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Saturday January 11, 2014

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A wake-up call for the air industry The increasing frequency of local aircraft near mishaps should serve as a wake-up call to the relevant bodies if it has not as yet done so. Within past months the news media have featured stories of emergency landings, falling wheels and doors opening in midair, that are likely to become expected in the normal course of things if the air traveling public do not press for serious answers from the local air industry, and the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority. The inanities that emanate from the spokespersons whenever these incidents occur are to be expected from paid servants no less. However, one would have thought that those private sector members would have been in the forefront pressing for the exercise of more diligent scrutiny regarding the safety of aircraft passengers and crews. A not so funny observation is that during the days of Guyana Airways Corporation there were no reports of the type we see nowadays, or if there were, the number and severity were minimal. It is eerily similar to the situation we face with minibuses, vis-à-vis the defunct Guyana Transport big bus service. To blandly assert that there was no danger to these persons flies in the face of the reality. At the risk of sounding facetious, it has not as yet been shown how the safety of occupants in an airplane can be assured with falling wheels and opening doors. No one has even mentioned the dangers posed to people on the ground as experienced by the Plaisance resident who lost her home in - of all things - a plane crash. Imagine relaxing in the comfort and safety of your home and a wheel comes through the roof. With the Ogle Aerodrome now an international airport, it is to be expected that appropriate consideration has been given to those communities in aircraft flight paths. It is observed that aircraft flying interior routes normally do so over waterways, probably out of safety concerns for both plane and people on the ground. But this is negated by what appears to be a casual approach to maintenance and preflight requirements if, according to reports, passengers are at the mercy of aviators who dismiss warnings about potential problems. Additionally, pilots face the constant problem of wandering persons and straying animals when landing and taking off at some airstrips. Investigations which last forever, and from all appearances go nowhere, might impress upon the more cynical that they are only intended to placate. Such inquiries are likely to do more harm if they lack serious intent in terms of following up on findings and implementing recommendations. Incidentally, near fatal mishaps have not occurred at any one particular airstrip or region which might or might not be significant. A perusal of these incidents would show that Aishalton, Kaituma, Baramita, Kwakwani, Kaow Island, Ekereku, Pariuma, Matthews Ridge and Arau, have all been scenes of aircraft accidents. Guyana must have some of the best pilots in the Caribbean, because in all of the ensuing post-incident investigations, no evidence of pilot error is adduced. The likelihood of this when flying in a country like Guyana must be statistically significant, in view of the prevailing practice of operating using visual flight rules which is permitted under visual meteorological conditions. This fact is no more observable than when inland flights remain grounded or have to divert to an alternative airstrip if visibility on the approach to the destination is affected by bad weather, particularly in light of the largely mountainous and forested areas that characterise Guyana’s interior. A very obvious necessity must be an in-depth review of all aircraft mishaps, including fatal and non-fatal events. Not to be ignored is the prevalence of particular types of incidents, and the operator and/or owner of the aircraft concerned. This should not be seen as encouraging a witch hunt, but more as a call to audit compliance with the operations and maintenance schedules, in the hope that these are not being sacrificed for the almighty dollar, thus putting innocent people’s lives at risk.

Govt. cannot be trusted with the public interest: Lessons from the Muri Brasil venture DEAR EDITOR, The decision by Muri Brasil Ventures (MBV) to pull out of any further geological survey in the New River Triangle and Deep South of Guyana is being characterized as a ‘disaster’ by elements of the mining sectors, as evidence of ‘a conspiracy’ by the relevant Minister, Robert Persaud, as fuelled by “misinformation, prejudice and hostility’ according to MBV, and as a blow to ‘investor confidence’ by the business sector. The bottom line is that these powerful sectors of society see no abuse of power, conflict of interest, deception, reason for regret, apology, explanation or shame in this saga. Given this powerful coalition of unrepentant interests in the continuation of the project, the decision to call a halt might more prudently be characterized as hitting the ‘pause, rather than the ‘stop’ button. The overall conclusion to be drawn is that government is not to be trusted to act in the public interest with respect to protecting the national patrimony. Since the Government can no longer be expected to place the national interest before private interests, other

forms of protection must be sought. For that reason, sectors of the society other than the Government - the professional, trade union, religious, military, environmental and nongovernmental agencies, together with enlightened business and mining interests - will have to step up. This is not an easy matter. A significant number of persons in the upper echelon of the professions, business and public service, while not directly involved in the decisions, derive sufficient benefits from this disordered situation to render them ambivalent about manifesting indignation. Moreover, intergovernmental and international agencies operating in Guyana are not immune from this tendency and need also to ensure their interactions with Government are principled rather than opportunistic. A number of lessons need to be drawn from the MBV incident as a guide to these sectors to intervene more effectively on issues of national interest. A first lesson from the MBV incident would be that the priority assigned to environmental protection under the low carbon strategy has been

abandoned. The intention to grant mining licences in the New River Triangle without regard to long-term destructive impact on rivers and forests provides sufficient evidence of this. The extent to which mining has displaced the environment as a priority is a sobering illustration of how unevenly the odds are matched in the battle for the environment. Moreover, the MBV incident follows hard on the heels of the recent revelation of Government willingness to sacrifice State revenue from the Norwegian low carbon agreement in order to protect the private gain by miners involved in excessive deforestation. Less than three years ago, the Norwegian agreement, crafted by the same Government, was hailed as a breakthrough of global significance. The combination of mining and environment in the same Ministry ensures subordination of the latter to the former in the event of a conflict of priorities. The conflict at bottom is between private accumulation and the public interest. A situation in which cabinet members have

personal interests in mining, renders cabinet vulnerable to becoming a vehicle for aggrandizing private wealth rather than for protecting public interest. Contamination of official decision-making processes by personal interests is reinforced by the revelations of the involvement of directors of MBV with the ruling party’s election campaign in 2011. Other policy conflicts arise between the promotion of eco-tourism and uncontrolled mining. The obsession with accumulation is disguised by overstating the contribution of mining to the national economy, focusing solely on the foreign exchange value of gold production. Nothing is reported of the social cost (disorder, crime and exploitation of women in indigenous communities and mining settlements), the environmental costs (pollution of fresh water resources, bio-diversity and ancient forests) and the real economic costs (disguised by duty-free concessions, tax concessions and subsidies). The myth of mining as a driver of development relies on another myth, namely that the Guyana Geology and (Continued on page 24)

The sugar industry has no parallel situation DEAR EDITOR, In KN’s Sunday 22 December, 2013 edition, Peeping Tom (PT) has concocted, at first blush, a plausible argument for not arbitrarily ‘imposing’ more than 5% since (to skip to his/ her conclusion) large increases could undermine ‘sustainability’ and ‘viability’. One reaction to this posture would be to enquire whether PT would argue the same were the workers concerned of the sugar industry – where the argument of ‘affordability’ has been glaringly ignored in a situation where ‘sustainability’ and ‘viability’ are more than questions; but an undeniable fact. It is important to disregard the distractive mention of Burnham and agency fees (which could only have strengthened the Union’s constitutional bargaining rights even at a time of a public service being friendly to the administration); as well as the reference to the court challenge (by whom) in 1999. Instead one should concentrate on the comparison (or contrast) with the largesse ‘imposed’

annually on sugar workers whose industry consistently fail to make production targets, but whose employers obediently negotiate with the collaborative Unions to pay out money made available by taxpayers, amongst whom are the very deprived public servants. Currently the request to Parliament to shore up the industry is $4B. As to public servants, it is the increasing proportion of ‘contracted employees’ to

whom the oversized basic salaries are paid, and whose placements deny promotions to their discriminated pensionable counterparts. The irony is that contracted employees have so far also benefitted from this annual imposition. PT readers should specifically note that the administration imposed 8% in 2011, just prior to the General Elections, and well ahead of the normal timing.

Finally PT’s obfuscations would be enlightened by the fact that a disproportionate number of contracted employees are at the level of Cleaners, Office Assistants and other under-skilled, deliberately making these workers vulnerable to termination by notice at any time, without explanation and without resource to redress. The sugar industry has no parallel situation. E.B. John

Our country is without doubt poorer with the passing of Mr. Holder DEAR EDITOR, On behalf of the Patron, President and Members of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club (RHTY&SC), I would like to extend our great sympathy to the family of our honorary member, Mr. Terence Holder. We are all saddened at the death of this remarkable person, who played a major role in our Club’s rise to become the leading youth and sports organization in Guyana. Mr. Holder as Deputy General Manager of GT&T was solely responsible for getting the company on board with us as an official sponsor from 1994 to present. He was a friend, supporter and mentor to every member of the RHTY&SC and even used his influence in the Guyana Cricket Board to get one of our players into the national Under 19 trials in 1997 after he was overlooked

by the selectors, despite outstanding performances throughout the year. That player went on to score a century and a fifty in two trial matches and was selected in the national team. Our country is without doubt poorer with the passing of Mr. Holder. His contribution to telecommunication, broadcasting and sports are well documented, but what we would always remember about him was his warmth, honesty and dedication to assisting those less fortunate than him. We shall miss him but our tribute would be to maintain the high standard we have set ourselves. Our Club would always remember him as one of our best friends. Rest in Peace Mr. Holder. Hilbert Foster Secretary/ CEO

Saturday January 11, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news


DEAR EDITOR, There is a story carried by the BBC of a young man, still in his twenties, who in his bid to escape from poverty and seek a new life, stowed away on a flight from Angola and was found in London dead. His dreams of a better life ended as the plane was about to touch down at a London airport after he fell from the skies and was found dead in Portman Avenue, a suburban street in West London. He suffered multiple injuries to his head and face. According to the BBC report, it took several months

later before his body was positively identified as Jose Matada. At the time of his death he had no identity papers on him and no one reported him missing. Police were unable to trace any relatives of his. It was only months later that his parents came forward and identified themselves to the authorities in Mozambique, the country of his birth. The story of Jose Matada, sad as it is, is by no means an isolated act. Every year, tens of thousands flee the land of their birth to look for greener pastures only to

find themselves in situations that they never anticipated, not even in their wildest dreams. The sad thing about it all is that the refugee problem is largely man-made and resulted mainly from wars and conflicts which forced millions of men, women and children to flee from the communities in which they were born and bred and spent their entire lives, out of fear for their security. According to reports from humanitarian and aid organizations operating out of Africa, in the Central African Republic, the number

Wallowing in an anarchist and environmental cesspool DEAR EDITOR, Georgetown is bombarded with an uninhibited disregard for health, etiquette and progress. We are wallowing in an anarchist and environmental cesspool. I am referring to ubiquitous heaps of garbage in our city, which have prevailed for years and seem to be getting worse. Also, the neglect of good manners, and a disregard for the wellbeing of our fellow human beings. I will give one example that I think epitomizes this predicament. There is a popular nightclub in Werk-enRust where on a Sunday night especially, there is riotous reveling which spills out into the streets in the wee hours of Monday morning. One can hear a cacophony of voices rife with expletives. Vehicle owners drive up and down the streets, for some unknown reason, blasting their horns and with blaring music. They openly flaunt their possession of firearms, as gunshots are often heard during their fracas. Additionally, many of these people are by that time driving under the influence of alcohol. We could easily have police in off-duty clothing, stake out these nightclubs. In this way, I think many vehicular accidents, homicides and drug dealings would be

effectively prevented. Why Sunday night is chosen as the night of the week after a holiday week-end, for such unbridled revelry, shows that many of our citizens don’t have a strong work ethic. I would think that those revelers cannot display optimum performance on Mondays, at their place of work. Some changes are necessary. 911 calls also prove to be futile. It shows the appalling nature and deterioration of our most vital social services and human resources. The responsibility for most of the ills in our society lies squarely on the shoulders of those who have been erroneously elected to serve and administrate. Protests from the Opposition Parties, numerous articles submitted to the newspapers, and social commentary via the media over the years, have proven to be an exercise in futility. It is no surprise that we have lost noteworthy people over the decades, most of whom we will never regain. Many don’t even want to visit or to recommend Guyana as a worthy destination. Hence we will never benefit from any economic input that could have been derived from such foreign input. Conrad Barrow

Youth unemployment: Is it a guessing game?

DEAR EDITOR, Last Saturday’s column by Peeping Tom titled: “Youth Unemployment is a guessing game” caught my attention, because it resonated with some challenges we are addressing at the Board of Industrial Training; it also reminded me of a widespread survey on Youth Unemployment reported in a publication of my professional body, the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, from which the following conclusions, among others, can be drawn: • There is an apparent paradox of youth unemployment co-existing surprisingly alongside the phenomenon of employers struggling to find the right numbers and kinds of employees they require. This

mismatch presents obvious challenges for top management and their Human Resource professionals. • The business case for investment in the development of relevant and sufficient skills and competences for a changing, dynamic and expanding economy is quite clear; it demands concerted action (as the Asian ‘tigers’ led by Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia etc., have demonstrated). • Skills development per se is not enough, especially in a society that suffers from a debilitating deficiency of ‘work ethic’, exacerbated by the overseas ‘barrel’ or ‘Western Union’ syndrome. • The all-important Attitude leg must always complement the Knowledge

and Skills legs in the ‘KSAtripod’ of competency development. In other words, our training programs must give equal, if not greater emphasis on youths’ attitude to and behavior at work, as is done for the development of knowledge and skills. • Furthermore, it must be noted that many young people are unaware of job opportunities available and/ or how to apply, how to write CVs, how to behave at interviews etc. Young people need training and support before and during their transition from learning institutions to the world of work; if that interval is not properly utilized and managed, we risk creating an expanding band of drop-outs, deviants and delinquents. Nowrang Persaud

of internally displaced people has reached nearly a million due to violence. Most of the displaced are forced to go into hiding in bushes and makeshift homes. A similar situation has developed in South Sudan, where thousands of people have fled their homes as a result of recent fighting between President Salva Kiir ’s government and supporters of his political rival Riek Machar. South Sudan is Africa’s newest state after it ceded from Sudan. Over one thousand have already been killed in the conflict that erupted between the government of South Sudan and rebels. And in Syria, the number of refugees in Lebanon and other neighbouring countries is running in the millions. The search for a better and secure life is a natural phenomenon for people all over the globe. We all want to enjoy the good life, but not everyone is prepared to make the sacrifices to work hard and apply themselves in a manner that could lead to a better life. There are people who out of desperation are prepared to defy the odds to get to the

so-called greener pastures. An untold number of people have become the victims of trafficking in persons and ended up as prostitutes and forced into all manner of unsavoury lifestyles, not by choice, but by circumstances over which they have little or no control. There are several persons who end up as prisoners in foreign lands having entered the country illegally and therefore are condemned to a life of misery and insecurity. For many, the Hobbesian description of life being “short, nasty and poor” has been a permanent feature of their existence. This is why the importance of hard, dedicated and honest living, regardless of the country of birth, cannot be overemphasized. I have always held the view that it is immeasurably better to be a first class citizen in one’s own country than to be a second

class citizen in another country, regardless of how rich that country may be. It all boils down in the end to our sense of values and pride in our nation and nationhood. Some people can do much better in life rather than to subject themselves to an undignified and unworthy life. As for me, there can be no place other than Guyana, the land of my birth. Yes, we have our problems and our challenges, but with all of that and more, it is still the best and most wonderful country in the world. Hydar Ally

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Saturday January 11, 2014

‘Con woman’ impersonates Will there be Parliamentary Olive Gopaul, rips off businesses consensus in 2014? By Dwijendra Rooplall With the start of the New Year, and Parliament just around the corner, many persons who would have witnessed the seemingly interminable deadlock and uncompromising stances by government and the political opposition with respect to passage of Bills in the National Assembly last year, want to know what will happen this time around. Attorney General Anil Nandlall has expressed that with respect to Parliament in 2014 he will be re-tabling some of the bills that were defeated by the combined opposition when they were presented by Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee. Nandlall asserts that unless he is advised differently, those bills will be reintroduced, either by him or any other Minister designated by the President. With respect to new Bills that the government will be advancing, Nandlall articulated that a series of them would be coming in the next few months. “Currently the Attorney General’s Chambers have within the drafting department the Solid Waste Management Bill, the Education Bill, the Court Recording Proceedings Bill and the Hire Purchase Bill among others.” According to Nandlall, all the Bills listed are in the national interest. “They are all nonpolitical, so to my mind there is no rational basis or logical ground upon which the opposition can reasonably withhold their support from them.” Meanwhile, Executive Member and Treasurer of the Alliance For Change (AFC) Dominic Gaskin, opined that consensus might be reached in the National Assembly this time around since some of the legislation was voted against because “it was tabled by Minister Rohee who the assembly decided it had no confidence in.” According to Gaskin, Bills tabled by the Attorney General “will be looked at in a different light.” Gaskin emphasised that the AFC is generally supportive of anything that strengthens institutions or that is good for Guyana and

AFC Treasurer Dominic Gaskin rejects that which is deemed detrimental. “What we are not supportive of is legislation which is either designed to do harm to the country or to favour one section of society, or designed to benefit certain people… like the Presidential Benefits Act, for instance, that is a classic one…things like that we are strongly opposed to, but generally I don’t think we are out of touch with the needs of this country. We support anything that is good for the country and where legislation is inadequate, it can always go to the select committee for work.” According to Gaskin, his party is not in the business

of just opposing for no good reason, but has priorities which focus on strengthening the national institutions and the establishment of the Constitutional Commissions. Leader of the opposition coalition, A Partnership for National Unity, David Granger said that the opposition has passed certain measures, resolutions and rules and “has not seen any willingness on the part of the Executive or the President in particular, to give assent to those Bills, even to implement the resolutions… even when those resolutions were concerned with purely humanitarian matters such as investigations of children’s deaths in the North West or trafficking in human persons.” He said however that “as far as the Bills are concerned, yes we are prepared to pass Bills which are in the public interest for public good, but we made a decision in APNU that we will not pass measures done by Mr. Rohee unless there are certain special humanitarian cases, things that affect members of those forces and individuals.” So the question is: Will there be Parliamentary consensus in 2014?

- Police issue wanted bulletin

Former Miss Guyana Universe, Olive Gopaul Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of a middle-aged woman, who has reportedly solicited money from a string of unsuspecting persons, under the pretext that she is former beauty queen, Olive Gopaul. The suspect, Pretima Augustus, 47, of Critchlow Street, Tucville is wanted by the police for questioning in relation to reports of Obtaining Money by False Pretence. Augustus is said to have collected large sums of money from prominent persons from the business community, while claiming to

be Ms Gopaul. According to a release from the Guyana Police Force, Augustus would contact unsuspecting persons by telephone and claim that she is the former Miss Guyana Universe and that she is ill and is soliciting funds to assist with her medical treatment. When this newspaper contacted Ms. Gopaul, said that she is “disturbed,” by the whole scenario. She expressed grave concern at the issue, which she views as an attempt to tarnish her reputation and image as well as that of her company, ONG Production’s Inc. Gopaul learnt of Augustus’s scam in the latter part of November 2013. “I got a call from Knight Rider Bus Service after she had contacted them pretending to be me. She told them that she was trying to raise money for someone who is terminally ill with cancer and needs financial assistance to travel to Trinidad for treatment… She was supposed to collect $20,000 from Knight Rider. However, the owner realized that something was amiss when she called back asking

Body dumped at Liliendaal…

Ex-cop held for taxi driver’s murder Just one day after charging two teens for the murder of taxi driver Raphael Campbell, police have detained a 21-year-old ex-cop in connection with the same crime. The suspect, a former constable who joined the Force in 2012, was reportedly arrested yesterday afternoon in Water Street. He was taken to CID Headquarters, Eve Leary, before being transferred to the Sparendaam Police Station. Kaieteur News understands that the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has already advised that the former cop be charged with murder. Police allege that the suspect, who was dismissed from the Force, is the

Murdered: Raphael Campbell individual who was driving Campbell’s dark-coloured Toyota Premio on Friday, January 3, when ranks stopped the occupants at a roadblock on the Soesdyke/ Linden highway. It is alleged that the ex-cop was the

Sean Collins

Michael Bishop

individual who escaped when the five passengers were captured. Two of the suspects were charged last Thursday. Sean Collins, 17, of Ketley and Drysdale Streets, Charlestown, and Michael Bishop, 17, of Lot 21 Hill Street, Albouystown, were remanded when they appeared in the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court. Three other teens who were arrested with Bishop and Campbell have been released, Police allege that the youths murdered 30-year-old Campbell, of Beterverwagting, East Coast Demerara, between January 2 and January3. The victim was shot in the head

and his body dumped at Liliendaal. His body was positively identified last Monday. It is alleged that the youths stopped Campbell on Thursday, January 2, in Camp Street. Campbell reportedly took the passengers to the East Coast of Demerara, where he was slain. According to police, on Friday, January 3, Bishop, Collins and four other youths were stopped at a roadblock on the Soesdyke/Linden highway while they were in a black Toyota Premio that was stolen from the murdered driver. Bishop, Collins and three others were apprehended, while a sixth individual had escaped.

Pretima Augustus for directions, because he knows me well…. That‘s the first time she was caught…. “I never met her, but she spoke to me over the phone after the owner of Knight Rider called me … She pleaded with me not to go to the police because she is sick and there was no other way for her to raise the money. She told me that she needed the money but persons wouldn’t help her while she was using her own name, so she used mine because in her words ‘it has weight.’” Kaieteur News understands that the woman was subsequently arrested by police for impersonating the former beauty queen, but was released. Ms. Gopaul said that police at that time claimed that the suspect could not have been charged. Augustus might have swindled an estimated half a million dollars from commercial entities including auto sales dealerships, boutiques, hotels, and vulcanizing shops. Gopaul has since issued warnings to those in the business community whom the suspect and those with similar intent may target. “Business persons need to be extra careful with those soliciting financial assistance. These persons must provide substantiated information and they must verify their identity. That is the only way to bring an end to these scams.” “I am quite upset that she was allowed to abuse a household name.” According to the wanted bulletin which was issued by the police yesterday, Gopaul has indicated that she is in good health and has not authorised anyone to collect monies on her behalf for any purpose. “Anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of Pretima Augustus is asked to contact the police on telephone numbers 225-6411, 225-2227, 226-7065, 227-1149, 911 or the nearest police station. All information will be treated with strict confidence.”

Saturday Januray 11, 2014

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India’s political parties open arms Privacy board shares findings with Obama for diplomat at center of U.S. spat NEW DELHI (Reuters) Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade, heading home from the United States after she was indicted for visa fraud in a case that has strained bilateral ties, could have a political career for the asking. Ahead of national elections that must be held by May, parties are preparing to crown her as a hero in a case seen as standing up to the United States and, if she wanted, offer her a political career. It signals how the case has stirred nationalist feelings among many Indians. There is no sign that Khobragade, 39, is considering politics. India’s foreign ministry, which fully backed her in her month-long battle against U.S. prosecutors, has said she will be given a new assignment in

Devyani Khobragade New Delhi. But one party based in her home state of Maharashtra said it would talk to her about running for parliament. “We will be meeting her soon. She is an inspiration to the people of our country,” said Mayur

Borkar, the spokesman of the Republican Party of India. “We are going to offer her a ticket.” Another political group, the Samajwadi party which governs the big heartland state of Uttar Pradesh and is one of India’s most important regional parties, has offered Khobragade a seat from the state even though she is an outsider. “Whatever happened with her is condemnable,” said Azam Khan, the state’s urban development minister. A federal grand jury in New York indicted deputy consul general Khobragade on Thursday for visa fraud and providing false statements about payments made to her domestic helper but the officer was allowed to leave the United States because of diplomatic immunity.

Russia, U.S. and U.N. to hold talks on Syria January 13 MOSCOW (Reuters) Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and U.N. envoy Lakhdar Brahimi will hold joint talks on January 13 in the runup to the Geneva 2 conference on Syria, Russia’s Interfax news agency reported yesterday. The international peace talks on Syria are scheduled to start on January 22 in Switzerland but questions linger over the Syrian opposition representation make-up and what role, if any, Iran could play in the meeting. “On January 13 there will be a meeting with Kerry and a

three-party one with Kerry and Brahimi,” Interfax quoted an unnamed source at the Russian Foreign Ministry as saying of Lavrov’s discussions in Paris to prepare for Geneva 2. Lavrov may also meet in Paris the Syrian National Coalition’s top representatives President Ahmad al-Jarba and Secretary General Badr Jamous. Russia has long criticized the National Coalition, Syria’s Westernbacked opposition in exile, for what Moscow says is failure to express willingness to attend Geneva 2 without preconditions. It has

repeatedly demanded that Syrian President Bashar alAssad step down. More than 100,000 people have been killed and millions forced to flee by Syria’s civil war, which began as an uprising against Assad’s government in March 2011. Speaking in Russian, Jamous told Reuters yesterday the National Coalition would seek to learn from the Lavrov meeting whether it can get any sort of guarantees from the peace conference. “We don’t need Geneva 2 if Russia thinks Assad is going to remain in power,” he added.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The independent oversight board reviewing the U.S. government’s surveillance programs briefed President Barack Obama this week on recommendations and key sections of its upcoming report, the task force’s chairman said yesterday. The White House said

yesterday Obama will announce results of his review of the National Secu r i t y A g e n c y ’s surveillance programs on Jan. 17. Obama intends to lay out the changes he will make to the NSA’s practice of collecting every American’s phone records every day

and other surveillance operations. David Medine, who heads the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, told The Associated Press the board’s five members discussed details of their report with the president during a meeting Wednesday in the White House.

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Saturday January 11, 2014

Tunisia’s new PM takes Britain’s Cameron accused of grandstanding office after Islamists resign over EU membership vote (Reuters) - British Prime Minister David Cameron was accused yesterday of grandstanding to anti-Europe voters and caving in to eurosceptic party members with his backing for a referendum on European Union membership. Trailing in the polls before an election next year, Cameron has thrown his weight behind efforts to guarantee a referendum before 2017. The opposition Labour party is fighting the move. Yesterday, senior parliamentarian Peter Mandelson, a former European commissioner, accused Cameron of being “taken hostage” by the sceptics in his party and of pandering to supporters of the anti-EU UK Independence Party (UKIP). “My message to the government is ‘stop grandstanding to the UKIP gallery’,” Mandelson said

during a debate in the upper house of parliament. “My experience has made me decidedly pro-reform of the EU, but not in favour of a pigin-a-poke referendum in this country designed to bridge the divisions within the Conservative Party.” Cameron, leader of the Conservative-led coalition government, wants Britain to remain within Europe but is trying to renegotiate the country’s role in the 28-nation bloc. “Today the EU Referendum Bill moves to the Lords. Join my call for an inout referendum by the end of 2017 at, “ Cameron tweeted. The push for a referendum has helped unite the fractious Conservatives, after divisions over Europe challenged Cameron’s authority last year. Even so, the party has lost voters to UKIP, whose leader, Nigel

Farage, has tapped into concerns over immigration and the impact of EU membership on British life. The issues of EU membership and immigration are tangled together politically, particularly since the start of the year. Beginning in 2014, restrictions ended on employment in the U.K. for citizens of Bulgaria and Romania, both EU members. A YouGov survey yesterday showed UKIP, which calls for withdrawal from the EU, has around 13 percent of public support even though it holds no seats in parliament. Labour is leading opinion polls with 38 percent support, putting it six percentage points ahead of the Conservatives. It does not rule out a referendum in the future but says the 2017 guarantee would hurt investment and weaken Britain’s economy. Labour could block passage of the legislation in the upper house with the help of the Liberal Democrat party, the junior partner in the coalition. The bill is moving through an unorthodox legislative channel that imposes strict time limits on debates. It must be passed by the upper house before February 28. Even if passed, legislation on a referendum could be reversed if the Conservatives lose the election due in May 2015.

Mehdi Jomaa

(Reuters) - Tunisia’s new premier Mehdi Jomaa took office yesterday to lead a caretaker government until elections later this year after the ruling Islamist party’s premier resigned in a deal to complete its steps to democracy. Jomaa, a former industry minister, will head a nonpartisan cabinet after compromise between the Islamists and secular opponents to end a crisis three years after Tunisia’s uprising against autocrat Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali. The small North African nation has edged closer to establishing full democracy since 2011 than other “Arab Spring” countries, especially Egypt whose Islamist president faces trial after he was ousted by the military. “I am not a miracle worker, but I promise I will do my best… we are doing everything possible to overcome hurdles, to reform what we can reform, and bring back stability,” Jomaa told reporters in the presidential palace. The former premier, Ali Larayedh, an Islamist who

spent years in jail under Ben Ali, resigned on Thursday. Jomaa will name his cabinet over the next few days. The new premier, who ran an aerospace parts business in Paris before he become minister, must tackle economic reforms sought by international lenders to curb the deficit and face a growing threat from Islamist militants tied to al Qaeda. Police fired tear gas yesterday in the tourist city of Sousse to disperse dozens of ultra-conservative Islamist supporters of group hardline group Ansar al-Sharia, who tried to protest in the streets. “They gathered after Friday prayers and tried to reach the central Sousse but police fired tear gas and dispersed them,” a security source told Reuters. One of the hardline Islamist movements to emerge after the 2011 revolt, Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia was declared illegal last year after the government blamed it for killing two opposition politicians. Yesterday, the U.S. Department of State declared the group a foreign terrorist organisation tied to al Qaeda’s North Africa affiliate. It was blamed for inciting the storming the U.S. embassy in Tunis a year ago. Since the political agreement reached late last year for a handover to a technocrat administration, Tunisia has edged closer to democracy. The national assembly is voting on the new constitution and a ninemember election commission has been appointed to over a vote later this year. One of the most secular countries in the Arab world, Tunisia struggled with divisions over the role of

Islam and the rise of militants since its uprising. But the assassination of the two opposition leaders last year triggered a crisis. After months of negotiations, Ennahda agreed to resign once it had guarantees that the political parties would finish writing the new constitution, set a date for elections and appoint an electoral council to oversee the vote. Political progress aside, many Tunisians are more worried about the high cost of living and some see little economic opportunity after the uprising that inspired revolts against long-standing autocrats in Egypt, Libya and Yemen. Jomaa’s government will have to tackle economic reforms to cut back its deficit — especially the tough cuts in public subsidies that risk pushing up fuel and food prices and inflaming popular protests. Police fired tear gas this week to break up protests in several cities over an increase on vehicle taxes, and Larayedh’s government on Thursday suspended the reform. Lenders such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund want Tunisia to reform public wages and subsidies to curb a deficit the government forecast at 6.8 percent of gross domestic product for last year. The IMF has forecast the budget deficit for 2013 at 8.8 percent of GDP. Tunisia said this week it expected it had done enough — in its political transition and economic measures to control the deficit — to ensure payment of a second $500 million tranche of its $1.5 billion IMF loan.

Saturday January 11, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Finding the best person for the job Agreement is required between the Leader of the Opposition and the President for the appointment of the Commissioner of Police, the Chief Justice and the Chancellor of the Judiciary. The Constitution requires that there be agreement. That agreement has not been forthcoming for many years now. Ever since the time when Robert Corbin was the Leader of the Opposition, agreement was not reached on the confirmation of both the Chief Justice and Chancellor of the Judiciary. Robert Corbin is no longer the Leader of the Opposition. There is a new Leader of the Opposition. Yet there remains no agreement on the appointment of the two top positions in the judiciary. In fact it was reported that during the consultations on the appointment of the Chief Justice and the Chancellor, it was proposed by the Leader of the Opposition that there be a process that would involve persons being interviewed for the job. This does not necessarily mean that the Leader of the Opposition was opposed to the confirmation of the acting Chief Justice and acting Chancellor. Instead, it was indicated

that what was being suggested was a process that would allow for the best persons for those two top positions to be found. The Constitution, however, does not speak to any panel. It speaks to agreement between the President and the Leader of the Opposition. It is part of a process of constitutional change, intended to give the opposition a more meaningful role in certain appointments. It is power-sharing through consensus. Like other consensual mechanisms, this one has failed. It has led to gridlock. The suggestion of a panel does not help break the gridlock that arose over the appointment of these two positions. Let us perchance suppose that the proposed panel throws up some names. What happens then if there is no agreement amongst the country’s foremost political leaders? It effectively makes a mockery of the process. On the other hand, if there is gridlock on the appointment, then a way has to be found to break the gridlock. But why should there be gridlock? Gridlock only arises

Miner charged for posting nude photos of ex-girlfriend on BBM Bail was yesterday set to the tune of $125,000 for a 24year-old miner who was arraigned at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, after it was alleged that he posted nude photographs of an exgirlfriend on BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). David Khan, a resident of Gordon Street, Kitty, Georgetown, pleaded not guilty when the charge was read to him by Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry. The particulars of the charge laid against him detailed that between November 1, 2013 and January 1, 2014 at Georgetown he knowingly and without lawful excuse exposed to the public obscene pictures of his exgirlfriend. The prosecution team led by Corporal Bharat Mangru who briefed the court, stated that the woman and Khan are known to each other as they had dated for some time. He explained that during one of their outings, Khan asked the young lady to look at her phone and she allowed him. However, Khan secretly sent nude pictures of her from her phone to his.

The two later had a disagreement and the woman was purportedly told by several persons that her nude photographs were being broadcast via BBM. Mangru said that the matter was reported and Khan who was later arrested admitted to the offence. The prosecution, however, offered no objections to bail. This was offered in the aforementioned sum. Statements were ordered to be filed by February 7 which is his next scheduled court date.

if there can be no agreement, and this can only result if the candidates proposed by the President are not agreed to by the Leader of the Opposition and vice versa. This can be the only basis for gridlock. In other words, why would there be a need to find the best person other than if the existing appointees are not considered as the best persons? The opposition says that its proposal for a panel to interview candidates for the posts is to ensure that the best persons for the two positions are found. This is why it is saying it proposes a panel as a means to break the gridlock. But is it not at the same time implicitly saying that the best persons

cannot be found between the two leaders at the moment? Since the government is proposing the two incumbents and the opposition is proposing a panel to interview candidates, it can only mean that the opposition does not view the President’s nominees as the best candidates, or it wants a wider process to satisfy itself that the best candidates are found. So it has to be one of two things. Either the opposition is not in agreement with the two candidates, or it wants a wider process to ensure that the best person is selected. But as mentioned before, what happens if that process turns up names on which there is no agreement?

Gridlock ensues again. What makes the situation all the more interesting is that while the opposition broached this proposal for a panel to interview candidates for the position of Chancellor and Chief Justice, it was presented with the opportunity to do the same in relation to the appointment of the Commissioner of Police. How strange it is that the opposition did not call for a panel to be empanelled to consider suitable applications for the position of Commissioner of Police. Indeed the opposition claimed that the acting Commissioner was the best man for the job. It found the best man without having to go to a

panel. Therefore why can it not find the best jurists for the positions of Chief Justice and Chancellor without also having to go to a panel? The opposition has a lot of questions to answer about the swiftness with which they moved to agree on the appointment of the Commissioner of Police, even while they held on to the position that for the positions of Chief Justice and Chancellor of the Judiciary, a panel should be established to find the best persons for the job.

Rohee seems divorced from reality “Most victims of serious crimes have been poor people” - Granger Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee seems divorced from the reality of serious crimes affecting society. This assertion was made by Leader of the Opposition, David Granger yesterday at the weekly A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) press conference. Highlighting some of the serious crimes that affected Guyanese in 2013, Granger said he visited victims of piracy attacks on the Corentyne, spoke to battered wives, and reached out to relatives of persons who were murdered by their spouses. “I have found out that the murder rate for 2013 is similar to that in 2004 and 2005 during

the troubles on the East Coast Demerara and most of the victims of violent crimes have been poor people,” he emphasized. Whilst acknowledging the rampant theft of Samsung and Blackberry cellular phones, Granger said serious crimes such as murders, rapes and armed robberies are affecting citizens. “And I don’t know he (Rohee) seems to be divorced from reality…I am not quite sure whether we

talking about the same thing…I can’t imagine that the bulk of the population would agree with Mr. Rohee,” he said. Granger had expressed similar sentiments earlier, stating that the security crisis (which exists in Guyana)has disproportionately hurt the poor. In a response to these claims, Minister Rohee

rejected the assertion by Granger stating that there is no security crisis in the country and such crisis only exists in the heads of the APNU leaders. The Ministry further rejected the characterization of the internal security situation as false, stating that current data does not support it.

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Saturday January 11, 2014

Transportation, maintenance costs affect quarry production Amidst thriving production in the quarry industry, transportation and costs for maintenance of equipment continue to plague the rate at which materials are made available on the market. This has raised much concern in light of the fact that this state of affairs has contributed to the existence of several ‘roll over’ projects. These ‘roll-over’ projects are worth billions of dollars and are contracts which were awarded since last year. This issue was raised at a meeting with several representatives of the quarry industry and officials of the Ministries of Finance, Public Works, Housing and Natural Resources. The meeting came in light of the fact that there were several concerns about the constraints that are affecting the construction industry and to determine solutions as soon as possible.

Natural Resources Minister Robert Persaud told the gathering at the boardroom of his ministry yesterday that there are concerns about the ability of the local quarry operators to satisfy the demands of the construction sector. “The number of government projects and those from the private sector would have been affected too by the unavailability of quarry material. We have looked at some of the preliminary numbers from last year and they have pointed towards a general increase over 2012...Our aim is to ensure we have maximum output and utilization of resources made available. It pains me that we have an abundance of quarry material yet there is some level of importation and I’m not sure how you (quarry operators) view it but for me it is one of pride. We have the ability yet we have companies in the ‘ready mix business’

and they have to import as well…” Persaud added, “The majority of roll over projects that have been awarded already include roads and this is where the concern for quarry material comes in. At the beginning of the year some companies slow down on the amount of materials they make available because they are waiting to hear about the amount of big projects first before committing to production. But we have a lot of roll over projects and availability is important.” Following the Minister’s presentation, the floor was opened for representatives of the quarry industry to speak on the issues that have been affecting the availability of production. One representative of a quarry operating company said, “The problem is not production. We are producing and in some cases there is even a surplus, but we have had some challenges over the past two years, most of which were of a mechanical nature. We have installed a new plant last year. But we need projections on boulders. Our issue in terms of constraints is always customs…Our investment

agreement is going to come up next month and this takes three months to review and we are asking if the process could start from now so that by the time it expires we could have the new one come in.” The representative was given the approval of the Minister on renewing the investment agreement and he was informed that information on the boulders will be acquired by the next meeting. The Minister also noted that he will have discussions with the Guyana Revenue Authority on the issue of Customs regulations. A representative of the construction giant, BK International also spoke to issues affecting his company. The company which is responsible for 65 percent of the quarry outputs will see its production being doubled this year. He noted as well that the company encounters many difficulties in loading the barges because of the hollowness of the rivers. “Navigating the rivers is difficult and it is because of these the barges become hard to repair, so if we can get some assistance it would be good.” The Minister said that Maritime agencies will get

Natural Resources Minister Robert Persaud involved to alleviate the issues relating to navigating through shallow rivers. Another representative of the quarry operation industry explained that their main problem is the Mabura Road which he described as being “ a living hell” since they can only traverse through the area with trucks. “The terrain is quite precarious and access is our main problem.” An official from the Public Works Ministry assured that the matter will be looked at as soon as possible. The Minister then reminded that the matter requires attention and that the company itself had proposed to maintain the road since they use it frequently. The Public Works official also noted that there is a

shortage of the half inch stone and the matter is one which received a lot of complaints from contractors last year. It was unanimously agreed among the representatives that they cannot supply accurately if they are not aware of the projections or what is the demand of the market. One representative asserted, “We need the projections. If we know what the market needs we can gauge ourselves.” The Minister then assured the representatives that within three weeks there will be another meeting so that the necessary information can be provided and there can be a positive way forward for the quarry industry.

Abandon spending spree, put infrastructure in place

A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is calling on Government to launch a National Flood Control Master Plan to offer protection to the populace from the “ravages” of repeated flooding. APNU, through its leader David Granger, expressed that 2013 was a year in which significant flooding occurred during every month and the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) administration seems unable or unprepared “to implement measures, to identify the causes, notify the populace and to mitigate the impact of this recurrent hazard.” The party expressed that the effects of the flooding have incurred immeasurable losses to the populace with respect to damage to their homes, household goods, equipment as well as destruction of farms and livestock within the domestic and agricultural sectors. APNU noted that throughout last year almost no areas were spared from inundation. Granger highlighted that villages on the East and West Coast of Demerara, the Essequibo Coast, Georgetown and in the Cuyuni- Mazaruni, Rupununi and Pomeroon- Supenaam

- APNU tells Govt.

Regions were all affected. He added that these floods came in the aftermath of “Great Flood” of 2006, which the PPP/C never conducted an investigation into. According to Granger the destruction that occurred from the 2006 flood cannot be ignored. APNU made reference to a study done by the Development Bank from 1988 to 2006 which highlighted that the “floods affected 965,000 persons and resulted in more than US$663M in economic damage. The ‘Great Flood’ reportedly affected 25 per cent of the national population and caused economic losses equivalent to 60 per cent of

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for that year.” Granger articulated that since the “Great flood,” instead of utilizing Guyana’s resources towards mitigating further floods and putting in place the needed infrastructure to protect the country “the administration has been on a spending spree. It has squandered billions on world cup cricket, the Caribbean Festival of the Arts (Carifesta), a five-star hotel and other prestige projects.” According to Granger the damaging effects and frequent occurrence of flooding in Guyana demand more serious attention from

government. He said that the PPP/C administration must comprehend the consequences of climate change like everyone else throughout the world is doing and implement a National Flood Control Master Plan. The proposed Plan according to the Opposition Leader must protect lives and “be capable of anticipating the monthly cycle of flooding and of notifying citizens early of the onset of extreme weather and the threat of flooding. The Plan must strengthen disaster risk management agencies and maintain sea defence and flood protection infrastructure.”

Saturday January 11, 2014

Kaieteur News

Camal Home COI report postponed - To be released February 28 The release of the report from the Commission of Inquiry (COI) on abuse allegations at the Camal International Home for Abused Women and Children, Albion, Corentyne, has been postponed to February 28, 2014. This comes after an announcement, in December, made by the Commission that the report would be made public on January 10 (yesterday). According to Chairperson of the Inquiry, Mrs. Ayo Dalgetty-Dean, the release of the report has been extended to facilitate a more thorough and extensive investigation into what transpired with the three juvenile girls who were held for wandering and sent to the New Opportunity Corps (NOC). The inquiry was initially ordered by the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security after the three girls, aged 12, 14 and 15, were arrested on November 20, 2013 and held for several days at the Albion Police Station after allegedly “wandering” away from the Camal Home where they had been housed. Following the arrest, claims of ill-treatment on the part of the Administration surfaced, with members of society questioning the competence of the home in properly caring for the children housed there, forming the basis for the inquiry. A two-day investigation was subsequently launched, with testimony being received from persons directly related to the case. Commissioner Saudia Ferouz had told Kaieteur News that testimonies were received from about eight individuals, including the three girls; two relatives; Head of the Home, Carmen Kissoon; probation officers and representatives of the Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA). The exercise also included a field visit to gather information from the Albion community members. Dalgetty-Dean told Kaieteur News that this time around, the Commissioners plan to seek further assistance from the Police and will take to the fields once again to see what else they can find. She

Head of CCPA, Ann Greene

Chairperson of the COI, Ayo Dalgetty-Dean said that the initial investigation, held over just two days, did not allow for adequate data relative to the case to be gathered. “We need to go back and investigate more that came up after that investigation,” she said. Meanwhile, Head of the CCPA,Ann Greene, has informed that the girls are presently in the care of relatives. She also commented favourably on the work being done by the Commission of Inquiry. “The investigation gives us an opportunity to look at the system…How juvenile offenders are dealt with in the justice and care system.”

After two months... After spending two months and 10 days in Guyana, world recognized Kayaker, Freya Hoffmeister departed Guyana’s shores early yesterday morning to continue her circumnavigation of South America. Moments before her departure from the Coast Guard Headquarters, Ruimveldt Georgetown, the German national said that she was exhilarated to commence another leg of her journey. “I am ready to go and I am heading to Suriname, it will take six days to get to the border and then keep on going to French Guiana, Brazil, Uruguay and then to Buenos Aires,” she explained. With the tide in her favour, Hoffmeister made last minute preparations to her kayak and with the help of local Coast Guard Officers, readied herself for the tough journey ahead. She admitted that while her muscles are a bit stiff, it should be alright. “I faced a lot of dangerous situations and I survived, thankfully I am still in one piece for the next leg of the journey,” a smiling Hoffmeister said. During her stint in Georgetown at Cara Lodge located on Quamina Street, the athlete was treated to a city tour conducted by the employees of the Guyana Tourism Authority. Circumnavigating openwater crossings and hundreds of miles of sheer cliffs, without any landing zones for sometime several days, Hoffmeister has mastered the art of dealing with tropical heat, cyclones and the challenge of obtaining drinking water and food – not to mention the physical toll of averaging upwards of 60 km per day. Having completed the

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World renowned kayaker leaves Guyana to continue journey

Leaving Coast Guard Headquarters early yesterday morning second leg of her journey which she begun in Buenos Aires, Argentina, two years ago, Hoffmeister arrived in Guyana in November, where she was warmly welcomed by a team of Ministry of Tourism officials, as well as Mr. Ben Ter Welle- Honorary Consul from Germany to Guyana. As she departed Guyana, the 49-year-old business owner from Husum, North Germany who holds several sea-kayaking endurance records is hoping to set yet another during this leg of her trip. In 2009, she completed a solo circumnavigation of Australia unassisted, becoming the first woman and only the second person to do so. On August 30, 2011 she began her attempt to become the first person to singularly circumnavigate the continent of South America, intending to complete the trip before her 50thbirthday. In 2007, Hoffmeister was one of the two persons to complete the fastest-ever sea

kayak circumnavigation of Iceland in 33 days. She has also made distinguishing marks in other sporting careers, given that she participated in 10 years of competitive gymnastics, five years of competitive body building and 10 years of skydiving with 1500 jumps. She was the first German female tandem pilot with 500 passenger jumps, and part of many huge record formations. Her most exotic place to skydive was over the North Pole, getting washed out of a Russian jet plane with 300 km, with a racing bike passenger strapped to her chest. Initially, Hoffmeister started her journey in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This was done in stages, commencing in Valparaiso, the main harbour just off Santiago de Chile eight months later. She then returned home for four months, after which she resumed her adventure in September 2012. During this, she paddled

north past Venezuela, before ending the second 8,000km leg in Georgetown, Guyana. After the recent two month break to enjoy the holiday season, Hoffmeister is back on the waters. In a press statement issued subsequent to the woman’s departure, the Ministry of Tourism and the Guyana Tourism Authority said that they are proud to have “accommodated, facilitated and hosted this acclaimed athlete as she prepared for another record breaking journey.”

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Saturday January 11, 2014

Health Ministry advancing Banks’ level of cooperation legislation to curb smoking unsatisfactory - GRA Mortgage Interest Relief Scheme…

The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) is dissatisfied with the level of cooperation shown by the various banking institutions with the processing of information necessary for facilitating the Mortgage Interest Relief (MIR) Scheme. This was highlighted by Commissioner-General Khurshid Sattaur, in a press statement following an inquiry by this publication on Thursday. He said that the scheme, created as a result of the 2013 National Budget, is geared at providing a 30 per cent relief on the gross interest paid on first time mortgages amounting to $30M or less and requires the assistance of the various lending institutions. According to Sattaur, in October 2013, the GRA held

workshops with representatives from the various lending institutions and began its public education campaign which has been very aggressive in providing the information necessary for mortgagers to qualify for this relief. He said that to date, however, the biggest hurdle has been the receipt of applications without the accompanying bank information. This has forced GRA to accept applications which cannot be processed, since the relevant Letter by Lender Form (Form 2) and Schedule of Interest per Year are missing. Without this key piece of information, applications will not be finalized for approval. He added that of the applications received thus far, 470 were submitted by

customers of Republic Bank, 687 from New Building Society, 96 from the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry, 87 from the Bank of Nova Scotia, six from Demerara Bank, four from Hand in Hand Trust, 50 from Citizens Bank and two from Bank of Guyana. Of this amount, in excess of 207 applications were received with outstanding bank information. Sattaur said that to date the GRA has received 1,487 applications of which 1,437 were received in 2013 and the additional 50 were submitted in the first two weeks of 2014. “This statistic is quite troubling and the Guyana Revenue Authority will be having talks with the relevant stakeholders in an effort to fully understand the reason for the lack of information being provided to those mortgagers who have expressed their desire to benefit from this relief,” he said. In an effort to facilitate the processing of the MIR, the agency has established a Unit catering specifically to this scheme. This Unit is fully staffed and equipped to address the needs of persons accessing this service, and will continue to process applications as submitted.

With the view of safeguarding the population from the effects of tobacco smoke, the Ministry of Health is directing much technical support towards the crafting of a draft Tobacco Control Legislation. The move comes even as the local health sector is desperately working to tackle the incidence of Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) which, among other things, is linked to the use of tobacco. Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Shamdeo Persaud, is expected to play a major role in the preparation of the draft Bill which would entail him providing the needful technical details ahead of it being taken to Cabinet by Minister of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran. Once approved by Cabinet the draft legislation will then be tabled in Parliament. If passed, the legislation will in fact govern the way the substance is used in order to ensure that the vast population is not affected. And according to Dr. Persaud during an interview with this publication, “we hope actually that the Tobacco Legislation will be treated like the Termination of Pregnancy Act where parties will relieve their members to vote on their own conscience on this Bill.” The CMO was also firm in his deduction that the Bill, once enacted into law, will be one that addresses a life and death situation. He pointed out that the use of tobacco has seen the Ministry on a daily basis signing off on the deaths of both young men and women “whose lives were probably snuffed out untimely because of the unnecessary risk.” According to Dr. Persaud while it is crucial that all of the factors, such as:

Chief Medical Officer, Dr Shamdeo Persaud. unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and the use of alcohol that can lend to NCDs be closely addressed, smoking is however a rather major challenge to deal with. “It might appear that there are not many (people) smoking but when you look at the statistics a little bit more carefully you will find that in Georgetown the rate is about 16 per cent of all adult men and maybe about four per cent of all adult women,” Dr. Persaud observed during an earlier interview. The smoking situation in rural communities, he said, reflects an even higher percentage of persons indulging in smoking activities. He disclosed that at least 47 per cent of men in rural areas are smokers while close to 17 per cent of the female population have adopted this habit too. And according to Dr. Persaud, “if you go further afield into our mining areas up to 70 per cent of men in Region Eight smoke, where lots of our miners are, and about 48 per cent of women in Region Seven are smoking.” The CMO pointed out that research shows that the younger persons are when they indulge in the habit of

smoking, the more likely they are to become addicted to the substance. Moreover, they are more likely to develop at least one chronic NCD ranging from heart disease and cancer, to stroke and diabetes. In alluding to the “powerful” nature of the tobacco industry, Dr. Persaud highlighted that “they are finding all subtle ways of reaching their target audience...they are a ‘for profit’ industry and the more cigarettes they sell the better their business is.” However, the CMO emphasised that Ministries of Health across the world, like the local Health Ministry, are vigorously working to implement measures to avoid members of their populations being exposed to harmful tobacco smoke. Persons can be exposed to the dire effects of tobacco smoke either by their own use of the substance or through second hand or third hand smoke in the environment. Second hand smoke speaks to persons inhaling the smoke exhaled by smokers while third hand smoke is the exhaled tobacco smoke left embedded in fabric or other materials used by non-smokers. “People might smoke their cigarettes and then leave an area but the smoke they leave behind is just as damaging since it can enter somebody else’s body and can, over time, cause problems for the non-smokers too,” Dr. Persaud explained. Currently the proposed Tobacco Control legislation, which is in its final stage of consultation, is among a number of other proposed legislations gaining the attention of the Ministry of Health’s Parliamentary Secretary, Mr. Joseph Hamilton, according to the CMO.

Saturday January 11, 2014

Kaieteur News

Pensioner gets two years for assaulting mother Balram Ramkellowan, a 62year-old man of Belvedere Village, Corentyne, Berbice, was yesterday sentenced to two years in jail by Magistrate Rabindranath Singh when he pleaded guilty to the charge of assault committed on his mother. He pleaded not guilty to a charge of exposure of genitals. Ramkellowan, who made his appearance at the Albion Magistrate’s Court, was accused of assaulting his mother Regina Ramkellowan and showing his penis to her on Thursday December 12, 2013. According to the prosecution, on the day in question, the man who is a regular drinker came home drunk. His mother, who was

in a hammock, upbraided him about his drinking habits and an argument ensued. The man then proceeded to harass the elderly woman. He chucked her and grabbed her by the hair. He then allegedly took out his penis and shook it in her face and asked the woman if she liked it. The woman subsequently fell out of the hammock and sustained injuries. A report was made at the Police station and the man was arrested and charged. In court he pleaded guilty to the charge of assault and was sentenced to two years in jail. He will return to court on February 25 on the charge of exposure of genitals.

Suicide rate in Berbice still rising The suicide rate in Berbice continues to rise and the authorities seem incapable of doing anything to stop the rot. Although a comprehensive report for the entire county was not available, New Amsterdam Hospital alone recorded 114 cases of attempted suicide in 2013 with 62 being females and 52 males. Of the total figure, 10 of those persons died. Although the authorities are not too keen to release figures, Kaieteur News was reliably informed that for the first nine days of 2014 there have been 11 reported cases in Region Six so far. Six of those persons have died. Seven of the cases were reported at the Regional Hospital alone, with two succumbing. Nineteen-year-old Toneisha Edwards, a public management student at the university’s Turkeyen Campus, died after being rushed to the medical institution on New Year’s Day where she remained a patient until she died on the 6th after

consuming Gramoxone. On Wednesday 8th January, Hemwattie Bissember, 15, of Bush Lot, Corentyne, Berbice, succumbed at the same institution, also after ingesting the deadly poison. Among those hospitalised is a 19-year-old former student of JC Chandisingh Secondary School who graduated in November and is an employee at a bank. One case has been reported at the Skeldon Hospital where 32- year-old Nandranie Oudit of Number 68 Village, Corentyne, Berbice, reportedly drank poison Three cases have also been reported in the Johanna Black Bush Area. (Samuel Whyte)

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GCCI President decries incessant political rivalry Political rivalry, high electricity and lack of a clear strategic policy on diversification are the three most worrisome challenges for 2014 as it relates to the barriers facing Guyana’s productive sectors. This is according to President of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), Clinton Urling, who says that the country has to move away from the sector-focused monoculture currently dominated by commodities and primary agriculture and toward the goal of diversifying. “Diversify or die… It is as simple as that if we are serious about sustaining the long period of (economic) growth we currently enjoy.” Urling made his views known during a recent interview that was released to the media, where he said that Government has to provide the foundation that harnesses and leads the private sector to new activities and productive

capabilities. Asked about the most important single development that impacted negatively on the economy in 2013, Urling said that while the drop in gold prices, poor returns on sugar from GuySuCo and the exit of the US air carrier Delta Airlines were three significantly adverse developments, “they all take a back seat to the incessant political rivalry that has effectively seen initiatives and institutions good for the country’s development not being implemented and/or established.” According to Urling, both sides of the political divide fail to reach out and compromise on the development and execution of initiatives that would benefit the country’s economy and make it easier for our private sector to operate. “Cuts in funding for various infrastructural projects, the non-support for the Amaila Falls Hydro

Project and anti-money laundering legislation, the failure to establish institutions for improving transparency and accountability in public business and the inability to mitigate current public perceptions of corruption are just a few of the most significant causalities in the current political standoff.” As it relates to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) during 2014, Urling said, despite all the challenges, “I remain optimistic about the Guyana economy in 2014 and I do expect more foreign investments.” He said that Guyana’s factor endowments will always attract foreign investments, but the government has to be more proactive in this regard, and that will have to start with a reformed GO-Invest and new leadership at the helm of that important agency. “Our economic needs are outpacing public funds that are available to fund Guyana’s growth and

GCCI President, Clinton Urling expansion. It is critical that we craft innovative approaches to attract investments to Guyana, which ensure that we are capable of achieving our full potential.”

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Saturday January 11, 2014

Puma attack victim among two receiving donations Two children from the Paediatric Ward at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) received donations of $50,000 each from the Radio Needy Children’s Fund (RNCF)

yesterday. Three-year-old Jasmine Joseph of Isseneru, Region Seven and Rehanna Edwin, 4, of Monkey Mountain, Region Eight, were the lucky recipients.

Little Jasmine was playing in her family’s yard on December 27 last, when she was attacked and dragged into nearby bushes by a large feline suspected to be a puma. Luckily, the animal was

killed by residents and Jasmine was rescued and airdashed to the GPHC where she remains a patient. Rehanna, meanwhile, was hospitalised at the institution in an unconscious state since last Sunday. She has been diagnosed with brain cancer. The money that was donated to her will be used to pay for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan. The MRI will determine the stage of the cancer and its severity. According to Michael Gordon, Chairman of RNCF, the donation was made to Jasmine after members from his organization saw her heart-breaking story in the newspaper. “When we made the donation to Jasmine, we were approached by Rehanna’s mother and she told us about her daughter’s brain cancer and we decided to step in,” Gordon explained. Jasmine’s grandmother, Agatha Joseph, thanked the RNCF for the donation. Cybil Edwin, Rehanna’s mother, was also very pleased with the contribution given to her. “I thank you very much for this donation. I cannot

A nurse attending to Rehanna Edwin yesterday at the hospital

pay for this by myself. I am facing a lot of difficulties and I cannot help myself and my daughter,” the woman lamented. The RNCF was

established in 1954 and has been serving the needy, especially children, around the country in the areas of education, welfare, health and social events.

From left; chairman of RNCF Michael Gordon, Treasurer Doris Lewis, Jasmine Joseph and her grandmother along with members from the GPHC

Eureka Medical Lab ready to utilise... From page 16 many private institutions are not treating their infectious waste through the hydroclave. Moreover, he disclosed that workshops were held to enlighten medical institutions on the importance of the hydroclave's functions. According to Lewis, after the medical waste leaves the hydroclave, it is regarded as normal domestic waste. However, he noted that when infectious waste is taken to the landfill site without being treated, it becomes hazardous to waste pickers who work there. “So we don't want untreated waste at the landfill because it is

dangerous to the pickers who sort out the items there.” Lewis believes that the issue of getting private hospitals to conform to the use of the hydroclave is linked to the fact that there is currently “no legis-

lation in place to compel them to do so.” Nevertheless, the Waste Management Consultant said that the GPHC will be aggressively pursuing those hospitals which have not yet complied.

Incessant delay of contracts ... From page 19 works in Lot Three, from Demerara Distillers Limited, to Diamond Housing Scheme entrance. In 2012, the Ministry and contractor said works on this lot were stalled for months owing to the presence of utilities. The contractor is cur-

rently carrying out works on the stretch. BK International is also carrying out works at the Haags Bosch Landfill Site, which is also delayed. The Ministry of Local Government and Regional Authority has been pressing the contractor to hasten works, but to no avail.

Saturday January 11, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 21

Human Services Ministry supports Long Creek residents

Minister Jennifer Webster makes a presentation to Chairperson of the Long Creek Parent Support Group Ms. Gwendaline Dejesus. The Human Services Ministry yesterday made a donation to support efforts by residents of Long Creek to develop their community. The residents had formed a Parent Support Group under the School Retention programme, to do their bit in ensuring all school-aged children in the community

attend school regularly. To support families with children, most of whom are single-parent families, the group began a breakfast shed, where they prepare meals and snacks for sale. They also host other fund-raising initiatives, the proceeds of which are reinvested into the

Flooded farmlands in Pomeroon neglected - APNU Farmlands in Lower and Upper Pomeroon, Region Two are inundated since Christmas Day and authorities have not yet reached out to the over 400 families living there. This was the assertion of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Member of Parliament, Christopher Jones, during an interview with this publication Thursday. In expressing his disquiet about the situation, Jones said that Government’s neglect of Pomeroon residents for so many days is appalling. Claiming that Pomeroon residents are being discriminated against, he said emphasis was placed on sealing the breach at Airy Hall Conservancy, also in Region Two, earlier this year. According to Jones, since December 25, 2013 breaches along the conservancy have caused Lower and Upper Pomeroon to flood. Even though, farmlands of cash crops have been destroyed and residents are living in unsanitary conditions, no one from the Regional Democratic Council visited the area to assess damage or find a solution. Jones said that APNU has been keeping a close eye on the matter and on Monday evening last, the People’s National Congress Reform’s Region Two Secretary spoke to Regional Chairman Parmanand Persaud, about the matter. Jones said that the Party was informed that a team from

the Region would have visited the area shortly. He hopes that this would occur soon since residents are faced with millions of dollars in losses. Students have been unable to attend school since their parents do not have finances for transportation. In addition, parents have complained that their children have developed rashes as a result. According to the Parliamentarian, the Party was told that a farmer aligned with the Government has been visiting other farmers in Upper Pomeroon who themselves are so aligned to assess their damage for compensation. “If indeed this report is accurate it is totally discriminatory, since residents of Pomeroon are citizens of Guyana and their produce contributes to their livelihoods,” he said. Jones stressed that the flooding of the Pomeroon area is not new and has been a sore issue for many years. One recommendation for this problem is the dredging of the mouth of the Pomeroon River, he added. According to Jones, the Pomeroon area once had a dredge, but about eight years ago the machine was removed and never returned. He related that in the Ninth Parliament, then Leader of the Opposition Robert Corbin, had raised the issue of the “devastating floods taking place along the coastal belt of Guyana from the Corentyne to the Pomeroon.

community. To date, they have built a bus shed. In an attempt to further support the breakfast shed venture, Minister of Human Services, Ms. Jennifer Webster, presented items that would be used in the kitchen,

Nursery and Primary School pupils of Long Creek singing at the presentation ceremony. including utensils, pots and appliances to the Chairperson of the Group Ms. Gwendaline De Jesus. The Ministry has also undertaken to purchase stoves and a freezer for the group, as well as make efforts to ensure they have a suitable

kitchen to conduct their operation. Making the presentation at the Long Creek Primary School, Minister Webster noted that the Ministry is happy to support the initiative and would continue

to work with the group to ensure sustainability and possible expansion. Ms. De Jesus in turn expressed the community’s appreciation and committed their dedication to making the venture a success.

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Saturday January 11, 2014

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Saturday January 11, 2014

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Saturday January 11, 2014

Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Face-saving way needed for LEAD Broadcasters are being ignored

DEAR EDITOR, This is in response to news items and related responses on the LEAD project (KN Dec 24, 25, Jan 8, 9, etc.). The US Embassy says the grant project of the Republican members of Congress (International Republican Institute) will go ahead. It will probably dole out funds to organizations and parties and holds seminars on various activities relating to democracy. The government has accused the US of violating its sovereignty by insisting that the project would go ahead regardless of government’s position that it was not properly consulted and is opposed to it. The government claimed that the IRI hired and conceptualised its LEAD program before it engaged the administration. The Ambassador presented a fait accompli with no engagement. The US counter claimed there was proper consultation and acceptance of the program under its USAID projects and that there is no need for further consultation. The PPP administration at first said it is opposed to

LEAD because it was not consulted, but lately seems to be softening up its position saying it is willing to reconsider and to negotiate how the project can proceed. That should have been the diplomatic position from the beginning. It is not clear if the US is willing to revisit the program or open to negotiation. In the end, realpolitik will bring the two sides together for a compromise. Any project to educate voters should be welcomed with open arms if there is no catch 22 or if there is no hidden agenda. It is very unusual for poor countries to turn down a grant. And it is even more unusual for a donor government to insist it will proceed with the grant in spite of opposition from the prospective recipient. The Guyana government has declined the grant, apparently because it fears a hidden US motive and agenda. The PPP has memories of the 1950s and 1960s when the US government used grants to topple the democratically elected PPP government. The Eisenhower Administration expressed concerns to the

British about the PPP’s rise to office in 1953 leading to the suspension of the constitution and the JFK administration teamed up with the British to destabilize the Jagan government fearing the rise of another Cuba in the hemisphere. I don’t think we should turn down grants meant to help institutionalize democracy. Every penny should be welcomed. However, I don’t think any foreign government should disrespect a sovereign state and a democratically elected government – business is not carried out that way in the global political system. There is respect for sovereignty, even though for a small weak power it means nothing. No country would dare to disrespect Russia or China, because of the consequential reaction. But Guyana is a relative non-entity in the international system. Under international law, according to Hans Morgenthau and others, the US embassy will violate the sovereignty of Guyana if it proceeds with the project if government is opposed to it and so instructs the Embassy. A foreign country should not execute programs at will unless it is for a noble goal like trying to bring democracy to a country. Proceeding would be contempt of a democratic country’s law and government. It would be seen by the international community as political bullyism. Guyana is a functioning democracy with free and fair elections and competing parties. Guyana is in the right

on that aspect of the international political system. But realistically, Guyana, being a weak power, there isn’t much it could do if the Ambassador proceeds with it. In theory, as international legalists argue, states are equal in the IR system. But in reality, as Kenneth Waltz and other theorists state, some states are more equal than others. The Guyana government has expressed legitimate concerns about the scope of the grant, in light of what took place in 1953 and the violence between 1961 and 1964 funded by the US. However, even if the project does not go ahead, the US (IRI) could still funnel the money through NonGovernmental Organisations (NGOs) and clandestinely to opposition political parties like it did to the PNC, churches, unions and individuals during the 1960s. The money can be reformulated and disbursed out to those willing to do any American bidding – if that is a major concern of the PPP. So the PPP should rethink its opposition. It would have been better if the two sides had met behind closed doors and addressed their concerns. Negotiation is the only way forward for what can be a useful program, provided there are no hidden motives and the Guyana government is so convinced. Both sides have to be willing to give. There is need for what Ken Waltz and Morgenthau call “a facesaving way out” to make both sides seem victorious. Vishnu Bisram

DEAR EDITOR, I write once again about the failure of the National Awards Committee in recognizing broadcasters who have/had contributed significantly to broadcasting not only in the Republic, but the Caribbean as well. I have time and time again written about the failure to honour Wordsworth Mc Andrew, broadcaster and folklorist, and Hugh Cholmondeley, who put Guyana on the broadcasting map, but without avail. They have both passed, and now another stalwart in the field Terry Holder, has

been called away. Terry was one of the pioneers of GBS Action radio in October 1968 and played an important role in regional broadcasting when he served the Caribbean Broadcasting Union in Barbados. Apart from broadcasting, Terry was an excellent Public Relations person and did an excellent job for the Guyana Cricket Board and served Rotary for more than 25 years. I think he deserves a posthumous award. Politicians and friends of politicians who contributed less than Terry Holder have been honoured. Oscar Ramjeet

Govt. cannot be trusted with the public interest... From page 4 Mines Commission (GGMC) controls mining in Guyana. The grim reality is that the GGMC exercises nominal control over the numbers involved in mining, the amount of gold produced, declared, smuggled out of the country or disposed of illegally. The extent to which decisions with far-reaching consequences for the future of Guyana can be kept from the public is chilling. The lack of transparency over the MBV issue appears to be a matter of policy rather than an isolated example, when viewed alongside the difficulty experienced by the Parliamentary opposition in securing details of the Marriott venture, the extension of the international airport and the broadband cable from Brazil. The key question for concerned Guyanese to ponder at the start of this new year is where will the required dynamism come from to correct this state of affairs. Faced with an unaccountable government and gross conflicts of interest in the exercise of State power, society has no other recourse than to fall back on its own resources. The task of rehabilitating society does not lie primarily in new laws and new institutions, but in a population having the political will and determination to

demand accountability, speak the truth freely and not be deterred by calculations about unpopularity. The major challenge to civil society, therefore, is to demonstrate in its own spheres of influence adherence to principles of equality, fairness, accountability and integrity. On this basis, fighting graft then becomes a matter of a society and social organizations demanding from the State standards it manifests in itself in its own behaviour. Revelation of information about how decisions had been taken with respect to ‘rare earth’ exploration was itself sufficient to force the power-brokers to ‘pause’. The power of shame should not be under-estimated. It is clear that such a posture is incompatible with simply co-existing alongside situations of abuse, criminality or exploitation. Nor is it acceptable to oppose the disordered features of society only to the point at which the opportunity for joining the band-wagon becomes too attractive to resist. Rehabilitating the State must go hand-in-hand with rehabilitating civil society, which in turn, requires the energies of individuals of integrity. Executive Committee Guyana Human Rights Association

Saturday Januray 11, 2014

Kaieteur News

Celebrations in Central African Republic as leader resigns N’DJAMENA/BANGUI (Reuters) - Central African Republic’s interim leaders caved in to international pressure and resigned yesterday after failing to halt inter-religious violence, prompting street celebrations but also questions over who would step in to take charge. The resignations of President Michel Djotodia and Prime Minister Nicolas Tiangaye came at a two-day summit of the Economic Community of Central African States (CEEAC) in neighboring Chad. Talks to decide on new leadership will take place in Central African Republic, a communiqué said. Thousands of people have been killed and a million displaced since abuses by Djotodia’s mainly Muslim rebels, known as Seleka, prompted the creation of

Christian self-defense militia after he seized power in March. With memories of Rwanda’s 1994 genocide stirred by the unrest, France sent hundreds of troops to its former colony last month to support African peacekeeping forces. But the killings have continued, and France has repeatedly voiced its frustration with Djotodia’s government. Sporadic gunfire rang out in Bangui after curfew on yesterday as French forces fired warning shots to prevent clashes between rival fighters in one neighborhood. Djotodia and Tiangaye resigned after Central African Republic’s transitional assembly (CNT) was summoned to the Chad summit late on Thursday to decide on the country’s

future. Under an agreement brokered by the CEEAC last year, the CNT elected Djotodia to his position as interim president in April to take Central African Republic to elections, due at the end of this year. “We take note of the resignation. It is up to the CNT to decide what happens now,” said French Foreign Ministry spokesman Romain Nadal. “France does not interfere in any case with this process.” The regional leaders, led by Chad’s Idriss Deby, a French ally, had run out of patience with Djotodia. Sources told Reuters on Wednesday he would be forced to resign at the summit, although Djotodia’s office had insisted he would remain in power.

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Bottom of Form Radiation alert - Harmful elements detected at ports in shipments from Japan Jamaica Gleaner - Jamaica Customs authorities have revealed that in the last 13 months, tests conducted at the nation’s ports have confirmed the presence of higher-than-normal levels of radiation in two shipments from Japan. The most recent case, according to Assistant Commissioner of Customs Velma Ricketts, came last month when a trans-shipment container carrying used motor-vehicle parts destined for Guyana was scanned at the Kingston Container Terminal and its radiation levels was determined to be “elevated”. The first case involved a minibus imported by a local used-car dealer in November 2012. “The JCA [Jamaica Customs Agency] has been on high alert since the earthquake affected Japan,” Ricketts said in an emailed response to queries by The Gleaner. Her comments were in reference to the magnitude 9.0 earthquake that rocked Japan in 2011, triggering a tsunami that crippled the Fukushima nuclear plant there. Commissioner of Customs Major Richard Reese made it clear Thursday that both shipments are being detained in a quarantined area and will be returned to Japan shortly. At the same time, Reese

said the JCA, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will be seeking to have “urgent discussions” on the issue with officials at the Japanese Embassy in Jamaica. He said the meeting will be used to underscore the need for enhanced inspection mechanisms before goods are shipped out of Japan. “It could be that there is a weakness in the inspection process on that side,” Reese surmised. The discovery of higherthan-normal levels of radiation in Jamaica comes days after Russian authorities barred 132 used Japanese vehicles from entering that country because of “radioactive pollution concerns”. The cars were among a batch of 165 contaminated goods, including motorvehicle spare parts, that were not allowed to enter Russia. The Rospotrebnadzor, Russia’s consumer protection agency, reported that it was very concerned about contaminated water leaks that were still occuring at the disabled nuclear plant. Ricketts, who has responsibility for border protection, revealed that the JCA, through a partnership with the United States Department of Energy, has been conducting radiation tests on all vehicles and spare parts coming from Japan. “We have received sophisticated radiation detection equipment and

Richard Reese have been adequately trained,” she noted. According to Ricketts, the US Department of Energy also conducts frequent visits to ensure that the programme and equipment remain at optimal levels. She said during the most recent visit last December, US officials reported no adverse findings. Reese explained that once the initial test points to the presence of high levels of radiation, a verification test is conducted to confirm the findings. “Once it is [confirmed to be] outside the [acceptable] levels, they [shipment] will not be released,” the Customs boss emphasised. “There are a lot of things we are doing that people don’t know. We are very vigilant,” he insisted. Ricketts underscored that as a standard procedure, the JCA’s findings are reported to local health officials.

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Saturday Januray 11, 2014

Central Bank Governor predicts less than one per cent economic growth BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – CMC - Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados, Dr. DeLisle Worrell says tourism- related investment will impart some stimulus to the local economy this year, but this effect will be largely eroded by the fiscal contraction, and the forecast is for growth of less than one per cent. In an opinion article commenting on the current status of the Barbados economy, Worrell said the recent economic performance has been commendable given the unprecedented recession in the markets for the island’s tourism and traded services. He said the Central Bank protects the value of the local currency by intervening as necessary on the interbank market. “Up until April this year, Barbados’s foreign exchange reserves were the equivalent of 19 weeks of imports. By September, reserves had declined to a little over 13 weeks. In response, the government took action to introduce a major budget correction in mid-August.” He said the measures included expenditure cuts equivalent to about three per cent of gross domestic product (GDP), plus additional taxes of about two per cent.

Worrell said in December, additional measures, including job cuts in the public sector, were introduced to reinforce the effect of the August adjustments. “Projections are for a deficit equivalent to five per cent of GDP for fiscal year 2014/15, when the budget cuts will have full effect. Tourismrelated investment will impart some stimulus to the economy in 2014, but this effect will be largely eroded by the fiscal contraction, and the forecast is for growth of less than one per cent,” he said. “Fiscal consolidation continues into the medium term, and the ratio of net public sector debt to GDP is expected to peak at about 67 per cent of GDP in 2015, and decline thereafter. The ratio of external debt service to earnings of foreign exchange is projected at eight per cent for 2014, and to remain at about 10 per cent for the foreseeable future,” he added. Last month, the Freundel Stuart government announced the plan to cut public service jobs in a bid to save BDS$143 million (One BDS dollar = US$0.50 cents). It said it would also institute a “strict programme of attrition” across the central

public service, filling posts only where it is absolutely unavoidable, over the next five years, ending 2018-2019. “This attrition is expected to reduce central government employment levels from approximately 16 970 to 14, 612 jobs – a projected loss of 2 358 posts; and savings of BDS$121 million. Over the current 19-month adjustment period public sector employment will be reduced by an additional 501 jobs with a projected savings of BDS$26 million,” said Economic Affairs and Finance Minister Chris Sinckler. The National Union of Public Workers (NUPW), which represents the majority of the 28,000 public servants, has accused the government of already retrenching workers through technical maneuvers. The government said it intends to trim the service by 3,000 jobs starting from January 15. Worrell said the current economic recession in Barbados, which hit its lowest point in 2009, is the fourth since the mid-1970s. He said previous recessions in 1981-82 and 1991-93 were deeper and more prolonged, even though the challenges faced then were nowhere as daunting.

LIAT slapped with notice of penalty following November incident

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua CMC – The cash-strapped regional airline, LIAT, said yesterday it would hold talks with the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA) after it had been slapped with a notice of penalty in connection with an incident that occurred on November 2, last year. LIAT gave no details

regarding the incident, but said it was reviewing the findings with its advisors and would engage ECCAA in discussions. “LIAT is committed to a fair resolution of the matter based on full and frank disclosure by all parties. The safety and security of our passengers remains LIAT’s top priority and LIAT

continues to operate in full and strict compliance with the Civil Aviation Regulations and its operating procedures and manuals.” The airline said that these matters remain under review by LIAT and discussion with ECCAA, noting “it would therefore be inappropriate to make further public comment at this time”.

Saturday Januray 11, 2014

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Prisoner charged with murdering cop Jamaicans “targeted” in T&T

Four days after a Corporal from the Criminal Investigation Department was shot dead while on duty, the Chief Magistrate indicted an inmate of the Georgetown Prisons on a murder charge. The indictment out of the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court yesterday saw Delon Abrams, 23, of South Ruimveldt, Georgetown, being charged with the murder of Detective Corporal 14998 Silburn Elias on Monday last at Alberttown, Georgetown. The charge detailed that Corporal Elias was a member of the Guyana Police Force and was at that time acting in the execution of his duties. Abrams, who was unrepresented by legal counsel, was not required to plead to the capital offence since the matter was deemed indictable. On Monday last, Elias was shot dead after he reportedly went into a yard in Fourth Street, Alberttown, to recapture an escaped prisoner and recover his colleague’s gun. Reading from the case docket, Mangru explained that Abrams was arrested on January 6 by Lance Corporal Ramdat at Sophia, Greater Georgetown, for an alleged break and enter and larceny. He reported that the remanded prisoner was beaten by public-spirited citizens who caught him and later handed him over to the police. As a result of the trashing, Abrams had receiv e d injuries and was taken to the Sophia Health Centre where he was seen by a medical doctor who then referred him to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) for an x-tray. The Prosecution explained that he was escorted by the Lance

Delon Adams being escorted from the court Corporal and others, amongst who was a Constable Greene who was armed with his service .38 revolver. When at the hospital, the prisoner was left with Constable Greene, whose responsibility was to ensure that Abrams was xrayed and received medical treatment. Mangru said, however, the accused whose hands were handcuffed at the time requested to use the washroom and was granted the chance to do same. After a short while Abrams exited the washroom with the handcuff slinging on only one of his hands. A scuffled then allegedly ensued between Constable Greene and the accused, but Abrams managed to overpower the policeman, relieve him of his firearm and escape.

In response, Constable Greene raised an alarm and Abrams was pursued by police ranks who caught up with him in a yard at Fourth Street, Alberttown. Mangru explained that Corporal Elias then spotted Abrams stooping under a step with the gun in his hand. Corporal Elias reportedly confronted the accused and demanded he hand over the weapon, but the prisoner pointed the gun in the Corporal’s direction and discharged several rounds. According to the prosecution, the officer was hit. He added however, that ASP Taylor had also discharged four rounds from an AK-47 rifle. Corporal Elias was rushed to GPHC where he was pronounced dead. Nonetheless, a Post Mortem examination was conducted and a warhead of a .38 revolver was retrieved from the cop’s body. The accused was recaptured and whilst under caution reportedly admitted to discharging the rounds. Mangru claimed that further investigations were conducted, hence the present charge was instituted against Abrams. The prosecutor told the court that investigations are not yet complete. He requested four weeks for the police to finish. Abrams is expected to return to court on March 3. The Chief Magistrate informed the man who stood silently in the prisoners’ dock that when the police on that date report that the investigations are completed, a date will be set for the commencement of the Preliminary Inquiry (PI). The deceased was a father of four who resided at Buxton on the East Coast of Demerara. Corporal Elias had spent the last 25 years in the Guyana Police Force.

Former Trinidad and Tobago prime minister returns to parliament P O RT- O F - S PA I N , Trinidad - CMC - After two years of being absent from Parliament, the Member of Parliament for San Fernando East, Patrick Manning, is scheduled to return to the House on Thursday. The former Prime Minister who suffered a stroke in January 2012, took two years to recuperate and was also granted extensive leave on the grounds of medical illness by House Speaker Wade Mark . Manning’s decision to return to the Parliament was announced on Wednesday

through social media. “Back to work. See you in Parliament on Friday,” the Facebook post said, immediately getting hundreds of likes and comments. Comments such as “Best news for the year!”; “Welcome back my PM”; “De boss is back”; Long overdue”; “My Patos is back”; “Our saviour returns” and “PM for life” littered the social network. Commenting on his return,Chief Whip Marlene McDonald said -”When he spoke to me (indicating that he would be coming back to the House) I welcomed him

back. This January is exactly two years he has been away, so I welcome his return. He has been the longest serving member of Parliament so we look forward to his return. We have always wished him a speedy recovery. And the mere fact th a t h e i s returning shows that he is doing quite well physically and otherwise. So I am happy to have my full team there, as Chief Whip. When he left there were 12 of us, now there are 13 of us. And down the road there would be many, many more of us. So I am happy,” McDonald said.

KINGSTON, Jamaica – CMC – A popular broadcaster and comedian, Christopher “Johnny” Daley is calling on Foreign Affairs Minister AJ Nicholson to condemn the latest incident in which Jamaican nationals “are targeted and profiled” by immigration and customs officials in Trinidad and Tobago. Daley, in a message posted on his Facebook social webpage, said he and his wife were this week subjected to their “worst travel experiences” when they sought to enter the oil-rich twin island republic. “A J Nicholson, Mr Minister of Foreign Affairs, there is much work to be done. We were suspects the minute we walked up to immigration. Without scanning our passports the Indian-looking officer took up a phone and called someone to indicate that she felt suspicious,” he wrote. Last year, the foreign ministers of Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago met in a bid to diffuse the situation after 13 Jamaican nationals were deported from Port of Spain, one day after arriving in the country in November. Jamaica had been critical of the decision and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a warning to nationals travelling to Trinidad and

Tobago and was continuing to interface with the relevant authorities in Trinidad and Tobago on the matter particularly in light of the Shanique Myrie ruling by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). Nicholson and his Trinidad and Tobago counterpart, Winston Dookeran later signed an agreement outlining a path to improve free trade and free movement between the two countries. “I think we have ...created a platform for addressing not only the issues which brought this meeting together, but for a wider set of considerations, both in our bilateral relations, and in the relations within the wider CARICOM (Caribbean Community),” Dookeran later said in a statement. Daley claimed that after he had been interrogated by the immigration official he was allowed to make his way to the Customs department where they were also subjected to further embarrassment. He claimed that he had his wife were the only ones searched by hand, and were asked to break open one of the beef patties they were taking for their hosts. Daley said the interrogation continued by

the Customs officer, while two policemen in plain clothes stood by. “She seemed quite disappointed and annoyed that she found nothing alarming in our luggage and then she did the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever experienced. She asked if I was wearing two trousers …to which my response was an obvious no. “Without hesitation she instructed me to go to a room with the two thug-looking men (police). I shook my head and reluctantly entered the tiny room,” he said where he searched. “This has never happened before in all my years of travelling, not even in the United States, a country that is constantly having to protect its borders from terrorists. It was humiliating. “[Minister] Nicholson, there was no respect shown to me and my wife. The Trinidad airport personnel seem to personally enjoy dragging us through the mud of their system,” he wrote, urging Jamaicans to ensure that when travelling to Port of Spain “please have all your ducks in a row and your T’s crossed if you need to travel to Trinidad and Tobago because we are being targeted.

The killings continue Trinidad Express - One of Trinidad and Tobago’s bloodiest weeks ever, ended as it began, with murder. Another man was killed yesterday morning, at Mt Hope. Alvin Maharaj, 35, was found shot multiple times, at the base of a precipice. His body was discovered

...Murder No. 23 by police officers who were called by residents who heard gunshots at around 11 a.m. Maharaj had survived a shooting in east Port of Spain last December. On the night of December 14, Maharaj and a 13-year-old boy, were shot and injured .

Maharaj, of Valsayn, and the teenager of Maraval, were standing on the pavement at the corner of Queen and Henry streets when a lone gunman began shooting at Maharaj before running off. One of the bullets struck the teenager in the left hand, while Maharaj was shot to the right hand, said police.

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Saturday Januray 11, 2014

Saturday Januray 11, 2014

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Gayle tipped to lead... From page 35 panel as to the state of his hamstring injury, as well as his availability. The 34-year-old Gayle, who guided Jamaica to the Super50 title two seasons ago, will replace Tamar Lambert, who led the team to a semi-final exit last season. “The selectors recommended Gayle for the position, and after hearing the latest on his injury availability, they ratified it,” said the source, who requested anonymity. The source also went on to add that Gayle, who is currently in Australia, is responding favourably to treat-

ment, and prognosis is good for him making a recovery in time for the January 30 start date for the Super50. The big-hitting opener, meanwhile, was to know who his teammates are yesterday following the playing of the fifth and final trial match at Sabina Park. The selection panel will name a 14-member squad for the tournament, which is scheduled to end on February 16. In Thursday’s fourth trial game, Yannick Elliott’s XI defeated Nelson’s XI by four wickets. Top Scoring: Nelson XI, batting first,

reached 173 off 49.4 overs with Danza Hyatt top scoring with 29 off 76 balls. Nkrumah Bonner got 26 and young wicketkeeper Aldane Thomas, 24. Lambert, three for 32 off his maximum 10 overs took the most wickets. Elliott XI, on the back of 30 from opener Zeniffe Fowler, then paced their way to 175 for six with five balls remaining. Fowler’s partner, Brenton Parchment made 26, Cassius Burton, 25, and André McCarthy, 20. Krishmar Santokie, three for 49 and Nelson, one for 19, claimed the wickets to fall.

Saturday January 11, 2014 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) Think of yourself as a marathon runner. You have a very long distance to travel, but the sweetness is not just to be found in crossing the finish line, but rather in relishing all the sights along the way. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) It's time for you to tap in to that inner resource that you have always known existed. Your ability to heal is extraordinary, and there's no point in denying it any longer. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Don't take anything at face value today, Gemini, especially if it involves money. It's likely that a friend or colleague will approach you with a deal that is too good to pass up. CANCER (June 21–July 22) How annoying when work gets in the way of pleasure, but there are times when professional opportunities are simply too good to pass up. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) One disadvantage of attics is that so much junk tends to get stored up there. Today is the day for you to clean house. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) It seems your ship is about to come in, Virgo. At least, the planets seem to think so. Your years of cultivating business relationships will pay off in the form of increased sales or new business opportunities. Congratulations!

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Why does being patient have to take so long? quipped one frustrated soul. Could it have been you, Libra? Waiting has never been your strong suit, there's no question about it. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) We all know the adage, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." But you can't help feeling that you have tried and tried and tried to no avail. All that is about to change, Scorpio, as you begin to reap the fruits of your labors. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) Whatever you want, Sagittarius, you need only ask for it and there is a good chance you will get it. And it's about time, too. It seems you have been working exceptionally hard lately. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) It's time once and for all to tie up all those loose ends of projects left undone. Much as you may dread it, think of it this way, Capricorn: by completing these tasks you clear space for exciting new projects to come your way. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) Junk mail and a few telephone solicitations would almost be a welcome relief from the intense communications you've been having with people lately. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) It isn't nearly as bad as you think, Pisces. In fact, things are definitely looking up. Of course, you'll never know that if you refuse to drag yourself out of bed to see for yourself.

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Del Potro, Tomic to meet... From page 32 for them.” STOSUR STRUGGLES Another former U.S. Open champion, 2011 women’s singles winner Sam Stosur, had a less encouraging day, going down 6-3 6-2 in the semi-finals of the Hobart International to Klara Zakopalova. Stosur received a lesson in taking opportunities from Zakopalova, who converted all five of her break points but saved eight of the 10 the Australian created. Even worse news for Stosur is that on Friday she was drawn to play the 31-year-old Czech again in the opening round at Melbourne Park. Zakopalova will face

Garbine Muguruza Blanco in the final after the Spaniard thrashed compatriot Estrella Cabeza Candela 6-0 6-1 in the second semi-final. At the Auckland Open, world number 62 Lu stunned Ferrer in two sets to bring the Spaniard’s 14match, three-year winning streak at the tournament to an end. Lu will face big-serving American John Isner, who came from behind to beat Spain’s Roberto Bautista 3-6 7-6 (7-2) 6-4, in his first ATP final on Saturday. Women’s world number nine Angelique Kerber later takes on qualifier Tsvetana Pironkova in the Sydney final.

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Saturday Januray 11, 2014

Singh has proven grassroots to basketball Nigel Hinds is sheer class above worth - Hinds is also an asset to sport’s development Letter to the Sports Editor

his rival for the GABF Presidency DEAR EDITOR, Kindly allow me, Mr. Editor to show the Guyanese people reasons for giving Mr. Nigel Hinds a very big edge over Mr. Singh. Firstly, Mr. Singh has never had a standing ovation with cheers from scores of basketball fans, watching spectacular,

awesome shooting at the famous Parade Ground basketball court (Burnham Court), the home of such legends as Mike and James Brusche, Stan Hadmond, Nigel Hinds, Mark Agard and Bobby Cadogan among others. Secondly, Mr. Singh dare not put his academics

with Mr. Hinds and I would be very disappointed if Mr. Hinds does not get the nod even though in the eyes of all Guyanese, political bias is still haunting sports entities. Sincerely yours, Keith Baptiste (Former table tennis player)

Nadal poses biggest threat... From page 31 slam. I love spending time here,” Djokovic said after being drawn to face world number 90 Lukas Lacko in the opening round on Friday. “It’s the start of the season and I think most of the players are sharing the same opinion. We love the atmosphere, the easy energy that flows around, and of course the tennis fever.” Nadal missed the tournament in 2013 when a bout of stomach flu capped a miserable run of injuries but made a remarkable return with 10 titles, including his 12th and 13th in grand slams, to knock the Serb off the top of the world rankings. So while Federer, also a fourtimes Australian Open champion, and Wimbledon champion Andy Murray, a finalist in three of the last four years, cannot be written off, Nadal looks the man most likely to usurp Djokovic. Nadal opened the new season with another title win in Qatar and few tennis fans would be too disappointed if

the two weeks of competition at Melbourne Park, which start on Monday, climax with a re-match of his six-hour 2012 final defeat to Djokovic. The Spaniard certainly has the tougher draw with the talented but inconsistent Australian Bernard Tomic up first and Juan Martin del Potro, who beat him at the Shanghai Masters last October, his potential opponent in the last eight. While Nadal has never been coached by anybody other than his uncle Toni, Djokovic has followed the trend of elite players adding former tennis greats to their support staff by taking on sixtimes grand slam champion Boris Becker. “He is not happy with six grand slams, even though that is an incredible record in itself,” Becker said on Friday. “He wants to win more and he is having a good team around him that tries to make him better.” TOO SOON FOR MURRAY? Briton Murray

started the trend with his recruitment of Ivan Lendl and Federer recently followed suit by persuading Stefan Edberg to join him in Melbourne. Federer, 32, is looking to the Swede for inspiration as he tries to arrest last year’s decline that saw the Swiss fail to reach at least the quarterfinals at successive grand slams for the first time since 2003. Murray, meanwhile, is on the comeback trail after four months on the sidelines in the wake of surgery on his lower back and the consensus is that he might struggle with five-set matches so early in his return. Del Potro and Lleyton Hewitt are the only grand slam champions apart from the “Big Four” of Djokovic, Nadal, Federer and Murray still active but the Argentine has not produced his best form consistently since a wrist injury that nearly ended his career in 2010. The tall Argentine, still only 25, is seeded fifth after showing signs that he might be on the verge of being a grand slam contender last year with four titles and runs to the finals of the Masters tournaments at Shanghai and Indian Wells. Third seed David Ferrer has reached the semi-finals in two of the last three years but beat an injury-hampered Nadal to do so in 2011 and this year’s draw looks tougher than the fairly easy ride he had in 2013. Tomas Berdych, Stan Wawrinka and 2008 losing finalist Jo-Wilfried Tsonga are the other players who might provide an upset or make a run but few are looking beyond Djokovic and Nadal. Although Nadal beat Djokovic in the U.S. Open final, the Serbian got engaged to long-term girlfriend Jelena Ristic straight afterwards and has been unbeaten since. “Since I got engaged I haven’t lost a match, so I guess the wedding should come soon. I should give credit for that,” he said of a run which included thrashing Nadal to win the ATP yearending championships in London.

By Edison Jefford We have heard the proposals, of both candidates for the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) Presidency, Michael Singh and Nigel Hinds, this past week, and it is down to the voting blocs today to select the next leader of the basketball fraternity. Singh, who is the current President of the Georgetown Amateur Basketball Association (GABA), has done lots of work following years of dormancy within the sub-association in the Capitol City to prove his worth to developing the sport, especially from the grassroots. After his election last January, Singh completed nearly seven major projects, which were aimed at popularising the sport and get basketball back into playmode. He proudly lobbied for support today on the basis of completing over 400 played games last year. In addition, Singh boldly returned basketball to the outdoors at Burnham Basketball Court, and singlehandedly held together fundraising initiatives to put some money in the GABA coffers in difficult financial times and lack of support for the sport locally. As he had done with Colts Basketball Club after taking over as President, Singh transformed the sport

in the City into a hub of activity. One would recall during the rainy season last year, Singh updated the media regularly on his anxiety to continue his programmes. The 35-year-old Singh is a combination of youth, experience and entrepreneurship. Singh played basketball at Saint Stanisluas College as a student and also at Colts Basketball Club in the guard position. He is the owner of Paladin Security Firm, which he started in 2008, after spending most of his professional life in the Security Sector. He is a successful businessman, who also has Gold Mining Operations in Guyana. His visibility and ability to connect with the base of the sport has made him popular among clubs in Georgetown and even Linden. Singh is ever-present at basketball or basketball-related activities at every level, even schools’ basketball programmes. His work with Colts and GABA has shown that he genuinely has the development of basketball at heart. Meanwhile, Hinds, who represented Guyana in basketball and hockey, is an Accountant and the present Treasurer of the Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPF). While his visibility around the sport might be insufficient to lobby for support for the top post over the years, Hinds has

sponsored several basketball and basketball-related programmes. Through his finance management and accounting company, Hinds has assisted the development of basketball through sponsorship since his remigration. He has not had the chance to work hands-on with a club or association, but that has not prevented him from meaningful contributions to the sport. Hinds has proven to be an asset to basketball and its development. Incumbent GABF President, David Patterson has said that he will not be seeking re-election. It stands to reason that basketball will get new leadership today, which was much needed after the bland performance from the outgoing administration in propelling the sport. Michael Burnett, who is General Secretary of the current GABF, was the most vibrant member of the Executive during their tenure. Burnett was actively involved in programmes throughout the country, even the arbitration of the Dwayne Roberts issue in Linden. The GABA, Linden Amateur Basketball Association (LABA), the Berbice Amateur Basketball Association (BABA), Guyana Women’s Basketball Association (GWBA), Masters Association and Guyana Basketball Officials’ Council (GBOC) each have two votes to decide the future of basketball in Guyana.

Nationals beat Rest X1 by ... From page 31 fellow left-hander Chattergoon, who favoured the cut, reached the boundary twice. Jonathon Foo smashed three fours, including the shot of the day, a scorching straight drive which passed Paul Wintz’s ankles like a scud missile, in his cameo 34 before he was comprehensively bowled. Left-handed Berbice allrounder Rajiv Ivan was well set on 37 when the contest was called off. Test legspinner Devendra continued his impressive Inter-County tournament form to bag 3-37 from 10 tidy over yesterday. The next practice game is tentatively fixed for Monday at the former Test venue, Bourda and according to the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) a counseling session on drugs use and the antidoping policy will be conducted for the team shortly. “In light of the recent

Veerasammy Permaul goes after spinner Shaquelle Williams at Everest yesterday.

positive test for performance enhancing drugs on Power Lifter Gumendra Shewdas, we (GCB) in collaboration with the WICB is leaving no stones unturned in getting our cricketers updated on what are the banned substances in cricket,” a

senior GCB executive explained. Trinidadian Ayana Cooper and another representative of the WICB are expected in Guyana on January 22 to conduct the anti-doping counseling sessions at the Guyana National Stadium.

Saturday Januray 11, 2014

Kaieteur News

Serena eyes sixth coronation at Melbourne Park MELBOURNE (Reuters) If players, pundits and bookmakers are to be believed, Serena Williams has already sewn up her sixth Australian Open title and the other 127 women in the draw may as well pick up their racquets and head home. Riding a 22-match winning streak, the American juggernaut arrives in Melbourne Park fit, fresh and ravenous for more grand slam success at a tournament where injuries and illness have robbed her of yet more silverware in the past three years. Age has not wearied the 32-year-old, who after winning her second French Open crown last year became the oldest woman to win the U.S. Open when she raised her 17th grand slam trophy at Flushing Meadows. The winner at Melbourne Park in 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2010, another triumph would see Williams equal Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert’s tally of 18 major titles and draw her closer to German great Steffi Graf’s 22. Australian Margaret Court leads the all-time list with 24. Williams’s place in the tennis pantheon is assured but her coach Patrick Mouratoglou believes the American could secure a calendar grand slam, which would make her the third woman after Court in 1970 and Graf in 1988 to achieve the feat in the open era. “Look at the level she plays at the moment,”

Mouratoglou told the BBC this week. “She’s beaten all the top players many times, so you can aim that high.” In contrast to the men’s tour, which has been blessed by the power struggles between Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray in recent seasons, the women’s tour is crying out for a genuine challenger to Williams. Second seed Victoria Azarenka, who will bid for a hat-trick of titles at Melbourne Park, and third seed Maria Sharapova are again the most credible threats. Azarenka underlined her toughness last year with an impressive title defense, beating China’s Li Na in front of a hostile crowd in Rod Laver Arena. The powerful Belarusian proved a worthy winner, after having weathered a storm of criticism for taking a prolonged medical time-out during a tense passage of play late in her semi-final against American Sloane Stephens. SHARAPOVA HOPEFUL Tellingly, Azarenka avoided Williams during both her runs to the Australian title, with the American eliminated after being hobbled by injuries. Azarenka also dodged Williams at last year’s Brisbane International in the leadup to Melbourne Park but there was no hiding at this year’s warmup where she was beaten in straight sets by the

American in the final. That match followed Williams’s straight sets win over fourtimes grand slam champion Sharapova, her 14th in succession against the glamorous Russian. Sharapova’s shoulder problems ensured a disappointing 2013 in which she missed the U.S. Open and split with long-time coach Thomas Hogstedt. After a surprising collaboration with American Jimmy Connors, which lasted only one tournament, the 26year-old brings a new coach in Sven Groeneveld, a former mentor to Monica Seles and Ana Invanovic, and the satisfaction that she enters the tournament injury-free after Brisbane. While a Williams win would seem virtually assured, the American, who faces Australian wildcard Ashleigh Barty in the first round, would be wary that the crackling energy of major tournaments often tears up the script. Asia’s first grand slam singles champion, former French Open winner Li would hardly count as unheralded but always looms as a threat on the blue courts of Melbourne Park, where she believes the venue’s ‘qi’ - or ‘air’ - raises her game. German Sabine Lisicki’s fourth-round upset of Williams at Wimbledon last year was also a timely reminder that the majors can turn the most unfancied of players into warriors capable of humbling the world’s best with one inspired hour.

Nationals beat Rest X1 by 26 runs as bad light stop play at Everest By Sean Devers Newly appointed National Captain Christopher Barnwell led from the front to lead the National side to a 26-run win over the Rest Team in their truncated 50-over practice match which ended in near darkness at the Everest ground yesterday. The 27-year-old Barnwell slammed 10 fours and two sixes in a belligerent 80-ball 84 to lift his team to 251-9 off their allotted 50 overs on a slow track and fast outfield. The Rest Team, led by a solid 87-run opening partnership between Test players Sewnarine Chattergoon (44) and Assad Fudadin (34) were in the hunt on 194-7 in 46 overs when bad light stopped play. Fudadin and fast bowler Ronsford Beaton are both members of the National team which will travel to Trinidad for this year’s Regional Super50 tournament from January 30, but played for the

Rest Combination yesterday in steaming hot conditions. Their team were 26 behind the target when play was halted after the Nationals were 220-6 at the same stage of their innings giving them victory in front of a fair sized crowd. Narsingh Deonarine, the other member of Guyana’s 14-man touring party, was unavailable yesterday due West Indies t20 duties in New Zealand. Robin Bacchus (16) the only new cap in the Guyana 50-over team, was the first wicket to fall before Barnwell, one of eight players with West Indies senior team experience in the side, joined former West Indies Skipper Ramnaresh Sarwan after Leon Johnson fell for eight at 60-3. Barnwell and Sarwan, who seems to be returning to form, added 74 for the fourth wicket before Sarwan was dismissed for 35, decorated with three boundaries.

National Vice-Captain Shiv Chanderpaul, who said on Wednesday that he was still available all formats of the game, hit two fours in a typically composed 32 as former West Indies under-19 leg-spinner Amir Khan took 2-42 and promising offspinning all-rounder Shaquille Williams finished with 2-31. Williams final over, the penultimate one of the innings, went for 14 as Test spinner Veerasammy Permaul (19*) dumped him for a six and a four to exemplify Guyana’s deep batting strength. When the Rest Team batted they were given a solid foundation by the 32-year-old Chattergoon who has played four Tests and the 28-year-old Fudadin who has a fifty in his three Tests. Fudadin in particular played some delightful off drives and his innings included three fours while (Continued on page 30)

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Thursday, Jan. 9, 2014 NBA Roundup: Parker has 25 in Spurs’ 112-90 win over Mavericks

San Antonio’s Tony Parker, left, works against Dallas’ Jose Calderon during the Spurs’ 112-94 victory on Wednesday in San Antonio. (Associated Press) The Item - SAN ANTONIO - Tony Parker scored 25 points and Tim Duncan had 16 points and 13 rebounds, and the San Antonio Spurs never trailed, cruising past the Dallas Mavericks 112-90 Wednesday night. Marco Belinelli had 17 points, Kawhi Leonard added 12 points and Patty Mills scored 11 for San Antonio (288), which recaptured the Western Conference’s best record ahead of Oklahoma City (27-8). Monta Ellis had 21 points and Vince Carter added 14

points. No other player scored in double figures as the Mavericks lost their seventh straight to the Spurs. Dirk Nowitzki was limited to eight points, shooting 3 for 14 and making his only two free throws attempts. Raptors 112 Pistons 91 TORONTO - Kyle Lowry had 21 points and nine assists, Jonas Valanciunas had 16 points and 11 rebounds, and the Toronto Raptors beat Detroit 112-91 Wednesday night to hand the slumping Pistons their sixth consecutive loss.

DeMar DeRozan shook off a slow start to finish with 19 points and Terrence Ross had 17 for the Raptors, who went 31 for 34 from the free throw line to snap a two-game skid and win for the sixth time in eight games. Hawks 97 Pacers 87 ATLANTA - Kyle Korver scored 17 points, Pero Antic added 16 and the Atlanta Hawks raced to a big lead before holding off the team with the NBA’s best record, beating the weary Indiana Pacers 97-87 Wednesday night. (From wire reports)

Nadal poses biggest threat to Djokovic’s reign

SYDNEY (Reuters) - After staging a remarkable comeback in 2013, Spanish buccaneer Rafa Nadal has his eye on more grand slam silverware this year and is shaping up as the biggest threat to Novak Djokovic’s Australian Open reign. While Nadal reasserted his hegemony over Roland Garros with an eighth French Open triumph last year and Roger Federer has won seven Wimbledon crowns, Djokovic has made Melbourne Park his own grand slam banker with four titles in the last five years. The Serbian last tasted defeat on the banks of the Yarra River almost four years ago and if he can extend his unbeaten run on the blue

Spain’s Rafael Nadal serves during a training session at Melbourne Park January 9, 2014. REUTERS/David Gray

plexicushion to 28 matches this year, would become the first man in the professional era to take the title five times.

“The Australian Open is definitely my most successful grand slam, my favorite grand (Continued on page 30)

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Kaieteur News

Saturday Januray 11, 2014

Shewdas is not a drugs cheat – Peter Green

GAPF investigation ongoing, athlete will be asked to repay IPF imposed fine By Franklin Wilson President of the Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPF) Peter Green has stated that banned lifter, Under-18 Sub-Junior World Champion, Gumendra ‘The Golden Boy’ Shewdas is no ‘drugs cheat’. Green made those comments at a federation convened press conference yesterday at Basic Beauty Salon and Spa, North Road, to update the media on Shewdas’ two year ban which was instituted by the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) after the athlete failed an in competition doping control test. Sharing the head table with Green was PRO Denroy Livan, who was Shewdas’ Manager at the World Championships held in Killeen, Texas last August where the test was conducted. The powerlifting boss emphatically stated that the federation will not condone any form of doping whether intentional of unintentional. “It is the view of this president that Gumendra Shewdas did not take stimulants intentionally. These things happen. The IPF has stated that he is ineligible to compete in any competition local or international for the next two years and this will be until October 2015.” Green further stated that many of the IPF champions

have been this route and are now being monitored by the WADA and the IPF in their registered testing pool, Shewdas has now joined this register. “This means that since he has shown the willingness and strength to say that he will continue with powerlifting despite the setback, the IPF will be working along with the local federation to rehabilitate this lifter and to ensure the other powerlifters and other athletes are made more conscious and aware that supplements in any form should not be ingested, you ought to go the natural way.” Decisions of the GAPF The federation, Green informed, has come up with a number of decisions as a result of this set back. “One, there will be no international participation by any of our lifters this year until we have ascertained the level and kind of supplements being taken by the athlete and with assistance of the Guyana Olympic Association through Dr. Karen Pilgrim will conduct seminars to make athletes and coaches more aware.” The local body has been doing some amount of sensitization over the past few years but for some reason or the other Green noted, they’ve not have the sort of awareness and response from lifters and coaches. The GAPF’s investigation of the matter, Green reported, was ongoing: “As you know,

all of a sudden allegations are coming out of the woodwork, hearsay evidence. We can’t rush our investigation we have to take our time. I am hoping by the end of the month to put all this to rest.” On the issue of the euro $2,000 fine which amounts to $560,000 that the GAPF must pay to the IPF, Green informed that he was able to lobby the IPF to increase the time allotted to pay from three (3) to twelve (12) months. However, no invoice has been received from the world governing body in relation to payment, to date. “At this moment, the spotlight is on both coach and the young man, the IPF has advised us that because they have no way of recovering money from athletes personally, they impose it on the federation with the expectation that the federation would be reimbursed by the lifter. We are going to ask Shewdas to repay the fine and if found culpable, the coach will be sanctioned the severity to be decided by the executive upon the receipt of the report.” While noting that the misfortune through Shewdas is not an embarrassment and a scandal as is being claimed, but rather a tragedy, Green said that the WADA must assist the federation with its sensitization plans for athletes and coaches. Rather than compare Shewdas with a professional

athlete in the form of Lance Armstrong which is sad, Green said that persons should rally behind their fellow countrymen and women. It was reported that some 25 athletes and four national federations have been suspended in 2013 for doping violations by the IPF. “The anti doping fight is serious. The GAPF in its fight has limited resources, right now even without the fine imposed we were in red when we came back from the Pan American championships.” Guyana has been under the spotlight, Green informed, since 2008 and not now as a result of Shewdas’ issue. “Of the several Guyanese athletes that have been tested over the years including John Edwards, Winston Stoby, Randolph Morgan and Vijai Rahim who, though he got a silver medal was chosen for testing, none has ever tested positive.” Methylhexaneamine, a performance enhancing substance as is Oxilofrine were both found in Shewdas’ urine sample which was tested at the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) accredited laboratory in Cologne, Germany. The certificate of analysis confirming the adverse analytical finding was received on September 20, 2013 by the IPF from WADA indicating the presence of Methylhexaneamine and Oxilofrine which are

Prohibited Substances and both Stimulants (S.6) according to the WADA Prohibited List and the IPF Anti-Doping Rules. Commenting on the time it took the federation to inform the public, Green stated that the GAPF was all along in contact with the world governing body and had to respect the confidentiality of matter until all the requisite information was had and the matter was closed by the world body. The first official letter to the GAPF in relation to the issue was received on October 21, 2013 informing of a possible anti doping rule violation by Shewdas. As a result of this, he was temporarily suspended from the said date. The findings were passed on to the IPF Doping Review Panel which further investigated the matter having also requested additional information from Shewdas and the GAPF that could have assisted them in the investigation. The athlete was given 10 days to respond to the IPF and in his response, which was endorsed by his Coach, Egbert Jackson, he said that a few days prior to the competition, he developed a cold that was not going away and his grandfather gave him a tablet to get rid of the cold. Upon examining the table after it was used, Green said that it was discovered that it contained a substance

known as Geranium 20 which is found in many dietary supplements and is not a product manufactured to treat nasal congestion. Green noted that the athlete is ultimately responsible for what he ingests: “The IPF Anti Doping Panel endorsed that statement and said, regardless of whether it is given to you by grandfather or grandmother or whatever; you are ultimately responsible for what you take.” On November 12, 2013, in conformity with the IPF procedure, Mr. Shewdas and The GAPF were notified of the anti-doping rule violation. The document sent outlined the documentary hearing procedure. Shewdas had 21 days in which he could have contested the matter but didn’t do so as advised. Further, the athlete’s decision to waive the testing of his B sample analysis was conclusive of an anti-doping rule violation according to the IPF. Based on the findings of the IPF Doping Hearing Panel investigation, a further letter was dispatched to the GAPF on November 26, 2013 containing the judgment. It also informed that Shewdas had 21 days in which to appeal the matter to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne, Switzerland based on IPF Article 13.2.1.

Del Potro, Tomic to meet in Sydney, Ferrer falls SYDNEY (Reuters) Former U.S. Open champion Juan Martin Del Potro underlined his status as a dark horse for next week’s Australian Open by hammering Dmitry Tursunov to reach the final of the Sydney International on Friday. Spain’s world number three David Ferrer, however, had his bid for a fifth Auckland Open title ended in the semi-finals by a 6-4 7-6 (74) defeat to unheralded Taiwanese Lu Yen-hsun. At the Kooyong Classic, France’s Gilles Simon turned his ankle badly and was forced to retire while trailing compatriot Richard Gasquet 7-6 (7-3) 1-0. While Simon, seeded 18th at the Australian Open, will have scans on the injury, Gasquet meets world number

seven Tomas Berdych in Saturday’s final. Lanky Argentine Del Potro, who will be seeded fifth in Melbourne, hit nine aces as he brushed aside the Russian fourth seed 6-4 6-2 in just over an hour to reach his seventh final in the last 12 months. Two of those finals were at Masters events in Shanghai and Indian Wells, an indication for some that Del Potro might be returning to the level of form that he reached to win the 2009 U.S. Open title before a wrist injury nearly ended his career. The 25-year-old will meet Australian defending champion Bernard Tomic, who came from behind to beat Ukrainian qualifier Sergiy Stakhovsky 6-7 (4-7) 7-5 6-3, in Saturday’s final at Sydney’s Olympic Park. Del Potro was seeded to

meet world number one Rafa Nadal in the quarter-finals of the year’s first grand slam, while Tomic was revealed as the Spanish 13-times grand slam champion’s opponent in the opening round in Friday’s draw. World number five Del Potro and Australian veteran Lleyton Hewitt are the only grand slam winners apart from Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic a n d Andy Murray still active in m e n ’s t e n n i s a n d t h e Argentine believes he might soon be challenging the leading four players again in major finals. “I think I’m getting closer to the top four guys,” he said on court. “They are still playing such great tennis but if I am fit, I will try to be dangerous (Continued on page 29)

Juan Martin Del Potro of Argentina hits a return to Dmitry Tursunov of Russia during their men’s singles semi-final match at the Sydney International tennis tournament, January 10, 2014. REUTERS/Jason Reed

Saturday Januray 11, 2014

Kaieteur News

Alia Atkinson now a GKMS ambassador Jamaica Observer GRACEKENNEDY Money Services (GKMS) has now broaden its sponsorship deal in sports to include swimming, in the person of Alia Atkinson, it was announced at a conference Thursday at the Knutsford Court Hotel. Speaking at the conference, GKMS’s CEO Michelle Allen said that she was pleased and very excited to announce her company’s commitment in endorsing Atkinson. “I am very excited to be here today (Thursday) to announce GKMS’s commitment to the phenomenal athlete that is Alia Atkinson,” the GKMS executive said. Allen revealed that it was Atkinson’s fourth-place finish performance in the 2012 Olympics that caught the eyes of the sponsor to make her an ambassador for its brands. “It was the 2012 Olympics and all eyes were glued to, not

the track as is customary but on the pool. Our hearts were racing as our Alia was about to take on the world in one race. We watched this young lady deliver a fourth-place finish that felt like first place... and we knew she was something special,” Allen said with obvious joy. In making the formal announcement Allen said: “It is with great pride that we invite Alia to represent all our GKMS brands, namely, Western Union, FX Traders and Bill Express. This arrangement will see her becoming an ambassador for all our brands in all nine of our markets across the Caribbean (Jamaica, Guyana, Antigua, Trinidad, Anguilla, St Kitts, Montserrat, St Vincent and the British Virgin Islands,” she explained. Atkinson is now the second Olympian to join the GKMS family following in the footsteps of Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce. And accordingly that they will

continue to support her as she has placed Jamaica on a world map in swimming. “Alia now becomes the second Olympiam that we have signed in the past three months. Only in Christmas did Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce join the GKMS family. The new GraceKennedy ambassador was very upbeat about the endorsement from GKMS. “I am filled with pride, very pleased and honoured to be a part of GKMS who is committed to sports by their support of athletes. “GKMS have now opened many more opportunities for me as I am on a mission to place Jamaica on the world map of swimming. Opportunities like this will allow me to see a better future for myself and Jamaica, this is the turning point for swimming and I truly thank the GKMS family for their support and will make them proud,” the Olympic swimmer said.

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Olympic champion Thomas Morgenstern suffers head injury

Thomas Morgenstern (Getty Images)

BBC Sport - Triple Olympic ski jump champion Thomas Morgenstern suffered a serious head injury and lung damage after a training fall in Tauplitz. The Austrian, 27, lost consciousness but was able to speak after the crash and is in intensive care in Salzburg. Josef Obrist, the doctor treating him, has said his life is not in danger. It follows the skiing accident which has left former F1 racing driver Michael Schumacher in a critical condition after falling 12 days ago.

Morgenstern, one of Austria’s leading gold medal hopes for the Sochi Winter Olympics starting on 7 February, lost his balance in the air and landed on his back and head, the International Ski Federation said on its website. “He was responsive, Thomas can move arms and legs. That’s very important,” team physician Herbert Leitner said. Morgenstern, who won two Olympic titles in the individual and team large hill event in Turin in 2006 and a team large hill gold in Vancouver in 2010, also

crashed earlier in the Olympic season following a jump at the World Cup in TitiseeNeustadt, Germany, on 15 December. He suffered several bruises, face cuts and a broken finger b u t s t i l l finished runner-up to fellow Austrian Thomas Diethart in the Four Hills To u r l a s t w e e k a n d i s currently fifth in the World Cup standings. Coach Alexander Pointner said: “We can only hope for the best. This really hurts because we are all very close. Thomas is the heart of this team.”

Hockey World League Final: Man Utd: David Moyes England beat India in opener charged with misconduct by FA Adam Dixon (Getty Images)

BBC Sport - England opened their World League Final campaign with a 2-0 win against hosts India in Delhi. Adam Dixon scored once in each half, both goals coming from penalty corners. It is England’s first competitive tournament since they lost the play-off match for bronze against the Netherlands at EuroHockey 2013 in August. In the other Pool A match, reigning Olympic and European champions Germany thrashed New Zealand 6-1. Dixon said after England’s victory: “I don’t score many goals and was just in the right place at the right time. “It’s crucial to start with a win as you set the momentum for the rest of the

tournament.” Australia beat Belgium 32 in the opening match of Pool B, while Argentina overcame the Netherlands 5-2. England, currently ranked fourth in the world, finished third in the World League semi-finals last year, meaning they qualified for the World Cup, which starts in May in the Netherlands. The World League Final features eight of the world’s best sides. After a tight and tense start to the match in which forward Simon Mantell hit a post, England finally broke the deadlock in the 28th minute. Dixon finished off a wellworked penalty corner with a shot which found the righthand side of the net.

And he got his second early in the second half following another England penalty corner, pouncing from close range after a scramble. India thought they had scored through Rupinder Singh in the 58th minute, but the goal was disallowed after a successful referral from England who noticed that the ball had not left the circle at a penalty corner. Ashley Jackson nearly made it three for England late in the match when he forced a great save from India goalkeeper Sreejesh Parattu Raveendran. England’s next game is against Germany on Saturday before they complete their pool fixtures against New Zealand on Monday.

BBC Sport - Manchester United manager David Moyes has been charged with misconduct by the Football Association. It is in relation to comments made after Tuesday’s 2-1 League Cup semi-final first-leg loss to Sunderland when Moyes, 50, said United are “beginning to laugh at referees” for their “terrible” decisions. He added that they are “playing referees as well as the opposition”. Moyes has until 18:00 GMT on Wednesday, 15 January to respond to the charge. “It is alleged the comments called into question the integrity of the match officials... and/or implied that such match officials are motivated by bias; and/or brought the game into disrepute, in contravention of Rule E3(1),” said a statement. The first-leg defeat was United’s third loss in a week

David Moyes - the first time that has happened since 1992. The Premier League champions were beaten 2-1 at home by Tottenham at the start of 2014 and followed that up with elimination from the FA Cup at the hands of Swansea, which was also played at Old Trafford. The former Everton manager was also irked by a

decision during the Spurs defeat, stating it was “scandalous” United were not awarded a late penalty. Moyes, who succeeded Sir Alex Ferguson at United at the end of last season, said he had the pedigree to guide the club through “difficult” times. “I have done it before, I’m experienced and I just sense that it’s just on the verge of turning,” he added. “I sense that we are about to get a bit better. “If you are going to be in this job, then that’s what happens. You have got to win and in the last few games, I have not won. “We are going through a difficult time. It’s part of football management, it’s never going to be an easy ride.” Earlier this week, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers was fined £8,000 over comments he made about referee Lee Mason after the defeat at Manchester City.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday January 11, 2014

Farfan & Mendes renew RHTY&SC U-15 partnership, 17years and counting Sports sponsorship in Guyana is sometimes very difficult to obtain and even when it is, most sponsorship tends to be one off deals. The Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club (RHTY&SC) however has an unrivaled ability to maintain sponsorship with their sponsors for long periods. This was the case on Wednesday last when the Georgetown based Farfan & Mendes Ltd renewed their sponsorship for the club’s

Under-15 cricket team for the 17th consecutive year. The Urquhart Street business entity has been sponsoring the defending Berbice Under-15 Champions since 1997 and has pledged to a long term relationship with Guyana’s leading youth and sports organisation. Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster expressed gratitude to the Management of Farfan & Mendes for their continued confidence in the

Club and for investing in the future of the young players. RHTY&SC Under-15 Team under the Farfan & Mendes Under-15 has won the Berbice championship four times and numerous others organised by the Club. The team has also produced a total of twelve national players including Test player Assad Fudadin, ODI player Royston Crandon, Abdel Fudadin, Delbert Hicks, Shevon Marks, Shawn Pereira,

Mrs. Annie Joao of Farfan and Mendes Ltd hands over the cheque to RHTY&SC Representative Sylvia Foster. P h a ff i a n a M i l l i n g t o n , Dominique Rikhi and Parmanand Narine. A total of thirty-nine players have represented Berbice over the years at the Under-15 level. Shawn Pereira, Phaffiana Millington and Assad Fudadin also captained Guyana at the junior level. Foster also disclosed that the Club, Farfan & Mendes Ltd Under-15 and their fellow cricket teams in the Club completed a total of 80 self-development programmes during 2013 and have committed themselves to a target of 85

this year. These include educational, awards, charity, anti-drugs and community development programmes. The Under-15 team would be under the Management of Office Manager Moonish Singh and Coach Winston Smith. The Captain for the 2014 season would be Kevon Anderson with Emanuel Seecharran as his deputy. Foster also disclosed that the Club’s Disciplinary Committee would also be revamped and strengthened to ensure that all rules are respected by the

membership. Marketing Manager of Farfan & Mendes stated that the Company was pleased to be associated with the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, noting that the Club has represented his Company’s brand with discipline, commitment and distinction. The 2014 sponsorship deal is worth $200,000 while Farfan & Mendes also cosponsors the Club’s annual Review Magazine, Annual Aw a r d s C e r e m o n y, Educational programmes and Christmas Charity Programmes.

Karate Federation focus is on education in 2014 1st Kickboxing Tournament for the year set T h e Tr i n i d a d a n d Tobago Karate Federation (TTKF) will focus on continuing education in 2014. Many martial arts instructors do not have the proper qualifications to coach or officiate, a release from the federation stated. TTKF has always been an advocate of making the instructor marketable and raising technical skills. Already TTKF have twenty-two instructors who graduated from the American Sport Education (ASEP) Coaching

Principles courses and ten more are going through the process. Our Referee programme is the best in the r e g i o n . We h a v e accomplished officials in Karate (Traditional and Eclectic), and Kickboxing, the release stated. TTKF clubs are now accepting new registrations. Log on to for locations. Meanwhile, the first 2014 event by the Trinidad a n d To b a g o K a r a t e Federation (TTKF) is the TTKF-CBKBT Kickboxing

Tournament. It will take place at Cosmic Boxing Gym, Marabella on January 25th at 7:00 pm. Weigh-in will be at Carapaichima Community Center (Bushido Karate and Ju-Jitsu Dojo) on Saturday 1 8 t h J a n u a r y. T h e tournament is sanctioned by the Brazil Traditional Kickboxing Federation (CBKBT). All Kickboxing clubs must contact Rodney Ramlal (TTKF Kickboxing director) at 868-706-4583 for information.

Saturday January 11, 2014

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Systems in place for Gayle tipped to lead Benjamin Sports Store open Jamaica at Super50 cycle event in Berbice tomorrow

Chris Gayle

Coach of the FACC Randolph Roberts (left) collects the sponsorship check from Gary Benjamin. Systems are in place for the third Annual Benjamin Sports Store open cycle road race set for tomorrow in Berbice. The race, which will be the first event for the 2014 cycling season in Guyana, is sponsored by overseas based Guyanese and former national cycling champion Wilbert Benjamin and will be staged in collaboration with the Flying Ace Cycle Club (FACC) of Berbice. The 40-mile event, which will pedal off from Fyrish Village in front of the Benjamin Sports Store at Fyrish, will proceed to No 51 Police Station and back to the starting point, is open to cyclists throughout Guyana and will give the country’s cyclists the opportunity to compete for top dollars early in the season. On Tuesday last, Gary

Benjamin, brother of sponsor, Wilbert Benjamin, handed over the sponsorship cheque to coach of the Flying Ace Cycle Club Randolph Roberts at the Benjamin Sports Store Fyrish, Corentyne. Benjamin stated that his family is happy to help contribute in the upkeep of the sport and making a difference in people’s lives. Roberts in receiving the cheque expressed gratitude on behalf of Flying Ace and thanked Mr. Benjamin for promoting cycling and giving back to the community. There will be prizes for the first six finishers, the top three juniors, the first three veterans U-45 years and the first four beginners, while there will also be eight sprint point prizes up for grabs. Benjamin, a native of

Berbice, was a former national cyclist who represented Guyana at both the junior and senior levels. He along with his brother Gary made a potent combination for Berbice in the past. He returns home on a regular basis and would assist his club and teams in whatever way possible including sponsorship of races. All the top cyclists in the country are expected to participate in their quest to take the early advantage. The race will be coordinated by Coach Roberts. Benjamin will also be sponsoring another open race in collaboration with the FACC on February 23, in dedication of his father Sanko Benjamin 80th birthday. The event will be staged on the Corentyne.

Jamaica Gleaner Kingston, Jamaica - Injured opener Chris Gayle is set to captain Jamaica at this m o n t h ’s We s t I n d i e s NAGICO Super50 tournament to be staged in

Trinidad and Tobago. Information reaching The Gleaner is that Gayle was recommended for the post by the national selection panel, and this was ratified by the Jamaica Cricket

Association during a board meeting Thursday. The decision to appoint Gayle, according to the source, was ratified after the board was briefed by the (Continued on page 29)

t r o Sp Singh has proven GAPF investigation ongoing, grassroots worth athlete will be asked to to basketball repay IPF imposed fine -Hinds is also an asset to sport’s development Shewdas is not a drugs cheat – Peter Green



GAPF President Peter Green (right) makes a point during yesterday’s press conference. PRO Denroy Livan shares the head table.

Michael Singh

Michael Burnett

Nigel Hinds

Nationals beat Rest X1 by 26 runs Serena eyes sixth as bad light stop play at Everest coronation at Melbourne Park P.31

Serena Williams of the U.S. serves to Victoria Azarenka of Belarus during their women’s final match at the Brisbane International tennis tournament in Brisbane, January 4, 2014. REUTERS/Jason Reed Shiv Chanderpaul works one through the onside in 32 at Everest yesterday.

Alia Atkinson now a GKMS ambassador P.29

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