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Friday August 16, 2013

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Egypt’s Tragedy The other foot inevitably dropped in the unfolding tragedy in Egypt which began when the democraticallyelected government of Mohammed Morsi was overthrown in a coup d’état by the army on July 3. So-called “secular forces”, which had played a major role in bringing down Mubarak-led dictatorship, made common cause with the more Islamicist Salafi group to call on the army to stage the coup. They claimed the Muslim Brotherhood of Morsi, had not been inclusive in their governance structures, as had been promised before and during the elections. Not surprisingly, the supporters of Morsi protested the army action, especially when their leader Morsi was arrested and kept in confinement after the coup. Thousands of them established camps at two Cairo squares from where they swore not to budge until Morsi was reinstated as President. Since then, there had been intense negotiations with the army and the protestors by interlocutors such as the US government, for them to arrive at a modus vivendi. The fear was that if open hostilities broke out between the two sides, Egypt might slide into open civil war, which could start a conflagration in the wider Middle East and North Africa with its massive oil deposits. The US, however, has been accused of sending conflicting signals on the standoff. As the direct backer of the Egyptian Army with its US$1.5 billion aid package, the US has enormous clout over that institution. But it has consistently refused to admit that the army had staged a coup, which would have disqualified them from receiving any aid. In fact, earlier this month US Secretary of State John Kerry, in a widely criticised statement, praised the Egyptian military for “restoring democracy” by ousting Morsi. Such statements gave legitimacy to widespread sentiments that the US actually was supportive of the coup. Even before the present attack on the camps of the partisans of Morsi, 200 supporters had already been killed by the security forces. In the present attacks, the government media has admitted that at least 525 were killed, while the Muslim Brotherhood say the number is as high as 2000. Whatever the actual number, what is certain is that Egypt is on the cusp of a civil war, which the onemonth state of emergency declared by the army will not be able to prevent. Regrettably, the US has once more protested the latest action but has not declared that a coup took place, which would be the only action that would place some real pressure on the army. The role of the army reflects the dangers of separating means from ends. The secularists, backed by the west, obviously see the greater danger represented by the Muslim Brotherhood, with their desire to make Egypt a more Islamic state, than from the army. It does not seem to matter to them that at the Parliamentary elections, 70% of the electorate voted for the Brotherhood and other Islamicist parties and that at the Presidential elections, Morsi received 51% of the popular vote. In their version of democracy, they are willing to traduce the very constitutional rules they helped formulate. Only if they were involved in the government, would there be democracy. What is most tragic about the United States’declared policy to “export” democracy to the region is that they were willing to depose a group with an 85-year history in the country, and arguably the one with the most moderate Islamicist orientation. As the secular-nominated interim government’s own vice president and a Washington favourite, Mohammed El-Baradei, who resigned in the face of Wednesday’s violence said, “Violence begets violence, and mark my words, the only beneficiaries from what happened today are extremist groups”. It is very likely that events will follow the path of Algeria in 1991 after the Islamic Salvation Front won the first round of elections and were poised to win the second and last round and the army cancelled the elections. Hundreds of thousands were then murdered in clashes between Islamists and the military.

Friday August 16, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

An open letter to Captain Gerry Gouveia: Does the Captain have a mind of his own? DEAR EDITOR, I commend Gerry Gouveia for asking in an open letter to the press four prominent critics of the Amaila Falls hydro project, Christopher Ram, Ramon Gaskin, Anand Goolsaran and Dr. Clive Thomas, some critical questions. However, from reading the letter, it is abundantly clear that Gerry Gouveia engages in a grave form of intellectual hypocrisy and heinousness. He highlights and ventilates the opinions and positions of the PPP government and the four individuals but he offers no opinion, view, position, conclusion, research or findings of his own. Gouveia does not contextualize the commentary allegedly made by the four men. Nor does he admit that the public still labours under a cloud of withheld and denied full disclosure and information on this project, something the PPP still persist in doing even in the

face of the collapse of this project. The questions Gerry Gouveia posed are critical and pivotal to the debate on Amaila but they are not the only burning issues on this fiasco. Gouveia selectively and conveniently cherry-picks his four questions while opportunely forgetting to ask other key questions such as on the outlandish financing terms and arrangements agreed to by the PPP government, the suitability of the site itself, future national electricity demand projections, etc. Gouveia’s second question is not really a question. It is a speculative, logically specious and intellectually corrupt attempt to get the four gentlemen to agree to a false premise and conclusion Gouveia himself makes and frames in the form of a question. Unless Gouveia could point the public to a legislated removal of the government’s capability to provide

subsidies to GPL as a result of this project, it is absurd to assume GPL will not be subsidised after Amaila Falls came on stream. In fact, the taxpaying public is heavily sudsidizing the entire Amaila Falls project as constituted and in doing so is subsidizing GPL, which is bound by law to take all of its power from Amaila. There is no persuasive evidence that Amaila Falls will lead to reduced GPL fossil fuel dependency based on, among other factors, future national electricity demand and the plan to force massive self-generating entities onto the grid. Instead of demanding answers from others, maybe Gouveia could in light of recent exchange rate fluctuations that devalued the Guyana dollar, provide us with his numbers of how much the project cost escalated in the past month. Christopher Ram, Ramon Gaskin, (Continued on page 5)

This decision is a convenience to retain power among the major parties DEAR EDITOR, With the Guyana Government and the Opposition’s recent agreement on Local Government Regulations reform, the way has now be cleared for the holding of local government elections in Guyana after an extensive period. What does this mean for Guyana? It means that citizens of Municipalities will have an opportunity to elect locals into position of City Councillors. In most democratic societies this is a consistent and regulatory process. Unfortunately, Guyana is not like most democratic societies, an encumbrance that has been stifling our

growth and development for more than two decades. It is the view of the Independent Party that local Government Elections and representation are bedrock foundations of real democracy. People elected locally to represent their communities are more connected to those communities, have a greater understanding of those communities, and are better equipped to handle the interest of their communities. In this context the Independent Party welcomes the return of this fundamental democratic process to the politics of Guyana. With that being said, it is the view of the Independent Party

that the decision to reject the proposal of direct election of the Mayor, who is the de facto head of City Government, amounts to a convenience to retain power among the major parties, and isolate voices that are striving to end the politics of opportunism and nepotism. Nonetheless, the Independent Party will be going directly to the people with its platform and message, providing them with an alternative vision for the municipalities around Guyana, and a relief from the mean politics of division and victimization that has been hovering over their existence for decades. Mark A. Benschop

Friday August 16, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Responding to Gerry Gouveia DEAR EDITOR, I just saw an open letter from Gerry Gouveia to Christopher Ram and Ramon Gaskin and while I am sure that these two gentlemen can and will reply, I just felt compelled to also reply to some of the questions raised, especially since the same points seem to have been made by President Ramotar. Before I do, I must also say that I recently saw a picture of Mr. Gouveia with his hand casually around president Ramotar in Canada, as friends presumably because it could definitely not be an official photograph as one should not approach a president like that, unless they are true friends. To the questions: 1. PUBLIC DEBT: The president and Mr. Gouveia seem to be saying that Guyana and Guyanese will not be responsible for financing the debt incurred to pay for Amalia. My question to them then, is who is borrowing this money and who will repay it?? I imagine that their reply will be that it will be paid by the company who owns the hydropower facility, Amaila Falls Hydro Inc (AFHI). But this company is partially owned by the Guyana Government. Further, by way of the Power Purchase Agreement, GPL must pay this company enough money to cover loan

repayments and operating costs. So eventually, Guyanese have to pay whatever it apparently costs to construct this facility, even if these costs are inflated. But returning to this point, are Mr. Gouveia and the President saying that Guyana and Guyanese will get this hydropower facility for NOTHING? Do they really believe that all Guyanese are so gullible? MONEY IS LOANED AND HAS TO BE REPAID BY THE PEOPLE OF GUYANA EVEN IF THE GOVERNMENT TRIES TO SAY IT’S NOT THEIR LOAN. The total to be repaid will approach US$2.2 to US$2.4 billion quoted by Ram and Gaskin. 2. TAXPAYER SUBSIDY FOR GPL: Mr. Gouveia is again repeating what was said by the President in that the subsidy to GPL will be removed. GPL is subsidized because it cannot raise enough revenue to cover its costs. MY QUESTION is why or HOW will the subsidies be removed? Will GPL suddenly raise enough money to cover its costs including its payments to Amalia plus its distribution and management costs? As part of its Power Purchase Agreement, GPL must pay the costs for loan repayment and the operating costs for Amalia annually. My estimate of the loan

repayment for US$850 million is US$85 million per year, plus Amalia Operation and Maintenance costs of 1.5% or US$12 million plus profits to Sithe of US$19 million giving a total of US$116 million. Thus, there is no way that the GPL subsidy can be removed as suggested by the President and Mr. Gouveia. 3. CONSUMER TARIFF: APNU has clearly asked for the calculations showing the proposed reduction in tariffs but nothing has been provided. Yet the President and all officials continue to talk about a reduction without supporting this statement. AGAIN, ARE GUYANESE SO GULLIBLE TO BELIEVE WITHOUT PROOF? To do this, one must think of the Government as GOD, where one is forced to believe without seeing the facts. 4. THE PRICE TAG: What everyone has been stating is that this price is very high and apparently has been developed behind closed doors between a few people. What we are asking for is an open transparent bidding process that provides the basis for the price provided. Use of the DESIGN/ BUILD approach to get prices from bidders is a common approach these days but the government and its agents must develop a concept design prior to bidding. James Smith

An open letter to Captain... From page 4 Anand Goolsaran and Dr. Clive Thomas did not kill hydro electricity’s best chance in fifty years in Guyana because there is no conclusive evidence that Amaila Falls to begin with was Guyana’s best chance for hydro electricity, and certainly not Amaila as currently packaged. This project killed itself. It was suicidal voodoo economics, catastrophic decisionmaking, hasty legacy-making egomania and idiocy from Jagdeo and his PPP minions,

the arrogant inability to admit failure, an eternal willingness to hold this nation’s head under water for cabalistic selfenrichment and a corrupt, information withholding PPP regime without majoritarian political capital that helped to kill this project. In his letter, Gerry Gouveia has demonstrated the infamous arrogance and brazen manipulation of information that sabotaged this project. Until Gerry Gouveia offers his own opinion and stops parroting the contentions of

the PPP government, he is not entitled to any response from these citizens who have done this country a magnificent favour by lending their intellectual prowess to examining the Amaila Falls hydro project. M. Maxwell

Still no solution to Charity noise nuisance DEAR EDITOR, The failure by the Charity police to institute prosecution against perpetrators of noise nuisance emerging from business places just under the nose of the station, is responsible for an escalation of the unbearable situation ever so much detrimental to the environment with us being victims as well. This line of action is the only way out to serve as a

deterrent and it is within the right of the police to do so as a responsibility and not a favour to protect the society. Unless the law is respected and properly executed, further lawlessness and chaos will be inevitable with victims continuing to suffer all the time. August 2013,it was very much bemusing to us to hear from the S/O of the station that he went no less than 15 times and implored the

perpetrators in response to our recent complaint to tone down the volume of the music, and what else do we want him to do, as he had informed us earlier that permit was given to these places by the Essequibo district magistrate to play music loudly. What is quite manifest here is the existence of the nuisance. What was even more ridiculous was his explanation to us that the (Continued on page 33)

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Gunman grabs $17M, guns, ammo from Toolsie Persaud employees Police are grilling four employees of local hardware giant, Toolsie Persaud Limited, who are claiming that a lone gunman relieved them of $17M in broad daylight. The staffers also claimed that the bandit relieved two company guards of their firearms during the heist, which occurred at around 13:00 hours yesterday at Sussex and Charles Streets, Charlestown. But investigators appear to believe that the incident has all the hallmarks of an inside job and have detained the employees with a view to picking up clues on the robbery. According to reports, accounts clerks Jonathan Dookie, 21, and 57-year-old Dewan Chand of Toolsie, who were accompanied by two armed security guards, were on their way to a Water Street bank in a pickup when they were forced to stop at Sussex and Charles Streets, Charlestown, to avoid hitting a pedestrian. According to sources, the staffers claimed that the

Friday August 16, 2013

Rohee tells Nat’l Economic Forum of 1960s mayhem

- Accounts clerks, guards detained ...underscores security as prerequisite same ‘pedestrian’ then drew a firearm and pointed it at one of the armed guards, who is also employed as a driver. It is alleged that the gunman then relieved the employees of some $16.9 million, a loaded .32 Taurus pistol and .32 Taurus revolver. He reportedly then escaped in a silver-grey car. But Kaieteur News understands that persons who were in the area at the time claimed that they did not see when the men were robbed. Some only observed the employees running and saying that they had been robbed. Yesterday’s robbery occurred two days after the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a special seminar to sensitise its members on security issues. It also came a few days after the police had raided the same area, which they consider a hotspot for crime. One businessman was so disgusted at the way the robbery occurred that he

described the actions of the company as “penny wise, pound foolish”. He suggested that the company should have opted for an armed police escort for such a large amount of cash, especially since the police service comes at a cheap price. “This is a real security lapse on the part of a big company like Toolsie Persaud Limited. Despite all the warnings and advice on how to move cash, these people have not taken their security seriously, and some people blame the police,” the businessman stated. He recalled an incident that occurred in the city a few weeks ago when a businessman transporting a large amount of cash was seriously wounded, while his handyman was shot dead by bandits who made off with an undisclosed amount of cash. “All these people have to do is to make an arrangement with the police to escort these large amounts of cash,” the businessman emphasized. Commissioner of Police Leroy Brumell had also recently cautioned members of the business community to be more security conscious, particularly when transporting large sums of cash.

for growth in economy By Gary Eleazar The National Economic Forum yesterday heard from the Minister with responsibility for security within its borders and was told that “without security we are doomed to failure,” and that public safety and security are prerequisites for growth in the economy. Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, addressed the forum yesterday prior to participants moving into working groups to prepare a strategic 10-year development plan for Guyana. According to the Minister, it is well documented that in countries around the world where they lacked the capacity to effectively address their security challenges and guarantee public safety they become failed states. “This is not the situation in Guyana,” according to Rohee, as he sought to impress the importance of how a lack of security can stultify the growth of an economy or even grind it to a halt. “That is why we can’t take it for granted….It is a prerequisite for a country moving forward.” The Minister used the opportunity to remind the forum of the mayhem that transpired in Guyana during the early 1960s. He was speaking specifically to the years, 1962 to 1964, saying that “during that time this country was torn apart by many differences among the people, between political parties, foreign intervention….it was a boiling cauldron, a pressure cooker about to explode.” This situation, according to Rohee, resulted in Water Street being destroyed by fire and riots, as well as the same thing happening along Regent Street, which was also seriously affected by fire, looting and riots. Water and Regent Streets represented then, as it does now, the business hub of the nation. The Minister said that at

that time in the nation’s history “people were afraid to walk the streets after certain hours.” According to Rohee, during that era, business people were afraid to open their doors for fear of their premises being invaded, and there existed the wanton killing of people. Rohee opined that at the time persons were afraid to use public transportation out of the fear that a bomb may explode, as is pervasive in countries currently, such as Syria, Israel or Iraq. The Minister suggested that if one were to talk about lawlessness in Guyana as it relates to public security, they would have to delve into the history books. “Fast track from what transpired in those days to what exists today; what exists today is nothing compared to what existed in those days.” According to the Minister, “we are (currently) living in a society that is much more peaceful, much more politically stable and where people have grown to understand each other better and the institutions have matured.” The Minister suggested to the stakeholders that “in the absence of security we will have anarchy, total and absolute lawlessness, the rule of the unlawful rather than the law, the rule of disorder rather than order…How can growth and development for the benefit of our citizens take place in such an environment, it is virtually impossible.” He suggested that in the absence of the rule of law in a country there will be criminalcentred growth instead of people-centred growth. Rohee said that the absence of public security would lead to mass migration of people, the closing of businesses, and “more and more corruption.” The Minister stressed that in the absence of the rule of law, the nation’s social and physical infrastructure will deteriorate, if not collapse, and re-investment in the public sector will grind to a

Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee halt. “We all have to recognize the challenges in the absence of security, whether it is national security or public safety and security….It is only in its absence that we would recognize how useful it is… But can we afford to have this happen?” Rohee maintains that what obtains in Guyana is that there is a situation of normalcy. He says that while there is the manifestation of criminal activity that are threats to public safety and security, “the crux of the matter is that life goes on, but sometimes we take this for granted.” In qualifying his description of normalcy in Guyana, as it relates to containment of threats to national security and public safety, Rohee, said that each day businesses are opened and persons travel to work unhindered. Schools, he said, are opened and had there not been a normal situation, parents would not dare send their children. “Public safety and security influence growth and development…they are two sides of the same coin, each depending each other,” Rohee asserted He cautioned stakeholders however to not be naïve into thinking that growth and development would bring about an end to public threats and crime in general. He used Trinidad and Tobago as an example saying that even with a vibrant economy its crime is a source of concern.

Friday August 16, 2013

Kaieteur News

Guyana Watch team services West Coast B’ce - heads for Leonora today

The group of aspiring doctors By Romila Boodram Residents of West Coast Berbice took the opportunity to see the doctors of the Guyana Watch Medical team yesterday, as the specialists moved to the Bath Settlement Primary School early yesterday and in a short time had their clinic up and running. Within minutes, the volunteers were registering patients and learning medical histories and vital information to assists the doctors in their diagnostic sessions. Patients were then sent to adjacent rooms, be it for dental checkups, to visit the pediatrician or for general checkups after which they were sent to the pharmacy to collect the prescribed medication. Yesterday, 321 patients were attended to at the clinic. An interview with patients, waiting to see the doctors revealed that some of them were at the school as

early as 06:00am yesterday. According to one resident, Samantha Arjune, whenever the doctors visit the community, there would be a long line, hence, she arrived at the school at 06:15am. “If you see de line wha’ dem does got, you does want turn back. Last year too there was nuff, nuff people.” Another patient, Pooran welcomed the doctors to the community and thanked them for the excellent job they have been doing over the years. Many persons asked for the doctors to visit their community more often, with some requesting eye care services. “My eye does hurt me bad and that is why I come. I thought there would have been an eye doctor,” said 69year-old Jude Mohamed. President for the Guyana Watch team Tony Yassin stated, however, that eye care is a major problem in Guyana and he advised that persons visit the relevant hospitals

which offer that vital service. He promised to distribute reading glasses to the needy next year. A first-timer in Guyana, Dr. Nadav Mor said that the patients he examined yesterday were generally in good health when compared to those in Timehri and Patentia. “The patients here seem to be in much better health. Their blood pressure and sugar content are good and the volume of patients seems to be low here,” Dr, Mor said. Seven teenagers from the United States of America who are aspiring doctors came to Guyana to offer their assistance. They are Shawn Chakraborty, Brandon Somwaru, Kushal Dave and her sister, Kavita, Namrata Mehta and her sister, Nikita, and Anjali Ghodasara. The Guyana Watch team will be at the Leonora Primary School today.

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Russian, Chinese leaders to hold talks in September MOSCOW (Reuters) Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold talks with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping next month, Interfax said yesterday. The two leaders will meet on the sidelines of the G20 summit in St Petersburg scheduled for September 5-6, the agency quoted a senior state official as saying. U.S. President Barack Obama earlier this month canceled a meeting with Putin due to be held ahead of the

same summit, in retaliation for Moscow granting ex-spy agency contractor Edward Snowden asylum. Moscow and Beijing have progressively strengthened political and commercial ties since the Soviet era, when relations were often strained. Both countries now say they need a counterweight to U.S. influence in the world. As members of the United Nations Security Council, Russia and China have repeatedly ruled out

sanctioning Syria and vetoed three Western and Gulf Arab-backed resolutions condemning President Bashar al-Assad for an increasingly brutal war. In March, Xi paid his first foreign state visit as president to Moscow. Trade flows between Russia and China more than doubled to $87.5 billion in the five years to 2012 - still far below the levels of Russia’s trade with the European Union and China’s with the United States.

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Friday August 16, 2013

Friday August 16, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Reparations for Slavery: Can a claim be sustained? By Sir Ronald Sanders KCMG AM, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies and a former Caribbean diplomat In 1838, British slave owners in the EnglishSpeaking Caribbean received £11.6 billion in today’s value as compensation for the emancipation of their “property” – 655,780 human beings of African descent that they had enslaved and exploited, and, in many cases, brutalised. The freed slaves, by comparison, received nothing in recompense for their dehumanisation, their cruel treatment, the abuse of their labour and the plain injustice of their enslavement. This is the basis on which 14 governments of the member-states of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) have decided to approach the UK law firm, Leigh Day, “to consider a legal challenge to seek compensation from three European nations for what they claim is the legacy of the Atlantic slave trade”. The legal challenge – if it is made – will be against Britain, France and The

Sir Ronald Sanders Netherlands. UNCERTAINTY OF LEGAL CHALLENGE It is by no means certain that any legal challenge will be mounted. This accounts for the cautious language of Leigh Day in its formal announcement that it had been “approached” as distinct from “retained” by the Caribbean governments. The lack of certainty also explains the further remarks by Martin Day of Leigh Day, that: “At this early stage the CARICOM Governments have asked us to advise them on the bringing of a legal claim against the British, French and Dutch governments if

they cannot reach a negotiated settlement”. Exactly who will be negotiating with whom is unclear since none of the three European governments has responded to the statement by CARICOM governments that they will be seeking reparations for slavery. It is also not at all clear which of the 14 CARICOM governments will actually take forward a legal challenge against the three European governments particularly as that, apart from the government of Barbados, they have all shown reluctance to take on bigger powers in costly legal disputes. A particular case in point is their failure to take action against the United States government at the World Trade Organisation over a rum issue. Many of them also fear reprisals from the European powers. So while the demand for reparations for slavery plays well politically with domestic audiences, few Caribbean leaders have shown much enthusiasm for legal action internationally. Indeed, “reparation committees” have only been formed in four of the 14 CARICOM countries.

In this regard, the Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr Ralph Gonsalves who has written and spoken passionately on the matter, stands out. Perhaps it is because of his awareness that some Caribbean governments may not proceed vigorously against the three European governments that Gonsalves has publicly stated: “Let us be in no doubt that neo-colonialists, western European states, including Britain, international financial institutions, intelligence agencies from former colonial powers in the Caribbean schooled in the art of political chicanery, and more, will be put in the service of denying just reparation. They will all play it rough: intimidation, divide-and-rule, and subterfuge will be utilised against leaders and those Caribbean nation states which are in the forefront of this monumental reparation cause”. THE BACKGROUND TO THE SLAVERYAND REPARATIONS ISSUE “There is clearly a moral case for reparations. But can it be prosecuted legally?” The monies paid to slaves owners have been studied

and assembled by a team of Academics from University College London, including Dr Nick Draper, who spent three years pulling together 46,000 records which they have now launched as an internet database. The website is: According to Draper’s findings, the benefits of those monies still exist in Britain today. For example, they are the foundations of Barclays Bank, Lloyds Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland. They are also the basis of wealth for many leading British and Scottish families among them the Hogg family – two of whom became Lord Chancellors in British governments. Dr Draper is reported as saying of the Hogg family: “To have two Lord Chancellors in Britain in the 20th century bearing the name of a slave-owner from British Guiana (now Guyana), who went penniless to British Guiana, came back a very wealthy man and contributed to the formation of this political dynasty, which incorporated his name into their children in recognition – it seems to me to be an illuminating story and a potent example.”

The Hogg family was not unique. The wealth and political good fortune of 19th Century British Prime Minister William Gladstone had its origins in the £83 million, at today’s value, of “compensation” given to his father, John Gladstone, for slaves he owned in British Guiana and Jamaica. But it was not individual families alone that helped to create African slavery and that benefitted from it; it was the British state as whole – its successive governments that provided subsidies for the trade; that adopted legislation that facilitated it; and that were complicit with the governments of their colonies in adopting laws that designated African slaves as “real estate” – people stripped of human identity, including life, and, therefore, to be treated like land, houses and buildings. A recent Daily Telegraph (UK) report laid the blame for this squarely at the feet of the Stuart Monarchs Charles II and James II who, “systematically drew up laws to enforce and spread hereditary slavery… with relentless focus, stacking the courts to ensure favourable (Continued on page 14)

Friday August 16, 2013

Kaieteur News

GECOM advertises for Chief Election Officer The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) has commenced its search for a Chief Election Officer. According to a GECOM advertisement appearing in this publication today, applicants for the position have until September 30th of this year to make submissions. The advertisement explains that GECOM was established in 2000 as a permanent autonomous institution empowered to exercise general direction and supervision over the registration of eligible persons under the National Registration Act and the administrative conduct of all elections of members to the National Assembly, Regional Democratic Councils, Municipalities and Neighborhood Democratic Councils. “The Chief Election Officer is required to play the key leadership role in the Secretariat of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), with responsibility for implementing all aspects of its operations, and ensuring that results achieved are

Former Chief Election Officer Gocool Boodoo consistent with the laws of Guyana and the policies determined by the Chairman and Commission,” the notice said. The Commission said that the Chief Election Officer will also act as its primary point of contact to the staff members of the Secretariat, whose activities include the registration of registrants; the distribution of ID Cards; the provision of information and guidance on electoral operational matters to community organisations

and other stakeholders. The new official, the advertisement indicated, will also be required to represent the Commission’s policies and activities in interactions with stakeholders, and other interest groups, including political parties, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), donor and international agencies, in matters relating directly to the operations of GECOM. Earlier this year, GECOM had started considerations to issue the former Chief Election Officer, Gocool Boodoo, with a new contract, but there were objections from some of the Commissioners. Boodoo moved to the court to block a decision by the Commission, but the matter was thrown out. The advertisement for a replacement comes days after new legislation has been passed in the National Assembly paving the way for Local Government Elections to be held after almost 19 years. Significantly, there is nothing preventing Boodoo from applying for the position.

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Special session today to nominate Mayoral stand-in Today, Friday August 16, 2013, is the scheduled date, in which the Councillors of the Mayor and City Council, (M&CC) will meet in a special session, at 15:00hrs, to nominate a Councilor, to perform the duties of Mayor. As reported by this newspaper earlier, Mayor, Hamilton Green, as well as Deputy Mayor, Ms. Patricia Chase-Green, are overseas for a period. A press statement from City Hall yesterday explained that in accordance to a law “under section 20 of the Municipal and District Councils Act: The City Council may grant leave of absence to the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor for any period or periods not exceeding three months in the aggregate during their terms of office…According to the Municipal and District Councils Act, Chapter 28:01: section 17 (1 and 2): During any period when the Mayor is for any reason unable to perform the functions of his office; those functions shall be performed by the Deputy Mayor. If the Deputy Mayor is for any reason unable to perform the functions of the office of the Mayor in

- ‘Chief Citizen’, deputy overseas accordance with subsection (1), the Town Clerk shall call a meeting of the councillors to elect a councillor to perform those functions; and the councillor so elected shall assume and perform those functions until such time as the Mayor or Deputy Mayor, as the case may be is able to act.” The press release further advised that “the public should note that the process of nominations and election of a councillor to perform the duties of Mayor will be done by the elective council Councillors. The public should also note that, the councillor elected will not be acting Mayor but will be a

councillor performing the duties and functions of the office of Mayor.” The latter clarification was provided in relation to an article in this newspaper’s August 15 edition captioned, “Sooba to appoint acting Mayor of Georgetown” in which the mistaken impression was given that the Acting Town Clerk, Carol Sooba, will be selecting an acting Mayor of Georgetown. The facts of the issue were clearly misconstrued, and as a result were misleading. This newspaper apologizes for any inconvenience and unnecessary embarrassment caused by the erroneous publication.

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Friday August 16, 2013


The Police Commissioner and his officers were very nice to me. Thanks. I begin this column by offering an apology to my editor. I told him I would not be around from Thursday for three days because I was off in the interior. The truth was that I was off from Thursday to Saturday to Trinidad. My nephew sent two tickets for me and my daughter to attend his wedding in Tobago. I didn’t go to Trinidad on Thursday so my editor knew I lied. I did apologize to Nigel McKenzie, my friend, but I explained to him that security was the reason. I have been attacked twice and almost lost my life. The last time was August 15 last year. It was midnight and I was leaving the People’s Parliament when as I approached my car, this guy was waiting for me. He

kept hitting me to my head with severity. The next day I took a brain scan. This week, the Trinidad trip was not on my mind. I was feeling severe pains in the vicinity of my head where that guy struck me a year ago. I consulted Dr. Mitchell of the Medical Arts Centre and Dr. Benjamin Singh. Dr. Mitchell said if there is brain damage, parts of my body would be affected. Dr. Singh sent me for a skull X-ray. Plus I was depressed over the AFC debacle and the unfair treatment of Nigel Hughes, so I did ask Dr. Benjie Singh for some anti-depression treatment. So Trinidad was not on my mind. But I wanted badly to have my daughter attend her

cousin’s wedding. I couldn’t tell Nigel Mc Kenzie over the phone that I was leaving for Trinidad. My phones are not safe. State security gets that information beforehand and I am afraid they may try to hurt me. I believe I am not safe in Guyana. This is my honest fear. And please believe me it is the way I honestly feel. Had I met editor in person I would have told him the truth. So I offered my apology yesterday. I did not go to Trinidad on Thursday and will have to miss my nephew’s wedding, all because Trinidad has its backwardness in some areas that Guyana lacks. I grabbed our passports, and it was off to the airport. We checked in, only to find that my

daughter’s passport expired two weeks ago. She was frustrated and I was devastated. I immediately called a friend who could help, Dale Andrews, from this newspaper. He got in touch with Commissioner Leroy Brumell. I say most appreciatively, Mr. Brumell and his staff and immigration personnel were very nice to me. This was service and professionalism the likes of which may be hard to find in many parts of the world. I criticize the police when they mess up, and human decency demands that I acknowledge when police service is phenomenal. I thank Mr. Brumell, his staff and immigration officials for their excellent professionalism. I

Mining School hosts inaugural training After more than six months delay, the Guyana Mining School and Training Centre which was scheduled to become operational in January last, has finally launched a set of training courses. The sessions which commenced yesterday, will last for a period of five days (August 15- August 19). It is expected to cover areas such as confined space entry (awareness), transportation of dangerous goods, fall protection, and Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS).

The training, which is being facilitated by the College of the North Atlantic, will target about 15 persons who are already employed in the field of mining. During his feature address, Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Robert Persaud said that the courses offered are one of the preliminary efforts geared at improving the capabilities of the workforce, so as to ensure that those employed within the country’s expanding extractive industry, are adequately equipped with the knowledge to execute what is

required of them. The Minister also noted that the mining school would be focusing not only on areas involving mining, but also on the country’s oil and gas sectors as well. He noted that oil and gas in Guyana possess tremendous potential. Meanwhile, acting Commissioner of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission, Rickford Vieira said that while attention is being placed on the promotion of mining-related activities, inadequate attention was being placed on education and research.

He therefore commended the establishment of the mining school, noting that the training offered will help students to develop themselves and by extension, Guyana and its mining sector. Persaud admitted that whilst the mining industry has several gaps, it can be deemed sophisticated. Kaieteur News understands that the school was established in light of the fact that mining companies have been struggling to acquire skilled workers, since there are less than 500 professionals in the sector.

would also like to thank the staff of Caribbean Airlines who tried their very best to get me on the nearest flight the same Thursday or Friday, the next day. I would also like to praise Ms. Banawar, from the Guyana Revenue Authority, who was kind to inform me that my exit tax would be tenable whenever I wish to travel again. Let me say most graciously that from the time at the airport we were told that my daughter’s passport had expired to the time Mr. Brumell and immigration intervened, I have seen wonderful attitudes from a wonder people named Guyanese. My special thanks to my friend Dale Andrews. I love this country and its people. We are good people but our politics has given us a bad name throughout the world. Caribbean countries that have far less than us treat us like outcasts, because our politics have caused Caribbean people to frown on us. I am not going to Trinidad for my nephew’s wedding on Saturday, because even

Frederick Kissoon though Caribbean Airlines could have arranged a Thursday flight and ensured a Friday flight, today, I cannot get to Tobago where the wedding is. All the shuttle flights by Caribbean Airlines from Thursday through to Saturday to Tobago are filled. How backward! A Guyanese can go to Hog Island or Wakenaam from morning to 6 p.m. everyday. What nonsense is this in a so-called developed country like Trinidad? Finally, I did say to Mr. Brumell that it must not be taken personal when I criticize the police. While waiting at Eve Leary, my daughter and I were hungry. We went to the police café. I refused to eat so did my daughter. The place looks terrible. I call upon the Government to immediately make that eating place what a modern eating place should be.

Training of nurses high on agenda to improve maternal health care Even as diligent moves are being made by the – CMO Ministry of Health to train more Obstetricians, equal efforts are being directed to the training of nurses. And according to Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr Shamdeo Persaud, keen attention is being directed to midwifery. He disclosed that while ideally midwifery is a postgraduate nursing programme, a feature that obtains in many countries, individuals here are even today trained along the pathway of a single-trained midwife. This, according to Dr Persaud, means that “someone could be trained as a midwife and not necessarily be licenced as a registered nurse.” “In many jurisdictions they have changed that, but here we still have that practice, even though we have talked about it there still hasn’t been any decisions as to what we will do, so we will probably continue to train midwives the way we do,” said Dr Persaud. However, he noted that moves will be made to offer more in-depth training to nurses in certain areas. In fact , Dr Persaud related that it was following

an Emergency Obstetrics and Care (EMOC) Assessment around the period 2009-2010 that several gaps were identified which emphasised the need for more work in the area of midwifery. The intervening measure therefore was to ensure that at the least nine functions be undertaken with regards to having effective maternal care services. Among these functions, considered to be essential and should be available at all health facilities that facilitate the delivery of babies, are: the treatment of blood pressure; the administering of antibiotic treatment to mothers who have infections; the assistance in delivery if a baby becomes stuck in the passage using forceps, or vacuum-assisted vaginal delivery; the manual removal of the placenta and the removal of any retained products and neonatal resuscitation. “That should be happening anywhere where there is delivery,” said Dr Persaud. He emphasised too (Continued on page 15)

Friday August 16, 2013

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Health Ministry outlines resolute measures to combat HIV By Sharmain Grainger The elimination of mother-to-child transmission (eMTCT) of HIV has been recognized as a key factor in the recently launched HIVision2020 National Strategic Plan, which is designed to guide the Ministry of Health’s fight against the epidemic over the next eight years. The Strategic Plan, which was launched just last week, seeks to emphasize that “eMTCT continues to be a gateway for HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services for affected families.” As such Programme Manager of the National AIDS Programme Secretariat, Dr Shanti Singh said that an effective eMTCT programme will facilitate universal access to t e s ting, prophylaxis and treatment for all reproductive Guyanese male and female. She disclosed that this target will be supported with the provision of Antiretrovirals (ARVs) and other necessary interventions to protect infants from becoming infected with HIV. Moreover, Option B Plus, which caters to the administration of a triple combination Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) to all pregnant HIV-infected women will be rolled out nationally, ensuring eMTCT, while at the same time contributing to prevention. This disclosure was made by Dr Singh. And since Guyana already recognizes the effectiveness of condom use in preventing transmission, the Strategic Plan highlights this avenue as a HIV prevention intervention. As such, both male and female condoms will receive enhanced promotion with increased access to the Hinterland Regions and key populations at higher risk, Dr Singh disclosed. These ‘higher risk’ populations are defined in the Strategy as “those most likely to be exposed to HIV or to transmit it due to either the number of partners that they have or the type of higher risk sex that they engage in.” In Guyana’s context these key populations include people living with HIV, men

National AIDS Programme Director, Dr. Shanti Singh who have sex with men, transgender persons, sex workers and their clients, prisoners, miners and loggers. This has therefore encouraged more HIV testing through the Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) programmes, which according to Dr Singh, has remained another major crucial gateway to HIV prevention. This move, she said, is seen as one that could enable every Guyanese to know their HIV status. Equally important is the implementation of strategies and approaches that could ensure that the key populations at higher risk receive timely and regular counselling and testing in a confidential manner, Dr Singh said. Added to this, she disclosed that moves will be made to ensure that the gap between testing and entry into treatment would be strengthened, facilitating timely entry and access to ARVs for those persons testing positive. Further still, the Strategic Plan outlines that moves will

be made towards renewed focus as it relates to integrating VCT with the prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) utilizing the Provider Initiated Testing and Counselling (PITC) approach. However, with the expansion of VCT services, Dr Singh said that enhanced finding and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), with greater focus on key populations at higher risk especially in the hinterland and hard-to-reach communities, will be more robustly addressed. It is believed that efforts in this regard will be aptly aided by the Guyana Sexually Transmitted Infections Strategic and Monitoring and Evaluation Plan 2011-2020. And even as vigorous measures of intervention are put in place, Dr Singh alluded to the need to ensure the maintenance of a safe blood supply. This, she said, will be of paramount importance, since the prevention of HIV transmission through transfusion with contaminated blood is a key component of HIV prevention. The past five years have seen a steady increase in voluntary blood donation and according to Dr Singh, “all blood (100 per cent) is screened for infectious markers such as HIV and other STIs.” She noted the importance of the development of a Blood Banking Strategy to effectively roll out enhancement of regional recruitment, screening and testing processes of all blood collected from nonremunerated blood donors. This is essential, she noted, to ensure that adequate safe

blood is available to all those in need while at the same time serving as a major priority on the prevention front. Added to this, it was disclosed that “reducing the risk of HIV transmission in medical settings with updated guidelines and standard operating procedures with universal precautions such as those for post-exposure prophylaxis will also see enhanced focus.” And in order to realize real results, Dr Singh disclosed

that “every HIV prevention practitioner will be expected to contribute to the elimination of HIV, by ensuring that activities and services for HIV prevention meet national standards.” The recommended National HIV Prevention Guidelines will be the document providing direction in achieving and maintaining these standards, Dr Singh noted. “Aligned with the guiding principles, HIVision2020 takes

into consideration that all biomedical interventions such as ART, Pre- Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) with ARVs, post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), and treatment of sexually transmitted infections must have behavioural components,” Dr Singh stated. She also noted that although still unavailable, in the future microbicides and/ or an HIV vaccine could become additional important interventions.

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Reparations for Slavery: Can a claim be... (From page 9) rulings, and silence opponents in sedition trials, not least because revenues from tobacco and sugar plantations became the chief source of wealth for the Crown”.”British exploitation of people in the Caribbean did not start, or end, with the enslavement of Africans” Remarkably, it was also the British State, including the British people, who paid “compensation” to the slave owners while completely disregarding any obligation whatsoever to 655,780 people, who were enslaved

and cruelly exploited. To do so, the British government borrowed £20 million which is £76 billion, at today’s value, from the Rothschild Banking Empire. The sum amounted to about 40 per cent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product at the time. As Caribbean Economic Historian, Sir Hilary Beckles points out: “They all recognised that British citizens were socially empowered by the white supremacy culture so effectively institutionalized on a global scale by slave owners”. British exploitation of people in the Caribbean did

not start, or end, with the enslavement of Africans. Beckles, records the systematic “elimination” of the Kalinagos – the original people of the Eastern Caribbean islands. It was the first act of genocide in the Western Hemisphere, and it was executed with the full knowledge and approval of the British authorities. Each of these episodes of subjugation, exploitation and brutalisation of human beings was justified on the racial supremacy of the white race. And while Britain was the principal beneficiary, other European nations

shared in the spoils of human degradation. Along with France and the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal were two significant beneficiaries. The latter two countries are not among the European nations that CARICOM countries are targeting because they were not occupiers of, and slave owners in, these particular territories. Except for the blindest and unrelenting apologists for the acts of genocide and enslavement, it is impossible to discard Beckles’ assertion that these were “crimes against humanity”. As he says:

“The wealth of the (British) Empire required the abandonment of all known laws, conventions, moral parameters, political practices and legal frameworks and the creation of a new and unprecedented labour system”. When the vast majority of the original people of the Caribbean were extinguished forcing the brutalised handful who remained into submission; when slavery was abolished with no recompense to the Africans for the deprivation of their liberty, the people of the Caribbean were left destitute, deprived and disadvantaged. In Beckles’ words: “They got nothing by way of cash reparations to carry them into freedom. No land grants were provided. No promissory notes were posted”. THE MORAL CASE FOR “ R E PA R AT I O N S ” ESTABLISHED That today the people of the Caribbean have built middle-income societies (except Haiti) despite the conditions they were handed at slavery’s abolition, is a tribute to the resilience, capabilities and high quality of human beings that European states considered ‘chattel and real estate’. That they have produced Nobel Prize winners, great athletes and fine intellectual thinkers who have commanded high positions in the international community in business, medicine, the law, and technology is testimony to the wrongness of the “white” supremacist doctrine. Their achievement reenforces the position that their enslavement, their servitude and the infamous acts of violence against them were wrong, and it cannot be right that those who were the principal perpetrators of those wrongs benefitted while they were left as nothing more than a human catastrophe. Today, the Caribbean could have been much further along the road of social and economic development if even half of the

“compensation” given to slave owners had been provided to slavery’s victims 175 years ago. There is clearly a moral case for reparations. But can it be prosecuted legally? PROSPECTS OF “REPARATIONS” Martin Day of Leigh Day says: “What is an important factor in this potential legal action is that CARICOM is interested in seeking a settlement for the impact of slavery on their communities today – not on the historic position of the individual slaves”. That is just as well. For the question would otherwise have arisen as to how and to whom any “reparations” – either negotiated or awarded by a Court – would be distributed. If a negotiation with the three European countries fails and the ICJ route becomes impenetrable, another option could be an appeal to the General Assembly of the United Nations. A majority vote may be possible despite opposition from former slave owning countries, including Arab states. With the moral case so strong, several CARICOM governments would undoubtedly want to take the claim for reparations as far as they can – and the UN General Assembly would give the issue the scale of international attention the issue deserves without involving heavy legal costs that might deter some of them. But none of this should absolve the governments of all the European nations that indulged in slavery, and benefited from it, of the obligation to at least apologise – although Prime Minister Gonsalves has said an apology would not be sufficient. This entry was posted in Canada & the Caribbean, Human Rights and tagged Atlantic slave trade, Britain, Caribbean, CARICOM, Emancipation, Empire, Human Rights, reparations, Slavery by commonwealthoral-history-project.

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Staying focused is key to academic success, says CSEC standout By Abena Rockcliffe Even though he wrote so many Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) subjects that essentially make him eligible to be accepted to do nearly any course at most Caribbean Universities, Teakaram Singh is fully cognizant of the fact that his academic journey now officially begins. The 17-year-old has surpassed his own expectations, made his family proud, and satisfied those who imparted knowledge in him and guided him to the attainment of the results he received last Tuesday. Singh sat 15 subjects at the most recent exam. The Queenstown, Essequiboborn teen managed to secure 14 ones and one two. Those grades allowed him to secure 12th space in Guyana’s list of the outstanding top 20 performances. Singh also brought third in his school— Anna Regina Multilateral— and was the only male in the school’s top five. Of the 14 ones, Singh gained eight distinctions. He wrote Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, Physics, Biology, Human and Social Biology, Technical Drawing, Electricity, Agricultural Science, Physical Education, Social Studies, Principles of Business, Information Technology and Integrated Science. The teen also did Chemistry, the one subject he didn’t gain a grade one in. He told this publication that he took lessons for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Human and Social Biology, Technical Drawing and Electricity.

Teakaram Singh (third from left), poses with other students of his school’s top five, Minister Priya Manickchand and other Education officials Singh said his favourite subject is Mathematics while his weakest is English Language… which he passed with a distinction. Asked about the source of his motivation to sit 15 subjects, Singh said that he knew he had the ability and so decided to challenge himself. The teen told Kaieteur News that he knew he would have done well, but never expected such success. Singh said that early Tuesday morning he “got a tip” of the extent of his success but couldn’t believe it. The teen said that when he heard his results coming out of Education Minister Priya Manickchand’s mouth, “My nerves went haywire.” Singh said that he felt immediately transformed, “I became frozen

and shivers travelled through my body.” According to Singh, he managed to maintain his composure during the ceremony, receiving a bouquet of flowers for his achievements, and it was only when he went home that it all sank in. He said he owes his success to God, his teachers, the late-night lessons, the hard studies and his very supportive parents— Danieram and Salochanie Singh—both of whom he lives with, along with his older brother, Aditya. The elated teen said come September, he wants to start the law course at the University of Guyana. He said he would be moving to Georgetown in order to attend the tertiary institution and

Training of nurses high on agenda... (From page 12) that two additional functions that must be embraced at facilities with the requisite capacity are the availability of caesarean section and the offering of blood transfusion services. And certainly these services are essential at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation and should also be available at all regional hospitals, Dr Persaud disclosed. The CMO highlighted, too, that while all of the measures required under the EMOC assessment are very important, not all are allowed under the law. Moreover, he said that efforts are currently being made by the Health Ministry to modify the existing Nurses and Midwives Legislation which

will soon be taken to Parliament for attention. In the interim though a great deal of training will be conducted for nurses, which is expected to see them routinely undergoing the Advanced Labour and Risk Management (ALARM) training and completing basic life support training which would enable them to manage bleeding and to apply drips, administer oxygen or monitor contraction of fetal heart. “We have instituted a revised cartogram so that any mother when she comes in

and is admitted to the labour ward the nurses can start monitoring various things like blood pressure, the contractions, the output of urine, the temperature and some basic things especially if labour is induced,” said Dr Persaud. However, while there is room for more training, Dr Persaud said that the nurses who undertake close to 90 per cent of all deliveries are in fact the ones who do most of the normal deliveries thus making them very crucial assets to the health sector.

intends as well to further his professional career in the city. “I will get cases back home and I will visit from time to time.” Asked where he sees himself five years from now, Singh said that he is aware

that in totality, “law studies usually takes seven years so in five years I should be threequarter way through”. The teen said he is not yet sure if he is going to go the full mile - as in to write for

his doctorate -but admitted that he “can get used to being called Dr. Singh”. Singh reflected that he is glad that he could have brought honour to his parents who utilize all their resources for the good of himself and his brother. He said that his greatest hope in life is to be successful to help all his family and relatives. Questioned about what he intends to give back to his school, Singh said that since fourth form, his focus was not only on CSEC, but he participated in many school activates like painting and building benabs in the school’s compound. His recommendation to the persons who are writing the exams next year is to stay focused, which he said is most important. He also advised that they study and use every opportunity to get a better understanding of things. Singh extended thanks to his friend Zimeena Rasheed—the top student— whom he said was his study partner. He concluded by saying that he lives by the words “never give up.”

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Local agro-processors need help with packaging and labeling By Keeran Danny Packaging and labeling, sometimes the major attractions for a product, remain a challenge for local agro-processors, who have to “compete” with similar products produced overseas that are on the local shelves. This is according to Dr. Maxine Parris-Aaron, Agricultural Health and Food Safety Specialist of InterAmerican Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), during an interview with this publication, whilst at a workshop for agroprocessors in Region Nine. The workshop commenced on August 12 and ends today. It is part of a series of workshops funded by IICA and partnered by Volunteer Services Overseas and the Food and Drug Analyst Department to train agro-processors in record keeping, micro-enterprise development, and food handling certificates. According to Dr. ParrisAaron, IICA’s Network for Rural Women has three groups in the RupununiAranaputa, Helping Hand and Wowetta. However, for this training session other communities including

- IICA official

IICA’s Dr. Maxine Parris-Aaron Shulinab and Tarikwarwanau were targeted. About 40 agroprocessors benefited from one or more aspects of the training. She said the intervention was timely and, at the end of each sub-unit, an assessment is conducted to get an idea as to how responsive the participants were to the training. The training is expected to be replicated in other areas. According to Dr. ParrisAaron, agro-processors in these communities are involved in the production of different products such as peanut butter, cassava bread,

We are life savers, you should be one too! Donate blood today!!

cashew nuts, and farine. Dr. Parris-Aaron, who had previously visited some of the agro-processing facilities enlightened that they need upgrading, but that is not the only challenge since “all agroprocessors need help with packaging and labeling”. She believes continuous training providing relevant material of what is happening regionally and internationally of agro-processors in farflung communities could improve their standards and products. The main aim is to move their products out of hinterland communities and into lucrative markets. However, many local products, for example the Aranaputa peanut butter is unable to compete on the market with popular overseas brands of peanut butter that have been on local shelves for years. She opined that Aranaputa peanut butter may be costly in comparison to an overseas brand, but it tastes better and has a high nutritional content. According to the specialist, products like the Aranputa peanut butter once on the market could be competitive once Guyanese decide to buy local. For instance, in Jamaica, there are overseas products on the local market but Jamaicans support their own.

Friday August 16, 2013

Guyana to host C’bean Week of Agriculture in October After 10 years, Guyana is set to once again host the Caribbean Week of Agriculture (CWA), an event geared at promoting the agriculture industry across the region, via learning sessions, dialogue, and exhibition. The inaugural event was held in Trinidad and Tobago during 1999. According to the local coordinator, Natasha Beerjit, the steering committee comprises members of the Ministry of Agriculture, CARICOM, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the InterAmerican Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA). She said that that the twelfth edition of the Region’s premier agricultural event will be hosted by the Guyana Government from October 412, at the International Convention Centre, under the theme ‘Linking the Caribbean for Regional Food and Nutrition Security and Rural Development’. In addition to two receptions, and a cultural night, the calendar of events will include workshops on monitoring and managing pest populations under a changing climate, development of the coconut industry in the Caribbean, the implementation and mainstreaming of regional fisheries policies, the Canadian International Food Security Research Fund (CIFSRF), agriculture value chains validation, as well as the cost of production, and livestock. This is expected to

continue with Policy Forums on Connecting and Balancing Food and Nutrition Security; FAO Food Prices & Food Security Policy; women entrepreneurs; Caribbean Farmers Network (CaFan); Agro-tourism, as well as the engagement of youth along the agriculture value chain. Some other activities include a ‘Healthy Living Cook Off and Caribbean Cuisine’ and the launch of Caribbean Science and Agriculture Film and Video Competition. Part II’. The Guyana School of Agriculture will also be launching its 50th anniversary magazine during that week, Beerjit said. An inter-faith service and a workshop for Journalists and their coverage of the CWA are also planned as part of the week of activities. Beerjit noted that the Ministry of Agriculture has already planned a few field visits. She explained that participants will be taken to a few “interesting” agricultural sites, in order to showcase some of Guyana’s impressive agriculture. Among the places to be visited are: GuySuCo’s Enmore Estate and Packaging Facility, the Hope/Dochfour Canal, the Burma Research Centre, the Guyana School of Agriculture, Satyadeow Sawh Aquaculture Centre, Guyana Livestock Development Authority, National Agriculture Research and Extension Institute and Mangrove Tour, Hydromet’s Doppler Radar Tower and the Santa Fe Farm. An Exhibition and Trade Show will be held from Wednesday, October 9 to

CWA’s Local Coordinator, Natasha Beerjit Friday, October 11. This event will be geared to showcasing some of Guyana’s best produce, with emphasis being placed on forestry and fisheries. Agriculture Minister Dr Leslie Ramsammy said that the week of events will see the transformation of the CWA into the Caribbean’s premier technical meeting for agriculture and will attract Ministers, senior agriculture professionals, farmers, and entrepreneurs to see, experience and learn about new trajectories for agriculture. Beerjit also told Kaieteur News that the hosting of the Caribbean Week of Agriculture will help to further portray the country in a positive light, adding that Guyana and Belize are the only two Caribbean countries to meet the Millennium Development Goals by being equipped with both a policy and an action plan.

NYGM continues to support GPHC

NYGM donates electronics to GPHC The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) yesterday received several television sets and DVD players from New York Guyana Medical and Humanitarian Mission (NYGM), a charitable organization incorporated in the United States.

This is not the first time NYGM, headed by Mohamed Mamad, is contributing to GPHC. In 2011, the organization donated a projector and a laptop to the hospital’s nursing programme. And last year, it donated several stethoscopes and medication.

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Public Works Ministry terminates $$M sea defence contract

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Stallholder remanded for possession of “weed” Twenty-six year-old Devon Dundas appeared yesterday before Magistrate Ann McLennan at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court to answer to the charge of possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking. It is alleged that on August 14, at Stabroek Market, Dundas had in his possession 15 grams of cannabis for the purpose of trafficking. Though the facts of the

case were not read in open court, Attorney at Law, Peter Hugh, who stood in defence of the accused, told the court that his client has a permanent place of abode in North Ruimveldt. The lawyer contended that the man, a stallholder, is innocent, as the alleged narcotic was found in a general spot that can be deemed as a “high traffic area”. Hugh stressed that the

cannabis was found in front of another stall and it was hidden between some boxes. Police Prosecutor Deniro Jones objected to bail as he stated that the search was conducted in the presence of the defendant and the said narcotic was found at his stall. As no special reasons were found by Magistrate Mc Lennan for bail to be granted, Dundas was remanded to prison until September 16.

Golden Grove man remanded for causing death by dangerous driving Works ongoing on the sea defence at Wakenaam (GINA photo) The Public Works Ministry has terminated a multi-million dollar sea defence contract that was undertaken by Toolsie Persaud Quarries Inc., in Leguan; and suspended the contract for M&B Construction carrying out works in Wakenaam. This is according to the Government Information Agency (GINA) in a press release issued on behalf of the Ministry yesterday. According to the release, on August 14, Transport and Hydraulics Minister Robeson Benn requested that the Public Works Ministry’s engineers suspend M&B Construction’s contract until the contractor repairs a twomile stretch of road in Maria’s Pleasure, Wakenaam. Apparently, the trucks used to transport the boulders for sea defence works have damaged the road – impeding the free flow of movement in and out of the community. GINA quoted the Minister as saying, “I was in the area yesterday and many

residents bemoaned the fact that they really cannot use the road. It is evident that they traverse it with great difficulty”. The release stated, “The Minister further stated that the contractor, Mahendranauth Oodit, was warned before about using heavily loaded trucks on the road. The company commenced the construction of Rip Rap Sea Defence on January 16”. “They were told to use lighter loads in transporting materials between stockpiles, and despite several engagements with the Ministry’s sea defence engineers they blatantly continued, the Works Minister disclosed,” GINA said. It was noted that Benn had visited the island six weeks ago, where frustrated residents had begun to complain about the state of the road. “Now they have to repair it immediately. The contract will remain suspended until the road is fixed. The

residents deserve that!” the Minister declared. The contract is worth $96.6M, and Minister Benn revealed that the level of damage to the road “may exceed the monies that were allocated for road maintenance in the contract,” the release further stated. Meanwhile, a $126.8M contract for Toolsie Persaud Quarries Inc. to erect Rip Rap sea defences at Cane Garden, Leguan, has been terminated for non-performance. The order to commence work was issued since October 2012 with a project duration of eight months. According to GINA, Benn said, “The Company’s negligence resulted in more damage to the area. And it is something we could not condone. According to him, the Ministry will not accept the cost for additional works due to negligent collateral damage done by contractors. The Ministry has since taken over the Leguan sea defence work.

Yesterday, a driver who works in the interior, was remanded to prison after the indictable charge of causing death by dangerous driving was read to him by Magistrate Ann McLennan at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. Suraj Ram, 41, of 378 Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara, was not required to plead to the particulars of the charge which stated that on August 12, on the Grove Public Road, he drove motor car PHH 397 in a manner that was dangerous to the public,

causing the death of Frank Ivan Wilson of Grove, East Coast Demerara. Court documents revealed that on the day in question, the defendant drove his car along the Grove Public Road at a fast rate. It was noted that the road at the time was wet and the defendant lost control of his car which spun several times and collided with Wilson who was walking along the thoroughfare. The victim was picked up by public spirited citizens and rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre where he

was pronounced dead on arrival. The matter was reported, investigations were later launched, and the relevant charge was brought upon the defendant. Ram was remanded to prison and is scheduled to appear before Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry on September 16.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

KONSHENS for National Stadium Explosive Dancehall artist Konshens is set to perform live tonight at the Regional Night of Jamzone Summer Break 2013 at the Guyana National Stadium. Konshens, whose real name is Garfield Spence, is one of several artists who have been booked to perform at this year's Regional Concert which has been known to attract thousands. With hits like 'Realest Song', 'Winner', 'Good Girl Gone Bad', 'Represent', 'Gal Dem a Talk' and more recently songs that have been sending shockwaves throughout the Caribbean and other parts of the world 'Couple Up', 'I'm coming', 'Siddung', 'Boost Har Up' and 'Bad Gal', Konshens is sure to rock the venue! Konshens is one of the few artistes that have broken through the social strata, creating songs that explore and address a wide spectrum of issues including crime, discrimination, prejudice, poverty and political pandering. In May 2011, he was one of several high-profile Jamaican celebrities to take part in a march in Torrington Park calling for an end to political rivalry in the area, commemorating a fire in May 1980 at the Eventide Home which killed over 150 elderly women, for which politically motivated arson was suspected.

Berbice Uprising well received and appreciated in Berbice By Samuel Whyte The play “Berbice Uprising 1763 2013”, written and directed by Ras Leon Saul was well received and appreciated by Berbicians when it was stage last week end (9th and 10th August)in the auditorium of the Berbice High School. The play which featured a number of prominent Guyanese and actors was held as part of the activities to culminate a successful two-week commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the 1763 Berbice slave rebellion and 175th anniversary of Emancipation. Ras Leon Saul played the lead role of “Kofi Badu” known as “Cuffy” while

songstress Charmaine Blackman supported in the role of “Nana” (Kofi's wife). National and international boxing champion – Clive “Punisher” Atwell played a double role – that of Dutch overseer “Vandenburg” and field-slave “Samba”. The role of “Akkara” was played by actor Max Massiah. The play, is an entertaining dramatic musical fusion based on the reenactment of the decisive moment when the enslaved Africans in the Dutch slave colony of Berbice, led by Kofi Badu, took destiny into their hands and decide to rebel against their slave resulting in the start of the Berbice Slave Uprising which has its genesis at Plantations Lilienburg and


for Indian Cultural Centre

All members of the public are invited to see the 2012 film “OMG - Oh My God!” on Saturday 17th August, 2013 from 5:30pm at the Indian Cultural Centre, Lot 67 New Haven, Bel Air, Georgetown. OMG is a satirical comedy directed by Umesh Shukla. The film tells the story of Kanji Lalji Mehta (played by Paresh Rawal) who does not believe in God and whose shop was damaged in an earth tremor. When the insurance company says they cannot pay him because the tremor was an 'Act of God', He then decides to sue some of the religious organisations who he says are representatives of God. The film also stars Akshay Kumar and Mithun Chakraborty.

Magdalenenburg in Berbice in February 1763. The play began with a Dutch family – “Rudi van Groenewegen” (Max Massiah) and his wife “Satayana” (Jenny Langevine) along with their teenage daughter “Yolande” (Shameeza “Jasmine” Wong) visiting Guyana on an exploratory trip to set up an eco-tourism resort. On their visit the group was met by tourist guide “Kofi-I Badu” (Ras Orlando King) at the Museum of African Heritage in Georgetown. They were subsequently introduced to “Sister Roots” (Queen Nzingha) – the Curator of the Museum, along with her Congo Nya drummers.

Friday August 16, 2013


Kaieteur News

Ras Leon Saul

Page 26

During the visit they were given an herbal concoction prepared by Sister Roots, and subsequently became affected by the throbbing music of the African drummers, Kofi-I and the tourists fall into a stupor…and meet up with their past! They experience a transcendental situation where they find themselves in a flash back of the event that decided Kofi's leadership of the uprising. When they return to the present, there are convinced of their destiny 250 years after the uprising! Other members of the 25-member cast of actors, singers, dancers and drummers include Abigail Brower, Ras Egerton “Black Prince” Solomon, Adrianus Vlugman, Shameeza “Jasmine” Wongamong others. Dancers who performed were from the Kreative Arts Dance Group. Guyana's well known musician and filmmaker Bonny Alves was the associate director and musical arranger. Stage manager was Allison Simmons.

Friday August 16, 2013

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National Stadium to come alive with

TOMMY LEE, concert



his Saturday night, the National Stadium will come alive as the much anticipated clash between Tommy Lee and Movado happens for the Slingerz Caribbean Summer Jam. The duo will be sharing the same stage for the ultimate showdown. Some of the local artists include: Alabama, Jory, Lisa Punch and Slingerz family. The showdown between the international artists will be spectacular as Tommy Lee will be visiting Guyana

with a ten member Sparta crew while Mavado will be having a fourteen member team that are excited to entertain. Officials for the event noted: “Both artistes will be coming to Guyana with their band, which will add a more stage show atmosphere to the event. Each artiste has their own fans, so we plan on bringing them all together for one massive show. Just like everyone else, we at Slingerz Family don't have a clue who will be

the last on stage since in our book, they are both main acts” Slingerz Entertainment officials noted “the event was created to satisfy the entertainment hunger of Guyanese both at home and those returning for the August vacation period as well as to create an avenue for those regionally especially our friends in Suriname, Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago”. Today, Tommy Lee will be moving around downtown Georgetown from

noon with the Slingerz crew and a special tickets sale will be available to patrons for $2,000 only for today until stocks deplete. Patrons will pay more at the gate. Tickets for the summer slam are for sale at all Two Brothers service stations including the service station at Eccles, East Bank Demerara and at Medi-Care Pharmacy and other locations. VIP tickets will be $10,000 each. Organisers are reminding patrons not to walk with glass bottles to the event.

Fashion Week Launch: Provocatively imaginative and Daring

This year's launch of the anxiously anticipated Fashion Week, took more than a different twist. Those who were responsible for the sinfully unforgettable launch did not take the easy way out by playing it safe. The event which was held recently at Herdmanston Lodge on Lamaha Street was a culmination of the arts. As the mystical rhythms of Jazz set the artistic tone for the evening, many were enchanted by the displays of culinary arts, ceramics, paintings and sculptures. According to Sonia Noel, some of the designers that were absolutely unique, daring and outstanding in their approach were; Marlon Agrippa, Chandini Rambalak and Mwanza Glenn.

However, wowing the audience was Chef Kester Robinson, who built mouth watering and aweinspiring structures from butter and sugar. Robinson, who is also a designer and celebrated chef, was easily deemed a Da Vinci in his own right, for it was even inconceivable to think that those structures were made from condiments that could be found any almost every household. Moreover, his work was found to be Model displays an outfit so impressive that a French by one of the designers Magazine, “Alize La vie” has approached him to be the next big feature of their upcoming publication. stressed that, “While the actual As Noel thanked everyone for their event is slated to commence in mid continued support at the launch, she October, it is important to note that for

One of the sculptures done by Kester Robinson us to really build the local fashion Industry, it takes more than this committee. Every Guyanese has a responsibility to contribute positively to society and to support youth in creative arts which is an effort that can go a long way in benefitting us economically in the future.”

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Friday August 16, 2013

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DDL, Pepsi Dream Prize Promotion… Lucky patron can win VIP Experience with musician Beyonce Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) and Pepsi launched their Pepsi Dream Prize Promotion featuring an all expenses paid VIP Experience with the world renowned musician Beyonce. The announcement was made yesterday at a press conference at Pegasus Hotel. The Pepsi Dream Prize promotion which commences today will conclude on the 26th September, 2013 gives one Pepsi consumer and a guest the opportunity to see Beyonce perform live at the final show of the Mrs. Carter World Tour being held in New York. According to DDL brand ambassador, Larry Wills every year Pepsi takes pleasure in giving back to loyal consumers to show the company's appreciation for their continuous support. “In 2011 a lucky consumer won an Audi Luxury car and 2012 a BMW Mini Cooper. In December of 2012, Pepsi announced a wide ranging global collaboration with Beyonce.” He explained that as a brand ambassador, Beyonce has appeared in print and out-of-home advertisements

for Pepsi. She also will be visible instore and on-premise through materials such as shelf promotions, in-store displays and in-store advertising. “Earlier this year, we launched in Guyana, the Mirrors TV campaign featuring Beyonce. This spot was one of the first creative collaboration elements of the partnership and sees Beyonce's most iconic personalities from her past-including "Bootylicious" Beyonce, "Sasha Fierce" and "Crazy in Love" Beyonce go head-to-head in a dance-off in a mirrored studio. As it progresses, Beyonce recreates her most memorable moves before being inspired to create a fresh, neverbefore-seen routine. "Mirrors" chronicles Beyonce's realization that all these experiences and personas helped her become who she is NOW, much like the story of a "Grown Woman" — the perfect visual embodiment of the "Live For Now" brand ethos.” Wills explained. Adding that Pepsi has had a relationship with Beyonce for more than a decade, Will said she first

DDL Sales Manager Alexis longhorn and DDL Brand Ambassador, Larry Wills at the press conference yesterday. served as a Pepsi spokesperson in 2002. “The Beyonce partnership is the lead example of how Pepsi is pioneering a new way for brands to engage with musical artists, moving from sponsor to partner. This creates a creative and commercial collaboration that serves both artist and brand,” he added. He further emphasised that the winner will receive an all inclusive trip for the Music VIP Experience which includes two VIP concert tickets, a recording studio experience, accommodation at a 4 star hotel for 4 days/3 nights, airfare and spending money. In addition to the grand prize there will be weekly draws on Pepsi Fever Friday on 98.1 between

the hours of 6:30 to 7:00pm where consumers will win Sony Headphones, Sony Tablets, Sony Smart watches, Pepsi Loot bags and free product. To enter this promotion, consumers need to purchase any Pepsi product and text the code found under the cap/crown to 677-5000 for a chance to enter. Each consumer will automatically receive a confirmation message confirming their entry into the Pepsi Dream Prize promotion. Weekly Winners will be selected randomly via a computerized program. For the grand prize 15 persons will be selected and placed in a lottery where they will have to select a box which holds the grand prize There will also be several consolation prizes at the final draw.

Eight New Amsterdam young beauties for African heritage pageant As activities continue in Berbice in commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the Berbice Slave Uprising and the 175th Anniversary of Emancipation, the group Revival Awareness and Perpetration of African C u l t u r e ( R A PA C ) i n collaboration with the Rotaract Club of New Amsterdam and the Council Of Friends of New Amsterdam (COFONA) will be holding the Annual

Miss African Heritage Pageant under the theme “A Vision of African Diversity in 2013.” The activity will be held on Saturday, August 24th 2013at the New Amsterdam Technical Institute (NATI) Compound, beginning at 19:00hrs. The Pageant will have a number of segments including a welcome and opening dance, tribal wear, talent pieces, evening wear

and a final question. The evening activity will be spice up with a number of entertainments that will include comedy by comedian Sir Marks, drumming by the Congo Naya cultural group, and singing, games for kids, African dishes and craft. The eight talented, ambitious and beautiful young ladies that will be competing for the coveted title of Miss African Heritage 2013 are: Janet Williams, 26, who will be representing the Zulu African tribe. Her hobbies are-reading, surfing the internet and playing table tennis, The next delegate is Akelia Pydanna an 18 year old ho will be representing the Igbo tribe and her hobbies are –dancing, modeling and touring. Delegate Lottia Williamson age 26 will be bring to the fore the Amhara tribe in her display. Her hobbies are reading, creative writing, painting, volunteering and fashion designing. Malandra Simon 1 8 w i l l b e

representing the Yoruba Tribe with her hobbies being-singing, dancing traveling and meeting people. The next delegate Onica Chisholm age 20 loves to play cricket, and interacting with people. Her display will depict the Hausa tribe. Arsceianna McPherson is 16 years old and will be portraying the Akan Tribe with her hobbies being reading, playing computer

games and doing revision. Mickela Alleyne age 16 and will be representing the Arab Tribe. Her hobbies are singing, reading, dancing, and surfing the internet. Delegate Joanna Wright is 19 years old and enjoys singing, dancing and reading. Her portrayals will be centered on the Fula tribe. The African heritage pageant provides an opportunity to exhibit Guyana's rich culture

diversity, as well as an avenue to teach the younger generation about our dynamic African heritage. The Rotaract club is an international service organization for young adults between the age of 18 to 30yrs that seeks to enhance the personal development and growth of individuals, while promoting better relations among all people worldwide.

Berbice Car and Bike show expected to sparkle this Saturday Competition brings out the best in you and this can be true for the organisers of the final chapter of Guyana Premiere 11th annual Berbice car and bike show organisers by the Edinburgh Youth and Promotion Club. Come tomorrow all roads lead to the lawns of the famous Rosignol Stelling Road Tarmac West Coast Berbice as thousand are expected to throng the venue for the car and bike spectacle which is by far the biggest activity of that kind. Action time is 20:00 hrs.

With the multitude of activities for the holidays the organisers have made some unprecedented moves to keep the keep the activity as the drawing card of the busy summer season. More activities, more categories, more lucrative and bigger prizes and bigger sound systems have been added to the sizzling spectacle. The winners are expected to be blessed with lucrative incentives including cash, trophies and other incentives including $US and gold jewelry.

Friday August 16, 2013

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Eight days to go for

R. KELLY concert A

s the days count down and tension rises for the eventual climax at the R. Kelly concerts due for the National Stadium on August 24, 2013. Hits and Jams Entertainment seems fully prepared for their annual Jamzone Summer Break International Concert. Apart from headlining act R. Kelly, Jamaican artist Christopher Martin, Trinidad's KI and the JMC 3Veni, Guyana's very own Timeka Marshall, Jumo Primo, Mingles Sound System and the Heat Wave Band will be performing live on the evening of August 24, 2013. This event will be hosted at the Guyana National Stadium. Lauded as the "King of R&B," Kelly won three Grammy Awards for his hit "I Believe I Can Fly," and has more Top 40 hits than any other male solo artist in the 1990s. The legend will be at the Guyana National Stadium on August 24, 2013. Sylvester Kelly, better known by his stage name 'R Kelly', will headline a show which promises to make it an unforgettable evening for fans of great soulful music as he is often referred to as the 'King of R& B'. Steams gears up for "King of R&B," at National Stadium More recently in March 2011, R. Kelly was named the most successful R&B artist of the last 25 years by Billboard. He has released 10 studio albums in total, sold 38.5 million albums in the U.S. and over 54 million albums worldwide making him the most successful R&B male artist of 1990s!

Bikers Fest (Berbice Edition) deemed



housands of Berbicians came out to the Port Mourant Ground on Sunday last to witness one of the most exciting and heart-throbbing events on the Jamzone Summer Break 2013 calendar, the Bikers Fest! With the blazing sun above, tons of fun activities such as trampolines, bouncy castles and face painting for the kids, well stocked bars and delicious fast food available, people started pouring in to the venue as early as 1pm although the event was scheduled to begin at 3pm. Children enjoyed the mini fun park as parents and other older folks flocked the pavilions in anticipation of the commencement of one of the biggest event to be hosted in Berbice. The U.S. based bikers made six 30-minute appearances throughout the day and with each

performance, thrilled the audience a little more with dangerous flicks, tricks and stunts. During each appearance, patrons rose from their seats and a large portion made their way on to the field to get a closer view and the excitement built with every move of the ramps further apart. During each break, patrons took the opportunity to take photographs with the bikers for which they were more than willing. When the show came to an end around 10pm, the party began and patrons enjoyed entertainment provided by Fusion, Stereo Sonic and Paragon, a Berbice-based sound system. This was an even better opportunity for party goers to meet and greet with the bikers who enjoyed these persons' company.

Quincy Lacon to launch new CD titled “Upgrade”

The talented Quincy Lacon will be launching his new video and CD titled “Upgrade” today at the L&L Lounge, Linden. The event also coincides with Lacon's twentieth birthday today. Action begins at 20:00hrs and admission will be $1,000. This will entitle patrons to a free CD of Lacon's eight hits. Some of his songs include; A New Day, Boys just want to have fun, a star is born, till the end of time amongst others. Entertainer Charmaine Blackman will be performing at the event. Quincy Lacon describes himself as a humble youth who stays away from negativity while trying to develop positively.

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SERVICES Dianne’s Bridal and Party Accessories Rentals, Decorating, Catering and Event Planning. 103 Regent Road Call: 225-8111 Permanent & Visitors Visa Applications, Professional Immigration Consultant Room D5 Maraj Building Call:225-6496,6626045,223-8115 Repairs, sales & spares air conditioning, microwaves, washer, fridges & stoves. Ultra Cool. Call: 225-9032, 647-2943

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FOR SALE 500 Ton Cargo Ship with Contract- call: 687-6174 Fully vaccinated Pitbull Pups- Contact Johnny @ 628-9884 Zack’s Lumber Yard Georgetown: Millcut form board $115 per BM, Softwood & H/wood $180 per BM- Call:687-5361/674-0013 Mining claims- 1 River, 24 lands- Potaro River- Call:1613-797-3314 Ducklings and PigletsCall:688-7291/618-2708

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CITITECH: Computer/ printer repairs (Mac & PC) IT consultation & Network installation: 125 Light St. Alberttown, G/TownCall:226-0085/693-1259

1 – Front end loader, 1 - D6D CAT bulldozer, 1-22RB dragline - Contact: 695-5427

We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer, dryer call:2310655,683-8734 Omar TOURS

Mixed Breed pups @ reduced price- Call:2220410/653-8226

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Friday August 16, 2013

Fielder Wagon - Call: 6913812 1 Leyland DAF 60 single axle & dump- Call:216-1315/6136615 Toyota Altezza, PNN, tiptronic- Call:622-0108

EDUCATIONAL I.A.E (Camp street): Register for full- time, lessons & adults CXC classes: Maths, English, Business & ScienceCall: 223-0604/ 683-5742 Electronic Course- Practical, 12 persons per class. Register early. Beginning 4th September @ Abdul Electronics- Call:226-6551 or 225-0391 Signup now for Computerized Accounting Programs: Quickbooks, Peachtree etc. MicroGraphics Technology Vreed-En-Hoop- Call:2643057

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Is your child struggling with reading, writing & math or has a disability? For best results- Call:683-3887 PC repairs course, CorelDraw, Publisher etc. M i c r o G r a p h i c s Te c h n o l o g y Vr e e d - E n Hoop- Call:264-3057 LAND FOR SALE 2- Acres cultivated, 2-1 Acres cultivated, 7 Acres cultivated, citrus, house, fish pond, storage at Parika. Call 226-7968

LEARN TO DRIVE Soman & Sons Driving School , First Federation Building Call 225-4858, 6445166,622-2872,615-0964 B & C Driving School: Lot 5 Hadfield Lodge- call:2250150,229-7258,680-6826 (Continued on page 31)

Friday August 16, 2013

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(From page 30) WANTED 1 Gas Asselstine welder: No Equipment needed: Living accommodation free call:628-1756/228-5655 Handy-boys to work, living accommodation and meals free: $40,000 per month- Call: 228-5655/ 628-1756 Canter driver/salesmanCall:225-3768 Wanted contract cars @ Atlas Taxi Service: South Ruimveldt gardens, VHF radio network- Call:661-3043

VACANCY 24 Hour East Coast Guyoil needs night pump attendants, salesgirl & office assistant- Call:6889611/684-2838 Refrigeration, A/C Technician. Call 231-0655/ 683-8734

SALON Make Up Courses, Artist Trained & Certified in Trinidad. Call: 660-5257, 647-1773

Vacancy exists for 1 Parts Sales Clerk: Sound Secondary education with knowledge in Japanese vehicles spare partsCall:231-7839 Vacancy exists for able bodied male cleaners: Apply at Alabama Trading G/Town Stabroek.


House and Land @ D’Edward, W.C.B.- Call: 6892973/698-3703 ‘BB’ Eccles- Concrete house 3 bedrooms upstairs, downstairs 2 self contained apartments, 2 bedrooms each toilet & bath $28MCall:227-8409/660-4764 VERSAILLES: Furnished 5 bedrooms, self-contained rooms, modern facilities, generator, beautiful landscape, gated community- Call:592-6248704/ 592-684-9203 Section ‘K’ $40M, Diamond $30M-$40M, ‘AA’ Eccles $60M & many more- Call Diana @ 227-2256/626-9382 Two storey concrete & wooden building, vacant & spacious yard @ North Ruimveldt- Call:628-1342

Haslington, E.C.D: Building ‘A’, concrete/ timber modern 2 storeys, 7 bedrooms, grilled & fenced. Building ‘B’, 3 apartments, fenced- call:2252626/ 225-3068

1 General domestic between ages 35-45 years & 1 housekeeper/ nanny to work evening hours, age 45 & over- Please call:663-4866 Workers for land dredgeTel: 694-2310 Sailors/ Welders- Call:6893846/227-2027 Receptionist, room attendant, bar attendants, washer & presser , cook & helper– Contact: Hick’s Ville Hotel @ 231-0951/231-0953

Contract cars to work in Taxi Service- call: 627-9424/ 2270638 FOR RENT Furnished 2 bedrooms bottom flat @ Uitvlught Housing scheme, W.C.DCall:663-2882 Furnished house for rent, long and short term on Essequibo Coast- Call:6219380 House to rent in ‘CC’ EcclesCall:696-0573/642-2583/6847807 PUBLIC ROAD BUSINESS PROPERTY, W.C.D, suitable for food/ liquor restaurant, supermarket etc. Call:609-8132/672-8569 (Max) Business property- upstairs 3 bedrooms, for Pharmacy, Hair Salon, Boutique, Baber Shop, Internet, Haberdashery- Call:223-9727/ 673-0373/665-0077 Cement mixer (Ransome)Call:681-5988/672-6000

Paradise, E.C.D: Concrete modern 2 bedrooms, front and rear verandah. Concrete fenced large lot- call:2252626/ 225-3068 Paradise, E.C.D: Concrete modern 2 storeys, 4 bedrooms- 2 masters. Concrete fenced large lotcall:225-2626/ 225-3068

Machine Operator to work in Garment Factory- Call: 2222541

One Live in domesticCall:614-6053/600-6053

Property for sale in Enterprise E. C. Demerara Call: 627-5416/611-7437 1 Charlestown, Corner property with business potential; $40M - Tele: 6735882

WANTED One three bedrooms apartment anywhere around town- Call:617-7865

Old Guyana Currencies $1,$5,$10 bills and stampsCall:653-5696 Attractive live in waitressCall:327-0252/674-4665 Driver, salesperson, male merchandiser & porter needed, bring resume ( include reference) & passport photo at Vegetarian Gardens - Tele: 227-7714 Staff to work shift system at Parfaite Harmonie, W.B.DCall:650-0104/668-0306 One experienced general domestic, must know to cook tasty Creole dishes. Must be honest & trustworthy- Call:656-6388 Experienced male counter servers, waiters, cashiers, roti/ puri cooks & pastry makers: Apply @ Hacks Halaal 5 Commerce St. One live in nanny, preferably from country side- Call:697-3904 PORTERS & HANDYMAN FOR WAREHOUSE. BUILDING MATERIAL DEPOT- TEL:231-8529

PEN PAL Female looking for unmarried male for serious relationship, age 44-45Call: 670-2498 (No texting) FOR SALE/RENT American Pool Table - Call: 277-0578

Pastry chief, cook must have experience- Call:2231719 Waitress & cleaner: Apply in person @ Chilly’s Bar 7 public road, Ruimveldt Cooks, assistant cooks, waitresses and bartenders to work in Kitty areaCall:226-7084/ Cell:610-8269/ 623-9645

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Friday August 16, 2013

Friday August 16, 2013

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Letters... Where your views make the news

Why aren’t our men also encouraged to withdraw from unfavourable relationships DEAR EDITOR, Why aren’t our men also encouraged to withdraw from unfavourable relationships, instead of realizing too late their deadly choices? We so often speak of men being the chief perpetrators ofviolence against women in our society; however do we adequately address the ‘perpetrator’ as a key element in a treatment/program to combat such? I strongly believe that in an effort to effect change we as a people, as a nation must be somewhat more holistic in the creation of an appropriate treatment to deal with these matters of violence and the time for acting is most definitely now. It is quite disturbing to acknowledge the omnipresence of these acts of violence; our media are riddled with far too many gruesome tales of women and children being savagely overtaken by men.Sadly the men identified in the most recent cases of violence against women and children were their own loved ones; a father mercilessly hacking his children to death, a husband severing the limbs of his spouse and a youth love affair that ended way too terribly. Some might want to incline that the rumored suicide of Richard Lord serves as justice for all the horrid acts he committed against his wife and children, however the question still lingers, ‘for whom has justice been served’? His very young wife is scarred and now childless. He may be gone and taken with him the story of his brutal manifestations against innocent lives.Sentencing a perpetrator in a court of law isn’t all that is needed to get to the roots of this social ill. Dialogue that seeks to extend beyond borders must be included in a long term plan to address this growing dilemma. What is on the mind of men can prove to be an essential ‘tip’ that could drive a promising future for the safety of women and children. My

objective is to implore on the relevant authorities and all other entities that seek to bring about awareness on this issue to include, educate and empower men just as much as the women. Do not only offer shelter, support and guidance to women and children who have fallen victims but instead seek to get under the skin of men, encourage them to speak of their problems and guide them through a path that will have a better ending. As much as we seek to make available avenues and resources for the betterment of women and children, let us do the same for men. Let us encourage them to actively engage in conversations concerning the trials of their lives, promote more men’s groups and allow for the formation of alliances that serve as a sanctuary for men in their times of need. Guidance and counseling can also be offered by the various religious organizations. Conclusively, whatever measures we undertake for the benefit of women and children’s livelihood, let us also put the same efforts towards the affairs of men. A program concerning a problem of this magnitude should be designed to acknowledge the interests of both potential victims and perpetrators, after all only when we are made aware of the cause can we be able to administer necessary actions. Paying a bit more attention to some other social issues that often fuel these acts may be a crucial step in addressing this matter. We need to teach our children and ourselves the virtues of crafting a future to be proud of, to value the importance of family and kinship ties, to rid our homes of the lewd music,language and expressions and curb the addiction humanity has for alcohol. All of these small ideas combined with a nationwide unified effort may surprisingly garner minute but desirable results. Nafeeza Khan

Still no solution to Charity... From page 5 perpetrators are covered to play loud music at any time under the music and dance licence which is granted on an annual basis by the Magistrate’s Court in the district and as such automatically becomes a recipient of immunity from having to face prosecution. Once there is a violation of there being a noise nuisance from a licensed music premises this will not exculpate the perpetrators from being prosecuted for committing a offence punishable by law. If not, then the permit by the magistrate will be clearly in conflict with the law under section 174A of the summary Jurisdiction ( Offences) Ammendment Act.The issue here is not the music but the nuisance. For reasons best known to the s/o, he made us to understand that the police do not have the power to ask the business owners to produce his or her music licence which we are not in agreement with, so how could the validity be verified or whether there was

any at all. Annual renewal is necessary which makes it all important to make a visual inspection. Any business owner can claim having a music licence but the proof is on seeing it and for the public guidance and law enforcement officers, it should be put in a conspicuous place. Our concern is that during the hours of the magistrate court, the music is played at a very low tone and as soon as the magistrate leave the district the music is turned up to a very disturbing level. Could the S/O of the Charity Police Station say who maintains the peace during the hours of the

court at Charity, if it is the police, then why not maintain the same peace after the court, as it is during the hours of the court. It would be useful for instructions to come from the top of the force for the appropriate action to be taken to curb this harmful situation once and for all. Govind Nauth & William Patrick

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Friday August 16, 2013

World Bank provides multi-million Group wants referendum on issue of free university education dollar loan to Antigua and Barbuda BRIDGETOWN, Barbados - CMC – The Clement Payne Movement (CPM) yesterday called for a referendum on free university education after the Barbados government earlier this week announced that it will no longer pay tuition fees for nationals studying at the University of the West Indies (UWI). In a statement, CPM president David Comissiong said no government has the right to “dismantle the Barbadian system of free university education at UWI without first obtaining the approval of the Barbadian people through a national vote in a referendum”. Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Chris Sinckler in his 2013-14 budget presentation on Tuesday, said that effective 2014, Barbadian students pursuing studies at the university’s three campuses will be required to pay their own tuition fees, while the government continues to fund economic costs. Sinckler said the tuition fees range from BDS$5, 625 to BDS$65,000 (One Barbados dollar=US$0.50 cents) and that the new policy would reduce the transfer to UWI by an estimated BDS$42 million a year. “The government of Barbados recognizes

that access to education at all levels has been a key factor in the success of Barbados as a society and an economy,” Sinckler said, adding that the Freundel Stuart administration “remains committed to, and fully supportive of, the continued growth and development of UWI Cave Hill and increased access to tertiary education for Barbadians”. But Comissiong said that the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration was “totally out of place” when it made the announcement “because the system of free university education at the UWI is one of the fundamental pillars of the very structure of the Barbadian nation”. He said no mandate had been given to the government by the Barbadian public “to make such a fundamental change to the very structure of our nation. “Barbados has just gone through a General Election, and at no time during the course of that Election campaign did the Democratic Labour Party indicate to the Barbadian people that they were proposing to institute such a fundamental change to the structure of our nation.

Opposition against state of emergency to deal with upsurge in crime PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad - CMC – The main opposition People’s National Movement (PNM) yesterday said it would not support a limited state of emergency in a section of the capital following the murder of four people including a pregnant 16-year-old during an 11 hour period on Wednesday. Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley in a statement said that he wanted to remind the Kamla Persad Bissessar

government “that a state of emergency is not a policing tool and in this fight against the criminal element in all its manifestations, there is no substitute for good governance from a stable Cabinet and an effective and well- motivated Police Service”. A government statement announcing the postponement of the weekly Cabinet news conference yesterday, said that National

Security Minister Emmanuel George, Housing Minister Dr Roodial Moonilal and Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams would visit Duncan Street where gang warfare resulted in the murders. PNM leader Dr Rowley said the murder toll in the country continues to rise steeply in multiple numbers on a daily basis and “this continuation of these extremely violent crimes against all manner of persons bring to the fore the consequences of the lawlessness and general disregard for authorities and basic human decency which appears to be pervading every strata of this society”.

Antigua Chronicle Antigua and Barbuda opened a new chapter in its relationship with the World Bank by signing its first multimillion dollar loan agreement with the financial institution. The US$10 million loan will finance the country’s public and social sector reform activities for the next five years. Minister of Finance Harold Lovell and World Bank Country Director for the Caribbean Sophie Sirtaine signed the loan agreement Friday at the Bank’s headquarters in Washington, DC. In April 2012, the World Bank granted a Project Preparation Advance of US$980,000 to start the groundwork for the Public and Social Sector Transformation (PSST) Project. On June 5, 2013, the World Bank’s Board of Directors approved the loan for the five-year project. The Government can now intensify implementation of the PSST Project having formally executed the loan agreement with the World Bank. The Project supports

Minister of Finance Harold Lovell and World Bank Country Director for the Caribbean Sophie Sirtaine signed the loan agreement the National Economic and Social Transformation (NEST) Plan, the country’s 2010-2014 strategic response to the global economic and financial crisis and the 20102013 Public Sector Transformation Strategy. Antigua and Barbuda demonstrated its commitment to improve macro-economic management with the development of the NEST Plan and, in particular, by implementing its fiscal consolidation programme

with financial assistance from the International Monetary Fund, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and other development partners. Antigua and Barbuda’s successful implementation of its fiscal consolidation programme and the Government’s adoption of public financial management reforms cleared the way for the World Bank to provide much needed assistance for public and social sector initiatives.

PM IN FAVOUR OF DEBATE ON SAME SEX MARRIAGE BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – CMC - Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas says the introduction of legislation allowing same sex marriage in St. Kitts and Nevis goes beyond a debate in the Parliament but should include the views of all stakeholders in the twin island Federation. “I believe the church will

want to have its say upon this particular matter. I believe the various groups that are pursuing the human rights of people in a vigorous way in the fundamentals of what people can do or what people cannot do and also looking at what governments can do to lend support to the debate,” said Prime Minister Douglas.

“I believe it will generate quite a bit of national debate. I believe we would be guided not only with what is happening in North America and in Europe, but to some extent what have been cultural norms in our own Caribbean Society and in our own St. Kitts and Nevis society.

Friday August 16, 2013

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Friday August 16, 2013

Iraq will not become another Syria, says government, as car bombs kill 34 BAGHDAD (Reuters) Car bomb attacks killed at least 34 people in Baghdad yesterday but the Interior Ministry said it would not allow al Qaeda, which it blames for a surge in sectarian violence, to turn Iraq into another Syria.

More than 100 people were wounded in at least eight blasts, one of which was near the “Green Zone” diplomatic complex, part of a wave of bloodshed that has taken the monthly death toll in Iraq to the highest levels in five years. “Iraq’s streets have become a battleground for sectarian people who are motivated by hatred and religious edicts and daring to kill innocent people,” the Interior Ministry said in an unusually frank statement. “It is our destiny to win this battle which is aimed at destroying the country and turning it into another Syria,” the ministry said. However, earlier yesterday it put the death toll far lower, at three

dead and 44 wounded. Mainly Sunni Muslim rebels have been fighting for more than two years to topple Syrian President Bashar alAssad, whose Alawite minority support base is a branch of Shi’ite Islam. Sunni Muslim militant groups, including al Qaeda, have stepped up their insurgency against Iraq’s Shi’ite-led government in the past four months, raising fears of a return to full-blown sectarian conflict 18 months after U.S. troops left. Police sources said one bomb exploded 200-300 meters (yards) from Baghdad’s international zone, close to Iraq’s Foreign Ministry. Four people died and 12 others were wounded.

Friday August 16, 2013

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Top trio of Jayawardene, Malinga and Mahmood to come and play in LCPL From page 44 of 136.06 runs per hundred balls, including two hundreds. Mahmood’s international career included 21 Tests and 143 ODIs with his last appearance in Pakistan colours coming during the ICC Cricket World Cup in the Caribbean in 2007. The

25 year-old Orlando Peters made his Limacol CPL debut for the Antigua Hawksbills on Tuesday and made a crucial 31 from 22 balls to help steer the home side to victory over the Barbados Tridents in a low-scoring thriller. The Tridents’ next match is on Saturday 17

August against Jamaica Tallawahs in Kingston, while the Guyana Amazon Warriors next action is on the same day, against the Antigua Hawksbills in Antigua. The inaugural Limacol Caribbean Premier League runs until 24 August with the two semi-finals and final taking place in Trinidad.

Friday August 16, 2012 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): There's tremendous discipline in your way of thinking, Aries, which is helping you advance toward your goals. Don't expect that you will solve every problem right away. Keep in mind that you will be able to sort through issues more efficiently. *************************** TAURUS (APR 20 MAY 20): Your thoughts may be strained, Taurus, and you could find it difficult to process things that are normally no problem. Try not to force answers that don't seem to want to come. *************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): Your thinking may have emotional overtones that prevent you from seeing the truth clearly, Gemini. Do your best to tame your feelings in order to let more rational thoughts rise to the surface. *************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): The thing you dread the most could be the very thing you need the most in your life, Cancer. You're at a point right now when the lessons that come might be hard to swallow, but they're necessary. *************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): You may look at your orderly closet, well-organized desk, and clean bathroom and be proud, Leo. Other people may fret about suddenly having to get their lives in order, but you're already there. ************************ VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): You could feel blocked, Virgo, like you're in a trap. Perhaps your friends are influencing you into believing one thing, while your family has you trained to believe another.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): Remember that it takes energy to repress and bottle up your feelings, Libra. Without realizing it you may be stuffing a great deal of emotion inside while trying to ignore it. The truth is that expressing these feelings - anger, happiness, fear, self-doubt - will energize and free you. *************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21)Deep inside you know the right thing to do, Scorpio. Perhaps you just saw someone drop money on the ground and you picked it up. Do you return it or pocket it for yourself? *************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 DEC 21): Your mastery of your mind and ability to stay disciplined about your goals is impressive, Sagittarius. Others recognize and appreciate your efforts much more than usual. *************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): You may feel as if someone or something has just reformatted your hard drive, Capricorn. Suddenly things are running much more smoothly. *************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): You may be forced to put your thoughts into neat little boxes that can be easily understood and processed, Aquarius. Your ideas are abstract and don't always make reasonable sense *************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): This may be a difficult day in which you feel pressured to get things done, Pisces, yet there's indecisiveness and hesitation lingering in your mind. Between a rock and hard place is no easy spot, but you'll find your way out.

Friday August 16, 2013

Women’s 400m Hurdles final – Moscow 2013

It wasn’t so much of a surprise that Zuzana Hejnova of the Czech Republic won the 400m Hurdles final; it was more the margin of victory that was the biggest shock of the race. Hejnova continued her 2013 winning streak and dipped well below 53 seconds for the first time in her career to once again break her own Czech record. The rest of the field, meanwhile, finished outside 54 seconds. The other surprise about the race was that it wasn’t Britain’s Perri ShakesDrayton who crossed the line behind Hejnova; instead it was US champion Dalilah

Muhammad, followed by Lashinda Demus, the defending World champion. Demus in lane four was among the first to rise along with Muhammad in lane six and ShakesDrayton in five as they all went out hard in the first half. Hejnova, running in lane three and with her main opponents in sight, had a slightly more conservative start, wanting to hold back enough for her trade mark finish. On the top bend, the two US runners were still to the fore as Hejnova began to make her move. She charged down the home straight and stopped

the clock in a worldleading 52.83, smashing her PB by almost a quarter of a second. Muhammad finished best of the two US finalists, but was still 1.26 seconds behind the winner, clocking 54.09 for silver with Demus holding on for bronze in 54.27. Not since 2001 has a time outside 54 seconds been enough for a medal at the World Championships. It was also the biggest ever winning margin in the event. Shakes-Drayton, who hit a hurdle in the second half of the race, faded badly down the home straight and wound up seventh in 56.25. Ukraine’s Anna Titimets finished almost half a second behind Demus in fourth, followed by Shakes-Drayton’s teammate Eilidh Child, who clocked 54.86. The other Ukrainian athlete, Anna Yaroshchuk, finished fifth in 55.01 while J a m a i c a ’s Nickiesha Wilson was some way back in eighth in 57.34. Hejnova won her country’s first gold medal in a sprint event at the Wo r l d Championships, while it was the third time that the USA managed to get two athletes on to the podium. It was something of redemption for Hejnova, who went to Daegu two years ago as the secondfastest woman in the world but finished just seventh in the final. So perhaps ShakesDrayton, the second-fastest entrant for Moscow, can take some solace from that.

Friday August 16, 2013

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Ltter to the Sports Editor T&T’s Jehue Gordon wins ALVIN JOHNSON RESPONDS Men’s 400m Hurdles - sets world leading time & new national record Seldom does a race, even a hurdles race, end with the first two men spread-eagled on the track. Desperate times require desperate measures, however, and times don’t come much more desperate than the last two hurdles of the 400m Hurdles final of the IAAF World Championships at the Luzhniki Stadium on Thursday night. Michael Tinsley led into the straight, led to and off the ninth hurdle. Jehue Gordon was closing in on him. Rising to the tenth barrier they were locked together; off it, perhaps Gordon enjoyed the slimmest of margins. No-one else had a chance. Both men dived as they crossed the line. Both hit the track beyond it. But it was Gordon who produced the better lean to take the gold medal by a hundredth of a second in a world lead and Trinidad & Tobago national record 47.69. Tinsley had glanced across to his right as he dove for the line and probably knew before he hit the track that he was beaten. He had all but won, going out very fast from lane three, gathering in Olympic champion Felix Sanchez half-way up the back-straight and Cuba’s Omar Cisneros – the two to his immediate outside – a little after. And he had edged in front of Gordon by the time the final bend stagger took full effect. But it was the younger man who proved to have the greater strength – just – as

Jehue Gordon they battled along the final straight. His 47.70 was a personal best. Serbia’s Emir Bekric stormed home to take the bronze medal in 48.05, his second national record following his 48.36 in the semi-finals and Serbia’s first medal in the men’s 400m Hurdles. It was also Trinidad & Tobago’s first podium finish in the event and it was fitting that it was Gordon who won it. In Berlin in 2009, he finished fourth in the final at the age of 17, 0.03 outside the bronze. He won the World junior title the following year. Cisneros was the man one outside the medals – which would have been Cuba’s first in the event – finishing fourth in 48.12 ahead of Sanchez and Culson. The 400m Hurdles had looked an open race all year and it lived up to that expectation here. Tinsley came in with the two fastest times of the year,

one set in winning the US title back in June, the second at the London IAAF Diamond League meeting just before Moscow. He then produced a personal best here to lose by a whisker. You cannot do much more. Gordon ran his fastest time before Moscow in winning in Monaco, then carried on that form when it mattered. Then, here in Moscow, dual Olympic champion Sanchez produced his best time of the season behind Cisneros as the Cuban emerged as a potential threat with a then world lead 47.93 in the semi-finals, and Bekric improved from his previous national record of 48.83 all the way to 48.05 and the bronze medal. Finally, the medallists all ran personal bests and the gold medal was decided by a desperate dive to the line. Would that every race turned out as good.

Garner again BCA President for 4th term Bridgetown, Barbados Joel Garner has been retained as president of the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) for a fourth consecutive twoyear term. Garner, a former Barbados captain and outstanding West Indies fast bowler, defeated Conde Riley by 166 votes to 121 at the 11th Special Meeting at Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. Riley, a long-standing BCA Board member, also lost his position as First vicepresident to Deighton Smith after two other contenders, Gregory Nicholls and Calvin Hope, withdrew. Smith, a former acting BCA Chief Executive Officer, won by 145 votes to 136. Three positions were unchallenged: Second vice-

president - Wendell Kellman; Treasurer - Jason King and Secretary - Anthea Ishmael after Gregory Nicholls again withdrew. Both King and Ishmael are serving in those positions for the first time athough Ishmael was a member of the last Board. Nicholls had served on the last Board as secretary. Maurice Gaskin kept his post as Third vice-president with a 171 to 77 triumph over Patricia Greenidge. Four members were elected to the Board - Hartley Reid gained 139 votes, Ikins Clarke (136), Kamal Springer (117) and Roland Butcher (99). The other contenders were Greydon Nesfield (87), Victor Knight (80), Patricia Greenidge (78) and Joseph

Tudor (71). As it stands, there are three other Board members in Calvin Hope, Winston Stafford and Timothy Boyce, all of whom are up for reelection next year. There was, however, uncertainty over Hope’s immediate future. Garner and Smith were elected as directors on the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB). Garner polled 124 votes and Smith 95 with Ikins Clarke (33) as the other contender. Wendell Kellman, with 65 votes and Maurice Gaskin (53) were elected as the BCA representatives on the WICB. Orson Simpson (29) and Clarke (18) were also in contention. (Barbados Cricket Association)


DEAR EDITOR, I have read Winston G. Boston’s letter on page 34 of Kaieteur News, Wednesday August 14, 2013 and I am compelled to respond since my name has been negatively mentioned in the article captioned “Major stakeholders of Guyana’s cricket support parliamentary process.” It is my expectation that the full text of my letter is published as it seeks to justify my involvement in cricket up to this current time. Let me mention from the outset that I played club cricket in East Bank Essequibo and represented East Bank Essequibo but was not good enough to play for the County of Essequibo. I also represented Cyril Potter College of Education in 1978 and 1979. I have disclosed this because I do not want anyone to speculate as it is felt by some that if you have never represented your county, country and some cases the West Indies you are not competent to be around cricket and its administration. It is felt that cricket administration at the GCB level since 2010 has gone into disrepute, therefore permit me to justify what made me eligible to manage national teams before and after 2010. · I became a member of the Essequibo Cricket

Board in 1985 and has always been thereafter. · I am a retired headmaster having served the teaching profession for thirty nine (39) years (1973 to 2012) in ten (10) schools, heading eight (8) of them. · I have a Trained Class 1 Grade 1 Teacher’s Certificate (Physical Education Major). · I am a trained Mass Games Instructor who was in charge of the Region Three Chapter from 1980 – 1984. · I have a Certificate in Public Administration/ Management from the University of Guyana · I am the holder of a Bachelors of Education Degree (Administration In Education) from the University of Guyana · I was President of the Essequibo Cricket Board from 2001 to 2009 · I was Vice President of the Guyana Cricket Board from 2001 to 2009 · I was Manager of the West Indies Development Under 19 Team in 2000 when then Regional Under 19 Tournament was played in Guyana. · I was Manger of the Guyana Under 19 Cricket Team from 2003 to 2010. · I was Manager of the West Indies Select Senior Team that played a ThreeDay Practice Match against

Sri Lanka at Providence in 2008 · I attended the last workshop that GCB organized for Team Managers and prospective Team Managers in March 2010 for which I have a certificate of participation I think that the aforementioned qualify me for the management of any national cricket team after 2009. Currently I am the Assistant Treasurer of the Essequibo Cricket Board, Chairman of East Bank Essequibo Cricket Committee, President of Parika-Salem Sports Club and Chairman of Parika Community Playground Management Committee During my years of managing teams I have never had an adverse report to disqualify me from further team management. I therefore take offence to Mr Boston stating that it smacks at the root of indecency that I along with the other named persons have been appointed to manage our national teams ostensibly as a trade off for loyalty to the current GCB. I have always been loyal to cricket and the befitting administrators of cricket some of those administrators include Chetram Singh, Bishwa Panday and Terry Holder. Alvin Johnson

Bolt, Weir, Ashmeade gunning for 1,2,3 in 200M final -100m champion seeking third straight Worlds 200m title Moscow, Russia - Usain Bolt’s journey towards track and field immortality will take yet another step Friday when he begins the quest for an unprecedented third IAAF World Championships men’s 200m title, running the first round and semi-finals at the 14th staging of the biennial championships at Luzhniki stadium in Moscow, Russia. Bolt who along with American Calvin Smith are the only back to back winners of the event, will seek to join America Allyson Felix as the only runners in the history of the competition to win three straight titles in the half lap event after she won in Helsinki, Finland in 2005, Osaka, Japan in 2007 and Berlin, Germany in 2009 before finishing third behind Veronica Campbell Brown and

compatriot Carmelita Jeter two years ago in Daegu, South Korea. After taking a day off after winning his second World Championships 100m title on a rainy and cool Sunday night, Bolt the 200m World Record holder at 19.19 seconds, returned to the track Tuesday as he readies for what could be a big event for Jamaica. Bolt’s training partner Warren Weir who won the JAAA National title in June with a personal best 19.79 seconds is out to prove his Olympic bronze was no fluke. Nickel Ashmeade a finalist in Deagu and Jason Livermore will also contest the event that starts at 10:35am local time (1:35am Jamaica time) with the qualifiers returning at 10:40 am (Jamaica time) to book a place in Saturday’s final.

Weir will be the first Jamaican on track running in Heat 3 against French h o p e J i m m y Vi c a u t ; Ashmeade who has a season best 20.00 seconds run all the way back in May but ran a personal best 9.90 seconds in the 100m semi-finals on Sunday will line up in the next heat. Livermore who is making his debut in a global track and field event will contest the fifth heat while Bolt has been drawn in the seventh and final heat where former Munro College sprinter Delano Williams will also run in his debut for Great Britain. Jamaica has had at least two runners in the finals of the men’s 200m in the last three Wo r l d Championships. (Jamaica Observer)

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Friday August 16, 2013

Amazon Warriors waltz past Tallawahs by 5 runs at Sabina

Christopher Barnwell came up trumps with a superb last over to help the Guyana Amazon Warriors defeat the Jamaica Tallawahs by five runs in their Limacol Caribbean Premier League (LCPL) match yesterday at Sabina Park in Jamaica. However, the path to the Warriors’ victory was paved well before Barnwell’s first over, which was the last of the game. Ideally, it was a scrape to the finish just as the match suggested it would be. A win for either team would have virtually guaranteed them a spot in the top four and ultimately the semi-finals. The Tallawahs won the toss and asked the Amazon Warriors to bat first on Thursday afternoon in their first home game. The pitch played quite slow and batsmen couldn’t hit through the line of the ball. As a result, the Warriors limped to 139-6 from their 20 overs. It was down to a quick knock from James Franklin that propelled the Warriors’ innings. The Tallawahs seemed

relatively satisfied indeed with their effort in the field at the halfway stage. However, they endured the same hurdles the Warriors had to overcome earlier in the afternoon. The ball didn’t come on to the bat so the batsmen couldn’t hit through the line comfortably. Chris Gayle and Ahmed Shehzad were slow in the first half of the Powerplay. In fact, when Shehzad got frustrated having scored three runs from seven balls, he opted for the sweep against Mohammad Hafeez and was out Leg Before Wicket. The Tallawahs didn’t need to score at a rapid rate though, or so it would seem. They boast some of the biggest hitters in the tournament, including a new one who introduced himself to the world on Thursday afternoon. Chadwick Walton, playing in his first game for the Tallawahs joined his skipper upon Shehzad’s dismissal. He took a few deliveries to settle in but played positively on a wicket

that was difficult to bat on. Once in, Walton took the attack to the Warriors spinners, hitting an array of boundaries. His best over was against Hafeez when he struck two sixes and a four in the eighth over worth 18 runs. For the start of the middle overs, he looked to be just what the Tallawahs needed. Gayle at the other end was batting patiently, trying to bat through the innings once more. Walton though could keep the scoreboard ticking. He added 46 runs with his skipper taking the score to 662 before he failed to clear Franklin at long-off. His knock of 36 runs from 20 balls was crucial in the first half of the Tallawahs’ chase but then the quick wicket of Danza Hyatt followed as Veerasammy Permaul came into the attack. Gayle and Jacques Rudolph would put on 26 runs from 23 balls before the pressure would take its toll. The Tallawahs kept chasing the game. Runs required were constantly more than balls left. Gayle smashed two sixes

in two overs to wind up his arm but Krishmar Santokie was brought back at the start of the 15th over. He delivered two good yorkers without success but his third would defeat Gayle, rippling through the Jamaican’s late defence. Gayle had scored 43 from 46 balls and once again, his patient approach had failed. Rudolph kept going, stroking two consecutive fours to keep the Tallawahs in the hunt. Narine returned to take his wicket. Sarwan mixed up his bowlers quite well, almost too well. He was left with a tough decision on who should bowl the final over with ten runs needed, and all of his front-line bowlers done. If it was any consolation though, Santokie had gotten rid of hard-hitting right hander Andre Russell in the penultimate over. Barnwell produced a very good last over, getting the wickets of Vernon Philander and Dave Bernard. Carlton Baugh couldn’t get the ball away. It quite summarised the challenge of batting on that Sabina Park wicket.

LCPL gets the Virgin seal of approval from Sir Richard Branson ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Sir Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group, has given the Limacol Caribbean Premier League (LCPL) his seal of approval after attending the Antigua Hawksbills/Barbados Tridents clash. The Virgin Group is a founding team sponsor for the Hawksbills and Sir Richard’s presence had a galvanising effect on the team as they overcame the table-topping Tridents in a low-scoring thriller. “I love this league,” he said as he watched the action. “I love the fact it is not stuffy (and) I love the fact that you arrive and there is music playing. People are partying as you only get in the West Indies. The great thing about this cricket is that it is exciting – it is designed to entertain and people want to be entertained. “”Equally there are cricket buffs who want fiveday cricket where no-one wins at the end of it and that is very British and that has a place as well, but from a pure entertainment perspective nothing beats this.” The Hawksbills’ win against the Tridents ripped up the form book and it was a result that gave Sir Richard cause for celebration. “It is great to be involved with (Sir) Viv (Richards) and his team,” he said. “We

Sir Vivian Richards, Sir Richard Branson and Commentator Tony Cozier (Photo by Sandy Pitt) always like to be involved with the underdogs and at the moment the Antigua team is the underdog but that means there is only one way to go – which is up. “We will have to see how they do in this first season but over the next few years I am sure you will see them competing with the best teams.” Sir Richard also took time to explain the value of the Virgin Group’s association with the LCPL. “I think Virgin flies to more destinations (in the Caribbean) than anyone else in Europe and we bring an awful lot of people into the Caribbean and we are very

proud of that,” he said. “We are about to put on brand new planes on all our Caribbean routes and that will be happening in the next few months. The Caribbean has been kind to us and hopefully Virgin’s been kind to the Caribbean,” he added. Hawksbills coach Sir Vivian Richards presented Sir Richard with his own Hawksbill playing shirt but was diplomatic about his chances of making the squad. “He will have to do some practice and then we will assess it from there,” said Sir Viv, to which Sir Richard replied: “At least he is considering me!” Sir Viv added: “It (the

LCPL) has been a great format for the region with the excitement and the different side of things it brings with the music, the entertainment and the spectacle. “To have Sir Richard and his company Virgin involved is great. It is great to have heavyweights behind you.” The Virgin Group is a Tournament Partner with Virgin Atlantic the official airline of the LCPL, while Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Media and Virgin Holidays all support the competition. The inaugural Limacol Caribbean Premier League runs until 24 August with the two semi-finals and final taking place in Trinidad.

The Tallawahs had fallen five runs short, but after Barnwell’s first three balls, the Warriors looked all out favourites. Seemingly, it was that type of wicket, where a score around 140 would be competitive. It was quite similar for the Warriors batsmen. Openers Lendl Simmons and Martin Guptill put on a partnership of 68 runs, but it came from 59 balls; so even those two couldn’t get away. Simmons hit two sixes and two fours in his score of 30, but his two sixes came in consecutive balls. Guptill struck five fours, scoring 39 from 36 balls. Moral of the story? More than half of both their runs came in boundaries. James Franklin, promoted up the order to number three, would give the Warriors the boost in run rate they needed. He’s been in fine touch and continued on Thursday

afternoon. He hammered 40 from just 29 balls, but ran hard between the wickets. He struck two sixes and a four. He batted through to the 20th over before being one of three wickets to fall in the last over of the Warriors’ innings. Barnwell chipped in with 11, but it was Franklin’s knock that made the difference between a win and a loss. It was perhaps some consolation that he was awarded the Limacol Super Six of the Match for his 97 metre boundary. Narine’s 40-10-1 however, gave him the coveted Man of the Match award. Walton’s knock of 36 runs from 20 balls earned him the Digicel 4G Fastest Scorer award. Maybe he’s in line to open the batting for the Tallawahs this weekend. They lose again, and it could be curtains.

Positive spinoffs from SPSFA as players selected for Nat. U-17 WCQ Following their successful showing in the just concluded Scotiabank/Pepsi Schools’ Football Academy, twelve (12) female participants have been selected for the National Under17 World Cup Qualifiers from October 30 to November 9 in Jamaica. This recent development comes in the wake of a call by Captain of the Tutorial High School female team, Shekela Fraser, for greater opportunities for female footballers, during brief remarks at this year’s Academy closing ceremony. “This is my second year of participation in this programme and I am indeed delighted to be able to participate in such organised competition,” she said. Ms. Fraser further pointed out that the achievement becomes even more momentous when it is noted that female players have been neglected by other agencies and organisations. “To those persons who have demonstrated the will and wisdom to incorporate our involvement, I wish to express profound gratitude for remembering us,” said Fraser. This Scotiabank/Pepsi Schools’Football Academy is an initiative of the Guyana Sports Development Foundation (GSDF) and is the first school’s programme to focus on the developmental aspects of the game, incorporating coaching and refereeing courses to enhance participants’ understanding of the technical aspects of the game. Many players have benefitted from the initiative from the inaugural year when a record ten schools from Georgetown

were identified to participate with the assistance of their Alumni Associations and other benevolent sponsors. Every player received football boots, shin pads, socks, trunks and jerseys, while the schools received balls, cones, ball pumps, gear bags, training vests, goalkeeper gloves & whistles. There was an improved level of participation in 2012 with the number of schools increasing to 14 and further, in 2013, when activities expanded to several regions including Linden and Berbice with school participation increasing to twenty six. Now, some three years after its inauguration, the Scotiabank/ Pepsi School Academy has been instrumental in training approximately 250 teachers and students who also completed the referee’s course. The coaches also benefitted and received DVDs with valuable footage to enhance their trade as well as reference materials and certificates issued by the Guyana Football Referees Council. Additionally, the student referees were issued with copies of the Laws of the Game by the Guyana Football Referees Council. The organisers have evaluated the progress of the tournament and are satisfied that many of the schools that participated over the years have been performing exceedingly well in other competitions. They made mention of the just concluded Digicel Under-18 championships which were won by the C h r i s t i a n b u r g / Wi s m a r Secondary.

Friday August 16, 2013

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Peralta scores twice, propels Mexico past Ivory Coast East Rutherford, N.J.Olympic gold-medal goal hero Oribe Peralta scored twice in the opening half to lead Mexico to a 4-1 win over Ivory Coast in an International friendly at MetLife Stadium on Wednesday. The Mexicans took advantage of a pair of Ivory Coast mistakes, including an own-goal, before a crowd of 35,671. Midfielder Angel Reyna, the top scorer in the Liga MX Apertura, added a late goal for El Tri. Secondhalf substitute Didier Drogba accounted for Ivory Coast’s lone tally via a penalty kick. Mexico enjoyed a substantial advantage in ball possession and s c o r i n g opportunities in the opening half. Giovani dos Santos had the first two chances, firing wide right with the match only 94 seconds old and forcing goalkeeper Barry Boubacar to make a two-handed save of his attempt in the fifth minute. The Tricolor finally cashed in the 10th minute

Oribe Peralta

with aid from the Africans. Reyna crossed from the left flank into the area for Peralta. The Santos forward tried to shoot, but the ball went to Ivory Coast defender Arthur Boka, who tapped it into his own net while trying to clear it over the end line.

Yet another Ivory Coast error helped Mexico double its advantage in the 28th minute. With dos Santos applying heavy pressure, midfielder Jean-Jaques Gosso sent an errant backpass toward his goal. An alert Perlata quickly pounced and slipped

it past Boubacar. Ivory Coast finally placed a shot on net in the 34th minute, when forward Wilfried Bony headed the ball straight to goalkeeper Jesus Corona. Corona’s next save was not as routine as he challenged an onrushing Mathis


Puerto Rico wins late; Guadeloupe, Honduras & El Salvador post shutouts

Action in the Puerto Rico, Martinique clash. In the most competitive fixture of the CONCACAF Under-15 competition thus far, Puerto Rico rallied from a onegoal deficit to defeat Martinique, 2-1 at the Ed Bush Stadium, West Bay, Cayman Islands, yesterday. Man of the Match John Henriquez’ goal with four minutes left on the clock broke a 1-1 stalemate and gave the Blue Hurricane a dramatic win. Youri Louis Arthur gave Martinique a sixth minute lead and to see Marco Arocha equalize six minutes later. The game remained level until Henriquez came through with the heroics. It was the first

game of the tournament in which both teams scored. In the other group D match at the same venue, El Salvador got its campaign off to an impressive start with a 3-0 win over Antigua & Barbuda. A double strike from Emerson Palacios in the 69th and 72nd minute cemented the result after Nestor Torres gave the Central American side a 54th minute lead. Following an evenly contested first half that ended scoreless, the Salvadorans played some attractive football, much to the delight of the fans in attendance. Antigua

looked threatening at times, but couldn’t find the back of the net. Guadeloupe made its debut an impressive one with a 6-0 win over Curacao in a Group C encounter played at George Town, Cayman Islands. Geordy Choisi scored the only goal of the first half, but the eventual winners struck for the five in the second stanza. Loic Antonides made it 2-0 ten minutes after the break. Then, Luther Archimede (62’, 64’) scored twice in two minutes, before Man of the Match Lory Chouan netted his only goal

of the encounter seconds later. Ludwig Francillette got his name on the scoresheet with two minutes left in regulation. Darixon Vuelto scored twice early in the second half to lead Honduras to a 5-0 win over Saint Martin. The Caribbean side performed valiantly in the first half, holding the Catrachos to a single goal from Diylan Andrade. Vuelto struck for his brace within three minutes after the interval. Diego Rosales made it 40 in the 45th minute and Italo Ramos completed the scoring with a minute left in regulation.

Bolly and blocked his attempt on the left side of the penalty area to force a corner kick in the 41st minute. The Mexicans did not need any help on their third goal one minute into first-half stoppage time. Reyna passed to an onrushing dos Santos

on the right flank. The Villarreal forward crossed the ball to Peralta, who headed it home from six yards. The Africans pulled one back in the 62nd minute on a Drogba penalty kick. Referee David Gantar awarded the penalty after he judged Drogba’s initial free kick hit Gerardo Torrado in the arm. The former Chelsea man made buried the ensuing attempt from into the lower left corner to slice the lead to 3-1. Drogba tried to turn playmaker in the 80th minute, placing a perfect pass to second-half sub Gervinho in front of the net. The new Roma signee headed the ball at goal, but Corona was there to deny the effort. Reyna closed out the scoring, finding the back of the net in the 90th minute. The game was Mexico’s only match prior to a pair of vital World Cup qualifiers next month. El Tri hosts Honduras at Azteca Stadium on September 6, before visiting the United States four days later.

Pepsi Sonics Vocational Programme ends THE two-week Schools Vocational Programme which was organised by Pepsi Sonics Basketball Club came to an end on Sunday, at the National Gymnasium with matches being played among the participants of the programme and Plaisance under 18 teams. The programme which got started on July29 saw participants being exposed to the fundamentals of the game, while the organisers also added an academic component. According to a release from the Club a total of 50 boys and girls from primary and secondary schools attended the sessions. As part of the programme an organized tour of Demerara Distillers Limited - Beverage Section - on Friday, August 09, also formed part of the programme and it afforded the participants the opportunity to see how the products of DDL are bottled, labeled and packaged for marketing. Personnel from the Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association visited the students on

August 06 and conducted discussions and demonstrations on health issues. The students displayed various drama talents in the form of poetry, plays and rap lyrics. A dance to the song “LORD LIFT US UP” was done solely by Ma Shania Carter. Certificates were awarded to all students who participated, compliments of Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport. Also prizes were given to students for overall performances. Special thanks was extended to the following business entities and individuals who came on board to make the programme a reality and they are: Demerara Distillers Limited, Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sport, Bacchus Drug Store Saffon Street, Automotive Essentials, Giftland Office Max, Ramroop’s Furniture St o r e , J a k e y Ta i l o r i n g Establishment, Bearings & Seals, 4R Bearing, Antarctic Maintenance Repairs, Len’s Craft Optical and the Media.

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Friday August 16, 2013

Tearful Wimbledon champion Bartoli retires Oscar de la Hoya: from tennis after early exit in Cincinnati Nathan Cleverly needs Marion Bartoli has announced her retirement from tennis at the age of 28 - less than six weeks after winning Wimbledon. The Frenchwoman made the announcement after losing 3-6 6-4 6-1 to Simona Halep in the second round of the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati. Bartoli, who beat Sabine Lisicki in the final at the All England Club last month to claim her first grand slam title, said on 'That was actually the last match of my career. Sorry. 'It's time for me to retire and call it a career. I feel it's time for me to walk away actually.' Bartoli blamed a succession of injuries for her decision to call it a day - citing in particular an Achilles problem which was troubling her on the hardcourts. 'My body just can't do it anymore,' she said. 'I've already been through a lot of injuries since the beginning of the year. I've been on the tour for so long, and I really pushed through and left it all during that Wimbledon. 'I really felt I gave all the energy I have left in my body. I made my dream a reality and it will stay with

Marion Bartoli was in tears me forever, but now my body just can't cope with everything. 'I have pain everywhere after 45 minutes or an hour of play. I've been doing this for so long, and body-wise I just can't do it anymore.' Bartoli said she had played through the pain to realise her childhood dream of winning Wimbledon this summer. She said: 'When you dream about something for so long and you've been on tour f o r m a n y, m a n y, m a n y years and you've been through ups and downs and highs and lows and al-

ready a lot of injuries since the beginning of the year, my body was really starting to fall apart, and I was able to keep it together, go through a lot of pain throughout Wimbledon, and still make it happen. 'That was probably the last little bit of something that was left inside me.' Asked what she plans to do next, she said: ' There are so many things to do in life rather than playing tennis, so I'm sure I'll find something. I just need a bit of time to settle down. 'There is some excite-

ment as a tennis player. There is a lot of excitement as a woman. There is a lot of excitement as a wife. There is a lot of excitement as a mother. There is a lot of excitement to come up. 'Obviously I'm excited to live my future, but I will have time to think about it in the months, years to come.' Bartoli was introduced to the sport by her father Walter, who remained as her coach for almost her entire career, giving up his job as a doctor to do so. Noted for her individual style, she won the junior US Open title in 2001 and broke into the WTA top 100 two years later. She won her first senior title in 2006 in Auckland and cracked the top 10 the following year. In 2011 she reached the semi-finals of the French Open, but it was this summer - when she claimed the Wimbledon title without dropping a set - that she achieved her crowning glory. She also achieved a record in doing so, winning her first grand slam title at the 47th attempt - surpassing the previous high of 45, set by Jana Novotna. (Mail Online)

Fawad Ahmed named in Australia’s one-day squad Leg-spinner Fawad Ahmed has been named in Australia’s 18-man squad for the five-match one-day series with England. Pakistan-born Fawad became an Australian citizen in July after his application was fasttracked. The 31-year-old, who claimed asylum in 2010, was eligible to play in the Te s t series, which Australia trail 3-0 with only The Oval Test remaining. Michael Clarke, Phil Hughes, Steve Smith, Mitchell Starc, David Warner and Shane Watson are also included. Fawad, who impressed during the recent A tour to southern Africa, replaces left-arm spinner Xavier Doherty. “Fawad has been a consistent wicket-taker on the Australia A tour of Zimbabwe and South Africa,” said national selector John Inverarity. “He is a mature and very good leg-spin bowler and the national selection

Fawad Ahmed

panel is keen to see how he fares in international competition.” Te s t c a p t a i n C l a r k e will also captain the oneday side for the tour, which includes two T20 matches against England and a oneday match against Scotland in Edinburgh. Josh Hazlewood, a fast bowler who made his Australia debut in 2010 as a 19-year-old but has no t featured for three years, earns a recall. “He has been performing impressively with Australia A recently and thoroughly deserves the opportunity,” added Inverarity. Australia squad: Michael Clarke (ODI captain), George Bailey (ODI vice-captain & T20 captain), Fawad Ahmed, Nathan Coulter-Nile, James Faulkner, Aaron Finch, Josh Hazlewood, Mitchell Johnson, Shaun Marsh, Glenn Maxwell, Clint M c K a y, A d a m Vo g e s , M a t t h e w Wa d e , D a v i d Warner, Shane Watson.

Bernard Hopkins

Nathan Cleverly Oscar de la Hoya says Nathan Cleverly needs a career-defining fight against Bernard Hopkins to earn the recognition he deserves as a world champion. Cleverly defends his WBO LightHeavyweight title against Russian Sergey Kovalev in Cardiff on Saturday. Former six-weight world champion De la Hoya believes the Welshman needs a big-name fight at this stage of his career. “Beating Bernard Hopkins elevates your status to super champion,” he said. Cleverly’s attempts to secure a bout against Bernard Hopkins and other high-profile fighters have been unsuccessful. He will make his sixth defence since winning the WBO title in December 2010 when he steps in to the ring with Kovalev on Saturday, August 17 at the Motorpoint Arena. De la Hoya is President of Golden Boy Promotions, which includes Hopkins among its roster of fighters. He claims Cleverly’s lack of world recognition is due to his failure to fight a big-name opponent. ”You have to have a ‘name’ opponent to elevate yourself to a whole new level,” De La Hoya told Radio Wales Sport. “I believe that is what he is missing. You have to fight that champion, that fighter, that people feel is the best. ”I believe it is coming. Cleverly is a fighter who is

willing to fight the best and it’s time we see that potential in the ring. “I believe it could be Bernard Hopkins. He is a fighter who is a legend, has a big name worldwide and is still considered the best light heavyweight out there.” Cleverly’s promoter, Frank Warren, has said opponents were running scared of Cleverly, who retained his WBO lightheavyweight title with victory over Robin Krasniqi in April. Warren claimed IBF super-middleweight champion Carl Froch turned down a fight against Cleverly. Cleverly, 26, has made no secret of his desire to unify the light-heavyweight division by beating IBF champion Hopkins and WBA champion Beibut Shumenov. De la Hoya believes a Hopkins versus Cleverly fight would capture the public’s imagination. ”That is a fight that would be very interesting to see,” said De la Hoya. “I am sure Nathan Cleverly would love to fight a legend like Bernard Hopkins. Hopkins is willing to face anybody and Hopkins understands that Nathan Cleverly brings a lot to the table. ”He understands that Nathan Cleverly is a very dangerous fighter for him because of his age. Hopkins is going on 50, is still a machine and is still willing to fight the very best.” (BBC Sport)

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