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Wednesday February 19, 2014

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GuySuCo senior staff wants Glaring incompetence Ramotar to intervene has crippled GuySuCo

DEAR SIR, The GuySuCo senior staff once again would like to express their concern through your media. An audience with the President of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana was sought approximately three weeks ago with issue related to ‘No Wage Increase and ‘Performance Base Incentive’ for the year 2013 for senior staff. The response from the President was that he is awaiting the Chairman of GuySuCo to come into the country. Up till Monday February,17, 2014, we are still waiting for the Chairman to come in. A new circular was issued to all locations that a new CEO will be at the helm of GuySuCo with effect from 24/02/2014. With this new change, it seemed we have been ignored and disrespected. It has been alleged by the

current Chairman that the financial status of GuySuCo was solely due to the faults of Senior Staff, but the Chairman needs to realize that the senior staff are being guided by the Board members and other executive decisions and direction. Three per cent of the workforce (Senior Staff)cannot be paid wage increases based on inflation for 2013, but money was made available to pay 97 per cent workforce (Unionised workers) and a substantial amount could be sourced to contract Indian nationals at certain location in GuySuCo. It is alleged that these Indian nationals are being paid super salaries and other benefits. We are now calling again on the President to look into this matter urgently before the situation gets out of control. GuySuCo Senior Staffers

KAYMAN SANKAR... From page 4 especially when crop yields were low and farmers incurred losses. With is help, they were able to eat. Rice was the dominant industry that sustained so many lives. When the rice industry was neglected and rice farmers marginalized, Kayman played the right politics and was able to revitalize the industry. And his contribution was pivotal for the expansion of the agricultural sector in the economy. He had his manager take me for a tour of his rice milling complex including the packaging of rice exported to Trinidad. What an experience it was. I was raised on rice farming (and even did some rice harvesting and milling) but the rice cultivation of my family and those of others in the Corentyne was no match for Kayman’s huge operations that were mechanized as compared with ours on the Corentyne that was small scale. Uncle Kayman’s withdrawal from the rice industry was a serious loss especially after Dr. Jagan was elected to office. Nevertheless, Kayman’s contributions to rice will always be remembered. Uncle Kayman, as many called him, also played a critical role in the development of cricket sponsoring several tournaments in Essequibo and aiding several cricketers who did not have funds to pursue their career. As a result of his help, they went on to represent Essequibo and the national team. As Brij Parasnath told me, no one contributed more to the development of cricket in the West Indies than Kayman. No one in the region spent his personal money to develop an entire cricket ground for regional cricket. He flew entire teams and reporters to Hampton Court to

play four day and one day matches and flew them out at his personal expenses. No one ever did that in the region. Kayman-ji also helped several poor families to marry their female children as well as to perform funeral rites. Kayman-ji told me in our interview that he could not stood by while poor families lacked funds to marry off their children. So he offered them loans to purchase jewelry and gifts (dowry) for the groom and groceries for a wedding. It is a strong tradition among more prosperous individuals in village life and I want to applaud those who help the poor. He also supported religious functions like Bhagwats. Shri Kayman had a terrific personality and was very compassionate to the poor and elderly performing seva (service to humanity). As some pointed out, he was never aloof in spite of his great wealth. Everyone I met in Essequibo had only positive things to say about Kayman. I also interviewed his brother who hosted me for lunch about the rice industry in Essequibo and about Kayman. He was an extraordinary figure who was deeply admired by everyone who knew him.

People told me Kayman-ji lived a very simple, humble life and he was easily accessible. He never turned away anyone who came for help. He provided employment for so many at a time when job was difficult to obtain. As some have pointed out, Guyana is better because of the contributions he made to the economy and towards the upkeep of Indian cultural traditions. Shri Kayman was also very religious, a very devout person. He hosted Swami Datta of Mysore. Through his associates in New York and Trinidad, Swami-ji had asked me to convey his regards to Shri Kayman who hosted Swami Datta and his entourage in Essequibo as well as in Georgetown. Kayman chartered an aircraft to take Swami to Kaieteur Falls allowing the touring party to experience the beauty and warm hospitality of Guyanese. Swami Datta was also flown around for religious services around the country. My deepest sympathy to his son Beni, who I met a few times many years ago, and to the family and employees. May his soul have everlasting peace. Thank you Kayman for your contributions to Guyana. Vishnu Bisram

DEAR EDITOR, In a commentary aired in January 2004 I said this, “During the years [1966 to 1976] the average rainfall per annum was 132.45 inches; the past 10 years [1993-2003] produced an average [rainfall] of less than 75 inches per year and everyone went to sleep in complacency. They included the chairman of the D&I Board, the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Agriculture and the Government. In one of those years, 1967, according to the research in my commentary, we received an incredible 167 inches of rainfall. (All rainfall data I am using were recorded at Plantation Houston Estate, EBD) Despite all we are seeing now, in no year since 2004 did we receive more than 120 inches of rainfall in Demerara. In 2004 I said, “Today we are flooding after only a small shower, my question is what happened to the drainage system which took off that 132.45 inches per annum during the period 1966 to 1976, and in the mid eighties?”I said this one year before the great

flood in January 2005. I will tell you what happened to it; incompetence, victimisation and corruption destroyed it. All of the historical data we have tell us that the area which will receive this high rainfall and which has the lowest land level on the Guyana coast is Region Four. That’s why the Demerara Estates are not as efficient as the Berbice ones. The PPP and its board at GuySuCo—-not one member of the opposition is allowed to sit on this board—-keeps telling us that all of this poor performance is due to climate change and the unusually heavy rainfall that is accompanying it, and I kept saying that this is a distortion of the factssince my experience in sugar tells me that for Guyana this is normal. Mr Rashleigh Jackson always says “that you are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to

your own facts”. The facts are that there is no evidence that this country has to this date, as far as rainfall is concerned, experienced an effect which is abnormal and can be blamed on climate change, it just another way for the PPP to obscure their incompetence by telling us lies. In my commentary I also said, “I don’t need to pay any British company to tell me [that] during the period of 1992 to 2003 this country received less that its traditional average of rainfall but that the drains that were existing prior to 1992 had to be maintained at those dimensions since every 12 years or so this country receives alternating high/low rainfall patterns” Recently my friend Mr Earl John uncovered a speech, on the sugar industry in Guyana, delivered by then Chairman of Booker Continued on page 30

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood.

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Disbarred Judge denies securing appointment through Govt. connection “I was, and remain fully eligible for the post” With numerous questions circling over his appointment as an Appeal Court Judge, Rabi Sukul, has come out in defence of himself and further charges that it is inconceivable that it could be linked to a government connection. According to Sukul, his application for a judicial position was submitted in November 2011 and it was not until July 2013 that he was appointed. “I had to wait for a year and seven months before a decision was made to appoint me to the Bench… I was, and remain fully eligible for the post to which I was appointed.” Sukul further pointed out that after President Donald Ramotar swore him in, “I have not seen the good gentleman to this day…I have not spoken to his Excellency to this day. I do not know him personally.” Sukul said when he received the devastating news of his disbarment, he requested and was granted leave to return to the United Kingdom where he has since commenced the preparations to “fight this debilitating injustice to the bitter end.” According to Sukul, the media publications and articles have not considered the fact that the authority that disbarred him is a governing body and not a Court of Law. “The governing body

could be overruled by the Courts of the United Kingdom, into which I am taking my appeal…There are legal issues to be resolved by judges of the High Court…Those who have written caustic articles in the press have unwisely jumped the proverbial gun.” Sukul insists that at the time of his application for a judicial position in Guyana there was no complaint outstanding against him for any reason whatsoever. “I had been in undisturbed professional practice as a defence Barrister in London for a quarter of a century.” He said that during that time, save an except for the current allegations against him, the Bar Council of England & Wales has never found him liable for any professional misconduct. “I was fully eligible for consideration to the post to which I was appointed.” He noted too that the Chief Justice (ag), Ian Chang, was a member of the Judicial Service Commission Panel that interviewed him. “He asked me one question only…How old are you? The records of the meeting can speak if need be.” He said it was five months after he applied for the position of Appellate Court Judge, that he drafted the documents that have since landed him in hot water.

Wednesday February 19, 2014

CCJ overturns High Court ruling - FIRST TRIAL IN GUYANA The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) in less than 24 hours after hearing its first matter on Guyana’s soil; delivered its written ruling at 10:00 hours yesterday at the Courtroom facility at the Convention Centre, Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara. The Court granted the application for special leave to appeal made on behalf of Paul Lashley and John Campayne by their Attorneys, Sanjeev Datadin and Charles Ramson. In delivering its ruling, the Court agreed with Datadin’s submissions that there was an arguable appeal. Datadin had argued that the incompetence of Counsel for

Lashley and Campayne was such that it deprived them of a fair hearing. He had additionally argued, in the alternative, that the sentence of the Magistrate was unduly severe. Ms. Sonia Joseph who is attached to the Director of Public Prosecutions’ office appeared for the State. The judgment of the Court was read out to a packed courtroom by the President of the Court, Sir Dennis Byron, who said that it was the decision of the whole Court that leave to appeal against the decision of the Court of Appeal of Guyana to the Caribbean Court of Justice be granted. The Court went on to set the hearing of the substantive

appeal for Thursday 10th April, 2014, at the seat of the Court in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, with Ms Joseph being permitted to address the Court via videoconference after she said she was not interested in travelling. After the judgment was given, Datadin said he was pleased with the judgment but was even happier that the decision of the Court was delivered in less than 24 hours. He said it was a great example of the system working. When asked whether the Guyana Courts should strive to deliver their rulings with similar promptness he said “it wouldn’t hurt”.

He declined to make further comments about the Guyana judicial system, but admitted “it’s no secret that cases are taking too long to be completed and judgments are taking too long to be delivered”. Ramson when asked about his thoughts of the decision said that “all cases and especially criminal cases must be viewed through the lens of “fairness” and any instance of an unfair conviction resonates beyond the walls of that single courtroom – it is systemic. So, in granting this application the system of justice and equally important the perception of justice have been manifestly protected.

Old Year’s Night murder…

Accused for High Court trial

DEAD: Carlissa Matthews

MURDER ACCUSED: Jermaine Maynard

Jermaine Maynard, who is accused of murdering his exgirlfriend less than two months ago outside the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) outlet on Water and Croal Streets, Georgetown, has been committed to stand trial in the High Court. The Preliminary Inquiry (PI) ended yesterday, as Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry told the accused that the Prosecution had successfully established a prima facie case of murder against him and as such he will be facing a judge and jury for trial. Maynard, 42, was charged on January 6 with murder in the death of Carlissa Matthews, 20, who was shot to death in front of the fast food outlet. Previous reports indicated that minutes before 2013 ended, the 20-year-old woman was reportedly standing outside KFC when Maynard approached her requesting an audience with her. It was then that Matthews

was reportedly shot to the head, allegedly by Maynard. She was then rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where she later succumbed early New Year’s morning. Reports are that the accused had fled the scene after the alleged shooting but was nabbed at the ‘back track’ crossing at Springlands on January 2, as he was about to board a boat. He was subsequently indicted for the capital offence. The PI got underway last Monday and the Prosecution which was led b y P o l i c e P r o s e c u t o r, Corporal Bharat Mangru, attached to the Chamber of the Director of Public Prosecutions, has since brought eleven (11) to testify on behalf of the state. Notwithstanding the nocase submissions made by Defence Attorney George Thomas on behalf of Maynard, the Chief Magistrate indicated that based on the evidence she is of the opinion that a sufficient case of murder has been made out against Maynard to stand trial for the murder of Carlissa Matthews at the next practical sitting at the High Court.

Wednesday February 19, 2014

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Wednesday February 19, 2014

Strong earthquake shakes Barbados SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — A magnitude-6.5 earthquake struck northeast of Barbados early yesterday, jolting thousands from their sleep but causing no reported damage or casualties. It also was felt in the nearby French Caribbean island of Martinique. Barbados Police Constable Chris Greg told The Associated Press by telephone that the earthquake was felt throughout the island. “It was strong,” he said. The U.S. Geological Survey said the temblor struck at a depth of 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) at 5:27 a.m. (0927 GMT) and was centered some 106 miles (170 kilometers) northeast of

Bathsheba, Barbados. Dennis Connell, a 55-yearold security supervisor at a local country club, said in a phone interview that he was just starting to wake up when the earthquake struck. “I felt like the place was spinning,” he said, adding that he didn’t realize it was a temblor. “I thought I was going sick.” Connell lives at Barbados’ most northern point, and said there was no damage to his home or his neighbors’ houses. Judy Thomas, director of Barbados’ Emergency Management Department, said that thousands of people felt the quake but that it didn’t last very long. She said she has received

no reports of injuries or damage to infrastructure, and that there is no threat of tsunami. “We’re advising people to go about their business as usual,” she said. In Martinique, officials said no damage or injuries had been reported either. However, Valerie Clouard, director of the island’s Volcanic and Seismic Observatory, warned of possible aftershocks in the next several hours. The eastern Caribbean was last struck by a powerful earthquake in 2007, when a magnitude-7.4 quake centered just northwest of Martinique’s coastline severely damaged some buildings on the island.

Focus on debt burden CASTRIES, St Lucia CMC – Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony says his administration will now focus on reducing the island’s debt burden. St Lucia’s public debt is estimated at 77 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) and according to World Bank figures for 2012, the GDP stood at US$1.2 billion. In his first public response to the recent disclosure by the Department of Statistics that unemployment now stood at 25 per cent, Anthony said while he was of the opinion that the situation could “get a little worse before it gets better” there was now light at the end of the tunnel. The private sector here has been calling on the government to revisit the introduction of the 15 per cent Value Added Tax (VAT) which it said had been crippling its ability to expand and provide

Dr Kenny Anthony more jobs on the island. “I have said before that it would get a little worse before it gets better, and I believe that the worst is over for the private sector, and the problem now lies on the government side, given the fiscal adjustments that we have to make,” Anthony said. “Over the last year,

several St Lucians have lost their jobs, and some of the island’s major retailers such as Minville and Chastanet, and a number of regional banks have been forced to reduce employees prematurely by inviting them to accept severance packages.” Prime Minister Anthony said the recent decision by the majority owned British telecommunications company, LIME, to terminate several employees had prompted him to write the company. But despite this, Prime Minister Anthony said he remained convinced that the situation was stabilising and that had it not been for the National Initiative to Create Employment (NICE) programme, unemployment would have been higher. “In a sense the NICE programme is helping to contain the numbers at the moment.

PM accuses opposition of delaying naming date for polls ST. JOHN”S, Antigua CMC – Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer has blamed the main Antigua Labour Party (ALP) of engineering the delay in the calling of the general elections, saying that it has taken to the courts to tie up the process. In an interview with the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC), Prime Minister Spencer made reference to the cases before the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court regarding the constituency boundaries and the registration of electors. Asked whether or not the polls would be held before the end of April, Prime Minister Spencer, who is seeking a

third consecutive term in office, said “I don’t want to stick my neck out and say that...but let me put it this way…we would like to have the elections as soon as it is possible and practical”. But he acknowledged there were still “issues to be resolved with respect to court cases…matters engineered by the opposition and they are they are the ones creating issues that could very well lead to an unacceptable delay in the election” Prime Minister Spencer said that the government was now “fighting two very critical and important issues in the courts engineered by the

Baldwin Spencer opposition” and that while the matter relating o the boundries had been heard during the court sitting in St. Kitts last week, there had been no ruling.

Wednesday February 19, 2014

It is disappointing that a member of the Bar should suggest that the Executive President of Guyana should launch a Commission of Inquiry into the appointment of a Court of Appeal judge who was a member of the Bar in another jurisdiction and who subsequent to taking

Kaieteur News

up judicial appointment in Guyana was disbarred in the foreign jurisdiction in which he originally practiced. Anyone who is admitted to the local Bar ought at the minimum to appreciate that it would be highly improper of the President to encroach on the Judicial Service

Commission in this way. Any inquiry would have to be internal to the Judicial Service Commission, and it would be for that body and that body alone to determine if they failed in undertaking adequate due diligence. The decisions of the Judicial Commission cannot be subject to a Commission of

Dem boys seh

Guyana had its own Lazarus All of a sudden people now realize that anytime of de day dem got people who just deh fuh rob dem. When dem build Pradoville it was a society that poor people use to frighten to even walk near to. De big ones who live there use to deh in dem house and people don’t even see dem. Now gunman just walking about in de place because dem suddenly realize that is dem money de people tek fuh build some of dem houses. And de thing that got some people worried is that nuff of dem big house empty. People who got de money just build a house fuh do something wid de money. De gunman who shoot de man in Pradoville was watching dem house and getting vex. Dem boys seh that he wasn’t de only one who get

vex. Every now and then Bee Jay does try to show that he is still a big one, that he is de power behind de throne. He does walk in to Cabinet and sit down wheh Donald does sit. Well Robeson get vex and stay away from a meeting when Donald was out of de country. Bee Jay call and try to mess up Robeson who got a short fuse. De man wid de hammer simple tell Bee Jay that he time done and if he continue to push heself pun de Cabinet he gun resign. Bee Jay get vex and he try a thing wid Donald, but de big man ignore he because Donald believe that is he bruck up de country. He mek de party lose de majority in Parliament, he mek Guyana spend money pun project that ain’t serving no purpose like de Skeldon

sugar factory and de country waste money pun de Amaila Road that ain’t done yet. Robeson remind he bout that. But if Bee Jay think that he can get vex he shoulda see de family who bruck open a tomb and tek back dem dead. Two gray hair man dead and somebody mix dem up. One family bury de wrang dead. That was how de confusion start because when de next family come dem see a man dem didn’t even know. This time de other family cry up over de wrang dead. One man cry till he hoarse. This time he real family still in de fridge in de parlour. Dem boys seh that this is one of de few times that a man come forth from he tomb like Lazarus. Is just that he had to get help. Talk half and hope that Robeson still keep de wuk.

Inquiry by the Executive arm. The disbarment of Guyana’s latest Court of Appeal appointee is however an eye-opener in other respects. It is an eye-opener because of the allegation over which the individual was disciplined. Many lawyers operating outside of Guyana have been disbarred. In most cases, it is because of fraud or professional misconduct. In this instance, the individual was debarred because he was said to have drafted false grounds of appeal for his client while he was in private practice outside of Guyana. Now if drafting false grounds of appeal is the basis for disbarment, then a great many lawyers in Guyana had better watch themselves. There are many cases which local lawyers undertake knowing that they will not succeed. Yet they assure their clients that they will win the case and that they have strong grounds. There are also instances that are deemed to be an abuse of the process of the Courts. Equally there are cases in which there seem no plausible grounds for appeal. Yet some lawyers will appeal just in order to extend the

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litigation process or to extract a fee from their clients. If someone can be disbarred for filing grounds of appeal that stood little chance of success, and if this was deemed to be have brought the legal profession into disrepute, what about those instances, as mentioned above, where lawyers create a false expectation by assuring their clients that there is no case against them, only for the client to be jailed because the case against them could not be disproved. Should lawyers who create such false expectations not also be disbarred? And what about those lawyers who having lost a case in a lower court, urge the client to appeal the verdict because they have strong grounds for an appeal? If no such strong case exists, should the concerned lawyer not also be disbarred? What about those cases when the lawyer knows there is no case, yet makes a case for reasons other than justice? What if it is part of an attempt to delay a final ruling on a matter? Should that lawyer not also be disbarred for bringing the legal profession into disrepute? And what about those cases where trivial matters are filed and which are deemed to be an abuse of due process? Should the responsible

lawyers be disbarred? And what about those lawyers who take clients’ fees and do not turn up? Should they not also be disbarred? In fact there is provision in the laws of Guyana for disciplinary action to be taken against such lawyers. It is not clear how many complaints of this nature have ever been brought before the competent authorities, but certainly there have not been many lawyers disbarred since independence. And finally, what about the private transactions of lawyers? What if a lawyer misleads someone either by acts of omission of commission and as a result that person suffers grievous loss. Should disbarment follow? This case involving the recently-appointed judge of our Court of Appeal is an eyeopener. Instead of a call for a Commission of Inquiry into the appointment of this judge, what is needed is for a Commission to be established to make recommendations as to the ethical and professional standards expected of judicial practitioners and the disciplinary action that they should face for violations of these standards.

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Wednesday February 19, 2014


A Guyana Tragedy: Magistrates Nurse and Lovell and Commissioner Brumell In a column last week on Magistrate Clive Nurse, I did say that I would write the Chancellor on this magistrate’s ruling to jail two police ranks for two years for allowing a prisoner to escape. My opinion is that this sentence is highly flawed and needs investigating. My second opinion is that human rights groups should demand the dismissal of Magistrate Nurse. Even more untenable is the position of Magistrate Sueanna Lovell. Ms. Lovell jailed an Amerindian teenager, Fatima Martin, for sixty months (the maximum sentence for such a charge) for assaulting the offspring

of Magistrate Geeta Chandan and her husband attorney, Joel Edmond, while on babysitting duties. The case went through the court within the space of a week. The teen was legally unrepresented and a probation report was not submitted. The teen was also a first offender. No matter how we are enraged by the babysitter ’s action, the dispensation of justice must not be wild and irrational. There are troubling aspects about this case. One is that a magistrate jailed a babysitter on the complaint of another magistrate. One may say there is a conflict of interest there. But this conflict

of interest may become more visible when you take into consideration the complaints of Red Thread, the Women Miners’ Organisation and the Amerindian People’s Association. These important national stakeholders have told the media that they are in vehement disagreement with the severity of the sentence. They staged a picket outside the Convention Centre while the Caribbean Court of Justice was in session. I participated, and I would urge more of our menfolk to come out and protest Magistrate Lovell’s misplaced decision. I would urge my fellow male gender to join these women

groups in further protest action against Magistrate Lovell. Secondly, the role of the police and the courts come into focus. The police were quick to charge. The courts were in a supersonic mood to proceed. The case lasted a week in a court system that is one of the slowest in the world – Guyana. As soon as I heard about this quick conviction, I thought of Mr. Jagdeo’s libel writ against me and this newspaper. The affidavit by Mr Jagdeo was filed at the end of September 2010. The court case began in July the next year. That would be ten months. I swear on my

parents’ grave, a sitting judge said to me. “Freddie, you better check it; that may be a record for the world, not only Guyana.” Indeed he was right! A libel writ does not see a courtroom anywhere in the world ten months after the plaintiff files an affidavit. Go to Magistrate Lovell’s courtroom today or tomorrow or the next week and you will see what transpires in all courts in Guyana - an inevitable fast-forwarding of cases to a future date which take in at least a two weeks interregnum. Could a valid criticism be made against Commissioner Brumell for the way his junior ranks behaved in this situation? How long did the investigation take? Was the woman put under severe duress during interrogation? Let’s return to Sueanna Lovell and Clive Nurse and maybe the acting Chief Justice, Ian Chang. If society does not speak out against judicial decisions that appear to violate natural law, and denounce rulings that appear to have been made in unreasonable and unconscionable ways, then there will continue to be a plethora of egregiously unjust sentencing at both the magisterial and High Court levels. The willingness to openly disagree with contorted judicial decisions was given phenomenal

Frederick Kissoon encouragement when many eminent stakeholders came out in public disagreement with the ruling on the Chief Justice on then Commissioner Henry Greene, in relation to the legal right of the DPP to charge him for rape. So reverberating was the condemnation of this ruling that even a Cabinet Minister critiqued the judgement, and this prompted the Chief Justice to say that in the light of ministerial wrath, he may resign. Now still echoing all over the media are the rejections of the judgement of the Chief Justice in the budget cutting case. Citizens, seeing that many judicial rulings are being openly questioned in the press, will now feel inclined to be brave and show their disgust with what they considered heartless sentencing by some magistrates. We have seen this with Magistrate Nurse and now Lovell. In my opinion, Nurse and Lovell are not magisterial material and ought to be let go. But they will be retained because, “we shaart ah magistrates in de country, so yuh gat to tek wuh yuh get.” Look what Guyana gets!

GPL offers Mash vendors prepaid service Guyana Power and Light Inc (GPL) is inviting all persons desirous of using temporary electricity supply for the purposes of Mash celebrations to contact the company’s Commercial Office to prepay for this service. “As a corporate citizen, GPL is extremely proud of our country’s achievement and looks forward to providing legal connections to vendors and other persons, who may desire a supply of electricity for this period of festivities,” the power company stated. “As we join all Guyanese in preparation for one of the largest national festivals, all arrangements are in place to meet the demands of customers, including technical support during the large float parade along the routes of Georgetown, the Capital City.” According to GPL, persons, especially vendors along the parade route, who are desirous of temporary electricity services, especially Mashramani day, can visit

GPL’s Commercial Office at 40 Main Street, Georgetown and prepay for this service. They would need to provide a copy of proof of identification and Certificate of Inspection issued by the Government Electrical Inspectorate The cost of the service will be determined by the electrical appliances (freezer, sound system, microwave oven etc) indicated by the vendor for intended use. Prepaying for temporary service will allow the Power Company to generate the electricity demand for the period. However, GPL noted that persons found guilty of unauthorized electricity supply during the festivities will be prosecuted. Interested persons would need to apply for their service on or before Friday, February 21, 2014, during normal business hours. They can contact Commercial Call Centre on 2262606, between the hours of 08:00 and 16:00 hrs Mondays to Thursday and 08.00 to 15:30hrs on Fridays.

Wednesday February 19, 2014

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Seven companies vie for major drug supply contract Prequalification tenders were submitted under the Health Ministry for the supply and delivery of pharmaceutical/other medical supplies/consumable for the period 2014-2016. The bids were opened yesterday by the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB), Ministry of Finance, Main Street

The Ministry of Health also received bids for the provision for security.

Meanwhile, bids were opened under the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) for the fabrication and delivery of stainless steel sluice gates for construction of the East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC) high level sluice outfall structure Hope/Dochfour, East Coast Demerara, region four.

Still within NDIA, tenders were opened for the rehabilitation of Caterpillar excavators in region six.

For region four, bids were also opened for the rehabilitation of NDIA excavators at Lusignan, East Cost Demerara.

Finally, NDIA received bids to construct and supply timber mats for the East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC)’s Northern Relief Channel Project.

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Wednesday February 19, 2014

Babysitter assault case...

Lawyers move to appeal 60-month sentence Attorneys representing the young woman who was jailed for assaulting a one– year–old who was in her care, are in the process of appealing the 60-month jail sentence that was handed down, citing discrepancies in the way the matter was handled. The lawyers who are working pro-bono on the woman’s behalf have stated their intention to move to the Appeal Court after interviewing her about what transpired after the assault of the baby to the time of her sentencing. Attorney at law Christopher Ram told Kaieteur News yesterday that he interviewed the woman on Sunday last in his capacity as secretary of the Guyana Bar Association, along with Attorney Mohamed Ali in his capacity as an executive of the Bar. Attorneys Sase Gunraj and Emily Dotson are

expected to file the application. Kaieteur News has learnt however that Fatima Martin, the 19-year-old babysitter has accused the baby’s mother Geeta Chandan -a Magistrate- of repeatedly assaulting her, while the baby’s father, Joel Edmond a lawyer- threatened to shoot her. According to Martin’s statement dated February 16, when Chandan found out that she (babysitter) had struck the infant, she had assaulted her and used abusive language against her at different times and even in the presence of police ranks. Martin said that she started working as a live-in maid with the Edmonds in November. Her duties were to tend to the couple’s five and one-year-old children, among other chores. On February 11, the baby refused to have her pampers put on, ‘and I don’t

know what came into me and I hit her in the face with the back of my hand,” Martin said. She said the baby started to cry and she realized that her eyes were bruised and she texted the baby’s mother. Martin said she told Magistrate Chandan that the baby had fallen off the bed, before she (Chandan) left with the baby and returned with a “female person dressed in allover black.” Martin said she later learnt that it was a constabulary officer from Chandan’s court. Martin said she changed her story to say that the baby had fallen in the bathroom, when she was again asked about the child. The parents had by the next day, made a second attempt to take the baby to the doctor, and after returning, questioned her about the child’s injury; this time threatening to call the police. Martin’s statement said further that a male Inspector of Police dressed in “all-over

brown” came to the Magistrate’s home and in a private meeting she (Martin) admitted to “hitting” the baby. This information was later related to the Magistrate, and her husband who then yelled, “You hit my child,” before proceeding to “slap and hit me on both sides of my face, cuff me in my head and hit me with the baby bottle which was full with feed.” Martin said she began to cry in the presence of the male officer, “who did nothing”. Mr. Edmond, Martin alleged, then said he would shoot her. Martin continued that the officer in brown clothes before arresting her asked if she had anything to collect, and she and Chandan went upstairs to her room. Martin alleged that after Chandan pulled her clothes from the drawer, she threw it on the floor and started to stomp on it. She claims the Magistrate then started to pull her hair and cuff her again. She said the female officer

from the previous day, heard the commotion in the bedroom and came to ask the Magistrate to desist from hitting her, but she (Chandan) continued, Martin said. She alleged that Chandan continued to hit her on the left side of her head, where she has a lump from birth; telling her (Martin) that she will make it turn to cancer. Martin said she was taken to the Beterverwagting Police Station where she was booked and locked up. The next day, a confrontation was held with Chandan and her husband. During the taking of the statements, Martin said the Magistrate again assaulted h e r b y, “ s l a p p i n g m e , pulling my hair and hitting me with a staple machine on both knees, punched me twice on my left breast and took up the back of the staple machine and hit me in my stomach.” Martin alleged that when the police officer went outside the room, Mr. Edmond told her that he allowed his wife to do the hitting, “because if he did, he would

have broken my neck.” The teen said she was returned to the lock ups. On February 13, Martin said she spent half day in the lock ups and was taken to the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court. Up to that time, Martin said she was not aware of the charge against her or advised of any rights she had. Both the baby’s parents were present in court, she said. The charge was later read to her and she pleaded guilty. Martin said she was given a five-year jail sentence, but one of the lawyers representing the Magistrate and her husband told the presiding Magistrate (Sueanna Lovell) to sentence her in months. She was then given 60 months. Martin said she was not asked to make a statement or asked whether she wanted to say anything. She alleges that Chandan came to her in the courtyard and told her that she would pray for her to punish more. Martin said after a police officer told her to apologise to the Magistrate and her husband, she did.

Wednesday February 19, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 13

Colwyn Harding alleged baton assault…

Witness claims he was offered $$$ to change his story As the nation holds its breath, anxiously awaiting the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) on the Colwyn Harding sexual assault matter, Kaieteur News has been reliably informed that one of the witnesses was offered money to change his testimony in favour of the police who is being accused of sodomising Harding with a condom-covered baton. The man, Stephan Joseph Phillips called ‘Muslim’, who claimed to be in the lock-ups at the time Harding was in custody, was recorded saying that he had lied when he gave his first statement to the police. Phillips had initially given a statement in which he claimed that he heard Colwyn Harding repeatedly screaming “murder” after police forced him into a cell at the Timehri Police Station, and he later found the alleged sexual assault victim bleeding and unconscious in the same cell. This news was provided with a recording with a voice purported to be Phillips telling an undercover policewoman that he had lied in his first statement. But when confronted with this piece of information, Phillips at first denied that he had had any such conversation with the policewoman. When pressed further with the tape recording, he finally admitted that he did speak to the policewoman, and went along with the suggested plan to change his story in favour of the police. “She say, ‘if you work for

Colwyn Harding

we, we gon pay you…fuh say dat nothing ain’t happen…she say right now if you want, you could get a hundred thousand dollars. She ain’t show me no money, but she tek out a thousand dollars fuh pay passage fuh go to Brickdam station, but I tek de thousand dollars and go to de hospital to see Colwyn Harding,” Phillips related to this newspaper. He said that that was the last time he spoke to her. “I won’t accept no money. The statement that I gave them first is the one that I will stick with,” he said adding that at the time of the recording, he was fearful of the police. He stated that he has since been the subject of constant police harassment. Kaieteur News understands that investigators from the Police’s Office of Professional Responsibility are aware of this development, which could impact significantly on any further investigations.

Meanwhile, Harding’s mother Sharon Harding is maintaining that the police initially tried to cover up the matter. The woman, who visited this newspaper ’s office yesterday, informed that she is still hurting from statements made by senior police officials, who claimed that she did not indicate that her son was sexually assaulted when she first reported the matter to them in December. The woman’s son, who is back in Guyana after receiving medical attention in Jamaica, is alleging that on November 15 last year, he was sexually assaulted by a policeman who forcefully used a baton, covered with a condom, during attempts to arrest him. Sharon Harding said that she had contacted the Commissioner of Police via text message informing him about her son’s allegations a month after the incident when his physical condition

deteriorated. Investigators had stated that her initial statement in December did not indicate sexual assault. Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority Cecil Kennard had told the media that the reports prepared by the investigators showed no evidence of a sexual assault. At a press conference on January 17 last, both Commissioner of Police Leroy Brumell and ‘A’ Division Commander George Vyphuis had said that when the matter was first reported to them, it was only reported as an ordinary assault and no mention was made of any sexual assault. “At no time did the mother ever mention to me that a baton with a condom was used on her son…I only learnt about this from a recording,” Vyphuis had stressed. However, yesterday Sharon Harding provided evidence of the text message which was sent to Brumell on December 16 last year. It read: “Hi Mr Brumell, I am trying not 2 go 2 the media for ranks at Timehri Police Station for buggering my son.

He now has 2 undergo surgery. I need ur intervention.” The woman said that from the inception the police dragged their feet on the matter. “If they had done things earlier my son would have been able to get medical attention earlier.” She said that after her initial text message to the commissioner, she met with Commander Vyphuis who assured her that an investigation was underway. She said that she even contacted the Officer-inCharge of the Timehri SubDivision, who gave her the same assurance. But after a while her calls to these same officers went unanswered. “They asked me not to go to the media. It was only after they were doing nothing that I decided to make the matter public,” Sharon Harding told this newspaper. And it’s been a little over a week since the DPP has been perusing the file on the matter with a view to advising on whether to charge the police or not. This newspaper understands that emphasis is being placed on the report by

a private medical practitioner. A source close to the investigation has informed this newspaper that the report of Doctor Dalgleish Joseph was sent to the DPP as part of the police report, following their investigation into the matter. Dr Joseph, this newspaper was informed, was contracted by the Colwyn Harding support group, after officials from the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation had given their opinion on the injuries Harding was being treated there for. The file has been with the DPP for a little over a week and according to a source, she is going through 45 statements meticulously so as to come with the right advice. Harding is alleging that a policeman at the Timehri Police Station had inserted a condom-covered baton into his rectum, causing a severe rupture that almost cost him his life. The police have denied the allegation and medical opinion is divided on what might have caused his injury, for which he recently received treatment in Jamaica.

Page 14

Kaieteur News

World Bank VP pays tribute to Laurence Clarke Vice President of World Bank Group Human Resources, Sean McGrath, has said that Laurence Clarke’s legacy is felt across the Africa continent, in Juba, Angola, Mozambique, Sao Tome, Liberia, Botswana, Zambia, and Ethiopia where, as a World Bank representative, he made a difference through tireless efforts and long hours of dedication. Laurence Clarke, the late World Bank representative who served in those countries and was at one time Country Director for the Mozambique CMU, died at the Capela do Hospital Central in Maputo, Mozambique. He was born on January 26th, 1952. Clarke succumbed after a long battle with illness. The former World Bank

Laurence Clarke representative is remembered as a leader who fought poverty with passion and professionalism. Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in the

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

UK, he graduated in 1974, with a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Social Sciences from the University of Guyana and in 1976 from the University of Windsor, Canada with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Degree. Soon after, Clarke joined the Bank in 1978 as a Young Professional and then moved on to a Financial Analyst and investment officer role during the first 12 years, which he spent with International Finance Corporation (IFC). During that period of time, Clarke completed his Doctor of Philosophy (PHD) in Economics (Monetary) from the University of the West Indies of Jamaica in 1986. From 1998, Laurence assumed the roles of Lead Operations Officer for the SD and then FPSI front offices; He was then Resident Representative and Country Manager for Zambia, Angola, Ethiopia and South Sudan.

Prior to his retirement, he served as the Country Director for the Mozambique CMU. “Many colleagues have shared memories of Laurence, remembering his personal warmth, professionalism, passion and humour. “From his tireless commitment while working as Country Manager and subsequently Country Director, to his passion and professionalism in fighting poverty particularly in fragile and post-conflict situations,” said McGrath. “The numerous spontaneous words of sympathy and recognition which circulated by email on the day of his passing, testify of the respect, admiration and love that he inspired in many across the bank.” Clarke leaves to mourn his wife, Ingrid, and daughter Tawina. A memorial service took place yesterday at the hospital where he passed away.

Wednesday February 19, 2014

Relatives bury wrong dead after funeral parlour mix-up The body of an elderly Berbice man was returned to a funeral parlour refrigerator after spending close to a day in a tomb at the Crabwood Creek Cemetery. The man was erroneously buried on Monday by a family who mistook him for their dead relative. The mistake occurred because of the uncanny resemblance of the two men, who reportedly died on the same day and were placed next to each other in the parlour’s refrigerator. “Both ah dem old and had grey hair,” a source told Kaieteur News. According to information received by this newspaper, the relatives of one of the men who flew into Guyana from the USA dressed one of the bodies without first ascertaining the real identity. It turned out that it was

not their relative. “They put on suit and ting pon he and dey even cry up,” the source said. The body was subsequently buried according to Christian rights. Confusion came when a female employee of the funeral parlour noticed that the body which was scheduled for burial on Monday was still in the fridge. She quickly informed relatives of the man who was mistakenly buried. Yesterday morning the man’s angry relatives, went to the burial ground and broke open the tomb, took out the well-dressed body and returned it to the fridge to await a proper cremation tomorrow. Meanwhile, relatives of the other dead man took his body and placed it in the tomb.

CARICOM accredits South African envoy

After accepting her credentials yesterday, CARICOM Secretary General, Ambassador Irwin LaRocque, officially introduced Her Excellency, Maureen Isabella Modiselle, South Africa’s Ambassador to the Caribbean Community, to members of the media and the executives of CARICOM, at the Headquarters of the Secretariat in Greater Georgetown. During his address, Ambassador LaRocque expressed how happy he was to be a part of the ceremony for the presentation of the new envoy’s credentials. “It is my pleasure and honour to welcome you to the CARICOM Secretariat and to the family of Plenipotentiary Representatives to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). Beyond the political affinities that bind South Africa and CARICOM, our relationship is predicated on shared values. These include a mutual aspiration to ensure that freedom, equity and the rule of law are guiding principles for our actions. It was a commitment to such principles on our side that galvanised the Caribbean Community to support the struggle against apartheid and to assist South Africa to prepare for its post-apartheid era.” To this end, he said that yesterday’s accreditation was

testimony to a mutual desire to carry their relations to a higher plane. “We are building a platform on which to strengthen our bilateral corporation which will be enhanced by regular political interface. It will boast investment talks and other exchanges. There is no doubt that both sides have expressed interest in talks about other important issues.” Ambassador LaRocque said that both parties have recognized the need to reform global structures and the need to zero in on crime and security and its impact. He said that it is necessary to confront these issues if it is to strengthen partnerships. “Both parties as members of the international community have done their part in contributing to a significant advance to the fight against crime and violence by working towards the successful conclusion of the United Nations Arms and Trade Treaty which seeks to regulate the trade in conventional arms.” He noted as well that, for a region like the Caribbean, the proliferation of small arms has contributed to a rise in crime and violence and the treaty is but one critical tool in the fight against crime. The Secretary General then took the opportunity to thank the South African community for their continued support for

this treaty. Ambassador LaRocque also pointed out that the Commonwealth Community has placed emphasis on debt and financial challenges facing small states. “Many CARICOM states are small and highly indebted and have graduated out of access to concessionary financing from financial international institutions and other multilateral agencies due to GDP based criteria.” “It is important that avenues be created for renewed access to concessionary financing given our high level of economic vulnerability. South Africa has an influential voice in the Commonwealth Community and it is placed at the head of the panel to deal with human affairs.” Taking this placement into consideration, the Ambassador noted that South Africa would serve well in representing CARICOM during discussions. In her brief remarks, Ambassador Modiselle reminded of the importance of unity which is one of the main ingredients that led to the formation of CARICOM. She expressed her happiness to assume the position and reaffirmed her state’s position in supporting the integration with CARICOM and being the voice of countries at the Commonwealth level.

Wednesday February 19, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 15

POLICE KNEW OF PLOT TO KILL ME TWO WEEKS BEFORE - AUTO DEALER Local police were informed of the plot to kill Auto spares dealer, Deokaran Sanasie, two weeks before he survived an execution attempt last Friday. Kaieteur News was reliably informed that a senior rank attached to the Criminal Investigations Department was told about the plot, and he even sent three of his ranks to question the businessman’s wife, Patricia, early this month. During an interview yesterday with a reliable source, Kaieteur News was told that Sanasie’s mother-inlaw heard of the plot to kill him and told one of her relatives. This publication was further told that after the mother-in-law learnt of the plot, she cried and begged her daughter and a son, who were a part of the plot, not to get involved in that, but her pleas fell on deaf ear. “She (the mother) tell a relative that (Sanasie’s wife and her brother) were trying to kill the businessman. He then telephoned and begged the (suspects) not to kill the businessman. He pleaded for four hours, but they did not listen,” the source said. “The relative said, ‘I stop dem! I tell dem dey can’t do that. I ask them if dey know wha dey ah do with dey life. I tell dem if dey touch that man (Sanasie), dem gun go jail and

- wife, brother-in-law released

Patricia Sanasie her husband, Deokaran (centre) and her brother, Vishnu Persaud. that if anything happen I will talk.” He said that he even called a senior rank and informed him of the plot, the source said. The police official sent three of his ranks to Sanasie’s home and asked the man’s wife to visit the station but she never did. Kaieteur News was unable to contact Sanasie yesterday for a comment. He had told Kaieteur News on Sunday that he was informed that hit-men received $6M to kill him. He also said that it wasn’t difficult

for him to “pin-point” his wife as the person who would want to see him dead. He said

that for the past several years, he and the woman were experiencing problems with

their relationship. “We were not living nice. Things from the house started to vanish and she always lying to me. My jewellery disappeared and a diamond bracelet that I paid US$7000 for, vanished. I made a report and the police said that my (partner) can do anything because we are in a relationship.” Sanasie also said that he recently sold a property for US$100,000 and was waiting to collect the money. He believed that the woman, who knew about the transaction, wanted to “bump him off” in order to get her hands on the cash. The businessman of Lot 129 Atlantic Gardens, East

Coast Demerara (ECD), had also told this publication that “Guyanese did the work, so I know what happened. There are a lot of killers in this country and they called one another and tell them who were a part of the shooting and how much was paid.” Kaieteur News was told that Sanasie’s female associate and a male relative were planning to take over his business. Police detained an Albouystown man and impounded a CG motorcycle some hours after a gunman shot Sanasie. Sanasie’s wife, Patricia, and her brother, Vishnu Persaud who were in police custody since Sunday, were yesterday released on bail.

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday February 19, 2014

Health Ministry raises ‘Chikungunya virus’ alert Proactive moves have been engaged by the Ministry of Health through its Vector Control Services Unit to guard against the dreaded Chikungunya virus which has since last year hit a number of Caribbean territories. At least this is according to Director of Vector Control Services Unit, Dr Reyaud Rahman, during an interview with this publication yesterday. “We are paying close attention to the trek of the Chikungunya has been detected in several Caribbean territories, but St Maarten’s has recorded the highest cases so far.” The Chikungunya virus, according to the Vector Control Director, is a mosquito-borne virus which has similarities to dengue fever. It is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti or the Aedes albopictus mosquitoes. Although Guyana has never recorded any confirmed case of the virus, Dr Rahman said that “we do not want to be caught offguard, so we are stepping-up our efforts; we are being proactive to keep it out as far as possible. If it does come here, though, we will be able

Vector Control Services Director, Dr. Reyaud Rahman to contain it and we are very capable to treat it as well,” he added. The virus is usually manifested with fever and severe joint pain likened to that of arthritis while other symptoms can include muscle pain, headache, nausea, fatigue and rash. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) since the disease shares some clinical signs with dengue there have been occasions when it was misdiagnosed in areas where dengue is common. And because there is no cure for the disease,

WHO has noted that treatment is focused on relieving the symptoms. It has also been highlighted by the WHO that the proximity of mosquito breeding sites to human habitation is a significant risk factor for Chikungunya. And so as part of its proactive approach, Dr Rahman said that the Vector Control Unit will be augmenting its vector control activities. “We need people to be aware that they are likely to see more vector control work in the form of more persons coming to their door, more persons inspecting their yards, we will be doing more fogging in areas as soon as the rain eases,” Dr Rahman informed. Vector Control workers, he disclosed too, will be engaged in the strategic placement of the Abate Larvicide which is intended to kill the mosquito larvae. The intensified efforts the Vector Control Director said will be undertaken in collaboration with the Ministry of Health’s Environmental Health Unit and the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown. Added to this, Dr Rahman said that citizens across the country can seek to protect

themselves by wearing longsleeved and light-coloured clothing, using mosquito repellent and aerosol sprays, and mosquito coils and nets can certainly help in the protection process. However, while most persons will seek to safeguard themselves at night, the Vector Control Director warned that the transmitting vector is known to strike during daylight as well. Moreover, he noted that citizens can seek to spray their homes regularly with mosquito repellents which can be aided by window mesh to prevent the entry of mosquitoes. Further still, Dr Rahman amplified the importance of persons keeping their environment clean, even ensuring that there are no

An Aedes aegypti mosquito is capable of transmitting the Chikungunya virus open containers lying around with water. According to him, the vectors are known to breed in water nestled in tyres, empty coconut shells or any other receptacle that can hold water. The Chikungunya virus originated in Africa and was prevalent in Asia and the Indian sub-continent, and

according to WHO “since 2004, Chikungunya fever had reached epidemic proportions, with considerable morbidity and suffering.” In recent decades, the virus had spread to Europe and the Americas and even more recently its presence in the Caribbean Region has been reported.

Two shot in separate incidents A man, who punched two police officers at the Stabroek Market outpost Monday night, and bit another, was shot to the right leg and is now a patient, under police guard, at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. The injured man has been identified as Shawn Prince. According to information received, Prince was arrested after a minibus driver made a report at the outpost that he (Prince) threatened to kill him with an ice pick. “When Prince went into the outpost he told the rank that he wanted to use the washroom and he was allowed. When he came out from the washroom, he didn’t want to put on the handcuff and he started to behave disorderly and he bit the policeman,” a source said. The source added that after Prince bit the rank, a constable who was outside the outpost ran in and

Shawn Prince who was shot by the police

assisted his colleague to “calm down” Prince. “They call for backup and when the patrol came, Prince started to act up again. He punched two of the ranks to their face and run into the washroom and break the toilet cover. He tek a sharp piece (of the broken cover) and run towards a police and the man just tek out he gun and shoot he.” Meanwhile, at around 09:15 hrs yesterday, 21-yearold Earl Deokarran of Ogle Front Road, ECD, was shot to the groin by a lone gunman

while crossing a bridge at Ogle, ECD. Police in a press release said that Travis Edwards, 19, and Deokarran were attacked by a man armed with a gun. According to the statement, the perpetrator took away a gold chain from Travis Edwards and shot and injured Deokarran to his groin. The gunman then fled the scene and the injured man was rushed to the hospital where he is now a patient. Investigations are ongoing.

Wednesday February 19, 2014

Kaieteur News

Labourer missing after boat collision in Pomeroon River Residents at Grant Aberdeen, Lower Pomeroon River continue to search for a Land Of Canaan, East Bank Demerara labourer, who is feared drowned, after he was hurled from the boat he was in as a result of a boat collision on Monday night. The 23-year-old man, whose only name was given as ‘Blacka,’ was a passenger in a speedboat which was at the time being manned by 27year-old Anthony Doodnauth when the mishap occurred. Police at the Charity Outpost have indicated that Doodnauth, who is presently in their custody, was manning a vessel with a 40HP engine around 21:00 hrs on Monday when another boat which was travelling in the opposite

direction crashed into his boat, near Grant Aberdeen. The collision caused both Doodnauth and his passenger to be hurled into the river. But while Doodnauth managed to make it safely to the river shore, “’Blacka’ was later declared missing. Doodnauth was subsequently assisted by residents in the area, who transported him to Charity, where he formally lodged a report with the police. He claimed that at the time of the collision, he was using a torch light to assist him to navigate the river. Doodnauth was not in possession of the required licence to pilot the boat, and according to reports, both men were not wearing life jackets when the collision

occurred. David Dass, Doodnauth’s father, related that he and his son along with the missing 23-year-old were in the Pomeroon area since Friday last, working with a resident in the area. Dass explained that on Monday they had finished working early and ate dinner around 7:30pm. He could not say where his son and the labourer were heading to, but later that night he received a message informing him of the incident involving the boat collision. The carpenter stressed that he didn’t know ‘Blacka’ by any other name, but he claimed that the young labourer worked with him in various communities across the country.

‘Literacy Street Fair’ slated for... (From page 24) remarks explained that on Friday, the National Library will be featuring the works of local writers under a reading tent which will also prove to be a most conducive environment for dramatic poetry and storytelling by the hour. She explained that their effort to partake in the event is also in collaboration with the National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD). The representative for the University of Guyana, Ms. Law, also took the opportunity to inform that the works

of the winners of the Guyana Prize for Literature will also be on display. Following her, was Ms. Carter, who explained that her agency is hoping to get the Guyana Classics into circulation. The Guyana Classics is a series of published titles by the Caribbean Press which celebrates and captures the work produced by a number of outstanding writers. Some of these include; ‘The Discovery of Guiana’ by Sir Walter Raleigh which was first published in 1595, and ‘The Coolie: His right and wrongs’ by

John Edward Jenkins. Mr. Hopkinson on the other hand stressed that while the initiative is intended to target students, he said that he hopes the initiative draws the interest of parents and guardians as well, as they can be very instrumental in instilling a sense of appreciation for reading in their children. It was also noted that important books needed by students during their school term will be on sale at affordable prices. Some books needed at the University level will also be available. (Kiana Wilburg)

Page 25

Two more witnesses testify in Mahaica farmer murder trial Seeta Bishundial concluded her portion of evidence in the trial, in which Shawn Thom and Orin David called ‘Plait Hair’ or ‘Malik’ are facing Justice Franklyn Holder and a mixed 12member jury on murder charges. The witness, who is said to have been present at the time when her cousin, Lakhram Bishundial was fatally shot, was crossexamined by attorneys-atlaw Trenton Lake and George Thomas. Yesterday Seeta Bishundial told the court that two persons carried out the robbery that left her cousin dead. She told the Attorneys that she looked away from the attackers during the ordeal. “I could only see the back of the person who had the gun … I saw nothing really of the person on the motorcycle. I caught a fleeting glimpse of him from behind. She identified one of the assailants by braided hair down to his shoulder, which she said she saw via a rearview mirror. “ (It was) a negro man with cap pulled in front of his face, he was medium built…. I did not look at his face”

When asked by Attorney-at-Law, George Thomas whether she forgot to mention anything before, concerning her journey from Georgetown to Hope, East Coast Demerara, Bishundial noted that she forgot to mention that her cousin had stopped for gas at a pump station at Victoria . Bishundial had told the court that she had accompanied her cousin Totaram to Georgetown to purchase items for his wedding. While they were returning home, Totaram and Lakhram met each other at the junction of Hope Canal. The two engaged in a brief conversation, during which an unidentified man came up to them and demanded money. He had a gun, the man reportedly shot Lakhram. In addition to her evidence, witness Alec Barratt, a security guard who was attached to the Victoria Gas Station, took the stand. Barratt recalled that he was on duty at the Victoria Gas Station, when he heard a crashing sound. The witness said that upon checking, he saw a burgundy pickup truck pinning a man on a motorcycle to a fence. He

immediately reported it to his superiors. The witness could not identify the person that was being pinned to the fence. The next witness, Police Corporal Kester Moriah told the court that he visited the crime scene on the day of the incident. Moriah recalled that he arrested Shawn Thom and took him to the Cove and John Police station. Lakhram Bishundial, a 35year-old rice farmer from De Hoop, Mahaica, was shot on August 20, 2010, during a robbery. He was rushed to the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival several hours later. A post mortem examination conducted by state Pathologist, Dr. Nehaul Singh, concluded that the man died as a result of a perforated liver and spleen, owing to the injuries he received. The two accused were later arrested and charged with murder.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday February 19, 2014

PAHO/WHO new Country Rep accredited Dr. William Adu-Krow, the designated representative of the Pan American Health Organisation/World Health O rg a n i s a t i o n ( PA H O / WHO), on Monday presented his Letters of Credence to Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett. The appointment of the new Representative will allow for continuity in technical cooperation programmes between Guyana and PAHO/WHO.

Dr Adu-Krow brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in the areas of HIV/AIDS, family and public health, maternal and child health, and reproductive health. The new Country Representative joined the organisation in 2001 and served in various positions while being assigned in Wa s h i n g t o n D.C, Barbados, the Philippines, and New York during the years 2001-2010.

Dr. Adu-Krow is a Ghanaian national who holds a Doctor of Public Health Degree and a Masters in Public Health in Maternal and Child Health Programme Management. PA H O / W H O ’ s engagement with Guyana dates back to 1967 with the establishment of its country office. Ever since, Guyana has benefited from several technical cooperation programmes. Only recently, PAHO/ WHO in collaboration with the Ministry of Health launched the Integrated Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) Strategic Plan 2013-2020. Hence, the Government of Guyana is keen on capitalising on the contributions, which PAHO/WHO could offer in its effort to improve health care delivery nationwide.

New PAHO/WHO Country Representative, Dr William Adu-Krow (left) with Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett and PAHO’s Senior Advisor Adriannus Vlugman

Wednesday February 19, 2014

Kaieteur News

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AML legislation…

Opposition amendments will create “underground” money transfer - Rohee By Dwijendra Rooplall General Secretary of the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) Clement Rohee, speaking on the amendments that the political opposition are seeking to make with respect to the Anti-Money Laundering Legislation and Substantive Act within the Select Committee to have the Ministers powers reduced/ transferred to the bodies that have that responsibility, expressed that it could have unintended consequences. The PPP General Secretary said he is following those discussions closely, mainly because it involves the discussions related to giving the police additional powers. A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) had previously said that there is still too much draconian power in the hands of the Ministers and they will be looking to have these reduced as well. Parliamentarian Joseph Harmon said that according to the Substantive Act, Customs and the Financial Intelligence Unit were only

allowed to make and effect search and seizure at the ports of entry, and dealt only with import and export. According to Harmon, there is money laundering within the boundaries of Guyana and as such, the authorities should be able to target those as well. He said that to limit this authority to just exports and imports into Guyana was not enough in the fight against Money Laundering. Harmon said that another meaningful change that the Committee would be effecting is that only very senior ranks should be allowed to conduct searches and seizures of money with entities and persons in Guyana. He said that this removes the possibility of a junior rank such as a police constable seizing people’s money under the guise of Anti-Money Laundering. This, he said, must only be done by senior ranks and FIU officials, among others. Rohee said that APNU’s position is inconsistent and made reference to the party’s

Pakistan warns Iran not to send in troops after guards kidnapped ISLAMABAD (Reuters) Pakistan warned Iran yesterday not to send troops across the two countries’ shared border to retrieve five kidnapped Iranian border guards, an incident that threatens to exacerbate regional and sectarian tensions. On Monday, Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani-Fazli was quoted as saying Iran might consider sending its forces onto Pakistani soil if Pakistan did not take the steps necessary to fight against militants. “Iranian forces have no authority to cross our borders in violation of the international law. We must respect each other’s borders,” the Pakistani government statement said. Predominantly Shi’ite Iran says militants seized the guards about 5 km (3 miles) inside Iran on February 6 in the province of SistanBaluchistan and took them into Pakistan. A Sunni insurgent Iranian group calling itself Jaish alAdl (Army of Justice) claimed responsibility for the kidnapping, according to a Twitter account purporting to belong to the group. Its authenticity could not be

immediately verified. “The government of Pakistan regrets the suggestions of negligence on its part over the incident, especially when Pakistan’s active support against terrorists groups in the past, is well-known and acknowledged by Iran,” the Pakistani statement said. Pakistan said it was in contact with Iran and had searched the area looking for the abducted border guards but been unable to find them in the mountainous, sparsely populated area. The area where the kidnappings took place has a history of violence and sectarian problems. Both countries are Muslim, but Pakistan is a majority Sunni state with a minority of Shi’ites. Iran is the reverse. In both countries, the minority sect complains of discrimination. Since Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif took office, Pakistan has moved to align itself more closely with Saudi Arabia, the country that gave Sharif a home when he was exiled after a coup. Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shi’ite Iran are arch rivals for influence in the Muslim world.

PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee Chairman Basil Williams during a television programme “Nation Watch” where he said that Williams was questioned by persons during the call-in programme and he was “waffling” and unable to answer definitively on where the opposition coalition stands with respect to their amendments put forward. “having stood up in

the Parliament and stoutly argued against it, now the man is waffling on TV, he can’t say definitively what is the position of the APNU…So they are saying one thing in the Parliament but when the pressure braces them, the public pressure…because people asked questions, it was a callin programme…the man was neither here nor there.” “He then expressed the need for consistency ‘our position is very consistent, which is, that a person is stopped on a road or a public place and found with two million Guyana dollars, once he is not stopped by a criminal that’s a different matter, if you are stopped by a criminal obviously it’s to steal your money, but if you are stopped by a law enforcement officer and you are found in possession of two million dollars it means that two million dollars is illegal, once the law is passed it becomes illegal.’” Rohee expressed that such a position is similar to the days when certain

eatables were banned in the country, since it is prohibitive in nature. “The moment you go into an area of prohibition, you are going to make movement of large sums of money illegal; you are going to force it underground and you are going to see an emergence of a new breed of criminal elements in this country, who will not only be laundering money but will be moving money around illegally because if they are caught with it then they are going to face the consequences.” The General Secretary said that any time one goes into an area of prohibition you are creating another dimension of the underground economy “and to tell you the truth, I think we have gone past that era. Right now there is a debate taking place on the question of either decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana which is illegal, so why you now want to go in a different direction in respect of money” “It is true that we need to

move away from the cash economy and go plastic and all these things we have been talking about, but that can only happen when we arrive there, until we arrive there, money will move freely” said Rohee. The General Secretary added that there is another dimension that has to be looked at, and that is the public confidence in the police. He said it is a position that he does not support, but persons are suspicious of the police. Rohee said that it is reported in the media that “when the police go in a house to look for something the people claim that money disappears or jewellery disappears and the police have gone with it. Now you are going to contribute to that same kind of thinking with this kind of operation.” “I don’t think Guyanese are going to support that, I have heard some phone calls from the call-in programme which made Basil Williams back away already from the position,” Rohee said.

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Wednesday February 19, 2014






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Wednesday February 19, 2014

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Timehri backlands murder…

Driver who picked up man with missing boot led cops to killer An alert taxi driver who picked up a “trembling” passenger with a missing boot is the individual who led police to the man who allegedly raped and strangled Savitri Palmer on Saturday night in the Timehri backlands. The driver, who works at the Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara junction, said that sometime between 07: 00 hrs and 08.30 hrs on Sunday, he received a call to pick up a passenger by the ‘loam pit’, located some 100 metres from Dakara Creek. “I went to the area to pick up the guy, but I didn’t see anyone, so I called back the number,” the driver recalled. He said that shortly after, a heavy-set man approached and told him that the customer would be ready in about five minutes. According to the driver, shortly after another man, whom he recognized, emerged from a ‘valley’ and entered the taxi. “He entered the car and I noticed that his left boot was on but only his sock was on the right side. I also noticed that he was nervous...he was trembling.” The driver told Kaieteur News that he recognized the “dark, dougla fellow”, who worked at a sand pit on the Soesdyke/Linden highway. The driver said that his passenger asked to be taken to the same sandpit where he worked and he took him there. However, when they arrived, the man reportedly informed

Savitri Palmer the driver that he didn’t have any money. “He said that he has to get money to pay me but his boss was not there. I left it at that; I told him that whenever he see me again he can pay me.” Afterwards, the driver took another customer to Yarrowkabra, and it was then that he received a call from another colleague who informed him that Savitri Palmer’s body had been found near the Timehri racing circuit. The driver said that he immediately thought of the nervous passenger that he had picked up earlier in the day, not far from where Palmer’s nude body was found. According to the man, he immediately returned to the scene, where he observed police ranks scouring the area for clues. The driver then told one of the ranks about the passenger that he had picked up and took them to the sand

pit where he had dropped off the customer. Although the suspect was not there, residents located him shortly after, tied him up and handed him over to the police, and the driver positively identified him at the Timehri Police Station. He was told that police retrieved a ring belonging to the murdered Mrs. Palmer from one of the suspect’s pockets and also found the alleged killer’s boot-lace at the scene of the murder. According to the police, the suspect confessed to sexually assaulting and strangling Mrs. Palmer with his boot-lace. A post mortem verified that death was due to strangulation and that the victim’s neck was also broken. The suspect is likely to appear in court today. From all indications Palmer, a mother of two, of Loncke’s Avenue, Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara, was raped and strangled on Saturday night, by a young sand pit employee whom she had offered a lift. The woman’s eight-yearold son was found sleeping in the rear seat of her abandoned taxi hours later by her husband Kissoon Palmer, who had decided to search for her after she went missing. The car, a silver grey Toyota Carina 212, PPP 2183, was parked several yards from where her body was dumped.

Chinese vice governor in corruption investigation BEIJING (AP) — China’s ruling Communist Party said yesterday a vice governor of the southern island province of Hainan is under investigation for serious violations, an apparent reference to corruption. Ji Wenlin is the latest high-ranking official to be investigated since party leader and President Xi Jinping launched an anticorruption campaign after taking over as head of the ruling Communist Party last spring. As with several others who have fallen in the campaign, Ji has personal and professional connections to the powerful former Chinese security czar Zhou Yongkang, currently the subject of a rumored investigation. The party’s disciplinary body said in a one-line statement that Ji is suspected of serious violations of regulations and the law.

That’s almost always a reference to accepting bribes and kickbacks, providing unauthorized favors, and other forms of personal malfeasance. Xi has made fighting widespread graft a key campaign of his leadership so far, with promises to target both junior and high-level officials. Investigations have so far targeted businesspeople, senior executives in the state oil sector — Zhou’s former power base — and most recently, a vice minister of public security. Ji was a key aide to Zhou in a last three of his central government positions, before taking up a series of positions in Hainan’s local government. Although rumors are rife, no official word has been released about any investigation into Zhou, until 2012 a member of the party’s all-powerful Politburo Standing Committee.

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(From page 28)

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday February 19, 2014

Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters... Where your views make the news

There is no relief from the noise nuisance DEAR EDITOR, On the night of Sunday February 16, 2014 a group of about 10 persons pulled into the restaurant located at the front of the yard where I reside and started playing loud music. I went out to stop them because I was nursing a splitting headache, heaviness and pain behind my neck since Friday throughout to 3 am Sunday morning. Triggered by noise abuse the pain and heaviness persisted during the day. I also knew what their coming signified. Many times groups of persons both male and female, would pull in on the pretext of buying beers but in fact they would have their own liquor to drink and play loud music and speak and laugh very loudly. They would even behave vulgar in front of our children on occasions without a care about what they do or who they disturb. They would also litter the premises with food

boxes and beer bottles, and even come way down in the yard to urinate despite the fact there is a toilet facility. It doesn’t matter how low the music appears to be when they would have consumed more than enough the music would be turned up loudly and calls would have to be made to the police sometimes on more than one occasion before one could get any relief. So it is better to have them removed. As I was walking towards the entrance, I saw a man in the yard vomiting so I asked him what was he doing vomiting in this yard. He rudely replied, “What it look like I doing?” Iit was one of the persons from the group that had pulled in there. I failed to take note whether all but some of them had a bottle of beer in their hand. I also erred big time by not taking the vehicle number. I asked them seriously to turn the music down and they started disrespecting us. I

called the police asking the Inspector that spoke to me to have these people removed, the patrol responded promptly and when I approached the vehicle and requested to have the group removed the rank who appeared to be in charge bluntly refused, harshly telling me that it was a business place and he cannot do that. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing because by now the police should be knowledgeable that this particular family because of our location, is always under constant noise abuse. Then from the group a particular male started dancing to the music playing from their vehicle completely ignoring both the police and us. It was gross disrespect and provocation and when pointed out to another rank who appeared committed to doing the right thing he asked who was the owner of the

The provisions are clear DEAR SIR, I wish to just to say that although I agree with the views expressed by Mr. Christopher Ram it is important to point out that the Constitution of Guyana does not empower the President to appoint one to enquire into the decision of the Judicial S e r v i c e C o m m i s s i on in respect of the appointment of Justice Rabi Sukul to the Court of Appeal.

Section 226 (6) of the Constitution dealing with POWERS and PROCEDURE of COMMISSIONS specifically states :(a) Any question whether a Commission has validly performed any function vested in it by or under the Constitution; (b) Any member of a Commission or any other person has validly performed any function delegated to such member or person by a

For the BEST RATES, call us on 225-8458, 225-8465, 225-8491 or 225-8452.

Commission in pursuance of the provisions of the Constitution; (c) Any member of a Commission or any other person validly performed any other function in relation to work of the Commission or in relation to my other function as is referred to in the proceeding subparagraph shall not be enquired into any Court. I trust that this clarifies the issue as well as show that the Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee is hiding under this Constitution Provision when he expresses the view that there would be no Municipal Election later this year. Jonas M.F. Coddett

vehicle and made him turn the music off. The police then drove off slowly. Again I was shocked and astonished that this could be happening so my sister asked if they were really going and leaving these people knowing what would occur after they would have left. The police turned their vehicle and drove a short distance in the opposite direction and it was then I decided that I was going to fight not only for my already battered health but for the right to enjoy peace and comfort in my home because the police were cruelly turning their backs on us. I faced the group and started screaming that my

head was hurting and they would have to kill me because I won’t be tolerating any more noise. The police then turned back and as my nephew was responding to one of the pompous females there who was abusing him the rank who refused to do anything started threatening my nephew to lock him up. As noise abuse continues relentlessly especially on weekends and holidays both on Sheriff and Seaforth Streets absolutely nothing is being done to curb this lawlessness and injustice and brutality attack on the citizens health and sanity. If the noise stops for a few days it always goes back to how it was. A heavy rumbling continues to cause

discomfort from the entity opposite. It continues to baffle me that there is no cut off point for these entities that operate when they feel like and how long they feel to completely and heartlessly ignoring that there people who have to work that there are children who have to attend school and very young children who cannot and should not be exposed to that heavy sickening, damaging bass and booming that emanates from their buildings knowing as well as the authority that Campbellville is a residential area and not a commercial one. Name and address provided

Glaring incompetence... From page 5 McConnel Limited, London, George S. Bishop C.B. O.B.E. at a luncheon meeting of the Sugar Club held on Friday 8th December 1972, at the Downtown Athletic Club New York City. Clearly I cannot go into the entire speech but the first thing that strikes you as you read it is that in 1972 the population of Guyana was 750,000 exactly the same as it is today! The second is that in 1971 we produced a record 369,000 long tons. And I quote Mr Bishop here “This year [1972] alas, production will amount to only 315,000 tons, mainly because of the exceptionally bad weather 150 inches of rainfall in 12 months”.i.e. In a year when we received 150 inches of rainfall in 12 months they produced nearly 100,000 tonnes more than we did in 2013! Red flags should have been flying at full mast in 2006 that our sugar Industry was in trouble, but politicians who had no experience in sugar,led by Mr Jagdeo, were setting up to expand our sugar industry at a time when everyone else was contracting theirs due to the withdrawal of the European Union’s subsidy, and in our case we were producing by 2006 - only 246,332 tonnes when in 1971 we produced nearly 370,000 tons. So clearly not only were we losing the subsidy, we were well on the way to becoming an uneconomical producer with a wage bill which was ruinous and with no possibility of proper mechanisation due to the peculiar layout of our fields and the excessively high rainfall common to this below sea level area. Mr Bishop noted in his speech that the acreage

under cane had increased from 68,000 acres in 1949 to 130,000 acres by 1972. The immediate phase of current expansion, he said,was aimed at lifting production to 400,000 tons by planting an additional 5000 acres in 1972. And he was going to do it by using the existing factories in Guyana at that time and not by building an expensive white elephant at Skeldon. Mr. Bishop sums it up well when he told the sugar people assembled in New York that “this extremely high rainfall when compounded by the fact that Guyana is the only country which grows sugar cane below sea level which makes growing sugar cane in Guyana very challenging, our sugar cultivation of 130,000 acres contain 5000 miles of drainage and irrigation canals.” He specifically referred to the difficulty of draining it. Finally Mr Bishop told the gathering that the Guyana sugar cane worker is the highest paid in the English Speaking Caribbean and that despite the glamour of nationalisation which the politicians tell the workers that they will benefit from “our experience throughout the world convinces us that large companies can work harmoniously and profitably with governments of developing nations and satisfy their aspirations without abandoning all the expertise, management and marketing skills which a big company brings to a young nation”. His words were very prophetic given the industry’s situation today, run by a Board of political hacks who do not understand the industry, rather than professionals who understand the industry and its challenges and the fact that their biggest asset is their

workers. This PPP board deliberately reduced the workforce of GuySuCo from 28,000 in 1992 to 16,000 today and still wants to know why they have a shortage of labour in the industry. At that time Mr Bishop said that the government takes 55 per cent of the profits in company taxation, and in addition to ensure the welfare of the workers, a profit sharing scheme had been developed, once the industry had made a return equivalent to 10% of its historical book value of its assets, 60 per cent of the extra profits going to the workers. Today we have to subsidise it from the consolidated fund which is fuelled by the taxes of all Guyanese. Bishop then told those gathered in NY that wages had been rising steadily for many years and the average Guyanese sugar worker is now one of the best paid agricultural workers in the commonwealth Caribbean. He told them that for 20 years under the leadership of Lord Campbell they had been working to accelerate the development and promotion of talented Guyanese for every level of management and technical control. Guyanese have been given university scholarships to attend British, Canadian and Caribbean universities and that the”The success of the Guyanese has been particularly striking. Ninety per cent of our management team in Georgetown is now Guyanese compared with 30 per cent only 16 years ago.” Put this in context with the most recent GuySuyCo’s development plan 2013-2018 which tells us that everywhere in the industry poorly trained managers abound. Tony Vieira

Wednesday February 19, 2014

Kaieteur News

Protesters flood streets as Venezuela opposition leader arrested

Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez gets into a National Guard armored vehicle in Caracas yester. REUTERS/Jorge Silva CARACAS (Reuters) Tens of thousands of protesters flooded the streets of Venezuela’s capital yesterday after troops arrested opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez on charges of fomenting unrest against the government and violence that has killed at least four people. White-clad demonstrators blocked traffic in the streets of Caracas as a security vehicle holding the 42-yearold Harvard-educated economist crawled at a snail’s pace after he surrendered to security forces during an

opposition rally. Lopez’s arrest could galvanize the opposition and spur more street demonstrations against President Nicolas Maduro, though there is no immediate sign the protests will topple the socialist leader. “I have nothing to hide,” Lopez told supporters before his arrest, standing next to a statue above the crowd. Minutes later, he surrendered to army officers, pumping his fist and then stepping into the military vehicle with a Venezuelan flag in one hand and a white flower in the other.

“I present myself to an unjust judiciary ... May my jailing serve to wake up a people,” he added in the speech. Lopez, wanted on charges including murder and ‘terrorism’, says he is being made a scapegoat by a dictatorial government. From inside the military vehicle, he called on demonstrators to clear the way so authorities could take him into detention. As protesters chanted “Leopoldo, the people are with you,” he was transferred to a black van and driven away.

CARICOM concerned about protests in Venezuela Caribbean Journal CARICOM is “concerned” by the recent violent developments in Venezuela, the regional body said in a statement issued yesterday. Student-led protests over social and economic conditions in the country have led to violent confrontations, including the deaths of three people so far. Yesterday, Opposition Leader Leopoldo Lopez was arrested. That came one day after Venezuela’s government

declared three American consular officers “personae non gratae” and gave them 48 hours to leave the country, alleging US involvement in the protests.That charge was rejected by the US, which accused the Venezuelan government of frequently trying to “distract from its own actions by blaming the United States or other members of the international community for events inside Venezuela.” “The Caribbean

Community is concerned by the confrontations which have taken place in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela over the past few days in the course of demonstrations,” CARICOM said. “CARICOM deplores the deaths of three persons arising from the resulting acts of violence.” The regional body said it was calling for “respect for the democratically elected Government of the Bolivarian Republic.”

Climate change to feature at CARICOM Inter-sessional summit ST. JOHN’S, Antigua – CMC - St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves says regional countries will be pushing to strengthen their institutional arrangements to deal with the impact of climate change. Gonsalves, who is also chairman of the regional integration grouping, CARICOM, said that the issue would be also discussed at the upcoming CARICOM Inter-sessional summit in Kingstown, March

10-11. “There are several dimensions to climate change (and) clearly an immediate one for us is how do we better prepare ourselves for national disasters and how do we better recover from natural disasters, and we have to look at the strengthening of our institutional arrangements against the backdrop of increased vulnerabilities arsing from the frequency and intensity of natural disasters,” Gonsalves told the Caribbean Media

Corporation (CMC). He said this was a serious matter because “we do not contribute greatly to manmade climate change but we are on the front line and there are lots of talk all the time about monies for adaptation and mitigation. “We haven’t seen those monies yet. There are some limited resources which come out of the World Bank but the kinds of monies which have been pledged…are yet to be delivered”.

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Rowley: Questionable tendering in $b Chag project Trinidad Express - The lowest bidder in the multibillion-dollar entertainment mecca due to be constructed in Chaguaramas was asked for a $40 million bribe, Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley claimed Monday. Speaking at a news conference, Rowley said once again the Government was about to embark on another feeding frenzy where huge sums of taxpayers’ money are about to be spent in a manner that is questionable. He said the project forms no part of the national budget or the development programme which would be supervised by the Parliament. He said the country was not informed about the project by way of an announcement by the Government, but the public was told via a leak to the Sunday Express. He said questionable tendering procedures were already on the way, negotiations are under way. “And I can tell you that one of the bidding processes, the lowest bidder was approached for a $40 million bribe. And when the bidder could not entertained it, the project was shelved,” he said. Rowley said he wanted to know who is the contractor that is to carry out the project, what process was used to select the contractor, what the bids were. Speaking to the Express, Chaguaramas Development Authority (CDA) CEO Joclyn Hargreaves refuted the bribe claim saying there has been no pro j e c t w i t h t h a t expenditure at the CDA for the past ten years. She said phase two of the boardwalk project was less than this claim. She added that t h e re is full accountability and

Dr Keith Rowley transparency through public tendering process. The process, she said, was fully compliant with the tendering policy. Rowley, however, also condemned the “wanton waste, malice and ill-will, flavoured by corrupt practice” by the Government, which has chosen to pay $10 million a year for an unoccupied building on Alexandra Street. Rowley said this Government which broke the billion-dollar OPV contract and the billion-dollar aluminium smelter contract, and broke contracts of persons in jobs, could very well have broken the lease on this building if it did not intend to use it.

“They had no problem with the use of the building ... but the building had to be outfitted to house the Ministry of Local Government. ... There were controversies within the Government system as to who should get the contract and for how much and a huge amount of money was going to be paid to outfit that building. “And in that controversy one person in the Government took the position that if it is not awarded to my likeness, image, family and friend, then no contract would be awarded. And therefore the Government did not take steps to outfit the building, resulting in it being empty and under-used. “If the Government did not agree with the building being used for a public purpose, all they had to do was to discontinue the lease under the proper terms of breaking the lease. There would have been minimal costs as compared to what the Government has paid,” he said. He said the Government has taken no steps to complete any of the buildings on the Government Campus. “It is four years those buildings have been there are substantial stages of completion.

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Wednesday February 19, 2014

Government warns about imposing fees for screening exams KINGSTON, Jamaica – CMC - Education authorities warned administrators of public primary schools here that they were violating regulations by forcing students to sit a screening examination before they could be considered for entry into the institution. The Ministry of Education said that it had been informed that some primary schools were also charging as high as J$8,000 (One Jamaica Dollar = US$0.004 cents) for administering the screening examinations. Chief Education Officer, Dr Grace McLean said he had since directed school administrators to accept on a first-come, first-serve basis children who reside in proximity of the school. McLean warned administrators to “immediately desist from this practice and cease from discriminating against any student, parent or family on financial, intellectual or social grounds” The Ministry of Education reminded nationals of the Education Regulations 1980, Section 23.-

Dr Grace McLean 2(a) which states that “no person who is eligible for admission as a student to a public educational institution shall be refused admission thereto except (a) on the ground that accommodation is not available in that institution”. McLean said that “in all cases the Rights of the child must remain at the forefront, and access and equity in the educational school system must be preserved”. Meanwhile, the Education Ministry has advised administrators of public secondary schools not to

increase auxiliary fees for the next school year, and to devise reasonable payment plans to facilitate parents in meeting their obligations to contribute towards the cost of their children’s education. The Ministry said it was further prohibiting schools from inflating auxiliary fees by including charges for a range of goods such as physical education gear, epaulets, badges and lab coats. Parents should be allowed the option of obtaining these goods from other sources, it said, adding that it was also directing school administrators not to require auxiliary fees from students on the PATH programme and Wards of the State, whether in Foster Care or living in a Child Care Institution. “These students should be granted access to schools freely. Other arrangements are being made to provide financial support for these students. The Ministry of Education invites school administrators to cooperate in upholding the mantra that “Every child can learn: Every child must learn,” the statement said.

Jamaica gets $11m Japanese grant to revive sea-island cotton

Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Roger Clarke (left), witnesses the signing of an agreement between the Jamaica Agricultural Development Foundation (JADF) and the Japanese Government for the revitalisation of the West Indian Sea Island Cotton (WISIC) industry in Jamaica. Signing the agreement at the offices of the Jamaica Exporters’ Association (JEA), on Winchester Avenue in Kingston, yestesday Japanese Ambassador to Jamaica, His Excellency, Yasuo Takes (centre) and Chief Executive Officer of the JADF, Vitus Evans. Jamaica Observer KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Jamaica Agricultural Development Foundation (JADF) has signed an $11 million grant agreement with the Japanese Government for the revitalisation of the West Indian sea-island cotton industry in Jamaica. The signing, which took place yesterday also marked the commemoration of 50 years of diplomatic relations between Jamaica and Japan. Speaking at the ceremony, held at the offices of the

Jamaica Exporters’ Association (JEA on Winchester Avenue in Kingston, Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Roger Clarke, commended the JADF for spearheading the development of the seaisland cotton industry, and the partnership with the Japanese government. Clarke said that sea-island cotton, due to its superior quality, is one of the crops which gives the region its distinct competitive edge. “Efforts to grow it elsewhere

in the world have not resulted in the kind of quality achieved when it is grown in this region,” he said. “There is hardly any competition from other countries when it comes to producing this cotton…it does not spoil, you are able to add value to the primary product, it fetches a high price, and is not known to have suffered from any act of praedial larceny,” Clarke said, adding that the return on investment in sea-island cotton is more than 30 per cent.

Wednesday February 19, 2014

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Iran’s nuclear research looms as hurdle in talks with powers VIENNA (Reuters) - Iran says it will not cede its “right” to install advanced machinery to refine uranium, signaling defiance on what looks likely to be a serious sticking point in its nuclear talks with world powers that began yesterday. Iran’s development of new-generation centrifuges is under scrutiny in the West as they would enable a much more swift accumulation of fissile material that could be used for nuclear weapons if enriched to a high degree. Faced with technical hurdles and difficulty in obtaining parts abroad, Iran has been trying for years to replace the erratic, 1970s vintage IR-1 centrifuge it now operates at its underground Natanz and Fordow uranium enrichment facilities. Although Iran’s progress so far appears limited, it is believed to be an issue that Western officials would want to see addressed as part of any final settlement of the decade-old dispute over Iran’s nuclear program. A senior U.S. official said last month research and

Mohammad Javad Zarif development (R&D) was among issues that “will have to be dealt with in the comprehensive resolution”, without making clear how. “Iran’s development of more advanced centrifuges would greatly ease its ability to conduct a secret breakout to nuclear weapons,” a U.S. think-tank, the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS), said in a report. “More significant

limitations on Iran’s R&D combined with greater transparency of this program should be included in the final step of a comprehensive solution,” ISIS added. Tehran says it needs to produce low-enriched uranium to fuel a planned network of nuclear power plants and denies allegations by the United States and its allies that it is seeking the capability to assemble atomic bombs. “Iran will not accept any limitation on its right to replace centrifuges with more advanced machines,” a member of the Iranian delegation said on the sidelines of this week’s talks in Vienna with the six powers - the United States, France, Russia, China, Germany and Britain. It has often portrayed Western demands on the country to curb its nuclear program as an attempt by its foes to deny it the kind of scientific advances they themselves are free to enjoy, making it an issue of national prestige.

Pakistan’s Musharraf at court for first ‘treason’ hearing Islamabad (AFP) Pakistan’s ex-ruler Pervez Musharraf became the first former army chief to appear in a national court yesterday in a treason case seen as a test of civilian rule over the country’s powerful army. The 70-year-old arrived in a heavily protected cavalcade of at least half a dozen vehicles wearing a dark blazer and appearing relaxed during a hearing that lasted only a few minutes. He sat in a witness box and stood briefly when addressed by the judge, but did not speak. Asked afterwards how he was feeling, he told AFP that he was “good”. He faces treason charges,

Pervez Musharraf which can carry the death penalty, over his suspension of the constitution and

imposition of a state of emergency in 2007 while he was president. He was first ordered to appear before the tribunal on December 24, but has missed repeated hearings since then due to bomb scares and health problems that saw him complain of a heart ailment. His defence lawyer Anwar Mansoor argued yesterday that judge Faisal Arab had not responded to a challenge to the court’s ability to try the former general, which Arab promised to decide on Friday. Musharraf has challenged the civilian court’s right to try a former army chief, saying he is entitled to be dealt with by a military tribunal.

Top U.N. rights boss urges prosecution of North Korean crimes GENEVA (Reuters) - U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay urged world powers yesterday to refer North Korea to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) following a U.N. report documenting crimes against humanity. North Korean security chiefs and possibly even Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un

himself should face international justice for ordering systematic torture, starvation and killings comparable to Nazi-era atrocities, independent U.N. investigators said on Monday. “We now need strong international leadership to follow up on the grave findings of the Commission of Inquiry.

Navi Pillay

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More Scots would back greater devolution over independence – poll (Reuters) - More Scots would prefer the Scottish parliament to be given greater powers to control their tax and spending than the riskier option of independence from the United Kingdom, according to a survey released yesterday. Social research institute ScotCen found further devolution, or “devo max”, was the preferred future for many Scots although this option will not feature when they go to vote on September 18 on whether Scotland should break away from Britain. But analysts said devolution was likely to become more central to the debate as the vote neared and UK parties offered swaying voters sweeteners if they opposed independence. Scotland has had its own devolved parliament since 1999; it can legislate on issues such as education, health, the environment, housing, and justice, while devo max would hand over all powers to Scotland except defence and

foreign affairs. When asked about Scotland’s future, 32 percent of Scots wanted devo max, 25 percent wanted to retain the status quo, and 31 percent backed full independence. But when voters were asked to choose between independence and more devolution, 61 percent backed devo max and 39 percent opted for independence and ending the 307-year bond with England. However analyst John Curtice, consultant at ScotCen Social Research, said the backing for devo max had more to do with concerns over independence than a desire for great autonomy, with mixed views on what devolution would bring. The survey found 55 percent of people were worried or very worried about Scotland’s future under independence while only 28 percent were worried about Scotland under devo max. “Its popularity seems to rest on the perception that is

a safe option that can do little harm rather than a widespread belief that it would do good,” Curtice said in an analysis. “Acceptance of the likely consequences of devolving power and responsibility for taxation and welfare benefits lags behind apparent support for the idea itself.” The Social Attitudes survey of 1,497 Scots taken last year but only released yesterday found 57 percent support for control over taxation passing to Holyrood, Scotland’s parliament, while 22 percent wanted Westminster in London to control tax. But 58 percent agreed the state pension should be the same in Scotland as it is in England. Future payment of state pensions is emerging as a big issue for Scots with former prime minister Gordon Brown, himself a Scot, warning yesterday that independence would mean Scots losing their British state pension. Scotland’s ruling Scottish National party (SNP) has said pensions would still be paid.

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A wave of explosions rock Iraqi cities An Iraqi man helps his son who is headed to school at the site of a car bomb attack in Baghdad, Iraq, yesterday. (AP Photo/Hadi Mizban)

Wednesday February 19, 2014

Riot police move in against Kiev protest camp

Anti-government protesters clash with riot police outside Ukraine’s parliament in Kiev, Ukraine, yesterday. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)

BAGHDAD/HILLA, Iraq (Reuters) - Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki defended his government’s counterterrorism strategy and vowed to defeat al Qaeda as bombs exploded in Baghdad and another Iraqi city yesterday, killing at least 49 people. Maliki said the battle against militancy in Iraq was part of a larger struggle emanating from the civil war in Syria that poses a threat to the wider Middle East and the entire world, and appealed for international support. “Iraq has defeated al Qaeda before, and we have a holistic strategy to defeat al Qaeda again,” Maliki wrote in

an editorial published yesterday on the website of U.S. international affairs journal Foreign Policy. “Because al Qaeda believes in blowing people up, not in winning people over, it can be beaten, must be beaten, and will be beaten.” Maliki said Iraq had begun discussions with U.S. officials to resume training for its counterterrorism forces. Last year was Iraq’s bloodiest since sectarian violence began to abate in 2008. Sunni Islamist insurgents have been regaining ground in the country over the past year and in recent weeks overran several towns.

Critics say Maliki’s own policies are at least partly to blame for reviving an insurgency that climaxed in 2006-07. Many in Iraq’s oncedominant Sunni minority feel they have been sidelined in the Shi’ite-led political order that took shape following the U.S.-led invasion in 2003. Some fellow Shi’ites also accuse Maliki of amassing power and abusing it. Influential Shi’ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, who announced his withdrawal from politics at the weekend, said Iraq was governed by “wolves thirsty for blood and money”, alluding to Maliki as a “dictator and tyrant”. Sadr, who led revolts against U.S. forces in Iraq before their pullout and went on to become a major force in the government, said he had decided to retire in order to distance himself from a “failed, corrupt and unjust government”. “Whenever a Shi’ite, Sunni or Kurd objects to them, they accuse him of sectarianism or being a terrorist,” he said in his first speech since dissolving his movement on Saturday.

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Thousands of police armed with stun grenades and water cannons charged into the large opposition camp in Ukraine’s capital that has been the epicenter of nearly three months of antigovernment protests after at least nine people were killed in street clashes. The police dismantled some of the barricades on the perimeter of Independence Square, and many of the

demonstrators’ tents were set on fire. But the 20,000 protesters fought back, armed with rocks, bats and fire bombs, and singing the Ukrainian national anthem. Opposition leader Vitali Klitschko urged the protesters to defend the camp. “We will not go anywhere from here,” Klitschko told the crowd, speaking from a stage in the square as fires burned around him, releasing huge plumes of smoke into the

night sky. “This is an island of freedom and we will defend it,” he said. “This looks like a war against one’s own people,” said Dmytro Shulko, 35, who was heading toward the camp armed with a fire bomb. “But we will defend ourselves.” The protesters appeared to sense that Ukraine’s political standoff was reaching a critical turning point after the deadliest violence yet was paralyzing the capital.

Jamaican population not likely to exceed three million, says Planning Institute Jamaica Gleaner - The Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) says Jamaica’s population is not likely to exceed three million, based on the reduction in current fertility rates, high external migration, and declining mortality. The institute is asserting that Jamaica’s population is not growing out of control. PIOJ’s manager of population, Toni-Shae Freckleton says the view is supported by data from the population and housing

census and projections coming out of the Statistical Institute of Jamaica. She notes that Jamaica’s population is ageing, with a decline in fertility rates, causing the 0-14 age group of the population to fall below 30 per cent. She says along with that, is an increase in the working age population, the 15-64 age range. Freckleton also says there is an increase in the over 60 age group, which is the fastest growing segment of the population and that this

is a direct result of improvements in life expectancy and health care. She says the total fertility rates have declined from an average high of six children per woman in the 1960’s to 2.4 children per woman in the last Reproductive Health Survey of 2008. According to the PIOJ official, Jamaica has reaped the benefits of the Two is Better Than Too Many campaign in the 1980’s, noting that the drive has impacted current declining fertility rates.

Obama struggling to find winning formula in Syria WASHINGTON (AP) — With peace talks failing, Syria’s government on the offensive and moderate rebels being pushed aside by al-Qaeda-linked militants, the Obama administration is struggling for new ideas to halt a savage civil war. The crisis has prompted officials to take another look at previously shelved ideas, including more robust assistance to Westernbacked rebels, and newer, more far-reaching options,

including drone strikes on rebel factions. But U.S. officials remain hampered by the same constraints that have stymied the American response throughout the three-year civil war. Giving new impetus to the efforts are dire warnings from President Barack Obama’s senior national security aides about extremist havens in Syria, and Americans and Westerners joining the fight and being radicalized.

Barack Obama

Wednesday February 19, 2014

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Serena Williams struggles India hang on for a but wins in Dubai draw after McCullum...

From page 37 to go. Dhawan would have sat inside the dressing room wondering where the generosity had disappeared when he padded up. Kohli was great at his playacting, not looking behind, giving away no signs of anxiety, and scratching his guard again as he awaited a decision. Southee created some excitement in the second hour of the middle session. He got Cheteshwar Pujara with hostile short-pitched

bowling, making it difficult for the batsman to get his glove out of the way as he attacked the ribs. He produced two more opportunities before tea, but the wind carried a topedged hook from Kolhi over long leg, and he himself dropped a return chance from Rohit Sharma eight minutes before tea. As far as similarities with the great Kolkata Test go, this Test was following the script: India took seven wickets in that final session. Here, though,

Kohli was the difference. He ended the New Zealand summer with a glorious session of sparkling shots all around the wicket, giving New Zealand no sniff. With an on-drive in the 49th over, Kohli became the 16th India batsman with three or more centuries outside Asia and Zimbabwe, and also made sure hands would be shaken at the end of the 52nd over, the earliest the teams could have agreed to a draw.

Serena Williams

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (AP) - Top-seeded Serena Williams faced some early struggles before

Wednesday February 19, 2014 ARIES (March 21 April 19): An argument with your partner could have you feeling very disheartened and somewhat depressed today, Aries. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 May 20): You might wake up this morning feeling a little less than your usual self, Taurus, and you might not be able to figure out why. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Today, Gemini, you might find yourself getting more irritated than you usually would at the quirks of friends, colleagues, partners, and children. Nerves could be frayed and tempers around you frazzled. ******************** CANCER (June 21 July 22): Temporary difficulties at home might cause you to want to stay and resolve them rather than go to work or anywhere else. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): Some rather unsettling communication s c o u l d c o m e your way today, perhaps from out of state. This isn't likely to be anything serious, Leo, but it could be enough to put your nose a little out of joint. Changes in your neighborhood might interfere with your daily routine. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Some minor money matters may need to be handled today, Virgo, and you might find this irritating as you probably have other things you'd rather do. The situation could cause some petty friction with family members, but that will pass.

LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): The healing of a temporary rift with your partner is likely to take place today, with a lot of honest communication and more apologies than are necessary. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. 21): The desire to go off by yourself and enjoy a little solitude is likely to be in conflict with the reality of your obligations today, Scorpio. You could find yourself spacing out at times and unable to concentrate on any tasks at hand, so try to stay focused. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): Don't expect any c r e a t i v e p r o je c t s t o g o s m o o t h l y t o d a y, S a g i t tarius. You could experience mental blocks that you find difficult to get beyond. .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): Obligations to others could incline you toward staying home today, Capricorn, but important career issues could pull you in to work. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 18): Today you’re likely to feel torn in two different directions, Aquarius. A part of you could want to sequester yourself somewhere and read, while another part of you feels that you should get out, go somewhere, and do something. ********************* PISCES (Feb. 19 - March 20):Minor difficulties over money could put you in a state of frustration. The problems aren’t Earthshaking, but they still need to be handled and could take up a lot of time that you’d rather spend doi n g something else.

defeating Russia’s Ekaterina Makarova 7-6 (8), 6-0 in the second round of the Dubai Championships yesterday.

Williams, playing in Dubai courtesy of a wild card, has been sidelined with a back injury since losing to Ana Ivanovic in the fourth round of the Australian Open last month. It took Williams the first set to adjust to the lefthanded Makarova’s ability to jam many of her shots into the top-ranked American’s body. The 24th-ranked Makarova broke Williams’ serve in the first game of the match and was serving for the set at 5-4. That’s when the Russian played an errorriddled game to allow Williams to even the score to 5-5. Williams had one set point on Makarova’s serve in the 12th game, but smacked a backhand return over the baseline. In the tiebreaker, Makarova had two set points at 6-4 and 6-5, but couldn’t take advantage of the opportunities. Williams took the first set on her third set point in the tiebreaker when Makarova shipped a forehand long. In the second set, the real Serena Williams showed up and raced to a 5-0 lead. However, she had trouble serving out the final game of the match — facing three break points before winning on her second match point when Makarova made a forehand error. Williams now plays Lucie Safarova of the Czech Republic or fifth-seeded Jelena Jankovic of Serbia in the quarter-finals. Earlier, Ivanovic sent sixth-seeded Angelique Kerber packing 36, 6-3, 7-6 (6). The former top-ranked Ivanovic had three match points on Kerber’s serve in the 12th game but couldn’t close it out against the German w h o r e a c h e d l a s t w e e k ’s Doha final. Ivanovic even faced a battle in the tiebreaker. The Serbian led 5-1, but Kerber battled back to where she even had a match point at 6-5. Seventh-seeded Simona Halep, who won last week’s Qatar Open in Doha, retired with a right Achilles injury while trailing Alize Cornet of France 6-1, 1-1, in the first m a t c h o f t h e d a y. H a l e p complained of an inflamed Achilles during her run to the Doha title.Eighth-seeded Caroline Wozniacki had to overcome a one-set deficit to outmaneuver Sabine Lisicki of Germany 2-6, 6-3, 6-3 and move into the second round. Wo z n i a c k i w i l l f a c e German qualifier Annika Beck in the second round. Beck defeated Samantha Stosur of Australia 1-6, 6-1, 6-4.

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Wednesday February 19, 2014

Curitiba reconfirmed as Barca take control with 2-0 win 2014 FIFA World Cup venue over 10-man Manchester City Second-half goals from Lionel Messi and Dani Alves were enough to give Barcelona a two-goal lead going into the second-leg of the Champions League last 16 at the Nou Camp after Martin Demichelis was sent off. The game’s biggest incident happened just eight minutes after half-time, with the Argentine defender bringing down his fellow countryman just inside the penalty area. Messi slotted home for his first goal at a Premier League ground. The first-half saw Barcelona dominate the

possession in the opening stages but fail to test Joe Hart in the City goal. The hosts went close on a couple of occasions, with Alvaro Negredo dinking the ball across goal from an acute angle, before Vincent Kompany caused Victor Valdes some problems from an aerial ball. In the second-half, Barcelona began putting immense pressure on the City defence, and eventually Messi broke through on goal but was upended by Demichelis. Demichelis was given his

marching orders, and Messi stepped up to slot the ball down the centre of the goal. Alves came within inches of doubling the lead with just over 20 minutes remaining, but poked the ball just wide after making is way into the penalty area. City nearly pinched an equaliser through David Silva, who picked up a neat Pablo Zabaleta flick to force Valdes into a fine save from a volley. But Alves eventually doubled the lead in the closing stages, slotting past Joe Hart from 10 yards.

Curitiba will host Iran vs Nigeria, Honduras v Ecuador, Australia v Spain and Algeria v Russia. The special committee which was instigated by Brazil’s Ministry of Sports following an emergency meeting on January 21, 2014, consisting of representatives of Atletico Paranaense, the state of Parana and the city of Curitiba, has managed in recent weeks to develop a comprehensive recovery plan which includes the solving of the financial challenges involved. Through this collective approach, the committee achieved the implementation of immediate action for propelling the progress necessary in the works at the Arena da Baixada. Based on the financial guarantees now provided by the local authorities and Atletico Paranaense for the stadium works including the complementary structures, as well as the latest assessment from the technical experts of the Local Organising Committee (LOC), FIFA and the federal government,

Curitiba was reconfirmed today as a venue of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. “It is essential that the works are maintained at the required levels and that a collective effort by all the stakeholders involved in Curitiba continues. It a race against a very tight timeline and will require regular monitoring, but we are counting on the commitment made by the Atletico Paranaense, the city and the state of Curitiba,” explained FIFA Secretary General Jérôme Valcke. The works at the Arena da Baixada will thus intensify, with a minimum of 1,500 workers on-site, to a level where the completion can certainly be envisaged for mid-May. “We are very pleased that the agreed-on three measures plan is working out and that all parties involved in Curitiba are now working inone rhythm and in the right direction. It is great to see the significant progress made

since our last visit. It’s a city which lives and breathes football,” said Luis Fernandes, Brazil’s Deputy Sports Minister and the executive coordinator within the government for the FIFA World Cup™. “There is still a lot to be done but we have always been confident that Curitiba will deliver. The necessary measures to finish the stadium in time for proper testing are implemented, but close monitoring is key because we have no time to lose. Soon it will be time to look forward and plan for the test events and finish operational details for the competition,” said Ricardo Trade, CEO of the LOC. The city confirmed that the tender for the complementary structures was launched this Tuesday, 18 February 2014, which again is another important milestone towards a successful staging of the FIFA World Cup in Curitiba.

Formula 1 2014: Red Bull target stronger pre-season test in Bahrain World champions Red Bull will target better reliability when the second pre-season test for the 2014 Formula 1 season begins in Bahrain today. Red Bull managed just 21 laps over four days in the first test in Jerez after power-unit and cooling problems. Engineer supplier Renault said afterwards: “It’s a difficult moment but we will get through this”. In Bahrain, Lotus will become the 11th and final team to run their car publicly for the first time. This season, new rules have introduced 1.6-litre V6 turbo engines with extensive energy recovery systems, which means the teams are all

on a steep learning curve. Track-time mileage is important and the Mercedes, driven by Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, had a strong test in Jerez, completing 309 laps. Ferrari managed 251, while McLaren completed 245. Crucially, those teams were able to complete car setup and evaluation work so that when the four-day test in Bahrain starts, they can get down to working on the performance of their new cars. The Renault-powered teams - Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Caterham - will need to do that baseline work in Bahrain after failing to do so in Spain. As well as the power problems, Red Bull have had

to change the packaging of their car after suffering overheating problems in Jerez. However, the team will be boosted by the fact Lotus, who are also powered by Renault, were able to complete 100km - the maximum allowed for what was a promotional event - at Jerez last week, having missed the first official test. Reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel will drive the Red Bull on the first two days, with Daniel Ricciardo taking over for the final two days. A third test in Bahrain follows on 27 February-2 March before the season starts in Melbourne, Australian on 16 March.

The goal was Messi’s first at a Premier League ground

Ibrahimovic and Cabaye on target... From page 38 first goal for his new club. The hosts got off to a terrible start as Simon Rolfes gave the ball away in his own half to Matuidi, who started a move which ended with him running onto Marco Verratti’s through ball and side-footing a low finish into the left corner, with goalkeeper Bernd Leno slow in getting down. The hosts were looking very nervous as their opponents pressed them high up the pitch and Leno had a let-off in the 11th minute after spilling a cross. He dropped a ball in from Gregory van der Wiel straight at the feet of Ibrahimovic who blasted his shot from six yards straight at a defender. At the other end Stefan Kiessling brought a save out of Salvatore Sirigu, who tipped his header over the top, but that was as good as it got for the home side, who lacked the invention to break down their visitors.Leverkusen started to have more possession, but it was all in front of their opponents, who were so comfortable they were prepared to dribble out of their own area on occasions. PSG’s second goal arrived from the spot in

Ibrahimovic scores his second goal with an excellent strike from outside the area the 39th minute, but the penalty award was by no means clear-cut. Maxwell cut the ball into the area from the byline on the left and Ezequiel Lavezzi went down under pressure from Spahic. There were hardly any appeals from the PSG players, apart from Lavezzi, but the referee spotted a shirt pull on the Argentinian and pointed to the spot. Ibrahimovic’s penalty was perfect, fired into the bottomleft corner. And the Swede stamped his brilliance on the

match three minutes before the break. He started an attack, laying the ball out wide left to Maxwell, whose ball in was controlled and held up well by Matuidi. The midfielder laid the ball back to the edge of the area where Ibrahimovic blasted a firsttime left-footed shot into the top-right corner. This time Leno had no chance. Kiessling had penalty appeals waved away early in second half before things went from bad to worse for the Germans.

Wednesday February 19, 2014

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ICC changes will benefit Windies cricket Port of Spain, Trinidad – President Whycliffe “Dave” Cameron said the amended key principles covering governance, financing and structure recently agreed by the International Cricket Council will allow the West Indies Cricket Board to grow and develop the game in the Caribbean and the Americas far more robustly and vigorously. The WICB was one of eight full members of the sport’s World governing body that supported the key principles at a recent Executive Board meeting in Singapore. Cameron said the new financial arrangements meant that there will be more revenue for all members of the ICC including the WICB, a Test Match fund to sustain the longest version of the game over the next decade, and a clear pathway for Associate Members nations to become eligible to play Tests. Read The President’s Speech In Full. He said the new financing proposals will allow the WICB to negotiate, on a bilateral basis, tours to other countries for which it will earn direct revenue. “Increased revenue in these areas will redound to the benefit of West Indies cricket through more funds invested into development, longer first-class seasons and

other areas,” said Cameron at a media conference on Monday at the Hyatt Regency here. “The WICB projects an increase of more than 100 per cent in ICC revenue for the upcoming eight-year cycle of international matches based on the proposals when compared to the previous eight-year cycle.” He added: “The WICB and all other full members now play international cricket based on the Future Tours Programme which is spread over a period of eight years. It is negotiated between members and compiled by the ICC, and is based on two cycles of four years and it obliges us to play every full member twice – once home and once away – in every four-year cycle. “Currently, West Indies have the most unfavourable allocation of matches of all the full members of the ICC, based on the current FTP schedule, and this is largely the reason the WICB is set to have a major deficit at the end of the financial year, September 30, 2014.” Cameron said the newly approved proposals will however, allow the WICB to increase the number of profitable tours it hosts, while reducing the number of unprofitable tours it is obliged to host under the current FTP. “Based on the proposed

WICB CEO Michael Muirhead, President Dave Cameron and Director of Cricket Richard Pybus bilateral structure, the WICB will be able to negotiate fees when the West Indies team plays in away series, as was the case prior to the establishment of the FTP,” the WICB President told his audience that also included WICB Vice President Emmanuel Nanthan, Chief Executive Officer Michael Muirhead and Director of Cricket Richard Pybus. “As the West Indies team continues to regain strength, the WICB will be able to negotiate more for our brand,

which is a most significant consideration.” He said: “Also, where the WICB hosts unprofitable tours, we will now be able to access the newly proposed Test Match Fund to help offset costs. “We can inform you now that the WICB has already secured commitments from from the major boards to play an increased number of matches and series during the next eight-year cycle. This will allow WICB to grow revenue significantly through television and sponsorship

with increased opportunities to play against the more attractive teams in the game.” On the possible introduction of a two-tiered system for Tests that could lead to relegation, Cameron said: “As it stands, the top nine teams – including West Indies – will continue to play Test matches. The risk of ‘relegation’ is only realistic for the 10th-ranked team. West Indies is currently ranked seventh and is in no realistic position to be ranked 10th in the foreseeable future.

“With the increased revenue and a fortified development programme, the WICB is determined to ensure that the West Indies team is nowhere near being ranked 10th in the World, allowing us to continue to play all formats of the game in full – and put us in a strong position to negotiate with every other full member for participation in home and away tours.” On the impact the new governance structure will have on the WICB, Cameron said: “We want to make it abundantly clear: The WICB has not relinquished any powers as a full member of the ICC. The WICB remains a full member of the ICC with full voting rights on all matters. “The WICB will be eligible for membership to all committees, chairmanship of all committees, and the presidency and chairmanship of the ICC.” He said: “As such, I am a member of the Financial & Commercial Affairs Committee and will retain that position following the organizational transition. “The WICB is extremely confident it will not be hurt by the organizational transition of the ICC and the World governing body will be stronger outfit as a result.” (WICB Media Release)

India hang on for a draw after McCullum triple Brendon McCullum brought the whole of New Zealand to its feet in becoming the first New Zealander to 300 runs, New Zealand then possibly indulged for about half an hour after having fought hard for close to two days, following which Virat Kohli scored a century to make sure India didn’t lose the Test they would have thought they had won two days ago. New Zealand won the series 1-0, and India ended their second successive tour without a win. Given 67 overs to survive, India were in strife and would have lost their third wicket in the 13th over had Kohli walked or even shown signs of guilt after edging one through to BJ Watling, but he showed those niceties were not for him when there was a Test to be saved. For about 46 minutes in the morning, the New Zealand economy came down to a standstill, the GDP took a beating and Basin Reserve cheered every single on as McCullum became the first New Zealander in 84 years of

their Test cricket to register a triple-century. What made it sweeter was that he had come out in the first session of day three with an innings defeat and a squandered series lead imminent. By the fifth morning, though, the match had been saved, McCullum was 281, and it was time for a little indulgence, a phase of play where he would bask in the applause. Before McCullum could get there, though, his partner Jimmy Neesham became only the seventh man to score a century on debut from No. 8. He had played a vital part previous evening in keeping McCullum together as his body and his concentration threatened to disintegrate after close to five sessions of intense grind. Neesham took all the pressure off by taking a majority of strike and the responsibility of run-getting. Neesham began the day on 67, and continued to bat in a carefree manner. His driving into the leg side remained a feature of his batting, and he was no slouch when India pitched up too far

outside off. His pace on the fifth morning again allowed McCullum to stay in the background, but McCullum went from 284 to 288, 289 to 293, and from 293 to 297 in boundaries. The anticipation arose as much with each of those shots as it did with good defensive ones. When, on 293, he edged one that fell short, the Basin heaved. Off the second ball of the 199th over, McCullum took the single to go to 298, but that gave Neesham four balls to beat him to his landmark. Neesham was 94. And he pulled the third ball, and managed to lob the deep square leg who had completely misjudged this. Off the next ball, McCullum ran as hard as Neesham; the hundred was now done. When McCullum steered the first ball of the next over between slips and gully, the triple had been achieved. Father Stu McCullum was in attendance, seemingly the whole of Wellington too, there was not a bum on seat, and the applause continued for about four minutes.

It was an emotional moment, and McCullum could face only two balls as the only New Zealand triplecenturion. When he did edge Zaheer Khan, he didn’t take Neesham along with him. Had he done so, they would have set India 380 in 77 overs. Instead they batted on for 10 more overs to add 55 more runs, refusing to dangle a carrot. Perhaps all the hard work over the last two days was too much to ask to be risked, especially when they led in the series. Be it at it may, the extra time allowed Neesham enough time to register the highest score for a No. 8 debutant and to take New Zealand to their highest total ever. India played out the four overs before lunch all right, but in the first two overs after the interval, Trent Boult and Tim Southee got the openers. Shikhar Dhawan fell padding up to a ball that would have clearly bounced over the stumps. Steve Davis went the other way soon as he let Kohli off when it could have become 31 for 3 with 55 overs (Continued on page 35)

Brendon McCullum is congratulated by the Indian team after his 302

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Wednesday February 19, 2014

Was Regional Super50 exibition Bakewell and Rainbow Signs boost RHTY used to pick Windies team? &SC, St. Francis Anti-Suicide Programme Asks Sean Devers The 2014 Regional Super50 cricket tournament is now done and dusted with Barbados emerging Champions and according to the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) performances in this competition would be taken into account when selecting West Indies teams. It’s an insult to those who followed the Regional 50overs competition to expect us to believe that none of the performances by any Guyanese in that competition merited selection on the West Indies team for the two T20 and one ODI in the home series against Ireland which starts today in Jamaica. Under a WICB rule which has been in place for over three decades, players must take part in regional competitions to be eligible for selection to the West Indies team, barring “injury, illness or exceptional circumstances”. The rule has, however, been relaxed in recent years with the advent of the Indian Premier League and other Twenty20 tournaments around the world. The selection of Kirk Edwards who was selected for Barbados but was sent home because he refused to sign for his uniform, could have been excused due to ‘exceptional circumstances but the inclusion of 23-year-old West Indies ‘A’ team pacer Miguel Cummins ahead of Guyana’s Ronsford Beaton has raised eyebrows. Cummins was not selected for Barbados in the Regional competition and has never bowled a ball for Barbados in 50-over cricket which begs the question how was Cummins picked without participating in the Regional

Why no Guyanese included? competition ahead of fellow West Indies ‘A’ team pacer Beaton. If espouser was the reason, then Beaton, who impressed many including former Test pacers Michael Holding and Colin Croft with his genuine pace in the Regional tourney, should have been picked. Beaton is two years younger than Cummins and had an impressive showing when Guyana played Ireland. Performance must remain important criteria for Chairman of selectors Guyanese Clyde Butts, Barbadian Courtney Browne and Jamaican Robert Haynes. Of course things like exposing new talent and attitude must be also taken into account but not selecting any Guyanese in either squad is shocking especially since two Guyanese were among the top five run-scorers and two more among top four wicket-takers. Guyana Captain Christopher Barnwell, who has played six t20 matches for the West Indies, was among the top allrounders on show. Even if age was a consideration, Shiv Chanderpaul, who is needed in this present ODI team which many times failed to last 50 overs, is as fit as most others in the tournament and scored 144 runs from just two innings; missing two games because of the ‘flu’ illness. But how can the selectors justify the non-selection of 33-year-old Ramnaresh Sarwan who scored 151 runs including two fifties from three matches? Sarwan is experienced and looked in top form, unlike when he was

brought back for the ODIs last year. Barnwell seems to be a better player after his IPL exposure last year and his batting has improved tremendously. Barnwell who turned 27 last month, was very consistent and his positive batting is well suited to limited overs cricket. Barnwell played the first of his six T20 Internationals in 2011 against Pakistan and his last also against Pakistan last year. So what has he done wrong since then? Not selecting him in the World T20 squad is even more baffling. Left-arm spinner Suleiman Benn had the second most wickets in Trinidad but for some strange reason he seems to have fallen off the selector’s radar. While Nikita Miller who only had three scalps was preferred to 24year-old Guyanese Veerasammy Permaul who played his last ODI only in November last year. Only two bowlers had more wickets than him in the Regional tournament but he was dropped. The selection of Andre Fletcher ahead of Sarwan and Bajan Jonathon Carter, who scored the second most runs in the tournament including a century, is also surprising as is the selection of Kieron Powell ahead of Dwayne Smith in the ODI team. Apart from two T20 matches and one ODI against Ireland in Jamaica this month, West Indies will also play England in three ODIs (in Antigua) and three T20 Internationals (in Barbados) between February and March.

GCB disappointed with nonselection of Guyanese on WI team The Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) has expressed its extreme disappointment at the non-selection of Guyanese players on the West Indies team for the upcoming international series in the region. In a press release the GCB said, “The Guyana Cricket Board wishes to express its extreme regret at the selection choices of the selection panel with the teams selected to represent the West Indies during the upcoming tour of Ireland.” “The GCB notes with serious concern the nonselection of any Guyanese, whatsoever, to these teams selected by the selection panel. Whilst the GCB does

not subscribe to a quota system for selection, we strongly feel that players should be selected based on merit and performance. In this regard, it is indeed mind boggling that the selectors felt that Christopher Barnwell, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Shiv Chanderpaul, Leon Johnson, Veerasammy Permaul, Devendra Bishoo and Ronsford Beaton were not considered worthy of selection for any of the teams announced. The Regional tournaments are usually the yardstick used to select representative teams for the West Indies. Two of the above batsmen made it into

the top five run aggregates for the NAGICO Super 50 tournament, just completed, even though these players did not play all of the matches, and we find it rather difficult to reconcile the thought process of our selection panel.” The release continued, “The GCB wishes to record its extreme displeasure and loss of confidence in the selection panel and would like an explanation as to why these players were not selected. The Guyanese public is justifiably peeved at the treatment meted out to its players by this panel and call on the WICB to investigate this situation immediately.”

Rainbow Signs’ Managing Director Sanjay Prittipal hands over one of the banners to Secretary of St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Youth Club Ms. Veronica Narain in the presence of other members. The efforts of the eight cricket teams of the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC) and the St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Youth Club to tackle the problem of suicide among youths in Berbice have received a major boost. The two organisations on Wednesday last received twenty five large full coloured banners compliments of Rainbow Signs of Hampshire and popular bakery, Bakewell. The teams: RHT Farfan and Mendes Under-15, Bakewell Under-17 and Second Division, Pepsi Under-19 and Intermediate, Metro Female and the Gizmos and Gadgets Under-21 and Intermediate along with the St. Francis Youth Club last month launched a massive Anti-Suicide campaign in response to the problem that is affecting the Ancient County. Several youths in Berbice have already taken their own lives in 2014 and Secretary/ CEO of the RHTY&SC Hilbert

Foster described the suicide problem as a very worrying one as Guyana cannot afford to lose any more of its most important asset, young people. He described suicide as the easy way out of problems and stated that it is a permanent solution to a temporary situation. The RHTY&SC and St. Francis, Foster stated that he would continue to work together to assist youths to understand that life is the best gift you can receive and once lost, cannot be replaced. Secretary of the St. Francis Youth Club Veronica Narain disclosed that the banners would be distributed to all Secondary Schools in Region 6 and some other centers where youths often visit. The anti-suicide programme has to date included distribution of hundreds of posters on suicide and drugs, television commercials, television programmes, T-shirts with

messages, sport tournaments and counseling sessions for youths. Narain expressed gratitude to Mr. Sanjay Prittipal of Rainbow Signs and Mr. Rajendra Ganga of Bakewell for supporting the two clubs in their Anti Suicide efforts. Mr. Prittipal stated that his company was pleased to partner with two dynamic organisations as he himself was concerned with the high suicide rate among youths in Berbice. He called on parents to pay more attention to their children and stated that Rainbow Signs was committed towards assisting youths to say No to suicide and Drugs. Among the schools receiving banners are Lower Corentyne Secondary, J.C Chandisingh, Corentyne Comprehensive Secondary, Black Bush Polder Secondary, Berbice High School and Line Path Secondary School. The banner would also be placed at other institutions.

Ibrahimovic and Cabaye on target as French champions run riot in Germany Zlatan Ibrahimovic added another stunning goal to his collection as Paris St Germain needed just 45 minutes to all but book their place in the quarter-finals of the Champions League by outclassing Bayer Leverkusen. The Swede was quiet, even off-colour, until scoring twice in four minutes at the end of the first half,

converting a controversial penalty and then smashing a left-footed shot from the edge of the area straight into the top corner. Blaise Matuidi earlier stunned the BayArena just three minutes into this first leg with the opening goal, and that set the tone for the match. PSG had no need to get out of second gear against opponents who are no

strangers to the latter stages of the Champions League but froze badly this time and appeared to accept their fate. Leverkusen were reduced to 10 men in the 59th minute, defender Emir Spahic harshly sent off for two yellow cards, and their misery was complete when PSG substitute Yohan Cabaye added a late fourth with his (Continued on page 36)

Wednesday February 19, 2014

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Tagenarine stars again in Under-19 win Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - West Indies entered the quarterfinals of the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup 2014, beating Canada by 63 runs in a Group C fixture at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium Nursery 1 in Abu Dhabi yesterday. This was West Indies’s second win of the tournament, and it finished second behind South Africa in Group C. The Caribbean side was led by Tagenarine Chanderpaul, who followed his 84 not out in a 167-run win over Zimbabwe with a 127-ball 93 that laid the platform for an eventual total of 289 for 4 in 50 overs. Chanderpaul shared in a 62-run opening stand with Shimron Hetmyer (39), and then added 95 with Jeremy Solozano (50) before Solozano was trapped lbw by Nitish Kumar. Nicolas Pooran then built on the foundation and attacked Canada’s bowling; smashing 67 not out off 41 balls, including three fours and four sixes, to take West Indies to a daunting total. Canada started its chase reasonably, but fell away at the end, losing seven wickets for just 29 runs to be all out for 226 in 49.3 overs. Canada were 56 for 2 in the 14th over when Nikhil Dutta shared in two good stands to revive the innings. Dutta put on 53 with Nitish Kumar and then 88 off 104 balls with Talha Shaikh. But when Shaikh fell, Canada slipped from 197 for 3 to 226 all out. Jerome Jones, Ray Jordan and Ramaal Lewis took two wickets each for West Indies. West Indies will now head to Dubai to play in its quaterfinal on February 23 against the team that tops Group B. England beat New Zealand by 115 runs A half-century from Ryan Higgins and a three-wicket new-ball burst from Matthew Fisher led England Under-19s to a 115-run win over New Zealand Under-19s and, with it, a place in the quarter-finals. Higgins, batting at No. 3,

South Africa and England also into quarters

Yaseen Valli

made a 123-ball 83, with five fours and two sixes, and held together England’s innings after they had chosen to bat. Higgins shared stands of 57 for the second wicket with Harry Finch, 46 for the fifth wicket with Will Rhodes and 64 for the sixth wicket with wicketkeeper Joe Clarke to take his team to 199 for 4 in the 47th over, before both he and Clarke fell at the same score. Clarke struck six fours in a 23-ball 33. That double strike didn’t slow England’s progress, however, as Rob Sayer and Rob Jones pushed their total to 229 for 8 with a partnership of 28 off just 15 balls. Seamer Brett Randell was New Zealand’s most successful bowler with three wickets, while spinners Jeremy Benton and Dane Watson, between them, conceded just 54 in 20 overs, while picking up a wicket apiece. New Zealand lost opener Tim Seifert for a firstball duck, Fisher swinging one

Ryan Higgins

into him to trap him legbefore. Over the rest of his first spell, Fisher struck two more times, leaving New Zealand 33 for 3 in the 11th over. Opener Raki Weerasundara then added 29 with Shawn Hicks before he fell for a 62-ball 41. These were to remain the best partnership and highest score of the innings, as New Zealand subsided to a disappointing 114 in 36.1 overs. Seamer Jack Winslade and spinners Sayer and Jones picked up two wickets apiece. SRI LANKADEFEAT UAE TO BOOK QUARTER FINAL BERTH A quick hundred from opener Hashan Dumindu charged Sri Lanka to the quarter-finals with an eightwicket win over United Arab Emirates in Sharjah. Chasing 206, Sri Lanka achieved the target with nearly seven overs to spare for their third consecutive win to top Group D. UAE could not make the

most of their decision to bat, even though they got a stable start. After the opening stand of 51 was broken in the 15th over, No. 3 Shorye Chopra upped the run rate with a 77ball 69. He helped the team cross 150 but was caught in the 38th over. UAE lost their remaining five wickets for 52 runs as left-arm seamer Binura Fernando took the last two wickets within three deliveries to dismiss UAE for 205. Anuk Fernando and Harsha Rajapaksha also picked up two wickets each. Sri Lanka lost their opener Sadeera Samarawickrama in the sixth over but Dumindu stitched a stand of 94 for the second with Kusal Mendis, before the latter was run out for 45. Dumindu and Hashen Ramanayake then took them home with a partnership of 88

runs in less than 18 overs. While Dumindu struck 11 fours and a six for his unbeaten 113, Ramanayake was 34 not out with a four and a six. SOUTHAFRICA TROUNCE ZIMBABWE BY 7 WICKETS It was all too easy for South Africa Under-19s as they brushed passed their neighbours Zimbabwe Under19s by seven wickets in Abu Dhabi and entered the quarter-finals with three consecutive wins. Their seamers bundled out Zimbabwe for 198 and the target was overhauled by the captain Aiden Markram, who scored a century, and Yaseen Valli, who continued his golden run with an unbeaten fifty and in the process became the tournament’s

leading run-scorer. South Africa had a minor hiccup with their top order, barring Markram, failing to click. Clyde Fortuin made his third consecutive score of 4 when he was trapped lbw on the backfoot to the seamer Cuthbert Musoko. Kirwin Christoffels survived an early shout for caught behind off the seamer but he was eventually dismissed by the left-arm spinner Herbert Chikomba bowled trying to sweep. Chikomba was on a hat-trick when he trapped Greg Oldfield lbw, leaving South Africa at a potentially slippery 54 for 3 in 11.2 overs. Markram and Valli then built steadily and could afford to take their time. Markram flicked and nudged the seamers each time they strayed on the pads and he approached his fifty with a flicked boundary off the leg spinner Deven Bell. Valli was content rotating the strike and the field was later brought in to cut off those singles. Valli then started to use his feet a bit more against the spinners, lofting over the infield. He was nearly run out on 49 when he tried to nudge a single past the wicketkeeper, who collected but failed to strike the stumps. Markram was strong on the cut, picking the gaps easily wide of cover. He reached his first century in U-19 one-dayers with a cover drive for four as South Africa neared the target. That Zimbabwe managed to get close to 200 was thanks to Luke Jongwe’s 55 off 53 balls. Zimbabwe were struggling to put runs on the board when he walked in at 111 for 5 in the 34th over. Zimbabwe gambled by opting to bat first on a grassy pitch, which the seamers, led by Justin Dill, exploited to pick up seven wickets.

DCB Over-40 20-Over semifinals and final on this weekend After a hiatus of two months due to inclement weather, the Demerara Cricket Board Over-40 20-Over competition sponsored by Raj Singh Insurance Brokers and Trophy Stall, will conclude with the semifinals and final this weekend at the Everest Cricket Club ground. The semifinals are slated for Friday February 21, 2014. Lower East Coast Bulls will lock horns with West Bank Demerara Mavericks from 9:00 hours before East Coast Tigers clash with West Coast Demerara Seals from 13:00 hours.

After the Preliminary Rounds, Bulls finished at the top of the points table with 27 points, followed by Tigers with 26, Seals with 18 and Mavericks with 17. In addition to their three victories (12 points), Bulls amassed 11 bonus points for exceptional achievements. They also had one loss, one tie (two points) and two noresult matches (two points). Tigers recorded four victories (16 points), had one loss, two no-result matches (two points), and eight bonus points. Seals won three, lost two,

two were no-result, and had four bonus points. While Mavericks won two, lost one, tied one, had three noresults, and accumulated four bonus points. The winner of the semifinals will collide in the final on Saturday February 22, 2014 from 13:00 hours. Umpires Mario Nicholls and Javed Persaud will take the field for the first semifinal, while Ryan Banwarie and Edward Bowen will take care of the second semifinal. Umpires Gavin D’Aguiar and Trevor Ritney will do the final.

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Vizion Sports and Ent. group stages Caribbean Inter Club Football Competition Football fans can gear up for exciting football when the Vizion Sports and Entertainment Group presents the Caribbean Inter Club Football Competition on March 5th, 7th and 9th next. Yesterday afternoon, the organizers summoned the media to a press conference at their office, Anira Street Queenstown, where they unveiled pertinent details relating to the tournament. Wally Fraser is the man behind the initiative and he said that his vision is to bring about awareness to Caribbean footballers and facilitate a smooth transition to the European leagues. Noted for his passion for music, Fraser, who also managed and piloted the local music band, First Born, to prominence, is adamant that the talent nestling in the Caribbean region could be nurtured and eventually develop into a marketable product. He said that he has spoken to several businessmen in London, England, who have shown an interest in developing football in the region and their input will hinge on the success of this tournament. He said that the pivotal objective is to promote the sport at a higher level and he hopes to initiate a pilot project that includes Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica and that this initiative would soon bear fruit. The businessman, an avid

lover of music, said that the initiative will merge sports with music to create the right atmosphere for fan’s enjoyment. Four teams, Alpha FC, Buxton United, Slingerz FC and Boystown of Jamaica will compete for honours at three venues. Apart from the matches, the organizers have promised a chockfull of fun and local singer, Michelle ‘Big Red’ King and her son, Little Red, will belt out some of their top tunes while several entertainers out of Jamaica will also add to the occasion. These include the popular group, Voice Mail, Christopher Martin, Ginga and Tappa Zukie. Local musical group, First Born, will also add to the entertainment with some of their top tunes. Activities get underway on March 5 with 2 matches at the Buxton Community Center Ground. Alpha will take on Buxton while Slingerz will tackle Boystown. Two days later, on the 7th, Alpha will face off with Slingerz while Buxton oppose Boystown. The final set of matches will be contested March 9 between Alpha and Boystown at the Georgetown Football Club ground while there will be a celebrity match among local entertainers against musicians out of Jamaica. Meanwhile, Secretary of the Buxton Football Club, Eton Moses lauded the

initiative and said that the forum would provide valuable activity for his team as they prepare for duties in the imminent East Coast Demerara League. He said that he envisages many fierce encounters. And Slingerz representative, Colin Aaron, said his team will not be treating this competition lightly. He said that Alpha FC has defeated his team twice in the recent past and they will be using this occasion to avenge those losses and drive home the view that his team is a force to be reckoned with. Charmaine Wade represented the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) and praised the organizers while saying that the matches will showcase football at another level while encouraging the emergence of fresh talent. Captain of the Slingerz football outfit, Vurlon Mills, feels that the tournament will provide useful activity for his team. He said he is eagerly looking forward to the competition. The price of admission ranges from $1500 for general seating while a VIP seat costs $3000. These tickets will be available at least two days before the commencement of the tournament and all matches commence at 18:00hrs. The sponsors are Caribbean Airlines and Banks DIH Ltd.

Wednesday February 19, 2014

Scotia Bank Kiddy Cricket-Wakenaam

Arthurville beat Sans Souci by 12 runs in final

The victorious Arthurville Primary School team. At left is Coach Nandkishore Andrews. Arthurville Primary were crowned champions of the Wakenaam district of the Scotia Bank nationwide Kiddy cricket competition when they defeated Sans Souci Primary by 12 runs in the final on Monday at the Wakenaam Community Centre Ground, Good Success. Arthurville batted first and posted 161-5 off their allotted 10 overs. Simeon St. Hill top scored with 20 while extras led with 26. Lokram Chandradeo and Anita Hendricks grabbed two wickets each.

Sans Souci replied with 149-7 in 10 overs. Jageshwar Ramcharran made 15 and extras weighed in with 30. Andrew Binda, Emmanuel Polhia and Michael Retemiah claimed two wickets apiece. In the semi-finals played earlier, Arthurville overcame Maria’s Pleasure primary by 79 runs. Arthurville took first strike and rattled up 200-1 in 10 overs with Simeon St. Hill 8, Cyanna Retemiah and Andrew Binda being their principal scorers. Extras contributed 28. Maria’s Pleasure lost 10

wickets in scoring 121 in 10 overs in response. Extras led all scorers with 22; Brena Lake captured three wickets and Cyanna Retemiah, two. Sans Souci got the better of Zeelandia Primary by 21 runs. Zeelandia managed 128-10 in 10 overs with 42 extras, batting first. Mahase Ramnarine, Naseema Mohabir, Haseeb Mohabir, Devendra Hansraj and Nazar Mohamed picked up two wickets each. Responding, Sans Souci scored 149-6 in 10 overs. Extras made a vital contribution with 42.

GABBFF to host Athletes Maryville Primary through to final Meeting on Saturday Hugh Ross and Frank Tucker to facilitate Guyana’s most renowned bodybuilder Hugh Ross and former President of the bodybuilding federation Frank Tucker will on Saturday be the main facilitators when the Guyana Amateur Body Building and Fitness Federation (GABBFF) hosts an athletes and administrators meeting. The venue is Olympic House, High Street from 13:00hrs. GABBFF P r e s i d e n t K eavon Bess disclosed that the format of the meeting will be interactive since the two facilitators would be dealing with a number of pertinent and relevant issues surrounding the sport. Athletes will also be educated on activities and competitions that the governing body has in store for this year, the rules

Hugh Ross

Frank Tucker

governing the sport, judges expectations as well as an

insight into anti-doping laws governing sports generally.

Maryville cemented their place in the final of the Leguan district of the Scotia Bank nationwide Kiddy cricket festival when they defeated Richmond Hill Primary school by 104 runs yesterday. Richmond Hill Primary batted first but suffered 15 dismissals in scoring 54 off their allotted 10 overs at Enterprise ground. Bachan Boodhan was their leading batter with 6 runs while extras assisted with 16. Adreain Ramlakhan claimed 3 wickets while Haresh R a g h u b e e r, Shaun George and Vonita Persaud captured two each. Maryville replied with 158-6 in 10 overs. George led with 19 while extras supported with 36. Sankumar Gowkarran took two wickets for Richmond Hill. The Leguan leg will continue on Monday.

Shaun George hits out during his top score

Adreain Ramlakhan in action

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Wednesday February 19, 2014

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Stag Beer / EBFA Division One League Alpha looking to Timehri Panthers and Kuru strengthen grip; GDF faces M/ca Determinators Kururu Warriors take full points League leaders Alpha United will be looking to strengthen their grip on the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Premier League when they face Linden’s Silver Shattas this afternoon in the feature game of a double header, at the Georgetown Football Club ground. In the opening match-up, the Guyana Defence Force that currently lies third in the

points standing takes on West Berbice’s Mahaica Determinators in what should be a bruising encounter. Both teams style of play is akin to each other, but the technical superiority favours the Army, while the Mahaica unit is a determined bunch and plays at full throttle for ninety minutes. The Alpha United versus Silver Shattas clash if one is

to judge on paper and performance could easily be interpreted as a one-sided contest, but when the result is dependent on what transpires on the field of play then each team has an equal opportunity to win. 18:00 hrs G F C G D F v s M a h a i c a Determinators 20:00 hrs “ lpha United vs Silver

Top boxers selected for South American Boxing C/ships - Imran Khan omitted through injury

Dennis Thomas Merely three days after leading Guyana to championship honours in the just concluded Four Nations Caribbean Boxing Championships, three of the top boxers, Welterweight, Eon Bancroft, Middleweight, Dennis Thomas and female Heavyweight, Theresa London, will return to the gym almost immediately in preparation for the South American Boxing Championships scheduled for Chile from March 7-18 next. National Bantamweight champion, Imran Khan, initially shortlisted to be a part of the squad, had to be omitted after he sustained a fracture to his left wrist during his bout against Claimonte Gibson in the finals of the Caribbean championships. President of the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA), Steve Ninvalle, said that the three selectees are the best choices and he is optimistic that they will do Guyana proud and procure medals. Mr. Ninvalle further lamented Khan’s omission from the squad saying that it is indeed a crushing blow to the team since the lanky Bantamweight pugilist has shown remarkable form in the just concluded Caribbean championships. Khan had turned in a classy display to

Eon Bancroft

Theresa London

defeat Jamaican Patrick Sahadeo before engaging his countryman and sustaining the injury on the final night of the championship. Bancroft has earned the nod after defeating Jamaican Kestna Davis on the opening night and then returned to take the honours against St Lucian, Ron Bastian while

Thomas had taken care of St Lucian Arthur Langelier on the opening night before returning to defeat Jamaican, Michael Gardner, in the finals. London was successful against Trinidadian, Chimere Taylor. Both Thomas and London clinched the best boxer award in their respective category.

The 2014 season of the East Bank Football Association (EBFA) kicked off on Sunday last at the Grove Community Centre Ground with a double header that saw Timehri Panthers waltzing past Mocha Champs 3-0 while Kuru Kururu Warriors eased to full points against Diamond United Football Club 3-1. The Stag Beer sponsored division one league which features eight of the association’s clubs got off to an enterprising start with all the teams showing that they are eager and happy to see the return of competitive football to the association, compliments of Ansa Mcal Trading through their Stag Beer brand. Timehri Panthers playing the feature game against Mocha never allowed their opponents to become a threat and scored at opportune intervals as they locked out the challenge of the Mocha boys. Troy Johnson opened the score card for Timehri 19 minutes into the derby and while they would have loved to increase the advantage, Mocha kept up their quest to even the score. The halftime whistle came and the score was unchanged. Even when play had resumed, Timehri had to fight hard to increase the advantage. That opportunity eventually came in the 65th minute compliments of an Andy Higgins strike. With five minutes to full time, the

game was put beyond the reach of Mocha with a Seon David goal. In the opening fixture, Kuru Kururu Warriors proved a bit too much for the yet emerging Diamond United Football Club to handle, the former romping to a comfortable 3-1 win. The game started with both teams eager to gain the ascendancy but it was the boys from the Linden Soesdyke Highway who netted the first goal of the season compliments of Ryan Scott in the 15th minute, the first of his double. Diamond however was not going to allow the Warriors much breathing

space and they fired back almost immediately when Eon Glenn tucked one past the Warriors’ goalie in the 22nd minute. The first half ended with the scores unchanged. Second half action was end to end but it was Kuru K u r u r u Wa r r i o r s w h o assumed the advantage once again when Scott completed his brace in the 65th minute. Ten minutes later the game was sealed the Warriors way through Cordell Johnson’s 75th minute strike. More matches will be contested on Monday, a national holiday at the same venue.

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Defending champions announce squad

Wednesday February 19, 2014

Predictable Guyana First-Class team picked to face Jamaica - play 4-day warm up game at Providence from today

Darren Sammy St. John’s, Antigua – The West Indies Cricket Board advised yesterday that its Selection Panel has named a 15-member squad to defend the ICC World Twenty20 title from March 16 to April 6 in Bangladesh. Squad: Darren Sammy (Captain), Samuel Badree, Dwayne Bravo, Johnson Charles, Sheldon Cottrell, Andre Fletcher, Christopher Gayle, Sunil Narine, Denesh Ramdin, Ravi Rampaul, Andre Russell, Marlon Samuels, Krishmar Santokie, Lendl Simmons, Dwayne Smith. Team Management Unit: Ottis Gibson (Head Coach), Richie Richardson (Team Operations Manager), Stuart Williams (Assistant Coach), Andre Coley (Assistant Coach), Saqlain Mushtaq (Assistant Coach), C.J.

Smith and Santokie Clark (Physiotherapist), Hector Martinez Charles (Strength & Conditioning Coordinator), Richard B e r r i d g e ( Vi d e o & Statistical Analyst), Virgil Browne (Massage Therapist), Philip Spooner (Media Relations Manager). Neither Kieron Pollard nor Kemar Roach were considered for selection due to continued rehabilitation f r o m i n j u r y. P o l l a r d continues to recover from a knee injury sustained late last year, and Roach is still trying to get over a shoulder injury that forced him to return home from the tour of India without playing and required surgery. West Indies, under the leadership of Sammy and the guidance of Gibson, won the ICC World T20 two years ago, when they toppled hosts

Sri Lanka by 36 runs in a thrilling Final at the Premadasa Stadium in the Sri Lanka capital of Colombo. Schedule of matches: (All start times below are local times; Eastern Caribbean minus 9 ½ hours, Jamaica minus 10 ½ hours) Preliminary round: March Sun 23: West Indies vs India – Sher-e-Bangla Stadium, Mirpur (7 p.m.) Tue 25: West Indies vs ICC Qualifier – Sher-eBangla Stadium, Mirpur (7 p.m.) Fri 28: West Indies vs Australia – Sher-e-Bangla Stadium, Mirpur (3 p.m.) April Tue 1: West Indies vs Pakistan – Sher-e-Bangla Stadium, Mirpur (7 p.m.) (WICB Media Release)

Three changes from Guyana’s 50-overs team which reached the semifinals of the Regional Super50 tournament in Trinidad, have been made by the National selectors who named a predictable 14-man squad to travel to Jamaica on February 25 for their opening game against five-times defending Champions Jamaica from February 28 to March 3. Batsmen Vishal Singh and former Test player Sewnarine Chattergoon along with fast Bowler Keon Joseph replace Royston Crandon, Trevon Griffith and Robin Bacchus in the Four-Day team which will face a Guyana Cricket Board Rest team in a four-day practice match from today at the Guyana National stadium. The match is scheduled to commence at 10:00 hours each day. The team, which according to the GCB is just for the first game, will be led by former West Indies under19 Skipper Leon Johnson who takes over the leadership role from Christopher Barnwell while veteran Shiv Chanderpaul remains the Vice-Captain. The 32-year-old Chattergoon has played four

Leon Johnson Tests and was among the leading run scorers in the f o u r- d a y I n t e r- C o u n t y competition and has five centuries from 73 First-Class games while 25-year-old Singh who led from the front as Captain of the Rest Team in the Inter-County tournament after playing nine First-Class matches but none in three years. Joseph, a 22-year-old pacer, has taken seven wickets in four games. Prior to this warm-up match, the players on the squad who were not a part of the Super50 squad in Tr i n i d a d , w e r e i n a n Encampment from February 5 - 7, 2014 which gave the selectors an opportunity to look at their fitness level.

Chairman of GCB Senior Selection Panel Mr. Rayon Griffith advised that players not selected for the first round must continue to practice and stay fit for likely selection in future rounds of this year’s competition. Guyana has won six First-Class titles but none since 1998 when they shared the title with the Leeward Islands. The Guyana squad: Sewnarine Chattergoon, Assad Fudadin, Leon Johnson (Captain), Ramnaresh Sarwan, Narsingh Deonarine, Shivnarine Chanderpaul (Vice Captain), Anthony Bramble, Christopher Barnwell, Veerasammy Permaul, Devendra Bishoo, Ronsford Beaton, Keon Joseph and Vishaul Singh. The Manager is Alvin Johnson and the Coach Esuan Crandon. The Rest team: Rajindra Chandrika, Trevon Griffith, Robin Bacchus, Chanderpaul Hemraj, Royston Crandon, Rajiv Ivan, Jonathan Foo, Zaheer Mohamed, Anthony Adams, Jason Sinclair, Paul Wintz, Raun Johnson, Rayon Fredericks, Collis Butts, Andre Stoll and Ricardo Adams. (Sean Devers)

West Indies ready to face Irish in T20s Kingston, Jamaica – West Indies will start the road towards retaining the I C C Wo r l d T 2 0 Championship when they face off against Ireland today. The World Champions take on the Irish in two matches at Sabina Park – on Wednesday and Friday – with both games bowling off at 2pm (3pm Eastern Caribbean Time). Captain Darren Sammy said the matches will form a crucial part of the preparation for the ICC World T20 Tournament to be played in Bangladesh from March 16 and April 6. “This is the start of the build-up to the ICC World T20 tournament in Bangladesh,” Sammy said on Tuesday. “We will have these two matches here in Jamaica and then we will have three more matches in

Barbados before we fly out to Bangladesh to defend our world title.” Both teams arrived in Kingston on Sunday and had full training sessions on Monday and Tuesday. Sammy said he was happy with the preparation. “Since we arrived here in Jamaica we had two training sessions – in our familiar conditions – and everyone looks ready for the start. Ireland have a good team and we can’t take them lightly. We have to make sure we play like world champions and make a statement,” Sammy said. “I view this like any other contest. We have a lot of respect for all oppositions we play. We have to start the ball rolling with the right frame of mind. Most of the guys have been playing cricket in the NAGICO Super50 and we also have a few guys coming

back from injury so everyone should be match-ready.” He added: “It looks like a very good pitch here at Sabina Park for T20 cricket. It looks like the kind of pitch we expect for this format. We will look to put runs on the board – which is a strategy we have used before in T20 cricket. We are fine-tuning and building ourselves toward the main event which is winning the World T20 for the people of the Caribbean.” For the ICC World T20 Championship, West Indies will play all their preliminary matches at the Sher-e-Bangla in Mirpur. They start against India on Sunday, March 23 and will follow up with a contest against a yet to be determined ICC Qualifier on Tuesday, March 25. On Friday, March 28 they take on Australia followed by Pakistan on Tuesday, April 1.

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Wednesday February 19, 2014

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UG Athletics team returns with seven medals

Sports Officer at UG, Lavern Fraser-Thomas (left) with the successful UG Track and Field team following their return to Guyana. The University of Guyana (UG) returned with seven medals and a recordbreaking performance after what can be called a successful sojourn at the Barbados Relay Fair (BRF), which was held last Saturday at the Barbados National Stadium. The seven-medal haul included a gold, four silver and two bronze medals with the University’s Track and Field team breaking the men’s distance medley record, which included a 200m, 400m, 800m and 1200m leg that distance

king, Cleveland Forde anchored. The team ran a time of 6:31.22, erasing the previous four-year-old record of 6:34.92 that Rising Stars Athletic Club from Barbados had held. Owen Adonis, who handed over to Joshua Griffith got things going on the first two legs for the Guyanese. But an injured Griffith had a hard time with his leg and ended in fifth after collecting the baton first from Adonis. However, Dane Johnson worked in the

800m, and managed to haul the team up to the third place with Pacers Track Club ahead with a 200m lead. But as he had done so many times for Guyana, Forde turned on the accelerator in the final leg for a scintillating 1200m run that left teams and patrons stunned at the venue in St. Michael’s. They also won a silver medal in the 4x800m with Kadeem Peters on the team. The University’s Girls team also did well with creditable performances.

Bounty Farm Mash Handicap tournament underway The Guyana Squash Association (GSA) commenced its first tournament for the year, the 2014 Bounty Farm Mash Handicap Tournament last evening at the Georgetown Club Squash Facility. The tournament, which has gained a reputation for being one of the Association’s biggest and most entertaining events of the calendar season, is expected to live up to the hype once again this year. Close to 50 players have registered, been seeded and commenced action last evening. Defending champion Jason-Ray Khalil has once

again been given the most severe handicap of the tournament with -22. The 19-year-old former Caribbean junior champion will be hoping to win back to back titles to improve his record to three Bounty Farm Handicap titles in four years. Last year’s runner up Nicholas Narain has been given a -8 handicap, while two-time junior Caribbean Champion Ben Mekdeci has been given a -10 handicap. Ashley Khalil will be hoping to stay alive as long as possible with her 3 handicap, while Ashley deGroot and Alec Melville may both be able to breathe easier on the positive side

with +2. Sarah Lewis (-3) has her work cut out for her in Category A, which was won by Rebecca Low last year. The tournament will continue every night before concluding on Saturday. The Bounty Farm M a s h H a n d i c a p To u r n a m e n t B a r b e q u e will also be held on Saturday at the Georgetown Club and all are asked to support this fundraising venture. The Guyana Squash Association continues to be sponsored by Digicel Guyana.

t r o Sp P.39

South Africa and England also into quarters

Tagenarine stars again in Under-19 win Printed and published by National Media & Publishing Company Limited, 24 Saffon St.Charlestown, Georgetown.Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491 or Fax: 225-8473/ 226-8210

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