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Saturday December 07, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


Those airport robberies A few days ago, we carried a story of some vacationing Guyanese being followed from the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. In the vicinity of Mahaicony the car in which these overseas-based Guyanese were traveling was stopped by the other car. The driver reported that along the way the other car pulled alongside then fell back. At Mahaicony the car passed, then pulled in front of the other car forcing the driver to stop. The driver spoke of a gun-toting man coming out of the attack car, striking his car and eventually shooting at it but hurting no one— fortunately. This was because the driver was astute enough to reverse and spin his car. He avoided pursuit. Two nights ago, another group of visiting Guyanese reported that it was followed from the international airport and robbed on East Coast Demerara. Indeed, such robberies have caused people to believe that there is a leak inside the Department of Customs and Immigration. In short, people believe that when they land at the airport and they indicate on the form their destination. If the truth be told, the people at the Immigration counter would not know how much money is being brought into the country because theirs is not the task to ask someone about money. Sometimes when people arrive, they are greeted by talkative relatives. In fact, many people regretted the day when they spoke with their Guyana-based relatives about their impending visit to Guyana. Many people would talk about what they plan to do when they visit. Some talk about repairing homes; about buying household articles and the like. Once the word gets around in the community there are the criminals who know what to expect. The ubiquitous cell phone makes such things easy. Descriptions are passed; the number of the car and the colour are passed and the rest is history. There are times when the robberies occur because of contact with people in the foreign base. If the party preparing to come home has a drink with friends and opts to boast, all it would take is a phone call to Guyana. Sometimes the criminals pick visitors at random but we have never heard of people coming on business and staying at hotels being robbed along the way. So it must be that the rural people contribute to their own robberies. And having contributed they then wonder at the severity of the attack; some wonder how it is that the criminals knew that they had money and jewellery. The police say that theirs is the job to protect the people but given their drastically reduced numbers they cannot be at too many places at the same time. There are not enough vehicles to patrol the thoroughfares and the secluded areas along the roads. But once again we need to appreciate the wisdom of credit cards and manager’s cheques. These days money transfer services have negated the need for cash. Of course, it would appear that most Guyanese prefer to circulate paper money and the many business places love this because they can hide their transactions from the tax man. But then again they too are being penny wise and pound foolish; they now have the risk of getting the large bulk of cash to the commercial banks. Some of the trucks have been robbed and collectors killed; the very people who have been entrusted with transporting the money have been known to steal it. Will there be a time when visitors coming home will not attract criminals? The answer is yes but there must be a drastic reduction in the movement of paper money. But back to the robbery of people travelling from the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. The police have actually mounted investigations into the operations of the staff at the airport. They came up empty-handed. Now that this scourge is back people may wish to reconsider their relationship with cash.


DEAR EDITOR, I am writing to you once again in relation to an article published in yesterday’s edition (5th December, 2013) of Kaieteur News concerning the Radio Licence court case. I am once again appalled at the misleading reports made in this article in respect of the Attorney-General, where it stated, “AG no-show - It was widely expected yesterday that Publisher of Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall, would have been crossexamined by Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, when the matter came up before Chief Justice (ag) Ian Chang.” I can tell you with great certainty that at no time during the hearing of this matter, did the Honourable Attorney-General or anyone on his behalf inform the Court that he wished to crossexamine Mr. Glenn Lall. In fact, Mr. Lall’s presence was requested by Counsel for one of the other named Respondents; not the

Attorney-General. What is even more disturbing is the message which is portrayed by the words, “AG no-show”. This suggested to me, and I am certain it would suggest to anyone reading the article, that the Office of the Attorney-General was unrepresented. The matter was called on Wednesday 4th December, 2013, before the Honourable Chief Justice at 2:30pm and I appeared on behalf of the Attorney-General for the first four named Respondents. As State Counsel, I am authorised, as per instructions of the Honourable AttorneyGeneral, to appear for and on behalf of the Office of the Attorney General in respect of all actions brought by, or against the Office of the Attorney-General. Once I am there, the Attorney-General is represented. Therefore, by saying that the Attorney-General was a ‘no-show’, is by extension

saying that the Office of the Attorney-General was unrepresented, which is most inaccurate and highly misleading, to say the very least. There are 16 named Respondents in this case, more than half of which were unrepresented by Counsel on Wednesday when the matter was called; yet your reporters saw it fit to suggest that only the Attorney-General was unrepresented. As one of the largest newspapers in Guyana, you and your reporters have an undeniable duty to make unbiased, informed, and accurate publications in respect of the events on which you choose to report. I am sure you are aware of this. That being said, I can only assume that your reporters are careless, or that your publication is hell-bent on misleading its readers when it comes to this case. I cannot tell you which is the lesser of the two evils.

This is the second time that I have had cause to write to you with a complaint of a misleading article concerning the Attorney-General in respect of this same case. On the last occasion when I had cause to write you in respect of another misleading headline plastered across the front page of Kaieteur News 29th October, 2013, edition, your apology appeared the next day tucked away in the corner of page 6. Nevertheless, I am once again demanding a published apology, which I can only hope this time will be given the same prominence as the inaccurate misrepresentations. If this mistake is not corrected, or if your newspaper continues to publish misleading articles and statements, I will be forced to ask the Court to consider granting an order restraining Kaieteur News from publishing anything in respect of this matter. Arianne Mc Lean

Mr. Vieira’s letter is riddled with inaccuracies DEAR EDITOR, This letter is in response to that from Mr. Tony Vieira published on December 5, 2013 and captioned “The sugar industry will not recover with this board and management.” Excluding the cane farmers, GuySuCo currently has 27% of its total area of 48,000 under cane configured for Mechanical harvesting. The conversion programme is concentrated on estates that are more adversely affected by the shortage of labour i.e. Skeldon, LBI and Enmore. At Skeldon 56% of the area under cultivation is configured for mechanical harvesting; 63% at LBI and 80% at Enmore. With Uitvlugt now showing a steep decline in labour, efforts are being made to convert some of the lands on that estate for mechanization. Prior to conversion for mechanization GuySuCo had basically three (3) traditional layouts: English Beds, Dutch Beds and conventional Ridge & Furrow. The conversion programme undertaken by GuySuCo focused on converting English layout. This operation entails taking three (3) English Beds approximately 10-11 metres in width and making one bed 3033 metres in width. This converted bed (30-33 metres) is a Cambered Bed with a designed slope of 3.5% quite similar to that of the traditionally Cambered

English or Dutch Bed Mr. Vieira was referring to in his letter. This operation is done using a Long Boom Excavator to establish the slope/camber. This kind of layout (30 metres bed) can facilitate all three methods of harvesting: fully mechanical, semi mechanical (Bell Loading) and manual. At the corner of the bed where soil is removed to establish the camber, it is treated with additional Low Grade Rock Phosphate (LGRP), a soil ameliorant, to correct the possible high acidity environment created. Also, filter mud whenever available is added to these areas to assist in replacing organic matter. Conversion being the major contributory factor to the reduction of yields across the Industry as stated by Mr. Vieira in his letter is plainly wrong. Enmore which has 80% of its areas converted are experiencing higher yields than some locations which have little or no conversion. Also yields in the converted areas are comparable to those in the traditional areas. There are a number of factors that are responsible for the reduced yields over the last five (5) years in GuySuCo; the major one being the weather. It is important to note that at Skeldon 3,947 hectares (ha) of the 5,000 ha configured for mechanization was developed from flat lands (new expansion areas) only 1,053 ha were converted from the

traditional layouts Guyana as a sugar producing nation is not singular in this respect. Decline/low yields are a major challenge to many sugar producing countries including Brazil and Australia. Mr. Vieira in his letter suggested that we should stop the conversion/ mechanization programme and go back to manual (labour). At Enmore for instance; to grind for 24 hours in any one day the factory requires 24 hours @ 105 tonnes cane per hour = 2,520 tonnes of canes per day. An average cane harvester will cut & load approximately 2.4 tonnes per day. Therefore, to supply canes to Enmore to have continuous grinding 1,050 harvesters are required to work on a daily basis. Currently Enmore and LBI together are having an average daily total turnout of 500 cane harvesters. Such a turnout could only supply canes for 12 hours of grinding. At Skeldon with the potential grinding rate of 300 tonnes cane per hour, the estate will require 3, 000 cane harvesters to supply the factory for 24 hours. The current daily turnout of harvesters at Skeldon is averaging 510 which is equivalent to 4 hours of grinding per day. The approach to mechanization in the Industry is not to displace labour with

machines. As labour availability declines machines will be introduced. The conversion process is indeed very time consuming and also expensive and cannot be done overnight. GuySuCo cannot wait to begin the process until labour becomes unavailable. Rehabilitating (re-tilling) a converted hectare costs 65% of the amount compared to retilling a traditional hectare The current fleet of machines GuySuCo has is quite adequate to supply the two (2) factories with canes from the location where they are being used i.e. Skeldon and Enmore. Skeldon has 8 Billet Mechanical Harvesters. These machines working 16 hours per day at 40 tonnes each per hour (8 machines @ 16 hours @ 40 tonnes) will harvest 5,120 tonnes of canes per day. The estate also has 8 Bell Loaders which can load 2,300 tonnes per day (8 machines @ 16 hours @ 18 tonnes). The total amount of canes harvested from the billet harvesters and bell loaders equals 7,420 tonnes of canes which is sufficient to supply canes to the factory for 24 hours at 309 tonnes cane per hour. The 510 harvesters currently turning out at Skeldon is adequate to supply the 2,300 tonnes cane that’s required by the Bell Loaders. To cut 9,161 tonnes of canes per day using (Continued on page 23)

Saturday December 07, 2013

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

The Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Fund Committee no longer provides a relevant service DEAR EDITOR, The Sugar Industry Special Funds Act of 1947 related to the: i) Sugar Industry Rehabilitation Fund; ii) Sugar Industry Price Stabilisation Fund; iii) Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Fund. All of the above were governed by respective Regulations. The initial allocations to the three Funds were: · Price Stabilisation Fund – levied at $6.00 for every ton of sugar produced. · Rehabilitation Fund levied at $4.80 for every ton of sugar produced. · Labour Welfare Fund - levied at $2.40 for every ton of sugar produced. Simply, the Price Stabilisation Fund was intended to supplement the price of sugar at times of poor market conditions. The objective of utilising the Rehabilitation Fund for factories never really materialised. As it turned out most of the accretions from the

aforementioned Funds were transferred to the Labour Welfare Fund, which is still today managed by the Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Fund Committee – consisting of representatives of the single employer, GuySuCo, and the recognised unions in the sugar industry: GAWU and NAACIE. The Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Fund Act generated a programme of social development in the sugar industry long before the concept of ‘corporate social responsibility’ was promoted in the late 20th century. While similar legislation was promulgated throughout the sugar growing territories of the West Indies, its implementation was effected most conscientiously in British Guiana. Estate managements served as agents of the Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Fund Committee (SILWFC), who respectively financed, and organised the massive

infrastructural development undertaken across the sugar communities. But villages with predominant sugar worker populations never benefitted from the Fund at any time. The programme was aimed principally at rehousing sugar workers from logies to new communities then called Extra Nuclear Areas, which years later, became integrated into the formal local government systems, which required the ‘new’ residents to pay rates and taxes for the first time – catching up with their counterparts in the villages who were being taxed since the nineteenth century. By the late 1970s close to 12,000 transactions had been effected. Over time the programme saw, in addition to houses, sinking of efficient wells for water supply, the erection of Community Centres and Girls’ Clubs (with their own electrical generating capacity) where drama was introduced and national competitions

An insult to the workers of Guyana DEAR EDITOR, The political and willful weakening of our traditional institutions is a process that begun not too long ago under the PPP regime which has and continues to do more to riddle our beloved Guyana with more bullet wounds than any of the armed bandits that roam the streets. Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear has witnessed the venal trampling of the processes to lubricate their already lucrative oily palms at the expense of the poor and the working class. We have watched the dismantling of very important institutions that traditionally provide monitoring and accountability; that seek to ensure transparency and good governance, and to weed out corruption and other white-collar crimes that have plagued Guyana. This is a willful act by the regime to ensure that their raping of the treasury and the awarding lucrative contracts to their relatives and friends remain secretive—a system invented and perfected by the Jagdeo administration. Our public institutions have become puppets, manipulated by the PPP cabal. People have to realize that corruption is a way of life in this country, where 75% of the workers is in some kind of corruption. There is corruption all over the world, but the difference in this country is

no one is held accountable, no one is arrested, and no one is sent to prison. Yes, there was corruption under the PNC, but under the PPP the country seems to be lawless with scandals on a daily basis. no one seems capable of knowing what to do to stop the chaos taking place. It’s a case of take as much as you can from the state before the next general elections. No one seems to care about the damage being done for future generations to repair. No one seems to care about the future of this country, and that is sad. The Public Service is one of the traditional institutions that have been weakened by the PPP regime. Once headed by intelligent, dedicated and informed citizens, the Public Service has now reached the point where it is run by people who have moved up the ranks due to party affiliations, not performance or qualifications. Forty seven years after Independence, where meritocracy is still not the preferred measurement for promotion by the PPP, it was bound to happen. So now we have a group of contracted PPP public servants who are not only unqualified and inexperienced for the positions they hold, but who also have no idea of what their responsibilities are. They run institutions without understanding their tasks and how these

institutions ought to function. These PPP contractors who are paid very high wages in US currency do not know how and why things are done, so they cannot even see the consequences of their actions. For them, today is today, yesterday was yesterday, and tomorrow is only a re-run. The Public Service probably employs the highest percentage of the workforce in Guyana, and the majority of them are highly dissatisfied with their working conditions and poor wages/ salaries. Yet, the PPP has the gall to offer them a meagre 5% wage increase when inflation is twice as high. And to add insult to injury, the Public Service Minister has stated that the workers should be thankful for 5% offered to them by the PPP regime. She also said that they are lucky to have an increase. For the Minister to say that she is not aware of any protest shows that she is not in touch with reality and may be living either in space or in a cave but for sure, she cannot be living on mother earth. She has not only grossly insulted the workers of Guyana but has also belittled them. Morale is so low that not even the talk about public service reform has done anything but made the workers more cynical. Why? Because they have heard it too often in the past, without

staged; the development of playgrounds, some of which accommodated national, and international cricket in particular. All combined to release creative energies, under the immediate direction of male and female social welfare officers employed by each estate. There was excitement at discovering dramatists, artistes and, of course, cricket talents, some of whom later became members of West Indies champion teams: Joe Solomon, Rohan Kanhai, Basil Butcher all of whom had earlier benefitted from the coaching of Robert Christiani, himself a former test cricketer, and then an Assistant Personnel Manager at Albion/Port Mourant Estate. Later Roy Fredericks (also of cricketing fame) and Raikha Bisnauth, both of Blairmont Estate, contested in national table tennis championships. The physical energies of workers were sustained by well coordinated health services. Canteens were upgraded with an eye to improving the nutritional

standards for workers; while the art and science of food preparation was being taught in the Girls’ Clubs. There is no question that by the 21st century the aims and objectives of the Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Committee had been fully achieved. There are therefore legitimate questions to be asked as to the justification for its perpetuation in 2013. A perusal of the National Estimates, at least of 2012 and 2013, would reveal the exclusion of any reference to this organisation as a ‘Statutory Body’ – more than tacit recognition that the Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Fund Committee is in fact defunct, and no longer provides a relevant service. Nevertheless its

continued existence is aided and abetted by the negligence of the politicians concerned. Arguably however, long established and new cane farmers may have a case for applying to SILWFC for relevant assistance. Regulation 2 made under the Act (section 9.1) state as follows: 2. In these Regulations – “Committee” means the Committee appointed under section 8(2) of the Act to control and administer the Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Fund established under the Act: “exporter” means any person engaged in the manufacture of sugar for export; “Fund” means the Sugar Industry Labour (Continued on page 23)

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Saturday December 07, 2013

Court action looms if Sooba not removed in 72 hours - “Appointment contradicts Ramotar’s contention that appointments are on meritorious grounds”- Ramjattan By: Kiana Wilburg Leader of the Opposition coalition, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Mr. David Granger, is adamant that “Carol Sooba who was appointed as Town Clerk is unqualified, unsuited and unwanted by the majority of the members of the City Council.” The Opposition Leader made this assertion at a press conference held yesterday at his Office on Hadfield Street, Georgetown. The Member of Parliament said that the national capital requires ‘special skills’. Granger is also of the firm belief that the administration of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) is being deliberately provocative in pursuing an appointment which is unwanted by the Council. He said that evidence suggests that Sooba is not suitable for the position as he reminded members of the media corps of the recent floods which placed the city at a standstill. He said that the blame for the floods not only falls on the shoulders of the central government but also on Sooba as she had suspended the work of some of the solid waste contractors prior to the floods. Granger described Sooba’s management style as “a recipe for another environmental calamity because she is not capable of winning the confidence and support of members of the Council.” He also stressed on the fact that the Guyana Local Government Officers Union (GLGOU) has threatened to take industrial action and other measures if she (Sooba) is not removed from the post

in 72 hours. Meanwhile, Attorney at Law, Mr. Joseph Harmon who also functions as the Shadow Minister of Public Works and Telecommunications, said his party supports the call of the union for the Town Clerk’s removal and if this avenue is exhausted then legal action should be explored. Mayor Hamilton Green in a letter published yesterday in this publication referred to the action of the Ministry of Local Government as a, “dent on the decency and a denial on democracy…” Whilst Green congratulated Ms. Sooba on her appointment, he said that the action can be “likened to that of the Emperor Caligula who had appointed his horse as Consul of Rome.” However ,Minister of the Local Government, Mr. Ganga Persaud at a press conference yesterday defended the appointment of Sooba as he expressed she is the best suited candidate for the post. When pressed by members of the media fraternity to share what criterion was used to deem her “best suited,” the Minister avoided the question and maintained that he is satisfied with the decision. He also dismissed calls for her removal. Speaking to Ganga’s refusal to remove Sooba, Ramjattan and Mr. Harmon asserted that the Minister “needs to get his head examined.” “The Minister seriously needs to get his head examined. Is he out of his mind? He needs to state what makes her the best candidate for the post.” Harmon stressed Ramjattan described the recent developments as not

only despicable but also politically insulting and an action which carries with it, racial undertones. “Her appointment is not only obnoxious but contradicts President Donald Ramotar’s contention that his government issues all appointments on meritorious grounds. It is also very discriminatory and vindicates what Mr. Freddie Kissoon had written about.” The Kaieteur News columnist was sued by former President Bharrat Jagdeo for allegedly making defamatory remarks made against him. Ramjattan expressed that Sooba’s appointment shows that government continues to exercise political power in an ideologically racist manner. And, yesterday, a letter signed by representatives of

David Granger

Carol Sooba

Khemraj Ramjattan

the law firm Hughes, Fields & Stoby was dispatched to Local Government Minister Persaud on behalf of former Mayor Ranwell Jordon which urged the immediate recall of the appointment of Sooba. The letter articulated that the criterion which was supposed to be used by the interviewing panel was in an effort to ascertain the best

qualified and suited person for the position. However, after several interviews and deliberations, Mr. Clarke was identified as the best qualified and suited candidate but the panel’s decision was disregarded as Sooba instead, was appointed. “We are instructed to inform you that your actions are contrary, not only to the

legitimate expectations of our clients and the candidates but amounts to an abuse of the powers of your office…we are obligated to inform you as we hereby do that your failure to abide with this request will result in our clients pursuing such action as they shall be advised to secure the revocation of the aforementioned appointment”

GGMC gives $385M contract to legally invalid company Chief Justice, Ian Chang, this past week quashed the decision of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), to award a $385M Contract to CB & R Mining, to construct the Aremu Road in Region Seven. Chang’s ruling was on the grounds that the award of the contract by GGMC was made in violation of the provisions of the Procurement Act 2003, was unlawful, unreasonable, arbitrary, capricious, irrational, procedurally improper, ultra vires, null and void and of no legal effect. BK International Inc. had challenged the award to CB&R Mining, on the grounds that the company

…Chief Justice quashes decision was not a legal entity, was not the lowest bidder and it did not comply with any of the requirements as stipulated by the Procurement Act. Attorney-at-law, Ralph Ramkarran, appeared on behalf of GGMC and claimed that it was not a unit or agency of the Ministry of Natural Resources and was not bound by the provisions of the Procurement Act and GGMC was therefore at liberty to accept or reject any or all bids without giving reasons. Attorney-at-law, Robert Ramcharran, who appeared for BK International Inc. argued to the contrary and

said that GGMC was a unit or agency of the Ministry of Natural Resources and was therefore bound by the provisions of the Procurement Act. He argued too that whilst the award of the contract created private law rights, there was statutory underpinning to the award of the contract and that statutory under-pinning gives rise to prerogative reliefs. The Chief Justice in his ruling agreed that because of the powers created by the Mining Act over the administration of the GGMC and the Ministerial control of that body by the Minister of Natural Resources that made it an agency of the Ministry and thus fell within the definition of a procurement entity. GGMC was therefore subjected to the provisions of the Procurement Act. The Chief Justice also found that having regard to the statutory under-pinning to the award of the contract, the Court had jurisdiction to enquire into the award of the

Chief Justice, Ian Chang contract. The Court found that CB&R Mining, did not comply with any of the requirements as stipulated by the Procurement Act, nor did it provide any evidence of its legal status. Accordingly, the Court declared that the award of the contract to CB &R Mining should be set aside and GGMC should award the contract to the most responsive bidder. CB&R Mining was represented by Attorney-atlaw Stephen Lewis.

Saturday December 07, 2013

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Sooba best suited for Town Clerk, ‘full stop’- Ganga Persaud Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Ganga Persaud, is unworried even as controversy surrounds the appointment of Carol Sooba as Town Clerk. She was deemed to be unqualified for the position. During a press conference yesterday, a defensive

Persaud argued that the Ministry is satisfied that Sooba is the best suited candidate for the Town Clerk position, with all things being equal “full stop”. Even with media operatives pressing to find out Sooba’s qualifications and the criteria for the appointment, Persaud remained aggressive and

determined not to divulge the relevant information. The Minister seemingly believed that his diversion strategy was working but it only opened room for more questions and vindication for the Mayor and City Councillors that something grave is amiss with her appointment. Earlier this week, Cabinet

Ramroop caught in another... From page 3 Georgetown Cricket Club never met with the Directors of New GPC/CPL OP CO to discuss any proposal. “It was never the intention of the executives of the Georgetown Cricket Club to make any decision with the New GPC/CPL OP CO without consultation and mandate of membership.” Ramroop has been involved in numerous other secret deals, including the deal to acquire state assets, including the Sanata complex. More recently, he was a major beneficiary of this

country's spectrum that included radio, cable and telecommunication. In almost all these cases he used front men and he remained silent in the face of the revelations. Lall said too that “it was disgusting, the way he called on the Culture Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony, to investigate the staff of the Archives to find out how Kaieteur News got the photographs.” “Imagine Ramroop calling for such an investigation! This nation must demand that the President of this country investigate all the secret, dis-

Georgetown Cricket... From page 3 and Colin Croft. Ramroop, in recent years, has been coming under increasing scrutiny over his questionable dealings include several concessions granted to his company; five radio frequencies and a television licence. He is now poised to be granted permission to take a piece of the telephone industry. The deals have been generating media attention with Parliamentary members investigating details of Ramroop's transactions. He acquired the valuable Sanata complex, worth millions of US dollars for next to nothing. He has also failed to live up to the privatization agreement of the complex. In addition to being controversially granted almost exclusive rights to supply

drugs to Government, Ramroop has also been receiving orders for hardware supplies and was even awarded printing contracts. His newspaper, Guyana Times and television station, TVG, have been receiving state ads, ahead of the older and more established Kaieteur News, Stabroek News, Capitol News, CNS Channel 6 and RBS 13. Parliamentarians have been expressing increasing worry of the growing control of Ramroop's tentacles, with the help of the administration, in the various industries. It was only about five years ago that Ramroop and New GPC's parent company, Queens Atlantic Investments Inc. (QAII) came to the fore but have since moved well ahead of their competitors.

honest deals that he and his best friend Jagdeo carried out during the years when they were untouchable. No one can forget the Sanata Complex, when Parliament had to rush to legalise an already illegally acquired property worth billions. Look, let the chips fall where they may. These two men are on a mission to own the whole of Guyana, and they will trample everybody in their path, if they are allowed to.” All that they have been doing is the height of eye pass to this nation, but as I always believe, it is only time. A greater power exists.”

Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon announced that Sooba was appointed Town Clerk. She had been acting in that capacity for the past 16 months. And, the Council is adamant that the move to appoint an “unqualified” Sooba to such a pertinent position is an insult to academically qualified persons and those seeking higher education. Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Greene had said that Sooba’s appointment “comes as a great surprise to a member of the panel that sat to do interviews for the position of Town Clerk and Treasurer.” “At our interview the requirements for the position of Town Clerk were a Degree in Law, Economics, Urban Planning and Public Management amongst others.” Greene said there were four candidates, two of whom were in line with the requirements. Mr. Paul Clarke and the Council’s current Public Relations Officer Mr. Royston King were shortlisted, while

Police ups the ante against drug dealers, nine in custody Nine persons were nabbed as the B division police up the ante against drug dealers in the Ancient County. The police acting on information and after conducting surveillance around 15:00 hrs on Tuesday, raided a yard at Grant 1806

Crabwood Creek, Upper Corentyne and seized 1:23KG of marijuana and six grams of Cocaine. Nine persons who were in the yard were taken into custody and are being questioned as investigation continues

Mr. Darren Khan and Sooba, “being the least qualified” did not fit the bill. According to Chase-Greene, with Clarke being the most qualified of the lot, the interview panel recommended that Clarke was the fittest for the post. However, Minister Persaud was offended with “assumptions” that Sooba is unqualified for the position. He questioned the source that deemed Sooba unqualified and contended that it is improper to say someone is unqualified without providing the evidence. Nonetheless, he could not have provided evidence of her qualifications and said it is his business, though she would be executing her tasks as a public officer. As a requirement for the position the candidate must have academic qualifications and Sooba is not without that, he added. Contradicting his

comments, a reporter shuffled his memory that Junior Minister of Local Government Norman Whittaker at an earlier press conference had said that Sooba was unqualified for the position. Apparently, this is not the first time the Ministry has advertised to fill the position of Town Clerk. It was noted that when the vacancy was first advertised Sooba along with other candidates had applied. But, Whittaker had said none of the candidates were qualified to fill the positions. Whittaker who was present at the press conference opted to remain silent while Persaud raved that the only thing that changed is that the position ran long enough and the Ministry believes that Sooba is the best suited candidate for the position.

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Saturday December 07, 2013

Saturday December 07, 2013

Kaieteur News

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THE CONDITIONS ARE NOT CONDUCIVE FOR INDUSTRIALACTION Unionized public servants must not allow themselves to be lured into indiscriminate acts that could rebound against them. They must carefully assess whether the conditions exist at the moment for successful industrial action. It is hereby contended that these conditions do not exist at present. As such workers must wait and time their move. If they show their hand too early they will end up losing in the long run. First of all they must appreciate a strike in the public service is not going to hurt the economy. It will affect citizens but the government can wait out a strike; workers cannot since they have to put bread on the table and at Christmas they need a lot of bread. Secondly, their union is weak. The Guyana Public Service Union does not have the strength to wage any sustained or successful campaign for wage increases above what the government is offering. This union never recovered from the strike it called in 1999. The union lost out on agency fees and became cash-strapped. It is now weak. The Guyana Public Service Union would like to

have a last hurrah over wages because it has been bypassed year after year by the government. However the union must face the reality that it cannot muster support for militant industrial action that would force the government to reconsider its decision to pay a five per cent increase this year. No government is going to even blink when it faces a union that is demanding a 25 per cent increase much less a union that is struggling for survival. The union has, of course, to take some action. It has to squeak but it is never going to bark enough to startle anyone, not now at least. The third factor that does not support industrial action at this time is the lack of will by workers. Guyanese public sector workers are not going to take industrial action a mere ‘weeks’ before Christmas. Further, arguing for annual wage increases is not the right approach. Workers should not be entitled to increases averaging five per cent each year. Even in the richest economies in the world, workers do not enjoy increases of five per cent each year. If you are working for US$30,000 per year, you may get an additional one per cent every two to three years but

Dem boys seh...

Two Big Bees gun end up pun de roof A piece of time was prisoners use to climb pun de roof fuh protest. And every time dem go pun de roof de whole of Georgetown use to come out fuh witness de spectacle. De prisoners use to protest fuh get an early trial. Now public servants protesting because dem want money to buy food. A man climb pun de roof of de Palms and threaten to jump. He tell people that he frustrated because de Bees walk way wid all de money to pay he a proper increase. He seh that de extra money that dem keep giving GPC could pay a 20 per cent increase but then again, greedy people din’t care wha happen to anybody else. Dem boys seh that this is only one man but things got a way of spreading. Couple people already deh protesting pun de road but things gun meet de stage wheh all of de greedy ones gun glad fuh climb pun a roof. When de police come dem walk wid some mattress that couldn’t even tek off de shock of a man jumping from a height. De Bees gun be li’l more lucky. Dem gun put Brazzy fuh lie down pun de ground suh when dem jump he gun break de fall. De man who climb pun de roof had to tek a drink because of de frustration but he smart. He mek de Principal Personnel Officer promise fuh give he anything he want. It got to be that de Principal Personnel Officer is Jagdeo family because he can do wha he want wid de Treasury. It gun be a good thing if de PPO give because as dem boys know, Jagdeo does tek. How else he get such a big pension and he fighting fuh he five per cent which gun turn out to be some poor people month salary and more. Talk half and watch how many people gun climb pun de roof before Christmas.

you are never going to get any increase every year. If you want to have such increases, you have to seek a higher paying job. The government of Guyana continues to make the mistake of paying increases averaging five per cent each year. Eventually this is going to end up bloating the wages bill to the extent that there will be significant downsizing. In fact given the fact that we are told that the Budgeted provision for revision of salaries for all workers- not just those in the public service- including provisions for hiring new workers and compensating for budgetary shortfalls in the payment of salaries amounted to some three billion dollars, Guyana may already have the reached the stage where it has an unsustainable wage bill. The union and the workers have to therefore see the futility and dangers involved in continuing to press for annual wage increases. This trend is regressive. The second mistake that the union has made in the past is in calling for increasing the income tax threshold as a means of increasing the disposable income of workers. This is a measure that will backfire on workers, especially poor workers

because in the end the shortfall in taxes will have to be met through increased taxation and this burden inevitably falls on the shoulders of the working class. Everyone should pay taxes. Obviously those earning more should pay more. But in the end increasing the income tax threshold simply means that private sector wages increases end up being funded by taxpayers. Everyone loses in this scenario. What the union and the workers should be struggling for is not an annual increase but for payment of a living wage. Workers should be paid living wages so that when Christmas comes they do not have to depend on the five per cent that the government throws at them. How can this objective be met? SETA LIVING WAGE. The union should establish a living wage for the various categories of workers and then urge the government to commit over a specified period to increase wages to ensure convergence with this living wage. In this way workers will not have to haggle over annual increases but will eventually enjoy a living wage. COMPETITION FOR WAGES: Each ministry or government department should determine the skills it

needs and set market rates to attract those skills. This would see persons from one ministry applying for jobs in other high paying ministries thus avoiding the problem of workers having to wait for a promotion or an annual increase before their wages are increased. Abolishing all the various salary bands within the public service and allowing each ministry to set its own wage rates would probably benefit nurses more than if they had to wait for overall public service wages to increase. In other words by de-linking

nurses from the existing public service wage bands and allowing the place where they work to set their pay would see nurses benefiting more. More importantly it would allow for competition for skills within the public service. This will benefit workers because they will be encouraged to sell their skills to the highest bidder without having to leave the public service.

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Kaieteur News

Drunk porter takes protest to Palms rooftop A drunken hospital porter, who was on the roof of the Palms Geriatric home for more than one hour yesterday, had his colleagues’ blood pressure boiling, after he threatened several times to jump from the top of the 40foot building. The porter who was identified as Delon King said that he is frustrated with his salary. He demanded a 25 percent pay hike for public servants. King has been working at the home for the elderly located on Brickdam, for almost a year and according to his supervisor, Gary Prince, he (King) is a good worker. Yesterday was King’s day-off and he was under the influence of alcohol.

Prince explained that King used an internal step and made his way to the roof. A number of persons, including workers from the home, passersby, fire fighters and members from the Guyana Police Force tried their best to negotiate with King, to get him to climb down. But he smiled and ignored everyone while smoking a cigarette. A policeman tried to climb a ladder to assist him (King) down the roof but he smiled and tried to kick the ladder away, forcing the rank to jump off. No other rank made attempts to climb the ladder again. As King moved from one location to another on the roof, two ranks from the Guyana Fire Service held a small mattress below, moving according to King’s movement. Onlookers shouted, “No, don’t move King, don’t move.” Some persons even criticized the size of the mattress. “Look at that thing size; what can it do?” persons opined. After many failed attempts to get King to climb down from the roof, Shelton Daniels,

Principal Personnel Officer of the Palms intervened and made several promises to King. “You will get whatever you want but first you will have to come down and let us talk.” “First, you have to promise me you wouldn’t fire or suspend me. The government gotta give the nurses 25 percent increase and you have to promise me that the police wouldn’t touch me,” King requested. He (King) also asked the members of the media to take note of the promises made to him. As he was making his way down the ladder, he instructed two police officers who were standing nearby to “beat out.” Ranks eventually grabbed him by his feet and pulled him to the ground. He was then taken to the Alberttown Police Station. Jermaine Hermonstine, Industrial Relations Officer who visited the Palms after King came down from the roof said that it is clear that the porter is frustrated over what he is earning. King previously worked as an attendant at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. It is unclear why he left.

Saturday December 07, 2013

IMMIGRATION INFO: Immigration News For Our Community Attorney Gail S. Seeram, Gail@ Through this “Question & Answer” column, our goal is to answer your immigration questions. We appreciate your comments and questions. If you have a question that you would like answered in this column, please email: Question #1: I am a green card holder. I live and work in Guyana and travel to the United States every six months, do I have to pay taxes in the U.S.? I never filed a tax return in the U.S. Answer #1: As a green card holder or permanent resident, you are supposed to file a federal tax return in the U.S. if you have earned income in the U.S. or outside the U.S. There may be certain credits you are eligible for if the income was already taxed abroad. Failure to file or pay federal taxes in the U.S. may be a ground for removal/ deportation and a ground to deny further citizenship applications. I advise you to consult with a U.S. accountant or tax preparer to determine your tax liability, if any. Question #2: I am a green card holder and live and work in Guyana. I am waiting

on my wife’s paperwork to be approved at the U.S. Embassy. We have about a year more to wait. I travel to the U.S. every 5-6 months and spend 2-3 weeks in the U.S. I am worried about my next reentry into the U.S. and being questioned about the amount of time I spend outside the U.S. Answer #2: Yes, you should be worried. Custom and Border Protection officers are increasingly getting tough with green card holders or permanent residents who spend a greater amount of time outside the U.S. than inside the U.S. Remember, you lose your green card automatically if you spend more than 1 year and 1 day continuously outside the U.S. However, any time less than one year spent outside the U.S., then the officer has the discretion to take away your card if he determines you have abandoned your residency based on travel history or lack of property and employment ties to the U.S. Question #3: I was deported from the U.S. in 1995 for illegal entry. A few years back I applied for a visitor visa and was advised I was permanently banned. Is this correct? Answer #3: A ground for denial of a visa (or ground

Gail S. Seeram of inadmissibility) to the U.S. is fraudulent misrepresentation to gain entry into the U.S. If you gained entry into the U.S. in 1995 illegally through fraud (whether it was a fraudulent passport or visa), then this is a ground to deny issuance of a visa. When you apply for a tourist visa, make sure you disclose your prior illegal entry or else you will be committing a fraudulent misrepresentation again. Question #4: I entered the U.S. with a tourist visa and overstayed for 8 years. I returned to Guyana after getting tired of being in the U.S. without status. What are my options for returning to the U.S.? Answer #4: If you overstayed in the U.S. illegally for more than one year and leave the U.S. then you face a ten-year ban from returning to the U.S. Once the ten years have passed and you remained outside the U.S. for ten years, then you can benefit from a family-based petition filed by a spouse, child, parent or sibling.

New vet lab behind schedule - completion dependent on arrival of AC unit The new US $2.5M Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory being built at Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara is behind schedule for completion. According to Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, the facility has gone past its November 2013 deadline and completion of the project is now dependent on the installation of a state of the art air condition unit, which is expected in the

country in another two weeks. The equipment will be brought to Guyana from Texas. Its price is inclusive in the lab’s overall cost, Dr. Ramsammy said yesterday. The Minister noted too that the facility is about 84 percent complete. He said that as soon as the air condition unit is installed, the final touches to the building will commence. Dr. Ramsammy expressed pleasure with the ongoing

works, adding that he is confident that the facility will be beneficial to the livestock sector. The laboratory will have the capability to test, detect and diagnose diseases affecting animals, ultimately improving the livestock sector. It is being built on the site where the Animal Health Laboratory once stood. That building was demolished and redesigned, since the facility (Continued on page 21)

Saturday December 07, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Major problems facing Enmore factory - GuySuCo The decision to hire two foreign experts for Enmore sugar factory is to help solve a number of critical problems affecting production, the state-owned company confirmed yesterday. According to the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), that East Demerara estate has been facing severe problems for the last six crops, forcing hundreds of hours of technical downtime. While GuySuCo did not give details of the two engineers over the past week, Kaieteur News had identified them as coming from a

- grinding of 60,000 tonnes of cane postponed to next year prominent sugar company out of India. “Over the past six crops, the East Demerara estate has been plagued with various challenges both in the agriculture operations and in the factory, including engineering and processing problems. During the course of the current crop-to-date, almost 425 hours were lost through factory technical downtime,” GuySuCo said in a statement. The problems have forced GuySuCo to postpone

processing over 60,000 tonnes of cane until next year. “As a consequence of the perpetually high factory downtime, an estimated 60,000 tonnes cane that could yield 4,600 tonnes sugar will have to be carried over from the existing crop to the first crop next year.” The Corporation said that the same factory problems caused approximately 39,000 tonnes to be carried forward from the first crop this year to the current crop, and in the second crop last year, 36,000

China grants Guyana US$4.93 M to finance projects

GRA’s Commissioner General, Mr. Khurshid Sattaur (Center, left) accepting the certificate for the scanner from Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh and Chinese Ambassador to Guyana, H.E Zhang Limin, signed two agreements yesterday at the Ministry of Finance. One was the signing of a grant agreement for RMB¥30,000,000, (some US$4.93 M). This grant was given under the Economic and Technical Co-operation Agreement, between the government of Guyana and the Republic of China. The second agreement signed was for the acceptance certificate for the vehicular mobile scanner for the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA). Whilst the actual use of the money has not been outlined as yet, this publication was informed that the next step is for the two parties to decide what projects would attract the money. The Chinese Ambassador, with the assistance of his translator expressed that he is extremely happy as the agreements serve as symbols of a strengthened relationship between the two countries. He said that he had felt extremely honoured to be a part of the official handing over of the certificate for the container scanner and hopes that the grant can help Guyana to expand and develop.

Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh, told members of the media corps that whilst he is proud that Guyana is the first Caribbean country to have developed diplomatic relations with China, he is pleased to say that the relationship between the two countries has resulted in transformative results in Guyana. “China has supported not only large projects but smaller projects which have had a significant impact on the country,” the Minister said. He referred to some of these initiatives such as the provision of sports coaches, training of staff for small businesses, scholarships and cultural exchanges, which have all served to benefit the people of Guyana as well as enrich the relationship between the two states. The scanner for which the certificate was received is a

highly sophisticated piece of equipment which will be put into operation in the coming weeks by the GRA after its official unveiling. Speaking with this publication, Mr. Sattaur had said that the new scanner will significantly boost its system. The scanner which is worth RMB¥ 600,000 (US$98,640) was donated to Guyana earlier this year by the Chinese Government. The mobile scanner is transported by a Volvo truck and is designed to inspect a container within one minute. The Scanner is manufactured by the Chinese firm - NUTECH and uses the latest technology in x-ray imaging. It is the latest instrument to be used by GRA as it strives to enhance its export surveillance ability.

tonnes cane were carried forward to the first crop 2013.” GuySuCo made it clear that unless the factory problems are fixed, Enmore will have to be perpetually carrying forward canes from one crop to the next. “This is unacceptable and must be corrected.” To assess what is needed to arrest the situation, there were separate visits by three internationally recognized firms in factory engineering and processing. It was recommended that the Corporation solicit technical assistance to fix the problems. A series of corrective interventions were recommended together with a plan to improve the overall efficiency of the factory. GuySuCo said that the decision to seek external help was one that grew out of a consensus. “Estate, corporate management and the Board of Directors have reviewed the recommendations and necessary interventions and collectively agreed that external resources be sought to help fix the Enmore Factory.” GuySuCo said that an

internationally reputable firm whose representatives have recently visited the Enmore Factory was approached to send two engineers who have the relevant expertise in engineering and processing, to work together with the existing factory staff to remedy the existing problems. “The engineers are expected soon and GuySuCo looks forward to working with them to improve the efficiency of Enmore Factory.” While GuySuCo did not name the Indian company, Kaieteur News has reported union and other officials as saying that the two experts are from the Integrated Casetech Consultants (P) Limited, a management firm. Casetech is a sister company of Simbhaoli, said to be India’s largest integrated sugar refinery. There were modifications works done on the factory a few years ago to ensure it is compatible to a new sugar packaging plant next door. The problems at Enmore are part of the bigger problem besetting the entire sugar industry. This year, in its worst performance in 20 years, GuySuCo is set to fall

below 200,000 tonnes of sugar. Government, with little answers to the underperformance of its US$200M flagship project at Skeldon, East Berbice, has been examining a number of measures, including hiring a number of consultants from Tate and Lyle, its largest European customer. However, despite placing one of them at the Skeldon estate some nine months ago, there has been no reversal of fortunes. Five others are reportedly here. GuySuCo’s Board is now contemplating ending the management contract with Tate and Lyle. Production targets have been revised downwards from the 260,000 tonnes set at the beginning of the year to 203,000. The year’s first crop fell short of the 70,000 tonnes by an alarming 22,000. This year, too, as part of assistance to help the ailing industry, Government earmarked $1B for GuySuCo. This was $4B less than last year. At one time the biggest export earner for the economy, sugar has been overtaken by gold and rice. It also has in excess of 16,000 persons directly employed on the coasts of Demerara and Berbice.

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Saturday December 07, 2013

Minister Ramsammy debunks rumors of special consideration for DY Patil Group By Latoya Giles Minister of Agriculture, Dr Leslie Ramsammy has debunked rumors that special consideration was given to the DY Patil Group stating that he is unaware of any relationship between the Patil group and Surendra Engineering. Surendra Engineering is the company which was given the contract to build the Specialty Hospital, at Turkeyen, East Coast Demerara. They also constructed the Enmore Packaging Plant. According to the Minister, the DY Patil Group had negotiated to facilitate an agriculture project in Guyana

and was given access to 10,000 acres of land. Ramsammy explained that like other investors, the DY Patil Group will have access to more land if they develop the 10,000 acres in accordance with the agreement brokered with government. In terms of the vetting process, Ramsammy said that at least 14 groups have submitted proposals to the Ministry even as he confirmed that there is no tender process out. According to Dr. Ramsmmy, Guyana has three million hectares of agricultural lands that has no infrastructure and as such both local and international investors have been invited to help develop the land. He explained that the persons submitting proposals would ask for various ‘things’which the Ministry would consider. “Based on those proposals we would sign

- highlights that there’s no tender process for agriculture lands Memorandum of Understandings to develop more details and to develop feasibility studies. The first was given to Santa Fe in Region Nine.” Ramsammy told Kaieteur News. According to the Minister, that group had asked for 10,000 acres of land and has developed a plan for 30,000. As such they have since been given an additional 20,000 acres. “That group is growing rice, soya, corn and cassava,” the Minister said. The DY Patil Group has presented a proposal to grow corn, sugar cane and biodiesel. At his weekly media briefing on Wednesday, Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon failed to provide answers to the growing questions regarding a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) inked with Government and the DY Patil Group out of India, as well as a Chinese Company, “China Paper.” The DY Patil Group has begun the process of

cultivating 10,000 hectares of land in the Canje Basin for agricultural-related projects, while China Paper is a company seeking to start the utilization of forest pulp paper among central enterprises. Luncheon at his weekly press briefing, said that he could not answer any questions on the two companies at this time. “I owe you and the members of the media an apology because I could have boned up on the matter, then I saw Rupert Roopnaraine’s (MP) incisive intervention on the matter and called for them to come clean…I could have but I didn’t,” Dr Luncheon told reporters. He undertook to have the information available by the next press briefing. APNU’s Joe Harmon, commenting on the recent revelations of the two companies, said that Guyanese are getting to see every one of former President Bharrat Jagdeo’s “secret and shady” deals uncovered. According to Harmon, these

“deals” probably did not involve the elements of the state or any negotiations. “This is the legacy that Jagdeo has left behind; a legacy of badly worked deals, the architecture of badly put together deals that are in no way in the best interest of Guyana” Harmon said. Dr. Ajeenka DY Patil is part of the Patil group which is a major Indian Company that has signed an MOU with the government. The projects being undertaken by the group would include dairy processing, rice milling and processing, fisheries and poultry, fruit and vegetables and sugar cane production with ethanol and power. Dr. Patil, on his official website is quoted as stating that investing in Guyana “is a financially viable and potentially profitable proposal for investors in the region due to the global growth in demand for agriculture produce.” “The region [Guyana] is unexploited and is economically robust and politically stable. It will improve the quality of life of the average Guyanese citizen and increase the economic

vitality of the country; all of this backed by the experienced management of the Ajeenka DY Patil Group,” Dr. Patil said. Dr. Ajeenka Patil, besides being a business investor happens to be Guyana’s Honorary Consul in Mumbai, India. On Monday, Guyana’s Ambassador to Caricom and Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Elisabeth Harper, said that “anyone” could be an Honorary Consul once the person is a resident in the country. She said that the Ministry did make an announcement publicly but pointed out that this was “a long time” ago. Kaieteur News was told that the situation with Dr. Patil not being Guyanese is not something out of the ordinary. Harper explained that there are non Guyanese Honorary Consul in several countries, including Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon. With regards to Government funding, Harper said Patil is not being paid for the position he holds since his position is “Honorary” as compared to someone who is a ‘Consul General.’

Saturday December 07, 2013

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Guyana secures lion’s share of CSEC awards at CXC 2013 - Jamaican student cops Dennis Irvine Award Although it was Jamaica’s Dea Thomas who received the coveted Dennis Irvine Award, Guyana was very much in the spotlight when the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) held its 2013 Awards Ceremony Thursday evening. The event held at the National Cultural Centre, was designed to honour the top performing students of the Caribbean who participated in both the Caribbean Advance Proficiency Examination (CAPE) and the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate Examination (CSEC) this year. Because of her Grade I passes in 12 Units at CAPE, Thomas, a student of Ardenne High School, Jamaica, was duly honoured when President Donald Ramotar presented her with the prestigious CAPE award. She was named the Most Outstanding Candidate in the Caribbean Overall and is in fact, the eighth recipient and the first Jamaican student to win the award since its establishment in 2006. The Principal of the Ardenne High School was therefore bestowed with the Principal of the year award.

Other students who were honoured for their outstanding CAPE performances were: Maryam Archie, Most Outstanding Candidate in Mathematics; Jean-luc Duval, the Most Outstanding Candidate in Natural Sciences; Shelemiah Peterkin, the Most Outstanding Candidate in Business Studies; Stephen Prince, the Most Outstanding Candidate in Information and Communication Technology; Elise Francis, the Most Outstanding Candidate in Technical Studies; Ronan Narine, the Most Outstanding Candidate in Environmental Studies; Zakiyah Ali, the Most Outstanding Candidate in Modern Language and Brendan Hatch, the Most Outstanding Candidate in Modern Languages. All of these students were from Trinidad and Tobago. The Most Outstanding Candidate in Humanities was Tasanique Henry of Jamaica. However, Guyana secured the lion’s share of top regional awards for CSEC. Professor E. Nigel Harris, CXC Chairman and Vice Chancellor of the University of the West Indies, presented

Jamaica’s Dea Thomas accepts the Dennis Irvine Award from President Donald Ramotar. the award to the Most Outstanding Overall CSEC Candidate, Yogeeta Persaud, of the Anna Regina Multilateral School. She achieved Grade I passes in 18 CSEC subjects. The Anna Regina Multilateral School was by extension the recipient of the CSEC School of the year

award which was accepted by Principal, Lalljeet Ruplall. Among the outstanding Guyanese CSEC performers awarded were Cecil Cox, Most Outstanding Candidate in Science; Sasha Woodroffe, Most Outstanding Candidate in Business Education; Rafena Mustapha, Most Outstanding Candidate in

Professor Nigel E. Harris presents the Most Outstanding Overall CSEC Candidate Award to Yogeeta Persaud of the Anna Regina Multilateral School. Humanities; and Zimeena Rasheed, Most Outstanding Candidate in Technical/ Vocation Education. Also securing top performing awards were Ranolyn Hunt of Jamaica, Most Outstanding Candidate in Visual Arts, 3-Dimensional Work; Aimee De Montbrun, Most Outstanding Candidate in Visual Arts, 2-Dimensional

Work and Nathaniel Adiah, Most Outstanding Candidate in Short Story Writing. The latter two were students of Trinidad and Tobago. Each of the top performing CSEC awardees were also offered letters of scholarship which they will be eligible to take advantage of once their (continued on page 20)

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Saturday December 07, 2013

88 graduate from NATI Eighty-eight students graduated from the New Amsterdam Technical Institute (NATI) yesterday in various technical fields. Principal of the school, Mr. Vishwa Persaud, outlined the daily challenges that affect the operation of the institution. He said that there is the scarcity of resources, and disciplinary problems with students. “We are dealing with high levels of disciplinary matters on a daily basis and managing the inadequate resources ,nevertheless… we strive to uphold the motto.” Persaud said that the students commenced training in September 2011. In giving the report, he said 62 students were attached to 16 agencies and monitored for attendance, punctuality and meaningful work engagement. “We were also involved in

other community work,” he boasted. Members and staff of the NATI were also actively involved in Blood Drives as well as with the Berbice health care providers. Students were also allowed to be involved in sports. “Inside each and every one of you, there is an urge to improve your life as you face innovative changes, hold true to yourselves and remember the value system and your work ethics,” Persaud charged the graduates. Students graduated in fields such as Administrative Principles and Practice, Computer Science, Commerce, Electrical Engineering, Radio and Electronics Servicing, Te l e c o m m u n i c a t i o n , Agricultural Machinery, Craft, Internal Combustion Engines, Metal Machining, Motor Vehicle Works, and Welding.

Receiving awards were Joshua Mercurius, Rushayne Liverpool, Courtney Kalamadeen, Shemeka Vankennie, Otaphia Brush, Terrence Gopaul, Bibi Wahab, Jasmattie Gangaram, Tejpaul Thakoordin, Jerry Benjamin, Inderjit Ragbhir, Paul Drepaul, Juan Joseph, Keemo Kiyoon, Merwin Thomas, Dindyal Sookram, Devon Thomas, Jamal Jonas, Timothy Hooper, Aklem Alexander and Dekroy Doris. The Best Graduating Student was Rashanna Henry, who was the Most Outstanding Diploma in Computer Science Student. Awards and prizes were bestowed on Most Outstanding First Year Students, including Lyndsay Rigby, Bisnauth Esree, Theisana Paul, Nesha Khanai, Akeem Paul, Savitrie Thakoordine, Kevon Farley, Hakeem Hinds, Joseph Clements,

The graduates Michael Walls, Rahul Madramootoo and Amloy Bakker. Mr. Clinton Williams, Chairman of the Council for

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (CTVET) delivered the feature address while Mr. Mark

Roopnarine, President of the Berbice Chamber of Commerce delivered the charge to the graduates.

Guyana secures lion’s share of CSEC awards ... From page 13 outstanding performances continue at the level of CAPE. The awards ceremony also represented the start of the 45th Meeting of CXC which is intended to bring closure to the celebration of 40 years since the establishment of the Council. And according to CXC Registrar, Dr Didacus Jules, who delivered the welcoming remarks, the event was intended to provide an opportunity for reflection on the successes and accomplishments as well as the persistent difficulties of the past. He noted that in itemising the accomplishments there is also need to analyse the factors and reasons for the past achievements with a view of allowing the “successes of the past to illuminate the path of the future.”

And with the accomplishments that were on display Thursday evening, there is every possibility that the Caribbean is well on its way to realising a bright future. According to the Guyanaborn Professor Harris, there have been many achievements realised in the Caribbean that were not believed possible in the past. He alluded to the evolution of science which now allows for the creation of human life outside of normal procreation, a practice which was formerly found in the Western world but is now very much available and successful in the Caribbean. “...I still feel the excitement that young people must feel getting into a world of such tremendous possibilities; mankind is exploring the outer reaches of space, plumbing the

depths of its mighty ocean, deciphering the intricate molecular interactions of living cells even able to create from basic chemicals primitive life forms,” Professor Harris said. According to Head of State, Donald Ramotar, who delivered the feature address, the belief that developing one’s economy comes from natural resources, wealth and exploitation is a thinking that has been relegated to the past and proven to not necessarily be true. “While natural resources indeed can help, and it is important, the most important factor for our country and regional development is our human resources, our human capital,” asserted the President. He is of the firm view that the Region must have a

focused strategy to promote and develop a knowledge based economy. This is essential, he noted, since such a move goes beyond investing in tertiary education but requires that specific areas be identified where the objective is to promote new and innovative activities, services and products. “The fact is that the largest gains we can make for our people and our economies are through the promotion and capitalisation of innovative activities,” highlighted the Head of State. And so in congratulating the top performers, and students in general of the Region, the President said, “You are our pride and joy...we look forward and we have a lot of faith in you taking us

from strength to strength; to strengthening the independence that our forefathers dreamed of and to make it stronger and to allow us to make a greater contribution, not only to culture and sports but to the world economy and to society as a whole.” The auspicious event which was laced with musical renditions from the Guyana Police Band, officially commenced when ranks of the Guyana Defence Force mesmerizingly paraded the national flags of CXC member countries through the centre aisle of the Cultural Centre before mounting them on the stage. This was followed by an eloquent invocation recital by Jealisha Leung of the Bishop High School after

which remarks from the various officials were presented. Following the speeches and the presentation of awards, the gathering was treated to a cultural show, which not only entailed an audio-visual production highlighting Guyana’s intriguing biodiversity and its various uniqueness, but there were also drama galore that kept the audience well entertained. The ceremony was chaired by CXC’s Senior Assistant Registrar, Mr Verieux Mourillon, who halted the proceedings to observe a moment of silence in honour of anti-apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela who passed away Thursday.

Saturday December 07, 2013

Kaieteur News

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CXC cancels SBA scores of 60 candidates this year The School Based Assessment (SBA) scores of 60 candidates from one school were this year cancelled by the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC). This disclosure was made by Pro-Registrar, Mr Glenroy Cumberbatch, who was at the time responding to a question during a CXC hosted press conference at the Pegasus Hotel yesterday. Although Cumberbatch admitted that the move was linked to unscrupulous activities, he stopped short of naming the territory in which

the action was carried out. “If I say I don’t remember I would be telling a lie,” said the Pro-Registrar, whose remarks were supported by Assistant Registrar, Cleveland Sam, who insisted that “we are not in the business of naming and shaming.” According to CXC Registrar, Dr Didadcus Jules, there are a number of measures in place to closely monitor SBAs submitted. Cumberbatch however, emphasised that “any measures that we put in place

cannot replace morality and good ethical behaviour, so that is where we have to start. We have to start with people understanding that we all have to do what is right.” He said that the value of doing an SBA is tremendous from the point of view that it allows teachers to have the opportunity to constantly evaluate the work of the student and give credit for what he/she does in the classroom. He explained that the result that is obtained is not merely realised from one or

Surveillance video tendered as evidence in Cool Square murder trial

Video recordings from a Cool Square surveillance camera were tendered as evidence on Monday, as the murder trial of Junior Bourne continued before Justice James Bovell-Drakes at the Georgetown Supreme Court. Bourne, of Lot 687 East Ruimveldt, Georgetown is indicted for the March 2010 murder of Canada-based Guyanese, Rawle Harding. The prosecution’s chief witness, Andre Patterson, Manager of the Cool Square, told the court that he heard an explosion and learnt that Harding was killed. On checking the footage from the surveillance cameras, Patterson said that he recognized the two individuals who carried out the robbery. “A fair skinned man who I can recognize if I see him again and the accused, Junior Bourne.” Patterson told the court that the bar has been in operation for more than 16 years. On the night of the incident, two men entered the bar, posed as costumers and later proceeded to rob Harding. The witness further identified Bourne as the person, who shot and killed Harding at the bar that night.

The deceased Rawle Harding Attorney -at –Law, Hukumchand Parag, in cross examining the witness, asked whether he had made a mistake in identifying the accused. Patterson affirmed that he indeed recognized the accused. The authenticity of the surveillance records was also taken into consideration, to this; the witness explained that the recording is a copy of the original recording. Previously, State Prosecutor Natasha Backer called relatives of the deceased, Corlette Friday and Burton Harding, to the stand to give sworn evidence before the judge and jury. Both witnesses testified to identifying Harding’s body

and witnessing the post mortem examination. In her opening statement, Backer told the court that Harding, a Canada-based Guyanese was seated at Cool Square Bar, West Ruimveldt, when he was robbed and shot in the abdomen. Harding later succumbed as a result of his injuries. Police investigators had suggested that Harding was shot while resisting the robbery. The incident occurred around 11.20 pm, while Harding, his cousin Clarence Roberts, 56, and a taxi driver were at the bar. Two men later entered the bar, pretending to be customers and purchased beverages. The men subsequently pulled out guns and confronted Harding and his cousin. One of them held on to a gold chain that Harding was wearing. When Harding resisted, he was shot in the abdomen. The gunmen proceeded to rob the injured man and his associates before fleeing the scene. Harding was later rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he succumbed while receiving medical attention. The matter will continue on Tuesday.

New vet lab behind schedule From page 10 was hardly ever used, and had not been functioning as a full-fledged laboratory. Dr. Ramsammy explained that the Animal Health Lab was operating as a sample holding facility, and that tests had to be done overseas. However, with the new diagnostic lab, the resources will be made available to allow for testing to be done locally. When the laboratory is commissioned, it will be equipped to test for brucellosis which affect mainly sheep, goats, pigs, cattle and dogs; bovine (cattle) diseases; leptospirosis; and tuberculosis, among others. Just recently, Cabinet

announced its approval for the contracts to deliver, install and commission other equipment for the lab at a cost of Euros 265,825. The Minister noted also that his Ministry is working to have the laboratory accredited, so that the tests done here can be recognized abroad. Dr. Ramsammy had told Kaieteur News that the Veterinary Diagnostic Lab is critical as Guyana moves towards consolidating its food security and lowering its high importation cost. It was further noted that soon, there will be a database on the Veterinary Practitioners’ Act and a Veterinary Council will be set up to register all

veterinarians and veterinary technicians across the country. He also made mention of the Animals (Movement and Disease Prevention) Act, which is intended to address the wellbeing of animals. The Agriculture Minister said that wanting to improve the quality of meat produced locally, especially for exports, would call for healthy animals, thus, a credible animal health lab is necessary. The Veterinary Diagnostic Lab is, and will remain under the supervision of the Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA), which is headed by Dr. Dindyal Permaul.

two days’ assessment but rather over the period of inclass session. “Everything that you did over a period of one or two years will have to be accounted for within those two days (of assessments),” said Cumberbatch who underscored that it is expected that students would improve with constant feedback from teachers. And since the teachers are the first assessors of candidates’ SBAs, the ProRegistrar noted that they are in fact the ones who help to determine the authenticity of the work presented. “They give a score pass it on, and somebody else in the school, either the Head of Department or Principal, sign it off to say this is the work of the person...But more and more teachers are saying to us I haven’t seen this work before, it’s the first time I’m seeing it and it is not in keeping with the kind of work that the child does within the classroom,” asserted Cumberbatch. This, according to him,

can easily arouse the suspicion of CXC. He added that once scores are entered into the CXC system, moves are made by the examining body to randomly select names of candidates to supply samples of their work. There have even been occasions, Cumberbatch recalled, when a request was made for the SBAs of candidates from particular centres to be reviewed with a view to ensuring that they match what was entered into the system. Moreover, on an annual basis there are candidates whose scores are cancelled because a review of their work did not match what was submitted to CXC or there are some work that are similar in presentation either in the present year or in the past.

However, when there is evidence to show that schools are involved in such activities, Cumberbatch said that CXC has the authority to cancel all the scores for the associated centres. “It is incumbent on parents, on the students themselves on everybody to ensure that the SBAs are administered in the way that they should be administered as well as the Ministry to avoid such a great embarrassment,” he noted. The press conference yesterday was intended to mark the close of the Council’s 45th Meeting which according to the CXC officials was successful in plotting the way forward in terms of achieving necessary change to bring about positive changes in Caribbean education.

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Kaieteur News

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Saturday December 07, 2013

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Letters... Where your views make the news

The Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Fund Committee no longer provides a... From page 5 Welfare Fund established under the Act; “labour worker” means (a) any person engaged in manual labour in or about any work incidental to the production of sugar cane and the manufacture of sugar; and (b) any person engaged in the production of sugar cane for sale to an exporter; Regulation 17 (1) below sets out the disbursements which can be made from the Fund. 17. (1) The Committee may make disbursement from the Fund for the benefit and welfare of labour workers. (2) Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing paragraph the Committee may make such disbursements for any of the following purposes: (a) the housing of labour workers;

(b) the improvements of social conditions (including housing and recreational facilities) of labour workers; (c) making loans or grants to labour workers approved by the Committee to enable such workers to erect and own houses on approved sites; (d) making loans to labour workers for any purposes approved by the Committee; (e) the establishment of crèches and the promotion of child welfare; (f) making grants and/ or loans to associations and bodies for such purposes and on such conditions as may be approved by the Committee; (g) the establishment of a pure water supply; and (h) the improvement of sanitation. (3) Any applicant for a loan or grant from the Fund

An insult to the workers... From page 5 anything substantial being done to improve their working conditions. The PPP has offered nothing to motivate them. Today, gift, graft, greed and theft are the guiding principles that determine how the state’s business is run and the reason for the weakening of the institutions. Guyanese from every walk of life have witnessed the utter vulgarity of the way the PPP regime has mismanaged the taxpayers’ money and the state’s natural resources, and they have done so in a boldfaced manner never seen before. The people have entrusted these egocentric

simpletons with their money and power only to realize that the ruling clique has betrayed their trust. We now live in a country where the consequences of corruption have overrun decency, integrity, honesty and common sense as to how to govern. Can anyone truly trust the ruling clique anymore? Can anyone point to one project that is free of corruption? Can anyone believe anything they hear from the leaders of the regime? The truth is the regime no longer respects our institutions, the people and the rule of law. Dr. Asquith Rose and Chandra Deollal, Esq

Mr. Vieira’s letter is riddled with... From page 4 mechanical harvesters requires 14 harvesters and not 47 as posited by Mr. Vieira. Mr. Vieira accused GuySuCo of not doing mechanical application of fertilizer and inter-row cultivation. This is totally inaccurate. Mechanical application of fertilizer is being done at Skeldon, Enmore and LBI. The Industry currently has 6 mechanical fertilizer applicators and another 2 have been ordered. An implement called the rut repair locally manufactured by GuySuCo is used to correct damages between rows caused by harvesting under wet conditions. Canes in the mechanically harvested areas are planted 17 metres apart to facilitate safe

trafficking of the machines during harvesting. Cane rows are not being damaged or traversed on during harvesting as suggested by Mr. Vieira in his letter. GuySuCo is also applying herbicides mechanically on conversion areas using Mechanical Boom Sprayers. This conversion programme does not only facilitate Mechanical harvesting but a number of crop husbandry activities using machines. These include semi-mechanical planting, mechanical fertilizing, mechanical application of LGRP, mechanical application of herbicide. Doing these operations manually requires excessive labour which is definitely in short supply. Raymond Sangster General Manager, Agriculture Services

for any of the purposes of paragraphs (1) and (2) shall make application in writing to the Committee, who may, in their discretion, grant or refuse such application. E. B. John (From page 22)

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Kaieteur News

Saturday December 07, 2013

Improve infrastructure, manage extraction industries to ensure development - CDB’s Dr. Justin Ram By Tiffanne Ramphal From decades of economic decline and stagnation, with peaking poverty levels and a decline in the real Gross Domestic Product, Guyana has emerged even to the point of outperforming several of its Caribbean counterparts. This is the view of Director of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)’s Economics Department, Dr. Justin Ram, featured speaker at the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI)’s 124th Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony on Thursday evening at the Pegasus Hotel. According to the Specialist, it is as a result of implementing a robust and

sustained reform agenda that Guyana was able to reverse its economic stagnation thereby enhancing its development indicators, including per capita incomes and poverty levels. He said that implementation of reforms such as the Investment Act and Small Business Act both implemented in 2004 and the National Competitiveness Strategy drafted in 2006 had been rewarded substantial debt relief and in turn a reduction in debt ratios. By extension, economic performance and debt relief have freed up resources for increased social spending. This, Ram said, paid off when poverty levels went down from 65% in 1988 to 38% in 1999; and extreme

poverty down to 18.6% in 2006 from 29% in 1992. However, he said that the country still faces critical development challenges. Of these, there was mention of inadequate infrastructure, high vulnerability to natural disasters and climate change, high poverty levels and economic concentration and constraints to private sector development. Therefore, a new wave of reforms is needed to consolidate and augment past progress. According to Ram, closing the infrastructure gap, building capacity and strengthening institutions has been seen as a way forward in this regard and has received a lot of attention from the Government as well as the

Caribbean Development Bank. Towards addressing these impediments, he first noted a number of specific constraints which private sector stakeholders have identified as needing immediate attention in order to facilitate development. The high cost and unreliable power supply which has led most large enterprises to invest in their own electricity generating facilities; scarcity of managerial capacity and skilled labour due to migration and high taxes on production were among those mentioned. Resulting from these restraints in the World Bank’s “Doing Business” Report for 2013, Guyana was ranked 115th of 189 countries overall for ease of doing business. Moreover, the 2013-14 Global Competitiveness Report ranked Guyana 102nd out of 148 countries in respect of international competitiveness. According to Ram, improving Guyana’s competitive position will require continued efforts at improving basic factors for such competitiveness, including continued improvements in infrastructure, institutions and basic education and health. At the same time, he said that it will be important to address areas that are necessary to help Guyana to transition from an economy that is driven by the basic factors of production to one that is efficiency-driven. He said that the transition will require a greater focus on education, improving technological readiness of the economy and developing its financial markets, among other things. “Such investments and reforms would facilitate the continued development of Guyana’s private sector and foster the economic diversification that is necessary to build more resilience and generate prosperity,” he expressed. Further, he drew attention to reducing Guyana’s

Dr. Justin Ram

concentration in the extractive industries of agriculture, forestry and fishing, mining and quarrying; nothing that these activities leave the economy vulnerable to “Dutch Disease”, the result of an exploitation of natural resources leading to a decline in the agriculture sector. It is upon consideration of this outcome that Ram noted that it would be ideal to establish a sovereign wealth fund to manage the windfall from their extraction. He said that such resources could then be used to underwrite the type of investments and reforms that are necessary to facilitate economic diversification away from natural resourcebased products and into higher value added goods and services. In order for this to be accomplished, however, a strong partnership between the private sector and Government is needed, to build consensus on the priority agenda going forward. “The private sector should also take the lead in ensuring that Guyana’s vulnerability to natural events is reduced and that economic policies being pursued bring lasting and sustainable benefits… As assets are extracted, the private sector must ensure that sufficient investment is made in other types of assets such as human capital, plant and machinery, telecommunications and infrastructure since these will be the assets that will help support growth in the future,” he urged. Meanwhile, apart from the

motivational speech given by the Economic Specialist, awards were handed out to the best performing businesses in Commerce and Industry for 2013. Queens Atlantic Investment Incorporated (QAII) copped the most coveted Business of the Year Award for large businesses; followed by Princess Hotel and Casino, Fun City Entertainment Centre who landed the Business of the Year Award for small to medium sized businesses. Also awarded was Neal Sukhlal, Chief Executive Officer of Impressions, for being the first to introduce digital fabric printing in Guyana and in the Caribbean. Impressions received the Award for Innovation. Matriarch of the Farfan and Mendes Group of Companies, June Mendes, received the Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions to business growth in Guyana and the Public Services Award of Excellence was given to the Home Affairs Ministry. Homage was also paid to past Presidents of the Chamber for the past four decades for their contributions to the sector. According to the current President, Clinton Urling, it is those men that paved the way for the current level of success and prominence that the Chamber currently enjoys. “I have the distinct honour to say that we stand on the shoulders of giants and we drink from wells of opportunity that we ourselves did not dig,” he said. Among the awardees were Komal Ramnauth (20102012); Manniram Prashad (1995-2001) and Sheik Nasseer (1967-1969). While congratulating the awardees from the podium in the packed Savannah Suite, Urling urged that in boosting the business sector and the country’s economy as a whole, “one must not lose sight of the national motto, ‘One People, One Nation, One Destiny’.” Among those in attendance at the Gala were President Donald Ramotar, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Members of Parliament and Members of the Diplomatic Corps, among others.

Saturday December 07, 2013

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JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africans united in mourning for Nelson Mandela yesterday, but while some celebrated his remarkable life with dance and song, others fretted that the anti-apartheid hero’s death would make the nation vulnerable again to racial and social tensions. President Jacob Zuma said Mandela would be buried on December 15 at his ancestral home in the Eastern Cape. South Africans heard from Zuma late on Thursday that their first black president, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, had died peacefully at his

Johannesburg home in the company of his family after a long illness. Yesterday, the country’s 52 million people absorbed the news that the statesman, a global symbol of reconciliation and peaceful co-existence, had departed forever. Zuma also announced Mandela would be honoured at a December 10 memorial service at Johannesburg’s Soccer City stadium, the site of the 2010 World Cup final. “We will spend the week mourning his passing. We will also spend it celebrating a life well lived,” Zuma said. He added that Mandela

Osborne will need bigger axe to meet budget goal - IFS (Reuters) - Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne will have to take a bigger axe to ministerial budgets or make further deep cuts to welfare to meet his target of a budget surplus before the end of the decade, a leading think-tank said. Osborne said on Thursday he was aiming for a surplus in 2018/19 and warned of tough choices ahead to achieve it. The Institute for Fiscal Studies said yesterday austerity would need to tighten even more to reach that goal. IFS director Paul Johnson said spending on central government public services - which exclude welfare - would have to be cut by 20 percent by 2018/19 from their level before Osborne began his austerity programme, deeper than the 8 percent reduction so far.

would be laid to rest at his ancestral village of Qunu, 700 km (450 miles) south of Johannesburg, in a plot where three of his children and other close family members are buried. Despite reassurances from public figures that Mandela’s death at 95, while sorrowful, would not halt South Africa’s advance from its apartheid past, there were those who expressed unease about the absence of a man famed as a peacemaker. “It’s not going to be good, hey! I think it’s going to become a more racist country. People will turn on each other and chase foreigners away,” said Sharon Qubeka, 28, a secretary from Tembisa township. “Mandela was the only one who kept things together.”Flags flew at half mast across the country, and trade was halted for five minutes on the Johannesburg stock exchange. But the mood was not all sombre. Hundreds filled the streets around Mandela’s home in the upmarket

Johannesburg suburb of Houghton, many singing songs of tribute and dancing. The crowd included toddlers carrying flowers, domestic workers still in uniform and businessmen in suits. Another veteran antiapartheid campaigner, former Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town Desmond Tutu, said that like all South Africans he was “devastated” by Mandela’s death. “Let us give him the gift of a South Africa united, one,” Tutu said, holding a mass in Cape Town’s St George’s Cathedral. Tributes continued to pour in for Mandela, who had been suffering for nearly a year from a recurring lung illness dating back to the 27 years he spent in apartheid jails, including the Robben Island penal colony. The flags of the 193 United Nations member states along First Avenue in Manhattan, New York were lowered at 10 a.m. EST (1500 GMT) in honour of Mandela.

The U.N. General Assembly observed a minute of silence. The loss was also keenly felt across the African continent. “We are in trouble now, Africa. No one will fit Mandela’s shoes,” said Kenyan teacher Catherine Ochieng, 32. Former Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda, an old ally of Mandela’s in the fight against apartheid, hailed him

as “a great freedom fighter”. For South Africa, the death of its most loved leader comes at a time when the nation, which basked in global goodwill after apartheid ended, has been experiencing labour unrest, growing protests against poor services, poverty, crime and unemployment and corruption scandals tainting Zuma’s rule.

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Saturday December 07, 2013

Saturday December 07, 2013

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Saturday December 07, 2013

Biden says US ‘pivot’ to Asia is here to stay Seoul (AFP) - Vice President Joe Biden said yesterday there should be no doubt about America’s commitment to its strategic shift to Asia as he wound up a regional tour dominated by security concerns including a new Chinese air zone. In talks with South Korean President Park GeunHye and later in a speech at Seoul’s Yonsei University, Biden reiterated US opposition to the Chinese zone which has fuelled regional tensions — especially between Beijing and Tokyo. At the same time, he underlined the regional — and global — unity in the face of the “clear and present danger” of North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme. “Let there be no doubt, the United States is committed to do what it takes to defend our allies and ourselves against North Korean aggression. Period,” he said in his speech. The threat posed by Pyongyang was underlined by the publication Thursday of new satellite images that appeared to show increased activity at North Korea’s main nuclear site, in line with the regime’s vows to expand its weapons programme. In his talks with Park, Biden stressed there would be no change to President Barack Obama’s security strategy with its emphasis on a “pivot” towards Asia in recognition of China’s growing military power. “I want to make one thing absolutely clear: President Obama’s decision to rebalance to the Pacific basin

is not in question,” Biden said at the start of the Park meeting. “The United States never says anything it does not do. It’s never been a good bet to bet against America... and America will continue to place its bet on South Korea,” he added. “America is a Pacific power — a resident Pacific power — and we are going nowhere. Nowhere.” Seoul was Biden’s last stop on a three-country Asia tour that has already taken him to Japan and China. President Park pressed Biden on China’s new “air defence identification zone” (ADIZ) which, as well as inflaming Beijing’s territorial disputes with Japan, also overlaps South Korea’s own ADIZ. Seoul has threatened to expand its ADIZ in retaliation. The United States is consulting South Korea about that, as it seeks to calm what is already a dangerously volatile mood in the region. Appeal to end JapanSouth Korea feud Park said Biden’s trip to the region would be “of much help for peace” in Northeast Asia. “We are at a point in time when the situation in Northeast Asia is very fluid and tensions in the region are escalating,” she said. Acknowledging the “considerable apprehension” triggered by China’s declaration, Biden stressed anew that Washington did not recognise the new zone. However, as on his visits in Tokyo and Beijing, he stopped short of demanding that China rescind its decision. Tensions in the region are

at their highest in years, with China and Japan squaring off over a chain of uninhabited islands in a feud that has some observers warning of the danger of an armed confrontation. While reassuring South Korea of US support, Biden’s university speech clearly referenced Washington’s desire for Seoul to pursue better relations with Tokyo. As the battle for influence in Asia between China and the United States heats up, Washington wants its two main military allies in the region on board and undivided. But South Korea and Japan are going through one of their regular diplomatic freezes, with Park refusing to even talk to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe until Tokyo apologises for a host of historical grievances related to Japan’s 1910-45 rule over the Korean peninsula. “The entire region will be more stable and more secure if the leading democracies — Japan, South Korea and the United States — are able to improve their relations and cooperation with one another,” he said. On Saturday, Biden is scheduled to tour the demilitarised zone that has separated South and North Korea since the end of the 1950-53 Korean War. His visit comes just days after South Korea’s intelligence agency reported a major purge in the North Korean leadership, with the apparent ousting of leader Kim Jong-Un’s uncle and political mentor Jang SongThaek.

Obama, Bush to go to South Africa next week for Mandela memorial (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama and his predecessor, George W. Bush, will travel to South Africa next week to participate in memorial events for Nelson Mandela, the former South African president who died Thursday. Their exact schedule was as yet unclear and it was not known whether Obama would make public remarks in South Africa. “President Obama and the first lady will go to South Africa next week to pay their respects to the memory of Nelson Mandela and to participate in memorial events. We’ll have further updates on timing and logistics as they become

available,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said in a statement. Separately, Bush spokesman Freddy Ford said Bush and his wife, Laura Bush, would travel with the Obamas. “President and Mrs. George W. Bush have gratefully accepted the president and Mrs. Obama’s invitation to accompany them to South Africa on Air Force One and attend President Nelson Mandela’s memorial services next week,” Ford said. Bush has made Africa a central focus since leaving the White House. He met Obama in Tanzania last July and they stood side-by-side to commemorate the victims

of the 1998 al Qaeda bombing of the U.S. Embassy there. Obama, speaking Thursday night shortly after Mandela’s death at age 95 was announced, said he was one of the “countless millions who drew inspiration from Nelson Mandela’s life. Obama, America’s first black president, also said the first political action he ever took as a young man was attending a protest against apartheid. C a r n e y, a t h i s d a i l y news briefing, said Obama and Mandela last spoke in 2010 or 2011 and that they also spoke when Obama was first elected president in 2008.

Saturday December 07, 2013

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T&T security minister angers Ja with scathing remarks Jamaica Gleaner - Jamaica Wednesday reacted with fury to the biting remarks of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) National Security Minister Gary Griffith with the Parliamentary Opposition demanding that the Government of Jamaica “stop pussyfooting around and hit them where it hurts the most”. “Only when we take the action that hits them where it hurts the most will they begin to realise that gone are the days when they can treat our national with scant regard and get away with it,” said Opposition Spokesman on Industry and Commerce Karl Samuda. Samuda’s rage mirrored that of a leading Jamaican manufacturer, “We agree with him that T&T is not a mall and the Jamaican private sector would like to reiterate that

Jamaica is not a mall for Trinidadian garbage.” The private-sector member was reacting to Griffith’s pronouncement that “T&T is not a mall where anyone (undesirable) will be allowed entry. His less than diplomatic comments have also raised eyebrows in the twin-island republic with the newly formed Jack Warner-led party expected to raise the matter in that country’s Parliament today. Warner’s Assistant Sunil Ramjitsingh told The Gleaner that the matter was discussed in a meeting yesterday and the party would be examining the Standing Orders to determine how and when to raise the matter. Arguments were also advanced yesterday that Griffith’s offensive and insulting comments came as

the CARICOM relationship was costing the people of Jamaica $25 billion per year or two per cent of GDP. “That money could be used to develop Jamaica and not to subsidise Trinidad and Tobago,” declared the private-sector leader. Official data show that Jamaica is T&T’s second largest export market after the United States. It was $4.5 billion for Jamaica compared to $29 for the US in 2010. ‘Dookeran out of place’ The Trinidad Guardian reported yesterday that Griffith rapped his colleague, Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Dookeran, who he charged was “out of place” for making promises with foreign minister, A.J. Nicholson, on travel between T&T and Jamaica, without first consulting him.

Caribbean countries discuss energy costs on their fragile economies CBC - The United States says it will support a Caribbean regional energy market as representatives from the private and public sectors discussed the inseparable linkage between the financial crisis confronting the Caribbean and the reality of paying some of the world’s highest per capita energy costs. United States Secretary of Energy Dr. Ernest Moniz gave the assurance as he addressed the one-day ministerial-level energy conference entitled “the Caribbean’s Energy Future: A Pathway to regional Fiscal Stability” here on Thursday. The conference had been convened by the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB) and was intended to provide a forum to examine the issues associated with the region’s high energy costs and associated impacts, explore options for

Dr. Ernest Moniz addressing this problem, and set forth a roadmap that will assist the Caribbean region in developing a cleaner, more cost effective, and sustainable energy matrix. The IDB said that seniorlevel public officials, key private-sector and multilateral agency decision-makers from

throughout the Caribbean region and North America engaged in discussions on a wide range of energy-focused topics, including: “Examining the region’s energy flows and defining the level of alleviation that energy sector changes can bring to national budgets; presenting results of pre-feasibility studies for the establishment of a natural gas market in the region,” the IDB said were some of the issues addressed at the meeting. It said delegates also discussed how advances in technologies related to natural gas, energy efficiency, and multiple renewable energy technologies help to diversify national and regional markets as well as identifying ways to advance a new energy agenda through public-private partnerships (PPP) and shared action by Caribbean states

PM Simpson Miller to attend Mandela memorial in South Africa Jamaica Gleaner - Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has been invited to be among world leaders at a special memorial for Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg, South Africa on December 10. Jamaica has a long history with Mandela and was the first country to declare a trade embargo against South Africa as part of the international campaign against apartheid. The relationship between the countries endured during Mandela’s years of fight on

the political and racial battlefields and it was no surprise that Jamaica was one of the first countries he visited following his release from prison. The Leader of Government Business in the House of Representatives, Phillip Paulwell, says the Prime Minister will return to Jamaica on December 12. Paulwell says yesterday, December 13 there will be a special joint sitting of both Houses of Parliament to allow

Members of Parliament and Senators to pay tribute to the former South African President. Yesterday, South African President Jacob Zuma announced that the antiapartheid icon will be buried on December 15 at his rural home in Qunu in a state funeral. He says Mandela’s body will lie in state at government buildings in Pretoria from Wednesday, December 11, until the burial.

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Saturday December 07, 2013

Saturday December 07, 2013

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2013 New Building Society Second Division 40 Over Cricket Competition

Cotton Tree, Skeldon and Rainbow Generation score wins to advance to Quarter Finals Cotton Tree Die Hard, Skeldon Community Centre and Rainbow Generator of Seafield have all advanced to the quarter finals of the 2013 New Building Society Second Division 40 Over Cricket Competition in Berbice after they won their respective play off matches. Led by Roshan Gafoor who scored 58, Cotton Tree Die Hard hammered 211 in 39.2

overs against Fyrish, who in their tern at the crease led by former Berbice U 19 batsman Javed Mohamed with 62, gave good chase but eventually fell short by 19 runs. All-rounder Balram Persaud slammed 75 to help No. 48 Challengers reach 171 all out in 30.5 overs against Skeldon Community Centre but then Darshanan Chalitar

made 61 not out to guide Skeldon to an easy 6 wicket victory. A 5 wicket haul from former Berbice U 19 cricketer, off spinner Michael Felix, helped Rose Hall Town Bakewell restrict Rainbow Generation to 167 but that proved too much for Rose Hall as they were bowled out for 138 in reply. In summarized scores:

Saturday December 07, 2013 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) You are enthused about putting in a day of hard work today, but the details may require too much time and energy for your liking. However, if you become bogged down by a minor matter, consider that this isn’t where your attention is most needed. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) While others seem uptight or nervous today, you may appear quite confident and calm. Your optimistic attitude and polished appearance make a great impression on your peers. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) You feel extra clever today and are up for the challenge of getting your life back in order. But a problem may start at home with something relatively unimportant; unfortunately, even the smallest loose thread can unravel the largest fabric. CANCER (June 21–July 22) Using your sharp wit as a weapon today is less admirable than simply telling the truth. Don’t just settle into a defensive posture if it feels like someone is attacking you. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) You will accomplish a lot more today if you can focus on just one thing at a time. Of course, it’s easy to be pleasantly lured off track when pets or children are in the picture. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) You typically like your world to be clean and polished, but you might get

a little dirty today. LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Creating balance is what you Libras do best since you prefer staying cool and reasonable under all circumstances. However, if someone gets under your skin and agitates your feelings today, you might not keep your reaction to yourself. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Your friends may attempt to convince you to do something that doesn’t sound like the smartest move now. It’s very important that you trust your instincts over someone else’s argument — even if you have to stand up for your beliefs. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) Your laissez-faire approach might get you into big trouble at work today, especially if you try to avoid the most logical solution. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) Life feels a bit calmer today as the Moon moves through earthy Virgo. Try to make choices that stabilize a current situation while simultaneously planning for your future. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) It’s difficult to slow down enough today to give your feelings time to fully express in the way you need. You tend to be uncomfortable when you are feeling vulnerable, yet emotional intimacy may be the key to your growth. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) You may want to avoid tackling a difficult family issue today, but it’s still probably a good idea to face an existing conflict head on.

At Fyrish, Cotton Tree Die Hard beat Fyrish by 19 runs. Cotton Tree Die Hard 211 in 39.2 overs with Roshan Gafoor 58 and Asim Ibrahim 30. Fyrish 192 in 35.1 overs with Javed Mohamed 62, Roshan Gafoor 3 for 25, Waqar Hassan 3 for 34 and Pooran Persaud 3 for 44. At Skeldon, Skeldon Community Centre beat No.48 Challengers by 6 wickets. No. 48 Challengers 171 in 30.5 overs with Balram Persaud 75, Nicholas Seenarine 4 for 25, Nigel Trotz 2 for 18, Darshanan Chalitar 2 for 26, and Gajendra Nauth 2 for 39. Skeldon Community Centre 175 for 4 in 27 overs with Darshanan Chalitar 61 not out, Sydney Jackman Jnr 41, Jason Watson 2 for 30. At Seafield, Rainbow

Generation beat Rose Hall Town Bakewell by 29 runs. Rainbow Generation 167 in 31.4 overs with Renison Mitchell 38, Clenrey Archibald 25, Wayne Fraser 23, Michael Felix 5 for 36 and

Arif Chan 3 for 23. Rose Hall Town Bakewell 138 in 28 overs with Brandon Persaud 24, Keino Gravesande 3 for 16, Julian Fraser 2 for 23, Tyson Carmichael 2 for 27.

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Bravo double sets... From page 35 Cruz. After Samuels and Chanderpaul fell cheaply in the first hour, Bravo added 122 for the fifth wicket with Deonarine, shared 56 with Ramdin and has so far put on 80 – unbroken – with Sammy. Deonarine supported with a restrained 52, Denesh Ramdin made 26, and Sammy, defying his injured right glute, was not out on 44. West Indies appeared on the brink of disaster, after they continued from their bedtime total of 168 for two and lost Samuels and Chanderpaul in quick succession. Samuels made 23 before he gave a return catch to Tim Southee in the second over of the day and Chanderpaul was trapped lbw to left-arm fastmedium bowler Neil Wagner for one about four overs later, television replays confirming the dismissal after he asked for a review, leaving West Indies 185 for four. Deonarine came to the crease and never looked ruffled, stroking the ball nicely and rotating the strike constantly to keep Bravo in the groove. Bravo was fortunate on 82 however, when Wagner failed to hold a sharp return chance from a leading edge and duly completed his fifth Test hundred, as West Indies reached 235 for four at the interval. Bravo, whose previous Test hundred was 127 against Bangladesh last November in Khulna, eight innings spread over five Tests, reached 100 from 200 balls, when he swept Sodhi to deep fine leg for his 15th boundary. For just over three hours either side of lunch, Bravo and Deonarine defied the New Zealanders’ attack to add some stability to the batting. Bravo continued merrily after the interval with a couple of rasping, trademark cover drives off left-arm fastmedium bowler Neil Wagner a joy to behold. With each passing delivery, Deonarine blossomed and he reached his 50 from 126 balls, when he drove left-arm medium-fast bowler Corey Anderson through cover for his fourth

boundary – but he had two slices of good fortune before he reached the landmark. He was on 39, when Tim Southee put down a low return chance from a checked drive, and in the same bowler’s next over, New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum, at short cover, dropped a straightforward chance from a blistering drive when he was 40. Deonarine’s good fortune however, ran out four overs before tea, when Anderson produced an unplayable delivery that leapt from a good length and the lefthander was caught behind from a thin edge. Ramdin then linked up with Bravo for close to an hour and moved West Indies within sight of making the New Zealanders bat again before misread Sodhi’s googly and was bowled between bat and pad. Sammy came to the middle and spent the last 1 ¼ hours with Bravo and further frustrated the New Zealanders, taking his side out of deficit and nursing the young batting star to his milestone. West Indies have not won a Test in New Zealand since Courtney Walsh claimed a match haul of 13 wickets and bowled them to an innings and 322-run victory inside four days 18 years ago at the Basin Reserve in Wellington – and will be looking for a big effort from the entrenched pair and the remaining bowlers to give the home team a target to chase in a bid for victory. New Zealand have not won a Test since late late year when McCullum took over the captaincy, having drawn five and lost four of their matches. SCORES: NEW ZEALAND 1st Innings 609 (R. Taylor 217 not out, B. McCullum 113; T. Best 3148); WEST INDIES 1st Innings 213 (S. Chanderpaul 76; T. Southee 4-52): WEST INDIES 2nd Innings (following on) (overnight 168 for two) 507 (K. Edwards 59, D. Bravo 218, N. Deonarine 52, *D. Sammy 80; N. Wagner 3-112). Up to press time New Zealand were 60 for 4 chasing 112; S. Shillingford 4-21)

Saturday December 07, 2013

GT&T, Hand-in-Hand inter county cricket

Demerara poised for first innings honours By Zaheer Mohamed Spinners Amir Khan and Zaheer Mohamed shared nine wickets between them, while Christopher Barnwell hit a typically robust unbeaten 48 to put host Demerara in a comfortable position to take first innings points from Essequibo when the second day’s play of their opening round game of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) organized Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T)\Handin-Hand senior 4-day inter county tournament ended yesterday. Khan bagged 5-64 from 29.4 overs, while Mohamed captured 4-46 from 18 overs as Essequibo were bowled out for 198 just after lunch in 73.4 overs at the Enmore Community Centre ground. At stumps, Demerara are 27 runs away from first innings points as they finished on 172-4 after facing 46 overs with Christopher Barnwell unbeaten on 48 and Chris Patadin yet to score. E a r l i e r, E s s e q u i b o resumed on their overnight score of 101-3 with Dillon Heyliger on 16 and Kemo Paul on 07, the pair added a further 21 runs for the fourth wicket before Heyliger was trapped in front by leg spinner Amir Khan for 27 (4x4). Paul then played back to one that kept low from pacer Trevon Garraway and was bowled for 19

5- wkt haul for Khan

Ramnaresh Sarwan gather s runs on the offside

Amir Khan in action yesterday (1x4) as Essequibo slipped to 132-5. Rovindra Parsram and Parmesh Parsotam batted sensibly to add 35 for the sixth wicket, but off spinner Zaheer Mohamed ended their resist a n c e when he had Parsram caught for 28 (1x4,1x6). The rest of the batting folded meekly; Khan accounted for Rajiv Balgobin (01) while Mohamed dismissed skipper Anthony Adams (00) and Mark Tyrell (00) in quick succession before Khan who bowled with good control and variation ended Essequibo innings by

Christopher Barnwell hits out during his unbeaten innings uprooting the stumps Hemchand Persaud (02) leaving Parsotam not out on 39 (1x4); Garraway took 1-30. Demerara lost an e a r l y w i c k e t i n r e p l y, when Trevon Griffith was caught off medium pacer Heyliger for 11 (1x4) with the score 17. Rajendra Chandrika and Leon Johnson steadied the innings with a second wicket stand of 50 before Chandrika was trapped in front to Adams for 22 (2x4). Ramnaresh Sarwan joined Johnson and

From page 34

carried the score to 81 with Johnson hitting five sweetly timed boundaries before he was undone courtesy of a brilliant running catch by Paul off Hemchand Persaud at mid on for 40. Sarwan and Barnwell then frustrated the Essequibians with a fourth stand of 89 with levelheaded batting on a slow pitch. Sarwan, after looking well set for a half century was run out just before the close for 42 with four fours. Barnwell has so far reached the boundary on four occasions and cleared it twice. Adams, Heyliger and Persaud have so far taken one wicket each. The game continues today at 09:00hrs.

Saturday December 07, 2013

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Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Futsal Competition

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Chico K&S Secondary School Football Championships

Referees sign contract to officiate, Leopold Street in a struggle to make next round Mishal’s for Kids & More offers support Defending Georgetown Zone champions Leopold Street suffered their second loss in this year’s competition after going down to Costello Housing Scheme 3-2 on penalty kicks on Thursday evening as play in the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Futsal Competition continued, at the Burnham Court on Middle and Carmichael Streets. The loss means that the 2012 champions are in a struggle to make it to the next phase with two more rounds to play. It was a disappointing defeat for the champs after regulation time ended 1-1 forcing the penalty shootout. O’Kenie Fraser had given Leopold Street the lead after just three minutes, before Sherman Anthony levelled in the 14th minute of play in an exciting contest that stayed that way until the end. Andrew Murray Jnr then led Albouystown ‘A’ to a comfortable 2-0 win over South Sophia with Shaka Jones’ 24th minute effort completing their tally. In the other upset of the night, Island All Star Alpha McPhoy’s 3rd minute strike was enough to secure them victory over West Front Road ‘Gold is Money’. Queen Street of Tiger Bay then eased past Norton Street East after Cross Street had succumbed to East Front Road in the opening fixture.

Aubrey Major (extreme left) and Kashif Muhammad (2nd right) show off one of the name boards in the presence of Andrew Juman (extreme right) and his daughter Mishal Juman.

Plant Maintenance retain BOSAI Minerals football title Playing on a tough surface at the Mackenzie Sports Club ground on Wednesday night last, Plant Maintenance maintained their hold on the BOSAI Minerals Group (Guyana) Inc. Inter Department football championship title with a 2-0 win over General Services in the final. In what was a competitive game until the deciding goals were scored in the second half, both sides played their hearts out to gain control. The deadlock was broken in the 63rd minute in stunning fashion. After a foul was committed on the right wing, the free kick was taken on the edge of the 18 yard box by Matthew Richards. Up went the head of Keon Hall who rose between two defenders to beat Rawle Adams in goal to his left with a well placed header. After the deadlock was

Ryan Noel

broken, Plant Maintenance continued to gain the upper hand. A forced defensive blunder due to the constant pressure by the champions created the second goal. General Services failed to clear the ball cleanly and the lurking Ryan Noel was there to unleash a powerful shot that rocked the nets in the 75th minute which put paid to any ideas General

Services would have had of coming back into the game. Former national left wing defender Kenney Williams was awarded the M o s t Va l u a b l e P l a y e r Award and Mines’ Melisha ‘Ibby’ Gamble won the Penalty Shootout for women. In the third place game Mines humbled Plant Operations 5-1.

The Kashif & Shanghai Organisation yesterday signed on the dotted lines alongside the Guyana Football Referee’s Council as they commit to assure the players and fans of a high quality of officiating throughout the tournament. “The games will be run in accordance with FIFA Laws and as such this is the best way forward for the young players,” says G.F.R.C. Vice President Mr. Dion Inniss after signing on behalf of the council. The tournament will commence tomorrow afternoon with a march-past at the GCC Ground Bourda starting at 15:00hrs. Thereafter, the action gets underway one hour later with Wisburg Secondary up against East Ruimveldt Secondary. The second game will see Ann’s Grove Secondary playing Christ Church Secondary at 18:00hrs. Meanwhile, when the Championships gets underway at the Georgetown Cricket Club Ground (GCC) tomorrow afternoon, each of the 24 participating teams will be easily recognized after Mishal’s For Kids & More of

Mr. Aubrey Major & Mr. Dion Inniss sign the agreement. Ogle Airstrip Road ECD donated an equivalent number of name boards to the K&S Entertainment group. Both Directors of the K&S Entertainment group, Aubrey ‘Shanghai’ Major and Kashif Mohammad visited the offices of the donating firm where proprietor Andrew Juman handed over the gift. He was also accompanied by his daughter, Mishal Juman. The businessman reassured the two Directors that his organization is firmly behind them in their quest to develop the sport. He further

wished them well. Mr. Major expressed gratitude to his benefactor while assuring that the donation would help to alleviate the stringent organizing costs. Admission for all games up to the semifinals will be free and the organizers are also working on the modalities to stage the finals free of cost. Participating schools will be drawn from Linden (4), West Bank Demerara (4), Georgetown (8), East Coast Demerara (4), East Bank Demerara (2), Mazaruni and Berbice (1 apiece).

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Hand-in-Hand/GT&T Inter-County cricket

Bishoo grabs 6-57 for Berbice as President’s X1 fall for 185 despite Singh’s 55 By Sean Devers West Indies leg-spinner Devendra Bishoo grabbed 657 to wreck the President’s X1 innings on the stroke of stumps on the second day of their Hand-in-Hand/GT&T four-day senior Inter-County Cricket match against Berbice at the Everest ground. The 28-year-old Berbician, who has not played an Inter-County four-day game in three years, produced a mesmerizing spell in overcast conditions as the President’s X1 slipped from 69-2 to 185 despite a solid 55 from pint size left-hander Vishal Singh. The 24 year-old Singh, who has played nine FirstClass games from 2009-2011, reached the boundary just three times on the heavy outfield in the truncated day’s play before he was sixth out at 158 to an injudicious shot off Bishoo who sent down 26.4 overs. Play began 30 minutes early because the entire first was washed out on Thursday and when a drizzle sent to players scurrying off the field 44 minutes before Lunch, the President’s X1 were 92 -3 from 32 overs on a sluggish track after West Berbice pacer Raul Johnson had removed both openers. In conditions which aided swing bowling, they orchestrated the demise of Shemroy Barrington (7) at 221 and Robin Bacchus, who struck three fours in 24 to leave the score on 45-2. West Indies ODI offspinner Royston Crandon,



Colin Croft Desmond Haynes Vishal Singh

Devendra Bishoo.

who finished with 2-30 from 13 overs, removed Ryan Ramdass who played his solitary Test in Sri Lanka in 2005, LBW for 24 as the righthander missed a sweep shot at 69-3. The diminutive Singh, the President’s X1 Skipper, was unbeaten on 24 at the interval while teenager Dominique Ricky was with him on seven. The Ground staff forgot to put the covers on the bowler’s run up when they covered the pitch and although the sun came out after lunch and the Umpires inspected the ground and passed it fit for play, a soggy area on the bowler’s run up caused a delay which resulted in the entire second session being lost. When play resumed in English-like conditions after Tea, Ricky (9) was trapped LBW to Bishoo at 94-4, while Shemroy Hetymer (17) played too early to Crandon and was taken at extra cover at 137-5. Impetuous shot selection

and the probing Bishoo, who began at this level in 2006, combined to cause a dramatic collapse as the last five wickets tumbled for just 23 runs. Once the dogged Singh, who has a single First-Class fifty to his name, was dismissed by Bishoo, they slumped from 158-6 to their eventual total as Bishoo befuddled the lower order to finish with his seventh fivewicket haul at this level. Jason Sinclair (19) and Kelon Carmichael (15) were the only other batsmen to reach double figures as Johnson and Crandon supported Bishoo, who has 40 wickets from 11Tests, with two wickets each. Today is the penultimate day and play is scheduled to commence at 09:00hrs.

Brazil to open 2014 soccer World Cup against Croatia COSTA DO SAUIPE, Brazil (Reuters) - Host nation Brazil will kick off next year’s soccer World Cup against Croatia in Sao Paulo on June 12 and the favourites will be happy with a Group A also containing Mexico and Cameroon as they seek their sixth title. Friday’s complicated draw procedure went off smoothly as holders Spain and 2010 runners-up Netherlands were put together in the group stages, but have a tough task with Chile and Australia alongside them in Group B. England, Italy and Uruguay, all former winners, were put together, along with Costa Rica, in Group D, with

Saturday December 07, 2013

England facing Italy in the jungle city of Manaus in their first game. Germany will come face to face with their former striker and coach Juergen Klinsmann, now in charge of the United States, with Portugal and Ghana completing the Group G lineup. France, who qualified via the playoffs, will be pleased with a Group E placing alongside Ecuador, Switzerland and Honduras. Bosnia, the only one of the 32 teams taking part in their first World Cup finals, face Argentina, Iran and Nigeria. The final is in Rio de Janeiro on July 13.

Statistician Charwayne Walker continues his look back at the performances of the West Indies cricket team in their earlier tours to New Zealand. This time he touches on the performances of the Windies on their 1979 tour. First Test: New Zealand won by 1 wicket at Chrisbook Dunedin. West Indies first innings: 140 All out Desmond Haynes 55, Captain Clive Lloyd 24; Bowling for New Zealand - Richard Hadlee 5 for 34, Garry Troup 2 for 26, Lance Cairns 2 for 32. New Zealand first innings - 249 all out - Bruce Edgar 65, Richard Hadlee 51, Geoff Howorth 33, Lance Cairns 30; Bowling for West Indies Colin Croft 4 for 64, Michael Holding 2 for 50, Deryck Parry 2 for 63. West Indies Second Innings 202 All out Desmond Haynes 105, Collis King 41, Deryck Murray 30; Bowling

Joel Garner for New Zealand - Richard Hadlee 6 for 68, Garry Troupe 3 for 57, Lance Cairns 1 for 63. New Zealand Second Innings: 104 for 9 - Lance Cairns 19, Richard Hadlee17; Bowling for West Indies Joel Garner 4 for 36, Michael Holding 3 for 24, Colin Croft 2 for 25. Second Test Lancaster Park, Christ Church – Match Drawn. West Indies first Innings 228 All out Gordon Greenidge 91, Alvin Kallicharran 75; Bowling for New Zealand Lance Cairns 6 for 85, Richard Hadlee 3 for 58, Garry Troupe 1 for 38. New Zealand first Innings 461 all out Skipper Geoff Howorth 147, Richard Hadlee 103, Jeremy Coney 80; Bowling for West Indies Alvin Kalicharran 2 for 6, Joel Garner 2 for 75, Andy Roberts 2 for 82, Michael Holding 2 for 97. West Indies Second

Innings 447 for 5 declared Desmond Haynes 122, Lawrence Rowe 100, Collis King 100 Not out; Garry Troupe took 2 for 84 Bowling for New Zealand. Third Test Eden Park Auckland - Match Drawn. West Indies first Innings - 220 all out - Lawrence Rowe 50, Alvin Kallicharran 46, Andy Roberts 35 Not out; Bowling for New Zealand Garry Troupe 4 for 71, Richard Hadlee 4 for 75, New Zealand First Innings - 305 All out Bruce Edgar 127, Jeremy Coney 49, Geoff Howorth 47; Bowling for West Indies - Joel Garner 6 for 56, Colin Croft 3 for 81. West Indies Second Innings 264 for 9 declared Gordon Greenidge 74, Desmond Haynes 48, Clive Lloyd 42; Bowling for New Zealand - Garry Troupe 6 for 95, Lance Cairns 2 for 76. New Zealand Second Innings 73 for 4 John Wright 23, Bruce Edgar 22.

2014 World Cup finals group fixtures COSTA DO SUIPE, Brazil (Reuters) - Group fixtures for the 2014 World Cup finals following the draw on Friday. GROUPA June 12 Brazil v Croatia, Sao Paulo (1700) June 13 Mexico v Cameroon, Natal (1300) June 17 Brazil v Mexico, Fortaleza (1600) June 18 Cameroon v Croatia, Manaus (1500) June 23 Cameroon v Brazil, Brasilia (1700) Croatia v Mexico, Recife (1700) -GROUP B June 13 Spain v Netherlands, Salvador (1600) Chile v Australia, Cuiaba (1800) June 18 Spain v Chile, Rio De Janeiro (1900) Australia v Netherlands, Porto Alegre (1300) June 23

Australia v Spain, Curitiba (1300) Netherlands v Chile, Sao Paulo (1300) - - GROUP C June 14 Colombia v Greece, Belo Horizonte (1300) Ivory Coast v Japan, Recife (1900) June 19 Colombia v Ivory Coast, Brasilia (1300) Japan v Greece, Natal (1900) June 24 Japan v Colombia, Cuiaba (1600) Greece v Ivory Coast, Fortaleza (1700) - - GROUP D June 14 Uruguay v Costa Rica, Fortaleza (1600) England v Italy, Manaus (2100) June 19 Uruguay v England, Sao Paulo (1600) June 20 Italy v Costa Rica, Recife (1300) June 24 Italy v Uruguay, Natal (1300)

Costa Rica v England, Belo Horizonte (1300) -GROUPE June 15 Switzerland v Ecuador, Brasilia (1300) France v Honduras, Porto Alegre (1600) June 20 Switzerland v France, Salvador (1600) Honduras v Ecuador, Curitiba (1900) June 25 Honduras v Switzerland, Manaus (1600) Ecuador v France, Rio De Janeiro (1700) - - GROUP F June 15 Argentina v Bosnia, Rio De Janeiro (1900) June 16 Iran v Nigeria, Curitiba (1600) June 21 Argentina v Iran, Belo Horizonte (1300) Nigeria v Bosnia, Cuiaba (1800) June 25 Nigeria v Argentina, Porto Alegre (1300) Bosnia v Iran, Salvador

(1300) -GROUP G June 16 Germany v Portugal, Salvador (1300) Ghana v United States, Natal (1900) June 21 Germany v Ghana, Fortaleza (1600) June 22 United States v Portugal, Manaus (1500) June 26 United States v Germany, Recife (1300) Portugal v Ghana, Brasilia (1300) - - GROUP H June 17 Belgium v Algeria, Belo Horizonte (1300) Russia v South Korea, Cuiaba (1800) June 22 Belgium v Russia, Rio De Janeiro (1900) South Korea v Algeria, Porto Alegre (1300) June 26 South Korea v Belgium, Sao Paulo (1700) Algeria v Russia, Curitiba (1700)

Saturday December 07, 2013

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Sunburst Linden Sec. Sch. U-17 Basketball

Linden Foundation and Mackenzie High secure big wins

Action in one of the games at the Mackenzie Hard Court. Back-to-back wins were recorded by Linden Foundation Secondary and Mackenzie High when the Sunburst Secondary Schools Under-17 basketball championship continued at the Mackenzie Sports Club Hard Court. In the latest matches on Wednesday last, Linden Foundation Secondary secured a third straight win, a huge blow out of Harmony

33-5, led by the game high 18 points poured in by Isaiah Semple, Nigel Plowell touched in seven. Also on Wednesday, Mackenzie High outclassed Wisburg 44-16 having led 169 at half time. Daniel Anthony was in tremendous form getting a tournament high 22 points as teammate Allister Lewis got 10. Koby Roberts led the scoring for Wisburg with five points.

New Silver City bounced past Wisburg 41-17 they had led 22-9 at the half way mark. Wayne Wilson had an outstanding game with a game high 16 points and Branley Griffith 10 for the winners. Tabiki Thompson and Koby Roberts led the scoring for the Wisburg team with seven and six points respectively. Linden Foundation was also victorious over New

Silvercity 30-25. Isaiah Semple touched in eight points with Nigel Plowell and Isaiah Thompson scoring seven each. And Mackenzie High was in ripping form when they annihilated Harmony 57-2, the losers not being able to score in the second half. Daniel Anthony led the point’s party with 18; Allister Lewis had 15 and Otis Williamson six.

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Bravo double sets up intriguing last day DUNEDIN, New Zealand – A maiden Test doublehundred from Darren Bravo led consistent batting down the order and ensured West Indies made New Zealand bat a second time in the first Test on Friday here. Bravo was undefeated on a career-best 210 and formed significant, suc c e s s i v e partnerships with fellow left-hander Narsingh Deonarine, compatriot Denesh Ramdin and his captain Darren Sammy, as the Windies batted all day and reached 443 for six in their second innings at the close on the fourth day at University Oval for a lead of 47. Bravo, whose previous highest score in 26 Tests was 195 against Bangladesh two years ago in Mirpur, put behind the patchy form from the preceding tour of India and fulfilled his rich talent with a near 9 ½-hour innings of supreme class. His 404-ball knock also enhanced the visitors bid to save the match, after the New

Zealanders had rolled them over for 213, in reply to a first innings total of 609 for nine declared that also featured a double-hundred from Ross Taylor. He took the sting out of the home team’s weary attack and led a fight-back made all the more impressive by neither Shivnarine Chanderpaul nor Marlon Samuels, the two most experienced batsmen in the line-up, making huge contributions. The 24-year-old Bravo admittedly overcame a bout of nerves on 199 to reach his milestone from 390 balls, when he sliced a delivery from leg-spinner Ish Sodhi coincidentally past Taylor at slip for a deuce to third man. He has so far collected 30 fours, most of them his trademark classical cover drives that had the signature of a batting legend from his native Trinidad & Tobago with whom he has had a special relationship since he was a boy growing in Santa (Continued on page 26)

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Saturday December 07, 2013

Preparation picks up as sponsors come on board for joint horserace meet Horseracing action returns when the Ryan Crawford Memorial Turf Club and Sports Facilities (RCMTC&SF), the Port Mourant Turf Club (PMTC) in collaboration with the Shariff Business Conglomerate and Racing Stable of West Berbice stage their one day

meet at the Port Mourant Turf Club next Sunday. Eight races are carded on the day’s programme with prize monies totaling close to $8M in cash and trophies up for grabs. Among the major sponsors on board already are Trophy Stall Bourda Market,

Banks DIH Limited, Jumbo Jet Auto Sales and Racing Stables, Inshan Bacchus Tr u c k i n g S e r v i c e a n d Business Establishment, O m a i Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n , Lekeram ‘Buddy’ Sukhdeo, Romell Jagroop Construction and racing stables, Businessman Shano

Seenarine, Attorney at law R and C Poonai, Delmur Shipping Company, Balram and Lenny Singh and family. Major sponsor Mohammed “Nankoo” Shariff stated that as a horse owner himself his aim is to get the horses as active as possible. He decided to step in

to make sure that races are kept on a regular basis. “Many persons have massive investments in the horse racing industry and as such the horses need to race as often as possible so that people can recoup some of their investment if possible,” a beaming Shariff recounted. So far most of the top stables have indicated their interested in being a part of the day’s activity and has started to put their animals through their paces. Among the stables preparing are -The Shariff Racing stable, Habibulla, Jumbo Jet, Colin Elcock’s Delmur and P&P Syndicate Racing stable, Jagdeo Racing stable, Asrafalli Racing stables, Simple Royal, Senior Council Marcel Crawford Racing stable, Night Eyes, Mahaicony, Jagroop and Jagmohan, Bacchus, Sukdeo and the three Singh racing stables among others. With the hefty prize monies on offer over 40 horses have already signed up. Among those expected to contest the feature A and lower event are Guyana’s number one horse Score’s Even, as it throws down the gauntlet against the likes of two time Guyana Cup champion Elle’s Vision, Settle In Seattle and California Strike, new imports in Rock Movie Star, Money in Return and Some Legend and season campaigners Got To Go, Grande de Roja, Donut Prince, City Tune, CP Got Even, Swing Easy, Prince

Charming ,Who is on the Case, Force Entry, The Message, Country Armagh, Red and lovely, Zelick, and Rena Del Cafa among others for the hefty $1.2M and trophy over 6Furlongs race, which incidentally in the distance for all the events. The other races on the day are the- the event for 3yrs old Guyana and West Indies Bred horses, for a winning take of $600,000. The E and lower event will also have a first prize of $600,000. The race for Two Year old Guyana Bred and West Indies Bred maiden horse will have a winner’s purse of $300,000. The horses running in the G3 and lower class race will also have an opportunity to race away with a first prize of $300,000. Three years old Guyana Bred horses will be competing for a $300,000 first prize. The ‘I’ and lower race will have a first prize of $200,000. The J, K and L class event will fetch a winning prize of $150,000 and trophy. Outstanding individual performers including top Jockey, trainer and stable will be presented with accolades compliments of the Trophy Stall Bourda Market and the organisers. The race will be run under the rules of the Guyana Horse Racing Authority (GHRA). Interested persons can contact the Mohammed Shariff on 6110684, Chanu Ramkissoon6249063, or Kris Jagdeo (6246123; 322-0369), Rajendra Jagdeo 618-7278, Ramnauth 337-5311. (Samuel Whyte)

Saturday December 07, 2013

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Colts’ PG Legacy II continues with four games tonight

Travis Burnett

Drumson McCulley

The second edition of Colts’ Phillip George Legacy (PG II) competition will continue tonight at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall with four games, including two Division I and Division III games that is set to continue the rivalries that started last weekend. The Guyana Defence Force (GDF) will get things going against Buxton Heat at 5pm in one of the Division III games while the number one ranked, Trinity Grid Holdings (TGH) Pacesetters are set to take on Eagles at 6:30pm in the other Division III game. Pacesetters have already lost one game, owed to a walkover issued against them last weekend, as a result of late arrival. The Guyana Basketball Officials’ Council (GBOC) has made it clear that it intends to start all games on time and as a consequence, teams ought to follow the rules, which states that they should be at the venue 45 minutes in advance. Following the Division III encounters, the showdown continues in the senior category with Jason Squires and the Pepsi Sonics battling Yannick December and the Panthers. Sonics must win their game to keep their second-round hopes alive in the competition. Sonics are the superior side in this contest with Squires leading forward, Earl O’Neil and a host of other quality players against D e c e m b e r ’s P a n t h e r s . However, their inconsistency will make them vulnerable to the claws and jaws of the Panthers tonight. In the other Division I game, Nets, 1-0 in the competition after beating Sonics last weekend, will face

their biggest challenge todate, TGH Pacesetters, which are the number one ranked senior team in Georgetown. Guard Travis Burnett and Pacesetters are also 1-0 after securing a walkover last weekend. They will know that Nets are not to be taken for granted, especially when it comes to their front court game that Drumson McCulley and Fabian Johnson controls. In addition, more size is added to Nets when Mortimer Williams is factored into the picture. The issue is in their ability to run the floor, which is most times left on Hodayah Stewart’s shoulders, who is the principle reason they won against Pepsi Sonics. Pacesetters will know that tonight and will try to get the ball into the open court where Nets are the weakest. There, guard, Burnett can manipulate their defence to create the right space for the likes of veteran forward, Naylon Loncke and the young, Joslyn Crawford. Pacesetters will present much more arsenal and organisation than Nets tonight, which is usually a norm. However, their recent run of poor form, following their blowout against Ravens in Linden a few weeks ago, have raised doubts about their current ability to dismiss lower ranked teams. As the number one ranked team in Georgetown, Pacesetters will want to put those doubts to rest and ensure they win, and win impressively. Colts’ PG Legacy II presents an opportunity tonight for the top team to show why they are a top basketball club in the city. (Edison Jefford)

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Leopold Street in a struggle to make next round

Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Futsal Competition P.32

Part of the action in this year’s Georgetown Zone of the Guinness Greatest of the Streets’ which continued at the Burnham Court on Thursday evening.

Bravo double sets up intriguing last day Darren Bravo leaps after scoring his maiden double-century. (AFP)


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