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Life sentences: an evolving synthesis The appeal court’s ruling is part of an evolution that should be embraced and not abandoned, as too many so dangerously English judges, so often the punch bag for reflexive law-and-order prejudice, may be waking up to some unaccustomed tabloid praise. On Tuesday the court of appeal ruled that judges in England and Wales can continue to impose so-called “whole life” prison sentences in the most serious murder cases. That ruling may have come as something of a surprise in the current political climate, given that the stage had once again been so confidently set for the issues to be conscripted into the relentless rightwing argument against the jurisdiction of the European court of human rights. In the event, however, the appeal court was able to finesse the matter. It did so by identifying some previously overlooked middle ground between the European court’s view last year that whole-life sentences should contain an element of reviewability and the government’s argument that such an element already exists in domestic law. The upshot, unless the issue is now referred to the Supreme Court or back to Strasbourg, is that another emotive and destructive locking of horns with the human rights court of the sort that occurred over votes for prisoners and in the Abu Qatada deportation case - has been avoided for the time being. The worth of the appeal court’s ruling will depend, in the end, on how the ministry of justice interprets and implements paragraphs 29-36 of the ruling. These important eight paragraphs say that domestic law already enshrines a power to review the detention of whole-life prisoners. That power, said the court, arises in exceptional circumstances. It requires the justice secretary to decide whether compassionate grounds for release exist. It must be compatible with the human rights convention’s protections against inhuman or degrading punishment. And it must be reasoned in terms of the facts of the particular case - and subject to judicial review. Whether a justice secretary like the current incumbent Chris Grayling will accept those terms when one of the 53 prisoners currently serving a whole-life sentence tries to invoke them must unfortunately be open to doubt. Mr. Grayling welcomed the ruling on Tuesday on the grounds that the most brutal murderers should go to jail for the rest of their lives – and as a vindication of parliamentary sovereignty against the human rights court. However, in marked contrast to the attorney general, Dominic Grieve, who stressed that the law is compatible with the human rights convention, Mr Grayling gave no hint that he recognised any of the convention obligations laid down for him by the appeal court. What is clear is that Mr Grayling must not simply adopt a blanket approach. He must be extremely careful how he speaks and acts in such cases. The whole-life sentence is acceptable on the appeal court’s terms and not otherwise. Every sentence of imprisonment - and particularly the longer sentences to which parliament is increasingly addicted - has to have a meaningful form of rehabilitation or redemption built into it. The eventual hope of review, even in the most heinous cases, that was upheld meets that test, though perhaps only narrowly. That is why Mr Grayling’s response needs to be watched with the utmost care. On Tuesday, the appeal court deftly avoided putting itself in the crossfire between the Tories and Europe. But it would be idle to pretend that issue is receding. On the contrary, as the Supreme Court president Lord Neuberger said last week, much debate about the convention and human rights continues to be “inappropriately unfavourable”. Tragically, almost everything about the modern Conservative party currently makes that debate ever more inappropriate and more unfavourable. And yet, over time, Lord Neuberger also argued, the courts have in fact managed the demanding task of organically evolving a “splendid synthesis” between European civilian law and the common law. Tuesday’s ruling can be seen as part of that. It is an evolution that should be embraced and not abandoned, as too many on the right argue so dangerously. (From the Guardian of London)

Thursday February 20, 2014

Letters... Where your views make the news

Managing the budget debates within the National Assembly DEAR EDITOR, I have been following the variety of opinions expressed in the Press consequent on the final decision of the acting Chief Justice Ian Chang concerning the autonomy of the National Assembly in relation to the budget debates. There seem to have been many words written on what the National Assembly cannot do in relation to the budget estimates presented by the Minister of Finance. I suggest that a broader reading of Articles in the National Constitution together with the Standing Orders of the National Assembly will show that there is really no problem. Article 9 of the main text

of the National Constitution 1980 says that ‘The rules and orders of the existing Assembly . . . shall . . . be the rules of procedure of the National Assembly . . . but shall be construed with such modifications, adaptations, qualifications and exceptions as may be necessary to bring them into conformity with the Constitution’. James Pender, parliamentary staff advisor provided by the Commonwealth Secretariat, wrote on ‘legislation’ and on ‘appropriation bills and financial procedures’ in his advisory papers numbers 4 and 5 for the National Assembly in 2005/6. Mr Pender proposed simplification of the budget

debate and procedures and noted that relevant changes in Standing Orders would require parallel changes in the Constitution. However, he gave no indication that the Standing Orders might be in conflict with the National Constitution. The current set of Standing Orders were approved by the National Assembly on 02 May 2006 when the PPP/C had a working majority. I have not found any indication that the PPP/C objected to those Standing Orders on the grounds that they did not match the National Constitution. Nor did the PPP/C apparently note any conflict with parliamentary Standing

Orders when passing the 2003 revision to the Constitution. The relevant Article in the Schedule to the National Constitution for the debate on budget estimates is number 171. The much-cited Article 218 just deals with the Appropriations Bills following budget debates. Article 171 (1) says that ‘Subject to the provisions of this Constitution and of the rules of procedure of the National Assembly, any member of the Assembly may introduce any Bill or propose any motion for debate in, or may present any petition to, the Assembly and the same shall be debated and disposed of according to (Continued on page 5)

Thanks to the Tourism Ministry for a detailed website DEAR EDITOR, Please permit me to express thanks to the Minister of Tourism and his staff for the development of the website “Rediscover Guyana”. I must admit that I see many sites related to different issues related to Guyana, but this one is certainly very informative for a visitor. I was in the planning stages of a visit to Guyana along with other members of our family to celebrate our mother’s 75th Birthday during the Easter Holidays. As usual, the topic of where to stay became an issue since many family members were concerned about quality hotels and most important our security. Fortunately however, my brother was watching television and he saw an ad promoting Easter in Guyana and further details were available if you visited . He immediately called me and suggested that I check out the site, especially since we were concerned about a quality hotel and our safety. The only issue we ran into was that the hotel we loved and hoped to stay at was very small in terms of rooms, but we were impressed with them all. We’ve decided however to break up into groups and use different ones. If the pictures on their website are truly what exists, then I can safely say Guyana has arrived in terms of standards and quality.

Pardon me if I sound out of touch, but the real fact is that I have not been home in thirty-five (35) years, and like so many other persons like me, we base our thoughts and expectations on what we read in the on-line tabloids. This website and the program of activities listed gives rise to the opportunity to see places I or my siblings have never ventured to, even though we were born in Guyana. In creating boast after sharing the site with a coworker from Denmark, he and his wife have decided to make the trip with us. We are

certainly looking forward to a good time. We will make time to visit the many places where the excursions are going, as well as the chance to explore some night life. My only question is why there are no prices listed for the excursions? Minister of Tourism please ensure that we know prices so we can do an effective budget and have enough monies while in Guyana. I hope many persons will make use of such an opportunity, since it will be good to not only visit home if like me you were not there for a long time, besides

being granted the opportunity to visit some of the places I only read about or may have seen on a map of Guyana. It is really good now with technology when you can see places and make plans on where or what activities you can enjoy even before you leave your home. Thanks again to the Ministry of Tourism. This was a brilliant idea. Keep up the good work. My entire family and friends (some 20-25 of us) can’t wait for our arrival. Leo Fernandes Linden, NJ, USA

A reversal of economic fortunes

DEAR EDITOR, A report compiled by the United Nations World Economic Situation and Prospects (WESP) for the year 2014 placed Guyana and Haiti ahead of all Caribbean countries with a projected growth rate of 4.5 per cent. This compares favourably with several of the stronger and more affluent economies in the region such as Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Barbados with projected growth rates of 2.5, 1.2 and 1 percent respectively. This relatively strong performance by Guyana and Haiti could be seen as a reversal of economic fortunes since both of these countries were at one time at the bottom of the performance ladder and were considered “pariah” states during the period of dictatorial and quasi-military rule. Today both Haiti and Guyana have democratically elected governments and have broken away from their authoritarian past. Guyana at one time was declared by the IMF as being “uncreditworthy” and therefore ineligible for donor assistance. The country was unable to honour its debt obligations to the IMF and other financial institutions.

All of that has now changed. Guyana is now free from the IMF programme, unlike some other Caribbean countries which are still grappling with huge debt burden and IMF-imposed conditionalities and austerity measures. The PPPC administration must be given credit for putting Guyana on the regional spotlight in terms of economic growth and social development. The country was only recently lauded by the Caribbean Development Bank for its economic management and fiscal discipline which has resulted low inflation rates, stable foreign exchange, healthy foreign exchange reserves and overall sound macro-economic stability. If there is one lesson that can be drawn from the growth trajectory of Guyana and Haiti is that there is a positive correlation between democracy and economic and social development. Democracy has the effect of unlocking the development potential of a nation as the experiences of both Guyana and Haiti so unmistakably demonstrated. Hydar Ally

Thursday February 20, 2014

Kaieteur News

Letters... Where your views make the news

I support Mr. Ramjeet’s position DEAR EDITOR, I refer to the letter in the Kaieteur News of Monday, February 17, 2014 under the caption, ‘On what basis did the Judicial Service Commission appoint Ravi Sukul?’ and signed by Oscar Ramjeet. The issue is that there is no Judicial Service Commission which is operating. The Judicial Service Commission is supposed to be made up of the Chancellor (Ag), Chief Justice (Ag), Chairman of the Public Service Commission (Ag) and should have had a representative from the Bar Association and one other. Neither of the two has been appointed, so the Judicial Service Commission is made up of three exofficio members only, all of whom are acting.

Article 198 of the Constitution in brief provides for the least number of members required for a functioning Judicial Service Commission to be five and the most is six. I would certainly wish to ask whether that is a proper constitution of the Judicial Service Commission and whether they are competent to appoint anyone. In the case of Mr. Rabi Sukul, despite opposition, it was recommended to His Excellency as a unanimous decision. This matter was raised before and it was confirmed that there was never any meeting of the Judicial Service Commission. Imagine that we have Judges within our system who would seek to be elevated from the Supreme Court of Judicature to the

Appeal Court. Instead as pointed out by Mr. Ramjeet, Mr. Sukul has never been a Magistrate, a Judge, and is an unknown quantity in Guyana. I support Mr. Ramjeet’s position that “those who advocated his appointment should hang their heads in shame”. It amounts to a violation of the Constitution. What is amazing is that the present Bar Association would not come to the defence of our Judges to question such an appointment. I note that Mr. Christopher Ram is calling for a Presidential Inquiry. This is certainly a grave embarrassment to the parties involved and they should be dealt with for this violation in appointing Mr. Sukul for such a position. Narine Rampersaud

Managing the budget... From page 4 the rules of procedure of the Assembly’. So the budget debate is according to the Standing Orders; that is explicit. Article 171 (2) then says that ‘Except on the recommendation or with the consent of the Cabinet signified by a Minister, the Assembly shall not – (a) proceed upon any Bill (including any amendment to a Bill) which, in the opinion of the person presiding, makes provision for any of the following purposes – (i) for imposing or increasing any tax; (ii) for imposing any charge upon the Consolidated Fund or any other public fund of Guyana or for altering any such charge otherwise than by reducing it; . . . ‘. So the National Assembly cannot without Cabinet/ Ministerial agreement impose a tax or increase a tax. Nor can it change any proposed use of the Consolidated Fund tax other than by reducing the amount of the proposed use. But Article 171 (a) (ii) allows the Assembly to reduce proposed expenditure from the Consolidated Fund even if the Cabinet/Minister disagrees. Bills which are contentious are passed after the first reading to a committee stage as a conventional way of not blocking the plenary sessions of the National Assembly with detailed debate better handled in smaller groups of MPs and technical advisers. The budget debate is in principle no different from the management of any other Bill passing through the Legislature. The committee of supply, resolved from the plenary National Assembly as a whole, is a reflection of the importance of the budget as the ultimate lever of control

of the Legislature over the Executive in tripartite Jeffersonian government. The committee system moves the debate away from the constraints of ambiguities in Article 171 of the National Constitution into the selfgoverning sphere of the National Assembly, as approved by Article 9 of the Constitution. Standing Orders 71 and 72 in chapter XI - financial procedures - cover the budget process. Only after the give-andtake and adjustments made in the committee of supply does the final version of the budget revert for vote to the National Assembly in plenary (Standing Orders 71 (4)) after the Minister’s motion (Standing Order 71 (1)) has been amended (Standing Order 71 (5)) and the motion put to the vote without further debate. The Minister (of Finance) can then introduce the Appropriations Bill under Article 218 (2) of the Constitution: ‘When the estimates of expenditure . . . have been approved by the Assembly a Bill, to be know[n] as an Appropriation Bill, shall be introduced in the Assembly, providing for the issue from the Consolidated Fund of the sums necessary to meet that expenditure . . .’ In other words, all the serious debate and horse-trad-

ing takes place in the committee of supply without needing to consider the convoluted wording of Article 171 – which deals with both Bill and motion, but not in a congruent manner. Standing Orders 73-76 provide detailed instruction for the management of the debate by line items, including provision for motions to increase or decrease the sums allotted in the estimates. Read in this sequence, the National Constitution and the Standing Orders of the National Assembly provide no barrier to the management of the budget debate line-by-line in the same manner as in almost all democratic and semidemocratic countries. The appeal by the PPP/ C to the High Court thus appears to be based on misreadings of what the law and Standing Orders actually prescribe. Of course it would be preferable to have a less convoluted and more conventionally worded National Constitution, but that is another matter. Janette Bulkan

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Thursday February 20, 2014

AFC compromises on Cabinet’s Chancellor did not no objection clause for PPC recommend Rabi Sukul …says JSC methodology in vetting him not up for discussion With each passing day, the emerging details surrounding the appointment and forced resignation of Court of Appeal Judge, Rabi Sukul, takes a new turn as this publication has been told that Chancellor of the Judiciary, Carl Singh, did not recommend him. Asked yesterday about the debacle, Justice Singh, told reporters, “I did not recommend him,” but rather was part of a commission that considered his application to the post. Justice Singh was also asked about the sort of ‘due diligence’ undertaken when his application was vetted. He responded that this is a matter that engaged the Judicial Service Commission. He did point out that the methodology used in identifying Sukul’s nomination to be sent to the President would not be up for discussion. Justice Singh yesterday confirmed that Sukul tendered his resignation. Asked why a constitutional recourse was not employed to remove Sukul as an Appellate Court Judge, Justice Singh said that Sukul had recognized that something irregular had taken place. According to the Chancellor, when Sukul admitted to the disbarment, he

Chancellor of the Judiciary, Carl Singh asked him to resign. Justice Singh said that Sukul, as a Judge, recognized that something irregular had taken place in the form of his disbarment and as such tendered his resignation when asked. In face of the mounting criticism of his appointment, Sukul on Tuesday sought to defend his appointment saying that he was not given the job through any government connection and further he “was and remain fully eligible for the post.” According to Sukul, he applied for a judicial position in November 2011 and it was not until July 2013 that he was appointed. “I had to wait for a year and seven months before a decision was made to appoint me to the Bench… I was, and remain fully eligible for the post to which I was appointed.” Sukul, in his defence, said after President Donald

Ramotar swore him in, “I have not seen the good gentleman to this day…I have not spoken to his Excellency to this day. I do not know him personally.” Sukul said that when he received the devastating news of his disbarment, he requested and was granted leave to return to the United Kingdom where he has since commenced the preparations to “fight this debilitating injustice to the bitter end.” Sukul insists that at the time of his application for a judicial position in Guyana there was no complaint outstanding against him for any reason whatsoever. “I had been in undisturbed professional practice as a defence Barrister in London for a quarter of a century.” He said that during that time, save and except for the current allegations against him, the Bar Council of England and Wales has never found him liable for any professional misconduct. “I was fully eligible for consideration to the post to which I was appointed.” He noted, too, that the Chief Justice (ag), Ian Chang, was a member of the Judicial Service Commission Panel that interviewed him. “He asked me one question only…How old are you? The records of the meeting can speak if need be.” He said that it was five months after he applied for the position of Appellate Court Judge, that he drafted the documents that have since landed him in hot water.

The Alliance for Change has announced a compromise with respect to Government having no powers to object to contracts in the Public Procurement Commission, an entity which the AFC has called to be established before the party supports the passage of the Anti Money Laundering Bill. The party during a press conference yesterday said that it is prepared to work with the government to set in motion systems that will see Guyana being able to give a satisfactory report to the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force on February 28. According to AFC Executive Member, David Patterson, the report will be able to present a road map for passage of the Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Amendments Act of 2013 before Guyana’s next review in May 2014. “The party said that “this would call on the government to set aside inflexible positions and meaningfully engage the political opposition.” The AFC has said that it is willing to support the Anti Money Laundering and Countering Terrorism Amendment Bill provided the Public Procurement Commission (PPC) is established. “We understand that the government has reservations about setting up the commission. We have indicated our willingness to compromise and reach a mutually agreeable position that best satisfies the needs of the nation.” According to Patterson as a compromise and in an effort to move this process forward, “the AFC has prepared draft amendments to section 54 of the Procurement Act which we have already shared with the

AFC Executive General Secretary David Patterson relevant stakeholders. “These amendments further enshrine the right of all complainants including Cabinet to object to the award of any contract in the interest of ensuring Guyana benefits from both a working Public Procurement Commission and an amended Anti Money Laundering Bill. The AFC extends the office of compromise; we believe that the Guyanese people deserve no less.” He explained that government said that it would like Cabinet to have a time period to review tenders “so we have prepared a draft which allows all complainants, Cabinet or anybody 21 days between the announcement of the award and the actual finalization. If Cabinet has any objections or any other interested person make those objections to the PPC, in all of it the PPC is the final arbiter.” According to the leader of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan, in addition to the 21 days “we are also giving them authority to be a complainant against what the National Tender Board has awarded or to the person of

corporate entity that might have won the award, but the complainant must go to the Procurement Commission. So similarly, if a bidder is vexed about Mr. X winning, that bidder can go the Procurement Commission. The public entity that didn’t like the bidder that won as was ordered by the National Tender Board can now go to the Procurement Commission. It is a give and take we are trying to work out, a compromise to satisfy all.” Ramjattan said that what Cabinet wanted however is that it must even have a no objection against the Procurement Commission. “That is not something that we are going to negotiate away. The Procurement Commission shall lie at the apex of the hierarchy. Cabinet, if it feels vexed about a certain award going to a certain person or corporate entity, can complain to the Procurement Commission and whatever decision the commission makes is binding.” He said that the Court is available should anyone not be satisfied with the decision of the PPC. The party outlined that given the attention that has been placed on the establishment of the Procurement Commission Government must have given thought to who would be their nominees to staff the PPC. As such the AFC said it is calling for the submission with haste of the names of those person whom the government shortlisted so the Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament can begin its work to identify the five most suitable candidates from among all the nominees submitted by the political parties and civil society.

Thursday February 20, 2014

Kaieteur News

Letters... Where your views make the news

How can I avoid this kind of executive lawlessness and persecution? DEAR EDITOR, I am a retiree, and a remigrant living at Den Amstel Village, West Coast Demerara. Since I returned to Guyana on July 19, 2013, I have been experiencing a whole heap of situations which are not surprising, because I was warned of the unprecedented levels of corruption and executive lawlessness which was commonplace in this society. This sort of activity is present at the highest government departments and people seem to have accepted that they can do nothing to restrain these miscreants. Fear of persecution by these ‘officials’ or even losing one’s life is a distinct possibility. My first taste of this was when I applied for remigrant status. I submitted a list of items for duty-free concessions. The list included a Grand Cherokee Jeep and a boat. I was granted remigrant status but was told by the person acting in the capacity of remigration officer that the Minister had decided that I could not be granted duty-free concessions for the Jeep because I had not registered and insured the vehicle in The Bahamas. She claimed that this was indicated to me in the list of required documents which the Ministry had published. I pointed out to her that in my opinion this was not so. In the letter that granted me remigrant status, there was nothing that stated the reason for the Minister’s action. The list of items that was approved did not list the Grand Cherokee Jeep. I have had to take legal action over this issue. My second issue was over a workshop folding crane which was shipped to Guyana by Tropical Shipping. When I arrived in Guyana on July 19, 2013, I visited the GNIC wharf and was sure that I saw this item in the warehouse. However when I turned up to clear the item, I was told

that the folding crane had not arrived..Subsequently, I had to claim compensation for this. The money granted could not enable me to repurchase and ship to Guyana.. My third problem was when I found out that there was no collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Finance even though these were supposed to implement the Government’s policy on Remigration. The Guyana Revenue Authority has claimed that they have their own rules, and statements made by the Ministry of Foreign in relation to advice to remigrants is Foreign Affairs’ ‘own business’. My fourth issue that again exposed the executive lawlessness was when I applied for permission to the Commissioner-General to reexport my Jeep. I was told that I would be informed when the approval was granted. In fact, I ‘would receive a call’. This never happened. Six weeks later, during one of my visits to GRA, I paid a call to the commissioner’s office and was taken to an officer, who informed me that permisson had been granted. I then had to inform the office that I was forced to change plans because of the long delay of

the reply. The latest issue is one which involves the GT&T. I paid my internet bill on Monday January 3, 2014, at the Fellowship Post Office, the day it was due. I called 0488 and submitted the receipt number and amount paid. I was told that the information would be passed on to the relevant personnel. To my surprise, on Wednesday February 5, 2014, my internet connection was disconnected. At about 8.30 am. I got an apology from the secretary of the Director of Customer Services, and was told that the service would be restored by 11 o’clock. I enquired why it was that I had to endure this situation. I suggested that GT&T could make it much simpler for persons (customers) to make payment, by setting up a ‘secure website’ with all the information of their accounts on line. This would do much to improve their revenue collection and get rid of possible avenues for corruption. I have done so on several occasions, but to no avail. My internet connection was restored at 10:48 am, over two hours later. The only redeeming factor was that I did not have to wait until 11:00 am. George Isaac Jordan

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Jagdeo/Kissoon libel case

Hughes to apply for amendments to defence case Oral submissions could not have been made to support the defence intent to amend their case in the Jagdeo/Kissoon libel case. As a result, Attorney-at-law Nigel Hughes who is representing Kissoon in the matter is scheduled to apply by summons; with an affidavit to include the amendments that the he is seeking to make. Yesterday’s hearing at the High Court was scheduled for the plaintiff’s side and the defence to argue whether they (defense) should be allowed to amend their case given the stage of the matter which has been ongoing for little over three years. The plaintiff legal team is headed by Senior Counsel Bernard De Santos and includes, Sase Gunraj. When the matter convened, it was notified that the procedure towards applying for the amendments would have to see Hughes making his application. Hughes will therefore make that application within seven days and the plaintiff side will submit an affidavit in answer within another seven days and return to court in March 6 for the commencement of arguments. Former President Baharrat Jagdeo is suing Kaieteur News columnist Fredrick Kissoon, Kaieteur News Editor-in-chief Adam Harris and Publisher Glenn Lall for over $10M after claiming libel in one of Kissoon’s articles which described the former head of state of practising “ideological racism.” Based on the evidence that the latest witness for the defence was giving, the issue of justification was raised. Senior Counsel De Santos felt that the defence was making statements that they were unable to back up. He said

Kaieteur News columnist Fredrick Kissoon

Former president Bharrat Jagdeo

that there are no particulars of general assertions which provided the defence with the right to lead c e r t a i n evidence in the matter. He said that the defence is not only tasked with proving the allegations made against Jagdeo, but they must also justify it. Hughes said to the court that the defence was tasked with proving the statements being made against the former president, and that was being done based on the research which was conducted by the defendant and the evidence given by the witnesses. He stated also that the defense’s case is a plea of justification, and in doing so, witnesses are being called to speak on the areas of public/social services where “ideological racism” was practiced. He in turn is seeking to amend his case to specifically deal with the issue of justification which is being peddled by the plaintiff side. De Santos has however acknowledged that although the law allows that amendments could be made at any stage of a case, he believes that the court should use its discretion in allowing

that to happen since he (De Santos) feels that it will be prejudicial to the plaintiff since they have already closed their case. De Santos is adamant that Hughes should have known to show justification and should have made that application some three years ago when the matter was in its earlier stage. Hughes continues to insist that his amendments will be introducing nothing new, but will only seek to fortify the defense’s case since the matter that is in the fore was already asked of by the plaintiff ’s principle witness Dr. Roger Luncheon, who was at the time answering questions pertaining to the different areas where Kissoon alleged that the former president practiced “ideological racism.” Kissoon claims that he made those statements against Jagdeo following research findings which were placed in a report. Kissoon is alleging that the former president practiced “ideological racism” by suppressing institutions, activities, and the professional mobility of AfroGuyanese among other areas.

genuine, given that their mission of ensuring press freedom remains an inviolable right of the people of Trinidad and Tobago, they will remove this restrictive legislation” Trinidad Express - The Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago (MATT) yesterday issued a statement in response to the passage of amendments to the Defamation and Libel Act, in the Senate on Tuesday, without the repeal of the contentious Section 8, which allows for a journalist to be convicted and sent to prison. The following is the

Association of Trinidad and Tobago (MATT) is disappointed that the amendments to the Defamation and Libel Act 2013 that excluded the repeal of Section 8 of the Act have been passed in the Senate. Section 8 of the Act, which states, “If any person maliciously publishes any defamatory libel, knowing the same to be false, he is liable on conviction to imprisonment for two years and to pay such fine as the court directs,” has not been repealed. Sections 9, which has been repealed, states, “If

publishes any defamatory libel, upon conviction thereof he is liable to pay a fine and to imprisonment for one year.” MATT is of the view that the passage of these amendments without the repeal of Section 8 has the potential to limit press freedom, as journalists will still face the threat of imprisonment. This is counter intuitive to the government’s claim that it intends to decriminalise defamation and libel. The population has recourse through the civil courts if they feel their reputation has been besmirched.

Thursday February 20, 2014

Husband beats doctor in head with hammer, drinks poison An ongoing family dispute between a pharmacy assistant and his Cuban wife, who is a doctor, has rendered them both as patients at the New Amsterdam Hospital where they once worked. T h e f e m a l e d o c t o r, I l i a n a Yu r u t i a P a i r o l Yearwood, has been living in Guyana for some time. She once worked at the New Amsterdam Hospital and was attached to the Eureka Labs and the New Amsterdam Prisons. She had her head bashed in with a hammer b y h e r h u s b a n d , Vi c t o r Ye a r w o o d, a pharmacy assistant attached to the New Amsterdam hospital. The man later attempted to commit suicide by consuming a poisonous substance and was rushed to the hospital. According to reports the

couple has been having domestic problems for some time now. Their feud was previously before a Magistrate after they had a misunderstanding at their home at Savannah Park, New Amsterdam. Things came to a head yesterday morning when the doctor found out some secrets about her husband. The dispute escalated and the man allegedly took a hammer and started beating the woman in her head and about her body. Her screams and hasty exit from the house attracted neighbours who hurried to her rescue. According to reports the woman started to slip in and out of consciousness and was rushed to the New Amsterdam hospital where she was admitted to the

Intensive Care Unit. Yearwood in the meantime reportedly started to cry out that he was losing it (was mad) and fled the house. The matter was reported to the Central Police station and the police went in search of the man. He was later found on Republic Road in a semiconscious state after he reportedly consumed a dose of poison. He was also rushed to the New Amsterdam hospital and remained warded. Yearwood was before the court charged with using threatening language a g a i n s t I l i a n a Yu r u t i a Pairol-Yearwood last year. They had appeared before Magistrate Sherdel Isaacs-Marcus who had ordered that they seek counseling.

Repeat offender remanded for pedestrian’s death A mason of Yarrowkabra, Soesdyke/Linden Highway, East Bank Demerara who is being held accountable for causing the death of two persons whilst using the road ways, was yesterday remanded to prison after he was indicted for the crime. F l o y d A r c h e r, 3 9 , pleaded not guilty to the charge of causing death by dangerous driving which was read to him by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. It is alleged that he, on July 10, last year, drove in a manner dangerous to the public at One Mile Public Road, Linden, while piloting motor car PPP9053 and causing the death of Stanley Singh. Archer pleaded not guilty to the charge and submitted a bail application through his

lawyer, Clyde Forde. State Prosecutor, Inspector Michael Grant, explained that about 19:25 hours that night, Archer was driving west along the public road at a fast rate and in an attempt to overtake another vehicle, collided with the victim who was at the time walking on the northern side of the road. Singh was picked up and taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Inspector Grant offered objections to bail stating that Archer was only captured on Sunday last when he was taken into custody for causing the death of another man. He indicated that charges for that are likely to be laid soon. The Prosecutor said too that the serious nature and prevalence of the offence too

are sufficient grounds for the accused to be ordered held. Forde, however, beseeched the court to offer his client bail. He stated that the deceased is a known alcoholic who was spotted imbibing earlier on the day he met his demise and added that the post mortem examination revealed that Singh had alcohol in his system at the time of his death. The lawyer said his client was placed on $100,000 station bail and is willing to subject to any conditions deemed necessary by the court. He stated that his client does not have travel documents and has since made himself available to the police. However, his objections were overruled by the Magistrate who ordered Archer held. The case was adjourned to February 28.

MATT - Jail threat for journalists Barbados wants speedy conclusion can limit press freedom of air services agreement with China ...”If lawmakers are statement - The Media any person maliciously BRIDGETOWN, Barbados - CMC – The Barbados government says it wants a speedy conclusion for an air service agreement with China as it hopes to lure visitors and investors from that Asian country. A government statement providing details of a meeting b e t w e e n t h e i s l a n d ’s Ambassador -Designate to the People’s Republic of C h i n a , D r. C h e l s t o n Brathwaite, quoted Prime Minister Stuart as saying that Barbados was in the

development phase of its relationship with China and it was now necessary to familiarise the Chinese with this country in an effort to attract Chinese tourists and business people to these shores. Stuart acknowledged that the local economy had become structurally integrated into the economies of the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, insisted that there was a need to look in new directions and identified China and Latin America as

two of the new paths to be followed. For his part, Brathwaite, who left here on Sunday to take up his appointment in Beijing, noted that tourism, trade and busines s w e r e key areas of interest, noting that 83 million Chinese tourists travelled a n n u a l l y, spending an estimated US$102 billion. The statement gave no indication when or if negotiations for an air s e r v i ce agreement between the two countries had started.

Thursday February 20, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 9

REMEDIES ARE AVAILABLE The right to peaceful protest is a constitutionally protected right. Every group has a right to protest and can opt to time protests to coincide with a special event taking place to allow for greater publicity of their cause. This week a number of organizations joined by individuals staged a protest over the sentencing of an Amerindian teen who was sent to prison for sixty months for violence against a child. The protest coincided with the staging in Guyana of special sittings of the Caribbean Court of Justice. Since these sittings are attracting public attention, the protests would have benefited from the publicity afforded to this event. The Caribbean Court of Justice is the country’s highest court. It has appeals from decisions of our Court of Appeal and may grant

leave to individuals to appeal their case in front of the judges of the CCJ. It was worrying to read a headline in yesterday’s Kaieteur News about the CCJ overturning a decision of our High Court. This is far from accurate but the intention of that headline cannot be missed. It is a comment about the infallibility of local judges. The protesters outside Guyana’s International Convention Centre where the sittings were being held were making a similar point. Their point was while they abhor the violence that was meted out to a child by her babysitter; they felt that the sentence was far too harsh. The protestors have also expressed incidental concerns such as about the swiftness with which the police charged the teenager and the rapid manner in which the case was determined. In respect to the

Dem boys seh...

Is sheer madness in de place People these days does warn people bout knocking other people children. Dem same people does also warn people to be careful bout who dem tekking in dem house. Well, somebody knock somebody child and some people tek in a woman fuh wuk fuh dem. De result is one big story that got de whole country talking. De woman who knock de people child get a licking from de child mother. De father stand up and mek he wife beat de woman because he claim that if he did put he hand pun de woman he woulda break she neck. Now de woman who bring a stranger in she house got problems. She is de one who child get beat up and she is de lady who beat de woman who beat she child. Is here de trouble start. De woman got to tell de police if she beat de person who beat she child. Of course de woman who child get beat got friends in high places. One of she friends jail de other woman fuh five years and cause uproar. De woman who get beat didn’t have money fuh pay lawyer, now she got more lawyer than she can handle. Dem got other people beating people. In town was a lawyer and a magistrate beating people; in Berbice was a pharmacist beating a doctor. Something happen between de pharmacist who is a man, and de doctor who is he wife. He get vex and decide that he gun be a carpenter. He tek a hammer and beat she in she head. Dem boys seh that is a good thing he didn’t use nail. But he couldn’t face de music after he play Robeson pun he wife. He drink poison. He still alive but people don’t know wha he stomach going through. And fuh de records, Ganga get a wuk wid de Ministry of Health. He and Donald quarrel and he tell Donald that he ain’t going back to Parliament. It got to be that Donald is a good man because he ain’t stop Ganga from wukking wid de government. Talk half and watch de madness

speed of the trial, it should be noted that the babysitter did plead guilty and therefore there was hardly any impediment towards sentencing. The protests of course will not solve a thing. They will not reduce the sentence of the young lady. There is however in our system of jurisprudence a system of appeals to higher courts. The protesters have made their point about the harshness of the sentence and now it is time to ensure the babysitter gets justice. The correct way to achieve this is by filing an appeal against the sentence. It is understood that some lawyers have agreed to do this pro- bono. This is extremely commendable on the part of these lawyers. Since then, however, there have been counter charges made about abuse suffered by the babysitter while working for the parents of the child. There were also allegations that violence was

meted out during the police investigation and a blind eye was turned. These are allegations which should be investigated by the Police Complaints Authority and if found to be untrue then charges for malicious conduct should be filed. There are other issues which may be examined including the conditions of work of the babysitter and whether full benefits were paid, taxes and NIS deductions made etc. None of these allegations however can be investigated unless a certain course of action is taken. Protests are not going to trigger an investigation into the charges made about violence meted out to the teenager in the presence of a police officer. An official

complaint has to be made. For each and every allegation there is recourse but to activate these remedies, complaints have to be filed. If a complaint or complaints are not filed, the authorities cannot act. The Courts cannot reduce the sentence unless an appeal is filed. The higher judicial authorities cannot change a decision of a lower court simply on the basis of a protest demonstration and reports in the media. An appeal has to be found and the magistrate in question would have to be

afforded the right to justify the sentence. This is how the system of justice works. And while it may not always work perfect, there are self- correcting mechanisms that can be used to put right any mistakes made. If mechanisms of appeal are utilized more often we will have less tension in our country and less protests too.

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Kaieteur News

Thursday February 20, 2014

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

A supermarket incident and the nonsense judges do in Guyana The things big companies get away with in this Godforsaken hell-hole named Guyana would never be allowed in other countries. And they escape because no one criticizes the judges for some of the barefaced nonsense many of these judges do to poor people. Judges in this country make decisions many of which are based on class prejudice. Last Sunday I shared a forum with Nigel Hughes at Saints Stanislaus College; the topic was the Colwyn Harding brutality issue. The attorney told the packed audience that it makes no sense for poor people to sue the State because the

lawyer’s fee would be more than what the judges will award in compensation. This atrocious state of affairs in the judiciary in Guyana is as old as Planet Earth. And no one denounces it either out of fear that one day they will have to appear in front of the named magistrate or judge. In such a circumstance, you can ask for the officer to recuse him/ herself. For example, I have been acerbically critical of magistrates Clive Nurse and Sueanna Lovell, and Chief Justice (ag) Ian Chang. Justice Chang contacted the newspaper for a retraction of a part of my column on him. It

is left up to me and me alone to decide whether I will get a fair trial from these three officers. It is my right to publicize a fear I have. My lawyer can advise me against raising the issue. I can lose the application to have the officer be recused but I will express the fear I have. The second reason why citizens are afraid to criticize judicial decisions is because the tradition has been that this area of life in the functionalism of Guyana is off limits. So people out of respect do not want to be seen adversely commenting on what a judge or magistrate does. But trust me, they are quite a number of judges and

magistrates whose learning can be questioned and whose decisions should be debated. I do not know about the merits and demerits of Justice Insanally’s ruling in favour of a gold miner over an Amerindian village. But what I certainly welcomed was the large torchlight the Guyana Human Rights Association put the judgement under, using trenchant comments to show the organization’s disagreement with the ruling. It helps democracy and it checks the excesses of judicial officers when citizens speak out on court decisions that they find either too harsh, bordering on the abuse of the law or inherently flawed. It

also deters magistrates and judges from being recklessly irresponsible. And believe me I have seen exasperatingly questionable decisions from the judiciary that damage even further the corrugated image of this lost nation. Back to attorney, Hughes. If as Mr. Hughes contends that poor people are at a disadvantage because they have to pay lawyers only to find out that the courts awarded them a sum lower that what their legal fees were, then it can be safely concluded that the poor are without entitlement, a term beautifully expounded on by the 21 st century leading philosopher and Nobel Laureate, Amartya Sen. Sen is the successor to the great John Rawls and has penned one of the best books ever written on justice since Plato’s “The Republic” two thousand years ago. “The Idea of Justice,” (Harvard Univ. Press, Boston, 2009) is a book that will captivate you from opening chapter one until the last page. I suggest the Chancellor makes it required reading for all magistrates and judges. The people of Guyana should demand that Clement Rohee and the Commissioner of Police read it. I am willing

Frederick Kissoon to lend it to all the judges and magistrates and Minister Rohee and Commissioner Brumell. So will the poor shopper get justice from the supermarket that stripped her in front of a house of shoppers only to find she did steal not even a banana as carried in a letter in the Stabroek News this week? No, she will not get justice. First the supermarket owner will say, “Not us, is the guard did that.” This is dishonest because under contract law, the guard was operating as an employee of the supermarket. Secondly, which judge, looking at that woman, her sartorial paraphernalia, and her station in life will go beyond $100,000? Thirdly, which judge will go against the particular family that owns that the supermarket? Justice in Guyana is like spoilt milk – it damages your stomach and makes you vomit.

Thursday February 20, 2014

Kaieteur News

Justice Sukul Debacle…

Page 11

Public Accounts Committee Meetings…

JSC never approached House Govt. /Opposition blazes Finance to consult on appointments Secretary over weak systems …ready, willing and able to do its duty when required -Trotman This past week, Attorneyat-Law, Christopher Ram, in chiding the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) over the nomination of now disbarred, Appellate Court Judge, Rabi Sukul, noted that there should have been consultations with the National Assembly, as it relates to specific appointments on the Commission. Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman yesterday announced that ever since the requirement was made into law, “there has been no request made of the National Assembly to identify candidates for the Judicial Service Commission.” Ram, in his outlet, wrote that the Constitution provides for the President to appoint judges, other than the Chancellor and the Chief Justice, on the advice of the JSC. It provides for the JSC to comprise not less than five and not more than six persons made up of three ex officio members – the Chancellor as Chairman, the Chief Justice and the Chairman of the Public Service Commission – and not less than two, or more than three persons appointed by the President. Of the appointed members, one must either hold or had held the position of a judge and is appointed after consultation with the Leader of the Opposition, while the other one or two must be nonpractising attorneys-at-law, chosen by the National Assembly after consultation with legal professional bodies. Ram charged further that the Speaker of the House which has always been an attorney-at-law, seemed never to have been aware of his duty to consult and make

Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman recommendations to the President. “This reflects poorly not only on Mr. Raphael Trotman, the Speaker of the National Assembly but also on the Chancellor (ag.) Honourable Carl Singh, CCH as the JSC’s chairman.” Trotman yesterday responded to Ram and said that though taken to be well-intentioned, his statement raised some issues that require clarification. He firstly noted that it is to be stated and understood that there is no involvement of the Speaker of the National Assembly in the process of making the appointments. He noted that the Constitution, at Article 198 (b), requires the National Assembly to “meaningfully” consult bodies that appear to represent Attorneys-at-Law and signify its choice to the President. Once the process is completed, the Clerk of the National Assembly communicates the decisions

of the National Assembly to His Excellency, the President. Trotman said that the usual manner in which the National Assembly makes recommendations of this nature is that it responds when requests are made of it by the appropriate body, on occasions when vacancies arise. Since the introduction of Article 119C, as part of the constitutional reforms of 2001, “there has been no request made of the National Assembly to identify candidates for the JSC; nevertheless the National Assembly is ready, willing and able to do its duty when required.” He explained that the process of consultations and nominations is done by the Committee on Appointments of the National Assembly. This Committee is a bipartisan Standing Committee that is established by Article 119C of the Constitution and Standing Order 84, and has a specific responsibility for: “...initiating or otherwise taking such actions or addressing such matters as may be entrusted to the Committee by the National Assembly in respect of functions required to be discharged by the National Assembly under the Constitution in relation to the appointment of a member for a Committee established under the Constitution.” The Committee reports to the National Assembly, and the National Assembly, once satisfied, adopts the report of the Committee. At present, the Committee is working assiduously to fulfill its mandate of identifying the members of the various constitutional Commissions that have requested that these be identified.

By Kiana Wilburg The by-products of weak financial systems at the Finance Ministry have become an unbearable hindrance during the meetings of the Public Accounts Committee. And this has now caused the person solely responsible for this state of affairs, Finance Secretary, Neermal Rekha to face the wrath of the members of the body. Rekha was spoken to on several occasions for his failure to improve the deteriorating systems. At the meeting on Thursday last at the National Assembly, both sides of the House were extremely critical of him. The issue became a matter of grave concern during deliberations over the attitude towards the misappropriation of bail money by police officers which also came in for a whipping by the meticulous PAC members. Most apparent was the Committee’s disappointment when they found out that officers who use the bail money for their own purposes face no form of punishment. This irregularity was a part of the Auditor General’s 2011 report on the Ministry of Home Affairs. The PAC members had expressed concern about this issue when they had examined the 2009 and 2010 reports. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Balram Persaud had explained to the Committee that officers face the possibility of losing their jobs or even criminal charges if they are found guilty of committing such a dishonorable act by the Office of Professional

Carl Greenidge, Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee Responsibility. No officer to date has faced any sanctions. PAC Member, Ms. Bibi Shaddick passionately voiced her concern about this pattern and stated that stronger penalties must be enforced to send a stern message to members of the police force that such actions will not be tolerated. Though Persaud informed the meeting that the incident had not recurred and gave the assurance that there would be continuous scrutiny to ensure that it remains that way Chairman of the PAC, Carl Greenidge stated that the problem was just part “of a bigger picture.” The Ministry was chided for a number of other discrepancies which were also found with other agencies. “It is a most ridiculous thing when not only the Ministry of Home

Affairs, but other agencies across the board have to be brought to the PAC level to sort out issues that are simply accounting matters… sometimes even definitional. They are not supposed to be before us and should have been sorted out by the Accountant General and the Financial Secretary’s Departments in consultations with the agencies in question.” The PAC Chairman added that what the Committee found in a number of agencies experiencing discrepancies with money is that the correct procedures were not followed. As a consequence, pensioners or other innocent victims are unable to obtain repayment. “Once those procedures are followed, losses can be written off where it is clear that the loss is real and culprits have been pursued etc, but the Financial Secretary seems unable to sort this process out. In cases such as these, it is it is usually necessary to satisfy the Ministry of Finance that all steps have been taken to track down the money and to prosecute where that is appropriate. The next move is to write off the loss and to ensure that funds are provided for those persons who through no fault of theirs get the money due to them. This should be done in a defined manner which ends with the Financial Secretary recommending to Cabinet that a loss be written (Continued on page 24)

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Kaieteur News

Thursday February 20, 2014

Guyana closer to becoming a narco state - Granger Leader of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Brig. David Granger has said that “Guyana is now closer than it has ever been to becoming a narco state” based on the revelations of Guyana’s narcotic linkages and the government’s inability to enforce drug trafficking measures. The retired Brigadier who is experienced within the realm of National Security said that from 1999 to 2012 there have been a series of security reform initiatives promulgated by the current administration which have amounted to no significant change within the security sector. According to Granger, “For 15 years the government of Guyana has been receiving plans, reports and recommendations from the British. The country has even

come up with its own plans. “I have participated in at least three of them, as a member of the border and National Security committee, a member of the Disciplined Forces Commission and I was a member of National Security Strategy Organizing Committee.” The Opposition Leader said that the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/ C) has never fully implemented its own National Drug strategy Master Plan. He said that APNU has the plans; the party knows what to do and is “sincere about uprooting narco trafficking.” According to Granger, Guyanese drug traffickers are not linked to a few Koreans in Barbados or St. Maarten, but to the Italian Mafia. “That is where our drug trade takes us now, a murderous Mafia

and I really shudder to think what would happen if we had murderous Mafiosi coming into this country, trying to enforce narco trafficking. It is there in the papers and from the British and American papers; it is well known” said Granger. Granger implored that no inroads are being made into the drug fight. Only the pushers and dealers are jailed while the kingpins still continue. “We catch a few girls with a couple of grams in her brassiere and we put her in New Amsterdam prison for three years, but the people who are taking drugs out by the ton never get caught. “The people who are building airstrips and receiving cocaine by the ton are not being caught and this cocaine is finding its way into Mozambique, into Ghana, into Malaysia, into Italy and all around the world” he said. He said that APNU’s “Master” plan is to bring narco trafficking eventually to

an end, since he posits that “narco trafficking is the mother of all crimes; it encourages gun running because guns have to come in to protect the crime as happened between 2000 and 2008 with Mr. Shaheed Khan. “It is linked to money laundering because when people get these use amounts of money it has to be laundered, so that is why we are so concerned with the AML Bill because we know that although the government has had AML legislation for 14 years, they have not brought a single prosecution.” The Opposition leader speaking on how APNU intends to fight the drug trade posited that his coalition plans primarily to enforce the very acts including the National Drug Strategy Master Plan which is now on the table and well as strengthening the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to “cut of the head of criminality” and bring narco trafficking to an end. According to Granger at

the top of the list is strengthening the Guyana Police Force (GPF), he said that before emphasis is placed on community and neighbourhood policing the GPF should be retrained, reequipped and reorganized. “Police have to be better paid and they have to be retrained, that is the most important thing, having a good police force… the important thing is to ensure that you have an efficient police force, well paid well trained and committed to performing their duties.” He said that there is a high level of demoralization because of political interference in the internal operations of the GPF, which he posits reduces the effectiveness of the force. “Look at what happened in the Corentyne Coast; there was no evidence that those policemen were involved in illegalities, yet they were scattered all around the country. “It turns out now that there were local gangs operating in that area but because of the Minister’s intrusive behaviour innocent police men have now been stigmatized by being

Leader of the APNU David Granger transferred.” “Unless you deal with the police force you cannot deal with things like murder, banditry, piracy all of these other crimes and traffic accidents can only be brought under control by an efficient police force, if you have a Criminal Investigation Department (CID) that is weak, if you have traffic police that are weak or venal, they are taking bribes you can’t stamp out crime… at any level whether it’s domestic violence or narco trafficking,” said Granger.

Chancellor Meets Red Thread Delegation on the Fatima Martin Case Chancellor of the Judiciary, Justice Carl Singh, yesterday afternoon met with a two-person delegation on the case of a teenage Amerindian babysitter jailed by Magistrate Sueanna Lovell for assaulting the child of Magistrate Geeta Chandan and her attorney husband, Joel Edmons. Representing Fatima Martin were social activist and newspaper columnist, Freddie Kissoon and Joy Marcus of the women rights group, Red Thread. They were part of a picket-protest outside the Court of Appeal and requested to meet with the Chancellor. Justice Singh agreed to see them. The delegation informed the Chancellor that it was concerned that the police investigation and the conclusion of the court case took a mere two days. On the question of whether the sentence should have been the full penalty in the light that the accused did not waste the court’s time and pleaded guilty, the Chancellor said that it is the convention in the judicial system that in such circumstances the courts are normally reasonable and do not assign the maximum penalty. However, Justice Singh

that he cannot reduce the sentence because that is outside his legal remit and only can be secured through the appellate process. He informed Mr. Kissoon and Ms. Marcus that he would order an investigation into the entire affair and that he would be writing as a matter of urgency, the Commissioner of Police to ascertain the claim of the accused that she was beaten by Magistrate Chandan. The Chancellor said that he just knows what he read about the beating and would ask the Commissioner to investigate since Ms. Martin said she was assaulted in front of two police ranks, one being a senior officer. He assured the delegation that if the police investigation reveals that a Magistrate struck an accused person then a hearing will have to be done into the affair. Kissoon and Marcus subsequently informed the press that the next stage is the request to have Magistrate Lovell and Chandan be removed from the bench. To this end, a daily picket is planned outside the Sparendaam court where Ms. Lovell is presiding. The picket begins today at 10.00 am.

Thursday February 20, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 21

31 rice farmers paid Guyana, EU meet in ongoing trade talks money owed since 2010 Almost 31 rice farmers, who were owed by two Rice Millers, Arnold Sankar and Mahaicony Rice Mills since 2010, received some 90 percent of monies owed to them after an intervention by the Rice Producers Association, Wednesday. The Rice Producers Association had opted to take the two above mentioned Rice Millers to court. The farmers received some $13M which the RPA secured as a loan to offset payments to those farmers. Harvesting has commenced in various areas on the Essequibo Coast but a fixed price for paddy is still unknown due to the uncertainty of the Venezuela market. General Secretary of the Rice Producers Association, Dharamkumar Seeraj said that the contract between

Venezuela and Guyana has not yet been signed due to the problems that continue to prevail in the Spanishspeaking country. He said that Venezuela is likely to purchase 60 per cent of Guyana’s production. Seeraj said that currently his organization is seeking alternative markets in the Caribbean and further Europe. At presently some 122 tons of rice still remain in the system and Seeraj laments that unless that rice is gotten rid of, problems will exist with accommodation and alternate backlog of additional paddies to be filtered back into the system. Meetings with bankers and millers to alleviate and address the major problems of money being owed to rice farmers will be an ongoing process, Seeraj stressed.

Region Two finalises Mash plans The Region Two Administration, which also shoulders the responsibility for organizing plans for Mashramani, is into the final set of planning for the upcoming activities. Activities will commence with the annual flag raising ceremony on February 22, at the Anna Regina Community Centre Ground. Ten floats are earmarked to take to the streets this year. Region Two Chairman, Parmanand Persaud, declared that plans are consistent, especially in areas pertaining to security with involvement of both the Police and Army Officers, w h o are already on the grounds, traffic and provision

for vendors who would be vying for spots. Persaud explained that this year, Banks DIH and DDL have already pledged their support in the form of monetary donations to the event. The Golden Arrowhead will be hoisted at midnight after a packed cultural presentation, which would include songs, drama, poetry and dances. Tomorrow, there will be the judging of the decorative buildings. On Mash Day floats will take off from Three Friends on the Essequibo Coast and end at the Anna Regina Community center. The event is scheduled to start at 9:30AM.

Guyana’s top trade officials and representatives of the EU meeting yesterday. Key talks to advance trade and bilateral relations between Guyana and the European Union (EU) took place yesterday with the two committing to further dialogue in a year’s time. The EU has been a key trading partner with Guyana— rice, sugar and timber being the commodities exported locally. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday, during a meeting at its South Road offices, the two “engaged in constructive, wideranging and frank discussions on bilateral, regional and international issues of mutual concern. Discussions included political and economic developments in Guyana and the EU; EU-Guyana and regional development cooperation; human rights and governance; security, climate change, and regional integration.” The objectives of the dialogue are to exchange information to foster mutual understanding and to facilitate the establishment of agreed priorities and shared agendas, in particular by recognising the existing links between the different aspects

of the relations between the parties and the various areas of cooperation as laid down in the Cotonou Agreement. The Cotonou Agreement is a treaty between the European Union and the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP countries). It was signed in June 2000 in Cotonou, the largest city in Benin, by 79 ACP countries and the then 15 member states of the European Union. It entered into force in 2003 and was subsequently revised in 2005 and 2010. The Cotonou Agreement is aimed at the reduction and eventual eradication of poverty while contributing to sustainable development and to the gradual integration of ACP countries into the world economy. The revised Cotonou Agreement is also concerned with the fight against impunity and promotion of criminal justice through the International Criminal Court. According to the

Ministry, the previous rounds of political dialogue, under the agreement, took place in 2009 and 2010. The Guyanese delegation was headed by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett, and included Director General, Elisabeth Harper; Director Department of the Americas, Ambassador Audrey Waddell; Director, (Ag) Multilateral and Global Affairs Department Deborah Yaw; Director, Department of Foreign Trade, Rajdai Jaggernauth; Chief of Protocol; Esther Griffith and Acting Head of the Frontiers Department, Donnette Streete. The EU side was headed by Ambassador Robert Kopecký, Head of the EU Delegation, and included British High Commissioner Andrew Ayre; Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Stefan Schlueter, and Beatriz Lorenzo Didic, Chargée d’Affaires a.i. at the Embassy of Spain, who are

both resident in Trinidad and Tobago; and Carolle Lucas, Chargé d’Affaires the Embassy of the France and Floor Nuiten, Political Counsellor at the Embassy of the Netherlands, both resident in Suriname. The Head of the Political Section in the EU Delegation to Guyana, Derek Lambe, also participated.

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Thursday February 20, 2014






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Thursday February 20, 2014

Kaieteur News

City driver granted bail for causing death of motorist Bail was yesterday set to the tune of $300,000 for a city driver who was brought before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry to be indicted for causing the death of a motorist on the East Bank Public Road last October. Renson Allen, 57, of Lot 651 East Ruimveldt, Georgetown yesterday appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court and was charged with causing the death of Stefan Bastian in October last year. On October 6, last, he allegedly drove in a manner dangerous to the public on the Agricola Public Road, East Bank Demerara, while piloting motor car PRR105 thereby causing the death of Stefan Bastian. Allen pleaded not guilty to the charge and submitted a bail application through his lawyer, Mark Waldron. State Prosecutor, Inspector Michael Grant, explained that about 19:45 hours that day, Allen was driving the car toward the public road whilst the victim, a motorist at that time, was proceeding south when they collided as a result of the accused failing to observe the traffic lights. Bastian who fell flat on the road’s surface was picked up and taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Waldron who is representing the accused along with Attorney-at-Law Mark Waldron began his application by stating that he was instructed that the victim’s father had spoken to the Prosecutor and that he “strongly believes that the

family does not want to proceed with the matter.” He presented an agreement to the Chief Magistrate and was instructed that the file will be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice. Inspector Michael Grant told the court however that he was in no position to make such a decision. The Chief Magistrate however instructed that cause of death by dangerous driving charges are matters of public concern and in that light, the matter will be heard pending advice. Waldron continued his application, stating that his client had presented himself to the court voluntarily despite being placed on $40,000 station bail. Allen has a passport and bail was thereby offered on the condition that he lodges it. The matter was transferred to the Providence Magistrate’s Court where it will engage the attention of Magistrate Leron Daly on March 7. FOR SALE/ RENT For Sale/ Rent: One Taxi Service with complete base station radio, frequency, lighted sign board etc. Call: 619-2800

PEN PAL Female Seeks male, 40yrs and up – Call 672-0551

SERVICES PLANNING AN EVENT? BIRTHDAY PARTY, GRADUATION, WEDDINGS, ANNIVERSARY, ETC. – CALL DIAMOND TENTS: 216-1043; 677-6620 Repairs, sales & spares air conditioning, microwaves, washer, fridges & stoves. Ultra Cool, call: 225-9032,647-2943 Repairs to Fridge, Freezer, AC, Washers, Stoves: Call 683-1312,627-3206 (Nick) Foreign Investment Company seeking interested investors with timber concession for business. Available equipment. For information call:682-2391 COOL TECH: Repairs Services & Installation of all types of home appliances: Air Condition & Refrigeration units – Tel: 2332008; 675-4959

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CAMP STREET, Prime Business Space Call: 6394499 GT TOOLS RENTAL: TEL: 675-0767; 627-5098

TO LET Fully furnished Vacation home with all amenitiesCall during working hours - 227-1218

2 Business Stall @ Port Kaituma Market – Tel:6187983; 684-6428

Furnished Apartments for Overseas Visitors – Contact: 668-5198

Newly Constructed apartment WCD - Call: 698-6496

Aracari Hotel. West Bank Demerara Rates from US$30 Tel: 264-2946-8

1 Newly renovated house @ Eccles Front. 3 Bedrooms upstairs - $90,000 & 2 bedrooms downstairs $80,000, separate entrance & parking – Tel:268-2121 5 Acre Land with house to lease $95,000 for month – Call:261-2988

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Property for rent located at 32 Old Road Vreed- En- Hoop WCD. For further information contact:661-0162

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Church to rent @ 180 Charlotte Street Bourda – Tel:226-5183; 227-4406

Transportation services available in and out of Georgetown – Tel:646-4501

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WE FILL PASSPORT & VISA FORMS: U.S.A, U.K & CANADA. ALSO ONLINE CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS TEL: 225-9030 Esther a maid seeking to work from 9:00 in morning to 2:00 Tel: 226-0700; 688-6032 We Refill HP cartridges for $1800 call: 650-7699

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Fully Furnished 2 bedrooms apartment in South - 6895877 (Overseas or Visitors) Section K –US$1200, Campbellville-US$1200, Lamaha Gardens – US$1,000, Bel- Air US$1800 Diana 2272256; 626-9382 1 Complete Lumber Factory to rent/ lease with all sawmilling equipment situated @ Eccles, Industrial Site. Call Richard: 609-7675. One bottom flat apartment @ Enmore -$35,000 monthly – Call:677-1495 FOR HIRE Dump Trucks for hire to transport sand, aggregate, etc and bobcat for rental Tel: 694-1657; 261-6664

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1 Land to buy in Linden Preferably Amelia’s Ward– Tel:686-2201 1 Maid to cook & clean, call between 7:30am to 4pm – Tel:225-6272 & 227-5273 Live in waitress must be honest & courteous. Salary $50,000. Boarding & lodging free – Tel:610-5043 Supervisors to work at 704 Bar – Contact:223-5273/4 Attractive live in waitress Tel: 228-5129; 604-8277 General Live in maid, with experienced age 30-50 – Contact: 609-1535; 227-8529 Urgently needed live-in waitress to work in bar, reasonable salary offer – Tel:259-0574 Live in male & female domestic – Tel: 613-6613 One Dragline operator – 613-6613

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1 Female sales person to work in meat outlet in Georgetown – Tel:266-2711; 609-4594 Carpenter/Mason with small family to work on livestock farm on EBD all accommodation provided – Tel:266-2711; 609-4594 Restaurant cooks, bartenders, cleaners, handyman to work in kitty – contact: 223-6284/ 225-9211

1 Welder to work in interior Tel: 664-5199 Sawmill workers – Tel:6539752. Experienced cook for snackette. Must have food handler ’s certificate – Contact: 660-6446; 644-6030 (Winston) One Waitress within West Coast Demerara to Parika – Call:660-1248 Two security guards. Call 225-8645 One cook to work in interior Contact: 681-6044 Contract Cars and hire car drivers to work at Gem’s Taxi Service – Contact:627-9424 Live-in care taker for sawmill @ Yarrowkabra Soesdyke, Linden Highway, family person – Call: 261-2553 for information. Canter Drivers $35,000 Weekly From West Coast Demerara - Tel:684-8231

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Kaieteur News

Thursday February 20, 2014

Mechanics get Port Kaituma Top health officials probing generators up and running expired drugs dumping at Agricola - Power supply returned to normalcy after months

The expired drugs in the compound of the Agricola Health Centre earlier this month.

The two engines that were repaired, (centre) Chrisne David with two others who assisted with the repairs. After a series of power outages that affected residents of Port Kaituma, Region One earlier this month, things have become brighter. The damaged generators were repaired. They had several defects including damaged fuel injectors which resulted in limited supplies of electricity to the community. Port Kaituma had been faced with electricity problems since August last year after a generator was damaged and Port

Kaituma Power and Light was forced to operate on one generator. According to Chrisne David who has been a mechanic for 45 years, he worked along with others to repair both generators since the fuel injectors that were supposed to be purchased for over $2.7M were not delivered. Adding that he serviced several parts of the engine, he said even the pressure pump was rebuilt while some other parts were replaced.

Local cops on verge of cracking... From page 3 some Caribbean nations that lately acquired the same technology, recently sought assistance from Guyana to locate an individual suspected to be hiding here. Kaieteur News was told that the local database is already linked to similar databases in the Caribbean.

The Guyana government acquired the technology through the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI) as part of a US-funded project. According to a December, 2012 statement from the US Embassy, the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative forms an essential part of Hemispheric U.S. security strategy

focused on citizen safety. CBSI brings all members of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), the Dominican Republic, and the United States together to collaborate as partners on regional security. The United States has committed $203 million in funding for the first three years of the initiative.

Govt. /Opposition blazes Finance... From page 12 off.” But Greenidge insists that the Financial Secretary does not do this. Instead he allows agencies to bypass him and go straight to Cabinet. He added that Cabinet approves it and since the Financial Secretary does not have the assurances required by the regulations, the loss will not be written off without his approval and the byproducts fall into the lap of the PAC. “This aspect of the overall system he heads is not in a good state and we have pointed this out time and time again.” Greenidge then stressed the PAC’s disgust with the deteriorating systems as every budget agency has a designated accounting officer- usually the Permanent Secretary- who is responsible for the preparation of financial reporting and the relevant supporting documents of the agency

which are to be scrutinized by the Auditor General to ensure that spending takes place for the purposes approved by the Assembly. He added, “The Accountant General of the Ministry of Finance can also provide support to the agency if requested or where it is recognized that the agency is weak for whatever reason, including staffing or inadequate systems.” He explained as well, that he had made it clear that matters in relation to outstanding benefits; in particular, pensions arising from monies stolen, should be dealt with expeditiously. Members of the PAC had been very critical of the Financial Secretary’s inaction even in some pension cases coming before Committee. They urged him to set out clearly in writing, the steps and verification he requires so that agencies would know what information they need to provide in order for the Government to accept that a

particular loss needs to be written off. “We have again asked him to set those requirements out in writing and to also provide it to the PAC as a matter of urgency.” He was then instructed to ensure with the assistance of the Minister of Finance and Cabinet Secretary that if a request goes to Cabinet without his recommendations attached, it be turned back. Greenidge stressed that Cabinet should act on such matters only on the basis of the advice provided by the Finance Secretary. He also stressed that the lack of proper arrangement has led to much frustration and inordinate delays in giving persons their benefits, including pensions that have been stolen from or otherwise lost by a Ministry. “Some beneficiaries have died before these matters are resolved and such is the result of weak systems.”

Officials of the Ministry of Health were set to start a probe this week on the circumstances that led to a significant quantity of expired drugs reportedly being dumped more than a week ago at the Agricola Health Centre. The incident had seen angry residents assaulting contract workers of the ministry’s Material Management Unit. On Monday, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Leslie Cadogan, said he was asked by Minister Bheri Ramsaran to investigate the incident. Cadogan was at the time appearing before Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee which was examining the 2011 report of the Auditor General. Member of Parliament, Manzoor Nadir, and other members of PAC were interested in the incident, especially as there have been questions over the capacity of the Ministry to handle billions of dollars in drugs it buys for the hospitals

annually. The Permanent Secretary said he and the Chief Medical Officer, Shamdeo Persaud, accompanied by security, were expected to shortly visit the Agricola centre. He refused to comment on what may have transpired. But initial indications are that the expired drugs came from donations. On February 11, Ministry of Health contract workers came under attack from a group of men, some of whom had guns, while dumping boxes of drugs in the compound. Some of the medication, seen by this newspaper, had expired since 2010. When asked, the contract workers reportedly said that they were “only working with instructions from the Ministry of Health, when we finish here, we done… call Bheri (the Minister).” After a few minutes of arguing between the MOH contract workers and the residents, a group of men arrived with their faces

covered with their jerseys; some on bicycles and others on foot. Four of the gang members jumped on the truck and attacked the two workers who were on it. The other two workers stayed in the centre’s compound. At least two of the persons who came, had guns tucked in their pants. Minister Ramsaran had told Kaieteur News that his Ministry had instructed the Director of Regional Health Services (DRHS) to get rid of the drugs in a safe manner. “I was told that the drugs were supposed to be stored in a vacant upper flat at the centre, and it is very bad if they were dumped just like that in front of the centre. The DRHS instructed them to store the drugs in a safe manner, but her good intentions backfired.” He also said that if the Health Ministry had wanted to dump expired drugs then they wouldn’t leave Georgetown to go up the East Bank. He promised to launch an investigation.

CCJ honours first female judge... From page 17 Caribbean Women's Association, a Member and Chair of the Caribbean Steering Committee for Women's Affairs, later established as the Women and Development Unit of UWI. Internationally, she served as both rapporteur (19821984) and Chair (1985-1989) of the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women. Ambassador La Rocque said that Justice Bernard has consistently showed her concern for women across the Region and has worked tirelessly in calling for the cessation of violence against women and for their equal

treatment in all facets of life, be it in their homes, their workplaces and in their marriages or other unions. “Her contribution to the development of jurisprudence in Guyana and the Caribbean was by no means limited by her contributions in the social arena. There are several notable principles of law and procedure clarified in judgments rendered by Mme Justice Bernard in Guyana, which I am sure are well known to the distinguished Members of the Bench and bar present today,” La Rocque said. “Her contribution to the development of Caribbean jurisprudence has continued in the realm of Community Law

as she has sat on the panel for pioneering cases in the Original Jurisdiction of the CCJ, such as Trinidad Cement Limited v the Caribbean Community.” He said that the work of Mme Justice Desiree Bernard has enriched the legal and social fabric of our Community and, for that; we express our most heartfelt gratitude. President of the Guyana Bar Association Ronald Burch-Smith, President of the Guyana Association of women Lawyers Simone Ramlall, along with Justice Stanley Moore, Professor Harold Lutchman, and Tracy Robinson also paid tribute to the retiring jurist, yesterday.

Thursday February 20, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Thursday February 20, 2014

Iran, powers seek to agree basis for final nuclear deal

Six world powers and Iran begin talks in pursuit of a final settlement on Tehran’s contested nuclear program in the coming months, despite caveats from both sides that a breakthrough deal may prove impossible. Mana Rabiee reports. VIENNA (Reuters) - Six world powers and Iran appeared to make some progress at a second day of talks in Vienna yesterday to hammer out an agenda for reaching an ambitious final settlement to the decade-old standoff over Tehran’s nuclear program. The United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany want a long-term agreement on the permissible scope of Iran’s nuclear activities to lay to rest concerns that they could be put to developing atomic bombs. Tehran’s priority is a complete removal of damaging economic sanctions against it. The negotiations will probably extend at least over several months, and could help defuse many years of hostility between energy-exporting Iran and the West, ease the danger of a new war in the Middle East, transform the regional power balance and open up major business opportunities for Western

firms. Both sides were relatively upbeat about the first meeting. “The talks are going surprisingly well. There haven’t been any real problems so far,” a senior Western diplomat said. A European diplomat said Iran and the world powers were “committed to negotiating in good faith” and that they had discussed the schedule for future meetings and other issues. “Experts had detailed discussions on some of the key issues which would have to be part of a comprehensive settlement,” the diplomat added. A senior Iranian official, Hamid Baidinejad, told Reuters: “Talks were positive and generally (were about) the framework for the agenda for further talks.” The talks had originally been expected to run for as long as three full days but might be adjourned as early as Thursday morning due to the crisis in Ukraine, according to Western diplomats. European Union

foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, who coordinates official contacts with Iran on behalf of the six, was due to attend an extraordinary meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels on Ukraine this afternoon. Ashton’s deputy Helga Schmid chaired the Vienna talks during the day with Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi, flanked by senior diplomats from the six powers. Separately, Ashton met Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. The powers have yet to spell out their precise demands of Iran. But Western officials have signaled they want Tehran to cap enrichment of uranium at a low fissile concentration, limit research and development of new nuclear equipment, decommission a substantial portion of its centrifuges used to refine uranium, and allow more intrusive U.N. nuclear inspections.

Cameron to hold first cabinet meeting in Scotland – source (Reuters) - British Prime Minister David Cameron’s cabinet will hold its first meeting in Scotland next week, a person familiar with the matter said yesterday, as it seeks to persuade Scots to stay in the United Kingdom. Scots will decide in a referendum on September 18 whether their nation of five million people should end its 307-year-old union with England and leave the United Kingdom. The source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the British cabinet would

meet on February 24 in northeast Scotland, but gave no further details. Since coming to power in 2010, Cameron’s coalition cabinet has met in the Welsh capital Cardiff and in the central English city of Derby but never in Scotland. His predecessor Gordon Brown, a Scot, did hold a British cabinet meeting in Scotland. Polls suggest Scots will reject independence, though many voters remain undecided and Cameron has said the outcome hangs in the balance.

Cameron, whose Conservative party holds only one of the 59 UK parliament seats in Scotland, has said a vote for independence would undermine Britain’s global clout and risks political and financial instability. Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond, who is leading the push for independence, is also due to hold a meeting of the Scottish cabinet in northeast Scotland on February 24. The United Kingdom comprises England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Thursday February 20, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Ukraine leader names new Iran’s Revolutionary Guards army chief after clashes warn over ongoing nuclear talks

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — As fires burned at the barricades in central Kiev for a second straight night, Ukraine’s embattled president replaced the army chief yesterday and the military said it would take part in a national anti-terrorist operation to restore order. The move, announced in a decree from President Viktor Yanukovych, came a day after 25 people were killed and over 425 injured in clashes between police and protesters at the sprawling protest camp in the Ukrainian capital. Officials have often referred to the protesters who have demanded Yanukovych’s resignation for months as “terrorists.” The violence this week was the worst in nearly three months of anti-government protests that have paralyzed Kiev. The two sides are locked in a stalemate over the

identity of this nation of 46 million, whose loyalties are divided between Russia and the West. The protests began in late November after Yanukovych turned away from a long-anticipated deal with the EU in exchange for a $15 billion bailout from Russia. The political maneuvering has continued since, with both Moscow and the West eager to gain influence over this former Soviet republic. Three EU foreign ministers — from Germany, France and Poland — were heading to Kiev today to speak with both sides before an emergency EU meeting back in Brussels to consider sanctions against those responsible for the recent violence in Ukraine. In an escalation of the tensions, Ukraine’s top security agency accused protesters yesterday of

seizing hundreds of firearms from its offices and announced a nationwide antiterrorist operation to restore order. Earlier in the day, demonstrators forced their way into the main post office on Kiev’s Independence Square, also known as the Maidan, after a nearby building they had previously occupied was burned down Tuesday in fierce, fiery clashes with riot police. Thousands of activists armed with fire bombs and rocks had defended the square, a key symbol of the protests. “The revolution has turned into a war with the authorities,” said Vasyl Oleksenko, 57, a retired geologist from central Ukraine. “We must fight this bloody, criminal leadership. We must fight for our country, our Ukraine!”

U.S. issues warning about shoe bombs on airplanes bound for U.S (Reuters) U.S. authorities issued a warning yesterday to airlines flying to the United States to watch out for militants who may have hidden bombs in their shoes, U.S. government sources said. The warning came from the Department of Homeland Security, the sources said, and it is consistent with concerns security agencies have about militants trying to smuggle explosives onto airplanes in shoes, cosmetics or liquids. The sources said the warning principally applied to flights originating overseas and heading for the United States, rather than domestic flights or planes headed overseas from the United States. However, some sources

said the warnings did not mean that the United States had specific intelligence indicating a plot to use a shoe bomb overseas was in progress. One source said the alert was being issued “out of an abundance of caution.” A second source said the alert was “not a big deal.” Yesterday’s warning follows one earlier this month in which U.S. authorities warned airlines flying to Russia for the Sochi Winter Olympics to watch out for toothpaste tubes that could hold bomb-making ingredients and could be smuggled through airport security. Since the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States, Islamist militants have made two known attempts to blow up U.S.-bound airliners

using bombs hidden in their clothes or footwear. In December 2001, Richard Reid of Britain tried to set off explosives concealed in his shoe on a Paris-to-Miami American Airlines flight. Passengers subdued him before he could light the fuse. On Christmas Day 2009, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab of Nigeria tried to detonate an explosive hidden in his underwear as his Delta Air Lines flight descended into Detroit after taking off from Amsterdam. Abdulmutallab’s device malfunctioned, burning him, and he was subdued by passengers. Both Reid and Abdulmutallab are serving long sentences in U.S. prisons.

Vienna (AFP) - Iran and six powers held nuclear talks for a second day yesterday as the commander of the powerful Revolutionary Guards warned against damaging “national pride” but predicted a “victorious” outcome. Speaking in Iran, Revolutionary Guards commander General Mohammad Ali Jafari warned against crossing “red lines” that would damage the country’s pride. He has previously indicated his opposition to any dismantling of nuclear facilities, even though the chief US negotiator, Wendy Shermann, said Iran “does not need” the Fordo site or a new heavy-water reactor at Arak. Jafari said that Iran “will be victorious either way” in the talks. Michael Mann, spokesman for the powers’ lead negotiator and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, said the talks in Vienna were “substantive”

and “useful”. He declined to comment, however, on the substance of the meetings between Iran with the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany, nor on whether they would continue today as scheduled, nor on a date for the next round. Ashton is due to chair a meeting in Brussels this afternoon of EU foreign ministers on the situation on Ukraine. It was unclear if this meant the Iran talks must finish by then. The parties in Vienna hope to create a lasting accord out of the landmark interim deal struck in November, under which Iran agreed to freeze certain nuclear activities for six months. In exchange, the Western governments offered minor relief from a range of punishing sanctions that have cost Iran up to $8 billion per month in lost oil revenues, as well as a promise of no new sanctions. The six-month deal expires on July 20 but can be

extended, with the parties aiming to conclude negotiations and implement the final “comprehensive” deal by November. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said late Tuesday that the talks had “started on the right track”. “ We h a v e a s h a r e d objective, and that is for Iran to have a nuclear programme that is exclusively peaceful,” he said from Vienna in a webcast discussion with Denver University’s Center for Middle East Studies. He said a deal was “totally achievable” but would take more than “one or two sittings” and would require “some innovation and some forward thinking”. Others have been considerably more circumspect about the prospects for a deal that satisfies hardliners on both sides, as well as other countries such as Israel, after a decade of failed initiatives and rising tensions.

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Kaieteur News

Thursday February 20, 2014

Venezuela unrest kills fifth person, Lopez faces court CARACAS (Reuters) - A student demonstrator died of a bullet-wound yesterday in the fifth fatality from Venezuela’s political unrest, as imprisoned protest leader Leopoldo Lopez urged supporters to keep fighting for the departure of the socialist government. Tourism student and local beauty queen Genesis Carmona, 22, was shot in the head during a protest on Tuesday in the central city of Valencia, and died in a clinic. “How long are we going to live like this? How long do we have to tolerate this pressure, with them killing us?” a relative, who asked not to be named, told Reuters. “She only needed one more semester to graduate.” Tensions have risen in Venezuela since Lopez, a 42year-old Harvard-educated economist, surrendered to troops on Tuesday after spearheading three weeks of often rowdy demonstrations against President Nicolas Maduro’s government. “Today more than ever, our cause has to be the exit of this government,” he said, sitting next to his wife in a pre-recorded video to be released if he was arrested. ( uJGiXVm0AV) “The exit from this disaster, the exit of this group of people who have kidnapped the future of Ve n e z u e l a n s i s i n y o u r hands. Let’s fight. I will be doing so.” As well as the death in Valencia, three people have been shot dead in Caracas and another person run over by a car during a demonstration in the

Opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez is flanked by Bolivarian National Guards after Lopez surrendered, in Caracas, Venezuela, Tuesday. (AP Photo/Alejandro Cegarra) coastal town of Carupano. There have been scores of arrests and injuries. There was sporadic trouble across Venezuela a g a i n y e s t e r d a y. Rival groups scuffled outside the Caracas court where Lopez was due, while student demonstrators also blocked a highway in the capital, burning trash. Also, police and protesters clashed in the western Andean city of San Antonio. The demonstrators are calling for Maduro’s resignation over issues ranging from inflation and violent crime to corruption and product shortages. Maduro, who was narrowly elected last year to

Impact of Caribbean Diaspora to regional tourism BRIDGETOWN, Barbados - CMC – The contribution of the Caribbean Diaspora to the regional tourism industry will be among matters discussed when the Caribbean Week begins in New York in June. The June 1-8 event is being organised by the Barbados-based Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) and will bring together various stakeholders to discuss the state of the industry, which for some Caribbean countries, is the main contributor to their economies. The CTO said that the “frank and open discussion” on the impact the Caribbean Diaspora has on the sector will also look at how they help

market the region. “An unmatched programme is being planned, offering CTO member countries and private sector partners unrivalled opportunities to marry and showcase all the appealing and attractive features of the Caribbean in one celebratory event,” the CTO said in a statement. “Caribbean Week in New York is a series of business meetings and consumer events to showcase the warmth, spirit and vibrancy of the Caribbean. In addition to direct contact with consumers, it also provides extensive media exposure for participating CTO members and partners,” the statement added.

replace Hugo Chavez after his death from cancer, says Lopez and others in league with the U.S. government are seeking a coup against him. Street protests were the backdrop to a short-lived ouster of Chavez for 36 hours in 2002, before military loyalists and supporters helped bring him back. Though tens of thousands joined Lopez on the streets when he turned himself in on Tuesday, the protests so far have mainly been much smaller than the wave of demonstrations a

decade ago. There is no evidence the military, which was the decisive factor in the 2002 overthrow, may turn against Maduro now. Lopez was being held yesterday at the Ramo Verde jail in Caracas, and was due at a first court hearing. Hundreds of supporters stood outside the tribunal, holding banners saying “Free Leopoldo!” as a line of soldiers stood in front with riot shields and gas-canisters. “We’re prepared to give our lives,” said pensioner Juan

Marquez, 68. Police held back a rival demonstration by several hundred ‘Chavistas’, some of them striking the protesters and shouting “downtown Caracas belongs to revolutionaries”. Waving pictures of Maduro and Chavez, they chanted “Leopoldo, off to Tocoron” in a reference to a notoriously overcrowded provincial jail. In an intriguing twist to the drama, Maduro said his powerful Congress head Diosdado Cabello, seen by many Venezuelans as a potential rival to the president, personally negotiated Lopez’s surrender via his parents. Cabello even helped drive him to custody in his own car given the risks to Lopez’s life from extremists, Maduro said. Ve n e z u e l a ’s h i g h l y traded and volatile bonds have seen prices fall to near 18-month lows on the unrest. Yields are on average 15 percentage points higher than comparable U.S. Treasury bills, by far the highest borrowing cost of any emerging market nation. With local TV providing minimal live coverage of the street unrest or opposition leaders’ news conferences, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have become the go-to media for many Venezuelans desperate for information on the crisis. However, many social

media users are indiscriminately Tweeting images without confirming their origin, leading to manipulation and gaffes including footage of unrest in Egypt and Chile being passed off as repression in Venezuela. Old photos from past protests are also doing the rounds. Detractors call Lopez a dangerous and selfserving hothead. He has frequently squabbled with fellow opposition leaders, and was involved in the 2002 coup, even helping arrest a minister. “I’ve hardly been in office for 10 months and for 10 months this opposition has been plotting to kill me, topple me,” Maduro said. “For how long is the right wing going to hurt the nation?” Though the majority of demonstrators have been peaceful, a radical fringe have been tossing stones at police, blocking roads and vandalizing buildings. Rights groups say the police response has been disproportional, with some detainees tortured. In a nation split largely down the middle on political lines, ‘Chavistas’ have stayed loyal to Maduro despite unflattering comparisons with his famously charismatic predecessor. Many Venezuelans fear the loss of popular, oil-funded welfare programs should the socialists lose power.

Government says island removed from FATF “Grey List” Antigua Chronicle - The Paris based Financial Action Task Force FATF in its ongoing review of compliance of countries with the AntiMoney Laundering/ Combating the Financing of Terrorism AML/CFT standards, has removed Antigua and Barbuda from its “Grey List”. In its report released on F e b r u a r y 1 4 , t h e FAT F outlined that Antigua and Barbuda has made significant progress in improving its AML/CFT regime and has established the legal and regulatory framework to meet its commitments in its action plan regarding the strategic deficiencies that the FATF had identified in February of 2010. “Antigua and Barbuda is therefore no longer subject to

FATF’s monitoring process under its ongoing global AML/CFT compliance process. Antigua and Barbuda will work with the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force CFATF as it continues to address the full range of AML/CFT issues identified in its mutual evaluation report,” the FATF statement concluded. During his Budget presentation i n J a n u a r y, Finance and Economy the Hon. Harold Lovell predicted that Antigua and Barbuda wo u l d be removed from the “Grey L ist” because he was certain that the a review in December of 2013 from the Americas Regional Review Group (AARG) of the FATF which assessed the effectiveness of various

pieces of legislation and a number of international supervisory standards and practices, would have been positive and supportive of A n t i g u a a n d B a r b u d a ’s efforts to improve compliance with the FAT F ’s Forty Recommendations. In commenting on A n t i g u a a n d B arbuda’s removal from the FATF’s “Grey List”, Minister Lovell said that his government’s efforts in ensuring that the country maintains an excellent standing in the international community of nations have proven once again to be successful. “The United Progressive Party Administration has shown that we not only talk about accountability and adherence to the highest

ethical standards associated with international norms, but we put or words into action. The hard work of the staff of the Ministry of Finance, the Financial Services Regulatory Commission, the ONDCP and the Ministry of Legal Affairs are to be highly commended as we continue to build a new economy. For Antigua and Barbuda to be labeled as compliant with international standards and practices is excellence news,” Minister Lovell stated. The FAT F ’s Recommendations are viewed as the accepted international standards for combating money laundering, the financing o f t e r r o r i s m , and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Thursday February 20, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Flores attending South American Braithwaite edges Goodluck... From page 35 The National team contin- ing competitions. Confed. Congress in Brazil Ramalho’s three point lead ues their intense preparations And newly elected Newly appointed President of the Guyana Volleyball Federation (GVF) Mr. John Flores along with another delegate Andrea Flores is currently attending the 68th South American Volleyball Confederation Congress in Rio, Brazil, which started on February 19 and will conclude on the 22nd.

The congress is an annual forum where all the Presidents of the National Federations of South American nations meet to chart the way forward for this very exciting and attractive sport. The delegates are expected to present reports for the various activities and projects embarked and to make

projections for the next year and beyond. The congress is expected to be attended by several high profile delegates, including the current FIVB President Dr. Ary Graça. Mr. Flores said he is looking forward to the meeting and anticipates a very fruitful one.

after the 600, Ryan Sampson closed the gap with a 33.1 at 900 compared to a 30.0 by Ramalho. Both shooters ended with similar aggregate scores but Ramalho (110.5) edged Sampson (110.4) by a single V-Bull to win the O’ Class.

next weekend at the same venue. Meanwhile, this Sunday, Mash Day, the association will be having their annual fund raising bar on Vlissengen Road and Crown Streets. The public’s support will be appreciated as they seek to raise funds for upcom-

Guyana NRA President, Brigadier General Mark Phillips also visited the ranges where he observed the shooters in action. Phillips took the opportunity to fire a few rifle shots to demonstrate to the members his accuracy which they all applauded.

Thursday February 20, 2014 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): A minor conflict with a romantic partner in the morning is likely to end with a tearful reunion and much reassurance by mid-afternoon. *************************** TAURUS (APR 20 MAY 20): Your intuition, imagination, and insight have served you well on the job, and should pay off soon. A raise, commission, or perhaps a chance to invest in the company could be offered to you. *************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): You can count on a very idyllic and romantic day today, Gemini. You’re feeling especially warm and sensual, and you tend to view the partner in your life through rose-colored glasses. *************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): Someone who is a student of natural healing may come to visit you and share some ideas today. *************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): Books and movies may inspire you to get involved in artistic activities. Your aesthetic sense is very high today, Leo, and you may be drawing your inspiration from the higher realms. You might want to stroll through an art gallery or museum and try to sense the feelings of those from the past. ************************ VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): You could be feeling a bit flush today, Virgo, and therefore you might decide to do a little work on your house. This is more likely to be redecorating than any major repairs, as you’re more into beauty right now than practical matters. Your aesthetic sense is very high, inspired from the higher realms, and therefore decorating decisions you make today are likely to be beautiful. Go to it!

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): You’re feeling especially psychically and mystically inclined today, Libra. You might want to read about such matters or attend a lecture or workshop given by someone in the field. *************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 - NOV 21): You’re usually a very practical and down-to-Earth person, but today you may be more inclined than usual toward mysticism. *************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 DEC 21): Group activities involving meditation, psychic or spiritual topics, or artistic pursuits are probably very appealing to you right now, Sagittarius. *************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): You’re normally a very intuitive person, and today you may experience clairvoyance that could rival Jeane Dixon’s. You could be feeling especially attuned to other planes, and your dreams are likely to be powerful and vivid.

*************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): Your imagination is flying high today, Aquarius. Your interest in mystical and metaphysical matters is at an all-time high, and you could find yourself strolling through New Age bookstores. *************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): Some wonderful news concerning money and career matters could come your way today, Pisces. Your natural kindness and sympathy for others has led you to make some good friends who are also valuable business contacts. This is definitely paying off. Your aesthetic sense is at an all-time high, so this is a great day to start any creative projects that you have in mind. Success is definitely coming your way!

Islam twin... From page 31 score and a 27-point head start, Daniel will have his work cut out for him as he faced former national champion Regan Pollard last evening in what was expected to be an intriguing duel. Defending champion Jason Ray Khalil comfortably overcame his 22-point handicap (-22) to defeat Medhi Ramdhani (6) 15/11, 15/12. His older sister Ashley Khalil (3) also won her encounter against Kerensa Fernandes in straight games 15/13, 15/ 13. Last year ’s runner up Nicholas Narain (-8) defeated Haopei Yang in three games 15/13, 13/15, 16/14. Ashley deGroot and Ta y l o r F e r n a n d e s o n t h e other hard were among the few reputable players who were eliminated from the main draw on opening night. DeGroot (2) stumbled to Ryan Rahaman (6) (15/12, 15/13), while veteran campaigner Lloyd Fung-AFat relegated Fernandes (8) to the Plate round (7) 15/12, 17/15. In Category A, the younger players competed f i e r c ely in their short but exciting matches. Winners in Category A on opening night were Gianni Carpenter, Dominic Collins, Makeda Harding and Jonathon Edwards. The tournament continues with matches every night until Saturday’s final. Players who would have lost their first round matches will be playing in the Plate consolation round. The GSA also encourages the public to support the Bounty Farm Mash Handicap Tournament Bar-b-que which will be held on Saturday.

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Kaieteur News

Letter to the Sports Editor

The GAPF swipe at journalists is unjustified DEAR EDITOR, I wish to bring to your attention a set of unwarranted and blasphemous accusations against the media, and indirectly this writer, that were unfortunately attributed to the Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPF) earlier this week. In an article headlined: “GAPF disciplines Gumendra Shewdas for doping violation”, that appeared on Tuesday, February 18, 2014; the federation in question took a swipe at the media for simply doing its work on the Shewdas scandal. In the last paragraph of a story reporting on the findings of their investigation into the Shewdas doping issue, the following was attributed to the GAPF: “It considers the matter now closed and hopes all wild speculations, unsavoury name calling, and falsely created perceptions through the use of innuendo from a certain journalist amongst others is brought to and end.” Mr. Editor, as one who had written extensively on the Shewdas matter, through investigative and analytical means, I feel compelled to

respond to the reference that was made, though I was not directly named. The GAPF must be reminded that the media has unique functions to inform and educate among several others. The GAPF, therefore, should be cognizant of the role of the media as opposed to negatively reacting to being placed under scrutiny for what has been the biggest doping scandal to envelop sport in Guyana. The federation, since it seeks closure by throwing the last punch, which it had hoped would have knocked out the media, should have gone on to explain where in the various commentaries on the issue it observed “wild speculations, unsavoury name calling, and falsely created perceptions through the use of innuendo...” Mr. Editor that is a serious accusation that threatens the professionalism of the “certain journalist amongst others” as the GAPF noted. An accusation that the GAPF cannot substantiate; if it could have, it should have gone on to list them. However, the facts remain that it was the GAPF that

failed to inform this nation of the doping discovery even though it was in possession of information since last September/October. It was only until Kaieteur Sport broke the story that the GAPF came out with a low-keyed press conference months after on the subject. It is also a fact that the GAPF was intent on sweeping the matter under the carpet since no serious disclosures were made until the media publicised the issue. And the list of facts could go on. It is no wonder the GAPF finds itself being offensive to the media since it was the media that exposed at sinister plot to hide the serious details of such a grave matter. Mr. Editor, the GAPF’s chastisement of the media for doing its work on an infringement that embarrassed Guyana internationally is beyond reproach. The GAPF is never and must never be made to believe it is exempted from examination, especially since it is a public organisation. The GAPF cannot decide for the media when a matter is closed. Yours Respectfully, Edison Jefford

Anamayah Memorial Basketball

Smythfield Rockers whip Rose Hall Town Jammers 84-51 in semifinal Smithfield Rockers of New Amsterdam continued their good run in the Anamayah Memorial First Division Basketball Tournament for teams in Berbice when they demolished Rose Hall Town Jammers of Corentyne 84-51 to book their place in the final of the competition. In the game which was played at the GuySuCo Port Mourant Training School (GPMTS) court on Sunday, the Jammers started quickly and enjoyed a 13-6 lead at the end of the first quarter. The second segment saw the Rockers steadying themselves and outscoring their opponents to draw level with the scores tied at 25-25. By the second half of the game the Rockers had steadied themselves and were in full flow as they completely dominated the final two segments and ‘jamming’ the Jammers out of contention. The Rockers had Hugh Arthur scoring six unanswered points at the start of the session to daunt the

Jamal Felix after his performance on Sunday.

Thursday February 20, 2014

Joyce leads Ireland to another famous win ESPNcricinfo - Ireland reaffirmed their reputation for giant-killing acts on the ground where they first shook up the established order as Ed Joyce’s unbeaten 40 led them to a first international win over West Indies. Joyce and Andrew Poynter laid the main plank for victory during a 58-run stand, after their bowlers had done superbly to restrict a rusty West Indies, as Ireland issued another warning that they will not be in Bangladesh just to make up the numbers next month with a win over the World Twenty20 champions. Sunil Narine, ranked the world’s No. 1 T20 bowler, had to wait until his 23rd delivery to take a wicket - deceiving Poynter with a carrom ball and he was one of several West Indies big guns to be successfully spiked. Chris Gayle, Marlon Samuels and the captain, Darren Sammy, have not played much cricket in recent weeks and their return from various injuries was painful on several levels. Kevin O’Brien, one of two survivors from the team that beat Pakistan at Sabina Park during the 2007 World Cup, hit the winning runs but there was no exuberant celebration this time, just handshakes for the opposition and the knowledge of another job well

done, another point made. Zimbabwe, the Full Member in Ireland’s qualifying group at the World Twenty20, which begins in just over three weeks, will have been looking on nervously. Ireland were quickly on the back foot in their chase, openers William Porterfield and Paul Stirling dismissed inside eight balls, but Joyce and Gary Wilson steadied things, adding 29 in 5.2 overs. The required rate rose above a run a ball after Wilson was bowled, coming down the pitch and aiming a heave at Samuel Badree, but Joyce played a cool hand, ably assisted by Poynter in only his fifth T20. They put on the decisive stand, by far the highest of the match, with Poynter hitting six boundaries - including two in an over off both Sammy and Ravi Rampaul - on a pitch that West Indies’ batsmen had struggled to master. Poynter was bowled by Narine for 32, his highest T20 score, but the target was in sight and O’Brien, like seven years ago, was still there at the end. With five balls and six wickets in hand, Ireland had change to spare. Ireland’s bowlers made a solid start after West Indies chose to bat, despite Dwayne Smith finding his range with a six in each of Stirling’s opening overs. Tim Murtagh

removed Smith, caught in the deep hitting to leg, and Gayle then chipped Alex Cusack to long-on for a subdued 18 off 19 balls on his return from injury. That turned out to be the highest score of the innings, as Ireland kept a lid on the hosts for the duration. At the halfway stage, West Indies were 58 for 2, going at less than a run a ball, and it got worse when George Dockrell had another big hitter, Marlon Samuels, stumped. West Indies were being throttled by a battery of miserly medium pace and another partnership failed to achieve escape velocity when Dwayne Bravo sliced to third man trying to hit Max Sorensen on the up. Lendl Simmons was caught in the deep and two overs later Tim Murtagh yorked Andre Russell for 15, making him the fifth batsman to reach double figures but not pass 20. Two more wickets fell but 27 runs from the last three overs took West Indies scrambling beyond three figures, though it looked a barely respectable score. Ireland have shown by know that respect is the least they deserve. Scores: Ireland 117 for 4 (Joyce 40*) beat West Indies 116 for 8 (Cusack 217, O’Brien 2-17) by six wickets.

FIFA says it won’t pay Brazil’s World Cup bill FLORIANOPOLIS, Brazil (AP) — FIFA says it will not pay some of Brazil’s World Cup bill even though it admits the local organizers’ failure to fulfill their commitments may jeopardize the tournament’s success. After deciding to let the

southern city of Curitiba host matches despite significant stadium delays, FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke says it is not giving additional money to help the host cities which are backing down from their obligations to pay for things such as temporary

structures and fanfests, which FIFA says are crucial for the tournament. FIFA says it is working with local officials to try to lower costs and reduce requirements, but Valcke says “we will not take over” the payments to make up for the shortcomings of organizers.

Fudadin hits 41 as Nationals... spirit of their opponents as they raced away 31-25. The Jammers continued to battle on but the Rockers were starting to sail away to lead by eight points 44-36. With their superior bench, Rockers completely dominated the last quarter pouring in 40 points to their opponents 15 for the 84-51 blowout. Jamal Felix had a game high 25points for Rockers with support from Arthur with 17 and Tyron Dey with 16, while Neil Wills dumped in 11.

For the Jammers Eon Wiggins, who scored 19 points in the first half, ended with 24 points with Delbert Hicks gathering 11. Semifinal number two was to be played yesterday between New Amsterdam Warriors and Fyrish Black Sharks at the New Amsterdam Municipal Court, Vryman’s Erven. The competition has being organized be Vibert Garrett in memory of late Attorney-at-law Joseph Anamayah.

From page 33 February 28. They lost four wickets in the second season to go to tea at 141-4 as the Rest Team bowlers fought back in sweltering heat. Chattergoon was the first to go when he was bowled by Randolph Knights at 68-1. Knights, a Policeman, then sent Skipper Leon Johnson (6) on his way after the lefthander edged a catch to the Keeper 10 runs later. Fudadin was stumped off Zaheer Mohamed at 116-3 and Christopher

Barnwell (12) cut former national under-19 pacer Seon Daniels to point at 139-4 and the depleted combination although Hemraj, a 20-year-old with three first class games to his named battled diligently before he departed after Tea at 156-5 as Jonathon Foo, bowling off-spin, trapped him LBW. Anthony Bramble (16), Devendra Bishoo (12) and Veerasammy Permaul (17) all got starts but could not carry on, while Keon Joseph (1)

was removed by Rajiv Ivan at which time the declaration was made. Foo (2-23) and Ivan (2-3) were the best bowlers for the Rest Team. When the Rest Team began their response Rayon Fredericks’ leg stump was sent cart-wheeling by fellow Essequib i a n R o n s f o r d Beaton after the lefthander had stroked him through the covers for a boundary to level to score on 4-1. Robin Bacchus (4) and Rajendra Chandrika (0) were the not out batsmen.s

Thursday February 20, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 31

GBTI/RHTY&SC Inter Secondary School cricket finals

PMSS win female tapeball; J.C Chandisingh cop male U-15 title The curtains came down on the first ever Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI)/Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC) Inter Secondary School cricket tournaments on Friday last at the Area ‘H’ Ground, Rose Hall Town. Port Mourant Secondary School was crowned champions of the Female Tapeball tournament following their crushing 9wicket win over Central Corentyne in the final. In the male Under-15 championship match, JC Chandisingh Secondary (JCCS) defeated pre-tournament favorites Lower Corentyne Secondary School (LCSS) by four wickets in a closely contested game to become the inaugural champions. Batting first after winning the toss, the Central Corentyne females were bundled out for a paltry 35 in 8.5 overs; Tiffany Moore led with 17*, the only innings of substance. The main wreckers for PMSS were Kavita Ramsammy 3 for 4, Erica Lashley 3 for 8 and Shabika Gajnabi 2 for 8 runs. In response, Port Mourant coasted to victory in 4.1 overs led by Alima Arokium (12), Kavita Ramsammy scored 10* and Captain Erica Lashley 5*. Tiffany Moore took the lone wicket to fall. Kavita Ramsammy was

adjudged the player-of-thefinals for her 10 not out and brilliant bowling. In the male Under-15 final, J.C Chandisingh surprising invited Lower Corentyne to bat first and they reached 95 for 7 in their allotted 20 overs. Junior Sinclair top scored with a patient 30 with support from Allaz Ally 15 and Kellon Anderson 10. Bowling for JC Chandisingh, Shaide Pir Baksh claimed 2 for 14 and Jairendra Kumar 2 for 16. Needing to score 96 to win in 20 overs, J.C Chandisingh held their nerves to reach 97 for 6 in 19.2 overs. Vasladeo Otto smashed 28 and Shaide Pir Baksh 15. Junior Sinclair returned with the ball to claim 3 for 17 in a losing cause. Vasladeo Otto was named man-of-thefinals for his vital and winning innings of 28. In remarks at the presentation ceremony, Manager of GBTI Port Mourant Branch, Mr. Mahadeo expressed his satisfaction at the success of the tournament and the organizing abilities of the RHTY&SC. Mahadeo also advised the youths to say no to drugs and suicide. He informed that GBTI fully understands its role as a cooperate entity and would continue to invest in youth related activities.

Bounty Farm Mash Handicap Tournament

Islam twin survive opening night Jason Ray Khalil in action during his match with Medhi Ramdhani.

The Guyana Squash Association (GSA) in collaboration with its number one corporate sponsor, Digicel Guyana, served off the Bounty Farm Mash Handicap tournament on Tuesday night with the Islam twin Daniel and Anthony wrapping up a pair of wins. Competing in the main draw with the top local players, these young campaigners made the best of their advantages given by the handicap format to advance to second round of the

tournament. Despite a height disadvantage and age difference of more than ten years, Anthony Islam (12) got the better of Jamaal Douglas (+11), winning in straight games 15/11, 16/14. His brother Daniel Islam, playing with an 11-point advantage, also strolled into the second round after overcoming Rohandev Persaud who possessed a 13point advantage. Daniel prevailed 16/14, 13/15, 16/14. Even with just four points to (Continued on page 29)

Female cricket winners and male cricket winners RHTY&SC Secretary/ CEO Hilbert Foster declared that the tournaments were both outstanding, noting that they had surpassed the organisers expectation. He disclosed that several new, promising and talented players have been identified especially at the female level. Special mention was made

of Kavita Ramsammy, Tiffany Moore and Alima Arokium. Foster expressed gratitude to the Management of GBTI for their sponsorship of the two tournaments which formed part of the club’s Anti-Drugs and Anti-Suicide campaign for youths. Former West Indies player and test legend Basil Butcher

advised the youths to always strive for excellence, to develop a culture of discipline and to always listen to sound advice. The former Corentyne High School (now JCCSS) student stated that he was proud to be present at the finals as he was able to notice some promising talent for the

future. Both winning teams received a trophy and medals, while each player received a personal collection of books and educational materials. The losing finalists received a trophy and collection of pens for their players. Each school also received a large anti suicide banner.

Scotiabank/Pepsi School Football Academy Phase 2 underway The 4th Edition of the Scotiabank/Pepsi School Football Academy Phase 2 of the programme commenced on Tuesday 18th February 2014 with the Beginners Referee Course for students at the Carifesta Sports Complex, Carifesta Avenue, Thomas Lands. Ten (10) students from four (4) schools were in attendance – Queen’s College (4), Lodge Secondary (2 - Male and Female), Christ Church Secondary (2) and Tutorial High (2). The students were taken through the rudimentary of the Laws of the Game by FIFA

& FA Accredited Referee Instructor - Lawrence Griffith and Head of Referees in Guyana - Roy Mc Arthur. The 17 laws of the game were looked at with special emphasis being placed on Law 11 and Law 12 - referred to as the Technical Laws. The students appeared eager to learn with the instructors being riddled with questions on a regular basis. The topics which entertained the most questions were Offside, Fouls and Misconduct. Another topic which attracted much attention is the ball in and out of play

specifically when a goal is scored and when the ball is on the touch line and goal line when it is in play and when it is out of play. Free Kick and Penalty Kick also involved much discussion. The participants were privy to video clips on the Laws of the Game. The objective of this Phase of the Programme, which is an initiative of the Guyana Sports Development Foundation Inc., is to prepare students for a career in Refereeing and also to assist them in their physical education programme. The students will be

officiating in the tournament as Assistant Referees and a few of them have indicated that they will be attending training session with the regular Referees at the Eve Leary Ground with much hope that they will one day become FIFA International Referees and even surpassing Dianne Ferreira James’ achievements. This programme continued yesterday at the New Amsterdam Prisons Sports Club when the Berbice students got their chance. Today, Linden will have their turn at the Bayrock Sports Club.

Some of the students involved in the Scotiabank/Pepsi School Football Academy Phase 2 programme on Tuesday at the Carifesta Sports Complex.

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Kaieteur News

Rising Sun, Shariff Enterprise and Stable horserace meet set for March 9th The Horseracing season will continue at the Rising Sun Turf club, Arima Park West Coast Berbice when that entity in collaboration with The Shariff Business Enterprise and Racing Stable stages its traditional Mashramani one day horserace meet on Sunday 9th March 2014. The organizers have put together an impressive seven- race programme with incentives totaling over $8.5M in cash and trophies up for grabs during the day’s proceedings. The feature C class event has a total prize money of over $2M with the winner set to race away with a sumptuous $1M and trophy compliments of Banks DIH Limited over 1400M. There is a four year old event for West Indies maiden and Guyana bred horses covering a distance of 1400M which has a winning price tag of $400,000 and trophy. The three year old race is

for West Indies and Guyana Bred and born horses with the winning prize set at $300,000 and trophy. The F Class event has a similar winner’s prize of $400,000 and trophy also over 1400M. The G3 and lower showdown will see the top animals running for the $300,000 first prize in an 1100M contest. There is a race for I class horses with the pole position takings set at $250,000 and trophy over 1100M. The other event on the day’s programme is for horses classified J and lower and will see the winner receiving $180,000 and trophy. The nation’s largest horseracing sponsors Beverage Giants Banks DIH Limited, Trophy Stall, Republic Bank, Gene Equipped (John Dere) Company, Chester Fry Chicken of Bush Lot West Coast Berbice, Hablaw Meat Centre, Berbice River Bridge

and the Shariff Business Enterprise are among the sponsors so far on board. Businessman Ramesh Sunich of the Trophy Stall, Bourda Market as usual is on board with sponsorship for the individual prizes which include the champion jockey, champion trainer and champion stable among others. The Race will be held under the rules of the Guyana Horseracing Authority and bugle time is 13:00hrs. Persons interested in being a part of the day’s action can make contact with Fazal Habibulla at Chester Fry at Bush Lot West Coast Berbice on Telephone No 2320232 or 648-6522, 6577010, or Inshanally Habibulla on tel No 623-4495, and 623-5453 or 232-3295, Donald or Zaleena Lawrie on telephone nos 2254530 or 225-4565 or Mohammed ‘Nankoo’ Shariff on 611-0684. Proceeds go towards charity. (Samuel Whyte)

Slingerz FC Stag/West Side Mashramani Champions Cup

Nicola’s Bar pledges $100,000 to tournament Proprietor Nicola Anderson hands over cheque to Slingerz FC Errol Baird.

Thursday February 20, 2014

Guyoil on board as Guyana Darts Association hosts Mashramani event

Leonard Khan (extreme left) and Abdool Kadir (2nd right) hand over the gift to Mr. Culbard (2nd left) and Luis Miguel Ramirez Mirano. The Malteenoes Sports Club will be teeming with activity when the Guyana Darts Association (GDA) stages the Annual Mashramani Darts Classic on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 February and already several of the nation’s top players have signaled their intentions to compete for the lucrative prizes on offer. Even as the organizers put the final modalities in place for a competitive competition, Guyoil/ Castrol has lubricated the tournament with a sponsorship package that will ensure that the competitors accrue tangible remuneration for their winning efforts. As such, President of the GDA, Grantley Culbard and his Assistant Secretary/Treasurer, Luis Miguel Ramirez Mirano, trudged to the Waterloo Street location of Guyoil/ Castrol yesterday morning to collect the sponsorship package. Castrol Brand Manager, Leonard Khan

and Admin Manager/ Company S e c r e t a r y, Abdool Kadir, handed over the cheque and wished the GDA officials well. Mr. Kadir expressed delight at once again being able to assist the GDA to run off another tournament. He reminded that Guyoil has been performing such corporate assistance to the GDA for well over three years and will continue to do so for many years to come. “We believe in being a good corporate citizen; giving back to society and we have every desire to continue rendering such assistance,” assured Mr. Kadir. Mr. Khan echoed similar sentiments, admitting that such gestures are important towards the development of sports. “And Guyoil will continue to contribute to such development,” the Brand Manager said. Mr. Culbard was especially delighted to have received the assistance and told his benefactors just so. He said that the act becomes even more meritorious when

it is noted that darts is a low profiled sport locally. Mr. Culbard further pointed out that the sport receives much support in other countries in Europe and North America. “Darts has no age limit and is good for social interaction,” he noted. Meanwhile, competitors will battle for honours in several categories including Men and Wo m e n ’s Singles, Doubles, Mixed Double‘s, Mixed Triples and the team event among others. National male champion, Sudesh Fitzgerald, is the man to watch, while much will be expected from Anil Lachman and Colin France. On the distaff side, the players will have to be wary of Rosetta Hiralall whose skill and accuracy helped her dethrone former National Champion, Hemwatt i e Amyan. Shondell Hinds will also be in the reckoning. Activities get underway at 19:00hrs and 18:00hrs on the inaugural and second night respectively.

GCA prevented from holding elections following Court action Nicola’s Bar, the Ve r g e n o e g e n b a s e d establishment, has once again come on board as sponsors of the second staging of the Slingerz Football Club, Stag Beer Mashramani Champions Cup, which is set to kick off tomorrow at the Den Amstel Ground. Proprietor Nicola Anderson handed over her sponsorship cheque of $100,000 to the club last week

and has also pledged her continued support to the team and the tournament. Seven other clubs will be looking to wrestle the title away from Slingerz FC, who had defeated Den Amstel 3 – 0 to win last year’s competition. Just like 2013, the winner will pocket $500,000, second place $300,000, third $200,000 and fourth place $100,000. Young Achievers will go head-to-head with the

reformed Pouderoyen Football Club from 18:00hours, following the opening ceremony, then the home side and last year’s runners-up Den Amstel are expected to clash with Eagles FC in the night’s double header. Action continues on Monday February 24, when defending Champions and tournament host Slingerz FC face Bagotsville and Uitvlugt will play Stewartville.

The Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) was prevented from their holding their Annual General Meeting and elections last night at the Malteenoes Sports Club. Kaieteur Sport was made to understand that Nazimul Drepaul, a life member of Everest Cricket Club obtained an injunction from the High Court of the Supreme Court of Judicature which was served to executive members of the GCA yesterday afternoon. Some of the grounds on which the injunction was filed are, a declaration that the resolution purportedly passed by the GCA at their AGM in January 2012 which is to extend the term of office for the president to two years to be

null and void. That the notice of the 2014 AGM of the GCA published in Guyana Chronicle on January 17 for the meeting is contrary to the constitution. The AGM of the GCA on 2014-02-19 is contrary to clause 13 of the rules of the association. The executive members of the GCA will have to respond to the injunction on February 27 in the High Court in front of Chief Justice Ian Chang. Clubs and delegates gave the impression that they will have their say and will not be denied whenever the elections are being held and feels that their interest were not best served last night.

Thursday February 20, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Cornelia Ida are WCD Scotiabank Kiddy cricket champs

The winning Cornelia Ida team. Standing far right is coach Dhanpaul Cornelia Ida Primary trounced Leonora Primary school by 52 runs to win the final of the West Coast Demerara district of the Scotiabank nationwide Kiddy cricket festival yesterday at the Uitvlugt Community Centre ground. Cornelia Ida batted first and scored 198-3 off their 10 overs. Travis Fraser led with 13 while Bhumeshwar Lalgie 12, Ricardo Panaram 10, Varuni Pitamber 10 and Arun Kumar 9 supported well with extras contributing

22. Leonora replied with 146-6 in 10 overs. Kevin Northey scored 10 and extras assisted with 14. Panaram claimed two wickets. Leonora defeated Den Amstel by 44 runs in the first semi final contested earlier. Den Amstel took first strike and scored 131-3 in 10 overs. Leonora responded with 175-4 in their 10 overs. Kevin Norhtey made 24 and Aryan Batool 12 while extras supported with 22. Cornelia Ida got the

better of Meten Meer Zorg by 11 runs in the second semi. Meten Meer Zorg scored 177-4 in 10 overs batting first. Saif Mohamed led with 15, Zaheir Mohamed and Davena Stevenson contributed 11 apiece. Danesh Amin captured 2-6 and Aron Koonal 2-5. Cornelia Ida made 188-8 in 10 overs. Travis Fraser top scored with 14 while Sarwan Dookie and Ganesh Amin chipped in with 13 each. Manoj Dev took 2-1.

Varuni Pitamber pulls to leg

First Class practice match at Providence Pele FC to celebrate life of the late ‘PT Stewart’ with a match today at GFC Fudadin hits 41 as Nationals make 203-9 declared

The Pele Football Club will today celebrate the life of a fallen hero, Gregory ‘PT’ Stewart in one of the most appropriate ways, a football match between past and present club players at the Mecca for the sport in Guyana, the Georgetown Football Club, Ground from 19:00hrs. PT Stewart held the distinction of being a founding member of Pele FC and was also an ex

national player. He was called to higher service on Thursday February 2nd, 2014. He was one of five Pele players who made the starting eleven of Guyana’s first World Cup team on July 4th, 1976. Donning club colours for the past player will be some of PT’s former team mates, Vibert ‘Durdy’ Butts, Dennis ‘Chow’ Hunte, Clive Perry, Mark Britton, Gordon ‘Ultimate

Warrior’ Brathwaite, and Terry Nichols. Other past players expected to be in action tonight are Dirk Exiter, Raul ‘Overseas’ Jones, Terry Plumber, Herbert Pelew and Royston Erskine among others. Spearheading the present players’ challenge a r e S h e m r o y A r t h u r, Okeney Fraser, Devon Charles, Konata Manning, Keoma Gravesande and Jamal Cozier.

By Sean Devers West Indies middle order Te s t b a t s m a n , A s s a d Fudadin, yesterday hit a responsible 41 for the National First Class cricket team on the opening day of their four-day practice match against a Rest Team at the National Stadium, Providence. When bails were lifted the Guyana team, missing Shiv Chanderpaul,

Ramnaresh Sarwan and Narsingh Deonarine, who are recuperating from a ‘flu’ they contracted in Trinidad, declared at 203-9 and the Rest Team in reply were 111. Fudadin received some support from left-hander Chanderpaul Hemraj, who was drafted in as a replacement yesterday when Vishal Singh got injured, made 39 and former Test

opener Sewnarine Chattergoon made 37. Chattergoon and Fudadin batted slowly but solidly on a docile track and fast outfield to see their team to 66 without loss by lunch with Chattergoon on 35 and Fudadin on 24 at the interval. The National team leaves for Jamaica on February 25 where the face the host team in the opening game from (Continued on page 30)

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Thursday February 20, 2014

Flores is new President of Guyana Volleyball Federation John Flores has been elected the new President of the Guyana Volleyball Federation (GVF), replacing former President Lennox Shuffler who served the sport with distinction for many years but did not seek re-election. Flores was elected on Saturday last when the GVF held their Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Guyana Defence Force Coast Guard base, Ruimveldt, Georgetown. Representatives of the B e r b i c e Vo l l e y b a l l A s s o c i a t i o n ( B VA ) , D e m e r a r a Vo l l e y b a l l Association (DVA) among others attended. Shuffler was appointed Special Advisor to the GVF and will continue to share his technical knowledge apart from contributing to the sport which he thoroughly loves. Flores’ ascendancy to the top post was a unanimous decision by the members and according to a GVF release,

Baton Passed! New GVF President John Flores (left) and immediate past President, Lennox Shuffler. it was also strategic. There will be no time for the

president to rest as he would shortly be attending a very

important meeting of the South American Volleyball Federation Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Captain Raymond Archer was elected Treasurer, while Ronald Smith will serve as the Public Relations Officer. The only position left to be filled is the General Secretary and this would be done within one month’s time when a suitable list of candidates would be considered before the individual is selected and appointed.Outgoing P r e s i d e n t S h u ff l e r i n remarks informed that February 5th last marked his 75th birth anniversary pointing out that he would have been involved in the sport for a total of sixty-two (62) years serving both as a player and administrator. Shuffler said that the new President is more than an excellent replacement. He described Flores as being competent, energetic and he

{Shuffler}is very confident that he will be able to carry on since he has been involved over the years as a player and also as an administrator and has the influence and expertise to get things done. “The time is right, the track is laid, just have to pick up the reins and run”, Shuffler noted. Shuffler further stated that he has never felt more confident in handing over the baton, positing that some of the hallmarks of development are creative thinking, collective effort and commitment. “Achievements are landmarks placed in the sands of time so others can follow and surpass”, continued the veteran Shuffler, encouraging all to support and work as a unit for the growth and development of the sport. President Flores thanked Shuffler for his kind, gracious, inspirational and

parting words. The new boss took some time to share some of his plans which include building on programmes started by Shuffler; making the game a national pastime; supporting groups around the country; establishing rural circuits where talent can be spotted and developed; getting the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Sports integrally involved in developing school programmes along with a rural programme; making the GVF an accountable and transparent organization; creating training opportunities for referees and players; attendance at overseas training for greater capacity building in the organization; guiding the volleyball fraternity to become more financially independent; working closer as a team in a structured and systematic manner and establishing closer ties with the various associations.

Col. Persaud opens GDF 48TH Anniversary Rugby Tournament

Participating teams and officials pose for a photo op during the Opening Ceremony yesterday at Camp Ayanganna ground. “ T h e r e i s a n overwhelming amount of scientific evidence on the positive effects of sport and physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. The positive, direct effects of engaging in regular physical activity are particularly apparent in the prevention of several chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, obesity and depression,” Colonel Khemraj Persaud told the four teams , during the Opening Ceremony to commemorate the 48th

Anniversary of the Guyana Defence Force yesterday, at Camp Ayanganna ground. Col. Persaud was speaking to members of the University of Guyana, Hornets, Yamaha Caribs and his own Guyana Defence Force (GDF) teams that gathered to participate in a Sevens Tournament which formed part of the 2014 Guyana Rugby Football Union season. Also in attendance yesterday were officials of the GRFU including President Peter Green and personnel from the GDF hierarchy.

In his feature address, before declaring open the tournament, Col. Persaud spoke of the benefits of being involved in sports, adding that when sport is played at the community, state or national levels, players experience a sense of belonging and it also helps to foster patriotism and a feeling of oneness among team members. In direct relation to rugby, Col. Persaud spoke of the some of the benefits which according to him included developing core stability, endurance and agility, self confidence,

learning teamwork, developing quick thinking skills, increasing threshold for pain, building good character, learning to act with control under pressure, excellent for training for other sports among others. Meanwhile, President of the GRFU Green told this newspaper that the Union will very shortly unveil its programme for the year and commended the GDF for assisting in augmenting their calendar of activities. The results of the competition will be disclosed in a subsequent article.

Colonel Khemraj Persaud seen delivering the feature address at the Opening Ceremony of the Guyana Defence Force 48th Anniversary Rugby Competition.

Thursday February 20, 2014

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Braithwaite edges Goodluck & Female shooter Vidushi in latest GNRA Recorded Shoot Persaud wins Pistol competition -Persaud preparations for Caribbean Championships continue

Leading female pistol shooter Vidushi Persaud won the GNRA Smallbore Section of the Guyana National Rifle Association (GNRA) first competition for 2014 in a closely fought matchup at the TSU range at Eve Leary last weekend. Persaud recorded 187 points with five V bulls in the .22 Precision Pistol shoot held at the five and ten metres ranges. Second position sent to Azaad Hassan who also recorded 187 points with four V-bulls, while seasoned campaigner Ryan McKinnon was third with 184 points and six V-bulls. Smallbore captain Dale Hing said it was the perfect start to the 2014 season as several junior shooters were featured in the competition. “We were very pleased to see the junior shooters making full use of the competition as we prepare for a very action packed season,” Hing said. According to Hing, the first major tournament, the Queensway Cup, is set for March 9th at the Timehri ranges and will feature teams of three shooters. Starting time is at 09:00 hours. There will also be an Action Pistol competition on March 29th at the TSU ranges.

Ryan Sampson

Lennox Braithwaite

Vidushi Persaud Leo Ramalho

Ransford Goodluck

Busta Champion of Champions Semi-finals

Albion, Port Mourant, Young Warriors and RHTG&G to clash on Saturday The battle for a place in the finals of the Busta Champion of Champions cricket tournament is set to unfold on Saturday when the respective semi-finals are contested this weekend. Both encounters promise to be closely contested affairs with Port Mourant entertaining Albion, while defending champions Rose Hall Town Gizmos and Gadgets would oppose archrival Young Warriors at the Area ‘H’ Ground. Rose Hall Town Gizmos and Gadgets would be spearheaded by Delbert Hicks, Royston Crandon, Jason Sinclair, Dominic Rikhi, Askay Homraj, Clinton Pestano, Khemraj Mahadeo and Eon Hooper while Young Warriors will depend on Kevin Ramdeen, Linden Austin, Suresh Dhanai, Ishwar Singh, Veteran Hubern Evans,

Vishal Mohabir and Kassim Khan. Albion’s charge will centre around West Indies Test players Sewnarine Chattergoon, Veerasammy Permaul, Devendra Bishoo and they would be supported by the hard hitting Jonathan Foo, Anthony Bramble, Sharaz Ramcharran and Kandasammy Surujnarine. Port Mourant on the other hand would be hoping that Andrew Lyght Jr.,

JoshuaRam s a m m y, Yo g e n d r a Harrinarine, Devendra Takuradeen and veteran left arm spinner Robert Moore will come through for them. All matches start at0 9:30hrs. The date and venue for the final, which would be live on radio, would be decided by the organisers after consultation with the sponsor and NCN.

Caribbean Individual shooting king, Lennox Braithwaite continued his fine form when the Guyana National Rifle Association (GNRA) National Rifle Te a m c o n t i n u e d i t s preparation for the upcoming We s t I n d i e s F u l l b o r e Shooting championships in Jamaica. This past weekend’s Recorded Shoot held at the Timehri Rifle Ranges was closely contested over the 300, 600 and 900 Yards Ranges with the initial conditions being overcast, but this eventually developed into a bright day but with

deceitful winds at the 600 yards range. On the day, two possibles were recorded at the 300 yards range, shot by Lennox Braithwaite (50.3) and Fullbore Captain Mahendra Persaud (50.5) who was closely followed by Ransford Goodluck (49.3) and Dylan Fields (49.1). At the 600 yards range no shooter shot the maximum, achieving 34 out of a possible 35 were Braithwaite, Goodluck and Dylan Fields. This intensity in the XClass continued at the 900 yards range with Braithwaite

and Goodluck shooting possibles of 35.3 and 35.4 respectively, followed by Persaud (33.2) and Fields (33.1). In the final count in the X Class Lennox Braithwaite won the Record Shoot with a score of 119.9V. The O-Class shooters had a keenly contested shoot also with returning shooter Leo Ramalho leading at the first two ranges having shot 48.4 and 32.1 at the 300 and 600 yards ranges respectfully. Closely behind was Ryan Sampson shooting 47.3 and 30.0 at the 300 and 600 yards respectively. With (Continued on page 29)

Joyce leads Ireland to another famous win Ed Joyce and Andrew Poynter put on 58 for the fourth wicket. (Windies cricket)


Marlon Samuels was stumped well out of his ground. (Windies Cricket)

First Class practice match at Providence

Fudadin hits 41 as Nationals make 203-9 declared


Assad Fudadin was stumped off Zaheer Mohamed for 41 yesterday.

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