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Guyana most corrupt country in English-speaking Caribbean - watchdog body calls for Procurement Commission, new Integrity Commission

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Home Affairs

Animals wandering on the West Coast Demerara Public Road were rounded up by the stray catching unit employed by the Ministry of Home Affairs and transported to holding pens. Goats, sheep and cows were collected.

Three nurses dismissed for missing morphine salaries negotiations …colleagues protest NAACIE warns GPL over sloth in wages,

Ramotar eyes mega mining projects ... says strength of economy his biggest achievement ... seeks 'stability' in Parliament

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Thursday December 06, 2012

Kaieteur News

Three nurses dismissed for missing morphine …colleagues protest Nurses at the Georgetown Public Hospital have said they will continue to stage a sit in which started yesterday over what they deemed wrongful dismissal of three of their colleagues and the suspension of another. Ye s t e r d a y n u r s e s ' representative on the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU), Kemton Alexander, was joined by several other nurses outside of the Georgetown Public Hospital for a picketing exercise to show solidarity with their colleagues. According to Alexander three nurses were dismissed from the GPHC while another was suspended over some morphine injections which went missing from the Accident and Emergency Unit some time back. T h e N u r s e s ' representative also said that the nurses will continue a 'go slow' which began yesterday until the nurses are reinstated. Alexander said that he feels that the nurses involved were not given a fair hearing

by the Hospital's administration. Alexander said, initially they were informed of the 'missing morphine' issue being investigated. However, it was only on Tuesday that they were informed of the nurses' d i s m i s s a l . T h e representative said that the Hospital's administration did not seek to engage the Union at any time during the investigation, neither was the Union forewarned about the outcome and the disciplinary action to be taken. “The nurses were not given a fair hearing in the issue and we demand that they be reinstated”. Alexander said they will use the opportunity to bring to light several other issues which have been affecting nurses at the GPHC. Alexander said for the longest while nurses have been forced to work under poor and stressful conditions which will ultimately hinder the delivery of quality health care to patients. “We need better systems

GPSU Nurses representative Kemton Alexander and better working condition, we are against injustices that are being meted out to our nurses and this picketing exercise is to e x p r e s s o u r dissatisfaction…we have nurses working under stressful situations, in some cases 40 patients to one nurse. We cannot deliver quality health care under these conditions” Alexander told media operatives. When contacted yesterday, a senior official of the hospital said that he is satisfied that a thorough

Some of the nurses yesterday during the protest action. investigation was conducted into the incident. The official said that there are serious guidelines and procedures for the handling of morphine from the time it enters Guyana through the Ministry of Health. Further at the hospital's level, there is adequate security for the storage of the drug in any department

where it is being kept. The official said this then means that with the disappearance of such guarded and important drug, someone must be held accountable. The investigation into the missing drug began since in August and the Union was involved in the investigation. Sources at the hospital further revealed that

legal advice was also sought as it relates to the matter since there are legislations which cover the handling of this drug. The source said that the hospital will be looking into the issue of the 'picketing exercise' since according to the source some of the nurses who participated abandoned their post to join the protest.

Thursday December 06, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Guyana most corrupt country in English- watchdog body calls for Procurement speaking Caribbean Commission, new Integrity Commission Four days before the world observes the United Nations International AntiCorruption Day, new rankings have placed Guyana as the most corrupt country in English-speaking Caribbean countries. According to rankings released yesterday by watchdog corruption body, Transparency International (TI), the 2012 Annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) has placed Guyana at a lowly 133 out of total of 174 countries. Guyana managed a miserly 28 points out of 100. And in the presentation of the Transparency International findings, head of the local chapter, Attorney at Law, Gino Persaud, and Secretary Frederick Collins, both lauded Kaieteur News which has been highlighting corruption in Guyana. The newspaper has been investigating the various contracts issued under questionable circumstances and examining the numerous projects, many of which were believed to be overpriced. The results were released by Transparency Institute Guyana Inc. (TIGI), the local contact of TI. TI would have conducted its surveys gauging perceptions to corruption by examining relations in the public sector, the local police, Customs, procurement and doing business. The index has become a signature tool widely used around the globe to measure the perceived levels of public sector corruption in countries and looked at keenly by investors and multilateral lending agencies. Denmark, Finland and New Zealand tie for first place with scores of 90, helped by strong access to information

TIGI officials: From left is Vice-President, Dr. Anand Goolsarran; President, Gino Persaud and Director, Frederick Collins. systems and rules governing the behaviour of those in public positions. Guyana tied Comoros, Honduras, Iran, Kazakhstan, and Russia.

index. In these countries, the lack of accountable leadership and effective public institutions underscore the need to take a much stronger stance against corruption.

“When desperately needed development funds are stolen by corrupt individuals and institutions, poor and vulnerable people are robbed of the education, health care and other essential services.” - UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon “This ranking places us at the bottom of the English Speaking Caribbean with only Haiti below us at 165. It is noteworthy that in the Caribbean, Barbados ranks at 15 with a score of 76; both St. Lucia and Bahamas rank at 22 with a score of 71 and St. Vincent and the Grenadines rank at 36 with a score of 62,” TIG’s President, Gino Persaud said during a press conference at the offices of the Private Sector Commission (PSC) on Waterloo Street. Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia once again cling to the bottom rung of the

At the press conference also were former Auditor General, Dr. Anand Goolsarran, who is TIGI’s Vice President; and Director, Frederick Collins. Persaud, a lawyer, said that the advocacy body will be writing government on the findings of the index. INTEGRITY COMMISSION… TIGI listed a number of measures that Government will have to implement to raise Guyana’s rankings. These include the appointment of competent and independent members of the Integrity

Commission to scrutinize the financial disclosures of politicians and bureaucrats and with adequate staff and resources to ensure the Commission can adequately fulfill its mandate. Persaud noted that Prime Minister Sam Hinds in June had promised to have new members of the Integrity Commission sworn within a week. Among other things TIGI is also calling for the urgent appointment of members of

the Public Procurement Commission to regulate government contracts and minimize their involvement; the implementation of modern anti-corruption legislation; implementation of whistleblowing legislation; the enforcement of existing anticorruption laws by investigating and prosecuting the corrupt and the strengthening of existing anticorruption institutions such as the Guyana Police Force and the Financial Intelligence established under the money laundering legislation. “These institutions are weak and unable to counter serious white collar crime and corrupt activities,” Persaud said in his read statement. Guyana should also appoint an Ombudsman to address grievances from members of the public; ensure that all public monies are placed to the credit of the Consolidated Fund, and no public expenditure must be incurred without Parliamentary approval. TIGI also called for all appointments to public offices to be advertised and

made with due regard to technical competence, and not loyalty; and for the Access to Information Act passed in Parliament to be strengthened and made operational. TIGI also called for the strengthening of civil society and for organisations such as the Guyana Bar Association, the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Private Sector Commission, Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and the Guyana Press Association to become more involved in combating corruption by speaking out against corruption and being proactive within its own membership on tackling corruption and by partnering with us for collective efforts. “We call on the press corps to be more vigilant in acting as a professional, impartial and responsible watchdog body against corruption.” CORRUPTION EXISTS According to Goolsarran, most countries are doing everything possible to “get to (continued on page 21)

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Kaieteur News

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So much spent and little to show

There are many things that appeared to have been introduced in the society for the good of the society. A lot of money has been spent and one would have expected that by now the nation would have been seeing the benefits of these introductions. Instead, it would seem that the money was either not spent, or if spent, did not go toward the things for which it was intended. One glaring example is the expenditure on Close Circuit Television cameras around the city. President Bharrat Jagdeo had made the announcement during his tenure in office. Shortly after, the Finance Ministry had budgeted a sizeable amount for these cameras. The money was voted and we learnt that the cameras were installed. President Jagdeo, at a press conference, said that the cameras would lead to a reduction in kidnapping because the cameras would indicate the direction in which the kidnappers would have gone. The cameras were supposed to be ubiquitous. And indeed they were placed at almost every major intersection and near the traffic lights installation. Since then there have been many robberies. The cars that transport the escaping criminals seem to elude these cameras which were said to be in working order. The question then is, what are they recording? It is the same with the Intelligence Unit. We heard a lot about them in the same way we heard that the two major telephone service providers being asked to set up equipment to allow for the recording of telephone conversations. While there was word that the service providers were against any such thing we heard by the grapevine that they did comply with the government’s request because the government had passed a law that mandated that they be so equipped. A fortnight ago, Dr Roger Luncheon admitted that the government was listening in to conversations and had been so permitted by the courts. We had made this observation earlier. Despite all the eavesdropping there has been nothing to suggest that they were listening to the right people. Recently, there was the issue of smuggled gold but no one has been detained. There have been some detentions in the case of drug smuggling but these arrests were in no way linked to the role of the telephony intelligence unit. I can only suggest that here too we have a case of wasted expenditure. The government has also spent state funds on the Intelligence Unit. Now this unit is necessary if there are going to be shady deals and plots against the state. Every state has its intelligence section and Guyana is no different. Indeed, there are the Special Branch of the Guyana Police Force; the intelligence section of the Guyana Defence Force; the Intelligence arm of the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit and whatever units the government may have to spy for its own purposes. But despite the existence of these entities the government wants a special intelligence unit which would be housed away from the maddening crowd. So far, there is only the building, no staff was identified. There may be some borrowing from other sectors, but the job of this unit will be special. It will report directly to the Office of the President. Is this a waste of money given the various intelligence units that abound? Then there was the vote in two budgets for airstrips at Leguan and Wakenaam. These are islands with declining populations and are easily accessible from the coastal areas. Why money on airstrips? Someone had to be a beneficiary; the residents certainly were not. There have been no flights with the promised influx of tourists. The airstrips are now overgrown and slowly returning to the dense grass they were. There is always the fear that these things may sound like necessities when in fact they are opportunities for people to either enrich themselves through inflated contracts, or a case of paranoia, leading to the spying on people other than the criminals. But on the other hand, they may represent a case of the government seeking to move into the realm of the developed world and would therefore need these things to make it more efficient in its dealings. The bottom line is that there is nothing to show for the money.

Thursday December 6, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

Analyses of Hope Outfall construction should be beneficial DEAR EDITOR, The analyses of the ongoing construction activities related to the Hope Outfall, by Messrs Sohan and Alli, have identified issues which should lead to discussions on the economics of engineering construction activities in Guyana. I have opted to stay away from commenting on Government of Guyana projects since our firm has a policy of not working on those projects. I would however like to attempt to clarify and expand on some of the concerns raised by those two experienced engineers. Our firm, Ground Structures Engineering Consultants undertook a geotechnical investigation, for a private developer, for another facility originally proposed for the Hope Area. That investigation included drilling six boreholes over an area which straddles the area of the Hope Canal Outfall. We experienced refusal to drilling at depths of approximately 20 metres (m). I was consequently significantly amazed to determine, based on your article, that piles are being driven to depths of approximately 36 m for construction of the outfall. My amazement increased exponentially when your article went on to point out that the outfall itself, constructed at some point below ground, was to be supported by spliced timber

piles. The engineering design of the facility, if evidenced by the facts above, cannot stand up to engineering scrutiny. All piles are subject to stresses during driving. These stresses can lead to failure of the pile while being driven and prior to imposition of the design loads. Spliced piles have a weak zone at the splice location. The integrity of the splice can be imperiled and the splice can fail when piles are driven in areas with hard driving conditions. This phenomenon is not easily recognized during piledriving since hard driving conditions will result in the pile tip breaking into several splinters, similar to that of a coconut broom. The blow counts, recorded during pile driving, will continue to be low since it is now a record of the advancement of the splinters into the soil and not a record of the actual pile tip advancement. Hard driving conditions at the Hope Outfall would begin around 20 m. The fact that the piles have deviated from the design position is probably reflective of “brooming� and/ or failure of the splices due to hard driving conditions. The best option, if piles were preferred, would have been to test load a pile and to develop pile capacities based on the pile load test. We conducted similar work for several private sector clients and have load tested

20 m long piles in conditions similar to those encountered at depth of 20 m at the Hope Outfall. In some instances the piles did not experience failure, evidenced by excessive settlement, when loaded to 100 tons. Another perspective is to question the need to support the outfall on piles in the first place. While I have paid no attention to this project and have very little knowledge of the design, we have undertaken similar work for Booker Tate for several pump stations, some in soil conditions worse than those prevailing at Hope. These structures are founded 6 m below existing ground level. None of the pump stations, built by Booker Tate, are supported on piles. The fact is that the soil removed weighs less than the structure to be built at the site. The structure consequently imposes no load on the soil. This is obviously a repeat of the mistake made on the aquatic centre construction. The challenges associated with that type of improvisation relates to the management of the negative pore water pressures which develop during the construction stage. The costs of managing negative pore water pressures pale in comparison to the cost of countless piles. I should point out that the structure will most likely perform as proposed, since

consideration of the engineering factors indicates that the piles are redundant. However, considerable savings would have resulted in terms of both construction material and time, if a more technically defensible approach was applied to the engineering design of the structure. The Guyana Association of Professional Engineers would be strongly advised to use this as a case study to benefit the development of recent engineering graduates. It is only through recognition and acknowledgement of failures that the profession will move forward in Guyana. As an association you cannot seek legal recognition of engineers when engineers are failing to provide defensible engineering designs. Legal recognition and respect will come when engineers stop providing layman solutions to engineering problems. I would like to applaud Messrs Sohan and Alli for attempting to engender some discussions on these issues. Hopefully it would lead to more discussion on the technical merits/demerits of engineered solutions in Guyana. Taken objectively that will benefit the development of our engineers and will ensure the optimization of resources expended on engineering projects. Charles P. Ceres, PE Geotechnical Engineer & Groundwater Hydrologist

Thursday December 6, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

A ruse for which the PPP must be held accountable DEAR EDITOR, The right to freedom of expression comes with the responsibility to be honest, just and fair. Reference is made to recent statements of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), the Private Sector Commission (PSC) and the PPP administration (herein after refer to as Trio) regarding the parliamentary no-confidence vote in Mr. Clement Rohee functioning as Minister of Home Affairs. At the end of the day it helps the society when the people feel the named institutions are in this not from a selfish standpoint but speaking out for them. No right thinking government or civil society will be dismissive of the decision taken by the parliament, the nation’s highest decision-making forum. Neither would they be intolerant of the Members of Parliament (MPs) who want to ensure the parliamentary decision is carried out. That the motion addresses the people’s noconfidence in the incumbent performing the duties of guaranteeing their security and the Trio sees such desire as an irritant is disconcerting.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has the important responsibility to ensure our safety in the home, on the streets and at business premises; an illegal economy does not thrive; drug trafficking is eliminated; the police act professionally; the prison system functions properly; the fire service delivers needed service; perpetrators of violence, including white and blue collar crimes, child abuse and domestic violence, face the full brunt of the law; the properties and wealth of the State are properly managed and accounted for, etc. Thus the disturbing perspectives of the Trio give rise to feelings that the people must fight to ensure our lives are not left to their mercy. Though they may have access to protection or money to pay for what they need, the average person does not. The average person wants what the Trio want, but not at the expense of breaking the law. They want it within the confines of the laws, delivered by the people who are paid by their tax dollars and to whom these paid officials are ultimately

DEAR HON. MINISTER OF EDUCATION, This missive is of a matter of grave concern to the students of President’s College and their parents. I am writing to you out of frustration with the hope that some kind of intervention would be forthcoming. We are at the end of the school term and still some classes are without important teachers for subjects like English A & B, Biology and Communication Studies and more. Students most affected are the fourth to sixth form students. Not so long ago President’s College boasted that their children had no reason to take lessons and still had performances in the top 10 at CSEC and CAPE because they had dedicated teachers who would take their jobs s e r i o u s l y, w h o w ould substitute classes if perchance they missed a period, who would study with them at study period and who helped them along the way. Today, teachers sit in the staffroom to chat while children are left unattended. English is the most affected. Children in the fourth and fifth forms can tell you they never had or if at all how few times the teacher entered the class

room . They might have had a teacher in third form but at this crucial time some fourth and fifth formers have not had instruction for the year so far and no one seems to care. Efforts were made to speak with the Principal but this one is perpetually busy or not there. Never seen a Principal so busy who cannot attend to the concerns of the students. She, as a History teacher, is also, guilty of not fulfilling her classes. There are lots of things that are out of place there and I hope that the authorities can do something about it. Noticeable is decline in discipline not only with the teachers but the children. Just walk in the compound between 9:00am and 4:00 pm. Concerned parents and students

A worrying situation at President’s College

Editor’s Note: It is a pity that the affected parents are not bold enough to challenge the school to perform, choosing instead to write anonymous letters around the globe. If a similarly unsigned is received by the authorities there is unlikely to be any remedy. The authorities would simply ignore the missive.

accountable. It is hope the Trio can understand this basic function of government to the people, be respectful of it, and ensure that as a nation we do not depart from it. And lest it be glossed over, Mr. Rohee is paid by taxpayers to work for them. The evidence produced by the Opposition proves the minister has done an abysmal job. The fact that the Trio have not refuted the evidence, yet want the people to accept and move on as regards the Rohee matter, while he remains as Minister

of Home Affairs, is telling. This fight is a fight for the soul and security of this nation and the people. The Trio needs to be mindful of this and abort the fondness of driving fear into people to deny them what they are guaranteed under the law, and are due as citizens. They should also be mindful of the use of the concept “political instability,” and keeping away of investors. Upstanding corporate business, citizens and governments around the

world would see the current action as necessary to guarantee political stability based on accountable government and the rule of law. Noteworthy, prior to this incident, the society was relatively comatose, but investors have not flocked the country in spite of this and other additional enticements such as a weak dollar, tax haven code system, ready labour pool, valuable and untapped resources. There are other reasons investors stay away, three of

which are being debated now- secured environment, accountable government and the rule of law. Let us address them once and for all. Investors desirous of the present climate are in the main those who capitalise on mob rule to cream the society and exploit the locals. The trio must now choose which side they want to be on - the people’s side or mob rule. The PSC and GCCI’s name calling (immaturity, idiocy, etc) and accusation of MPs Continued on page 7

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Kaieteur News

Thursday December 6, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news How drug cartels and kingpins come Rohee sitting on the Committee of Privileges should not be condoned

to finance and dominate governments DEAR EDITOR, Let’s say there is a poor, corrupt country run by malcontents and incompetents. Drug cartels hold immense power in that country. How did the cartels get this much power and influence? Well, cartels grow because of corruption, spinelessness and immorality in the leadership of the country. Some leaders who have no clue how to build a fast growing economy actually believe that allowing drug trafficking to flourish will bring in lots of revenues to the government. The backwardness of these leaders gets exposed for missing the boat on basic commonsense. Anyone with a barely functioning brain knows that illegality such as drug trafficking does not create wealth except for a few who traffic the drugs and who collect the bribes and payoffs. Drug traffickers and money launderers evade paying taxes. The wealth from drug trafficking ends up in the hands of the few cartel members and those they pay off. The vast majority of the

country gets nothing. Drug trafficking leads to massive inequality. These cartel members spend most of their money abroad. While drug traffickers give nothing to the country, they cost the country a lot in terms of murders, deaths, crime escalation, addicted children, broken families, crippled legitimate businesses and terrorized communities. Government has to fork out massive sums to rehabilitate young drug addicts, pay for more policemen and policing equipment, and offer more tax incentives for failing businesses and industries competing against drug laundering companies. That money does not come from the criminals and cocaine cartels. It comes from the poor, working class people, who are crippled by more taxes to pay for these social costs. Drug cartels and crime enterprises can use their blood money to dominate and kill legitimate businesses. They can out-compete legal businesses. They bid for

government contracts, the same contracts paid for by taxes collected from working class taxpayers. When these criminals kill legitimate business and competition, they not only shrink business but destroy jobs, leaving tens of thousands of young people unemployed. The success of untouchable drug cartel kingpins and the bandits in power who facilitate them and get rich doing so, inspire poor and unemployed youths to aspire to a life of crime. Drug cartels poison society’s children every day. Inviolability for drug kingpins emboldens criminals to unmask themselves. They compromise governments and the populace by bribery, corruption, coercion, intimidation, influence peddling and blackmail. The get-rich-quick syndrome leads to a violent escalation of crime. Criminals bring more illegal weapons into society, which end up being used to kill even more citizens. Crime becomes a better investment Continued on page 7

DEAR EDITOR, There continues to be a stark absence of good ethics, professional conduct and moral fortitude in our dear land. Sadly, these realities are poignantly noted in the actions and dealings of those who sit at the very top of the leadership of our nation. It therefore, begs the question; where does the moral compass of our people lie? Is it in the actions, words and deeds of these few who hold executive power or does it lie in the heart, soul and actions of the ordinary citizenry? My belief is that it lies with the latter, a people whose moral values and ethics are very different from what the executive reflects. Since this is so, we must ask ourselves why is it that we have continued to remain relatively quiet when our values and ethics are being disregarded, misrepresented and treated as non-existent. Why must we remain silent when the actions of the executive seem to suggest to the world that we might be a people who couldn’t care less about those things which define us as decent moral

beings? Is it fear that quiets us or have we decided to give in to the undesirable actions and drumbeats, of the few, which seek to define us? We sat through the whole embarrassing episode of the ‘pirated textbooks’ but failed to raise much concern over the government’s shameless stance to defend its unabashed actions; particularly, when it stated that if the government does not pirate books then it cannot provide books for students in public schools. What a justification? This, for me, was a very sad reality, a reality which sends the wrong signals to our children and the world at large. Children who deserve better and ought to be treated better. Will the common criminal go to the courts and enunciate his ‘just defence’ for committing an unlawful and immoral act, and expect to receive the ‘willing mercies’ of the courts? Because of our perceived silence and refusal to express strong outrage at these actions, the government feels emboldened to perpetuate these unsavory acts upon us.

So without going into a litany of other examples, I would seek here to highlight just one other recent unfortunate reality - the Rohee gag saga. We have read in the press that the Speaker of the National Assembly has referred the matter of the noconfidence motion, passed against Minister Rohee, to the Committee of Privileges of the Parliament. We have also learnt that both sides are preparing to robustly defend their case. However, what was disheartening was the fact that the PPP/C, in its ‘moral’ judgment, has decided to have Minister Rohee sit as a member of this committee, at this time, when the said Minister will be the centrepiece of all discussions of immediate meetings of this committee. It was the actions or inactions of this minister which occasioned the urgent sitting of the committee. It would seem that good ethics and commonsense would dictate that the government side would have at least recognized that Rohee’s mere presence on that committee, Continued on page 7

Thursday December 6, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

How drug cartels and kingpins come... Rohee sitting on the Committee... From page 6 than education for some in society. Honest business practices are discarded. Cocaine is shipped in remarkably unique ways, using advanced manufacturing techniques to exotic markets, while legitimate manufacturing and trade of legal products is neglected. Turf wars erupt causing serious collateral damage to society. Then there are the drug gangs, phantom killers, private armies, vigilante groups and paramilitaries that are funded by criminal organizations to kill, maim and destroy. Corruption escalates. The few decent men left in public life and government are threatened, killed or coerced by drug kingpins or their own corrupt cabal to bow down to the criminal killers of society. Poor people like sugar workers have to do without pay increases because more has to be found to pay for the rising cost of law enforcement caused by a small band of brigands who terrorize and command the entire country. Foreign investors refuse to set foot in the country. The best and the brightest continue to flee, exacerbating the brain drain.

Law and order breaks down and people believe violence is the only response to conflict, so senseless blood-spilling surges. Fear grips the land. People refuse to venture out at night. Businesses are closed because of a lack of customers. Selfishness becomes a cancer as every man focuses on his own survival. Apathy takes charge. Self-preservation leaves the country without a sense of duty and community. Families are separated and torn apart over crime, drug addiction and other evils. Drug cartels and their handful of conspirators and lackeys spend like drunken sailors, driving prices up for the working class man and woman who are now struggling to get by. Greed, envy and covetousness become the template for getting ahead. The greatest evils of drug cartels and criminal syndicates dominating a country are the theft of democracy, the demise of the rule of law and the creation of a puppet state. Indecent, dishonourable and squalid men in power become yes-men to cartels and criminal overlords. Drug cartels spy on them, film them

and blackmail them taking bribes, molesting young girls, engaging in homosexual rape, cheating on their spouses and all manner of immorality. These tainted characters get elected by the people only to become controlled by the cartels and crime industries. This is how a nation becomes controlled by criminals. The bandits now not only own the politicians, they can fund election campaigns to ensure they continue to get the vagabonds in power. This is how criminals and drug cartels come to dominate countries. It is how they can determine the outcome of elections. It is how the people’s votes end up not mattering at all because the cartels or foreign government that control the corrupt politicians make a mockery of the electoral process. An election might as well never be held because the people are voting for those already handpicked by the drug cartels. Voters are not voting freely or fairly anymore. Democracy becomes a joke and a lie. Elections are just a facade and pretence for a dictatorship controlled by criminals. M. Maxwell

Christopher Ram should do his research DEAR EDITOR, I wish to refer to an article published in the Sunday Stabroek of December 2nd, 2012 by Mr Christopher Ram headlined ‘Things we have not noticed.’ Clearly he has not noticed that the Accountant General is a q u a l i f ied professional accountant. In fact, one wonders if he actually knows who the Accountant General

is. So clearly he took no time to notice because in his haste to meet his business page article submission deadline, he failed to do his research and instead made a sweeping statement that – “even the Accountant General is unqualified”. Maybe, just maybe, he has reviewed the job specification for that appointment - unknown to the Public Service Commission and as such he

has raised the qualification level for the appointment. He needs to know that he is not the only qualified Accountant in this country and he must refrain from publishing information that he wants to publish rather than what is the right information. If he wants to know the qualification he can do the honourable thing and research it. Jawahar Persaud

From page 6 at this time, can constitute a major stumbling block in this situation. Such a move begs questions about the motive and intention of the government; do they truly desire an amicable and swift resolution to this situation or is this a strategy to realize a more partisan and sinister outcome? Or is it that the government again is prepared to demonstrate that it embraces a policy of

confrontation rather than cooperation? Whatever is the reason, we must be aware that the PPP/C ‘s confidence and poise in perpetrating these insidious, unethical and immoral acts on the people would not happen if they recognize us as a decent people who subscribe to good moral and ethical principles. It is because of this disrespect they believe that they can disregard the people. If we are to believe that no one in the leadership of the

PPP/C believes that allowing Clement Rohee to sit on a committee which is meeting to pronounce on his action is outrageously wrong, then we ought to conclude that we are being led by our toes. Something is palpably and painfully wrong with the way these leaders see things, it is time the people stand up for what is moral and what is right. Rohee sitting on that committee is reprehensible and should not be condoned. Lurlene Nestor

From page 5 across the aisles without being forthright in identifying the culpable, smack of timidity, and are a refusal to call the situation for what is it. This makes a bad situation worse. Commonsense would inform that both (opposition and government MPs) cannot be right/wrong on the same matter that involves the desire to respect a vote versus the desire to disregard the said vote. Also, to the professed concerns that there are many

issues deserving of the MPs urgent attention, nothing prevents them from multitasking. This is evident with AFC Khemraj Ramjattan on the same day presenting a motion on the unapproved funding for the Marriott Hotel. Fixing this problem, however, requires more sittings and the Speaker and MPs must move to have this done. And as the PPP and President Ramotar rev-up their base and posture to the society with talks that the Constitution and

parliamentary procedures are not being respected, they must prove their case with the supporting evidence. Given the PPP’s track record, the absence of reference is their gimmick and gamble that the people would believe the government is under attack by the opposition and the opposition has no regard for the Constitution and parliamentary procedures. This is a ruse used by control freaks and for this, the PPP must be held accountable. M. A. Bacchus

A ruse for which the PPP must be...

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Kaieteur News

Thursday December 06, 2012

Ramotar eyes mega mining projects With a Parliamentary clamp on spending in some areas, and the Parliamentary agenda having no firm foot, President Donald Ramotar’s first year in office has been less than smooth. But investment prospects have him breathing optimism for his next year in office and beyond. President Ramotar is looking to mega operations in

the gold, bauxite and manganese to solidify the strength of the economy and keeping it on the growth path. “We have kept out economy going in a hostile and unfriendly international environment…and in a local situation where we have not been getting the full cooperation of the other political forces within the

Gunmen rob Bounty Meat Centre manager - One detained, getaway car found abandoned Gunmen on Tuesday evening escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash and the victim’s firearm after holding a Bounty Meat Centre manager at gun point. According to reports, the incident occurred about 18:50 hours at Robb Street, Georgetown. Security Officer Vincent Da Silva, 61, of South Road, Bourda, was attacked and robbed by three men armed with handguns. Reports are that Vincent Da Silva was transporting an undisclosed amount of cash, while armed with a .32 semi automatic Beretta pistol and ammunition, in motor car PNN 2145. He was confronted by

the perpetrators who blocked the path of his motor vehicle with a push cart and held him at gunpoint. The perpetrators then took away the cash and escaped in the victim’s motor vehicle. Quick response by the Police led to the arrest of a suspect who was found in possession of an unlicensed .32 revolver with five matching rounds. He is in police custody assisting with the investigations. Later, about 19:00 hours the, motor car PNN2145 was found abandoned at Stone Avenue, Campbellville. Investigations are ongoing.

…says strength of economy his biggest achievement of Finance had reported. For the first half of 2011, …seeks ‘stability’ in Parliament export earnings grew by 9.2 society. “So that is a remarkable achievement by any standard,” Ramotar told Kaieteur News in an interview. Ramotar said that Reunion Manganese, which is developing an area near an abandoned mine at Matthews Ridge, could begin commercial operations next year. In September 2010, the Company, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Reunion Manganese Inc., was awarded by the Government of Guyana four prospecting licenses (PLs) to conduct exploration and development activities for manganese in the North West District of Guyana. The PLs cover an area of 45,729 acres and are centered in and on the abandoned manganese mine at Matthews Ridge and Pipiani which was operated by a subsidiary of Union Carbide Corporation from 1962 to 1968. In excess of 1.66 million tonnes of manganese concentrate were shipped from the mine site during that period. In addition, he is looking

Donald Ramotar to the commencement of operation of the Aurora mine by Guyana Goldfields which is estimated to hold over six and a half million ounces of gold. Ramotar said he is pinning hopes too on new bauxite operations at Bonasika, where a feasibility has confirmed the economic viability of an operation based on sequential mining of two bauxite deposits over a mine life of 36 years, and the

construction of a washing plant facility, a sintering plant, and load out facilities, at Sand Hills. Ramotar is optimistic that these projects, together with continued growth in other sectors, could help sustain the economy. Recently, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) noted that Guyana recorded another year of robust growth in 2011 supported by favorable external conditions, lifting foreign direct investment and low inflation. Following general elections in November 2011 the political situation, though largely stable, became more complicated, “but investor interest has remained strong and confidence generally positive.” Real gross domestic product grew by 2.8 percent in the first half of 2012, particularly driven by strong performances in such sectors as mining and quarrying, wholesale and retail trade, and transport services, and notwithstanding a shortfall in sugar production, the Ministry

percent to US$582.1 million, compared with the US$533.2 million registered in June 2011. This primarily reflected higher export receipts from the mining sector. Ramotar said that dealing with the combined opposition, which holds the majority in Parliament, has been an “uphill struggle,” but “we’ve still been getting good investments.” He said that the opposition seems to have become “intoxicated” with its one-seat majority in the House. “Instead of working together so that we can accelerate the country faster, they seem more interested in digging in their heels trying to get control,” he stated. “It has not been easy working in the Parliament, largely because they wanted to grandstand and show some of their hardcore supporters that they have some power,” he added. However, Ramotar hopes for more stability in the coming year. “I think that hopefully this first year in parliament we can settle down to work together.”

Thursday December 06, 2012

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NO MORAL BASIS FOR AGREEMENT TO PROCEED There represents no lawful or moral basis for the government to proceed any longer with the agreements that were reached concerning Linden. The components of that agreement represented part of a single undertaking. That single undertaking involved principally ascertaining the circumstances surrounding the shooting to death of the persons at Linden last July, the placing on hold of the tariff increases until a technical team undertakes an assessment of the tariffs and other obligations concerning television and development for Linden. By breaching the single undertaking through the passage of a no-confidence motion in the House of Assembly thus prejudging and violating the spirit of the agreement, the combined opposition has left the government with no other alternative but to conclude that it is no longer morally bound to proceed longer with the implementation of the various facets of the agreement which signed as a single undertaking. It was the opposition in fact which just prior to the signing agreed that there has to be agreement on

everything or nothing can be said to have been agreed to. More fundamentally, it is doubtful whether the government can be held legally liable for not proceeding. And given the vicious actions of the combined opposition in trying within the legislature to lynch the Minister of Home Affairs, the government should seriously consider its options at this stage. The basis for proceeding with the agreement simply no longer exists. The combined opposition has acted in bad faith. It cannot be said to be interested in getting to the truth of what took place when it firstly blamed the police for what happened but only wants the Minister of Home Affairs to be held accountable. Secondly, it cannot be interested in justice when it seeks to prejudge the very Commission of Inquiry that it had sought to establish and to which it had insisted should be comprised of persons from the Caribbean. The joint opposition is only interested in justice on its own terms and this can never be justice nor can it be acceptable because it demonstrates bad faith and untrustworthiness in the approach towards this issue.

Dem boys seh ...

Bharrat want a hammarin Is Christmas and de man in red does check pun who good and who got fuh get toys. Dem boys find out all who like kinky stuff and all who can only watch and think about wha dem would like to do but can’t do. Dem check Brazzy computer and then dem ask Santa fuh check fuh heself. Is de first time dem see Santa get vex. De man in red send a text message to Brazzy and dem boys peep de message. “You ain’t getting sh…t fuh Christmas. I just examine yuh computa and it full of porn, yuh freaking pervert.” Brazzy hoping fuh a review just like how de IMF ask Donald fuh review some of dem projects, including de one that will give all Guyana, including awe grandpickney hydro seed. Well dem boys seh that some people hoping that there is no review because if anybody review all dem projects that Dacta Jagdeo bring to Guyana he, Dacta Jagdeo would spend de rest of he life in jail. But sometimes review is good. Some of dem Bees reviewing wha happen when dem lost de smuggle gold. And according to dem boys, every time dem review de operation dem does cry. Dem thief and dem convert nuff of de money to gold. Dem bury de gold and when dem mek a deal dem decide to ship out some. Everybody know wha happen and that is why all of dem suh quiet. Dem ain’t even going to dem night clubs like dem used to. Dem too busy crying. Only de Rat smiling because he get hanna. He get one more dacta fuh being scampish. When dem ask de hammah man bout he scampish friend, de hammah man simply seh that de Rat get hanna-rin but he really deserve a good hamma-rin. And de man wid de hamma should really know wheh de hamma got to fall. Talk half and plan fuh de rest.

If the opposition parties were serious about justice for the victims of the Linden tragedy, they would have ensured that the terms of reference dealt with the organization of the protests. But the opposition knows why it suddenly decided to reject the very aspect of the terms of reference which dealt with the organization of the protests. In short, it decapitated one of the most important aspects which ought to have been considered by the Commission of Inquiry: how the protests leading to the shooting were organized and

whether the manner of the organization of the protest contributed to the tragedy. The Commission of Inquiry, therefore, is excluding an important aspect of trying to find out just what went wrong. How can you examine what caused an action when the antecedents are ignored? The combined opposition did not wish for the names of those who organized the protest to be made known or for the actions of these forces to be placed under scrutiny by the Commission of Inquiry. The opposition is afraid of what that will reveal. Is the opposition afraid of

the implications? It is clear that once the Commission of Inquiry’s report is that lawyers for those whose properties were damaged and destroyed, as well as those who suffered pecuniary losses or were otherwise affected by unlawful acts during the crisis are going to sue for vicarious liability. That was clearly hinted at during the final stages of the hearings into the inquiry. Therefore legal action seems almost inevitable against those who were supposed to ensure that protest action did not descend into violence or anarchy, as well as those

whose actions impeded others from going about their lawful business. Those who suffered losses are not going to take action to recover these losses because those losses run into hundreds of millions of dollars and if somebody or a number of persons are likely to be held accountable for those losses.

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Thursday December 06, 2012


This is the continuation of my critique of Ralph Ramkarran’s thesis on the PPP’s faults and future (see my December 4 column). Two theories of mine were posited and needed elongated discussion. First, I asked the question why the PPP neglected the welfare of the broad masses as conceded by Mr. Ramkarran. I differ from Mr. Ramkarran in that I do not believe the PPP is a working class party. I will now develop that proposition. The second theory is that the PPP

became an authoritarian regime not because of what happened along the way since 1992 as Mr. Ramkarran contends but for reason of its natural authoritarian instinct, or to put it another way, the autocratic political culture it was born into. Adumbration of this point is left for a forthcoming column. Clem S e e c h a r a n ’s seminal work, “Sweetening Bitter Sugar” on the life of the Booker chieftain in British Guiana, Sir Jock Campbell, is very instructive. Seecharan argues that the sugar w o r k e r s w e r e J a g a n ’s

Speeding truck crushes 58-yr-old woman Two truck drivers are assisting police on the East Coast of Demerara in their investigations into the death of a 58-year old female vagrant who was crushed yesterday after she was struck by one of the vehicles on the Good Hope Public Road. Police in a statement, said that the fatal accident which caused the death of Rajdai Beharry, of no fixed place of

abode, occurred about 09:10 hours. According to the police, investigations revealed that the driver of motor Canter GPP 4465 was in the process of overtaking motor car PLL 135 when he struck down Beharry who was walking along the roadway. The woman was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

ladder to climb to recognition as a serious contender in the anti-colonial arena. Outside of the sugar estates, Jagan had no constituency. The sugar workers were his tool. Urban society (both the middle class and the African proletariat) did not offer any prospects neither did the trade union movement outside of the sugar industry. Jagan then saw his survival in the world of the sugar industry. Like most anti-colonial leaders, he had to label himself as a champion of the masses. In this respect Burnham and Jagan and their parties were alike and no different from any other pretender in the anti-colonial milieu. When power came, the administration of both Jagan and Burnham hardly came across as working class governments. Jagan’s 1962 Kaldor budget was insensitive to the urban proletariat and with the rejection of it by that class he faced horrendous street protests. Burnham’s reign did not see any fundamental shift in the way the working people lived.

The tear gassing of bauxite workers over legitimate economic demands was the beginning of the end for Burnham. The bauxite workers embraced Walter Rodney soon after. Back in power in 1992, Jagan died without abolishing the sugar levy, the implementation of which by the Burnham Government, he called the longest strike in the sugar industry. When his wife succeeded him as President, she did not remove it either. T he levy was scrapped twelve years after the PPP came to power strengthening the theory of Seecharan that Jagan used the sugar workers for his own political ambition. Another graphic example of his betrayal of his so-called working class credentials was his dissolution of duty free concession in 1995 for UG lecturers which President Burnham had instituted in 1973. At the same time his Government had agreed to wide sweeping concessions for the business class which continues up to this day Jagan proclaimed his party a working class organization but so were thousands of other parties

around the world that did not provide for the labouring masses when they came to office. What we knew of Cheddi Jagan and the PPP came from his phenomenal energy in confronting Burnham’s authoritarian government from 1968 to 1985. He came across as anticapitalist, pro-labour, humanist, anti-dictatorship and moderate. But there was nothing in those days by which we could have judged his pro-labour credentials. On the contrary, Jagan’s anti-tyranny politics masked his capitalist elitism. While preaching the virtues of Soviet socialism and the greatness of world communism, Jagan sent his son to Canada for his university education and enrolled him in not one of the most, but the most expensive Canadian institution, Sir George Williams University. One of the iconoclastic revelations research into the politics of the fifties and sixties has thrown up is that of the two antagonists, the PPP, the so-called party of the masses, was more propertied than the PNC. The PPP had enormous land holdings in Industrial

Frederick Kissoon Site, Bel Air Village and on Regent Streets. Many of the PPP stalwarts lived in bourgeois areas with middle class homes. Such a characteristic was missing in the PNC’s leadership To conclude, it is not tenable to argue as Mr. Ramkarran did that the present PPP leadership has failed the Guyanese working class because the demise of world socialism led the party into a new configuration and that the party had to deal with the harsh reality of global domination of capitalism. My contention is that the PPP has never been a working class party. No group of p o l i t i c i a n s i n power for over twenty years should be seen as socialist when you look at the mistreatment of the working population as we see in today’s Guyana

Thursday December 06, 2012

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Thursday December 06, 2012

NAACIE warns GPL over sloth in wages, salaries negotiations The National Association of Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE) has sounded a warning to the Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) over negotiations for improved wages and salaries. The union said, yesterday, that its members are upset over GPL’s “deliberate refusal to meet with the union to negotiate proposals for improved salaries, wages and working conditions for the senior and junior staff employees represented by NAACIE.” According to NAACIE, since May 16, 2012, it had dispatched to GPL its demands outlining proposals and claims to constitute a renewed Collective Labour Agreement covering the conditions affecting the GPL workers for which NAACIE is the sole bargaining agent. “The proposals were to cover the period January 1 to December 31, 2012 and related to wages contractual salaries increase, overtime work, stand-by time, a variety of allowances and premiums, first aid medical facilities, among the varied benefits and responsibilities that these GPL workers are affected by during their daily technical and risky hours of work.” NAACIE made it clear that the ball and initiative are now

Kenneth Joseph in the company’s court. “NAACIE hopes that good sense will prevail in this season of goodwill when industrial peace should also prevail.” The union explained that following the May submission of the demands, GPL met with them briefly in early November during which it was agreed that more substantial discussions would ensue at another early session. “No such meeting has been convened as the working year hurtles to its end. The union and workers are now therefore disgusted by this obvious, deliberate discourtesy and insult to its workers and the union.” According to NAACIE’s General Secretary, Kenneth Joseph, the GPL stance is

being seen by the union “as yet another example of a strategy by the GPL Chief Executive Officer and his well paid executives to delay any possible increase for NAACIE until year end, thereby, precluding the hard working employees from any fringe benefits like bonuses which they deserve.” “Even though this is not about Christmas, per se,” Joseph explained, “it reeks of insulting behaviour towards the workers bargaining agent as well as the usual contempt for the unionised employees who are not contractual favourites of the CEO and his team. Something has got to give if there is no urgent courtesy.” Joseph said that he was of the belief that GPL’s “contempt” is perhaps patterned after the technique whereby even the state seems to be ignoring the industrial relations democratic custom and practice of Collective Labour Agreements. He stressed that GPL workers fall under a different category. “But GPL workers belong to a corporate entity, somewhat distinct from the more governmental employees, though NAACIE views the contribution of every worker vital to national development for which they must be rewarded commensurately.”

Disruptions of services imminent as GRA relocates - Commissioner-General

GRA’s new Headquarters The Guyana Revenue Authority yesterday stated that its operations at the General Post Office (GPO) Building will be relocated to its new Headquarters (former CLICO Building) at 200 -201 Camp Street, Georgetown, effective Monday. This move will result in a

disruption of services that were offered to the public from GPO’s location. These services are the issuance of Certificates of Compliance, Liability Statements, Debt Management Operations, payment of Estate Duties and other taxes. Additionally, with immediate effect, payment of

taxes will no longer be facilitated at the GPO location. The general public will now have to visit GRA’s Headquarters on Camp Street to make all tax payments. The Refunds Unit and the Objections and Appeals Section have already been relocated to Camp Street.

Thursday December 06, 2012

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Cotton Tree residents battling MMA over titled lands A West Berbice man joined with 103 residents, to become actively engaged in a fight against the MahaicaMahaicony-Abary Development Association (MMA/ADA) in Region Five for several acres of land which they say belonged to their now deceased fore parents. Mansoor Khan, who holds over 20 acres of land now under threat of being taken away from him, has taken it upon himself to initiate a legal battle in the Courts. He is adamant in his fight with the MMA and government for what he is convinced rightfully belongs to him. He stated that his grandparents along with those of many other residents purchased the Village of Cotton Tree in 1882. “They were granted a licence for the plans which consisted of 1753 acres of land. This land has been occupied from the inception to this date by the residents in Cotton Tree”. He added that MMA/ADA, in 2008, had advertised to cancel the titles of all the lands. Kaieteur

News was informed that the land titles are in the names of all the proprietors (103 present- day residents of Cotton Tree). “The (MMA/ADA) wants to hold the title so that we cannot get rights to the land and they want to repossess and re-allocate. We are vigorously opposing this and the matter is now pending in the Court of Appeal.” He accused the MMA/ ADA of being “in the breach of the rules of the High Court when it sent me a letter dated October 18, informing me that the licence had been cancelled. My lawyer wrote MMA/ADA General Manager on October 30, 2012, protesting this move”. Letters of complaint were dispatched to Alliance for Change (AFC) Chairman, Nigel Hughes; Leader of the Opposition (APNU), David Granger and President Donald Ramotar, as well as the Attorney General Anil Nandlall, informing them about MMA/ADA’s decision. “The people will not yield to MMA/ADA!” Further, Khan and the

other residents are demanding that the body be disbanded immediately. He quoted the Constitution of Guyana Article 20 “Rights of Inheritance” (State Lands Act 62:01 Art 10) in that these lands should have passed on to the living relatives of the fore- parents. “This is the third generation now on the land and they are not going to let loose!” he reiterated. “They have already taken Rosignol and D’Edward, Numbers 5,6,7, 10, where these lands were owned by the proprietors. Cotton Tree is the only second- depth land which is still owned—and the title is still in the proprietors’ names,” he stated. Khan added, too, that what is indeed surprising is that the residents who owned the lands have been cultivating there for a number of years and they (MMA) didn’t want to give us title for the land.” The matter is currently at the Appeal Court and there is no date fixed as yet “but it seems to me that if MMA pursues any of the allocation

Khan standing before the billboards he erected along the roadway in Cotton Tree and cancellation, it means to say there will be a confrontation between the proprietors and MMA.” The residents are prepared to take further action, “but we have to wait for when we have the correct timing for the action.” “I will not give up an inch of my daddy’s land—I will not allow my daddy’s property which they have

suffered and put in blood and sweat in those lands to go, under no circumstance!” The matter was last called in 2008 at the Berbice High Court. Justice Roxanne George, Khan said, “refused the injunction and as a result, I have filed an Appeal in the Court of Appeal”. “We are waiting to see what the court will do and we are watching!”

Khan has also erected several billboards in front of his Cotton Tree, West Berbice residence, to protest the action of MMA/ADA. Efforts to contact the MMA/ADA for a comment, proved futile. The senior citizen has also stated that he is regularly informing the officials at the U.S Embassy about the matter, since he is a U.S. Citizen.

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Thursday December 06, 2012

Rotary Club spearheads literacy programme in Berbice

Students, teachers and members of the New Amsterdam Rotary, display some of the books Samuel Whyte The Rotary Club of New Amsterdam has taken the initiative to improve the literacy level of students in Berbice. The club, through its Vocational Service Department, has donated more than 24 boxes of books worth over $500,000 to four Canje, East Berbice primary schools as part of its Book Distribution Project in the region. The four schools are Forth Ordinance, Betsy Ground, Cumberland and Rose Hall Estate Primary Schools. This is the first part of an ongoing drive by the Rotary Club of New Amsterdam to put more books in the schools and to enhance the literacy level of school children in the Berbice area. The latest project by the club will benefit over 2000 students. The books were handed over at a simple presentation

ceremony held at the Hand in Hand Insurance Company building at New Street New Amsterdam. Club President Rabindranauth Sookraj stated that the books will cover most of the basic topics that are done in schools and will help the students to do more indepth reading. Some of the subject areas included Mathematics, Science, English, Phonics, Reading, Social studies, History and Geography. “From the distribution each school will receive over 400 books.” Sookraj stated. The Rotary President along with Immediate Past President, Tajepaul Adjodhea, spoke with the media. The men emphasised their interest in children and the importance of reading. They lament the lack of interest in reading in the youths today. They hope the injection of the books will be the start of a renewed focus

Airy Hall man suffers losses to fire An Airy Hall, Essequibo Coast, rice farmer is counting his losses, after a fire destroyed his bond, one tractor and other farming equipment. Nazareen Khan, a/k Gums, locked his bond some time Thursday morning and went to the back dam to attend to his farm. Bhagwandai Sukhai, Khan’s mother, said that she was at home when she noticed smoke emanating from Khan’s bond. Sukhai lived one lot away from her son. Sukhai said that she did not waste any time and as such, she hurriedly alerted

neighbours as the smoke billowed from the bond, which housed the tractor, tyres and other farming equipment. The elderly woman added that while Khan’s tractor and three large tyres were destroyed, neighbours successfully contained the blaze and saved Khan’s house. Members of the Guyana Fire Service at Anna Regina and Guyana Power and Light responded to the fire call but did not arrive until the people had contained the blaze. Khan’s losses are estimated in the millions of dollars.

in reading among the schools and youths in general. The books were sourced from the United States of America by Rotarians in that country through the assistance of another nongovernment organization, the Sherling Guy Care on the Corentyne. Two containers of books have so far been acquired and are ready for distribution to school children in the region. Nursery schools in the New Amsterdam/Canje district as well as Primary and Secondary Schools in the area will be targeted next as the project continues. Senior Mistress of Fort Ordinance Primary, Francesca Johnson, IT teacher Bibi Safi of the Rose Hall Estate primary school, Miguel Johnson, Assistant Master of Cumberland primary school and Nalini Carmichael, Senior Mistress of the Betsy Ground Primary school were among the teachers and students that attended the simple ceremony. Speaking on behalf of the recipients Ms Carmichael expressed her thanks on behalf of the Ministry of Education, the various schools and teachers. The books she said will go a long way in helping the students with their reading. She noted that most of the schools have established or are in the process of establishing school libraries. The books, she said, will come in handy because the children are going to read and educate themselves. The students also expressed their appreciation for the donation. The rotary club also paid for transporting the books to Berbice and to the various schools.

Thursday December 06, 2012

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One more pirate Suspicion surrounds body remanded outside Brickdam Police Station Another suspected pirate was yesterday remanded to prison on two charges of piracy and robbery committed on the high Seas on September 8. Steve O’Neil faced Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court on allegations that he used a handgun to raid fishing boats in the region of Foxes Beach, North West District. According to the charge the accused carted off more than $1.2 million worth of commodities belonging to the captains and their crew members. Police alleged that in the North West District, the accused attacked and robbed Vibert Singh and his crewmembers abroad the De Naresh fishing vessel, robbing them of one 48 HP engine, cell phone cards, a quantity of fishing glue, and other items. The other charge read that on the same day O’Neil being armed with a handgun, robbed Geewan Singh and his crew members of articles valued in excess of $1M. They included a boat engine, a radio set and fishing glue. He was not required to plead to the charge. Prosecutor Stephen Telford asked that the defendant be

Steve O Neil remanded to prison. Several arrest warrants were issued for the accused but he eluded detention until he was captured months later in the interior region. Telford argued that there is likelihood that the man may flee the jurisdiction. O’Neil’s arrest follows that of Richard Mangal, Gary Joseph and Eon Sampson who were all arraigned on allegation that they committed a chain of armed robberies on the high seas. They were also remanded at their initial court appearance and are currently in police custody as the preliminary inquest into the matter progresses.

The relatives of a 65-yearold man are seeking explanations regarding his sudden death, especially after he was last seen in the custody of the police. The nude body of Rupert Stephens, called ‘Hafar’, was discovered on Brickdam just opposite the Police Station around 09:00hrs on Monday. While officials at the funeral parlour where the body was taken have indicated that it bore no visible marks of violence, relatives are still suspicious about the way the matter was handled. In fact Stephens’s brother, Vinsley Greene, only learnt about Rupert’s death yesterday. Greene told this newspaper that his brother would sometimes suffer a mental breakdown. He said that after learning about his death, he decided to carry out his own investigations. Greene learnt that his brother, who is a frequent visitor to the Brickdam Cathedral, was seen at the place of worship late last week. According to Greene, an official at the Cathedral said that Stephens was behaving

Within minutes ranks arrived and took Stephens away. “That was the last time they saw him alive,” Greene told this newspaper. He said that the church official told him that he was surprised when he learnt that the body found opposite the station was that of Stephens. What is more baffling is the fact that the police did not issue any statement regarding the discovery of the body, especially since they did not readily identify the person. There is no indication that the dead man’s clothes were found near his body. “The parlour said that there are no marks of

violence, but it’s as if they (police) were covering up something,” Greene stated, adding that he is not casting blame on anyone. When this newspaper contacted a senior official at the Brickdam Police Station yesterday, he said that he was aware of the discovery of the body, but he appeared to have little knowledge that Stephens was in the custody of the police, even though it might have been for a brief period. He promised to investigate the matter. A post mortem examination is expected to be performed on Stephens’ body tomorrow.

Watchman fined for parking space quarrel

Rupert Stephens called ‘Hafar’ in an erratic manner and someone called the police.

A Security guard attached to a Brazilian restaurant located on Sheriff Street was charged for verbally abusing a woman over a parking space. The man, Ronald Jaundoo, admitted to the accusation when he appeared before Magistrate Leron Daley. On December 4, Jaundoo allegedly insulted Hemwattie

Persaud after she parked her motorcar in the space reserved for customers of the Brazilian Restaurant. Jaundoo in his explanation to the court stated that both parties abused each other but that he was the only one charged. He was later ordered to pay a fine of $10,000.

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Thursday December 06, 2012

AFC lambastes traffic situation following death of campaign worker While the PPP Government blissfully bleeds the treasury, our people bleed and die needlessly on our roads, said Alliance For Change member, Gerhard Ramsaroop. His comments came as he recalled the death of Ronald Livingstone, someone well known to the media fraternity, and who gave great service to the AFC in the last election campaign. He tragically lost his life four days ago in yet another fatal accident. Ronald, a father of four, was in the prime of his life, another scarce human resource gone, Ramsaroop added. “As if it is not enough that we lose 80 per cent of our skilled people to migration to greener, safer pastures, the PPP Government continues to turn a blind eye to this situation that has evolved dramatically for the worse under its 20 years of rule. “The Government instead, rests on its imaginary laurels, arguing that the many vehicles symbolise progress, and refuse to formulate, much less implement a proper road transportation policy. “While road accidents are a reality everywhere in the world, Guyana’s situation is particularly deplorable. We do not possess a complex network of roads nor do we have extensive multilane highways. “However, the difference with the rest of the civilised world is that we have a freefor-all compounded by corrupt law enforcement and corrupt drivers licence acquisition practices. Anyone, with the requisite sum of $50,000 can obtain a driver’s licence in Guyana

today.” He said that these inexperienced people do not know the rules of the road. This is made worse by inadequate road demarcation and signage, and poorly planned roads. “The four-lane East Bank Highway, for example, has no storage lanes, nor adequate space for parking. This leads to the fulltime use of the right lane, particularly by heavy vehicles, though the right lane is supposed to be reserved for overtaking and turning, resulting in a dangerously uneven flow of traffic. In effect, this highway functions less efficiently than a wide two-lane road, Ramsaroop said. The PPP managed also to reduce the efficiency of the Rupert Craig four-lane Highway by implementing a solid barrier for most of its length. “Then you have the Berbice Bridge that bars cyclists and cannot take machinery weighing more than 20 tonnes. Those machines, for example excavators and draglines, have to be crossed by barge which costs more than shipping a container from the US to Guyana.” “As it relates to road demarcation, not only is it inadequate and haphazard, but the PPP also employs a special instantly fading road paint that keeps those buying the paint very happy. Since metal signs last much longer than PPP road paint, the Government hardly uses them as there is less scope for corruption there.” Overseeing and further incubating this chaos is none

other than the PPP’s “best” Minister, Clement Rohee, the AFC member charged. “This Minister arrogantly declared that only the PPP can judge him, and not the people whom he is supposed to serve. How many more will die under his baleful watch? How many more will die before the PPP does something?” The AFC, therefore, demands that the Government immediately formulate and implement a comprehensive road transportation policy that would include incentives for big buses to return to our roads, revamping the way we issue drivers licences and making more efficient use of our limited roadways by scheduling container trucks and garbage vehicles, sensible lane demarcation and prioritising of roads, and introducing the 4-way stop system. This must of course, be done through meaningful consultation of all stakeholders, including the business community, Town Councils and Customs House. There must also be a proper road expansion plan, which is not rocket science, and made easier by plans available from the 1960’s and 70’s, such as the alternate East Bank route and the Del Conte Highway, Ramsaroop noted. Somehow, PPP progress always seems to cost us so much, at so many levels, he added. The repressive and oppressive taxation system for the importation of vehicles must also be overhauled so as to encourage newer, smaller and more fuel efficient vehicles.

Den Amstel murder ...

Prosecution presents closing address, verdict likely today As the murder trial of Den Amstel resident, Dwayne Jordan, draws closer to its end, the 12- member jury is expected to deliberate today. This is following the prosecution delivering its final address on the facts of the case, yesterday. Jordan is charged with the 2007 murder of his reputed wife, Claudine Rampersaud. The offence reportedly happened on June 14, at Clay Brick Road, Den Amstel, West Coast Demerara. At the time, Rampersaud was a Special Constable attached to the Vreed-en Hoop Police Station. It is alleged that the accused stabbed his reputed wife at least 12 times in the head. The post mortem examination which was

conducted by city pathologist, Dr Nehaul Singh proved that Rampersaud died from cerebral hemorrhage due to several stab wounds to the head. Prosecutor Konyo Sandiford presented the evidence against the accused on behalf of the State. The matter is being heard before newly appointed Judge Navindra Singh. In the earlier hours of the day, Defence Lawyer Nigel Hughes delivered his closing arguments, arguing why the accused should be acquitted of the capital offence. The story is that the death of the woman was accidental and that the accused was attacked by a man with whom his reputed wife was reportedly having an affair.

In his statement to the police, the accused claimed that his wife would work late and on days when she did, he would normally pick her up at the “road head” where the two would proceed to their residence. On the day of the murder, the accused alleged that he had received no call from his wife and he decided to venture to the “road head” in search of her. He however said that while on his way out, someone told him that his wife had entered a house with another man. He said that he went to the house but as soon as he entered, he was attacked and wounded by someone. He said that he and that person, a male, had a scuffle which (continued on page 17)

Thursday December 06, 2012

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Injured student nurse recuperating well Selwyn Semple, the 18year-old First Year Student Nurse of the New Amsterdam School of Nursing who was pinned under a house that collapsed last week, is recovering well. Semple, of Lot 8 Timmers Dam, Angoy's Avenue was seriously injured two Wednesdays ago when his house which was being repaired collapsed. The young man, who is the eldest of six children, was at the time assisting his father and a contractor to plumb the cottage. Semple is now residing and getting some rest at his grandmother's residence not far from the house that collapsed. Yesterday, he was on his verandah, with a few of his

colleagues from the Nursing School. The young nurse-intraining recalled that he “went to collect a piece of wood for the contractor. A short while later the house just fell. I decided to run…and it fell and crushed me”. It took a consciousminded effort from neighbours to relieve him from under the structure. He was conscious and was rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he received immediate medical attention for his injuries which were thought to be very serious at the time. He was discharged on Sunday. He sustained some fractures but he is now happy that he can “walk about”.

Woman accused for indecent exposure An unemployed mother of five recently faced the court on a charge of indecent exposure. The woman, who identified herself as Candacy Cambridge, of Lot 65 West Ruimveldt Front Road, pleaded not guilty to the charge before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-

Beharry. On September 11, last, at Georgetown in public view, Cambridge allegedly exposed her private parts in an indecent manner. Cambridge was subsequently released on her own recognizance. She is scheduled to return to court on January 4, 2013.

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Nurse Semple (sitting) surrounded by colleagues and his mother (in the back)

There are minor injuries about the body, including scars on his knee and bruises on his back. His right eye is still closed and he is currently on pain killers. Semple did miss one of his practical exams but will be allowed to do it early next year. Luckily, at the time of the incident, he had already written all of his other end-of-first-year exams.

Prosecution presents closing address, verdict ... From page 16 turned into a fight. His wife, he said, got in between the fracas and was injured. The prosecution is however r e f u t i n g t h o s e claims and called the killing a “crime of passion.” Sandiford said every wound that the deceased got was intended for her since the evidence proved that the accused had believed that his wife was having an affair. In a bid to end the shame of it, since the talk was spreading in the community, Sandiford said the accused ended his wife’s life. The prosecutor called the

defence case a “tangled web of lies”. She refuted claims of self defence and accidental death. She asked the jury to rely on the e v i d e n c e o f eyewitnesses; especially on that of the dead woman’s brother-in-law, Ryan Lewis. Lewis reportedly fought with the accused on the night of the alleged offence. In the witness box, he identified the accused as the man who had wounded him. During that time, Jordan sat still in the court dock, focusing straight ahead, never looking in the direction of the prosecutor. All the while tears

streamed down the dead woman sister’s face and continued throughout the hearing. The sister, Shellon Payne, had testified in court. She said that on the night of the incident, she was with her husband when she heard her sister screaming out for help. She testified that her sister had yelled out that “Jordan trying to kill me”. The woman’s body was found in a house where she and her partner had been living. They had however moved to another location, leaving the house empty. Ryan Lewis had testified that he and his wife were heading

home when they heard the commotion in the house which they had to pass on their journey. The man said that he kicked down the door and engaged in a fight with a man in the house. It was after the man had fallen down a flight of stairs that Lewi s s a i d h e recognized the man to be the accused. After that, he said he ran out of the house and fell a short distance away because of the injuries he had sustained. The court will make its summing up and the jury will head to the jury room to make a decision. The matter continues today.

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Thursday December 06, 2012

Thursday December 06, 2012

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Thursday December 06, 2012

Top GPL official attacked by cutlasswielding men outside main office A deafening silence has greeted enquiries about the vicious assault on a senior Guyana Power and Light official outside the power company’s Head Office on Main Street on Tuesday night. This newspaper was reliably informed that the company’s Finance Director, Aeshwar Deonarine, was attacked and beaten by two cutlass-wielding men as he was about to enter his car which was parked about 50 metres from the GPL Main Street entrance. The official sustained injuries to his hand which was in a sling yesterday. While no motive for the assault has been clearly established, one report is that it was an attempted robbery. Another theory suggests that the attack may be linked to the recent award of a multimillion dollar contract for the provision of the pre-paid

Aeshwar Deonarine meters for the power company. Kaieteur News understands that Deonarine left the compound just around 20:00 hours and made his way to his Toyota Mark 2 which was parked about 50 yards from the GPL gate. As he approached the vehicle two men appeared and started to beat him about his

body with cutlasses. The official reportedly shouted for help, hoping that the security guards in the GPL compound would respond. But the guards reportedly claimed that they did not hear the alarm. It was only the approaching presidential convoy, which had just left State House that forced the attackers to flee. Nothing was reportedly stolen from Deonarine. However, the official did not return to the GPL guard hut to report the incident nor has he reported it to the police. This newspaper contacted the power company and no one could confirm or deny the attack. Staff members who spoke to this newspaper said that they were only hearing whispers about the incident although, they had seen the official wearing a sling across his shoulder.

PAC exposes loose arrangements in Ministries - PNCR Joe Harmon Shadow Minister for Public Works, Attorney at Law, Joe Harmon, yesterday said that last Monday’s Public Accounts Committee meeting has exposed that there is a “loose arrangement” within the Ministry of Tourism and some other Ministries. On Monday last, Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Tourism, Willet Hamilton, was grilled about why the Ministry spent $13M in 2009; and $10M in 2010 over the use of taxi services for staffers. According to Harmon, there should be a greater degree

of accountability and a proper system of procurement. “It’s far too much money to be used for taxis…there must be a system of accountability for Government Ministries,” Harmon told Kaieteur News. According to Harmon, it is important for the PS to note that he is accountable, since he was the one who was called before the PAC. He said that APNU has been talking about the issue of the PSs’ within the Ministries being accountable. Harmon said that it is the PS who has to hold the Minister in “check”.

New ‘RR’ motor vehicle series commences The Motor Vehicle Registration Series ‘PP’ has come to an end. The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) says the next available registration letters are ‘RR’ since the alphabet letters I, O and Q are not used in the Registration Series. The RR Series commences Tuesday. The ‘PP’ Series officially began on December 7, 2011 and came to an end Tuesday; a total period of approximately one year, like the previous ‘NN’ Series. The tax agency said to date the registration series that lasted the longest is the HH Series, with 1993 being the base year. The ‘HH’ Series commenced June 2000 and ended September 2003 (3yrs 3months). Current trends indicate that more vehicles are being bought and registered over an increasingly shorter period. Persons preparing to register new vehicles are

reminded that a Motor Vehicle Licence is valid until the anniversary of registration the following year. GRA is also reminding persons to renew their Motor Vehicle Licence at GRA’s new Headquarters, 200201 Camp Street, South Cummingsburg, between Middle and Quamina Streets. Apart from the Licence Revenue Office and GRA’s Regional Integrated Tax Offices. Additionally, Taxpayers who receive reminder notices from the GRA about the renewal date for the Motor Vehicle licences, are encouraged to visit branches of the Bank of Baroda, Demerara Bank or the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI) to pay for the renewal of their Motor Vehicle Licence. Registration of Vehicles continues at the Licence Revenue Office, Smyth and Princes Streets, Georgetown.

He said that he hopes that more serious and stringent measures are put in place to ensure that monies are not wasted on frivolous things. Harmon further noted that this serves as notice to other permanent secretaries that they are accountable and they should stand up within their respected Ministries. The Auditor General’s report stated that the Ministry spent a whopping $11.1 million on transporting activities. In 2009, R and T Taxi Service, received $7,471,000; Green Ice received $752,000 and Courtesy Transport received $5,538,000; a total of $13,761,000 to transport Ministry of Tourism staffers for supposed work related purposes. In 2010, Indian Chief Taxi Service received $144,000, R and T Taxi Service received $7,153,000; while Green Ice was paid $2,750,000; a total of $10,047,000 to again transport Ministry staff for work related matters. Last year, for transporting purposes, Indian Chief received $5,089,000 from the Tourism Ministry. R and T Taxi Service received $3,046,000 and Green Ice received $2,979,000. However, all of the owners for the services have denied that they were paid these sums. The owners are calling for a better audit. Hamilton has explained that the Ministry staffers would have used taxis since vehicles are limited. According to Hamilton, the Ministry currently has three vehicles. According to Hamilton he has made the request to have more vehicles be afforded to the Ministry, but has not received any.

Thursday December 06, 2012

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Two successful eye surgeries at GPHC The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation Eye Clinic recently unveiled a new eye surgery. The procedure which involved a state of the art cataract extraction with Intra Occular Lens Implantation was done by Dr. George Norton, through a procedure known as Pharco Emulsification. Norton is a Consultant Ophthalmologist at the GPHC. According to a press statement from the hospital, two successful surgeries were performed without anaesthetic injection. The anesthesia is applied via eye drops. The release further stated that the surgical process was completed in approximately ten minutes and was done using one of the most modern pieces of equipment —-the Infinity —- supplied by Alcon Company. The nurses in the department have been trained in the operation and care of

Patient Mahade Lallman with daughter Hemwant Mohabir the equipment. The Surgeons, who were already aware of this technique, now have full access to its utilization. This will almost triple the rate of Cataract surgeries at the GPHC. The first two patients who benefitted from this procedure on Tuesday and

Guyana most corrupt ... From page 3 the top of the table” of rankings. He urged, as a start, that government accept the index in good faith and do something about it. The officials drew reference to a judge in Brazil who targeted a number of politicians close to former President Lula and who was the laughing stock of many. The politicians were brought to trial. Asked to comment on the impact of the findings, Dr Goolsarran said that serious investors use the findings by Transparency International to determine whether they would invest in a country. Many have opted to cancel plans for investment in Guyana. TIGI is seeking funding now to educate Guyanese and will seek to meet with government and Members of the Parliament to discuss the issue which ultimately affects the way Guyana is perceived. The TIGI officials refused to be drawn into answering questions whether President Donald Ramotar had done enough to tackle corruption in Guyana. According to Collins, newspaper reporters and even the Auditor General’s annual report have been indicators of the situation of corruption in Guyana. TIGI also disclosed that it has been asked by the Minister of Natural Resources to work with his Ministry on mining, an area which has been besotted with issues of corruption and lawlessness in recent years. According to TIGI, the index demonstrates that corruption continues to ravage societies around the globe. Two-thirds of the 176

countries ranked in the 2012 index score below 50, on a scale from 0 (perceived to be highly corrupt) to 100 (perceived to be very clean), showing that public institutions need to be more transparent, and powerful officials held more accountable. According to Huguette Labelle, the Chair of Transparency International, “Governments need to integrate anti-corruption actions into all public decision-making. Priorities include better rules on lobbying and political financing, making public spending and contracting more transparent and making public bodies more accountable to people. After a year of focus on corruption, we expect governments to take a tougher stance against the abuse of power.” UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon has said that corruption afflicts all countries, undermining social progress and breeding inequality and injustice. “When desperately needed development funds are stolen by corrupt individuals and institutions, poor and vulnerable people are robbed of the education, health care and other essential services. All of us have a responsibility to take action against the cancer of corruption.” The private sector, too, stands to gain enormously from effective action, he said. “Corruption distorts markets, increases costs for companies and ultimately punishes consumers.” According to the BBC, corruption was the world’s most talked about issue in 2010 and 2011.

are now recuperating, are Karamdai Elise of Essequibo and Mahade Lallman of Plantation Hope.

Dr. George Norton, two nurses and patient Karamdai Elise

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Thursday December 6, 2012

Death toll from Philippine typhoon nears 300 NEW BATAAN, Philippines (AP) — Stunned parents searching for missing children examined a row of mud-stained bodies covered with banana leaves while survivors dried their soaked belongings on roadsides yesterday, a day after a powerful typhoon killed nearly 300 people in the southern Philippines. Officials fear more bodies may be found as rescuers reach hard-hit areas that were isolated by landslides, floods and downed communications. At least 151 people died in the worst-hit province of Compostela Valley when Typhoon Bopha lashed the region Tuesday, including 78 villagers and soldiers who perished in a flash flood that swamped two emergency shelters and a military camp, provincial spokeswoman Fe Maestre said. Disaster-response agencies reported 284 dead in the region and 14 fatalities elsewhere from the typhoon, one of the strongest to hit the

country this year. About 80 people survived the deluge in New Bataan with injuries, and Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, who visited the town, said 319 others remained missing. “These were whole families among the registered missing,” Roxas told the ABSCBN TV network. “Entire families may have been washed away.” The farming town of 45,000 people was a muddy wasteland of collapsed houses and coconut and banana trees felled by Bopha’s ferocious winds. Bodies of victims were laid on the ground for viewing by people searching for missing relatives. Some were badly mangled after being dragged by raging flood waters over rocks and other debris. A man sprayed insecticide on the remains to keep away swarms of flies. A father wept when he found the body of his child after lifting a plastic cover. A mother, meanwhile, went away in tears, unable to find

her missing children. “I have three children,” she said repeatedly, flashing three fingers before a TV cameraman. Two men carried the mudcaked body of an unidentified girl that was covered with coconut leaves on a makeshift stretcher made from a blanket and wooden poles. Dionisia Requinto, 43, felt lucky to have survived with her husband and their eight children after swirling flood waters surrounded their home. She said they escaped and made their way up a hill to safety, bracing themselves against boulders and fallen trees as they climbed. “The water rose so fast,” she told AP. “It was horrible. I thought it was going to be our end.” In nearby Davao Oriental, the coastal province first struck by the typhoon as it blew from the Pacific Ocean, at least 115 people perished, mostly in three towns that were so battered that it was hard to find any buildings with roofs remaining,

Residents cross a river in the flash flood-hit village yesterday. (AP Photo/Bullit Marquez) provincial officer Freddie Bendulo and other officials said. “We had a problem where to take the evacuees. All the evacuation centers have lost their roofs,” Davao Oriental Gov. Corazon Malanyaon said. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies issued an urgent appeal for $4.8 million to help people

directly affected by the typhoon. The sun was shining brightly for most of the day yesterday, prompting residents to lay their soaked clothes, books and other belongings out on roadsides to dry and revealing the extent of the damage to farmland. Thousands of banana trees in one Compostela Valley plantation were toppled by

the wind, the young bananas still wrapped in blue plastic covers. But as night fell, however, rain started pouring again over New Bataan, triggering panic among some residents who feared a repeat of the previous day’s flash floods. Some carried whatever belongings they could as they hurried to nearby towns or higher ground.

Clinton says “desperate” Assad could use chemical arms BEIRUT/BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Washington fears a “desperate” Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could use chemical weapons as rebels bear down on Damascus, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said yesterday, repeating a vow to take swift action if he does. Rebels fighting to overthrow Assad said they had surrounded an air base near Damascus, a fresh sign the battle is closing in on the Syrian capital, a day after NATO agreed to send air defense missiles to Turkey. The Western military alliance’s decision to send U.S., German and Dutch Patriot missile batteries to help defend the Turkish border would bring European and U.S. troops to Syria’s

frontier for the first time in the 20-month-old civil war. Heavier fighting erupted around Damascus a week ago, bringing a war that had previously been fought mainly in the provinces to the centre of Assad’s power. Fighters said yesterday they had surrounded the Aqraba air base, about 4 km (2.5 miles) outside the capital. “We still do not control the air base but the fighters are choking it off. We hope within the coming hours we can take it,” said Abu Nidal, a spokesman for a rebel force called the Habib al-Mustafa brigade. He said rebels had captured a unit of air defense soldiers, killing and imprisoning dozens while others escaped. Syria’s state news agency

said the army was still firmly in control of the base, but did not comment on rebel claims that they were surrounding the area. Accounts like this from Syria are impossible to verify, as the government has restricted media access to the country. For several days, Western officials have repeatedly focused on what they say is a threat that Assad could use poison gas. After meeting other NATO foreign ministers in Brussels, Clinton said: “Our concerns are that an increasingly desperate Assad regime might turn to chemical weapons, or might lose control of them to one of the many groups that are now operating within Syria.

NATO calls on North Korea to cancel rocket launch BRUSSELS (Reuters) NATO yesterday called on North Korea to cancel plans for its second rocket launch of 2012, saying it would violate U.N. resolutions and could further destabilize the Korean peninsula. NATO ambassadors expressed “grave concern at North Korea’s declared intent to launch a rocket using ballistic missile technology this month”, an alliance statement said. “Such an act would be in direct violation of United

Nations Security Council Resolutions 1718 and 1874. It would risk exacerbating tensions in the region and further destabilizing the Korean peninsula,” it said. “We call on the North Korean authorities to meet their obligations under international law and comply fully with the will of the international community as expressed b y t h e U nited Nations Security Council and the moratorium on missile launches,” it said.

North Korea’s state news agency announced the decision to launch another space satellite on Saturday. Media reports say North Korea told neighbors it would take a path similar to that planned for a failed rocket launch in April. Russia and China urged North Korea on Monday not to go ahead with the planned rocket launch, with Moscow saying it would violate restrictions imposed by the U.N. Security Council.

Thursday December 6, 2012

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Israel pushes settlement plan ahead EU summons envoy J E R U S A L E M / BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Israel moved ahead with plans to build 3,000 settler homes in one of the most sensitive areas of the West Bank, as the European Union summoned Israel’s envoy to add its voice to a storm of international protest. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said yesterday the global condemnation, some of it from the Jewish state’s closest traditional allies, would not deter it from defending its “vital interests”. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas yesterday declared the housing project, which could divide the West Bank and make the creation of a contiguous future Palestinian state almost impossible, to be an uncrossable “red line”. An Israeli Defence Ministry official said architects and contractors appeared before a subcommittee of the militaryrun Civil Administration in the West Bank and registered their plans for construction in the E1 corridor near Jerusalem, a preliminary step before building permits are issued. Angered by the U.N. General Assembly’s de facto recognition of Palestinian statehood on Thursday, Israel announced the next day it would build the new dwellings for settlers, on land near Jerusalem that Palestinians seek for a future

state. The decision by Netanyahu’s pro-settler government to build houses on the E1 corridor’s barren hills could bisect the West Bank, cut off Palestinians from Jerusalem and further dim their hopes for an independent state on contiguous territory. “E1 is a red line that cannot be crossed,” Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said in the West Bank city of Ramallah. The subcommittee convened hours before Netanyahu was due to visit Germany, where he faces a dressing down from Chancellor Angela Merkel over the settlement project. The Israeli prime minister, for his part, is still smarting from what he considers Berlin’s betrayal after Germany abstained in the U.N. vote upgrading the Palestinians’ status to nonmember state at the world body. Netanyahu, stopping in Prague to thank the Czech Republic for voting against, reiterated that he remained committed to a two-state solution with the Palestinians. Peace should entail “a demilitarized Palestinian state (that) recognizes the one and only Jewish state of Israel”, he said, citing two Israeli conditions Palestinians have balked at. Netanyahu, favored to win a January 22 general election with the backing of

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Argentina filed complaints with the World Trade Organization yesterday over trade barriers it blames for keeping its beef and lemons out of the United States and blocking biodiesel sales to Europe. Foreign Minister Hector Timerman said that if the WTO doesn’t resolve the problem Argentina will seek compensation for damages. The formal complaints raise the stakes in Argentina’s ongoing disputes with two of its largest trading partners, and Timerman said there’s more to come. The government is preparing an additional challenge of the subsidies that farmers get in the U.S. and Europe, which he says puts Argentina’s exports at an enormous disadvantage. U.S. restrictions against hoof-and-mouth disease block Argentine beef exports,

even though Timerman said Argentina’s Patagonia region has been certified free of the disease for nearly a decade, and beef exports totaled $731 million to other countries last year. He blamed protectionist favors for U.S. agricultural businesses, and said similar lobbying has blocked Argentine lemons for the last 11 years, even as 61 other countries accept these imports. Argentina’s demand against the European Union focuses on Spain’s decision to cut off biodiesel imports from the South American country in retaliation for taking back Argentina’s YPF oil company from Spain’s Grupo Repsol. Timerman said the biodiesel barrier is arbitrary and violates WTO rules, “proof that a double standard exists between developed and developing countries when it comes to trade.”

Argentina complains to WTO over US, EU barriers

right-wing voters, has rejected calls by the United States and Europe to reverse course over settlements, which most countries consider illegal. “Israel will not sacrifice its vital interests for the sake of obtaining the world’s applause,” he said in Prague. Israel’s housing minister has said construction work in E1 will not begin for at least a year. Commenting on the subcommittee’s session, the defence official said it was a “procedural, preliminary

stage”. The European Union summoned Israel’s ambassador. “The Israeli ambassador has been invited by the Executive Secretary General of the EEAS (European External Action Service) to meet to set out the depth of our concerns,” a spokeswoman said. The Executive Secretary General - the senior diplomat in charge of policy for EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton - is Pierre Vimont, former French ambassador to

Washington. Italian Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi summoned the Israeli envoy in Rome for a similar meeting yesterday, following Britain, France, Spain, Sweden and Denmark in such a move. But EU states have been struggling to agree on a common response. The spokeswoman said the EU reaction would depend on the extent to which they threatened the creation of a viable state of Palestine in the future.

Benjamin Netanyahu

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Thursday December 6, 2012

Clashes erupt in Egypt despite proposal to end crisis CAIRO (Reuters) Islamists fought protesters outside the Egyptian president’s palace yesterday, while inside the building his deputy proposed a way to end a crisis over a draft constitution that has split the most populous Arab nation. Stones and petrol bombs flew between opposition protesters and supporters of President Mohamed Mursi, and the Interior Ministry said 32 people had been arrested and three police vehicles destroyed. Two Islamists were hit in the legs by what their friends said were bullets fired during clashes in streets around the compound in northern Cairo. One of them was bleeding heavily. And a leftist group said Islamists had cut off the ear of one of its members. Medical sources said 33 people had been wounded, but despite reports of fatalities, the Health Ministry said there had been no deaths. Riot police were deployed between the two sides in Cairo to try to stop confrontations that flared after dark despite an attempt by Vice President Mahmoud Mekky to ease the crisis. Mekky said amendments to disputed articles in the draft constitution could be agreed with the opposition. A written agreement could then be submitted to the next parliament, to be elected after a referendum on the constitution on December 15. “There must be consensus,” he told a news conference, saying opposition demands had to be respected to reach a solution. Prime Minister Hisham Kandil called for calm to “give the opportunity” for efforts underway to start a national dialogue. Facing the gravest crisis of his six-month-old tenure, Mursi has shown no sign of buckling to the protests, confident that Islamists can win the referendum and a parliamentary election to follow. Many Egyptians

yearn for an end to political upheaval that began with the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak in February 2011 and which has hurt the economy as investors and tourists have fled. Protests spread to other cities, and offices of the Brotherhood’s political party in Ismailia and Suez were torched. Egypt’s opposition coalition blamed Mursi for the violence and said it was ready for dialogue if the Islamist leader scrapped a decree he issued on November 22 that gave him wide powers and shielded his decisions from judicial review. “We hold President Mursi and his government completely responsible for the violence happening in Egypt today,” opposition coordinator Mohamed ElBaradei told a news conference. “We are ready for dialogue if the constitutional decree is cancelled ... and the referendum on this constitution is postponed,” he said of the document written by an Islamist-led assembly that the opposition says ignores its concerns. But liberals, leftists, Christians, ex-Mubarak followers and others opposed to Mursi have yet to generate a mass movement or a grassroots base to challenge the Brotherhood, which has come out on top in two elections since Mubarak’s overthrow. “Today what is happening in the Egyptian street, polarisation and division, is something that could and is actually drawing us to violence and could draw us to something worse,” said ElBaradei, the former head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog. Opposition leaders have previously urged Mursi to retract the November 22 decree, defer the referendum and agree to revise the constitution, but have not echoed calls from street protesters for his overthrow

and the “downfall of the regime”. Mursi has said his decree was needed to prevent courts still full of judges appointed by ousted strongman Hosni Mubarak from derailing a constitution vital for Egypt’s political transition. Earlier yesterday Islamist supporters of Mursi tore down tents erected outside the presidential palace by leftist foes who had begun a sit-in there. “They hit us and destroyed our tents. Are you happy, Mursi? Aren’t we Egyptians too?” asked protester Haitham Ahmed. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton weighed into Egypt’s political debate, saying dialogue was urgently needed on the new constitution, which should “respect the rights of all citizens”.

Muslim Brotherhood supporters of Egypt’s President Mohammed Mursi fight with an anti-Mursi protester during clashes outside the presidential palace in Cairo yesterday. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

Both sides dig in on U.S. “fiscal cliff,” but “nothing going on” (Reuters) - Republicans and Democrats dug in on “fiscal cliff” talks yesterday, with both sides urging quick action but offering no compromises in a political stare-down that shows no signs of breaking. Less than a month before the onset of spending cuts and tax increases that start to take effect in January unless Congress acts, Republican leaders in the House of Representatives called on President Barack Obama to initiate face-to-face talks and blamed him for a lack of action. “Where are the discussions? Nothing is going on,” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor told reporters. “We ask the president to sit down with us, be serious about the specifics.” Cantor later said the House would remain in session until “a credible solution to the fiscal cliff” had been announced. Meeting with a business group yesterday, Obama renewed his call to include tax hikes on the wealthiest 2

percent of Americans as part of the final resolution and for including an increase in the nation’s borrowing limit. No direct talks were scheduled in a confrontation that has become an endless loop of familiar talking points and well-worn positions. Republican leaders have balked at raising any tax rates, and Democrats have resisted Republican calls for cuts in entitlements like the Medicare and Medicaid healthcare programs. Obama said there could be a quick deal if Republican leaders dropped their opposition to raising tax rates for those making more than $250,000 (155,222 pounds) a year in exchange for spending cuts and entitlement reforms. “If we can get the leadership on the Republican side to take that framework, to acknowledge that reality, then the numbers actually aren’t that far apart,” Obama told executives at a meeting organized by the Business Roundtable, a lobbying group for corporations.

“Another way of putting this is we can probably solve this in about a week. It’s not that tough, but we need that conceptual breakthrough,” he said. The two sides have submitted proposals to cut deficits by more than $4 trillion over the next 10 years, but they differ on how to get there. Republicans propose $1 trillion more in spending cuts than Obama, while the president wants $800 billion more in tax increases and $200 billion to boost the sluggish economy. Republicans have shown cracks in their solidarity on taxes, however, with some saying they would be willing to let tax rates rise on the wealthiest 2 percent in exchange for extending low rates for the other 98 percent of taxpayers. “I’m hearing whispers. I was over on the House side yesterday, I’m hearing whispers of a light going off in some people’s minds” on the tax rates, said Republican Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee.

“All he (Obama) is talking about is rates on the upper income, so if the House were to give that to him, where does the discussion then go? It goes to entitlements which is where it ought to be in the first place,” Corker said. With no resolution in sight and the fiscal cliff looming, the White House budget office has directed the Defence Department to begin planning for automatic budget cuts that will take effect in January without a deal, a Pentagon spokesman said. About $500 billion in planned Pentagon spending would be slashed over the next decade unless there is a deal. Economists have predicted that failure to reach an accord could trigger another recession, and investors in the financial markets have watched the back and forth anxiously. They were encouraged by Obama’s reference to finishing a deal within a week of reaching agreement on taxes.

Thursday December 6, 2012

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Thursday December 6, 2012 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) Projects continue to pile up around you now and you may begin to worry that you won’t finish your work on time. You might even feel as if you could easily scatter your energy and will have little to show for yourself by the end of the day.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Financial issues may be coming to a head, but you need more time to wrap your mind around all the variables. You want to retreat to a quiet place so you have the time and space to think, but this is a luxury you might have to forgo today.

TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) You feel very creative today, yet you still may run into obstacles as you begin a new project. Generally speaking, it’s time to push yourself into taking decisive action, but make sure that your head isn’t in the clouds when doing so.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Resist the temptation to criticize your friends now, especially if your true intention is to help them. They might not be amenable to your unsolicited advice or constructive comments. Setting the stage for a showdown isn’t very wise today.

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Unexpressed emotions may follow you into work today, coloring your attitude and making it more difficult to focus your attention. However, you can consciously choose to acknowledge the thoughts that aren’t directly related to your job, even if you choose not to tell anyone for now. CANCER (June 21–July 22) It may seem as if someone is picking on you today or somehow having fun at your expense. It’s possible that you’re being overly sensitive, yet there’s no reason to simply remain quiet if you feel like a victim. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) A recent decision involving your home life comes under reconsideration one more time today. You may need to take concrete action to solidify your position. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22 ) You may know exactly what you want one moment and then question your feelings just a few minutes later. The inconsistencies of your desires can be a thorn in your side now that the evocative Moon is back in your sign.

SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) Your expertise could be required at work today, and you are destined to become a hero if you stay focused on exactly what must be done. However, you aren’t seeking the spotlight now, so you might not accept the extra obligations being tossed your way. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) Your social life seems to be kicking up a storm, but you’re also interested in using your personal connections to get ahead professionally. The good news is that you are able to combine work with pleasure more easily these days. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) You may receive unexpected support from a powerful person today, but selfdoubt could prompt you to politely decline the assistance. You might be unsure of other people’s intentions now, even if they appear quite sincere. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) Your co-workers may catch you off guard today with what they are saying about you. Your first reaction is to reject their feedback, but they probably mean well and it might be to your advantage to take what they say to heart.

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Thursday December 06, 2012

Montserrat attending joint ministerial council meeting LONDON, United Kingdom - The Honourable Premier Reuben Meade and His Excellency the Governor Adrian Davis are presently in London to attend the first Joint Ministerial Council. This is the first meeting of the council, which brings together political leaders from the Overseas Territories and UK Ministers to work together on several issues including strengthening economies and the environment, a statement from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office read. Minister for the Overseas Territories, Mark Simmonds,

opened the first annual Joint Ministerial Council on Tuesday which will focus on driving forward implementation of the vision and strategy set out in the June 2012 White Paper The Overseas Territories: Security, Success and Sustainability. “The Council aims to agree priorities and plans for the UK and the Territories to work together on wide range of issues including: building successful and resilient economies; harnessing support from the Commonwealth and the EU; cherishing the environment and creating green growth;

working together for better government; building stronger, healthier and safer communities; health; and education. “The Prime Minister will welcome elected leaders to Downing Street: the first time that Territory leaders have had a collective meeting with a Prime Minister. Ministers and senior officials from wide range of UK Departments will take part in the Council, demonstrating the commitment from across government to working with the Territories. Speaking ahead of the meeting Foreign Office

Foreign Office Minister Mark Simmonds and Hon. Premier Reuben Meade at the Joint Ministerial Council taking place in London this week. Minister, Mark Simmonds said: “I am delighted to welcome elected leaders from the Overseas Territories to the Joint Ministerial Council. This is an opportunity for us to strengthen our work together to build flourishing communities, proudly retaining aspects of their British identity, creating new opportunities for young and

future generations and protecting natural environments to the highest international standards. “This year, we have demonstrated our commitment to preserving the astounding natural environment in the territories, by establishing a new Marine Protected Area in South Georgia & the South

Sandwich Islands and launching Darwin Plus, the new Overseas Territories Environment and Climate Fund,” stated the official release. Premier Meade is expected to travel on to Brussels for a meeting with the European Union on funds allocated for local projects under EDF 10.

Taiwan provides funds for projects in St. Lucia CASTRIES, St. Lucia CMC - Taiwan is providing EC$4.8 million (One EC dollar=US$0.37 cents) to St. Lucia to fund short and long term job programmes on the island. “We have agreed on a clear procedure where such programmes are financed by the government of Taiwan. Both sides will agree on the programmes the government of Taiwan wishes to finance and we will indicate our priorities. “We will present them with a detailed costing of the various projects in advance so that there will be a clear sense of how much will be

spent on each project,” Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony said after receiving the cheque from Taiwan’s Ambassador James Chang. Anthony said the funds would be used for projects throughout the island and would help reduce the employment situation here. “We have agreed that programmes funded by Taiwan must apply to all of the islands 17 constituencies. No constituency government or opposition must be denied the opportunity for funding for projects, because Taiwan is a friend of all of St. Lucia,” Anthony said. Anthony, who is also

finance minister, said that a special account has been created in the Ministry of Finance to manage the funds for local projects funded by Taiwan. He said this was “a radical approach, a different approach” to dealing with funds from Taiwan to the government of St. Lucia compared to what existed in the past. Prime Minister Anthony had in the past been critical of his predecessor, Stephenson King, over the disbursement of Taiwanese funds for constituency projects. Anthony had claimed the funds should not have gone to individual government ministers for projects in their constituencies. The Kenny Anthony administration, which came to power in the November 2011 general election, had been critical of Taiwan’s former ambassador Tom Chou, accusing him of interfering in the internal affairs of the island. But the government maintained diplomatic relations with Taipei than with China which it had previously enjoyed up to 2006.

Thursday December 6, 2012

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Environmentalist ends hunger strike PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad - CMC - Environmentalist Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh ended his 21 day hunger strike last night following talks with officials of the Joint Consultative Council (JCC) on the demands made by the Highway Re-route Movement (HRM) regarding the construction of a multibillion dollar highway in the south of Trinidad. Kublalsingh in a brief statement to reporters yesterday said that he was confident of having a successful meeting last evening at 8.00 pm (local time) with the JCC officials, who earlier this week meet with government to discuss the TT$7.2 billion (One TT dollar = US$0.16 cents) San Fernando to Point Fortin highway project.

There was a celebratory mood outside the Office of Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar, where the 53 yearold environmentalist, had been staging his hunger strike. As he left the area, yesterday, Kublalsingh threw a bottle of water into the air as supporters and members of the HRM clapped in a celebratory mood. On Monday, Works Minister Emmanuel George, who met with the JCC and other non-government bodies seeking a resolution to the impasse over the construction of the highway, said “the National Infrastructure Development Company Limited (NIDCO) undertook to make available to the JCC all the relevant documentation in its

possession on the project in respect of the Debe to Mont Desir segement of the highway. He said that the JCC had given an undertaking to “examine all the documentation on the project provided by NIDCO and all other relevant documentation and to produce a report within 60 days from yesterday’s date for NIDCO for its consideration and publication thereafter”. In addition, George said there had been agreement that “work would continue on the site of the highway”. JCC president Afra Raymond told reporters that he is satisfied with the outcome of the discussions. But Kublalsingh and the HRM in a statement, said

Auditor General uncovers discrepancies at ECJ Jamaica Gleaner - The Auditor General, Pamela Munroe Ellis, has uncovered worrying discrepancies at the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ) which have resulted in the unauthorised payment of millions of dollars. In her report tabled in parliament Tuesday, the Auditor General said the ECJ bench-marked the salaries of the director of elections and his deputy against the posts of the director general of the Office of Utilities Regulation and his deputy. But the Auditor General said the ECJ did so without the permission of the Parliament or the minister with responsibility for electoral matters as required by law. The auditor general says she found no reason for the bench-marking of the salaries especially since the OUR finances itself. According to the Auditor General, the ECJ also disobeyed a directive of the Finance Ministry to pay the deputy director of elections at a certain level. The disobedience resulted in the over-payment of $4.66 million from September 2010 to March 2012. The Auditor General is recommending that urgent steps be taken to regularize the salary anomalies. She also wants all overpayments to be paid back. Meanwhile, the Auditor General has found that the ECJ failed to comply with the guidelines of the Finance Ministry on the payment of the security allowance for a

Pamela Munroe Ellis senior employee. Beyond that, the senior employee was not paying the requisite taxes as required by the guidelines. At the same time, the Auditor General says since the ECJ began operating in 2006, it has not produced a set of audited financial statements as required by law. It has also failed to ensure that all members of staff sign

the Oath of Secrecy under the Electoral Commission (Interim) Act. The Auditor General has made 18 recommendations she says must be urgently considered to fix the problems at the ECJ. In the meantime, the director of elections, Orette Fisher, says the issue concerning his salary should be referred to the ECJ. “As far as I am concerned, I’m not being paid in breach of any regulation,” he said a short while ago. Efforts to contact the outgoing ECJ chairman, Professor Errol Miller were unsuccessful. The Gleaner/Power 106 News Centre was informed that Miller is off the island. Miller is expected to stepdown from the chairmanship of the ECJ next month. It’s expected that commission member, Dr Herbert Thompson will replace him.

Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh (FP) while they were grateful to the various civil society organisations, the authorities must indicate clearly that “no construction work should begin in the Debe to Mon Desir highway including the interchanges whilst the committee meets”. They also want a cost benefit analysis report, a social impact assessment report and a hydrology report to form part of the terms of

reference of the committee, adding if the committee does “not have the competence to undertake these reports they should be undertaken by competent bodies. “The terms of reference should include the provision that oral and written submissions be made to the committee by the HRM as well as other members of the Mon Desir to Debe

communities,” the HRM said, adding that it will end its action “once we have written confirmation that these requests are honoured in writing”. Kublalsingh, a U n i v e r s i t y o f t h e We s t Indies (UWI) lecturer, once he has been given the assurance by the JCC that the demands had been accepted he would end his hunger strike.

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Thursday December 06, 2012

Suriname to strengthen energy sector with IDB support WASHINGTON, USA — Suriname will develop a new framework for its energy sector that will help supply electricity in a more economic, efficient and sustainable manner with a loan of up to US$15 million from the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB). The project will focus on revamping Suriname’s regulatory and institutional framework as well as creating the incentives to modernize power generation through hydro, solar, photovoltaic,

efficient thermal and cogeneration. It will also improve planning capabilities for the transmission and distribution network in order to reduce operational costs and improve reliability in the delivery of power. In addition increasing the use of efficient technologies will mitigate Suriname’s dependence on oil, while introducing solutions to other isolated areas where access to the transmission network is not cost effective. The IDB project will also

help create conditions to provide more economic, efficient, and sustainable energy to villages in the interior of Suriname. Currently, some 30,000 people in those villages contend with restricted energy use or scarcity of diesel fuel for generators. The loan will support the country in transitioning to a more structurally sustainable economic model through better governance, increased living standards, improved human capital and equity.

Government denies accepting 30 per cent salary hike

CASTRIES, St. Lucia – CMC - The St. Lucia government yesterday denied reports that ministers were to receive a 30 per cent salary increase. A statement from the Office of The Prime Minister said the reports were “mischievous and untrue”. Media reports claimed that the Kenny Anthony administration, which has urged public officers to accept a wage freeze for the 2010-12 period, was now giving consideration to the recommendations of the Salary Review Commission (SRC) for the increase. The government said that the former administration had appointed the SRC to review the salaries of numerous officials and parliamentarians and that “to date, the Commission has not submitted its final report to

Dr. Kenny Anthony the government of St. Lucia. “Indeed, the life of the Commission had to be extended to allow it to complete its work,” the statement said, adding that the former Stephenson King government “proceeded to increase the salaries of senior public officers by as much as thirty percent in some cases before the completed report was laid in parliament.” The statement noted that

it is a little surprising that these allegations could surface when the public sector has a representative on the Commission. It said in any event, the report of the Commission would have to be laid in Parliament as required by law, so it would be available for public scrutiny. The St. Lucia Trade Union Federation (SLTUF), which walked out of the negotiations last week after being offered a zero per cent increase for the three years and a one-time payment of EC$1,000 (One EC dollar = US$0.37 cents), is due to return to the bargaining table Thursday. The SLTUF said that its members have given a mandate to accept nothing less than their original offer of 16 per cent for the triennium.

Lester Bird resigns as Antigua Opposition Leader

Lester Bird

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua (CMC) – Less than two weeks after he was defeated for the top post in the main opposition Antigua Labour Party (ALP), Lester Bird has stepped down officially as Opposition Leader in parliament. In a letter sent to Governor General Dame Louise Lake-Take, Bird wrote that he wished to “demit office as Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, effective immediately”. Bird, 74, a former prime minister, told the head of state that Gaston Browne, the Member of Parliament for St John’s City west, had been elected as the new leader of the ALP. Browne defeated Bird by a 213-180 margin on November 25 to take control of the main opposition party now preparing to rebuild in time for the general election. It is the first time in the party’s 66 year history that it is not led by a member of the Bird family. Meanwhile, a statement from the ALP said that both men have agreed to the decision for Bird to relinquish his position as Opposition Leader. It said that Browne in his letter to Dame Louise had indicated that he had the support of the other opposition parliamentarians.

Thursday December 6, 2012

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Dettori banned for six months after positive dope test PARIS (Reuters) - Italian jockey Frankie Dettori has been banned from riding in French races for six months after a positive dope test at Longchamp, the French racing authority said on Wednesday. Dettori, 41, tested positive for the unidentified substance on September 16. “France Galop stewards ban jockey Frankie Dettori from riding in public races from December 19, 2012 to May 19, 2013,” the French authority said in a

statement. “They also asked the foreign racing authorities to extend the ban to the races they rule.” Dettori was suspended for six months in 2006 after failing a drugs test. The British-based jockey will also have to undergo a further test from April 20 next year before he is cleared to resume riding. “Samples will be taken during this medical in order to test him for prohibited substances again,” the statement said.

2012 Bobcat Second Division 20Over Cricket Competition in Berbice...

Tucber Park defeat Flying Star to reach Final Tucber Park have joined Young Warriors in the final of the inaugural 2012 Bobcat of Berbice Second Division 20-Over Cricket Competition after defeating Flying Star of Kortheberaadt by 40 runs in their semi-final. In the match which was played at Edinburgh and which was reduced to 10overs-a-side because of overnight rain, Tucber Park sent in to take first strike, benefitted from a 45 run opening stand from former Guyana Under-19 player Joemal La Fleur and former Berbice Under-15 cricketer Hakeem Hinds in 5.2 overs. After hinds was run out for

10 and La Fleur for 42 (6 fours), Tucber managed to reach 83 for 5 in their 10 overs with Kenton Grumble, Quincy DeVelde and Carl Barron picking up one each. When Flying Star took their turn at the crease they found the Tucber Park spin attack too tough to handle and could only reach 43 for 8 in their 10 overs with Quincy DeVelde the only one to reach double figures with 13. Bowling for Tucber Park, offspinner Kevin Pelew took 2 for 4 from 3 overs, offspinner Charles Shepherd 1 for 0 from 1.2 overs, left arm spinner Gavin Moriah Jnr 1 for 5 from 2 overs and offspinner La Fleur 1 for 14 from 2 overs.

(From page 35) date on development and installation at stadiums in Japan. “The more market competition there is the cheaper it will get. It has to be available for all but at the same time it has to be accurate. We can’t afford mistakes.” After analysing data taken from the Club World Cup, FIFA will choose which system to implement for the six Confederations Cup venues by the end of March. Those chosen will remain in place for the 2014 World Cup, although the six other venues could potentially end up with a different system. “Obviously the Confederations Cup is going to be a competitive tender process,” said Carter. Both the Hawk-Eye and GoalRef systems inform referees the ball has crossed the goal-line in a split second via a vibrating wrist-watch flashing the word “GOAL”. GoalRef were equally confident of persuading FIFA their radio-based system

using low-frequency magnetic fields would be the most accurate. “We wouldn’t be doing this if we weren’t confident we were going to proceed further beyond this tournament,” said programme manager Ingmar Bretz. Whichever system FIFA chooses, the likes of Chelsea, eliminated from the 2004-05 Champions League by Luis Garcia’s “ghost” goal, will have one less reason to blame the referee. Hawk-Eye also floated the idea of an ultra-motion video replay, although stopping the game to watch a replay would be detested by FIFA president Sepp Blatter. “It looks perfectly down the goal-line,” said Carter. “If football wanted to use it, a definitive replay that absolutely proves the ball is over the line. “It would be a bit like watching Usain Bolt run the 100 metres, winning by one hundredth of a second and then not seeing a photo-finish replay.”

FIFA launch...

Dettori, one of the biggest names in flat racing, won all seven races in one afternoon at Ascot in 1996, costing bookmakers millions of pounds in payouts. He announced in October that he was ending his 18-year stint as the retained jockey for the Godolphin stable of Sheikh Mohammed, for whom he has ridden 110 Group One winners around the world since 1994. Dettori’s solicitor Christopher Stewart-Moore said in a statement his client

fully accepted the decision. “He also accepts that he has let down the sport he loves and all those associated with it, as well as the wider public. But most of all - and this is his greatest regret - he has let down his wife and children,” Stewart-Moore said. “Racing has been good to Frankie, and he knows that his privileged position brings with it responsibility. For this reason, he is determined to rebuild his reputation when he returns to the saddle in six months’ time.”

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WICB lauds Shiv on his return to the top of Test Match batting St John’s, Antigua – West Indies batting star Shivnarine Chanderpaul has made a return to the top of the International Cricket Council’s Test Match Batting Rankings. The reliable lefthander was listed at Number 1 in the latest ICC Test Players Rankings released by the game’s governing body on Tu e s d a y. H e h a s 8 7 9 ranking points and is closely followed by Australia captain Michael Clarke on 878 points and Hashim Amla of South Africa on 875 points. Chaderpaul’s rise came after two brilliant batting performances in the recent two-match series in Bangladesh. In the first Test at Mirpur he made 203 not out

– to equal his highest Test score – and followed up with 150 not out in the second Test at Khulna. This earned him the Man-of-the-Series award and led West Indies to victories in both matches as they won the Series 2-0. The West Indies Cricket Board congratulated Chanderpaul on his return to the top of the international batting ladder as well as his excellent performances with the bat this calendar year. Chanderpaul ended 2012 with 987 Test runs at the amazing average of 98.70 runs per innings. His other century this year came in his first Test innings when he made 103 not out against Australia at Kensington Oval

in Barbados. His numbers were a big improvement on a good year in 2011 when he scored 646 runs at an average of 53.83 runs per innings. He now stands second on the West Indies all-time list of Test runmakers with 10,696 runs at an average of 51.67, including 27 Test centuries, in 146 Test matches. In a message, Dr Julian Hunte, President of the WICB, was full of praise for the ever-green 38-year-old, who copped the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy back in 2008, when he was named ICC Cricketer-of-the-Year. “On behalf of the WICB as well as cricket-lovers across the Caribbean, I want to congratulate Shiv on regaining the Number 1 batting spot in the ICC Test rankings as he completed another outstanding year of batsmanship for West Indies in the Test match arena,” Dr Hunte said. “Shiv has set very high standards and has maintained those standards. He continues to demonstrate his

commitment to West Indies cricket and his love for the game. Earlier this year he scaled new heights becoming just the second West Indian, after Brian Lara, to make 10,000 Test runs. In 18 years of international cricket Shiv has also demonstrated his appetite for runs and the ultimate desire for success.” Dr Hunte added: “We urge Shiv to continue to ‘bat on’ for West Indies. This year the team showed major improvement with four Test match wins and Shiv played a vital role in those results. He remains a source of inspiration for persons at all levels of West Indies cricket.” Chanderpaul was fourth on the Test match run-chart this year behind Clarke (1,358 runs), Amla (1,064 runs) and England’s Alastair Cook (1,044 runs). Chanderpaul was the leading West Indies batsman in Test cricket this year. The others in the Top 5 were: Marlon Samuels (866 runs), Kieran Powell (587 runs), Darren Bravo (482 runs) and Darren Sammy (456 runs).

Thursday December 06, 2012

Shivnarine Chanderpaul celebrates his second Test match double-century during the 1st Test against Bangladesh at Sher-e-Bangla Stadium last month. (Photo courtesy WICB MEDIA)

Thursday December 6, 2012

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Giant killers Leopold Street sets up final date with defending champs Former ‘Golden Jaguars’ Konata Manning’s 19th minute penalty provided giant killers Leopold Street with the opportunity to play defending champs Back Circle for this year’s Banks DIH-sponsored ‘Guinness Greatest of de Streets’ title after they defeated a star-studded West Front Road unit 1-0 in semifinal action on Tuesday evening, at the National Cultural Centre Tarmac. In the feature semi-final clash played before a capacity crowd, reigning champions Back Circle once again proved their worth as title holders when they fought off a gallant effort from Broad Street ‘B’ to make it back to the championship round on Saturday night, at the National Park. They were led to victory through a solitary strike from Wayne Wilson in the 17th minute after being engaged in end to end action against a gallant Broad Street ‘B’ side that never relented. The Leopold Street versus West Front Road affair was entertaining from the

Back Circle’s Andy Duke (with ball) seen on the attack against Broad Street ‘B’ on Tuesday evening. start as pre match favourites West Front Road, a team that characteristically takes their time to create build-ups, before suddenly squeezing passes to their strikers. They, however, looked more purposeful from the beginning and had a few opportunities to score early on, but squandered them. They same could be said

of Leopold Street since they too had chances to take the lead, but failed to do so until Manning netted from the penalty spot. Back Circle took advantage of another occasion to underline why they are the current champions with a further gutsy display after a bold performance from Broad Street ‘B’. It took a neat piece of play

Giant killers Leopold Street and West Front Road seen in action on Tuesday evening at the National Cultural Centre. by Wilson to register the only goal of the match. In the two exhibition games, Guinness Bar squeezed past GT Masters 1-0 and in the battle of the Barber Shops, Upper Level and Clippers drew 1-1. The night’s full results are as follows: Game 1 Guinness Bar 1 v/s GT Masters 0

Goal scorer Guinness Bar Dennis Edwards 3rd min Game 2 Upper Level Barber Upper shop 1 v/s Clippers Barber Shop 1 Goals Scorers Upper Level Barber Shop Anton George 12th min Clippers Barber Shop Kerwin Jackson 10th min

Game 3 Leopold Street 1 v/s West Front Road 0 Goal Scorer Leopold Street Konata Manning 19th min – Penalty Game 4 Back Circle 1 v/s Broad Street B Goal Scorer Back Circle Wayne Wilson 17th min

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Thursday December 06, 2012

WICB rejects Guyana Gov’t proposed legislation for GCB President of the West Indies Cricket Board Inc, Dr. Julian R. Hunte, has responded to the draft Guyana Cricket Administration Bill, as well as the amendments to the constitution of the Guyana Cricket Board, as proposed by the Government/IMC. On behalf of the WICB he rejected in very strong language the proposals in the legislation that seek to make alterations to the current constitution and structure of the existing Guyana Cricket Board. It also seeks to disband the present entity. Having reviewed the draft proposed …the WICB said on the Proposed Guyana Cricket Administration Bill 2012, that, “With respect to the proposed legislation, it is not our intention to do a clause by clause review or ‘mark-up’ of the draft, but to make a few broad observations as follows: (i) We respectfully disagree with the view expressed in your letter that “this legislation is similar to legislation that was implemented in Trinidad and Tobago”. We have reviewed

the Trinidad & Tobago Act (No. 34 of 1989), the sole purpose of which is to provide for the incorporation of the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board of Control (which was already in existence) and for matters incidental thereto (such as the administrative requirements which would accompany incorporation and include a broad outline of the aims and objects of the Cricket Board and the powers which it may exercise).” In what is seen as moves to disband the current board, the draft legislation states in Article 6: “The entity, institution, body or collection of persons formerly known as the Guyana Cricket Board shall from the date of commencement of this Act cease to exist.” It continued in Article 7: “There shall stand established from the date of commencement of this Act a body known at the Guyana Cricket Board to perform the functions conferred on it by or under this Act.” The WICB responded, “By contrast (to the Trinidad and Tobago legislation) the

proposed Guyana legislation seeks to dissolve the existing bodies and establish new bodies, rather than recognising and legitimising the structure which already exists, and has existed in its current form, at least since 1968. “As we have stated to you in prior correspondence, the WICB cannot accept the dissolution of the recognised GCB. While we are not opposed to any Government investigating the affairs of a Member Board in order to ascertain whether any criminal offence has been committed, or contravention of any relevant legislation, we believe that the dissolution of a Board is not in keeping with the spirit of ensuring the independence of cricket administration and avoiding governmental interference.” “Pending the conclusion of the ongoing legal matters, we must also reserve our position specifically in respect of the shares in the West Indies Cricket Board which were issued and belong to the Guyana Cricket Board”, the letter stated. The proposed

Dr. Frank Anthony constitution also seeks to give the Sports Minister significant power in determining the operations of the GCB. Article 10 of the draft legislation states: “The organisational meeting shall be held on such date as the Minister may appoint by statutory instrument.” It further informs that the two factions of the Demerara Cricket Board remain and be allowed five delegates each to attend meetings with nine each from Berbice and Essequibo. In response, the WICB response notes; (ii) “Also in contrast to the Trinidad & Tobago legislation, the proposed Guyana legislation seeks to bestow significant authority and oversight powers on the Minister charged with responsibility for sports, in our view, to the detriment of the independent functioning of the Guyana Cricket Board and contrary even to your proposed amendments to the Constitution. “While we appreciate that there must be a working relationship between the Cricket Board and the Government for the efficient administration of cricket in the country, the proposed legislation goes considerably beyond what we would consider appropriate, by mandating what is effectively a reporting relationship between the Board and the Minister.” “In light of the above, we must express our disappointment with the proposed legislation and would hope that you would consider further review and consultation on its contents,” the letter stated. The WICB went on to point out, “…while we would not presume to impose our views on drafting, construction or constitutional rules of procedure which you believe would be most appropriate, there are a few

Dr. Julian Hunte

issues which we believe are of sufficient importance that we should highlight for your consideration: 1. Implementation/ Adoption of Constitution “While we acknowledge the inclusion of your Article 24, which recognises the process by which the Constitution may be amended or repealed (a provision existing in the current constitution), we note that you have not outlined the process by which the proposed amendments will be adopted, nor have you recognised in your proposed document that it will itself be the product of a resolution taken at a General Meeting. “Especially in light of our comments on the proposed Bill above, we trust that the Government is not seeking to impose a Constitution on the Guyana Cricket Board through legislation, rather than following the established constitutional process. “We are however encouraged by the assurance in your letter to me (November 12, 2012) that you would like to arrange a meeting through CARICOM to discuss how to bring the constitution into being, and also make arrangements for elections under the constitution and accordingly await further information on this meeting. 2. Functions of the Officers of the Board, Trustee/Appointment of Chief Executive Officer and Staff “While your proposed amendments recognise and identify the persons who should be appointed to the Executive Committee, it does not anywhere seek to set out the roles and responsibilities of those persons – a deficiency which we recognise exists in the current Constitution and which we believe should certainly be addressed. “Further, your Constitution provides only for the exercise of power at

the Executive level and does not recognise the need for an administrative corps, i.e. a Chief Executive Officer and staff, who would be responsible for execution of the day to day activities of the Cricket Board. This is in our view a significant requirement for the establishment of good governance practices. 3. Representation at West Indies Cricket Board “Also in keeping with good governance practices, we regretfully cannot accept the formulation of your proposed Article 17, which mandates that the GCB appointed Directors on the West Indies Cricket Board should act as delegates of Guyana and not as Directors of the Board. Such a position is, in our view, completely contrary to the basic requirements of corporate governance. It is expected that Directors who sit on the West Indies Cricket Board will act in the best interests of West Indies Cricket as a whole, and not as representatives of or as lobbyists for any one particular Member. “The particular interests or concerns of any Member are properly raised by such Member at a Meeting of Members, or at management level with the Secretariat staff (i.e. the WICB Chief Executive and his management team) and not at Directors’ meetings.” In an effort to a speedy resolution to the matter the WICB President stated, “…however if you or your team would like to engage in further discussion on any of the points raised, I would certainly make myself and any member(s) of our team available. “We view the restoration of normalcy to cricket in Guyana as the highest priority and are eager to ensure that this can occur with the cooperation and in the best interests of all stakeholders.”

Thursday December 6, 2012

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GCB announces preliminary plans for the encampment of the Guyana T20 team Subsequent to the clarification of legal issues the Executive Committee of the Guyana Cricket Board has formally approved the squad selected by the Senior Selectors of the GCB at a meeting held yesterday at the Board’s head office, Regent Road, Bourda. The selectors namely, Reyon Griffith, Nazimul Drepaul & Adrian Amsterdam nominated the team on Monday December 3rd 2012 at the Board’s Offices. A release from the Board stated that the selectors are relieved and pleased to advise that this squad has already been communicated to the WICB a few days before the extended deadline and they have readily accepted same, thus guaranteeing Guyana’s participation in this prestigious tournament. This squad will be encamped from Wednesday, December 5th 2012 at the Chetram Singh Centre of Excellence at LBI, ECD until December 22nd when they will break for the Christmas holidays. They will be reencamped on December 27th for another week before winging out in early January to Trinidad & St Lucia to compete in this major tournament. The winner of this Regional tournament represents the Caribbean at the ICC Champions League. Guyana last won this tournament in 2010 and represented the region in South Africa where their performance was well below par. The release also indicated that the selectors and other executive members of GCB are confident that this team could significantly better that achievement and make the cricket starved Guyanese public proud. The tremendous amount of challenges and pressures being exerted on the Executives and staff of the Board severely affected the efficient execution of their duties which also caused the Board to miss the initial deadline set by the WICB of November 22nd 2012 for the submission of the team. It should be noted that the GCB has never faltered in the preparation of a national team to contest in any of the WICB Regional tournaments despite all of the chaos that has been created in the cricketing circles. The GCB is very appreciative of the support and confidence that it continues to receive from its parent body, the WICB, and the Guyanese public, and has

recommitted themselves towards ensuring that cricket is not affected by the impasse created by the Government of Guyana/ IMC’s actions and welcomes the GOG’s concurrence with this approach. In this regard, the GCB has prepared a rigorous programme that includes matches, fitness tests, training, simulation matches, etc for the remaining period until the tournament commences in early January. The GCB had initially planned to hold 6 trial matches between the County teams & a Select XI from last Thursday to Saturday but this plan was severely curtailed due to the inclement weather and the unavailability of the National Stadium for that period even though these matches were later rescheduled to commence from Saturday until Monday. We are still awaiting confirmation that the National Stadium would be available for use by the team in its preparation during both periods of encampment with the first set of Practice matches scheduled to be played from Thursday December 6th through to Saturday December 8th. Further fitness tests will be performed after these matches. The Board is very pleased with the composition of this team which includes a tremendous blend of experience and youth which greatly improves our chances of coming out on top. With the likes of Chanderpaul, Sarwan, Johnson & Deonarine forming the core of the top & middle order and the bowling being led by the spin duo of skipper Veerasammy Permaul & Devendra Bishoo, this Guyana team is expected to give a very good account of themselves. Exciting young

The GCB executives at the meeting: Standing : Left to right Reyon Griffith(Chairman Senior Selector, Ananad Kalladeen (treasure),Raj Singh (DCB) Terry Holder (PRO) Anand Sanasie (Secretary) Prince Holder (Essequibo Cricket Board President) Nazimul Depaul (Chairman Junior Selector) Sitting: Left to right Colin Europe (Chairman - Competitions Committee) Drubahadur (Assistant Secretary) Fizul Bacchus (Vice President)& Alfred Mentor (Vice President) fast bowler, Ronsford Beaton will add youth and energy to the attack which will also include hard-hitting batsmen Christopher Barnwell, Jonathan Foo, Steven Jacobs, Royston Crandon, Rajiv Ivan, wicketkeeper Derwin Christian and Trevon Griffith, the release stated. The GCB also noted with serious concern that the recently-released WICB fixtures for the Regional Four Day Tournament does not include Guyana as a host venue, while the Pakistan Tour Final test match slated for the Guyana National Stadium is still tentative. The GCB will continue to engage the WICB and the Guyana Government to ensure regional and international cricket is played in Guyana.

Jumbo Jet touches down with major... (From page 34) be presented with trophies compliments of The Trophy Stall, Bourda market. Among some of the horses expected to be on show are the Score is Event, Who so Ever, the Message, Mission King, Do Nut Prince, Diamond Dazzle and California strike, Marathon Man, War Craft, The Bailiff and Gold Plated, Serenity, Sleep In Town, Settle In Seattle, Windy War, Storm in a tea Cup, Technology and

Bridal Stone Corner, Mona Lisa among others. Interested persons can make enquiries with coordinator and Treasurer Lakeram .B. Sukhdeo on Number 232-0558 or 6720810 or President Rooparam Jagit (tel 2320231), Dennis De Roop on number 609-9143, Annie on 613-1884 and Campton on 690-0569. Race time is 12:30 hrs. (SAMUEL WHYTE)

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Thursday December 06, 2012

Jumbo Jet touches down with major deal for Bush Lot horserace meet The hype is on, the stage is set and the countdown continues for the Bush Lot United One day horserace meet set for this Sunday December 9 at the Club’s entity, Sea View Park, West Coast Berbice. With just three days for the mega horserace meet the club has clinch a major deal with Jumbo Jet Auto Sales and Racing Stables. Jumbo Jet with businesses in both Demerara and Berbice at various locations and with one of the biggest horseracing stables in Guyana situated at Bush Lot, West Coast Berbice has over the years being a major player in the horseracing industry with sizable contributions and sponsorships and plenty of entries. This Sunday will be no different as the business conglomerate leads the way with a massive donation and plenty of entries. On Wednesday unit manager of the entity’s Chester West

Coast Berbice Location Ravi Bheemal handed over the cheque for a sizable sponsorship to Rooparam Jagit President of the Bush Lot United Turf Club. In handing over the cheque, Mr Bheemal noted the consistency with which the Jumbo Jet entity will assist various activities and is most happy to be associated with The BLUTC horserace meet. He noted that Jumbo Jet don’t discriminate and is always willing to assist as long as the venture is worthwhile and good accountability is in place. Mr Jagit, who was accompanied by Treasurer and coordinator Lakeram Sukdeo, was more than delighted to be among those being catered for by the Jumbo Jet conglomerate and promised to continue to make the principal of the entity proud. Eight races are listed to be contested for the day which has over $7M in cash Incentives and trophies up for

grabs along with two black berries cell phones. So far most of the top stables are on board with multiple entries. Leading the way once again is the Jumbo Jet racing stables with 12 entries with the Shariff Racing stables chasing them down with eight entries. Other major stables such as Crawford, Elcock, DeRoop Habibulla, Ashrafally, Singh and Jagdeo are all on board and will be looking to have a good day at the races. The full list of events are - The Feature B and lower 1500M contest sponsored by Banks DIH Limited for a tantalizing $1M and trophy with a total purses of $2M. The other races are the co feature D3 and lower 1200M gallop and the Three year old race for Guyana and West Indies bred horses which has similar winning purses of $450,000 and trophy over 1200M and 1500M respectively. The Guyana and West

Unit manager of The Jumbo Jet Ravi Bheemal presents the sponsorship deal to President of the BLUTC Rooparam Jagdit. Also savoring the moment is Coordinator and Treasurer Lakeram “Buddy” Sukdeo. Indies Bred two year old event and the G and lower race are 1000M events with winner’s monies set at $350,000 and $300,000 with trophies respectively.

The two years old Guyana bred horses and the ‘I’ and lower animals also 1000M races for first prizes of $200,000 and $170,000 and trophies also. The J &K and

lower 1400M event is for a winner’s take of $150,000 and trophy. The top individual performers including top jockey, stable and trainer will (Continued on page 33)

Turkish Grand Prix tipped to return to the Formula 1 calendar in 2013

Sebastian Vettel BBC Sport - Formula 1’s bosses have tweaked next year’s schedule to make space for an extra race, bringing the calendar back up to 20 grands prix. The German Grand Prix has been moved to 7 July, freeing up its previous date of 21 July for what governing body the FIA says will be another “European event”. This is expected to be a return of the Turkish Grand Prix which was dropped after 2011 for financial reasons. Efforts have been made in recent days to agree a new deal in Istanbul. The FIA was not immediately available for comment. Strictly speaking, the Turkish Grand Prix track is not in Europe - it is on the Asian side of the Bosphorus. But it is often referred to as a “European” race. An FIA statement from the World

Motorsport Council, which is meeting in the Turkish city this week, said the new race was “subject to approval by the relevant” national sporting authorities. There have also been efforts in recent months to revive the French Grand Prix, which was last held in 2008, but it is not thought that an agreement on that event is still some way off. The addition of a 20th race means next year’s calendar will contain as many grands prix as this year’s record schedule. The World Council also ratified a series of previously announced changes to the F1 rules. Of these, the most important are: · Deflection tests on front wings have been made more stringent, with loads to be applied at the back and front of each side of the wings rather than in one place on each side. This should prevent the practice of teams making their wings rotate from front to back to enhance aerodynamics. · Use of the DRS overtaking aid will no longer be free in practice and qualifying. Instead, it will only be allowed in the designated zones in which it will be used on the track in the race. It was also decided that the plan to make cars run on electric power alone in the pit lane from 2014, when F1 is introducing 1.6-litre V6 turbo engines with extensive energy recovery, would be delayed until 2017. And the FIA has abandoned changes for 2014 that were scheduled to be made to bodywork design to enhance efficiency by reducing downforce and drag.

Thursday December 6, 2012

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K&S Football Extravaganza...

Beharry’s Automotive Services donates motorcar for Most Valuable Player They have recently donated more than M$1.5 towards the success of the 23rd edition of the annual Kashif and Shanghai Football Tournament and anyone would have thought that it was more than enough. However, in what was hailed as unprecedented, the administrators of Beharry’s Automotive Limited (BAL) extended themselves and added a motorcar to the package, which will go to the Most Valuable Player in the impending championships slated to get underway from December 16 - January 1 next. Towards this end, the K&S principals, Kashif Muhammad and Aubrey ‘Shanghai’ Major, trooped to the Charlotte Street office of their benefactor and collected the keys to a 2200CC Toyota Alex motorcar from the Chairman, Anand Beharry, in the presence of Vice Chairman, Suresh Beharry and Sales Manager, Jan Veerwey. “This is not the first time that BAL has extended sponsorship towards sports activity but this is certainly the first time that our

donation has been of such magnitude,” pronounced Anand Beharry as he handed over the keys to the vehicle to Mr. Major. “This gift must be seen in the context of the level of seriousness we place on sports development,” he continued. Quizzed on whether such chivalry will be extended on a yearly basis, the Chairman said he preferred to wait on an analysis after the completion of the impending tournament before making such commitments. The Chairman further noted that sport is the most singular vocation in the development of any country and inputs must also match outputs. He then urged the public at large to support the venture as without such support the contribution of the corporate community would dwindle to naught. Mr. Muhammad collected the keys on behalf of his organization and extended heartfelt gratitude to the businessman. He noted that whereas in the past such occurrences were mostly associated with cricket, the K&S organization has been

able to broker the deal. This feat compliments another unprecedented occurrence by the organizers when King Pele’s visited to commemorate the 20th edition of the tournament. Earlier in the month, administrators of BAL had acquiesced to exclusive sponsorship of a Junior U-13 tournament to be played simultaneously with the senior tournament. The junior tournament is dubbed Chico Junior U-13 Round Robin Football Lien tournament. Yesterday, Mr. Muhammad disclosed that the arrangements are progressing for the success of the tournament. He said that his organization is collaborating with officials at the Ministry of Education and sometime today should be in a position to give further details. To date, eight teams, Marian Academy, North Georgetown Primary, Tucville Primary, West Ruimveldt Primary, Beterverwagting Primary, Grove Primary, Uitvlugt Primary and Company Road Primary slated to compete.

YOKOHAMA, Japan (Reuters) - Prompted into action by England midfielder’s Frank Lampard’s disallowed goal against Germany at the 2010 World Cup, FIFA will use goal-line technology for the first time in Japan this week. The technology will be employed in Thursday’s Club World Cup curtain raiser between Sanfrecce Hiroshima and Auckland City as soccer ’s governing body finally answers calls for it to join the 21st century. Hawk-eye, widely used in cricket and tennis, and GoalRef, which uses a microchip in the ball and low magnetic waves around the goal, will be used at venues in Toyota and Yokohama. “The important thing is for the technologies to perform as well as possible and there are no mistakes,” Hawk-Eye’s managing director Steve Carter told Reuters. “Obviously the worst scenario you can have is if the technology isn’t that accurate is the TV broadcast cameras

proving that the answer’s wrong.” With European champions Chelsea, whose players have been at the centre of several goal-line controversies in recent years, competing in Japan, the science is set for even closer scrutiny. “Hawk-Eye has seven cameras per goalmouth,” said Carter. “You’re talking millimetre level and that’s absolutely essential for football.” Carter referred to John Terry’s goal-line clearance in England’s 1-0 win over Ukraine at Euro 2012 as an example of the precision required to get decisions right. “If you look at the John Terry incident, we measured it using the TV footage, the ball was actually 25 millimetres over the line,” he said. “That is well within the accuracy of our system - two, three, four millimetres of accuracy in that scenario. Football needs that level.” FIFA had resisted pressure for technology, successfully used in other

sports including cricket, tennis, rugby and American Football, for years. But Lampard’s goal for England against Germany in South Africa, not seen by either the referee or linesman, prompted FIFA to finally turn to science. “What happened at the World Cup in 2010 cannot happen again,” FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke told reporters. “The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world. The ball was not two centimetres in the goal it was clearly in. “Millions of people see that and wonder how the referee didn’t see it. That’s the decision we made after the 2010 World Cup.”

FIFA launch goal-line revolution in Japan

EXPENSIVE BUSINESS Hawk-Eye and GoalRef are front-runners for next year’s Confederations Cup in Brazil, although FIFA have kept the door open for other competing companies. “It is expensive but over time technology gets cheaper,” said Valcke, adding that FIFA had invested $2 million (1 million pounds) to (Continued on page 29)

Aubrey ‘Shanghai’ Major (2nd left) gratefully collects the keys to the motorcar from Vice Chairman, Suresh Beharry in the presence of Anand Beharry and Jan Veerwey (extreme right & 2nd right). Mr. Muhammad is extreme left.

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Thursday December 06, 2012


PM Hinds to open Health & Fitness Expo Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Samuel Hinds will be doing the courtesies of declaring open the Flex Night Health and Fitness Expo set for this Saturday, December 8th at the National Cultural Centre (NCC). PM Hinds commenced the week by leading the AIDS Walk last Sunday. The Health and Fitness Expo is an activity of Flex Night Incorporated that brings together 24 Exhibitors who will be showcasing a range of products and services all aimed at promoting the healthy fitness lifestyle theme. Those products include fitness and exercise equipment, both imported and locally manufactured; sports and fitness attire; bodybuilding and nutrition supplements; fitness and exercise classes; massages and food therapies and outdoor recreation pursuits. The Health and Fitness Expo has attracted the participation of several of the main distributors of fitness

Fitness Expo will feature special exercise sessions for the public as this one where Curtis McKenzie is seen taking his clients through the paces. and exercise equipment and apparel in Guyana as well as some of the principal fitness instructors and exercise

gurus. The event targets persons of all ages and fitness levels and there are special exercise sessions

organized by Annabelle Vieira of Fusion Fitness, Curtis McKenzie of Curtis Workout and Noshavyah

King of Genesis Fitness Express. The Expo will be opened at 13:00hrs on the upper patio of the NCC after

which the Media will have the opportunity of a tour of the Expo booths with the official party. All the booths will be opened for the remainder of the evening which leads into the on stage action when athletes from S u r i n a m e , B r a z i l and Guyana clash in the Flex Night International Bodybuilding and Fitness show. The Surinamese have already thrown down the gauntlet through its Bodybuilding and Weightlifting its President to the Guyanese that they are coming to win, not only in words but a sizable and what is anticipated to be a vociferous support group of fans will touch down on these shores, tomorrow along with the guest artist, reigning European Fitness champion, Holland based Gisa ter Haar, who was also at the Mr. Suriname Show Saturday last in the Dutch speaking nation. Gisa’s mother is Surinamese.

Thursday December 6, 2012

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Tourists take third Test advantage in Kolkata BBC Sport - England’s bowlers again made light of losing the toss as the tourists had the better of the first day of the third Test against India in Kolkata. James Anderson took three wickets and Monty Panesar two to restrict the home side to 273-7. Gautam Gambhir made 60 before Sachin Tendulkar led the India fightback with a battling 76. But Anderson had Tendulkar caught behind and bowled Ravichandran Ashwin late on to put England on top. A day that had echoes of the opening of the second Test - India reached 266-6 after winning the toss in Mumbai on the way to a 10-wicket defeat might have been even better for England had Steven Finn not fumbled a chance to run out Ashwin. But that was one of the few mistakes by the tourists, who were rewarded for patient, skilful bowling and sharp fielding.

By contrast, India were often masters of their own downfall, with the comical run-out of Virender Sehwag setting the tone for the soft dismissals that followed. As a result, the hosts’ chances of making best use of a benign pitch showing no great pace look to rest on the shoulders of Dhoni, a skipper under pressure after the thrashing in Mumbai and the pre-match controversy surrounding the pitch at Eden Gardens. Dhoni would have faced further criticism had his firstball swipe at Graeme Swann not bounced just in front of Samit Patel at mid-wicket but, after that, he showed the same determined application of Tendulkar before him to move to 22 not out. Tendulkar had made only 29 runs in the first two matches of the series and again looked scratchy in the early part of his innings, regularly playing and missing as Anderson and Finn -

recalled to the side after injury in place of Stuart Broad found some reverse swing. With Panesar also tying the veteran down, he was restricted almost exclusively to nudges behind square on both sides of the wicket, but a fourth-wicket partnership of 79 with Yuvraj Singh looked to be tipping the balance towards India. Tendulkar hit his first two balls after tea for four to move to a half-century and, with Yuvraj planting Panesar for a straight six, India seemed intent on attacking in the final session. Even after Yuvraj tamely offered a simple catch to Alastair Cook at short extra cover off Swann, Tendulkar was looking more fluent as he moved towards what would have been a first Test hundred since January 2011. But, from the first ball after drinks, the impressive Anderson got a deserved second wicket as Tendulkar nibbled at an away-swinger,

Gautam Gambhir and Sachin Tendulkar punch gloves (BCCI) with wicketkeeper Matt Prior taking a diving, one-handed catch. If Tendulkar was got out, almost all that went before him aided the tourists, with Gambhir, who rarely looked comfortable, culpable not once, but twice. The left-hander inexplicably turned down an easy three to leave Sehwag stranded by Finn’s throw and,

after Cheteshwar Pujara was bowled playing back to Panesar, Gambhir flashed a cut at the same bowler and was well held at slip by Jonathan Trott. Virat Kohli’s poor form continued as he guided Anderson to Swann at second slip, at which point England were in the ascendancy.

Despite the resilience of Tendulkar and Dhoni, Anderson returned in the penultimate over of the day to remove Ashwin’s middle stump, leaving England three wickets to mop up on day two with a new ball that is only four overs old. Scores: India 273 for 7 (Tendulkar 76, Gambhir 60) v England.

t r o Sp

Samuels, Narine lead WI to victory D

HAKA, Bangladesh – A careerbest, fourth One-day International hundred from Marlon Samuels followed up Sunil Narine’s most impactful spell of the tour to lead West Indies to a four-wicket victory over Marlon Bangladesh in the third ODI on Wednesday Samuels here. Samuels continued his amazing year of run scoring with a typically silky 126 that included 17 fours and two sixes from 149 balls, as the Windies successfully chased 228 for victory under the lights before 22,724 spectators at the Sher-e-Bangla Stadium. Samuels put on 111 for the second wicket with Kieran Powell which put the visitors on course for victory, following the early departure of talismanic opener Chris Gayle. Powell, one of the two changes to the West Indies’ line-up, made 47, but none of the other batsmen on the Caribbean side reached 20. Devon Thomas formalised the victory with 18 balls remaining, when he edged Mashrafe Mortaza between the wicketkeeper

and first slip for his only boundary. The result meant that the Windies now trail 1-2 in the five-match series which continues on Friday at the same venue, where the two teams also play the final match the following day. Narine, gaining turn and bounce from a hard, true pitch, had laid the groundwork for the victory, when he collected 4-37 from his allotted 10 overs, as the Bangladeshis were dismissed for 227 in 49.1 overs. Veerasammy Permaul, making his ODI debut and the other change to the West Indies line-up, and Windies captain Darren Sammy supported with two wickets apiece, as Mahmudullah, batting at seven, led the way for the home team with 52, his captain Mushfiqur Rahim made 38, opener Anamul Haque, a century-maker in the previous match, got 33, Sohag Gazi added 30 and lefthanded opener Tamim Iqbal 22. Scores: West Indies 228 for 6 (Samuels 126, Powell 47) beat Bangladesh 227 (Mahmudullah 52, Narine 4-37) by four wickets.

Sunil Narine

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