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Understanding what the Chief Justice really ruled In the wake of the decision by Chief Justice Ian Chang, there have been comments that range from the ridiculous to those that cause serious-minded people to think about the future of the country. For the first time the government must account for inclusions in the budget or face having a no-vote for certain sections of the budget. Prior to the ruling by the Chief Justice the opposition with its parliamentary majority opted to use that majority to slash those aspects of the budget that the Finance Minister and those whose appropriation was being challenged. A government would plan a budget to promote development. However, in recent times the opposition came to believe that the government was as corrupt as any corrupt government. This extent of corruption could see the government voting sums far in excess of what is necessary. The opposition parties believed that the people in the government were siphoning off the excess money. This belief was not easy to shelve because there were reports of contractors being advised to bid high, then pass an envelope to a Minister or to someone closely associated with the project. In any case, there were substandard works because the contractor insisted on his profit margin and if he had to pass an envelope before the work began then he was going to cut back on material and so fail to honour the specifications of the project. In 2012 and 2013 the opposition questioned some of the expenditure proposed by the government. For example, one bone was the cost of the Amaila Falls hydroelectric project. The opposition felt that it was too high and in the absence of what they said were unsatisfactory explanations, voted to slash funding for the project. It was the same with the Specialty Hospital, the Cheddi Jagan Airport Expansion project and funding for the Government Information Agency and National Communications Network. The government objected to the cuts and moved to the courts. The Chief Justice ruled that the cuts were illegal, that the budget was the preserve of the Finance Minister and he was the one to do any cutting or trimming. This is the bone of contention. The opposition said that surely the Chief Justice is saying that if the opposition objects to an item in the budget they must object to the entire budget. Failure on the part of the government to pass the budget means that the government must call general elections. There is the view that the Chief Justice has created conditions for a constitutional crisis but on closer examination of the very ruling we come to the position that there might have been over reaction; that people, among them lawyers, might have opted to ignore the happenings in the Committee of Supply The Chief Justice ruled that the Opposition cannot cut the budget in the National Assembly because the budget is really the estimates presented by the Finance Minister. But this does not preclude the opposition from making their decisions known in the Committee of Supply. That is where the arguments would take place, where the proposals would be made and where the rejections would occur. In the committee of supplies the opposition would be in a position to make the Finance Minister make whatever adjustments that must be made. If he refuses then the opposition would have no option but to vote down the entire budget. For one, the belief is that the meeting of the committee of the supply would be more meaningful this year. One would then see how serious the government is about cooperating with the opposition. When the elections results were made known the diplomatic community simply said that it was the best thing that could have happened to Guyana and they were right. For the first time budget debates are not exercises in futile arguments. They really involve serious questions and answers about the taxpayers’ money. Above all the people see what really they need to spend on.

Tuesday February 04, 2014

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No constitutional crisis exists when checks and balances are clear

DEAR EDITOR, Mr Ralph Ramkarran hit the nail on the head in analyzing the Honourable Chief Justice Mr Ian Chang’s ruling on the budget. In fact his clarification why the ruling was sound and inviolable became clearer on his blog site as published in SN of 2-2-14. But Mr Eusi Kwayana finds the decision objectionable, as usual, in the SN of 2-1-14. Both speak their mind, but they differ significantly. Who makes the better case? There is currently no constitutional crisis in Guyana because the checks and balances are operating normally. How the Opposition resolves problems is a meter of how they will behave in government. The Declaration of Sophia quickly found Mr Burnham’s PNC subsuming the judiciary to his PNC by symbolically flying the PNC flag over the Court of Appeal. Are they so petrified to be in their own crisis with only a headache? Relief is most permissible and possible for rectification by appealing to the Guyana Court of Appeal and subsequently the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). Alternatively, the combined opposition can reject the entire budget, they have that power to move a no confidence motion, and have the majority. The President is constitutionally required to dissolve parliament and call fresh elections. Guyana will indeed remain a democratic country governed by law and order unless its constitution is raped by the confused who “Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war” (Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar). The right to disagree in a democracy is as normal as best finding relief in court. Whatever is implied can only be dangerous intent, or not, should Mr Kwayana mean otherwise than the Judiciary that “It is the work of the political culture to keep them from intruding unlawfully on one another’s jurisdictions.” Legal responsibility for reversing itself permanently resides only within the judiciary empowered by the constitution itself and no one else. All sovereignty which lies in the people can only be valid when it is in harmony, sanctified and expressed

only through the same constitution and not outside the law. That the Guyana constitution is the highest and supreme law of the land is without question. The Judiciary alone is empowered by the Guyana constitution, to be its i n t e r p r e t e r, e n f o r c e r, adjudicator and guardian. It does not become subsumed, changed, diluted, subjected or altered by any subsidiary law(s) unless by changing the constitution

itself. After laws are created by parliament, the judiciary alone is the empowering adjudicator which interprets and ensures its implementation in court, imposing necessary penalties. Existing rules or regulations in the National Assembly which regulate its operations are valid, save and except only when they conflict, attempt to supersede, nullify, invalidate or compromise, etc., constitutional authority. All

without exception are subjected to constitutional authority, including the executive and legislature. The judiciary itself is not immune from the law. A judge or magistrate will be charged for murder regardless. Disobeying the decisions of the Judiciary is usually contempt of court and illegal, always subject to penalties. The Honourable Chief Justice Mr Ian Chang (Continued on page 7)

A lesson for all Guyanese DEAR EDITOR, Back in December, I had cause to raise an issue that was hugely troubling to me. During to a visit to the Princess Casino in December, my attention was drawn to one of the machines which had what appeared to be an image of Lord Shiva. In a letter to the editor, I queried this issue asking the role of the Gaming Authority and whether its inspectors did not see. I had also called on Hindu community and the wider society at large to condemn this, as our country is known for its tolerance and respect for each other’s belief.

Recently, management, namely Mr. Mohair, the supervisor of the casino, made contact with me and during a tour of the facility indicated that they had removed the offensive machine and its image. They said that they were not aware that the image was offensive. They apologized. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the management of the casino for taking steps to correct the problem. It goes to show that we can talk to each other and are mature enough to correct ourselves. Indeed, a lesson for all Guyanese. Cobeer Persaud

Keeping schools clean DEAR EDITOR, The Environmental Community Health Organization (Echo) is encouraging its members in all echo- clubs, coaches and volunteers, in all areas, in schools to ensure the health of their surroundings at home and school. Their yards should be free from garbage and should be kept in a clean and tidy manner at all times. Today’s population is increasing and every day people are destroying the natural environment. Scientists predict that within the next 50 years or so, global warming will cause the earth to increase in temperature which will in turn cause the earth to experience more hurricanes, droughts, floods and many more climate changes. However, all of this could be avoided if we simply reduce the amount of air pollution,

reuse and recycle everyday products in order to keep our environment clean. Here are some ways in which we have been destroying the environment: a.) We have been carelessly throwing litter all over the place. This litter when decomposed releases poisonous gases which can lower the quality of the air we breathe. This can lead to many diseases like asthma which lowers the quality of life. b.) The environment can be a learning environment for us and future generations. If we just litter all around the place we will never be able to regain what we have lost. What can we do? Dispose all litter in a responsible way. Do not throw garbage all over the environment and always use the bin at all times. Oneeka Brown Director of Communications

Happy birthday, Facebook DEAR EDITOR, When Virginia Woolf wrote that the world changed in 1910, she was alluding to the sudden arrival of what can be called “modernity”. On February 4, 2004 the world changed again when Mark Zuckerberg, a second-year student, launched Facebook (then “Thefacebook”) from his Harvard University dorm. Today, ten years later, and with a membership of just over a billion and half, Zuckerberg has changed the way we interact. Some might say the earth has been made flat, given the ease with which we can communicate one-on-one with someone anywhere else in the world, or interact meaningfully as a nationally distinct group, which Guyana Gallery uniquely represents. News about important events, information and photographs of ourselves,

families, and friends are shared so easily that technology is no longer perceived as an instrument of generational divide. Also of significance to us Guyanese, given the social cleavages encouraged by colonialism, we have adequately demonstrated that, given a level playing field, we will opt for cohesion and stability rather than mayhem and discord, knowing that there is more to be derived thereby. We expect the next ten years will be just as exciting as the last, given that Mark Zuckerberg intends to bring internet access to the billions who live in low-income countries. For Mr. Zuckerberg, this is not about money. It is about connecting all people of our planet. We believe he can do it. Rishi Singh Minneapolis, MN, USA

Tuesday February 04, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Selective legalization of marijuana in Guyana? DEAR EDITOR, I refer to the caption in the Stabroek News dated 22nd January, “Security expert urges selective legalizing of ganja as part of drug response”. I take a very firm stance on the legalization of marijuana/cannabis for reasons I’ll expound on in this letter. It was in 1993, and I had been completing postgraduate studies in law and criminal justice policy at the London School of Economics, University of London. I had also been working on a mixed sex high secure mental health unit in South London. The unit‘s thirty patients were all young men and women diagnosed with varying mental health conditions, such as druginduced psychosis, catatonic schizophrenia, manic depression, bi-polar disorder, paranoid personality disorder, poly-substance related disorder, schizoaffective disorder, cannabis dependence and many more. Some had very serious criminal convictions. On one occasion a relative of a patient had smuggled a ‘stash’ of cannabis in the unit. I seized the cannabis from the patient,

and I was to pay very dearly for that action two days later, when three heavily-built patients waited until I was alone and pounced on me. One held me in a vice-like head and arms lock, another had his hands around my neck and the third proceeded to deal heavy blows around my body. The five members of staff on the unit at that time tried and failed to dislodge the men who had been attacking me. Staff summoned support from contiguous units and the Police. Fifteen members of staff had been unable to dislodge the three men from attacking me. It took the Police - who created quite a stir with their batons and riot shields - fifteen minutes to bring an end to what would have certainly resulted in my death. There was no pepper spray in use either by the Police or by staff at mental health units in the 1990s. Today, such an episode would be contained within a mere two minutes. I was to learn from my experiences working at that secure unit that when drug addicts are deprived of their ‘fix’ the risk of serious harm to staff and to members of the public

increases. There is increased pressure from big drug companies in Europe and the USA who see a lucrative marijuana/cannabis market in the Caribbean to legalize certain drugs. This is part of a global campaign– in which certain drug companies and venture capitalists have a vested interest, since they stand to make billions of dollars from the sale of marijuana/cannabis and ecstasy and other drugs if they were to be legalized. The big drug companies obviously don‘t care a damn that marijuana/cannabis use inevitably culminates into poly-substance misuse and abuse. Many of today‘s cocaine and ecstasy abusers were initially marijuana/ cannabis users. Marijuana/cannabis use is the staging post for polydrug misuse. Drug–induced psychosis, schizophrenia and paranoid personality disorder are also linked to sustained marijuana/cannabis abuse. Some acquisitive property offending and other youthbased offending behaviour are linked to substance misuse. Many young people who steal from shops, commit

burglary and robbery, do so to feed a substance misuse habit. Criminal offending is also a feature of the networks within which cannabis/ marijuana use occurs. Substance use causes disengagement with education, training and employment; an increase in interpersonal violence, such as domestic violence, homicide and femicidal killings and cognitive behavioural disinhibition. Sustained marijuana/ cannabis abuse impairs visuospatial perception, fine motor coordination and perceptual reasoning and planning abilities. Hence violence and substance abuse go hand-in-hand. The legalization of marijuana/cannabis would lead to more people using it, more addiction, more antisocial behaviour, more disease and death, more violence and more disorder and chaos in Guyana and greater risk of serious harm to the general public. Marijuana/cannabis abuse is already a scourge in many villages. Instead of legalization, marijuana/ cannabis should be reclassified as more harmful

because there is now sufficient empirical evidence that it triggers psychosis and schizophrenia. The most effective response to marijuana/ cannabis use is enforcement/criminalization and treatment. Guyana needs to train more substance use professionals The Netherlands can be used as a classical example for all those who quite misguidedly call for the legalization of marijuana/ cannabis in Guyana. As the Dutch relaxed the rules on marijuana/cannabis, the use and abuse of cocaine, heroin, MDMA (ecstasy) increased significantly, along with the crime rate. Contrary to pronouncements by some respected world leaders and others, marijuana/cannabis is a potent and very dangerous substance. The affective dimensions of marijuana/ cannabis misuse/abuse are irreversible impairment to certain neurological functions, disorientation of memory and thought processes, psychosis, chronic demotivation, panic attacks and aggression. Male marijuana/cannabis abusers also experience a low

sperm count. The children of female abusers are highly likely to be diagnosed with autism, asperger’s syndrome and other learning disabilities. The Americans have suddenly realized that a bellicose and gung ho attitude towards drug trafficking and drug use will never work. Legalization is currently being mooted as the possible solution to smash the violent profits that come with trafficking and that too wouldn‘t work. A scene from Dante‘s Inferno awaits us, should we legalize marijuana/cannabis. Here we are, experiencing unprecedented levels of violence, some of which can explained by the many changes around us. Today in Guyana we have ex-offenders from at least two of the world’s most violent countries as a substantial component of our general population and we have thriving trade in drug trafficking. Wherever there is drug trafficking, there are guns. Wherever there are exoffenders who have experienced the brutality of (Continued on page 7)

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Culture Ministry ordered to return $35M The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports was brought under the microscope yesterday at the meeting of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) where it was challenged to provide clarifications on a number of issues. One of the most glaring was that of $35M that was taken from the Consolidated Fund for the purpose of establishing a religious station. The money taken was not used. This money, however, still remains in an account under the Ministry of Culture. Permanent Secretary of the Culture Ministry, Mr. Alfred King told members of the Committee that while the money was taken for the purpose of establishing a

religious television station, several issues were encountered along the way. Since this was the case, the Ministry was not sure of its next step and opted to wait on a definitive answer on the way forward from “those in charge.” Chairman of the PAC, Carl Greenidge then informed that while the act was a breach of the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act, the money was not spent and as such a resolution should be provided. Greenidge noted as well that the matter is one that the agency should have dealt with on its own and not have allowed to reach to the level of the PAC. Nevertheless, Committee member, Ms. Bibi Shadick

Opposition walks out of antimoney laundering forum O p p o s i t i o n Parliamentarians yesterday walked out of the Anti-Money Laundering Special Select Committee, in response to Government’s support for the Private Sector Commission (PSC) attendance of meetings of the Committee in an observer capacity. According to a Finance Ministry statement, the PSC had submitted a letter to the sub-committee last month requesting, as stakeholders, to observe the meetings. “Tonight (yesterday), Minister of Finance Dr. Ashni Singh moved the motion to have the PSC attend the meetings but the Opposition, after objecting strenuously to the PSC being allowed to attend all meetings of the committee, walked out of the meeting in an attempt to avoid voting on the matter,” the

release said. “Minister Singh maintains Government’s position that the private sector of Guyana has a legitimate interest in the timely passage of the legislation, given the grave consequences that would devolve on Guyana’s economy should Parliament fail to enact the amendments,” it added. According to the release, the Finance Minister described the Opposition’s stance as “a most unfortunate development,” which “reflects yet another attempt by the Opposition to frustrate the timely passage of this bill.” “Their refusal to allow the PSC to observe the committee’s proceedings reflects the fact that they are (continued on page 24)

PAC Chairman, Carl Greenidge noted, “We are told that the money is drawn from the Consolidated Fund but it was not used and the money is now in an account of the Ministry of Culture. If it is not spent then it should go back into the Consolidated Fund. Why is the Ministry still holding on to it? I would like to be educated on the issue as to how it can be held over from one year to the next.” King was unable to provide a satisfactory answer on the matter. In the face of the situation, Greenidge then i that the money be refunded as it is not in keeping with the regulations.

Tuesday February 04, 2014

Guyana opens High Commission in South Africa - First full diplomatic presence since 1991 Guyana has opened a High Commission in Pretoria, South Africa. It is the first time the country has full diplomatic mission on the African continent since the closure of the diplomatic office in Zambia in August 1991. The Pretoria High Commission is currently headed by Ambassador Barbara Haley, the Assistant High Commissioner, until President Donald Ramotar appoints a High Commissioner. Explaining the move, Foreign Affairs Minister Carolyn-Rodrigues Birkett said that Africa is the fastest growing continent and South Africa has the largest economy on the continent. She said Guyana can benefit from South Africa’s expertise in various sectors, including mining. “The opening of this mission is a symbol of Guyana’s commitment to furthering our relations and developing our relations with the government and people of South Africa, but also with the wider African continent,” Rodrigues-Birkett said.

“Our mission will cover a wide range of political, cultural, commercial and trade issues, but would also look at Consular matters regarding Guyanese living in South Africa,” she noted. The Minister noted that the South African government is actively pursuing policies in sectors that are of interest to Guyana, such as mining. She said that Brazil, as a member of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) alliance, further cements its important role in the international community and thus a worthy ally for Guyana. As of last December, South Africa has the second highest number of diplomatic missions outside of Washington, D.C., with resident representation from 316 countries, including 131 embassies. As such, the Minister said that Guyana’s presence in Pretoria could help to build relations with other countries present there. Guyana becomes the fourth country of the Caribbean Community

(CARICOM) to establish a diplomatic mission in South Africa. The others are Surinam e , J a m a i c a a n d Trinidad and Tobago. Meanwhile, Guyana has also approved the appointment of new Honorary Consuls in Palestine, Winnipeg (Canada), San Felipe (Venezuela), Mumbai ( I n d i a ) , Tu r k e y, a n d California, USA. T h e government is awaiting approval from Bahamas for the replacement of the Honorary Consul there. In addition, Guyana’s Honorary Consul in Barbados, Michael Brotherson, has been accredited to St Marten. Minister RodriguesBirkett said that Brotherson’s appointment in Barbados has led to a reduction of complaints from Guyana travelling to and residing in Barbados. She said a reduction in such complaints also has to do with the fact that Bridgetown has established communication with the Guyana’s Honorary Consul and various authorities in that country.

Guyana third highest rate of cervical cancer Studies have shown that cancer is among the leading causes of death around the world, and will result in approximately 84 million dying of this ailment between 2005 and 2015 if interventions are not put in place to fight this deadly disease. Today, Guyana will join with the rest of the world to observe World Cancer Day, under the theme “Debunk the Myth”.

Each year, World Cancer Day focuses on different issues surrounding the fatal disease, and this year, the focus will be on trying to dismiss the misconceptions about cancer; in particular the myth that cancer is a disease that only affects rich countries. A report from the Ministry of Health shows that cancer has been the third leading cause of mortality in Guyana with Ischemic Heart Diseases coming at second and Cerebrovascular Diseases at number one. Prostate, breast, lung and cervical cancers are the main categories affecting the Guyanese population. The report shows that during the period of 2004-2011 more than 3400 persons died from various forms of cancer, with the largest number of deaths being 621 in 2011. Guyana has the third highest rate of cervical cancer in the Western hemisphere. Afro-Guyanese account for over 65 per cent of prostate cancer, whereas IndoGuyanese women had the highest cases of breast cancer-45 per cent. Although genetic influences increase the risk for developing certain cancers, lifestyles, diets and socio-economic status also play a significant role in the

determination of who will be afflicted. Minister of Health Dr Bheri Ramsaran, at a press conference yesterday, spoke of the disease and what the ministry has been doing to raise awareness. The Ministry has been implementing programmes and strategies to aggressively tackle this issue. It continues its national response to ensure preventative methods such as immunisation against cervical cancer and screening are made available to the population, and has also put in place a programme for young women to undertake the Visual Inspection using Acetic Acid (VIA) or a Pap screening for cervical cancer. T h u s f a r, m o r e t h a n 15,000 people have been tested for cervical cancer. Screening should be done every two years for women who either are or were sexually active, as they stand a higher risk. The Ministry, late last year, launched its Health Vision 2020 Strategy for which emphasis was placed on Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs), especially cervical cancer, its causes and possible prevention. It has, since 2007, been focusing on cervical cancer, trying to reduce its incidence

through several programmes across the country to educate women. The Periwinkle Club has been playing a major part in the fight against cancer. The club been in existence for the past seven years, and is involved in educating the public on the ailment. The members visit different venues and conduct outreaches, sensitisation and screening for the cancer. The group comprises cancer survivors and supporters of the fight against cancer. The group also raises awareness of cancer in men, as most men are shy to get screened or even learn about the ailment. One of the group’s main focuses is breast cancer, particularly in men. The Ministry will be intensifying its awareness programme this year across the country as to ensure that persons are aware of this disease. Access to care will also be heightened. Cancer control requires much targeted efforts commencing from creating public awareness, national concern control strategy, improving screening and diagnostic and developing and sustaining a much more positive environment for persons who are affected by cancer. (GINA)

Tuesday February 04, 2014

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Letters... Where your views make the news

No constitutional crisis exists when checks and... From page 4 has upheld and justified constitutional authority where it speaks for itself. Disagreement with Judicial ruling cannot nullify the source by which it was guided and validated. Since the past is inspiring for Mr Kwayana, it obviously explains why he easily cast doubts on the court. Whatever motivates his objections, they are no longer a mystery. Mr Ramkarran clarified that the long ago story (1966 Guyana’s independence constitution) was replaced by the 1980 constitution. Since there is uncertainty on how the National Assembly gridlock should be resolved, the court was the appropriate means to its resolution as found in the highest legal authority of the constitution. The Honourable Chief Justice delivered a brilliant legal ruling unprecedented in its scope, analysis and novelty. Mr Ramkarran zeroed in on the finesse by which the court ruled. The Opposition says it can amend the budget,

no doubt because of its majority. The constitution says it can, but not by encroaching on the executive rights to present the budget. Additionally the Judiciary does clarify, not neuter how the legislature can protect their rights. Mr Kwayana is unable to reconcile Guyana’s parliamentary history where the rules previously regulated only clear cases of white and black majority government, but not so minority opposition of which he is no doubt familiar. He now colour sprays even today’s operative 1980 Guyana Constitution. “In Guyana it should be easy for a court to appreciate that the business of the National Assembly is governed by a special body of rules with the status of law called Standing Orders. Are not procedures of the courts governed by Rules of Court? And does not the High Court Act empower courts to determine their own procedure where the Rules of Court do not apply?” Where such an argu-

ment is completely untenable is when, like Mr Kwayana so often does, he expects his ideas and the National Assembly rules to supersede Guyana’s constitution. Unlike the past, the 1980 Constitution actually now permits and regulates the executive Presidency to head a minority government as the new legal normal. Refreshing the painted lanes on the highway to ensure the integrity of government traffic, necessary for avoidance of anarchy and chaos, in no way affixes blameworthiness on the traffic department just because the Opposition car driver wants to drive, but is unprepared or compromised. Is Mr Kwayana’s approach outdated? His legitimate concerns advocating respect and appreciation for the rights and rules of the National Assembly are valid. But the Judiciary has only made them clearer as a guide to avoid future problems for everyone. Sultan Mohamed

Selective legalization of... From page 5 foreign prisons, there are guns. Yet with so much potential for violence in Guyana, there is no multiagency criminal justice framework to manage potential risk of serious harm to the public in the form of Multiagency Public Protection Arrangements. Domestic violence and intimate femicides continue unabated, but yet there is no multiagency framework in place in the form of a Multiagency Risk Assessment Conference, which is a forum where many practitioners meet and discuss strategy to manage risk of serious harm to victims and potential victims of domestic violence. The Police would be expected to take the lead in many multiagency meetings, but given the tattered image of the Guyana Police Force, they would find it difficult to muster the required professionalism at these meetings.

Instead of a viable criminal justice system, we have a colonial era juridico–cultural dinosaur. We also have a poorly resourced mental health system and very few trained substance misuse workers. Legalization of marijuana/cannabis in Guyana would unleash mental health, criminal justice and other challenges that we are not fully resourced and equipped to handle. Our priority must be to address the escalation of violence and drug trafficking. Hence the way forward would be to

erect a multiagency interagency framework where social workers, the Police, teachers, probation officers and others can work collaboratively in managing increasing risk of serious harm to the general public and increasing risk of vulnerability to women and children. Joseph B. Collins

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Tuesday February 04, 2014

Tuesday February 04, 2014

I did not plan to revisit the issue of the Chief Justice’s ruling in the Budget cut case. You learn that in this country that no matter how incontestable are your arguments, you will never change some persons’ minds because political interests often supersede legal reasoning. However, an accidental deletion of some words in one of the paragraphs in yesterday’s column has prompted this follow-up. I will use this opportunity to make the correction and also to address some of the confusion that has arisen over Article 171 of our Constitution. But first let me deal with the correction to yesterday’s column where it was stated: “The essence of the CJ’s decision is that if the National Assembly is allowed to approve the Estimates, this would amount to it preparing its own estimates and then approving it (sic).” This particular line should have read: The essence of the CJ’s decision is that if the National Assembly is allowed

Kaieteur News

to amend the Estimates, this would amount to it preparing its own Estimates and then having to approve them.” One of the arguments made in support of the contention that the opposition parties had a right to amend the Estimates concerned Article 171 of the Constitution. Even though the Chief Justice has done a thorough job in dissecting this Article and explaining its purpose and lack of relevance to the issue of the Estimates, it still seems as if some persons are of the view that the right to reduce the Estimates of Expenditure is provided by this Article of Guyana’s Constitution. For the layman’s benefit, I will try to simplify the Article and point out only the most salient features that relate to the controversy over the right to cut the Estimates. Article 171 has two parts. The first part asserts the right of any member of the National Assembly to: 1) introduce any Bill, 2) propose a motion for debate,

Dem boys seh ...

Fright gun kill One Edghill and Ah Kneel Last week, when de European Union decide to step up and help Guyana wid de sea defence, Ash Knee seh that Guyana got to protect all de assets that deh pun de coast. He mek it a point to tell de Europeans that except fuh mining and forestry everything else deh pun de coast and dem boys agree. Dem tell de EU people that most of de people live pun de coast, which is true. Wha he fail fuh tell de people is that all de crooks live directly off de seawall suh if de seawall break away is dem gun suffer de most. That’s de reason why dem want de EU fuh fix de seawall. Dem want to protect dem thiefing assets. All de Bees, from de biggest Bee to Rob de Earth and Irfaat live when de sea could drown dem once de wall break. In fact, de biggest Rat of all move suh close to de sea that he feeling de spray every time he open he window. Since he move deh he buy a boat because he think that he gun sail away when de problem come. Dem boys got a suggestion fuh de EU people. Don’t waste money pun old house. Everybody know wha does happen when you touch one wood. You does eventually build over two house instead of fixing one. Here is de advice, if you really want protect de nation build a new wall to protect de majority of de people and left de old wall fuh bruck way and fuff dem up. Some of dem gun run past dem house like how two lil boy mek de pastor run pass he own church. De two boys thief a big bag of oranges from a neighbor and decide to go to a quiet place to share it, equally. One of them suggest the nearby cemetery. As dem jump over the big gate fuh go into de cemetery, two orange fall out of the bag but dem boys didn’t bother to pick dem up. A few minutes later, a drunkard name Ah Kneel going home after a bout at Sleep In, pass near the cemetery gate and heard a voice saying: “one for me, one for you, one for me, one for you” He immediately sober up and run as fast as he could to One Edghill church nearby. “Bishop, Bishop, come with me quick. Come and sees God and Satan sharing bodies at the cemetery”. Dem run back to the cemetery gate and the voices continued: “one for me, one for you, one for me, one for you’ Suddenly, the voice stop counting and said: “what about the two at the gate?” If you see run. Bishop One Edghill run past the church gate and Ah Kneel run past State House, shouting: “Oh Gawd, we ain’t dead yet.” Talk half and wuss than that gun happen to all of dem who live langside de seawall.

3) present a petition to the Assembly. The second part of Article 171is more relevant to the discourse about the Budget cuts. It essentially provides that in respect to certain Bills and motions, the consent of the Cabinet is required. What are these Bills and motions that require the consent of Cabinet? They concern financial matters and particularly those that impose or increase a tax as well as those that impose a charge on the Consolidated Fund or amend a charge already imposed on the Consolidated Fund. The purpose of this subsection of Article 171 is obvious. When it comes to

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financial matters of the country, this is the preserve of the administration and therefore no Bill or motion can impose new tax or increase a new tax without the consent of Cabinet. No member can therefore introduce certain Bills and motions without the Consent of the Cabinet. The said Article 171 prohibits either by motion or by a Bill the introduction of any measure that imposes a charge on the Consolidated Fund, without the consent of Cabinet. But it does allow, by Bill alone, for a reduction of a charge which has been imposed on the Consolidated Fund. This however does not

mean that the Assembly can by a Bill reduce the Estimates without the consent of Cabinet. It cannot do so because Article 171 only allows for a reduction of a charge already imposed on the Consolidated Fund and this is totally different from cutting the Estimates. The Chief Justice held and, I believe rightly so, that the power to reduce a charge already imposed on the Consolidated Fund has nothing to do with the reduction of the Estimates. The Estimates do not constitute a charge imposed on the Consolidated Fund. They are for consideration by the Committee of Supply. It is only after the Assembly has

approved of the Estimates and the relevant Appropriations Bill has been prepared is a charge imposed on the Consolidated Fund. Once this is understood it will clear up the confusion over whether the National Assembly can reduce by Bill the Estimates. It cannot. It can by Bill reduce a charge already imposed by some other Bill or by the Constitution on the Consolidated Fund.

Dr. Karen Cummings the likely successor to Backer in Parliament …decision still to be taken on nomination for Deputy Speaker - Granger Dr Karen Cummings, wife of Peoples Progressive Party candidate, Dr Emmanuel Cummings, has all but been confirmed as the replacement in the National Assembly for A Partnership for National Unity’s (APNU), Deborah Backer. While a number of party sources have confirmed that Dr Cummings is the pick, APNU Leader David Granger, would only confirm that she is being considered among other persons. He said that a final decision has not been made as yet. According to Granger, following a formal announcement by Backer the party’s executives would have to meet and take a decision. He explained that while APNU is a coalition in Parliament and since Backer comes from the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), that party will be making the decision. Former Chairman of the PNCR Bishwaiswar “Cammie” Ramsaroop, is currently the representative of the list of candidates for

the coalition and will ultimately have the final say in who will be named as the successor. Granger said yesterday that as had been the case when determining who would be seated in parliament following the 2011 election; there is a formula that will be used. He spoke to the gender balance and geographic representation among other criteria. Dr Cummings in an invited comment yesterday said that while it was not in an official capacity, she has been asked if she would be willing to fill the void left by Backer. She however did not deny her willingness to serve as a Member of Parliament in the APNU benches As it relates to who the party will be nominating to be elected as Deputy Speaker, a position currently held by Backer, the APNU leader said that this too will be subject to discussion when the executives meet. He said that a final decision has not been made as yet but given the challenges of the portfolio

they are going to be looking for a competent enough person. He lauded Backer competency to hold the position pointing to her knowledge of the Parliamentary Standing Orders, her legal training, and her knack for research before handing down decisions. Backer missed a number of sittings of the National Assembly after she fell ill late last year and had to be hospitalized. She was subsequently flown to a Florida Hospital for further treatment. Granger had previously told this publication that she was expected back in Guyana for the January 16, sitting of the National Assembly but this did not happen. Parliament met on January 23, last, and she was again absent from the House. Since Backer was first hospitalized in Guyana the family and party members have been tightlipped on her condition and even the visitors to the Hospital had been kept to a minimum.

Dr. Karen Cummings Backer, who is currently the serving Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, is also a well known Attorneyat-Law. Backer is a member of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) and ViceChairman of the Peoples National Congress Reform. She has been a Parliamentarian since 1997 and had also served on the Georgetown City Council in 1994. Backer is also a serving member of a number of important organisations such as the Lions Club International and is currently an organising member of the Women’s Millennium Caucus.

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday February 04, 2014

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

What does Adam Harris have in common with Whitney Houston? I have known Adam Harris for more than thirty years. We have been with Kaieteur News since it started. One of the things I always remember about Adam is that over the long years we h a v e b e e n t o g e t h e r, I would go to him with viciously dishonest things published in KN about me b y s o me well known Guyanese. Adam’s response has been the same over the years; “Freddie, why bother? Do you take your plate to these people?” Adam would say the same about himself when we discuss attacks on him as KN’s editor-in chief. I

remember there was a big blow up between Whitney Houston and a rival diva. Whitney reserved some harsh words for the equally famous superstar and ended her anger by saying’ “I don’t carry my plate to her.” It is the perfect attitude to adopt. Why care about people who don’t even care about your own existence? I have been reliably informed by a top manager of a leading Georgetown supermarket that the shoppers who buy most of the “sales items” are foreigners. We Guyanese want to keep up with the Joneses so when we enter the

supermarket, we pass the “sales items” with scorn on our face. Not me! Not this human! I love the “sales section.” You ask any employee of the Survival Supermarket and Nigel’s Supermarket which is my favourite corner and they will automatically respond that it is the section that have stuff on sale. Why the hell I should be bothered with who sees me buying goods on sale. I love bargains. They save you lots of money. Forgive this long digression, but it is a reassertion of my commitment as a public person to speak

my mind without burdening myself on how those to whom I direct my remarks will feel about me. This is my life and I will call it how I see it. I have written several times in my column and in letters to the editor page that I see deep flaws in many of the judgements of the acting Chief Justice, Ian Chang. Lawyers and judges feel that they alone are the experts on the understanding of law. Let me say boldly that we have a Guyanese that can internalize the Constitution and the laws of this land with learned understanding as compared to any judge or lawyer. His name is Eusi Kwayana. Last week outside the courtroom after the recess in the Kissoon-Jagdeo libel hearing, in the presence of trade unionist, Norris Witter and parliamentarian Desmond Trotman, I pointedly told the lawyer for Bharrat Jagdeo that lay people can understand the laws too When Justice Insannaly

ruled in favour of a gold miner over an Amerindian community in a land dispute, the Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA) was acerbic in its public disagreement with the judge’s ruling. Harsh language was used. I believe equally harsh language should be employed to describe the flaws in Justice Chang’s budget cut ruling. After his decision, I went and read the Constitution. I spent the whole of Sunday night going through that document after reading Ralph Ramkarran’s informative elaboration on Article 171.There is nothing in that Constitution that bars the House from either rejecting the budget, amending parts of it, or removing particular estimates. A cursory reading of the Constitution will show in pellucid ways that there is no clause that specifically restricts the House from removing line items in the budget. I went over that

Frederick Kissoon Constitution again and again. I would like to hear what the GHRA has to say since it was very condemnatory of Justice Insannaly’s ruling. I would like to have the take of Vincent Alexander, Ramon Gaskin, Aubrey Norton and others. For me, my mind is made up. I read the Constitution. Based on what I read, I do not agree with Mr. Chang’s decision. I believe his ruling is profoundly flawed with deep misunderstanding of the Constitution. I don’t care how learned a judge other may think of him. I have written in this newspaper that, I will publicly not support Mr. Chang’s elevation to the Caribbean Court of Appeal. Also in that very piece in which I wrote that, I also stated that if such a promotion occurred, I will travel to Trinidad to protest it. I close by repeating what I once wrote in my KN column -- in front of Christopher Ram, I brought up with the Chief Justice, that I knew he solicited President Jagdeo’s intervention to get a duty free car, request for which was rightfully turned down by the Guyana Revenue Authority. I saw the GRA letter. Mr. Chang got his car.

Tuesday February 04, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 11

Linden to Lethem Road ...

Upgrade only feasible from Linden to Mabura The feasibility study recently undertaken for the upgrade of the Linden to Lethem Road indicates that it makes economical sense to improve only the Linden to Mabura carriageway to an asphalted concrete surface. This is according to Transport Minister, Robeson Benn during a press conference on Friday at his Wight’s Lane, Kingston office. He related that the feasibility study was done through the Inter-American Development Bank by the SNC Lavalin Company. Benn disclosed that the Government of Guyana and the Brazilian National Development Bank are currently looking at this investment. Meanwhile, he stated that to upgrade the stretch of road from Linden to Lethem would cost about US$280M. As such, Government will continue to maintain the structure. Normally, during the rainy season the road experiences difficulties. And, from time-to-time timber

bridges buckle from the pressure of heavy trucks. This results in disruption to the movement of people and goods to communities and mining areas along the Linden to Lethem Road. In addition, for years Government has touted Lethem as an emerging economic hub and tourists also use the road to access interior locations. According to the Minister, the Ministry had maintained the road prior to the rainy season and would be carrying out remedial works, since large craters have developed. “We have trucks with heavy weights coming and going and impacting on the bridges, driving off the sides of the bridges. It is an enormous cost but we have to keep it going. And we are committed to that,” Benn noted. Even as commuters are awaiting the upgrade of the road, travel time has increased, but Benn maintains that overall, travel time has

reduced by half along the Kwakwani to Linden Road. “There was a time when you could have driven for 1hour and 40 minutes from Ituni to Linden. In the rainy season it may take two hours particularly if it is raining at the time and if the logging trucks are coming out and craters develops. It largely has to do with the types of materials available as well as the money available to do that one road,” he added. Generally speaking, difficulties in regular maintenance of interior roads are common because of the absence of good building materials. Moves to enhance the Linden to Lethem Road is normal would be done when large sums of money are available. “I could talk about it because when I first went into the bush to the Rupununi when there was no road it took us about two weeks to travel from Parika to Kurupukari on the river to do geological expeditions. There was no

Mega Guatemala company eyes sugar investment here A large scale sugar company in Guatemala is in talks with the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) that could lead to investments here. The industry, faced with constant protests and absenteeism by sugar workers, last year recorded its worst production figures in two decades—186,807 tonnes. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carolyn RodriguesBirkett, said that the company, San Diego, with factories branded “Trinidad” has expressed interest in getting into sugar cultivation and setting up their operations here. “The authorities in

Guysuco are already in touch with a company in Guatemala who has shown a keen interest in working in the sugar sector in Guyana. We hope that those discussions would be fruitful,” she told a press conference at her Takuba Lodge office in Georgetown. She said the company has requested information from GuySuCo and so the talks are an early stage. “We need to engage with countries that have been doing well in the sugar sector and Guatemala is right up on top,” Minister RodriguesBirkett said. She noted that Guatemala records the third highest sugar production

figures. The government, in August 2009, commissioned the new Skeldon factory, at a cost of US$181 million, hailing it as the boon to the survival of the sugar industry. But the factory has failed to live up to expectations. The new factory was intended to increase national production to more than 450,000 tonnes. President Donald Ramotar recently said that he was not opposed to foreign technical assistance for GuySuCo and said that he will shortly appoint the current overseas-based Chairman as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Flashback: Deplorable sections of the Linden to Lethem Road road then the road came and it was upgraded sequentially,” he added. Benn emphasized, “Guyana is a large country with a limited population and

a wide geographic spread of activities and you cannot have all the things at all the same levels across the country at the same time unless you have a big set of

money coming in to do these things. So it is not realistic to expect unless there is a particular growth point as we expect now with the Linden to Lethem Road.”

The sole rice mill in Jamaica completely replaced U.S. paddy rice with imports from Guyana in 2013 mainly due to higher prices of U.S. rice, according to the USDA. The USDA says that Jamaica did not import any paddy rice from the U.S. in 2013 for the first time in recent history. Traditionally, Jamaica’s rice imports consisted of 20% of the U.S. paddy rice, but the share of U.S. paddy rice in Jamaica’s rice imports has been declining in the last five years. According to the USDA, Jamaica’s total rice import market remains steady at about 90,000 tons. However, the U.S. paddy rice imports by Jamaica declined about 93 per cent from around 46,000 tons in 2008 to 3,300 tons in 2012, and vanished in 2013. Meanwhile, Jamaica’s rice imports from Suriname have been increasing in the past five years. Suriname accounted for around 28 per cent of Jamaica’s total imports in 2011, according to the USDA. Trade sources say that the change in the pattern

is due to the quality and pricing issues, according to the USDA. While Guyana paddy rice prices high, those are cheaper than U.S paddy rice prices. However, local sources say tariff on U.S. imports could be another reason. Since imports from both Guyana and Suriname receive preferential

treatment under the common external tariff (CET) for the Community (CARICOM) countries and CET on rice for non-CARICOM countries is 25 per cent, paddy rice imports from the U.S., which is not a member of CARICOM, becomes c o m p a r a t i v e l y expensive.(

Jamaica replaces U.S. rice imports with Guyana rice

China likely to fund Guyana-Suriname bridge China is likely to fund the bridge across the Corentyne River, Minister of Foreign Affairs Carolyn RodriguesBirkett announced yesterday. She said that the design for the bridge is currently being done, and is expected to be completed soon. She said Suriname had requested that Guyana approach China to fund the bridge. This followed a June, 2013 announcement by Chinese President Xi Jinping that his government will offer US$3 billion in loans to 10 Caribbean nations, including

Guyana. The idea for the bridge was developed by former President Bharrat Jagdeo and Surinamese President Desi Bouterse, when the latter visited Guyana in September 2010. Rodrigues-Birkett said she could not estimate the cost of the bridge. There is currently a ferry service operating for travel between the two countries, but many use the back track route to travel between the two countries using speedboats.

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday February 04, 2014

Granger leads outreach to Linden Ministry of Culture roasted by APNU’s Leader Brigadier (rtd), David Granger greets some of the youths in the community

On Friday 31st January and Saturday 1st February 2014, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Members of Parliament led by Opposition Leader Brigadier David Granger conducted an out-reach exercise in LindenUpper Demerara- Berbice Region. During the two day exercise the Parliamentarians, party leaders and local activists fanned-out into several communities in Wismar and McKenzie with over 10 communities being visited. House to house visits were conducted and leaders got an opportunity not only to bring APNU’s message to members of the community,

but also to listen to and see first-hand, the challenges facing the residents. The Opposition Leader and his team were given a warm welcome by residents. On November 28th 2013 APNU launched its Local Government campaign and have since conducted several public meetings and outreach exercises all across the country. APNU Local Government Elections Campaign Director, Mr. Winston Felix, said the Linden out-reach was just the first of many such exercises that will be conducted nationwide in the coming weeks and month. At a Press Conference on

Friday 31st January at the Office of the Leader of the Opposition, Leader of the Opposition, Brigadier David Granger said that APNU was preparing for Local Government elections this year (2014). The Campaign Director said that the exercise was a great opportunity for APNU to understand what is happening at the level of the Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs), and for national and regional leaders to get familiar with the problems facing NDC’s so that they can better understand what will be needed to mount successful campaigns in individual local government areas and constituencies. Some of the issues that were of concern to residents were - marketing of their farm produce, high costs of living, poor roads, inadequate water supply, unemployment and the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) administration failing to fulfill agreements that were signed between the government and the representatives of the people of Linden in August 2012.

PAC over overpayment to staff Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports, Mr. Alfred King, found himself between the proverbial rock and a hard place yesterday when he was faced with questions by the members of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) over the overpayment of salaries to staff members. This money is still to be recovered. The meeting was facilitated in the Chambers of the National Assembly. The debate which lasted for about 20 minutes on this particular issue brought to the fore that the overpayments were due to a breakdown in communication between the departments of the Ministry. The sum of $111,377 was recovered during the year 2012 and the sum of $20,000 was recovered in 2013, bringing the balance to $710,403. One officer however has committed to repaying $47,000 which brings the balance to $663, 194, which to date is still outstanding. According to the reports, 10 staff members were overpaid. King explained that rigid systems have since been put in place to avoid a recurrence; however, there was no indication on his part that the outstanding balance could be recovered. He explained to the Committee that some persons could not be located “An average of ten persons are involved in the issue and one person has paid thus far. There are nine persons with outstanding payments and four out of the nine cannot be located and based on the addresses given they are in Guyana …we are trying to locate them and the ones we contacted are not willing to pay only one person came and paid a small amount and

did not pay anything else.” Kin g e x p l a i n e d t o members of the Committee t h a t t h e overpayments occurred for a number of reasons and attempts were made to contact the persons involved, using the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM). He claimed that five of these persons could not be located since they were not found at the addresses provided. However, one member of the Committee seemed unsatisfied with this response, noting that not being able to locate someone who is employed with the public system is no excuse. He said that when someone is employed with the system they are given an IRD number which is used to identify every taxpayer. He insisted, “We are supposed to know where these people are.” Another member of the Committee, Bibi Shadick then posed the critical question, “What do we do with these people when we find them?” King responded that while the individuals in question cannot be prosecuted over

the matter since it is not an offence, he will try his best to get them to repay the money. Gail Teixeira then stated that considering the circumstances surrounding the overpayments is the fault of the Ministry and as such he (King) really does not have an excuse. She added that the matter requires better coordination between the finance department and personnel of other sections of the Ministry. “It is about tightening your communication and making changes to the way cherubs are being cut.” Chairman of the Committee, Carl Greenside concluded the meeting by explaining that there are two dimensions to be considered. “More careful attention should be paid by members of the Ministry to ensure payments are not made when they are not supposed to. And secondly, it is a systematic problem and I hope it does not recur. I would urge that you go through the system to bring whatever moral pressure you can on these people and see what sort of solution can be had.”

Mahaicony murder accused to face high court trial A mixed 12- member jury was empanelled at the Georgetown Supreme Court for a matter, in which Satnarine Jaikaran called Sato, and his nephews, Neville Crawford and Randy Crawford will be on trial for murder. The trio appeared before Justice Franklyn Holder yesterday, as the Jurors were selected and sworn for trial. The accused of Little Abary, Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara, allegedly

murdered Maxwell Rendell Watson, called Bacchus George during “a family feud” on January 29, 2010. Reports suggested that the victim, a 33- year old labourer from Mahaicony was chopped about his body during the altercation. The man later collapsed and died at the side of the road after bleeding profusely from his wounds. The matter is scheduled to commence on Wednesday.

Tuesday February 04, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Teen faces court for Charlestown family laments police abuse Pegasus taxi driver murder - harassed every time some police have to ‘throw box hand’ June Collins and O’Riely Small display their torn tops after being assaulted by police

With recent reports of excessive force being used by members of the Guyana Police Force a Ketley Street, Charlestown, Georgetown family is lamenting the abuse, corruption and brutality of the police. This peaked on Sunday as a police mobile patrol assaulted O’Rieley Small and his relatives after he allegedly refused to give a bribe to the police who claimed he was wanted in connection with a criminal act. “The police come to beg me for money and just because I said me ain’t got no money to give them, they start telling me about murder and dem thing, and they just keep holding me and telling me about charges and carrying me to the station to harass me,” Small said. His aunt, June Collins, said only Wednesday last he was released from police custody. “Last Sunday he went to the Brickdam Station with his mother to find out what is wrong and the police said he is wanted for a Murder. They hold him for 72 hours then they loose him. “This thing happening several weeks now, every Sunday they always harassing him and carrying him to the station and never saying what they really want him for,” she said “So (Sunday ) he and his friend was moving in a car and they stopped in front of we gate…The police pass again and start harassing he (Small) and when we say we going to the media the police hold me and grab me and rip my top and lash me with the gun and they assault he. This happening weeks now,” Ms

Collins said. She further explained that the police wanted to arrest O’Riely Small and when questions were asked to the police as to the reason why he was being arrested the “police said they don’t know and is the big ones that passing the orders .” Underscoring that the police proceeded to search Small and his friend’s vehicle, Ms Collins said the police found nothing and they were threatening to impound the man’s vehicle because nothing was found to arrest them both. “Then three vanloads of police come and tell O’Riely come to the station, and he tell them all the time they searching he and they ain’t tell he what he wanted for at the station. He said he sick and tired of the treatment and is best they kill he. “Then they start assaulting everybody and when they done they left.

They even throw down my niece with her child on the ground.” Ms Collins lamented. “They even brave enough to say we can go and make whatever report we want since nothing won’t come out of it, now I want to know if things does work so and police can do people what they want and get away with it. They keep doing these things every time they have to throw box hand.” Another relative noted that on one occasion the police upturned the home. “They harassing people and going through people panty drawers….they always coming with big guns and got the children dem running under the beds and scattering.” The family said reports of the assault were made at the Brickdam Police Station and Ruimveldt Police Stations. They are planning to make a complaint to the Police Complaints Authority and other relevant agencies.

A city teenager held for killing a Pegasus taxi driver and dumping his body in a heap of garbage was yesterday afternoon brought before the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court to answer a murder charge. Days after being charged with two carjacking charges, the 17-year-old accused was charged for the capital offence and was later remanded by Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry. The teenager, whose court hearing was done in closed court, is accused of the December murder of taxi driver Rudranauth Jeeboo. The murder was said to have occurred at Cane View Avenue, South Ruimveldt Park some time between December 27 and December 28 last year. He was unrepresented by legal counsel. He was also told that he was not required to plead to the charge as it was deemed indictable. Inspector Michael Grant, who prosecuted his case, explained the details of the murder. He said that about 21:00 hours on December 27 Jeeboo left his Lot 25 Craig and Delph Avenue, Campbellville residence for work. The following day, the taxi driver’s body was reportedly discovered in a pile of garbage at Cane Avenue. Jeeboo’s body was reportedly found with several injuries about his body but the Prosecution did not specify what type of injuries the taxi driver sustained. According to Grant, when investigators checked the phone records of the deceased, it showed that his cellular phone which was stolen was still in use. It led them back to the teenager who was later taken into police custody. Inspector Grant emphasised that when the teenager was interrogated by the police he confessed that

Bodies of two fishermen found ... From page 20 yesterday saw the search party returning to the foreshore where the dreadful discovery was made. “We went back to the foreshore and we see this trunks (pants) in the water under some stuff and the other was not far from him under a bridge close to a koker,” related Chetram Persaud, a member of the search party. He disclosed that the search yesterday had started around 06:30 hours and ended about two hours later. “We have no idea if them drink because them left home

early the morning ...we don't know how to judge what happen, all we know them left to come pick up the seine and we never see them back,” said Persaud. He disclosed that during the search on Sunday it was observed that there was high tide and “water was pulling very hard; it was really rough.” Family members of Sijogie disclosed that his death represents the second in the family within a one-week period. According to the dead man's sister Maureen, who lives at Crane, West Coast Demerara, he has been working “at sea”

for the past two years but was home for a few days and decided to “help out” Bhagwandat. “Me feel so sorry fuh meh brother because me hear that he de trying to call me a few days ago and he didn't get on to me.” According to the sister who returned to Guyana about one week ago it has been a while since she last saw her brother. “I didn't see him and now to hear he dead; it is very sad,” she added tearfully. According to a Police statement issued yesterday investigations in to the men's deaths are continuing.

Dead: Rudranauth Jeeboo he and two others murdered the taxi driver, dumped his body and drove away with his car. He even took them to the spot where they dumped Jeeboo’s body, he prosecutor said. The man’s car was reportedly discovered about 10:30 hours on December 28, last, abandoned at a road in Tucville Terrace with no number plates. The teen was later charged with the offence. The 17-year-old who resides at Lot 4 Drysdale Street, Charlestown, was remanded in custody until his next court hearing which is scheduled for February 19 for report and fixtures. Last Friday, he was brought before Magistrate Judy Latchman at the said court to face charges for Robbery under Arms on account of two carjackings.

17-year-old murder accused On December 26, 2013 he reportedly brandished a broken glass bottle at High Street, Kingston, Georgetown when he allegedly relieved taxi driver Mervin Benjamin of his $2M Toyota Fielder motor car as well as his $10,000 Ice Mobile cellular phone and cash $8,000. However, he is jointly charged with a 16-year-old for the theft of a $1.5M Toyota Carina at Kingston, Georgetown on December 30, last. They reportedly attacked and rendered taxi driver Elijah Adams unconscious before robbing him of Colin Stewart’s car No. PKK2531. He is expected to return to court on February 12 when the matters will be continued.

Agri team briefs Essequibo rice farmers During a routine visit to Region Two, members of the Ministry of Agriculture, including Permanent Secretary George Jervis and Junior Minister of Agriculture, Ally Baksh held a briefing session with the staff of the Guyana Rice Development Board and members of the Guyana Rice Producers Association with the aim of educating staff to adopt a more ‘on the ground approach’ with Rice Farmers. Additionally, staff members were told to ensure that farmers are being made aware of the right approaches and options that are currently available to them regarding marketing. Permanent Secretary of the Agriculture Ministry, George Jervis, has said that although the Agriculture Ministry has availed free counsel representation for farmers, who are still being owed by rice millers, farmers are however, reluctant to challenge those rice millers through the courts out of fear of the rice millers refusing to

purchase their paddy. Jervis has also encouraged GRDB staff to have a fair deal with millers. He said Venezuela is a finite market. Minister Baksh said farmers need to be continually “Educated.” He said with the backlog of some120, 000 tons of paddy remaining in the system from previous crops, the possibility exists that there could possibly be problems with storage when harvesting commences later this month. Baksh admonished that while the market is not a problem, the price for paddy is a problem due to the fact that prices vary from crop to crop. The current spring crop will commence this month and some 300 acres are to be harvested. Meanwhile, affected farmers in the Lower Pomeroon River received a variety of young fruit plants to restart their cultivation. Farms were inundated under water in midJanuary.

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Tuesday February 04, 2014

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Tuesday February 04, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 23

Murder accused freed after retrial

Acquitted Parsram Lalchand After enduring more than five years of incarceration and two lengthy High Court trials for murder, Parsram Lalchand, called Desmond, walked out of the courthouse a free man, last evening. Lalchand was on trial for the July 27, 2008 murder of Viranjan of Lusignan. He is one of six men Vishal Singh, Vishnu Singh, a 14year-old, Babzie Singh (father of Vishal, Vishnu and Akash) and Satesh Singh, who allegedly “double banked” Viranjan at Annadale Pump

Road, East Coast Demerara. The beating led to the man’s death. Following an extensive summing up of the trial by Justice Franklyn Holder, yesterday the mixed panel of jurors retired to deliberate on the outcome of the case. It took about 45 minutes before the panel returned with the verdict. Family members of the accused had come out to show their support. The atmosphere was quiet and tense. It was almost 6:00 pm, when the jury read the verdict. They had found the accused “not guilty of murder, and not guilty of manslaughter.” The atmosphere immediately changed. The Judge indicated to Lalchand that he was free to go and the man swiftly left the courtroom. During his final arguments, Attorney at Law Huckumchand Parag,

representing the accused pointed to several discrepancies in the evidence of the prosecution. He claimed that the evidence the prosecution’s witnesses presented in the High Court differed from that which was tendered in the Magistrates’ Court. “You must be satisfied that the evidence that the Prosecution presents proves their case beyond the shadow of a doubt,” Parag had urged the jurors, on Friday. However, the Prosecution which comprised Attorneysat- law Mercedes Thompson and Dhanika Singh, had maintained that their evidence was consistent. At the initial trial, Vishal, Vishnu, and their father, Babzie, pleaded guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter and were each sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment. However, Lalchand was ordered to face a retrial.

European banks have $3 trillion of exposure to emerging markets (Reuters) - European banks have loaned in excess of $3 trillion (1.83 trillion pounds) to emerging markets, more than four times U.S. lenders and putting them at greater risk if financial market turmoil in countries such as Turkey, Brazil, India and South Africa intensifies. The risk is most acute for six European banks - BBVA, Erste Bank, HSBC, Santander, Standard Chartered, and UniCredit - according to analysts. But the exposure could be a headache for the industry as a whole, just as it faces a rigorous health-check by the European Central Bank, aiming to expose weak points and restore investor confidence in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. “We think EM (emerging markets) shocks are a real concern for 2014,” said Matt Spick, analyst at Deutsche Bank. “When currency (volatility) combines with revenue slowdowns and rising bad debts, we see compounding threats to the exposed banks.” The Deutsche Bank analysts said the six most exposed European banks - which they did not name - had more than $1.7 trillion of exposure to developing markets. In recent weeks, emerging market currencies have come under fire as China’s growth slows and the U.S. Federal Reserve winds down its stimulus programme, with investors selling developing market assets in anticipation of higher U.S. interest rates. In a bid to protect currencies, interest rates have been hiked in Turkey and elsewhere, but investors remain nervy, especially around the so-called “Fragile Five” economies of Turkey, Brazil, India, Indonesia and South Africa. An emerging markets crisis could hit banks in a variety of ways - a collapse in local currency can hurt reported earnings or capital held in the country; loan losses can jump as interest rates rise; or income from capital markets activity or private banking can fall. European banks’ exposure varies from country to country. BBVA and UniCredit have big exposure to Turkey, Santander is most exposed to Brazil, while Standard Chartered and HSBC would be hurt by problems in India

and Indonesia. Barclays, meantime, would be most exposed to South African problems, analysts said. However, they said the impact of apparently individual problems, such as inflation in Venezuela or lower growth in India, could quickly spread into wider concern among investors, and had already contributed to a 7 percent drop by Europe’s bank index .SX7P in the last two weeks. The biggest risk is that a jump in interest rates sparks defaults on loans, analysts added. Often a credit shock follows or replaces a currency shock, as happened in Argentina in 1999-2002. EXPOSURE Europe’s banks have cut their overseas loans since the financial crisis and substantially increased the amount of capital they hold, meaning they have a better cushion to absorb losses than in the past. But they still have about 12 percent of their assets in emerging markets, and about a quarter of their earnings come from the region as often the businesses there are “unusually profitable”, Deutsche Bank’s Spick said. European banks had $3.4 trillion of loans to developing countries at the end of September, according to data from the Bank for International Settlements. British banks had a $518 billion exposure to the Asia-Pacific region, Spanish banks had $475 billion of loans to Latin America, and banks in France and Italy each had $200 billion of exposure to developing economies in Europe. Among the most exposed banks, Standard Chartered makes more than 90 percent of its earnings from Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and warned in December that its 10-year record of earnings growth would likely end. BBVA had 41 billion euros ($55 billion) of exposure to Mexico - which last year made up 80 percent of group profits - and 52 billion euros of loans to South America. Santander had 132 billion euros of loans to Latin America at the end of last year, half of which were in Brazil. Brazil contributed 23 percent of group earnings last year, and the rest of Latin American contributed another 24 percent.

(From page 22)

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday February 04, 2014

Dr. Seeta Roath appointed Agricola housewife died from suspect for Head of Guyana’s Caribbean head, other injuries -court today Mr. and Awards for Excellence Mrs. Taylor

The Anthony N. Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence has announced the appointment of Dr. Seeta Shah Roath as the head of its Guyana Country Nominating Committee. Dr. Roath replaces Dr. David Singh, who has held the post for two years. The Caribbean Awards for Excellence laureates for 2014 will be announced in the next few weeks. Dr Roath is an educator, academic and journalist. She designed and presently runs the Guyana Learning Channel, launched in April 2011. This is a countrywide 24-hour educational television initiative in Guyana that, for the first time, reaches hinterland communities. She has worked at the University of Guyana as media producer and lecturer in broadcast journalism, and tutor in development support communication and research principles in the 80s and 90s. Working extensively in rural communities of Guyana, she was the Head of the National Development Support Communications System and the Communications Coordinator for the largest

gold mine in South America, Omai Gold Mines Limited. As an international journalist, Dr. Shah Roath produced full country reports for the Washington Times from over 16 Caribbean and Central American countries including Panama, Suriname, Guyana, Nevis, Bonaire, Curacao, Dominica, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago. She has also contributed to the Washington Diplomat and the Billings Examiner. The Anthony N Sabga CaribbeanAwards for Excellence is a nine-year-old programme which seeks out and rewards persons throughout the Englishspeaking Caribbean in the fields of science, art, and public service. Four Guyanese nationals have been named laureates. Prof David Dabydeen was awarded in Arts & Letters and Ms Annette Arjoon in Public & Civic Contributions, in 2008, Mr Sydney Allicock was awarded in Public & Civic Contributions in 2010, and Mr George Simon was awarded in Arts & Letters in 2012. The Country Nominating Committee’s job is to seek out

Dr. Seeta Shah Roath and select the best candidates for nomination for awards. Details of the awards and profiles of the laureates can be found at, on Facebook, or on YouTube. The other members of the Guyana nominating committee are: Dr David Singh; Mr Al Creighton; Dr Marlene Cox; Mr Alim Hosein; Mr Brynmor Pollard SC, CCH; Rev Dr Malcolm Rodriguez; Dr Ulric O’D Trotz; and Ms Josephine Whitehead, AA.

Half of GSL agencies disappeared ... From page 17 the loan, he added. Mr. Luckhoo then asked Mr. Yassin whether he authorized that the loan be replaced by anything else and he replied in the negative, before adding that he expected it to be over. However, Mr. Luckhoo stated, “By the time of the closing of the share sale and purchase agreement, there was a promissory note signed by Mr. Fries on October 4, 2000;” the day of GSL's hand over. Mr. Yassin was then asked by his lawyer whether the promissory note was among the clos-

ing documents which he reviewed a week earlier, and he replied in the negative. Mr. Luckhoo also asked Mr. Yassin if at the time of the closing if he realized that he had initialed the promissory note signed by Mr. Fries and he again replied in the negative. Mr. Yassin later testified that on the day of the signing there were at least 16 people present in GSL's board room, where the transaction had taken place. He said there was a group of persons from his team, a group from Brassington's team and that of Mr. Khan. Mr. Yassin said there was a

bit of confusion during the signing over because Mr. Khan had not brought all his people who were necessary to sign off on documents. He said one Mr. Worrell, Secretary for NICIL was given documents of about 150 pages by Mr, Brassington for his initials. Mr. Yassin said he subsequently placed his initials on the said pages without reading it over because it was suppose to be the same documents he reviewed prior to the closing for the sale of GSL. The matter will return on February 24.

Waitress's goes public on sexual ... From page 3 only person who has been going through all of the question and the torments is the victim.” In a previous interview with the Kaieteur News, the waitress said that she worked at the hotel for four months. She alleged that at around 15:30 hrs on Saturday January 11, last, her manager asked her and another staff to serve food to the owner of the hotel, who was in another section of the building with four men. “We went over to him and served him and his guest. When they finished, I bend over to move his plate and he hold my breast and then look at me and smiled. I didn't say anything to him; I left and went over to my department.”

She added that she was later approached by the manager of another department who told her that he wanted her to 'look after' the boss. “When he told me that I said that I have my work to do and I can't leave and then he went and talk to my manager in another language and my manager came to me and told me to follow the other manager,” the employee said. In tears, the girl said she thought she was being taken back to the other section of the hotel to serve food but she was instead taken to the owner's room. “The manager left me outside the room and he went in and closed the door, then he came out and called me and tell me to do whatever the owner wants me to do and I

will get money and then he left and lock the door from outside. “When he (the manager) left, the owner who was lying on his bed covering with a sheet asked me to make sure the door is locked properly and I told him that I wanted to use the washroom and I left his room and the security guard stopped me and asked me what happen and I told him that I am not going to do this and I walked way.” She explained that she got in contact with her family and her father went with her to make a report at Providence Police Station. A report was made to the police and investigators went to the hotel but the owner had already left the building in a taxi.

Donna Taylor’s killers subjected her to a brutal beating that left the 55-year-old housewife with blunt trauma injuries to the head, as well as injuries to the neck and other parts of the body. This is according to findings from a postmortem yesterday, which also revealed that Taylor died from shock and haemorrhage as a result of the attack. Police believe that Taylor was slain by a 22-year-old female soldier, who is the girlfriend of Ms. Taylor’s son, and a male accomplice, at around 23:00 hrs on Friday. The killers, it is believed, dragged Taylor out of her house and killed her. From information investigators have received, the intruders had planned to kill the slain woman’s guest, 26-year-old British-based Samantha Sabat. It is suspected that the detained army rank believed that Sabat and Taylor’s son were involved in a relationship. Police already have a statement from the slain woman’s British-based guest, Samantha Sabat, in which she identified the Guyana Defence Force rank as one of the individuals who invaded Taylor’s home. Sabat has reportedly told investigators that the woman had tried to clamber over her bedroom wall, while a man, who she had not seen, had repeatedly ordered her to open her bedroom door. The British-based woman escaped the attack by climbing through her bedroom window

and jumping to the ground. She sustained a suspected fractured arm and facial and other injuries. The woman has been in custody since Saturday and is likely to appear in court today. Police are still seeking her alleged accomplice. Taylor’s hands were bound behind her back, her throat slit, and a piece of cloth wrapped around her neck. She was found by her son and a neighbour. The two women were alone at home when the attack occurred, since Mrs. Taylor’s husband, Bertram Taylor, was at work. Mr. Taylor and his son had rushed to the residence after receiving a call from a tenant, who had heard unusual noises in the Taylor’s flat. They also

found their guest, Samantha Sabat, in an unconscious state in the front yard. A still devastated Bertram Taylor yesterday expressed disappointment that no prominent Agricola residents had come to his home to offer their condolences. The former army and police rank, and national rugby player said he was also disappointed that no military or political officials have visited his home, although they have visited other families that have had similar tragedies. “No one in authority has visited my home. I was born and bred in Agricola. You have to come out if you are leaders.” Mrs. Taylor is likely to be laid to rest next Monday.

Opposition walks out of anti-money ... From page 6 unwilling to be unmasked and have revealed to the world at large the blatant delay tactics they have been attempting in frustrating the work of the committee. “ According to the statement, the Finance Minister said that that Government members of the committee emphasized that they would have “absolutely no objection” to the PSC attending and observing the proceedings of the committee. “In contrast, the Opposition clearly and persistently objected to the PSC being permitted to attend and observe all of the meetings of the committee. They attempted to evade and contort the matter and, eventually, when the Chairperson of the committee attempted to put to the committee the specific matter of whether the PSC should be permitted to attend all meetings of the committee in an observer capacity, the Opposition walked out,” the release stated. According to the Finance Ministry, this is the second incident where the Opposition has moved to

muzzle the PSC in Parliament. “On November 6, last year, the combined Opposition voted down the motion for the reading of the PSC petition on the AntiMoney Laundering/ Countering the Financing of Terrorism (Amendment) Bill prior to its debate in the National Assembly. “The petition represented 17 private sector groups which sought to urge Members of Parliament to recognize the damage to the private sector, local economy and the

citizens of Guyana if the legislature failed to enact the bill. According to FATF, jurisdictions that have not made sufficient progress in addressing the deficiencies or have not committed to an action plan developed with the FATF to address AML/ CFT will be penalized. If Guyana does not comply, it will join countries such as Algeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Myanmar, Pakistan, Syria and Yemen as a blacklisted country by FATF.”

Mother and two-year-old ... From page 13 the fast food entity. “When we came out of the hole, we were covered in mess and I begged the workers for some water to wash our skin and face and they only laughed at us. One of them slammed the door on our face and told us to 'get out the f*&king place,” the woman recalled. According to Tabitha Thomas, her daughter and granddaughter were left standing in front KFC and persons were laughing at them and taking photographs.

“My daughter was so embarrassed. She hid her face to prevent people from taking her photo. The men from the fire service took her to the hospital and even there, they (hospital staffers) had her waiting really long. They knew that this baby was covered in sewage and there is a possibility that some of the filthy water gotten into her mouth,” the elder Thomas stressed. When eventually contacted, hospital authorities promised to have the duo attended to expeditiously.

Tuesday February 04, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 25

Only criminals stand to benefit from nonpassage of AML/CFT Bill - President Ramotar President Donald Ramotar is questioning whose interest the combined Opposition is representing, since neither the country’s economy nor its people stand to benefit from the nonpassage of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing (AML/CFT) (Amendment) Bill, which is currently languishing before a Parliamentary select committee. The Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) recently ranked Guyana as one of the most delinquent countries that is most likely to be selected for review by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) for the International Cooperation Review Group’s (ICRG) later this month. As it stands, the country has already been blacklisted by CFATF since November last year, and the effects of that label have begun to penetrate the local financial sector. Should the country be subjected to a review by FATF, it would be seen internationally as a terrorist state and one that is in support of money laundering. As such, transactions with financial institutions overseas will be suspiciously examined, and they will become more time consuming and expensive. “Who will benefit if this Bill is not passed? Definitively not the Guyanese people…in the first instance it will affect the cost for people in our country doing business with banks abroad… it will also give our country a very bad name and send a message to investors that can negatively impact investments coming to our country,” the Head of State lamented during a programme titled ‘The Conversation’ aired on the National Communications Network (NCN)yesterday . He emphasised that not only will the banking and insurance sectors be affected, but there will be dire impacts on investments which contribute significantly to job creation. Further, even ordinary Guyanese citizens who conduct money transfer

- questions Opposition’s motives transactions with relatives overseas will not be spared the consequences of international blacklisting. The President said that the only people that stand to derive benefits from the nonpassage of this important piece of legislation are those perpetrating money laundering and other financial crimes. As such, the parliamentary Opposition needs to decide whose interest they are representing. The intention of the amendments to the AML/CFT Bill is simply to bring Guyana’s financial crimes legislation in line with those of other jurisdictions. It addresses loopholes in the existing Act under which money laundering and financing of terrorism can be done. The Bill was tabled in the National Assembly since March 2013 at which time the Opposition asked for it to be sent to a select committee for further deliberations and to make amendments where necessary. This was done; however, at the select committee, the Opposition employed a number of delaying tactics to stymie the work of that committee. As a result, Guyana missed consecutive deadlines in May, August and November in 2013. Missing the latter led to CFATF issuing an adverse public statement calling on member states which fall under its jurisdiction to take the necessary measures to protect themselves from the risks that Guyana poses as a money laundering and terrorism State. The President reminded that even though the Opposition rejected the Bill when it came up for the third reading in early November last year, they are yet to state what their contentions are with it and propose amendments accordingly. The defeated Bill was retabled in December and was again sent to a select

Govt. should not compete... From page 3 health and stay out of the ICT sector. The opposition coalition leader contended that the government should be a facilitator by providing ICT laboratories in schools. He said that the government could produce a large class of people who are literate and competent in various techniques and technologies “but I think the government

has gone beyond that now and has started to become a competitor and I feel that is dangerous because the government is very powerful and it can use the weight of the state to secure advantages over its competitors, that's one of the reasons why they should come out of the traditional media such as Chronicle and GINA [Government Information Agency]” said Granger.

committee, on request by the Opposition. The President said that his Government was very optimistic after the Opposition echoed a call for the Bill to be re-tabled. However, the same old delaying tactics are being played out in this new select committee. The Opposition refused to allow the media, as well as relevant stakeholders to observe the meetings of that committee. This, President Ramotar said, is cause for great concerns about the real intentions of the Opposition. Further, in a design to waste time, they insisted that persons, who made submissions to the committee, re-appear before it. Reference was made to a recent APNU statement in which the party stated that it will not support the Bill. He said that given their one-seat majority in the Parliament, should they follow through with this intention, then the country will be blacklisted

internationally. With regards to the Opposition’s call for the President to assent to certain Bills in exchange for their support for the AML/CFT, the Head of State stated that at present there are no Bills before him. The ones that he refused to assent to on the basis of unconstitutionality were returned to the Parliament with an appropriate explanation. He informed that there is a constitutional procedure that must be followed for the Bills to be returned to him. He said that thus far, there has been no legitimate force in Guyana that opposes the amendments to the AML/CFT Bill. The largest section of organised labour, the Federation of Independent Trade Unions (FITUG), the Private Sector Commission (PSC), farmers through the Rice Producers’ Association (RPA) and ordinary Guyanese citizens have all come out in support of the Bill because they recognise the

President Donald Ramotar

damaging effects of its nonpassage. President Ramotar said that this stance that they have taken will essentially protect criminals and money launderers. ”They have intelligent people on their side, and they must know the consequences of the nonpassage of this Bill…I hope that the Opposition will go on the side of the legitimate forces of Guyana… I still hope that they recognise that they have absolutely nothing to

gain by not passing this Bill,” the President stated. He reminded that international blacklisting will affect all Guyanese, regardless of whether they support the PPP/C or any of the Opposition Party. The Bill in its current form before the House has already been approved by the CFATF, as it meets all of the requirements and incorporates the recommendations that were made by the watchdog body.

GECOM under pressure for $30M film deal, missing $500,000 A $30M purchase of films in 2007 and $500,000 which is believed to have been stolen were the focus of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) yesterday. Chief Elections Officer (ag), Calvin Benn, of the Guyana Election Commission (GECOM) now has to provide additional answers. This was following a heated PAC meeting yesterday to examine the 2011 Report of the Auditor General. One of the issues raised was a flagged $500,000 advance made in August 2006 for the General and Regional Elections that has never been cleared. The other pertained to an April 11, 2007 agreement with ACME Photo studio over a $30M deal with films about to be expired. Benn took over the position early last year after the contract of Gocool Boodhoo expired. The two issues have been continuously raised as outstanding for a number of years now by the Auditor General in his annual reports. Regarding the ACME purchases, GECOM in its written explanation said that during its statutory meetings, it had ruled that the matter was legally dead since the statute of limitation had run out. ACME had paid over $4.9M

GECOM’s Calvin Benn (centre) and other officials at the PAC hearings yesterday. and had returned over $10M in spoilt films but millions were still outstanding to GECOM. PAC member, Bibi Shadick, was “flabbergasted” that GECOM could take it upon itself to make “rulings” on monies. The Committee yesterday was also at odds over earlier accounts over $500,000. Benn said that he had taken the $500,000 advance when he was Deputy Chief Elections Officer. The monies were to be given to officers to visit polling officers to take care of eventualities of meals and any emergencies. However, the safe it was being kept in was broken into and the monies stolen. In total

$435,000 was stolen. He was prepared to pay the difference, he told PAC. Auditor General, Deodat Sharma, stood by his reports of the 2011 audit that the monies were kept in a drawer. PAC members recalled being told in the past that the monies were left in a drawer. Shadick made it clear that she believed the GECOM’s official story was “made up”, telling him that his explanation had “set us thinking” with PAC not prepared to be disrespected. With regards to the films, auditors had found that a stock of 268 cartons of Polaroid film with an estimated market value of $30.485M was due to expire

on 30 April 2007, but the Commission entered into an agreement, whereby ACME, a local firm would utilise and replace the stock at a later date. On September 13, 2007, 94 cartons with an estimated value of $10.693M were declared spoilt by ACME and returned to the Commission while the difference of 174 cartons valued at $19.792M were still outstanding. On 6 March 2010 the Commission received goods to the value of $4.924M, leaving a balance of $14.868M outstanding. PAC member, Gail Teixeira requested the police report that Benn made. GECOM had asked for both matters to be written off by the Finance Secretary.

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday February 04, 2014

AG: Amendments to Bail Bill to be discussed (Trinidad Express) The amendments to the Bail Amendment Bill are expected to be debated in Parliament on Friday. “The Bail Amendment Bill is before the House or Representatives. We will debate the amendments approved by the Senate on Friday next and that bill hopefully will be passed ... When it becomes law it will bite into the neck and back of the criminal element that is terrorizing our society,” Attorney General Anand Ramlogan said Sunday. The Attorney General explained that criminals will have one strike and no bail for 120 days for the first instance and if the State starts to prosecute within 120 days, they will remain behind bars for up to a year within which time the case should finish. If it is not then, at the end of a year, they can apply for bail. “If you have two strikes that’s two convictions for serious, violent, dangerous crimes, then you will get no bail until your trial,” he said. Ramlogan was speaking to reporters during a family day at Palmiste Park, San Fernando. The launch was done with Youths on a Mission in collaboration with the youth

arm of the United National Congress (UNC). Commenting on the judiciary’s response to statements made in Senate last week during debate on the Bail Amendment Bill where Ramlogan and two Independent senators cited the “fear factor” as the probable reason for judges and magistrates granting bail to seasoned criminals and offenders, Ramlogan yesterday said that he was “simply echoing the comments” expressed in the parliament when the People’s National Movement (PNM) amended the Bail Bill back in

(Jamaica Observer) Minister of Finance and Planning Dr Peter Phillips says that the Jamaica Emergency Employment Programme (JEEP) will be back in motion again by March. The Government is planning to spend US$50 million (J$5 billion) of the US$352 million (J$35.2 billion) Chinese loan to finance its new infrastructure development programme, the Major Infrastructure Development Programme (MIDP), to revive JEEP. Members of Parliament are expected to be the first to benefit with each constituency set to receive $10 million. Dr Phillips told the House of Representatives last week Tuesday that funds to finance the aspects of the programme under which members of parliament (MPs) can make recommendations will be disbursed by next month. “What the Government has done first is to ensure that there is the emergency employment programme. The resources

from the Chinese loan are there and will be disbursed in this quarter for, first of all, that section having to do with your JEEP programme,” he told the MPs. He was responding to questions from Opposition spokesman on finance and planning, Audley Shaw, on the unemployment situation. A draft report prepared by Parliament’s Public Administration and Appropriations Committee (PAAC) for Parliament states that the new phase of JEEP will be funded under MIDP. The report states that US$50 million ($5 billion) of the US$352 million ($35.2 billion) loan to finance MIDP, which was finalised by Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller on her trip to China in November, will be dedicated to JEEP. Of the JEEP allocation, $10 million will be allocated to each constituency to cover infrastructural projects such as construction of retaining walls and sidewalks as well as work to be done on roads and

Attorney General Anand Ramlogan

August 1994. He said PNM member Hedwige Bereaux had then said, “... we also have a situation because judges and magistrates are not immune to terror ... I believe that some judicial officers because of fear of reprisals from the criminals exercise discretion in favour.” The Attorney General outlined several bills that will be brought to Parliament including the “new, simplified and more efficient modern version of the abolition of Preliminary Enquires Bill” and a miscellaneous bill to deal with matters pertaining to jury and witness tampering. He also spoke of several initiatives undertaken by the Ministry of National Security to improve the crime detection rate. He sought to clarify a newspaper article which said that he had given Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams a failing grade. “I did not in-fact give him a failing grade that was an interpretation that was put there but was not in fact a quote ... On issue of serious crime I am satisfied with the performance of the Commissioner of Police. On the area of high homicide rate, I think there is room for improvement,” he said.

$5b from new China loan for JEEP

Minister of Finance and Planning Dr Peter Phillips gullies. MIDP will replace the Jamaica Development Infrastructure Programme (JDIP), which was concluded recently at a cost of $366 million, of which US$340 million was a loan from China negotiated by the previous Government. It was reported to the committee in November that the completion certification for JDIP had already been prepared, and US$5.2 million was needed to complete the works. The value of the measured works performed was US$366.5 million.

Tuesday February 04, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Ukraine leader said to rule out force, eye early elections (Reuters) - Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich will not use force to clear the streets and may challenge his opponents to early elections if they fail to compromise, according to reported comments by a political ally. Emerging on the day the president returned from sick leave and as parliament convenes for a new term today, it may be an attempt to break a deadlock that has gripped central Kiev - and Ukraine’s ailing economy since November, when Yanukovich spurned an EU trade deal and sought aid instead from Russia. At least six people have been killed in the past two weeks and fierce clashes between riot police and increasingly militant squads of hardline protesters have prompted concern that the big former Soviet state of 45 million people, which separates Russia from the European Union, might descend into civil war. However, Yanukovich, possibly comforted by an opinion survey last week showing both he and his party topping polls with about 20 percent support in Ukraine’s fragmented political system, may be ready to call the bluff of opponents who want him to quit. A leading member of parliament from Yanukovich’s Party of the Regions was quoted in local media late yesterday saying the president had told his allies he would not declare a state of emergency or use troops or other force to clear central Kiev’s Maidan protest camp or public buildings occupied by protesters. “We have every possibility of liberating administrative premises and even liberating Maidan by force,” Yanukovich was quoted as saying by lawmaker Yuri Miroshnichenko. “I will never do that, because these are also our citizens.” M i r o s h n i c h e n k o ’s remarks were made to Ukraine’s ICTV television, as reported by the news website Ukrainska Pravda. No comment was immediately available from the

president and there was no immediate response from opposition leaders. Miroshnichenko said there had been discussions recently within the party about declaring a state of emergency, a move that could, among other things, let the government use troops. “There will be no state of emergency,” he said. The Member of Parliament went on to cite Yanukovich’s willingness to hold a presidential election a year early, and a parliamentary election that is otherwise not due until 2017. “The president said that if politicians can’t now come to an agreement, reach joint decisions and implement them, then the only democratic way of resolving the situation is early elections,” Miroshnichenko was quoted as saying. “And he (Yanukovich) said: ‘Both you will face early elections and I will face early elections.’” TOUGH CHOICES Yanukovich faces tough choices, caught between the West, which backs the protesters - though largely with words rather than deeds or cash - and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has given him a large, but conditional, economic lifeline. EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton arrives in Kiev late today for separate meetings tomorrow with Yanukovich and opposition leaders. Other EU officials yesterday played down weekend comments from Ashton that Europe and the United States were working to offer funds to help Ukraine enact reforms to stabilize its political system. However, the U.S. State Department said Washington and Brussels were in preliminary discussions on financial help for Ukraine if a new, technocrat government is formed. A senior State Department official is due in Kiev this week. Russia has suspended financial aid granted in November when Yanukovich turned down the EU deal. Moscow is waiting to see whom he now appoints as prime minister following his

removal of Mykola Azarov in an attempt to appease the opposition. The speaker of parliament, a Yanukovich ally, said yesterday the president still wanted to discuss the post of premier with opponents this week. Yanukovich may meet Putin on Friday at the opening of the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia and he may hope to have named a new prime minister by then. In November, he rejected at the last minute the free trade pact with the European Union that many Ukrainians saw as a chance to share in the prosperity of their western neighbors. Russia, Ukraine’s biggest export customer and the supplier of most of its energy, had threatened ruinous trade sanctions if a country many Russians see as integral to their own nationhood tried to integrate into the EU market. In the end, Yanukovich, who has the backing of many wealthy “oligarchs” from Ukraine’s industrial, mainly Russian-speaking east, preferred to take a $15 billion package of loans and cheaper gas from President Vladimir Putin. The European Union had also held out the prospect of budget support, along with the International Monetary Fund, to tide Ukraine over yawning gaps in its state finances. But Kiev has resisted conditions attached to Western aid, notably cuts in subsidies that would hurt the president’s electoral

prospects. Some analysts say Yanukovich’s allies among the business elite may also prefer loans from Russia to EU and IMF terms. On his first public appearance since Wednesday, following a sick leave some saw as a tactical move to buy time, Yanukovich looked in fair health but confined himself to warning against the actions of radical protesters: “We must say no to extremism, radicalism, the fanning of enmity in society, which is the basis of the political fight against the authorities,” he said in remarks on video. When parliament meets, opposition leaders want further concessions, including a broader amnesty for detainees than one granted last week and a return to an earlier constitution, which would curb presidential powers and give parliament greater control over the formation of governments. Party allegiances in the

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich single-chamber legislature have been fluid and it is

unclear what majority Yanukovich commands.

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Tuesday February 04, 2014

U.N. nuclear agency may press Iran on rare isotope in probe (Reuters) - The U.N. nuclear watchdog says it wants Iran to clarify past production of small amounts of a rare radioactive material that can help trigger an atomic bomb explosion, but which also has non-military uses. The comment about polonium by U.N. atomic agency chief Yukiya Amano at a weekend security conference in Munich suggested the issue may be raised at talks between his experts and Iranian officials on February 8. It also signaled his determination to get to the

bottom of suspicions that Iran may have worked on designing a nuclear warhead, even as world powers and Tehran pursue broader diplomacy to settle a decadeold dispute over its atomic aims. The silvery-grey soft metal polonium gained notoriety eight years ago in the poisoning of a former Russian spy, Kremlin critic Alexander Litvinenko, in London. The interest of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), a Viennabased U.N. agency, stems from its potential role in

atomic arms. “The separation of polonium-210, in conjunction with beryllium, can be part of a catalyst for a nuclear chain reaction,” the Arms Control Association, a U.S. research and advocacy group, said on its web site. It was not immediately clear why Amano would bring up polonium-210 now. The IAEA had said in a report as far back as 2008 it had discussed the substance and Iran had answered its questions about it. Back then, it cited Iran as

IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano

saying that some of its scientists had proposed a research project on the production of the material in the 1980s but that the chemist working on it left the country before its completion and it was aborted. The IAEA said in 2008 it had concluded that the Iranian explanations were consistent with its own findings: “The agency considers this question no longer outstanding at this stage.” Robert Kelley, a former senior IAEA official, said the matter had been settled at the time and that it was a question of “minor experiments that weren’t part of any organized programme”. Mark Hibbs of the Carnegie Endowment thinktank said one possibility was that the IAEA had received new intelligence information regarding polonium-210. Hibbs said it had been his understanding that the issue was not seen as urgent and essential by the U.N. agency. IAEA spokeswoman Gill Tudor said it was not a new issue, but an example of one “that the agency is keeping an eye on and that would benefit from further clarification.” Amano referred to it in response to an audience question, Tudor added. PARALLEL NEGOTIATIONS An IAEA investigation into Iran’s behavior is running in parallel with new measures to curb Iran’s nuclear programme under a deal negotiated with world powers in November in return for limited easing of U.S. and European Union sanctions. The big powers’ interim agreement focused mainly on preventing Tehran obtaining nuclear fissile material to assemble a future bomb, rather than on the question of whether Iran sought atom bomb technology in the past. The U.N. body has made clear it wants Iran to start addressing long-standing

allegations that it may have researched how to make a nuclear bomb, a charge it denies. Amano’s statement offered a hint that polonium210 may be among topics it wants to discuss at the February 8 meeting: “Polonium can be used for civil purposes like nuclear batteries, but can also be used for a neutron source for nuclear weapons. We would like to clarify this issue too,” he said. A U.S. think-tank, the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS), said Iran had admitted to producing small amounts of polonium-210 in a Tehran research reactor in the early 1990s. “Iran claims that the polonium was produced as part of a study of the production of neutron sources for use in radioisotope thermoelectric generators and not for use in a nuclear weapons neutron initiator,” it added on its web site. Often strained in the past, ties between Iran and the IAEA have improved since last year ’s election of a relative moderate, Hassan Rouhani, as new Iranian president on a platform to ease Tehran’s international isolation. The IAEA’s investigation into what it calls the possible military dimensions to Iran’s nuclear programme is separate from, though still closely linked to, the more wide-ranging negotiations between Tehran and the six major states - the United States, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany. Under an agreement signed just weeks before the powers reached their own agreement to cap Iran’s nuclear activity, the U.N. agency has already visited a heavy water production plant and a uranium mine in Iran. However, those first steps do not go to the heart of the IAEA’s investigation.

Tuesday February 04, 2014

Kaieteur News

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Ian Thorpe: Olympic swimming Kirk Edwards expelled legend in rehab after police called from Barbados team

BBC Sport - Five-time Olympic champion Ian Thorpe is being treated for depression after being found by Australian police behaving oddly near a car in Sydney. “The owner of the car basically called the police and the police came,” said the swimmer’s manager, James Erskine. “They realised it was Ian Thorpe. They realised he was disoriented.” Erskine said the 31-year-

old swimming legend was taking anti-depressants and medication for a shoulder injury but was not under the influence of alcohol. “He is in rehab for depression,” Erskine added in an interview with the Australian Associated Press. “He hadn’t had a drink. He had zero alcohol in him.” Police said no official complaint has been made and no further police action is anticipated. Erskine’s admission that

Thorpe is in rehab comes only days after the Australian’s management company denied reports he checked into a rehab facility while battling depression and alcohol abuse. In his autobiography, published last year, Thorpe revealed he had been battling “crippling depression”. In an interview with the BBC’s HARDtalk programme, he talked about having suicidal thoughts, drinking too much and hiding his despair from those closest to him.

Tuesday February 04, 2014 ARIES (MARCH 21 APRIL 19): You will tend to have rather intense encounters with other people for a few days. They may not be confrontations in the sense of a flare-up. But no one seems willing to give way or co-operate as much as you had hoped. ********************************* TAURUS (APRIL 20 MAY 20): Maybe flaws and inadequacies in one relationship either at home or at work are beginning to show up. This will not make you feel comfortable, but at least what you know cannot cause so many problems. ********************************* GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUNE 20): Influences around today have a habit of making you dig down into the depths of every situation because you want to know exactly how it works. But that can make you see only the difficult side of life. ********************************* CANCER (JUNE 21 JULY 22): Maybe you are feeling down because you think things aren't going to hold together. Just remember you are almost certainly magnifying things out of all proportion. ********************************* LEO (JULY 23 - AUG. 22): Whatever has become confused or delayed around you needs a sensible strategy to get it rolling again. You may feel puzzled initially about how best to tackle it all but keep persevering and the answers will come. ********************************* VIRGO (AUG. 23 - SEPT. 22): You've got to tackle everything with thoroughness now, leave no stone unturned. On the other hand don't get too obsessive.

LIBRA (SEPT. 23 - OCT. 22): Cut your losses, clear out what needs to be got rid of, but do understand that your life is moving in a healthy and positive direction. Out of your experiences at the moment which may be a little stressed, you will emerge as a stronger personality, with better relationships. ********************************* SCORPIO (OCT. 23 NOV. 21): You will see the benefits of standing your ground in one situation. The evidence may not come through for a few days but you will be glad that you rose to the challenge and did not lose your cool. ********************************* SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22 - DEC. 21): If you feel you are wading through treacle and that a great deal of perspiration seems only to be bringing minimal results, then blame it all on Pluto. ********************************* CAPRICORN (DEC. 22 JAN. 19): If there are sulks or broody silences around at home or at work, don't give in to them. The silent treatment can be very effective but only if you allow it to continue. ********************************* AQUARIUS (JAN. 20 FEB. 18): It may not be obvious at the moment but soon you will become aware that you have made strides ahead. There will be positive changes in your immediate environment, maybe at work or maybe with close partners. ********************************* PISCES (FEB. 19 MARCH 20): Turning your back on certain situations or burying your head in the sand ostrich fashion will not work. You have to get yourself into reforming mood.

P O R T- O F - S PA I N , Trinidad (CMC) — West Indies batsman Kirk Edwards has been expelled from the Barbados cricket team for the NAGICO Super50 tournament, the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) reported on Sunday. The decision to withdraw Edwards, a former captain, was made by the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) on Saturday. BCA said there will be no replacement for Edwards who was due to return home late Sunday. Barbados defeated Trinidad and Tobago by 28 runs in their opening match Sunday, spurred on by a maiden century from Jonathan Carter. Meantime the West Indies Players Association (WIPA) has expressed shock and disbelief following the expulsion of Edwards from the Barbados team “After Kirk made us aware that he had been threatened with expulsion from the team, and of the issue which had given rise to the threat, I immediately contacted Mr Reid (Hartley Reid) and asked if he would be good enough to meet with us and Kirk at the team hotel right after the WIPA AGM which was being held nearby and he agreed,” said WIPA president Wavell

Analysis: Seahawks’ total team effort stops Broncos From page 31 force by head coach Pete Carroll, was the story of the game. “We’re a bunch of misfits in some ways,” said Sherman, who was carted off the field in the fourth quarter with an ankle injury. “Fifth round, Kam Chancellor. Sixth round, Byron Maxwell. Fifth round, Richard Sherman. Fourthround, K.J. Wright. Undrafted, Michael Bennett.” Sherman rattled off other names - Avril, Red Bryant, Brandon Mebane as other players that have gone overlooked. “It’s not just the Legion of Boom back’s a great linebacking corps, a great D-line who gets a lot of pressure. I think they deserve the respect.” They should have won the respect of football followers that watched them stop five-time Most Valuable Player Manning and the Broncos in their tracks.

Kirk Edwards Hinds. “We were firmly of the view that what Kirk had advised us of as being the issue was a matter which could be easily resolved

through sensible and wellintentioned dialogue, and certainly nothing, not even in our wildest dreams, which might warrant the drastic and draconian abuse of power by the team’s manager”. Edwards, 29, a current West Indies Test and OneDay player, was replaced as the Barbados captain for both the NAGICO tournament and the forthcoming first-class four-day championship of which Barbados are the title holders. Batting all-rounder Kevin Stoute is leading the side in the NAGICO tournament, while Test opener Kraigg Brathwaite will be at the helm for the four-day championship, which is slated to start February 28.

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Tuesday February 04, 2014

Busta Champion of Champions 50 overs tournament bowls off on Feb. 16 The 10th edition of the Busta Champion of Champions 50 overs cricket tournament organised by the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC) is set to bowl off on Sunday February 16 following a lengthy delay due to the rainy season. The tournament would involve Upper Corentyne, Rose Hall Town Gizmos & Gadgets, Albion, West Berbice, Universal DVD Young Warriors, Blairmont Community Centre, Karibee Rice Port Mourant and Universal Solution Bermine. Secretary/CEO of the RHTY&SC Hilbert Foster issued an appeal to the eight teams to get themselves

organised to play the opening round of matches and expressed the hope that the management of the Area ‘H’, Albion, Port Mourant and the Cumberland grounds would get their venues into top shape. The semifinals would be played on February 22, while the date and the venue for the final would be announced later. The winner is set to pocket $100,000 and a trophy while the runner-up would

take home $50,000. The final would be live on NCN Radio. The organisers are informing all the clubs that only players registered with them for the 2013 season would be allowed to play and only one non-based Berbician is eligible to play for each team. Clubs are also being reminded that no form of indiscipline would be tolerated and any club or player that shows dissent

for umpiring decisions would be banned from further tournaments. Umpires for the tournament would be provided and selected by the Berbice Umpires Association. Teams will be required to be at the venue 30 minutes before the scheduled 09:30hrs start for matches. The fixture for the opening round of matches on February 16 follows:

Hearts of Oak Masters Football club had... From page 27 of the Prison Service annual football tournament and an Inter Ward senior football tournament. In November the club organised an Inter ward U15 football tournament, while in December it ended the year with the playoff of the Inter Primary School football tournament. All of the activities were held at the Scot Church Ground at Princess Elizabeth Road in New Amsterdam,

which is one of the few venues in Berbice with permanent lighting. There were a number of other activates held that the club members participated in, including hosting veteran teams from other parts of the country. The club members also participated in coaching at the various schools around Berbice and assisted teachers, students and other interested persons with syllabuses and SBA in

Physical Education and other sports related activities in schools and other institutions. An open day was also held, while the club was also involved in self-help activities in and around New Amsterdam. The club is presently headed by Neil “Grizzly” Humphrey as President, while the other executive members are Sherwin Forde Vice President, Kenrick Bowry being Secretary andSam Jones serving as Treasurer,

Ceon Bristol the Assistant Secretary/ Treasurer, Phillip Carrington is the Public Relations Officer, with Humphrey doubling up as the coach and Nigel Felix and Randy ‘Blades’ Sears as the assistant coaches. The executives and members of the club would like to thank all of their supporters and members both local and overseas for their unstinted support throughout the years. They plan to do more for 2014.

= = = Letter to the Sports Editor = = =

Would the GFF/General Council impose sanctions? DEAR SIR, The culmination of Mayor, Hamilton Green 79th birth anniversary 7-a-side Inter-ward Knockout Competition, took place on Sunday, January 26, 2014 at the Den Amstel Community Centre Ground, with a doubleheader. In the feature match home side Den Amstel engaged North East La Penitence, in the final, preceded by a Junior Mayor’s All Stars X1 opposing Young Achievers, in a supposedly friendly/exhibition match.

Editor, it must be noted that with Young Achievers being an affiliate of the West Demerara Football Association, which is affiliated to the Guyana Football Federation; was approval sought by the club from the WDFA to participate in the match? In addition to the players from the “AllStars X1, all of whom are members from various clubs, in different Associations”, were the respective association executives informed in writing?

As a consequence of this development, it would be interesting to know how the GFF would view this development! Moreover, when it is taken into serious consideration that the imposition of a levy fee, was overlooked/ignored, in defiance of the constitutional requirement re: “Collecting of gate/entrance fees at the venue”! Finally, while the points outlined in the preceding paragraph must not be construed as an attack on the

BCB asks if Government now recognizes the Guyana Cricket Board DEAR EDITOR, Recent events have puzzled the executives of the Berbice Cricket Board with regards to if the Government of Guyana now recognizes the current Guyana Cricket Board. If so, then we as Berbicians ask that it is made public so that all and sundry and can move on with the number one game in our country. We have seen on many occasions a Government Member of Parliament, Mr. Neil Kumar publicly endorsing the work of the current GCB; attended functions and making

speeches on behalf of the Government. The BCB is still under the impression that the Government and most decent minded Guyanese do not recognize the GCB because of the current status and the questionable elections, a situation that led to the current cricket bill in Parliament. Once again, we ask for clarity from Minister Dr. Frank Anthony on the Government’s position with regards to the current Guyana Cricket Board. The Berbice Cricket Board executives.

competition or the organizer, from a layman’s perspective however, it must be in the public’s interest how the GFF’s executive would react in upholding constitutionality, natural justice and promoting “Fair Play”, in this specific instance. Or would a blind eye be turned and constitutional articulation is conveniently applied wrongfully as was done with the UDFA! The ball is now in the GFF’s half of the field, in pursuit of maintaining possession for a match winning opportunity in regulation time! Since extra time and an ensuing penalty shootout can result in another embarrassment for the GFF, should there be just one iota of a constitutional contravention by a club, association or player. Would there be another extraordinary congress, to impose sanctions on anyone who is culpable? Respectfully yours, Lester Sealey.

GCB to continue encampment of National Cricketers The Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) will be continuing the encampment for its cricketers in preparation for the FourDay West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) Competition which will bowl off on 28th February, 2014. The camp will consist of all the reserve players not selected for the 50-over tournament currently underway in Trinidad and Tobago. When the players from this tournament return they will all rejoin the camp for a short period to facilitate practice matches. The encampment programme will commence on Wednesday 5th February, 2014 at the GCB hostel in LBI. The head coach will be Julian Moore and he will be assisted

by Reon King and Quasen Nedd. The trainers will be Patrick King and Carl Stephenson. All players are reminded that further fitness tests will be conducted during the new encampment period hence players are expected to maintain minimum fitness levels. The players to be encamped are: Sewnarine Chattergoon, Jason Sinclair, Rajendra Chandrika, Anthony Adams, Ryan Ramdass, Keon Joseph, Chanderpaul Hemraj, Vishal Singh, Rajiv Ivan, Ricardo Adams, Totaram Bishun, Zaheer Mohamed, Ameer Khan, Shaquille Williams, Jonathan Foo, Ryan Fredricks, Andre Stoll and Ron Thompson.

Black Sharks maul Rose Hall Town After being beaten in the first encounter, a rejuvenated and reorganized Fyrish Black Sharks came out sharp and looking for revenge. The Black Sharks were merciless as they mauled their opponents from Rose Hall Town (RHT) 40-25 to record their first win when play in the Anamayah Memorial Basketball Competition for first division teams in Berbice continued on Sunday in the Ancient County with one game at the Fyrish Basketball court, Corentyne. Using their home advantage, the Sharks were out fast, attacking their opponents from the opening whistle and were in the lead at the end of the first quarter 11-4. The second quarter saw the visiting RHT unit gathering some momentum, but were unable to contain the roving Black Sharks with both teams gathering 10 points, the first half ended with the score on 21-14. However, the Black Sharks were now getting into their momentum with waves

of attacks which the visitors had no answer for as they romped a 30-19 lead at the end of the third quarter. The fourth quarter was all the Sharks as they sunk their opponents 40-25. For the Black Sharks, Rayel Franklyn poured in a game high 14 points, while Kesnen Williams supporting with 11. Osafo Profit bucketed 10 for the losing RHT outfit. The next game in the competition is set for tomorrow when Rose Hall Town Jammers take on RHT in a grudge match at the Area ‘H’ court. Another game is slated for Sunday when New Amsterdam Warriors take on Smithfield Rockers also of New Amsterdam in what is expected to be a keenly contested affair in another grudge match at the Vryman’s Erven Basketball Court in New Amsterdam. Jump ball in both matches is 16:00 hrs. The tournament, which is being played in memory of the late attorney at law Joseph Anamayah, is organized by Vibert “Town Man” Garrett.

All Youth SC softball cricket competition set for February 23 All Youth Sports Club will stage a softball cricket competition at La Grange School ground on February 23 starting at 09:00hrs. Matches will be of four overs duration and seven players are allowed per team with an entrance fee of $7,000.

The winning side will receive one ram sheep while the man of the match in the final will be given a cash prize. Interested teams can contact Rickey on 623-5566 or Abid on 647-6624. A well stocked bar will also add to the entertainment.

Tuesday February 04, 2014

Kaieteur News

NAGICO Regional Super50 cricket

Guyana Malta Supreme battle defending champs today By Sean Devers in Trinidad: In Association with Digicel, Carib Beer, Giftland Office Max, Payless Variety Store & Leisure Inn & Car Rentals When the Windward Islands, led by an invaluable unbeaten 44 from injured 20-yearold Darwin Telemaque, pulled off a thrilling upset one-wicket win against Guyana in Grenada to win in the 1989 Final, it was the first of their three titles and was achieved in the very last over in what ranks among the most exciting Regional 50-over finals since the competition began in 1976. Today, at the Queens Park Oval in Port-ofSpain, they come up against the Guyana Malta Supreme in the 2014 NAGICO Regional Super50 tournament as the defending Champions after beating CCC in last year’s final in Barbados to claim their first title in 13 years. When the two teams last met at this level in St Vincent, the Islanders won by seven wickets despite half-centuries from Trevon Griffith and Leon Johnson. Devon Smith’s commanding undefeated 110 and a responsible 41 from Keddy Lesporis led them to 199-3, replying to Guyana’s 198-8. Both teams head into today’s Day/Night encounter coming off of contrasting first round results in a zone that’s been tagged the group of death. Last year’s Semi-Finalist Jamaica and 2015 World Cup qualifiers Ireland are the other teams in Zone A. In the opening match (a replay of the 2013 semis) Jamaica posted a ground record 282-5 in 50 overs and the Windwards responded with 268-8 with Lesporis making an even unbeaten ton to become the first nonTrinidadian to register a century at the ‘Oval’ and Smith supported with 52. The Guyana Malta Supreme side, led by an attractive 89 from Man-of-the-Match Ramnaresh Sarwan and half-centuries from openers Shiv Chanderpaul and Griffith ensured the Guyanese broke Jamaica’s record total by reaching 301-3, only the second time in Regional 50 overs cricket that they had reached 300 runs. The Irish were creamed by 114 runs as they slumped to 27-4 and never recovered with Paul Wintz taking 3-30. Ronsford Beaton and Narsingh Deonarine picked up two wickets each for the South Americans. The Guyanese have an early lead in the zone although both the Guyana Malta Supreme and Jamaica had victories in their first game. The Guyanese (5 points) are one point ahead of the Jamaicans because of the bonus point they received from their win against Ireland. Today on what should be another pitch with some assistance for the pacers, Ronsford Beaton, Paul Wintz (who had an impressive spell in the first match) and Skipper

Christopher Barnwell could trouble the batsmen. Beaton is among the quickest in the tournament, but he seemed tired in his ‘come back’ spell and his pace dipped but nevertheless openers Smith and Johnson Charles, both with West Indies experience, should have their hands full against the new ball since they could both want to ‘take on’ the fast bowlers. Test Spinners Veerasammy Permaul and Devendra Bishoo, who at times bowled a bit too short, should get spin support from Narsingh Deonarine and Royston Crandon. The Guyana batting is rock solid with the experienced Shiv Chanderpaul and Trevon Griffith both scoring fifties as they shared in Guyana’s second highest Opening stand in the first match. They built a firm foundation but took too long to do so, something the team would have discussed. Griffith needs to be more aggressive and while the others bat around Chanderpaul, who faced too many dot balls in the opening game, leaving too little time for the others to bat. Barnwell was his usual pugnacious self, while Johnson played excellently in his unbeaten cameo towards the end of the innings but the brightest spot in the Guyana batting was the return to form of Ramnaresh Sarwan. He accelerated wonderfully during his 89 not out from just 62 balls and looks the Sarwan of old. It’s important that he continues in that manner throughout the tournament. If he can reproduce his form of 2005 when Guyana last won the title and he scored a record three tons, Guyana should go all the way to take their 10th title this year. Crandon, Anthony Bramble, Permaul, Bishoo and Wintz are all capable of quick runs and Guyana’s batting is arguable the most powerful line-up in the tournament. Although Keddy Lesporis became the first non Trinidadian to register a hundred at the ‘Oval’, Smith, Charles and Andre Fletcher all failed to build on starts against Jamaica, while Tyrone Theophile, skipper Liam Sebastien and Romel Currency have been around at this level for a while and are depended on to contribute with the bat. Even without banned off-spinner Shane Shillingford and injured all-rounder Darren Sammy, the Windwards attack is still strong. The left-arm pair of Kenroy Peters and Delorn Johnson will expect support from Marvin Matthew, while St Lucian left-armer Garey Mathurin and off-spinner Sebastien will aim to contain the Guyana Malta Supreme batting line-up on what is anticipated to be another lightening fast outfield. The contest is scheduled to commence at 14:00hrs and the Guyanese are expected to play an unchanged team today.

DCB age group tournaments to start in March The Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) age group tournaments are expected to commence in March with the Under-15, 17 and 19 Inter Association Competitions. The Board will release its fixtures for the U-15 competition shortly. The DCB is encouraging all the Area Associations to start preparing their teams for the various tournaments. Demerara has a good record at the age group level over the past few years,

and as such the Associations are encouraged to work with the schools in their respective areas. The DCB wishes to inform that only players born on or after September 1, 1999 will be eligible for the U-15 competition which will be of a two day format. The U-17 tournament will be for players born on or after September 1, 1997, and for players to qualify for the U-19 competition they must be born on or after September 1, 1995.

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Hearts of Oak Masters Football club had successful year Says Berbice football defunct: Former national players call for something to be done

From left (standing); Secretary Kenrick Bowry, Vice President Sherwin Forde, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Ceon Bristol Player, President and Coach Neil ‘Grizzly’ Humphrey, (stooping) Assistant Coach Nigel Felix, Pro Phillip Carrington and Treasurer Sam Jones. The Hearts of Oak Masters Football Club (HOOMFC) is not at all happy with the way things are going in the football circle in Guyana. In fact, they are very disappointed with the operations of the newly elected Guyana Football Federation which has hardly achieved much since it took over the sport. The New Amsterdam based group is made up of a number of former national stalwarts, and has strong claims to being one of the top organisers of football activities in Guyana, and recently presented a review of its accomplishment for the past year. With former players the likes of Adrian ‘Sugar Foot’ Forde, Philip ‘Pine’ Carrington, Neil ‘Grizzly’ Humphrey, Sam Jones, Kenrick Bowry, Sherwin Forde and Kurt Alphonso among others, the group did achieve much. H o w e v e r, t h e y a r e blasting the GFF for not doing much since its ascension to office. They said that particular body which has been in place for less than one year and promised to take the sport to higher heights, has not lived up to expectations and seems heading for disarray with resignations and suspensions highlighting its achievements so far. However, with that a part and no end probable in sight for the impending

predicament and the slide in local game, the HOOMFC’s main concern is what has happened to, or left of football in Berbice. This is despite their being an office with paid staff at what is supposed to be the Berbice football Association Office in New Amsterdam. The defunct BFA has not organized a single activity for the past two years and one wonders why an investigation has not been launched or the office has not been closed. They are calling on Mr. Matthias to walk the walk and live up to his promise. What is funnier, according to the former players, is the person responsible for the stewardship of the game in the ancient county is now a senior executive member of the Guyana Football Federation. They are not in a fight with anybody, but they want to see football being played or football activities being organized and they also stated that when public funds are involved, people should be accountable. They will continue to do what they do best, that is organise football related activities. “We as former national players feel saddened with the state of the administration and playing of the game today. Too much fighting and bantering and not much happening,” one member stated.

For the year the Hearts of Oak Masters Football Club organized a total of 15 football or football related activities, the most by any similar organization in the country. Among the activities were the Annual Hilbert “Old Beef” Humphrey Memorial U13 Primary School competition; the Annual T&T and Guyana Sports Club outreach U13 Inter Secondary School tournament; the club’s annual anniversary Inter Primary School Tournament; the Patrick “Patto” Patrick April Knock Memorial Inter Secondary School knockout tournament; and its annual Teach Them Young Summer Football camp in July. August was a busy month as the club organized an U15 Inter club Knockout tournament; also the annual past and present student football and cricket matches between Berbice High and Berbice Educational Institutes; and the first ever Council for Friends in New Amsterdam COFONA five a side football tournament was also held during the month. These were followed by the Wilbur Hope Memorial Inter Secondary School Knockout Tournament; an Inter Secondary School U15 football tournament and the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) New Amsterdam Branch Inter Primary School female football tournament all in September. October saw the playoff (Continued on page 26)

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Tuesday February 04, 2014

‘Time To Execute’ says FIFA Dev. Officer Howard McIntosh By Franklin Wilson FIFA Development Officer (FIFA DO) with responsibility for Guyana, Howard McIntosh, has declared that it is time for “execution”, when he met with the media at the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) yesterday following a meeting with the Minister of Sport Dr. Frank Anthony and a visit he made yesterday morning to New Amsterdam in the Ancient County of Berbice to inspect a facility. Sharing the press conference with McIntosh, which dealt specifically with the progress of Guyana’s Goal Project, were GFF President Christopher Matthias, General Secretary Noel Adonis and Executive Member Keith OJeer who has responsibility for Infrastructural Development. Matthias informed that the GFF has been afforded land by the Government of Guyana at Leonora, West Coast Demerara which will see Guyana attaining a home for football and its development. The original plot of land that was being used for the Goal Project, located at Orangestein on the East Bank of Essequibo where US$89,725 would have been expended, will no longer be used the GFF President stated. “The understanding was

- Draft MoU to be finalized and signed by Gov’t & GFF for Land at Leonora and still is that the Guyana Football Federation will develop a building and two other training facilities, a large size and a mini pitch for football activities,” declared the President. The meeting with Minister Anthony crystallized the current status of the project Matthias noted, informing that the relevant documents and a draft Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) have been submitted to the Minister. “They are some further requirements, brief requirements which must be in the MoU and we had discussions on those requirements and agreed that they would be submitted shortly and after that the signing of the MoU.” McIntosh, in giving an overview of his visit, acknowledged the importance of the Media as a vital stakeholder in the world of football, while informing that he met with the Deputy Mayor of New Amsterdam Mr. Harold Debideen apart from visiting a number of facilities. “Obviously, FIFA’s interest is to see the development of facilities in

the region and specifically here in Guyana. We are always interested in seeing the game grow and we need to say it is not just growing in the capital city. I always ask the federation as much as possible to take me to other locations so that I get an opportunity to see the facilities there and to discuss the growth of the game there. So we had a fruitful trip.” Commenting specifically on the Goal Project, McIntosh was quick to note that nothing has changed in terms of FIFA’s commitment to the project. However, he noted that they are concerned at the pace of the project and would love to see things moving along. “Our interest is that we do get the facilities up and running. Delay in putting the infrastructure on the ground only hurts the sport so we want to encourage in all territories, not only here in Guyana, expediting the erection and construction of these facilities. So what we got today was a renewed commitment from the Government and the GFF in relation to moving things along.” McIntosh, while acknowledging that there is a

Berbice cricket clubs continue to benefit from BCB and RHTY&SC

Representatives of the seven clubs pose after the presentation. As the Golden Jubilee celebration of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) gathers momentum, seven cricket clubs in the Ancient County recently received a set of items to aid in their development from the BCB and the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC). The clubs benefitting were Bush Lot, Blairmont, Young Warriors, Upper

Corentyne, Chesney, Whim, and Police. They each received water pitchers and water mugs among other items. Chairman of the Golden Jubilee and BCB Special Events Committees, Hilbert Foster in handing over the items stated that the BCB was totally committed to the d e v e l o p m e n t o f a l l clubs in Berbice. He expressed the hope that the clubs appreciate the

donation from the BCB and use it for the intended purpose. He also announced that other clubs in the County would benefit during the year while great efforts would be made to assist clubs with balls and stumps. Foster also expressed gratitude to Mr. Ramsay Ali of Sterling Products Ltd. who donated the water pitchers. The RHTY&SC cricket teams also made contributions.

draft MoU that exists between the Government and the GFF that needs to be completed, informed that there was discussion on itemizing a Players Development Plan (PDP) which is part of what has to be done and the creation of a specific Task Force to move the process along quickly. “My sincere hope is that in the coming weeks all of that would be finalized to allow us to move along with the process. Obviously part of the conditionality is that the GFF does receive a Lease for the Goal Project and that is something that the Government will have to work on and facilitate. We want to see the facility really get moving along.” The FIFA DO also met with the GFF Executive last evening to discuss a few other matters which included Infrastructural Developmental Projects which GFF President Matthias would report on subsequently. Minister Anthony was also updated on a few programmes the GFF would be running off shortly in partnership with FIFA including the Grassroots Programme, Girls and Women development. “We have a motto in FIFA and it’s very simple, if you do, FIFA does and at the end of

the day part of what our encouragement is to the GFF and to the government is, if we start doing then the commitment is that we will be doing. It’s as simple and straightforward as that.” Commenting on a possible time frame for the start of the project, McIntosh posited that in the Caribbean, countries have not done a good job managing their projects while also pointing out that there are a few that shines out. “What we need to do now is to try and take advantage of this opportunity, because it’s really an opportunity; there are not many sporting organizations that would say we are going to facilitate the development of your infrastructure and so part of this is to see things get moving very quickly.” Asked whether he would be back in Guyana again to go over the same speeches again in relation to the project, McIntosh said: “I would not give this speech one more time. Personally for me, it is frustrating because it’s not only in Guyana that I would have to have this discussion. It’s frustrating because the commitment is there and the funds are available. It’s just that we now have to really put our shoulder to the wheel and get the job done. The federation must get the job done.” McIntosh reminded that he is well aware that there are issues, but there was only so much that FIFA and himself can do in terms of getting

things done. In wrapping up, McIntosh encouraged the Media to play their role in ensuring that the GFF and the Government really take advantage of this opportunity to improve the infrastructure in the country. “Because, for too long now the children and the football loving people of Guyana have been robbed of this infrastructural development; I would easily say, and I’m using the examples of countries in the region on their third and fourth Goal projects already and Guyana has not gone past one yet.” “What happens now is that we will start to look at the countries that are not participating in the programme and have to develop a different strategy to ensure that the people who need to benefit, actually benefit.” Matthias made a commitment that the other matters that need to be included in the MoU would be submitted to the Minister of Sport later this week. The total amount expended from the original allocation of US$$400,000 is US$89,725. Alki Investments & Trading Co. Inc. r e c e i v e d US$52,595, while Rawle Jordon Associates Inc. received US$37,130 for works carried out at the Orangestein location. The original project was to have been a Technical Centre and the approval or that Project was 2006-12-03.

Organizers expecting higher attendances Trinidad Express - Port of Spain, Trinidad - So far ticket sales and crowd attendance for the NAGICO Super50 tournament has been “below par” but the organisers expect that business will pick up as the competition progresses. The Super50 bowled off on Thursday at Queen’s Park Oval in Port of Spain and continues with matches almost every day until the final next Saturday (February 15). Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB) treasurer Sukesh Maniam said on Saturday the Board was expecting bigger crowds than turned up over the first two days of the competition on Thursday and Friday but was confident that more fans would have come out for Trinidad and Tobago’s opening match against Barbados the Oval. “We were expecting bigger crowds but so far it just did not materialise. We knew we would have been competing with various Carnival fetes but so far it has below par. We have been getting a little less than 500 in attendance but we expect that number to more than double on Sunday,” said Maniam. Chairman of the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board’s (TTCB) Marketing, Business Development and Special Events Committee

Baldath Mahabir said that while they did not expect “fantastic crowds” in the early part of the tournament, they are expecting a bigger turn out. Asked about the marketing of the matches, Mahabir explained that the WICB only did “standard marketing” on the newspapers on the West Indies Cricket Board website on the TTCB website as well as the sponsors’ website. “Nothing extraordinary. We really expect the crowds to ramp up from the first night T&T play. It is a long tournament and we expect people will get warm to the tournament as it progresses,” Mahabir explained. And while attendance has been low so far, Mahabir said: “The crowds could have been bigger.” Asked if he thought the advertising for the tournament was sufficient Mahabir said: “You could never over market (an event). We expected it to start slow and get bigger as we go a long.” Maniam noted that tickets will be on sale on match days in order to minimise the instances of scalping and counterfeiting. Tickets cost of $30 for the preliminary round matches, $40 for the semi-finals and $50 for the final.

Tuesday February 04, 2014

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Mings Products & Blatter honours ‘greatest Services donates cricket humanitarian’ MADIBA balls to RHTY&SC Madiba’s widow Graca Machel receives a gift from President Blatter.

Ms. Alesa Bacchus (left) hands over the balls to RHTY&SC Office Manager Moonish Singh, while another Mings staff looks on.

For the eight successive year, cricket teams of the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC) have benefitted from a donation of balls from the Management of Mings Products & Services Ltd. The entity’s Administrative Assistant, Ms. Alesa Bacchus, handed over the balls to RHTY&SC Office Manager Moonish Singh at the company’s Head Office, Urquhart Street, Kingston, Georgetown. Singh, who is as also Co-Chair of the club’s Cricket Development Committee, expressed gratitude to the management of the company especially Mr. Colin and Stanley

Ming for their continued investment in the youths. Singh also disclosed that the club’s cricket section is being reorganised to achieve even greater success and continued support of Ming’s Products & Services would assist them to achieve their targeted goals. Meanwhile, the RHTY&SC also received financial donations from John Fernandes Ltd, DR. Jose Da Silva of Modern Optical Service and Mr. Ralph Ramkarran of the Law Firm, Cameron and Shepherd. The club would use the donations for its Anti-Drugs and Pro-Education campaigns which are coordinated by the eight club teams.

Floyd Mayweather tells fans to vote on Khan or Maidana for next fight Floyd Mayweather has asked fans to decide his next fight. (AP)

BBC Sport - World light-middleweight champion Floyd Mayweather has asked fans to decide whether his next fight should be against Amir Khan or Marcos Maidana. Briton Khan signed a deal in December that put him in line for a possible bout with the unbeaten Mayweather. Khan, 27, has won 28 of his 31 fights, while 30-year-old Argentine Maidana has 35 victories from his 38 bouts.

Mayweather, 36, tweeted: “I’m going to let the fans vote. Tell me who I should fight next. Khan or Maidana?” American Mayweather beat Saul Alvarez in September 2013 in the most recent of his 45 career fights. Khan beat Maidana in Las Vegas in December 2010 on a unanimous points decision, with his last fight a dramatic points victory over Julio Diaz in Sheffield in April 2013.


I FA P r e s i d e n t , Joseph S Blatter yesterday led a delegation that visited the home of the late former South African president, Nelson Mandela in Houghton, Johannesburg, South Africa. Blatter, together with CAF President Issa Hayatou, FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke and the President of the South African Football Association (SAFA) Danny Jordaan, had a private audience with Madiba’s widow Graca Machel and the former wife of the late president, Winnie Mandela together with other members of the Mandela family. The FIFA President conveyed his heartfelt condolences in person to the Mandela family. Speaking after the meeting, Blatter said: “I was very touched to be welcomed by the Mandela family at their home today. We visited the family together with members of the football family to give special respect and celebrate the life of the greatest humanitarian of our time, Nelson Mandela. Mandela meant a lot to me personally and the world. “We reminded the family that their loss is a loss to world football and the world at large. It was important that we come here in person to pay respect to Madiba, to Graca Machel, Winnie Mandela and the rest of the family. I had a privilege of knowing Madiba and we formed a friendship in the last couple of years. Madiba understood the role played by FIFA and football in fighting against apartheid. I had a lot of

respect for him – for what he represents and stood for. Personally, I cannot put a price to what he has given me, what I learned from his life and during private moments with him.” H O N O U R I N G MADIBA LEGACY While talking about the late icon, the FIFA President described Madiba as an individual who left a permanent mark during his stay on earth. Blatter added: “Madiba is the biggest icon of our generation, I do not think the world has seen anyone like him during our time. He brought people together, he built bridges between enemies. It is important that Madiba’s legacy is not forgotten, we must never forget the principles he stood for and what he gave up his life for. This is the time that we go forward and build on what he left us. “At FIFA, we value what he did for the world and we will ensure that his legacy lives forever and we tell future generations about a man who was exceptional. Madiba taught us that we should forgive and he left us with a message of peace. We will now honour that message with a handshake for peace at football

matches.” MADIBA: A CLOSE FRIEND OF FOOTBALL Representing the family, Zindzi Mandela, the daughter of Nelson Mandela, thanked Blatter and the FIFA delegation for the visit. “There was a close relationship between Tata (Madiba) and FIFA and we are humbled to receive the FIFA delegation led by President Blatter. “This has not been an easy time for us as the family but it is moving to know that football – a sport Tata loved – cares. On behalf of the family, we would like to thank FIFA, CAF and SAFA in keeping Tata’s legacy alive. Madiba taught us that we can all be better people and make a contribution to the world.” SAFA President, Jordaan thanked the FIFA and the CAF President for the gesture. “Mr. Blatter and Mr Hayatou walked a long walk with Madiba in a journey to do away with apartheid. FIFA played a key role in ensuring that the apartheid state was isolated and, when it was time to rebuild this country, FIFA also played a vital role. The hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup was very close to Madiba’s heart and we thank Mr Blatter for championing that cause.

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Final whistle blows for former football



embers of the local football fraternity, but m o r e particularly, those that practiced their skill in the mid seventies, are mourning the death of their colleague, former left wing back player, Gregory TP Stewart, who passed away after a period of illness in his adopted home, Canada, Sunday February 2 last. He was 54 years old. Former national coach, Lennox Arthur, coached the late footballer at the Pele FC as well as on the national team. He said that he was devastated by the news and despite the fact that Stewart was ailing for some time he was still shocked by the turn of events. He remembered Stewart as a versatile player representing the Pele FC. “He also represented Guyana when this country defeated Suriname in the World Cup Qualifiers in 1976,” reminisced Mr. Arthur. Mr. Arthur said that Stewart was ailing for some time and was hospitalized and hooked up on a life saving machine after his situation worsened. The former national coach further said that he learnt of Stewart’s demise through several former players in the USA who revealed that family members signed the document to have the former player euthanized after his condition worsened and he stopped responding to

Chelsea beat Man City to boost title hopes

Branislav Ivanovic fires home Chelsea’s lone goal to win the key clash. (PA)

BACK IN TIME: The late Gregory T P Stewart (extreme left) seen here with captain, Wendell Manifold (extreme right) and other club mates shortly after practice sessions (photo compliments of Lennox Arthur) medical care. The former national coach said that Stewart represented the Pele club for all of his tenure and played under Captain, Wendell Manifold and with such players as Patrick ‘Labba’ Barton, Vibert Butts, Keith Myles, Terry Nichols and Denzil ‘Hunky Brains’ Thompson among other football greats. Another former national player, Earl O’Neil was also

saddened by the news. He said that he played with the late footballer and he was good at the trade. Mr. O’Neil said that he grew up with Stewart in Alberttown and the late footballer was like a hero to him. Mr. O’Neil also said that he played alongside Stewart in the national team and then again in the 1986 World Cup Qualifiers. Gordon ‘Ultimate Warrior’ Braithwaite was

shocked by the news and he also spoke highly of Stewart’s ball weaving skills. He said that he knew that Stewart was ailing yet the news of his death was disturbing. Most of the family members of the late footballer are currently residing overseas. Kaieteur Sport wishes to extend sympathy to the football community and all affected by the death of this stalwart.



Tuesday February 04, 2014

he Hand-in-Hand Group of Companies has once again flexed their corporate muscles when they handed over a cheque for an undisclosed amount to the Guyana Amateur Body Building & Fitness Federation (GABBFF) towards the successful hosting of the Novices Championships on March 1st, next. Ms. Andrea Jodhan-Khan, Marketing Coordinator of the sponsor handed over the contribution to Ms. Stacey McKinnon, General Secretary (ag) of the GABBFF at the entity’s Avenue of the Republic, Georgetown, office yesterday. Jodhan-Khan expressed her company’s delight to once again contribute to the body building fraternity in Guyana, something they have been doing for the past few years. McKinnon in response thanked Jodhan-Khan for their continued partnership. The following categories will be contested: Under 132; Under 143; Under 154; Under 164; Under 176; Over 176; Masters and Juniors. On the distaff side, Miss Bikini; Miss Body Beautiful and Body Building. Admission will be $1500 and muscle flexing time will be 19:00hrs on Saturday March 1st.

- set for March 1 @ Theatre Guild

Hand-in-Hand Group of Companies Marketing Coordinator Ms. Andrea Jodhan-Khan (right) presents the cheque to GABBFF General Secretary (ag), Ms. Stacey McKinnon.

BBC Sport - Chelsea proved Manchester City are not invincible at Etihad Stadium as they inflicted their first home Premier League defeat of the season on a night the title race took another twist. City have reeled off 11 home league wins out of 11 this season - and another over Jose Mourinho’s side would have seen them leapfrog Arsenal and return to the top of the table. Instead, Mourinho and Chelsea produced a counterattacking masterclass perfectly designed to take advantage of City’s natural attacking instincts, and Branislav Ivanovic’s firsthalf goal gave them a thoroughly deserved win. It was the first time City had failed to score in a home league match since November 2010 as the Premier League’s most potent attack, with 68 goals, was kept out by the best defence - the visitors have conceded just 20. This was no smash-andgrab tactical raid by Mourinho either, as his side hit the woodwork three times through Samuel Eto’o, Nemanja Matic and Gary Cahill. They could, and should, have won by a greater margin. Chelsea, with Eden Hazard magnificent, now stand just two points behind leaders Arsenal and only adrift of City on goal difference, giving the sort of performance that suggests Mourinho’s softly-softly approach to their title ambitions may simply be another piece of psychology to relieve pressure on his side. This was a win that carried the Mourinho trademark of meticulous planning and coaching brilliance that had Chelsea’s supporters once again singing the name of “The

Special One”. And it was a result that means another turn in the title race, which seemed in City’s hands after a series of imperious victories that had seen them compared with the world’s finest teams. The hosts sorely missed the midfield stability normally provided by the injured Fernandinho and the threat offered by Sergio Aguero - but nothing must distract from a Chelsea win of such significance. Mourinho’s tactical approach had been the subject of much speculation - but any notion that he might ‘park the bus’ to stop City was soon dismissed. City created the better early chances, with Yaya Toure just off target and David Silva failing to make a good connection with the midfielder’s cross, scuffing an effort across the face of goal from eight yards. Chelsea, however, were set up to hit the hosts on the counter-attack with pace and movement, a ploy that reduced Manuel Pellegrini’s side to the sort of anxiety rarely seen at the Etihad this season. A sign of Chelsea’s growing momentum and City’s vulnerability came after 26 minutes with a fouron-one break that ended with Joe Hart saving well from Ramires after he was played in by the marauding Willian. Chelsea’s confidence was clear to see and they went ahead six minutes later, Ivanovic thundering in a left-foot strike from the edge of the area after home captain Vincent Kompany made a desperate block on Ramires. And as City struggled to contain their opponents there was almost a second as Eto’o got onto the end of Hazard’s cross only to strike the bar from an angle.

Tuesday February 04, 2014

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Hundreds bid farewell to TREVOR ROSE

Pall bearers carry the body of former GABA President, costume and fashion designer, Trevor Rose yesterday following his Funeral Service at the Olivet Seventh Day Adventist Church at Durban Backlands.


undreds bade farewell to the former Georgetown Amateur Basketball Association (GABA) President, costume and fashion designer, Trevor Rose yesterday at a Funeral Service at the Olivet Seventh Day Adventist Church in Durban Backlands. Stakeholders from a wide cross-section of society, including the corporate community and sports enthusiasts, paid tribute to the late Rose, who was gunned down more than a week ago outside the Eccles Community on the East Bank Demerara carriageway. Surprisingly, more basketball players and clubs in Georgetown were not visibly present at the moving Funeral Service. Individuals from the sports, entertainment and fashion industries paid their final respects to the 33 year old Rose. Rose served GABA as President during 2008-2011, with the same level of creativity he infused into his many Mashramani costume bands. Rose won multiple costume band prizes for local companies including, Digicel,

Banks DIH and was even earmarked in 2006 to design bands for the Jamaican Carnival, who’s CEO, Byron Lee chose Rose after witnessing the designer’s impressive work locally. That was the beginning of the popularisation of Rose as a force to reckon with in the industry in the Caribbean. He went on to form ‘Facts and Roses’, which was a collaborative effort with wife, designer, Michelle Cole and won the majority of prizes at Mash 2007. Rose had a deep basketball background, known for his long-range jump shots; he was nicknamed ‘Chinee’. It was his success in the fashion industry and his constant visits to Burnham Basketball Court that ignited his tenure as Georgetown sub-association President. He won the presidency in September 2008 and his ambitious plan for basketball development in Georgetown resulted in the first sketch of a modern Burnham Court being drawn. As a result, the effervescent, always buoyant Rose had raised $11M for the project.

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Analysis: Seahawks’ total team effort stops Broncos NEW YORK (Reuters) Seattle’s “Legion of Boom” secondary made the noise this season as poster boys for the Seahawks’ league-best defence, but it took a team effort to send the high powered Denver Broncos crashing in Super Bowl 48. Sunday’s 43-8 trouncing at MetLife Stadium was one of the most lopsided ever in a Super Bowl and came against a Peyton Manning-led offense that had set an NFL record for points in a season. Linebacker Malcolm Smith ran off with the Most Valuable Player award by running all the way into the end zone with a secondquarter, 69-yard interception to break open the game. Cliff Avril set up that pick by getting in Peyton Manning’s face with his pass rush, and fellow defensive lineman Chris Clemons had a sack and forced two fumbles. The defensive backfield certainly weighed in. Bone bruising hits on Broncos receivers coming across the middle by safety Kam Chancellor seemed to make them jittery, safety Earl Thomas led with six solo tackles while trash-talking secondary mate and fellow Pro Bowler Richard Sherman was largely avoided by Manning’s passes. It was a performance worthy of some of the greatest defensive teams in NFL lore, up there with the work of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ “Steel Curtain”, the

1985 Chicago Bears with William “Refrigerator” Perry, and the Ray Lewis-led Baltimore Ravens of 2000. Do not discount the Seattle offence, either. Second-year quarterback Russell Wilson showed poise beyond his years in orchestrating a rock-steady attack, scrambling to first downs and tossing two touchdown passes, hitting Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse. With Denver focused on stopping the run, limiting Marshawn Lynch to 39 yards on 15 carries, Wilson relied more on his arm and completed 18 of 25 passes for 206 yards with no interceptions. And Percy Harvin completed the team picture by racing 87 yards for a touchdown with the second-half kickoff to put an exclamation mark on the rout with a special team’s splash. “I think as a team, everything - from the special teams to the offense to the defense, I feel like everybody was clicking,” said linebacker Bobby Wagner, who led Seattle with 10 tackles. “We peaked at the right time.” BREAKING AWAY Despite thoroughly outplaying the Broncos in the first quarter, outgaining them by 148 yards to 11, Seattle failed to score touchdowns with their opportunities and led by just 8-0. That is when the Seattle pass rush ratcheted up the

pressure and made Manning shuffle his feet, roll outside the pocket and hurry his passes. The opportunistic Seahawks were quick to capitalize. First, the hard-hitting Chancellor corraled an overthrow pass for an interception and this time Wilson drove Seattle to pay dirt with Lynch doing the honors by bulling his way in from the one yard. T h e n c a m e Av r i l ’s determined rush and hit on Manning’s throwing arm that produced the lollipop gobbled up by Smith. In the third quarter, cornerback Byron Maxwell stripped the ball from Demaryius Thomas after a 23-yard catch and linebacker Smith was the man on the spot again as he recovered the fumble to set up a touchdown throw by Wilson. The Seahawks did not work their magic with tricks. They played their usual game on defence and dared Manning to beat them and he could not. “The thing that I was most impressed about is that we played the style and fashion that we’re accustomed to,” said Seattle defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. “We’re fast, we’re physical and we played the game on our terms.” The motley crew of overlooked players that populate a Seattle defence whipped into a high-energy (Continued on page 29)


Kennedy, Smith lead Cody Girls to victory


utstanding performances by Noreen Kennedy and Beverley Smith led Cody Girls to victory when action in the annual Robert Williams Memorial Dominoes competition continued on

Sunday night last at Dynasty Sport bar. Kennedy made the maximum of 18 games, while Smith supported with 16 as Cody Girls marked 75 games to beat La Belle with 71 and B 6 who finished on 65. Paul Brusche scored 17 and Dennis George 14 for La

Belle, while Jane Chase and Alexie George chalked 15 apiece for B 6. The competition, which is being played in memory of the late former Deputy Mayor of Georgetown Robert Williams, continued last night at the said venue.

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin (89) celebrates his touchdown against the Denver Broncos with teammates during the fourth quarter in the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII football game in East Rutherford, New Jersey, February 2, 2014. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

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GUYANA MALTA Organizers expecting SUPREME higher attendances battle defending champs today Ramnaresh Sarwan

Keddy Lesporis

Cricket fans are expected to turn out in higher numbers for the Super50 entertainment.

Hundreds bid farewell to TREVOR ROSE ‘Time To Execute’ says FIFA Dev. Officer Howard McIntosh - Draft MoU to be finalized and signed by Gov’t & GFF for Land at Leonora

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