34 year old prisoner and approximately 10 other prisoners were in the holding cell when the incident occurred. The court matter for Johnson was called thrice in Magistrate Ann McLennan’s courtroom and after no reply, the Police Officers at the court upon investigating saw that a bloody Johnson was being removed from the holding cell by other Officers. It was reported that there were cries of help from the holding cell while Johnson was being attacked. Information on why Johnson was attacked is still unclear as none of the other prisoners were willing to speak about what really happened. Johnson was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) by Police Officers, where he was treated for his injuries and discharged. He was

subsequently taken back for the afternoon session at the court. According to his Attorney, Leslie Sobers, Johnson sustained a broken nose, haematoma to the forehead and lacerations about his body. Johnson, Troy Abrams and Anthony Primo, 29, of West Ruimveldt, Georgetown was charged with robbing money-changers Rayburn Fraser and Osafo Ward at gunpoint on November 3, 2015. It is alleged that Johnson robbed Fraser of $520,000, US$3000, TT$2,000 and SRD$2000 – all totalling $1.6M and Ward of $400,000 and US$700. Johnson, also on August 21, 2011 allegedly robbed Winston Pereira of Second Street, Meadow Bank on the night of a show at the National Stadium. Johnson and three other men during a scuffle, reportedly relieved Pereira, at knife point, of one gold chain and pendant valued $100,000, two gold rings valued $80,000, and $58,000 in cash. The defendant, who had another matter of wounding pending in another Courtroom pleaded not guilty

Calvin Johnson after returning from the hospital yesterday. to the robbery charge. Last July, a 43-year-old man was dragged out of the lockups at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts by police officers and was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital, after he ingested a poisonous substance. Kaieteur News was able to confirm that Michael Persaud of Lot 15 Public Road, Herstelling, and East Coast Demerara consumed the substance which was concealed in a bottle. Persaud subsequently died at GPHC while receiving medical attention. He was charged with several attempts of false pretence.

Friday January 13, 2017

Kaieteur News

Parents protest deplorable state of Ituni Primary School - selective pupils being taught elsewhere

A corridor leading to classrooms

On Monday, the parents from the small logging community, Ituni, staged a protest over the deplorable state of the primary school in the area. The school is the Howell Wilson Primary School, but it is more commonly referred to as the Ituni Primary School. On Wednesday, Regional Education Officer, Marcia Paddy, met with the parents and teachers and they reached an agreement, where only the students that would be sitting examinations in the coming months, namely Grades two, four and six would attend school. The students are being taught in the Ituni Community Library and the Ituni Small Loggers Association building, while the community awaits word of the commencement of the rehabilitation of the school. The protest on Monday lasted for about seven hours, as parents and some of their children stood in front of the school with placards, some of which read, “Our children are

playing hopscotch to climb the stairs, Help!” and “No repair, no school”, among many others. There have reportedly been countless reports to the Ministry of Education relating to the school being in a deplorable state. However, no response has been given. Keisha Griffith, the Community’s Development Officer said that the last time repairs were done to the school was about two years ago. She said that this included repainting the school and repairing light bulbs. And although many other issues were raised, nothing was done about it by the Regional Democratic Council, who had repainted and replaced the lighting. Griffith said that the corridor in front of the school and classrooms is rotten, while the three stairs leading up to the building are all shaking. The toilet facilities remain a huge health concern for

parents with only one functioning washroom for an entire school population. The parents said that complaints were made a year ago about the condition of the school and also before school closed in December 2016, but they did not get any favourable response. The parents said that they have reached a point where protesting seemed their best option. Chairman for Region Ten, Renis Morian, said that he received reports that the school “walkway” was not stable and has since sent the Region’s Engineer, along with representatives from the Region and the Ministry of Education, and also a contractor to investigate the issues with the school. Morian also said that the schools were all budgeted for repairs this year especially those schools in the riverine areas like Ituni, Aroaima and Kwakwani. According to him comprehensive works are to be done.



Friday January 13, 2017

Kaieteur News

Deputy Mayor, Chairman of Markets unaware of vendors’ move - Vendors moved four times in less than two years Deputy Mayor for Georgetown, Sherod Duncan, on Wednesday, along with the Chairman for the Markets Committee and Deputy Mayor-elect, Lionel Jaikarran, visited the vendors who were recently removed from the Parliament View Mall back to the Stabroek Mall Square. “It has been less than two years and we have already moved them (vendors) four times,” Duncan said. According to the Deputy Mayor, a report states that a decision is still to be made about where the vendors are going to end up, ultimately. “We are not working as Council. It has nothing to do with the body set up under Council to deal with these matters. The Markets Committee made recommendations and we haven’t even had a response to those recommendations but decisions are being made.” The Deputy Mayor said, “Several recommendations have been made as to where the vendors go from the Parliament View Mall and like the rest of the city we were very surprised when we learnt the vendors have been

Deputy Mayor for Georgetown, Sherod Duncan (centre) and Chairman of the Markets Committee, Lionel Jaikarran talking with a vendor at the Stabroek Market Square. moved over back to Stabroek Market Square.” At several Markets Committee meetings, the Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green, said that no vending will be

allowed back on Stabroek Market Square. Duncan said, “I have learned from the media that the vendors were going over back. So I decided that I want

to come this morning to see what exactly is happening at the market square. Lionel and I have decided that we are on a common ground to see what exactly is happening. The Stabroek Market square is more confusing than ever before and we are going to come to a year soon”. The Deputy Mayor said that they have moved the buses from the square, uprooted the barricades and now they have brought the buses back; they have moved the vendors and yet again brought them back. He said, “It is several shifting policy that are not coming directly from the Council.” When questioned where he thinks the orders are coming from directly, The Deputy Mayor said, “Well I don’t know and that is why we are trying to find out what is happening.” He continued, “This isn’t the way we want to start 2017 by any means, sending mixed messages to our vendors and our Councillors.” The Markets Committee more than a month ago within its recommendation using the Council’s resources and time

had made several recommendations to the council which to date have not found its way to the substantial Full Council to be looked at, discussed and debated, but decisions are being made outside of that. Duncan said that this is a bad start for the New Year. Chairman of the Markets Committee, Lionel Jaikarran said, “Maybe about six weeks to two months ago the Markets Committee was out here with city officials and we looked at three sites, namely Transport and Harbour wharf, Stelling View Mall and the Ministry of Social Protection parking lot”. Jaikarran said, “All three recommendations were recorded and sent to the Mayor, but since then I have heard nothing. Subsequently in a statutory meeting I got up and I asked if we are on record and I heard nothing. “But then I read in the Sunday’s paper that the vendors have been relocated back to the Stabroek square and nothing was said to me as Chairman of the Markets Committee. This is not right because vendors are calling, Markets Committee members

are calling me and I have no information to give to them. I think it should have been done in a better way”. The vendors reported that they now have to be paying $1500 every Friday; the fee had increased from $1000. Also both the Deputy Mayor and Chairman for the Markets Committee weren’t aware of this change. The Deputy Mayor-elect said that come March when he would officially be the Deputy Mayor for the City of Georgetown that he hopes to achieve transparency and accountability in his first term. Moreover, one vendor that has been a part of the shifting around, said that he has to stand all day just to earn a decent living. “I don’t know what to do man”, further, “I don’t have anywhere to go; I have to struggle right here to pay my rent and other bills”. He has been on the market for approximately 15 years. However, the vendors appeared to be happy and contented being back at Stabroek. They say that their sales are increasing. Some say that they are just “going with the flow”.

CIDI gives 80 bicycles to winning competitors

Tiffany John and her mother Nirmali Ramphal receive a bicycle from the CIDI, General Manager, Pradiep Baidjoe. The Caribbean International Distributors Incorporated (CIDI) presented bicycles to the winners of their Christmas promotion, “December to

Remember”. The promotion was from December 1-December 10, 2016. The winners were all presented with bicycles.

Winners of CIDI bicycles, with the Sales Manager, Prem Hansraj who squats in front. According to the Sales Manager, Prem Hansraj, the bicycles were presented as part of getting a healthier nation by way of exercising and also as an effort to give

back to the customers. Persons were required to submit any three labels of Thrill, Blue Life or Juicy Juice brands with their names, address and contact number

at the stores that participated in the promotion. The children were required to submit their birth certificate or any other form of identification. The drawing for the promotion was done on January 5, 2017. Eighty persons from all parts of the country were awarded a bicycle. In certain cases a wife and her husband both won a bicycle. It was the same for a mother and her daughter.

On January 10, a presentation of 12 bicycles was presented to winners from Berbice. The presentation was done in Bloomfield, Berbice. At the presentation yesterday at McDoom, East Bank Demerara both the consumer and customers appeared to be very happy about the drawings. CIDI promises customers that the next promotion is going to be for a car as the grand prize.


Friday January 13, 2017

Kaieteur News

Linden launches Exposition Bartica massacre… Survivor tells tale of playing dead and Trade Fair 2017 after dragged from hiding place

Under the theme “Linden the gateway for investment and opportunities; a window to our future developments” Linden Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Linden Enterprise Network launched the Linden Exposition and Trade Fair 2017 on Wednesday in the Boardroom of the Linden Chamber in Len Building. Chief Executive Officer, Linden Enterprise Network, and Public Relations Officer of the Planning committee, Tandika Miller, said the Expo and Trade Fair is scheduled to be held over three days from March 24. The main focus is to promote the region as a destination for investment and the potentials of businesses and industries and to promote the benefits of doing business in the region as it relates to strategic location with both manual and natural resources that are available. Miller noted that the aims of the exposition are “to create a forum where we promote the opportunities for investment in the region. To create a forum where we will be able to link micro and macro enterprises and to promote locally operating industries in manufacturing, agro processing and value added.” Ms. Miller also said that she hopes this exposition will establish a link between businesses and potential investors for expansion and growth. “We have already met with some stakeholders and we are in the process of

creating a website. On the website, investors and other stakeholders can make their input whether by comments or suggestions or whatever contribution they want to make to assist us to have a successful event.” Coordinator Staydon Payne reiterated that the main focus is to showcase the domestic producers. “We want potential buyers and investors to understand what produce we have available here in the region… for example in agro processing.” According to Payne, they will highlight the potentials for agriculture, what is the availability of land for agro processing and farming and what volumes are available. “Through LEN and some partners of LEN, like clients, two things have to happen; how we can showcase the producers and how can persons be attracted to maybe help businesses. “The partnering agencies are GRA, Bureau of Statistics, GMC, LEN, Linden Chamber, Regional D e m ocratic Council and the M&TC to understand what is the best practice for business for the purpose of in some cases going from micro to macro enterprises.” President of the Region Ten Tourism Association, Trudy Scott, said there will be tour packages down the Heritage Trail and river tours. She said that there will be a dry run of the river tour in February and also training will be provided by the Guyana Tourism Authority seven weekends for prospective

tour guides. “We are asking interested people to come on board to be trained as tour guides for both land and river and we want it to be sustainable and long term.” “Logistics Coordinator, Walt Glasgow, said, “When Town Week started it was Town Day and it was what it was supposed to be, but over the years it has lost its objective. Now every exhibition has followed the same trend – only parties. “We want to make the connection between supporting businesses and how that translates into the growth of Region Ten or Linden economy. “So we are looking at a two fold thing; we want to highlight these businesses as Linden businesses or Linden producers and we want to make the nexus or the connection.” Glasgow said that once the local businesses are supported, jobs will be provided. Excess money will come in to develop the town. Glasgow said that at the exhibition an entire process in a miniature operation will be showcased, while some manufacturers will walk you through the processing of their products. A cultural show is also planned. It will also showcase local entertainment such as Stone Mountain Band and Blazing Fire Sound System. There will be artistes coming out of Code Red Records such as Lil Colwyn, Diana Chapman, Davy Marley, Roderick Allicock and the Super Nova Finalists.

Another policeman testified yesterday about what transpired on the night of the 2008 Bartica Massacre. This time, Constable Chester Benjamin, told the court that he hid in the police station while his fellow colleagues were being slaughtered by gunmen the night a gang attacked the Bartica Police Station. The witness was called to the stand to testify in the trial of Dennis Williams, called “Anaconda”; Mark Royden Williams, called “Smallie”; and Roger Anthony Simon, called ‘Goat Man’. These men are indicted for 12 counts of murder. On the night of February 17, 2008, the men were allegedly among a gang which attacked Bartica, slaughtering a dozen people, including three police officers, during an hour-long attack. It was reported that the armed men attacked the police station before killing three policemen and freeing prisoners. Among the dead was Lance Corporal Zaheer Zakir, Constable Shane Fredericks and Constable Ron Osborne; Edwin Gilkes, Abdool Yassin Jr, Deonarine Singh, Errol Thomas, Ronald Gomes, Baldeo Singh, Ashraf Khan, Irving Ferreira and Dexter Adrian. The three accused are before Justice Roxanne George and a mixed 12member jury. After being called to the stand by State Prosecutors, Diana Kaulesar and Stacy Goodings, the witness gave the court a sordid account of how he hid in the kitchen cupboard of the Police Barracks to save his life when the station came un d e r siege. The witness told the court that he was shot five times about his body but survived. He recounted that he had gone upstairs to the kitchen area for dinner when he heard gunshots downstairs. The witness said that he peered through a window and saw some strange men with guns standing in the compound and on the stairs of the Station building. But before he could hide, Benjamin said that he was hit by gunshots that rang out throughout the Station. After the men attacked the lower flat of the Station, he said they proceeded into the area where he was hiding. There, he said the gunmen conducted a search and pulled his already injured body from a cupboard. Benjamin said that although he was in pain, he stayed still to save his life. The man said

Accused: Roger Simon that he played dead as one of his attackers placed his feet on his chest, possibly checking to see if he was still alive. As the gunmen left, the Police officer said he moved to hide under the bed of Officer Sutton. The gunmen went on to search other sections of the station. At one point, the witness said that he had contemplated jumping from a window above the Station but decided against it out of fear that he would be seen by the gang members. He only came out from under the bed after he was sure that the men had left the station. He said he heard the Station Land Rover start up as the group of attackers left the Station compound. According to the witness, the men used the Land Rover to go in the direction of the Bartica Stelling, where he heard about four to five more shots ring out. Afterwards, Benjamin said he came out of hiding and sought help. He said he was thereafter admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital. He later gave statements to the police about the incident. The witness faced a series of questions from Defence Counsel Peter Hugh on the identification of the number three accused, Roger Simon. Benjamin had claimed to have pointed out Simon from among a group of men he saw at the lock ups at Mackenzie Linden, some time after the Bartica Killings. The witness said that he was certain that he had seen Simon among the group of men standing outside the station at Bartica on the night of the attack. The suspect, he said was a ‘Rastaman’ with beard he was clad in a floppy hat and a matching outfit. He pointed to Simon who was seated in the prisoner’s docks a short distance away, yesterday. He said he is sure that Simon is the same ’Rastaman.’ The witness testified that he

Accused: Mark Royden Williams

Accused: Dennis Williams had pointed out Simon on an identification parade. Attorney Hugh therefore questioned the witness about the description of the man whom he said he identified and whether he had attacked the Station. The Attorney pointed to the witness that he had not given such a precise account of the description of the suspect in his statement to the police. Asked why he did not give such details in the statement, Benjamin said he was in pain. The policeman said that he also didn’t give the details because he was not asked specifically to describe the alleged assailant. Benjamin’s testimony followed Chester Benjamin’s account. Benjamin was a boat operator at the time. He recalled finding the bodies of his fellow crew member in the wake of the massacre. On Wednesday, State witness Dwayne Williams told the court that he became a member of the gang that was led by notorious criminal Rondell “Fine-Man” Rawlins when he was yet a child. Williams called ‘Small Fren’ said that he became acquainted with the gang while growing up in Buxton. He recalled that the gang consisted of ‘Fine man’, ‘Mud Up’, “Smallie” and others. The witness, now 24 years old, told the court that (Continued on page 27)

Friday January 13, 2017

RDC blames REO for flooding in Reg. Two The blame for the recent flooding in Region Two ( Pomeroon –Supenaam) is being placed squarely on Regional Executive Officer, Rupert Hopkinson. The Region Two Democratic Council expressed its deep concern about the general lack of interest and slow response by the government. The RDC, in a statement on Wednesday, said that after recognising that the region’s key sector is the rice industry, engagements were held with farmers, the Regional Chairman and Regional Vice-Chairman, councillors, residents and staff from the Drainage and Irrigation Department to devise mechanisms in preparation for the rainy season. After inspections, the RDC Chairman sent an email to the REO informing him of

the concerns and identifying priority drainage and irrigation initiatives that were necessary in preparation for the rainy season. The email was also sent to Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan. “Unfortunately the REO ignored the email and continued to divert staff, funds and machines from key priority projects to “his” parks and tree planting exercises, in the process, failing to adhere to key RDC decisions that were aimed at enhancing the lives of all residents in the region.” The RDC said that it is time the government intervenes and take appropriate actions regarding the negligence of the REO which would have lead to widespread flooding in the region that created frustrations and economic loss. Additionally, the RDC

provided an email which was sent to Minister of Agriculture Noel Holder, bringing to his attention a number of drainage and irrigation issues which need to be addressed. These include extremely high water levels in all conservancies, extremely high water level in the main canals throughout the region, several rice cultivation, crops, livestock, residential areas and the Pomeroon are affected, recommended inspections and field visits by the CDC and technical support being needed as it relates to the functioning of Dawa at this time. The RDC is calling on the government to act promptly by collaborating with the RDC to correct weaknesses in the drainage and irrigation s y s t e m s o a s t o b r i ng urgent relief to farmers and residents.

Survivor tells tale of playing... (From page 26) he was a child going to school, and that from time to time, members of the “FineMan” gang would send him to the shop to buy groceries for them. He said, too, that he was at Bartica with the men when they shot and killed several persons. On Tuesday, the witness identified Dennis Williams, called “Anaconda”, and Mark Royden Williams, called “Smallie”, as men he knew. He said that they were part of the gang that was present at

Bartica for the Massacre. Under cross-examination by Defence Counsel, Peter Hugh, the witness told the court that Roger Simon was not among the group that was at Bartica on the night that it was attacked. “No, he was not there


Kaieteur News

Sir,” Dwayne Williams said in response to questions by the Defence attorney. He agreed, too, to the suggestion that the first time he ever saw Simon was at the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) at the Magistrate’s Court.

Two charged with killing Williamsburg domestic worker Appearing at the Albion Magistrate Court before Magistrate Marissa Mettleholzer earlier this week were Ravendra Ramnauth, alias “Andy”, 28, of 58 Beharry Street, Rose Hall Town, and Rocky Ramoo, a 30-year-old farmer of lot 112 Williamsburg Squatting Area. The duo who appeared in court to answer to the charge of murdering Mohan Ball, of Williamsburg Squatting Area on December 29, last, was not required to plead to the indictable charge. Both men were unrepresented. Prosecutor, Inspector Orin Joseph, related to the court that his file was incomplete and that he was requesting two weeks to have some points cleared up with the Investigating Rank. Ramnauth and Ramoo were remanded to prison until January 30, 2017. According to the facts of the case, Mohan Ball was found partially submerged in a trench located in the backlands of Williamsburg Squatting area by some youths who were at the location for an afternoon swim. It is alleged that one of the youngsters noticed the body in the trench and raised an alarm. He reportedly recognized the body as Mohan Ball. He then ran towards Ball sister’s home to inform her that her brother’s body was in the trench. Ball’s body was later

Rocky Ramoo (in black shirt) and Ravendra Ramnauth (plaid shirt) exiting the Albion Police Station earlier this week. identified by his sister’s husband who had ventured to the area to confirm that it was indeed him. The police were subsequently summoned to the scene. After the body was fished out of the trench by public spirited villagers it was noticed that the body bore visible marks of violence. According to the sister of the dead man, Raywattie Fraser, she was told that her brother was beaten to death that evening by “Rocky and Andy” who were reportedly imbibing with Ball. After Ball

was beaten to death he was allegedly dumped into the trench at the backlands of Williamsburg Squatting Area. Both men were subsequently arrested a few days after the murder on separate dates and taken into police custody, where they were questioned. However, a post mortem conducted on Ball’s body proved inconclusive but the man was said to have been suffering from a heart condition as well.


Friday January 13, 2017

Kaieteur News

CCJ debuts electronic Over 3,000 child marriages in two court management system decades – T&T Attorney General PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC) – The Caribbean Court of Justice now has access to an electronic court management system that was implemented earlier this week. President of the regional court, Sir Dennis Byron, who has been a fervent advocate for greater use of technology within regional judiciaries, said this will enable the court to be “more efficient and responsive”. “At the CCJ, this process started some time ago when it introduced filing by email in 2013. The transition to eFiling which is the new court management software facilities, is a logical progression that allows litigants to file documents online and there enhances access to the Court and ultimately enables greater justice,’ the president said. Sir Dennis said since inception, technology has been successfully integrated into the operations of the CCJ. The new court management software suite was designed by Courtechs, a technology company with offices in the United States and the Caribbean, that specialises in services for the

President of the CCJ, Sir Dennis Byron legal services sector and the judiciary. This new development is part of the CCJ’s mandate to strengthen, and accelerate, regional judicial development. The CCJ President who showcased the software at to the Caribbean legal profession and judiciary said “The CCJ regards technology as a vita l t o o l f o r enhancing and increasing efficiency, for measuring performance and generally for

fulfilling the mandate of t h e C o u rt. By embracing modern technology, courts can become more efficient and effective in producing just and fair resolution of disputes. This will lead to increased public trust and confidence in the judicial system. This, in turn, will hasten the reduction of lawlessness and increased innovation. Both of which can contribute to economic development and social stability in the region.”

T&T Go vt. sa ys PETR OTRIN Govt. says PETRO must be rrestr estr uctur ed in estructur uctured or der to sur vi ve order survi viv PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC) – The Trinidad and Tobago government on Wednesday night said it is necessary to carry out a restructuring of the state-owned oil company, PETROTRIN, less than 24 hours after it signed an agreement for a five per cent salary increase for its workers and in the process avoiding a 90-day strike within the vital energy sector. PETROTRIN said that the agreement with the Oilfield Workers Trade Union (OWTU) for the period 2011-14, would cost an estimated TT$80 million (One TT dollar =US$0.16 cents) annually. In a television broadcast Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley said the taxpayers of the country “cannot continue to turn a blind eye or be uninterested in the challenges” at the oil company, which he said “is so central to our fortunes. “The current situation cannot be left to limp along unattended,” Rowley said, adding that it is the intention of his administration to take

the best advice, consult widely “but in the end take all necessary steps to respond to the challenges and to position the company to realise its fullest potential…” He said he wants PETROTRIN to be able to deliver on the promise “not only of good jobs for those who are fortunate enough to be employed there but to the wider national community which depends on the company’s success and have to be protected from any chronic misadventures which may be spawned there” Rowley acknowledged that these are difficult times but these are also times of great opportunities. “Even though the company is an integrated operation the weight of our capital spending, as we all know monies often not well spent, has been on refinery operations at the expense of oil and gas production, whether on land or off-shore. “Because of financial constraints at both the level of the state and the company, rectifying this imbalance now can only be effected by im-

ports of external and domestic capital as well as new technology into oil and gas production at PETROTRIN”. Rowley said that survival depends on such a successful import demanding the cooperation of all the company’s stake holders. “In this approach there will be opportunities for local equity investment and employee stock ownership in a future profitably restructured company. “The question is, are we up to the task of grasping these exciting possibilities or will we be stuck in the past of failed confrontations and finger pointing. Time is not on our side. We must act with decisiveness and clarity if we are to give ourselves the best chance to succeed.” Rowley said that it is the government’s duty to do right for all the people of the country, noting that “in our journey of progress we have often times detoured to our detriment. “We are called upon then to face up to our realities. PETROTRIN is probably as good a place to start.

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC) – Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi on Wednesday revealed that there have been over three thousand child marriages in the last 20 years in the twin island republic. Al-Rawi, made the disclosure in Senate as he piloted the Miscellaneous Provisions Marriage Bill 2016 – that seeks raise the age of marriage to 18, as recommended by the United Nations. The bill also seeks to amend the Hindu Marriage Act of 1945, the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act of 1961 and the Orisha Marriage Act of 1999. The Attorney General said that between 1996 and 2016, the Registrar General recorded 3,478 child marriages, with marriage certificates showing that some of them were girls as young as 11 and 12 who were married to men as old as 36, 42 and 56. “We have a phenomenon where the law, as it exists in Trinidad and Tobago, permits somebody who is more than two or three times the age of the child, of the girl, to be married to a man two and three times her age,” he said, adding these facts were taken from marriage certificates. He dismissed the argument that child marriages take place in rural areas – stating that greatest number of these marriages come from urban areas. Al-Rawi also referred to the Hindu, Muslim and Orisha marriage acts which allow marriages from the ages of 14, 12 and 16 respectively in the

T&T Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi case of girls. The Bill proposes to criminalise the marriage of people under 18 by a marriage officer, who would be fined TT$50,000 and jailed for seven years for the offence. Trinidad and Tobago is one of only eight countries in the world where someone can be married as early as age 12. Seeking to dispel the argument by religious bodies that early marriages protect young girls from sexual immorality and unwanted pregnancy, the Attorney General said statistics also showed there were more child pregnancies than abortions. Between 1999 and 2015, hospital records showed 15,231 children gave birth. The statistics also showed there were 743 teenage abortions between 2011 and 2015. Last year, 168 children between 11 and 16 became pregnant while 12 had abortions. The bill comes after 26 years of public discussion and seven months of Government consultations on the

matter and he had received numerous submissions from civil society on the controversial matter, some for and some against child marriages. According to the Attorney General, the Bill seeks to protect the voice of the child. Meanwhile, temporary opposition Senator, Dr. Maulana Wafie Mohammed, has urged the government not to change the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Ordinance Chapter 45.02 as Muslims believe the marriageable age of a female begins with the onset of puberty. Mohammed, the first Opposition Senator to contribute to the debate in the Senate on the bill to amend the Civil, Muslim, Hindu and Orisa marriage acts, said – “The Holy Koran informs us about it. ‘Marry women of your choice. Make the trials of the orphans easy until they reach the age of marriage.’ The age of marriage is defined in Islamic religion as the age when puberty starts.” The age of puberty varies according to climatic conditions, he said.

PMs of Jamaica and Israel discuss areas of cooperation KINGSTON, Jamaica (CMC) – Prime Minister Andrew Holness has invited Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu to pay an official visit to Jamaica. Holness who is in Israel on a three-day official visit has been meeting with Netanyahu in Jerusalem were they discussed possibilities for cooperation in water, agriculture and domestic security. “Jamaica, like Israel, is a strong democracy, and we have long admired the advances that Israel has made in technology, in particularly in cyber security and in agriculture, and in other areas. The potential for cooperation between our two countries is great and Jamaica is very interested in exploring those

areas of cooperation,” Holness said. “The Jamaican people and the Caribbean region is a zone of peace, and we wish peace for all the peoples of the world. And we do extend our sympathies to the people of Israel for the very unfortunate attack on your soldiers recently. We would want to also pursue with Israel economic cooperation. I believe that in building strong economies we can build a peaceful world.” According to Netanyahu this is the first visit ever by a prime minister of Jamaica to Israel – “so it has a double significance for us”. “Our relations are always friendly. We appreciate the

fact that you didn’t join the recent vote against Israel, the absurd vote in UNESCO. But quite beyond that we’re talking about extending our cooperation. We just did for just a brief few minutes that we spoke; I can see all the potential for cooperation in a variety of fields that relate to economy, to security, to technology. This is something that we eagerly are interested in doing with you. “There is a natural affinity between us. We’re both democracies. We each have our own challenges but we flourish under challenge. And we’ll be able, I think, top provide a better future for our people if we cooperate, and this visit is a hallmark of cooperation.

Friday January 13, 2017

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Friday January 13, 2017

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Gold mining land for rent. Call: 695-1713/338-2765 Alexander Village 1st Street, large two bedroom, 1 self contained with A/C, parking $60,000.Call:652-8970/674-3735 FOR HIRE Chauffeur Driven Wedding cars for hire, personal service in Berbice. Call:604 9596 Or 646 9087

One Receptionist. Apply in person with application to 202 Mandela Avenue, Alexander Village G/Town. Need immediately dry cow mold 400 bags, preferably from Berbice Area. Call: 6437193 DRESSMAKING Turn your flair for fashion in an exciting career or hobby, classes starts in January. Call: 626-2629/ 676-6312 Working suits and more, professionally made within 3 days. Call Sharmie: 6262629/ 676-6312 (Canadian Trained)

WANTED One Floor Manager, must have at least five (5) years, experience in Hardware Store. Contact # 650-0402 Experienced Diesel machine to work in the Interior must have knowledge of Perkins Engine & Doosan Excavator. Call: 661-5307/ 625-1413 1 Female Shop attendant to work in the Interior. Calll: 6780565 1 Male or female to look after layer birds in the Interior. Call: 678-0565 Bahier to cook in the interior. Call: 678-0565 1 Porter to work on vehicle in the Interior. Call: 678-0565 Experienced cleaners, waiters and counter servers. Apply with written application, Hack’s Halaal, 5 Commerce St. (Day Shift only). Wanted land to buy: Uitvlugt, Tuschen, Zeelugt & La Parfaite Harmonie. Call: 6579594 1 Domestic worker within G/ Town. Call: 223-9677 New Management: GT Express wanted contract cars (1 week free base fee), Dispatcher & Drivers. Tel: 231-0316/ 231-0002 Boardroom/Giftland Mall: 1 experienced chef, 1 male/ female cleaner to work shift system. Call Karishma: 6809091/ Sasha: 652-6533

VACANCY Popular East Coast Gas Station (Non-Pareil) Day/ Night: pump attendants, sales clerk & office assistant. Contact: 695-9880/684-4197 Articulated hauler/dump truck operator for interior location, applicants must be experienced with verifiable references. Call: 618-2020 Cook/Baker and Kitchen Assistant for interior location. Applicants must be experienced, for details call: 618-2020 Office clerk age 18-25, security guards, care taker to work in Atlantic Garden, E.C.D- Call: 638-5303/2277380 Receptionist, Security Guard, Room Attendant. Apply to 233 South Road – Tel: 225-0198 One fast food supervisor, one chef, dhal puri maker, one cashier. Call: 225-0723 for more information. Salesgirl; security guards. Call: 225-7417 General workers to work shift system. Call: 218-1400 1 General Domestic MondaySaturday, must be able to prepare vegetarian dishes, apply at Alabama Trading. 1 Senior Accounts Clerk. Interesting person apply to Alabama Trading, Ferry Stelling.

Experienced taxi driver, mini bus driver and dispatcher. Call: 616-5419

One Graphic Artist, one live in maid. Call: 233-2725/ 2332439/ 674-9114

Live in waitress to work in a bar- Call: 604-6606;692-4646

Valid Certificate of competence as Master of power, driven vessel. Call: 226-1100/226-5380

Operator/Driver – Call: 6190898/698-4321 Male and female to work in Interior age 25-35 salary $80,000 monthly. Call: 6741767/ 685-8720 We buy land in Eccles, Providence, Herstelling, Farm, Uitvlugt, Bartica, Zeelugt. Call: 658-5897/ 651-1969 2 Seamstress need at Lot 5 & 6 Supply Village, E.B.D. Call: 670-8182 1 Female cleaner for office in Eccles. Call: 233-2745 Male & female factory workers from age 18 and older with working experience. Call: 223-0090 1 Skidder/Loader, operator. Call: 626-7879 2 Waitresses age 18-25yrs, 1 cook & 1 bartender in Grove. Call: 678-2295

Female kitchen assistant and male assistant to grill meats and vegetable, weekend included. Call: 656-9313/6752550/684-7526 Accounts/office assistant CXC Accounts. Email CV to or whatsapp: 680-3863 Office clerk with 5yrs experienced 5 CXC subjects. Apply in person @ Universal Machine, 161 Charlotte Street. Call: 225-2093 Make money online as a model, voice over actor, transcriber and graphic artist. Call: 602-3136 The #1 Plant Shop, sale staff and general maintenance and sales persons 20-30yrs. Call: 643-7193 Continue on page 31

Friday January 13, 2017


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Five injured in two-car head-on collision From page 30

LAND FOR SALE Land @ La Parfaite Harmonie -$1.2M, $1.4M, $1.6M, Uitvlugt- $2M, Tuschen School Street -$3M, Providence -$5M, Eccles $5M. Call: 604-6724

Police ranks at the scene of the accident Passengers travelling in two hire cars along the West Berbice Public Road yesterday managed to escape serious injuries after a head-on collision involving the two vehicles. According to reports, motor car HC3524 was proceeding in an easterly direction, along the northern carriage-

way at Plantation Foulis, West Coast Berbice when it collided with motor car HB6626, which was travelling in the opposite direction. Both cars then came to rest on the northern side of the road. The accident occurred about 11:00 hours The passengers were

taken to the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital, where some people were treated and sent home. However, three persons whose names could not be obtained were referred to the Georgetown Public Hospital for precautionary X-ray. According to informa-

tion received, the injuries sustained by those three persons were not considered to be life threatening. Initial report suggested that one car had a “blow-out”, but investigating ranks on the scene checked both vehicles and found all the tires on each vehicle to be in good condition.

Guyana, Iran discuss possible ties in the area of infrastructure From page 12 together to foster development, despite their geographic distance. He expressed particular interest in diversifying production abilities. He also said that Iran has “strong capacity” in the area of infrastructure. Minister Ferguson expressed her pleasure at the potential Iran has to offer Guyana. “ N a t u r a l l y, Guyana has great potential

as well so we can use this opportunity to see how our countries can complement each other,” she said. She further explained the wideranging portfolios of the Ministry and said that, h i g h o n t h e M i n i s t r y ’s agenda is ensuring that the necessary infrastructural works are in place to foster comfort and satisfaction within the Guyanese populace. She also outlined some of the Ministry’s projects for

2017 and suggested to Ambassador Alaei that Guyana and Iran work together to improve capacity by training to ultimately better the infrastructural services provided. Ambassador Alaei indicated that such training is indeed a possibility. “Any field the Government of Guyana wishes to have training in…we are very much interested in working along with the Government of Guyana to

train.” He added that a needs assessment should be done to determine relevant fields within the Ministry for capacity building. Ambassador Alaei was accredited on Tuesday following the presentation of his credentials to President David Granger and MPI was among one of his first courtesy calls before he returns to his official station in Caracas, Venezuela. (MPI)

PPP willing to approach CCJ to... (From page 14) leader submitted four lists, one in 1994, 1997, 2001 and 2002. He said t h a t t h e r e a r e several people on those lists who were not judges and did not have the qualification to be judges except one, Doodnauth Singh SC who would have satisfied the requirement as a person qualified to be appointed as a judge. The Opposition leader admitted that his list contains persons who are not judges or may not qualify to be judges but still have a right to be on the list. He maintained that he submitted the list based on his interpretation of the constitution. “The list that I sent, that has these names on them. We believe that that list is in

accordance with the constitution.” The names which were submitted by Jagdeo were Lawrence Latchmansingh, Rhyaan Shah, James Rose, Norman McLean, Ramesh Dookoo and Christopher Ram. Jagdeo said that in the President’s letter to him, Granger said that the names do not ‘seem’ to conform to the constitution. Jagdeo said that Granger needs to explain to him how the names are not in keeping with the constitution. According to Jagdeo, the six persons are all eminently qualified people who he believes can be good impartial chairpersons of GECOM. It has been requested by the Opposition leader that Granger meets with him urgently to deal with the matter.

He said that the President must understand that it is not his place to interpret the constitution but rather the court. Jagdeo added, “If after pointing these arguments to

him, he still held onto his original view, I would propose to him that we jointly approach the Caribbean Court of Justice and get an interpretation of this Article 161(2) of our constitution.”

15 Acres transported land @ Upper Demerara River next to Kaumudi Creek opposite Timehri Docks. Call R. Mithu: 222-4708

PROPERTY FOR SALE Transported property @ Grove and Diamond $16M negotiable. Call: 625-5461 Riverside property, Roed-enRust, East Bank Essequibo, 3 Miles from Parika. Call: 2662217/694-5109 One concrete building (incomplete) in residential area. Price negotiable. Call: 699-4114 Transported property $4M per acre, shopping centre/ house @ Soesdyke. Call: 6153054

LEARN TO DRIVE C. Persaud & N. Outar Driving School formerly Soman & Sons Driving School @ Maraj BuildingCall: 644-5166; 622-2872; 6150964; 689-5997 (affordable packages).

Eccles New Housing Scheme property for sale by owner. Call: 618-2603 2 Storey house & land at UG area, East Coast Demerara. Call: 657-4349 6 Bedrooms concrete house located in Section ‘K’ Campbellville, asking price $55M. Call: 645-6498 Transported property @ BB Eccles, East Bank Demerara. Call: 658-7216 Two flat, three bedroom wood and concrete building, Nurseville (Tucber ) New Amsterdam, Berbice -$15M . Call 333-2915 or 687-1837 Two bedroom two flat wooden building on large plot at Adelphi, East Canje, Berbice $6M.Call 333-2915 or 6871837 Wood and concrete two bedroom building, at Fort Ordnance, Canje. Well fenced yard. bottom flat concrete. Call 333-2915 or 687-1837

LAND FOR SALE Uitvlugt -$2.3M, Zeelugt $1.7M, Tuschen -$1.6M, La Parfaite Harmonie -$1.4M – Call: 642-1252 La Parfait Harmonie -$1.2M, Uitvlugt (100ftX50ft) -$2.5M, Cuyuni Mining Blocks $2.5M. Call: 658-5897/6511969 50X198 located in Friendship E.B.D –price $4.5M (negotiable). Call: 645-6498


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Friday January 13, 2017

Friday January 13, 2017

FBI investigated over pre-election decisions on Clinton email

Hillary Clinton (Reuters) - The U.S. Justice Department yesterday said it would probe a Federal Bureau of Investigation decision to announce an inquiry into Hillary Clinton’s emails shortly before the November presidential election, a move she has blamed as a factor in her defeat. The Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General said in a statement that its investigation would focus in part on decisions leading up to public statements by FBI Director James Comey regarding the Clinton investigation and whether they may have been based on “improper considerations.” The controversy involved Clinton’s use of a private email server for official correspondence when she

was secretary of state under President Barack Obama, including for messages that were later determined to contain classified information. The office of Inspector General Michael Horowitz said it decided to open the review “in response to requests from numerous chairmen and ranking members of congressional oversight committees, various organizations and members of the public.” Although the FBI ultimately decided not to refer Clinton’s case for prosecution, Democrats said Comey’s announcement damaged her with voters right before the election, and he faced complaints that his moves were politically motivated. Law enforcement authori-

ties, including the FBI, by custom do not disclose information about investigations that do not end in criminal charges. If the review finds evidence of misconduct, any officials involved would be referred for disciplinary action. In a statement, Comey said the FBI would cooperate fully and he was “grateful” to Horowitz for the probe. President-elect Donald Trump, who will be sworn in Jan. 20, will not have the power to dismiss the probe. But federal law permits U.S. presidents to dismiss inspectors general for federal agencies, as long as the president provides Congress a written justification for the removal 30 days in advance.

Trump, tech tycoons talk overhaul of H1B visas (Reuters) - Presidentelect Donald Trump’s transition team has been actively considering ways to revamp a temporary visa program used to bring foreign workers to the United States to fill high-skilled jobs, according to sources familiar with the discussions. Possibilities for reforming the distribution of H-1B visas, which are used largely by the tech industry, were discussed at a meeting last month with chief executives of tech companies at Trump Tower, said two sources, who asked not to be named because they were not authorized to talk about the closeddoor talks. Trump senior policy ad-


Kaieteur News

viser Stephen Miller proposed scrapping the existing lottery system used to award the visas. A possible replacement system would favor visa petitions for jobs that pay the highest salaries, according to the sources. H-1B visas are intended for foreign nationals in “specialty” occupations that generally require higher education, which according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) includes, but is not limited to, scientists, engineers or computer programmers. The government awards 65,000 every year. Companies say they use them to recruit top talent.

But a majority of the visas are awarded to outsourcing firms, sparking criticism by skeptics that say those firms use the visas to fill lower-level information technology jobs. Critics also say the lottery system benefits outsourcing firms that flood the system with mass applications.

Obama ending special immigration policy for Cubans: sources (Reuters) - The Obama administration is ending a policy that granted residency to Cubans who arrived in the United States without visas, several congressional sources said yesterday. The change in the policy, known as “wet foot, dry foot,” is effective immediately. The Department of Homeland Security is also ending a policy for Cuban medical professionals, known as the parole program. The policy change, which had been in the works for months, was made abruptly because advance warning might have inspired thousands more Cubans to take to the seas between the island and Florida in order to beat a de a d l i n e . “Otherwise you’d p u t l i v e s a t r i s k , ” o ne congressional aide said. The end of the “wet foot, dry foot” policy was first reported by the Associated Press, citing a senior administration official. The United States and

U.S. President Barack Obama Cuba have spent several months negotiating the change, including an agreement from Cuba to allow those turned away from the United States to return, the official said, according to AP. The U.S. State Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Reuters. President Barack Obama has been working to normalize relations with Cuba since

he and President Raul Castro announced a breakthrough in diplomatic relations in December 2014. The move to end the residency poli c y c o m e s j u s t eight days before Obama turns the White House over to Republican Do n a l d T r u m p , who has said the United States should g e t m ore concessions from Havana in exchange for improved relations.


Friday January 13, 2017

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Pirelli expect fewer pitstops in new-look F1 Formula One fans can expect to see fewer pitstops this year and faster, more aggressive-looking cars, according to tire supplier Pirelli’s motorsport head Paul Hembery. “The (tire) degradation (wear) levels will be reduced substantially compared to the past,” he told Reuters at the Autosport International show yesterday. ”And the gap between the (tire) compound levels will be much I think the strategy elements that we’ve seen in the last seasons will be greatly reduced — fewer pitstops, following a trend that we’ve seen actually over the last two years. “I’m quite sure we’ll see a lot more onestop races.” The wider 2017 specification tyres are expected to have around 25 percent more grip, more thermal stability and last longer than their quick-wearing predecessors that forced drivers to pit as the performance tailed off. The 22 drivers averaged two pitstops a race last year, with that number rising to three in China. Hembery said some of the prototype 2017 tyres used early on in testing

last year were so conservative they could have lasted three grands prix, unlike the softer 2016 compounds that often barely made it into double figures on the lap count. While such poor durability was a step too far, the Briton recognized there was still a risk that the new tyres would be criticized as much as the old. “It’ll probably go the other way and we’ll be sat here and you’ll be saying ‘How does Pirelli feel now that the racing is boring, there’s no overtaking and no pitstops’,” he smiled. ”We’ve already written that script I think and we’ll see that coming...but we did for six years what we were asked to do. We’ve been given a different challenge and we’re trying to meet that. ”I’m absolutely sure we will see things we want to change during the year.” The 2017 tyres have yet to be run on the latest cars, which will be unveiled next month and could be five seconds a lap quicker than the ones Pirelli gathered data with last year, and the first pre-season test in Barcelona is ea-

gerly awaited. Hembery warned that the jury was still out on whether reality would match the simulations and it might take some races for a clear picture to emerge, probably at round three in Bahrain. He added that if the new aerodynamics — with wider wings — reduced turbulence for cars behind, that would help improve the racing and allow more potential overtaking. The flip side was that more corners will be taken flat out, making it harder to get close enough to try a move. The bigger tyres will also throw out more spray in wet conditions, worsening the existing visibility problems highlighted in Brazil last year — although that race will also go down in history for Red Bull teenager Max Verstappen’s mastery of the conditions. From an aesthetic perspective, however, the wider tyres are already winners and Pirelli

West Indies reject... (From page 38) T20Is in the USA. West Indies are the third team - after Ireland and Sri Lanka - to reject travelling to Pakistan in the last two years. In 2015, Zimbabwe became the first the first Test-playing nation to tour Pakistan since 2009, when an attack on the Sri Lankan team bus resulted in the suspension of international cricket from Pakistan. The ICC, however, had refused to send its match officials for the series. The PCB appointed its own match officials, and hoped the Zimbabwe series would serve as a stepping stone to reviving international cricket in the country. That ambition, however, suffered a setback when a suicide attack took place near the Gaddafi Stadium during the second ODI. Zimbabwe, though, played the third and final ODI two days later and completed the tour. The PCB remains firm in its plan to host the Pakistan Super League final in Lahore on March 5, and has drawn up contingency plans to replace those overseas players unwilling to travel to the country due to security reasons. The board has decided to hold a new draft in the last week of February to bring in foreign players who will be willing to travel to Pakistan in place of those who will opt out. (ESPNcricinfo)

are happy with the amount of tire testing they can carry out after years of calling for more. “Every photo we’ve released, if you read the comments people make, there’s not one negative. Everybody loves it and they are saying it looks aggressive, it looks dramatic... it looks sportier, more aggressive as a product,” said Hembery. ”Visually, this is one of the steps Formula One has made that is absolutely in the right direction. Just need to add a bit of noise.” The V6 1.6 liter turbo hybrid power units introduced in 2014 are still significantly quieter than the old V8s, despite efforts to make them louder. (Reuters)

Friday January, 13 2017 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) They will not be in the right frame of mind to put up with tactless comments. Don't expect the whole family to be overjoyed. Love could develop at social events that are work related.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Be sure to sidestep those who are eccentric or unpredictable. Don't bother getting even; they'll make themselves look bad. Think twice before eating spicy foods; you may have problems with your stomach.

TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) Be inquisitive about unfamiliar circumstances. Stretch the truth, and you may get blamed for something you didn't do. You are best not to discuss your personal life with others.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Get domestic chores out of the way early. You may want to put everyone to work on a project that will keep them all too busy to complain. You can make financial gains if you are prepared to take a risk.

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Take special care in any home improvement project you work on today, you'll be glad you did. Sudden good fortune will help you cover your debts. Your ideas are good and career moves can be realized. CANCER (June 21–July 22) Your charm will mesmerize members of the opposite sex today. You may find that relationships are not going as well as you'd like. You can come up with ways of earning extra cash. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Find ways to make extra cash. Start making things or reusing rather than buying ready made. New interests are preoccupying your time. Minor accidents could occur if you don't take precautions. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) You may have been trying to do too much, leaving yourself exhausted and open to colds and infections. Don't hold yourself back because you think you're too old. Don't make any unreasonable promises.

SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) Don't let your health suffer because of worry. Talk to someone you trust. Your involvement in organizational events could open doors to new and exciting opportunities. You may be overreacting to personal problems. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) Purchases will be well worth it and they will last a long time. It won't take much to upset your lover. It will be all around you. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) Hidden assets can be doubled if you play your cards correctly. You should be getting into selfimprovement projects. Be cautious not to get involved in office chatter that will cause problems for others. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) You should be doing something special with children. This is a great day to spend with family. Your emotional attitude with respect to your status and direction in society may be unrealistic.


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Friday January 13, 2017

Haiti coach focussed on China facing weightlifting Gold Cup qualification ban as IOC sanctions more C o u v a , Tr i n i d a d & Tobago, CMC – Haiti coach Jean-Claude Josaphat hailed his side’s performance in the Caribbean Cup fifth-place playoff against Suriname and hosts Trinidad & Tobago. Josaphat was handed the coaching reins just prior to the start of the tournament, due to a pay dispute between the Haitian Football Federation and previous head coach Patrice Neveu, but the Caribbean’s No.1 side still prevailed over spirited opposition. Following a 4-2 win over the Surinamese and 4-3 extratime victory over the Soca Warriors, the Haitians earned a place in a two-game playoff with the fifth-place side from this month’s Copa Centroamericana for the last ticket to the 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup. ”I have had wonderful experiences in the coaching world,” said Josaphat.

“Beating T&T, the most successful team in the Caribbean Cup however, and progressing to the next round is the proudest moment of my coaching career. This is a good moment for the Haiti national team. ”If you look at how we approached the two games, we played with lots of confidence. The team showed a lot of character and really put in a solid effort in two tough games. I am sure

that if we can play with this same determination and intensity that we can qualify for the 2017 edition of the CONCACAF Gold Cup.” Tw o y e a r s , F r e n c h Guiana defeated Honduras 3-1 at home in the first leg of the Caribbean/Central American playoff for the 2015 Gold Cup, only to drop a 3-0 decision on in the return match. Jospahat said there was no preference for a Central American opponent, but helping Haiti reach the Gold Cup for the seventh time was his main goal. ”I am not necessarily hoping to get a particular team and avoid another in the playoff against the Central American team,” he said. ”All teams in Central America are tough, so we will have to play as well as how we did in Trinidad in order to qualify for the Gold Cup. It won’t be easy, but we can do it.”

FA chief has questions to answer, charges Sancho Port of Spain, Trinidad, CMC – Former Sports Minister Brent Sancho says the dramatic resignation of men’s head coach Tom Saintfiet has left Football Association president, David John-Williams, with plenty explaining to do. The 43-year-old Belgian quit the post on Tuesday after a mere five weeks in charge, citing a lack of support from the FA and also claiming that John-Williams had “double-guessed” his appointment from the very first day. Saintfiet also charged that in his four games in charge, he was never afforded the opportunity to “work with the players nor staff requested.” ”I think that is where he has some very strong questioning to face. I think the statements made by Mr Saintfiet contains some very serious allegations as it relates to staff selection and player selection,” Sancho contended. ”That is something I would hope the president would be able to clear up – Saintfiet making it known he was not able to select the right team, select the right players, the right staff around it. Those are some

Brent Sancho very serious allegations.” Saintfiet lost three of the four games he presided over during his short stint. In a two-match international friendly series against Nicaragua in Managua last month, T&T lost 2-1 before bouncing back with a 3-1 victory. But in last week’s Caribbean Cup playoff series – a qualifier for July’s CONCACAF Gold Cup – T&T slumped to a 2-1 defeat to Suriname and then succumbed 4-3 to Haiti. Saintfiet, who arrived with an unheralded record, had been a controversial appointment following last November’s sacking of the popular Stephen Hart and Sancho said the spotlight would now fall on JohnW i l l i a m s ’s d e c i s i o n -

making. ”When you make such a decision as president of any organisation, hiring a coach who was relatively successful like coach Hart and replacing him with one who clearly doesn’t have the qualification, who doesn’t have the history to put us in the position – and the position is very clear, for T&T to qualify for Russia – then you put yourself in a very precarious position and that is what David John-Williams has done with that decision,” said the former national star. The FA faces a race against time to find a new coach with T&T set to face Panama and Mexico in late March, in the next round of CONCACAF final round qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

athletes over doping

Chen Xiexia won gold in the women’s 48kg category at her home Olympic Games in Beijing. China faces a ban from international weightlifting competition after three of its athletes failed doping tests. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has stripped the three of their gold medals, won in Beijing in 2008. They were among eight athletes sanctioned for doping - the latest to be caught under a retesting programme. The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) last year ruled any nations with three or more positive tests would be banned for a year. The IOC is retesting hundreds of samples from the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games, using new techniques to uncover cheating that went undetected at the time. Cao Lei, 33, took gold in t h e w o m e n ’s 7 5 k g weightlifting event at Beijing, Chen Xiexia, 34,

won the women’s 48kg and Liu Chunhong, 31, was successful in the women’s 69kg. All will now have to return their medals. The failed retests were uncovered last year but the sanctions - announced by the IOC yesterday - will clear the way for the IWF to act. The IWF issued new measures before last year’s Rio Olympics to crack down on doping in the sport. Its executive board decided “national federations confirmed to have produced three or more anti-doping rule violations in the combined re-analysis process of the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games shall be suspended for one year”. Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Russia and Belarus have already been banned by the IWF. The other five athletes to be sanctioned by the IOC are: - Nadzeya Ostapchuk,

36, of Belarus, who won bronze in the women’s shot put in Beijing. She has already lost the gold she won at London 2012. - Compatriot Darya Pchelnik, 36, who came fourth in the women’s hammer throw in 2008. - Turkey’s Sibel Simsek, 32, who came fourth in the women’s 63kg weightlifting in London. - Intigam Zairov, 31, of Azerbaijan, who finished sixth in the men’s 94kg weightlifting in 2012. He was previously sanctioned for doping at the 2008 Games as part of the same retesting programme. - Norayr Vardanyan, 29, of Armenia, who was ranked 11th in the same event at London 2012. ”The protection of clean athletes and the fight against doping are top priorities for the IOC,” a spokesperson said. (BBCsport)

KPL fund raiser set for Sunday The KPL fund raising softball tournament is set for Sunday at the Everest Cricket Club starting at 09:00hrs. On pitch one, in back to back matches Mike’s Wellman will face Regal Masters at 10:00hrs and then they will take on Wolf’s Wa r r i o r s M a s t e r s a t 13:00hrs. On pitch two, Wolf’s Warriors will face Ariel at 10:00hrs and Regal Masters will challenge Tropical Springs at 13:00hrs. On pitch three, Pigeon XI will battle Regal Allstars at 09:00hrs, Superstars will take on Herstelling Raiders at 11:00hrs, Pigeon XI will play Superstars at 13:00hrs and Regal Allstars will face

Herstelling Raiders at 15:00hrs. The competition is being organised to help raise funds for Georgetown Softball Cricket League Inc. Organising Secretary

Samuel Kingston who has to undergo a surgery on his eye next month in Trinidad and Tobago. Kingston was hit on the eye during a game at the Gandhi Youth Organisation ground, recently.

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Friday January 13, 2017

Duminy, Amla tons crush SL underfoot Few players in the modern age can bend Test cricket to their will in the manner of Hashim Amla. Coming into his 100th Test, Amla had gone ten innings without reaching fifty - one of the longest droughts of a career that began more than a decade to go. He walked off as the eighth man to have marked his century with a century, having joined JP Duminy in reaching three figures to put South Africa in a dominant position at the Wanderers. This was Amla’s day - it began with presentations of a commemorative shirt, plaque and gold medal and ended with him leaving the field to an ovation - but Duminy deserved more than a passing mention for his sixth Test century. Between them they put on a stand of 292, South Africa’s highest for any wicket against Sri Lanka and fully justifying the decision by Faf du Plessis to put the tourists into the field in pursuit of a 3-0 series whitewash. As keen Amla students

will know, it does not pay to drop him; Sri Lanka duly did, a gift gratefully accepted. He struggled through the initial stages of his innings, hit on the thumb third ball and then sending a thick, low edge toward gully in the final over before lunch. He was on 5 at the time but Dhananjaya de Silva could not hold on to the chance. It was to cast a shadow over the rest of Sri Lanka’s day. Angelo Mathews surely smiled to himself at the toss when du Plessis chose not to insert, despite South Africa’s decision to field a four-man pace attack including the debutant Duanne Olivier. But Sri Lanka’s pain on this tour has been manifold and being put to sleep by Amla was not necessarily the kinder fate. Sri Lanka did have some early success, with Mathews himself taking his first wicket in six Tests as South Africa stuttered to 45 for 2 in the 17th over, but Duminy went swiftly on the counterattack either side of

lunch. Mathews ended up taking the second new ball and finished as the most economical bowler but there was little else to cheer Sri Lanka’s captain after the early exchanges. There was danger in the air, as well as some swing under cloudy skies, when Duminy began his innings but he took the opportunity to make a statement in what may be his final outing at No. 4 before AB de Villiers returns from injury. Despite reaching 50, 100 and 150 with controlled edges through or wide of the cordon, this was an assured innings, although he could not quite see it through to the close as Lahiru Kumara was rewarded for another long day of toil. Happy to drive when the ball was pitched up by Sri Lanka’s seamers, despite the bounce in the surface, Duminy scored 43 of the first 55 put on with Amla before reining himself in to ensure that he would reach his century, from just 140 balls, shortly after tea.

Hashim Amla raises his bat after reaching his hundred © Gallo Images

Remarkably, having made 63 in the first Test against Sri Lanka in Port Elizabeth to set South Africa on their way, this was the first time Duminy had passed fifty twice in a series since his debut in Australia more than eight years ago. His approach allowed Amla an extended period of bedding-in and South Africa’s venerable No. 3 slowly but surely rose to the occasion. Survival was not the prettiest but Amla has

credit in the bank where that is concerned. He had ground his way to 6 from 41 balls, his vigilance palpable after being given an early life, before flashing a cut for his first boundary. Later in the afternoon session, a brace of cover-driven fours off Suranga Lakmal suggested that his investment was paying off and he reached his fifty with a scuttled single in the last over before tea. Some of the old serenity returned as he and South Africa pushed on, with fours driven off front and back foot against Kumara. Only when he came within a blow of his hundred did the moment threaten to disrupt his famed equilibrium, as he charged skittishly at Rangana Herath and lofted a drive fine of mid-off to emulate his former captain, Graeme Smith, the last man to score a hundred in his 100th Test - though on that occasion at The Oval, Amla’s triple-century, the first by a South African, somewhat overshadowed Smith’s achievement. This was a day on which Sri Lanka needed some luck and a change of ball did the trick for them during the morning session. South Africa’s openers, Dean Elgar Eoin Morgan has faced only seven deliveries on the tour so far. and Stephen Cook, had seen off the new ball, with Lakmal particularly probing, England were heavily home with more than 10 Root has not played in the third of three wickets to fall but couldn’t withstand its beaten by India A in their overs to spare. warm-ups after arriving late in the space of eight balls. replacement. Mathews second and final warm-up Stay or go? The decision because of the birth of his Rashid, who shared 71 h a d C o o k l b w f o r a match before the one-day facing Alastair Cook. This son, while captain Morgan, for the 10th wicket with ponderous 10 and then international series begins setback comes after England returning to the side after W i l l e y, s e r v e d u p a Kumara, having waited 14 on Sunday. beat a different India A line- m i s s i n g t h e t o u r o f succession of short balls in overs for a chance on a After Jonny Bairstow up by three wickets on Bangladesh over security seven overs of leg spin that W a n d e r e r s s u r f a c e made 64 and Alex Hales 51, Tuesday. fears, has made only three went for 51 - and not one of considered among the the tourists slipped from It also throws up further r u n s i n t w o i n n i n g s . England’s bowlers managed fastest and bounciest in 116-1 to 211-9 - both Eoin questions over the top-order Meanwhile, Sam Billings an economy rate of under the world, nipped out Elgar. Morgan and Jos Buttler were batting. made 93 in the first match six. Given a juicy pitch and out first ball. The regular top four and Bairstow pressed his England 282 (48.5 slightly overcast morning, They needed last-wicket would comprise Hales, Jason claim here. overs): Bairstow 64, Hales it was curious that South pair Adil Rashid and David Roy - who was unlucky to be Morgan is not the only 51. India A 283-4 (39.4 Africa opted not to try and Willey to reach 282. India A bowled when a part of his man short of form. Moeen overs): Rahane 91. India A inflict immediate damage coasted in the chase, Ajinkya helmet fell on to the bails - Ali has made just one run in won by six wickets. to Sri Lanka’s fragile Rahane’s 91 getting them Joe Root and Morgan. his two innings and was the (BBCsport)

Tourists lose warm-up match in Mumbai

batting order. Olivier came in in place of the spinner Keshav Maharaj but was then asked to cool his heels in the dressing room. With 224 first-class wickets at 21.38, despite being just 24, the uncapped Olivier had a CV to give Sri Lanka shivers but his only contribution on the first day was to see off four balls as nightwatchman a f t e r D u m i n y ’s l a t e dismissal. It was not until the 11th over that bat met ball with attacking conviction, as Elgar struck Lakmal for back-to-back fours. That prompted Sri Lanka to twice enquire about changing the ball and, at the end of the o v e r, t h e umpires agreed that it had gone out of shape; leading to the sight of R o d Tu c k e r c r o u c h e d over the pitch and repeatedly throwing the (presumably new) replacement into the surface, to get it into a comparable condition. Elgar looked on with apparent concern. The switch was accompanied by a change in the bowling and it was Mathews who ended the opening stand at 45 when Cook shuffled in front of off stump, missed an in-dipper, and shuffled off. That brought in Amla, who was welcomed by Mathews hitting him on the glove. He also edged Mathews short of the slips before de Silva gave him a let-off when diving forward to a presentable chance at gully off Lakmal. Elgar did fall in the over after his partner, ruffled by Kumara’s pace and chasing a wide delivery to edge to slip, but that was to be Sri Lanka’s last success for 72.2 overs as Amla rediscovered a familiar, and well-worn, groove.

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Friday January 13, 2017


Haiti stay at top, Suriname start the year strong Kingston, Jamaica, CMC – Haiti remained the region’s No.1 side, but recent opponents Suriname made the most waves in the latest Caribbean Football Union rankings. The Haitians led the way among the region’s nations in the final FIFA World Rankings for last year and a successful run in CFU Caribbean Cup fifth-place playoff last week in Trinidad allows them to hold firm at the summit, where they have been for the past three months. The latest results has also helped the Haitians to fortify their place in the CONCACAF top-five behind Costa Rica, Mexico, United States and Panama. With very few matches played by regional sides since the previous rankings, there are few big changes in the January edition, except for the big move by the Surinamese. The Dutch Caribbean side made the biggest move by both 62 points and a whopping 22 places in the rankings, leaping up to 128th in the World to be January’s

Jamaica’s Dwayne Ambursley in control against Guyana’s Anthony Abrams on October 11, 2016 at the Leonora Football Field. best performer and putting them seventh in the CFU. This improvement is still some distance from their best ever ranking for the Surinamese at 84th in the World, recorded nine years ago. Though the move has not meant any shifts in the top-five which remain Haiti, Curaçao, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and St. Kitts & Nevis, there has been some shifting in the remainder of

the top-10. Antigua & Barbuda holds onto sixth place, but Suriname’s rise displaces the remaining three with the Dominican Republic, Guyana and Puerto Rico follow. T&T’s Soca Warriors was the busiest team in the World during the last rankings period, playing four times, but three losses meant they dropped 30 points and dipped five places

Rory McIlroy one behind at South African Open as Nick Faldo shines on rare start

Rory McIlroy World number two Rory McIlroy is one off the pace at the South African Open after firing a five-under-par 67 in his first competitive round of 2017. It left the Northern Irishman a stroke behind home players Trevor Fisher Jnr and Keith Horne in Johannesburg. Experimenting with new clubs after Nike withdrew from the market, McIlroy produced a couple of superb late recoveries following wayward drives. Nick Faldo, making a rare Tour start, opened with an impressive 70. ”I was a bit adventurous on my second nine,” admitted McIlroy, who hopes strong performances

this week and next week in Abu Dhabi could see him replacing Jason Day at the top of world rankings rankings by the end of January. ”As my round drew to a close, I had to scramble on a few holes and did my bit by salvaging some pars. I played well, giving myself birdie chances.” McIlroy expressed satisfaction with his new clubs after notching seven birdies at the 7,100-yard Glendower Golf Club course. “It is nice to card a 67 in my first competitive round with new clubs. I am sure I will become accustomed to them. There will be some

chopping and changing as time goes by.” South African Fisher 442 places below McIlroy in the world rankings - had a run of seven birdies in eight holes in his 66, which was matched late in the day by another home player Horne. England’s Jordan L Smith, who graduated from the Challenge Tour after last season, joined McIlroy in the group on five under which included other home players Dean Burmester and Thomas Aiken. F i f t y - n i n e - y e a r- o l d Faldo, playing in his first European Tour event since 2014, brought back memories of his glory years in the late 1980s and early 1990s with a typically steady three-birdie 70. The six-time major winner dropped his only stroke of the day at the first before picking up shots at the seventh, 15th and 16th. Faldo was joined in a share of 26th place on 70 by 2011 Open champion Darren Clarke, who finished with three successive birdies, and the highest placed Scot, David Drysdale. (BBCsport)

in the World rankings to 83rd. The top 34 positions in the World remain unchanged with Argentina, Brazil and Germany still holding first, second and third place respectively. Despite the overall stability of the January table, two new teams broke into the top 50 – Saudi Arabia at 48th (up six places) and Nigeria at 50th (up one) advance at the

expense of Albania at 51st (down two) and Burkina Faso at 53rd (down three). The small southern African nation of Swaziland,

meanwhile, reached its best ever position in the World Ranking at 99th (up one). The next rankings will be published on February 9.

Floyd Mayweather rules out super-fight against UFC star Conor McGregor

Mayweather spoke while doing promotional work for James DeGale’s clash with Badou Jack. The mirage of Floyd Mayweather boxing UFC star Conor McGregor has receded. Mr. Money, in the course of promoting James D e G a l e ’s w o r l d t i t l e unification fight with Badou Jack in New York on Saturday night, virtually ruled out any kind of comeback. Asked about reports that he has offered McGregor $15 million, Mayweather said: ‘I’ve had my career. ‘All kinds of guys from other

sports keep calling me out. If it ever happened it would be an easy win for me. ’But I want to concentrate on helping the young boxers I promote accomplish their dreams and helping my children become the best people they can.’ Mayweather had insisted he would not return to the ring for less than a $100 million purse but he says now: I’m a businessman and I like making money but I’m

retired now on my record of 49 and 0. ’People with an interest in me coming back are not thinking of my health and my family. ‘There’s no point me no longer being the sharpest tool in the box but having more money. ‘And I look at how the great Muhammad Ali went on too long.’ Mayweather did confirm that he will be making another speaking tour of Britain this spring. (MailOnline)

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Narine fails to stop record Hurricanes run chase Melbourne, Australia, CMC – A disruptive spell from West Indies Twenty20 star spinner Sunil Narine for Melbourne Renegades was upstaged by a maiden Twenty20 hundred from Ben McDermott that set up a thrilling, record two-wicket victory for the Hobart Hurricanes in a high-scoring Big Bash League match yesterday. Narine was the most successful bowler for the Renegades, grabbing three for 27 from four overs, but the 22-year-old McDermott smashed eight fours and nine sixes in 114 from 52 balls to put the Hurricanes firmly on course for a target of 223 at the Docklands Stadium and the highest successful run chase in the tournament’s history. Before Narine trapped him lbw in the 16th over, McDermott, son of Australian fast bowling legend Craig McDermott, shared 151 for the third wicket with Australia international George Bailey, after the Hurricanes endured a shaky start. Narine again intervened, when he had Beau Webster caught at deep mid-wicket for a second-ball duck and Bailey caught at long-on for 59 from 42 balls in the space of three deliveries in the penultimate over, leaving the Hurricanes needing 16 from

Sunil Narine the final over. Narine was again involved, when his direct hit at the striker’s end from third man saw Cameron Boyce run out off the second delivery. But Sri Lanka medium-fast bowler Thisara Perera, entrusted with the final over, conceded 13 from the next three balls, including three wides, before England international Stuart Broad got a single from a leading edge to mid-off to take the Hurricanes over the finish line. E a r l i e r, A u s t r a l i a international Aaron Finch hit the top score of 63 from 40 balls and Netherlands international Tom Cooper supported with an unbeaten 53 from 24 balls, as the Renegades posted 222 for four from their allocation of 20 overs, after they were put

in to bat in the 24th match of the tournament. The total took the Renegades 10 past the previous highest score in the BBL, made by the Hurricanes against Brisbane Heat in four Decembers ago, but McDermott, whose six count was the same total for the home team during their innings, propelled the visitors to a memorable victory. The result meant that the Hurricanes now have six points – but they are fifth in the tournament standings behind the Melbourne Stars, due to net run rate. The Renegades are one of three teams on four points in the bottom half of the table – but they are sixth, due to net run rate. The League continues tomorrow with a derby at the Sydney Cricket Ground between the Sydney Thunder and Sydney Sixers, whose squad includes incumbent West Indies T20 captain Carlos Brathwaite, a replacement for injured West Indies teammate Andre Russell. Narine and the Renegades return to action this coming Monday at the Adelaide Oval, when they face hosts Adelaide Strikers, whose line-up includes West Indies T20 star Kieron Pollard and Barbados-born England all-rounder Christopher Jordan.

UWI (T&T) T20 Cricket

Singh stars again as DCC beat Police, advance to this evening’s semis It was three in a row for Demerara Cricket Club (DCC) and three in row for 29-year-old Berbice and Guyana left-handed batsman Gajanand Singh on Wednesday evening at the Sir Clyde Walcott ground at UWI St Augustine Trinidad as the Guyanese club waltzed into the semi-finals of the UWI T20 Cricket Festival in emphatic fashion. Led by a third unbeaten half-century in as many matches from the inform Singh, DCC beat Police by six wickets to qualify for the first semi-final today under lights where they will face off with defending champions, Tobago’s Club Crusoe from 18:00hrs. The Lawmen were asked to bat on a track with pace and bounce for the fast bowlers and a fast outfield. The home team crumbled from a good start to be

dismissed for 133 in 18.5 overs. The Queenstown based DCC, batting under a clear night sky galloped to 137-4 in 16.1 overs to register an easy win with 23 balls to spare. Wi t h b a c k - t o - b a c k victories on Sunday over DSH United and Mossai Sports after arriving in Trinidad at noon on the same day taking them into the quarter-finals, DCC were again on fire after enjoying a two-day rest. Clifton Halls stroked an attractive 50 from 37 balls with three fours and two sixes and got support from Sunil Beepat, who hammered 38 from 33 balls to give their team hope but four run outs did not help their cause and a miserly spell of four overs for nine runs from medium pacer Kellon Carmichael had earlier kept the shackles in

on the Trinis. Cohen Ismond captured 2-18 from three overs and was supported by former Guyana and West Indies T20 Wicket-Keeper Darwin Christian, who had 2-28 from four overs to ensure that none of the other batsmen put up resistance. Singh, with two fifties from 10 First-Class games, smashed nine boundaries in a classy 56, West Indies U-19 Vice-Captain Kemo Paul reached the ropes once and cleared four times in a pugnacious 24-ball 40 while Christian blasted five scorching fours in 26 from 19 balls to the disappointment of a small crowd of about 60 fans. Rajiv Singh was DCC’s main threat with 3-19 from four overs including a maiden in which three wickets fell but his effort was too little, too late. Singh was awarded his third Man-of-the-Match.

Friday January 13, 2017

Slingerz and Alpha’s axing from Caribbean Club C’ship Disappointing - Urling Former Chairman of the FIFA appointed Normalisation Committee (NC) Clinton Urling says the decision by CONCACAF to withdraw the participation of Slingerz Football Club and Alpha United Football Club from the Caribbean Club Championship is at best disappointing. It was under Urling’s stewardship that the Stag Elite League (SEL) was birthed and commenced, the first edition being a success. CONCACAF in a letter to the Guyana Football Federation President Wayne Forde on January 9, 2016 confirmed that the two clubs have been removed from the championship which they had qualified for as champion and runner-up of season one of the Stag Elite League, due to the fact that they are not in good standing with the GFF. Urling said it is startling to him that CONCCAF arrived at such a position in unilateral way without giving either team an opportunity a hearing. ”They have also omitted to identify within the correspondence sent to the clubs which grounds are those clubs not in good standing, because from my understanding and discussions with those club owners and management, they are still legitimate members of the GFF under the Elite League category.” He stated that the clubs have not breached any rules of the federation or would not have been sent a summons from the GFF on any infraction of the statutes. ”What they have done, they have disagreed with the executive committee in terms of the manner in which they tried to administer the second season of the elite league and they have also taken their case, after asking for arbitration, taken their case to the disciplinary committee of the GFF and they are awaiting a hearing and judgment on that matter.” The businessman posited that none of the above constitute a breach that would put any of the clubs on bad faith or in noncompliance with any statute of the GFF. ”So for CONCACAF to just say vaguely that they are not in good standing without

Clinton Urling giving the specific example of what they mean by that is baffling and disappointing. The GFF, one, owes those clubs and the Guyanese public an explanation.” Urling argued that this issue is beyond the Guyana Football Federation: “This is a national issue, this is where our two top national teams are being denied an opportunity that they rightfully earned to participate in a Caribbean wide competition that could potentially lead to a global competition because it goes to the CONCACAF Champions League which goes to the Club World Cup, eventually.” The former NC Chairman noted that the kind of fame potential qualification can bring to Guyana would be enormous and should not be underestimated. HE also pointed out that it is unfair to deny the clubs given the fact that they would have invested large sums of monies, in the millions, with a view to qualifying and are now left to ponder, what if! ”They would have invested time, resources; they would have even brought in international players in order to win the first season of the league which comes at a great cost. So when they had won that season they ha d a very legitimate expectation that they will be going to the Caribbean leg of the CONCACAF Club Championship and again would have invested even more to get there.”

Urling was adamant that eh posture of both the GFF and CONCACAF sends a message that if you disagree with any position of the president and if your disagreement is taken to any of the judicial committees you can be deemed not to be in good standing with the GFF even though one might not have been in breach of any of the regulations. ”This is a dangerous precedence to set and CONCACAF is basically saying, because the clubs have a disagreement with the executive committee and they are awaiting adjudication from the disciplinary committee, that you are not in good standing. It is tantamount to saying that every decision that FIFA makes, if one of FIFA’s MA’s disagrees, FIFA automatically sees that as them being in bad standing. For instance when we took FIFA to CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) that did not mean that were in bad standing with FIFA, we just disagreed with FIFA in terms of the whole issue with the St. Vincent player.” He explained that the GFF did not cease to be a member of the world governing body or was in bad standing noting that CONCACAF needs to explain their decision. While pointing out that it is now too late for the two clubs to be re-instated, Urling posited that the GFF should have intervened from a country standpoint at the CONCACAF level to ensure both Slingerz and Alpha participated.

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Friday January 13, 2017


Minister of Education, Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine (fourth, right) shakes hands with CBC President, Glyne Clarke while Minister within the Ministry, which has responsibility for Sport, Dr. Nicolette Henry (third, right) share the moment with from left Permanent Secretary, Alfred King, GABF President, Nigel Hinds, Patrick Haynes, GABF VP, Kenrick Thomas and Director of Sport, Christopher Jones.

Super successful, but controversial year for basketball By Edison Jefford Basketball had a super successful programme in 2016 where unnecessary controversy threatened to undermine what has been solid development work. However, The Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) was one of sport’s top performers last year. The calendar bounced off with the Road to Mecca III –the association’s third National Basketball Championship, which had a customary sluggish start in February, but intensified when it reached the Final Eight in March. E v e n t u a l l y Georgetown’s Colts and Linden’s Retrieve Raiders qualified for the Finals that ended in a stalemate at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall when Raiders abandoned the game with 9:18 left on the game clock to protest what they believe was biased officiating. Down 51-54 in the National Championship Game, the Linden-based team left the court after one of its players received double technical fouls for his aggression; following the calls, other players from Raiders were incensed with the referees and the team left the court, abandoning the game as a result. Raiders’ supporters then started to throw chairs, bottles and other items on the court, bringing the game into

disrepute. President of the G A B F, N i g e l H i n d s , managed to convince Raiders to return to the Court. After reviewing the video, Hinds felt that the referees’ calls against Raiders were unwarranted. It vindicated Raiders, but sparked another protest from the opposing Colts, which followed Raiders earlier action and left the court. This ended the game with no result. This drama unfolded as the three-quarter packed Sports Hall waited for a little under one hour for the game to resume. Unfortunately, it never did. An otherwise keen contest became a damp squib after great administrative work had preceded an otherwise successful event. It took the distinguished academic and former FIBA internationally licensed referee, Jay Mandle a meeting with relevant stakeholders to resolve the issues. Mandle issued a letter, stating that the only way to determine the authentic champion was to replay the game. The W. Bradford Wiley Professor of Economics at Colgate University, who along with his wife, Joan Mandle, also a University Professor, co-authored ‘Caribbean Hoops: The Development of West Indian Basketball’, which has an entire chapter on Refereeing. Mandle and his wife

W. Bradford Wiley Professor of Economics at Colgate University and former FIBA International Official, Jay R. Mandle (second left), and his wife University Professor, Joan Mandle (obliquely opposite him) during his meeting with GABF, LABA and GABA at the Marriot Hotel. visited Guyana at the request of the University of Guyana and met with the GABF President, Hinds and reps from the Linden Amateur Basketball Association (LABA) and Georgetown Amateur Basketball Association (GABA) at the Marriot Hotel. Following the meeting, stakeholders agreed to replay the final in April, which had crowned Colts first time National Champions since Mecca began. The maxim, which suggests that: ‘controversy sells’, became true when, surprisingly, a bigger crowd came out to witness the Final for a second time. The senior players were met with more basketball when the Washington DC Jammers visited for their customary tour in May. D.C Jammers completed a sweep of Guyana’s top three clubs in the three-game series at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. Again there was some

amount of controversy when Raiders chose to not play in the tournament, leaving organisers with a scramble to find a replacement. But with Guyana winning a bid to host the Caribbean Basketball Confederation (CBC) U-16 Championships, the obvious angst at senior levels quickly dissipated with all the focus on youth basketball. Excellent partnership between the GABF, and Government of Guyana, followed a pact from the latter to ensure that every system necessary was in place to host the event. This commitment was given to the CBC Officials, including its President, Glyne Clarke. Clarke had visited Guyana where he met at the Ministry of Education with M i n i s t e r s , D r. R u p e r t Roopnaraine, Dr. Nicolette Henry, Director of Sports, Christopher Jones, Hinds, and other major stakeholders from the basketball community. The stage was set for a

pulsating Caribbean Championships; the Sports Hall was transformed to an international facility with aesthetic beauty that forced the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) to issue a letter of commendation to Guyana. The leadership from Government and the astute administration of the GABF combined to assist the young Guyanese male team in a Cinderella run to the final against top-ranked Bahamas with Minister Henry surprising the Guyanese with a locker room visit. Guyana lost in the final against a clearly superior Bahamian team, but qualified for CentroBasket – the Central American Championships for the first time at any level. The Cliff Anderson Sports Hall was filled to capacity to bring the curtains down on the male competition. The local girls did not do as well. However, following the immense success that

several individuals and organisations worked hard to achieve, another controversy publicly erupted with Hinds stating that he and the GABF are yet to be repaid for works undertaken at the Sports Hall to host the event. Hinds indicated in the media that the GABF is owed for works it undertook and equipment it had procured to host the Caribbean Championships. He said The National Sports Commission (NSC) owes the GABF in excess of $7 million for the work done. The issue was a primary factor that forced the resignation of Hinds from the NSC where he was a Commissioner and ViceChairman. In the final analysis of the performance of basketball in 2016 it is safe to say that controversy stalked every major success in the sport and there have been the successes at the both domestic and international levels.

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Friday January 13, 2017

Impressers, Spartons, Rage, German’s Restaurant boss donate Futsal balls to EBFA Gangster in winners’ lane

Mark Wiltshire (right) is full concentration against his opponents. Impressers, Spartons, Rage and Gangster registered victories when the Georgetown leg of the Mark Wi l t s h i r e 6 2 n d b i r t h anniversary dominoes tournament continued on Wednesday night at Faye Joseph residence, Gaulding Place. Impressers chalked up 71 games to squeeze past Beacon on 70 and Scramblers 66. Yonette Christmas and Barbara Marshall scored 14 games each for the winners while Basil Bradshaw made 14 for Scramblers. Spartons marked 68 games to overcome All

Seasons 59 and Mix Up 45 in their match up. Leroy Edwards got 12 for Spartons while John Freeman made 12 for All Seasons. Rawl Peters and Gilbert Mendonca got 12 each for Mix Up. Led by 15 games from Mark Welch and Shawn Morgan’s 14, Rage notched up 59 games to come out victorious over C6 48 and Specialist 41. Brian Edwards and Claire Benjamin had 12 apiece for C6 while Keon Ambrose chalked 13 and Andrew Hope 12 for Specialist. Gangster continued their fine form with their second

victory in the tournament. Shellon and Dereck Collymore were their leading players with 12 games each as they led the team to 51 games. Thunder trudged in second with 48 while Transport brought up the rear on 43. Faye Joseph scored 12 and Mark Rodrigues 11 for Thunder. The tournament continues tomorrow at 15:30 hrs at Transport Sports Club and teams that have not yet entered the competition are asked be at the venue at least 30 minutes before double six time. (Zaheer Mohamed)

German’s Restaurant boss Clinton Urling (left) handing over Futsal balls to EBFA President Franklin Wilson. In an effort to encourage the playing of Fustal in the East Bank Football Association (EBFA), owner of the German’s Restaurant, Clinton Urling, made a donation of balls to the association. Noting that he has been following the progress of football in the association over the past three years, Urling said that he is encouraged by the collective work of the association executive and the clubs in their desire to ensure that players at all levels are active. ”You guys have been

doing an admirable job by playing tournaments at the youth and senior levels consistently and with the donation of these balls, I am challenging you to start looking at this small sided version of the game that can attract more players and even assist with sharpening the skills of current players.” E B FA P r e s i d e n t , Franklin Wilson in accepting the donation from Urling thanked him for recognising the work that is being done in the association and noted that the clubs and the association executive has a working

relationship and is always looking for ways to improve and advance the sport in the association. Wilson also informed that the association is working on brining all the clubs in line with updated constitutions and elections, Herstelling Raiders FC already falling in line with Circuit Ville Jaguars of Ya r r o w k a b r a o n t h e Linden Soesdyke Highway expected to follow shortly. Wilson promised that the association would be looking shortly at introducing Futsal in the association.

West Indies reject proposal to tour Pakistan for T20Is West Indies’ proposed tour to Pakistan for two T20Is in mid-March is off the table, multiple sources have confirmed to ESPNcricinfo. The WICB rejected the PCB’s proposal for the tour after receiving advice on security from the Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations. The WICB has also cancelled an expected security recce, which was planned for later this month. The two boards, however, continue to discuss the possibility of two T20 internationals in Florida on March 19 and 20. It is understood that earlier this week the West Indies Players Association wrote to FICA, seeking advice on the current security

situation in Pakistan. FICA reportedly gave WIPA the latest security advisory from its security consultants, Eastern Star International, who provide security for various international boards including the ECB, Cricket Australia, New Zealand Cricket and the ICC. In the report, FICA warned that the risk level in Pakistan remains “at an extremely elevated state” and that “an acceptable level of participant security and safety cannot be expected or guaranteed”. Earlier this month, FICA’s report on player safety and security strongly discouraged players from traveling to Lahore for the Pakistan Super League final, scheduled for March 5.

According to the proposal, Lahore was likely to host the two matches on March 18 and 19, followed by two matches in Florida, which are still being discussed and are likely to go ahead. On Wednesday, the WICB released the schedule of Pakistan’s seven-week tour of the Caribbean, beginning from March, which comprises two T20Is, three ODIs and three Tests across five venues. As per the I C C ’s F u t u r e To u r s Programme (FTP), four Tests had been originally slated for this series, but one Test was dropped from the itinerary to accommodate the proposed tour of Pakistan and the (Continued on page 32)

Pakistan will tour West Indies between March and May this year, their first tour of the Caribbean since 2013 © AFP

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Friday January 13, 2017


STAG Nations CUP KO Football to restart January 18 at Grove F o l l o w i n g unprecedented rainfall during the Christmas season which resulted in the organisers of the STAG Nations Cup knock-out football championships having to halt proceedings, competition is set to restart on Wednesday January 18, 2017 with the final two round-of-16 matches. Te a m s f r o m f i v e associations (Berbice, East Demerara, Georgetown, E a s t B a n k a n d We s t Demerara) affiliated to the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) have been battling each other from December 14 last for a place in the final with a top prize of 2 Million dollars at stake. Second place attracts 1 Million while third place will get $500,000 and fourth, $300,000. On Wednesday, Grove Hi Tech will play New Amsterdam United in the feature match at 21:00hrs with Den Amstel matching skills with Ann’s Grove in the curtain raiser from 19:00hrs, the respective winners booking the final two quarter final spots. Already through to the quarters are Western Tigers

Action in the Young Achievers, Northern Rangers clash at the Leonora Football Field on December 16, 2016.

which has earned a date with Pouderoyen; Santos which will tangle with Uitvlugt Warriors; Police which will battle the winner of the G r o v e H i Te c h / N e w Amsterdam United clash and Riddim Squad, set to oppose the winner of the Ann’s Grove/Den Amstel match-

up. Teams walking the plank a r e M a h a i c o n y Thunderhawks, Flamingo, G o l d e n S t a r s , Yo u n g Achievers, Northern Rangers, Kuru Kururu Warriors, Cougars, Rosignol United, Herstelling Raiders and Mahaica Determinators.

Rugby season scrums off tomorrow Due to the persistent inclement weather in the latter half of 2016 which forced a premature end to all activities, the Guyana Rugby Football Union will open the 2017 s e a s o n w i t h a clash between a North versus South 15s game tomorrow, at the National Park, starting from 16:00hrs. According to a release

from the Organisers, players and officials from all clubs are asked to be at the venue for a prompt start. Meanwhile, following the cancellation of several Sevens tournaments, the Union will conclude the Guinness Tournament on January 21, at the National Park. The release added that four other Sevens One-Day

Competitions will be staged with the culmination date set for February 12. The Union s t a t e d t h a t G u y a n a ’s international schedule will see them play the winner of the pool that includes Curacao / Martinique & Barbados in April in an away game, before locking horns with arch rival Trinidad and Tobago in June at home.

t r o Sp

Super successful, but controversial year for basketball

Guyana’s male and female CBC U-16 teams pose for a photograph at the Giftland Mall last year with officials and stakeholders.

UWI (T&T) T20 Cricket

STAG Nations Singh stars again as DCC beat Police, CUP KO Football advance to this evening’s semis to restart January 18 at Grove

West Indies reject proposal to tour Pakistan for T20Is

Singh collects his third consecutive MOM Award from a representative of UWI

Rugby season scrums off tomorrow

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