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Tuesday December 10, 2013

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Georgetown can be saved In recent weeks Central Government has been undertaking a series of works in the city, particularly in the area of garbage removal and cleaning the waterways. This is really nothing new because Central Government has been known to repair city roads and even certain facilities in Georgetown. On occasions, when the city council found itself in dire straits with nothing in its coffers the government had been known to pay up its rates and taxes, sometimes in advance, so that the council could undertake necessary things like paying its staff and paying the Guyana Power and Light Corporation for street lighting. At one stage City Hall actually opted to surrender the responsibility for the street lights but the government vehemently said that this could not be the case. The government said that it has been spending lots of money from its coffers. We did question this when we queried the money collected for certain import taxes. Yesterday, Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee, did not spare blame nor did he mince his words when he attacked Mayor Hamilton Green and his council for the poor administration that has led to the multiple garbage piles and the blocked drains. We know how this happens. People with utter disregard for decency and cleanliness, just dump garbage anywhere. There have been very few cases of prosecution. The City Constabulary only needs patrol the markets for the litterers, the people who would dispose of the Styrofoam boxes and other bits of garbage from their daily operations. The amount of money would have been more than enough to undertake certain of the council operations, the piles would have become non-existent and the city would have been the pride and joy of the people of Guyana. This might have been what Minister Rohee was talking about, the failure of the council to maintain clean streets and garbage free drains. The cities in the developed world with populations ten times larger than Guyana’s have been able to maintain clean cities because of the harsh penalties they impose of litterers. What is strange is that there is no correlation between the City Constabulary and the regular police. The latter should also be arresting people and issuing citations for littering. This does not happen and the result is that the nation has come to believe that Guyana has a culture of garbage and dirt. And it would seem that the poorer the community the greater the garbage. Last week the Works Ministry undertook to clean drains in the Albouystown/Charlestown community. The comments were certainly not flattering. One worker contended that the job was tougher than any he had undertaken elsewhere. Another said that he had never seen so much garbage in one place. It was not a case of the place never being cleaned. Rather the residents had adopted a lifestyle that saw them comingling rather easily with garbage. They were too poor to care and there was no one to tell the others that they were doing something wrong when they simply dump their garbage in any waterway. What is of interest is that each councilor is responsible for a ward. It must be that the councilors are not working and therefore should be discarded. However, the electoral system does not make the councilors accountable to any of the voters. Since Georgetown is the capital, the government is duty bound to work with the City Council. Collaboration could easily see an end to this situation but the government talks about ‘us’ and ‘them’. There is no dedicated help for the council because the majority of the councilors are members of the political opposition. But we must look at another issue. The government poured a lot of money for a forensic audit of the council. It yielded the Keith Burrowes Report. This report was to see a reversal in the fortunes of the council. No one in the council was devoted to see the recommendations contained in the report put into practice-not the Town Clerk, not the City Treasurer, not the city council.

We have entered into a sad era in Guyana DEAR EDITOR, Permit me a space in your newspaper to express my disgust over the attitude of this present regime in the managing of this country. Since coming to office in 1992 we have seen very undemocratic and unprofessional persons running the affairs of this country. We have experienced witch-hunts, square pegs in round holes and disrespect for the rule of law, among other atrocities brought on the people of Guyana. Last week Monday another disrespectful act was meted out to the Guyanese people when the Honourable Local Government Minister, Mr. Ganga Persaud appointed an unqualified candidate to manage the affairs of the City of Georgetown. The appointment of Carol Sooba is an insult to the thousands of Guyanese who would have spent several years qualifying themselves with the hope of serving their country one day, thereby

sharing their knowledge and expertise in various fields they would have studied. In my opinion, the current town clerk is another square peg in a round hole and has been given the position because of her political connections to the present regime. It clearly shows that the PPP regime wants to control Georgetown, and to do so, they have appointed one of their underlings to hold this very important office which according to the job specification, requires the candidate has a Degree in Public Management and Law among other qualifications. When a candidate with no such qualification is appointed to the position of town clerk it is a clear indication of who we have as leaders in this current dispensation. It is an act of lawlessness perpetuated on the Guyanese people and it is telling our young people don’t worry about getting five or six CXC subjects or obtaining a degree, just be a party member or associate and you can get

any position you want when that time arises. This is shameful for a developing nation and moreso the Minister at a press conference dodged the questions from certain media personnel that were asked about the qualifications of Sooba and how she came out at the top at the conclusion of the interview without any of the qualifications as required. Further, none of the Ministers of government officials of the PPP should attend any graduation ceremony of persons from an educational institution and gave any speech, because that would be a clear case of hypocrisy. After all, certification is not important, what is important to obtain a job in Guyana is affiliation to the ruling party. We have indeed entered into a sad era in Guyana, and it is only time when people will say enough is enough to this inept regime. While one of the unions representing the workers at City Hall has sounded an alarm, the other

one is silent, and this is expected, because I understand that this union’s hierarchy was lobbying for Sooba to be Town Clerk, what a shame. I am looking anxiously to see how the PNC will deal with this matter, since I know some of their councilors were in support of Sooba’ s appointment and I don’t just want to hear that ‘we condemn this action by the Minister’, rather let us see the power of this party that was founded by Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham. Mr. Beresford, I salute you, and I ask that you stand steadfast and resolutely with your team and let the Minister and this regime understand that Sooba’s appointment should be rescinded. And I urge the qualified employees within the City Council to not be intimidated; stand up and let this regime understand that you are concerned about an unqualified individual managing the affairs of the city. Garfield Boston

Are the ABC embassies taking action on these alleged suspicious transactions? DEAR EDITOR, Recently, we have had some strange financial dealings in Guyana involving citizens and residents of Canada and the US. A few Canadian residents (probably citizens) were behind a US$30 million recycling plant deal that collapsed under the scrutiny of the public press. This is a substantial sum of money that would have Canadians howling and the RMCP sniffing, particularly when the source of these funds were blocked from the public. There is no evidence

to date provided by the Canadian Embassy indicating whether it has reported this matter to the authorities and demanded an investigation by those Canadian authorities into the players involved. Similarly, there is a serious issue of two different signatures involved in the awarding of a telecommunication licence to an American citizen or resident. The US Embassy has not indicated whether the FBI has been notified and asked to investigate. Many of the developed

The world has lost a genuine statesman and leader DEAR EDITOR, The world has lost a genuine statesman and leader with the passing of Nelson Mandela. He could be described as an inspirational leader who over the decades has impacted positively on the lives of countless people all over the globe. Mandela has demonstrated that there is dignity in struggle and that might is not a right. He led a relentless attack against apartheid rule in South Africa for which he suffered imprisonment for twenty-

seven years until he finally broke the back of white minority rule. Mandela lived to see his country transformed from a pariah state to a respected democracy and a strong emerging economy. He subsequently became the first Black president of South Africa. His legacy of struggle and national reconciliation will live on and continue to inspire others for generations to come. May his soul rest in peace. Hydar Ally

nations have laws that allow them to prosecute their citizens and residents for foreign corruption. Apart from those laws, there are laws within those countries that allow them to investigate their own citizens and residents for all manner of offences including money laundering and tax fraud. It is hoped the developed nations whose citizens and residents’ names are appearing in questionable

and suspicious transactions in Guyana are doing the right thing and investigating these individuals. This simple act of investigation strengthens the playing field for legitimate investors from developed nations who seek to invest in Guyana. Those investments will repatriate significant economic benefits to ABC economies. M. Maxwell

No better than 5%

DEAR EDITOR, It is difficult to disagree with those Public Servants who insist that their colleagues in the Public Service are deserving of no more than a 5% increase in pay. They are absolutely right. Their pronouncement is an implicit evaluation of the performance of themselves and colleague public servants across the board. What has also been clearly articulated is that the entire public service has performed at its optimum of 5% with absolutely no differentiation in performance between Office Assistant and say, Permanent Secretary or Chief Medical Officer. That the latter are examples of so many contracted employees, who

enjoy more gratuitous conditions of employment than their ‘pensionable’ counterparts, are also evaluated as performing not a percentage better, must be the cause for much surprise, anger and even insult at the patent lack of appreciation. But perhaps a more fundamental implication that may have been overlooked is that the whole consists of the sum of its parts. What the 5% therefore finally speaks to – is a holistic self-evaluation performance! Hopefully, this negative fallout would incentivise the return to well established practices including: i) a comprehensive Job Evaluation Exercise, and ii) an equally critical Performance Evaluation Programme. EB John

Tuesday December 10, 2013

Kaieteur News

Letters... Where your views make the news

Corruption has left our country among the poorest DEAR EDITOR, The impending economic and political crisis in Guyana is not an accident; it was caused by an out of control and corrupt, political Stalinist oligarchy that controls the ruling party. Since November 2011, the failure of the minority PPP regime to accept that they continue to bleed politically, has led to a series of desperate acts of political bullyism, spiteful actions and the reckless squandering of taxpayers’ money, that have exacerbated the financial hardship of the masses. The Jagdeo/Ramotar cabal has and continues to close deals, using the resources of the people like if they are running a cake shop. Why is the PPP playing politics with the lives of hard working Guyanese? Why is the PPP offering these workers slave-like wages as if they are plantation workers? We have concluded that the

cabal is only concerned with their own well-being. Each day brings another damaging corrupt scandal from controversial back-room deals that will never stand the scrutiny of any proper procurement process. If one is to observe all the PPP-led deals they have common traits – no competition, a family member or a friend of the party gets the deal, and a one-man operation sits somewhere in the background as the underwriters or financial engineers of the deal and they all are quoted at multiples of the real market value for a similarly structured deal. In common language – it is wholesale theft from the people. While the ordinary citizens continue to be crushed under the heavy burden of huge increases in the cost of living, deteriorating real value of their wages and a 16% VAT; the kingpins in the cabal and their baron friends and

relatives continue to make more and more money off the backs of those whom the regime has abandoned. How did we get here in 2013? Why did we allow Guyana to descend to this level after Desmond Hoyte and Carl Greenidge started the process of economic recovery in 1989 and Dr. Cheddi Jagan and Dr Asgar Ally so ably pursued after 1992? The answer is Guyana has a very corrupt, greedy and selfish regime that will not stop until its members and their friends covet all of the country’s resources. We want all Guyanese to know that corruption and racial politics have made Guyana the second poorest country in the Caribbean after Haiti. This is why Guyanese are migrating en masse to all the Caribbean islands in search of work that this regime is unable to provide. Dr. Asquith Rose and Harish Singh

Professor Harold Lutchman, a prophet without honour DEAR EDITOR, “A prophet is not without honour save in his own country and among his own kin”. Jesus must have had the likes of Professor Harold Lutchman in mind when he said this. In a rather belated- was beyond my own individual control- support of Avette Richards in Letters to the Editor of 1st and 6th November, 2013, I am appealing to the current ViceChancellor, Professor Jacob Opadeyi, and the powers that be, to recognize and acknowledge the sterling contributions made by

Professor Lutchman to the development of the University of Guyana. Avette Richards’ letters speak volumes about Professor Lutchman’s achievements. I need say no more. As a matter of interest, Professor Lutchman has been contributing to the educational development of Guyana since the fifties as a teenager teacher. I do recall him, even then, being a “prophet without in his own country”. Should he not be honoured, he should take comfort in the assurance that

he is in the best company, that of Jesus himself. Vincent W Adams Fothergills, Gingerland, Nevis Eastern Caribbean

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Tuesday December 10, 2013

Protest will continue until govt. listens - say public servants Protest action against the proposed five percent increase for public servants intensified yesterday. The numbers tripled from last week. Yesterday, protestors were joined by Opposition Leader David Granger, AFC’s Khemraj Ramjattan and GPSU President, Patrick Yarde. Scores of protesters lined the parapets outside Office of the President both on South and Vlissengen Roads. A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s David Granger is calling on the Ministry to explain why the money that was passed since April will only be paid in December. “All you are being confronted with are lies and more lies. According to Granger, Government had commenced the process by saying that because of the budget cut, it couldn’t pay

more. “The joint opposition only slashed the expenditure and there were no cuts in revenue….so where did the money go?” Granger queried yesterday. Granger said that his party is standing in solidarity with the workers, but is not going to get involved in the negotiation between the union and the government. “We support the workers and we hope to get a favourable outcome so that the workers can earn a decent living wage.” Leader of the Alliance for Change, Khemraj Ramjattan, was adamant that there was a clear allocation made for a 15 percent increase. “The National Assembly made this allocation for the increase -at least a 10 to 15 percent - for all public servants,” Ramjattan said.

According to Ramjattan, the “little explanation” offered by the Finance Minister Ashni Singh is full of holes. He said that the explanation that the Minister has given is expected to be appreciated by the media and the Guyanese people. According to Ramjattan, Government had initially said that the opposition had cut the budget, but since that explanation fell through it is now saying that this was money intended for promotion and additional staff. He explained that the March budget had catered for all the increases in each of the ministries and also in each subset of the ministries. “This $4.4B is a totally separate set of money from what we allocated for an increase during the course of the year.” Ramjattan opined that Government must have used the money which was budgeted for public servants

for “some slush fund to deal with other expenditures, probably which we cut in the budget. “That is not how you treat your public servants.” Yarde said that Government must explain to workers how the money which was approved by the National Assembly for the Revision of Wages and Salaries (which would have at least guaranteed a 10-15% increase) was utilized. He described the government as ‘anti-working class’ and expressed his disappointment with President Donald Ramotar on this subject. Since the announcement of the five percent increase by government there has been protest by public servants in several pockets across the country. The GPSU has also warned of mass industrial unrest if necessary. APNU shadow Minister (continued on page 23)

“Dear Mr. President de 5% ent even reach de $5000 note”

ABCE Ambassadors join Help & Shelter for Human Rights Day observance Help and Shelter recorded a day in history yesterday with the visit of the ABCE (American, British Canadian and European) Ambassadors for the observance of the International Day of Human Rights 2013. They were also there to recognize the work the body has done to address abuse and domestic violence in Guyana. The international day is being celebrated today under the theme ‘20 Years Working For Your Rights.’ The day also marks the twentieth anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the beginning of a continued effort in the protection and promotion of human rights. During the brief ceremony at the entity’s Homestretch Avenue office, Ambassador of the United States of America, Dr. Brent Hardt; British High Commissioner Mr. Andrew Ayre; Canadian High Commissioner, Nicole Giles; and Head of the European Union Delegation Ambassador, Robert

Kopecky all commended Help and Shelter for its strides in working to eliminate abuse; even as they called to mind the roles the international community has played in the country’s fight, including funding and facilitation of awareness programmes. Robert Kopecky took the opportunity to announce that the EU will be donating almost $27 Million (•100,000) to Help and Shelter to assist them in improving the lives of women, children and men who suffer from domestic and sexual violence and child abuse. While strides were acknowledged, however, the call was still for continuous efforts to be made to curb the epidemic, not only in Guyana but worldwide. “Today, all over the world, basic human rights continue to be violated; this work, sadly, remains unfinished,” the British High Commissioner noted. According to the US Ambassador, in combating gender violence, there is need

(From Left) EU Ambassador Robert Kopecky, British High Commissioner Andrew Ayre, Canadian High Commissioner Nicole Giles and US Ambassador Brent Hardt during yesterday’s ceremony for increased advocacy and interaction between policy makers and those that work in the field. He also spoke to the need to empower girls to speak for themselves and to educate boys to speak for their sisters. “We must ultimately overcome the deep-rooted gender inequalities that either allow or actively promote violent, discriminatory practices,” he urged. On the same note, the Canadian High Commissioner

urged that as an international community, efforts should be made to work along with government and nongovernmental organisations in order to accomplish this universal goal of eliminating the scourge. Further, in order to induce change in society, reporting instances of abuse and seeking support when needed were encouraged by each of the diplomats.

“Contact organisations such as Help and Shelter and Red Thread. They can help you. To those witnessing domestic violence, we urge you to speak out against it… Admist the trauma of domestic violence, there is hope. There is hope that is offered by the victims themselves as they gain strength to stop the violence and rebuild their lives. And there is hope that is offered by those who help,”

were some of the words of advice offered to victims. In an effort to reach the nation on the auspicious day, Help & Shelter has organized the airing of documentary – Break the Cycle – Stop the Violence, that was produced in observance of the International Day of Violence against Women 2012. The video is scheduled to be aired from 16:00 hours on the various television channels.

Tuesday December 10, 2013

Kaieteur News

Judge’s ruling could force police to review ‘stop and search’ practice

Police ranks during one of their many stop and search exercises. The Guyana Police Force is taking cognizance of a groundbreaking High Court ruling and will be reviewing its position on the controversial issue regarding the Stop Search and Detain policy. This was revealed to Kaieteur News by a senior police officer who was reacting to the October 31 ruling by Justice William Ramlal, which was highlighted in an article in the Sunday edition of this newspaper. Justice Ramlal had ruled that the police stop, search and subsequent detention of Attorney at Law, now judge Navindra Singh on October 24, 2006 was an abuse of power. Yesterday, the senior police officer told this newspaper that the force’s administration “will have to sit down and come up with a policy…review our operations. It will certainly affect future operations.” He did admit that the police’s power to stop, search and detain is not absolute. It is not clear if any action will be taken retroactively against the ranks involved, in light of justice Ramlal’s ruling. In his claims, Singh said that he was a practicing Attorney-at-Law. On May 9, 2006, he was driving his car along Charlotte Street, Georgetown, when he was stopped at the edge of the road after his engine light started flashing indicating something was wrong. Singh said that before he could have spoken to his mechanic, a police vehicle pulled alongside with Police Constable James telling him that the car was obstructing the ‘free flow of traffic’. The plaintiff said he drove to another street, Croal Street, and parked in the corner when the same vehicle pulled in

front of him at a 45 degrees angle. According to the plaintiff, he was directed to exit his vehicle and upon enquiring, he was told that the ranks wanted to search it. “I then asked him what was his probable cause for such a search?. By this time the Number two Defendant (Police Sergeant James) was standing next to my driver’s side door with his rifle pointed at me. James who pointed the rifle at me said “This is all the reason we need”. I at that point demanded identification from the police. James asked, “You want dead? Come out you vehicle now.” Another senior officer was not too subtle in his condemnation of the police’s actions in the particular case involving the attorney at law. He lashed out at the conduct of the ranks saying that they were taught that stop, search and detain was not an absolute option. “In my opinion the ugly experience of the attorney now judge is symptomatic of a bigger problem that existed for a long time and that is abuse of power and authority,” he said. He added that the victim was fortunate that he had the necessary wherewithal that allowed him to take legal action. “Unfortunately the average member of the public does not have the resources to do so. Their only recourse is to the Police Complaints Authority and the Office of Professional Responsibility, and sometimes these agencies take a lifetime to administer justice if any at all,” the police officer explained. For quite some time there have been reports and in many cases evidence of police shakedowns, without any

punishment meted out to those who are responsible. At last month’s Christmas policing presentation, the Guyana Police Force through Divisional Commander Derrick Josiah spoke of stop and search as one of the main methods to prevent criminal activity throughout the season. “God helps the average citizen at Christmas time who is likely to become a victim of police abuse. Once this does not affect those in authority, they don’t give a damn. It is only when their friends and relatives are victims then they care,” the officer declared. He added that stop and search should not be an arbitrary thing, and stressed that there must be specific reason to do so.

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Cocaine in boulanger…

Woman charged with airport cocaine bust Nine days after a major drug bust at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, the exporter accused of trying to smuggle boulangers stuffed with cocaine out of the country, was yesterday indicted at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court for the crime. Thirty-seven year old Basmati Persaud, called Lolita, made her first court appearance before Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry where a charge for the possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking was read to her. However, Persaud refuted the allegations of the Customs Anti-Narcotics Branch which claimed that on November 30, she had in her possession 12.330 kilograms of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. Special Prosecutor attached to the Customs Anti Narcotics Branch (CANU), Oswald Massiah, said that for some time the accused who resides at 460 Grass Field, Lusignan, East Coast Demerara, has been engaged in shipping vegetables and fruits to Canada. Massiah said that Persaud had used a particular licensed exporter to conduct her shipping business but after a while the arrangement ceased due to the fact that the shipper experienced financial difficulties and was off for some while. The defendant allegedly restarted her business and contacted the man only to be

Basmati Persaud, accused of stuffing cocaine in boulanger informed that that he was experiencing financial difficulty but according to Massiah she rendered financial assistance so that he could have regained his shipping licence. The Prosecutor claimed that the business thereafter recommenced and it was during November that the defendant arranged for the shipper to assist her in acquiring a quantity of vegetables to ship to Canada. Persaud allegedly charged the man to purchase squash and some other vegetables from the Bourda Market while she would have acquired a

quantity from markets in Berbice and on the East Coast of Demerara. Massiah specified that it was Persaud who purchased the boulanger. He said that it was the shipper who would normally transport the items to the airport but on this occasion she insisted that they transported the vegetables separately. Massiah stated that on November 30, as per the arrangement previously made, the shipper met with Persaud at the airport and they assembled the vegetables to undergo the required pre-shipping process. The prosecutor maintained that a CANU rank then checked the shipment but at this point the exporter had already fled the scene after paying the shipper. Massiah informed the court that whilst checking, it was the head of the first boulanger which ‘fell off’ and raised the officer’s suspicion. The officer then checked and noticed that in place of the vegetable’s pulp therein was a transparent plastic bag which contained the substance suspected to be cocaine. According to the Prosecutor, at this point the shipper was told of the suspicion and the entire shipment was taken to the CANU Headquarters, Eve Leary where the investigations commenced. Massiah claimed that during the investigations the (Continued on page 26)

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Tuesday December 10, 2013

No excuse for absence of National delegation for Mandela’s Funeral - NAR A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) yesterday opened to the public, a Book of Condolences for those desirous of paying last respects to the late phenomenal world leader, Nelson Mandela. The book is available to the public at APNU’s Hadfield Street office, between 9:00 – 18: 00hrs daily. Many persons affixed their signature to the book yesterday including Opposition Leader, David Granger, City Mayor Hamilton Green, Deputy Mayor, Patricia Green, former Mayor Ranwell Jordan, APNU’s Mark Archer and Members of Parliament Christopher Jones and Joseph Harmon. Members of the party however expressed displeasure with President Donald Ramotar’s decision to attend Mandela’s funeral unaccompanied by any opposition member. Member of Parliament Christopher Jones told Kaieteur News, “It is a total disappointment how our boy just up and went by himself…The same PPP that

“It is regrettable that the actions of Ramotar and his government go contrary to everything Mandela stood for and fought against.” objected when Burnham helped Africa financially now wait till Mandela dead to behave like they were buddy friends.” Joseph Harmon told reporters that the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/ C) Government should take a page out of the book of the Trinidad and Tobago Government, which invited its Opposition Leader to be part of the delegation representing the people of Trinidad. Meanwhile, the North American Region (NAR) of the Peoples’ National Congress Reform (PNCR) issued a release bemoaning the fact that President Ramotar decided “to use a most dignified and somber occasion to exhibit divisive posture at a time the world is celebrating the life of a most magnanimous and unifying world leader. Guyanese at home and abroad woke-up on Sunday morning to learn that President Ramotar and his PPP/C friends secretly

boarded a flight and headed off to South Africa.” The statement said that NAR recognizes Mandela’s struggles and salutes his determination and fight for a free South Africa, where bitterness, hatred and oppression are removed from the minds of the leaders and the people. “NAR believes that Mandela’s struggle remains relevant to Guyanese today.” “It is regrettable however; that the actions of Ramotar and his government go contrary to everything Mandela stood for and fought against. At a time when the world is honoring a man whose life epitomized unity, peace, courage and humility, the PPP/C government decides to use the world’s stage to tout its national policy of division.” “The PPP/C government continues to act in ways which seem to mirror a new form of oppression by a minority government. There

David Granger as he signs can be no excuse for not having a small national delegation, which represents the people of Guyana, travel to South Africa to pay reverence to a man who changed the world forever. Why is the Leader of the Opposition not in this “Guyanese delegation”? It is no secret that Burnham and the PNC Government led the

Caribbean nations when it comes to support for Nelson Mandela’s fight against apartheid. At the scorn and protest by the PPP, the PNC Government mustered financial and other resources to support the fight against the unthinkable oppression which targeted Black South Africans. President Ramotar and the PPP/C are well aware

of this fact. It is sad, however, that they seem incapable of rising above their shadow of the past and taking a page out of Mandela’s book. Is there no shame? When will leaders demonstrate leadership? It is time Guyanese people stand up and demand better leadership which promotes respect and support all,” the release stated.

Tuesday December 10, 2013

Kaieteur News

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CHEDDI AND POWER SHARING AFTER 1992 On his deathbed, Cheddi Jagan had an epiphany. He signed a note saying that he would like his wife to take over from him. It was so unlike Cheddi. He, after all, had once said at a political walkabout in Lethem that he was not bothered about what would happen after he left politics. He stated that there were others capable of leading the party and pointed to a party leader who was with him at the time as an example of someone who could take over. He did not, as has been so mischievously and opportunistically suggested, identify that particular individual as his successor. He merely pointed to that individual as an example of the individuals within the party who were capable of

succeeding him. On his deathbed he made his final choice. Cheddi was always interested in internal democracy within the party. But he had tremendous influence over the party because of who he was: the man who led the Independence struggle in Guyana after the end of the Second World War. The party did not have to agree with Cheddi’s choice but they were all outfoxed by a skilful maneuver by Mrs. Janet Jagan who inveigled the party to pick her as Cheddi’s successor. With the wishes of Cheddi on pen and paper who would dare oppose? Why did Cheddi on his deathbed hand over the party to his wife? Human nature is not always

rational or logical. She had been a loyal partner and ally in the political struggle. She was definitely the most senior party leader. She had founded the PPP and was the longest serving member within the leadership. She was always therefore going to be a frontrunner to take over from Cheddi. There were o t h e r reasons why Cheddi would have wanted her to succeed him. He would have had close to four years to observe the other leaders within the party. He did not like some of the things he saw, including rank opportunism. It must also be recalled that Cheddi never had the crème of the crop when it came to his party’s leaders. When he was in opposition

he was abandoned by many people. The middle class in particular had not joined ranks with him in opposing the brutal PNC regime. As such Cheddi had to be content with those who were within the leadership. The fact that so many of these leaders stayed with him while more able and qualified persons disassociated themselves from the PPP had a stirring effect on the PPP’s decision to go it alone after it comprehensively defeated the PNC in the 1992 elections. Hoyte, the defeated PNC candidate, was a grouchy old man. He was never going to enter into any power sharing talks with Cheddi. He had publicly expressed his dislike for Cheddi and had gone to the extent of

Take back your communities - Persaud urges stakeholders - plans afoot to boost EPA Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Robert Persaud has given the charge to residents to ensure that their communities are clean and report persons who are bent on littering. The minister made the call on Friday last whilst delivering the feature address to stakeholders who had

attended an environment symposium. According to Persaud, while the country awaits the holding of Local Government elections, community groups need to take action immediately at the local level to deal with the issue of garbage. The minister opined that community groups and

Dem boys seh ...

Ash Knee must explain de $8,000 million When a cat get corner he does become dangerous. People know bout cat that attack and scratch up some people and put dem in hospital. De other day Ash Knee behave like a cat and that was because he get cornered. De nation ask him how he spend de extra money that parliament vote. Instead he explain to de nation, he resort to bad woman style and not dem expensive ones. He behave like dem cheap one wha he old time boss use to love. He cuss down and try fuh pull down and all kinda down. De way he behave deh inside de paper. He cuss Ramjattan and Nigel Hughes and Cathy Hughes like if is dem spend de $8,000 million that de nation asking bout. De way how he behave dem boys want to believe that he did hustle de money or a big portion of de money, if not all. And de only way dem boys gun believe otherwise is if he come and explain to de nation how de money really spend. Is not eight cents dem talking about. Is $8,000 million. He talking to this nation like if is he Mooma and he Daady money that he inherit and that nobody can’t ask he nutten. He shaat behind might get a slap if he continue to behave like that. Dem boys want he fuh know that he ain’t got de power like de Donald and Jagdeo can’t help him when de real people ready. Dem boys hear that Donald done recruiting an international tribunal fuh try some of dem in de Hague. Rob Earth deh in that. Irfaat and Ganda de Recycle man gun join he. Jagdeo in another category. He got to be tried, but not in Guyana. Uncle Sam done got the judge, de court and everything. De charge gun be money washing. He guh have to explain all dem property that he got, including de one that he just get from Brian. Dem boys want know de deal but neither he nor Brian talking. He really tie up he self wid nuff Brian-- Brian James, Brian Yong and Brian Tiwari. Is only Brian Lara get away. Dem boys wonder if is de ‘ian’ in de name. Talk half and Ash Knee must explain de money.

associations need to get involved and to take back communities in that regard. The minister also said that these groups, associations and even the residents should “name and shame” persons who are bent on littering. Persaud reiterated that everyone has a role to play in erasing the shame and fixing the problem. In this regard, he explained the need for citizens to change their attitude, given the fact that most persons are guilty of dumping waste indiscriminately. Further, Persaud agreed that the solid waste issue is one which requires a very integrated and holistic approach. He explained in detail the steps which his Ministry has taken in tackling the problem. These include strengthening legislation, toughening enforcement and prosecuting persons.

Moreover, Persaud said that they would also be boosting the Environmental Protection Agency to help fight the problem of litter. According to the minister, the whole emphasis of this move is to create an air and water quality unit in the EPA. He said that the requisite laboratory to do testing for mercury, water contamination and air quality will be established, adding that this would be a new division in the EPA. According to Persaud, they are currently working along with KFW, a German government-owned development bank, based in Frankfurt to develop the enforcement regulations. He explained that the primary regulations are in place but there are some weaknesses in the subsidiaries, which would be looked at.

saying that he was dedicating his life towards ensuring that Cheddi never regained power. During a television interview in the run up to the 1992 elections, he kept beating an old Cold war drum by demanding to know whether Cheddi was still a communist. Cheddi turned to him and asked him whether he beat his wife. It was Cheddi ‘s way of saying, “I do not enquire into your personal business so why are you peeping into mine.” Given the long years of loyalty to Cheddi by the leaders of the party at the time of the 1992 elections, it would have been difficult for Cheddi not to have rewarded them with Cabinet positions. His wife, Mrs. Jagan, was also believed to be viciously opposed to him sharing power with too many others outside of the party. The issue of the WPA needs clarification because it is being misrepresented. There was a falling out between the PPP and the WPA after the mischief that was weaved in the PCD during the WPA’s attempt to deny the PPP the presidential candidate of the PCD. But Cheddi was a man who harbored no bitterness. He was definitely keen on having Clive Thomas as a Minister of Planning and Development. He was already

committed to having the then top official in the Jamaica Central Bank, Mr. Asgar Ally as his Minister of Finance. This was part of an arrangement to appease the business class in the country who wanted a noncommunist as Minister of Finance. Cheddi however wanted to have the expertise of Clive Thomas within the government. He wanted him as his Minister of Planning. A major difference arose with the WPA over this issue. The WPA did not want Cheddi to decide who he wanted. They wanted him to negotiate with them on their involvement and they would decide who would participate. Having only won one seat, the WPA seemed to have been adopting a too inflexible position. With time being of the essence in naming the Cabinet, Cheddi had to abandon the idea of having Thomas as a Minister of Planning and Development. The WPA felt miffed. After this there was never again any possibility of the WPA being involved in the post 1992 PPP government.

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Tuesday December 10, 2013

Guyana Goldfields approves Guyana-Barbados trade US$238M for Aurora project worth US$25 million

Canadian-owned, Guyana Goldfields Inc. has approved a US$238M expenditure for its Aurora, Region Seven mine. The Board of Directors of Guyana Goldfields Inc. (GGI) has approved US$238M expenditure for the Aurora Gold Project to reach commercial production. According to the Canadian company, it has executed a “Heads of Agreement and Term Sheet”, documenting the principal terms and conditions with joint venture partners, SedgmanLimited and Graña y Montero for the full engineering, procurement, and construction (“EPC”) of the initial processing facility and power plant at the project in Guyana. The proposed EPC contract will be on a “not-toexceed” basis, valued at US$137M, the company said. “GGI has agreed to the general terms and conditions for the engineering, procurement, management

and construction of the initial 5,000 tons per day (“tpd”) processing facility and power plant for the “not-to-exceed amount” of US$137M. The total capital cost for the entire project is now estimated to be US$249M.” The planned gold mine is said to be Guyana’s next large scale operation after Omai Gold Mines, which left a few years ago. Sedgman Limited is a services company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and is a market leader in test work, design, construction and operation of mineral processing plants. Graña y Montero is the oldest and largest engineering and construction company in Peru and is publically listed on the Lima and New York Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of over US$2.3B.

Scott A. Caldwell, President and CEO, states, “This is an extremely significant milestone for the Project and for the Company. We are excited to be moving the Aurora Gold Project forward and have engaged an excellent team whose strengths complement each other.” Guyana Goldfields Inc. is a Canada-based mineral exploration company primarily focused on the exploration and development of gold deposits in the Guiana Shield of South America. The company is focused on the construction and development of the Aurora Gold Project scheduled for initial production in early 2015, in Region Seven. The project is designed to produce 3.29 million ounces of gold, averaging 194,000 ounces per year, over an initial 17-year mine life.

The just ended Guyana trade fair in Barbados should act as a motivation for increased commerce between the CARICOM neighbours, said Guyana’s Consul General to Barbados, Michael Brotherson. This view was endorsed by that island’s Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Trade, Charles Burnett. Brotherson bemoaned a reduction of trade in food items between the two countries. This is happening against the backdrop of a growing Caribbean foodimport bill of items from out of the region. “There has been a decline in the export of agricultural products, especially fresh produce, from Guyana to Barbados in the three years preceding 2013,” he said.

“It is therefore my fervent wish that this exposition will prove an apt reminder of what is available in Guyana”. He described the two-day Guyana, Craft, Tourism, and Trade Exposition that ended on Sunday as “another timely opportunity for the peoples of Guyana and Barbados to embrace each other and further cement the foundation for our mutual and long-term benefit “. Barbados’s Burnett said that trade between Guyana and Barbados stood at approximately B d s $ 5 0 million (Bds$1 = 50 cents US) last year, adding that there is much reason to encourage an increase in this volume. The exhibition, held at the Guyana Consulate, was predominated by a range of

furniture items, crafted from this country’s various insectresistant hard wood. There were also a range of Wicker Rattan furniture, straw items, blends of spices and fruit drinks. Burnett recalled being in Guyana last October during Guy-Expo, and what he said convinced him “that the countries of CARICOM can easily look first to our neighbours for many of the products and services we consume on a daily basis”. Addressing Guyanese, Barbadians and members of the diplomatic corps at the exhibition, Burnett noted that there exists between the Barbados and Guyana a deep relationship, which he said is characterised by steadfast friendship and shared (continued on page 13)

Retired Guyanese diplomats browse sauces and seasonings at the Guyana trade expo. From left former High Commissioner for Barbados, Frank DaSilva; former Commonwealth Secretary General, Sir Shridath Ramphal; and former High Commissioner, Cecil Pilgrim.

Tuesday December 10, 2013

Kaieteur News

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AFC moves to parliament for restoration of Critchlow’s annual subvention By Abena Rockcliffe The Alliance for Change (AFC) has moved to the National Assembly to secure the restoration of Critchlow Labour College’s annual subvention which was taken away some nine years ago. The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) government, with Sheik Baksh as Minister of Education, had withdrawn its subvention from the College, calling for a revamp of the system and more accountability. The AFC is now seeking financial security for the College in the National Assembly through a Motion that stands in the name of Trevor Williams, himself a former student of Critchlow. Critchlow Labour College, named after Hubert Nathaniel Critchlow, was established over 40 years ago. Since its establishment, the Critchlow Labour College received financial assistance in the form of a subvention from the Guyana government. In the 1980s, the College was acknowledged as the busiest labour institution in the Caribbean. However, the move by government to withhold the subvention has caused serious operational problems and saw the College closing its doors temporarily. It was reopened in 2010 but now offer s a significantly reduced curriculum, thereby limiting the options of those desiring higher education. Williams, in his Motion, said that the Critchlow Labour College through its three campuses in Georgetown, Linden and Berbice, served to educate thousands of Guyanese, both adult and

youth, for decades and gave many a second chance at educating themselves. He noted that the government of Guyana, both under the People’s National Congress (PNC) and PPP/C, through the Ministry of Finance, provided a subvention to the Critchlow Labour College, thereby subsidizing the cost of education to thousands of Guyanese from all walks of life. Wi l l i a m s a d d e d t h a t through the benefit of this subvention, the Critchlow Labour College successfully entered into partnerships for developing education within Guyana and abroad with reputable institutions; The parliamentarian and former student of Critchlow alluded to the hundreds of young Guyanese who entered and re-entered the job market and became highly skilled and successful professionals as a result of what the college offered. Williams mentioned too the numerous parents and guardians who were able to access affordable education at a convenient time, thereby developing themselves and making their families more stable. The parliamentarian pointed out that after the

withdrawal of this subvention the institution eventually collapsed thereby bringing to ruin the hopes and aspirations of thousands of young Guyanese from all walks of life.. Williams is urging the National Assembly to call on the Government of Guyana to restore the full subvention “thereby allowing the Critchlow Labour College to be re-opened to its full capacity.” CRY OF FORMER STUDENTS Since the College begun to deteriorate, many who benefitted from the programme has turned to the media for help and to register dissatisfaction. Veronica Anthony , Fiona Lake, Allison Dunbar, Shabana Alli , Timothy Layne, John Tiwari, Marilyn Bradford, Cheryl Thomas and Sherlock Gomes all former students of the College had written a joint letter published in a daily newspaper. They noted that the College “made a difference in our lives…We were not outstanding students at high school. The College gave us the opportunity to do the one year, CXC and professional programmes. We have acquired lasting friendships and skills that

have made us marketable. Some of us are attending university and College. We are employed and self-employed. All of us are productive citizens contributing to nation-building. Education makes a nation! The nation needs Critchlow.” Lurlene Nestor, another former student noted that it was unfortunate that the government doesn’t see the “direct relationship between an educated workforce and a progressive nation…One would have thought that by now the government would have worked with the College to ensure that the subvention was restored. However, partisan politics continue to prevail and in the interim, the rank and file remains starved of valuable education.”

Nestor had noted, “What is also most disgusting is that at a time when the world’s economies are experiencing serious downturns, and in particular the Guyana economy, the President and government are advancing legislation to allow for taxpayers to take care of the President’s every financial need after leaving office. When Guyanese workers are struggling to meet their daily needs the government brings to the parliament the Former Presidents (Benefits and other Facilities) Bill of 2009; what a shame…It seems as if Guyana always does the opposite of whatever is happening, progressively speaking, in other parts of the world. In this period of world economic recession,

AFC’s Trevor Williams government executives in many countries are taking pay cuts and giving up on certain amenities, but here the Parliament is entertaining a Bill for the nation to take care of the President’s total financial expenses when he leaves office.”

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Tuesday December 10, 2013

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

Will the Mandela example be adopted in Guyana? It is incomprehensible that leaders around the world shower the most ethereal praise on Mandela, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, yet practise the worst form of malice and vindictiveness against their own citizens. Is there an explanation? There is none that I know of in the field of knowledge. This is the part of life that is unfathomable. We can begin a journey to understand this enigma in civilization but it would be fruitless. The immediate example that comes to mind

is our former president, Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo. What Mr. Jagdeo has done has no explanation in human nature. Awarded the title of Champion of the Earth by the UN and named as one of the heroes of the environment by Time magazine, Mr. Jagdeo did absolutely nothing to take pride in those accolades. While given the international limelight, Mr. Jagdeo neglected the environment of his own country, whose capital under Mr. Jagdeo became the most putrid on the globe. What

was impossible to understand is that not even an attempt was made by this leader to show the Guyanese people that he truly earned the titles given him by sections of the international community. How do you explain this immense fault? It has no logic. It is the same for religion. When I was small, I heard that in the churches, special benches in the front row would be reserved for the white folks and if you arrived early and were naïve to occupy one of those seats, you were asked to vacate it. I have seen the most devout practitioners of religion commit some of life’s worst immoralities. What is the explanation? There is none. That’s life. So it will be the same with Mandela. Here in Guyana, the

ruling party has turned its back on the legacy of its own founder, Cheddi Jagan, much less to practice what Nelson Mandela preached. You can use volumes of research to prove that Dr. Jagan was not politically correct as his admirers want to believe. In fact, the evidence against his flawless political behaviour is overwhelming but like Forbes Burnham and many other controversial leaders, he had his strong points. One of Jagan’s greatest gifts was that he was simply not interested in an ostentatious life. He wasn’t interested in the accumulation of wealth. He was not in the least a corrupt man. And like his competitor, Forbes Burnham, he was essentially concerned with the quality of life for the lower economic classes. Jagan died in 1997, and since then his party has continued in power and in those sixteen years his protégés have engaged in unprecedented corruption never before seen in the Caribbean. In those sixteen years, the gap between rich and poor has widened to the extent that it threatens social stability.

In those sixteen years, the ostentatious life style of some people in office earning ordinary salaries could be compared to Wall Street bankers. Swimming pools became a requirement for those building their mansions. Few, if any, would argue that the PPP today bears any resemblance to the organization that Dr. Jagan founded. For those who are expecting to see even a slight emulation of what the great Mandela stood for in Guyana, it may be hoping for too much. We simply do not have that kind of political culture in this country. But why single out the PPP leadership only for its refusal to practice what Mandela stood for? In the opposition and in civil society, the praise for Mandela has been unstoppable but will his examples be followed in those quarters? Is it not only in the corridors of power, we see the vindictiveness, petty-minded malice and pomposity. It is all over this country in areas where it serves as no guiding light for a country whose population is very young This is a country where even if your criticism or

Frederick Kissoon candour is contextually justified, you will earn enemies. Great people like Mandela, Gandhi and King, and no doubt President Obama will be revered in this country by people with power and wealth but they will not use that power and wealth to dissolve the tragedy this country has lived with for over sixty years. What is the explanation? There is none. But we end on a pessimistic note. Can’t Guyana wake up a morning and see a horizon in front of their eyes where freedom and opportunity burn as bright as the sun? And that this brave, new horizon didn’t evolve or emerge by accident but fashioned by the deliberate consciousness of Guyanese leaders who wanted to leave something that Mandela would have been proud of?

Tuesday December 10, 2013

Kaieteur News

Teenage girls released! …Ministry launches Inquiry to investigate Camal Home By Leon Suseran The three teenage girls who were arrested and held for several days in the lockups at the Albion Police Station after running away from the Camal International Home for Abused Women and Children, were released yesterday. And this newspaper was informed that Attorney-atLaw, Adrian Anamayah, had filed on behalf of the teenagers aged 12, 14 and 15, who were subsequently released. They are currently being temporarily housed at the Canaan Home at Port Mourant, Corentyne. In light of the arrest of the teenagers who resided at Camal International Home in Corentyne, Berbice and based upon public allegations of maltreatment of orphans residing at the institution, the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security, in a press release yesterday, stated that it has appointed a Commission of Inquiry (COI) to investigate the allegations and to review the operations of the Home in accordance with the Minimum Operating Standards for Children’s Homes and Institutions. The Commission of Inquiry consists of Mrs. Ayo Dalgetty-Dean – Chairperson; Ms. Saudia Feroze – Member; Mrs. Erma Bovell – Member; Mrs. Joan Ann Edghill – Legal Counsel of the Childcare & Protection Agency and Mrs. Claudia Munroe – Senior Probation and Social Services Officer. Hearings will commence shortly. The Camal Home currently has 37 children, among them three babies who were abandoned by their parents. Allegations of maltreatment of children at the

orphanage surfaced two days ago after three teenage girls from the home were held in the lock-ups at the Albion Police Station. Head of the home, Social Worker, Carmen Kissoon, has been managing and caretaking the Camal Home at Kilcoy/Chesney, Corentyne since 1995. This was a project that she and her husband undertook after their remigration from Canada. Kissoon worked for a number of years at the Ontario Correctional facilities in Toronto where she dealt with a number of prisoners and counseled them. Human Services Minister, Jennifer Webster, explained that a full investigation will be launched into the reports. She stated that complaints of such nature regarding the orphanage were never brought to the attention of the Ministry. “I will be writing to the person in charge of the orphanage to let them know that a committee will be sent to conduct a detailed investigation regarding the allegations into this incident.” The girls were arrested on November 20, 2013 for “wandering” away from the home. They were placed before the courts and sentenced earlier last week to be institutionalized at the New Opportunity Corps (NOC) in Essequibo. However, residents and concerned citizens have been highly critical of the actions of the law enforcement authorities. Meanwhile, the Head of the New Jersey Arya Samaj Humanitarian Mission (NJASHM), Pandit Suresh Sugrim, has expressed his disgust about the entire matter. “As head of a Nongovernmental organization, it was so sad to read the

Guyana-Barbados trade worth US$25 million From page 10 aspirations. “It was on that basis that the agreement for the deepening for bilateral relations between our governments was signed by the two countries in 2002,” Burnett said at the Consulate’s Sefton Lodge residence. “This agreement was forged with the objective of among other things, boosting cooperation in the areas of trade, investment, marine affairs, tourism, air services, education, agriculture, sports, culture and youth affairs.” Burnett said that out of the

agreement was established a joint commission, the second meeting of which was attended by Minister of Foreign Affairs an Foreign Trade, Maxine McLean, in early October in Guyana. At this meeting the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC) negotiated a memorandum of understanding with counterpart, Guyana Office for Investment, for strengthening ventures and trade. That MOU currently awaits final approval signature by the BIDC board.

Mrs. Carmen Kissoon, Caretaker of the Camal Int’l Home newspaper and learn what’s going on with the current situation at the Camal International Home in Guyana. I hope with sense of fairness that the right authority will investigate to the fullest extent. “Only God and the victims know the truth. As a humanitarian working in Guyana since 2005, I have heard and seen it all at different levels. There are always three sides to a story and I do hope that the investigation will get to the bottom of this matter.”

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GPOC rate increase necessary to provide improved postal services The Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) is working to provide an improved business/ postal service to members of the public. Last week Postmaster General, Henry Dundas, explained that the recent hike in postage rates is practical, taking into consideration several factors including the changes taking place in the international mailing and postal operations. “It is public knowledge that GPOC does not receive a government subvention thus increasing our rates was the most suitable move to sustain our services.” Although Mr. Dundas did not disclose the annual earnings of GPOC, he said that the increased rate were necessary since plans are underway to enhance the physical structure of the Post Office. “We are looking to enhance the physical environment of the post office to make it more suitable for persons to conduct business.” Last month, GPOC announced an increase in rates for domestic as well as overseas postal services.

The domestic rate for the first 20 grams was increased to $80; while Caribbean postage was adjusted to $130. Packages for Central, North and South America have increased to $150. For the first 20 grams, the new rate for Great Britain is $160 while Asia, Africa, Europe/Australia postal rate has adjusted to $200. Deputy Postmaster General of the Corporation, Abdul Hassan, had related that plans are in the pipeline to further introduce a computerized service to GPOC offices, which will better facilitate business transactions. Hassan revealed, “At present, we have 27 offices that are equipped with computers to assist with the money transfer and bill payment services; this is giving us a bit more efficiency in those areas.” The Deputy Postmaster General further explained that GPOC is working to find new ways to increase its revenues, since the use of technology has had a severe impact on the postal service. However, Mr. Hassan says that GPOC business

operations and domestic postage service has been steady, has aided in preserving the operations of GPOC. In recent years, the Corporation has been in direct competition from emails and other private couriers. But it remained the main distributor of utility bills. It faced some financial fallout when a large section of its Robb Street headquarters, which was being rented to the Guyana Revenue Authority, was left empty after that agency left. In an earlier statement GPOC said that the change is necessary to bring the Corporation’s revenue in line with other costs. “Geographical factors have been taken into consideration in our determination for increases,” GPOC said.

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Tuesday December 10, 2013

APNU strengthens CARICOM Reparations Commission updates region on compensation progress Parliamentary bid Following a meeting with British law firm, Leigh, Day& Company over legal representation of Caribbean nations seeking redress from European countries for horrors endured during the 300-year-long slave trade, the Caricom committee addressing this issue is slated to update the region on the progress of this pursuit Signaling an earnest attempt at being paid by former slave-trade countries for the atrocities of the TransAtlantic slave trade, members of Caricom’s reparation committee met with the British law firm yesterday to discuss their position. The committee met with its international legal team in Jamaica. The regional reparations executive committee also hosted a preparatory meeting with the law firm after holding a series of its own internal meetings since leaders approved plans to fight Britain, Spain and other European nations for slavery payments at the last

Suddie police gear to bury unidentified man A man of African ancestry who died days after falling ill and was a patient at the Suddie Public Hospital, remains at the Suddie Mortuary without anyone coming forward to claim his body. The man was taken to the mortuary since October5, last. Due to the lengthy period the remains of the man has been lying at the Mortuary unidentified, morticians are now forced to bury him in the Compound of the mortuary

to reduce Berbice Bridge toll

summit in Trinidad and Tobago, July 2013. The announcement by the Guyana-based Caribbean trade bloc secretariat informed that the committee has a mandate to “advance the moral, ethical and legal case for the payment of reparations by the governments of all the former colonial powers, to the nations and people of the Caribbean for native genocide, the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade and a radicalized system of chattel slavery.” Caricom has engaged that British firm largely because it won international accolades for winning millions in compensation for hundreds of Kenyan Mau Mau tribesmen who were tortured by British soldiers and agents in colonial Kenya. It has not been stated the amount expected from the former European colonizing nations, but leaders like St. Vincent’s Ralph Gonsalves, have pointed to the fact that Britain had paid out about

some time Tuesday. Another man recently taken to the Suddie Mortuary is yet to be identified. Initial reports have indicated that the first male to be admitted was admitted a patient at the Suddie Public Hospital and subsequently died. The police was informed about the man’s death but indicated they were not fed with additional information regarding the man’s age, address and previous occupation.

A reproduction of a handbill advertising a slave auction in Charleston, South Carolina, 1769 Sterling £20M in compensation to planters who lost slaves after abolition. That compensation sum, it was contended, would be an equivalent of about Sterling £200B today. At the thirty-fourth Conference of the Caricom Heads of Government, it was agreed and encouraged that each Caricom Member State would establish a National Reparations Committee. Some six countries; Jamaica, Suriname, Barbados, St. Vincent, Belize and Antigua

have so far set up national reparation committees to support the work of the executive body, while the others are expected to come on stream in the coming months. Today’s press conference will be streamed live across the region to update people in the bloc about the latest developments, the announcement said. It will be held at the Regional Headquarters, University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica.

City Hall suspends statutory meeting over Sooba's “unconstitutional appointment” From page 3 result of the recent developments, it was related also that come Thursday, there will be an open meeting for concerned parties, including the general public to discuss the appointment of the Town Clerk and to discuss how to move forward with the matter. The Council has already registered their unacceptance of “three unqualified persons being handpicked by the Local Government Ministry to man three senior offices of the Council.” Also read to Councilors the three appointment letters ordering “under the power vested by the minister” to appoint the three unqualified persons. Chase-Green called on the Town Clerk to resign from her

post given that she had not earned it. She charged that it would be the decent thing to do and requested that Sooba stop “insulting and bringing shame to women at such a level.” Chase-Green reiterated that Sooba's appointment is sending the wrong message to young persons in pursuit of higher education. ChaseGreen called on the Education Minister and the Ethnic Relations Commission to speak out against Sooba's appointment. She called for the Education Minister to speak out against the non-acceptance of the qualified and recommended applicant for the Town Clerk post, while urging the ethnic relations commission to recognize the sidelin-

ing of the Afro-Guyanese applicant. Councilor Gregory Fraser said that the government has imposed a one-man Interim Management Committee (IMC) on the council. He charged that while all attempts to do away with the constitutionally recognized Council have failed, Sooba's appointment is to ensure the government's grasp on the council. “The Minister ought not to make the majority suffer by a bad decision to spare the feelings of an unqualified or incompetent individual,” said councilor Eon Andrews. Andrews said that Sooba's appointment is a travesty of justice; and the government is not yet willing to give honour where it is due and

based on “merit and merit alone.” Councilor Victor Sobers condemned his opposition Councilors for their approach towards Sooba's appointment. He charged, “Common sense mek before book” and insisted that if the Minister felt she was fit for the post, then she must have been the second most suited person for the position. The Council has stated however, that it is not going to take Sooba's appointment lying down since it will only mean continued division and prolong further, the suffering of the city. Today the 72-hour warning to the Local Government Minister to rescind Sooba's appointment ends.

A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Member of Parliament, Joseph Harmon has announced that a separate amendment has been added to the motion filed in the National Assembly for the reduction of the Berbice Bridge Toll. This he said has been done taking into consideration that proponents of the government would argue that the Berbice Bridge Company Inc (BBCI), in its current state is privately owned, hence the motion to bring it to Parliament will not have the desired effect. Harmon however is contending that while that may be the case, the responsibility for establishing the toll order falls within the purview of the Minister of Public Works and this is provided for in sections three and four of the Berbice Bridge Act of 2006. Against this backdrop, he posits that the Ministry therefore has the power to reduce the fee. Harmon also posited that alternatively, the government, which has shares within the Bridge Company through the National Industrial Commercial and Investment Limited (NICIL) and National Insurance Scheme (NIS) would have a director sitting on the board who must be able to articulate on government’s behalf for a reduction in the toll. Harmon said that the reductions to the Berbice River Bridge tolls are important since many Berbicians and commuters are complaining over the high costs required to travel over the bridge. He said the fact that the toll was reduced in August for a “holiday special” is evidence that the company can reduce tolls and still remain viable. “The reductions which we have proposed are reductions which the management itself had undertaken in the period of August between the 1st and 12th…they said they were responding to criticisms which were made by the opposition political parties and that they are also responding to that …what they were going to do is implement a holiday special for that period…Our belief however is that because that period coincided with the PPP congress that was held in Berbice, they deliberately reduced the tolls to facilitate movement by their PPP comrades across the

Attorney at Law and Member of Parliament Joseph Harmon bridge…So what we are saying is that if it can be done then it should be done for all the people not just for the PPP congress” Harmon articulated. He said that the motion that is being advanced to the National Assembly will seek to address the transference of wealth from the masses into the hands of a select few. “The motion also seeks to address the question of devolution of wealth from one part of the country and the wealth that goes from the hands of a people into the hands of a small group of persons. If you examine the way in which the Berbice Bridge is structured by the persons who actually hold the shares in that company you will recognize that a lot of that money belongs to us (the people of Guyana). Some of the money came from the NIS, some of the money came from NICIL and that’s our money… it’s our money!” Harmon stressed. Harmon established that the liquidated company Colonial Life Insurance Inc (CLICO) Inc had investments in the Bridge and even though the company owed the NIS, it was allowed to dilute the shareholdings into the hands of a company owned by Dr. Ranjisingh ‘Bobby’ Ramroop. He said that it was a scheme where, “you are taking money out of the hands of people and putting it in the hands of a small group of persons so that the NIS which is owed by CLICO, is allowed to sell its shares to an individual and still haven’t paid the NIS.” “We are therefore talking about large sums of money, in this case we are looking at an average of $1.5B annually, which represents revenue from December 2008 to the present…My understanding is that the profit is somewhere (continued on page 21)

Tuesday December 10, 2013

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Environment Minister dubs recycling plant best solution to solid waste issue By Abena Rockcliffe Considering recent exposés about the “ghost company” with which the government partnered to build a recycling plant, the Alliance For Change (AFC) is calling for a halt in the process to find a replacement, until the Public Procurement Commission PPC becomes operational. The AFC said it is taking this position so as to avert a recurrence of the ‘ghost company’ fiasco. The Government on Wednesday announced that it is looking for eligible service providers, including individuals or agencies, to express their interest to build, transfer, and operate a Solid Waste Recycling Plant, through a public/private partnership agreement. This new announcement follows the government’s recent decision to abandon a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which was signed by the Local Government Ministry and Natural Globe Inc, an artificial company that was once “foreign,” but was found out to be local. Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon had stated that that decision to shelve the deal with Natural Globe Inc. was in the wake of the media revelations about the company. AFC leader, Khemraj Ramjattan, is proposing that the process be halted until a Public Procurement Commission (PPC) is implemented to secure

- AFC says wait for PPC scrutiny and authenticity. This call from the AFC was made on Thursday. But the following day, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Robert Persaud noted the importance government places on ensuring Guyana has a recycling facility. An optimistic Persaud told those that attended an Environmental Group Workshop, that the problem facing Guyana with regards to solid waste disposal can be adequately addressed. Unfortunately, the main solution he proposed was not one that is nearly in place; nor does it seem like it will anytime soon. Persaud’s solution is a recycling plant. He said that a recycling facility will make the big difference as once “we are able to commoditize or put a value to garbage, the problem is nearly solved.” But even though the AFC has recognized this, the party is just not willing to take a risk at another “shady” deal. Ramjattan, at a recent Press Conference, said that it is best for the country to wait another month or so for the Procurement Commission before bids are reopened. While Ramjattan expressed concern about those legitimate or “genuine” submissions to build the plant, he said that it seems as if the government is not capable of handling the process. “So it is best we

Essequibo Technical Institute gets student transportation In an attempt to reduce the cost of transportation for students attending the Essequibo Technical Institute, at Anna Regina, a select team, comprising members of the management committee purchased a 26seater minibus to transport students to and from School. This new venture was revealed at the Institute’s 11th, graduation and prizegiving celebration, held on Thursday December 5, last. Students who are currently experiencing financial difficulties and who reside in far flung areas are the primary beneficiaries. Michael Turner, Principal of the Institute, said that the minibus will be operating on a daily basis from Anna Regina to Suddie on the southern half of the

Essequibo Coast and from Anna Regina to Charity on the northern half of the Coast. The minibus was purchased at a cost of over $3M and will be put into operation on January 11, after the vehicle would have undergone continuing external modification. Essequibo Technical Institute has a dormitory which accommodates female students from Moruca, in Region One, Bartica, Wakenaam and communities in both the Lower and Upper Pomeroon. A building to accommodate students whose interests lie in the area of welding is under construction. A total of 40 students were chosen by the Institute to pursue the heavy duty equipment training programme.

wait,” he said. Ramjattan and his party are hoping to have the PPC up and running by February and are willing to support a supplementary provision to secure sums for the Commission to function. But the government wants all applications to be sealed and delivered no later than Friday December 27, 2013, at 15:30 hrs. When the MoU between the Local Government Ministry and Natural Globe

Inc. was first announced, Guyanese were told that it was a Canadian Company. Searches for the Canadianregistered company proved futile. It was later learnt that the Company was in fact registered in Guyana only three months ago although the proposal for the project was submitted 14 months ago. Natural Globe Inc. is run by Mohamed Osman. When Kaieteur News first began questioning the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the ‘Ghost Company’, the

Ministry of Local Government lashed out saying that it wished “to clarify the misrepresented, misinformed and mischievous statements published by media houses which seek to confuse and communicate incorrect messages to the public on the recent signing of the MoU for the establishment of recycling plant in Guyana.” The Ministry said that the company is owned and operated by a Guyanese entrepreneur who resides in Canada and is in the process

of becoming a re-migrant resident. “This company is also a local consultancy firm that provides integrated solutions for sustainable development in the fields of solid waste management and specializes in operations in the environmental sector,” the Ministry had said. Osman, during an interview with this publication had said that the US$30M required for the project was already in place and that the company was just awaiting word from Government to go ahead. Asked to identify the investors, he said that he and a partner would be putting US$15M each.

Fire scare at St John’s College

Students returning to class after realizing that there was no fire Rapid sparks and smoke emanating from an electrical connection on a meter at St. John’s College, Waterloo Street, Georgetown had students scampering out of their classrooms onto the roadway yesterday.

APNU strengthens Parliamentary ... From page 20 in the vicinity of $350M to $500M a year… that’s profit, so when you look at those things and you recognize that what has happened is the type of devolution of wealth from sections of the society into the hands of a private group, that way this type of motion becomes extremely necessary” said Harmon. The motion in effect seeks to reduce the total costs that are paid by vehicles that cross the Berbice River Bridge. The proposal urges across the board reductions in motor vehicles traversing the bridge with motorcycles traversing free. “The motion proposes to slash the toll for motor cars and minibuses by more than half.”

Vendors in front of the school disclosed that after a strange, loud explosion came from a meter at the front of the school, they saw students running out of the school. However, no one was injured. The event occurred before the lunch period. Two fire trucks visited the

scene, but only smoke was emanating from the meter connections. Firefighters determined that there was a fault with the connection of the meter, along with the power cable from the utility pole. The Headmistress was not willing to disclose any information when

questioned. Teachers eventually assembled and evacuated to a nearby play field. Students said that after hearing a loud explosive sound they smelt burning wire. They told teachers and a bell rang for them to leave the building.

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Civil Society march in protest... From page 16 their chants, the group made its way back to the Umana Yana. Organizer of the event, TIGI's President, Goolsarran in an invited comment told this publication that “the objective is to sensitize the public about what corruption is and how it can affect them and what they need to do” December 9 was designated 'International Anti-Corruption Day' by the United Nation's in accordance with its convention against corruption which was signed on December 9, 2003. Guyana acceded to that convention in April 2008. Goolsarran said, too, that he was extremely disappointed that there was no Government official present at the march. “This has no politics in it, it is a civil society march to observe this day to recognize that there are many out there, the poor, the disadvantaged, unemployed youths, the vulnerable women and children, people living below the poverty line,” as a result of corruption. He said, “We can only invite, we can't force people to come…It is disappointing be-

cause it is a UN sponsored event of which Guyana is a signatory.” Asked to convey to the layman how corruption affects them, Goolsarran simply said, “The corrupt enrich themselves at the expense of the poor.” Harmon who was also present at the march told this publication that he took part in yesterday's march because, “I believe that we have to make a stand, make a statement against corruption.” According to Harmon, “Corruption eats away at the sinews of a society; it eats away at the future of a country.” The APNU Executive said that Guyanese “must take a stand, if not for ourselves for our children…the future of this country depend on us having a corrupt free society.” This, he said, is the reason why he was standing in solidarity with persons who are prepared to make a stand against corruption. According to Harmon, such an event would bring to the public's attention “the fact that corruption is eating away at the society and we have to take a stand against it.” He said that the march represents a step in the right

direction. Lincoln Lewis, who was also a participant in the march, told this publication that corruption also represents a human rights issue and the GTUC's platform centres on rights and the rule of law. “If we can reduce corruption there can be better health services in this country, there can be better pay for workers, there can be better pensions.” He asserted that corruption in its entirety is a matter that reduces development in a country, “it impacts negatively on development and that is the reason why I am here.” Lewis said that the march sends a signal to society that people are becoming conscious of what corruption is doing and is prepared to tackle it. AFC Vice Chairman, Moses Nagamootoo, said that the march is an excellent way to start public demonstrations on an issue such as corruption. “We need clean governance, corrupt free transactions and we should focus on development.” He said that the fact that Guyana has attracted such a bad rating by Transparency International hence his presence at the march.

Protest will continue... From page 6 of Finance, Carl Greenidge, also speaking on the five per cent increase, had mentioned that the government is committed to having collective bargaining agreements and having those lead to the wage adjustments that are supposed to follow. However throughout its 21 years of bargaining with unions only on two occasions was any agreement negotiated with government. “This, like the exercise in budgeting for government, is an exercise in window dressing and fooling the

public. You cannot be saying that you have discussions that should take place between five or six unions over 21 years and over the 21 years only on two occasions in all of that time you can conclude negotiations.” Public Service Minister Jennifer Westford when contacted last week said that she was unaware that workers were protesting the five percent increase. Westford had told Kaieteur News that she was unaware of any plans to review the proposed five per cent increase. She added,

Businessman accuses... From page 17 reportedly been robbed repeatedly. However, the outpost is being used as a storage facility.” In a previous report, members of the Best Jetty CPG said that they decided to build the outpost, to assist in tackling crime in the Plastic City area following continuous incidents of robberies in the area. Kaieteur News visited the site on Saturday evening and noticed that boxes of floral arrangements were being stored in the facility built for the CPG outpost. Subsequent attempts made by this newspaper to reach members of the CPG for a further comment proved futile. Bess is maintaining that neither the CPG nor the NDC

Councillor had authorization to build a security facility on the government reserve. He is adamant that facility will soon be sold to the highest bidder. “That’s the kind of corruption that is taking place and is going unnoticed because the council has political connection and affiliations” Bess also pointed to a fast food restaurant that was constructed several months ago. He explained that building has a fence that blocks a critical drain which is not being maintained. Bess is hopeful that authorities will intervene and finally resolve the controversy. Efforts made to contact the NDC for a comment proved futile.

“This is not how a government operates.” Government, she said, is not going to review the five per cent proposal because of any protests and added that the workers should, in fact, be happy with the increase.

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Community Service: an alternative to incarceration for nonviolent offenders By: Sunita Samaroo As Magistrates continue to hand down their decisions, their verdicts, scores of nonviolent offenders find themselves subjected to months of mandated community service after they would have been convicted. Community Service, simply put, is unpaid work, intended to be of social use, that someone who violates the law is sometimes required to do instead of going to prison. Many consider it a constructive penalty. The Magistrate orders the offender to take on the burden of social responsibility towards others. Social Activist, Raymond Gaskin, is convinced that mandated community service has the potential to serve as an effective punishment and direct alternative to incarceration. The effects of the system failing, the activist said, are evident when you look at the displacement of the administration of justice. He believes that there are too many people held for years as remanded prisoners on account of petty crimes. The justice system needs a revamp, he added. “When you look at the prisons there are scores of non violent offenders and it is the “masterminds” who roam the streets. There is a dire need to review the sentencing system in Guyana because there are major inconsistencies” said Gaskin. The social activist believes that community service for small offences could be a useful alternative to incarceration if properly studied, adequately supervised and if it is utilized as a consistent policy for petty crimes in all courts, in every region of Guyana. The Narcotics Act of Guyana particularly specifies that should a person be found in possession of one gram or less of a narcotic, one penalty

Offender performing his Community Service at the Palms option would be community service and some Magistrates do impose this form of punishment but Gaskin believes that this could be extended to include petty theft. “It is also a waste of time to send a person who stole something small, like from a market stand or so to prison,” since according to him it wastes time and taxpayers money to hold people for small offences when they could be benefitting the community rather than draining the country’s coffers. Gaskin focused on the possibilities of prison riots since the prisons are now overcrowded. He questioned the ability of the prison security to control the prisoners in case of a riot since they are currently “undermanned.” “We need to look at the situation; we have to deal with these people,” but he further added that in the event a

person is sentenced to community service, he should be supervised. “There needs to be proper law enforcement and supervision and that would definitely cost the state less than prison.” “The criminal justice system has failed us. The Chancellor and judges should look into the problem of inconsistency and the sentencing policy.” A few years ago, in Parliament, a Bill to systemize Community Service as a direct alternative for non violent offenders was debated. Member of Parliament Deborah Barker during the debate had opined that since the Guyana Police Force is already overtaxed, the Social Services Ministry should be made to oversee such a programme. The late Member of Parliament (MP) Everall Franklin explained that some persons who were convicted of minor offences were fined,

Police hunt wounding accused The police are still on the hunt for three known felons who on Friday inflicted serious injuries on a teenager who remains hospitalised in the Emergency Unit of the New Amsterdam Hospital. The teen Amzad Singh, 19, of Sharple Street Rose Hall Town, Corentyne, Berbice, was beaten and stabbed by the men at Port Mourant, Corentyne, Berbice.

He was chased, cornered and attacked by the men following an old grievance they had a few months ago. According to information, Singh and one of

the suspects had an altercation some time back at their work place. Singh reportedly left his home around 18:30 hrs on Friday to purchase fried chicken at Spready’s Snackette, Port Mourant. Whilst returning home he spotted the three suspects lurking on bicycles. The men started to move in his direction and he made a dash for it. However the men caught up with him in a street. Whilst one held on to him the other two stabbed him in the back and made good their

escape. The injured Singh reportedly ran out to the public road where he met his uncle who took him to the Port Mourant Hospital. Singh was later transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital. The man reportedly told relatives that he was attacked and beaten by the same three people with whom he had a problem a few months ago. The perpetrators reportedly burst Singh’s head during that altercation. Investigations are continuing

but if unable to pay they were consequently imprisoned yet after spending time in prison, these non-violent criminals often emerge as hardened criminals. In our courts today, it is quite common for noncustodial orders to be imposed on persons which would leave offenders serving at genetic homes, police stations, court rooms or any state institution that the presiding Magistrate may deem fit. Therein, community correction sanctioning provides a system under which an increase of community service is seen and it is also one under which an offender is punished and held accountable. Countries like the United States of America, Saint Lucia, Dominica and Trinidad are administering such sanctioning. It is considered effective in those countries

because they expend on regulating a system. They invested in both legislating and systemizing community service to the point where regulations, checks, and follow ups lead to the desired result of such a punishment. Guyana, however, is left to realise the potential and benefit that can derive from fully systemising community service. In Guyana, offenders are constantly sanctioned to community service even though we have not established an office/bureau which keeps track of the offenders’ performance/ contribution. The Magistrate’s orders require offenders to do unpaid work for the benefit of the community for a specified number of hours within a period of time but Gaskin believe that Guyana needs a point office or person to whom these offenders must report to during or even after

the community service sentence. If offenders are obligated to work at the court or police station where they can be monitored by officers of the law, they would attend because the presiding officers would “be on their backs.” However, for those sent to different places, it is basically left up to the individuals to somehow develop both the discipline and desire to complete their punishment. Our courts do not customarily state what exactly these offenders must do. The responsibility is relinquished to the administrators of the particular institutions; they (administrators of the institutions) are the ones who determine what task(s) the offenders would perform. Offenders sentenced to the Geriatric homes were particularly left with relative (continued on page 25)

Guyanese fisherman dies, countryman still missing in BVI

A Guyanese who lives in the British Virgin Island is dead and his countryman still missing after waves swept them overboard on Sunday. Tortola, BVI – (BVI News) - One of two fishermen who were swept away while fishing on the northern side of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands has been found dead. The search continues for the second man who disappeared beneath water on Sunday, December 8. Persons close to the missing men have identified them as Roger Fraser and Kendeye Thomas. They are both natives of Guyana and residents of Long Bush on Tortola. Their relatives have been informed about the incident in which they were involved. The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force is yet to give details, but its Information Officer Diane Drayton yesterday reported that the incident took place “off Cooper Bay”.

In an interview with BVI News Online this morning, Phil Aspinall of the Virgin Islands Search and Rescue (VISAR) disclosed that the search for the men had resumed. He added that the US Coast Guard has been contacted and will assist the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force with a helicopter. “The police are still searching, and we have the (US) Coast Guard coming to assist with a helicopter.” Aspinall yesterday stated that an earlier search and rescue operation conducted between 12:30 and 5 o’ clock on Sunday afternoon was unsuccessful. He also noted that it was eventually called off due to nightfall. Aspinall, at the time, also indicated that a third

fisherman, who was left standing, appeared as though he was not very familiar with the two who were swept away from the rocks. New details however reaching BVI News Online are that all three men are residents of Long Bush. They reportedly left their community together to fish at Trunk Bay on the northern side of Tortola. While they were fishing, a huge wave reportedly swept one of the Guyanese from the rocks. He tried to return to land with the assistance of the other Guyanese, but another huge wave appeared and reportedly washed both men away. VISAR, along with members of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force are still searching for the missing man.

Tuesday December 10, 2013

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Tuesday December 10, 2013

World Bank says Caribbean entrepreneurs lack ‘innovation’ in creating quality jobs MIAMI (CMC) — A new World Bank report says Latin American and Caribbean entrepreneurs lack “innovation” in creating quality jobs. In launching the new Washington-based financial institution’s flagship report, chief economist for Latin America and the Caribbean, Augusto de la Torre, said “a massive” 60 per cent regional employees work for businesses with five or fewer employees. Often considered to be a “driver of development,” de la Torre noted that entrepreneurship creates jobs and promotes economic growth. But he said, while business creation is high in the region, “the resulting companies grow at a much slower rate than similar enterprises in other middleincome regions and companies”. De la Torre said the region’s landscape is such that “firms tend to start small and stay small. “There’s nothing bad about being small, per se, but staying small forever is a problem,” he warned, adding that the reason behind “this stunted growth” is “a chronic shortage of innovation within the region”. Over the past 10 years, de la Torre said the region has “benefited significantly from favourable economic tailwinds, enabling the region to reduce extreme poverty, increase equality and boost 50 million people into the middle class.

“However, as these tailwinds die, growth has to come from within, and innovation and dynamism are the key if the region is to build upon the social gains of recent years,” he said. The World Bank said regional firms develop new products less frequently than their counterparts in other developing regions, stating that in Ecuador, Jamaica, Mexico and Venezuela, the rate of product development is less than half than that of Thailand or Macedonia. “Consequently, this lack of innovation harms competitively and slows growth and rebounds on quality job creation — a significant development challenge, especially in Central America,” the bank said. It said the possible reasons for the problem are four-fold, attributing them to human capital, intellectual property, risk-taking and logistics. On human capital, the World Bank said science and technology graduates and engineers are at a “premium,” adding that their scarcity “has a direct effect on innovation”. With separate laws governing copyright in every country, ensuring intellectual property rights can be a “significant bureaucratic undertaking” for the region’s entrepreneurs, the bank said. “The complicated panorama lends less protection to the product creators, deterring much needed investment for new product research and

development.” The World Bank said “a deep cultural shame of failure” is hindering innovation in the region by dissuading entrepreneurs from taking risks. “This is evident as much in individual reticence at a business level as in the low levels of investment in research and development, especially from the private sector,” it said. The World Bank said modernizing ports, transport, and customs “can add a competitive edge to products from the region”. Currently, it said poor public services, communication links and transport infrastructure are “adding to the obstacles to boosting production capacity in the region. The World Bank said entrepreneurs are “key actors” in turning low productivity around to create quality jobs and lasting economic benefit for the region. Consequently, the report recommends establishing an economic environment, which enables entrepreneurs to innovate and compete, thereby reducing the grip of monopolies, increasing productivity and diversifying the business environment. “It is about building an innovative entrepreneurial class in which top-notch firms, firms that export goods, services, and even capital no longer look tepid in contrast to entrepreneurial superstars elsewhere,” the report states.

Venezuela’s Maduro to ‘raise pressure’ on business after local vote CARACAS (Reuters) — Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro pledged to deepen his “economic offensive” to force businesses to cut prices after his ruling Socialist Party won most votes in Sunday’s

municipal elections. A partial count showed government allies won 49% of the votes in 337 mayoral races, compared to 42% for the opposition coalition, derailing efforts by Mr

Woman charged... From page 7 officers were led to her residence but was unable to contact her. However, after a series of wanted bulletins were issued for the exporter who was allegedly attempting to smuggle the drug to Canada she presented herself at CANU accompanied by a lawyer. Representing the accused was Defence

Attorney Rexford Jackson who requested a trial date since according to him, he is aware of the court’s position on cases of such nature. The Chief Magistrate transferred the matter to the Providence Magistrate’s Court. Persaud, who is a mother of three, was refused bail and remanded to prison until her next court appearance on December 11.

Maduro’s critics to turn the vote into a plebiscite on his government and the legacy of late socialist leader Hugo Chavez. Mr Maduro’s candidates benefited from his crackdown in November to force merchants to slash prices of goods such as TVs, car parts and home hardware. “This week we are going to deepen the economic offensive to help the working class and protect the middle class,” Mr Maduro told supporters in a rally after the results were announced. “This week it’s going to be the housing and food sectors. We’re going in with guns blazing, keep an eye out.” Mr Maduro’s personal (Continued on page 27)

Tuesday December 10, 2013

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Jamaica grinding to a halt - Manufacturers say nation needs more mechanical engineers before economy crumbles (Jamaica Gleaner) A warning has been issued to the nation that continued dependence on the service sector alone could be a death sentence for the local economy if efforts are not made to, among other needs, locate or develop more experienced mechanical engineers to help oil the wheels of the productive sector. “I don’t care what anybody tells me, no country in our environment is going to survive on services alone,” declared Howard Mitchell, executive chairman of Corrpak Jamaica Ltd. “If we do not understand that production is essential to our survival as a small state, then we are going to die,” Mitchell told The Gleaner. “I would encourage some of our children who have the bent and aptitude for it to do mechanical engineering because they are the ones who are going to save our lives.” The 1990s financial sector meltdown and high energy costs have dealt a crippling blow to the local manufacturing sector, with many players still faced with an uphill task as they strenuously try to rebound. Mitchell is of the view that the deterioration of local industries since the 1990s and the fall-off in the bauxite sector have led to many persons with technical skills migrating to Trinidad and Canada. “From a government point of view, we need to address it,” he told members of the Internal and External Affairs Committee of Parliament last week. Mitchell was part of a team of private-sector leaders who appeared before the committee to discuss some of

the challenges facing local businesses in relation to the CARICOM Single Market. President of the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, Francis Kennedy, said the country had lost a lot of its mechanical engineers, especially at the ports. He explained that the Kingston Container Terminal had lost about 60 per cent of its mechanical engineers. “We are just now replacing them,” he added, supporting the view that many had migrated to North America to take up jobs. At the same time, Mitchell said his company has been considering importing a mechanical engineer from Guyana, as he was having a difficulty finding a Jamaican with the requisite skills and experience to carry out particular tasks. He argued that because manufacturing was dying in Jamaica, there wasn’t enough of a training ground for mechanical engineers locally. “The country has to import expatriate engineers in the meantime to get mentorship going,” he suggested. “We need collaboration between the training institutions and the operating entities to try and focus on developing the experience curve and the work ethic culture that comes with manufacturing,” he added. Mitchell said his company had taken three students from the University of Technology (UTech) on a training programme last summer and there were plans to take more. “We are a small company, but that’s what we are trying to do,” he said. Peter McConnell, managing director of Trade Winds Citrus Limited, a major manufacturer of juices for the

Venezuela’s Maduro to ‘raise pressure’ on... From page 26 approval rate jumped sharply after the economic measures that won over consumers weary of the country’s 54% annual inflation, which Mr Maduro blames on an “economic war” he says is financed by political adversaries. The initial steps focused on home appliances, and later extended to controls on rent of commercial buildings such as shopping malls, to try to lower prices. Sunday’s election was the

biggest political test for Mr Maduro since he narrowly won a presidential election in April following Chavez’s death from cancer. He called the results a tribute to the late leader whose 14-year rule polarised the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries nation. “Here it is, commander, the gift of your people ... the gift of loyalty and love,” he told a crowd, whose mostly bored and listless expressions broke into joyful chanting at the mention of Chavez’s name.

local and overseas markets, said in the past, his company has had to recruit mechanical engineers from outside of Jamaica. However, he said in recent times, the company has been recruiting from the local pool of engineers. He pointed out that while the local educational institutions provide the basic background to mechanical engineering, in most instances, significant on-thejob training was required. “The local institutions would better serve the students and industry if there was a more intense internship programme that required students to work in the industry for at least six months. Based on our underdeveloped manufacturing sector, job opportunities are limited in factories,” he said. Head of the School of Engineering at UTech, Dr Noel Brown, told The Gleaner that the university was turning out, each year, about 40 mechanical engineers. He admitted that neither the programme at his institution nor those at any other university could train students to fix particular machines in manufacturing plants. Brown called for more industry players to facilitate young engineers by offering training, noting that many manufacturers were not willing to put the students through any form of orientation. He said a few local companies had sponsored training laboratories at UTech to provide practice for the students. This, he said, helped to prepare them to demonstrate hands-on skills at the workplace. He said manufacturing companies could either provide laboratories at the institution for training purposes or provide three to six-month training on the job. Brown, who is also president of the Institute of Engineers, said many graduates have been recruited by the Jamaica Public Service, Jamalco, the Kingston Wharves, the National Water Commission, and the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining. In terms of remuneration for graduate mechanical engineers, Brown said they could earn anywhere from $80,000 to $100,000 per month as a starting salary. He said this was an average, but some companies paid more.

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Tuesday December 10, 2013

Friend and foe, world leaders coming together for Mandela (Reuters) - Nearly 90 leaders from across the world, some of them locked in enmity, are flying to South Africa for memorials to Nelson Mandela that will hail one of humanity’s great peacemakers. Officials said yesterday that U.S. President Barack Obama and Raul Castro from Cuba, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe and Britain’s David Cameron will be among those attending today’s main ceremony in Johannesburg’s Soccer City stadium - a turnout that reflects the global appeal of South Africa’s first black leader, who died on Thursday aged 95. “The whole world is coming to South Africa,” foreign ministry spokesman Clayson Monyela said, playing down concerns about logistics and security of such a large event organized at such short notice. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani would also be there, Monyela said, raising the possibility of a first face-toface meeting with Obama.

However, Rouhani’s name was not on an initial official list of attendees. Israel, once an ally of the apartheid rulers who kept Mandela behind bars for 27 years, is sending neither its prime minister nor president, Israeli officials said. Much of the logistical plan is based on South Africa’s hosting of the 2010 soccer World Cup. Even though Pretoria refused to discuss Mandela’s funeral arrangements before his death, it has been laying the preparations for years. “We’re obviously not starting from scratch in terms of organization,” Monyela said. “We’ve got a system that kicks into play whenever you’ve got events of this magnitude.” Besides security, the memorial at the 95,000-seat stadium near Soweto presents officials with a diplomatic minefield - trying to avoid a chance standoff in the rest rooms, say, between Mugabe and Tony Blair, the former British prime minister

The memorial will be held at the 95,000-seat FNB stadium near Soweto whom he has denounced as a “little boy” and a “liar”. Those close to Madiba, the clan name by which Mandela was known, say he would have wanted handshakes, not head-butts. “Tomorrow (today), people should all be honoring their relationship with Madiba. If it means shaking hands with the enemy, yes, I would like to see that,” Zelda la Grange, his former personal assistant for more than a decade, told Reuters. “That is what Nelson Mandela was and actually is

- bringing people together despite their differences.” “AMANDLA!” On the day, diplomacy is unlikely to detract from the outpouring of emotion expected at the seven-hour ceremony at the gigantic bowl-shaped Soccer City, a stadium steeped in Mandela history. It was there that the Nobel peace prize winner made his last public appearance three years ago, waving to fans from the back of a golf cart at the World Cup final. It was also there, 20 years earlier, that he addressed tens of thousands of supporters two days after his release from prison, eliciting a deafening roar from the crowd with a clenched fist raised to the sky and a single word: “Amandla”, the Zulu

and Xhosa word for power. Since his death, South Africa has been gripped by mass emotions unrivalled since the day Mandela was freed from jail, and his victory in the first all-race elections four years later, in 1994. On Sunday, worshippers filled churches, mosques, synagogues and community halls, offering praise and prayers for a man celebrated as “Father of the Nation” and a global beacon of integrity, rectitude and reconciliation. Tributes flowed in from around the world and across political and religious divides. Besides Obama, three former U.S. presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush - will also be in Johannesburg. Top hotels are struggling to deal with the avalanche of high-profile

celebrity Mandela mourners. “We’re fully booked,” said an employee of the fivestar Saxon Hotel, Villas and Spa, which has 54 luxury rooms set in lush gardens. “We’ve even had to convert some treatment rooms to cope.” LYING IN STATE After today’s event, Mandela’s remains will lie in state for three days at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, where he was sworn in as president in 1994. He will then be buried on Sunday, December 15, in Qunu, his ancestral home in the rolling, windswept hills of the Eastern Cape province, 700 km (450 miles) south of Johannesburg. Only a few world leaders are due to attend the Qunu ceremony, which is likely to be a more intimate family affair. As soon as President Jacob Zuma announced Mandela’s death in a televised address to South Africa’s 52 million people, the army cordoned off large parts of Qunu, while construction workers started work on a tiered gantry beside the cemetery. Mandela’s burial will be a mixture of military formality and Xhosa tradition, including elders from his abaThembu tribe.

Sawmill supervisor’s murder suspect remanded A 28-year-old miner was yesterday slapped with the murder charge of a 22-yearold sawmill supervisor, whose body was found Landof-Canaan, East Bank Demerara, some seven months ago. Appearing in the courtroom of the Chief Magistrate at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court yesterday was Raymond Shawn Tyson, who is accused of murdering Singh at Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara between May 27 and May 28, last. The prosecution spearheaded by Corporal Bharat Mangru, said that during that period Singh was murdered at his ‘work place’ by a person or persons unknown. Kemraj Singh’s body was found lying on a bed in a shack at his employer’s Land of Canaan sawmill. His throat had a gaping wound and he had been struck repeatedly to the head. Mangru claimed that Singh’s death had stemmed from previous grudges and relayed that Singh’s employer had discovered that the deceased’s BlackBerry cellular phone was stolen. The prosecution said that the phone’s internet service was activated and contact was made with a male.

Kemraj Singh, murdered sawmill supervisor However, according to Mangru it was later discovered that the accused was in possession of the said cellular phone as his exreputed wife saw him with the said phone on May 28. The prosecution claimed that Tyson pawned the BlackBerry to the woman’s sister who reportedly gave the instrument to her husband. Mangru said that the cellular phone was subsequently retrieved and the accused was arrested but when questioned Tyson refused to divulge how he came to be in possession of the said cellular phone. He also denied killing Singh.

According to Mangru, the file was sent to the Director of Public Prosecution who advised that the murder charge be instituted against Tyson. The court also heard that the prosecution has a total of 22 witnesses. Attorney at Law Nigel Hughes who represented the accused, began his client’s defence by stating that Tyson had terminated the relationship with his exreputed wife who was displeased with the situation. Hughes told the court that his client had remained in the village two months after the incident and was never contacted by the police. He said, however, that his client was working in the interior and was arrested by Officer Lowe eleven days ago when he returned to Georgetown. The lawyer claimed that the young woman has framed his client and was seen with the officer just yesterday. He said that Tyson’s friends were also contacted and threatened by officers to not provide any evidence in the matter. However, Tyson was refused bail by the Chief Magistrate and the matter was adjourned to March 3 for the commencement of the Preliminary Inquiry (PI).

Tuesday December 10, 2013

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Community Service: an alternative to...

Nominees for the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2013 awards... From page 31 associations): Voting for men’s awards: Member associations (captains & coaches): 88% Media representatives: 94% Voting for women’s awards: Member associations (captains & coaches): 83% Media representatives: 70%

The voting procedure for each of the awards is supervised and monitored by the independent observer PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Switzerland. The shortlist of 15 forwards for the FIFA FIFPro World XI was also announced, completing the final shortlist of 55

Tiger Woods loses to Zach... From page 29 the fourth time in his career that he lost a lead of at least two shots going into the final round and the second time at Sherwood, following McDowell’s victory in a playoff having been four shots behind in 2010. But reflecting on 2013 he said: “Five wins, and you know, on some pretty good venues, so I’m very pleased with the year.” Woods won the most recent of his 14 majors in 2008 but is confident about next

year’s venues. He has won at Augusta, the permanent home of the Masters, four times, finished second and third in the last two US Opens staged at Pinehurst and has previously won at both Hoylake - venue for next year’s Open Championship - and Valhalla, which will host the PGA Championship in August. “I’m looking forward to the major championship venues next year. They have set up well for me over the years and I look forward to it.”

players also featuring five goalkeepers, 20 defenders and 15 midfielders. The forward shortlist is (home country, club): Sergio Agüero (Argentina, Manchester City FC); Mario Balotelli (Italy, Manchester City FC/AC Milan); Edinson Cavani (Uruguay, SSC Napoli/Paris Saint-Germain FC); Diego Costa (Spain, Club Atlético de Madrid); Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal, Real Madrid CF); Didier Drogba (Côte d’Ivoire, Shanghai Shenhua FC/ Galatasaray SK); Radamel Falcao (Colombia, Club Atlético de Madrid/AS Monaco FC); Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden, Paris Saint-Germain FC); Robert Lewandowski (Poland, Borussia Dortmund); Mario Mand•ukiæ (Croatia, FC Bayern München); Lionel Messi (Argentina, FC Barcelona); Neymar (Brazil,

Tuesday December 10, 2013 ARIES (MAR. 21APRIL 20) You will do best to entertain those you wish to close deals with. You will be drawn to individuals who can provide you with both intellectual conversation and physical passion. TAURUS (APR. 21MAY 21) This is a great day to beautify your living quarters or to entertain at home. Try to be patient with their inability to accept your new beliefs. GEMINI (MAY 22JUNE 21) Your boss may be on the rampage and you certainly don’t want to be the one to take the brunt of a bad situation. CANCER (JUNE 22JULY 22) You must make sure that all your personal documents are in order. If you keep busy you won’t feel the personal pressures you are going through. LEO (JULY 23-AUG 22) You should regain some of your self esteem if you get involved in organizational functions. You will benefit by taking care of other people’s concerns. VIRGO (AUG. 23 SEPT. 23) Talk to someone with experience about budgets or consolidating debts. Do things with your children and avoid situations that make you feel as if you’ve neglected the ones you love.

LIBRA (SEPT. 24 OCT. 23) You can anger others quickly today. Avoid overspending on items for your home. You can make a big difference to children if you are understanding of the difficulties they are experiencing. SCORPIO (OCT. 24 NOV. 22) Be cautious and use your head wisely in situations that deal with the use of machinery or vehicles. You will not be able to trust someone you work with. You will find travel and lectures most stimulating. SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 23 -DEC. 21) Your emotions have been pulled out of shape and you need to do a little backtracking. You will have splendid suggestions for fund raising events. CAPRICORN (DEC 22.- JAN. 20) It’s time to get yourself back on track. Put some energy into getting back into shape. Listen to reason. AQUARIUS (JAN. 21 FEB. 19) You may meet that special person if you attend fundraising functions. You may have a tendency to put on weight. PISCES (FEB. 20MAR. 20) It will be important that you have your priorities straight. Try to be as mellow as possible. This may not be the time to lend or borrow.

Santos FC/FC Barcelona); Wayne Rooney (England, Manchester United FC); Luis Suárez (Uruguay, Liverpool FC); Robin van Persie (Netherlands, Manchester United FC). See the full list on http:// world11/index.html. In addition, the three nominees for the FIFA Puskás Award for the “most beautiful goal of the year” were announced. They are (in alphabetical order of the goalscorers’ names): Zlatan Ibrahimoviæ (13 November 2012, Sweden v. England, international friendly), Nemanja Matiæ (13 January 2013, SL Benfica v. FC Porto, Liga ZON Sagres (Portugal)) and Neymar (15 June 2013, Brazil v. Japan, FIFA Confederations Cup). All the awards will be presented at the FIFA Ballon d’Or award ceremony at the Kongresshaus in Zurich on 13 January 2014 during a televised show to be streamed live on and FIFA on YouTube. In addition to the above awards, the recipient of the FIFA Presidential Award and the winner of the FIFA Fair Play award will also be revealed during the award ceremony. (

From page 24 freedom to develop community service in appropriate ways. Marlon Belle, of Guyhoc Park, who was sentenced to perform community service at a geriatric home after he was found with three grams of cannabis some two months ago by the Chief Magistrate, has revealed that community service, has indeed been viewed as a punishment. Despite the fact that direct instructions were not given upon his sentencing, Marlon has been attending his service. “It is better than being in the lock-ups. Facing this punishment has been helping me to reform my ways.” “I have other things to do too but I respect this obligation. I don’t want any

police story; I will get my act together and do what I need to do” he said. “By taking away my free time, it puts me on my guard and shows me that I need to be on my toes,” Marlon said. If the offenders present themselves from the beginning of the sentence, administrators of the institutions can lodge a complaint to the court that the offenders have deviated from their sentence. Nonviolent offenders like Belle are aware of this fact and thereafter respect the laws. In case he fails to adhere to his six-month community service sentence or if he fails to adhere to the scheduled time, the court can further punish him or any other found to have breached a court order.

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Tuesday December 10, 2013

Gibson urges WI to build on first Test Wellington, New Zealand – West Indies head Coach Ottis Gibson said yesterday his side had made their own luck and earned a draw in the first Test, but will be looking to build on the confidence they gained from their fightback for the remainder of the series against New Zealand. Gibson was speaking following a training session ahead of the second Test which opens on Wednesday (New Zealand time), today (Caribbean time) at the Basin Reserve in the New Zealand capital. The training was disrupted by rain, restricting the team to fitness and fielding drills, as well as the use of the indoor nets. “The great golfer Gary Player once said that the harder he worked, the luckier he got,” said Gibson. “We worked hard on the fourth day of the first Test and we felt we earned our bit of good fortune on the final day. “If we had capitulated on the fourth day like we did in the first innings and didn’t take it into the final day, we would not have had that luck.

It works both ways. New Zealand would have felt unlucky, but they know the conditions better than us. They knew when the rain would have been coming or not.” Rain and the New Zealanders’ cautious approach combined to earn the Windies a draw in the first Test which ended last Saturday at University Oval in Dunedin. Shane Shillingford, who opened the bowling, sent a few shivers through the Black Caps’ dressing room, collecting 4-26 from 15 overs, as the hosts, chasing 112 for victory, reached 79 for four in their second innings when rain prompted the tea break five minutes earlier than scheduled on the final day. The players never returned to the field. The Test was marked by two outstanding batting performances with West Indies left-hander Darren Bravo following up Ross Taylor’s undefeated 217 with a maiden Test doublehundred of his own of 218, as the visitors were bowled out for

507 in their second innings. The Windies had been dismissed for 213 in their first innings, after Taylor and New Zealand Captain Brendon McCullum with 113, allowed the home team to declare on 609 for nine after being sent into bat on the first day. The result meant that the three-Test series remained level at 0-0. Reflecting further on the performance of the team in the first Test, Gibson said: “I think, like I say to the players, sometimes preparation is everything and I don’t think we had ideal preparation going into the Dunedin Test. “The lack of preparation showed in our first two innings – our bowling first and first innings batting – where to be fair to New Zealand, they played well over the first two or three days and then we fought back really well which was very pleasing. “It gives us more confidence going into the second Test and we are a more settled group – a few guys still have sniffles and colds – but we’re full of confidence from

F1 to award double points for final race in 2014

Race cars compete during the start of the final race of the 2013 World Endurance Championship (WEC) Six Hours of Bahrain at the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) in Sakhir, south of Manama, November 30, 3013. Reuters - Formula One will award double points for the last race of the season in an attempt to keep championships undecided until the very end, the sport’s governing body announced yesterday. The International Automobile Federation (FIA) said the change, after a season of record domination by Red Bull and quadruple champion Sebastian Vettel, was immediately applicable and would “maximize focus on the championship until the end of the campaign”. Vettel, 26, won the last nine races of 2013 and wrapped up his fourth title with three rounds to spare. Next year’s season-ender is in Abu Dhabi on November 23. The FIA also announced, after a meeting in Paris of its Formula One commission and the F1 strategy group, that the principle of a global cost cap had been unanimously approved, with the aim of introducing it from

January 2015. The Paris-based body said a working group, made up of the FIA, commercial rights holder and team representatives, would be established to work on having regulations approved by the end of June next year. A change to the system of driver numbers was agreed, with drivers in future carrying their number through their career in Formula One rather than taking a new one every year depending on where they finished. The number one will be reserved for the world champion, should he decide to use it. Should more than one driver choose the same number, preference will be given to the man who finished highest in the previous year’s championship. The principle of a five-second penalty for minor infringements was also accepted for 2014, with teams to discuss how it should be applied.

the way we fought from the second innings in Dunedin.” Gibson said although Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Marlon Samuels did not play a major part in the second innings fight-back, there was great satisfaction that other players had shown enough application to transform the fortunes of the side. “It’s satisfying that we drew, but we still want our best players to be making contributions,” he said. “We know Shiv passed 11,000 runs during the match and Marlon has had a good couple of years since his return to the side, but he is now going through a down period. They are our key players and we support them through their ups and downs, but it’s good to see performances coming from other places in the team. “The New Zealanders played very well for no reward, but they now know if they are going to beat us, they will have to play as good as they did or better. If they have got it within them, we will have to wait and see.” Gibson said however, it was clear that there were areas of the side’s performance that needed improvement for West Indies to remain competitive in the series and earn their first Test victory, let alone Test series win, in New Zealand for 18 years. “As a bowling group, we need to improve, and as a batting group, we need to improve on our first innings performance,” he said. “I don’t think you can always bat from behind in a Test. This is something that has been happening for a long time, and even during our spell where we won six straight Tests, the first innings totals were inadequate. “It’s about discipline of doing the same thing over and over and that is what Test matches require. It is, sometimes, about mind over matter. . .getting the ball, for

instance as a bowler, in the right place and being patient.” He added: “Every time our bowlers got three or four balls in an over in the right place, we looked like we could get an edge. . .The edges went over slip sometimes and so on, but the New Zealand batsmen just had to sit and wait for a short, wide delivery or a full delivery from which to score. “If you look at the way they bowled to us, they bowled with great discipline especially in that first innings and we just have to learn from them. We have to learn patience. It is a skill that we certainly need to work on as a bowling group.” Looking ahead to the second Test, Gibson said the desire to include a second spin bowling option was there – but pitch conditions would be the ultimate deciding factor. The pitch for the Test was barely noticeable from the outfield when the covers were peeled away from the square following light to moderate morning showers during the Windies training session. “The two-spinner option. . .that’s a strong possibility,” he said. “We have to look at the pitch first. We’ve heard some things about it, that we won’t be able to tell the pitch from the outfield, so that will make us think for sure about two spinners or not. “Shannon Gabriel did not have a good Test, he did not bowl very well, but we believe in him – that’s why we picked him – he’s shown he can be a quality performer, but we have to give him and Sheldon Cottrell all the support and give them the confidence they need to perform for us.” Also looming over preparations was the outcome of the independent testing on the bowling actions of key off-spinner Shillingford and Samuels’ part-time offspin. Shillingford had his doosra and Samuels had his

faster ball checked in Perth in neighbouring Australia two Fridays ago during an ICCmandated independent investigation into their bowling actions, after they were reported by the umpires during the second Test against India last month in Mumbai. The report was to be handed over to the ICC within a 14-day period which comes to a conclusion on the third day of the Test here. “We have not heard anything from the ICC,” said Gibson. “We have left it up to them. They are the ones that have to digest the reports and give us the results. Hopefully, the results will be favourable for us and he can get on with his career. “If nothing is said before the Test starts on Wednesday (today), I don’t believe we will know until after the game. I don’t think it would be fair to him to issue the results in the middle of the game. We would prefer it to take place before the game starts on Wednesday or after.” WEST INDIES (from): Darren Sammy (captain), Tino Best, Kraigg Brathwaite, Darren Bravo, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Sheldon Cottrell, Narsingh Deonarine, Kirk Edwards, Shannon Gabriel, Sunil Narine, Veersammy Permaul, Kieron Powell, Denesh Ramdin, Marlon Samuels, Shane Shillingford, Chadwick Walton NEW ZEALAND (from): Brendon McCullum (captain), Corey Anderson, Trent Boult, Doug Bracewell, Peter Fulton, Aaron Redmond, Hamish Rutherford, Ish Sodhi, Tim Southee, Ross Taylor, Neil Wagner, Bradley-John Watling, Kane Williamson UMPIRES: Ian Gould (England), Paul Reiffel (Australia) TV UMPIRE: Nigel Llong (England) START TIME: 10:30 a.m. local time (East Caribbean – 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jamaica – 4:30 p.m. Tuesday)

Essequibo played Jones Cup Final in 1980 DEAR EDITOR, While indeed the Essequibo cricket teams have not achieved significant success on the field in the history of Inter County tournaments, I feel compelled however to correct Mr. Sean Dever’s historical error in his article “Matches on today at Enmore and Everest’ written in the Kaieteur newspaper dated 2013-12-05. His submission erroneously stated that Essequibo have never reached an Inter County final when in fact Essequibo played Berbice in the Senior four-day Jones Cup final in 1980 at the Hampton Court Ground, Essequibo. Berbice won the match by nine

wickets inside three days. Essequibo’s fast bowler Elbert Stephens took six wickets including 5-56 in the first innings while Romain Etwaroo of Berbice made the top score in the match of 70. Some of Essequibo’s stalwarts who played in the game included the late Courtney Gonsalves, Alfred Maycock, Beni Sankar, Lennox Alves, Jeff Jones and the late Berchmore Reid. Such treasured history still inspires the young players from Essequibo even though it is miniscule when compared to the outstanding successes of both Demerara and Berbice. Elroy Stephney

Tuesday December 10, 2013

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Siddle and Harris give Australia 2-0 lead Australia took a 2-0 lead in the Ashes series, with three to play as they inflicted a 218run defeat on England in the Adelaide Test to follow up their overwhelming 381-run win in the opening match in Brisbane. It took Australia only 11.4 overs to remove England’s last four wickets for the addition of a further 65 runs after light morning rain, which delayed the start by 10 minutes, cleared and the Test was completed with floodlights piercing the gloom. England’s one consolation was a return to form for Matt Prior, albeit in insignificant circumstances. Prior, 31 not out overnight, was ninth out for 69 from 110 balls, the first time he had passed 50 in 17 attempts, a sequence stretching back to his matchsaving century against New Zealand in Auckland in March. It will probably be enough to protect his place in Perth. Prior pulled with gusto, but the shot also proved his downfall as he deposited Peter Siddle into the hands of Ryan Harris at deep square. It was a bountiful morning for Siddle and Harris, who had toiled away impressively on the fourth day, but who did not have to extend themselves unduly to round things up with two wickets apiece on the final morning. Siddle and Harris took seven wickets between them. That should not alter the salient fact: Mitchell Johnson might not be the only reason for the shift in power, but he has been the overriding reason. Australia, after seven defeats in nine, have now won two Tests on the bounce; England, unbeaten in 13 before this series, have been heavily beaten in both. Under the coaching influence of Darren Lehmann, Australia are playing positive cricket, fielding tigerishly and their bowling plans are working. England look weary and disorientated, a team which has so far failed to challenge the notion that it is in decline. No England team has ever come back from 2-0 down to win a series in Australia, the one thing in England’s favour being that they only need to draw the series to retain the Ashes. But England will be particularly unsettled by the fact that they have lost so heavily in Adelaide where a dry pitch of comfortable pace bore a similarity to surfaces on which they have achieved

Ryan Harris completed victory with the final wicket of Monty Panesar many recent victories and offered arguably their best opportunity of the series. Adelaide’s first drop-in pitch displayed the ground’s traditional characteristics, offering more spin as the match progressed, and will have delighted the curator Damien Hough. Alastair Cook said three times at the post-match ceremony that England need to “look at ourselves”. It will be the mantra ahead of Perth. He said: “We had a few opportunities on that first day to put pressure on that first day and we missed them. Mitchell Johnson has bowled well and quickly and we have to look at ourselves, our techniques and our shot selection.” Michael Clarke, Australia’s Captain, admitted that he had been unsettled when he drew back the curtains to see rain falling. He said: “The last thing we wanted was rain today and I guess not enforcing the follow-on made me a little more nervous. I thought our bowlers could do with a rest and come out fresh in the second innings. “We have to be realistic: that is only our second Test win in [11] months and that is not good enough if we want to be the No 1 Test side in the world - and that is our goal.” Johnson, man-of-thematch after his first-innings 7 for 40, can now look forward to what is routinely viewed as

his banker: the WACA. He said: “I’m really excited about being back in this team.” He confirmed the mo stays on for the rest of the series. Once the skies cleared so quickly, England’s cause was hopeless: 304 runs short of victory with only four wickets remaining. They played as if they knew it. Quite what Stuart Broad was up to, only he knew. Five balls into the day, he became the third England batsman to perish to the hook shot. Siddle fired in two short balls in his first over of the day. The first, a lackadaisical affair, was pulled by Broad for six. The next ball was quicker and shoulder height and Broad hooked it into the hands of Nathan Lyon at deep square. Harris, delayed until first change, was also presented with a wicket in his first over as Graeme Swann dangled his bat at a wide one, which moved away slightly, and presented a comfortable catch to second slip. His second wicket of the morning, Panesar driving feebly to short extra, completed the job. Australia 9 for 570 dec (Clarke 148, Haddin 118, Broad 3-98) and 3 for 132 dec (Warner 83*) beat England 172 (Bell 72*, Carberry 60, Johnson 7-40) and 312 (Root 87, Prior 69, Siddle 4-57, Harris 3-54) by 218 runs (ESPNcricinfo)

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GT&T, Hand-in-Hand Inter-County tourney – Rd 2

Demerara battle B’ce, President’s XI take on E’bo Demerara will battle archrivals Berbice at the Enmore Community Centre ground and the President’s XI will face Essequibo at the Georgetown Cricket Club ground, Bourda when the Guyana Cricket Board organised Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T), Hand-in-Hand Insurance senior four-day Inter-County tournament continues with second round play. The Demerara players are a confident unit having dispatched Essequibo by an innings in the first round, but will be in for a tougher fight against the Berbicians. Zaheer Mohamed, Chris Barnwell and Chris Patadin will look to continue their fine form. The combination of spinners which includes Mohamed and Amir Khan proved very effective against Essequibo and it will be interesting to see if they can continue in the same vein against the much stronger Berbice batting line up which includes Sewnarine Chattergoon, Assad Fudadin and Royston Crandon. Ramnaresh Sarwan and Leon Johnson middled the ball well in the first game and will no doubt want to score heavily. The talented Devendra Bishoo will lead Berbice bowling with support from Crandon, Fudadin and pacer Raun Johnson. Trevon Garraway and Paul Wintz are once again expected to share the new ball for the home team, but will have to bend their backs a lot more if they are to gain

Zaheer Mohamed

Royan Federicks

Assad Fudadin

Vishal Singh

assistance from the Enmore pitch which is expected to be on the slow side. Vishal Singh who registered a century in the first round is once again expected to lead the President’s XI batting while Robin Bacchus, Ryan Ramdass, Seon Hetymer and Dominic Ricky should lend valuable support. Skipper Anthony Adams bowled well in the first match,

but will need more assistance from Dillon Heyliger, Hemchand Persaud and Mark Tyrell. Royan Federicks looked solid against Demerara and another fine performance can land him a place in the national team. Kemo Paul, Heyliger, Kevon Boodie and Ricardo Peters will also have to bat for long periods if the Essequibians are to post challenging totals.

Linden Sec. Sch. U-17 Basketball..

Mackenzie High remain unbeaten; Wismar Christiabnurg Wismar Christianurg Secondary kept their hopes alive for a semifinal secure first win berth with a 47-7 whipping of Wisburg chalking up their first win in the process after two defeats when ply in the Sunburst sponsored Linden Secondary Schools Under-17 basketball championships continued yesterday at the Mackenzie Sports Club Hard Court. On Sunday Christianburg Wismar were edged 13-12 in their game against Mackenzie High who remained unbeaten after playing

their fourth game and are certain of a place in the final four. The points standings to date, Mackenzie High are on eight points (four wins), one point ahead of Linden Foundation (three wins, one loss); third position is New Silvercity on five points (two wins, one loss); Christianburg Wismar are on four points while Wi s b u rg a n d H a r m o n y each have three points. Matches will continue

today at the same venue when Christianburg Wismar meet Harmony in the first game, the feature clash brings together Silvercity and the unbeaten Mackenzie High. Bounce ball time is 14:30hrs. Tomorrow, another double header is fixed; Christianburg Wismar will be in action again when they take on New Silvercity in the curtain raiser 14:30hrs, the main event pits Linden Foundation against Wisburg.

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Tuesday December 10, 2013

Howard, Harden lead Rockets over Magic 98-88 Dwight Howard was late for the pregame shoot around. So he knew that playing on his 28th birthday, and against his former team, the onus was on him to both atone and deliver. Done and done. Howard had 20 points and 22 rebounds Sunday night to lead the Houston Rockets over the Orlando Magic 9888. Howard became the first Rockets player since Ralph Sampson in 1985-86 to pull down 18 or more rebounds in three straight games. Despite the positive outcome, don’t expect to see Howard showing up late to any more shootarounds anytime soon. James Harden scored 27 points and also had 10 assists and eight rebounds for the Rockets. Terrence Jones contributed 16 points and 13 rebounds. Jones scored 10 a busy third quarter when Houston pulled away for good, extending its lead to as many as 22 points. He also blocked five shots, stopping Victor Oladipo as time expired in the third quarter to preserve an 83-61 lead. Chandler Parsons, who missed two games because of a sore back, started for Houston and had 18 points. Glenn Davis scored 18 in Orlando’s fifth straight loss. Arron Afflalo finished with 16 points and Jameer Nelson added 15. KEVIN DURANT SCORES 36 AS THUNDER CRUISE PAST PACERS Kevin Durant put up 36 points and recorded 10 rebounds, while Russell Westbrook added 26 points and 13 assists to help the Oklahoma City Thunder dominate the Indiana Pacers, 118-94. The Thunder had no trouble knocking down shots in this game, finishing 47-77 (61.0%). Oklahoma City (15-

Houston Rockets power forward Dwight Howard (#12) shoots over Orlando Magic power forward Glen Davis 4) has now won nine of their last 10 games. Durant finished 14-23 (2-3 from three-point range) and 6-6 from the free throw line, in a solid performance. Paul George had another big game for Indiana in the loss, putting up 32 points on 9-17 shooting (4-6 on 3-point attempts), in addition to going 10-11 from the free throw line. Roy Hibbert added 12 points and 9 rebounds. The Thunder combined hot shooting (FG% of 64.3%) with high-quality work on the offensive backboards (OR%

of 33.3%). They are 1-1 on the season when exceeding 55% and 30%, respectively, in those metrics. The Pacers, however, are 0-1 when giving up those numbers to their opponents. Coming up, the Thunder take on the Atlanta Hawks, who are 11-10 on the season. The Pacers match up with the Miami Heat, currently sitting at 16-5 this year. LAKERS REJOICE AS BRYANT RETURNS BUT RAPTORS CRASH PARTY Kobe Bryant’s long

ESPN Caribbean presents Windies tour Bridgetown, Barbados - ESPN Caribbean will present live, exclusive coverage of the West Indies tour of New Zealand from today at 4:20 p.m. (ET) from Dunedin as the visitors aim to ascend the International Cricket Council (I.C.C.) Test rankings. All matches will air live on ESPN Play ( - ESPN’s multiscreen live and on-demand broadband platform in the Caribbean. West Indies will be engaging their hosts from December 2, 2013 until January 15, 2014 Date Time December 10th - December 14th 4:20pm December 18th - December 20th 4:20pm December 25th 7:50pm December 28th 7:50pm December 31st 4:50pm January 3rd 4:50pm January 7th 7:50pm January 11th 12:50am January 15th 12:50am (ESPN Caribbean Release)

in three Tests and five One Day Internationals (ODIs). The tour culminates with two Twenty20 (T20) fixtures which will serve as the precursor for the Windies’ title defence of the I.C.C. World Twenty20 trophy, which will be broadcast exclusively by ESPN Caribbean in March 2014. A 16-man Test squad, led by Darren Sammy, has been announced, with the West Indies limited overs squad, captained by Dwayne Bravo, still to be named. Match Venue 2nd Test Wellington 3rd Test Hamilton 1st ODI Auckland 2nd ODI Napier 3rd ODI Queenstown 4th ODI Nelson 5th ODI Hamilton 1st T20I Auckland 2nd T20I Wellington

awaited return to the basketball court began as a wild celebration on Sunday, but ended as a quiet reminder that the rusty All Star has more work ahead to get back to his brilliant best. Bryant made his anticipated season debut in front of a frenzied Staples Center crowd, showing small hints of old form but mostly looking out of sorts as the Lakers were defeated by the Toronto Raptors 106-94. In his first NBA action since he tore his left Achilles in April, the 35-year-old Bryant tested his surgically repaired foot during 28 minutes that saw him record nine points, eight rebounds and eight turnovers. The Lakers all-time leading scorer made just two of nine shots and conceded that Sunday’s return was just the first of many hurdles to come. “I’m still feeling it out a little bit. My rhythm is completely out of sync,” Bryant told reporters. “It’s a start. The last time I had eight months off I was still in the womb.” Bryant’s arrival was a rebirth of sorts for the Los Angeles crowd who showered him with boisterous cheers from the moment he walked into the arena. He received a standing ovation during pre-game warm ups and chants of “KO-BE” filled the air prior to tip-off. Looking less explosive than usual, Bryant picked his spots carefully and was more of a willing passer than aggressive shooter. He missed his first couple of shots and did not register a point until converting a free throw with 6:26 remaining in the first half. By then the Lakers (10-10) were playing from behind, they trailed the entire game, and Bryant was not only trying to catch up to Toronto (7-12) but to his new team mates as well. The 18-year veteran had never played with many of the Los Angeles players and that was all too evident by his many errant passes and misconnections. Midway through the fourth quarter, with his team trailing 89-81, Bryant reentered the game and had a chance to save the Lakers as he has on many occasions before. But on this night, Bryant’s superhuman feats were grounded and he went the entire second half without a field goal. TUESDAY, DECEMEBR 10 FIXTURES Golden State at Charlotte LA Clippers at Philadelphia Denver at Washington Orlando at Memphis Portland at Utah Dallas at Sacramento

Pepsi Sonics send Pacesetters packing - PGII Division I Final Four decided By Edison Jefford Pepsi Sonics sent the number one ranked Trinity Grid Holdings (TGH) Pacesetters packing from the Phillip George Legacy II (PGII) competition, Sunday night, at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall where the Division I Final Four was decided. Pacesetters suffered their second straight blowout on consecutive nights, losing 5173 against the Pepsi Sonics to exit the tournament. Sonics led throughout the game that saw Pacesetters sinking to poor offensive levels, clearly missing their four senior players. Guard, Jason Squires scored 25 points while Collis ‘Forty’ Pluck continued to enjoy an excellent season with 12 points. Forward, Rawle Whyte added 12 points as well for Sonics that earned the final spot up for grabs in this weekend’s semi-finals. Guards, Hugh Arthur had 12 points, and Kwesi Roberts scored 10 points for Pacesetters that was missing offensive guard, Travis Burnett, who was ejected Saturday night and had to miss a game, forwards, Randy Richardson, Naylon Loncke and Royston Siland. Sonics went up 32-23 at halftime and raced to a 20point 54-34 lead at the end of the third period after running smooth pick-and-rolls with guards, Aubrey Austin and Ryan Melville dishing assist to Whyte and Pluck, who both enjoyed finishing in the paint. Pluck nailed mid-range jumpers as Pacesetters offense struggled. However, Sonics’ offence froze while Pacesetters went on a brief run in the fourth quarter; but Sonics quickly regained control of the game when Squires finished a left-handed lay-up and Trevor Smith nailed a three-pointer that put them ahead 62-44 with four minutes to play. Sonics smartly resorted to clock management in the

absence of the 24-second shot clock, to hold on to the win. They joined the unbeaten Nets, which earned a walkover Panthers and Ravens that won 69-59 against the other tournament semi-finalist, Colts. Akeem Kanhai scored 18 points, Ryan Stephney 13 points and Darrion Lewis 11 points for Dyna Ravens in the win Sunday night. Ravens and Colts played for the top seed in the group. Colts had Shelroy Thomas with 23 points and Nicko Fraser with nine points. The game was tied three times before the deadlock was broken in a competitive and entertaining contest. The game was tied at 28-28 in the second quarter, 39-39 in the third quarter and then 43-43 before a Kanhai fast-break broke the gridlock for good. Ravens then swung into instance offence following Kanhai’s momentum with Rodwell Fortune and Stephon Henry running the ball against Colts that could not keep up and who unusually shot a disappointing percentage from the field throughout the game. In the other game, a consolation contest more or less, Melanie Patriots beat Plaisance Guardians 81-79 with six players in double figures. Patriots, Guardians, Panthers and Pacesetters are among the four teams that failed to qualify for the penultimate round. Kurtley English dropped 21 points for Melanie Patriots while Ewart Smith and Nyamebekyare Bacchus had 12 points each. Sherlon Legall, Ashton Adams and Floyd Arthur were also among the points with 10 points apiece. Ron Campbell scored 28 points while Travis Stewart had 19 points for Plaisance Guardians. Enoch Mathews had 18 points while Trenton Woolford scored 10 points for the team as well as they wrapped up their sojourn in the 2013 competition.

Bannas Foundation to host dominoes tomorrow Bannas Foundation will be hosting a King Dominoes competition tomorrow at Smash Hide Out, C Field Sophia. Among the teams slated to take part are North, A, B, C and D Field Sophia. Entrance fee is $500 per player. At stake are trophies and medals donated by Melbourne Inn and Trophy Stall of Bourda Market. The competition is being organised by Johnny Barnwell and Kevin Walcott.

Tuesday December 10, 2013

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Hardyal, Gittens star as Regal claim double titles By Zaheer Mohamed Regal were crowned double champions of the Georgetown Softball Cricket League (GSCL Inc)/Digimax tournament when they won the Master’s Over-35 and Open titles on Sunday last at the Demerara Cricket Club ground. In the Master’s category, Regal defeated Success by 51 runs. Regal posted 162 for 8 from their allotted 20 overs, batting first. Khalid Haslim top scored with 46 (6x4), Raymond Harper supported with 30 (3x4 2x6) and Samuel Kingston 18 (2x6). Dharmendra Mohabir took 4 for 21 for Success Masters, who in reply were bowled out for 111 from 16.4 overs. Roy Persaud scored 28 (2x4 2x6) and Vijai Baljeet 17 (2x4); Mahendra Hardyal grabbed 4-26 while Haslim returned to take 3 for 16. In the open final, Regal

Members of the winning Regal Over-35 and Open teams display their prizes in the presence of officials from GSCL Inc. overcame Wolf’s Warriors by 8 wickets. Wolf’s Warriors batted first and were bowled out for 89 in 11.3 overs. Azad Azeez and Amir Nizamudin

scored 19 each with the former hitting two sixes, while Safraz Karim contributed 17 (2x6). Chien Gittens snared 3 for 9 and Safraz Esau 3 for 22

for Regal XI who replied with 90-2 in 9.3 overs. Gittens stroked three sixes in scoring 38 not out while Rooplall belted two fours and a similar

New Chess champion crowned as Wendell Muesa checkmates Taffin Khan A consistent display of brilliant moves characterized by craftiness and experience earned Wendell Muesa 6 points and the Senior National Chess Championship when the National Senior Chess Championships concluded at the Ocean Spray Hotel, Rupert Craig Highway and Stanley Place Kitty, Sunday evening last. Defending champion, Taffin Khan, fell short by a ½ point and was forced to relinquish his crown and settle for the second place slot. Anthony Drayton scored 5 ½ points and clinched the third place while Glenford Corlette and Errol Tiwari scored 4 points apiece with the former player benefiting from the tie break system. Davion Mars and Roberto Neto scored 2 points apiece while Rashad Hussain failed to register a point and remained in the cellar. The tournament was highly competitive, endorsed by the final point standings. The pundits had predicted that the winner of the Muesa/Khan encounter would have eventually clinched the crown and though the prediction eventually materialized, there were moments of doubts. Khan and Muesa faced off on the second day of the competition and the latter player triumphed after sacrificing a rook for Khan’s knight and bishop which

restricted Khan from attacking or counters and afforded Muesa a slight advantage and the eventual win. Muesa had said then that his toughest challenge was past and he had envisaged a smooth sailing thereafter. He suffered a setback when former junior champion, Anthony Drayton, won their succeeding contest and put a monkey’s wrench in his plans. Unperturbed, Muesa rebounded with victories over Mars and Neto while benefiting from a walk over after Hussain failed to turn up for their game on Saturday last. In the meantime, Khan defeated Mars on Saturday and followed up with wins over Corlette and Tiwari on Sunday but in the end the earlier loss to Meusa was decisive and cost him his crown. Meanwhile, a relaxed Meusa spoke with Kaieteur Sport at his home yesterday morning and admitted that the competition was truly fierce. He said that he was more impressed than surprised and he feels that this is indeed good for the future of the sport. The new champion commended the Tournament Director, Irshad Mohamed, for the professional way in which he conducted the tournament. “He managed the tournament expertly and kept a tight rein on discipline and order,” said the new champion. The national championship now over,

Meusa said that he would like to take his game to another level. He said that the parent body, FIDE, will be hosting a chess Olympiad in Norway and the best 5 players out of Guyana will be eligible to participate. He then took a gander at the best team to represent this country. “I would like to see such players like (Taffin) Khan; he is still a great player, Drayton has the skill to develop into a great player and would be a great asset on the team; National Junior Champion, Haifeng Su is also a good strategist and could hold his own while I would suggest that (female player) Maria Gonsalves be considered for this tournament,” said Muesa. The new champion currently enjoys a FIDE rating of 1966 and said that he is aspiring to surpass 2000

which would represent the highest rated FIDE player locally. Muesa feels that much more should be done if Chess is to continue along the developmental trend and calls on Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Frank Anthony to support the establishment of a Chess club to harness the budding talent in Georgetown and other regions. He is thankful to the many organisations that continue to place faith and funds in the sport and singled out Demerara Distillers Ltd, Banks DIH Ltd, Red Cherry, Trophy Stall and Caribbean Containers Inc. “These firms are true friends of chess and it would be nice if other corporate entities could join them in support of the sport,” concluded the new chess champion.

number of sixes in an unbeaten 31. Haslim and Gittens were given the man-

of-the-match awards, while all the four teams collected a trophy and cash incentives.

Tiger Woods loses to Zach Johnson in World Challenge Zach Johnson beat world number one Tiger Woods in a play-off to win the World Challenge in California. In a remarkable conclusion, Johnson found water with his approach at the 18th before holing from the drop zone. Playing partner Woods then put his bunker escape to within four feet and made par to force a play-off. At the first extra hole, again the 18th, Woods found sand once more with his approach and missed a par putt from five feet to hand Johnson victory. Woods was the tournament host at Sherwood Country Club and aiming to win his sixth tournament of the year, although this was not an official PGA Tour event. Northern Ireland’s Graeme McDowell, a two-time winner of the competition, was highest-placed European on five under in the 18-man event. Woods and Johnson, the world number 16, finished the regulation 72 holes on 13

under par. Woods carded a final-round 70 while Johnson fired four birdies in his last eight holes for a closing 68. “You want to end the tournament with someone making a putt,” Johnson said after the miss from Woods handed him his second tournament victory of the year. “You don’t want to see it like that, especially when he has hit a really good sand shot. “He played great, he didn’t make as many putts as I did. That’s all it really was. “Everybody talks about going head to head with him. That’s what I want as a competitor, I want to play against the best. He’s the best I’ve ever played with, and I want to put myself in that position. “I just like to compete and being in those situations where you get into holes you have to execute, you have to hit a shot. I feel very honoured to be the champion.” For Woods, it was only (Continued on page 29)

Snicko to be used for remaining Tests Dubai, United Arab Emirates - The International Cricket Council (ICC) yesterday announced that Real-Time Snickometer (RTS) will be part of the Decision Review System (DRS) in the remaining two Tests between New Zealand and West Indies to be played in Wellington and Hamilton. The RTS has been included as part of the DRS

after an initial approach from the teams and their subsequent agreement after briefings in Wellington on Monday. It will be part of the decision-making technology that will be used by Sky Television’s coverage of the series, and also includes Virtual Eye (ball tracking technology) and Hot Spot. Both Virtual Eye and Hot Spot are on the list of

approved DRS technologies and can be used by TV umpires in any series in which they are available. The RTS is not yet approved but the ICC commenced the process of evaluating it for inclusion following ICC Chief Executives’ Committee’s meeting in September during which broad support was shown for the new

technology. The performance of the RT S d u r i n g t h e N e w Z e a l a n d - We s t I n d i e s series, and the current Ashes series, will form part of that evaluation. The DRS Playing Conditions are covered in Appendix 2 of the Standard Test Match Playing Conditions that can be found. (ICC Media Release)

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Tuesday December 10, 2013

Sports world honors Nelson Mandela A tribute to Nelson Mandela is displayed on a screen as FIFA President Sepp Blatter, Brazil President Dilma Rousseff and the hosts stand on stage before the Final Draw for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil .

Rene Khrin of Bolonga FC wears a shirt with a sign dedicated to Nelson Mandela during the warm up before the Serie A match between Bolonga and Juventus. Golf fans wave South African flags in tribute to the late President Nelson Mandela after the final round of the Nedbank Golf Challenge at Gary Player CC in Sun City, South Africa. (Photo by Stuart Franklin,Getty) Before the Orlando Magic play the New York Knicks in a game a moment of silence is held for the great Nelson Mandela at the Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Fans pay tribute to Nelson Mandela during the second Momentum ODI match between South Africa and India at Saraha Stadium Kingsmead in Durban South Africa.

England observe a minutes silence in memory of former South African President Nelson Mandela ahead of day two of the Second Ashes Test Match against Austrlaia at the Adelaide Oval.

Tuesday December 10, 2013

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NBS 2nd Div. 40-over cricket

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GCA/Noble House Sea Foods 2nd Div. tourney

No.70 MYO, Cotton Tree, No.71 Spooner bowls TSC to victory; and Young Warriors into semis GYO beat Sophia by 6 wickets No.70 MYO, Cotton Tree, No.71 and Young Warriors are all through to the semi finals of the New Building Society Second Division 40-over cricket competition in Berbice following wins in their respective quarter final matches. No.70 MYO made 203 for 8 in 40 overs against Rainbow Generation who were then bowled out for 108 in reply with 47-yearold off-spinner Mahmood Khan taking 6 for 13 from 7.5 overs. Khan was already the bowler with the best bowling figures in the competition when he took 7 for 11 in an earlier match against No.69 Vikings. The Gaffoor brothers, Roshan and Nashad, hit 58 and 57 respectively to steer Cotton Tree Die Hard to 220 in 34.5 overs against a game Baracara United who nevertheless fell short by 48 runs despite Onel Joseph hitting 54 and Rashleigh Caesar 48. Medium pacer Afzal Haroon took 4 for 34. Afraz Mohamed slammed 62 for No.71 in their score of 203 in 32.3 overs against Skeldon Community Centre who in reply could only reach 193 for 7 in their 33 overs; Darshanan Chaliter led with 50 and Sydney Jackman Jr. 47. Young Warriors had to thank all-rounder Anil Beharry whose left-arm spin bowled them to victory over Kortheberaadt Seventh Day Adventist. Summarized scores: At Seafield - No.70 MYO banged Rainbow Generation by 95. No.70

Anil Beharry

Roshan Gaffoor

Mahmood Khan MYO 203 for 8 in 40 overs; Alim Khan 42, Areef Khan 35, Mahmood Khan 34 not out, Ahmad Khan 27 and

Dunston Cummings 2 for 38. Rainbow Generation 108 in 25.5 overs; Wayne Fraser 25, Zamin Archibald 26, Mahmood Khan 6 for 13, Azarudeen Mohamed 2 for 21 and Ahmad Khan 2 for 39. At Cotton Tree - Cotton Tree Die hard beat Baracara United by 48 runs. Cotton Tree Die Hard 220 in 34.5 overs; Roshan Gaffoor 58, Nashad Gaffoor 57, Pooran Persaud 24, Kevon Joseph 4 for 26, Morton Amsterdam 2 for 27. Baracara United 172 in 25.5. overs; Onel Joseph 54, Rashleigh Caesor 48, Afzal Haroon 4 for 34 and Pooran Persaud 3 for 29. At No.71 - No.71 squeezed past Skeldon Community Centre by 10 runs. No.71 203 in 32.3 overs; Afraz Mohamed 62, Nazim Mohamed 40, Victor Pedro 3 for 35, Jamiel Jackman 3 for 35 and Gajendra Nauth 2 for 48. Skeldon Community Centre 193 for 7 in 33 overs; Darshanan Chaliter 50, Sydney Jackman jnr 47, Gajendra Nauth 25, Deoprakash Ramdat 3 for 32, Nazim Mohamed 2 for 37 and Navin Vincent 2 for 47. At Cumberland Yo u n g Wa r r i o r s b e a t Kortheberaadt Seventh Day Adventist by 23 runs. Young Warriors 171 in 36 overs; Rudolph Baker 32, Travis Campbell 3 for 14, Willburgh 3 for 29, Mark Sampson 2 for 25 and Osmond Gilead 2 for 33. Kortheberaadt Seventh Day Adventist 149 in 37 overs; Quincy DeVelde 33, Mark Sampson 25 not out, Anil Beharry 4 for 18 and Hubern Evans 2 for 33.

Thirteen-year-old off-spinner Joel Spooner grabbed six wickets for 53 runs off 13.5 overs bowling Transport Sports Club (TSC) to victory over University of Guyana (UG) by 70 runs while Gandhi Youth Organisation (GYO) got the better of Sophia by six wickets when the latest round of matches in the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA)/Noble House Sea Foods second division two- day tournament concluded on Sunday last. Playing at the Muslim Youth Organisation ground, TSC batted first and were bowled out for 183 in 40.3 overs, Chemroy Kendall top scored with 58 while Charwayne Mc Pherson made 52 and Ryan Hemraj 23. Darnell Douglas was the pick of the bowlers with 5-16 while Omesh Dhanram claimed 2-55. UG responded with 133-9 in 29.5 overs, innings closed. Douglas scored 32, Kumar Bridgelall supported with 27 while Frederick Pestano made 26 and Dennis Haywood 23; Shaun Massiah captured 4-40. Leading by 50 runs, TSC were bowled out for 134 in 27.1 overs, batting a second time. Ewert Samuels was their leading batsman with 49 while Shemroy Kendall chipped in with 21 as Suresh Danhai took 2-50. Set 186 for victory, UG were skittled for

Joel Spooner 114 in 30 overs. Massiah supported debutant Spooner with 2-8 while Leon Williams 46 and Danhai 29 were the only batsmen that offered resistance. At Gandhi Youth Organisation (GYO) ground, Sophia were routed for 65 after taking first strike. In reply GYO declared on 122-4, Abdool Rahim led with an even half century. Batting a second time the visitors were routed for 121. Needing 65 for victory the home team reached their target for the loss of four wickets.

Ewert Samuels (left) and Charwayne Mc Pherson

Nominees for the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2013 awards revealed


he contenders for this year’s FIFA Ballon d’Or award for the best player of 2013 and for the FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year 2013 award were announced yesterday on, and YouTube. In alphabetical order, the FIFA Ballon d’Or nominees are: Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), Lionel Messi (Argentina) and Franck Ribéry (France), while Nadine Angerer (Germany), Marta (Brazil) and Abby Wambach (USA) will contest the women’s award. The candidates for the FIFA World Coach of the Year for Men’s Football and FIFA World Coach of the Year for Women’s Football awards were also announced. In alphabetical order, the contenders are: Sir Alex Ferguson (Scotland/Manchester Lionel Messi (Argentina), Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) and Franck Ribéry (France) United FC former coach), Jupp Heynckes

(Germany/FC Bayern München former coach) and Jürgen Klopp (Germany/Borussia Dortmund) for the FIFA World Coach of the Year for Men’s Football award, and Ralf Kellermann (Germany/VfL Wolfsburg), Silvia Neid (Germany/German national team) and Pia Sundhage (Sweden/Swedish national team) for the FIFA World Coach of the Year for Women’s Football award. All the nominees were confirmed after a voting process which was open to the captains and head coaches of the men’s and women’s national teams of the 209 member associations as well as to international media representatives selected by FIFA and France Football voted for candidates. The percentages of the collected votes are as follows (number of votes/number of (Continued on page 29)

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Pepsi Sonics send Pacesetters packing - PGII Division I Final Four decided

Pepsi Sonics forward, Collis ‘Forty’ Pluck is left wide open for a mid-range jumper, which he made look easy all night against TGH Pacesetters Sunday night at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall.

New Chess champion Gibson urges WI to crowned as Wendell Muesa checkmates Taffin Khan

Meusa studies his game against Khan which eventually earned him the national title

NBS 2nd Div. 40-over cricket

build on first Test

Shiv Chanderpaul (left) and Assistant Coaches Stuart Williams and Andre Coley discuss the pitch.

Sunburst Linden Sec. Sch. U-17 Basketball GT&T, Hand-in-Hand Inter-County tourney - Rd 2 Mackenzie High

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