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A stitch in time

The government has a way of allowing things to reach the stage where what should have been temporary actually becomes permanent. And when these things become permanent the very government has a tremendously hard time removing whatever that was initially intended as a temporary structure. Many of the houses on the various reserves should never have been there. In the city people started to construct homes on the reserves used by equipment to clear the waterways. This should not have been allowed to happen but it did. When either the government or the city council moved to use the reserves the people actually blocked the progress of the equipment. There were those who were accommodating; they moved their buildings enough to allow the draglines to operate but the programme was impeded. In one case the residents actually blocked the passage of the vehicle and caused the intervention of the police. In the end the city council abandoned the trench clearing exercise with detrimental effects on the communities serviced by this canal. And so we come to an issue that boggles the mind and we wonder how this could have happened in Guyana. A major auto dealer usurps a portion of the government reserve and establishes a permanent structure. The government decides that the East Coast Demerara thoroughfare needs to be expanded so it is time to use that section of the reserves usurped by the auto dealer. But the auto dealer resists. He claims that some of what the government wants is transported property. The matter goes to court and in the end, as would be expected, the auto dealer loses his battle to remain owner of the reserve. But the case had been one year in the court so the national development effort was delayed by a year. The Works Ministry then gives the auto dealer the option to demolish the structure on the reserve within eight hours or face the demolition hammer wielded by the Ministry. There has been no demolition because the auto dealer using his vehicles to good effect. He has immobilized some of them so that any attempt at forced removal will result in damage to them and further legal action. This happens to be one of the high profile cases but there are so many others. All too often the government discriminates. It favours those who openly lend their support to the administration of the day to the extent that the wider society is quick to conclude that there are two different arrangements. Just this past Monday, the Home Affairs Minister said that he makes no bones to single out the private media house he wants to criticize. He said that he and his party have that right and that people opposed to his action can align themselves to criticize any of those media houses that the government may favour. In any part of the world the administration would deal condign with illegalities; in Guyana the illegal party, provided it maintains its relationship with the government, could get away with its illegality. Wherein the world could a man use every illegal means to perpetuate his illegality and the authorities allow that to happen? It has been some time now that people have been demanding that the government nip any illegality in the bud. Guyana has the reputation as a very corrupt country because acts of corruption have been ignored. No one has ever been prosecuted. The government simply does nothing. The very government cannot escape blame for the perception that this issue with the East Coast Demerara roadway was allowed to escalate because of the friendship issue. But where does this leave the executing agency, the Ministry of Works? Some say that the Presidential Secretariat holds sway over the final decision and this is why the police refused to act when a Government Minister called them. Had a small man been occupying the reserve the destruction would have been swift. Indeed, some are always more equal than others and the government perpetuates this belief.

Tuesday December 24, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

So much for collective bargaining! DEAR EDITOR, In KN’s Sunday 22 December, 2013, Peeping Tom (PT) has concocted, at first blush, a plausible argument for not arbitrarily ‘imposing’ more than 5% since (to skip to his/her conclusion) large increases could undermine ‘sustainability’and ‘viability’. One reaction to this posture would be to enquire whether PT would argue the same were the workers concerned of the sugar industry - where the argument of ‘affordability’ has been glaringly ignored in a situation where ‘sustainability’ and ‘viability’ is more than a question; but an undeniable fact. It is important to disregard the distractive mention of Burnham and agency fees (which could only have strengthened the Union’s constitutional bargaining rights even at a time of a public service being friendly to the

administration); as well as the reference to the court challenge (by whom) in 1999. Instead, one should concentrate on the comparison (or contrast) with the largesse ‘imposed’ annually on sugar workers whose industry consistently fail to make production targets, but whose employers obediently negotiate with the collaborative Unions to pay out money made available by taxpayers, amongst whom are the very deprived public servants. Currently the request to Parliament to shore up the industry is $4B. As to public servants it is the increasing proportion of ‘contracted employees’ to whom the oversized basic salaries are paid, and whose placements deny promotions to their discriminated pensionable counterparts. The irony is that contracted employees also benefit

from this annual imposition. PT readers should specifically note that the administration imposed 8% in 2011, just prior to the General Elections, and well ahead of the normal timing. So that it is barely short of naiveté to suggest that we are dealing with a normal industrial relations situation; when in fact it continues to be the progressive emasculation of the pensionable under-class in the public service. In the meantime instead of the employment Ministry of Public Service, the conciliation Ministry of Labour is reported to be negotiating with the GPSU on other conditions of service, the most egregious issue of which must be the monthly commuted travel allowance which has not increased since the late 1990s. So much for collective bargaining! E.B. John

Tuesday December 24, 2013

Kaieteur News

Letters... Where your views make the news

Mr. Vieira uses inaccurate information to support his contention DEAR EDITOR, We are grateful to you for the opportunity to respond to Mr. Tony Vieira’s letter which was carried in your publication on December 22, 2013. In his letter, Mr. Vieira uses inaccurate information to support his contention that the Private Sector Commission is essentially pro-government due to the composition of its membership. The Private Sector Commission currently has twenty-two corporate members and seventeen sectoral members. The seventeen sectoral members, which are business organisations from across the country and which each represent hundreds of individual members covering a gamut of religious and political persuasions, include the following: The Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association The Shipping Association of Guyana The Guyana Association of Bankers The Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners’ Association The Guyana Association of Trawler Owners and Seafood Processors The Aircraft Owners Association of Guyana The Forest Products Association of Guyana The Guyana Association of Private Security Organisations The Institute of Private Enterprise Development The National Aquaculture Association of Guyana The Consultative

Association of Guyanese Industry The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry The Rupununi Chamber of Commerce and Industry The Linden Chamber of Industry Commerce and Development The Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana The Upper Corentyne Chamber of Commerce and Industry The Central Corentyne Chamber of Commerce The Commission is governed by a Council which currently consists of twentythree members. The Council is equivalent to a Board. The seventeen sectoral members each have one vote on the Council while all the corporate members collectively have six votes. This structure, which is written into our bylaws, was crafted to ensure that large national or multi-national corporate members do not dominate the groupings of smaller businesses. It would therefore not be correct to assume that decisions of the Commission are unduly influenced by the corporate members. Mr. Vieira also opines that the Commission issues positions on matters without convening a meeting of the Commission. It is established procedure to consult the Council prior to releasing public statements but this consultation, as with most of the Commission’s business, is conducted electronically in the interest of efficiency. For the record, the current Executive Management

Committee of the Private Sector Commission consists of the following persons: Chairman and Chair of the Energy Sub-Committee – Mr. Ronald Webster Vice-Chairman and Chair of the Finance SubCommittee – Mr. Ramesh Persaud Secretary and Chair of the Trade and Investment SubCommittee – Mr. Ramesh Dookhoo Treasurer – Mr. John Willems Chair, Social Sectors SubCommittee – Ms. Annette Arjoon-Martins Chair, Environment and Communications SubCommittee – Mr. Kit Nascimento Chair, Agriculture SubCommittee – Mr. Beni Sankar Chair, Building SubCommittee – Mr. Edward Boyer Chair, Governance and Security Sub-Committee – Capt. Gerald Gouveia Chair, Transportation and Infrastructure SubCommittee – Mr. Michael Correia In the event that Mr. Vieira’s information was gleaned from an outdated PSC website, we would like to assure him and the public that the website is in the process of being updated. In the interim, we would invite Mr. Vieira or any other interested persons to uplift a copy of our current Annual Report from the Commission’s Secretariat for detailed lists of our membership. Elizabeth Alleyne Executive Director Private Sector Commission

What conundrum is the Minister of Finance talking about? DEAR EDITOR, We are convinced that Bill No. 17 of 2013 as proposed by the PPP regime seeks to devour a Constitutional Commission in the form of the Public Procurement Commission (PPC) and impose a partisan group namely the Cabinet to manage and control the public procurement process. But the PPP did not win 100 percent of the votes at the 2011 elections, so why is the cabal so obsessed with controlling 100 percent of how the people’s moneys are spent? But to expose the inexplicable position of the Minister of Finance on the make-up of the PPC, the expectation is that the PPP will recommend two members, the opposition will recommend two and one member will come from civil

society. So guess what, if the Private Sector Commission as a so-called member of civil society recommends the final of the five members of this commission, guess who will command the majority of the PPC? So the Minister is only playing to the gallery as he acts out the “animal farmism” in him in that august house. What the Minister of Finance is not telling the people is that the PPP is absolutely against good and transparent governance and wants to dominate the procurement process. Prior to 2003, we acknowledged that cabinet approved contracts above a certain limit, but that system was flawed and that was why the Cheddi Jagan administration had to bear the shame of the milk scam and

the stone scam, because his own Ministers were using their position in his Cabinet to pull wool over his eyes. Those scams caused one Minister to invest heavily in a holiday resort on the Essequibo River and that was why Cheddi Jagan decided to take the Procurement Process away from Cabinet and put it in the hands of an independent Commission that represent the sociopolitical make up of the nation. It was his vision to have the PNC involved in the process so that the crooked and corrupt ones in his Cabinet could be opposed, exposed and deposed. The rest is history. Following Dr. Jagan’s death, the corruption demons in the PPP Cabinet metamorphosed from little pussy cats to (Continued on page 7)

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Tuesday December 24, 2013

Tuschen woman stabbed to death A 37-year-old woman was fatally stabbed yesterday morning in her 2400 Block 8 Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo home, an act that was reportedly carried out by her estranged reputed husband Iqball Mohamed. The woman’s body bore in excess of 20 stab wounds. Reports are that the woman, Sookdai Basdeo, also known as L a l i t a , h a d a relationship with her alleged attacker, 43-yearold Iqball Mohamed, also known as ‘Ako’ for close to two decades. The union produced four children, the eldest being 17 and the youngest, 9. T h e c o u p l e ’s e l d e s t daughter, Darshanie Iqball, who resides at another location in Tuschen, said that she got a call yesterday morning from a sister who informed her

- ex-reputed husband in police custody that their father had killed their mother. She said that her father had also told police that he had committed the dastardly act. According to Dharshanie she understands that her father was contemplating the act for some time now because he was aware that his wife had been unfaithful to him on numerous occasions and had left their children in the care of their maternal grandmother, Hannah. “What meh could tell yuh...She really bad,” said Hannah when invited to comment on her daughter’s death. “If de man nah bin tek care ah she and treat she bad and mek she punish, meh woulda understand she lef he, but the

man (was) good to she,” the woman who resides at Philadelphia, East Bank Essequibo said. Iqball this publication understands is a fisherman who is required to be away from home weeks at a time. According to a male family member he is aware that the couple had problems. It was last year that Lalita decided to officially end her relationship with Mohamed. Reports are that about three weeks ago the now dead woman decided to move into the 2400 Tuschen residence with her boyfriend of just over a year, Salim Hamid. According to Hamid, he and Lalita had previously lived together at a residence at Zeelugt, West Coast

Demerara. The distraught man said yesterday that the woman had a turbulent relationship with her estranged reputed husband, relating that she had even been forced to secure a restraining order against the man. According to Hamid’s parents, Thomas and Fareeda Daniels, the attack yesterday had to have been carried out between the hours of 06:00 hours and 07:00 hours. They said that their son, a taxi driver, would usually come to their house at 2428 Tuschen to have breakfast and get his car cleaned before returning home to take Lalita to the Guy America Super Centre at Zeeburg, West Coast Demerara, where she

Murder Suspect: Iqball Mohamed

Grieving family members and residents flock the scene of the crime.

worked. Hamid said that when he returned home and called for Lalita there was no response. He recalled when he left, she was washing and only had to bathe in preparation for work. And since there was no response, Hamid said that he decided to go into the house to inquire about Lalita’s whereabouts. He said that he found her bleeding in the bathroom but was unable to move her alone. Hamid said that he immediately rushed back to his parents’ house, a short distance away, to inform them about what transpired. “All I hear was y’all come, come quick watch somebody stab-up Lalita....” recalled Thomas

Daniels. He recounted that by the time they reached the house the woman had lost a great deal of blood and appeared dead soon after. “We try to move she but it de hard cause she skin de soapy because she de bathing and she had like two big stabs to she belly and a bust (gaping wound) to she neck...” said Thomas Daniels, who added, “When I watch at she I say she dead...I see something like guts coming out she belly.” According to Fareeda Daniels, a young man had disclosed that Iqball Mohamed was intent on killing both his reputed exwife as well as Hamid. “Me son get spared because he nah been home at the time.” When this publication arrived on the scene, police officers were already there and porters of the Ezekiel Funeral Home were preparing to remove Lalita’s body. In the bathroom, situated in a back room of the house, there was a pool of blood. A trail of blood stopped in the hallway of the house where Lalita reportedly breathe her last. Police in a statement said that the murder of Sookdai Basdeo, whose body was found around 07:45 hours, is being investigated. According to the Police statement too, the suspect has been arrested and is in custody assisting with the investigations. Hamid and Hannah (the dead woman’s boyfriend and mother) were also invited to the station to give statements yesterday morning.

Tuesday December 24, 2013

Kaieteur News

Letters... Where your views make the news

Christmas is about lighting up lives DEAR EDITOR, There is a tendency for people to spend lavishly at this festive time of the year especially on consumer items and on food and beverages. This tendency to spend is fuelled largely by relentless media hype which helps to create the mood for generosity in spending to a point where some people, especially those on fixed incomes, exhaust their entire earnings on what is referred to as the “shopping craze.” Christmas, however, is more than just lighting up homes and engaging in conspicuous consumption.

It is about lighting up lives; it is about reflecting on the core teachings of Christ which essentially is based on humility and love. Trying to, as it were, “keep up with the Joneses” and seeking to outdo others is alien to the spirit of Christmas which regrettably has today become heavily commercialized. We should all seek to guard against vanity and ostentatious lifestyles. There is, I wish to respectfully posit, no greater and nobler way of celebrating Christmas than that of reaching out to the poor and the needy and spreading joy

to where it matters the most, that is, among the so-called “wretched of the earth.” Let us as we celebrate this joyous time of the year spare some thought regarding the real reason for the season. Even as we celebrate, let us not lose sight of the fact that there are millions, nay hundreds of millions of men, women and children worldwide who are the victims of poverty and want, caused by an unjust and inhumane world order which places profits ahead of human survival and dignity. A Merry Christmas to everyone! Hydar Ally

Road to Brazil and Deep Water Harbour exciting DEAR EDITOR, ‘IDB to fund studies on road to Brazil, deep water harbour’ as reported in the SN of 22 December 2013 is exciting for the potential it suggests. Not only would this benefit Linden and Berbice but the entire economy of Guyana. We must be very careful now. Constructing such a road should avoid any community acquiring veto power which can perpetually hold the entire nation to ransom. Of course there should be branching road linkage to Linden. For security reasons and under no circumstances should it be the main thoroughfare to Lethem via Linden. Forcing travelers to pass through Linden should be an option not a requirement, so none becomes a sacrificial hostage. Opening high quality restaurants and hotels as a rest stop, even overnight hotel layover, would be Linden’s own beckoning advertisement of welcome. Suddenly the Chinese do not look so bad, do they? Relief in road construction was in fact implemented when the PNC reconstructed Sheriff St starting from the

East Coast directly to the East Bank leading to the airport. It completely bypassed commercial Georgetown which became an option of personal choice. PNC wisdom was not completely bad, was it? Before it occurs, our politicians entrusted with our security must learn from the past and avoid endangering people’s lives. During the 2012 Linden protests, travelers passing through from Lethem were routinely attacked, robbed and their vehicles burned and passengers brutalized. Three Guyanese lost their lives and millions of taxpayers’ money was paid out in tribute to irresponsibility. That an illegal tollgate has recently been built to tax travelers is a sign of more to come unless addressed. Buxton’s strategic location on the East Coast not only facilitated its 2006 crime spree but escalated unnecessary racial fears among innocent passing travellers. Harassment was routine. Noticeable pride that ‘Buxton people stop train’ of a colonial Governor from passing is well known. Buxton’s history was repeated from its originality.

That the PNC government scrapped the railways has not been to Buxton or its credit. Karmic payback? Similarly any Amaila Fallsoriginated power lines which snake through to the coast should not be laid through Linden. Of course they should be linked in distribution, but not as the main conduit. Safeguarding an entire nation’s productivity is necessary but a constant supply of electricity must however, be paramount. Prudence requires it must not become an opportunity for demanding easy ransom or another lesson to create unnecessary acrimony and bitterness. Everyone will suffer adversely. As the PNC did in Georgetown, without negatively impacting its growth, Linden’s development and economic progress would impose its own shepherded urgency to effectively attract and maintaining investors’ confidence for their upward mobility. Being penny wise and pound foolish cannot be the best option, especially in consideration that Rome was not built in a day. Sultan Mohamed

What conundrum is the Minister of... From page 5 egregious, hungry and greedy dragons that must have a cut out of every deal that was up for tender, as is the case today. The reality is the present cabinet can best be deemed as the secret deals Cabinet and they want Parliament to further empower them with the people’s money. To do what? That is why we remain deeply concerned as to why the majority opposition has allowed Ms Gail Teixeira and the PPP to insert a clause in the debate that has led to the delay of the Procurement Commission for as much as six months.

It is most unfortunate that the people of Guyana are once again being let down by the majority opposition. When will the opposition stand up to the PPP and defend the interest of the

people and the country. After all, they must let the PPP regime know that n e i t h e r t h e people nor Guyana is up for sale. Dr. Asquith Rose and Harish S. Singh

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Tuesday December 24, 2013

Tuesday December 24, 2013

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THE GENESIS OF THE INTEGRITY COMMISSION AND THE PUBLIC PROCUREMENT COMMISSION A number of misleading statements and generalization are being peddled about the origins of both the Integrity Commission and the Public Procurement Commission. Amongst the gamut of misleading statements is the claim that it was the corruption under the PPPC administration that led to the decision to have an Integrity Commission and a Public Procurement Commission. This column seeks to correct some of the misleading statements being made about the genesis of these two bodies. With respect to the Integrity legislation, an Integrity Commission Act was first passed under the Desmond Hoyte regime on 1991 following concerns about pervasive corruption under the PNC regime. In those days, things moved within sections of the bureaucracy in relation to the amount of grease applied. For almost all public services there were underhand dealings believed to be taking place. In the face of concerns that reining in excesses by public officials with access to the public purse was fast becoming impossible, the Hoyte regime passed an Integrity Commission Act. This Bill was however seen as tepid and unable to curb the excesses taking place.

It never did. No one was ever indicted, sanctioned, investigated or prosecuted under that Act. When the PPPC came into power in 1992, it attempted to place emphasis of lean, clean and mean government. As part of this process, it revamped the Integrity Commission and appointed the then Anglican Bishop as the Chairman. This appointment was met with consternation by the Hoyte administration and the party never recognized the Chairman of the Integrity Commission. In 1997, the original Integrity Commission Act passed under the Hoyte administration as repealed and replaced by another not too dissimilar Act. Unlike what is being represented in the public domain, the Integrity Commission is not a creature of the Constitution. It is a product of ordinary legislation. It goes far enough for any government to claim that it has integrity legislation in place but it remains like a pit-bull whose teeth has been extracted. The Public Procurement Commission on the other hand is a creature of the Constitution. And while many see this corruption under the PPP as leading to the need for such a Commission, in fact corruption has very little to

Dem boys seh ...

Don’t dream bout lights fuh Christmas Dem boys seh that in America dem does sing how dem dreaming bout a white Xmas. In Guyana dem does sing about a black Christmas. And is every year dem does sing de same tune. De other day de fat crook who got nuff say in GPHell seh he got things covered and print big in the Waterfalls paper how Christmas gun be bright. Well de next day de whole country get black out like wha Mohamed Ali do to all a dem that fight he. Dem boys want to know what de fat crook do wid all de money fo fix de current system. That is not de only problem. Rohee got a problem too. He join wid Luncheon who dem boys does call de Dinner Man fuh cuss de Waterfalls paper fuh talking bout a night nurse. De person who start all this was de Priya gyal. She was de same woman who didn’t seh one word when Varshnie talk how Jagdeo put she out de bedroom and lef she fuh sleep wid mosquito pun de couch. Gail seh how that was a private issue but Priya seh was a non issue. To this day not she, not Gail, not Dinner man and surely not Rohee saying anything bout how Varshnie get treat. Rohee set de record straight wheh he concern. He seh that he got de right to decide wha he want talk about. If people want to cuss another newspaper dem got to keep dem own press conference. He is de man who claim that he wukking fuh chicken feed or goat feed. He ain’t talk bout de perks. And he couldn’t talk fuh Priya and Dinner Man. In any case Priya does represent any woman except Varshnie. Bobby didn’t talk bout de perks he get when he got to buy drugs fuh de Hospital. And Ah Kneel don’t talk bout he perks. He claim how he don’t set salary. All of dem know that de treasury deh fuh de picking and since dem don’t have to pay tax nobody don’t know how much dem tek. Talk half and watch magic wid de lights at Christmas.

do with the creation of the Public Procurement Commission. To understand the genesis of the Public Procurement Commission one must go back to the Tokyo Round of trade talks in which it was recognized that government procurement represented a significant chunk of national procurement in developing and developed economies. As a result, restrictive procurement policies by governments were seen as impacting negatively on international trade since foreign firms were precluded by restrictive regulations from competing for the supply of goods and services within both developed and

developing countries. As such in 1981, an Agreement on Government Procurement was developed with the aim of opening up government business to competition. Under the WTO, this agreement was upgraded and the upgrade became effective in January 1996. In order to be compliant with this agreement it was necessary for member countries of the World Trade Organization to liberalize the procurement of government goods and services and to institute a regime that would allow for competition, fairness and transparency in public procurement. This is why Guyana, in 2003, passed the Public

Procurement Act. This was necessary to be in compliance with the WTO rules, failing which it could have faced sanctions. Under the section of CARIFORUM Economic Partnership Agreement dealing with procurement does not require the members of CARICOM to ensure that firms in the European Union are allowed to tender for government goods and services, it calls for fair and acceptable processes in public procurement. The Public Procurement Act over which there is now so much controversy over Cabinet’s no objection must be seen in this international context. It is not about fighting corruption. Indeed it is all about allowing competition

and there will come a time when Guyana’s international partners will demand access to Guyana’s procurement market. Instead of Guyana quibbling over who should have a no-objection and who should not, we should be preparing for the eventual onslaught by the big players in the international markets who will make our largest firms look like a single sardine in a big pond. What happens then? Will those demanding the removal of a government no-objection call then for certain contracts to be reserved for local firms?

Child dies after choking on Pepperpot, bread Instead of engaging in the festivities of the Christmas holiday, a West Ruimveldt couple is making funeral arrangements for their only child. Renita Erskine, called “Buckie”, 15, passed away yesterday morning around 9:00 hours at the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, after she purportedly choked on a piece of bread soaked in pepperpot, which she had for breakfast. The child’s father, Geoffrey Erskine, said that his daughter suffered from Down Syndrome but that she was in the best of health before the incident. “I can’t understand what happened. This morning I asked Buckie what she wanted for breakfast and she said she want pepperpot and bread …I mek sure I didn’t give her any bone in the pepperpot,” the grieving

Renita Erskine father said. “I went downstairs to put on my clothes for work, when I heard like she choking. I run upstairs back and I try hitting her on her back she start to fight up because she de choking so I send to call a nurse. The nurse told me that

I need to take her to the hospital.” At the hospital, Erskine said he learnt of his daughter’s demise. “When we reach in the car she started breathing hard then I see blood start running through she mouth and she nose… like I don’t understand what happened. When we reach the hospital I thought she was getting admitted but the doctor tell me that she dead,” the man related in a visible state of shock. The body was subsequently taken to Sandy’s Funeral Parlour. “I feel like is the fright that she get while she choking

cause her to burst an artery or suffer a sudden heart attack or something, because besides that she was healthy as ever.” Erskine described his daughter as pleasant child and the light of the home. A post most examination will be performed on the body on Friday, December 27.

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Tuesday December 24, 2013

Guyana undertakes US$25M Relatives deny Ruby gunshot victim was CDB sea defence rehab - cops still to criminal

Overtopping at Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara.

Government will receive a loan of US$25M from the Caribbean Development Bank to fund a project which will protect a number of communities from flooding and other hazards brought on by the effects of climate

change. According to the bank last Thursday, components of the project include the reconstruction and improvement of approximately 5.4 km of sea and river defences, as well as

for capacity in shoreline change monitoring and analysis. The project will also include a Community Awareness and Education Programme. The project will involve 20

rural communities in Regions Two, Three, Four and Six along the coastline and in Leguan Island which is in the Essequibo estuary. These communities have a combined population of about 45,000 people in about 9,000 households. Guyana’s coastland is below sea level and heavily dependent on the seawall as its defence from Atlantic Ocean. However, increasingly, the battle has become tougher with increasing incidents of overtopping in recent years.

The reputed wife of Rafeek Mohamed is refuting reports that he was a thief, but says she has no idea how he ended up at Ruby, East Bank Essequibo with a bullet in the head. Rafeek Mohamed, 39, was found on the foreshore on Thursday, December 19, two days after he left his home at Drysdale Street, Charlestown, allegedly to look for a daughter he had not seen in years. He had been shot at close range to the head and pellets retrieved during a postmortem revealed that the injury was inflicted with a shotgun. Relatives positively identified the victim from the tattoo ‘Rebecca,’ that was imprinted on his left forearm. Police were up to yesterday still looking into the slain man’s background for clues to his murder. Some of Mohamed’s neighbours had claimed that he was a thief but the slain man’s spouse, Chandroutie Sammy, who had initially declined to speak to Kaieteur News, described him as an honest and hardworking individual. “He’s not that type of person; he’s not a thief; he works hard to earn a dollar,” she said. Ms. Sammy and other relatives said that Mohamed sometimes offloaded fishing vessels at the Meadowbank

locate ‘Rebecca’ wharf, and the couple would also “walk and sell” clothing. Chandroutie Sammy said that she last saw her spouse around 11:00 hrs last week Tuesday, December 17. It was then that he told her that he was going “somewhere on the West Coast” to look for his 16-year-old daughter from another relationship. Mohamed had tattooed Rebecca’s name on his arm and often spoke about her, though he apparently hadn’t seen her for some time. Sammy and Mohamed also had three small sons. Ms Sammy said that Mohamed told her and the boys that he was bringing Rebecca home for the holidays. Kaieteur News was told that Mohamed had US$100 and some $30,000 in local currency in his possession when he left home. “He was happy; he said that he was going to buy a table set for me,” Ms. Sammy said, adding that her husband was also wearing a silver ring and a watch with a green canvas band. The woman reportedly spoke to Mohamed around 11:30 hrs that Tuesday on his cell phone and he told her that he was in a bus heading up West Coast Demerara. However, when she called again, she only received a voicemail, and she failed to reach him for the rest of the (continued on page 31)

Tuesday December 24, 2013

Kaieteur News

Local Government Minister gets 14 days to explain Sooba’s appointment

Royston King

Town Clerk Carol Sooba

Attorneys for Local Government Minister, Ganga Persaud, have 14 days to file an answer showing cause why Chief Justice (CJ) Ian Chang should not set aside the controversial confirmation of Carol Sooba as Town Clerk. The matter which was brought to the court by Mr. Royston King; one of the applicants for the Town Clerk position, got underway yesterday with the Minister’s lawyers asking for 21 days to answer the request to have the appointment of current Town Clerk, Carol Sooba quashed. Sooba was appointed city Town Clerk a month ago, amidst widespread condemnation and disapproval. She was also appointed Town Clerk despite the government convened an interview panel tasked with identifying the most suitable candidate, recognized her as the least qualified applicant. King has thus requested the Chief Justice to undo the Minister’s appointment citing that his action goes against three principal bases. The Local Government Minister was represented by Attorneys Sadie Amin who appeared in association with Keisha Chase and Adrian Smith. King was represented by Mr. Nigel Hughes. Amin asked for 21 days to file an affidavit in answer to King’s charge, but settled for two weeks when the Chief Justice objected to the 21-day request. King and his lawyer were also given seven days to reply to the Minister’s answer. The matter will be called again on January 16. In King’s application to the court, he states three principal bases; that he (King) had a legitimate expectation, that after abiding by the rules and requirements of the Ministry interview panel that a legitimate decision would be made in

relation to the criteria set. King contended that the Minister would have established the interview panel, setting out a criterion to identify the most suitable candidate; that that panel would have made certain requests that the applicants would have had to satisfy. It was further contended that the decision of the Minister deviated from those set criteria when Sooba was appointed Town Clerk. King is stating, therefore, that when the Minister chose Sooba for the post of Town Clerk, he did so by the powers vested in him and he did not take into consideration the criteria that the interview panel would have set, that the viable applicants would have satisfied rules and regulations and further, ignoring the recommendations of the interview panel. That interview panel included Local Government Permanent Secretary Collin Croal, Local Government Union President Dale Beresford, and Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green. Several of the panelists have stated placidly that Sooba should not have been awarded the post since she was the least qualified applicant and that she did not supply the panel with any certification of her

Local Government Minister Ganga Persuad credits. Sooba’s appointment has also caused a stir within the Local government fraternity especially. Councilors’ of the Mayor and City Council have refused to work with Sooba stating that she is not working based on City Hall’s agenda but with that of the Local Government Ministry. The Local Government Union has further requested assistance from International labour bodies highlighting the “unfair and unjust” appointment of the Town Clerk over “better” qualified persons. In the interview for Town Clerk, King was identified as the second most suitable applicant and Paul Clark was chosen for the post. While King states that his move to the court is about professionalism, ethics, legitimate expectations, professional pride and integrity, the Local Government Minister defended that Clark was not honest when he failed to declare information about a past job. He stated further that Sooba was then identified as the most suitable applicant for the post. Based on the requirements and criteria by which the applicants had to abide, the Minister has been asked to explain how he came to that conclusion.

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Tuesday December 24, 2013

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

The unconscionable nature of the Guyana Government at Christmas We got six hours of blackout on Sunday. Yes, I know you were not surprised. Is there anything about this Government that surprises the Guyanese people? Any small child is asked which time of the year cars, motor-cycles, bicycles and pedestrians merge in a virtual jungle of bodies and metal, he/she would tell you it is during the Christmas season. The 2013 Christmas

season is like no previous one in terms of the sheer number of vehicles and people on the roadways. I don’t, if they are shopping or just looking, but it is a jungle out there. In such a traffic nightmare, signals become life-saving. Guyana is not a country in the throes of social upheaval as what is taking place in Thailand or the Ukraine. But go to the Chinese channel, CCTV (channel 78)

and you will get blow by blow account of what is taking place in those two countries. You will see working traffic lights. That channel is one of the best for news (and believe me, it is not Chinese propaganda; if you thought so, you are wrong; they gave good coverage of world news). I saw on television thousands and thousands of protestors overran Bangkok and Kiev and traffic signals in those two capitals were working. Somalia is in the throes of violent warfare and I saw on that same CCTV channel, traffic lights working. In peaceful Guyana, they don’t work. But let us assume that the Government was busy during the year and couldn’t fix the lights, surely by October they knew the lights had to be working because of the volume of traffic for the holiday season. But they are not in operation at some of the headache junctions. You cannot cross from Cummings Street going north over Regent Street. The signals have not been

working since September and at the moment there is madness and confusion. My wife was terrified when we tried to make the journey. She vowed that she is not going over Regent Street again in that traffic situation during the holiday period. I am not doing that either. I came close to getting my car struck last Friday at the junction of Lamaha and Albert Streets. The signals were put up there in 2007 but they never worked even for one day. How can any government be so unconscionable? How can any government be so cruel to a nation? If you see what is going on at those junctions where the lights are not working, it would scare any human being. How can any Guyanese support the Guyana Government? This is one citizen that has no respect whatsoever for a body named the Private Sector Commission. And I am sure APNU didn’t pay it any attention when it called upon APNU not to tamper with the toll at the Berbice Bridge. APNU parliamentarians, like

other political parties in the National Assembly were elected to bring justice and comfort to those who voted for it. Which member of the Private Sector Commission faced the electorate in 2011? I hope both APNU and AFC relentlessly pursue the crusade of lowering the toll. And if they should be a snap poll and both opposition parties participate, they should promise the nation that if they win that the tolls would be reduced substantially. The working people and lower middle classes must know that the rich people in the Private Sector Commission haven’t a clue as to what poverty is. These people are so rich that their money will last for generations to come, so they couldn’t be bothered with changing a government that oppresses the labouring masses. The demise of UG does not affect them. Their offspring and relatives go to foreign universities. The ubiquitous mountains of garbage they do not see because their employees do all their buying. Malcolm Harripaul, when

Frederick Kissoon he was in charge of the Fraud Squad of the Customs and Excise Department under the Jagan presidency, told me that a well known Portuguese family imported their own water and bakery products. These are people that grew up in Guyana and went to school in Guyana. If you don’t believe me ask Malcolm. One thing about Malcolm Harripaul; he speaks his mind. He will probably name the family for you. The Private Sector Commission will go on supporting the Government; that is their pursuit. Their function is to accumulate capital. No one should stop them from doing so. The opposition parties have their purpose too, and so the working people have their dreams too. Their job is to put in a government that cares about them. I see that as my role too.

Tuesday December 24, 2013

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Tuesday December 24, 2013

GTUC condemns Govt. rejection of USAID project The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) has condemned what it said is government attempts to distract the nation from its refusal to pursue a path of meaningful democratic strengthening measures as proposed by the USAID Leadership and Democracy (LEAD) project. The union, in a public missive, yesterday, said that the outright distortion attempted by Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon, and exposed by the U.S Ambassador “is shameless, but quite consistent with what this nation is witnessing over successive PPP Governments.” The GTUC said that is not surprised by the efforts of Government to undermine democratic ventures and measures of government accountability even as they continue to pay the traditional lip service to this system of good and accountable governance. “This nation is reminded of the falsehood of the PPP claim of a return to democracy after the 1992 national elections, ignoring the many democratic processes that were in place, the regularity

of elections, the freedom of the vote and the need for the PPP as the new government to strengthen and continue the democracy.” The GTUC said that all are reminded that democracy is not a singular mark on a timeline, but rather, is a continuous process of strengthening institutions and governance to ensure that the rights of the people are protected, that each can participate in national development and enjoy the fruits of their labour, enjoy the right to freedom of choice and self -determination, with equality under the law. “The GTUC stands proud in its history created by Hubert Nathaniel Critchlow and organised labour working to achieve a major timeline in the democratic journey of this nation through the implementation of universal adult suffrage which enshrined the right of each eligible citizen to vote.” The GTUC said that as a matter of principle to continue this democratic pathway it supports the US-led project since it is “consistent with the rights of our citizens, the rights of workers and accountability of our institutions and public

officials…This is in our national interest to pursue… It solidifies the people’s inalienable right to selfdetermination.” The GTUC said that any effort at capacity building “to improve our knowledge augurs well for personal and national development.” It argues that any government preventing democratic institutional strengthening is seeking to rule at the expense of ignorance, solidifying their power to deny real meaningful involvement of the masses in decision making that affects their lives. “GTUC in continuing its programme of Advancing Rights and Rule of Law, announced at its October Triennial Congress that the next three year it will be placing a laser beam on Capacity Building among its constituents…GTUC sees the LEAD project as an opportunity for other stakeholders to embrace similar exercises.” According to the GTUC’s public missive, Dr. Luncheon’s malapropism that this project is an affront to Guyana’s sovereignty because of Cabinet’s nonapproval is an affront in itself

to the democratic strengthening efforts that this nation badly needs and which the project is all about. It said that Dr. Luncheon, the government’s voice on this issue, is advised that an affront to sovereignty is having the Russian owned Bauxite Company of Guyana Incorporated (BCGI) violating the Laws of Guyana and transgressing the rights of Guyanese. “This is an affront to our sovereignty and dignity.” The GTUC said that signing an agreement to exclude Guyanese labour in the construction of the Marriott Hotel, and selectively applying the laws to citizens when Guyana Constitution makes clear “Sovereignty belongs to the people,” are further affronts to our sovereignty and dignity. “These, sadly, were aided and supported by the PPP government on whose behalf Dr. Luncheon speaks to deceive,” the GTUC said. Dr. Luncheon and the PPP administration are reminded they cannot cherry-pick rights and the democratic journey did not begin nor end in 1992, according to the

union. “They are reminded in the matter of democratic strengthening that while in opposition they were not hesitant to seek and embrace a US role in Guyana governance system...They are reminded that Desmond Hoyte embraced reform measures even though their propaganda points to him being forced to do so…History will now record their response.” According to the GTUC, lest this nation forgets, under Forbes Burnham the young fledging Republic of Guyana pursued a path of Socialism and Non-alignment as was the popular political pathway for most new nations in the Third World. Critical support was given by the PPP for this political ideology which was determined to be more to the center than the far left Communist ideology of the PPP and Communist Bloc nations. “The PPP which today still supports a communist ideology betrayed its communist colleagues in the East, China and Cuba, and visited the corridors of power in every capital in the West,

Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon inclusive of Washington D.C, Ottawa and London, pleading for western democracy to be replicated in Guyana.” It said too that the nation and the PPP are also reminded of the role of the Carter Centre in shaping the electoral system under which elections were held in 1992. “That was just another milestone marked in the democratic journey of Guyana and the PPP, like Desmond Hoyte must continue along this pathway!”

Legless woman gets new home for Christmas

The Anthony family and well-wishers at the new home. In its continued efforts to improve the living conditions of low income families, especially those in marginalised groups, Habitat for Humanity Guyana has provided the opportunity for another family to celebrate Christmas in their own home. Amanda Anthony, a woman born with a disability, and her family moved in to their $2.5 million two-bedroom home last weekend.

This home was made possible through partnership with Scotiabank Guyana under the Scotiabank/Habitat ‘Build a Home’ promotion. Scotiabank donated to Habitat Guyana a percentage of the value of Scotia Plan Loans, Auto Loans and Mortgages applied for and disbursed between March 1, 2013 and October 31, 2013. Anthony, a 52-year-old mother of two, was born with

no legs below the knees. Originally from the interior region she moved to Georgetown with her husband and children about 10 years ago. Unfortunately, tragedy struck this family. Her husband died of malaria. Amanda was left with two children to support and no source of income. Having been born with her disability Amanda adjusted to life (continued on page 15)

Tuesday December 24, 2013

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Chinese shipyard building logging vessel locally The speed and efficiency with which Zhanghao Shipyard has constructed a 63-metre long logging vessel, has impressed a high-level Government team which visited the shipyard in Coverden, East Bank Demerara yesterday. The vessel, Zhango Hao No. 1 which is 183 metres in length and 4.3 meters in height, is 95 percent completed after just over three months of construction, according to a government release. “I felt very heartened, and excited by what we saw here some months ago, the establishment of this shipyard and the construction of this power barge, and we think it is a sign of what would be accomplished in Guyana, and what is being accomplished in Guyana, and we thought we come out here to bring attention to fact that activities

are being widened in Guyana so that you could think more of having ships built in Guyana; small ships and repaired here in Guyana,” Prime Minister Samuel Hinds explained. The Prime Minister who was accompanied by Minister of Public Works Robeson Benn expressed the hope that the investment would encourage Guyanese to make similar investments in their country. Zhanghao shipyard is operated by the Su family, which has been involved in the logging business in Guyana over the past six years. In 2009, the decision was taken to commence construction on the shipyard in Coverden. Simple construction started in this regard in 2012, however to facilitate a logging concession that the family owns in Kwakwani, they realised the need for

transportation and in this regard, building of the shipyard paused to make way for the construction of the vessel. Tresey Su explained that her husband Shuzairong has invested US$4M on the entire operation thus far; US$2M on

Legless woman gets new ... From page 14 without her lower legs. While it did not hinder her capacity to function she was unable to garner employment, which resulted in her not affording to send her children to school and them not completing primary school. As a result, her 22-yearold son became the sole breadwinner, working for a minimal salary that was not sufficient to cater to the family’s daily needs and pay a mortgage. When Amanda approached Habitat Guyana for support to construct her home there was no hesitation that she would become the first recipient of the promotion. In addition to Scotiabank, Habitat Guyana received support for other areas of the home such as furnishing and the provision of food items from Courts, Ansa McAl, the Braam family, the Guyana Relief Council, which provides a monthly food hamper, and private donors. The organization has also received support from the Office of the President for future assistance. Beginning its work since 1994 following an invitation from then President Dr. Cheddi Jagan, Habitat for Humanity Guyana was officially registered in Guyana in 1995. Since then the organization has supported over 3000 families within the country’s ten administrative regions, through partnership with affiliates, home partners, volunteers, and sponsors to build simple, decent and

affordable housing for low income earners. Also, the organization has undertaken home repairs, rehabilitation works, and assisted in accessing secure tenure. With a new programme direction added focus will be placed on community

development, disaster risk reduction and social action and awareness. Via resource centres the organization seeks to make a stronger impact on communities through training, mobilization, and planning of various community driven projects.

the construction of the Zhango Hao No. 1, and the remainder on the shipyard and on the 60 employees, 30 of whom are Guyanese. She said that her husband, who is a Guyanese, was driven by his need to give back to his country. The vessel, whose design and engine are Chinese, and steel plates were also pre-formed in China. It has the capacity to carry 200,000 tonnes of logs and six crew members. It will take about four days from their wharf in Kwakwani to Coverden with the logs. This was Minister Benn’s second visit to the shipyard since the construction began. “I actually visited whilst they

were in construction a few months ago, and had a quick site visit,” he said. The Minister explained that rapid construction and good quality delivery, on schedule, is always of interest to the Ministry. ”We are excited that such construction to move our goods into markets could be done fairly quickly here based on technology that is planned and prepared and integrated. We are also interested in the fact that the cost of

The Zhango Hao No. 1.

shipbuilding, based on Chinese engineering and construction materials, the cost is significantly lower than the sources that we have, so that is all of interest to us,” he said. All that remains to be completed on the vessel are minor works in the cabin and another coating of paint on the exterior. The Su family is hoping to, in time, construct and design similar vessels for interested buyers.

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Cabinet is responsible for decisions by Ministers - AFC As the fallout continues over Muri Brasil Ventures Inc receiving permission to conduct surveys in the “sensitive” south eastern New River Triangle area, arguments are surfacing over the history of the more than a year old company. Questions are also being asked about Cabinet’s responsibility in relation to the issue and the Minister’s power in signing off, in this case, on a deal opposed by fellow Cabinet members. Opposition Member of Parliament Khemraj Ramjattan has stated that despite the claims of Cabinet via its secretary they were not keen on exploration in the disputed New River Triangle Area, Cabinet is equally responsible for the decision made by the Minister. It was reported last week that former President Bharrat Jagdeo, during his last term in Office, despite the nonagreement by several Cabinet members pushed for the exploration of the controversial area. Natural Resources Minister, Robert Persaud, has been identified as granting the newly convened Muri Brasil Venture Inc permission to conduct reconnaissance

activity in the area. Under the country’s Mining Act (1989) Section 97, the Minister is empowered to grant Permission for Geophysical and Geological Survey (PGGS). This does not exclude Cabinet from bearing responsibility for the decision made. “The fact that the Minister entered into this agreement questions the collective responsibility of Cabinet which is very much involved in the concept and doctrine called collective responsibility; for actions or criminal actions of a Minister. They can’t say they don’t know,” Ramjattan stated. Ramjattan reiterated that (while certain sections of the society are stating nothing sinister), his party in particular remains suspicious of permission being granted for the survey permission because of the non-transparency from Government on the development of the project. A GGMC executive member said that the agency had advised against the granting of the PGGS to Muri Company but the Minister had ordered that the company’s application be processed. The publication was told also that several locals

would have applied for permission to conduct activities in the area, but none was granted; raising questions as to why local miners were not given a chance to access less controversial areas, while the new company was granted permission in a sensitive location; near the Guyana/Venezuelan border. So far, little has been disclosed about the Muri Brasil Ventures Inc except that it is interested in conducting a survey here and further developing that particular area. Some have questioned, further, the expertise and financial capabilities of the money for this area, but GGMC sources say that is irrelevant until the company reaches a stage for a mining permit. Controversy also surrounded a clause where the company is allegedly guaranteed a prospective licence following survey of the area. Ramjattan said that it is understood that this company is guaranteed that right. The Minister has stated however that that is not the case since like any other company; Muri has the right to apply for prospective licence following the reconnaissance stage.

Tuesday December 24, 2013

Alarming find in Georgetown Prisons…

Shotgun cartridges smuggled in boots to ‘terror gang’ accused Prison officials appear to have foiled a plot to smuggle ammunition to a high-profile inmate accused of committing acts of terror against the state. The plot was reportedly unearthed around 11:25 hrs yesterday after a warder at the Georgetown Prisons found two 12-gauge shotgun cartridges stashed in a pair of Nike sneakers that a civilian, Kellon Benjamin, had brought for his cousin, Anthony Watson. Watson is one of the inmates accused of the November 4, 2009 arson attempt at the Supreme Court and of the murder of a civilian. He has been on remand since December 2010. Police sources allege that the cousin, Kellon Benjamin, took some clothing and a pair of Nike boots yesterday to the prison for Watson. However, during a routine search of the items, a prison officer found the two cartridges stashed in one of the boots. He alerted his superiors and Benjamin was taken into police custody. Kaieteur News understands that Benjamin told investigators that he works in the interior with a group of Brazilians who use shotguns, and he has no idea how the cartridges ended up in

the boots. The discovery of the ammunition has sparked fears that a weapon may have already been smuggled into the prison. Up to late yesterday evening, the entire prison population was on ‘lockdown,’ while police and prison officials scoured the premises. Prison officials have intensified their searches in the country’s main penitentiary since the infamous Mash Day jailbreak that escalated into countrywide violence. In late 2001, prison authorities had reportedly found a few rounds of ammunition in the Camp Street jail, but never located a firearm. But on February, 2002, five dangerous prisoners shot their way out of the penitentiary, killing one prison officer and severely wounding prison officer Roxanne Whinfield. Alleged ‘terror’ suspect Anthony Watson is believed to be part of a gang that investigators have linked to the July 2009 destruction of the Ministry of Health headquarters and a spate of other attacks. It is also alleged that on November 4, 2009, Watson, along with Basil Morgan and others,

with the intent to murder, discharged a loaded firearm at Constable Carl Marks. Another charge stated that the two men, on the same day, with the intent to murder, discharged a loaded firearm at Clayton Westford, who is charged with setting fire to Ministry of Health headquarters in July, 2009. These two charges have since been dropped. Watson and Morgan were also charged with duct-taping Shawn Embelton with the intent to murder him, and with the murder of Wodette Roberts. The duo was also accused of setting fire to the Supreme Court building on November 4, 2009. Another accused, Colin Jones, is already serving an eight-year sentence for a number of serious offences. He is accused of killing his accomplices, Kurt Thierens and Adriano Tracey, along with being accused of possession of arms and ammunition, escape from lawful custody and planting marijuana. He was also jointly charged with Randy Mars and Jafar Simpson for arson committed at the Supreme Court building.

Tuesday December 24, 2013

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Over 2500 jobs found for No drilling for oil expected before 2015 applicants this year - CRMA Government has helped to secure jobs for more than 2,500 people for the year, according to Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency (CRMA.) Labour Minister, Dr. Nanda Gopaul said that from the 2,954 persons who registered for jobs between January and December this year, the Ministry’s Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency was able to find jobs for 2,548. Dr. Gopaul said that this year has seen an average number of job placements compared to previous years. The minister said that in 2011, of the 2919 persons registered for jobs, 2009 were placed at various agencies and in 2012 when 2825 persons

It is unlikely that there will be any exploratory drilling for oil before 2015, Government has announced. Guyana’s search for oil is not expected to see another round of exploratory drilling until 2015, Government has announced. According to the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, this was one of the main outcomes from a critical meeting with exploration companies over the weekend in the US. Present at that meeting were Minister Robert Persaud and Deputy Commissioner of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), Newell Dennison. The meeting was held against the backdrop that Guyana has petroleum prospecting licences issued for exploration activities by petroleum companies in the offshore, coastal, near shore, deep water and ultra-deep waters of Guyana and within Guyana maritime areas. Executives of CGX Resources Inc, ESSO Exploration and Production Guyana Ltd and Repsol Exploracion Guyana S.A. were in attendance along with new venture company, Ratio Petroleum. The Ministry, reporting on the meeting, said the petroleum companies shared their operational experiences in Guyana and “crosscutting” issues were identified which needed to be better addressed. “In that regard, it was recognized that during 2013, there were three major offshore 2D and 3D seismic acquisitions and these involved administration details with several agencies such as the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission, Environmental Protection Agency and the Guyana Revenue Authority.” The volume of documents which had to be processed in an organized and timely manner was a challenge which

was handled “well under the circumstances” by the involved agencies where full support was always evident. “However, better systems are being examined to improve future operations. The Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment was able to respond and give his assurances that he would engage his colleagues to tackle this matter.” Meanwhile, the sore issue of a ship hired by Anadarko which was detained earlier this year by Venezuela in waters that Guyana says belongs to them, Minister Persaud was also able to respond to concerns over the situation. The incident had directly affected Anadarko’s survey in October 2013. “He also intimated that Guyana was committed to a peaceful resolution but would preserve Guyana’s rights of sovereignty guaranteed under international laws and

conventions.” Esso, Repsol and Anadarko were companies operating offshore which concluded geophysical studies in their respective prospecting areas. Nabi Oil and Gas Inc. concluded a small geochemistry survey over their coastal onshore block in the last quarter of 2013 and together such investments in exploration have been in the vicinity of US$50M. “CGX indicated that significant funding was being arranged for their own exploration programme over their prospecting areas and that they should in the near term be advising on their plans.” The Ministry said that all the companies present committed to keep their time lines and especially with regard to processing and interpreting their new data which has to inform on an anticipated next campaign of drilling speculated for as early as 2015.

registered, 2865 received gainful employment. According to the Minister the CRMA was successful i n f i n d i n g employment for thousands of Guyanese last year and, the Labour Ministry under whose purview it falls, is hoping to have similar success this year. “That is working pretty well, that is collaborating with other agencies around the country and, we are sharing information. We have been able to place a few thousands in jobs last year and, this year we are hoping to do the same…we want all the skills we can have to harness the resources of this country,” he noted. The CRMA made its

services available online in 2010 through a public/ private sector modernisation and egovernance programme that allows persons with access to the internet to make submissions if they are seeking employment from anywhere in the country. Active jobseekers can log onto the CRMA website ( and register as a member. Correspondently after registration, an employer can publish information on the website about the vacancy available. This is followed by a telephone contact to certify the details for the vacancy. Once this information is established, a jobseeker will be selected.

Blackouts hit Essequibo hard While the Essequibo Coast continues to experience blackout for hours, the Power Company has informed that it will continue a programme of daily load shedding in various villages on the Coast. The Company has not fully informed Essequibians about the real cause for the unwarranted episodes of blackout, however an employee of the Company has said that the engine has outlived its usefulness and technicians are forced to constantly effect repairs to the

equipment, to facilitate Essequibians with electricity. Several weeks ago, a main circuit aback of the Anna Regina Power Station, was damaged during intense rainfall in the Region. The Company was forced to send Engineers from Georgetown to effect repairs but the Region continues to experience lengthy periods of blackout. Fishermen as well as business folks in the Region are concerned about their continued enormous losses. A Land of Plenty car

driver said that he lost a large quantity of chicken due to the lengthy spell of blackout. In the Region. Mohamed said the situation is frustrating even as preparations are ongoing leading up to the Christmas Season whereby persons cannot store anything in their refrigerator. Due to the frequency of blackouts many business folks, including the Region Two Administration, were forced to purchase generators to keep their day to day business a float.

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Policing group member, 20, charged with labourer’s killing A 20-year-old member of a West Bank Demerara policing group has been charged with murder following the shooting death of Belle Vue labourer, Godfrey Jhaggroo, last week, in a case that left a community divided. Harry ‘Sudesh’ Rajpat, a mechanic, yesterday appeared before Magistrate Clive Nurse at the Wales Magistrate’s Court charged with murder. He was remanded until February 20. He is being represented by Senior Counsel Bernard De Santos and his wife, Pamela De Santos. Rajpat was taken to court shortly after the post mortem examination was performed on Godfrey Jhaggroo, who also lived not far away in the same community as the accused. Jhaggroo reportedly died from injuries received from a shotgun blast, the post mortem examination revealed. Kaieteur News, in its reports last Friday, said that Rajpat is the son of a senior community policing group member. Residents have alleged that the shooting occurred Thursday evening shortly after a neighbour, who owns a rum shop, intervened in an argument between Jhaggroo and his mother. It is alleged that the neighbour went into the mother’s yard and struck Jhaggroo with a piece of

Killed: Godfrey Jhaggroo

Charged with murder: Harry Rajpat

wood. The injured man reportedly hurled back the same piece of wood which struck the neighbour’s daughter. Kaieteur News was told that the rum shop owner complained to members of the Community Policing Group (CPG) about the incident. According to an eyewitness, a vehicle with two members of the neighbourhood policing group, including Rajpat, caught up with Jhaggroo on the public road. Persons close to the scene said at least one warning shot was fired before Jhaggroo was shot in the back. The victim’s mother claimed that he was heading

to the Wales Police Station to make a complaint and she later heard that he had been shot. Relatives learnt that he was taken to the West Demerara Regional Hospital from where the alleged shooter fled after learning that the wounded man had died. The rum shop owner, the licenced firearm owner, and Rajpat’s father had initially been held but were later released without being charged. The case has ripped the community apart. Belle Vue is located just past the entrance to Canal Number Two, West Bank of Demerara, along a narrow stretch just off the “sea dam” of the Demerara River.

Tuesday December 24, 2013

Portrayal of Muslims by media as angry, violent, blood-thirsty must stop - ACIC The Anna Catherina Islamic Complex (ACIC) and The Guyana United Sadr Islamic Anjuman will be associated with a series of programmes to mark the birth anniversary of the Beloved Prophet of Islam, Muhammad. The programmes will commence during the Islamic month Rabi-ul-Awal (the month in which the Prophet was born), on January 3, 2014 and will climax in May, 2014. They will be staged under the theme “A Blessing for the Entire Universe- Prophet Muhammad.” Eid Milad un Nabi or Youman Nabi, has been observed by these organizations for decades and is observed in nearly all countries where Muslims are present. Thereafter, each night until the January 13, 2014, there will be nightly programmes at the complex. At these programmes the life of the Prophet of Islam will be discussed as well as the importance of showing love and gratitude for this greatest of all human beings. Resident Scholar at ACIC, Maulana/ Qari Muhammad Mujahid Raza and Imam of ACIC, Imam Abdool Fazeel will make nightly presentations. Special Videos will be shown on “Big Screen” featuring His Eminence, Shaikh / Professor Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri, one of the world’s foremost Muslim Scholar and founder of Minhaj University as well as other Scholars of Islam. ACIC will join Muslims around the world in an event themed “International Mawlid in the city Event”. The original inspiration for holding the “Mawlid in the

City” was drawn from the hugely successful event held a year ago outside Google’s London headquarters. The portrayal of Muslims by the media as an angry, violent and blood-thirsty community must stop. This year, “rosethemed” events are organized not only across the UK but throughout the world. The rose-themed events seek to further isolate extremists of all kinds and to promote peace. Guyana’s event will be held at 6.30PM on January 11, 2014 and Special guest for the program is Maulana Muhammad Waffee of Trinidad & Tobago. Organizers will present a symbolic “rose” to representatives of the other religious groups of this country who will be present. For more information visit: ACIC’s Eid Milad un Nabi program will be held on Tuesday January 14, 2014 at 10.00AM (10.00HRS) at the ACIC, West Coast Demerara. In attendance also, will be representatives from overseas Muslim organizations. The dynamic Caribbean Muslim Scholar Al Haj Kamaludeen Ghanny will deliver the feature address at this program. Ghanny is a world renowned scholar and has lectured in many countries throughout the world. On January 19, delegations from Guyana will join Suriname Muslims for their observances in Paramaribo. During February 14—24, 2014 Guyana will be graced with the dignified presence of one of the world’s most

recognized Muslim scholar. The name and itinerary for this visit will be announced later. On February 22 & 23, Guyana will host the 12th Annual National Qaseeda Competition at the ACIC, to select its participants to the International Qaseeda Mehfil slated for Suriname in August 2014. This competition will feature competitors from throughout Guyana. The “Evening of Ghazals and Qaseedas V” will ALSO be held at Complex on April 19, 2014 featuring internationally acclaimed qaseeda singers. This program will follow the tremendous success of the previous years, by the Muslim community of Guyana and several local singers will also participate. Dates for the Guyana United Sadr Islamic Anjuman & The Shaheed Boys & Girls Orphanages program at the Shaheed Boys Orphanage Building, Alexander Street, Kitty featuring a distinguish Muslim Scholar and other top Qaseeda Singers will be announced. The activities will end with the grand finale—On August 15-18, 2014. Contestants and delegation from Guyana will travel to Suriname for the International Qaseeda Mehfil. This will see the coming together of Qaseeda singers from Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago, Holland, England, Canada and United States of America. Dates will be announced for several more programs to be hosted in Georgetown, Berbice and Essequibo.

Shoppers desert Anna Regina market The trend of shopping mere days before Christmas Day is a norm. For many, and Essequibians are included, tend to become caught up in all the late hustle and bustle. However, walking through the Anna Regina old market where the hub is supposed to be, there was a visible scarcity of persons shopping. Mohamed, a rice farmer said that the spending power, especially in Region Two, has not been evident due to the fact that many rice farmers have not received payment from millers. He added that the Region depends mainly on rice and if farmers are not been paid promptly money would not circulate effectively. Another Anna Regina resident opined that persons on the Coast have adopted the trend of purchasing their goods at Supermarkets,

opposed to purchasing in the markets. The resident added that due to the ineffective flow of electricity, persons are not purchasing commodities in large quantity fearing it may lead to spoilage. Meanwhile, resident vendors at the Anna Regina old market are complaining that persons are not venturing into the market to make purchases. Vendors on the road shoulders are selling the same commodities that could be bought in the market. This is hampering critical sales. One vendor selling on the roadside has however indicated that persons prefer to purchase from vendors on the road shoulders because they save more compared to purchasing from vendors in the market. “They are doubling their prices so people go where

they can get bargain and save.” Resident vendors have said that it is unfair, since those vendors usually occupy the Cotton Field market on Fridays. Diane Critchlow, Town Clerk of the Anna Regina Municipality, has indicated that vendors from the Cotton Field market were granted permission to vend only during the Christmas season after which they would have to return to the stalls inside the market, one day per week at the Cotton Field market come January. Critchlow explained that all street vendors are obligated to pay a standard daily fee. Anna Regina is the hot spot where persons from sections of the Region venture to do their Christmas shopping.

Tuesday December 24, 2013

Kaieteur News

Digicel in major deal to acquire regional submarine fibre network

Page 27

No bail for teenaged robbery accused A taxi driver was yesterday brought before the courts for allegedly robbing a cambio dealer of a hefty sum of cash. At the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, 19-yearold Teairri Cush, of Lot 265 Independence Boulevard was charged and brought before the Chief Magistrate, Priya Sewnarine-Beharry for Robbery under Arms. The police claimed that on December 19, at Robb Street, Georgetown, whilst in the company of others and armed with a gun, he relieved Naresh Singh of $1M, money belonging to Mark Smith. According to the prosecution which at this court hearing was headed by Corporal Bharat Mangru, on the day in question, Cush, a taxi driver, was operating a motor car. At the time, he said Cush was in the company of others when one of the men

in the car requested that Singh change US$5,000. Singh then entered the vehicle and they drove off with him. Whilst in the car, the male occupant placed a gun to the dealer and robbed him of the cash. They then allegedly dropped him off at Kingston. Cush’s lawyer relayed a different version of events as he made an application for reasonable bail. Attorney at Law George Thomas said that his client’s car was hijacked and that his client was held at gunpoint and forced to transport the robbers. Thomas claimed that immediately after the incident, his client went to the station to report what had occurred. According to the lawyer, his client was however slapped with the present charge. The Chief Magistrate remanded Cush to prison until January 21, 2014.

Berbician fined for travelling ‘back-track’ Digicel yesterday announced that it has reached an agreement with the Guadeloupe-based Loret Group and with Caribbean Fibre Holdings to acquire a submarine fibre network across the Caribbean region. Digicel will acquire Middle Caribbean Network, Southern Caribbean Fibre, Antilles Crossings and a number of related assets from Global Caribbean Fibre. This deal will provide Digicel with a wholly-owned submarine fibre optic cable network of approximately 2,100km providing capacity from Trinidad to Guadeloupe. Digicel, in a statement, has

also entered into a transaction with Global Caribbean Fibre and Global Caribbean Network to provide submarine fibre capacity from Guadeloupe to Puerto Rico with onwards connectivity to the mainland United States. “With these new capabilities, Digicel is underpinning its commitments to delivering best network, best service and best value and will once again be at the forefront of driving competition and consumer choice in the region.” In total, Digicel has secured access to a robust network comprised of 15 submarine segments with a

reach of some 3,100km across the Caribbean region. Digicel will also have extensive onwards capacity on other submarine networks connecting locations such as Miami, Paris and New York. The financial terms of the contract are not being disclosed and the transaction is subject to regulatory approval. Digicel Group CEO, Colm Delves, said; “We are always looking for new ways to ensure that we deliver choice and innovation to our valued customers. The acquisition of this submarine network secures significant additional broadband capacity for

Digicel. This additional capacity is central to our continued drive to offer innovative services and products to our customers in a data hungry world.” Guyana is currently experiencing an explosion in the demand for data services, especially with the growing popularity of smart phones and other devices. Government is also building its own fibre network from Brazil. The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company, a few years ago, landed its own cable from Suriname to the tune of US$30M.

A Berbician man was ordered to pay a $30,000 fine for illegally departing Guyana. Mohammed Ali appeared before the Chief Magistrate, Priya SewnarineBeharry, at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, yesterday and pleaded guilty to the charge which alleged that on September 23, last, at Springlands, Core n t y n e , East Coast Berbice he departed Guyana from a port of entry that was not authorized by the Central Immigration Office. In his explanation, the man conveyed that he had arranged to journey to the United States of America with his family from Paramaribo, Suriname. He said however,

he had missed the ferry and resorted to using other means to cross the border. Ali added that he had made his way to the US where he stayed for three months. However, upon his arrival at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), Timehri, he was informed that he was a wanted man. He told the court that he was then arrested and charged with the offence. Ali apologised for his actions and conveyed that he has had no prior convictions or charges. Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry thereafter offered the man two options: to either pay the fine or spend three months in jail. He opted to pay the said fine.

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Kaieteur News

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Tuesday December 24, 2013

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Tuesday December 24, 2013

Kaieteur News

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BM Soat, Min of Public Works in standoff over fence on government reserve (From page 28)


Canter truck that was later used to block the disputed fence

Employees of the auto dealership BM Soat located at Success, East Coast Demerara, yesterday blocked officials from the Ministry of Public Works from breaking down a fence which the Public Works officials pronounced was on Government reserve. Prior to this incident the Public Works Ministry had issued statements to BM Soat informing the business that it had constructed a fence on 14 feet of Government reserve. The Ministry stated that the auto dealers would have to move the fence off the reserve since it is impeding the fourlane road expansion works being conducted there. General Manger of BM Soat, Rameez Mohamed, told Kaieteur News that the company has transport for the land that government is claiming is reserve. He added that when the land was surveyed the area where the fence currently is, belonged to the company. His land and the adjoining lands were resurveyed and in that second survey it was determined that their lands and the neighbouring lands were on government reserve in excess of fourteen feet. His opinion is that the first survey stands. It so happened that BM Soat filed an injunction against the government in court to halt the removal of their fence but last Friday, the injunction was thrown out of the court by the Judge. Kaieteur News was informed that the Public Works Ministry gave the auto dealership eight hours to remove the fence or have it removed by the Works Ministry. BM Soat did not comply with the eight hour deadline. As such the Ministry officials descended on the property yesterday by order of Minister Robeson Benn to demolish the Fence. The workers from the Ministry were on the scene around 08:30hrs and commenced demolition but no sooner had

they started, than the BM Soat employees quickly moved the vehicles that were on display and blocked the Public Works officials from proceeding any further with their demolition. The employees reportedly quickly drove vehicles (buses) that were inside of the compound very close to the fence on the inside while other vehicles were driven to the outside of the fence and parked in such a manner that the Public Works employees were unable to do any further demolition. The Public Works officials upon meeting resistance drove their excavator across the road only to have that blocked by the business owner’s SUV (Range Rover) in the front and to the back by another vehicle. The police arrived four hours later, only to direct the flow of traffic that was building up around the area. Some four hours later more senior ranks came to address the situation with tow trucks but were faced with more resistance from the BM Soat employees. This time around BM Soat employees moved some of their vehicles which were on the outside of the fence only to replace them with Canter trucks and bigger trucks, while those cars that remained on the outside next to the fence


Tires and rims removed and placed under the vehicle to stop police from moving it

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The vehicles that were parked inside and outside of the fence to inhibit Public Works employees had their tires and wheels removed and placed under their respective vehicles. The General Manager lager conceded that it was wrong to block the excavator and as such they removed the vehicle a back of the excavator and it was allowed to move freely. Now armed with legal advice from their attorneys the General Manger reportedly told the Public

Works officials that if any damage is rendered to their vehicles which were tightly blocking the access to controversial fence they would be individually sued. Immediately, the excavator operator refused to work until consensus was gained, while the police tow truck had reportedly broken down. The standoff between the Public Works Ministry and BM Soat business

personnel lasted throughout the day and around 20:00 hrs the standoff came to end when the officials from the Public Works Ministry and the Police senior ranks decided to leave the scene. The Public works officials said they would return. Meanwhile, the General Manager said that he is in the process of appealing the injunction and is expected to receive conformation today.

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday December 24, 2013

Domestic Violence knows no boundaries Believing that successful ‘high-profiled’ people are guaranteed immunity from domestic violence is like believing esteemed people are magically protected from the dangers of other drivers on the road, airborne pathogens from a stranger’s sneeze or even the sting of a mosquito. Domestic violence knows no boundaries. It affects women across every description of race, age, class, socio-economic or educational status, sexual orientation, demography, geography, ideology, disability or theology. Beyond race, class or creed, two of out every three woman have suffered from domestic violence in Guyana. This is the assertion made from studies conducted by Red Thread, one of the bodies that combat social ills in society. Domestic violence has been dealing society some detrimental blows. For this year, 17 women have met their demise as a result of domestic violence. Even though hundreds of women go to police stations and report assault, there are many who

still ‘suffer in silence.’ Ms. Nicole Cole, Commissioner on the Women Gender and Equality Commission, has declared that society is dealing with a sore, a cancer. She claims that Guyana is faced with a public health phenomenon that has to be addressed from that angle. She lamented that there are many who believe that it is embarrassing to be a victim, failing to realise that it is the perpetrator who should be ashamed. Many people who hold esteemed positions are often afraid to come forth and report these matters to the relevant authorities, Cole stated. Speaking on abuse on high profiled women, Cole said that the Commission is willing to listen to the complaints of those who would otherwise be afraid to make reports to police stations. The Commissioner affirmed that whether it’s a high profile woman or an ordinary woman, all cases of women being abused by their spouses, should be dealt with expeditiously. According to Cole, a “high-profile” woman is

defined as one who is “living it up” as society’s role models. They are the women held in high esteem; the ones that are often emulated. She commended a former First Lady who claimed to have been abused by her husband. “There are many persons not willing to come out and stand with her. Some may be afraid to come out despite her status,” Cole added. However, she said that what can happen with a high profile woman who has been abused, is that you can have real changes coming within certain laws and regulation. “Just like in Animal Farm. There are some who are equal and then there are some who are more equal than some. Sometimes, we can’t run away from the strata in society.” “When you have violent cases of high profile women, it changes your perception but then it gives you an idea of what’s going on. At work, they can put on a smile and we think all is well. But really behind the scene they are experiencing a tough time with the men in their lives,” she commented. Cole believes, “In society

State of the city…

The younger generation never experienced better - Rohee The General Secretary of the Peoples Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C), Clement Rohee, yesterday, once again, lambasted Mayor Hamilton Green for his inadequate performance. Rohee’s utterances came as he lamented the fact that the La Repentir cemetery is in its worst state ever. The General Secretary referred to the facility as a jungle and questioned how the grave diggers manage to do their jobs. Rohee told media operatives that Guyanese should not sit back and accept the state of the City. He said, however, that he understands that the younger generation “just doesn’t know better. They

haven’t seen better in Guyana so they accept it as the norm.” It all happened under Green’s stewardship as Mayor, the General Secretary said. “Perhaps if he had used his qualifications to do the job he was elected to do, the newly appointed Town Clerk Carol Sooba’s appointment may not have been necessary.” He said, too, “It is no secret that Green has been spearheading the attacks to discredit and disqualify the newly appointed Town Clerk. The opposition claims that she is unqualified to hold that position. “The City of Georgetown has been transformed from the “Garden City of the

Relatives deny Ruby ... From page 10 day. Sammy said that she became even more worried when Mohamed failed to turn up the following day. However, at the time, she was only fearful that her spouse had returned to Rebecca’s mother. The woman said that she contacted a relative who advised her to report her spouse missing. But on Wednesday, December 18, Ms. Sammy’s sister told her

that a body had been found and that the victim had ‘Rebecca’ tattooed on one arm. “From the time I hear that I know is Ravi,” she said. No money was found on the victim and the ring and watch that he was wearing were also missing. Police said that they have been unable to locate the mysterious daughter ‘Rebecca’ that Mohamed had planned to visit. Mohamed was laid to rest yesterday.

Clement Rohee Caribbean” to the “Garbage City” under his stewardship... so much for “qualification”. The PPP is convinced that the real fight to rid the Council of Carol Sooba has nothing to do with her qualifications or ability to perform the duties of Town Clerk, but rather, her stand against the high level of corruption within the Mayor and City Council. “The Mayor must be cognizant of that. Very often, the Mayor takes advantage of the freedom of the press to write letters on every other subject but the despicable garbage pile-up in the City which falls under his area of responsibility.”

Nicole Cole, Commissioner on WGEC

most times, when you see that the abuse has come to the fore, it doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened all the time, it just means that its severity has escalated and it makes the news. In reality, it happens every day.” The Commissioner believes that Guyana is seeing an increase in the phenomenon. She added that Justice Roxanne George advocated that for Guyana to fight against Domestic Violence “we should mirror the efforts made to tackle HIV/Aids.” “We need to use the same strategies as that fight if we are getting anywhere,” said Cole. When speaking on the fears of the high profiled woman, Cole lamented that “perhaps because in her

professional operations she performs well and is serious in conducting her duties, people expect her to deal with her intimate relationship; they expect it to be passion and fever with her most intimate partner.” The Commissioner stated that these women fear the libelous comments that will be coming her way. They are afraid of ridicule and rejection as well as labeling and having it thrown back at them. She said that women who have been maimed and hurt are categorized. She said however that the Commission through a project they call “Access to Justice” has been going all over the country, telling people to speak up and stand up. She has called for more women to

break free from the taboo and come forth to the commission. They confidentially receive complaints. “If they cannot find trust in any of the agencies, then they can contact us.” Despite having to go through the procedure, there are bodies that will assist. “To those high profile women who are seeking a way out, the WGEC is the right place for them to go and tell their story,” Cole said as she urged women to be each other’s keeper. The Commissioner lashed out against matters like that being kept private. “The private is public when it comes to domestic violence. It becomes very public when someone dies at the hand of domestic violence.” She took a moment to commend the work of the commission saying that it is perhaps their passionate advocacy that is pushing it forward. “If they come and complain, it has to be forwarded to the police. They do not have a place set up for battered women but we have shelters around,” Cole added. If more persons in esteemed position speak out, it’s possible for a psychological turn around for people. People become propelled to come and speak out and she expressed expectations of significant changes by mid next year in the impact of Domestic Violence act and ensuring access to justice are more expeditious. “We must find ways to be a society that doesn’t resort to violence. We must be a society that reasons more. We are so intolerant and apathetic now but we need to find ways to communicate,” she said. The commissioner advises, “God has blessed you to survive your ordeal because you have a purpose. Pick up the pieces, go forward and help to fight to eliminate Domestic Violence. Help in the fight with the struggle.”

Bernice Mansell foundation hosts annual Christmas Party A large gathering of underprivileged children from communities across West Demerara were treated to a Christmas party hosted by the Bernice Mansell Foundation, on Sunday. The annual event was hosted at the West Demerara Secondary School by the Region Three branch of the Bernice Mansell Foundation. Members of the Bernice Mansell Foundation donated toys and goodies to more than one hundred and thirty children.

Coordinator of branch, Ms Barbara Massiah, said that the children were fed and received gifts and generally had a wonderful time. The occasion was sponsored in part by Shanta‘s Puri Shop, Satro’s, Puran’s Waste Disposal Service, Ram’s Supermarket, P and F One Stop Shop. Ms. Massiah expressed gratitude to those who assisted in making the party a success. Over the years the foundation has been involved

in several key areas of work, with the poor and needy. The main subject areas of activity or programmes include education/training, welfare relief, youth issues and sports. Their mission is to relieve by material or other means, suffering and distress among Guyana’s poor and needy, regardless of ethnicity, political affiliation or religious belief. The foundation continues to provide support for needy children and the educational upliftment and equipment.

Tuesday December 24, 2013

Kaieteur News

Bandits strike at Western Union, Harbour Bridge Mall The back of the Harbour Bridge Mall where the bandits escaped

Three armed bandits entered one of the Western Unions branches, located on the upper flat of the Harbour Bridge Mall, East Bank Demerara, and terrorized a number of customers before escaping with an undisclosed sum of cash and cellular phones. The ordeal which started around 11:45 hrs yesterday and lasted for approximately 10 minutes has left about 12 customers traumatized for the Christmas holidays. It is unclear how much money the men escaped with but this newspaper was told

that the money transfer agency as well as all of its customers was robbed. Kaieteur News was told by a security guard that one of the three men first entered the money transfer agency and joined the line. “He waited for like eight minutes and then the two other men come in and ordered everyone to lie on the floor.” “They were hitting people and taking off their jewelry. They even took away the women’s handbags and all three of them run straight through the back,” the guard added.

Operator of Western Union, Paul Fraser, told Kaieteur News that the men entered the business entity, robbed the customers and attempted to break a door (to get behind the counter). “They tried to break the door but the staff gave them the money to save their lives and the customers. We have images of the men which we got from surveillance camera.” The businessman would only say that he lost a large sum of money. Investigations are in progress.

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The Opposition continues to stall Anti Money laundering legislation - Nandlall Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall, is convinced that the Opposition is using every trick in the book to stall the passing of the “extremely important” Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Bill (amendment). He said that the Opposition has reduced the National Assembly to a stadium to facilitate political football. The Minister echoed that view at the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) weekly press, where he spoke as a member of the Central Committee. He told reporters that for reasons that are now wellknown, the government returned the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Amendment Bill 2013, to the National Assembly after it was defeated by the Opposition “for no good reason or cause.” Nandlall said that the Alliance For Change (AFC) continues with its casinotype politics. ”The AFC position is using their support for the AMLCFT to gamble for the Public Procurement Commission. They have no problem with the Bill. According to them, the Bill is

perfect. However, they will not support it unless the Public Procurement Commission is established. “We reject this ad terrorem approach. We say that the Public Procurement Commission and the AMLCFT are mutually exclusive matters, each being important in its own right and each must be treated in accordance with their own needs and peculiarities. Each has its own process. In any event, the PPP/C administration is not prepared to gamble on matters that are so important to our country and our people.” Nandlall added that the PPP views A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s position that the matter be sent to the Select Committee as yet another device in stalling. He said that for the last six months, “they have been parroting, publicly, that they have amendments to make to the Bill. None came forth in six months in the previous Select Committee. Again, none was proposed on the floor in the National Assembly during the debate. Mr. Carl Greenidge, who spoke for the APNU, appears bent on upstaging his leader, Nandlall said. “He appeared

Attorney General, Anil Nandlall uncompromising and relentless. He has listed a series of demands all of which are unrelated to the Bill stating emphatically, that unless those demands are met, the AMLCFT will not be supported. “If we are to use that as a guide, it does not appear that there is much hope for support for the Bill. The transmission of the Bill to a Select Committee seems to be another political game. For the sake of our country and our people, we hope that we are wrong. Thus far, we have done everything that we can do to have this Bill passed.”

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Tuesday December 24, 2013

BAHAMAS listed as wealthiest CARICOM country - Jamaica, Guyana at the bottom in World Bank study Bridgetown, Barbados (CMC) – The World Bank has rated the Bahamas as the wealthiest Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country. The Washington-based financial institution said that the Bahamas is the most economically prosperous country relying on tourism to generate most of its economic activity. It said that the tourism industry not only accounts for over 60 per cent of the Bahamian gross domestic product (GDP), but provides jobs for more than half the country’s workforce. After tourism, the next most important economic sector is financial services, accounting for approximately 15 per cent of its GDP. The Bahamas with a gross national income (GNI) of US$21,280 is one of the richest countries in the Americas. The World Bank, in its 2014 World Development Report, noted that oil-rich Trinidad and Tobago with a GNI of US$14,440 is one of the wealthiest and well-developed nations in the Caribbean. In November 2011, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) removed Trinidad and Tobago from its list of developing countries. “Trinidad’s economy is strongly influenced by the petroleum industry. Tourism and manufacturing are also important to the local economy. Tourism is a growing sector, although not proportionately as important as in many other Caribbean islands. Agricultural products include citrus, cocoa and others,” the World Bank said. It said that within the sub-regional Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), St Kitts-Nevis with a GNI of US$13,330, has an economy characterised by its dominant tourism, agriculture and light manufacturing industries. The World Bank said sugar was the primary export from the 1940s on, but rising production costs, low world market prices, and the government’s efforts to reduce dependence on it have led to a growing diversification of the agricultural sector. Tourism on the island has been expanding since 1978. In 2009, there were 587,479 tourist arrivals to St Kitts compared to 379,473 in 2007. Tourism dominates Antigua and Barbuda’s economy, accounting for more than half of the gross domestic product (GDP). The twinisland state, which is famous for its many luxury resorts located around the coastline, has a GNI of US$12,640. “The growing medical schools and its students also add much to the economy. The University of Health Sciences Antigua and the American University of Antigua College of Medicine teach aspiring doctors,” said the World Bank. It said democracy in the Dutch-speaking

Suriname, which is fifth on the list of Caribbean countries, gained some strength after the turbulent 1990s, and its economy became more diversified and less dependent on Dutch financial assistance. Bauxite (aluminium ore) mining continues to be a strong revenue source, and the discovery and exploitation of oil and gold has added substantially to Suriname’s economic independence,” the World Bank said. “Agriculture, especially rice and bananas, remains a strong component of the economy, and ecotourism is providing new economic opportunities,” it added, noting that Suriname has a GNI of US$8,480. Grenada’s economic progress in fiscal reforms and prudent macroeconomic management, have boosted annual growth to five and six per cent in 1998–1999 and the World Bank said the increase in economic activity has been led by construction and trade. Tourist facilities are being expanded as tourism is the leading foreign exchange earner. “Grenada is also a leading producer of several spices. Cinnamon, cloves, ginger, mace, allspice, orange and citrus peels, wild coffee used by the locals, and especially nutmeg, providing 20 per cent of the world’s supply, are all important exports.” The island has a GNI of US$7,110, which is higher than that of St Lucia, estimated at US$6,530 (GNI) The World Bank said St Lucia’s educated workforce and improvements in roads, communications, water supply, sewerage, and port facilities have attracted foreign investment in tourism and in petroleum storage and transshipment. “The island nation has been able to attract foreign business and investment, especially in its offshore banking and tourism industries, which is the its main source of revenue,” the financial institution said, noting that the manufacturing sector is the most diverse in the Eastern Caribbean, and the government is trying to revitalize the banana industry. Jamaica, which has had to look to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for assistance in shoring up its economy, is listed below Dominica and St Vincent and the Grenadines and above Guyana. The island with a GNI of US$5,140 has a mixed economy with both state enterprises and private sector businesses. “Major sectors of the Jamaican economy include agriculture, mining, manufacturing, tourism, and financial and insurance services. Tourism and mining are the leading earners of foreign exchange. Half of the Jamaican economy is generated by income from services such as tourism. An estimated 1.3 million foreign tourists visit Jamaica every year,” the World Bank noted.

Tuesday December 24, 2013

Kaieteur News

US help for La Brea spill (Trinidad Guardian) An SOS has been sent to one of the world’s largest oil spill response companies based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to come to T&T to assist with the cleaning-up of a nine-mile area along the La Brea shoreline from Coffee and Carrat Shed beaches and other areas. Officials from Oil Spill Response Ltd were expected to visit La Brea yesterday to begin work. Energy and Energy Affairs Minister Kevin Ramnarine made the disclosure in an interview with the T&T Guardian after a site visit Sunday with president of state-owned Petroleum Company of T&T (Petrotrin) Khalid Hassanali and Tourism Minister Chandresh Sharma, the MP for the bordering Fyzabad constituency. The oil spill was discovered last Tuesday and a subsequent statement from Petrotrin said families living as far away as Chatham, Point Fortin, had to be evacuated because of the incident. Up to Sunday, the source of the spill was not known. In a press release issued late on that day, Ramnarine said additional areas affected were Station Bay, Patience, Granville, Fullerton and Cedros. President general of the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union Ancel Roget said Petrotrin must take some responsibility for the mishap. Roget also said his union suspected there was “a massive cover-up by Petrotrin to shield their friends in the lease operatorship arrangement.” Roget said “silence and a cloud of secrecy are shrouded around the lease operators in the La Brea situation.” Speaking with the T&T Guardian after Sunday’s visit, Ramnarine said the spill was “serious and required urgent attention.” He said the recently-established National Oil Spill Contingency Plan was being triggered to the highest level—Tier 3. He explained that the Tier 3 level was being triggered because external help was required to deal with the problem. According to Ramnarine, “a spill like the one in La Brea has not occurred in this country in living memory.” Ramnarine said Tier 1 is triggered if the company has resources to handle the spill; Tier 2 would be triggered if national resources were required and Tier 3 is triggered if external assistance is required. He

said Petrotrin had a good relationship with Oil Spill Response Ltd, which was previously known as Clean Caribbean Americas. According to Ramnarine, officials from the US firm were preparing to come to T&T yesterday via a special cargo flight. He said all required equipment was being brought on the flight. The minister said his ministry was managing the clean-up exercise in collaboration with Petrotrin. Head of the National Oil Spill Contingency Plan is permanent secretary in the ministry, Selwyn Lashley. Ramnarine said the deputy head is Mark Rudder, a senior petroleum engineer in the same ministry. The minister said the incident “was still a great mystery for us at the ministry and at Petrotrin.” He said investigations were continuing to determine the source of the discovery, which he said was a “hydrocarbon spill.” He said: “At this point we don’t want to blame anybody, we have not accused anybody of anything and we don’t want to make this into a political issue. According to Ramnarine, there were other spills at Petrotrin installations at Pointe-aPierre and Rancho Quemado and two at Trinidad Marine Ltd (Trinmar) last week. • December 17, 2013: A weld leak was discovered on the No. 10 Sea Line at the Petrotrin, Pointe-a-Pierre, Port during fuel oil bunkers loading operations for the barge Marabella. • Later that same day a gasket on a line at Riser Platform 5 in Trinmar’s Main Field leaked and oil spilled into the sea. • December 18: Petrotrin received reports of oil at the Coffee Beach/Carrat Shed Beach areas in La Brea, affecting the beach and fishing vessels. • The National Oil Spill Contingency Plan (NOSCP) was triggered to the Tier Two Level and an Incident Command Team, comprising the Environmental Management Authority (EMA), the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs (MEEA), the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA), the Coast Guard and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), began its assessment of the spill and cleanup activities.

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Tessanne Chin meets with PM Simpson Miller

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller congratulates Tessanne Chin during a courtesy call yesterday at the Office of the Prime Minister. (Jamaica Gleaner) Tessanne Chin made a courtesy call on Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller yesterday. Tessanne won the NBC’s talent show ‘The Voice’, Season 5, on December 17. Simpson Miller told Tessanne that Jamaica was extremely proud of her accomplishment and looks forward to seeing her reach greater heights on the international scene. “The entire Jamaica is proud of you and we wish you every success in your

endeavours,” she said. Tessanne made history as

the first Jamaican to win the American talent show.

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Tuesday December 24, 2013

U.N. approves India’s request to Week-long Aleppo air raids accredit diplomat charged by U.S. kill more than 300: monitor India’s Deputy Consul General in New York, Devyani Khobragade

(Reuters) - The United Nations has approved a request from India to accredit a New York-based diplomat after her arrest by U.S. authorities on criminal charges including visa fraud, a U.N. official said yesterday. Indian media said the request to transfer Devyani Khobragade, who was deputy consul-general in New York, to the United Nations was aimed at ending the stand-off with the United States in the hopes that her new diplomatic status could allow New Delhi to bring her home without the prosecution proceeding. “The U.N. has processed the request to register Ms. Khobragade as a member of the Permanent Mission of India to the U.N.,” a U.N. source said on condition of anonymity. “However, the final stop in the process is the

U.S. (State Department).” Khobragade’s arrest on December 12 has enraged India, which is demanding that all charges be dropped against her. She was strip searched when arrested in what the U.S. Marshals Service said was a routine procedure imposed on any new arrestee at the federal courthouse. Khobragade pleaded not guilty to charges of visa fraud and making false statements about how much she paid her housekeeper. She was released on $250,000 bail. As India’s deputy consul general in New York, Khobragade had only limited diplomatic immunity from prosecution - not the more sweeping immunity accorded to U.N-accredited diplomats. Khobragade’s lawyer, Daniel Arshack, told Reuters that “the U.N. forwarded her

Five killed in an explosion in Egypt’s Nile Delta (Reuters) - At least five people were killed and more than 100 hurt in an explosion at a security building in Egypt’s Nile Delta town of Dakahlyia today (Tuesday), state media and a security source said. “It is still unclear what caused the explosion, but it seems to be a big one that led to the collapse of parts of the security building in Dakahlyia and we are expecting many injuries and potential deaths,” the source said. Another security source said the blast may have been caused by a car bomb, but it was not yet clear if it was suicide attack or not. State TV said five people were killed and more than 100 hurt. It said two top security

officials were among the injured. Egypt’s Nile News TV cut into its late-night programming to urge people to go to hospitals to donate blood to the victims of the attack, which it described as the worst in the city’s history.

materials on to the State Department, which has not yet acted on the visa transfer request.” A State Department official confirmed that the United States had received paperwork from the United Nations late on Friday in which India is requesting to switch Khobragade’s accreditation to the Indian mission to the U.N. “It is under review,” the official told Reuters. According to U.N. guidelines on diplomatic privileges and immunities, documents certifying diplomatic immunity, if approved, are usually issued by the U.S. Mission to the United Nations within two weeks of the initial request. Diplomatic sources said that the broader immunity Khobragade would receive as a U.N.-accredited diplomat could make it harder to follow through on a prosecution against her. One possible scenario to solve the crisis would be that she receives full diplomatic immunity in her U.N. post if the State Department approves her transfer. The U.S. government would then ask for her immunity to be removed so she can face prosecution. Assuming India refused, the State Department could then take steps to have her removed from the country. Asoke Mukerji, India’s ambassador to the United Nations, wrote last week to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon informing him of the 39-year-old diplomat’s planned transfer to the U.N. mission from the Indian consulate. In an unusual move, the United States has flown the family of the housekeeper, Sangeeta Richard, out of India. Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara has said attempts were made in India to “silence” Richard and compel her to return home. A spokeswoman for Bharara declined to comment on Monday on the U.N. approval of Khobragade’s transfer to the U.N. mission.

People stand on the rubble of damaged buildings after what activists said was an air raid by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, in Aleppo’s al-Saliheen district. CREDIT: REUTERS/SAAD ABOBRAHIM

(Reuters) - More than 300 people have been killed in a week of air raids on the northern Syrian city of Aleppo and nearby towns by President Bashar al-Assad’s forces, a monitoring group said yesterday. Many of the casualties, who included scores of women and children, were killed by so-called barrel bombs dropped from helicopters, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. Syrian authorities say they are battling rebels who have controlled parts of Aleppo, Syria’s biggest city, and most of the surrounding countryside for the past 18 months. But human rights group have condemned the use of the improvised bombs - oil drums or cylinders which are packed with explosives and metal fragments, often rolled out of the aircraft cargo bay as an indiscriminate form of bombardment. Rami Abdulrahman, director of the British-based pro-opposition Observatory, said 87 children and 30 women were among the 301 people killed in the Aleppo air raids since December 15.

The United States condemned “the ongoing air assault by Syrian government forces on civilians, including the indiscriminate use of SCUD missiles and barrel bombs in and around Aleppo over the last week.” In a statement, the White House also called on the Syrian government to “fulfill its November commitment to do more to facilitate the safe and unhindered delivery of humanitarian assistance, so that millions of Syrian men, women, and children have access to urgently needed services.” Assad’s forces have clawed back territory to the southeast of the city in recent weeks and reasserted control over several Damascus suburbs in the build-up to planned peace talks next month aimed ending Syria’s almost three-year-old conflict. The army is thought unlikely to be able to recapture major parts of Aleppo before the talks in Switzerland start on January 22, but Abdulrahman said the air raids might be aimed instead at turning the remaining residents against the rebel fighters by showing that the

insurgents could not protect civilians. The pro-opposition Observatory said more than 125,000 people have been killed in Syria’s civil war, which has also forced 2 million people to seek refuge abroad and driven more than a third of the country’s 23 million people from their homes. Human Rights Watch said in a report at the weekend that barrel bomb attacks in Aleppo had hit residential and shopping areas, describing the air raids as illegal. “The Syrian air force is either criminally incompetent, doesn’t care whether it kills scores of civilians, or deliberately targets civilian areas,” the group’s senior emergency researcher, Ole Solvang, said in the report. Rebels also appeared to have violated international law by indiscriminately launching rockets and mortar bombs at civilian areas in the government-controlled part of Aleppo, Human Rights Watch said. It said on December 4 they fired at least 10 surface-tosurface rockets into residential areas, killing at least 19 civilians.

UNASUR, Argentina fund Haiti programme to help fight hunger PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti (HCNN) — The Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) and Argentina have joined the Haitian government in funding the extension of a programme to help vulnerable families to produce their own food and fight hunger in poor communities in a Caribbean country where most Haitians live on less than two dollars

per day. The ambassador of UNASUR to Haiti, Rodolfo Mattarollo, said his organization was pleased to facilitate the funding of such an initiative which is inspired by a programme called “Pro Huerta”, initiated by the Argentine government. “We are supporting this agricultural program to assist vulnerable families, with $8 million, including $3 million

provided by Argentina,” Mattarollo said last week during a news conference with Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, in the Haitian capital. “It is not really a question of money, it is question of solidarity in the framework of the SouthSouth cooperation,” said Mattarollo. Lamothe said the programme had so far targeted 37,000 poor families

who were granted support to grow crops that helped them find food to subsist. With the extension, the program will help assist 200,000 families. “We thank our LatinAmerican friends and Argentina for their solidarity with these vulnerable families,” Lamothe said. “We want to empower these poor families so that they may cultivate and

produce their own food,” he Lamothe. Lamothe, Mattarollo and the Argentine ambassador to Haiti, Marcelo Raul Sebaste, on Thursday signed an agreement to help fund the poor family support programme. Sebaste said Argentina is pleased to help Haitian vulnerable families to find a way out of hunger by producing their own food.

Tuesday December 24, 2013

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South Sudan rebel leader sets out conditions for talks (Reuters) - South Sudan rebel leader Riek Machar told Reuters yesterday he was ready to negotiate with President Salva Kiir to bring an end to the nine-day conflict if Kiir first released his detained political allies. The U.S. special envoy to South Sudan, Donald Booth, said Kiir was committed to opening talks with Machar. Information Minister Michael Makuei immediately dismissed the demands made by Machar, who was South Sudan’s vice president until Kiir sacked him in July. “There is no way we will release anybody who is accused of a coup d’etat,” Makuei told Reuters. Makuei also dismissed Machar’s claims that his rebels have taken over all the major oil fields in Unity and Upper Nile states as “wishful thinking”. Hours before meeting Ambassador Booth, Kiir vowed to attack rebel-held Jonglei State capital Bor amid deepening fears that the conflict is provoking broader ethnic bloodletting. “President Kiir committed to me that he was ready to begin talks with Riek Machar to end the crisis without preconditions as soon as his counterpart is willing,” Booth told reporters. Western powers and east African states, which want to prevent the fighting from destabilizing a fragile African region, have tried to mediate between Machar, who hails from the Nuer tribe, and Kiir, a Dinka. But so far their efforts have been fruitless as clashes which started in Juba on December 15 entered their second week, reaching the country’s vital oil fields and destabilizing a state which won independence from Sudan only in 2011. Hundreds of people have been killed, with reports of summary executions and ethnically-targeted killings. Diplomats told Reuters the U.N. Security Council was today likely to approve U.N. Secretary-General Ban Kimoon’s request for another 5,000 peacekeepers to be sent to the world’s newest country. Speaking from “the bush”, rebel leader Machar told Reuters he had spoken to U.S. National Security Adviser Susan Rice and U.N. envoy Hilde Johnson about trying to end fighting that has killed hundreds of people and driven thousands from their homes. “My message was let Salva Kiir release my comrades who are under detention and let them be evacuated to Addis Ababa and we can start dialogue straightaway, because these

are the people who would (handle) dialogue,” he said by telephone. Among those Machar listed should be released were Pagan Amum - chief negotiator during the recent oil shutdown with Sudan, which hosts the sole oil export pipeline; and Rebecca de Mabior, the widow of former South Sudanese leader John Garang. “They are criminals who must be brought to the books, so there is no way we can negotiate with (Machar). We are only ready to negotiate with him unconditionally,” Makuei added. He also dismissed Machar’s suggestion for the peace talks to be held in Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, insisting they should be held in Juba. CHRISTMAS PEACE Joe Contreras, the United Nations spokesman in South Sudan, said the U.N. was now sheltering about 42,000 civilians across South Sudan and would not leave the country despite worsening security situation. “For those elements who are trying to intimidate us or who have attacked us, the message is loud and clear: we are here to serve the people of South Sudan and we are not leaving the country under any circumstances,” Contreras said. Two Indian peacekeepers

A displaced family from South Sudan’s Nuer tribe, who fled their home in fear of ethnic killing by the Dinka-led government, erects a makeshift shelter inside the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNAMIS) facility in Jabel, on the outskirts of Juba. CREDIT: REUTERS/JAMES AKENA and at least 11 Dinka civilians were killed last week in an attack by about 2,000 armed youths from another ethnic group on a U.N. peacekeeping base in Jonglei state. Both Machar and Kiir have denied opposing claims that they are stoking ethnic

tensions in a country boasting many tribes but where the Nuer, and in particular the Dinka, are dominant. But many of the people seeking shelter inside sprawling U.N. compounds say the conflict is certainly

ethnically based. “We still don’t feel secure, but it is definitely safer here,” said Deng, a man who saw several dead bodies lying face down as he took his frightened family to a U.N. base in Juba. The U.S. said it is repositioning its forces in

Africa as the U.S. military prepares for the possibility of further evacuations of U.S. and other citizens from South Sudan. U.S. Ambassador Booth, who met Kiir in Juba, said the duo had very frank and open dialogue about the problems facing South Sudan and discussed ways the U.S. and the international community can bring the country “back from the precipice”. “We notice that the African Union has said there is Christmas season upon us, and called for all parties to cease hostilities. We support that call,” Booth said. Earlier in the day Kiir told parliament government troops were ready to attack Bor, where about 17,000 people were seeking refuge at a U.N. compound. Makuei said government troops were also looking to take back Unity State capital Bentiu. Toby Lanzer, the U.N.’s Humanitarian Coordinator in South Sudan, said on a recent visit to Bor that many humanitarian compounds there had been looted. “There was a lot of looting, a lot of gun shots and a lot of dead bodies,” he told the BBC. While Juba remains tense but calm, Contreras added there were reports of fighting between rival Sudan People’s Liberation Army factions about 25 km (15 miles) east of the capital.

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Ahmed Shehzad fined by ICC for pushing Tillakaratne Dilshan Ahmed Shehzad (left) pushed Tillakaratne Dilshan during the match. (Getty Images)

BBC Sport - Pakistan opener Ahmed Shehzad has been fined half of his match fee for pushing Sri Lanka’s Tillakaratne Dilshan during Sunday’s third one-day international. Shehzad, 22, pleaded guilty to an International Cricket Council (ICC) charge of “inappropriate and deliberate physical contact between players”. He shoved the Sri Lanka opener on the

shoulder on his way to scoring 81 runs as Pakistan won by 113 runs. Pakistan go 2-1 up in the five-match series with the win in Sharjah. Mohammad Hafeez hit an unbeaten 140 as Pakistan scored 326-5 in 50 overs before bowling out Sri Lanka for 213 in 44.4 overs. The last two games of the series will take place in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday and Friday.

Tuesday December 24, 2013 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): You could be on the receiving end of a romantic advance from an associate, client or customer. ********************************* TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20): Events today will force you to acknowledge unconscious thinking patterns that have controlled your actions in the past. It’s never easy to change a longterm habit. ********************************* GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): You are proud of your efforts and you expect a loved-one to be equally as delighted. Something that boosts your ego seems to have the opposite affect on them. The true nature of a friendship or partnership will come to light today. ********************************* CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): A fixation with career or outside concerns is stopping you from giving loved ones the attention they deserve. ********************************* LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): Be cautious in your investments otherwise you could be tempted to take a foolish risk. A big loss can be avoided if you’re sensible. If not, the experience will transform your values. ********************************* VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): You could strike up a powerful rapport with someone you meet in a place you don’t often frequent.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): Activities that allow for selfexpression such as art, music or the theatre are likely to draw you now. ********************************* SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): If thinking about changing your lifestyle there are a number of important factors you must take into account. The most important being: are you making changes for the right reasons. ********************************* SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): You are never keen on being committed to any one person or pinned-down to any one spot. You won’t be happy when someone starts treating you as if they own you. ********************************* CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): Something you have longed for could soon become yours but there is a catch. Stipulations and conditions attached will do nothing but destroy your original enthusiasm. ********************************* AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): Decisions made today will have far-reaching consequences; this in itself makes you nervous. You must decide who you most want to please. ********************************* PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): Your intuition will warn you not to agree too quickly to a newly proposed project. Someone else who is mixed up in this venture could be involved for all the wrong reasons.

Tuesday December 24, 2013

Gibson, Pybus to plot way forward for West Indies in Tests ESPNcricinfo - The future of the West Indies Test team will be mapped out early next year with the coach Ottis Gibson and the new director of cricket Richard Pybus set to meet to discuss how to respond to the recent slump in results. Four of West Indies’ last five Tests have been heavy defeats and without rain in Dunedin it would have been five losses on in a row, undoing the strides made over the previous year where the side had strung together six straight Test victories. Their next Test assignment is not until May when they host New Zealand in a return series, but although Gibson wants to use the gap to make a considered judgement on his team, it seems inconceivable that significant changes won’t take place. Pybus only joined the WICB in late October, shortly before West Indies went to India, so there has been limited opportunity for him to work with Gibson. “We’ve had some discussions already about where we are and my thoughts on what we need to do to move forward,” Gibson said. “There’s a meeting pencilled in for us when we get back, including the selectors, to try and plot the way forward. We have five months before the next Test series which gives us some time.” West Indies were hampered in New Zealand by the absence of Kemar Roach, due to a shoulder injury, and Chris Gayle, but the discussions between Gibson and Pybus will also need to focus on the status of players such as Ravi Rampaul and Fidel Edwards, who have doubts over their viability for Test cricket, and whether to recall other experienced figures such as Ramnaresh Sarwan and Dwayne Bravo. In the aftermath of the 2-0 loss against New Zealand, which was sealed by a collapse for 103 in the second innings in Hamilton where all 10 wickets fell in a session, Darren Sammy spoke about careers being on the line but Gibson said there will be no hasty decisions. “When you’ve just lost a series, and the way we’ve lost, emotions run high and people start talking about careers being on the line and it’s a bit premature,” he said. “We can get home, let the dust settle and assess where we are. We can come up with a plan, but also decide who the right personnel are.” He did, though, concede that patience was wearing thin

Ottis Gibson especially when it came to the batting performances. “Batting collapses happen. In our team they happen too often. It’s a sickening feeling when it happens to your team.” In the short term Gibson has the limited-overs leg of the New Zealand tour to focus on, which brings with it a change of captain Dwayne Bravo replaces Sammy for the ODIs, but not the T20s - and Gibson hopes for a fresh approach. “Dwayne brings his own

energies,” he said. “Sometimes what is going on in the Tests can drain the players, it can have a drain on the captain as well. Having a new figure head in the onedayers, and some new players, means we aren’t taking too much baggage into the series.” There is also the chance that Gayle will be available for the two Twenty20s that round off the tour next month. Gayle picked up a hamstring injury during the one-day series in India and was ruled to have not recovered in time for the 50-overs segment of this trip. He is currently in Sydney, believed to be as part of his rehabilitation programme, and Gibson said the main target for him was the World Twenty20 defence in Bangladesh. “We’re in communication with him and the people he’s working with in Australia,” Gibson said. “He’s still injured so would be an unnecessary risk to fast track him with what lies ahead. The World T20 is coming up - a format where he is king. He should be available for the two T20s.”

Tuesday December 24, 2013

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Major changes made for Philander displaces Steyn December 29th Horserace meet as No. 1 Test bowler ESPNcricinfo -Vernon Philander, the South Africa fast bowler, has displaced his team-mate Dale Steyn at the top of the ICC Test bowlers’ rankings. Philander moved to the top after a fine showing in Johannesburg, bringing to an end Steyn’s 186-match run at No. 1 - the second most by any bowler after Sri Lanka’s Muttiah Muralitharan, whom Steyn overtook to the top in July 2009. Philander, who picked up a four-for against India in the first innings and then three in the second, said that being part of a quality squad had put him at an advantage. “It has been a great couple of years for our squad. What has been the most pleasing has been the allround contribution from everyone in the squad, that has been the main reason for our success,” he said. “Needless to say, it is always easier to be at the top of your game and successful when you are part of a winning team.” In the batting rankings, West Indies’ Shivnarine Chanderpaul, who hit a century and a half-century in the three-Test series against New Zealand to finish with

As preparations continue for the December 29th horse race meet jointly organised by the Jumbo Jet Business enterprise and a number of horse owners, several changes have been made to the event. Top on the list is a change of venue from the Norman Singh Memorial Turf Club (NSMTC) to the Port Mourant Turf Club (PMTC), Corentyne Berbice. The A class event has been replaced by the D1 and lower as the feature match up on the day for a winning money of $1.5M and trophy. The E class race has been dropped, while the G2 event has been upgraded to a G1 clash. With most of the major stables already inked their support for the meet, over 60 horses have been entered so far for the $11M horserace meet. The PMTC facilities are in excellent condition and an action packed day of racing

Vernon Philander (centre) is the new No. 1 bowler in Test cricket © Associated Press 256 runs at 64.00, moved up two places to No. 3. Ross Taylor, who topped the runscoring charts in the series

having hit a century in each of the three Tests, also moved up two spots to a career-best No. 4.

Venue switched to Port Mourant feature event now for B class horses is anticipated. The full list of event are as follows-The feature “D1” class race will see the horses racing for total prize money of $1.5M and trophy over 1600M. The Three Year old race for horses bred and born in Guyana and the West Indies has a $1M reward for the winner over 1600M. The Two year Guyana and West Indies Bred horses will gallop over 1200M for the $700,000 first prize and trophy on offer. There is a race for G1 class horses also over 1200M and will see the champion horse taking home a winners money of $500,000 and trophy. The race for Guyana bred three year old horses is for a pole position takings of $400,000 and trophy over 1200M. The ‘I ‘and lower 1200M

Rodman back from North Korea but fails to meet leader Kim

Emmanuel Adebayor accuses Tottenham of disrespecting him

Emmanuel Adebayor (AP) BBC Sport - Striker Emmanuel Adebayor has accused Tottenham of disrespecting him. He scored twice on his first Premier League start of the season as Spurs beat Southampton 3-2 on Sunday. But the 29-year-old forward was not included on the club’s official photograph and trained on his own while Andre Villas-Boas was manager. “It was difficult,” said Adebayor. “When I come to train and see the team picture, which I’m not involved in, that shows me a lot of disrespect.” Adebayor spent a season on loan at Tottenham from Manchester City in 2011-12

and scored 17 goals in 33 Premier League matches, before joining Spurs in a permanent deal for £5m in August 2012. However, he only found the net nine times in 36 appearances in all competitions in 2012-13 and had only played 45 minutes of first-team football under Villas-Boas this season. “I’m a professional footballer, I had to keep my head up and I did what they asked me to do,” said the Togo player. “They asked me to train with the reserves, which I did with pleasure, and they asked me to train on my own, which I did with pleasure.

“So now everything is paying off. I kept doing my thing and this is my glory time. I’m very happy.” In September, it was revealed that Adebayor could have left Tottenham during the summer. “There were opportunities for him to leave, but he was not interested in them,” said Villas-Boas, who was sacked following Tottenham’s 5-0 defeat by Liverpool last weekend. When Tim Sherwood took over as interim head coach, he instantly recalled Adebayor to the starting lineup. The forward promptly scored in his side’s 2-1 League Cup defeat by West Ham on Wednesday before his brace against the Saints on Sunday. “I thank the players and the staff,” said the former Arsenal striker. “They have given me my confidence back and they said ‘we know how good you are’. I didn’t want to let them or the fans that believe in me down. “It was a huge win for the team and for our confidence. The press wrote us off, but we showed character, personality and team spirit.”

event is for a winning money of $250,000 and trophy. The other event is for the animals classified J, K and L and lower which is also a 1200M affair for a winner’s pocket of $200,000. Entries closed on Sunday last and any last minute enquiries can be made with with –Rajendra ‘Jin-Jo’ Jagdeo on 618-7278, C. Ramnauth on telephone numbers 337-5311 or 6971979, Campton Sancho 6900569, Ganesh Singh on 6003626 or 649-3636, Lenny Singh on 642-3172 or Romell Jagroop on 624-1798 or the Jumbo Jet office on numbers 232-9711, 232-0633. Slingers family will be proving musical entertainment. Nasrudeen ‘Jumbo Jet’ Mohamed is the coordinator. Race time is 12.30 hrs.

Former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman speaks to the media after returning from his trip to North Korea at Beijing airport, December 23, 2013. REUTERS/Jason Lee BEIJING - (Reuters) Retired U.S. basketball star Dennis Rodman returned on Monday from a four-day trip to isolated North Korea saying he was not concerned that he had not met leader Kim Jong Un and he would “see him again”. This was Rodman’s third trip to the North Korean capital, Pyongyang. Previously, he spent time dining as a guest of Kim, with whom he says he has a genuine friendship. An entourage of burly men pushed their way through a scrum of journalists waiting for Rodman at Beijing airport. Rodman answered

only a few of the questions thrown at him on the run. Asked whether he was disappointed not to see Kim this time around, Rodman said: “Nope, I don’t worry about it, I will see him again”. Rodman said before leaving he was going to provide North Korea’s national basketball team with four days of training during the trip. “It was awesome, man,” he said of the training he conducted. Rodman intends to return to Pyongyang in January with a team of fellow former National Basketball Association stars to hold basketball games on Kim’s

birthday. “We’re going to be playing in two weeks,” he said. Rodman’s latest visit follows the rare public purge of Kim’s powerful uncle Jang Song Thaek, who was executed this month. South Korean President Park Geun-hye has described recent events as a “reign of terror”. The purging of Jang, considered the second most powerful man in the North, indicated factionalism within the secretive government. Ahead of the trip, Seoulbased North Korean human rights activist Shin Donghyuk said in an open letter in the Washington Post that Rodman should talk to Kim about human rights abuses in North Korea. Rodman told Reuters last week it was not his place to talk about such issues. Rodman’s first visit in February came shortly after North Korea conducted its third nuclear test in defiance of U.N. resolutions. Rodman said upon his return from that trip that Kim wanted to receive a call from President Barack Obama, an avid basketball fan. The White House has said the United States has direct channels of communication with North Korea and declined to directly respond to Rodman’s message that Kim hoped to hear from Obama after his previous visit.

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Tuesday December 24, 2013

>>>Letter to the Sports Editor<<< Ravens tame Colts for What are the reasons Linden is not second Phillip George title being afforded football on January 1

- TGH Pacesetters remain atop Div. III basketball

Colts and GABA President, Michael Singh (right) pose for a photo opportunity with the Division III Champions of the Phillip George Legacy tournament, TGH Pacesetters. By Edison Jefford Dyna’s Ravens blew away Colts Sunday night at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall to win their second Phillip George Legacy title with a scintillating display of basketball that trapped Colts in nomad’s land. Ravens ultimately tamed Colts 78-53 to win the Division I title of the competition, which started last year in honour of the late Colts coach, Phillip George. Ravens had defeated Nets last year in the inaugural edition of the Division I and III tournament. Guard, Ryan Stephney nailed big jumpers all night for 17 points while Akeem Kanhai also had 17 points to lead Ravens. Guard, Dominic Vincente scored 11 points while Rodwell Fortune and Ryan Gullen had 10 points each for the champions. Guards, Nikkoloi Smith scored 24 points and Dave Causway had 11 points for Colts, which had defeated last

year’s finalist, Nets for their place in the final. Smith scored 20 of his 24 points in the first quarter, but a defensive adjustment for the Ravens that allowed Coach, Darcel Harris to scratch-mark Smith completely shut down the guard, who scored just four more points in three quarters. An offensive exchange between Smith and Stephney in the first quarter sent Ravens ahead 25-22 at the end of the period. Ravens went on a 14-4 run early in the second period with breathtaking touch-passes that bewildered the defence of Colts and obviously opened easy scoring opportunities for Ravens. The architect was largely Fortune and Kanhai with other support in the backcourt. Fortune nailed a jumper to put Ravens ahead 40-28 with a minute and half to play before halftime; Colts missed three straight threepoint jumpers to end the second period struggling to come to grips with some plays

Harris had drawn up to free his offensive guards. Causway helped cut Ravens lead to eight points in the third quarter, but Ravens responded with eight unanswered points for 48-32 advantage. Ravens then stepped on the accelerator and flew to a 64-36 lead compliment of a 16-4 run late in the third quarter. Ravens defence kept Colts to just 14 points in two quarters following their hot start. Colts raged to a big fourth quarter, outscoring Ravens, but it was too late with Ravens resorting to entertain a small crowd with showtime crossovers and passes. Earlier in the night, Trinity Grid Holdings Pacesetters had won the Division III title with a 63-59 victory over Plaisance Guardians. Guard, Ruel Ritch scored 20 points while forward, Tariq Cave had 13 points for Pacesetters. Colwyn Nurse and Nduka Horatio had 22 and 14 points respectively for Plaisance.

Froome extends contract Christopher with Team Sky Froome. REUTERS/ Jean-Paul Pelissier

LONDON (Reuters) - Tour de France champion Chris Froome has strengthened his ties with Team Sky by agreeing a new deal with the British cycling outfit. “This has been an incredible year for me and I’m delighted to finish it off by signing a new contract with Team Sky,” the 28-year-old Briton said in a statement on Monday. “I’ve been with this team since the start and I know

this is the right place for me to continue to grow.” The Kenyan-born rider won the Tour de France for the first time in July, emulating the 2012 success of fellow Briton Bradley Wiggins. Team Sky also extended the contracts of other members of their team including Peter Kennaugh, David Lopez and Ian Stannard.

DEAR SIR, Football still continues to be shrouded in controversy in Guyana. Different people yet the same stuff continue. New Elections, new executives but nothing changes or maybe it is even worse. Greg ‘Kashif’ Charles and Aubrey ‘Shanghai’ Major, two (2) humble individuals of Linden had a vision and that vision was to enable us Lindeners and by extension all Guyanese to have an outing for year end, hence the birth of the Kashif & Shanghai Annual Football Tournament played during the Christmas Season twenty four (24) years ago. After the tournament grew in popularity, the crowd also grew and the venue purportedly became inadequate to accommodate the quantity of people that comes from all over Guyana and overseas to attend the finals on 1st January. As such the organizers reluctantly but rightly moved the traditional finals to the National Stadium so as to accommodate the masses. For some reason, greed and jealousy started to step in and other persons wanted to get a piece of the action. So three (3) years ago the Georgetown Football Association, headed by their then General Secretary and present GFF President, Mr Christopher Mathias, after falling out with the GFF decided to defy protocol, decency, tradition and the rule of law to stage a rival Xmas tournament, not considering the consequences. Hence we had two major finals on the same day. So why it is now wrong? Meanwhile, football in the mining town continued to

suffer with less organised football to eventually none at all due to the lack of vision of the Upper Demerara FA Executives and by extension sponsorship. Come 2013 Ansa McAl, a Good Samaritan to us Lindeners who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to refurbish the MSC Ground, offered millions of dollars to the UDFA to recommence football in the mining community during the Xmas season with the traditional final slated for New Year’s Day. But lo and behold Banks DIH got wind of the move by their beverage rivals and sent a team of executives to Linden offering more dollars, for some reason UDFA accepted Banks DIH offer and football was again slated for Linden. People became excited and anxious, businesses started to replenish stocks, activity stepped up and all were preparing for a fine and exciting football season. Lo and behold the GFF decided that with the advice of the Sponsors that Linden cannot play the final on the lst January 2014, because they are claiming that two (2) major finals cannot be played on the same day. They are claiming that the decision was made at the GFF Congress, how can people become so ludicrous? QUESTIONS: Why did the GFA play their finals when Kashif & Shanghai also had theirs in the same jurisdiction in the past? Do the respective Associations have to seek the permission from the GFF when they are conducting tournaments in their area of jurisprudence? Who or what determines the magnitude of a tournament to

say it is a major tournament? What is the reason the GFF is stopping the UDFA from playing the final on the 1st January in Linden when the GFA has theirs in Georgetown? Do the GFF have to inform or seek permission from FIFA, CONCACAF and CFU when they are having tournaments in Guyana because it may clash with a Major Final in USA, Mexico, Trinidad or Cayman Islands? Is there some form of victimization being singled out for Linden and its people? Are these decisions being made for political, personal or economical reasons? Until someone can answer these questions with some form of justification then and only then we Lindeners will bow to the pressure of the imperialist regime and that will take some doing. In closing I would like to caution Banks DIH and the GFF that we Lindeners will react in a manner that will have long term effect on the business community and football in general. We intend to carry out a vigorous campaign of boycotting all Banks DIH products and mind you we know how to do we thing. Please be reminded. Politicians and political parties please take note and get involved in trying to rectify an avalanche in waiting. So if Banks DIH and the GFF needs to have some form of decency come year end, please reconsider the high handed and dictatorial decision and let us have our final on January 1. Remember is a Linden thing and we are not in anybody’s way. Thanks for your understanding in this regards. Mark Grant.

Canadian women capture third at Brazil tournament BRASILIA, Brazil – Canada got a late goal from Sophie Schmidt to defeat Scotland 1-0 in the Torneio Internacional de Futebol Feminino’s match for third place on Sunday at the Estadio Mane Garrincha. The win was the Canadians’ second over Scotland in the competition, following a 2-0 triumph on December 12. After making a near-post run, Schmidt headed home the winner off a Diana Matheson corner kick in the 83rd minute. “The girls deserved to get something out of that today and they did,” said Canada Head Coach John Herdman. “It’s just about resilience, persistence to keep going, and I think we should have had it sewn up by halftime to be honest.” Though Canada had the better of play, Scotland nearly took a 1-0 lead in the 54th minute, when Jane Ross’ curling, right-footed shot from distance crashed off the top of the crossbar. The CONCACAF power’s starting

line-up included four players 21-years-old and younger - Jessie Fleming (15), Sura Yekka (16), Kadeisha Buchanan (18) and Adriana Leon (21). Herdman, who is preparing his side to host the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, was very pleased with what he saw. “In today’s game, we played with a 15, 16, and 18-year-old on the pitch and a 21-yearold all at the same time,” he noted. “So if you talk about the future I think things bode well. It’s going to be great for the future. I was very impressed with Jessie Fleming and her composure in her (full) debut.” Fleming won the Golden Ball as the best player at the recently contested CONCACAF Women’s Under-17 Championship in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Canada now takes a break for the holidays and will return to action on January 31 against the host United States in Frisco, Texas.

Tuesday December 24, 2013

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Chico K&S Elite, Next Generation Schools’ Football championships

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Kharag family partners

Waramadong and Mackenzie High stay on collision course with KMTC for XMAS meet after convincing victories Earlier in the year, Waramadong faced off with Mackenzie High School in the final of the Digicel U-18 football competition. Fans turned out in their numbers to witness a fast paced and highly entertaining game that saw the latter team launching a late assault to take the honours for the second time in the tournament’s history. Despite the loss, the pundits remain adamant that Waramadong possess the tools to conquer the team from Mackenzie, Linden. The two teams are once again battling side by side in the Chico K&S Elite, Next Generation Schools’ Football championships and the trend suggests that they may very well end up in a face off in the final. Both teams are performing credibly and have recently registered convincing wins over their respective opponents; Waramadong

registered a 2-0 victory over North Georgetown Secondary (NGSS) at the Georgetown Football Club Ground Saturday evening last, while Mackenzie High School emulated the feat against Leonora Secondary in their Linden held encounter one day later. The interior based team were made to fight hard for their victory after NGSS played an attacking first half, while exhibiting staunch defensive skills to hold them to a nil all first session. Lindel Joseph and the quintessential, Wazir Bascombe, were the scorers for Waramadong after the North Georgetown lads were literally bullied by strategic ball play and skilful, precise passes. Over in Linden, at the Mackenzie Sports Club Ground, Mackenzie High School embarrassed Leonora Secondary 4-0 to keep the interest level high. Akeem

Higgins (5), Quailon Andries (75), Randy Hohenkirk (79) and Tineal Charles (83) were the marksmen for Mackenzie High School. The other Linden encounter between Christianburg, Wismar Secondary, and New Silver City Secondary, ended in a nil all stalemate during regulation time, necessitating a penalty shootout to establish the winners; New Silver City Secondary eventually prevailed 5-4. The action moves over to Number 5 Village, Corentyne, tomorrow evening when Bladen Hall Secondary tackle Ann’s Grove Secondary, while Ash Education will engage President’s College. Twenty four football teams from as many secondary schools are currently competing for championship honours and lucrative monetary incentives for their school’s development. (Michael Benjamin)

Ariff Baksh (right) presents the cheque and trophy to Justice Cecil Kennard. For the fourth consecutive year the Kharag family of Bush Lot Corentyne has supported the Kennard Memorial Turf Club (KMTC) XMAS meet which will be held on Boxing Day at Bush Lot Farm, Corentyne Berbice. Yesterday president of KMTC Justice Cecil Kennard received the cheque of G$1,000,000 and a trophy from Ariff Baksh of the family’s business entity, Metro Office and

Computer Supplies for the A and lower allotted (WTS) race. Baksh said the entity is pleased to support the event once again and informed that Deo Kharag was president of the then Bush Lot Turf Club between 1975 and 1978. Kennard thanked the family for their backing and stated that an action pack day is anticipated.

Denver Broncos quarterback Dr Mansingh regains NFL backing Shillingford record Peyton Manning (Getty Images)

BBC Sport - Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning broke the NFL record for touchdown passes in a season on Sunday. Manning, 37, threw four touchdowns in a 37-13 win against Houston Texans to take his total to 51 for the season with one game left to

play. He regained the record that he held for three years before New England quarterback Tom Brady broke it in 2007. “I really feel like it’s a team accomplishment, certainly an offensive accomplishment,” said Manning. Manning set the new record with a 25-yard completion to tight end Julius

Thomas in the fourth quarter. He added: “A lot of people played roles in this. I think it’s a unique thing to be a part of NFL history, even though it may be temporary. Brady will probably break it next year and the year after, so we’ll enjoy it for as long as it lasts.”

Season’s Greetings from CONCACAF

Jeffrey Webb

“In the spirit of the coming holiday season and looking forward to an exciting year of events ahead of us, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect and extend gratitude to the football family for its continued support. On behalf of CONCACAF, the Executive Committee and our Member Associations, I wish you all a Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year.”

Jamaica Observer Kingston, Jamaica - Dr Akshai Mansingh, the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) chief medical officer, is backing Shane Shillingford to bounce back after the International Cricket Council (ICC) suspended the offspinner from bowling in international games because his action was found illegal. This represents the second time the West Indies player has been banned for his bowling action, but Dr Mansingh believes the 30year-old is mentally tough enough to make another comeback. “If anybody can do it, I think he can,” Dr Mansingh told reporters at last Thursday’s Sports Club forum at the Jamaica Observer. Shillingford took six wickets at an average of 42.66 in the first two Test matches against hosts New Zealand, but was not available for the final match in Hamilton which began on Thursday. A statement issued by the ICC ahead of the third Test said that an independent biomechanical analysis had been done on Shillingford’s action. Cricket’s governing body revealed that for Shillingford’s standard off-

break delivery and for his doosra (ball that turns like a standard leg-break), the amount of elbow extension in his bowling action exceeded the 15 degrees level of tolerance permitted under the ICC regulations. The Dominican, one of the premier regional spinners over the last few years, will remain suspended until he submits a new analysis that proves his action has been corrected. He is scheduled to return to the Caribbean following the match. Shillingford was previously suspended in December 2010 and later cleared in June 2011. He has taken 65 wickets in 14 Test matches at 32.32 since making his debut in June 2010. In 86 first class matches he has 378 victims at 23.62. Despite his own optimism, Dr Mansingh, a member of the ICC medical panel and a Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) board director, conceded that a hard road lies ahead for the spinner. “It’s going to be very difficult, because if you realise it’s the second time it’s happened to him. So he went for remedial action and he came back and it’s going to take a lot of effort (to do it again), but he’s a mentally

Dr Akshai Mansingh strong guy,” he said. The ICC also said that part-time off-spinner Marlon Samuels’ bowling action for his quicker delivery, exceeded the 15 degrees limit and therefore, was considered to be illegal. Samuels, who is more renowned for his stylish batting, is however, allowed to continue to bowl his standard off-break deliveries in international cricket. If Samuels is reported for a suspect action in the next two years, the ICC will deem it as a second report and he will have to undergo a biomechanical analysis. If it is concluded that Samuels has an illegal action for any delivery, he will be banned from bowling in international cricket for at least 12 months. Samuels has not bowled in the series thus far.

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Tuesday December 24, 2013

Score’s Even destroys top notch field in ‘Champion of Champions’ horserace meet It’s all over and there is no doubt that Score’s Even, the Kentucky Bred animal, imported from the USA by Mr. Dennis DeRoop of the Simply Royal Stable, is the undisputed champion horse in Guyana. That accolade was confirmed on Sunday at the Port Mourant Turf Club (PMTC), when it battered a top notch field to win the feature A and lower even organised by that entity, the Ryan Crawford Turf Club and The Shariff Business entity and racing stables. All doubts were put to rest as Score’s Even, with jockey Randolph Richmond on the hunch, not only got even, but whipped the field for a lopsided win, crushing its opponents into to submission to win by about 10 lengths and take away the $1.2M and trophy compliments of Banks DIH over 1200M, which was the distance for all of the events. As the race got started the animals were off to an even break, jostling for position and all a ding dong battle was in the making. The race picked up speed very early as the horses picked up a searing pace. However all doubts were beginning to wane by the time they hit the far turn with Score’s Even beginning to take charge. A few animals including Elle’s Vision and Settle in Seattle and Grande De Roja moved up to challenge, but were quickly blown away. By the time the horses hit the home stretch the question was not who would win, but by how far Score’s Even would have whipped the field. It was one of the more convincing and lopsided victories seen in a feature

even in a long time, as the racehorse claimed its eight win and fourth consecutive from 12 starts and third at the PMTC. Who is on the case, Grande De Roja and Settle in Seattle, settled for the other placings. It was a Royal Day for connections of the Simply Royal Stable and owner Dennis De Roop must be feeling like a King as other horse owners might be wondering what they needed to do to take some of that Royalty away. That crown might not be removed soon. How better could it get than to win the two top races of the day. Newly imported Run Nana Run of the Simply Royal Stable in only its second outing really ran a good race as it came through with a burst of speed to upset the field and take the highly competitive D3 and lower event. Imported from South Carolina and piloted by Richmond, Run Nana Run made its move down the homestretch as it swing past front runner Swing Easy to take the $600,000 winnings and trophy with Red and Lovely and County Armagh rounding out the money. It was also a good day for connections of the Shariff Stable. Silent Night with Rad Drepaul silenced its opponents to win the very competitive three year old event for West Indies bred maiden and Guyana open horses in a blistering finish to take the $500,000 and trophy from She So Special, Cat Messiah and Monsoon as the four animals continued the head to head battle. Shooting star also of the Shariff stable with Navin in control, shot to front down

Shariff, Simply Royal stables take top honours

Yasmin Shariff presents the Two year old trophy to Aeyshia Shariff for Shooting star’s victory. the homestretch, passing front runner, Release the Beast, Untouchable Girl and Quiet Danger for a convincing win in the event for West Indies maiden and Guyana Bred Horses. The win was worth $400,000 and trophy. Captain Crook of the Jumbo Jet stable with Colin Ross ran a straight race to win the G1 even and the $300,000 money and trophy from Damascus Dream, Bridal Stone Corner and Fairy Landing. Savion of the Marcel Crawford stable with Yap Drepaul took revenge as it stormed past the field to win the I and lower event from I Want Revenge, Mary Ann and Affinity for the $200,000 prize and trophy. Affinity of the Nascimento stable with Jamaican Brian Blake won the J and lower $150,000 event and trophy from Speed Vision

The Connections of the Crawford Stable collects the I and Lower trophy from a Rep of the Shariff Stable.

Nazrudeen ‘Junior’ Mohammed receives the G and Lower trophy for Captain Crook’s win. and Piece of Cash. The Shariff racing stable raced away with championship honours as

Jockey Richmond took the top jockey accolade. Zaheer Shariff was the top trainer. Outstanding performers were

presented with the accolades compliments of the Trophy Stall, Bourda Market and the organisers. (Samuel Whyte)

Athlete Alika Morgan gives back to less fortunate

National Middle distance runner, 23year-old, Alika Morgan, who ended 2013 second to Trinidadian Tonya Nero in the Caribbean and her Coach of 11years, Leslie Black, recently made their annual donation to the less fortunate Children. Kids from the Guyana Red Cross Society Children’s Convalescent Home in Durban Backlands were the recipients of Nut butter Cookies, Cool-aid drink and Toys. Administrator of the Home, Ewin Enmore, thanked the talented Athlete and her Coach for their humanitarian effort in supporting the Institution at Christmas time which is a time of caring and sharing. Morgan said she and her Coach along with donations from Payless Varity Store, Bacchus Store and Andrew King’s House wanted to give back to those in need at this

time of the year. “We are thankful for all that we have received this year and we know what it is like to be in need and get support. We also would like to thank our sponsors GT&T, Mr Cummings, Steve Penberton, the GOA, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Dr Luncheon, Minister Westford, Kevin Jeffrey and Milton Bradford.” Morgan had a relatively successful year. She finished second in the Guyana leg of the South American 10k and ended second in the Suriname leg of the same event. The runner also had a second place finish in the Suriname Marathon. She won the Telsur 10k races in Paramaribo and Nikkei Suriname, while she finished second in the CARICOM 10 k in Trinidad and fourth in the 5000 meters race in Indonesia. (Sean Devers)

Alika Morgan with Kids from the Guyana Red Cross Society Covalesscent Home

Tuesday December 24, 2013

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From left; Mark De Rosario, Shomari Ramsay, Aubrey Shanghai Major, Dwayne De Rosario, Kashif Muhammad and Tony De Rosario along with some of the participants at Sundayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s programme.

Dwayne De Rosario holds coaching clinic at MSC ground Kids from Linden on Sunday benefited from a coaching clinic held by the K & S O rg a n i z a t i o n i n collaboration with Canadian International Football star Dwayne De Rosario at the MSC ground which started at 11:00hrs and went up until 13:00hrs. Mr. Rosario has been an ambassador for youth soccer throughout his career and it started in his home city of Toronto. Dwayne attributes most of his success, both professionally and p e r s o n a l l y, t o t h e experiences he enjoyed while playing soccer as a youth. Building, inspiring and educating are tenets that have always characterized the De Rosario household. The DERO United programme was formed in 2007 to serve as a template to foster these values, and De Rosario has always been an active supporter of organizations that share his beliefs. The DERO programme is so structured that at the end of it all the kids will leave with the additional tips and tricks for

their on-field arsenal, easy to understand, healthy eating and living insight, an understanding of the power of community built, both on and off the field and a great appetite for soccer, as our goal is to develop tomorrows MVP. Mr. De Rosario, who is of Guyanese parentage, reached out his hands in support and is committed to working with the K&S Organization in expanding the DERO United programme here as he will try to frequent the homeland of his parents. Mr. Rosario, who visited with his older brother and father, departed on Monday, the K&S Organization give a big thank you to the DERO team and promises to make this collaboration the huge success it is destined to become. The tournament continues with a double header at the #5 ground West Coast Berbice on Christmas Day with Ash Education vs. President Collage at 16:00hrs and at 18:00hrs Bladen Hall Sec. will face Annâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Grove Sec.

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Tuesday December 24, 2013

Dwayne De Rosario puts up Golden shoes for K&S School’s tournament MVP Major League Soccer Super Star Dwayne De Rosario was the latest contributor to the 24th Kashif and Shanghai Football tournament which

has taken on, for the first time, the secondary schools format. The Canadian, who is of Guyanese descent by virtue of both parents, presented the organisers

with a pair of golden Puma cleats, which he (De Rosario) says is to be awarded to the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the tournament.

De Rosario made the presentation in front the massive crowd at the Mackenzie Sports Club Ground on Sunday last and received thunderous

MLS Super Star Dwayne De Rosario (right) presents Kashif Muhammad with a pair of golden Puma cleats for tournament MVP, while Aubrey Shanghai Major looks on. applause for his gesture. Addressing the audience after making the presentation, De Rosario said that he’s over-joyed by making his maiden voyage to Guyana and most importantly, getting a chance to be part of the Kashif and Shanghai School’s football tournament. “I want to present these football cleats to the MVP, whoever that lucky player is and I hope that it would be cherished as well. I love to give back to football, especially through the youths and I’m glad Kashif and Shanghai could

We are life savers, you should be one too! Donate blood today!!!

make me being here in Guyana a success,” said the famed footballer. He added that since it was his first time coming to Guyana, he wanted to make a lasting impression on the youths and lauded the organisers for giving the youths a major platform to showcase their talent. “I’m returning to my roots for the first time and I’m very happy about it, but what I’m more happy about is the fact these young players can have a very big stage to showcase their talents on. It’s important to not only invest in their future, but also to give them that stage where everyone would see them, follow them, and help turn them into stars. Every player loves to be seen and I’m glad people are coming out in their numbers to support them as well,” the former MLS MVP noted.

Tuesday December 24, 2013

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Ninvalle, Edghill, Britton win GTTA Open titles

Chelsea Edghill

Khalil Ninvalle Khalil Ninvalle, Chelsea Edghill and Shemar Britton won Open titles on Saturday when the Guyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA) hosted a year-end tournament at the National Gymnasium. In the 11-13 years old Open Singles category, Khalil Ninvalle beat Selenas Jackman in the final 11-7, 11-8, 13-11 (3-0). Joint 3 place went to Khalid Gobin and Tyriq Saunders. In the semi-finals, Ninvalle beat Gobin 11-4, 11-5, 13-11 (3-0) and Jackman beat Saunders 119, 8-11, 8-11, 12-10, 11-5 (32). The players that didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t make it out of their groups were nine years old Kaysan Ninvalle, Keithlyn Smith and Aneka Phillips. In the 15-18 years old Open Singles category, Chelsea Edghill beat Shemar Britton in the final 11-8, 6rd

Shemar Britton 11, 11-7, 11-8 (3-1) with joint third place going to Elishaba Johnson and Ryan Narine. Edghill defeated Johnson 11-9, 12-10, 10-12, 16-14 (3-1) in the semi-final while Britton beat Narine 211, 11-2, 14-12 and11-8 (3-1). In the Open Singles competition, Shemar Britton beat Kyle Edghill 11-5, 11-5, 5-11, 12-10 (3-1) while joint third place went to Paul Meusa and Joel Alleyne. In the semi-finals, Britton beat Meusa 15-13, 15-13, 11-8 (3-0) and Edghill beat Alleyne 12-10, 5-11, 13-11, 3-11, 11-5 (3-2). A release from the GTTA stated that the presentation ceremony will be held on Saturday.

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Ravens tame Colts for second Phillip George title - TGH Pacesetters remain atop Div. III basketball

Colts and GABA President, Michael Singh (centre) hands over the Phillip George Division I Championship trophy to Ravens Basketball Club Sunday night at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall.

Score’s Even destroys top notch field in ‘Champion of Champions’ horserace meet Shariff, Simply Royal stables take top honours Reps of the Simply Royal Stable (left) collects the Banks DIH trophy for Score’s Even win in the main event.

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