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An important concept and trend One of the most important concepts and trends in modern political science is democratisation. Its significance is just beginning to be understood by conflict-resolution practitioners. On one level, it is a relatively simple idea, since it is simply the establishment of a democratic political regime. However, in practice, democratisation has been anything but easy to understand, let alone achieve as we in Guyana should appreciate. Democracy, as we know it today, is a relatively recent phenomenon. While some of the ancient Greek city-states had democratic aspects, modern democracy only dates from the late 18th century. To be considered democratic, a country must choose its leaders through fair and competitive elections, ensure basic civil liberties, and respect the rule of law. Some observers also claim that a democracy has to have a capitalist economy and a strong civil-society and civic culture, although not all political scientists would include these two criteria. Democratisation is the process whereby a country adopts such a regime. There is less agreement among political scientists about how that process occurs, including the criteria to use in determining if it has, in fact, taken place. Many countries have adopted democratic regimes only to see them collapse in a military coup or other revolt that yields an authoritarian government instead. Typically, we do not think that democracy has truly taken root until at least three national elections have been held. Another criterion raised by many experts is the peaceful transfer of power from one political party or coalition to the former opposition. Such a transition is critical because it indicates that the major political forces in a country are prepared to settle their disputes without violence and to accept that they will all spend periods of time out of office. Can we say we have achieved the latter condition in Guyana? Less clear is how democratisation occurs. It took an extended period of time to develop in the industrialised countries of Western Europe and North America. In the United States and Great Britain, it took well over a century before all the institutions and practices mentioned above were firmly in place. France, Germany and Italy saw their democratic regimes collapse and be replaced by fascist ones. It is undoubtedly true that democratisation can take place faster today. However, it certainly is not something that can be instituted overnight. The process takes time because it requires the development of new institutions and widespread trust in them, which almost never happens quickly. As with the definition of the term, the importance of democratisation is easy to see at first glance, but is much more complicated in practice. Between states, democratisation is important because of one of the most widely (but not universally) accepted trends in international relations is known as “the democratic peace”. Whatever the exact set of factors that contribute to democratic peace, within states, democratisation is particularly important in those countries that have gone through an extended period of intractable conflict. The institutions and value systems that make democracy possible are based on the development of the trust, tolerance, and capacity for cooperation that make stable peace and reconciliation possible outcomes of a conflict-resolution process. Unfortunately, the same reasons that make democratisation important make it difficult to achieve. The ethnic and other tensions that give rise to intractable conflict create so much mistrust and intolerance that cooperation is very difficult to achieve. Indeed, there are very few countries that have been able to move from intractable conflict to democracy quickly or easily. One exception is South Africa, where the black and white political elites summoned up unprecedented political will and commitment to the multiracial democracy that came into effect in 1994. What most citizens can do, however, is to engage in the political process of their home country to promote policies that help democratisation. For one, we can put pressure on our political elites to pursue the politics of accommodation as the late, great Nelson Mandela did in South Africa. Their Executive power-sharing arrangement for one term did much to diffuse suspicions and create trust between the previously warring factions. We can also become involved in civil-society organisations that are working to build democracy itself.

Wednesday December 18, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

The plight of the Region Eight administration Dear Editor, I am penning this letter to highlight the problems we are encountering with our RDC Statutory meetings in Region Eight. First of all, because of the transportation cost for transporting Councillors for RDC meetings, we only have RDC meetings quarterly. The problem is that most of these meetings bear little fruit if any at all because of the behaviour of Clerk of the Council whom I believe was specially sent into this Region with a special agenda to stymied development here. In our first RDC meeting of the year the Clerk of the Council and all the Programme Managers were absent from the meeting. We received two excuses, one from the Clerk of the Council and another one from a programme manager. The

persons they sent to represent them as programme managers could not have given answers to most of the questions asked by the Toshaos, and Regional Councillors. In our second RDC meeting of the year, the Clerk of the Council was absent for part of the morning session and the entire afternoon session of the first day. He appointed an assistant accountant to act in his place. The next day of the RDC meeting the Assistant Regional Executive Officer (AREO) deputized in his absence for only the morning session. The assistant accountant held the brief for the afternoon session. The Clerk of Council was present for the entire third RDC meeting. The last meeting for the year was to be held on December 9 and December 10. After I did not

receive any notice I enquired from our Regional Chairman about the missing notice. He informed me that he was informed by the Clerk of the Council that there is insufficient money allocated under line item 6211 to conduct a full sitting of the RDC. I found this to be rather strange that all the money is finished. I feel that there were some misappropriation of the funds. Mr. Editor I find this rather unfair to the Councillors, for someone to be spending money that is allocated in the budget to run the Council, as if it is their p e r s o n a l m o n e y, a n d refusing to a no-objection from the Council before payment is made. Imagine we are owed two months stipend for past year and two months for this year but there is no money.

I am calling for a full investigation of the spending of line item 6211. I would like our Members of Parliament to look into this matter and call for a full investigation how the money was spent. These are some of the reasons why we were forced to move a motion of noconfidence against the Clerk of Council, and our position remains the same; we don’t have any confidence in him. And while this Clerk of the Council continues with this delinquent behavior he continues to enjoy the full confidence and support of the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development. Yours Sincerely Oswald Junor Regional Democratic Councillor Region No.8

NBTS need not discriminate Dear Editor, World AIDS Day this year was commemorated with a Ministry of Health commitment to get to Zero Discrimination amongst other things. A few months ago, the issue of the National Blood Tr a n s f u s i o n S e r v i c e ’s (NBTS) discrimination against LGBT people was discussed in the media. On 15 October, 2013 , a Stabroek News article quoted an anonymous official as saying that they are following the WHO guidelines

“Guidelines on assessing donor suitability for blood donation” which has recommended not taking blood from ‘Men who have sex with Men’. The WHO Guidelines acknowledge that “mathematical modelling” is used to make this determination, even as some countries are accepting blood from gay and bisexual men who do not engage in risky behaviours. The media attention arose because the question asked by

the NBTS were about sexual orientation, rather than behaviours within a period of time. The PAHO Document “ ELIGIB I L I T Y F O R B L O O D D O N AT I O N : Recommendations for Education and Selection of Prospective Blood Donors” (which the NBTS probably does not follow) states that “ Sexual orientation – hetero–sexuality, bisexuality, homosexuality – should not be used as criterion for blood donor

selection since it is not a risk by itself.” Even if the NBTS would like to conflate sexual orientation with sexual behaviour, then which ‘mathematical modelling ‘ are they using to determine that lesbians pose a risk? Surely the Ministry of Health needs to review its policy of not accepting blood from women who identify as lesbian if they want to get to Zero Discrimination. Yours sincerely Vidyaratha Kissoon

Wednesday December 18, 2013

Kaieteur News

Letters... Where your views make the news

The lie about a pension book DEAR EDITOR, Some measure of slackness which needs to be addressed is very evident at the Anna Regina office of the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security. That office cannot be exonerated from blame for me not being provided with my pension book for seven months now. During the very next

month after completing 65 years, having been born on 1948-04-29, my form as a requirement was filed up at this office in order to get my book which had to be processed at the Headquarters in the city before being sent back to the district for me to collect. From then and on to now, I visited this office no less than 20 times on the advice given, “Come back next

week. You book ain’t come yet”. Out of curiosity, a few days ago, I contacted the Head Office where the shocking revelation was made that nothing was sent from Anna Regina office for me which points to a pellucid situation of where nothing could have come back when nothing was sent. Someone was just making a fool of me all the time.

The Number Four accused Dear Editor, There are a few questions I would like to be answered. The only witness in the murder trial testified under oath that the number four accused is not guilty, that he did nothing. Yet when cross examined by the Defense Counsel he said that the number four accused gave the orders to beat the deceased and it is in his statement. When given his statement to

read he said it is not in his statement. On what grounds did the DPP say he should be charged for murder when he was the person who called the police and handed over the men and illegal gun they

used to rob his camp? Please I would like the answers as early as possible as the accused is pining in prison for a crime he did not commit. Yours truly, Concerned Citizen.

With my frustration and stress mounting after wasting so much time, getting money to travel there seems to be no certainty when I would get my book. But what now seems likely is that it may now be made available after my death when it would be just useless as no benefit could then be derived. When coupled with the suffering and inconvenience endured, the protracted delay is unacceptable when better needs to be done for the elderly. With thanks, Yours faithfully, Budhanie Ramroop

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Wednesday December 18, 2013

Miner before court for counterfeit $5,000 note Merely eight days after Guyana’s new bill was released, a miner was brought before the courts for possessing forged versions

of the $5,000 currency. Yesterday at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, a charge of Possession of Forged Currency was read

to Guy Matheson by Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry. According to the prosecution, on December 16,

at Georgetown, Matheson without lawful authority had in his possession four $5,000 forged currency notes, knowing same to be forged. The miner who is a resident of Enmore, East Coast Demerara, pleaded guilty to the charge and told the court his version of events. He explained that whilst walking he had found an envelope which contained the

four notes and two hundreddollar bills. “I spent the $200 but ah din sure, because I never see green money before, so I went to a shop to clarify with the shop owner,” Matheson told the court. The accused claimed that he was not told anything by the shop owner, but subsequently noticed the police arriving. He said at that point he recorded that he was still oblivious, since a charge of simple larceny was supposed to be instituted to him. However, he said that to his surprise he was charged for the money which he claimed that he neither spent nor had intentions of spending. He said that whilst at the station he learnt that

he should have taken the money to the station, and that it was too late at that point. After listening to the man’s explanation, the Magistrate entered a not guilty plea on his behalf. However, the Prosecution which was led by Corporal Bharat Mangru objected on a c c o u n t o f t h e serious nature and prevalence of the offence. He also added that more charges will likely be pressed against the accused. The Chief Magistrate however, overruled the objections of the prosecution and offered the unrepresented miner bail to the tune of $75,000. He is expected to return to court on February 7, 2014 for statements.

Wednesday December 18, 2013

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Wednesday December 18, 2013

City Magistrate’s abusive husband sentenced to jail The husband of a City Magistrate who was recently charged with assaulting her was yesterday found guilty and will serve four months behind bars. Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry presided over the matter and before delivering her decision, affirmed that there is a need for the courts to send a strong message against domestic violence. Aboo McGusty was last week arraigned and appeared before the Chief Magistrate at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court to face two charges whereby the prosecution claimed that he a s s a u l t ed and used threatening language towards his wife on December 9 at John Street, Werk-en-Rust. He, however, had refuted the prosecution’s allegations.

Yesterday afternoon in the same courtroom, McGusty was represented by Attorney at Law Latchmie Rahamat who stated that since her client was found guilty, they will plea in mitigation. She said that her client wished to address the court, and in an extremely silent courtroom, the accused humbly rose to express remorse over the situation. Neatly decked in a jeans and checkered shirt he fixed his eyes on the Chief Magistrate and said, “Over the past week, I’ve had a terrible experience where I was found guilty and embarrassed my family, the court and myself.” “At this state, I am humbly asking the court to be lenient with m e ” h e continued. “I apologised to my wife and in her absence, and in front of everyone who is within the environment, I promise you that from today I will not be standing in this position again.” McGusty begged the court for forgiveness, saying that he is sorry and claimed that his actions will not recur. “I won’t do anything like that and I will get my act together.” The lawyer then told the court that her client is a 38year-old contractor who has been married to the Magistrate for the last 19 years. She said too that from their union, they have four children. Rahamat lamented that during their 19 years together, this is the first time that

Aboo McGusty McGusty has been charged and placed before the court for abusing his wife, in addition to the threatening behaviour charge. She also implored the court to show him mercy and told the court that her client is remorseful. She said that from the facts, it was clear that alcohol played a major role in the incident. The lawyer recalled that McGusty said that he doesn’t really know what happened and asked that the presiding Magistrate take into consideration the effects of alcohol. Rahamat continued her plea and said that McGusty will respect the Protection orders and bargained that if a non-custodial sentence is imposed, he will reside at his mother ’s house at Paradise, East Coast Demerara. According to the lawyer, the man is willing t o a c c e d e to counseling since he has an alcohol problem. She said that her plea

is also one to consider that he has minor children who are asking for their father. The lawyer even begged for a suspended sentence and said that he is willing to be fined. However, the Chief Magistrate was stern in her response. She maintained that the man is 38 years old and as such should know the consequences of his actions. She said that she considered the fact that d o m e s tic v i o l e n c e i s prevalent in society and affirmed that the court needs to send a strong message against it. The Chief Magistrate said that during the hearings, it was learnt that McGusty has a history of violence. She said that on this occasion, he hit the woman to her left side temple and threatened to kill her in the presence of her children. She added that he even threatened a person who tried to intervene. M a g i s t r a t e B e h a r ry added that during the incident he threatened to damage his wife’s property – saying that he would have driven her vehicle into the seawall. Consequently, he was sentenced to four months imprisonment on each charge, and was informed that that they will run concurrently. The Magistrate added that the lawyer has the right to appeal and the attorney gave the court an oral notice of her intent to appeal the sentence.

Wednesday December 18, 2013

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Telecoms pensioners continue protest in front of Finance Ministry

Some of the elderly pensioners who were able to stand, protesting in front of the Finance Ministry.

Over thirty elderly persons who were former employees at the Guyana Te l e c o m m u n i c a t i o n s Corporation (GTC) protested in front of the Ministry of Finance (MOF) yesterday, appealing for the government to increase their pensions to reflect, according to the Pensions Act, two-thirds of what they would have worked for, and not the across the board $18,000 base that they are receiving. The pensioners, who had initiated protest action on December 4 in front of the Office of the President, expressed that they have resorted to protest since they

have tried all other avenues to ventilate their concerns but were unsuccessful. President of the Guyana Postal and Telecommunications Union, Harold Shepherd, who was present at the protest, said that the issue stemmed from GTC (now Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) after GTC was privatized in 1991) former employees who continued to work with the company when it was privatized have not received their pensions based on the salaries they earned, but were given the base minimum pension “regardless of their status within the

company when they would’ve been employed”. From cleaners to managers are receiving $18,000 monthly when, “a technician should have been receiving a monthly pension of at least $50,000, while a former manager should have been the recipient of way over $100,000 per month.” Shepherd said that he had written to former President Bharrat Jagdeo, President Ramotar, Dr. Luncheon, Winston Brassington and Minster of Finance Dr. Ashni Singh, about the issue, and to date it still remains unresolved. When Kaieteur News in previous articles

questioned Dr. Luncheon and the Finance Minister over the issues at hand, both had shifted the responsibility away from themselves. The company was privatized in 1991 and the letters of transfer would have stated that these former employees’ services would have been “continuous and unbroken” and they would be entitled to all their benefits upon retirement. To date, government has not honoured those letters and we believe that it must be honoured, said Shepherd. According to Shepherd, those persons who terminated their services with

GTC would have been paid their terminal benefits. Those that were age 50 and above in 1991 were allowed to retire if they so desired and they were paid their correct pension and over the years they would have received all the necessary increases. However their colleagues who retired after 1991, are not in receipt of their correct pensions. “I want to believe that the government would’ve reneged on their agreement on the clause that would’ve stated that these persons, their services would be continuous and unbroken.” Lloyd Hopkinson, former Engineer of GTC, was one of the employees who decided to continue working with the new company, and when the time came for him to receive his pension he was given the minimum base. “I had a salary of $165,000 a month. How you can give me 18,000 a month after serving 34 years?” Hopkinson asked. “Take the General Manager who gets over $600,000 a month, when his pension was calculated in 1990 it was about nine thousand dollars. His pension should have been over $400,000 a month. When he went in to them (National Insurance Scheme) at age 55, they said ‘sir, you getting

9,000… only the minimum government pension is 13000, we will raise you up to 13000. “What kind of baloney is that, we come under the Pension Services Act, we served continuously… in my case I have 34 years, others have over 47 years, so this is why we want them to pay us under the Pension Services Act, not this fictitious money they are giving us” Hopkinson established. The President of the Telecommunications Union speaking on behalf of the pensioners said that “We believe that it’s high time that government see the people out here. These persons who would’ve served Guyana faithfully and would’ve built the telephone infrastructure over the years. What we as youths are enjoying now would’ve been what they would’ve laboured over those years to build.” He further said that “Government must ensure that before these people die they must receive their rightful pension because over a dozen of them would’ve died over the years before receiving their rightful pension.” Speaking on the way forward Shepherd said that “We plan to protest as long as it takes to address this issue.”

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Wednesday December 18, 2013

Wednesday December 18, 2013

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Local Govt. Ministry seeks Landfill Compactor As garbage continues to overwhelm the capital city, the Ministry of Local Government & Regional Development yesterday received tenders for the procurement of a Landfill Compactor. Some eleven bidders made their submissions to the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB), Ministry of Finance Main Street. The bids were as follows:

Meanwhile, the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) received bids for the supply and delivery of six thousand (6,000) x 65 watt stand alone solar Photovoltaic Systems.

In addition, the GEA received bids for the provision of security services. These were divided into five lots.

A lone bid was submitted under the Tourism and Commerce Ministry for the supply and delivery of stationery for the Small Business Bureau.

And the Ministry of Health opened bids for the construction of Port Kaituma Hospital Complex in Region One.

- Heavy bidding at Tender Board

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Significant losses as thieves strike at two Berbice homes The police are investigating the circumstances under which burglars broke and entered the Reliance, East Canje home of the Manager of Hand-inHand Insurance Company New Amsterdam Branch, Tajepaul Ajodhya on Monday, and stole a number of articles, worth thousands of dollars. According to reports, no one was at home at the time of the incident. The manager discovered his home had been broken into when he returned there around 14:00 hrs for lunch. As he neared his residence he noticed the front door had been prized open, and upon entering the house,

he noticed it was ransacked. Some of the missing items include a camera, an electronic gaming device, jewellery and cash among other items. No one has been arrested as investigations continue. And bandits used the cover of heavy rain on Monday to break into the home of a Bush Lot, West Berbice farmer, and attack and rob the man and his family of an undisclosed sum of cash and jewellery. The incident occurred between 01:30 and 02:00 hrs. According to reports, four masked men - two armed with handguns - entered the home and held the occupants at gunpoint before relieving them of the aforementioned items. According to residents, the bandits reportedly used a hacksaw to cut open the grilled front door before gaining entry to the house. They broke another door in the inner section of the premises before holding up the farmer. He was held at gunpoint and commanded to hand over all that he had. The man begged the culprits not to do them any harm before handing over cash and jewellery. No violence was used as the thieves got what they wanted and fled. Police are investigating.

Wednesday December 18, 2013

KAMARANG RESIDENTS PLEAD FOR A DOCTOR Residents of Kamarang, Region Seven, are pleading with the Government to upgrade their lone health facility and send a qualified doctor to operate in their community. The small Amerindian village, which is home to about 500 persons, is reportedly being served by one Medic who is assisted by two nurses. Medics are often like head nurses, they can provide emergency and basic care, but unlike doctors, medics cannot make diagnosis and issue advance treatment. During a visit to the area recently, residents confirmed that the health centre has always been incapable of looking after anything beyond basic response. Some of what is handled at the facility includes the dressing of wounds and the delivering of babies in cases where there aren’t any complications. According to Brenda Hastings, the community’s medic, many requests have been made to the regional health office, since the need for a qualified doctor is rising daily. Hastings explained that while there are a few beds at the health centre for persons to be admitted, most cases are transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital

- Most cases transferred to city

Kamarang’s Medic, Brenda Hastings Corporation (GPHC) for proper treatment to be administered there. The woman said that when this happens, it becomes very expensive for the majority of the villagers to fly to the city, adding that the regional office would usually fund the transportation cost for the persons who are ill, while their relatives would have to pay their own. However, some villagers had something different to say, noting that oftentimes, they, the family members, would have to transport their loved ones to the city, at their own expense.

One resident, Carl Williams, explained that the regional office does not always refund relatives the money spent to have their loved ones be flown to Georgetown for much needed treatment. “They does say that they gon give yuh, and many times I know for a fact that they don’t give yuh nothing. Sometimes the people at the Amerindian Hostel does tell you to spend yuh money; that they gon refund yuh, but they don’t,” the resident said. Meanwhile, Williams, a 39year-old who has been living in Kamarang all of his life, told

Kaieteur News that cost of living has skyrocketed, making it hard for persons traveling out of the village using their own disbursement. He said that while some situations can be handled in Kamarang or at the regional level, it is necessary that a well-qualified doctor be present in the community. “It would be sad if we have a big emergency here, because people gon die for sure. Sometimes, well actually most times, we does be like the neglected set of people. Nobody ain’t care about we till up here. What can be worst than living in a place like this without a doctor; we can’t even treat malaria and dem things, and we is the ones living where malaria deh nuff,” Williams stressed. “Imagine pregnant women and all who does have to be going on them planes with dem big, big belly to land at Ogle and then have to go to Georgetown Hospital, and that, I sure can’t be easy,” the father of one added. An official from the Health Ministry explained that measures are being put in place for a doctor to be stationed in the area by next month.

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Wednesday December 18, 2013

Wednesday December 18, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Wednesday December 18, 2013

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Hinterland housing initiative takes on ‘life of its own’ Recognizing the constraints of developing hinterland communities because of their layout, Toshaos of many hinterland communities have been approaching the Ministry of Housing to help plan their communities, says Minister Irfaan Ali. According to the Minister, the development of hinterland communities is being done under the Ministry’s hinterland core homes initiative to have those communities better planned. Since the launch of the initiative, many Toshaos are requesting the Ministry to structure their communities and help them develop community plans, he added. Ali enlightened that the initiative has taken on a life of its own and the Ministry is hoping to expand the programme in 2014. The Ministry has a Community Development Unit that is currently working with many communities across the country to help them streamline development. He said the Unit takes

into consideration the socioeconomic development of the communities while preparing the plans. In addition, planning considers the remoteness of the areas, which is one of the challenges encountered. “The hinterland communities recognize this (remoteness) as a constraint, that is why they are now trying to adjust the way they live to have a more central location where everyone is around that centre, so it makes it easy for infrastructure and so on to be taken into the communities,” he said. In 2010, the Central Housing and Planning Authority reported that the programme, which will cost Government approximately US$27.9M, will enhance the living conditions of low income families through improved access to affordable housing. The Authority said that 400 core homes would be developed in Regions Three, Four and Six over the next three to four years. Of that total, 200 would be erected in hinterland communities.

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Businessman facing police harassment for letter to President A Berbice businessman is incurring the wrath of some police officials in the Ancient County as a result of a letter he wrote to President Donald Ramotar highlighting their alleged demand for money to process his firearm application. The businessman, Deocharan Bhagroo, who operates Munesh Trucking Services, located at number 48 village, Corentyne, is accusing the police in Berbice of constant harassment, after they learnt of his letter to the President. He told Kaieteur News that he has received several menacing telephone calls from some senior police officials in the county, who are obviously upset that the matter had reached the Head of State. And given the nature of his business, he believes that he could suffer further reprisals from the police, especially since a massive investigation into his allegations has been launched. Bhagroo had initially applied twice before for a firearm licence and received no acknowledgement from the police. In fact, in his letter to President Ramotar he claimed

that after completing the necessary documentation to facilitate the process at the Number 51 Police Station two years ago, he never heard from the police. Sometime in October last, the businessman spoke to Attorney General Anil Nandlall about the situation and was advised to reapply, which he did on October 26. He cited security concerns, given his accumulated assets, and the fact that another trucker was recently brutally murdered. Bhagroo said that on November 23, he was contacted via telephone by the Officer in Charge (O/C) of the Whim Police Station who invited him to the station. He stated that since he was engaged at the time, he could not respond to the invitation. “He (O/C) keep molesting me over the telephone…He however persuaded me to ‘come now’,” the businessman wrote in his letter to the president, which was carbon copied to the

Attorney General. When he eventually turned up at the station he had his fingerprints taken and presented all his relevant documents, which he said satisfied the requirements for his application. He said that in the presence of his driver, the Officer in Charge of the Whim Police Station demanded $300,000 to process his application. According to Bhagroo, the officer then appeared to make a telephone call to a superior officer and his conversation suggested that the person on the other end of the line approved the amount that was being demanded. “I feel rejected. He sent me home to get the money. I leave all the documents and went home, promising to return with the money. He keep calling me every day. I never went back to the police station,” Bhagroo stated. He said that he subsequently met another businessman who related a

similar story. The frustrated businessman then wrote to the president, outlining his plight and from all indications, the Head of State ordered the Police Commissioner to investigate. “Since I write the President, is sheer harassment. All of dem (police) vex because I report the bribe (demand),” Bhagroo told this newspaper. He has since given a number of statements on the matter and is scheduled to do so again when investigators from the Office of Professional Responsibility travel to Berbice soon to investigate his allegations. Bhagroo is now convinced that his previous applications were ducked because he did not “grease the hands of the police at Whim.” “I go through the right procedure, why I have to pay?” Bhagroo lamented. The businessman said that he was robbed four times during last year, forcing him to send away his wife and children to Trinidad for while.

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Kaieteur News

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CRFM exploring use of Fish Aggregating Devices in 2014 Several Caribbean countries are exploring the use of Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) to bolster earnings, increase employment opportunities and improve management and conservation of ocean pelagic species within their jurisdictions. The expanding role of FADs in the Caribbean was explored at the CRFM / WECAFC-IFREMERMAGDELESA / CARIFICO Workshop on FAD Fishery Management held recently in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Milton Haughton, Executive Director, CRFM Secretariat, said at the threeday workshop that, “Pelagic species, such as, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, blackfin tuna, marlin, and dolphinfish— which are the ones targeted by the use of fish aggregating devices—are very important to Caribbean countries because of their contribution to food and nutrition security and livelihoods in coastal communities.” Haughton said that the reason why countries and fishers in the region are very interested in FADs is because they provide cost effective means by which the people of the region can obtain a greater share and optimum sustainable benefits from these straddling and highly migratory fish stocks which are utilized by several States within the region and beyond, in some cases. He noted that the CARIFICO Project is not just about constructing FADS and increasing catches: “It is really about building local capacity of stakeholders and information base for comanagement, improved conservation, and achieving optimum sustainable use of the fish stocks while safeguarding the marine ecosystems in which they are found.” Through the CRFM’s cooperation with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Japan has committed over US$3.26 million to improving the contribution of fisheries sector of the CARICOM States by way of the Caribbean Fisheries Comanagement (CARIFICO) Project, designed to develop a fishery co-management approach suitable for each target country. “The application for the CARIFICO project was submitted to the Government of Japan in August 2011 and field implementation commenced May 2013, less than 24 months later. That is rapid turnaround for a project of this nature,” Haughton said. CARIFICO is currently

working towards enhancing the partnership among fisher and countries through FADs co-management in six countries within the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), to promote sustainable use of fisheries and aquaculture resources by development, management and conservation of these resources, in collaboration with stakeholders. The Fisheries Division of Dominica noted that FAD fishing has helped to reduce pressure on the reef fish population, while encouraging new entrants into the fisheries sector. Nearly 60% of the fish catch in Dominica is now coming from FADs. Whereas Belize has not yet deployed FADs for commercial fishing, two experimental FADs were constructed and deployed around Turneffe atoll as part of a pilot project initiated in

2002. Fish species found around the FADs included snappers (Lutjanus spp), jacks (Carangidae spp) and dolphinfish (Coryphaenidae). Antigua and Barbuda is well on the way with the development of a FAD fishery. They plan to update regulations to include FAD fishing licenses. They have begun consultation on policies for operating around FADs and in early 2014, fishers will receive training in FAD design and construction. Although there is no FAD fishery in Trinidad, in Tobago, approximately around 100 fishers (25% of fishers) use FAD during the flying fish season. Fisheries officials in that country report that FADs have been constructed from mangrove wood or bamboo at costs ranging from $800 to $2,500 TT ($125 - $390 US). The average weight of the catch is 250 to 400 lbs of dolphinfish and 1000 lbs of

flying fish. The FAO/WECAFC, IFREMER, and the French funded MAGDELESA Project co-hosted the recent FAD workshop, along with the CARIFICO Project and the CRFM. All CARICOM States with the exception of Barbados, Guyana and Jamaica were represented at the workshop. St. Eustacius, representing the Netherlands Caribbean Islands, Martinique and Guadeloupe participated.

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Wednesday December 18, 2013

City Council urges citizens to adopt better practices The Mayor and City Council (M&CC) is appealing to citizens to adopt practices that would prevent flooding even as preparations are being made to facilitate swift flow of the waste water out of the city. According to the Council in a statement issued on Monday, it is already burdened with clearing waste dumped indiscriminately on parapets and at roadsides; and having to expend resources and effort to clear waste thrown in canals and other waterways is deemed as an additional burden. The statement referenced specifically plastic materials, Styrofoam and other nonbiodegradable items; noting that these, when thrown into waterways, contribute largely to flooding. It said that in some areas, the capacity of the drainage system is restricted by the abundance of garbage in the system. According to the Council, the situation is becoming increasingly worse and has reached to the point where businesses and by extension the country’s economy, is affected. The statement said that as a result of flooding, many store owners are forced to raise the level of the pavement in front of their business places. This action, in turn, goes


against regulatory procedures of the city since permission is often times not sought by the business owners to construct higher pavements. According to the statement, though the structures keep the flood

waters out of the stores, it prevents persons with disabilities from being able to interact with the environment. “Many parts of the pavements in ‘down town’ Georgetown are uneven and pose a serious inconvenience

to citizens”. On this note, citizens were urged to make provisions for disposing of waste on their premises, which would in fact lessen the loads of garbage that end up in the waterways. Meanwhile, in light of the

current rainy period, the Council has informed that all hydro flow pumps and sluices are operable. Additionally, it was noted that workers from the drainage section of the City’s Engineer Department are working assiduously to

clear existing blockages. This comes after blame was repeatedly laid at the foot of the Council after sections of the city were completely inundated following excessive rainfall experienced recently.

Wednesday December 18, 2013

Kaieteur News

NATO says would have to plan for Afghan pullout by spring (Reuters) - NATO would have to start planning for a complete withdrawal from Afghanistan by early next spring if President Hamid Karzai refuses to sign a security pact allowing foreign troops to stay on, the alliance’s top military commander said yesterday. Karzai’s ties with Washington have been strained by his refusal to sign a security agreement that will shape the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan beyond 2014 when most international troops will leave. Without the U.S.-Afghan accord, NATO says it will not be able to finalise its own agreement with the Afghan government setting the terms for troops from other allies to remain in Afghanistan after 2014. The United States and NATO say that, without these agreements, they would have to pull all of their forces, currently 84,000-strong, out of Afghanistan by the end of

2014. NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, U.S. Air Force General Philip Breedlove, said planning for the last rotation of combat soldiers would have to happen early next spring, around the time in April the country is holding its presidential election. Whether it leaves a small post-2014 training force, or goes for the “zero option” of pulling out all its forces, NATO would have to start planning then, Breedlove said. “If we were to go to a more drastic option in Afghanistan it takes a certain amount of time to get a force out of a nation ... And that timeline I don’t think is well understood by President Karzai,” he told a small group of reporters. Karzai has shrugged off U.S. talk of a total military pullout from Afghanistan if he does not sign the security agreement as brinkmanship and said he would not back

down on his conditions for the deal. Karzai told reporters in New Delhi last Saturday that the security pact was conditional on the United States stopping raids on Afghan homes and helping to restart a peace process with the Taliban. Breedlove also said that NATO was “not lacking offers” of troops to replace French soldiers who are due to leave the NATO-led peacekeeping force in Kosovo by the middle of next year. “We are in consultations with several nations at this moment,” he said, without specifying which countries. The larger problem was who would take over the running of a base at Novo Selo in Kosovo where French soldiers are currently stationed, he said. France plans to withdraw its 320 troops from Kosovo, citing commitments in Mali and Central African Republic.

Russia to bail out Ukraine for $15 billion MOSCOW (Reuters) Russia agreed a $15 billion bailout for Ukraine and slashed the price of gas exports yesterday under a deal that keeps the cashstrapped country in Moscow’s orbit but fuelled street protests in Kiev. Vladimir Putin’s lifeline to Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich was a triumph for the Russian leader in a geopolitical battle with the Europe Union. But the deal saddles Russia with a heavy financial burden and he failed to lure Ukraine into a customs union with other ex-Soviet republics. Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Kiev within hours of the agreement and accused Yanukovich of selling his country to the highest bidder after walking away from a trade deal with the EU. “He has given up Ukraine’s national interests, given up independence and prospects for a better life for every Ukrainian,” Vitaly Klitschko, a protest leader and heavyweight boxing champion, told crowds on Kiev’s Independence Square. The United States said the deal would not address the concerns of the protesters, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Kiev should not be forced into allying itself with Moscow or the EU, to the exclusion of the other. “At the moment it seems to be an either-or proposition. ... We need to put an end to

Viktor Yanukovich

Vladimir Putin

this. Ukraine can’t do this alone. Europe and Germany must continue to talk with Russia,” she told ARD TV. “A bidding competition won’t solve the problem.” The leaders of Ukraine and Russia clinched the deal at talks in the Kremlin that appeared to begin frostily but ended with them rubbing shoulders and laughing at a ceremony where documents were signed on reducing trade barriers for Ukraine. Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said Moscow would tap the National Welfare Fund, a rainy day fund, to buy $15 billion worth of Ukrainian Eurobonds. The deal boosted the price of Ukraine’s dollar debt, a sign of investors’ confidence. Underlining the urgency of Kiev’s problems, Interfax news agency quoted Siluanov as saying Russia may buy $3 billion in two-year

Ukrainian bonds as soon as the end of this week. Moscow also offered relief on the gas price. Ukraine’s Naftogaz energy company will pay Russia’s Gazprom $268.5 per 1,000 cubic meters of natural gas, on which it is heavily dependent. The previous price had been about $400. “Ukraine is our strategic partner and ally in every sense of the word,” Putin said after the talks, with Yanukovich sitting beside him in a gilded Kremlin hall. “This (assistance) is not tied to any conditions,” he added. “I want to calm you down - we have not discussed the issue of Ukraine’s accession to the customs union at all.” Ukraine had been seeking help to cover an external funding gap of $17 billion next year - almost the level of the central bank’s depleted currency reserves.

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Wednesday December 18, 2013

India retaliates over US arrest of diplomat as anger mounts Washington (United States) (AFP) - The United States is reviewing the circumstances surrounding the arrest in New York of an Indian diplomat, a US official said yesterday, after it sparked fury from New Delhi. India has launched a series of reprisals after last week’s arrest of its deputy consul general, Devyani Khobragade, which it denounced as “humiliating.” State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf acknowledged it was a “sensitive issue.” “Accordingly, we are looking into the intake procedures surrounding this arrest to ensure that all appropriate procedures were followed and every opportunity for courtesy was extended,” she said in a statement. Khobragade was arrested after dropping her children off at school for allegedly underpaying her domestic helper, who is also an Indian national, and for lying on the helper’s visa application form. The arrest cuts into a series of issues in India,

Devyani Khobragade where fear of public humiliation, particularly among the middle and upper classes, resonates d e e p l y, a n d p a y a n d conditions for servants is kept mostly private.

The case is also the latest involving alleged mistreatment of domestic workers by wealthy Indian families. Many are poorly paid in India and rights groups regularly report cases of beating and other abuse. Harf said that while it was a US “law enforcement issue” which will have to go through the official channels, “we will continue to work (on) this issue with India in the spirit of partnership and cooperation that marks our broad bilateral relationship.” “The United States and India enjoy a broad and deep friendship, and this isolated episode is not indicative of the close and mutually respectful ties we share,” she added. In the escalating row over the arrest, the Indian government yesterday ordered a range of measures including the return of identity cards for US consular officials that speed up travel into and through India, Indian foreign ministry sources said.

Pakistan says no to military action against Taliban ISLAMABAD (Reuters) Pakistan ruled out military action against the Taliban yesterday and promised to pursue peace only through talks, but the insurgents immediately rejected its call for negotiations. Mullah Fazlullah, the Pakistani Taliban’s new hardline leader, says peace talks are meaningless and has pledged to step up attacks as part of his campaign to topple the central government and establish Islamist rule in Pakistan. The emergence of Fazlullah has prompted speculation that Pakistan might have to ditch hopes for a negotiated ceasefire and resort to military action against militants holed up in lawless ethnic Pashtun areas on the Afghan border. But yesterday, the government said the Taliban’s tough rhetoric did not mean negotiations had failed. “Their public posturing is different from what’s going on in the background,” said Tariq Azeem, a senior official in Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s team. “They want to appear tough but back channels show that they are

also interested in talks.” The Taliban immediately dismissed the concept of peace talks. “Like previous governments this one is a puppet of the United States. It’s powerless and dollarhungry,” said Shahidullah Shahid, a Pakistani Taliban spokesman. He told Reuters the Taliban had information that plans were already under way for a state military operation, saying the Taliban were ready for battle. “They should happily launch a military operation against us. We have seen their military operations in the past and would like them to start this long-awaited operation,” he said defiantly. Under Fazlullah, Taliban fighters took over Pakistan’s Swat valley in 2009, imposing austere Islamic rule and eventually prompting the army to launch a major offensive to flush them out of the strategic region just 160 km (100 miles) northwest of Islamabad. Sharif chaired a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on National Security yesterday where officials confirmed their

commitment to talks rather than military action. “The Committee deliberated upon the government’s strategy to engage various groups of Pakistani Taliban to address issues of extremism and militancy,” Sharif’s office said in a statement. “The Committee reaffirmed (the) government’s commitment to the strategy of negotiations with TTP (Pakistani Taliban) and consider the use of other options only as a last resort.” Nicknamed “Mullah Radio” for his fiery broadcasts in Swat, Fazlullah is best known for ordering the assassination of teenage female education activist Malala Yousafzai. She survived the attack and now lives in Britain. Fazlullah has now promised a new campaign of shootings and bombings against the government, particularly in the densely populated Punjab province Sharif’s political powerbase. But, a month after he took over as the Taliban chief, there have been no major attacks in Pakistan.

Wednesday December 18, 2013

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Gordon: Integrity Commission not looking for friends Trinidad Express - The Integrity Commission is not constituted to either win popularity contests or friends, chairman Ken Gordon said Monday night. Noting that the commission’s role was to reduce corrupt behaviour, he said conflict was unavoidable. Speaking at the Integrity Commission’s annual Christmas dinner at the Hyatt Regency, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain, last night, Gordon, without calling any names, also lamented that civilised behaviour was unfortunately not always

appreciated. Gordon was at the time reiterating that the Commission did not have to inform a person when a complaint has been lodged against him/her. The matter had become a source of controversy recently when Attorney General Anand Ramlogan chastised the commission for failing to inform him that then People’s National Movement (PNM) MP Fitzgerald Hinds had filed a complaint against him over the purchase of the Range Rover. “I refer to the suggestion

that individuals have to be informed when complaints are made to the Integrity Commission about him or her. That issue was first raised on April 5, 2011, when the commission was advised by its investigation department that there was no law which required such advice to be given; advice which was reinforced in February, 2013 by senior counsel, who confirmed that position,” he said. “It was pointed out such early advice would provide an opportunity to destroy or conceal evidence, thus

Former Barbados PM calls for cuts in Cabinet - Govt. plans to cut 30,000 public service workers next year BRIDGETOWN, Barbados - CMC – Former Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur yesterday suggested that the government considers cutting back on Cabinet portfolios as well as social entitlement programmes as it contemplates sending home 3,000 public workers next year. The Freundel Stuart government said the layoffs were necessary as the island grapples with an ailing economy. But Arthur, a former finance minister, told BARBADOS TODAY news that the prime minister should immediately cut the size of the Cabinet and examine other options. He described the current 20-member Cabinet as the

largest and most ineffective in the island’s history and recommended that some ministers be dismissed as government seeks to reign in its spending by sending home public workers. “Before it comes to cuts, and it may eventually have to come to that, do all the other things that are necessary. Stop asking the public to pay for the political programmes of the (ruling) Democratic Labour Party.” Arthur, an economist, said in the very week the government was announcing the cut in the public service, it was “spending money on the David Thompson Memorial Football (competition). Cut out that,” he added. On Monday, Prime Minister Stuart promised that his

administration would undertake a “careful analysis” before deciding on the cuts in the public service. The National Union of Public Workers (NUPW), which represents the majority of public servants here, said it would hold a meeting with its membership on Thursday before making any public statement on the retrenchment of workers announced last week by Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Chris Sinckler. Sinckler said that the government would trim the public service as well as reduce by 10 per cent the salaries of ministers, government legislators, parliamentary secretaries and those considered to be a “political appointee”.

compromising the investigation. The commission was advised to treat with this issue on a case by case basis and it has done so. Where early information had been provided, this has

been done as a courtesy when the commission considered it appropriate to do so. Unfortunately, civilised behavour is not always appreciated,” Gordon stated. Gordon renewed the call

for amending the Integrity in Public Life Act to empower the commission to act rather than be “almost entirely dependent upon the cooperation of those being investigated”.

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Wednesday December 18, 2013

Ki unlocks Jose’s defence, scores winner with two minutes left in extra time Man City beat Leicester to reach semi-final Sunderland dumped Chelsea out of the Capital One Cup in dramatic fashion as Ki Sung-Yueng’s extratime strike made Jose Mourinho’s men pay for a host of missed chances. The Korean, on loan from Swansea, lashed home from 10 yards with seconds of the tie remaining to land Sunderland a famous victory. Earlier, Gus Poyet’s team had looked on the verge of going out themselves until Fabio Borini leveled Lee Cattermole’s own goal at the end of the 90 minutes. Cattermole, who epitomises the workaholic attitude which might just see Sunderland survive a dreadful season, put through his own goal in the first minute of the second half as he tried to prevent Frank Lampard reaching Cesar

Azpilicueta’s teasing cross. The goal — the first to be awarded using technology in this competition, even though it was well over the line — was a cruel blow for Cattermole but Sunderland rallied and Borini crashed home to force an added halfhour. Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho had opened the door to his fringe players and may be tempted to slam it in some of their faces again. Mourinho made eight changes to the side which defeated Crystal Palace on Saturday, including, as expected, a recall for left back Ashley Cole. There were starts too for Kevin de Bruyne, Willian, John Mikel Obi, Frank Lampard, Samuel Eto’o, Gary Cahill and keeper Mark Schwarzer. But Chelsea initially struggled to

break down a stubborn Sunderland defence, belying their miserable league position. Vito Mannone may have expected an onslaught after Chelsea’s mesmerising 4-3 victory on Wearside a fortnight ago. No doubt the keeper was relieved that it failed to materialise. Mannone made comfortable saves to deny Andre Schurrle, Willian and De Bruyne and was able to look disdainfully at long-range shots from the same three players as Chelsea grew increasingly desperate to find an opening. Poyet made three changes to his side which drew at West Ham. The Sunderland manager decided to take a risk on the fitness of veteran defender Brown. Steven Fletcher did not make the bench because of illness. Man City vs Leicester

The South Korean composed himself before firing past the onrushing Chelsea defence Edin Dzeko scored twice as Manchester City booked their place in the Capital One Cup semi-finals with an impressive display against Leicester. Left-back Aleksandar Kolarov scored the visitors’ opener with a fantastic 25-yard

free-kick, before Dzeko headed in his first from James Milner’s cross. The Bosnian striker netted his side’s third after the break when he side-footed in from another Milner ball. Lloyd Dyer scored a late consolation when he drove in at the near

post. That strike, 13 minutes from time, was the only effort that troubled Joe Hart in the visitors’ goal, as the players picked by Manuel Pellegrini performed at near-optimum level to quell any possibility of an upset.

Wednesday December 18, 2013

Kaieteur News

Page 45

Letter to the Sports Editor

Sealey has shown a proclivity to be mordant and giddy DEAR EDITOR, It comes as no surprise that Lester Sealey has found it fit to voice his opinion on which day a legitimate staffer of Kaieteur News should publish his article. This is so because he has been allowed to publish personal attacks on other individuals with alarming frequency by those who supervise the Kaieteur Sports Department, a situation that I find totally unacceptable, and one that I had cause to discuss with my immediate Editor. Sealey, who I know very well, has consistently, but so far unsuccessfully sought to denigrate officials solely from the Guyana Football Federation (GFF), while also attempting to scare away sponsors and potential sponsors. In direct reference to my gripe with the article dated Tuesday, December 17,

Sealey, perhaps perturbed by my interview with GFF President Christopher Matthias which was captioned “Matthias not being intimidated by those with hidden agendas,” wanted to usurp the role of the Editor or even prompt his position on which day a legitimate staffer’s article should be published. His brazen, but dim-witted suggestion could only have been arrived at after being afforded the space regularly to emit his unwarranted castigations on legallyappointed officials of the GFF, whose stance and actions to rid the game of bad governance runs counterproductive to him and his kind wishes. How could you explain his direct attack on a long-serving servant of the game by the name of Lawrence ‘Sparrow’ Griffith,

when he openly questioned his posture for asking the fraternity to support Matthias’ plans for the development of the game? Now here is an individual (Griffith) who has worked under various Presidents of the Federation, which evidently means that he has found favour with them through his professionalism,

and supportive, be afforded space in the newspapers, but Sealey has shown a malignant proclivity to be mordant and giddy. Football has over the past nine months gone through a lot of trials as it tries to regain lost ground after being subjected to decades of poor governance - reflected in the mammoth debt burden

inherited by the current administration, and while no one is asking for critics or even stakeholders to turn a blind eye to any evidence of imprudence or bad governance, it would help if constructive offerings could be aired out instead of the vindictiveness that is regularly spewed by Sealey. Rawle Welch

Shillingford case has WI in... From page 46 bowl without any degree of flexing, was laid down because anything less was said to not be discernible with the naked eye. The numbers for Shillingford’s most recent testing have not yet been made public, but in 2010 he was found to reach on average 17 degrees. Only two de-

Wednesday December 18, 2013 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): All indications are that you're feeling mentally and physically great. Your professional and financial interests could take a sudden turn for the better. Love matters should also be going well, and children bring great pleasure today. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Financial difficulties could be overcome today through the help of someone considerably older than you. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20):Today a piece of information for which you've been searching could become known. Your money management skills might be called upon to help out a friend or perhaps a family member. ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): With the shifting planetary alignment, all of your efforts over the past few weeks could finally bear fruit. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): A long-awaited vacation or a move you've been hoping to make could finally be possible. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Heightened imagination and ingenuity could bring new thoughts for advancing yourself in the financial arena. Practical information from outside sources merges with insights to bring useful ideas

unlike Sealey, who did not stay and help clean-up the mess caused by previous administrations. He chose to run away, an act, which he continues to perform until today, while his supposed association allows him regular space in this newspaper. I have always encouraged that letter writers, both critical

your way. LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): Social events could bring some exciting new contacts your way. Relationships with partners of all kinds should be fruitful and mutually beneficial, particularly when the people are also close friends. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. 21): Your efficient, practical abilities are operating at a very high level today. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): Your strong business sense and practical skills couple with imagination and innovation to bring advancement. .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19): Friends and family could visit you today. They're likely to bring new friends whose expertise benefits a project you're working on. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 18):A social event in your neighborhood, perhaps in your home, could bring useful information your way that you can use to advance your career. ********************* PISCE S ( F e b . 1 9 March 20): With the current astral environment, your professional and financial interests could take a turn for the better.

grees, but it makes a huge impact on the bowler. As Ottis Gibson said earlier in the week, Shillingford is not the only current player with an action to raise eyebrows yet, at the moment, he is the only one who has had his career halted; his livelihood threatened. “Well, if that’s the view of a lot of people around the world maybe the authorities need to look at that,” was Richardson’s diplomatic response to suggestions of other bowlers who need to be scrutinised. The WICB is still studying the detailed findings given to them by the ICC and there is a sense that

they want to say more on the issue. However, the fact that Shillingford has been suspended a second time also raises questions about the set-up in the Caribbean. If they could not fix him the first time, what chance of it working now? In the current era, West Indies are producing a decent line of spinners - both orthodox and unorthodox - but it is an area underserved by coaching. On the current tour of New Zealand, despite spin being a key part of West Indies’ squad, there is no spin-bowling representative in the coaching group. This is not just the case with West Indies, but they are

one of the stark examples. And because spin was not a major part of their cricket in the 1980s and 1990s there are not many homegrown role models to utilise. New Zealand, for example, don’t have a fulltime spin coach but can call on Daniel Vettori’s experience. South Africa spotted it as an area of weakness and now use Claude Henderson. It was a concern raised by Gibson earlier this year when Devendra Bishoo, the legspinner, had suffered an alarming loss of form. “One of the things that has disappointed me since I have been appointed West Indies head coach and this is through no fault of anyone - is that the fast bowlers have had a lot of support and we had a fast bowling clinic - but we haven’t had any specialist training for spinners.” Saqlain Mushtaq helped run a spin-bowling camp that Bishoo attended, but one camp is not the same as having regular support. Funding is an issue for West Indies cricket, but if spin is going to continue to play such a key role in their plans - and the nature of pitches in the Caribbean suggests it will - then there is a desperate need to find the money. And not just at the h i g h e r l e v e l , e i t h e r. Shillingford is 30 years old and has been with the Caribbean cricket structure for a long time, yet it’s only since he has reached international level that his problems have come to fore. Whether he has been harshly treated or not, the point remains that fundamental issues such as a bowling action need to be dealt with early. It will take a mighty effort for Shillingford to recover from this latest setback. You hope he does, and never has another problem again, but West Indies need to ensure the future generation have the support in place to nip any problems in the bud. (Andrew McGlashan)

Page 46

Kaieteur News

Wednesday December 18, 2013

Pistons hand Pacers Korver’s 3s help Hawks top Lakers 114-100 first home defeat, 101-96

Kyle Korver #26 of the Atlanta Hawks shoots the ball against the Los Angeles Lakers. Atlanta (AP) - DeMarre Carroll shadowed Kobe Bryant from one end of the court to the other, leading Atlanta’s defensive effort that eventually wore down the Lakers and their star. Carroll’s strong defense and Kyle Korver’s three 3-pointers in Atlanta’s dominant third quarter led the Hawks past Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers 114-100 Monday night. Bryant, playing in only his fifth game since returning from a torn left Achilles tendon, made only 4 of 14 shots for eight points. Bryant said his left ankle ‘’felt a little stiff on me.’’ Bryant and the Lakers faded badly in the second half after leading 54-47 at halftime. ‘’That’s why I wanted to

pick him up full-court, to get his legs tired,’’ Carroll said. ‘’His shots were falling short because his legs were tired.’’ Al Horford had 19 points and 11 rebounds to lead six Atlanta players in double figures. Paul Millsap had 18 points and Jeff Teague had 17 with 10 assists as the Hawks set season highs for points in a game and second half (67). Carroll had 13 points but took the most pride in his defense on Bryant, who struggled two days after scoring 21 points in a win at Charlotte. Nick Young led the Lakers with 23 points while making five 3-pointers. Jordan Hill had 21, Xavier Henry had 18 and Pau Gasol had 16, but no other Los Angeles player scored in

double figures. The Lakers were outscored 35-19 in the third period. Korver scored all of his 11 points in the third period. The intensity showed on the boards. The Lakers had a 2817 advantage in rebounds in the first half. The Hawks flipped that advantage by winning the second-half battle 2715.Bryant made his third straight start at point guard as the Lakers attempt to compensate for the loss of three injured point guards Steve Nash, Jordan Farmar and Steve Blake. The Lakers’ other starting guard, Jodie Meeks, made only 1 of 8 shots for 2 points. Bryant had six assists and five turnovers and appeared to lack his normal energy.

The Pistons were tougher inside, tougher on defense and tougher at fending off challenges. On a night the Eastern Conference’s best team looked like anything but, Josh Smith scored 30 points and Greg Monroe had 13 points and 12 rebounds to help Detroit send Indiana to a 101-96 loss - the Pacers’ first at home this season. ‘’It’s impressive the way we came in and competed with the way the Pacers have been playing,’’ Pistons coach Maurice Cheeks said. ‘’We have a good basketball team.’’ Detroit (12-14) proved it with a nearly perfect game. The Pistons dominated on the glass with a 55-40 overall advantage and a 20-9 edge on offensive rebounds. They matched the Pacers’ shooting percentage of 43.2 percent, had one more 3-pointer and nearly an identical shooting percentage on 3s (35.3 to 35.0), outscored Indiana 44-38 in the paint and 22-14 on secondchance points. For a Pacers team that prides itself on defense and rebounding, it wasn’t even close to their best. Detroit also finished with nearly as many blocks (seven) as turnovers (eight) and made five of six free throws during the final minute to hold off Indiana’s last charge.

Detroit Pistons forward Josh Smith, right, shoots over Indiana Pacers guard Rasual Butler The most surprising element was that Indiana never tied the score in the second half and never took the lead on its home floor, where it had gone 11-0 before Monday night. The loss leaves the Pacers (20-4) with the second-best record in the league, percentage points behind Portland (21-4). The Pistons knew that to end their six-game losing streak in this series and their nine-game losing streak at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, they

needed to execute the game plan flawlessly. They did. Indiana’s uncharacteristic certainly helped the cause. Paul George was 4 of 14 from the field, finishing with 17 points, nine rebounds and four turnovers. Roy Hibbert had six points and four rebounds. Even the energetic Lance Stephenson couldn’t get his flustered teammates righted. Stephenson scored a career best 23 points and Luis Scola added a season high 18 points.

24 players from 16 nations invited to 2014 Caribbean Player Combine New York - Major League Soccer announced yesterday the 24 elite-level players who have been invited to participate in the 2014 Caribbean Combine from January 2-4, 2014, at the Antigua Recreation Grounds in St. John’s, Antigua. The three-day event, in partnership with the

Top performers will receive invitation to annual adidas MLS Player Combine in Florida Caribbean Football Union (CFU), will feature players, ranging in age from 18-21, from 16 different Caribbean nations represented . The full list of players is below. Players will compete in

games and participate in a training session in front of League Scouts for an opportunity to earn an invitation to the annual Adidas MLS Player Combine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from January 10-14.

Wednesday December 18, 2013

Kaieteur News

Richie - Let’s win for Shane and fans HAMILTON, New Zealand – West Indies Manager Richie Richardson said he wants his side to win the third Test against New Zealand for Shane Shillingford and the millions of supporters around the World. The Test starts tomorrow at Seddon Park here, but Shillingford has been ruled out. The International Cricket Council, the sport’s World governing body, announced on Monday that Shillingford had been suspended from bowling in international matches, after an independent biomechanical analysis conducted in Australia found his bowling action illegal. “It has been a disappointment for us, but we realise it’s very important for us to focus on the Test match starting in a couple of days time,” said the Windies batting legend on Tuesday following a training session at the match venue. “We need to win this Test match. We may have not Shane available to us, but we need to win it for him. Also we have millions of supporters who continue to stand up for us – some of them over here in New Zealand and we want to bring them some good cheer. “What’s happened, it’s sad, but you are playing the game at the highest level and the players cannot afford to head into the Test with too many things in the back of their minds. They have to focus on what is ahead of them – which is to win this Test.” Shillingford has been West Indies’ most successful bowler this year with 36 wickets at 24.72 runs apiece,

currently placing him in the top-10 bowlers for the year in Tests. He is in the Top 20 bowlers in the ICC Test Match Bowling Rankings. But Richardson said the visitors are working hard towards winning the third Test and level the series, after New Zealand took a 1-0 lead following victory by an innings and 73 runs in the second Test which ended last Friday at the Basin Reserve in the capital city of Wellington. “The morale in the team is still very positive,” he said. “The players are still in great spirits and we all know that we have to dig deep and work hard and win this Test. “We have been doing a lot of normal things. The coach has been meeting with the players, individually and in groups, and we have been training hard. We know we are not playing to the best of our abilities and all we have got to do is dig deep, play as a unit, play to our potential and we can win this Test.” Richardson, a former Windies captain, said he relished the role he has been playing in the team and has built up a relationship with the players. He said he had tried wherever possible to impart the knowledge that he gained from playing 86 Tests and 224 One-day Internationals between 1983 and 1996. “The guys talk to me about things all the time,” he said. “I speak to them one-onone and offer a lot of motivational stuff. “I’m not a coach and so I have to let the coaches do their jobs, but I have a good relationship with all of the players and from time-to-time we discuss various aspects of the game

and how to be competitive at the highest level. “I have had good responses from the players, they listen and I think we have a good thing going in the team.” Richardson said West Indies were ranked higher than New Zealand prior to the series and it was incumbent on his side to prove themselves. “It meant we had to be doing some things right,” he said. “What are we going to do? Lie down and get beaten? I don’t believe in that kind of thinking and I will never encourage it! “I believe in fighting back in these situations because that’s how you show your true character. I don’t think they will just lie down and take a beating from New Zealand.“We have beaten New Zealand recently in the Caribbean and so we know we can beat them, but things like this happen in sport – but my advice is to fight and not to lie down.” WEST INDIES (from): Darren Sammy (captain), Tino Best, Kraigg Brathwaite, Darren Bravo, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Sheldon Cottrell, Narsingh Deonarine, Kirk Edwards, Shannon Gabriel, Sunil Narine, Veersammy Permaul, Kieron Powell, Denesh Ramdin, Marlon Samuels, Chadwick Walton. NEW ZEALAND (from): Brendon McCullum (captain), Corey Anderson, Trent Boult, Doug Bracewell, Peter Fulton, Aaron Redmond, Hamish Rutherford, Ish Sodhi, Tim Southee, Ross Taylor, Neil Wagner, Bradley-John Watling, Kane Williamson. (WICB)

Brazil World Cup 2014: Builders strike at Amazon stadium Construction workers at the World Cup football stadium in the Brazilian city of Manaus have gone on strike demanding better safety conditions. The builders’ union took the action after a worker fell more than 35m (100ft) to his death on Saturday. All high work had already been halted by a court order on the weekend. It is not clear when the contractors will resume work. Half of the 12 stadiums being built for the tournament are behind schedule. The workers at Arena Amazonia say pressure to finish the construction is affecting their safety. ‘CONSTANT PRESSURE’ “The rating for safety in the building site is zero ... and we’re under constant

pressure to work,” builder Jose Aristoteles de Souza Filho told the Brazilian news website G1. Union leaders suggested the industrial action could be ended on Tuesday but work at high sectors of the stadium remains banned by a court order. Prosecutors had demanded the suspension until contracting firm Andrade Gutierrez presented a detailed report on the site’s safety conditions. Working conditions were “unacceptably dangerous” and the contractors could be fined, the prosecutors said. “The Public Prosecutor’s Office cannot allow the urgency of finishing construction for the 2014 World Cup to be at the cost of the life and wellbeing of those working on it.”

A team of experts inspected the building site on Monday and is expected to produce a detailed report about the safety precautions. The specialists are also reportedly looking into the working procedures at the site. Marcleudo de Melo Ferreira, 22, died in a hospital in Manaus after the fall. Hours later, another worker died of a heart attack at a nearby construction site. His family said he was overworked. In March, another builder died in the Arena Amazonia after falling from a height of about 5m. The stadium in the Amazonian jungle city is where the England team will open their 2014 World Cup campaign, playing against Italy. (BBC)

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GT&T/Hand-in-Hand Inter-County cricket – Day 3

Berbice vs Essequibo, no game on penultimate day; Rain ruins play in Demerara, President’s XI clash

Despite the efforts of the ground staff, play was still not possible yesterday at the Uitvlugt ground The penultimate day of the GT&T/Hand-in-Hand four day Inter County cricket, final round match between Berbice and Essequibo was washed out without a ball being bowled for the third consecutive day at the Everest ground yesterday. Although the sun was out in all its glory on Monday and yesterday and the pitch which was covered, heavy overnight rain left the ground with puddles of water. And despite efforts from the ground staff who removed the surface water b y m i d - d a y, s e v e r a l sections of the ground remained in a soggy state and play for the day was called off at Tea. If it rained last night and there is limited or no play today then Berbice will be crowned champions after defeating defending

champs Demerara outright for the first time since 2009 in the last match at Enmore. The other game, between the Demerara and the President’s X1 at the Uitvlugt ground in the West Coast Demerara was also washed out without a ball being bowled in that match. Today is the final day in both matches and action is s c h e d u l e d to start at 09:00hrs before the presentation of trophies is made. DEMERARA VS PRESIDENT’S XI Overnight and early morning showers prevented any play on day three of the third and final round match between Demerara and the President’s X1 in the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T), Hand-inHand Insurance senior four day Inter-County

tournament. Despite the efforts of the ground staff yesterday at Uitvlugt ground on the West Coast of Demerara, sections of the ground were still in a soggy state and play was officially called off at 14:30hrs after an inspection by the umpires. Play is expected to start at 09:00hrs today, weather permitting. Meanwhile, in an invited comment Manager o f t h e P r e s i d e n t ’s X I Robert ‘Pacer’ Adonis said his players are disappointed that no play was possible. He stated that they will be looking for first innings points should play get under way today. Manager of the Demerara team, Sherlock Atwell credited the ground staff for their hard work adding that his boys are eager to get their game on and showcase their talent.

Champion of Champions horserace now set for... From page 48 Lovely and Majestic, Damascus Dream, Captain Crook, Bridal Stone Corner, War Craft, Rosetta, Ferry Landing , Wild Grinder , Sunday Silence, Untouchable , I want Revenge, Savion and Smarty light will be competing. Among the sponsors are: Banks DIH Limited, Trophy Stall, Jumbo Jet, Dequan Shipping, Guyana Tourism Authority, Atlantic Marine Supply Inc, Delmur Shipping Company, Sankar Auto Works-Valvoline, Toolsie Persaud Limited, Buffalo

Energy Drink, Phagoo General Store, Southland Incorporated, John Dere Company, Kit Scipio of USA and Guyana, Jai Sign, Khanai’s Electrical, Fazal Habubulla, as they join with those already on board including -Trophy Stall Bourda Market, Kris Jagdeo Construction, Lekeram ‘Buddy’ Sukhdeo, Romell J a g r o o p Construction, Customs racing Stable , Businessman Shano Seenarine, Attorney at law R.N Poonai, Balram, Hardat and Lenny Singh and families.

Outstanding individual performers including top Jockey, trainer and stable will be presented with accolades compliments of the Trophy Stall, Bourda Market and the organisers. The race will be run under the rules of the Guyana Horse Racing Authority (GHRA). Additional details can be had by contacting Mohammed Shariff on 611 0684, Chanu Ramkissoon – 624 9063, or Kris Jagdeo (624 6123; 322 0369), Rajendra Jagdeo 618 7278, Ramnauth 337 5311. Race time is 12:30hrs. (Samuel Whyte)

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday December 18, 2013

Australia seal emotional victory to regain Urn

Champion of Champions horserace now set for Sunday Tourism Authority added to sponsors list

The beer flows as Australia sing, laugh and celebrate their victory As the Barmy Army sang mournfully of their desire to take the Urn home, Australia completed a pounding of England in Perth to regain the Ashes lost in 2009. Mitchell Johnson was a fitting taker of the last wicket, a short ball to James Anderson an equally fitting manner in which to take it. England have been bullied and battered from the second afternoon in Brisbane when Johnson blew the touring middle order away. In all it has taken only 14 days for Australia to end four years of torment. Of the current team only Michael Clarke had experienced an Ashes victory before. The overwhelming margin of victory was the culmination of a campaign that b e g a n i n E n g l a n d earlier this year, a series loss away from home used to gather intelligence on England and generate confidence within a team rejuvenated by the appointment of the new coach, Darren Lehmann. There were tears among

Australia’s players at the WA C A G r o u n d a f t e r a morning on which they were made to wait by the admirable Ben Stokes, who sculpted a maiden century on a pitch that had become patchworked with deep and wide cracks. J o h n s o n ’s d i s m i s s a l o f Matt Prior opened up one e n d , t h e n N a t h a n Ly o n defeated Stokes after lunch to begin the final drive to victory. Johnson’s wickets gave him 23 for the series so far, a major marker of the gap between the teams. Stokes and Matt Prior had begun with the target of getting through to the second new ball, something E n g l a n d ’s middle order had failed to do on the third morning. They managed this despite the odd ball deviating dramatically off t h e p i t c h ’s w i d e n i n g cracks, as Stokes crept c l o s e r t o a c e n t u r y. Australian nerves were evident in the fidgets of the fielders, while Ryan Harris’ brow furrowed more deeply

with every ball to beat the bat. Stokes was unperturbed by it all, mounting his tally steadily as Michael Clarke called for a fresh missile to hand to his bowlers. Prior flicked a pair of legside boundaries, the second of which drawing a huge divot in watered turf as Johnson dived. He got up with a muddy trouser leg but no sign of injury. The stand was worth 76 and more than an hour had been negotiated when Johnson homed in on Prior. A few balls had reared up at the wicketkeeper ’s ribs, and eventually he lost composure, swishing at a ball angling across him and edging through to Brad Haddin. Australian celebrations indicated as much relief as joy. But Stokes was far from finished. A pair of pull shots for two from Johnson took him to the cusp of a century, then a glove down the leg side scuttled to the fine-leg boundary for his hundred. England’s first of the series

Cycling-Team Sky’s Tiernan-Locke faces action for doping violation PARIS, (Reuters) - The International Cycling Union has asked British Cycling to open disciplinary proceedings against Team Sky rider Jonathan TiernanLocke after his biological passport showed “antidoping rule violation”, the governing body said yesterday. “The analysis of the biological passport of Mr.

Jonathan Tiernan-Locke by the Experts Panel has demonstrated an anti-doping rule violation (use of prohibited substances and/or methods),” the UCI said in a statement. “Consequently and in compliance with the UCI AntiDoping Rules, the UCI has requested his National Federation to initiate disciplinary proceedings.”

Jonathan Tiernan-Locke

was also only the third by an Englishman in Perth since 1987 - Graham Thorpe and Alastair Cook the other two. Stokes raised his bat proudly, then rounded off the session by twice clattering Lyon down the ground. Following a nervous lunch, Australia resumed their quest for the final wickets. Clarke persisted with Lyon, and had rich reward when Stokes attempted to sweep. A thin bottom edge was the result and Haddin did wonderfully to stay low with the ball and claim the catch. Instantly any tension among the hosts was relieved. I n Ly o n ’s n e x t o v e r Graeme Swann completed a forgettable match by squeezing a catch to short leg. The edge was so apparent and the ball’s parabola so gentle that Billy Bowden appeared to raise his finger before the ball settled into Steven Smith’s hands. The end was coming quickly now, and a well disguised Johnson slower ball resulted in a checked Tim Bresnan drive and a brilliant catch at mid-off by Chris Rogers. Stuart Broad batted bravely despite his badly bruised foot but it was merely a token gesture. Anderson soon fended Johnson to short leg and Australia rejoiced. Final scores: Australia 385 (Smith 111, Warner 60, Haddin 55) and 6 for 369 dec (Warner 112, Watson, Rogers 54) beat England 251 (Cook 72) and 353 (Stokes 120, Bell 60, Johnson 4-78) by 150 runs. (ESPNcricinfo)

Reigning champion Score’s Even with trainer and grooms. With the inclement weather putting a damper on the much anticipated Champion of Champions horserace meet last Sunday the organisers have confirmed that the race will definitely be held this coming Sunday December 22 at the Port Mourant Turf Club, Corentyne Berbice. Organised by the Ryan Crawford Memorial Turf Club and Sports Facilities, the Port Mourant Turf Club and the Shariff Business Enterprise and Racing Stable of West Berbice, the event will see a total of over $8M in prizes up for grabs. Sponsors and entries are still pouring in support, even at the last moment, with the Guyana Tourism Authority on board. Over 85 horses have been entered for this Meet. According to organiser Mohammed ‘Nankoo’ Shariff, the Meet will definitely be held this Sunday despite the threat of the inclement weather. “The Meet is long in coming and it is not fair to have horse owners constantly preparing their animals and not being able to compete. So we have taken a decision that barring very extraneous circumstances the race will be held,” he asserted. The event, which was being dubbed as the Meet of the year, will bring together the best horses in the country in the feature ‘A’ class race

and the best in the other divisions as they compete for hefty sums. The Banks DIH Limited sponsored feature ‘A’ and lower event would see the long awaited clash between reigning champion Score’s Even, two times Guyana Cup defending champion Elle’s Vision, the 2012 champion Settle in Seattle and the vastly improved Grande De Roja in battle against newly imported Rock Movie Star, Money in Return and Some Legend along with seasoned campaigners Got To Go, Mission King, CP Got Even, Who is on the Case, Swing Easy, the Message and Country Armagh for the $1.2M first prize and trophy over 6 Furlongs. The other races are - The event for 3yrs old Guyana and West Indies Bred horses, the race for D and lower horses, for three years old Guyana Bred horses, the G1and lower matchup, the event for Two Year old Guyana Bred and West Indies Bred maiden horse, the ‘I’ and lower race and the J and lower event. Other top notch animals such as - Cat Messiah, Silent Night, She So Special, Easy to Win, It’s My Turn, California Strike, Monsoon, Gold Rush, Princess Alisha, Gold Princess, Golden Reprise, Treacle, Red and (Continued on page 47)

Kaieteur News

Wednesday December 18, 2013

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Chico/Kashif & Shanghai Secondary Schools Football

Annandale, President’s College advance after riveting encounters Annandale and Uitvlugt Secondary Schools confirmed t h e views of the pundits that immense talent is nestling among the youths when they clashed in the feature attraction of a scorching double header when action in the Chico/Kashif & Shanghai Secondary Schools Football Tournament continued at the Den Amstel Community Centre Ground yesterday afternoon. The team from the East Coast Demerara demonstrated g r i t a n d determination to eke out a come from behind 2-1 victory after Dennis Mendonza breached the Annandale defense in the 37th minute with a ferocious shot that sped past custodian, Kenduce Cooper. The game then took on a fierce pace with both teams endeavoring to seize the advantage. The situation was brought back to equilibrium four minutes after Mendonza’s success when Kristoff Stoll received a pass and with one fluent movement, spun and

pasted the Uitvlugt custodian and there was a hush among the latter team’s supporters while those from Annandale erupted into ecstasy shortly before the half time whistle sounded. The war of attrition spilled into the second session and Clem Brotherson collected a clean offer way down the halfway mark and dexterously weaved his way to the Annandale goal. His shot was precise and powerful but Cooper was up to the task and performed a miraculous save that thrilled the small crowd. C o o p e r ’s t h e a t r i c s between the upright was really a joy to behold and on several occasions he managed to hold on to near impossible saves. His courage was also notable as, on several occasions he had to be attended to by the medical staff, one time for a sprained digit yet he refused to leave the field. A s t h e g a m e progressed, night began to step in and the arena began to darken even as the pundits visualized a

Stedman Martin

Yuon Armstrong

Von Harding

Kenduce Cooper

penalty shootout decider. With both teams attacking and counter attacking, the game certainly appeared to be headed in that direction and many anticipated a further exhibition from Cooper. Those hopes dissipated when Sven Anthony collected a humdinger of a pass but instead of

advancing, tapped the ball onto Dimitri Clarke’s ‘sugar foot’ for the latter player to pivot a n d c a n n o n t h e b a l l pas t t h e U i t v l u g t ’s cus todian in the 88th minute. It left little time for reparation and when the final whistle went two minutes later, the celebration started and continued even as the

disappointed Uitvlugt supporters left the venue. Meanwhile, in the opening match, President’s College embarrassed Sterwartville Secondary 31 compliments of goals from Stedman Martin (25), Von Harding (37) and Yuon Armstrong (49). G a j a n a N o r v i l l e n arrow ed the score in the 69th

m i n u t e , a l b e i t unsuccessfully for Stewartville. Fans could expect similar action when the tournament continues t o m o r r o w. A n n a n d a l e returns to play Queens College in the supporting match to the St Georges’ Secondary/East Ruimveldt Secondary faceoff.

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Wednesday December 18, 2013

Shillingford case has WI in a spin The fact that Shane Shillingford has been suspended a second time raises questions about the set-up in the Caribbean. If they could not fix him the first time, what chance of it working now? There can be few phrases more emotive in cricket than ‘chucker ’. Despite the modern limits set down to allow for some bending of

the elbow in delivery it remains a damaging label. That, effectively, is what Shane Shillingford woke up to yesterday morning as, for the second time, he was suspended from bowling at international level due to an illegal action. There is a lot of ICC speak involved in the findings and media release, but the outcome of the tests

in Western Australia are in fact worse than he was initially reported for. The match report from the umpires and referee after the Mumbai Test in November cited Shillingford’s doosra as the main cause for concern (a delivery which former Australia spinner Ashley Mallett believes can’t be bowled legally), but his offspinner has also been

ruled to breach the 15-degree limit. “Dejected,” was how Richie Richardson, the West Indies Team Manager, described Shillingford on Tuesday. You have to ask whether having been reported before, in 2010, and fought his way back he can do it a second time. It would test the mental resolve of anyone, particularly as his

Shane Shillingford

stock delivery is also a problem. The questions and uncertainty will never go away. There have been dodgy actions since the year dot and there will be more in the future. There is a school of thought they are now more

prevalent than ever, although that could be an outcome of the forensic TV evidence now available. The ICC’s 15-degree marker, brought in on the basis that extensive testing show it was impossible to (Continued on page 45)

Georgetown teams invade Linden today for double-header It has become an age old war whenever Georgetown and Linden clash in any sport and tonight at the Mackenzie Sports Club ground, it promises to be no different when the Georgetown Football Association / Banks Beer Knockout Cup continues with a double header. In the opening game at 18:00hrs, the Guyana Defence Force led by Royan Morrison, Eusi Phillips and Delwin Fraser takes on the M i n i n g To w n o w n Netrockers. In the feature clash of the night, BK Western Tigers will engage Milerock in what is anticipated to be an epic showdown to make it to the next round. Trevon Lythcott and

Solomon Austin are both experienced at this level and will no doubt be looking to orchestrate a win for their team and a spot in the next round. Milerock’s Clarence Huggins has been one of the pillars in the team’s success and he will once again be called upon to play a pivotal role in their quest to move on.

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Wednesday December 18, 2013

Soepe wins Mr. Suriname title again and has eyes set on Flex Night on March 2 The name Koese Soepe may be difficult for many Guyanese to pronounce, but those who watched his performance at the 2012 Flex Night International can’t forget the smiling manner in which he won the hearts of the Guyanese audience at the National Cultural Centre, and conquered the field of bodybuilders who possessed physiques much larger than his own. Last Saturday in Paramaribo, Koese Soepe turned in an encore performance when he won the Mr. Suriname title for the second successive year, defeating the likes of Melvyn Setropawiro and eight other contenders. S o e p e ’s v i c t o r y i n Paramaribo (as well as his success at the 2012 Flex Night International) has been likened to the little axe that cuts down the big tree. Soepe is very short by bodybuilding standards; measuring under 5ft in height. He is, however, able to pack an enormous amount of muscle on that otherwise diminutive frame,

Koese Soepe

presenting an extremely b a l a n c e d a n d symmetrical body that clearly stands out on stage regardless of who h a s the misfortune of standing next to him. The good (or bad) news

for Guyanese bodybuilders is that Koese Soepe has his eyes set on retaking the title o f M r. F l e x N i g h t International which he won in 2012. Can this Suriname legend be stopped? Only time will tell.

Matthias debunks controversy surrounding yearend tournaments President of the G u y a n a F o o t ball Federation (GFF) Christopher Matthias speaking with Kaieteur Sport via telephone on Monday debunked any controversy surrounding the scheduled staging of the finals of the Georgetown Football Association (GFA) / Banks Beer and the Upper Demerara Football Association (UDFA) / GT Beer Tournaments. M a t t h i a s r e s p o n d i n g t o q u e r i es made by this newspaper stated that “there will be no two finals on January 1 and this was supported by the GFF Congress which met recently to resolve the issue.” According to the G F F H e a d t h e UDFA was given the proposed dates for the staging of its yearend tournament and

- Congress gives approval for one final

Christopher Matthias January 1 was not given as one of those, but rather the GFA was permitted to play its final on that date. Matthias added t h a t i n t h e i nterest of

the sponsor (Banks DIH) which has undertaken to sponsor both tournaments, stakeholders and the fans, it would not have been prudent to host both finals on the same day since it would naturally rob the fans and other related interest groups of the opportunity to see both finals if they desire to and this obviously would not have been an ideal scenario. He pointed out t h a t e x c e p t f or one associate, the Congress was unanimous in declaring that only one final will be held on the disputed date and the GFA was awarded that date. Meanwhile, a source from the sponsor asked to comment on the issue would only say that the Company will be guided by the decision of the GFF.

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t r o Sp

Richie - Let’s win for Shane and fans

West Indies physio C.J. Clark and left-arm spinner Veerasammy Permaul head to the nets


Sunil Narine and Shannon Gabriel take a break from bowling

24 payers from 16 Berbice vs Essequibo, no game on penultimate day; nations invited to Rain ruins play in Demerara, President’s XI clash 2014 Caribbean Player Combine P.47 GT&T/Hand-in-Hand Inter-County cricket – Day 3


A ground staff mowing the pitch yesterday at Uitvlugt

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