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Saturday December 14, 2013

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Pride is something that keeps many nations from going under to lesser foes. In fact whoever came up with the symbols of nationhood were giving people a rallying point for their pride. The result is that nations have gone to war over the disrespect of the national flag. And protesters, to make a point, often burn flags. Very few things could incense a people more than to watch their national flag desecrated. From an early age people are drilled in the feelings of national pride. Some schools even take this issue to great lengths. Queen’s College drills esprit de corps into its students and this has been the case for as long as the school has been in existence—almost 100 years. So it is that two students may not even be known to each other but if one is a victim of an attack by an outsider the other is bound to intercede or face a severe sanction from the school. Similarly, a people do not sit idly by while one attacks one’s country. Guyana with hardly anything that anyone would consider a military might, has not sat back to allow Venezuela with its superior military capability, take a significant part of its country, regardless of how uninhabited that section of the country is. National pride is responsible for that reaction. But ahead of national pride there is self pride. People take care in how they appear to others. That is why when people go for interviews they take special pride in how they appear to the interviewer. Even speech is affected by the pride one feels. And people ensure that their children are endowed with pride. That has a lot to do with how the child performs in the classroom. The more pride the child has the better he or she should perform. To see that child slumped in a web of sadness is to see a child whose pride was dented because of his performance. As a Caribbean people we abrogated our individual accents to speak like the people in the adopted country simply because we did not have pride in ourselves and in the things that make us what we are. Prior to the preindependence era our men and women left these shores for one reason or the other. They returned with expatriate spouses. This is not so much the case these days. In fact, even in the adopted country there are enclaves of people from this corner of the world who maintain their identity. Not so long ago, the police in Queens, New York, claimed that they needed an interpreter to interview the residents. Less and less do Guyanese lose their accents; Caribbean people on the whole are less likely to lose their accents in a foreign land these days. They all say that they are proud of who they are. But ever so often one has to question the extent of national pride in a person or in a group of persons. Such questions are being asked of the West Indies cricket team. For the third time in four Test matches the team was obliterated within three days—twice by a higher rated India and once by a lower rated New Zealand. Just one year ago the West Indies made a clean sweep of the Test matches and the limited overs games, including one in Miami. And this was the same West Indies team that had its management and its captain cooing that the team was where it predicted it would be at this time. That announcement was made with pride. Weeks after that proud announcement we have foreign commentators talking of the pride less West Indies, people who seem to have no sense of pride. These views were first uttered when the very West Indies became the first team to play cricket against South Africa when that country was allowed back into the International Cricket Council fold. With one day to finality, the South Africans had the upper hand. The older players accused the West Indies of having no pride, of having no sense of history. These comments needed no explanation but they evoked something in the players. They went on to win that inaugural match. Not so today.

The Finance Minister is himself beginning to believe the propaganda the PPP spouts! DEAR EDITOR, Please permit me to respond to another inaccurate “outburst” this time from the Minister of Finance as was reported verbatim in your newspaper of Tuesday, December 10, 2013 under the caption “Finance Minister resorts to cuss out rather than deal with the issue.” The Minister of Finance Dr. Ashni Singh, in now familiar style, when asked about the unaccounted sum of $8000M, resorted to the most vicious form of libel and defamation, which has become a trademark of the party and Government he represents. The Minister made the following statements in reference to Khemraj Ramjattan. 1. ”We have seen his silence over the conflict of interest when his friend Nigel Hughes was discovered to be company secretary of the Amaila Falls Hydro Project while serving as party chairman.” 2. ”He has said nothing when Mr. Hughes wife Cathy Hughes failed to disclose as a parliamentarian the conflict of interest created by having her public relations company represent Sithe Global.” 3. ”We have Mr. Ramjattan’s absolute silence when his friend Nigel Hughes was caught barefacedly lying to the Court about his relationship with a juror during the Lusignan massacre trial.” In his statement, the Minister is not only inaccurate and malicious but libelous, hoping to detract attention from himself as yet another scandal emerges regarding the possible misuse of the public purse of

which he has control. As such, and for the record, I feel it necessary to correct the lies being peddled by Minister Singh et al and to place a few indisputable facts in the public domain. Mr. Ramjattan, on the day of the publication of the news of my husband’s position as Company Secretary of Sithe Global, stated that he knew of Mr. Hughes’ relationship with the company. That Mr. Hughes had disclosed this relationship to the party and that he, Mr. Ramjattan, saw no conflict of interest, as Mr. Hughes did not participate in any AFC meetings, discussions or decisions taken in relation to the Amaila Falls Hydro Project. Further, the Government was fully aware that Nigel Hughes was the Company Secretary for the Company Amaila Falls Hydro Inc. since 2009. On the question of my alleged non-disclosure that I was Public Relations consultant to Sithe and to the persons who sought to create a storm, I would like to suggest that the Minister ask his friends at GINA to secure for him the Kaieteur News newspaper of Monday, December 6, 2010 (yes, over three years ago) when I was the subject of the boldest headline in red “Cathy H u g h e s ’ affiliation with Synergy Holdings no conflict of interest” in which the article clarifies that I was employed in a PR capacity not with Synergy but Sithe. How could I possibly be accused of non-disclosure when more than two years before, Kaieteur News

highlighted the exact issue and quoted Mr. Ramjattan, who stated that he saw no conflict and that I would be asked to recuse myself if the AFC won government? I don’t think anyone can disagree that with a headline in Kaieteur News - (the widest read and largest newspaper in circulation figures) the entire country had access to this information. This is in addition to the fact that I publicly represented the company at public awareness sessions and signed several press releases as PR Consultant. I have stated publicly (clearly the Minister missed this) that my Company handles the PR functions of several organisations. That is my training, experience and how I earn an honest living. At no time did I attend any meetings with the Government, Opposition or the AFC regarding Sithe and the Amaila Falls project. My professional ethics, which I hold dear, do not permit me to, and so I recused myself on all occasions. To claim that I may have exerted influence on my Party’s position and my fellow parliamentarians is giving me more credit than is due. Many have tried to create hysteria and suggest dishonesty on my part where there is none. I can only say that those who truly “know me” understand what I stand for and I stand tall, integrity intact. On the final issue of my husband Nigel being caught barefaced lying to the court. There was never any

statement made by Mr. Hughes to the court about the juror or his knowledge about any relationship with the juror, so how in the circumstances can he be accused of lying when he made no statement. The foreman of the jury as it subsequently turned out was not only a PPP member and a client of the Attorney General in 2011, but had actively picketed against Nigel during the Linden Commission of Inquiry. So Mr. Singh, please remember that neither my husband nor I have access to the public purse. We have stolen no monies, received no bribes. I understand fully the dire straits you and your Party find yourself in, which may explain your actions. We are easy prey, and after nearly two years of serving in Parliament, I realize now that when you step up to be counted, stand up and speak up against all the madness that Guyana is today, your reputation will be deliberately dragged through the mud. Rest assured I will not play dead, but will continue to scream and shout for a better Guyana, and I am comforted by the hundreds of Guyanese who understand fully “How de story go!” After all his huffing and puffing the venerable Minister is still to let us know what he did with the $8000M. And again the public servants don’t get their just rewards. On this matter there is no conflict, only nondisclosure and silence! Cathy Hughes

Nelson Mandela - a giant of history DEAR EDITOR, United States President Barack Obama described the late Nelson Mandela as “a giant of history”. He was one of over a hundred world leaders who attended the funeral of Mandela who passed away peacefully at his Johannesburg home on December 5, 2013. His funeral brings back memories of the funeral of our own Dr. Cheddi Jagan, where tens of thousands of people attended his funeral at Babu John. Both Mandela and Jagan had one thing in common, and that is their ability to put the interests of their people above their own selfinterests, even if it meant being harassed and sent to jail. Mandela spent twentyseven years in prison, but he lived to see the fruits of his struggle becoming a reality in a free and democratic South

Africa of which he had the honour of becoming the first democratically-elected President. The same could be said of Dr. Cheddi Jagan who, after spending twenty-eight years in the political wilderness, emerged in the end to become the first democraticallyelected President of Guyana. Both Nelson Mandela and Cheddi Jagan shared the same philosophical outlook, which in essence was that freedom, liberation and dignity were worth far more than the accumulation of personal wealth. For both men, life without dignity was not worth living. Both men were professionals in their own right - Dr. Jagan was a dentist by training and Mandela a lawyer. They could have earned a decent life by practicing their trade, but they opted instead for the rough and tough of political

life, which today places them in the category of great men of history. In this regard, mention should also be made of Mrs. Janet Jagan, wife of Dr. Cheddi Jagan and former President of Guyana who was named by TIME Magazine as one of sixteen of the most rebellious women of world history. They were all “rebels” but rebels with a cause, namely, changing the conditions of life of the poor and oppressed. I thought of drawing these comparisons if only to make the point, which is that there can be no greater service than service to humanity and to one’s country. In the final analysis people are judged and remembered not by the material wealth that they accumulated or by the size of their purse, but by the extent to which they have subordinated their own selfinterest for the good of

society as a whole. As I watched the mass outpouring of sympathy and grief over the passing of Mandela, I could not help but wonder what might be passing through the minds of those who at one time or the other were responsible for the injustices that were meted out to Mandela during the dark days of apartheid rule. Both the United States and Britain and for that matter the entire western word turned a blind eye to the atrocities that prevailed at that time. The ANC at one time was placed on the list of “terrorist” organizations and Mandela himself, even though he was President, had to be put on a special dispensation in order to gain entry into the United States. Times have changed, and with it the thinking and perception of the western powers on how they dealt (Continued on page 5)

Saturday December 14, 2013

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Peeping Tom’s explanation on this Kissoon is not a child of Madiba issue was shallow with little substance DEAR EDITOR, What was Freddie Kissoon’s real point in his column, “President Obama and the richest African woman in the world”, (KN, 1212-13)? Perhaps it was encapsulated in his last line of that column, “I documented race discrimination in my own country and it earned me a libel suit from the then President. I am not afraid. I am a child of Madiba.” Kissoon postulates that by criticizing the richest African woman in the world (Isabel dos Santos), it would grandstand him as being “non-racial”. For more than a decade, he lambastes the East Indians of Guyana ad nauseam, and makes derogatory comments on individuals and icons that East Indians of Guyana are sensitive to - to be seen as the “good guy” by his fans. And now, by criticizing Isabel dos Santos, it underscores that Kissoon is “a child of Madiba”! How dare Mr. Kissoon assume the venerable progeny of Madiba (the proud clan name of Nelson Mandela); this conceit and aggrandizement are akin to desecration or sacrilege. Mandela was a proud (black) African, and proud of his clan. He recognized long and far the dignity of his people. He criticized racists from all sides of the divide; he upheld the decorum and self-respect of his people. He never labelled any group - especially his clan -

with the hauteur and contemptuous egotism that Kissoon is known for. About 7 years ago or so, a (Guyanese) African rights activist upbraided Mr. Kissoon for criticizing Blacks, and reverberated that the only people who criticize Blacks should be Blacks themselves. After receiving this reprimand, Mr. Kissoon quickly tugged his tail between his legs, and retreated. Now, the only significant criticism of blacks in years by Mr. Kissoon comes by way of referring to an African leader that 99.99% of Guyanese never heard of. So, is Mr. Kissoon now seen as “non-racial” that he criticized Isabel dos Santos? For years, Mr. Kissoon has debased, demeaned and degraded the East Indians of Guyana. And of course, many have known of his contempt of things Indian, and being ashamed of being East Indian. Mandela was never ashamed of being black, and neither is this the case of Mr. Kissoon’s hero (and mine), Eusi Kwayana. Eusi has been a proud Black person – and rightly so. (The name “Eusi” is derived from an East African root word that means “black”, Eusi had explained to me). Freddie Kissoon is no child of Madiba; Eusi hails from that clan. And so is Cheddi Jagan, as mentioned by Dr. Kingsley Harrop, in a letter, “There was a Mandela among our leaders”, (KN, 13-12-13). Devanand Bhagwan

DEAR EDITOR, Regarding Peeping Tom’s column titled ‘On Not Being Invited to Mandela’s Funeral Service’ dated December 13, 2013. I found the author’s explanation to be shallow with little substance regarding the purpose of attending Mr. Mandela’s funeral service. The person wrote only about the logistics of Mr. Ramotar attending the funeral service of Mr. Mandela, without the leader of the main opposition, but misses an important point about funerals and what Mandela spent most of his life to create, a better world for South Africans, including all of us. Peeping Tom saw only the physical aspects of the funeral service and not what Guyana could have gained from Mandela’s contribution to us. I believe funerals are mostly for the living, so that we can be reminded about the contributions of the deceased that might improve our lives for a better world. As the writer must undoubtedly be aware, there are similarities of race challenges in both Guyana and South Africa. Since independence, the race problems continue to tear Guyana apart. Through Mandela’s efforts, a solution was found in South Africa, resulting in tremendous healing for the people and progressive growth, especially for the underprivileged. Could the resolve in South Africa help Guyana in any way? In my opinion, and I believe the opinion of

Nelson Mandela - a giant... From page 4 with some of the freedom fighters of the past. Mandela, Jagan, Arafat, Mahatma Gandhi and others are today respected and considered great men and international statesman because they have all risen above the narrow confines of petty political thinking and sought to change society in positive ways. But as I said before, history has a way of judging people and the verdicts of the masses are always right. Former US Secretary of State Arthur Schlesinger, during the Kennedy administration, openly apologized to Dr. Jagan for the injustice done to him. And President Obama was full of praise for Mandela when he said that Mandela ‘not only freed the prisoner but the jailer as well.” There is a saying that great minds think alike. Nelson Mandela, Cheddi Jagan, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Arafat were

all cut from the same cloth. They shared the same world view and perspectives on life. For them, people and their well-being and dignity was the driving force; the tonic that energized them and got them going in life, despite the great odds. Today they have all gone to the great beyond, but in their own ways and under

different conditions and circumstances, they left a legacy of hope that a better day is on the horizon for the oppressed peoples of the world. These men were indeed giants of history. They are men of honour and integrity who gave of themselves so that others could be free. Hydar Ally

thousands, the answer is YES. All Mr. Ramotar and Mr. Granger have to do is begin with a small portion of what Mandela did for forgiveness, and our beloved Guyana could start the transformation of being another South Africa. This gesture could be very important to Guyana, where the opposition controls parliament and there is a minority government. We all know how one race of people was treated in a previous Guyana government. This is happening again to the other race. When does it all end? If Mr. Ramotar and the PPP were not so self-serving and if a welcoming hand was outreached to Mr. Granger to accompany the President to the funeral service - even if Mr. Granger had to pay his own way - a golden opportunity was lost to start the healing process in Guyana, that Mandela stood for, and could have been possible with this mutual purpose of travel. On the other hand, the perceived selfishness has created a deeper animosity among the races in Guyana and where it ends might

destroy the country, like an alcoholic reaching bottom, before generations could make our motto a reality ‘ One People, One Nation, One Destiny’. Whether Mr. Granger was part of the government delegation or not allowed at the viewing, the purpose of accompanying Mr. Ramotar could have build stronger ties between them, as they reflected on their purpose of visiting South Africa together. Mr. Granger would have a stronger link to South Africa that might have assisted Mr. Ramotar to better understand the other major race in Guyana, while Mr. Granger might have benefitted the same, if he had accompanied Mr. Ramotar to India. It is only when we better understand other races and cultures that we are able to work in unison. Global North countries have a way of imposing aid to Global South

countries, sometimes without discussion of culture consequences that could be disastrous to those receiving the aid. Unfortunately, that lost gesture of an invitation to the leader of the opposition that had more to do with the ANC when they formed the government of Guyana, while the PPP did little, might cause long-lasting consequences for all races here. Similar to South Africa, unless the race problem is resolved in Guyana, the country and her people have little hope for a peaceful selfdetermination. In your next column, Peeping Tom, I hope you will address the opportunities lost for the betterment of Guyana, by Mr. Ramotar not inviting Mr. Granger to Mandela’s funeral services. A conscious patriot Name and address withheld

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Saturday December 14, 2013

‘A’ Division Commander Chief Justice orders Minister to explain Sooba’s appointment Derrick Josiah dies suddenly

Local Government Minister Ganga Persaud

Royston King

Local Government Minister Ganga Persuad will have to show cause why Chief Justice Ian Chang should not set aside the controversial confirmation of Carol Sooba to the post of Town Clerk. The Chief Justice granted an Order Nisi yesterday which would be served on the Minister for him to disclose to the court the basis under which the confirmed Town Clerk was chosen. The matter was taken to the Supreme Court by Royston King, City Hall’s Public Relations Officer and one of the applicants that took part in the interview sessions. King has applied to have Sooba’s appointment quashed. He is represented by Attorney-at-Law Nigel Hughes. King in his affidavit explained his position and disclosed all necessary information about himself regarding this matter. His challenge to Sooba’s appointment has three principal bases; that he (King) had a legitimate expectation, that after abiding by the rules and requirements of the Ministry-convened

interview panel, that a legitimate decision would be made in relation to the criteria set. King contended that the Minister would have established the interview panel; setting out a criterion to identify a most suitable candidate; that that panel would have made certain requests that the applicants would have had to satisfy. It was further contended that the decision of the minister deviated from that set criteria when Sooba was appointed Town Clerk. King is stating that when the Minister chose Sooba for the post by the powers vested in him, he did not take into consideration the criteria that the interview panel would have set, that the viable applicants would have satisfied rules and regulations and that the recommendations of the interview panel was ignored. The matter will be back in court on December 23. The Local Government Ministry, about a month ago, had set up an interview panel to select a suitable person for the post of Town Clerk. Four persons applied including one Paul Clarke, Royston

Town Clerk Carol Sooba King and the current Town Clerk Carol Sooba. The panel included Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green, Local Government Permanent Secretary Collin Croal and Guyana Local Government Officers Union (GLGOU) President Dale Beresford among others. The union President and the Deputy Mayor have stated continuously that the panel unanimously recommended Paul Clarke for the post while King was the second most suitable person. The two were however by passed and Sooba appointed. The Local Government Minister said that Clarke failed to make certain disclosures about a passed job and declared that Sooba was the second most suitable for the post. King decided to challenge the decision. “I believe the time has come when professionals must be respected and such, matters should be tested in a court of law. It has to do with organizational ethics, legitimate expectations, professional pride and integrity.” Most city Councilors are against Sooba’s appointment claiming that her presence at City Hall is to stifle their work, progress and responsibility to the city; and that she is acting accordingly. They say she disregards their decisions.

The Guyana Police Force fraternity was left in a state of shock yesterday after Assistant Commissioner of Police Derrick Josiah died suddenly at a private hospital. A brief release from the Police Public Relations Department stated that the former ‘A’ Division Commander is suspected to have suffered a heart attack. Josiah had sustained a broken leg and a shoulder injury in an automobile accident last month. But he was discharged from hospital some two weeks ago and had appeared to be on the road to recovery. Kaieteur News understands that Josiah was receiving treatment at the Woodlands Hospital at around 15:39 hrs when he complained of feeling unwell and asked for a drink of water. He then fell unconscious and passed away shortly after. Expressing shock at Josiah’s passing, Commissioner of Police Leroy Brumell said that he had spoken to his Divisional Commander as recent as

Derrick Josiah

Thursday. According to the Top Cop, Josiah’s death was a great loss for the Force. “He was a Christian, he was a team man; a man whom I respected, who was always willing to go the extra mile. He was a driving force in my administration and I will miss him terribly.” Brumell revealed that ‘A’ Division will be cancelling its annual Christmas lunch out of respect for its fallen Commander. Josiah was involved in an accident on Tuesday,

November 12 last, when the car he was in crashed into a utility pole on the Goed Fortuin Public Road, West Coast Demerara. The incident reportedly occurred when Josiah’s driver swerved to avoid colliding with another vehicle. He was admitted to a private hospital. Just a day before his mishap, the Divisional Commander had unveiled plans for patrolling the city and outlying areas during the Christmas season.

GPHC’s nurses continue to reject five percent pay hike Nurses as well as security guards at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) yesterday continued their protest to register disapproval with the government’s decision to impose a five percent increase for all public servants. During yesterday’s demonstration, the protesters said that they will embrace the Guyana Public service Union (GPSU)’s call to take their protest action to another level. “They (government) will see what we will do. They don’t care and we don’t care.” The GPHC staffers as well as government workers countrywide started their protest days after Dr. Roger Luncheon announced that

…say increase is “goat bite” public servants will get a five percent pay hike. “This is ridiculous. We are working for $35,000 a month and the government is not doing anything. Mr. President, you are in for a surprise at the next Elections,” a protester stated. He added that, “Last Wednesday, Luncheon insisted that salaries will be paid with an increase of not more than five percent but we will not accept that.” Yesterday, nurses’ representative on the GPSU, Kempton Alexander pointed out that the bus fare from the park to the public hospital has

increased by $20. “Even milk, rice, flour and everything increase but our salary wouldn’t increase.” Some of the placards read, “We will stand in unity and fight for our dignity”, “Time to respect nurses”, “How long we must suffer for an increase”, and “Stop throwing away tax payers’ money on Jagdeo’s friends.” The health care workers are also threatening to ‘down tools’ if the government does not agree “to take it to the negotiation table.” One senior worker at the hospital told Kaieteur News that, “This country is getting worse that is why I work hard, educate my children and send them to work in another country where they are being treated and paid better. I wouldn’t advise no young person to work in Guyana.”

Saturday December 14, 2013

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Saturday December 14, 2013

Trans Guyana Airways takes Candlelight vigil held for Santa to Kamarang village four-year-old who died at GPHC Some of the children take the opportunity to pose with Santa.

Yesterday began ‘to look a lot like Christmas’ in the small Amerindian community of Kamarang, Region Seven, as every child there had the once in a lifetime opportunity to chat with old St. Nicholas himself. ‘Once in a lifetime’ because while children on the Coastland are treated to seeing and even interacting with this enchanting character from the North Pole almost every year, many of those living in Kamarang and other remote areas have only heard of Santa Claus. So this year, the Correia Group of Companies, via its Trans Guyana Airways arm, transported a quantity of goodie bags to the village, where Pilot- Connor Allen acted as Santa Claus, spreading the ultimate Christmas cheer. As the Trans Guyana aircraft landed at Kamarang sometime after midday yesterday, a large number of the residents, mainly ecstatic kids, gathered at a nearby shop to get glimpses of Santa Claus and his elves. Christmas carols were sung and the face of every

child was beaming with joy. They got to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him all about their Christmas wishes. Questionably, every child living in Kamarang guaranteed Mr. Claus that they have not been naughty at all this year, and therefore deserve to get a gift. Close to 300 nursery and primary school students benefitted from the hampers which consisted of toys, sweets and much needed school supplies. While some of the children stayed and stared in amazement at the man dressed in red and white, others were eager to open their packages, and raced home after collecting their goodies. Parents expressed gratitude for the items which they say will go a far way in sparking the Christmas mood of the children. One parent named ‘Selma’ told Kaieteur News that since the cost of living has risen in the Region, the items, especially the school supplies, will go a far way in assisting parents. “We would not have to buy everything for our

children’s school next term, so we are very thankful to them for this gesture,” the parent added. In speaking with Kaieteur News, the excited children promised they would care their items, since it was given to them by Santa Claus. One primary school student told this newspaper that he hasn’t seen his father in a while, and he is hoping that Santa Claus would bring him home for Christmas, but if Santa is not able to do so, the gift bag will do. Meanwhile, Captain Andre Farinha told Kaieteur News that while children in orphanages and homes in and around the city are catered for, the less fortunate children in far-flung areas are somewhat forgotten. He noted however that Trans Guyana Airways, and by extension, the Correia Group of Companies will make the visit to Kamarang an annual one, so as to ensure that children in that particular area are catered for. Kamarang is home to approximately 500 persons, 250 of whom are children below the age of 11. (Rehana Ashley Ahamad).

A candlelight vigil intended to lament the recent passing of four-year-old Jaden Mars at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) was held on the New Market Street pavement outside of the hospital last evening. The vigil attracted a number of persons, some of whom travelled from as far as the East Coast of Demerara to demonstrate solidarity with the grieving mother of the child, Natalie Caseley. It was revealed that the move was also intended to echo a call for justice for the child in light of the belief by some that there was negligence on the part of medical personnel who attended to him. According to Audrey Hammond of Sophia she read about the incident in the newspaper and was moved by the unfortunate situation. As a result the woman said that she decided to come out and join the vigil to show support to the parents of the now dead child. Similar sentiments were echoed by Julia Smith of Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara, who noted that in addition to expressing condolence and support to Caseley, “we also want to let the hospital know that this is not just a walk over.” Also speaking last evening was another East Coast Demerara resident, Jenelle Christian, who underscored that Natalie has had to endure a loss that “no mother should and we are standing here with her to show she is not alone.” Caseley, in expressing appreciation for the support, noted that the vigil is one that is not only aimed at highlighting the unjust act committed against her son but to amplify a state of affairs that has occurred before at the medical institution. “Georgetown hospital is a public health facility and people need to know that they can walk in here and walk out healthy...we need to also be assured by this facility that if you walk in here and you are not healthy they will try their best to make you healthy.” “Since when biting your tongue kills you?” questioned the distraught mother as she alluded to the dilemma which saw her son being taken to the hospital last week Wednesday. “...if there is no room for incidence and accidents then they should just close down the facility and if something happens we try to take care of it at home and if it is not taken care of then we know we will die because if we come

Dead: Jaden Mars.

here we will die anyway.” While she could not speak to the continuance of the vigil, Caseley did note that her efforts will be long-term in order to get justice “not just for Jaden but for everybody else in the past that this and similar things had happened to and nobody stood up for themselves...” Mars, who attended the Ascension Nursery School, was pronounced dead early Tuesday morning, a few days after being admitted a patient at the hospital to have his damaged tongue sutured. Reports are that the child accidentally fell at home and hit his chin on a five gallon bucket causing his teeth to impact his tongue. He was administered at least two 25

milligram doses of Ketamine at the medical institution to sedate him in order to have his tongue repaired. Mars was however sent to the theatre to have the procedure done but never regained consciousness, leaving his family members in distress and desirous of answers as to what could have led to his demise. A post mortem examination conducted on Wednesday revealed that the cause of Mars’ death was Pulmonary Embolism. According to GPHC’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Khan, an investigation into the death of the child is in its final stage. He expects to be presented with the report on Monday.

Gold surpasses targeted amount Guyana has surpassed its targeted production for 2013. Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Robert Persaud, made the declaration on Wednesday during the launch of a major venture to take local gold mining to a new horizon. That major venture is being pursued by Guyana Goldfields at Aurora Mines. The Minister during his presentation said that as at Wednesday morning, Guyana‘s gold production was 452,000 ounces, surpassing the predicted

451,000 ounces. Gold prices had experienced a significant decline around April. Last year’s production was 314,000 ounces, a 23 percent increase over the previous year and also surpassing its declared amount. Despite Government’s declared amount, with a little over 45,000 ounces shy of 500,000 ounces, and given the regular end of year rush to sell off the mineral, miners are optimistically looking to reach the latter amount.

Takama weed cutter found dead on citrus farm - Post Mortem suggests foul play The body of 41-year-old Krishna Mangru, a weed cutter was found dead on a Citrus Farm at Takama, Upper Berbice River on Tuesday. It was discovered by his coworkers on the farm whose owner is purportedly a Trinidadian. The man’s body was subsequently transported to the Georgetown Public

Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where a post mortem revealed that blunt trauma was the cause of death. As a result, the police have suspected foul play and ranks from Linden subsequently arrested six of the workers of the citrus farm. The detained workers are denying knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the man’s death.

Saturday December 14, 2013

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Blow her mind for Christmas I met a friend downtown a few days ago. He looked all stressed out. I asked him what was the problem, and he replied that he just could not decide what to give his partner for the holidays. Here was a guy who was not short on cash. He could buy whatever he wanted. The problem he faced is that he did know what to buy. He could not choose the appropriate gift that would express just how he felt. I know quite a few men who have the same problem. My advice to them always is to do something that would blow their partners’ minds. Do something that would have their partners all starryeyed. In the process, they may also be doing something for themselves. There are some women who feel that you can best show your love by the type of gift you give to them. The more expensive the gift, the greater is the love. I know quite a few men who will be digging deep into their accounts this holiday season to buy that super expensive gift for their loved ones. If that is what it takes to blow their partners minds, well, so be it. This reminds me of an older, white haired Guyanese who walked into a jewellery store one Friday evening with a beautiful young lady at his side. He told the jeweller he was looking for a special ring for his girlfriend. The jeweller looked through his stock and

brought out a $50,000 ring. The old man said, “No, I’d like to see something more special.” At that statement, the jeweller went to his special stock and brought another ring over. “Here’s a stunning ring at only $400, 000,” the jeweller said. The young lady’s eyes sparkled and her whole body trembled with excitement. The old man, seeing this, said, “We’ll take it.” The jeweller asked how payment would be made and the old man stated, “By cheque. I know you need to make sure my cheque is good, so I’ll write it now, and you can call the bank Monday to verify the funds, and I’ll pick the ring up Monday afternoon,” the Guyanese said. Monday morning, the jeweller phoned the old Guyanese man. “There’s no money in that account.” “I know,” said the Guyanese man, “But let me tell you about my weekend!” Some years ago, I wrote an article about blowing a woman’s mind. It was a big hit on feminist blogs. I ended that article with the following observation: When men are courting, and they are serious about a girl, they are on their best behaviour. They shower her with gifts, say the nicest things, and are always kind and considerate. But no sooner does the wedding ring go on the finger

Dem boys seh...

Pressure mek de bridge people budge Pressure does mek cow heel soft. It does mek anything soft and people who like dem pepper pot at this time of year gun mek de pressure cooker talk. Well, A Pee Pun You put pressure pun de Berbice Bridge and soften all dem who enjoy some good cash. Dem people who mekking de profit put in li’l bit and drawing de hog share. De people who put in de hog share in de bridge ain’t getting one cent. Dem boys sit down and watch this thing. Was like somebody borrow people money, build something, then charge de people fuh use de thing and don’t pay de people any interest or profit pun dem own money. Of course, some greedy people in de Private sector commission jump up and tell de government that it mustn’t listen to dem who want de toll reduce. Dem boys seh that is one thing when a rich man can afford something. He does believe that de poor people must pay de same money because he don’t want to see nobody else get rich. That is why now that is Christmas all dem people who got store raise dem goods. Dem know that poor people des get a small piece and dem want to tek way every cent suh that when January come and poor people sitting down crying de rich people counting money and smiling. Well dem boys want de Berbice people to know that dem is de people who does use de bridge m ore than anybody else. Essequibians do not cross de bridge and dem Demerara people does hardly cross it. Suh dem telling dem Berbicians that if dem want to save money all dem got to do is don’t travel pun de bridge. Dem can travel by plane and that more cheap in some cases. De Shaat crook and de fat crook mek money hand over fist from de bridge. De people must spoil dem fun. Talk half and put pressure pun de toll.

of the bride than her suffering begins. Some men suddenly begin to take their partner for granted and at times will even try to belittle their wives in front of their friends. I urge all the men in Guyana to treat their partners with respect. Pamper them and make them feel loved and wanted. One night, I watched an interview on NBC with Billy Bob Thornton.

He was speaking about his ex-wife, the stunning Angelina Jolie, and he took all the blame for their split. He told the interviewer that it was entirely his fault. Then when he was asked why the two split up, he said it had nothing to do with his unfaithfulness. He added, “I was afraid of her. She was too beautiful for me. She was too smart for me. She had too much integrity

for me. I felt so small next to her.” That line, sincere and exact, would blow any woman away. No woman could ask for a greater compliment from a man, even one that she is divorced from. I believe that most women would rather have love and affection than the most expensive gift in the world. The greatest gift you can give a woman for Christmas is your

undying love and respect. Blow her mind this Christmas, not by the value of the gift, but by the value of the love and respect that is behind it.

UN Water Country Brief formed on Guyana Guyana is the only Caribbean country selected to be part of the UN Water Country Brief survey which is aimed at ensuring that the resource is sustainably managed. In this initial stage, 13 countries are beneficiaries to a profile study series carried out by the UN-Water Country Briefs (WCBs). On Wednesday last, Agriculture Minister, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy was provided with a six-page Brief which details the country’s water profile; water-related investment flow, evidence and analysis on the state of irrigated agriculture, drinking water and sanitation, environment and health energy, industry and water governance. This study has been implemented by the AQUASTAT Programme of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), under the auspices of UN-Water, and with financial support from the United States Department of State. In addition to providing an overview of the countries’ water system, the WCB is also designed to demonstrate to policy makers the value of investments in water resources. The six-page Brief was presented to Dr. Ramsammy by FAO Representative in Guyana, Dr. Lystra FletcherPaul, who explained that apart

from Guyana, WCBs has been produced for Bangladesh, Chile, Ghana, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Mongolia, Oman, Philippines, United Republic of Tanzania, Vietnam, and Zambia. Dr. Fletcher-Paul pointed out that water is becoming scarce, and that many countries are pumping more than is recharged. She pointed out that it is because of this that decisionmakers and policy-making bodies need to have access to reliable information to allow for the formulation of effective, corrective and preventative strategies. Thus far, there has not been a national overview of the water system in Guyana, hence the birth of the WCBs which is expected to fill the gap in the water knowledge pool. The FAO official also expressed hope that this initiative will help to further increased political momentum. Meanwhile, Minister Ramsammy acknowledged that while the world faces this challenge, Guyana remains in a better position than the vast majority of countries, due to the local abundance of water. Dr. Ramsammy pointed out that Guyana is ranked among the top three countries in the world as it relates to water resources. “We have access (if we can harness it) to water that is over 300,000 millimeters per

Dr. Lystra Fletcher-Paul presents Dr. Ramsammy with a copy of the UN Water County Brief produced on Guyana (GINA Photo) capita whilst most countries are dealing with per capita access of less than 10,000,” the Minister explained. However, he did point out that the irony of the situation is that Guyana can also go from having too much water to not having enough, almost instantaneously.

He said that while water is pumped into the sea during the rainy season, “we would want the water back when the dry season steps in.” “But we cannot take it back, because now it would be filled with salt and other things,” Dr. Ramsammy emphasized.

CORRECTION The article headlined ‘City Magistrate’s husband remanded for assaulting her,’ published in the December 12 edition of Kaieteur News stated that “…like the many baffled, were also forced out of the courtroom”. In fact the Chief Magistrate emptied the court to facilitate an in camera hearing. She never ‘forced’ anyone out of the court. The newspaper also stated that “The matter was first called in the morning but the Magistrate’s decision was dished...” The magistrate never handed down a decision. The matter is still being heard and could be some time from a decision. Kaieteur News regrets the error. The matter continued yesterday.

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Saturday December 14, 2013

Volda Lawrence’s Barbados hails Burnham as anti-Apartheid fighter absence to be investigate Freudel Stuart

While Guyana provided a disunited front led by its government in paying tribute to Nelson Mandela on his passing, the Barbados Parliament came together as one and even acknowledged Forbes Burnham’s antiApartheid role. As people complained in letters to newspapers, and on the social media, of the divided manner in which Guyanese political leaders

approached this solemn time that is being observed across the world, President Donald Ramotar jetted off to the funeral activities in South Africa with a government and People’s Progressive Party team. He left behind Opposition representatives of the people in contrast to the example set by neighboring Trinidad and Tobago where Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissesar included members from the other side of parliament, amid similar gestures by worldleading democracies such as the US and Canada. Barbados Prime Minister Freundel Stuart said, “Countries like Barbados, and

in particular in the Caribbean, a country like Guyana under the late Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham took a determined position against Apartheid in South Africa, and against that system of oppression and racism”. Stuart was speaking in that island’s parliament Tuesday in a sitting, specially set aside for paying tribute to Nelson Mandela. Stuart had backgrounded his statement with examples of murderous action by the then South African government, including the 1960 Sharpeville massacre of 69 protesters, and killing of activists Steve Biko and Chris Hani. He also referred to international incidents of discrimination against black sportsmen such as English cricketer Basil D’Olivieira, and American Tennis player, Arthur Ashe. Stuart’s presentation in the Barbados Parliament was followed by that of Leader of the Opposition, Mia Mottley, and a number of members of parliament from both sides of the House. In a bipartisan gesture, they then proceeded as a group to sign a national book of condolence.

- Granger Some members of the Opposition are not only disappointed but almost furious that the government triumphed on Thursday during a vote for the approval of provisions for works on the controversial Specialty Hospital. A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s Leader, David Granger, has announced that he will launch an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the absence of Volda Lawrence during the vote. Thursday’s sitting was unique. Thirty-two members sat on both sides of the House. The Opposition’s one seat majority had disappeared because Deputy Speaker, Deborah Backer, was absent. The Opposition was having its way on each call of division until the House voted on Provisions for the hospital. It was here that the government had the majority since Lawrence was absent at the time. As the rules mandate, the bell rang to alert all members outside that voting was about to take place, but Lawrence did not return to her seat. While members on the government’s side rejoiced, APNU’s Amna Ali bowed her head and left the chambers in search of Lawrence. Lawrence returned to her seat about 15 minutes after the

Volda Lawrence

David Granger

vote but remained silent on two other votes. At a press conference, yesterday, at the Office of the APNU leader on Hadfield Street, Granger disclosed that he would not be pronouncing on the implications with regard to her silence as the investigation would have to clearly determine the reasons for her absence in the first place. Granger also deemed the fact that Lawrence did not inform the other members of her party about why she was leaving, as a “mere breakdown in communication.” The Brigadier said, “My information was that in the first instance Ms. Lawrence left the chambers because she was not well. And as you would know, two other Members of Parliament went to assist her. One actually came back and asked for some medication which she had in her bag and took it over to her. “I was told last night that she was not well and I

inquired about her condition and when she came back and she sat in her chair she was obviously distraught. I heard no sound from her and while I wouldn’t use the word abstain; I heard no sound from her when other votes were taken.” “This matter has to be investigated. I haven’t been able to meet with her or speak with her as yet, (but) at present, we feel there might be a case for her.” The politician also informed members of the media corps that the Shadow Cabinet had met earlier on Thursday and took decisions on the vote affecting the Specialty Hospital. “Our positions were clear and it was quite evident that we voted together.” However, when asked why Ms. Lawrence returned to the Assembly if she claimed that she was truly unwell, Granger said, “I don’t have all the answers.”

Photographer gets 20 years for raping girl, 13 Judge Sandra Kurtzious yesterday sentenced photographer, Vidya Kumar Tulasram, a/k”Tony” to 20 years’ imprisonment, after he was found guilty of rape (carnal knowledge) of a minor. Kurtzious in handing down the sentence to Tulasram on Friday, at the Suddie High court took into consideration the age of the victim, who was 13 at the time, reminded Tulasram that his actions by all means were

wrong. Tulasram, who operates a photo studio at Anna Regina, appeared to be in a state of shock at the sentence. He was represented by counsel, Heimraj Rajkumar. Tulasram, of Richmond Village, allegedly had forceful sex with a 13-year-old Anna Regina Secondary School student at his Photo studio, at Anna Regina, on February 18, 2010. The then 13-yearold visited Tulasram on the day in question, around

16:30hrs, at his studio with the intention of uplifting a photograph. It was alleged that Tulsaram, who was attending to other customers, allegedly closed the main door and invited the then 13year-old to sit on a wooden stool and then he began to kiss her passionately. Tulasram, a father of two, was previously indicted in the Magistrate’s court with several related carnal knowledge cases.

Teacher gets drunk on students’ liquor The Deputy Head teacher of the Tutorial Academy Secondary School (TASS) in New Amsterdam reportedly became heavily intoxicated during the students’ Christmas parties on Thursday at the school. According to reports, the senior teacher was seen imbibing vodka and orange juice and her colleagues

started to observe the strange behavior. The teacher was escorted to the head teacher’s office after which the matter was reported to the Department of Education in New Amsterdam where a full investigation has been launched. Kaieteur News understands that it is a norm at the school for students to

sneak alcohol and drinks into the school premises during Christmas parties, fairs and other events where there is a mass gathering. The senior teacher is expected to be charged by the Disciplinary Committee of the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) for use of alcohol while on duty. The charge is ‘Conduct unbecoming of a teacher.’

Saturday December 14, 2013

Kaieteur News

Deputy Head takes President’s College, Education Minister to court …claims overlooked for Principal position, unlawfully transferred A senior teacher of Presidents’ College has taken that institution and the Ministry of Education to court, claiming that she was overlooked for the top position and later unlawfully transferred and sent on administrative leave after the matter was raised. Through her lawyers, Roysdale Forde and Keshia Chase, Graduate Deputy Principal Yvonette Chichester was granted orders to have the Minister of Education and President’s College School Board show cause why their decisions should not be overturned by the court. The orders were granted on December 4th and will be coming up again on December 16th before Chief Justice (ag), Ian Chang. According to court documents, it was ordered that the Minister of Education explain why her decision to send Chichester on administrative leave from September 11th to December 8th, 2013, should not be overturned and be deemed unlawful, unreasonable, of no legal effect and in breach of the Teaching Service Commission Rules, “in breach of and a denial of the principles of natural justice and legitimate expectations and ultra vires the Presidents’ College Act of 1990.” Moves by the Ministry to transfer Chichester as Head teacher of Covent Garden Secondary is also being challenged on the grounds that it was a biased decision. In her Affidavit in support of Motion, Chichester said that she had been employed at President’s College since 1989, first as an Assistant Mistress and moving up to Graduate Deputy Principal. From January 2009, the official was appointed to act as Principal until September 2011. Chichester tendered copies of her approval letters in support of the affidavit. On October 12, 2009, she applied for the position of Principal which was advertised in the newspapers. The court documents said that at the time, there was an Appointment and Discipline Committee which would gather to review all applications to the College. The court documents states that prior to attending an interview, the Chairman of the School Board, David de Groot, attempted to appoint one Mr. Baijnauth as Principal without an application or an interview. However, this was met with objections from Colwyn

King, a representative of the Guyana Teachers Union who insisted that the said appointment was not proper. “That I was informed by the said Board and verily believe that I was the only Applicant for the vacancy and I had met all the necessary requirements and was recommended to the School’s Board to be appointed as Principal. That the said Board met and my Application Form with Recommendation was given to the Chairman Mr. David De Groot who decided not to address same.” Chichester claimed that she never received a feedback from the Board with respect to her application and later saw the post for Principal being advertised again in the newspapers. She again applied. She was never informed of the application’s status. In July 2010, she queried the application and was informed that a date would be set upon her return from Trinidad. However, no interview was held. However, one month later, Chichester said she was summoned to a special board meeting of the school where she was informed that there was also another applicant, a Miss De Santos, who would be appointed Principal as of September 2010. Chichester claimed that she sent a letter to the then Minister of Education, Shaik Baksh, raising concerns over the appointment. On February 22, 2011, the vacancy for Principal was again advertised. “That I was invited to an interview on the 12th day of May, 2011, and was the lone attendee. Mr. David

De Groot, called and indicated to the Board that Ms Rhius-Thorman who was another applicant but was ill and would have to be interviewed on the 20th day of May, 2011.” Chichester said she again wrote Minister Baksh complaining about the process and the “injustice I have been suffering at the hands of Mr. De Groot.” One month later, the post was again advertised but Chichester said she did not apply this time around. During that same year, the Deputy Head said she was called and offered the position of Principal of Friendship Secondary School, but she refused. She also declined another similar offer last year to be head of a Region Four school. In January, she was called by Melicita Bovell, School Board Coordinator, who informed her that she was being transferred to Covent Garden Secondary School. However, the Deputy Head said she did not accept the letter. Chichester claimed that she never requested a transfer from President’s College to Covent Garden Secondary or to any school at all. That same January, she was called by the Chief Education Officer Mr. Olatto

Sam who asked her to disregard the transfer letter. However, on September 3rd this year she received a letter from the Ministry of Education which indicated that “Approval was granted by the Hon. Minister of Education acting under (Section II i of the PC Act of 1990 ) for you to be transferred from President’s College to Covent Garden Secondary School …” Chichester said she was invited to a meeting with Minister Priya Manickchand where she was told that the decision to transfer her to Covent Garden Secondary was because of complaints by the Chief Education Officer and Bovell. These complaints accuse Chichester of being arrogant. Both the Chief Education Officer and Bovell were invited to the meeting “and I repeated to the Honourable Minister my exasperating plight as Deputy Principal and Acting Principal and all of the issues that surrounded my tenure.” The Deputy Head said she later received a letter dated September 11th, 2013, from Delma Nedd, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education which said that she was being sent on administrative leave with pay until December 8th.2013.

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Berbice road fatalities double in 2013 - Commander Berbice ‘B’ Division has recorded a 23 per cent reduction in serious crime over the past year, in comparison to previous years. This was announced by Commander of ‘B’ Division, Assistant Superintendent, Brian Joseph. The Commander said that the force is mindful “of high profile crimes-the murder at Number 70 Village and the one at Hampshire-and we are working with some members of the community to address those issues.” He said that the operations of the police in Berbice are guided by an analysis prepared monthly by Police Headquarters in Eve Leary. “We pattern our crimefighting strategies after looking at those analyses.” Some major initiatives being put in place to improve the criminal investigation system in Berbice include upgrading the fingerprint testing. “We have the strategic management department manned by civilians working with the Guyana Police Force for the development of the force and our Integrated Crime Information (ICI) Systems where we put information in our electronic database and we see the trends of crime which assist us in our planning and operations to fight crime.” Meanwhile, his colleague,

Traffic Chief of ‘B’ Division, Assistant Supt. Calvin Brutus did not have such encouraging news from his department. While there has been a decrease in motor vehicular accidents, there has been a stark increase in the number of fatal accidents in Berbice over the past year. He said that generally, the overall accident figures would have seen a reduction, but in the fatal accident category “we have seen an increase.” The factors that cause the accidents, he added, remain the same; “speeding, using of alcohol, inattentiveness, to name a few…We have been working assiduously to reduce accident occurrences by employing enforcement exercises, patrols by day and night, and we also did some work in terms of prosecuting and interdicting persons for using motor vehicles while under the influence of alcohol.” According to Brutus from November 15- December 10, 2012 and during that same period this year, accident figures remained similar. Speeding has doubled what it was last year, he added. He added, too, that dangerous driving, driving without a licenses and driving without seatbelts, have doubled compared to the same period last year.

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Saturday December 14, 2013

Camal Home hearing begins, media barred Commissioners of the Inquiry

Mrs. Carmen Kissoon (with cane) and her two assistants during the hearings yesterday Public hearings into the operations of the Camal International Home for Abused Women and Children

began shortly after 10:00 hrs on Thuirsday at the Albion Sports Complex on the Corentyne. And the media

was asked to leave as the proceedings and testimony were about to begin. Chairman of the Inquiry, Mrs. Ayo Dalgetty-Dean, told the media that a report would be finalized and made available on January 10, 2014. The Ministry of Labour and Human Services and Social Security had invited members of the public to express their views and to give information regarding allegations of maltreatment of children at the popular orphanage. The inquiry is being conducted in the wake

of the recent arrest of three young girls who resided at the Camal International Home and subsequent allegations of maltreatment of children housed at the Institution. The girls have since been released from a custodial sentence and are being housed at the Canaan Home at Port Mourant. Yesterday, only three members of the public and Mrs Carmen Kissoon, head caretaker of the Camal International Home testified. When asked about this, the Chairman said that the commissioners only

summoned specific persons to give testimony during the two-day proceedings. She added, “We will begin now and at this point we will ask the media to leave and a report will be done and will be shared with the media.” The hearings continued yesterday when the commissioners heard from the professionals including Probation Officers. Mrs. Carmen Kissoon was also expected to speak to the commissioners. Today, the commissioners will be out in the fields, visiting the orphanage

as well as other places to gather more information. The three teenage girls were also expected to be interviewed during the hearings yesterday. Other persons conducting the inquiry are Ms. Saudia Feroze and Mrs. Erma Bovell, both of whom are members of the Visiting Committee for Children’s Homes and Institutions; Ms. Joan Ann Edghill, Legal Counsel at the Child Care and Protection Agency; and Mrs. Claudia Munroe, Senior Probation and Social Services Officer.

Saturday December 14, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Travelspan lands this morning with US$647 return fare bargain The much-anticipated return of Travelspan to the skies of Guyana is expected this morning, management of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) announced yesterday. And the company will be fielding round trips tickets as low as US$647. According to CJIA, Travelspan Incorporated will be operating its inaugural flight to Guyana from New York with the first one to arrive at 07:00 hrs. “Guyanese now have an additional option to choose from as the company will be operating a wide body Boeing 767 aircraft on its direct New Yo r k / Georgetown route. Being granted approval by the Government of Guyana, through the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority, the company has signaled its intention to have two flights per week on the New York/ Guyana route.” CJIA said that round trip tickets between New York and Guyana cost US$647, while one way tickets are US$349 both prices being tax inclusive.

Travelspan is expected to make a return to Guyana this morning with fares started as low as US$647 for a return ticket to the US.

CEO, Nohar Singh

“This spells good news for Guyanese travelers who have faced high airfares over the past few months.” The 18 year-old company, with head office based in the United States of America, is no stranger to the Guyanese market, having offered chartered flights before halting in

2008. Guyana has been pulling out all stops to attract additional operators after low cost carriers RedJet and then EZjet folded last year. US-owned Delta Airlines also pulled out, leaving Caribbean Airlines the only operator on the critical Ge o rg e t o w n / N e w Yo r k

route. Fares jumped to a high of US$1,600 at one time, forcing Government to summon Caribbean Airlines. A few months ago, the addition of Fly Jamaica, partially owned by G u y a n e s e p i l ot, Ronald Reece, also started plying the route.

With Travelspan’s re-entry to the market, Guyanese would be breathing easier with the options available. The New York destination has long been one eyed by operators because of the number of Guyanese living there. It is one of the more profitable routes also for Caribbean Airlines.

To protect passengers, Travelspan as part of the requirements had to lodge a US$200,000 cash bond in case of problems. Singh had said in September that TravelSpan is wary of the business model used by operators, EZjet and Red Jet, in which ticket prices were too low, making it practically impossible to turn a profit. Travelspan has teamed up with Vision Airlines, a US company, for the aircraft. The Boeing 767 will offer 214 economy and 18 business class seats.

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Saturday December 14, 2013

Rotary Club of Demerara celebrates 20 years of exemplary service The Rotary Club of Demerara is celebrating its recent 20th anniversary. Recently, it hosted an anniversary which featured Rotary District 7030 Governor Hervé Honoré as the keynote speaker. For years, Rotary has been accredited as one of the most outstanding service organisations worldwide. What separates Rotary from the rest is not only its belief in “Service above Self” but the way Rotarians worldwide have transformed the lives of everyone they touch. The Rotary Club of Demerara joined the Rotary International family on December 9, 1993. Rotary, which has a global membership of 1.22M, is an organisation whose stated purpose is to bring together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. The District Governor who hails from Martinique affirmed that “in Rotary we have an international network of motivated women and men who try to improve everyone’s life

Rotary Demerara acknowledges their contribution around us.” He said that Rotarians share also five core values, amongst which are service, camaraderie, integrity and leadership. Honoré said, “Youths aren’t our future; they are the leaders of today and the support of young people is evident in the club.” The club was urged by the governor to continue to support the youth, increase their membership and further the march on the path to making a difference. He presented the club with an annual form banner for its sterling contribution since it was recognized as the third club in the district with the highest

contribution to the Rotary Foundation. Club President Osbert James affirmed that in the 20 years of existence, the club managed to distinguish itself by being the first Rotary Club in Guyana to break the “men only” mould and admitted women into its membership. President Ossie, as he is popularly called, reflected on the events that led up to the club being chartered. The club was sponsored by their brother club ‘The Rotary Club of Georgetown Central’ under the guidance from Past Presidents Leslie Chin, Mike Davis and Azeez Hussein.

Immigration INFO: Immigration News For Our Community By Attorney Gail S. Seeram Through this “Question & Answer” column, our goal is to answer your immigration questions. We appreciate your comments and questions. If you have a question that you would like answered in this column, please email: Question #1: I live in Guyana. My mother’s petition for us was upgraded in 2009 when she became a U.S. Citizen resulting in one of my brothers who chose not to get married at the time being able to migrate in mid 2010. My other brother and I choose to get married to date we are still awaiting an appointment date. Please advise. Answer #1: Generally an unmarried child of a U.S. Citizen has a shorter wait time than a married child of a U.S. Citizen. According to the January 2014 visa bulletin, visas are being issued for petitions for an unmarried child of a U.S. Citizen that was filed on or before December 8, 2006 and for petitions for a married child of a U.S. Citizen that was filed on or beforeApril 15, 2003. So, right now there is a three-year difference in wait

time if you are married versus being unmarried. In the long run, it’s better to marry and wait the extra three years so your entire family can immigrate with you to the United States. Question #2: If you are a U.S. Citizen, how long can you stay outside the U.S.? Answer #2: A U.S. Citizen does not have travel limitations and can remain outside the U.S. for any length of time without risk of losing their U.S. Citizen status. Question #3: C a n someone who obtained his U.S. citizenship via asylum be penalized (have his citizenship revoked) for going back to the country of persecution even though he is now a citizen of the U.S.? I have a friend who is in this situation and her mother is very sick. She wants to go back to the country she claimed asylum from so she can visit her mother. Answer #3: I do not recommend that your friend (even though she is a U.S. Citizen) return to the country she sought asylum from. When you seek asylum in the U.S., you are claiming fear of persecution in your native country. To now return to the same country shows that you no longer have a fear to return.

The President reflected that about ten years ago, his very energetic and altruistic members had the vision to adopt the community of Kuru Kururu on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway. The community has seen improvements in its educational facilities and has benefitted from the constant medical checks performed on the residents. Rotary Demerara has hosted annual career fair/talks with secondary school students and has extended to the Georgetown

Past President Beverly Harper with Demerara’s adopted child

Prisons where it conducts a literacy programme. Gift of Life is one of the most outstanding projects of the club which exemplifies the goodwill of the Rotarians of Rotary Demerara. The project was designed primarily for the treatment of children with heart ailments. Sherryann Martin, one of the beneficiaries, is considered an adopted child of Demerara’s Rotarians. Rotary is an organisation which believes in the power of youth and as such, Rotary Demerara moved to sponsor the Rotary Club of Linden some four years after its charter. Marcel Gaskin, Assistant District7030 Governor and Past President of

the Club, commented on the journey this club had taken in redefining the image of Rotarians in Guyana. “Apart from the fact that it was the only dual gender club, it is safe to say the Rotary Club of Demerara has redefined what it was to be a Rotarian in Guyana.” During the evening of entertainment and fine dining, the Rotarians took time out to award the club’s supporters which included RAM, a visiting Rotary Club from Scotland, Coordinator of the Kuru Kururu Reading Project, Dr. Debra Patterson-Skeete (also a Rotarian) and the manager of the Pegasus Hotel.

MARAD extends safety campaign to Essequibo Islands - distributed lifejackets to several schools

Gail S. Seeram Remember that a naturalized U.S. Citizen can have his citizenship revoked for fraud. So, returning to the country you claimed asylum from can lead to a re-examination of an asylum application and a reexamination of citizenship if fraud is suspected. Question #4: Please give me an idea of what happens when a child sponsors his parent, pays all the fees and then the child dies. Is everything finished there or can someone else take up the petition? Answer #4: Generally, when a petitioner dies the pending petition is void. However, a request for reinstatement can be made based on humanitarian grounds. This is not an automatic process – Immigration has the discretion to reinstatement the petition with a substitute sponsor or to void the petition based on petitioner death. Call or email our office for more information on reinstatement.

Students and teachers of the Aliki Primary and MARAD officials As part of its ongoing maritime safety campaign, the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) extended its safety campaign to several schools in Region Three. “Over the past weekend, a team from MARAD visited Hogg Island, Saxakalli, Lanaballi, Aliki and Bonasika in an effort to promote safety on the waterways. They distributed life-jackets to schools across Region Three, Essequibo Islands and West Demerara,” communications officer of the administration,

Akousa Mc Pherson revealed. She noted that the safety exercise was specifically to ensure that the children of those areas are safe while traversing the river. Ms. Mc Pherson said that discussions were held on the topic, and safety tips were given to the children. Head teacher of the Northern Hogg Island Primary School, Mr. Benedict Persaud, lauded the administration for the initiative. Mr. Persaud received the 20 life jackets on behalf of the students of the school and

promised to ensure that all students wear them when traversing the waterways. He expressed his thanks to MARAD and said the gesture was a good initiative. At the Saxakalli Primary and Nursery School, the MARAD team also distributed 20 life jackets to the students of that school. Accepting the jackets on behalf of the students was teacher Ms. Carlene Williams, who said that the students never wore life jackets while travelling (continued on page 23)

Saturday December 14, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Courts brings Xmas cheer Guyanese in Ghanaian to paediatric patients drug bust claim it was grains Ghana – (MyJoyonline) A case in which five persons, including a Ghanaian, are facing charges of possessing substances suspected to be cocaine, has been adjourned to January 7, next year by an Accra High court. The court, presided over by Justices C.J. Hoenyenugah, an Appeal court judge, sitting as an additional High Court judge, Friday, postponed the hearing of the case because the holder of the keys to the exhibit room where the substances were kept has travelled. The substances were on the last adjourned date forwarded to the forensic laboratory for testing to aid the court in its final determination of the case. The officer in-charge of the exhibit room is expected in town for the next hearing, when an analyst from the Standards Board Authority will appear before the court to test the substances. The accused persons, Mila Ronald, captain of the ship, Perceval Curt, Samuel Mornty, Saint Praimchad, all Guyanese with their Ghanaian counterpart, Seth Grant, are currently on remand after they were arrested in Sekondi in the Western region on board a Guyanese ship containing 21 bags of substances suspected to be cocaine worth $50M (37M euros). They have pleaded guilty to charges of possessing narcotic drugs with the explanation that they could not afford the services of a lawyer to defend them in the case, when they were arraigned to stand trial before the court. Meanwhile, the captain of the Ship, Mila Ronald, Saint Praimchad and Seth Grant gave reasons as to how the substance landed in their custody. Joy News’ Anny Osabutey reported Seth Grant as saying that when they took custody of the item wrapped in a brown paper, they examined it but suspected it contained grains. The explanation from the accused persons, however, did not go down well with the court, Anny reported. The accused persons were on board the ship,

Clyde De Haas handing over the refridgerator to GPHC’s Noshella Lalkecharran

Five of the accused

“ATIYAH, Georgetown”, which was intercepted, following a tip-off from Ghana’s international security partners. The ship was travelling from Guyana, when it was arrested and escorted by Ghana Naval Ship, Yaa

Asantewaa, to the Sekondi Naval Base. The accused persons, together with the substances, were flown to Accra and handed over to the National Security and the Narcotics Control Board for investigations.

Despite experiencing a shortage of nurses, the Pediatric Ward at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) has been operating in a “fairly reasonable manner,” says Ronda Henry, the head nurse at the ward. Henry made this comment yesterday during a simple Christmas cheer ceremony held at the ward by the furniture giant, Courts. The furniture company donated a refrigerator and a water dispenser to the ward. The refrigerator will be used to store medications. The Courts road show team which included Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Spider man, Dora and Cinderella among others, distributed over 38 gifts to the children in the ward. The cartoon characters sang Christmas carols and had some of the children giggling while a few cried whenever Santa Claus was near but stopped crying instantly to receive their presents. Santa Claus who clearly forgot a part of the “Jingle bell song”

hummed the rest of the tune, to the delight of the kids. Managing Director of Courts, Clyde de Haas said that their donation to the hospital every year during the Christmas season is customary and it’s all about bringing cheer to the little patients. Noshella Lalkecharran, Deputy Head of Nursing Services at GPHC thanked the furniture giant for the donation. She said that the

company had made numerous contributions in the past to the ward.

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Saturday December 14, 2013

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Saturday December 14, 2013

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Five days’ bonus for sugar workers As the country’s sugar industry races to satisfy an adjusted 190,000 tonne target before December 21, union officials and the Guyana Sugar Corporation yesterday managed to hammer out an agreement over production bonus. According to Paul Bhim, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), sugar workers are to be paid five days’ pay. The amounts will be paid in two tranches, one on January 3, and the other on March 14, 2014. The agreement with the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) will be signed on Tuesday. On Wednesday, sugar workers downed tools over the traditional year-end production bonus which GuySuCo said it is unable to pay. All eight estates were

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closed but the workers turned out back on Thursday. GAWU had been demanding almost seven days pay. Under the agreement, Bhim said yesterday, one day’s pay will be equivalent to 37,000 tonnes of sugar produced. GuySuCo is facing tense times with production revised drastically downwards from 260,000 tonnes in January to

190,000 tonnes. It will be the lowest in almost 23 years. This is in face of reduced work force, poor weather and a price cut. Technical issues with its factories have also been a major pain. Yesterday, the production was around 186,000 tonnes with just eight days remaining before the estates close for the holidays on December 21.

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MARAD extends safety campaign...

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“I want to thank the team and MARAD, and will ensure that the children always wear their jackets while on the boats, the timing is very appropriate.” The teachers at the Aliki Primary, Nursery and Secondary School were also very appreciative of the visit by the team from MARAD. They too received the 20 life jackets to be distributed to the students of the school. Acting Headmaster of the Lower Bonasika Primary and Nursery School, Mr. Kapil

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From page 20 the river. They now have an opportunity to be safely attired. She reiterated that she will ensure that the jackets are continuously worn by the students. Headmistress of the Lanaballi Primary and Nursery School, Ms Ann Allicock, received 20 life jackets for her school and said this is a timely gesture by MARAD as she was worried about the lives of the children being endangered while travelling on the waterways.

Dave Ramsammy, received 20 life jackets for the students of the school. He expressed gratitude to MARAD for their kind gesture, “We would like to thank MARAD for this initiative and for considering the safety of our children while travelling by boat.” In keeping with the message of promoting safety while traversing the waterways, the Maritime Administration Department plans to further expand the life jacket distribution programme to other regions in Guyana.

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Saturday December 14, 2013

Murder trial aborted ‘GOD’ jailed for 13 after incident years for killing man two years …Accused cannot find another lawyer

Elroy Grenville, aka Rastaman’ 38, of Lot 8 Belladrum, West Coast Berbice, was on Thursday sentenced to 13 years in jail by Justice Dawn Gregory in the Berbice High Court. He was on trial for murder, but pleaded guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter. Grenville was indicted for the murder of Brenthnol Reynolds, called ‘Brent’, 49, on June 9, 2007. On Wednesday, he appeared before Justice Gregory and through his lawyer Attorney at law Joel Persid Edmond, indicated to the court that he wanted to take a certain course of action. In court, he pleaded not guilty to murder, but guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter. Following the presentations by both Prosecutor Renita Singh and defence attorney Edmond, Justice Gregory had postponed sentenced to Thursday because she wanted to have an opportunity to go through the file before passing sentence. Before passing sentence; Justice Gregory stated that she was starting at 25 years, but will deduct six years for time spent and another six for pleading guilty, thus leaving a total of 13 years. Earlier state prosecutor, Attorney at law Renita Singh in her opening address, had stated that on the day in question the accused,

Grenville, and the deceased, Reynolds, had a verbal altercation on the Paradise Public Road, West Coast Berbice. This led to the accused giving the deceased a single chop to the neck, killing him. She stated that the incident was witnessed by two persons Claude Williams and Earl Mingo. She stated that Williams was related to the deceased and that he knew the accused since he was a child. Williams had stated that around 16:00 hrs he was about eight feet from the two men and heard when the accused told the deceased, “Country man how you could say that I tie up you cow?” He had further stated that there was no fight between the two. The accused had a cutlass in his hand while the deceased had a water bottle and a whip in his hand. He told the accused not to do anything stupid. She said that Earl Mingo was coming towards where the men were and he saw when the accused take one step back and fired a chop to the neck of the deceased. The deceased was picked up and rushed to the Fort Wellington Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The accused was arrested on June 10, 2007 at Wismar. The accused had given a caution statement in which he had stated that on the fateful

morning “ah come to the Weldaad Police station and made a report. “ In his plea of mitigation defence attorney Edmond had pleaded that his client Grenville was in a common law relationship in which he was the sole breadwinner with two children aged 10 and 11 years to take care of. He had no prior record and was not the aggressor. The attorney stated his client was known as ‘GOD’ since he was 15 years old, not by chance, but because he was a fair and good person. He has thrown himself at the mercy of the courts and has not wasted the court’s time. He has been incarcerated for more than 6 ½ years already and has faced five different magistrates, during which time he endured four preliminary inquiries. The lawyer further stated that his client fired one chop and ran away. The deceased fire a chop at him first. It is the deceased who brought this on himself. He stated that his client is extremely remorseful and if he could turn back the hand of time the episode will not end this way. A post mortem examination was performed on the deceased by Dr. Vivekanand Brijmohan and gave the cause of death as shock and hemorrhage. There was a gaping incise wound to the neck.

The murder trial of Charles Albert, called “Charles Greaves,” 52, a former security guard of the Mayor and Town Council of Corriverton, and of Lot 56 Princetown, Corriverton, Corentyne, Berbice, was on Thursday aborted by the judge, exactly two years since the date of the crime. He was on trial in the Berbice High Court before Justice Dawn Gregory and a mixed jury for allegedly brutally killing his daughter, Rowletta Onica Greaves, 32, on December 12, 2011. The case had to be aborted after the state was unable to find yet another lawyer who was willing to take the matter after two previous attorneys who had been assigned to the case, recused themselves. When the matter was first called on December 4, last, the accused was represented by Attorney at law Jorawar Misir. This lawyer recused himself after indicating that he would not be able to continue the trial, since he would be out of the jurisdiction. The lawyer had subsequently stated that the man had indicated that he would have pleaded, but changed his mind in court. Albert reappeared in court on Tuesday last and was represented this time by Attorney at law Raymond Ally. However the lawyer

Charles Albert called Charles Greaves

Onica greaves

indicated to the court that he would also like to recuse himself. Attorney at law Ally had also indicated that the accused had claimed that he wanted to plead, but then had a change of heart. Thus the matter was adjourned to Thursday, for the state to seek another lawyer. When the matter was called in court on Thursday, the accused was not represented. Justice Gregory told the accused that since he has not been able to obtain the services of another lawyer. The matter will have to come to an end and be called up again at a later sitting of the court. She stated that it is not possible for the trial to go on. “You will have to return before another judge and jury.” State prosecutor Attorney at law Renita Singh had only read the indictment and the mixed jury was sworn in on the first day. It is alleged that the man who lived at his aunt’s house

and his daughter who lived of Lot 34 Scottsburg, Corriverton had a heated argument for most of the day which ended in a violent exchange between the father and daughter causing her death. The gruesome murder had allegedly taken place while Rowletta was visiting the elderly aunt’s home to help with her chores, which was a regular routine. Information indicated that the argument developed over an iron which the father had plugged in. Charles Greaves had first knocked out a few teeth from the victim’s mouth earlier in the day. The young lady was badly battered. Charles Greaves was discharged as a member of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) over 25 years ago for being mentally unfit for duty. Relatives had stated that he had been using illegal drugs since and would usually “trip out” from time to time.

Saturday December 14, 2013

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IMF to focus on assisting Caribbean Breast cancer rates soar in region achieve ‘strong, inclusive growth’ WASHINGTON - CMC – The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says it will focus on assisting Caribbean and other member-countries move from stabilization to growth in the coming months. “The global recovery has been uneven and more subdued than hoped. Moving from stabilization to strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth remains a work in progress and requires more ambitious policy implementation,” said IMF managing director Christine Lagarde in presenting the Washingtonbased financial institution’s bi-annual work program on Wednesday to executive board members. The programme was considered by the IMF’s Executive Board on November 25, and builds on the October 2013 IMF

Christine Lagarde Communiqué and Global Policy Agenda (GPA), “which identified a range of actions needed to break the cycle of subdued growth and recurrent market jitters that has characterized the global recovery to date,” the IMF said. “The IMF will assist its members in delivering on this task, including through

assessments and policy advice provided in the context of bilateral and multilateral surveillance, as well as capacity building and financial support,” Lagarde said. To achieve this objective, the lending agency will assist the Caribbean and other lowincome countries in strengthening policy buffers against shocks and advance policies “to help achieve more inclusive growth going forward, with a particular focus on capacity building.” In addition to assisting countries to boost growth, the work program prioritizes efforts in other areas, including strengthening fiscal policy frameworks to reduce vulnerabilities and address debt sustainability risks and examining how structural reforms can support growth and job creation.

UNITED NATIONS CMC — The World Health Organisation says more women are being diagnosed with and dying from breast cancer in the less developed countries, including the Caribbean. On Thursday, WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which deals specifically with cancer, said 1.7 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer last year, an increase

of 20 per cent since 2008. The mortality rate also rose 14 per cent over that time period with 522,000 deaths in 2012. “A shift in lifestyles is causing an increase in incidence, and partly because clinical advances to combat the disease are not reaching women living in these regions,” said David Forman, Head of the IARC Section of Cancer Information, in explaining why the disease is

also affecting women in less developed countries. The WHO has therefore called for greater attention to prevention and control measures to offset lifestyle changes. A shift towards lifestyles typical of industrialised countries “leads to a rising burden of cancers associated with reproductive, dietary, and hormonal risk factors”, the agency said.

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Saturday December 14, 2013

Saturday December 14, 2013

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Saturday December 14, 2013

Sorrow, frustration as 100,000 say goodbye to Mandela Pretoria (AFP) - Hundreds of South Africans broke through a police cordon yesterday in a last-gasp bid to join the estimated 100,000 people who viewed Nelson Mandela’s remains during three days of lying in state. The group pushed past officers moments before the casket was closed and Mandela began his final journey back to his childhood home of Qunu, where he will be buried tomorrow. Crushing disappointment tainted the final day of the lying in state, with tens of thousands of mourners unable to say their personal farewell to the anti-apartheid icon. Barely two hours after the public was allowed in to view the open-top casket, the government said it would be unable to accommodate the huge numbers still waiting and appealed for people to stay away. Many had camped out to secure an early place in the queue, but as of 7:30 am (0530 GMT) there were already 50,000 waiting for buses to the Union Buildings — the seat

of government where the coffin has been laid out for three days. By early afternoon, it was clear that most would never get inside, and people started leaving in sad, dejected droves — many of them having already been turned away the day before. “We really thought this was the day. But again we did not get to see the old man,” said Lydia More, 31, who got in line at 7:00am. “We just feel empty. It’s so sad,” she said. The South African government said a total of 100,000 people saw Mandela’s remains during the three days his body lay in state. “The third day closed with over 50,000 paying their respects to our national icon,” the government, adding to previous tallies. ‘The whole of South Africa wants to say goodbye ‘Tempers frayed at one of the waiting venues, with mourners pushing back against police who tried to get them to go home. “It’s just not possible,”

said one police officer who declined to be named. “There are too many people. The whole of the Republic of South Africa wants to say goodbye.” For those who did manage to enter the venue, the last glimpse of Mandela prompted powerful feelings. “It’s truly a moving event. As you walk past his body, you’re overcome with emotion,” said Sakib Khan, a British national living in South Africa since 2002. Ma n d e l a ’s b o d y i s scheduled to be taken to Waterkloof air force base early today morning, for the two-hour flight to Qunu in Eastern Cape province, where he grew up. Tomorrow, some 5,000 people, including foreign dignitaries, are expected to participate in a formal, twohour ceremony beginning at 8:00am (0600 GMT). But the actual burial will be a strictly private affair, barred to both the public and the media, government spokeswoman Phumla Williams told AFP.

Iran quits nuclear talks protesting US blacklist move Tehran (AFP) - Iran has quit nuclear talks with world powers, accusing Washington yesterday against the spirit of a landmark agreement reached last month by expanding its sanctions blacklist. US Secretary of State John Kerry and a spokesman for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, who represents the major powers in the talks, both played down the suspension and said talks were expected to resume soon. But Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator Abbas Araqchi said the US move went against the spirit of the deal struck in Geneva under which the powers undertook to impose no further sanctions for six months in exchange for Iran curbing its controversial nuclear activities. Tehran was now weighing the “appropriate response,” Araqchi told the Fars news agency as his team headed back to Tehran from Vienna. Iran’s ambassador to France, Ali Ahani, warned at a press conference in Monaco that such moves could serve to boost opposition within his country to a deal with the West. “We are determined to implement our commitments.

Abbas Araqchi We must be sure that the other side is serious, and that we can show our people that we can trust them and that Western countries are reliable partners,” he said. A senior official of the elite Revolutionary Guards, Brigadier General Yadollah Javani, told Fars: “Government officials should ... take practical measures proportionate to the act of the other party.” Under the deal, Iran agreed to freeze parts of its suspect nuclear programme for six months in return for some $7 billion in relief from Western sanctions as it negotiates a final, comprehensive accord to

allay suspicions it seeks a weapons capability. Iranian negotiators quit the implementation talks late on their fourth day Thursday after Washington blacklisted a dozen companies and individuals for evading US sanctions. Foreign ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham was quoted by state news agency IRNA as saying “the consequences of this unstudied move (are) completely on the American government.” The Mehr news agency quoted informed sources as saying that the “new American sanctions” were the reason for the interruption. “The negotiations were halted by the Iranian delegation because of new American sanctions. The Iranian negotiating team has halted the talks at this stage,” it said. Kerry says talks making progress Kerry, however, made no mention of a breakdown in the talks in remarks to reporters as he concluded a trip to Israel. “We’re making progress, but I think we’re at a point in those talks where folks feel a need to consult, take a moment,” he said.

Saturday December 14, 2013

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Politicians to make decision as referendum is scrapped The Royal Gazette Government has scrapped a promised referendum on gaming and will instead move ahead with gaming legislation. Premier Craig Cannonier said: “Gaming will be brought to the House of Assembly in the form of legislation where it will be either passed or rejected by vote. We will allow our politicians to speak to the topic of gaming and let the decision there be made.Parliamentarians must represent their constituents and so we stand behind this decision. “In the weeks to come we will announce a schedule of events for this to happen, including a public information and consultation campaign on the plan for gaming, making sure all aspects of this issue are addressed.” Flanked by OBA MPs and Senators, Mr Cannonier said the decision came as a result of statements from the PLP and suggestions that the

Opposition would attempt to derail the referendum process. “This week, after conversations with members of the Opposition, it was made clear, very clear to us, that the referendum process will be undermined if we don’t meet (the Opposition’s) demands to change the wording of the question. “Earlier this year the Opposition Leader said he and his colleagues would support gaming if the Government brought the matter to the House without referendum. His party’s support of gaming at the time, and other statements, simply doesn’t square with the threat this week to undermine the exercise. “It is clear to us that the O p p o s i t i o n ’s p o l i t i c a l ambitions have moved a h e a d o f t h e p e o p l e ’s business, and that the threat to disrupt the referendum or have a boycott is real. As the Government of Bermuda we

will not stand for it. We will not play politics with people’s jobs, we will not play politics with the opportunity to help people pay their bills and put food on the table.” Mr Cannonier said while the move was contrary to pledges by the OBA, it falls in line with the more significant pledge to create jobs.“We were elected to fix the economy, to grow jobs and end the misery thousands are feeling every day because the economy is no longer big enough to support them,” he said. “Our job is to do what we believe is right for the country, and that means not allowing politics to damage people’s chances for jobs and a better life.” Acting Opposition Leader Derrick Burgess responded to the statement this afternoon, saying the Premier was misleading the public about the Opposition’s position, claiming the party never threatened a boycott.

Barbados media company at centre of yet another police probe BRIDGETOWN, Barbados - CMC – The police have again turned the spotlight on the Nation Publishing Company, placing the newspaper at the centre of an investigation. On Thursday, leader of the Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP), Mia Mottley revealed that along with two other opposition Members of Parliament, she was interviewed about an article published in the Nation newspaper on July 17 on an Opposition walkout of the House of Assembly.

Following a meeting with the police, shadow attorney general Dale Marshall, indicated that charges were being contemplated against the newspaper and reporter Barry Alleyne for an alleged breach of Parliamentary rules in relation to statements published against the Speaker of the House Michael Carrington in the article. Marshall told reporters that acting on advice from their attorneys, Queen’s Counsels Ralph Thorne and Andrew Pilgrim, they had each presented the police with

a written response declining to make any statements in relation to the matter being investigated.This probe follows an investigation in November, which led to the newspaper’s publisher and two editors being slapped with criminal charges over the publishing of a picture of minors.The police alleged that under the Protection of Children Act, the photograph which accompanied a story headlined “Sex Scene” on October 26 was an indecent picture of two 14-year-olds in violation of the Act.

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Saturday December 14, 2013

Saturday December 14, 2013

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Rudolph Mitchell starts as favourite at CS&TC 10K season closer Following a hectic year of activities where Rudolph Mitchell miraculously stretched his unbeaten streak nearer to the 150 mark, the Cavalier Sports and Tour Club (CS&TC) season will culminate with the Last Lap Race Walk around the Soesdyke EBD Community tomorrow morning and the reigning champion would be out to retain his unbeaten streak and close off the year on a winning

note. Activities will get underway at 06:30hrs sharp at the CS&TC Back Road, Soesdyke headquarters, proceed around the periphery of the village before returning to the place of origin. L a t e r i n t h e d a y, administrators will return to the headquarters for their annual children and senior citizens Christmas party. At that forum, the

management of the CS&TC will distribute hampers to those residents that are unable to leave their homes because of some medical impediment or the other. The race walking organization has already benefitted from the chivalry of the Hand in Hand Insurance and the Minister of Public Service, Jennifer Westford, who have donated beautiful prizes for the respective winners.

Saturday December 14, 2013 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) You are enthused about putting in a day of hard work today, but the details may require too much time and energy for your liking. However, if you become bogged down by a minor matter, consider that this isn’t where your attention is most needed. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) While others seem uptight or nervous today, you may appear quite confident and calm. Your optimistic attitude and polished appearance make a great impression on your peers. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) You feel extra clever today and are up for the challenge of getting your life back in order. But a problem may start at home with something relatively unimportant; unfortunately, even the smallest loose thread can unravel the largest fabric. CANCER (June 21–July 22) Using your sharp wit as a weapon today is less admirable than simply telling the truth. Don’t just settle into a defensive posture if it feels like someone is attacking you. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) You will accomplish a lot more today if you can focus on just one thing at a time. Of course, it’s easy to be pleasantly lured off track when pets or children are in the picture. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) You typically like your world to be clean and polished, but you might get a little dirty today.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Creating balance is what you Libras do best since you prefer staying cool and reasonable under all circumstances. However, if someone gets under your skin and agitates your feelings today, you might not keep your reaction to yourself. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Your friends may attempt to convince you to do something that doesn’t sound like the smartest move now. It’s very important that you trust your instincts over someone else’s argument — even if you have to stand up for your beliefs. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) Your laissez-faire approach might get you into big trouble at work today, especially if you try to avoid the most logical solution. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) Life feels a bit calmer today as the Moon moves through earthy Virgo. Try to make choices that stabilize a current situation while simultaneously planning for your future. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) It’s difficult to slow down enough today to give your feelings time to fully express in the way you need. You tend to be uncomfortable when you are feeling vulnerable, yet emotional intimacy may be the key to your growth. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) You may want to avoid tackling a difficult family issue today, but it’s still probably a good idea to face an existing conflict head on.

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Norman Singh Memorial Second Division 20-Over Cricket Competition

D’Edward rout Bath for 30 to become Norman Singh Memorial 20-Over Champions D’Edward Cricket Club are the inaugural 2013 Norman Singh Memorial Second Division 20-Over Cricket Competition after brushing aside Bath in the final played last Sunday. In the match which was played at the Bath Ground, D’Edward won the toss chose to bat first and were given a start of 34 runs in just 4 Overs before Devendra Lalsa fell to Vinod Ramjattan for 21. The other opener Lakeraj Sookra continued with former Berbice allrounder Eon Abel and together they put on another valuable 27 before Ravi Gossai picked up three consecutive wickets including Sookra for 19, to reduce them from 61 for 1 to 77 for 4 in the 10th Overs. Abel fell shortly after for 17 at 79 for 5 but after that the captain, Jaipaul Heeralall, took charge, putting on 25 much needed runs with Azim Inshan (9) for the 6th wicket and then 16 more with Brian Roopnarine (1) for the 7th wicket. He ended up with 27 N.O. including 2 sixes to see D’Edward to 128 for 7 in their 20 Overs with Hoolsarran Lalsa also not out on 7. Bowling for Bath offspinner Ravi Gossai took 3 for 24 from 4 Overs and Vinod Ramjattan

2 for 24 from 4. When Bath began their run chase, any hopes they might have had were dashed very early when opening pacer Christian France picked up three quick wickets, one in the first over and two in the third to leave them 8 for 3. There was no-respite as offspinner Abel picked up one in the next over and France another in his third to leave them in total disarray at 11 for 5. Bath did not manage to stage even a slight recovery as the rest of the batsmen just could not score as they

should have off the other bowlers who picked off wickets almost at will to see Bath tumble for 30 in 14.1 Overs with Vinod Ramjattan’s 8 being the top score. Bowling for D’Edward, Christian France took 4 for 7 from 4 Overs, Navin Rampersaud 2 for 11 from 4 Overs, Eon Abel 1 for 7 from 3 Overs, Devendra Lalsa 1 for 5 from 3 Overs and Brian Roopnarine 1 for 0 from 1 ball. Christian France was named Man-of-the-Match. D’Edward uplifted the winning trophy and $20,000, while Bath received $10,000.

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Letter to the Sports Editor

Saturday December 14, 2013

Farfan & Mendes Junior Christmas Tournament

The Government is deceitful Boyce leads players on winner’s row

DEAR EDITOR, We the Presidents of West Demerara Cricket Association and East Bank Demerara Cricket Association are astonished at an Article you carried in your Thursday edition Captioned “ Joint Opposition shoots down Cricket Bill Petition by stakeholders”. Editor, the WDCA and EBDCA are Sub Associations of the Demerara Cricket Board and we hereby categorically state that we did not sign or support a petition of any form especially the one quoted in your Article. It is deceitful of

the crafters of the defeated petition to include our associations or its members in their continued destruction of our game. We would also like to state that the so called “stakeholders” are the “has been” of cricket administration or rather” mal administration”. Mr. Odinga Lumumba, who presented the petition on behalf of Frank Anthony and his government should be ashamed of themselves. Kudos to the Joint Opposition, you are certainly looking after the interest of

the citizenry. We urge and support the Guyana Cricket Board to continue its good work despite the challenges. Please ensure that our brothers in Linden are assisted to set up a proper structure and receive special attention in their development process. Yours in Sports, Rishi Digamber, President, West Demerara Cricket Association Rohan Sarjoo, President, East Bank Demerara Cricket Association

Essequibo played in Jones Cup final in 1980 DEAR EDITOR, While indeed the Essequibo cricket teams have not achieved significant success on the field in the history of inter-county cricket tournaments, I feel compelled however to correct Mr. Sean Devers’ historical error in his article ‘ M a t c h e s o n t o day at Enmore and Everest’ written in the Kaieteur newspaper dated 2013-12-05. His submission erroneously stated that

Essequibo have never reached an inter-county final when in fact Essequibo played Berbice in the senior four day Jones Cup final in 1980 at Hampton Court. Berbice won the match by nine wickets inside three days. Essequibo’s fast bowler Elbert Stephens took six wickets including 5-56 in the first innings, while Romain Etwaroo of Berbice made the top score in the match with 70. Some of Essequibo’s

stalwarts who played in the game included the late Courtney Gonsalves, Alfred Maycock, Beni Sankar, Lennox Alves, Jeff Jones and the late Birchmore Reid. Such treasured history still inspires the young players from Essequibo even though it is miniscule when compared to the outstanding successes of both Demerara and Berbice. Yours Faithfully, Elroy Stephney.

Paul Di Resta left out as Force India sign Sergio Perez for 2014 From page 33 continued to impress for Sauber this season. Perez, who has been dropped by McLaren after a season alongside Jenson Button, brings with him several million pounds worth of sponsorship from Mexico. Perez said: “Coming here [to Force India] was always my first choice and I’m really happy everything has now been confirmed. “This is a young team with a lot of determination and they’ve produced competitive cars for the last few years. “It’s all change for next season with the new regulations, but I already have a good feeling about 2014.” Di Resta was overlooked by top teams Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren when they all changed their second drivers ahead of 2013. And his ability to find a seat elsewhere has been harmed by his lack of sponsorship budget. Team bosses feel that he has not proved to be outstanding enough in his

Paul Di Resta three seasons for it to be worth them taking the financial hit of signing him. Sauber have not yet announced their line-up but there is understood to be no place for Di Resta at the Swiss team. They are expected to sign his former Force India team-mate Adrian Sutil as their lead driver. Their second seat is likely to go to either Mexican Esteban Gutierrez, who made

his debut for Sauber in 2013, or a Russian in deference to their new business partners. That could be former Lotus and Caterham driver Vitaly Petrov or the 19-yearold novice Sergey Sirotkin, who is considered more likely to become Sauber’s reserve driver as a result of his lack of experience. B a c k m arker teams Caterham and Marussia have seats available, but Di Resta is not in the frame for them. Marussia have already signed Frenchman Jules Bianchi for a second season and are expected to keep hold of his 2013 teammate Englishman Max Chilton as well. Caterham’s line-up is still up in the air, with 2013 race drivers Giedo van der Garde and Charles Pic still options, along with GP2 driver Marcus Ericsson of Sweden, exMcLaren, Renault and Caterham racer Heikki Kovalainanen and a number of others. Di Resta’s manager Richard Goddard was unavailable for comment.

The Guyana Squash Association in collaboration with its main corporate sponsor, Digicel, continued to host play in the Farfan & Mendes Junior Christmas Tournament which is being held daily at the Georgetown Club Ltd. Squash courts. Matches continued on Wednesday night with play in several categories. Rayad Boyce led winners on the night, playing in Category F. he defeated Alexander Persaud in straight games, Persaud fighting harder in the final set but eventually succumbing.

Results from the various categories: Category F Rayad Boyce defeated Alexander Persaud 11 – 4, 11 – 8 Paige Fernandes defeated Aliyah Persaud 11 – 6, 11 – 7, Category E Michael Alphonso defeated Madison Fernandes 11 – 6, 11 – 2 Category D Gianni Carpenter defeated John Phang 12 – 10, 6 – 11, 11- 9, 11 – 9 Category C Jael Gaskin beat Michael

Ramroop 7 – 11, 7 – 11, 11 – 7, 12 – 10, 11 – 4 Anthony Islam beat Maya Collins 14 – 12, 11 – 3, 11 – 4, Dennis Bagot defeated Savannah Mendes 6 – 11, 11 – 8, 11- 6, 11- 4 Category B Matthew Phang defeated Alexander Cheeks 10 – 12, 11 – 2, 11 – 8, 11 – 8 Rebecca Low beat Daniel Islam 9 – 11, 11 – 5, 11- 6,8 – 11, 11 – 6 Matches continue today with the final set of games scheduled to commence at 10:00am tomorrow.

No. 71 and Young Warriors clash in NBS Final tomorrow at No.69 After e n d u r i n g t w o rainy seasons and the beginning of a third, at long last, the 2013 New Building Society Second Division 40-Over Cricket Competition, w h i c h h a d over one hundred participating teams, will be reaching its climax tomorrow when the final is scheduled to be run off at the No.69 Village Ground. Clashing for the title will be Young Warriors of Cumberland East Canje and No.71 of the Upper Corentyne area, both evenly balanced teams having shown much resilience by not losing a match so far in the round robin competition which was played in sixteen zones. The Young Warriors batting will depend heavily on their former Guyana under-15 and Berbice under-19 cricketer, Kevin Ramdeen, who has so far registered a century and two half centuries in the competition. The only other half centurion in the team is former Berbice under-19 cricketer, Ishwar Singh, but others such as Mortimer Fraser, Sanjay Khan, Rudolph Baker, Anil Beharry and Berbice under17 all-rounder Kassim Khan and veteran Hubern Evans have contributed consistently. T h e Yo u n g Wa r r i o r s

Kevin Ramdeen

Soomdat Singh

mostly spin attack will be spearheaded by left-arm spinner Beharry, who is a past Berbice all-rounder, off-spinners Sanjay Khan, a former Guyana under-15 and Berbice under-19 cricketer, Romesh Munna, Ishwar Singh, Kevin Ramdeen and Hubern “Silver Fox” Evans. The pacers in the squad are Kawal Mangal and Kassim Khan. The No.71 batting lineup will be spearheaded by the prolific Soomdat Singh, who has amassed 500 runs; the most runs in the tournament by an individual and which included two centuries and two half centuries, Khemraj Sugrim, Fiaz Mohamed and Andrew Seamber, all have half

centuries under their belts, while Nazim Mohamed, Deoprakash Ramdat, Manouram Vincent, Navin Vincent and Lionel Seegobin have all scored useful runs in the past. Their bowling lineup includes three medium pacers in Karamchand Roopraj, Nazim Mohamed and Seegobin, two left arm spinners in brothers Navin and Manouram Vincent and off-spinner Deoprakash Ramdat. Umpires Zaheer Moakan and Clement Brusche will officiate with Omadat Samaroo doing standby duties. The match will commence at 11:00am and the teams and officials will be met by BCB and NBS officials.

Intercontinental Cup final: Ireland beat Afghanistan by 122 runs From page 37 cricket.” Porterfield paid tribute to Johnston, who is also a member of the ICC Cricket Committee. “A big part of us over the last 10 years has been Trent Johnston. He has been a massive figure since a lot of this team started play-

ing. “I made my debut under Trent. I have played some 160-170 times with him. There are a lot of young lads who have learnt a lot from him and there are a lot of lads now chomping at the bit to take his place.

“That’s the fitting way for Trent to sign off and pick up that trophy.” The ICC competition gives associate members their first chance to play first-class cricket. Scores: Ireland 187 and 341; Afghanistan 182 & 224.

Saturday December 14, 2013

Kaieteur News

New Building Society Second Division 40-Over Cricket Competition in Berbice

No.70 M.Y.O, Cotton Tree, No.71 and Young Warriors reach Semi-Finals

No.70 M.Y.O, Cotton Tree, No.71 and Young Warriors are all through to the Semi-Finals of the 2013 New Building Society Second Division 40Over Cricket Competition in Berbice after they all won their respective quarter-final matches. No.70 M.Y.O made 203 for 8 in 40 overs against Rainbow Generation, who were then bowled out for 108 in reply, with 47-year-old off-spinner Mahmood Khan taking 6 for 13 from 7.5 overs. Khan was already the bowler with the best bowling figures in the competition when he took 7 for 11 in an earlier match against No.69 Vikings. The Gaffoor brothers, Roshan and Nashad, hit 58 and 57 respectively to steer Cotton Tree Die Hard to 220 in 34.5 overs against a game Baracara United who nevertheless fell short by 48 runs despite Onel Joseph hitting 54 and Rashleigh Caesar 48. Medium pacer Afzal Haroon took 4 for 34. Afraz Mohamed slammed 62 for No.71 in their score of 203 in 32.3 overs against Skeldon Community Centre who in reply could only reach 193 for 7 in their 33 overs with Darshanan Chaliter making 50 and Sydney Jackman jnr 47. Young Warriors had to thank their former Berbice allrounder Anil Beharry whose left-arm spin bowled them to victory over Kortheberaadt 7th Day Adventist. In summarized scores: At Seafield, No.70 M.Y.O beat Rainbow Generation by 95. No.70 M.Y.O 203 for 8 in 40 overs with Alim Khan 42, Areef Khan 35, Mahmood Khan 34 not out, Ahmad Khan 27 and Dunston Cummings 2 for 38. Rainbow Generation

Formula One to award pole position trophy

- Mahmood Khan takes 6 for 13

Red Bull Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel of Germany is attended to by his crew during a pit stop during the Brazilian F1 Grand Prix at the Interlagos circuit in Sao Paulo November 24, 2013. REUTERS/Nelson Almeida

Anil Beharry 108 in 25.5 overs with Wayne Fraser 25, Zamin Archibald 26, Mahmood Khan 6 for 13, Azarudeen Mohamed 2 for 21 and Ahmad Khan 2 for 39. At Cotton Tree, Cotton Tree Die hard beat Baracara United by 48 runs. Cotton Tree Die Hard 220 in 34.5 overs with Roshan Gaffoor 58, Nashad Gaffoor 57, Pooran Persaud 24, Kevon Joseph 4 for 26, Morton Amsterdam 2 for 27. Baracara United 172 in 25.5. overs with Onel Joseph 54, Rashleigh Caesor 48, Afzal Haroon 4 for 34 and Pooran Persaud 3 for 29. At No.71, No.71 beat Skeldon Community Centre by 10 runs. No.71 203 in 32.3 overs with Afraz Mohamed 62, Nazim Mohamed 40, Victor Pedro 3 for 35, Jamiel Jackman 3 for 35 and Gajendra Nauth 2 for 48. Skeldon Community Centre 193 for 7 in 33 overs with Darshanan Chaliter 50, Sydney Jackman jnr 47, Gajendra Nauth 25, Deoprakash Ramdat 3 for 32, Nazim Mohamed 2 for 37 and Navin Vincent 2 for

Mahmood Khan

Roshan Gaffoor 47.At Cumberland, Young Wa r r i o r s beat Kortheberaadt 7th Day Adventist by 23 runs. Young Warriors 171 in 36 overs with Rudolph Baker 32, Travis Campbell 3 for 14, Willburgh 3 for 29, Mark Sampson 2 for 25 and Osmond Gilead 2 for 33. Kortheberaadt 7th Day Adventist 149 in 37 overs with Quincy DeVelde 33, Mark Sampson 25 not out, Anil Beharry 4 for 18 and Hubern Evans 2 for 33.

Paul Di Resta left out as Force India sign Sergio Perez for 2014 BBC Sport - Paul Di Resta’s Formula 1 future is in serious doubt following Force India’s decision to replace the Scot with Mexican Sergio Perez. Force India announced last month that their other driver would be German Nico Hulkenberg, who re-joins the team after a season with Sauber. Although there are still some seats open in F1

Page 33

next year, none are believed to be available to Di Resta. The 27-year-old is expected to switch to touring cars or endurance racing. Di Resta is most likely to return to drive for Mercedes in the German Touring Car Championship, which he won in 2010. Sources say he is tired of F1, feels he is finished with it and, as things stand, is unlikely to try to find a

reserve driver role to keep his foot in the door. The Briton made his debut for Force India in 2011 but after three seasons the team have decided they would be better to choose different drivers. H u l k e n b e r g overshadowed Di Resta when they were team-mates in the second half of 2012 and has (Continued on page 32)

LONDON (Reuters) Formula One will award a pole position trophy next year to the driver who qualifies fastest the most times d u r i n g t h e season, the governing International Automobile Federation (FIA) announced on Thursday. The 2014 spor t i n g regulations, posted on the FIA website, said that in the event of a tie the holder of the most second places would win, with a further countback until a winner

emerges. “If this procedure fails to produce a result, the FIA will nominate the winner according to such criteria as it thinks fit,” the regulations stated. Red Bull’s quadruple world champion Sebastian Vettel would have won the award in four of the last five seasons. The FIA also wrote a penalty points system into the regulations, which will see drivers handed a race ban

if they accumulate 12 points in a year. “Penalty points will remain on a driver’s Super License for a period of 12 months after which they will be respectively removed on the 12-month anniversary of their imposition,” the FIA said. Driver numbers, to be chosen by the competitors and kept for the duration of their Formula One careers, will have to be clearly visible on helmets and the front of cars.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday December 14, 2013

Peralta, Morgan named 2013 CONCACAF Players of the Year

MIAMI – In recognition of their exceptional play over the last 12 months, Mexico’s Oribe Peralta and Alex Morgan of the United States were named the first-ever CONCACAF Male and Female Players of the Year yesterday, as the Confederation revealed honorees in six different categories for the inaugural CONCACAF Awards. The equally weighted vote between Member Association national team coaches/captains, media and fans, saw Santos Laguna’s Peralta outdistance U.S. internationals Landon Donovan and Clint Dempsey, who finished second and third, respectively. On the women’s side, Morgan edged U.S. teammate Abby Wambach in what was the most closely contested vote on the ballot. “Congratulations to all our winners and nominees who have made particularly special contributions to a fantastic year of football in the region,” said CONCACAF President Jeffrey Webb. “Their performances are an inspiration t o t h e n e x t generations of players, coaches and referees in CONCACAF.” In the other categories, Tim Howard (Everton & United States) was named as Goalkeeper of the Year, Jurgen Klinsmann (United States) as Coach of the Ye a r, M a r c o A n t o n i o Rodriguez as Referee of the Year and Raul Jimenez’s brilliant strike against Panama in October as Goal of the Year. “These awards have generated a fantastic level of enthusiasm across the CONCACAF football

Four others honoured in first-ever Confederation Awards

Oribe Peralta

Alex Morgan

Jurgen Klinsmann

community. We had almost 60,000 fans vote and witnessed an impressive level of participation from the media, as well as captains and coaches. Congratulations to Oribe, Alex and all the others on their fully deserved recognition of their outstanding performances this year,” added Webb. The CONCACAF Awards are designed to honor the y e a r ’s outstanding performers and achievements in confederation-sanctioned competitions involving national teams at all levels and age categories, including FIFA World Cup qualifying for both genders. Performances also eligible for recognition included those achieved in professional club football leagues within the CONCACAF Member Associations, as well as the CONCACAF Champions League. Here’s a look at each of the categories: PLAYER OF THE YEAR Winner: Oribe Peralta, Forward (Santos Laguna & Mexico) Second: Landon Donovan, Forward (LA

Galaxy & United States) Third: Clint Dempsey, Midfielder (Seattle Sounders & United States) Peralta followed up a memorable 2012, with an extraordinary 2013 campaign. During the year, he scored eight goals in seven World Cup Qualifying appearances, including five of Mexico’s nine goals in the two-legged CONCACAF/Oceania playoff against New Zealand that saw the Tricolor earn a berth at Brazil 2014. The 29-year-old netted 19 goals in 27 Liga MX appearances, while also playing in the CONCACAF Champions League final for a second straight time. FEMALE PLAYER OF THE YEAR Winner: Alex Morgan, Forward (Portland Thorns & United States) Second: Abby Wambach, Forward (Western New York Flash & United States) Third: Shirley Cruz, Midfielder (Paris Saint Germain/France & Costa Rica) Morgan enjoyed an outstanding season for both club and country. She was on the roster of the Portland Thorns, which won the inaugural National Women’s Soccer League

championship. Over the course of 18 regular-season games, Morgan scored eight goals to share the team lead with Canada international Christine Sinclair and added a team-high five assists. The 24-year-old forward also appeared in 12 of the United States’ 16 internationals, netting six goals and assisting on four others. GOALKEEPER OF THE YEAR Winner: Tim Howard (Everton/England & United States) Second: Raul Gudiño (Guadala j a r a & M e x i c o Under-17 National Team) Third: Keylor Navas (Levante/Spain & Costa Rica) Once again, Howard’s sensational play proved to be pivotal for the United States. In 2013, the 34-year-old appeared in seven World Cup qualifiers and was on the winning end five times. He conceded one goal in those five victories as the U.S. earned a berth in its seventh straight World Cup finals. COACH OF THE YEAR Wi n n e r : J u rg e n Klinsmann (United States) Second: Miguel Herrera (Club America & Mexico)

Tim Howard Third: Luis Fernando Suarez (Honduras) Klinsmann achieved a momentous double with the United States in 2013, winning the CONCACAF Gold Cup title with a perfect 6-0-0 record and qualifying for Brazil 2014 with a firstplace finish in the CONCACAF Hexagonal. Under the German’s skilled guidance, the U.S. also set single-year team records for wins (16) and consecutive victories (12). REFEREE OF THE YEAR Winner: Marco Antonio Rodriguez (Mexico) Second: Roberto Garcia (Mexico) Third: Courtney Campbell (Jamaica) In 2013, Rodriguez was entrusted with the responsibility of officiating many of CONCACAF’s biggest matches. He was in the middle for the memorable 2012-13 CONCACAF Champions League final, second-leg encounter between Monterrey and Santos. Additionally, the 40year-old refereed a pair of matches in each of the

following competitions: FIFA U-17 World Cup, World Cup Qualifying and the CONCACAF Gold Cup. GOAL OF THE YEAR Winner: Raul Jimenez, Mexico v Panama, 85th minute (October 11, 2013) Second: Juan Carlos Garcia, Honduras v United States, 40th minute (February 6, 2013) Third: Jozy Altidore, USA v Honduras, 73rd minute (June 18, 2013) Jimenez’s late strike against Panama in a World Cup qualifier on October 11 was as essential as it was spectacular. The Club America forward’s successfully executed bicycle kick from just inside the 18yard box gave the Tricolor a much-needed 2-1 victory, boosting its 2014 World Cup qualification prospects. The votes of three important stake-holding segments within the Confed e r a t i o n were counted in compiling the results. Member Associations’ national team coaches/captains, accredited media and fans each accounted for one third of the final vote. A semifinal list of 10 nominees in each category was determined by a vote of Technical Directors from each of CONCACAF’s 41 Member Associations and the CONCACAF Technical Study Group, which analyzes tactics and rates performances at all official CONCACAF tournaments. All winners will be honored during individual ceremonies within the near future.

Saturday December 14, 2013

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Canal Six take top honours Bacchus Drug Store three-way dominoes

Overseas based Sandra Khan hands over the winning trophy to Ramroop “Spoon” Sukhai in the presence of his teammates. Sponsor Mohamed Hussein “Bobby” Bacchus is at centre. Canal Six emerged winners of the Bacchus Drug Store (Saffon Street, Charlestown) sponsored three-way aggregate dominoes tournament which climaxed recently at Ernest Shop, Canal Number One, West Bank Demerara. Entering the third and final leg with a comfortable 10-game lead over rivals International Six and 26 ahead of Persaud’s Six, the home team were never really challenged for the top spot despite going down to their opponents in the final leg. At the end, Canal Six were easy winners with 237 games, International Six occupied second place with 230, while Persaud’s Six brought up the rear on 219. The first leg, played at the

Everest Cricket Club, saw International Six romping to victory with 81 games, Canal Six were next on 75 edging out Persaud’s Six by a single game. Hilbert “Bumpy” Ali led the way for the winners with 16 games, while Ramesh Ramoutar made 15. Marking 14 each were Martin Permaul and Intikab “Corbie” Ali. The top players for Canal were Scotty Ramsaroop (17 games) and Basdeo Persaud 16. For Persaud’s Six, Robin Persaud got 16 games, Motiram Dass 15, skipper Boodnarine Persaud and Radesh Sooklall 13 apiece. The second leg, also played at Everest, saw Canal Six scoring a whopping 91 games, leaving International Six on 75 and Persaud’s Six

lagging on 66. R. Sukhai registered the maximum 18 games for the winners with support from Avie Persaud (17), Basdeo Persaud (16), Kedar Seopaul (14) and Chibar Seopaul (14). For International Six, Edmund Sammy and Intikab Ali got 15 games each, while there were 13 games apiece for Hilbert Ali and Ron Callender. Captain Boodnarine Persaud scored the maximum 18 games for his team with Nazimul Joseph getting 14 and Radesh Sooklall 13. Persaud’s Six had the consolation of winning the third and final leg with 79 games with International Six placing second with 74 and Canal in the cellar on 71. The top players for Persaud’s Six were Rishi Samaroo and

Radesh Sooklall who both marked the maximum 18 games and Daniel Juman with 14. Hilbert Ali maintained his consistency for International Six with the maximum 18 games with 15 coming from Ron Callender and 13 from Edmund Sammy. There were 14 games each for Canal’s Basdeo Persaud, Avie Persaud and Kedar Sooklall and 13 for Chibar Seopaul. Trophies were awarded to the winning and runner-up teams. There were also prizes for the two best players in the winning team, Basdeo Persaud (46 games) and Avie Persaud (42) and the top player in International Six, Hilbert Ali with 47 games and Radesh Sooklall of Persaud’s Six with 44 games.

Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Futsal Competition

Albouystown ‘B’ survive thriller against East La Penitence It took until the wee hours of the morning to decide the winner of the final game of the night when the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Futsal Competition continued on Thursday, at the National Cultural Centre Tarmac. In the end, Albouystown ‘B’ narrowly survived a slugfest against East La Penitence ‘Sparta Boss’ to prevail 5-4 on penalty kicks after regulation time, which finished nil-all, failed to produce an outright winner. Other survivors of the night included Berlin Massive who beat Globe Yard, Hope Street of Tiger, winners over Alexander Village via the penalty shootout route, Queen Street, also of Tiger Bay over

- quarter and semi finals action slated for Tuesday Costello Housing Scheme, Stevedore Housing Scheme over Albouystown ‘A’, California Square over Broad Street ‘B’, West Front Road ‘Gold is Money over North Sophia and Island All stars over North East La Penitence. In the night’s full results: Game 1 Berlin Massive-1 vs Globe Yard Scorer Devon Charles-17th Game 2 Alexander Village-0 Hope Street Tiger Bay-0 Hope Street won 3-2 on penalty kicks Game 3 Castello Housing Scheme-1 vs Queen Street Tiger Bay-1

Costello Housing Scorer Sheman Anthony-20th Queen Street Scorer Deon Alfred-15th Queen Street won 2-1 on penalty kicks Game 4 Stevedore Housing Scheme1 vs Albouystown-A-1 Stevedore Scorer Steven Dolphin-12th Albouystown-A Scorer Shaka Jones-18th Stevedore Housing Scheme won 3-2 on penalty kicks Game 5 California Square-0 vs Broad Street‘B’-0 California Square won 3-2 on penalty kicks Game 6 West Front Road-Gold is

Money-2 vs North Sophia-1 West Front Scorers Wendell Pedro-20th Randolph Wagner-22nd North Sophia Scorer Kevin Frank-8th Game 7 Island All-Stars-1 vs North East La Penitence-0 Scorer Yannick Peters-3rd Game 8 Albouystown ‘B’0 vs East La Penitence-Sparta Boss0Albouystown ‘B’ won 5-4 on sudden death kicks from the half way line. The quarter-finals and semi-finals will be played next Tuesday, at the National Cultural Centre Tarmac.

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Steve Smith ton leads Australia recovery in Perth BBC Sport - A century from Steve Smith took the first day of the third Test away from England as the tourists were once again unable to capitalise on a promising position. Australia had been 1435 just after lunch as their top order gave their wickets away cheaply, but a sixth-wicket partnership of 124 between Smith and Brad Haddin (55) took them t o s a f ety before late muscular h i t t i n g f r o m Mitchell Johnson extended their advantage. Smith made 103 not out with 15 boundaries and Johnson an unbeaten 39 as the home side closed on 326-6, the highest first-day total at this ground in Ashes history. With temperatures at 39 C for much of Friday, it was another punishing day for E n g l a n d ’s a t t a c k a t a ground where they have only won one Test. And with Alastair Cook’s men not having scored 400 in 20 Te s t i n n i n g s , i t l e a v e s Australia i n a s t r o n g position as they look to make it three victories on the bounce and win back the Ashes for the first time in seven years with two matches still to play. On a track that looked designed to break bowlers, Michael Clarke had won the toss and been able to bat first for the third Test in a row. Yet the breakthrough came early when an electric piece of fielding from James Anderson at mid-on saw Chris Rogers run out for 11 with a direct hit. Eight boundaries came off the first eight overs as David Warner and Shane Wa t s o n a t t a c k e d h a r d before Wa t s o n , in characteristic fashion, chased a wide one from Broad to be taken by Graeme Swann at second slip for 18. Clarke continued to be aggressive, and as the 50 partnership came up in just 63 balls, Warner went to his own half century off 57 balls with seven fours and a six. If it felt reckless even on this wicket, the score racing past 100 in fewer than 22 overs, Clarke and Wa r n e r t h e n f e l l t o needless shots to gift England the initiative. In the penultimate over before lunch, S w a n n ’s f i r s t o f t h e match, Clarke came down the pitch and clipped the ball straight to Cook at short midwicket for 24.

Warner then cut a short one from the same bowler to Michael Carberry at backward point for 60, and when the unhappylooking George Bailey top-edged a hook off Broad to Pietersen at deep square leg for just seven, Australia had slumped to 143-5. Just as on day one in Brisbane and Adelaide England had a crowbar in the door. But just as in t h o s e f i r s t t w o Te s t s , Australia then slammed it shut as Smith and Haddin added 66 runs in the 14 overs before tea, Ben Stokes coming in for punishment as he dropped short too often. The shot-making continued in the evening session. Smith in particular used his feet well to Swann, and the 100 partnership came up with a delightful skip and cover drive for four. The heat was unrelenting, Tim Bresnan in particular struggling to keep his pace up after being recalled in place of Monty Panesar. Haddin went to his 50 with a straight six off the s e a m e r, and so comfortable did the pair look that it was a surprise when he mis-hit a pull off St o k e s t o A n d e r s o n a t midwicket to end another essential innings on 55. The work had been done. That partnership had taken the day away from England, a n d a s S m i t h flourished in the company of Johnson so one sensed the match and series was slipping away too. Smith went to his s e c o n d Te s t c e n t u r y a n d h i s first on home soil with a pull off Stokes for four, the 13th of his innings to go with the two sixes, and celebrated with a leap and a grin. After a poor series so far his innings meant that Australians have now made five individual scores of 100 or more in this series to England’s none. Johnson then took over the charge as the second new ball came and went without any further breakthrough. And by the end England were looking horribly short of ideas as their troubled tour went through another disheartening day. Scores: Australia 6 for 326 (Smith 103*, Warner 60, Swann 2-71) v England.

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Saturday December 14, 2013

Berbice Bridge Co Inc Pugilist ready for Boxing Night invasion in the Mining town supports KMTC XMAS race meet

Shondell Park (right) and Shelly ‘The Boom’ Gibson should provide entertainment for the fans. The highly anticipated slugfest between Shondell Park and Shelly ‘The Boom’ Gibson is expected to satiate the appetites of Lindeners who have been starved of good fistic action for far too long. The two female gladiators will clash in a super/heavyweight contest the Nation’s Promotions Group, presents 26 rounds of fistic fury at the Mackenzie Sports Club Ground on Boxing Day, December 26 next. The card will also feature several other potentially action packed affairs and already the Derick Richmond/James Walcott 12 rounds shindig for the local super middleweight title has sparked the interest of the pundits. In his last outing at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH), Richmond had administered a methodical beating to DeClou who is also the Caribbean Boxing Federation (CABOFE) middleweight champion. An unassuming fighter, Richmond appears unable to harm the proverbial fly but he packs an amazing power punch that has earned him the coveted tile of ‘King of left hooks.’ Edmond DeClou

that left the latter pugilist nursing a broken jaw compliments of a wicked left hook. DeClou is still wired up and still to receive the all clear from medical practitioners to resume his career. Familiarly known as ‘ S a c k , ’ Wa l c o t t i s unimpressed and promises to dish out a first class licking to Richmond. “I am not DeClou and I plan to teach this kid a thing or two about the sport,” said Walcott in response to a question of his strategy for the bout. Indeed, Walcott is an experienced customer with superb boxing skills and will not be easily lured into close combat. Further, the lanky pugilist, who also doubles as coach for the Harpy Eagles Boxing Gym, packs a mean punch which compliments his boxing ability and could pose problems for Richmond. This is indeed a good fight and might just be the one to fill the arena. Otherwise, Kelsie George, a relatively young professional, still to register a win after 7 fights (1 draw), will want to use this fight as the starting point for other victories. He fights Romeo Norville, another good

fighter. Norville has notched up 2 fights but suffered a setback when he was stopped by Richmond in his last outing. He will want to repair that damage and get his career back on track. Cassius Matthew will also be on show against Kishawn Simon in a 4 rounds catchweight bout. The latter fighter had had a jerky start to his career but has recovered w ith a decisive victory in his last bout. The Matthews bout will be somewhat challenging as the Lindener is experienced and fights out of an awkward and unorthodox style. Those four professional bouts will be supported by a similar number of amateur encounters, all exhibition bouts between pugilists out of the Mining Town. Kurley Hoper up against Ronald Andries in the 75-79lbs class while Joshua Corbin squares off against Dauryan Miller in the 84-90lbs class. Hakeem Alexander and will tackle Randolph Williams in a 160175lbs shindig while and Ejad Alli and Troyston Luard will box against each other. There will be gate prizes of one I-Pad, one cell phone and two cash prizes of

CEO of the Berbice Bridge Company Inc Omadat Samaroo (left) presents the sponsorship cheque to President of the KMTC Cecil Kennard The Berbice Bridge Company (BBC) Inc has thrown their support behind the Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club (KMTC) XMAS Race meeting which is scheduled for Boxing Day at Bush Lot Farm Corentyne, Berbice by sponsoring the I and Lower –W\A event. Ye s t e r d a y a t t h e company’s head office at Main Street, Chief Executive Officer of the BBC Omadat Samaroo handed over the sponsorship cheque of G$470,000 to former Chief Justice and president of the KMTC, Cecil Kennard. Samaroo stated that the event has generated lots of

excitement for Berbicians and as such they are pleased to support the meet for the third consecutive year. He informed that profits generated from the event will be used to develop the sport locally. “BBC plays an integral part in the development of sports and education; we have also made several charitable donations honoring ninety four of the one hundred and one daily requests. The company will continue to support other events and is looking at a wider cross section of sports, charitable, non- charitable, Government, non

Government and other entertainment. He urged Turfites to support the event and commended Mr. Kennard for the good work the club has been doing. Kennard in a brief remark thanked the company for the contribution adding that such ventures encourages the club to keep horseracing alive. He also thanked the media for their input. The winner of the said event will cart off $250,000, the runner up $125,000, third place $63,000 and fourth place $32,000.

Amateur Boxers for final DDL/GBA showdown Some of the finest young boxers to emerge out of the Demerara Distillers Ltd/Guyana Boxing Association U-16 boxing tournaments will grace the ring this morning in highly anticipated slugfests when the ruling entity stages the final version of that tournament for the year at the Andrew ‘Sixhead’ Lewis Boxing Gym (ALBG) starting at 11:00hrs this morning. The tournament will conclude tomorrow morning after which the executive of the GBA will host their prize giving ceremony that will see boxers, administrators,

sponsors and other deserving affiliates receiving special awards for their input into the development of the sport. While the GBA executive was mum on the recipients of a w a r d s , To u r n a m e n t Director, Terrence Poole intimated that a wide cross section of the affiliates will be acknowledged. Already they have decided to reward the most disciplined Gym as well as the best referee/judge and the most improved senior and junior boxers. Officials said that they will also acknowledge those corporate entities that have contributed to the sustenance

of the sport. There will also be a prize for the best journalist and the best coach among others. Meanwhile, the number of bouts scheduled for this morning will be known following the completion of the weigh in ceremony. GBA executives said that they are very thankful for the input of the DDL in nurturing their nursery. The beverage entity has exclusively sponsored tournaments in Linden, Berbice and Georgetown that enabled the young boxers making their debut on the public stage to display their skills.

Saturday December 14, 2013

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Windies crumble to Boult WELLINGTON, New Zealand – West Indies crumbled to an innings and 73-run defeat, after Trent Boult undermined their batting twice in a single day with destructive left-arm swing bowling, handing New Zealand their first Test victory for the year in the second Test on Friday here. Resuming from their overnight total of 158 for four, replying to the New Zealanders’ first innings total of 441, the Windies were bowled out for 193 about an hour after the rescheduled start on the third day at the Basin Reserve – and were forced to follow on for the second straight Test. After a solid start from openers Kirk Edwards and Kieran Powell, the visitors were again dismissed in dramatic fashion for 175 in their second innings about an hour before the scheduled close. In both instances, Boult was the chief destroyer, finishing with impressive match figures of 10-80. The West Indies batsmen had no proper response to the New Zealand bowlers, as Boult, in particular, using favourable overhead and ground conditions e f f e c t i v e l y, g a i n e d appreciable movement through the air and off the pitch to grab 6-40 from 15 overs in the first innings and 4-40 from 12.5 overs in the second innings. To add insult to injury, Denesh Ramdin was spectacularly caught righthanded by a diving Boult at backward point for 19 off Neil Wagner, as the Windies crumbled in the second innings, leaving the adjudicators no choice but to identify the ambidextrous New Zealander as the Manof-the-Match. The defeat meant that

West Indies now trail 0-1 in the three-match series, following a draw in the first Test which ended last Saturday at University Oval in Dunedin. They have a chance for redemption when the final Test opens this coming Thursday at Seddon Park in the riverside city of Hamilton on the north island of this two-island state. The result also meant that the Windies have lost three of their last four Tests inside three days, following similar setbacks in the preceding two-Test, farewell series for retired Indian batting superstar Sachin Tendulkar in India. The visitors have now also lost their last three Tests at this venue – but the Black Caps have broken the drought they have endured in their capital city – after failing to win on the previous seven occasions dating back to third Test of their 2008-9 home series against India. W h e n We s t I n d i e s resumed, there was nothing to suggest what was about to unfold, but Boult changed the complexion of the match, when he had left-hander Narsingh Deonarine caught behind for 22. Marlon Samuels, whose 60 included 11 fours from 81 balls in just over two hours, had batted untroubled until he was also caught behind off Boult from an inside edge at a full length delivery, leaving the Windies 182 for six. The next four wickets for the Caribbean side all perished for ducks – skipper Darren Sammy, key offspinner Shane Shillingford and fast bowler Tino Best to Boult, Shannon Gabriel to Tim Southee to complete the demolition, as West Indies lost their last six wickets for 18 in 35 balls.

Trent Boult claimed his best innings and match figures of 6 for 40 and 10 for 80 © Getty Images

Kirk Edwards and Kieran Powell then carried the Windies to 45 without loss in their second innings at lunch and shared 74 for the first wicket after the interval. Powell was bowled off the inside edge for the top score of 36, becoming the first of 3-24 from 11 overs for Southee, before left-arm fast-medium bowler Neil Wagner had Darren Bravo caught behind for a secondball duck, leaving West Indies 75 for two. Edwards was soon caught at gully off Southee for 35 and Samuels was caught at third slip off the same bowler for 12, sinking West Indies to 94 for four. They reached 135 for

five, after Narsingh Deonarine was bowled for 12, when he dragged a delivery from Boult into his stumps. After the break, there was token resistance from the remainder of the batting. Only Tino Best with a typical tail-ender’s flourish reached 20 before Boult brought the curtain down when he bowled Gabriel for a secondball duck, leaving Shivnarine Chanderpaul not out on 31. Scores: New Zealand 441 (Taylor 129, Watling 65) beat West Indies 193 (Samuels 60, Edwards 55, Boult 6-40) and 175 (f/o) (Boult 4-40, Southee 3-24) by an innings and 73 runs.

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ICC awards 2013

Michael Clarke gets top ICC honours ESPNcricinfo -Michael Clarke has been named Cricketer of the Year and Test Cricketer of the Year, two of the most prestigious awards annually announced by the ICC. Clarke’s wins come despite Australia having a wretched time during a 12-month spell till August, the period over which performances are considered for the awards. The honours were announced on the first day of Clarke’s 100th Test, against England in Perth. They come largely on the basis of his p r o l i f i c r u n i n Te s t s , amassing 1559 runs in the voting period, more than 300 better than the next highest, Alastair Cook. His five Test centuries included two double-hundreds and a 187 against England. Over the past year, Australia lost several senior players to retirement, and Clarke needed to guide an inexperienced side besides battling chronic back trouble. Hashim Amla and James Anderson had been in the running for both prizes. The only other man to be nominated for two main awards and lose was MS Dhoni, who was in the race for Cricketer of the Year and ODI Cricketer of the Year. Previous winners of the Cricketer of the Year award include Rahul Dravid (2004), Andrew Flintoff and Jacques Kallis (joint winners in 2005), Ricky Ponting (2006 and 2007), Shivnarine Chanderpaul (2008), Mitchell Johnson (2009), Sachin Tendulkar (2010), Jonathan Trott (2011) and Kumar Sangakkara (2011). This year, Sangakkara was named the ODI Cricketer of the Year - the one major award that he

missed out in 2012. He was the leading run-getter in the format, with 956 runs at 63.73 including a career-best 169 against South Africa. I n d i a ’s C h e t e s h w a r Pujara took the Emerging Cricketer prize. He has only played two ODIs, but he was among five batsmen to score over 1000 Test runs during the voting period, averaging 82.53 with four hundreds in 10 Tests. Though Pujara made his debut back in 2010, he was eligible for the Emerging Player award as he had played less than five Tests at the start of the voting period, and is less than 26 years old. Ireland’s Kevin O’Brien won the Associate and Affiliate award, recognised for his all-round performances in helping Ireland qualify for the 2015 World Cup. T h e Wo m e n ’s O D I Cricketer of the Year was New Zealand’s Suzie Bates, who topped the charts with 681 runs at 75.66 with two hundreds and five halfcenturies in 11 innings. She was also the top run-getter in the women’s World Cup in Mumbai early this year. England’s Sarah Taylor took home the T20 award. The other T20 prize went to Pakistan’s Umar Gul, for his spell of 5 for 6 against South Africa in Centurion. The Umpire of the Year award went to England’s Richard Kettleborough, just two years after being promoted to the Elite Panel, and four years after his international debut. Mahela Jayawardene won the Spirit of Cricket award for walking after being caught behind on 91 at a crucial juncture of the Galle Test against New Zealand.

Intercontinental Cup final: Ireland beat Afghanistan by 122 runs BBC Sport - Ireland won the Intercontinental Cup for the fourth time by completing a 122-run victory over Afghanistan on the fourth day of the final in Dubai. Afghanistan were 224 all out in their second innings, with John Mooney taking 536 to end the match with 1081. Afghanistan dominated

the morning session on Friday as they survived 34 overs without losing a wicket. But they lost their sixth wicket with the score on 199 and Mooney took the final four wickets in quick succession. Chasing a target of 347, Afghanistan began the fourth day needing a further 211 to win, with just five second-innings wickets left.

That target began to look vaguely possible as the first two hours of play saw the Afghans progress to 189-5 thanks to some patient batting by Rahmat Shah and Mohammad Nabi. The new ball was taken shortly after lunch and after Max Sorensen had Nabi out lbw for 49, man-of-thematch Mooney produced a fine display to mop up the

tail and secure his second five-wicket haul of the match and Ireland’s third trophy of 2013. Somerset spinner George Dockrell provided good support in the second Afghanistan innings with bowling figures of 3-59. Ireland had struggled to 187 all out on the first day of the match on Tuesday, but their opponents could only

manage 182 in reply. Ireland’s second innings total of 341, Niall O’Brien top-scoring on 87, provided the platform for victory. Former skipper Trent Johnston hit 31 in his last innings for Ireland at the ICC Academy. “It is a fantastic feeling. We had obviously set out to do that,” said delighted Ireland skipper William

Porterfield. “I think it is all because of the hard work we put in. We are a pretty hard working bunch any time we come away on tour. “Over the last four or five years, we have become a lot more professional outfit both on and off the pitch. I think that has helped us massively with our (Continued on page 32)

t r o Sp ICC awards 2013

Steve Smith ton leads P.35 Michael Clarke gets top ICC honours Australia recovery in Perth P.37

Michael Clarke (Getty Images)

Steve Smith (Getty Images)

Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Futsal Competition


Albouystown ‘B’ survive thriller against East La Penitence - quarter and semi finals action slated for Tuesday

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