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GDF could have gotten several helicopters with 'drone money' The Robinson type helicopter is called the Clipper and this can be had at US$240,000. Meaning, Guyana could have bought four of these helicopters.

Thief sells $160,000 Guyana lost some rhythm Govt. defends Berbice Bridge pressure washer in its step when TT Expert takeover in court left - Minister Trotman - Court sets December 18 for ruling for $4,000 Local Content Policy...

ExxonMobil targets US$10B from Stabroek Block by 2025


Kaieteur News

Tuesday December 03, 2019

Kaieteur News

Tuesday December 03, 2019


Local Content Policy...

Guyana lost some rhythm in its - Minister step when TT Expert left Trotman By Kiana Wilburg


hen the oil and gas industry was under his purview, getting a Local Content Policy in place was priority for Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman. During a recent appearance on Kaieteur Radio's Programme, Guyana's Oil and You, Trotman said that it was due to this strong intention that Trinidadian Local Content Expert, Anthony Paul was contracted. Prior to handing the reins of the sector over to the Ministry of the Presidency, Trotman said that Paul had already prepared two drafts on the policy while noting that the Trinidadian had developed strong communication ties with various stakeholders. But when the Department of Energy came into being and took control of the local content efforts, the policy was not completed by Paul. Instead, a UK Local Content Consultant, Dr. Michael Warner, was chosen for the completion of the final policy. This newspaper would have exposed, on several occasions, Dr. Wa r n e r ' s t i e s t o ExxonMobil, as well as the fact that he has never independently produced a policy for any country. While he does not want to

second guess the decision to use Dr. Warner instead of Paul, Minister Trotman said he does believe that “...Guyana lost some rhythm in its step when Anthony Paul left” while adding that he would have liked to see him remain engaged. He noted however that the government could have framed the local content matter better. “I believe more work can be done...,” the Minister added. REMOVING KEY PROVISIONS When Paul had completed the second draft of Guyana's Local Content Policy back in May 2018, several provisions were included to ensure preferential treatment of locals. According to Paul, those provisions were inserted, taking into account, some of the mistakes his country would have made on the issue of local content. But when time came for the final draft to be completed, the coalition administration selected Dr. M i c h a e l Wa r n e r, w h o removed key provisions that put Guyanese first. Kaieteur News was able to identify same, after comparing the second draft with the one that Dr. Warner did. In Paul's draft, a strong case was made for ensuring foreign suppliers partner with

Natural Resources TT Local Content Minister, Raphael Trotman Expert, Anthony Paul locals. The Trinidadian said that partnership is crucial in ensuring the transfer of knowledge and technology. The International Energy and Strategy Advisor called for minimum requirements to be set for ownership through equity participation in joint ventures. But in the final draft that was done by Dr. Warner who has connections to ExxonMobil, foreign companies will not be mandated to partner with local firms. In fact, the draft policy states, “…it is the policy of the Government of Guyana to not mandate local-foreign joint ventures as a requirement for market access in the upstream petroleum sector, but instead

GTT warns against scammers in light of recent promos - All GTT promotions on website


TT is urging all subscribers to be cautious of scammers as persons may be devising ways in which to cash in with the festive season approaching. Public Relations Manager, Jasmin Harris explained that the company has received a number of fraud reports over the past week and has taken a stance to address the issue. She noted that the company has created a promotions page on their website for customers to be up-to-date with all GTT promotions. “Our Security Department is working

diligently to locate these scammers and have the relevant authorities deal with them. “However, to help curb the incidence of persons being scammed we are urging all our customers to visit our promotions page at to verify the details of any ongoing GTT campaign. It is our hope that in this way, persons will be aware of all of our current promotions and not fall prey to fraud,” Harris said. The PRO reminded customers that there are alternative ways to query current promotions at GTT which include GTT Live

Chat, customer service at 0488 and in store retail representatives. An earlier report on this issue did not accurately convey the message the telephone company wanted to disseminate. Public Relations Officer, Harris, had stated that GTT “has created a promotions page on our website where the details of all legitimate promotions are published.” At the same time she said that she was aware of an ongoing fraudulent promotion which involved persons being asked to top up their phone and reply using a code to win a Samsung phone.

to encourage such alliances…” Further to this, in Paul's second draft, the Trinidadian noted that there needs to be a level playing field when it comes to the payment of taxes, hence his recommendation that

foreign suppliers should be made to pay their fair share. Paul went as far as to outline a mechanism by which Guyana could capture taxes from the foreign suppliers. He said that the foreign companies doing business as agents, contractors, or subcontractors to operators should be required to register a local company and pay taxes in Guyana. In Guyana's third draft, h o w e v e r, D r. Wa r n e r removed this provision. In fact, not a single suggestion was made for locals to get the same tax breaks as the foreign suppliers so that they can have a fair shot at being competitive. CONFIDENTIAL In addition to removing provisions that level the playing field for tax payments, Dr. Warner went a step further by proposing that the local content plans of foreign companies be

protected by confidentiality provisions. Dr. Warner specifically stated that the Business Minister shall only disclose to the general public, whether or not operators have submitted yearly Local Content Plans and half-year and end-year Local Content Reports. Other than that, the Business Minister must keep the contents of plans under wraps. In Paul's second draft however, no such call was made. In fact, the Trinidadian's draft policy is the only one that is in conformity with a report from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) which called for tax breaks for local companies and joint ventures between locals and foreign suppliers, among other things. Dr. Warner's draft policy is essentially, in complete defiance of the UNDP's recommendations.

Ban on sugar-sweetened beverages in schools to take effect in 2020


he prohibition of sale, advertisement and promotions of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) in the schooling environment is expected to take effect in the coming year. This is according to the Director of Chronic Disease Unit in the Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Kavita Singh. During an interview with this publication, Dr. Singh stated that the SSBs initiative, which is being endorsed by the National Commission for the Prevention and Control of NonCommunicable Diseases (NCPC-NCD), will be aimed at reducing risk of cardiovascular

diseases and the scourge of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes. Additionally, she noted that the prohibition will not only promote good health, but it will seek at integrating dietary education in the schools. The Director asserted that is common knowledge that diabetes attracts a high mortality rate not only in Guyana, but the Caribbean region. She referenced numerous research papers which revealed how diabetes can affect students in several ways, including (continued on page 20)


Kaieteur News

Tuesday December 03, 2019

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Today is World Disability Day Today is celebrated as World Disability Day. It is fitting tribute to those, who flicker momentarily in the rearview mirror of our consciousness, but who deserve so much more for the individual and collective strides that have given them the opportunity to expand personal visions and to believe in the fullest range of possibilities. The severely limiting afflictions that can interfere with passage of this life do not have to be as restraining, as once was accepted as one’s fate delivered and lot in life to be lived.Today’s realities should motivate to appreciate the many contours of this existence, which can be probed and grasped to extract the best out of circumstances, and be the best that individual potential holds deep inside. Nothing is off the table of consideration, whether for the physically or mentally challenged, and be it a presence in economic, political, and social life. As paralyzing as a stroke may be, some still dig deep and discover strong stirrings of the spirit that catapult to another level, where the mental overcomes the physical, and emotional strength powers past feeling sorry for oneself and bringing resignation from life itself. Similarly, there is no such thing as a cardiac cripple, even though there are certain safety measures that must be implemented by those so stricken. And it must be the same striving, spirited story for diabetics, the hearing and sight impaired, and the mentally challenged. As in all things, there is a matter of degree, of scale, of probabilities, of the combination of circumstances peculiar to each individual, family, and environment.The environment in Guyana is slowly changing, through less of the demeaning, and more of the building to a proud place, a joyful space, a better quality of life for those, who have felt the hard and heavy hand of misfortune. There is a way to go, but the key is that a start has been made on several fronts: minimizing prejudices, nurturing a different, more hospitable culture, extending arrangements that could open doors and shine new, encouraging light. A start has been made, from access ramps and friendly elevators to assistance with Braille features and auditory facilities. Mental health and autism and various syndromic ailments have enjoyed a kinder, more benevolent reception from an environment and culture that can be harshly unsparing.Taking this to another level means that those with a different orientation, or a felling addiction, or a wasting psychological invasion, do not have to be scorned or mocked or subject to all the many horrors that come so easily at the hands of others. It is a different world that we now inhabit, where the communication is respectful and caring, where the surrounding support structures are largely characterized by heads and hands that reach out to make the way a bit smoother. This hard life, already demanding, is made a shade more manageable, one degree sweeter in the tasting, in the real living, as though there is nothing that handicaps, and even the sky is not seen to be limiting. It is a sterling mindset to have, and a good place to be for anyone, but it is especially meaningful for those who traverse life with recognized disadvantages. It is as if there are none, and for which they will lean on kind hands, but not be immersed in feelings of dependency, or that of being owed, or that life cannot be lived to the full. We, in Guyana, have known or read or seen the uplifting examples of those who have mastered themselves, the hand they were dealt, and the challenges encountered. There are the great stories of a sight-challenged graduate from the University of Guyana, of another who topped his music class, yet others who overcome the curses of poverty, of dyslexia, of alcohol and narcotics, of depression and violent domestic distress in its harrowing physical manifestations and amputating results. The story of their lives rising through adversity and conquering the odds inspire us, who are left wondering and shaking head at the magnificence of it all. There is gaining the courage to reassess our own paltrier handicaps and believing enough to count our blessings, while saluting those disabled rising above their circumstances.

Trotman’s admission is an admission of dereliction of duty and betrayal of Guyanese DEAR EDITOR, Recently, Raphael Trotman who had the government of Guyana’s ministerial responsibility for oil and gas during the time when the production sharing agreement with ExxonMobil, Hess, and CNOCNexen was re-negotiated and signed in 2016, is quoted in the press as saying that “I would be the first to admit that we should have done far better with the Exxon deal”. This is an admission of the ultimate dereliction of duty and betrayal of Guyanese as his failure to get a “far better deal” will cost Guyanese billions of US dollars in revenue over the life of the projects. Let me explain. When any foreign oil or mining company wants to do their business in Guyana,

they are required to sign agreements with the elected government of the day which act as an agent on behalf of Guyanese. The elected government, as an agent, is required to act in the best interest of their principals (Guyanese) just as the directors representing the foreign companies are required to act in the best interest of their shareholders. Trotman, as the elected agent with responsibility for oil and gas was required to act in the best interest of Guyanese and in so doing was required to obtain the best possible deal for Guyanese. As a member of the elected government of Guyana, he had access to the best oil advisors and negotiators in the world but chose never to make use of them. In circumstances where

he did not have the technical skills and experience and there was none available in Guyana, then the common sense and most obvious thing to do would have been to access the technical skills and experience from other parts of the world. When you feel pain and do not know what is wrong with your body the most obvious thing you do is to get advice and help from a doctor. Instead, he claims he relied on GGMC who has little to no technical expertise and experience in analysing the fiscal terms of an oil contract and negotiating with international oil companies let alone ExxonMobil. A percentage higher on particular fiscal measures can result in billions of dollars more in revenue for Guyana.

The result was not that Trotman and the government “should have done far better with the Exxon deal” as he puts it, the real result is that we had one of the worst deals on record even for frontier countries. The fact that he entered into an agreement which was not in the best interest of Guyanese without doing the most common sense and obvious thing is the ultimate evidence of dereliction of duty and betrayal of Guyanese. Elections often bring about interviews with confessions and it is often said that “confession is good for the soul”, but it is also often said that “betrayal is worse than death”. Yours truly, Charles Ramson Jnr.

Frederick Kissoon’s response to Dr. Troy Thomas DEAR EDITOR, I refer to the letter of the head of Transparency Institute (TIGI), Dr. Troy Thomas of November 29 in KN in which he took umbrage at some comments of mine from 2018 to the present time, the issue being his organization’s silence on lack of transparency and accountability at UG, 2016-2019. Dr. Thomas’s commentary personifies the intellectual decay of this country since the Burnham-Rodney confrontation ended in tragedy in 1980. There are many deceiving sections in his contents some of which I hereby respond to in an attempt to show his double standards. One: Thomas wrote – “In his November 22 column, Mr. Kissoon also turned attention to me personally. Prior to this, he had written about me on a few occasions. I responded once (See KN of February 18, 2018) and explained my perspective on the matter. I will not rehash it here but I wish to clarify that my role as the president of TIGI is to act on behalf of the organisation and not myself and I will not drag TIGI into matters of personal benefit to me.” I confess I haven’t a clue what this gentleman is referring to or what he means. I insisted since 2018 that TIGI has a moral obligation to investigate rampant opaque governance at UG where Thomas works. Since 2018, there has been not even a line of what has taken placed at UG from TIGI. Thomas justifies this eerie silence by saying he “will not drag TIGI into matters of personal benefit” to him. Again I confess; I don’t know what he is talking about. I maintain that TIGI has a right to investigate wrong-

doing wherever they occur. He alone can explain what matters he is likely to be seen as personally benefiting from. Two: Thomas quote me out of context when he wrote that I praised him for speaking out on television on some irregular things at UG. He chose not to contextualize my praise for him. The column of Thursday, May, 30, 2019 is headlined,” The quicker we speak up, the more we are likely to save this country.” While appreciating his courage to go on television and offer critical remarks on UG, I did write; “Well, Dr. Thomas has at last decided to speak out on controversial things taking place at UG. It has been a long wait – February 2018 to May 2019.” I hope Thomas sees there is a subliminal cynicism in those words. I hope he reads the meaning of the

column’s title. Three: Thomas spoke his critical remarks about UG on a television programme. Try accessing his words. Where can one find that item? Thomas is no fool. Had he made those observations in the mainstream media, in a fraction of a second one can obtain his words through a Google search. Four: Thomas accuses me of hypocrisy by not speaking out against a Kaieteur News journalist who was stopped from investigating corruption involving a government minister. I am not a Kaieteur News insider. I have no administrative or any other standing at Kaieteur News. I don’t know such an incident occurred. Not one human in Guyana ever brought that to my attention. I am only hearing this now from Thomas.

This is strange. Why hasn’t that found space in the ubiquity of social media if in fact it did occur? I am obligated to the Guyanese people to speak on the imbroglio if in fact it did happen. It is for Thomas to expand. But equally strange is why Thomas has remained silent on such an abnormality if it was a factual occurrence? Five: Here is where Thomas exposes his moral fragility. He wants me to write about victimization at my work-place but since 2016 when formidable questions hit the public airwaves on lack of transparency in UG’s governance, the nation has heard nothing from TIGI. Up to this day, not a line about the controversial three year tenure of former Vice (Continued on page 5 )

The electorate that has the last word DEAR EDITOR, Just when Guyanese were beginning to feel that we already have our fair share of political parties to contest the upcoming general and regional elections, another political party has emerged, the People’s Republic Party. Led by men and women of the cloth, the party has indicated that it is founded on, and guided by, ‘godly principles’ and has as one of its major platform the stamping out of corruption which it regarded as a major contributory factor to our underdevelopment. I have no problem with any individual or group who may wish to compete in the electoral race. My only concern is whether or not they could garner enough support to meet the requirements of the List come Nomination

Day. One possible way out of this problem is to revert to the days when individuals and parties have to make a financial deposit ahead of the elections, reimbursable on condition that they garner a minimum number of votes as determined by the Elections Commission. This may not be a feasible proposition at this time but it may be something worth considering in future elections. One advantage of such a requirement is that it eliminates from the race parties with little or no popular support and whose only contribution is to make the electoral process more complicated and cumbersome. Make no mistake. This coming election is a straight fight between the PPP/C and the APNU-AFC. That has his-

torically been the case and there is no indication that this trend of voting behaviour will be any different this time around. There is not much electoral space, in my view, for new parties, however wellintentioned, to make any significant impact on the electorate. By my count, there are over a dozen political parties, either singly or in partnership that have indicated an interest in contesting the elections. It is doubtful that all will succeed in making it to nomination day set for January 10, 2020. For those who do make it, I wish them all well. In the final analysis, it is the electorate that has the last word, provided of course that the votes are all counted in a free and fair contest. Hydar Ally

Tuesday December 03, 201

A distinct lack of vision from the current projects such as Amalia Falls, goals, a timeline, tax incendeep-water harbour and tives, and a government government the the Lethem-Linden Highway

DEAR EDITOR, It is not uncommon for third world countries such as Guyana to operate on a haphazard policy basis. Whatever happens, the government reacts and just lets out a halfbaked policy paper without any serious intellectual thought at its convenience. Guyana too is no exception, we are about to embark on the journey of being a petro-state without an iota of preparation. With our level of preparation or lack thereof, failure seems the only logical answer, for those who fail to prepare must prepare to fail. The current David Granger led administration has displayed contempt towards good, common-sense economics that is capable of an inclusive growth and development framework. Thus far, in almost five years, the government has shown zero initiative, they have not unveiled any projects that would transform our infrastructure, diversify the economy, add value to the product or result in any new industrial capacity. The shunning of many

without a viable alternative speaks volumes of petty politics and a lack of vision. Before one disregards and discontinues an initiative, at the very least, something of similar or greater worth should be floated. To date, the only thing the government has embarked on has been the D’Urban Park Project. Further, we must note the botched Airport expansion which has seen Guyanese taxpayers pay exorbitantly for works that are uncompleted and costs that are as inflated as the Venezuelan economy, only to be rewarded with clogged toilets and other deficiencies. The Marriott fiasco that was manufactured by the new government when in the opposition appears to be their project of choice, simply because they lack any alternatives. Guyana has been for the last 5 years or so, operating without a clear economic policy which would translate into a sustainable development plan. Such a plan would have identified clear sector, production and value-added

How To Stop School Violence DEAR EDITOR, There are a few common triggers that may lead to violence at school. Children often mistake power for respect. In trying to command the respect of their peers, they often resort to methods of abuse and violence. Parents and teachers need to collaborate to prevent school violence. Put in place praise, watch out for signs, show your love, know the friends, extra-curriculum activities and recommended articles. What is also imperative is that the Guyana Teachers Union, the Ministry of Education and Parents have to meet regularly to stop school violence. Yours Cooperatively, Parmanand Ram

infrastructural plan to facilitate the expansion of the private sector. We have not seen anything remotely close to this, at one stage we were promised a plan but to date, this remains a politicians’ promise. Similarly, there is nothing being done for job creation, which remains possibly the single largest issue facing the country. The Bureau of Statistics data clearly shows that since independence, Guyana’s unemployment has never fallen below double digits. When asked about this in a seemingly scripted interview, President Granger advised youths to make plantain chips and cook-up to get by. The twin evils – the Dutch Disease coupled with the Natural Resource Curse sits on Guyana’s front step seemingly welcome to enter at any moment. No plan has been fabricated to counter this imminent danger. In fact, the Finance Minister doesn’t seem to understand the difference between these two, an unthinkable feat! Will our exchange rates be determined only by market forces? Will Guyana export nothing but oil? Will we allow all other sectors to decline as the black gold pours in? What are our plans to counter this? Most importantly, how will the oil revenues be used? What are the short, medium and long term sustainable developmental goals for the oil revenues? What projects are going to be pursued? Where is that plan? Mr. Editor, at this point, (Continued on page 6)

Frederick Kissoon’s response to Dr. Troy ... From page 4 Chancellor, Ivelaw Griffith. Finally, I appreciate the work of TIGI in Guyana and do not intend anything personal against Dr. Thomas. But I will reveal what I honestly feel. Dr. Thomas used his higher authority in TIGI to evade comments on Professor Ivelaw Griffith because I think he feared victimization.

I spent four years as a UG student and 26 years as a lecturer. I have criticized the UG administration under the presidencies of Burnham, Hoyte, Jagan, Jagdeo and Ramotar. But never have I seen such terrible governance, financial recklessness and lack of transparency as what took


Kaieteur News

place between June 2016 and June 2019. It was truly shocking. If TIGI failed to investigate what went on during Griffith’s tenure, it is not fit to continue its work in this society because it opens itself to the serious charge of double standards and of being fearful and frightened. Sincerely, Frederick Kissoon

Formation of New Party on moral, Godly Principles a Refreshing Watershed Moment for Guyana DEAR EDITOR, Excitement is in the air as news of the formation of the People’s Republic Party by a multiracial group of Pastors reverberates around Guyana. At a time when the nation is most divided and the Parliament has not extended the Coalition’s term in office after it was defeated by the NoConfidence Vote, the launching of the People’s Republic Party (PRP) could not have come at a better time. The Coalition is now an illegal caretaker government squatting in office, refusing to resign the Cabinet and dissolve Parliament, as required by the Constitution. The Leaders of the PRP Pastor Premraj Parshotam, the Region Six coordinator; Pastor Patrick Bourne, who is the Region 4 coordinator; Presidential Candidate Dr. Valerie Leung; Glennis Smith, Pastor Timothy Norton, and General Secretary and Linden Pastor Terrence Joseph – stand tall and are to be commended for their moral and spiritual courage, in stepping up at such a time as this. We now wait to see if other Church leaders would throw their financial support, and active, participatory support behind this new Party, and sign up as candidates, nominators, and campaigners. Now is not the time for fear, fence sitting, and excuse making. Let’s see how many would join the army of support and be “Nehemiahs” not “Sanballats and Tobiahs.” While the other more wellknown church leaders in the Assemblies of God, Full Gospel Fellowship, Lifespring Ministries, those in the Georgetown Ministers Fellowship and the Guyana Evangelical Fellowship, have largely remained silent or are complicit in their support of the defeated Coalition, the PRP folks are not afraid to be a prophetic voice to the na-

tion, and calling the nation to turn to godly, moral values as a foundation for national leadership. (Just recently, the Full Gospel Fellowship held a prayer breakfast for Mr. Granger and the Coalition leaders, also attended by top Assembly of God leaders. It would be curious to know who paid for that event at the expensive Marriott Hotel, and whether this was approved by the leadership boards of both denominations). Since the old days of the PNC dictatorship, while the Churches were not marching in the streets or openly opposing the PNC’s rule, the churches have held many prayer meetings, interceding for a righteous government to rise up. But notwithstanding these prayers, the churches still peddled the notion that a “Christian” PNC dictatorship was preferred than an atheistic or communist PPP, the alternative. There are some who now misguidedly still think the Coalition is a Christian government, but the Coalition by its own actions have pleaded “not guilty” to being a Christian, moral, godly government. The majority in the churches, however, are of the view that the PNC Coalition has failed the nation. When the PNC government fell through a no-confidence vote of their own MP, some Christian folks went on Facebook uttering such nonsense as “no weapon formed against thee shall prosper,” although the PNC was already “defeated” according to the Constitution. As a Christian myself, I said, “the Lord gives and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord,” and “Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin” (God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end; you have been weighed on the scales and found wanting).

My Christian view was the Lord brought down the PNC because they backslid and broke their promises to the people and governed corruptly, as the folks they replaced. The PNC trampled on the goodwill and trust placed on them by crossover voters who wanted to give them a chance. Sadly, just days after they got in Office, the Coalition quickly got into the wrong trajectory giving themselves huge pay increases. This was followed by a scandalous D’ Urban Park project that ate up nearly a billion dollars, a payment of a huge settlement of over a billion to a major campaign donor, and the downward slide of procurement scams, the drug bond scandal - corruption got deeper and deeper, and instead of being the “change,” the Coalition became the “exchange.” The churches that have prayed for a righteous government to rise up now have the chance to support an emerging group headed by our own “Esther” figure – a brilliant daughter of the soil, with much integrity – Dr. Valerie Leung. Dr. Leung is a solid, morally upright person and known in church circles. She is experienced in business and is as smart as she is courageous, holding a Bachelor of Laws, a Masters of Laws and a Doctorate of Laws degree. I call on all Guyana, and people of all religions who believe in Government based on moral, godly principles to support the Peoples Republic Party. Sincerely, Dr. Jay Bharrat


Is there a catch to this reversal? DEAR EDITOR, Was Joseph Harmon, the Director-General of the Office of the Presidency giving GECOM a directive when he said that, ‘The dissolution of the National Assembly (Parliament) will be determined in principal measure by the need for GECOM to get additional resources which it said it wants’? This is also compounded by the fact that he also was adamant that, ‘I cannot say to you now that there has been a firm decision on the dissolution, the date when that is to take place’. If no dissolution, then what? If Elections are to be held on March 2nd 2019 then Parliament has to be dissolved 3 months before and that dissolution should have to be on December 2nd 2019. This is in accordance with Article 61 which state that, ‘An election of members of the National Assembly under Article 60(2) shall be held on such day WITHIN 3 months after every dissolution of Parliament as the President shall appoint by Proclamation ‘. The President as we have seen has made a proclamation with regards to the date for Elections but have yet to dissolve Parliament. This process should have been the other way around-the dissolution and

A distinct lack of vision from...

From page 5 anything that comes from the government will be gleefully accepted as the nation starves for common sense in policymaking. Is it too much to ask our government to show us the road they plan on taking us down? Yours faithfully Anson Paul

Tuesday December 03, 2019

Kaieteur News

then the date for Elections. Is there a catch to this reversal? So far we have seen that the President has by Proclamation on October 1st, 2019 appointed March 2nd2020, as the date for General and Regional Elections and in compliance with this GECOM has stated that January 10th, 2020 is Nominations Day which according to the law should be 32 days before an Election, albeit that this is far in excess of that legal requirement. But so far no dissolution of Parliament, why? The PNCR’s Executive Member, Aubrey Norton, at the end of September had made it clear that there is no intention to dissolve Parliament any time soon when he said that ‘parliament will be dissolved at the right time’. What is the right time? We have seen that the PNC is adept at delaying and postponing constitutional requirements in complete disregard and blatant violation of our Constitution and CCJ’s Orders and yet again, this seems to be their game. Harmon and Norton have made it no secret that GECOM will once again be used to delay the elections may be until it is constitutionally five years after from the date which the National Assembly first meets Article 70 (3). Even beyond? If this was not the case then the President would have dissolved Parliament on 2nd December. This type of rigmarole, circumvention and evasion has been the hallmark of the PNC since December 21st 2018. From the Speaker to the Law Courts to GECOM and to the President, it has been a shameless journey by the Coalition to prolong its life. When will this stop, if ever? We have seen that in other

Countries with millions of voters Elections have been held almost by the snap of a finger but not in Guyana. The 2019 UK Elections is scheduled for December 12th 2019 and was arranged at a short notice in late October this year. The results will be announced the day after on December 13th. The voters’ population of the UK is over 45 million while we have just over half a million in Guyana. This speaks volume. In the UK the Government upkeeps the laws, not here! Moreover, it is not about funds for GECOM since GECOM’s CEO, Keith Lowenfield, has already stated that$5.3 billion was provided in Budget 2019 and that an additional $3.5 billion was provided through supplementary appropriations in May 2019. Minister Jordan had also reassured GECOM’s Chair, Justice Claudette Singh, that the Commission will be provided with whatever funds is required for the Elections. Therefore, Harmon’s directive is about another delaying tactic brought to fore. NO excuse Mr Lowenfield! In conclusion, the Opposition Leader has made clear and conclusive that there will be no extension of the life of Parliament since the Coalition is desperately seeking legal coverage for ‘all the criminal acts’ committed during the period of the passing of the NCM to the naming of the Elections date. Will Granger dissolve Parliament or his dictatorship is now official? Will the potpourri of political parties stand up against this Granger dictatorship? Yours sincerely, Haseef Yusuf

‘NEVER AGAIN’ DEAR EDITOR, If every country gets the government it deserves, then I must ask what dog Guyana kicked? Raphael Trotman’s latest excuse for his inept handling of the renegotiation of the ExxonMobil contract is cringe-worthy and exposes the lack of knowledge and intellect available in Granger’s cabinet. They were looking for a “big friend”. The logical ‘big friends’ Guyana should have been seeking would have been a minimum of three teams of highly experienced negotiators. Can anyone honestly say that the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission would be your first, second or fifth choice of negotiator with the third-largest company in the world? They are also the largest oil company. At the time Guyana’s foreign currency reserves stood at over USD 900 Million, why was Trotman begging for USD 18 Million for ‘lawyers

fees’? Trotman presented Guyana as a nation of dimwits and beggars and we were treated accordingly. As to Trotman’s latest flimsy excuse of fears of a Venezuelan invasion, I can point to the advice offered and ignored early in Granger’s tenure that would have benefitted the nation greatly had he been a wise and prudent leader. As early as July 2015 I could see that David Granger had a very poor grasp of geopolitics, his response to Venezuelan maritime decrees was infantile. I wrote back then (SN 2015.07.09) that we should not aggravate our benevolent trading partner by saying they were “a monkey on our backs” but instead seek a diplomatic solution; I also noted we could see an abrupt end to the Petro Caribe aid programme if we continued to abuse our largest trading partner. Seeking ExxonMobil as a “big friend” could only be based on ‘rum shop’ gaff. Guyana’s allies in

the (unlikely) event of a border conflict with Venezuela are not oil companies, but countries such as Brazil, the UK, and the USA, all of whom have a strong interest in maintaining border integrity in the Americas. ExxonMobil has no ‘friends’ it also has no Army, Navy or Air force; what it (ExxonMobil) has is a great deal negotiated and signed by men way out of their depth and operating under great misconceptions. As we end 2019 and oil production is about to commence, Raphael Trotman is on the radio touting how many barrels Guyana will get and how much revenue is expected to flow to the coffers, this he does without shame. I am certain when Guyanese add this ‘big friend’ policy to the bungling of Local content policy they will conclude ‘never again’. Elections are on the 2nd of March 2020. Respectfully Robin Singh

HELP US: MINISTERS OF FINANCE AND INFRASTRUCTURE DEAR EDITOR, Permit me the space, to seek the intervention of the Government to investigate the unashamed position of the Management of GPL. I dare say, that I will seek spaces weekly to inform the readers and authorities of the issues that affect the Staffers of GPL. This time of the year is known to be the festive season; the time of giving. However, this is not so with the Company I speak about. The Management have seem to forget that the Guyana Power & Light is an important pillar to the development of the nation and more specifically the catalyst for the many Christmas Trees that will need electricity, and I reiterate, that will need electricity to be lit-up. Further, the staffers who

are over worked, and underpaid, who face brutal disrespect from customers daily, those who are spin doctors of the ‘White House’ – who tell spin-truth to the press about the current shortage in generation of electricity, the linemen who work handicap and list can go on and on. The point is, the staffers do this not just because they care about our job security, but because they care about the longevity of GPL, while management spends good money on retreats. I must say the time is now for your intervention Mr. Patterson. To see how the Top-heavy management can get up off their rears and work. They are sitting on the lower concerned staffers who are interested in the progress of GPL. They are blocking the

development and happiness of the staff. Mr. Jordon, I am aware that you are certainly the expert in the business of finance, on to a date like now the GPL Management (Negotiation) team, who were pushing the Unions around and were subsequently fired and reinstated cannot come up with a proposal that meet the expectations of its employees. Please speak to His-Excellency, President Granger, for the same ratio of increases to be applied to GPL’s less than 2,500 permanent and temporary staff.Staffers are concerned whether they will be meted with the vendetta of those reinstated or told no increases. The Staffers deserve it (9% increase). Yours in truth Concerned Consumer

Tuesday December 03, 2019


Kaieteur News

New Oil Producers Group considers implications of global transition to cleaner energy - Agrees that sector policies must evolve to avert risks By Kiana Wilburg For nations such as Guyana which is on the cusp of oil production, there are a number of expectations about the wealth this new industry will beckon. There are expectations of great financial returns and more jobs for locals. But one factor that does cast a shadow of uncertainty on these hopes is the global transition to cleaner sources of energy. This new dynamic along with its implications were recently discussed at the annual meeting of the New Petroleum Producers Discussion Group in Uganda. The event which was facilitated by good governance agencies such Chatham House, Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) and the Commonwealth Secretariat

saw officials from 23 countries addressing this issue. NRGI, in its report on the meeting, said that expert opinion varies widely on how quickly the world will transition away from fossil fuels to the kinds of cleaner energy sources necessary to meet global climate goals. The Institute also said that the prospect of a sustained long-term decline in fossil fuel demand carries with it, the possibility that some oil and gas projects that would have otherwise been viable may become “stranded.� For prospective producer countries, NRGI said that this possibility puts further strain on what were in some cases already overburdened expectations for the sectors impact. While the transition may not happen rapidly, or systematically, NRGI said

that the sheer uncertainty around the trajectory of transition has prompted various reflections by new oil producer s a n d h o w their policies should evolve to manage this risk. In this regard, it was noted that several speakers at the event pointed to the likelihood that the projects most likely to be stranded as energy transition proceeds are the most expensive ones. F u r t h e r m o r e , NRGI opined that most new producer countries face a natural disadvantage in this regard, in that oil and gas deposits in frontier areas are more costly to develop than projects in countries with a long history of production. The Institute said that the ability of governments to influence where they sit on the cost curve is there-

fore limited by geology. Nonetheless, NRGI said that governments can take steps to reduce the costs of production by increasing regulatory efficiency. Another poin t o f i n terest was the need to have an evolving approach to local c o n t e n t t h e development of jobs, technology transfer and opportunities for local companies to supply the sector with goods and services.

In this respect, NRGI said that previous New Producers Discussion Group meetings have focused heavily on “local content. It noted however that this time around, the energy transition is beginning to impact the way that some participants think about their local content priorities. Kaieteur News understands that conversations emphasized the need to

adapt a local content strategy to the evolving energy sector, both domestically and globally, to avoid the risk of a country building capacity in jobs or business models that quickly become outmoded. NRGI noted that indeed, this is easier said than done, of course, and future discussions will turn with more specifics on how to tailor strategies to markets that are evolving so unpredictably.


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Tuesday December 03, 2019

Three ‘life’ prisoners released on parole Three inmates who were serving life sentences have been released on parole after consideration by the Parole Board. Kaieteur News understands that the Parolees are the Vaux brothers (Kornel and Daniel) and Lallman Dulai, all of whom were serving time for murder. Dulai‘s brother Bharatraj was also scheduled to be released, but he died in prison. The men’s supervised release, following their appearance before the Parole Board last month, was recommended to the Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan. The men were initially sen-

tenced to death, but their sentences were commuted to life by former Chief Justice Ian Chang. The Vaux brothers were arrested and charged with the July 1993 murder of Baiwant Jaikissoon, an airport worker. They were subsequently sentenced to death after being convicted for the murder on December 19, 1997. The Dulais were sentenced to death for the 1992 murder of Doodnauth Seeram at Mahaica Creek. The Court of Appeal set aside the death sentence and ordered a retrial in 1995. Again the Dulais were convicted and sentenced to death a year later.

They appealed their conviction to the Court of Appeal of Guyana, and their appeal was dismissed on December 7, 2000. The men, however, later had their convictions commuted to life imprisonm e n t . Back in 2013, the prisoners were taken off Death Row after a ruling was made by then Chief Justice Ian Chang. The main reason offered was that the men had been on Death Row for too long and to execute them then would be inhumane treatment. Their stay on Death Row for such a prolonged period meant that they had served a life sen-

tence and to hang them would be to punish them twice, the Chief Justice had said. What was tested in the case was the provision in Article 39 (2) (introduced in 2001) of the Constitution, which stipulates that in the interpretation of the fundamental rights provisions in the Constitution, a court is to pay due regard to international law,

international conventions, covenants and charters bearing on human rights. The ruling followed several requests to the government for information on the case in April 1998, December 1998, December 2000, August 2001 and March 2003 which went unanswered; the United Nations Human Rights Committee concluded in August

2004 that the brothers’ trial had been unfair and recommended “an effective remedy, including commutation of their death sentences. For a number of years the International Human Rights Commission has been plugging for the abolition of the death penalty in many countries. It described the death penalty as barbaric.

Blue Martini night club murder trial to commence today The trial of Shawn Harris, who was indicted for the murder of Sunil Singh, is set to commence at the High Court in Georgetown today. The matter came up for hearing following the empanelling of a 12- member mixed jury before Justice JoAnn Barlow yesterday. For the trial, Harris will be represented by Attorney-atlaw Maxwell McKay and the State will be represented by Prosecutors Shawnette Austin and Sarah Martin. Singh, a homeless man, was killed while trying to prevent a robbery from happening at the Blue Martini Night Club on Lamaha Street, Georgetown, on February 5, 2017. Reports surrounding the killing indicate that Singh wrestled a bandit and his accomplices to prevent them from carrying out an early morning attack when he was

Murder Accused: Shawn Harris repeatedly stabbed about his body. According to the reports, the 42-year-old labourer succumbed to his injuries at the Georgetown Public Hospital. At the time of the robbery

a police release stated that the three men had visited the club after a police patrol went to enforce the 2am curfew. Singh, after observing the men acting suspiciously outside the night club alerted a bartender, who refused the men access to the club by telling them it was closed. An altercation ensued between the bartender and one of the men, who stabbed the bartender to his left arm. Singh intervened and was struck to the head. An injured Singh reportedly then ran north into Owen Street, Kitty, a short distance away from the club and was pursued by the suspect, who caught up with him and stabbed him several times. A resident of Owen Street, Kitty, stated that Singh collapsed in front of a house in the area and was transported to the hospital by public spirited citizens.

Tuesday December 03, 2019


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The bauxite industry is a “black hole” “Black holes” are cosmic spaces where the gravitational pull is so great that it gobbles up all particles within its range. In financial terms, a “black hole” is where monies disappear without a trace. The government has described the sugar industry as a black hole. In other words, spending money on the industry is like pouring it down the drain. The monies simply disappear without any impact. This blinkered approach, however, is not applied to the

bauxite industry which, for decades, both under state ownership and private ownership, has been a “black hole”. The government has been applying subsidies to the bauxite industry by virtue of uncapped concessions on almost every conceivable input by foreign companies operating in the sector. The sugar industry was also subsidized, including through direct transfers from the treasury. This was stopped recently, but the gov-

ernment was able to secure a 30 billion dollar loan, on which it is paying hefty interest. The sugar industry also benefits from tax concessions The bauxite industry, however, enjoys concessions far greater than the sugar industry. It enjoys concessions on fuel, which is not enjoyed by some other sectors. Hundreds of millions of dollars are believed to have been foregone on revenue each year as a result of these concessions. When one considers the

Dem boys seh ...

GDF got de most expensive drones of its kind People does talk about getting technology to help. Last year some young computer people come up wid a great idea to use drones to plant rice. Anodda one come up wid technology to fight weeds in crops. Dem boys see how allover de world people using drones. Dem using drones to find people and dem using drones to track de movement of animals. Drones is big business. De army in Guyana see how everybody using drones suh de technology people decide to approach de big ones to buy drones. Somebody read bout how people can use drones suh dem decide to get de army to buy. Nobody didn’t look at de cost and that is wheh de kak pass. Dem amount of money de army spend pun one drone was de most anybody anywhere in de world ever pay fuh a drone. When de army announce how it buy five and dem boys see de price dem wonder if this drone is a super drone and if it more powerful that any odda drone in de world. De politicians always talking about how de drones gun see de borders and see all who coming over. These drones must be powerful like de ones Uncle Sam army use in de war wid ISIS. Dem is big drones that can stay

up in de sky fuh hours and fly miles up in de air. These drones attack targets and de targets didn’t even know de drones deh. De odda day Iran shoot down a drone that was flying at de same time Uncle Sam and Iran was quarrel over some oil problem. If a smart man try a thing wid dem drones then Soulja Bai got to tell somebody something. One man justify all de money de army spend to a man name Dr. France. “Dr. France ... Here’s the breakdown. Cost 1 drone GYD 3mil; Cost 5 drones GYD 15 mil; Cost to charter a ship to carry only military grade drone GYD$20mil; Duty (20%) GYD$7 mil; VAT (14%) GYD$5.88 mil; Cost to fly in the owners and operator GYD$5mil; Cost to house them at Popular City Hotel GYD$17mil; MISC cost to release drone from wharf GYD$36mil; MICS procurement cost GYD 42 mil; Cost to transport from wharf to GDF base $3mil; Drone operator fee $10mil; TV to show the footage $2mil; snacks for the media $4mil; misc maintenance fee $3.13 mil; insurance $10 mil.... “Grand total 180 million...” Then de man tun to Dr. France and seh “You see Dr. France it’s so justifiable.”

number of workers employed within the bauxite industry, it is safe to say that on a per capita basis, this industry is more heavily subsidized by the government than the sugar industry, which is believed to still employ more than 10,000 persons. The time has come to evaluate the concessions which are being provided to private companies operating within the bauxite industry. What benefits, other than the employment of a few hundred employees, are being obtained from these concessions? The Auditor General has reported that in 2017 the government granted $64.3B in exemptions, the majority of which were to private businesses. More than 20B in remissions, which is another form of concession to companies, was granted to private companies during the first half of this year. Taxpayers are therefore propping up these private companies, including those in the sugar, bauxite and gold mining sectors. And when you consider the value of tax concessions and the fact that, in the bauxite industry, duty free concessions on fuel are being given out, then there is a serious contradiction between the support given to

these private bauxite companies and the support for the sugar industry. It is accepted that in the bauxite, gold mining and even in the sugar industry, start-up capital costs are exorbitant. Without the concessions and without the exemptions, there will be no investment. Tax rates are far too high in Guyana to attract investors without offering them tax concessions. Rusal and Bosai would never have come to Guyana had these firms not been offered concessions. But the least these companies can do is to ensure that the country obtains fair returns for these concessions, including paying workers better and generating profits which would attract corporation taxes. Taxpayers – you and I – should not be foregoing massive amounts of taxes to encourage foreign investors that do not show profits. These concessions granted to foreign companies should be viewed not as a giveaway, but as an investment which should be repaid many times over. The government therefore should undertake an assessment of the cost-benefit analysis of these tax concessions. It should try to determine just how many jobs are being protected in the bauxite industry by giving out these conces-

sions? Millions of tonnes of ore are being exported each year from Guyana and the only benefit which the nation seems to be obtaining is the employment of a few hundred Guyanese. Is it worth it? Omai came here and is estimated to have dug out approximately 2.5 million ounces of gold. Billions of dollars in tax concessions were granted to that company which never declared a profit. The gold is gone and Guyana is no better off today when everyone should have been a millionaire. The time has come to put an end to the massive concessions which are being doled out to foreign investors. Not only are these concessions not justified, but they often differ from what is offered to local investors. (The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this newspaper)


Tuesday December 03, 2019

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=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

Prime Ministerial candidate, Nigel Hinds on Nietzsche I am not sure if I taught Nigel Hinds at UG when he was a student there and I was a lecturer. Most Social Sciences undergraduates had to do the first year course in philosophy taught by me. They would have been introduced to the history of philosophy from early Greek times right up to the late 20th century. Nietzsche was definitely on my reading list. If Hinds had, then, he would have known that any philosophy teacher has to compulsorily inform his/ her students, that since early times, philosophers’ works have been conveniently used by politicians and leaders, and countless distortions have resulted. Nietzsche is no exception. In fact of all the philosophers throughout history, Karl Marx and Friedrich Nietzsche have been the two whose works have been extensively distorted through terrible misunder-

standing. The leaders of the 1917 Russian revolution and the 1959 Cuban revolution have mauled the philosophy of Marx through their ignorance of two Marxian concepts – the “vanguard party” and “dictatorship of the proletariat.” The Nazi regime and its leader, Adolf Hitler, did not understand the essential meanings behind the crucial concepts of Nietzsche. I doubt an untrained mind like Hitler understood the writings of Nietzsche. For me, far more than Immanuel Kant and Georg Hegel, Nietzsche is more difficult to read. It is not easy at all to understand which direction he was going in. If any university graduate tells you that they comprehended Nietzsche on their second reading of his works, they are blatant liars. No human mind can comprehend Nietzsche in the first and second attempt.

In a letter in the newspaper last Sunday, Nigel Hinds, prime ministerial candidate for “Change Guyana” in the forthcoming general elections wrote; “Instead of servant leadership for the inclusive development of Guyana, we have a political leadership class making truth of a quote from Adolf Hitler’s favourite philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche that “The love of power is the demon of men.” With so many students set to enter UG with the deluge of petro-dollars and the coming of free UG education, many of these students may take what Hinds had to say of Nietzsche seriously. Nietzsche’s philosophy can end up being distorted by young minds at UG. Because of Hinds. Nietzsche was not Hitler’s favourite philosopher. He didn’t even read Nietzsche. It was the surviving sister of Nietzsche that gave Hitler a caricatured version of his unfinished book long after her

brother had died (he died in 1900, she gave Hitler her edited publication in 1938) that she completed and made substantial changes to, due to the influence of her anti-Jewish husband. I don’t think in any biographical work on Hitler after World War 2, Nietzsche is referred to as Hitler ’s favourite philosopher. Hitler’s Nazi colleagues found two useful concepts of Nietzsche intriguing. They became emotionally attached to them and employed them in the policy-making machinery of the German government. The first one is “Will to Power.” Nietzsche’s sister gave the book that title and deliberately and grievously caricatured the meaning of “Will to Power.” The Nazi devotees internalized the meaning to be that there is inherently the drive to have power and use it as the holder sees fit. This was not what Nietzsche meant. His thinking, that inherently there exists in the human the

will to go beyond the banal and achieve meaning in their lives. The individual must at all times strive to have the “will to power.” The other concept is the Übermensch. It was translated to mean the “superman.” Hitler completely missed the meaning of the Übermensch. It tied in with his megalomania of wanting to be the superman to save and conquer the world. This was a vulgar, jejune interpretation by Hitler. By the Übermensch, Nietzsche was referring to the eventual saviour that will emerge after the Will to Power is achieved. He meant an eventual liberating force that will cleanse the moral bankruptcy of civilization and replace it with a liberating spirituality. I am not sure if Nigel Hinds thought it was necessary to just write about Nietzsche without a Google search. Maybe he just accepted what he read – that Nietzsche was Hitler’s

Frederick Kissoon favourite thinker. I penned this column, as I stated above, just in case young minds hooked on to what Hinds wrote and the brilliant thinking of Nietzsche is lost to these young students. Nietzsche was a deep existentialist. His body of work is worth reading if you are going to pursue a higher degree in the social sciences and humanities. It was Nietzsche who gave us the famous statement, “God is dead” to which the French added,” Marx is dead and I’m not feeling too well myself.” (The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this newspaper)

Tuesday December 03, 2019

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday December 03, 2019

CCTV footage shows startling images of Nismes smash-up By Shikema Dey A civilian stood on the Nismes public road last Saturday, awaiting transportation, swinging her hands to and fro, seemingly unaware of the carnage she would soon bear witness to. A silver-grey Toyota Premio, PTT 691, pulled out from the nearby gas station, waiting for another vehicle to pass on the opposite side of the thoroughfare before entering it on the same lane. From a distance, to the far right of where the car is about to cross over, a bright light is seen approaching rapidly. It was minibus BYY 2981, packed with passengers. The bus was outfitted with powerful LED lights. Seconds later, the civilian took two steps back as the car and minibus collided, snuffing out the lives of four innocent persons and leaving a number of persons severely injured. The impact hurled both vehicles into a nearby trench, sending those in the gas station scattering for cover. Maria Bisnauth,12, of Lot 125 Sideline Dam, Sister’s Village WBD; Rawle Glen, a 52year-old hire car driver of Canal #1; Ayesha Sealy, 27, of Patentia Housing Scheme; and Zavira Jona, 22, of Patentia, WBD were all killed. The accident is still fresh on the minds of Guyanese, who bore witness to the horrific smash-up. ‘BOTH DRIVERS WEREAT FAULT’ Family members of the injured and deceased longed to know what exactly caused the accident. Police obtained CCTV footage obtained from the gas station and nearby homes. According to Divisional Commander, Simon McBean, ‘both drivers were at fault’. According to him, from the footage seen, the minibus was at the time exceeding the speed limit. The bus was also outfitted with LED white lights when it should have the standard lights. The car driver was also in the wrong, according to the Commander, was required to wait until the road was clear before heading into oncoming traffic. But instead, he turned recklessly into traffic without checking to ascertain whether the road was clear. ‘WEASKTHE BUSDRIVER TO SLOW DOWN’ The sister of the now dead 27-year-oldAyesha Sealy relayed to Kaieteur News that earlier in the day her two sisters, (Ayesha) and Lashony travelled in the same minibus and begged the driver to stop speeding. Tiffany Sealy, recounted her sister saying “we in the bus praying ‘cause we thought we woulda never survive”, not knowing that her sister would re-enter the bus for the last time. “We sat down at one of my

friend and that same bus she got the accident with come through the street and my sister tell the driver, slow down, y’all be careful on the road, why y’all speeding, slow down, y’all gonna cause an accident on the road…Those were her exact words.” The distraught woman stated that she received word that her sister met with an accident and rushed to the hospital where she got the news that her sister had died. According to her, she spoke to a male survivor in the accident who said that the impact had flung her sister out of the bus. “She was in the third seat of the bus, and the guy said she flicked out of the window and the bus pinned her down.” When asked to describe her sister, Tiffany said “Ayesha was very joyful, she lived life happy, she was the life of the party.” The woman worked as a Nurse Aid and has a 13-year-old son. The news has still not hit home with Sealy’s mother who is currently overseas. According to Tiffany, her mother is ‘still in shock’ at the horrific way that her daughter met her demise. The driver of the minibus was initially identified as 37year-old Hensley Allen. He is currently hospitalized. However, Kaieteur News understands that he might not have been the driver at the time of the accident. Commander McBean disclosed that someone had revealed that Allen was not at the wheel but was performing duties of conductor. “We got word that someone else in the bus switched with Allen and was driving”. According to him, those allegations are being investigated. When asked by this publication whether or not charges would be instituted against the driver of the bus, the commander noted that after investigations, advice will be sought from the Director of Public Prosecutions. Meanwhile, those seriously injured in the accident are Salome Marks, 27, of Area 2 Wales, West Bank Demerara; Keisha Washington, 32, years of 5 Church Street, Stanleytown, West Bank Demerara; Lashona Alicia Anthony, 19, of 11 Nismes WBD; Avin Naranjan, 38, of 479 Goed Intent WBD; Devine Naranjan, 7, of Essequibo Islands; Aaron Narajan, 14, of Essequibo Islands; Mark Ambrose, 39, of 24 Goed Intent; Baroda Manual, 32, of Goed Intent ; Mark Anthony, 22, of Canal No.1 Polder, WBD; Boodram, 53, address unknown; Kerry Allen, 33, of Goed Intent, WBD; Patula Taylor, 40, of South Ruimveldt; and Shawn Thomas, 34, of Goed Intent, WBD.

Ayesha Sealy with her 13-year-old son in happier times

Dead: 12-year-old Maria Bisnauth

The hire car pulling out of the gas station

The glare of the LED lights of the minibus (at top of photo) and the car (at left) seconds before impact.

Tuesday December 03, 2019

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Govt. defends Berbice Bridge takeover - Court sets December 18 for ruling


hief Justice Roxane George has set December 18 for ruling in the case of the State versus the Berbice Bridge Company Inc. On that date, at 10:00 am the Court will rule on the legitimacy of the actions of the government and whether it has the right to intervene and seize control of the Berbice Bridge. The Government, through subject Minister David Patterson, has since defended its position, citing the imposition of heavy prices, which was likely to hinder and adversely affect those who depend on the river bridge crossing, particularly residents of Region five and six. In defence, the Minister held among other things that his decision is rooted and based on reasonable cause. The Court had previously ordered the Minister to supply the Claimant, the Berbice Bridge Company Incorporated, (BBCI) with reasons for the decision to take over the bridge. Additionally, Minister Patterson and his legal team were ordered to file Witness Statements. The Claimant, BBCI, moved to the High Court asking for the reversal of the decision of government to take over

Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson maintenance and operation of the Berbice River Bridge. In its application, the BBCI had noted that Section 15 of the Judicial Review Act provides as follows: “It is the duty of any person or body making administrative decisions, if requested in accordance with this section by any person adversely affected by the decision, to supply that person with a statement setting out the findings on material questions of facts, referring to the evidence or other material on which those findings were based and giving the reasons for the decision.� Amid a 360% increase in tolls, which was demanded by the BBCI, the Government had announced that it was taking temporary control of the bridge in the safety of the public.

According to court documents filed by the BBCI, Minister Patterson caused to be issued and advertised in the Official Gazette the Berbice River Bridge (Public Safety) Toll Order 2018 No. 42 of 2018, made under Section 11(b) (i) of the Berbice River Bridge Act Cap 51:06, ordering that the functions of the concessionaire, (BBCI), to maintain and operate the Bridge shall be exercised by Government. The Official Gazette also said that having determined that the exercise of those functions by the Government is necessary and expedient in the interest of the public, the Minister specifies by notice on the cessation of the threat to public safety. It also said that the tolls will be levied and collected,

The Court will rule on the legitimacy of the actions of the government and whether it has the right to intervene and seize control of the Berbice Bridge

and any exemptions shall be the same as those levied, collected and exempted immediately before the coming into operation of the said order.

According to the bridge company, by a Concession Agreement dated June 12, 2006, entered into between the Ministry of Public Works and Communications, on

behalf of the Government of Guyana and the company, it is made clear that BBCI shall be obliged at its own expense to operate and maintain the toll bridge.

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Tuesday December 03, 2019

Marcus Bisram case to proceed by way of paper committal - Magistrate Alex Moore By Malisa Harry


ntense with back and f o r t h a rg u m e n t s between the Magistrate, prosecution and the defence in the highlypublicized Marcus Bisram case at the Whim Magistrate's Court, a decision was made yesterday by the sitting Magistrate, Alex Moore, to proceed with the matter via paper committal rather than a preliminary inquiry as is usually done in matters that are indictable. State Prosecutrix from the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP)'s office, Attorney-at-law Stacy Goodings who made an application for a Preliminary Inquiry, was asked to give a reason for such, and she explained that in the interest of the prosecution's case, it provides the opportunity to present the evidence in their possession, inclusive of video evidence, photographs and possible visiting of the

locations or scenes in the matter. She also stated that it gives the court the opportunity to see witnesses and allows for cross examination by the defence so that there is no prejudice. Magistrate Moore, however, made lengthy references to matters he handled in the past , that he would have used paper committals, instead of carrying out a PI. He reasoned that it (PI) was unnecessary and taxing of time. He argued towards Goodings that she has nothing to support an application to proceed by Preliminary Inquiry, and again reasoned that paper committals were introduced for the saving of time. Defence Attorney Sanjeev Datadin, shortly after the Magistrate concluded speaking, referred to the prosecution's explanation as “trash” to which there were giggles in the court. Moore and Datadin further on in the

proceedings apologized to Goodings for the utterance. The hour-and-a-half long proceeding yesterday also saw issues developing with statements in the matter, with Attorney Datadin indicating that they are eager to proceed with the matter expeditiously in the interest of their client Bisram, a guest of the state. While Datadin stated that he does not require the statements since he already had them in his possession from the matter where he represented the other five accused who were charged with the murder of Faiyaz Narinedatt, he requested that the Magistrate check to see what statements the court had and what other statements the court required to proceed. An inquiry from the clerk indicated that the file with the statements was not “put together”. The court however would have had such statements compiled as a file since the previous

Magistrate Alex Moore

Marcus Bisram

matter with the five other accused who were committed to stand trial in the High Court. It is, however, unclear how the statements were requested from the clerk by the magistrate. Moore went as far as to suggest that maybe the defence could supply the statements. However Datadin said to Moore that Goodings might proceed to

write a letter to someone with contents of her concerns, as she would have done in the past where she felt the prosecution was being treated unfairly. The Magistrate then suggested that Datadin may not have any qualms with providing finances to photocopy the statements. The request was made by the defence and the magistrate to have Goodings supply photocopied statements compiled and handed to the court, with Datadin confidently continuing with sarcastic utterances to Goodings freely in court. He even opted to have one of his clerks assist Goodings. The Magistrate then inquired from Goodings when a reasonable time for the prosecution would be to make their disclosure of statements to the court. She pointed out that December 28 would be suitable for her considering her engagements with other matters out of the jurisdiction. That, however, was not acceptable for Magistrate Moore and Attorney Datadin, the latter opined that it was a delaying tactic by the prosecution to keep their client on remand. Moore agreed and noted that since bail could not be given by him, he would ensure the matter be dealt with expeditiously, and went as far as to say that it has become a norm for matters to be prolonged. Moore during the proceedings shouted several times at Goodings as she tried to respond to his questions, and at point yelled so loud that his voice could be heard by persons standing in the courtyard, demanding that Goodings “not interrupt me while I am speaking”. It should be noted, however, that Datadin

interrupted Moore on several occasions but did not receive the same energy. At one point he also said that if the prosecution is proceeding along the line of delaying the proceedings, then he would “happily discharge” it against the accused, who was smiling in the docks while seated. Moore continuing with his long line of questions towards Goodings questioned the reason for the matter being called at the Whim Magistrate's Court and not at the Springlands Court. In response, Goodings pointed him to “Section 12” which indicates that the Chancellor may “assign or remove a case from a magistrate” but went on to state that based on that, she would have to seek further guidance. At that point she indicated to Moore that there was an endorsement note on the case docket by the Chief Magistrate. Moore, later in the proceedings insisted that disclosures, a site visit and cross examination can be done in one day, since Datadin indicated that they only have interest in cross examination of the star witness. Moore said that a ruling by him could take effect by the end of the month. He then ordered that Goodings have the statements printed and presented to the court by next Monday, December 9. Marcus Brian Bisram was extradited to Guyana last month and is currently on remand at the Camp Street Prison after being c h a rg e d a t t h e W h i m Magistrate's Court before Magistrate Renita Singh. Bisram was charged with counselling, procuring and commanding Harri Paul Parsram, Radesh Motie, Niran Yacoob, Diodath Datt and Orlando Dickie to murder Faiyaz Narinedatt between October 31, 2016 and November 1, 2016. Bisram is also being represented by Attorney Dexter Todd. Meanwhile, relatives of Bisram packed the courtroom yesterday while the relatives of the deceased were not allowed in court. Narinedatt's relatives expressed displeasure that they were made to stand downstairs while Bisram's relatives were allowed to be in court.

Tuesday December 03, 2019

Kaieteur News


GDF could have gotten several helicopters with ‘drone money’ The Robinson type helicopter is called the Clipper and this can be had even cheaper, at US$240,000. Meaning, Guyana could have bought four of these helicopters.

A Robinson R44 helicopter currently in use by at least one local operator can be purchased for a base list price of $367,000. This means Guyana could have purchased three.

A used Bell 47 G5A could be purchased for US$130,000. This means that Guyana could have purchased six of these helicopters


he Guyana Defence Force (GDF) could have purchased several helicopters for the amount it paid for five drones recently—a situation that has since been raising eyebrows. Investigations by Kaieteur News have revealed that the army could h a v e , a l t e r n a t i v e l y, purchased three helicopters for the price it paid for five drones - that are more ideal for the domestic military surveillance. A Robinson R44 helicopter currently in use by at least one local operator can be purchased for a base list price of $367,000. Paying close to $5 per gallon for 100L and budgeting realistic amounts for maintenance and the 2200-hour overhaul, the direct operating cost of an R44 is approximately $190 per hour. The helicopter carries one or two pilots with a capacity for holding four, including a pilot, and has a payload of 748 lbs.

Guyana could have purchased three of these helicopters for the price it paid for the drones. Kaieteur News understands there are currently three pilots in Guyana qualified to fly such helicopters for the Army, and are without work. Another version of the Robinson-type helicopter is called the Clipper and this can be had even cheaper, at US$240,000. Meaning, Guyana could have bought four of those helicopters. A used Bell 47 G5A could be purchased for US$130,000. This means that Guyana could have purchased six of these helicopters. This helicopter is capable of carrying two persons with an empty weight of 1,893 lb (859 kg) An Airbus AS355 would run government US$595,000 but is considerably larger than the others, but would still work out cheaper than the drones. There is even a refurbished 2005 Robinson R44 that can be had at

US$100,000 or the latest R66 for $935,000. Instead, the GDF opted for five drones at US$900,000 or US$180,000 each. The GDF purchased the drones from a start-up tech company located in a rented unit in a business incubator. Compounding the situation is that government paid as much as five times more than the cost of a similar drone for similar specifications. In fact, the one purchased by the Guyana Government is one that the company only managed to finish designing and testing in August last. Investigations by this publication found that the actual business location for Skyfront, is a small 1,100 square feet, rented unit, inside of a warehouse. The unit, located at 4499 Edison Drive, Melno, North Oaks, California, USA, is in fact a shared space for a number of other tech start-up companies. The facility is called Edison Technology Park, named after the street on

which it is located. Other businesses sharing the space, includes a flower company, Acuity Technologies and Mountain V i e w Pharmaceuticals—other

Guyana opted to pay US$180,000 each, for five of these drones

start-up companies. Skyfront was founded in 2014 by its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Troy Mestler, who accompanied two other partners to Guyana recently for a demonstration for the GDF. Investigations by this publication found that the $36M price tag for one of the drones could have purchased up to five similar ones from reputable companies, or more improved types used by the military for long range high altitude surveillance. The drone purchased by Guyana uses a hybrid gas engine that has been tested for just over four hours but advertised to have a flying time beyond five hours. It flies up to 100 metres in height. Among its features, is the

ability to fly in extremely cold conditions 'outside of the line of sight.' It was also touted to be able to withstand temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius. Guyana's average temperature is 31 degrees Celsius. A demonstration of the capabilities of the drones was recently conducted before a final decision for the purchase was made. Chief-of-Staff of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), Brigadier Patrick West, at the time lauded the acquisition of the drones, saying it will significantly enable the Force to fulfill its functions and mandate, particularly as it works towards effective transformation for total national defence.


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Tuesday December 03, 2019

Tuesday December 03, 2019

Kaieteur News


Accident victims not to be moved until EMS arrives on scene According to him, only medically-trained persons should attend to the injured victims to prevent secondary damage being done. The EMT relayed that when they arrive on scene, they immediately rush to secure the victim's 'C Spine', that is the cervical spine, an undertaking only someone with special medical training can do. “If someone has neck pain after a significant injury, you should always suspect a cervical spine injury. Persons should try not to move victims, as the bones of the neck could be shifted

An injured victim lying in the back of a police vehicle By Shikema Dey


ver the past few weeks, there has been an increase in serious accidents and road fatalities all across Guyana. With this increase, comes a worrying occurrence; where public spirited persons, and even police officers with the aim of rendering assistance to the injured, remove them from the wreckage or the accident scene. Several videos and pictures have circulated on social media from a recent accident. One showed a civilian dragging a bloodied

and injured female into the back of a pickup truck. The other shows an injured man in the back of a police pickup crying out in pain. The problem with this however, is that, it should never be done until the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrive on the scene. In fact, sometimes more harm than good is done to the victims by moving them. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Lauron McIntosh told Kaieteur News that EMS should be the first phone call made in the event of an accident.

or damaged if the neck is twisted or compressed causing more damage.” In instances where persons are trapped inside the wreckage, although it might be tempting, the injured persons have to remain still until an ambulance arrives on scene. “Now if you go moving somebody and you're not aware of any other injury they might have - for example, internal bleeding or broken ribs, any injuries that you cannot see - leave the person until EMS comes. You can possibly paralyze the person or even worse, it

can be fatal, because certain vital organs can be damaged.” McIntosh pinpointed incidents where police officers arrive on the scene before them and hastily remove the victims to rush them to the nearest medical facility. But according to him, officers should know better, since some have received first aid training. “Most times they would just throw them in the back of their vehicle, instead of waiting on us, but they do not know what's happening to that person. And most of the officers have first aid

training, but then again, you cannot guarantee that they will remember what they were taught.” Further, he stressed that every citizen should invest in first aid if they wish to render assistance to injured persons to ensure the survival and well being of the injured persons. “When something happens, people get all frantic and excited and rush to pull and move persons, but once the vehicle is not posing an imminent threat - like it's about to explode or is on fire - then you should just wait until we get on scene.”


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Tuesday December 03, 2019

Bridge repaired a week ago, dug up and now being repaired again


n East Coast Demerara bridge was repaired a week ago, but has been dug up again, with more repairs likely. The strange situation now has Chairman of the Buxton/Foulis Neighbourhood Democratic Council, Neirpaul Purai preparing to raise the matter with the Region Four administration. According to the official, the region recently repaired the bridge on the Railway Embankment, which links Factory Road. The bridge is located between Adventure and Enmore. The structure had new beams and rails and was painted when it was completed last week. However, yesterday, it appeared that there was unhappiness over the repaired structure. “I passed there yesterday and saw that an excavator was driving Greenheart piles. It had dismantled the repaired bridge. It appeared a private contractor was on site.” The NDC chairman said he will be raising the matter at the NDC level as early as today.

The works ongoing at the bridge area yesterday

ExxonMobil targets US$10B from Stabroek Block by 2025


nalysts believe that Guyana is currently the King of ExxonMobil's portfolio and that the sulphur finds recently reported by Tullow which caused its shares to plummet were overblown and that the more recent hammerhead find by ExxonMobil is in fact profitable. In fact, the company is looking to extract at least US$10B from its planned production at the Liza I, II and Payara developments. According to market reports, analysts yesterday reported that despite the geopolitical risks involved in developing Guyana's offshore potential considering nearby's Venezuela's claim to the Essequibo region, the region will be a long-term cash cow. It was reported that in light of the various expansion projects planned in Guyana “which are likely an understatement given how much the project has grown in recent years,” it could increase the company's production by double digits and its profits by even more. Qualifying this position is found in analyzing

ExxonMobil's investments in Guyana with its falling share prices and profits in recent years. The Company in the near future is looking to extract up to 100,000 barrels per day. It is expected that this production should provide close to US$1B in annual profits to ExxonMobil, and is expected to come online this month. The company has also reached a final investment decision on Liza Phase II and this is expected to bring double production by 2022 and should grow ExxonMobil's share to 200,000 barrels per day, or $2 billion in annual profits. The company is also pursuing the Payara field development and has already commenced early engineering. That project should add another 100,000 barrels per day to Exxon Mobil's share, and will add another $1B in annual profits for Exxon Mobil. This would mean that by the end of 2025 the company would have gotten some US$10B in profits from Guyana. This in addition to its value added processes such as its refineries that will no doubt

increase the profit margin for ExxonMobil. Analysts noted that future projects are being defined still and that “ExxonMobil went from 10 drilled and 15 undrilled projects in 2017 to 15 drilled and 40 undrilled in 2019…That means that the company has more undrilled prospects than the total number it had in 2017.” The company is also said to be looking at developing two other fields including the Hammerhead find by 2025 start that could add 100 thousand barrels to the company's production. Addressing the sulphur content in the oil discovered by Tullow Oil offshore Guyana, it was noted that while the discovery had a massive negative impact on the company's stock, and a substantial negative impact on Hess Corporation's stock, “interestingly enough, the impact on Exxon Mobil's stock was much smaller. “It's also important to keep in mind that what might be unprofitable for Tullow Oil could be very profitable for Exxon Mobil, solely because of the difference in scale of the company's operations.”

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Tuesday December 03, 2019


Port Kaituma receives electricity after month of darkness


fter suffering for more than a month without electricity, residents of Port Kaituma in the North West District received a new engine from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure. This was revealed in a statement sent out by the ministry late yesterday afternoon. The generator was transported to the community early yesterday morning by Power Producers and Distributors Inc (PPDI) an agent of the ministry. The ministry stated that Minister David Patterson sought it better to replace the old engine with a new one after the community had

The new engine arrives at the Power Station (Ministry of Public Infrastructure photo)

experienced fluctuating power outages prior to the month of darkness. One resident told Kaieteur News last night that they are beyond grateful that “lights” will “finally” be restored after “one month in hell”. The resident said that techni c i a n s s p e n t t h e entire afternoon to install the new engine at the Port Kaituma Power Station, and were told that electricity will be transmitted to the community later today. The effect of being without electricity forced residents to stage two days of protests calling for the management of Port Kaituma Power and

The engine being readied for transport by boat to the Port Kaituma Station (Ministry of Public Infrastructure photo)

Thief sells $160,000 pressure washer for $4,000


mason is now waiting to know his fate after he admitted to a charge in which he stole a pressure washer and later claimed that he sold it to purchase cocaine and food. Vishal Jones, of 121 Mandela Street, Zeeburg, West Coast Demerara (WCD) yesterday appeared in the Georgetown Magistrates' Courts before Principal Magistrate Sherdel Isaacs-Marcus where the charge was read to him. The charge stated that on November 17, 2019 at First Street, Alexander Village, he stole one pressure washer valued at $160, 000 property of Monair Yamin. The police prosecutor related the facts of the charge in which it was noted that the victim secured his pressure washer in his yard and went

Vishal Jones to visit his family. He later returned around 20:00hrs when he observed the pressure washer was missing. Yamin made a police report which subsequently led to the arrest of the defendant, who was caught on security

cameras removing the pressure washer. When Jones was arrested, under caution by the police, he was told of the allegation and he admitted to the offence. He then took the police to the individual he sold the item to, and it was recovered. When given the opportunity to address the court, Jones said, “I done give back the pressure washer. I thief it and sold it for $4,000 to buy food and cocaine.” A family member for the defendant who was present in court indicated that Jones would normally steal items and he is always in and out of prison. The relative mentioned that he was only released from prison last year. The 21-year-old was then remanded to prison as he awaits his sentence.

Suspected carjacker beaten - court hears


enford Padmore told a court yesterday that he was beaten by four men after they mistook him for a carjacker when he drove up to the car they were in. Thirty-three year-old Ganesh Singh, a labourer, of 502 Third Street, Herstelling, East Bank Demerara, was yesterday arraigned before Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman in the Providence Magistrate's Courts to answer to a wounding charge. Singh pleaded not guilty to the charge which stated that on November 22, 2019, at Herstelling, East Bank Demerara, he unlawfully and maliciously wounded

Padmore. Police prosecutor Shawn Gonzalves made no objection to bail being granted to Singh and related the facts of the charge to the court. On the day in question, Padmore was stopped by a traffic policeman and was asked to “drive and go in the corner”. The court heard that while Padmore drove into the corner, Singh was on his way out and when Padmore stopped his car, he was approached by Singh and three other persons. Singh was reportedly armed with a piece of wood which he used and dealt the victim several lashes. Padmore was taken to hospital and the matter was reported.

According to Padmore, he was attacked by Singh and three other men. “They came up to me with a piece of wood and open the car door and start lashing me to my body and say how I come to take away their car.” Padmore added that after he was attacked in the vehicle, he was bleeding from his face, head and other parts of his body so he went to the hospital where he was treated for the injuries he sustained from the beating. Principal Magistrate Latchman, after listening to Padmore and the prosecutor, granted Singh bail to the tune of $200,000, and the matter was adjourned the matter to January 27, 2020.

Light (PPKL) to step down. Residents were outraged after they received nothing but silence from those in control of the power station as to when electricity would be restored. Hinte rland Electricity Company Inc (HECI) had responded by saying that their technicians had to strip the entire engine (old one) in order to determine the main

mechanical issue. The company had also said that some of the spares were not available in Guyana and had to be imported and took some time to arrive. HECI also told this publication that they were unsure as to when all the

repairs on the old engine would be completed. H o w e v e r, r e s i d e n t s applauded the Minister for acknowledging the extent of inconvenience experienced by the community and remedying the situation with a “brand new engine”.

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Tuesday December 03, 2019

$45M food franchise opens at Vreed-en-Hoop

The façade of 'Chicken n Burger Delight'


irector-General of the Ministry o f t h e Presidency, Joseph Harmon, over the weekend lauded Lakenauth Puran and his family for their $45M investment in the 'Chicken n Burger Delight' franchise at the Vreed-en-Hoop junction, West Coast Demerara. Speaking at the formal opening held at the location, Harmon said the investment is a strong demonstration of the confidence that the

family has in Guyana and its economy. He noted that the investment is one which must be applauded since it showcases what Guyanese can do, if they put their minds to it. “This is an achievement. This is a testimony to the confidence which the Puran family has in this region and their confidence in the investment possibilities in this country. Many people complain that business is bad and nothing good is

Minister Harmon delivers remarks during the opening of the food franchise over the weekend happening and all of that but as you can see, so many companies are coming to do business in Guyana. I have known the Purans for many years and I have seen them grow from one section of the company to other sections. The fact that you have been able to invest and succeed in your investments shows that once you are prepared to work hard and make the effort, you will succeed. I want to congratulate

you for this bold step, for having faith and confidence in this country. You have to take that step,” he said. The Director-General noted that as a Government, the administration will continue to create a level playing field so that local companies can continue to grow and develop their potential to compete on the international market with established brands. “We do not give any specific treatment. The Puran brothers have no special edge. However, I am happy to be here in this region where I can provide some guidance and see for myself, the developments that are taking place here. People talk about all the foreign companies coming here, but you have to understand that Guyana belongs to us and it is we who must take those steps to develop our country. We will not allow a foreign entity to

come here and take benefits over our local population. Local content is about our local people and we must look out for our people. That's the role of the Government. I think you have set a wonderful example for local companies of what you can achieve when you set your mind to what you want and you work hard,” he said. Harmon further noted that as the Government continues to pursue developmental projects and transforms region by region, he is confident that the business environment will continue to be transformed as well. Meanwhile, Chetan Puran, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the franchise, in his remarks, said the fast food restaurant begun in 2012 as a small, family-run business. The family felt that there was a need to expand and therefore

took the giant step to further invest. Mr. Puran noted that it took many sleepless days and nights to make the business establishment a reality but he is most pleased with the outcome and expects that it will be a hub in the region. The CEO said the outlet currently employs 25 persons, who are all drawn from surrounding communities on the West Coast of Demerara. The event was also attended by the Regional Executive Officer of Essequibo Islands- West Demerara (Region Three), Mrs. Jennifer FerreiraDougal, who said the franchise is a welcomed investment in the region. She noted that the region is rapidly developing with Vreed-en-Hoop becoming a prime hub for residents in the areas of business, government services and recreation. (DPI)

Ban on sugar-sweetened beverages in schools to ... From page 3 hyperglycemia (high sugar/ glucose levels) and hypoglycemia (low sugar/ glucose levels). It is in this regard that the Director was keen to note that these conditions can have adverse effects on a student's cognitive functioning and thus, their school performance. The banning of sugarsweetened beverages, she acknowledged, might not be accepted by all, but “decisions have to be made based on what is right and health-conscious for the citizens”. Dr. Singh revealed that the ban has already been implemented in some private schools—one being the Saraswati Vidya Niketan on

Director of the Chronic Disease Unit, Dr. Kavita Singh the West Coast of Demerara. Asked how she expects to convince businesses that are driven by profits to cease selling sugar-sweetened beverages, she said the private sector players need to be told that their children's future are at risk of diabetes

and cardiovascular diseases, which could see them spending more on health care. Dr. Singh emphasised that school vendors' concessions will be revoked and seized if they are found to be guilty of selling the beverages even after the ban is implemented. Other consequential measures are still being debated, she added. It was only recently that the Barbadian Health Ministry announced a complete ban on sugarsweetened beverages being sold, provided or made available at their Ministry, its hospital, clinics, health councils and schools. The ban took effect last Sunday.

Tuesday December 03, 2019


Kaieteur News

A number of long-serving envoys to have services brought to an end - no more Director-General for Foreign Affairs A number of long-serving ambassadors are facing the end of their tenure. The decision was yesterday announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The shake-up would come with the Ministry also yesterday confirming a report over the weekend by Kaieteur News that Director-General Audrey Jardine-Waddell will no longer be there and will be reassigned. “The Government of Guyana has recently undertaken a number of administrative actions with a view to promoting greater efficiency in the discharge of the core mandate and essential functions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at a critical moment in the nation’s history,” the statement said yesterday. Among other things, the designation of DirectorGeneral will be replaced by that of Permanent Secretary, similar to what obtained in other ministries. “Accordingly, Ms. Charlene Phoenix, who joined the Ministry in 1996, has been appointed as Permanent Secretary within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with effect from 2nd December 2019. Ambassador Phoenix has served as the Director of the Department of the Americas since 2016 and as Guyana’s Ambassador to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) since November 2017.” Over the weekend, it was disclosed that JardineWaddell, who served as Director-General since 2015 when Elisabeth Harper

stepped down to run as Prime Ministerial candidate for the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C), has been transferred as part of a “rebalancing” of the ministry. The transfer was confirmed by Director-General of the Ministry of the Presidency, Joseph Harmon. According to the Foreign Ministry, Jardine-Waddell who previously served as Director General within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from June 2015, has proceeded on a period of annual leave pending reassignment. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recognized and expressed its appreciation to Ambassador Waddell for her service as Director General.” The Ministry also announced that a decision has also been taken to bring an end the services of a number of Heads of Missions, especially those who might have enjoyed an extended tenure of duty beyond the official limit. “As it is well known, the tenure of an ambassador runs to approximately three to five years. However, for a variety of reasons and factors, some of our ambassadors have been abroad for as long as two decades.” The decisions were taken, the ministry explained, because the situation has become an impediment to other younger and rising Foreign Service Officers whose performance and professional competence might require that they should be appointed to the summit of the Foreign Service. “A subsequent

- Charlene Phoenix new Permanent Secretary

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that several long-serving ambassadors will see an end to their service. announcement will be made on this particular matter. It is the wish and expectation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that this statement on

the ongoing exercise within the Ministry will help to allay any concerns and put to rest any and all surmisings and or misrepresentations that may

have arisen in the public domain concerning this normal administrative undertaking.” As part of the “rebalancing”, Harmon over

the weekend also confirmed too that Permanent Secretary of the Public Service Ministry, Karen Vansluytman-Corbin, has also been transferred.


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Tuesday December 03, 2019

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Three weeks after the police apprehended four men suspected to be involved in an armed robbery at a hinterland airstrip, the police file which was handed over to the court is empty. It is alleged that these men on November 11, 2019, at Matthews Ridge, North West District, while being armed with guns, robbed Jose De Costa of $95,000 cash and a quantity of raw gold amounting to $18M, property of Deonarine Sooklall. It was made known by the police prosecutor that the file is not completed, as there are no statements from any witnesses in the matter, not even from the investigating rank of the case. According to the prosecutor, only the police facts of the case are in the file. The suspects, who were jointly charged, were arraigned in the Georgetown Magistrates Courts. The men charged are Basdeo Francis, 37, a businessman, of Skull Mountain Arakaka, Region One; Kurt Nedd, 27, a police constable of 1597 18th Street, Diamond, East Bank Demerara; Ramesh Singh, 45,

a truck driver, of Port Kaituma; and Leon Campbell, 26, a gold miner, of Port Kaituma. On the first occasion that the case was called the men had pleaded not guilty to the charge. They have been remanded to prison since. However, at the recent court hearing, attorney Jerome Khan who represents Francis and Singh, renewed his bail application for his clients. He said that the quantity of gold that was found in Franciss car belongs to his client. He presented the court with a license for the business of Francis which he said his client sells to his customers in return for raw gold. The lawyer said the raw gold is then sold to gold dealers in Port Kaituma. In fact, he claimed that the gold found in his clients car was actually being taken to be sold to these dealers. But the license which was presented to the court was expired, and the attorney said at the time it was being renewed, and officials had recently visited the business place to conduct inspections for the renewal of the license.To this the magistrate indicated that was irrelevant, as it is expired, and as such she ordered for the men to be further remanded until the next court date. The case was adjourned until today. The court had heard that Campbell is a close friend to the victim and that he (Campbell) was aware of the gold that was to be transported on the day of the inc i d e n t . According to reports, the victim VACANCY owns a gold mining company D r i v e r / E x p e d i t e r . and made arrangements for a priContact#223-5273/223-5274 vate plane to transport the gold from Matthews Ridge Airstrip to 2 Vacancies- Clerk & Domestic, live-in facilities for Berbicians and Essequibians #219-5354 Driver, must have sound secondary education, for more information, please call: 223-0090 Female Cleaner office & home.Call#642-9823. Vacancy exist for Experienced Pharmacy assistants to work @ reputable pharmacy in G/ town. Interested persons call # 696-5098 between 8am-4pm

1 Live-in Nanny/Female kitchen assistant with experience in creole foods and meat preparation #675-2550/6569313 Looking for a job & educational services? Contact The Job Centre 43 Croal & Alexander Street or call 684-3757/600-8457 One Experienced teacher who will love to read and teach a 4 yr old boy. Call: 623-1615 Wanted one kitchen assistant Contact # 322 5157

another airstrip in Guyana. While waiting on the plane, the suspects, masked and armed with guns, arrived at the airstrip and attacked the victim. The suspects then pointed the guns towards the victim and told him and others to lie down on the ground. The suspects went into an ice-cooler and removed the quantity of gold and made good their e s c a p e . A Police Constable acted on information received and intercepted Francis in his motor car. The police then asked to conduct a search on the car and three gas bottles were found with a quantity of gold concealed inside. According to the police, when the gold was found, Francis made an oral statement admitting to the police how he got the gold, and he then accompanied the police to his home and showed him the guns and ammunitions that were in a barrel. The weapons were suspected to be used in the robbery. Francis was slapped with two other charges possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition. The first charge stated that on November 11, 2019, at Skull Mountain Arakaka, North West District he had in his possession one .223 revolver and two 9mm pistols without being a licensed firearm holder. The latter alleged that on the same date and at the same location, he had in his possession 120 rounds of 5.56 and 25 rounds of 9mm. Francis pleaded not guilty to both charges after they were read to him.

Tuesday December 03, 2019

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Kaieteur News

Trump will not participate in impeachment hearing, White House says (BBC) The White House has said US President Donald Trump and his lawyers will not attend an impeachment hearing on Wednesday, citing a lack of “fairness”. The hearing by the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee marks the next stage of the probe, with legal experts giving testimony that could lead to a vote of impeachment. It is alleged the president pressured Ukraine to conduct two investigations for his own political gain. Mr Trump has denied any wrongdoing. After weeks of closeddoor witness interviews and public hearings, the process will now focus on possible charges of misconduct, which could lead to an impeachment vote in the House and trial in the Republican-led Senate. The Democratic-led inquiry centres on a phone call in July between Mr Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Mr Trump has dismissed the process as a “witch hunt”. Last Wednesday, Jerrold

Nadler, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, invited Mr Trump to attend this week’s hearing, “directly or through a counsel”, saying it would be an opportunity to discuss the historical and constitutional basis for impeachment. But in a letter to the committee, White House counsel Pat Cipollone accused the committee of a “complete lack of due process and funda-

mental fairness”, saying the invitation would fail to give the White House adequate time to prepare and did not give information about the witnesses.Reports suggested witnesses were “apparently all academics” and would include “no fact witnesses”, Mr Cipollone said. A fact witness testifies their personal knowledge of events while an expert witness assists the judge by offering an opinion.

Tuesday December 03, 2019

Now even the FBI is warning about your smart TV’s security If you just bought a smart TV on Black Friday or plan to buy one for Cyber Monday tomorrow, the FBI wants you to know a few things. Smart TVs are like regular television sets but with an internet connection. With the advent and growth of Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services, most saw internet-connected televisions as a cordcutter’s dream. But like anything that connects to the internet, it opens up smart TVs to security vulnerabilities and hackers. Not only that, many smart TVs come with a camera and a microphone. But as is the case with most other internetconnected devices, manufacturers often don’t put security as a priority.That’s the key take away from the FBI’s Portland field office, which just ahead of some of the biggest shopping days of the year posted a warning on its website about the risks that smart TVs pose. “Beyond the risk that your TV manufacturer and app developers may be listening and watching you, that television can also be a gateway for hackers to come into your home. A bad cyber actor may not be able to access

your locked-down computer directly, but it is possible that your unsecured TV can give him or her an easy way in the backdoor through your router,” wrote the FBI. The FBI warned that hackers can take control of your unsecured smart TV and in worst cases, take control of the camera and microphone to watch and listen in. Active attacks and exploits against smart TVs are rare, but not unheard of. Because every smart TV comes with their manufacturer’s own software and are at the mercy of their often unreliable and irregular security patching schedule, some devices are more vulnerable than others. Earlier this year, hackers showed it was possible to hijack Google’s Chromecast streaming stick and broadcast random videos to thousands of victims. In fact, some of the biggest exploits targeting smart TVs in recent years were developed by the Central Intelligence Agency, but were stolen. The files were later published online by WikiLeaks. But as much as the FBI’s warning is responding to genuine fears, arguably one of the bigger issues that

should cause as much if not greater concerns are how much tracking data is collected on smart TV owners. The Washington Post earlier this year found that some of the most popular smart TV makers — including Samsung and LG — collect tons of information about what users are watching in order to help advertisers better target ads against their viewers and to suggest what to watch next, for example. The TV tracking problem became so problematic a few years ago that smart TV maker Vizio had to pay $2.2 million in fines after it was caught secretly collecting customer viewing data. Earlier this year, a separate class action suit related to the tracking again Vizio was allowed to go ahead. The FBI recommends placing black tape over an unused smart TV camera, keeping your smart TV up-todate with the latest patches and fixes, and to read the privacy policy to better understand what your smart TV is capable of. As convenient as it might be, the most secure smart TV might be one that isn’t connected to the internet at all.

China is rolling out facial recognition for all new mobile phone numbers Hong Kong (CNN Business)Facial recognition checks are about to become even more ubiquitous in China, as rules come into force requiring anyone registering a new mobile phone number to submit to facial scans. While the government says the implementation of biometric data “effectively [protects] citizens’ legitimate rights and interests in cyberspace” and helps fight fraud, the move brings with it considerable privacy and security concerns in one of the most tightly controlled online environments in the world. The country already enforces “real-name registration” policies which require people to link online accounts with their official government ID. But the latest move, which was formally adopted Sunday, further removes any sense of anonymity in using the Chinese internet. More than 850 million people across China — about 65% of the population — use their mobile devices to access the internet, according to the

government, far more than those who use desktop services. Apps like Tencent’s WeChat have largely become the internet for many Chinese people, offering everything from messaging and social networking to taxi services, food delivery and tax payment. The new rules only apply to mobile phone numbers registered from December 1, and not to those already registered. Facial recognition, meanwhile, is everywhere in China, from airports and office buildings to trash sorting facilities. Last week, Beijing’s subway system even began trialing new facial recognition gates at security checkpoints. Privacy concerns While anyone registering a new phone n u m b e r i n China was already required to provide ID and photos, the addition of full facial scans introduces more concerns about government surveillance and the ability of the country’s state-run mobile providers to protect sensitive infor-

mation about their customers. Writing in September, four Chinese researchers specializing in AI and biometrics wrote that potential breaches involving this type of information could have “severe and lasting” ramifications for the people affected. “Facial recognition-powered surveillance systems, if improperly deployed or secured, will not only fail to effectively safeguard public safety, but also may infringe on people’ freedom/privacy and provide a source for abuse,” they added. The US-based Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit that recommends opting out of the tech whenever possible, notes that it’s “easy for companies and agencies to tout the convenience of this sort of massive data collection and sharing scheme.” “But as we’ve seen in notable privacy fiascos over the last few years ... it’s the customers and passengers who will bear the burden when things go wrong, and they will go wrong.”

Tuesday December 03, 2019

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday December 03, 2019

Climate change: COP25 island nation in ‘fight to death’ (BBC) The president of an island nation on the frontline of climate change says it is in a “fight to the death” after freak waves inundated the capital. Powerful swells averaging

5m (16ft) washed across the capital of the Marshall Islands, Majuro, last week. But President Hilda Heine said the Pacific nation had been fighting rising tides even before last week’s di-

saster. Political leaders and climate diplomats are meeting in Madrid for two weeks of talks amid a growing sense of crisis. This conference of the parties, or COP25, was due

to be held in Chile but was cancelled by the government due to weeks of civil disturbances. Spain then stepped in to host the event, which will see 29,000 attendees over

the two weeks of talks. The world’s average surface temperature is rising rapidly because human activities release greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2). These gases trap heat in the

atmosphere, a bit like the glass roof of a greenhouse. At the meeting, Ms Heine commented: “Water covers much of our land at one or other point of the year as we fight rising tides.

Tuesday December 03, 2019


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Lionel Messi: Barcelona forward wins Ballon d’Or for record sixth time BBC Sport - Barcelona forward Lionel Messi has won the Ballon d’Or award for the world’s best player for a record sixth time. It is the 32-year-old Argentine’s first Ballon d’Or since 2015 and comes after he scored 54 times for club and country in 2018-19, in which Barca won La Liga.Virgil van Dijk was second - one of four Liverpool players in the top seven, including Sadio Mane in fourth. Juventus and Portugal forward Cristiano Ronaldo, who has won the award five times, was third in the voting. England defender Lucy Bronze was beaten to the women’s award, finishing second behind Megan Rapinoe, who was Golden Ball winner as USA claimed a second successive World Cup in 2019. Liverpool keeper Alisson

won the inaugural Yashin Trophy for best goalkeeper, ahead of Barcelona’s Germany international Marc-Andre ter Stegen and Brazilian compatriot Ederson of Manchester City.Defender Matthijs de Ligt took the Kopa Trophy, awarded to the best under-21 player and selected by former Ballon d’Or winners. The 20-year-old, who joined Juventus this summer after helping Ajax reach the semi-finals of last season’s Champions League, beat Borussia Dortmund and England forward Jadon Sancho to the award. Messi’s win means the Ballon d’Or award has been won by a player from Spain’s La Liga in each of the last 11 years, including last year’s winner Luka Modric, who broke the 10-year MessiRonaldo monopoly on the

prize.“Today is my sixth Ballon d’Or. It’s a completely different moment, lived with my family and my children,” Messi said.“As my wife said, you must never stop dreaming but always work to improve and continue to enjoy. I am very lucky, I am blessed. “I hope to continue for a long time. I realise that I am very lucky, even if, one day, retirement will ring. It will be difficult.“But I still have beautiful years ahead of me. Time goes very quickly, so I want to enjoy football and my family.”The Argentine forward recently notched up 700 appearances for Barca, during which time he has scored a phenomenal 614 goals while winning 34 trophies, including 10 La Liga and four Champions League titles, and a host of other records and awards. His superb displays for

Tuesday December 03, 2019 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) An old friend you haven't seen in a long time could suddenly reappear. You'll be surprised by this person's achievements. This meeting or the circumstances surrounding it could mark a turning point for you. TAURUS(Apr.20–May20) A sudden but fortunate change of job circumstances could take place today. Perhaps you suddenly get promoted or transferred. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) A close friend or your partner could propose an impromptu trip and you might decide to go. You're restless for adventure. CANCER (June 21–July 22) An unexpected sum of money could cause chaos in your home, but it's an exciting, pleasant sort of pandemonium! Perhaps this makes it possible for you to make some necessary changes or buy some new equipment, furniture, or appliances. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Someone who may be something of a local celebrity might suddenly be attracted to you, although at this point neither one of you may be inclined to pursue it. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Information received today might make it possible for you to change your job, residence, or at least the way you think or operate.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) If you aren't romantically involved, expect that status to change today. You could meet more than one attractive person! SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Idealism and some intriguing mystical revelations could make you want to spread your ideas. You may want to invite some friends over to talk. SAGIT(Nov.22–Dec.21) The hopes and goals of a group with which you're associated inspire you. You might make personal sacrifices in order to assure their success. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) Sudden, unexpected success could result in an equally unexpected raise. Friends may have pointed you in the direction that put you in the right place at the right time. AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) rush of optimism and enthusiasm could propel you into a more positive frame of mind, and you could accomplish wonders. Your circumstances may be turned upside down. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) Sudden insights and revelations could enable you to make some longdesired changes. A lucky break might bring an unexpected sum of money your way. Unusual dreams could amuse you during the night.

Barcelona enabled him to hold off the challenge of Champions League winner Van Dijk, who was aiming to become the first defender to win the award since Italy’s Fabio Cannavaro in 2006.“It was an amazing year, but there’s a couple of players like that who are a bit unnatural,” Van Dijk said of Messi and Ronaldo. “So you need to respect greatness as well.“I was close, but there was just someone a little bit better.“I’m very proud of what I achieved last year with Liverpool and Holland, and hopefully we can do that again this year. But that will be tough with those guys around here still. “I never thought that I would be up for a Ballon d’Or until I was actually nominated. It shows a lot about how my career has been. My career has been different from the winner here, I came late, but I never gave up on my dreams. “I had to work hard every step of the way, so to be here makes me very proud. And I want to work hard and be here again next year.” What is the Ballon d’Or? The Ballon d’Or has been awarded by France Football every year since 1956, with England’s Stanley Matthews

the first winner.It was only for European players until 1995, when it expanded to become open for any player at a European club. From 2007 it opened up to the rest of the world. The 30-man list of nominees is compiled by the editorial staff of the French magazine, with the winner voted for by journalists from around the world, with one representative per nation. From 2010 to 2015 it merged with Fifa’s awards, but they split and the world governing body set up its own

awards again in 2016. Messi’s major trophy haul Trophy Years La Liga (10) 2 0 0 4 - 0 5 , 2005-06, 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2012-13, 201415,2015-16, 2017-18, 2018-19 Copa del Rey (6) 2008-09, 2011-12, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18 Champions League (4) 2005-06, 2008-09, 2010-11, 2014-15 Ballon d’Or (6) 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2019

Gonsalves, Toney crowned best... From page 33 division with a total lift of 735kg including a best squat of 265kg, benchpress 190kg and deadlift 280kg. John Edwards with a total lift of 662.5kg won the 120kg mens master 2 raw title; his best squat was 230kg, benchpress 182.5kg and deadlift 250kg. Nigil Phillips took the top podium spot in the 93kg mens master 1 equipped category; Farouk Abdool captured the 120kg mens masters 1 equipped accolade; Arjune Roopnarine won the 105kg mens master 1 raw; Brisport took the top prize in the 66kg

mens master 2 equipped; Martin Webster won the 93kg mens master 2 equipped title with a total lift of 535kg including a best squat of 202.5kg, benchpress 130kg and deadlift 202.5kg; Frank Tucker grabbed the 105kg mens master 3 equipped category with a total lift of 515kg, best squat of 215kg, benchpress 92.5kg and deadlift 207.5kg. Toney won the 63kg womens open raw category with a total of 340.5 kg with a best squat of 125kg, bench-press 65.5kg and a deadlift of 150kg. Shelly Ann Gomes took the runner up spot with a total of 282.5kg including a best squat of 102.5kg, benchpress of 50kg and deadlift 130kg. Chitra John won the 72kg womens open raw segment with a total lift of 222.5 kg including a best squat of 92.5kg, benchpress of 35kg and a deadlift of 97.5 kg. Jacquelyn Toney captured the 84kg women open raw category with a total lift of 350kg which included a best squat of 140kg benchpress of 62.5kg and a deadlift of 147.5kg.Lifting in the womens open raw 84+kg class, Esther Maycock took the top podium spot with a total lift of 370kg with a best squat of 142.5kg, a benchpress of 70kg and deadlift 157.5 kg. Jacquelyn Toney won the 84kg womens Master 1 raw title with a total lift of 350kg including a best squat of 140kg, benchpress of 62.5kg and a deadlift of 147.5kg. Competition Director Martin Webster told Kaieteur sport that all the athletes showed improvement especially those that made the shortlist for 2020. He informed that the requirements to be shortlisted are to compete at senior nationals, meet or exceed the qualifying total for their weight class and division and pay the anti doping fees. The organizers would like thank its sponsors; Pele Alumni, Fitness Express, Dynas Embroidery, Banks DIH under their Guinness and Tropical Mist brands, Buddys Gym and Bounty Farm.


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Tuesday December 03, 2019

NBA roundup Doncic, Mavs halt Lakers’ winning streak Luka Doncic had 27 points, 10 assists and nine rebounds, and the visiting Dallas Mavericks snapped the Los Angeles Lakers 10game winning streak with a 114-100 victory on Sunday. Doncic scored 21 of his points in the second half as the Mavericks captured their seventh win in eight games. They are 7-2 on the road. Delon Wright added 17 points and nine assists off the bench, while Dwight Powell, Kristaps Porzingis and Justin Jackson contributed 15 points apiece. Anthony Davis had 27 points and 10 boards for the Lakers. LeBron James finished with 25 points, nine rebounds, eight assists and four steals. Alex Caruso was the only other Laker to reach double figures in points, finishing with 10. Heat 109, Nets 106 Jimmy Butler made the goahead free throws with 29.7 seconds remaining as Miami closed out the game with a 143 run to win at Brooklyn. Reserve Goran Dragic led the Heat with 24 points, as Miami shot just 38.9 percent but held the Nets to 41 points after halftime. Butler added 20, and Bam Adebayo collected 17 points and 16 rebounds. Spencer Dinwiddie scored 29 points, and Joe Harris added 25 for the Nets, who dropped to 6-3 without Kyrie Irving. Celtics 113, Knicks 104 Boston scored 12 unanswered points late in the fourth quarter to for their third win in four games, sending

host New York to its seasonhigh sixth straight defeat. Jayson Tatum scored a game-high 30 points for the Celtics, including the runcapping 3-pointer that gave them a 104-95 lead. Jaylen Brown scored 28 points, including six straight for Boston in the final 2 1/2 minutes. Enes Kanter, who played 115 games the previous two seasons for the Knicks, had 11 points and 11 rebounds, while Kemba Walker followed with 16 points. Julius Randle scored 26 points for the Knicks, followed by 17 from Dennis Smith Jr. and 16 points from RJ Barrett. Grizzlies 115, Timberwolves 107 Dillon Brooks scored a game-high 26 points, and Memphis snapped a six-game losing streak by knocking off Minnesota in Minneapolis. Brooks also scored 31 points in a Nov. 6 win over Minnesota. Bruno Caboclo, who averaged just 8.7 minutes in his 10 previous appearances this season, played 29 minutes, and his 12 points had him among seven Grizzlies to score in double figures. Grayson Allen and Solomon Hill added 13 and 11 points off the bench. Karl-Anthony Towns scored 21 points and grabbed 12 rebounds, but Minnesota otherwise lacked scoring punch. Andrew Wiggins finished with 18 points, almost eight below his season average. Pistons 132, Spurs 98 Center Christian Wood poured in a career-high 28

oston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum (0) drives to the basket against New York Knicks center Mitchell Robinson (23) during the second half at Madison Square Garden. (Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports) points and grabbed 10 rebounds off the bench as host Detroit routed San Antonio for its largest margin of victory of the season. Woods previous career high was 26 points for Milwaukee last season. He was claimed off waivers by Detroit during the offseason. Luke Kennard scored 20 points as seven Pistons reached double figures. Pistons center Andre Drummond chipped in nine points, including his 8,000th career point, and pulled down 16 rebounds. DeMar DeRozan led the Spurs with 20 points. Lonnie Walker IV scored 13 off the bench and Rudy Gay added 12. Drew Eubanks chipped in nine points and eight rebounds, but San Antonio was outscored 73-47 after half-

Olympic champion Mayer wins super-G in Alberta

(Reuters) - Olympic champion Matthias Mayer continued a family love affair with the Canadian Rockies when he won the mens World Cup super-G in Alberta on Sunday. Competing a couple of hundred kilometers from where his father Helmut claimed Olympic silver in Calgary in 1988, Mayer charged down the Lake Louise mountain to triumph by nearly half a second. The 29-year-old Austrian skied flawlessly, hitting speeds of 120 kph to end his run of four second-place finishes on the mountain. For his sixth World Cup career victory three in superG and three in downhill Mayer beat Italian Dominik Paris by 0.40 seconds, while Austrian Vincent Kriechmayr and Swiss Mauro Caviezel tied for third, 0.49 seconds off the pace.Paris, the lead singer in a heavy metal band, had to settle for runner-up for the

Matthias Mayer of Austria takes the podium during the men’s Super G race in the Lake Louise FIS Men’s Alpine Skiing World Cup at Lake Louise Ski Resort. (Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports) second successive day after being pipped in the downhill on Saturday. Mayer is a double Olym-

pic gold medalist, winning super-G in Pyeongchang in 2018 and downhill in Sochi in 2014.

time. Thunder 107, Pelicans 104 Chris Paul scored seven points during a pivotal 12-0 run late in the fourth quarter as Oklahoma City defeated host New Orleans. The turnaround was similar to one less than 48 hours earlier, when the host Thunder scored the final six points to beat the Pelicans 109-104. Danilo Gallinari led Oklahoma City with 23 points and 11 rebounds on Sunday, Steven Adams had 17 points and 10 rebounds, and Shai Gilgeous-

Alexander and Dennis Schroder scored 17 each. Jrue Holiday led the Pelicans with 26 points, Brandon Ingram added 20 and Lonzo Ball chipped in 14. The Thunder made 20 of 26 free throws, while the Pelicans were 9 of 10. Raptors 130, Jazz 110 Pascal Siakam scored 35 points on 14-for-22 shooting, and Toronto led by 40 at the half before cruising by visiting Utah. Fred VanVleet added 21 points and 11 assists for the Raptors, who are 9-0 to open

the season at home, a franchise record. They also are on a season-best seven-game winning streak overall. Mike Conley had 20 points for the Jazz, who have lost three of their past four games on a five-game road trip. Jeff Green added 19 points, and Donovan Mitchell had 16 points, followed by Rudy Gobert with 12 points and 11 rebounds and Bojan Bogdanovic with 11 points. Magic 100, Warriors 96 Markelle Fultz created the sixth lead change of the fourth quarter with a driving layup with 2:22 remaining, and Orlando held on to defeat visiting Golden State. Evan Fournier scored a game-high 32 points for the Magic, including a layup that extended a one-point lead to 98-95 with 9.3 seconds left. Alec Burks 3-point attempt hit the back of the rim with time almost expired, and Aaron Gordon grabbed the rebound and sank the game-clinching free throws. The Warriors made just six of their 23 3-point attempts in the game and were outscored 33-18 on 3s by the team that entered the contest with the NBAs worst 3-point shooting percentage. The Warriors 17th loss is the most by any team in the NBA. (Field Level Media)

Joshua taking tips from Klitschko ahead of Ruiz rematch (Reuters) - Britains Anthony Joshua has been taking advice on his training regime and diet from former heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko ahead of his title rematch with Andy Ruiz Jr. in Saudi Arabia on Dec. 7. Mexican-American Ruiz produced one of boxings biggest upsets when he dethroned the previously unBoxer Anthony Joshua speaks at a news defeated world champion Joshua with a seventhconference ahead of his heavyweight boxing round stoppage at New titlerematch against Andy Ruiz Jr. in New York, Yorks Madison Square GarSeptember 5, 2019. (REUTERS/Mike Segar/File Photo) den in June. Klitschko was defeated in my body. Maybe thats fine his legacy. by Joshua in 2017 at why because Ive adapted “Theres nothing Ive Wembley Stadium with a some of his teaching my missed about being world technical knockout and the weight may fluctuate.” champion,” Joshua said. two boxers have stayed in Joshua was dropped to “Ive always said the belt touch even after the Ukrai- the canvas four times in the should never define the nian retired later that year at June bout by Ruiz and the man. I walked as a champion the age of 41. 30-year-old Briton is look- before I even had a belt. “He said loads of stuff to ing for redemption having “This is fighting. One me, Wlad was definitely t r i g g e r e d a r e m a t c h loss doesnt take the spots ahead of the game. Hes more clause, admitting his first off a cheetah. We dont play disciplined than me, hes d e f eat had made him a games when it comes to boxmore diplomatic,” Joshua smarter fighter. ing, were serious and after I told British media. The second WBA, IBF took the loss Ive had time “He was giving me di- and WBO title showdown to reflect.“I now have things etary and training advice has been dubbed the Clash to prove to myself. I want to and that is maybe what on the Dunes but Joshua, a take it more seriously bepeople are talking about now former Olympic champion, cause Im going to that next when they see a difference said the belts would not de- level.”

Tuesday December 03, 2019


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Joe Root double century gives tourists hope in Hamilton

BBC Sport - Captain Joe Root made a double century on day four of the second Test but England’s hopes of winning the match and drawing the series with New Zealand may be hampered by the weather. Root’s painstaking 226 from 441 balls and 75 from Ollie Pope helped England to 476 and a first-innings lead of 101. The Black Caps fell to 282 but Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor guided them to 96-2, trailing by only five runs. Heavy rain is forecast to fall in Hamilton for much of the final day. And on a pitch that is still good for batting, New Zealand will be confident of seeing out what play is possible from 21:30 GMT yesterday. Root doubles up - again This was the first time England - 269-5 overnight have made 400 in the first innings since Alastair Cook’s double century against Australia in Melbourne two years ago. Root led by example. While he was patient - he was in the middle for just over 10 hours - there was a busyness about his innings that had been missing on the third day. He played well off his legs, used soft hands to dab the ball down to third man, took quick singles and, when England decided to push towards a declaration, he hit out, striking pace bowler Matt Henry back down the ground

for six. Root’s only real miss-step came when, on 199, he called Pope through for a quick single and his partner was almost run out at the nonstriker’s end. Pope dived, however, and Root was able to celebrate his third Test double century. He was well supported by Pope in a 193-run stand for the sixth wicket. Playing in his fourth Test and keeping wicket in Jos Buttler’s absence, Pope struggled at first to keep up with Root’s tempo. While his drives often found the fielders, Pope ran well and found the backward point boundary more frequently as New Zealand’s bowlers tired. The only disappointment for England will be the way their innings ended as the final five wickets fell for 21 runs. It was just reward for Neil Wagner, though. After Pope and Root were caught in the deep, the indefatigable Wagner had Chris Woakes caught behind, outfoxed Jofra Archer with a slower ball and bowled Stuart Broad to secure his fourth fivewicket haul in his past four Tests. Williamson & Taylor hold firm England made early inroads with the ball, but Root admitted at the end of play that the tourists hoped the pitch would do “a little bit more” in the final session. Jeet Raval, who has

Kane Williamson sways out of the way of a bouncer. (Getty Images)

Joe Root is congratulated by Ollie Pope after bringing up his 150. (AFP/Getty Images) scored only 24 runs in the series, was lbw to Sam Curran for a two-ball duck, although replays suggested there was an inside edge. When Tom Latham, who made a century in New Zealand’s first innings, edged Chris Woakes to Root at a wide first slip, New Zealand were struggling. Williamson was ruffled by Jofra Archer, who bowled short and into his body, while Ben Stokes tried the same tactic with Taylor later in the evening.But Williamson and Taylor are two of New Zealand’s most experienced players and they played carefully on a placid surface. Williamson ducked and Taylor pulled in an unbroken 68-run partnership across 25

Megan Rapinoe wins Women’s Ballon d’Or, Lucy Bronze second BBC Sport - Megan Rapinoe of the United States has won Women’s Ballon d’Or for 2019, with England’s Lucy Bronze the runner-up. Winger Rapinoe, 34, cocaptained the US to victory at this summer’s World Cup, where she was named player of the tournament and finished joint-top scorer with six goals. Bronze, 28, the Uefa Women’s Player of the Year, played a key part in England’s run to the semi-finals. Rapinoe’s compatriot Alex Morgan came third in the Ballon d’Or ranking. Lyon striker Ada Hegerberg, who became the first winner of the women’s version of the award last year, finished fourth, while Arsenal and Netherlands forward Vivianne Miedema rounded out the top five. The men’s award was won by Argentina and Barcelona’s Lionel Messi for a record sixth time. Rapinoe, who was not in

attendance at the awards ceremony, said in a recorded message: “I’m so sad I can’t make it tonight. It’s absolutely incredible, congrats to the other nominees. “I can’t believe I’m the one winning in this field, it’s been an incredible year. I want to thank my team-mates and the US federation.” Rapinoe has had a memorable 2019, becoming a global star for her performances during the World Cup but also for her willingness to use the spotlight to speak out on causes such as LGBTQ+ rights and equal pay. She also made headlines after saying she would refuse to visit the White House if the US won the World Cup and joined the national team squad in suing their federation over equal pay.After winning the women’s award at the Best Fifa Football Awards in September, she was the favourite to become the second ever recipient of the Women’s Ballon d’Or.

Silver for Bronze A runner-up spot for Bronze is an impressive achievement, finishing ahead of star forward Morgan and Women’s Champions League record scorer Hegerberg. Regarded as the best right-back in the world, Bronze will be familiar with finishing second to Rapinoe, having won the Silver Ball for second-best player at the World Cup.The months since the World Cup have been tough for Bronze in an England shirt, having been played out of position in an experimental midfield role and being part of a side that has won just two of their last six games. But she has experienced an incredible 2019 with club side Lyon, winning the French league and cup double and the Women’s Champions League.Bronze’s Lionesses team-mate Ellen White was ninth in the Ballon d’Or ranking after finishing as joint top scorer at the World Cup with six goals.

overs. There were, however, encouraging signs for England. Stokes, who struggled to bowl on the opening day with a left knee problem, found

some awkward bounce, while Woakes was economical after his past struggles overseas. Scores: New Zealand 375 (Latham 105, Mitchell 73,

Watling 55, Broad 4-73) and 96 for 2 (Williamson 37*, Taylor 31*) trail England 476 (Root 226, Burns 101, Pope 75, Wagner 5-124) by five runs.

Ferrari summoned to stewards over Leclerc fuel in F1 Abu Dhabi GP Autosport - Ferrari has been summoned to the stewards for a “significant difference” in the amount of fuel in Charles Leclerc’s Formula 1 car prior to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix start.A report from FIA technical delegate Jo Bauer issued less than an hour before the start of the race said the fuel declaration of Leclerc’s car was checked before he left the pitlane.According to Bauer, there was a “significant difference” between the declaration of the team and the amount of fuel inside the car. Bauer said this was not in compliance with FIA technical directive 12-19, which is believed to be one issued earlier this year.That technical directive lays out the procedures of how fuel is measured pre-race.This explains what teams are required to do and what the FIA uses as the basis for the fuel measurement. The potential punishment Ferrari could face is unknown at this stage, but the matter has been referred to the stew-

Ferrari summoned to stewards over Leclerc fuel. ards for their consideration. However, it will not be investigated until 1945 local time - roughly one hour after the scheduled end of the race. Leclerc is due to start the Abu Dhabi GP from third on the grid.He is fighting Max Verstappen, who starts second, for third in the championship and trails the Red Bull driver by 11 points. Red Bull team boss Christian Horner told Sky F1 be-

fore the start of the grand prix: “The interesting word is significant - a ‘significant’ difference.“The technical regulations are black and white. It’s obviously gone to the stewards for them to decide.“Usually with a case like that it’s either legal or it isn’t.”When asked if he expected Leclerc to be disqualified: “If you look at the technical reg, theoretically, I can’t see how he won’t be.”

Lyon takes five to secure back-to-back ... From page 32 however, had a century under his belt and felt it was worth reviewing, if only to spend a few extra moments out in the middle. Later, when Rizwan tried to farm the strike and ensure they got through to the dinner break without any further damage, Shaheen Afridi decided to lash out at Lyon, skying the ball instead and giving the offspinner his five-fer. The best bit of comedy was still to follow. Muhammad Musa drove one to mid-on and, for some reason, Mohammad Abbas believed it to be a cue for a single. By the time he would realise it was anything but, Pat Cummins was already taking aim. And just like Pat Cummins

so often does, he hit the stumps. In Pakistan, however, the joke is unlikely to be much appreciated. While Australia steel themselves for a series against New Zealand likely to test them more than this one has, Pakistan will have to regroup quickly ahead of a two-match home series against Sri Lanka. What might have otherwise been a celebration of cricket coming home has become very serious business. Scores: Australia 3 for 589 dec (Warner 335*, Labuschagne 162) beat Pakistan 302 (Yasir 113, Azam 97, Starc 6-66) and 239 (Masood 68, Shafiq 57, Lyon 5-69) by an innings and 48 runs.


Babar Azam runs give Pakistan huge positive from defeats, says Azhar Ali Omnisport - Azhar Ali insists the Test progress made by Babar Azam means Pakistan have a major positive to take out of their heavy series defeat to Australia. Pakistan lost the second Test by an innings and 48 runs on day four in Adelaide after Nathan Lyon took 5-69 in their second innings of 239 all out. The tourists were following on after Australia declared on 589-3 in a first-innings onslaught inspired by David Warner’s 335 not out. Pakistan also lost the first Test by an innings but Azhar was unwilling to completely write off the tour ahead of two matches against Sri Lanka later this month. Already a star in limited-overs cricket, T20I captain Babar scored 104 in the opening Test in Brisbane and 97 in the first innings of this contest. “He’s been tremendous in white-ball cricket and in the recent past he’s been gradually building up his Test stats as well,” Test skipper Azhar said of Babar. “This series definitely will be the breakthrough he wanted. We were all hopeful that he would do it. “He’s a good enough player. We all know that. But sometimes if you score in tough conditions against tough bowling attacks, it gives you the extra boost and the belief that you can make even better strides in Test cricket. “That’s been a big positive now for us that Babar has stamped himself a Test player. He’s been fantastic throughout the year, lovely to watch and hopefully he can continue this form in the Tests that are coming. Babar has been exceptional.” Azhar also highlighted the performances of wicket-keeper Mohammad Rizwan and Yasir Shah, who scored 113 in the first innings at number eight, but conceded the series was ultimately a disappointment. He added: “Rizwan waited for his chance and then grabbed it with both hands. The way he batted at Gabba and the way he kept wick-

Pakistan suffered two heavy defeats against Australia, but Azhar Ali claimed there were still positives to take forward. ets in both games has been fantastic. “We didn’t want to give up at any stage and Yasir put up a lot of fight. “But it has been a disappointing series. We didn’t live up the expectations that were based around this young team. It’s very hard here with a young bowling attack and we came with a lot of expectations but it didn’t go well. “To win Test matches we need to take 20 wickets and we need to work out how to do that. And also to score big in the first innings getting ahead of the game here is very important. “It’s always hard coming to Australia and we’ve been beaten by a better side. But very positive for the future, we will learn a lot. “I’d like to congratulate Australia, especially David Warner for his triple hundred.”

Brush Dam, Buxton win latest 592 Beer Inter-Village Football games Brush Dam and Buxton battled to hard-fought wins when the inaugural 592 Beer Inter-Village Football Festival continued at the Buxton Community Center ground on Sunday. Brush Dam needled Anns Grove 2-1 in front of a large crowd. The first half failed to produce a goals as both teams struggled to impose their respective attacking prowess. However, Anns Grove secured the opening goal in the 55th minute as Kevin Williams scored, crossing the ball into the left corner from a right sided corner-kick, which evaded everyone. Brush Dam would eventually respond in the 65th minute to level proceedings through Stephen Dolphin. Racing onto a long ball over the back line, Dolphin lashed his effort into the lower left corner from inside the right of the penalty area. Anns Grove were then given the perfect opportunity

Tuesday December 03, 2019

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to retake the lead as they were awarded a penalty in the 79th minute. However, the effort was denied by the custodian low to his right. Brush Dam then grabbed the winner in the 90th minute via Allister Thomas, placing his effort down the center of the net past the advancing goalkeeper. Similarly Buxton edged Mahaica 1-0. The game was decided in the 86th minute compliments of a Neil Hudson strike which brought the partisan crowd to its feet. It was a wonder strike from the diminutive midfielder who blasted a right foot shot from 36 yards out in the center of the field into the back of the net. The tournament continues on Sunday at the Golden Grove ground. The event features 12 teams battling in an initial group format. Group-A comprises Buxton, Plaisance and Mahaica, with Group-B consisting of Friendship,

Paradise and Victoria and group-C featuring Brush Dam, Melanie and Anns Grove. Group-D comprises Annandale, Golden Grove and Beterverwagting [BV]. The winner of each group alongside the second place finisher will advance to the quarterfinal round. The grand finale is pegged for January 1st. The eventual champion of the event will pocket $300,000 and the championship trophy. On the other hand, the second, third and fourth place finisher will receive $150,000, $100,000 and $75,000 respectively and the corresponding trophy. Similarly, individual prizes will also be awarded for the Most Valuable Player [MVP] and the Best Goalkeeper. Some of the major sponsors of the tournament include Bakewell Guyana Incorporated, ExxonMobil, and the Colin Talbot Construction Services.

Letter to the Sports Editor Breach of Election Conduct of the GFF Constitution Dear Editor, Please permit me space in your publication to address several issues surrounding the recently held GFF elections which was conducted at an Extraordinary Congress, a forum which is used for emergency purposes, of which an Election of executives do not fall under that category. This is the first of a series of missives that will highlight the egregious nature of the recently held elections. Question #1 1. What are your thoughts on the fact that Concacaf justified and gave legality to the staging of the Electoral Congress at the recently held Extraordinary Congress, a forum that is often used for emergency deliberations and matters? Firstly, I am not surprised of the GFF imposing their will on the membership that was selected and aided by the Forde led administration to support the wishes of the Federation without any objection, except for those Members Association who refused to attend knowing that their voice will be drowned against the Forde supporters led by a Former GFF President, who I thought knows better, but instead compromised right (Truth) for wrong (Falsehood). A significant omission which is missing from the Agenda is the Audited Financial Report for the previous year and the Appointment of Auditors for the GFF. I take it that financial accountability is not required prior to the Selection/Election of Executives of the GFF. What a calamity. Secondly. The constitution is very clear on the specifics regarding the use of Article 28: Ordinary Congress and Article 30: Extraordinary Congress. To date, before, during and after the Extraordinary congress being convened on Saturday November 9, 2019, no reason was given to the members via notices for an emergency election, while knowing four (4) years ago of the date of elections in 2019. What is the reason for emergency Elections of the executive committee? To compound the hidden intent, the GFF held an Extraordinary congress on August 18, 2019 and did not make any mention of elections forthcoming before the end of 2019, which is a mere two months and three weeks after the August Congress, as the timeline proved that the incumbent had an hidden agenda to impose elections

without giving the membership preparation time to form a slate to contest. Response: An elections at an extraordinary congress is not improper or in contravention of the constitution. Extraordinary congresses are used for special and urgent circumstances. In this case no such situation existed. In FIFA President Infantino’s case, as mentioned by Mr. Leal, Chief Officer of Member Association, the election was held at an Extraordinary Congress, which is a fact, but he failed to explain to the Congress and the local Media during his Press Conference held immediately after the Congress that the election to elect the current FIFA President Infantino at an Extraordinary Congress, was held because of the resignation of the then President Sept Blatter that constituted reason for an Emergency Congress (Extraordinary) to fulfill the vacancy emerged from Blatter resignation before his term of office, which is consistent with article 25 of FIFA Statues and article 30 & 34 of the GFF Constitution. In fact, the Extraordinary (Emergency) Congress was for the sole purpose of filling a vacancy and not for Election of a new Executive, as in this case. What was the GFF Reason for Extraordinary??????????. B. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Article 34 Composition 5. Each slate of candidates must be sent to the General Secretariat. The official slates of candidates must be passed to the Members along with the agenda for the relevant Congress. 9. If more than fifty percent of the positions of the Executive Committee become vacant, the Emergency Committee shall convene an Extraordinary Congress in order to proceed to new elections for a new mandate. If the Emergency Committee lacks the required quorum, the General Secretary shall convene an Extraordinary Congress within the prescribed period of time. The above article (34) never exists to constitute an Emergency Elections. Mr. Forde told the media

during the press briefing after the congress that the GFF had written to FIFA Seeking an extension of Elections and was told that they cannot go beyond two weeks of the election date, hence the reason for the Extraordinary Congress. Lets examine the official date of the elections of the GFF, which is mandatory in the constitution of GFF that Congress shall be held every year on or before 31st May. This date is to coincide with FIFA Ordinary Congress of June of every year and elections of executive committee on the said date every four years. So which date Mr. Forde is referring to that FIFA only give the GFF two weeks extension to conduct its elections?????????????. The FIFA Normalization Committee headed by Mr. Clinton Urling set a date for election on the 14 November, 2015 after completing its task of regularizing the conduct of Governance on FIFAs behalf, thereafter allowing its members to choose an executive of their choice to govern the sport. This date of November 14 for the election did not change the mandated date prescribed in the constitution. If this is accepted by FIFA it means that after the FIFA Ordinary Congress to elect an executive for a new term the GFF new executives will not be able to attend FIFA Congress to exercise their Membership rights, because they will be taking up office after June of FIFA Ordinary Congress for Election. Such action will also mean that FIFA is condoning this breach for support at the June 5, 2019 FIFA Presidential Election that Swiss National Gianni Infantino was reelected by acclamation as the sole candidate at the FIFA Congress in Paris. (to be continued) Collin “BL” Aaron Former FIFA MAS Referee Instructor / Assessor Editors Note: Due to the length of this missive, Kaieteur Sport will carry it in parts over a few days so readers can get the full picture of what the writer is saying in order to form your own opinions.

Tuesday December 03, 2019

Manbodh, Rambarran lead Sans Souci to victory; NSC overcome G Square Cavaliers

Jaggernauth Manbodh

Devon Rambarran

Cleon Venture

Useful all-round performances from Jaggernauth Manbodh and Devon Rambarran guided Sans Souci to a 35-run victory over Good Success when action in the Wakenaam Cricket Committee, Bel Air Rubis and Trophy Stall T20 competition continued recently at the Wakenaam Community Centre ground. Manbodh struck six fours and a similar number of sixes in an unbeaten 89, while Rambarran slammed three fours and two sixes in scoring 88 to lead Sans Souci to 188-3, batting first.

Cleon Venture added 31 with one four and three sixes in his 31 as Wazir Khan, Vickram Ramnarine and Ravi Persaud picked up one wicket each. Tulsirem Ramadeen and Mahase Ramnarine gave Good Success a decent start before Ramnarine went for 19. Ramadeen and Imran Khan kept their team in the hunt with level-headed batting, but when they were separated the rest of the batting failed to lend support as Good Success managed 153-8. Ramadeen hit three fours and one six in scoring 29, while Khan

stroked one four and five sixes in a top score of 44. Manbodh grabbed 4-4; Rambarran had 2-21, while Venture took one wicket. Earlier, Noitgedact SC defeated G Square Cavaliers by 24 runs in a match which was reduced to 10 overs due to rain. NSC batted first and scored 73-5 as Romario Stephen and Marlon Dindyal took two wickets each. G Square Cavaliers were restricted to 59-7 in reply. Andy Dindyal made 23 and Stephen 17; Matthew Cheong picked up three wickets and Jimol Hartman had two.

Federer to have Swiss coin minted in his honour

(Reuters) - Tennis great Roger Federer is to become the first living Swiss to have a coin minted in their honour, with a commemorative 20 franc (15.64 pounds) silver piece bearing his image being issued in January. The 38-year-old 20-time Grand Slam champion is regarded by many as the greatest tennis player ever and is a national hero in Switzerland. Swissmint confirmed that 55,000 of the coins, featuring Federer delivering a backhand, will be produced and will be available for pre-order from Tuesday until Dec. 19. “Roger Federers sporting achievements, his charitable commitments, his easy-going nature and his accessibility to his fans have prompted Swissmint to dedicate this 20-franc silver coin to him the first time it has done so with a living person,” a Swissmint spokesperson told Reuters. With demand expected to be high, Swissmint said another 40,000 coins could be issued in May while a 50 franc gold coin, featuring a different design would also be produced next year. “Thank you Switzerland and Swissmint for this incredible honour and privilege,” Federer wrote on Twitter. This years commemora-

GOA/IOC Sport Administrators course concludes

GOA President K.A. Juman Yassin (seated third from left) along with s ome of the course facilitators and the participants of the IOC Sport Administrators’ course. The Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) in collaboration with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) held a four-day sports administrators course at their headquarters in Lilliendaal which concluded on Sunday afternoon. The programme, which

had 21 participants, featured a healthy course outline with many topics inclusive of Challenges facing sports, Budget & Money Management, Drugs & Doping in Sports, Strength & Conditioning in Sports, Sport & the Law, Mental Health in Sports and Women in Sports,


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Sports Nutrition and Drugs and Doping among other topics. The course had numerous high-pro f i l e speakers throughout the four days inclusive of Chief Justice (ag) Roxanne George, Attorney-at-Law Emily Dodson, Hector Edwards

and Garfield Wiltshire. Following the course assessment, Wi l l o n Cameron of the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF), Emmerson McKoy and Deje Dias of the Guyana Squash Association (GSA) emerged as the top performers.

Switzerland’s Roger Federer reacts during his exhibition match against Germany’s Alexander Zverev. (REUTERS/Edgard Garrido) tive Swiss coins included the 50th anniversary of the moon landings, the Furka Pass and the roe deer. The most recent sports-themed commemora-

tive coin came out in 2015 and celebrated Hornussen a traditional Swiss sport played by farmers involving a puck and a stick.

Pegasus pumps One million for GFF Super 16 Cup Managing Director of the Pegasus Hotel, one of the flagship names in this industry, Robert Badal presented a cheque for One Million Dollars to president of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) for the 2019/2020 edition of the GFF Super 16 Cup, year-end tournament. Set to be a very competitive tournament with the top eight GFF Elite League clubs battling the top club in eight of the Regional Members Associations (RMA), Badal in handing over the cheque to GFF President, Wayne Forde said that he and company were more than pleased to be supporting the development of the sport and communities in Guyana. “Pegasus has always been contributing to the community and we are happy that we can make a contribution to football which engages hundreds of our youths, it empowers our youths, it develops communities, it prevents crime and like cricket and other sports, puts Guyana on the map.” Badal also noted that the game elevates the nation when the team does well while recognizing that more can be done for the game and sports, nationally.“Its a perennial problem that we have never addressed the needs of sports in the sense that we ensure that it is properly financed and therefore we cant

develop our youths and Guyana to its full potential without funding sports development, coaching and other activities that train our youths and ensure that they achieve their fullest. So this is our way of contributing to youth development and empowerment as well as development of communities.”Forde commended Badal and Pegasus for coming on board for the biggest local knockout tournament.“We are delighted to have the support of the Pegasus Hotel which is an official partner of the GFF. This timely contribution by Mr. Badal will certainly go a far way in helping us to put on a fantastic football show for the nation.I would therefore like to say a deep thank you on behalf of the more than 400 young men that will be given an opportunity to showcase their God given talent by providing entertainment for thousands of fans throughout the festive season.This years GFF Super 16 Cup will kick off on Sunday December 15 at the Police Sports Club Ground, Eve Leary. The team emerging the winner on January 1st, 2020 will be rewarded with Two Million dollars, the losing finalist will pocket One Million while the third and fourth places attract purses of Five Hundred Thousand and Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand dollars, respectively.


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Tuesday December 03, 2019

Lyon takes five to secure back-to- Emerging Players never stopped believing, back innings victories for Australia says Sinclair ESPNcricinfo - There was resistance, as there had been before, but it came when the game was so far beyond saving it seemed futile. Pakistan went right through to the final session before Australia finally wore them down and succumbed to another convincing innings defeat. A few positives aside, this really has been a bleak series for the visitors. Nathan Lyon enjoyed a bit of personal glory, completing his first five-wicket haul against Pakistan. It will do his confidence much good, given the offspinner’s rather ordinary numbers against this particular opposition, and in a contest where every one of Australia’s bowlers enjoyed great success, they couldn’t have hoped for a better launch pad to the three-match series against New Zealand later this month. Shan Masood and Asad Shafiq began the day simply hoping to take the Test as deep as was possible, and the early signs weren’t terrible. In the day time the pitch flattened out and once the batsmen got themselves in the runs even began to flow. Once again, however, it highlighted the struggles of Pakistan in the evening session, which had yesterday seen three of their top-order batsmen off before the innings properly got going. It was a similar pattern as the first innings, where the night session saw Pakistan lose more than half their side before the Yasir Shah and Babar Azam rearguard. Masood, in particular, combined patience with belligerence early on, consecutive boundaries off Micthell

Nathan Lyon roars an appeal. (AFP) Starc demonstrating the intent he harboured. He used his feet against Lyon to deposit him over long-on, trying to work himself back to form after at testing series. Shafiq looked almost completely untroubled, and in those moments, there might even have been hope Pakistan would make Australia bat once more. When the partnership moved past hundred and both men brought up their half-centuries radio commentary in Pakistan even mooted the possibility of a final day smash and grab. But hope to Pakistan is like locusts to agricultural farmers; they never comfortable allowing it to proliferate. The extermination began when Masood danced down to Lyon and, failing to get to the pitch of the delivery, spooned the simplest chance to mid-off. Shafiq, meanwhile, has mastered the art of scoring pretty but ultimately meaningless runs; he’s made a successful career out of it. He ensured there would be no departure from that script, and for good measure even ensured he’d get out in the most Shafiq way possible,

flicking a catch to leg slip off Lyon. That fielder had been exclusively placed for that shot and one who was rather hard to miss. But even so, Australia had themselves done little to suggest they could blow the side away, given the two wickets had almost been gifted to them. So when Mohammad Rizwan and Iftikhar Ahmed began to scramble together another partnership and the lead whittled down to double figures, Australia might have pondered having a target to chase. However, talk of that was still much too premature, especially as Lyon continued to plug away, bowling better than he’s ever done against Pakistan. When some extra bounce rapped Ahmed on the gloves and Marnus Labuschagne - finally - held on to one at short leg, the Australian kitman could have probably put his feet up. The finish, there onwards, was at least entertainingly Pakistani. Yasir was trapped in front, so plumb that even if they were playing with just middle stump, it still wouldn’t be worth a review. Yasir, (Continued pn page 27 )

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, CMC Off-spinner Kevin Sinclair said West Indies Emerging Players had a feeling they would have won the Super50 Cup after a stroke of fortune saw them squeeze into the semi-finals. They suffered a 10wicket crushing at the hands of Trinidad and Tobago Red Force in their final preliminary game to finish on 18 points which left them second in Group B but were expected to be overhauled by Guyana Jaguars, on 16 points, especially with last years losing finalists facing minnows United States in their final game. But Jaguars suffered a stunning eight-run upset, leaving Emerging Players to finish second behind Group B winners Red Force. “We were watching the game on a flatscreen back when the US and Guyana was playing so when US beat Guyana we were overjoyed and overwhelmed,” Sinclair said after Emerging Players pulled off an astonishing record 205-run victory over Leeward Islands Hurricanes in Sundays final to win the title. “We knew we would have win this tournament because we come out and play good cricket. We just had to back we ability and keep doing what we [were] doing nothing different, dont change anything. “We as a team, we [played better cricket] than the rest of teams. We rotate the strike better, we bowled in partnerships, we take wickets. Different little things that other teams

GT Masters beat Ratio Masters 20 in first goodwill match

Georgetown Over-40 Masters recently toured Suriname where they participated in the first leg of a best out of three Goodwill football series against Ratio Masters of Paramaribo. Following their 2-2 warmup result against Happy Boys Over-40, the GT men prevailed 2-0 in the more important match against Ratio Masters with Gerald Wittington scoring in the 10th and 23rd minutes of the match to lead his side to victory. Ratio Masters will now travel to the Cooperative Republic of Guyana next year as part of our Republic Day celebrations to clash with GT Masters in the second game of the series. If the Dutchmen can secure a victory next February, GT Masters will travel to Suriname next April to play the deciding match.

The Georgetown Masters team that defeated Ratio Masters of Suriname 2-0 recently.

Kevin Sinclair hit a cameo 28 before taking 4-20 as the WI Emerging Players won the Super50 tournament at the QPO. didnt do we stuck out and do, so I must say it was an all-round effort by the team.” Emerging Players, hastily cobbled together just prior to the start of the tournament, opened their campaign with a defeat when Jaguars beat them off the last ball of the game by two wickets. However, they went on a four-game winning streak to surge up the standings, before going winless in their last three matches, suffering two defeats and a no-result due to rain. In the semi-final, they shed theri underdogs tag to upset Barbados Pride and book their spot in the final. Sinclair, who picked up 13 wickets in the tournament including a destructive four-wicket haul in Sundays final, said the team had been full of self-belief right throughout. “I really feel overjoyed. I

must say thanks to the Almighty for being with us right through the tournament because there were moments when teams looked like they would have beat us and then we just stuck [it] out and something happened and we just pulled it over [the line],” he explained. “I think the guys played good cricket right through the fielding was on top, the bowling was really tight and the batting just had to keep going.” Head coach Floyd Reifer, who oversaw the senior West Indies side this year, came in for praise from Sinclair. “Floyd Reifer and the management team worked really hard with us in terms of the fielding and the allround game and even the mental aspect of the game, so I must say it was allround [good] tournament for me and the guys.”

Mainstay Gold Stars to represent EPFA in GFF Super 16 Cup 2019 Mainstay Gold Stars came up golden when they defeated Charity Extreme 2-1 in the final of the Essequibo / Pomeroon Football Association (EPFA) knockout tournament and in doing so, have earned the right to represent the EPFA in the Guyana Football Federation Super 16 Cup 2019 which kicks off next weekend. Playing at the New Opportunity Corp Ground on the Essequibo Coast, Mainstay drew first blood when Xavier Fernandez blasted the back of the nets in the 10th minute. It was a lead that the lads from Mainstay held on to until the second half when Charity Extreme fired back to level things up.Stanley Holder was on target in the 49th minute for Charity. His goal injected new life into the match as both teams were now sensing that they had an equal chance of not only winning the match but going on to represent Essequibo in the GFF year-end tournament which promises lots of excitement.That slot would however be filled by the Mainstay Gold Stars side and they owe their victory to a wellcrafted goal off the boot of Christopher Belfield who rocked the nets in the 69th minute. Mainstay God Stars will now be stepping up their preparation game in order to be ready for their first test in the GFF Super 16 Cup later this month.

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Dominic Tyrell winner of the 74kg category and record breaker.

Gonsalves, Toney crowned best lifters at Senior Nationals Powerlifting C/ships Romario Gonsalves and Tineisha Toney emerged as the best male and female lifters when the Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPLF) held its senior national championships on Sunday at St. Stanislaus College. Gonsalves won the 66kg mens junior raw title with a total lift of 602.5kg including a best squat of 222.5kg, benchpress 120kg and deadlift 260kg. Jermy Indarjit captured the 66kg Sb-jr raw title with a total lift of 485kg including a best squat of 172.5kg, benchpress 85kg and a deadlift of 227.5 kg. Akram Gafoor won the 59kg mens junior raw segment following a total lift of 402.5kg with a best squat of 137.5kg, benchpress 82.5kg and a deadlift of 182.5kg. Dominic Tyrrell claimed the 74kg mens junior raw title with a total lift of 607.5kg including a best squat of 207.5kg, benchpress 127.5kg and deadlift 272.5kg. The 93kg mens junior raw title went to Bishen Sasenarine with a total lift of 485kg with a best squat of 175kg, benchpress of 100kg and a deadlift of 210kg. Navindra Tamasar won the 59kg mens open raw class with a total lift of 447.5kg, with a best squat of 155kg, a benchpress of 95kg and a deadlift of 197.5kg. Gonsalves was again in winners row when he lifted a total of 602.5kg in the 66kg mens open raw category. His best squat was 222.5kg, a benchpress of 120kg and a deadlift of 260kg. Dominic Tyrell, with a total lift of 607.5kg won the 74kg mens open raw category; his best squat was 207.5kg, benchpress 127.5kg and a deadlift of 272.5kg. Matthew Maycock won the 83kg mens open raw class with a total lift of 522.5kg including a best squat of

190kg, deadlift 110kg and deadlift 222.5kg. Wazim Mohamed copped gold in the 93kg mens open raw category with a total lift of 695kg with a best squat of 242.5kg, benchpress of 167.5 kg and deadlift 285kg. Arjun Roopnarine took the top podium spot in the 105kg mens open raw class with a total lift of 512.5kg; a best squat of 130kg, benchpress 140kg and deadlift 242.5kg. Jeremy Smith won the 120kg mens open raw division with a best squat of 242.5 kg, benchpress of 137.5kg and a deadlift of 302.5kg which amounted to 682.5kg. Ramzan Mohamed grabbed the top prize in the 120kg mens junior equipped category with a total lift of 715kg including a best squat of 295kg, benchpress 165kg and deadlift 255kg. Franklyn Brisport-Luke won the 66kg mens open equipped lifting a total of 350kg with a best squat of 130kg, benchpress 75kg and deadlift 145kg. Vijay Rahim turned in commendable performance with a total lift of 787.5kg including a best squat of 287.5kg, benchpress 182.5kg and deadlift 317.5kg to win the 74kg mens open equipped category. Hardat Tarson won the won the 83kg mens open equipped title with a total lift of 770kg, including a best squat of 295kg, benchpress 175kg and deadlift 300kg. Nigil Phillips emerged champion of the 93kg mens open equipped class with a total lift of 725kg, with a best squat of 287.5kg, benchpress 190kg and deadlift of 247.5kg. The 105kg mens open equipped category was taken by Fazim Abdool with a total lift of 788kg; his best squat was 280kg, benchpress 213kg and deadlift 295kg. Farouk Abdool won the 120kg mens open equipped (Continued on page 25)

Romario Gonsalves

Tineisha Toney accepts her prize from Nadina Taharally

Pegasus pumps One

million for GFF Super 16 Cup

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Mainstay Gold Stars to represent EPFA in GFF Super 16 Cup 2019

Robert Badal (left), Managing Director of Pegasus Hotel presents the ceremonial cheque to GFF President, Wayne Forde.

Christopher Belfield (left) and Xavier Fernandez - Mainstay Gold Stars FC.

Megan Rapinoe wins Lionel Messi: Barcelona Women’s Ballon d’Or, forward wins Ballon d’Or Lucy Bronze second for record sixth time P.25

Megan Rapinoe of the United States has won Women’s Ballon d’Or for 2019.

Messi is now one Ballon d’Or win ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo. (EPA)

Gonsalves, Toney Lyon takes five to secure crowned best lifters at Senior Nationals back-to-back innings Powerlifting C/ships victories for Australia GOA/IOC Sport Administrators course concludes

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