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We must learn to think, not simply remember Individuals play significant roles in shaping history, by challenging old traditions and by contributing new ideas and concepts to pave the way for progress. On the other hand, there are those who attempt to strengthen old systems and support established norms. Should we accept and recognise the thoughts of the latter on a permanent basis as guiding principles? Or treat them as valid for a while and discard them once their usefulness is over? Should future generations be given enough space to create their own ideas according to their requirements? In the case of Guyana, have we created new ideas in response to new challenges, or have we produced individuals who could, after condemning outdated and obsolete traditions, prepare themselves and us for a new world? Most would say that we have not; and consequently, historical figures and their teachings have not been built upon. Unfortunately, once a society depends on historical icons only and the stereotyped ideas, that society becomes static and stagnant. The cyclic pattern of history ceases to function, and the creativity and fertility of mind in the citizenry is stultified. In such a state, challenging the validity of old teachings and the credibility of its sacred cows are seen by some as tantamount to treason. Old ideas are repeatedly presented, and asserted with such vigour that past leaders’ names are identified with their ideas, as reported. Then there are thinkers and politicians whose teachings and policies remain strikingly contradictory, especially in the case of politicians, with whom it is very difficult to find a consistent point of view. Politicians are quite capable of saying something contrary to their own previously stated viewpoints. That is why it is rare in politicians to have a definite line of thought. They have to speak a lot for public consumption. The problem arises when different groups belonging to different ideologies and political concepts select, as their guide or hero, a person who has had complex views, which appear confusing when quoted out of context. Each group makes attempts at using selected ideas of a person to promote its own agenda, creating more confusion and making it difficult for the common man to correctly analyse the situation. We have two outstanding examples to illustrate our point: Dr Cheddi Jagan and Mr L.F.S. Burnham. Consistently, the thoughts of these two leaders are mined from their speeches or writings to buttress ideas or positions posited in an abundance of political circumstances. Oftentimes, when there is no quote that can be proffered, there is even speculation as to what the leader may have thought on the issue. It is ironic that both these personalities railed against dogma in their own lifetimes. Why do societies need icons? Why do political parties and public forums require confirmation of their agendas, ideas and thoughts, when they want to propagate their own political programme and put forward their own social or economic ideas? Why don’t they have strong arguments to convince people, instead of relying on historical personalities to prove their points of view based on their authority? It seems that once an idea is accepted on the authority of a person, it can neither be challenged nor criticised. Whatever is attributed to the aforementioned former leaders automatically becomes sacrosanct. The problem with this approach is that when people accept anything unquestioningly on the basis of historical authority, they do not care to understand the origin of such ideas, leave aside their historical evolution and practical implications. Blind recognition on the basis of authority discourages the process of rational analysis among the people, as they rely on myth rather than their own ability to think about and analyse their own problems in their own times. The only method to educate the people is to discuss

Friday February 14, 2014

Letters... Where your views make the news

CJ’S decision all a matter of interpretation DEAR EDITOR, The High Court granted declarations - (1) That the National Assembly through the Committees of supply has acted unlawfully and unconstitutionally in purporting to reduce or cut the estimates of expenditure of the Minister of Finance and (2) that the power of the National Assembly is limited to giving or withholding its approval for the Minister’s Estimates when those estimates are laid before the Assembly for its approval under article 218 of the Constitution. None (not even an appellate court-it can agree o r d i s a g r e e ) c a n s a y, positively, that the learned Chief Justice (ag) in the “Budget Cut” case made a right or wrong decision. You see, we are in the sphere of interpretation of certain constitutional provisions (on which there are no binding authority) which, are necessarily

drafted in general language; and inherent in such generality, is difficulty of interpretation - knowing with irrefutable certainty what the draftsman who drafted those provisions truly intended. For myself, I apprehend that the draftsman in article 218 in providing viz: “(1) The Minister responsible for finance … shall cause to be prepared and laid before the National Assembly …… estimates of the revenues and expenditure of Guyana for that year”; (2) When the estimates of expenditure … have been approved by the Assembly, a bill to be known as an Appropriation Bill shall be introduced …” intended, and contemplated approval in the context of that historic English constitutional doctrine of sole, absolute parliamentary control over the Executive in the expenditure of public money (and more specifically out of the Consolidated Fund) of

which, the draftsman must, as a legal person, be taken to have been aware. The learned Chief Justice (ag) apparently was not persuaded of the merits of such a legalistic approach. Being Devil’s advocate, I must recognize that the problem with such a doctrinaire dogmatic approach, is that Privy Council decisions such as Abegbenro v. Akintola (1963 – a Nigerian case – and Ministry of Home Affairs v. Fisher (1980) - a Bermudian case – has aptly illustrated, that Westminister model constitution’s intendments can be wholly inconsistent with certain English constitutional doctrine. But doctrines are fundamental to, and, in, the architecture of the Constitution. There are some salient assumptions and influencing factors to which attention must be drawn. Assuredly, the draftsman drafted the intertwining provisions of

articles 217 and 218 of the Constitution mindful of the type of politics, public finance management and jurisprudence the constitution is as a matter of underlining policies, expected to manifest, promote, nurture and engender. So, it must be that any doubt in interpretation (and plainly much doubt there is) must be resolved in favour of an interpretation that does not impair in this context, efficient public finance management, in the conduct of Government business. So, firstly, our 1980 Constitution was not drafted at Westminister, but our 1966 Constitution was drafted at Westminister in England (hence the label “ We s t m i n i s t e r m o d e l ” constitution) and it is plainly logical and meritorious to suppose that articles 110 and 111 respectively of the 1966 Constitution, which unmitigatedly were adopted (Continued on page 40)

This is my report on the theft of cash from my office at GECOM DEAR EDITOR, I appeared before the Public Accounts Committee on 3rd February, 2014 to give account for the Stewardship of the Accounting Officer in relation to matters raised in the 2011 Auditor General’s Report. This report predated my Stewardship by two and a half years. Having experienced the unpleasantness of that meeting, coupled with the various reports in the media, it has become necessary for me to debunk certain misinformation, misrepresentation and innuendoes especially as they relate to the matter specifically relating to me. To this end, I wish to make public the report that I made to the Police on 16th September, 2006 regarding the theft of cash from my office after the fire in September 2006. I, Calvin Benn am Deputy Commissioner/ Deputy Chief Election Officer of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM). I hereby state

that on Wednesday 13, 2006 (four days after the fire at GECOM) at about 10:30 hrs, Mr. Maxwell, Security Officer attached to GECOM and I entered my office at GECOM Secretariat to retrieve cash, documents, materials and equipment remaining after the fire on September 9, 2006. Several requests each day before September 13, to access the building were refused by the Fire Service and Security guarding the site. On entering the office it was observed that the office was ransacked and that paper and other materials were strewn all over the floor. The two drawer cabinet used for safe keeping of cash and sensitive articles was opened and the iron bar and padlock used to secure the cabinet were on the floor. I checked the top drawer where I secured four hundred and thirty-five thousand dollars ($435,000.00) and discovered the money was missing along with my Scotia Bank Gold Card. The said sum of money was part

with them freely the origins and development of ideas and political systems, such as nationalism, imperialism, socialism and democracy. Once they understand this, they will also be able to understand the merits and demerits of different ideologies, and will be in a position to decide for themselves. Critical and rational examination of political and historical concepts, and not blindly following of outdated ideas, is what makes an enlightened people. We must learn to think, not simply remember.

of a larger sum issued to me by the Accounts Division to offset costs for various activities for the preparation and conduct of elections and post-election activities. On examining the padlock it was observed that it was wrenched from the cabinet. I last checked the money around 08:00 hrs on 9th before going to the evaluation session with Registration Officers at the Command Centre at 72 High Street, Kingston, Georgetown. The sum of money was in five bundles/ parcels, four of which contained one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) each and the fifth contained thirty five thousand dollars ($35,000). I immediately informed

Mr. Gocool Boodoo, Chief Election Officer who was at the time checking his office nearby. I also alerted the Chief Security Officer of G E C O M M r. D e r i c k Thompson, who was also in the building and Mr. Keith Lowenfield, Assistant Chief Election Officer who was at the time checking his office next door to mine. The Chief Election Officer showed me a canister in his office which also had the padlock securing it wrenched off and the contents emptied in a chair. The contents were mainly CDs that contained sensitive information. I hereby wish to report that the sum of money has not been located. Calvin Benn

The Opposition had no back-up plan DEAR EDITOR, The Parliamentary Opposition parties unfortunately had no backup plan in the event the G o v e r n m e n t ’s B u d g e t Appeal case was successful. The Court decision, therefore, caught the Opposition unawares and threw them into a wild panic which was reflected in the confused statements made by Opposition spokespersons. At this time the

Opposition needs to be calm and collected and accept reality. They must now act with speed and focused intelligence and must invoke the help of their brain-boxes to quickly evolve effective strategies well within the framework of the Guyana Constitution. They must remember that there is always an answer to every question and a solution to every problem. V. Redman

Friday February 14, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Persaud misunderstands the concept of racism

DEAR EDITOR, I would have preferred not to respond to the asinine comments in Mr. Mike Persaud’s missive (KN Feb 12) but his misunderstanding and definition of basic concepts like racism and racist ideology would have gone uncorrected, misleading readers. In the Guyana context, when one (particularly an Indian) advocates for benefits on behalf of one’s group or against injustice perpetrated against one’s group, one is labeled a racist or supremacist, driving many into silence or sotto voce. Commentators, politicians, and readers need to move away from such a practice. People should openly espouse their views against racial practices and demand equality in all spheres of life. Persaud adamantly believes that “a racist ideology” is when one suggests reconciliation between and among persons (in conflict primarily over political matters) of the same ethnicity or when an individual advocates on behalf of one’s group or when one struggles against racist practices (injustice) perpetrated on one’s race. In

other words, if an African advocates on behalf of Africans, he is a racist. If an Indian advocates on behalf of Indians, he is a racist. That is a misunderstanding of the term. Using Persaud’s definition, eminent figures like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc. would be considered as racists for advocating for equality for and injustices (Jim crow, denial of right to vote, segregation, etc.). Mandela would also be considered as a racist for demanding equality for his people. Gandhi would be a racist for championing the rights of Indians against the Whites. Dr. Jagan would be racist for fighting for sugar workers against the exploitative British and the African PNC. There is no exact, scientific definition of racism and sociologists disagree about what constitutes racism. In general, it relates to practices or beliefs of prejudice and or discrimination against people of another race. I never espouse or advocate such practices. On the other hand, one can conclude that Persaud’s

comments are in the main antiIndian. The feeling by Whites that non-Whites are inferior is an example of racism. Colonialism was viewed by some historians as racism. The White Man’s Burden was/is viewed as racist ideology. Slavery and indentureship were viewed as racist economic systems. The mis-treatment of Black Americans by Whites or of non-Whites in South Africa or of non-Whites in Guyana by the British, etc. are considered as acts of racism. Contrary to what Persaud believes, advocating for one’s ethnic group is not racism. In the US, ethnic leaders or spokespersons routinely advocate for their group and as anthropologists and sociologists have noted it is a normal practice in every society. If as Persaud stubbornly believes that advocating against racism faced by Indians is considered as racism, and if advocating for racial equality is defined as racism, I wear the badge with honor joining the ranks of Gandhi, Mandela, King, Jackson, etc. Persaud cited Mr. Tony Veira as “criticizing me for racist strategies”. I did not

The AFC is at the crossroads DEAR SIR, The AFC is at the crossroads and could unfortunately move into the shadows of parties like TUF and WPA. They could turn the tide by : Debinding from Apnu. The people who supported AFC supported them to be independent of both the PPP and APNU. They expected the AFC to be a genuine third force but it has been subsumed into APNU and its supporters feel betrayed. But the AFC now has one last chance of rehabilitating itself by seizing the opportunity of acting independently in the Budget and AML/CFT issues. Such rehabilitating action should be made loud and clear to the public. The media has gone out of its way to tarnish the image of several AFC leaders and these persons have made no serious and professional efforts to exculpate themselves. Even at this late stage they could neutralize the tarnishings by giving full, truthful and factual explanations. People will understand and the hostilities will be disarmed.Some AFC leaders will have to be fulltime politicians. One of the main reasons for political parties to be impacting and for them to have longevity is having leaders who are full-time

immediately. The AFC needs to do a massive amount of footwork meeting ordinary folk and dealing with their problems. They can take citizens’ problems to the Ombudsman or Justice Ramson for bureaucratic matters or the various government departments or public utilities. This will again win friends and support. Though time-consuming, it will pay dividends.AFC must have permanent professional public relations help even if they engage a foreign consultant. Leadership must keep close contact with all donors, even the smallest, and accountability should be

regularly given as to the use of funds. Such need not be detailed but it will ensure the party is trusted. None of the political parties do this and the AFC will stand out. AFC must always be in preparation for Elections. All parties in Opposition has to do this, especially the smaller ones. If AFC were to do these things, they will have a bright future and will be able to serve the people of Guyana. R. Williams

read the criticism and as such cannot comment on it. However, I can relate the following as fact: I conducted numerous anthropological and sociological field research projects in Guyana over the years. One such research pertained to the evolution of TV broadcasts. From my interviews with Indians, and from a very lengthy interview with TV pioneer Dr. C.N Sharma some years ago, I discerned that Veira was adamantly opposed to airing anything pertaining to Indians on his TV station. Stories were told of Indians approaching Veira to broadcast Indian movies (Bollywood), religious programs (Hindu and Muslim) and local Indian performances (cultural variety concerts, Diwali, Phagwah, Indian Arrival celebrations, Ram Naumi, Eid, Shiv Raatri, etc.), etc and he adamantly stated no. One interviewer told me that Veira stated: “Never on my station” – a reference to Indian programs. People also told me they went to Rex TV and got the same response. I leave it up to Persaud to determine whether those practices fall under his definition of racism

and for readers to judge who are the real racists in our society. When next Persaud visits Guyana, he can pay a courtesy call to Sharma to get an understanding of the extent of media (TV, radio, newsprint) discrimination before Sharma established his station. Sharma (and his wife are pioneers of Indian TV programs) alluded to it in an interview published in KN Oct 21, 2012. Ironically, it was Veira who after he sold his TV station who appeared on Sharma TV and who sought to buy time (stand to be corrected) to air his views on socio-politico issues got the Sharma in trouble by making an allegation against Bishop Juan Edghill. I also note Veira’s continuous assailing of Indian managers of the sugar industry. I cannot say if Veira feels Indians are unfit to run sugar. But Bharrat Jagdeo, Donald Ramoutar, etc. made several references to those who looked down upon Indian people and Indian culture. Persaud’s understanding of Guyanese politics is very limited, naïve, and deeply flawed. His suggestion for Sam Hinds or David Granger

to lead the PPP is nonsensical explaining why SN did not carry his missive. His ideas are rather simplistic and not worthy of a response. I wish him tons of luck to make Sam or Granger the leader of the PPP. On the issue of “race purity”, Persaud described Moses Nagamootoo and Ralph Ramkarran as individuals who trans-race – meaning they are not viewed as people who are influenced by racial considerations. That being the case, I cannot fathom what logic was utilized in Persaud concluding that a suggestion that Moses and Ralph reconcile with the PPP leadership is considered as advocating for “racially pure politics”. Aren’t they “trans-racial”? Persaud would do himself a favor not to comment on issues he is not familiar with – he contradicts himself. He is clueless about the ground reality of politics in Guyana and is a very confused chap. I can assure Persaud I go there regularly and interact with Guyanese of all ethnicities all the time and as such I have my finger on the pulse in Guyana. Vishnu Bisram

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International drug arrests…

Friday February 14, 2014

Guyana’s link to Mafia ring…

Felix questions Guyana’s US Ambassador stresses intelligence-gathering need for local DEA office By Latoya Giles Had Guyana’s intelligence-gathering been functioning effectively, local security officials would have known that persons with Mafia ties were working with drug traffickers here. This is the view of Former Police Commissioner and Shadow Home Affairs Minister Winston Felix, who yesterday questioned the efficiency of the country’s intelligence gathering in the wake of the massive drug operation that was uncovered by US and Italian operatives. Felix also put forth a number of suggestions that he believes would help improve the present situation. According to Felix, the first recommendation he would put forward is for the internal structures to start functioning. Felix explained that prior to the current Administration taking office in 1992; there was an anti narcotic drive in the country since around 1988 when the narcotics act was established. He said that structure which was created by the then PNC government, started with the National Drug Enforcement Committee. Along the way, more committees were established

which dealt with several issues. According to Felix, not much use was put to these committees and other similar structures down the line. “I think it is important for them to be put in place so that the work of the various agencies like Customs Anti Narcotics Unit (CANU), Guyana Defence Force (GDF) and the Guyana Police Force (GPF) can come into one instead of them going in different directions,” Felix stressed. Felix added that there is need for the strengthening of the local agencies, with regards to both the technical and the operational aspects. He explained that the technical aspect refers to issues such as aircraft monitoring. The Former Police Commissioner disclosed that so serious is the monitoring criteria that had it been in place, persons would have been able to intercept an aircraft in 1993 which flew straight along the Demerara River and deposited a substantial amount of cocaine at New Lands, beyond Linden. No one knew that the aircraft was in Guyana’s airspace, Felix said. “Presently we are in no way different because we cannot determine or identify an aircraft that is in our

airspace.” Felix noted that the operational aspect also needs to be addressed. He explained that currently the force is going behind the “husslers,” rather than the “big ones” . Also, there is the need for greater collaboration with other international agencies to get information from them. On Wednesday, President Donald Ramotar insisted that Guyana must not and will not become a safe haven for criminals. According to the Head of State, he has instructed the Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee to write to the United States and request information that they probably have. “We have also extended to them our full cooperation with dealing on the matter. This country will not become a safe haven for criminals,” President Ramotar stressed. Opposition Leader David Granger, weighing in on the drug bust said that the creation of a link between local narco traffickers and major international drug lords is more than a dangerous development. On Tuesday last, news surfaced that more than 20 gangsters were busted in New York for drug trafficking and other offences. The New York Mafia reportedly conspired with the Italian syndicate to traffic cocaine and heroin stashed in shipments of pineapples, frozen fish and other food. The shipments traveled through ports in Guyana, where Mexican drug cartel members facilitated deliveries, prosecutors said. The raids targeted a network of drug smuggling that stretched from Guyana to Italy to Malaysia to the United States.

US Ambassador D. Brent Hardt has emphasized a greater need for inter-agency collaboration for the fight against narco- trafficking, and has expressed continuing talks with the government to establish a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in Guyana. The Ambassador said in an invited comment yesterday that since last December, he has been engaging the government over the need for a DEA office; a federal agency which aims to significantly counteract illicit drug activities. The Ambassador also asserted that given the porous nature of the country’s borders, it is not difficult that drug cartels would find easy access into the country. These comments came in the wake of Guyana being implicated as a drug port for players in a major drug smuggling ring which was earlier this week infiltrated by anti-drug units in the United States and Italy. “We have been speaking as recently as last December. There is no reason why we haven’t set anything up, but it is a matter of getting approval, because we have had a bit of budgetary constraints. We have the presence here in Guyana where we are covered by the DEA in Trinidad, and that’s been the situation for some time, and they work very closely with Guyanese police and other law enforcement authorities. But even though we don’t have an office, we have officers that are in the country from time to time and they are trying to build cases. That’s what the federal agency brings to the table, its ability to build cases against major traffickers and that’s

- emphasizes greater need for inter-agency collaboration what they do in all the countries they operate.” Ambassador Hardt added that for the time being, he has tried to make an effort to lobby for the DEA office, but no decision has been made. “It’s not an issue of Guyana government hindering that, but it’s on our side. We have to find the resources and go through a process.” Ambassador Hardt informed members of the media fraternity that he is not the least bit surprised by the (foreign) report. “We have been pushing very hard in Mexico and Central America, because that’s where 90 percent of the drugs have been flowing. But as we have strengthened our efforts there, there is always the risk of having what we call the bloomer effect.” This situation the Ambassador described as drug traffickers finding other areas that are easier ports of entry. He opined that Guyana’s porous borders are a cause for concern and might prove to be an ideal port for smugglers. “The cartels are quite happy to move there if that is going to be the path of least resistance,” he related. “It is a big problem. When you look at Guyana’s location, Venezuela is not too far from Colombia and Colombia and Peru are the two main producers of cocaine…Guyana’s borders with Venezuela’s are hard to patrol so there is no reason why given the proximity to the drug production, that

US Ambassador D. Brent Hardt Guyana wouldn’t be a key strategic location for a drug trafficker who is looking to get drugs to Africa and up to Europe.” Court documents out of the US relating to this week’s bust of drug traffickers linked to the notorious Gambino and Bonanno crime families and the Italian crime syndicate known as ‘Ndrangheta, specified that Guyana was identified as a port through which large amounts of cocaine are shipped. The court document showed that a major player in the drug ring had conspired to collect large amounts of cocaine from a “Guyana connection” which would be packed and smuggled in fish. In recent interviews, top government officials related that they were unaware of the happenings. President Donald Ramotar told reporters on Wednesday that he had instructed his Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee to request information from the US regarding Guyana’s involvement following the international drug arrests.

Friday February 14, 2014

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Friday February 14, 2014

Jamaica, Interpol sign visa-waiver agreement

Minister with responsibility for information, Senator Sandrea Falconer, addresses journalists at Wednesday’s Jamaica House press briefing at the Office of the Prime Minister. At right is Assistant Commissioner of Police Kevin Blake. (PHOTO: JIS) Jamaica Observer -The signing of an agreement between the Government of Jamaica and the International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol) will mean ease of travel through the country’s borders for Interpol agents on official business. The explanation was given by Assistant Commissioner of Police Kevin Blake, who heads the National Intelligence Bureau, following an announcement by Information Minister Sandrea Falconer that Cabinet had approved the signing of the agreement for the recognition and acceptance of the Interpol Travel Document when used by Interpol officials at

Jamaica’s borders. The information minister told journalists at Wednesday’s Jamaica House press briefing that Interpol documents will be accepted in cases where the traveller is from a country that would require them to have a visa. In addition, she said the Interpol epassport/e-ID card must be presented with a letter of invitation from the relevant authorities in Jamaica and a valid national passport. She said the agreement is to be reviewed in three years. Interpol is mandated under international public law to ensure and promote mutual assistance between all the police authorities within the limits of the laws in the

NEW YORK, United States - CMC – Barbadian pop-singing sensation, Rihanna, has blamed her New York accountant for losing US$9 million in 2009. In new court papers filed in Manhattan Federal court and disclosed in media reports here yesterday,

Rihanna, 25, whose real name is Robyn Fenty, claims that she had US$11 million in cash when 2009 began and just US$2 million when it ended, blaming her former accountant at the Manhattan firm of Berdon LLP for the loss. The pop star claims that accountant Peter Gounis, of Berdon LLP, recommended she purchase a US$7.5 million Beverly Hills, California mansion in 2009. “So she went ahead and bought it (but) soon enough,

different countries and in the spirit of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. According to ACP Blake, without the Interpol Travel document, “a significant portion of the time for logistics planning and to get Interpol officials into these member states is taken up by applying for a visa”. “So what the Interpol Travel Document has sought to do is to make travel easier in these circumstances for Interpol officials,” he told the media. He said the travel document, which has some 29 security features, “surpasses the standards of many Travel Documents in other member states”.

Rihanna blames accountant in lawsuit for losing US$9 million

Rihanna the ‘Run This Town’ crooner was running into serious financial trouble,” the New York Daily News reports. Gounis advised Fenty that she could afford to purchase [the home] at a time when Fenty was in financial dismay,” her court documents reveal.

Friday February 14, 2014

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Guyana’s blacklisting stands to APNU rejects President’s offer affect CARICOM, OAS members to set up bilateral committee The severe penalties associated with the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF)’s blacklisting status are not isolated to Guyana. As such, CARICOM and OAS member states that do business with Guyana are concerned about the country’s future. This was the assertion of Presidential Advisor on Governance, Gail Teixeira, during a post-Cabinet press briefing yesterday at the Office of the President. Teixeira was at the time responding to a query about Government’s method of seeking support from CARICOM and the Organization of American States (OAS) given Guyana’s blacklisted status by the CFATF due to the nonpassage of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (Amendment) Bill. Teixeira said that the administration did not lobby CARICOM and the OAS to be supportive, but rather used its capacity as a Government to speak to friendly countries about their situation. Government wants the passage of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (Amendment) Bill as it is, but A Partnership for National Unity wants to adjust the Bill before it could leave the Parliamentary Special Select Committee and be presented

- Teixeira

Presidential Advisor on Governance, Gail Teixeira to the National Assembly. According to Teixeira, CARICOM and the OAS are very concerned with what is happening in Guyana. “And, so the issue is a two-way street…CARICOM countries are very concerned…CARICOM heads are concerned about this inability of Guyana to bring the Bill and pass it, and the impact it would have on their economies too…This is not all about loving Guyana, but their own national selfinterest, and that is quite alright…They are entitled to that because it will have an impact,” she said. She emphasized that Guyana exports rice, sugar and other products to, and imports goods from CARICOM countries. As such, if this matter is not

successfully resolved by the time CARICOM heads meet this month, after February 23 it will be on the agenda. “This issue is of such importance to CARICOM, this is not a Guyana story. And we trying to deal with this story as if ‘dis is ah we dese story’…This is an issue that is global, regional and where it is the Americas - from Canada all the way down to Argentina,” Teixeira noted. “Guyana trades and shares relations with OAS countries, outside of CARICOM…so when the Secretary General makes a statement; makes overtures to help Guyana, this is not merely because Guyana is having trouble, this is a very bad development for the Region, the Americas we are the only country,” she said.

GWI to withdraw services from delinquent customers Delinquent water users in several wards of the city could lose their service before the upcoming Mashramani holiday weekend if they do not settle their accounts soon. The Guyana Water Incorporated, GWI, has announced that it will embark on a massive service removal exercise in several communities in Georgetown commencing Monday February 17. This follows a significant decrease in revenue in Georgetown for the last quarter of 2013. According to a press release, the GWI said it has advised the defaulting customers via payment reminder letters and ‘text messages’ of the outstanding service payments. However in excess of 50 percent of the company’s Georgetown customers have outstanding balances for 2013. “As a last resort the company is removing the

entire service of customers with any outstanding debt for 2013; commencing Monday, February 17, disconnection contractors will be removing the services of defaulting customers in several areas,” the release said. These areas are South Ruimveldt Park and Gardens; Bel Air Park and Springs; New Haven Bel Air; Houston,

McDoom; North Ruimveldt; Lodge and Prashad Nagar. The buck does not stop there, since according to the GWI, disconnected customers must reapply for a new service and pay the full cost of installation. The utility company stated that the service removal campaign is also being conducted via other GWI branches on the East Coast Demerara, East Bank Demerara, West Coast Demerara, East and West Berbice, Linden, Essequibo and Bartica. GWI is advising all customers with outstanding payments to visit the nearest GWI location or payment agency, or query charges via GWI’s Customer Services Call Centre on 227-8701/03/04, e m a i l

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

The main Political Parliamentary Opposition rejected an offer by none other than President, Donald Ramotar, to set up a bilateral committee to deal with the Bills not assented to by him and which had been approved by the House. The offer by Ramotar was an effort to secure support for the amendments to the Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill that had been accepted by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF). The disclosure was made by Presidential Advisor on Governance, Gail Teixeira, who yesterday, hosted the post cabinet press briefing on behalf of the Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon. Teixeira told media operatives that, “It is important that the media and the public be advised and informed (of what transpired over the weekend).” She said that on Saturday an overture was made by certain people in A Partnership for National Unity that if government were to agree to a bilateral committee on the non-assented Bills there would be an opportunity for the Anti Money Laundering (AML) Bill to go forward. At that time there had not been the opposition

...AML meetings pushed back further amendments to the Principal Act submitted as yet. Teixeira said that the Government’s position was to support the amendment Bill that the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force recommended in the Committee and send it back to the House and the Prime Minister would make the announcement. Teixeira said that this information was communicated at the highest levels, namely between President Donald Ramotar and Opposition Leader, David Granger. She said that on Sunday last, a letter was received from Granger indicating an intention to firstly aim at bringing the work of the committee to a mutually acceptable conclusion. By that time, all parties were in agreement with the CFATF recommendations, but in the midst of the dialogue the opposition indicated that they wanted to amend the principal Act. Teixeira said government wanted to conclude the work of the committee by Monday so that it could have been returned to the House and voted on before the plenary review by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). That meeting wrapped up

yesterday in Paris, France, but up to press time there was no report on whether Guyana was called up for review or had been blacklisted. Teixeira told media operatives that the President urged the opposition to bring back the Bill to the House and that the amendments they have proposed would be sent to FATF/CFATF to see if it was in compliance with the norms and guidelines. According to Teixeira, if it did not, the matter would be dropped but if it did, then they could bring the amendments in a separate Bill. According to Teixeira, up to yesterday there was no response from the political opposition. To compound the situation, she noted that the Chief Parliamentary Counsel, who is tasked with drafting the amendments by the Opposition, said while the actual draft is a “mechanical exercise,” he needed more time to look at the consequential ramifications and impact on other sections of the law. A decision was taken to have the committee meet again on February 19, but should the Chief Parliamentary Counsel not be finished, then it would meet at a later date.

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Kaieteur News

Friday February 14, 2014

In absence of Procurement Commission…

Corrupt officials, contractors continue to siphon off tax dollars - AFC By Zena Henry The Alliance for Change (AFC) which has made numerous calls for the commissioning of the Public Procurement Commission and even offered support for the controversial AntiMoney laundering Bill in return for the important body, has taken offence to statements made by Home Affairs Minister and General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Clement Rohee, who said that, “‘to establish the procurement commission would be a difficult compromise.’” Leader of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan, lashed out at the ruling party representative stating that, “to uphold the constitution

is not a compromise, but rather a sworn duty.” “Every day that the government refuses to establish the procurement commission, is another day for corrupt officials and contractors; namely friends, families and favourites of the government to siphon off tax dollars.” During the AFC’s regular press briefing held yesterday, Ramjattan charged that, “The constitution is the supreme law and for Mr. Rohee to contemplate, much less offer a public statement that links upholding the constitution to a concession to be granted by the PPP government is totally reprehensible.” Ramjattan said that the government’s attitude towards the constitution is a clear sign of their mode of rule and how

they place their party above the state. The AFC Leader was expressing his annoyance with the signal by the government that to commission the procurement commission which is a necessary body, noted in the Laws of Guyana, was something to be bargained for. “Guyanese and their representatives should not have to be relegated to bargaining for an agency that our constitution states; and to quote it, ‘shall be established.’” The bargaining days were over when the Bill was passed by the National Assembly, and it is now the government’s obligation to establish that procurement commission,” Ramjattan stated.

The government has also failed to make known the names of their nominees for the commission, Ramjattan said, although many calls are being made for the procurement commission, which is supposed to take the contracting of workers for state jobs out of the government’s hand. Ramjattan said that the delay in the submission of names is another act by the government to subvert the constitution and replace it with the dictates of the PPP. Ramjattan said, however, that the commissioning of the procurement commission is in the preliminary stage. While the government is yet to present its five names for the body, Ramjattan said that at least 20 nominees have already been presented. Ramjattan said that the government has stated emphatically that the direction in which the opposition is seeking for the procurement commission to head, will not be forthcoming unless Cabinet is ensured it’s noobjection role. “The AFC is going to hold out that we would like to see the Cabinet’s role phased out. In 2001 and in 2003, the government had said that

AFC Leader Khemraj Ramjattan they would be phasing out the role they play in the granting of state contracts. They have changed their mouth now,” Ramjattan said emphatically, “…and so we are going to maintain that we in the AFC will utilize the leverage we have now in the anti-money laundering Bill to literally pressure the government into getting that procurement commission.” He explained that in 2001, there was a “little war” which was settled because of constitutional reform. To that, he explained, there was a constitutional reform saying there shall be a procurement

commission, since the PPP government (of which Ramjattan was a part at the time), “had seen a lot of scams where procurement was being granted to friends and families. Cabinet, he said, still wanted their no objection, but international bodies had urged the government to take away that no objection from Cabinet and let it be as the constitution would have it. “The government had in 2003 done a procurement Act and promised that when the commission came into being, the role of Cabinet would be phased out completely. However, ten years now in breach of the commitment to the international bodies, they come back to say Cabinet must have no objection.” Ramjattan said that the AFC disbelieves that the government will pass the procurement Bill after they receive support for the antimoney laundering bill and so the demand for the body is now. The AFC leader said that the government is dishonest and must not be trusted, before reiterating that the PPP will face more pressure if they do not establish the procurement commission.

Friday February 14, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Inter-agency approach being touted to help address city’s vector challenge Over the past two months, a total of 30 “litter-bugs” were arrested and taken before the courts as part of an ongoing campaign by the anti-litter squad of the City Constabulary. Some of these individuals were required to pay a fine of $10, 000 while others were sentenced to as much as 100 hours of community service, and there are some who are yet to return to court. This disclosure was yesterday made by Public Relations Officer of the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown (M&CC), Royston King, who emphasised that the problem that exists in the city is one whereby “some people still continue to disregard the health of the environment.” But addressing this challenge, King said, has not been an easy task since according to him, “we lack resources to really meet the needs of the city.”

King’s remarks were forthcoming yesterday even as he disclosed during a conversation with this publication that “we have always been painfully aware of the negative environmental conditions in the city. We have been doing our bit in the extant circumstances, including lack of basic resources, to provide core vital services to citizens.” According to King, the municipality is well aware that the unacceptable environmental condition that obtains in some sections of the city can serve as breeding grounds for disease-carrying vectors. Currently, a mass Drug Administration programme, which falls under the purview of the Ministry of Health, is facilitating efforts to help eradicate filariasis, a vectorborne disease with debilitating and deforming potential. This publication understands that the disease

can be easily transmitted by at least three mosquitoes Aedes Aegypti, Anopheles and Culex, one of which (Culex) is known to thrive on the coastland. In excess of 20 persons manifested symptoms of the disease during the past year. And since the disease is one that can be effectively eradicated before it is manifested, the InterAmerican Development Bank, a few years back, furnished Government with a loan to cater to the Georgetown Sewerage Rehabilitation System project which entails a health component to fight vector-borne diseases, particularly filariasis. But according to King, City Hall is seeking to do its part in helping to lessen the presence of vectors in the city. Moreover, he noted that although restrained by resources, the municipality has been seeking to work with communities to help

Hope Canal project…

$349M bridge to open tomorrow

A $349M bridge, part of the $3B Hope Canal Project, has been completed and is set for opening tomorrow. One section of the $3B Hope Canal project has been completed and is all set for an opening tomorrow, the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) have announced. The opening of the bridge, located next to the newly-built Hope Secondary School, East Coast Demerara, is the first step in the operationalisation procedure for this facility and it is expected that the other components will soon follow. The ambitious canal project was conceptualised by Government as an alternative outlet for the East Demerara Water Conservancy. In the past, the Maduni and Lama outlets had proven problematic, as they were not enough to release the millions of gallons of water from the conservancy, with flooding along the riverain areas. In 2005, there was

massive flooding along the East Coast Demerara, prompting the administration to examine a number of measures. The canal at Hope was one of the consequent actions. There had been criticisms over the location. The project has four components – the canal, the conservancy head regulator, the public road bridge and the high level outfall sluice. Construction work on the channel began in 2011, but due to several constraints, the project was delayed. According to NDIA, immediately after the commissioning of the bridge tomorrow, the structure will be opened to traffic and the diversion road which vehicles were using to traverse the East Coast Highway in the vicinity of Hope will now be closed to facilitate remaining works. “NDIA is urging all road users to comply with traffic

signs and road rules and to make use of the completed Hope Canal Bridge. At the same time, motorists are reminded to be vigilant and to travel at a safe speed at all times since the bridge is in close proximity to the Hope Secondary School.” The bridge which was constructed at a cost of approximately $349M has a length of 74.4 metres and a 47metre sloped approach on both sides, NDIA said. It has the capacity to accommodate two-lane traffic, with sidewalks on both sides. It was constructed by DIPCON Engineering. The US$15M canal project is being funded by Government. It is anticipated that with the completion of Hope Canal, the frequent opening of the Lama and Maduni Sluices during the rainy season would not be necessary.

control the situation. “Vector control workers have been spraying and treating with chemicals actual and potential breeding places for vectors, and they even been using a waste-oil mixture to kill the larvae in drains...” added King. He explained that the Municipal Public Health Department has not only sought to spray areas that these vectors can thrive in, such as drains and sunken depressions in some communities that allow for accumulation of waste and storm water, but moves have been made to sensitise residents too. King pointed out that it is important that persons fully understand that breeding places could include simple things such as coconut shells and bottles. Added to this, he said that breeding grounds could also be the very vessels in which some residents use to store their drinking water if these are not properly covered. King noted that while Vector Control workers are busy doing the spraying of the surroundings, Environmental Health Officers, those within the Health Education Section and the Public Relations Unit of the municipality, are tasked with raising awareness and providing education to home owners. This, according to the Public Relations Officer, entails community outreach, sessions at the level of schools and messages disseminated through the media. “When we track and deal with complaints at the level of Public Relations there are many, almost all, of the complaints are related to drainage, allied facilities and

questions of mosquito and fly nuisances,” King said However, it has been the mosquito nuisance that has been the prevailing concern in particular communities, such as those that easily flood. King said these areas are Charlestown, Albouystown, sections of Lodge, Tucville, South Ruimveldt Park and Gardens, as well as Upper North Ruimveldt. “In some of these communities citizens have to be indoors by 6 pm (18:00 hours) because of the mosquito problem and so we encourage them to pay more attention to their environment,” said King, as he pointed out that “you cannot decouple drainage from the garbage situation. People continue to litter and dump their garbage wherever they see spaces, even in drains, and Sussex Street is a classic example...and this doesn’t help the vector situation”. According to King, in light of the fact that City Hall doesn’t have the wherewithal to effectively combat the mosquito nuisance which could lend to the outbreak of numerous vector-borne diseases, appeals are being made for not only the support of residents but also an interagency approach. “We need an approach that includes the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural

M&CC PRO, Royston King Resources and the Environment and even the Ministry of Human Services,” King said. He however noted that the municipality has over the years been able to garner much support from the Health Ministry. But in order for an interagency collaboration to be effective, King said that there is need for an institutional way of providing information to all agencies involved in health and related issues. “We need to have a shared database to communicate with like agencies so that we can properly and effectively deal with these concerns...We don’t have that and therefore we don’t have an institutional way of communicating on these problems, so the emergence of the mosquito nuisance, for instance, is signalling the need for this.”

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Kaieteur News

Digicel surprises mother of four sets of twins on its 7th anniversary Last December, a story on Bridget Dundas and her nine children surfaced in Kaieteur News highlighting the struggles she faced as a single parent. On Christmas Day, whilst most families treated themselves to a variety of traditional dishes, the mother and her children had a humble meal of boulanger and sausage. After reading their story which was featured in Kaieteur News’s Christmas Edition, Digicel, one of the country’s mobile companies, decided to surprise the family with a “complete” Christmas meal, groceries and clothing vouchers in their ‘Brighten Someone’s Christmas’ promotion. It was then that the enthusiastic Digicel team noticed the need in Bridget’s home and to start off their anniversary celebrations, yesterday surprised Bridget with a new gas stove complete with gas cylinder and fittings. It is Digicel’s seventh anniversary and according to the company, it is its way of giving back to Guyana and showing appreciation for the continued support they have been receiving over their seven years of operation here. Digicel’s Communication Manager Vidya Sanichara reported that when Digicel arrived at Bridget’s Leopold

Vidya Sanichara, Communications Manager, with Bridget’s eldest son Carl McKenzie and others, with the donation Street home, the mother was at work, but her 18-year-old son Carl McKenzie and some of his siblings were totally “shocked and surprised.” This was noted as the same reaction the mother gave when they contacted her via

phone. She purportedly exclaimed, “Oh my God, Digicel, you have made my day, thank you thank you for remembering me and my children… this will help us a lot.” The company stated that it is pulling out all the stops for this anniversary. As part of the celebrations, Digicel promised that its customers will enjoy seven days of prizes and surprises starting today, February 14th and ending next Thursday, February 20.

Friday February 14, 2014

Govt. to meet Americans on LEAD project next week Government is unaware of the status of the United States of America’s Leadership And Democracy (LEAD) Project and is expected to meet with U.S. authorities sometime next week. This disclosure was made by Presidential Advisor on Governance, Gail Teixeira during a post-Cabinet press briefing she hosted yesterday at the Office of the President. According to Teixeira, Government and the US Embassy have agreed to meet next week, but there is no indication that the implementation of the project has been put on hold as requested by the Government of Guyana. In January last, Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon said that the decision by the US Government to proceed with a project that the Guyana Government has already rejected is disrespectful. “The US Govt. has in essence said to the Government of Guyana, we have no respect for what you said and what you direct and what conclusion you came to… We are going ahead with

- Unaware of project implementation what we want,” he had said in answering whether the US Government had responded to Guyana’s ‘Note Verbale.’ Dr. Luncheon had earlier informed media operatives that the ‘Note Verbale’ was lodged with the US State Department, asking it to clarify why it was proceeding with a project in Guyana that the Guyana Government had rejected. He said that the four components of the project were analysed by Cabinet and one contained major activities that captured a relationship between USAID and individual political parties in Guyana. This, he said, was a source of concern, given that Guyana does not have a public policy by government for the support for political parties. He said that there is nothing like that in the law or in practice and the Americans through the project “invited a profoundly sensitive issue.” Dr. Luncheon said that this is something that has not been dealt with by any post-

independent Guyana Government and further “for us, represented a usurpation of our authority.” However, A Partnership for National Unity, the main Parliamentary Opposition, has already in essence, benefited from the LEAD project. Leader of the coalition, Brigadier (rtd) David Granger had said the only assistance it has received thus far is the facilitation of a public meeting meant to provide voter education on the holding of local government elections. Granger had said that in October last year, he met with Glen Bradbury, who is the Chief of Parties for the International Republican Institute, the body USAID procured to implement the project. At that meeting, Bradbury sought to elicit from the coalition’s Leader, the scope of assistance they would require. According to Teixeira, she does not have a clue as to what is being done with respect to the project.

CANU seeks another suspected cocaine trafficker The Customs AntiNarcotics Unit has issued a wanted bulletin for Tarachandra Persaud aka Doce / Dos whose address was given as Republic Park, East Bank Demerara. CANU said that he is wanted in connection with the 9.274 kilograms of cocaine found at the Cheddi Jagan

International Airport last Saturday. According to the bulletin, Persaud is no stranger to the law. Recently he was charged with discharging a loaded firearm outside Palm Court. He was charged and released on bail. Back in 2009, the police were summoned to disentangle a fragmentation

grenade from beneath his car. A report stated that he was driving his vehicle on August 4, 2009, when he was alerted to an unusual sound coming from under the vehicle. On checking, he observed a fragmentation grenade attached beneath it. The police responded and removed the device.

Friday February 14, 2014

Kaieteur News

Business owners charged for unlicenced liquor vending As police ranks continue to crackdown on illegal alcohol vending, city business owners of two popular ‘chill spots’ were yesterday brought before the Chief Magistrate to face separate charges for the offence. Appearing at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court were Station Street, Kitty business owners Savita Sattaur,31, and Ravindra Samaroo,55, on whose premises a quantity of liquor was reportedly found during a raid which was conducted two days ago (February 12). The case against Sattaur of Lot 12 (Liquid Love) and Samaroo of Lot 52 Station Street, is that they had the

items without first obtaining a licence to sell them thus making them eligible for prosecution. According to State Prosecutor, Inspector Michael Grant during the raid at Liquid Love (Sattaur’s place), police ranks found and confiscated cases of Guinness, Stag, Corona, Banks Beer, Heineken, Carib, Mackeson and other beverages. Likewise, when they ventured to Samaroo’s entity and conducted a similar search, they found bottles of Banks beer, Guinness, GT Beer, Premium, Mackeson and Stag Beer. Grant stated that when both proprietors were asked to produce a liquor licence, Samaroo was unable to do so,

but the licence which Sattaur produced was expired. They were both arrested and later charged for the offence. However, Sattaur is additionally charged for having an unlicenced premises. It is alleged that on February 12, at Station Street, Kitty, whilst she was the occupier of a shop not licenced to sell wine and malt, the items mentioned were found therein. Sattaur pleaded not guilty to both of the charges and was placed on her own recognizance (self-bail). Her case was adjourned to February 26 for report and fixtures. Samaroo pleaded guilty and is expected to return to court today (February 14).

UG student on armed robbery charge granted bail The University of Guyana student who is believed to be the mastermind behind the $9M armed robbery committed on a popular Robb Street store late last month was yesterday granted bail to the tune of $450,000. Yesterday was the second scheduled court hearing for Darion Bess, 19, Morris Gibson, 21, and Joel De Mendonca, 20, at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court who were separately indicted and pleaded not guilty to two counts of Robbery Under Arms. According to the police, on January 25 the three students brandished a gun and robbed the store clerk of

a quantity of cellular phones, belonging to Golyn and Sons Fashion Store, as well as his personal cellular phone and two diamond rings. The items were said to cost close to $9M. The trio reportedly made off with the items in a waiting car, but Bess and Gibs o n were later intercepted at Peter’s Hall, East Bank Demerara. They subsequently led ranks to De Mendonca’s house in Providence where he owned up to being the driver who fled the scene with Bess and Gibson after they committed the armed robbery. A quantity of the cellular phones was reportedly recovered.

At the hearing yesterday, Attorney at Law Mark Thomas who held for Defence Attorney Dexter Bobb entered an appearance on behalf of Bess and submitted a bail application on his behalf. Thompson informed the court that the two other accused Gibson and De Mendonca were previously granted $450,000 surety by the High Court and urged the court to consider the same for Bess. The short hearing ended with the Magistrate offering a court bond to Bess in the exact sum as the two other accused. They are all expected to return to court on February 26 for report and fixtures.

Group to hold forum on Colwyn Harding case A group called ‘The Cuffy 250 Committee’ is to hold a discussion on the alleged torture of Colwyn Harding at the hands of police ranks, and its implications on the wider society. According to a release, the Cuffy 250 Committee in collaboration with The Colwyn Harding Support Group, will be holding a forum entitled ‘The Colwyn Harding Torture; Implications for Individual & Collective Security in Guyana’ on Sunday, from 14:00 hrs– 17:00 hrs at St. Stanislaus College, Brickdam and High Streets, Georgetown. Speakers include Dr. Mellissa Ifill, Joy Marcus, Heston Bostwick, Nigel Hughes, Aubrey Retemyer and Freddie Kissoon. “As an organization concerned in part about the condition of the African Guyanese youth, we have an interest in this incident and

its implications. We feel that the unfortunate experience of Mr. Harding is fast becoming a staple in contemporary Guyana; it is not an exception,” the release stated. “Cuffy 250 is of the view that when a society reaches the point where torture becomes part of the policy and practice of law enforcement and order, and the populace becomes numb to it, such a society is in moral, cultural and political crisis. “For us, the Colwyn Harding affair tells us something about the practice of race, social class, inequality and governance in Guyana. The section of the police force and others in the society who engage in torture are products of the larger society. While we welcome the expressions of condemnation and the appeals to the police and the government to put an end to such practices, we hold the

view that it is the citizens, especially those sections which are affected most, who must demand, by word and deed, an end to torture. We contend that justice for Colwyn Harding would be incomplete if it does not translate into justice for all victims and potential victims of all forms of state violence. We hereby call for a public national conversation on torture and our collective security. It is high time this issue be taken to the people, the sufferers. Those who have an interest in political survival and domination cannot solve this problem.” The release described the Cuffy 250 Committee as an African-Guyanese cultural organization dedicated to ethnic and racial equality and the renewal and revitalization of the African Guyanese community through advocacy and mobilization of self-love, self-reliance and self-activity.

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Chief Magistrate chastises police rank over unlawful detention of juvenile A female police Corporal attached to the Prashad Nagar Police Outpost who had held a 15-year-old boy in custody for more than the permitted stipulation was yesterday chastised by the Chief Magistrate, who called for senior officers to be notified of her actions. Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry made it pellucid that the court will not tolerate police ranks breaching the constitutional rights of civilians, as she scolded the Corporal who was in charge of the teen. “He should not have been kept for 72 hours without the permission of the High Court. This is unacceptable, I cannot believe this!” she said in admonishing the police rank. Sewnarine-Beharry made the comment at the city court yesterday afternoon. Moments before she cleared her courtroom for inchamber matters, she noticed the young man sitting on the prisoner’s bench and inquired his age. While asking him a few more questions, she realised what had taken place. The young man told her that he had been into custody since last week and had since moved between the juvenile

detention centre in Grove and the Prashad Nagar Police Outpost. Upon receiving this information, Magistrate Sewnarine-Beharry immediately summoned the rank to her courtroom and demanded an explanation for his (the teen’s) unlawful detention. The female Corporal told the Magistrate that on account of his first scheduled hearing the police were unable to bring him to court so “we had him all the time. I spoke to the Inspector and he told me that the matter was then put down for a later date.” However, the Magistrate retorted that an individual should not be kept for 72 hours without the permission of the High Court. She also questioned the teen’s

prolonged detention in light of it being an abusive language charge instituted against him as well as the fact that he is a juvenile. The state officer also questioned whether there are persons who check on the prisoners and why they are there (in lock ups). The female corporal stated that the lad had spent three days at Diamond and three days at the outpost since he (the teen) is an orphan, and was refused by the State Care agency where he resided. However, Magistrate Beharry informed the corporal that they could have contacted the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, and stated that she needed to see the Court Superintendent.

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Kaieteur News

Friday February 14, 2014

Uniform data collection system imminent for drug and alcohol treatment agencies A recent report by the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) indicated that Latin and other Caribbean countries have the highest crime rates in the world. One of the root problems in this regard has been noted to be drug trafficking. This is according to Retired Brigadier Michael Atherly. He made this declaration at the Police Officers’ Training Centre at Eve Leary, Georgetown on Wednesday last. Atherly was giving his introductory remarks at the opening of the seminar on implementing a standardized data collection system for drug and alcohol treatment agencies in the Caribbean which is sponsored by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission. Atherly expressed that the changing social and economic climate of the

Caribbean coupled with the increased availability of drugs, along with the demand for it, have contributed to the global drug abuse problem and its associated ills. In his innovative presentation, he presented the members of his audience with the tunes of several musical legends which included that of Jamaican artiste, Peter Tosh, who glorified the use of cannabis and suggested that it be legalized. The coordinator of the task force on narcotics, drugs and illicit weapons, did this to place emphasis on his call for the mindset of the society on drug abuse and trafficking to be addressed. He noted as well that compounding the mindset issue was the fact that changes in the social world have made youths more vulnerable to these harmful activities. Considering the increasing production of illicit drugs and its use, he stressed

that there is an urgent need for governments to make more efforts to target the supply of narcotics. He informed too that it is significant that “we feature more prominently, programmes to reduce all forms of substance abuse and promote interventions that would reduce adverse consequences.” Moreover, introducing the Haitian diplomat of the Organization of America States (OAS) to Guyana, Jean Ricot Dormeus was Paul Spencer, Advisor in the Office of the Secretary General OAS, Washington DC. In his brief remarks, Mr. Dormeus said, that he is delighted to assume the position. During his stint in Guyana, the OAS representative will be adding his expertise during deliberations on best practices on building capacity and developing

procedures that lend to stronger national security. Over the next two days, he explained that the data system will be used throughout the region as he stressed that the seminar is not only to facilitate crafting a good data system but also sharing it with our Caribbean neighbours. “I believe the work shop will improve the approach to drug and alcohol as many succumb to the artificial happiness of drugs. We need to protect and assist our people in the fight against drug abuse and I hope that the seminar provides for fruitful deliberations.” In his address, the Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee said that billions of dollars are spent on the fight against drugs and that the fight incurs not only a financial bill but a social and economic one as well. Nevertheless, Rohee

The Haitian envoy of the OAS to Guyana, Jean Ricot Dormeus (right ) and Paul Spencer, Advisor in the Office of the OAS Secretary General reassured that the standardized data collection system for drug and alcohol

treatment agencies will help Guyana in its fight against drug abuse.

American band calls on Culture Minister

Minister of Culture Dr Frank Anthony meeting with US Ambassador Brent Hardt and members of the visiting rock band, Filligar As part of its continuing cultural engagement that has brought jazz musicians, dance groups, a classical pianist and a flautist to Guyana over the last three years, the Embassy of the United States of America, in introducing Music of America, has brought another contingent– this time Filligar. Filligar is a rock band of four talented and accomplished musicians, and has been described as one of

the best young groups in America. According to the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, they were selected by the U.S. Department of State to be cultural ambassadors representing the American people and their cultural values. The band’s latest record, ‘Hexagon’, was named ‘Best New Music’ by American Songwriter Magazine while their previous release, ‘The

Nerve’, was nominated ‘Best Rock Album’ at the 2012 Independent Music Awards. Fillagar has had the opportunity to share the stage with acclaimed American artists such as Counting Crows, The Black Keys and My Morning Jacket. Yesterday, the band members along with US Ambassador D. Brent Hardt introduced the group to Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony at his Main Street Office. While in Guyana, the group will be performing at the Rupununi Music and Arts Festival and engage in a range of musical exchanges and activities in Georgetown. These include workshops with the National School of Music, educators and a public concert at the National Cultural Centre on February 18.

Friday February 14, 2014

Kaieteur News

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US, South Korea warn North Korea against aggression SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his South Korean counterpart warned North Korea yesterday against any possible aggression as the North sent mixed signals over whether it would return to denuclearization talks and improve ties with the South. Kerry, meanwhile, urged South Korea and Japan, both U.S. allies, to repair deep divisions between them that threaten to jeopardize a coordinated approach to North Korea. Kerry and South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byungse each dismissed demands from the North to halt an upcoming joint U.S.-South Korean military exercise. They said North Korea could not use the exercise as an excuse to stay away from talks or to delay attempts to improve ties, with steps like reuniting families separated by the Korean War. “We have yet to see evidence that North Korea is prepared to meet its obligations. Let me be clear; the United States will not accept North Korea as a nuclear-armed state. We will not accept talks for the sake of talks, and the DPRK must show that it will live up to its commitments,” Kerry said, referring to the North by the acronym for its official name,

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, left, and South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se, right, speak during their meeting yesterday, in Seoul, South Korea. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci, Pool) the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The U.S. is “ready and able to deter North Korean aggression,” he said. “It is time for the North to choose the path of peace and refrain from provocations or using excuses to avoid the responsibility that they bear.” Yun said that both Seoul and Washington “stand fully prepared against any potential situation given the mixed signals from North Korea, even as it continues a charm offensive.” The pair appeared at a joint news conference in Seoul the day after senior North and

South Korean officials held their highest-level talks in years, but as the North continued to complain about the military exercise. North Korea has cited it as a reason to rescind an invitation to a U.S. diplomat to visit the country to discuss the case of jailed American missionary Kenneth Bae and has suggested it may cancel planned upcoming reunions between families separated by the Korean War. The rival Koreas agreed yesterday to hold another round of talks today. Kerry planned to travel

Italian PM Letta to resign after party withdraws support ROME (Reuters) - Italian centre-left leader Matteo Renzi forced party rival Enrico Letta to resign as prime minister yesterday after criticizing his government’s failure to pass major reforms, opening the way for Italy’s third administration in a year.Letta’s decision to quit came after the Democratic Party (PD), the largest party in the ruling coalition, supported a call by its 39year-old leader Renzi for a more ambitious government to pull Italy out of its economic slump. “Italy cannot live in a situation of uncertainty and instability. We are at a crossroads,” Renzi told a meeting of the PD’s 140strong leadership committee. Letta plans to tender his resignation to President Giorgio Napolitano today. Napolitano is then expected to call on Renzi to form a new administration. Before that happens, however, there is likely to be considerable horsetrading. Letta’s coalition partner, the New Centre Right party, said it would demand concessions on policy and it did not expect the government necessarily to

Enrico Letta last a full term until 2018. “We’re not taking anything for granted, and we’re not even sure this attempt will end smoothly,” party leader Angelino Alfano said at a news conference. Growing criticism over the slow pace of economic reform had left Letta, a low-key moderate appointed in April to lead the cross-party coalition patched together after last year’s deadlocked elections, increasingly isolated. Appreciated by Italy’s international partners for keeping a lid on public finances, Letta fell victim to Renzi’s ruthless determination to set a faster tempo for the government.

Renzi has promised to loosen strict hiring and firing rules to make companies more nimble and shows less regard than Letta for European Union budget rules, saying structural reforms should outweigh rigid deficit limits. “People have accused me and the PD of having an outsize ambition. I don’t deny this. We all need to have this, from me to the last party member,” Renzi said in his speech to the party’s leadership committee. “I am asking you to help us get Italy out of the mire,” he said. The latest bout of turmoil in Italy, the euro zone’s thirdlargest economy, has so far had little impact on financial markets. Last year’s political stalemate after elections, in contrast, led to much market volatility. However, the continual uncertainty has held back any concerted effort to revive the economy or overhaul a political system blamed for hampering any deep reform programme. In his speech, Renzi acknowledged that forcing Letta out to form a new government carried risks for both the government and himself personally. But he said there was no alternative.

today to China and said he would press Chinese leaders to do more to bring North Korea back to disarmament talks. “There is more that China can do,” he said. Kerry also expressed concern about a recent downturn in relations between South Korea and Japan, saying the two nations must overcome historical animosity to present a united front in talks with North Korea and to better counter increasing Chinese assertiveness in the region.

“It is up to Japan and (South Korea) to put history behind them and move the relationship forward,” Kerry said. “And it is critical at the same time that we maintain robust trilateral cooperation” on North Korea. “We urge our friends in Japan and South Korea, we urge both of them to work with us together to find a way forward to help resolve the deeply felt historic differences that still have meaning today. ... We will continue to encourage both allies to find mutually acceptable approaches to legacy issues from the past.” South Korea was angry over a recent visit by Japan’s prime minister to a controversial war shrine in To k y o , which has deepened resentment in both of the neighboring c o u n t r i e s o v e r J a p a n ’s colonial past and abuses committed during World War II. Japan says it is willing to hold high-level dialogue to ease tension, but there appears to be little immediate prospect of that happening. Yun said South Korea was ready to resolve the differences but accused Japanese political leaders of

distorting the historical record and said rapprochement could not happen while that continued. “We have made a lot of efforts to stabilize the relationship between Korea and Japan, but unfortunately, during the past few months, some Japanese political leaders have made a lot of historically incorrect remarks,” Yun said. “And so these revisionist remarks, as long as they last, it will (make it) difficult to build trust between our countries. These leaders must look at history as it is and they must be sincere.” Kerry was in Seoul on the first leg of his fifth trip to Asia in the past year, to demonstrate the Obama administration’s commitment to its stated priority of “rebalancing” U.S. foreign policy to Asia. He arrived in South Korea just hours after the White House announced that President Barack Obama would visit Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines in the spring. In China, Kerry will raise longstanding U.S. concerns about Chinese b e h a v i o r, a c c o r d i n g t o officials traveling with him.

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‘Old Story Time’ for school stages - Countrywide Dramatisation of CSEC English ‘B’ Text

Top Cat Theatre Productions, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, will aid students writing the English ‘B’exams at this year’s sitting of the Caribbean Secondary School’s Examination “CSEC” by staging the drama ‘Old Story Time’ by Trevor Rhone, around Guyana. The initiative targets all students in Guyana. The initiative was born in 2010, based on the Caribbean Examination Council’s invaluable resource document for the teaching of English B, titled ‘Teacher’s Guide for the Teaching English B,’ which states that; “A play is a living piece of Art performed and viewed by an audience. The script is the written basis of the play through which the playwright attempts to convey an idea.” When the play is performed, as is done by this intrepid group, the written word is fully explained through movement, emotion and dialogue that are difficult to extract from the mere reading of the play. All the same, these stagings offer the students the opportunity to go through the text in one uninterrupted reading. Students would seldom read a text at one sitting. The play, at its core, is about the attitudes to differences in skin colour, both socially and economically in Jamaica for more than thirtyfive years now. That all persons of colour are not equal is painfully made clear in the drama. Miss Aggy, a black-skinned woman being expertly played by Nikki Moonsammy, rejects the circumstances foisted upon her by colouration, but wants better for her black son Lennard, being played by Travis Chase. She vehemently says “Nothing Black Nuh Good”, needs her son not to be wed to a black woman, which he does anyway, behind her back. Miss Aggy believes that only “obeah” can be responsible for her son’s disobedience. Len’s wife is being played by Tashandra Inniss with

Tashandra Inniss much sensitivity. Miss Aggy is prepared to kill her son’s black wife, by “dark” means at the risk of her own self; so deep is her hatred for her own colour. George Mc Farlane, played by Brian Goodman is diabolically evil and has haunted Lennard from boyhood. The painful spectrum of “easy” girls being sexually preyed upon is encapsulated in the character Pearl, poignantly played by Candacy Baveghens. The enormity of the conflicts designed by Trevor Rhone; good versus evil, black versus not so white and common sense versus spiritual beliefs, are beautifully dealt with by this cast of experience and youth. The play remains wildly entertaining and students will be thrilled whilst being educated. Tickets are available at schools, venues and the National Cultural Centre. All shows begin at all venues at 10:00 hrs. The entire tour is being sponsored by Digicel for the second year running. The itinerary is as follows: National Cultural Centre February 17th & 18th, Anna Regina Multilateral School February 25th, New Amsterdam Multilateral School February 26th, Skeldon Line Path Secondary February 27th, Lichas Hall, Linden February 28th.

Friday February 14, 2014

Jumo deems Regional Soca Competition -”a lesson learned” - Plans on retaining his title at Carib finals on Saturday Our very own Jumo “Rubber Waist” Primo had the opportunity for the first time of participating in one of the most nerve-wrecking competitions-The Regional Soca Competition which was recently held in Trinidad and Tobago, where Soca music was born. Though the energetic entertainer did not make the final cut; he deemed it as a powerful lesson learned. Of the 37 contestants who participated in the semi-finals, seven Trinidadians, one Grenadian and one Japanese made it through to the finals. When Kaieteur Entertainment caught up with the local performer yesterday he explained that it wasn’t that he did not perform exceedingly well or that he didn’t stir the crowd when he appeared on stage but in Trinidad, “If people don’t know your song before the competition then you are putting yourself at a disadvantage.” Primo said, “When I got there just four days before the competition and I started interacting with the other artists I realized that Guyana really fell down. Some of the participants were there since Christmas last year, getting acquainted with the scene and introducing themselves to promoters. Their music was already in clubs and people knew the song and that’s where we fell short. I mean people were amazed by the performance but when you get off stage and people start asking about why you wait till now to introduce the song to the crowd, it hits home that you made a major mistake.” “But I learned from that mistake. And rest assured that next year they won’t be able to have any excuse to not

The reigning Soca monarch, Jumo Primo

have us in the competition all the way through. I mean, we must admit that we fell short there but I made a lot of connections and I learned a lot from the new friends that I made during the competition.” While Primo is disappointed about what happened, he did reassure that the Carib Soca Competition will be bringing an unforgettable experience. The 13 finalists who will be hoping to dethrone the reigning Carib Soca Monarch, Jumo Primo are; Quacy ‘Avalanche’ Coates, Clifton ‘Passion’ Adolphus, Kemmyanna ‘Kemmy’ Garnett, Jonathon ‘Lil Red’ King, Abigail ‘AJ’ James, Ernest Nelson called ‘Ernesta’, Compton ‘Mysterious’ Boyce, Roger

‘B’ Bowen, Shelon ‘Shelly G’ Garraway, Melissa Roberts also known as ‘Vanilla,’ Kwesi ‘Ace’ Edmondson, Timeka “Lady T’ Sinclair,’ and Orlando ‘Bones Man’ Johashen And, this king of Soca says he has absolutely no intention of letting go of his crown. Whilst he has the utmost respect for all the competitors, he says he will be bringing his best performance as usual, which he is confident the audience will appreciate. “Go get your medical checkup because the Soca Finals will bring an energy that will demand fitness. Bring your rag, bring your flag and get ready to have the best Soca experience on Saturday at the National Park,” The reigning Soca King charged.

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Friday February 14, 2014






3 (8) weeks old: White Brown & Cream Fluffy Puppies – Contact:699-6006

One Land (100ftX50ft) and small house @ Tuschen E.B.E $5,000,000 - Tel: 6846245; 611-3802

Madza RX7 - Silver Sunroof, 18" staggered racing rims 3" competition, HID lights, leather interior. Financing Available - Call: 602-3774

German Shepherd Pups. Tel: 220-2277; 220-8904; 626-0910 1-2640 MF Tractor 4wd with 1 – Rome Plough 20 dish, 1CAT Satndby 3306,194KVA 3 Phase 60 Cylinder – Tel:693-4596 Spare for washing machine, microwaves,fridges, stoves, timers, gearbox, pumps, etc call: 225-9032, 647-2943 Live/pluck chicken call: 6504421, 220-9203 1- 500 Ton Cargo ship - Tel: 676-6933 Large Plucked Chickens $280lb retail, Pork $380lb retail @ George & Hadfield Streets. Sears Riding mower $280,000, Honda Generator - $430,000 New, Brand new 18" Chain Saw 38,500 - Call: 261-2988 Dell computers complete with 20" LCD $65,000, 6 months warranty @ Futuretech- Call:231-2206 1 Honda Twister – Contact # 671-3533 Pure bred Rottweiler & German Sheperd- Tel:6108627/686-3072/618-2903 Fishing Boat: Length - 30ft, Width - 6½ft, Depth - 3½ft. Engine 15HP Tohatsu - Tel: 697-0648; 667-9662 1 20 KVA enclosed generators - call: 675-7838 1 Stall @ Stabroek Market Tel: 658-0115; 718-757-8031 2 – M132 Laverda Combine, 3- Pressure Pump 4x3 for gold field – call:627-0447 PVC Ceiling Panels, PVC Mouldings, Medallions. Royal Quality! – Tel:6148564; 629-0372 Toyota Verossa (White) Excellent Condition - $2.7M Negotiable – Contact: 6668492.

270 Amps Portable Honda Welders and 1-2002 Tundra Tel: 611-5114 All Types of Power tools, Hand Tools, Silicones, from spray, bicycle & spares, nails, etc -Tel:614-8564; 6800862 4 Cylinder Perkins Engine bedded for Brazilian pump – Tel: 646-4501 Games PS2 $900, PSP $900, X-Box 360 $2600 & PS3 $2600- Call:672-2566 Diesel Perkins generator 12,500 watts - $495,000, wheel alignment machine hunter P611 - $2800US – Tel:6018276; 617-6863 1 precision built 14-16" bore, rice field, trailer, pump, 1 -4 wheel box trailer - Tel:227-1830 Original Games - Call:6722566 1 smoothie machine, 2 ice machine- Contact:231-0655, 683-8734 Rotweiler pups for sale Tel: 619-6086/ 699-7077 75KVA Generator, 1 Crash Mercedes Benzes/ C200/ 1998-2000, 3 used commercial air condition and AE91 sprinter - Call:223-1589; 2274406 Houses in Georgetown, ECD & EBD. Investment Properties in Georgetown Commercial land - Contact: 223-8479; 647-3768; 628-1408 House lots on EBD, 1,500 acres @ Berbice, Executive Apartment Complex Contact: 223-8479; 647-3768; 628-1408, Special Exotic plants for Valentine on February 14th, 2014 outside St Roses High School. Food Warmer - Tel:696-9999 One electrical pressure washer, hardly ever used - Tel - Ms Singh: 266-5013; 6818333

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LG Google cell phones asking $22,500, brother ink cartridges LC-51,61, etc – Tel:663-2079; 226-0011

Toyota Tacoma 4X4 Extra Cab 2002, Nissan Frontier 4X4 Extra Cab 2002, DJ System – Tel:695-9807

Samsung blue –ray player with nex-flix, streaming WiFi, etc -Tel: 663-2079; 226-0011

PSP with 4 games and 8GB memory card – Tel:675-2239; BBM 25c58FEO

Pekingese, Tibetan Terrier, Rabbit ( Peter Plat) @ VreedEn- Hoop Pet Shop – Tel:6816284; 643-5451

Satya Cinema Good Faith Mahaicony – Call:641-8472 One 2 Storey property for sale at Covent Garden Island Call: 265-3586 At Eccles, East Bank Demerara Price -$38M . Please Contact -780-381-6147 or One three storey business property @ Middle street, Georgetown, 2 business Property on Whim Public Road Berbice – Tel:619-7134; 225-6481

1- Toyota Hilux Surf, 3Y engine, AC, CD player, etc, Price:$2M negotiable – Call: 671-1748; 656-9449 Toyota Passo, PNN Series – Tel: 642-6664 Toyota Carina 170 – Tel:6804718 One Honda CRV fully equipped with running bars & other accessories, PNN Series. Excellent Condition! Price Negotiable - Tel: 6606763

Painted 2 storey concrete building 53x26, transported property at 69 Jackson street, Daniels Town, Essequibo Coast- Call:644-8610 Lot 9 Jones Port Mourant, Berbice, 12 rooms , house with 16 acres land, price negotiable call:337-1500 FOR SALE / RENT For Sale/ Rent: One Taxi Service with complete base station radio, frequency, lighted sign board etc. Call: 619-2800.

Farm at Yarrowkabra - 20.1 Acres - Call:265-3586 Greenheart Piles – Tel:6393450 Pure Rottweiler pups - Tel: 650-8496 US Army Surplus generator sets : 1 3KW, 1 5KW, 1 60KW, low prices – Tel:648-4959 Blowout sale for slightly damaged zinc sheets - Tel: 657-4072

VACANCY 24 Hour East Coast Guyoil needs night pump attendants, salesgirl & office assistant Call: 670-8893/684-2838 Vacancy for security. Apply in person @ Alabama Trading Georgetown Ferry Stelling Stabroek.

Pump Attendant @ Shell Service Station Providence EBD. Must be able to work shift (5am-3pm & 3pm-12pm) Tel: 265-7305 One male cleaner. Apply Alabama Trading Georgetown Ferry Stelling Stabroek. Concierge/Security. Apply in person to B.M. Hotels Inc. 123 Kanuku Street, Section ‘M’ Campbellville. Hire Car drivers from ECD @ A-1 Taxi – Tel:220-1000

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Two Joiners to work in Workshop - Tel:610-7005; 219-1342

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Friday February 14, 2014

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Trevor Rose murder…

“The police ignored that I am his mother” - LILLIAN BROWNE The mother of popular Mashramani Costume Designer and Events Coordinator Trevor Rose said, that since her son was executed more than three weeks ago, no one from the Guyana Police Force has taken a statement from her. Rose, a 33-year-old father of eight, was fatally shot while travelling in the back seat of a car with the mother of one of his children, Latoya Towler, at the Eccles Public Road, East Bank Demerara (EBD). During the executionstyle killing of Rose, Towler was shot to the buttock and the driver of the car Rose was killed in, Troy Nieunkerk, who is an accountant at the Ministry of Home Affairs and a part-time taxi driver, was shot in the left shoulder. Rose was pronounced dead at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) while Nieunkrk and Towler were hospitalized at the aforementioned medical institution for a few days. Nieunkerk, who lives in Diamond, EBD reportedly, told investigators that he was heading home and offered Rose and Towler a lift to Eccles. While at Eccles, a tinted car, which was following the trio from Agricola, pulled up alongside Nieunkerk’s vehicle and asked why he was driving so recklessly. Kaieteur News was further told that the driver of the tinted car parked his vehicle in front of Nieunkerk’s car, exited and opened fire, killing Rose on the spot. During a recent interview, Rose’s mother, Lillian Browne told this newspaper that ever since her son was gunned down, investigators have not visited her once to take a statement. “They (police) have never been here, they never asked me anything. The police never came once; they just ignored that I am Trevor Rose’s mother. I thought that maybe they might want to establish a timeline to see what time he left home and what was his movement for that day. I could have at least given them some information on what time he left home and if anybody called him on his phone,” the mother related. She said that she is not going to be one of those mothers who hold placards and protest for justice since it will only add to her agony, especially if justice is not served. “It is frustrating that they

Dead: Trevor Rose (police) are doing absolutely nothing about this. When I go on my facebook page I could see that my son’s account is active, so that means somebody has his phone and the police should know all that,” Browne said. Divisional Commander of the police ‘A’ Division, Assistant Commissioner George Vyphuis when contacted said that perhaps investigators are waiting on the right time to contact Browne. Early this week two persons were put on ID parade, but both Towler and Nieunkerk failed to identify either of the persons.

TO LET Fully furnished short term apartments, Eccles call: 347933-9790, 639-4452. Fully furnished Vacation home with all amenities- Call during working hours - 227-1218


Furnished Apartments for Overseas Visitors – Contact: 668-5198

CAMP STREET, Prime Business Space Call: 6394499

Aracari Hotel. West Bank Demerara Rates from US$30 Tel: 264-2946-8

One Semi furnished apartment to rent at Industry ECD – Tel:222-6001

Furnished executive one or two bedroom suite in Diamond. Ideal for foreigners. Call:609-2466

GT TOOLS RENTAL: TEL: 675-0767; 627-5098

Fully Furnished 2 bedrooms apartment in South - 6895877 (Overseas or Visitors) 1 Complete Lumber Factory to rent/ lease with all sawmilling equipment situated @ Eccles, Industrial Site. Call Richard: 609-7675.

Learn to decorate with Balloons. Classes on March 1st – Call: 225-3133; 613-7513 for more information.

LEARN TO DRIVE Shalom Driving School @ 2 Croal street. Fee $16,000Call:227-3869 Ultravoilet Driving School – Contact:231-2372;6022583;658-4015 Soman & Sons Driving School , First Federation Building Call 689-5997, 6445166,622-2872,615-0964

Commercial Offices in Georgetown, commercial buildings, executive apartments & houses Contact: 223-8479; 647-3768; 628-1408,

Newly Constructed apartment - WCD - Call: 6986496 LAND FOR SALE Lot 12 Mon-Repos E.C.D, Market Street - Tel:220-7330 1 Transported large lot @ Tuschen EBE - $2.5M – Tel: 617-4439

2- Acres cultivated, 2-1 Acres cultivated, 7 Acres cultivated, citrus, house, fish pond, storage at ParikaCall:226-7968

Princeton College Forms 1-5 CXC adults classes, Phonics, Sat, Lessons & Mathematics for slow learners - Tel: 2237906; 690-5008

1 -Two bedrooms apartment at Better Hope, ECD - Call: 617-3001 between 8:00am4:00pm

2 Business Stall @ Port Kaituma Market – Tel:6187983; 684-6428

Gold and Diamond mining lands already Prospected – Tel: 646-4501



Parafaite Harmonie (100ftX50ft) - $1.8M - Call: 675-7292 Parafaite Harmonie - $1.3M Call: 675-7292

1 Newly renovated house @ Eccles Front. 3 Bedrooms upstairs - $90,000 & 2 bedrooms downstairs $80,000, separate entrance & parking – Tel:268-2121 5 Acre Land with house to lease $95,000 for month – Call:261-2988 Property for rent located at 32 Old Road Vreed- En- Hoop WCD. For further information contact:6610162 Business Space to rent: 26"x38" On Durban Street Lodge – Call:648-7868 Rooms to rent: Responsible single working female, water and light included. Contact: 618-3815

House lots for sale on the West Bank of Demerara Harbour Bridge in Harbourville SchoonordContact:650-0402

Diamond residential – 3rd Avenue, size: 120’X60’ for quick sale – $10M negotiable – Tel:652-5601 SALON Make Up Courses, Artist Trained & Certified in Trinidad. Call: 660-5257, 647-1773


Sales helpers for supermarket, responsibilities included weighing etc. Apply in person at Nirva Supermarket Tel: 227-5771

Repairs, sales & spares air conditioning, microwaves, washer, fridges & stoves. Ultra Cool, call: 225-9032,647-2943

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1 Land to buy in Linden Preferably Amelia’s Ward– Tel:686-2201

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Watch man to work at Lamaha & Albert Street. Contact: 223-5273/4

We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer, dryer call:2310655,683-8734 Omar

Manager / Supervisor at Xenon Hotel Charity / Ebo. Accommodation provided, attractive salary is offered Contact: 771-4989; 7714180; 670-6559

For all your prefab building works & welding fabricating etc. 5 Brickery EBD -Tel: 6582567; 660-3466 COOL TECH: Repairs Services & Installation of all types of home appliances: Air Condition & Refrigeration units – Tel: 2332008; 675-4959 House plan drafting from$10,000 surveying and estimates services available Tel: 667-2189 Permanent & Visitors Visa Applications, Professional Immigration Consultant Room D5 Maraj Building Call:225-6496,662-6045, 223-8115 We Refill HP cartridges for $1800 call: 650-7699 Transportation services available in and out of Georgetown – Tel:646-4501 Masons seeking job work – Tel:678-9043 Technicians available for appliance repairs – washers, dryers, microwaves, stoves, deep fryers, etc – Tel:6190793; 218-0050

½ Acres residential land at Yarrowkabra 5 minutes of the Linden Highway –Tel: 6111018. Price negotiable 20 Acres poultry Farm @ Yarrowkabra, 120-Acres @ ,Mahaicony, 82 Acres @ Hogg Island, 11 lots @ Wakwnaam – Tel:686-4994; 225-3070

(From page 38)

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Friday February 14, 2014

Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

CJ’S DECISION ALL A MATTER OF INTERPRETATION From page 4 and transplanted into the 1980 Constitution as articles 217 and 218 respectively, were influenced by that notoriously settled English historic doctrine of sole and exclusive parliamentary control over the Executive (the Crown in England) expending money from the Consolidated Fund, of which cases such as AG v.Wilts United Dairies Ltd (1921) and especially Churchward v. The Queen (1865) L.R 1 Q.B.173; are but persuasive illustrations. Certainly, such case law cannot be disregarded as influence upon legislative policy, in an instrument drafted, legislated and intended as the supreme law and, a fortiori, an instrument the framers must have contemplated was to be interpreted by Judges nurtured in and fixated with the traditions and doctrines of English jurisprudence that underlies the Westminister model constitution, in the sphere of public finance. Secondly, an appreciation of the broad scheme and framework of the Constitution is important. The draftsman of Article 218 and 217 must have appreciated the context of the impermissibility of coalition – government under the 1980 Constitution (Article 177) and of the potential therefore, as contrived by Article 177, of the Minister in Article 218 having to lay his prepared estimates before, and for approval of, an oppositioncoalition controlled National Assembly. And yet, no material changes were drafted in ar-

ticle 218. It remains as pristine as its predecessor article 111 of the 1966 Constitution. One might assume then, that, on the evidence of the continuity of wording, that the jurisprudence and doctrines that underlies articles 110 and 111 of the 1966 Constitution, continues in, and underlies articles 217 and 218, as some kind of existing law within the meaning of “existing laws” (as defined in section 2 of the Constitution of the Cooperate Republic Act) considering that “law” includes “any unwritten rule of law” (article 232). Thirdly, the view that article 171(2) is somehow indicative of an interpretation limitative of the Assembly’s power to approve under article 218 is not supportable or maintainable to any extent when (as in the Budget Cut case) it is Cabinet’s own Minister of Finance (and not some Opposition member of the Assembly!) whose motion proposing consideration of his Estimates, the Assembly proceeded with. Fourthly, putting the continuity of doctrine point differently, there is nothing novel or autochtonous about our 1980 constitutional public finance jurisprudence. There is in constitutional interpretation, a rebuttable presumption against the abrogation of well settled doctrines. The anthropomorphic conception – the National Assembly, is in the 10th Parliament the same as in the 1st, or any other predecessor Parliament. So, the relevant public finance doctrines should continue to harmoniously apply,

if one accepts that our Assembly has it’s origin in, and substantially (not wholly) takes its character from England’s House of Commons. Fifth, the doctrines of separation of powers and parliamentary control over public expenditure are not antithetical. Estimates reduction would be vexing, even frustrating, to the Executive, even harsh, but the vagaries of the 10th Parliament cannot supplant and subvert the workability of those doctrines in our constitutional jurisprudence, otherwise our Constitution and it’s interpretation would be ephemeral and shift with the vagaries and vicissitudes of our General Elections. That cannot be. Sixth, it is tempting to suppose that if the draftsman intended that the Assembly could only approve the Estimates as laid, or amended by the Minister himself then nothing would have been easier than to use the limitative words – have been approved by the Assembly as laid (or as amended) by the Minister and not otherwise. No such stringent limitative words are used. For good and substantial reasons the constitution has not with “tabulated legalism” explicitly limited the Assembly in the exercise of its power to approve. One might reasonably assume then, neither the wording, nor, scheme of article 218 and 217, or the operation of either doctrines, compels such limitation be read judicially, into article 218, in preference to the interpretation

which the Assembly asserts as part and parcel of its own internal proceedings. Seventh, Section 11 of the Interpretation and General Clauses Act Cap.2:01 (which is incorporated by article 232 (9) into the Constitution and forms part of it) imposes on the Minister an obligation to lay his Estimates before the Assembly in accordance with the standing rules and orders of the Assembly. So how is the Assembly’s exercise of approval contemplated by article 218 (2), to be done? In accordance with what? It may well be, that while the prohibition in Article 171(2) has no application to the facts of the Budget Cut case, the permissive words of article 171(1) does, ie that the Minister’s motion by which he laid his Estimates be “disposed of according to the rules of procedure of the Assembly” Does Committee of supplies proceedings fall within the ambit of “rules of procedure”? (see article 223(8) (a) as to PAC; also article 232 definition of “session” of the National Assembly as including when the Assembly “ is in committee”). The draftsman might reasonably be assumed to have taken for granted that the various Committees established by Standing orders would operate hence no explicit reference to such in article 218. In any event, the incorporation by reference to “Standing Orders” into the Constitution [Article 223(8)(a)}] affords sufficient evidence that Standing Orders has constitutional operationality in that part of the Constitution dealing with “Finance” (ie title 8). Eight, the legislative policy or scheme that underlies all the financial provisions (Article 216 to 223 inclusive; Articles 222 and 223 are even entrenched); also Article 171) is - necessity for parliamentary authorization, and a correlative fiduciary duty on the part of the National Assembly. In this sphere, it is the Executive and not Parliament, that is subservient, and it must be appreciated that each and every exercise of authorization by Parliament begins in and with the National Assembly (as expanded further below).

Nineth, one must assume that the word “Estimates” (plural) is what constitutionally compels the Minister to use a line item format in the preparation of his budget – the Standing Orders are complimentary. The Estimates (plural stressed) comprises of numerous line items. It would seem, then, somewhat of a procrustean logic to suppose that by “approved” [Article 218(2)] the Assembly was limited to approving each and every item of estimate; or, none at all! In any event, the weight of the wordings – the expenditure of each of the entities …. as part of the process … of the national budget” (art. 222A(9); “…. approved by the National Assembly ….(art. 222A (b). “…. approved by the Public Accounts Committees [art. 223(5)] etc. is in favour of close and intrusive Assembly control over the Budget/public money. It seems more logical and sensible to suppose that such individuality of line item in the Estimates was intended to facilitate the members of the Committee (as the alter ego of the Assembly) to be able to scrutinize, query, ask questions sensibly, and then determine for themselves in their own deliberate judgments whether that particular estimate (singular) merited their approval. Mr. Churchward (in the Churchward case) could not be paid for his postal services rendered, when the House of Commons did not approve that particular money item. Convenience and inconvenience to both the Assembly and Minister are not irrelevant considerations in a matter of this type. The balance of convenience favours a power of reduction in respect of any item of estimate (a wholly different question from whether the power is abusable and has been misused or abused in practice) for it must be a matter of intolerable inconvenience for the Minister to have to relay his Estimates even where the Committee did not find favour with only a single line item. Such an absolutist approach defies constitutional logic. Mr. Editor, the burdens and benefits of the 1980 Con-

stitution are intertwined. It is a matter of constitutional logic and good sense that the enjoyment of its benefits (article 177) and the endurance of burdens associated with a coalition - Assembly’s power over the Executive’s Estimates, are twin conceptions. Finally, Mr. Editor, the National Assembly as a constituent part, has power exercisable independently of the Parliament; the Parliament has no power exercisable independently of the Assembly – bills have to be firstly passed by the Assembly before any question of the President’s assent to get an Appropriation Act could even arise. Such constitutional indispensability of the Assembly (entrenched as it is ) must, in contemplation of the framers of the Constitution, carry a correlative trustee-like fiduciary duty of control over public money, in the public interest. To all practical purposes and intents it is the Assembly (not Parliament per se) that is vested with the power/duty of control. The Minister goes to the Assembly (the Assembly does not report to Cabinet) not as a matter of mere formality, but as a sine qua non. Prior to being laid, the Minister’s Estimates remains his, untouchable by the Assembly. Could such untouchability, sensibly, persist in the domain of the Assembly when laid before the Assembly? I think not. And if not, then the words “have been approved” should be interpreted according to the limitation of that wording, and not according to truncated limitation which that wording does not import. I would suggest that the word “approved” is no less nuanced than “authorization” in the marginal note to article 218, which word it is perhaps obligatory, but certainly legitimate to consider when interpreting article 218 (section 57 (3) of IGCA Chap 2:01). In its context, “authorization” does not mean, and cannot be taken to have been intended to mean, concurrence (I concur is a phrase very familiar to Lawyers/Judges) If A (who is the custodian of the CF – which needs two keys to open it, A has one, P the other) has to authorize M to expend from the CF $10 requested by M, then, surely A can say to M – I am not authorizing you to expend $10, I have authorized you to expend $1 only. So, M can then say to A – I refuse to introduce a bill with your $1. M is not permitted to say to A – you have no power to authorize $1 only. Maxwell E. Edwards

Friday February 14, 2014

Kaieteur News

Syria ‘failure’ looms, mediator seeks U.S., Russian help GENEVA (Reuters) Warning that “failure” was staring him in the face, the Syria peace talks mediator said yesterday that the United States and Russia had promised renewed support to keep their rival Syrian allies talking.U.N. diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi met senior diplomats from Washington and Moscow in Geneva, hoping the co-sponsors of the threeweek-old negotiating process could bury their own deep differences over Syria and prevail respectively on the opposition and Syrian government to move ahead and compromise. “They have kindly reaffirmed their support for what we are trying to do and promised that they will help both here and in their capitals and elsewhere to unblock the situation for us because until now we are not making much progress in this process,” Brahimi told a news conference. Asked after his two-hour meeting with U.S. Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov whether the whole process had failed, he said: “Failure is always staring at us in the face. “As far as the United Nations is concerned we will certainly not leave one stone unturned if there is a possibility to move forward. If there isn’t, we will say so.” A standoff between Russia and the Western powers over U.N. resolutions on aid for Syria has done nothing to loosen the deadlock in Geneva, while continuing fighting has left tens of thousands under siege and hoping for relief

U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman (R) and U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford arrive for a meeting on Syria at the United Nations European headquarters in Geneva yesterday. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse from abroad. Russia said it had presented a draft U.N. resolution on fighting “terrorism” in Syria and its own plan for improving aid access, throwing down a challenge to Western states in the Security Council which proposed another formulation that Moscow says would open the way for Western military intervention. In Geneva, where a second round of peace talks has made little progress since Monday, Western diplomats and the Syrian opposition delegates complained that President Bashar al-Assad’s government was refusing to discuss proposals for a transition of power and hoped Russia would press it to do so. “What we have seen so far is that the regime is not

serious,” opposition delegate Anas al-Abdah said. “The sooner the Russians can put enough pressure on the Syrian regime side, the better. And they are positioned to do that.” Western diplomats also said they hoped Moscow could apply pressure on the Damascus government to do more to compromise. If not, some feared a third round of talks might not follow any time soon after this week’s discussions are completed. Opposition activists say the rate of killing has increased in the three weeks since talks began - averaging a record of more than 230 a day - as both sides have sought to shore up their bargaining positions by gaining territory.

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India’s BJP pulls further ahead: opinion poll NEW DELHI (Reuters) India’s opposition Bharatiya Janata Party has picked up more popular support and remains best placed to lead a coalition government after a national election due by May, an opinion poll showed yesterday. The ruling Congress will slump to its weakest showing in parliament since independence in 1947, the Times Now-CVoter poll forecast, presenting a challenge to Rahul Gandhi, who is leading the party in its toughest election battle yet. More than 700 million people are eligible to vote in the world’s largest democratic exercise to choose a new government. India, Asia’s third largest economy, is growing at its slowest pace in a decade, choking off employment opportunities for tens of hundreds of youth who join the workforce each month. The Bharatiya Janata Party and its allies led by Narendra Modi will win 227 seats of the 543 at stake in the lower house of parliament, the poll said. To rule a party requires the support of 272 lawmakers, and the BJP will have to cast around for support among regional groups who are also expected to do well in the election. A survey conducted in October by the same polling agency soon after the aggressive Modi was named the party’s prime ministerial candidate put his party’s support at 186 seats. The latest poll was conducted in a sample of just

Narendra Modi over 14,000 voters across 28 states between January 15 to February 8. Indian opinion polls have had a mixed record in the past, given the country’s huge and diverse electorate. Modi, a three-time chief minister of booming Gujarat state, has steadily pulled ahead, promising to revive the economy, cut red tape and fight corruption. Yesterday he received U.S. ambassador Nancy Powell at his home in the state capital Gandhinagar, the highest-level meeting since the U.S. State Department revoked his visa in 2005 over religious violence in Gujarat. Rights groups and political rivals accuse Modi of failing to protect minority Muslims in the

violence that gripped the state after a train carrying Hindu pilgrims was set on fire. Modi has denied any wrongdoing and a Supreme Court panel absolved him of any responsibility. The Congress may end up with just 89 seats out of the 543 seats, the poll said, losing ground to the BJP in the big heartland states of northern but also southern India where its move to carve up another province has led to a revolt in the party. Its leader Gandhi, the fourth generation member of the long-ruling NehruG a n d h i d y n a s t y, h a s struggled to draw support for the ruling party mired by corruption scandals and paralysis. He has himself seemed distant at times, unsure of how to stop the slide in the 129-year-old party’s fortunes. An anti-graft party that took De l h i b y s t o r m , winning power in a local election in December, will win seven seats in the national election, the survey said, far less than what its supporters are aiming for. Since taking power in Delhi, the Aam Aadmi, or the Common Man’s, Party has faced criticism for pursuing street activism even after coming into government and of making promises it is struggling to keep.

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Friday February 14, 2014

Putin backs Sisi’s ‘run’ for Egyptian presidency Moscow (AFP) - Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday endorsed Egyptian army chief Abdel Fattah alSisi’s undeclared bid to head the strife-torn North African nation as the two leaders negotiated a massive Moscow weapons deal. Sisi came to Moscow with Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy for talks aimed at securing Russian assistance — stagnant since the late Soviet era — that could replace subsiding support from Cairo’s more recent ally Washington. Putin told Sisi that he fully backed Egypt’s new constitution and crucially made no mention of Cairo’s crackdown on protests or the army-backed overthrow in July of Islamist president Mohamed Mursi. “I know that you, mister defence minister, have decided to run for president of Egypt,” Putin told Sisi in televised remarks. “I wish you luck both from myself personally and from the Russian people.” The 59-year-old Egyptian field marshal has not officially declared his presidential ambitions but is overwhelmingly expected to run in elections likely to be held before the end of April. A Kuwaiti newspaper had quoted Sisi as saying last week that he felt obliged “to meet the demands of the

Egyptian people” and run for head of state. The army later denied the report. Sisi and Fahmy had earlier on Thursday met their Russian counterparts to negotiate a $2-billion arms deal the two sides initially discussed in Cairo in November — a month after Washington suspended millions of dollars in assistance to the Egyptian army over Mursi’s ouster. “Our visit offers a new start to the development of military and technological cooperation between Egypt and Russia,” Sisi told Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu. “We hope to speed up this cooperation,” Sisi said. Top officials revealed no details at yesterday’s military discussions while signalling that both sides were interested in the speedy conclusion of a deal. “It was decided to accelerate preparations on an intergovernmental agreement on military and technological cooperation,” a joint statement released by the Russian foreign ministry after the talks said. The head of Russia’s state industrial holding company had said after the Cairo meeting that Moscow was on the verge of reaching a landmark agreement to deliver air defence systems to

Egypt’s army. Rostec chief Sergei Chemezov said on November 18 that “some contracts (with Egypt) have already been signed — particularly one concerning air defence systems.” But he later clarified that he was referring only to a framework deal and not to firm delivery contracts. Moscow’s authoritative Vedomosti business daily on November 15 said the deals under discussion were worth more than $2 billion and could be financed by Saudi Arabia. Some Gulf media have reported that the United Arab Emirates — a strong Egyptian backer since Mursi’s fall — was also ready to fund a part of the purchase. The Soviet Union was the main supplier of arms to Egypt in the 1960s and early 1970s. Cooperation between the two sides dropped after Israel and Egypt signed a peace treaty and Cairo began receiving generous US aid. Russia is now keen to revive those ties and Shoigu made clear yesterday that Moscow fully supported the tough measures taken by Sisi against Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood movement. “We cannot but celebrate the adoption of the new Egyptian constitution,” the Russian defence minister told Sisi.

Al Shabaab car bomb hits U.N. convoy, killing seven Somalis MOGADISHU (Reuters) At least seven Somalis were killed when a remotecontrolled bomb aimed at a United Nations convoy tore through cars and tea shops just outside the capital’s international airport yesterday. Somali Islamist militant group al Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack, which damaged one U.N. vehicle. A U.N. official said none of its staff were hurt. Four men who were part of a private security escort for the U.N. convoy suffered minor injuries, the official said. The Twitter account of the U.N. in Somalia said the four were Somali nationals. The strike, one of several in recent weeks, was a further reminder of the threat still posed by the rebels after African peacekeepers pushed them out of the capital to the south of the country in 2011. Somalia’s fragile government is struggling to impose any sense of order

more than two decades after the fall of dictator Mohamed Siad Barre tipped the country into chaos. “A car laden with explosives was remotely exploded in front of a tea shop just outside the airport,” senior police official Colonel Abdikadir Ahmed said. Apart from the seven people killed, at least 15 were wounded, Ahmed said. It was not clear if that included the Somalis escorting the U.N. convoy. Smoke blanketed the area and charred human remains could be seen near a burnt car, a Reuters photographer said. Ambulances carried away the dead and injured. Al Shabaab said the blast was carried out by a suicide bomber, and that “three U.N. white men” - a reference to foreigners - were killed in the blast along with 13 Somali soldiers guarding the officials. Mogadishu’s heavilyguarded airport, which is often compared to the Green

Zone in Baghdad, has several safety perimeter fences and checkpoints, and houses the newly-built British embassy along with a large U.N. compound. Many diplomats live in Nairobi as it is not safe to stay in Mogadishu, and when they visit Somalia do not venture outside the airport. Gunmen used a car bomb to blow a hole in the U.N. compound’s wall nearby last year and the ensuing firefight killed 22 people, including U.N. staff. One Western diplomat said the nature of the attack showed security remained a major problem in the capital, where al Shabaab the previous night fired mortar rounds at the presidential palace. “It shows (al Shabaab) can strike at will, including right in front of the airport,” the diplomat said of the car bomb. “We expect more attacks.”

Friday February 14, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Amid political turmoil, Thailand’s election body takes centre stage (Reuters) - As Thailand tries to resolve a debilitating political stalemate, five unelected officials have been armed with the power to overrule its government in key areas and chart a route out of the mess left by this month’s disrupted election. For three-and-a-half months, protesters, mostly from Bangkok and the south, have been seeking to overthrow Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and rid the country of the influence of her brother, ousted former premier Thaksin Shinawatra. At the general election on February 2, the protesters disrupted polling or blocked candidates from registering in almost 70 of the 375 voting

constituencies, leaving the new House of Representatives without the required quorum of members. That means Yingluck’s Puea Thai Party government will continue on a caretaker basis, despite almost certainly winning a majority, until elections are held to fill the remaining seats. The resulting stalemate has thrown the spotlight on the five-man Election Commission. The members three former judges, an academic and a former worker at an NGO - now rank among the most powerful individuals in the Southeast Asian nation, a $320 billion economy. The commission’s main

role is to ensure the smooth running of elections in Thailand. But with a caretaker government in Bangkok, its powers range far beyond that. The commission’s approval is necessary for government operations like the allocation of certain funds from the central budget and the reshuffle or transfer of high-ranking officials. A caretaker government is also barred outright from s i g n i n g c o n t r a c t s that commit the incoming government or using “state assets to its electoral advantage”, said Somchai Srisutthiyakorn, a former political science professor at Thammasart University in

PNM anti-crime plan the answer—Rowley Trinidad Guardian People’s National Movement (PNM) leader Dr Keith Rowley is promising the party’s new anti-crime plan, which is almost complete, will bring relief from the crime scourge. Addressing supporters at the Couva Chamber of Commerce building on Tuesday night, Rowley lamented that 63 people had been murdered in six weeks. “It is clear that the government, which came into office to bring us relief on the crime front,” he said, “has tried a number of vaps and vie-kivie and has failed miserably.” He said the PNM was fine-tuning its crime policies and programmes, largely centred on improved management and accountability. “Because from our examination, one of the main failings to the national response to the crime surge is that they have simply directed resources at it, but there are serious gaps in repo r t i n g the accountability and if you rectify that, you would be on the way to ensuring that the resources that you place toward crime-fighting

Dr Keith Rowley and security and insecurity would give you results,” Rowley said. Two weeks ago, he said, Laventille East/Morvant MP Fitzgerald Hinds was in Fairfax County in Virginia, United S t a t e s , w o r k i n g alongside police officers to see exactly how they operated. Although Fairfax County has a population of 1.2 million and the same kinds of problems as T&T, he said they have 1,400 policemen while T&T has 7,000. “And we can’t police Diego Martin and San F e r n a n d o with 7,000 policemen. Something has to be wrong in the way we go

about it, and we are trying to get to the root of that from a management standpoint.” The problem, he said, is that there are no consequences for wrongdoing in T&T. Introducing some members of his slate, he said Hinds, who he removed as a senator, will be contesting the post of youth officer and Jennifer Baptiste-Primus will contest the post of labour relations officer. Responding to racial accusations against him, he recalled that during his tenure as agriculture minister he had managed Caroni (1975) Ltd, which had the largest body of Indo-Trinidadians. He asked his detractors to point him to one instance where he was accused of racial discrimination.

Bangkok who is the most vocal of the five members. “There are substantial limitations to what it can do,” he told Reuters in an interview. Some government supporters have said the commission has too much power and has tended to side with the Bangkok elite, fierce enemies of the Shinawatra clan. “Somchai should be focused on the election but many times his standpoint has swayed towards the protesters or the opposition Democrat Party,” said Anusorn Iam-sard, deputy spokesman for Yingluck’s Puea Thai Party. “We believe that if we amend the constitution then we should amend the powers of the commission but the problem we have now is that the election commission is not doing its job.” Somchai has denied that he is biased, but warns that a protracted stand-off between the government and its opponents was “impractical” and would drag on Thailand’s economy. The central bank, which has been cutting its growth forecasts since the protests began in November, has expressed similar concerns. “We can’t wait six months... there needs to be pressure to make the government resign or talks between the two sides,” Somchai said, speaking in his office at a university campus 50 km (30 miles) outside Bangkok, where the commmissioners have been meeting daily since the poll. The current unrest, in which 11 people have been killed and hundreds injured, was sparked by a nowshelved amnesty bill that would have allowed Thaksin

to return home without serving a two-year jail sentence handed down in 2008 for graft. The bill was ultimately withdrawn but protests against it turned into a larger anti-government movement that has broadly pitted the Bangkok middle classes and royalist establishment against the Shinawatras’ mainly rural supporters in the north and northeast. The commission had made it clear it did not want the February 2 poll to go ahead, arguing it should have been postponed due to the violence and instability. On Tuesday, it said it would try to complete voting in late April, despite raising concerns that it did not think the election would be a success. In recent days, the commission has been locked in a public dispute with the government over who has the authority to call the elections to the rest of the seats and whether the polling date has to be endorsed by the king. Somchai said the election was a secondary issue compared with Thailand’s seemingly intractable political divisions. “The que s t i o n i s n ’ t about who calls a fresh election, that is a minor issue, the real question is: Can elections even be held?” he said. “Bangkok isn’t so much an issue but protesters in the south really don’t want an election and will do everything in their power to

s t o p i t , ” s a i d S o m c hai, adding that he did not think the vote would yield the 475 seats needed to convene parliament. Besides the 375 elected members, Thailand’s laws give political parties an additional 125 seats in the House of Representatives, according to the percentage of votes they win. Commissioners are appointed by the Senate, the upper house which is seen as conservativ e - l e a n i n g o n account of its half-elected, h a l f - a p p o i n t e d composition. Charged with preventing electoral a b u s e s, the commission controls every aspect of poll organisation, policing the electoral process and interpreting a constitution drawn up in 2007 that aimed at neutralising Thaksin. “The 2007 Constitution was designed after the 2006 coup that kicked out Thaksin by his enemies so, in essence, it is there to counteract his influence and that of his parties,” said Boonyakiat Karavekphan, a political analyst at Ramkamhaeng University in Bangkok. Somchai himself has also faced criticism after being photographed at the demonstrations which are still blocking parts of Bangkok. “I’m not on one side or the other,” he said in the interview. “I happen to live by a protest site and the protesters like to take their photograph with me so I oblige.”

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Friday February 14, 2014

Venezuela seeks protest leader’s arrest after unrest kills three CARACAS (Reuters) - A Venezuelan court ordered the arrest yesterday of opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez on charges including murder and terrorism linked to street protests that resulted in the deaths of three people the day before. Using a slogan “The Exit”, the U.S.-educated Lopez has for two weeks helped organize sporadic demonstrations around the country to denounce President Nicolas Maduro for failing to control inflation, crime and product shortages. The president accuses him of sowing violence to try to stage a coup similar to the one 12 years ago that briefly ousted late socialist leader Hugo Chavez, though there is little indication that the protests could topple Maduro. “Without a doubt, the violence was created by small groups coordinated, exalted and financed by Leopoldo Lopez,” said Jorge Rodriguez, a leader of the ruling Socialist Party and mayor of the Caracas area where Wednesday’s biggest marches took place. Shortly before a Caracas court upheld a request from the Public Prosecutor’s Office to order Lopez’s arrest, the opposition leader blamed armed government supporters for firing on peaceful protesters. “The government is playing the violence card, and not for the first time. They’re

Leopoldo Lopez

Nicolas Maduro

blaming me without any proof ... I have a clear conscience because we called for peace,” Lopez told Reuters. “We won’t retreat and we can’t retreat because this is about our future, about our children, about millions of people.” Yesterday, Lopez was with his lawyers at his home in the same wealthy eastern district of Chacao where he was once mayor, his Popular Will political party said. Police briefly visited the party’s headquarters, witnesses said, but then departed. With many Caracas residents staying at home on Thursday, there were sporadic student protests around the city. Some students blocked streets and burned tires. “We want solutions to problems, not endless confrontation and violence,” said student Manuel Armas,

19, outside the Alejandro Humboldt University, where around 200 protesters waved banners saying “No More Blood”. Students were also in the streets in western Andean regions, where there have been violent clashes in recent days. Coming almost a year after the death of Chavez, the unrest has been the latest demonstration of the OPEC nation’s polarization and the mutual mistrust between both political camps. Wednesday’s fatalities included two students and a community activist from a militantly pro-government neighborhood in the poor west end of Caracas. Each side blamed the other in often virulent exchanges via Twitter, the country’s preferred social network.

Finland donates 5 million Euros for trade projects HELSINKI, Finland - CMC – Finland says it will donate 5 m i l l i o n Euros to the European Union’s Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) Multi-donor Trust Fund to support EIF activities in leastdeveloped countries (LDCs), including the Caribbean, for the period 2014-2015. “With this contribution, Finland continues its strong support to LDCs in their efforts to integrate into the global economy and to fight poverty through trade” said Alexander Stubb, Minister for E u r o p e a n Aff a i r s a n d Foreign Trade. He emphasized that the successful outcome at the ninth World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference in Bali, Indonesia, was of particular value to small countries, “as it strengthens the multilateral

trading system.” “The EIF can play a strong role in supporting LDCs to fully participate and benefit from multilateral trade agreements”, Stubb said. “We greatly appreciate the strong support that Finland has provided to the EIF since the start of the programme”, said Dr Ratnakar Adhikari, the EIF’s executive director. The European Union (EU) said Finland has been a “long-standing and active partner” of the EIF, a multidonor programme that supports LDCs to be more active players in the global trading system by helping them tackle supply-side constraints to trade. The latest contribution adds to the over 6.5 million Euros that Finland has already donated to the EIF since its inception.

Friday February 14, 2014

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Eyes on Young Tiger as U-19 WC... From page 58 from practice ahead of the tournament proper. Chanderpaul Jr, too, had a good workout in the warmups, scoring 62 against New Zealand. Apart from him, West Indies have Shimron Hetmyer and Jeremy Solozano, two southpaws, Ramaal Lewis, an offspinner and the captain of the team, and Jerome Jones, the left-arm medium pacer – all of who have impressed in the recent past. But West Indies, who had an extended nets session on Thursday, come into the tournament after

l o s i n g t o Bangladesh at home and being forced to leave Chittagong after one game because of a bomb explosion close to their hotel in early December. Compared to them, South Africa have a more settled look about them. The batting abilities of Fortuin and the others is well backed up by a strong bowling unit including Kagiso Rabada, Yaseen Valli, Jason Dill and Bradley Dial, who joined the side as a replacement for Dayyaan Galiem, the seamer, who left for home after the first practice match

against Namibia due to a knee injury. But despite the bigger contest and the other proven performers in their ranks, it be will hard for Chanderpaul Jr and Fortuin to stay away from the spotlight for long. While the world’s eyes will be on how they build their careers, they would be more than eager to get their teams off to a winning start. A defeat first up, however, won’t make their stories any less intriguing. West Indies U-19: Ramaal Lewis (capt), Nicolas Pooran, Jonathan Drakes, Fabian Allen, Tagenarine

Friday Febraury 14, 2014 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) Working at home might be the answer for you today, Aries. You could be physically and mentally worn out from working too hard, but you still have important tasks to complete. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) News you may receive about your place of business or the people you work for might bring up some doubts about your future in this organization, Taurus. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Paperwork involving money might seem a bit overwhelming today, Gemini, and you might ask a friend for advice or assistance. CANCER (June 21–July 22) Some rather tedious and boring paperwork you have to handle for your business might be a pain in the neck now, Cancer, but it should bring a lot of benefits to you later. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Books, lectures, and other sources of information regarding spiritual, metaphysical, or religious matters could have your mind spinning, Leo. What you read or hear is likely to be fascinating, but you might be too overwhelmed to make sense of it right now. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) A goal related to business or finance that is very important to you could require you to pay a lot of attention to paperwork today, Virgo. You're likely to spend most of the day on it since a deadline may be involved.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) The establishment of a new business partnership could require a lot of paperwork today, Libra. It might be really tedious trying to make sense of all the jargon involved, but it's important to you, so you're likely to be more persistent than usual. Someone more familiar with these matters could explain the ins and outs to you. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Legal documents that concern your business may need to be executed today, Scorpio. There might be a lot of paper to wade through, not to mention jargon that appears indecipherable. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) Today you might consider making an investment of time, energy, and perhaps a little money in a creative project of some kind, Sagittarius. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) Visitors might come to your home today to discuss business of some kind, Capricorn, perhaps job related, perhaps about an enterprise you're developing on your own. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) A rush of excess ambition could cause you to channel a lot of your physical and mental energy into whatever work you're doing right now, Aquarius. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) An upcoming visit from someone close may have you working overtime in order to fix up your house, Pisces. Therefore, you could be tempted to go crazy buying decorative items.

Chanderpaul, Bryan Charles, Tristan Coleman, Shimron Hetmyer, Jerome Jones, Ray Jordan, Brandon King, Preston McSween, Marquino Mindley, Gudakesh Motie, Jeremy Solozano. South Africa U-19: Aiden Markram (capt), Bradley Bopp, Corbin Bosch, Dirk Bruwer, Kirwin Christoffels, Bradley Dial, Justin Dill, Clyde Fortuin, Sibonelo Makhanya, Greg Oldfield, Andile Phehlukwayo, Kagiso Rabada, Jason Smith, Yaseen Valli, Ngazibini Sigwili. Other matches today Canada U-19 v Zimbabwe U19 in Abu Dhabi; United Arab Emirates U-19 v England U19 in Abu Dhabi; New Zealand U-19 v Sri Lanka U19 in Sharjah. (Wisden India)

Corporate sponsors on board for NA Rotary Club T20 tourney A number of prominent sponsors have joined hands with the Rotary Club of New Amsterdam for their grand one-day T20 cricket competition which is slated for this Sunday at the Cumberland Playfield beginning at 09:00hrs. The event will feature Albion Cricket Club, Rose Hall Town Gizmos and Gadgets, Young Warriors and De Edward Cricket Club of West Berbice. Sponsors on board are Ansa Mcal, The Trophy Stall, J’s Printery, Universal DVD,

Ainlim, Nand Persaud and Company, A. Ally and Sons, Danzie’s Auto Sales, RHTY&SC, St Francis Community Developers (SFCD) and Sukhpaul’s Business Enterprise among others. The day’s events are expected to be fun filled and will see various added attractions featuring performances from the Children Mashramani competition among the performers. This fund raising activity has been organised to garner funds for the club’s 2014 programme which includes a number of community related projects. Rotary has always been in the forefront of community activities and has completed a number of projects over the years, all in the interest of benefiting humanity. Popular sound systems will be on hand to entertain along with food bars, games, giveaways and many more attractions. Persons interested in becoming sponsors or acquiring games and food rights or having an interest in the event can contact the Club President or Secretary on 333 3115 or 333 2751.

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Friday February 14, 2014

LDIMAA conducts successful Martial The first ever tie in Winter Olympic history as skiers Arts workshop in Suriname share gold in Sochi

Students of the Shuriken Karate School and LDIMAA display their certificates after the workshop in Suriname. Members of the Little Diamond International Martial Arts Academy (LDIMAA) recently conducted a successful workshop in Suriname (January 27-31) for the senior students of the Shuriken Karate School which is an affiliated member of the LDIMAA. Shihan Nazim Yassin headed the local contingent which included Kelvin Walcott, Marline Sukhnarain, Wazim Karim, Maranda Bennett, Joshua Bascombe, Christian Freeman and Marcell Yassim. Yassin told Kaieteur Sport that the students in Suriname are very committed, adding that he was impressed with their high level of discipline. The Surinamese are expected to visit Guyana in

August for the LDIMAA International tournament while the locals will return in September for another competition. In April, Yassim will conduct a workshop for his students (6 to 16 yearsold) who will be preparing for the Guyana Junior National Karate Championships in May. Meanwhile, several students of the LDIMAA have just completed their exams, moving up various levels. Three students have graduated from 2nd KYU Brown to 1st KYU Brown belt and four from 1st KYU Brown to Shodan (1st Dan Black belt). The outstanding students for Black Belt are: Omesh Jankie (Covent Garden) with 96.9 %, Parsuram Arjune (Wales)

who gained 96.2 % and Kelvin Walcott and Nazir Hassan (Enmore). These are the first set of students to have reached the Shodan level (1st Dan Black belt) from the Academy. The outstanding Brown belt students are Tadious Edun and Marcell Yassim of Wales and Marlon Ignatius of Parfaite Harmony. In 2013, students of the Academy successfully completed two exams and training camps and also took part in an International tournament, winning 41 medals, 13 gold, 16 silver, 11 bronze with one grand champion). The LDIMAA had nine Hall of Fame awards while the Master Instructor of the Year and Founder System Award went to Shihan Nazim Yassim.

Marcell Yassim and Nowieldath Khedoe also received prizes for their contribution to the sport. Students of the Year awards were presented to Omesh Jankie, Parsuram Arjune and Lorenzo Khedoe while the Parent of the Year prize was awarded to Michael Chotoo of Wales. Yassim stated that he is very happy with the progress the Academy has made over the past year and informed that they started a new branch in Parfaite Harmony. He said that he is hoping to open schools on the East and West Coast of Demerara. “Martial Arts is not only a sport but a way of life and it is one way I can give back to my country”, he added. He also expressed gratitude to the supporters of the Academy.

Jamaica bolsters future with strong schedule Miami - Captain Horace Burrell, President of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF), believes that upcoming friendly international matches against Switzerland and France will provide tough examinations of the Reggae Boyz. Jamaica (ranked 81st by FIFA) has set dates with Switzerland (ranked eighth) in Lucerne on May 30, and nine days later against 1998 World Cup host and champion France (20th) in Lille. Both France and Switzerland will play in Group E at 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, along with Ecuador and CONCACAF’s Honduras. “These teams are considered giants of

European football and are both going to the World Cup, therefore we expect that our Boyz will be severely tested,” Burrell told “Both teams have world-class players, but so do I expect that these match-ups will test not only our Boyz, but also the Swiss and the French as they go into their final phase of preparation before heading off to Brazil.” In their only previous meeting – a friendly — Switzerland defeated the Jamaicans, 2-0, on March 22, 2007, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Burrell, also a CONCACAF Vice-President, said both games — along with two others confirmed

against Caribbean neighbors Barbados (March 2) and Grenada (March 5) — will go a long way in preparing the Boyz for Caribbean Cup play later this year. “Our football is in a major preparation mode,” Burrell reasoned. “First of all, we are looking immediately for the Caribbean play-offs, which is a qualifier for the CONCACAF Gold Cup. “And of course the Gold Cup is a major priority for us. But critically for us also is that all of these games, plus others we will be pursuing to land, are ultimately aimed at aiding our road to Russia 2018 campaign.” Jamaica finished last in the CONCACAF Hexagonal with five points from 10

matches. With three more windows allotted for FIFA friendly matches in 2014 after March 5 — September 1-9, October 6-14 and November 10-18 — Burrell intends to make the most of each date. “Already we have opened discussions with our counterparts to have matches for those dates,” Burrell added. “The plan is to take full advantage of all available windows and any opportunities between. “We have a new coach who we intend to give every opportunity to establish and shape his team for Russia, and one of the ways to do that, is to give him as many games as possible to see players in different conditions.”

Astonishingly, an Olympic gold medal was awarded to two women on Wednesday, as Switzerland’s Dominique Gisin and Tina Maze, from Slovenia, recorded the identical time of 1min 41.57 secs, with another Swiss, Lara Gut, winning bronze. GB’s Chemmy Alcott finished 1.86 seconds behind the winners. In fact, it is a worthless, irrelevant statistic. Her triumph was to be in the start gate. Her courage was to get down at a competitive speed. Her reward was to offer us all one, final reminder of the skier and warrior she has been as the lone standard bearer of British skiing at world-class level. ‘I was loose as a goose,’ smiled Alcott. She spun to a halt at the end of her final Olympic Downhill race and punched the air, once, twice, three times, as adrenalin coursed through her veins at lunch time on Wednesday. The fastest, bravest, and unluckiest female skier in British history had defied medical science to make it her fourth Winter Olympics. And her reaction to finishing 19th in the Ladies Olympic Downhill, on a treacherous piste, having barely raced since she broke her leg in August, was a justifiable celebration of her fortitude. At 31, Alcott had no right to deliver such a compelling narrative here in the Krasnaya Polyana Mountains that rise above this Black Sea resort. Over the years, she has sustained 42 bone breaks; and she has had four career-threatening operations. She has also had her funding withdrawn when it was decided to divert money into the hip, new

freestyle programme which was rewarded with an Olympic bronze medal from Jenny Jones in the Snowboard Slopestyle competition on Sunday. She responded with all guns blazing - as she has always done since making her Olympic entrance in Salt Lake City 12 years ago. Alcott risked being mocked for participating in Dancing on Ice on ITV, but she felt a need to earn an appearance fee, and raise her profile. She rents out a spare room in the home she shares, close to Hampton Court, with her fiancé, Dougie Crawford, and she blitzed corporations with cold-calls that had ceased to embarrass her long ago. Last October she h o s t e d a f u n d - r a i s e r, assisted by Olympic champions Amy Williams and Pete Reed, which improved her bank balance by £40,000. That enabled her to pay to train with the Norwegian team in December. Even then Alcott needed to make a lastminute, emotional written plea to the national skiing performance director last month after poor weather cancelled races in Cortina, in Italy, which prevented her from proving she was up to speed. On Wednesday, Alcott fully vindicated the faith placed in her by the British selectors. At the time, she told me: ‘Every other time I have made the criteria and injury free. I had to really fight for my place. It feels great – especially to be part of this Olympic team. (Mailonline)

Slovenia’s Tina Maze (right) and Switzerland’s Dominique Gisin shared gold in the downhill skiing

Friday February 14, 2014

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Hits and Jams to host Day of Sports Sunday

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Irshad Mohamed is Guyana Chess Federation President

- to launch HJ Sports later this year

From left, Entertainers, Rawle Ferguson, Christine Gooding, Kerwin Bollers and Athletic Coach, Lyndon Wilson share a light moment during yesterday’s official media briefing on the Hits and Jams Entertainment Day of Fun and Sports. By Edison Jefford Renowned local Entertainment Company, Hits and Jams Entertainment owners of Hits and Jams Television, 94.1 Boom FM and Fusion Audio, will roll back the years when they were athletes in Guyana on Sunday with a Day of Sports and Fun at Eve Leary. The event, which evolved from a personal challenge between Entertainers, Rawle Ferguson and Kerwin Bollers, will also include other Entertainers, DJs, Promoters and the media, who will all compete in sport events at the Police Sports Club Ground. Ferguson, who was a former National Schools’ Champion and Bollers, who grew up around the Atoms Athletics Club, had challenged each other to a street race some time ago; but the debate as to who is faster over 100m could not be contained to the streets. As a result, the Entertainers decided to do what they know best: add entertainment features to the rivalry, invite other promoters, entertainers and media, for what is expected to be a pulsating day of sports and entertainment, albeit consisting of a serious purpose.

“This is the Entertainers promoting health and fitness and a healthy lifestyle. We decided to get the media involved because they play such an important role in putting the word out there; we’re definitely ready for Sunday,” Bollers told the media yesterday. The featured race of the novelty events will include Bollers, Ferguson, DJ Casual, Malcolm Ferreira and other radio and TV hosts in a 100m showpiece. There will be similar races for female radio personalities, promoters, sports media among other categories. “Rawle is not going to intimidate me,” Bollers said jokingly, while on the more serious note, he said that the event is geared at giving athletics the prominence that it deserves in Guyana; he said that there is no reason for athletics to be on the back seat in Guyana. “We want to see athletics go back to where it supposed to be. We’ve spoken to some people and we want people to go back to athletics,” Bollers said, adding that athletics deserves the same kind of support like cricket and football. Ferguson indicated that the HJ team wants to lend its

voice to athletics in Guyana, and as such, it decided to start in a fun way. Ferguson noted that Sunday’s event is an introduction into a serious programme to assist with the development of athletics in Guyana. “We had an opportunity to go to Nationals (School Championships) and definitely there is more work to be done,” Ferguson said, adding that they have decided to get everyone involved in this first effort to push toward a more serious approach in the future. Police Progressive Youth Club Coach, Lyndon Wilson believes that the initiative is a “wonderful venture” and it is “great to know that HJ is showing an interest in athletics”. Wilson informed the media that though it is a novelty event, all the right procedures for track and field will be adhered to in accordance with athletic rules. Ferguson said that all proceeds from the drinks bars will go toward the Keem Foundation and the Mercury Fast Laners Athletics Club. In addition, he said that admission is free while encouraging families to come out and enjoy the Fun Day setting on Sunday.

GVF AGM set for tomorrow The Guyana Volleyball Federation (GVF) is set to host its Annual General Meeting (AGM) tomorrow Saturday from 14:00hrs at the Guyana Defence Force, Coast Guard base, Ruimveldt, Georgetown. All relevant persons are asked to take note and make

a very special effort to attend this very important meeting. Persons are asked to be seated at least 15 minutes prior to the schedule start of the meeting. It is expected that a new President will be elected since current President Lenox Shuffler who has been at the

helm for three terms and involved the sport for 62 years will not be seeking reelection. Shuffler has been instrumental in maintaining the vibrancy in the sport in the country’s capital and beyond and is highly respected by his peers.

New President of the Guyana Chess Federation Irshad Mohamed (seated centre) with members of his executive after last Sunday’s AGM. Guyana’s lone national arbiter Irshad Mohamed was voted in as the new President of the Guyana Chess Federation (GCF) on Sunday last when the local governing body held their elections of office bearers. Mohamed replaced fellow businessman Shiv Nandalall, who did not seek re-election after serving two consecutive terms at the helm. Nandalall had taken over from veteran chess player and columnist Errol Tiwari, who was elected to head the GCF when it was resuscitated back in 2008 after

almost two decades of dormancy. After being elected on Sunday, Mohamed said his priority is the development of the sport among youths. “We want to tap into the schools and focus more on the growth and development of the game among the youth population,” he stated. Mohamed is also keen on having Guyana compete at the Olympiad in Norway in August, as well as when the GCF hosts the CARICOM championship later this year. The new GCF boss called

on his executives to work in the best interest of the game’s development, while he urged stakeholders to play their part in ensuring progress is made during his tenure. The other members of the executive are: George Vaughn (Treasurer), Wendell Meusa (Chess Trainer), Ronuel Greenidge (Secretary) and Wayne Browne who will be in charge of Fund Raising activities. Committee Members are Krishnanand Raghunanand, Maria Thomas and Ryan Singh.

BCB 75th Anniversary Committee pays courtesy call to Minister Anthony A three man committee of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) 75th Anniversary Committee led by Chairman Hilbert Foster on Friday last paid a courtesy call to Minister of Sports, Dr. Frank Anthony at his Main Street, Georgetown office. The other members of the committee were former President of the BCB, Malcolm Peters and Guyana and West Indies Legend, Basil Butcher. The delegation informed the Minister of the BCB’s plans for the observance of their Diamond Jubilee anniversary which would be throughout the year. Minister Anthony congratulated the BCB on their stewardship of the game

in the Ancient County and pledged the cooperation of his Ministry towards making the anniversary celebrations a success; committing to providing funds for the Golden Jubilee Dinner and Exhibition. The BCB was requested to provide a photograph of Mr. Rohan Kanhai to prepare his portrait as the greatest cricketer produced by Berbice. The Ministry of Sport would also provide some trophies for the Annual Awards ceremony scheduled for March 16, while the Board also sought the cooperation of the Ministry to organise an evening of music for the expected overseas visitors. Plans are in the pipeline to have Dr. Clem Seecharran,

a United Kingdom based Guyanese cricket expert, to deliver a lecture on Berbice cricket. Minister Anthony also promised to cooperate with the BCB to secure sponsorship for a three-day cricket tournament as the entity strives to expose its younger players to the longer version of the game. Foster expressed gratitude to Minister Anthony on behalf of the Anniversary Committee which is expected to meet with Minister of Tourism Irfaan Ally, shortly. The BCB has said that in this anniversary year they will be hosting at least 20 cricket tournaments at all levels and fifty major programmes/ activities.

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Friday February 14, 2014

Barbados trounce Guyana Malta Supreme by 7 wickets By Sean Devers in Trinidad In Association with Digicel, Carib Beer, Giftland Office Max, Payless Variety Store & Leisure Inn & Car Rentals In 2010, at the same venue Guyana squeezed past Barbados in the Caribbean T20 final to qualify for the Champions League in South Africa after the Bajans seemingly had the contest all but wrapped-up. But last night they did not make the mistake of letting victory slip through their fingers again. Guyana, without Paul Wintz and Shiv Chanderpaul due to bouts of ‘flu’ lost to Barbados by seven wickets in their NAGICO Regional Super50 semi-final at the Queens Park Oval as the Bajans advanced to the final where they will oppose hosts Trinidad and Tobago, tomorrow. Not even a promise by the Honorary Consul of the Guyana Consulate in Trinidad and Tobago Ernie Ross of an incentive of US $10,000 for a Guyana win could motivate the Guyanese to a winning performance. A further US $1,500 was up for grabs if a Guyanese won the Man-of-Match. Dwayne Smith eventually got that award. The Guyanese were on the ropes early in the fight before recovering from 26-4 to reach a challenging 181 all out off 48.4 overs. Narsingh Deonarine returned to form with a courageous 58 and got some support from Christopher Barnwell (37) and Anthony Bramble (34).West Indies pacer Fidel Edwards (416) and Jason Holder (2-35)

- face T&T in tomorrow’s final bowled impressively for Barbados on an under prepared track. Barbados in reply were spearheaded to 182-3 in 46 overs with a savage 37-ball 61 from the 30-year-old Dwayne Smith who equaled his own record of the fastest 50 in Regional 50 over cricket (33balls). He was well supported by 21-year-old test batsman Kraigg Braithwaite who made a carefully constructed 55 from 122 balls with five fours and Kenroy Williams (40*). Left-arm spinner Veerasammy Permaul took 2-44 for the depleted Guyanese. Guyana won the toss and elected to bat on a dry track in brilliant sunshine and Trevon Griffith seemed fortunate to survive a confident LBW appeal off Edwards off the first ball of the contest. Griffith (7) failed to capitalize on his luck and after punching a free-hit from Holder for four, he fended a short lifting delivery from Edwards to short mid-wicket to leave Guyana on 10-1. Ramnaresh Sarwan, the leading run scorer in the tournament, was LBW for a duck to Edwards at 15-2 but television replay confirmed the ball was missing leg stump. Leon Johnson joined Assad Fudadin and the pair took the score to 22 before Fudadin (4) tried to steer a wide ball from the lively Edwards and edged a catch to Suleiman Benn at second slip. Johnson is among the most accomplished batsmen

in Guyana and has been enjoying a good tournament so far. Watched by a small crowd of mostly Guyanese supporters, Johnson pulled Holder disdainfully to the square-leg boundary but Holder got the last laugh when he trapped the lefthander LBW for seven at 264. Deonarine, who scored Guyana’s last ton at this level in 2009 against Barbados, and his skipper Barnwell tried to repair the early damage with Barnwell nonchalantly stroking Holder back past his ankle for four. Deonarine, one of four players to be dropped from the West Indies team to face Ireland, was struck on his helmet by Carlos Braithwaite with a wicked bouncer as he fended ungainly on a track which offered assistance to both spin and pace. The left hander responded with a thumping four over mid-off when Braithwaite pitched up and the 50 was posted in 16.4 overs. Spinners Benn and Ashley Nurse operated in tandem and they both extracted prodigious turn. However, Barnwell counter attacked and clobbered off-spinner Nurse on the top deck of the Brian Lara pavilion to bring up the 50 partnership while Deonarine’s confidence increased as his innings progressed. He dispatched Nurse to the square-leg boundary with a magnificent sweep shot as he and Barnwell brought hope to the Guyana camp. But

Chanderpaul to play in Lord’s bicentenary game London, England – Guyana and Derbyshire batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul is among the latest top names from world cricket to take their place in a match to mark the bicentenary celebrations of Lord’s. Paul Collingwood, Yuvraj Singh and Virender Sehwag have also been confirmed for the MCC v Rest of the World match at Lord’s on Saturday, July 5. The MCC XI will be captained by Sachin Tendulkar and also includes Rahul Dravid, while the Rest of the World side will be led by Shane Warne. MCC President Mike Gatting will Manage the MCC XI and the Rest of the World

XI will be Managed by exSouth Africa all-rounder and MCC World Cricket committee member Shaun Pollock. Chanderpaul, the veteran of 153 Tests for West Indies, earned his place on the Lord’s honours board in 2004 with his 128 not out against England. “With cricketers from E n g l a n d , We s t I n d i e s , Australia and India now on board for this historic match, it helps to demonstrate the standing both Lord’s Cricket Ground and MCC have throughout the cricketing world,” said Gatting. The showpiece match falls on a blank day in Derbyshire’s fixture list. (Derby Telegraph)

Kraigg Brathwaithe

just when he seemed set for a big score Barnwell (37) lofted Kenroy Williams high into the air for Holder to take a running catch. Barnwell struck four fours and six and faced 54 balls. Royston Crandon joined Deonarine at 91-5 but was completely mesmerized by Benn. Crandon was dropped by the ‘keeper first ball with one that ‘turned square’ before being completely befuddled by an arm-ball and was struck plumb in front before he had scored as Guyana lost two wickets for no run. Deonarine flicked Smith to the fine leg boundary and got good support from wicketkeeper Bramble who pulled Smith for four. Deonarine, in his 54th Regional 50 overs game for Guyana soon got to his tenth half century at this level and celebrated with a well timed cut for four. Bramble backed away and smashed Brathwaite over mid-off for

four as the partnership flourished on the lightening fast ‘Oval’ sward. Deonarine then cut Holder to point to end his fighting knock and leave Guyana on 146-7. His 58 took 108 balls and was decorated with seven fours and his partnership with Bramble was 55. Bramble took on the responsibility of senior batsman and the Berbician used his feet to dump Benn over long-off for six. He and Permaul took their team to 159-7 off 45 overs when rain stopped play at 17:07hrs. When play resumed 23 minutes later, Permaul hit Benn for a six over mid-wicket and Bramble square drove the left-arm spinner for four before Permaul pulled a full toss from Holder into the stand as the Guyanese stepped on the gas. Bramble (34) was run out at 181-8, Permaul (19) was run out next ball and Edwards had Beaton (0) caught by Benn,

as the last three Guyana wickets tumbled for no run. When Barbados began their run-chase, Smith took three boundaries off Ronsford Beaton and when Permaul was introduced he pounced on him with a brutal exhibition of power-hitting, hammering the spinner for consecutive fours before clobbering him for a six in his first over which cost 16 runs. Brathwaite batted with lots of common sense and was the silent partner as Smith went on a rampage on the slow track. Devendra Bishoo was introduced in the ninth over and it made little difference to Smith who swept him for four and a massive six to silence the Guyanese supporters. The pugnacious Smith hit Permaul for his third six to gallop to his 50 from just 33 balls. Permaul made the breakthrough when he had the dangerous Smith LBW at 81-1 but by then the Guyanese were looking a deflated bunch of players. Kevin Stout (1) was caught and bowled by Permaul and all of a sudden Guyana were back in the game with Barbados on 83-2 but Bishoo eased the pressure with a short ball which Brathwaite rocked and caressed majestically to the cover boundary. Jonathon Carter, one of three batsmen with a ton in this tournament, joined Braithwaite but did not last long; pushing forward to Bishoo, he was surprisingly given LBW for nine at 110-3. But Williams, who hit two fours and a six in his unbeaten 40 and the solid Braithwaite, who registered his maiden 50 overs fifty from 113 balls with five fours, ensured their team got the victory with a sensible batting display, adding 72 in an unbroken fourth wicket stand.

Port Mourant Cricket Club elects new executive body

Shivnarine Chanderpaul

Port Mourant Cricket Club (PMCC), which was once one of the leading clubs in Guyana and on a mission to get back to the top of the ladder of the country, recently held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Port Mourant Community Centre, Corentyne. At the end of the process, businessman Vicram Suebarran was elected the New President with former President Gregory Persaud now the Vice President, replacing Satynand

Persaud. Past Secretary Godwyn Allicock was returned. The new Treasurer is Andrew Rahaman with his new Assistant Secretary/ Treasurer being Mahendra Ramdihal. PMCC is presently at the reorganizing stage after enduring a lean period over the past few years. Among some of the players the club has produced are former West Indies Test players Basil Butcher, Alvin Kallicharran, Rohan Kanhai, Joe Solomon,

John Trim, Ivan Madray and Mahendra Nagamootoo. Some other players of prominence from the club are Romain, Reginald and Tyrone Etwaroo, Dereck and Stanley Kallicharran, siblings of Alvin, former West Indies and Guyana Under-19 Captain Andre Percival, who won the tournament thrice for Guyana, Vishal Nagamootoo and the Fingal brothers Robert and David among others. The new executive body has endeavored to take the club back to its glory days.

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Friday February 14, 2014

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Fitness Express/GABBFF Novice Milo / Petra Organisation on March 1 at Theatre Guild Schools Football Competition Eight matches set for the weekend Four matches will highlight the start of this y e a r ’s M i l o / P e t r a Organisation Schools Football Competition which opens tomorrow, at the Ministry of Education ground, Carifesta Avenue.

In the first game, at 11:00hrs, Cummings Lodge takes on Dolpin and that will be followed by the clash between Bishop’s High and St Mary’s from 12:30 hrs. Freeburg takes on Tucville in the third game of

the day with the final encounter pitting Charlestown against St. Joseph’s High at 15:30 hrs. Then on Sunday, five more matches are slated, beginning from 11:00 hrs, at the same venue.

Owner/Manager of Fitness Express Jamie Mc Donald (right) hands over the cheque to GABBFF Organising Secretary Videsh Sookram Fitness Express, specialists in health and fitness products has once again undertaken the responsibility of sponsoring the Guyana Amateur Body Building and Fitness Federation Novice Championships which is set for Saturday March 1, 2014 at the Theatre Guild Playhouse, Kingston, Georgetown. This marks the fourth consecutive year that Owner/Manager of Fitness Express Jamie Mc Donald has associated his company with the GABBFF competition which will showcase young and emerging talent in the sport. Mc Donald, in handing over the sponsorship cheque to GABBFF Organising Secretary Videsh Sookram at

the entity’s 47 John and Sheriff Streets premises reminded that despite being a fairly new business, they have been investing in a major way in Guyana’s sports development. The contribution will cover all trophies for the competition while the company will also be presenting supplement hampers to some of the outstanding performers on the night. “We are once again very pleased to be associated with the development of body building in Guyana. This is a task we have committed to ever since opening business here and we will continue to be associated with the sport. We’ve supported every

activity relating to the sport and are very proud of the achievements of our athletes.” Mc Donald also hinted that Fitness Express would also be supporting the Hugh Ross Classic which is set for March 29 in major way. Sookram thanked McDonald for his company’s continued partnership with the national body and the support for the sport overall. He informed that over 25 athletes have signed up so far for the competition coming from gyms in Berbice, East Bank, West Bank and Georgetown. Admission to the Theatre Guild on Saturday March 1st is $1500 with muscle flexing set to start at 19:00hrs.

Scotia Bank Kiddy Cricket - E’bo Coast

Fisher beat Sparta by 24 runs in final By Zaheer Mohamed Fisher Primary defeated Sparta Primary by 24 runs to win the final of the Scotia Bank nationwide Kiddy cricket competition yesterday on the Essequibo Coast. Sparta batting first posted 129-5 in 10 overs at the lush green Imam Bacchus ground, Affiance. Kamesh Lall made 12 while extras led with a healthy 22. Chetram Seurattan claimed two wickets. Fisher replied with 153-8 in their 10 overs. Silvan Williams topped with 29, Saeed Hakh supported with 15 and Mark Williams 11 while extras contributed 22. Simran Mahadeo took 2 wickets. In the first semi final, Sparta thumped Capoey Primary by 23 runs. Capoey took first strike and

managed 163-4 off 10 overs, extras top scored with 22. Sparta responded with 186-4 in their 10 overs. Sheldon Charles made 29, De Andre Alphonso 18 and Parvesh Dhanraj 12; extras chipped in with 30. Fisher overcame Mainstay by 65 runs in the second semi final. Mainstay made 126-6 in 10 overs, batting first. Extras led with 36. Chatram Seurattan took scalps. Fisher responded with 191-4 in 10 overs. Saeed Hakh 17, Mark Williams 14, Adrian Aurthur 14, Silvan Williams 12 and Alicia Roberts 10 were the main batters. Better Hope Primary went down to Fisher by 65 runs in the preliminary round which was contested earlier. Better Hope

scored 126-4 in 10 overs after taking first strike. Quincy Hartman made 11 while extras contributed 16. Silvon Williams grabbed two wickets. Fisher responded with 191-4 in 10 overs. Darindra Narine and Saeed Hakh led with 17 each, Mark Wi l l i a m s a n d A d r i a n Aurthur made 14 apiece and Omadavi Goberdhan 12. Extras made a vital contribution with 34. Capoey hammered Bethany by 57 runs. Capoey posted 171-6 in 10 overs, batting first with 46 extras. Bethany mustered 114 in 10 overs, losing by 10 wickets in the process. Extras led with 40. Fisher and Sparta have qualified for the County playoffs.

Benjamin Sports Store cycle race now a 50-mile event Monday February 24 is the date for a special cycle road race sponsored by overseas based former junior and national cyclist Wilbert Benjamin and organised by the Flying Ace Cycle Club (FACC) in observance of the 80th birthday of Benjamin’s father, Sanko. The 50-mile contest has as the first place prize an attractive $80,000. The top six riders to cross the line will all be rewarded as will the top three juniors,

veterans, Under-50 and females. Eight sprint prizes will also be up for grabs during the course of the race which will start at Fyrish Vi l l a g e i n f r o n t o f Benjamin’s Sports Store. Riders will then proceed to the No. 66 Bridge on the Corentyne before returning to the starting point for the finish. The race is open to all cyclists while meals and refreshments will be provided for the participants and officials.

Contact can be made with race coordinator Randolph Roberts on telephone 628 1951 for further details in relation to the race. The elder Benjamin is expected to be on hand to send the riders on their way and assist with the distribution of prizes. Wilbert Benjamin presented the sponsorship to Coordinator Randolph Roberts for the upcoming race.

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Friday February 14, 2014

Courts adds punch as GBA Caribbean Eyes on Young Tiger Boxing Championship gets underway as U-19 WC bowls off Windies face South Africa

Tagenarine Chanderpaul

Mr. Ninvalle (2nd left), accepts the gift from Pamela Humphrey in the presence of Trudy Abrahams (extreme R) and GBA Vice President Eustace Cuffy The Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH) is the place to be tonight when the cream of the crop of local pugilists square off against their Caribbean counterparts in the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) fournation Caribbean Boxing Championships and local pugilists are oozing confidence of capturing the honours when the smoke is clear. The St. Lucians were the first to arrive in Guyana

yesterday morning while the Jamaicans and Trinidadians arrived late last night. But even before the first team arrived, furniture giants, Courts (Guy) Ltd stretched out its corporate hands to the organizers and donated a cheque of $200,000 to officials of the GBA to offset the associated expenses of the tournament. Marketing Manager of Courts (Main Street), Pamela Humphrey, was joined by Media/Marketing Officer,

Trudy Abrahams and handed over the gift to President of the GBA, Steve Ninvalle. Ms Humphrey reminded that Courts has always supported amateur boxing and yesterday’s gesture was merely an extension of their chivalry. Ms. Abrahams echoed her Marketing Manager’s sentiments and said that her company regards sports as the life and blood of any nation. “And Courts being the true corporate citizen feels

obligated to support the effort of the boxing association.” Naturally, Mr. Ninvalle was grateful for the assistance and told Courts’ executives so. He said that it is important that good relations are maintained with his organization and the corporate community if local boxers are to progress. He said that Courts has always been a friend to boxing and he hopes that such relations could transcend to other corporate entities.

Gayle back in ODI, T20 squads Chris Gayle made a return to the West Indies squad for the limited-overs matches against Ireland, after missing the New Zealand tour due to a hamstring injury. Darren Sammy and Marlon Samuels also made comebacks to both squads after recovering from injuries which made them miss the limited-overs leg during the New Zealand tour. Uncapped 23-year-old fast bowler Miguel Cummins was named in the ODI squad while Ravi Rampaul was only included in the T20 squad. Rampaul had returned home from the New Zealand tour after sustaining a thumb injury. He missed the last two ODIs and both T20s. Cummins, who plays for Barbados, has an experience of only 18 domestic games 13 first-class, three List A

and two T20s. In first-class matches, he has 42 wickets at an average of 21.18 while in List A he has seven wickets at 18.14. While Tino Best, Johnson Charles, Narsingh Deonarine and Chadwick Walton were dropped from both squads, allrounder Kieron Pollard was not considered due to the knee injury he sustained last year and continues to be under rehabilitation. Best played only one ODI against New Zealand and conceded 70 runs in nine overs. He leaked 77 more in the seven overs he bowled in the following two T20s, with three wickets. Batsmen Deonarine and Charles were also dropped possibly because of their recent form in New Zealand. Deonarine played three of the five ODIs and managed only 38 runs.

Charles played four ODIs, but managed 40 runs, including two ducks. In the two T20s, both of which West Indies lost, he could put together only 23 runs. Wicketkeeper-batsman Walton, who stayed back in New Zealand after the Tests as replacement for an injured Samuels, didn’t fare any better. In the two ODIs and two T20s in which he got to bat, his scores read 17, 0, 9 and 0. Krishmar Santokie and Dwayne Smith were recalled in the T20 squad, in place of Nikita Miller and Kieran Powell. Left-arm mediumpacer Santokie, with two international T20s to his name, came back to the squad after nearly two years having last played a T20 in March 2012 against Australia. Allrounder Smith also

made a comeback after a long gap, with his last T20 for West Indies in December 2012. West Indies will host Ireland for two T20s and one ODI with the first T20 on February 19 in Kingston. West Indies ODI squad: Dwayne Bravo (Captain), Darren Bravo, Miguel Cummins, Kirk Edwards, Chris Gayle, Jason Holder, Nikita Miller, Sunil Narine, Kieron Powell, Denesh Ramdin (wk), Marlon Samuels, Darren Sammy, Lendl Simmons. West Indies T20 squad: Darren Sammy (Captain), Samuel Badree, Dwayne Bravo, Andre Fletcher, Chris Gayle, Sunil Narine, Denesh Ramdin, Ravi Rampaul, Andre Russell, Marlon Samuels, Krishmar Santokie, Lendl Simmons, D w a y n e S m i t h . (ESPNcricinfo)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - When West Indies and South Africa play their first match of the ICC Under19 World Cup at Dubai International Cricket Stadium today, it will pit two players with very contrasting yet equally inspiring tales against each other. By the time Tagenarine Chanderpaul was born in 1996, his father Shivnarine was already an established Test cricketer. Chanderpaul Jr honed his skills well enough to play alongside his father for Guyana in a regional four-day game last year, hence becoming one half of a rare pair at the firstclass level. It’s a wonderful narrative of a son following in his father’s footsteps. At the other end of the spectrum is the story of Clyde Fortuin, South Africa’s wicketkeeper and opening batsman. Born in Cape Town, Fortuin was brought up by Dion Langeveldt and Cynthia Langeveldt – his foster parents – after his mother, Connie, was unable to raise him. Dion, who Fortuin calls ‘Dad’, introduced him to cricket and he immediately grabbed the interest of Charles Fourie, a cricket lover. Under Fourie, Fortuin was making good progress when Dion passed away because of a lung disease.

Fortuin was 11 then, and growing up in Walmer Estate – a notorious suburb of Cape Town – was difficult. However, Fortuin kept the distractions at bay and worked hard to make his luck count. Early last year, he made his debut for South Africa Colts against England U-19 at home. They won the series 5-0 and Fortuin was named the best batsman. He carried his good form to India, where he was instrumental in South Africa making it to the quadrangular series final in September-October last year. While Chanderpaul Jr is regarded as a dour batsman with enormous patience like his father, Fortuin is easy on the eyes like his idol, AB de Villiers. His class was evident in South Africa’s warm-up game against India, where he remained unbeaten on 112 and at no point looked perturbed by the spinners, who he stepped out against with appreciable ease. In that match, Fortuin came across as someone with lots of time to play his strokes, and each of his shots had an element of purity about them. As for the South African team itself, two convincing warm-up wins meant that the players were allowed to take a day off (Continued on page 49)

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Friday February 14, 2014

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Guyana Boxing Association four-nation C/ship

Local boxers confident of carting off the spoils

Dennis Thomas By Michael Benjamin The Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH) will be teeming with activity tonight when local boxers don gloves and face off with their counterparts from Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and St Lucia when the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) presents the first of three nights of fistic fury in the four-nation boxing tournament at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH). Guyana has called up a power team of the best local pugilists and they are all exuding confidence and indeed much will be expected from them. We l t e r w e i g h t s , B e r t Braithwaite, Eon Bancroft and Ron Smith are the most experienced of the lot and are sure bets to triumph. At age 25, Bancroft has had four tough years in the ring and he has indeed earned his selection. He won his first title, the National Novice, in 2010 and went on to chalk up the Intermediate

Clairmonte Gibson and Open Championships that very year. His career hit the peak when he was selected to compete in the 41st Giraldo Cordova Cardin International Boxing tournament and though he failed to medal, the experience gained would have done him well. He has come a long way but can sometimes become complacent and lose focus. His coaches will be required to work hard in his corner to retain that high level of concentration so necessary if Bancroft is to prevail. Imran Khan fights in the 56kgs category and was to have represented Guyana at the 2012 London Olympics; he only managed to reach the box off stage in Brazil and lost, thus spoiling his hopes. Notwithstanding, he has chalked up a wealth of experience fighting around the world with an IABA scholarship in Cardiff Wales and fight experience in Tr i n i d a d a n d To b a g o ,

Stephon Nedd

Michael April

Barbados and Kazakhstan, Russia among other countries. Middleweight, Dennis Thomas, is another sure bet to dominate his division but he also must take care against complacency. A rangy boxer, Thomas could punch but tends to get cocky at times which could prove his undoing. He is a confident boxer who believes in himself which could be a positive in his favour. The two females, Dwon Thompson and Theresa London are expected to hold their own a g a i n s t , Tr i n i d a d i a n , Chimbre Taylor while Jamaica is expected to field another female pugilist. All in all, the local squad looks a formidable bunch but must guard against complacency. The other members of the local team are Michael April, Stephon Nedd and Junior Henry (52kgs), Delon Charles (56kgs), and Clairmonte Gibson.

The two selectees out of the Republican Boxing gym, Stephon Nedd and Anandram Dharamraj, were impressive during last Friday’s workout and both pugilists look ready to uphold the rich tradition established through the exploits of their predecessors, the late Winston ‘Service’ Richards, Allan ‘Redbelly’ Housner and Patrick Best among others. The St. Lucian team consists of the best in the I s l a n d i n L i g h t / We l t e r w e i g h t Lyndell ‘The Russian’ Marcellin, Welterweight Ron Bastien and Middleweight Arthur Langillier while The Jamaicans are Patrick Sahadeo (60kgs), Anthony Clarke (64kgs), Kestna Davis (69kgs) and Michael Gardner (75kgs). The organizers have gone the extra mile and will take the bouts into supporters’ home through live broadcast compliments

Anandram Dharamraj

Ron Smith of the National Communication Network (NCN) and listeners could tune in at 21:00hrs tonight when former Continental of Americas boxing champion, Michael Benjamin and journalist Allan LaRose carry the action into fans’ home compliments of NCN.

Eon Bancroft

Bert Braithwaite Commentary for the remaining two nights will depend on support from corporate Guyana. Admission into the arena is an affordable $500 and the first bell sounds at 20:30hrs just after the formal opening ceremony.

t r o Sp

Barbados trounce Guyana Malta Supreme by 7 wickets P.58 Dwayne Smith

Fidel Edwards

Narsingh Deonarine

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