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Monday August 20, 2012

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Mining Week launched…

Non-traditional minerals attracting increased investments - Gold and bauxite continue to grow

As traditional mining sectors such as gold and bauxite continue to grow, many investors are expressing interests in other mineral properties found in Guyana’s hinterland. This was expressed by Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Robert Persaud, who revealed that the Manganese operation in Matthew’s Ridge, Region One, which was recently rejuvenated, has already shown deposit of 30 million metric ton, thus far. Persaud also briefed attendees of the opening ceremony of Mining Week 2012 yesterday at the National Park that exploration works have started for uranium, while Government is in the process of concluding prospecting licenses for iron ore and rare earth. He emphasized that Government has to ensure that the entire sector is developed in such a way that the potential of the country’s mineral wealth is achieved. Operators in the industry, particularly those involved in gold mining have been enjoying high prices. “Certainly, the opportunity for all of us to maximize this window of pricing exists and we want to ensure that we support the sector, be it through the (Guyana Geology and Mines Commission) GGMC in

ensuring we have greater efficiency in terms of how we interact with small, medium and large scale players so that they move quickly to their operations and get into the business of mining,” Persaud said. According to Persaud, mining accounts for 58 percent of the country’s total export earnings and 11 percent of Guyana’s Gross Domestic Product. Investments in the sector are within the vicinity of $20B, while taxes earned from the industry is about $5B. Mining, he said offers 20,000 direct and indirect jobs. He noted that the target for this year’s gold production is over 400,000 ounces. Expressing Government’s commitment to the industry, Persaud said that there needs to be equity in the mining sector. He added that Government is in the process of concluding discussions focusing on special arrangements for small miners such as women and youths. While President Donald Ramotar canceled his appearance at the function, Presidents of the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners’ Association, Patrick Harding and Guyana Women Miners’ Organization, Simona Broomes showed their commitment to the industry. Highlighting some of the challenges in sector, Harding

Some heavy duty equipment used in the mining sector on display in the National Park yesterday.

pointed out that alternative for mercury, which will be banned on the international market in 2013, is needed for Guyana’s mining industry. He noted that the industry needs to find an effective recovery system since the sluice box is not the best recovery tool.

He encouraged Government to conduct training and provision of technical and financial assistance for small and medium scale miners. Focusing on women in the industry, Broomes related that the organization is in the process of compiling a

Gunmen relieve stallholder of firearm and $1.3M A Vigilance North, East Coast Demerara couple was last evening held at gunpoint and robbed of $1.3M and four cellular phones just in front of their home. This was after they had relieved the male of his licensed firearm. According to a police press statement subsequently issued, the 47year-old businessman Albadar and his reputed wife Reshma Bisnauth were robbed just as they exited their vehicle in front of their home at around 19:00hrs.

Albadar’s son told this newspaper that while he was not present during the robbery, his father, a Stabroek Market stallholder, did give him a detailed account of what occurred. He explained that when his father and stepmother arrived home, the two men were in front of their house, pretending as though they were trying to woo his neighbour. The couple paid little attention to the men. However when they exited the minibus with their

belongings, the two men, both of whom were armed with handguns, confronted them and demanded cash. The robbers must have known that Albadar carried a weapon for they immediately stripped him of his .32 pistol before relieving the couple of the four cell phones they had in their possession. “One man was pointing the gun to my father head and the other one had his gun to my stepmother when they de asking for money,” the businessman’s son said. He added that “the man

who had his hand to my father was trembling, and the one sticking up my stepmother was telling him to hit my father, but he didn’t.” The robbers, after snatching the bag containing the cash from Albadar, escaped on foot. Albadar’s son is of the opinion that the men just wanted the money, and did not go there to harm his family. The matter was reported to the police who said that they have launched an investigation.

database to show the contributions of women. So far, the organization has account of over 700 women who are dredge operators and owners of businesses in the interior. She expressed hope that soon a model of women mining would be established. Broomes stated the organization’s commitment towards working with their male counterparts to develop the industry. Emphasizing on the theme of Mining Week, “Investment and Technological Growth for Sustainability in the Mining

Sector,” GGMC’s Commissioner Karen Livan said that the industry is building on success. According to Livan, GCMC registers its success in mineral production, exploration, mineral processing and reclamation. She noted that GGMC has (Continued on page 18)

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The protests at Linden have transfixed the nation over the past month. Now that, hopefully, the agreement brokered after hard negotiations between the government and the Region 10 representatives will be signed today, there is the danger that protests may spread to other areas. There have already been calls by the WPA for the Linden protests to be replicated on the Coast. The new demands from this quarter is that the government must be removed ‘by any means necessary’ by year’s end. Whatever we may think about the demand, it is very likely that there might be a copycat effect, as other disgruntled Regions pick up cudgels against the government. A few years ago, Juan E. Méndez, a law professor, an Adviser on crime prevention to the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, and former President of the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) and Special Adviser to Kofi Annan on the Prevention of Genocide, offered a perspective on protests. “For the billions of powerless in today’s world, protest is the only way to have their voices heard. That is why international human rights law places a very high premium on freedom of speech, association and assembly, all of them broadly understood. Vibrant, live democracies are those where all citizens believe they have a stake in the outcomes, and consequently feel compelled to voice their opinions through the vehicles available to them. It is no wonder that the politics of protest are livelier in countries that are emerging from tyranny. What does protest achieve? The agenda of protesters must be such that can be achieved through genuine debate in a democratic society. At the same time, rarely, if ever, is that agenda adopted in full the way protesters envision it; and rightly so, because policy is formulated through the interaction of many opinions and not as a result of pressure. Often, protest is a way of preventing some policy option that is considered unfair, and frequently the option is at least modified in view of the protest. So demonstrations may never completely succeed in achieving the goals of the demonstrators; they succeed in allowing them to participate in the process of policy formulation and decision-making, and participation is the democratic ideal. Undoubtedly, protest must abide by rules of peaceful coexistence and reasonable regulation. Farmers in Argentina had every right to protest against export taxes (whether the taxes were fair or unfair in the overall context is another matter); but they had no right to block highways and impede the access of food products to the markets. Protests should indeed grow in frequency and intensity as necessary, even to the point of bringing down a repressive or unrepresentative government; but they must stop short of forcing a duly elected leader from office. Just as there is a threshold of “legitimacy of exercise” that should be demanded of elected leaders, so also demonstrators must exercise their freedoms of speech and assembly within the constraints of legitimacy of both means and ends. Ultimately, protest works if it intelligently combines speech with action and a genuine attempt to persuade rather than simply antagonize. Under such premises, protest will continue to be a viable, indispensable ingredient of democracy for generations to come.” We believe that the above is very sage advice for the leaders of groups that might want to take to the streets in protest. First and foremost we must allow our democratic institutions to function and only if they are being stymied by groups with inordinate power, should groups take to the streets. The last elections demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that while our democracy may not be perfect (which one is?) at least we are able to impose the ultimate sanction against our political elite at the polls. It is our considered judgement that calls for the removal of the government by ‘non-peaceful means’, such as has recently been made, when democratic recourse at the polls are available, are unnecessarily tendentious and must be condemned by all well meaning Guyanese.

Monday August 20, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

There must be a brighter day for the needy and forgotten in Guyana DEAR EDITOR, During my years as a youth leader/activist in Guyana I was always hesitant to fully support a political party or the government of the day. It is the confinement that comes with being aligned and the blind allegiance one had to quietly pledge, that may have caused me to develop a fierce independence, became controversial and was disliked by many local people who would have been associated with politics in our community. I had developed a sort of mild disdain for politicians who came to tell us they had

the answers to our poverty. I looked into the eyes of many people and saw hope and belief turned to anger and bitterness as they developed a perpetual distrust for the very sound of the word politics. I thought then and still think now that many of us who came from very humble beginnings who had made serious sacrifices to get somewhere in the echelons of society, found it a status symbol of our achievements to have finally arrived and in some strange and twisted way felt a sense of power and superiority over those lesser mortals still existing in the slums.

Response to ‘Dutch Disease’ Editorial DEAR EDITOR, Excellent editorial (Avoiding Dutch Disease August 15, 2012) I hope you can influence your government so that inflation does not price your labor too high for the world market. Since your economy is based on labor you need to keep your labor cost low. I hope your unions also know that low labor costs mean more union jobs. The labor movement in the US is declining because labor costs are too high for

the world market. The unions worked with the government to increase inflation. The unions thought that larger paychecks would benefit the workers, and the government thought larger paychecks meant more tax revenue. Now there are few union jobs and less tax revenue. The US has a heavy debit burden now because of short sighted unions and government. Robert L Froman

DEAR EDITOR, I am writing this letter to offer Mrs. Lewis my sincere sympathy on the passing of her husband, Police Commissioner Laurie Lewis. And in offering my sympathy to you and your children, I have to remind you of this old Hebrew proverb: “Say not in grief that he is no more, but live in thankfulness that he was.” And not only should you and your family and the Guyana Police Force be thankful for his exemplary life, but the country as a whole. You will recall that I once served beside him as Minister of Home Affairs. Of Commissioner Lewis’s personal life I have but a few beautiful snapshots, of a husband who loved his wife and family, of a father who was protective and proud of his children, and of a loving son who lay on the floor of a Miami hospital to keep vigil beside his sick father. In his chosen career, Commissioner Lewis was a true professional if ever there

was one. Blessed with a nimbleness of wit, he executed his daily charge with honor, diligence, fairness and always – always, with an absence of any malice. Never have I known him to hold a grudge. Quick to inject humor in a stressful moment, many times I fondly thought of him as Shakespeare’s Puck. It was ever so often his humor that was the turning point in the successful resolution of a situation. Too numerous to mention were the occasions when he walked that extra mile going above and beyond the call of duty, both on behalf of the public whom he served as well as the officers and ranks of the Guyana Police Force whom he commanded. Perhaps it is the poet Khaleel Gibrian who said it best: “For what it is to die But to stand in the sun and melt (happily) into the wind.” May the beautiful soul of Laurie Leyland Lewis rest in peace. Stella Odie-Ali

Remembering Laurie Lewis

To have those ‘lesser’ than us who may be dependent on our leadership to secure a better standard of living for them and their communities; we relish our greatness and significance while having no intentions of exerting ourselves vigorously to improve their lot. It is that sort of power that brings on a form of invincibility that leads one to becoming corrupt and oppressive and in most instances dictatorial. The manifestations, of

course, lead to the further impoverishment and misery of those we come to regard as lesser mortals. The society becomes a reflection of its leaders and the leaders become a reflection of the society. There can be no superiority there. The measure is even. There can be no glorified, pompous, wealthy and celebrated leader in a dirt poor community, society or country. Until we all take that responsibility to make this Continued on page 5

We cannot look at mining as though it only involves the extraction of non renewable resources DEAR EDITOR, I am not interested in being wordy or to test the capacity for people to read and as such I shall get right into my view which I believe to be missing from most of the debates I have seen and heard on the current Linden and its associated issues from a developmental context. Mining must be seen as Guyana’s opportunity to initiate the humanisation of the interior and nothing less. We cannot look at mining as though it only involves the extraction of non renewable resources. It follows then that there must be a complete plan that addresses extraction and subsequent sustainable economic activity that will assure maximum utility of the country’s available land,

aside from the coastal mud plain which constitutes a mere 5% of the country. It means therefore that within the long term planned developmental concept, mining is just that first stage. That mining towns become ghost towns is a stark reality of anthropological economic history, which need not always be the outcome. What is required then is a concerted effort to charter an economic course after the resource would have become depleted or is no longer viable. I trust that whatever plans are being made, in place of plans that were seemingly absent, takes into consideration this view that will enable its relevance and suitability for generations. Arun Sudesh Richard

DEAR EDITOR, The open and daring attack on a peaceful opposition activist in Guyana - is outrageous and ALL descent Guyanese, in and out of Guyana, must openly condemn this sort of Individual terror-tactic. The PPP leadership should be ashamed of themselves for allowing a simple protest in Linden to escalate into a major tension that will far-reaching effects. The entire country now understands that Guyana will not be the same again after the recent operations in Linden. Dr. Jagan, one of the main founders of the PPP, with all his short-comings, would not have allowed any of this to happen. The tensions in Guyana will escalate into a major confrontation - at a national level, if the regime

does not adhere to the demands of the people of Linden and resolve all the outstanding national issues. Cheddi Jagan would not have tolerated any form of violence against unarmed citizens and the Linden crisis would not have occurred - causing the killing of 3 citizens and severely injuring more than 20 persons to date. The nation is wellinformed - since they do not listen to the State-mouth pieces but have developed their own independent networks at the local and international levels. The discredited PPP leadership is standing on one leg - and is desperately clinging on to power. We must do everything to bring an end to this type of rule in Guyana - once and for all. JINNAH RAHMAN

In defence of Freddie Kissoon

Monday August 20, 2012

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Letters... Where your views make the news I am rededicating my energies to the movement which seeks to liberate Guyana from this nepotic government DEAR EDITOR, The name Kidackie Amsterdam may not ring a bell to many in the current political circles, but that’s ok since I have been out of “active” politics for the last ten years or so, but returned to join the Red Thread organized picket of the office of the president on Monday 13 August 2012 on the linden imbroglio. This was followed by an appearance on the platform of the Working People’s Alliance public meeting at Stabroek square on Wednesday 15th august 2012. It was at this meeting that I disagreed with the leader of the political opposition’s call for residents of Region 4 to show solidarity with Linden by going to Linden on Saturday 18th August. As a matter of fact I chose to make a public call for the major thorough fares such as the East Coast and East Bank highways to be blocked and Regent Street occupied by protesters for at least five days to force the government’s hand on the demands of Linden. This call was repeated at Buxton on the evening of Thursday

16th August at which I invited residents to join me on the public road at 07:00 hours to demonstrate to the government that Buxtonians stand ready to join in the fight for social and economic justice for the people of linden and by extension all Guyanese. These calls were made out of the recognition that the government had walked away from the negotiations with the representatives of linden and region ten, and the seat of government, Region four / Georgetown remained calm suggesting that all was well. The question may be asked why take such “drastic” actions after being “out” of politics for the past ten years? Well here is why. It is my sincere belief that the PPP/Civic has nothing but contempt for the people of Guyana and the political representatives of the masses, moreso those who are of a particular ilk. This belief was further strengthened when in December leaders such as James Bond, and Eddie Collins were shot at the Square of the Revolution while involved in a peaceful

There must be a brighter... From page 4 known to every young person growing up, we may just remain in the dungeons of our poverty in Guyana, as generations come and go. The advantage Guyanese political leaders take on the less than a million people resident in Guyana is scandalous. Revolution after revolution must happen, as a zero tolerance approach ensues to break the back of the oppressive camel of political skulduggery existing

in Guyana. A change for better can and must come. This will not happen by hoping and believing, but by our actual disdain for hypocritical posturing of leaders. It will come by our intolerance for their ineptitude, and our constant agitating when necessary. It must come because there must be balance in our society. There must be a brighter day for the needy and forgotten. Norman Browne

demonstration against the perceived wrongs perpetrated by the Guyana Elections Commission, the refusal to act on the oppositions parliamentary vote of no confidence in Clement Rohee, and the manner in which the government sent its armed forces to launch a most inhumane assault on the people of Linden on the mornings of Friday August 10th through Sunday, August 12, even while negotiations were taking place with the leaders of Linden and the government. To this I say the government will only respond to the demands of the people if there is a show of force behind the political opposition, which is what I called for at the two public meetings organized by the WPA. While certain sections of the media were quick to scream “WPA wants Buxton road blocked…David Hinds suggest the thoroughfare be dug up…” I daresay those reports were out of context and far from the call made, because the reporter was absent when I made an earlier call for villagers to join me at the public road just to show our solidarity with Linden and to say to the authority that we stand ready. During this call it was made clear that the desire was to neither cause obstructions nor damage to property, nor even to interfere with the right of other citizens, but to simply indicate that Buxtonians were standing resolutely behind Linden and their leaders. Yes, the show of support for this call was dismal, but serves to highlight another reason for my return to

politics after “hibernation” like most Guyanese. The reason being that some Guyanese were oppressed, are being oppressed and will continue to be oppressed because the masses have become lazy and don’t care with regard to standing behind their leaders to demand accountability and responsible conduct from the government of the day, and must be made to “wake up” from this apathy lest Guyanese be made to suffer worst forms of indignity perpetrated by this uncaring government which sees itself as invincible. Hence, as of now I am rededicating my energies to the movement which seeks to liberate Guyana and its citizens from the clutches of the nepotic, kleptocratic government of the PPP/Civic, by making people understand that while leaders are in negotiation there must be a show of force by the people in support of their elected representatives if the will of the people is to be realized since there will be no gain to be had if the seat of government, Region four / Georgetown remains calm while the government refuses to heed the call of the people’s representatives. Ps: I do not need to defend Dr. David Hinds, he is capable of this, the veteran he is since the day s of fighting the Burnham regime as a member of the Working People’s Alliance, which fought tooth and nail alongside the now discredited PPP. Kidackie Amsterdam

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Monday August 20, 2012

Lindeners begin reconstruction of burnt school It was an atmosphere of cooperation and camaraderie at the old One Mile Primary School, which was recently gutted by fire, after arsonist set it alight during the protest action against electricity increases for the mining Town. From the break of dawn, scores of residents from all across the town began converging at the site to clear the rubble and debris. Trucks made several trips fetching sand to the site, in preparation for the rebuilding of the school. A grader/ loader from Bosai was also engaged in helping to clear the debris. Men, women and children, students and even teachers, joined hands in the arduous tasks of removing some of the rubble with wheel barrows, while others milled around offering words of encouragement. Two makeshift kitchens were set up where food and ‘swank’ were prepared for those working on the site. When this newspaper arrived on the scene, the women in one of the camps were busy preparing to cook a pot of cook up rice. One of the women said that they had already cooked about fifty packs of chowmein and about three gallons of rice for the day. “These people are working hard and we have to ensure that they are fed,” another of the women noted. There was also musical accompaniment as the people worked, lending a celebratory mood to the atmosphere. Regional Chairman Sharma Solomon, who was on the ground with the

people, said that what was being witnessed was the true strength of the people of Linden, adding that what the people were doing was rebuilding their future, “not building, but rebuilding our future, for what the children would have lost.” Solomon noted that what was being demonstrated was also the resilience of the people, who despite having endured an entire month of struggle and hardship, were still prepared and committed to persevere. Another Lindener, Aubrey Norton, called the activity a manifestation of the people’s commitment. “I think they would have also pointed out that they know that they didn’t burn it down, but agents of the Government; and they are demonstrating by this activity that they care about the children’s education, and thus are prepared to return to self help to ensure that the school is rebuilt in the quickest possible time.” Norton pointed out that he is committed to work with his fellow Lindeners to help establish the committee that will be tasked with the rebuilding of the school, and ensuring that in the quickest possible time “our children get not just a school, but a new modern school.” The initiative was also applauded by Mr Christopher Ram and Gerhard Ramsaroop who were at the location offering moral support. Ramsaroop noted that what he saw happening was very symbolic of the people’s struggle. He added that he was quite moved to see even the children and women

Residents prepare to commence a clean up campaign at the site of the burnt out One Mile Primary School

becoming involved in the clearing exercise. Christopher Ram emphasised, “It’s unbelievable, it’s emotional, it’s amazing to see the kind of energy, the enthusiasm and the commitment of this community. It’s sad- the genesis of it, we never should have gotten to this point, but it shows you that out of anything bad comes something really good. And I think that Linden and the entire Region 10 could become a model for this entire country, and I would hope that the other Regions and communities will take an example from what Linden is doing. And I think what is really important is that the government should take note, of what the people are prepared to do in the interest of their own self development.” Several persons and even organizations, both overseas

and locally have committed both cash and materials to help in the rebuilding of the One Mile Primary School. Among those contributing were Leader of the Opposition David

Grainger, who donated thirty two sacks of cement, and Harry’s Lumber yard which donated $200,000. The school has a population of 830 students. Come September the students

are expected to be housed at alternative venues, until the new school is completed. After the fire, two suspects were detained by Police but were subsequently released without charge.

Crime Chief and family involved in Suriname road accident Crime Chief Seelall Persaud and members of his family were yesterday involved in a vehicular accident in neighbouring Suriname. This newspaper understands that the accident occurred in Nickerie around midday. While reports are sketchy, Kaieteur News understands that the Deputy Commissioner of Police, his wife and daughter were in his vehicle when the accident occurred. Reports are that none of them was seriously hurt but Kaieteur News was told that Persaud and his wife were treated at a hospital for minor cuts and bruises. Persaud was driving his

vehicle bearing number plate PLL 9423. Reports reaching this newspaper indicated that the Crime Chief was “speeding”, while making his way back to Guyana. The Commissioner of Police (ag) Leroy Brumell, when contacted, confirmed that the Crime Chief was indeed involved in an accident and disclosed that he was in the neighbouring country on official police business. Brumell said that be wasn’t privy to the details of what transpired. This newspaper understands that Persaud and his wife are still in Suriname while his daughter travelled home yesterday afternoon as she is

Crime Chief Seelall Persaud scheduled to leave today for Cuba. The three were initially scheduled to return to Guyana on the 13:00hrs ferry.

Monday August 20, 2012

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Syria’s Assad makes rare Defiant strikers get ultimatum after South Africa mine shootings appearance for Eid prayers Platinum giant Lonmin yesterday ordered employees back to work at a South African mine where police killed 34 people, but miners remained defiant as a week of national mourning was declared. The London-listed company issued an ultimatum to workers to end a wildcat strike by today after the worst episode of police violence since the apartheid era, which President Jacob

Zuma said will be officially mourned for seven days. Lonmin said the call to staff was “a last opportunity to return to work” at its shutdown Marikana mine where union rivalry escalated into a police crackdown and more bloodshed on Thursday after 10 people died just days earlier. “Employees could therefore be dismissed if they fail to heed the final ultimatum,” warned the

world’s number three platinum producer. But miners who first downed tools at the Marikana mine on August 10 pledged to press on with their wage demands, and called the order to return to work “an insult” to colleagues who were gunned down by police. “Expecting us to go back is like an insult. Many of our friends and colleagues are dead, then they expect us to

resume work. Never,” said worker Zachariah Mbewu. “Some are in prison and hospitals. Tomorrow we are going back to the mountain (protest site), not underground, unless management gives us what we want.” Lonmin’s Monday deadline for miners to return to work will coincide with the start of a week-long national mourning announced Sunday by Zuma. (AFP)

Guagua, according to official accounts published by state media. Zhang, the aide, has not disputed the murder charge but his lawyer said he was a mere accomplice to Gu. Gu’s trial is probably a prelude to formal punishment of Bo Xilai, a brashly ambitious politician under investigation for alleged violations of party discipline - an accusation that covers corruption, abuse of power and other misdeeds. After the party leadership decides on those allegations, Bo could also face criminal charges related to the murder case. “I don’t think it’s likely that Gu will receive the death penalty,” said He Weifang, a

professor of law at Peking University who has followed the case closely. “I think Bo Xilai will also face a criminal trial,” said He. “I don’t think it’s likely he could claim that from the poisoning in November last year, he had no clue about it, and if he did but tried to hide it or didn’t come forward, then that might constitute concealing a crime or obstructing justice.”

China court to give verdict in Gu Kailai murder trial today

HEFEI, China (Reuters) A Chinese court will deliver its verdict today against Gu Kailai, the wife of disgraced politician Bo Xilai, on charges of killing a British businessman last year in a scandal that has shaken the Communist Party’s transition to a new leadership. When a court in the eastern city of Hefei announces its verdict at a hearing starting at 9 a.m. (9.00 p.m. EDT), Gu could receive the death penalty, along with a family aide, Zhang Xiaojun, who was also tried for the murder. But many lawyers have said Gu is likely to receive a long jail term, because official accounts of the case have

Gu Kailai highlighted her claim that she was trying to protect her son. At a trial on August 9, Gu admitted to poisoning the businessman Neil Heywood, and alleged that an economic dispute between them led him to threaten her son, Bo

BEIRUT (Reuters) Syrian President Bashar alAssad made his first appearance in public since a July bombing that killed four top security officials, attending prayers at a Damascus mosque yesterday to mark the start of the Muslim holiday of Eid, state TV showed. The first day of Eid also gave Assad’s opponents a chance to rally and activists reported protests around Syria, including in the capital, on a holiday that marked the end of the Islamic holy fasting month of Ramadan. Fighting raged on around Syria, killing more than 100 people, an activist group reported. Battling a 17-month-old uprising against 42 years of rule by his family, Assad was filmed at prayer with his prime minister and foreign minister but not with his vice president, Farouq al-Shara, whose reported defection was denied the previous day. Shaken by a July 18 bomb attack in Damascus and defections - including that of his last prime minister Assad’s recent appearances on state TV had previously been restricted to footage of

Bashar al-Assad him conducting official business. He was shown swearing in the new prime minister a week ago. Syria’s civil war has intensified since the bombing that killed members of Assad’s inner circle, including his defense minister and brotherin-law. Assad was pictured sitting cross-legged at a mosque in the Damascus residential district of Muhajirin listening to a sermon in which Syria was described as a victim of “terrorism” and a conspiracy hatched by the United States, Israel, the West and Arabs - a reference to Gulf states which back the revolt.

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WikiLeaks founder berates U.S. from Ecuador embassy balcony LONDON (Reuters) WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange berated the United States yesterday from the balcony of the Ecuadorean embassy where he has sought refuge from arrest, challenging President Barack Obama to end what he called a witch-hunt against his whistle-blowing website. Speaking from within the London mission to avoid being detained by British police who want to extradite him to Sweden for questioning over rape allegations, Assange said the United States was fighting a war against outlets like WikiLeaks. Pitching himself alongside Russian punk band Pussy Riot and the New York Times newspaper, Assange said the U n i t e d S t a t e s risked shunting the world into an era of journalistic oppression. He did not mention the rape allegations. “As WikiLeaks stands under threat, so does the freedom of expression and the health of all of our societies,” Assange said, dressed in a maroon tie and blue shirt, flanked by the yellow, blue and red Ecuadorean flag with

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange speaks to the media outside the Ecuador embassy in west London yesterday. (Olivia Harris/REUTERS) dozens of British policemen lined up on the pavement below. “I ask President Obama to do the right thing: the United States must renounce its witch-hunt against WikiLeaks,” Assange said in a 10-minute speech which he ended with two thumbs up to the world’s media. Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa, a self-declared enemy of “corrupt” media and

U.S. “imperialism”, granted the former computer hacker political asylum last week, deepening a diplomatic standoff with Britain and Sweden. Asylum in Ecuador marked the latest twist in a tumultuous journey for Assange since he incensed the United States and its allies by using his WikiLeaks website to leak hundreds of thousands of secret U.S. diplomatic and military cables in 2010, disclosures that often embarrassed Washington. To allow Assange to avoid arrest by stepping outside the embassy, a balcony door on an upper floor was removed, leading up to his first public appearance since seeking refuge in the diplomatic mission.

Monday August 20, 2012

CXC angry at criticism from Jamaica Jamaica Observer - The leadership of the Caribbean Examinations C o u n c i l (CXC) is fuming in the wake of calls for an enquiry into whether it is to be blamed for the significant decline in pass rates for English Language and Mathematics among students throughout the Caribbean in May this year. Registrar at the CXC, Dr Didacus Jules, is not amused by what he has described as the blame game that is currently driving the public debate about the falling exam grades. Dr Jules responded angrily in an interview with the Jamaica Observer Friday when asked to comment on the claims made by Jamaica College principal Ruel Reid that the CXC itself should be probed to ascertain its role in the poor showing among students across the region. Reid last week insisted that Caribbean governments should demand an explanation from CXC, as the examination body was not above scrutiny. Among other things, Reid is questioning whether CXC made changes to its marking schemes in response to criticisms that its examinations had got easier over recent years. Following Reid’s call, Education Minister Ronald Thwaites disclosed that he had, in fact, requested an explanation from CXC. Technocrats inside the education ministry have also sided with Reid, albeit off the record.

Dr Didacus Jules (left) and Ruel Reid The minister’s pronouncement came even as local educators showed obvious alarm at the results, particularly against the background of gains that had been recorded in 2010 and 2011. According to figures released by the Ministry of Education, 46.2 per cent of the students passed English Language, a significant drop when compared with a pass rate of 63.9 per cent last year, and 64.9 per cent in 2010. In Mathematics, 31.7 per cent of students attained passes, a decrease from 33.2 per cent last year, and 39.5 per cent in 2010. Speaking with the Sunday Observer on Friday, president of the Jamaica Association of Principals of Secondary Schools Sharon Reid said the principals were also very concerned and would meet shortly to address the situation.

The dismal Mathematics and English Language passes will also take prominence on the agenda of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA) annual conference scheduled for Montego Bay between today and Wednesday. Meanwhile, officials of CXC are expected to provide more answers when they travel to Jamaica this week to meet with Thwaites on the vexed issue. Dr Jules is unlikely to be in attendance, however, and leapt to his organisation’s defence against Reid’s critique. “Mr Reid should know better,” Dr Jules fumed, emphasising that Reid, once an advisor to former Education Minister Andrew Holness and ex-chairman of the National Council on Education, has a working knowledge of CXC’s operations.

Tourism officials to address challenges of regional transportation Caribbean News - Some of the most creative minds in Caribbean and international tourism will come together to seek a solution to the challenges facing intraregional transportation. Intra-regional travel has been beset by high fares and inadequate access, among other challenges – problems which tourism officials contend, hinder development of the important regional tourism market. The Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) has planned a special session at the upcoming State of the Industry Conference in St. Kitts to examine the issue and come up with possible answers. The session, “The Challenge of Regional

Transportation – Where is the Solution?” will not be limited to air transportation, but will also examine sea transportation as a means to connect some of the destinations. “Regional travel is a focal point of concern for our member-countries. The volume of intra-regional visitors generated among our members annually is close to 1.5 million. But that number is decreasing and it a major concern to us,” said Hugh Riley, CTO’s secretary general. “Caribbean people are longing for a service that is convenient, reliable and affordable. There is a perception that it is often cheaper to travel from the Caribbean to the United

Hugh Riley States than from one Caribbean country to another. There’s something wrong with that. For this and other reasons the topic is of critical importance.” The latest figures

compiled by the CTO research division show that in 2011, nearly 1.5 million Caribbean nationals visited neighbouring regional destinations, a 3.2 per cent rise over 2010 when intraregional travel resulted in just under 1.4 million arrivals. However, the 2011 figures were well below those of 2007 when there were 1,536,000 arrivals. The session on regional transportation will take place from 3:00 to 5:00 pm on Thursday 11 October and will be moderated by Holly Hegeman, an experienced airline industry analyst and publisher of PlaneBusiness Banter, a weekly financial subscriber publication of the airline industry.

Monday August 20, 2012

Kaieteur News

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THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING HANSARDS Despite its many failings, and at times its often raucous discussions, the Parliament of Guyana can evoke colorful and memorable performances. During the Budget debate, for example, it was obvious who the government side of the House was targeting. One government Minister got up and described reading some of the Budgets of the latter days of the PNC regime as to reading a death announcement. If those Budgets could have been described as death announcements, then the public administration of that period was like a wake house. There was widespread ineptness, gross incompetence, extreme prevarication and deepseated sloth. As the

country’s finances worsened, resources for proper administration dried up and with this came a decay of public institutions. Sadly, the work of Parliament was not exempted from this decadence. The physical condition of Parliament Buildings was not of its best. In later years, major works of the building would have to be undertaken and these works ironically are now being blamed for the destruction of transcripts of the proceedings of the House. These records of the sittings of the National Assembly when transcribed in the Hansard, represent the official public record of the proceeds of the House. But the production of the Hansards fell victim of the

ongoing malaise in the country at the time. Cheddi Jagan, who had taken his fight for democratic and social liberation into the halls of an unrepresentative Parliament, understood the importance of historical record. He himself had benefitted from the colonial authorities’ attentiveness to and scrupulous recordkeeping and he was able to write his own narrative of the country’s political history by sourcing the existing Hansard, including those of his own presentations in the Legislative Council. However, the publication of the Hansard went into decline under the PNC. And so when Cheddi returned to power in 1992, and recognizing the importance of recording and publishing the

Dem boys seh

De Dees really stupid Some leaders believe people stupid, that dem does just jump whenever dem talk. That is de case of some more Dees. David Hinds seh he is a leader and he got Desmond Trotman behind he. Desmond seh he is a leader too. And to crown it off, dem had de brainless Uncle Fred Dee who going fuh a brain scan fuh check to see if he got any brains. Dem call a protest at Buxton fuh block de road. Dem believe that once dem talk, de whole of Buxton, Lusignan and Annandale woulda come out because dem seh suh. Well de morning of de protest nobody ain’t tun up.

But de day before Brumell who in charge of de police did seh that dem leaders should come to de front. David Hinds claim how Brumell give he a death threat because de man want he in front of de protest. Dem boys had to laugh. De same eleven who plan de protest was de only people wid dem placard. David and Desmond dem pushing people in front. Dem stay at de back. De people inch halfway in de public road and dem boys seh if you see how dem run when dem see de minibus coming wid speed. David and Fred Dee run de fastest. That is when everybody know that David is a bluff. Dem boys seh that dem

know that de Dees is stupidees, that de Bees gun always run ring round dem. After all Bees before de Dees. De Dees could never outsmart dem. Dem boys seh that people need leaders who are de Aaze. Tek Fred Dee who always running behind de Dees. Fred Dee seh he need brain scan. Gerhard convinced that Fred Dee mad suh he recommend that he go to Bhairo Harry, another mad man. Fred Dee agree and he going and tek it. Dem know he mad a long time. Dem boys didn’t realize dem got so much stupid Dees. Talk half and watch de Dees.

Hansard, one of his first acts was to arrange with the British government to have the Hansard published. It is therefore surprising that no one with the institutional memory of the past 20 years pointed out that it was the PPP’s return to political office in 1992 that restarted the process of the publication of the Hansard. The publication was reportedly contracted out to a private firm when the PPP took office. In 1996, the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs did an assessment of Guyana’s parliamentary library and its findings revealed that the Hansard was not published from 1963 right through to the date of the report. This would mean that while there were written records of the proceedings of the National Assembly, these were never transcribed for printing. It was therefore surprising that there should have been a call for the Hansard for the Hoyte era to be produced. At least from the report of the NDI consultants, no such records had been transcribed up to 1996. Most of the records of

Parliament, including Hansards dating back to 1800, were located in the loft but were so damaged through neglect that they were incapable of being preserved even with modern technology. This was an example of the state of neglect that had existed for years and which resulted in the loss of irreplaceable archival material. The un-transcribed notes of the record of the Assembly’s proceeding from 1963 to 1996 were said to be located in the back room of the Reportorial Section. But the report observed that poor storage and ravages of time had taken their toll on 30 years of records, all of which, the authors noted, were liable to be lost unless catalogued and protected. Ironically, the report noted that the only office in Parliament with modern facilities was the Reportial Section, which dealt with transcribing the Hansards. However, the report of the experts noted that the staff complained that their work is hampered by technical problems. From all accounts, it does seem as if those records or at least those relating to the Hoyte era have indeed been

lost forever. But the loss of archival material goes much deeper: there is almost a certain loss of the older historical records dating back as far as 1800. It is the loss of those historic records that is most painful because Guyana has lost important accounts of its history in its formative years. There may be ways obtaining information on what prevailed during the period 1985-1992. The memory of persons who were around during that long wake can be tapped and the newspapers can provide some reports of some of the debates. But when it comes to the British Hansards, we may have to hope that England which takes pride in its record keeping may have copies of those records. The mystery of the missing Hansard from 1985 1992 has been solved. There were never any printed Hansards for the period and the transcripts of the sittings were damaged and cannot now be retrieved.

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Kaieteur News

Social Workers intervention for traumatised Lindeners - Regional Chairman As Lindeners settle down to some form of normalcy, Regional Chairman Sharma Solomon has committed that they will have the benefit of a significant amount of social workers within the community to deal with persons, especially children, who were traumatized by the past month’s events. According to Solomon, who made the disclosure on Saturday at a rally in Linden, “Social Workers would invade the community.” Solomon further stated that this move is one of the new initiates the Regional Administration is taking to help rebuild the community. “We want to do this to build Linden…we need to ensure our children have a better community,” Solomon told Lindeners. He also noted that the Minister of Education Priya Manickchand has informed him that placement of students of the burnt out One Mile Primary School, in other learning institutions in Linden has already been done.

Solomon urged Lindeners to stay vigilant and resolute, adding that their struggle is “rooted in favour.” The Regional Chairman also added that a memorial site will be built a short distance from where Shemroy Bouyea, Ron Somerset and Allan Lewis were killed on July 18, last. The three men were killed when police opened fire on demonstrators on the first day of protest over the arbitrary increase in electricity tariffs by the government. Meanwhile, the Joint Services Coordinating Council advised yesterday in a press release that all access to the interior through the Linden community have now been re-established. According to the release, it must be noted that, in the very short term, Joint Services personnel will continue to man the main thoroughfare through the Linden Township. Joint Services said that personnel will continue to engage their tasks in the most professional manner in keeping with the Laws of

Sharma Solomon Guyana. Scores of Lindeners turned out on Saturday to commemorate one month since the police slaying of Shemroy Bouyea, Ron Somerset and Allan Lewis. The event passed with a peaceful march throughout the streets to the Mackenzie/ Wismar Bridge where a public rally was held. The rally commenced with prayers and worship, led by Pastor Selwyn Sills, and later, residents were addressed by several speakers including Leader of the Opposition David Granger, Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine, Regional Chairman Sharma Solomon a n d Va n e s s a K i s s o o n , among others. Dr. David Hinds and Lincoln Lewis were some of the other key figures present.

Monday August 20, 2012

GuySuCo Supernumerary Constables grumble over non-payment of incentives The Guyana Sugar Corporation (Guysuco) continues to be troubled by many problems. Amidst the latest upheaval caused by the recent strike called by National Association of Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE), another group of workers have come out against what they see as gross disrespect by the sugar corporation. The NAACIE workers are up in arms over glitches with respect to their wages and salaries which resulted from a recent job evaluation and salary survey conducted in the Corporation. Over 200 Supernumerary Constables (SC) are not pleased that they have been left out of the job evaluation scheme altogether. They are stating that they are the only GuySuCo employees who were not given any job evaluation package. In a letter sent to Kaieteur News it was disclosed that most of the SC ranks working at the Sugar Corporation

have more than 15 years service and some as much as 40 years service. They stated that GuySuCo now employs watchmen who are given better treatment than the Supernumerary Constables. The watchmen work for an hourly rate of $261.26 while security officers earn less. The constables informed that it is customary that they too receive whatever benefits were given to workers in the Corporation, but of recent that has changed. “Whatever benefit GAWU got we use to benefit. We use to get letters from the Corporation that we will get an increase based on agreement between GAWU and the Corporation.” The workers stated that they have raised their concerns at every possible level in the Corporation, but have received no positive response. They are throwing the blame squarely on the Corporation’s Head of Security, who they said is not representing their cause. The workers are now being told that they are not

unionized and are not entitled to an increase. The Constables stated that they play an important part in the company and at times put their lives at risk to protect the bosses and assets of the entity countrywide, and now they are being treated with total disrespect. They stated that like all other GuySuCo workers, they have children, bills and other expenses to take care of, and they should get whatever benefits are available. They are placing Guysuco on notice that if they are not treated with respect, “things will not be right.” “When an employee gets job satisfaction, he performs better on the job, but when there is no job satisfaction, temptations are strong.” The letter went on to state that the safety of all of Guysuco’s assets is the responsibility of the Constables and if Constables cannot get a decent increase in wages and salaries then “other things can get to people’s minds and lead to another level of thinking.”

Linden mother blames ‘gaffing’ nurse for delivery of still-born Aretha Murray, a 35-yearold mother of two is calling on the authorities at the Linden Hospital as well as officials at the Ministry of Health to investigate the circumstances surrounding her giving birth to a still-born. The Canvas City, Wismar resident explained that she was admitted to the hospital complex at around 7:00hrs

two Sundays ago, and was repeatedly examined by the doctor and nurses. However, she related at around noon, another nurse was placed in charge and the constant examination ceased. The nurse, she said, had been deeply engrossed in a conversation with a gentleman, refusing to pay attention to her and the other

three expectant mothers in the ward. “She wasn’t coming to check we, she was gaffing with a man,” Murray told this newspaper The woman added that after a few hours, she started experiencing pains, indicating that the baby was ready to be delivered. She said that since she could not get the attention of the nurse in charge, she pleaded with another nurse to examine her. However, she said that that nurse consulted the one in charge who after finally breaking off from her conversation, started to insult her. “When she was coming towards me she telling me that me ain’t ready yet, and that I just want she push, push she finger in me. She told me that the doctor said that I won’t be ready till after a couple of hours, and that she should check me only every four hours.” Murray, who was in pain at the time, said that she was constantly being insulted by the nurse, but after listening to many insults, was finally tended to. “The nurse then carry me to the theatre and they operate on me.” The saddened woman said that although she was being continuously insulted, she was particularly hurt when she delivered a still born, and the nurse’s (Continued on page 15)

Monday August 20, 2012

First there is the “Tipping Point” which author Malcolm Gladwell describes as “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.” Next comes the “tripping” point which seems to be what happened to the MerriamWebster College Dictionary when it admitted the word “FBomb” as one of onehundred new words that will soon be included in the annual update of the 114year-old dictionary. A word to the wise may be sufficient but an F-Bomb may blow wisdom to smithereens. Jordana Divon in “The Daily Brew” explained how the F-Bomb blasted its way into the dictionary, “Yes, the word you use in lieu of spelling out the actual fourletter profanity for propriety’s sake has landed in the hallowed dictionary pages after decades of living on the vernacular margins.” M e r r i a m - We b s t e r Associate Editor, Kory Stamper, described “F-Bomb” as “a word that is very visually evocative. It’s not just the F-word. It’s F-bomb. You know that it’s going to cause a lot of consternation and possible damage.”

Kaieteur News

Stamper and her group attributed the first use of the term “F-Bomb” to a Newsday story in 1988, when a former New York Mets player, catcher Gary Carter, told the magazine he’d given up “Fbombs” or, in other words, he was limiting his use of profanity to more sociallyacceptable terminology. The “F-bomb” then gained greater prominence after a “legendary” basketball coach Bobby Knight expressed his fondness for the term. However, it is when the FBomb burst in the political arena that it carved out its own niche and blew its competition, the “F-word” to bits. According to Stamper of Merriam-Webster, “We saw another huge spike after Dick Cheney dropped an F-bomb in the Senate in 2004, and again in 2010 when Vice President Joe Biden did the same thing in the same place.” While Leonne Italie of AP says, “It’s about freaking time” and the F-bomb can be found among countless online dictionaries, this will be the first time it appears in print and already some of the criticism has started. “Babble”, a website for “a

new generation of parents” complains, “When young children realize that if ‘Fbomb’ is in the dictionary, then it’s formerly taboostatus must have been lifted” and asks, “Are the MerriamWebster folks simply reacting to the times and trying to keep up with them, or are they making a statement and giving printed consent to start using and doing some previously non-kid friendly words and activities?” “Babble” also complains about another word admitted into the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. It is “sexting”. When I was growing up “sex” and “ting” were synonymous so when Lord Kitchener sang, “Gimme the ting that the doctor order me/ Gimme the ting” we knew what he meant. However, “sexting” in these days of cellphones, Facebook and tweets (incidentally “tweet” was the dictionary’s last year word) means “the sending of sexually explicit messages or images by cell phone.” Like Samsung, sexting is all over the Galaxy now, yet Babble describes its inclusion in the Merriam-Webster as

Linden mother blames ‘gaffing’... (From page 10) response was “If I know is this I coming to deliver I wouldn’t have come”. Murray told Kaieteur News that after complaining to the doctor, she learnt that her baby could have been saved if it was delivered sooner. The distraught woman added that the doctor

also revealed to her that he told the nurse to examine her every few minutes and not every four hours, as she had already given birth to two children. “The doctor said that he tell the woman to check me regularly, because I make two children already, and did not need to wait much.”

The distraught woman is currently in the process of writing a report which she intends to submit to the Minister of Health and the Chief Executive Officer for the Linden Hospital Complex. But in the meantime, she wants to make a public call for justice and highlight her dilemma.

“another word added to the dictionary that puts an official label on something you don’t want your kids doing.” A response on the Drudge Report was, “I really hate it that Merriam-Webster adds garbage like this. Legitimizing slang and sloppy language should never be acceptable.” Babble should be forced into an “Aha moment” which, partly through the term’s use by megastar Oprah Winfrey, has also found its way into the dictionary. My “Aha moment” came many, many years ago when I found out that the root-words of the ‘FBomb’ and ‘C-Bomb’ (if there ever was or will be one) are in the dictionary. Using Babble’s logic, kids would already have seen those words so why would they settle for euphemisms? Does one have to be rich and/or famous like Oprah and Bobby Knight or infamous like Dick Cheyney to prompt Merriam-Webster? It seems so. One of the new words is “earworm”. AP states that “earworm” started with

Page 15

author Stephen King who used it in 2009 in a column for Entertainment Weekly entitled ‘The Trouble With Earworms’. King described waking up in the middle of the night for a glass of water when he found himself singing a snippet of a lyric. He wrote, “My friend the Longhair says that’s what you call songs that burrow into your head and commence chewing your brains. The dreaded earworm can turn even a great song into something you’d run from, screaming at the top of your lungs. If only you could.” Merriam-Webster’s Kory Stamper explained that the word “earworm” comes from the German “ohrwurm” which surfaced in English in the late ’80s as a way to describe untranslatable words. Since King popularized it as a tune that won’t leave your head it solidified itself in the national linguistic consciousness in

America. Earworm isn’t actually a new word for Merriam-Webster and can also be a blight that attacks corn. Also among the new words or old words with new meanings are “systemic risk” which means that “you owe more on your mortgage than the property is worth”, and “toxic” or “an asset that has lost so much value that it cannot be sold on the market.” Will the inclusion of words like the “F-Bomb” and “sexting” prove to be a systemic risk that will be toxic for Merriam-Webster? Are they at a tipping point or a tripping point? In other words, will a word to the wise be an Aha-moment or an FBomb? *Tony Deyal was last seen with an earworm- Lord Kitchener ’s “Gimme De Ting”. He said he would prefer a house-call from Gabby’s “Doctor Cassandra”.

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Monday August 20, 2012

Revisiting a Guyanese Academic Legend

A tribute to a fallen brother, Professor Mohamed Azeem Khan By Zamin Khan, LLB Professor Mohamed Azeem Khan (commonly called MA) was born in February 1949 to Mr. and Mrs. Sujawal Khan in the squalid enclave of Plantation Albion, dubbed “bound coolie yard,” and peddled his way to become an international academic icon. Khan made his debut into the educational arena at the age of five when he started his primary education at Albion Canadian Mission School, which was about half a mile away from “bound coolie yard,” under the tutelage of Mr. J.R. Latchmansingh and his staff. (“bound coolie yard” was where indentured laborers and their children were housed, which was a stone throw away from the sugar factory they were assigned to). He and other” logi” children ( “logis” were stretches of small compartmentalized mudwalled structures ) would trek about half of a mile to school, shoeless along edgy dams, laced with patches of small blue bricks, that hugged the sidelines next to Albion sugar factory. The factory has always been the hub of survival for most of the people. His father, Sujawal (Sujak), became a laborer at the factory at the tender age of 13, and continued until his retirement—age 60. (child labor was incidental to the indentured labor system). Khan was soon singled out by most of the staff

teachers as a child whose mental age far exceeded his biological age. He went on to pass the School Leaving Certificate of Education examination in 1962. By this time, we have already moved about two miles away from ‘bound coolie yard’ to settle at Nigg Road, Albion, where our home remains to this day. As the old adage has it, “the winds of grace are always blowing, but you have to raise your sail”. Khan spiked his sail and graced his way to Corentyne Comprehensive High School to commence his secondary education under the headmastership of Mr. Rudra Nauth, a resourceful and pragmatic educator, where he barreled through a five year program in two and half years, and netted six O’Level GCE passes. After this success, he was assigned to be a teacher at the neighborhood primary school—Belvedere Primary School. He started to teach there in 1964 at the age of fourteen years six months, at which time he sported his first long pants. Khan taught there for seven years, and simultaneously pursued private studies towards the A’Level examinations. He humbled the rigors of the A’ Level examinations when he passed two subjects—Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics—with A grades (this was not too common at the time). In 1972, this intellectually gifted honcho moved to 119 Pike Street, Kitty, Georgetown, and joined the

teaching staff at the Technical Institute, and simultaneously weaseled through a six- year part time Bachelors of Arts Degree program in four years, with distinction, at the University of Guyana. He then embarked on Postgraduate studies and obtained his Diploma in Education (Dip Ed) two years later with distinction, and was the recipient of all the Diploma in Education accolades for that year— 1978. 1) The Best Graduating Student Award 2) The Guyana Teachers Union Award 3) The Most Outstanding Diploma in Education Student Award, among others. While Mr. Khan was receiving his awards, an old lady sitting next to our parents asked our mom, ‘’who picknee da maan’’ and our mom, flushed with pride, muttered ‘’ da me son’’ to which the lady fumed ,’’ da wan smat bai maan,’’and rightly so. Having excelled academically, Khan was made a lecturer at the University of Guyana, in the Department of Mathematics, in 1978, and muscled his way to win a Fulbright Scholarship 1982. The Fulbright Scholarship was established under legislation introduced by Senator J. William Fulbright in 1946. It is funded, in large part, by annual appropriation from the US Congress. It can arguably be said to be a United States Scholarship sponsored by the Department of State. This provides conclusive proof that there is no correlation

Fallen legend: Professor Mohamed Azeem Khan between one’s place of birth and what one can achieve. A man from ‘’bound coolie yard’’ clinched a coveted scholarship from one of the greatest countries in the world—the USA. Khan departed from Guyana in 1982, and jetted to the University of Kentucky to undertake his Master of Sciences Degree in Statistics, pursuant to complying with the scholarship requirements. Here again, he further distinguished himself academically, when he graduated in 1983 with distinction, as his official University transcript unimpeachably reflects— 18As’ and 1B. This made him eligible to be honored as a Member of the Boston and Cincinnati Chapters of the American Statistical

Association. Khan then returned in 1984 to the University of Guyana to fulfill the practical assignment of his scholarship, where he became the Chairman of the Department of Mathematics. Khan phoned me in 1986 from Guyana, and advised me of his intent to come to N e w Yo r k t o j o i n t h e faculty at any University. At that time, I was residing in the Bronx, NY. When Mr. Khan arrived in the Bronx, I phoned the Chairman of the Mathematics Department at Fordham University and told him that my brother, Mr. Khan, would like to slate an interview to dialogue with him pursuant to employment. The professor informally cautioned us to go in and see him that same day. We went, we were cordially

received, and after verifying his credentials, the Chairman tweeted to my brother, “you are a jewel among academics, when would you like to start, and what courses would you like to teach?’’ My brother humbly responded that he could teach any course in Math, and that all he would need is seventy two hours prior notice. He was made a lecturer at Fordhan University, where he taught for seventeen years, during which time he became a tenure professor, won a Professor’s award of excellence, and commenced his Doctoral Degree in Theoretical Statistics, but succumbed to his mortality in May 2002, prior to its completion. Indeed, the above constituted enviable evidence that Professor Mohamed Azeem Khan is a gifted Guyanese academic legend, whose exacting academic achievements will serve to immortalize him. Echoes from his slumber are guiding our contemplation to set up an award at the University of Guyana on his behalf, and a commemorating plaque. Both of these initiatives are in the making. Undoubtedly, the passing of Prof. Mohamed Azeem Khan permanently diminishes the potential of the human race, as reflected above in his stellar academic accomplishments. He is survived by his wife, Farida Khan, his son, Shazam Khan, daughters Rehana Khan Garib and Shanaz Khan Roberts, among others who are too numerous to mention.

Muslims celebrate Eid ul-Fitr

Local Muslims prepare for one of their prayers. Muslims across the world yesterday celebrated Eid ulFitr, the holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. To mark the beginning of Eid and in accordance with

the Sunnah, or practices of the Prophet Muhammad, many Muslims wake up early in the morning and pray Salat ul-Fajr, or the pre-dawn prayer. After brushing their teeth, taking a bath and

wearing perfume, they have breakfast before heading off to perform special congregational prayers known as Salaat al-Eid. Many Muslims recite the takbir, a declaration of faith,

on the way to the prayer ground and give special charitable contributions known as Zakat al-Fitr. Eid al-Fitr is a day of great merriment and thanksgiving. Muslims celebrate by gathering with friends and family, preparing sweet delicacies, wearing new clothes and giving each other gifts. A common greeting during this holiday is “Eid Mubarak”, which means, “Have a blessed Eid!” The religious Eid is a single day (a Muslim is not permitted to fast that day), but it is usually celebrated for three days. Eid is an Arabic word meaning “festivity”, while Fimr means “breaking the fast.” The holiday celebrates the conclusion of the 29 or 30 days of dawn-tosunset fasting during the entire month of Ramadan. The first day of Eid, therefore, falls on the first Continued on page 18

Monday August 20, 2012

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Monday August 20, 2012 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): A fierce but friendly conflict with someone will give you a heady rush of adrenaline today. This unexpected energy will go a long way toward helping you get the best of your opponent in a very clever manner. But be gentle, and try not to rub the loser's face into the fact that you were right. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): You are making some very good progress in what has been (until today) a very tough negotiation -- and good for you! This is a time for you to pat yourself on the back and remind yourself that you are a superstar. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): No matter what your current life situation is, your life is your own business! Remember that today when busybodies try to bury you in unsolicited and inappropriate advice. ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Today the universe will seem to adapt itself to all your moods and desires -- this day will be as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans. If you have any plans, today you'll find that everything falls into place just as you'd hoped it would. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): Your attitudes about money are falling out of sync with everyone else's attitudes today -- this could cause some minor conflicts. Compromises will be easy to make, as all the people you're surrounded by today are in flexible and positive moods. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Think fast -- when was the last really great day you had? If it was more than a month ago, then you need to start focusing on how you can create another one as soon as possible. Spend some time today thinking about

what is different in your life. ********************* LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): That nagging voice in your head deserves all your attention as early as possible today -- even if it's telling you things that you don't exactly want to hear right now. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. 21): Today is not the day to try to push a relationship to a deeper level. You have many secrets at your disposal, but if you use them to connect with someone else, you will be sorry. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. 21): A difficult conversation you have been dreading will go a lot better than expected today -- it turns out that other people have been whispering in this person's ear and have been warning her or him about the thing you have been wanting to talk about. .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): Are you in the middle of working out lots of different details and elements? If so, you're definitely in luck today! It is a great day for putting all your plans and preparations into motion -- because the stars are aligned in the perfect formation to create optimum results. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18): Despite what you might think, the people you're dealing with right now definitely know that you're serious about what you're doing -- no one thinks that you're a pushover. ********************* PISCE S ( F e b . 1 9 March 20): Despite the high level of drama that is creeping into your life right now, nothing too upsetting will develop by the end of the day. No great changes will occur before tomorrow. Right now you are sort of at a crossroads in your life.

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Kaieteur News

Muslims celebrate Eid... From page 16 day of the month Shawwal. This is a day where Muslims around the world try to show a common goal of unity. President of the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) Fazeel M Ferouz noted that the Holy Month of Ramadan is a month of great sacrifice during which Muslims intensified their devotions to Allah by fasting from dawn to sunset whilst remaining in the remembrance of Allah and being in a state of goodwill, by giving charity to the poor, needy and the vulnerable, by feeding those suffering from hunger, and the increase of prayers to compliment the compulsory fivedaily prayers. “We perform these actions knowing that by the promise of Allah, we will obtain taqwa or God Consciousness and at our journey’s end obtain His paradise.”

TOURS Suriname Summer Vacation trip, Zoo Cinema Shopping Casino, 1 to 4 September Call: 644-0185, 639-2663, 6655171, 227-8290 PROPERTY FOR SALE

20X40 Two flat concrete building @ Kitty. Price $22M Negotiable to be seen Call: 668-9512, 223-2570 Prime business spot Public Road McDoom Village, Land 200’x50’with front store & concrete bond 155’x30’Call: 233-0570 South $10M, Newtown $20M, Diamond $9.5M, Nandy Park $23M, Diana 227-2256, 626-9382 2 houses on one lot, transported land @ Lot 18 Parika Village E.B.E Call: 6503008 FOR RENT One top flat for rent at Diamond New Scheme E.B.D Call: 678-9835 Taxi Base rental at a popular West Side Hotel Call: 6381627 Booths for rent in hair salon $6,000 weekly Call: 227-3273 or 696-3037 in Albert town Georgetown. Rental of machines : Excavator, Roller & Bobcat Call: 220-5580, 621-4786 1 Bottom flat at 121 Lindley Avenue Nandy Park, 2 bedrooms fully furnished Call: 233-5560, 619-4824 (Cindy) Apartments $50,000 monthly Call: 645-1208 5,500 Square ft storage bond Eccles, E.B.D, Serious enquires only. Please Call: 628-6030, 602-6518 for more information. Apartments for rent Call: 6450870

US-based family creates modern library for Joshua House

Joshua House children pose with their new computers.

(From page 19)

Beautiful middle income ranch style home in LaParfaite Harmonie W.B.D, Has chicken pen Call: 6821256, 622-8409, 611-3674

Monday August 20, 2012

MASSAGE American style massage service Call: 609-4036

The youngsters at the Joshua House Children’s Centre are now one step closure to becoming computer literate and able to read their way to success. This is all thanks to the children and grandchildren of the late Clarina Guilliams and

her memorial, the Clarina Guilliams Foundation. Her US-based offspring and their families worked for several weeks to set up a library and computer room for the 65 children housed at the centre. The official opening of

Jamela Ali re-elected President of Mediation Institute of Guyana

Relax your mind and body Call: 622-6256

Jamela Ali

LEARN TO DRIVE Soman & Sons Driving School, First Federation Building Call: 225-4858, 6445166, 622-2872, 615-0964 Prudential Learning ‘’ Training to Pass’’ automatic also stick/manual Call: 6424827, 661-5028. We ‘re # 1.

SALON Make up courses, artist trained & certified in Trinidad: 660-5257,647-1773 Summer special Cosmetology, Nails & Makeup Call Abby 216-1950,6665241,619-7603

DRESS MAKING 6-weeks course in designing/ dressmaking. Call Sharmela: 225- 2598, 6410784

the library equipped with a wide range of books, along with a printer and six modern desktop computers, was done earlier this month at the centre’s Thomas Street, South Cummingsburg location. The woman’s son, Carl L. Guilliams, who spoke at the opening ceremony, said that although his mother never went far in school, she was a bright woman who believed in education. He said that the family felt that providing learning opportunities for children was the best way to honour her. He pointed out that all the woman’s children and their children are academically gifted. Mr. Guilliams also promised that should the need arise, his family is also willing to finance university education for the children who want to further their

studies. The Guardians of Joshua House, Clifford and Gladys Accra, expressed their sincere gratitude to the family who has not only provided the children of the home with material stuff, but with hopes for brighter futures and bigger dreams as well. In addition, a cheque of $100,000, which promises to be an annual subvention, was also presented to further enhance the lives of the children. The Guilliams family also took the opportunity to present an additional computer to Shemaine Campbelle of the West Indies female cricket team. The family also has three other computers to unpack and donate to the Drop-In Centre sometime this week.

Non-traditional minerals... Attorney at law Jamela A Ali was re-elected president of the Mediation Institute of Guyana Inc. (MIG) at the body’s third Annual General Meeting (AGM) on June 6, 2012 at the Red Cross building. The mission of the MIG is to provide national leadership in the development and promotion of dispute resolution services in Guyana. Its vision is to be the preeminent organization for professionals who provide mediation services to individuals and organizations that use those services. Ali was trained with the

first batch of Guyanese mediators in 2003. She is certified as a Mediator, a Mediation Trainer and a Faculty Member. She holds a Masters degree in Legislative Drafting and is currently an Attorney at Law in private practice. Several other persons were elected to the MIG Executive for the new fiscal year 2012-2013. They are Pamela Nauth, re-elected 1st Vice President; Hazel Halley-Burnett, 2nd Vice President; Orrin Boston, Secretary; Teni Housty, Treasurer, Cyril Walker, Director and Scheherazade Khan, Director.

When we pause and experience silence, we discover answers that activity does not have time to reveal. During your day, take threeminute “vacations”. Relax and re-energise. Take time out to feel the peace of silence.

(From page 3) three reclamation sites and there is movement in the area of re-vegetation. After the official opening ceremony, officials and exhibitors, who made up majority of the crowd, visited the various booths which showcased heavy duty machinery, supplementary products and information on services provided in the sector. Quarrying, which is often times not considered as part of mining, took its rightful position on the National Park tarmac.

C.K. Sharma, Sales and Marketing Manager of Toolsie Persaud Inc. related that the company is utilizing the one week exhibition to promote its products. MACORP, which is known for heavy duty machinery, and services about 400 clients in the interior, displayed its new Alpha Laval High Speed Efficient Fuel Separator. According to Service Manager, Andres Reyes Pelaez, this equipment which separates particles from fuel will help to maintain the equipment.

Final chapter closes on... (From page 11) Cholmondeley, whom many saw as a gentle giant among men, capable of riveting presentations to an audience, was also described as incisive in mind, colourful and varied in vocabulary. But a former broadcast colleague, award winning journalist Angella Massiah, remarked that “surprisingly, he was a shy man”. This she noticed in 1992, when the North American-based Caribbean media personnel, officially established its alumni in honour of Cholmondeley for his pioneering efforts in both print and broadcast journalism. Cholmondeley left to mourn his widow Marieanne, five children from two marriages, and two grandchildren.

Monday August 20, 2012

WANTED Live in domestic must know to cook, Salary $50,000 monthly Call: 222-4890 Taxi and Bus drivers Princess Hotel Call: 6165419, 265-7076 Experience roti/puri cooks, Pastry makers, Counter servers, Cleaners, Apply Hack’s Halaal Restaurant 5 Commerce Street. Refrigeration A/C, Washer trainee Call: 231-0655, 6838734 Washbay attendants to work, living in Georgetown Call: 227-5169 One Cosmetologist helper required Call: 223-5451, 2274799 Bus driver to ply zone 31 Call: 231-1561 or 664-9427 One live in nanny, mature with Secondary Education, Age 30-50 years Call: 2269279, 614-6564 1 Security to work nights, age: 40 – 55 years, working hours: 7pm – 7 am. Contact: 231-6721/674-8300

Kaieteur News

VEHICLES FOR SALE Just arrived: Allion and Premio, tel: 624-2000, 622-1610

SERVICES Permanent &Visitors Visa Applications Professional Immigration Consultant Sabita - Room E-4 Maraj Building 225-6496/ 223-8115/662-6045. We refill HP cartridges for $1800 Call: 650-7699

Toyota Tacoma GPP Series $4.5M, Unregistered Toyota Premio $2.9M Call: 688-9070, 619-2299

We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer, dryer Call:2310655,683-8734 Omar

Blow Out Sale!! P & A Auto Sales, Unregistered vehicles, Premio, Spacio, IST, Raum etc Call: 661-9651 or 681-8474

Mahadoe’s Construction, reliable services for your building, contact Tony Tel 618-3523, 669-7376. For free estimates and plans.

One Toyota Sprinter Contact Tel: 660-1141 Leading Auto, Allion, Runx, IST, PLL Raum Call: 677-7666

HOUSE PLAN DRAFTING FOR ONLY $10,000 CALL: 694-9843, 227-2766

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IT Manager must have degree in computer. Call: 220-0401-3 or email: r e c u r u i t m e n t

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Toyota RAV4,excellent condition, fully loaded, female driven Call: 624-3350

One live in nanny/maid, 3045 years, Location: Kuru Kururu Call: 656-1284 Accounts clerk 5 Subjects CXC-Grades 1-3 Call: 2235273-4

1 Experience person to look after layer birds in interior Call: 677-0610 Machine operators for Bobcat & Excavator. Contact: 220-5580/621-4786 1 Experience cook to cook for family in interior Call: 677-0610

Leading Auto, Unregistered Allion, Premio, Spacio, Runx, IST Call: 677-7666, 610-7666 Leading Technology, Toshiba Laptop-wholesale & retail Call:648-6600 1 Toyota RZ (Longbase), 15 seater (EFI) manual, immaculate condition, hardly used, price $1.6M. Call Rocky 621-5902, 225-1400

1 male sales clerk, 1 porter Call: 225-2313

1 Toyota NZE Corolla PLL Series $2.2M Call: 642-6664

Painters/Carpenters to work with limited supervision with own tools Call:225-0188/ 225-6070 Live in waitress, salary $50,000 monthly, boarding & lodging free Call: 610-5043 Maid/Cleaner, Apply to P.O Box 101818 include contact number. Handy boys to work $35,000 per month, living accommodation and meals free Call: 628-1756, 228-5655 General domestic, male or female, work 3 days weekly. Must have 2 recent references. Call: 628-0335 during working hours

1 Enclosed Small 2-ton Canter. Tel: 615-9635.

Driver for party rental service, within the vicinity of Parka to V/Hoop, must be able to work flexible hours. Tel # 638-1627 Cashier, Bartender, Experienced Cooks, Pastry Makers, Waiter. Restaurant, 78 Hadfield St. Tel: 223-6284, 223-6285. Male Receptionist, Maids, Handyman. Hotel – 225-9211.

WANTED Data entry clerk, must have access to computer Call: 2330606 1 Cashier, computer literate, Phatz Style Boutique 16 E ½ Durban Street. Apply in person Call: 227-0501

Robb Street (land) $30M, Main Street (land) US$5M Diana 227-2256, 626-9382

Girls to work as waitress in bar, age 18 to 25 Call: 256-4096

Vreed-en-Hoop House Lots, Call: 658-0115

LAND FOR SALE 1 ½ acre, 48ftx1300ft V/ Hoop Call: 627-9351

Honda pressure washer, Dewalt grinder & camera, Makita & Dewalt drill (cord less) Call: 266-5831, 690-2174 (Marcia)

Register now at Community College $15,000 per term at Form 1 Call: 227-0218

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VYC, IDCE/UG presents Business Development Training, in Marketing, Financing and Communication. Contact 2271011-13 Register Now

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Princeton College, Forms 15, CXC adults classes for slow learners, reading classes for children Call: 6905008, 611-3793

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2004 Mazda RX8, Body kit, Spoiler, Never register Call: 617-2891

Experience hairdressers to work at Misikko Salon. Contact Mrs.Trecia Bathija on 666-5153 Live in/live out domestic Call: 668-3985, 264-3356, 253-3149

EDUCATIONAL ACADEMIA: CXC lessons forms 1-5 & Adults. Only $1000 per subject per month. Call: 600-3775

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1 Drudge workers, scrap metal cutter, 1 Hiab truck driver, 1 mechanic, 1 whole day domestic Call: 667-5717, 650-4761 or 629-2912

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Advanced Diploma in computer for 2012 CXC Student, MicroGraphics Technology, Vreed-en-Hoop 264-3057 Register Now for Windows 7, Office 2012, Quick Books etc, MicroGraphics Technology Parika (Bollywood Building) 264-3057 Guitar & keyboard classes Call: 660-8697 TAXI SERVICE Airport Taxi $3800 Call: 6149246

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CAR RENTAL Progressive auto rental, cars from $4,000 per day. Call: 643-5122, 656-0087, FABS RENTAL, cars & SUV rental, call: 600- 6890 or email (Continued on page 18)

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Kaieteur News

Monday August 20, 2012

Alfred Mentore wins Ray’s Roberts promises $1.8B Auto Sales Golf Tourney in sporting facilities

The top three finishers Troy Cadogan, Mohanlall “Santo” Dinnanauth and Alfred Mentore (Winner) and Club Captain Rawle Moore. Alfred Mentore carted off the Ray’s Auto Sales Medal Play Golf tournament on Saturday at the Lusignan Golf

Course. He shot net 69 from gross 78 playing off nine handicap.

Taylor says Jamaicans... From back page thrilling experience to perform at home. “I feel very good because this is the first opportunity that many of these people have seen me play ‘live’,” she said. “People would see me and tell me they heard about me, but they wanted to see me play, and I think this opportunity has paid off.” “I have gotten a large number of well wishes from people on my Facebook page and other greetings from

people who walk up to me on the street or at the matches, so I am grateful for the support.” List of top performers in the RWT20: Most runs: Stafanie Taylor (Jamaica) 409 runs, average 81.80 Most wickets: Shaquana Quintyne (Barbados) 15 wickets, average 7.13 Most dismissals: Merissa Aguilleira (T&T) 5 catches, 4 stumpings Most catches: Nerissa Crafton (St. Lucia) 6 catches

Mohanlall “Santo” Dinnanauth placed second after he edged out Troy Cadogan on a countback. Both golfers ended on net 71. Dinnanauth (3 handicap) copped the Best Gross prize of 74. Thirty golfers took part in the tournament sponsored by Ray’s Auto Sales. Club Captain Rawle Moore thanked the sponsors for partnering with the Lusignan Golf Club to stage the tournament. Meanwhile, golfers will be in action again this weekend in the Carib Beer Tournament sponsored by Ansa McAl Trading Inc. at the Lusignan Golf Club. Te e o ff i s a t 1 2 : 3 0 hours.

Trinidad Guardian - Sport Minister Anil Roberts has given his assurance that he will fight for resources to improve sports in the country. “I will do it,” he said. Roberts said over the next 30 months Government will spend $1.8 billion on sporting facilities. He was speaking at a simple reception to welcome home double Olympic bronze medallist Lalonde Gordon at the VIP Lounge, Piarco International Airport. Gordon won the bronze medal in the 400 metres sprint and was part of the 4x400 metres relay team that also copped bronze at the recently concluded London Olympic Games. The young athlete was welcomed home by his mother Cynthia Cupid, Roberts, Brian Lewis of the T&T Olympic Committee and other officials. Gordon received two large framed pictures of himself in the two races. Roberts said Prime Minister Kamla PersadBissessar will announce his rewards at a later date. While Roberts showered praises on the Tobagonian for his effort, he said there was much work to be done in the field of sport. “We have a lot of work to do and as Minister of Sport I will not shirk my responsibility. We have a lot of infrastructure to put in place, a lot of investment into the athletes, into the coaches, into the development, into the science, into the massage therapy and into the sports science centre. “I will do that. I have no fear. We will fight for the resources within the Cabinet and the budget and that will be done so I accept my responsibility.” Roberts said $800 million will be spent on the National Aquatic Centre, a velodrome and a National Tennis Centre, while more than $1 billion will be spent on 19 regional sporting centres, including air-conditioned indoor netball courts, squash courts, track and field, computer rooms, basketball courts and sports medicine facilities. “So when you divide up all of that investment it is a lot of money.

Olympic bronze medallist Lalonde Gordon is kissed by his mother Cynthia Cupid during a low-key welcome ceremony held for him at the VIP lounge of Piarco International Airport. (Abraham Diaz)

“However, our coaches must understand that if they do not educate themselves...we could be as good as Lalonde Gordon, born with genetic ability to run a 43.93 (race) but if the coaches do not know how to plan, periodise, how to train, how to push, how to Anil Lachman played unbeaten to win the Guyana Darts recover and how to get them Association ‘501’ Open Singles Tournament which was mentally ready, then we are going to fail,” Roberts said. played Friday last, at Pegasus Salt Air Sports Club. In the final, Lachman defeated Nicholas Seetaram 2/0 to capture his second tournament in a row. In the semi-finals, Lachman won 2/0 from Bryan James, while Nicholas Seetaram registered a similar margin of victory over Christopher Ragnauth.

Lachman wins 501 Singles

South Africa close in on series victory

(Reuters) - England lost early wickets to slump to 16 for two at close of play against South Africa at Lord’s on Sunday, as their pursuit of 346 to win the third and final test and square the series started badly. Jonathan Trott was six not out in 54 arduous minutes and Ian Bell had four, after openers Alastair Cook (3) and Andrew Strauss (1) both fell lbw to Vernon Philander. England, who need a further 330, were given a minimum 103 overs to register what would be their highest fourth innings score to win a test, and also the most on the ground. Scores: England 315 and 16 for 2 (Trott 6*, Bell 4*) need 330 more runs to beat South Africa 309 and 351 (Amla 121, Finn 4-60).

Monday August 20, 2012

Kaieteur News

Wilfred Boodhoo donates gear to GABA, stages one day seminar Guyanese, Canadian based Executive of the World Boxing Council (WBC) and former International Boxing Referee/Judge and Coach, Wilfred Boodhoo, held a one day seminar for boxing officials, including coaches yesterday at the Andrew ‘Six head’ Lewis Boxing Gym for local personnel who came from Berbice, Essequibo and the City. Boodhoo, who has a wealth of experience in officiating and other aspects of boxing, took the participants through the intricacies of successfully playing their role as well as

highlighting changes in the system. He encouraged them to strive for excellence. His main target at this session was coaches as they looked at the implementation of new strategies in training top notch fighters. At the conclusion, Boodhoo presented several pieces of gear including counting apparatus that records punches thrown and landed, lasers and whistles among others. Guyana Amateur Boxing Association President Steve Ninvalle expressed gratitude to Boodhoo for his gifts, noting that it is support of this

Wilfred Boodhoo (8th from right) and GABA Presidnet Steve Ninvalle (7th from right) along with the participants at the seminar, display some of the gear. nature from persons in the Diaspora that goes a long way in helping the sport progress. He called on others to also when and where necessary chip in.

Quarter-miler takes comfortable 200m victory @ mini meet Guyana’s Junior 400 meters record holder, Stephan James returned from his two weeks training session in the United States of America to continue his dominance on the track in the 200 meters yesterday afternoon when the Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG) hosted a mini meet at the Police Sports Club ground, Eve Leary to accommodate the Trinidadian athletes who came for the postponed Youth and U-23 Trails. The now established athlete from Running Brave (RB) took advantage of the field while using the mini meet as a gauge to guide him into the upcoming Youth and U23 Trials which is slated from September 1 and 2. James took the golden spot on the podium in a time of 21.9 seconds, outclassing Police Progressive Youth Club’s (PPYC) Shawn Semple, second in 22.4 seconds and Trinidad and Tobago’s Odou Hazel from Mustang Club, third in 22.5 seconds. The excitement continued at the meet when Chavez Ageday, Tevin Garraway and James, three rivals, clashed in the Men’s 100 meters. Ageday, who was having an inconsistent athletic season, stamped his authority to claim the race in a time 10.6 seconds as James and Garraway trailed behind in 10.8 and 11.15 seconds respectively. Neisa Allen of RB took a double in the Women’s 100 meters and 200 meters to remind her rivals of her sprinting ability in 12.5 seconds and 25.1 seconds. PPYC’s Tiffany Carto was second in the 200 meters in 25.3 seconds, while Allen’s club mate Natrena Hooper settled for third in 25.7

Stephan James

Chavez Ageday

seconds. Natrena Hooper and Shawn Semple rebounded from their defeats in the 200 meters to alienate the field in the Women’s and Men’s 400 meters in 59 and 49.4 seconds. Trinidad’s Odou Hazel was second to Semple in 49.5 seconds as Selwyn Foster registered 50.4 seconds. The middle distance events saw Ornesto Thomas (1500 meters), Devon Barrington (800 meters), Dennis Horatio (5000 meters) and Jevina Straker (800 meters) coming out victorious. Thomas, a double gold medalist at the Trinidad and Tobago’s 2012 Morvant Jets and Mustangs Games, sprinted his way to gold as he usually does ahead of Winston Missigher and Kevin Bayley in 4:20.8 seconds. Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Devon Barrington took the Men’s 800 meters in 2 minutes as Thomas and Mandela Collins finished second and third in 2:02.04 and 2:18.03 seconds. Straker claimed the

Women’s 800 meters in 2:02.04 seconds as Horatio won the Men’s 5000 meters in 17:22.38 seconds. Leon Bishop was the winner of the Men’s Triple Jump with his best leap of 12m89cm as Maurice Gibson who had the exact best leap as Bishop was given second as a result of his other two jumps (12m22cm, 12m15cm) which were not comparative to Bishop’s 12m85cm and 12m67cm. Troy Williams was third with 12m51cm. Natrena Hooper (10m80cm) bounded to victory in the Women’s Triple Jump ahead of Tracy Moses (10m49cm) and Juanita Hooper (10m16cm). PPYC would have taken a clean sweep in the Women’s Long Jump when Juanita Hooper, Tracey Moses and Cindy Fraser took to the pit, but Fraser fouled all of her three jumps. Hooper won the event with 5m02cm; Moses was second with 4m94cm. Yowl Benjamin out did his club mates Shiekele Scott (10m33cm) and Larry Josiah (7m93cm) with his 10m45cm throw in the Men’s Shot Put. (Juanita Hooper)

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Kumar implores resuscitation of Canadian Walk as 14th William France Walk concludes

Officials and participants take time out for a photo after the Walk including the Canadian Ambassador David Devine, Williams France, Neil Kumar and Steve Ninvalle. Hubbard Lawson collected a large trophy for his first place effort when more than 70 persons convened at the Two Brothers Gas Station, Eccles EBD, for a 2 miles trek to Mocha Road head, as activities in the 14th William France Annual Fitness Walk concluded yesterday morning. The forum was also graced with the presence of Canadian Ambassador, His Excellency David Devine, Director of Youth and Sports, Neil Kumar, Director of National Commission on Disability, Beverly Pyle, President of the Guyana Amateur Boxing Association, Steve Ninvalle and his Public Relations Officer, Shawn Richmond as well as Regional Coordinator, David Stoby. Mr. Kumar acknowledged the benefits

derived from such activity even as he implored wider participation. The Director of Sports said that activities of this nature will help to prepare a strong contingent for participation in the 2016 Special Olympics in Brazil. He reminded that local athletes that participated in the previous Special Olympics meet had procured 4 gold medals, 1 silver and 2 bronze. He further beseeched the Canadian Ambassador to recommence the Canadian Walk since that event had been instrumental in the preparations of local athletes before it was scrapped. Mr. Kumar concluded by pledging unstinted support to those athletes shortlisted for such duties. Meanwhile, Mr. France

conveyed deep appreciation to the dignitaries as well as the many athletes that came out in support of the walk. Also an amputee after losing his leg in August 1985, Mr. France started walking in August 1993 with a journey to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timerhi. He had defied the unsubstantiated myth that relegates persons of his ilk to minimal sports activities. He said that he is on the verge of calling it a day. Notwithstanding, Mr. France plans to engage in the New York Marathon in Washington DC on November 4 next in what would be his swan song. Several other persons are also in training to compete in several other overseas engagements including the

David Persaud Investments Cricket continued with action yesterday Play in the David Persaud Investments Trophy Cricket competition continued yesterday with action that resulted in a win for Queen’s College and Georgetown CC, while two games were not played. In a summary of the action yesterday; Match 1 – Queen’s College Vs Transport SC “B” at the GYO ground. Queen’s College “B” won by 3 wickets. Transport SC “B” batting first made 97 all out in 26.3 overs. Bowling for Q u e e n ’s C o l l e g e B . Ramkissoon took 4 wickets for 3 runs, T. Mana 2 for 9 and V. Persaud 2 for 12. In reply Queen’s College

made 98 for 7 in 23.1 overs. Amil Ali made 50 runs not out. Bowling for Transport SC “B”: A. Motilall took 3 wickets for 28 runs and S. Profit 3 for 13. Match 2 – Demerara CC “A” Vs 3rd Class at the GNIC ground was not played due to ground unavailability. Match is to be rescheduled. Match 3 – Bel Air Texaco Vs Georgetown CC at the GCC ground. Georgetown CC won by 118 runs. Georgetown CC batting first made 190 all out in 46.3 overs. M. Pestano-bell made 43 runs, D. Lord 33 and S. Graham 27. Bowling for Bel Air Texaco: A. Joseph took 3

wickets for 31 runs, A. Rampersaud 3 for 33 and R. Lynch 2 for 30. In reply Bel Air Texaco was dismissed for 72 runs in 28.5 overs. Bowling for Georgetown CC: D. Lord took 3 wickets for 15 runs, B. Bailey 2 for 8 and A. Damon 2 for 11. The competition will continue today with the following three matches in Zone A: Demerara CC “B” Vs Everest CC at the DCC ground, Gandhi YO Vs Transport SC “A” at the GYO ground, Saint Stanislaus College Vs Ace Warriors at the GCC ground, while Malteenoes SC drew the bye.

Terry Fox Walk in Canada scheduled for November 4 and the Washington Marine Marathon later this year. They include John Antoo, Andre Richardson, Denis Burns, Audrey Bowlin and Yvonne DeAbreu. The latter two individuals are wheel chair bound. Hensworth Abrams has been identified as the guide for the entourage. Meanwhile, the local athletes will continue to hone their skills in a walk from Dartmouth to Charity on the Essequibo Coast next Monday, August 27. This is to raise funds for their fellow amputee, Indi Ramnauth who will be making the Canadian trip. This year ’s activities witnessed participation from a record number of 13 individuals categorized as ‘differently able.’ The organizers received support from many entities including Fefe Fabulous Innovation of the Stabroek Market and Brain Watch World of Wellington Street. Those businesses donated cell phones and watches to some participants. Several corporate bodies and individuals have teamed up to make the Fitness and Health Walk a success including President Donald Ramotar, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Public Service Minister, Jennifer Westford, Director of Youth and Sports, Neil Kumar, Kenrick Auto Sales, GT&T, Banks DIH Ltd, Nigel’s Supermarket, Ming’s Products and Services and Ramchand Auto Sales. Walkers were escorted by out-riders from the Guyana Police Force. (Michael Benjamin)

Monday August 20, 2012

BFA pulls plug on Karibee Rice Football tournament, warns teams not to participate The Berbice Football Association (BFA) and the organisers of the Karibee Rice Football competition are at loggerheads over the staging of the tournament thus placing the play-off of the second edition of the competition in limbo. The BFA has refused to sanction the competition which is sponsored by Nand Persaud and Company Limited. The BFA has since written to football teams in the Berbice area instructing teams not to participate in the tournament and failing to adhere to that instruction they will be penalized. The letter dated 14th August stated that “…to date the BFA has not been officially contacted by the sponsors or organisers concerning the hosting of the Karibee Rice Football tournament. As such the tournament has not been approved by the BFA and as a consequence has not been sanctioned by the Association. Therefore no club has been given permission to participate.” It ended with the words “All for you strict adherence and guidance.” However the organisers and some of the clubs in Berbice are taking umbrage with the latest action by the BFA. On Friday Kaieteur sports caught up with members of some of the clubs and the organising c o m m i t t e e including officials from Corentyne All Stars, Pistons and Hearts of Oak football clubs. The officials stated that they are tired with the BFA theatrics, laid back and high handed attitude, which is only killing the game of football in the ancient county and dispiriting prospective sponsors. The organisers stated that the BFA adopted the same attitude last year when the tournament was played for the first time. They stated that they had a royal run around from the BFA, although they had adhered to all the stipulations, including lodging all the money. They noted that the tournament which should have lasted not more than three weeks went on for more than seven months for no apparent reason. It began in April and ended until November. They stated that Berbice clubs have lost confidence in the BFA for a long time since they hardly do anything concerning football in Berbice. They are also accusing the president of only being concerned about himself and his club. No other tournament has been completed since the completion of the last Karibee Rice competition.

Contacted for a comment at the BFA office in New Amsterdam, Secretary Joseph Simon refuted the allegations made. Although at first reluctant to speak, he stated that at no time did the BFA humbug or destabilised any tournament. Simon said that last year’s the “Karibee Rice” competition was coordinated by Brian Simpson of the Pistons Football Club and every time the BFA tried to make contact with him he was never around. “The BFA wanted to make sure that everything was in order that was the reason for the delay,” he stated. Touching on the allegation of lack of tournaments especially on the senior level, he said that, “We are organising tournaments. The Cheddi Jagan tournament has been launched sometime ago and will be played shortly. The weather and some other unforeseen circumstances were the major bug bear.” “In fact the BFA is encouraging clubs to organise tournaments especially at the senior level, as the FA is concentrating on organizing junior and female competitions.” He stated that it is no secret what the procedures are concerning the staging of any football competition. Outlining the procedures he said that the organisers must notify the BFA and summit proposed dates for approval. The organisers must also lodge the prize monies and a tournament contract must be worked out. That is done to safeguard the clubs and the players. Simon said that the organisers did not contact the BFA and they only knew of the competition via an article in the Kaieteur News. Simon mentioned that the FA has since written the Nand Persaud and Company Limited informing them of the situation and inviting them to discuss the issue and work on a way forward. The Karibee Rice tournament should have begun yesterday with one game at the Burnham Park in New Amsterdam. The tournament which is being organized by Corentyne All Stars is being sponsored by the Popular Business establishment to the tune of over $300,000, while 10 teams were listed to participate in the tournament which was being called the “Karibee Rice Football Cup 2012.” The Burnham Park, the Scot Church grounds, the Scottsburg ground and the Monedderlust ground were identified as the venues. The final was scheduled for the 23rd September. (Samuel Whyte)

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