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Thursday January 12, 2017

What exactly is the PPP opposing? DEAR EDITOR, Kaieteur News (Jan. 8, 2017) reports that “Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo, has defeated Dr. Frank Anthony for the General Secretary post – the most powerful seat of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP)” may be the most befuddling political news since the PNC declared their support of former President Burnham in spite of Burnham’s misgovernance. The PPP addresses itself as the “opposition” party instead of the People’s Progressive Party. Referring to themselves as the “opposition” party begs the question – what are they opposing? Are they opposing all the progressive proposals of the coalition government? Are they still opposing the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) (Amendment) Bill? Are they opposing SCHOOL UNIFORM VOUCHERS? To continue with the list would be disparaging, for that is not my intention. To even have former President Jagdeo as a candidate for General Secretary is to ignore the quandaries of Jagdeo’s making (see KN – heist of Guyana) that is synonymous with the PPP. With charges following Jagdeo like a dark cloud, why does the PPP not

see the albatross around its neck as its demise? The heist of Guyana may just be accusation. However, can one evade the fact that the failure of the sugar industry that is vital for PPP’s constituents occurred under Jagdeo’s tutelage? The PPP should know that a body should not embrace an invasive and malignant cancer. It should recognize that the cancer that is its General Secretary provides rationale and proof that can be used to show why the PPP does not offer a viable alternative and should not be the majority party to lead and represent Guyana. With this action, the PPP, witlessly, has granted the coalition government a pathway to another victory. It is a dire threat that the PPP did not have the courage to embrace and elect Dr. Anthony, a truly honorable son of Guyana, who refused to kowtow to the “despot in new clothes”. May Guyana be forever grateful to Dr. Anthony. When an honest and trusted contender is most needed, Dr. Anthony stands bravely against the host of bootlickers who refuse to see the potential damage of their choice for a General Secretary, who has a record of accusation that is detrimental to their party, Guyanese and Guyana. Stanley Niamatali

We can reset the button for the good of Guyana DEAR EDITOR, The news that President David Granger has asked the Opposition Leader Bharrat Jadgeo to submit another list of nominees for the post of Gecom Chairman is most welcome. It shows that we can reset the button for the good of Guyana consistent with the Constitution of Guyana. The principal objective of our political system (Article 13) requires us to work together in the management and decision-making processes of the state on matters that impact our wellbeing. Seeking to fill the appointment of chairman should be treated with the seriousness it deserves. And where the Constitution at Article 161 (2) paragraph 1 requires of the Leader of the Opposition to submit names of nominees that fall within the three criteria, with which the office holder is expected to comply. The three are: 1) a person who holds or held office as a judge in any part of the Commonwealth; 2) is eligible to be a judge; and 3) any other

fit and proper person. Article 161 (2) paragraph 2 gives the authority to the President to appoint a judge (past or present), after he has exhausted the search under paragraph 1. In fact, the Constitution is specific in saying that the person who can be appointed must only have the qualification as a judge (past or present). This precludes Continued on page 6


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Former Assistant Commissioner of Police offers his advice DEAR EDITOR, In Guyana the Police Force is more closely scrutinised and subject to more uninformed, biased criticism than any other occupational group. The average beat duty cop is expected to conduct his/her private and professional life with more integrity and decorum than most other citizens, however unrealistic and difficult the situation may seem at times. Many ‘security experts’ have emerged expressing their views on how to solve crime. President David Granger said that crime is still at an unacceptable level, but they are being solved more quickly. There have been several crime fighting initiatives, yet still the perception is that crime and the fear of crime is too high. The Guyana Police Force is required to police

numerous multicultural and diverse communities. At many of these locations there are issues and concerns occurring at the same time that are encouraging crime to flourish. They may be political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental (PESTLE). Unless they are adequately addressed crime rates will be high. Focusing on career criminals is a logical approach to fighting crime. Equally promising in crime-fighting efforts is a focus on highcrime locations. The real focus should be on locations where offences occur hot spots. A hot spot could be a single address, a cluster of addresses, part of a block, an entire block or two or an intersection. It is the government, the police and the various

stakeholders in the communities. They are working in unison not only to solve crimes, but also to deal with issues and concerns as they relate to PESTLE. Under Commissioner Seelall Persaud the paradigm has shifted towards the police posture being community oriented and problem solving (COPS). Ranks are not only required to solve crime, but also to deal with problems in the various communities they serve. The Commissioner hit the jackpot recently. According to Kaieteur News, December 19, 2016 while speaking at the ‘A’ Division Awards Ceremony he said, “To deal with crime, we need to find social solutions. We have to improve on what is happening at the level of family… at the level of education… at the level of religion, and we need to improve what is happening at the level of community.” The

Commissioner has spoken. It is now up to his commanders to not only talk the talk but to walk the talk. Assistant Commissioner Ian Amsterdam, Senior Superintendent Stephen Mansell and Assistant Commissioner Clifton Hicken are leading this community approach to crime-fighting. The other commanders must do a bit more and let the public know what they are doing. Perhaps, the Publication Relations Office can be more proactive and promote the positive activities that are taking place in the various divisions and branches. On the base of the triangle is the government. It is playing a major role to make the communities safer and to cater for a better life for all, excluding the criminals. Four new ministries Communities, Social Cohesion, Social Protection and Citizens have been Continued on page 6

As a retired nurse, I empathise with the nurses over this issue DEAR EDITOR, As a retiree from one of the noblest professions in the field of medicine, I empathise with the nurses still in limbo regarding the outcome of the compromised final exam. I personally recall with vivid clarity, the accompanying mental stress leading up to exams, albeit bolstered by the fact that the training period was over, and success heralded a new career phase. Now these students through no doing of their own are being punished, while at the same time having to deal with all the accompanying emotions. What will bring an end to this imbroglio? Attorney Anil Nandlall in a letter of November 15, 2016 to the Registrar of the Guyana Nursing Council with copies sent to the Principal Tutor,

Permanent Secretary and Minister of Public Health, reminded the body that the nursing students’ contracts had expired on or about June 24, 2016. Needless to say this casts a further negative light on the entire saga. In December 2016, according to newspaper reports, the then Public Health Minister George Norton instructed the Guyana Nursing Council to mark the examination papers of the some 250 nursing students from the private and public sector who had taken the examination on October 18 and 19. This directive was delivered in the form of a letter to the Guyana Nursing Council, following a directive he had received from Cabinet.In addition, an investigation was also launched by the Guyana

Police Force Criminal Investigation Department, from whom to date no findings have been reported. Seeking the intervention of the recently appointed Minister of Public Health Volda Lawrence may be somewhat unfair given the time factor. Despite the fact that the department falls under her mandate, the fact that her appointment is so recent and that she has to deal with such a tangled web, militates against the production of a satisfactory solution on her part. I am calling on President Granger to not only give this matter his immediate atten-

tion, but to ask that all the professional miscreants involved be dealt with swiftly, taking legal action where appropriate, as well as having them sanctioned by their respective licensing bodies. This would send a clear message to all future students. No holds should be barred; no stone left unturned. The government should not need be reminded that nurses play a pivotal part in maintaining the health of the nation, and the health of the nation is a national concern. My parting plea is for them not to allow this pathetic saga to drag on any further. Yvonne Sam


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Citing case studies in... From page 4 exploded the mythical fallacy of a landlord (except where a statutory tenancy exists) first having to obtain an order of court; and how the maxim: ex nihilo, nihil fit (ie out nothing can come nothing) applies to this void Red House lease. And how it is one possible view, that upon an interpretation of the National Trust Act, as a whole, (esp section 5&7 too), the National Trust had to also be a party to any lease, (not of course as Landlord/ lessor) but in its capacity of statutory trustee of the building. The evidence is that that did not happen. Such omission was repugnant to the NTA and accordingly the lease is void for repugnancy. The lessee (ie the CJRC I) and their Attorney are advised that they have a duty to mitigate, not exacerbate their wrong, and that government has an option to claim and obtain from the lessee substantial damages (mesne profit), they being trespasser, for wrongful user of the Red House premises. They are also advised although I express no detinitive opinion, that wilful trespass is a criminal offence in Guyana (section 33(c) Summary Juris-

diction (offences) Act Cap. 8:02) and it may well be that having been asked to vacate, and having refused the trustees are liable as wilful trespasser. And, now omission, or failure to obtain, and to sanction (as required by section 10(1) of LDA) is a (statutory) fundamental breach. The Common Law of contract does not require first that one seeks a judicial determination that a fundamental breach has happened, and that he can elect to treat the contract has ended, before he can so do, albeit he does so at his own risk of being found to be wrong in the event of litigation eventuating. The same Common Law of recessionary fundamental breach applies to this Red House Lease. What is required in this matter, is a judge-like, detached sobriety of judgment. While PPP aligned lawyers may disagree with some of the AG’s submissions, he has reached the right conclusion that the Red House lease is void, the President’s revocation is legally in order, and the Government, as it attempted to do, can peaceable reenter. Maxwell.E. Edwards Attorney-At-Law

Make profound reflections... From page 4 my passion. I do believe I have so much more to contribute to this great nation. When one truly looks in the nooks and cranny, one realizes how broken Guyana is, how its people pain and hurt; the turmoil many families are going through; when you travel some parts, it is then you see the sickening living conditions in which some families and children live. So I am not ready to give up on my country, but there is a higher calling for me so I

must depart to join my mom and sister, for I have an obligation to them as well. They are my first priority. I sincerely say I am sorry to those whom I have hurt over the past year. I did not mean to. I try my best to be a good person to those around me. If I said or did anything you thought was wrong, I apologize. Please forgive me. Until we meet again, stay in touch, and drop me a line here and there. I will be back. Have a happy new year. I love you all. Leon Suseran

Thursday January 12, 2017

CAN WE HAVE A ‘PALMS’ OR OLD FOLKS HOME FOR BERBICE? DEAR EDITOR, As indicated in the media last Friday, the Social Protection Ministry will expend $60M on the ‘Palms’ in Georgetown, particularly to install “elevators at the Brickdam, Georgetown facility” Implicit in the report was that the elevators will more specifically serve the staff attached to the Palms by sparing them the effort of climbing the stairs connecting the three floors of the building in order to deliver laundry and food for the inmates. We must compliment the Government for trying to improve working and living conditions of the staff and the inmates; but given the need to properly prioritize the expenditure of the limited taxpayers’ funds available, one is tempted to question the

wisdom of providing more ‘sophisticated’ conditions for ‘privileged’ citizens in/around Georgetown when citizens in other locations, for example in/around New Amsterdam have no such facility. As far as I know, the ‘Dharamshala’ in Berbice situated under the Canje bridge which connects New Amsterdam with the Corentyne coast is the only facility in Berbice that attempts to provide the kind of service available at the Palms in Georgetown. However, this facility is in a most deplorable state; the yard is a bushy swamp surrounded by tall mangrove trees growing along the Canje Creek which overflows into the yard and provides a fertile breeding ground for mosquitoes and reptiles. The inmates sleep on cots

sometimes with wet mattresses or without any; those on the ground floor often step out of their cots onto wet floors in order to get to the dysfunctional toilets and/or the dining hall. Added to the constantly damp, bleak physical conditions is the constant noise and banging sounds from the steady 24-hours day & night traffic over the Canje Bridge which overhangs the dilapidated Dharamshala structure. Thanks are indeed due to the Ramsaroop family in Georgetown who have been assuming responsibility for the Dharamshala over the many decades of its existence; thanks are also due to the countless other benevolent persons who have been making contributions and volunteering in other ways to keep the Dharamshala going. However, their magnanimous efforts in maintaining the struc-

ture at its current location are now tantamount to throwing good money into a site and structure that has long hit rock bottom and is now unsalvageable. The $60M earmarked for elevators at the Georgetown Palms might be all that is required to construct a Palms for Berbice in a more appropriate location; the old New Amsterdam Hospital site readily comes to mind; better still might be the open space available around the old Mental Hospital compound which is between the current Dharamshala and the current New Amsterdam Hospital compound. I am personally prepared to work along with a team of Berbicians to raise any supplementary funds that may be required. Over to you, our new Minister of Social Protection, who I think is a fellow Berbician! Nowrang Persaud

Former Assistant Commissioner of Police offers... From page 5 established which although not yet firing on all cylinders have the potential to drastically address the causes of crime and make the communities safer and better places to live. Some positive things are happening. Minister Cathy Hughes recently announced that the E- Government Unit installed receivers and internet ready computers in fourteen communities that will cater for 66,000 persons. In her budget presentation Minister Volda Lawrence informed the nation that the government will spend $100M in several communities to roll out entrepreneurial programmes for single parents and youths. Ongoing is the Citizens Security Strengthening Programme which is a rollover from the Citizens Security Programme. It has a massive community involvement component. In addition to the

above, the billion dollar Security Sector Reform Action Plan (SSRAP) between Guyana and the British Government which was scrapped by the previous administration is now back on stream through the efforts of President David Granger. I am certain that there will be community activities in that plan. These and many more governmental inputs are excellent activities that will be of great benefit to the end users and will promote peace and security. On the other hand the police over the years have established and maintained effective partnerships with numerous groups in the communities to bring crime under control. The existing synergy that results from community policing can be powerful. However, law enforcement officers have to be aware of some of the consequences of accepting gratuities. Although most police can discern between friendly gestures and bribes, some may not. The recent case in the Springlands community involving the police, an

overseas based Guyanese millionaire, members of the community policing group, station management committee, a liaison officer and some other members of the community, that rocked the foundation of the police in ‘B’ Division and elsewhere is a wake-up call for the law enforcement officers. The challenges faced by the police to reduce crime and the fear of crime are many. They defy any one-shot solution. Piecemeal efforts will only produce piecemeal results. What is required is a holistic approach towards

crime-fighting. The triangular affair with the government, the police and the stakeholders in the various communities is a very important tool in crime reduction. Do not expect a drastic reduction in crime overnight. However, green shoots are emerging. They will be fruitful as long as the triangular relationship alluded to is sustained. Sustainability is the watchword. Clinton Conway Assistant Commissioner of Police (Rtd)

We can reset the button for... From page 5 the President from appointing anyone he feels he can. The Constitution in the first instance (at para 1) gives the President and Leader of the Opposition wide latitude to look across the society, identifying, and examining persons coming from an array of disciplines. The framers of this Constitution understood the society we are dealing with by putting in place a system which gives both the sitting government and opposition

an opportunity to objectively assess all the possible candidates, and when they both fail, to give one office holder, that is the President, one opportunity with only one choice, which is a judge (past or present). Any failure on the part of President and Leader of the Opposition to arrive at a consensual candidate for the chairmanship of Gecom will be an indictment of their leadership. Taking the time to objectively examine the Constitution it would reveal a universal standard has been set for us to operate by, and if we comply, lots of the conflicts and wastage of taxpayers’ money can be avoided. Equally, universal compliance with this instrument can result in us peacefully co-existing and having our fair share of the nation’s pie. Lincoln Lewis

Thursday January 12, 2017


Kaieteur News

2008 Bartica Massacre…

Former cop had identified alleged shooters

Accused: Mark Royden Williams

Accused: Roger Simon

Accused: Dennis Williams

Former policeman, Carl Methuram testified yesterday that he identified the alleged shooters in the 2008 Bartica Massacre. The witness was called to the stand to testify in the trial for which Dennis Williams, called “Anaconda”, and Mark Royden Williams, called “Smallie” and Roger Anthony Simon, called ‘Goat Man’ are indicted for 12 counts of murder. According to the charge on the night of February 17, 2008, the men were among a gang which attacked Bartica, slaughtering a dozen people, including three police officers, during an hour-long attack. It was reported that the armed men attacked the police station before killing three policemen and freeing prisoners. The three accused are before Justice Roxanne George and a mixed 12- member jury. Yesterday, Methuram was called to the stand by State Prosecutors, Stacy Goodings and Diana Kaulesar. He testified to identifying Dennis Williams and Mark Royden Williams during an identification parade following the February 2008 Bartica Massacre. The witness said that he got to look at the men during the attack. He recalled that the men were armed and standing on a landing of the Station. The witness said that he had taken cover, but he was able to get a look at the men. During his testimony, Methuram pointed out the men who were seated a few feet away in the prisoners’ dock. He said they were the same persons that he saw on the landing of the Police Sta-

tion. Methuram recalled that following the attack he found bodies of security officer and police rank lying on the ground in the vicinity and at premises not too far from the Police Station. The man also recalled that he assisted in transporting a number of injured persons to the Bartica Hospital. His testimony was followed by the testimony and cross examination of Dwayne Williams called “Small Fren.” Williams had told the court that he became a member of the gang that was led by notorious criminal Rondell “Fine-Man” Rawlins when he was yet a child. He said that he became acquainted with the gang while growing up in the village of Buxton. He recalled that the gang which consisted of ‘Fine man’ ‘Mud Up’ “Smallie” and others. The witness, now 24 years old, told the court that he was a child going to school, and that from time to time, members of the “FineMan” gang would send him to the shop to buy groceries for them. He said too that he was at Bartica with the men when they shot and killed several persons. On Tuesday, the witness identified Dennis Williams, called “Anaconda”, and Mark Royden Williams, called “Smallie”, as men he knew. He said that they were part of the gang that was present at Bartica for the Massacre. However under cross-examination by Defence Counsel, Peter Hugh, the witness told the court that Roger Simon was not among the group that was at Bartica on the night that it was attacked. “No, he was not there

Sir,” Dwayne Williams said in response to questions by the Defence attorney. He agreed too, to the suggestion that the first time he ever saw Simon was at the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) at the Magistrate’s Court. Meanwhile, when attorney Saphier Husain questioned the witness, he said that he was around 17 years old when he gave the police statements in relation to the Bartica Massacre. Dwayne Williams told the court that his mother, two Pastors, a lawyer and a Prison Administration Officer were present when he gave the statement. Asked whether he was either in protective custody, forced or coerced to testify against the men, Williams said he was in police custody. He said he knows nothing of protective custody. Additionally, the witness said he was never promised anything or forced to give the evidence against the men on trial. Williams is among some 37 witnesses set to testify in the trial. On Sunday, February 17, 2008, a number of gunmen attacked the mining community of Bartica, Essequibo, killing twelve residents – Lance Corporal Zaheer Zakir, Constable Shane Fredericks and Constable Ron Osborne; Edwin Gilkes, Abdool Yassin Jr, Deonarine Singh, Errol Thomas, Ronald Gomes, Baldeo Singh, Ashraf Khan, Irving Ferreira and Dexter Adrian After murdering the police officers, the gang stole cash, arms, ammunition and a vehicle from the police station. Using the stolen police vehicle, they drove through the streets of Bartica shooting at civilians. They proceeded to CBR Mining, where they stole arms and ammunition, and removed two safes containing cash and gold. After their onehour rampage, the gunmen departed from Bartica by boat.

Delays being experienced under all Exim Bank-funded projects - Finance Minister During a recently held bilateral meeting with the Export Import (Exim) Bank of India, Finance Minister Winston Jordan disclosed that delays are being experienced under all projects funded by the bank. According to a report on the meeting, the Minister opened up by stating that aside from some officials who visited Guyana earlier last year to sign a US$50M line of credit for the East Coast/East Bank Road Linkage Project, the Government has not had face-to-face contact with the Exim Bank. The economist further mentioned that the Exim Bank has funded major infrastructural works in the past, and outlined the projects that Exim Bank is currently financing in Guyana. The Minister spoke about Guyana moving from a Heavily Indebted Poor Country (HIPC) to an upper middle income country. He indicated that the newly graduated status has had negative implications on Guyana’s access to financing. Jordan pointed out however that Guyana’s projects under the Bank needed to move as “delays are being experienced under all Exim Bank-funded projects.” The Minister highlighted that the Government of Guyana is being asked to identify Indian Contractors to carry out works. However, the Government is not able to identify contractors without knowing the quality of their works. This, he opined, has intensified the delays. The Minister sought the assistance of Exim Bank in accelerating rate of implementation of Indian-funded projects, as well as the Bank’s partnership in exploring ways to enhance cooperation between the Bank and Government of Guyana. The representative of the Bank at the meeting opened by highlighting the unfortunate experiences that the Government of Guyana has had with Surendra Engineering Company Limited, an Indian Company that has disappointed the Government on the Specialty Hospital Project and the Pumps Project. The official also congratulated the Government on its decision to cancel problematic loans. The representative further indicated that the road project is an issue that is pending with the Government of India. The Bank official asserted that the company selected as Project Manager for the road, contacted the Government of India to say that they do not have the expertise to manage the road project. The Finance Minister

Finance Minister, Winston Jordan subsequently stated that the Government of India should select the consultant and make a recommendation to the Government of Guyana. The Bank responded by stating that the Exim Bank has done a bit of work on the prequalification process of consultants for services. Jordan was subsequently requested to check Exim Bank’s website. The Exim Bank also highlighted that they are in the process of prequalifying con-

tractors; this should be on their website in a few months. In the meantime, Jordan stressed the anxiety of the Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, in moving the Exim Bank of India’s road project in Guyana, and underlined the importance of the East Bank/East Coast road linkage, and the purchase of ferries to the people of Guyana. Further, Minister Jordan posited that for the assistance of the Government of India to mean well, it needs to be compressed within the stipulated timeframe. In relation to the US$10m line of credit for the purchase of ferry vessels, the Minister queried the 15% Management Fee, and highlighted this as the main reason for the Government of Guyana not signing the line of credit agreement. The Exim Bank stated that this is a new fee imposed by the Government of India. It was also mentioned that the terms have been relaxed. Therefore, Guyana is set to benefit. The Minister stated that the Bank should proceed with the contract for signing and thanked the team for a useful meeting.


Kaieteur News

Thursday January 12, 2017

Guyana likely to get Law School by 2018 There has been an amplified call for the setting up of a local Law School over the past several years and finally the government of Guyana has made a concrete step in the direction of making such an institution a reality. Yesterday, at the Georgetown Club on Camp Street, Minister of Legal Affairs and Attorney-General Basil Williams, on behalf of the government of Guyana signed a Memorandum of Understanding with University College of the Caribbean (UCC) and the Law College of the Americas (LAC). The Attorney-General said that the MOU will be the embodiment of future engagements. He said that the permission for Guyana to establish a law school was given almost two decades ago. Williams reminded that there has always been a problem with Guyanese nationals being given a place at the Hugh Wooding Law School. He said that at a recent meeting in Antigua, a collective agreement was signed between the University of Guyana, University of the West Indies and the Council for Legal Education (CLE) limiting the number to 25 Guyanese graduates benefiting from automatic entry to Hugh Wooding Law School (HWLS). According to Williams, there are thousands of Law Degree (LLB) holders in the Caribbean who cannot enter

Professor Winston Adams, Group Executive Chairman UCC (seated right) signs the MOU in the presence of (seated from left) Courtney Wynter, Chairman of LAC and Minister of Legal Affairs Basil Williams. Also looking on are (standing at left) Professor Dennis Gayle and Dr. Trevor Hamilton. into the Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica, the Eugene Dupuch Law School in the Bahamas or the HWLS. Williams said that it is very important that the law school comes at this time. He said that there will be no question of students being part of the law programme, which is to be called the JOF Haynes Law School of America.

The AG said that he is hoping that the institution can be up and running by 2018, notwithstanding the feasibility study which has to be done. According to Dr. Trevor Hamilton, Advisor on the Law School venture, the school will operate under the CLE, which will make it a law school regulated by regional over-

sight similar to the schools in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and The Bahamas. He added that the school will seek to help persons to be specialised in certain areas, since there are growing sectors within the Caribbean economy such as Environmental Law, Intellectual Property, Civil Aviation, Maritime law and Tax law. In addition, Hamilton said that the school will focus on

providing continuous education for practicing lawyers and judges. “The school in Guyana is not going to just be training CLEs, because law like any education requires continuing education. I’m sure every lawyer on Croal Street needs continuing education, and I can tell you that every judge needs continuing education, every prosecutor, and therefore that is going to be a ma-

jor market as well.” He said that the investment model will take place under a Public-Private Partnership. The model, he said, is structured in such a way that the centre will call for many players. This relates to the economic spin-offs which the school is expected to facilitate. Hamilton said that his team sees investment to be upwards of US$75M dollars into areas such as accommodation, food supply and infrastructure construction. One of the greatest advantages, as highlighted by Hamilton, is the economic benefit which will accrue from the school’s establishment. At the end of the day, Hamilton said, the school is going to operate as a business, so it will not be a fiscal burden. He said that it will be beneficial to Guyanese law students, since they can remain at home and have access to a more affordable Legal Education Certificate (LEC) programme. Also speaking at the event was Professor Dennis Gayle, Executive Chancellor and Interim President of the UCC. He said that the venture will help to bridge the gap between the demand for legal education and the provision of such education. “One of the advantages of the new JOF Haynes Law School is that it will allow increased access to more law students to have the opportunity to study, given the challenge of space availability that we have observed.” Representing the ViceChancellor of UG was Deputy Vice-Chancellor Barbara Reynolds who said that the school will address one of the major issues precluding law graduates from accessing their LEC, which is the availability of physical space at other institutions. Fielding questions from the media, the Attorney-General said that government is looking to have the institution located in the Turkeyen area. He could not have provided a figure as to how much money the government will be plugging into the project, but informed the media that the shareholding of the school will be 30 per cent for the government and 70 per cent to the UCC and LAC partners. He said this is so, since the shareholding was set up in such a way because the investment will primarily be done by the UCC and LAC, whereas Guyana will only be providing the land and other support services. As it relates to how many students will be catered for, Dr. Hamilton said that the school’s capacity should be able to accommodate about 300 students.

Thursday January 12, 2017


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“Fit and proper” A political controversy over the interpretation of a constitutional provision cannot be resolved simply by consultations. The request by the Opposition Leader, for a meeting with his counterpart on the government side, will not resolve the problem concerning the interpretation of the constitutional provision relating to the appointment of the Chairperson for the Guyana Elections Commission. Both sides are likely, in any meeting, to stick to their positions. Politicians view it as a liability to admit they are wrong. The intractability and political posturing affects the life of the country. Guyana is a divided country; the divisions are along political lines. Politicians on both sides of the divide have been inflexible. They do not concede easily. The political divide is mirrored in the wider society. The people find a way of supporting the arguments of their respective leaders, no matter how compelling are the arguments of the other side. It is a sickness that continues to

afflict our politics. It is highly divisive, politically and socially. In fifty years of Independence, a third force party has only managed to gain about 10% of the popular vote. Voting remains along the lines of race. Issues become secondary to our tribal politics. The divisions are best reflected in tempestuous political debates. People believe what they want to believe rather than what they should believe. They are blinded by reason. There was even the desperate suggestion this week that the Carter Formula was deactivated by the constitutional amendments of 2000. Nothing could be further from the truth. The amendments reenacted the formula. The Carter Formula, as pointed out by the PPP/C, was intended to ensure a balance in the Guyana Elections Commission. The government side appoints three commissioners; the opposition also appoints three. To ensure balance in the Commission, the Commis-

sioner of GECOM is appointed from a list of six persons nominated by the Leader of the Opposition, and the person appointed from that list must not be objectionable to the President. This formula has become a constitutional convention, and that factor cannot be ignored in any interpretation of the relevant constitutional provision. The Carter Formula was superimposed on the previous provision which allowed the President to appoint a Chairperson who was either a judge or someone qualified to be a judge. The amended provision now states that the Chairperson can be a judge or a person qualified to be a judge or a ‘fit and proper’ person from a list of six provided by the Leader of the Opposition after consultations with nongovernmental parliamentary political parties. The use of the word ‘or’ is clear. It offers a second route to the appointment of the Chairperson. Having invited the Leader of the Opposition to submit

Dem boys seh...

Trump and Jagdeo is birds of a feather Dem boys hear Jagdeo send congratulations to Trump before Soulja Bai. And was something dem boys find strange. Is only now dem understand. Any man who don’t have shame is a dangerous person. Donald Trump is one who don’t know shame. Jagdeo is another one. Is like he and Trump cut from de same bolt of cloth. Jagdeo ban a reporter from entering Ohh Pee and State House. He withdraw all ads from de Waterfalls paper and de Big Market paper all because he didn’t like wha dem was saying about him. Trump hold he fuss press conference yesterday and he do wha Jagdeo do. He try fuh silence a CNN reporter and when de man keep talking, he seh he gun ban de whole news outfit from he press conference. In fact, he refuse to answer any question from de reporter. Jagdeo was so shameless that he give he friend Babbie five radio station; he give he party another five and he give he niece who married to Rob de Earth, another five.

When de British, de Americans and de Canadians embassies talk how he break de laws of morality and decency because he didn’t give people and organisation who was entitled, he cuss dem. He even put he Minister to cuss de American ambassador. When de BBC reporter ask Trump a question that he didn’t like he accuse de reporter of being in de fake news business, too. He threaten fuh tek way de reporter spot in de White House. De difference between de two men is that Trump got a wife and a son-in-law. All two got money, real paper money. Dem boys not certain which one of dem got more than who. Wha dem boys certain about is that both of dem f-up de treasuries. Trump use de loopholes to dodge paying taxes. Jagdeo didn’t even try to pay any. Trump can’t account fuh some of de things he got and is de same thing wid Jagdeo. Talk half and watch dem two padnas.

six names, the President has to select from those names, someone who is not objectionable to him. He cannot attempt to argue that a fit and proper person must be a judge. That is a misreading of a statutory provision. He can reject all the names and request a new list, but he cannot place a qualification on the six names submitted, other than a fit and proper person. The question has been posed as to what is meant by a “fit and proper” person. It is not a new phrase in legal terminology. Fit and proper is not intended to refer to rank or status. A fit and proper person does not have to be a doctor or lawyer or judge. The person can be an accountant or even a retired army major general. “Fit and proper” is intended to connote the moral standing of the person in the eyes of the law. A “fit and proper” person to be admitted to the Bar must be some-

one who is not afoul of the law. This is what “fit and proper’ has always meant in statutory interpretation. It is not for the President to determine whether someone is fit and proper by virtue of that person’s rank. If the President has information that any of the nominees of the Leader of the Opposition is before a criminal court or has been convicted, he can refuse to consider that person, but he cannot reject the list submitted on the basis that one or two names may be tainted criminally. The President can reject any name once he is not in agreement. That is his constitutional right. But having rejected all the names, he cannot simply dispense with the formula which he himself has invoked for the appointment. He can invite the Leader of the Opposition to make a second submission of names, and if again he is not in agreement, he can ask for another list until such time as he feels that the process has been ex-

hausted and that it is time for him to exercise his prerogative, in such circumstances, to appoint a judge. But until that time arrives, the President cannot decide that a “fit and proper” person to Chair the Guyana Elections Commission must be a judge, simply because the Constitutional provision mentions the word more than once. The word “or” is also mentioned four times.


Kaieteur News

Thursday January 12, 2017

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

Power in 2016: The self-destructive mind This is one time in these columns that I will not and cannot cite names. I believe as a matter of journalistic principle that the production of verifiable data in commentary is a requirement, because it enhances the integrity of the story. Your facts are established because they can be verified. I have belaboured this point several times in the three decades I have been doing analyses in the newspapers. People cannot make accusations of embellishment, because contacts can be made with the names cited. This of course is quite different from the sacred duty of not naming your sources or quoting those who gave information.

A relevant example is my Monday column, in which I cited a concern I had over a particular attitude of the PNC in government, and not the government itself. I relayed that curiosity to two of my KN colleagues – Leonard Gildarie and Suraj Narine. The editor removed their names. He may have had his reason, but that could open me to the charge that Freddie is just saying that to make the column look credible. But someone who knows Gildarie and Narine, and is suspicious of my intention, could have contacted them to ascertain if I wrote truthfully. In the paragraphs to follow I cannot name names with one exception - because those persons do not want to be identified. The exception is Marlon Williams of the AFC. I am pleased that through his name the polemic I am about to describe could be verified. I had dinner with some key players in politics at New Thriving on Monday evening. The entire night the conversation was one-dimensional – the errors, faults, flaws, foolishness, weaknesses, insensitivities and incongruities of the

APNU+AFC administration, in the context of a vicious, resurgent, PPP. The evening was so absorbing and fascinating that when I glanced at the time on my cell phone it was way past my wife-imposed curfew time. It was about 23:07 hours. I left the ambience, ran downstairs and headed for the door, only to find New Thriving was locked with a huge metal door. I couldn’t find the attendant to open it. Eventually he did and I ran to my car in the spot that had become lonely because of the hour of the night. I jumped into my car, drove off, but the lights failed me. Only the park lights would work. I drove from Main Street to Turkeyen at 23:15 hours with just park lights. If I was stopped I didn’t know how the traffic cop could have expected me to leave my car on Main Street unattended. Life can be harsh at times. I went early the next morning to my electrical guy, Savin’s Auto Electrical on Middleton Street. They fixed it. I was about to drive off – no start. From dead lights to dead battery. The most intriguing as-

pect of the New Thriving polemic was when we explored the future of the Alliance for Change outside of the Coalition for the 2020 elections. One key player in politics said should that happen, he is giving the AFC at least five seats. I then shifted the ware to one side of the table and asked him to do some demographic drawings on the table. Where in the areas of Guyana are these five seats coming from? So with my finger I went through West Coast, starting with Leonora and ending up with Berbice. My point to the table was that the AFC’s constituencies have moved back to the PPP or have moved away, the reason being what they see as the AFC’s failure to be a pro-

gressive alternative to the regime it removed in the 2015 elections. Some around the table felt that the AFC got squeezed by the egregious flaws of the PNC section in government. That is not a convincing thesis. It seeks to shelter the AFC. That is both politically and morally unacceptable. For whatever reason, be it old PNC behaviour, silly AFC politics, newness to government, intellectually bankrupt Coalition leadership, unthinking, uncaring government, 2016 has not seen any kind of transformational politics by the Coalition; on the contrary, in the face of an aggressive, unrepentant PPP, the term self-destructive would not be an excessive description to apply to the performance of the Coalition in 2016.

Frederick Kissoon It simply defies logic why in 2015, in the midst of humongous goodwill from the entire country and with a president that was seen as honest and democratic and a Prime Minister that was nationally embraced, the Coalition stumbled from one mistake to another; mistakes that resemble the self-destructive abominations of the PPP Government.

Mother critical after stabbed by daughter’s lover Police in ‘B’ Division are investigating a recent incident which has left a female security guard in critical condition after she was stabbed several times, reportedly by her daughter’s boyfriend, on Tuesday. Forty-three year-old Nivonne Aubrey Trim of No. 77 Housing Scheme, Corriverton Berbice who is employed as a security guard is currently at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital. According to reports reaching Kaieteur News, the

injured woman was acting as a peacemaker between her 21year-old daughter, Felicia Burnette and her 48-year-old boyfriend, when she was stabbed several times to her breast and hand. It was revealed that at about 19:30 hours on Tuesday, the suspect was imbibing with friends at his home when a quarrel ensued between him and his girlfriend. Trim was contacted by her daughter to intervene in the dispute and upon arriving, she was at-

tacked by the suspect who brandished a knife. The woman received stab wounds to her breast and chops about her body before eyewitnesses managed to disarm the suspect who was subsequently arrested. Charges are likely to be laid soon. The injured peacemaker was rushed to the Skeldon Public Hospital and was later transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital where her condition was listed as critical.

Thursday January 12, 2017


Kaieteur News

GNBA headless and lost - Members

Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo

Former Board Chairman, Leonard Craig

GNBA Member, Anthony Vieira

The image of the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA) continues to go from bad to worse. Officials within the Authority told this newspaper yesterday that they are peeved at the fact that a Board is not in place; as such important work within the realm of broadcasting continues to be stalled. Explaining this state of affairs, GNBA Member Anthony Vieira said that there is yet to be a meeting following the board’s suspension. This was as a result of the Commission of Inquiry that was launched to ascertain the veracity of corruption allegations against Vieira and another member. They were however cleared of all accusations. Nevertheless, Vieira said, “The board was suspended pending the outcome of that Commission of Inquiry. So from

the time that inquiry started, it would mean that it has been over three months since we have met. The report has been out for over 80 days. The Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo, was supposed to reconstitute the Board, but this is yet to happen.” Furthermore, Vieira reminded that the Inquiry Report also recommended the removal of the GNBA Board member, Leonard Craig, but he subsequently tendered his resignation. “We don’t meet. We don’t know what is going on and because we can’t function without a board you really don’t have a broadcast authority. So we are lost and headless; that is to say without a Chairman,” opined Vieira. Kaieteur News understands that some officials within the authority will be writing to the First Vice President to take the necessary steps so that the

Authority can continue with critical works. Since the appointment of a new board at GNBA in 2015, it has earned nothing but harsh criticisms to the effect that it is, and continues to be, the most unproductive of the boards under the APNU+AFC administration. In fact, the Board has done absolutely nothing of consequence since it was installed. The Authority is months late on a promised implementation of new regulations that were to bring order to the Broadcasting sector. Those regulations were supposed to force broadcasters who are holding “illegal” licences granted to them by Bharrat Jagdeo, to surrender their licences and to reapply under a new structure which was supposed to be free from any form of corruption or nepotism.

Police recover stolen articles in Berbice Police in Berbice have made inroads into a number of criminal gangs operating in Berbice. The cops arrested several persons and recovered articles that were stolen from a dwelling house a week ago. Acting on information, around 14:00 hrs yesterday, the police swooped down on a house at Angoy’s Avenue and recovered a number of items which residents claimed to have lost. Among the items recov-

ered were two solar panels, a speaker box, and a number of cell phones, flat screen televisions, hard drives and DVD recorders among other items. Some of the items have already been identified by the owners. One of the persons in custody has informed investigators that he was given the solar panel and speaker box to keep by another man, who has since been taken into custody.

Another solar panel was recovered in a yard at Stanleytown after it was taken there to be picked up by boat to be ferried up the Berbice River. However the pick-up was aborted after the owners and the police got wind of the move and rushed to the area. The pick-up boat subsequently drove past and sped away up the river. A number of persons are in custody as police continue their investigation.

17-year-old among suspects in Estate worker killing As investigators continue to probe the murder of 38year-old Kawal Shivnauth, who was stabbed to death at a shop in Anna Catherina, West Coast Demerara (WCD), police have indicated that a 17-year-old is among the three suspects. The teenager was arrested on Tuesday at Matthews Ridge and was taken to the Leonora Police Station where he refused to sign a statement, saying that he cannot read. A police source said that they were trying to locate the teenager’s mother and sister, who reside somewhere in Berbice. The teenager is the second suspect to be held for Shivnauth’s murder. The man’s stepson was arrested early on Tuesday at the Anna Catherina seawall and report-

edly confessed to the murder. The stepson told the police that it was when Shivnauth approached him and instructed that he stop harassing his 15-year-old daughter that he got upset and felt embarrassed. He said

that when he and his two friends saw the 38-year-old man in the shop, they attacked and stabbed him. A third suspect is on the run. Shivnauth died at the Leonora Cottage Hospital.


Kaieteur News

Thursday January 12, 2017

Elderly man found dead in house in Canje ‘Club Privilege’ staffers arrested The body of an elderly from high blood pressure was concluded if the marks were for ‘tampering’ with evidence man who lived alone up the not seen by those living due to its decomposed state. Canje River was on Tuesday found dead in the house he occupied. The deceased has been identified as 73-year-old farmer Silvan Hector. The man who suffered

nearby and someone decided to check on him. His badly decomposed body was subsequently found in the house minus his clothes. The body had marks, but it could not be

The body was then ferried to New Amsterdam where the police were informed The remains were buried immediately. Investigations are ongoing.

As investigation continues into last Sunday’s shooting at Club Privilege located at the Tower Hotel on Main Street, Georgetown, three of its staffers have been arrested after they reportedly tampered with a surveillance DVR (Digital Video Recorder), which the cops had intended to use as evidence. This occurred after the management of the hotel agreed to cooperate with the police and assist them with video footage of what transpired at the club Sunday morning. Kaieteur News understands that the staffers were arrested after it was discovered that someone tampered with the wiring inside of the DVR to prevent the police from having access to any footage.

Reports are that after the device failed to come on, a rank who was trained in computer repairs was called from headquarters to inspect the device, and it was there that he discovered that it had been tampered with. The person in charge of the hotel’s security system and two managers of the club were taken into custody. When this newspaper visited the hotel yesterday, the entrance to the club was still cordoned off and a police rank was sitting at the door. Two persons were treated at a private hospital and sent away after they were reportedly shot at the club. Police ranks have confirmed that they have received statement from one of the victims and the name of the suspect, even as the hotel and club management

continues to deny that there was a shooting there Sunday night. A source said that there were “bullet holes” in the walls of the club. According to information received, there was an argument between two persons in the club which resulted in one of them pulling out a gun and opening fire, causing persons inside the club to run for their lives. When this newspaper contacted a staffer from the club, he became defensive when he was asked about the shooting, and categorically denied that such an incident took place. ”Alyuh saying there was a shooting and there was never a shooting,” the staffer said before ending the call. No one has been arrested.

‘Drunken’ cop charged with intent to commit a felony Detective Constable Paramanand Sookdeo, who was reportedly in an intoxicated state when he was caught in the home of a Soesdyke, East Coast Demerara family, was yesterday charged with intent to commit a felony and released on bail. The 24-year-old police rank, who is stationed at the Timehri Police Station, pleaded not guilty to the charge which alleged that on January 8, at Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara, he entered the dwelling house of Nandkishore Persaud, with intent to commit a felony. According to reports, Constable Sookdeo was caught in the home around 03:00hrs, after a resident heard strange noises in his unoccupied upper flat. The resident said that he alerted his son-in law, and after checking outside the property, the two ventured to the area from which the sounds had come. He stated that the intruder said he was a policeman and that he had a gun. It is alleged that the cop scrambled one of the men, but they eventually tied him up. Ranks from the Timehri Station were contacted and identified the intruder as one of their colleagues. Sookdeo was released on $75,000 bail after a successful application by his attorney Bernard Da Silva. The lawyer told the court that the circumstance under which his client was arrested was a misunderstanding. According to Da Silva, his client was in a drunken state at the time. He said that on the night of the incident, Sookdeo was consuming alcohol at a house with some friends.

- released on $75,000 bail

Constable Paramanand Sookdeo after he was caught and tied up in the house The attorney said that his client left the home and went to the public road and was unable to recognize the house he was at. Da Silva explained that his client is not familiar with the area since he was only moved to the Timehri Police Station two months ago. The lawyer disclosed that the drunken cop ventured into the wrong home after attempts made by him to call his friends for directions were to no avail. Da Silva further stated that the occupants of the home thought his client was a thief and dealt him a sound thrashing. “But it wasn’t until he

(Sookdeo) identified himself as a police officer they stopped beating him”, the lawyer pointed out. Da Silva revealed that his client will be filing assault charges against Persaud and the other persons who beat him during the ordeal. Nevertheless, Police Prosecutor Neville Jeffers made no objections to bail for the defendant. Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan instructed the cop to return to court next week Thursday. The Chief Magistrate also ordered Sookdeo, a resident of Tain Village, Port Mourant Berbice, to report to the Whim Police Station every Friday.

Thursday January 12, 2017

Kaieteur News

No paid parking on National Holidays As the landscape of the city of Georgetown is being transformed by the installment of Parking Meters, motorists should note that they will not be charged to park in the Capital on any of the National Holidays and on Sundays. This was confirmed yesterday by Alecia Bess, Accounting and Human Resource Manager of Smart City Solutions Inc., the company which was given the contract by the Georgetown Mayor and City Council to install the meters. She said that Guyanese can expect not having to pay for parking on any holiday whatsoever. Kaieteur News sought the clarification after a letter was published criticizing the company for only offering free parking on Christian holidays. This information had been placed in an advertisement. Noting that this would be quite a controversial move, Bess said that it was surely a mistake and the company will be recognising every national holiday, including Republic Day, Independence Day, Easter Monday, Good Friday, Labour Day, Christmas Day, Phagwah, Diwali, Eid, Indian Arrival and Labour Day. The parking meters were expected to come on stream in time for the 2016 Christmas season. However, this was postponed until later this month. Currently, the company is engaging in a promotional/education programme

One of the parking meters in front of the Fogarty’s building in Georgetown in the city, whereby motorists are being informed as to how the meters are to be used. Based on information received, motorists will have to take note of the number for each parking space before approaching the meter to make their payments, using a GeoPark prepaid card, which will be available at convenient locations. After following the printed instructions on the machine, they will present their card and be supplied with a printed receipt. Drivers are to place that receipt on the dashboard of their vehicle in full view so that officials will know that parking would

have been paid for and secondly, how much time is left for the customer. The parking meter project has received much criticism regarding its implementation. The M&CC was condemned for not putting the contract up for public bidding as well as the fact that there were no consultations with the citizenry. Recently, a number of amendments were made to the original contract for the project which was voted on by the Full Council of the municipality. One of the major changes is that a rotation or 15 minutes of parking will now cost motorists just $50.

Haitian lawmakers to debate the arrest and extradition of elected Senator PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti, CMC – The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Cholzer Chancy, says Parliament will adopt a position on the extradition of Guy Philippe to the United States after he was arrested here last Thursday. The statement by Chancy comes as supporters of the 48-year-old former rebel turned politician, took to the streets demanding his return to the French-speaking Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country and condemnation by some legislators of his extradition. Senator Andris Riché said the arrest and extradition of Philippe, who was elected as a sentor during the November 20 elections last year, is “a hard blow against the democratic institutions of the country because Guy Philippe was elected Senator”. Riché acknowledged that while Philippe had not yet been sworn in as a legislator, he was nonetheless entitled to “some (immunity) coverage that should spare him this kind of treatment” adding “the country is powerless against this kind of slippages”. Philippe, 48, was indicted in the United States in 2005 on one count of conspiracy to import narcotics; one count

of conspiracy to launder monetary instruments and engage in monetary transactions in property derived from unlawful activity and one substantive count of engaging in monetary transactions derived from unlawful activity. Philippe was ordered held without bond during an initial hearing before U.S. Magistrate Judge Barry L. Garber of the Southern District of Florida over the last weekend. His arraignment hearing is scheduled for January 13, 2017. According to the indictment, from approximately 1997 through 2001, Philippe conspired with others to import more than five kilograms of cocaine into the United States. Chancy said the Parlia-

ment would soon outline its position on the October 17, 1997 agreement between then US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and then Haitian President René Préval regarding the fight against drug trafficking by sea and air and its interpretation. Meanwhile, the Police Commissioner in Grand’Anse, Berson Soljour, is urging US citizens in the area to be extremely careful as protestors condemn the arrest of their representative. Soljour said many Americans are in the region helping in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew and that some had been evacuated to a police station before being transferred to a United Nations base and later transferred to the capital.



Thursday January 12, 2017

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Thursday January 12, 2017

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Public health sector received US$1.4M foreign aid in 2016 The Ministry of Public Health was during the past year the beneficiary of US$1,390,000 in foreign aid. This assistance was channeled through the Ministry’s International Desk. The International Desk at the Ministry is responsible for harnessing and facilitating private, non-governmental, health related foreign aid in Guyana. Providers of such aid for 2016 were global charities including: The Latter Day Saints Global Charities and the Starkey Hearing Foundation and Diaspora-led initiatives such as Guyana Help the Kids Charity and Universities such as the University of Calgary in Canada. Thirty-six foreign medical missions who were facilitated through the International Desk visited Guyana 43 times in 2016. Teams bearing medical aid during the course of 2016 came from the ABC countries (America, Britain and Canada) and one team also came from the Caribbean. In excess of 10,000 Guyanese benefitted from services provided by these foreign teams. This level of support to the public health sector was highlighted when the Ministry held its end of year press conference. Because of the forthcoming foreign aid, Guyanese were able to benefit from clinical services ranging from gynecological surgeries and treatments, cardiac-related screening, treatments and follow-up care, family medicine, corneal transplants, cataract surgeries and screening and treatments for various cancers such as cervical cancer. Resources that were donated in this regard included medical equipment, medicines

and supplies and educational materials and aids. Guyana was able to further lower its Infant and Neonatal mortality rates because of collaborations with the Guyana Help the Kids Charity which was able to provide over US$300,000 in medical equipment and supplies in 2016 alone, for maternity wards and infant and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) wards at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation and the regional hospitals. Foreign aid support, according to Former Minister of Public Health, Dr. George Norton, was instrumental in the realisation of a Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at the GPHC. Among the key players that allowed for fruitful collaborations were Drs. Debra Isaac and Wayne Warnica of the University of Calgary under the Guyana Programme to Advance Cardiac Care (GPACC). Other large projects that were brought to fruition during the past year because of foreign support included an Asthma Spirometry Unit at the Linden Hospital Complex. This unit, according to Dr. Norton, will assist in dealing with the increasing number of asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) patients in the mining town. He revealed that this was due to the help of Dr. Robert Levy of the University of British Columbia, who supported the public health sector to put in place this unit. “Dr. Levy visited in November 2016, to provide technical support to healthcare providers in patient education and disease management, and the use of the spirometry equipment and software for testing and diagnosis. Dr. Levy also donated over US$3,000 in medical supplies and equipment,” Dr. Norton revealed. In 2016 too, the Ministry was able to establish and cement relations with the Starkey Hearing Foundation

global charity which committed to donating over 1,000 hearing aids, and after-care services to the Guyanese public free of charge. Forthcoming aid in 2016 allowed for healthcare providers such as doctors and nurses to receive accredited certificate, graduate and post graduate training through recognized Universities, according Dr. Norton said. These, he said, included the Echocardiography Education Programme, University of Calgary; the Masters in Medicine Psychiatry through McMaster University and one-year Nurse Neonatal Intensive Care Certificate Programme through Nationwide Children’s Hospital. It was through such collaborations, too, that the Ophthalmological Society of the West Indies (OSWI) in 2016 identified Guyana as the recipient/destination country for the OSWI regional conference slated for July this year 2017. This annual conference hosts more than 100 healthcare providers from the Caribbean region, Latin and Central America. According to Minister Norton, the international desk in an effort to encourage additional foreign aid this year will be creating and launching internet friendly Standard Operating Procedures, application and reporting forms and templates for medical missions on its website. The Ministry will also be intensifying work with current foreign aid providers during the course of this year.

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Thursday January 12, 2017

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Taiwan scrambles jets, navy as China aircraft carrier enters Taiwan Strait

China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier with accompanying fleet conducts a drill in an area of South China Sea (Reuters) Taiwan scrambled jets and navy ships on Wednesday as a group of Chinese warships, led by its sole aircraft carrier, sailed through the Taiwan Strait, the latest sign of heightened tension between Beijing and the self-ruled island. China’s Soviet-built Liaoning aircraft carrier, returning from exercises in the South China Sea, was not encroaching in Taiwan’s territorial waters but entered its air defence identification zone in the southwest, Taiwan’s defence ministry said. As a result, Taiwan scrambled jets and navy ships to “surveil and control” the passage of the Chinese ships north through the body of water separating Taiwan and China, Taiwan defence ministry spokesman Chen Chung-chi said. Taiwan military aircraft

and ships have been deployed to follow the carrier group, which is sailing up the west side of the median line of the strait, he said. Taiwan’s top policymaker for China affairs urged Beijing to resume dialogue, after official communication channels were suspended by Beijing from June. On the weekend, a Chinese bomber flew around the Spratly Islands in a show of “strategic force”, a U.S. official said on Tuesday. The latest Chinese exercises have unnerved Beijing’s neighbours, especially Taiwan which Beijing claims as its own, given long-running territorial disputes in the South China Sea. Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin said China’s ships “couldn’t always remain in port” and the navy had to hone its capabili-

ties. “The Taiwan Strait is an international waterway shared between the mainland and Taiwan. So, it is normal for the Liaoning to go back and forth through the Taiwan Strait in the course of training, and it won’t have any impact on cross-Strait relations,” Liu said at a briefing on Asia-Pacific security. China claims most of the energy-rich waters of the South China Sea, through which about $5 trillion in shipborne trade passes every year. Neighbours Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam also have claims. China distrusts Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen and has stepped up pressure on her after U.S. President-elect Donald Trump broke years of diplomatic protocol and took a congratulatory call last month from her.

Iraqi forces push further into northeast Mosul (Reuters) Iraqi forces made new advances against Islamic State in eastern Mosul and fought the militants in a r e a s n e a r t h e Tigris River on Wednesday, military officials said, keeping up the momentum of a renewed offensive in the jihadists’ last major Iraqi stronghold. Elite troops have pushed into several neighbourhoods in the east and northeast of the city in the past few da y s a s t h e y t r i e d t o reach the Tigris River bisecting Mosul before launching an offensive on the west, all of which the militants still hold. The counter-terrorism

service (CTS) were advancing into the northeastern Sadeeq and 7th Nissan districts, according to a senior commander on the ground. A Reuters reporter in eastern Mosul saw CTS forces fightin g I s l a m i c State militants in Sadeeq, firing towards Mosul University and into the adjacent Hadba area, which army units advancing from the north had breached a day earlier. The forces are expected to meet somewhere in between. Ta n k shells, machinegun fire and air strikes from a U.S.-led coa-

lition backing the Iraqis targeted Islamic State gunmen holed up in a handful of buildings nearby. The militants detonated several car bombs and returned gunfire. During their attack, Iraqi soldiers repeatedly diverted their attention to the sky to fire their machine guns at white commercial drones circling at a few hundred metres in the air. They were unable to down the aircraft, which Islamic State uses for reconnaissance, to record its suicide attacks and to drop grenades behind its enemy’s lines.

Thursday January 12, 2017

Trump and Ma start talking

(Reuters Breakingviews) Alibaba founder Jack Ma, one of first major Chinese business executives to meet Donald Trump, knows how to sell a deal. The e-commerce tycoon told the presidentelect his company will create one million U.S. jobs. Trump, whose manifesto has been largely based on promises of creating employment, was predictably pleased, and says he and Ma will do “great things” together. There is less to both statements than meets the eye. Ma has a messianic reputation in China, but to U.S. business he’s anything but benign. His company’s flagship platform helped Chinese factories export low-priced products to the United States, which has contributed to challenging

conditions for U.S. industries like furniture. Inside China, Alibaba’s Taobao consumer market is often exploited as a sales channel by vendors peddling counterfeit wares, including knock-off U.S. brands. Ma’s promise to create one million new U.S. jobs isn’t much of in the way of reparations. Alibaba’s plan to enter the U.S. market and sign up American exporters predates Trump getting elected, and economically it’s not much to get excited about. For one thing Alibaba - which employs a few hundred people in the United States - won’t be adding a million jobs directly; that number is derived from the assumption that one million American firms will sign up for Alibaba’s platforms and each hire one per-

son to fulfil the orders pouring in from customers in China. That seems optimistic. Tmall Global, Alibaba’s walled garden for foreign retailers, hosts only 14,500 foreign brands at present, according to Alibaba data. Success would come partly at the expense of U.S.based e-commerce firms already selling in China, such as Amazon. And order fulfilment is the online equivalent of fruit picking - seasonal and low pay. Cozying up to Trump can’t hurt. A friendly U.S. President could help get Alibaba off of the U.S. Trade Representative’s “notorious markets” list, or suggest the Securities and Exchange Commission wind up its investigation into his new friend’s companies.

Migrant crisis: Germany sees massive drop in asylum seekers (BBC) Germany says 280,000 asylum seekers arrived there in 2016, a drop of more than 600,000 on the previous year. The German interior minister said that the decrease was due to the closure in 2016 of the Balkan route and the migrant deal between the EU and Turkey. The record influx of 890,000 people came as migrants and refugees travelled through Greece and the Balkans. They headed for Germany after Chancellor Angela Merkel ordered a temporary open-door asylum policy. Her decision to suspend EU rules on registering asylum seekers in the first EU state they entered was aimed at the growing number of Syrians fleeing the conflict in their country, but large num-

bers of people of other nationalities made the journey too. Migration has become a heavily politicised issue in Germany ahead of federal elections in the autumn. As voters punished her CDU party in regional polls last year, Mrs Merkel acknowledged that the migrant crisis


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could have been handled better. “This shows that the measures that the federal government and the EU have taken are taking hold,” said Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere. “We’ve been successful in managing and controlling the process of migration.”

PAHO warns of tobacco epidemic in the Etienne said these and Caribbean otherDr.adverse consequences By Nelson A. King WASHINGTON, CMC – The director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Dr. Carissa F. Etienne, has warned about what she described as the tobacco epidemic in the Americas, including the Caribbean. The devastating health effects of tobacco use are well known, tobacco’s negative repercussions extend well beyond the obvious health outcomes, she said recently. “Tobacco consumption creates a significant economic burden on societies because of both the high costs of health care and the associated lost productivity,” said the Dominicanborn Dr. Etienne, writing in the Pan American Journal of Public Health. “In addition, tobacco use contributes to health inequalities and exacerbates poverty within and between countries, through the diversion of resources away from food and other essential needs, as well as through foregone income,” she added.

of the tobacco epidemic disproportionately affect lowand middle-income countries, where more than 80percent of the world’s smokers now live, including 127 million, in the Region of the Americas. “Considering its tremendous health and economic costs, the tobacco epidemic has the potential to undermine both social and economic development,” she said. Dr. Etienne noted that the global response to tobacco is the World Health Organization (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), which has been ratified by 180 countries worldwide and 30 countries in the Americas. The FCTC provides a blueprint for governments to effectively curb the tobacco epidemic by implementing specific evidencebased interventions to reduce consumption, Dr. Etienne said. These include: adopting tax and price measures to reduce tobacco consumption; banning tobacco advertising,

Dr. Carissa F. Etienne promotion and sponsorship; creating smoke-free work and public spaces; requiring prominent health warnings on tobacco packages; and combating illicit trade in tobacco products, she said. These interventions, Dr. Etienne said, have been identified as “best buys” in the WHO Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases, which calls for a 30 per cent relative reduction in the prevalence of tobacco use by 2025.


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Thursday January 12, 2017

Thursday January 12, 2017

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Wozniacki wilts in Sydney heat as Strycova prevails (Reuters) Caroline Wozniacki’s eighth attempt at reaching the Sydney International semi-finals wilted in the stifling Australian heat yesterday with the former world number one going down to Barbora Strycova in a threeset slugfest. Strycova prevailed 7-5, 67(6), 6-4 over her 10th seeded Danish opponent in a threehour and 20 minute marathon played out in temperatures of around 40 degrees Celsius at the Ken Rosewall Arena. The 30-year-old Czech next meets second seed Agnieszka Radwanska, who beat Chinese qualifier Duan Yingying 6-3, 6-2 in the last quarter-final of the day at the

Australian Open warmup event. Wozniacki has never progressed beyond the quarterfinals in Sydney and she appeared to be heading for a straight-sets defeat when Strycova claimed the opener and raced to a 5-0 lead in the tiebreaker of the next. Wozniacki, however, won seven of the next eight points to force a decider but the unseeded Strycova reeled off the last three games to seal victory under the scorching sun. “You just try and think like you’re on a beach drinking pina coladas,” Wozniacki joked. “That’s basically your

train of thought. You know that it’s the same for both players, so I was just trying to mentally just try and keep cool. But it was really, really hot out there. “On the positive side of things, I can eat whatever I want now because I have burned a lot of calories today,” she said. Canadian Eugenie Bouchard and British number one Johanna Konta kept it simple in their quarter-finals to set up a last four showdown after straight-set victories. Sydney-born Konta, the sixth seed, won 6-3, 7-5 against Russian teenager Daria Kasatkina, who had

Thursday January 12, 2017 ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) You will have to be sure not to burn the candle at both ends. Don't reveal any personal details. Back off if you want to keep the relationship intact.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) You need to take some time out to decide what you want to do. You can pick up valuable information if you listen to those with more experience.

TAURUS (Apr. 21- may 21) Discord could be unnerving. You will meet a person who may turn out to be more than just a friend.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) You are best to concentrate on work. Finish off old projects before starting something new. You may find yourself in an emotional fix if you interfere in other people's problems.

GEMINI (May 22-June 21) If you haven't already, consider starting your own business. You need to control your temper and deal with the situation rationally. CANCER (June 22-July 22) You should get out and enjoy social events where you are likely to meet new potential mates; however, don't over spend. Take the whole family and make it an enjoyable outing. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) You should not be concerned with coworkers who insist on spreading rumors. Use your better judgment before you sign up for a costly venture. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Work quietly behind the scenes for best results. Your outgoing, aggressive nature will attract someone you've been eager to meet.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Dead end projects could plague you. Try to understand their point of view. Limitation could set in if you've been spending too much. CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) It will do you some good. Your lover may be annoyed if you have been flirtatious or not attentive to their needs. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Observations will be far more productive. Social activity should be on your agenda today. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Business or pleasure trips will be knowledgeable as well as highly successful. You may need help with your financial situation. You need activity.

stunned world number one Angelique Kerber in the second round. Former Wimbledon finalist Bouchard beat Russian Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova 6-2, 6-3 to continue her good early season form after a dismal couple of years following her breakthrough campaign in 2014. “I don’t want to get too happy after a win or too sad after a loss, so, for me, it’s just a good step in the right direction,” the Canadian world number 49 said. “I know there is a long way to go to achieve what I want. “To match up against solid players like I have this week, it’s a very tough tournament here. So I’m proud of that, for sure.”

Barbora Strycova (


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Fitness53 turns one today

Thursday January 12, 2017

Guyana Cup Rematch Horserace meet officially off The Guyana Cup rematch Horserace meet, which was rescheduled from the 1st January to a date in February due to the inclement weather, has now been officially called off. That is the word from organiser Nazrudeen (Jumbo Jet) Mohammed Jr of the Jumbo Jet Auto Sales and Racing Stables. According to Mohammed, a number of factors including the inclement weather forced them to call off

the activity for this year. The event was set for the Rising Sun Turf Club, Arima Park, West Coast, Berbice. The organisation will still be staging the Guyana Cup Fever and the Guyana Cup Horserace extravaganzas and a few other meets during this year. Seven races were listed for the Guyana Cup rematch with over $7 M in cash trophies and other incentives up for grabs. (Samuel Whyte)

Landslide forces cancellation of Dakar ninth stage Gym members who won prizes & Trainers at Fitness53 Gym. A dream can come true, that is if you really want it to become a reality. However, the dream becoming a reality depends on the dreamer. In January of last year one of Guyana’s most talented cricketers saw his dream of opening a state of the art Gym come true when Ramnaresh ‘Ronnie’ Sarwan launched Fitness53 Inc. at Providence on the East Bank Demerara. The Gym was named after his West Indies ODI shirt number and he built his dream from the ground up literally. Although it took some time to complete, it can now be described as a landmark for

some but for Ronnie it is his way of showing his appreciation to Guyanese. Today Fitness53 Inc. celebrates its first anniversary. The celebration started on Tuesday with a raffle, where 30 members, randomly selected by computer were given prizes ranging from free passes for one month to gym clothing. Later in the week the staff and some members will be feeding the children of an orphanage in Georgetown. To date the gym has close to 2500 registered members with an average of 200 persons attending daily. From

5 am to 9pm there is a constant flow of people. Some come for a one hour work out while others come for as much as three hours. Some come in the mornings and back again in the evenings. A few members come and work out, have a shower, hot or cold, then go to work. As long as you are a member you have unlimited access to the facility. There are schedule classes for Zumba, Spin, Aerobics, Abs and what the gym calls Cardio/Step Fusion. There are both male and female trainers/ instructors who are highly

skilled with many, many years of experience. From 5 pm to 10 pm a Nutritionist is on site for consultations. The Health Bar provides smoothies, shakes, salads and other canned/bottled beverages. For the New Year the gym hopes to bring in Rowing Machines, have the Sauna up and running and get a masseuse or masseur on board. Ronnie, his family and staff wishes all of Guyana a Happy and Prosperous New Year and say to you make your own dreams become true. (Sean Devers)

4-35 from Motie and fifties from Tagenarine... From page 29 Barnwell to the crease. Johnson soon played a loose drive off Shepherd and was taken at mid-off for a 72ball 46 with four fours at 1373 at which time Hetymer returned. Barnwell, who started watchfully, clobbered Shepherd over mid-on for four and smashed him past cover but Hetymer (16), who likes the hard new ball, was bowled by Motie at 152-4. Barnwell, who faced 54 balls and struck five fours and a six in his 44, was run out at 160-5 before a direct hit by Crandon ran out Bramble (19) at 195-6. Motie then removed Raymon Reifer, Permaul (0) and Jacobs (5), while Bishoo (3) was run out as they lost their last five wickets for 15 runs. Another practice game is set for tomorrow starting 09:00hrs.

(Reuters) A massive landslide caused by thunderstorms forced the cancellation of yesterday’s ninth stage of the Dakar Rally in Argentina, organisers said. They said the road to Tuesday’s overnight bivouac had been blocked 40km north of Jujuy. The landslide hit the village of Volcan and caused considerable damage. “As the road is cut off, most of the vehicles, competitors, assistance and logistics from the Dakar caravan were diverted on an alterna-

tive route through San Antonio de los Cobres, extending the distance ... by about 200 km,” the race organisers said in an overnight statement. “They will not be able to reach the Salta bivouac in time to start the race.” The competitors instead spent yesterday traveling to Chilecito for today’s 10th stage. France’s Sebastien Loeb leads the car category for Peugeot with British rider Sam Sunderland top of the motorcycle standings.

Alpha and Slingerz... From page 31 to get the GFF to discuss the issue with the aim of finding an amicable solution but to no avail. ”The only thing we get from the federation is directives, that’s all. Now he {Forde} is saying we have no standing, so where are we? We can’t play anything. Alpha and Slingerz are the two real professional clubs who have players employed, under contract with a monthly salary. These two clubs will definitely dissolve.” He posited that there is no need for the club owners, Javid Ali (Slingerz) and Odinga Lumumba (Alpha) to invest in Guyana’s football since there is nothing else for them to achieve. He shared that when Slingerz was

formed it was with the aim of qualifying for the club Championship, an investment the young businessman made without any returns to him. Slingrez invested in four Brazilian players to join their club, two of which are in Guyana right now in order to strengthen ahead of the Caribbean Club Championship. Both Slingerz and Alpha would have also paid their registration fees for the Caribbean Club Championship. ”We will go down the legal road and we will fight this issue to the bottom. We also in an effort to try to bring about a settlement we wrote to the GFF Disciplinary Committee to have an hearing which should be today (Wednesday) or tomorrow (Thursday).”

DeRozan scores 41 as...

Leon Johnson goes down the ground against Hooper at Providence yesterday. (Sean Devers photo)

From page 28 period.Smart paced the Celtics with 14 points in the first half as Boston held a 5546 lead at the break. DeRozan had 10 first-half points, while Lowry added 10 points and five assists for the hosts. The Raptors led 23-18 after one period, paced by six points and nine rebounds from Valanciunas. “The fact that DeRozan

was able to get into the teeth of our defence and make those tough shots, I think that’s what took something from us,” Horford said. “Guys started stepping up. Valanciunas was in there cleaning stuff up and despite all that, I thought we were in a good position where we could have made plays. “We just didn’t make them down the stretch.”

Thursday January 12, 2017


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Expanded World Cup an absurd idea, says sponsorship guru LONDON (Reuters) The football World Cup finals’ expansion to feature 48 teams is an absurd plan which will only devalue football’s premier competition, says the man widely credited with creating the global cash cow the sport has become. Patrick Nally, who brokered FIFA’s first major sponsorship deal — with Coca Cola — ahead of the 1978 World Cup, says the sports body’s decision to inflate the size of the tournament from 32 teams will devalue it, and ultimately make it less attractive and less lucrative. “They have rushed through this 48-team plan thinking it is going to make them billions more,” Nally said in an interview. “I think it will make them billions less. To make this a 48-team event to pander to Asian countries... it is absurd. “You need qualification... you need to keep the pinnacle what it should be, so we all know we are seeing the world’s best at a World Cup finals. “It is crazy to pour it all in at the top, thinking it makes it better. Every nation should have a chance to qualify, and if

they are not good enough to qualify then that’s that.” FIFA president Gianni Infantino announced the expansion in Zurich on Monday, fulfilling a promise he had made during last year’s election campaign. He said the move meant more nations would be able to participate, and “many more will have a chance to dream”. Infantino said football fever in a country that qualifies is the biggest promotion of the sport imaginable, but Nally believes a bigger tournament is a weaker one, and the lustre of the World Cup is in danger. “Is it something with more status and more gravitas, or is it just a jolly everyone can go to?” asked the man often cited as the founding father of the sports business industry. “Do we want a tournament with the world’s best, or with unknown, non-descript players that won’t excite kids?” Nally believes the World Cup could be revamped by FIFA improving competition and qualification at the Continental Confederation level, to

A cameraman takes pictures during a snowfall in front of the FIFA headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, Tuesday. (REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann) help bring Asian, African and American standards to the level of Europe and South America. Simply inviting more to the party isn’t the answer, he says. When Nally clinched that sponsorship deal for FIFA with Coca Cola in the 1970s

— a corporate sponsorship programme that endures to this day — the World Cup was a 16-team affair. The tournament was expanded to 24 teams in 1982, and then to 32 in 1998. FIFA’s 211 member associations each hold one vote in the presidential elec-

FICA justifies warning about Lahore risk ESPNcricinfo - The Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations (FICA) has insisted its warning to players thinking of playing in the Pakistan Super League final in Lahore is from “highly credible security experts” and “in line with advice from government agencies and diplomatic missions.” FICA was fiercely criticised by the PCB after circulating a memo to players, players’ associations and players’ agents that spoke of “an extremely elevated” risk level in Pakistan. And while they stopped just short of advising players not to travel - they do not have the power to prevent them from doing so - they did conclude that “an acceptable level of participant security and safety cannot be expected or guaranteed.” That warning infuriated the PCB who responded by calling FICA’s approach “careless and cavalier.” Stating that “not a single foreigner or hotel has been attacked in Lahore in the last five years” the PCB scolded FICA for making “a sweeping negative statement about the security situation” from “thou-

sands of miles away.” Although FICA have now expressed “great sympathy for fans and players in Pakistan” and stated they “we would like to see the PSL succeed” they have reiterated that their responsibility and priority was “the safety and security of players” and have stood by their earlier comments warning of an “elevated security risk” when visiting Pakistan. Responding to the PCB’s claim that FICA “cannot name even one credible security expert” which might have informed their original statement, FICA clarified that they utilised the advice of Eastern Star International (ESI). That is the company headed by Reg Dickason, who has provided security advice to the ECB, CA, NZC and the ICC among others and who recently gave the go-ahead for E n g l a n d ’s tour of Bangladesh. “FICA relies on advice given by expert security consultants, Eastern Star International (ESI),” their statement reads. “ESI has supplied security services over several years to a number of cricket boards and international teams

around the world and to the International Cricket Council (ICC). “FICA sent a confidential memorandum highlighting the advice received from ESI relating to the elevated security risk for them of playing in Pakistan. The elevated risk is in line with advice from government agencies and diplomatic missions of several countries regarding travel by foreigners to Pakistan.” FICA also suggested the PCB was “not responsive” to attempts to discuss their security concerns relating to playing the PSL final in Lahore and reiterated the security situation which has led to the almost complete absence of top-level cricket from Pakistan since 2009. “Since the 2009 terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan team in Lahore Pakistan has played bilateral home series matches against ICC full member countries in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for security reasons,” the FICA statement says. “The only full member men’s team to tour Pakistan in this time was Zimbabwe in 2015. The ICC declined to send its match officials to Pakistan to officiate in this series for se-

curity reasons. A suicide bomber detonated an explosive device outside the stadium in Lahore shortly before the 2nd ODI of the series, killing himself and a policeman. “The PCB is staging all PSL matches, except the planned final in Lahore, in the UAE for security reasons. Several months ago the PCB consulted FICA in relation to provisions of the standard player contract for the PSL. When FICA expressed possible security concerns relating to playing the final in Lahore the PCB was not responsive to FICA on this issue.” Tony Irish, FICA’s Executive Chairman, said: “Players around the world from affiliated countries have always looked to FICA to provide them with information relating to security risks of playing in various parts of the world. It is our responsibility to provide this information, which we obtain from highly credible security experts, so that players can make informed decisions.” The PCB has made clear that the PSL final will be played in Lahore on March 7 whether overseas players participate or not.

tion, and 135 of them have never played at a World Cup, so expansion of the tournament was always likely to appeal. The new format, to be introduced in 2026, will feature a first round of 16 groups of three teams, with the top two

in each qualifying for a round of 32. From then on, it would be a straightforward knockout contest. The hosts of the 2026 tournament will be decided in May 2020. Russia will stage the 2018 finals and Qatar the 2022 tournament.

Partizan Belgrade banned from Europe for one season

(Reuters) Partizan Belgrade have been given a one-year ban from European football because of unpaid debts, UEFA said yesterday. “Partizan will be excluded from participating in the next UEFA club competition for which it would otherwise qualify during the next three seasons,” European soccer’s governing body said on its website. UEFA said that Partizan had overdue payables with other clubs, employees and local social security and tax authorities, which is in breach of European club competition licensing regulations. The club could not immediately be reached for comment. Last week, the international players’ union FIFPro advised its members not to

play for clubs in Serbia. FIFPro said that, in addition to existing problems over late payment of wages, players faced “even less chance of receiving fair treatment” after changes to the arbitration panel which rules on disputes between them and clubs. A FIFPro report in November into the working conditions of players around the world found that 68 percent of those in Serbia had experienced late payment of wages at some point in the past two years, compared to a global figure of 41 percent. Around 250 players in Serbia have gone to arbitration in the last two years, according to the local players’ union Nezavisnost.


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Blairmont Cricket Club U-15 in practice matches Blairmont Cricket Club of West Bank Berbice has begun preparations for the 2017 cricket season. The U-15 cricket team recently played three matches winning all. Wicketkeeper batsman Farook Subhan has so far made the best use of the matches - scoring his maiden century (131 not out) against Young Warriors and two half centuries 79 and 53 not out respectively verses D’Edward Sports Club and Achievers Cricket Club. Another player in good form was Berbice U-15 player Marvan Prashad with scores of 85 and 57 against Young Warriors and Achievers. Left arm spinner Gourav Nowrangilall took 5 for 5 and 8/14 and was supported by Shahid Baksh who also had a

five wicket haul. Scores in the matches were -At the D’Edward Ground: D’Edward won the toss and inserted Blairmont who scored 206 all out with Farook Subhan 77, Vishwar Adin 43 and Marvan Prashad 34. Bowling for D’ Edward Akash Heeralall 4/45. D’Edward in reply were bundled out for 51 all out with Nowrangilall 5/8 and Baksh 2/ 10. Blairmont reached 69-2 declared in their second innings with Aryan Prashad 44 and Fizal Subhan 22. D’Edward in their second innings ended at 64/9 with Nowrangilall taking 5/12. In a next game at the Blairmont ground, the host batted first and made 264-4 in 40 overs with Farook Subhan 131 not out, Marvan Prashad

83 and Vishwar Adin 18. Bowling for Young Warriors Dennis Kirtbith collected 2 wickets. They were then bundled out for 75. Nowrangilall 8/14 and Baksh 2 were the destroyers. In their final match played verses Achievers at the Blairmont ground. Blairmont were bowled out for 145 with Marvan Prashad 57 and Vishwar Adin 31. Bowling for Achievers K. Sewlall 3 and L. Williams 2 were the main wicket takers. Achievers were skittled out for 62. Shahid Baksh 5-14 and Travis Jawahir 3 did the damage. The host in their second knock declared at 100-1 with Farook Subhan 53 not out and Marvan Prashad 22. Achievers were 36-3. Nowrangilall was the wicket taker. (Samuel Whyte)

DeRozan scores 41 as Raptors top Celtics

Thursday January 12, 2017

Kendall Union Sports Club receives more sports gear With the rainy weather in full flow at the moment, most outdoor activities are being affected. As such a number of sporting organisations are making use of the time to do other things, such as replenishing their stocks. One such organisation is the Kendall’s Union Cricket Club (KUCC), which is a part of the Kendall Union Sport Club (KUSC) of East Coast, Berbice (No19 Village). The club, which is one of the top second division clubs in Berbice, has been on the receiving end recently. They recently received a set of gear from regular donor and overseas based Guyanese Mukesh Appiah. Among the donations received are three bats, two pair pads, two pairs gloves a gear bag and a quantity of balls. The Appiah family recently donated a set of 17 pairs of coloured cricket uniforms to the club just over a

Mukesh Appiah makes a donation of cricket gear to the treasurer of KUSC. month ago. The Club’s President Mr. Albert Budhoo in brief remarks expressed special

thanks to Mr. Appiah and his family for their continued assistance and support. (Samuel Whyte)

Three matches set for Guyana as West Indies host Pakistan

Toronto Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan (10) dunks the ball against the Boston Celtics during the first half at Air Canada Centre. (Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports) (The Sports Xchange) DeMar DeRozan led the way with 41 points as the Toronto Raptors avoided a third straight loss, defeating the Boston Celtics 114-106 on Tuesday. The Raptors (25-13) closed out the fourth quarter on a 19-4 run to pick up their third consecutive home victory over Boston. The Celtics (23-15) saw their four-game winning streak end. Raptors center Jonas Valanciunas added a careerhigh 23 rebounds and 18 points. Kyle Lowry chipped in with 24 points, nine assists and four rebounds in the win. DeRozan also stepped up and collected 13 rebounds,

including 11 defensive boards. “He’s a tough kid,” Raptors coach Dwane Casey said. “More than anything else, the 41 points is nice, but 13 rebounds, the 11 defensive rebounds when we needed it. “DeMar came in and got some big rebounds, tough rebounds, so that was impressive. That was more of a sign of grit and grind as much as the 41 points.” Isaiah Thomas led the Celtics with 27 points and seven assists. Guard Marcus Smart contributed 16 points, five assists, four rebounds and four steals. Gerald Green and Al Horford added 14 points

apiece for Boston, and Kelly Olynyk chipped in with 13 points. “You have to give (Boston) a lot of credit,” said DeRozan, who shot 16 of 29 from the floor and 8 of 9 from the foul line. “That’s a hell of a team, a talented team, and they play extremely hard ... and we had to definitely bring our ‘A’ game against (them) ... and we did.” The Raptors, who trailed by as many as 16 during the third quarter, used a late 7-0 run to pull to within five. A Thomas layup pushed the Celtics’ lead to 84-80 to close out the third (Continued on page 26)

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – The West Indies and Pakistan Cricket Boards have agreed to play three Tests, three OneDay-Internationals and two Twenty20 matches in the Caribbean from Monday, March 27 to Monday, May 15. The series is scheduled to start in the twin-island of Trinidad and Tobago and end in Dominica. The Twenty20 matches are scheduled for TT; the three ODIs in Guyana, then the teams will then travel to Jamaica, Barbados and Dominica for each of the Test matches. Manager of Operations, WICB, Roland Holder thinks this series will offer the home team an additional opportunity in the busy cricket year “to improve its ranking. Any series against Pakistan always poses an interesting contest for the West Indies.”

Thursday January 12, 2017

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Jaguar’s super50 practice match

4-35 from Motie and fifties from Tagenarine Chanderpaul & Crandon highlight upset Fifties from Tagenarine Chanderpaul and Royston Crandon and a four-wicket haul from left-arm spinner Gudakesh Motie spearheaded Singh’s X1 to an upset 49-run victory yesterday at Providence in the first practice match in preparation for the Regional Super50 which bowls off on January 24 in Barbados. Chanderpaul (56), Crandon (52) and Vishaul Singh (40) led Singh’s X1 to 259 all out in 49.5 overs as left-arm spinner Veerasammy Permaul (3-47), off-spinner Steven Jacobs (2-31) and leg-spinner Devendra Bishoo (2-49) were the main wicket-takers for Leon Johnson’s X1, who were dismissed for 210 from 46.4 overs. A responsible 46 from the Skipper, an aggressive 40 from Assad Fudadin and well constructed 44 from Chris Barnwell failed to save their team from defeat as Motie finished with 4-35 from 10 overs. In sunny conditions on a slow track, Rajendra Chandrika, one of six players with Test experience in the Jaguars unit, made a 46-ball 32 decorated with four boundaries before he was trapped LBW to Jacobs. Jacobs, in his first match since recovering from a back injury, struck in the 16th over to break the 72-run opening stand between Chandrika and Tagenarine Chanderpaul. Chanderpaul Hemraj attempted to loft Jacobs over cover and was caught for 26 from 31 balls with a couple of fours. Without addition to the score, Jonathon Foo, back in National colours for the first since 2011, was run out without facing a ball as two wickets tumbled in the same over to leave the score on 100-3. Singh and Chanderpaul added 40 for the fourth wicket before Chanderpaul, who reached his 50 from 71 balls with three fours and a six, got himself bogged down and ran past a googlie from Bishoo and was stumped by Anthony Bramble, who enjoyed a good

Vishaul Singh pulls Bishoo at Providence yesterday.

day with the gloves. Chanderpaul’s 56 lasted 83 balls and his demise left to score on 140-4. Singh, who faced 51balls, danced into Bishoo and dumped him for six which was his only boundary before he was bowled by the Test spinner at 175-5 in the 38th over. Crandon galloped to 50 from 42 balls with two fours and two sixes and along with Sherfane Rutherford took the score to 215 before Rutherford (15) was stumped off Permaul who also removed Crandon (52) and Clinton Pestano (0) in the space of two runs to leave to the score on 243-8. Chris Barnwell got rid of Shepherd (12) while Motie (12) was run out with one ball to go in the innings. Hetymer started in a hurry and smashed Shepherd for two fours and a six in the first over while Fudadin stroked Eon Hooper, who opened the bowling, for a boundary past cover. Hetymer (15) retired hurt at 23 without loss and Johnson and Fudadin took charge with the usually subdued Fudadin playing with refreshing positivity, being especially severe on Hooper. He hit the off-spinner magnificently to the cover boundary before lofting him over extra cover and back over his head for sixes. Fudadin slapped Pestano for two glorious fours in the same over, while Johnson leaned into Keon Joseph and cover drove him for four. But Hooper had the last laugh when he trapped Fudadin LBW for a run-a-ball 40 with four fours and two sixes with the score on 76-1 to break the partnership which was shared between Fudadin, Hetymer and Johnson. Johnson batted beautifully as he and Shiv Chanderpaul joined forces before Chanderpaul (6) missed an off-break from Foo and was stumped at 94-2 to bring (Continued on page 26)

Tagenarine Chanderpaul punches Bishoo past cover during his half-century at Providence yesterday. (Photos by Sean Devers)

Royston Crandon drives Paul Wintz at Providence yesterday during his entertaining 52.

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Chaos as Saintfie quits after five weeks

Belgian Tom Saintfiet has resigned after just five weeks in charge. P O RT O F S PA I N , Trinidad, CMC – Trinidad and Tobago’s football was thrown into chaos yesterday when men’s head coach Tom Saintfiet dramatically quit the post after just five weeks and four games in charge, citing a lack of support from the country’s Football Association. In a statement dated January 10, the 43-year-old Belgian said his appointment had been “second-guessed” from the first day by FA president David JohnWilliams and with critical 2018 World Cup qualifiers beckoning in March, did not believe he could succeed “in this environment.” S a i n t f i e t ’s s u d d e n departure leaves the FA scrambling for a third head coach in two months following the sacking of Stephen Hart last November. “I would like to inform you all that I have decided to resign, today, Tuesday 10 January 2017, as national team coach of Trinidad and Tobago,” Saintfiet said. “Given the mandate to guide the team past Panama and Mexico in the coming World Cup qualifiers of March 2017, I have come to the conclusion that I can’t be successful in this environment.” “From the first day of my unveiling, I did not get the

support of the TTFA and its President, support which is needed to be able to do my job in a professional and successful way. I never got the chance to work with the players nor staff requested.” He continued: “Perhaps I should have taken this decision right from day one of my appointment, after the President openly second guessed his own choice of employing me. But I gave him at the TTFA the benefit of the doubt.” “It was an honour and privilege to work for a beautiful nation like Trinidad and Tobago and I wish the players, staff, TTFA, fans and the whole football family the very best.” Saintfiet made an unflattering start to his tenure, losing three of his four games in charge. In a two-match series away to Nicaragua last month, T&T lost the opening friendly 2-1 before winning the second game 3-1. Significantly, however, T&T last week lost both games in the Caribbean Cup playoff series, to miss out on any chance of qualifying for the prestigious CONCACAF Gold Cup in July. They went down 2-1 to Suriname and then succumbed 4-3 to Haiti. When Saintfiet was unveiled last month, JohnWilliams issued him with an

ultimatum of winning the n e x t t w o Wo r l d C u p qualifiers or facing the axe. “If he doesn’t get the job done on the 24th (against Panama) and 28th of March [2017] (against Mexico), he will be looking for a job and I make no apologies for saying that,” John-Williams warned at the time. Yesterday, the TTFA said the search for a new head coach would start immediately. “The Trinidad a n d To b a g o F o o t b a l l Association wishes to advise that Tom Saintfiet issued a letter of resignation as head coach of the National Men’s Senior Team to TTFA President David JohnWilliams on Tuesday night,” a statement said. “The TTFA President then referred this letter to the Technical Committee of the TTFA and the Committee recommended that Saintfiet’s resignation be accepted and be ratified by the TTFA board. “ T h e Te c h n i c a l Committee has advised that a replacement for the post of Men’s Senior Team Head Coach will be found in the shortest possible time and the TTFA will make an announcement on this in due course.” Saintfiet was a controversial choice to replace Stephen Hart who was fired last December, after the T&T’s poor start to the CONCACAF final round of the 2018 World Cup qualifiers. He had never held a highlevel coaching position nor stayed in one for an extensive period. In fact, his appointment as T&T coach represented his eighth posting in the last nine years following stints with Namibia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Yemen, Malawi, Togo and Bangladesh.

Thursday January 12, 2017

GFF Statement on Club’s participation in 2017 Caribbean Club Championship Following is a statement issued by the Guyana Football federation on the withdrawal of participation by CONCACAF of Slingerz and Alpha United from the Caribbean Club Championship. CONCACAF has informed the GFF on January 9 last that Alpha United FC and Slingerz FC will not be allowed to participate in the 2017 Caribbean Club Championship since the Regional Body has deemed that the clubs are not in good standing with the GFF. Both Clubs, by virtue of being the top two placefinishers in the Season 1 of the Elite League, qualified to participate in the Championship. However, CONCACAF ruled that because the clubs are not in good standing with the GFF, in accordance with Section 111 art. L, of the C a r i b b e a n C u p Championship Regulations, and “with the aim of properly safeguarding the integrity, smooth operation and running of the competition,

(we inform you that) Alpha United Football Club and Slingerz Football Club are not eligible to participate in the 2017 edition of the Caribbean Club Championship.” The genesis of this development began when Alpha United FC and Slingerz FC, along with two other clubs, objected to the expansion of the Elite League. Subsequently, the GFF engaged in extensive consultations and negotiations with the clubs in question in an effort to address their concerns. These consultations proved futile and the GFF reached out to CONCACAF who then provided comprehensive constitutional guidance that confirm the GFF’s authority to “draw up regulations governing the conditions of participation and staging of competitions organized by the Federation.” This interpretation by CONCACAF, sent to the Clubs on November 24, 2016, was acknowledged by the clubs but not contested.

The Clubs, in the said letter of November 24, 2016, were formally notified that their actions would affect their standing with the GFF. In pursuance of the GFF’s statutory obligation, CONCACAF was then formally informed on December 13, 2016, that four clubs had withdrawn their participation in Season 2 of the Elite League. This then led to CONCACAF on January 9 advising the GFF that Alpha United FC and Slingerz FC were ineligible to participate in the 2017 edition of the Caribbean Cup Championship and directing that the Clubs be so informed. This the GFF did on January 10. The GFF is particularly saddened by this turn of events as, ultimately, it is the players who are most affected. However, we encourage the clubs to recognize the need for their players to participate in active football. The GFF remains ready to guide and support the process.

Barca must use common sense over Messi contract says CEO B A R C E L O N A ( R e u t e r s ) B a r c e l o n a ’s hopes of offering talisman and all-time top scorer Lionel Messi an improved contract face a stumbling block because of the expenditure caps imposed by La Liga, the Spanish champions’ CEO Oscar Grau said yesterday. While Messi’s feted strike partners Luis Suarez and Neymar have each signed new deals until 2021, the Argentine maestro’s contract runs out on June 30 2018, giving Barca a window of 18 months to prevent him leaving the club for free. Messi earns a reported 22 million euros (19.07 million pounds) per year after tax from Barca, while Neymar and S u a r e z ’s s a l a r i e s a r e believed about 25 million euros after their latest contract renewals, and Grau said any new deal for the Argentine would put considerable pressure on the club’s finances. “Barcelona has to analyse this situation with a cold head and common sense. Barca can’t exceed

Barcelona’s Lionel Messi prepares to take a corner. (REUTERS/Vincent West) 70 percent of its budget on wages and therefore we have to make the numbers add up,” Grau said yesterday at the Forum Europa. La Liga agrees budgetary limits with each club at the start of every season and its regulations, known as economic controls, prevent clubs’ from spending over 70 percent of their budget on wages. Barca’s budget for this season is a record 695 million euros ($730.7 million). The Catalans pay the highest wages in Spain and the second

highest in world soccer behind Manchester United, according to the latest publication of the Global Sports Salary Survey (GSSS), which said Barcelona players earned an average annual wage of $7,456,800. Grau said one way for Barca to renew Mess’s contract was to increase revenues. Their latest sponsorship deal with Japanese retailer Rakuten, the biggest in world soccer, will earn the club 55 million euros per year. The club could also sell other players to in order to create a new contract for Messi, who is the top scorer in La Liga this season with 13 goals. “One option is to increase our revenues, as our economic strategy forecasts. We want to have the best players around, but perhaps we have to prioritise,” added Grau. “The club wants the best player in the world to stay at Barca. I would like to ease the concerns of club members and supporters but we have to use common sense.”

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Thursday Janaury 12, 2017


Injured footballer, Delon Alpha and Slingerz booted from Caribbean Lanferman, discharged from hospital Club Championship by CONCACAF GFF donates to his recovery

A recuperated Lanferman (left) gratefully accepts the support from GFF President, Wayne Forde. Approximately 10 days after sustaining an injury to his upper back following an altercation with another man at the South bus terminal, Longden Street, last New Year’s night, over a squib throwing incident, popular footballer and Alpha United striker, Dellon Lanferman, has been discharged and is out of danger after doctors efficiently tended to the wound. During the footballer’s short stay at the medical institution, President of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF), Wayne Forde, had paid him a visit and while conveying his regrets, had wished Lanferman a speedy recovery while urging him to take stock of his life while striving to achieve his true potential.

Mr. Forde extended his chivalry a little further last Tuesday afternoon when he handed over a cheque to Lanferman to assist in the recovery process. The presentation was done in the boardroom of the GFF, Dadanawa Street, Section K Campbellville, in the presence of GFF Communications Officer, Debra Francis and L a n f e r m a n ’s s i b l i n g , Marcia. “I feel thankful for this donation since it will go a far way in alleviating our (medical) expenses,” said Marcia. She further related that while her brother has been discharged from the hospital and his condition is listed as stable, he is still experiencing some discomfort including

temperature rises at night. “We are being cautious and will visit a private medical institution for further analysis soon,” she said. The woman is thankful that there were no major injuries and is optimistic that her brother will experience a speedy and complete recovery. She is also calling on members of the Guyana Police Force to swiftly arrest of the perpetrator. Meanwhile, Mr. Forde said that the GFF was delighted to be of assistance t o t h e f o o t b a l l e r. H e extended best wishes for a speedy recovery on behalf of the football fraternity while expressing hope that the player receives the necessary support from his colleagues and the fraternity in his recovery process.

American Vonn returns to the slopes this week (Reuters) Four-times overall World Cup champion Lindsey Vonn will make her return to competition this week in Austria’s Altenmarkt-Zauchensee. The 32-year-old American skier had surgery on a broken upper right arm in November after a training crash in Colorado, and returns to action after completing an intensive programme of rehabilitation. “Words cannot describe how excited I am to be returning to the slopes this week,” the 2010 Olympic downhill champion told Eurosport yesterday. “It’s been a tough three months with over 300 hours of rehabilitation but being able to go fast and compete again makes all of the hard work worth it. “I am thrilled to make my return at Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, a place where I have had incredible success, including breaking the World Cup Downhill win record

in front of Annemarie Moser-Proell last year. “I have already missed a few races but hopefully I can overcome that and still make a run at some World Cup titles.” The women have training runs in Altenmarkt today and tomorrow with a downhill scheduled for Saturday and a combined on Sunday. Vonn won a downhill and Super-G in the resort last January, surpassing Austrian Moser-Proell’s record for most downhill wins with her 37th victory in that discipline. In late February 2016, while leading the World Cup standings, Vonn’s Alpine ski season and title hopes were ended by a knee injury when she crashed after hitting a patch of soft snow in a super-G race in Andorra. The American has won 76 World Cup races and is chasing Swedish great Ingemar Stenmark’s record of 86.

Players on the breadline as clubs face dissolution

Wayne Forde

Odinga Lumumba

Football in Guyana has been thrown into another unforeseen dark era with the official booting of Slingerz Football Club and Alpha United Football Club from participation in the Caribbean Club Championship. A letter addressed to Guyana Football Federation (GFF) President Wayne Forde dated January 9, 2016 from CONCACAF General Secretary Philippe Moggio confirms that the two clubs have been removed from the championship which they had qualified for as champion and runner-up of season one of the Stag Elite League, due to the fact that they are not in good standing with the GFF. The CONCACAF letter stated that the GFF had written to the confederation on December 13, 2016 stating that the two aforementioned clubs along with Georgetown Football Club and Pele Football Club had withdrawn from the 2017/2017 edition of the GFF Elite League which mean that they were not in good standing with the GFF. Moggio drew the federation’s attention to section 111 art. L of the Caribbean Club Championship Regulations which states: ”CONCACAF, at its own discretion, will decide if participation in the Competition is allowed to clubs that are not in good standing with their own Association and/or CONCACAF. In case a club is not allowed participation i n v i e w o f t h e aforementioned (i.e. not in good standing with their own association and/or CONCACAF) then CONCACAF will decide, at its sole discretion, the course

of action in relation to the vacant space (s) in the Competition…”. The CONCACAF letter went on to state that in order to safeguard the integrity, smooth operation and running of the competition Alpha and Slingerz are not eligible to participate in the 2017 edition of the Caribbean Club C h a m p i o n s h i p . CONCACAF will decide the course of action in relation to the vacant spaces in the competition. The GFF was asked to notify both clubs on the content of the CONCACAF letter. Speaking out on the issue, Honorary Secretary of Slingerz FC which was formed in February 1993, Collin Aaron stated emphatically that CONCACAF’s decision will definitely result in the dissolution of both Slingerz and Alpha United. Aaron, a former FIFA Assistant Referee is of the view that Forde and his administration is being vindictive since, based on the GFF constitution and statutes, Forde and his executive has no authority to the membership status of any member of the federation. ”That lies with the congress. To date the four clubs have not been suspended, faced with no disciplinary issues to be in a position of not being in good standing. So again, Mr. Forde try everything behind the scene to ensure, because the clubs standing up against wrong doing by him and his administration, to do everything possible to ensure that these four teams don’t get a chance to participate.” Aaron admitted that it is a fact that the clubs did take a decision not to participate in

Javid Ali

Collin Aaron the second edition of the Elite League based on a position of principle which they would have elaborated on extensively in the media before. The clubs are still of the view that the current federation has broken the rules of the federation in bringing in two more clubs to make it 10 from the original 8. He reminded that such a decision should be made by the GFF Congress. CONCACAF also had stated in an earlier missive that the GFF Executive had the constitutional authority to modify the Elite League. ”According to article 36 paragraph 2-i of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Constitution, the GFF Executive Committee has the authority (and obligation) to “draw up regulations governing the conditions of participation and staging of competitions organised by the federation”. The article further states that “this shall not affect the composition of the Congress”; It was pointed by Aaron that the clubs would have tried every possible avenue (Continued on page 26)

t r o Sp Jaguar’s super50 practice match P.29

4-35 from Motie and fifties from Tagenarine Chanderpaul & Crandon highlight upset

Chris Barnwell in watchful mode yesterday. (Sean Devers photo)

Alpha and Slingerz booted from Caribbean Club Championship by CONCACAF P.31

Players on the breadline as clubs face dissolution

Three matches set for Guyana as West Indies host P.28 Pakistan

Fitness53 turns one today P.26

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