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DELAY OF CASES There appears to be major problems within the judicial system in terms of the timely dispensation of justice to the average citizen in the country. The delay in trials will continue to do so unless a more proactive approach is taken by the government to make the judiciary more efficient. Instead, there is a propensity to make excuses, real or imaginary for the lengthy delays. It is said that justice delayed is justice denied. The introduction of night court has helped to ease the delay; this has cleared the backlog that had been growing for some time. Recently, the number of cases reaching the court increased; it could be an insurmountable task of having timely trials anytime soon. In order to reduce that huge backlog of cases, prosecutors should strive to minimize the extent of postponements. All too often defence lawyers and prosecutors complain about not being ready for trial. Court officials have indicated that a lack of resources was one reason for delays in the delivery of justice. They have noted that there were some accused who were on remand for over five years and had offered to plead guilty in return for time served. Many have had their cases nolle prosequi by the Director of Public Prosecutions. The process, especially as it relates to a criminal investigation and trial is simple. If a murder is committed, the accused is arrested and charged for murder/manslaughter by police. That individual is remanded after his/her first court appearance. The investigator then has the responsibility of preparing a case file that will include civilian and police statements, post mortem report, photo album and ballistics report in the event of a firearm being used. These reports fall within the category of a police report. There might also be the necessity for a report from the government laboratory on other trace evidence found at a crime scene. The point is that in most cases the work to be done should be completed in speedy fashion. However, some preparations will take longer depending on the natue of the samples or the speed with which magistrates prepare their depositions. But generally, most of these matters are investigated and concluded locally in reasonable time. Therefore, the fact that the accused who are on remand have to wait years to get a trial shows that something is drastically wrong with the judiciary. This is not only an institutional shame but also a national embarrassment to the government and all in society. The problem is systemic throughout the judicial system. In some cases, police files do not reach the courts in a timely manner. On other occasions, some do not reach the courts at all. It seems that this is a case of either bureaucratic police delays or incompetence. It could also be that over a period of time the police department has become so chaotic that the supervision of those files to be presented to the courts has been compromised. The problem starts with the police and then at the court where judges and magistrates often grant too many adjournments. Such delay is what is wrong with the judiciary and the magistracy, It is time that a cap be placed on adjournments initiated by defense counsel or by the prosecution. There is no human, technical or extraterrestrial reason for why it should take five or six years for a case to be heard in Guyana with only 748,000 people.

Thursday February 16, 2017

Editor’s Note; If your sent letter was not published and you felt its contents were valid and devoid of libel or personal attacks, please contact us by phone or email

I have experienced “ghosting” in the police force DEAR EDITOR, I read with keen interest a letter dated February 11, 2017 under the caption, “Following management reforms the police now is different from the one which Conway served.” This letter was signed by the police Public Relations and Press Officer. There was also the same letter in the Guyana Chronicle the day in question, under the heading, “Police Force factchecks Clinton Conway.” Kaieteur News, February 10, 2017, carried my letter under the topic, “Many sections in the Guyana Police Force performed admirably.” I am sure that the PRO will cherish that headline. The police replied to that letter in the KN of February 13, 2017. Over the weekend I received several calls, emails, texts from persons residing in Guyana and overseas. Some felt that it is a subtle

attempt made to belittle my character and integrity and asked me to respond to the PRO. I have acceded to their request. I know the quartet who was ordered to do the response. Not surprising the Assistant Commissioner, Administration was not part of that team. They are my friends. I am in sympathy with them. They have to follow orders and sometimes display blind loyalty. I would not be surprised if there is a total state of denial that this did not happen. I did not blame the police for the deficit of 757 ranks. I wrote that there were under staffed by about 1000 ranks. Whether or not the vacancy is 1000 or 757 it is immaterial. The point is that there is a large number of vacancies in the GPF but despite the need

for more boots of various sizes and quality on the ground, certain sections of the force were excelling. I concluded that despite that challenge and several more, several sections of the force including the Major Crime Unit sparkled. I also highlighted the work of Assistant Commissioners, Ian Amsterdam and Clifton Hicken and Senior Superintendent Stephen Mansell. I praised the work of Mansell, particularly his community approaches to solve crime and wondered what the division was doing in that area, because since Mansell proceeded on leave crime has increased. The public is kept in the dark if there are any community interventions. So far nothing was mentioned about the police/ public approaches to reduce crime since Mansell

proceeded on leave. That was my point. The PRO stated that there is a 6 percent decrease in serious crime as compared to last year but he did not mention that certain crimes have increased. In any case crime in that division is too high and must be addressed. Let me respond to issues of training raised by the PRO. Recruitment and training particularly recruit training is designed to produce quantity rather than quality. Talk to the four months old probationers who recently graduated. Interview their immediate supervisors. You will find out that the initial training was inadequate. Let me give you an isolated experience I had with one of the recruits in question. He was not courteous and very arrogant. I complained to his Continued on page 6

Questions about the intentions of GAWU DEAR EDITOR, As the rational mind tries to understand the tactics of the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) in the context of the Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. (GuySuCo), it is to say the least worrying that the Corporation has found itself in a business arrangement with a partner that has a totally different agenda. Organisations which are in partnerships must have a common goal, common purpose, and essentially, they must have corresponding values and principles. The challenge with GuySuCo is that its partnership with GAWU for the most part, is not based on common business or organizational values or principles. Here is a case in point. After the announcement of the transitioning of Wales Estate from sugar production to other crops in January, 2016, GAWU organised a well-orchestrated campaign against GuySuCo by appealing to the emotions of various sectors - both locally and internationally. The thrust of GAWU’s claim was that the employees from Wales Estate were being put out of jobs and the residents in neighbouring communities would experience economic hardship as a result of this decision. GuySuCo in its reorganization programme has identified the Uitvlugt Estate as one that has the potential to increase its production capac-

ity by double – from 20,000 to 40,000 tonnes of sugar. However, one of the challenges faced by that estate is severe labour shortage. Any business would resort to the measures which GuySuCo used in an attempt to find a solution to the labour problem at Uitvlugt while at the same time addressing the issue of retaining employees from the Wales Estate in gainful continuous employment. Therefore of the 950 employees on the register at Wales Estate, the Corporation sought to retain 650 of them; a section of these employees – the Cane Harvesters and Cane Transport employees were offered continued employment at the Uitvlugt Estate. Nevertheless, the Corporation is really taken aback by GAWU’s posture on this offer to our employees. One would have thought that the interest of the union would be to secure continuous employment for its members, but instead, the workers are being encouraged to demand that their services be terminated and that they be paid severance. This position is contrary to what GAWU was fighting for the entire 2016 – continuous employment for employees at Wales Estate. The aspect of this situation that is most disappointing to the Corporation is that employees are encouraged to request that their services be terminated and then seek reemployment to work at

Uitvlugt Estate. This is not permissible according to the Corporation’s policy. No doubt, this has happened in the past under similar circumstances, but this does not make it right. On the other hand, while GAWU is encouraging the employees at the Wales Estate to demand that their services be terminated, the employees at the Rose Hall Estate were encouraged last week to protest to keep their jobs. Currently, the first crop at the Skeldon Estate has been suspended due to the cogeneration plant beingb deemed as unsafe to operate and is undergoing rehabilitation works. However, this misfortune at Skeldon Estate has created an opportunity to boost the labour capacity and by extension the production capacity at Albion, Blairmont and pos-

sibly Rose Hall Estates. Reallocating employees is one of the Corporation’s strategy in addressing the labour shortage and unsatisfactory attendance at various locations. It should also be noted that the distances which employees from Skeldon are required to travel to work at Albion, Blairmont and Rose Hall Estates, is in some cases double the distance the employees from Wales would have to travel to get to the Uitvlugt Estate. The Corporation hereby request of GAWU to make clear the principles upon which the Union operates – one of those principles to secure employment for its members or to continuously resist the decisions of the management of GuySuCo even without good reason? Audreyanna Thomas Senior Communications

The parking meters benefit us all DEAR EDITOR, The parking meters benefit the citizens of Guyana in various ways. It will create new job opportunities for young and not so young persons. It will give them a sense of independence, also it will help with the traffic solution in Georgetown; as we all know the terrible way people stop and park their vehicles on the road; even at times causing accidents on the roadways due to the manner in which persons just park their vehicles and leave them.

Another benefit is more revenue for the country, when I say revenue for the country, I mean 20%, which will be invested to help Guyana develop roads, schools, hospitals etc to make our citizens feel more comfortable. There are too many positives to the parking meters to go into detail; so I will just list two in order for persons to have a better idea of the benefits that the meters can bring to country - a cleaner Greener City and less congestion in the city. Tennicia Andrews

Thursday February 16, 2017

Brief commentary on that GPL TENDER DEAR EDITOR, I note with a great deal of satisfaction the temporary order granted by the Chief Justice a few days ago for the GPL tender for smart meters. Like most Guyanese, I am disappointed by GPL’s performance, despite the monthly charges and now with VAT on top of that. The previous group of GPL people had awarded the tender for the construction of substations to CMC, a Chinese firm that got a failing grade for the job from the consultant group, CEMCO, who clearly stated that CMC should not have been pre- or post-qualified for the job, since they are not a construction company but a trading company for the export of Chinese products. According to news reports quoting various GPL and other reliable sources. The end result was a totally inefficient job with time delays, shortages of materials and factory defects. Fast forward to the present GPL top brass and guess who has

won the latest tender? The same CMC, a group that should have been debarred based on previous GPL performance. Imagine a new Government and different people, yet the same results! Too much of a coincidence! I end this brief commentary with a note extract from Page 28 of CEMCO report: “Selection of Contractor: The firm selected for this substantial Contract is not a construction company being mainly a trading company for the export of Chinese engineering products; it appears that pre-qualification or postqualification assessments was either not performed or adequately performed during the tendering and selection phase of the project. The Contractor engaged other Chinese firms to perform all aspects of the contract save for purchasing of goods for the contract and even this aspect was not adequately performed, evidenced by shortages of materials and factory defects.” John Simmonds

Public shaming of parking meter workers is unacceptable DEAR EDITOR, Contemplating the rational thinking and actions of certain factions of the Guyanese society can be exasperating. Is unemployment a problem that is facing our nation? Undoubtedly! Is the Smart City Solutions company creating jobs for our youth? Yes. Then why are there individuals that do not understand the concept of survival. Yes, we are fighting for survival.With unemployment at unprecedented levels globally who says our beloved Guyana is so privileged to not be subjected to the powers that are and the powers that be? Wake up and smell the coffee! Crime’ is a big problem. Poverty is a big problem. “Unprofessional-ism” is running amuck. And we need to embrace the change; we need to be the change. The survival of the fittest,

and the fittest are those that swallow their pride and are courageous in the execution of their duties; the pioneers of betterment for themselves and a nation. The young men and women that have chosen the honest ways of earning the dollar are ridiculed and harassed while doing so. I am appalled at such acts by fellow Guyanese to shame these young people. The parking wardens did not design a contract, they did not sign on behalf of the citizenry and I’m sure they didn’t fashion the by-laws. However, what they have done is chosen to be productive members of our society. The next time you try to shame a young person for working at an honest job no matter what that may be, do some reflecting and soul searching and ask yourself, if you had to put food on the table would it have mattered? Kevin Ford


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The role of the Attorney-General in the legal matrix of Guyana DEAR EDITOR, This is my final say in the controversy involving the AG and the Solicitor General (SG) and her deputy (DSG) over the private criminal charge of former President Bharrat Jagdeo brought by Mr. Christopher Ram. We are in the realm of public law; not private law. The term “Attorney General” appears seven (7) times in a short Act of only 24 sections. Even at the level of commonsense such frequency must carry some not inconsiderable interpretative relevance – the drafters conceived of the AG’s role and standing as very much undiminished. The constitutional indispensability of the AG (article 112, 185) must be recognized and appreciated. The feeble, a priori position of the SG and DSG that because of the Jardim case (which is explained in my previous letter, pleased see) the AG in

Jagdeo’s case was not a proper party is one that deserves criticism. The adamancy of the AG was, and is, justified. Do they not know that the AG generally (and in this Jagdeo case) has, and had a DUAL JURISDICTION: (1) a sole and exclusive constitutional jurisdiction to secure the enforcement with the aid of the civil courts, of our criminal laws; (this I call the LITIGANT jurisdiction) (2) both a constitutional, and, a statutory duty (under the SL&PA) to represent a Government “officer”, ex officio. Besides, given the considerable social sensitivity of this matter, the AG might have conceived it his constitutional duty to invoke his LITIGANT jurisdiction, for in Thomas Fuller’s famous exposition: “Be ye never so high, the law is above you”. With the status of Mr. Jagdeo as former President, and the Constitution’s limpid

intolerance for racial hostility (article 227) the Jagdeo case has all the elements to bring it within “the most exceptional cases” class. So, the AG could intervene to ensure that a private criminal Information laid against Mr. Jagdeo (by Mr. Christopher Ram) was not thwarted or frustrated in the preliminary enquiry (PI) by some adverse ruling by Singh, J in the High court, caused by lack of proper legal representation; and if the AG had that constitutional role and standing before Singh, J., it persisted and continued in the Court of Appeal CoA by necessary implication of constitutional law. Even if one applies the Jamaican Ministry of Foreign Affairs V. Vehicles And Supplies Ltd case applied by the CoA in the Jardim case as one of the reasoning for its decision, the AG is still on good grounds. So, I ask this simple, commonsense question: by what statutory authority or other law was Magistrate Artiga the proper party? The

Summary Jurisdiction (Magistrates) Act does not make Magistrate’s suable ex officio. The Informant, Mr. Ram has, and had no standing in this civil matter, unless in a relator role (ie with the consent of the AG and on his behalf). And by law, was Magistrate Artiga obliged to self – finance her legal representation by some private lawyer? As commonsensical as these two questions may seem, they go to the very crux of this matter. And these considerations would apply with equal force to the Commissioner of Police (CoP) in the Jardim case. If Jardim was rightly decided then it involves the proposition that any public officer ex officio can arrogate unto himself some right to self-representation, to the exclusion of the AG, with the potential to involve the State/ Government in heavy financial liability, and opprobrium. Not permitted. I would say, that no greater nonsense can Continued on page 6

Fourteen questions to be answered about the crime situation DEAR EDITOR, As calls become more desperate from the private sector, business community as well as the many concerned citizens for the government to act on the escalating crime, it is clear to the populace that the crime situation is out of control. Therefore as a citizen who pays a fair and decent share of tax, I am entitled to express my disappointment, discomfort and disgruntlement with the criminal activities that are plaguing our country; more so in the urban areas. We call on the government to act in a forthright, strategic, results oriented, and holistic way. I speak as a businessman whose business has been adversely affected in many ways by both blue and white collar criminals. From the standpoint of “Who feels it, knows it”, I am most depressed and troubled that crime continues to trouble our citizens. I am also perplexed that the crime statistics are

not in accordance with the average man experience. This crime situation is nothing new, and even with the last government it was poorly handled. During the Jagdeo / Ramotar era whenever the private sector or other influential buddies of the PPP raised crime concerns, the government (who held the private sector close to its bosom) would only deal with these in a piece meal manner to quell their concerns but not widely to resolve the issues. The then government would meet with the police hierarchy and relay their bosom- buddies’ concerns. The police in turn sporadically acted up and dealt with the known rogue elements of various notorious neighborhoods that were affected. The government got the business sector off their backs, but obviously the masses, which were affected by the crime spree, suffered. And of course we are all

aware of the phantom extra judicial experience. On the other hand, the current government is lethargic and sometime impotent in dealing with crimes, and for this country’s sake, I hope they do not turn a blind eye to it. The police are left as it should to run itself in an autonomous way but obviously the Government must demand results in a targeted and strategic manner. I am sure if the Government conducts some critical analysis of crime or maybe a simple survey of the population to better understand their (the people) fear of crime, their finding would serve the citizenry well and obviously improve people’s perception of how crime is handled by the administration. I am not part of the government or the police, but in my layman’s terms and opinion, the following questions would dictate a direction on a way to reduce the spiraling

crime madness. 1. Which class of society (lower, middle or upper) is more affected by crime? 2. What percentage of business are affected and by what types of crimes? 3. What percentage of crimes, are still not reported. And why? 4. Has the populace got confidence in the force? 5. When perpetuators of crimes are caught, are the evidence, reports, fingerprints handled in a most professional and competent way? 6. What scale are the police and army infiltrated by criminal elements? 7. Is any form of surveillance done on known criminals? 8. What penalty is there for corruption in the armed forces? 9. Does a witness have any police protection? And Continued on page 6


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The PPP’s continuing concern about where GPL is being taken DEAR EDITOR, I begin with the heading The Wartsila Contract Misrepresented. A forthcoming letter will continue with other sub-headings. During the recent debate on our (PPP/C’s) much amended motion, GPL and Guyana’s Long Term Energy Strategy, the Honourable Minister of Public Infrastructure, in informing the House and the Nation about ending the Wartsila contract, stated that the operations and maintenance of the generating sets were done by 194 skilled Guyanese, and Wartsila received US $25000.00 per day for just “checking off” the work done. We were certain that that was a gross misrepresentation of the Wartsila contract but we wanted assurance. With no books at hand but out of subsequent contacts with the former Chairman and CEO of GPL, we can now state that the Wartsila contract was for about US $7.5million per year (about US $20, 500 per day). It paid the wages and all benefits including training of those 194 skilled Guyanese and purchased all the spares and expert services so as to meet or better the efficiency target,

the lube oil consumption target and the availability of the generator sets of no less than 90%. The Chairman’s and the CEO’s estimate of the surplus on the contract beyond those direct labour and material costs was about US $0.5million per year or about 16% of the contract. They believe that GPL received great value for that surplus, benefitting from a number of intangibles – some amount of preferential pricing and delivery of the running and all major overhaul spares; in times of tight money and late payments (crude oil prices above US $100/bbl) Wartsila maintained the contract normally. Another important intangible is that the company in Guyana whilst it’s a member of the Wartsila group of companies, is continually in contact with others with a common purpose, common experiences and language, and thus an “esprit de corps” is attained and maintained which is unlikely to be there when the local company stands alone. We are concerned that the above misguiding of the Hon Minister and in turn his misguiding of our Nation. The majority of us citizens not knowing much of these

things took the Honourable Minister at his word. We, the PPP/C, are fearful that this could be the first step in a scam to award a contract of say US $4million, with a seeming great saving, to a group who would just “check off” what the 194 skilled Guyanese are doing. Skill is one thing; team spirit and guidance which continually justifies itself are also essential things. We, the PPP/C, will not just wait and see how this matter evolves, but will be demanding full transparency and opportunities along the way to check on the substitution of the Wartsila contract. The Wind Farm Project In the matter of the wind farm at Hope Beach, the Minister was similarly misguided and similarly one could fear that the stage was being set for another scam. Yes, it is true that we the PPP/C were ready to enter a contract to pay the US 18 cents per kWh but that: 1. Was GPL’s avoidable cost of generation at crude oil prices then greater than US $100/bbl 2. Enabled a much reduced BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer) (handover period) of just 5 years. In our calculations (the same calculations which everyone learns at school) the very attractive financing then said to be on offer from the

equipment manufacturer and a reasonable rate of return on the small portion of financing provided by the local investor equity, would have been amortised (paid off) in 5 years at US 18cents/kWh. Essentially GPL was foregoing any benefits (lower generating charges) during the five years so as to get a rapid writedown and a quick transfer period (to GPL ownership) of five years. We believe that similar calculations today at this period of low oil prices (US $50/ bbl) should yield an avoidable cost figure even less than US $12cents/kWh and will there be a BOOT period of no more than five years? There is a danger in presenting for comparison the two rates of US 18cents and 12cents per kWh without stating the prevailing oil prices at each period and the BOOT period. The Honourable Minister may find himself agreeing to contracts which would see customers of GPL paying more than we ought to and for a longer period, with the “investor” enjoying an intended or unintended windfall. We, the PPP/C (and we expect the PUC) would be checking all the way. I will continue my analysis in a forthcoming letter Juan Edghill MP -PPP

The role of the Attorney-General in the legal matrix of Guyana From page 5 be said, than that “State” is not to be interpreted as being its officers (alter ego) eg a CoP and Magistrate. The Civil law of Guyana, Act Cap. 6:01 section 3(b) (introduction of English Common law in Guyana), section 22 (Royal preogatives); is also highly relevant in this matter. I turn now to the LITIGANT jurisdiction above, whereby the AG has by constitutional law standing before a Civil court to secure the due enforcement of the criminal laws. And if the AG can for such purpose be a plaintiff then the law would be an ass to deny an AG standing as defendant/respondent as the case may be. As I articulated above it is this right which made the AG a proper party before

Singh, J, but for the Jardim case. General as an officer of the Crown, representing the public. All that needs to be done to make this fundamental principle entirely applicable to Guyana is to substitute “Crown” with State/Government. And it is this sole right or power which the AG is invested with (even to the exclusion of the DPP) that finds expression when the AG intervenes (whether as Plaintiff or defendant) to secure in the civil court, the due enforcement of the criminal laws. Translated into the Jagdeo matter, that public right was to secure the enforcement of the criminal law viz-a-viz the private Information laid by Mr. Ram under

section 139D of the Representation of the People Act, Cap. 1:03 against Mr. Jagdeo, by seeking to ensure that the PI was not wrongly prohibited by Justice Singh in Mr. Jagdeo’s motion for a prerogative order of prohibition against Magistrate Artiga. In conclusion, the standing of the AG to secure the enforcement of the criminal law in any civil court does not depend on the niceties of pleading; his locus standi is a matter of constitutional law supplemented by statute law. It ought not to be lightly denied. And, public officers (as servants of the Government) who after all are but the indispensable alter ego of the anthropomorphic conception called the “State”, has a constitutional right of the AG, as their advocate, in civil litiga-

tion, and in public law, such status as advocate is ipso jure, the status of a proper party. As to the other contentious issues of amendment (and extension of time therefor) and abuse of the process of the Court, on which the CoA also dismissed the AG’s appeal, those being issues of mixed law and fact, I express no opinion. Suffice it to say that our jurisprudence views askance litigation being decided by the niceties of pleadings, rather than merits, and that is why Parliament has invested the CoA with a plentitude and amplitude of amendatory and substitutionary powers (vide section 7 – of the Court of Appeal Act, Cap. 3:01) Maxwell E. Edwards Attorney-at-Law

Thursday February 16, 2017

I have experienced “ghosting”... From page 4 superior. This is what the superior said, “ Sir why you worrying; them is the four months police that we have to deal with, them en know nothing and how to talk to people.” The methodology and instructional materials leave much to be desired. No comments from the PRO about andragogy and eclectic approach towards training. I wonder why? Persons with station management experience are selected and after given a “train the trainer course” graduates being made instructors is rare. Most of the present crop of instructors if any did not fall into that system. Should you not be a trained trainer before you benefit from a train the trainer course? Is the PRO referring to the short one-off training course conducted for trainers when Leroy Brummel was Commissioner? This was a course that involved facilitators from the Cyril Potter College of Education. Were any more held? I must admit that when I was the Force Training Officer, some courses took longer than planned. They were diverse reasons for this course of action. Many do not exist today. I was not prepared to sacrifice quality for quantity. Hence I ensured that the recruits were properly trained before they graduated.

Paul Williams, the Force Trainer is an excellent senior officer yet he is given a basket to fetch water in terms of the human and other resources given to him. He has a Law Degree from the University Of Guyana. He is denied the reasonable assistance to develop academically but he is a fighter and believes in self development. He is commissioner material. The PRO wrote; “While the force cannot dispute Mr. Conway’s experience while he was serving to say that ‘ghosting’ was done in a large division when Mr. Green was Commissioner of Police, is actually lying on the dead.” What a contradiction? What a deadly statement? The PRO admits that the force cannot dispute what I experienced ‘ ghosting, ‘yet he wrote that I am actually lying on the dead. Deceased commissioner Henry Greene did not commit ghosting. The commander did. He is alive and well. Due to respect for him, he will remain nameless. There were more cases of ghosting which for the time being I will not disclose. I repeat that I experienced ghosting. I do not know if it is currently taking place. I will have more to say later Clinton Conway Asst. Commissioner of Police (rdt)

Fourteen questions to be... From page 5 even if they do, will the witness trust them? 10. Are police prosecution cases compromised by the low income of the police force? 11. Are many court cases decision decided by bribery? 12. Can the prosecution cases, even when they have conclusive evidence stand against a high battery of lawyers? 13. What is the probability of criminals being let off the hook when they are caught? 14. Are criminals emboldened to repeat crimes because they continue to be let off the hook? In recent times I have noticed that Leaders/Politicians are appealing for the non-politicizing of crime. This is obviously a distraction by leaders to excuse the impact of crime in Guyana instead of recognizing that there is indeed a problem that needs to be fixed. Additionally there are

many instances where the armed forces are linked or participate in the crime itself. They (Police or Army) have been infiltrated with criminal elements due to association, relation or plain violation of work ethics. Crime obviously is having an adverse effect on our economy and more importantly the citizenry. It is therefore the Government’s ability to recognize and obviously determine courses of action and act in a focused way to resolve this crime scourge of our country. Put long term programs in place such as channel the necessary human and financial resources, to ensure a professional attitude is cultivated in a motivated police force. Develop a capable judicial system instead of investing so much energy in infrastructure projects that many of our people will not have the peace of mind to enjoy. Worried Businessman

Thursday February 16, 2017


Kaieteur News

Opposition warns of US$4M scam with company that replaced Wartsila ...threatens to drag Patterson before Privileges Committee

Minister David Patterson

Minister Annette Ferguson

Opposition MP, Juan Edghill

The Opposition has again expressed serious misgivings over the decision by the administration to end the management contract of Finnishowned Wartsila. Last year, Government decided not to renew the twodecade contract with the Wartsila subsidiary, Demerara Power, signalling its intentions to use another one, Power Producers Distribution Incorporated (PPDI), to manage the almost 20 engines. The engines provide the bulk of power for coastlands. The administration and its state-owned Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) said that it had been paying too much to manage the engines. The wisdom of ending the Wartsila contract was the subject of a heated debate in the National Assembly, recently. According to Juan Edghill, a former Minister within the Ministry of Finance, Government may not have been truthful in its justifications for dropping Wartsila. Unless Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, corrects his incorrect statements he recently made in the National Assembly, the Opposition side would be forced to take him to the Committee of Privileges, a Parliamentary body that hears complaints against members of the House. A statement from the Opposition yesterday also argued that during the recent debate on its “much amended motion” of GPL and Guyana’s Long Term Energy Strategy, Patterson claimed that the operations and maintenance of the generating sets were done by 194 skilled Guyanese, and Wartsila received US$25,000 per day for just “checking off” the work done. GROSS REPRESENTATION “We were certain that that

was a gross misrepresentation of the Wartsila contract but we wanted assurance. With no books at hand but out of subsequent contacts with the former Chairman (Winston Brassington) and CEO (Bharat Dindyal) of GPL, we can now state that the Wartsila contract was for about US$7.5million per year (about US $20, 500 per day).” According Edghill, this amount paid the wages and all benefits including training of those 194 skilled Guyanese and purchased all the spares and expert services so as to meet or better the efficiency target, the lube oil consumption target and the availability of the generator sets of no less than 90%. According to the Member of Parliament (MP), in the estimate of both the former Chairman and the then CEO, Wartsila made about $100M in profits annually from GPL, beyond those direct labour and material costs-— or about 16% of the contract. Edghill argued that the benefits of Wartsila’s presence were much. “They (Brassington and Dindyal) believe that GPL received great value for that surplus, benefitting from a number of intangibles – some amount of preferential pricing and delivery of the running and all major overhaul spares; in times of tight money and late payments (crude oil prices above US $100/bbl) Wartsila maintained the contract normally.” Another important “intangible” is that the company in Guyana, whilst it’s a member of the Wartsila group of companies, is continually in contact with others with a common purpose, common experiences and language, and thus an “esprit de corps” is attained and maintained which is unlikely to be there when the local company stands alone. “We are concerned. The

majority of us citizens not knowing much of these things took the Honourable Minister at his word. We, the PPP/C, are fearful that this could be the first step in a scam to award a contract of say US$4million, with a seeming great saving, to a group who would just “check off” what the 194 skilled Guyanese are doing. Skill is one thing; team spirit and guidance which continually justifies itself are also essential things. We, the PPP/C, will not just wait and see how this matter evolves, but will be demanding full transparency and opportunities along the way to check on the substitution of the Wartsila contract.” LESS PRODUCTION COSTS Earlier this month, both Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Annette Ferguson, and Minister Patterson were in the National Assembly talking about Wartsila. Ferguson, in backing the creation of PPDI, argued that the cost for a megawatt-hours (MWH) of energy produced will be lower than what Wartsila had proposed. She said also that the cost for spare parts will be Continued on page 21

Smart City Solutions demands, accepts Cush’s resignation Smart City Solutions Inc, the company involved in the controversial parking meter project, has accepted the resignation of one of its directors, Ifagbamila Kamau Cush. It appears, however, that Cush’s resignation was not done off of his own volition. According to a release from the company yesterday, the resignation was “required” from him and accepted forthwith. Smart City Solutions said that while Cush was involved in the introduction of the company to the metered parking project, as was previously announced. He has for several months not been involved in any operational capacity, neither in respect of the project nor in respect of the Company. The company also reminded of the disparaging remarks made by Cush on his Facebook page against those who expressed opposition to the Parking meter project. The statement immediately sparked a backlash of criticisms against Cush who again stood “firmly” behind his comments about the “slave mentality” among the protestors. This is what he had to say in another post, “That is my personal opinion. I did not utter those statements on behalf of Smart City Solutions. The protestors represent a

Former Director of Smart City Solutions, Ifagbamila Kamau Cush cabal of misfits who add no value to the productive capacity of our country. They bring no gravitas, no moral authority to the conversation.”Cush said that a review off the profanitylaced comments on social media confirms that. “More significantly, many of these protestors are incredibly fatuous for they offer no solutions to the myriad problems afflicting young Guyanese; neither do they empathize with the victims of the PPP regime, a regime responsible for the murders of hundreds of Guyanese citizens. I remember a Guyana where, as Guyanese citizens, we put our collective shoulders to the wheel and charted our own

course.” He argued that Guyana achieved much in those days because the people were independent thinkers, masters of their own destiny. ”We did not go hat-inhand begging for grants and handouts. We identified problems in our country, proposed solutions then solved them ourselves! That’s the thinking of independent men and women!” The Board of Directors of Smart City Solutions subsequently distanced itself from the comments made by Cush and emphasized yesterday in its statement that the Company found the comments to be completely unacceptable and disgraceful.

Cops to locate body of suspected pirate

Shavy Allicock

The police are said to be looking for the body of a 25-year-old man, who was reportedly shot dead during a suspected pirate attack Tuesday night. Kaieteur News understands that after being shot, Shavy Allicock, of Lot 24 James Street, Albouystown fell into the river in the vicinity of Muneshwer’s wharf. Yesterday, his mother, Yvonne Sooklall, said that her son was not shot but rather drowned. She said that her son left home to go out and a little after 20:00 hrs, she was informed that he drowned. In 2010, the young man’s father, Leonard Allicock was held for the 2009 murder of Wendell Tappin, who was stabbed and chopped about the body over a cell phone battery. The elder Allicock was later acquitted.


Kaieteur News

Caricom’s 28th Inter-Sessional summit of Heads convenes today

Front row: President Granger (fourth from left) with Guyana Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl Greenidge (third from left); Dominica PM, Roosevelt Skerrit (second from left); St. Lucia PM, Allen Chastanet (extreme left); and Vice President Salvador Valdes Mesa, Council of State of Cuba, at the opening of the Argyle International Airport in St. Vincent and the Grenadines two days ago. (Caricom Photo) Caricom 28th Inter-Sessional summit of heads convenes today The TwentyEighth Inter-Sessional Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) will convene today at the Marriott Hotel, Georgetown. During the two–day conference, Heads of Government are expected to discuss a wide range of issues that are critical to the development of the region. These include crime and security; tourism in the region; the withdrawal of Correspondent Banking Relationships (CBR); and the status of the Caricom Single Market and Economy (CSME). Several Treaties are also expected to be presented for ratification. Remarks will be delivered by: the SecretaryGeneral of Caricom; Ambassador Irwin LaRocque; Outgoing Chairman of the Conference of Heads of Government, Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica; and

Chairman of the Conference of Heads of Government, Brigadier (Retd) David A. Granger, President of Guyana. President Granger will chair the Community for six months from January 1, 2017The meeting will be attended by Heads of Government of 15 countries in the region and five associate states. The table below comprises the names of some of the delegates, their designation and the country they represent.Country NameDesignation Antigua & Barbuda Hon. Gaston B r o w n e P r i m e MinisterBarbados The Rt. Hon. Freundel Stuart, Q.C., M . P . P r i m e MinisterBelizeHon. Wilfred Peter ElringtonMin. of Foreign Affairs & Head of DelegationDominica Hon. Roosevelt SkerittPrime MinisterGrenada Dr. the Hon. Keith C. MitchellPrime Minister HaitiHon. Pierrot DelienneMin. of Foreign Affairs & Head of DelegationSt.

LuciaMs. Sarah Flood BeaubrunMinister of Foreign AffairsSt. Vincent & the Grenadines The Hon. Dr. Ralph E. GonsalvesJamaica Sen. The Hon. Kamina Johnson SmithMin. of Foreign Affairs & Foreign TradeTrinidad & Tobago Dr. the Hon. Keith Christopher RowleyPrime Minister Suriname Mrs. Yldiz Pollack-BeighleMin. of Foreign AffairsTurks & Caicos The Hon. Sean AstwoodMinister of Border Control & LabourSome of these Heads – who will be leading a delegation comprising at least five persons – have already arrived in Guyana whilst some are expected to arrive this morning. Attending the conference also, will be representatives of various institutions and international agencies including the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB); the Organisation of the Eastern Caribbean States; the Caribbean Tourism Organisation; the University of the West

Indies; and the Caribbean Development Fund. Caricom is one of the longest surviving integration movements among developing countries. The original Treaty of Chaguaramas was signed on July 4, 1973, in honour of the birthday of Norman Washington Manley, a leading advocate of the West Indies Federation and one of Jamaica’s national heroes. The Treaty and its Annex (setting out the details of the Common Market Arrangements) came into effect on August 1, 1973. Since 2001, the Community has been functioning within the framework of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas including the Establishment of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME).CARICOM has made strides, particularly through functional cooperation in, education, in health, in culture, in security. And despite some challenges, its Single Market functions and it is a respected voice in international affairs.

Thursday February 16, 2017

‘Whistle’ remanded over Rio, Privilege Night Clubs shootings

Former Murder Accused: Leon Duncan One year after he was acquitted of murder, former murder accused, Leon Duncan, was yesterday remanded to prison on charges of attempted murder and discharging a loaded firearm with intent, in relation to shooting incidents at Rio Night Club and Privilege Night Club. Duncan, 27, of Lot 1977 Williamstaad Road, Festival City, South Ruimveldt was not required to plead to the indictable charge which alleged that on September 7, 2016 at Oronoque and Forshaw Streets, Queenstown, Georgetown, he discharged a loaded firearm at Jeffery Ferrell, with intent to murder him. The shooting outside the Rio Night Club left 19-yearold Ryan Sergeant dead and Ferrell injured. Ferrell, 35, was shot to the neck. It was reported that there was a brawl at the night club, during which a heated argument ensued between a group of young men.

KILLED: Ryan Sergeant Based on reports, the brawl was taken outside after security officials at the night club asked the men to leave. While outside, an individual whipped out a gun and shot at Sergeant and his friends. It was while Sergeant and a friend were running to his vehicle that he was hit by a bullet. This newspaper understands that a young man who was with Sergeant opened fire but missed. Police had arrested several persons for Sergeant’s killing. However, no one has been charged with Sergeant’s murder. The other charge against, Duncan alleged that on January 8, at Main Street, Georgetown, he discharged a loaded firearm at Seon Nedd, with intent to maim, disable, disfigure or cause him grievous bodily harm. He was also not required to plead to this allegation. A Senior Police official had confirmed that ranks Continued on page 11

Thursday February 16, 2017


Kaieteur News

Guyana was losing over $300B annually through corruption under PPP –SARU - SARA says Bill necessary to take laser like focus against this scourge By Kiana Wilburg Under the former regime, Guyana lost between $28B and $35B every year through procurement fraud, $90B through illicit capital flight, and $188B through the underground economy. This adds up. And the analysts say this is actually a “conservative” numerical image of the state of corruption under the former administration. According to the State Asset Recovery Unit (SARU), the aforementioned underscores why Guyana needs the passage of the SARA Bill. This, among other comments were made by SARU last night as it responded to concerns members of the Pri-

vate Sector Commission might have with the passage of the State Asset Recovery Agency Bill. SARU officials said that in accordance with Article 54 (1) (c) of the United Nations’ Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), each State Party must “consider taking such measures as may be necessary to allow confiscation of property without criminal conviction”. The anti-corruption body said that it is in this context, the SARA Bill is designed to facilitate the recovery of illicitly obtained property through civil processes, with the primary objective of reducing the consequential damaging effects of corruption on sustainable develop-

ment. SARU said, “The opinions of any Private Sector Commission or equivalent should be principled, balanced and near impartial. Honest business prefers a fair and principled environment. The passage of this Bill will allow the new Agency to direct a laser-like focus on such assets obtained through corruption; the loss of which has frustrated the development of this country.” In some areas of corruption, SARU officials said that the size of loss speaks for itself. Given the purposes of the Bill and the damaging losses to the economy SARU said that it is imperative that the Bill be passed immediately.

Dem boys seh...

De Chancellor like de bull going to slaughter house When dem boys was young dem use to go to de cinema to see Westerns. Dem always like de cowboys who use to tell de world that he gun dead wid he boots on. Some use to go out wid a band. De Chancellor decide that too must go out wid a bang. A man go to de court and claim how Jagdeo got to get a third term because if he don’t then that man getting violated. Dem boys seh that indeed some men should violate him because two-thirds of de National Assembly voted fuh Jagdeo don’t serve more than two terms. That mean that even people from Jagdeo own party vote that he mustn’t serve more than two terms. That mean that dem change de constitution. De Chancellor leffing de wuk on Mash Day so on de day before Mash Day he plan to rule pun Jagdeo Third Term motion. Dem boys done know how he gun rule. He vex already because some newspapers write some things and put him against de Attorney Gen-

eral. And de same Attorney General don’t want him to rule because he feel he gun get shaft. Well de stage set. De Chancellor was planning to rule yesterday but he change he mind. He want to go out wid a bang so de last thing he intend to do is to hand down such a decision that de whole country gun blow up. That is called going out wid a bang. But some of dem boys seh is de case of de bull and de slaughter house. Dem boys seh that dem have good reason why Jagdeo pushing fuh come again. He think he is Christ and he got to come again like how Christ coming again. Dem Caricom leaders come in de country and Jagdeo miss not being wid dem. He is a man fuh dem big occasion. But de poor fella ain’t get invitation. He even beg fuh get a space pun a delegation. But after a time is another. Talk half and wait fuh de Chancellor big bang.

SARU Head, Dr. Clive Thomas The anti-corruption body said that the scale of corruption discovered by SARU, to date, is astounding. It said that the Guyanese population is eager to see the country’s assets recovered and appro-

priate action taken against the perpetrators of corruption. The SARA body stressed that the Bill is geared toward these purposes. SPECIAL SELECT COMMITTEE The Private Sector Commission recently expressed dissatisfaction over the fact that consultations held last year on the draft Bill for the State Assets Recovery Agency was perhaps, just for show. The feeling of the commission is premised on the understanding that the draft Bill, which was initially submitted to stakeholders for discussion, is essentially the same Bill that was laid recently in the National Assembly. The private sector body recalled that last year, during consultations which were held by the Ministry of Legal Affairs, the Commission and

others, obtained legal advice on the Bill regarding its draconian nature and the potential impact it would have on investor confidence. But even after concerns were submitted to that effect with proposed amendments, the Commission was taken aback after it learnt that the Bill was submitted with no meaningful changes to its provisions. The Commission, via a letter to the House Speaker, Dr. Barton Scotland, said that it maintains that the provisions of the Bill are in conflict with the rights enshrined in the Continued on page 21


Kaieteur News

Thursday February 16, 2017

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

New government does not mean new political culture When I read that Rupert Roopnaraine had put his signature to a document which embodied a company that sought financial assistance from donors to construct an unnecessary post-colonial monstrosity, I knew Guyana was simply just slipping into oblivion. Not Roopnaraine. I have known him since 1974 and I know and accept he has a firstrate analytical mind. I could have predicted that when approached, Roopnaraine with his vast experience of seeing ubiquitous post-colonial failure

would have asked why his colleagues in power wanted to take precious funds to build D’Urban Park. I honestly believe the mentality that went into accepting the construction of D’Urban Park, given the massive destruction we endured under the PPP, was a sign that under the Coalition, this country would not walk in the right developmental pathways. The only people singing praises to the Coalition are the coalition leaders themselves. Self-praise flooded the school where the AFC held its bien-

nial national conference recently. Mr. Granger recently said his government’s performance has been excellent. I am an ordinary citizen mixing among the people as I patronize vendors in the markets, eat at working class restaurants, shop at the supermarkets, make purchases from the downtown stores, walk on the pavements. In these sojourns, I can literally count supporters from detractors. I can tell the Coalition that of 100 persons that speak to me about the record of the Coalition, 99 give a very low grade. The danger rulers face is that they cannot discern critics of their policies because humans are generally courteous people. When leaders go in the villages, they are garlanded; Nagamootoo is affectionately called Uncle Moses and people rush to take photographs with the President. It is unwise to interpret such friendliness as acceptance. That is the way humans all over the world behave. Maybe the Coalition leaders interpret such courteous gestures as the award of an A grade.

As the months and years count down to the 2020 elections, the expectations this entire nation, including the constituencies of the defeated PPP and the rich business class that supported the defeated PPP, are waning rapidly. Some may argue that they have waned and gone. It is left to the analyst to answer why that optimism is dying; because it was misplaced in the first place. The analysis should begin with the reason for Trump’s victory. Substantial numbers were completely fed up with the culture of Washington. They wanted any other leader except one that was a Washington player. They wanted a new dispensation. Trump appealed to them because he was brand new politician without any past Washington conspiracy. But Trump was no different from the politicians who played games and who they wanted out. In fact he was and is worse. The lesson to be learnt from the American elections is that a new government will not necessarily bring into existence a new political culture.

This is what happened in 2015 in Guyana. People voted out the PPP but the new government is not the embodiment of what this country desperately and urgently must have – new culture, new philosophy, new mentality, new thinking, and new directions. There is one broad, essential description for it – fundamental transformation. But you cannot get transformation if those who lead a country do not have transformational mentalities. The most banal example should suffice – you cannot get roses if you plant Conga pump. Literally days after the election victory by the Coalition, a most incomprehensible aberration occurred in the AFC, the party that I spent my own money and unlimited energy on campaigning for. When that party met to decide on its ministries, it identified a complete stranger to AFC politics and offered that person the Ministry of Environment. AFC second tier leaders spoke to me about this political insanity with uncontrollable anger. This was unheard of in Guyanese politics but it showed that the AFC was not

Frederick Kissoon going to be a transformational vehicle to change Guyana. Look at its record as we enter into two years of power. Days after the Coalition victory, the PNC began a dangerous and inflexible play for power. In many non-PNC ministries, a junior PNC minister was placed. The Ministry of the Presidency became coterminous with the presidency itself. People from every section of Guyana were asking where was the power of the Prime Minister and they are still asking. The reality of 2015 is that Guyana got a new government but it didn’t get a new political culture. There is no connection between the two as we see with Trump and in our own country.

Thursday February 16, 2017


Kaieteur News

Opposition challenges VAT travel GPL eyes back up power lines, new sub stations restrictions in High Court Opposition Member of Parliament, Anil Nandlall, has brought a legal challenge against the government and the Attorney General, (AG) over the travel restriction requirement contained in the Value Added Tax, (VAT) Amendment Act 2017. The ACT, which was passed earlier this year, received widespread criticism from the PPP/C Opposition. The PPP/C discredited the Amendments to the Bill stating that the Bill has the makings of an instrument that will do nothing more than undermine the constitutional right of citizens to travel outside of Guyana if their taxes are not up to date. The PPP stressed that the Bill will give the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) the power to prohibit persons from leaving without having to present a court order, to give prior warning, or even a hearing. It is a power the opposition party fears, will be abused and leave citizens open to the whims and fancies of the Commissioner General of GRA. Section 45 of the VAT Act. ”Where the Commissioner has reasonable grounds to believe that a person may leave Guyana without paying all tax due under this Act, the Commissioner may issue a certificate to the Chief Immigration Officer containing particulars of the tax due and request that the Chief Immigration Officer take the necessary steps to prevent the person from leaving Guyana until the person makes – (a) payment in full; or (b) an arrangement satisfactory to the Commissioner for the payment of the tax ‘Provided that the Commissioner cannot proceed under this subsection unless he has obtained an Order of the Court in re-

spect of the tax due.” Nandlall a member of the party and a Former Attorney General, (AG) was specifically vocal on the issue. Yesterday, Nandlall, through his attorney, Mursaline Bacchus, moved to the High Court to challenge the motion. He listed the current Attorney General, Basil Williams as a respondent in the matter. According to the action filed, Nandlall is seeking a declaration that Section 45(1) of the Value Added Tax Act Chapter 81:05, as amended by Section 2 of Act No. 3 of 2017, Value Added Tax (Amendment) Act 2017, which was duly assented to by President David Granger on January 16, 2017 is or is likely to be, contrary to, inconsistent with, and in violation of Articles 40 and 148 of the Constitution of Guyana, unconstitutional, unlawful, null, void and of no effect. He is also seeking an order striking down Section 45(1) of the Value Added Tax Act, Chapter 81:05 as

From page 8 received information that Duncan was part of the shooting at Club Privilege, for which the manager had denied. But ranks retrieved surveillance footage from the night club which linked Duncan to the shooting. Attorney Mark Waldron told the court that Duncan is the grandson of Carvil Duncan. The lawyer, during his address to the court, pointed out that ranks in Police ‘A’ Division continue to insist that Duncan is responsible for every crime that occurs. He said that main intention of the police is to keep his client incarcerated, knowing fully that they have no evidence against him. Further, Waldron highlighted that police are still in possession of his

client’s travel document which is preventing him from doing his work as a seaman in Suriname and French Guiana. After a lengthy trial at the High Court in Georgetown, Duncan was acquitted for the murder of businessman Intaz Roopnarine, after a 12 member mixed jury returned with a not guilty verdict in February 2016. Roopnarine called ‘Bobby’ was shot and killed during a robbery at the Cool Square Hotel in Marigold Street, West Ruimveldt, Georgetown on January 24, 2013. The businessman was relieved of $2.2M in items including gold and diamond jewellery. Since Duncan was freed of the capital offence, his lawyer pointed out that his client has turned his life

PPP/ C Parliamentarian, Anil Nandlall

amended by Section 2 of Act No. 3 of 2017, Value Tax (Amendment) Act 2017, pursuant to and in accordance with Article 8 of the Constitution of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana, on the ground that the same is or is likely to be, contrary to, inconsistent with, and in violation of Articles 40 and 148 of the Constitution of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, is unconstitutional, unlawful, null, void and of no effect. The former AG is seeking orders, writs and directions as the Court may consider appropriate for the purpose of enforcing or securing the enforcement of any of the provisions of Article 138 to 151 of the Constitution costs. The grounds of the application are that Article 8 of the Constitution declares that the said Constitution is the supreme law of Guyana and, if any other law is inconsistent with it, that other law shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be void. Articles 40 and 148 of the said Constitution guarantee to every individual subject, as a fundamental right and freedom, protection of freedom of movement, that is to say, the right to move freely throughout Guyana, the right to reside in any part of Guyana, the right to enter Guyana, the right to leave Guyana and immunity from expulsion from Guyana, inter alia. The document further noted the provisions in the Act being exercisable at any time, without affording the person a fair or any hearing, or without serving the person a notice of demand for taxes allegedly due, or without allowing the exhaustion of any lawful recourse available to the person to challenge the taxes alleged owed.

‘Whistle’ remanded over Rio, Privilege Night...

around. Police Prosecutor Deniro Jones disclosed that the file in relation to the attempt murder charge is still incomplete, while the file in the other matter is complete. Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan instructed Duncan to make another court appearance on February 27. (Feona Morrison)

-US$31M to be expended by 2018

Public Infrastructure Minister, David Patterson This week’s steady blackouts were as a result of the explosion of a critical Vlissengen Road and Lamaha Street transformer. Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Guyana Power and Light (GPL), Renford Homer, explained to reporters on Tuesday that “we had a conductor with a voltage of 13.8 kilovolts coming into

GPL’s CEO (ag) Renford Homer

contact with another conductor that had 69,000 volts...That’s what happened in that vicinity, so we had a boom! And fireworks.” This resulted in load shedding that affected customers along East Coast Demerara, East Bank Demerara, West Bank Demerara and Georgetown. It also highlighted the need for

the Ministry of Public Infrastructure to begin pursuing alternative power lines at crucial locations across the country, so as to avert major power failures. Consequently, the construction of an alternative to the damaged Vlissengen Road power line is now on the Ministry’s agenda. Subject Continued on page 23


Thursday February 16, 2017

Kaieteur News

Process underway to establish Scrap Metal Unit

Scrap Metal Unit soon to be established to monitor trade

The Scrap Metal Unit has been deemed one of the necessary ingredients for the resuscitation trade and recently the Ministry of Business have begun taking steps to staff this entity. The Ministry, on Sunday, advertised vacancy for the Head of the Scrap Metal Unit within the newspaper. Whoever is offered the job will be responsible for the day to day business of the Unit, its effective administration and direct control of its functional operations. Kaieteur News understands that all of the positions for the unit will be advertised in the coming weeks. Some of the positions will include inspectors, scrap metal officers, investigators and analysts. Recently, the government re-opened the trade temporarily for three months to allow scrap metal dealers to export their material which would have accumulated during the past 19 months that the trade had been suspended. Business Minister, Dominic Gaskin, had said that a new framework is being pre-

pared for the eventual resumption of the trade. Elements of this framework, according to Gaskin, include new legislation, regulations and the setting up of a new unit complete with its rules and procedures. Last November, Gaskin had said that one of the important factors to be addressed before the trade is officially restarted is the establishment of a unit to regulate the trade. He had said that the unit would need to be budgeted for and put in place. Further, the Business Minister had said that ultimately the government cannot allow an unregulated trade to carry on business, more so with the kind of past the scrap metal industry has. According to Gaskin the trade was proven in the past to be detrimental to a lot of businesses and private individuals. He had reported that people were stealing manhole covers and grill work to export as scrap metal thereby increasing the need for the trade to be regulated.

The trade was closed on June 15, 2015 to facilitate a forensic audit which was completed that December. The audit which was done by Chartered Accountants Ram and McRae had recommended that the legislation governing the local industry is in need of an update. It was highlighted that in the old Metal Dealers Act 91:08 there was no provision for the collection of export fees. Despite this, the auditors found within financial statements records of the unit’s income described as Export fees. The temporary reopening was granted since the Ministry of Business is in the process of putting together new guidelines and regulations and is now in a position to authorise a limited restart to the trade. Inspections revealed that there is a build-up of scrap metals across Region Four in particular as a result of the trade being closed for so long. Exporters can now ship out the existing scrap for the limited period.

Cops accused of extorting late KNews staffer…

OPR recommends criminal charges but file is misplaced

Dead: Harry Brijmohan A file where the Guyana Police Force (GPF)’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) recommended criminal charges against five ranks who extorted money from a Kaieteur News staffer back in August, has disappeared. The victim, Harry Brijmohan died in an accident on November 18, last, at Houston, East Bank Demerara (EBD) while heading home on his motorcycle. A month before Brijmohan died, head of OPR, Heeralall Mackhanlall, had indicated that the file was sent to Hugh Jessemy who was the

acting Crime Chief at the time but was then forwarded to Wendell Blanhum. Yesterday, this newspaper was informed that the file cannot be located and it is suspected that after Brijmohan’s demise, it was deliberately removed from the system. Around 15:20 hours on August 17, last, Harry Brijmohan was reportedly stopped by five policemen after he was caught riding his motorcycle without a helmet. The ranks searched him, demanded his documents and then informed him that they had to charge him and place him before the court, despite his offence being a ticketed one. He was told that he could have only made a phone call after 72 hours. ”One of them tell me that I should have ride away, that his gun rusty because long he ain’t use it.” The Kaieteur News staffer was only allowed to continue his journey home when the policemen demanded that he gave them $5000. When Brijmohan’s experience with the lawmen made the news and OPR launched an investigation, the five policemen in question all denied ever seeing or stopping the motorcyclist—although they admitted that they were indeed patrolling in the area on that day. However, video footage later surfaced— contradicting the denial by the cops. The footage showed the staffer, Harry Brijmohan, sitting in the tray of an unmarked vehicle with his motorcycle, as it drove west along the road that leads to Providence New Scheme, East Bank Demerara, between 15:20hours and 15:35 hrs. The footage was handed over to the detectives who were working on the case. Before Brijmohan died, he made contact with ranks investigating the case almost daily but never got any positive response. It has now been months and no one has been charged even as senior police officials boast about firing corrupted ranks.

Thursday February 16, 2017


Kaieteur News

B’dos gov’t launches Electronic Single Window BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (CMC) – The Barbados government yesterday announced plans to establish the relevant institutional infrastructure to ensure that greater levels of efficiency, productivity and international competitiveness are achieved. Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Chris Sinckler, addressing the launch of the Barbados Electronic Single Window (BESW), said that the Freundel Stuart government, through the Barbados Competitiveness Programme (BCP), had taken steps to re-

invigorate the Commission on Competitiveness and to establish a supporting Technical Unit. He said this was done in an effort to urgently address erosions in this island’s international business and trade related rankings. “The Commission on Competitiveness will be established under the umbrella of the Social Partnership and will be chaired by the Prime Minister. Its primary role will be to serve as the main articulator of private-public dialogue on Barbados’ competitiveness. The Technical Unit or Department of Competi-

tiveness will function, among others, as the Secretariat to the Commission. “In this capacity, it will facilitate any technical research or study arising from the deliberations of the Commission; provide technical advice to the Commission regarding matters that are generally pertinent to competitiveness; and implement and monitor Barbados’ National Competitiveness Strategy and Action Plan, another deliverable from the BCP,” Sinckler said. Sinckler said that as a country heavily dependent on international trade, with

CCJ dismisses constitutional motion brought by Belize Bar Association PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC) – The Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) yesterday dismissed an appeal brought by the Belize Bar Association concerning a perceived threat to that country’s Court of Appeal’s judicial independence. The CCJ, Belize’s highest court in dismissing the claim, also made strong recommendations for changes to the appointment and tenure of Justices of Appeal that would provide them with security of tenure and a selection process that was independent of the government. The Court recommended immediate adoption of those recommendations. The Belize Bar Association had filed a Constitutional motion challenging the Belize Constitution (Sixth Amendment) Act which states that when an existing or future

appointment of a Justice of Appeal did not specify a period of appointment, the judge’s term of office would last one year from the date of commencement of the amendment, or one year from the date of appointment. The amendment also stated that at the end of the period the office would become vacant. At the time, the changes applied to two sitting judges. The Bar Association argued that the Sixth Amendment was unconstitutional and violated the rule of law, the separation of powers principle and the basic structure of the Constitution of Belize. The Association expressed concern that one-year appointments to the Court of Appeal undermined the security of tenure of such judges, politicized appointments and re-appointments, and eroded public confidence in the Court of

Appeal as an “independent and impartial” court But the Belize government argued that the move was intended to correct the alleged invalidity of the appointments of two sitting judges and to prevent the future appointment of judges with no specified period of tenure. The Attorney-General submitted that the constitutional procedure for amending the Constitution was fully complied with, and there was no alteration to the structure of the Constitution. In its judgment, the CCJ acknowledged that while the re-appointment of judges by the Government ‘lends fragility to judicial independence’, the amendment could not be deemed as unconstitutional as the power to reappoint judges did not derive from the amendment.

Opposition warns of US$4M scam... From page 7 significantly lower than what is being sold by Wartsila since the company will be buying the majority of spare parts from the original equipment manufacturer. ”All experienced workers that worked with Wartsila prior to the organisation change, are now on-board with PPDI. This testifies to the quality of services that will be delivered,” Ferguson said. She also blamed the former administration of negligence at the GPL. ”The APNU+AFC inherited the negligence of the former Administration of the GPL. Maintenance cost for generation including Wartsila were in 2011— $2.02B; 2012— $2.36B; 2013—-$2.13B; 2014—- $2.46B; and in 2015 and 2016, $2.50B and $2.8B, respectively.”

An analysis of the numbers shows that $4.79B was spent on maintenance for power generation in 2015 and 2016 which is equivalent to 4.1 percent more than the preceding two years under the stewardship of the PPP/C, Ferguson explained. Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, said that prior to the change of Government, 100 percent of the maintenance was being done by 100 percent Guyanese. Government was paying US$25,000 per day to Wartsila. ”There is nothing wrong and sinister. We are cutting overheads. The cost for services to GPL will be reduced,” Patterson told the House. According to official records at the registry, the Power Producers and Distribution Inc. (PPDI) was formed

in December but has two officials-—one director and one secretary. The director is Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Balraj Balram. The Secretary and incorporator is attorney-at-law Ronald Burch-Smith. On January 1, 2017, PPDI took over the operations of Wartsila that has been here for two decades and which has, overtime, been maintaining almost 20 engines for the state-owned GPL. The Coalition government, one year after taking power, had admitted to reports in Kaieteur News that it will not renew Wartsila’s maintenance contract. Months later, the PPDI was established and has absorbed the 194 employees that Wartsila had.

over three billion dollars (One Barbados dollar =US$0.50 cents) spent on imports since 2010 for domestic consumption and production, Barbados must commit to simplifying and streamlining existing regulations, behaviours and practices that impact business and trade facilitation. He told his audience that at present, the BESW was more than 90 per cent complete. He pointed out that there were some additional forms that needed to be integrated into the system and added that the full integration should be completed by the end of March, 2017. He noted that the anticipated benefits from creating a single window environment could be seen from the perspectives of government and the private sector. He said government was expected to gain from an improved e-government and egovernance infrastructure; an enhanced collection of taxes, duties and penalties; higher levels of efficiency and transparency and reduced incidence of corruption, among others. In the case of the private sector, he added, the benefits would include faster clearance of goods; improved transparency in the operations of regulatory agencies; spending less time travelling

Chris Sinckler between government regulatory agencies to fulfil their trade-related obligations; and improved ability to classify goods and satisfy regulatory filings. Sinckler said that resources were being mobilised to ensure that the BESW would communicate effectively with the recently implemented Customs software, ASYCUDA World. “ASYCUDA World will be able to send information to the BESW regarding new and cancelled declarations by traders. Similarly, the BESW will be able to send information to ASYCUDA World regarding new licence applications, approvals, updates and revocations. Such conve-

niences should go a long way towards promoting interagency collaborations involving Customs and government regulatory agencies,” he insisted. Sinckler said that although the expected benefits of the BESW were encouraging, it would be unrealistic to expect immediate results simply from the implementation of technology-driven reform. He pointed out that the pace at which benefits evolved was normally influenced by other factors, including the existence of other complementary reforms; change management and leadership; degree of user-receptivity; and supporting institutional infrastructure. An electronic single window is an environment that facilitates the electronic submission of standardised international trade and transportrelated documents to a single point for processing and approval. The BESW will provide a single online interface for the exchange of trade-related documents between the trading community and relevant government agencies. Within this environment, all transacting parties will be able to fulfil their obligations online from anywhere, using any form of internet-enabled communication device.

Guyana was losing over $300B... From page 9 Constitution of Guyana and constitute a threat to democracy and good governance. The Private Sector body added, “The Commission therefore humbly beseeches that the State Assets Recovery Agency Bill, as it was tabled, be submitted to a Special Select Committee where its provisions, and implications of these, can be thoroughly examined and debated upon and where civil society may be invited to speak.” NO CHANGES NEEDED CEO of the State Assets Recovery Unit, Aubrey Heath-Retemyer told Kaieteur News that the changes proposed by the Commission were based on the fact that they did not understand several aspects of the Bill. The SARU Officer said that while the Commission was not alone in this boat, efforts were made to ensure that all misunderstandings regarding the Bill were clarified. He said, “I do recall their concerns with the Bill but the truth is, that the criticisms we received on the Bill were largely due to the fact that

people did not understand it and that was the case with the Commission.” Heath-Retemyer said that there were no “substantial” changes made to the provisions but there was some “tightening of the language used.” The Bill also provides for SARA to be enabled to seek the recovery of such property wherever in the world that property may be located, and must also raise public awareness on the dangers of corruption and other crime. As part of the need to maintain and upkeep public confidence in the criminal justice system, Head of SARU, Professor Clive Thomas, explained that the Director must, before undertaking civil recovery proceedings, consider whether the recovery of State property will be better secured by criminal proceedings. He said that the Director and named members of SARA staff may exercise the powers of police, customs and immigration officers, if so designated by the relevant Ministers, upon the Director’s request.

The Director will also be under a duty to ensure training in the operation of the Act is available to professionals and to ensure relevant staff are trained and accredited in financial investigation. The SARU Head said that mutual cooperation between the Director of Public Prosecutions and Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit is a requirement, and the Commissioner of Police must provide such assistance as is requested by the Director. He said that the Director may enter into binding memoranda of understanding with other Government or public bodies, and is able to collaborate with any State organ, foreign government or international or regional organization, in the recovery of State property. The Bill sets out that the Director is thus authorized to use the funds to commence actions under the Act, to make certain payments e.g. to pay experts to assist him in carrying out SARA functions, to fund training and capacity building, or to compensate victims who suffered loss as a result of unlawful conduct.


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Kaieteur News

Couple in custody after sugar D’Urban St. Cornbread Minimart murder trial to end today worker dies during fishing trip

Dead: Ramesh Seegolam and his mother Usha Seegolam An estate worker’s body washed up at the Berbice River foreshore on the East Bank of Berbice, early Tuesday. The dead man has been identified as Ramesh Seegolam, aka “Mikey”, 30, of Pepper Street, Heathburn Village, East Bank Berbice. Reports are that the man who is a Guysuco employee was last seen swimming in the Berbice River during a fishing and swimming expedition with a couple and their child. Mother of the dead man, Usha Seegolam, 57, related to this publication that her son who was highly intoxicated told her that he was going on a fishing and swimming trip with some friends. “(On Tuesday), he and a man and a lady went and swim and after five, she (lady) come and tell me she ain’t seeing my son.” The mother stated that “the lady seh how he come

out and go in some bush but the small girl seh how he did not come out from the water.” However, residents in the area revealed to this publication that “Mikey’s” death may not have been a simple drowning but rather a case of foul play allegedly orchestrated and executed by the said couple he ventured out with on the trip. One resident explained that the woman, with whom the 30-year-old went on the trip, returned home and went to “Mikey’s” mother residence to return his clothes. “The li’l girl come and tell me, ‘Aunty, since Mikey jump overboard he ain’t come up back from the water.” She said the girl told her that she sat in the boat and was on the lookout for the man when she noticed what seemed to be blood streaming along the side of the boat in the water.

The woman, however, is denying any knowledge about what might have happened to the man. She also refused to be a part of the search party for the missing man. Kaieteur News was informed by some residents that the woman had joked about killing Seegolam. “Last week Saturday there was an incident and she said she don’t want him there at her house so she told people that she gonna kill he. They had big cuss out because she husband accuse she and Mikey of being together.” Villagers were surprised that the man even decided to go with the couple on the trip given the previous incidents. Seegolam’s body washed up after being caught in a fishing net in the waters. Meanwhile, police have since arrested the couple.

From page 11 Minister, David Patterson, has indicated that tenders are soon expected to be opened for this project. During a site visit to the previously damaged Lamaha Street transformer, Patterson on Tuesday acknowledged that GPL’s power distribution network is in need of major upgrades. “We are going to be investing US$31M between this year and next year,” the Minister specified. It is for this reason also, that the Ministry and GPL are embarking on the construction of four new sub stations that are expected to be set up at locations in Wales, West Bank Demerara; Kuru Kururu, SoesdykeLinden Highway; Williamsburg, Corentyne and Hydronie, East Bank

Essequibo. This would be the continuation of a US$40M initiative that was started under the Chinese infrastructure programme which ended in 2014. “Now we will be entering phase two,” CEO homer said. Additionally, the six existing substations within the system are to be expanded to produce better voltage stability and reduce technical loses, since power would be travelling across shorter distances. Meanwhile, responding to all the criticisms the government has been receiving in relation to the perceived inefficient distribution of electricity, Patterson was quick to defend that “this is what we inherited, and what we are addressing.” He went on to praise the

efforts of the GPL workers who detected and eventually fixed the problematic Lamaha Street transformer. “The crew was dispatched on Sunday night, literally with torch lights, starting from Kingston walking the entire stretch looking for the problem which was quite difficult,” Patterson highlighted. He clarified also that contrary to the rumours he has been hearing, the power outages were not as a result of insufficient power, or any man-made mischief. “The system is made to protect itself, so what happens is, as soon as there is a spike, the system shuts down,” the Minister said. Nonetheless, with the new programmes coming on stream, officials are promising less blackouts.

GPL eyes back up power...

Justice Navindra Singh is expected to sum up the trial of the three men facing a murder trial for the death of gold miner, Glen Xavier, today. The case will then be sent to the jury for deliberations on the outcome. Yesterday, the jury heard closing arguments from attorneys representing the accused and the State. Fizal Moore called “Hard Mouth’; Stephan Campbell, called “Burnham”; and Roy Yokum called “Ray Ray” are accused of murdering Xavier at Corn Bread Minimart, D’ Urban Street, Werk-en-Rust. Xavier is said to have been killed in the furtherance of a robbery on May 8, 2012. He died as a result of gunshot injuries. The three men are facing a trial before Justice Singh and a mixed 12-member jury at the Georgetown High Court. State Prosecutors Siand Dhurjon and Tuanna Hardy closed their case on Monday, making way for the three men to lead their defence. All three accused elected to give unsworn statements. They each stood individually in the prisoner’s dock and gave their versions of the story, essentially claiming that they were innocent of the murder.

The men denied giving the police statements in regards to the crime. The men also claimed to have been forced by the police to sign the documents, containing notes they did not supply. They each told the court that the police used electric devices and other things to force them into signing documents (caution statements). Last week, Detective Rodrick Melville told the court that Fizal Moore called ‘Hard Mouth,’ or ‘Winston Bostwick,’ had revealed to police investigators that there was a plot to rob gold miner Glen Xavier. According to the Caution Statement, (CS) which was admitted into evidence, the accused said that he was in Albouystown when he received a telephone call from his friend “Ray Ray.” He said that “Ray Ray” told him about two men who had “a whole set of money” at a shop and he wanted help to go and rob them. He said that he met “Ray Ray” in D’Urban Street, where they joined “Burnham” and another man nicknamed “X”. Together, the accused told the police, he and his crew went down to the shop and proceeded to rob the men at the shop. But the accused

said before they left the shop, “Burnham shoot up the shop wid the gun that he had to do the work with.” Earlier in the trial, Police Detective, Rodwell Sarrabo testified that accused murderer, Stephan Campbell, called “Burnham”, had supplied investigators with a caution statement in which he told them that he had been on a robbery with his partners, but he never shot anyone. According to the statement, Campbell told detectives of a robbery plot. In the statement, Campbell noted that he and his friends had travelled on motorcycles to commit the act. He said during the process of the robbery, ‘Hard Mouth’ (Fizal Moore) whipped out a gun and shot the man (Xavier). “I didn’t kill da man, me and ‘Hard Mouth’ go pun the wuk…I didn’t know that ‘Hard Mouth’ woulda shoot the man.” The accused also told police that ‘Hard Mouth’ got $90,000 and a cell phone from the robbery, but didn’t give him any of the loot. Sarrabo later faced questions from lawyers on the defence team, but he maintained that all the necessary protocols were observed and the accused gave his statement freely and voluntarily.


Thursday February 16, 2017

Kaieteur News

21 Peace Corps volunteers to lend support to public health sector Within a matter of weeks the public health sector will benefit from the support of 21 volunteers. The Peace Corps Guyana volunteers were introduced yesterday at a ceremony at the Lamaha and Peter Rose Streets Herdmanston Lodge, Queenstown, Georgetown. According to the Peace Corps Guyana Director of Programming and Training, Ms. Melanie Ingalls, while a total of 38 volunteers are currently here in Guyana, 21 have been designated to lend their support to the health sector. The remaining 17 will be tasked with aiding in the delivery of education. Those of the all-American volunteers who will be plugged into the health sector, according to Ingalls, have a variety of backgrounds. “They have all graduated from universities in the United States. They come from wide representation of States but for the most part they’ve studied primary nursing health care; some have Masters Degree in Public Health and they have chosen to come to Guyana to serve for two years within the primary health care system anywhere from the regional health post, all the way up to the major hospitals,” Ingalls said. Yesterday’s ceremony paved the way for the start of a 10-week familiarization training session for the volunteers following which they will be sworn-in and subsequently dispatched to health facilities in seven of the 10 administrative regions. “Collaboration with a country like Guyana is a huge honour and privilege for the volunteers…through this programme they are given the opportunity to think of health care in a global way,” Ingalls told this publication following yesterday’s ceremony. “A partnership like this allows them to really get on the ground and get people to help them understand the reality of some of the things they have been studying…for them this is a tremendous benefit and we

hope that for Guyana it is a tremendous benefit too,” said Ingalls. According to the Peace Corps Director, several of the volunteers bring with them some “extraordinary skills and know-how”. It is expected that their relationships with their local counterparts will help them to put into practice projects that they might not have been able to do before. “Sometimes it is just an extra set of hands or eyes on a problem that is needed to have the ability to solve a problem and think of creative responses,” said Ingalls as she considered that “[issues such as] teenage pregnancy, suicide or any number of things, perhaps [require] another set of eyes and ears and someone who has the time and energy to work one on one with young people...” Peace Corps Guyana first joined forces with Guyana in 1966 but left by 1971. However, Ingalls disclosed yesterday that the organization returned in 1995 and has since been working consistently with the Health Ministry guided by a Memorandum of Understanding. Welcoming the new batch of volunteers yesterday was Junior Minister of Public Health, Dr. Karen Cummings. According to the Public Health Minister, over the years, and in various sectors, Guyana has benefited in great ways from the work done by Peace Corps volunteers. “Of significance is that throughout the years, the work done by Peace Corps volunteers in the public health sector is commendable and noteworthy. A rich legacy of exemplary work done by those volunteers who preceded you means that you must give of your best as you aim to maintain the high standards established by your predecessors,” Minister Cummings told the attentive batch of volunteers yesterday. She further urged them to work together to significantly improve the lives of the citi-

Ms. Melanie Ingalls (fourth from right) in the company of a few of the volunteers. zens of Guyana. “The work you do here will touch the lives of many.” “Your volunteerism must be predicated on love and respect for humanity. Together, let us work to strengthen and deepen our relationship,” the Minister continued. In applauding their willingness and desire to give their service in a foreign land, Minister Cummings amplified the importance of volunteers with a quote from Sherry Anderson: “Volunteers don’t get paid because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.” She added, “You come from many different backgrounds; you have many different life experiences; and yet you all have at least one thing in common: your willingness to give your time to help others. It takes a special person to make this kind of offer. We applaud your commitment.” The Ministry of Public

Two women, tattoo artist among five... From page 03 cash in an effort to make appear like a robbery. Permaul, the barber, was subsequently arrested after information was provided that he would normally hurl insults at Mohamed when he passed her home. Andre James the tattoo artist was then arrested after ranks received a lead. The Jamaican, Rohan Johnson, and his girlfriend Shaniki Alert Thompson were taken into custody shortly after. During their interrogation, James in a signed statement reportedly gave information which led investigators to rearrest Permaul along with his

wife Nazeema Permaul. The tattoo artist reportedly told investigators that they were hired and paid by the businesswoman and her husband. Permaul and his wife were said to have been the recruiters in the crime. The two women were placed in custody after it was discovered by investigators that the barber's wife (Nazeema Permaul) was the person who uplifted a sum of $400,000 from the businesswoman and her husband. She reportedly paid the hefty sum to the tattoo artist (Andre James) who then paid the Jamaican national. It was also revealed by a

police source that a whopping $4 Million was promised to the men after the job was completed. However only $400,000 was paid after the investigation tightened on the men and women. Kaieteur News also understands that the businessman was released after investigators could not gather enough evidence to charge him or to keep him in custody for the murder. However, it was disclosed by the police source that the businesswoman has made contact with the police through her attorney; the police were told that her life is being threatened but she will turn herself in eventually.

Health, according to Minister Cummings, is confident that the volunteers will make an incredible contribution to the Guyanese society through

the work that they will be engaged in over the designated 24-month period. “We do hope that your generosity of spirit and com-

mitment to the improvement of humanity will help to overcome any challenges that you might encounter in your new environment,” she added.

Man accused of breaking into car, stealing US$5000 Dextroy Cordis, 45 of Lot 4 Grove Public Road, East Bank Demerara, was yesterday arraigned before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan in the Georgetown Magistrate’s Courts. The charge read that on February 9, last, at Saffon Street, Charlestown, he stole US $5,000 and a quantity of documents from Balachandra Hardowar. The defendant pleaded not guilty. He is being represented by Attorney-at-Law Adrian Thomson who in his application for bail for his client told the court that his client has no pending matter in any other court and he is the proprietor of a shop. Thomson further told the court that his client was kept in Police custody for more than 72 hours and that there is no video footage or witnesses that can link his client to the robbery but stated that there is video footage that shows the top of a vehicle. According to information on the day in question the Virtual Complainant parked his vehicle while he went to a shop to make a purchase, when the defendant gained access into his vehicle and stole the money and documents from the US-based Guyanese vehicle. According to information it is believed that the man trailed Hardowar from a Water Street, Georgetown busi-

Dextroy Cordis released on $300,000 bail ness place. The following morning a Police patrol spotted the vehicle with the same description as the one that was used in the robbery and intercepted the car. They then took the driver into custody. The vehicle which has matching features and is believed to be that of which was involved in the robbery is currently impounded at the Ruimveldt Police Station. Police Prosecutor Deniro

Jones objection to bail and told the court that the defendant has several pending matters for similar offences. Despite the Prosecutor objection to bail, the father of five was released on $300,000 bail by the Chief Magistrate. The conditions attached to the bail are that he will lodge his passport at the court registry. He will have to report to the Brickdam Police Station every Friday until the completion of the trial.

Thursday February 16, 2017


Kaieteur News

Meeting Israel’s Netanyahu, Trump backs away from commitment to Palestinian state (Reuters) - President Donald Trump yesterday dropped a U.S. commitment to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a longstanding bedrock of Middle East policy, even as he urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to curb settlement construction. In the first face-to-face meeting between the two leaders since Trump’s victory in the 2016 election, the Republican president backed away from a U.S. embrace of the eventual creation of a Palestinian state, upending a position taken by successive administrations and the international community. “I’m looking at two states and one state, and I like the one both parties like,” Trump told a joint news conference with Netanyahu. “I can live with either one.” Trump vowed to work toward a peace deal between Israel and Palestinians but said it would require compromise on both sides, leaving it up to the parties themselves ultimately to reach the terms

of any agreement. But he offered no new prescription for achieving an accord that has eluded so many of his predecessors, and Palestinian anger over his abandonment of their goal of statehood could scrap any chance of coaxing them back to the negotiating table. Dropping a bombshell on Netanyahu as they faced reporters just before sitting down for talks, Trump told him: “I’d like to see you pull back on settlements for a little bit.” The right-wing Israeli leader, who may have expected more decidedly proIsrael rhetoric as the two sought to get past years of f e u d i n g w i t h Tr u m p ’s Democratic predecessor Barack Obama, appeared startled. Netanyahu insisted that Jewish settlements were “not the core of the conflict” and made no commitment to reduce settlement building in the occupied West Bank.

U.S. President Donald Trump (R) laughs with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a joint news conference at the White House in Washington, U.S. (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque) Trump echoed Netanyahu’s calls for Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state – something they have refused to do – and to halt incitement against Israelis. But even as Trump promised to pursue peace

between the two sides – who have had no substantive peace talks since 2014 – he offered no new ideas for unblocking the peace process. Setting an initially chummy tone, Trump greeted Netanyahu on a red

carpet rolled out to the White House driveway. The two leaders smiled, shook hands and chatted amiably before heading inside the executive mansion, accompanied by first lady Melania Trump and Netanyahu’s wife Sara.

A m o n g the questions that figured prominently on the agenda was the future of the two-state solution – the idea of creating a Palestine living peacefully alongside Israel. Foreshadowing Trump’s policy shift, a senior White


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Thursday February 16, 2017

Attorney General targets fake news, pics online...

Time to control this behaviour (Trinidad Guardian) Social media users who post gory and irresponsible videos, comments and photographs to create sensation and instil fear and panic among T&T citizens beware! Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi will today take to Cabinet an amended version of the Cybercrime Bill to deal with reckless users who are now out of control in sharing unverified information. Once Cabinet gives the all clear, Al-Rawi says the bill will stop the abusers of social media in their tracks. Al-Rawi revealed his plan Tuesday as he responded to a question from a member of the public on how the Government intends to treat with social media users who “plaster things” on Facebook, many of which are untrue. “It is very cruel and a waste of the State and nation’s time because of a false report that can circulate on social media within 15 minutes. Is there something being put in place, so if someone creates a false report that they will be taken to the full task of the law... or face the highest level of punishment to discourage that?” the unidentified man asked the AG during a question and answer segment at the Association of Real Estate Agents’ breakfast meeting at the Government Campus Plaza, Port-of-Spain. In response, Al-Rawi said, “Absolutely. There is the Cybercrime Bill which the LRC (Legislative Review Committee) has completed and which

T&T Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi is going to Cabinet this Thursday.” Al-Rawi said the reason why the Government chose the bill as a priority was to control the “Roman Colosseum phenomenon...the thirst for blood, scandal and imagery” now taking place online. “Our society runs the risk of being deemed to be very much, in lost measure...out of control. The irresponsibility that is exercised without any regard for the consequence of families...or to children or persons who are victims or to just create panic and fear.” Al-Rawi’s plan comes in the wake of complaints by acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams, that such posts, in the face of a spiralling murder rate, was creating

a logistical headache for the police, who often have to go out to check the veracity of such postings. The AG described some of the things put on social media as “astounding. So we focused on the Cybercrime Bill and we have made some very important changes in terms of the previous version that was in circulation. I think the country is going to be very pleased with the product.” So far, Al-Rawi said there had been extensive consultations with the Media Association of T&T, Publishers Association, T&T Publishers and Broadcasters Association (TTPBA) and other entities on the matter. “We are ready to rock and roll. This is a step in the right direction to control this kind of behaviour.” Questioned by the media on how the bill will affect the content of social media and what sanctions will be imposed on those irresponsible users, Al-Rawi opted not to divulge any information, saying he preferred Cabinet to first give its approval. “Then I would go into all of the particulars. Suffice to say, it is a very robust piece of law on which there has been a significant amount of consultation and I believe it is in the right zone of operations. I don’t want to dilute what was said here today.” The bill was first presented in Parliament in 2014 and later brought back to the House in 2015.

Opposition legislator alleges security forces involved in murders in T&T PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC) – An opposition legislator has suggested that members of the security forces are involved in murders in Trinidad and Tobago. Opposition Senator Wayne Sturge, who is also a criminal defence attorney, told the Senate on Tuesday that there is only group of people which can carry out such killings without being caught. “Who among us could carry out murders with such skill and perfection? Who among us has the luxury of training and perfecting their art uninterrupted, without having to look over their shoulders or having to worry about a national security helicopter passing over? “Is it time Madam President for law enforcement to look inwards, or is it that these killings are being carried out

by returning ISIS fighters (from Syria). These are the things we need to know. If we know the causes then we know how we arrive at the solution,” Sturge told legislators. More than 70 people have been murdered here since the start of the year and Sturge said it is obvious that “many of the drug-related killings may very well be carried out by hired guns”. He said these hired guns “may well have been…members of the armed forces,” adding that this could be among the reasons why the crime detection is so low here He posed several questions to National Security Minister Edmund Dillon, saying “isn’t it obvious that something is amiss, that something isn’t adding up. “All this technology and

we have the lowest detection rates anywhere. We pay the most money on national security and we get the least results. That can’t continue. “So I ask is the Minister of National Security knows what is the reason for the Muslim versus Rasta City war, or the reason for the Muslim versus unruly ISIS. Where are all the guns coming from? “We were given the impression that legislation expanding the remit of the SSA (Special Security Agency) was needed as a matter of urgency that it would go a long way in crime detection and we have in the last nine months since the passage since the exact opposite.” Sturge said that urgent and important legislation has not yet been proclaimed and that could assist in the fight against crime.

Thursday February 16, 2017


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Malaysia detains woman, seeks others in connection with North Korean’s death (Reuters) - Malaysian police yesterday detained a woman holding Vietnam travel papers and said they were looking for a “few” other foreign suspects in connection with the apparent assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s estranged half-brother. Lawmakers in South Korea earlier cited their spy agency as saying it suspected two female North Korean agents had murdered Kim Jong Nam, and U.S. government sources also said they believed North Korean assassins were responsible. North Korean officials spent hours yesterday trying to talk Malaysia out of conducting an autopsy on Kim Jong Nam, three Malaysian government sources familiar with the stand-off told Reuters. Malaysian authorities refused the request, the sources added, although no decision has been taken on whether the body will eventually be handed over to North Korea. The portly and gregarious Kim Jong Nam, eldest son of late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, was assaulted on Monday morning in the departure hall of Kuala Lumpur International Airport and died on the way to hospital, Malaysian police said. The woman detained at Kuala Lumpur airport was identified from CCTV footage at the airport and was alone when she was apprehended, police said in a statement. Media had earlier published a grainy CCTV-captured image of a young woman wearing a white shirt with the letters “LOL” on the front. Documents she carried were in the name of Doan Thi Huong, showed a birth date of May 1998 and birthplace of Nam Dinh, Vietnam, police said. “Police are looking for a few others, all foreigners,” Deputy Inspector-General Noor Rashid Ibrahim told Reuters, declining to give their nationalities or gender. “NOWHERE TO HIDE” South Korean intelligence believes Kim Jong Nam was poisoned, the lawmakers in South Korea’s capital, Seoul, said. The spy agency told them that the young and unpredictable North Korean leader had

issued a “standing order” for his half-brother’s assassination, and that there had been a failed attempt in 2012. “The cause of death is strongly suspected to be a poisoning attack,” said South Korean lawmaker Kim Byung-kee, who was briefed by the spy agency. Kim Jong Nam had long suspected he could be the target of an assassination attempt; five years ago, he pleaded with his younger sibling to spare his life, according to two lawmakers in South Korea. “We have nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. We are well aware that the only way to escape is suicide,” Kim Jong Nam said in a letter to Kim Jong Un, one of the lawmakers said. Kim had been at the airport’s budget terminal to catch a flight to Macau on Monday when someone grabbed or held his face from behind, after which he felt dizzy and sought help at an information desk, Malaysian police official Fadzil Ahmat said. Malaysian media reports said two female agents splashed Kim’s face with a chemical. Reuters could not independently verify that detail. According to South Korea’s spy agency, Kim Jong Nam had been living, under Beijing’s protection, with his second wife in the Chinese territory of Macau, lawmakers said. One of them said Kim Jong Nam also had a wife and son in Beijing. Kim had spoken out publicly against his family’s dynastic control of the isolated state. “If the murder of Kim Jong Nam was confirmed to be committed by the North Korean regime, that would clearly depict the brutality and inhumanity of the Kim Jong Un regime,” South Korean Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn, who is also acting president, told a security meeting. The meeting was called in response to Kim Jong Nam’s death, news of which first emerged late on Tuesday. “SENSE OF DANGER” South Korea is acutely sensitive to any sign of instability in isolated North Korea, and is still technically in a state of war with its impoverished and nuclear-armed neighbour, which carried out

its latest ballistic missile test on Sunday. Malaysian police said Kim held a passport under the name Kim Chol, with a birth date that made him 46. Kim Jong Nam was known to spend a significant amount of time outside North Korea, travelling in Macau and Hong Kong as well as mainland China, and has been caught in the past using forged travel documents. His body was taken yesterday to a second hospital, where an autopsy was being performed. There was no mention of Kim Jong Nam’s death in North Korean media. In Beijing, a foreign ministry spokesman said China was aware of the reports and closely following developments. Yoji Gomi, a Japanese journalist who wrote a 2012 book on Kim Jong Nam, said Kim’s media appearances, which increased around the time South Korean intelligence said he was targeted for assassination, may have been an attempt to protect himself. “I now have the impression that even he may have had a sense of danger, so he began exposing himself in the media and stating his opinions to protect himself and counter North Korea,” Gomi told a talk show on Japan’s NTV. North Korean agents have killed rivals abroad before.

“Kim Jong Un may have been worried about more and more North Korean elites turning against him after Thae

Yong Ho defected to the South,” said Koh Yu-hwan, an expert on the North Korean leadership at Dongguk

University in Seoul, referring to last year’s defection by North Korea’s deputy ambassador in London.


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Thursday February 16, 2017

Thursday February 16, 2017


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Jamaica hammer T&T Red Force to storm into Super 50 final ST JOHN’S, Antigua, CMC – Jamaica Scorpions defeated Trinidad and Tobago Red Force by a mammoth 292 runs, in the first semi-final of the Regional Super50 at Coolidge Cricket Ground yesterday. Chadwick Walton and Jermaine Blackwood slammed their maiden List A hundreds while Rovman Powell and Steven Taylor narrow missed out, as Jamaica Scorpions mauled Trinidad and Tobago Red Force’s bowlers, in the first semi-final of the Regional Super50 here yesterday. Sent in, in the day/night affair at Coolidge Cricket Ground, Scorpions amassed a mammoth 434 for four off their 50 overs – a record for

regional 50 overs cricket and the ninth highest total in the history of List A. Scorpions were fired by Walton’s top score of 117 while Test batsman Blackwood hit an unbeaten 108. Powell struck 95 and Taylor, 88, as Scorpions stunned the two-time defending champions with an exhibition of astonishing hitting. The run-spree began in an entertaining opening stand of 174 between Walton and Taylor, was sustained courtesy of a 95-run second wicket stand between Blackwood and Walton and capped off in a jaw-dropping third wicket partnership of 163 between Blackwood and Powell. Walton smashed nine

fours and seven sixes off 96 deliveries while Blackwood faced just 88 deliveries and belted six fours and sixes. The left-handed Taylor gave Scorpions a flying start, racing to his half-century in the 11th over off 35 balls but was first to fall when he sliced a drive to Kjorn Ottley at point off off-spinner Jason Mohammed in the 22nd over. All told, the American struck eight fours and five sixes. Walton’s fifty came in the 13th over off 32 deliveries and required another 52 balls to reach triple figures, before falling lbw to leg-spinner Imran Khan in the 36th over. Powell then joined Blackwood to rip apart the

Thursday February 16, 2017 ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Look into family outings or projects. Recognition can be yours if you present your ideas and stand behind your beliefs. TAURUS (Apr. 21- may 21) Don't forget to let your mate know how much you care. Friendships could be terminated quickly if disappointments occur. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Tell it like it is. You need more time to think this whole situation through. You may not be that popular at home but you should be able to shine at social gatherings. CANCER (June 22-July 22) Don't try to deal with important issues or make changes that will upset the apple cart. Make changes that will enhance your appearance and entice potential partners. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Get busy. Take a look at investment opportunities. Get involved in the activities of children. VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) You can evade the issue as usual by being affectionate, fun loving, and far too active for your lover to catch on.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) You may find that someone you really cared for in the past has come back into your life. You'll stay out of trouble if you pick projects that will benefit the whole family. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) It's doubtful anyone will try to stand in your way or cut you off at the pass today. You will communicate with ease today. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Avoid arguments with relatives who might be conservative and outdated. Talk to someone you trust in order to see the whole picture. CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) You can expand your circle of friends if you get out and socialize. You're not your usual self today. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Don't be afraid to make additions to your house. Your ability to communicate with ease will win the hearts of those you are in touch with today. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) Sudden changes at home will affect family members more than you anticipated. This will not be the time to give too much to your children.

Red Force bowling and was within touching distance of century when he missed a heave at seamer Ravi Rampaul in the final over and was bowled. Rampaul was the best bowler with two for 83. In reply, the Red Force buckled in the huge chase as they lost wickets at regular intervals to end all out at 141 off 26.3 overs. Only Jason Mohammed with an unbeaten 62 and Denesh Ramdin 27 offered any real resistance. Rovman Powel followed his excellent innings with the bat with wonderful figures of 5 for 36 for the Scorpions as Jerome Taylor 3-27 and Renard Leveridge 2-31 offered sup-

port. Today Barbados Pride face the Leeward Islands Hurricanes in the second semifinal to determine who would chash with the Scorpions in Saturday’s final in Antigua. Scores: SCORPIONS 434 for four off 50 overs (Chadwick Walton 117, Jermaine Blackwood 108 not out, Rovman Powell 95, Steven Taylor 88; Ravi Rampaul 2-83). RED FORCE 141 off 26.3 overs (Jason Mohammed 62 not out, Denesh Ramdin 27; Rovman Powell 5-36, Jerome Taylor 3-27, Renard Leveridge 2-31).

Jerome Taylor bowls for Jamaica Scorpions. (Windies cric


RHTY&SC/‘Water is Life’ U-17 Cricket KO Tourney bowls off on Saturday The inaugural Guyana Water Inc. Under17 knock-out 40-over cricket tournament organised by the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club will bowl off on Saturday with matches scheduled across the Ancient County of Berbice. Aiming to be the best of the 17 teams competing are Bush Lot, Bush Lot United, Blairmont A, Blairmont B, Tucber Park, Young Warriors A, Young Warriors B, No. 19 Kendall Union, Toopoo, Tamarind Root, Rose Hall Town Bakewell, Big Star, Rose Hall Town Metro Females, No. 72 Cut and Load, No. 73, Scotsburg and Skeldon. With matches scheduled to bowl off at 11.00hrs, Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster informed that the tournament has been put together with a view of allowing junior players to be competitive.

Clubs affiliated to the Berbice Cricket Board have not been able to play due to a Court Injunction filed against that entity thus the RHTY&SC stepping up to fill the void. For players to be eligible, they must be born on or after the 1st September, 2000. A walk over would be granted to opposing teams 30 minutes after the scheduled start time of 11.00hrs for late arrival. Clubs are also being put on notice that no form of indiscipline would be tolerated and that all decisions of the Umpires are final. The winning team would receive $40,000 and a trophy while the runner-up school gets $20,000 and a trophy. The Man-of-the-finals along with the tournament’s Best Batsman and Best Bowler would receive special prizes. Rose Hall Town Metro Females have drawn the bye.

One night of fistic fury as Guyanese... From page 30 the programme.Admission to the fights will be $1,000 for the VIP section and $500 for general admission. Mr. Bristol further said that the organizers will place a high premium on punctuality and the first bell will be sounded at 20:00hrs sharp. He will soon release the names of the individuals and organizations that have rendered much needed support for the card. Meanwhile, President of the GBA, Steve Ninvalle, is delighted by the efforts of

the duo and expressed such sentiments when he welcomed them to Guyana earlier in the week. The GBA boss said that his entity is indeed delighted that those stalwarts could shrug aside the challenges to make the card a reality. Mr. Ninvalle said that he is extremely delighted by those efforts and urged the boxers to train hard in order to produce the fiery contests fans have come to enjoy. The GBA boss said that this year will be a hectic one for local pugilists and

already three boxers have been spotlighted and advised to commence training for a tournament in Azerbaijan slated for May. Those boxers are heavyw e i g h t J a s o n B a k e r, Desmond Amsterdam (middleweight) and lightweight Joel Williamson. Mr. Ninvalle said that the fund raising drive to facilitate these boxers’ trip has already begun and he has recently dispatched the names to the President of the Guyana Olympic Association, Juman Yassin, for possible financial and other assistance.

St Cuthbert’s Mission Secondary... From page 29 Bowling for St. Cuthbert’s Mission Aldin Kattow grabbed 3 for 7 off 3.5 overs, Zak Ferreira took 2 for 32 from 5 overs and Rabaul Poousammy 2 for 33 from 5 overs. St. Cuthbert’s Mission Secondary in reply, batted aggressively to reach their target in 14.5 overs, but not before losing 8 wickets. Linden Foundation Secondary must be commended for their effort in the field, which saw

Thursday February 16, 2017

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them make a desperate attempt to retain their Upper Demerara-Highway District title. However, it was St. Cuthbert’s combative approach that saw them surpass measly target of 124 for victory, as St. Cuthbert’s Mission having been on 122 for 8 from 14.4 overs, ended the game with a six to win the match by 2 wickets. Batting for St. Cuthbert’s Mission Secondary Mark Clenkian made an impressive 53, which included 5 sixes and

5 fours. Bowling for Linden Foundation, Jason Fung-Fee claimed 3 for 20 off three overs, while Wendel Courtman and Immanuel LaRose both picked up 2 wickets apiece. St. Cuthbert’s Mission have now advanced to play East Bank Demerara zone champions, Diamond Secondary for the Upper DemeraraEast Bank District Trophy today 16 at the Bayroc ground in Upper Demerara from 11:00 hours.


Nedd, Singh and Dick spur Chase Academy to victory over Tutorial High Last year ’s GCB/National Secondary Schools Cricket league Under-17 champions, Chase Academy sent a strong message to their competitors when they recorded an unequivocal win in the first round of the winner of winners Inter Zone phase of the 2016/2017 NSSCL, when they defeated East Georgetown Zone Champions, Tutorial High School, by a massive 73 runs. The 2015/2016 nationwide champions and the present 2016/2017 GCB/ DMLAS/MOE/NSSCL North Georgetown Zone Champions, Chase Academy opened this year’s Inter Zone/District Winners Challenge Trophy by clearly marking their presence in an emphatic manner. Tutorial High School, who won the toss and then elected to bowl first, appeared to had made the correct decision, as their bowlers made Chase Academy batsmen work diligently for their runs, restricting the star studded Chase Academy, which featured prominent national youth players Sachin Singh and Ashmead Nedd, for an apparent meagre 149 off 29 of their allotted 30 overs. Sachin Singh continued his good form by recording a half century, that of 52, while Ashmead Nedd made 35, Garrick P e r s a u d 1 7 a n d Ty r e s e Crawford 11. Bowling for Tutorial High School, off spinners Joel Spooner and Devon Allen were the main penetrators into the Chase Academy batting line up, combining to take five valuable wickets, with Spooner

Joel Spooner (left) and Devon Allen. ending with 3 for 12 from six overs, and Allen 2 for 15 from 4 overs, fast bowler Osapha Greene, Omiha Liverpool, Zion Gray and Dewan Skeete each took a wicket apiece. Set 150 for victory, Tutorial High school batsmen buoyantly went to the wicket, but seemingly found the going tough, as occupying the crease and scoring runs became very challenging attributes to attain. In an effort to achieve victory the Tutorial batsmen mixed apparent thoughtful aggression with observable impatient temperance, and as a consequence, could only muster 76 off meagre 14.3 overs giving Chase Academy an eventually easy victory by 73 runs. Batting for Tutorial Academy Osapha Greene made 15, Dewan Skeete 14 and Raphael Edingboro 15 not out. Bowling for Chase Academy, Ashmead Nedd grabbed 4 for 4 from 4.4 extraordinary overs, Dwayne Dick clutched 4 for 18 from

6 impressive overs and Sachin Singh seized 2 for 13 from 3 amazing overs. When Tutorial meet South Georgetown Zone Wi n n e r s t o d a y a t t h e Demerara Cricket Club ground, their batsmen will be well advised to be more tolerant, watchful and selective in their stroke play, while it is hoped that their bowlers will improve on their already impressive performance in this match. Also t o d a y, Charlestown Secondary will take on Tutorial High School at the DCC ground from 11:00, as these two schools and Chase Academy compete for the Georgetown District Trophy, while tomorrow, Parika Salem Secondary will oppose Leguan Secondary in Leguan, and the New Amsterdam/Canje Zone champions, Berbice Educational Institute (BEI) will meet Corentyne Zone winners at the Albion Community Centre. The Corentyne Zone final is scheduled for today at the Albion community Centre.

Thompson breaks indoor national record again Guyana’s rising international sprint phonom, Brenessa Thompson is showing early signs of form ahead of this year’s World Championships when she smashed the national 200m indoor record at the Clemson Tiger Paw Invitational on Saturday. It was the second time in one week Thompson lowered the national mark. She had first run 23.54 seconds a week earlier, which was better than Angela Corlette’s 23.64s. Then again

on Saturday, she sprinted to 23.36 seconds to put her firm grips on the record. Thompson represented Guyana at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and holds the national 100 and 200 metres outdoor records as well. This extraordinary start to 2017 Season means that Thompson is warming up for an explosive year. The performance for Thompson comes on the heels of her snub from the Athletics Association of Guyana

(AAG) for the ‘Female Athlete of the Year’ Award, despite her record-breaking year last year, which also resulted in Olympic qualification for the young a t h l e te. Thompson will continue her season as a student/ athlete of Texas A&M University. She is one of Guyana’s brightest prospects at the moment for World and Olympic medals. However, the sprint ace will need national support to continue her ascendancy. (Edison Jefford)

Thursday February 16, 2017


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Guyana 50-over title drought continues, batsmen unsettled by extra bounce Poor starts, dropped catches and rain in Guyana did not help

Kraigg Braithwaite was the leading run scorer in the Barbados zone. (Sean Devers photo) By Sean Devers in Barbados Guyana has not won a Regional 50 overs title since 2005 and this year in Barbados they failed to reach the semis for the first time since 2013. A number of factors contributed to the Jaguars not traveling to Antigua for this week’s ‘final four’ but three of the main reasons for this were poor catching, the batsmen being unsettled by the extra pace and bounce, especially against the new ball and lack of 50-over cricket in Guyana leading up to the selection of the team. The 2016 GCB 50-over Franchise League, which would have been used to pick the team, was unfortunately washed out by the adverse weather at the beginning of the year. Two trial matches were planned but were surprisingly cancelled and the team selected on past performances. Only one practice match was held for the team, which arrived in Barbados just a few days before the tournament commenced. A hand injury prevented Chris Barnwell for playing the first match against Barbados, while a stiff neck kept Shiv Chanderpaul out for the same game which Guyana lost. Kraigg Braithwaite scored his maiden ton at this level while Jonathon Carter (75) supported as Barbados reached 302-7 on a hard track and lightening fast out. All of the bowlers except off-spinner Steven Jacobs, who conceded just 29 runs from his 10 overs, bowled too many bad balls. The Jaguars fell for 157 after Shemron Hetymer (0) was removed at 1-1 to start the streak of poor opening starts.

Raymon Reifer was the leading all rounder in the zone stage of the tournament. Jaguars lost again to Jamaica despite a century from the 42-year-old Chanderpaul after Hetymer (1) had departed at 3-1. Reynard Leveridge and Jerome Taylor tested the batsmen with bouncers to take three wickets each and further exposed Guyana’s discomfort against the short stuff and despite Shiv’s 96-ball 101 the Jaguars never recovered from a precarious 14-4. The Jaguars then defeated CCC, who they beat twice, but their only other wins were against the ICC Americas, a team they also beat twice including in their final match when Heytmer (94) and Fudadin who got his third half-century, gave Guyana a record opening stand and only their second over 50 of the entire tournament. Guyana used both Rajendra Chandrika and Hetymer to open with Fudadin with little success and while Hetymer is only 19 and still learning about shot selection which robbed him a century in the last match, Chandrika, despite playing a few elegant shots, never looked a batsman who has played Test cricket. While Fudadin scored 237 runs from eight innings, he mostly struggled to get the ball away and his strike rate was just 58.23. Chanderpaul got a hundred and a half century but only managed one against Barbados and 17 in the second match against Jamaica in Guyana’s two most important games and did not reach 200 runs from five innings. Leon Johnson, who led the team well, was Guyana’s most consistent batsman with 243 and three fifties. The lefthander scored the most runs for Guyana and was one of eight batsmen to reach 240 in the entire tournament but his

inability to convert good starts into hundreds could cost him a place in the West Indies team for next month’s ODI series against England. Raymon Reifer made two fifties batting at number three in his 189 runs from six innings and has 16 wickets with his deceptive left-arm seam including two five-wicket hauls and was the best all rounder of the tournament. Once upon a time Chris Barnwell held the position of Guyana’s best all-rounder but he has flattered to deceive at the Regional level and Reifer, who has batted all over the batting order, now holds that position. Anthony Bramble was good with the gloves and chipped in with crucial runs as did Permaul, while Jacobs seems to have lost his ability to get decent scores but was Guyana’s most economical bowler until the last two matches when he went for plenty. Ronsford Beaton was a bit expensive but bowled with pace and finished with 14 wickets, while Devendra Bishoo (10) and Veerasammy Permaul (12) both struggled for control and consistency in this tournament, while Paul Wintz bowled well but had limited chances. Jonathon Foo, picked for his aggressive batting, wasted his chances when he got them as was evident when he took 21 balls for eight runs against Barbados in the opening game. Guyana will have to improve how they play on tracks with extra bounce and pace and pick horses for courses if they hope to win 50 overs titles anytime soon. The Coach and his assistant worked hard with the team, while Johnson got help from Chanderpaul who became the Region’s leading run

scorer during the tournament. He also contributed in the dressing room which adds strength to the point that he should give a younger player a chance in the middle while working as a batting mentor for the team. Overall, the tournament saw the ‘comeback kid’ Kieron Powell blasting three (equaling Sarwan for most tons in a tournament) and two fifties in 510 runs from seven

innings and along with Kraigg Braithwaite, the leading run scorer in the Barbados zone with 408 run with two hundreds and two fifties, picked themselves as openers for the series against England. Sunil Ambris’ 426 runs with six fifties stakes a strong claim for West Indies selection while Jason Mohammed (313) and Carter (300) were the only other batsmen to reach 300.

Ashley Nurse’s 22 wickets also makes him a virtual certainty for the off-spinner’s position against England, while Jamaica’s new ball pair of Leveridge and Taylor were the quickest opening pair in the competition and both could be considered for West Indies duty in the upcoming ODI series along with the lively Alzarri Joseph who bowled with pace in the Antigua zone.

Yonex brand endorses Narayan Ramdhani Guyana’s No. 1, National Badminton Player Narayan Ramdhani, recently signed the 2017 Team Yonex brand contract to become their ambassador for the Yonex Corporation USA and will be exclusively using Yonex rackets, bags, shoes, apparel and accessories supplied by them. This is another breakthrough for him as now he is recognized by a Top Company that supplies all the top badminton players around the world and for him to be endorsed shows his future in Badminton at the international level is bright. Narayan is currently on a five year Badminton schol-

arship in Vancouver B.C. Canada provided by Shuttlesport Badminton Academy and attending College/University doing a degree in Sports science. Yonex Co., Ltd manufactures golf, tennis, and badminton equipment. Its products offered include racquets, shoes, clothing, bags, strings, stringing machines, and putters. The company also provides accessories, such as over grips, replacement grips, vibration stoppers, towels and bands, umbrellas, and travel covers. It offers its products through distributors in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and America.

Yonex Co., Ltd was founded in 1946 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Yonex has managed to become the dominant corporate player in badminton. Yonex sponsors the All England Open Badminton Championships and is a partner of the Badminton World Federation which organizes the World Championships. Upwards of 80% of competitive players use their racquets, as it is the preferred choice amongst professionals. Yonex is significant in both the tennis and golf industry and is a major sponsor of professional athletes in all three sports.


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Ahmad is new WCUA chairman

Some members of WCUA; from right; Khemraj Surujpaul, Mohamed Hydar Ali, Teniram Ramnarine and Looknauth Persaud. Asif Ahmad was elected chairman of the Wakenaam Cricket Umpires Association (WCUA) when the body held its elections on Sunday at the

Wakenaam Community Centre, Good Success. Mohamed Hydar Ali will serve as the Vice Chairman and Looknauth Persaud Sec-

retary. The Treasurer is Khemraj Surujpaul, while the Assistant Secretary Treasurer is Teniram Ramnarine. Vickram Ramnarine is the Pub-

lic Relations Officer and the committee members are Tulchan Pooran, Safraz Mohamed, Amit Ramnarine and Vijay Persaud.

Hopetown Stealers pinch game from Smythfield Rockers in upset win

Action in the closely fought match between Hopetown Stealers and Smythfield Rockers at the Vryman’s Erven Basketball Court Sunday. From their performance the Hopetown Stealers Basketball club showed that their belated entry in the ongoing Anamayah Memorial Basketball competition did not affect their momentum. Playing their first match and away from home against seasoned campaigners, Smythfield Rockers, last Sunday at the Vryman’s Erven Basketball Court, the Hopetown Stealers defied the odds as they played their hearts out to win in overtime 49-45. From the first whistle the Hopetown Stealers showed that the organisers were right to honour their request and draft them in at a belated

stage. The Stealers showed that they were ready for the occasion as the Rockers were unsteady and took some time to settle down as the Stealers stole the show early to end the first stanza in the lead at 17-15. By the second quarter the Rockers settled down and began playing better basketball as the clawed back into the game. The Stealers for their part showed fight, but were outplayed by the Rockers who scored 16 points to the Stealers 9 as the Rockers ended the half in the lead 3128. As the second half began, the Stealers showed that they were made of steel as they

took control once again as the Rockers began to stutter in their own back yard. The Stealers managed to score 11 points to the Rockers 6 as the ding dong battle continued. The Stealers ended the third quarter in the lead on 39-37. The see saw nature of the game continued in the fourth quarter as both teams came out ready to battle in a last gasp effort to take the game. The battle was intense as both teams tried immensely for the advantage and the win. However, try as they may they could not break the shackles as the contest ended at 4545. Two minutes extra time was added and with the

Hopetown Stealers and their fast start against the Smythfield Rockers taking some time to settle down, the Stealers scored four points to win the game at 49-45. Jerrold Allen with a game high 18 points led the way for Hopetown Stealers with Neil McDonald 10 and Kellon Webster 6 supporting. The Smythfield Rockers effort was led by Neil Wills 14, Michael Bowen 11 and Steve Ramnarine 6. The competition is expected to continue on Sunday with Rose Hall Jammers taking on Ithaca Hardliners at the Fyrish Basketball Court. The coordinator is Vibert Garret. (Samuel Whyte)

Thursday February 16, 2017

Busta Champion of Champions T20 to restart on Sunday The 2016 Busta Champion of Champions T20 cricket tournament organised by the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club (RHTY&SC) will recommence on Sunday at the Albion Community Centre ground following one round of play last November and then being curtailed due to rain. Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster, who also heads the Cricket Development Committee, stated that with an improvement in the weather over the last week, efforts would be made to play off the tournament by the middle of March. The Club, he stated is eager to complete all 2016 tournaments, so that it can fully concentrate on the 20 (twenty) tournaments it would be hosting this year at the Under-13, 15, 17, 19, Female, Second Division, Schools and First Division levels. Tucber Park would clash with Police from 09:00hrs, while Blairmont and Albion would meet at 13:00hrs. Tucber Park would be led by Eugene La Fleur, Nial Smith, Steve Deonarine, Romario Shepherd and Hakeem Hinds while Police would depend on Kevin Sinclair, Andel Doris, Brentnol Woolford, Leon Andrews and Martin Singh. Blairmont, despite starting as under dogs have proven over time that they have the capacity to create upsets with players like Kevon Hawahir, Javed Karim, Shabeer Baksh,

Seon Glasgow and Waqar Hussain. Powerhouse Albion will have in their line-up, Jonathan Foo, Devendra Bishoo, Veerasammy Permaul, Anthony Bramble, Gudakesh Motie and Kandasammy Surujnarine. In the first round Young Warriors defeated West Berbice by 16 runs, while Rose Hall Town Gizmos & Gadgets beat Upper Corentyne by 78 runs. Rose Hall Town Gizmos & Gadgets would face Young Warriors in the semifinal, while the winners of the two matches this weekend would be involved in the second semifinal which would be played on the same day at the Area ‘H’ ground, next month. At stake for the winner is $100,000 and the Busta Cup while the losing finalist walks away with $50,000.

RHTYSC/5th GBTI Inter Secondary Tapeball starts tomorrow The fifth annual RHTYSC/GBTI Inter Secondary School Tapeball tournament will commence tomorrow at the Area ‘H’ Ground from 09.00hrs. The Tournament has been organised by the Cricket Development Committee of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS, with sponsorship from the Port Mourant Branch of the Guyana Bank of Trade & Industry. Lower Corentyne will tackle J.C. Chandisingh in both male and female matches while Port Mourant and Corentyne Comprehensive will play each other in the second round. The winning teams would contest the final with the top two teams and

Player of the Final set to receive trophies and medals. Among the aims of the tournament are: to promote social cohesion, to identify promising players for the future, to promote cricket as a safe avenue for youths and to promote the club’s Say No/ Say Yes message. Officials of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS, would address the teams on the importance of saying no to drugs, suicide, alcohol, crime and yes to education, life and sports. Players would also be presented with the Club’s youth information booklet along with posters. The GBTI Tapeball Tournament is one of 20 cricket tournaments that the Cricket

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Thursday February 16, 2017


Sans Souci Jaguars claim Prasad Memorial T20 title By Zaheer Mohamed Sans Souci Jaguars defeated Maria’s Pleasure by seven wickets to capture the Badri Prasad Memorial T20 title on Sunday at the Wakenaam Community Centre ground in Good Success. Led by a robust 28-ball 90 from all-rounder Leorayan Ramlakhan, Maria’s Pleasure rattled up a challenging 203-5 after they decided to bat in front of a fair-sized crowd. Maria’s Pleasure were off to a good start with Marsh Singh and Bernard Lewis adding 52 for the opening stand before Lewis, who hit three fours and a six off Derwin Daniels, was bowled by pacer Siddiq Mohamed for 19. Off-spinner Nokta Moses then removed Kennard Lewis for 10 before Singh was run out for 32 (3x4) as Maria’s Pleasure slipped to 80-3. However, Ramlakhan quickly got into his strides, driving Nokta Moses for boundaries before dumping Mohamed for a maximum over mid-wicket. The Righthanded Ramlakhan hardly put a foot wrong in a fine exhibition of power hitting on a slow pitch as he dominated a 103-run fourthwicket stand with Raj Paul. He effortlessly deposited Beesham Moses and Zameer Zaman for maximums and

Members of the victorious Sans Souci Jaguars team with sponsor Oudit Prasad (standing at right) and WCC secretary Nazeer Mohamed (standing 2nd from left). soon reached his fifty off just 18 balls. The all-rounder then celebrated by smashing Nokta Moses and Daniels for sixes before flicking Zaman to the mid-wicket boundary. Raj Paul who played the supporting role well, was then run out for 20 before Ramlakhan who counted five fours and 10 sixes was

taken off Nokta Moses who finished with 2-28. Paton and Mohamed had one each. Following a rain interruption, Sans Souci Jaguars were set a revised target of 154 off 15 overs, and Nokta Moses and Zameer Zaman got their team off to a solid start with an opening stand of 55.


St Cuthbert’s Mission Secondary unseats Linden Foundation Secondary As matches in the GCB/DMLAS/MOE/NSSC L reaches the outskirts of the Upper Demerara-Highway District, St Cuthbert’s Mission Secondary created one of the biggest upsets of the 2016/2017 secondary school cricket league, when they dethroned last year’s Upper Demerara-Highway District Champions, Linden Foundation Secondary in a 30 overs match played at the Bayroc ground in Upper Demerara. Highway zone winners, St. Cuthbert Mission won the toss and took full advantage of such fortune by electing to field first. Apparently having done their homework and realizing that Linden Foundation Secondary are very good at meeting targets, St. Cuthbert’s Mission Secondary, tested the resolve

of Linden Foundation Secondary requesting of them to set a target score. This move proved to be a very brilliant decision, as St. Cuthbert bowlers troubled the Linden Foundation Secondary batsmen, who found it very difficult to score freely, mainly due to some consistent and penetrative bowling by their opponents, coupled with high intensity fielding and motivation gestures. As a consequence, Linden Foundation Secondary folded for a paltry 123 in just 22.5 overs. A shocking start to their supporters, who obviously came to cheer on their proud home favorites, h o w e v e r , t h i s y e a r ’s competition seems much more daunting. Jason FungFee top scored with 27. Bowling for St.

Mark Clenkian

Zaman was his usual aggressive self; he drove Leonard Lewis to the cover boundary before flicking Bernard Lewis for fours. He continued to play his shots and hoisted left arm spinner Singh over long-on before cutting Bernard Lewis viciously through point. Moses sweetly drove Bernard Lewis to the cover boundary before he was bowled by the said bowler for 25. After driving Leonard Lewis through covers for four, Zaman attempted another big shot but this time was outsmarted by the bowler – Lewis, who sent the ball wide leaving the batsman stranded out of his ground; wicket-keeper Pooran Persaud made no mistake as Zaman departed for 43 with five fours and a

six. Paton, who had earlier shared in a second-wicket stand of 85 with Zaman, kept the momentum going. He deposited Singh for a maximum before smashing Leonard Lewis for consecutive sixes. Bernard Lewis then uprooted the stumps of Derwin Daniels without scoring, but that proved to be the last success for Maria’s Pleasure as Paton took his team home with 2.2 overs to spare; they ended on 159-3. Paton, who smashed seven sixes, remained unbeaten on 57, while Beesham Moses was not out on one. Bernard Lewis claimed 2-24 and Leonard Lewis 1-25. Ramlakhan was named man-of-the-match. Nokta Moses took the award for scoring the most runs (251) while Bernard Lewis took the prize for taking the

most wickets (nine). The competition was sponsored by Oudit Prasad in memory of his later father Badri Prasad who was a former businessman on the island. Speaking at the presentation ceremony, Oudit Prasad congratulated both teams and pledged his continued support to the game in Wakenaam, adding that the competition will get bigger and better. Prasad said he was impressed with the commitment and talent of the players and urged them to continue taking the game seriously. Secretary of the Wa k e n a a m C r i c k e t Committee Nazeer Mohamed thanked the sponsor and commended the teams. He thanked the media for their coverage.

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Thursday February 16, 2017

EDFA Senior League

Double-header to kick start action on Sunday at Buxton

Flashback! EDFA President Alfred King, Exco and General Council Members at the launch of the league in October. Competition in the East Demerara Football Association (EDFA) Senior League is set to resume on Sunday with two matches at the Buxton Community Centre ground, East Coast, Demerara. League action had kicked off in November 2016 but only a few matches were played before the competition was put on hold. In the first match on Sunday, B a c h e l o r ’s A d v e n t u r e Paradise will open their quest to start the year on a good note when they come up against Plaisance Panthers from 14:00hrs. The feature match will pit home team Buxton Stars against BV Triumph United. According to a press release from the EDFA, matches will be played at the Buxton

and Golden Grove grounds on Sundays. Teams are battling for a top prize of $200,000 with second, third and fourth places attracting $100,000, $75,000 and $50,000, respectively along with trophies to the top two clubs. The most Valuable Player will pocket $25,000 donated by EDFA President Alfred King along with a pair of football boots. The Best Coach will ride away with brand new motor cycle whilst the Best Goalkeeper will be rewarded with a pair of gloves and ball. Corporate spport for the tournament would have been had from the Ministry of Education Department of Culture Youth and Sport, National Sports

Commission, Demerara Harbour Bridge, Sterling

Products, Integrated Security and Jerrick’s

Bounty Farm Ltd Handicap tournament 2017 underway The Guyana Squash Association (GSA) in collaboration with its corporate sponsor Digicel launched its 2017 season with its customary Bounty Farm Ltd Handicap Squash Tournament which started yesterday at the Georgetown Club Inc. courts and continues from 6:00pm today. As usual there will be two categories with the better skilled players participating in the Open Category and the lesser skilled and younger players participating in Category A. This year

more than sixty six players have signed up to participate. Defending champion in the Open category Jason-Ray Khalil is away at school so Nyron Joseph starts with the most difficult handicap of - 22. Some of the other players in this category and their handicaps are Regan Pollard -14, Deje Dias -2, Joseph Mekdeci +4, Taylor Fernandes +4, Dennis Dias +10, Alex Cheeks +3, Daniel Islam +3, Adam Alves +7, David Fernandes +10 and Michael Atherley +10, Javid Rahaman +5, Medhi

Ramdhani +7. In Category A defending champion Samuel Ince-Carvahal starts with a -8 handicap while other top ranked players are Mohyryan Baksh, Abosaide Cadogan, Kirsten Gomes, Madison Fernandes, Aliyah Persaud, Paige Fernandes, Demetrius De Abreu and Gianni Carpenter. All matches are best of three and action starts each evening at 6.00 pm. The finals of all the categories are set for Sunday February 19 starting at 11.00 am.

Funeral Parlour, Keltech Document Center, The

Trophy Stall and the Guyana Football Federation.

GFSCA to host Masters’ tourney on Sunday The Guyana Floodlight Softball Cricket Association (GFSCA) will be hosting a 10-over Masters’ knockout tournament on Sunday at the Malteenoes Sports Club starting at 10:00am. The competition will be used to intensify preparation for the local teams set to participate in the Florida Cup which is fixed for the following weekend. Mike’s Wellman, Regal Masters and Ariel Masters have already confirmed their participation. Teams can contact organiser Wayne Jones on 650-1790 or 685-6908 for more information.

t r o Sp

Jamaica hammer T&T Red Force to storm into Super 50 final Chadwick Walton during his 117 for Jamaica Scorpions against T&T Red Force. (Windies cricket) Rovman Powell showed his powers with 95 off 45 balls with 9x6 as Jamaica posted all-time record score of 434. (Windies cricket)

Jermaine Blackwood during his maiden List A century for Jamaica Scorpions. (Windies cricket)

Yonex brand endorses Thompson breaks indoor national Narayan Ramdhani record again

Narayan Ramdhani doing an interview.

Brenessa Thompson

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