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Sunday January 05, 2014

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Multi-billion dollar drug contracts…

Pre-qualification system - AFC flawed, must be scrapped says - public can now nominate members to Public Procurement Commission

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo

New GPC’s boss, Dr. Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop

Government’s multibillion-dollar drugs purchases are again coming under intense scrutiny. This time the Alliance For Change (AFC) is demanding that the administration scrap plans to shortlist or prequalify suppliers. The last pre-qualification period expired on December 31 and the Ministry of Health had been looking to select the suppliers for the next three years. A pre-qualified contractor is automatically considered when it is time to order critical or emergency supplies. Over the past year, there have been scathing criticisms, even from the country’s leader, over drug supplies and wastage to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Reportedly, a number of hospitals are currently short on critical pharmaceuticals like saline, painkillers, diabetic and high pressure medications. With billions of taxpayers’ dollars at stake, independent suppliers and the Opposition have time and again been accusing Government of favouring New GPC, a company whose principal, Dr.

Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop, shares close ties with former President Bharrat Jagdeo. The company has been benefiting from billions of dollars annually, controlling supplies of up to 80 per cent of the drugs purchased by the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and the Ministry of Health. “On the one hand, the savings to the taxpayers and the treasury would have been enormous. Over the last two years alone the computation as to the amount saved would have been $1.8B! This would have been sufficient to give public servants this year an additional ten percent increase,” said the Alliance For Change. On the other hand, the drug purchase has enriched the favoured company, New GPC hugely! This has been going on for years now. AFC, which has seven of the 33-seat Opposition majority of the National Assembly, says that it is studying complaints that the pre-qualification evaluation criteria as laid down by the Ministry of Health, was deliberately prepared in a manner that sidelines small

Health Minister, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran

AFC’s Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan

suppliers and tip the balance in favour of the controversial New GPC. PUBLIC INVITATION The development would come even as the Parliament Office yesterday invited the public to propose names of persons for the Public Procurement Commission (PPC), the body that would oversee the way state contracts are awarded and which would have sweeping powers to investigate complaints of irregularities in the process. According to AFC’s

Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan, his party is pushing to have the Commission established and operational by this month end. Former Auditor General, Anand Goolsarran, and accountant, Christopher Ram, have been proposed by the party. Ramjattan said that as such, the entire prequalification of contractors for the supplies of drugs should be reviewed by the Commission. Government would do well to hold off until the Commission (Continued on page 43)

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A knowledge of life-saving The days of learning important survival life skills have apparently been forgotten. This view is supported by the recent demise of little Ronita ‘Pinky’ Erskine who from all indications choked to death on a food particle despite valiant efforts to save her. At the outset it should be stated that based upon the reported version of events back blows formed the principal method of first aid but this proved futile. Incidentally in 1985 the American Heart Association removed this method from choking-rescue guidelines. It seems that no one tried the tried and tested Heimlich Manoeuvre to dislodge the offending foreign object. As a matter of opinion no one on the scene seemed to have any more than rudimentary knowledge of what to do in the circumstances. What should one do in the event that a child (or anyone for that matter) is in danger of suffering the same fate as that little girl? This brings us to the fact that these days no emphasis seems to be placed on the teaching of first aid in the schools curricula. The nearest students come to anything remotely resembling this subject is in Health and Family Life Education (HFLE). In past times interested persons became involved with the St. John’s Ambulance Brigade (SJAB) which for a long time was ardently supported by police physician Dr. Wharton. Even more recently, aspiring health care workers joined classes at the Guyana Red Cross (GRC). Of course nowadays, the average under thirtysomething person might not know (or care) what SJAB is or does. On the other hand the GRC is more familiarly known for its work in disaster relief and other altruistic endeavours. The Smellie Cup competed for annually by units of the Guyana Police Force is the only other first-aid event whose repertoire of activities does not appear to extend to Heimlich Manoeuvres. Having said all of that, what exactly can be done or should at least be attempted to at least give a choking person a fighting chance of survival? The Heimlich Manoeuvre, named after American thoracic surgeon, Henry Judah Heimlich, is the most common technique used safely to save choking adults and children above the age of one year old. It can also be self-performed. However anyone applying this method is strongly urged to call 911 even after the object would have been dislodged. Persons interested in learning this proven effective method of survival are advised to consult with the GRC, the SJAB – if it is still functioning, or with online resources like Harvard Medical Journal, Medline Plus, or any other authentic verifiable means. People owe it to themselves to make every effort to acquire the necessary knowledge to prevent unnecessary loss. We probably need to expand our young people’s awareness of the importance of becoming scouts and guides and in that respect the Guyana Police Force must be commended for its work in that area. However, more to the point, it should be the expectation of everyone living within these borders to be issued with victim-prevention advisories by the relevant authorities on personal health, home and occupational safety in the areas of crime, fire, road and riverine traffic. We need to see people being told about the hazards in their daily lives, the dangers of which are outside of their experiences. In much the same way that millions have been expended on issues like AIDS awareness serious concern must also be brought to bear on others not much less severe. To have these quite realistic expectations unrealised or ignored continually is an abdication of social responsibility, denial of a social conscience, and an affront to the survivors of those like little Pinkie who have needlessly suffered or perished through not only ignorance of the appropriate preventive measures, but by not being afforded the opportunity to be advised on them and being prepared accordingly.

Sunday January 05, 2014

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I reiterate my call for the Minister of Culture’s resignation DEAR EDITOR, Having read Frank Anthony’s latest lament on the “troubles” plaguing the Caribbean Press, I reiterate my call for the Minister of Culture’s resignation on the counts of perpetual incompetence and duplicity. We should start with the list of books to be published. Nowhere does the Minister mention the “poetry anthology (at the printers) featuring 22 local Guyanese writers, most of them never published before, and at least two who show serious talent and should be encouraged to produce full volumes”, nor the anthology of “Guyanese

short stories” that Dr. David Dabydeen promised to launch the “next time” he was in Guyana (“Minister Anthony paid...” SN, Jan 15, 2013); Dabydeen was “next” in Guyana half a year ago, and neither anthology was launched. In several letters throughout the year, I asked about the progress being made on these anthologies, queries that were met with complete silence from the Ministry, even as local authors, the very people the Press was purportedly established to publish, continue to be denied publication promised them at least three years ago.

In contrast, those associated with the management of the Press have done very well over the past year or two. Dr. Ian McDonald has released several books, and has won another deserved Guyana Prize for poetry; David Dabydeen has launched his latest novel, Johnson’s Dictionary, in England; Petamber Persaud has recently launched his book An Introduction to Guyanese Literature; and of course, the Minister’s daughter, Ashley Anthony, has had her book published by the Caribbean Press itself. Now, with regard to the funding for the Caribbean

Press and the supposed danger it faces, Anthony is setting up a straw dragon and then pretending to cower from it. As far as I can tell, none of the Parliamentary parties has threatened the Ministry’s budgetary allocations nor have they given any indication that they will do so. The only “resistance” on the Caribbean Press in Parliament that the Minister has had to face was the AFC’s Trevor Williams’ written questions on the Press’ operations half a year ago, although judging from the quality of the Minister ’s answers with regard to issues (Continued on page 7)

Sunday January 05, 2014

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There is no Black consciousness I have no faith in group in Guyana Guyana’s Civil Society

DEAR EDITOR, I grew up in Guyana in an age where Black consciousness was at fever pitch levels. I would be dishonest as an intellectual to deny the role the personality of Forbes Burnham played in this context; also Burnham had with him other members of the PNC who were on the same wave length. No discussion of the rise of Black consciousness can ever be concluded without the extensive and intensive role Eusi Kwayana played in this process, and to concretize his effort he founded and nurtured the group ASCRIA In this age of proud Black consciousness, I refer readers to an ugly incident in the early seventies at Bishop’s High School at a Pan-African conference. So sensitive were Black consciousness activists to any criticism of the world wide African struggle for liberation that a prominent Guyanese African rights activist (someone who is a life long friend of me and wife) picked up a chair and moved towards Moses Bhagwan to strike him with it. He had misinterpreted a position of Moses who remains today one of the finest multi-racial activist this world (not only Guyana) has seen. The above is an introduction reflection on a letter written by Eusi Kwayana (“Fighting Injustice is not Limited to Ethnic Characters,” KN, Jan 3, 14). I quote Brother Eusi; “There are two or three writers who feel that they can write whatever they like about Africans.” What can be added to those “two or three writers” are many more, including the lady

that did that nasty editorial denigrating African youths in the Chronicle editorial of July 3, 2012 titled; “Opposition rampages to sow disunity in the country.” It was one of the most rabid, anti-African vilifications in the history of this country. It was sick, insane and downright uncivilized. How the PPP Government survived this morbid racist attack on Africans in that editorial shows graphically what a dead society Guyana has become (see my column on the issue; “Should I be Ashamed to be an East Indian, KN, July 13, 2012) It is not only individuals like the woman who wrote that editorial and who is a PPP favourite; there are Indian organizations that openly insult African people in this country and get away with it. The names include the Indian Arrival Committee and the Muslim Youth Organization (MYO). Recently, the MYO implied that Africans in the opposition were behind the crimes and robberies of which Indians were victims. After a series of arrests in which not one of the accused was linked to the opposition and some of those arrested were Indians, the MYO is yet to apologize to African Guyanese. Interestingly, the Muslim community was silent on this nasty act of the MYO. The trouble with African Guyanese today is that there is no organization that has on its agenda the need to resurrect Black consciousness. And many African leaders are afraid to do so out of fear that they will be branded as racist. You don’t find this fear in the Indian community. The Hindu churches are quite happy to (Continued on page 7)

DEAR EDITOR, Every country needs its civil society. It is that collective that reflects the values and soul of the nation. After the 3rd July, 2002 event when protesters stormed the office of the President in New Garden Street, there began a civil society movement. Not in all of Guyana’s turbulent past: the Cent Bread Riots, the 80 Day Strike; ethnic violence of the 1960s and after; or, the onslaught of bandits, did anyone try to do what was done to the Office of the President. Civil society was shocked. The sleeping giant, with its callous back turned to the bleeding society of bitter tears, suddenly stirred itself. Its fragmented parts started to come together in a network that was supposed to promote a better society. I understand that the awakening was the result of the prodding received at a Carter Center’s seminar. Shockingly, the awakening lasted for about a year, and then, like all such local

movements, died the death, as I had predicted to one of its leaders. Recently, I have been reading about another initiative - the Guyana National Council of Public Policy (GNCPP) - a civil society movement. The organisation’s facebook page outlines its five-point mission, one of which reads, ‘Reaffirming the key role of civil society and

people-to-people cooperation in the peaceful development of Guyana and in the overcoming of dividing lines across Guyana.’ Laudable though the mission is, especially at this time, there is no mass support for the organization. I am of the view that, like me, many citizens have no faith in Guyana’s civil society. They have no faith in (Continued on page 7)

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Sunday January 05, 2014

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Change will only come when the people are respected by the PPP DEAR EDITOR: As 2014 rolls out, too many Guyanese find themselves in their worst cost of living crisis since 1987. Not since the horrible 80’s have the working class struggled this much to make ends meet. If one is to go around the country in the villages and in urban areas, people are saying that they are struggling to fund their weekly food bills. If people who have middle level jobs in the system are faced with this cost of living crisis; can you imagine what is the reality for the people in Plastic City, Toppoo, Sophia, Pigeon Island? Surely we can do better as a country in light of the constant boast of the “biggest budget ever”. There is no doubt that Guyana has established a track record as being a loyal student of the IMF by dogmatically trying to achieve its broad monetary and fiscal policy measures such as containing inflation, safeguarding our international reserves and fiscal consolidation. There is no doubt that the PPP did much work to secure a situation where we are no longer borrowing to pay debt. There is no doubt we have new hospitals, schools, roads and bridges, etc. But what about the direct economic well-being of the people? Economic growth happened for the last several years Mr. Editor but it begs

the question -for whom? In the latest IMF report they warned that we need to “promote more inclusive growth”. The IMF in that December 2013 Report highlighted Guyana’s inability to meet “unmet development needs”. Including in these unmet needs is the persistent levels of human under-development with a social assistance system that rewards the rich and penalizes the poor. Can you imagine Mr. Editor that we procure 80 percent of the medical supplies of this nation from one person to the tune of some G$4 billion? Then there is that case of a skin cream being purchased at G$1,900 a tube on behalf of the poor but the same cream is available for the rich at under G$200 for those who do not need the state system. The crux of the matter is that an increasing number of citizens cannot afford this PPP Government; they are certainly too high maintenance an entity. So how do we the people influence an alternative spending plan in 2014? First off it is refreshing to know even the IMF is calling for “a more even distribution of the benefit from economic growth” and this must be the signal to apply necessary pressure to achieve exactly this. We cannot continue to sing “Let us co-operate for Guyana…” when according to a financial model that I built, the top nine (9) business families have an estimated

wealth of over G$252 billion and growing at rate of G$479,000 EVERY HOUR. After TAXES (remember VAT) and NIS are deducted, the majority of Guyanese do not take home such sums of cash IN A YEAR. So there is no need for anyone, especially His Excellency the President, to even mention “let us work together”, when he sits on top of a system that actively provide ammunition for this war - economic inequality. Any righteous and politically conscious President would want to address the causation of the war rather than the effect of the war and do something tangible about it. Will 2014 find President Ramotar examining this issue

future for all its people-and I mean all its people. The Sara Bharrats and Ruel Johnsons bring to the horizons of a bewitched and abused nation, a sort of urgency to confront and change the status quo, like never felt before. The trust and support can only be resounding. They are not political opportunist. They are not men and women who will buckle under any pressure brought on by politicians. Their voices will not be stifled or their pens compromised. The fear that will sweep Guyana will not be that of its people. The people’s voices will be crying to be free. Shouting in unison for the change so needed. The change that will and must come. The young men and women from the University of Guyana and schools across the land will sit and have conversations with vendors, canecutters, mechanics,

Public Procurement Commission and the Public Service Appellant Tribunal are constituted. Failure to achieve these basic milestones will not be politically providential for the opposition. To the people of Guyana especially the working class the only path to economic emancipation is through greater militancy even if it means street action until the PPP values your labour. In light of this economic genocide being unleashed on the working class by the PPP, financial prudence is an essential tool for surviving 2014 (spend your money carefully on items that will elevate your health and mental well-being and at places of business that best support your cause).

The year 2014 must be the year that the boldest acts of civil disobedience must manifest itself similar to what Gandhi and King promoted; non-violence but firmly, resolutely, and peacefully. Change will only come when the people are respected by the PPP and those “biggest budget ever” serve as a policy document that stop this economic marginalization of the working class. I leave you with the wisdom of Confucius which states that “to know what is right and not do it, is the worst cowardice”. Happy New Year to one and all! LIVING IN THE PRESENT MOMENT IS THE ROOT OF HAPPINESS Sasenarine Singh

Mr. Bisram has demonstrated a lack of understanding of the PPP’s ideology DEAR EDITOR, In a letter published in Kaieteur News on Monday 23rd December, 2013, written by Vishnu Bisram, the writer raised certain issues which require a response. In that letter, Mr. Bisram purports to polemise on the PPP’s electoral chances at the next elections and expresses the view that the PPP is labouring under some delusion about winning those elections. He argues that among the basis for this delusion are that the PPP has neglected its constituency; many officials have erred; the

The awareness drive against corruption must be pursued vigorously DEAR EDITOR, The Guyanese people must treat every day of this year as if there is General Elections in a few weeks. The awareness drive against corruption must be pursued vigoriously. Every Guyanese in every walk of life must be aware, informed and active as a struggle that will change our country for better takes shape. Sara Bharrat calls for the silence to be broken and our fears to be quashed. She represents a young Guyana that can only secure a brighter

in detail or will we have more of –”it is them not me” syndrome? I am an eternal optimist and if ever, we should enter a New Year full of optimism, it is 2014. We should be optimistic that President Ramotar will change his wayward economic, political and social public policies to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor. Isn’t this what the Founder Leader of the PPP, Dr. Jagan, dedicated his life towards – the wellbeing of all his people? I want to use this opportunity to wish the nation all the best for 2014 and call on the majority opposition to yield not to PPP until the local government elections are held and the commission and tribunals especially the

street sweepers, rice farmers and bauxite workers. We will behold their changed expressions. You will sense the quiet determination and dignity in their movements and posture. This nation will sense a maturity and attitude in our young people that it has not sensed before. I believe, deep within my soul that every Indian, Black, Amerindian and other ethnic groups of young people have seen through the façade of the manifestation of politics in today’s Guyana. They have had enough. The future is theirs and can no longer be seen as an empty rhetoric to be mocked. Sara, courageously asked us to break the silence. Will we? Will we make a giant leap into our immediate future. Can we believe in the change that must come. Can we collectively walk that walk. We must. Norman Browne

PPP’s campaign style was lewd; PPP officials are guilty of arrogance without any actions taken against these officials by the party. Mr. Bisram has demonstrated a genuine and deep-seated lack of understanding of the role, function and ideology of the PPP. The PPP is, and from its inception, has always been a mass-based political movement dedicated to be the vanguard of each and every struggle to remove the working people from the chains of exploitation and poverty; to forge racial unity among our people and to remove class domination and discrimination in any form or fashion in our country. To achieve these objectives the PPP has used, and will continue to use a scientific approach as an interpretive tool in its analysis. From its tried and tested foundational principles, the PPP has never and shall never realise. In the pursuit of its objectives, the PPP sees Executive Government merely as a means towards an end and not the end itself. It is our view that while we are in government, it makes it a little easier to achieve these ends. But whether in or out of government, those goals shall continue to be pursued. In this regard, we rely on our record over the last 60 years to vindicate us. Therefore, Mr. Bisram’s reduction of the PPP to that of an electoral machinery, merely interested in the winnings of an elections, is a profound error which forms the genesis of every erroneous assertion he makes

and flawed conclusions which he draws thereafter in his missive. For example, he argues that the PPP will not attract multi-racial support even if it increases public servants’ salaries. As a working-class party that has struggled valiantly for over sixty years for a liveable wage for workers, the PPP will never utilise salary increases as a political token to workers anywhere. We will always strive to pay the highest wage possible, provided that the economy can sustain and the treasury can afford it. The notion peddled that the party does not understand the reality on the ground is one that is said of political parties everywhere. The fundamental truth is that political activism is always a work in progress. The PPP recognises this reality and through its party machinery, is constantly engaged in such endeavours. Admittedly, the same way that political gains are made, while a party is in government because it is able to deliver goods and services, similarly, political losses are suffered when goods and services are not delivered or when officials, through no fault of their own, have to refuse demands, both reasonable and unreasonable, of political constituents because the treasury cannot afford it. Arrogance and neglect are the resultant rebuke. These are realities which all political parties in government must bear. The criticism levelled in respect of the campaign-style employed at the last elections is one that has validity, both the President , Comrade

Donald Ramotar and the General Secretary, Comrade Clement Rohee, have made statements recognising that mistakes were made in this regard. Public commitments have been made not to repeat these errors. Bisram credits the PNC in not deluding itself in thinking that it can win multi-racial support. According to him, “it fished where there were schools of fish… The PPP, on the other hand, fished where there were no fish, wasting bait and losing its cast-net.” As is stated above, one of the goals of our party is to strive to bring racial and working class unity among our people. From the pursuit of this goal, we shall never depart. Unlike the PNC, we will never engage in ethnic and racial campaigning. We will continue to persevere to unite our people. So to Mr.Bisram, we plead guilty and we say that we will continue to fish where you think there is no fish even if we have to waste more bait and lose more cast-nets. As the oldest and largest political party in Guyana, we owe that to our country and our people. The luxury of an alternative is simply not available to us. Unlike the PNC (APNU) and the AFC, we are not political fishermen. We are nationalist politicians championing the every cause of all of our people. Governmental power is simply a conduit through which we do this. It is not our ultimate destination. Clement James Rohee General Secretary People’s Progressive Party.

Sunday January 05, 2014

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I reiterate my call for the Minister of Culture’s... From page 5 of accountability, his fears of the as yet unbrandished budgetary axe may be understandable. For example, to date, the Minister has yet to account for the precise number of copies of books published by the Press, and where they are in Guyana, in keeping with his claims that the bulk of the books have been distributed to schools, despite the Ministry of Education being uninvolved with said distribution. Contrary to the Minister’s prediction of doom and gloom, and the establishment of the red herring of board funding as an issue, fixing what is wrong with the Caribbean Press is not rocket science. First, you need two boards, management and editorial. With regard to the management board, like all state boards, participation would be voluntary, and academics as a rule do not charge for editorial board participation. Therefore, Anthony’s insinuation that board costs would be a stumbling block to the Press’ continued operations is duplicitous as best, but not atypical of the Minister’s pronouncements.

The key editorial management cost would be for a qualified managing editor. I for one initially volunteered my services, was asked to quote a price for professional services by Dabydeen which he then grossly inflated and publicized as part of the attempt to deflect inquiries into the Press, following which I again offered my voluntary services. I even went as far as sending a summary white paper, inclusive of suggested editorial and management boards to the Minister via his Permanent Secretary, Alfred King, a document that was also sent to David Dabydeen. Indeed, Dabydeen was also sent further recommendations for the management of the Press, none of which have been put into place. Making electronic copies of the books available for sale on websites like Amazon, for example, would have been eminently achievable yet the only eversions of Caribbean books are available via PDF on the hastily cobbled-together ‘website’ that sprung up in the wake of my enquiries last year. As for the administrative costs, Anthony has never come clean on the specifics, particularly human resource allocations. He focuses for

I have no faith... From page 5 a group that rises like a balahoo on the ocean and then subsides before obliteration. They want no part of movement that is formed when our society seems threatened but subsides when counterfeit serenity washes in. They do not want to come out in support of something that has fervor without

enduring power. People want a robust civil society that would be there in season and out of season, like an Egyptian pyramid, weathering the storms and standing resolute. Like Franz Fanon, they want to see the body warming gently until it is consumed, thereby creating a lasting alteration of its composition. Lennox Cornette

There is no Black... From page 5 preach Indian consciousness and invite PPP politicians to address their congregations. National cricketers like Shiv Chanderpaul and Ronny Sarwan do not hide their Indianness and are not inhibited in associating with the PPP Government that a majority of Africans find to be a racist regime. Chanderpaul, in particular, sees nothing wrong in accepting an award for “his contribution to the Indians” of Guyana from the Indian Arrival Committee. I wrote him a letter, handdelivered to the Pegasus advising that he not accept it because he is a national figure and his contribution is to Guyana not Indian Guyanese. A radiant Chanderpaul went on stage and received his Indian award, much to the delight of Bharrat Jagdeo who

was on stage. Finally, you see the tragic absence of Black consciousness groups in the almost total absence of darkskinned faces in Guyana’s commercials. In fact, we have gone right back to the early 20th century when all the faces were white. Don’t take my word for it, just look for yourself. Go and see a white man advertising the benefit of insurance on a Hand-in-Hand billboard at the Everest Sports Club. See the back of the Breeze van, where a white baby advertises the brand name soap power. Black faces do not appear in commercials in Guyana. Ironic that Black consciousness has faded from the sociology, culture and politics of Guyana in an era where the United States voted for a Black man as President Frederick Kissoon

example on the $7.85 million spent on secretarial assistants for three years, yet he refuses to disclose where this money was spent (UK or Guyana), or the identity, contractual obligations and qualifications of the assistants. Additionally, the Minister is equally silent on the specifics of the layout and design costs, as well as the licensing costs paid to the original publishers of the books being reprinted by the Press. As I have stated before, remove the nepotism, the

incompetence and the lack of accountability from the initiative, and the Caribbean Press can be a timely, innovative and sustainable venture. It is the Minister’s refusal to do so which is the major stumbling block, typical of the PPP’s penchant for financial and operational inscrutability in the execution of projects they claim to establish in the national interest. I again offer my pro bono services as Caribbean Press advisory editor. My only

stipulations, as I made clear to Dabydeen, are that active focus needs to be placed on the discovery, development and publication of contemporary resident writers, and that a definitive financial and operational audit of the Caribbean Press be undertaken as a baseline for moving the initiative sustainably forward. If it is that the Minister has nothing to fear from such an audit, and if he is truly interested in keeping the initiative alive, he would actively seek out and

accept all the help offered, instead of finding weak, ‘pitypo-boy’ excuses to justify his inability to stick to his promises on the Caribbean Press, whether they have to do with the publication of local authors or to set up a competent board or boards. I await his response, starting with a public statement on the miraculous disappearance of the two anthologies of contemporary local fiction and poetry, promised by both himself and Dabydeen. Ruel Johnson

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Sunday January 05, 2014

Bangladesh vote unlikely to stem wave of violence DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) - The run-up to today’s general election in Bangladesh has been marked by bloody street clashes and caustic political vendettas, and the vote threatens to plunge this South Asian country even deeper into crisis. The opposition and its allies are boycotting the vote, a move that undermines the legitimacy of the election and makes it unlikely that the polls will stem a wave of political violence that killed at least 275 people in 2013. Much of the capital, Dhaka, has been cut off from the rest of the country in recent weeks, as the opposition has pressed its demands through general strikes and transportation blockades. Civilians have been caught up in the bloodshed, with activists torching vehicles belonging to motorists who defy the strikes, leading to a growing sense of desperation over the political impasse. Up to 50 schools and other facilities to be used as polling stations have been burned down since Friday, TV reports said. “I want to go to vote, but I am afraid of violence,” said Hazera Begum, a teacher in Dhaka. “If the situation is normal and my neighbors go, I may go.” The chaos could exacerbate economic woes in this deeply impoverished country of 160 million and lead to radicalization in a strategic pocket of South Asia, analysts say. The opposition demands that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina step down and appoint a neutral caretaker administration to oversee the election. But Hasina has refused, which means the election will mainly be a contest between candidates from the ruling Awami League and its allies. Awami League candidates are running unchallenged in more than half of the country’s 300 parliamentary constituencies. Bangladesh has a grim history of political violence, including the assassinations of two presidents and 19 failed coup attempts since its independence from Pakistan in 1971. “I am fearful that deadly violence could return, people would continue to suffer, political forces with extreme views could emerge in the face of government crackdown and repressive measures,” said Asif Nazrul, a law teacher and analyst. “This election will just pollute our very new democracy by shrinking the space for opposite views.” The squabbling between Hasina and opposition leader Khaleda Zia - known as the “Battling Begums”- has become a bitter sideshow as both women vie to lead the country. “Begum” is an honorific for Muslim women of rank. The bickering between the two longtime rivals caused an uproar in October, when the women spoke for the first time in years in an acrimonious telephone call.

“I called you around noon. You didn’t pick up,” Hasina said, according to a transcript published in the Dhaka Tribune, an Englishlanguage newspaper. Zia, leader of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, said the prime minister was wrong. “You have to listen to me first,” Zia snapped. Last weekend, after authorities barred Zia from leaving her home to join a rally, she told police that she would change the name of Gopalganj, Hasina’s home district, if she came to power. Her outburst was broadcast live on TV while roads around her home were heavily guarded and sand-laden trucks were parked to obstruct her movement. On Friday, Zia again urged people to boycott what she called “farcical” elections. “None at home and abroad will legitimize it,” she said. Zia and Hasina have dominated Bangladeshi politics for two decades, which is more a reflection of South Asia’s penchant for political dynasties than of the role of women in this mostly Muslim nation. A key factor in the latest dispute is the role of Jamaat-e-Islami, the country’s largest Islamic political party. The party is a key ally of Zia, and was a coalition partner in the government Zia led from 2001 to 2006. Opponents of Jamaat-e-Islami say it is a fundamentalist group with no place in a secular country. Bangladesh is predominantly Muslim, but is governed by largely secular laws based on British common law. The execution last month of Abdul Quader Mollah, a Jamaat-e-Islami leader and a key member of the opposition, exposed the country’s seething tensions. Mollah was the first person to be hanged for war crimes in Bangladesh under an international tribunal established in 2010 to investigate atrocities stemming from the 1971 war of independence against Pakistan. Bangladesh says Pakistani soldiers, aided by local collaborators including Mollah, killed at least 3 million people and raped 200,000 women during the nine-month war. The case remains politically volatile because most of those being tried are connected to the opposition. In the wake of Mollah’s hanging, the country’s polarization was clear. Even as hundreds of people rejoiced in the streets of Dhaka, saying justice had been served, others launched violent protests and torched homes and businesses belonging to government supporters. After Mollah was hanged, a Jamaat-eIslami leader, Makbul Ahmed, vowed to deepen the role of Islam in the country to avenge the execution.

Bangladeshi policemen, in uniform, and election officials stand inside a truck carrying ballot boxes and other election materials to polling centers a day before general elections in Dhaka, Bangladesh, yesterday. (AP Photo/Rajesh Kumar Singh)

Sunday January 05, 2014

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Dem boys seh Luncheon responds to World BRAZZY THICK Bank ranking of Guyana Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon has announced in response to the revelation in the media that Guyana was ranked the second poorest country in CARICOM by the World Bank based on the per capita income, that the information has to be taken in context of how Guyana is growing and the size of its economy. According to Luncheon, “The lower your base is, the easier it is to show increases. If you look at the size of the economy and you compare it with many municipalities in Venezuela and in Brazil, you would come to get a good appreciation of why size counts because indeed our economy here is perhaps a small economy, a very small economy in terms of economies worldwide. “If you pick about 193 countries and you look and see where the Guyana economy ranks, it probably ranks in the latter 10 percent; we don’t have that large economy.” Dr. Luncheon did say that the work needs to be done, and stressed that the work done needs to be measured over time since according him “no matter where you are an index of the health of your economy is its growth. But if you have a small economy and it is growing you can cultivate the expectations that in the future you will get there.” Dr. Luncheon said recently at his press conference that Cabinet reported eight successive years of growth in GDP (Gross Domestic Product). This, he mentioned, was

Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon because of prudent management of the economy and sound macroeconomic fundamentals. He said that note has to be taken of the record production in rice and declaration of gold. Dr. Luncheon also said that the redistribution of wealth which is a principal rule of any government comes into play when the GDP is increased. He posits that an increase in GDP comes with additional resources for a variety of uses. “Some countries decide all we are going to do with the additional resources, invest in our economy to make the economy grow faster, other people say no, we are going to be a little bit more measured some of it we are going to put in the recurrent cost of welfare and the provision of social health

Recreation does for you what it says literally. It creates you again. It refreshes the mind, renews the spirit, and motivates the body. Constant working towards some objective can do the opposite, unless we control it by rest and relaxation.

and goods and services.” “We are the only ones in the Caribbean that ensure free health care, free education. In many of these countries they don’t. There is no constitutional obligation in many of our countries. It’s a decision that’s made that has a lot to do with what you get out of your Gross Domestic Product. Our growth, we insist, goes to redistribution of wealth and to promote yes, further growth but never to ignore the welfare of Guyanese,” said the Cabinet

Secretary. Dr. Luncheon said that for last year it has been documented that there are improved performances in the health sector, in the education sector, in the housing sector, in the human security and social security sector, and within the welfare sector for less fortunate Guyanese and elderly pensioners. The Head of the Presidential Secretariat added that the redistribution of wealth has a role to play within the provisions of how much money is allocated to increase the public servants wages. “The developmental economist would say to you all of the options are there for the elected government to make if you decide that you have an x percent growth in your GDP and I am going to put every cent into welfare, into consumption then you probably could get a 20 percent increase but I will tell you this, when you invest in consumption and you don’t pay attention to growth then you have to ask yourself if no growth the next year then what? “This is where the sound macro-economic fundamentals come in and social policy, how much can you determine should be put on the consumption side and how much on the investment side.”

IN THIS RACKET Prequalification is a big word but it simply means to rob you in favour of somebody. Is like de Learning Channel. Dem know that Guyana had to get a satellite uplink suh dem allow Ramroop fuh set de stage. Hen See Hen coulda do it and de government woulda save money but dem clear de stage and allow Ramroop to bring in de equipment, and set it up. Jagdeo, like de wise old owl, allow de tender fuh all those who had de capability. Only Bobby coulda match it and he now collecting a cool $3.6 million a month from de government—taxpayer money. De government through Hen See Hen coulda bring in de equipment and save $3.6 m a month. De same thing dem do wid Ramroop wid drugs fuh de Ministry and de hospital. When was time to import de drugs dem tip he off suh he alone build big fancy warehouse wid cold storage and other facilities. Then dem put out tender and in de tender dem state that you got to have warehouse. Nobody couldn’t get a bite at de tender. Dem didn’t even had chicken pen. Why Jagdeo didn’t build a warehouse? De drugs woulda come in cheaper fuh Uncle Glenn and Uncle Adam and Uncle Freddie. Today nuff people talking bout de drug thing that been going on wid Bharrat and he best friend. Now that Donald go in de fat crook, Brazzy come up wid a new clause fuh help Ramroop get more contract. He put in that anybody who want to put in a tender must have a turnover of at least one billion dollar a year. If only Ramroop getting a billion dollars fuh provide drugs, who else gun have a billion dollar tun over? People know how much billions in drug contracts he de Ramroop get over de years when Jagdeo was in control in Guyana. Another clause gun come out. Brazzy gun mek sure that you got fuh name Jagdeo or Ramroop fuh qualify. But dem boys seh that Donald gun put claws pun dem. That is why dem gun come up wid another plan. Dem boys notice that de sea defence bruck up. Is more money fuh somebody pocket. De Waterfalls paper gun highlight de problem and wid a smile, de government gun put out a tender. Dem crooks now using de Waterfalls paper fuh help dem hustle. Talk half and hope that Donald claw dem.

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New River Triangle Debacle ... Muri Brasil Ventures Incorporated has announced that on December 30, 2013, it made a decision to no longer pursue its exploration

Sunday January 05, 2014

Muri Brasil pulls out of PGGS …claims hostility to proposed survey

activities under the Permission for Geographical and Geophysical Surveys (PGGS) granted by the Guyana Geology and Mines

Commission (GGMC). The company yesterday made public its decision saying that although the process was legal and

transparent, “this decision is due to the misinformation, prejudice and hostility to this proposed survey by persons and agencies which are fostering an adverse investment climate in Guyana.” The news comes days after Public Works Minister Robeson Benn had confirmed that the Ministry denied permission to the company for the construction of an airstrip. Muri had previously announced that it was awaiting permission from the Ministry to build an airstrip to facilitate its aerial surveys. Benn had told media operatives that an application was made for an airstrip in the New River Triangle area and approval had not been granted. He was adamant that the refusal of the permission for the airstrip had nothing to do with the imbroglio in the press over the company and the terms of its agreement. Ever since it was discovered that Minister Robert Persaud had authorized granting the PGGS, several commentators had come out in condemnation and called for it to be recalled. Minister Benn was asked if refusing permission for the airstrip was not a backdoor approach to ending the PGGS to which he responded that this was not the case. He said the application had been made long before the disputation in the press over the company and its PGGS. Benn said that as it relates to his Ministry’s decision, it was a question of whether there is really need for an airstrip in the area and also whether it would present additional difficulties in terms of security and oversight.

Critics of the PGGS had called it a threat to national security. Eminent commentator Christopher Ram had exposed the details of the PGGS which he said all but guaranteed Muri Brasil Ventures Inc 18 prospecting licences when the survey was completed. He had also accused the company of misleading the nation with regards to the amount of land to which it will have access for mining when its exploration activities would have been completed. In a statement issued by the company in an attempt to clear the air, it had said “Much has been made of the fact that the area covered by the PGGS is some 2 million acres. This area is for exploration not occupation or prospecting. Also the PGGS provides that the area is reduced by one quarter at the end of every year for its life of three years so that at the end of the three years only 25 percent of the original area remains.” According to Ram, who made his views known through his outlet “That is incorrect.” Ram said that under a clause titled ‘Relinquishment’, is stated that: “On or before the first anniversary, the permissionholder shall relinquish at least 25 per cent of the said area after the first year.” He said that there is no commitment for any other year and that the Permission is for a period of thirty-six months. “Where then is the Maths that 25 per cent will remain after three years? Unless the company has been given some private assurances by the Minister, after three years the concession goes under the clause that states: There

shall be no extension or renewal of the terms and conditions of this Permission.” Ram said that by now, the company should have indicated whether it has given up “at least twenty-five percent of the said area after the first year.” This was never done. He reminded that the company states that the area for a prospecting licence is an average of 12,000 acres so that 18 prospecting licences will extend over about 216,000 acres. According to Ram, “This is and was no doubt meant to mislead.” He pointed to Section 33 of the Mining Act which clearly states that a prospecting licence may be issued over several parcels, which are themselves subject to two extensions. “There is no limit to the number of parcels over which a licence can be issued.” He had also alleged that “the company is apolitical. He said that surely, it is public knowledge that Yucatan Reis, one of its directors, worked closely with Minister Robert Persaud during the 2011 General Elections campaign. Ram said, too, that “his fellow director (Dean Hassan) never misses an opportunity to boast of his connections and influence over the politicians including the Prime Minister and at least one security agency.” The Muri debacle had sparked a livid public debate as to the Government’s policy on mining in the disputed area. The military has traditionally warned against mining in the area but Government’s chief spokesperson, Dr. Roger Luncheon had said that the army has no say in making the decision.

Ministry working to address police promotions problem - Minister Rohee Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee says his ministry is constantly at work ensuring the welfare of officers of its Constituent Departments and he cannot shirk from this responsibility. He made the statement while addressing the media at a press conference on Friday. According to the Minister, they fully recognise that the absence of the Police Service Commission has temporarily stymied promotion of officers in the Force, from the level of Inspector to Assistant Commissioner of Police. Rohee said that the matter has actively engaged their attention. “We have already approached the Office of the President requesting an increase in the Guyana Police Force’s establishment at the

level of Assistant Superintendent to allow for the creation of posts to facilitate the promotion of Cadet Officers” Rohee noted. There are no indications that point to promotions b e i n g a n n o u n c e d a t the beginning of the year, as is customary. The reason being touted is the absence of the Police Service Commission. While the Police Service Commission (PSC) is responsible for the promotion and other matters relating directly to the senior ranks of the force, the junior promotions will suffer, since there will hardly be room for their upward mobility if the vacancies are not created at the top of the Force’s administration. Without the Police Service Commission there can be no

promotions from Inspectors up to Assistant Commissioners of Police. This will come as a major disappointment to several ranks, both senior and junior, many of whom have been stagnated in one position for several years. The Disciplined Services Commission had recommended that a revitalized cadetship scheme could be canvassed among successful secondary school and university graduates and a Police Academy should be established, with at least one intake of Cadets per year, owing to the need to produce well-educated officers. There is the argument that as long as the Officer Corps of the Guyana Police Force remains static, there will be little room for upward mobility of the junior ranks.

Sunday January 05, 2014

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Massive corruption Guyana Foundation to launch Mental Health programme uncovered at CJIA Corruption is said to be a disease that eats away at the faith of citizens in its government and when it is reported and there is inaction it is even more despicable. Officials are now talking about a racket at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA). Despite numerous reports to superiors, the racket is not investigated and is, in fact, covered up. The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) is responsible for the collection of all taxes payable to Government. It also runs an Internal Affairs and Intelligence and Risk Management department. There is, further, a monitoring section which operates at wharves and airports. According to reports, a very senior officer (name provided) in the monitoring section at the airport has been colluding with security

officers and immigration officials to recycle airport tax stubs, as well as allow for drugs and other items to be placed on planes destined for foreign locations. In the case of the recycled stubs, these are then resold to travelling passengers. The publication was told that the official would stop the cameras from recording or delete footage altogether, in order to allow these dealings to go unrecorded. This publication was informed that the cameras at the airport are very unreliable and would become non functional after a bout of heavy rains among other reasons. Whenever questioned about missing footage the fact that the system is unreliable is used as the excuse. The crooked GRA officer who facilitates this was also accused of doing the same

when he was posted at a city wharf where containers are searched. Corrupt businessmen would usually make a payment to ensure that their containers are not thoroughly searched and the GRA monitoring officer would record the opening of the container after which a series of technical ploys would be used to cover up the fact that the containers are not properly searched. According to reports, despite the activities being reported, the officer was transferred to the Airport and was subsequently promoted. This publication was told that the reason the activities are not thoroughly investigated and forwarded to the Commissioner General is the fact that the corrupt officer and the persons required to investigate, share a close relationship.

Farmers enjoying low cost urea - GRDB GRDB to review arrangements with Venezuela

The Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB)’s initial shipment of urea (fertilizer) from Venezuela is expected to be concluded by the end of the first rice crop of 2014. Following this, GRDB would be reviewing its purchase of fertilizer arrangement with the Spanish State, said Jagnarine Singh, General Manager of GRDB, yesterday. Singh said that GRDB through the Ministry of Agriculture in November 2013 purchased 7,000 tons of urea from Venezuela. Of that amount, 2,000 tons were sold to the Guyana Sugar Corporation and the remainder to farmers. Thus far, in excess of 3,000 farmers have already benefited. According to Singh, GRDB decided to purchase urea for resale to bring down the price of urea on the local market to match the international price. Since the presence of Venezuelan urea, on the local market private businesses have reduced their prices. Singh said that previously private businesses used to retail a bag of urea for $7,500 but they have lowered their

prices between $5,700 and $5,200 per bag. However, GRDB is selling a bag of urea at the breakeven price of $5,000. He said that Guyana Rice Producers’ Association personnel are distributing urea in Regions Two and Three while GRDB are distributing in Regions Four, Five and Six. Singh enlightened that this is the first time GRDB has gotten involved in such a venture. The body is using its own money to purchase the fertilizer from Venezuela. The money received from sales is reimbursed to GRDB accounts. The venture does not rake in much profit for GRDB since spillage occurs during the transportation phase, he said. According to Singh, the initial agreement between Venezuela and GRDB provided for a 5,000-tonne quota. But, owing to the size of ship Venezuela sent an additional 2,000 tons of urea. GRDB will be reviewing its arrangement with Venezuela to ascertain if there is need to increase its imports and have shipments twice yearly.

We cannot determine our destiny, but we do have a choice of a philosophy that will influence the direction of our life.

Jagnarine Singh According to a Wakenaam rice farmer, he recently purchased the urea from Venezuela and found it to be of a better quality. He would continue to purchase the urea if more is made available.

Representatives of the Guyana Foundation talk with a mentally ill man.

A non-profit organisation has announced its intention to launch a two-phase national mental health programme which is being supported by UK donor, Mr. Joe Moore. According to a release from the Guyana Foundation, the new initiative to tackle mental health will be done on a national scale. Managing Director of the Foundation, Mr. Anthony Autar explained that the first phase of the programme is focused on raising public awareness about mental health issues while the second phase will be aimed at providing professional mental health care. “The first part of the programme will be about sensitising the population about mental health issues. It will seek to raise awareness of mental health through the media, while educating persons through seminars which will take place across the country.” “At the second phase we are hoping to involve mental health professionals, psychologists and psychiatrists… we are open to other stakeholders, who may wish to contribute.” The Foundation announced that it intends to

network with its international partners to improve the quality of service being offered to persons dealing with mental health issues. Additionally, the new programme will seek to provide outreaches to communities which are greatly affected by mental health issues. “The Guyana Foundation will continue to do as much as we can on our own with the hope that the relevant authorities will recognize our efforts and that the nation can begin to work together as a team to stop the senseless loss of life that we have been watching pass before our eyes .It must stop now!”, the release from the organisation stated. The Foundation wants all citizens to become involved in its efforts to tackle the mental health problem in Guyana since it believes that poverty and hardship are causing severe mental health breakdowns. “If you are a neighbor, a brother, a sister, a friend, a

stranger with a good heart you have the responsibility to reach out to assist those who are on the brink of a mental breakdown. Let’s work together on this. We appeal to all to assist with this program,” the organization further stated The Guyana Foundation says it is committed to leading an honest and public discussion about the mental health issues facing the Guyanese population, to fight to de-stigmatize mental illness, and to ensure that individuals with mental health problems can eventually access treatment and support services in an efficient manner. The Foundation which is headed by former Peoples National Congress/Reform Executive Member Supriya Singh is aimed at assisting in the transformation of Guyanese communities, and families; enabling them to build relations of trust and friendship among themselves irrespective of race and beliefs.

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Sunday January 05, 2014

City Hall endorses USAID Democracy Project for Local Government development Chief Citizen Hamilton Green has endorsed the USAID democracy project which was recently turned down by the governing Administration. The Mayor has registered the Council’s support for the societytargeted initiative. He charged that the denial of this democratic development “is a diabolical plan to keep a portion of the population in darkness.” The Mayor is adamant that the USAID project would be especially beneficial in enlightening the public about Local Government. The Mayor strongly believes, also, that given the time elapsed since local polls were held, there is a large portion of the population unaware of the Local Government process and purpose and would have never taken part in local polls. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) project was abandoned earlier in the year as government found difficulty with the agreement document. Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon, had informed during a postCabinet media briefing that the project proposal presented to Guyana did not reflect bilateral input of the Government of Guyana and USAID, and on that basis considerable reservations were expressed by the administration. He said during his end of year press conference on Tuesday that “we welcome the democracy project

initiated by USAID. On behalf of City Councilors and myself, we endorse the USAID project.” Mayor Green expressed disgust that there are efforts to derail the democracy project. We see it in these terms; that the last Municipal Elections were held in 1994; it means that a substantial percentage of the population never had the opportunity to vote or to take part in the important component of governance and democracy at a Local Government level.” “The Local Government system is vital,” he continued. “It is the engine that propels the democratic process. And this project as understood is intended to educate the

young people and sensitize them as to the role they can play in governance, management and improvement of their respective communities; it is therefore unpalatable and unacceptable that any group should oppose such a project.” Mayor Green continued that apart from the crime of denying young people the opportunity to come into the important aspect of Local Governance, he (Mayor), like some others, recognizes that “it is a diabolical plan to keep a portion of the population in darkness. The democracy project is intended to help people to understand the role they play and the power they

have in their communities-to see what is happening; and ignorance is man’s worst enemy.” He added that before the month is out, Region 11, through a proposal, has offered and decided “to write to the Carter Centre and to President Jimmy Carter to ask him to return to Guyana so that he can see the monster he helped to create. “I will ask him to do what he can to ensure that what we heard in 1992 about a democracy is indeed a reality, because what is happening today is the exact opposite of democratic governance.” In the run up to the 1992 elections, the ruling People’s Progressive Party-

government lobbied several international fora stating that there was no democracy in the government and even charged that Guyana was apartheid since, it claimed, a minority was ruling the majority. Carter encouraged that the electoral system be changed; that we count at the place of poll and revamp the elections commission. He said that the Council will continue to stand firm in the face of impositions and other Council-excluded decisions. The Mayor reiterated the importance of L o c a l Government to the democracy process, while stressing for the establishment of the Local

Government Commission. The Mayor wished further for “our illustrious National Leaders, who are all Honourable, to accept the need for significant change if 2014 is to be a good and safe year.” He called for a change in parliamentary actions; “that concept of a majority be understood and the now silent majority break their silence. The Mayor is hoping also that this year, there will an end to what he said is the wanton destruction of hinterland and urban environment, “and that we put a premium on competency, qualification, decency and suspend all forms of corruption and nepotism.”

Businesses will now renew registration licence - Fight against corruption in on anniversary date the Deeds Registry continues The Deeds Registry has put a new system in place which requires businesses to renew their licences on the date of the initial registration, rather than the first month of each year as previously obtained. The Deeds Registry is housed on the bottom flat of the High Court. The Registry is responsible for maintaining public records and documents pertaining to real estate deeds including transports, powers of attorney, bills of sale and all conveyance in respect or in relation to the sale of properties owned by transport. It is under micro

management by the Registrar of Deeds, Azeena Baksh and Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Mr. Anil Nandlall. According to Nandlall, “An amendment to the Business Names Registration Act was passed in 2013. This was done to facilitate the renewal of business registration on the anniversary date, that is, the date upon which they originally registered their company. So if the company first registered on February 23, then the following year it will renew its licence on that same date.” He said, “It is much more effective this way, to have the renewal done on the anniversary date as opposed to having it done at the commencement of each year. The rationale behind this change is to avoid long lines

of persons assembling at the Deeds Registry to renew their licences. We feel doing it in such a manner would significantly reduce the hardship and inconvenience which are associated with a one-off renewal. This change only lends to greater efficiency and speed in the system.” Meanwhile, in an invited comment, Ms. Azeena Baksh noted, “The change brings with it many benefits not only to the Registry but also to the businessmen. The renewal is still being done for the same cost of $2,500. I believe that it is going to make the process easier and it will provide for a decrease in the intensely accumulated work which occurred prior to the amendment.” While they expect an improvement in their system in this regard, Ms. Baksh

reminded that their fight against corruption will continue and they will ensure that all is done to reduce cases of fraud and improve the transparency framework at the Registry. Just last year, there were several scams at the registry which involved members of staff allegedly accepting bribes to forge several legal documents. With particular regard to such matters, the Legal Affairs Minister stated that he will not relent until, “Everyone understands that corruption will not be tolerated at the Registry.” The Registrar reminded of two specific cases which involved employees who provided members of the public with bogus documents. Both matters are engaging the court’s attention.

Anil Nandlall Nandlall explained that the fight against corruption is an ongoing one and urged members of the public to report incidents of improper behavior by employees of the Deeds Registry. He encouraged citizens to conduct their affairs within the confines of the law and not fall prey to giving bribes.

Sunday January 05, 2014

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Corruption in drug procurement While Government continues to defend solesourcing that allows the New Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation (New GPC), to import billions of dollars worth of pharmaceuticals the spate of corruption and wastage is cause for concern. This notion was expressed by A Partnership for National Unity’s (APNU), Dr George Norton, who is also the opposition party’s shadow Minister of Health.

$49.498M of expired drugs was dumped by the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). The issue was reported in the Auditor General’s Report. Dr Norton said that millions of dollars worth of expired medical supplies are repeatedly dumped by health facilities across the country. “What happens is that the drugs have a short shelf life, which is the main reason for the wastage.”

POTENTIAL DISTRIBUTORS ARE AT AN ABSOLUTE DISADVANTAGE New GPC, which is controlled by Dr. Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop, has been at the centre of criticism as Government’s choice for the distribution of medical supplies to state-owned health institutions over the past several years. Dr Norton said that potential distributors are at an absolute disadvantage due to the government practice of overlooking the bidding process. He explained that other companies with the capability to supply the public health sector with drugs are being disregarded. “We have companies like International Pharmaceutical Agency, (IPA), Twins Manufacturers and other well known agencies have been inconvenienced by the prequalification methodology practised by the administration. Some of these companies have cried foul at the government for allowing New GPC to be the sole supplier of the nation’s drugs to public health facilities. The other problem is that the money is paid upfront to New GPC for the supply of drugs and there are shortages. Just recently we had an insufficiency of essentials such as saline drops and infusion liquids. These were lacking at the GPHC.” “The effects of this practice are that the ordinary man on the street has to pay a higher price for medication, which was the case of with Ketoconazole and other drugs.”

GOVERNMENT/ NEW GPC Earlier this year, Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon, sought to explain Government’s stance on the subject. He said that at no time are pharmaceuticals procured without the procurement agency’s knowledge on the competitive prices for the items. He said that anytime a local provider is “selected” that provider’s submission has to be competitive in relation to international providers that actually provide drugs to Guyana and other developing countries. The agency he referred to is the IDA Foundation, the world’s leading not-for-profit supplier of affordable pharmaceutical products.

WASTAGE Earlier this year, the Auditor General report focused on multi-million-dollar deficiencies in the procurement and supply of products from the New GPC. Shorter bank guarantees than stipulated under the law and sloth in delivery were among the issues highlighted. The New GPC Inc. has been awarded the bulk of contracts worth billions of dollars to supply drugs to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and the Ministry of Health (MOH). In 2012, a total of

“Don’t we have an idea how drugs are being used, how they are being purchased?” Ramotar said that he had raised the issue with the Health Minister and the Permanent Secretary following complaints by ordinary citizens about shortage of drugs.

Dr. George Norton This Luncheon says is what makes the procurement of medical drugs from New GPC not sole sourcing. He said that matter of comparing prices is a “competitive component of the procurement process.” At another forum, Junior Finance Minister, Juan Edghill explained that New GPC had been prequalified to supply drugs to the Ministry of Health for a period of three years between 2010 and 2013. Edghill had said that the Ministry was gearing to invite suppliers to be prequalified for another period in the future. However, a few days ago at the launch of Health Vision 20/20, President

Dr. Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop Donald Ramotar publicly blasted the health sector over the incidence of shortages of drugs, and wastage of pharmaceuticals at hospitals and other health facilities, nationwide. “We spend billions of dollars every year to buys drugs yet we are confronted with shortage of drugs at health facilities nationwide. “Millions of dollars of expired drugs are written off and dumped in large quantities…This is totally unacceptable.” The President also questioned whether the Ministry of Health has records of how pharmaceuticals should be purchased and used.

PROCUREMENT PROCESS /THE OPPOSITION Earlier this year, investigations conducted by Political opposition, Alliance for Change (AFC), revealed the bidding process for procurement of drugs to the health sector has been further sidelined by the government to allow New GPC the opportunity to be the sole supplier of drugs to the nation’s public health facilities. The AFC had demanded answers to queries on Government policies in regards to the procurement of medical supplies. Leader of Alliance for Change, Khemraj Ramjattan, said that the investigations pointed to the sole distribution by New GPC worth $4 billion. This sum was approved in this year’s national budget for the

purchase of medical supplies. “We want to know whether the procurement process is not applicable to the medical supplies anymore, notwithstanding that the discovery was made after it was noticed that “there has not been any advertisement to bid or tender for medical supplies in the daily newspapers.” “We understand that New GPC has been delivering medical supplies to hospitals, and Government health institutions throughout the country,” Ramjattan disclosed. APNU’s Dr Norton said that contrary to Government’s belief, the New GPC does not have the capacity to supply the quality and quantity of medications countrywide. “We are still in the situation where health centres are without their quota of basic drugs. We are encountering piles of expired drugs during our examinations. “Patients are not getting the prescribed drugs at the public health facilities; they have to purchase them from private pharmaceutical agencies,” he said. According to Dr. Norton, other local companies should be given the opportunity to bid for the supply of drugs to public health facilities. That (continued on page 44)

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Kaieteur News

Amerindian villages to receive solar panels soon In order to address the short supply of solar panel systems to hinterland communities, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds who has the responsibility for energy, will be advancing his efforts in the House to purchase some 6000 more units. This was the assertion of Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai, during a recent press briefing, held to discuss successes of the past year and to outline plans for 2014. According to her, the Electrification Programme took a hit during 2013 due to funding constraints resulting from budget cuts to the Energy Minister’s Office. The Amerindian Affairs Minister said that as a result of the non-supply, individuals from the indigenous communities have been reaching out to her Ministry to ensure that they receive units. She said that as such, her Ministry will be working closely with the Office of the Prime Minister during 2014 not only to ensure the receipt of solar panels but also for the roll out of the hinterland component of the One Laptop Per Family initiative. The key objective of the Unserved Area Electrification Programme (UAEP) was to provide electricity to households in close to 200 hinterland communities.

- Minister Sukhai

Minister responsible for Energy, Samuel Hinds

Minister of Amerindian Affairs Pauline Sukhai

In his response to a question asked by Member of Parliament Ronald Bulkan concerning the short supply of solar panel systems to some hinterland communities, the Energy Minister identified that the 11,000 units, which was initially catered for, was handed out. The Minister explained that Government came up with the total quantity of systems to be obtained from a 2010 listing of households in 186 Amerindian communities. Further, it was explained that the shortage may have been due to the growth in the

villages during the planning of the project, and possibly some inaccuracies in the database during date compilation. On the other hand, the Minister was quick to add that the villages that have not yet received the electricity systems will do so by early 2014. The villages that were listed as not having yet received solar panel systems were Arau and Kurutuku located in Region Seven; and Taruka, Kaibarupai, Tuseneng and Maikwak in Region Eight.

Sunday January 05, 2014

East Ruimveldt teenager drowns near Kitty seawall The body of an East Ruimveldt teenager washed up on the sands, near the Kitty Jetty area Friday morning several hours after he reportedly went missing. The deceased identified as Jerome Sturge, 16, of Lot 32 East Ruimveldt Front Road, Squatting Area, was discovered at 8:30 hours, on Friday, after police and civilians conducted a meticulous search for his remains. Sturge purportedly drowned around 2 pm on Thursday. “Jerome was washing clothes Thursday morning when two boys come and call he fuh go to the seawalls. He wasn’t suppose to go nowhere but he left de house with a red boom box and say he going on the seawalls with he friends dem. “Till around 5 pm I hear that my brother probably drowned at Kitty,” his sister Crystal Sturge related. After several hours of speculation about the teen’s whereabouts, his body surfaced. “This morning police find he body in the sand at the Kitty seawalls opposite the 1823 National Monument. We ain’t know what happen but we hear that the two boys that went with him only tell somebody that my brother probably drowned about an

hour after it actually happen…His boom box disappear and one of the boys was wearing his band at the station.” However, Sturge said that she cannot recall her brother as having any major disagreements with anyone. The boy’s mother, Margaret Persaud, said that she first learnt of her son’s disappearance from the jetty when a strange man came to her home with the devastating news. “A man, who can’t even pronounce his name come and give we de news and that cause we to start looking for him since yesterday (Thursday).” She said that her son frequently hung out with friends but would often return home at nightfall… I really don’t know what to say. I am a sick woman. When this news hit me this morning I was to go to clinic; I can’t even go no more. He would go out but he would always come back by night time. Jerome cannot swim and we don’t believe he drowned,” Persaud said that Sturge, a former student of Carmel and David Rose Secondary Schools, spent most of his time with his brother-in-law who makes and sells puri. “Dem used to mek and sell right in front me yard. He would help he brother-in-law

Jerome Sturge grind up peas and so.” The mother says that she was told that that her son was in the company of the two other teenagers when a high wave lashed him overboard. The boys reportedly lodged statements at the Kitty Police Station. Persaud said that she recognized her son’s clothing, which was showed to her by ranks at the Kitty Police Station. “All we got is left of him is he clothes and he bicycle, nothing more.” A post mortem examination is expected to be performed on the body of Jerome Sturge on Monday. He leaves to mourn his mother and five siblings.

Govt’s input at UG will be guided Trans Guyana Airways by its Council - Manickchand aborts flight to city Any input from Government as it relates to a move towards a hike in tuition fees at the University of Guyana will have to be guided by the institution’s Council. At least this is according to Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, even as she sought to respond to questions as to whether a potential hike in the fees has been up for discussion at the level of Cabinet. According to the Minister, while she has some knowledge that the University had announced moves to discuss the matter among various stakeholders, the decision on such a major move would be one that the Council has to pronounce on ultimately. And the Council’s decision, she noted, will be supported by Government. In fact Manickchand pointed out that since the University’s operation is governed by a Council, even the Ministry of Education does not have a supervisory input. “We release funds, that is the extent of our

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand contribution there...we give the funds...” she told media operatives at a Cara Lodge, Quamina Street, Georgetown, venued press conference on Monday. Nevertheless, Manickchand, whose port folio sees her being tasked with overseeing general education matters in the country, disclosed that she has observed that there has been a notable change in the management of the

University. This change she attributed to the new Council which was installed during the last quarter of last year. “I am satisfied that there has been a significant change in this new Council in the way they are trying to be more accountable. At the end of the day what UG earns from students’ fees and whatever else they earn from is not enough to run the University, and as a country we are going to have to decide how we go forward,” she asserted on Monday. Added to the evident accountability promoted by the new Council, the Minister pointed to the stewardship of Vice Chancellor Professor Jacob Opadeyi, whom, she said has ensured that there is more frequent and prompt answers to financial questions. Professor Opadeyi was appointed to the position of Vice Chancellor early last year and soon after called for a Special Audit of the institution’s Bursary. The audit, which was voluntarily Continued on page 43

A Britten Norman Islander

Trans Guyana Airways, a domestic commercial airline that was established in Guyana since 1956, reportedly experienced some mechanical problems with one of their planes flying from Mabaruma to Ogle. Kit Nascimento, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) for Trans Guyana Airways, said that one of the company’s planes took off from Mabaruma around 11:55 hours. However, the pilot of the plane was not satisfied with how the engine was performing and decided to turn around and landed it back at Mabaruma where the passengers that boarded the aircraft were disembarked. Ground checks were then made to the aircraft. According to Nascimento, the plane left empty from Mabaruma for Ogle where arrangements were made to have it examined

by the aeronautical engineers of the sister company for Trans Guyana Airways, Caribbean Aviation Maintenance Services Limited. According to one passenger, the Pilot of the aircraft tried to assure them that it was okay to fly out on the same aircraft, but they had some fears and expressed these to him. After some discussion, it was agreed that another aircraft would be sent in to transport them out of Mabaruma. This should be done today. Trans Guyana Airways on its website stated that it “currently owns and operates an expanding fleet of eight aircraft (seven Caravans and one Islander), flying approximately 22 domestic commercial flights per day and two international flights each day to Suriname.

Sunday January 05, 2014

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Two sets of parties for two different worlds The New Year is still freshly minted. Before it loses its luster and its ability to inspire revivals and disappointments, it is worthwhile reflecting on what how we celebrate the New Year says about the state of affairs of our society. Colorful, rich and glossy New Year’s Eve parties have always been a tradition in Guyana. There was always a great deal to eat, much to drink and plenty of noise. Nothing has really changed in that respect. In the old days, grand Balls were a feature. The media would swoop down on these events as if they were the Oscars, eager to photograph those in attendance and to describe the various outfits that were worn. It is said that if you totaled up the cost of the outfits that some famous movie stars wear to the Oscars, you could feed quite a few million hungry children for close to a year. But a person is entitled to what is theirs and no one should envy or deprive someone of spending lavishly on themselves, so long as they do not deprive others of what is due to them. The media always used to line up outside of these grand Balls of yore to be part of the spectacle. The next day’s newspapers would be replete with photographs and coverage of the numerous pictures of the Who’s Who in

Guyana. Of course you had to be invited to go to one of these Balls. There is no way that you could have paid your way into admission. Invitation and attendance confirmed that you belonged to a reserved grouping in society. It made you feel special. These elite Balls have now been replaced by high-priced parties in which anyone can be a star once one makes a spectacle of oneself or is able to attract the attention of the cameraman whose snapshots of the various commercial parties hosted by the major establishments make the news the next day. The identities of those in the picture are rarely given The parties have become more egalitarian; the rich have lost their monopoly on making the headlines of the news the next day. They have been pushed to the fringes. But in as much as this may seem to signal a new order, a moment for the poor to make their mark, nothing really has changed in terms of class relations. The young man who spends almost his entire month salary to equip himself and his partner for these parties remains anonymous. His moment in the limelight is caught on camera and published in the newspaper, but only those close to him know who he is and what he does, He goes back the next day to his normal eight-tofour work, that is if he has a

steady job. The rich may have faded from the spotlight of public attention. They have retreated to private parties where they parade their wealth and dine with those whose bankbooks can match theirs. These parties are selective affairs. The media is not allowed. Those who attend, live in a world divorced from that of the common man. They remain invisible, except to those in their circle. They do not visit the supermarket. Much of what they eat comes from outside and if something from the market is needed there is always the hired help. Their clothing is bought overseas and they spend their vacations in the rich capitals of the world. The super-rich in this country insulate themselves from the local scene. They do not read the local newspapers; that is filled with too much depressing news. They watch foreign news and could not care less about what happens on the local scene. They love in their own concocted world. They care very little as to who is stealing from the public treasury or monopolizing public

contracts, so long as it does not stand in their way of making money. When they make that money, most of it is shuttled to foreign bank books. There are two worlds in Guyana, mirroring the two sets of Christmas and New Year Eve’s parties. Only one set of parties, however, now make the headlines. And it creates a false sense of

consciousness in those who attend, because they feel that they have arrived and belong to a select grouping. The reality is that we live in a country of two worlds, of stark divisions in income, perpetuated by a system where the trickle-down to the poor comes at a trickle, while the super-rich enjoy a deluge which allows them to live here and not really be part of

Guyana’s society. Happy New Year to all those who had a good time in their own world on Old Year’s Night.

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SUNDAY SPECIAL GOLD PRICE COLLAPSE IS THE WORST FOR 30 YEARS Gold finished the year as one of the worst-performing asset classes of 2013, bringing to an end a decadelong rally in the precious metal. Gold suffered its sharpest fall in 30 years, down almost 28% over the past 12 months to close 2013 at about $1,200 (£725) an ounce. That compares badly against other assets, with the S&P 500 up 28%, the FTSE 100 gaining around 13pc and Brent crude oil futures up about 2.5% in the same period. TAXI DRIVER BODY DUMPED IN GARBAGE PILE – CAR FOUND HOURS LATER The body of a Pegasus Hotel taxi driver was found in a clump of garbage on CaneView Avenue, South Ruimveldt Gardens early last week Saturday morning. Dead is Rudrinauth Jeeboo, of Lot 25 Delph and Craig Streets, Campbellville. Relatives identified the body at the Lyken Funeral Home. Kaieteur News was told that the police were summoned to the area shortly after 07:30 hrs last week Saturday. Head of the Guyana Minibus Association Hilbert Archer, who lives a short distance away, was one of the first persons who saw the body lying in the rubbish pile. Archer told Kaieteur News that he immediately called the police operations room. He said that he also stopped vehicles from going too close to the “crime scene” since they could have destroyed whatever evidence was there. According to Archer, the area where the body was dumped is usually desolate after 18:00hrs. “Anybody could have dumped the body there….the area is really dark and lonely after hours. Taxi drivers hardly come here when it’s dark,” Archer explained. Relatives of the dead man declined to speak to the media. Meanwhile, police sources have said that three wounds were found on Jeeboo’s body. One source explained that

Kaieteur News

there were wounds to the head, neck and chest. Kaieteur News was told that the police managed to get in touch with relatives after they found Jeeboo’s documents on his person, which contained contact numbers for relatives. Jeeboo’s newly purchased car was found abandoned at the back of Guyhoc Gardens. MONDAY EDITION DECOMPOSED BODIES OF BRAZILIAN COUPLE FOUND The bodies of a Brazilian miner and his wife were discovered last Saturday at a checkpoint on the Arimu trail, Region Seven, after they went missing for over a week. The bodies were identified as 42 year-old Joao Veloso do Nascimento and his wife 52year-old Edilene Fernandes dos Santos. A team of policemen were deployed Sunday to conduct investigations into the deaths of the couple. Reports disclosed that the couple left their camp at the Sand Hill area, Cuyuni, Region Seven a week ago on an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and were heading to Bartica. While details surrounding the circumstances of their deaths were still sketchy up to Sunday, information gathered from a popular Brazilian night spot in the city revealed that the couple left to purchase mining supplies with the intention of working through the Christmas holidays. However, they never arrived in Bartica. Their bodies were discovered in a decomposed state Saturday, just after midday, with no sign of their ATV. Police Divisional Commander Courtney Ramsey told Kaieteur News Sunday that he did not have much information since his team of investigators had not returned from the remote area where the bodies were discovered. Meanwhile, other reports suggest that an armed gang operating within the Arimu trail, Region Seven is targeting miners, robbing and terrorising them. TRIPARTITE BUDGET TALKS IN LIMBO AGAIN

Sunday January 05, 2014

DEAD: Rudrinauth Jeeboo

Investigators yesterday at the scene.

…OPPOSITION WARNS OF INCREASED SCRUTINY O p p o s i t i o n parliamentarians are once again accusing the government of sidelining them from budget preparations. According to Opposition executives, next year’s budget, which at this time is more than likely completed or is in its final stage, saw no input, advice or concerns of the one-seat majority opposition. A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) front bencher, Joseph Harmon, along with Alliance for Change (AFC) leader Khemraj Ramjattan have both explained that absolutely no tripartite talks were held in putting together the national budget for the upcoming year. Both parties have expressed that this move by the People’s Progressive Party (PPP)-led government is only a recipe for deeper scrutiny of budget figures and its allocations. It is against this backdrop that the opposition side has indicated that travesties like the poor increases for Public Servants exist. While the AFC, in an earlier report expressed the party’s commitment to questioning every seemingly questionable sum earmarked in the budget, APNU has noted that given the government’s actions in past budgets, they are in a better position to eye and point out doubtable figures. Harmon said, “We will be giving a much harsher look at

the issues in the budget. The government will be hard pressed again to deal with issues of transparency and accountability. We are going to be very, very detailed and precise about the questions we can ask now, because we have had since 2011, two budgets, and I think we are in a better position now to be able to debate the government on these issues. TUESDAY EDITION DRUG SHORTAGE, WASTAGE UNACCEPTABLE — PRESIDENT RAMOTAR - AS HEALTH VISION 20/20 IS LAUNCHED While, controversy continues to surround the distribution of pharmaceuticals by New Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation, (New GPC) to national health facilities, President Donald Ramotar Monday, expressed concerns over the shortage and wastage of drugs. The shortage and wastage have plagued the smooth operations of public health institutions countrywide. Speaking at the launch of “Health Vision 20/20— A National Health Strategy for Guyana 2013-2020,” on Monday, the Head of State deemed the issue “totally unacceptable.” In his address to the Health Practitioners and other stakeholders at the Guyana International Conference Centre (GICC), Liliendaal, President Ramotar stressed the importance of

implementing an adequate executive board at the helm of the health sector, as well as a workforce with the correct attitude towards providing the service. Ramotar said that he had raised the issue with the Health Minister and the Permanent Secretary following complaints by ordinary citizens about shortage of drugs. “I do hope that we are picking the right people for the right jobs… We spend billions of dollars every year to buy drugs yet we are confronted with shortage of drugs at health facilities nationwide… millions of dollars of expired drugs are written off and dumped in large quantities…This is totally unacceptable.” The President questioned whether the Ministry of Health has records of how pharmaceuticals should be purchased and used. “Don’t we have an idea how drugs are being they are being purchased?” He highlighted the fact that Guyana is one of 17 countries, in which the poverty level of the population has reduced. “Imagine how much more can be done if we didn’t have this wastage?” AIRY HALL CONSERVANCY BREACH The Region Two Administration was required to carry out repairs to the damaged irrigation canal dam, aback of Airy Hall/ Riverstown, to avert a further

catastrophe. Water flowed through a breach in the dam last weekend and submerged some five acres of cultivated rice land in Airy Hall. Another 200 rice fields were similarly threatened in Riverstown. A contractor was hired by the Region Two Administration to seal the breach in an effort to prevent water from continuously overflowing in already affected areas. Irate farmers lamented that while the Region Two Administration was informed of the initial breach of the irrigated dam some four to five months ago, the Region was not fully equipped with compatible machinery to undertake repairs of the dam. The result is major flooding of rice lands in the Airy Hall/ Riverstown areas. Farmers have said that the dam leading to the affected irrigated canal dam has since eroded and proper works to effect maintenance should be executed by the Administration urgently. Rice farmer, Sugrim Bijadhar, of Airy-Hall said he has lost almost $700,000 in rice, and other cash crops that were submerged for at least a week. WEDNESDAY EDITION GUYSUCO IN DEEP FINANCIAL CRISIS - OWES CREDITORS $10.5B “NO TURNAROUND UNLESS INDUSTRY FIXES AGRI PROBLEMS” – GAWU WARNS Government, (Continued on page 33)

Sunday January 05, 2014

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Housing and You…

That wish list for 2014 By Leonard Gildarie

Last year, for me personally and I believe for the country, was the worst for as long as anyone could remember. I just had a feeling that the country was spinning its wheels in the sand, going absolutely nowhere. Of course, at the risk of being criticized, I am especially referring to the political dialogue (or lack thereof) and the continuing stalemate at the level of the legislature. I believe that if we can get that fixed, this country has places to go. It all boils down to the negotiations. Both sides, seemingly, refuse to relent. It has been almost two years now since I have been writing on housing, starting off on one column as a feature story and then receiving a flood of emails and calls asking me to touch on this and on that. I have completed more than 60 articles, stopping for a while before the protests came in, forcing me to restart. I rather enjoyed it, I must admit. This is the first column for 2014. Rightfully so, I am very upbeat about this year and the possibilities. As a journalist, I do intend to step the pressure up somewhat. Today I want to present a wish list that I hope all stakeholders will seriously consider implementing. I would love for a onestop shop place where new house lot owners can determine, in a step-by-step process, how to start on owning their home. I think this is the most important from the perspective of the most vulnerable of the stakeholders in the housing and construction sector. Time and again, I have spoken of how left out in the cold many persons are, managing millions of dollars,

People would say that the New Year is continuing where the old one left off. This is not really the case. The reality is that the socalled New Year was not really new as far as the cosmos went. There was some left over. There were things that I spoke about that did not happen in the so-called Old Year but they did happen within three days. For this year, there is still some unfinished business. Drug deals that should have been finalized by the

dealing with contractors and juggling jobs, purchasing materials and transporting them, and overseeing construction. It is a nightmare. The lending institutions, Housing Ministry, and even the engineering association, should play an increased role. Workshops for persons who have acquired a mortgage should become a must, geared towards teaching them to manage the project within the budget and within a time frame. Secondly, I would love to see some sort of mechanism introduced where legal protection is offered to both house lot owners and the contractors. The mortgage agency should insist on this as part of the paperwork for applications and push for the Central Housing and Planning Authority (the operational arm of the Housing Ministry) to find ways to introduce legislation, if there is an absence, at the soonest. Bad quality work and a host of problems are being encountered by both the client (house lot owner) and contractor. Not all contractors are bad, but there is very little recourse in the absence of any written agreement. I have spoken umpteen times on this. Although I know Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) is tight on staff, from complaints and experiences, there have been a great number of breaches occurring. Lands, before the 10-year period is up, are being sold out for millions and then worse yet, not being developed. I know CH&PA has embarked on a programme to reclaim lands that are not being converted, but one of the many reasons for the bushes in new housing schemes are because many of the house lot owners

have either sold them or are living abroad. Regardless of the reasons, it is a common sight in many schemes to see lots overgrown with bushes, a perfect haven for mosquitoes, snakes and most worryingly, bandits. I am asking for more inspectors who would also target those persons who are breaking the law by mixing in the middle of the roadways, clearly disregarding the regulations and without heed to the neighbours, road users and CH&PA. Another area I would love to see addressed is the possible monitoring of housing products in our country. I have heard horror stories of persons paying hundreds of thousands for materials, including lumber

end of the year were not, so there is finalisation time. The bodies are going to be picked up around the city. ** A gang of criminals did not have so good a time recently so its members are going to target some gold

operations with serious consequences. There will be the discovery of some bodies of people who attempted a robbery, were shot, but ran away only to collapse and die some distance away. ** This year will produce some surprises in the area of academics. Determination will lead to some exciting performances at examinations but sadly, investigation will reveal that all that glitters is not gold. Basic reasoning would be sacrificed.

Do I dare hope I can live in a tree-lined avenue this year? and imported items, only to find out that they have been essentially conned. The Guyana Forestry Commission and the Guyana National Bureau of Standards, perhaps? CH&PA can play a role. Certain standards have to be set and importers and suppliers must meet them. I have been living in La Parfait Harmonie, West Bank Demerara, for three years and the local NDC has not taken it over as yet. I am forced to clean my drains and pay a private contractor to pick-up the garbage. Please, somebody, I would love to see some movements on this. I am also forced to use wireless internet. I yearn for DSL or Emagine…The yearning will continue because there are no phones in our area…the largest housing scheme in the entire country. I would also love to

hear CH&PA telling persons that there is no waiting list for house lots. Wishful thinking I know. But I still hope for it. There are currently about 20,000 applications on file at CH&PA for house lots. I would also love to see streetlights, a fire station, police outpost, a community park, filtered water system and another bridge across the Demerara River…for the obvious reasons. And I yearn to see more encouragement for the establishment of neighbourhood development groups that will work with CH&PA and the NDC in even planting trees, etc. Another pet peeve of mine that I hope will be addressed this year is the many strays in our area. More so for cattle and horses. I have asked the Ministry of Home Affairs to help, but no action over a year from the pound folks there.

Lastly, I would love to see, in time for our mid-year Housing Expo, new building materials and cheaper ones at that. I do believe that locally we can come up with new ways of building that can be beautiful, easy to maintain and cheap to construct. Hard to imagine? Our country is filled with raw materials. Ask Barama, which produces plywood,how it is using what was once considered waste wood. So yes, we have the materials right here. There are many more, yes? May this year be fruitful and I do hope we can move to make at least a few of the wishes a reality. How about some tree-lined avenues? Enjoy the weekend and don’t forget to drop those comments at or call 225-8491.

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Sunday January 05, 2014

EBD four-lane…

Project to conclude by third quarter of this year By Keeran Danny Expansion of the East Bank Demerara Public Road into a four-lane thoroughfare from Providence to Diamond is expected to conclude the third quarter of this year. This development is contrary to earlier indications that the project was moving apace, especially in Diamond where works had stalled for months. Contracts for this expansion project were awarded in September 2011 with an 18-month duration, which came into effect when physical works began. Owing to several delays such as the presence of utilities, inclement weather and modifications to designs, the contractors were unable to conclude the task in the prescribed time. Dipcon Engineering Services is responsible for constructing Lot One, from Providence to Prospect; Gaico Construction in association with General Earth Movers of Trinidad and Tobago is responsible for Lot Two, from Prospect to Diamond; and BK International is constructing Lot Three from Demerara Distillers Limited “high bridge” to Diamond Housing Scheme entrance. Commuters who depend on the East Bank Demerara thoroughfare are constantly questioning how soon the project would conclude. Depressions in the existing road surface and increasing traffic congestion are frustrating, if not tormenting road users daily. According to Public Works Engineer, Ron Rahaman, the expansion project will conclude in the third quarter of this year, but Lot Two may finish a little before. Lot Two has reportedly been one of the most progressive sections since the project began, perhaps because the contractor had no utilities as obstruction in the cane fields. The unbearable traffic congestion during the peak hours at Diamond is primarily caused by the sunken condition of the roadway. Rahaman enlightened that the contractor, BK International, responsible for constructing the section from Demerara Distillers Limited “high bridge” to Diamond Housing Scheme entrance attempted to fix the problem area on several occasions. However, the temporary fixes have not remedied the situation. The contractor would have to carry out permanent works, “which requires him going down a depth of 1.5 metres and coming back up,

-Contrary to earlier indications

The deplorable road at Diamond that continues to contribute to frustrating traffic congestion

The temporary Diamond Car Park

placing construction materials…He is waiting on the weather for that and that activity would happen during the night”. Commuters and other road users, particularly minibus operators, are anxiously awaiting the road to be fixed since they are losing money owing to the torturous delays in traffic. “I usually make eight to nine trips per day, but since the traffic jam for no apparent reason, I only making five to six trips. This is hard, because you have to pay a conductor and buy fuel and it’s just long lines every day… What is frustrating also is that when you reach in front., you realise there is absolutely no reason for the line,” one minibus driver lamented. In 2012, Lot Three had stalled for months because of the presence of utilities. The project resumed in 2013 because the Guyana Water Incorporated’s pipelines and conduits and Guyana Power and Light Incorporated (GPL)’s poles were relocated. But the project was not able to move into full swing because of the presence of Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T)’s utilities. According to Rahaman, “The only utility that poses a threat to the project is GT&T. GPL has some poles, but GT&T’s lines are on the

poles…GPL is okay. The MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) has been completed, but we have been asked to move from a MOU to a contract with GT&T.” He related that the funding agency wants to have certain things stipulated such as the defects liability period and insurance to cover the works included in the contracts. Apparently, the Memorandum of Understanding did not cater for those things. Another concern in Lot Three is the placement of the car park. Currently, taxi drivers are using the left shoulder of the Diamond Public Road, opposite Courts, as a temporary car park. When this section is completed, the taxi drivers are unaware as to where they would be placed. They were told of a park being erected at the head of the second entrance of the Diamond Housing Scheme. However, no definite word has reached them. According to Rahaman, the design of Lot Three does not cater for a taxi park and the cars definitely cannot encumber the road when completed. He noted that there were discussions of a secondary road being erected, but he could not comment any further on that matter.

Construction ongoing at the ‘high bridge’ near DDL Contractor executing works in Herstelling

In addition, there are talks of making the Diamond Market Tarmac the new car park. This would probably require designating the “Diamond Inside” route as a legitimate route. However, many commuters are against the “Diamond Inside” route, because it is financially burdensome. According to a mother of three, minibus operators are mercilessly exploiting poor

persons who most obviously depend on public transport. “Imagine all the buses want to go Diamond Inside, b e c a u s e i t ’s $ 1 6 0 p e r person… whether you stop at Eccles, on Diamond Public Road or you go in Diamond. Mind you, they don’t drop you at your stop. So sometimes you stop out on the road and then you have to take a car that is $220 per person to go home…Man, this is totally unreasonable,”

she argued. Taking into consideration the lengthy delay of the project, the contractors could be penalised if the project continues to experience delays. According to Rahaman, all the delays the project has experienced are justifiable. However, if the contractors miss the new deadline for no acceptable reason, they will be penalised.

Sunday January 05, 2014

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Horrible country in 2013 The year 2013 began on a tragic note. It was the largest sign to date that a malignant tumour has eaten up the conscience of this nation. In February, the Commission of Inquiry into the death of three protestors in Linden ruled that the shots had to come from the police. Yet 2013 passed into history without any police discipline. But the worst was yet to come. Three of the five Commissioners were foreigners; two were Guyanese – retired judges Claudette Singh and Cecil Kennard. The Commissioners awarded the families of two of the dead men, US$15,000, and the third victim, US$10,000. It was one of the most contemptuous denials of the right to life since Guyana became a British colony. Even if the foreign panelists could not be bothered with the value of Guyanese life, surely, the two Guyanese judges should have been more respectful. The people of Guyana simply accepted the non-action against the police who did the shooting and the immoral pittance that was given to the families of the dead protestors. It was clear to any human rights activist that Guyana must have become the most sheepish society in the world and the police that killed three unarmed protestors went

unpunished and there was no street protest. Go around the world to any country in Africa, Latin Ameri c a a n d t h e developed world, including post-industrial, postmodern US, and you would have seen voices and bodies in the streets demonstrating against these unforgivable atrocities. There was also a sad consequence of the Linden tragedy. In 2013, there was absolutely no movement on the right of the Linden people to have their own television station, which was one of the concessions wrested from the Government. Ask any Guyanese if that station would become a reality in 2014 and the answer would be in the negative. One of the abominations committed against this nation in 2013 that went unnoticed as every other violation by the PPP Government, was the barefaced assault on the Guyana Cricket Board. Several leading officials in 2012 had their homes and offices searched and a mountain of documents and computers seized.

Then in 2013, nothing happened. No charges were laid. It is presumed that no fraud was detected. Yet financial impropriety was the reason the Government created an interim committee and sought to kill the present administration of the Board. It was obvious to any onlooker that the claim of financial fraud was the excuse for the politicians of the PPP to take over cricket administration in Guyana, a situation that ended in the ignominious failure last year of Clive Lloyd to become head of West Indian cricket. If the year 2013 could be given a name, I would suggest the Year of the Shameless Hypocrisy of the Private Sector Commission (PSC). This is a body that has supported, embraced, endorsed and sycophantically sucked up to the worst regime the English-

speaking Caribbean has seen - the Jagdeo/Ramotar reign which has also produced morbid features that have exceeded the authoritarian nature of even the colonial government. This writer is convinced that if any scientifically based survey is taken among the people of Guyana, they would agree to be part of the United States or would welcome the return of British rule. In 2013, the pendulum swung in the most disgusting and sickening of ways in this troubled land. While the PSC crawled its wormy way into the castle of a corrupt government, the general society moved away from any denunciation, any raised voice, any raised fist, and found refuge in the most pathological expressions of reticence and fear hardly seen elsewhere in the world. It was the awareness of the sheep that this nation has

become that galvanizes and encourages the regime to continue its excesses, of which the most conspicuous expression was the insulting five percent increase to public servants in 2013. The PPP Government knew full well that there would be no reaction from opposition parties and civil society. As if to rejoice in the contempt they have for the Guyanese people, in the same breath the PPP leadership announced its meagre five percent, it boasted of stupendous growth rates for 2013 and more predicted for 2014. In Machiavellian terms, the PPP was telling public servants, the more the country earns the less we will

Frederick Kissoon pay you. Finally, 2013 was the year of huge cocaine seizures but only the small fish were caught. It tells a long story of drug trafficking and who are really the conduits. When power meets the white lady, a failed state emerges, and Guyana was a failed state in 2013.

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Book Review: Critic: Dr Glenville Ashby Somerset Grove reads like a dramatic media production with a sure measure of suspense and Sophoclean Irony. Dionne Peart has penned an authentic novel that oozes with existentialism and the vicissitudes that Fate throws our way. Peart is gifted, unquestionably. She directs a stage where her characters perform to the hilt. Remarkably, she engineers intrigue on a dime. Her timing and rhythm are perfect. At the right junctures key questions are raised. Peart holds her hand and the reader waits with bated breaths. Will Angelique’s love interest leave upon hearing that she is married? Will Carmen finally see her father, Clifton, as she waits and waits for his return? What secret is hidden inside the mansion that houses the influential Chambers family? Peart is quite good. There is no single protagonist. Every character is sharply defined and can single-handedly epitomize the thematic underbelly of this fine artistic work. Ruby, Angelique and

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Sunday January 05, 2014

A masterful portrayal of twisted lives Book: Somerset Grove by Dionne Peart Carmen – three generations of the Wright family play their roles with ease and assurance – all lock stepped in a psychological maze that deftly conceals personal angst and self-loathing. Somerset Grove is less about female “populism” and gender equality, and more about twisted identities and a society riddled with prejudice, classism and shadism. There is seemingly a vexing fixation on colour, hues of skin and hair texture, all adding to the vacuous lifestyle at Somerset, courtesy of a colonial past bequeathed to a duped society. She writes: “Only two girls...befriended Ruby during her school years...their father was an Englishman...and their mother was a petite Jamaican with a nut brown skin tone. The twins had complexions that reminded Ruby of her morning tea after the cream had been added.” One can argue that Angelique’s powerful, almost domineering personality can serve as a modern day template for women still cloaked in traditionalism. But even the most unbridled

feminist will ponder before lending support to a character that spirals into a human vacuum – driven by materialism while exploiting every gullible male. In one exchange with her callous and disconnected husband, Dennis, the reader will side with Angelique. “I need some money,” she demands. “What happened to the money I gave you three days ago?” he retorts..... He held out the money towards her and says, “Don’t spend it all,” followed by Angelique’s “Don’t tell me what to do.” But soon, every “give me” moment with male interests is a reminder that Angelique is no poster child for women’s rights; neither are any of Peart’s characters. Her brashness and peacock-like stride through Montego Bay airport hides deep-rooted scars. Hers is a life that is baptised in betrayal, courtesy of a philandering husband. Her overbearing mother, herself impregnated, jilted and betrayed at a sophomoric age mentally preys on her daughter. The pattern of loneliness and longing never lets up as

Angelique’s daughter, Carmen, is uprooted from her home in Jamaica only to relive that emptiness in Canada where the stage is set and the plot shifts to culture shock and the encumbrances faced by immigrants. But all this pales to the internal void that claims the characters. In varying ways, Somerset Grove is a laboratory that explores inter-generational dissonance and its ability to overwhelm the individual will. Peart proves a worthy clinician and an inadvertent advocate for Jungian Archetypes. The lives of Ruby, Angelique and Carmen mirror each other. They intertwined leaving little air for personal growth. Peart’s characters crave validation through the chimera of fancy houses, furniture, homes and social etiquette. It is a social mask that spawns deception and delusions. Angelique’s in-laws, the Chambers, are emotionally crippled by an affluent life coated with half-truths and duplicity. “To the world they were the envied perfect couple but in a private they merely tolerated each other, a fact not lost on their only child, Clifton, whose rebellion over conformity, thumbs his nose at his parents’ notion of success and happiness.” This is a play that tosses love unto a garbage dump and replaces it with relationships of convenience. In a peculiar way, the dysfunctional and annoying Dahlia who surrenders whatever pride is left chasing after a “bad buoy,” is still a sympathetic figure. She is candid, even uncouth, but in a very real and down to earth way. That much cannot be said of the rest of Somerset Grove’s chorus line. But Carmen, still young in a

world shaped by the new zeitgeist of girl power, may just break the mold that has emotionally destroyed the main women in her life. She could surmount barriers and emerge from the emotional ashes that surround her. But can she? And will Angelique’s manipulative dance with men lead to unspeakable tragedy? Or will there ever be a sliver of human triumph in this wrenching tale? Peart tugs away at the reader’s emotions, unremittingly. You can be an Angelique, a Ruby, a Clifton or a Dahlia, withering away slowly. What a frightening

thought. In the end this literary serving will make you rethink the coveted doyenne-like lifestyle. Moreover, it will leave you second-guessing your own relationships, while taking a hard look at yourself. Feedback:glenvilleashby @ g m a i l . c o m / or follow him on Twitter@glenvilleashby Somerset Grove by Dionne Peart, 2012 Claredon Books, Washington D.C. ISBN: 978-0-9884222-9-2 Available: Rating: Highly recommended

Sunday January 05, 2014

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My column

I have great expectations, too The New Year has come and with it, some of the leftovers from the past year. There were the murders which never fail to amaze me. For example, almost on the stroke of midnight, a man shoots a young woman in the head and heads for Suriname. Then the police find the body of a man with a bullet in the head. Hours later a man enters a house in which his reputed wife opted to stay and in an indescribable rage, he drags her out of the house, takes her to the back of the yard and kills her. The woman had opted to move on since the man was already living with someone else. To my mind, this was the case of the dog and the bone. But just a few hours earlier there I was at Beterverwagting with my relatives welcoming the New Year as I did the year before. There were the usual explosions from the firecrackers and there were the phone calls from people telling me that these ‘bombs’ had damaged their roofs. All I

could do was beg the homeowners to provide the photographs. I refuse to mention the woman who lost her shop to one of these bombs. I saw a man who obviously had a whale of a time walk into a trench as he tried to cross a bridge. I knew the trench was not deep so I laughed. Old Year’s Night is the time when many people don their fineries and this man was no exception. When he crawled out of the trench he looked anything but a partygoer. He looked as though the city council had just let him call it a day. But that apart, everything looked as though the new year would be more of the same, unless people really decide that life is more than hostility. I was still trapped in 2013, because that was the year I was writing. It is taking an effort to remember to write 2014. The year should be about enjoyment although what is enjoyment for some is

boredom for others. I could not hear my ears for Beres Hammond and John Legend. I heard the latter’s music, but unlike the days when I was hooked on the singers, he could have been Mary Poppins for all I cared. But I was not going to miss football. This is the year of the World Cup, one of the most viewed games in the world. I just cannot keep a football under my control, but I can admire those who could and I will. I cannot say that I know many of the players, but I do know the superstars. I am going to have fun. Who I want to have more fun with are my colleagues. Some of them were beaten to a pulp and some of them were so complacent that had they been more relaxed they would have been sleeping all the time. There is so much to report on because the nation needs to be kept abreast of what is happening. The government does not have the best public relations team in

the country, so even the good things that the government might have done passes unnoticed. At the same time, the mistakes are highlighted and the same government can do nothing to mitigate the situation. Last year, in their exuberance, some of my colleagues made some mistakes too and created conditions for the government to harshly criticize the media. That must not happen this year. Fun things must happen, though. I am going to encourage reporters to leave the shelter of the office to visit distant places in Guyana, that to many are just names. Not many of us have gone to the mining communities, not even Mahdia. These places have many stories — stories other than little girls who had gone there for one reason or the other, trying to come out. There are the stories of resilience, of determination and of course, stories about

what the children really aspire to be, even as they go to school. Many years ago when I was a teacher at Bartica, the young people did not have much to look to, so they became foresters and miners. A few broke free and became doctors and agriculturists and teachers. Since then, there have been improved communication links to just about every corner of the country. This is providing some motivation for the children at school in the hinterland. But there must be visits from prominent people. I remember Forbes Burnham visiting the many hinterland locations at the drop of a hat. Those visits motivated the young people. I expect to see improvements in health. There are reports of phenomenal drug shortages in the system. Just the other day I learnt that even saline is in short supply. Why this should be is not known, especially

Adam Harris when the government spends billions of dollars in drug purchases. Perhaps there is no audit and we just buy what we think we should. Linden hospital is in trouble and the staffers there hope that they do not see people who need drugs that the hospital does not have. As reporters we propose to maintain our focus on those drug purchases. We care not who gets angry because we know that someone is getting a free ride with taxpayers’ money.

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Sunday January 05, 2014

The AFC condemns violence in all its forms By Khemraj Ramjattan Over the last several years, the Alliance For Change has recognized and publicly condemned in the strongest possible terms and through several press releases, press conferences and discussions, that there has been a marked increase in violent and organised crime which is multi-faceted, but which is visibly related to the country’s longstanding divisions. Today the Alliance For Change grieves with all Guyanese. We are all affected and will all be consumed unless immediate control of the ineffective security systems that currently exist in Guyana are overhauled. The increase in violence has affected Guyanese of all races and socio-economic backgrounds. As brutal murders, robberies, narco-trafficking with its attendant executions, home invasions and other serious crimes continue with virtual impunity, rape, sexual assault and the brutalization of women and children have

become and continue to be a central element. It is clear, too, that in the past years the Government has failed to take control of this epidemic and inaction continues to be the activity of the day. Prior to the elections of 2011, the AFC condemned violence in all its forms and stated that it is prepared to be part of a national response on crime but felt that a response that is perceived to be a “government” response or an “opposition” response, or one that does not include civil society in a meaningful way, would be ineffective. We once again call on all political parties to publicly endorse a zero-tolerance policy on violence and crime regardless of the perpetrator and regardless of the nature and extent of the crime. At that time the AFC offered the following as important considerations in its Action Plan on Crime and Security for Guyana. Today it is interesting to note how relevant those recommendations still are.

THEAFCACTION PLAN ON CRIME AND SECURITY (FIRST PUBLISHED IN 2006) “The Alliance For Change believes that we have sufficient ranks within the police force for our population size however we recognize that almost half of our police force are involved in administrative and other duties that should be contracted out to independent agencies through a series of transparent bidding processes or transferred to other Government Agencies freeing police officers to fight crime. We propose an increase in salary for police and military by 50% over a period of three years starting with 20% in year 1 (2006) and 30% by July, 2009. We support the development of an amnesty programme for the surrender of illegal weapons which will be backed by “buy-back” and similar schemes, and the introduction of draconian legislation denying bail to

persons found in possession of illegal firearms, and increasing the term of imprisonment from one (1) to three (3) years mandatory upon conviction. Licensing procedures will be responsible, transparent and open. The Amnesty programme will be accompanied by a special fund to provide alternative supported opportunities for training, development of income generating projects, credit etc. for youth at risk and sports, scouting, and other cadet-like schemes for youth in schools and churches. Appointment of a Special Crime Unit (SCU) comprising GDF and GPF personnel to be headed by a GDF officer on secondment and based in Camp Ayanganna. Appointment of a Drug Enforcement Chief to coordinate and execute drug enforcement policy and programme only, and to implement in tandem with the assistance of the DEA and other supporting security forces. Furnish police with the tools to fight crime including weapons, mobile communications, transportation, a forensic laboratory, Fingerprint/

criminal behavioural database, weaponry, and other necessary material. Seek international support for police and law enforcement in investigating homicides, narco-trafficking, human-trafficking, gun smuggling, and other serious crimes. International agencies will provide technical assistance and training in 21st-century crime-fighting techniques including intelligence gathering, and prosecution, and training to deal with victims of crimes involving violence against women and children. Introduce legislation to legitimise and regulate Community Policing and the formation of Citizens Protection Units (CPUs) in keeping with best practices in the USA and Europe. Appoint Special Prosecutors and Magistrates for selected categories of offences. Complete the implementation of recommendations of the Disciplined Forces Commission, Symonds Group Report, and CARICOM Task Force on Crime & Security Report. Construct a modern prison within three (3) years and also new, appropriate and humane facilities for

Khemraj Ramjattan women and children, and a re-designate the Camp Street jail as a remand centre. The AFC recognizes that improved community/police relations will be critical to the success any crime strategy. Even a well equipped and disciplined police force will not be able to function effectively without the full cooperation of the general public. To this end, we will embark on a public awareness program to educate the public as to their responsibilities to society and inform them as to the penalties if laws are transgressed.” At this the beginning of 2014, the AFC believes that the nation is owed an update and explanation on the investigations into the several violent murders that have plagued our society since 2000. Justice delayed is justice denied. Once again the leadership and members of the AFC state that this is a time for Healing and Reconciliation – the mantra of our party. We continue to be deeply concerned about the level of violence, unwarranted loss of life and acts of criminality that have been stalking our dear land of Guyana. The AFC mourns every life lost and shares the pain of those who have suffered, particularly where those acts have been motivated by race, ethnicity, religion, gender or political persuasion. We feel strongly that for Guyana to emerge from this darkness we must first acknowledge that we have all contributed in some way to the present situation in our country; either by our actions or our failure to act, either by our words or by our failure to speak out. Change for this nation starts with each one of us, when we acknowledge our human failures and agree that we ought to forgive ourselves and each other and offer one another love and respect regardless of colour, class, creed, political persuasion or gender.

Sunday January 05, 2014

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A case for compensation for climate change destruction By Sir Ronald Sanders Can the countries of the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) take international legal action against the States that are warming the planet with devastating consequences not only for their survival, but in some cases even their existence? This question comes into sharp focus in the wake of the damaging effects of flooding and landslides in St Vincent and the Grenadines, St Lucia and Dominica as 2013 came to an end. The Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr Ralph Gonsalves, described the flooding and landslides as “unprecedented”. He gave a preliminary estimate of damage in his country alone to be in excess of US$60 million. People who live in the Caribbean know from their own experience that climate change is real. They know it from days and nights that are hotter than in the past; from more frequent and more intense hurricanes or freak years like the last one when there were none; from long periods of dry weather followed by unseasonable heavy rainfall and flooding; and from the recognisable erosion of coastal areas and reefs. Sceptics continue to deny that these phenomena are in any way related to climate change. But, increasingly, scientific evidence points to human-induced effects of climate change – something that the science-sceptics have not been able to disprove. Over the last two decades the Caribbean area has been the victim of climate change even though it contributes the least to the problem. Trinidad and Tobago is the region’s biggest polluter at a paltry 0.17 per cent of the world’s total CO2 emissions. Each of the other 13 independent CARICOM countries emits 0.01 per cent or less. The region has become the kitchen sink for the world’s polluting countries – developed nations principally the United States and Japan, and large

developing ones such as China and India. The European Union (EU) countries taken collectively are also major polluters. Recent studies give Caribbean countries, including the mainland states of Guyana and Belize, no reason for comfort. The InterAmerican Development Bank fears that the tourism industry in the Caribbean – the mainstay of many of the islands - could lose upwards of US$900 million a year by 2050. It also says that flat islands like the Bahamas are particularly vulnerable, and it estimates that, by 2053, climate change will cumulatively have cost the Caribbean up to US$2 billion. Also, the annual income from fishing may be affected by as much as US$140 million from 2015. The Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre in Belize has also posted an authoritative report which shows that the Caribbean is particularly at risk for dramatic rises in temperature with damaging effects on sensitive ecosystems that cannot tolerate even small changes in climate if they occur at a rapid pace. The indications are that, if nothing is done to halt the

current trend of global warming, Jamaica will be among the first places on Earth (2023) to see a significant increase in temperature from the historical average. It will be followed by Haiti (2025), Dominican Republic (2026), Bahamas (2029), Guyana (2029), and Belize (2034). While these countries are specifically mentioned, all Caribbean countries will be similarly affected to some degree with consequences for agriculture, water, tourism and production. The problem is real. It is also enormous. While it has been present for some time, its urgency for governments has been overtaken by immediate problems such as contracting economies, high debt, high deficits and high unemployment caused by a combination of factors including poor policy choices. But, the problem is fast becoming one that goes beyond survival to actual existence. What happened in the twilight days of 2013 in Dominica, St Lucia and St Vincent and the Grenadines are wake-up calls that are echoes of flooding in Guyana and climate events in other parts of the region. Amid all this, the Inter-

American Development Bank says the “region needs to dramatically increase its investment in climate change adaptation and mitigation in the coming decades”. But, where is the money to come from in a region that is highly indebted and whose governments are strapped for cash? So far, the international community has shown little willingness to provide the funding that Caribbean countries urgently need for adaptation to a problem of which they are not the perpetrators but the victims. Therefore, the idea of taking international legal action against the countries that are warming the planet has substantial merit. The idea was posited a few days ago (December 29) by Chris Huhne, a former Environment Minister in the present coalition government in Britain. He pointed out that in 2013 “a group of small island states threatened by rising sea levels, led by Palau, came close to asking the International Court of Justice for an advisory opinion, and

the main reason they did not press ahead then was that the scientific case is strengthening by the month”. He is supported in this view by Phillipe Sands QC, a professor of international law familiar with the Caribbean. At the urging of Dr Ralph Gonsalves, the governments of CARICOM have set up both regional and national commissions to develop a legal case to seek reparations for slavery. Dr Gonsalves will shortly formally become the Chairman of CARICOM. Against the background of the clear evidence of the effect of climate change on the Caribbean, and his own country’s most recent experience, perhaps he might consider similarly placing on the agenda of Heads of Government possible international legal action to secure from the main polluters the financing they have been unwilling to provide despite the ruin inflicted on the Caribbean. The Caribbean can no longer merely endure the effects of global warming

Sir Ronald Sanders whose evidence is plain to see and whose offenders have been identified by no less an organization than the United Nations. The scientific documentation is already collected. What is needed now is a high quality team of negotiators backed up by scientists drawn not only from the Caribbean’s Universities and Climate Change Centre, but such sympathetic and experienced people in the global community who recognize the clear danger to survival of the Caribbean people. (The writer is a Consultant, Senior Research Fellow at London University and former Caribbean diplomat) Responses and previous commentaries:

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Sunday January 05, 2014

Guyana needs a new ‘social contract’ The results of the general and regional elections of 28th November 2011 opened opportunities for real political, social and economic change. A Partnership for National Unity and the Alliance For Change together polled over 175,000 votes and the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC), over 166,000 votes. These results gave the combined opposition a majority of one seat in the National Assembly. The PPPC, rather than pursue a consensual policy of “inclusionary democracy” of cooperation with the opposition as prescribed in the Constitution, adopted a confrontational approach. That approach has failed. President Donald Ramotar lamented, in his ‘New Year Address to the Nation, “I acknowledge that political obstacles stand in the way of our transformative agenda. I hope that the New Year we can get some cooperation from our colleagues on the other side of the House to

move our country forward.” The fact is that Guyana is in a state of crisis. The political crisis has been precipitated by the PPPC’s reluctance to acknowledge its minority status in the National Assembly and to seek a political settlement with the Opposition. The President’s refusal to assent to certain bills passed by the Assembly has stuck like a bone in the throat of the Opposition. This has been a major source of political contention. The economic crisis has lowered workers’ standard of living. Protests, strikes and stoppages by two of the country’s largest trade unions – the Guyana Public Service Union and the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union – have demonstrated how much labour relations between the state and its workers have degenerated. The ranks of unemployed young people are increasing. The World Bank, in its 2014 World Development

Report, rated Guyana as the second poorest country in CARICOM. The Report showed that, with a Gross National Income (GNI) of US$3,410 per capita, Guyana compared unfavourably with The Bahamas at US$21,280 per capita, Suriname at US$8,480 per capita and, indeed, with all other CARICOM states except Haiti. The security crisis has disproportionately hurt the poor. Guyanese are pained by the surge in serious crimes last year, 2013. There were 1,038 reports of robbery under arms at the end of November 2013, representing a seven per cent increase over the same period in 2012. There was an increase in the number of armed robberies involving the use of firearms by 16 per cent. Other everyday crimes – including banditry in the hinterland, murder, piracy, fatalities on the roads and interpersonal violence – proliferated. The challenge of determining the character and content of the ‘social contract’ lies at the core of these crises. The PPPC administration

must change its political posture if it is to recover public trust in the state’s ability to positively influence economic change and restore the sustainability of social policies. Such an evolution, inevitably, must be based on a recognition of the authority and autonomy of the National Assembly. There must be change in the relations between the executive and legislative branches of government and in the organisation and role of the state. The President and the PPPC should understand that the way out of the crisis is to promote national unity, ensure human safety and foster economic development. The PPPC has demonstrated that, on its own, it is incapable of solving the country’s current crises. It must create a cooperative relationship if it is to get out of these crises. It must, to achieve this, embark on a new ‘social contract.’ A new ‘social contract’ will furnish the basis for major sections of society – including the government; political opposition; trade unions; private sector and

civil society – to come together to seek agreement on a broad national programme to move the country forward. A ‘social contract’ could be the main means of combining the talents of a wider constituency and of creating the conditions for social cooperation and economic progress. The three-fold purpose of such a contract would be to reach a broad consensus on the goals of national development, to establish a sustainable institutional architecture and to create effective policy instruments for the achievement of the contract’s objectives. The PPPC administration must lead the way. It must honour its obligations to undertake and continue tripartite consultations with workers’ and employers’ organisations in order to promote increased production and productivity in accordance with The Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas Establishing the Caribbean Community. The PPPC administration must establish, in accordance with CARICOM’s Charter of Civil Society for the

Caribbean Community, “… a framework for genuine consultation among the social partners in order to reach common understandings on and support for the objectives, contents and implementation of national economic and social programmes and their respective roles and responsibilities in good governance.” The PPPC administration must strengthen the mechanisms for tripartite consultation in accordance with ILO Convention No. 150 on Labour administration, 1978 that provides for an effective system of Labour Administration. These functions and responsibilities can be coordinated properly with the participation of workers and employers and their organisations. The PPPC administration must seriously re-examine the prospects for the future relationship between citizens and the state. A new ‘social contract’ must be agreed upon in order to address Guyana’s pressing political, economic and social problems and to foster greater unity, security and progress.

Sunday January 05, 2014

From page 20 this year, will be scrambling to find solutions for the country’s sugar industry as production fell to an embarrassing 23-year low in 2013. Production at the eight estates in Berbice and Demerara closed on December 21, the last day of grinding, at a dismal 186,807 tonnes. This was below the 190,000-tonne figure that had been targeted and which had been revised again and again from the original 260,000 tonnes at the beginning of the year. The situation has now left the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) owing banks and suppliers in excess of $10.5B, union officials confirmed Tuesday. Last month, the National Assembly approved a $4B bailout to help pay its 16,000plus workers and meet other critical expenditure. However, according to Seepaul Narine, General Secretary of the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU), the largest sugar workers’ union, the $4B will not be enough. Once the ‘sweet king’, earning the hog’s share of foreign exchange, sugar has slid to third, behind gold and rice. Already, the Corporation is facing the squeeze from its suppliers, with a number of them refusing to extend more credit. Hard-hit are supplies of spares and fertilizers. Insiders have been blaming GuySuCo’s agriculture and technical problems, at especially its flagship Skeldon factory, as the biggest contributor to the decline of the industry. Almost $200M has been spent to build the new factory in East Berbice and develop new lands to accommodate mechanical harvesting. GOVT. UNDER SCRUTINY FOR REHIRING RETIREES Within weeks of this new year, Government will be moving to present the National Budget in Parliament. But it is unlikely that there will be a smooth passage as the Opposition has signaled intentions to scrutinize all expenditures with a fine tooth comb. Among one of the contentious areas to receive attention will be contracts to Government workers. While the administration, time and again, has been defending the issuance of contracts saying that it worked well for categories of cleaners and other employees for shortterm jobs, the Opposition and unions have been eyeing them with heavy suspicion. The Opposition has been complaining that the administration has used the

Kaieteur News

contracts to reward close party members and family with high-paying jobs. The matter has also been upsetting the Guyana Public Service Union, the biggest bargaining body for civil servants. The union has contended that in addition to rewarding its faithful, the Government has been using contracts as a means to break the backs of the bargaining bodies. On Monday, independent columnist of Kaieteur News, Peeping Tom, again raised another angle, that of retired public servants being rehired and offered lucrative contracts, far in excess being earned by normal workers. With the pensionable age being 55, the columnist was critical of the administration, claiming that there were even two instances where public servants were retained over the age of seventy. This has impacted on the natural progression of workers and will negatively affect the morale of workers who expect promotions. FRIDAY EDITION WOMAN, 20, SHOT DEAD BY EX-LOVER, 40 - SUSPECT NABBED EN ROUTE TO SURINAME A 40-year-old man shot his 20-year-old ex-lover dead, after cornering her outside the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) outlet in Water Street on Old Year’s Night. Carlissa Matthews, of Lot 2284 North Ruimveldt Housing Scheme, was shot to the back of the head shortly before midnight on Tuesday. She died at around 02:15 hrs on Wednesday (New Year’s Day) at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). The suspect, identified as Jermaine Maynard, of Leopold and Cross Streets, Werk-en-Rust, fled the scene, but was captured at Springlands at around 08:00hrs Thursday, while attempting to escape to Suriname. He was reportedly nabbed at the ‘back track’ crossing, and was about to board a boat when he was held. Kaieteur News understands that acting on information, ranks staked out the area, and made a move when they were certain that the fugitive was within their grasp. Carol Kennedy, the victim’s mother, said that her daughter, who has a five-yearold son, suffered repeated physical abuse at the hands of the suspect, during their approximately two-year relationship. She alleged that Matthews had made repeated complaints to the police, but never allowed police to press charges. Ms. Kennedy said that her daughter eventually severed the relationship

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distance away from Project Dawn.

President Donald Ramotar

Agriculture Minister, Dr, Leslie Ramsammy

Gawu General Secretary, Seepaul Narine

GuySuCo closed the year owing creditors around $10.5B, GAWU has said about six months ago, but the suspect continued to harass her. Media reports also show that Matthews was herself charged with grievous bodily harm committed against Maynard on October 26, 2013. But the case was dismissed after Maynard declined to give evidence against her. E-GOVERNANCE PROJECT TWO YEARS BEHIND SCHEDULE …BREAKAGES FORCE MODIFICATION TO CABLE – DR LUNCHEON Suffering from extensive delays, the Guyana Government e-governance project, where it has begun stringing a fiber optic cable from Brazil to land in Georgetown, has had to be modified. This is according to Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon, who on Tuesday last told media operatives that the modification to the design of the cable was necessitated in order to ensure the integrity of the cable. He explained by stating that the view is that 10 kilometres (km) lengths of the reels of cable were probably too long to ensure the integrity at minimal risk, hence shorter lengths are now being utlised in some sections. He said that the project has now started to utilise 4km lengths, specifically in areas

where the 10km lengths have been exposed to damage and breakages. Dr Luncheon said that where the 10km lengths are intact and integrity tested, those will remain in place, but in other areas where there is a sustained basis for thinking that a shorter length would be easier to secure and maintain its integrity, those are being switched out. Dr Luncheon said that as it relates to the stations that are conceived and being developed to propagate signals in specific areas, work has gone a very far way in establishing them. He said that the administration is also looking to have them be provided with the necessary paraphernalia that they need and have them ready and waiting to enter into service. With the project already two years behind schedule, Dr Luncheon said that the administration is looking to have the project wrapped up this year. The E-Government Project consists of the setting up of a Data Centre, a transmission network and the data network. The Data Centre, or control centre, is being housed in the compound of Castellani House, in the same building that is used for the Central Intelligence Agency.

SATURDAY EDITION MAN DUMPED WITH GUNSHOT TO HEAD The body of an unidentified male with a suspected gunshot to the face was found Friday afternoon in a clump of bushes behind Project Dawn, Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara. The man, who appeared to have dreadlocks, was clad in a stripe jersey. A pair of black suede female shoes was found beside the body. There was a bloodied jersey and a large rock near the body too. “The body was not decomposing so we believe he was killed probably around Thursday,” one police source explained. There were bruises about the body also, which could suggest that he was probably beaten too. Kaieteur News was told that the body was discovered by workers at the Amerindian Hostel, which is not a far

THREE SHOT IN ALBOUYSTOWN BAR Nikita Glasgow, a 20-yearold woman, was among three persons shot at the Ghetto Flex Bar on James and Albouys Streets, Albouystown around 01:45 hrs Friday by a group of men. Injured alongside Glasgow of East Ruimveldt are Randy Bharrat, 39, of Albouystown and Courtney Sandy, 28, of Light Street, Georgetown. Police in a statement, said that Bharrat and a group of men got involved in an argument at the bar during which they pulled out firearms and discharged several rounds. The 39-year-old man was shot to his back while Glasgow and Sandy were both struck by stray bullets to their feet. MINER BADLY STABBED, LEFTARMALMOST SEVERED A twenty-three-year-old miner is now a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation after being stabbed and chopped multiple times about the body. His left arm was reportedly almost severed. The man was identified as Alex McPherson, called ‘Batchie’ of 169 East Ruimveldt, Georgetown. According to a female relative, the episode that led to the man being injured occurred around 18:00 hours Friday evening in the vicinity of Avocado Square, East Ruimveldt. She said that McPherson had left home to make a purchase at a nearby shop just minutes before she received a call notifying her that he had been attacked and was taken to hospital. According to her, the still conscious McPherson was transported to the health facility by a taxi driver whom he gave the phone numbers to alert his relatives. She added that McPherson has named his attacker as ‘Jamal’. However, other than the name, the family has no lead about what might have caused the attack.

Sunday January 05, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 43

Overseas-based Guyanese hoping to change the world ...founder and CEO of International Children’s Outreach Onica Charles migrated to the United States of America during her teenage years, but the now 29-year-old woman has not forgotten her roots. She is determined to make a difference in the lives of children across the world. The former St. Joseph High School student is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the International Children’s Outreach (ICO), a non-profit organization which started in September 2007. Most of the members of the ICO are Charles’s classmates of the Nova South Eastern University, Miami, USA. Therefore, conveniently, the group would raise money during the school year, and conduct its work during vacation. “We don’t partake in the regular spring and summer breaks and so forth, we do “Alternative Breaks”, where we move away from the usual party atmosphere, and we travel to various parts of the world to conduct outreaches which will benefit children,” Charles said. The ICO kicked off its work here in Guyana, and has since undertaken several community development projects in Grove, East Bank Demerara. Over the past few years, the group has had several visits to the community where residents, particularly the youngsters, benefitted significantly. Some of the ICO’s work in

that community includes the establishment of a new and modern library for the Grove Primary School where the facility was equipped with much needed learning materials. The Campbell’s Trust Nursery School was also given a major facelift, while the general community outreach aspect saw the group handing out hampers to a number of households in Grove and a few other communities along the East Bank Demerara corridor. These hampers contained food supplies, clothing and first aid kits. Charles has focused extensively on her homeland, but said that she finds the need to live up to her foundation’s name as being ‘International’. Thus, during her 2013 summer break, Charles took nine students of Florida International University (FIU) to Durban, South Africa where the group worked with both children and adults living with HIV/AIDS. It was the group’s first travel to the African continent. While in South Africa, Charles was able to partner with the infamous Alicia Keys foundation Keep a Child Alive (KCA). This saw the group extending its services to the Blue Roof Centre where even more HIV/AIDS patients were offered assistance. In addition to physically caring for the patients, the group chose to remodel some

67-year-old man found dead in Rupununi Police are also investigating the death of Howard Peters, a 67-year-old man whose body was found lying on the access road to Shea Village, Deep South Rupununi in Region Nine. Details are sketchy, but Kaieteur News understands that the man’s body bore multiple stab wounds, and that the police are therefore treating it as a murder. This publication was unable to speak with relatives, but learnt that Peters was identified by a friend who told mortuary workers that the man had been “sporting” hours before his body was discovered. Kaieteur News will provide more details in its subsequent edition.

Teen charged for... (From page 15) said. He added, “I didn’t been nowhere but they beat me up and chop me on my head and tek way my $46,000 chain and my ring.” Prosecutor Blackman who objected to bail maintained that the young man was found in the victims’ yard. He also cited the nature of the offence and the punishment it attracts as grounds for bail being denied to the accused. The young man had also

identified himself as someone who works in the interior so the prosecutor opined that he is a flight risk who may not return to answer to his charges. Blackman also protested to pre-trial liberty on account of the way in which the crime was allegedly committed. The Magistrate thereafter upheld the objections of the prosecution and the young man was ordered held. He is expected to make his next court appearance on January 23.

of the children’s room, and developed a community garden- a first for the center. “The entrance to the clinic was beautified, and we thought that that would lighten the moods of people going for treatment, while adding something beautiful to the lives of the people living there,” Charles said. In an interview with Kaieteur News, the former Grove Primary School student said that the group spent a lot of time at the Methodist church where the members took part in group counseling sessions with HIV patients. “The session was made up of about 30 men and women, some of them with their small children,” Charles said. She explained that the “group went about asking questions about how families cope with HIV and how it has affected them. The overall response was about their

drive to promote awareness in schools and to shatter this state of denial that many people fall into when they find out they have HIV.” The group also supported the distribution of food to the hungry. “We handed out soup and bread to a line of locals just waiting for a hot meal,” she said. Charles told this newspaper that the ICO also visited ‘Bobbi Bear’, a home serving children who have been raped. There, the trained members of the group were able to interact and counsel with about 4,500 children, of all ages and genders, on a monthly basis. Bobbi Bear only serves as an emergency, temporary shelter for these children. In addition, the group visited the home of a woman who has adopted four young girls with HIV. Charles explained that knowing the woman has been

Onica Charles (right). Her motivation is a hug, just a hug. an inspiration. “The woman has dedicated her life to raising these children since childbirth, describing how when she found the girls they were near death.” The group donated a few items to the woman and her

daughters after taking a quick tour of their humble home. The group also visited a shelter for the differentlyabled, which houses about 34 residents. They donated clothing to the residents. Charles added that the Continued on page 47

Pre-qualification system flawed, must... (From page 3) is working, he urged. Under the Constitution of Guyana, the PPC will consist of five members with expertise and experience in procurement, legal, financial and administrative matters. President Donald Ramotar will have to appoint the members of the Commission after they would have been nominated by Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee and approved by not less than two-thirds of the elected members of the National Assembly. The names of the persons have to be submitted not later than January 20th to PAC, Parliament Office. STAGE SET? Prior to 2010, the Jagdeo administration, under what is known as sole sourcing procurement, ordered that New GPC would be the preferred company for the supplies of pharmaceuticals. In 2010, a prequalification system was used to select New GPC, MedPharm (a local company) and international suppliers. There were severe criticisms, too, over the process and whether it was fair. According to the Auditor General’s Report of 2011, New GPC received a whopping 80 per cent of the contracts to supply. In 2012, that entity was awarded over $1.1B or 70 per cent of the drugs contracts for the GPHC. At the Health Ministry, of the $2.7B budgeted for drugs and other supplies, New GPC received $1.87B or 68 per cent. There have also been

questions over the handling, accounting and delivery of drugs in a timely manner, and criticisms of the fact that up to late 2012, Government was paying New GPC to store pharmaceuticals it was delivering, in one of its properties. Regarding the evaluation criteria introduced for this round of prequalification, Ramjattan said that suppliers, both local and international, complained that conditions were introduced that would clearly allow New GPC and a few others to automatically be qualified. “I am not sure how they arrived at the evaluation criteria but with the many complaints about drug purchases, we are not happy over this.” $1B TURNOVER Under financial capacity of the criteria, the potential supplier will have to show gross turnover of $1B

(US$5M) and net assets of $500M (US$2.5M). The criteria said that maximum score will be awarded to applicants which have paid $50M in corporate taxes annually. The company with 50 or more employees, and warehousing capacity of 30,000 square feet in the city, will also gain an edge. Maximum points will also be awarded in the evaluation process to the applicants who have been supplying Government more than seven years without any negative reports. Health officials over the past week admitted that the system is far from perfect as the majority of drugs are imported. “There are many unanswered questions and if it is that this Government is priding itself with accountability and transparency, then the right thing…the correct thing to do

will be to hold off. It is obvious the current system of storage, inventory and procurement is just not working. How do you explain almost $50M in wastage in one year?” Ramjattan also pointed out that it is a major fact that other suppliers who were not pre-qualified had submitted bids for medicines and pharmaceuticals at far lower prices, in some cases, five to 10 times cheaper. “Could you imagine the resultant impoverishment of the treasury and corresponding enrichment to New GPC! This is bloody larceny, but in the eyes of past and present PPP administrations it is economics. The little boy who picks your pocket for a $2,000 would have to go to jail. But this big company will be extolled as virtuous when over $2B is what it profits in a roughly similar activity.”

Govt’s input at UG will be guided... From page 14 conducted by financial experts of the University of the West Indies, was able to uncover startling financial discrepancies. The disturbing findings resulted in the termination of two senior Bursary officials – the Bursar and the Chief Accountant. Moves have since been made to improve the operation of the Bursary with a view of ensuring that there is financial accountability to encourage Government’s support to the institution.

According to Minister Manickchand, under Professor Opadeyi “we have seen more frequent and prompt answers to financial questions. The answers are not (always) what we would want but they are frequent and prompt answers to financial questions and they seem to know better what’s going on with their finances than they did before.” “Are we happy with all the answers they give? No we are not! But like I said UG is run

by a Council that is dictated by law and that is the extent to our involvement,” said the Minister. She however outlined that the Education Ministry has continued collaboration with the tertiary institution to determine “what our teachers will learn, what students need to see if our curriculum is matching what students need to know at entry level to the University but that is very different from the administrative running.”

Page 44

Kaieteur News

Sunday January 05, 2014

Youth group entertains 800 children and the elderly The Department of Human Services and Social Security of the Guyana National Council on Public Policy (GNCPP) entertained some 800 children and elderly citizens in the auditorium of the

Critchlow Labour College (CLC) and on the Lawns of the GRRC/Bookland facility on Woolford Avenue, Thomas Lands, last Sunday. The occasion was the GNCPP’s Annual Seasonal

Celebration of Thanksgiving that features the distribution of gifts, food and entertainment provided by cartoon characters, comedians, singers and musicians.

The GNCCP comprises a group of young Guyanese led by Dr. PHILIP MOZART THOMAS, Guyanese Social Scientist and International Corporate Lawyer. GNCPP is organised as a NON-GOVERNMENT, CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANISATION which was founded in March 2010. In part, the mission is to work on educating and mobilizing all Guyanese citizens in terms of their RIGHTS, as provided by the Constitution. The GNCCP is working with all local and international Guyanese Civil Society groups to pursue economic liberation and social justice on an equal basis, among other objectives, and to bring about

change for a better quality of life for all Guyanese. The GNCPP is also a policy-oriented NonGovernmental Organization (NGO) committed to developing a prestigious and influential Guyanese Think Tank whilst attempting, at the same time to organize other NGO’s to pursue their mandates and objectives independently. The Sunday Entertainment Extravaganza was one activity to usher in similar projects throughout Guyana in 2014. The GNCPP’s 2014 also include the provision of clothing, electronic learning devices for the needy as well as the launching of a National Civil

Society Conference. On Sunday, despite showers, the residents of 28 orphanages, nine Senior Citizens Homes, Faith-based schools from as far as Kuru-Kururu, Soesdyke, Craig, Supply, Victoria, Cornelia Ida, Melanie Damishana, Linden, Supply and Georgetown “flooded” the grounds and auditorium with sounds of joys and contentment as the very young mixed with the very senior. It is intended to repeat this thanksgiving entertainment extravaganza in communities across the country throughout the year to coincide sometimes with the launching of GNCPP ChurchKitchen Pantries.

Airy Hall breach sealed The ruptured Airy Hall irrigation canal dam which resulted in flooding of some 500 acres of rice over the weekend has been sealed by a contractor hired by the Region Two Administration. Sheet piling and bags of stones were installed along the ruptured border of the damaged dam to stop the massive overflowing of water into farmers’ rice land, at AiryHall/Riverstown. The breach occurred as a result of a dislocation of a

section of the irrigated canal dam, aback of Airy Hall. Farmers alleged tampering of the dam by another farmer, who was seen installing a sixinch pipe into the dam in an effort to garner water into his rice field. Reports were subsequently filtered to members of the Region Two Administration but they only responded after the breach had worsened, eventually flooding acres of young rice. A number of rice farmers in the

Airy Hall/Riverstown are struggling to save acres of their crop which was submerged under four feet of water, since harvesting is scheduled to commence early February. Meanwhile, farmers say that the dam needs to be properly monitored by officials of the Region. They have also emphasized the need for vigilant rangers to patrol the area in an effort to avoid vandalism of the dam.

E’bo head teacher dies suddenly The Education Fraternity in Region Two is grieving the loss of an Educator, friend and mother, Headmistress of the Cotton Field Secondary School, Mrs. Pauline Davis. Davis died suddenly Friday after taking ill at the Suddie Public Hospital. Her death has created shock throughout the Region and especially to her colleagues in the teaching arena. Mrs. Pauline Davis held the post of headteacher at the

Cotton Field Secondary School at the time of her death. She was scheduled to be retired in February. The Regional Education Officer assigned to the Education Department at Cotton Field, Mrs. Seepersaud explained that Davis was happy throughout the Christmas season and was fully involved in Christmas activities at Aurora and Charity Schools, December last. Davis was born at

Johanna Cecilia, Essequibo Coast. She received her early Education at the Johanna Cecilia Primary School then she went on to the Anna Regina Multilateral Secondary. Davis later went on to further her Education at a senior Secondary School in the city before completing her tertiary Education at the University of Guyana. Davis chalked up over 20 years as a teacher and some eight years as a headteacher. She was the mother of two daughters.

Corruption in drug ... From page 13 would enable Government to acquire medical supplies at competitive prices. With the savings earned much needed equipment could be procured for the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation The single source method for the procurement of goods is set out in Section 28 of the Procurement Act 2003. For single sourcing to take place, it must be a case where the goods are available only from a particular supplier or contractor, or a particular supplier or contractor has exclusive rights with respect to the goods and no reasonable alternative or substitute exists.

Sunday January 05, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 45

2014 WISHES FROM GUYANESE IN THE DIASPORA By Ralph Seeram Following my article last week, some readers responded with their wish list for Guyana this year. Most of them are the basic everyday amenities. They were not asking for too much, just stuff that should be standard in this 21st Century, things we take for granted here in the Diaspora. One of the overwhelming wishes is for a reliable supply of electricity. It is inconceivable that in this age Guyana does not have a 24hour reliable supply of electricity. So many times I am speaking to friends on the phone or messaging when the

line or internet goes dead; as usual it was a blackout. I am not sure if the government is aware of the fear the public has of blackouts. How can you move a country into the 21st Century without a reliable supply of electricity? The housewives are in fear of their meats and other frozen foods spoil, which places additional strains on their already tight budget. I am not even going to get into how it affects business. Existing large companies could afford to have backup generators, but the lack of reliable supply of electricity is great disincentive to investors. The government can

preach about the progress Guyana has made, quote all the statistics about how well the country is doing. When blackout hits, all of that “goes through the window”; the result is cuss down on the PPP government. People are more concerned about their everyday conveniences than any grandiose projects. A familiar sight in Guyana is those black overhead water tanks in yards of those who can afford them. On a visit to Guyana some time ago I had to explain to family members what the purpose of those tanks was. It’s taken for granted by the average Guyanese. They are resigned to the fact that water is only supplied a few hours a day. I read the nonsense Irfaan

Ali spew about progress in potable water supply, well if you cannot provide the public a reliable 24- hour supply of water to the populace, then you have gone backwards, you have not made any progress. Imagine the Capital City of Georgetown does not have a 24-hour supply of water. I wonder when he makes one of his many “tourist trips” abroad if he boasts that his Capital City does not have a 24-hour supply of water. The problem is, not everyone can afford those storage tanks. There are still people who have to store water in buckets, basins and bowls until the water flows again. As I said before this situation has become normal for the average Guyanese, but

GuySuCo gears to pump less into Canje River, APNU up in arms The Regional Six group of the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is objecting to the installation of a drainage pump in the Canje River by the beleaguered Guyana Sugar Corporation (GUYSUCO). This was after it was announced that the pump would have pumped water into the massive GuySuCo Cultivations in East Berbice, but only to learn afterwards that the pump will be a drainage pump. The main opposition party’s bone of contention is that the pump which will be installed at the cost of millions of dollars will drain contaminated water from the Guysuco Cultivation into the Canje River areas thus affecting the lives of thousands of residents in the Canje, New Amsterdam, Corentyne and Berbice River areas. The Canje River serves

- Says the project is a catastrophe in waiting residents in East and West Canje, Canje River, New Amsterdam, Corentyne and Berbice River areas. Kerwin Crawford leader of the APNU group in the region has since dispatched a missive dated December 10, to the Chairman of the underperforming GuySuCo registering their concerns and demanding a withdrawal of the project. To date he has not received a response. Crawford stated that the action is not in line with set EPA standards and wonders if the project has been approved and if so, how it got its approval. He said that it is a known fact that the Canje River is used by thousands of Guyanese from various areas

who depend on it in various forms for their daily livelihood. He said that it is also a known fact that GuySuCo used a lot of deadly chemicals in their wide cultivation for various reasons which runs into their various water networks which is most times contaminated. If they drain that water into the Canje River, it would only serve to disrupt the lives of the thousands who depend on it. According to the letter seen by Kaieteur News –

Crawford stated that he visited the area on a number of occasions and after listening to the cry of the residents he is convinced that the act would lead to a disaster. The marine life would die and those who use the Canje River for various other purposes will be affected immensely. The lead APNU councilor is directing Guysuco to relocate the pump to the sea and to stop all preparation works forthwith or face an unwelcome situation.

alien to us in the Diaspora, at least to the newer generation. Last August two barrels were shipped to the Special Needs School in New Amsterdam with some assistance from Laparkan. They were the blue plastic barrels. Before the contents were emptied there were a dozen requests for the empty barrels. I understood the reason for the requests, but a young family member could not understand. In his mind we would have thrown it out for garbage, until I explained the water situation in Guyana to him. When I left Guyana there was a reliable 24-hour supply of water and electricity, at least in Berbice. Today some 30 years later the situation is in reverse. So much for progress. Mike, in his wish for Guyana wants to see less corruption in Government and a more competent one. He also wants to see a competent media. Some would like to see the Guyanese speak up more about the issues that affect their everyday lives, even mounting more public protests. Now this one is very funny; they want Guyanese to stop copying everything the U. S. does. One reader thinks that Guyanese are going “overboard” with imported goods; it seems Guyanese want all things “foreign”. Well this also needs no

further explanation. Just look at the stores. Guyanese are exporting their wealth by spending so much on foreign goods. It brings to mind a situation some time ago. A friend of mine bought a bottle of soft drink; he asked for one that was made in Barbados, so I asked what’s wrong with the soft drinks made in Guyana. He could not give an answer. I explained that by buying locally made goods the money stays in Guyana, to generate more economic activity. I doubt whether he understood what I was talking about. This splurge of imports is going to hurt Guyana soon. Gold prices which have been driving the economy are down by some 30 per cent, sugar is not bringing in the foreign dollars as it used to. All of this is leading to a serious foreign exchange problem soon. The countries in the Caribbean that showed better economies than Guyana, depended on tourism. Tourism can bring valuable foreign dollars to Guyana, but for now Guyana can forget about that. Who wants to come to a country that does not have a reliable supply of water and electricity? I have not even touched on the garbage filled City of Georgetown. Ralph Seeram can be reached at email:

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One foreign used Massey Ferguson 290 Tractor for sale Tel: 696-5997 Soluble fertilizers, Calcium Nitrate, Potassium and much more – Tel:611-6478 Fishing boat Length- 30" , Width- 6½ & Depth- 3½ with 15HP Tohatsu engine - $1.4M Tel: 690-7231; 697-0648 1 smoothie machine,2 ice machine- Contact:2310655,683-8734 1 Stall @ Stabroek Market Tel: 658-0115; 718-757-8031 1-500 Ton Cargo Ship – Tel:676-6933 Tibitean Terrier- Pups for sale: (Fluffy) - Tel:655-0054; 226-4166 New 1- 16/14 Bore Trailer, driven pump. Reduced Price! Tel: 227-1830 1 HP office jet pro printer, 1 6 Light Chandelier, 2- 6 Cylinder Cummings engine with turbo, 1 AC Energy saver Lg– Tel: Tel:673-9501 1 RZ longbase mini-bus. Excellent Condition – Price: $1.2M. First Owner!!– Tel:666-4999 or 698-6898 1 Fishing vessel fully loaded, 15 Yamaha, ice-box (650Lbs) Nylon 5" Seine (2.8M) – Tel:660-1825; 695-2679. Price Negotiable!

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Sunday January 05, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 47

Overseas-based Guyanese hoping to... From page 43 group also visited Saint Monica’s House, an orphanage housing 86 children. “They are divided into pods and each has a small “family” of about 12 children and one caretaker,” Charles said, adding that the group donated clothing and toys to the children. She noted that immediately after returning to USA, she gathered another group of volunteers and flew to Kingston, Jamaica where they volunteered at Strathmore Gardens Children’s Home. There, the group donated toys, clothing, and school supplies to over 40 children, and also gave the orphanage a facelift. “We also helped Ebony Vale School, a basic school for children from low-income families who can’t afford fancy schools.” “We repainted the buildings from the outside, and put up swings for the children on the playground,” Charles said. The woman told Kaieteur News that her aim is to leave the world in a better place, knowing that she did her part in helping someone. She noted that “just one hug and a smile from a child makes the work that we do, worthwhile; its worth it.” Charles said that another group will soon be returning to Guyana, where emphasis will be placed on improving the lives of disadvantaged and homeless children. “Plus we will also be doing more community

outreaches. We are open to physical assistance. It is good to volunteer and help keep the pots boiling for others,” Charles said. Born to Amanda Kumar and Augustus Charles, the young woman said that thankfully, she was able to overcome the many challenges, financial and otherwise, and was able to pursue a proper education. “Every child deserves a proper education.” Charles now holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. She added that persons wanting to follow the work of the International Children’s Outreach or provide assistance can do so via their website at



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VERSAILLES: Furnished 5 bedrooms, self-contained rooms, modern facilities, generator, beautiful landscape, gated community - Call: 592624-8704/ 592-684-9203

Blankenburg Public Road WCD (38X150) & (39X150) $16M each - Tel:666-3619 High Income Land (100ftX50ft)-Parafaite Harmonie $2M & $800,000 Tel: 218-5591; 675-7292 10 Acres of Land @ Long Creek – Tel: 699-3723 In Eccles, $6M negotiable – Tel:616-6000 ½ Acre residential land at Yarrowcabra - Price: $3M Tel: 611-1018 Land with foundation @ Diamond - $4.5M, $6M; Povidence - $3M & Houston Road front - $98M Tel: 661-0180

SALON Make Up Courses, Artist Trained & Certified in Trinidad. Call: 660-5257, 647-1773

Diamond/ Grove - $3M, $4.5M, $5.5M, $8M & Samatha Point - $4.5M - Tel: 661-0180

FOR RENT FOR RENT Self contained rooms in Prashad Nagar – Tel:2272993

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CAR RENTAL Wings Car Rental- Call: 643-1131 Dolly’s Car Rental- Call: 2257126/226-3693- dollysauto www. dolly Premio, Vitz call:347-9339790, 639-4452. Aidan’s Car Rental & Pickup - Call: 645-7981/ 6987807 Latest model vehicles @ unbeatable Prices – Tel:6855011; 692-1051

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We Refill HP cartridges for $1800 call: 650-7699

Prime commercial property, Albertown, 3 lots with business, (Nut Centre) best offer. Tel 621-4000, 2273939 Bel-Air - $55M, Prashad-$40, $54M, Subryanville - $55M, Meadowbrook - $45M – Tel:231-2199; 618-7483


Responsible night watchman for a Sheriff Street Store. Work time from 10Pm to 10am – Call:233-4927

One steel building 5000 square ft, 3000 PSI floor. Just outside of Georgetown, East Bank Demerara - Contact: 619-2475 One Vegi Shop to rent, one shop Merrian Mall – Tel:6426381; 223-6862

(From page 46)

DRESSMAKING LEARN TO DRIVE Soman & Sons Driving School , First Federation Building Call 225-4858, 6445166,622-2872,615-0964

Designing and sewing classes in your district. Sharmela (Canadiantrained) – Contact:626-2629, 676-6312

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Kaieteur News

Sunday January 05, 2014

Sunday January 05, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Missing fishermen return home

India’s new anti-graft party plans to contest national polls

Six sailors who went missing since Christmas Day, returned home last night safe and sound. The men came ashore with their boat the ‘Invincible 3’ at the Georgetown Fishermen’s Coop Society Wharf at Meadow Bank. Immediately after docking the men, including the Captain Nathan Bacchus, were whisked away to be reunited with their families. Their boat although sustaining extensive damage to one of its side, managed to sail unaided from the location where the mishap occurred. Kaieteur News understands that the men

spoke of landing on an island beach after their boat developed engine problems and remaining there until a search team found them and righted the vessel so that it could sail back to port Georgetown. When contacted last night the boat owner Rajendra Narine, called Ram, confirmed that the men had returned home but he said that he had not spoken to any of the crew. Angela Vieira, the captain’s wife, was elated at the news that her husband and his colleagues had returned home safely, although when this newspaper spoke to her, he had not yet reached their Bellevue, West Bank Demerara home.

New Syria rebel alliance declares war on Al-Qaeda

Supporters of the Aam Aadmi Party (Common Man Party) hold brooms, the party symbol, in New Delhi. (AFP Photo/Sajjad Hussain) New Delhi (AFP) - India’s new anti-graft party announced yesterday it would contest most of the seats in upcoming general elections after its stunning poll showing in the nation’s capital last month. One of the Aam Aadmi (“common man”) Party’s top leaders, Prashant Bhushan, announced the decision after the first day of a two-day meeting of the party’s top decision-making body in New Delhi to plan strategy for the elections, due in May. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), formed just a year ago, “will fight the general elections, contest in the maximum number of states and in as many seats as possible,” Bhushan told reporters in televised remarks in New Delhi. He said the party was looking for “honest candidates”. The party won 28 seats in the 70-seat Delhi state assembly in polls in early December, routing the Congress party, which rules at the national level. The AAP’s success has engendered hope among corruption-weary Indians that it could signal the beginning the clean-up of the nation’s graft-ridden politics. Congress’s rout in Delhi and three other state polls has been seen as one more sign the powerful Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, which has given India three premiers since independence, may lose office in the looming general elections. The rookie party’s performance in Delhi is being closely watched to see what it could deliver for the rest of India. Party head Arvind Kejriwal, the new chief minister of the capital who has already slashed electricity costs and announced supplies of free water, has

vowed to end the privileged culture surrounding Delhi’s politicians and make his administration down-to-earth. Kejriwal and his ministers have refused to occupy the sprawling bungalows built by India’s former colonial rulers, opting for simpler dwellings or to stay in their own homes. Their cars, meanwhile, are minus the red beacons and sirens that allowed their predecessors to zip through traffic.

The Aam Admi’s symbol is a broom - to sweep away India’s endemic corruption and bribery. The Aam Admi party said on its website that it would announce who would contest the elections within two weeks. Earlier this month, India’s parliament, heeding the anticorruption voter mood, approved the appointment of a powerful anti-graft ombudsman to investigate wrongdoing in government.

Beirut (AFP) - A newly formed Syrian rebel alliance has declared war on the powerful Al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and joined other opposition groups in battling the extremists. “We, the Army of the Mujahedeen, pledge to defend ourselves and our honour, wealth and lands, and to fight ISIL, which has violated the rule of God, until it announces its dissolution,”

the alliance of eight groups said Friday on Facebook. The alliance demanded that ISIL fighters either join the ranks of other rebel groups “or hand over their weapons and leave Syria”. It accused ISIL of “spreading strife and

insecurity... in liberated (rebel) areas, spilling the blood of fighters and wrongly accusing them of heresy, and expelling them and their families from areas they have paid heavily to free” from President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

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Kaieteur News

Sunday January 05, 2014

Environment group calls on President Carmona to deal with oil spill La Brea resident Kurlon Pierre undergoes an ECG at the Brighton Sports Club, La Brea, Friday. Pierre decided to go for a check-up after feeling unwell due to the effects of the oil spill in the community. PHOTO: KEVON FELMINE Trinidad Guardian Members of the Fishing Association of the Gulf of Paria Friday accused stateowned Petrotrin of withholding pertinent information from the public regarding recent oil spills along the southwestern peninsula. The group also called on President Anthony Carmona to intervene to reveal the “real effect” of the oil spills on human and marine life and to declare a state of emergency in the Gulf of Paria. On December 17, the first of 11 Petrotrin oil leaks was discovered. The leaks allowed over 1,200 barrels of oil to flow into the sea, according to figures given by Petrotrin, blackening shore lines along the coast and threatening the livelihood of fishermen, as well as the health of residents. In a press conference 14 days after the first spill, Petrotrin, which contracted international experts Oil Spill

Response Ltd, said the spills were under control. Petrotrin president Khalid Hassanali also said Thursday the spills could be a result of human interference. At a press conference at Woodford Square, Port-ofSpain, yesterday, representatives of the fishing industry said Petrotrin was keeping information from fishermen and the nation on the oil spills. The group included Fishermen and Friends of the Sea secretary Gary Aboud, president of the La Brea Fisherfolk Association Alvin La Borde and environment engineer Cathal Healy-Singh, “Where are the air quality reports? Where are the toxicology reports? Where are the independent bodies verifying Petrotrin’s information?” asked Aboud. The group called on President Carmona to intervene as it said government agencies had failed them. President of the Cocorite

Teachers given assurances that jobs safe for now

Barbados Nation - TEACHERS IN BARBADOS will not be going on the breadline in this round of cuts. They were given that assurance this afternoon at a meeting convened by the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) at Solidarity House held to discuss cuts in the public service – which have already commenced – appointments and other issues. President Pedro Shepherd said the estimated 300 teachers left breathing easier after the more than two-hour discussion. Many were uneasy despite being given the assurance by Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler several weeks ago that teachers would not be displaced by the cost cutting measures. Shepherd said several suggestions were also laid out to help Government cut costs and the various departments to function more efficiently. These included the reinstatement of bus fares for school children; merging school boards, so that one board could cover several schools in a particular zone; a reinstatement of a registration fee for summer camps and awarding the tender to supply meals for the said camps to the School Meals Department.

Fishing Association, Diane Christian-Simmons, raised the question of the silence from key agencies, such as the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) and the Environmental Management Authority (EMA). The EMA, which monitored the clean-up exercise, said three days ago it would serve Petrotrin with a notice of non-compliance with environmental regulations. The notice had not been served up to yesterday. The IMA’s response focused on the source of the oil spills and determined that the oil was a Bunker C type fuel and not crude oil. “All government agencies have failed us. We are calling on our Head of State to intervene and save us,” said ChristianSimmons yesterday. Aboud raised the issue of the health risks, saying people in south Trinidad were now afraid to buy fish. “Our citizens of T&T are eating from the Gulf of Paria. What is to become of the quality of the fish we are serving our citizens?” he asked. Despite a low consumption of fish in south Trinidad, fishermen said yesterday the price of fish was rising. That, they said, was because of the oil spills and the start of a seismic survey. The group also reiterated calls to postpone the seismic survey, which is being done to determine the location and size of oil and gas reserves. Hassanali refused to comment on yesterday’s press conference but said if Petrotrin had discovered a problem with air quality, the company would have “dealt with it.” He said the company had decided to facilitate daily media briefings in south Trinidad from next week and would answer questions then.

Sunday January 05, 2014

Kaieteur News

Kerry sees progress on IsraeliPalestinian framework deal

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (L) and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas talk at a meeting at the presidential compound in the West Bank city of Ramallah yesterday. REUTERS/Brendan Smialowski/Pool RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters) - Israel and the Palestinians are making progress towards a “framework agreement” to guide their talks on a formal peace deal but still have some way to go, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said yesterday. Speaking after extensive, separate talks with Palestinian and Israeli leaders, Kerry sounded somewhat hopeful about the chances of ending the conflict, despite misgivings voiced recently by both sides and a lack of tangible signs of movement. On his 10th visit to the region in a year, Kerry is trying to establish what U.S. officials call a “framework” of general guidelines for an accord, with details to be filled in later. “I am confident that the talks we have had in the last two days have already fleshed out and even resolved certain kinds of issues and presented new opportunities for others,” he said after meeting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. “We are not there yet, but we are making progress,” Kerry told reporters in Ramallah, seat of Abbas’ government. Since arriving in the region on Thursday, Kerry has spent about eight hours each with Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whom he met again in Jerusalem yesterday. U.S.-brokered IsraeliPalestinian peace talks resumed last July after a threeyear halt, with Kerry leading the push despite widespread skepticism about a successful outcome. Kerry said he would fly to Jordan and Saudi Arabia on

Sunday to discuss with their rulers the peace talks, which the United States hopes will lead to a an agreement within nine months. Broad Arab support is viewed as crucial if the Palestinians are to make the compromises likely to prove necessary to strike a peace deal with Israel. On arrival in Jerusalem on Thursday, Kerry said the framework he was trying to build would aim to address all of the conflict’s core issues, including borders, security, the future of Palestinian refugees and the fate of Jerusalem. Both sides have expressed doubts about his efforts. Yesterday Israel’s Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz, a Netanyahu confidant, questioned Abbas’s intentions. “We have great doubt about Abu Mazen’s (Abbas) willingness to reach an agreement,” he told a town hall meeting. “We see the strong incitement and anti-

Semitism of the Palestinian Authority led by (Abbas) as a main obstacle on the road to an agreement.” Palestinian protesters in Ramallah on Friday condemned the U.S. Secretary of State’s efforts, chanting “Kerry, you coward, there’s no place for you in Palestine!” One woman angrily wagged her finger at Kerry’s motorcade as it swept through the city yesterday afternoon. Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat urged Israel to stop building Jewish settlements on occupied land the Palestinians want for a state and to halt house demolitions, which rights groups view as a form of collective punishment. But Erekat, standing beside Kerry in Ramallah, also made a case for peace directly to the Palestinians. “No one benefits more from the success of Secretary Kerry’s efforts than Palestinians and no one stands to lose more (from) failure than Palestinians,” he said.

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Kaieteur News

Sunday January 05, 2014

Guyanese female FIFA Referee officiates at Disney Soccer Showcase By Franklin Wilson Guyana female FIFA Referee Nicola Joseph has successfully officiated at the Disney Soccer Showcase tournament in United States of America, between December 27, 2013 and January 3, 2014. Joseph, who has been improving with every game, officiated in the final of the boy’s Under-17 competition on December 30th as well as the final of the girls Under18/ 19 tournament on Friday last.

Rated as the #1 youth tournament in the USA, the Disney Soccer Showcase attracted in the boys segment, 336 teams with 580 games played between December 27 – 30 while among for girls, some 325 teams and 574 games were contested between December 31st 2013 and January 3rd, 2014. Most of the games were played at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, Orlando, Florida, while matches were also held at North East Regional Park and Austin

Tindall Regional Park Orlando, Florida. Joseph, speaking with Kaieteur Sport disclosed that whilst officiating at the USA Cup in July of 2013 she was approached by a state referee who was impressed by her performance and subsequently invited to officiate at the Disney Soccer Showcase. Joseph noted that she was actually invited to do a tournament in August in the USA but couldn’t attend but recommended her FIFA colleagues, Stanley

Sunday January 05, 2014 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): Today you'll likely awake, look around your home environment, and realize that there is much room for improvement. Fortunately, you are just the person for the job, Aries! You are creative and have tremendous decorating talent (even if you don't realize it). ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): You are a hard and conscientious worker, Taurus, and certainly have been applying your skills and doing your best for some time now. efforts. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): You may find yourself thinking of looking for a new job in order to increase your income, Gemini. But there is probably no need to take such a drastic step. ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): You have a lot of charm and tremendous social skills, Cancer. This is an unbeatable combination, and is especially strengthened with the current astral energy. Be sure to go the extra mile today, even if you aren't in the mood to do so. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): This is a day when you could greatly benefit from spending some time outdoors in quiet reflection, Leo. Even a halfhour's walk through a city park will help you feel more rested and grounded. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): You're a hard and conscientious worker, Virgo, and sometimes you work so hard that you neglect to take any time for yourself.

LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): Today may find you longing for some spots of color in your life, Libra. Do what you can to brighten up your home environment. moustache! ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. 21): Today you may discover that you have more in common with your neighbors than you thought, Scorpio. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): You may receive some kind of windfall today, Sagittarius. It may be that a rich old relative dies and leaves you some unexpected cash. .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19): Romance is very much highlighted today, Capricorn. All the planetary energies indicate that you and your partner are operating on precisely the same wavelength. It's no wonder that the two of you have been getting along so well lately. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 18):Anything you attempt to do today is likely to turn out really well, Aquarius. You have an ambitious nature, so by all means take advantage of these auspicious conditions to pursue your career-related goals. ********************* PISCE S ( F e b . 1 9 March 20): Today you'll likely find that you begin to make real progress on a project that may have been stagnating for a while, Pisces.

Lancaster, Cynette Jeffrey and Nykasie Liverpool, who attended. The young Guyanese official was also invited to the Surf College Cup in California in November 2013 but couldn’t make it due to other assignments. “This was my first time at the Disney tournament and it was a great experience. I worked with F I FA and Professional Referees as well as up and coming Referees. I was also invited to be part of their Referee Academy Training where I as privileged to assist younger referees.” Former FIFA and Guyanese Referee Dianne Ferreira-James is also known by some of the Assessors at

the tournament where Joseph said she also met Christina Unkel who joined FIFA List as a Referee in 2013. Adverse weather hampered the smooth flow of the Academy but Joseph said that despite the cold weather, the experience was very good noting that training was no different to what obtains in Guyana. “I will definitely come back to do more tournaments in the USA since you learn every day. More experience is better especially in different countries, d i f f e rent environments and different conditions.” Looking ahead to what 2014 has to offer, Joseph

stated that there are two FIFA World Cups, the Women Under-17 slated for March in Costa Rica and the Under-20 set for August in Canada, apart from other FIFA tournaments. “If I am able to make it to any of the two World Cups this year I will be happy, if not, I have time to continue working harder to become even more competent. I officiated at the Under-20 World Cup Qualifiers that were held in Jamaica in July and the Under-17 Qualifiers in Dominican Republic in August, last year.” Joseph confidently noted, “No pain, no gain, I will definitely be working harder this year.”

Sunday January 05, 2014

Kaieteur News

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“Massive challenge to make West Indies cricket relevant in 2014!” The biggest challenge for West Indies cricket, especially our senior men, is to try to be relevant for 2014. After embarrassingly dismal tours of India and New Zealand 2013/2014, that is a very big task! We should also focus more on the women’s senior team, led by Ms. Marissa Aguilera, as they, despite not being given the visibility as the senior men, have kept WI pride up and flags flying. New Year 2014 clicked over, but nothing changed for WI’s men in NZ. For ODI # 3, they must have had an excuse, that they supped too much of celebratory fare. ODI # 4’s bowling was nearly as bad too! Having previously suggested that WI had set a new low in Tests in NZ, our ambassadors have underdone themselves with another absolutely atrocious effort; January 01, 2014, no less; even beneath that previously imagined, losing terribly, a real no-contest, really, ODI # 3. 50-overs and T-20’s; emphasis on the latter; are formats that West Indies revel in, but they were badly beaten in a game of only 21 overs, almost a regular T-20 game, by a mammoth 159 runs! What the hell has happened to our team in NZ anyway? One cannot re-build on regular utter shambles! So, can anyone tell me

why, in God’s name, does the entire WI squad in NZ; players, coaches, selectors all; not just do like Darren Bravo, even at this very late stage, and simply abandon this wretched tour? WI were fully marooned at Queenstown, and should have flown the white surrender flag, then immediately boarded an Airbus A-380 or Boeing 777, flying straight back to the Caribbean. This voyage started as a welcomed inclusion to celebrate Sachin Tendulkar’s international departure. It has turned into a shambolic, gutless, blood-letting rout of WI cricket as has never before seen. Nothing positive can come of this dastardly twintour that has featured India and New Zealand anymore. Real supporters will know why the abandonment would have occurred - inadequacy and uselessness. Without prejudice, West Indies’ grave is deeper now than ever before, the team getting even worse! Anyway, recently, there was an entertaining spectacle during England v Australia, Test No. 4, MCG, when former Aussie pacer Brett Lee bowled at, and rightly roughed up, CNN’s talk show host Piers Morgan, who, being English, hoped to see England win a Test in Australia.

Morgan, like some blindfolded WI supporters, is also dreaming! So, here is another challenge, and I would not even have to train hard to achieve this. I am nearly 61 years old, still in pretty good shape, and I would challenge any world team’s batsmen, from Chris Gayle to new world-record holder for quickest ODI hundred, NZ’s Corey Anderson, to hit me now, not when I played back when, but right now, for 64 runs in three overs; 18 legal deliveries! Present WI bowlers are aged between 22 and 31 years old, supposedly in the prime of natural and especially cricketing life. Yet, never has a set of young, supposedly intelligent cricketers looked so lost! Have you ever seen such ruthless carnage as in ODI # 3? Ravi Rampaul - 3 overs for 64 runs; Sunil Narine – 4 overs for 50 runs; Jason Holder – 4 overs for 48 runs; Nakita Miller – 4 overs for 44 runs; Dwayne Bravo – 4 overs for 48 runs; Lendl Simmons – 2 overs for 29, or Tino Best, in ODI # 4 - 9 overs for 70 runs? What were they bowling? Sweet-corn soup? In ODI # 3, NZ made 227 runs in the last 16 overs, nearly 15 runs per over; outright cricketing murder! What exactly are they learning from, or indeed being

Wilbert Benjamin, Flying Ace team for season opening cycle event January 12th in Berbice For the third consecutive year, overseas based Guyanese and former national cycling champion, Wilbert Benjamin, will be staging the season’s opening cycling event in Berbice, when he teams up with one of Guyana’s top cycling club, the Flying Ace Cycle Club to stage the annual “Benjamin Sports” open event on Sunday 12th January. The 40 mile event is once again open to cyclists throughout Guyana and will give the country’s cyclists the opportunity to compete for top dollars early in the season. The 40 miles event will pedal off from Fyrish Village, in front of the Benjamin Sports Store and proceed to No 51 Police Station before returning to its place of origin.

There will be more prizes this year as the organisers up the ante in an effort to set the stage for the rest of the year. There will be prizes for the first six finishers, the top three juniors, the first three veterans U45 and the first four beginners, while there will also be eight sprint point prizes up for grabs. The organizers are also pondering on presenting special incentives for females according to entries for that category. Benjamin a native of Berbice was a former national cyclist who represented Guyana at both the junior and senior levels including the Pan Am and the Texaco games. In the junior division he was on the bike at Inter Guiana

games among other sojourns. He was also a former school and junior champion who won the national school championship on three consecutive occasions. He still rides in his adopted home land of Canada where he also operates sports stores. He along with his brother Gary, who still rides in the veteran category, made a potent combination for Berbice in their days. He returns home on a regular basis and would assist his club and teams in whatever way possible including sponsorship of races. All the top cyclists in the country are expected to participate. The race will be coordinated by cycling coach Randolph Roberts.

Colin E. H. Croft says:

Dwayne Bravo (right), Coach Ottis Gibson taught by, the obviously very poor coaching team? Is it all blah-blah, bravado and brawn, but, with results in ODI’s # 3 and # 4, no real thinking brains? In no game that I played in my senior Guyana, Lancashire CCC, or WI career; 1972 to 1983; can I remember all, not just some, or one, but all of the bowlers being so

badly shellacked. At least one bowler would have been as tight as a drum – normally, for West Indies, Joel “Big Bird” Garner – and quite proud to be so. None of the present WI bowlers were even vaguely frugal in ODI # 3! Yes, maybe I could still make a comeback, as I cannot do worse than our present

much lauded ODI bowlers. Bravo and Coach Ottis Gibson talk great games. The captain even suggested that, “West Indies was caught cold” after that hammering. This, after he had suggested that “our bowlers give us the edge!” Really? Bravo must have been talking about the weather, but most should have been acclimatized by now, having been in NZ for some time. The greatness has all come from only NZ’s players! All these guys do is wholesome, babbling cheerleading, with no positive results to follow! With West Indies cricket season 2014 starting at January’s end, with the 50overs regional competition, most places in the men’s senior team are up for grabs. Go for broke, you young non-internationals. Enjoy!

Ivanovic beats Venus to claim Auckland title WELLINGTON (Reuters) - Ana Ivanovic claimed her first WTA Tour title in more than two years with a 6-2 5-7 6-4 victory over fellow former world number one Venus Williams to clinch the Auckland Classic on Saturday and boost her confidence ahead of the Australian Open. The 26-year-old Serbian had not won a title since she completed a 6-3 6-0 victory over Spain’s Anabel Medina Garrigues in Bali at the end of 2011. Against the seven-times grand slam champion Ivanovic, at times, looked every bit the former top player in the world as she worked the tall American around and hit winners down the tramlines. The former French Open champion, who had not beaten the 33-year old American since they met at the 2008 Australian Open, had romped through the clash until she was serving for the match at 5-4 in the second set when Williams seemingly came alive.

Ana Ivanovic “Very tough. Venus showed again what a great sport she is and what she has done in the past,” Ivanovic said in a televised interview. “At the end of the second set I made a couple of errors that I hadn’t made up until that point,” the Serb added of her yips in failing to close out the match in straight sets.

“But I just decided I would try to enjoy it and play and move forward and be aggressive.” Ivanovic, who had two match points earlier in the second set, broke in the first game of the third set and never relinquished that advantage. She virtually assured herself of the title in the eighth game when she served successive aces and then fought back from two break points and sealed the win in the 10th when Williams blasted a forehand long. “Congrats to Anna, she played so well,” said Williams, who had been given a walkover to the final after her compatriot Jamie Hampton was forced to withdraw from their semi-final with a right hip injury. “This was amazing preparation, I should have been here years ago. It’s all I could hope for,” she added of her confidence ahead of the season opening grand slam at Melbourne Park that begins on January 13.

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Sunday January 05, 2014

Scorching encounter brewing in local horseracing ‘Score’s Even’ and Trinidad equal, ‘Princess Joann,’ on collision course

The year 2013 had been a good one for the horserace fraternity and turfites have enjoyed top races among

some of the nation’s best horses as well as those from stables in other Caribbean Islands. However, one horse,

Score’s Even, from the Dennis DeRoop Stables, has distinguished itself from among the lot, winning all of

the major races and seems set for bigger accolades when the season starts later this year. An animal with amazing speed and stamina, ‘Score’s Even’ was highly ranked among the horses in the ‘B’ Class category but after destroying the competition, was duly promoted and is now the local undisputed champion in the ‘A’ Class category. As usual, outstanding performers attract the competition and ‘Score’s Even’ is no exception; its exploits have been noted further afield and Joann Deo, the owner of ‘Princess Joann,’ a Bay Filly out of the USA, but now racing in neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago, has sent out a challenge to the owners of ‘Score’s Even’ and an imminent showdown is brewing. Princess Joann is ridden by a top Trinidadian jockey, Nigel Flavenney, and is creating waves in the neighbouring Republic; her latest victory occurred on Boxing Day when she totally destroyed the competition in back to back victories at the Santa Rosa Park. In fact, ‘Princess Joann,’ is of good stock and is the daughter of Indy King and Nales Halo, two top American bred horses. The organizers have said that the local thoroughbred is ardently preparing for the Guyana Cup Classic in August at Port Mourant and is doing good gallop. That race will be organized by Jumbo Jet Smyth Street, Georgetown.

Hafeez helps... From page 59 2009. The pitch in Abu Dhabi, though, neutralised the Herath threat, with the grass keeping the soil bound and ensuring it was still a good surface for batting on the fifth day. As the initial seam movement disappeared, Hafeez comfortably leaned into his drives, kept the strike rotating and ended his 12-innings long wait for a Test half-century with a couple of boundaries off Sachithra Senanayake. A century was there for the taking and that generated some academic interest with the possibilities of a result fading, but it was not to be. Scores: Sri Lanka 204 (Mathews 91, Junaid 558) and 480 for 5 dec (Mathews 157*) drew with Pakistan 383 (Younis 136, Misbah 135) and 158 for 2 (Hafeez 80*, Shehzad 55).

Sunday January 05, 2014

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Australia in total control after England collapse

Mitchell Johnson roared in on the second morning. (PA photos) BBC Sport - England plumbed new depths even for this bleak Ashes tour as they staggered to 23-5 and then 155 all out before Australia’s batsmen built an intimidating lead in the fifth Test. England’s bowlers reduced the hosts to 140-4 in the final session in Sydney but, with a deficit of 311 and counting, the damage had been done as a 5-0 Ashes whitewash moves closer. England lost captain Alastair Cook to the second ball of the day, and three more batsmen before the first hour was up, as their lowest score against Australia - 45 at this ground 127 years ago looked under threat. That unwanted record was avoided but ignominy was not as an Australia side which had been 97-5 just 24 hours earlier took a first-innings lead of 171. England’s day was only minutes old when the horrors began, Cook leaving an inswinger from Ryan Harris to be plumb lbw. Ian Bell should have gone to the next ball only for Shane Watson to drop a straightforward chance at first slip, but nightwatchman James Anderson followed shortly afterwards when he edged Mitchell Johnson to a diving Michael Clarke at second slip. A score of 14-3 became 17-

4 when Kevin Pietersen pushed out with hard hands at Harris to be safely held by Watson, and Bell - after taking 42 minutes to get off the mark - completed the hour of woe when Peter Siddle produced a beauty to take the outside edge. With a target of 127 to avoid the follow-on, there was the genuine prospect the match could be over within two days. Ben Stokes, taker of six wickets in Australia’s firstinnings 326 and almost the sole sunbeam in a winter of unremitting gloom for England, triggered ironic cheers when he became the first batsman of the top seven to reach double figures. Debutant Gary Ballance followed suit despite being struck flush on the helmet grille by Johnson, but when Nathan Lyon found turn and bounce to have him caught behind for 18, England had only managed to limp to 62-6. The determined Stokes provided dogged resistance to add 49 for the eighth wicket with Jonny Bairstow. But the wicketkeeper poked a poor drive to short mid-on the ball after George Bailey had been placed there to fall for 18, and Stokes followed five balls later when he shouldered arms to have his off stump knocked back by Siddle for a plucky 47. Debutant Scott Borthwick

edged a wide one to third slip for one and, while Stuart Broad clouted an unbeaten 30 in company with Boyd Rankin, who made 13, it was token stuff. Johnson, Harris and Siddle ended with three wickets apiece, a fitting reflection of the strength and depth of this Australia bowling unit. Anderson got rid of David Warner lbw for 16 with a clever piece of bowling from round the wicket and had Watson caught behind for nine as England’s seamers toiled in the warm evening. Broad did well to have Clarke caught behind for six and Stokes saw Smith edge a good ball to Cook at first slip, but Chris Rogers compiled another diligent half century, including seven off a single shot thanks to four careless overthrows from Bairstow. Bailey gave fortuitous support to end on 20 not out as Rogers made an unbeaten 73. With the highest fourthinnings run-chase on this ground 288 and England’s batting in disarray, Australia remain green-and-gold favourites to seal their fifth crushing victory of the series. Scores: Australia 326 and 4 for 140 (Rogers 73*, Bailey 20*) lead England 155 (Stokes 47, Siddle 3-23, Johnson 3-33, Harris 3-36) by 311 runs.

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Sunday January 05, 2014

Kiwis go 2-1 up with 58 run D/L win

Martin Guptill opened up after a slow start. (Getty Images) CMC - NELSON, New Zealand – New Zealand beat West Indies by 58 runs under the Duckworth-Lewis method to win the fourth One Day International (ODI) here at Saxton Oval and take a 2-1 lead in the five-match series. Rain shortened play during the West Indies’ reply

to New Zealand’s 285 for six off their 50 overs. West Indies were 134 for five in the 34th over when play was officially called off. West Indies struggled from the start, losing both openers – Chadwick Walton (0) and Johnson Charles (0). Kirk Edwards and Lendl

Lendl Simmons plays a lofted shot. (AFP) Simmons stabilised the innings before Edwards was run out by Brendon McCullum for 24 and

Simmons was caught on the boundary for 43 off 48 balls. When the rain came, Dwayne Bravo (43) and

NBA roundup: Late free throws lift Rockets past Knicks Associated Press - James Harden scored 37 points and Aaron Brooks made a pair of free throws with 17 seconds left to lift the Houston Rockets to a 102-100 win over the New York Knicks on Friday night in Houston. The Knicks had a chance to tie it at the end of the game, but Iman Shumpert missed a shot before Andrea Bargnani grabbed a rebound and dished it to Beno Udrih, whose running jump shot rolled in and out of the basket at the buzzer. Udrih and J.R. Smith both missed 3-pointers for the Knicks with under a minute remaining. Brooks grabbed the rebound on the second one and was fouled by Udrih to set up the game-winning free throws. Raptors 101, Wizards 88 — At Washington: DeMar DeRozan scored 20 points, Kyle Lowry outplayed John Wall with 19 points and 11 assists, and Toronto won its season-high fifth consecutive game by beating Washington. Pelicans 95, Celtics 92 — At Boston: Anthony Davis had 23 points and nine rebounds and Tyreke Evans scored 16 points with a key basket late to lead New Orleans to a win over Boston. Warriors 101, Hawks 100

Dwayne Bravo hooks in West Indies loss. (AFP) Denesh Ramdin (17) were at the wickets but still short of the run equation. Earlier, opener Martin Guptill set the stage for New Zealand with a knock of 81. Ross Taylor (49), and 47 each from Jesse Ryder and Kane Williamson ensured a challenging target for the West Indies. Bravo finished with two for 35 and a wicket each for Sunil Narine, Jason Holder and Tino Best. Best was the most expensive of the bowlers, conceding 22 runs off his final over to end with one for 70 off nine overs. West Indies were down to 12 fit players after pacer Ravi Rampaul suffered an injured finger while batting the nets on Friday. This followed injuries to Marlon Samuels and Darren Sammy and the withdrawal of Darren Bravo due to personal reasons. The fifth and final ODI will

be played in Hamilton on Wednesday (Tuesday afternoon Caribbean time). The two teams will also contest two Twenty20 matches. Scores: New Zealand Innings: 285/6 (50 Overs). Martin Guptill 81, Ross Taylor 49, Jesse Ryder 47, Kane Williamson 47; Dwayne Bravo 7-0-35-2, Sunil Narine 10-0-47-1, Jason Holder 10-2-58-1, Tino Best 9-0-70-1. West Indies Innings: 134/5 (33.4 Overs). Dwayne Bravo 43*, Lendl Simmons 43, Kirk Edwards 24, Denesh Ramdin 17*; Nathan McCullum 100-30-1, Kane Williamson 80-30-1, Mitchell McClenaghan 6.4-1-301, Tim Southee 5-1-21-0. Result: New Zealand won by 58 runs D/L (Series: NZ 2-1 WI)

Winter Olympics: Russia...

Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard (12) lays the ball up during the first quarter of an NBA basketball game against the New York Knicks, Friday, Jan. 3, 2014, in Houston. (AP Photo/Patric Schneider) — At Atlanta: Andre Iguodala hit a 3-pointer at the buzzer, David Lee scored 23 points and Golden State won its eighth straight game with a victory over Atlanta. Clippers 119, Mavericks 112 — At Dallas: DeAndre Jordan scored a career-high 25 points to match Blake Griffin, and Los Angeles

rallied to beat Dallas after Chris Paul left with a shoulder injury. Nuggets 111, Grizzlies 108 — At Denver: Ty Lawson scored 18 points, including a key 3-pointer with less than a minute to play, and Denver snapped an eight-game losing streak with a win over Memphis, whose Mike Miller

narrowly missed a tying 3pointer at the buzzer. Lakers 110, Jazz 99 — At Los Angeles: Pau Gasol had 23 points and 17 rebounds, and injury-riddled Los Angeles used its sixth different starting point guard of the season, Kendall Marshall, in a victory over Utah.

From page 59 in the southern city of Volgograd on 29 and 30 December. Russian investigators say the perpetrators are believed to be two men who arrived in the city from the restive North Caucasus region. The bombings prompted President Vladimir Putin to order further security measures and personally inspect Olympic sites. Security measures in Sochi are reported to include surveillance by drones and strict limits on road access to the city. Some analysts see the easing of restrictions on

demonstrations as the latest in a series of moves to burnish Russia’s image and counter the Kremlin’s criti c s a s t h e Games approach. A recent amnesty saw the release from prison of prominent former oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky and two members of the female punk group Pussy Riot. The Chinese authorities imposed similar restrictions on protests for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Demonstrations were permitted in three designated city parks but permission had to be obtained from the city authorities and the police.

Sunday January 05, 2014

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Man City held by Blackburn in FA Cup BBC Sport - Manchester City survived a scare at Ewood Park as they hung on for a replay against Championship side Blackburn Rovers in a pulsating FA Cup clash. Last year’s beaten finalists looked on course to reach the fourth round when Alvaro Negredo fired them into the lead before half-time. But Scott Dann deservedly levelled for Rovers and City had to play a nervous last nine minutes, including stoppage time, with 10 men after defender Dedryck Boyata was sent off for his second booking near the end. A replay was probably not on the wish-list before kickoff for City boss Manuel Pellegrini, who already has a crowded fixture list in January that includes both legs of his side’s Capital One Cup semifinal with West Ham. But he will be grateful to still be in the draw for the next round after seeing a spirited Blackburn side threaten what would have been a huge upset. Rovers were neat and tidy in possession from the start and looked dangerous down

the flanks in the early stages, but their final ball into the box did not always punish some hesitant defending. City were initially out of sorts going forward too but began to build some pressure around the half-hour mark and soon produced the game’s first real opening. Boyata did well to find David Silva with a pull-back from the right but the Spaniard made a mess of his finish, blazing his shot high over the bar. If that chance was a hint that City could create a goal out of nothing, Negredo’s opener proved it. The Spanish striker struck on the stroke of half-time, turning in Edin Dzeko’s header from Silva’s cross. Blackburn’s frustration was shown when Rovers duo Grant Hanley and Chris Taylor were involved in a shoving row as the players walked off for the break. But Rovers, who lie 10th in the Championship, continued to attack their more illustrious hosts after the break, and got their reward when Dann fired home in the 54th minute. The centre-back,

reportedly a target of Crystal Palace during the January transfer window, reacted first when City keeper Costel Pantilimon fumbled Rudy Gestede’s header and sidefooted home. City were rattled and Blackburn, who caused one of the biggest shocks of last season’s FA

Lewis shines in 50-over trial game

Cup when they knocked out Arsenal at the Emirates in the fifth round, clearly scented another upset here. They fired a succession of balls into the area to test a jittery City defence, with Pantilimon looking an uncertain presence behind them. City were still threatening at the other end, and Negredo should have done better w i t h h i s header after former

England keeper Paul Robinson, returning after a year out with illness, had kept out Dzeko’s snap-shot. Jesus Navas came off the bench to force Robinson into another diving save and City looked more likely to get a winner. But Boyata’s dismissal turned the last few minutes into a survival mission for the visitors, and Blackburn could

have snatched a famous victory when Tom Cairney’s shot whistled a few inches wide. In other results: Aston Villa 1 - 2 Sheff Utd Barnsley 1 - 2 Coventry Bolton 2 - 1 Blackpool Brighton 1 - 0 Reading Bristol City 1 - 1 Watford Doncaster 2 - 3 Stevenage Everton 4 - 0 QPR Grimsby 2 - 3 Huddersfield Ipswich 1 - 1 Preston

Rafael Nadal beats Gael Monfils to win Qatar title Rafael Nadal

Danza Hyatt (right) of Paul Palmer Jr XI is beaten by a delivery as wicketkeeper Horace Miller of David Bernard Jr XI attempts a stumping during Friday’s senior 50-over trial game at Sabina Park. (PHOTO: GARFIELD ROBINSON) Jamaica Observer - A fine display of batting by Kennar Lewis backed by an all-round performance from Damion Jacobs assisted David Bernard Jr XI to a 69-run victory over Paul Palmer Jr XI in Friday’s senior 50-over trial game at Sabina Park. Batting first, Bernard’s XI piled up 238 all out from their allotted 50 overs, which saw Lewis mounting 94 runs from 126 balls, hitting nine fours and two sixes. He was strongly

supported by Tamar Lambert, who amassed a quick 40 from 36 balls, including three fours and a lone six, and Jacobs, who made 22 not out. Bryan Buchanan was the pick of the bowlers, grabbing three wickets for 40 runs from his 10 overs. In reply, Paul Palmer Jr XI could only manage 169 all out from 45.5 overs with John Campbell making a top score of 41 runs from 52 balls, hitting three fours and a six. He was supported by Danza Hyatt,

who made 39 runs from 65 balls, with just one boundary and a six, followed by James Merchant, 31 runs off 25 balls, counting two fours and a six to his name. Damion Jacobs returned to take three wickets for 26 runs from his 10 overs which included a maiden. Patrick Harthy supported with three wickets for 30 runs, with Andre Richardson grabbing two wickets for 14 runs from five overs.

BBC Sport - World number one Rafael Nadal survived a second-set wobble to beat Gael Monfils 6-1 6-7 (5-7) 6-2 to win the Qatar Open in Doha. The Spaniard was in inspired form in the opening set, taking it in just 23 minutes. But although Monfils led 3-0 in the second set, Nadal fought back before the Frenchman edged the tiebreak. Monfils was then broken at 1-2 in the decider and Nadal held on to win his 61st career title. Nadal, who had struggled

at times in some of his matches this week, was well on top in the first set as Monfils looked shellshocked. However, the Frenchman, who had looked the better player on his way to the final, upped his game from the start of the second set with some powerful groundstrokes but saw his advantage disappear as Nadal regained his composure to get back into the match. But in the tie-break, a misplaced lob by Nadal gave Monfils a 4-2 advantage and he held onto that lead to force

a decider. After the excitement of the second set, the third set failed to live up to expectations and a Monfils error, when a forehand went long, put Nadal 3-1 up. Nadal saved four break points in the next game and from then on he did enough to win his first title in Doha and give him the perfect boost ahead of the Australian Open, which starts on Monday 13 January. It is also the first time the 27-year-old has won his opening tournament of the year.

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Warning over Michael Schumacher health reports

Michael Schumacher is in a medically induced coma. (AP) BBC Sport - F1 legend Michael Schumacher’s manager has warned about “invalid” health reports, after one was quoted as saying his life was no longer at risk. Schumacher remains “critical but stable” in hospital in Grenoble after a skiing accident. A statement from Sabine Kehm said reports not from managers or doctors “must be treated as pure speculation”. The statement also rejected reports a camera fixed to Schumacher’s ski helmet had not been handed over voluntarily. The German champion, who retired in 2012, is in a medically induced coma after suffering head injuries during a fall in the resort of Meribel last Sunday. His helmet cracked on impact when he hit a rock while skiing off-piste.

‘Respect privacy’ The Sabine Kehm statement read: “Michael’s condition remains critical but stable. We would like to clearly stress that any information regarding Michael’s health not coming from the doctors treating him or from his management must be treated as invalid and pure speculation.” “The family cares only for Michael’s health.” On Friday, some media quoted Schumacher’s friend, former F1 driver Philippe Streiff, as saying that he had been told by the Schumacher family doctor, Gerard Saillant, that Michael’s life was no longer in danger. The Kehm statement continued: “Michael’s helmet camera was voluntarily given to the investigating

The statement follows quotes attributed to Philippe Streiff. (AP) authorities by the family. That this should have been done against the wishes of the family is untrue.” Investigators in France are examining the camera. The authorities are hoping the device may reveal clues about the circumstances of the accident, although it remains unclear whether the camera was switched on at the time. Police also interviewed Schumacher’s teenage son, who witnessed the crash. The management statement concluded by saying: “In consultation with the doctors treating Michael, it is not expected that there will be any press conference before Monday. “We ask you to respect the continued privacy of the family.” On Friday, fans held a vigil

outside the French hospital treating the former champion to mark his 45th birthday, holding a one-minute silence in the afternoon. Schumacher has had two operations to remove blood and pressure from his brain. Doctors have ruled out giving a prognosis for his condition in the coming days and months. But it is medically possible for someone to spend several weeks in an induced coma and make a full recovery. Michael Schumacher won seven world championships and secured 91 race victories during his 19-year career. The driver won two titles with Benetton, in 1994 and 1995, before switching to Ferrari in 1996 and going on to win five straight titles from 2000.

Sunday January 05, 2014

19 Wickets tumble on Day 1 of TT trial Trinidad Express - Port of Spain, Trinidad - Kavesh Kantasingh grabbed five for 19, Amit Jaggernauth snatched three for 16, Imran Khan took four for 38 and Yannic Cariah had four for 13 as spin bowling dominated the opening day of the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board three-day trial match at the National Cricket Centre in Balmain, Couva Friday. Kantasingh and Jaggernauth, playing for the Justin Guillen XI, joined to send the Jason Mohammed XI packing for 63 in 43.2 overs. Then leg-spinner Cariah and Khan kept their team in the contest by restricting the Guillen XI to 77 for nine at the close of play. Manager Manohar Ramsaran pointed out that while the scores were low, the players did show some fight

in the face of a bowlerfriendly pitch. “The pitch was spinner friendly and the application was not as expected and the coaches have taken note of it, but there was some fight,” Ramsaran said. “The bowlers were excellent and the batsmen were fighting but we are hoping for some improvement over the next two days. “The pitch should be harder and we should get some better scores,” the manager added. Summarised Scores: Jason Mohammed XI 63 all out (43.2 overs) (Jonathan Augustus 18, Kjorn Ottley 15; Kavesh Kantasingh 5/ 19, Amit Jaggernauth 3/16, Marlon Richards 2/18) Justin Guillen XI 77-9 (42 overs) (Marlon Richards 13 n.o.; Yannic Cariah 4/13, Imran Khan 4/38).

Waiting game

Smith confirms why he pulled out of BBL Barbados Cricket Association - Bridgetown, Barbados - Two weeks after broke the news that Dwayne Smith had dramatically pulled out of his contract with Perth Scorchers in the Big Bash League (BBL) after twice changing his mind about travelling while at the Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) here, the experienced Barbados allrounder and West Indies player has confirmed the sequence of events while stating he was now “very good, getting fit and ready to play for West Indies whenever called upon”. “No one knows what had happened and I didn’t say anything because as I said it was personal and I would let it stay that way because no one knows what had happened and it would go on and on,” Smith said in an interview on Line & Length, a weekly television programme. “I know that people are talking but I am here now to let people know that Dwayne Smith is very good, getting fit

Dwayne Smith and ready to play for West Indies whenever called upon.” On December 19, reported that “Smith was scheduled to leave here last Friday (December 13) for London en route to Australia but dramatically asked airline officials to disembark the aircraft while it was on the runway at the Grantley Adams International Airport”.( ( The report quoted wellplaced sources as saying that

Smith, 30, again went to GAIA earlier the following week to leave for Australia but changed his mind yet again. ( ( The sources, who requested anonymity, said Smith had informed Perth Scorchers officials through his agent that he would no longer be playing in the BBL this season. When asked in the television interview if he had made two trips to the GAIA and on one oc c a s i o n “actually got on the plane and then deplaned after it had taxied down the runway”, Smith responded: “Well, yes. Everything that was said was true but I’m sure that people would look at it different no matter where you go around the Caribbean because the minute something like that happens, there is always going to be speculation but as I said, it has been sorted, I have got that out of the way now and just back on my cricket again.” On a request to the Barbados selectors on

December 18, Smith played in the fourth and final national trial match at Desmond Haynes Oval the following day, in preparation for the 2014 WICB NAGICO Super50 championship in Trinidad & Tobago from January 30 to February 16. He made his presence felt in that match felt by slamming 49 off only 29 balls with five sixes and two fours in an opening partnership of 53 in just 4.4 overs with former West Indies Test opener Omar Phillips as Sulieman Benn’s XI beat Carlos Brathwaite’s XI by two wickets with 3.4 overs to spare. Following the story on, Perth Scorchers confirmed Smith’s unavailability in a Cricinfo report, saying it was due to “personal reasons”. He was replaced a couple days later by Yasir Arafat, the Pakistan all-rounder. As was always expected, Smith was named in the Barbados 14-man squad on December 27 for the NAGICO Super50 tournament.

Carlton Baugh Jr Jamaica Observer SIDELINED senior Jamaica wicketkeeper batsman Carlton Baugh Jr is now awaiting the verdict of the Jamaica Cricket Association’s (JCA) Disciplinary panel following a hearing Friday. The 31-year-old gloveman was barred from training with the rest of the squad as a result of a stand-off between himself and the national selection panel, headed by Chairman Wavell Hinds. The final Super50 squad is expected to be named by next Friday. The selection panel named a 45-member training unit last month, however, it is said that problems arose after Baugh requested a day off from practice when he realised there was a clash with personal business he had to undertake on December 20. The JCA Secretariat, it is alleged, declined the request and Baugh missed that training session. The sidelined West Indies

player was subsequently told that he would not be allowed to take part in team practice until a disciplinary hearing was held. The Jamaica Observer understands that Friday’s meeting apparently went well for the Baugh camp, but the disciplinary panel wants to discuss its finding with the JCA before making it public. When contacted last evening, Baugh was brief. “I can’t say much right now, but I am waiting on the association to get back to me.” Michael Hall, who represented the gloveman at the hearing, also declined to give details. “I am not in a position to disclose what took place at the meeting. I went to the meeting with Mr Baugh and he is awaiting a response from the officials,” he said. And efforts by the Observer to get a comment from other JCA officials last evening proved futile.

Sunday January 05, 2014

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Serena fires her way to victory, Federer sets up Hewitt showdown BRISBANE (Reuters) Serena Williams laid down an imposing marker ahead of the first grand slam of the year by powering to a 6-4 7-5 victory over Australian Open champion Victoria Azarenka at the Brisbane International. The American won the battle between the world’s top two players to pick up her 58th career title. In the men’s draw, Roger Federer will be chasing a 19th win over home favorite Lleyton Hewitt when the two 32-year-olds renew their friendly rivalry in Sunday’s final. Both players needed three sets to reach the final with top seed Federer beating Frenchman Jeremy Chardy 6-3 6-7 (3-7) 6-3 and Hewitt downing Japan’s Kei Nishikori 5-7 6-4 6-3 in

stifling conditions. The women’s final lacked the intensity of Williams’ victory over Maria Sharapova on Friday but lived up to its promise in a pulsating second set. The world number one’s serve was far more consistent than in her previous match and she did not face a break point in taking the first set. She was gifted the only break in the seventh game when Azarenka blasted a forehand wide down the line. The American then sealed the set with an ace and an early end to the match seemed likely when she broke the Belarusian in the first game of the second set, but instead it brought her opponent to life. Azarenka broke Williams twice to take a 4-2

lead but lost her own serve to restore parity.In the crucial 11th game, Williams hit a vicious backhand down the line to secure her third break of the set and then served out for victory. Her second set efforts showed Azarenka is not far off from toppling Williams, who she split four matches with last year, and after the match said: “I hope to meet you in Melbourne.” Williams is also eyeing another meeting between the pair before they leave Australia. “I hope we do play in Melbourne too because that would mean we’d be going the farthest,” Williams said. Conditions were far easier for the women finalists than for the first men’s semi-final between Hewitt and Nishikori, where both players struggled as the

temperature reached 42 degrees. “When you just come off the court it feels like it’s the worst you’ve played in,” Hewitt said. “It was a really heavy humidity feel out there. I was sweating just walking out to have my warm-up.” Federer was far from his best against Chardy, losing the second set in a tiebreak. However, crucially as his French opponent’s serve fell apart in the third set, Federer swooped to set up a 27th meeting with Hewitt. “Jeremy has a great serve and made it tough for me,” said Federer, who has won 16 of his last 17 meetings with the Australian. “It will be very different against Lleyton. He has the game to cause me a lot of problems.”

Winter Olympics: Russia to allow protests in special zone BBC Sport - The Russian authoritiesareto set up a special zone for protest rallies at the Sochi Winter Olympics, where security will be tight. A special security regime will be in place in and around the southern city from 7 January until 21 March. The authorities announced last year that a ban on rallies would be imposed in the Games area. But a decree now says protests during the Games in February can be held if agreed with the authorities. Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said all public g a t h e r i n g s a n d demonstrations must be agreed in advance with the municipal authorities as well as regional divisions of the interior ministry and the Federal Security Service, the FSB.“The president has issued an instruction to the

A tight security regime will be in force throughout the Games which take place in February. (Reuters)

Page 59

Rebecca Bhola is 3rd Degree - Kickboxing Rebecca Bhola

For passing all technical and academic requirements in July, 2013 Rebecca Bhola was promoted to 3rd Degree Black Belt by the Brazilian Traditional Kickboxing Federation (CBKBT). She is an accomplished national and regional kickboxing champion and a successful promoter. In addition to her rank, she is also a certified CBKBT National Referee and graduate of the American Sport Education Program (ASEP) Coaching Principles course. She also holds an ‘A’ Referee license from the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA), which

she got by completing the course at the US Open in July 2013. She holds ‘C’ Grade (WUKO rules) with The Trinidad and Tobago Karate Federation (TTKF). Rebecca has always demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and technical skill. She holds a black belt in Shito-Ryu Karate and Nihon Ju-Jitsu ( ISKF-Japan) and is a senior instructor with Bushido Karate and Ju-Jitsu Dojo in Carapaichima. Rebecca is also the General-Secretary for the Trinidad and Tobago Mix Martial Arts Association (TTMMAA).

Hafeez helps Pakistan earn draw

organisers of the Olympic Games, together with the leadership of Krasnodar Territory and the Sochi mayor’s office, to select a venue in the city where rallies, demonstrations and other events, including, if necessary, protests, could be freely held,” Mr Peskov said.

But limits can be placed on the number of people taking part in demonstrations, according to the presidential decree. Protests groups, such as those campaigning for gay rights and political reform, had complained at the restrictions on the right to

stage demonstrations at the Games. Securityconcerns Security has been a major concern in the run-up to the event, with fears of attack by militant groups. Two suicide bomb attacks killed34people (Continued on page 56)

ESPNcricinfo Mohammad Hafeez made the most of his good batting form, and a benign pitch, to score a fluent half-century that helped Pakistan earn a comfortable draw in Abu Dhabi after being set a target of 302 from 67 overs. His 101-run stand with Ahmed Shehzad, in 31 overs, effectively closed the door on Sri Lanka after Suranga Lakmal had provided an early breakthrough. Hafeez was unbeaten on 80 when the teams decided to shake hands, right at the start of the mandatory overs. Hafeez may have missed out in the first innings after

making a confident start, but he was in no mood to cede advantage to the bowlers here. His first boundary was a neat straight drive through mid-off off Lakmal. His second was even better - as Rangana Herath tempted him with a flighted delivery, he responded by stepping out and caressing it through covers. No violence, just placement. That was also an early statement from the batsman against Sri Lanka’s best bowler. Herath, afterall, had been instrumental in sparking a Pakistan collapse while chasing 168 in Galle in (Continued on page 54)

t r o Sp Kiwis go 2-1 up with 58 run D/L win P.52 P.51

Ben Stokes offered some resistance for England with a punchy knock. (PA photos)

Australia in total control after England collapse

Sunil Narine runs out Ross Taylor. (Getty Images)

Scorching encounter brewing in local horseracing P.50

Guyanese female P.48 FIFA Referee officiates at Disney Soccer Showcase

FIFA Referee Nicola Joseph (right) shares a light moment with FIFA and US Referee, Christina Unkel Trinidadian jockey,Nigel Flavenney, straddles Princess Johanna to victory in the recent events in Trinidad and Tobago

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