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Monday August 27, 2012

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Non-appointment of Ombudsman a mockery of Guyana’s constitution Annually, a budgetary allocation is made for the Office of the Ombudsman but its substantive office remains empty. Months into his presidency, Donald Ramotar has not appointed an Ombudsman, which is a constitutional body. To this end, Leader of the Alliance For Change, Khemraj Ramjattan believes that the President is acting unconstitutionally. He stressed that the non-appointment of the Ombudsman makes a mockery of the democracy of Guyana’s constitution. “We can only row and make statements and that we have been doing. A number of persons have talked on this matter. At the budget debates a number of speakers indicated that they have been taking moneys out of the budget for the Office of the Ombudsman. We have a number of persons being paid as staff, but no Ombudsman,” Ramjattan said. According to the Commonwealth Caribbean Public Law by Professor Albert Fiadjoe, the system of Ombudsman gives encouragement to open government, and to that extent, helps to bring transparency to the decision making process.

- AFC It enables complaints of maladministration by Government and injustice meted out to citizens to be investigated. The politician pointed out that Guyana has the available expertise to fill the post of the Ombudsman. He said, “Any former judge, any person with senior managerial capacity, any person who is right thinking and has commonsense could be appointed as the Ombudsman. There are lots of willing qualified persons who could be the Ombudsman.” Prior to the commencement of the Tenth Parliament this year, former leader of the People’s National Congress Reform and Attorney-at-Law, Robert Corbin had stated that during the five-year lifespan of the Ninth Parliament, Guyana was without an Ombudsman to enforce political control over governmental bodies. The Tenth Parliament is now in recess and yet an Ombudsman has not been appointed. Corbin had pointed out that the Constitution, under Article 192 makes provision for the Ombudsman to investigate

any action taken by any department of Government or by any other authority to which this article applies, or by the President, Ministers, officers or members of such a department or authority. Corbin had said that the PNCR is cognizant of the necessity for an independent body like the Ombudsman to investigate complaints, even those involving the President, under the Bharrat Jagdeo regime. According to Guyana’s Constitution, Article 191 (1); “The Ombudsman shall be appointed by the President, after consultation with the Leader of the Opposition.” The former PNCR leader had noted that any President who is open for scrutiny and is transparent would not refuse to appoint an Ombudsman. According to City Mayor, Hamilton Green, under the Burnham regime, the Ombudsman operated without interference. Evidence of this was the Ombudsman’s investigation into complaints brought by Eusi Kwayana against two Government Ministers, Hamilton Green and David Singh. During the investigations Green was exonerated and Singh was forced to resign.

Fishermen missing at sea for over 10 days

- relatives lament lack of assistance from relevant authorities There is still no trace of the two fishermen from Rosignol, West Bank Berbice who left their homes more than a week ago for the high seas. The men went out to sea around 6:30 am on Saturday 18th and hopes of them being found alive are quickly disappearing although relatives are still praying for their safe return. Missing are boat owner Mahendra Ompertab, 29 ,known as ‘Rub’ of Lot 318 Rosignol Village, West Bank Berbice and his brother-inlaw, Kanhai Madramootoo, 42, of the same address. The men, who are attached to the Rosignol Fishermen’s Co-op Society, left their Rosignol base in a small white, red and green boat fitted with a 40-hp engine on a journey which does not usually last more than 12 hours. In fact they were expected to return around 16:00 hours the same day that they left. After the men did not return, a team of fishermen from the area went out on

Sunday with a number of boats and searched as far as possible for the missing men, but to no avail. They continued searching the next day, but still came up empty handed. The Coast Guard belatedly joined the search on Tuesday, some three days after the men were reported missing, but ended that mission soon after stating that they ran out of gas. Ompertab’s wife Debbie said that the search is ongoing. They continue to search the foreshore and banks of the river in the event that the men might be stranded or would have washed up on the shore. They are also on the lookout for any wreckage of the missing boat. “They just can’t disappear like that,” the woman lamented. She is hoping that they might have drifted away to Suriname or somewhere else and would return soon. Although hopeful and

Mahendra Ompertab still praying to the almighty for the best, the families are slowly coming terms with the fact that anything could have happened. Ompertab is a father of three, while Madramootoo fathers two. The families are disappointed that no one from the government has contacted them so far and are wondering if the men’s disappearance is not of any significance. They were hoping that by now they would have heard from the government and are (Continued on page 6)

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Small miners promised level playing field at Pork Knocker’s Day

The Warishi race was one of the highlights of the programme. In good weather with brilliant sunshine Pork Knocker’s Day 2012 was launched in Region Seven with an impressive opening ceremony, during which Commissioner of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission Karen Livan reassured that the Commission wants equal opportunities for small and medium scale Miners. This is one of the vexing issues that has dominated discussions within the sector over the past few months. Small miners have been complaining that the administration has been implementing measures that could see them being put out of business in favour of large mining companies. Pock Knocker’s Day is designated to recognize the contributions of the small scale miners. Last Saturday’s program of activities started with the popular “Warashi

Race”, then the Takuba crossing competition, which was followed by the Batelling competition. Minister Robert Persaud in his remarks at the activity, said that plans are also on stream to effectively deal with all the issues affecting the small miners to make them completely comfortable in the Industry . He mentioned that the Government of Guyana will continue to put all systems in place to ensure that the efforts of the pioneers of the industry are nurtured and expanded. He reminded that the Mining Sector is vibrant and dynamic with the increased level of activities, and with the high Gold prices, contributions from the sector to the National Economy, would be significant. The Minister however pointed out that “our eyes” must not be taken off of

critical issues which are ably articulated currently on a united platform to be effectively addressed . He also called for a zero-tolerance approach on the issue of Trafficking in Persons. He implored miners to play their part in finding a permanent solution to this particular issue. He also then made mention that there has been a Cabinet collaboration that will soon result in the resurfacing of roads, especially in Bartica, which lead to the mining districts. There was a call for the establishment of a Pork Knocker Museum in Bartica to pay homage to the Pioneers of the Industry. (Edward A Persaud)

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Search for Research We have attempted over the years to encourage the practice of research at UG. But this orientation towards research must be inculcated long before the student hits university. In fact it must begin in the nursery schools and continue through the primary and secondary levels. Some may ask, what is so important about research? Research can be justified on several grounds that are common to the majority of scientific disciplines: research is an activity that adds to knowledge, which helps humankind and benefits the society at large; research is a vehicle that is vital for advancement of knowledge across scientific disciplines; research helps in solving persisting societal problems. But most importantly, what we hold is that research encourages a ‘show me’ attitude that facilitates informed decision-making. For our country to progress - by any measure that we may choose – economically, politically, socially etc., we as a people must move beyond dogmatic ‘beliefs’ by testing them for their validity. This can range from as to whether our people vote using ethnic or economic criteria or any combination or permutation of the same or whether we can produce rice that uses less fertilizer but need more growing time. If our people are inducted from childhood to conduct research to test their prejudices, nothing will be able to stop our progress. Research is any systematic inquiry towards the creation of a body of knowledge or addition to it. This definition establishes the focus of the research process as well as its essential ingredients: systematic inquiry and creation of knowledge. Scientific knowledge is typically classified under three heads: pure sciences, such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, etc; Applied Sciences, such as engineering, medicine, architecture, planning, surveying, etc; and social sciences, such as languages, religion, philosophy, history, ethics, etc. Even from nursery, our children can be taught the value of asking questions and encouraged to investigate for answers. Rote learning must be abandoned. Systematic inquiry refers to the essentials of conducting research. It is undertaken through a variety of formats and methodologies, depending on the objective and nature of the research. However, there are some common types of research processes that are usually applied either independently or in combination. Problem solving research focuses on the development of workable solutions to an identified problem. Research is needed to provide practical solutions to the majority of our daily life problems. Such research options need wider application to make them worth their discovery and development. For instance, housing for low-income groups is a pressing issue. Several projects, programmes and schemes have been initiated without catering to the plight of the needy. Many pressing problems related to our national life need solutions based on objective research. Choice of power source between hydro and wind; water logging and salinity in relation to the existing farm drainage techniques; desertification; low-cost but sustainable flood protection options; effective and sustainable methods of urban sewerage disposal and treatment; sustainable forestation; efforts to impart literacy and awareness; making development projects compatible to ecological considerations; minimising the resettlement impacts of transportation and power projects; regulating the informal economy; and providing social support to economically invalid social groups in the context of market economy are a few areas that require unabated research input for evolving workable solutions. The matter of establishing the significance of research in various scientific fields cannot be swept under the carpet for long. Academic research, which is the core area in this regard, needs to be strengthened on priority basis. The University of Guyana must interact with the foreign institutions to obtain feedback and support in their respective research exercises. Most importantly, UG’s research agendas must incorporate national priorities. Incentives must be ensured for the scholars engaged in serious and original research. Generous prizes for research work of substance can be a means of encouragement. Assessment of the same can be done through research participation assessment of the faculty and scholars, a standard exercise which is conducted in universities across the world. Until such measures are taken, despite its invaluable potential for national development, research shall remain an obscure entity.

Monday August 27, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

Amerindians should beware of what the PPP did in Linden DEAR EDITOR, The PPP is on the warpath of vindictiveness. Linden rejected the PPP in the November 2011 election. The vindictive PPP decided to punish Linden by raising electricity rates on a community with massive unemployment. Lindeners responded that they wanted a gradual increase in rates. The PPP refused. Then there was disaster when savage force was used against unarmed protesters. This is an omen for Amerindian communities. The PPP has politically trapped Amerindians within their own communities. It is almost like an Amerindian cannot take a bath without some influence, interference and manipulation by the hired political hacks of the PPP. Amerindians were used by the PPP to get its hands on the money from Norway. The returns to Amerindians have not only been marginal but have been dictated not by genuine Amerindian needs

including the need for greater autonomy and less governmental interference but by PPP politicians who decide what to dispense to Amerindians and only gives that which they feel is most politically beneficial to the PPP. The intent is to create a dependency syndrome, where a proud people who are immensely self-sufficient now have to grovel and beg in order to survive. It is no wonder Amerindians are leaving their ancestral lands in droves to escape this new enslavement. They have been enslaved for far too long by invaders. The PPP believes that giving trinkets to Amerindians will allow it to psychologically control these proud people. It backfired in the last election and will backfire even more spectacularly in any snap poll the PPP calls. The PPP tried to use the Linden protests to drive a wedge between Amerindians and the opposition. Amerindians know better.

They have tuned out the PPP a long time now. They know that Linden is a template of what the PPP will do to them. Amerindians know the reason why the PPP folded on Linden and know its capitulation came because it was vindictive, intellectually shallow, arrogant and wrong. The PPP’s cruelty and arrogance on Linden, and not Lindeners standing up for their rights, caused hardships for Amerindians when their communities were cut off during the protest. Amerindians must take heed for there are troubling winds blowing into their heartland. Right now, there is an agenda to take their lands. This is a grave threat to Amerindians. Amerindians will be given token gifts of trinkets like outboard engines to distract them from the aspersion of their lands and the rich minerals under it. The wealth in Amerindian lands is enough to buy all the outboard engines and solar

panels and the other trinkets in the world. It is the ticket to Amerindian prosperity. The way Lindeners fought for their right to theirs should be a wakeup call to the Amerindian people. It should be an inspiration. This band of bandits controlling the PPP want Amerindians to return to their corrupt and disreputable party because they want to call a snap election to gain maximum power to slash and burn this country. Amerindians cannot allow this to occur. They cannot be used in this fashion. Take the trinkets and still reject the crooks and charlatans. Continue to reject the PPP at the polls. Giving the PPP your votes will be equivalent to giving away your lands. Linden is a template of how a marginalised, dominated and disregarded community can resist and win against corrupt and indecent government. Amerindians should take heed. M. Maxwell

DEAR EDITOR, Another daylight robbery was committed on another business during last week and based on what was reported in the newspaper, the surveillance footage from the building’s security camera was not able to identify the criminals so that they could be persecuted. For as long as I could remember, a lot of places that have security cameras have been subjected to some sort of criminal activity, either murder, robbery, arson, kidnapping etc., and in most cases and like the recent, the quality of the footage could not enable the criminals to be identify. Now, I have been to numerous places for different reasons and see most of them has signs warning people that there are surveillance cameras present on the building (mostly in stores to target shoplifters), which to my understanding would deter someone from committing a criminal act or make the criminal use preventative measures to avoid being capture on the surveillance camera, because he/she have been notify in advance. The cameras might be successful but in more serious crimes they have not and I believe that those installing the cameras have no knowledge of what they are

doing. Mr. Editor, it doesn’t matter how you twist and turn it, the cameras are called security cameras because that is what they are built for and cheap or expensive, the all are expected to work, but those installing them really need some training for that process. When you go anywhere that have the cameras install, you would be able to see the

cameras, the monitors showing where all the cameras is pointing and if you look carefully sometimes you see the recorder. Now that is a big mistake, they all should be conceal so that if a criminal go before to survey the place, they will not be able to know where the cameras is so that the could know where to avoid or go to collect the recording when

they decided to commit a crime. The most serious lapse is that most of the cameras always point to the doorways and any camera person would tell you that anytime you point a camera towards a doorway from inside a building, don’t matter how expensive the camera is, you cannot get a proper Continued on page 5

Did the security cameras in Parliament Building record the attack on Freddie?

A caution to Freddie Kissoon DEAR EDITOR, A long time ago, when Adam Harris and Freddie Kissoon were engaged in a war of words in the newspapers, I wrote a letter imploring that they both use the great gifts that were given to them to educate the Guyanese people, instead of wasting it castigating each other. If I remember correctly, I told them that I was referring to the gift that was mightier than the sword. The heights to which both of these gentlemen have utilized their writing abilities, albeit in different directions, have left many Guyanese very proud of them. Mr. Editor, I am writing this time to implore Freddie to wake up and smell the coffee. His denial to himself, the Guyanese population, and especially the people

who are trying to hurt him that he is not the greatest threat to the corrupt PPP government, will and is not fooling anyone. Freddie Kissoon is the GREATEST threat to an uncivilized government, which has succeeded in getting strong, brave men to do their dirty work for them. Freddie is in a really unenviable situation. He has to recognize that the opposition parties, just like his competitors in the journalism field, are not going to protect him. Hey, he is stealing their thunder! In truth, it is Freddie’s thunder. The only thing he should expect from the opposition, in the event of an untimely demise, is their capitalization on events and made into a hero posthumously! I sincerely believe that Freddie has single handedly

revitalized the opposition into a moral crusade against a nasty set of people, many of whom I know personally since the Burnham days, and in my wildest dreams could not have anticipated their actions today. How power corrupts! Mr. Editor, the attacks on Freddie are getting progressively bolder and his assertion that he is normally very careful is woefully misguided. Maybe he has a martyr’s complex, maybe he has a copycat complex (read Walter Rodney) or maybe in his heart he feels that his enemies are not as cruel, heartless, brave, take your pick, as those who assassinated Rodney. In the last one, he is DEAD wrong. Take it from someone who grew up in Enmore. Sultan Sattar

Monday August 27, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters... Where your views make the news

President Ramotar: Please justify your nation’s UN Vote on Syria DEAR EDITOR, In Politics and International Relations, not all decision-making falls easily into Black or White areas (Right or Wrong), so the analysts and pundits create another area - the grey area. Sometimes governments choose to make decisions that they think are prudent and practical and that will benefit their people in the short run at least, if not in the long run. To h e l l w i t h t h e morality or immorality of the decision, they argue, so long as their country can benefit by this particular vote. So what does Guyana hope to benefit by choosing to vote with the hard-core block (Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran)? More loans and grants from China and Russia, free or subsidized oil from Venezuela, more doctors trained in Cuba? I worry more that Guyana’s vote (I deem the affirmative or abstention vote to be the same in effect or impact) is rooted in an ideology, namely, that all of Guyana’s political values, democratic values, free speech, free assembly etc are becoming more or less the same and merging with those of Russia’s and China’s and Venezuela’s, Iran’s and Cuba’s. In the Syria Case, however there is no room for grey area; everything is either black or white. Assad believes his family has a divine right to rule. The Syrian people, inspired and emboldened by events of the Arab Spring decided to rise up. Assad will have none of it

- he has firmly decided to declare war on h i s o w n people - and deployed tanks, gunships and heavy artillery to literally mow down his people by the thousands. Already 25,000 have been slaughtered, one million have fled across the borders. President Ramotar surrounded by his advisors (including the architect of this policy prochancellor Prem Misir) decided the Syrian people have no right to rise up, or decided they found a good excuse: Ah! America and European nations are helping the people with arms. So both sides are armed, therefore both sides are to be blamed. Both sides committed atrocities. Thus reasoned, president R a m o t a r ’s ideological hatred for America and Europe led him naturally to vote with the other camp. President Ramotar ’s UN vote has turned the reality of the Syrian uprising on its head. Which occurred first? Did Assad declare war on his people first, and only after Western group of nations fail to get Russia’s and C h i n a ’s s u p p o r t f o r m e d i a t i o n a n d A s s a d ’s departure – only then, they began providing su pport for the people’s resistance to sort of level the playing field? Ramotar’s decision on this matter has been drained of all morality and truth-telling and sound judgment. Half-a-million Guyanese people live in the United States. You would think Guyana as a democratic nation would naturally belong with the

democratic camp. Not so. Ramotar is driven more by ideology. And, the fact that Guyana appears to be a democracy might be all a mirage. Ramotar’s vote at the UN (not Guyana’s, but Ramotar’s) is an affront to all decent, democraticminded Guyanese people both at home and abroad. The way president Ramotar voted is not totally unexpected - he feels obligated to follow J a g d e o ’s l i n e . ( R e c a l l Jagdeo travelled half-way around the world to Tehran - to do what? - to make common cause with Iran’s leaders who had just stolen an election - and were slaughtering the Iranian people who were on the streets daily protesting the stolen elections. Does Jagdeo really believe in the right to protest stolen elections?) President Ramotar ’s vote at the UN on the Syrian resolution is tantamount to an assault on the sensibilities of freedom-loving Guyanese people. It is at once a betrayal of the values of the Guyanese people. G u y a n a ’s c r o p o f current leaders have no shame. Guyana’s leaders benefitted from our long struggle for free and fair elections (thanks to We s t e r n N a t i o n s w h o supported that struggle); yet when the people of Syria rose up to fight and d i e f o r d e m o c r a c y, Guyana’s leaders chose firmly to side with dictator and divine ruler Assad. If this is not an eye-pass of the Guyanese people, I don’t know what else is. Mike Persaud

Rohee will be in a conflict of interest position during the Linden Commission of Inquiry

DEAR EDITOR, The International Committee in Continuing Defence of Linden has noted with relief but concern the announcement of a Commission of Inquiry into the July 18th protest killings in Linden. A main concern is the lingering presence of the Minister of Home Affairs in his Ministry after a vote of no confidence in his handling of affairs by the elected House. It is an official vote of no confidence in spite of the fact that it was opposed by the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), the Minister’s party. The fact that the Minister has stayed in office and has not been relieved by the President means that the public and the freedom loving world cannot rely on the PPP/

C to follow democratic conventions. Importantly, as Minister of Home Affairs during the Commission of Inquiry into the July 18th shootings, Mr Rohee will be entangled in a conflict of interest affecting the right to life of the people killed and the safety of those injured. Another concern is that the process of selection of the independent counsel for the Commission who will presumably lead the evidence to be placed before the Commission, has not been made public. This is a key prerequisite for ensuring that there is public confidence in the official Inquiry. The Government and the Ministry of Home Affairs (irrespective of which party nominee holds the portfolio)

are central actors whose conduct and policy in this matter are going to be a focus of the inquiry. Their role should merely be to provide all the facilities for the full functioning of the Commission. They are in a sense ‘suspects’ who cannot be fitted in any role of assembling of evidence to be laid before the Commission. The independent counsel for the Commission must therefore not only be acceptable to all sides, but must have total access to all personnel and records in all the relevant departments and thereby bypass prejudicial and obstructionist activity. Nigel Westmaas (Coordinator) International Committee in Continuing Defence of Linden

Did the security cameras in.... From page 4 footage because the backlight will always be the focus of the camera and it will burn/blur any image, so there will never be any proper footage. It is always better to point the camera inside the store (lights behind the camera point the same direction with the camera help enhance the footage) for those who exiting or let the camera are outside with the bright lights so that it will not have to do any focusing since most of the cameras are on auto focus.

Finally Mr. Editor, it is regrettably to hear that Mr. Freddie Kisson has been assaulted once again and this time it is by the Parliament Building. I don’t know the exact location he was but I know for a fact that there are security cameras in Parliament Building pointing all over and some pointing outside and always wonder if they are working. Now would be a good time to test that out or hear what excuse they have if the tapes have not

been destroy or alter if the cameras are working. They should request to see the footages of the night that the incident occur and perhaps get an image of the person or the vehicle, since it was circling the area more that once the said night if the cameras are being recorded. Sahadeo Bates

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Market vendor killed in M’cony hit and run accident Police at Mahaica on the East Coast of Demerara have detained a truck driver after fragments of an exterior light that was recovered from the scene of a fatal hit and run accident matched perfectly with the broken light signal on his vehicle. The truck was located at de Hoop, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara several hours after it struck down market vendor Benjamin, called ‘Tickle’ 43 on the Mahaicony Public Road some eight miles away. According to reports, Benjamin, of Supply, Mahaica, was about to go into his car when the speeding truck which was heading in a westerly direction slammed into him, killing him instantly. Police in a press release stated that they are investigating a fatal accident that occurred at about 22:15 hours on Saturday, on the Bath Village Public Road, Mahaicony, which resulted in Benjamin’s death. The police said that their investigations have so far revealed that the driver of motor lorry GJJ 7722 was allegedly proceeding along the roadway at a fast rate

Dead: Benjamin called ‘Tickle’ when he lost control of the vehicle and struck down the pedestrian after colliding with two parked motor cars. Benjamin’s wife Jasmattie recalled that the tragic death of her husband occurred “in front of my one eyes”. The woman related that she and her husband were about to leave the wedding reception of one of her relatives at Mahaicony when their plans for the rest of the night were brutally shattered. According to the woman, as they were leaving, her husband ran into an old

Fishermen missing... (From page 3) also hoping that the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy would visit them, but to date they have been disappointed. The fishermen’s wives are pleading for monetary assistance from the government to find the men and to send their children to school. The relatives said that to date they have not purchased anything for school and do not know how they will make out since the men were the breadwinners of their families.

friend who he had not seen for years. She said that her husband’s car was parked outside the wedding house on the opposite side of the road and he had packed some beers inside. “He say he was going to get a beer for his friend in the car which was over the road. He told me to wait on the other side of the road while he went to get the beer. He cross the road good but he stop to talk to some boys but he was in the corner,” Jasmattie Benjamin recalled. “I don’t know, dis truck come from nowhere and hit him. All I hear de impact when he head knock pon de road, it go off hard. When I turn fuh look, de vehicle gone. All I see is me husband shirt and I recognize it and I run and start holler,” the woman added. Although several persons were on the road way, no one really managed to get a positive identification of the truck that struck down Benjamin. In fact they initially gave police the description of another truck, which belonged to a Mahaica fish vendor. Police impounded that truck and arrested the driver only to realize later that he was the wrong man. This was after they had managed to recover a piece of glass from the scene of the accident which they were able to positively match to another truck. They were further convinced when they found what appeared to be bloodstains on the vehicle. According to reports police arrested the owner after they could not locate the driver. The owner told police that following the accident the driver quietly parked the truck in his yard and disappeared. However, this newspaper was reliably informed that the driver was subsequently arrested late yesterday afternoon.

Monday August 27, 2012

Father of deceased testifies in school boy fatal stabbing PI The Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into the death of 17-yearold Anfernee Bowman continued in a somber atmosphere last Wednesday at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, when the deceased’s father took the witness box to testify. The young Bowman was stabbed to death during a fight with another student Samuel Cornelius outside the private lessons he attended on Aubrey Barker Road, South Ruimveldt. Gary Bowman gave the court evidence in relation to news he received about his son. He said what he did while at the Georgetown Public Hospital awaiting news of his son’s condition. Bowman also testified about alleged violent marks seen on his son’s body. He further stated what he was told by doctors who attended to his son. It was very difficult for the father to relate the happenings following his son’s death as he fought hard

to hold back tears, sniffing regularly. The dead youth’s grandmother, however, lost it in court; she broke down and wept throughout her son’s testimony, while being comforted by another relative. The dead teen’s father related to the court the events of his son’s burial and was allowed to leave the witness box with instructions to return later to be cross-examined by the attorney for the accused Mark Waldron who was absent from court. His client, when asked if he wanted to cross examine the witness, opted to leave all the questioning to his Counsel. Joseph Cornelius, father of the accused was next in the witness box. He told the court about the events that took place while his son was being detained at the East La Penitence Police Station. The man spoke about alleged statements which his son

gave in his presence and what was subsequently done with the said statements. Cornelius was also asked to leave the witness box with instructions to return for cross-examination. His son again requested to have his lawyer deal with cross examination. Both men were the only prosecution witnesses for the day. The PI will continue on August 30. Late February this year, Anfernee Bowman and Samuel Cornelius were engaged in a fight which led to the stabbing death of Bowman. It was alleged that the young men had the confrontation over a female student. During the fight, Cornelius reportedly got stabbed in the arm while Bowman was reportedly stabbed in the chest and abdomen area. An eyewitness said the dead teen was seen chasing his attacker with a knife just before he collapsed on the roadway.

Essequibo celebrates its latest centenarian Ramjohn Mohamed Khan A grand celebration was held last Saturday at Aurora on the Essequibo Coast, in observance of the 100th birth anniversary of Essequibo’s newest centenarian Ramjohn Mohamed Khan. Khan, a staunch Muslim, reached 100 years old on August 16th and his immediate family members held a religious celebration at his Aurora residence a week later. Scores of Essequibians attended. Religious songs and the reading of verses from the Holy Quoran were recited by Khan’s immediate family. Khan, who is in relatively good health, also sang and recited verses. The centenarian, who served as an Imaam for 43 years, was born at Aurora Estate. His parents were Faqueerbuksh Mohamed

Khan and Bibi Woulfath. Khan’s father, an indentured labourer came to British Guiana, in 1898 and worked in the rice fields of Essequibo. One of Khan’s sons, Farouk, informed the gathering that his dad attended the Aurora Church of Scotland for four years of his life and also the Kitty and Christ Church Schools for a few months. At age 12, Khan worked on plantation Sophia with older men to assist in taking care of his younger siblings. At 24 years old Khan married his second wife, Mabel Khan, also known as Betty. That marriage produced 12 children, to add to the two from the previous one. The respected Imaam informed that he speaks fluent Urdu, Hindi and English. He can read Arabic too. On any given day, Khan reads the Holy Quoran at least once. He has a sharp memory and at 100 years old he remembers a lot of events that unfolded during his lifetime. “It is better to live than to die, no matter what may be your condition you still have

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

Centenarian Ramjohn Mohamed Khan a chance to worship your Creator and ask for forgiveness.” At his age, Khan still weeds and sweeps the yard whenever he feels he is strong enough to do so. Khan, who believes in adequate rest and in eating the right food, eats only small portions. He eats lots of green vegetables which are grown on cow manure and eats meat in small quantities. “His desire is to live many more years and he prays everyday for long life,” said his son. The centenarian, who also resided in Canada, is the recipient of awards from the legislators of the provincial Parliament of Ontario, Canada for being a Canadian citizen who attained the age of 100 and was recognised too by Ms. Roxanne James (MP) and also from the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Monday August 27, 2012

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Iran opens nonaligned summit with nuclear appeals TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran opened a world gathering of self-described nonaligned nations yesterday with a slap at the U.N. Security Council and an appeal to rid the world of nuclear weapons, even as Tehran faces Western suspicions that it is seeking its own atomic bombs. Iran seeks to use the weeklong gathering — capped by a two-day summit of Non-Aligned Movement leaders — as a showcase of its global ties and efforts to challenge the influence of the West and its allies. Among those expected to attend include U.N. SecretaryGeneral Ban Ki-moon and the prime minister of India, Manmohan Singh, whose nation remains an important Iranian oil customer as Tehran battles Western sanctions over its nuclear programme. The 120-nation NonAligned Movement, a holdover from the Cold War’s pull between East and West, is also seen by Iran and others as an alternative forum for current world discussions. Iran says it plans talks on a peace plan to end Syria’s civil war, but no rebel factions will

Ali Akbar Salehi attend because of Tehran’s close bonds with Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime. Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi opened the gathering by noting commitment to a previous goal from the nonaligned group, known as NAM, to remove the world’s nuclear arsenals within 13 years. “We believe that the timetable for ultimate removal of nuclear weapons by 2025, which was proposed by NAM, will only be realized if we follow it up decisively,” he told delegates.

Germany wants EU convention to forge new treaty BERLIN (Reuters) German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants an EU ‘convention’ to draw up a new treaty for closer European political unification to help overcome the bloc’s sovereign debt crisis, weekly Der Spiegel said yesterday. Germany, the European Union’s biggest economy, has long argued for more national competences, including over budgets, to be transferred to European institutions but faces strong resistance from other member states. Merkel hopes a summit of EU leaders in December can agree a concrete date for the start of the convention on a new treaty, Spiegel said. The idea, which Spiegel said Merkel’s European affairs adviser floated at meetings in Brussels, recalls the 100-plus strong convention of EU lawmakers set up in 2001 inspired by the Philadelphia Convention that led to the adoption of the U.S. federal constitution - charged with the task of preparing a European constitution. The charter that finally emerged was rejected by French and Dutch voters in 2005 and it became instead the basis of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty which is still in force today. Many member states, recalling the lengthy disputes

Angela Merkel and setbacks that preceded the Lisbon treaty’s entry into force, are reluctant to embark on another prolonged process of institutional reform. Some countries such as Ireland would have to hold a referendum on any new treaty and the process would increase pressure in Britain where opposition to closer EU political union runs high for a complete withdrawal from the EU. However, Germany believes a much closer fiscal and political union - with EU oversight of national budgets - is needed to ensure that member states get their public finances fully in order and to restore stability to the euro currency.

Iran insists it does not seek nuclear weapons. The U.S. and allies suspect that Tehran’s uranium enrichment could eventually lead to warhead-level material. They have imposed ever-tighter sanctions on Iran’s banking and oil exports in attempt to wring concessions. Israel has said that it would consider military options if diplomacy and economic pressures fail to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Salehi criticized Israel for remaining outside the U.N. main treaty governing the spread of nuclear technology. Israel refused to discuss the full range of its military capabilities, but it is widely believed to have a nuclear arsenal. Iran ally North Korea has withdrawn from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. North Korean Foreign Minister Pak Ui Chun arrived in Tehran yesterday to attend the meetings. Outside the meeting site, Iran displayed three cars damaged by bomb blasts that Iran has blamed on agents from Britain, the U.S. and Britain. At least five members of Iranian scientific community, including nuclear experts, have been killed since early 2010 as part of a suspected covert war with its main foes. Iran and proxies, in turn, have been linked by investigators to a series of attacks and plots on Israeli targets around the world. Salehi also complained about the perception of the “falling” clout of the U.N.’s general membership at the expense of the “rising power of the U.N. Security Council,” led by permanent members U.S., Britain, France, Russia and China. “Creating a more democratic Security Council should be considered an important part of U.N. reforms,” Salehi told the gathering.

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Assad’s forces accused of massacre near Syrian capital

This citizen journalism image provided by Shaam News Network SNN, taken yesterday, purports to show people killed by shabiha, pro-government militiamen. (AP Photo/Shaam News Network, SNN) ALEPPO, Syria (Reuters) - Syrian opposition activists accused President Bashar al-Assad’s army of massacring hundreds of people in a town close to the capital that government forces recaptured from rebels. About 320 bodies, including women and children, were found in houses and basements in the town of Daraya, southwest of Damascus, according to activists who said yesterday most had been killed “execution-style” by troops. Activists uploaded several videos to the Internet showing rows of bloodied bodies wrapped in sheets. Most of the dead appeared to be young men of fighting age, but at least one video showed several children who appeared to have been shot in the head. The body of one toddler was soaked in blood. Due to restrictions on

non-state media in Syria, it was impossible to verify the accounts independently. Clashes are raging across Syria as the 17-month-old rebellion grows increasingly bloody, particularly in the northern city of Aleppo, where the army and rebels appear stuck in a war of attrition. Fighting in Aleppo yesterday was the heaviest in the past week, according to Reuters journalists on the ground. Fighter jets dropped bombs and fired missiles on rebel-held districts in the south of Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, as residents fled in panic. Reuters journalists there heard heavy explosions as clouds of black smoke rose a mile into the air. Rebels say they control at least half the city of 2.5 million, but their hold is fragile as long as Assad’s forces can unleash

their air power against fighters who are comparatively lightly armed. The uprising, which began as peaceful protests, has become a brutal civil war. United Nations investigators have accused both sides of war crimes but laid more blame on government troops and pro-government militia than on the rebels. At least eight people were killed and dozens wounded last night when security forces shelled the southern town of Basra al-Sham in Deraa province, with the death toll likely to rise as many of the wounds were severe. In Damascus, government helicopters hovered near the main Abbaside Square yesterday and fired rockets and machineguns at eastern residential neighbourhoods where rebels continued guerrilla attacks against loyalists, residents said.

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Jamaica optimistic about PetroCaribe arrangement Jamaica Gleaner Chairman of the PetroCaribe Development Fund, Dr Wesley Hughes, is expressing optimism about the future business relationship between Jamaica and Venezuela despite talks that the oil-rich country is looking to abandon the PetroCaribe agreement. Hughes, who was guest at a Gleaner Editors’ Forum last week, said should the agreement come to an end, it is almost inevitable that Jamaica and Venezuela would sign on to a new one. He says while the agreement might take a

Dr Wesley Hughes different form, he is confident the mutual interest of both countries will see some arrangement being put in

place. Venezuela’s Opposition Leader Henrique Capriles who is seeking to unseat President, Hugo Chàvez, has expressed plans to scrap the PetroCaribe agreement should he come out victorious at the polls on October 7. Under the PetroCaribe agreement, the Venezuelan government allows Jamaica and other select Caribbean countries to purchase oil and only a certain percentage of the money is required upfront. The remaining percentage is paid over time under a special financing agreement.

Monday August 27, 2012

Haiti: Seven dead from Isaac PORTAU PRINCE, Haiti - CMC - The death toll in Haiti following the passage of Tropical Storm Issac has risen to seven. According to reports from Haiti’s Civil Protection Office yesterday the number of people who died is now up to seven after an initial report of four. The centre of Tropical Storm Isaac passed Haiti’s southern peninsula early Saturday and caused flooding in sections of the country where thousands still live in tents following the devastating earthquake that rocked the French speaking nation two years ago. Haitian radio reported

that the worst damage was in the country’s southeast where Isaac made landfall. In the city of Jacmel, on the south coast, the storm damaged houses and knocked out power. The Mayor of Jacmel, Hugues Paul confirmed at least one death on the outskirts of his city. After hitting Haiti, Isaac skirted eastern and central Cuba. Cuban officials reported some storm surge and flooding from rain in the far eastern part of the country, and about 200 people were said to be in shelters in the town of Baracoa. In Jamaica, several motorists who were trapped

in the Bog Walk Gorge in the central parish of St Catherine early Sunday have been rescued. Four vehicles carrying nine persons were trapped this morning after heavy and persistent rainfall, associated with the close passage of Tropical storm Issac, caused the Rio Cobre to overflow its banks. Those stranded were eventually rescued by police and fire personnel. The Gorge is now closed until further notice. The road that runs through the gorge is one of the first roads to be built in Jamaica and is the main road linking the north and south coasts of the island.

Cave Hill Campus of UWI unease Venezuela’s biggest refinery to Barbados Nation Hundreds of Barbadians offered a place at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI) are facing the prospects of having that offer rescinded in the wake of dire financial developments at the

university, which senior sources there describe as “the campus’ worst nightmare”. According to the top level sources, who only spoke on condition of anonymity, the jobs of hundreds of employees at the campus might also be in

jeopardy after Government’s level of indebtedness to the institution rose to over $150 million recently and campus officials were told the debt would be settled through a four-year repayment plan of $40 million annually, starting in July next year. The Sunday Sun has learnt that the university recently received a letter from the Ministry of Finance acknowledging the amount owed and setting out the repayment schedule on behalf of the Government. But UWI ’s legal advisers have cautioned that the letter, because of its origin, might not be binding on a returning or new administration.

restart in two days after fire

PARAGUANA, Venezuela (Reuters) Venezuela’s biggest refinery is on track to restart within two days, the e n e r g y minister said yesterday, following an explosion on Saturday that killed 41 people in one of the global oil industry’s deadliest accidents. Energy Minister Rafael Ramirez said the fire resulting from the blast was contained in two storage tanks, reiterating that no production

units had been affected by Saturday’s pre-dawn disaster at the 645,000-barrel-per-day (bpd) Amuay refinery, which sits on a peninsula in the Caribbean in western Venezuela. Yesterday, the skeletal remains of a National Guard barracks destroyed in the blast sagged amid broken concrete and rubble, to a backdrop of flames and huge plumes of smoke coming from the two burning tanks. The explosion caused by

a gas leak flattened some homes in the immediate vicinity, some of which were located just across the street from the refinery’s fence. Puddles of petroleum mixed with water littered nearby roads. The victims from Saturday included 18 National Guard troops and 15 civilians; six remain unidentified. Yesterday, two of the dozens of people wounded died in the hospital, a National Guard general told local media.

Political indiscretion leads to diplomat recall PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – CMC - Foreign Minister Winston Dookeran says “political indiscretion” played a role in the decision of the Trinidad and Tobago government to recall its Geneva-based ambassador to the United Nations, Therese Baptiste-Cornelis, a few weeks after she made

controversial statements during a lecture on cultural diversity. “It was a general feeling that there was some act of political indiscretion as an ambassador to make such a statement,” Dookeran said Saturday in his first public comment on the controversy that erupted here earlier this

Therese BaptisteCornelis month after Baptiste-Cornelis speech was posted on the social website “Your Tube”. The lecture resulted in a storm of criticism for the government after the former health minister spoke on a number of issues including how she met her husband on the internet and her relationship with Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar.

Monday August 27, 2012

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The location of the synthetic athletic track An all weather track is a necessary but by no means a sufficient condition to ensure the international success of local athletes. Trinidad and Tobago has had synthetic tracks since the late 1970’s. They have however only produced a handful of international track and field stars. As such, more than a track is needed. A tradition in athletics is needed. Improved training is needed. Unfortunately this cannot be found in Guyana, no matter how much we may want to believe that we have the sort of coaches to work miracles. Guyanese athletes need international exposure. Having them remain in Guyana will only stifle their talents. There is insufficient competition and inadequate

facilities to allow an athlete based here fulltime to make the international grade. We have to identify those with talent and send them abroad to hone their skills. This is a simple as it gets. Guyana’s two most outstanding track and field stars, James Wren Gilkes and June Griffith, both made it to the top of the athletics world because they went abroad. As such, the construction of a synthetic track must not be seen as a panacea to our failures to win an Olympic track and field medal. However, with a synthetic track we can allow our athletes the opportunity to train on a surface that matches what they will have to compete on internationally. This will allow those with potential to develop and be

spotted more quickly. Without the track, we would not be able to do these things and this is why it is so important to have such a surface established in Guyana, whether it is located in the Rupununi or in Georgetown. The Government of Guyana has done what was promised to our athletes for decades. It has begun construction of an allweather synthetic track which can but only boost athletic prowess in Guyana and help identify those for further training. Our athletes will now be given that opportunity that was promised to them since the 1970’s but which they never saw. It is also likely that having built such a track, that the government will also

Paramakatoi Secondary School overcrowded …in no condition to reopen - teacher

With one more week left before the start of a new school term, some schools are not in any condition to continue classes much less accept new students, since it may prove to be more risky than helpful for children. For the past few weeks, there have been growing complaints about the dreadful conditions at the Paramakatoi Secondary School. Paramakatoi is the largest Amerindian community in the Potaro- Siparuni Region of Guyana.

Residents are claiming that the children have been studying in an overcrowded school since the year 2005. It is claimed that the “overcrowded school” may be one of the major reasons why the children have not being performing well at the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) for the past few years. A Mahdia teacher, Edward, (only name given) told this publication that he visited the school before it closed for the August holiday. He said that about 35 to 40

students were being placed in one class and they are “flocked” together. “All the classes are packed with children and they are clustered and there is no fan, so during the day, the place is hot, hot,” the teacher said. He said that the Science lab is now converted into a classroom, and the subject was omitted from their timetable. Kaieteur News tried to contact the Regional Education Officer (REO) for a comment but all the calls went unanswered.

have an idea of what are the next steps that have to be taken. We seem to have a problem though. Every time, the government does something good, every time they build something to benefit the people, there are naysayers who come out of the woodwork with criticisms. The latest criticism concerns the location of the synthetic athletic track. This is a moot point and has been addressed before. In identifying the location for the athletic track, a number of specifications had to be fulfilled. First, there has to be adequate land space. Most of the grounds in Guyana are small and cannot accommodate a facility of this nature. Secondly, the facility would need to be fenced and with suitable seating facilities for when there is an athletic meeting. You cannot spend hundreds of millions of dollars on such a track and not have it secure. As such a

fenced facility is needed as well as one that could eventually be upgraded to a fulltime athletic stadium to accommodate spectators. This immediately rules out Durban Park. The land there is not enclosed nor is there seating. In addition, the land there is in a basin and it would take tens of millions to sand-fill that location and many further years for the land to settle before a track could be laid there. Guyana does not have the liberty of time. If we want to produce that Olympic champion in the next ten years, the track has to be built now. Thirdly, most of the grounds that could have been used for such a facility are privately owned. The government, for example, tried to obtain the former Georgetown Cricket Club Ground to construct an athletic facility. But they were unsuccessful. Moving towards compulsory acquisition would have been

resisted and led to lengthy legal proceedings. As such the government had no choice but to go to the present location which has the space and which can over time, be developed into a track and field stadium. Those who are critical of the government’s decision to locate the synthetic track in West Demerara may not be totally oblivious to these considerations as they have us believe. The real objection may be based on the fact that the track should have been located in the city. But development, including sporting development, cannot be about one area alone. It has to be nationwide and in this regard it is a good that West Demerara will have an international facility. But perhaps, the Albion Sports Complex may have been a better location.

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Inter- Guiana Festival deemed “successful”

Monday August 27, 2012

HIV drug resistance is present but can be managed - WHO - eight million people are now taking ARVs in low and middle income countries

Surinamese participants at the cultural show As Guyana closed the curtains on what was considered “a successful staging of the second annual Inter -Guiana festival yesterday, Lance Canterbury an organizer of the event stated that crowd participation was more than anticipated. Canterbury noted that the public response to the activities of the closing ceremony was indeed “satisfactory despite (low turnout at) the other events.” Earlier in the day, a book

caravan was on display while culinary arts from French Guiana, Guyana and Suriname were also exhibited. Later in the afternoon a cultural show was held to showcase a combination of the drumming and other cultural pieces of performances from all three countries. Attendees were intrigued by the craft, paintings, drawings, fashion, music and dance from these diverse countries. This year’s festival was hosted under, the theme

We are life savers, you should be one too! Donate blood today!!!

“Celebrating our culture bridging our friendship.” The initiative was brought about to identify a common history in relation to fostering unity among the three countries through interactive sessions and workshops. The festival which was initiated a year ago in Suriname aimed to showcase the dynamic and intricate cultures of French Guiana, Suriname and Guyana. Suriname was represented by a 50-member delegation while French Guiana had more than 40 participants. The next annual Inter- Guiana festival will be held in French Guiana.

Increased use of HIV treatment known as antiretrovirals (ARVs) in low and middle-income countries has resulted in resistance to some forms of treatment, but not to the extent seen when HIV medication was first introduced in high-income countries in the 1990s, according to a new report from the WHO. Some eight million people are now taking ARVs in low and middle-income countries, up from 400,000 in 2003. By 2010, the amount of HIV that was resistant to ARVs among people initiating treatment in the areas surveyed for the report, stood at 6.8%. Over a similar period of time after introducing ARVs in high income countries, slightly higher rates of drug resistance, between eight to 14 percent, depending on the region, were being reported. A number of factors have helped to keep down levels of drug resistance in low and middle-income countries. These include good programme management and the use of simpler, more effective combinations of anti-retrovirals than those originally introduced in highincome countries in the 1990s. “Simpler regimens using fixed-dose combinations have made it much easier for people to adhere to antiretroviral treatment, limiting the spread of drug resistance in recent years.

HIV medications This is good news for public health,” says Dr. Gottfried Hirnschall, Director of WHO’s HIV department. “Our task now is to ensure that drug resistance remains limited and manageable.” Some degree of HIV drug resistance is generally expected to occur due to natural mutations in the virus; but most cases of drug resistance are caused by preventable factors such as treatment interruptions and patients taking medicines incorrectly. “We need to make sure that people get the right medicines and that they stick to their treatment. This includes making sure that the drugs are easy to take, the supply is reliable, and that patients are followed closely to identify cases of treatment failure at an early stage,” says Dr. Joseph Perrïens, of

WHO’s HIV Department. Surveys in 12 low and middle-income countries show that many health facilities currently lose contact with significant proportions (up to 38%) of people who start taking antiretrovirals. Loss of contact poses a serious threat to the control of drug resistance as most of these people interrupt or completely stop treatment. This not only means that they are themselves more likely to become sick, it also increases the likelihood that drug resistance will emerge and the resistant virus could be transmitted to others. The surveys also highlight the need for stronger tracing and routine surveillance of HIV drug resistance in low and middleincome countries to alert programme planners to (Continued on page 18)

Monday August 27, 2012

“The fault is not in our stars but in ourselves.” This is what Cassius of the “lean and hungry look”, a gentleman that Julius Caesar said “thinks too much”, said to his partner in crime Brutus. I would hope so although rocker Frank Zappa provided a semblance of hope for the defence when he named his firstborn daughter, “Moon Unit.” But then he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt (as the lawyers say) that the stars, moon and planets were innocent of undue influence when he gave his other children even more outlandish names. As Britain’s “Independent”

Kaieteur News

newspaper said, “When Frank asked his 12-year-old daughter whether she would like a diaphragm and her own flat to have sex with boys, it was just one more unconventional moment for a child named after an astronomical measurement.” The Independent added, “Moon Unit, along with her fellow siblings Ahmet Emuuka Rodan, Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen and Dweezil, was one of the first in the modern era to shoulder the burden of their rock star parents’ taste in outlandish monikers. She is also one of the few who has spoken freely about what she sees as the

damaging effects of an alternative 1970s upbringing ranging from a strange name to the freedom to do anything she wished.” It is possible that Zappa had an excuse – he was the leader of a band called “Mothers Of Invention”. What excuse did David Bowie have for naming his son “Zowie Bowie”? In fact, Bowie’s last name was Jones – he was born David Robert Jones. He then became “Ziggy Stardust” and later “David Bowie”. He named his son “Zowie” because it was Bowie’s interpretation of the male version of the Greek word for life (Zoe). While attending

Workers duped, threatened with death for leaving logging camp Four men who had sought employment with a logging concern are claiming that they were tricked and almost used as slaves when they ventured into the interior to work. The men Nick Sooraj, 18, of Diamond East Bank Demerara, Sheriff Kahn 23, Reaz Ali 23 and Surendra Persaud 51, all of Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo claimed that they had to flee the interior after their employer threatened to kill them. They are alleging that the employer made false accusations of theft against them and is using ranks of the Leonora Police Station to harass their families for money. The workers related that two Saturdays ago, they were contacted by the employer (name given) to work as loggers at Itaballi Sand Road, Essequibo. Persaud, the eldest of the four men said that they were given an advance of $20,000 to get to the location but although they had enquired, no work contracts were provided by the employer. He informed that they were assured by the employer that the necessary equipment, food items and a cook would be available to them. Persaud continued that three days after the arrangements were made, nine employees, the employer and two other men travelled to Itaballi and arrived around 12:30 hours. Persaud said he went to cook while the other workers “surveyed” the area and checked out the machinery. He told Kaieteur News that while he cooked, the other workers ventured away from the camp hoping for telephone signal to contact their families via their cell phones.

During that time, Persaud said, he was left alone with the employer and he started to question the man about the work conditions, since none of the equipment was working. There was also no cook and the only food at the camp was pumpkin, eddoes and chowmein. Persaud explained that as a result of him questioning the employer, he was struck over the right eye with a firearm and then kicked on the right side rib. He said that he could not retaliate since the employer was carrying a firearm. But when the other workers returned Persaud told them about the altercation. They were then called to a meeting at which the employer implemented rules that were never part of the original agreement. The workers said they were told that all broken equipment had to be fixed before work could start so that they could be paid. They were also told that they had to “cook their own food or starve”. The men said that they were also ordered to do additional work and later threatened with death if they left the camp. Persaud said that after the

meeting, the men plotted to escape during the night. Just before midnight, five of the nine employees decided to hit the trail heading for home, while four others remained with the hopes of leaving the camp the following morning. Persaud claimed that a day after he returned home, the employer and the police showed up and accused him and his co-workers of stealing $260,000 worth of equipment. He said he was tossed in the Leonora Police Station lock ups for four days without medical attention for the gun wound. The workers claimed that the employer, with some ranks from the Leonora Police Station, have been demanding money from their families; ordering that they must pay for the equipment. The workers are however concerned about their missing colleagues “Anil” and “Chicken” who they had left behind at the logging camp. Kaieteur News however contacted the employer who gave his name as James Dock. He claimed that the workers robbed him and that the men were working based on a signed contract. Dock however said that the matter is with police and he did not have much more to say.

Gordonstoun, the Scottish public school attended by Prince Charles, Bowie Junior changed his first name to Joe and then added the original family surname of Jones. Later he exchanged the Joe for Duncan. The children of Bob Geldof, the Irish Rocker who started LIVE AID (the charity), did not follow in Duncan’s extremely wise footsteps. His wife, the late British television personality Paula Yates, had three children with Bob and named them ‘Fifi Trixibelle’, ‘Peaches Honeyblossom’ and ‘Pixie’. She also had a daughter with another rocker, Michael Hutchence, named, ‘Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily’. A few years ago the Enquirer revealed, “Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin had a baby girl and named her ‘Apple’.” The paper claimed that’s what happens when you write your potential baby names on the back of your grocery list. There are other theories. The lucky couple might have wanted to ensure the continuing good health of their family and figured that an Apple every day would keep the doctor away. She might have been sponsored by the computer company of the same name to publicise its products. The real proof was supposed to have come when the couple has their next child. The idea was if it was named “I-Pod”, “I-Pad”, or “Mac Air” you could definitely suspect commercial considerations. If it was named “Samsung” then there was trouble in the Paltrow Galaxy. However, the child was named “Moses” and is

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planning a trip to the Red Sea when he gets older. The reason I am recounting all these weird names that celebrities give their children is because David Beckham and his wife Victoria (a.k.a. Posh Spice) inflicted the names Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper Seven on theirs. Canadian comedian, Stewart Francis, won the “Best Joke” award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world’s largest art festival, by poking fun of the names. His one-line quip, “You know who gives kids a bad name? Posh and Becks” won the fifth annual Dave award for Funniest Joke of the Fringe. The television channel “Dave” got ten comedy critics to put together the ten best one-liners and the 3,000 comedy fans present voted. Francis also had another one-liner in the top ten. He punned, “I saw a documentary on how ships are kept together. Riveting.” Francis has other gems including, “Standing in the park, I was wondering why a frisbee looks larger the closer it gets...then it hit me”. Before taking on the Beckhams he even poked fun at himself, “We have a beautiful little girl who we named after my mom; in fact Passive Aggressive Psycho turns 5 tomorrow.” Tim Vine, a one-liner legend, came second with, “Last night me and my girlfriend watched three DVDs back to back. Luckily I was the one facing the telly.” Vine is one of the most prolific and

is among the funniest of the lot. His classics include, “I phoned the local gym and I asked if they could teach me how to do the splits. He said, “How flexible are you?” I said, “I can’t make Tuesdays”; “And the back of his anorak was leaping up and down, and people were chucking money to him. I said ‘Do you earn a living doing that?’ He said ‘Yes, this is my livelihood’”; “I was stealing things in the supermarket today while balanced on the shoulders of vampires. I was charged with shoplifting on three counts”; “I was in this restaurant and I asked for something herby. They gave me a Volkswagen with no driver”; and “So this cowboy walks in to a German car showroom and he says ‘Audi!’” Some of the other oneliners were almost as good. I liked Will Marsh’s “I was raised as an only child, which really annoyed my sister” and Tim Vine’s “I took part in the sun tanning Olympics - I just got Bronze.” George Ryegold was funny with, “Pornography is often frowned upon, but that’s only because I’m concentrating.” I still think though that if Tim Vine had used one of his old one-liners he might have won; “I was in the army once and the Sergeant said to me: ‘What does surrender mean?’ I said: ‘I give up!’” *Tony Deyal was last seen saying that Toni Braxton’s son is name “Denim” – it might be his genes or maybe just a bit of parental Levity.

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11 NOC escapees to be charged Eleven juveniles who broke out of the New Opportunity Corps last Wednesday are scheduled to appear in the Charity Magistrate’s Court today on charges of escaping from the Onderneeming facility. A police source said that the others who have since admitted to causing the fire that gutted the NOC female dormitory and the tailor shop on Thursday will be charged after investigators are given an estimated cost of the damage. The source was unable to say whether any attorneys will be appearing on behalf of

the juveniles. Kaieteur News understands that the escapees are more than likely to have their stay at the facility extended as a result of their actions. Meanwhile, an official said that the situation at the holding facility is returning to normal since the police have maintained a presence there. A committee is expected to be set up this week to investigate what would have led to the two day unrest. On Wednesday night, dozens of inmates broke out of the New Opportunity Corps (NOC) and went on a rampage through several

communities. The inmates, both male and female, overpowered guards at the juvenile detention centre, even inflicting injuries, after breaking down doors and smashing windows in their frenzied bid to flee the facility, which normally has a population of over 200. They were all recaptured the following day, but the unrest escalated with inmates torching the female dorms and the tailor shop. Some of the inmates armed themselves with cutlasses and other implements and prevented public-spirited citizens from attempting to extinguish the blaze. When the unrest was eventually quelled, police detained 32 inmates and a government delegation which journeyed to the location yesterday announced the establishment of a committee to investigate the circumstances that triggered the events. There are allegations of beatings of inmates and of one female being made pregnant by one of the NOC staffers. Kaieteur News was told that the juveniles had been complaining about food and other issues, and the situation had reached breaking point.

Monday August 27, 2012

Workers’ interest dear to Gov’t – President tells GAWU’s 20th Congress

President Donald Ramotar presents a certificate honouring a member for her outstanding contribution to GAWU. The Twentieth Delegates’ Congress of the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers’ Union (GAWU), opened on Saturday at the Guyana International Conference Centre, Liliendaal, amidst praises for the union that has been struggling for the rights of workers and also defending the interests of other Guyanese. The congress is being held under the theme ‘Promoting Workers Interests to Advance Economic and Social Development’. Saturday’s opening session saw a massive turnout from its members, and it also attracted the presence of representatives from regional and international unions from the United States of America, Grenada and Jamaica, along with members of the Diplomatic Corps. The session also saw 22 members being honoured for their outstanding and long lived contributions to the union, as workers. President Donald

Ramotar, after paying compliments to the stalwarts of the Union said that a great deal of his social and political activities was linked with GAWU’s struggles. “I was one of the participants looking out for your interests, on old year’s day 1975 together with your President (Komal Chand) in Wales Estate at that time,” the Head of State said. He added that without a doubt, from GAWU’s inception in the 1940s it has been the foremost union in defence of workers’ interests and people’s rights. “In 1948 this union participated in some of Labour’s more valiant struggles…very often it does not only defend the rights of its members but also the rights of the people of our country as a whole…this is natural since GAWU always had the most class conscious leaders in this country,” the Head of State said. He explained that this union has a rich history as during the period of

colonialism, its many members played a leading role in the fight for freedom, and later during the period of undemocratic rule, it was at the forefront in the epic struggles for democracy. “The need to allow workers the right to have a union of their choice was first raised by this union, then known as the Guyana Industrial Workers Union in the1940s… that struggle lasted for 50 years before that was eventually secured… it remained the most important piece of labour legislations that promoted industrial democracy in this country,” the Head of State said. He charged the Union to be cognisant of the facts that today at the international level, the working class is confronting many serious issues that are impacting negatively on it. In Guyana, he said, the possibilities of threatening of the workers’ movement and also the real dangers of it weakening even Continued on page 18

Monday August 27, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Monday August 27, 2012 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): Do you want to live your life your own way, or do you want to figure out how other people expect you to live your life and then put all your energy into living up to what you think their ideal is? ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): If you are thinking of going on any type of a vacation adventure, you had better start getting organized. Otherwise it might never happen. Making travel plans might seems like a lot of effort at first, but it will actually be quite fun once you get going. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): A friend or partner who you feel is your equal does not share that opinion. Recently, their accomplishments have given them the idea that they are an authority figure over you. It's hilarious to you, but it's serious business to them. ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Reach out to a weepy friend today. They need some help in getting their groove back. Urge this friend to spend some time with you exploring the world. You don't have to go far -- you just have to go somewhere. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): You'll meet someone today who makes it easy to open up and share some details about your life. And their timing couldn't be better -- you know that it's time to let down your guard a little bit more. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): This is a good day to think through complex ideas and put together some new plans for the future. Your brain is in a very shrewd place, and you will be able to sort through all sorts of muddled ideas to find the right loose ends to tie together.

********************* LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): Whoo-hoo! Look at yourself -- after all, everyone else is! Your social status is on a spectacular upswing, and the invitations are going to start flooding in very soon. You will be in high demand by a wide array of fascinating people, one of whom you have been dying to get to know better for a while. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. 21): Watch your spelling and punctuation today! Written communication involves more than content. Your grammar, style and attention to detail convey important messages faster than what you are saying does. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. 21): Someone's unusual behavior is a red flag for something else. Find out what the real deal is, today. No, it's not your imagination -- they are not acting the way they usually act. .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): If you are doing something just because you want to gain recognition, today, do something else. Impressing others is a nice idea, but it's not something to build an entire project on -- it's a shaky foundation at best. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18): Avoiding conflict can be exhausting -- and sometimes, it's just not worth all the effort. So if you have been keeping your head down and trying to stay out of an argument, you should feel free to stop doing so today. It's a waste of your time. ********************* PISCE S ( F e b . 1 9 March 20): Respect is something that is difficult to earn, but oh-so-easy to lose. To make sure you keep yours for yourself, don't compromise any of your beliefs, today.

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Kaieteur News

Monday August 27, 2012

Workers’ interest dear to... (From page 19)

PROPERTY FOR SALE 20X40 Two flat concrete building @ Kitty. Price $22M Negotiable to be seen Call: 668-9512, 223-2570 Robb Street (land) $30M, South $10M, Diamond $9.5M, Albertown $50M, Diana 227-2256, 626-9382 Beautiful middle income ranch style home in LaParfaite Harmonie W.B.D $16M, Has chicken pen Call: 682-1256, 622-8409, 611-3674 Uitvlugt WCD Call: 6780436, 269-0640

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Diamond 1st Bridge 2 bedroom flat $19M, Diamond luxury home 4 bedroom $55M Town to country 6727390,225-0843 Happy Acre luxury home $55.5M, South Ruimveldt 2 storey $10M Town to country 672-7390,225-0843 South Ruimveldt 3 bedroom $19M, Robb St. business property $58M Town to country 672-7390,225-0843 Robb St. Business property $40M, Durban St. 3 bedroom $21M Town to country 6727390,225-0843

Leading Technology, Toshiba Laptop-wholesale & retail Call:648-6600

MASSAGE American style massage service Call: 609-4036 Relax your mind and body Call: 622-6256

1 Toyota NZE Corolla PLL series Call: 642-6664 1 Mitsubishi Lancer, 3.5 ton open back canter Call: 6269254, 264-2582 Leading Auto Unregistered, Toyota Tundra 2004 Loaded Call: 677-7666/610-7666 GX620 Honda Welder Generator, 20HP, 14.9kw, 614cc, 270 amps, 2002 Toyota Tundra Call: 6115114, 220-4495 2005 Corolla NZE PNN series $2.4M, Dodge Caravan GPP Call: 615-4114 2007 Toyota Allion $3.1M, 2007 Avensis $3.8M & 2006 BMW 320i $6M negotiable, all vehicles unregistered Call: 615-4114

2004 Mazda RX8, Body kit, Spoiler, Never register Call: 617-2891

79 William Street, Kitty, price negotiable Call: 662-5114 Property at Diamond, New Scheme, price $30 million negotiable Call: 612-2697 98 N/E Grove Post Office St. Contact : 625-6357 price 10M neg.

LEARN TO DRIVE Soman & Sons Driving School, First Federation Building Call: 225-4858, 6445166, 622-2872, 615-0964


One IRZ long base, 2003 EFI, AT, Bus, Unregistered Call: 647-1729 602-9167

G-Touring wagon, PLL series, price negotiable. Owner leaving country Call: 629-5727 Toyota Alex 2004 white, mags, never registered Call: 269-0432, 686-0323 Toyota Corolla Wagon, PLL series, excellent condition, asking $1.6M Call: 625-2466 RZ BJJ 6568 Call: 668-6956 One Nissan FB13 Wagon, sick gear Call: 645-0025 1-192 Toyota Carina $860,000 Tel: 680-0143 1 AT 192 Car, HB series yellow, working & excellent codition, price $750,000 negotiable Call: 646-9417 One Pajero Junior, price $1.8M Call: 690-4154 1 AT 192 17’’ Rims, CD player, excellent condition Call: 6137553 or 664-5594 2005 H2 Hummer SUV Model, fully powered, leather, 22’’ rims system price negotiable 645-9977 Unregistered Fielder & Cami $2.3M Call: 641-1127 One Nissan Laurel car $400,000, one Bedford Lorry $500,000 Call: 677-3406 1- Noah, unregistered $2.5M negotiable , 1- Toyota Wish $2.850 Tel: 648-6869

VACANCY IT Manager must have degree in computer. Call: 2200401-3 or email: recuruitment

TO LET One 2 bedrooms furnished apartment, parking & Wifi, for foreign guests Call: 2227891, 609-9202 Fully furnished 1 & 2 bedrooms apartments AC, Hot water, internet US$40 nightly. Contact 231-6721 & 674-8300. Long & short term 1 Bedroom house, large living room and kitchen, suit couple Call: 688-3810 between 2am-5pm Fully furnished short term apartments, Eccles Call: 6797139 Stevedore Scheme , North Ruimveldt , three bedroom flat (rental for one month) $40,000 monthly Call: 6123194,223-8258 Ogle $100,000, Alberttown (business) $100,000, Bel Air US$1000, Subryanville US$1500 Diana 227-2256, 626-9382 DRESS MAKING 6-weeks course in designing/ dressmaking. Call Sharmela: 225- 2598, 641- 0784

Hire Car Drivers wanted preferably from E.C.D Contact A-1 Taxi: 220-1000. Yellow cars with drivers wanted 1 Driver salesman with lorry licence Call: 220-1500, 6144626 Survival Shopping Complex, 173 Sheriff Street needs supervisors, evening cashiers and cleaners Call: 227-5286-90 Driver for party rental service, within the vicinity of Parka to V/Hoop, must be able to work flexible hours. Tel # 638-1627 One (1) hairdresser and one (1) nail technician Call Amanda/Odessa 675-2325, 679-4954 Gardener/handyman labours ID & NIS cards, Police Clearance, Apply Gardenland Nursery Lot 1 Brickdam Stabroek . Office Clerk, minimum 3 subjects CSEC, Apply : Avinash Water Street 2263361/227-7828 Be part of our world class customer care team . Phone: 220-0401-3 or email: recruitmentguyana@

For the best rates, call us on telephones numbers: 225-8458, 225-8465

LAND FOR SALE 1 ½ acre, 48ftx1300ft V/Hoop Call: 627-9351 Vreed-en-Hoop House Lots, Call: 658-0115 Roraima Housing Scheme (Gate Community), Plantation Versailles, West Bank Demerara. Lot 7 12,596 sq ft $18M Negotiable Call: 618-5070 Roraima Housing Scheme (Gate Community), Plantation Versailles, West Bank Demerara. Lot 146 27,775 sq ft $38M Negotiable Call: 618-5070 17,500 sq ft land Blankenburg Fellowship area suitable for business development $22M Price negotiable Call: 718-7571106, 675-8941, 265-6019 9 Acres of land-Chicken farm completed with everything to rare 25,000 chickens, fully equipped $65M Call: 6626212 Nandy Park 60x100 $12M, Diamond land with foundation $5.5M,$3.5M Town to country 6727390,225-0843 Diamond 17St. corner lot $4.5M, Diamond $4.8M,$3M, $8M Town to country 6727390,225-0843

From page 16 further have been revealed, therefore the need to work to protect and promote workers’ cause. “At the national level the PPPC government from its inception, took the philosophical position that the most important factor for development is the people…we have invested appreciatively in our people… this can be seen by any examination of our budget and how resources are allocated,” the Head of State said. He explained that more than 30% of the country’s budget is allocated to the social sector in the areas of education, health, housing and water, to which the working people are the biggest beneficiaries. The Head of State added that many working class families have been freed from the oppression of landlords and are bringing up their children in the security of their own homes. This kind of development and investment in the lives of its citizens, government cannot put a value to. “The social benefit that springs from such a feeling of security is difficult to assess… life expectancy too in Guyana is rising as a direct result of investments in education and health and with the fact that the economy is doing well… growth is averaging some 5% per annum,” the Head of State said. Whilst all of this is happening, the President believes that on the other hand, the working class in Guyana is being affected by the lack of unity that exists in the movement as a whole, and as long as the division exists¸ the union’s movement is in danger of weakening as the strength of the workers rests in their numbers and in the unity of the working class.

“It is therefore important that we identify the cause of the division and try to deal with it…in my view the most important issue is that a part of the labour movement is out of sync with what is happening in the rest of the society,” the Head of State said. GAWU’s President Komal Chand said that the union has come a long way to attain its 20th congress, and they can proudly claim that they have positively impacted the sugar industry and with that, the economic life of the country. “Our theme captures the objective that congress delegates and workers seek to accomplish through their deliberations,” Chand said. He added that the many development initiatives that government has embarked on, demonstrate that the country is on a progressive development path. Carvil Duncan, President of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions (FITUG) said that the current congress is not a reflection of 20 years but, if calculated properly could be a celebration of over 40 years of successes. He added that GAWU is one amongst others which is one of the best and greatest unions in this country. “GAWU has succeeded over the years in safeguarding itself against the infiltration of forces which would have seen its detriment…GAWU realises the importance of its members as they have an important role to play in the nation,” Duncan said. He added that the union has decided that education is important as it will assist in transforming the union, as such, they have hosted training courses that will impart on its members the knowledge needed to expand the situation that obtains for further development. (GINA)

HIV drug resistance... (From page 10) patterns of drug resistance. WHO recommended that every clinic providing antiretroviral treatment should use a set of ‘early warning indicators’ to identify and address factors that could cause drug resistance. Indicators include: adherence to treatment; the type of medicines used; continuity of drug supply and the extent to which patients continue to access services. At sites where patients can routinely have the amount of virus in their blood tested, WHO also recommends monitoring how well the medicine is suppressing a patient’s amount of HIV at 12 months to identify treatment failure at an early stage. A rise in the amount of virus a patient has

in their blood is an indicator that the current treatment is failing. To support these recommendations, WHO has created a global network of surveillance laboratories and collaborating institutions to monitor HIV drug resistance and to exchange information with HIV programmes and technical partners. The Organization is also working to improve the laboratory capacity in countries to improve their ability to study the genetic makeup of the viruses and whether they are resistant to medicines. Understanding genetic patterns of drug resistance helps health care workers provide more effective, longer-lasting treatment options to patients.

Monday August 27, 2012

Kaieteur News

EDUCATIONAL ACADEMIA: CXC lessons forms 1-5 & Adults. Only $1000 per subject per month. Call: 600-3775 WANTED Aracari Resort wants : Housekeepers, receptionist, cooks, bartender, waitress/ maintenance, Apply 160 Plantation Versallies, WBD 264-2946-8 Taxi and Bus drivers Princess Hotel Call: 6165419, 265-7076 Experience roti/puri cooks, Pastry makers, Counter servers, Cleaners, Apply Hack’s Halaal Restaurant 5 Commerce Street. 1- Cook (Georgetown Area) Call: 600-3838 Live in couple, husbandcaretaking, wife-domestic, good accommodation, high rates. Call: 227-1830 Skilled carpenters and mason Call: 615-7526 One live in nanny, mature with Secondary Education, Age 30-50 years Call: 2269279, 614-6564 1 Security to work nights, age: 40 – 55 years, working hours: 7pm – 7 am. Contact: 231-6721/674-8300 Assistant pastry maker , counter persons. Apply in person @ Shanta’s ,225 Camp & New Market Sts. Live in/live out domestic Call: 668-3985, 264-3356, 253-3149

WANTED 1 Male shop attendant, age 18-25 yrs, interested only Call: 225-7794, 679-1151 Experience males to pluck chicken, attractive salary Call: 628-6160, 227-8998 Urgently needed live in waitress to work in bar, reasonable salary offered Call: 259-0574 Sewing machines operators, clippers/pressers/porters Call: 222-2541 Labourers to work at construction site Call: 2250188,225-6070 Contract vehicle without drivers and experienced dispatchers to work for a Reputable Transportation Service Call: 645-0025

Live in family, Husband Caretaking, Wife Domestic, Driver Call: 610-2978 after 6pm.

Summer special Cosmetology, Nails & Makeup Call Abby 216-1950,6665241,619-7603

One cleaner, must know to cook Call: 647-7432,223-5798

One (1) 3 phase welding plan, 300-500 amps DC, Must be in good working condition Call: 679-9088 One minibus driver Call: 6644945 Security/ Watchman Call: 225-6070, 225-0188 Driver /salesman with clean lorry driving record, security guards. Call: 2664427

SERVICES Permanent &Visitors Visa Applications Professional Immigration Consultant Sabita - Room E-4 Maraj Building 225-6496/ 223-8115/662-6045. We refill HP cartridges for $1800 Call: 650-7699 We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer, dryer Call:2310655,683-8734 Omar Mahadoe’s Construction, reliable services for your building, contact Tony Tel 618-3523, 669-7376. For free estimates and plans. HOUSE PLAN DRAFTING FOR ONLY $10,000 CALL: 694-9843, 227-2766 Amen Painting-Specialist in spray painting and pressure washing of all residential/ commercial building Call: 645-1367

Apartments $50,000 monthly Call: 645-1208 Apartments for rent Call: 6450870


1- Prado and 1- Land Rover for both interior travel and special events Call: 650-4513

Suriname Summer Vacation trip, Zoo Cinema Shopping Casino, 1 to 4 September Call: 644-0185, 639-2663, 665-5171, 2278290

One shop at 40 Norton St. 25x12 $50,000 per month Call: 682-0290 Office space South Rd $3500US, Town to country 627-7390,225-0843

Honda pressure washer, Dewalt grinder & camera, Makita & Dewalt drill (cord less) Call: 266-5831, 690-2174 (Marcia) 2005 Tacoma 4 cylinder, call: 651-8870, 233-6161 American Eagle T-Shirt men & women Call: 266-5831, 6902174 Caterpiller backhoe model 426c. Call: 651- 8870, 233- 6161 1 3200 Hifonix Power Amp $160,000 Call: 678-3392 Brandnew American made Crosely 10.5 cu ft Refridgerator for sale $75,000 Call: 697-5677 1 240 Massy Ferguson tractor, 1 10 RB Dragline Call: 687-6174 1 Husky compressor 150 PSI, 1.5HP $120,000, 1 LG 4 Burner gas stove $110,000 Call: 6945371

Live saxophone performance for weddings, dinners etc. Call Junior : 621-4568,3282205 FOR SALE / RENT

One 225 HP $1.1M & 150 HP $950,000, Yamaha outboard engines, many more small outboard engines available Call: 699-1711

American Pool Table Call: 277-0578 2 Flat of 3 storey building 1160sqx2=2320sq situated at 4 corners in city, suitable for office/private practice/school Call: 677-3406

FOR RENT Taxi Base rental at a popular West Side Hotel Call: 6381627

Rental of machines : Excavator, Roller & Bobcat Call: 220-5580, 621-4786

One 15HP Yamaha (Long foot) Call: 689-5254, 643-0332

2 complete music set Call: 220-1500, 614-4626


Booths for rent in hair salon $6,000 weekly Call: 227-3273 or 696-3037 in Albert town Georgetown.


Aracari Resort caters special events. Weddings, Anniversaries, Re-Union, Conferences & Retreats. Small &Large groups Call: 264-2946-8

Airport Taxi $3800 Call: 6149246

1 Bottom flat at 121 Lindley Avenue Nandy Park, 2 bedrooms fully furnished Call: 233-5560, 619-4824 (Cindy)

Scrap metals, 1’’-2’’ plating, 1 sq (bm) up/ 1 square foot, 2’’8’’ solid shaft (mild steel only) Call: 679-9088

Part-time security guard to work one (1) night per week in Georgetown. Call: 6282388,643-3903 between 13:0015:00hrs daily.

Imperial College- Register Now. CXC 2013. Fulltime/ Lessons/Adults classes. Excellent Results Call: 6835742, 227-7627

Survival Shopping Complex, Sheriff Street needs male bond attendants and bag packers Call: 227-5286-90

3 washbay attendants for immediate employment, must be decent & honest Call: 227-5169

1 Male shop attendant, age 18-25 yrs, interested only Call: 225-7794, 679-7751

VYC, IDCE/UG presents Business Development Training, in Marketing, Financing and Communication. Contact 227-1011-13 Register Now

Responsible hire car drivers Call: 231-7475

Live in/ Live out Babysitter/ Domestic Call: 225-0188, 2256070

Experience general domestic to work in Georgetown, must be honest & reliable Call: 656-6388 One CLEANER to work 3 days, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday between Enmore to Unity area Call: 623-3231 or 259-0953

Learn Spanish easy Call: 673-1232

SALON Make up courses, artist trained & certified in Trinidad: 660-5257,647-1773

1 carnegie trained cook, age 18-45 Call: 614-4358

Painters/Carpenters to work with limited supervision with own tools Call:225-0188/ 225-6070

Register now at Community College $15,000 per term at Form 1 Call: 227-0218

Mason, porter, carpenter, canter driver, ½ day cleaner, must be from W.C.D Call: 6848231

1 Experience person to look after layer birds in interior Call: 677-0610

1 Experience cook to cook for family in interior Call: 6770610

Princeton College, Forms 15, CXC adults classes for slow learners, reading classes for children Call: 6905008, 611-3793

Page 19

CAR RENTAL Progressive auto rental, cars from $4,000 per day. Call: 643-5122, 656-0087, FABS RENTAL, cars & SUV rental, call: 600- 6890 or email Aidan’s car, pick up & canter rental Call: 698-7807

New Air Brush Compressor for sale Call: 666-5276 Games for PS2 $900, PSP $900, Xbox 360 $2,600, PS3 $2,600 Call: 265-3231, 672-2566 New Generac 2700 PSI & Honda 3100 PSI Power pressure washer Call: 6148564, 680-0862 Massey Ferguson tractors model 188, Honda ATVS model 500,2012 Call: 688-6274 or 691-3851 4 Ton portable puller craftman power tools, energy saver bulbs Call: 641-1127 Used landline phones for disposal. Any reasonable offer accepted Call: 225-1315 ext 2166 New Sony 1-7 DVD/CD duplicator $100,000, used laptops $80,000 Tel: 2341473,621-7497 Granite, various colors, size 2"x8" with backsplash, generators & cement mixers Call: 223-0943 Mon-Fri 9am4pm 19Ft Bass tracker, boat with trailer in excellent condition Call: 223-0943 Mon-Fri 9am4pm


Trally to accommodate bobcat & excavator 8’’-10’’x175’’ Call: 644-8610, 688-0240

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Hot point electric stove with oven, GE & Whirlpool fridge, Brown stoves four burners oven. Call 655 1341

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Ashwin spins India to massive victory (Reuters) - Off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin picked up a career-best 12 wickets as India crushed New Zealand by an innings and 115 runs within four days in the opening test on Sunday. Ashwin’s 6-54, his second six-wicket haul in the match, and left-arm spinner Pragyan Ojha’s 3-48 bundled the visitors out for 164 in their second innings, giving India a 1-0 lead in the two-test series. The 25-year-old Ashwin, who took six for 31 in New Zealand’s first innings, grabbed 12 wickets for 85 runs in the match, the best by an Indian bowler against New Zealand in a test. The Indian spin duo once again shared nine wickets as they had done in the first innings when New Zealand were bowled out for 159. “This performance is very satisfying,” India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni said during the presentation ceremony. “There was a bit of turn but it was a wicket where you had to keep coming at the batsmen, bowling in the right areas. “With the batsmen deciding ‘I’m not going to take you on’, it was very difficult to get

them out. Bowlers were patient, that was very important. “We were also battling the weather because we never knew how many overs we’ll get. That was the main reason why we wanted the opposition to follow on.” After a barren, rainshortened morning session, India picked up five wickets in the afternoon session and completed the formalities soon after returning from the tea break. RESOLUTE BATTING Resuming on 41 for one, Brendon McCullum (42) and Kane Williamson (52) batted resolutely in the first session to deny the hosts a breakthrough. New Zealand captain Ross Taylor, who was clean bowled trying to shoulder arms to Ashwin, said the team needed to find a way to handle the offspinner better. “We showed in periods that we could survive. The way Kane and Brendon batted showed rest of the batters that it could be done,” Taylor said. “We could not put enough pressure on the Indian bowling line-up. We need to learn how to play Ashwin and... play him a lot

better. “We will be a lot better side come Bangalore.” Umesh Yadav, the only Indian paceman to grab a wicket in the first innings, got McCullum lbw to end the second-wicket stand of 72. McCullum was unhappy with the decision as he thought the ball had touched his bat before hitting the pad and trudged off shaking his head and muttering to himself. The dismissal opened the floodgates as New Zealand lost their last seven wickets for just 26 runs. Ojha got his second wicket of the innings by bringing Williamson’s resistance to an end after the batsman had completed his half-century. The start of play was delayed for the third day in a row due to morning showers. Most of Saturday’s play was washed out due to a heavy downpour. The second and final test of the series will be played in Bangalore from Friday. Scores: India 438 (Pujara 159, Dhoni 73, Patel 4-100) beat New Zealand 159 (Franklin 43* Ashwin 631) & 164 (Williamson 52, Ashwin 6-54) by an innings and 115 runs.

MotoGP: Cal Crutchlow third as Dani Pedrosa wins in Brno BBC Sport - Britain’s Cal Crutchlow took his first MotoGP podium with a thirdplaced finish as Dani Pedrosa won the Czech Republic Grand Prix at Brno. Crutchlow, 26, is the first British rider to stand on the rostrum in a premier-class event for 12 years. Honda rider Pedrosa was able to pass title rival Jorge Lorenzo on the final corner, with Lorenzo finishing second. Pedrosa’s third victory of the season cut Lorenzo’s lead at the top of the standings to 13 points. Jeremy McWilliams was the last Briton to make the podium when he came third at the British 500cc Grand Prix at Donington in 2000. The last Englishman to step onto the podium was Simon Buckmaster, who came second at Misano in 1989. Crutchlow - who signed a new contract with his Tech 3 Yamaha team on Saturday had qualified in second place and despite seeing Lorenzo and Pedrosa pull away early on was always comfortable in third place. He was able to keep teammate Andrea Dovizioso around two seconds behind him to the flag to end the long

Dani Pedrosa (right) was able to pass title rival Jorge Lorenzo on the final corner. wait and seal third. Lorenzo and Pedrosa were involved in a thrilling fight for the win which went to the final corner, with Repsol Honda’s Pedrosa passing Lorenzo at the death to take the 25 points. The 2010 world champion Lorenzo told BBC Sport: “We are so close in the championship that every point is important. “When Dani was pushing a lot I was taking so many risks but I had to try for the win on the last lap. “This time Dani was more clever and more brave so congratulations to him. Next time maybe it will be different.” Pedrosa’s team-mate and

defending champion Casey Stoner did not race, as he was back in Australia awaiting surgery on his broken ankle. Stoner has not yet set a date for his comeback, but Honda have confirmed that Northern Irishman Jonathan Rea will stand in for him at the next two races if required. In the early Moto3 race, Jonas Folger took his first win of the season with Luis Salom second and championship leader Sandro Cortese extending his overall lead by finishing third. While in the Moto2 race, Briton Scott Redding crashed at the third corner as championship leader Marc Marquez took the win.

Monday August 27, 2012

Federer delivers ominous warning to U.S. Open rivals (Reuters) - Roger Federer is feeling the magic once again and that can only spell trouble for his opponents in the U.S. Open. The glitzy yet gritty final grand slam of the year begins on Monday and Federer, five-times champion, is anxious to reclaim the title he last won in 2008. A year ago, the Swiss virtuoso reached the semifinals but lost a five-set thriller to Novak Djokovic, who went on to win the championship over Rafa Nadal. “I felt good last year, but probably felt that maybe at times the matches were not always in my racquet, whereas maybe this time around I feel like if I’m playing well I can dictate who’s going to win or lose,” said Federer. “It’s going to take something special from my opponent to win. That’s kind of how it feels right now.” The 31-year-old Federer won a seventh Wimbledon crown - his 17th grand slam title - this year and regained his spot as the best player on the planet. He is the top seed at Flushing Meadows and if the seeding holds form will play Olympic champion Andy Murray in the semi-finals after Murray beat the Swiss

Roger Federer in straight sets to win the gold medal. POSSIBLE SHOWDOWN With an injury sidelining Nadal, Djokovic avoids Federer or Murray until a possible showdown in the final. But the Serb denied he had a dream path through the tournament. “I don’t think there is a perfect draw, to be honest with you,” he told reporters. “The draw is something that you cannot affect. It’s a question of luck, obviously. “There are 128 players here who have plenty of motivation to perform their best in the grand glam, the last major of the year, so I’m sure that they want to cause some

upsets in the opening round. “I’m truly taking one step at a time. I had good and bad draws in the past, but it’s something I cannot affect, so I’m not calculating or predicting anything. “I’m just trying to focus on my game, which is the most important thing.” Murray, who lost to Federer in four sets in this year’s Wimbledon final but gained his revenge at the London Games, comes into the two-week U.S. Open with some much-needed momentum. “Obviously winning the Olympics was the biggest win of my career, that’s for sure,” said the Scotsman, who is still searching for his first grand slam title. “It meant a lot to me. The Wimbledon final, I mean, that’s the first time I have been there. I was happy with the way I played. “It was obviously disappointing, a tough one to take for a few days afterwards, but I don’t know. I feel confident in myself just now. That’s what’s important.” Though he is playing well, Federer declined to predict a championship at Flushing Meadows, saying there is always the possibility of a first-round shocker.

Rivals tip red-hot Serena as U.S. Open favourite

(Reuters) - With seven different champions in the last seven grand slam tournaments, it is nearly inconceivable that Serena Williams would be seen as the overwhelming choice to win the U.S. Open. But after her Wimbledon and Olympic triumphs, many of her rivals seem to think the year’s final grand slam is hers to lose. “Serena is probably the favorite coming in given her recent form,” said Australian Samantha Stosur, the defending champion. “No matter who you are, I don’t think you can really deny that.” The U.S. Open begins on Monday at Flushing Meadows and Williams is seeded fourth, behind Victoria Azarenka, Agnieszka Radwanska and 2006 champion Maria Sharapova, who won this year’s French Open. Kim Clijsters, a three-time U.S. Open champion is playing in the last tournament of her career, also tipped her hat to Williams. “Serena is the best ever just because physically she just stands out,” Clijsters told reporters. “When she’s in good shape she just stands out tremendously.

Serena Williams “I mean, she’s fast, she’s strong, she has a very good eye, as well. It’s the combination. What we have seen over the last few months is the best player ever.” Williams lost in the round of 16 at the Australian Open, was bounced in her first match at the French before returning to the form that has seen her claim 14 grand slam championships. The three-time U.S. Open champion is taking her status as the favorite in stride. “You’ve got to embrace it whether you’re the favorite or the one to beat or whether

you are not,” she said. “And I embrace it. In Wimbledon I wasn’t the favorite. I embraced that. “Hopefully I can propel and do my best here.” ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN Top-ranked Azarenka, who won the Australian Open earlier this year by beating Sharapova in the final, bristled at the talk Williams was the one to beat. “When I go in the tournament I’m trying to think of just the girl or my opponent who I play today, you know, that particular day,” said the 6-foottall Azarenka, who will face RussianAlexandra Panova in the opening round. “Because the tournament is really long anything can happen on any day. You cannot feel great throughout the two weeks and play perfectly every match. “You just have to take it really one moment at a time and don’t think what’s going to happen later or who’s the favorite or not. I never even think about that.” Sharapova, a four-times grand slam champion, admitted Williams “gained a tremendous amount of confidence at Wimbledon” before striking gold at the London Games.

Monday August 27, 2012

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Flying Stars Cycle Club 60-Mile Road Race

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Mackeson / EDFA Senior League

Junior rider Raynauth Jeffrey BV trounce Mahaica 2-0; Buxton secures another commanding win United 0 Bakewell Buxton Stars 0 Guyana’s leading junior and juvenile riders continues to upstage their senior counterparts when the Flying Stars Cycle Club held a 60-mile road race on Sunday from Ocean View International Hotel to Mahaicony and back. Shrugging off the disappointment of the Junior Caribbean Cycling Championships being cancelled due to the threat of Tropical Storm Isaac, Junior National Road Race Champion Raynauth Jeffrey won the event in commanding fashion in a time of Two Hours 28 Minutes 02 Seconds. The event which only had one category (open) saw the top ten riders being rewarded; riders going through the Old Road at Mahaicony on the upward sojourn and returning through the New Road for the finish. Yesterday’s race was also used by the cyclists as much needed warm up ahead of the Suriname Four-Stage Championships set for August 30 to September 2. Jeffrey, who also captured 5 of the 12 prime prizes on offer took his first at the Mahaicony Bridge, broke away from the pack and they were never able to connect with him thereafter until after he crossed the finish line, a truly authoritative ride. Linden’s Rastaff O’Selmo finished a satisfying second to signal a return to encouraging form, while juvenile standout Raul Leal also continued his excellent form by finishing third. Junior Paul DeNobrega who like Jeffrey, Leal and juvenile Michael Anthony (8th overall) were actually on their way to represent Guyana at the Junior Caribbean Championships but did not allow that disappointment to stop them from all placing

When competition continued in the Mackeson sponsored East Demerara Football Association (EDFA) Senior League continued on Saturday at the Buxton Community Centre Ground, BV Triumph United secured full points compliments of their 2-0 win over Mahaica Determinators. The other match of the afternoon ended in a 0-0 stalemate between Bakewell Buxton Stars and Buxton United. The win for the BV team has propelled them to the top of the points table with 12

Man City gifted point by Liverpool

Raynauth Jeffrey in the top 10. Robin Persaud took the 5th place; Alonzo Greaves and Senior National Road Race champion Orville Hinds placing 6th and 7th respectively with Kester Croal and Eric Sankar occupying 9th and 10th places, respectively. Anthony grabbed three primes with one each for Hinds, O’Selmo, Enzo Matthews and DeNobrega. (F. Wilson)

Mo Farah celebrates two-mile Diamond League victory

Britain’s double Olympic champion Mo Farah returned to the track in style with a win at the Diamond League meeting in Birmingham. Farah, who won gold in both the 5,000m and 10,000m at London 2012, won the twomile race with ease. The 29year-old now has three reasons to celebrate after his wife Tania gave birth to twin girls on Friday. “What a year I have had, it will never happen again. Two gold medals and two girls,” said Farah. “It was awesome,” he added. “It hasn’t been easy since the Olympics, with my daughters being born and everything that has been going on, but I want to thank everyone for all their help this year. “I was a bit worried going into the race because I have not done much training because I have been doing a lot of running around, so to win was fantastic.” Tyson Gay, who was running the 200m for the first time in two years, finished second just behind Jamaican Nickel Ashmeade. In the same race, British youngster Adam Gemili ran a personal best time of 20.53 seconds as he came in sixth place, ahead of fellow Briton Christian Malcolm. In the women’s 100m,

after 5 matches overtaking Ann’s Grove United (10) who were sitting at the top; both teams have played the same amount of matches. Mahaica remains on 3 points after four matches. Buxton Stars eased into the joint second place with the point they got from their drawn encounter, they now join Ann’s Grove in joint second, Buxton United playing one game more. Buxton United moved to 5 points from 4 matches. The League will continue at the same venue this weekend.

Mo Farah Olympic silver medallist Carmelita Jeter beat the gold medallist from London 2012, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, as the duo raced for the second time in four days. The American ran a time of 10.81 seconds to ensure the same result as in the meeting in Lausanne earlier in the week. Elsewhere Robbie Grabarz continued his impressive season, winning the high jump competition with a height of 2.32 metres. The 24-year-old won high jump bronze at London 2012 and believes that is just a taste of things to come. There was no happy return to action for Olympic

champion Greg Rutherford, who finished third in the long jump. The 25-year-old who won gold at London 2012 was beaten by Aleksandr Menkov of Russia, who won the event with a distance of 8.18 metres, and American Christian Taylor. Rutherford, who became the first Briton since Lynn Davies in 1964 to win the Olympic long jump title, was left disappointed by his performance. Britain’s Perri ShakesDrayton finished second in the 400m hurdles - just behind Kaliese Spencer, who was then disqualified. The Jamaican appealed the decision which was upheld and she claimed victory. Shakes-Drayton narrowly missed out on a place in the 400m hurdles final at London 2012 after only finishing third in her semi-final. Fellow Briton Christine Ohuruogu matched her achievement at London 2012 by finishing second in the 400m. She ran a time of 50.67 seconds but it was only good enough for second behind Jamaican Rosemarie Whyte, while fellow Brits Nicola Sanders and Shana Cox finished seventh and eighth respectively.

Martin Skrtel’s calamitous late error gave Premier League champions Manchester City a point they barely deserved against Liverpool after a pulsating game at Anfield. Liverpool looked on course to give new manager Brendan Rodgers his first Premier League victory until defender Skrtel directed a backpass straight to Carlos Tevez, who took full advantage of the gift to score with 10 minutes left and grab his 100th goal in English football. Skrtel’s powerful header gave Liverpool a lead they fully deserved at half-time only for another defensive mix-up to hand Yaya Toure a scrambled equaliser for Roberto Mancini’s side after the break. Luis Suarez’s precise freekick restored Liverpool’s advantage, but Skrtel’s mistake handed City a reprieve in a moment that saw Rodgers slump into his seat on the sidelines in despair. City will be grateful to leave Anfield with a draw after a mediocre display, while Rodgers can take plenty of solace in a Liverpool performance that showed plenty of encouraging signs and indications that his players are buying into his philosophy. The biggest positives for Rodgers came in the shape of an exciting league debut from 17-year-old Raheem Sterling, and the manner in which the

Carlos Tevez celebrates his goal

assured Joe Allen dictated the tempo and controlled possession in midfield. Rodgers demonstrated his willingness to put his faith in youth and hunger when more experienced players fail to deliver - hence his decision to prefer Sterling to £20m Stewart Downing. And the young winger played his full part in a vibrant first-half display from Liverpool as City struggled to pick up the pace of the game. Sterling was causing problems for Kolo Toure, selected ahead of Joleon Lescott, and he should have provided Liverpool’s opening goal. He delivered a teasing cross that found Fabio Borini at the near post, but the Italian could only bundle his effort wide from eight yards. City’s response came via Tevez, whose industry in the opening exchanges was in stark contrast to the laboured efforts of Mario Balotelli as he attempted to fill the gap left by the injured Sergio Aguero. And he was almost on the mark when he forced the ball past Liverpool keeper Pepe Reina from an acute angle but the ball rebounded to safety off an upright. Liverpool, who lost Lucas to injury in only the fourth minute, were showing the sharpness in possession that Rodgers wants to make his trademark with Allen, his £15m signing from Swansea City, a prominent figure. They were pressing City

back and thoroughly deserved the lead they were given by Skrtel after 34 minutes. The defender rose majestically to meet Steven Gerrard’s corner and thump an unstoppable header past City keeper Joe Hart in front of the Kop. City’s sloppiness in possession almost cost them again early in the second half when Borini broke clear to set up Suarez but the Uruguayan could only steer a half-hit effort well off target. Mancini made a double change in an attempt to galvanise his team, with Jack Rodwell and Edin Dzeko replacing Samir Nasri and Balotelli - with the intention of allowing Yaya Toure to become more of a threat. It worked almost instantly as Toure took advantage of poor defending from Liverpool when they failed to deal with Tevez’s cross, turning from close range against the run of play. City were only on terms for three minutes before Liverpool restored their advantage. Rodwell was penalised for handling Gerrard’s effort and Liverpool’s captain left it to Suarez to sweep a 25-yard free-kick low into Hart’s bottom left hand corner. Liverpool had regained the initiative but were denied all three points when Skrtel went from hero to villain in an instant to allow City to claim a draw.

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Monday August 27, 2012

Scrabble association President optimistic of future of sport as Regional tourney ends

Barbados team captain Brian Yates

Trinidad team captain Lorton Graham

Colin Chichester

By Michael Benjamin Interim President of the Guyana Association of Scrabble Players (GASP), Colin Chichester has stressed the need for wider participation in the sport and has issued a call for support of the government and other relevant stakeholders. Mr. Chichester issued this call moments after the Caribbean Scrabble championships were concluded at the Bank of Guyana Sports Club yesterday afternoon. The Interim President congratulated the Trinidadians for their sterling performance and said that the team’s resilience has earned them the victory. However, Mr. Chichester is adamant that this tournament has seen a higher level of play than preceding years. “I’m thoroughly impressed with the quality of the tournament which suggests that the gap has closed, contrary to past tournaments when Trinidad won hands down,” said Collins. He said that McDonald has proven her worth as the captain of the team from the very inception when she managed to arrange stringent practice sessions. “The team really worked hard during preparations and even though we did not win the trophy, I am satisfied that our hard work paid dividends. Mr. Chichester advocated the need for wider

participation in the sport and said that executives of GASP are mulling the idea of a Junior Caribbean Scrabble championship to compliment the senior one. However, Mr. Chichester feels that even before such an initiative could come to fruition, executives of GASP are contemplating a school tournament to set the stage for the aforementioned tournament. He also said that the fever is catching and already several other Caricom countries have signaled an interest in participating in the next Caribbean championships. “St Lucia had earlier intimated its interest in participating in the just concluded tournament but had to retract after encountering last minute difficulties,” informed Mr. Chichester. He is optimistic that the number of participating teams will increase by the next tournament. Meanwhile, Trinidad and Tobago arrived in Guyana with every intention of retaining the Caribbean Scrabble Championships which they won two years ago and after three rounds of competitive action, they have repeated that feat after swamping Barbados 27-9 on the final day of the championships. The win was more than commendable since the defending champions started

The victorious Trinidadians after their historic win. the trek to the top on a dismal note. After six rounds of intensive word forming activity, players from the Twin Island Republic succumbed to host Guyana 20-16. It was an historic moment for the local team especially since they always conceded to the Trinidadians at this level. The win also meant that Guyana had a firm grip on the coveted trophy since Barbados generally posed little challenge. A win against

Guyana teams finish 2nd in both team events, 3rd overall at Caribbean Squash tourney Guyana’s Ladies and Men lost out in their bids for the team championships on the final day of squash at the Caribbean Championships in Trinidad and Tobago. Guyana has not been able to send both men and ladies teams for many years and is delighted to have overcome several favourites to make it to both finals. The Guyanese played their best squash but came up short against the favourites Barbados in the Ladies final, while the Men lost out to the hosts Trinidad and Tobago. The Ladies team advanced to the finals with the help of Ashley Khalil who played at the number two position. Unfortunately, Khalil was not available to represent Guyana on the final day as she had to travel abroad on a previously arranged commitment. As a result, the reserve player was called to duty but all players had to move up one position.

This meant that the 3rd, 4th and 5th strings had to play at 2nd, 3rd and 4th with the reserve at 5th. Even though the team was a bit weakened, they represented themselves admirably and put up quite a fight for the title. Nicolette Fernandes made light work of her old nemesis Karen Meakins 11/1, 11/4, 11/ 7. Mary Fung-a-Fat played spectacularly to extend Caribbean number four Cheri-Ann Parris to five games in her tie. She played the match of her life but lost 7/11, 11/9, 7/11, 14/12, 5/11. Young Victoria Arjoon lost to Nadia McCarthy in another hard fought five setter 11/9, 9/11, 11/9, 11/13, 5/11. Ashley DeGroot lost to seasoned campaigner Alex Jordan 11/9, 5/11, 7/11, 5/11. Tiffany Solomon, who flew in to join the team for the final match, lost to Gylla Mackenzie in another five setter. Tiffany played to the best of her ability but lost out 11/9, 4/11, 15/13, 10/12, 5/11.

The Men’s team lost a heartbreaker to Trinidad 3-2 in match up that did not disappoint. Deje Dias played first and lost 3-0 to Mandela Patrick. Julian Chin then stepped up and defeated Ryan Abraham 3-1. The third match saw Guyana number one Richard Chin up against Trinidad’s National Champion Josh Pinard on his home turf. This was the most tension filled match of the entire tournament and will be talked about for years to come. Richard is now being referred to as the Houdini of squash as he escaped four match balls in the fifth game and won six consecutive points to win the game and take the match 3-2. He will undoubtedly be nominated to the recently established Caribbean Hall of Fame. Jamal Callender then took to the court with Guyana up 2-1. He faced Kale Wilson who plays for Western University in Canada in a grueling contest. After both

players won two games each Wilson established a 10/6 lead in the fifth and final game. Callender faced four match balls and played exceptional squash to stave off three of them before an error ended his fight at 9/11. The last match of the night saw Alex Arjoon up against professional Colin Ramasra. Arjoon played well but was not good enough on the night as Ramasra won 3-0. Guyana’s depleted Vets Team lost 3-2 to Jamaica. Alwyn Callender got a walk over as Jamaica did not have a 50+ player and Dennis Dias beat Douglas Beckford 6/9, 11/9, 11/4, 6/11, 11/4. Brian Yong lost to Lowell Lawrence in the 40+ category 6/11, 4/ 11, 5/11. Jamaica got two walk overs as Guyana did not field a Ladies 40+ and 50+ player. As a result of the finishes in the Men’s, Ladies and Vets Guyana copped third place in the Overalls. The 2013 Championships will be held in Guyana.

this team would have given the Guyanese an insurmountable lead and the ‘holy grail’ for the first time since the inauguration of the championships. Led by Captain, Abigail McDonald, the Guyanese approached the Barbados game with vigor but were shocked into submission when the Bajans turned in a masterful performance recording 22 games to the Guyanese’s 14. The magnitude of the loss meant that the Barbadians were well placed to win the trophy for the first time especially since the Trinidadians appeared to be off their game. From a relatively safe position where they were on track to win the championships, local word formers found themselves awaiting the results of the Trinidad/Barbados game to ascertain their final placing. A victory for the Bajans would have placed the Guyanese at the second place with the Trinis occupying the cellar position. Trinidad proved their worth when they bounced back to embarrass Barbados 22-13 to retain their prized possession. The beating was so profound that Barbados slipped out of contention and Guyana ended up second. Meanwhile, the printer’s devil was at work and several inaccuracies slipped into the report of the final day’s play with Trinidad against Barbados. The morning session was won by Trinidad after they notched up 13

games as against 5 by the Barbadians, this after the Barbadians bounced back in the final pre-lunch sitting winning four games through the efforts of Darlington (defeated Modeste by 9), Carter ( over Ross by 93), King (over Yates by 84) and Graham ( over John by 31). Bullock, who had shown remarkable resilience against the Guyanese players on Friday, failed to replicate his feat after experiencing debilitating fortunes. He surrendered his first three encounters to Patricia John (50), Yates (69) and Alexander (30). The situation got progressively worse during the post lunch sessions when he suffered three other losses to Ross (28), Modeste (90) and Charles (151). The Trinidadian players were obviously still incensed over their losing first round performance against the hosts and decided to transfer their venom to the Bajans. When the first sitting had concluded the scorecard read 5-1 in favour of the Trinis. They intensified their efforts in the second sitting and carted off all six sets before the Barbadians rebounded in the final pre-lunch set with 4 of the 6 games. Up to the time of this report the three countries were locked in intense rivalry for the individual championships. Fred Collins is the defending champion but had endured a torrid morning session but was battling to retain the accolade. The teams depart Guyana this afternoon.

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