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Panic grips Essequibo Coast as…

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Dozens breakout from New Opportunity Corps Joint Services move out, Linden returns to ‘normalcy’ p. 18

p. Police comb B’ce Specialty hospital ... Over 100 17 River for missingp. Surendra Engineering laptops stolen p. woman’s body 3 awarded contract 17 from OLPF office

- Two sailors in custody

- lowest bidder skipped

Abducted boy murdered, dumped behind rice mill - unemployed villager “confesses”

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Thursday August 23, 2012

Kaieteur News

Fire destroys cottage in N/A An early morning fire yesterday in Trinity Street, New Amsterdam, destroyed the dwelling place of two mentally challenged siblings. The victims, Jennifer and Eman Vasconcellos, are both in their fifties. The small, twobedroom house was partially furnished. According to the caretaker of the building, Sandra Singh, the place was rented to the Vasconcellos' mother, but she passed away in June 2010, and the siblings have been there ever since. They are said to be patients of the Psychiatric Clinic at the New Amsterdam Hospital. The house was owned by Michael and Sandra Chetram Singh who reside in England. In 2005, Sandra Singh was chosen for the role of caretaker, with the Vasconcellos family as the tenants. It was pointed out that the family would normally worship in their faith with the burning of candles. Jennifer Vasconcellos' bedroom was said to have had an altar with idols where she normally burns candle, leading fire officials to the suspicion as to how the blaze started.

The house ablaze Both siblings were in the house at the time the fire started, but reportedly ran out without informing anyone. Neighbours became aware when they saw heavy smoke and by the time the fire service was alerted and a tender arrived at the scene, the entire building was engulfed in flames. Two adjacent buildings were saved, but one was badly scorched. The seared house is inhabited by a pensioner

and her three grandchildren, who managed to hurriedly evacuate. Meanwhile, the brother and sister came back later to the scene when the fire was extinguished. Eman Vasconcellos spoke to fire officials. His sister appeared somewhat delirious. Kaieteur News understands that they will be staying with a nephew, Mark Persaud, who would usually assist them in the payment of their bills.

Thursday August 23, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Abducted boy murdered, Police comb Berbice River dumped behind rice mill for missing woman’s body - unemployed villager “confesses”

A shocked mother, Anita Persaud, with her five other children An East Berbice community was plunged into shock yesterday and hard questions are now being asked after a gruesome midafternoon discovery of the body of a seven-year-old boy. Neighbours, who were part of a search team, are reporting that Shaheed ‘Buddy’ Muknauth of Number 68 Village Squatting Area was bludgeoned to death. He was a student at the Number 68 Primary School and due to return to school in two weeks time. A post mortem examination done yesterday

by Pathologist, Dr. Vivekanand Brijmohan, gave the cause of death as a fractured skull. The victim also had a fractured chin and broken right hand. A 21-year-old unemployed villager known to the boy’s family and from the nearby Number 67 Village has since reportedly admitted to the killing which has rocked the adjacent communities. It is a gut-wrenching tale of domestic abuse and abject poverty. Kaieteur News learnt that the boy’s mother, Anita Persaud, 34, was earlier Monday badly beaten by her

Bandits hit Guy-America Furniture Store Police are probing a daring robbery committed on the Guy-America Furniture Store on Mandela Avenue early yesterday morning, in which two gun-toting youths snatched more than $800,000 from the business’ female Sales Manager, Sandy Gobin. The woman was attacked about two minutes after she arrived at the store. Kaieteur News understands that the bandits, who appeared to be in their early twenties, seemed to be very specific about what they wanted. They entered the store and immediately placed a gun to Gobin’s head and demanded that she hand over the bag she was carrying over her shoulder. When the woman hesitated, one of the bandits threatened to shoot her. Eventually they grabbed the bag containing $860,000 money that was to be used to

pay workers. Before leaving the men relieved another employee, Nizam Khan, of his cellular phone and escaped on bicycles. Another staff member by the name of Kumar Panchan said he was outside and upon entering the store he saw the Sales Manager crying. After learning that she had just been robbed he ran back outside to see if the two youths were still there, but the robbers had already disappeared. Police later arrived on the scene but the victims were not impressed with their response. However, they retrieved closed circuit television footage but the images are reportedly not of good quality to aid in the identification of the perpetrators. According to the staffers, the store was robbed many times before in the past.

reputed husband, a fisherman, following a domestic squabble. They had been living together for two years. Following the incident, the woman reportedly ingested kerosene and was taken to the Skeldon Hospital. Her reputed husband was arrested for the beating and was up to late yesterday still in police custody. Left at home alone were the woman’s six children, including a two-month-old baby she had with her reputed husband. The eldest child was 12. It became a mother’s worst nightmare. On Monday afternoon, Anita worried about her children, insisted on leaving the hospital. She went home (continued on page 18)

By Samuel Whyte Up to press time, Police were still supervising a search of the Berbice River for the body of a 30-year-old barmaid and mother of one, who reportedly disappeared in the murky waters late Tuesday night. The missing woman, Roxanne Brewster, 30, of lot 43 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, had left her place of employment, the Rainbow Bar, also in New Amsterdam, in the company of two sailors. She was not seen again. The two men including the captain of the MV Alexander, which is docked on the bank of the Berbice River awaiting a load of cement, are in custody assisting police with their investigations. The men have reportedly told police that after “drinking” they had invited the woman to their vessel and it was while crossing the gang plank, she fell overboard into the river. They claimed that they spent about 15 minutes searching the river in the dark but did not locate Brewster. The captain then made a report. The woman, who has a six-year-old son, lives with her aunt Melanie. When the media visited her home they had just returned from the Bermine area. A crowd had gathered at the residence, and relatives there said that they did not know much. Her father, Joseph Brewster, a businessman, of Lot 39 Stanleytown, also could not give much information. When Kaieteur News visited him at his home, Mr. Brewster stated that he last saw his daughter at

- Two sailors in custody

around 17:00 hrs on Tuesday. He said he was told by someone that his daughter was missing and he was given some details. He said that he immediately hustled over to her aunt’s residence nearby and along with some relatives and friends they made their way up to the Bermine cement plant. After some delay several of them were eventually allowed into the plant. According to the bar owner, Anthony Cadore, the woman started to work at his bar only a few days ago. She previously worked at another bar in Stanleytown. Cadore stated that he noticed that the men had started to frequent the bar since late last week. He said that at first, one came then two of them ev entually started coming. Roxanne Brewster and another female employee subsequently became acquainted with the men who would buy an occasional drink for them and they would sip and chat with the men. He said that he noticed that the men had previously

accompanied his two employees to their home and he did not suspect anything when Brewster left with them on Tuesday evening. The bar owner said he closed his business sometime after two o’clock yesterday morning and he noticed Brewster leaving with the men, while his other employee left with her friend. The man said he was informed by the police later yesterday morning that his employee was believed to have died and that she may have drowned. He was questioned by the cops before they left. Kaieteur News understands that the men’s vessel is contracted to transport cement from the Caricom Cement Plant, the old Bermine Bauxite plant located at Everton on the East Bank of Berbice. The vessel which would bring raw materials would leave with a shipment of cement. One source informed that the vessel is registered in the Dominican Republic while another said that it is owned by a Guyanese. Investigations are continuing.

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Kaieteur News

Thursday August 23, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


Education in a digital world The managers of the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) have echoed a view we posited a few weeks ago. We spoke about the available technology and of the need for the education system to adopt the technology. No longer is the computer a sophisticated tool that one should approach with caution. No longer is it the expensive thing it used to be. In fact, some computers are fast disappearing. Guyana is being festooned with the desktop computer, courtesy of the people who rush to make donations to the various schools and institutions. But the truth is that these, while still useful in Guyana, are obsolescent. They are, however, useful in the local school system, where many still have not accessed a computer, because they see it as a strange object used by the more sophisticated. However, these children have mobile phones that are more sophisticated than many computers and these children are adept at navigating the various programmes on the computer. The ease with which they communicate with each other and with people all over the world, their access to information in the fashion and music industries, and their adeptness at downloading information, more than makes the computer a worthwhile tool in the school system. One CXC official described the present situation of applying analog techniques in the classroom, where digital technology abounds. He is correct. There is no reason why teachers cannot disseminate the relevant information to the students via this technology. In the more developed countries, the computer is an integral part of a child’s education arsenal. One does not see children lugging huge backpacks anymore. All the information is either on the computer or can be readily accessed online. It may not be coincidental that the decline in academic performance throughout the region has happened at a time when the smart phone is making a tremendous impact on the lives of children. If the truth be told, the children resort to the phone to do their own business, to the exclusion of what is taught in school. That instrument has become the focal point in their lives. A cursory examination of young people in the workplace would reveal that they tend to spend more time on the phone than on doing the job for which they are paid. In the newspaper, young people in sensitive areas such as news reporting and even sub-editing, do not really concentrate on the work at hand if their phones are close to them. Between writing a news story they are seen texting. It is no different in the classroom. In some schools the phones are taken from the children during school hours and returned at the end of the session. If the planners of the CXC get their own way, and if the teachers are prepared to modify their efforts, the phone could be the best learning tool this century. There are supporting tools. The more affluent in the society have iPads and iPods, but this does not rule out the capability of the smart phones. They are equally effective. But for some time now it was obvious that children resorted to phones and calculators to solve the most basic mathematics problem. The educators should have noticed this. To this day, there are many in the system, and even in the work environment, who cannot say what ten per cent of something is. In Guyana, where the government is boasting of an abundance of technologically savvy people, one is left to wonder why these people have not been put to work to take the digital world into the classroom. A programme is already in place for schoolchildren to be provided with a laptop. Former President Jagdeo made a lot of noise about the One Laptop Per Family programme. President Ramotar may wish to expand this programme to have netbooks produced for little or nothing. The assembly plant has already been promised to Guyana. The world is sprinting away, and if Guyana is to really pursue development, it has to start to digitize the education system.

Appalled at choice of Cecil Kennard to Linden’s Commission of Inquiry DEAR EDITOR, I’m appalled that Guyana’s opposition politicians have agreed that former Chancellor of Guyana’s Judiciary and current Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority, Justice Cecil Kennard, will serve on the Linden Commission of Inquiry. It appears that his selection by the PPP may be in contemplation of naming him Chairman of the Commission. This selection is unacceptable. Many of us believe Justice Kennard was a partisan PPP enforcer in the Judiciary. His involvement in what is believed to be a diabolical and dastardly plan to swear in Mrs. Janet Jagan as President in 1997, while votes were literally still being counted and before a final and gazetted declaration of the General Elections results rightly provoked serious and justifiable questions about his partisan politics and integrity. No one was oblivious of the fact that Mr. Kennard

installed Mrs. Jagan as President under grave controversy because he was fully aware that the Constitution proscribes inquiry into the installation of a President, once the oath has been administered and signed, except via an election petition. Hence, his conduct in my opinion was an impeachable abuse of power. What was even worse is that Mr. Kennard, while serving as head of the country’s judiciary, deliberately flouted an order of then Madam Chief Justice Desiree Bernard, enjoining him from proceeding with the administration of the oath of the Presidency to Mrs. Jagan. As if this contempt was not enough, he stood seemingly gleefully and said absolutely nothing as Mrs. Jagan’s bodyguards violently assaulted the Chief Marshal of the courts of Guyana while they were serving her with the order of the Chief Justice. And Mr. Kennard disgracefully gloated as Janet Jagan publicly threw away that order prohibiting her from

participating in the investiture ceremony which he was then unlawfully conducting. As a young man involved in politics, I stood in shock as I witnessed Mr. Kennard’s antics. His conduct and actions were contemptuous of the nation and injurious to the judiciary. It directly plunged the country in turmoil and violent conflict. What was even more shocking is that when a reporter asked Mr. Kennard about his questionable and obviously partisan actions and noted that he was being severely criticized by former President Desmond Hoyte and others, his response was “Let them go to hell.” I live in the US where the rule of law is supreme and unchallenged, and had traveled back to Guyana to help my former boss, Desmond Hoyte, with the 1997 General Elections. Mr. Kennard’s conduct was incredulously stunning to me and caused me to lose faith and confidence in Guyana’s judiciary. This notwithstanding, as

Chair of the Police Complaints Authority, Cecil Kennard did not even attempt to rehabilitate his reputation. Despite unprecedented and pervasive police corruption, extra-judicial killings, high profile alleged police rapes, complaints about drug links, executions, ties to criminal elements and police excesses and abuse, he has not conducted a single investigation of note that has held a police official to account. Cognizant of all the above, how and why did the leaders of the APNU and AFC agree for a person of Cecil Kennard’s standing to serve on the Commission of Inquiry into the Police killing and shooting of Lindeners? I strongly denounce their acceptance of Cecil Kennard on the Commission. What are our leaders really doing to our people? This decision is unacceptable. Therefore I call on Lindeners and the combined political opposition to summarily reject Mr. Kennard! Rickford Burke

Who Paid the Rogues and why? DEAR EDITOR, I wish to address the recent statement by the Minister of Education on the issue of the burning of the One Mile Primary School in Linden. I believe that the Minister of Education was quite right to condemn the burning of the school in the strongest terms. I do, too. I agree with Minister Priya Manickchand that “peaceful protest and freedom to assemble is enshrined in our Constitution and must not only be allowed but encouraged in any democracy”. With all due respects, however, I believe that Minister Manickchand was blatantly dishonest and disingenuous when she went on to say, “This government upholds that principle”. Does this Minister expect anyone to believe that those

who organized the peaceful protest and kept it going for 26 days, despite the unwarranted provocation that made three martyrs of their children, would suddenly burn their own schools on the 26th day after reporting that their negotiations were progressing satisfactorily? The Minister of Education could not have missed the Wikileaks reports and the statements of Roger Khan in the US court. If the Minister like me, and “every peace loving person and citizen” truly “recognizes education as a necessary tool for poverty alleviation”, then she must ask her colleague, Clement Rohee, the Minister of Home Affairs, to find out who paid the rogues to infiltrate the peaceful protest and why? A useful place to start the

Does Ramroop’s company have a monopoly to supply drugs to Guyana? DEAR EDITOR, It has forever been talked about and rumored that ‘Bobby’ Ramroop’s company has exclusive rights to import and supply drugs to the Guyana government. If there is some truth to this statement, shouldn’t the Government move to end this monopoly?

The perception of a cozy and corrupt relationship between Ramroop’s company and the Government is bound to fuel rumors of price gouging. Let government move to shut down this widely held perception on the part of the Guyanese public. Mike Persaud

investigations would be the words of one of the Guyana’s credible opposition leaders, Khemraj Ramjattan whose knowledge of the PPP/C’s “modus operandi” cannot be disputed: “I used to be taught at Freedom House how Hitler burned the Reichstag and then threw the blame on the opposition. It could very well be that that is what is happening (in Linden). I know their (PPP) operations and their methodologies. It is my firm view; I can’t prove it, but my firm opinion that there are state agents involved (in Linden) operating under the arrangements of some of the

people in senior government offices that are creating these burnings. I cannot believe that Lindeners, ordinary parents and schoolchildren, are going to burn a school that 800 students go to. It has to be state agents doing that. The PPP thrives on these situations and the situation has the capacity to bring back their supporters into their wagon and they want that to happen.” Mr. Editor, I submit that the Minister of Education must have been advised prior to her obviously prepared remarks, that it was the peaceful protesters of Linden (Continued on page 5)

A brain scan for Freddie? DEAR EDITOR, My friend, Freddie Kissoon, said he was going for a brain scan. Is he serious? Why would he want to waste money? Just look at his writings and one can draw a conclusion about the presence of a brain. His family and friends should have discouraged him from that idea and donate the money for the cost of the brain scan to charity. It would have served a greater good. Gerhard Ramsaroop has shown he has a brain, a very smart, articulate individual who youngsters should emulate. He would make for a

perfect leader or a party or nation. He is honest, decent and does not attack others. He is compassionate and caring especially for the poor and working class. In his writings and speeches, he makes a case with compelling facts and anecdotal evidence, quite unlike Freddie in his writings. But I am puzzled why an intelligent chap like Gerhard would encourage Freddie to have a brain scan? Gerhard ought to know better! What Dem Boys Seh is right about Freddie (nah so Fred!). Vishnu Bisram

Thursday August 23, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Who Paid the Rogues and why? From page 4 who apprehended two of the suspected arsonists and handed them over to the police; a very clear and definite indication that burning schools, never was a part of the agenda of the peaceful protest in Linden. It had to be the handy work of someone with the mindset and training alluded to above. Every peace loving Guyanese, who understand the modus operandi of the PPP/C would naturally entertain the thoughts expressed by Khemraj Ramjattan. Still, the Minister allowed herself to be part of an insidious propaganda machine that would make a sinister comment on the

mental health of the protesters as she attributed that act of arson to the same people who chased after and found two of the suspected culprits. Who is the PPP/C propaganda machine attempting to fool? If Minister Manickchand seriously cares about our innocent children affected by this act, as I do, then she will join the rest of Guyana in demanding an answer to the questions: who paid the rogues to destroy the One mile Primary school and why? If the minister is unable to get a straight answer from her colleague within reasonable time, then she should join the majority of the Guyanese citizenry, who through their elected representatives, have

already expressed a “no confidence” vote in the Minister of Home Affairs. If Minister Manickchand is as serious a champion, of all of Guyana’s children, as she claims to be, she will use her good office to insist that her Ministry deserves the truth about who paid the rogues to do this dastardly act. There “can be no ifs and buts and conditions”. The Minister of Education must join the legitimate opposition forces in Guyana and unreservedly condemn the despicable act of paying rogues to infiltrate legitimate peaceful protests and have them destroy schools ‘creating grave hardships for all involved’. It is worthy to note that

although the good Minister of Education contends that the PPP/C government upholds the constitutional rights of citizens to peaceful protests and assembly, the current PPP/C administration has now shot, wounded and killed several peaceful protestors on the streets of Guyana since its eight months existence in office. This is not the meaning of democracy. Thomas Jefferson once wrote:”When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear

the government, there is tyranny.” Let the Guyanese people be the judge. The Minister of Education should rise above the propaganda gimmicks of the PPP/C and seriously focus her attention on providing the same quality of education to all of Guyana’s children. No child should be left behind because of politically motivated arson. Every child deserves to have

their schools protected and respected whether their parents are protesting conditions in the sugar industry, or unreasonable electricity hikes in a mining town. Guyana’s children deserve an honest and sincere Minister of Education who will be prepared to go to the mat for them with the questions: who paid the rogues and why? Derrick Lawrence

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Kaieteur News

Thursday August 23, 2012

NCN corruption debates Only 58% of E.C.D. murders unfair and unbalanced - AFC solved so far for 2012

The Alliance for Change (AFC) has deemed as unfair and unbalanced, coverage of the “Corruption Debates” being hosted by the National Communications Network (NCN). The state-owned network’s Late Edition newscast was also criticized for editorializing in favour of Government. This was the assertion of the AFC’s leader, Khemraj Ramjattan, at the Party’s weekly press conference at the Sidewalk Café on Middle Street. Ramjattan related that during the first edition of the series of debates it was observed that, “during the breaks, comments and questions, which NCN claims were sent in electronically, are read out. Not surprisingly, given NCN’s proclivity to shout to protect and promote the Government, only comments critical of the opposition and supportive of Government were read”. He added: “We noticed also during the Late Night News they editorialized as if they are dealing with the opposition and dismissing their concern. NCN needs to clean-up its act in more ways

AFC leader, Khemraj Ramjattan than one - we know about a big one the other day in relation to its CEO and Production Manager.” The AFC believes that Government’s motive for the debates is to create the impression that NCN is opened to the opposition and their concerns. “Opening up NCN to opposition parties has to be addressed in a broader way, including airtime, “Ramjattan asserted, while noting that the debates do provide some information to the public, but

lots of questions remain unanswered. “The AFC made the point that in awarding contracts like we did in the first programme - you must not only look at the cheapest, but also at the competence and the integrity of the company you are contracting. The Government’s response was not very serious at all… as we have it here it was fluffed,” Ramjattan said. While the Party has expressed interest in continuing participation in the seven-part debate series, it has written to NCN requesting that all comments from the electronic media be provided. The AFC also wants a live studio audience, made up of persons invited by debaters, to pose comments and questions. “We have also asked NCN to provide us with mechanisms that indicate they have not decided to leverage the programme. This information will guide o u r c o n t i n u e d participation. For now we are committed and will be there tonight for Marriott Hotel and corruption issues.”

Marlon Welcome

Jadesh Dass

Rudolph Narine

With 17 murders so far for the year the East Coast Demerara police division is still battling hard to improve its solving rate. So far 10 of these murders are before the courts, as investigators try to break the deadlock on the remaining seven. Figures obtained by this newspaper indicate that eight of the murders so far have occurred in the East Coast Demerara Number Two SubDivision (Turkeyen, S p a r e n d a a m , Beterverwagting), while the once crime-prone Vigilance/ Cove and John District accounts for five.

There were three murders so far this year in the Mahaica district, while Mahaicony accounted for one. A breakdown of the murders revealed that two murders remain unsolved in the Vigilance/Cove and John district. They are the murders of watchman Rudolph Narine, whose body with a slit throat was discovered at the Enmore business place he was workong, and taxi driver Rajendra Puran, whose bound body was dumped in a drain two weeks earlier. The Sparendaam district was the scene of the only execution-style murder on the East Coast of Demerara, when Giovani Leitch, 21, of Tucville was gunned down aback of the Plaisance Market in March. His friend, Devon Agard, survived the attack which was reportedly carried out by two gunmen. Leitch’s death along with the murders of Marlon Welcome and Mark Anthony Small, all remain unsolved. Small, 49, a taxi driver attached to the GT Express Taxi Service, Sheriff Street, Georgetown was discovered dead in his car HB 7962, with about six stab wounds, on the Goedverwagting Access Road, East Coast Demerara. The car was partly submerged in the trench separating Goedverwagting and Market Road, Plaisance. The man’s personal

belongings, including his wallet, were missing along with the dispatching set. Welcome, a 33-year-old mechanic, was shot in the head in his ‘A’ Field, Sophia home on February 17. He succumbed at a private hospital. The brutal April murder of 31-year-old truck driver, Jadesh Dass called ‘Baby-o’, of Chelsea Park, Mahaica, is still baffling investigators. Dass’ body was discovered with its skull bashed in on the Mahaica Public Road, in the vicinity of Unity. Police had detained three persons, including Dass’ employer, but had to release them after unearthing no evidence to charge them for the crime. Another puzzling murder is that of 46-year-old housewife Allinva Andrews, whose nude and decomposing body was found at Moraikobe, Mahaicony River, also in April. It is believed that Andrews was raped before she was murdered since her clothing and torn underwear were found near the corpse. “It looks like rape…her clothes were a little way from her body, and her tights were torn up…and the persons left a stick in her vagina,” her sister had claimed. The East Coast Demerara has so far accounted for the second highest number of murders in the country so far this year, behind Georgetown and its environs, which have so far recorded 23 out of the total 75 murders committed countrywide at the end of July. This total murder figure is 6% or five less than the figure for the same period last year.

Berbice joiner was strangled, nephew rearrested A joiner whose body was discovered Tuesday in his Kingston, Berbice home, was strangled, a post mortem examination found yesterday. A nephew who lived with the 50-year-old victim Kumar Singh called ‘Brother’, who was detained Tuesday and later released, was yesterday rearrested after the findings. Kumar ’s body was discovered in his home, by the nephew, with blood oozing from the nose and scratches on the back. His nephew, Radhakrishna Singh, 35, a fisherman, had said that he returned home from a fishing trip around 05:00hrs Tuesday and noticed the fence to the

Yacoob Street, Kingston home broken. He said that he also found the door to his uncle’s apartment broken. He claimed that he called and got no response and went into the apartment where he saw the joiner lying on the floor. His uncle appeared to be dead. The fisherman said that he immediately went to the Springlands Police Station and reported the matter. Police initially had suspected foul play. They released the nephew but detained him shortly after the post mortem. Both Singhs were said to be living alone in their separate apartments.

Thursday August 23, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Panic grips Essequibo Coast as…

Dozens breakout from New Opportunity Corps Panic gripped a section of the Essequibo Coast last night when dozens of inmates broke out of the New Opportunity Corps (NOC) at Onderneeming and went on a rampage through several communities. The inmates, both male and female, overpowered guards at the juvenile detention centre, even inflicting injuries, after breaking down doors and smashing windows in their frenzied bid to flee the facility, which normally has a population of over 200. According to reports, one

of the inmates managed to avoid lockdown yesterday evening and waited for the wardens to retire before shattering the locks of the various dormitories, letting his fellow inmates out. A source said that from all appearances the breakout was well planned as all the inmates who were in six separate dormitories, simultaneously began freeing themselves. One terrified staffer at the NOC told this newspaper that around 19:15 hours, he heard loud banging coming from the locked dorms, and he decided

India’s opposition to block parliament until PM resigns India’s opposition vowed yesterday to block parliamentary proceedings until the prime minister resigned over a coal scandal, raising the prospect of more legislative deadlock and stalled reforms. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was implicated by the national auditor in a report published last Friday which suggested the government had lost out on billions of dollars of revenue by gifting away coal mining rights. Singh, who has seen his reputation as “Mr Clean” damaged by a string of scandals in his second term in government, served as acting coal minister from 2004-2009. (AFP)

to investigate. However by the time he got close to the area that the noise was coming from, it was too late the inmates had already broken free and came charging towards him. The staff who is known in the NOC as ‘Sargie’ received a sound thrashing from the delinquent youths, some of whom stormed their way out of the compound. A concerned resident of Onderneeming told this newspaper last night that the youths went to an abandoned

property, and after arming themselves with paling staves which they ripped from the fence, they broke up into several gangs creating terror in the communities they traversed. The resident believes that the rampaging mobs were trying to seek out specific wardens who reside in the nearby communities, since they were overheard planning attacks on persons whose names they shouted. The resident however informed that the police were

alerted and jeep loads of ranks were seen traversing the Essequibo Coast trying to round up the escapees. Police spokesman Ivelaw Whittakker last night confirmed the breakout, indicating that the police were doing everything to ensure that calm prevails though the night. “We don’t know how much of them managed to escape,” he said late last night. “Right now they are doing a head count to ascertain the

numbers.” Whittaker said that all security personnel on the Essequibo Coast have been alerted. “We have activated all the Neighbourhood Police and CPGs. Everybody has been mobilized,” Whittaker said. Given the time of the breakout, police are almost certain that those who remain at large cannot leave the coast, and they have assured that they will intensify their efforts to recapture them today.

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Kaieteur News

Thursday August 23, 2012

Thursday August 23, 2012

Kaieteur News

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IN TRIBUTE TO AN ICONIC ENTERTAINER Colonial and postcolonial Guyana was full of its characters that attained notoriety not because of their economic wealth or the status they held in society, but because of their often eccentric behaviour and the popularity of this conduct with the population. Names such as Jamesie Moore, Bertie Vaughn, Johnny Walker, Law and Order, and Pussy in the Moonlight spring to mind immediately. They were all unforgettable characters who many people felt had a few loose screws in their heads. There were other popular characters who were all right in the head and who were part of the country’s folklore. Among these were the magician Ben Blue and the blind man Oscar. In later years other

characters emerged. These latter characters often appeared at sporting events and entertained everyone with their antics, jokes, creative clothing and their ability to hold the crowd’s attention. Some went as far as making entertainment an art form and will be remembered. So memorable were these performances and so much did they endear themselves to the Guyanese public, that they are still remembered long after they had passed to the Great Beyond. They will be spoken about for many more years in the future; their exploits were unforgettable. One such person who followed in their footsteps and who became a feature at international cricket matches hosted in Guyana was Joseph Taylor. He first

Dem boys seh ...

Is more thiefing and de government quiet When dem launch de One Laptop Per Family programme dem boys try fuh tell dem that de programme got teeth. Bharrat cuss de Waterfalls paper and he claim that he got everything under control. Now word come out that people thief more than 100 of de computers. Of course dem boys know that de computers didn’t deh at de Waterfalls boss man house and dem didn’t deh wheh Uncle Adam live. BB Kwame did put up photo of dem two house and he claim that dem house had 5,000 laptop apiece. Now dem boys know that he only do that fuh set up de thiefing. He know that once he point people in de wrong direction then he friends gun know de right place and thief de computers. Dem boys want to know how this happen. All dem government place got guards and no guard ain’t report nutten. That mean that de people who wukking deh thief de computers. Dem fetch dem out when dem was going home. But before that people been thiefing de computers. Who didn’t thief wait till dem get de computer and sell dem. De police claim how dem ain’t arrest nobody but dem can find de people. All de computers got a number that can identify dem. Every computer got a unique number. If de government really monitoring dem computer dem can track all wha get thief. But dem boys know that dem ain’t got no intention because is thiefing among de family. Dem boys seh that is everybody thiefing. Dem following in de footsteps of de Bees. De sad thing is that de people responsible and who know all who had access to dem computer keeping it a secret. Is sad that de people had to pay fuh dem same computers. But Bharrat would tell de nation that dem wha get thief is wha come as gift suh is not taxpayers’ money. He got plaster fuh every sore. Talk half and wait fuh more thiefing.

appeared to the public’s attention in a rain- affected cricket match between the West Indies and India played at Bourda. His debut was something of an embarrassment. It was obvious that his main goal then was to appear on the television coverage which was being beamed throughout the Caribbean and to India. He made a fool of himself on that afternoon when there was no play. He was trying his utmost to get on the camera and was trying to imitate Gravy, of Antigua fame, but without much success, because the cameramen were simply not interested in him. He was a newcomer and had to wait his turn. He did wait his turn. And it paid off because he was able to carve out his own individual flair and uniqueness. His costumes were a riot and his performances off the field

were eagerly looked forward to. He entertained to the hilt. Cricket in the West Indies has always been about the action on the field and beyond the boundary, and Joseph Taylor who died this week ensured that this tradition was not lost. He is therefore a part of our national folklore and despite the recent circumstances which led to him being wanted for questioning by the police and his ultimate decision to take his own life, his contributions to entertaining fans during cricket matches, and at Mashramani, should not be forgotten or lost in our history. He of course has patented his own methods. His trademark, apart from his outlandish costumes, was his habit of drinking from a utensil which is normally used for less palatable purposes and later the use of pump-horn to work the

crowd. It was he who worked the crowds by pumping his horn and having the fans respond by hitting together the plastic bottles in their possession. He would toot his horn and the crowd would respond. He did this especially when the West Indies or Guyana cricket teams were not doing well, and was intended to lift their performance. That aspect will be missed dearly and it is hoped that in sending him off, the authorities will give him a final salute by tooting his popular horn. He took his exploits in supporting the West Indies cricket team outside of Guyana. He went overseas to support the West Indies team. He had his fame in front of the cameras. As such he joined the pantheon of great cricket entertainers which is a part of Caribbean folklore and which sadly is dying. When the final international match was

played at Bourda, he put on a spectacular performance running around the field dressed as a bride with a very compliant groom at his side. It was his way of saying thanks to Bourda for all the memories and to indicate that local cricket was in a special transition. That performance was unforgettable and brought both cheers and tears. He is now gone to a higher calling and he will be sorely missed. It is certain that someone else will rise up to replace him and to claim their own glory. But what is more certain is that cricket in Guyana will not be the same now that Joseph Taylor is gone. May he rest in Peace!

Shot hospital escapee surrenders Shot hospital escapee, James Hutson, also called “Boofou” gave up his freedom and walked into the Brickdam Police Station at around 02:00 am yesterday. Hutson, of Grove Squatting Area, East Bank Demerara, was nursing a gunshot wound to his right leg which he sustained two Tuesdays ago when he reportedly attacked a lawman with an ice pick. Police said Hutson, who is a suspect in an armed r o b b e r y, l a s t M o n d a y eluded the policeman who was deployed to guard him. The officer has since been placed under close arrest. According to sources, the suspected bandit walked into the police

James Hutson, aka “Boofou”

station early yesterday and identified himself to the ranks on duty. There are reports that the 40-year-old man told officers that a nurse who was attending to him at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, on the day he went missing, discharged him. He claimed that after he was discharged and did not see any lawmen around, he picked the handcuff and fled. But after realizing that his photograph was in the newspaper, he decided to

surrender. Kaieteur News was told that after the man went missing on Monday, police stormed his residence, but he was not there. The policeman who was assigned to guard Hutson at the hospi t a l told investigators that he was in the washroom when the man went missing, but sources said that the rank had left the prisoner unattended while he went downstairs where he was seen engaging in conversation with a female.

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Kaieteur News

Thursday August 23, 2012


The respective congresses of the PNC and AFC are over. Sadly, in none of those two parties was there ever any talk of term limits for the leader. What is emerging in the Congress Party in India is nothing but an international disgrace. One family has dominated that party since Independence. As it is today, the leader is Mrs. Gandhi, the wife of Rajiv Gandhi. Rajiv’s son, Rahul, is set to take over from his mother. He is currently the General-Secretary and his sister, Priyanka, is very active in the party. Rahul Gandhi is going to be the next leader of the Congress Party. By the time Rahul gets old, his child will be waiting in the wings. It is just a horrible story of the Congress Party in India. This

is a dynasty that is out of place in the 21st century. Across the US, modern people have refused to accept a Kennedy dynasty. There was never any support for the elevation of Edward Kennedy in the Democratic Party in the USA and Kennedy never forgave Jimmy Carter for running against him in 1980 for the presidential nomination. When Obama’s Senate seat became vacant, another Kennedy made a move to have it, but there was stiff opposition to her. No matter how royal the Kennedy family is in the US, there is no support for a Kennedy dynasty. If the Congress Party had term limits, there would never have been the Nehru/ Gandhi ownership of the

Congress Party. Term limits are an antiauthoritarian framework that prevents dynasty. It doesn’t mean leaders of a party cannot be dictatorial. It simply prevents one person from owning the organization. In Guyana, we have not done too badly with the rejection of dynasty. There has never been and there is absolutely no movement to have the Jagans son, Joey, made leader of the PPP. Not that I am saying the son made his move. I believe even if he did or wanted to do so, the PPP leadership had no use for a Jagan dynasty once Janet Jagan died. Joey Jagan has his son, Cheddi the Third, working at the Office of the President, but it will be decades and decades from

now before we see him in the saddle, if he wants the job. There is a superabundance of PPP leaders that will not allow that to happen. In the PNC, Burnham’s son-in-law returned home last year. We really don’t know what happened, but he left the PNC for the AFC. Obviously the PNC did not automatically install him as their leader. From what this columnist was told, there would not have been substantial support for Dr. Van-West Charles if he wanted it. Of course we don’t know if he wanted it, because he has not gone on record as saying that he wanted to be the leader of the PNC. If he did, I would like to be corrected. I honestly think the WPA should now replace Clive Thomas and Rupert

Roopnaraine as co-leaders. We all know that these gentlemen have been in that position a long time and I suspect that both men will give up the leadership if called upon. I have known Professor Thomas a long time, and have been closer to him over the decades than Roopnaraine, and I doubt Dr. Thomas would be against the rule of term limits. My understanding is that since the November 2011 general elections, WPA is expanding its base and will have increasing membership. It is time it looks at the continuation of its rotation principle that it adopted in 1976 when it was born. If any country should have term limits in its political parties, it is Guyana. The

Frederick Kissoon “Maximum Leader” syndrome has damaged the collective psyche of the PNC and the PPP in terrible ways. You can apply revisionist history to Burnham and Jagan as much as you like, you can call them great leaders as much as you like, you can find evidence to conform their value to their respective parties but if there were term limits, I suspect Guyana would not have evolved in the racial, politically divisive and violent ways that it did. It can be argued that Burnham and Jagan were too phenomenal in their respective parties for others to challenge them and powerful names did confront them and were decapitated. But later leaders should have learnt from the mistakes of the past and try to prevent another Burnham and Jagan. Term limits simply prevent the existence of the Maximum Leader.

Thursday August 23, 2012

Kaieteur News

Arrested AWOL soldiers cry foul


ome former soldiers who are in custody at Army Headquarters, Camp Ayanganna, are threatening “drastic action” to press their demands for the halt to what they called the inhumane treatment meted out to them. The former soldiers, eight in total, who spoke to this newspaper via telephone, were taken into custody for being absent without leave (AWOL). They claimed that they are being held in a “stinking cell” despite not being given a hearing. Some of the men have reportedly been in custody for more than a month while others were arrested during the recent Joint Services operation in the bauxite mining town of Linden. At least two of them claimed that they had left the army over 10 years ago. “We are so frustrated, this place stink, no

ventilation. We living like dogs,” one of the former soldiers told this newspaper. Kaieteur News understands that a soldier who is AWOL, is supposed to be given a hearing as early as possible, when arrested. If found guilty, a soldier can face up to 42 days in army prison. One of the former ranks, who left the army unlawfully eight years ago, said that he had gone to Camp Ayanganna, seeking clearance so that he could leave the country. H o w e v e r, h e w a s promptly arrested. Another soldier who claimed to be a minibus operator, with significant expenses, said that he was pointed out as an AWOL soldier in Linden. They both told this newspaper that despite appeals for a speedy hearing, GDF authorities have been turning a deaf ear. “No trial and I deh in hey

fuh more than a month,” one said. He claimed that he had complained of feeling unwell only to incur the wrath of the authorities who deprived him of food. The men said that their complaints are also met with threats to send them to the main civilian prison on Camp Street. “We are not criminals,” one of the frustrated former soldiers told Kaieteur News. The men said that they had tried to obtain honourable discharges from the army, but this process was prolonged to such an extent that they had no other alternative but to leave.

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Thursday August 23, 2012

Thursday August 23, 2012

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Kaieteur News

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Thursday August 23, 2012

C’bean schools to benefit from Drug use, abuse significantly impacting Caribbean - CARICOM official Virtual Subject Association The introduction of a Virtual Subject Association is expected to be created by next month, with a view of soliciting the collaboration of educators across the Caribbean, to help address concerns detected in the subject areas of Mathematics and English. The move is being introduced by the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) and according to CXC Registrar, Dr. Didacus Jules, every teacher of Mathematics and English, every Curriculum Officer and University lecturer from across the Caribbean who is concerned about the subjects, should be a part of the proposed Association. “The grouping will allow you to have Guyanese teachers as a sub-grouping working with their Guyanese curriculum Mathematics people to do all kinds of joint projects, working virtually to develop lesson plans; to develop pedagogical materials, quizzes and so on to put online.” According to Dr. Jules, the beauty of such a move is that it would allow Guyana, for instance, to allow the entire Caribbean to access its work. Already the CXC body has been working with elearn in Jamaica, with materials already being posted online. CXC, Dr Jules revealed, is currently working with several Governments of the region to make the Virtual Association become a reality. Virtual groups, he explained, could even be embraced by individual

CXC Registrar, Dr. Didacus Jules schools which may have large Mathematics departments, thereby allowing all teachers to do their own subgroupings and collaborate. Further still, he pointed out that at the individual level, students can have their own study groups with their peers by sharing notes and materials. “So it is really the power of Information C o m m u n i c a t i o n Technologies (ICTs) to create a community of learning that is focused on doing better, learning more, and being more excited about knowledge,” Dr Jules noted. Additionally, CXC has developed a range of support materials, since according to the Registrar, “we recognise that as exciting ICTs are, not everybody has access, so there is still space for traditional books.” For this reason, the examination body has partnered with different

publishers to produce its syllabi, past papers and a range of study guides in all the key subject areas. ] The study guides, according to Dr Jules, are workbooks that have been developed, and are certainly not like every other textbook that comes onto the market. The study guides have been built from an analysis of what the core concepts are in every subject that students need to master, and also the concepts where they are constantly showing weaknesses. In essence, Dr Jules noted, CXC is in the business of producing purpose-built materials to help with learning. He stated that there are some persons across the Region who are of the belief that the CXC is in fact out to “make money.” While agreeing that the intent is to be independent in terms of its revenue base, Dr Jules said that the move by CXC is certainly not about making money. “We belong to the Region and every cent that CXC makes is reinvested in initiatives like the learning portal, which is free.” CXC, he said, has been able to create a portal that is currently customised for CAPE and CSEC to help students get with their programme and to do so even independently. “If your child is sick, hospitalised for even months, hopefully they can go online and continue their studies without skipping a beat,” he said.

Two remanded on attempted murder charge Two men were yesterday remanded to prison after appearing at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court for attempted murder. Joseph Barker and Keron Taylor were jointly charged with the offence which allegedly took place on August 18 at Waterloo Street, Georgetown. Taylor, 20, of Charlestown, and Barker, whose particulars were not disclosed, were accused of attempted murder on Kevin Singh. Taylor faced Magistrate Hazel OctiveHamilton in the morning hours while Barker was at the time a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital, since it was alleged that he was shot by the police. The men were not required to plead to the charge. Attorney-at-law Peter Hugh represented both accused. He first appeared for

Taylor and requested reasonable bail. Hugh informed the court that his client had no previous convictions, but one gun matter pending at the Providence Court. Hugh speculated that since his client was known to the police, he was picked up and charged with the offence. Court prosecutor Burgett Grant objected to Taylor’s bail because of the nature and seriousness of the offence. Grant also mentioned that the victim was still hospitalized as a result of his injuries. She was however unable to disclose the seriousness of those injuries. The magistrate proceeded to remand Taylor, but Attorney Peter Hugh had intervened by asking the court to have the prosecutor disclose the seriousness of the victim’s injuries. Hugh argued that his client should

be given the benefit of the doubt since the prosecutor was not properly informed to address the court. He thus desired to know if the prosecutor could have stated whether the victim was still in danger. Taylor was however remanded. Barker was also remanded after the court accepted the prosecution’s request for bail to be refused. The two will appear in court on October 1. It is unsure the purpose for the alleged attack on the victim, but Kaieteur News however learnt that the man was shot at least two times; once in the buttocks. According to the information received, police officers in the area a t t h e time saw the commotion between the three men and intervened. Barker was reportedly shot twice by police ranks.

- UG to focus on demand reduction in its curricula Drug use and abuse has for many years been recognised as a challenge countries across the world, Guyana being no exception, face which in some instances lend to criminal activities and violence. In light of this state of affairs, the University of Guyana is poised to embrace a move which will incorporate addressing drug demand reduction in its curricula. In amplifying the need for such programmes at the university level, Ms Beverly Reynolds, Programme Manager, Health Sector Development Programme at the CARICOM Secretariat, noted that in the Caribbean, alcohol and marijuana are the most popular drugs used. She was at the time addressing the start of a twoday workshop on Tuesday at the Regency Suites/Hotel, Brickdam, Georgetown, which was geared at sensitising faculty members of the impact of drug use and abuse. According to Reynolds, it has been deduced, too, that the users are mainly males who often opt to make payments for their passion in product rather than cash. She noted that illicit drug use is significantly related to crime and violence, especially gang-related violence. In alluding to what she described as the ‘ABC’ of the narco trade in the Caribbean, Reynolds said that the cycle revolves with persons first starting to abuse their substance of choice which develops to addiction allowing for “big business” and eventually translates to corruption. Her presentation also made reference to the push and pull factors associated with drug trafficking, use and addiction in the Caribbean ranging from the psychosocial impact and resulting economic hardship. The psycho-social blow, according to Reynolds,

could start with mere experimentation, develop into social exclusion, deterioration of family life and values, greed, stress, and inadequate life and social skills to deal with problems. The resulting outcome could be economic challenges which could become evident by high levels of unemployment, poverty, weak institutional framework and systems, weak law enforcement capacity, outdated legislation, gaps in the judiciary system and even inadequate or inappropriate technology. The consequences of illicit drug use could extend to crimecausing instability and insecurity and create health challenges, even contributing to the spread of HIV and impacting both social and economic development. With empirical evidence to support the daunting impact of drug use and abuse, Reynolds said that it was just over a year ago that the Organisation of American States (OAS) through CICAD – the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission – under the leadership of Dr Gloria Wright, invited the CARICOM Secretariat and the universities of the Caribbean to collaborate. The collaboration was to initiate a partnership of an initiative to integrate drug demand reduction content in the curricula of faculties in Caribbean universities. “The University of Guyana was one of the 10 universities present at the initial meeting and I wish to congratulate them for being among the first of three universities to be awarded the grant to implement the project,” Reynolds said. The local university has been endowed with a US$20,000 grant. The overall goal of the initiative, she explained, is to build a cadre of knowledgeable and skilled practitioners to address the increasing problem

Beverly Reynolds, Programme Manager, CARICOM Secretariat of drug use and addiction in member states.According to her, addressing the problem of drug use and addiction would by extension contribute to the reduction in crime and violence in member states. Reynolds pointed out, too, that the initiative could not have come at a better time, since the Region’s very development is being threatened by drug use and addiction. “We know of the link between drug use and crime and violence. We know of the havoc on families and we also know that drug addiction is a treatable medical condition. We accept that this phenomenon negatively impacts on all aspects of our collective lives and that no one sector can successfully address the problems.” As such, it was revealed that there has always been an expectation and a history for universities to chart the waters for development. Accordingly, Reynolds asserted that integrating of drug demand reduction in the various faculties is one way of ensuring that a holistic, multi-dimensional approach is taken as “we seek to address drug use and addiction in our respective countries”.

Man found floating in Pomeroon River A 45-year-old Jacklow man was discovered floating by residents of the Upper Pomeroon River community early Wednesday morning. William Young, also known as Gharam, reportedly went missing sometime on Sunday last, while attending one of his cousins’ wedding at Jacklow. Young’s decomposing body was retrieved by detectives and taken to a morgue at Charity, where a post mortem examination will be conducted. Residents insisted that they did not want to

pronounce on any perceived circumstance as to how Young may have met his demise, but have noted that they are unsure as to whether he fell overboard, since he would have crossed the Pomeroon River. A cousin of the dead man said Young left his Jacklow home sometime Sunday for a wedding and his boat and paddle were discovered floating in the Pomeroon River. Meanwhile, 74-year-old Elithine France’s body was retrieved from the Pomeroon River on Sunday evening last

Dead: William Young by her son-in-law, Richard Benjamin. The senior citizen reportedly fell overboard while taking a bath.

Thursday August 23, 2012

Kaieteur News

Over 100 laptops stolen from OLPF office Over 100 hundred laptops bought under the One Laptop Per Family (OLPF) project have been stolen from the project’s Queenstown, Georgetown office, and the Criminal Investigations Department of the Police has been called in. Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon yesterday confirmed that a “considerable number, (a number) that is distressing,” of the laptops were stolen and that the Police have been called in. Kaieteur News understands that just over 100 laptops went missing. Margo Boyce, who was recently appointed Project

- Margo Boyce new Project Manager Manager, would only say that “a police investigation is underway.” The OLPF is meant to distribute 90, 000 computers to poor families who cannot afford one. Margo Boyce, who has been associated with the OLPF and has been working from the Office of the President, was appointed two Wednesdays ago. Her appointment comes five months after “tensions” forced out Sesh Sukhdeo, who was favoured with a similar contract at the Office of the President.

Margo Boyce

The government declined to say that it fired Sukhdeo, preferring to say only that it opted to accept in delay a resignation offered by Sukhdeo earlier. “In the wake of the 2012 period of the implementation of the OLPF and an intensive review of engagements in 2011, there obviously developed some tensions and along the way the CEO offered his resignation to the Office of the President,” government’s chief spokesperson Dr. Roger Luncheon stated in midMarch.

Son charged for causing father’s - on $450,000 bail death by accident Apart from dealing with the death of his father, 21year-old Fizal Mohamed got one more thing to worry about when he was charged yesterday for causing the death of his father by accident. Mohamed faced Magistrate Hazel OctiveHamilton at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. The charge states that on August 19 at Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara, he drove his vehicle PKK 5609 dangerously. It is alleged that the man drove the car in such a manner as to cause the death of his father, Rafeek Mohamed.

Attorney-at-law Paul Fung-a-Fat, who represented Mohamed, asked for reasonable bail and told the court that the accused lived with his sick mother at Friendship Squatting Area, East Bank Demerara. The lawyer said his client had been locked up for four days and is still grieving his father’s death. No objection was made by the prosecution, with only a request for substantial bail, owing to the seriousness of the offence. Mohamed was granted bail to the tune of $450,000 bail and will return to court

More cocaine found in CJIA compound The Police are yet again reporting that more cocaine has been found in the compound of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri. According to a police statement, at about 16:45 hours on Tuesday, acting on information received, airport security officials found a packet containing 1 kilogram 978 grams of the illicit substance. The cocaine was found in the vicinity of the western perimeter fence of the compound, and has since been handed over to the police. Investigations are ongoing. Earlier this month police intercepted what is believed to be their biggest cocaine haul so far for the year at the airport. According to reports, on August 3 last, at around 23:30 hours, ranks from the Police Narcotics Branch noticed an unclaimed bag in the loading area. Upon searching the bag, which bore no name tag, they found 25 kilograms of cocaine. A number of persons

were questioned but no one was arrested. There have reportedly been several dismissals of employees of two contracted companies. Over recent times there have been questions from the international community about drugs passing through the CJIA without being detected until after leaving these shores. Prior to that seizure, on March 11 of this year, two haversacks were discovered in the airport’s compound with some 10 kilograms of cocaine. According to a police report on that matter, the discovery was made at around 00:05 hours on the day in question after police received information that the bags had been thrown over the fence. Further investigations led to the arrest of a 19-year-old man and his 21-year-old cousin, who worked with a local airline. Both men have since been charged for the offence of trafficking of narcotics.

Fizal Mohamed on October 12. According to reports, Rafeek Mohamed who was a coconut vendor lost his life at around 19:30 hours on Sunday last, when the car in which he was a passenger slammed into a pick-up near Land of Canaan, East Bank

Demerara. He was travelling with his son, wife, daughterin-law and two other family members. Reports are that Fizal Mohamed had swerved from a car which was about to turn into the Barama Company’s compound.

Page 17

Specialty hospital ...

Surendra Engineering awarded contract - lowest bidder skipped Fedders Lloyd Corporation Ltd of India, the lowest bidder for the contract to build the country’s specialty hospital, was passed over in favour of Surendra Engineering, in a bidding process that was dogged with uncertainty about what exactly is being constructed. Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon yesterday announced that Cabinet has offered its “no objection” to the award of the contract to the value of $18.1 million. He did not announce the name of the bidder, but that amount was put in by Surendra Engineering Corporation, which built the $12.8 million Enmore Packaging Plant, and which also has a US$4 million contract for the supply of 14 drainage pumps for use by the Ministry of Agriculture. The lowest bid to construct the specialty hospital on Lower East Coast Demerara was put in by Fedders Lloyd, a US$500 million group in India. The company put in a bid of US$23.2 million with a 23 per cent discount. That put its final bid cost at US$17.6 million. Fedders Lloyd put in its bid in association with Nous Hospital Consultants, an Indian company which specializes in health care projects. In the bidding process, the Ministry of Health kept altering the original bid documents, making amendments several times. In fact, six days before the opening of bids, the Project Manager Naresh Mangar was still sending addenda to the original bid document. Further, while the hospital is being touted as a specialty hospital, the requirements also

changed to accommodate a primary health care centre. And while the government has been touting that it wants to create a 150-bed hospital, in response to questions by Surendra, the Ministry of Health stated that bids would be evaluated “based on 100 beds.” The Ministry, in a response to Surendra seen by Kaieteur News, stated that “an expanded cost option of an additional 50 beds could be proposed by the bidders. The hospital is being funded with a line of credit from India of US$18 million. The government here intends to staff the hospital with specialists from India to do complicated surgeries, ranging from heart operations and organ transplants to cosmetic surgery. Preliminary works have begun at Turkeyen, East Coast Demerara where the specialty hospital is intended to be built. The announcement for construction was made in February 2011 by former President Bharrat Jagdeo when he returned from India after securing a US$18M line of credit. Government had budgeted $150 million to commence the preparatory work. Cabinet awarded $97M to G. Bovell Construction Services in January 2012 to commence those works which included the construction of a fence, bridges and gateways. The other bidders for the project were Shapoorji Pallonji & Company Ltd (US$42.4 M); Jaguar Overseas Ltd of India (US$18.6 million) and Vydehi Institute of Medical Science and Research Centre of India (US$19.5 M).

Man freed of forged document charge Nkrumah Kwame Langhorne of Samatta Point, Grove, East Bank Demerara, who was charged in November last year for presenting a forged bail document to clerks at the High Court, is breathing easy now, with the case dismissed. Langhorne faced Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, and was ecstatic when he heard that the case against him could not stand, because he had no knowledge about the fake bail document. Magistrate Latchman told Langhorne that the prosecution had not established the evidence against him and she would not be calling on him to lead a defence. The Magistrate explained that the evidence before her showed that the defendant

had no knowledge about the forged document and it further proved that Langhorne was not the one who prepared the fake bail document. On November 25, the defendant faced Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry on a charge of attempting to commit a felony, and pleaded not guilty to the offence. It was alleged that in a bid to free a drug accused on remand, Langhorne had uplifted the bogus bail paper and taken it to the High Court. It purported that a Magistrate had signed and made legitimate the document. When Langhorne turned up at the High Court, the inconsistency between the fake document and original bail documents were noticed. The police had further alleged that the defendant made inquiries about bail

applications and presented a cheque, along with the document, to bail the prisoner. It was at that point that the clerk on duty alerted authorities, and officials at the Court apprehended the man and took him into custody. He was later charged. During the trial, Langhorne’s lawyer Lennox Hanoman explained that his client was asked by a friend to bail another friend using the document that was provided. The court heard that the defendant did not know the person he was going to bail at the High Court. Hanoman stressed that his client knew the friend of the person he was going to bail. That same friend via mail sent the documents, and asked his client to bail the drug accused who was at the

time in custody. The court also heard that the defendant got the mail from an express shipping company and took it to the High Court. Unaware of court procedures, his client sought to explain the instructions given to him by the friend and presented the bail document to the clerk on duty. It was not until Langhorne was arrested that he realized the invalidity of the document, Hanoman stated. Subsequent to the prosecution closing the matter, Hanoman submitted that his client lacked knowledge in the matter. The court agreed with Hanoman that his client had no case to answer. Langhorne was let off with advice that he should be careful about accepting and presenting documents.

Page 18

Kaieteur News

Thursday August 23, 2012

Joint Services move out, Linden returns to ‘normalcy’ It was business as usual at Republic Bank

Joint Services ranks prepare to ship out Linden, yesterday, once more felt like the town most people have known and loved - almost that is. The Joint Services ranks were moving out, something that residents had long clamoured for. Only a few jeeps were seen patrolling the streets, but on the whole, the community at last seemed ‘demilitarized’. This was one of the prerequisites for the return to “normalcy”, Regional chairman Sharma Solomon had repeatedly emphasized. So it was that some Lindeners breathed easier yesterday and many exclaimed, “Free at last!” At the Bosai wharf at Mackenzie, a ship was anchored, while on the streets, there were no boisterous activities, only subdued and discreet conversations. But the joy was there, and palpably so, “Linden and Region 10 has won a tremendous victory, at last we gon get back we TV station and we dish, and we getting we land selection

committee…that is victory,” an elderly resident asserted, with tears glistening in his eyes. There were many others, echoing those very thoughts, albeit less emotionally. ”This feels like Christmas In August”, one young man quipped,” as he viewed the bustle on Republic Avenue – some 36 days after protest action began in the mining town against increased electricity tariffs, and subsequently escalated with the shooting death of three Lindeners. The man was reflecting on the month-long shutdown of the town, where major businesses including the three commercial banks, remained shut tight, and major roadways were blocked to vehicular traffic. Ferry services were also halted, and Lindeners from either side of the river (Mackenzie and Wismar) were forced to trek several miles to get to the other shore. But yesterday, the second day of ‘normalcy’ in the town saw the vessels ferrying

excited passengers across the river. It was their first day back to work, since July 18. And with the blockades removed from the major roadways, there were quite a few buses on the Linden/ Georgetown bus park, where on previous days the only sights to behold were empty benches and putrid garbage. Internal bus operators were also busy soliciting passengers at the Wisroc/ Amelia’s Ward bus park. Quite a few persons took the opportunity to go to the banks, and the markets, retransforming Republic Avenue, into its usual chaotic bustle. A few days previously, this major thoroughfare was almost devoid of traffic. Then there was hardly a minibus in sight, and commuters were even scarcer. At Wismar, the hotspot of protest activities over the last month, there was an air of tranquility - the roads were cleared and traffic was back to normal, while work continued apace at the burnt out One Mile Prima r y

Abducted boy murdered ... From page 3 and found that little ‘Buddy’, her fifth child, was missing. The worried mother later learnt that the children were hungry and that the little boy had left with a villager known as ‘Mongoose’ to buy food. He was never seen alive again. The grieving mother said she was awake all Monday night. “I nah sure if he gone and sleep by somebody.” But Tuesday morning, the worried mother made a report to the Springlands Police Station. “De police ask who is de last person ‘Buddy’ was seen with and I tell dem Mongoose. And dey pick he up.” The villager refused to say anything. Villagers and relatives of the little boy

searched several areas around his home. It was in some bushes behind a rice mill, a few streets away, that a teenager made the gruesome discovery around 14:15hrs yesterday. The boy’s face was badly disfigured and unrecognizable. His intestines were protruding and it appeared as though he was almost skinned. It was hard to recognize the remains as human. His mother started screaming after she recognized his clothes which were strewn not far away. Kaieteur News understands that the villager who was detained has since admitted to the shocking killing of the boy. According to one villager

who saw the body, it was an unforgettable sight. Little ‘Buddy’ was described as a jovial child who was not afraid of strangers. One neighbour said the boy was doing well in school. “He nah deserve this. Anita can’t afford to take a lawyer to get justice. Dem should kill whoever do this. He nah deserve to live.” The squatting area remains flooded from recent heavy rains and neighbours were unaware that anything was amiss with the homealone children. There are now questions being asked how the police who arrested the stepfather of the murdered boy, could have left the children alone at home, without any adult supervision.

School. Some soldiers were still at the New Silver City Secondary School, but none in the street. As Lindeners breathed a sigh of relief, many reminisced on their ‘escapades’ on the motor cycle taxis. Though these were ubiquitous over the past month, transporting their clients, to any nook and cranny around town, yesterday there were hardly any to be seen. People on the other hand were everywhere - walking, talking, shopping- it was as if a burden had been lifted. But many were ‘cautiously optimistic’ as regards the historic signing on Tuesday.

A few men who were hanging out at Hoppies Corner on Republic Avenue, candidly acknowledged that while the signing of the agreement between the Region 10 Chairman and the Government was a great victory for Linden, they were ‘gonna wait’ to see the implementations before engaging in “premature celebrations”. “What has happened is great, it is good for us, but we as a people still have to hold firm, to see the manifestations and results of what was signed for. At this point I wouldn’t want to get too optimistic, at least not until some of these things become reality,

because agreements have been known to be entered into, only for one party or the other to renege at the last minute,” one man pointed out. On the whole though, the mood in the town is one of highly charged optimism. One woman who lives both at Linden and Mabura said enthusiastically, “This is great, I feel so free, now we can move freely, not like before, when we could hardly get transportation to go anywhere - that was so stressful” Today Linden remains poised and ready, and lays claim to a new beginning, albeit a bit late in its history. (Enid Joaquin)

Fire strikes at Lethem Research Centre It was all thanks to publicspirited citizens and two “black tanks” of water that the Lethem Education Research Centre was saved from going up in flames. Kaieteur News understands that the fire was discovered in a section of the flat, L-shaped library at around 06:00hrs yesterday by

a passerby who immediately raised an alarm. This newspaper was told that had it not been for the two “black tanks”, the building would have been totally destroyed, since there was a significant water shortage in the area. It was noted that the water was being stored at the back

of the building since the last water shortage which was several months ago. Yesterday’s fire destroyed several shelves of “expensive” literacy pieces. The building was also severely scorched. While the origin of the fire is currently unknown, an investigation has been launched.

A section of the Library that was burnt

Thursday August 23, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 19

Lewis Hamilton ‘has told’ McLaren boss he wants a new contract McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh says Lewis Hamilton has told him he wants to sign a new contract with the team. Hamilton, 27, has a deal that runs out at the end of this

season and there has been speculation that he could seek a fresh challenge elsewhere. But Whitmarsh, who has known Hamilton since the British driver was 11, insisted talks have

progressed well. “If Lewis wants to stay in the team, which he has told me he does, then he should do,” he said. Drives are expected to become available at Ferrari

Thursday August 23, 2012 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): You feel a strong need to break away from a situation that is tying you down. There is the temptation to act now and think about it later but if other people are involved, you should respect their needs and feelings. ******************************* TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20): Friends are keen to share ideas and they might encourage you to act on an inspiring notion. ******************************* GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): Today, if you’re hoping to improve your professional status, it is not so much what you know but who you know that counts. ******************************* CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): Strike while the iron is hot because there will be an opportunity today, to fulfil a longstanding dream or ambition. Embrace the changes that are happening now and accept the fact there’s no fulfilment in standing still. ******************************* LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): You should be revelling in all the romantic attention that’s coming your way, today and it’s a good day for intimate relationships. ******************************* VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): Today’s events will stir up feelings and reactions within a partnership which would have probably been better left undisturbed. Words are spoken and action taken that results in you having to give your one-to-one relationships some serious thought.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): Health problems, emotional tensions or difficulties in a work relationship surface and need to be dealt with. If you have been burning the candle at both ends, it’s hardly surprising that you’re starting to feel stressed-out. ******************************* SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): If you’re part of a duo and you feel your present relationship could do with a shot in the arm, this is the day to do something about it. ******************************* SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): Powerful forces of change will end a chapter in your family life. New ways are about to begin. You may feel unprepared and slightly overwhelmed by it all but this won’t stop you from grabbing opportunities that are presented. ******************************* CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): You won’t be in the mood to get on with your usual routines so why fight the urge to have a little extra fun and pleasure? ******************************* AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): Some offbeat arrangements or spontaneous plans will make this day unexpectedly special as well as expensive! ******************************* PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): It’s a great day for new starts, acting on impulse and making innovative moves. New opportunities increase the feeling that you’re starting to make a success of your life.

and Red Bull at the end of the season, with speculation also surrounding Michael Schumacher ’s future at Mercedes. Hamilton, who claimed the driver’s championship in 2008 and won the Hungarian Grand Prix last month, is fourth in the driver’s standings and will be desperate to improve on last year’s fifth place. The 2011 campaign was doubly disappointing for Hamilton because, for the first time in his Formula 1 career, he was beaten by a teammate. Jenson Button finished second in the championship between Sebastian Vettel. With nine races remaining this season, Hamilton is 47 points behind Fernando Alonso of Ferrari. Hamilton met Red Bull’s team boss Christian Horner at the Canadian Grand Prix in June, fuelling rumours that he was seeking a future away from McLaren. But Whitmarsh, who has insisted for months that

Hamilton should stay, reiterated his stance on Wednesday. “Ultimately [the contract situation] is relatively straightforward,” he said. “Lewis and I have spoken two or three times at

length. I think we are closer than we have ever been... our conversations have been about how we are going to beat the other teams, and how we are going to try and win races.”

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Kaieteur News

DRESS MAKING (From page 15)

LAND FOR SALE 1 ½ acre, 48ftx1300ft V/Hoop Call: 627-9351 Vreed-en-Hoop House Lots, Call: 658-0115

VEHICLES FOR SALE Just arrived: Allion and Premio, tel: 624-2000, 622-1610 Toyota Tacoma GPP Series $4.5M, Unregistered Toyota Premio $2.9M Call: 688-9070, 619-2299 Blow Out Sale!! P & A Auto Sales, Unregistered vehicles, Premio, Spacio, IST, Raum etc Call: 661-9651 or 681-8474 One Toyota Sprinter Contact Tel: 660-1141 Leading Auto, Allion, Runx, IST, PLL Raum Call: 677-7666 Unregistered Allion, IST & PLL 212 Call: 609-8188

Roraima Housing Scheme (Gate Community), Plantation Versailles, West Bank Demerara. Lot 7 12,596 sq ft $18M Negotiable Call: 618-5070 Roraima Housing Scheme (Gate Community), Plantation Versailles, West Bank Demerara. Lot 146 27,775 sq ft $38M Negotiable Call: 618-5070 17,500 sq ft land Blankenburg Fellowship area suitable for business development $22M Price negotiable Call: 718-7571106, 675-8941, 265-6019

2004 Mazda RX8, Body kit, Spoiler, Never register Call: 617-2891 One IRZ long base, 2003 EFI, AT, Bus, Unregistered Call: 647-1729 602-9167 Toyota RAV4,excellent condition, fully loaded, female driven Call: 624-3350 Leading Auto, Unregistered Allion, Premio, Spacio, Runx, IST Call: 677-7666, 610-7666 Leading Technology, Toshiba Laptop-wholesale & retail Call:648-6600 1 Toyota RZ (Longbase), 15 seater (EFI) manual, immaculate condition, hardly used, price $1.6M. Call Rocky 621-5902, 225-1400 Toyota Alex 2004 white, mags, never registered Call: 269-0432, 686-0323 Toyota Corolla Wagon, PLL series, excellent condition, asking $1.6M Call: 625-2466 RZ BJJ 6568 Call: 668-6956

VACANCY IT Manager must have degree in computer. Call: 2200401-3 or email: recuruitment

1 AT 192 Car, HB series yellow, working & excellent codition, price $750,000 negotiable Call: 646-9417

American Pool Table Call: 277-0578

TOURS Suriname Summer Vacation trip, Zoo Cinema Shopping Casino, 1 to 4 September Call: 644-0185, 639-2663, 6655171, 227-8290 2 Tour 1 price Fort Island/ White Water 26th $9,000 per person, Orealla Overnight 25,26 Joy 218-1285, 649-9059

LEARN TO DRIVE Soman & Sons Driving School, First Federation Building Call: 225-4858, 6445166, 622-2872, 615-0964 Prudential Learning ‘’ Training to Pass’’ automatic also stick/manual Call: 6424827, 661-5028. We ‘re # 1.

Hire Car Drivers wanted preferably from E.C.D Contact A-1 Taxi: 220-1000. Yellow cars with drivers wanted 1 Driver salesman with lorry licence Call: 220-1500, 6144626 Accounts clerk 5 Subjects CXC-Grades 1-3 Call: 2235273-4 Driver for party rental service, within the vicinity of Parka to V/Hoop, must be able to work flexible hours. Tel # 638-1627 One (1) hairdresser and one (1) nail technician Call Amanda/Odessa 675-2325, 679-4954 Gardener/handyman labours ID & NIS cards, Police Clearance, Apply Gardenland Nursery Lot 1 Brickdam Stabroek .

Pick up trucks, Toyota Tundra extended cab $1.9M, Ford ranger sports extended cab $1.9M Call: 682-5230, 621-4066 Tractors-MF 285 $2.5M, MF 175 $1.9M, Just arrived from Canada Call: 682-5230, 6214066


9 Acres of land-Chicken farm completed with everything to rare 25,000 chickens, fully equipped $65M Call: 6626212

1 Allion, 1 IST, 1 Rav4, 1 45150 Leyland Daff, 1 55-210 Leyland HIAB Call Archie 624-1343, 664-2755 Unregistered Tundra tt 100 and Tacoma Call: 265-2103, 645-9860

6-weeks course in designing/ dressmaking. Call Sharmela: 225- 2598, 641- 0784

VEHICLES FOR SALE 1 Toyota NZE Corolla PLL series Call: 642-6664 1 Mitsubishi Lancer, 3.5 ton open back canter Call: 6269254, 264-2582

TO LET Ogle $100,000, Albertown (business) $100,000, Bel Air US$1000, Subryanville US$1500 Diana 227-2256, 626-9382 Fully furnished short term apartments, Eccles. Call: 6797139 Fully furnished 1 & 2 bedrooms apartments AC, Hot water, internet US$40 nightly. Contact 231-6721 & 674-8300. Long & short term 1 Bedroom house, large living room and kitchen, suit couple Call: 688-3810 between 2am-5pm

Thursday August 23, 2012

GCA David Persaud Investments trophy U-19 competition...

Shaquille Williams hits century to highlight latest round Malteenoes produced a sizeable total yesterday thanks to 158 by Shaquille Willaims to highlight the latest round of matches in the David Persaud Investments Under-19 competition organised by the Georgetown Cricket Association. In results from the matches: Ace Warriors vs Everest CC at the Everest ground - Match rescheduled due to ground unavailability. St Stanislaus College vs Gandhi Youth Organisation at the GYO ground - Gandhi YO won by 7 wickets. St Stanislaus College batting first made 110 all out in 26 overs. R. Deonarine made 39 runs. Bowling for Gandhi YO: M. Hamilton took 4 wickets for 17 runs and S. Sankar took 4 for 32. In reply Gandhi YO scored 111 for 3 wickets in 19.2 overs. R. Persaud made 30 runs and L. Reid made 22 not out. Malteenoes SC vs Transport SC “A” at the Malteenoes ground - Match Drawn. Malteenoes SC batting first made 327 for 6 in 44 overs. Shaquille Williams made 158 runs and V. Narayan 70. Bowling for Transport SC “A”: A. Vickram took 2 wickets for 44 runs, K. Morris 2 for 53 and R. Semir 2 for 65. In reply Transport SC “A” scored 142 for 7 wickets in 34 overs. K. Hetsberger made 37 runs and J. Ram 24. Bowling

Shaquille Williams 158, second century of the competition. for Malteenoes SC: S. Williams took 2 wickets for 4 runs, K. Naughton 2 for 10 and V. Narayan 2 for 11. Bel Air Texaco vs Queen’s College at the GNIC ground – bel Air Texaco won by 101 runs. Bel Air Texaco batting first made 243 runs for 9 wickets in 50 overs. D. Pooran made 88 runs, A. Gomes 87 and B. Sanichar 31. Bowling for Queen’s College: S. Rutherford took 3 wickets for 43 runs and S. Khan 2 for 38. In reply Queen’s College scored 142 runs all out in 31 overs. V. Ramkissoon made 22 runs A. Crandon 22 and B. Cummings 18 not out. Bowling for Bel Air Texaco: Andre Gomes took 4 wickets for 1 run, D. Pooran 2 for 31 and B. Sanichar 2 for 44. Transport SC “B’ vs

Demerara CC “A” at the DCC ground - Match postponed due to Demerara CC “A” team’s unavailability. Georgetown CC vs 3rd Class at the GCC ground Georgetown CC won by 8 wickets. 3rd Class batting first made 112 runs all out in 42 overs. Bowling for Georgetown CC: A. Doman took 3 wickets for 6 runs, S. McKenzie 2 for 8 and B. Bailey 2 for 11. In reply Georgetown CC scored 113 runs for 2 wickets in 30 overs. R. Perez made 27 runs not out and M. PestanoBell 23 not out. Bowling for 3rd Class: R. Gomes took 1 wicket for 17 runs and B. Sardin 1 for 11. The competition will continue today with the following three matches in each zone: Group A: St Stanislaus College Vs Everest CC at the Everest ground. Malteenoes SC Vs Gandhi Youth Organisation at the MSC ground. Demerara CC “B” Vs Transport SC “A” at the DCC ground. Group B: 3rd Class Vs Queen’s College at the GNIC ground. Bel Air Texaco Vs Transport SC “B’ at the GYO ground. Georgetown CC Vs Demerara CC “A” at the GCC ground.

Nicolette Fernandes wins Senior CASA... From back page class and dominated to brush aside her opponent and take the other two comfortably. Earlier in the night, there were eight matches played to determine the final eight places in the men’s and Women’s categories. Guyana had a total of six competitors competing in five of the eight matches. They had two players competing against each other in one category. Guyana’s players finished 5th and 7th among the men and 5th, 6th and 7th among the women. Victoria Arjoon beat Barbados number 3 Nadia McCarthy 9/11, 11/5, 11/9, 12/14, 11/9 in a hard fought match to end 7th, Ashley Khalil displayed superior power and strength

to overpower Mary Fung-a-Fat 11/4, 11/9, 11/ 0 for the5th place, with Fung-a-Fat in 6th. Among the Men, Julian Chin upset Barbados National Champion Gavin Cumberbatch 11/6, 13/11, 8/11, 11/4 for the 7th spot, while Richard Chin once again showed that experience can be a neutralising force by displacing Trinidad and Tobago’s national champion Josh Pinard 11/0, 13/11, 12/10 to take the 5th position. The Guyana Squash Association is extending congratulations to Nicolette Fernandes and the six competitors who made it to the final day of the Men’s and Ladies Individual Championships. The Team events started yesterday and conclude on Saturday.

Thursday August 23, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 21

Rain plays spoiler in third round, more Dylan Fields makes good start to Fullbore preparations bad weather forecast for fourth round Dylan Field, the National fullbore vice captain, started the season on a high note in winning the Guyana National Rifle Association (GNRA) recorded shoot last Sunday at Timehri rifle ranges. Fields accumulated 129 points with six Vs in competition at the 300, 600 and 900 yards ranges. He shot 48 points with two Vs at 300, 34 with 2 at 600 and 47 with 2 at 900 yards. Ransford Goodluck was second with 128 points and 8 Vs, with scores of 47.3 at 300 yards, 32.0 at 500 and 49.5 at 900 yards. Lennox Braithwaite was third with 126.8 followed by National captain Mahendra

Dylan Fields Persaud who shot 117.2 Claude Duguid 113.3, Peter Persaud 108.3, Everard Nelson 101.4 and Charles Deane 100.4. Lt. Col. Terrence Stuart

Please find the scores below: Range 300 yards Dylan Fields 48.2 Ransford Goodluck 47.3 Lennox Braithwaite 46.2 Mahendra Persaud 48.2 Claude Duguid 41.2 Peter Persaud 43.1 Everard Nelson 43.1 Charles Deane 45.3

600 yards 34.2 32.0 32.3 26.0 33.1 28.1 28.2 12.0

900 yards 47.2 49.5 48.4 43.0 39.0 37.1 36.1 43.1

Bolt keen on Rio, 400 and long jump eyed (Reuters) - Usain Bolt is a definite starter for another Olympic Games in four years’ time, opening up the possibility of more sprint records or an attempt at other events, the six-time gold medalist said on Wednesday. Speculation has been rife since the London Games that the Olympic 100 and 200 meters champion could quit athletics and not compete at Rio de Janeiro in 2016. His hunger for success, however, appears to be showing no signs of abating. “Yes

was unable to complete the competition due to technical problems with his rifle. This Sunday’s competition will see the shooters firing on all cylinders as they step up preparation for the West Indies championships to be held here in October. Meanwhile, the (GNRA) will host a fund –raising BarB-Que and Raffle on Saturday September 8 at Olympic House on High Street, Kingston, to assist in raising funds for the regional championships. GNRA Treasurer Stuart said that tickets for the event are available from members of the GNRA and cost $1000.

definitely I will be there (in Rio), as long as I’m fit and I’m ready,” Bolt said at a promotional event in Lausanne on Wednesday. “It’ll be a little bit harder but I’m looking forward to it.” The possibility of Bolt, also a member of Jamaica’s world record-breaking 4x100 relay team in London, switching from the sprints to the 400 or long jump has long been debated. American Carl Lewis who like Bolt claimed back-toback Olympic 100 titles - was

Total 129.6 128.8 126.9 117.2 113.3 108.3 101.4 100.4

also a four-time men’s long jump gold medalist, dominating the event from 1984 in Los Angeles to Atlanta in 1996. “It’s just about making different goals, there’s a lot of things I can do in the sport,” Bolt said. “My coach wants me to do 400 meters, I want to try long jump. “I could always try to aim for the records again, so there’s different things but after the season we’ll decide what we want to do and work on that next season.” The newly-turned 26year-old also told the Hublot watch event that his dream of one day becoming a soccer player still burned bright.

Villa’s family message on emotional return earns fine (Reuters) - Barcelona striker David Villa was fined on Wednesday for taking off his shirt to reveal a vest with a message dedicated to his family after he scored on his long-awaited return from injury last weekend. The Spanish football federation classes the removal of a shirt to display any form of publicity, slogan or picture as a serious offence punishable with a fine of between 2,000 euros (1,583 pounds) and 3,000 euros. Spain’s all-time top scorer came on as a late substitute when Barca beat Real

Sociedad 5-1 in their La Liga opener on Sunday and netted near the end after an eightmonth layoff with a broken leg. The 30-year-old ripped off his shirt in the celebration to reveal a photo of his wife and two daughters underneath the slogan “Impossible without you,” and was shown a yellow card by the referee. Villa broke his leg at the Club World Cup last December, missing the national team’s Euro 2012 triumph as he continued his recovery. His return on Sunday in the 74th minute received a huge Nou Camp ovation.

David Villa

Bridgetown, Barbados — Heavy rain associated with Tropical Storm Isaac put a damper on the third round of matches in the West Indies Cricket Board’s Under-19 50-over Tournament yesterday. The bad weather started on Tuesday night and continued throughout the day as all three matches ended in No Result. There was no play between Jamaica and Windward Islands at the Police Sports Complex. The groundstaff worked all morning to get the field ready but a heavy shower at 1:20 pm forced the abandonment. At Pine Basin, the ICC Americas had the upper hand over Leewards Islands, who struggled to 736 off 24 overs, in a match reduced to 31 overs per side. Captain Akeem Saunders again propped up his team’s batting with 32 not out off 50 balls before the rain swept across the ground at 3 p.m. At the Desmond Haynes Oval, Shimron Hetmeyer continued his good form as he blasted three sixes into the pavilion in a hurricane 43 off 26 balls. This knock followed up the run-a-ball 116 he scored in his side’s win over Windward Islands on Monday. Guyana dominated the Trinidad & Tobago attack and were scoring at a rapid rate of over seven runs per over before a heavy shower around 3 p.m. drove the players off the field and left the outfield waterlogged.

SCORE SUMMARIES At Weymouth: Jamaica vs Windward Islands - No play due to rain At Desmond Haynes Oval: Guyana vs Trinidad & Tobago Match reduced to 28 overs per team - No result Guyana 86-2 off 12 overs (Shimron Hetmeyer 43) At Pine Basin: Leeward Islands vs ICC Americas Match reduced to 31 over per side - No result Leeward Islands 73-6 off 24 overs (Akeem Saunders 32 not out) Fixtures for Round 4 on Thursday Windward Islands vs Trinidad & Tobago at Weymouth Umpires: Jonathan Blades, Leslie Reifer Jr. Third umpire: Vincent Bullen Match referee: Carl Brome Guyana vs ICC Americas at Pine Basin Umpires: Ryan Willoughby, Verdayne Smith Third umpire: Roger Broomes Match referee: Michael Thompson Barbados vs Leeward Islands at Desmond Haynes Oval Umpires: Christopher Taylor, Colin Alfred Third umpire: Valarie Mahon Match referee: Colin Bowen BYE: Jamaica

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Thursday August 23, 2012

Junior Caribbean Cycling C/ships called off due to ‘Tropical Storm Isaac’ - team Guyana was about to board plane in T&T Naturally disappointed, Guyana’s team to the Junior Caribbean Cycling Championships were forced to abort their journey to the Dominican Republic yesterday after President of the Guyana Cycling Federation Cheryl Thompson received an email from President of the Caribbean Cycling Federation Trevor Bailey confirming the postponement due to the threat of ‘Tropical Storm Isaac’. The Guyana team of junior riders Raynauth Jeffrey, Paul DeNobrega and juveniles Raul Leal and Michael Anthony along with Manager

Raul Leal (right) and Raynauth Jeffrey

Michael Anthony Wa y n e D e A b r e u w e r e about to board the flight in Trinidad and Tobago when President Thompson got in touch with DeAbreu to

break the news to him. Their luggage had to be taken off the flight and they were due to arrive back home last evening. Kaieteur Sport also learnt that the championships are now set for October 14 and 15 in the Dominican Republic.

Chelsea hit back to beat Reading Chelsea avoided a major upset as they came from behind to overcome a brave Reading at Stamford Bridge. A Frank Lampard penalty put the home side ahead before Pavel Pogrebnyak’s steered header levelled matters. Blues keeper Petr Cech fumbled a Danny Guthrie free-kick into his own net to gift Reading a shock lead. Gary Cahill’s shot hauled Chelsea level and, after Fernando Torres tapped in when he appeared offside, Branislav Ivanovic got a fourth for the Blues. In such an enthralling and absorbing game, it was a shame that what appears to be

a mistake by the linesman for Torres’s goal played such a crucial role in the eventual result, and undid so much of Reading’s good work. The Royals were on the verge of a famous upset against the European champions for much of the game and, while there was an element of fortune for Chelsea, they will see it as reward for their pressure and perseverance. And, although the victory moved them to the top of the Premier League for the first time since November 2010, there was little sign of what was to come early on when Chelsea had a classy and authoritative air about their play.

Paul DeNobrega The Guyana team was fully sponsored by Manager of the Miami based Team

Cocoas, Guyanese Ian Davis aka QB. Davis, who can be described as the Good

Samaritan of cycling had invested US$4,500 towards the participation and encouragement of these junior and juvenile riders for the Caribbean championships. Team Cocoas has been coming to Guyana over the past few years to compete in the annual 5-stage and 3stage races with a 100% success record. Davis has pumped into the cycling fraternity over US$50,000 in brand new racing cycles that have been donated to junior, veteran and female riders as a means of encouraging them to greater success in the sport. Meanwhile, Mr. Davis will also be sponsoring Team Cocoas Guyana to the Suriname 4-stage championships from August 30 to September 2.

Jordan paralympic men face sex charges in Northern Ireland (Reuters) - Three members of Jordan’s paralympic squad were charged with sex offences in Northern Ireland on Wednesday and released on bail after their embassy promised they would return to court. The King of Jordan had taken a personal interest in the case, a representative of the Jordanian embassy in London said during the proceedings in Coleraine, Co Londonderry. The two wheelchairbound power lifters and a trainer were arrested on Monday evening and

accused of sexual offences involving two women and two underage girls, the court heard. Weightlifter Omar Sami Qaradhi was charged with three counts of sexual assault and one of voyeurism on Wednesday. Two of the alleged assaults were against children. His colleague Motaz AlJunad faced one sexual assault charge. Trainer Faisal Hammash was charged with two counts of causing a child to engage in sexual acts. The 19-strong Jordanian squad was one of several from the Middle East and

Africa training in Northern Ireland’s Antrim Forum sports centre ahead of the London games, which are due to start on August 29. The team was due to leave for London on Wednesday but it was not clear whether the three accused would join them. The court was told the alleged offences had taken place between August 16 and 20. A representative of the Jordanian embassy from London said in court her country would provide guarantees the men would return to face trial if granted bail.

Thursday August 23, 2012

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Badminton team off to CAREBACO tourney

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Usain Bolt not expecting to break 200m record in Diamond League

The Guyana Badminton team take time out for a photo prior to their departure.

Usain Bolt not expecting to break 200m record.


National 8Member Junior Badminton Team left Guyana to attend the Caribbean Badminton Championships (CAREBACO) to be held in Dominican Republic August 19-27. Guyana won 4 silvers and 1 bronze last year at this tournament held in Barbados. T h e J u n i o r Te a m recently attended the Pan American Junior Championships in Alberta Canada July 24-30, bringing back two Bronze and one Silver and Guyana was the

only Caribbean Country that medaled among the 16 countries that took part. The Team Members are: Kevin Quaicoe (Captain), G r e e r J a c k s o n ( Vi c e Captain), Narayan Ramdhani, Priyanna Ramdhani, Omari Joseph, Arian Kayume, Cindy Sookwah and Gokarn Ramdhani (Manager/Coach). The Team is expected to do well in this tournament and they will be taking part in the Boys & Girls Singles, Boys & Girls Doubles and Mixed Doubles in the Under-11, 13, 15, 17 & 19

Kumar to meet with French Guiana & Suriname to verify IGG date


irector of Sport, Neil Kumar r e v e a l e d yesterday afternoon that he will be meeting with the authorities of French Guiana and Suriname during the course of the new week to discuss matters pertaining to 2012 Inter-Guiana Games. Kumar disclosed that the meeting or discussion with the two nations will be to confirm the date of the games and also the sporting disciplines that will be contested at the annual games. He added that the IGG, which were held in Suriname last year, is slated for November, “We will be meeting to verify the date of competition,” he said. Last year Guyana turned out to be extremely successful in the multi-sport disciplines, especially Track and Field and Cycling to finish second overall. Guyana amassed 80 points

while the host, Suriname won overall with 107 points; French Guiana was third with 66 points. Kaieteur Sport speaking with the President of the Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG), Colin Boyce was notified that the IGG Track and Field trials for the athletes will be held in the October to select a full strength team to maintain their dominance in athletics at the games. Guyana’s junior track and field team reclaimed their title last year at the Andre Kamperveen Stadium to win the male and female segment of the competition. Boyce indicated that after the trials, the selected team will undergo training with at least two coaches as they look to maintain their dominance at the tri-nation meet. The Games will be held in French Guiana.

Events. The GBA is pleased with the development of the Junior Players over the years and will continue with the Junior Drive that has put Guyana on the Map and very well respected among the Pan American and Caribbean Badminton Circuits. Guyana’s only qualified badminton coach, Gokarn Ramdhani, who is a level three coach trained at the Hungarian, Pan American & China Badminton institutes, had been over the years trying to get Badminton at the top level and the results are paying off with Guyana medaling at most High Level International Tournaments attended in the last six years. The GBA would like to thank the following for their support: Bel Air Texaco Service Station, DeSinco Trading, Guyana Olympic Association and Industrial Safety Supplies Inc.

Usain Bolt will not attempt to break the 200m world record in today’s Diamond League meeting in Lausanne. The six-time Olympic champion heads a field of 19 London 2012 gold medal winners at the Pontaise Stadium. Bolt will race against compatriots Warren Weir, Jason Young and Nickel Ashmeade and the USA’s Wallace Spearmon in the 200m. “I am not worried about world records right now - I am just trying to get through the season,” said the Jamaican.

Bolt is the current 200m world record holder, with a time of 19.19 seconds in the 2009 World Championship final in Berlin, but he does not expect to come close to that mark in Lausanne. “It can be one of those tracks (to break world records), in great shape and in great weather,” he said. “But I’m just trying to end this season injury-free, because it has been a stressful season for me. “I am just trying to get through these last three races.” Triple Olympic medallist Yohan Blake takes on the USA’s Tyson Gay, who

finished fourth in the Olympic 100m final, and Ryan Bailey in the 100m in Lausanne. Olympic 100m bronze medallist Justin Gatlin was also due to compete in Lausanne but withdrew on Wednesday with a stomach problem. A total of 52 medallists from London 2012 have been entered for the 11th leg of the Diamond League. All three medal winners from the men’s 400m in London will feature, with Olympic champion Kirani James taking on runner-up Luguelin Santos and thirdplaced Lalonde Gordon. Great Britain’s Martyn Rooney and Conrad Williams are also competing. GB’s Olympic high jump bronze medallist Robbie Grabarz will face Russian Ivan Ukhov, who won gold in London. In the women’s events, 100m medallists Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Carmelita J e t e r a n d Ve r o n i c a Campbell-Brown are all competing. The penultimate Diamond League meeting takes place in Zurich on 30 August, with the final event in Brussels on 7 September.

t r o Sp WICB announces Squad Contrasting wins for for ICC World T20 Sri Lanka, West Indies Dwayne Bravo St John’s Antigua — The West Indies Cricket Board’s Selection Panel yesterday named the West Indies 15-man squad for the International Cricket Council’s World T20 Tournament in Sri Lanka in September. The WICB Selection Panel has kept faith with the nucleus of the squad which defeated New Zealand in the recent Digicel Twenty20 Series in south Florida. Darren Bravo makes a return after missing the second half of the West Indies tour of England and the Digicel Series at home against New Zealand due to injury. The squad boasts a number of the leading power-hitters in world as well as several world-class allrounders. The batting is led by Chris Gayle and Kieron Pollard who are destructive in this format. Openers Lendl Simmons, Johnson Charles and Dwayne Smith have also done well for West Indies in the past at the top of the order. The allrounders: Sammy, Dwayne Bravo, Andre Russell and Marlon Samuels, have all proven their quality with bat and ball in this format, while wicket-keeper Denesh Ramdin brings a wealth of experience and know-how in this format. The spin bowling department is led by Sunil Narine, who has excelled since his international debut last December. The other slow bowler is experienced leg-spinner Samuel Badree, who is the newest member of the squad, but has an excellent track record in this format at domestic level. He debuted against New Zealand in June. The two main fast bowlers in the squad are the experienced Fidel Edwards, who offers firepower, and Ravi Rampaul, who can be called upon at any stage in the innings. FULL SQUAD: Darren Sammy (Captain), Dwayne Bravo (Vice Captain),

Samuel Badree, Darren Bravo, Johnson Charles, Fidel Edwards, Chris Gayle, Kieron Pollard, Sunil Narine, Denesh Ramdin (Wicket-keeper), Ravi Rampaul, Andre Russell, Marlon Samuels, Lendl Simmons and Dwayne Smith. Fixtures for ICC World T20 WARM-UP Thursday, Sept 13: vs Sri Lanka - NCC, Colombo Monday, Sept 17: vs Afghanistan - P Sara Oval, Colombo FIRST ROUND Saturday, Sept 22: vs Australia - R Premadasa Stadium, Colombo Monday, Sept 24: vs Ireland - R Premadasa Stadium, Colombo SUPER EIGHTS Thursday, Sept 27: C1 v D2 - Pallekele Thursday, Sept 27: A1 v B2 - Pallekele Friday, Sept 28: D1 v C2 - Colombo Friday, Sept 28: B1 v A2 - Colombo Saturday, Sept 29: A1 v D2 - Pallekele Saturday, Sept 29: C1 v B2 - Pallekele Sunday Sept 30: B1 v C2 - Colombo Sunday Sept 30: D1 v A2 - Colombo Monday, Oct 1: B2 v D2 - Pallekele Monday, Oct 1: A1 v C1 - Pallekele Tuesday, Oct 2: B1 v D1 - Colombo Tuesday, Oct 2: A2 v C2 - Colombo SEMI-FINALS Thursday, October 4: Super 8 Group 1-1 vs Super 8 Group 2-2 - R Premadasa Stadium Friday, October 5: Super 8 Group 2-1 vs Super 8 Group 1-2 - R Premadasa Stadium GRAND FINAL: Sunday, October 7 - R Premadasa Stadium

ESPNcricinfo - A solid all-round performance from Derone Davis helped West Indies to a 16-run victory over Pakistan in their fifthplace play-off semi-final in Townsville. West Indies were sent in and their captain Kraigg Brathwaite (39) was the key in the top order as wickets fell around him, including three to the newball bowler Mir Hamza. When Brathwaite departed in the 32nd over, West Indies were in trouble at 106 for 6, but the wicketkeeper Stephen Katwaroo (35) and Davis (24) helped push them to 182 before the side was dismissed after 49 overs. Pakistan lost two early wickets in the chase before Babar Azam (38) and Umar Waheed (31) put things back on track, but once their 51run stand ended the wickets just kept falling. The leftarm spin of Davis earned him 3 for 20, including the wicket of Usman Qadir, which left Pakistan wobbling at 134 for 7. The final three partnerships put on 32 but it wasn’t enough for Pakistan, who were bowled out for 166 in the 49th over. Sandun Weerakkody and Lahiru Madushanka starred as Sri Lanka routed Ireland by 109 runs in the ninthplace play-off semi-final in Brisbane. Sri Lanka chose to bat and their total of 258 was

Derone Davis was adjudged Man of the Match for his all-round show. anchored by Weerakkody’s unbeaten 112. Weerakkody and Angelo Jayasinghe (55) put on 87 for the fourth wicket to take Sri Lanka to 155 for 3 in the 35th over as Sri Lanka looked set for a big total. Ireland captain George Dockrell picked up three quick wickets as Sri Lanka slipped from 197 for 4 to 219 for 8 before they were finally bowled out for 258.

However the target proved to be too much for Ireland, who kept losing wickets at regular intervals. Shane Getkate (46) was the only batsman to offer some resistance as medium-pacer Lahiru Madushanka ran through their batting, ending with figures of 6 for 24. Ireland lasted just 37.5 overs as they were bowled out for 149.

Nicolette Fernandes wins Senior CASA women’s title


i c o l e t t e Fernandes won the Women’s singles title at the Caribbean Squash Championships Tuesday evening, a night when Guyana enjoyed reasonable success. In her much-anticipated final match against Karen Meakins of Barbados, Fernandes emerged the winner with impressive scores of 12/10, 11/2 and 11/1. The Barbadian player fought during the opening set to stretch it to 12-10, but Fernandes displayed her (Continued on page 20)

Nicolette Fernandes

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