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Wednesday February 12, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters... Where your views make the news

Why couldn’t Hinds be the presidential candidate for the PPP? DEAR EDITOR, I refer to Dr. Vishnu Bisram’s letter titled, “It will be impossible for Hinds to win the presidential nomination when party stalwarts could not do it” (SN Jan. 31st). Dr. Bisram should know that the PPP does not have elections to pick its leader. It’s a selection process. First a 15-member committee selects the

candidate, and then these same 15-members sit in a larger committee of thirty-six to rubber stamp the candidate. So if the original fifteen decide that changing the ethnic image of the party is important for the party and the nation, then that group can make its decision become reality. It is not impossible for the PPP to select PM Sam Hinds as its presidential

candidate. After serving the PPP in the role of PM for 21 years, it is time for PM Sam Hinds to be offered full membership rights and privileges of the party. I have previously argued that the whole Civicconstruct has no societal or constitutional role - It is not a minor party in a coalition. It is a fraud perpetrated on the nation.

Frank Anthony’s brush with Ruel Johnson DEAR EDITOR, Ruel Johnson has been relentlessly like a thorn in the side of Minister of Culture Frank Anthony via his missives in our dallies, lambasting both the Government and more so the Minister for being incompetent, disingenuous and for other failures. “As a national man of letters, it is not only my duty to engage in literacy activity to probe at the deeper problems which ail us, it is also my duty to actively challenge abusive authority, particularly when its leadership believe that they are above criticism as Anthony clearly does,” Johnson writes. To the point where the Minister has been ruffled to declare; “The Man has become my lone critic I cannot recall any incident where I would have occasioned such hatred in this man’s heart....” He states further, “When in our midst we harbour persons of malicious spirit bent on destroying public trust and good will we must engage to restore in the public eye a sense of decency and good order”, and refers to Johnson’s missives as “irrational; malicious, divisive, distrustful and nonsensical rantings”. Quite a caustic and piercing mouthful of one certainly upset. In the many issues surrounding the National Drama Festival which members who participated penned a letter: “manner in which many initiatives executed by Ministry of Culture undermines its efforts and frustrates creative community” S.N Jan 13th, 2014, of particular concern to me was the LICHAS complain: “Coming out of the festival, members of LICHAS Hall discovered that an annual subvention for the hall has been in the Ministry’s budget since 2008. This would be great news if it weren’t for the fact that LICHAS Hall up until very recently knew nothing of the subvention and has no record of being in receipt of

the funds allocated to them...” But in the S.N of January 27th, 2014 the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Culture Alfred King said he was not aware of any annual subvention for LICHAS, that he was unaware that the LICHAS facility was in receipt of funds from the Ministry’s budget, and said further that if they knew about it they should have applied. But the management committee of LICHAS couldn’t since they knew nothing of such, were never told, Mr Michael James, secretary of the committee said they only became aware of it after Cultural Minister Frank Anthony revealed it at the 2013 National Drama Festival Awards Ceremony. In discussing this matter with him (James) he said to me that he brought it to the attention of Mr James Rose, Director of Culture who said he knew nothing about subvention for LICHAS. Let me say something about a number of unheard committees in parliament. I am told that there are a number of areas in which committees are set up to aid/assist legitimate individuals,

groups, organizations etc. To which they can access fundsthe arts being one-thing is, many people have no knowledge of such and some who are aware have no knowhow to access them, But the people making up those committees keep them secret, hardly inform anyone except friend and favoured ones. In discussing some of Ruel Johnson’s missives in which he has castigated the Minister for stagnating and short changing writers there were a few-not writers nor members of the arts-who think he (Johnson) is packing it a bit too much. But I was told by another who attended the Awards Ceremony that the Minister made the assertion about LICHAS receiving monies yearly in a fit of annoyance, in response to the Director of the Festival Godfrey Naughton, before him noting that theatre out of Georgetown were not getting the kind assistance they deserved. And this Michael James has fully endorsed, saying that they-LICHAS Committee-has made several requests to Mr Anthony’s Ministry to no avail- never once a response. Frank Fyffe

The real issue is the risk the party must take. Would a significant number of its base of Indian supporters jump ship? Would it win over as many votes from the African group and come out with a net gain? These are the considerations. And, this is the risk I have been urging both ethnic parties to take to essentially and fundamentally change the ethnic politics of this nation. We have already come a long way from the 1960s, a time when “every last man voted race”, when it was a betrayal of your race to vote for the alternative ethnic party. Today the Guyanese people – both Africans and Indians – have demonstrated a new social and political consciousness. The proof is there for all to see. A third party, AFC has won 7-seats in the last two elections. Both Africans and Indians have supported the AFC. This is a healthy trend that must be supported. It augurs well, full of promise, for the evolution of a genuine multi-racial democracy befitting a diverse society. Let us do everything possible to end strict ethnic voting for ethnic parties.

Guyana is poised at a cross-road: It can choose to move forwards, evolve into a genuine multi-racial democracy or move backwards into the 1960’s politics of “every last man voting race”. Read Dr. Bisram’s writings carefully – he is calling for strict racial voting. His only reason for calling for reconciliation between PPP and former Indian members Nagamootoo and Ramkarran is to achieve racial solidarity and strict racial voting. He wants to put the genie back into the bottle. The ultimate preconditions of a real, viable democracy in a diverse society is that the parties must be perceived as multi-racial, they must win broad-based multi-racial support – and most importantly there must be a large enough pool of issues or swing voters. Swing voters would decide the outcome of elections. They would cause the baton of power to change every few cycles. In this way genuine democracy can almost guarantee responsible and accountable governments. The current 15-member ruling group in the PPP has tarnished its reputation. The

members have solidified the ethnic image. They have put in place an ugly configuration that allows them to appoint an African PM – but who could not ever succeed to the presidency, no matter what circumstance creates a vacancy. This is an attack on the sensibilities on all decent people, not just AfricanGuyanese. Guyana stands diminished in the eyes of the world because of the PPP’s crazy racist set-up. And, Dr. Bisram gallantly defends this practice. Dr. Bisram is adamantly opposed to these notions of forging a genuine multiracial democracy. He is arguing for the retention of pure ethnic parties and strict ethnic voting. (He has advocated the same thing for Trinidad. Tony Veira criticized him for his racist strategies in SN). He is arguing for the status quo – one race dominating over another. He is an advocate of a racist ideology. Mike Persaud

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Early morning blaze destroys Ann’s Grove house

Wednesday February 12, 2014

JUDICIARY LEAPS INTO THE FUTURE …House approves law to allow recording of proceedings

What remains of the Ann’s Grove property. A fire in the wee hours of yesterday morning demolished an Ann’s Grove, East Coast Demerara house, resulting in millions in losses for an overseas-based Guyanese. The wooden building, located at Lot 8 Main Street, was undergoing some renovations at the time and firefighters are still working on determining what caused the blaze, which started just before 02:00 hours. Kasha Singh and her seven-year-old daughter were the last occupants of the house. She told this newspaper that since the house was under repairs, she and her daughter slept at her

mother’s on Monday night, a few corners away in the same village. She said that her mother had secured the house on Monday afternoon, leaving a light on in the lower flat to illuminate the yard. Early yesterday morning they were awakened by the sound of their telephone. “Mommy answered and it was the neighbour, and she said that the house was on fire,” Singh told Kaieteur News. She said they immediately dressed and went to the scene. Singh said when they arrived, “there were a lot of people and the fire tender was already there.” However there was nothing they could do to save

the building as the fire raged through the well cured wood. “I can’t estimate my loss, but it was a lot; nothing was saved,” Singh said. Reports from the neighbour aroused some suspicions, as it suggested that there might be some element of arson. “They said that they were awakened by the smell of smoke and she said when they checked, there was smoke all over in the house and both of the doors were open,” Singh told this publication. The owner of the house, who happens to be her relative, was informed. “He knew about it early, because when we called him, he said that he already knew,” the woman related.

With six short clauses being approved by the National Assembly on Monday last to be put into law, Guyana’s judicial system has leaped by decades out of the past and into the future, now that it will be able to record court proceedings with the most technologically advanced recording equipment. The Bill was piloted in the National Assembly on Monday by Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall, and found the resounding support by both, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC). In presenting the Bill to the House for debate, Nandlall recorded that for a very long time there have been lamentations expressed about the delay which afflicts the system and consequential injustice which flows both in the administration of criminal justice, as well as the civil aspect of the justice system. He noted that as a Government, in recent times in particular, they have been providing more and more resources to the judiciary, as well as embarked on a number of initiatives jointly with the judiciary, to address systematic problems “so ingrained in justice system.” Speaking to the current amendment now awaiting assent by the President,

Nandlall noted that as much as 25 years ago, when he was in neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago participating in a case with former Attorney General, the late Doodnauth Singh, he observed that they had such a system in place, and that indicates how overdue it is in Guyana. Speaking to how modern the equipment is, Nandlall said that when it was being sourced, the contractor sought to procure the exact equipment being used currently in the courts in New York. According to Nandlall, the contractor was told by the manufacturer to wait for two months as they were developing an upgraded version of the device, and as such, what Guyana has is the updated version. He did point out that because technology has not reached the point where it can clearly identify different dialects and reproduce them accurately, there will still be a human element in the system, in order to produce the verbatim records. These records, he said, will be the official records of the court. The project will first be launched in its pilot phase at three courts, where they will seek to identify and overcome any teething problems, before they are expanded to the other courts, including the magistracy. The three courts initially identified are the Chief Justice’s Chambers, the Court of Appeal and the Commercial Court. He noted that these three courts were selected, given

Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall that at the inception of the project these were the only courts fully air-conditioned. Nandlall did point out that there will be a cost attached to the use of the recording device, but said it will not be a profit-making venture but rather a cost recovery component in getting the verbatim records typed. Newly-elected Deputy Speaker of the Assembly, APNU’s Basil Williams, welcomed the proposal, but did have a few queries and suggestions. He immediately questioned what role the notes of lawyers would take if it is in conflict with that which is produced using the recordings. Nandlall, in wrapping up the debate, said that the recordings would be used to provide the official court records that would preside over the lawyer’s notes. Williams also suggested that the pilot programme should have been done in the assizes. “We still have judges in Continued on page 30

Wednesday February 12, 2014

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Obama says U.S. will deal harshly with violators of Iran sanctions (Reuters) - President Barack Obama issued a sharp warning yesterday to companies eyeing business deals with Iran, saying the United States would come down like a “ton of bricks” on those that violated sanctions against Tehran. Obama, speaking at a joint news conference with French President Francois Hollande, said France and other allies were committed to enforcing existing sanctions even as they worked together on a possible a diplomatic deal over Iran’s nuclear program. Iran and six world powers struck an interim deal in November under which Tehran agreed to limit parts of its nuclear work in return for the eas i n g o f s o m e sanctions. The White House and Western governments are eager to show that, despite diplomatic talks for a longer-term agreement, pressure on Iran remains high. Last week the Obama administration targeted a host of businesses across Europe and the Middle East for evading sanctions against Iran, the second time Washington has done so since the November agreement.

Barack Obama Obama cited those actions in his warning to companies around the world. “Businesses may be exploring, ‘are there some possibilities to get in sooner rather than later if and when there is an actual agreement to be had?’” Obama said. “They do so at their o w n p e r i l r i g h t n o w, because we will come down on them like a ton of bricks with respect to the sanctions that we control.” Hollande appeared somewhat on the defensive about the issue. Last week Iran welcomed a delegation of

more than 100 French executives, telling them the far-sighted among the group would gain in the race for businesses following an easing of economic sanctions. The French president stressed that he warned the businesses that sanctions were still in place. The companies made their travel decisions unilaterally, he said. “Companies just make those decisions when it comes to travelling. But I certainly let them know that sanctions were in force and would remain in force,” he said. “If contacts were to be made with a view to a new situation in Iran, a situation where Iran would have renounced the nuclear weapon, fully and comprehensively, well unless such a new situation would prevail, no commercial agreement could be signed.” Hollande is in Washington for an official state visit, and the two presidents emphasized a joint front in major foreign policy hot spots. Obama criticized Russia for objecting to a United Nations resolution on aid to Syria.

Algerian military plane crashes into mountain, 77 killed

A crashed military plane is pictured in Oum El Bouaghi province, about 500km (311 miles) from the capital Algiers, yesterday. REUTERS/Stringer ULED GACEM, Algeria (Reuters) - A military transport plane carrying members of the Algerian armed forces and their relatives crashed into a mountain yesterday, killing 77 people, the worst air disaster in the North African country in a decade. State television showed footage of the wreckage of the plane near the village of Ouled

Gacem in eastern Algeria, smoke rising from the site and emergency crews scouring the forested area for survivors and bodies. “I saw the military plane crashing, and it was cut into two pieces,” Mohamed, a fireman told Reuters at Ouled Gacem, near the crash site in Oum El Bouaghi province, 500 km (300 miles) east of Algiers. Colonel Lahmadi

Bouguern told the APS state news agency that 99 passengers and four crew were on board the C-130 Hercules transport plane, which took off from the southern Tamanrasset province and was bound for Constantine. The Defence Ministry said 77 people were killed and said the crash was likely due to bad weather.

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Wednesday February 12, 2014

Majority of Americans support normalizing relations with Cuba: poll MIAMI (Reuters) - A strong majority of Americans - and an even greater percentage of Floridians support normalizing relations with Cuba, according to a poll released yesterday by the Atlantic Council, a Washington-based think tank. In an apparent boost to efforts to end the halfcentury-old economic embargo against Cuba, the poll found that 56 percent of respondents nationally favored changing U.S. Cuba policy, a number that rose to 63 percent when just counting Florida residents. Supporters of the embargo said the poll was politically biased, questioned its methodology and said it was unlikely to have any impact in Washington. The poll comes on the back of a series of surprise political announcements in recent days that could challenge longstanding U.S. policy towards the communist-run island. On Friday, Florida’s former Republican Governor Charlie Crist, who is running for the office again in November - this time as a Democrat - said in a TV interview that he supports lifting the embargo. Also last week, Alfonso Fanjul, a wealthy Cuban American sugar baron in Florida and a major political donor, spoke publicly for the first time about trips he has made to the island in an interview with the Washington Post, and his interest one day in investing there. The poll, conducted by a Republican and a Democratic pollster, found that only 35 percent of Americans, and 30 percent of Floridians, opposed improving ties with Cuba. “Given the results of the survey, it is clearly time to take another look at U.S.-Cuba policy. There has been a surge in thinking about whether it’s working,” said Jason Marczak, deputy director of the Atlantic Council’s Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center. The results in Florida show conventional wisdom about U.S. policy towards Cuba may need to be reconsidered. Political commentators often note that U.S. presidential candidates support a hard line on Cuba out of fear of losing the swing state of Florida. “We may have crossed the Rubicon with this poll,” said U.S. Senator, Jeff Flake, a Republican from Arizona and longtime opponent of the

Charlie Crist

embargo. “This tells us that Floridians by a greater percentage than the rest of the country want to see changes to the policy, so there’s really no reason not to move ahead now politically,” he added. Supporters of the embargo accused the Atlantic Council of having a political agenda, as well as poor methodology. “The entire release is biased and agenda-driven,” Mauricio Claver-Carone, head of the largest Cuban exile lobby group in Washington, said in reference to the Atlantic Council’s announcement of the survey. “They didn’t ask if they were voters. In other words, it’s not a poll of ‘likely voters’ or ‘registered voters’.” Claver-Carone, director of the US-Cuba Democracy PAC, said proponents of ending the embargo lacked the votes in Congress, or the financial backing to effectively lobby to change the law. “The fact remains every single Cuban-American elected official, in any position, in Miami-Dade County supports the embargo. So the facts speak for themselves,” he added. Officials from both countries have told Reuters that U.S.-Cuban relations have taken on a more pragmatic tone in recent months, with cooperation on drug interdiction, oil-spill mitigation and immigration. President Barack Obama told a Miami fundraiser in November “we have to continue to update our policies” on Cuba, but he has withheld using his executive power since last easing rules on travel to Cuba and the flow of remittances in 2011. Obama cannot lift the economic embargo without the support of Congress, where there is serious opposition from both parties. The poll showed some ambivalence among those surveyed when they were reminded of the state of

human rights in Cuba, where dissent and freedom of speech are inhibited. When told that changing U.S. policy would send a message to Iran or North Korea that they can act against American interests, 51 percent found it very or somewhat convincing. The poll - conducted over the phone in English and Spanish from January 7 to January 22 - surveyed 1,024 randomly selected U.S. adults age 18 and older, with disproportionate numbers of Florida residents and Latinos, the council said. It had a nationwide margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percent, the council said. In Florida the margin of error was plus or minus 4.0 percent. The Atlantic Council bills itself as a non-partisan research institution that promotes “constructive U.S. leadership and engagement in international affairs.” Chief Executive Frederick Kempe is a former Wall Street Journal reporter and editor, and the council’s honorary directors include recent secretaries of state and national security advisers. Its findings provided a timely boost to Crist, who said in an TV interview on Friday that he doesn’t think the embargo has worked. “If we want to bring democracy to Cuba, we need to encourage American values and investment there,” he said later in a statement. Crist, who cu r r e n t l y leads in early polling, is the first candidate for governor from either major party to endorse lifting the embargo, a position that has long been considered politically risky in Florida due to Miami’s large Cuban American population. His Cuba comments were pounced upon by Florida’s Republican Governor Rick Scott who insisted on that Floridians still support the embargo, saying it “stands for the Cuban people’s right to be free.”

Wednesday February 12, 2014

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“DIS TIME NAH LANG TIME” The BBC recently aired a radio show in which various guests discussed certain values that were once held in high esteem long ago, but which seem to have fallen out of favour. The list includes not boasting about oneself, not eating too much, Sundayworship and doing manual work. It had me thinking as to how values have changed over time in Guyana. Men no longer tip their hats as a sign of respect. In fact men now wear caps instead of hats. Children no longer go quiet when they see a policeman riding by on a bicycle. In fact very few policemen ride these days and once they are not on duty, not much respect is shown to them. Some ranks do not show much respect for themselves

either, by the way they carry on. People are no longer modest about their success. The order of the day is to advertize your achievements. Many young ladies no longer seem to know how to sit with their legs crossed. They sit very carelessly. When a funeral procession passed by in the past it was always the tradition that you would give way if you are driving on the road at the same time. If you were at a junction, you would wait until the procession passes. This was done out of respect for the dead and out of consideration for the grieving family. If you were walking on the roadway when the procession passed, you would stand at the side and take your hat off as a sign of

respect. People dressed in dark sober colours at funerals. The scene and attire at funerals these days are revolting. Sometimes you wonder whether you are at a funeral or a party. And to add insult to injury, alcohol is now being consumed outside of the burial grounds. Funerals have become one big party. It is now more expensive to hold a “wake” than to bury the dead. No one is serving biscuit and coffee anymore. You have to serve snacks or food. Drinks have to be provided. This has forced many families to only have nonnight “wakes”, thus doing away with the tradition of keeping wake every night until the dead is buried. Not everything has changed for the worse

Dem boys seh

Jagdeo think he is Put-In, while Donald in Sleep-In De whole world sit down and watch Russia and Put-In. Now dem watchin’ Guyana and Sleep-In. Putin, de president, put in a man, Medvedev, when he term up. But he stay in de background and wield de power because he couldn’t contest de presidency after two consecutive terms. Medvedev only serve one term and Putin put he out and Put-in heself. Jagdeo behave like de Russian Putin. People convince dem boys that he, Jagdeo, put in Donald and he continue to wield de power behind de scene, de same way de Russian Put-In did control Medvedev from behind de scene. He believe after this term he gun put out Donald and Put-In heself back just like de Russian Putin. Dem boys want tell he that he wrang, that this nah

Russia. Donald plan fuh spend a lot of time sleeping pun de job, but at Sleep-In, and when he sleeping he doesn’t wake up easy. So there is nowhere to go. It ain’t easy moving he from wheh he deh. Jagdeo got serious problems if he think he gun bring de Put-In syndrome here, he lie. The only place wheh he gun Put-In heself, is de jailhouse, de American jailhouse too. Plenty of dem got to follow he, especially Brazzy and Bobby, Irfaat and Rob de Earth. And while dem spending dem time in jail, Donald gun continue to spend he time in Sleep-In. He does do everything right deh. He does sing karaoke, dance merengue, laugh in Chinee, and push out he belly. All this time Cliffy smiling and Ah Kneel dat scamp

counting de money. But when de money laundering Act come into place, without all de power wha Ah Kneel want fuh protect demself and jail de ordinary man, dem boys would hope and pray dat de Heff Bee Eye deh fuh watch every dutty move dem mek and hinvestigate dem. Dem Boys hear dem de watching Guyana fuh a long time. That is how dem buss de mighty Mafia ring that link Guyana to Uncle Sam and Italy. De small fish get buss in Brooklyn and some of dem get hold in Italy. De real big ones still deh hey in Guyana. None of dem gun be travelling in a hurry and Jagdeo know all of dem. Some of dem is Brazzy family, but he don’t talk to dem. Dem boys hear suh. Talk half and watch how de ring getting tighter pun some finger in Guyana.

though. Some things have changed for the better. Take for example the terrible habit of yore, of children back in the day interfering and molesting old people. It was a terrible sight to witness old people being harassed by school children. They would pelt them, call them names and do all manner of things to the old folks as they hobbled by. That has disappeared. And the reason why is because not many old people walk anymore. They use taxis. But one thing that seems to not want to disappear is this revolting habit of students fighting after school is dismissed. The fights have now reached a new low, whereby girls are now the prime pugilists.

Two shocking videos are now making the rounds on social networks. They show disgusting scenes of schoolgirls engaged in fistfights. In one of these videos there is slugfest, with none of the girls yielding ground. In the other, it was only because of the presence of a female security guard that the girls did not come to physical violence. But they did put on quite an exhibition of verbal abuse, hurling expletives at each other. In that particular video, the female security guard is trying her utmost to restrain the girls. Shockingly, no other adult comes to help her to restrain the girls. One boy tried his best to help out, but he alone could not do much. In the other video where

the girls slugged it out, there were actually persons who were egging on the girls to fight. This is terrible. Back in the day, adults passing by would have intervened and broken up that fight. These days, people either encourage the girls or do little to intervene. I can well imagine what would have happened if that female security guard had not been around. The girls may have killed each other. Guyana has to get back to some of the old values. It’s obvious that “dis time nah lang time”.

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Wednesday February 12, 2014


Magistrate jails two police ranks; told me God is his priority This columnist will not spare the police force for the rotten behaviour of some of its ranks. But when the police are wronged by the rich and powerful and by the justice system itself, then society should speak up This columnist is against the decision by Magistrate Clive Nurse last week to jail two police ranks for two years for allowing an escorted prisoner to escape, an incident which occurred in 2007. It took six years before this matter was concluded. That in itself is a nasty manifestation of injustice. The two ranks (Ertest Ivan and Sandra Corridus) were charged for allowing a

prisoner to escape. The prisoner, at the time was facing a murder charge. Dale Andrews of this newspaper said the woman was acquitted of both accusations – escaping from custody and murder. So the prisoner didn’t escape because she was acquitted of the charge; so then if she was, how could the two police personnel be jailed for allowing a process to happen when the process didn’t happen? But equally important a question is why were the two police jailed for two years? Something is just not right in this case. The lawyer for the two ranks, Arun Gajraj, said to me

that maybe it has to do with the fact that he once sent a letter of complaint to the Chancellor against Magistrate Nurse and got redress. In 2007, the charges were insisted upon by then Police Commissioner Henry Greene. Life is just about one irony after another. In my book, Henry Greene was one of the most unacceptable Guyanese citizens ever to become a policeman, much less Commissioner of Police. In a stratagem to deflect from his nationally-known egregious indiscretions, Greene wanted to appear lawful and professional so these two police officials

were charged, with public relations being the real motive. What is so odious about the justice system is that the untouchables get away with much more horrible crimes, but policemen who risk their lives for a monthly forty-five thousand dollars can be jailed for negligence. The male rank has a good anticrime record and was the victim of several attacks by criminals in the past. Is this the way you treat such a policeman? Why two years? Why not two months, even three, even six? Why not probation? Surely, two years represents a horribly severe sentence given the circumstances. How should society react to this injustice? Firstly, the press must ask the magistrate in question to give an explanation as to the length of the sentence. Secondly, society must demand an explanation as to why this matter lived within the court system for six

years. Those who are quick to expose the police for terrible atrocities, and rightfully so, must be fair and seek justice for police ranks who are treated unfairly by this society, and this case is a blatant example of wrongful treatment of these two persons by the justice system. I hope the opposition parties and other stakeholders make a statement on this unjust situation. The danger with this story is that other policemen and policewomen are going to learn the lesson of this tragedy and society will lose out. These ranks are going to ask themselves if it is worth going to jail for two years for a minor offence in an organization where you work for forty-five thousand dollars a month and your life is always in danger. The wife of the jailed policeman told me the sixyear-old case has virtually emptied the family’s pocket. Now she has to take another lawyer for the appeal and bail application. She insisted that I must print that her husband never left the van and therefore was wrongfully charged. I sought a comment from the magistrate in question. Magistrate Nurse is also pastor of a Wortmanville

Frederick Kissoon church, New Testament of God. He flatly refused to discuss his controversial decision to jail the two police ranks. He denies that Mr. Gajraj ever made any kind of complaint against him to anyone in the judiciary. He did say to me that God is his priority and everything else is secondary. I asked him if I can quote him as saying so and he had no objection. I was talking to him on the phone with Dale Andrews listening in. What is strange to me is if God is his priority, then God has to guide him in everything he does, whether on or off the bench. Did God guide him in his decision to jail two police ranks for two years rather than two months? I did say to the magistrate I will write the Chancellor on this very peculiar sentencing. ***.******* To our readers, just an editorial thought: The woman was freed because she did not escape. The court contended that she was let go, which seems to justify the sentence.

Wednesday February 12, 2014

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Mosquito Hall/Lancaster seawall for more rehabilitation Two major contracts involving the rehabilitation of concrete river defences at Mosquito Hall/Lancaster were executed during the period 2011 to 2012. Those works addressed problematic sections which were undermined and frequently overtopped during spring tides. After the seawall partially collapsed in early January last and some repairs were done, the Ministry of Public Works tendered for the construction of river defences at the location. In this regard, bids were opened yesterday at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board, Ministry of Finance, Main Street.

The Office of the President received bids for off-road vehicles for the Project Management Office.

Bids were submitted under the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) for the rehabilitation of the bottom-flat of the NDIA Building, Regent and Vlissengen Road, Georgetown.

The Ministry of Home Affairs received bids for consultancy services for building works for 2014.

In addition, the Guyana Prison Service, under the Ministry of Home Affairs, received bids for the procurement of stationery, dietary and miscellaneous supplies. The bids were divided into 12 lots.

National Communications Network Inc (NCN) received bids for the procurement of two 15seater commuter minibuses.

Old Year’s Night murder…

Two more witnesses testify as PI continues Two more witnesses were yesterday called to testify on behalf of the prosecution as the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into the death of 20-year-old Carlissa Matthews continued at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. Matthews’s ex-boyfriend, Jermaine Maynard, 42, of Leopold and Cross Streets, Werk-en-Rust, is charged with murder. Minutes before the end of 2013, the woman was shot dead outside the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) outlet on Water Street and Croal Street. She was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where she succumbed early New Year’s morning. Reports are that the accused had fled the scene after the alleged shooting but was nabbed at the ‘back track’ crossing in Springlands as he was about to board a vessel on January 2. The preliminary inquiry got underway on Monday last in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court and is scheduled to be called again today before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry. Maynard, the sole accused, is being represented by Defence Attorney George Thomas and prosecuted by

DEAD: Carlissa Matthews Corporal Bharat Mangru who is attached to the chambers of the Director of Public Prosecutions. The inquiry is a pre-trial hearing not only for Maynard to hear what State witnesses have to say under oath, but also for a determination to be made by the Magistrate whether the Prosecution has enough evidence for him to be sent before a judge and jury for murder. As it commenced on Monday, the court heard sworn testimonies from Matthews’s mother Carol Kennedy, the lead investigator, Detective Constable Zamir Zakeer who is attached to the Criminal

Investigations Division (CID) of the Brickdam Police Station as well as Detective Constable Hendricks, attached to CID of Springlands Police Station. Yesterday Kennedy and Zakeer were both called to take the stand once again. Matthews’s stepfather Collis Bruce and Sergeant Eon Jackson, a firearm and ammunition specialist attached to the Criminal Investigations Division Headquarters, Eve Leary, for the past 18 years, have also testified. Under oath, her mother and stepfather told the court what they would have witnessed at the time of the alleged shooting while the investigators described the roles they played in the investigation into the alleged murder. The death certificate, post mortem report, a bullet, one lead and hard object, as well as the metal fragments recovered from Matthews’s body, have all been tendered as evidence. By request, Carol Kennedy will return to court today to continue giving her evidence. The Prosecution indicated that it has three remaining witnesses to support its case.

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Wednesday February 12, 2014

Army apologises to Camp Groomes survivors for unpaid benefits ...promises to immediately address the issue

Four of the 11 survivors from the Camp Groomes incident. By Zena Henry In a bold move to address what appears to be a tarnishing blot in the face of military brotherhood, recently-appointed Chief of Staff Brigadier (COS) Mark Phillips has apologised to survivors of the Camp

Groomes explosion, in 2000, for the hardships they faced due to injuries sustained and for the delay that has caused the men not to receive their financial benefits. He has promised to immediately address the issue which for over 13 years

now, has seen some of the survivors coping the best way they can because injuries have rendered them physically weakened. Brigadier Phillips told Kaieteur News yesterday that he is aware of the soldiers injured during the Camp Groomes explosion and understands that efforts are being made for them. He said that he also understands that the men would have had medical examinations and they should be having their

pension and gratuity sorted out. The Army chief said he is also aware that the soldiers’ matter was placed before the Force’s Defence Board, and approval was given for their financial benefits. The COS stated that he, “will certainly look into the matter,” after learning that the soldiers have not received their pension, gratuity and not even the salaries due to them as “medically unfit” members of the army. “I must first apologise for them not receiving their salaries, pension and gratuity as yet, but certainly I will look at it immediately!” the Chief of Staff said emphatically. Brigadier Phillips will be the second COS to deal with the matter since four of the injured soldiers brought the matter to the fore. S a m u e l A r c h e r, 3 5 , Wendell Cort, 33, Calvin Lewis, 31 and Curtis Samuels had told Kaieteur News that following the 2000 explosion, it was not until 2012 they were able to relate their dilemma to a Chief of Staff; and that was after they stormed his office because they were being turned away and “given the royal runaround.” When the matter was brought up in early 2013, the GDF sent out a release saying that it was a “genuine mistake” that for some five months the ranks were denied their $35,000 salary as a result of them

Chief of Staff Brigadier Mark Phillips being removed from the army’s payroll. They stated further that, “the persons injured in the Camp Groomes explosion would remain on strength, with pay until they attain the age of retirement,” but a more recent decision they said was, “for the ranks to appear before a Medical Board and be discharged as ‘ceasing to fulfill medical standards’, so that they can begin to receive benefits without having to wait until they were at age 40, provided that the Defence Board agreed.” The injured soldiers have however related to this newspaper that in June of last year they were told that they would receive compensation before they are removed from the force’s payroll on December 31, 2013. The soldiers said they were assured in June, that before

the thirty-first their package would be sorted out. However, the ranks say they have not even received a basic salary for the year. They claimed that it was not the first time their salaries were stopped and they had to endure “much runaround” to have it returned. The soldiers had pleaded with the army for worthy treatment, since their injuries were sustained while on duty. They say they have families to take care of, and responsibilities like ordinary citizens. While some of the injured ranks suffer with hearing problems and hallucinations, all have related that they are physically weakened by the toxic explosions and chemical bombs. Calvin Lewis’s legs are still not healed; they are infested with worms and still ooze inflammation. He operates a horse cart for a living. The soldiers were asleep when the weapons bond exploded on December 18, 2000. They were part of a 14man unit guarding the ammunition bond that housed hand grenades, various rifles, guns, and a suspected chemical weapon which the government had said was destroyed at the time. It was not ascertained whether a comprehensive report on the cause of the explosion was reported, but it took the army two years before they were equipped to start the cleanup process.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood.

Wednesday February 12, 2014

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Wednesday February 12, 2014

Ministry to launch probe into reports of students fetching water Reports of young students at Santa Rosa Primary School, in Moruca, Region One, being forced to fetch water from a well aback of the school to flush toilets among other uses, have reached to the Parliament and the Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, has undertaken to launch an investigation. The Minister, was grilled by A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s Amna Ally, on Monday last when the House held a sitting, and while Manickchand informed the Member of Parliament that the question was wrongly placed, she stressed that as a matter of p o l i c y, t h e Ministry does not encourage laborious chores to be done by schoolchildren that will take from their tuition time. She did point out that as a matter of teaching responsibility, the students are asked to help with clean up after school such as with the sweeping of classrooms. Ally noted that while government has sought to move away from the use of latrines in schools and expended millions to put in place flush toilets and even erected a number of water tanks and lavatory areas, these facilities are not working at the Santa Rosa Primary. She added that there was no access to drinking water, as the well from which the children were fetching water was tainted with the e-coli virus and as such could not be used for drinking. This publication had accompanied an APNU team that had visited the Moruca Sub District recently and

A female student fetching water to the school. Extracting water from the well witnessed first-hand a number of students using a manual pump on the well to extract the water, which they would then fetch to the school toilets. While there were a number of large water tanks sitting atop an erected trestle and attached to a sink area, none of the taps had any running water, meaning all of the tanks were empty. The students indicated that the fetching of water from the well is routine as there was no running water in the school. Ally in Parliament on Monday, displayed photographs of the students fetching the water and asked

the Minister a number of questions in relation to the school. Manickchand told the

Member of Parliament that by law it is the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development that

is charged with the day to day running of the schools and her Ministry deals with policy.

She did however indicate to the Member of Parliament that she would launch an investigation.


39-year-old Rehannah Trotz was remanded to prison yesterday by Magistrate Clive Nurse at the Christianburg Magistrate’s Court, when she appeared to answer a charge related to the death of her husband. Trotz, of Kwakwani Water Front, Upper Berbice River, who was arrested last Friday, is accused of killing Quinn

Ferrier, 44, on the same day. She allegedly stabbed the victim once, while they were on the airstrip road. A post mortem examination which was performed by pathologist, Vivekanand Brijmohan, revealed that Ferrier died from shock and hemorrhage caused by the stab wound. The woman had told

detectives that she and Ferrier, a chainsaw operator, had been living together for the past six years. They had no children together, but they shared the home with three of Ferrier’s children and her five. Trotz said that she left the children with her husband and went to Georgetown to purchase clothing to attend the wedding of one of her

daughters. She said that she returned home on Thursday around 17:00 hrs and Ferrier was not at home. Around 20:00 hrs, Trotz claimed that the man called her via cellular phone to inform her that he was drinking by a friend, Mark McLean. It was late and the family retired to bed. Around 03:00 hrs on Friday, Ferrier called again, asking her to meet him at the airstrip road, a short distance away from their home. She said that while she was there, she saw Ferrier pushing his bicycle in the company of McLean; they both appeared drunk. An argument ensued between herself and Ferrier and he allegedly dealt her a slap and chucked her to the ground. She said that she then heard Ferrier telling McLean that persons had been telling her (Trotz) that he (Ferrier) was enjoying the services of Mc Lean’s female neighbour. Trotz said that Ferrier was advancing to attack her again when she noticed a knife on the ground and she used it to stab him once to the chest. He fell to the ground and was assisted by McLean to the Kwakwani Hospital where he succumbed shortly after. McLean reported the matter to the Kwakwani Police Station and Trotz was arrested. Trotz is scheduled to return to court on February 21.

Wednesday February 12, 2014

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Workers attacked by gunmen in Agricola …while dumping expired drugs in Health Centre’s compound

A bottle of tablets that was in the pile of dumped medication. Ministry of Health contract workers who were dumping boxes of expired drugs in the Agricola, East Bank Demerara health centre’s compound yesterday, came under attack by a group of men, some of whom had guns. When Kaieteur News arrived at the facility around 15:20 hrs yesterday, four workers attached to the Ministry were seen dumping boxes of expired medication in the aforesaid compound. Two of the workers were taking the drugs out of a Ministry of Health (MOH) truck while the other two collected and dumped it. Some of the medication, seen by this newspaper, had expired since 2010. “We got children going to the health centre. Tomorrow (today) is clinic for babies and they have those drugs there. Some of the bottles burst and

The Agricola Health Centre

the liquid leaking out,” one resident said. Asked why they (contract workers) were dumping the medication at the centre, one of the workers from the truck said, “Listen, we only working with instructions from the Ministry of Health, when we finish here, we done… call Bheri ( the Minister).” Some angry residents got into a heated argument with the persons dumping the medication into the centre’s compound and one of the residents suggested to the others to call the “Hot Skull gang.” After a few minutes of arguing between the MOH contract workers and the residents, a group of men arrived with their faces covered with their jerseys; some came on bicycles and some on foot. Four of the gang members

jumped on the truck and attacked the two workers who were on it. The other two workers stayed in the centre’s compound. At least two of the persons who came had guns tucked in their pants. Residents were heard telling each other, “they gone kill them right there” and they shouted, “Y’all stop now, y’all stop now.” Women dressed like nurses came out the health centre and talked with the armed individuals who eventually left, after which one of the MOH contract workers who was on the truck was heard telling the residents, “Y’all only promoting violence.” Minister of Health, Bheri Ramsaran when contacted said that his Ministry had instructed the Director of Regional Health Services (DRHS) to get rid of the drugs in a safe matter. “I was told that the drugs were supposed to be stored in a vacant upper flat at the centre, and it is very bad if they were dumped just like that in front of the centre. The DRHS instructed them to store the drugs in a safe manner, but her good intentions backfired,” Ramsaran said. He further explained that if the Health Ministry wanted to dump expired drugs then they wouldn’t leave Georgetown to go up the East Bank. He promised to launch an investigation.

Workers dumping the expired drugs.

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Wednesday February 12, 2014

Commissioning service of Standard Officers’ Course...

Ensigns receive stirring lesson on integrity, morale

The Officers’ Stars being brought into the auditorium By Zena Henry “You are the salt and light of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF),” was the profound statement that led the message delivered to a gathering of top army officials, soldiers, friends and families of the 15 Ensigns who will today be appointed Second Lieutenants after completing the army’s Standard Officers’ Course #

46. The customary commissioning service which was held at the Force’s Auditorium, Camp Ayanganna, is the ceremonial blessing of the Ensigns’ badge of rank. Yesterday’s event saw the new military officers being advised by invited Reverend T Kofia Nials of the Friendship Circuit Methodist Church, on an ideal lifestyle

13 of the 15 Ensigns that will receive their stars today as military men and their mode of conduct through the holy word. Referring to the Gospel of Matthew; Chapter Five; verses 13 to 16, the Reverend delivered to the Ensigns a new path which they are ordained to pursue as growing seniors in the defence force and as the, “new light and salt of the GDF.” The messenger was emphatic in his delivery to the

new officers and even had them continuously repeating the good traits to be instilled in them as specially-tasked national defenders. “GDF ranks do not steal, cheat or lie.” “We are not talking about the flavouring or savouring agent, but rather the cleansing and preserving properties of the salt,” he told the young officers. Be like the salt he said, “Your calling is to prevent corruption and wrongdoing. So when you are on duty at the nation’s borders you will not accept one ounce of gold to let four ounces pass.” The officers were urged to be disciplined and to seek reward in being contented and having high morale. “We brought nothing into this world and we will leave with nothing. Those who want to be rich and rich quickly fall to temptation and engage in that which is ungodly,” the Reverend warned. He told the soldiers to

Reverend T Kofia Nials

shine with the light of integrity, for they “are a part of a new and wonderful GDF, with a new Chief of Staff (COS) and a new direction.”

Reverend Nials delivered a lively yet moving sermon that had the gathering on their feet. He reiterated the hub of the message which spoke to lifestyles of the new officers as they assume their new roles. He reminded the Ensigns to not have a spirit of fear and indiscipline. He urged them to remain true to their word as defenders of the nation, carrying out their duties with the word of God as a tool in their armoury. Yesterday’s ceremony was also blessed by religious leaders of the different dominations. The officers’ stars were also prayed upon by the Hindu and Muslim Priests and the force’s Chaplain before they were carried out of the Auditorium. The gathering engaged in the singing of religious hymns, while various readings also made up the commission service. Of the 15 Ensigns to be promoted, three are from the Belize Defence Force, while the others are GDF ranks.

Wednesday February 12, 2014

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Regulators take CCI, Webster to court over questionable shares transfer Authorities have filed a legal action against Ronald Webster and Caribbean Containers Inc. (CCI) over the transfer of shares which reportedly give the businessman at least 85% control of that public company. According to a Stock Exchange Bulletin on the website of the Guyana Association of Securities Companies and Intermediaries Inc (GASCI), the action is against Webster, CCI, Demerara Holdings Inc. and Technology Investments and Management Inc. (TIMI). Demerara Holdings was reportedly the former overseas investor in the company. “The claim seeks to set aside, among other things, the transfer of shares in Caribbean Container Inc. to

Patricia Bacchus Demerara Holdings Inc. and any benefits which may have flowed there from,” the website said. GASCI is the company on the local stock exchange that organises and supervises the stock market in Guyana. Webster is the current

Chairman of the Private Sector Commission (PSC), one of the most vocal business advocacy bodies in the country. He is the former Chairman of CCI, which is located at Farm, East Bank of Demerara, and manufactures corrugated packages for a number of clients, including the rumproducing companies. The issue of the share transfer came to light last year when Chartered Accountant, Christopher Ram, who also hosts a business blog, flagged what he described as a strange transaction. Regarding the transfer of shares, Ram said that common law and the Company’s Act have strict rules and sanctions regulating gains from one’s office as a director. He urged the Securities Council to move quickly to have the

Shadow Ministers hindered by... (From page 19) atrocious drainage system which has led to many floods. He said it reflects APNU’s policy and position on how they believe the issue should be dealt with. “I don’t believe that we should be fighting about core social and national issues such as the poor drainage problem. Solutions to the issue should be clearly defined and we believe that these systems can only be strengthened by sitting down and consulting over these issues.” “I am responsible for shadowing two ministers, Minister of Natural Resources, Robert Persaud and Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy. I engage with them on a regular basis, and this is to be able to effectively

contribute to our policies in these areas. Whether it is in the area of poor drainage or rice cultivation, I believe we must be prepared to have our own ideas ready for them (the government). But in light of the aforementioned, the Shadow Minister was informed that it is the belief of many that the other Shadows are not vocal enough on their plan for their individual fields. And he essentially agreed. “For example, the numbers of responses we have made to, particularly, security situations do belong to an overall vision to what security is all about, but I do believe that we need to do more. We have clear ideas on security, but we have not been able to contrib-

ute as much as we would have liked to, largely because of our position with the Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee, and our refusal to ask him any question in Parliament.” The politician added, “But I would say if you look at APNU’s manifesto, you will see clear policy guidelines in a number of these areas, but as it relates to an updated plan on specific issues like security, I would say that it is probably in people’s heads and not properly documented. I believe that is something we will have to look at.” “We will have to bring forward our policy papers again and update them in the light of experience, and what has been happening, and put out a set of renewed policy documents.”

matter of the share transfer addressed. According to the accountant, from information gleaned from CCI’s financials, the shareholders of TIMI were Colin Wiltshire, a former director of CCI who has since died, and Webster. In late December 2012, records indicate that 600 class “A” shares valued at $5,618,000 were issued to one Patricia Bacchus in consideration “for past services. Ms. Bacchus joined the company as a Consultant in September 2006, became Company Secretary in 2007, and was later appointed Director of Administration and Chief Operating Officer.” Since its incorporation on January 16, 2004, Ram said that TIMI carried on absolutely no business, not even management services to CCI, with which it shares common officers. With the exception of Bacchus, no shares were ever issued to any managers of TIMI or CCI or indeed to anyone else. “It is noted that at the time of the purported buyout the management team of CCI consisted of ten persons including two executive directors other than Mr. Webster. Yet in that purported management buyout, the records show that Webster issued shares only to himself.” TIMI had acquired the 85.31% of the shares in CCI from Rand-Whitney Caribbean under a right to purchase arrangement. The audited financial

statements of TIMI indicate the share purchase at the cost of $300,000 or US$1,500 for the 100% shareholding in Demerara Holdings Inc. According to Ram: “Having paid $442,000 for his shares in TIMI, Mr. Webster gained an 85.31% controlling interest in CCI. At a current stock market price of CCI’s shares of $10, Mr. Webster’s investment is worth more than $1.25 billion!” Public records revealed that accounts and reports of the auditors for the year 2004 –2010 were approved by the two shareholders of TIMI – Webster and Bacchus – on January 24, 2012. “On its incorporation, the registered office of TIMI was at the residence of Mr. Ron Webster but later moved to the chambers of Hughes, Fields and Stoby, who are also the attorneys for CCI.” Ram also noted that while paid officers of CCI, Webster and Wiltshire, or at least one of them – Webster – was engaged in negotiations with banks in which he was a “major beneficiary. In corporate law this is considered a breach of fiduciary obligation to CCI which subjects the fiduciary to the highest burdens of fair dealing beyond those of all

Ronald Webster persons engaging in contractual dealings.” Ram argued that the duty of fiduciaries to refrain from benefitting from corporate opportunities – such as a share-buyback – is well established in law. He also made it clear that despite the overwhelming control of CCI by Webster, it remains a public company. “Such companies must pay not only lip service to corporate governance: they must observe and practice it. Non-executive directors, who have no lesser fiduciary duties than executive directors and officers, must be prepared to take the lead.”

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Wednesday February 12, 2014

Regional officials seek to advance Disadvantaged youths to benefit from SKYE project donation moves towards renewable energy A four-year, euro 5.02M project to assist Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Member States to move towards renewable energy technologies is the focus of discussion over the next two days at the CARICOM Secretariat Headquarters. Representatives of Member States and other key stakeholders in the Community’s energy sector are charting the way forward for a renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) project funded by the German Government through its Deutsche Gesellschaft für I n t e r n a t i o n a l e Zusammenarbeit (German Society for International Cooperation) (GIZ). The CARICOM-German Government Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Technical Assistance (REETA) Project will explore the use of solar energy, wind power, bio-energy, and hydropower for energy cost

savings in many areas including for businesses and households. The REETA Project will also seek to build capacity in the private sector for implementing renewable energy and energy saving measures, and will also support the CARICOM Energy Programme and Regional organizations involved in sustainable energy development. Ms. Marina Meuss, the GIZ Resident Director for the Caribbean, pointed out that the REETA project was the outcome of long-term cooperation in energy in the Region. The Project will be administered from the CARICOM Secretariat and all Member States will have an opportunity to identify areas to be supported through the Project. Many CARICOM countries have commenced various sustainable energy efforts and the REETA Project

will build on these, as well as build on the achievements of the Caribbean Renewable Energy Development Programme (CREDP) which was implemented in two phases during the period 2003 to 2013. In brief remarks on behalf of Ambassador Irwin LaRocque, CARICOM Secretary-General, Mr. David Hales, Director, External Trade, at the CARICOM Secretariat said that the CREDP was a watershed energy initiative which has produced a significant positive impact in the Region. Together, the CREDP and REETA projects amount to •15.7M, making the Government of Germany the single largest contributing partner to CARICOM’s sustainable energy development. Mr. Hales expressed appreciation to the Government and people of Germany for their support to the Community’s efforts to transform its energy sector.

Executive Director of AEA, Patricia David, receives the book donation from USAID representative, Murray Greenidge. For many at-risk youths, workforce development training is the key to gaining the necessary skills to enter the workforce and become productive, earning members of society, according to Executive Director of the Adult Education Association (AEA), Patricia David. These sentiments were shared Monday as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-supported programme, SKYE (Skills and Knowledge for Youth Employment), and the Education Development Centre (EDC) donated books and reading material to various organisations, including Critchlow Labour College, where the event was also held. In attendance were representatives from the Prison Service, Adult Education Association, Volunteer Youth Corps, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, Georgetown Reading and Research Centre, among others. Officials at the head table included USAID representative, Ms. Chloe

Noble; EDC’s Dr. Erik Butler, Dr. Jan Karpowicz, SKYE Chief-of-Party, and USAID representative, Murray Greenidge. David further stated that because many young people are not functionally literate they lack a sense of responsibility, and there are many social issues that affect them. In thanking the donors for their support, Ms David said if the materials are available, facilitators will need to sharpen their tools and skills to deliver to a specific target group. “This specific target group we are going to train and use these materials which will always have to be motivated… All of us who are involved in this training, our watchword and chief strategy or methodology should be that our trainers and facilitators are so equipped that they can handle these materials in a positive and meaningful way,” she emphasized. According to Murray Greenidge, the materials represent a kaleidoscope collection relevant for

individuals that are not as proficient as they should be in reading and writing. “These materials have been produced and developed by a team of experts who have been working with individuals who are remedial or not as proficient as they should be in decoding skills and basic reading and writing.” EDC representative Dr Erik Butler related that after visiting Guyana for the past three years, dealing with various projects, he realized that there was a missing link and a fundamental requirement for youths seeking jobs. Adding that the human skill is present and only the material must be produced, Dr Butler said “young people must be able to answer yes to the question of can you read; they must be able to acquire information in all the ways needed. We connected to a foundation based in Pittsburgh, USA called ‘Brothers Brothers’ which supplies goods that people need…We were very pleased to receive these books and reading materials at no cost.”

Labourer in court for gun, ammo A 24-year-old labourer is now a remanded prisoner after he was brought before the courts to be indicted for a gun and matching ammunition to which he allegedly led police ranks. The charge of unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition was read to Keon Kelvin, of North East La Penitence, by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. The accused entered a plea of not guilty. The prosecution’s claim is that on February 7, at East La Penitence, Kelvin had a 9mm pistol and five live rounds of matching ammunition, without being the holder of a firearm licence. The gun and ammo were reportedly found after Kelvin led police ranks to his house and handed it over to them. According to Inspector Michael Grant,

who prosecuted, acting on a ‘tip’ received about 20:30 hours on the day in question, police ranks confronted the accused in East La Penitence and told him of what they had heard. “Kelvin then took the ranks to the house, and handed over the items to them. He was arrested and later charged with the present offence,” the Prosecutor said. Kelvin’s lawyer, Paul Fung-a-Fat told the court that his client had no special reasons for bail which prompted the prosecution to ask the court to order him held. Inspector Grant further presented his bail objections citing the prevalence of the offence. The Chief Magistrate upheld the objections of the prosecution and Kelvin was remanded to prison. The case is scheduled for a second hearing on February 25.

Wednesday February 12, 2014

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NY Mandir gives $2M in Three Brazilians indicted for gun-related crimes assistance to charitable entities Three middle-aged Brazilian men who were intercepted at the GuyanaBrazilian border were on Monday brought to a city court to be indicted for a number of gun-related crimes which recently occurred in Lethem. One of the three men was fingered as the suspect behind an armed $10M robbery committed on a C h i n e s e - o w n e d haberdashery store in Lethem last December as well as another attempt to rob the said store a matter of days ago. Paulo Silva was indicted and remanded on account of an attempted robbery charge as well as three counts of robbery under arms when he appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. The charge of an attempt to commit a felony laid against him detailed that on February 5, at Pacifico General Store, Barrack Retreat Street, Lethem, he attempted to use a gun to rob Yung Fat Chung. On December 4, 2013, at Pacifico, armed with a handgun, he allegedly robbed Sue Li Sheng of one $80,000 Sony cellular phone and a $160,000 laptop. At the said time, he is said to have robbed the store of R$70,000 (Brazilian currency (Real) which is equivalent to G$7M), US$1,700 (approximately G$340,000), G$3M in cash, as well as 60 wrist watches which amount to $1.5M, property of Sue Li Cheng, Douglas Chung and De Chute. Silva is accused also of relieving Yung Fat Chung of US$310 (G$62,000), Surinamese $240 (G$16,000) and G$40,000. As it relates to the armed robbery which occurred last December, State Prosecutor Inspector Michael Grant relayed that about 19:30 hours on the day of the incident, the victim was in the general store located at 8 Commercial Zone, Lethem, when Silva along with two others entered. Grant indicated that the accused was armed with a gun and proceeded to tie up Yung Fat Chow before he relieved him of the articles mentioned and escaped. On account of the recent attempted robbery, Grant explained that on February 5, the victim was in the said general store in Lethem when the accused again entered the store and tied up the victims. This time, however, public spirited citizens went to the victim’s rescue and Silva ran away. The Inspector related that Silva managed to flee, but at

about 18:00 hours that same day he was intercepted on his way to Brazil and was positively identified by the victims as the person who had robbed them last December and who had attempted to rob them earlier in the day. S u b s e q u e n t investigations were reportedly conducted which led to Silva being charged for the armed robbery. The Prosecutor objected to bail citing the serious nature, prevalence and gravity of the alleged offence as well as the fact that a firearm was allegedly used to commit these offences. Grant said that Silva’s nationality made it more than likely that the accused is a flight risk who will attempt to flee the jurisdiction, adding that he was arrested at the crossing. However, his objections were met with arguments from Silva’s legal representative, Peter Hugh who inquired when the investigations into the matter will be completed. Hugh said that it is unfair to hold his client until the Prosecution completes its investigation especially since “no identification parade was conducted.” He argued: “it is unfair to say that because someone is a foreign national, he will flee as from the time they are granted bail, they are seriously blacklisted.” The lawyer stated that on account of the alleged robbery, he is certain that

nothing was found on his client who “was merely crossing the bridge at the time. I am sure that nothing was found or he would have been charged for possession of firearms and ammunition.” “Prevalence is not relevant in this case madam. There are not many cases of robbery in Lethem; it is a very quiet place, so I do not believe that that is enough to keep him without bail,” he stated. Hugh continued his plea, stating that his client can provide an address and is willing to subject himself to conditional bail and report to the police station as ordered. According to the lawyer, his client had been in custody for more than 72 hours. Notwithstanding the arguments put forth in the bail application, the Chief Magistrate did not offer Silva bail. POSSESSION OF GUNS,AMMO Meanwhile, Joan Oliveira and Mauro Andrade were jointly charged for a firearm and ammunition possession when they appeared before the Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry and were both granted $300,000 bail for each charge. On February 5, at Lethem they allegedly had a .38 revolver as well as 6 matching rounds of live ammunition when neither of them was a licenced firearm holder. They both pleaded not guilty to the charge and Continued on page 30

Pandit Persaud (second from left) along with workers and children at the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre. Little Shereen Ally is seven years old. She cannot speak, read, write, walk and she cannot move her body without assistance. She is bedridden and has been living at the Hope Children’s Home located in Enmore, East Coast Demerara (ECD) since she was three years old. The little girl who was abandoned by her mother at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation because of her physical condition is a joyful child who reacts to love and affection with a smile. Since she has been living at the orphanage her mother visited her once. Her only relatives now are the caregivers at the home and the other children. Because of Ally’s medical condition she has to be lifted from one location to another when required. Recognizing that a wheelchair would make it

easier for Ally and her caregivers, President of the Brooklyn, USA-based Vighneshwar Mandir, Pandit Mochan Persaud presented one to her last year. And two Mondays ago, on behalf of the Mandir, he donated an adjustable bed to Ally. Apart from the bed, the orphanage received $110,000 worth in groceries and $100,000 cash from Persaud, also on behalf of the members of the mandir. The Mandir was founded 16 years ago and has since assisted less fortunate persons in and around the Caribbean. For the past three years, Persaud has been making similar contributions to several local charitable organizations here. This year he donated a total of G$2M in cash and other items to nine such entities countrywide. Those who benefited from

the donations are the Dharm Shala - $100,000 in cash and 110,000 in groceries; Hope Children’s Home - $100,000 cash and $110,000 in groceries; Bless the Children Home - $100,000 cash and $104,000 in groceries; Canaan Children’s Home - $100,000 cash and $75,000 in groceries; Camal Home - $100,000 cash and $100,000 in groceries; Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre - $200,000; Prabhu Sharan Orphanage - $125,000 cash and $75,000 in groceries; Doobay Medical Centre $300,000 and Cheshire Home $200,000 in cash. According to Persaud, the members of his Mandir have recognized the good work being done by the Doobay Medical Centre and decided to add the institution to their list. The Doobay Renal Centre is a non-profitableorganization that offers a subsidised renal service to the public.

Woman granted bail for sex-tape fraud

The accused as they arrived at court.

A unique fraud case was on Monday called before the Chief Magistrate when a woman was indicted after she reportedly attempted to obtained cash for a sex-tape of another woman’s husband. Fazila Khan is accused of attempting to obtain $40,000 on February 7 from Tricia Persaud at Vlissengen Road, Georgetown, after she claimed she had a Digital Virtual Disc (DVD) which contained sexual information about the woman’s husband. Khan, who is representing herself in court, pleaded not guilty when the charge was read to her. She is being prosecuted by Inspector Michael Grant who said that Khan contacted

Persaud, claiming that she possessed sex tapes of her husband. Grant related that the two women made arrangements for them to do the exchange, so they both ventured to Vlissengen Road where Khan parked her car some distance away from Persaud. However, she was soon apprehended by ranks when she exited the car and subsequent charges were instituted against her. In response, Khan was granted bail in the sum of $125,000 and she was ordered to return to court on March 22. The Prosecutor was also ordered to have his statements filed for that court date.

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday February 12, 2014






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Wednesday February 12, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news

Leadership change is urgently needed to save Guyana DEAR EDITOR, In any country, organization or institution that is performing poorly, the most important cause is almost always lack of leadership or incompetency, or both. History is replete with examples that in almost every country the role of political leadership in the process of economic development is very important. Why do some countries achieve economic development and others like Guyana do not, thus remaining in a perpetual state of underdevelopment because of poor leadership or incompetency and we must add corruption? In fact, we believe that Guyana is in a state of persistent poverty when compared to most of its CARICOM counterparts. This is why thousands of Guyanese have and continue to abandon Guyana for the Caribbean. This leads to the question as to why Guyana is a failed state. The answer lies in the myopic approaches/policies taken by the political leadership as well as the massive corrupt practices that are taking place almost every day. Political leadership has been observed to be a critical influence on the efficiency of institutions, economic behavior and investment incentives and it is these key ingredients that determine the economic success or failure of nations. For economic growth to be achieved, it is necessary to have effective political leadership which Guyana does not have at the moment. Economic decisions are critical for determining the performance of an economy, but whether a country is poor or prosperous depends on political leadership. It can be argued that it is political leadership that determines what economic decisions are taken. In Guyana, despite what the regime says, there has been very little economic success and the regime has to be blamed for its poor policies and lack of effective and good political leadership. They have not created a policy framework that ensures the security of the people, private property, and an unbiased system in which the best qualified will be employed and a functioning

market system in an atmosphere based on the equitable distribution of goods and services. But despite some outstanding individuals, the ruling oligarchy since the late 1990s has not produced good political leaders and this is not an historical accident or an act of God, rather it is the result of irresponsible and reckless behavior of the oligarchy to select any riff-raff person as their presidential candidate. They select those who aspire to benefit from their political positions in the form of bribery or stealing. And the only reason why they have done this is because the party leaders believe that they can win an election by playing the race card and appeal to their supporters. Guyana needs its brightest and best leaders to go into politics and public service. Politics needs people with the attitude extolled by the late President John F Kennedy: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Guyana does not need leaders whose only intention is to fill their pockets and those of their relatives and friends as currently is the case. The people must be weeded out of the political system and be prosecuted. Dr. Asquith Rose and Harish S. Singh PEN PAL Overseas Male is seeking female 29yrs & up – Call:6613299

TO LET Fully furnished short term apartments, Eccles call: 347933-9790, 639-4452. Fully furnished Vacation home with all amenities- Call during working hours- 2271218 Furnished apartment in Bent Street, Wortmanville – US$30 per day. Contact:2263309;218-1033; 678-4267 Alberttown - $50,000, Bel-Air - $100,000, Campbellville $90,000, Section K – $US1200 – Call Diana: 2272256; 626-9382 Secured Concrete bond 87’X32’, lots of yard space suitable for CarMart Public Road McDoom: Tel: 233-0570

GT TOOLS RENTAL: TEL:675-0767; 627-2535 1 -Two bedrooms apartment at Better Hope, ECD - Call: 617-3001 between 8:00am4:00pm

Repairs, sales & spares air conditioning, microwaves, washer, fridges & stoves. Ultra Cool, call:225-9032,647-2943

Watch man to work at Lamaha & Albert Street. Contact: 223-5273/4 Manager / Supervisor at Xenon Hotel Charity / Ebo. Accommodation provided, attractive salary is offered Contact: 771-4989; 7714180; 670-6559

Newly Constructed apartment - WCD - Call: 6986496 1 Newly renovated house @ Eccles Front. 3 Bedrooms upstairs - $90,000 & 2 bedrooms downstairs $80,000, separate entrance & parking – Tel:268-2121

For all your prefab building works & welding fabricating etc. 5 Brickery EBD -Tel: 6582567; 660-3466


5 Acre Land with house to lease $95,000 for month – Call:261-2988 Property for rent located at 32 Old Road Vreed- En- Hoop WCD. For further information contact:661-0162 3 Bedrooms @ South $70,000, Lamaha Gardens house: $900US, Ogle & Republic Park - Tel:231-2199; 618-7483

Princeton College Forms 1-5 CXC adults classes, Phonics, Sat, Lessons & Mathematics for slow learners - Tel: 2237906; 690-5008

Chauffeur & Personal assistant for company or own use – Call:687-7017 House plan drafting from$10,000 surveying and estimates services available Tel: 667-2189 Permanent & Visitors Visa Applications, Professional Immigration Consultant Room D5 Maraj Building Call:225-6496,662-6045, 223-8115 We Refill HP cartridges for $1800 call: 650-7699 Transportation services available in and out of Georgetown – Tel:646-4501 Masons seeking job work – Tel:678-9043 Technicians available for appliance repairs – washers, dryers, microwaves, stoves, deep fryers, etc – Tel:6190793; 218-0050

PROPERTY FOR SALE Paradise [Land] - $1.5M, Happy Acres - $45M, Regent Street - $46M Call Diana: 227-2256; 6269382 Prime Property for sale – Light Street, Alberttown – Contact:639-3619, 6197299


Satya Cinema Good Faith Mahaicony – Call:641-8472

Make Up Courses, Artist Trained & Certified in Trinidad. Call: 660-5257, 647-1773

One 2 Storey property for sale at Covent Garden Island Call: 265-3586

Beautopia Cosmetology Training: Day & Evening classes, nails, hair,facial / makeup - Tel: 604-3002; 629-3497

At Eccles, East Bank Demerara Price -$38M . Please Contact -780-381-6147 or

Live in housekeeper / babysitter. Must be willing to work, reliable, responsible, mature & Trustworthy. Please Call: 619-2388/ 222-6001

HOUSE PLAN DRAFTING FOR ONLY $10,000CALL:694-9843/227-2766

Furnished executive one or two bedroom suite in Diamond. Ideal for foreigners. Call:609-2466

1 Complete Lumber Factory to rent/ lease with all sawmilling equipment situated @ Eccles, Industrial Site. Call Richard: 609-7675.

1 Whole day domestic - Tel: 667-5717; 650-4761

Female worker needed, 3 CXC subject or sound secondary school education- Call:626-8586

We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer, dryer call:2310655,683-8734 Omar

Fully Furnished 2 bedrooms apartment in South - 6895877 (Overseas or Visitors)


Repairs to Fridge, Freezer, AC, Washers, Stoves: Call 683-1312,627-3206 (Nick)

2 Business Stall @ Port Kaituma Market – Tel:6187983; 684-6428

Dolly’s Car Rental- Call: 2257126/226-3693- dollysauto www. dolly

Aidan’s Car Rental & Pickup Call: 645-7981/ 698-7807

One Semi furnished apartment to rent at Industry ECD – Tel:222-6001


Aracari Hotel. West Bank Demerara Rates from US$30 – Tel: 264-2946-8


Untouchable, low rates, low deposits - Call:226-9668; 677-4613.

CAMP STREET, Prime Business Space Call: 6394499

Furnished Apartments for Overseas Visitors – Contact: 668-5198

Need help with reading, English, etc? Call Private Tutor - 696-7467

Wings Car Rental- Call: 643-1131

(From page 28)


Commercial Offices in Georgetown, commercial buildings, executive apartments & houses Contact: 223-8479; 647-3768; 628-1408,

Learn to decorate with Balloons. Classes on March 1st – Call: 225-3133; 613-7513 for more information.

Premio, Vitz call:347-9339790, 639-4452.


COOL TECH : Repairs Services & Installation of all types if homes appliances: Air Condition & Refrigeration units – Tel: 2332008; 675-4959 Electrical Repairs & Servicing Done to generators, water pump, washer, dryers, fans, blenders, stabilizers & Transformers (Johnny 619-3194) WE FILL PASSPORT & VISA FORMS: U.S.A, U.K & CANADA. ALSO ONLINE CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS TEL: 225-9030

Salesgirl with Secondary Education @ Christine’s Fashion – Tel:227-8529; 6091535 Driver, salesman and porters to work on beverage canter truck – Call:222-4650;2223927;649-9876;616-3802 Babysitter/ Housekeeper. To work in Campbellville, Monday – Friday, ages 3040, reference needed. Apply to PO.BOX 101302 One welder for grill work Call: 625-5763 Contract Cars & Hire cars Drivers to work at Gem’s Taxi Services - Call: 627-9424 We pay $1M for land in Parafaite Harmonie- Tel:6757292 General Live in maid, with experienced age 30-50 – Contact: 609-1535; 227-8529 Family to live and work on farm in Craig village, EBD – Tel:663-2079; 226-0011 Urgently needed live-in waitress to work in bar, reasonable salary offer – Tel:259-0574 FOR SALE / RENT For Sale/ Rent: One Taxi Service with complete base station radio, frequency, lighted sign board etc. Call: 619-2800. FOR HIRE


Dump Trucks for hire to transport sand, aggregate, etc and bobcat for rental – Tel:694-1657; 261-6664

Kittens for Adoption Call:6281486

All Types of Trucks - Tel: 618-1967 or 698-4321.

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday February 12, 2014

Child Care Agency probes allegation ‘One billion rising’ of student being injured by teacher campaign slated for Friday

A grade three teacher of Smith’s Memorial Primary is reportedly the focus of a probe by the Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA) for the alleged beating and consequent injury of a student. The child’s mother, Coretta Braithwaite, dissatisfied with the interventions of the police and the Schools’ Welfare Department, sought the help of the media to highlight the issue. She explained that her eight-year-old son, is currently nursing wounds to both hands after he received “a sound thrashing” from his class teacher. Braithwaite related that her son came home last Wednesday with blood on his clothes. “When my son came home I ask he what happen he tell me that his teacher beat he because she thought he suck his teeth… He said he didn’t do it but he was beaten with a metal ruler…Blood stains were on floor of the classroom, all over his books and no one bothered to call me. My son could not use his hands, they were swollen and he was in pain, he could not go to school for days,” the woman claimed. Braithwaite said that she immediately contacted the class teacher to ascertain the

cause of her son’s punishment. “I called the teacher and she just said that she was sorry, she didn’t mean to beat the child so badly, and that the headmistress already dealt with the matter… no proper explanation” “I am not concerned with him being disciplined, but the manner in which it was done bothers me,” the parent said, expressing concern for the way in which students of the school are being treated. “Are there not certain rules, guidelines that these teachers are supposed to follow?” Braithwaite related that when she visited to the school the following day, she met with the Headteacher. “The Headteacher said she had no account of the incident and she spoke in the presence of several teachers, who confirmed that it was never reported to the principal. The teacher in question was nowhere to be found. Based on advice I went to the Alberttown Police Station and afterward the Schools’ Welfare Department.” “The police were not taking my report I had to insist on getting a form for a medical for my son, they told me to forward my concerns to the School’s Welfare

Department.” The parent said that her concerns grew after the officer at the Welfare Department advised her to “keep it between us.” “I became suspicious that they might be staging a coverup…because no one seems to be taking my concerns seriously. Since Friday they have been given me the royal runaround. “ Braithwaite subsequently went to the Child Care and Protection Agency. “The childcare agency made the necessary interventions. I just wanted to highlight the issue because the teacher is yet to report to the welfare department. The police only took my report after child protection intervened. I want to make sure that in cases like these, there is proper structure in place for us to take our concerns,” the child’s mother added According to Braithwaite, while her son has lacerations to his fingers for allegedly sucking his teeth, the education authorities are yet to deal with the teacher. Meanwhile, officers of the Child Care and Protection Agency have confirmed that they are working in collaboration with the Education Department with respect to the investigation.

Three Brazilians indicted... From page 27 submitted an application for reasonable bail through their lawyer, Peter Hugh. Hugh told the court that Oliveira is a Lethem businessman whose wife works in Bom Fin, an area located “just across the border.” He said that he supplies most of the Roraima area with medical supplies. He added that the two men are friends. The lawyer said that Oliveira had gone to refuel the vehicle he had burrowed to conduct business since his

had crashed sometime before. “My client had already supplied two stores when he was stopped on his way back. Nothing was found on him, but they were ordered to drive to the station” he said. According to Hugh, one of his clients was taken to the vehicle’s bonnet, which a police rank illuminated with a flash light and showed him a gun. “They were questioned about what they don’t know about and the police can confirm that they borrowed the car.” The Prosecutor told the

CANU WANTS DAWN ROBERTS The Customs AntiNarcotics Unit (CANU) is seeking information on Dawn Roberts. The woman, who operates a shop at 9 North Road, Bourda, is wanted in connection with a cocaine found at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) on Saturday February 8, last. During that bust the authorities found some 20 kilograms of cocaine.

Dawn Roberts

court that police ranks, acting on information received, ventured to the border where they intercepted the car. He said that they searched the car and in the bonnet of the car the firearm was found. Grant added that he confirmed that the car was borrowed. Hugh, however, continued with his bail application, stating that his clients will remain at Lot 30 Dowding Street, Kitty, if granted bail. While the Prosecutor offered no objection to bail, he asked for conditions to be applied to same. He requested that the court order them to report to Inspector Alexander of ‘F’ Division. He said too that the men came across using their Identification Cards which are currently in police possession. In response, bail was granted to both men in the sum of $300,000 on each charge with the condition that they report to the inspector at 15:00 hours every Friday, except for days by which they have to report to court. The cases of the three Brazilians were transferred to the Lethem Magistrate’s Court where they will indulge the attention of Magistrate Allan Wilson on March 3.

As part of continued efforts to end domestic violence in Guyana, the Sisterhood of Support & Service (S4) Foundation will be hosting its annual “one billion rising” event, replicating a call for justice for abused women and girls. According to statistics, one in three women – about one billion – will be beaten or raped in her lifetime. On February 14, 2013, Guyana joined ‘One Billion People’ in 207 countries, who rose and danced to demand an end to violence against women and girls. “This February 14, we are escalating our efforts and are calling on women and men to ‘Rise and Demand Justice’ for women and girls everywhere, this includes victims of rape, battery, i n c e s t, female genital mutilation and sex slavery. VDay exists for no other reason than to stop violence against women and girls,” spokesperson of the group, Shahiba Radix explained. The “One billion rising” movement is a part of a global

initiative started over 14 years ago by Eve Ensler, an American Tony-award winning playwright and activist, best known for her play ‘The Vagina Monologues.’ “One billion rising is an excellent opportunity for Guyana to join the rest of world in fight to end violence against women; it sort of puts us on the map in this regard,” Radix asserted She further explained that, “while S4 foundation was established two years ago, to promote sisterhood in Guyana … It’s new Executive Director, Imarah Radix, hosted ‘One Billion Rising’ here in Guyana for the very first time last year.” “Last year’s occasion was the largest event in the Caribbean and brought Guyana to the attention to the world and to the Founder, Ms. Eve Ensler, who is now contemplating a visit here,” she added Radix says that the Foundation is currently focused on empowering women through diversified

skills training into nontraditional areas—Agriculture, healthcare and entrepreneurship. The upcoming campaign will be hosted at Parc Rayne, Rahaman’s Park, Houston. It will feature representatives from approximately thirty-five organisations. “We will start with a formal event… short speeches and entertainment for one hour. Our hope is that the event will be interactive …Persons attending will stay and engage the various organizations on their mandate and present work in a safe, tasteful and cheerful environment suitable for all the family.” “It’s for everybody. There will also be educational material and literature available for public view. Several booths will be on site, ‘Food for the Poor’ will be distributing text books, and DVDs of current family movies, Bravo Arts will be doing Face-Painting, and lots of light refreshments will be provided. Everything will be free of charge.”

Ex-con asks Magistrate for time to “res’ up”, gets nine months After showering a city Magistrate with a stream of charming compliments and begging for leniency, a 45year-old ex-convict was yesterday sentenced to nine months imprisonment after he admitted to pushing himself through a car window and stealing some cash. Andre ‘Fry Rice’ Nedd, who has no fixed place of abode, pleaded not guilty to a charge of larceny from the person when it was read to him by Magistrate Geeta Chandan-Edmond at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. The court heard that on October 29, last year, Nedd, who describes himself as a ‘sales man,’ reportedly approached the victim, Jacob Greaves, at Demico House, Stabroek, Georgetown, sometime between 22:30 and 23:00 hours. According to State Prosecutor, Lance Corporal Jomo Nichols, Greaves was about to join a taxi when Nedd threw a cellular phone at him trying to persuade him to purchase it. The victim, however, refused the offer and entered the taxi. The Prosecution explained that it was then that Nedd pushed himself through the window and “took $5000 out from the man’s shirt pocket and ran away.”

Nichols stated that the matter was reported to the police, but it was only on Monday last that Nedd was arrested and charged for the offence. Nedd, who informed the court that he had been convicted twice before on different charges, asked Magistrate Chandan-Edmond for “some time to res’ up.” “Your worship ah guilty, but ah begging for leniency. I don’t want to waste the court’s time cause yuh too

sweet ma worship, yuh too sweet,” Nedd said. The Magistrate who appeared amused informed Nedd that the penalty for the crime is nine to eighteen months and asked him how long he would like to spend in prison. “Ah gun take the nine yuh worship, cause ah need to res’ up,” Nedd responded. After being sentenced, Nedd donned his sunshades and strolled out of the courtroom.

Judiciary leaps... From page 6 capital offences, writing when a person is giving evidence when the judge supposed to be observing the demeanour of witness….the recorder would be more apposite here.” He said that there should be an urgent effort to divert the recorders from the Commercial or Constitutional Court and to put them in assizes “so we can have an idea of how it works in jury trials.” Williams did welcome the move, saying that it will certainly speed up trials. Education Minister, Priya Manickchand, who is herself a trained attorney at law, also made a presentation to the debate, saying that while there are just six clauses in the Bill, they would allow for much change in the way justice is administered. “We have heard so many times of appeals being delayed; heard of judgments being delayed because of records being slow in coming.” She lauded the move, saying that it “will bring the kind of efficiency and speed that a 2014 Guyana deserves”. APNU’s James Bond said that even though it was a small step, it was definitely one in the right direction. And AFC Vice Chairman, Moses Nagamootoo also welcomed the Bill, which he said was “long in the making”.

Wednesday February 12, 2014

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Wednesday February 12, 2014

EU to ease sanctions on Zimbabwe, but not on Mugabe BRUSSELS (Reuters) The European Union is to further ease sanctions on Zimbabwe next week, but will keep a travel ban and asset freeze on President Robert Mugabe and his wife, EU sources said yesterday. But the EU has held out an olive branch to Mugabe, inviting him to take part in an EU-Africa summit in Brussels in April and granting him an exemption from sanctions to visit Europe. The moves reflect a cautious easing of EU policy towards Zimbabwe 12 years after it first imposed sanctions in protest at human rights abuses and violations of democracy under Mugabe, who has ruled Zimbabwe since independence from Britain in 1980. EU states were divided in their response when Mugabe, 89, won a fifth term as president in an election last July that was endorsed as free by African observers but denounced as fraudulent by the opposition. The overhaul of the EU’s policy, after a review, is designed to encourage positive change in Zimbabwe while retaining some leverage over Mugabe to pursue reforms. “It does seem a time to move forward and the sense is that Zimbabwe is moving ... We need to respond,” EU foreign policy chief Catherine

Robert Mugabe

Ashton said in the European Parliament yesterday in response to a question about easing sanctions. “I think we probably are now in the right place to do this on the basis that if things go badly we can move back again,” she said. EU sanctions on Zimbabwe are renewed annually and are due for review by February 20. The EU is expected to announce next week that sanctions will be suspended on eight of the 10 Zimbabweans affected by asset freezes and travel bans in recognition that the country has made some progress in reforming. EU officials have described the eight as “key decision-makers” in Zimbabwe. However, Mugabe and his

wife Grace will remain under sanctions for a further year, EU sources said. The EU will keep its arms embargo on Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Defence Industries, an arms supplier, will also remain under sanctions, the sources said. Sanctions on scores of people and companies that were previously suspended will remain suspended. Zimbabwe may be in line to receive some funding from an EU aid fund for developing countries for the period until 2020. For years, the EU stopped channeling development aid through the Zimbabwean government and worked instead with charities, but it will now talk to the government about how to spend aid money.

US to shift Bangladesh aid away from politicians Washington (AFP) - The United States said yesterday it will curtail aid that benefits Bangladeshi politicians and redirect it to address labor and other concerns amid frustration over the country’s prolonged political infighting. Nisha Biswal, the assistant secretary of state for South Asia, reiterated US calls for new elections after a January 5 vote boycotted by the opposition. She also urged Bangladesh to make greater strides in factory safety following a series of horrific disasters.

Wednesday February 12, 2014

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Come join us... Bolt would make perfect team-mate jokes Jamaican bobsleigh pilot Winston Watts is soaking up every moment of his latest Olympic experience with the world fascinated by the resurrection of Jamaican bobsleigh, but a phone call from Usain Bolt would be the icing on the cake. ‘Usain is a busy guy - he doesn’t have my number. If a text comes in it will be a surprise. I’d love to know that he is behind us,’ two-man pilot Watts told reporters after their first unofficial practice at the Sanki Sliding Centre. The world’s fastest man has expressed a desire to play cricket and

football but Watts said the sprinter could try out for his team if he ever tired of dominating the track. ‘He would be a very good pusher but he is not the kind of person who likes cold. He has definitely said that. ‘It would be awesome to have him on my team because, you know, a strong guy like me, and Bolt who is very fast... can you imagine... A good combination.’ The now fourtime Olympian admitted to a ‘few butterflies’ and feeling a ‘little shaky’ on their first run after clocking the slowest time in practice.

Hell will freeze over before Argentina win World Cup in Brazil! Chelsea star Oscar is adamant home nation will triumph Brazil star Oscar insists Argentina will not be allowed to win the World Cup in their homeland. The Chelsea midfielder and his Brazilian team-mates play host to this summer’s finals and are the warm favourites heading into the tournament. And Oscar did not react too kindly to the suggestion their South American rivals could triumph in Rio. ‘Don’t even think about it!’ he told Gillette Brasil Global Tour. ‘Argentina won’t win

Wednesday February 12, 2014 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): New opportunities, perhaps involving modern technology in some way, might present themselves to you in such a way as to transform your working life, Aries. You could find yourself making a lot of phone calls in this regard, which could keep you busy for much of the day. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Changes in your working environment could result in a rise in your income, Taurus. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Today you're likely to complete a creative project of some kind that you’ve been working on for some time, Gemini. You might want to consult with friends or colleagues, get their feedback on what you're doing, and listen to their advice. ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Some revealing conversations with friends or relatives could bring up old traumatic memories from the past that you may have been repressing. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): Today you can expect some noticeable changes in your neighborhood, Leo. Some new neighbors who might become your friends could be moving in. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Efforts to advance your career that have led to past successes might actually put you in the public eye today. You could find yourself the center of attention, Virgo, perhaps sharing your methods with others or leading a discussion group.

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LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): An opportunity to travel could come your way today, Libra, perhaps in the company of friends or colleagues. This might involve education in some way. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. 21): A number of new people could come your way, Scorpio, perhaps through projects of some kind with which you're involved. Some of them may appear to be trustworthy and some may not. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. 21): The opportunity to attend one or more huge social gatherings, such as balls or banquets, might come your way today, Sagittarius. You might want to attend in the company of a small group of friends. .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): Expect a strong boost to your ego and selfconfidence today, Capricorn. Your physical and mental energies are very high, and you're apt to feel that you're capable of moving mountains. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 18): Today you should feel more energetic, enthusiastic, and motivated than you have in a long time, Aquarius. You feel very optimistic about your future, thanks to recent successes and support from those closest to you. ********************* PISCES (Feb. 19 - March 20): An increased level of physical and mental energy could have you feeling especially determined and highly motivated to move ahead with whatever means the most to you at this time, Pisces.

even if hell freezes over! We’d never let them win! They’re a great team but Brazil won’t let that happen.’ And Oscar insists his nation are the team to beat. ‘I think to win the World Cup in Brazil then you’re going to have to beat Brazil,’ he went on. ‘They’ll have to play out of their skins because we’re going to do everything to win this World Cup. ‘And we’re going to run until the very end and then we’ve got the Brazilian fans with us too. ‘So to beat Brazil at home it would have to be a historic

Oscar believes Brazil are rightful favourites for the tournament game and very difficult but I’m sure this won’t happen. ‘I’m sure we’ll bring this World Cup home.’ (MailOnline)

Guyana Horse ... From page 37 also a former horse owner, is to lift the standard of the sport and get Guyana to rejoin to the Jockey’s Club, the International body that governs horseracing. The body will be holding an urgent meeting with all jockeys on Saturday at the Port Mourant Turf Club in its quest to sort out and put that aspect in order. All jockeys will have to be licenced before they are allowed to ride. Anyone wanting to become a jockey will first have to be recommended by an owner, trainer or stable. The jockeys will have to be 15 years-old and over before they are eligible. It is Oudit’s wish to form Representative Bodies of the various factions of the sport such as Horse Owners, Trainers and Clubs so that everyone can have a voice in an effort to lift the standard of the sport.

Trophy Stall.. From page 40 assist the recently elected body and pledged that the tournament would be well organised. Forde stated that the BABA was very grateful to the RHTYSC for its contribution to the development of the game and issued an appeal to other organisations and business entities to support the development of basketball.

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Wednesday February 12, 2014

Franchise insiders predict a more rational auction “In the wake of the Mudgal committee report, do you think the auction should go on?” That was the first question posed to Venky Mysore, the Kolkata Knight Riders chief executive, who was addressing a media conference to announce a tieup with global giant SAP on Tuesday in Bangalore. Mysore excused himself from responding, But later during the briefing he said: “franchise sport is here and going to stay.” Mysore might have spoken on behalf of the rest of the seven franchises: despite a damning report on corruption in the IPL by the Justice Mudgal committee, there was nothing today at the auction venue to suggest the BCCI was bothered. The flags of all eight teams fluttered on a muggy Tuesday as franchise owners, heads and officials, former India captains and international coaches slipped in with big smiles to reacquaint themselves with their friends in the IPL fraternity. The celebrity factor came when Preity Zinta (one of the owners at Kings XI Punjab) crossed paths with fellow Bollywood star Juhi Chawla, wife of Jay Mehta, the coowner of Knight Riders. There was whispered speculation over whether an injured Shah Rukh Khan would make it for the auction.

Team officials are likely to be more prudent with their money than they have been in previous auctions © AFP International media, specifically from the UK, were curious as to what kind of interest franchises had in Kevin Pietersen. In that respect the buildup to what has become one of the most watched events on TV was no different to previous years. But as far as the auction goes there are quite e few differences compared to the last big auction, which happened in 2011. Then there were 10 teams, compared to eight now. Then the squads were bigger than the maximum size, enforced this season, of 27. The biggest change this time is the inclusion of uncapped Indian players in the auction - a move supported by most of the franchises. Another change that will impact the way teams

plan their auction strategy is the depletion in the pool for quality capped Indian players in the wake of retentions by teams. “In 2011 the total number of players retained was 12. This time it is 24,” the franchise head of an IPLwinning franchise said. “More players have been retained and most of them happened to be top-class (Indian) players. The net effect of all this, just by virtue of supply and demand, means there is always a challenge for Indian capped players. The ones who have been retained are the better Indian players. That group has always remained small.” After managing a team for six years, franchise officials say they have learned it isn’t always necessary to chase a big name. “Franchises have also become a lot more

India Olympics ban lifted after new officials elected A ban on India’s Olympic Association (IOA) has been lifted, allowing the country to return to the Olympic fold, officials say. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) suspended India for electing officials accused of corruption in 2012, in breach of the Olympic charter. But on Sunday the IOA conducted fresh elections which were seen as fair. Indian athletes have been competing at the Sochi Winter Games under the IOC flag but can now do so under their own. This is the first time a suspension of a national Olympic committee has been lifted during an Olympic Games and it comes into effect immediately. “The decision means Indian athletes can compete for their national Olympic committee. They can walk behind their national flag at the closing ceremony,” IOC spokesman Mark Adams was quoted as saying by the AFP

news agency. “The Indian flag will be raised in the [Sochi Winter Games] village, at a time to be announced,” Mr. Adams added. IOC member Randhir Singh welcomed the decision and said it was “great news for Indian sport”. “It’s time everyone understands that the Olympic charter is supreme. It is important that sport is run well and tainted officials are kept out in a country of 1.2 billion in which 40% is youth,” he told the Associated Press news agency. The IOA has elected a new board, led by world squash chief N Ramachandran, which meets international requirements that no person convicted or facing corruption allegations can be included. The IOC suspended India in December 2012 for holding elections in defiance of the Olympic charter and appointing officials facing

corruption charges related to the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Abhay Singh Chautala was elected unopposed as president and Lalit Bhanot as secretary-general of the IOA in the elections which were declared void by the IOC. Mr. Bhanot spent 11 months in jail in 2011 on corruption charges linked to the event before he was released on bail. Mr Chautala has close links to his predecessor Suresh Kalmadi, who is also on bail on similar charges. Both Mr Kalmadi and Mr Bhanot deny any wrongdoing. Three Indian athletes are participating in the Sochi Winter Games and none is expected to win a medal. In the luge, Shiva Keshavan, India’s top winter sports athlete, finished 37th in a 39-man field. During a training session last Friday, he came off his sled but managed to get back on it seamlessly.

mature,” the franchise head said. “You can always form a team with a talent supporting cast. Teams like Rajasthan, Punjab and Hyderabad have shown you can be competitive without really having a huge name in the team.” Does that mean marquee names like Virender Sehwag, Yuvraj Singh, Michael Hussey and Jacques Kallis might not attract a huge attention? The talking point about these stars is they are no longer young and no longer carry the matchwinner tag, which they once wore proudly on their sleeves. A coach disagreed. “They will have a lot of demand,” he said. “When you are thinking of these players a lot of people are saying they are not playing any more international cricket and they are not in form. But when you are picking somebody for Twenty20 the guy does not need to score a hundred for you. The expectations are completely different. “You are looking for somebody who can give an explosive start, you are looking for somebody who

can build an innings in the middle or somebody who can finish the game. From a cricketing point of view, when a known name is walking into the middle the pressure comes automatically.” Barring Delhi Daredevils, all the franchises have retained between one and five players. This means franchises will enter the auction with differently sized purses. Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals are the three teams who have retained the maximum of five players. These three teams will only have Rs 21 crore at their disposal. Royals have always worked on a small budget and have tried to derive maximum benefit. That strategy has worked for them and they are bound to continue utilising it. “As for Mumbai and Chennai, who have been big spenders in the past, it remains to be seen how they will approach this auction with a small purse,” a franchise CEO said. “You can buy some good value but you can’t go nuts chasing

players.” Franchise officials agree owners will be more cautious in splurging big cash to buy big names. In 2011 there were 23 USD millionaires (13 Indians and 10 overseas players). “The supply is huge,” the CEO said. “The demand is smaller: squad size is smaller, a franchise can only pick nine overseas players. So directionally everything suggests the pricing should be a lot more reasonable. I don’t think you will see a lot more irrationality.” According to a coach most franchises are bound to cut down on the number of players in the squad because smaller numbers are easier to manage. “The supply is more than the demand,” he said. “Squad size has gone down over the years in any case regardless of the cap imposed by the IPL. Last year it was 33 but many teams had trimmed their squads to the early 20s. This time expect it to be around 20-22.” According to the franchise head, if teams want to break even they will have to be prudent about how they spend their money. “I would expect teams to exercise internal discipline as far as salary caps go,” he said. To sum up the franchises are a better-informed, have spent more time over their auction strategies, and are willing to forsake the chasethe-big-name strategy for a set-up that will last longer. But the last word goes to the chief executive: “A lot of illogical things happen in the (auction) room.” (ESPNcricinfo)

Letter to the Sports Editor

WDCA is the most successful Association in Demerara Dear Editor, I, Lalta Digamber, am the President of the West Demerara Cricket Association since April 2012 and I do find it necessary to respond to recent letters in the Press. One such letter was purportedly written by Bhawan McCoon who claims to be the president of the Uitvlugt Cricket Club. For the records, I would like to state that Mr. McCoon seems not to be up to date on several issues because, if he had followed the cricket news for the past two years, he would have been aware of the following: 1. In 2012, West Demerara won the DCB Under-15, Under-17, and

Under 19 Competitions. As a result, some of the players made the national teams in the various age groups. 2. In 2013, West Demerara again won the DCB Under-15 and Under-19 Competitions and was the runner-up in the Under-17. And yet again, some of our players earned places in the national squads. During those two years Mr. McCoon overlooked the destruction of Uitvlugt Cricket Club. They failed to provide a team for Competitions of the WDCA for two consecutive years. He turned up once with six players yet he calls himself the President of that club. Mr. McCoon should be

the last person to pronounce on the performance of the West Demerara Cricket Association or my VicePresident Mr. Sanasie. I do hope Mr. McCoon and the individual who calls himself “Chandraballi Ramsaroop” can ask why the GCA AGM was not held in January 2014, when it was constitutionally due. I think this is the million dollar question, not the performance of the West Demerara Cricket Association. Thank you. Yours sincerely, Lalta “Rishi” Digamber President West Demerara Cricket Association

Wednesday February 12, 2014

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‘I-Pod’ stuns White to win halfpipe gold Reuters - Iouri “I-Pod” Podladtchikov nailed the run of a lifetime to win the halfpipe gold for Switzerland at the Sochi Games yesterday and bring a stunning end to Shaun White’s eight-year reign as Olympic champion. One of the only riders who can match American White in the complexity of his tricks, the Russian-born Podladtchikov put together an electrifying display under the lights at the Rosa Khutor Extreme Park. A score of 94.75 proved enough to see off a pair of daredevil Japanese teenagers as well as overwhelming favorite White’s challenge for a third successive gold medal. “I feel like fainting. Everything came together exactly the way I planned,” Podladtchikov told reporters. “On this run, it felt like it was all meant to be and I was this position where I’m throwing down my hardest tricks with ease, there’s no words for that.” Fifteen-year-old Ayumu Hirano took silver with 93.50 to become the youngest Olympic medalist on snow, pipping his 18-year-old compatriot Taku Hiraoka, who grabbed bronze with 92.25. White, one of the biggest names in winter sports, finished fourth after remarkably dropping two tricks on his first run and only managing 90.25 following a couple of stumbles on his second. After days of controversy about the quality of the pipe, which only intensified when the warm weather turned some of the packed snow to slush, a packed house was treated to just over an hour of dizzying acrobatics and thrilling drama. There were plenty of falls and errors in the opening round as the riders battled a bobbly surface.

Switzerland’s Iouri Podladtchikov (L) celebrates with teammates during the men’s snowboard halfpipe final event. Hirano, the youngest man in the field, somehow managed to cling on to his board and he was rewarded with the only score in the 90s, his 90.75 enough for the lead after all 12 riders had gone. HUGE GROAN The crowd had turned up to see White crowned King of the Pipe for a third time but from the start things did not look quite right and a huge groan went around the Extreme Park when the 27year-old almost snapped his board in half on the lip. His score of 35.00 left him 11th after the first run, while Podladtchikov was third. “I love you man, but you’re worrying me,” White had told the Swiss after qualifying and Podladtchikov showed just why with his second run. The 25-year-old was heading up to the five-meter mark with his first jumps, hit a front-side five then a frontside 1080 before finishing with a double corkscrew with 1440 degrees of rotation - his trademark “You Only Live Once” flip. His erstwhile compatriots in the crowd erupted and

Podladtchikov, knowing he had performed something special, threw his board at a fence in delight before kneeling with his head in the snow. “They’re yelling in Russian and I am yelling back in Russian,” said Podladtchikov. “It’s beautiful to hear people cheering in my mother language. It’s insane.” There were only six riders to go and two of them fell. Hiraoka improved his score to take second place, only for Hirano to edge ahead of him again, and that left only White. Having scored 95.75 to lead qualifying, a winning score was within his grasp but again a couple of uncharacteristic errors cost him the yell he emitted at the bottom of the pipe was more one of hope than expectation. “I am disappointed,” said White, who gave up his other chance of an Olympic medal when he withdrew from the slopestyle over fears about the safety of the course. “I hate the fact that I nailed it in practice, but it happens. It’s hard to be consistent.”

Ronaldo double sees Real into final Cristiano Ronaldo scored two first-half penalties as Real Madrid booked their place in the final of the Copa del Rey agains t c i t y r i v a l s Atletico with a 2-0 v i c t o r y. R e a l were already 3-0 up from the first leg and headed e a s t t o t h e Vi c e n t e Calderon with a huge degree of security. They would have been expecting a rough ride, especially as Atletico are the holders of the trophy having

beaten Los Blancos in last year’s final, but it did not turn out that way. The game was up with just seven minutes gone as Ronaldo was felled by Javi Manquillo and got up to blast in the resulting spotkick. His goal served to fire up the home fans even more and they nearly had something to cheer when Raul Garcia thumped the post from 25 yards with Iker Casillas beaten. But there was a deathly silence

with 16 minutes gone as Gareth Bale traded passes with Isco, beat Emiliano Insua for pace and was chopped down. Ronaldo again did the business from 12 yards. Both sides had the odd effort in the second half Ronaldo shot into a crowd of bodies and Mario Suarez headed wide when well set but the damage had long been done. Barcelona or Real Sociedad will meet Carlo Ancelotti’s men in the final.

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Offenders urged to help as sport delves into doping past Reuters - An independent commission began delving into cycling’s murky past yesterday, offering reduced sanctions for doping offenders who come forward with information. “The lesson we can learn from the last few years is the truth will come out eventually,” International Cycling Union (UCI) president Brian Cookson told reporters. “My message to any rider involved in doping is that now is the time to come forward (and) tell the commission everything you know because it will come out sooner or later, maybe as a result of somebody’s testimony to the commission. “It’s in your interests if you have got something to hide to come and tell all the truth, not just some of the truth.” The three-man body, known as the Cycling Independent Reform Commission (CIRC), was created in January to investigate the sport’s recent past including suggestions the UCI was involved in previous wrongdoing. “The commission will investigate allegations the UCI was in some way complicit or in some way colluded in covering up some of the problems,” said Cookson, elected in September after a bitter campaign against previous

Brian Cookson incumbent Pat McQuaid. CIRC chairman Dick Marty said the main aim was to avoid future scandals in the dopingplagued sport which reached a low when Lance Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France wins. “The primary purpose is not to punish doping offenders but to learn from the past so we can help ensure a better future for cycling,” he explained. The investigation will end with a report illustrating the causes for the doping practices that took place between 1998-2013. LICENCE HOLDERS Marty said investigators could propose reduced sanctions to any riders, officials, agents and staff who

came forward with “substantial information”. If the information is of “great importance”, the commission could propose further reductions or even a “zero sanction”, added Marty, a senior Swiss politician and former state prosecutor. “We will treat all witnesses fairly and I urge anyone in the cycling community with information that can help our investigation to come forward,” he said. Marty said the offer was generally limited to license holders who were not currently suspended or facing disciplinary action. However, riders and officials who are currently banned could be considered on a case-by-case basis for a reduction in their sanctions if they provided valuable evidence. “This is a very, very important day for the UCI and for the sport of cycling,” said Cookson. “We have put aside a very substantial amount of money from the UCI’s reserves to do this, we have appointed a genuinely independent commission with three people of the highest levels of integrity. “It’s not just important we analyze what went on in the past but that we learn some lessons for the future to stop the sport making the same mistakes again.”

Lloyd, Press push U.S. women past Russia 7-0 Boca Raton, Florida - Carli Lloyd and Christen Press scored two goals apiece as the United States extended its unbeaten streak to 41 games, defeating Russia 7-0 in a women’s friendly on Saturday last at FAU Stadium. Heather O’Reilly, Sydney Leroux and Abby Wambach – the world’s all-time leading scorer – each netted once. The sides will meet again today at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Lloyd gave the Americans a 1-0 lead in the 29th minute, splitting a pair of Russia defenders in the right side of the box and firing a shot over Russia goalkeeper Elvira Todua from six-yards out. In the 32nd minute, O’Reilly found herself in the right place when a cross from the left deflected off Russia left-back Marina Pushkareva and ricocheted to the U.S. midfielder. O’Reilly rocketed

- face each other again today her effort into the upper right corner for a 2-0 advantage and her 38th-career goal. Five minutes later, Lloyd completed her brace. After collecting a Stephanie Cox pass from the left side with her chest, the 31-year-old midfielder dribbled down the middle before ripping a right footer from the top of the 18yard box into the upper left corner to make it 3-0. In the second half, the U.S. stayed on the offensive and added to its advantage six minutes after the break. This time, Lloyd ran on to a loose ball on the left side and crossed into the box for Press to head home. Leroux scored in her fourth consecutive outing to put the Americans up 5-0 in the 54th minute. The Seattle Reign forward raced into the right side of the penalty area to latch on to a perfectly

measured pass from Lauren Holiday. As she was falling, Leroux somehow slipped a right-footed shot on the ground around a Russian defender and past a surprised Todua. Press grabbed her second goal of the match in the 58th minute stabbing in from six-yards after Todua could not gather in Ali’s attempt from just inside the box.Wambach, a second-half substitute struck for her 164th goal with 23 minutes remaining in normal time. Following a quickly taken free kick, Amy Rodriguez fed Wambach with a neat backheel pass and the Western New York Flash striker finished into the open net at the left post. Valentia Orlova’s ejection for taking down Rodriguez on a breakaway meant that Russia had to play the last 20 minutes down a player.

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Shondell ‘Mystery Lady’ Alfred is back

Commences preparation for aborted Super/Flyweight championship fight

Alfred pounds away at the heavy bag during training sessions Monday afternoon last

By Michael Benjamin In late November 2012, Shondell ‘Mystery Lady’ Alfred traveled to Mexico to engage Mexican, Zulina Muñoz at Foro Polanco, Mexico City, Mexico, in a 12 rounds bout for the World Boxing Council (WBC) female Super/flyweight championship belt. Unfortunately, destiny intervened, forcing a cancellation of the bout after medical practitioners, performing checks hours before the bout, discovered that the ‘Mystery Lady’ was more than two weeks pregnant. Unable to hide her frustration and disappointment, Alfred returned to Guyana and hosted a press conference where she apologized to her supporters while promising to be back just as soon as was medically possible. Since then, Alfred has given birth to Aniya, a 7 ½ lbs baby girl at the Maternity ward of the Public Hospital Georgetown and now seven months later she is set to resume her boxing career. Kaieteur Sport caught up with Alfred at the Forgotten Youth Foundation, Albouystown, as she honed her skill on the heavy punching bag, Monday afternoon last and she said that she has resumed training approximately one week ago

and already is anxious to reenter the ring to trade punches. When Alfred had returned to Guyana following the aborted fight, her Alfred’s coaches, Joseph Murray and Sebert Blake had said that her reputation had preceded her and she had created a stir in Mexico. The coaches had also said that despite the disappointment experienced by Alfred’s inability to keep her ring date, the promoters had extended benevolence and paid her a part of her purse. Further, they had explained that President of the WBC, Jose Sulaiman, had indicated that Alfred will retain her rating (#8 in the super/flyweight division) until her issue is sorted out. Mr. Sulaiman has since passed away and Kaieteur Spoke queried whether this turn of events would put a monkey’s wrench in plans. Alfred said that the late WBC President’s passing would not affect her chances at securing a top ranking nor the title fight since it was Mr. Sulaiman’s son, WBC Secretary General, Mauricio, that had undertook to arrange the bout. Kaieteur Sport sought a comment from the GBBC President, Peter Abdool, but we were informed that he was

out of the country. However, a source close to the GBBC did confirm that Alfred has been considered for a second chance at the title. The source said that all efforts would be made to secure the bout for Alfred. Meanwhile, Mexican pugilist, Maribel Ramirez, had substituted for Alfred and lost on points to hand Muñoz the title on points. The latter fighter had then taken her record to 36 wins with 1 loss. However, Muñoz has been very busy and has improved her record with 4 convincing wins over Tenkai Tsunami (w 10), Soledad Macado (TKO 4), Maribel Ramirez (KO 1) and Marissa Johanna, who was disqualified in the first round. All of those fights were title defenses and Muñoz’s record has since improved to 40 wins with one loss. She had knocked out 26 of her opponents and her knockout ratio has improved to 60.47%. Alfred has since said that while she is confident of defeating Muñoz, she would like to have at least two warm up fights before tackling the world champion. “I will be discussing this with my trainer so that we would arrive at a sensible conclusion,” she affirms. In the meantime Alfred said she will remain in the gym to whip herself into a decent shape.

Wednesday February 12, 2014

Double header on today in GFF Nat’l Premier League The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) National Premier League continues today with a double header scheduled to be played at the Georgetown Football Club (GFC) ground, commencing from 18:00hrs. In the opening game, Buxton United takes on Grove Hi Tech and this encounter will be followed by the clash between Riddim Squad and BV/Triumph at 20:00 hrs. The League continues on Sunday with eight matches listed to

be played at four venues. At the #5 ground in West Berbice, New Amsterdam United tackles Mahaica Determinators at 18:00hrs and this will be followed by Rosignol United versus League leaders Alpha United. At the Bu x t o n Community Centre ground, BV/Triumph engages Silver Shattas of Linden from 13:30hrs, while in the feature clash homesters Buxton United play host to Riddim Squad at 15:30hrs.

At the GFC ground, Grove Hi Tech square off against Linden’s Milerock from 18:00hrs while the feature encounter pits Santos versus Winners Connection. At the Den Amstel Community Centre ground, Young Achievers will take on BK Western Tigers from 13:30hrs while Den Amstel will host the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) at 15:30hrs. Meanwhile, the latest points standings are seen below:

‘SLC happy with ICC resolutions’ – Ranatunga Sri Lanka Cricket’s concerns about the ICC revamp were largely allayed by the second set of revisions to the position paper proposals in Singapore, SLC secretary Nishantha Ranatunga has said. The board has not yet endorsed Saturday’s ICC decision to forge ahead with the revamp, but it is now expected to fall in line with the majority at the ICC, though the board was among the position paper ’s fiercest opponents before the vote. Ranatunga told ESPNcricinfo the revised proposals did not amount to a major threat to SLC’s power at the ICC table, one day after he had told Ceylon Today the board would need to launch “a damage-control exercise”. SLC and PCB had been the two abstentions at Saturday’s meeting. “Our objective was to try not to lose what we have gained as a Test-playing nation,” Ranatunga said. “If you look at the revised documents that they have tabled, most of the things have been cleared. “If you look at the first paper, they only wanted the ICC chairmanship to be rotated amongst the three countries. They have taken

Jayantha Dharmadasa that off. Then they were talking about three committees and for them to be chairing those. That has been taken out. “Only for the first term they will chair those committees due to the time constraints and the TV matter. But after that the process is the board will select who will chair those committees. The things that we were supposed to lose as a country - certain benefits to the board, like serving in those committees and to be a chairman - all that will remain.” While some proposals on governance were softened in the revisions, the position paper’s delineation of ICC

revenue redistributions based on each nation’s “contribution costs” has not changed. SLC is believed to have been accorded 0.1% of the ICC’s revenue under the new system - a figure Ranatunga said is palatable, despite SLC’s previous consternations. “The other concern that we had was with regard to the funding table. That was quite clearly explained to the team that went from Sri Lanka, and we were quite ok with that.” The second set of revisions has not yet been publicly seen, but SLC’s stance appears to have changed considerably since the Singapore meeting in which these changes were unveiled. In the week prior to that meeting, a meeting of SLC’s members, past cricketers and administrators had unanimously opposed the proposals, before board president Jayantha Dharmadasa questioned the legality of the proposals in a letter to ICC’s lawyers. An executive committee meeting will determine SLC’s final stance on the revamp. That meeting will be called when the board receives the finalised resolutions from the ICC, CEO Ashley de Silva said. (ESPNcricinfo)

Wednesday February 12, 2014

Kaieteur News

T&T battle Jamaica today in first NAGICO Super 50 Semi

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Guyana Squash Association releases 2014 programme of activities The Guyana Squash Association has released their tentative Calendar of Events for 2014. Some Tournament dates are subject to change, however, the association

hopes this will help its members be available for the events. The programme opens this month with the Bounty Farm Handicap Tournament at the Georgetown Club and has

events both locally and overseas during the year. Their Annual General Meeting is fixed for February 28 at Georgetown Club. The full list of activities planned:

Dwayne Bravo (centre), his brother Darren (right) and Sunil Narine will be key to victory. Trinidad and Tobago will enjoy home advantage when they take on Jamaica in the first semi final of the NAGICO Super 50 tournament from 14:00hrs today at the Queen’s Park Oval. The Trinis are high in confidence after their seven wicket victory over the Combined Campuses and Colleges (CCC) in their Zone B game on Sunday and will go all out to give their fans lots to cheer about, but will have to be wary of the Jamaican team who topped Zone A. The host nation rebounded quiet well after going down to Barbados by 28 runs in their opening game by defeating the Leeward Islands by five wickets in their second preliminary round fixture in Tobago. Dwayne Bravo has marshaled his troops well so far and will look forward to their continued support in all departments. The home team’s batting appears strong with the likes Adrian Barath, Evin Lewis, Lendl Simmons, the Bravo brothers, Jason Mohamed and wicketkeeper Denesh Ramdin. A lot will depend on Barath and Lewis at the top of the order to lay the foundation for a huge total. Off spinner Sunil Narine spearheads their experienced bowling attack which includes Ravi Rampaul, Imran Khan, Shannon Gabriel and all-rounder Kevon Cooper. The Jamaicans on the other hand are riding high after their victory over Guyana in the final preliminary round match and will look to keep the home fans quite. Their allround ability can match that of the Trinis and a keen contest is anticipated. Nkrumah Bonner will look to continue his fine form after

Jerome Taylor

Preparation heightens for this Sunday’s horserace Meet

scoring a century against the Guyanese. Apart from Bonner their batting will be centered around John Campbell, Tamar Lambert, their Captain David Bernard Jr., Jermaine Blackwood and Carlton Baugh Jr. Jerome Taylor and Sheldon Cottrell are expected to share the new ball while Andre Russell, left arm spinner Nikita Miler and Andrew Richardson should offer valuable support. Teams; TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: Dwayne Bravo (Captain), Adrian Barath, Evin Lewis, Lendl Simmons, Darren Bravo, Jason

Mohammed, Denesh Ramdin (wicket-keeper), Rayad Emrit, Sunil Narine, Ravi Rampaul, Imran Khan, Yannick Ottley, Shannon Gabriel, Kevon Cooper; Kelvin Williams (Coach) JAMAICA: David Bernard Jr. (Captain), Nikita Miller (vice captain), Andre Russell, Carlton Baugh Jr. (wicket-keeper), Tamar Lambert, Andrew Richardson, Horace Miller, John Campbell, Jermaine Blackwood, Andre McCarthy, Sheldon Cottrell, Jerome Taylor, Nkrumah Bonner, Kenar Lewis; Junior Bennett (Coach).

With the Annual General Meeting of the Guyana Horse Racing Authority (GHRA) out of the way and a new body sworn in, all eyes will now be focused on the next Horserace Meet. That date is set for this Sunday when the Port Mourant Turf Club in collaboration with Jumbo Jet Auto Sales and Racing Stable stages a one-day Meet at the Port Mourant Turf Club (PMTC). This Meet which wa s o r i g i n a l l y scheduled for December 28 but was postponed at the last moment due to the inclement weather, is now a seven race activity. Close to $11 million in cash and trophies are up for grabs. The feature event will be for horses classified D1 and Lower over 1500M for a hefty prize money of $1M.

The race for Three-Year-Old Guyana and West Indies bred horses has at stake $600,000 over a distance of 1200M. There is a race for Four-Year-old animals bred and born in Guyana and the West Indies also over 1500M for a top prize of $500,000. The horses classified E1 and lower will also be racing for a first prize of $500,000 over 1200M. The animals classified G1 and Lower have at stake a top prize of $400,000, to aim for in another 1200 meters clash. The ‘I’ and Lower race goes over 1000M for $250,000. The final event is for animals classified J and Lower over 1200 meters for a $200,000 purse. The race is being conducted under the rules of the Guyana Horse Racing Authority (GHRA). Race time is 12:30hrs.

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Wednesday February 12, 2014

Chanderpaul, Khan among awardees at ECCCC ceremony

Members of the club display their prizes in the presence of other officials. GCB Secretary Anand Sanasie is seated second left. West Indies Under-19 opener Tagenarine Chanderpaul and Demerara leg spinner Amir Khan were among those rewarded when the Enmore Community Centre Cricket Club (ECCCC) held its first annual awards ceremony recently on the East Coast of Demerara. Chanderpaul copped the prize for the most outstanding batting performance (125*) while Khan received the best all-rounder trophy. Other members that received awards were Nicholas Ramsarran (Most Disciplined Youth Player),

Suresh Jainarine (Most Committed Member), Gavin Moriah (Most Promising Player), Vishwanauth Ramlakhan (Most runs at the U-19 level - 347), Satesh Jainarine (Most wickets at the U-19 level and Most Improved Cricketer), David Mahase (Best bowling figures at the U-19 level - 6-18), Anil Persaud (Best bowling figures in softball - 5-11), Chaitram Ramlall (Most wickets in softball), Bheemraj Ramkellawan (Most runs for the senior and the softball teams), Nandram Ganesh (Most wickets for the senior

Guyana Horse Racing Authority gets new boss as Vic Oudit elected as President Well known business executive, former chairman of Guysuco and owner of LIDCO, Vic Oudit, is the new President of the Guyana Horse Racing Authority (GHRA). Oudit was elevated to the position when that body held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday at the Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club pavilion. Oudit, a former President of the body in 2011, defeated former President and retired Chancellor of the Judiciary, Justice Cecil Kennard in a straight fight for the top post, 11-7 from the 18 eligible voters. Six of the seven clubs eligible, attended the meeting; namely the Kennard Memorial Turf Club (KMTC), Port Mourant Turf Club, Ryan Crawford Memorial Turf Club and Sports Facilities (RCMTC&SF), Bush Lot United Turf Club (BLUTC), Rising Sun Turf Club (RSTC) and the little

known Budhan’ Racing Club. Norman Singh Memorial Turf Club did not attend. Each club was entitled to three votes. Kennard was however elected as a Vice President along with Fazal Habibulla and Roopnarine Matadial. Zenzie Goring will continue to serve as Secretary, while Francis “Chico” Chichester was also reelected as Treasurer. Attorney-at-law Ragendra Poonai is the new legal advisor of the body, replacing deceased Senior Council Marcel Crawford. The rest of the body including the Stewards, Classifiers, Handicappers, Clerks and Vets will be known at a later date. Racing dates will also be made available soon. Meanwhile, the new body is expected to hit the ground running as a number of Meets are on the cards. One of the objectives of the new president, who was (Continued on page 31)

team - 16) and Yuvraj Paul Dyal (Most consistent player). GT&T and Banks DIH Limited received plaques, while several junior members were given accolades for their input to the club’s activities. Members of the Enmore team that won the GT&T 35Overs competition were also presented with medals, while Deolall Rajkumar, Zaheed Mohamed, Usha Amin, Chandanee Ganesh, Sheik Mohamed, Rameshwar Dookoo, Avenash Ramzan, Roger Harper and Daveteerth Anandjit were recipients of Certificates of Appreciation for their support. Speaking at the c e r e m o n y, M i n i s t e r o f Culture, Youth and Sport (MCY&S) Dr Frank

Anthony said he is pleased with the progress the club has made since their re-opening in March 2013. The Minister was satisfied that the club was able to include disciplines such as athletics, volleyball, karate, dominoes and table tennis in their calendar of events. He noted that communities must guard against the use of drugs and the consumption of alcohol and urged the older folks to be cognizant of their health, suggesting that they exercise for 30 minutes daily as he warned them against contracting chronic noncommunicable diseases. Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) Secretary Anand Sanasie, who also attended

the ceremony, said he has been following the club’s progress closely, noting the significant strides they have made. He made a commitment to offer support, adding that the executives of the club have done well to promote not just cricket, but other disciplines since their resuscitation. Sanasie also called on administrators on the East Coast of Demerara to ensure that more cricket is played adding that the GCB has plans to expand the Chetram Singh Centre of Excellence, located at La Bonne Intention. Club Chairman Taajnauth Jadunauth, lauded his executives for their hard work. Among the major achievements, the Chairman

noted, were infrastructural works to the commentary booth, fence, ticket booth and the pavilion, hosting of two workshops conducted by Umpire Daveteerth Anandjit and former West Indies Vicecaptain and Coach, Roger Harper, the staging of a fundraising bar-b-cue and the inaugural GT&T 35Overs cricket competition. He said that plans are in the making to construct an indoor practice facility. Chairman of the Enmore Community Centre Council Desmond Mohamed informed that the council will be seeking assistance from the MCY&S, Guyana Sugar Corporation and other business entities to establish a state-of-the-art gymnasium, library and an internet café.

Rose Hall Town Jammers, NA Warriors score wins in Anamayah Memorial Basketball Rose Hall Town Jammers maintained their unbeaten run and New Amsterdam Warriors also scored a win when play continued during the week in the Anamayah Memorial Inter Club First Division Basketball competition with two matches. On Wednesday the in form Rose Hall Town Jammers took advantage of the Rose Hall Town combination by scoring a demoralizing 62-32 win in their game which was played at the Guysuco Training Centre Court. The victory took the unbeaten Jammers to the top of the table in their group and a place into the semifinal. Fyrish Black Sharks with one win and a loss took the other position in that group with the winless Rose Hall

Town losing out. In another game played on Sunday at the Vryman’s Erven Basketball court in New Amsterdam, New Amsterdam Warriors came prepared for a battle with nemesis Smithfield Rockers and eventually won 42-32. Neither team were prepared to take chances and both sides were very watchful as the first quarter ended in a 5-5 deadlock. The same trend continued in the second segment but the Warriors were able to up their game to take a two point lead to nose ahead 15-13. Warriors seemed more determined and prepared to war as they upped their game to take a five point advantage at the end of the third quarter which ended 30-25.

The fourth quarter was all the Warriors’, as Rockers tried gamely to stay in the contest. In the end the Warriors ran away winners by 10 points 4232. National player Carlos Crandon was outstanding for the Warriors with a g a m e h i g h 1 4 points including nine from the three point range. Leroy Edwards supported with nine points. Hugh Arthur sc o r e d e i g ht, and Martin Witherspoon and Robert Esseboom with seven each top scored for Rockers. The game was graced with the presence of the newly elected president of the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) Nigel Hinds and president of the Berbice Amateur Basketball Association (BABA) Mr.

Keith Myers. Mr. Hinds took the opportunity to congratulate the players and encouraged them to continue playing. He also presented a pair of sneakers to Coach of the Warriors, Kirk Fraser to give to a player of his choice. Whistles were also given to the referees who officiated in the game. The competition is expected to continue tomorrow with New Amsterdam Warriors taking on East Canje Knights in what is expected to be a keenly contested game. A win for the Warriors will take them to the semifinals, while a win for the Knights will leave all three teams with one win each; the two with the best average going through.

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Wednesday February 12, 2014

GBTI Inter Secondary School Cricket

Central Corentyne and JC Chandisingh advance to female and male finals Central Corentyne Secondary School of Bush Lot Farm, Corentyne on Friday last created a huge upset when they defeated Corentyne Comprehensive by six wickets to advance to the finals of the GBTI Inter Secondary School Female tapeball competition. In the boy’s Under-15 segment, J.C Chandisingh

Secondary held their nerves to defeat a stubborn Central Corentyne team by two wickets to also book their place in the male championship match. Playing at the Area ‘H’ Ground, Corentyne Comprehensive Females were bowled out for 52 off their allotted ten overs with only Hanrah Hicks reaching

double figures with 12; Tiffany Moore took 3 for 9 and Reshama Lynch 3 for 10 for Central Corentyne. In reply, the visiting Central Corentyne were reduced to 8 for 4 off 5.4 overs before Shonetta Grimmond blasted 25 (3x4 1x6) and received admirable support from Carmain Prince who scored 11 as they

guided their team to victory. Central Corentyne Secondary will play the winner of the second semifinal between Port Mourant Secondary and Winifred Gaskin Secondary. In the male Under-15 competition, J.C Chandisingh won the toss and invited Central Corentyne to take first strike.

Central Corentyne were bowled out for 110 off 25 of their allotted 30 overs; Govindra Sydney top scored with 22, Javern King made 15 and Milford Holder 13. Bowling for J.C Chandisingh, Uran George snapped up 3 for 15 and Curtis Dey 2 for 13. J.C Chandisingh in reply reached 114 for 8 in 24.3 overs. Kevon Hooper led the way with 21, extras

contributing a healthy 23. Colwyn White bowled well in a losing effort to claim 3 for 13 from 5 overs. J.C Chandisingh will face the winner of the Lower Corentyne / Winifred Gaskin Memorial semifinal matchup in the final. The finals of both tournaments are scheduled for this Friday at the Area ‘H’ Ground. The females facing off at 09:30hrs while the males will meet at 12 noon.

Umpire Malcolm retires after 30 years Kingston, Jamaica (CMC) - Jamaican Norman Malcolm has announced his retirement as a senior umpire in regional cricket. Malcolm, who is quitting as a member of the West Indies Cricket Board Senior Panel of Umpires, has been a veteran of more than 30 years. He rose to the level of the ICC international panel and stood in 27 one day internationals between 2008 and 2011. Malcolm made his ODI debut in June 2008 when he officiated in the second match of the series between West Indies and Australia in St Georges, Grenada. His last ODI match was in North Sound Antigua in 2011 between West Indies and India. Malcolm, who also stood in seven

Norman Malcolm Twenty20 matches at the ICC level, says he will continue to officiate at the local level. He was reelected as president of the Jamaica Cricket Umpires’ Association over the weekend.

ECB to host Manager/ Coach seminar on Sunday The Essequibo Cricket Board (ECB) will host a seminar for its Managers and Coaches on Sunday at the Board’s Hostel, Anna Regina starting from 10:30hrs. Former West Indies fast bowler Colin Stuart and Julian Moore will deliver addresses on various topics

including the role of managers. Among those expected to attend are Vibert Johnson, Forbes Daniels, Nandkishore Andrews, Andy Ramnarine, Elroy Stephney, Nazeer Mohamed, Virendra Chintamani, Festus Benn and Fabian Durant.

Milo Organisers summon meeting with captains, officials Organisers of the Milo Schools Football Tournament will today hold a briefing for teachers, coaches, captains and officials, at the Ministry of Education ground on Carifesta Avenue, starting at 14:30 hrs. According to Co-Director of the Petra Organisation Tr o y M e n d o n c a , t h e

p u r p o s e o f t h e interaction is to sensitise all involved in the tournament about the rules and regulations that will govern the Tournament. M en d o n c a s ai d t h e Meeting is important and urge that the summoned parties make a special effort to attend.

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Wednesday February 12, 2014

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Trophy Stall empowers Berbice basketball by sponsoring tournament The recently resuscitated Berbice Amateur Basketball Association (BABA) vision for the upliftment and development of the game in the Ancient County has received a major boost with The Trophy Stall of Bourda Market and the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC) joining hands to sponsor a tournament for youths. Only recently the RHTY&SC donated a set of basketballs and other items to the BABA and this sponsorship represents a commitment to assist with the development of sport. Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster who approached Managing Director of the Trophy Stall, Mr. Ramesh Sunich for a

donation of trophies, stated that he was quite impressed with the vision of the BABA recently elected President Keith Myers and Secretary Petra Forde. The club has made a commitment to work along with both executive members to ensure that they fulfill their mandate. Foster stated that the RHTY&SC would only work along with organizations which have visionary and honest leadership. He urged the BABA to work beyond the call of duty to develop the game. Managing Director of Trophy Stall Ramesh Sunich remarked that he was willing to assist once the RHTY&SC would have

Five athletes named for South American Games

Cleveland Forde The Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG) has named five athletes for the South American Games that will be held in Santiago, Chile during March 5-8. The athletes’ names were submitted to the Guyana Olympic Association as the official team. Kaieteur Sport understands that Police Progressive Youth Club Coach, Lyndon Wilson will lead the team as Coach with one of his athletes, Winston George in the unit. George is slated to run in the 200m and 400m races. Running Braves Athletics Club’s, Cleveland Thomas was also named and is down to compete in the 800m and 1500m races while distance foe, Cleveland Forde competes in the 1500

Alika Morgan

Winston George and 5000m events. Wayne Harlequin was identified for the 400m and 800m. Alike Morgan is the lone female in the team to compete in the 1500m and 5000m races. Guyana will also be represented in boxing at the South American Games next month.

recommended the BABA. The Trophy Stall, Sunich proudly noted is a major contributor to the development of all sports in Guyana and he was proud to work along with the RHTY&SC to continue that commitment in the Ancient County. Trophies were donated

for the winning and runnerup teams as well as the MVP of the finals. The RHTY&SC contributed prizes for the members of the winning team. BABA Secretary Petra Forde expressed gratitude to Mr. Sunich and Mr. Foster for their kind gesture to (Continued on page 33)

Trophy Stall’s Ms. Petra Badree (right) hands over the trophies to BABA Secretary, Ms. Petal Forde.

t r o Sp T&T battle Jamaica today in first Semi P.37

Nkrumah Bonner

Double header on today in GFF Nat’l Premier LeagueP.36

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