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Wednesday December 04, 2019

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Guyana as a magnet The estimates could be on the conservative side regarding the anticipated influx of neighbours looking for a way out of national distress and dangers, while manifesting that instinctively human characteristic: the desire, the struggle, the determination to survive. Any outlet will do, and Guyana is as good as any and, when, all local promises on the table come to pass-even partially-then it is not merely encouraging, but infinitely better than most other destinations under consideration. Georgetown and its environs alone already are beehives of commercial activity.Officially, the current guesstimate is somewhere between 30,000 and 40,000 newcomers from Venezuela in the coming months, which could prove to be woefully underestimated and publicly understated. Because it is the belief of this paper that if the oil comes on stream in the gushers released, and the attendant downstream businesses come onboard, then the opportunities will be there, the hope will spring stronger, urgings more urgent, in the breasts of our suffering neighbours, now compelled by circumstances to run for their lives, sometimes with just the scraps on their backs. It is the pathos of refugees since time immemorial, and it is reminiscent of the plight once experienced by Guyanese, who went through (and still do) such arduous mental, emotional, and physical treks to this part and that place. We should know well, as we have the scars and siblings, the friends and family, settled in just about every locale that opened arms and welcomed us a while back, when our own troubles had intensified and left the savaging backwash that continues to this day. The apprehensions are that services and agencies will be stretched. They are more than accurate, since even with our own populace, those needs can be long in coming, or sometimes not available to a sufficient degree, or not at all. The contemplation of 40,000 incoming is alarming, even with the most expansive, the most benevolent of mindsets, given what we have, and where we are at the present. It would be that even 10,000 Venezuelans could be a real challenge, which might make this society and its far from developed facilities falter, if not frizzle up, before such a volume of people, now deliberately minimised to emphasise and register the extent of the social and other pressures. Another element that is due some consideration should be the commonsense assumption, if not comprehension, that migrants usually gravitate to where there is economic activity, as in businesses. For businesses have the need for workers, and the more businesses, the more are the workers that could be called upon to deliver. It is sensible to envision that, even with the best of intentions, policy decisions, and procedural controls, most of the influx-first a steady trickle, and then a rush of tidescould end up in an already clogged capital city. That means hypothetically several hundred and then thousands in congested Georgetown. This is not an appealing calculation, however remote it may look at this time, since it may not be so. It cannot be appealing to those, who are at the helm of the Guyana Police Force, or the Hon. Ministers of Public Health and Social Protection, to name a few of them only. This, of course, extends to the public hospital and clinics and the local schools, wherever they may be located. All are known to be crowded and lacking in some aspects of deliverables. There is acknowledgement that these may represent the tip of the submerged, but everreal, landmine only. This is posited because as the oil flows so, too, will the folks from afar, which before long could transform the native-born into a full-fledged minority in no time.The options are not many, the answers not comforting, for there is a long, porous border that has too few human resources and too few resources period, with which to stand and guard the entrance bridges. There is simply too much area near to and far from any official checkpoints to render them moot. Here is a last offering: what better way than to reclaim territory than to flood it with one’s own? That should be enough to bring sobriety to the local powers, trying to figure out how to go about national governance.

The national interest is more important than partisan interests DEAR EDITOR, Mr. Frederick Kissoon’s column published in the Kaieteur News’ November 27th 2019 edition under the caption, “A critical point Donald Rodney missed on the PNC-WPA union” was in my view one of the few occasions that Kissoon in his writing on the WPA conveyed the impression of an attempt at objective analysis. Kissoon, in his examination of the WPA’s praxis preand post-2015, concluded that the party should have ended its relationship with the PNCR as early as 20152016. It is unfortunate that he persists in raising these matters in the election season, and given more urgent political imperatives, I would not engage each issue raised in the column in a detailed way. Hence, I am restricting my response to the central contention in Kissoon criticism of the WPA. He is adamant that the objective political situation prior and up to 2015 that, which he agrees had justified the WPA/ PNCR alliance, ceased to exist post-2015. On that score, the WPA should have parted company with the PNCR. He wrote, “The objective conditions for the WPA remaining with the PNC in an alliance were no longer there after 2015. This is what Donald should have told Ogunseye.” It will not be fair for me to take the position that Kissoon is contending that with the defeat of the PPPC and the coming to power of the APNU+AFC government, the objective political situation in the country had changed. And therefore the WPA’s

goal had been achieved and it was time to end its alliance with the PNCR. His position is premised on concern with elements inherent to the political equation and PNCR/WPA relations. Kissoon raised the following issues: (a) Robert Corbin’s vision and role in the formation of APNU (b) David Granger as PNCR leader and his vision and ideology (c) PNCR’s political behaviour having come to power. It is not my intention in this response to discuss the above-mentioned points. My concern is with the logic inherent in Kissoon’s conclusion that the WPA should have left the Coalition as early as 2015 or 2016. Kissoon stated, “…the objective conditions for the WPA and the PNC working together no longer existed in 2016 onwards.” Kissoon seems to have difficulties in deciding exactly when the objective situation had changed to justify the WPA ending its relations with the PNCR. On one occasion he points to 2015, then to 2016 onwards. However, it is his conclusion that is important in the polemics. Is Kissoon’s position that the Coalition Government and its governance record since 2016 is equal to that of the PPPC or worse? If this is his position, I beg to differ. Any objective examination of all the fundamentals as they relate to government/governance would demonstrate that Kissoon’s contention does not hold. It is like comparing cheese with

chalk – so to speak. And this is also true for government rule from 2015 to the present. The APNU/AFC government is not as authoritarian as the PPPC or previous PNC regimes. To date, President David Granger has not abused his powers as previous presidents have done. The level of corruption and drug-running is nowhere near what it was during the PPPC rule. Racial and political discrimination is not the order of the day as in PPPC time. There are no phantom killings. And fatal shootings by the police are a thing of the past. No Guyanese has been charged and imprisoned for treason. Citizens’ rights to peaceful protest are respected and no group of citizens has been tear-gassed or shot with rubber or lethal bullets. Was this the existing situation under the PPPC regime? For the WPA these matters are critical in assessing the objective political situation prior and post 2015. While some of Kissoon observations on the performance of the APNU/AFC Coalition hold validity in varying degrees, they are not sufficient to represent a profound deterioration comparable with the PPPC governance. It is interesting to see if Kissoon will have difficulties adjusting his position given my observations. The WPA politics in APNU and the APNU/AFC Coalition has been central in Guyanese political discussions, both formally and informally, and for good reasons. Kissoon, like our other detractors, seeks to reduce APNU and the coalition to the PNCR. This approach runs con-

trary to objective logic. I have addressed this matter in previous letters citing the noconfidence motion and its consequences. The WPA in 2015, and at present, holds the view that the coalition government and its governance is a superior option to that of 23 years of the PPPC domination, given the country’s political reality of race and political polarization. We believe that coming oil and gas wealth with its potential requires more than ever that we have a government of many parties instead of a one-party government. As it relates to WPA/ PNCR relations (the Walter Rodney assassination and its aftermath) and the challenges therein, our view is that it does not negate the correctness of our position/judgment that the national interest is more important than partisan interests. In previous polemics, I also explained that the party preferred to err on the side of caution rather than to take political actions that our constituents’ political consciousness might not allow them to support. While we accept that political leadership is expected to lead, it is our conviction that this has to be done together with the people. Kissoon and our detractors want the WPA to do what is not in the best interest of the nation or the party. In closing, I draw readers’ attention to Frederick Kissoon’s column in KN, November 29, 2019 captioned, “The part about Charran that Ramjattan left out.” Kissoon defends MP Charrandass Persaud jumping ship and supporting the (Continued on page 5)

The Archives is being appropriately named to those of tion of the leadership of the after Walter Rodney pared Europeans…and his name day. DEAR EDITOR, I wish to present a few short observations about previous offerings on the naming affair, re the National Archives. Naming national spaces and places is not a perfect, absolute or pure science: It is more often acts of recognition of a person’s contribution to society...sometimes both local and international, and often too, for no real reason other than exercises of power. Our national airport, in my humble opinion, was appropriately named Timehri as an honour to our indigenous people: The Jagdeo cabal saw it fit to rename it after the founder leader of their party. There were hardly any split hairs over this at the time and the PPP had the political power then to make and main-

tain such a change. Before this, we had the renaming of Mckenzie-WismarChristianburg to Linden: Any significant bells ringing here? We also have Roxanne Burnham Gardens and Melanie Damishana...What are the connections of the names to these places? All the colonial names of streets and places are retained, even though the main contributions of those nameholders, were to plunder resources and dehumanise and oppress colonised peoples; but we have not clamoured for such change. The museum is the Walter Roth Museum named after an Englishman, who, even with the title “Protector of the Indians”, was noted by his peers at the time for belittling indigenous belief systems as com-

adorns our National Museum. Walter Rodney was an academic and intellectual of extraordinary being and achievement; and no, his stature cannot be arbitrarily conflated with that of the local history elites, their achievements notwithstanding. For the national good, as opposed to partisan political interests, we, at the local level, must be brave enough to recognise, affirm and reward Rodney for all his international and national efforts for new thoughts and beginnings in the social, economic and political spheres of life. He is a son of the soil and he returned to Guyana upon the offer of a professorship at the University of Guyana, but was blocked from taking that position by political interven-

That took away nothing from his brilliance and contribution to academic thought, neither international nor local; nor did his socio-political activism and foray into local politics in Guyana. The study and recording of history is not unrelated to archivism: Hopefully the archives, in addition to the library, will hold a collection of his works, some of them groundbreaking and seminal, so that the nation will have spared no effort in preserving the academic achievement and legacy of Rodney. In my humble opinion, the Archives is being appropriately named after this great Guyanese student and professor of history. As a nation, we owe him no less. Best regards, Rick Dalgetty

Wednesday December 04, 2019


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Political rhetoric can be trifled and fiddled with; revenue law cannot DEAR EDITOR Christopher Ram, with his now customary anti-Government obsession, has accused the Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan of illegality/invalidity in the remission/ ”waiver” of taxes on retroactive salary increases for public servants/public officers (see “Regulation published by Finance Minister to waive taxes on public servants pay increases is invalid” SN November 25, 2019). Godfrey Statia, Commissioner General, GRA submits that the remission is valid as authorised by statute (vide “Minister Jordan’s decision was guided by Section 105 of the Income Tax Act Chapter 81:01"; “Tax – Free backpay legal” Guyana Chronicle, Thursday, November 28 2019). Godfrey Statia is manifestly right. Christopher Ram is patently wrong. First of all, I would submit to Mr. Ram that the National Assembly under our constitutional architecture has no power “by the passage of primary legislation … to make any payment exempt from tax” (here I am quoting from Ram’s letter). That power is, exclusively, the constitutional province of Parliament in contradistinction to the National

Assembly. The National Assembly is not Parliament; the National Assembly is that constituent part that inter alia, passes Bills; the other constituent part of parliament being the President (who assents to Bills when passed) (see article 51). I have seen this confusion as between the two bodies in the writings of another prominent letter writer. It is trite constitutional law, that no Bill passed by the National Assembly can become “primary legislation” (Ram’s terminology; I prefer the simplicity of the word “Act”) until and unless (provisions as to overriding the President’s veto, aside) that Bill is assented to by the President. But, I suspect that Ram’s seeming congenital angst for the David Granger-headed Government, blinds him from that constitutional truism and makes him delusional about this President’s indispensability in statute law enactment/making. And, I would observe, en passant, that by his vote buying rhetoric (his words are “violate any law…bribe any group of voters”,) and the imputations/ innuendo of criminality, such words are capable of bearing in the law

The national interest is... From page 4 PPPC’s no-confidence motion to bring down the government. He argued that the AFC’s leadership failed to inform Charrandass on the party’s decision to close some Berbice sugar estates and this failure justified Charrandass’s actions, since he was the party’s Berbice representative. Following Kissoon’s logic, I am posing this question to him: and in all seriousness, I am expecting Kissoon to the answer this question. It is your contention that democracy required that the AFC leadership had an obligation to consult MP Charrandass on their decision on the sugar industry. I agree that they should have done so. Is it not also important that on a major decision as WPA leaving the coalition, the party has a democratic duty to consult its supporters and coalition voters? Tacuma Ogunseye

of Libel, Ram dances on thin ice [see Janet Jagan And Another v. Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham (1973) G.L.R 203 a decision of a strong Bench of the Court of Appeal.] Second, (and herein lies the crux of my argument) while I agree with Ram (but I prefer the statutory basis of Section 20(1)(b) of Interpretation and General Clauses Act, Cap 2:01) that it is an “elementary principle … that the delegate … can only exercise any power consistent with the primary legislation”, Ram has not shown, and cannot show, by any reasoned justification, that in pith and substance, Minister Jordan made Regulations No. 11 of 2019 is inconsistent with the Income Tax Act, Cap 81:01 wherein Section 105 specifically (not generally) confers, by delegation, tax remission power on the Minister which he exercises and exercised, in his discretion in making Reg 11/ 2019. So, Ram resorts to an abstract disquisition of “elementary principles” without the slightest endeavor to show by condescension to the particulars of the Income Tax (Special Provisions) Regulations (No. 11 of 2019), how by a process of interpretation, any inconsistency (as he pretends to argue) has happened. He cannot. So, he pedantically embellishes his arguments, by reference to the “Financial Administration and Audit Act” (sic). You see, having made reference to the FA & AA, he then, in the very next following paragraph, by a somewhat

inarticulate and in obvious (a non sequitur) remarkable step in his argument, writes thus – “In other words, the Regulations made by Mr. Jordan are invalid … any power … they seek to impose is illegal”. So, here he is leapfrogging from the clearly unnecessary reference to the FA & AA, (the Minister did not act under such legislation) to the unreasoned, specious conclusion of invalidity and illegality. Editor, I agree entirely with the Commissioner General’s submission, and with the reasons he proffers (as he refreshes Ram’s memory about Section 105) that “Section 105 did not at any time (in 2003 or 2005) refer to Section 13 of the Income Tax Act, but conferred a discretion in the President and then the Minister to remit tax…Ram has completely ignored Section 105, and may be essentially ignoring the amendment conveniently”. Editor, that was the state of their respective arguments until Counsel in a subsequent letter (exercising his right of reply) has contrived to disembarrass himself from the contempt to which his omission to even mention much less cogitate about Section 105 had exposed him, by first, inexplicably, dis-acknowledging the Commissioner General’s direct adumbration about Section 105 (even the caption in the GC letter gives the lie to Ram’s dis-acknowledgment); and he also has introduced a new, fresh argument, which while admittedly true in theory, does nothing to sup-

port or validate his invalidity/ illegality argument predicated on his main supposition that Reg. 11/2019 is inconsistent within the Income Tax Act.(see “There is an ocean of difference between exemption from tax and remission” S.N Friday November 29). It is this reply letter that has prompted mine, even as I hold no brief for either the Minister, or C.G. Some obvious irrelevancies aside, Ram writes “In the tax world, there is an ocean of difference between exemption and remission… To have a remission one must first have a liability which is impossible if as the Regulations state, the income is exempt.” Ta k e n a s a g e n e r a l proposition of tax law, it is difficult to disagree with that. But put in context, Counsel knows that Reg. 11/2019 is not just para.3 (“There shall be exempt from the tax- …”). Reg. 11/ 2019 has in all three paragraphs (para 1. Speaks of” …Regulations for the waiver of taxes…”) the word “Waiver” being a misnomer for remission; and the recitals speaks of “… powers conferred upon me by Section 105 of the Income Tax Act Cap 81:01…” It is the whole of Reg. 11/ 2019 which has to be interpreted, not just para 3 in isolation, for any principled determination as to its (in)validity Does Ram not know this! To be clear, I make no excuse for the flippancy with which para 1 and 3 are drafted. Vis-à-vis “waiver” and “exempt”

Be that as it may, Reg 11/ 2019 is plainly not ultra vires the Minister in terms of section 105. Interpreted as it must, as whole, its purpose is plain and unambiguous - the remission of income tax. And in any event, since Reg 11/ 2019 is not, of course, some charging provision (which requires a strict construction) the legal maxim of interpretation that applies is: ut res magis valeat quam pereat (i.e. it is better that the thing be valid than perish) Third, and finally, I would briefly observe that Ram’s notion of illegality (as distinct from his other argument of invalidity) is an outrage. The delegability, by parliament itself of its relief from tax authority (as happened in this Tax free back pay matter) is well established in tax laws (see the instructive case of Revere Jamaica Alumina Ltd v. AG (1977) 26 WIR 486). I end with this: the esoterics of revenue/tax law, and political diatribe, makes for a toxic mix. Political rhetoric can be trifled and fiddled with; revenue law (learning about which I would yield only to a few in this country) cannot. Christopher Ram, while deserving public servants back pay is pending, has fiddled. Minister Winston Jordan has in this Government’s “tax-free back pay” decision– process, legislated as a member of the Executive, with all due constitutional, and delegated, probity and propriety. Regards Maxwell E. Edwards


Wednesday December 04, 2019

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I will not be holding my breath for the It’s the only game in town – deadly cops are not going to seem built into the operational dissolution of Parliament this year though it is! know be everywhere. Seems these methods of public transporDEAR EDITOR, I see a lot of debate from both sides on the issue of the dissolution of the 11th Parliament of Guyana. I’m no legal expert, but I do believe my ability to comprehend the law is not limited. According to the Article 61 of the Constitution of Guyana: “An election of members of the National Assembly under article 60 (2) shall be held on such day within three months after every dissolution of Parliament

as the President shall appoint by proclamation.” Our Constitution is very clear that within three months after Parliament is dissolved, it must be reconvened after the holding of General and Regional Elections. Given that General and Regional Elections are scheduled for March 2, 2020, an act of good faith from the President would have been to dissolve Parliament on December 2, 2019. After the passage of the no-confidence motion, almost

a year ago, and the lengthy legal battles, that millions of taxpayers’ dollars have been spent on, the APNU/AFC Coalition should realise the merits of a show of good faith. Good faith is something I have yet to see from the APNU/AFC Coalition, so I will not be holding my breath for the dissolution of Parliament this year. Sincerely, Nalinie Singh B.A. (Political Science)

The Ministry of Education dealt with these matters professionally DEAR EDITOR, Recently, we have seen the education sector coming under increased scrutiny with a number of unfortunate incidents involving both students and a teacher. I also noticed that on Sunday December 1, 2019 in the four daily newspapers, the Ministry of Education (MoE) published two notices. One dealt with the fight involving a male and female student and the other addressed an altercation between a teacher and a parent. The MoE’s statements are both instructive and informative. As an educator and a parent, let me say that I believe the ministry dealt with both matters appropriately. Reading the contributions in relation to these issues on social and contemporary media; it is clear that although some of us mean well with our contributions, like the MoE’s statement points out, we have not placed the matter in its right context.And here is where I will give a few reasons why I believe the Education Ministry dealt with the matter properly. Firstly, we must understand that in the case of the incident involving the male and female student, the Ministry is constrained by what it can say. This is due to the fact that these are minors they are dealing with and so the children’s privacy and that of their families cannot be compromised. Analysing the language the Ministry used in its statements, one gets the impression that there is a whole lot more going on that meets the eye in the case of the fight between the two students, but obviously, the Ministry cannot state those. The Richard Ishmael Secondary School

matter is a clear case of bullying, also abuse and other concerns. But the Ministry of Education is not allowed to take sides. As a responsible body it has to listen to both sides and then make a determination as it identifies the causes and effects of the issue. So while some sections of society may wish to see quick action against one of the parties, the MoE has to ensure it follows due process and be guided by what is outlined in the school policy regarding these matters. The Ministry has taken a similar approach with the Winfer Gardens Primary incident involving the parent and teacher. As citizens, we should be aware that if a matter is engaging the attention of the police there is only so much that can be said on the issue or one runs the risk of prejudicing the police investigations.Finally, this nation has a responsibility to our schoolchildren and young people. We have to play our parts in ensuring that these children, who are the future, inculcate good values, attitudes, morals, etc. This cannot be the work of the MoE alone; these children spend quite a lot of time in the home, so the home has to play its role. The family cannot abdicate its duties and then expect the Ministry of Education to fix a problem that those in the home helped to create. We have to continue to speak to our children. It begs the question: what message is it that parents are sending to those children? Children model behaviours from their parents, is that the type of behaviour that parents want their children to embrace and showcase? Yours truly, Leon Persaud

DEAR EDITOR, The tragic news keeps the daily local frontpages and TV newscasts emblazoned with the dead and the maimed. Perhaps folks read and surmise that since they are not the subject of these fatalities, they’ll just carry on as before. And guess what – their names do appear, because new names are added daily to this enveloping senseless, speed drunkenness. The Traffic cops do have responsibility. But we all

senseless drivers know where to floor the gas pedals, causing the misery that attend to these accidents. Perhaps the penalties for traffic infractions need to be strengthened. Perhaps some folks should see their license suspended with attendant fines or revoked for certain infractions. Of course, that is before they choose to go all the way and include the innocent in their speed killing programme. The incentives to speed

tation, mini-buses and taxi service. Quick trips may mean more money. Or a quick oneway ticket to Boot Hill! With a small population and a promising future, the country needs all hands-on deck. The public has a role in this and perhaps their voice has yet to reach the crescendo level to stir legislative or other official intervention. So, we fiddle while the bodies pile up! Thanks, Phil Edwards

Re-evaluating Freddie Kissoon’s assessment of Burnham DEAR EDITOR, Kaieteur News columnist Mr. Freddie Kissoon’s analysis (KN Nov. 23, 2019) of the PNC and its Founder/ Leader the late Forbes Burnham did not portray the really true image of Forbes Burnham.While Mr. Kissoon correctly depicts Burnham as a true anti-imperialist in his early sojourn in office, he however failed in his analysis to highlight some salient attributes of the late comrade leader. The 1964 election which inserted the PNC/ UF coalition to power was barely over when rifts evolved between Mr. Peter D’Aguiar, the Finance Minister and leader of the UF in the Coalition Government and the Kabaka. The UF was manoeuvered out of the coalition government, followed by alleged rigged elections in 1968. In 1971 Burnham embarked on a programme to feed, house, and clothe the nation by 1976. Like countless ill-fated programmes, this one was a colossus failure. But Burnham also outmaneuvered the Marxist PPP leader, the late Dr. Cheddi Jagan. Nationalisation of the commanding heights of the economy (bauxite and sugar) perpetuated a specter of doom over institutions like the commercial banks and other private companies. Incidentally, Jagan urged further nationalization of foreign companies and in his own words declared, “We have forced the PNC to accept Socialism, so while they will be pulling the cart, the PPP will be holding the reins”. He then embarked on a most bizarre programme of ‘Critical Support’ for Burnham. What a decision from a man who more than half the people of Guyana idolized! Jagan’s skewed political antics had rivaled nothing seen in Guyana before. Not long after, the Burnham regime, in the midst of a semi starving nation, boldly embarked in the creation of a vast array of para-military organisations such as the Young Socialist Movement, National Service, Tactical Services Unit, and

Peoples’ Militia, among others which securely entrenched him in power. National Service caused huge numbers of University of Guyana students to quit studies. Burnham used these entities to entrench himself deeper in power and to suppress the opposition; notwithstanding, these entities wreaked havoc on the country’s finances, which led to a partial collapse of the economy. The end result was huge shortages of food items and other basic human amenities.Cornered by the imperialist forces and international financial institutions, Forbes Burnham found redemption in the Non Aligned Movement (NAM), which was formed in 1961 and became the second largest grouping of states worldwide after the United Nations. The NAM provided the opportunity for Forbes Burnham to vent his frustration on the neo-imperialists and the western financial institutions, which provided little or no financial assistance to Guyana, due largely to his nationalisation and socialist policies. The PNC Leader used the NAM platform to condemn apartheid in South Africa, but practised his own brand at home. At the regional level, most of the CARICOM leaders embraced Burnham’s socialist philosophy, because the alternative was Marxism under Cheddi Jagan.That said, it is true that ‘Burnham was essentially driven by narcissism, self-awareness of his exceptional qualities, and was a serious embracer of authoritarian philosophy’ as adumbrated by Mr. Kissoon.Burnham had a vision to develop Guyana, but he was also vindictive to the point where his vindictiveness overshadowed his vision. He was caught up with the egotistical need to brandish power and the logical course to develop a country. But he was caught up between the racial politics in Guyana, the Cold War era, and the toxic international environment. Leyland Chitlall Roopnaraine

Every Guyanese deserves a good who can represent us technical and vocational education persons on the world stage, and per- education.During the tenure DEAR EDITOR, I have listened to His Excellency President David Granger who stated categorically during an interview that he wants to see an educated nation.This would entail less school dropouts; more persons would have the opportunity to have an education and so forth.I endorsed Government’s efforts to ensure that every child gets the opportunity to benefit from the education system through the Five Bs initiative. It is my hope that we have

sons who can lead in the development of our nation after they would have received an education in our dear land. While the statistics of the number of persons who have dropped out of schools is alarming, efforts are being made to ensure that figure is at an all-time low. The Secondary Competency Certificate Programme (SCCP) seeks to improve students’ attendance, reduce school dropouts, shore-up equity and enhance quality and relevance in the area of

of the previous administration, much emphasis was not placed on the acquisition of quality education, particularly among our young people. This, to my mind has impeded the quality of people that work in the public sector and represent us on the international stage. Guyana is becoming an oil-producing nation and the onus is on us to produce persons of reputable character and a sound, quality education. George Goring

Wednesday December 04, 2019

PSC sets up working group to forge Local Content Laws The Private Sector Commission (PSC) of Guyana has decided to spearhead an initiative aimed at bringing about local content laws and not just a policy. The PSC in a public missive, yesterday, said that the decision was taken in light of widespread concerns expressed by sections of the local private sector on the issue of local content. It took into consideration recent calls for legislative protection made by the Georgetown Chambers of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) and Guyana Manufacturers Association (GMSA). The private sector umbrella organisation announced that the PSC, which represents 23 private sector organisations, convened its Trade and Investment SubCommittee to discuss the concerns and to give effect to the call for local content legislation. Following its deliberations, a Multi-Stakeholder Working Group will be established by the private sector. It will include other stakeholders including civil society, labour unions, and political parties to broaden the discussion on local content legislation. GCCI at a Gala Award ceremony this past week called for local content provisions to be codified in order to protect domestic businesses in the oil and gas industry. GCCI President, Nicholas Deygoo-Boyer, in his address to the business leaders gathered for the gala affair, said that while the business support organisation welcomes “companies who invest into

our country, GCCI believes that investment incentives should be expanded and codified as well as be accessible to both foreign and local companies in the various sectors.”Addressing the growing debate over the issue of incentives, the GCCI President said based on “much of what we have heard complaints about can be traced back to a need to codify the incentives so that they are transparent and available to all investors, both local and foreign.”According to Deygoo-Boyer, “We have seen some significant investments recently by local companies that should be commended, despite their challenges in accessing investment incentives commensurate to the level of investment.”The GMSA had recently backed calls by other private sector bodies for the establishment of laws regulating local content in the emerging oil and gas sector. That body in a public statement said, “We are strongly of the view that a critical evaluation should be undertaken of all foreign based companies that have been provided with concessions by GO-INVEST and the Government.” As such, the GMSA “urges the Government of Guyana to do so in order to ascertain whether there exists any Guyanese Company that have been and/or will be disadvantaged as it relates to unfair competition particularly within our Manufacturing and Services Sectors and beyond.” According to the GMSA, local manufacturers continue


Kaieteur News

to face the hardship of being unable to enjoy the same benefits as foreigners entering into the country primarily to maximise the benefits associated with the new oil and gas industry. GMSA said it would like that emphasis placed on Guyana deriving maximum benefits from its natural resources. The GMSA said laying a solid foundation for the implementation of local content policies through appropriate legal and regulatory framework is imperative if the desired outcomes are to be achieved. “To date, we have observed that there is no dedicated monitoring and evaluation mechanisms and/or institutions empowered with regulatory authority and autonomy to ensure the implementation of local content policy in Guyana. As such, GMSA advocated that an independent Commission be established to remedy this anomaly and that in this context GMSA supports the formation of a “Local Content Commission to ensure that the intended goals are achieved and for necessary policy adjustments to be made if and when these become necessary.”

Customs Officer charged for allegedly stealing passengers jewellery

- Claims he was holding on to it The defendant, 26-yearold Kareem Azeez, a father of two of Laluni Street, Queenstown, Georgetown, who is being represented by a customs officer lost his job after he admitted that he had a passengers jewellery in his possession. The man didnt only lose his job at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport but he was also charged and put before the court. The matter was called before Magistrate Sunil Scarce in the Providence Magistrates Courts. Azeez pleaded not guilty to the charge which stated that on October 1, 2019, at Cheddi Jagan International Airport, he stole a gold bracelet valued US$150 and a gold chain valued US$200, property of Anjalie Deonarine. It was disclosed during the court hearing of the matter that Deonarine was a passenger, who has already left the country but she left a statement. Attorney-at-law Adrian Thompson, made an application for his client to be released on a reasonable amount of bail. The court heard that the

defendant was searching the various persons and the bracelet and chain were left behind and he kept it. When the woman returned and claimed that the jewellery was hers, the defendant told the woman that he could not give her the jewellery because he didnt know to whom it belonged. So he held onto the jewellery. The woman went to the relevant authorities at the airport and told them that she had forgot her jewellery at Customs area, and that when she went back for it. the Cus-

toms officer refused to give her the jewellery. When they approached the defendant and asked him if he had any gold jewellery in his possession, he answered in the affirmative. But he still lost his job and now he is working with his father in construction. After listening to the information that came out during the court proceedings, Magistrate Scarce released the defendant on self bail and the matter was adjourned to December 31, 2019, for report and fixture for trial.

Cabinet orders report on ... (From page 3) despite those billions of dollars in waivers. Other mining companies that are reportedly likely to fall under scrutiny are the AGM Inc., the country’s biggest gold mining operations, in Region Seven, and Bosai Minerals, which runs a bauxite operations in Region Ten. Bosai has also taken over a manganese operation in Region One.


Kaieteur News

Wednesday December 04, 2019

Teen biker killed after slamming into a truck The rider and motorcycle under the truck

At around 20:30 hrs yesterday a motorcyclist crashed into a truck and died in the vicinity of DSL Cash and Carry at the intersection of the Ruimveldt Industrial bypass and the East Bank Public road. The cyclist was identified as 18 year-old Deshawn Morris of Lot 4 East La Penitence. Eyewitnesses said that the cyclist who was also carrying a pillion rider was heading north towards Mandela Avenue at a fast rate when he slammed into the front of the truck. They also said that it seemed as if the pillion rider panicked just before the crash and attempted to

“jump off the bike”. This caused Morris to lose control of the motorcycle. The pillion rider landed at the side of the road but Morris suffered the severity of the impact. He was pinned under the truck. The body had to be pulled from the truck by paramedics. According to reports, he was reportedly still breathing before being placed into the ambulance. However, he was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). The pillion rider escaped with some scratches and bruises. The driver of the truck has been taken into custody by police.

UWP claims threats made against life of its leader ROSEAU, Dominica CMC – The main opposition United Workers Party (UWP) said it had written to Police Commissioner Daniel Carbon seeking police protection for Opposition Leader Lennox Linton based “on credible threats” made against him and his family. The party did not indicate where the threats were made, but in a statement posted on its official website, noted that they wanted the police to provide the protection for Linton “for the remainder”. The letter was sent out yesterday. Leadership is awaiting the response from the commissioner. The leadership continues to admonish supporters to remain vigilant. “We will keep you updated on these unfolding developments,” the party said. But speaking at a news conference yesterday, UWP President, Isaac Baptiste, told reporters that the threat was made on Monday. “I am hoping that in the interest of justice and fairness that the chief of police will accede to our request,” he added. During the news conference Lintontold reporters that the UWP is a “party of peace” and that he was the first political leader to sign the Code of Conduct presented by

the Christian Council. “ We i n d i c a t e d t h e r e quite clearly that we are a party of peace, we advocate peace, we preach peace (and) it is part of our modus operandi”. In a national radio and television broadcast on Monday night, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit accused the UWP and its leadership of fermenting violence in the run-up to the December 6 general elections after supporters burnt tyres and debris in the north east village of Marigot earlier during the day. “I am calling on Lennox Linton, (former prime minister) Edison James and the UWP to bring an end to this lawlessness. I am calling on them to tell their supporters to stop. I am calling on Linton and the UWWP to put Dominica first,” Skerrit said, adding that the opposition has spoken of having “something to disrupt the elections”. But Linton told reporters that the people of Marigot, who he represented in the last Parliament, “are standing up for issues of justice that need to be addressed. “The justice issues for the people of Marigot are clear and need to be addressed before we start talking anything about peace,” he added.

Wednesday December 04, 2019


Kaieteur News

CONFUSION GALORE AT TAKUBA LODGE Something is amiss at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The ending of the career of the most senior career diplomat in the country, the dissolution of the position of Director-General and the appointment of another diplomat as a Permanent Secretary amounts to a case where things have gone haywire. The excuse provided by a senior government official for this travesty was the need for greater “synergy” between the official removed and the Minister. This is another way of saying that friction in interpersonal relations is responsible for the dramatic changes in the country’s Foreign Ministry.The need for synergy is a poor excuse for treating Guyana’s most senior diplomat in such a shabby manner. A senior diplomat should not have had to face the indignity on a non-contract renewable because of problems of synergy. A lack of synergy can be helpful. Friction between officials in a government is not bad. Public officials have to learn to manage such friction because it is now part of the culture of all workplaces.

The most absurd development of all was the dissolution of the post of DirectorGeneral and the appointment of a Permanent Secretary. The Foreign Ministry needs both posts. It needs a Permanent Secretary to administer the Foreign Ministry and its many missions around the world. And it needs a Director General to assume responsibility for the diplomacy. There is a division of labour between the two appointments; they are not interchangeable. Permanent Secretaries should be drawn from within the general public service. The government should have identified a senior public servant with financial administrative experience and appointed that person as a Permanent Secretary in the Foreign Ministry. You should not have had to ask an ambassador, with training in diplomacy, to assume the role of administering the Foreign Ministry. The Foreign Ministry needs a Director General. You cannot have bevy of diplomats around the world and no central person to whom to whom they are responsible.

This is a colossal mistake. Another of the absurdities is the statement from the Foreign Ministry that the tenure of an Ambassador is usually three to five years but that for various reasons some persons have been overseas for more than twenty years. In both the PNC and the PPP government, there were persons who were given overseas postings for long periods, and for good reason. You do not overnight acquire the contacts and the rapport with your foreign counterparts. As such, for some diplomatic postings, it is more desirable to have someone who have been a fixture and who is known by his foreign counterparts. This three to fiveyear rule has hardly existed. In fact, if you examine the names of most of the persons who are likely to be replaced, you will find that they have been in their posts for only a few years. Most of them were appointed by the APNU/AFC government a few years ago. What is the plan of the Foreign Ministry? Is it to bring back all of those diplomats who have been overseas for more than three to five


Light up dem big truck Christmas is a time when everybody happy. People does window shop. Dat mean dem does lef dem house and walk about town just peeping at dem store show window. Years ago, it was a nice thing to do. People never use to trouble de late night walkers. Now people hardly walking to see dem store window because dem would get rob. Most people does have a minibus fare suh who rob dem would mek sure dem really walk. Anodda thing dat gon disappear dis year is dem high school Christmas party. All dem high school use to get dem Christmas party. It was a nice thing. Children use to look forward to it because dem use to get ice-cream and chocolate and things like dat. De big boys and dem big gyal does want de party fuh odda reasons. Dem want to do big people thing. Dem boys know how dem same big boys now getting Ecstasy. Dat does cause trouble. Dem boys seh no high school gon have Christmas party dis year because de Educa-

tion Ministry seh suh. Somebody smell de rat and dem decide dat dem can’t tek de chance especially since dem young boys got guns like how centipede got foot. But dem boys seh while de Education Ministry keeping n eye pon dem schoolchildren, de police go to keep both eyes pon dem big truck dat now running pon de road. Wha people use to think is big truck is joke to what deh pon de road these days. Exxon come and it look like if it bring bigger trucks. One of dem was fetching de pipes wha Exxon got to sink in de ocean fuh bring up de oil. In Uncle Sam trucks like dat does have lights all around, not only at de front and de back. Dem suh big dat when Guyanese see de front, dem think de whole truck pass. Dis motorcyclist mek dat mistake. People had to pull him from under de truck. Now if he had licence fuh ride or if de bike had licence dem boys don’t know. Wha dem know is anodda life lost pon de road. Talk half and watch out fuh de big truck.

years. This will severely weaken the Foreign Service because the new diplomats appointed a few years ago are likely to be recalled even before they have had time to get their feet wet within the diplomatic service. And some of the senior diplomats such as those in Brazil and Suriname and China, United States, Canada and the United Nations would have to return home and would have to be replaced by junior diplomats. Guyana cannot afford to have underlings manning those critical Missions A poor country without the luxury of large budgets to

spend on your foreign relations cannot afford to be chopping, changing and rotating its diplomats every three to five years, especially when dealing with certain high profile Missions. The timing of the proposed reshuffle is perplexing. Elections are a mere three months away. Why have a major reshuffle now? Why not wait for the elections before making changes? The Foreign Ministry is yet to deny reports in the media that the envoys to Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, China, Switzerland and Canada are likely to be re-

placed. If these reports are true, one would have to question why would anyone want to make such changes at this time given the strategic importance of all of these countries. All of these envoys, save one, were appointed under the APNU/AFC and their five-year term has not yet expired. (The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this newspaper)


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Wednesday December 04, 2019


Use this criterion to judge the PPP, PNC and AFC My favourite foreign newspaper is the Guardian of the UK. It is independent, liberal and certainly suspicious of the power establishment. I am not a fan of the New York liberal media establishment. It is riveted with contempt for Third World peoples, their cultures and histories. You can see the Freudian mind at work in some of the Guardian’s review of arts, literature and entertainment. If the Guardian’s journalists come down to Guyana, the same stereotypical assessment will be made as

those of racist, biased Caucasian journalists from Europe and the US. A country like Guyana will never be given even a D grade by visiting journalists from the developed world. The question is after knowing this why then do Guyanese leaders give these people ammunition that reinforces their stereotypical thinking of us? From the Jagdeo government right up to the present time, you see a certain shocking absence of elementary thinking in the heads and minds of our rulers.

Guyana does not have an opera house, eight-lane highways, and shipyards. Guyana does not manufacture industrial goods. Foreign journalists will run down Guyana for the absence of these things and there is nothing Guyana can do about it. We don’t need those things anyway. But there are things we can do to prevent the world from accepting that we are an uncivilized dump. Each night, without exception, I see a portrait of these leaders that remind me how tragic this land is and may remain an

enduring tragedy (I honestly don’t see Guyana continuing as a viable state and nation 50 years from now, oil or no oil). I am referring once more to streetlights. The leadership of this country from Jagdeo’s presidency to David Granger allows unnecessarily, the world to think we are a medieval wasteland. From Jagdeo’s era onwards, there must have been thousands of small and large American, European, Canadian and Asian investors who have visited this land. I believe 99.99 percent of them did not travel on the streets in Charlestown, those in the housing schemes south of Princess Street, the roadways at the back of, Enmore, Mahaica, Mahaicony, etc. I believe 99.99 percent of these visitors have travelled on the Rupert Craig Highway and its continuation way into the East Coast and the Railway Embankment. Over the last ten years, the Railway Embankment has witnessed a proliferation of structures. Here are some – Caricom Annexe, Giftland Mall, Movietowne Complex, Aquatic Centre, Amerindian Hostel, Demerara Housing Estate, Rama Krishna central church, the expansion of the Correia airport with the arrival of international flights. In close proximity to the Embankment are the US Ambassador’s residence,

Gafoor’s gated community, the UN envoy to Guyana. University Garden sits on the Railway Embankment. Several foreign diplomats live there. At the moment, there are four constructions currently taking place right on the Railway Embankment that includes a primary and secondary school. I see long stretches of vehicles each night outside my home (directly opposite Movietowne). I would say the area that has the fastest construction of physical structures in Guyana is the junction from Sheriff Street to Ogle on the Railway Embankment. Why then with such an expanding section of Guyana, the leadership of the government would have this place without functioning street bulbs for over ten years? I say in all honesty, how could a thinking human vote either for the PPP or APNU+AFC when they encouraged and are encouraging outsiders to run us down with their incompetent leadership? Here is an area of Georgetown where 99.99 percent of foreign investors have to pass yet simple streetlights cannot be fixed. Any nationalist leader must know that it is has be an area of priority because foreigners will go back and say that right in the heart of the investment environment,

Frederick Kissoon you drive on streets darker than the black lagoon. Why would any government want to have that state of affairs existing for over ten years? Is it deliberate? In my opinion, yes. I don’t think the people in Government that administer this country, (before and at present), could be bothered with the Rupert Craig Highway and the Railway Embankment not having streetlights and functioning traffic signals. These people are not interested in Guyana, only in having power. Each Monday evening, the leadership of the AFC congregates for their statutory meetings. Go and see for yourself, the vehicles these people arrive in. Both female ministers of the AFC have their drivers open the car door for them to exit and go in. I told Minister Garrido-Lowe that I find such conduct is unbecoming. She looked at me with vacant eyes and remained unmoved. (The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this newspaper)

Wednesday December 04, 2019

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday December 04, 2019

GDF needs drones but $180M could have bought planes instead — Gerry Gouveia The GDF needs drones but $180M could have bought several of these planes instead.

The Guyana Defence Force could have purchased several airplanes for the amount of money it used to purchase five drones, according to

local aviator, Captain Gerry Gouveia. The local expert in an invited comment yesterday weighed in on the ‘drone debacle’ that has engulfed the

GDF in recent days. He said that a twin-engine islander plane could have been purchased. Investigations by this publication have found that

the airplane could be had for less than US$100,000. Speaking directly to the use of drones by the GDF and its decision to make the purchase, Captain Gouveia—himself a former high ranking officer—told Kaieteur News, “There are different levels and types of drone technology used for different purposes and missions.” He said drones used as an eye in the sky above troops in operation allow the commanders to enjoy a commanding aerial view of his surroundings and even to allow him the advantage of seeing forward of his troop movement. The cost of drones like these could run to between US$3,000 and US$5,000. He did note that there are unmanned drones with long range and long endurance capabilities to patrol the border regions of Guyana. These are

Local Aviation expert Captain Gerry Gouveia controlled by satellites while transmitting high definition photos and video back to a command center hundreds of miles away. These types of drones, Gouveia noted, could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. He did note that the helicopters referred to by

this publication in a comparison of the prices paid were not apt for military use but that the drones purchased could have certainly be had at a cheaper cost. Investigations by Kaieteur News have revealed that the army could have purchased, a l t e r n a t i v e l y, s e v e r a l helicopters for the price it paid for five drones. One such helicopter, a Robinson R44 helicopter currently in use by at least one local operator can be purchased for a base list price of US$367,000. Guyana could have purchased three of these helicopters for the price it paid for the drones. Kaieteur News understands there are currently three pilots in Guyana qualified to fly such helicopters for the A r m y, a n d a r e w i t h o u t work.

Wednesday December 04, 2019

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday December 04, 2019

Salary increase for public school teachers...

GTU disappointed with stalled salary negotiations with Govt. Government has announced plans to hike the pay package of public servants this month, retroactive to January.

Teachers are likely to be included in this bundled pay out. But although this could ensure they are able to engage in celebratory

activities over the holidays, the Guyana Teachers Union [GTU] is not amused or even enthused for that matter, according to GTU President,

- Says any increase paid to teachers will be interim Mr. Mark Lyte. Lyte said that the union is especially disappointed that Government has effectively put on hold negotiations for a new salary package for public school teachers. The negotiations were set in motion earlier this year upon the expiration of a multiyear agreement that ended last year for which the union fought valiantly. Speaking of the current stalled negotiation process, Lyte said, “We would like the negotiations to continue from where we left off...We have signalled our intention to restart the negotiations a while now,” he added. He, however, suspects that the process has been stalled due to the ongoing preparations for next year’s general elections slated for March 2020. Moreover, Lyte said that any pay hike offered to teachers will only be considered an interim payment as it is expected that the government elected next year will be open to continue the salary negotiation process. This publication understands that in its proposal the union is aiming for, among other things, a 25 percent across the board increase for teachers. The union is also proposing conditions for the reemployment of retired teachers; the need for grants for schools which are often subjected to inadequate stock; incentive for teachers with additional qualifications and those qualified in areas

GTU President, Mr. Mark Lyte of physical education and special needs education. “Some of the things we have fine-tuned them. We still have things like duty-free concessions, continuation of the Whitley Council [leave]...we are proposing adjustment to Whitley Council; we have clothing allowances; we have houselots for teachers still on the cards and we do have other things like class size issues. The class size for special needs schools, we are requesting a smaller number or in cases where the number cannot be smaller, we are recommending a teacher’s aide for the teachers so at all times there will be two persons to the class,” the GTU President told this publication of the proposal. But even as the union looks forward to continued negotiations for a new multiyear salary package for teachers, Lyte noted that

there are still some outstanding aspects of the previous agreement that have not yet been honoured. Among these is a two percent difference in calculation of the salary increase owing to the fact that teachers, ahead of the union inking the last agreement with government, benefited from an increase paid to public servants. Lyte said that special needs teachers are yet to receive a $10,000 allowance and moves are still being made to finalise a housing revolving fund report. The revolving fund initiative was one intended to lend support to teachers to become homeowners but there were some challenges, which hindered its efficacy which must be addressed. Teachers are also waiting to be entered into a ‘debunching scheme’, which was included in the last agreement. This publication understands that a scaled debunching system for teachers should have been applied since earlier this year. Based on the now expired agreement, teachers were paid a one-off $350M for debunching monies owed to them for the period 2011 – 2018 and the scaled system should have been subsequently activated. The union, in its representation of its membership, has also been advocating for a new programme of recognition for teachers as they advance their qualifications.

Wednesday December 04, 2019

Kaieteur News

Oil and Gas Sector sparks increased applications for work permits - Felix Minister of Citizenship, Winston Felix, confirmed on Thursday that his Ministry has seen a significant increase in applications for work permits from last year to current date. Felix in a radio interview, recently, said that this significant increase is because of Guyana’s Oil and Gas and sector.

He said that there are times when his ministry would receive over 100 applications for work permits in a single day. Almost all of these applications, he said, would be heavily dominated by persons seeking permission to work with the oil Continued on page 25

Screenshots of NEWREST GUYANA’S website where the Brazilian woman applied.



Kaieteur News

Wednesday December 04, 2019

Sugar workers across Guyana down tools over wage increase

Scenes from the picketing exercise outside of the Office of the President Scores of workers from the three remaining sugar estates; Albion, Uitvlugt and Blairmont, staged a countrywide strike, downing their tools and amplifying their call for a pay increase. Some of the sugar workers even picketed the Ministry of the Presidency to have their cries heard. Lined off in front of the MoTP on Tuesday, the work-

ers, despite the rain, brandished placards. One stated “End the stagnant wage rates of sugar workers.” The workers were supported by representatives from the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) and the National Association of Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE). According to GAWU, the

Government ought not to ignore the plight of the workers who are employed by a state-owned enterprise. Ignoring their repeated calls is a “naked case of discrimination”, the sugar union contended.. One worker from the Uitvlugt estate stressed that sugar workers deserve their pay rise. “They too would like ‘a happy Christmas”.

“At present, what we looking fuh is we salary increase…Some of we get three, four kids; we need a li’l increase that could help we with we kids them…If government could assist we, that would be good man.” Since coming into office in 2015, the Coalition Government has not offered any wage increase to sugar workers. Instead, the public servants, including government Ministers received significant increases to their salaries. In November last, Agriculture Minister Noel Holder said that the sugar worker may not be benefiting from any wage

increases due to the financial situation at GuySuCo. However, Minister of Finance Winston Jordan had stated that any pay increase must come from the Board of GuySuCo. The GAWU has repeatedly pointed out that the GuySuCo Board was appointed by the government and therefore guided by the instructions of said government. Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo, at his recent press briefing stated that funds from the $30 billion bond that was secured to recapitalise the three estates or funds from the sale of the

estates that were closed could be used to meet the salary increase. The workers fully supported his comments and according to GAWU “were at a complete loss to know why the Government, which had embraced them prior to attaining office, was treating them with such derision.” GAWU also highlighted that petition calling on President David Granger to approve the pay rise. But to date, no reply has been forthcoming. The Union stated, “Clearly, a pay rise to sugar workers is no longer optional but it is now an imperative.”

Wednesday December 04, 2019


Kaieteur News

Foreigners invade Mining Town…

Oil and Gas Sector sparks increased...

Linden Business Group calls for help The members of the Linden Business Group are calling on entities, groups or any political party who are interested in helping to develop small businesses in Linden to join them on their way forward to assist small business owners. Chairman of the Linden Business Group, Garfield Shepherd, stated that the group welcomes the support from anyone since they are not politically affiliated and they need financial support. He shared that the situation the business communities is facing in Linden to compete with the foreign contractors is what pushed them into starting a business support group. “Here in Linden, it is difficult for us small businesses to compete and develop since the foreigners are taking over the area and we are seeking help,” Shepherd added during an interview. According to the Chairman, there will be at meeting today at Shanghai’s residence, Amelia’s Ward, Linden at 18:00hours to

Garfield Shepherd address and raise their concerns and the different issues the business community in Linden is facing. Minister of Business, Haimraj Rajkumar, representatives from Small Business Bureau, and GoInvest, are expected to be at the meeting today. Shepherd said that small businesses in Linden are not doing so well. Crime is also a big concern in the area especially since the recent

gang wars that surfaced in the mining community. The Chairman shared that the Minister of Public Security visited the area over a week ago and some of the issues were raised. “We formed our own group here in Linden, so we can protect others and watch out for our law abiding citizens in Linden.” The Chairman claims that there is unfair distribution of land in Linden. “When our people apply for land to expand or to start a business, they are not getting any response.” The Linden Business Group plans to have at their next meeting the Minister of Housing and the Chairman of NICIL. “We want to raise our many concerns and we welcome anyone who wants to help in the development in Linden to contact us and join in the process of helping small businesses in Linden.” Mr. Shepherd said that they invite any business owner in Linden to join in the meeting and raise their concerns.

Minister Winston Felix (right) and Senior Journalist Leonard Gildarie on the Political Show. From page 15 companies operating in Guyana. However, said Felix, these permits are only granted if persons possess the necessary skills required by these companies. The Minister further explained that not any person “can walk off the street and expect to get a work permit.” He said that a person desirous of obtaining a work permit must first be sponsored by one of the companies. He continued that the company would have to indicate to the Ministry that it is interested in the individual because of the

necessary skills and qualification they possess for the respective job position. Felix also said that the individual must present police clearances and the necessary certificates for the Ministry to assess their code of conduct before the work permit can be approved and processed. Guyanese can testify that in recent times that the streets of Guyana are becoming populated with foreigners. Felix also said that recently Guyana has seen persons migrating from Cuba, Venezuela, Jamaica, India, and Nigeria. This newspaper was also

able to converse with a number of foreigners who said that they came to Guyana in search of work. They also said that they would welcome such an opportunity to work with the oil companies. One woman from Brazil said that she had seen a recruiting company called Newrest Guyana seeking employees to “cook” and do “laundry” offshore on one of the Oil companies’ vessel. She has since submitted her application and is now in Guyana awaiting response. Meanwhile she too is seeking a work permit which would allow her to work in Guyana.


Wednesday December 04, 2019

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Woman who was shot claims suspect threatens her FOR RENT Two bedroom apartment for rent in Albertown. #698-5800/ 648-1391



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Jenelle Prance, of 30 Cokrit Street, East La Penitence who was shot on September 18, last, is now afraid after the suspect has reportedly threatened her on numerous occasions. Prance was in the comfort of her room when the suspect discharged a live round from a nearby house. The bullet pierced the wall of Prance’s home, narrowly missed her then one-month-old baby and struck her in the leg. The woman was taken to the hospital where she received medical attention. The matter was reported to the East La Penitence Police Station and police arrived later and apprehended the

Minibus driver to work with company #646-8748, Driver for route 42 minibus #6640802 Experienced Waiters, Drivers, Cleaners, Apply at Hack’s Halaal with H/written application, 5 Commerce St Lorry Driver- Apply in person to R.P’s Enterprise Area K Le Resouvenir ECD. Tel#2202818/3710 Contract cars, Trace’s Taxi & Transportation Delivery Service. #219-0400/502-3989/ 680-7482 LEARN TO DRIVE N. Outar Driving School, Learn to Drive the right way @ Cuffy Square. Affordable package. Call: 644-5166/6912561/681-2808

2 Vacancies- Clerk & Domestic, live-in facilities for The wound the bullet left. Berbicians and Essequibians suspect. The matter was then The woman continued #219-5354 transferred to the Ruimveldt that on numerous occasions, she would inquire about the Driver, must have sound Police Station. However a few days later, matter and the detective in secondary education, for more information, please call: the suspect was released charge would respond that he because of insufficient is still waiting on DPP. 223-0090 evidence against him, but Prance’s lawyer said that Female Cleaner office & with persistence from the he, too, has not been briefed home.Call#642-9823. woman and her aunt for of the outcome of the justice, they tormented the investigations and awaits the Vacancy exist for Experienced police to revisit the matter. DPP’s decision. Pharmacy assistants to work The woman with the help But Prance is concerned @ reputable pharmacy in G/ of a lawyer was able make about her life. She claims that town. Interested persons call some headway after weeks of the suspect who is still in the # 696-5098 between 8am-4pm slow reaction from police. community would “brag that A file was sent to the he has contacts in the 1 Live-in Nanny/Female of Public (Guyana Police ) Force and no kitchen assistant with experi- Director ence in creole foods and meat Prosecutions (DPP) for one can apprehend him”. She said that he even preparation #675-2550/656- advice on the matter. The DPP had then instructed that ranks threatened to kill her for 9313 carry out a further reporting him and putting his Looking for a job & investigation into the matter. name in the papers. The woman said police The woman told reporters educational services? Contact The Job Centre 43 revisited the scene to carry that she would report this to Croal & Alexander Street or out the investigations and the police but they would take statements. respond that they are working call 684-3757/600-8457 However, said the woman, on the matter with DPP. One Experienced teacher who a month has passed and she Prance said that she is will love to read and teach a 4 is still to receive word on the willing to move out of the area yr old boy. Call: 623-1615 outcome of the because of fear; however, she investigations. has no place else to go. Wanted one kitchen assistant Contact # 322 5157 Truck & Hauler drivers, Excavator operators, Engineers, Labourers, Security & Procurement Officers Accounts & Marketing Clerk. Apply @ Superbet Cashiers. Tel# 6917123 PEN PAL Overseas Base Male Indian seek female.Age 30-33.Must be Educated.Call#602-9975.

Police photographer testifies...

(From page 23) police patrol went to enforce the 2am curfew. Singh, after observing the men acting suspiciously outside the night club alerted a bartender, who refused the men access to the club by telling them it was closed. An altercation ensued between the bartender and one of the men, who stabbed the bartender to his left arm. Singh intervened and was struck to the head. An injured Singh reportedly then ran north into Owen Street, Kitty, a short distance away from the club and was pursued by the suspect, who caught up with him and stabbed him several times. A resident of Owen Street, Kitty, stated that Singh collapsed in front of a house in the area and was transported to the hospital by public-spirited citizens. This trial is continuing.

Wednesday December 04, 2019

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Toddler needs bone marrow transplant

SHEA —a US -based medical charity is hoping to save the life, Avisha Best, a toddler who has been diagnosed with Leukemia. SHEA President, Lori Narine, told Kaieteur News that the charity received an urgent request to assist 22month-old Avisha. She has been in-patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital for approximately 45 days, where the advanced treatment needed to save her life is not available. Despite her doctors’ incredible efforts to treat Avisha, her condition is worsening as time passes. She will eventually need a bone marrow transplant, which is not available in Guyana; therefore, she must travel for treatment overseas. The Charity is therefore hoping to help Avisha get the critical transplant in the USA. Narine noted that time is of the essence. “We need your help to create a miracle to help Avisha to travel to the USA for urgent treatment to save her life. She must travel within the next two weeks, so please do not hesitate in helping.” Those interested in

Avisha Best helping the toddler can donate to Demerara Bank account number 006002041325. Narine warned that SHEA Charity does not solicit funds by asking for cash in-person donations. Donations are only permitted through our online platforms which are shared

here on our Facebook page. “Should you be approached by any person requesting a cash in-person donation, it is highly likely a scam. If you would like to donate and help our patients, please do so online at or by clicking the donate button on this post.”


Six months jail for driver who struck down girl, 11 Almost two weeks ago 11-year-old Adalia George, a grade six student of the Soesdyke Primary School, was struck by a speeding driver while using a pedestrian crossing along the Grove Public Road, East Bank Demerara (EBD). Yesterday, Ronald Jairam, the driver of the speeding motorcar who struck down the 11year-old girl was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment at the Providence Magistrate’s Courts. The defendant pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and driving an uninsured and unlicensed vehicle. The reckless driving of Jairam resulted in Adalia George being in ICU for several days. She was recently discharged from the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. On November 19, last, the child and her sibling had disembarked from a minibus and were crossing the road. According to reports, at the pedestrian crossing, a car stopped to allow the group of pedestrians to cross. While they were proceeding across the road, another car that was travelling at a fast rate of speed failed to stop and as a result he hit the child. As a result of the accident, the child suffered a broken shoulder, fractured neck, cuts and bruises to the face along with swelling and laceration to other parts of the

VICTIM: Adalia George body. The vehicle involved in the accident is a silver Toyota Premio bearing registration number PXX 403. After the accident, the child’s siblings and the driver of the car assisted in taking her to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre. The driver was subsequently taken into Police custody and was later charged.


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Renewal of GECOM CEO‘s contract under consideration months before elections The contract for Chief Elections Officer, (CEO) of the Guyana Elections Commission, (GECOM) Keith Lowenfield, is under consideration, months before the elections. Government-appointed Commissioner, Vincent Alexander, told reporters outside of GECOM Head Office in Kingston, yesterday, that Lowenfield’s contract was scheduled to expire in March 2020, the same month elections are supposed to be held. Alexander said that Lowenfield was also scheduled to proceed on leave prior to the end of his contract. “He is required to take all of his leave before the end of the contract. He has some outstanding leave for which he had applied but a decision was taken to pay him so that he stays on the job.” He stressed that due to the central role of the CEO in holding of elections, GECOM could not afford to allow

GECOM CEO Keith Lowenfield Lowenfield to proceed on leave at this time. He said, too, that the decision on renewal of Lowenfield’s contract should be made within the next two weeks. “That is currently under consideration.” The role of the Chief Elections Officer is to act as a primary point of contact to the staff members of the Secre-

tariat, whose activities include the registration of registrants; the distribution of ID Cards; the provision of information and guidance on electoral operational matters to community organisations and other stakeholders. In 2013, GECOM started considerations to issue the former Chief Elections Officer, Gocool Boodoo, with a new contract, but there were objections from some of the Commissioners. Lowenfield who joined GECOM in 2001 as the Logistics Manager and was appointed in 2004 as the Deputy CEO was chosen to replace Boodoo instead. Lowenfield’s tenure as Chief Elections Officer was said to be non-controversial and properly administered elections. Boodoo had later moved to the court to block a decision by the Commission not to renew his contract, but the matter was thrown out.

Wednesday December 04, 2019

Over 17,000 persons yet to collect ID cards—GECOM Commissioners The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) has extended the time, indefinitely, for the collection of National identification (ID) Cards. This is according to GECOM Commissioner, Sase Gunraj. Gunraj spoke to reporters about the ID card collection process following a lengthy statutory meeting held at GECOM headquarters in Kingston, yesterday. He revealed that just about 800 persons have collected their ID card, so far. The figure which points to persons from Parika, Whim and Georgetown represents a small number of registrants who have collected their ID cards. According to GECOM’s calculation, 18,409 persons have been processed for new ID cards. “We are still discussing how we will deal with the persons who have not uplifted their ID cards,” GECOM Commissioner Vincent Alexander

told reporters. He said, too, that while there are immediate decisions on the alternative for persons who fail to collect the cards, there must be a mechanism that focuses on those persons on elections day. “Some mechanism should be used [but] I don’t think we’re quite final on the mechanism to ensure that there is alertness to the fact that here is a set of people who did not uplift their ID cards,” he added. At the interim, he said that GECOM will continue to publish the names of persons who have failed to uplift their National Identification Cards. The commission said the names will be published in the daily newspapers for the owners of the cards to collect them. The names will be published in the four national newspapers: The Guyana Chronicle, Stabroek News, Kaieteur News and Guyana Times. According to GECOM, there are approximately 9,343 persons from Region Four (Demerara-Mahaica) who have not collected their identification (ID) cards from a list of over 18,000 names published in the local newspapers.

In Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne), some 3,267 persons have not uplifted theirs. In addition to Regions Four and Six, 313 persons from Region One (Barima-Waini) have not collected their ID cards while 548 ID cards in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) have not been collected. Over in Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara), 2401 ID cards are still within GECOM’s possession, while in Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice) there are 1,094. In Region Seven (CuyuniMazaruni), 280 ID cards are to be collected; in Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni), 124 and in Region Nine (Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo) another 263 ID cards are still to be collected. The area with the highest number of persons in question is Coldingen at 2,410, followed by Whim at 1,357.The list of names is published in the local newspapers by the Elections Commission. GECOM, in response to a request made by media operatives, provided a breakdown of the information, highlighting not only the registration areas but regions where persons have failed to uplift their ID cards.

Wednesday December 04, 2019

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Unclaimed motorcycles up for auction at Ruimveldt Police Station Unclaimed motorcycles at the Ruimveldt Police Station

The Ministry of Public Security has announced a sale of 26 unclaimed motorcycles stationed at the Ruimveldt Police Station, via a public auction. According to a notice published in Kaieteur News last Sunday, the sale is being facilitated by the Ministry of Public Security. The advertisement indicated that items sold shall be paid for in full before the close of business on the day of sale. Motorcycles will be sold along with a three percent auction due; items sold are be me removed by the purchaser within seven days after which a storage charge of two percent of the sale price will be levied each passing day; and items sold that are not removed within one month of

the sale will be disposed of. According to the Station Sergeant, Mr. Julian Griffith, these 26 motorcycles have been in the station compound for over one year. He added that they have become somewhat of a “strain” on the station compound. Griffith was at the time alluding to the fact that the stacked- up motorcycles contribute to a “poor” station environment and compound. “These motorcycles were involved in accidents. They were undocumented or stolen. They [the motorcycles] are defective so they cannot be used again. However, we are in the Christmas season and we want to rid the compound of them,” the sergeant admitted. When enquired about the rea-

Govt. To Spent $3.84 Billion On Housing

The Gleaner - An estimated $3.84 billion is to be spent to create housing solutions in the east Portland communities of Norwich and Passley Gardens. The announcement was made by Portland East Member of Parliament Ann-Marie Vaz who said the National Land Agency and the National Housing Trust have identified 131 acres of land in both communities to develop 300 housing solutions. These include service lots, studios and two-bedroom houses. “The estimated pre-design cost is a whopping $3.84 billion. This, Mr Speaker, is easily one of the largest invest-

Ann-Marie Vaz ments in the history of east Portland,” said Vaz, who was making her maiden contribution to the Constituency Debate in the House of Representatives yesterday.

Sharp eyes on Govt. finances Daily Nation - Government is planning to increase training and recruit more internal auditors as it introduces a rigorous independent oversight of financial management in the public sector. Minister in the Ministry of Finance Ryan Straughn says he hopes the effort will improve operational efficiency and reduce the “salacious” issues frequently flagged by the Auditor General. Straughn said while the new Internal Audit Office in the Ministry of Finance would not be fully implemented until September 2021, steps were already being taken to improve Government’s internal operations. He was speaking Monday at the Institute of Internal Auditors Barbados Chapter’s 20th anniversary celebrations and seminar at Radisson Aquatica Resort.

soning by these motorcycle owners failing to claim their property, Griffith explained that the owners collect their insurance and purchase another motorcycle with the money received. He continued, “Some of these owners dont want to pay the transportation fees needed to uplift their motorcycle. They complain about how expensive it is, so they rather just leave it behind.” The motorcycle prices, according to Griffith, will be set from the Public Security Ministry based on the condition of the motorcycles. It was less than a month ago that 113 unclaimed motorcycles were auctioned, with 21 of them sold at the Ruimveldt Station. This auction is scheduled to take place on December 9, next, at 10:30 AM at the police station.



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Murder accused freed on no-case submission Jamal Forde, 25, was yesterday freed of a charge which alleged that he murdered Sophia shopkeeper, Shawn Anys, on May 1, 2015. Trial Judge Sandil Kissoon upheld a no-case submission made by Forde’s lawyers, Ronald Burch-Smith and Keoma Griffith. Forde of South Sophia, Greater Georgetown, had initially pleaded not guilty to the murder indictment presented by State Prosecutors Abigail Gibbs and Mandel Moore. Based on reports, Anys, who owned a small grocery shop at ‘D’ Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown, was confronted by armed men his home. It was reported that the gunmen shot Anys, 37, while demanding cash and valuables from him.

FREED: Jamal Forde

MURDERED: Shawn Anys

They reportedly made off with $40,000 in cash along with jewellery. The 37-yearold businessman was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Another man, Odel

Roberts, 25, of C Field Sophia was also charged with Anyss murder. He is currently on remand awaiting trial. He was recently sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for trafficking marijuana.

Wednesday December 04, 2019

Cop who gave conflicting evidence against Maryann Daby to lead defence Principal Magistrate Sherdel IsaacsMarcus yesterday ruled that a prima facie case has been made out against Police Constable, John Holder, who was charged for willfully attempting to pervert the course of justice in relation to the Maryann Daby trial. The cop was the key witness in the matter involving Maryann Daby, who was accused of attempting to kill a police officer. Holder was not required to plead to the charge which stated that between August 10 and October 2, last year, at Georgetown, he willfully attempted to pervert the course of justice by deviating from his statement dated May 13, 2018, in the case involving Police vs Maryann Daby. Yesterday, the magistrate stated that based on the evidence led by the prosecution, a prima facie case was made out against Holder and as such he should lead his defence in the matter. The case was then adjourned until January 6, 2020 for the defendant to lead his defence. Holder is on $300,000 bail. According to the facts of the charge, Holder gave several statements in relation to the Daby matter. The court heard that while Holder was testifying in the attempted murder PI, he deviated from his statement and told the court that a top ranking officer instructed him to change his statement to support his colleague. That case against Daby has since been dismissed as a result of insufficient evidence. Daby is also charged for having an unlicensed pistol and six live rounds on May 13, 2018, at Albert Street, Thomas Lands, Georgetown. She denied these two charges when it was read to her. According to reports, on the day in question, Daby and her friends were at the

Constable: John Holder Georgetown Motor Racing and Sports Club. Constable Kissoon, who was off-duty and was at the Club at the time, reportedly heard what appeared to be gunshots. While checking for the source of the gunfire, he reportedly saw Daby firing rounds into the air. He said that he confronted her. Daby then allegedly pointed a firearm to the officers head and pulled the trigger. Daby, 25, of 127 D Aguiar Park, Houston, Georgetown, is currently out on $750,000 High Court bail. She is being represented by Attorney-at-law Mark Waldron. Her matter is before Senior Magistrate Leron Daly in the Georgetown Magistrates Courts.

Wednesday December 04, 2019


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Double Taxation Agreements...

GRA insists on Guyana’s right to tax foreign workers/investors By Kiana Wilburg As Guyana inches closer to its destiny of becoming an oil producer, Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA),

Godfrey Statia, has observed an increase in requests for Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs). During a recent interview, Statia said there has been a rush by countries for these

agreements to ensure that their citizens, who invest in Guyana, are not made to pay GRA taxes on their income. “But my philosophy is if you mek it hay, yuh must pay it hay. Simple as that!” the tax

Bids open for the Case Management System at Prison Service The National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) yesterday opened 12 bids for four major governmental projects. One notable project included the implementation of a Case Management System for the Guyana Prison Service (GPS). The government received financing from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), towards the cost of the Citizen Security Strengthening Programme (CSSP)—a programme, which the management system falls under. The consulting services include, inter alia, procurement and deployment a Prison’s Management Information System (Pri-MIS) for use in the Guyana Prison Service; customising tests and deploying the procured solution for Beta release to the GPS; integrating existing data from prison authorities; and delivering user and administrator training together with the related user and administrator manuals. Other noteworthy plans included the consultancy services for the Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA) Project Implementation Unit. Ministry of Public Security (CSSP) Implementation of a Case Management System for the Guyana Prison Service (GPS)

Ministry of the Presidency- Department of Energy Consultancy services for the Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA) Project Implementation Unit

Ministry of Public Security Procurement of construction materials- Guyana Prison Services in Lots 1-3

chief said while noting that the revenue earning body is being extremely cautious about signing onto such agreements. He told Kaieteur News, “My belief is that such DTAs don’t work. It is skewed in favour of the developed nations hence the flurry of requests for them is being cautiously reviewed. I strongly believe that income should be taxed at source...” Statia also stressed that his position on this has been constant. A more detailed presentation on his views in this regard, was shared with several of the nation’s leading accountants and tax advisors. He said that this was done some months ago at a workshop that was facilitated by Chartered Accountant, Christopher Ram. In the presentation he shared with Kaieteur News, Statia noted that indeed, Double Taxation Agreements vary by country, but in the end, it is simply designed to favour one country over another.

GRA Commissioner General, Godfrey Statia Guyana has several such agreements, he said, with nations such as Canada and the United Kingdom. But the advent of oil seems to have awakened a raging appetite for more of these agreements. The tax chief said that many countries, all of them more developed than Guyana, have approached the Guyana Government with a view to negotiating these deals. For

someone actively involved in their negotiations, he said that GRA is cautious for “very good reasons.” Statia said, “A key aim of a double taxation agreement is to prevent the same income from getting taxed twice. However, as a negotiator, I have found that in practice, this has led to a world of widespread double nontaxation – that is, where income effectively gets taxed nowhere, and allows for tax evasion and avoidance...” The GRA Boss said that at the end of the day, the revenue authority’s only aim is to do what is best for the country while noting that it will continue to ensure that such agreements do not leave Guyana in a disadvantageous position. Towards this end, this newspaper understands that GRA has written the United Kingdom and Canada to renegotiate two taxation agreements. Statia noted that proposed updates for these agreements are expected to reflect “the changing times.”


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Wednesday December 04, 2019

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Wednesday December 04, 2019

Wednesday December 04, 2019


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Breach of Election Conduct of the GFF Constitution: (letter cont’d) …Mr. Marco Leal, who is the Chief Officer of Member Association of Concacaf / FIFA, used his Office to mislead the Football Fraternity of Guyana once again. Our media leaves much to be desired to allow such a person to mislead them by his response to the media houses, questioning the hosting of normal mandated elections via Extraordinary Congress (Emergency), instead of the prescribed Ordinary Congress for due elections every four (4) years. I am sure that this does not reflect the will of Concacaf and FIFA to mislead a Football (Soccer) Nation. I will look forward to Concacaf and FIFA issuing an official statement on this matter. Except for a few, our media operatives lack knowledge and should research prior to any engagement. You must be prepared to ask the hard questions and know the answers. Mr. Leal direct response to the media and I quote “We (Concacaf) usually recommend that elections be held at extraordinary congresses because the agenda are usually smaller and more focus can be paid to the election process,” Leal concluded. In my 40 plus years in the sport, it is the first time I heard of Concacaf and FIFA advising its members to make a constitution procedural change without recommending an amendment to the constitution, including that of CFU, Concacaf and FIFA. This is a breach of the GFF constitution to host a constitutionally mandated General Election under Extraordinary Congress without more than fifty percent of the Members to make such a request in writing, or without a reason by the Executive Committee for an Emergency Congress. This process takes away and rob the members of their constitution rights, since the GFF, CFU, CONCACAF and FIFA Statues (constitution) was not amended to accommodate such change for mandated elections from Ordinary to Extraordinary Congress, nullifying the prescribed agenda to conduct Constitution Mandated Elections under Ordinary Congress. Elections cover a four (4) years period and a lot has to

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood.

be discuss and all the Members have an opportunity to form the agenda items through the mandated agenda under Ordinary Congress, which covered all aspects of the sport going forward, as against Extra Ordinary (Emergency) Congress the agenda only reflect the will of who called the Extra Ordinary (Emergency) Congress and in this case it was the Federation (GFF) who called the Extraordinary (Emergency) Congress and formed the agenda to suit their interest and not the interest of all. So if it is true, as mentioned by Mr. Leal that Concacaf is recommending that elections be held under Extraordinary (Emergency) Congress, is a sad day for the sport in Concacaf, as any time a member could solicit support of their colleagues (Member Association) and decide that after two Months they don’t like the direction

of the sport and call an Extraordinary (Emergency) Congress and form the agenda of Elections only to outs a member or the entire executives. Just think about the message Mr. Leal sending to the Fraternity. There is a lot of issues to be discuss at the Congress level, especially within the Referee’s Fraternity and suspended and dismissals of officials that the agenda did not cover and left for a third 3rd Congress which in itself is unconstitutional, with individuals serving provisional suspension and dismissal by the Executive and have not been ratified by Congress. Provisional Suspensions only lasted for three (3) months and not exceeding six (6) months when Ordinary Congress is due, failing, the suspension is dismissed immediately. Yet still officials are serving over 10 months. A significant omission

which is missing from the Agenda is the Audited Financial Report for the previous year and the Appointment of Auditors for the GFF. I take it that financial accountability is not required prior to the Selection/Election of Executives of the GFF. What a calamity. Mr. Marco Leal responsibility at the congress was merely (observer) to overlook the conduct of the elections on behalf of Concacaf and FIFA, while the elections is mandated by the constitution of the federation (GFF) to be conducted by secret ballot and in accordance with the Electoral Code of the Federation and shall (MUST) be organised and supervised by the Electoral Committee of the Federation (GFF). I will refute Mr. Leal, the Concacaf and FIFA representative here to observe the election as Chief Officer of Members

Association. Mr. Leal failed to follow and respect that there are mandated criteria to be observed before an Extraordinary Congress can be call and convened, his explanation that provision is being made under Extraordinary Congress is correct and can be call at any time by the Executive of the Federation (GFF), but no reason was given for such election under Extraordinary Congress. Mr. Clinton Urling made a few comments regarding the Extra Ordinary Congress and the reduction of the life of the incumbent by Seven (7) Months and Mr. Marco Leal refute it by saying and I quote, “This was also confirmed as inaccurate that since the current GFF ExCo was first elected in November 11th, 2015, it meant that their mandate would have ended on Monday November 11th, 2019,” End of quote. This too is totally wrong and

misleading by Mr. Leal, as the Chief Officer of Concacaf Members Association. The mandate of the Executives ends on May 31, 2019 according the Constitution and not on the date elections was last held. What Mr. Urling was on record saying, is that the Constitution mandate of the Ordinary Congress shall be held every year on or before 31st May and since the election was held on November 11, 2015, rather than robbing the Mr. Forde led administration of their full time in office by seven (7) months, they should go on and regularize the constituted mandate and hold Elections under the constitution mandated date for Ordinary Congress on or before May 31, 2020 instead of November 2019. (letter to be continued) Collin “BL” Aaron Former FIFA MA’S Referee Instructor / Assessor

Wednesday December 04, 2019 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19): Whispers of new concepts weave in and out of your mind today. You might wonder if your current radical ideas are valuable or if you are taking things one step too far. TAURUS(Apr.20–May20): You might jump to a faulty conclusion when conversing with friends today. In fact, you could judge someone too harshly if you let your feelings colour your perceptions. GEMINI (May 21–June 20): Your noncommittal approach to conflict might just prove to be your magic sword today. Questions from a coworker or friend could rope you into a melodrama that isn’t yours. CANCER (June 21–July 22): You can achieve nearly anything you set your mind to if you’re willing to venture into unknown territory. Others might caution you not to take a risk but the cosmos is encouraging you to explore mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and even geographically. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22): Handling black and white issues is easy when you have a clear choice. But every once in a gray while, you must face the realization that the entire situation is muddled and the opposites are not quite as different as they seem. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22): Someone must be willing to face the truth, but you wish you didn’t have to be so painfully practical all the time.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) : Resolving a dilemma is easier when operating from a foundation of trust. People tend to resist change when they lack information or if they wonder what you say is true. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21): Your competitive spirit needs a playground to roam today, so considering retreat is an unwise idea. It really doesn’t matter where a relationship goes now; you’re in it for the meaning it brings in the present moment. SAGIT(Nov.22–Dec.21): You want to take others at face value today, but something strange stands between you and reality. An unexpected event or chance meeting might be a catalyst that sends you tumbling back in time as dreams of your past resurface. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19): Constructive advice that offers assistance is very different from discouraging criticism. Your work ethic is exceptional, and yet there might be detractors who still wonder why you are the leader. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18): Thoughts of prosperity dance around in your head, encouraging you to throw yourself into enterprising new opportunities. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20): Idealism comes from both hope and promise, so refine and polish your best vision of what is possible. However, conflicts may arise from disputes between the pragmatic people who achieve results and the dreamers


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Kipchoge to defend Olympic NZC lodge police complaint over marathon title - if selected Jofra Archer abuse incident

Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge, the marathon world record holder, is seen among athletic enthusiasts at the Karura forest in Nairobi, Kenya November 16, 2019. (REUTERS/ Njeri Mwangi/file photo) NAIROBI (Reuters) - Eliud Kipchoge, the greatest marathon runner in history, the world record holder and only man to go under two hours for the distance, has told Reuters he will defend his Olympic title in Tokyo next year - if selected. It should be reasonably safe to assume, even taking into account the often chaotic and inexplicable selection procedures that have long dogged Kenyan athletics, that Kipchoge will be given the chance to run next August. “If selected I will be there.” he told Reuters in an exclusive interview in Nairobi yesterday. “It (Tokyo) is at the front of my mind, and I trust and believe that when the time comes I will be on the starting line.” That line will now be in the northern city of Sapporo, where the marathons and walking events have been moved by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in a bid to avoid the worst of the debilitating heat and humidity of the Tokyo area. But Kipchoge, as ever, was careful not to voice a strong opinion on the issue. “I think the medals are the same,” he said.

“I will be among the competitors, I don’t complain, I’m in the hands of the IOC and anywhere they decide, I will go with it.” That will be music to the ears of the organizers, especially in marathon-mad Japan, where the 35-year-old will be treated to the sort of adulation last seen when sprinter Usain Bolt was sweeping all before him. Kipchoge has won 11 of his 12 official marathons, including the 2016 Rio Olympics, and with the world record and the sub-two hour mark under his belt, along with a string of lucrative big-city races he is a colossus of his sport. However, there are a growing number of critics who, while accepting his extraordinary talent, say that his and others’ record-breaking times should be treated with a grain of salt, such is the benefit available from the latest running shoes. Kipchoge became the first man to run a marathon under two hours in October and also set the official world record for the distance of 2:01.39 in Berlin last year - both performances helped by controversial prototypes of his Nike shoes. The shoes have carbon-fibre plates and a thicker midsole that the manufacturers claim improve running economy by 4% or 5%. Various versions of them have been worn by many of the leading distance runners in recent years, including Kipchoge’s compatriot Brigid Kosgei, who smashed the 16-year-old women’s marathon record by 81 seconds a day after Kipchoge cruised to his remarkable, pacer-aided 1:59.40 in Vienna. This has led to calls for restrictions on the manufacturing process of the shoes, but Kipchoge is against the idea. “This world is full of development and development comes with technology,” he said. “I trust that even in the shoe sector, technology should be there. It’s not a big (advantage), it’s not a rocket science with the shoes...The shoe actually helps a runner to recover very fast, especially after the marathon. “All in all, it’s a normal shoe - it’s the human being that runs.”

Jofra Archer looks on as Tom Latham adds another run. (AFP/Getty Images) ESPNcricinfo - New Zealand Cricket has lodged a complaint with Tauranga police over the racial abuse directed at Jofra Archer near the end of the first Test against England at Bay Oval. Information gathered from an inquiry which included studying CCTV footage, listening to audio, interviewing bystanders and obtaining material on social media has been incorporated into the complaint. As ESPNcricinfo reported at the time, the alleged culprit contacted Archer on Instagram in the hours after

the incident. While NZC describe the information-gathering exercise as “useful” and are confident they have been able to identify the culprit, they lack the authority to conclusively and publically identify the p e r s o n r e s p o n s i b l e a nd therefore feel “unable to comment on public speculation regarding his personal details”. Despite this, NZC chief executive David White said he believed there was enough material to justify lodging a complaint with the police especially, a press release

stated, “if the Bay Oval perpetrator was to reoffend”. “What happened to Jofra was reprehensible and has led to a general upscaling of security around the area of racial abuse at all our international venues,” he said. “Should the person responsible ever reoffend, we believe we have enough information to link him to the Bay Oval incident.” White confirmed that, if a conclusive identification was forthcoming, NZC would seek to ban the offender from all its international venues “for a lengthy period”.

Wednesday December 04, 2019

NBA roundup:

Bucks’ win streak reaches 12

Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo (34) lays up a shot against New York Knicks forward RJ Barrett (9) and forward Julius Randle (30) in the first quarter at Fiserv Forum. (Michael McLoone-USA TODAY Sports) Giannis Antetokounmpo totaled 29 points and 15 rebounds in 22 minutes Monday night as the host Milwaukee Bucks easily extended their winning streak to 12 games with a wireto-wire, 132-88 rout of the New York Knicks. Antetokounmpo recorded his 20th doubledouble in 21 games, getting his latest one in 15 minutes into the first half when the Bucks asserted their will. The only time Antetokounmpo failed to get a double-double was two nights ago, when he finished a rebound shy on Saturday in Milwaukee’s 41point win over Charlotte. Antetokounmpo shot 10 of 14 from the floor, hit three 3-pointers and did not play for the final 16:54, spending the entire fourth quarter cheering on his teammates, including his brother Thanasis. D.J. Wilson added a career-high 19 points and Khris Middleton finished with 16 points for Milwaukee, which shot 55.8 percent and hit 16 3-pointers. Julius Randle led the Knicks with 19 points, but New York’s other four starters — Kevin Knox, Taj Gibson, RJ Barrett, and Dennis Smith Jr. — combined for 18 points on 5-of-33 shooting. The Knicks lost their seventh game in a row. Suns 109, Hornets 104 Kelly Oubre Jr. hit two 3-point baskets in the final minute to rescue Phoenix, which blew a big lead and then recovered to win at Charlotte. Oubre finished with 23 points, missing the first seven of his 3-point attempts before hitting twice from long range in the last minute. Booker also had 23 points, while Dario Saric posted 16 points and 10 rebounds and Frank Kaminsky and Mikal Bridges both had 12 points. Marvin Williams scored 22 points off the bench for Charlotte. The Hornets received 15 points and 13 assists from Graham. Terry Rozier had 13 points while P.J. Washington and Cody Zeller both finished with 11 points. 76ers 103, Jazz 94 Tobias Harris scored 26 points and grabbed nine rebounds, and Al Horford added 17 points to lift host Philadelphia past Utah. Joel Embiid contributed 16 points and 11 rebounds while Ben Simmons had 14 points, nine assists, eight rebounds and four steals for the Sixers, who improved to a league-best 10-0 at home. The Sixers won their fourth game in a row. Rudy Gobert paced the Jazz with a seasonhigh 27 points to go along with 12 rebounds


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while Donovan Mitchell added 18 points. Joe Ingles had 13 points, eight assists and eight rebounds. Hawks 104, Warriors 79 Trae Young scored 24 points and helped Atlanta break its 10-game losing streak with a win over visiting Golden State. It was the largest margin of victory for Atlanta this season, easily besting the previous high of 17 points against Detroit on Oct. 24. Young reached the 20-point mark for the 18th time this season, and extended his streak of making at least 10 field goals to six games. Rookie De’Andre Hunter scored 18 points but left the game with five minutes remaining and went to the locker room with a hand injury. Golden State got 24 points from Eric Paschall, who has scored in double figures in 11 straight games, the most by a Warriors rookie since Klay Thompson went 14 straight in 2012. Paschall added nine rebounds and six assists. Pacers 117, Grizzlies 104 Seven Pacers players scored in double figures, Domantas Sabonis flirted with a tripledouble, and visiting Indiana defeated Memphis. The Pacers shot 50 percent from the floor, and 16 of 38 (42.1 percent) from behind the 3point arc. Central to the outstanding night from long range, reserves Justin Holiday and Aaron Holiday had 15 and 11 points, respectively. They combined to make eight of Indiana’s 3pointers. Malcolm Brogdon, who scored a team-high 19 points, also led the squad with nine assists. Grizzlies center Jaren Jackson Jr. led all scorers with 31 points, marking his first 30plus-point effort of the season. Bulls 113, Kings 106 Lauri Markkanen stalled a Sacramento flurry with four free throws, and Zach LaVine buried a rally-killing 3-pointer with 1:15 remaining as visiting Chicago held off the Kings. In ending a three-game losing streak, the Bulls led by as many as 19 points and were still up 92-79 with 9:01 remaining before Sacramento, much as it had done Saturday in a dramatic win over Denver, came on strong. LaVine had a game-high 28 points and Markkanen 20 to pace the Bulls, who lost at Golden State and Portland to begin a threegame western swing. Buddy Hield totaled a team-high 26 points for the Kings. (Field Level Media)

Naseem Shah to join Pakistan U-19 squad to prepare for World Cup ESPNcricinfo - Naseem Shah, the 16-year-old Pakistan fast bowler who made heads turn during the recent senior-team tour of Australia, is expected to return to the national Under19 ranks and link up with the rest of the squad as they prepare for the Under-19 World Cup early next year in South Africa. “He is my main weapon and I need him there at the World Cup,” Ijaz Ahmed, the head coach of the Pakistan Under-19 team, told ESPNcricinfo. “He now has a taste of international cricket and now, at the home [Test] series against Sri Lanka, we are mainly banking on spinners. Pakistan have [Mohammad] Abbas and Shaheen [Afridi] to lead the fast-bowling attack according to the conditions. “I feel he [Shah] for now should only be used in conditions like in New Zealand, England, etc, when needed. For now, we have a very important event coming up in South Africa and he is very handy for me and I will ask Misbah [ul-Haq, the chief coach and selector] to release him.” Shah was named in the original World Cup squad,

Naseem Shah attracted quite a bit of attention during the tour of Australia. (AFP) and ESPNcricinfo understands that he will be released to prepare and take part in the tournament. Shah, who has just seven first-class matches under his belt, made an impact during Pakistan’s two-Test series in Australia. He had been all the talk even before he landed in Australia, with footage of his exploits in a short domestic career going viral. He didn’t bowl in the first innings of the Pakistanis’ tour game against Australia A following the death of his mother, but

impressed during an eightover burst in the second innings, bowling with pace and picking up the wicket of Marcus Harris. He made his Test debut in the first game, in Brisbane, and sent back David Warner with a brute of a short ball that the batsman, then on 154, could only edge through to the wicketkeeper. Shah had found Warner’s edge earlier too, but was denied the wicket as he had overstepped. He was dropped for the second Test, in Adelaide.


Wednesday December 04, 2019

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Chris Gayle set to feature in Positives for both sides after New second half of BPL season Zealand win series v England

ESPNcricinfo - BPL side Chattogram Challengers expect Chris Gayle to be available for them after he recovers from a hamstring injury. Gayle is likely to play in the BPL after January 4, after which Chattogram will have three league phase matches remaining. “Chris Gayle has a hamstring niggle,” Chattogram’s managing director KM Rifatuzzaman, said. “He will need a bit of time to be completely fit. He was always going to play in the BPL and even though we will not have him for the entire campaign, he will be available in the latter part.” Chattogram had picked Gayle at the BPL draft on November 17, but exactly a week later, at a press conference in South Africa, Gayle had claimed that he wasn’t aware of it. Three days later, with Chattogram unsure of Gayle’s arrival, BCB CEO Nizamuddin Chowdhury confirmed that the board had followed the correct procedure and that Gayle had indeed signed on for the draft. And now that his team has confirmed his participation, Gayle is likely to turn up for Chattogram if he is fit in time. Gayle has played in every season of the BPL, appearing for five teams including Rangpur Riders for whom he played in the last two seasons. He has scored the most hundreds in the tournament’s history, including a devastating

unbeaten 146 against Dhaka Dynamites in the 2017 final. Although Gayle has made no further comments on his BPL commitments since his Mzansi Super League exit, his agent in the Indian subcontinent (except IPL), Rudradeep Banerjee, has confirmed that he has agreed to travel to Bangladesh in January. Banerjee, who represents Second Innings Sports and Entertainment, said Gayle was aware of joining Chattogram in the BPL draft, but subsequent events had cast doubts over whether he would play in the tournament. “In the MSL he picked up a niggle for which his doctor has advised him rest of at least two weeks,” Banerjee

told ESPNcricinfo. Gayle, according to Banerjee, had also made it clear to the franchise that he would be “taking a break” during the Christmas-New Year period to spend time with his family. “That kind of puts him out for December. He would be free for maybe a game or two, but then to fly in to Dhaka and back to West Indies doesn’t make sense.” Banerjee said “an arrangement” has been reached with Chattogram for Gayle to “come and play [BPL]” from January 4. “If he would have been fit he would have played the first leg, would have gone home on December 23 and come back again on January 4.”

Chris Gayle walks out with a smile. (IDI via Getty Images)

England’s Joe Root shakes hands with New Zealand’s Ross Taylor. (REUTERS/Ross Setford) WELLINGTON (Reuters) - New Zealand captain Kane Williamson and his England counterpart Joe Root both took positives from the twotest series that ended yesterday, with the hosts securing a 1-0 victory after rain washed out most of the final day’s play in Hamilton. The second test ended in a draw after Williamson (104) and Ross Taylor (105) thwarted England’s attack with an unbroken 213-run partnership to help their side seal a fifth successive series win at home. The hosts won the first game at Bay Oval in Mt. Maunganui by an innings and 65 runs but England held the upper hand for significant periods in the second test and Root was pleased with the way his side had reacted. “We have been talking about scoring big runs in the first innings so for us to come back from last week and learn the lessons and put in a performance like that was pleasing,” Root said. “We are a side that wants to learn and learn quickly. Root’s return to form with a superbly crafted 226 in Hamilton after a poor 2019 proved the catalyst for his

side’s improved batting on a pitch that proved difficult to score from but also offered the bowlers little assistance. He also got significant support from opener Rory Burns, who scored 101, and 21-year-old Ollie Pope (75) as England scored 476, their first score over 400 in a test in more than a year. “We want to become resilient in these conditions and make sure that we can back up performances like this and become a much harder side to beat and then go on and win games when it gets flat or it gets hard,” Root added. Williamson was also pleased with his side’s resilience after they went into the match without injured new ball bowler Trent Boult and all-rounder Colin de Grandhomme. Pace bowler Matt Henry and debutant all-rounder Daryl Mitchell slotted into the team seamlessly with the 28year-old Mitchell scoring 73 in his only innings. Neil Wagner also toiled away on two unresponsive pitches and was rewarded with five-wicket hauls in successive innings, 13 wickets at 19.84 each, and the

man-of-the-series award. With both pitches proving tough for both batsmen and bowlers, Williamson said the mental application of his team had impressed him the most as they head to Australia next week for a three-test series starting in Perth on Dec. 12. Wicketkeeper BJ Watling scored his maiden test double century, and topped the runscoring charts, while Mitchell Santner also scored his first century. New Zealand batsmen also contributed five of the seven centuries and five of the nine half centuries scored between the sides in the series. “From our guys perspective, it was great to see the fight and attitude,” Williamson said. “There were times when nothing was happening but guys wanted the ball in their hands and they wanted to try and take wickets. “Collectively it was a good effort.” Scores: New Zealand 375 (Latham 105, Mitchell 73, Watling 55, Broad 4-73) and 241 for 2 (Williamson 104*, Taylor 105*) drew with England 476 (Root 226, Burns 101, Pope 75, Wagner 5-124).

Judge bans fan from Boca games over unpaid child support BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - A judge in Argentina has banned a Boca Juniors fan from attending any of the club’s future games until he pays what he owes his ex-wife in child support. “The defendant Mr. Hugo Federico Suarez…is prohibited from entering the Boca Juniors club and football matches…..until he completes all his child support payments,” a statement from the court, published by the Argentine Football Association said. Suarez has been behind on his payments for a year and his former partner took him to court in their home of Salta province, Sylvina

Carrer, the lawyer in the case told Reuters. Carrer said they took the unusual step after seeing that Suarez had no fixed income but a large collection of Boca shirts and memorabilia. He is also banned from going to any concerts by Chilean singer Mon Laferte. Suarez had already bought tickets and a flight to Buenos Aires to see the singer perform. “This is the first time we have done something like this but it is also a tool for people who seem to be unaware that their children come first and other things come after,” said Carrer.

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Kaieteur News

Mohamed’s 5-for leads Wellman Masters to Trophy Stall softball title

LBI beat Zoreena’s Academy to take HFBC schools’ Tapeball LBI Secondary beat Zoreena’s Academy by 22 runs to win the final of the Holy Family Bible Club (HFBC) Secondary schools tapeball competition which was contested on Sunday last at Durban Park. LBI scored 92 off their allocation of four overs, batting first, while Zoreena’s Academy responded with 70. Ryan Wong of LBI won the Most Valuable Player trophy, while Brendon McCalmont of Zoreena’s Academy won the prize for the best catch. Queen’s College was adjudged the most discipline team and Annandale Secondary was given the prize for the best dressed team. The competition was organized by James Lewis.

LABA/YBG U-19 Basketball in Linden

Royals and Raiders win opening matches

The victorious Wellman Masters team with their hardware. Led by a spirited bowling performance from Imtiaz Mohamed, Wellman Masters defeated Fisherman Masters by three wickets to win the final of the Trophy Stall 15over softball competition which was contested on Sunday last at Malteenoes Sports Club. Batting first, Fisherman Masters managed 86 all out in 10.5 overs. Dennis Mangru made 25 as Mohammed picked

up 5-9 and Nandram Samlall took 2-9. Wellman Masters responded with 89-7 in 12 overs. Suresh Ramdeen scored 16 and Wayne Jones, who sealed victory by hitting Unnis Yusuf for a six off the last ball with four needed, ended on 13 not out; Mohammed was named man-of-the-match. The game was reduced to 12 overs. Earlier, Wellman Masters

defeated Success Masters in a match which had to be decided in a super over. Wellman Masters batted first and managed 114 all out in 13.4 overs. Rawl Reid scored 36, while Nandram Samlall made 33 as Robin Motilall claimed 3-10 and Vishnu Baljit 3-14. Success Masters responded with 114-8 in 15 overs. Lloyd Ruplall took 3-7, Wayne Jones 3-18, Sheldon Perch 2-12 and Reid 2-27.

Success Masters made six while Wellman Masters replied with eight in the super over. Fisherman Masters overcame Park Rangers by 56 runs. Fisherman Masters took first strike and posted 159-7 in 15 overs. Robert Mohan stroked 78, while Rudy Meyers took 3-26. Park Rangers responded with 103 all out. Dharmindra Mohabir made 40; Pooran Singh took 2-20.

Wins for Pooranmall and Straughn at Draughts

Some of the winners in the two competitions after the presentation. The final day of the National Draughts Association Annual National Competition was played last Sunday at the National Gymnasium Compound. The game was played on the 100 square Boards. Pooranmall, who was out of competition for a few seasons, is back in the game and narrowly edged pass Steve Bacchus by one point to snatch the competition. New comer to the game Taitt Singh took the third spot, while Mark Braithwaite and another new comer; Ramsagar Singh occupied the fourth and fifth positions respectively. Prizes were handed out by President of the Association

Mr. Jiaram. Also at the presentation the trophies for the A class competition, which was played the previous weekend, were handed out since that competition ended late that evening. Veteran player Aubrey Straughn who was also out of competition for an extended period came back strong to win the A division. Mark Brathwaite came second two points adrift, followed by Steve Bacchus and Devanand Persaud. The next game is an invitation game to be scheduled. The host would be Teacher Ramsagar Singh of Diamond EBD. The game would be played in Diamond at his residence.

Retrieve Raiders scored a 46-32 triumph over Amelia’s Ward Jets, while Victory Valley Royals downed Kings 46-31 as the Linden Amateur Basketball Association / Youth Basketball Guyana Under-19 club championship bounced off on Sunday night at the Mackenzie Sports Club hard court. Playing the first game of the championship, Raiders were led to their win through the fine play of Stephon Duncan who had a game high 17 points as Kareem Roberts got 11. Jennies Benjamin led the

scoring for the Jets with 13 points as Gaius George netted 10. The second game ended with Victory Valley Royals scoring a 46-31 victory over Kings, behind a game high 24 points by Kobe Tappin. The Kings top players were Carmillo Man Hing with seven points and Tyrese Arthur got six. Tonight the competition continues with two more games at the MSC hard court. Game one at 18.00hrs is between Kings and Raiders and the second at 20.00hrs Royals and Jets.

Kenya eyes jail sentences for athletes caught doping NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya plans to impose criminal penalties - including possible jail terms - on athletes caught doping, and it is now working on new legislation on the matter, its sports minister said yesterday. The East African nation is known for its long- and middledistance running prowess, but it has been caught up in a string of doping scandals over the last five years. In 2016, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) put the country on its Category A list of nations on watch for antidoping violations. Amina Mohamed, the sports minister, said a team was working on legislation aimed at criminalizing doping by mid-2020. “We are giving it the urgency it deserves,” she told reporters. Current Kenyan law stipulates jail terms of up to three years for support staff found guilty in connection with doping, but not for athletes. The original draft of the law, announced in 2016 when Kenya was faced with expulsion from the Rio Olympics due to widespread doping, had stipulated fines and jail sentences for athletes, too, but it was watered down. From 2004 to August 2018, 138 Kenyan athletes tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs, according to a WADA report published in September 2018. Among the top athletes who have been sanctioned for doping offences are 2008 Beijing Olympics 1,500m champion Asbel Kiprop, 2016 Rio Olympics women’s marathon champion Jemimah Sumgong, and former three-time Boston Marathon champion Rita Jeptoo. The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) is watching developments in Nairobi closely, a top official said yesterday. “We especially want more comprehensive investigations done on athletes’ support staff and their entire entourage like coaches, managers (and) pharmacists,” AIU’s Thomas Capdevielle told a news conference in the Kenyan capital. Other countries on WADA’s watchlist include Ethiopia, Ukraine, Belarus and Bahrain. “It may take some time before Kenya is removed from (WADA’s) Category A list. Implementing these measures will help, but will not mean removing Kenya from the top category. And this should not be seen as a stigma for Kenyan athletics,” Capdevielle said. ($1 = 101.5000 Kenyan shillings)


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KFC Goodwill tourney

Woodpecker Products contributes to Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation’s Mike’s Pharmacy backs practical shooting match event with Vitabiotics brands Two weeks remain before the kickoff of the second annual KFC Goodwill tournament and the competition has seen another addition to the list of sponsors, as Mike’s Pharmacy under their Vitabiotics brand joined the list of sponsors, yesterday. The brand includes popular supplements such as Feroglobin and Wellman. Speaking at the simple handover ceremony which was hosted at the Ministry of Education (MOE) ground, Carifesta Avenue, Vitabiotics Marketing Manager Michael Jessimy highlighted the company’s commitment to sports, outside of football and pledged that the brand will remain dedicated to sport development. The Goodwill tournament will commence on the 14th of December with two games on each playing day. Shiva boys’ Hindu College out of Trinidad & Tobago, USL Montjoly of French Guiana, Annai Secondary, Waramadong, Lodge and Annandale Secondary of Guyana will compete over the 16th, 18th, and 20th of December, with the final slated for December 22. The Vitabiotics brand will be distributing their products to the schools competing in the tournament. During the proceeding, Co-Director of the

Petra Organization, Troy Medonca expressed his immense gratitude to the company, noting that their contribution will go a long way to making athletes more cognisant of the importance of their health. “We just want to thank Mike’s Pharmacy through Vitabiotics and the Wellman and Feroglobin brands for joining hands with KFC and bringing this tournament. I can tell you that your contribution here will be massive, in terms of us exposing these youths and building a brand for future years to come,” Mendonca expressed. Meanwhile, owing to the hindrance that heavy rains have affected the Guyoil/ Tradewind Tankers league, the current top two teams Lodge and Annandale Secondary have been officially placed on the KFC schedule, despite that competition being incomplete. While it is the hope that the league can be wrapped up before the beginning of the Goodwill tournament, the organisers have assured that the league will run its full course. Also on board with the KFC Goodwill tournament is the Guyana Coema Construction and Services Inc, which will be transporting Annai Secondary from Region nine to Georgetown.

Owner and Managing Director of Woodpecker Products, located at Lot 40, Fourth Street, Alberttown, Mrs. Luana Fernandes, recently generously donated to the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation several Trophies for their upcoming Practical Pistol Competition to be held at the G.D.F. Timehri Ranges. At a simple hand-over ceremony, representative of Woodpecker Products, Ms. Maria Samaroo, presented the Trophies to G.S.S.F.’s Asst. Secretary/Treasurer, Mr. Andrew Phang, who accepted the prizes on behalf of the G.S.S.F. and thanked Woodpecker Products for the support given to local sport shooting. Also present was G.S.S.F’s Secretary, Mrs. Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon, who joined in thanking Mrs. Fernandes for her un-

hesitating support and encouragement towards the G.S.S.F. which is dedicated towards encouraging and promoting safe sport shooting amongst all Guyanese. The G.S.S.F.will be closing its shooting calendar by organising a pistol practice competition. Match Director, Mr. David Dharry, noted that the divisions which will be recognised are Standard and Production, which will see Prizes handed out for the top three overall in each division. Mrs. Fernandes conveyed her wishes for success for the Federation and a successful event. The Match will be open to all experienced Practical Pistol Shooters of Guyana and competitors are advised to pre-register. Interested competitors wanting to come out to have some safe shooting fun, can contact any

Board member of the GSSF, or can visit www.guyanasportshooting.comfor further details or simply send an email to indicating their interest. Practical shooting is regarded as any type of sport shooting that involves engaging targets, while having to move with the firearm. The handgun element of sport simultaneously measures the ability of the competitor to shoot rapidly and accurately with a full power (9mm/higher calibre) handgun in a fun, fair, safe, competitive environment. Scoring takes into account three elements – speed, accuracy and power. Each match is made up of stages that seek to measure a shooter’s ability in all three elements and coordinated under strict safety guidelines.

No Shave November & Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Celebrity and Hollywood Barber Shops host another successful Fitness Walk

The participants take time out for a group photo after completing the walk. In observance of No Shave November and Prostate Cancer Aw a r e n e s s Month 2019, Celebrity and Hollywood Barber Shops hosted another successful F i t n e s s Wa l k o n S u n d a y November 24 last. The event which attracted close to 50 persons, both young

and old including a few females, saw the participants walking from Lot 17 Grove Public Road, East Bank Demerara to the Splashmins Resort on the Linden Soesdyke Highway. One of the organisers, Andre Gibbs of Celebrity Barber Shop informed that the event, in its fourth

year was a success and has been growing over the years as well as becoming more popular. Gibbs disclosed that efforts would be made next year to collaborate with the relevant NGO’s in order to mamximise their efforts in the area of prostate cancer awareness.

He expressed gratitude to all the participants as well as the sponsors which provided liquid and other refreshments to keep the walkers hydrated throughout and after the walk. Sponsors commended are Murkey Tow Truck Services, Khedoo Hollow Blocks and

Transportation Service, C. Mohan & Sons Contracting Guyana Inc., and the many other customers of both barber shops who contributed in their own small way. Gibbs promised that the November 2020 event would be bigger and better.

Wednesday December 04, 2019


Kaieteur News

Farias returns as President of RFA

RFA President, Ryan FArias (5th right) flanked by some of the his executive members following the AGM. Ryan Farias was returned as President of the Rupununi Football Association (RFA) when the Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday November 30th at the St. Ignatius Secondary School. The full executive reads: Rayan Farias (President), Curtis Buckley (First Vice President), Nobert Williams (Second Vice President), John Abraham Third Vice President), John Adams (Fourth Vice President),

Troy Benjamin (Secretary), Deborah Allicock (Treasurer), Amanda Campion (Assistant Secretary/ Treasurer). The Committee Members are Joshua Fredericks, Colin Henry, Errol McGarrell, Leroy Johnson, Sean Curtright, Viviane George and Roy Andrews. Clubs present were Paiwomak Warriors, Sun Parakeets, Tabatinga, Rising Stars, Gladiators, Guyana Rush Saints, Terminators, Strikers,

Snipers, Titans United, Shiriri and Far East United Sports Club. Four new clubs were admitted f u l l y t o t h e R FA n a m e l y, MocoMoco FC, Spartans FC, Rewa Sports Club and Potarnau Sky Kings FC. Commenting on his re-election to serve his second term as President, Farias expressed thanks to the clubs for reposing confidence in him to lead the body for the next

two years whilst outlining his plans. “The focus for this new executive for the next two years would be one, to have qualified coaches for all our clubs, two, to have more referees qualified, three, to have three to four male players in the national team who will be representing Guyana at the 2026 FIFA World Cup bid and four, to be able to compete at any tournament level amongst the

other Regional Members Associations.” Farias also noted that it is very challenging to travel around in the association so they are also going to pursue the area of a vehicle to help address this issue with the assistance of the Guyana Football Federation. Performing duties as the Returning Officer was Mr. James La Rose on behalf of the GFF.

Rio All-Stars confident of making final More support for Berbice Cricket of Rio Indoor Streetball Championship Board “Special Projects Fund” Troy Lambert, head-coach of newcomer Rio All-Stars, is confident in his charges making the grand final of the inaugural Rio Indoor Streetball Championship on December 14th at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue. This was disclosed via an official press release from tournament coordinators Three Peat Promotions. Formerly the head-tactician of Bent Street, Lambert said that while the tournament is highly competitive, his side possesses the required abilities and experience to earn a place in the coveted final. He added, “It’s a very open tournament, but we are very confident in our skills and will be coming to play football. We are here to take over Streetball and looking to win championships starting with this tournament. We just want to be the best in Georgetown and in Guyana.” Rio will faceoff with Future Stars in the quarterfinal on Saturday December 7th. A win will earn them a date with either Bent Street or Back Circle in the semi-final round. In the other two quarterfinal matches, Sparta Boss will oppose BV and Gold is Money will tackle Leopold Street. Asked about the impact of the tournament on growth of Streetball, he declared, “This is a big impact towards the communities from the standpoint where the teams normally don’t have executives, they just come out and want to play. Now

Troy Lambert they chance to play for prize monies of one million dollars. I really see this is a plus and I want more sponsors to come in and improve street football so it can grow further.” He further said, “You never know that another sponsor might come and award more monies to the players. Streetball at the moment is it, everyone wants to play Streetball, even the Elite League players. As a player you are getting more playing time and earning more. It is like a salary, when you ask players if they are playing in the year-end tournaments, their response is ‘my office is in the gym’.” According to Lambert, “Tournaments such as this have elevated Streetball, it’s about the organizers and coordinators. I wish Rio can continue to invest in Streetball and host more tournaments, the talk is that Rio should take over and be

an integral part of the Streetball community. It’s great for Streetball they are on board, it’s comparable to when Alpha United and Slingerz were around and what they did. Other individuals and businesses might come onboard and host events and form teams and improve the quality.” He further affirmed that Streetball has grown exponentially due to the lack of politics and infighting that has plagued the traditional format, adding, “Streetball don’t have a leader, it’s about the communities and players and that has allowed it to grow and be supported by many. There is no politics involved, this tournament is a massive plus for the format and going forward I want to see more tournaments and sponsors involved in Streetball.” The tournament continues on Saturday at the National Gymnasium with the quarterfinal round.

USA based Guyanese Raj Mathura joined the list of sponsors for The Berbice Cricket Board “Special Projects Fund”. This is the second time that the Board has embarked on such initiative following the “Balls for Second Division Teams in Berbice Project” in 2018. On his recent visit to Guyana, Mathura said that he is pleased to be part of this initiative and will continue to help cricket development in the Ancient County. The first project was very successful raising $830,000 which was made possible through contributions from Brian Chunilall, Noreen Seubaran-Gaskin, Yasin Mohamed, Two Friends of BCB, Ryan and Ian Bhagwandin, Derick and Renick Beharry, Kalvin Somrah, Raj “Rebels” Mathura, Faizal Jaffarally, Bobby and Pamela Kewlachand, Mukesh Matai, Danny Somai, Yadram Bhoj,

Raj Mathura Sharmila Muneshwar, Javed Raffik, Nazim Hussain, Allan Mangru, Owen Humphrey, Sean Devers, Vijai Dass, Bhim George, Surendra Hiralall, Jack Beharry, Latcho Mohabir, Chetram Seooppersaud and Jeffrey Samaroo. Every cricket club in the county received cricket balls, while young and promising cricketers such as West Indies Under-15 pacer Isiah Thorne and National Under-19 opener Alex Algoo benefitted.

This edition has already raised $185,000 from Tyler and Mia, Kalvin Somrah, Renick Beharry and Raj Mathura. They all contributed towards the first project. Funds from this project will assist cricket clubs with balls, assist young promising cricketers and the BCB to acquire cricket pitch covers so that key matches including semi finals and finals can be played without any rain interruption as the board strives to spread the game across the length and breadth of the ancient county. In addition, the board will consider other requests as it sees it fit. Former Minister Leslie Ramsammy assisted the board with US$2,000 worth of cricket balls to supplement this project. Anyone who wishes to contribute towards this project can make contact with Angela Haniff on 333-2375 and Hilbert Foster on 3374443 or 337-4562.

Sprint star Blake lashes IAAF chief Coe for ‘killing’ athletics New Delhi (AFP) - Ace Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake has slammed world athletics chief Sebastian Coe for taking away track and field disciplines such as the 200 metres from next year’s Diamond League. The International Association of Athletics Associations (IAAF) dropped the 200m, 3,000m steeplechase, triple jump and discus from its list of “core” disciplines at Diamond League meetings in 2020. “I believe all the events are very important. This is people’s careers, this is where they make their money,” Blake said at a promotional event in Mumbai on Monday. “If he can take away the 200 and triple jump, I don’t know if he is trying to build it or trying to kill athletics but that’s a stupid move. He must enhance the sport, but he is killing it. It is just madness.” The athletics world body said its decision was based on online research in China, France, South Africa and the United

States and post-event surveys in Belgium, Britain and Switzerland. It said the aim was to reduce the length of the Diamond League meetings to fit a 90-minute international broadcast window. The 29-year-old Blake, who won 100m gold in the 2011 world championships, has had to settle with being the second fastest man behind countryman Usain Bolt in both 100m and 200m. But the two-time Olympic sprint relay gold medallist said he was confident of taking more gold in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. “I’m always the favourite, the second fastest man in the universe. Everyone has to look up to me,” said Blake. “I think is going to be epic, this is the greatest show on earth and everyone is looking for that blue-carpet event, which is the 100m. “If you take Bolt away from the picture, I will be the fastest man in the world. I was born in the wrong time. Nevertheless, I am happy with what I have achieved.”


Director of Sports welcomes home Sinclair After outstanding performance for Champions WIEP Twenty-year-old offspinner all-rounder Kevin Sinclair finished with 132 runs and 13 wickets in the just concluded Regional Super50 tournament for the West Indies Emerging Players who defied all odds to the title on Sunday night at the Queen’s Park Oval in Trinidad. Sinclair, who lives in Angoy Avenue, plays for Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club in Corentyne, was meet at the Ogle Airport by Director of Sports Christopher Jones on his arrival from Trinidad on Monday night. The youngster who wore his West Indies training uniform, with Gold Medal hang from his neck, was scheduled to arrive in Guyana at 21:20 hrs but his Liat flight 397 was delayed in Trinidad and plane got here close 23:00hrs. Jones, the Shadow Sports Minister when the PPP/Civic was in power congratulated Sinclair, who took 4-20 in the final against Leewards Hurricanes after scoring a cameo 28 with the bat, for his individual achievement for his team taking Championship honours in their debut tournament. “I wish you behalf of the National Sports Commission (NSC) all the best in your cricketing career and hope you work hard and remain humble as you continue to make Guyana and the

Wednesday December 04, 2019

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Director of Sport Christopher Jones welcomes Kevin Sinclair. Caribbean proud,” added the Director of Sports. Sinclair was presented with a plaque by the Director of Sports. Sinclair and left-arm West Indies under-19 spinner Ashmead Nedd, were the Guyanese on the West Indies Emerging Players team which was Coached by former Barbados and West Indies

left-hander Floyd Reifer. Nedd, the son of former Guyana off-spinner and N a t i o n a l Yo u t h C o a c h Gavin Nedd, left directly for Antigua where the tri Nation U-19 series start on Saturday with West Indies facing Sri Lanka, England is the third team involved in the series. (Sean Devers)

BCB/RHTYSC, MS 2019 Busta Champion of Champions Tournament

Rose Hall Town Namilco Thunderbolt Flour defeat Tucber Park to reach another final The Rose Hall Town Thunderbolt Flour first division team’s dominance of cricket in the Ancient County continued on Sunday last, when they defeated a confident Tucber Park CC by four wickets to advance to the finals of the 2019 Berbice Cricket Board/RHTYSC, MS Busta Champion of Champions 40 overs tournament. Playing at the breezy Area ‘H’ Ground, the defending champions played brilliant all-round cricket to overcome a strong challenge from the New Amsterdam based team. It was the third consecutive entrance into a BCB first division final for 2019 after reaching the finals of the Ivan Madray 20/20 tournament and the Stag Beer 50 overs round robin. Rose Hall Town Namilco Thunderbolt Flour won the toss and elected to field. For the first 13 overs of the innings, they might have enjoyed the decision as Tucber Park openers Malcolm Mickle and Clifton Lindee added 63. Lindee in particular was very aggressive as the home team tried several bowlers to break the partnership. Former National Under-19 Captain Shawn Pereira finally broke the partnership when he trapped Mickle LBW for 18. National under-19 player Garfield Benjamin was dropped by Pereira off the first ball he faced as the leg spinner failed to hold onto a return catch. Benjamin and Maxine De Jonge were however soon sent packing by Off-spinner Eon Hooper and Pereira respectively for 02 and 00 as

Khemraj Mahadeo the visitors slipped to 66 for 3 in the 16th over. Lindee was then brilliantly caught by Delbert Hicks for a wellplayed 46 (5 boundaries) at 73 for 4 off the bowling of Hooper. National youth off spinner Jonathan Rampersaud then bowled Devon Clements for 04 and brilliantly caught and bowled the hard-hitting Keon De Jesus for 03 as Tucber Park slipped to 94 for 6 in the 24th over. Damion Vantull and former national youth player Anthony D’Andrade then added 51 crucial runs, with Vantull taking the attack to the Rose Hall Town Namilco Thunderbolt Flour bowlers. He was finally dismissed, caught by Shawn Pereira at deep square leg off pacer Keon Sinclair for 38, which included three sixes and three boundaries at 145 for 7 in the 33rd over. D’Andrade was then run out for 20 in a mix-up with national player Nial Smith at 149 for 8. Sinclair then dismissed Smith 06 and Kwesi Mickle 04 to bowl out the visitors for 159 in 37.1 overs. Skipper Eon Hooper 2

for 20 (8 overs), Vice-Captain Shawn Pereira 2 for 28 (8 overs), Jonathan Rampersaud 2 for 12 and Keon Sinclair 3 for 42 were the successful bowlers for the home team. Openers Junior Sinclair and Veteran Khemraj Mahadeo then added 86 for the first wicket for RHT Namilco Thunderbolt Flour in 16 overs. Sinclair, a national Under-19 player was then caught off the bowling of the left arm spinner Damion Vantull 32 which includes three boundaries and 1 maximum. Mahadeo, a former national junior all rounder and Jason Sinclair took the score to 114, when Mahadeo was bowled by Devon Clements for 47, which included four boundaries and two sixes. Useful contributions from Jason Sinclair 24 and Eon Hooper 16 eventually took their team to victory as they reached 160 for 6 off 35.3 overs. Devon Clements 3 for 22, Nial Smith 2 for 22 and Damion Vantull 1 for 35 were the successful bowlers for Tucber Park. BCB President Hilbert Foster disclosed that the final would be played on Sunday 15th of December between RHT Namilco Thunderbolt Flour and arch-rivals Albion. Foster also hailed the tournament as a resounding success to date with spectators turning out in members and high standard of play on the field. The BCB in 2019 has organised four first division tournaments Ivan Madray 20/20, Busta 40 Overs, Stag Beer 50 overs round robin and Banks Beer 2 days round robin.

Entries for KMTC Boxing Day meet close on December 15 Entries for the much anticipated Kennard Memorial Turf Club (KMTC) Boxing Day meet will be closed on December 15. This is according to its chairman Cecil Kennard. Kennard told Kaieteur Sport yesterday that there are 40 entries so far and among them are Lucky Star, Big Man Boss, Goodwill Boys and Vera Sinelly. He informed that works on the track has been completed so fans can expect much excitement. Seven events have been carded for the day with the feature race being the Metro Million Mile which is open to all horses, with the winner taking home $1,000,000, runner up $500,000, third place $250,000 and fourth place $125,000. Other events listed are L-Non Earner for a distance of five furlongs and carries a top prize of $130,000 and the runner up $65,000. H and Lower for seven furs and fetches a winning purse of $250,000 with the runner up $125,000. Two-year old Maiden for a distance of six furs and will see the champion pocketing $200,000

and the runner up $100,000. L-Non Winner for a winning purse of $150,000 and second place $75,000; J and K Lower which will see the winner receiving $200,000 and the runner up $100,000, and L-Open in which the winner will take home $170,000 and second place $85,000. The races will be run under the rules of the Guyana Horse Racing Authority and no late entries will be accepted. Kennard has expressed gratitude to the sponsors. Among them are New Building Society, Patsan Trading, Hand-in-Hand, Torginol, Metro, DDL, Ansa Mc Al, Silvie’s, Country Pride Enterprise, Dalip Trading, P and P Insurance Brokers, Republic Bank, Mohamed’s Enterprise, Poonai’s Pharmacy, Chatterpaul Deo, Horse Shoe Racing Service, Goodwood Racing Service, Rohan Auto Spares, R. Singh and Sons, Khanai’s Electrical Agency, Optique Vision Clear, Bishundial Rice Mill, Ariel Enterprise, Rohan Oudit, Mike’s Pharmacy, Courts’ Guyana Inc, KSM Investment and D. Gobin Agri Spares.

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