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Intelligence will be the key There are few citizens who would not agree – and rather fervently at that – that crime is their number one concern at the moment: even trumping their worries about skyrocketing food prices. In public discussions about how to deal with this violence, there are usually two opposing views. The first is the traditional “tough guy”, law enforcement approach, which says crime is caused by criminals and the only way to eliminate crime is to deploy aggressive enforcement policies and to dissuade or debilitate criminals through imprisonment. Then there is what can be labelled the “social rehabilitation response” to violent crime. This approach tends to view crime as caused by societal ills and looks to deal with crime by remedying these ills through social programmes. Proponents of this approach maintain that you can never deal with violent crime by suppression – you have to attack its “systemic causes” One would hope that all interested parties – meaning the entire Guyanese public – would reasonably conclude that a combined approach might be the best way to go. We have to agree that a forceful response to the escalating and entrenched crime menace has to be taken even while we take steps to ensure that more youths from the present generation do not drift into a life of crime. However, when we look at those neighbourhoods where a criminal culture has taken over, it is extremely difficult for even well-meaning social programmes to take root, much less succeed. The criminal culture makes youths scoff at the values of the rest of society and the cricket/football clubs, libraries, drama clubs etc that were expected to turn the tide, soon fall into disrepair and ruin through non-participation. Efforts to deal with underlying social maladies will be strangled by crime and its culture and its adherents. A strong crime elimination programme must spearhead any effort to rehabilitate any crime-ridden location if there is to be any hope of success. It was once an article of faith that poverty causes crime, but today we have to concede that crime is causing poverty. Look at some of the villages and city wards that have been overrun by crime and criminals. Businesses are driven from crime-ridden neighbourhoods, taking jobs and opportunities with them. Some have even been murdered; potential investors and would-be employers are scared away. Existing owners are dissuaded from making improvements on their property, and as property values go down, owners disinvest in their property. A vicious circle is formed: as the businesses leave, there are fewer jobs for the youths and a life of crime becomes attractive even to those who may have wanted to tread the “straight and narrow”. The nadir is reached when the village or neighbourhood acquires such a reputation that even businesses from other locations balk at employing residents from that area. But what do we do on the law enforcement side to suppress violent crime? How do we actually make reductions in violent crime? We have all been regaled by statistics to show how our police force had been under funded and neglected. From the other side we are given even more statistics to show how the spending on the forces has escalated over the last decade. We believe that this is a fruitless debate: while all Police Forces must be adequately funded, crime has never been reduced by throwing money at it. We have also been informed in the press that our Police Force has been augmented in its transportation, forensics, intelligence, weaponry and specially-trained personnel. But with all of this, the crime-fighting effort must have some strategy behind it.

Friday February 21, 2014

Letters... Where your views make the news

The Constitution speaks of accepting or rejecting a budget DEAR EDITOR, Ever since the Honourable Chief Justice gave his decision in relation to the Budget issue, there have been numerous letters for and against the decision. The result is that members of the public in my view are left confused. I do hope that my effort here to simplify the issue would be helpful in getting a better understanding of the situation. Firstly, there is a lot of talk about Cutting of the Budget. A careful examination of the Constitution would show that nowhere in the Constitution speaks of Cutting of the Budget. The Constitution speaks of accepting or rejecting a budget. Therefore the phrase “ CUTTING the BUDGET” is regular everyday language. So the Honourable Chief Justice was correct in

his decision when he said that budget cannot be cut, since this would be illegal. Secondly, it must be clearly understood that under the Constitution, the only person to present a Budget to Parliament is the Minister of Finance and that Budget has either to be accepted or rejected. You cannot cut at this point. However, it must be understood that the budget is for the benefit of the Nation as a whole and not only for the benefit of the Party in Power. Therefore at the discussion level in Parliament the Committee could make recommendations and a sensible Government ought to be able to take note of those recommendations and make the necessary adjustment so that when the Budget is presented to Parliament it would be accepted or

rejected. All the cutting must take place at the Committee stage. What I have been reading in the Newspapers seems to suggest that on one hand that the Government is prevented from properly running the affairs of this Country because the Opposition without any legitimate reason is trying to frustrate them. On the other hand no one seems to realise that the Government is there to serve all the people of Guyana and not only those who support them. Rather than playing a blame game and attempting to mislead the public both sides should try their utmost to serve the interest of the people of Guyana as a whole and not seem to try to remain in Power or to obtain power by playing the blame game. Jonas M.F. Coddett

I support Mr. Ramjeet’s Position DEAR EDITOR, I can only add to the disgraceful issue where it seems there are no checks and balances on the excesses being perpetuated by persons in authority. The case of the appointment of Justice of Appeal Sukul is a glaring case in point. The Acting Chancellor seems to have unbridled power to appoint whom he wishes to the Judiciary without a proper functioning Judicial Service Commission as pointed out by Mr. Rampersaud. The Bar Association has not appointed anyone for the President’s approval. I believe the person has to be a non practicing Attorney and I think Mr. Sase Narine, SC, former Speaker of the National Assembly, would be an excellent candidate. In addition, the Acting Chancellor

continues to dismiss and destroy the Judiciary and the protocols. The Registrar’s Job Description calls for an Attorney at Law. He sought to dispense with the service of Ms. Bibi Alli Attorney and former Registrar on what grounds no one knows and has banished her to New Amsterdam doing what no one knows. He then appoints a Clerk in the person of a non Lawyer who is also a retiree, a Clerk in the Judiciary, Mr. Rashid Mohamed. You would have thought with an abundance of Lawyers the Acting Chancellor could find a Lawyer to satisfy the Human Resources requirement. Yet again the Acting Chancellor flouts the protocol with impunity without so much as a murmur from the Bar Association, the Senior Counsels who should be the custodians of the legal system, Opposition and

Government. The Acting Chancellor is destroying the Judicial system. When will this stop? It is shameful coming after the Sukul affair, the backlog travesty where the Acting Chancellor also returned to the Bench in the High Court after Acting Chief Justice Chang was appointed to do so. It is amazing that Acting Chancellor Carl Singh could claim in Kaieteur News that he “did not recommend Rabi Sukul”. Everyone knows of the background and that there was no advertisement for the position of Court of Appeal Judge and the position was filled by Sole Selection by the Acting Chancellor and although he was interviewed, was anyone else interviewed – NO. This is a disaster for a legal system. Julius Clarke

Guyana today is a proud nation where there is ethnic harmony DEAR EDITOR, February 23 will be forty-four years since Guyana attained Republican status after some one hundred and fifty years of British colonial rule. This was preceded by the granting of political independence on May 26, 1966. The story of our independence is fraught with all manner of intrigues and political machinations, a detailed exposition of which would not be possible in this short presentation.

Suffice it to say however that after a prolonged period of internal political wrangling and AngloAmerican interference in our domestic politics, independence was finally granted to the colony in 1966 but only after the PPP was engineered out of office and replaced by a PNC-UF coalition government. The granting of Republican status for the country was merely ceremonial as it brought a formal end to British

The evidence is incontrovertible that the vast majority of violent crimes are committed by a very small group of chronic offenders. This tiny fraction of incorrigible, habitual offenders is responsible for hundreds and hundreds of crimes each, while they are out on the street. If we are to make a dent in suppressing the crime wave washing over us for the last decade we must make it our primary goal to identify, to target, and to incarcerate this hard-core element of chronic offenders. It will not be easy, but it is the only way to go: intelligence will be the key.

colonial rule. The Governor, henceforth ceased to be Her M a j e s t y t h e Q u e e n ’s representative in the country. Despite the political schism which characterized the body politic of the newly founded nation, the mere fact that the country was declared a free and independent nation was enough to bring the diverse political and ethnic configurations into a celebratory mood. It is important to note that at the time of the attainment of independence the country had not experienced any form of electoral fraud even though the electoral system was changed in 1964 from first past the post to proportional representation with the aim of giving the opposition parties an electoral advantage. By 1970 the PNC had

already rigged itself into political power but not after it booted out its junior coalition partner the United Force from the coalition government which paved the way for fresh ‘elections’ in 1968. The above is not intended to detract from the Mashramani celebrations which have now become something of a cultural institution with a life on its own. People from all walks of life thronged the city on Mashramani day to get a glimpse of the several floats which never fail to amaze and dazzle. There can be no doubt that Mashramani has evolved over the years into something that is uniquely and distinctively Guyanese. It brings out in full measure the resourcefulness, (Continued on page 7)

Friday February 21, 2014

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Parents deny assaulting babysitter Amidst public uproar against the “severity” of the penalty meted out to the 19year-old babysitter for abusing an infant, the child's father is fighting back suggestions and accusations that he and his wife were abusive to her at any point in time and is asking the public to consider who the real victim is. On Friday last, Fatima Martin was sentenced to 60 months in jail after she pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm on the infant. The ruling has since triggered several protest actions by human rights groups who are arguing that the sentence was too “severe” adding that the young babysitter was abused during her employ. At a press conference on Wednesday, the baby's father, Attorney-at-Law Joel Edmond related to reporters that he and his wife never ill-treated the caregiver even after she confessed to abusing the child, and are calling on organisations and demonstrators to consider that his child was the real victim in this case. Edmond pointedly stated that he and his wife (a city Magistrate), embraced Martin as if she was family from “day one” but were beyond devastated when they saw the injuries the child had suffered at the babysitter's hands. DAY OF THE INCIDENT The father recounted that two Tuesdays ago (February 11), while at work, his wife received a text message from Martin indicating that she should come home and that “it was about the baby.” “When my wife and I called Fatima Martin she told us over the phone that the baby had fallen off the bed and that her eye got blood. My wife and I frantically rushed home to check on our baby girl and when we arrived home our hearts broke to see the physical condition she was in,” he said. “My one-year-old daughter, couldn't speak to tell daddy or mommy, what was wrong? She couldn't speak to tell daddy or mommy what happened to her? She couldn't speak to tell daddy or mommy if she was in pain?” he lamented. “When I saw my innocent, fragile, defenceless baby that day, her left side eye was swollen with the skin around the eye discolored to shades of black, blue and purple. The left eye itself was red with blood all around. Her cheeks on both the left and right side had cuts and discolorations of black, blue and purple. And she was clearly in distress as she was crying uncontrollably”. EXAMINATION Edmond stated that he asked the babysitter once again what had transpired but

- Urge public to remember who real victim is - Presiding Magistrate satisfied with judgment

Babysitter Fatima Martin

Martin stuck to her story and they all went to the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital for the child to be examined by Doctor Jabour. He said and has provided documents to prove that the injuries which were observed were most certainly caused by blunt trauma and that there were signs of strangulation. The father recounted that they became alarmed when the doctor informed them that their child could not have sustained those injuries by simply “falling off the bed” and ordered them to return for further examinations. “Doctor Jabour also noted that these injuries in a small child could also have serious inter cranial consequences and close observation for the next three weeks was recommended. It was also required that an exam be conducted on the left retina of my baby as the entire left eye was bloodshot.” On February 13, he indicated that the baby was taken to Doctor Da Silva. an eye specialist to examine her retina who noted that “there was severe hemorrhaging and also that there were clear injuries that were due to strangulation.” ALLEGED CONFESSION,

POLICE REPORT As a result, he explained that upon returning home, he once again questioned the babysitter who changed her story. He said, however, after the second doctor's check up the next day, in the presence of independent parties he pleaded with her for the truth and she confessed to choking the child. “Ms. Martin told me, 'Sir Joel, I want to tell you the truth, I cuff up the baby' so I immediately called the Police Station and reported the matter.'” About ten minutes after my report to the Police Station, ranks from the Sparendaam Police Station arrived and Cadet Officer Singh, who was in charge of the party of policemen that arrived at my home proceeded to question Fatima Martin.” “She told the police in my presence that, “I strike the baby, I was vex because the baby didn't want to wear the pampers”. The police left with Ms. Martin. I followed the police van to Sparendaam Police Station and made a formal report in relation to the brutal attack Fatima Martin perpetrated on my baby.” The father slammed reports which claim that it was a

“Magistrate who complained to a Magistrate” stating that it was he who lodged the report. PROSECUTION AND CONVICTION On Valentine's Day, Martin was taken to the Sparendaam Magistrates' Court to be indicted on a charge of Inflicting Grievous Bodily Harm before Magistrate Sueanna Lovell. Reports are that the charge was laid indictably and after the Administration of Justice Act was applied, Martin pleaded guilty to the crime and was sentenced to five years imprisonment after she told the presiding Magistrate that she “got vex” and committed the act. “BASELESS ACCUSATIONS” In response to the statements and accusations, Edmond sought to dispel concerns that the babysitter was being overworked and illtreated during the time of her employ. According to Edmond, after placing an advertisement in the (continued on page 23)

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Friday February 21, 2014

Anti-Money Laundering legislation…

GTUC urges APNU to tie support to good governance The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC), yesterday met with Leader of the Political Opposition, Brigadier (rtd), David Granger, and used the opportunity to urge the tying of support of the anti-money laundering Bill, to that of good governance, as well as the outstanding labour issues related to RUSAL. General Secretary Lincoln Lewis, during an interview with this publication following his meeting with Granger, said that “the GTUC wants the Bill to be passed but while we want this, the issue of governance has to be addressed, there must be a condition of passing of the Bill, the issue of governance must be a condition on the passing of the Bill.” According to Lewis, it is the belief of the trade union body that the non-resolution of the RUSAL matter is a reflection of the quality of governance that has been elected. “We can’t have on the statute, laws that we’re violating with impunity, yet at the same time we want to now pass new laws when we don’t have the will to do so.” Lewis said that they believe that there is a nexus between the passing of the Anti-Money Laundering and

Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill and the question of the non-resolution of the issue at RUSAL. He said the Bill is going to be talking about protecting the rights, and “protecting rules of the game as it relates to finance and those types of operations”. “We believe that the question before us at the Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc (BCGI, which is owned by RUSAL) is one of people’s rights being transgressed and the laws of the land being violated” According to Lewis, APNU’s leadership did not commit to lending their support to the GTUC call. “What we have said is that APNU has a responsibility to the society to protect the people whose rights are being transgressed everyday...APNU has a responsibility to uphold the laws that are being violated by foreign nationals.” According to Lewis, “you cannot ask Guyanese to operate within the parameters of the law but yet at the same time you are aiding and abetting in anyway the violation of the laws by foreign nationals.” He said that the GTUC is not at all dissatisfied with the outcome of the meeting,

Man shot, wife robbed by motorcycle bandits Gunmen on a motorcycle shot a 39-year-old man and relieved his wife of $150,000 at around 12:30 hrs yesterday. A police release stated that Sunil Ramesh and his wife Anjanie Ramesh, 36, were attacked by two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun, at Church Street,

Georgetown. Ramesh was shot in the chest and right shoulder, while the gunmen relieved his wife of a bag containing $150,000 and documents. The perpetrators escaped on a motor cycle. Sunil Ramesh has been admitted to a private hospital.

given that the opposition leader made it clear that he needs to consult with his colleagues. “He did not say he is against it and rightly so, what he did was state that he supports the principle.” Lewis reported that Granger did concede that it is the matter that has been outstanding for a long time and must be resolved. He also disclosed his intention to meet with all of the various agencies that have been calling for the support of the Bill, in order to lobby them to stand behind the union’s position of tying support to ‘good governance’ and the RUSAL debacle. According to Lewis, if those agencies believe so much in rights and they want laws, then those same agencies must be prepared to join GTUC seeing that the laws already on statutes be adhered to. “We are prepared to engage them because if they believe in honouring laws, putting laws in place, they must be equally prepared to make sure that statues are being upheld.” Meanwhile, the Union yesterday also formally disseminated a statement on the meeting which they said was on a matter of national security. It said that the GTUC desires resolution to the more than four –year-old dispute, between the Guyana Bauxite & General Workers Union (GB&GWU) and BCGI as a prerequisite for the passage of the Bill. BCGI is majority owned by Russian Aluminium (RUSAL) with the Government of Guyana as the minority shareholder, operating at Kwakwani and Aroaima in the Berbice River. “The time is long past for

GTUC President, Lincoln Lewis this issue of BCGI violation of workers’ rights to be resolved and it is time for the Leader of the Opposition and political parties to stand up and represent this matter which transcends Labour and violates Guyanese sovereignty and national interest.” According to the GTUC, “the Opposition parties as the government in

waiting, must demonstrate to this nation that they are cognizant of the parameters of sovereignty and prepared to protect even the least violation...BCGI’s continued violation of Guyanese workers is a matter of national interest and sovereignty.” “The GTUC can say without fear of contradiction under the leadership of Forbes Burnham, Cheddi Jagan, Desmond Hoyte and Janet Jagan – in opposition or government, the BCGI matter would not have lingered this long.” The GTUC stated that the majority of RUSAL’s shares are owned by three oligarchs, namely Roman Abramovich, Oleg Deripaska and Vladimir Potanin. Public information informs that Deripaska, CEO of RUSAL, was part of the 1990s Russian aluminium industry bloody wars for control. It is reported that the “‘aluminium wars’, [speak to]

warring factions and organised crime groups struggle for control of Russia’s immense smelters” GTUC further reported that public information tells of Deripaska proximity to acts of international financial impropriety, including money laundering, organised crime and extortion, and it must be said the accused safeguarded his right to be heard and redress on these allegations, rights denied bauxite workers; Further additional public information reports in 2008 the U.S denied Deripaska a visa over alleged criminal association. In July 2012, Deripaska avoided legal proceedings in the London High Court on charge of his stake in RUSAL by reaching an out-of-court settlement; In its call to Granger, the GTUC says that the nexus and gravity of the Bill and BCGI dispute require serious and immediate attention.

Murder charge for “good friend” in D’Edward killing Murder accused Satrohan Madray called ‘Bluey’ 27 of Bennett Dam, D’ Edward Village, West Coast Berbice, who is accused of bludgeoning his good friend Dinesh Harrylall, called ‘Kevin’ 20, to death, was yesterday remanded to jail by Magistrate Rhondell Weaver when he appeared before her at the Fort Wellington Magistrate’s Court on the charge of murder. Madray was not required to plea and will make his next appearance on March 20 for a police progress report. Harrylall of Lot 38 B Woodley Park, No. 11 Village,

Accused: Satrohan Madray

Bludgeoned to death: Dinesh Harrylall

West Coast Berbice, was found lying in a pool of blood sometime between 12:30 and 01:00 hrs last Monday morning at Madray’s residence. A post mortem

examination performed on Wednesday at the Georgetown Hospital by Dr. Vivekanand Brijmohan gave the cause of death as Cerebral Hemorrhage and multiple injuries. Harrylall, a construction worker who worked with his father, was allegedly brutally beaten and stabbed multiple times. The victim’s father had stated that his son left home to go by Madray’s home to collect some jewellery which he had pawned to him. He did not return home. The father said that he did not bother about anything since the man and his son are very close friends who frequent each other’s place on a regular basis. Madray was subsequently arrested after he was found hiding at the back of the house.

Friday February 21, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news

Why isn’t there a protest for this one-year-old? DEAR EDITOR, I write to you with grave concerns over the daily headlines regarding this one year old child of Magistrate Geeta- Chandan Edmond. I am in no way affiliated with the parents of this child as I don’t know them, as their identity is besides the issues I am hoping to highlight. The ultimate horror in all this, is watching people standing with placards protesting for the release of a woman who BATTERRED a one year old. How can this be?? what about this innocent one year old with all these injuries? The people who protest for this woman should be ashamed. Are they even mothers? Do they know what it is like to have someone beat their babies? Where are the bodies that are supposed to be child protectors and speaking out against child abuse. I share the absolute sentiment of every mother who says that this woman ought to be punished more than that fiveyear sentence for this crime. The parents of this child should seek to make her an example because they have

the rightful authority in seeing this is done. I would expect nothing less from them. What is worse in this scenario, beating a thief and then putting him in jail, or assaulting a woman who could have killed my innocent one year old? I say this to everyone, including all the different organisations and bodies

involved in children’s rights and protection “STAND UP AND LET GUYANA REALLY SEE WHAT YOU OUGHT TO DO, PROTECT AND SPEAK OUT AGAINST THESE HENIOUS CRIMES AGAINST OUR CHILDREN”. Send this woman to jail and make her an example, we will have much less abused children. Sarah Balgobin

From page 4 creativity and ingenuity of the Guyanese people. The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports must be commended for keeping alive the Mashramani spirit and for the tremendous work they have been doing in making the celebrations bigger and better with each passing year.

We have every reason to celebrate. Guyana today is a proud nation where there is ethnic harmony and respect for diversity. Let us celebrate and cherish our multiculturalism and Guyanese nationhood and identity. A happy Mashramani to all Guyanese! Hydar Ally

Guyana today is a proud nation...

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Violence escalates in divided Venezuela

Demonstrators throw rocks to the National Bolivarian Police (BNP) during a protest in Caracas, Venezuela. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd) CARACAS (Reuters) Venezuelan security forces and demonstrators faced off in streets blocked by burning barricades in several cities yesterday in an escalation of protests against President Nicolas Maduro’s socialist government, witnesses said. At least five people have died since the unrest turned violent last week, with scores of injuries and arrests. The demonstrators, mainly students, blame the government for violent crime, high inflation, product shortages and alleged repression of opponents. In affluent east Caracas overnight, security forces fired teargas and bullets, chasing youths who threw Molotov cocktails and blocked streets with burning trash, witnesses said. Residents in middle-class neighborhoods banged pots and pans at windows in a traditional form of protest,

and demonstrators were out again from early yesterday. “I declare myself in civil disobedience,” read one banner held up by demonstrators spread across a Caracas road. There were similar scenes in the western Andean states of Tachira and Merida that have been especially volatile since hardline opposition leaders called supporters onto the streets in early February demanding Maduro’s departure. In San Cristobal city, which some residents are describing as a “war zone”, many businesses remained shut as students and police faced off in the streets again yesterday. Maduro said “special measures” would be taken to restore order in Tachira. “We won’t let them turn it into a Benghazi,” he said, referring to the violencewracked Libyan city. Tensions have escalated

since opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, a 42-yearold Harvard-educated economist, turned himself in to troops this week. He is being held in Caracas’ Ramo Verde jail and faces charges of fomenting the violence. “Change depends on every one of us. Don’t give up!” Lopez’s wife Lilian Tintori said via Twitter yesterday. Local TV channels are providing almost no live coverage of the unrest, so Venezuelans are turning to social media to swap information and images, though falsified photos are circulating. Both sides rolled out competing evidence of the latest violence yesterday, with ruling Socialist Party governors showing photos and video of charred streets and torched vehicles, while the opposition posted footage of brutal behavior which they said was by national guard troops.

Friday February 21, 2014

Opposition Leader accuses CARICOM of ‘hypocrisy’ KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent - CMC – The leader of the Opposition New Democratic Party (NDP), Arnhim Eustace, has accused the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) of “hypocrisy” in relation to its response to the political situations in St. Kitts and Nevis and Venezuela. Several protesters, many of them students, have died during recent protests in Venezuela against the Nicolas Maduro government’s handling of the country’s affairs. CARICOM, which is chaired by Vincentian Prime Minister, Ralph Gonsalves, on Tuesday, issued a statement calling for “respect for the democratically elected Government” of Venezuela. Gonsalves had earlier said that his government supports the Maduro administration and spoke against what he described as “attempts to destabilize a government which has been duly elected”. But at a press conference on Wednesday, Eustace accused CARICOM of being

Arnhim Eustace and Ralph Gonsalves hypocritical. He accused the regional bloc of remaining “deafeningly silent” even as motion of no confidence against the Dr. Denzil Douglas Government in Bassterre has not been debated for more than a year. Six of the 11 MP in St. Kitts and Nevis say they no longer support Douglas as prime minister. “What I find most disheartening, is the deafening silence of the other CARICOM governments who

appear to wish that this situation in St. Kitts did not exist,” Eustace said. He said Gonsalves and his colleagues “should hang their heads in shame for condoning this unacceptable state of affairs. “CARICOM ignores the situation in St. Kitts but makes a firm statement in support of Maduro in Venezuela indicating ‘that no democratic society can reasonably pursue disorder or any unwanted subversion of democratic institutions.’

Women’s Centre says half of registered mothers 16 and under Jamaica Observer - THE Women’s Centre of Jamaica Foundation (WCJF) says that approximately 50 per cent of teenage mothers it registered April-November last year were 16 years old and under. In a report to P a r l i a m e n t ’s Public Administration and Appropriations Committee (PAAC) Wednesday, the WCJF said if has 1,132 mothers registered in its core programme for adolescent mothers over the eight-month period. Of that number, 503 were new enrollees with 49.4 per cent of them in the 16-and-under age

group. The foundation said that although it provides a counselling programme for the “baby fathers”, only 156 of them received counselling over the period as it continues to experience challenges making contact with them, “due to the perception that punitive actions will be taken against them”. The programme p r o v i d e s i n t e r v e n t i o n s, including academic instruction, individual and group counselling and skills training. A total of 559 mothers were returned to the formal school system, or to other educational or skills training i n s t i t u tions. However, the WCJF said only 42 per cent of Jamaica’s adolescent mothers benefit from its programme, and 387 teenage girls who became

mothers over the same period did not even enrol in the programme. Only 341 of the registered teen mothers have so far accepted a contraceptive method of choice. Adolescent mothers drop out of the programme for a number of reasons, primarily their inability to afford transportation cost to access the services. In fact, 61 dropped out of the programme during the period covered by the report. “With the harsh economic times, there has been increased need for assistance with transportation allowance,” the foundation stated. The PAAC was unable to seek clarification on the issues from representatives of the WCJF Wednesday as it ran out of time.

Friday February 21, 2014

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What is there to investigate? We have a propensity in this country to fan the flames of controversy, to nurse small sores into big abscesses which then ooze their poisonous pus into the body politic of the country. It is a most disgusting and dangerous practice, allowing for new controversies to be concocted out of nothing. This propensity can at times be transformed into a theatre of the absurd, the most notable example of which is the ongoing questioning about due diligence in relation to the appointment of a Court of Appeal Justice who has since resigned after being disbarred

in the United Kingdom. It has been explained that when he first applied for the position of a Justice of the Court of Appeal, he had not yet drafted the grounds of appeal in the case that eventually caused him to be disbarred. Therefore when his application was received by the Judicial Service Commission, there was no hint of future disbarment. When disbarment came it was handled in a professional manner by both the Chancellor and the concerned Justice. He was asked to resign and he did so. He has since provided a detailed explanation as to the genesis

of his problems in the UK that triggered his disbarment. He has further indicated that his disbarment was not by the Court, but by an association that deals with such matters. He intends to appeal the decision in the Courts. Despite the fact that he has resigned on the request of the Chancellor, there continue to be voices calling for an investigation into his appointment and questioning why instead of the Chancellor demanding the man’s resignation, the President did not order an investigation. In other words, why instead of resigning was he not fired. It should be recalled

Petro Caribe oil deal on shaky ground …as violence continues in Venezuela As international pressure continues to mount over escalating violence in neighbouring Venezuela, there is worry of the future of Guyana’s lucrative oil-for-rice deal with the Spanishspeaking country. Over the past week, at least five persons have died from clashes with Government forces, with multiple injuries and arrests being reported. The protestors, a majority of them students, are accusing the President Nicolas Maduro’s administration for food shortages, crackdown on opposition, inflation and high crimes. Guyana would be eyeing the situation there closely as the two countries have been increasing ties in recent years. Under former President Hugo Chavez, a lucrative oilfor-rice deal was signed which allowed Guyana and 17 other countries to delay payments for a number of years. Under the deal, rice is exported to Venezuela with the oil payments used to offset the shipments. However, the oil arrangements may be under threat now and CARICOM states participating would especially be concerned. The unthinkable loss of the cheap oil offered by Venezuela will have ripple effects for the economy of Guyana as it accounts for a significant portion of the country’s foreign spending. It will also affect the rice industry, number two among the country’s top earners, as farmers have been happy with the assured market, a big problem in the past. With inflation in the ‘50s and the Bolivar (currency) sliding, President Maduro is facing pressure to stabilize

the economy. Already, over the weekend, the Guyana government had issued a statement on the Venezuela situation, calling for peace and standing in solidarity with the Maduro administration. According to the Government, it “fully supports” the efforts of the Venezuela administration in “withstanding acts of destabilisation”. The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) this week too expressed concerns over the confrontations. Backing President Maduro, CARICOM noted that in all democracies, citizens have the right to air their views and differences. “However, this must be done within the constitutional framework and not through violent demonstrations. No democratic society can reasonably pursue disorder or any unwarranted subversion of democratic institutions.” Locally, the Progressive Youth Organisation (PYO), an arm of the ruling People’s Progressive Party, said it respects the right to protest but such actions should be done within certain parameters. “While all is not perfect in Venezuela, the administration should be credited first under Hugo Chávez for dismantling Venezuela’s peaceful coexistence with poverty, inequality, and social exclusion. The Government placed the poor at the centre of the national conversation, this whole concept was imprinted into the nation’s psyche and even exported to neighbouring countries and beyond. Moreover, their ability to make the poor feel

that one of them was in charge has no precedent.” The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) also extended solidarity with the “democratically elected” Government of President Maduro, condemning the violence. “We are aware that the violence unleashed is caused by groups of the right-wing opposition and seek to discredit the policies of the elected revolutionary Government. On Wednesday, US President Barack Obama called on Venezuela to release protesters detained and for attention to be paid to the many “legitimate grievances”. Opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, one of the main persons in the protests, was arrested with murder charges dropped yesterday. Since Petro Caribe was created in June 2005, 17 member countries have enjoyed an annual interest rate between 1% and 2%. Venezuela exports an average of 180,000 barrels per day to Petro Caribe nations. It was reported last year that Petro Caribe countries’ debt for oil purchases has risen to US$5.7B. Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh, last year said that towards the end of 2012, Guyana signed its first debt compensation agreement with Venezuela which reduced the Petrocaribe debt owed to that country by US$100.8 million, equivalent to the value of rice and paddy shipped from December 2009 to July 2011. At the end of 2012, Guyana reportedly owed Venezuela US$364M.

that in 1989 a magistrate filed a complaint to the then Chancellor of the Judiciary indicating that a judge had approached her in relation to a case involving a relative of the judge. Following this complaint, and in keeping with the provisions of Guyana’s Constitution, the Judicial Service Commission wrote to then President Desmond Hoyte asking that the charges of misconduct be investigated by a tribunal. President Hoyte appointed the tribunal headed by a retired judge along with other senior counsel to investigate the allegations of misconduct leveled against the judge. The tribunal upheld the complaint. This led to the removal of the judge from office. In other words he was fired. Apparently in the instance involving the Court of Appeal judge in Guyana who was recently disbarred in England, the argument is being made that instead of being asked to resign, the relevant authorities should have demanded that the President investigate the disbarment. But why should this be done? And what is there to

investigate. There has been a disbarment. There are no facts in dispute here. The Justice of the Appeal Court was asked to resign and he has done so. What is there for any tribunal to investigate? The man has not been accused of any offence in our jurisdiction, so how can the Judicial Service Commission establish a tribunal to investigate a matter in another jurisdiction. What is there to investigate? There is no charge against the man. He has resigned because his disbarment has called his reputation into question and this was the basis of him stepping down so as to protect the image of the local judiciary. He has acted professionally in this regard. What is there is investigate? How can any investigation change the status quo? What is the purpose of this ridiculous and absurd suggestion that there could have been an investigation instead of asking the man to resign? You can only have an investigation in relation to misconduct within the jurisdiction if a complaint is filed and the person

complained against refutes the allegation made in the complaint. In order to establish the truth of the complaint, an investigation has to be recommended, and it is for the President to appoint that tribunal. The concerned individual has not disputed his disbarment in England. He has admitted to the fact and has stepped down. He has further indicated that since the disbarment is subject to an appeal he will be appealing the decision. He has also indicated that the disbarment has destroyed his life. What more do the critics want? Do they wish to create a circus in this country in which an association, not a Court ,debars someone in one jurisdiction, and this becomes the basis for the Judicial Service Commission in another jurisdiction recommending to the President that a tribunal be established to determine whether there is any truth to the allegation?

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Friday February 21, 2014

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

The nation should call on the DPP to resign I am making a bold statement which is an opinion, here it is – I don’t believe in the modern world there is a judicial figure that has spoken the nonsense that has come from the mouth of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in Guyana, Mrs. Shalimar AliHack. Let us see if there is any sense or commonsense in what Mrs. Ali-Hack said. For me, my mind is made up – this judicial officer is not judicial material and the nation should demand her resignation. Here we go. Dwane Williams was charged for multiple murders in the Lusignan massacre. Secondly, Williams became a freed man and subsequently appeared as a witness in the trial of two other men charged with the Lusignan killings. Thirdly, attorney Nigel Hughes, in a press statement, accused the DPP of a plea

bargain with Williams that freed him from prosecution for 33 murders that he confessed to while giving testimony in the Lusignan trial. His victims included the bestial slayings at Bartica and Lindo Creek. Fourthly, the DPP responded to Hughes and said, “Not me, I made no plea bargain with Williams.” Fifthly, the DPP said Hughes contradicted himself because Williams was charged for murder; he wasn’t spared. Sixthly, in further denial of Hughes’s accusation, the DPP pointed to a common tradition in the world, in law, where a person indicted for a serious criminal offence could give evidence in a matter for which he was originally charged. Here is Mrs. AliHack in her own words; “It is an old common-law practice to allow an accomplice to an offence to testify for the prosecution.” Seventhly, please remember that Mrs. Ali-Hack

said that she does not know about any plea bargaining. If she is to be believed, then how did Williams walk free? Who removed the charge of multiple murders against him? Here is where language comes in and this columnist finds the DPP’s use of words to be comical, foolish and downright pathetic, for which she has sullied the name of the legal community in Guyana. Here is what the DPP is saying. John slapped Mavis on her face. The police come to John and informed him that he will be charged for striking Mavis on her face. John exclaims that he did not strike Mavis on her face, he slapped her. What is the problem here? John is making himself a jackass. There is no scientific difference between being slapped on your face to being struck on your face. If I hit you on your face with my hand, my towel, my cricket bat, I struck you on your face. If I stole two potatoes and

not a bag full of the stuff, I could be charged with stealing potatoes. But it seems from the semantic logic of Guyana’s DPP, stealing two potatoes and stealing a bag full are not the same. When you steal two potatoes you are not a potato thief, only when you steal a bag of the vegetable. It appears that the DPP is right. She said that she never made a plea bargain deal with Williams. Here is what she means. In plea bargaining, the district attorney or DPP says to the defendant lawyer; “Look, we will not ask for a life sentence, we will take fifteen to twenty if he pleads guilty. The defendant agrees, the prosecution informs the court on the plea bargain so the judge can stay within the range the prosecution promised. Mrs. Ali-Hack is saying that such a process

never occurred. She was not involved in such a process. This writer is saying most strongly that she is talking incredible nonsense and is not fit to be in the legal profession, since law is about language and she is making a mockery of language. In freeing Williams from the charge in exchange for his testimony as chief witness in the Lusignan massacre, Mrs. Ali-Hack made a bargain, a covenant, agreement, engagement, arrangement (whichever noun you want to use) with Williams. What she has done is to make the silly, idiotic assertion that there was no plea involved, so it cannot be a plea bargain. The DPP wins that round of the word game. But Mr. Hughes’s position stands, in that a mass murderer (who admitted to killing 33 persons) was

Frederick Kissoon allowed to go free. Remember her word “allow.” Here is where the DPP is in trouble and should be called to resign. She said in her reply to Hughes, that an accomplice could offer evidence. An accomplice can give evidence and get a reduced sentence. But Williams gave testimony as a freed man not as a charged accomplice, which is worse than plea bargaining. Who freed him?

Dem boys seh...

Nuff people get shortchange Mash coming and City Hall worried about de money it shoulda get if de Town Clerk didn’t play de fool and charge people too much. She see names like Ansa McAl and Banks and DDL and decide that dem got money. De shock come when one of dem company talk loud and clear that it ain’t paying that kind of money to sell two beer and some rum to people who line de Mash route. But she decide that she ain’t cutting losses, suh she want charge people fuh setting up a tent and sit down pun de mall. Well dem boys seh that she gun get serious raiding if she only try fuh tell dem or dem family anything. And de poor woman ain’t got backing because de man who set she in business get chase home. Dem boys know that Donald chase home Ganga because of something he do. And while she looking fuh money, Prakash looking fuh cut a deal wid Donald. He now claim that he party mekking compromise pun de Public Procurement

Commission. Donald did tell he a long time ago that he should drop de link to the Procurement Commission but dem boys believe that somebody was holding out fuh a raise. Hap New also had plans fuh collect and that is why dem put de Bill through all that problem. Poor Donald see wha was happening but he didn’t have access to de money. De Rat is de man who got control of all de money. And then again dem lose out when Amaila collapse. De people who woulda build de hydro did done prepare fuh lose some money. Even Fip woulda draw down. Anyhow, Donald didn’t have de money fuh top up Prakash and de Hap New people. And talking bout top up, Donald got another problem pun he hand. He still got to get some answers from de Americans. De people tell dem boys that dem can’t deal wid Rohee but that dem gun try wid Donald, suh he got to write. Dem boys waiting to see how this gun end, Talk half and watch Donald dance.

Friday February 21, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Execution attempt on auto-dealer…

My husband needs to see a psychiatrist - Wife Patricia Sanasie, the woman who is being accused along with her brother, Vishnu Persaud, of paying $6M to kill her husband, Deokaran Sanasie, said yesterday, that her husband has financial problems. She added that she believes he is “messed up.” The woman made this statement during a press conference at her Lot 130 Atlantic Gardens, East Coast Demerara home. The press conference was attended by Sanasie’s three daughters, Romona, Budeka and Natalie, along with Persaud. Around 18:30hrs last Friday, Sanasie, the owner of Ram’s Auto Spares, was having “a drink” with some friends in Alberttown when he was shot three times about the body by two gunmen on a motorcycle. One day after the shooting, Vishnu Persaud and Patricia Sanasie were taken into police custody. This was after investigators managed obtained a recorded telephone conversation with an older brother of the two suspects, informing Deokaran Sanasie that his wife (Patricia) and her brother had paid to get him killed. However yesterday, Sanasie and her brother refuted what their older brother said. “We don’t know what he is talking about. That is a blatant lie. He (The elder brother) said that mommy knew of this. How can you lie on a 64-year-old woman like that? Right now my mother is preparing an affidavit of support for us,” Persaud said. According to Patricia Sanasie, her husband is out of his mind. “Reading the newspaper and being accused of such a thing is terrible. Being in prison is terrible. I know nothing what is going on. The killers are out there and my husband should focus on finding them. He is holding innocent people.” Recalling what happened two Fridays ago, the woman who has been married to the auto dealer for the past 29 years, said, “That morning my daughter asked me to come to her school because she is leaving the country very soon and I don’t normally go. I went, and then I collected her because she said she wasn’t doing any work because of Mashramani. I then went and collected my small daughter. I then called my husband and asked him what he wanted us to do and he told me to take them to eat.” The woman added, “I took them to the Princess Hotel and Casino. While

“…I think I am still dreaming”- Brother-in-law

Shot businessman, Deokaran Sanasie there he called me about six times to ask me where I was and what I was doing. When I was leaving the hotel, I called and he tell me that he will meet us up. When we near reach the place where he wanted us to reach up, I asked my daughter to call him and tell him we are nearby. “He was on speaker and he said, ‘Oh me God, Oh me God, Patsy meh just get shoot.’ I said what? And I started to scream and I almost crashed.” She said that she immediately went to Alberttown and then went to the hospital where she met her husband. The woman said that she had no idea that she would have been fingered in the attack on her husband. In the tape which this newspaper managed to obtain, the older brother of the duo was heard telling the businessman that his wife had organized the hit-men and that Persaud assisted her in the plot. “Mommy (the suspects’ mother) hear and she tell me and she started to cry. Right away I call Vishnu and ask him not to kill that man because he is a good man. I begged him for four hours. I tell him if dey know wha dey ah do with dey life. I tell him if dey touch that man, dem gun go jail, and if anything happen I will talk,” was heard in an extract from the tape in which the brother informed the businessman of the plot. Mr. Sanasie had told Kaieteur News that two days prior to the attack, his wife told him that they weren’t

From left: Vishnu Persaud, Patricia Sanasie and her three daughters.

happy with each other and wanted them to separate, but Patricia Sanasie said she had no such conversation with her husband. “No! That is a lie. I never told him that. I think my husband needs to see a doctor. I think he is messed up.” Kaieteur News was told that a senior official in the police force heard of the plot to kill the businessman two weeks before the incident and sent three of his ranks to question his wife. Again, Patricia Sanasie said nothing like that happened. The woman said that the last time she spoke with a police officer was late last year when her husband took her to the police station because she sold his generator. “He went away and he didn’t lef’ any money with me, so I had no choice but to sell it. When he came back from the States, he carried me to the police station and the police told him that I am his wife and that it is not a crime.” The woman said that her relationship with her husband was like any normal husband and wife relationship. “It was loving, then we quarrel, then loving again.” Vishnu Persaud said that some time last year, he and his brother-in-law had planned to invest in a business and that is the reason why he sold his property in USA three weeks ago. Persaud, who returned to Guyana hours after the businessman was shot, is being accused of selling his

property to pay for the execution of his brother-inlaw. “I booked my ticket two weeks before my brother-inlaw was shot and my house was the only thing I had, and I had to arrange money to

invest in the business,” Vishnu Persaud said. Asked why his brother would want to accuse him of the shooting, Persaud said, “I love my brother-in-law. We had no problem; but 10 years ago, my sister had called and

tell me that she want to come by me with the kids because she is divorcing him, and I agreed. He blames me, because I took my three nieces and his wife at my house. Investigations into the shooting are ongoing.

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Friday February 21, 2014

Veteran aviator reiterates concern over accident probes By Zena Henry The fact that the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) could become the subject of investigation as a result of any mishap, incident or accident occurring in the aviation sector has placed the agency in a position where it should not be the leader in any probe of an occurrence. This is the view of Roraima Airways Chief Executive Officer Captain Gerald Gouveia who yesterday spoke in his capacity as member of the Aircraft Owners Association of Guyana (AOAG). Captain Gouveia reiterated his position that the GCAA (which is the regulatory body dealing with aviation issues) should not be involved, and more importantly lead any investigation pertaining to plane crashes. Gouveia told a gathering of media operatives that an active investigation is still a very scientific process. He said that accident investigators are specifically

trained and accident investigations are not meant to be punitive, but factfinding. He said too that, “it is very important that any person or organization that could be a subject of an investigation should not lead that investigation.” Gouveia emphasised that it would not mean that the agency could not be part of the investigation, “but you cannot lead that investigation.” He related that it is extremely important to note that what would have happened, “20 and 30 years ago may not be relevant today.” “The fact is that our law in Guyana, back then, did not disallow Civil Aviation from investigating; so as a matter of precedence, they did. But in modern-day thinking and with the separation of powers, it is very important that civil aviation separate themselves from that conflict of interest activity - of active investigation - because they themselves could be a subject of investigation.”

Captain Gouveia explained that, for example, if it is believed that they (GCAA) had been delinquent in the oversight that they provided to the system; whether it is pilots; maintenance etc., they themselves could be investigated. He continued that it is very important that an independent accident investigator and investigation unit, like in other parts of the world, is devised. But more importantly, he noted, even as the investigation is ongoing, “the Civil Aviation Authority should stay at arm’s length from that investigation.” He said that agency can have their investigation, which is very different from a safety investigation. With a safety investigation, he explained, civil aviation has all right to conduct checks etc. on a daily basis, but accident investigations are post-accident, “safety investigations happen before.”

The GCAA is the regulatory body in the local aviation sector. The agency’s safety regulations - role and functions of the Aviation Safety Regulation Directorate - are to ensure the “…safe conduct of all aviation activities in the Guyana’s airspace, and those conducted overseas by Guyana Air Operator Certificate Holders.” The agency has stated that in carrying out its mandate, it is required to examine for competency, issue licences to, and monitor the performance of, all Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers and Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, conduct initial inspections and certification for, and provide continued surveillance of all Guyanese air operators wherever they may be operating. It also conducts initial inspections and certification for, and provides continued surveillance and auditing of aerodrome and airport operators in Guyana, to

ensure that national and international standards are maintained, while providing guidance for environmental protection. The agency also assesses for approval, and then monitors, all training programmes used by Guyanese operators for pilots, cabin crew, maintenance personnel and Air Navigation Services personnel. It monitors the operations of all foreign operators in Guyanese airspace, and all Guyanese operators doing business overseas; to ensure that national and international standards are maintained, conducts investigations into incidents and accidents involving Guyana-registered aircraft, and foreignregistered aircraft in Guyanese airspace, carries out audits of maintenance organisations and issues/ renews approvals therefor. It also conducts initial inspections, registration, and airworthiness certification, as

Captain Gerry Gouveia well as continued surveillance and annual re-inspection and recertification, for all Guyanaregistered aircraft and maintains the Guyana Civil Aircraft Register and database of aircraft accidents and incidents. GCAA also provides oversight regulation and surveillance for aerial work done by Guyanaregistered aircraft, or by foreign-registered aircraft operating in Guyana.

‘Satan Ambassador’ wanted for Parfaite Harmonie robbery A wanted bulletin was yesterday issued for Rawle Newton called ‘Satan Ambassador,’ in relation to last Saturday’s armed robbery at a store in Recht-Door-Zee, Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara. In a press statement yesterday, the police said that Newton is “wanted by police for questioning in relation to Robbery under Arms which was committed on Charles James on February 15, 2014.” The 27-year-old man is of mixed race and medium height. According to police records, the man’s last known addresses were Lot 119 Caesar Street, Agricola, East Bank Demerara, and Lot 35 Princes Street, Lodge, Georgetown. Kaieteur News was told that on the aforementioned date, at around 20:15hrs, four men stormed Charles and Janice’s Cheap Store where they held the entity’s proprietors and several customers at gunpoint, robbing them of a quantity of cash and cellular phones. The masked men armed

Wanted: Rawle Newton with guns then raided the couple’s living quarters in the upper-flat of the store where they tied up the hands and taped the mouth of Charles James and Janice McLean’s daughter. James initially told this newspaper that the attack lasted for about 20 minutes, after which the bandits loaded the family’s Toyota Premio motorcar – PSS 1361 and escaped with a large quantity of items, a majority of which were taken from the store. Hours after the robbery,

police found the empty vehicle in a desolated area at Old Road Crane, West Coast Demerara. James, who is also the chairman of his community’s policing group told this publication that along with a carload of gents’ clothing, shoes, boots, colognes and female accessories from the store, the bandits were also able to get away with about 15 cell phones belonging to customers as well as three laptops and a DVR belonging to James and his family members. Apart from the car, the items taken from the store, and what was taken from the customers, James has estimated his family’s losses at $1.5M. He said that although robberies are prevalent in the developing La Parfaite Harmonie Housing Scheme, Saturday night’s attack was the first for him and his family. They have been residents of the area for about four years. Kaieteur News understands that the majority of security cameras were disarmed, however, bandits failed to notice the hidden one. The recorded incident led to the arrest of a father of two who was later released on bail. This was followed by yesterday’s wanted bulletin being issued for Rawle Newton. Anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of the suspect is asked to contact the nearest police station or 911.

Friday February 21, 2014

Kaieteur News

Recently-acquired fingerprinting technology leads cops to murder suspect Thanks to recentlyacquired fingerprinting technology, police have finally identified a suspect in the murder of 74-year-old Khirul Najidam, who was bound, gagged and strangled in her Gaulding Place, South Ruimveldt home three years ago. Police sources said that a fingerprint that detectives lifted from Najidam’s home in 2011 matches that of a Greater Georgetown man with previous arrests, and whose prints police have on file. Kaieteur News was told that police used the recentlyacquired Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) to match the two prints. AFIS is a computer system that helps investigators to match fingerprints of suspects to existing fingerprints that are stored in a database. FBI technicians have been training local ranks in its use. In a release issued yesterday, police stated that they are trying to locate Roger Brandt, who is wanted for questioning in relation to the murder of Najidan Sadick which occurred on March 4, 2011 at Gaulding Place, South R u i m v e l d t , Georgetown. Brandt is of African ancestry, brown in

Wanted: Roger Brandt complexion, and his last known address is Lot 169 Stevedore Housing Scheme, Georgetown. Anyone with information that may lead to Roger Brandt’s arrest is asked to contact the police on telephone numbers 225-6411, 226-7065, 225-8196, 227-1149, 911 or the nearest police station. All information will be treated with strict confidence. The body of Khirul Najidam, called Najidan Sadick, Babloo Sadick, and ‘Aunty,’ was found in a store room located in the lower flat of her Lot 1215 Gaulding Place home on March 4, 2011. She was bound and gagged and her home was ransacked. Sadick, who lived alone, had operated a small confectionery stand in her

yard. Most of her customers were schoolchildren, and it was some of these children who found the body. One neighbour recalled seeing three young boys running from the house some time before 15:00hrs that day. The AFIS technology used to identify the suspect in Najidam’s killing compares fingerprints to those on file and a computer produces a list of possible matches within minutes. Fingerprints taken from an arrested individual can be used to swiftly verify his identify and ascertain whether he may be wanted for any criminal offence. AFIS computers and scanners have been installed at the New Amsterdam, Brickdam and Cove and John Police Stations. All data is sent to Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters, where some of the FBI-trained personnel check the prints for possible matches to suspects. Prior to acquiring the automated fingerprint identification system, local investigators were forced to examine hundreds of prints with a magnifying glass to find a possible match to a suspect. This process could take days or even months, without always yielding the desired results.

Two charged for carjacking, licence plate fraud Two men from different rural areas yesterday made their way into the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court to be indicted on one count of carjacking and licence plate fraud. Forty-five-year-old Marvin Samaroo of No. 2 Village, East Canje Berbice and Christian Ganga, 24, of Phoenix Park, West Coast Demerara were jointly charged by Magistrate Ann McLennan for the crimes and were later remanded to prison until February 25. On Sunday (February 16), the duo allegedly stole Jonathan Ricknauth’s $1.2M motor vehicle PPP 3149 at Adelphi Village, East Canje Berbice.

When this charge was read it was deemed indictable and the Prosecution did not make an application for the Administration of Justice Act (AJA) to be applied. As such Samaroo, a taxi driver, and Ganga, a mason, who were unrepresented by legal counsel, were not allowed to enter a plea. They however refuted the Prosecution’s second claim that sometime between Sunday and Tuesday this week, at East Canje Berbice, they fraudulently placed another licence plate (HC 3149) on the said vehicle. State Prosecutor, Corporal Deniro Jones objected to bail, claiming the serious nature of the offence was sufficient for

them to be ordered held. He said too that their investigation is incomplete, but additional charges are soon to be laid on the duo. Jones informed the court that Samaroo was previously convicted in Berbice. Ganga, however, complained of police beatings. He motioned in the prisoner ’s docks while indicating that he was beaten about the body and his scrotum was shocked. In response, Magistrate McLennan ordered an investigation into Ganga’s allegations. The duo is scheduled to make their next court appearance before the Chief Magistrate next week.

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Stolen footwear dispute lands duo in court A reported dispute between a 39-year-old businessman and a younger man over stolen footwear landed the two before the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court to be arraigned yesterday on two separate charges. Appearing before Magistrate Judy Latchman was the businessman, Burnell Hudson, and 26-year-old Marlon Dolphin, who pleaded not guilty when a charge of doing bodily harm by wanton driving and simple larceny were read to them respectively. Between December 10, 2013 and January 3, this year at North Ruimveldt, Georgetown, Dolphin allegedly stole two pairs of Air Max sneakers valued at $70,000 and one pair of $45,000 Prada slippers, which belonged to Hudson. It is alleged that at Tucville on February 14, Hudson in motor vehicle GPP 9260, by wanton and furious driving, caused bodily harm to Dolphin. Both men were unrepresented by legal counsel and were prosecuted by Inspector Joel Ricknauth. Ricknauth explained that

Dolphin is a known character to the court. He said that about 21:00 hours on December 10, 2013, Hudson left his footwear on his steps and retired to bed. About 09:30 hours on January 3, the businessman allegedly checked for and inquired about his footwear but that proved futile. During the same day, Hudson was with some friends when he saw the accused with a pair of his sneakers on his feet. The Inspector stated that when confronted by the businessman, who asked Dolphin where he got it from, Dolphin responded that a man named ‘Tupac’ pawned it to him. Moments later, he reportedly made his escape, but Hudson reported the matter. According to Ricknauth, the footwear was not recovered, but about 11:30 hours on Valentine’s Day (February 14), Dolphin was riding in a south along Jackson Street, Tucville, on his bicycle when Hudson suddenly drove up behind him (Dolphin) and jammed him causing him to fall to the ground. The Prosecutor noted however, that the

businessman went over to Dolphin who had already received injuries from the fall and dealt him several lashes about his body while accusing him of stealing his boots. The younger man managed to escape the thrashing and subsequently reported the matter to the police. Investigations were conducted which reportedly led to the police arresting and charging both men for the separate offences. The Prosecutor offered no objections to bail thus Magistrate Judy Latchman granted $100,000 bail to Dolphin and $500,000 to the businessman. They will return to court on March 10. On December 10, last year, Dolphin who was employed by Survival Supermarket, was one of the three men accused of stealing hundreds of thousands from the entity. He was on that occasion charged with larceny by clerk or servant.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

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Friday February 21, 2014

Cane-cutter gets 11 Farmers say delay affects years for killing mason Anti-money laundering legislation…

access to Norway $$M As work continues in the National Assembly to prepare the anti-money laundering legislation for passage before a February 28th deadline, farmers yesterday said that delays have affected their access to millions of dollars in funding from Norway. Calling for good sense to prevail, the Guyana Agricultural Producers’ Association (GAPA) said that its members, including some 10,000 stakeholders, stand to be affected severely on different fronts. “One area in particular is the international funding that is available to small and medium-sized enterprises for climate change adaptation activities.” According to GAPA, the Ministry of Agriculture had already completed the necessary documentation for submission through the Ministry of Finance. “However, given that the Ministry of Finance is not in a position to produce evidence of compliance with international standards, as stated by CFATF, the multimillion-dollar fund, a scheme supported by Norway, cannot be accessed.” CFATF is the acronym for Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF), the regional regulator that oversees the implementation of the legislation. Already, following a November deadline in which Guyana had failed to have the laws in place, CFATF issued

warnings to its member countries, urging them to take steps to protect their economies from the risks of dirty monies entering their financial system. GAPA yesterday said that financing from grants and loans available from other regional agencies are also being affected by the nonpassage of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) (Amendment) Bill. Government and the Opposition have been battling each other over the legislation which was introduced shortly before a May deadline last year. The Opposition, saying it wanted to study the law changes, sent it to a Special Select Committee of the National Assembly. However, negotiations failed between the Government and the Opposition, and a new November 2013 deadline was also missed. The Alliance For Change wanted the passage of the legislation to be tied to the establishment of the Public Procurement Commission the body that will regulate state contracts. A recent meeting by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the global body, has seen Guyana being given until February 28th to essentially get its act in order. “We welcome the reprieve given to Guyana by the Financial Action Task Force

(FATF), in not taking Guyana up for the International Cooperation Review Group (ICRG)’s Review. However, the new February 28 deadline behooves officials elected by the people to act in their best interest and ensure that the dire consequences of a further negative pronouncement by CFATF be avoided,” GAPA said. It was pointed out that the agriculture sector is one of Guyana’s main economic pillars and “the average hardworking Guyanese man and woman are the ones at the frontline, who will face the repercussions of noncompliance to international standards”. CFATF has mandated that Guyana pass recommended legislation and implement all the outstanding issues within its Action Plan. These include fully criminalising money laundering and terrorist financing offences; addressing all the requirements on beneficial ownership; strengthening the requirements for suspicious transaction reporting, international co-operation, and the freezing and confiscation of terrorist assets. Guyana will also have to fully implement the United Nations Conventions on the anti-money laundering measures. The issue has seen reported delays in monies being sent and received at banks, with businesses saying that some of their traditional overseas partners have indicated that wired monies were held up by financial institutions. At least one bank, Citibank from New York, has reportedly ceased doing business with Guyana.

Cane-cutter Rakash Janak called ‘Rakesh’ 22, of Zorgen-Hoop Scheme, Blairmont, West Bank Berbice was yesterday sentenced to 11 years in jail by Justice Diana Insanally at the Berbice High Court. Janak, who initially appeared before the court for the murder of 31-yearold Brentnol Richard Isaacs, called “Tongey” of Ithaca, West Bank Berbice, which was committed on Saturday October 27 at Zorg-en-Hoop, had pleaded guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter. This was following a probation report which was ordered by the judge. The accused had, through his lawyer Raymond Ally, indicated to the court that he wish to plead not guilty to murder, but guilty of manslaughter. The facts of the case as presented by State Prosecutor Renita Singh was that on the day in question the accused had entered a yard of a nearby resident and started to abuse the woman and her husband. The ensuing melee led to an altercation between Isaacs and Janak who was nearby. The accused was also annoyed over a relationship between Isaacs and his mother. It was reported that Isaacs was having an affair with Janak’s reputed wife also. Janak became angry and very aggravated and went for his cutlass and chopped Isaacs across his chest and left arm. Isaacs fell in a drain and was subsequently rushed to the Fort Wellington Hospital, before being transferred to the Georgetown Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. A number of persons including Janak’s reputed wife were arrested. The probation report, presented

Jailed: Rakash Janak

Killed: Brentnol Isaacs

by Probation and Social Services Officer Odessia Semple, stated that Janak was the eldest of five children. His mother and father separated when he was two. He and his siblings were taken care of by his mother who was a domestic and grandmother. His mother eventually lived with somebody else and was abused, forcing them to seek refuge at a home for battered women and children on the Corentyne. They eventually returned to their home after a while. Janak stopped school at age of eight and sought employment at a nearby sawmill. He eventually ended up at an orphanage at Diamond where he lived for two years. He subsequently returned home and sought employment at age 14. He started to work at GuySuCo before leaving for Suriname where he sought employment. He eventually returned and resumed working at GuySuCo. He struck up a relationship with one Haimwattie Karran called “Mala, and they lived in a oneflat one-bedroom house. At the time of his incarceration she was pregnant. According to the report, residents in the neighbouring communities described Isaacs as a troublemaker who smoked marijuana and always disrupted the peace and

tranquility of the neighbourhood. He had been charged on numerous occasions and placed before the court. The report also stated that Isaacs had an intimate relationship with Janak’s mother and reputed wife. Attorney-at-law Raymond Ally had also made a plea for mitigation for the accused in which he cited his age, the fact that he pleaded guilty and did not waste the court’s time; that the deceased was the aggressor and other mitigating circumstances. Justice Insanally in her deliberations brought up the issue of murder contrary to the Common Law Act, under which section the accused was charged, which stated that a penalty of no less than 15 years should be imposed. This, she stated, needs to be looked at. After more deliberation and some interventions from lawyers in the court, it was agreed that the mitigating circumstances should be looked at. In handing down sentence, the judge stated that she would start with 17 years. She would take off two years for his plea, the time spent in jail (16 months) and another two and a half years for the mitigating circumstances - a total of six years, which left 11 years.

Friday February 21, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 15

Shop owner clashes with City Council over Govt. reserve

A 47-year-old resident of Section ‘C’ Vryheid’s Lust, East Coast Demerara, was involved in a pu b l i c standoff with officials of the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) yesterday after, according to the man, they tried to force him off of a plot of land in South Ruimveldt “without due process.” Julius Belgrave said that he had sent in a letter of application since last year to the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission which sought to ascertain how he could obtain a lease/rental or the opportunity to purchase the land, which the officials insist is Government reserve. When Kaieteur News arrived on the scene yesterday at Aubrey Barker Road (the section between North and South Ruimveldt), Belgrave explained that he had been trying tirelessly to obtain the land legally, and had started land-clearing on the once empty plot. He has been operating a registered grocery business —‘Goldanapple’ — from the location for the past ten years. But engineers and other officials of the Mayor and City Council who were on site demanded that Belgrave

Julius Belgrave sits in the path of a contractor who was employed to destroy the foundation leading to his shop remove from the premises forthwith. Armed with a jackhammer, they expressed their initial intent to destroy the concrete foundation which served as a pathway for Belgrave’s vehicle and his shop In protest, the father of two sat on the concrete platform as he demanded from the officials that they

show him proper documentation that they own the land they claim to be “government reserve.” “I will only move when I see that. It is only right. If they are claiming that they own the land then let them deal with the matter properly. They can’t remove me without due process.” When Kaieteur News

made efforts to see the said documents which the aggrieved man had requested, engineers on site said, “We don’t have it, but the government has it, and

since we fall under the umbrella of the government then we have ownership too.” Some of the city officials who observed the man’s actions were heard arguing with one engineer in pa r t i c u l a r who was insistent on their removing Belgrave from the land so that they could move ahead with their plan. One officer told the engineer, “I am not moving him. He is being peaceful.” The engineer, who seemed peeved at the response, removed from the scene and made several calls and insisted that he would not give his name to this publication. Belgrave provided this newspaper with documentation which reflected that according to the Deeds Registry, the plot of land he occupies does not have any record of ownership. The shop owner insisted that he had filed several applications to lease the land. “Growing up as a young boy I noticed that

the plot was always filled with garbage and would observe several engineers and officials from the Mayor and City Council coming to clean it up. I made enquiries and I wrote them several times trying to get possession of the land legally.” “Since my first application to the City Council, it has changed a few engineers and Town Clerks, and with each change I filed a new application as I was told that they kept no record. Off all my applications, none could be found, and it is frustrating. I have worked very hard over the years, trying to maintain this land and putting my energies into it and now they just want to take that away from me. I feel cheated.” Despite voicing his disapproval, the officials destroyed foundation of the plot of land. Belgrave explained that the officials have threatened to “tear down” his structure if he does not remove it. He expressed hope that the situation would be settled in a peaceful manner.

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Kaieteur News

Friday February 21, 2014

Health Ministry working to minimise expiration of pharmaceuticals The health sector is faced with a peculiar situation whereby it can rarely prevent the expiration of pharmaceuticals. However this situation is not deemed very worrisome since according to Chief Medical Officer, Dr Shamdeo Persaud, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has accepted the possibility of such occurrences, albeit in as small as possible quantities. “We can aim for not

having any expired drugs in the system, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable if we have everything being used. Somewhere, in the back of my mind, I would think that we might be short-changing someone...We might not be providing everything that we should,” Dr Persaud said. He pointed out that while the health sector might seek to ensure the availability of drugs to combat diarrhoeal cases during rainy seasons,

for instance, there are times when the anticipated number of cases are below expectation, leaving the health sector with stock that can eventually expire. “If we don’t get the numbers we anticipated, our stock, things like oral rehydration salts and so forth, will be under-utilised and those drugs could remain with us for longer periods than they should,” Dr Persaud explained.

Retired Asst. Commissioner beaten, robbed Retired Assistant Police Commissioner Clinton Conway was treated for head injuries at around noon yesterday after being gunbutted and robbed by a lone bandit at his Lamaha Park home. Kaieteur News understands that Conway, 60,

was sitting in his home alone while reading when he saw a man with a handgun standing near him. The gunman reportedly ordered the retired senior officer to hand over his valuables, and, during a struggle, struck Conway

repeatedly to the head with his firearm. Conway reportedly lost consciousness, and during that time, the robber made off with some $300,000 and two mobile phones. Kaieteur News was told that a relative took Mr. Conway to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where he received treatment before being taken to a private hospital. No arrests have been made.

According to him, the health sector is in fact mandated to practice overstocking, whereby a buffer stock of at least an additional 10 per cent of the needed drugs, is available in the event that the demand exceeds expectation. However, if the Health Ministry finds itself with a drug surplus, Dr Persaud disclosed that there are occasions when moves are made to “share with our neighbours...if we need to we give to Suriname or wherever... for example, if we have a surplus of HIV medication, TB medication things like those.” But in order to ensure that the expiration situation is minimal, the Chief Medical Officer explained that with each cycle of supply, which could be at the least on a three-month basis, an assessment should be done to ascertain the status of drugs in stock. “We check to see what has expired; we don’t give any allowance to use it a few days beyond the expiration date. Once it meets the date, we put it aside, if we see

something dated January 2014 it’s off the shelf; that rigidity applies right now,” Dr Persaud asserted. He explained that such procedures would entail the pharmacy manager of any public health facility giving notice to the Food and Drug Department of the expired status of drugs, after which an inspection of them is carried out. In addition to tabulating the expired drugs, the Food and Drug Department is also tasked with issuing a destruction order which will give allowance for them to be destroyed in an approved manner. While some pharmaceuticals must be incinerated, Dr Persaud said that there are others that must be neutralised or simply disposed of at a landfill site. The CMO’s explanation was forthcoming even as he sought to respond to recent reports carried by this publication relating to the dumping of pharmaceuticals at the Agricola Health Centre. According to him, while the Health Ministry cannot profess to always doing

Chief Medical Officer, Dr Shamdeo Persaud things in the ideal manner, the drugs that were taken to the Health Centre had not reached the stage of disposal. He disclosed that while the drugs might have reached a state of expiration they were merely being relocated to the Health Centre for storage, ahead of them being sorted to ascertain what possible action must be taken. The drugs were formerly stored at the Ministry’s Kingston, Georgetown bond and were in fact donated items. “They weren’t being dumped because all of our inventory items including pharmaceuticals have to go through a process before they are dumped, and verification must be done by the Food and Drug Department of those items before they are discarded,” Dr Persaud said.

Friday February 21, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Lethem residents vent over NAMILCO donates breathalysers to Police Force deplorable water situation - NAJAB Trading gives mattresses, pillows to FAPC On Tuesday last, officials of the National Milling Company of Guyana Inc. (NAMILCO) donated 15 Breathalysers along with 2,000 mouthpieces to the Guyana Police Force. And a few minutes later the force was also presented with 300 mattresses and 300 pillows, compliments of NAJAB Trading Establishment. The presentations were made yesterday at the Commissioner of Police’s Conference Room, Police Headquarters, Eve Leary, in the presence of Officers of the Senior Management Team. Managing Director of NAMILCO, Roopnarine Sukhai, in making the presentation, noted that he was motivated to assist the Force with the equipment after he was involved in a vehicular accident and there was no Breathalyser available at the station during the investigation. He expressed the willingness of his company to assist with having the equipment recalibrated annually, through the suppliers. Commissioner Leroy Brumell in response expressed gratitude for the timely gesture, which he said will assist meaningfully in traffic enforcement and the Police Force’s efforts in maintaining road safety. Managing Director of NAJAB Trading, Mohamed Najab, who is a former member of the Police Force, made what he referred to as an ‘initial donation’ of mattresses and pillows, primarily for use by ranks undergoing training at the Felix Austin Police College (FAPC). He opined that once the environment during initial training was comfortable, healthy and conducive to learning, it would motivate the ranks to give better performances upon leaving the institution. He also pledged to provide further assistance with mosquito nets. Assistant Commissioner David Ramnarine, who received the latter donation, thanked the businessman and expressed the view that

Commissioner Leroy Brumell receives the breathalysers from Roopnarine Sukhai, Managing Director of NAMILCO. Looking on are Assistant Commissioner George Vyphuis, DSM, and Financial Controller of NAMILCO, Fitzroy McLeod

Assistant Commissioner David Ramnarine receives the symbolic mattresses and pillows from Mohamed Najab the Force was happy over the continuing partnership with the community as the

Administration seeks to advance and modernize the organisation.

Lethem residents are complaining that they have not been receiving an adequate supply of potable water for the past five days. They say this situation, which has been on and off since last December, has gone way past the state of being described as unacceptable. One resident told Kaieteur News that the situation is as a result of a poorly regulated water system combined with the electricity problem since they function in concert. This revelation comes just a few days after the area had received two new 750 Kilowatt generators that were procured to address the greater influx of power being demanded. The residents, because of the non-availability of power, had been without water, adding to their discomfort and severely affecting the operations of schools, businesses and government agencies that depend on both water and power to function. They say that when they received the generators they had hoped that would have been the end of their problems but they are still “waiting on that change” since they currently have to fetch water from wells. “We are totally fed up of this situation. We cannot get water from our taps and we can’t see why the two pumps

situated at Culvert City and Bonne Success/Tabatinga area are insufficient.” Kaieteur News understands that on February 7 and 8, during power outages, authorities assisted with fuel to get the generators going in the two areas. As a result, by February 11 the generator was “up and running” and there was a sectionalised rotation of water and electricity supply during that period. The Lethem Power Company, however, subsequently promised to start working for 24 hours from Sunday last but

according to the resident “there is no reason that the stations could not facilitate the area for water.” “They cannot blame it on the electricity! No water has been coming in Lethem since Monday. I have called all the authorities to no avail. We have been fetching water from wells. The situation is rough,” one resident stressed. He added too that when they actually receive water from GWI it is of poor quality. “After a while, there is a crust holding onto the container and the water is also a bit salty. I’ve spoken to the authorities but we’re still waiting for action.”

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Friday February 21, 2014

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Friday February 21, 2014

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Diamond transportation woes…

Deplorable roads justification for fare increase - drivers The deplorable condition of roads in Diamond and Grove Housing schemes is being cited by hire car drivers as justification for a recent increase in fares. For about two weeks, the drivers operating at Diamond car park have increased their fare from $100 to $140 for a “drop to spot”. According to one operator, the fare for short drops along the public road remains $60, but operators were forced to increase the fare because of the terrible roads, which are “tearing up” their vehicles. He stressed that they are not forcing commuters to pay the increase since they have an option. He explained that hire car drivers do not necessarily have to take passengers to their gates, and so the money requested is agreed upon by the operators. The man explained that a commuter travelling in a Georgetown to Grove bus, and wanting to disembark at Herstelling, would pay the minibus conductor $80. However, if the passenger wants to go into a specific street in Herstelling he/she would have to pay what is requested by the conductor. But, according to a passenger, the taxi drivers’ reason is not completely truthful since there are other factors such as competition from minibuses that travel from Georgetown to “inside” Diamond which is not a designated route, but is being allowed. It was noted that the passengers are opting to travel with the minibuses destined for Diamond “inside” because of the $160 that they have to pay. This is more economical than to stop at the car park and join a car to go into the housing scheme. According to a female commuter, she joined a hire car two Mondays ago and was informed by the driver

that the new fare was $140. Upon inquiring about the increase, the driver said the taxi association authorized the increases and whosoever refuses to pay the fare should not travel with the hire cars. The woman related that this is not the only transportation problem commuters destined for Diamond are encountering. She said that passengers are forced to pay $160 from Georgetown to “inside” Diamond, whether or not they disembark along the stretch. According to the woman, if it becomes mandatory for passengers to pay the $140 for a “drop to spot” and $160 from Georgetown to Diamond, it would no longer be affordable for commuters to travel. “Just look at it…It takes $460 for a person to travel to and from Diamond daily…that is $9,200 monthly. Come on, think of a family of four …that would be $36,800. That is a huge chunk of a minimum wage family’s income,” she stressed.

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Friday February 21, 2014

Friday February 21, 2014

Kaieteur News

Medic: 70 protesters killed, 500 wounded in Kiev

Anti-government protesters detain a policeman (2nd L) during clashes in the Independence Square in Kiev yesterday. (REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis) KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Protesters tossed firebombs and advanced upon police lines yesterday in Ukraine’s embattled capital. Government snipers shot back, killing at least 70 people and wounding hundreds of others, according to a protest doctor. Video footage on Ukrainian television showed shocking scenes yesterday of protesters being cut down by gunfire, lying on the pavement as comrades rushed to their aid. Trying to protect themselves with shields, teams of protesters carried bodies away on sheets of plastic or planks of

wood. “The price of freedom is too high but Ukrainians are paying it,” said Viktor Danilyuk, a 30-year-old protester. “We have no choice, the government isn’t hearing us.” Protesters were also seen leading policemen with their hands held high around the sprawling protest camp in central Kiev. Ukraine’s Interior ministry says 67 police were captured in all. An opposition lawmaker said they were being held in Kiev’s occupied city hall. President Viktor Yanukovych and the opposition protesters who are demanding his resignation

are locked in an epic battle over the identity of Ukraine, a nation of 46 million that has divided loyalties between Russia and the West. Parts of the country — mostly in its western cities — are in open revolt against Yanukovych’s central government, while many in eastern Ukraine back the president and favor strong ties with Russia, their former Soviet ruler. Protesters across the country are also upset over corruption in Ukraine, the lack of democratic rights and the country’s ailing economy, which just barely avoided bankruptcy with a $15 billion loan from Russia.

Canada ups sanctions against Yanukovych regime Ottawa (AFP) - Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych and his ministers linked to violence against protesters are no longer welcome in Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said yesterday in announcing sanctions. The Canadian move came after European Union foreign ministers in Brussels imposed sanctions on Ukrainian ministers and security officials with “blood on their hands,” while German, American and Russian leaders backed a “political solution” to the crisis. U k r a i n e ’s t h r e e month stalemate has plunged into an orgy of bloodshed, claiming nearly 100 lives — mostly of protesters shot dead by police at point blank range in Kiev — since Tuesday night. “The outrageous violence

being witnessed by the world must cease, and we hold the regime responsible for these actions against its own citizens,” Harper said in a statement. In addition to an

expanded travel ban on the regime’s senior leaders, the prime minister also announced new economic sanctions against Yanukovych and his supporters.

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Friday February 21, 2014

Turkey’s embattled Erdogan seeks China-Africa trade surpassed wider powers for spy agency $200 billion in 2013: Xi

ANKARA (Reuters) Battling a corruption scandal, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan is seeking broader powers for his intelligence agency, including more scope for eavesdropping and legal immunity for its top agent, according to a draft law seen by Reuters. The proposals submitted by Erdogan’s AK Party late on Wednesday are part of what his opponents regard as an authoritarian backlash against the graft inquiry. Earlier this month, parliament passed laws tightening government control over the Internet and the courts. The bill gives the National Intelligence Organisation (MIT) the authority to conduct operations abroad and tap pay phones and international calls. It also introduces jail terms of up to 12 years for the publication of leaked classified documents. It stipulates that only a top appeals court could try the head of the agency with the prime minister ’s

permission, and would require private firms and state institutions to hand over consumer data and technical equipment when requested. “This bill will bring the MIT in line with the necessities of the era, grant it the capabilities of other intelligence agencies, and increase its methods and capacity for individual and technical intelligence,” the draft document said. Erdogan’s response to the corruption inquiry purging thousands of officers from the police force and reassigning hundreds of prosecutors and judges - has raised concern in Western capitals, including Brussels, which fears the EU candidate nation is moving further away from European norms. It has also shaken investor confidence in a nation whose stability over the past decade, following a series of unstable coalition governments in the 1990s, has been based on Erdogan’s firm rule, helping send the lira to record lows last month. Erdogan, barred by AK

Party rules from seeking a fourth term as prime minister, has long been expected to run for the presidency in an August vote. But the rules could be changed to allow him to stay on in his current role in an “emergency”, Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said. U.S. President Barack Obama, speaking by telephone with Erdogan late on Wednesday for the first time since the graft scandal erupted, discussed a raft of regional issues but also stressed the importance of Turkey’s domestic stability. “(Obama) noted the importance of sound policies rooted in the rule of law to reassure the financial markets, nurture a predictable investment environment, strengthen bilateral ties, and benefit the future of Turkey,” a White House statement said. The corruption scandal, which blew up in December with the detention of businessmen close to Erdogan and three ministers’ sons, poses one of the greatest threats to Erdogan’s 11-year rule.

Beijing (AFP) - ChinaAfrica trade totalled more than $200 billion last year, Chinese President Xi Jinping said yesterday, highlighting the Asian powerhouse’s burgeoning trade and investment ties with the continent. “In 2013, Chinese-African trade surpassed the $200 billion mark for the first time, making China Africa’s biggest trading partner,” Xi told visiting Senegalese President Macky Sall, adding that Chinese direct investment in Africa grew 44 percent. “That all stands witness to the endlessly renewed vitality of Sino-African friendship, to the scale of the potential for co-operation and the excellent outlook for the new kind of Sino-African strategic partnership,” Xi said at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People. Xi did not give an exact total. But China-Africa trade has boomed in line with the

Senegal President Macky Sall (L) and Chinese President Xi Jinping shake hands during a ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing yesterday. (AFP Photo/Rolex Dela Pena) Asian country’s rise to become the world’s secondbiggest economy, which has been accompanied by a thirst for African natural resources to help fuel its growth. Underscoring the continent’s importance, Xi

visited Tanzania, South Africa and the Republic of Congo as part of his first overseas tour after he become president in March last year. But China’s growing role has also sparked tensions in some countries.

Timetable set for ambitious Iran nuclear talks

Vienna (AFP) - Iran and world powers agreed yesterday a timetable and framework for the ambitious and arduous process of hammering out a lasting nuclear accord by July 20 that satisfies all sides. Such a deal, if reached, should resolve the decade-old standoff over Iran’s nuclear drive, silence talk of war for good and help normalise Tehran’s strained international relations. After chairing “very productive” days of talks in

Vienna, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said experts would meet in early March before political directors return to Vienna on March 17. “There is a lot to do, it won’t be easy but we have made a good start,” Ashton told reporters, saying negotiators had “identified all the issues we need to address”. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote on his Facebook page that the

parties “also agreed to hold several meeting on a monthly basis until late May”. He told Iranian media that the atmosphere in the Austrian capital was “very serious” and “even a little bit more positive than anyone predicted,” but said there was a “difficult way ahead of us”. A senior US administration official said the discussions were “very workmanlike” and “substantive, covering all the issues that need to be on the table... We are long past speeches of ideology”.

Friday February 21, 2014

Kaieteur News

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US and Venezuela: talk tough but carry a thick wallet Washington (AFP) - As unrest simmers in Caracas, a new crisis has erupted between Venezuela and the United States — yet another show of tension between two countries nevertheless bound by trade interests. Venezuela announced Sunday it was expelling three US diplomats, accusing them of meeting with students leading two weeks of protests against the government of President Nicolas Maduro, successor of the late Hugo Chavez. Washington has said it is mulling a diplomatic response, and US President Barack Obama on Wednesday urged Venezuela to release detained protesters — earning renewed scorn from Caracas. Despite the rhetoric out of Venezuela, experts say economic realities minimize the threat of any serious disruption in ties. When times get tough, it is convenient for the Caracas government to try to divert people’s attention with some old-fashioned nationalist chest-thumping, said Erick Langer, professor at the Center for Latin American Studies at Georgetown University. “There are tremendous political troubles in Venezuela

and the easiest thing for the Venezuelan government to do is to pull out the antiimperialist-nationalist card,” he said. “Let them go conspire in Washington!” Maduro said Sunday, referring to the three consular officials declared personae non gratae. His government accuses the United States of maneuvering to “promote and legitimize efforts to destabilize” Venezuelan democracy — claims Washington has called “baseless and false.” Maduro’s bid to divert Venezuelans’ attention by blaming its northern ‘enemy’ is vintage Chavez, experts say. “They are returning to their central narrative. As the crisis mounts up they have to show that it is not the people rising against their economic incompetence but really a foreign-sponsored plot,” said Ray Walser, executive director at the Americas Forum.Protesters are angry over rampant street crime, shortages of basic goods, runaway inflation and an otherwise disastrous economy in the country with the world’s biggest proven oil reserves. So far, four people have died in violence linked to the protests, which are the

biggest since Maduro was elected 10 months ago, after the leftist firebrand Chavez died of cancer. “One way to see how well the Maduro government is doing is to check and see what they say about the US,” said Langer. US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Tuesday that Venezuela’s accusations “reflect a lack of seriousness on the part of the Venezuelan government to deal with the grave situation it faces.”

Walser said “the expulsion of more US personnel is only going to deepen the divide between the US and Venezuela.” The two countries have n o t t r a d e d ambassadors since 2010, and were at opposite ends of the international political spectrum during the Chavez era from 1999 to 2013. Venezuela is the main obstacle to President Barack Obama’s strategic and diplomatic policy in Latin America. Venezuela accuses

the United States of behaving as if it were running an empire. And while the US aligns itself with like-minded countries such as Colombia or Mexico, Venezuela leads an anti-US regional bloc called ALBA. Still, political tension is one thing, but money talks. The United States continues to be Venezuela’s top buyer of oil, paying in cold hard cash for 900,000 barrels a day. State-run oil company PDVSA, through its subsidiary CITGO, has three

refineries and more than 6,000 service stations in the United States, which in turn sells thousands of products to Venezuelan companies. Talk nasty but do business gladly — “it is a huge contradiction” that keeps the threat of severing relations at bay, said Langer. He added that the disagreements are “symbolic more than anything else” and the political and economic effect of the anti-US bloc led by Venezuela is minimal for Washington.

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Friday February 21, 2014

Late wickets boost Australia... Brazil invests heavily in World Cup security From page 38 matches since the start of the Ashes series against England when Amla was beaten for pace and trapped leg before with a fullpitched delivery. Elgar and Du Plessis steadied the innings with solid but cautious batting as South Africa reached 64 for two at lunch. They picked up the pace after lunch, adding 59 in an hour before Du Plessis was out off the first ball of the afternoon drinks break, turning a ball from offs p i n n e r N a t h a n Ly o n

straight into the hands of Steve Smith at short leg. Du Plessis faced 125 balls and hit five fours and a six. Elgar was one of three changes to the South African team which was beaten by 281 r u n s i n t h e f i r s t Te s t a t Ce n t u r i o n . I n a s u r p r i s e move, De Kock, another left-hander, who was not part of the original squad, was flown in and batted at number six, with the selectors opting for a specialist batsman in place of injured all-rounder Ryan McLaren. Left-arm fastm e d i u m b o w l e r Wa y n e

Parnell replaced left-arm spinner Robin Peterson. There was almost a fourth change. The toss was slightly delayed while South Africa assessed the fitness of opening bowler Ve r n o n P h i l a n d e r , w h o Smith said felt a twinge when he was warming up. Australia were unchanged and almost immediately took over from where they had left off at Centurion, bowling straight and attacking the stumps in cool, overcast conditions on an easy-paced but wellgrassed pitch.

Friday Febraury 21, 2014 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) Children or possibly some close friends or a love interest could be upset today, Aries. The financial coffers aren't full enough to afford something they think they absolutely have to have right now. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) Worry about a family member may be on your mind today, Taurus. This person could be all wrought up over work, money, or possibly a love affair that's broken off. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Uneasy feelings may be plaguing you throughout the day, Gemini. There could appear to be no valid reason for this. Everything seems to be going well for you, and no one close to you has anything heavy going on. CANCER (June 21–July 22) A friend, perhaps a woman, could well be upset or even angry with you today, Cancer. Money might be involved in some way. There may be nothing you can do to reassure her at this time, so it's best to give what reassurances you can and then back off. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Is your boss a woman, Leo? If so, stay out of her way today. To put it mildly, she isn’t in a good mood. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Travel may cause more problems than it's worth today, Virgo. You may forget some vital items when packing or there could be too little time to get everything ready.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Finances may cause an upset between you and a friend today, Libra. Perhaps this person owes you money and can't pay it back, or vice versa. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) A social event could put you in touch with someone who's carrying around a lot of bitterness and anger, Scorpio. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) The workplace could be very hectic today as a colleague prepares to leave on an important business trip, Sagittarius. Nerves could be strained and tempers short. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) You may have a wonderful day today, Capricorn. Your imagination, intuition, and creativity are all high, and inspiration for new artistic works could be filling your heart and brain. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) Your home could be a very busy place today, Aquarius. Visitors could come and go throughout the day, probably annoying you at times. You might also find yourself having to soothe angry outbursts on the part of a member of your household PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) Someone you work with might need a sympathetic shoulder to cry on today, Pisces. Stresses on the job extend beyond everyone's capacity to endure, so don't be surprised if at some point a colleague sheds a few tears. You might find your patience pushed beyond its normal limits.

Reuters - Brazil will employ 170,000 security personnel and spend close to 1.9 billion reais ($798 million) to try and ensure a trouble free World Cup tournament, organizers said yesterday. A total of 150,000 armed services and public policing forces personnel will be diverted to the month-long event that kicks off on June 12, plus a further 20,000 trained private security officers hired to bolster security. But Brazilian government officials acknowledged they were still concerned about the possibility of violence marring the tournament, following last year’s unexpected demonstrations

at the Confederations Cup. More than a million people took to the streets during the warm-up event for the World Cup to protest against poor public services, corruption and the high cost of the stadiums. “We are firstly seeking prevention, through dialogue with the protest movements and the gathering of intelligence. We want to separate those who want to protest peacefully from those who are vandals. “We are confident that a safe and secure World Cup can be delivered by Brazil,” said Ralf Mutschke, security director for soccer’s world governing body FIFA. Mutschke prefaced his

remarks by saying the tournament was under a spotlight and it was “pretty easy to be concerned about the World Cup when you read about the demonstrations, violence, street crime, child prostitution and drug abuse”. Since last June’s Confederation Cup, protests have continued, though they have become smaller and more violent with anarchist groups vandalizing store fronts and banks and clashing with police. Any disruption of the World Cup, meant to mark Brazil’s coming of age on the global stage, would embarrass President Dilma Rousseff’s government and undermine her popularity as she prepares to seek reelection in October. ($1 = 2.38 Brazilian reais)

Friday February 21, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Professor Seecharan excites gathering on history of ECC The Everest Cricket Club (ECC) formerly the East Indian Cricket Club (EICC) was founded in 1914 by John Aloysius Veerasawmy and 2014 marks its 100th anniversary. On Wednesday night last at the club’s pavilion Professor Clem Seecharan, BA, MA, PhD who is a writer/ historian of the IndoCaribbean experience excited the gathering on the history of the club. Among the dignitaries in attendance were Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Dr. Frank Anthony, Attorney-atLaw Stephen Lewis, Honorary Secretary of the Guyana Cricket Board Anand Sanasie, Guyana and West Indies middle order batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul and well known historian Tota Mangar. The occasion was dubbed ‘An evening with Professor Clem Seecharan’ who delivered the feature address following brief remarks from Dr. Anthony, Mangar and ECC President Rajesh Singh. According to Professor Seecharan who grew up in East Berbice, Corentyne and obtained his doctorate at the University of Warwick, JA Veerasawmy, following his return to the then British Guiana in 1914 from England, where he had the distinct privilege of meeting with Ranjitsinhji, the Maharaja Jam Sahib of Nawanagar, founded the East Indian Cricket Club (EICC), which later became Everest Cricket Club, with the support of prominent IndoGuyanese. These included Alladat Khan, bookkeeper from Berbice, and a Muslim with the club first located in Queenstown on December 13, 1915, on land leased to it by Veerasawmy, on which a pavilion was built. He informed that the club’s very first executive (1915-1916) was: Thomas Flood (president), RR Kerry (vice-president), JA Veerasawmy (secretary/ treasurer), E Bacchus, RB Gajraj, Francis Kawall, JS Pariag, A Rohomon, J Rohomon, R Rohoman, P Sawh, J Subryan (committee members) and JA Luckhoo (captain). Governor Egerton and a large crowd attended the first match played at the EICC ground in Queenstown, on December 18, 1915. He added, “Initially, the club participated in the second division competition that was known as the Garnett Cup, in 1915 and was one of the four teams that tied for first place in 1919, even though they won the Garnett Cup in 1925, 1926 and 1927 - the first club

Professor Clem Seecharan addresses the gathering while members of the executive and other dignitaries including Minister of Sport Dr. Frank Anthony (sitting 3rd right) and Shiv Chanderpaul (far right) pay rapt attention.

to do so on three successive occasions. In 1927 the club’s application to be promoted to the first division Parker Cup was rejected, because the Queenstown ground was too small, hence they acquired a lease on a large piece of swampy land on Camp Road. The land was quickly transformed into a proper cricket ground, with a sizeable pavilion and the new EICC ground was opened on April 30, 1928 by Governor Cecil Rodwell and the club was admitted to the first division in 1929, to compete for the Parker Cup.” Known for his historian facts, Professor Seecharan related the struggles, the then EICC had to endure in order to achieve first division status. “Mohamed Insanally succeeded JA Luckhoo as EICC captain in 1919 and remained captain until 1927, when he was succeeded by A Rohoman while Thomas Flood was replaced by HB Gajraj as president and on June 24, 1929, Reverend CF Andrews, a personal friend of the late Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, addressed EICC members on the subject of Indian unity. He was satisfied with the state of affairs in British Guiana and counseled EICC members and other Indians to recognize the unifying role and to continue supporting the club, hence in 1929 the EICC executive included HB Gajraj (president), Francis Kawall (vice-president), Ramprashad (junior vicepresident), David Iloo (secretary) and Ranjit Singh (captain from 1930 to 1941)” stated Seecharan. “The EICC provided many players for matches between the Indians of British Guiana

and the Indians of Trinidad, which began in 1914, with JA Veerasawmy playing first class cricket for British Guiana in 1921 and 1922 while he was an EICC member, but the club did not play first division cricket at that time. However, in 1937, Chatterpaul ‘Doosha’ Persaud, an EICC member playing first division cricket for the club, made is first class debut for British Guiana against Barbados, at Bourda scoring 174 in his very first innings while adding 381 with Peter Bayley (268) as British Guiana won by an innings and 229 runs” said Seecharan who wished the club well in their centenary observations. Today, the ECC facility has been used for international and regional matches and was one of two practice venues in Guyana, when the country hosted matches in the International Cricket Council’s 2007 World Cup. They presently compete in Georgetown Cricket Association competitions, such as the Hadi’s Mall first division two day competition, GCA/Carib Beer T20 and Noble House Seafoods two day second division tournaments. In addition to the aforementioned, the club now boasts within its ranks of membership, Chanderpaul who last year became the first West Indian to play 150 Test matches, while he presently holds the record for most unbeaten centuries. Lewis later said the club has realized many achievements, but the most prized one is the acquisition of Chanderpaul to its ranks, one that he hopes will help improve the cricket programme at the club, while

at the same time propel them to the pinnacle of the sport. In his opening remarks, Singh expressed a warm welcome to the small but appreciative audience saying another page in its history

would have been written at the end of the proceedings. “Professor Seecharan is probably one of or if not the first individual to have put into writing, the ECC and having him back here is truly

a special achievement now that we are 100 and still batting and while I would not go into much details, I do know that celebrating a milestone or an achievement is always something to look forward to” said Singh. To be able to look back, not only to mere existence over years, but to years filled with success and achievements however small, is most gratifying. This road has not been an easy one, but despite the challenges, we somehow find a way to come back through on the bright side and I wish to say in conclusion , together we achieve, so let’s all work together for the betterment of the Everest Cricket Club”, he added. Dr. Anthony called it a milestone year for the club, even as he challenged them to document the feats of the club, so that the many young players, who are present today and even those to come in the future, will have the history of the club at their fingertips.

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Friday February 21, 2014

Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket

Timehri Primary are Upper East Bank Champs; FE Pollard take East G/Town title

Late wickets boost Australia on first day

Dean Elgar and Faf du Plessis struck fifties to help South Africa reach 214 for 5 on the first day against Australia in Port Elizabeth ©

The FE Pollard team is jubilant after their success. Timehri and FE Pollard Primary Schools won the Upper East Bank and East Georgetown districts respectively when the Scotiabank nationwide Kiddy cricket festival continued yesterday. Timehri defeated Soesdyke Primary by 6 runs at the Banks DIH ground,

Thirst Park. Timehri batted first and rattled up 167-6 off their allocation of 10 overs. Munesh Ramdial 11 and Daniel Winter 10 were their leading batters while extras contributed 22. Sookdeo Ramlakhan claimed 2-10. Soesdyke replied with 161-9 in 10 overs. Amar Hardyal made 12 and extras assisted

with 12 also. Ramdial, Prince Forde and Melissa Seenarine captured two wickets each. FE Pollard overcame St. Gabriel’s Primary by 30 runs at the Demerara Cricket Club ground in Queenstown. St. Gabriel’s took first strike and managed 128-6 in 10 overs. Jahvon Worrel scored 16 and extras contributed 12 while

Gilicia Taylor picked up three wickets. F E Pollard responded with 158-3 in 10 overs. Tramel Mc Cordy led with 18 while Robert Nicholson and Rashana Griffith supported with 11 apiece, Makahaya Jervis made 10 and Kevon Caesar 8. Extra chipped in with 12.

Letter to the Editor RHTY&SC congratulates James Fraser on promotion DEAR EDITOR, The Patron Beverly Harper, President Keith Foster, Management and members of the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club would like to express profound gratitude to our Hall of Fame inductee James Fraser who has been promoted to the rank of Major in the Guyana Defence Force. Major Fraser played for the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club for over a decade at the First and Second Division levels and scored a total of 5,706 runs, averaging over 40 runs per innings. He scored eight centuries with his highest at the second-division level being 140 versus Liverpool

while his brilliant 190 versus Albion was his highest at the first-division level. Fraser also captained the RHTY&SC first-division team and represented Berbice at both the Under-19 and Senior levels. After being overlooked for many years, Fraser was selected to represent Berbice at the senior level and he scored 53 on debut against a Demerara team that included Test players Reon King and Colin Stuart. What makes Major Fraser’s achievement simply remarkable is that he went back to school at the age of 26 and obtained seven passes at the CXC level. He joined the Guyana Defence Force in 2000 as a Cadet Officer and

Major James Fraser was promoted to Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Captain and now a Major. Fraser has also successfully completed a Diploma in Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health. All

of us colleagues at the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club salute Major Fraser on his remarkable achievement at the young age of 42. We are all very proud of him and even prouder that he is a product of the RHTY&SC formula of Success, Hard Work, Faith in God, Honesty, Dedication and belief in the work we do. He is a perfect role model to the younger members of the club as he is the perfect example that education, determination and discipline are the keys to success. The cricket teams of the Club would honour Major Fraser at its 24th Awards Ceremony on the April 27 as a Hero and Positive Role Model.

Port Elizabeth: Dean Elgar played a solid anchor role in an improved South African batting performance before two late wickets swung the balance towards Australia on the first day of the second Test against Australia at St George’s Park yesterday. Elgar made 83 as South Africa reached 214 for five before bad light ended play. South Africa lost Captain Graeme Smith and Hashim Amla inside the first six overs in a continuation of the dominace Australia showed in winning the first Test at Centurion by 281 runs. But Elgar and Faf du Plessis (55) put on 112 for the third wicket - only the second century stand against Australia since the start of their 5-0 Ashes sweep against England earlier in the summer. The left-handed Elgar, opening the batting in place of the ill Alviro Petersen, saw Smith and Amla depart before he opened his score off the 20th ball he faced. But he never lost his composure and handled the

pace of first-Test destroyer Mitchell Johnson with courage and skill, albeit in conditions more batsmanfriendly than in the first Test at Centurion. Elgar faced 192 balls, hitting nine fours and two sixes, with both sixes against off-spinner Nathan Lyon. He batted with admirable patience before trying to hit a third six off Lyon, slicing the ball high to cover. It was a crucial wicket because new cap Quinton de Kock soon perished to a poor shot, caught at mid-off against part-time leg-spinner Steve Smith. With seven overs remaining in the day, Australian captain Michael Clarke appeared to want to take the second new ball only to be told by the umpires that the light was not suitable for batsmen to face fast bowling. Ryan Harris made the first breakthrough when Smith played across the line and was leg before wicket for nine. Johnson followed up with his 50th Test wicket in seven (Continued on page 32)

Basil Butcher assists... From page 43 2014 are Azam Khan, Joel Pike, Keith Simpson and Justin Gobin. They received a set of personal cricket gears including a bat and batting pads along with educational materials. Each of the awardees expressed gratitude to Mr. Basil Butcher and the club for the investment in their future. An elated Azam Khan

stated that he felt privileged to receive gears from a cricketing legend that he has heard a lot of and he promised on behalf of his fellow awardees to make the club and Mr. Butcher proud. Six other club members would next month receive more assistance when the club hosts their annual Western Union Junior Cricketers Programme.

Friday February 21, 2014

Kaieteur News

Boxers intensify preparations for South American Championships On a high after winning their respective bouts in the just concluded Four Nations Caribbean Boxing Championships, top pugilists, Welterweight, Eon Bancroft, Middleweight, Dennis Thomas and female Heavyweight, Theresa London, have commenced training in preparation for the South American Boxing Championships scheduled for Chile from March 7-18 next. Last Wednesday afternoon, the trio was taken through their paces at the Andrew ‘Sixhead’ Lewis Boxing Gym, Independence Boulevard, under the watchful eyes of Cuban Coach, Francisco Hernandez Roldon, National Coach, Wensel Thomas and Terrence Poole and all three coaches are pleased with the continued progress of the boxers. When Kaieteur Sport arrived at the gym, the three pugilists had formed a larger group of boxers from several other gyms that were going through their paces in the ring. The three coaches kept a keen eye on the proceedings and Señor Roldon said that he is confident that the team will do well. The boxers also punched the heavy bag to improve their timings and punching power but the real test of endurance occurred when they were asked to pound away on the truck tire with a sledge hammer weighing more than nine pounds. This exercise requires accuracy and concentration, develops key muscles in the arms and shoulders and improves punching power. Meanwhile, the boxers earned their places on the current team after winning their respective bouts in the just concluded championships with Bancroft defeating Jamaican Kestna Davis and St Lucian, Ron Bastian.

was pushed to the top of the programme to facilitate the Jamaican’s early departure; Thomas also experienced similar circumstances. Señor Roldon said that the impending championship will further enhance the local boxers’ reputation even as they prepare for duties in the 2016 Brazil Olympics. He said that there are many other championships leading up to the Brazil event and it would be to the boxers’ advantage to attend as many of them as possible. The local squad suffered a blow after national bantamweight champion, Imran Khan, was omitted after he sustained an injury to his hand during his bout against Clairmonte Gibson in the finals of the Caribbean championships. The boxers depart Guyana soon.

Obama, Harper bet cases of beer on U.S.-Canada Olympic hockey games Reuters - President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper have put both national pride and cases of beer on the line in a friendly wager on the Canada-U.S. Olympic hockey matches. In what has become an Olympic tradition between the leaders, Obama and Harper announced on Twitter that they have staked a case of cold ones on the outcome of each of the women’s’ and

men’s’ matchups. “For a very brief period of time, I may not feel as warm towards Canadians as I normally do, at least until those matches are over,” Obama quipped to Harper during a leaders’ summit in Toluca, Mexico on Wednesday. The Canadians won the match to take gold medal which made it their fourth such medal in a row. The Canada and U.S. men’s teams

Sangakkara ton seals ODI series for Sri Lanka Dhaka: Kumar Sangakkara continued his awesome batting form in Bangladesh as Sri Lanka won the second one-dayer by 61 runs in Dhaka yesterday to take an unassailable 2-0 lead in the three-match series. The left-hander, who scored 319 and 105 in the second Test earlier this month after making 75 in the first Test, hit a fluent 128 off 115 balls to lift Sri Lanka to 289-6. Bangladesh, facing a mustwin situation after losing the first match, caved in under pressure and were dismissed for 228 with seven overs to spare at the Sher-e-Bangla stadium. Skipper Mushfiqur Rahim top-scored with 79 o f f 8 3 balls and opener Anamul Haque made 42, but none of the other batsmen settled in as Sri Lanka grabbed wickets at regular intervals. Lasith Malinga, Sachithra Senanayake, Thisara Perera

Bancroft toning his muscles with the sledge hammer

Thomas had taken care of St Lucian Arthur Langelier on the opening night before returning to defeat Jamaican, Michael Gardner, in the finals. London was successful against Trinidadian, Chimere Taylor while London won from Chimere Taylor. Thomas and London had clinched the best boxer award in their respective categories. Despite convincingly winning the first fight with a top performance, Bancroft was guilty of lunging and missing most of his punches in the Bastian encounter. Mr. Roldon defended his charge saying that he was forced to enter the ring earlier than was expected and as such, was not fully warmed up for the bout. According to Roldon, Bancroft was down to fight the tenth bout but his fight

Page 39

face off in a semi-finals match on Friday. In 2010, Obama delivered a case of Molson Canadian beer to Harper after Team Canada won the men’s’ gold in overtime in the Vancouver Olympics. Their press secretaries bet on the women’s game, and Obama’s then-spokesman Robert Gibbs had to wear a Team Canada jersey to his daily briefing when he lost the wager to Harper ’s thenspokesman Dimitri Soudas.

and Ajantha Mendis picked up two wickets each, while part-timer Ashan Priyanjan took one. The series win sealed Sri Lanka’s domination during the month-long tour where they won the two-Test series 1-0 and secured both the Twenty20 matches. The final one-dayer will be played tomorrow. It was just the boost Angelo Mathews’ men needed ahead of the fivenation Asia Cup one-day tournament which opens in Bangladesh on Tuesday. Priyanjan (60) helped Sangakkara put on 114 for the fourth wicket after the tourists, who elected to bat, were reduced to 63-3 by the 13th over. Mathews lifted the total with an unbeaten 56 off 39 balls, having added 83 for the fifth wicket with Sangakkara. Bangladesh seamer Rubel Hossain removed openers Kusal Perera and Tillakaratne

Dilshan by the eighth over, before Sohag Gazi dismissed Dinesh Chandimal to open up the middle order. Priyanjan, a 24-year-old right-hander playing his fourth one-dayer, hit seven boundaries before he was trapped leg-before by leftarm spinner Shakib Al Hasan. Sangakkara reached his 17th one-day century with a four through the covers off Rubel and celebrated the landmark by dabbing the next ball to third man for another boundary. Sangakkara slammed 14 boundaries before he was caught in the deep in the 47th over attempting another big shot off Arafat S u n n y. T h e t o u r i s t s brought in spinner Mendis in place of the injured Nuwan Kulasekara, while Bangladesh dropped AlAmin Hossain to play experienced seamer Mashrafe Mortaza.

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Kaieteur News

Friday February 21, 2014

Nationals take 1st innings Bounty Farm Mash points from Rest Team Handicap Squash Tournament Twelve year-old Anthony Islam survived another night of intense competition in the main draw on Wednesday night during the 2014 Bounty Farm Mash Handicap Tournament organised by the Guyana Squash Association (GSA) in collaboration with its number one corporate sponsor Digicel Guyana at the Georgetown Club Squash Courts. After relegating Jamaal Douglas to the Classic Plate on opening night, Islam managed to hold his advantage and take out another older competitor, Pablio Mundini in a threegame thriller. Islam’s 12-point advantage gave him a fivepoint head start on Mundini (7) to compensate for the difference in skill level. After Islam won the first game 15-11, Mundini tightened up and leveled the match with a clinical 15-12 victory in the second game. Islam managed to withstand the pressure in the third and final game to prevail 15-13 and eliminate Mundini from the competition. The other half of the Islam twin, Daniel (11), had his work cut out for him against former national champion Regan Pollard. Playing with a -16 handicap, Pollard managed to win the match and progress to the next round, but not before Islam took steps toward completing the improbable. Islam left it all on the court and even managed to win the first game of the encounter 159, before Pollard worked him out with strategic and surgical shot placement. Defending champion Jason Ray Khalil managed another straight-game win in his second encounter in spite of his -22 point handicap. Khalil’s superior skill overshadowed the impressive effort and performance exhibited by Matthew Phang. In spite of

Islam stays alive; stuns Mundini

Resuming on 11-1 the Rest Team were all out in the final session as only Ricardo Adams who top scored with 46. But he only got support from Royston Crandon (34) and Rajiv Ivan (31). Leg-Spinner Devendra Bishoo removed Crandon, Zaheer Mohamed (4), Adams and Steven Sankar (0) to finish with 4-38 from 13 overs after Christopher Barnwell had gotten rid of Robin Bacchus (13) Rajendra Chandrika (13) to end with 2-12 from seven overs on the flat track. Leftarm spinner Veerasammy

Permaul also had 2-57 from 16.1 overs. The only partnership of note was the 47 for the seventh wicket posted by Crandon and Adams. When the Nationals batted a second time, they lost Sewnarine Chattergoon, who was bowled off an inside edge playing a lazy shot to fast bowler Raun Johnson for six before Assad Fudadin, who was 21 not out when stumps were drawn and Skipper Leon Johnson (5*) saw their team to the close without further loss.

Jason Ray Khalil (Orange) & Matthew Pang Phang’s best efforts Khalil prevailed 15-12, 15-11, going on ruthless scoring streaks of 25 and 18 unanswered point in his respective games. Two-time Caribbean champion Benjamin Mekdeci, on the other hand, was not that consistent but managed to overcome his -10 handicap to defeat Stephen Fernandes in three games. In one of the night’s most entertaining encounters, Fernandes won the first game 16-14 by playing quality shots early that seemed beyond his seven-point advantage. But as the match progressed fatigue undermined his game play forcing him to resort to plan B. Fernandes injected much comic relief and excitement into the tournament since plan B included engaging the referee, tying his laces, and even examining the match ball in an effort to catch his breath between points. Last year’s runner-up Nicholas Narain was also among winners on

Assad Fudadin cuts pacer Seon Daniels past point for four during yesterday’s action at the Stadium. Benjamin Mekdeci night two after defeating Ashley Khalil in three games. Narain overcame his -8 handicap to eliminate Khalil (-3), in what was an uncharacteristic showing from the former junior Girls champion. Action will continue this evening following last evening’s encounters before concluding tomorrow when the GSA will also be hosting the tournament bar-b-que. All are invited to support this activity.

Goodwill Republic Anniversary T20 Festival

West B’ce & D’Edward name squads Cricketing fans in West Berbice are in for a big treat this Sunday with plans moving apace for the first Goodwill Republic T20 Cricket Festival. West Berbice Cricket Association and D’Edward Sports Club have named their squads that will take part. The first semi final bowls off at 09:00hrs. West Berbice will depend on their fast bowlers to make

The National First-Class team were 42-1 in their second innings, extending their lead to 45, when day two of their four-day game ended yesterday at the National Stadium, Providence. The Guyanese, preparing for their opening round game against Jamaica at Sabina Park from February 28, made 203-9 declared in the first innings before dismissing the opposition for 200 in 59.1 overs in the low scoring encounter on another day blessed with glorious sunshine.

work light for their batsmen which will be led by Keith Fraser. D’Edward will be hoping to have lots of runs on the board and will look to Nick Ramsaroop and Eon Abel to lead in this regard. The West Berbice Cricket Association Super Kings: Sherwyn McPherson (captain), Raun Johnson, Keith Fraser, Brian Nurse, Rendell Bobb, Grisean Grant,

Chirstopher Bissoon, Allan Johnson, Kwasie Mentor, Steffon Adams, Darious Nedd, Randy Wade and Mahesh Ramroop. D’Edward Sports Club: Jaipaul Heeralall, Devindra Lalsa, Lakeraj Sukra, Eon Abel, Romain Boodram, Christian France, Abdool Subhan, Nick Ramsaroop, Kevin Jawahir, Herrilall Bridgelall, Navin Rampersaud and Chunilall Senasai.

Sponsors being sought for 4-Day tourney Port of Spain, Trinidad Sponsors are being sought for the Regional Four-Day Tournament, according to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Michael Muirhead. Speaking at a WICB media conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Port-ofSpain on Monday, Muirhead noted, “we are actively pursuing some prospects and we’re confident that we will have some sponsorship for the Four-Day (Tournament).” The tournament is expected to begin on February 28. Muirhead added, “the Four-Day (Tournament) itself, from an economical perspective, is not like a Super50. It doesn’t command that kind of fan base which is what drives the sponsorship. “We know that it may be less sponsors that we would get but, nonetheless, we are going to make it attractive so that we can get their presence and gain an interest. ”It may not realise a lot of sponsorship funding, but we’re certainly looking to get some sponsorship, or

Michael Muirhead

companies interested in sponsoring. So there is a future. ”That’s the route that we’re taking.” There are plans for daynight matches during the Four Day Tournament and, asked if there may be special marketing to bring out the crowds, the Jamaican responded, “yes we are. “Our intention is to have a day-night game in every territory.” How he will describe these current times for West Indies cricket? Muirhead replied, “when

you are faced with the challenge of where we are, in terms of how West Indies cricket is run, and we do some introspection, it certainly begs for some action to be taken. “We’ve brought on board the director of cricket (with a) vast amount of experience to really bring a change to West Indies cricket, how we really develop cricket in the West Indies. ”We’re rolling out a plan which will affect that. ”So it’s a critical moment for us.” (T&T Newsday)

Kaieteur News

Friday February 21, 2014

It’s Fun, Sand and Cool Breeze as Cool Runnings host ProAm beach soccer c/ships Just two months after the inauguration of the Bayroc Beach Soccer facility in Region 10, the Cool Runnings Beach Football Club will host the first major activity there, the Sun, Fun, Sand & Cool Breeze Pro-Am Beach soccer championships from April 24-27 next. Activities will assume an international flavor with t e a m s f r o m Tr i n i d a d &Tobago and Suriname competing with local units from Bartica, Kwakwani and Georgetown for a grand prize of $700.000. President of the host club, Rollin Tappin said that the mission of the club is to

promote technical and tactical awareness by providing an enabling environment for all. He said that support is vital and as such is pleading with members of the corporate community as well as other lovers of the sport to render support towards the success of the function. The Bayroc Beach facility has received assistance from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCY&S), through its community grounds development programmes and next month’s activity will be the first major one since then.

Tenelec Inc. U-15 Final Albion to play Rose Hall Town Albion Community Centre cricket team will host defending champions Rose Hall Town Farfan and Mendes in the final of the 2013 Tenelec Inc. Under-15 50-overs competition tomorrow and Sunday. This match was scheduled for last November but had to be put off due to bad weather. The two finalists were victors of their respective semis against Police and Edinburgh. Rose Hall Town, aiming to retain the title will be spearheaded by all-rounder Baskhar Yadram, Berbice

Under-15 all-rounder Veramootoo Senwasie as well as off-spinner Kellon Gobin and batsman Junior Sinclair.Albion’s challenge for the title would be led by two Guyana players, middle order batsman Adrian S u k h w a a n d wicketkeeper/batsman Matthew Hardyal, left-armspinner Joshua Harrichand, pacer Vivekanand Gagjit and off-spinner Asif Ali. The Umpires appointed are Omedat Samaroo and Augustus Outar with Moses Ramphal as the standby. The matches start at 10:00hr daily.

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Kaieteur News

Heineken Golf Cup tees off tomorrow The premier Ansa McAl sponsored, Heineken Golf Cup tees off tomorrow at the Lusignan Golf Course where Guyana’s best golfers will descend upon the renowned facility to battle for what is certainly one of the most prestigious titles of local golf. Heineken is synonymous

with class and prestige, and the global brand will be bringing the same level of distinction to the Lusignan Golf Course with the tournament expected to attract some 50 golfers for the first major golfing event under the Heineken brand. “Heineken will be setting the bar with great prizes along with Heineken branded golf premiums for the top finishers,” a release from the

brand stated, adding that golfers who attain the best net scores, longest drive, nearest to the pin and best gross, will all be rewarded. Ansa McAl encouraged all golfers, residents of the community and supporters to come out and witness an enthralling competition. “The tournament promises to be one with a difference,” the release continued, stating that it will be an enjoyable

afternoon. The presentation of prizes for the tournament is expected to be at 15:00hrs and shortly after there will be great entertainment and interactive golf games, giving persons the opportunity to participate in the game. Players, who are not yet registered, can do so today by calling the golf club on 220-5660 to register.

Friday February 21, 2014

Intensive football action in memory of former Pele President, Frank Watson Football buffs will remember Frank Watson, former President of the Pele Football Club who died in a plane Crash in Kamarang in 1973. In remembrance of his sterling contribution to the sport, the Pele Alumni in the USA will be organizing an Under-14 and Under-16 football tournament scheduled to get underway tomorrow morning at the Tu c v i l l e G r o u n d w i t h several preliminary games. The first encounter in the Under-14 category pits the skill of Grove Hi Tec against Beacons at 09:00hrs followed by Western Tigers against Eagle FC of West Coast Demerara, half an hour later. Conquerors will oppose Black Pearl at 10:00hrs while Den Amstel tackles Rhythm Squad at 10:30hrs. The Under-16 matches follow just after and at 11:00hrs Grove will play GFC followed by the Eagles/Renaissance shindig at 11:30hrs. Conquerors will then play Den Amstel just before Pele play Rhythm squad at 12:00hrs and 12:30hrs respectively. Activities will gather momentum on February 24 at the Dem Amstel Ground when several top teams compete against each other.

Those matches commence at 12:00hrs when Lodge squares off with Wortmanville at 12:30hrs followed by Wales against North Sophia half an hour later. Thereafter, fans will be entertained with several other matches including De Kindren against South Sophia, Leopold St/Berlin against Crane, Poudroyen versus Mocha, Kuru Kuru versus North East, Goed F o r t u i n v e r s u s Meadowbrook and Den Amstel versus Grove. The finals will be competed on February 27 when the respective winners of the two categories clash for honours starting at 15:00hrs. On that day also, an All Star Under-14 team will oppose their Under-16 counterparts from 16:00hrs. Meanwhile, each participating team will receive two footballs while there will be special prizes for the best defensive player, most valuable player, most prolific goal scorer and the best goalie while the winning team and runners up will receive trophies and medals. The tournament is sponsored by the Pele (overseas) Alumni and past players Patrick ‘Labba’ Barton and Ivor Carrington.

Kaieteur News

Friday February 21, 2014

Basil Butcher assists four promising junior cricketers

Mr and Mrs. Basil Butcher pose with the four youngsters following the presentation. “Members of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club should consider themselves very fortunate as no other cricket club in Guyana invests so heavily in t h e i r m e m b e r s h i p ’s development, whether on the field, in the classroom or personal development.” Those were the words of West Indies cricket Legend Basil Butcher as he presented cricket gears and educational materials to four promising Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club members when the7th Basil Butcher Trust Fund presentation was held. Butcher, who played 44 Test matches for the West Indies from 1958 to 1969 described the RHTY&SC as a role model organisation which he is proud to be associated with and urged the awardees to be proud ambassadors of their club. Success on the field of play, Butcher stated, is only achieved through hard work and advised the attentive awardees to play the game for the love of it and not for the financial rewards. He expressed his anger at the current state of cricket in Guyana pointing out that too many persons were involved in the administration of cricket that have no interest in the game.

Hilbert Foster, Club Secretary/CEO informed that Mr. Butcher has assisted young players in Berbice over the past seven years to the tune of $1.4M and hailed the cricketing legend as a true example of giving back to the game he loves dearly. Among the players the 80 year-old Legend has assisted are Shimron Hetmyer, Romario Shepherd, Arif Chan, Shemaine Campbell, Shawn Pereira, Phaffiana Millington, Lloydel Lewis, Daniel Lewis and Verendra Gooniah. Foster advised the

four awardees to not only pay attention to playing the game of cricket, but to devote their time pursuing education. He stated quite frankly that while sport’s is important to youths, in his mind the quest for an educated mind is the most important objective for any human. The RHTY&SC, the Secretary/CEO disclosed, would continue to invest in its membership to make sure that they all fulfill their potential on the cricket field and in the classroom. The four awardees for (Continued on page 42)

Page 43

Sammy - No excuses for Ireland defeat Kingston, Jamaica - West Indies started the 2014 International Home Series on a losing note when they went under to Ireland in the first T20 International on Wednesday afternoon. It was a huge upset by the Irish who recorded their first ever victory over the reigning World Champions in this format. West Indies skipper Darren Sammy made no excuses for the six-wicket defeat, admitting “we were outplayed today”. “Ireland played well and deserved their victory. We were a bit rusty and they came hard at us and in the end were the better team on the day. We can’t make any excuses, we just have to get it right,” Sammy said after the match, the first ever T20 International at Sabina Park. “We never took them for g r a n t e d . We w e r e n ’ t complacent. They bowled well against us and we just didn’t handle it as we should have. Then when we bowled, we did a good job of trying to defend a small target, but they had one good partnership of over 50 runs and that won the match for them.” Windies won the toss and

Second game on today Darren Sammy

batted but could only muster 116-8 from their 20 overs. Ireland replied with 117-4 to win with five balls to spare. The innings was built around a solid 40 not out off 49 balls from Ed Joyce. The experienced left-hander, who took home the Man of the Match award, added 58 for the fourth wicket with

A n d r e w P o y n t e r, w h o contributed 32 off 30 balls. The two teams will play the second and final T20 International on Friday at the same venue. Sammy added: “We have to come back hard at them on Friday (today) and put in a performance that shows we are worthy of being the world champions.”

t r o Sp Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket

Timehri Primary are Upper East Bank Champs; FE Pollard take East G/Town title P.38

Members of the victorious Timehri Primary School display their trophy.

Bounty Farm Mash Handicap Squash Tournament

Members of the victorious Timehri Primary School display their trophy.


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