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Monday January 13, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters... Where your views make the news

It should have never had to come down to this DEAR EDITOR, We participants of the National Drama Festival whose names are provided below - would like to address the recently concluded matter of late payments of prize monies due to cast and crews of the winning productions of the 2013 festival. In addressing this matter our aims are to: i) Express our deep concerns for the future of the festival ii) Highlight as yet unresolved matters arising out of the 2013 National Drama Festival iii) Propose some possible solutions But first a little context is in order. On November 30, 2013 the National Drama Festival Awards Ceremony was held, some seven days after the conclusion of the festival. Minister of Culture, Youth & Sport Frank Anthony, in the presence of all those in attendance in the National Culture Centre’s auditorium,

made a promise that prize monies would be paid within two weeks of the same evening. This was a pleasant turn of events as the previous two years, the festival had been marred by lengthy delays in the judging process, holding of the award ceremony and in the payment of prize monies among other things, some of which could be put down to teething problems of a new and ambitious initiative. (In one instance, prize winners were left waiting for two months to collect their modest, but hard-earned winnings.) When the two-week deadline approached a number of Directors, Playwrights and Actors took it upon themselves - by themselves - to contact the Festival Director, Mr. Godfrey Naughton. The two-week deadline passed without prize monies being paid. Assurances were made by Mr. Naughton that he would try to get the money

released in time for Christmas. Christmas passed without prize monies being paid. Some hoped to receive their prize money before the end of the year. 2014 was ushered in without prize monies being paid. All the while, prize winners and drama mentors had been taking it upon themselves to investigate, either through Mr. Naughton or with personal contacts at MCYS as to when monies would be released. However, it was not until the evening of January 5 that the pot boiled over. This is when Festival Director Mr. Godfrey Naughton - now, by his own decision, the former festival director - proclaimed on his Facebook page that where the money was concerned, the Ministry “had it but spent it”. By the morning of January 6 word had spread and we very quickly began organizing ourselves. Numerous calls and visits

Shame on the Ministry responsible for Co-ops DEAR EDITOR, The Minister responsible for Cooperatives in Guyana through his Chief Cooperatives Development Officer has surely abdicated his responsibility to support the development of the Cooperative movement in this country. I was not close to the happenings here since I was away but things do not look as if they have made any progress. I refer specifically to the Paradise MultiPurpose Cooperative Society, which has been abandoned by government through the inaction of the subject minister. Members were told by way of an advertisement by the CCDO that they should indicate their desire for an

audit before November 30, 2013 or face being deemed deregistered. I am aware that a petition of no confidence with fifty-two names was sent to the Minister seeking to have the substantive CCDO and his agent(s) removed from any involvement in the affairs of the Society. It also requested an urgent audit of the Society’s finances and assets among other issues. To this day nothing has been heard from the Ministry despite the November deadline having been passed. What adds insult to injury is the fact that prices are still being sought as much as one million dollars for lands to remigrants. The Ministry responsible for co-operatives has not taken the requisite

steps to inform the Ministry of Housing of the situation at Paradise. The Ministry must take the blame for this unacceptable state of affairs since officials did not cause an advertisement to appear in the newspapers informing the public that the persons who previously were mandated to conduct the business of the PMCS were no longer authorized to so do. The ministry must also take some of the blame for the atrocious state of the roads in the Paradise Housing Scheme. In other words for this monumental failure the Ministry and its officials should hang their collective heads in shame. Gervais Sansulotte

Terry’s word was without... From page 4 the instances. Suffice to say, Terry’s word was without a doubt, his devoted bond. My departed friend and mentor was persistent in the pursuit of positions he adopted which overwhelmingly, bode no ill will against his fellow man. The GMA Annual Presentation and Awards Dinner (APAD) 2004 was held a few days after my resignation was accepted. While standing in the foyer outside the grand Savannah Suite at Pegasus

during the event, Terry approached me in a polite but no-nonsense manner saying, “I cannot in good conscience allow you to leave without publicly saying something. You are the first Executive Director. You presided over a successful Institutional strengthening project of the Association,...” He continued to reel off a set of accomplishments in quick succession. Thereafter, he immediately made an about face in military ramrod fashion and started for the door to

rejoin the proceedings. After taking about three quick steps, he half turned, with that trademark smile, looked me straight in the eye, and, displaying his penchant for etiquette and decorum quipped “And by the way, don’t forget to button your jacket when the MC calls you to the front”. I extend a heartfelt sympathy to the family and sorrowing relatives of the late Terrence Ormonde Holder. May His soul rest in peace! Derrick Cummings

were made to the Ministry to seek an official explanation. We requested an audience with the Minister, PS and/or Director of Culture for January 8 to clear up the conflicting bits and pieces of information that we were receiving up and down the chain. Our requested was denied, apparently because of meetings, but we showed up anyway, in our numbers at the Ministry to indicate our seriousness. We were insistent but always polite, else we be accused of being a mob. Whether it was the inquiries and presence of the media, the call we put in to Digicel who wholly and solely sponsored the prize money, the intervention of parties outside of our immediate group or some combination of these and other factors, we received official word from both the Accounts Department and the Director of Culture that our money would be available the following day. Just in time to put on hold the press conference and media blitz and other actions that we were in motion to begin the very next day. Fortunately for all concerned

the Ministry kept its promise and monies were released. From the beginning though we have always planned to issue this very statement. It should have never had to come down to this. The matter is not over. At the time of writing, closer inspection has revealed that it appears that as much as $600,000 of prize money is missing from our collective winnings. Coming out of the festival, members of Lichas Hall Linden’s version of the Theatre Guild - discovered that an annual subvention for the hall has been in the Ministry’s budget since 2008. This would be great news if it weren’t for the fact that Lichas Hall up until very recently knew nothing of the subvention and has no record of ever being in receipt of the funds allocated to them. There are also fees due to Lichas Hall for use of the facility during the Linden leg of the festival. These are just the latest in a long series of incidents that have caused artists great worry and stress. At best, the Ministry is inconsistent and lacking in transparency. In this particular incident they have

failed to communicate in a clear and convincing manner just what was the reason for the delay in paying prize money. The Ministry claims that discrepancies in Mr. Naughton’s financial submissions were the root of the problem. This is baffling. Digicel has supposedly sponsored the full sum of the prize money (which was handed over to the Ministry before the awards ceremony). A determination had been made as to how much money was to go to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The judges’ decisions have been final ever since. Why the hold up? We see this year, the deficit of trust that local ‘creatives’ hold for the Ministry is deepening. The Ministry has tried to put the problems of the festival squarely on the shoulders of Mr. Naughton, and while he bears some responsibility, he Continued on page 8

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Linden/Lethem bridges…

Gordon disappointed with PM’s response to appeal for urgent repairs By Enid Joaquin “Disappointed”, is how Linden Interim Management Committee Chairman Orrin Gordon has summed up his reaction to a correspondence he is in receipt of from Prime Minister Samuel Hinds on a proposal for the rehabilitation of twelve ‘critical’ bridges along the Linden to Lethem road. The letter was in response to a proposal by Gordon and former Regional Chairman Mortimer Mingo in the year 2010, in which they outlined what was required to refurbish the bridges to ascertain their capacity to withstand a maximum sustained load of 60 tons. According to the proposal which was seen by this newspaper, an inspection team, which included Mr Paul Jones, an eminent welding contractor in Linden, with wide experience in construction projects, including the fabrication of pontoons for the Demerara Harbour bridge and repairs to the Mackenzie/Wismar bridge, was dispatched to the Linden to Lethem road, to assess which of the 39 bridges needed immediate attention. Based on his assessment, Jones had advised that twelve of the bridges needed urgent attention. He also concluded that the current timber bridges of three or four 2’x12’ greenheart planks on each side was inadequate to sustain the load of 60 tons. The average length of most of these bridges is reportedly 29 feet. Other bridges in the savannahs, which incorporate both steel and wood in their designs, were also found to be inadequate. According to the proposal, the new bridges should be constructed of steel beams, readily available for sale at the OMAI wharf at an approximate cost of US$10 per foot.

The beam’s specifications are 36"x12"x3/4" thickness, 24"x12" x5/8", 12"x12"x1/2 “thickness and channel iron 12”x3"x1/2" thickness. The proposal also pointed out that a large quantity of railroad lines stockpiled in Linden, under the aegis of the Linmine Secretariat. would be used in the construction of reinforcement for the bridges, rendering them capable of withstanding loads of up to 82 tons, and the ready availability of these materials allows for expediting of the project. Further, it was proposed, that most of the construction be undertaken in Linden, where the requisite skills exist to prefabricate most of the components for the bridges. The completed components would then be transported to the sites, which would have been prepared with revetment work and the establishment of necessary bypasses, the proposal stated. While the timeline stipulated for the execution and completion of the twelve bridges was four months, it was further pointed out that the more critical ones would have been the first to be rehabilitated, and these would have been completed in three months. RESPONSE Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, in his response to Gordon regarding the proposal for the rehabilitation of the twelve bridges, noted, “your letter dated 2013-06-10 has been studied and I can assure you that I and all members of government want to have the Linden to Lethem road, inclusive of the bridges, advanced as early as possible. “The limiting constraint is the availability of money, bearing in mind the calls all across our country for improvements of roads, and very much so, our growing network of hinterland roads. Over the years

government has been allocating as much as it reasonably could, some $250 to $300million per year, for specified road and bridge works, along the Linden/ Lethem road, awarded through competitive bids.” The Prime Minister further said that if Government had the money, they would ‘usefully spend’ $3 -$5million per mile per year on the Linden to Lethem road, which is some 265 miles long. That expenditure, he pointed out, would add up to some $795 M to $1325 M per year, but that amount could not yet be allocated, without ignoring other ‘critical needs’. “Many persons, including myself and the government, would like to have an asphaltic concrete road with reinforced concrete or steel bridges”, the Prime minister stated in his letter. Hinds added that since 2009, the Guyana government has been steadily engaged with their Brazilian counterparts in talks about the issue of having a paved road, and that in the first half of 2013, it was one of the subjects addressed during four meetings between the two sides. He alluded to a newspaper article of 2013-07-12 in which there was a report on an agreement signed between Guyana and Brazil ‘in the margins of the Mercosur Conference”, which included arrangements for a detailed feasibility study to construct an asphaltic concrete road from Lethem to Linden with pre stressed concrete bridges, including a bridge across the Kurupukari. A realistic estimate of the aforementioned project Hinds concedes is between US$250 and$350 mil or 50 to 70 billion Guyana dollars. “We have to think of how this development may be financed, where the money might be found and put together, and then amortized (Continued on page 17)

Monday January 13, 2014

Health sector playing active role in combating violence - CMO

The worrying spate of violence, particularly that of a domestic nature, in the local society has not only prompted strategic action in the social sector but the health sector too has been playing a major role in helping, as far as possible, to arrest potential cases. Several cases of domestic violence have, over the years, ended in death or with victims being maimed, in some instances, for life. And the role of the health sector may very well be one of the most instrumental components in helping to combat such outcomes. This is in light of the fact that several of these violent cases, from the early stages, are often seen at various health facilities. “A lot of these incidents start off with simple matters and a lot of these people may have had encounters with the health sector and I think we can intervene at that point and avoid the catastrophic outcomes that we do see,” said Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Shamdeo Persaud. Dr. Persaud, who was at the time entertaining an interview with this publication, disclosed that the Health Ministry has in place a Focal Point Person who has been working with young adults, particularly males, and other stakeholders in terms of looking at violence prevention with a view of building capacity among health workers to recognise cases of domestic violence. “Of course we have the domestic violence provisions under the current (Domestic Violence) Act and we have implemented all the components that are necessary at the level of the health sector,” Dr. Persaud said. Added to this, he explained that portions of the new Sexual Offences Act are also embraced by the health sector as there are requirements for health inputs in terms of examinations and collecting specimens.

And it was imperative that the two legislations – the Domestic Violence Act and the Sexual Offences Act – be revised, as according to the CMO, the two in their former states had weaknesses whereby they lacked adequate provisions for gathering quality evidence. “The newer versions do actually give us the mandate to do that in a little bit more organised way...,” said Dr. Persaud who is of the firm belief that “the bigger part of the work though has to be done by the social sector...” Nevertheless, he noted that the Health Ministry will continue to partner with various agencies such as Help and Shelter and the Human Services Ministry to put systems in place to combat the ever daunting domestic violence situation that plagues the society. In this regard, work has already begun to ensure that included in all health sector training programmes, among other things, is the subject of ‘intimate partner violence’. According to Dr. Persaud, this is to ensure that all health workers are made aware of violent cases and gain a better understanding of how to do the correct assessments and treatments which should include: counselling and steering people towards needful assistance. The health sector’s move to address the challenge of violence is being implemented even as greater focus is being directed to it mental health programme. It is believed that mental stability can in fact lend to a reduction in violent situations. However, the CMO admitted that there yet remains a big gap when it comes to managing anxiety, depression, stress and the more complicated psychosis and neurosis cases. He noted though that the Psychiatric Department at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation together with the

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Shamdeo Persaud National Psychiatric Hospital are tasked with focusing on the gross psychiatric illnesses which according to him are “the ones we classify with the bad word “mad” used by some people.” Dr. Persaud asserted though that there are other degrees of mental health conditions that can be addressed at the level of primary health care. And under its current Strategic Plan – Health Vision 20/20 – the CMO said that the Health Ministry, with support from the Pan American Health Organisation, is working towards revising and finalising its primary health care strategy for mental health. According to him, moves are also being made to implement training programmes and training modules for mental health in training activities for all levels of health workers including medexes, doctors and nurses and even allied professionals. In tackling the scourge of violence, the Health Ministry has forged collaborative ties with the Ministry of Homes Affairs to help address some cases of Trafficking in Persons (TIPs). As such a ‘Yellow Manual’ has been adopted by Guyana for health workers on TIPs in order to combat what the CMO dubbed “another subtle way of how violence is promulgated in our society.” “We are looking to implement the guidelines for assessment, management, care and support for persons who are at risk for trafficking and who are trafficked,” Dr. Persaud disclosed.

Monday January 13, 2014

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Health Ministry to probe possible importation of radioactive Japanese vehicles By Zena Henry Health Minister Bheri Ramsarran stated yesterday that an investigation will be launched into the importation of used Japanese vehicles containing high levels of radiation now that the Ministry has become aware of the possibility that the harmful nuclear decay could reach Guyanese shores. The Minister made the disclosure when Kaieteur News inquired as to whether the Ministry was aware that Jamaican authorities had returned two vehicle shipments to Japan (including one destined for Guyana), after it was found that the vehicles and other auto parts contained elevated levels of radiation. The unusual radiation levels are a result of the March 2011 tsunami which caused severe power outage in the Asian nation and saw radioactive spills from the wrecked reactors of the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant. Minister Ramsarran said that he was not au fait with the issue, but would “launch an investigation into the serious matter.” He told Kaieteur News during a telephone interview that his Chief Medical Officer was at the time listening in on the conversation and he would be directed to look into the matter. The Health Minister also mentioned that the probe will take a multi-agency effort since at first level, importation deals with the trade and commerce sector. The Minister added that he would therefore be seeking a word with trade authorities, before the Health Ministry could make the relevant steps. The Minister reiterated the seriousness of the radioactive equipment and expressed that he would earnestly be seeking to address the matter. A senior car dealer told Kaieteur News that he was recently made aware of the Japanese vehicles having unusually high levels of radiation. Mr. Wilfred Bransford told this newspaper that while he is unaware whether any of the contaminated vehicles are in the country, from henceforth, he will be requesting from his foreign suppliers information relating to radiation levels before it is imported. Mr. Bransford said that in some cases, suppliers might not be forthcoming with information to buyers and would more than likely provide information, only on request. The car dealer opined however, that Jamaica detecting the contaminated

vehicles indicates that the nation may have prepared itself for these occurrences, knowing that many used vehicles and spare parts come from that Eastern part of the world. Bransford suggested further that Guyana should now put stiff measures in place to ensure that safe vehicles and spare parts are entering the country. He opined also that regulations should state what levels of radiation are accepted in the country, while touching on the need to re-look vehicle importing rules. The Jamaican Gleaner stated however that in November 2012, a minibus imported from Japan by a used-car dealer in Jamaica was scanned and found to have radiation levels which required it to be moved to a quarantined area. In December of 2013, a shipping container containing used car parts destined for Guyana was also found to have elevated levels of radiation and was also transferred to a quarantined area for protection. Both shipments were returned to Japan. The media outfit quoted Velma Rickets, Jamaica’s Assistant Commissioner of Customs as saying that, “The Jamaica Customs Agency had been on high alert since the earthquake affected Japan.”The nation’s Commissioner of Customs, Major Richard Reese was also quoted as saying that, “It could be that there is a weakness in the inspection process on that [Japan’s] side,” while the Jamaican Foreign Affairs Ministry hinted that it would be making contact with Japanese authorities. The Jamaican Customs Agency has also been working with the United States Department of Energy to conduct radiation examinations on all vehicles and spare parts coming from Japan, the report said. Japanese workers at the tsunami-crippled Japanese nuclear plant are still scrambling to find the cause of a highly radioactive water leak from a brand-new storage tank amid concerns that the problem is hampering cleanup efforts. The report said that, the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant suffered multiple meltdowns when the 2011 tsunami knocked out power and the plant is still on a fragile makeshift cooling system that produces massive amounts of highly radioactive water coming out of the wrecked reactors.

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Body of Israel’s Ariel Sharon lies in state JERUSALEM (AP) — Hundreds of Israelis lined up outside Israel’s parliament building yesterday to pay their last respects to Ariel Sharon, the hard-charging former prime minister and general who died over the weekend. Sharon’s coffin was displayed in a plaza in front of the Knesset, where a stream of visitors passed by to snap photos and say farewell. A funeral service to be attended by dignitaries from around the world, including U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, is scheduled for today. The 85-year-old Sharon, one of Israel’s most iconic and controversial figures, died Saturday, eight years after suffering a stroke that left him in a coma. “My heart is broken. Israel lost the King of David. There is no other word to describe this man, they don’t make people like this anymore,” said Uri Rottman, a mourner who said he once served in the military with Sharon. “I feel committed to share the very last moment before they’re going to bury him,” said Eliav Aviram, another former army comrade. Sharon was a farmerturned-soldier, a soldierturned-politician, a politicianturned-statesman — a leader known for his exploits on the battlefield, masterminding Israel’s invasion of Lebanon, building Jewish settlements on war-won land and then, late in life, destroying some that he deemed no longer useful. To his supporters, he was a war hero. To his critics, he was a war criminal. Israeli authorities closed off streets around the parliament in anticipation of huge crowds yesterday. Visitors were asked to park at lots in and around the city and were brought to the site by special buses. President Shimon Peres and former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who succeeded Sharon after the 2006 stroke, was among the visitors. Olmert crossed past a roped-

Monday January 13, 2014

Letters... Where your views make the news

Stop this illegal gambling DEAR EDITOR, Please permit me space in your newspaper to express my disgust at an illegal practice that occurs almost daily in Sisters Village, East Bank Berbice, especially on Sundays. Both teenagers and adults usually engage in illegal gambling at a particular spot that is recognized as a wash bay. This has been occurring for almost on year now. And what disgusts me more is that this illegal gambling is being done approximately three hundred metres away from the Sisters Police Station. It seems as if the officers there are oblivious to what has been occurring for the past months. The repercussion of this illegal act is a negative effect on the children in the community. In fact, many children are now seen doing the same at various corners in the village. I therefore request that those in authority take the necessary action quickly to stop this illegal act. Worried resident

Ariel Sharon

off area to stand silently next to the flag-draped coffin. A state memorial is planned today at the parliament building. In addition to Biden, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Czech Prime Minister Jiri Rusnok, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and others were expected. Afterward Sharon’s body will be taken by military convey for burial at his ranch in southern Israel. News of Sharon dominated Israeli newspapers and broadcast reports, and Israel’s three main TV stations all broadcast live from the memorial. Radio stations were filled with interviews with former officials and military men who shared stories of Sharon’s exploits. Sharon’s career stretched across much of Israel’s 65year existence, and his life was closely intertwined with the country’s history. Throughout his life, he was at the center of the most contentious episodes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, starting as a young soldier fighting in the 1948 war over Israel’s creation. In the 1950s, he led a commando unit that carried out reprisals for Arab attacks. In 1953, after the slaying of an Israeli woman and her two

children, Sharon’s troops blew up more than 40 houses in Qibya, a West Bank village then ruled by Jordan, killing 69 Arabs, most or all of them civilians. Residents in Qibya yesterday remembered the village’s darkest hour. Qibya resident Hamed Ghethan was just 4 years old when the raid

took place. He said he could remember older residents placing their hands over the children’s mouths so they wouldn’t make a sound. “Sharon’s name reminds me of... martyrs from my village,” said Ghethan, 65, as he surveyed the ruins of buildings destroyed in the military action.

Kaieteur News refuses... (From page 3) constitute “mere gossip” and they are not “directed only to a limited, private audience,” which would support the conclusion that they involve a “purely private concern.” “Rather, the statements involve New GPC’s alleged collusion with the Guyanese government, and the use of “taxpayer” funds to subsidize New GPC’s alleged pricegouging scheme thereby clearly relating to matters of “political, social, or other concern of the community.” The matter dealt “with a subject of public business and concern,” where it involved “ State funds. “Contrary to New GPC’s assertion, the public concern is not limited to the foreign country of Guyana, as New GPC affirmatively alleges that KNI’s New York publication targets “the Guyanese immi-

grant community in New York” thereby receiving “public attention because its ramifications will be felt by persons who are not direct participants.” “Thus, as the alleged defamatory statements are a matter of public concern, particularly for Guyanese nationals residing in New York, New GPC was required to make a prima facie showing of gross irresponsibility resulting in a defamatory falsity.” On Thursday both sides called for disclosures. Kaieteur News is to provide its various sources to support its claim against New GPC. And New GPC is to supply its various invoices, bank statements, contracts with the Guyana Government and accounts of the various drug transactions it made with the Guyana Government. These are to be provided by January 20.

It should have never... From page 5 should not bear all. The seemingly ad hoc manner in which many initiatives are executed, deterioration of facilities like the National Culture Centre and poor communication by the ministry, all serve to undermine its very own efforts and to frustrate the creative community. Finally, we would like to propose a solution for how prize monies and monies for drama mentors can be handled; it is a solution that, we are told, the Ministry already employs for Mashramani and, from all accounts, works well. Within one week of the end of the festival, the Awards Ceremony can be held, the judges having submitted the names of the winners for the different categories. All monies would be packaged and distributed at the Awards Ceremony or perhaps immediately after. For accounting and auditing purposes, the relevant accounting officer would be in place at the National Cultural Center to sign off on all vouchers and issue all receipts. We look forward to the

Ministry putting measures in place to prevent these incidents from repeating themselves. Only then will the Ministry have begun the long road of rebuilding the trust that has been so severely eroded so that it can truly partner with and serve the creative community and the Arts. CandacyBaveghems Vivian Boyd Errol Chan Adolph Christian Tivia Collins KwasiEdmonson Leon France Leslyn Fraser Shana Fraser Nuriyyah Gerard Tahirih Gerard Derek Gomes Michael James Keon Heywood TashandraInniss Nickose Layne Kijana Lewis Walter Lewis Kojo McPherson Nicola Moonsammy Lloyda Nicholas Lisa Punch Devin Sears Sheron Taylor Mosa Telford Ayanna Waddell Sonia Yarde

Monday January 13, 2014

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Errant driver claims police harassment over iguana deal A hire car driver was on Friday fined $7,000 or an alternative of ten days imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to confirm to a road sign. Ron Duff of Alness Village, Corentyne, Berbice appeared before Magistrate Rhondel Weaver at the New

Amsterdam Magistrate’s court where he was charged with the offence. On Friday 3rd January, Duff was the driver of motor car HB 9933, when at the junction of Main and New Street he failed to confirm to a road sign marked ‘Stop.’ He was subsequently charged for the misdemeanor. Duff, while pleading

guilty, also told the court that he is being harassed on a regular basis by a policeman over an iguana deal. Explaining further, he stated, “Your Worship, I use to bring Iguana for Policeman Nagassar, but because I don’t give he anymore he start harassing and threatening me. You see your worship I

don’t go in the back dam anymore, because I working hire car now. So I can’t ketch any. So he decided he gon spite me”. But Police Prosecutor Inspector Grace Bristol, informed the accused that he could make a complaint at the Police Complaints Office in New Amsterdam.

Cane cutter charged with assaulting wife Cane Cutter NarinedattNowrang 24 of Adelphi Village, East Canje Berbice was on Friday charged with assaulting and threatening his wife Ommadai Gossai the mother of his four

children. The offence was allegedly committed on the 8th January at their Adelphi Home. The man appeared before Magistrate Rhondel Weaver at the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court and pleaded not guilty to the

charges. He was placed on $20,000 bail and his matter has been transferred to the Reliance Magistrate’s court for January 15th. In court he stated that “is play a does play with she and mek joke”. Me na know why

she bring this matter to court, you worship.” “Your Worship is she who box me. Me would throw me hand around she, and she would knock it off. Me nah drink, Me nah smoke .Me nah have a bad behaviour,” he said.

Gordon disappointed with PM’s... Monday January 13, 2014 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): Right around dinnertime, the urge to connect with someone on a very deep level will cross your mind — and your heart. You already have someone in mind, but the universe may have other plans for you. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): You’ve done nothing but work, worry and take care of business for days. So why not give yourself a night off? You’ve certainly had an array of offers, and some of them were quite appealing. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): It doesn’t take much to talk you into a change of scenery. So if someone suggests a trip to you, you’ll have your planner out and your boss on the phone in record time. ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Still thinking about traveling? Well, the moment has come to stop thinking and start planning. If you have vacation time coming, there’s no better time to take it, especially since things have loosened up a bit at work. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): You’re very close to your coworkers and neighbors. These people, and your friends, often feel like extended family to you. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): You want to socialize, but you probably don’t have the energy to get dressed and go out. Find a happy medium. Order up a pizza, see if there are any games on and have an impromptu party. ********************* LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): After days of intrigue,

secrecy and craving nothing more than total privacy, you’ve suddenly got a serious case of boredom — and you know just what to do about it. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. 21): Everyone’s all about socializing now. What a coincidence! You just so happen to be in the mood to socialize too! The good news is you’ll blend right in, thanks to your current frame of mind and heart. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. 21): If you’re attached, you might want to pay some very special attention to your significant other for the next couple of days. In particular, be sure to pay more attention to your sweetie than you do to anyone they’re less than confident around. .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): Just when you thought you’d like nothing better than to gather your friends together and hit the town, you’ve suddenly decided it might be even more fun to lure them all over to your place for the evening. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 18): Exactly how long have you been trying to help a dear one curtail their bad habits? Can you remember? Keep in mind you’ve been working so diligently at that project that it’s also been a while since you’ve allowed yourself to have any fun. ********************* PISCE S ( F e b . 1 9 March 20): You’re definitely hard working — that’s for sure. So no matter what you’re asked to do, you’ll find the energy and time to get it done.

(From page 6) (paid off). If we think of a reasonable return, on this investment of only 8% per year, one must think of G$$4000 to G$5600mil, just in annual interest payments. Hinds added that the road ‘we aspire to’ would require ‘very concessionary financing’, including grants, and “great faith” for an increase in traffic which increase revenue flows to the country, whether directly or indirectly to justify the outlay. With reference to the question of the potential Brazil traffic, Hinds reasoned that Guyanese would have to make the Brazilians very welcome, expedite documents processing and guarantee their comfort and safety. He also said that he had no doubt that that potential users of the Linden-Lethem road want to have addressed the history of this route being shut down from time to time. “To the specific question of the bridges and the offer of groups in Linden, I share with you the ‘desperate’ need to put utilized or underutilized persons and materials to work. However conscious of the money’s we can allocate now to the road, my judgment, is to continue using wooden bridges, hopefully well built, which with regular maintenance, could last up to ten years, with first costs probably less than a third than any of the bridges,” Hinds declared. Gordon in a recent media briefing said that the wooden bridges, which Hinds alluded to, would not adequately support the weight of the containers that would be coming out of Brazil. He also pointed out that the bridges of reinforced concrete and steel proposed

by him and Mingo would cost about twenty million and would last about fifty years, or a minimum of thirty years. The bridges would each accommodate up to one hundred and twenty tonnes, Gordon said. However the bridges that are being proposed by Government is expected to cost about $100mil each, he noted. “Now the Brazilians have done their part on their side, they did their side of the road right up to the border, but now they are waiting on us to reciprocate on our side, but this is not happening. The Brazilians have been drumming at our door; they want to pass through here. They want to transport soya beans to Columbia and to bring back fertilizer from Trinidad. Going through the longer route to the south means they have to spend almost double what they would to pass through Guyana. Only recently, last month to be exact, one of the bridges floated away, and this has happened before. These wooden bridges are not standing up, so it makes no sense to continue to make wooden bridges. We have to ensure that we do our part to ensure that business can proliferate.

”The people from Brazil want to pass their produce through here, they were very anxious for the road to be fixed, but the main issue is the bridges, because while they could go through the slush on the road, you cannot traverse the route without the bridges. So we would like some concerted efforts to be put into the rehabilitation of these bridges. Right now business is going on- trade, the National Flour mill is using this route, and sending thousands of bags of flour to brazil per week, and are bringing back other items to sell here. If we do our part, the Brazilians will continue to do their part, if we do the bridges, they will respond favorably.” Gordon said that presently there are about eight or nine ‘very bad’ bridges. With reference to the container wharf facility at Christianburg, which is expected to greatly increase trade from and through Linden, and boost employment, but is yet to be completed, Gordon questioned, “Why invest all that money to build a container wharf facility, when no containers are coming?” He added that apart from the issue of the bridges the Linden/ Lethem road is presently ‘very tortuous”.

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IAE @ 194 Camp St – CXC 2014. Full-time, morning, lessons & adults classes: Mathematics, English A, Business & Science Subjects Tel: 683-5742; 223-0604

PLANNING AN EVENT? BIRTHDAY PARTY, GRADUATION,WEDDINGS, ANNIVERSARY, ETC. – CALL DIAMOND TENTS: 216-1043; 677-6620 One steel building 5000 square ft, 3000 PSI floor. Just outside of Georgetown, East Bank Demerara - Contact: 619-2475

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Buy vehicles direct from Japan authentically - Call: 660-5257( Before 9am & after 5:pm)

Balloon Décor Training. Classes on 28th January 2014. Call 225-3133; 613-7513 to register and more info. Courses in dressmaking, curtains, floral & cake decoration – Tel:670-2653; 618-1706 Princeton College: From 1-5, CXC adults classes, lesson for school children: Business & Science subjects - Tel: 2315678, 690-5008, Albertown Private School, Grove/ Diamond: Nursery, Primary, Secondary full time and lessons @ Acres Academy – Tel: 216-4557; 216-2723; 2161409. Adult Education: Diamond/ Grove. Learn how to communicate both Verbal / Writer. To Register call:2161409;216-4557 Private homeschooling teacher for all levels: Reading, English ‘A’ and ‘B’ – Call:6494247 Invest In yourself in 2014 become a professional cosmetologist or nail artist. Enroll Now! Contact Cheryl :225-2076; 658-5091

For the best rates, call us on 225-8458, 225-8465, 225-8491

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1- Two bedrooms apartment at Better Hope, ECD - Call: 617-3001 between 8:00am4:00pm

2 Business Property on Whim Public Road Berbice – Tel:619-7134; 225-6481

Ground Floor for business @ Lot 10 Grove Public Road EBD - Contact Sharon: 6909836

One three storey business property @ Middle Street Georgetown – Tel:619-7134; 225-6481

School – Class Rooms available for lessons in Diamond/ Grove Area. Affordable rental contact: 216-4557/ 216-2723

1 Property for sale @ Covent Garden Island, includes all furniture and electrical appliances - $15M - Contact: 265-3586; 617-8369

Space to rent as Sports Bar and restaurant – Call:6573274 Two bedroom concrete apartments, self contained toilet & baths; security steel bars & grills @ Unity ECD – Tel:680-4447; 2282497 Business space @ 78 Hadfield Street, behind Brickdam Police Station, upstairs Kissons – Tel:2236284

Supply: 1 House, 1 gas station (3 tanks: 1000 & 1500 gallon capacity) wharfing facility. Land size: 87’X250’ $70M negotiable – Tel:2315876 Friendship: 1 house, 2 sheds with saw milling equipment, 2 overhead gantries & river access. Land Size:37’X55’ – US$800,000 negotiableTel:231-5876 Nandy Park: Three Storey house with automatic backup generator, semi-furnished. $85M negotiable – Tel:2315876

TO LET Fully furnished short term apartments, Eccles call: 347933-9790, 639-4452.

One 800 Ford Tractor and one 450 Ford Towing Truck – Contact Floyd:694-5599 or Gurro: 689-1864 1- 5L Dielsel Toyota Hilux Extra Cab, ready for the interior - Price: $3.5M negotiable - Tel:667-2703 or 662-5570 1 2L Diesel Toyota Hilux Extra Cabs 4X4. Looks and runs good, never driven off road - $2M – Tel:6864020 New 2014 Isuzu: D-Max single & double cabs - Call: 691-0234 1 Black Titan 4 wheel drive, fully loaded - $3.5M – Tel:699-2322 or 678-284 One Tacoma Pick up 4 wheel drive, fully loaded. Asking price: - $3,750,000 – Contact Sady:628-9524 Cactus Auto Sales: Instock - Spacio, Fielder, Raum, Premio, Allion, Etc – Tel:6814208; 220-6262 Mazda RX-8 Blue, 6 speed manual, Type S, Mint condition, PNN Series – Tel:681-4208; 220-6262 Unregistered Toyota Raum (2004) - $2.150M – Tel:6917475; 657-1796 Minibus BGG Series $750,000. In working condition - Call: 646-7979 1 RZ Bus EFI series BMM – Price:$1.5M negotiable – Contact:685-6415 2008 Toyota Premio for sale (unregistered) – Tel:665-4480 1 Noah BRR Series – $2.2M negotiable & 1 Allion PPP Series -$2.2M negotiable – Tel:692-2291; 602-6333 Toyota Ceres PGG Series, immaculate condition, lady driven – Tel:664-7525; 2257131

Newly built apartment - Tel: 698-6496 Aracari Hotel. West Bank Demerara Rates from $30 – Tel:264-2946-8 Fully furnished apartments $5,000 per night @ Harmony Inn – Tel:694-7817; 602-8769 Furnished apartments, long term & short term - Tel: 687-3017 Fully furnished top flat apartment with all amenities, long term only - Tel:651-5382

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Monday January 13, 2014

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VEHICLE FOR SALE New ATVs: Introductory price $1,199,000 (Duty Free)Call:691-0234 One RZ Mini-bus BHH series –Tel:615-5784 2005 Nissan Skyline with TV, DVD alloy rims, navigation – Tel:679-9672 1 Toyota NZE corolla, AT192, AT212, AT170, IST, Funcargo, Rav-4, Hilux pickup 4x4 – Tel:644-5096; 697-1453

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LARGE QUANTITIES O F H IGH PURITY MERCURY (QUICKSILVER) 99.99995% PURITY $19,000 PER POUND CALL: 592-227-4754. L- Touring Wagon in excellent condition – 15’ Rims, DVD, Tv, Remote Start Alarm & HID lights $1,300,000 Negotiable – Tel: 667-9013

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Large plucked chickens, wholesale only $300 per lb Contact: 266-2711, 609-4594


Dell computers complete with 20" LCD $69,000, 6 months warranty @ Futuretech- Call:231-2206

Two plot of land ¼ Acre or 3X25 Rod each @ Lot 15 & 16 Doctor Dam, La-Grange WBD - Tel:697-5009; 665-7022 One Kindle Fire HD Tablet 16GB - $80,000, two Nintendo DSI - $35,000 each, PSP games, PSP Games - Call Reyaz:652-3652 Ridgid Pressure Washer, Honda Engine, Honda Pressure Washer - Tel: 627-7835 House and Land in Pigeon Island East Coast Demerara contact within –Telephone # 220-4776 3 White water tanks that can be used for water business Call: 622-5986 2 Female German Shepherd mix with Pit-bull – Tel:6941900; 687-6072 Concrete Bourda Green Stall Tel: 692-7888; 610-0227 1- Rome plough 20 dish, 11630 Bedford truck articulated with 2 trailerCall: 693-4596 2- M132 Lavarda Combine, 1- 22RB Dragline, 3- Pressure pump 4x3 for gold field, 12640MF tractor 4WD- Call: 627-0447 1 CAT standby 3306, 194 KVA 3 phase 60 cycleCall:641-8472 Games PS2 $900, PSP $900, X-Box 360 $2600 & PS3 $2600- Call:672-2566 One Nissan 2005 Bus unregistered & one Toyota Prado – Tel:642-1141 Pluck chicken - Call:676-0931 1 5Pc Chair Set, good condition - $60,000 & 1 overedge sewing machine, 4 threader – Tel:619-8788 One RX-8 Mazda fully air conditioned, stick gear, wheel lights, fog lamps, power windows - Tel:653-2477

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Live in waitress to work in a bar - Tel: 650-4309

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1 Labourer / handyman ½ day in Georgetown - Tel: 2263736

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Experienced female bartender & waitresses. Apply in person @ Sheriff Night Club on Sheriff St Between 2-4Pm

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Porters & Salesgirls. Apply with written application at Best Buy Food Supplies, Lot 1 Middleton & Dennis St, Campbellville.

24 Hour East Coast Guyoil needs night pump attendants, salesgirl & office assistant - Call: 6910894/684-2838 1 Lorry driver apply @ Alabama Trading, Georgetown Ferry Stelling. 1 Live in maid must be from the country & Know to cook, age 35-50 - Tel:6110200; 662-1124

One Trainee Refrigeration & AC technician - Tel:231-0655; 683-8734 Experienced Cleaners Call:225-8572 (Between 7am9am)

General Machinists (Must know about Line &Engine Block Boring).- Apply Technical Services @ Eccles Industrial Site. Skilled Machinists(Knowledge to re-grind Crankshaft, Engine Head & Block ) Apply Technical Services @ Eccles Industrial Site.

LAND FOR SALE 10 Acres Farm land next to Creek @ Splashmins, Linden Highway – Tel:687-1392 1 Farm @ Yarrowkabra – Tel:265-3586 2- Acres cultivated, 2-1 Acres cultivated, 7 Acres cultivated, citrus, house, fish pond, storage at Parika- Call:2267968 Durban Squatting Land $600,000 & C. Sophia - $2.7M – Tel:231-2199; 618-7483

Premio, Vitz call:347-9339790, 639-4452. Aidan’s Car Rental & Pickup - Call: 645-7981/ 698-7807 Latest model vehicles @ unbeatable Prices – Tel:6855011; 692-1051 Joshua’s Car Rental Call:6656485; 679-8400

Two joiners to work in workshop - Tel:610-7005; 219-1342

Welders & fabricators (Must Have (3) Years’ Experience) - Apply Technical Services @ Eccles Industrial Site.

One cook for family in interior – Contact:681-6044

Dolly’s Car Rental- Call: 2257126/226-3693- dollysauto www. dolly

Sales person to work in store. Police Clearance and 2 references – Tel:226-5473

One maid – Tel:614-6675

One experienced male shop attendant to work in interior, contact:6816044

1 Plaine operator, 1 portable miller operator, labourers – Tel: 619-9143

Wings Car Rental- Call: 643-1131

Ice Loaders & General Workers @ B.M. Enterprise Inc. GFL Wharf Houston Tel:592-227-8176/7

Persons for full time night security. Georgetown area – Tel:227-1830

Waiter & waitresses for 704 Sport Bar – Tel:223-5273/4

Writer needed. Web and article copywriting. US$1,000/month. gypro for details.


One experienced female shop attendant to work in interior - Contact: 681-6044

One live-in maid between age 30-45 - Contact:681-6044


Driver and Salesman for Gas Trucks on E.C.D, W.C.D and E.B.D, Security Guards, Part Time Gardener. 266 4427

One experienced excavator operator to work in interiorContact:681-6044

Hairdresser must be able to work with nails & handyman. Apply @ West Shore Plaza, 15 Public Road Ruimzeigt W.C.D - Tel: 269-1524


Attractive live in waitress Call: 604-8277; 228-5129 Cashiers/ salesperson/ Delivery Clerks to work in supermarket/general store on East Coast Demerara Call: 220-2128,642-1141

Mason skilled in laying blocks and plastering, carpenter skilled in home interior finishing – Tel:2271830

Experienced Taxi and bus driver and dispatcher at Princess Hotel – Tel:2657076; 616-8419

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Cleaners, (1) Industrial Electrician- (Must have Experience) Apply Technical Services @ Eccles Industrial Site. Teachers: Fulltime & Part time for secondary Department – Grove/ Diamond area. Call For Interview – Tel:216-4557; 216-1409 DRESSMAKING Designing and sewing classes in your district. Sharmela (Canadian- trained) - Contact: 626-2629, 676-6312

LEARN TO DRIVE Soman & Sons Driving School , First Federation Building Call 225-4858, 6445166,622-2872,615-0964 Ultraviolet Driving School – Contact:231-2372; 226-0765; 602-2583

VACANCY Pharmacist and Pharmacy Assistant/ Technician to work full time @ Pharmacy in Durban Street Werk-enrust – Tel:661-3124 Existing Vacancies For: Western Union CSR, Office Assistants & Cleaners. Apply @ Survival Shopping Complex 173 Sheriff St Georgetown - Telephone # 227-5286-9 One Female Clerk – Tel:2315171 Female Accountant and Accounts Clerk. Apply at Alabama Trading, Georgetown Ferry Stelling, Stabroek Mechanical Engineer- 3 Years experience & hold a diploma/degree in this field Apply Technical Services @ Eccles Industrial Site Security & I.T Technician. 5 CXC & Cabling Experience Tel: 627-8786 (Continued on page 18)

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Haitian, St Lucian among Pope’s new cardinals VATICAN CITY, (Reuters) – Pope Francis put his first stamp on the group at the top of the Roman Catholic hierarchy today, naming 19 new cardinals from around the world and emphasising his concern for poor countries. Sixteen of them are “cardinal electors” under 80 and thus eligible to enter a conclave to elect a pope. They come from Italy, Germany, Britain, Nicaragua, Canada, Ivory Coast, Brazil, Argentina, South Korea, Chile, Burkina Faso, the Philippines and Haiti. Half of them are nonEuropeans, indicating the importance Francis attaches to the developing world. Francis is the first Latin American pope and the first non-European pontiff in some 1,300 years. Cardinals are the pope’s closest advisers in the Vatican and around the world. Apart from being church leaders in their home countries, those who are not based in the Vatican are members of key committees in Rome that decide policies that can affect the lives of 1.2 billion Roman Catholics. The new cardinal electors are aged from 55 to 74. From Latin America are Archbishop Aurelio Poli, 66, Francis’s successor in the Argentine capital, and the archbishops of Managua in Nicaragua, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and Santiago in Chile.

Pope Francis delivers a speech during the Angelus prayer from the window of the Apostolic palace in Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican Yesterday. REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini Two are from Africa – the archbishops of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso and Abidjan in Ivory Coast. From Asia are the archbishops of Seoul in South Korea and Cotabato in the Philippines. Archbishop Chibly Langlois, 55, is the first cardinal from Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, where according to the World Bank some 80 percent of the rural population lives in abject poverty. The Philippines, Nicaragua, Ivory Coast and

Brazil also have high rates of poverty. A POOR CHURCH “The winner here is the South of the world,” said Andrea Tornielli, who has written some 50 books on the Catholic Church and interviewed Pope Francis last month. “The geography of the consistory helps the churches of the world, particularly in Latin America, Africa and Asia. What is also noteworthy is the pope’s attention to the Church in Haiti, a country that is on its knees because of the (2010) earthquake and poverty,” Tornielli said. The pope, who made the announcement to tens of thousands of people in St. Peter’s Square for his Sunday blessing, has often said since his election on March 13 he wants a church that “is poor and for the poor”. “The disproportionate representation of wealthy nations in the College of Cardinals is something that Francis is trying to rectify,” said Candida Moss, professor of New Testament and early Christianity at Notre Dame University in the United States. “The movement of cardinals to the south was just as predictable as the migration of birds in the winter.” Only four of the cardinal electors are Vatican officials, chief among them Italian Archbishop Pietro Parolin, 58, Francis’s new secretary of state, and Archbishop Gerhard Mueller, 66, the German head of the Vatican’s doctrinal congregation. The most prominent European elector from outside Italy is Archbishop Vincent Nichols, 68, the Archbishop of Westminster in London and the main link between Catholicism and the Anglican Church.

Monday January 13, 2014

Chikungunya cases on the rise in St Martin STOCKHOLM, Sweden – CMC - Chikungunya cases on the rise in St Martin — The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) is reporting an increase in the number of cases of chikungunya disease on the Caribbean island of St Martin. It says there are now has 89 confirmed and 20 probable cases of chikungunya, a viral disease, carried mainly by the aedes aegypti mosquito that causes a dengue-like sickness. Symptoms include a sudden high fever, severe pain in the wrists, ankles or knuckles, muscle pain, headache, nausea, and rash. Joint pain and stiffness are more common with chikungunya than with dengue. The symptoms

appear between four to seven days after the bite of an infected mosquito. The majority of clinical signs and symptoms last three to 10 days, but joint pain may persist longer. Severe cases requiring hospitalisation are rare. There is no vaccine or treatment for chikungunya, which has infected millions of people in Africa and Asia since the disease was first recorded in 1952. The Trinidad-based Caribbean Public Health Agency said that this is the first time locally-acquired cases of chikungunya have been detected in the Caribbean. In its update, released Monday, the ECDC said that the number of cases of the disease had increased from 66 in December.

The ECDC said the Dutch side of the island has reported one case and that the nearby islands of St Barthelemy (11), Martinique (8) and Guadeloupe (3) confirmed cases. The ECDC had earlier warned of the “ a u t o c h t h o n o u s transmission of chikungunya on St Martin, risk for travelrelated cases in continental Europe and unlikely onward transmission from imported cases in EU”. The ECDC warned that the risk of spread of the disease from St Martin to other islands in the Caribbean region was “high”, adding that the disease is “new to the Caribbean, therefore, the laboratory capacity to confirm suspected cases is limited and should be strengthened”.

Gov’t is delivering, time for private sector to invest - Byles Jamaica Observer Private sector is the impetus behind any substantial growth in the economy, says Richard Byles. But the growth numbers, which have been fairly positive, is not sufficient to push Jamaica out of its dire economic circumstances, according to the chair of the Economic Programme Oversight Committee (EPOC). “One per cent growth or even two per cent is statistically important but it’s not something that we feel and the man on the street doesn’t necessarily feel it, and the only way we can really get that growth is by the private sector investing, “ Byles said at an EPOC press conference at his Sagicor headquarters on Friday. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) doesn’t expect private investment to increase

significantly over the life of the current medium- term economic programme, which runs to March 2017. What’s more, ongoing fiscal consolidation efforts and planned cuts to public sector capital spending — the Government plans to cap its capital budget at three per cent of GDP over the next three years, compared to prior projections of a gradual increase to 4.2 per cent of GDP by 2016/2017 — will further strain growth. Jamaica is expected to grow by between zero and one per cent this fiscal year and by 1.4 per cent in 2014/2015, should there be no or little increase in capital spending by the private sector. Byles reckons that the government has followed through with its commitments, so the private sector should now invest and look out for opportunities. Last month was a busy legislative month as a number of bills to satisfy structural benchmarks under the International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme were tabled and passed in Parliament. These include the Secured Interest in Personal Property Act, Fiscal Incentives Legislation, and the Securities Act. The March quarter will see another round of

Richard Byles structural adjustments that require Parliament’s approval. These are the Omnibus Banking Bill, Fiscal Rule Legislation, and additional tax reform. According to Byles, the economic programme continues to be administered in an acceptable manner with the key targets being met to date. However, he expressed concern about the underperformance of tax revenues. “We remain cautiously optimistic that the GOJ will continue to meet all the IMF targets and we urge the private sector to seize opportunities for growth presented by the fiscal consolidation and structural reforms,” said Byles.

Monday January 13, 2014

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OAS says perseverance resulted in progress in Haiti WASHINGTON - CMC – Four years after a massive earthquake devastated Haiti, the Organization of American States (OAS) says the impoverished country has become “a place of perseverance and opportunity.” Noting the anniversary of the tragedy that crippled Haiti on January 12, 2010 – four years ago, OAS Secretary General, Jose Miguel Insulza, and the Assistant Secretary General and Chair of the Group of Friends of Haiti and the Haiti Task Force, Albert Ramdin, described the progress in Haiti as “concrete” and “inspiring.” “We have seen the government and people of Haiti persevere, work through issues, find opportunities and secure results,” Insulza said. “Today, although much

remains to be done, Haiti can demonstrate concrete results and the journey is inspiring,” he added. Working with the government of Haiti, private sector agencies, international partners, member states and observers, the Washingtonbased hemispheric body said it has provided technical support to the country in areas ranging from trade facilitation and business development to tourism and education, among other areas. “The government must be commended for the progress made,” Ramdin said. “They have worked with a wide range of partners internationally, subregionally and locally and four years later, business and development interests in Haiti have increased, education and training opportunities have been expanded, and, in concrete terms, more than 1.3

million Haitians have been moved out of tent camps and into safer housing. The work continues for everyone. There is a long road ahead for Haiti, but progress always starts with a single step,” he said. Both Insulza and Ramdin said political stability, good governance and democracy will contribute to continued growth in Haiti. “In this regard, I am encouraged by the steps taken by the government, the legislative organs and other stakeholders to hold overdue senatorial and local elections as soon as possible,” Insulza said. “The OAS stands ready to assist and support the electoral process,” he added. On January 12, 2010, the 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked Haiti, destroying thousands of buildings and displacing one million people.

Good to go in CARICOM - Eight Out Of 10 J’cans Who Travel To Regional States Say They Were Treated Fairly By Immigration Officers Jamaica GleanerDespite the horror stories, such as the Shanique Myrie case in Barbados and the refusal of Trinidad to allow 13 Jamaicans entry last November, the vast majority of Jamaicans who have travelled to other Caribbean states say they were treated fairly by immigration officials. In addition, nine out of every 10 Jamaicans report that they were fairly treated by the people of the country they last visited. With Jamaicans again up in arms over the treatment of one of their own, popular actor Christopher ‘Johnny’ Daley, at the Piarco International Airport in Portof-Spain, Trinidad, a recently conducted public-opinion survey says eight out of every Jamaicans had better experiences in their travels. The islandwide poll commissioned by the Jamaica National Building Society and done between December 7 and 15, 2013 by Johnson Survey Research Limited found that 82 per cent of Jamaicans believe they were not singled out for special treatment on their last trip to a regional state. However, 16 per cent of those who travelled said they were treated differently and unfairly by the immigration officials. Six per cent of the regional travellers said they

were not treated fairly by the citizens of the country they visited. The Cayman Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, The Bahamas, and Curaçao were the regional destinations of choice for Jamaicans, accounting for 80 per cent of the Caribbean states last visited. No surprise, Trinidad and Tobago, with its tough immigration rules, accounted for the most complaints from Jamaicans who had bad experiences with immigration officers. These well-publicised cases have caused just under eight out of every 10 Jamaicans to believe their countrymen and women are

treated unfairly when they travel overseas. However, almost 50 per cent of the people believe the ill-treatment of Jamaicans at foreign ports of entry could be blamed on some rotten eggs from Jamaica. The respondents blamed the poor treatment of Jamaicans on bad reputation, stigmatisation (32%); bad behaviour and poor attitude by some Jamaicans (14%); and the crime committed by Jamaicans at home and abroad (16%). However, 14 per cent of the respondents believe the unfair treatment is because “they don’t like us”, while five per cent believe “they are jealous of us”.

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Slow progress in investigation of Canadian woman’s death in St. Ann worries her relatives The Jamaican police are being chastised by the family of the Canadian woman who was found dead on December 30 in St. Ann for what has been characterised as the slow pace of the investigations. An autopsy has revealed that 53 year old Shirley LewisMcFarlane died from blunt force trauma to the face and asphyxiation. It’s understood that a person of interest has been taken into custody. However, Yvonne Martin Daley, Superintendent of Police for St. Ann, told theToronto Star on Saturday that, while the man has provided some information relevant to the investigation, he is not considered a suspect. Shawn Gavigan, Mrs. Lewis-McFarlene’s son, has however criticised what he says is the slow response by Jamaican authorities. He pointed out that it had been twelve days since his mother was found dead, and complained that the police were still without a suspect. “It takes them forever to do anything, they have been doing the best job to their

Shirley Lewis-McFarlane and her son Shawn Gavigan - Toronto Star file photo ability, but there aren’t as many police in Jamaica as they have in the USA or Canada”, Mr. Gavigan told the Toronto Star. He also said he believed his mother’s death was a targeted hit by someone who knew her. The grieving son revealed that he had spoken to his mother the day before she was found dead and also believes the motive for the killing is related to money, as he said she got mixed up with

the wrong person. Amanda Gavigan, The victim’s daughter, in an email to the newspaper, described her mother as “full of life” and said she hopes Jamaican authorities will solve the case. “Not only did I lose my mom, I lost my best friend in such a malicious way. It still doesn’t seem real, but it is and I’m counting on justice to be served,” she wrote. She reportedly married her second husband, a Jamaican, in 2001.(RJR news)

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Monday January 13, 2014

Haiti’s Recovery Won’t US holds ‘successful’ migration talks with Cuba Happen Overnight - USAID WASHINGTON - CMC – The United States says it has held “successful” migration talks with Cuban officials, reflecting “longstanding US priorities on Cuba-US migration issues.” US Department of State spokesperson, Jen Psaki, said on Friday that officials from Washington and Havana met in the Cuban capital the day before to discuss the implementation of the 1994 and 1995 US-Cuba Migration Accords. Psaki said the meeting marked the second time since January 2011 that the talks have been held. “Under the Accords, both governments pledge to promote safe, legal and orderly migration between Cuba and the United States,” she said. The agenda for the talks also reflected cooperation on

aviation security, search and rescue, and consular document fraud. “The US delegation highlighted areas of successful cooperation in migration, exchanging information on the interdiction of undocumented migrants, and clarifying aspects of Cuba’s recent changes in migration policy,” she added. A call was also reiterated for the release of US government contractor Alan P. Gross Alan Gross, who was arrested by Cuban authorities on December 3, 2009, and later sentenced to 15 years in prison for “facilitating uncensored internet contact between a small, religious community on the island and the rest of the world.” Cuban officials believe Gross was focused on toppling the communist

government. Meanwhile, officials in the Obama administration have said there would be no significant warming of USCuba relations unless Gross is released. Havana has offered to swap Gross for four convicted Cuban spies in US prisons, but Washington has rejected the offer. Under US-Cuba migration accords, Washington promised to issue at least 20,000 migrant visas to Cubans annually. According to US government figures, the US diplomatic mission in Havana issued 24,727 immigrant visas in the fiscal year that ended on September 30, 2013, compared to 26,720 in fiscal year 2012. The number of tourist visas issued in the same period more than doubled, from 14,362 to 29,927.

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti, Jan 11, CMC - Four years after Haiti was struck by a powerful earthquake that killed an estimated 300,000 people and damaged most of the country’s infrastructure, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) says the impoverished, Frenchspeaking Caribbean country’s recovery “won’t happen overnight”. USAID mission director to Haiti, John Groarke, said in a statement on Saturday that USAID was “striving to build the capacity of local organizations to lead and manage development initiatives. “This necessarily involves building public and private institutions so Haitians can lead and manage their own development. “On our part, we are enhancing the capacity of the Ministry of Health to manage a national healthcare system using its own human and financial resources, so it will no longer be dependent on donors,” he added. Similarly, Groarke said efforts were underway to build the financial and programmatic capacity of local non-governmental

organizations (NGOs) “to provide services and advocacy that are too often provided by international organizations” The mission director also urged the Haitian government to advance the rule of law, a prerequisite to the creation of durable institutions and economic growth. Groarke said every USAID mission director’s goal was to help the host country one day reach a point when it no longer needs foreign economic assistance. “Indeed, all donors and development organizations should be devoted to that goal, In Haiti, this will not

Trinidad Express FISHERMEN yesterday attempted to stop seismic surveys from taking place as they surrounded 3D seismic vessels used by Petrotrin out at sea. Gary Aboud, secretary of Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS), led 14 fishing vessels to Soldado Rock off the coast of Icacos. The fishermen set out at 6 a.m. and remained in the area all day. Aboud said the action will be conducted every day until proper legislation is put in place to conduct the surveys. Aboud said massive quantities of oil were discovered on the ocean floor. He said fishermen were

not against the seismic surveys but the manner in which they were being carried out. Fishermen will continue to gather data with regard to the effect on fish. He said the catch now was significantly smaller than what was caught in the same area before the surveys began. Petrotrin in a release yesterday said the company’s security, Coast and Air Guards were managing the situation. It stated: “The 510km² Ocean Bottom Cable (OBC) Seismic Survey is being conducted in conformance with all applicable laws and

John Groarke

happen overnight.” Hover he said four years after the massive earthquake, “Haiti remains a US government priority to continue and improve our efforts to help Haitians building the opportunity and prosperity they are capable of and that they are so deserving”. Groarke noted that 89 per cent of Haiti’s 1.5 million internally displaced persons have left the tent camps for alternative housing options, and that almost 75 per cent has been removed. He said security throughout the country has improved and recognizing the importance of employment, the government is committed to attracting foreign investment, with agriculture, tourism and the apparel industry the most promising growth areas. In addition, Groarke said health indicators are up, with improvements in infant and child mortality rates and more public access to health services. Groarke also said international donors, among them USAID, “have learned lessons along the way in Haiti in terms of how we can do better”.

Fishermen try to stop seismic surveys

environmental regulations as Petrotrin continues to pursue its mandate to increase reserves and production.The survey is in keeping with all stipulations laid out in Petrotrin’s lease agreement with the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs for the Trinmar acreage and the approved CEC from the Environmental Management Authority (EMA).” Petrotrin added: “Every effort will be made to ensure that operations continue in a responsible manner. We continue to advise the public that they should adhere to the advisories published in order to ensure safety of all concerned.” From December 31, 2013 to January 2, Petrotrin through newspaper advertisements advised all vessels and boats to keep clear of areas where the surveys were being conducted and to give these survey vessels a wide berth. These measures were being implemented in order to safeguard marine operators, other users and the environment Petrotrin said.

Monday January 13, 2014

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Monday January 13, 2014

DEAL ON CURBING IRAN’S NUCLEAR ACTIVITY TO TAKE EFFECT JANUARY 20 ANKARA/BRUSSELS (Reuters) - A deal for Iran to freeze parts of its nuclear program in return for sanctions relief will take effect on January 20, giving world powers and Tehran six months to agree a complete end to a standoff that has raised the risk of a wider Middle East war. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry cautioned that the next stage in negotiations would be “very difficult” after Iran, Washington and the European Union announced the launch date for the interim deal struck in Geneva in November. Iran will receive some easing of economic sanctions from January 20, including the suspension of restrictions on Iranian exports of petrochemicals, a senior U.S. official said. The official said such immediate relief - which will hinge on U.N. inspectors confirming that Iran is curbing enrichment of uranium - would include

imports for its auto manufacturing sector and trade in gold and other precious metals. Shortly after the interim accord goes into force, an Iranian official said, the two sides will start negotiating a final settlement of their differences about activity the West suspects is aimed at obtaining a nuclear weapons capability. Iran says its atomic energy program is aimed purely at electricity generation and medical isotope production, although past Iranian attempts to hide sensitive nuclear activity from the U.N. nuclear watchdog raised international concerns. The November 24 agreement appeared to halt a slide towards a major Middle East conflagration over Iran’s nuclear aspirations. But diplomats warn it will not be easy to carry out given deep mistrust characterizing a decade-long dispute. The Iranian official,

Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi, said the deal would allow Iran to stop complying if it saw its partners not living up to their own commitments. “We don’t trust them,” he told state television, reflecting ingrained suspicions between Iran and the West that underlie what have been protracted negotiations. President Barack Obama said he would veto any new sanctions passed by the U.S. Congress during talks on a long-term deal with Iran, but said Washington would be prepared to increase its sanctions if Iran fails to abide by the agreement. “Capitals have confirmed the result of the talks in Geneva ... The Geneva deal will be implemented from January 20,” Marzieh Afkham of the Iranian Foreign Ministry told reporters in Tehran, the semi-official Mehr news agency said. European Union foreign policy chief Catherine

Ashton also confirmed the date, and said the sides would now ask the United Nations nuclear watchdog to verify the deal’s implementation. “We will ask the IAEA to undertake the necessary nuclear-related monitoring and verification activities,” she said in a statement, referring to the International Atomic Energy Agency. Ashton represents the six powers - the United States, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany - in contacts with Iran related to its contested nuclear program. Senior officials from the EU and Iran met in Geneva on Thursday and Friday to iron out remaining practical questions related to the implementation of the November 24 deal, under which Iran agreed to scale back activity with the greatest, latent risk of “weaponisation” - higherlevel uranium enrichment - in return for some relaxation of sanctions. According to U.S. estimates, the overall sanctions relief provided to Iran under the deal is worth about $7 billion. Of this amount, $4.2 billion is in the form of access to currently blocked Iranian revenues held abroad. “Access to a portion of these funds will be linked to Iran’s progress in completing the dilution process for 20 percent enriched uranium,” said the official. He was referring to Iran’s commitment to reduce half of its higher-enriched uranium stockpile to no more than 5 percent enriched uranium, the standard concentration for fuelling nuclear power plants. “Iran will not have access to the final instalment of the $4.2 billion until the last day

Ali Akbar Salehi of the six-month period.” The relief package would also entail allowing thirdcountry purchases of Iranian oil to remain at current levels. EU spokesman Michael Mann said on Friday that any agreements would need to be validated by the governments of Iran and the six powers. The accord is designed to last six months and the parties aim to use the time to negotiate a final, broad settlement governing the overall scope of Iran’s nuclear program. Elaborating on the preliminary deal, Deputy Foreign Minister Araqchi told state television that each party’s commitments would be implemented “in one day”. “After the first step is taken, then in a short period of time we will again start our contacts for resumption of negotiations for the implementation of the final step.” He added: “We don’t trust them... Each step has been designed in a way that allows us to stop carrying out our commitments if we see the other party is not fulfilling its commitments.” Under the terms of the interim deal, Iran must limit its enrichment of uranium to 20 percent fissile purity for a period of six months as the price for relaxation of some sanctions. But Ali Akbar Salehi, head of Iran’s atomic energy

organization, said on Saturday it would have no choice but to step up enrichment to the 60 percent threshold if a bill now moving through parliament is approved - even though it has no current need for such highly-enriched uranium. The bill’s supporters say uranium refined to 60 percent concentration would be used to fuel nuclear-powered submarines. That would put Iran on the technical verge of 90 percent fissile concentration - enough for the core of a nuclear bomb. The measure has received expressions of support from at least 218 of parliament’s 290 members and, if passed, could jeopardize progress toward a resolution of the nuclear dispute. The Iranian parliament is much more hawkish on the issue than moderate President Hassan Rouhani, who was elected overwhelmingly last June on a platform to ease Iran’s isolation by pursuing diplomatic solutions to disputes with big powers. But some see the proposal, put forward last month, as a response to a bill introduced by hardline conservatives in the U.S. Senate that would impose stiffer sanctions on Iran, which Western diplomats fear would shatter nuclear diplomacy. Raising an issue perhaps still in need of a final resolution, Araqchi was quoted as saying by the semi-official ILNA news agency that Iran did not accept any restrictions on its nuclear research and development (R&D) work. “We do not see any limitation in our research and development activities in the framework of the Geneva accord,” he said. Diplomats earlier this month said that the talks had hit a snag over research and development of a new model of advanced nuclear centrifuges that Iran says it has installed. Such R&D would be aimed at improving the Islamic Republic’s existing centrifuge technology so it can enrich uranium faster and more efficiently, a prospect the West finds worrisome. Centrifuges are machines that refine uranium for use as fuel in atomic power plants or, if purified to a high level, weapons. There was no immediate indication as to whether this issue remained a problem or had been to some extent resolved.

Monday January 13, 2014

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Egyptians set to vote on army-backed post-Mursi constitution CAIRO (Reuters) Egyptians vote this week for the first time since Mohamed Mursi’s downfall in a constitutional referendum that will likely give a final push to a presidential bid by the man who deposed him, army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Approval of the rewritten constitution appears a foregone conclusion: Mursi’s now outlawed Muslim Brotherhood is urging a boycott rather than a ‘no’ vote, while many Egyptians who backed his overthrow are expected to vote ‘yes’ in a

show of support for the armybacked order that has replaced Islamist rule. The state is urging citizens to vote in numbers tomorrow and Wednesday. Analysts say it hopes that the turnout and the ‘yes’ vote will outstrip ballots won by the Muslim Brotherhood to give the new order an electoral seal of legitimacy. “Egypt is on the threshold of a decisive stage in its history, the results of which are awaited by the world,” Sisi said on Saturday in public remarks that included the clearest

indication to date that he will stand. “If I run, then it must be at the request of the people, and with a mandate from my army,” said the 59-year-old, who is depicted by his supporters as a savior who will restore stability to a country that seen three years of turmoil. Sisi deposed Mursi, Egypt’s first freely elected head of state, on July 3 following mass protests against his rule. His Islamist opponents see him as the mastermind of a coup that set off the worst internal strife in

Ukraine pro-Europe protesters hold first big rally of 2014

Police block pro-European integration supporters as they stage a rally near the residence of Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovich outside Kiev, Yesterday. REUTERS/Konstantin Chernichkin KIEV (Reuters) - At least 50,000 opponents of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich rallied in a central Kiev square yesterday, reviving an anti-government protest movement after a Christmas and New Year lull. The mass rally in Independence Square was a continuation of street protests that erupted in November after Yanukovich decided to abandon a free trade agreement with the European Union in favor of closer cooperation with Russia. The demonstration came a day after baton-wielding riot police tried to disperse protesters outside a Kiev courthouse, sparking clashes in which at least 10 people were injured. “What are the next steps? We will fight, ... protest peacefully,” Vitaly Klitschko, an opposition leader and former world heavyweight

boxing champion, told a crowd waving the blue-andyellow national flags of Ukraine. He accused the authorities of using the police to silence protests, and repeated the opposition’s call for early presidential elections, which are not due until 2015. Another opposition leader, Arseny Yatsenyuk, called on the West to impose sanctions against senior state officials, including Interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko, who, he said, had violated Ukraine’s constitution by authorizing the use of force against the protesters. On January 7, the U.S. Senate passed a nonbinding resolution urging the U.S. president and C o n g ress to consider applying sanctions including visa bans and asset freezes against any officials who

ordered or carried out violence against protesters. The U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations is due to hold a hearing on Ukraine on January 15. In November, Yanukovich’s government walked away at the last minute from a deal tying Ukraine more closely to the European Union and opted for closer ties with Kiev’s Soviet-era overlord, Moscow. The decision prompted street demonstrations opposing the decision, and the movement quickly developed into an all-out protest against Yanukovich and his government. The protest rallies attracted as many as 800,000 people at their height but the movement quietened over New Year and the Ukrainian Orthodox Christmas, which was celebrated on January7.

Egypt’s modern history. As the referendum approaches, Sisi’s supporters are conflating him and the constitution into one: “Yes to the constitution” declares one banner strung from a Cairo building, alongside a photo of Sisi in army uniform. Sisi appeared on state TV again yesterday, addressing members of the security forces set to provide security for the vote. The Interior Ministry will deploy 220,000 policemen and 500 combat units, state TV reported. Troops will also be used. The referendum is a key element of a transition plan the government unveiled in July with the stated aim of restoring democracy, while simultaneously launching a fierce crackdown on the Brotherhood, Egypt’s best organized party until last year. Driven underground and declared a terrorist group on December 25, the Brotherhood has said it will not take part in the road map. A presidential vote is expected as early as April, once the referendum is approved, with a

parliamentary election later. “What will count is the percentage of Egyptians who go,” said Hassan Nafaa, a professor of political science at Cairo University. “It will be very clear to the whole world whether this was a revolution against Mursi or a coup d’etat.” The constitution will replace one signed into law by Mursi a little more than a year ago after it was approved in a referendum. The new text strips out controversial Islamist language while strengthening state institutions that opposed Mursi’s rule: the military, the police and the judiciary. Its supporters include the ultra-orthodox Islamist Nour Party, which backed Mursi’s removal, the official Islamic establishment of Al-Azhar and the Coptic Church. The draft has won some praise for its stronger human rights protections, even as the authorities have cracked down on dissent with moves including a new law that tightly curbs protests, drawing criticism from Western governments. With the Brotherhood

Mohamed Mursi boycotting, there have been no signs of a major effort to mobilize a ‘no’ vote, and little or no criticism of the draft constitution in Egyptian media, which are overwhelmingly hostile to the Muslim Brotherhood. The United States expressed concern last week after reports that three political activists had been arrested while campaigning for a ‘no’ vote in the referendum, said Jen Psaki, spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department.

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Monday January 13, 2014

Indian diplomat tells of anguish Khodorkovsky associate downplays $100-bn Russia suit at leaving US without children Moscow (AFP) - A close business partner of extycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky said Saturday that the Kremlin critic appears to no longer be interested in a $100-billion lawsuit against Russia since his release from jail. Khodorkovsky — Russia’s former richest man who last month won a pardoned from President Vladimir Putin after more than a decade behind bars — was in Israel this week for a meeting with Leonid Nevzlin and three other co-owners of his now-defunct Yukos oil firm. The hush-hush trip raised immediate speculation that the 50-year-old Putin rival was devising a strategy for an unprecedented $100billion (73-billion-euro) damages suit that is tentatively set to be heard by an arbitration court in The Hague later this year. Khodorkovsky’s wealth was once valued by Forbes magazine at $15 billion based on his holding in what was

Mikhail Khodorkovsky then Russia’s largest oil company. Yukos was forced into bankruptcy and eventually dismantled by the Russian state in return for disputed back taxes comparable to t h e c o m p a n y ’s e n t i r e worth. The former oligarch said in Germany days after his release that he no longer knew his precise wealth but estimated it in the millions of dollars. But Nevzlin said on

Saturday that Khodorkovsky was not planning to claw back his old Yukos holdings nor actively pursue the record-setting damages suit against the Russian government. “We no longer have mutual business interests,” Nevzlin told the online edition of the Kommersant business daily from Israel. “We are meeting exclusively as friends and are spending most of our time at the dinner table,” he added. ‘The case is over’ Both Western and Russian supporters of Khodorkovsky believe the tycoon was first jailed for funding opposition movements to ex-spy Putin’s increasingly dominant and authoritarian rule. Yukos also openly fought Kremlin interests and became a Western investment darling by being the first to adopt US accounting standards — a radical break from the opaque financial and ownership structures dominating the post-Soviet landscape.

New Delhi (AFP) - An Indian diplomat at the centre of a bitter row with the United States said yesterday of her “immense stress” at leaving behind her young family in New York, and vowed to clear her name. Indian consulate official Devyani Khobragade was allowed to leave the United States on Friday after a month-long dispute over her arrest and strip-search on suspicion of visa fraud involving her domestic servant. Khobragade was granted full diplomatic immunity and allowed to fly back to India — just hours after charges were filed in court alleging she lodged false documents to obtain a visa for her servant and then underpaid her. Khobragade, 39, told an Indian newspaper of her anguish at leaving behind her daughters, aged seven a n d f o u r, i n N e w Yo r k along with her husband, a US citizen, who works as an academic. “I wonder if I will be able to ever reunite with my family, my husband, my little kids. I miss them,” Khobragade told The Sunday Express. “What if my children choose to study and work in the US? What if I can never return to the US, which I cannot now. Does it mean we will never be able to live together as a family again?” she said. “I know I am honest, and I will come out clean. But we do not know how much time it will take and for how long my family will have to suffer due to this,” she added. Her arrest on December 12 outside her children’s school and treatment in custody, where she said she was subjected to a cavity search, outraged India which claimed she benefited from full diplomatic immunity. US prosecutors disputed

Devyani Khobragade this, and filed charges in New York accusing Khobragade of sometimes forcing the Indian maid to work 100-hour weeks, even when sick and often without a day off, for pay as little as $1.22 an hour. Khobragade did obtain diplomatic immunity when last week New Delhi asked Washington to grant her a G1 visa given to diplomats at India’s UN mission, which is also in New York. The row between the two countries, which had embraced each other as strategic partners, saw weeks of feisty exchanges that strained bilateral ties and left resentment on both sides. India has removed extra security barriers at the US embassy in New Delhi, demanded contract details for domestic staff employed by American diplomats and even stopped the mission importing duty-free food and alcohol. On Wednesday, it ordered an embassy leisure centre popular with American

expatriates in the capital to stop admitting nondiplomatic members, while scheduled visits by US officials to India have been cancelled. In a fresh retaliatory measure late Friday, India asked the United States to withdraw an embassy official in New Delhi. The expelled American diplomat was a “similar rank” to Khobragade and is thought to have helped the family of her maid travel to America where they were granted protection by prosecutors. US prosecutors say the family of the maid were evacuated to the United States because of attempts to intimidate them. In her newspaper interview, Khobragade said she would continue a legal fight to clear her name, including attempting to have her case in New York officially dismissed in a federal court. “I have come to India but my stand still needs to be vindicated. And of course, I have been separated from my family, and I am under immense stress for my children,” Khobragade said. “I spoke to my kids for hours last night, and they are already missing me. The fouryear-old asked me, ‘Mommy, when will you be back home’, and I had no answer.” She cannot return to the United States unless she surrenders to the court on arrival, and her name is being placed on US immigration watch lists “to prevent the routine issuance of any future visa”, according to US officials.

South Korea to contribute $867 million for U.S. military forces in 2014 SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea said yesterday it had agreed to pay 920 billion won ($866.86 million) in 2014 towards the cost of the U.S. military presence in the country, a rise of 5.8 percent from a year ago. U.S. and South Korean officials have struck a five-year cost sharing plan for 28,500 U.S. troops in the country after a series of negotiations since early last year. The deal, subject to South Korean parliament’s approval, comes after Washington’s decision to send more soldiers and tanks to South Korea next month as part of a military rebalance to Asia after more than a decade of war in Afghanistan and Iraq. “The U.S. side had demanded a large-scale hike, considering U.S. Forces Korea’s strengthened readiness due to serious security situation in the Korean peninsula and its budget situation, but the government put the utmost efforts and drew agreement to an extent to minimize our burden,” South Korea’s foreign ministry said in a statement. Still technically at war with North Korea, Seoul has shouldered part of Washington’s cost for stationing its troops since 1991, currently paying for about 40 percent of the cost.

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Top envoys pose for a group photo yesterday. (AP Photo/Michel Euler) PARIS (AP) — Syria’s Western-backed opposition came under steely pressure yesterday to attend peace talks in just over a week, as envoys from 11 countries converged to try and restore the credibility of a rebel coalition sapped by vicious infighting and indecision. But diplomacy’s limits were starkly apparent in Syria itself, where activists said rebel-on-rebel clashes have killed nearly 700 people in the deadliest bout of infighting since the civil war began. The bloodshed, pitting al-Qaeda linked militants against several Islamist and more moderate rebel brigades, has begun to overshadow the broader war against the government. The meetings in Paris came just over a week before the scheduled talks in Switzerland, as the Syrian National Coalition nears collapse, its influence eroded by the chronic infighting, international pressure and disagreement over whether to negotiate with Syria’s president, Bashar Assad.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry joined 10 other foreign ministers to urge Ahmed al-Jarba to deliver his coalition to the Switzerland talks and finally meet face-toface with the government it hopes to overthrow. The Syrian put the best face on the group’s precarious position. “We have made clear the reality of the situation on the ground,” he said, flanked by the diplomats. “We have addressed issues, preoccupations and worries that we know exist.” The meeting was clearly aimed at bolstering Jarba’s credibility ahead of a vote Friday whether to go to Switzerland, with the 14-point declaration released Sunday states unequivocally that its goal is to allow the Syrian people “to control its own future” and “put an end to the current despotic regime through a genuine political transition.” Within Syria, the moderate rebels say the coalition-inexile is little help as they find themselves battling on two

fronts — against al-Qaeda linked militants on one side and Assad’s forces on another. One brigade after another has broken with the group, calling it out of touch with the harsh reality of a war that activists say has killed more than 130,000 people. Assad himself has said there will be no discussion of giving up power, throwing the entire premise of the peace talks into doubt. On the other side, the rebel groups with the most men, arms and territory have already rejected any idea of an armistice. Yesterday’s declaration released by the 11 envoys included an explicit request for the Syrian National Coalition to accept the invitation to the peace talks. “As the weaker party, they could agree to things that are not in our interests. And most of them are exiles, or have been outside the country for such a long time now that they don’t even feel the suffering of their people,” said Abu al-Hassan Marea, an activist from Syria’s northern city of Aleppo, which has

seen near-daily combat for month as rebels and the government fight for control. “If they agree to things that we don’t approve of, it will be betrayal of the revolution.” The indecision and weakness of the Syrian coalition also has tested the patience of its backers, including the U.S. Officials in France, which has been among the coalition’s strongest backers, say they understand its predicament and hope the outcome of the Paris meetings will lay the groundwork for the peace talks to proceed. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said the talks were the only hope for a political solution in Syria, “the only prospect that can lead to a true solution.” German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier made clear that the series of meetings, which include talks with the Russian leadership, would include pressure for the peace conference.

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Campaigners ask ICC to investigate alleged UK war crimes in Iraq (Reuters) - Human rights lawyers and campaigners have asked the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate allegations of torture by British troops in Iraq, a move which the UK government dismissed as unnecessary yesterday. A Berlin-based human rights group and a British law firm have submitted what they describe as 250 pages of analysis to the ICC’s Office of the Prosecutor requesting action on alleged abuses between 2003 and 2008. The European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) and Public Interest Lawyers (PIL) said in a press release posted on the ECCHR website that there had been “systemic abuse” of Iraqi detainees during the British presence in Iraq which met the threshold of war crimes. An ICC spokeswoman declined immediate comment on the submission. The ICC, which receives dozens of submissions every year and takes very few of them further, can only act where national jurisdictions are unable or unwilling to investigate alleged crimes. British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Britain’s willingness to investigate the allegations meant action by the ICC was unnecessary. “The British armed forces uphold high standards ... so we reject any allegations of systematic abuse. But where there are substantiated allegations of things going wrong these things have been or are being investigated,” Hague told Sky News. “That does not require references to the International Criminal Court ... This is being dealt with properly within the United Kingdom through a very detailed and exhaustive process.” The ECCHR and PIL said more than 400 Iraqi former detainees had made allegations of grave mistreatment, of which 85 had been chosen as “representative cases” in the

William Hague submission to the ICC. The two organisations said they wanted the ICC to open formal investigations into senior figures at the Ministry of Defence who “knew or should have known of the widespread patterns of abuse, and turned a blind eye to them”, and named former Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon. Hoon could not be immediately reached for comment. The ministry said alleged abuses had been or were being investigated through the British and European law courts, through public inquiries, in parliament and through a dedicated publicly funded body called the Iraq Historic Allegations Team. “Should we be approached by the ICC, we will take the opportunity to explain the very extensive work underway to deal with historic allegations of abuse,” the ministry said in a statement. PIL has played a key role in a number of court cases involving alleged British abuses in Iraq. It has also been instrumental in bringing about several major public inquiries, including the ongoing Al-Sweady inquiry into allegations that British troops executed and tortured Iraqis in the aftermath of a battle in May 2004. That inquiry is due to present its findings at the end of this year.

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Linden Beach football facility commissioned following Govt. grant The mining town of Linden has a remarkable reputation of producing reputable footballers and is the home of the inaugural edition of the Kashif and Shanghai yearly football extravaganza. U n f o r t u n a t e l y, as against regular custom when the finals used to be played at the Mackenzie Sports Complex Ground, the event has been shifted to the National Stadium, Providence and despite the most carefully constructed explanation by the K&S principals, the residents of the Upper Demerara village are adamant that they have been ‘done in.’ They say when one door closes, another opens and so it is that following the closure of the door to the K&S football extravaganza, Linden residents have been blessed with a spanking b e a c h f o o t b a l l f a c i l i t y, situated in the Bayroc community and dubbed ‘Bayroc/Coolrunnins Beach football facility.’ The sand filled arena was commissioned at the Bayroc Sports Club and Training Centre, Saturday evening last. The construction of the facility was made possible after the region received a grant of approximately one million dollars under the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport community grounds development and the inauguration ceremony was to have been graced by Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Frank A n t h o n y, who was scheduled to deliver the keynote address.

However, the subject Minister was unable to attend the function and Ms Leslyn Boyce deputised on his behalf. The organizer/ coordinator was Rollin Tappin, who delivered short remarks while giving an overview of the project. He said that he has spent over three turbulent years working strenuously to promote the sport in Linden and other parts of the country. He further said that during that time FIFA had sponsored several coaching programmes but inexplicably excluded beach football. “This facility is welcomed and will give new impetus to the sport,” said Mr Tappin. He said also that the facility is also geared to facilitate beach volleyball, another growing sport in the Linden community. To that extent, the organizers had planned an exhibition game of volleyball but after experiencing teething problems decided to abort the idea. Mr. Tappin further revealed that the project was done in three phrases; workmen first removed all debris from the plot before relaying with sand. The construction crew then built a wall to facilitate advertising and bill boards while refurbishing the bleacher (50ft X 77ft), which is capable of seating over 300 persons. Mr Tappin also said that plans are in train to construct a changing room and to expand the bleacher to accommodate 1000 patrons in the near future. Several other dignitaries attended the function including, Regional Chairman,

Sharma Solomon, Upper Demerara Football Association executive, Claude Williams, Member of Parliament, Vanessa Kissoon, Chairman of the Interim Management Committee of the Major and Town Council (Linden), Orrin Gordon, Technical Development Officer (GFF), Lyndon France, who deputised for President (GFF), Christopher Matthias and the project contractor, Dexter David among others. “I wish to extend apologies on behalf of Minister (Frank) Anthony who is engaged in other Ministerial assignments,” Ms Boyce greeted the gathering, while assuring them that the project has the blessings of the MCY&S. She lauded the efforts of Mr Tappin while assuring the youths that the facility was designed specifically for their development and recreation. Ms Boyce also revealed that the facility would soon benefit from additional lights due to the input of her Ministry and other stakeholders. Mr Solomon also beseeched residents to care the facility. He said that the main objective of the facility is to provide opportunities for young people and for them to engage in healthy fun. He proffered the wish that very soon Linden will be regarded as the home of beach football in Guyana. “This is your facility and while it is situated in Bayrock, it is for the use and enjoyment of all residents of Linden; you must preserve it and take good care of it,” implored Mr Solomon.

Mr Gordon traced back the events of the inauguration of beach football in Guyana and credited the efforts of Garth Nelson who first sold the idea to the community. He also lauded Mr Tappin for continuing the tradition as well as officials of the MCY&S for their unstinted support. “I trust that Linden would be the beach football capital of Guyana before very long,” exhorted Mr Gordon. Mr France noted that the facility could not have found a better home because of the sandy terrain of the Region 10 community. “Mr Tappin and other football administrators of the region recognized the benefits of a facility of this nature and even amidst the doubters, went passionately ahead with its construction,” noted Mr France. He referred to the efforts of the committee as a good demonstration of bottom up leadership and said that such determination forced members of the top tier, the GFF executive, to follow suit. “But we happily did since the GFF has the mandate to foster football development and are intent on fulfilling that mandate,” he assured. Mr France also revealed that the GFF had supported the beach football community in the past while sponsoring a course on the intricacies of the sport. The beach footballers engaged is two matches just after the facility was declared open by Ms Boyce.

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Foreigners should train with China team: ITTF DUBAI (Reuters) - China’s table tennis federation should give foreign players more access to its coaches to ease the country’s stranglehold on the sport and attract more television and sponsor interest, the head of the world governing body said. In the men’s game, Chinese players have won seven of the past eight biennial world championships, while China’s women have claimed the last 10 titles. “It reminds me of 20 years ago when the U.S. was dominating basketball - they (the U.S.) were able to promote the sport elsewhere and bring the top players from other countries to the NBA,” said Adham Sharara, president of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). “Today, the U.S. is still very strong but doesn’t dominate like how China dominates our sport.” The Canadian said lesser Chinese preeminence would help attract greater sponsorship and television coverage of table tennis, which has been an Olympic sport since 1988. Globally, there are 217 national federations, second only to volleyball, but the prize money on offer is a pittance compared with many sports. The World Tour Grand Finals in Dubai this weekend - table tennis’s richest event - had a total cash pot of $878,000 for the men’s and women’s singles and doubles tournaments. Novak Djokovic, the world number two in men’s tennis, earned $1.92 million for winning December’s ATP World Tour Finals. “Even in China itself, the general public is getting tired of seeing China winning all the time,” said Sharara. “We need more co-operation from the Chinese. They’re opening the door but ever so slowly. They need to sacrifice to make the others better, even to lose to the others, so the sport becomes more and more interesting. “I say help us for just five years and then you can go back and close the doors.” Sharara said this help would mainly consist of allowing young players from other countries to train with China’s elite players, not just provincial teams, plus access to China’s equipment technology, which is superior. The top five men and top four women in the world rankings are all Chinese. Men’s number one Ma Long told Reuters he would welcome foreign players to practice with him. “Chinese players dominate, so maybe the prize money is a bit low for the other players,” said Ma. He spoke through an interpreter and the lack of foreign language skills among China’s players has also made promoting the game more difficult. “I’m trying to convince the Chinese federation that their top players must speak English, so now they’re giving them English courses,” said Sharara. “This generation is a little bit too shy, but the next generation, the younger ones, are speaking English already.” This would help sell the sport to broadcasters, he said. Eighteen nations were represented in Dubai, but the men’s and women’s finals were all-Chinese affairs and foreign players seem resigned to their fate.

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