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Wednesday August 14, 2019

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Guyana revolves around two women


nation now waits for God. Truth be told, it is on two women elevated, by the accident of time, to the stature of goddesses. Maybe it is no accident, after all; since men have proven themselves lesser than the tasks at hand. Theirs will be voices from heaven; it will be hell for somebody. Citizens, and none more so than diehard, irretrievably lost, loyalists, watch calendar and clock, as they count days and hours. Their existence is a bed of barbs, the hard state of not knowing the unknowing. Knowing will come on Wednesday, August 14; and quickly followed by the Ides of August on what will be a fateful 15th. Two women have reduced the loud to the sudden discovery of the polite, the guarded, even the bland. Those sparring are made to sit and wait, to ponder what patters forward in the studied, dulcet tones of serious tribunes of the people, for the people. Some people are going to be bitter by the broadness of what comes. It is an exciting time, even a profound one, with a special kind of history in the making. But those sentiments—cool and coherent—only come to the dispassionate, the unattached, those untouched by the racial poisons that madden mind and drain of any constructive sense. So it is those two times: 14th and 15th. From then to where? They are called upon, argued before, and pressed, for the wisdom of the judicially oracular through favourable constitutional interpretation. It must be understood that these women of the silk, neither live nor function in the barrenness of vacuums. What the men in this country are too timid to undertake, they now lean on the ladies of law and land to lead into pathways of righteousness for deliverance. It will not be the pathway expected, insistently signaled and demanded in the press: my way or no way. One judge is sure to take a different highway; it may not be one to heaven, but it will have to suffice. It is because one after the other, the contexts of the social milieu will feature. Somehow. In some thing or the other and all together to defuse the situation, and allow it some respite, through a lease of time, to gather sense and spirit to see the wisdom in embracing as many Guyanese as possible. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “All life is an experiment.” The two lady jurists will not experiment; that is too farfetched and too dangerously adventurous in these parts. But they would-or could-leave just enough room for political considerations and reconsiderations; perhaps enough even for the vast sum of 749,000 souls. The specificity and finality of a date in the hands of the unelected might simply be asking too much of these two. Justice Holmes also shared this pearl, which could come into play right here: “The provisions of the constitution are not mathematical formulas having their essence in their form, they are organic, living institutions transplanted... Their significance is vital, not formal; it is to be gathered not simply by taking the words and a dictionary, but by considering their origin and their line of growth.” Rising and growing: Man is supposed to be this thinking animal; the women are going to have to compel to that mental state, and away from the all too traditional, too familiar physical and visceral; the automatic and the comforting vocals found so vexatious. There is no legacy in any of that; merely the regularity of the routines. They are routines that stand inflexibly attached to the priorities of this set of people or that; while at the same time, thoroughly aloof and disconnected from any and all aspirations to something resembling nationhood. Come August 14th and August 15th, two women without any following, lacking in any of the usual trumpeting, will speak loudest in this land. Hearing and growing it must be.

PPP/C hoping the High Court does what CCJ “Article 106 of the further divide this nation. and functioning of GECOM did not do said, Constitution invested the Readers must note, none would be accepted as vital to DEAR EDITOR, The following response addresses the charge made against me by the PPP/C, in a press release issued over the weekend - that pointing out the fact that the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) did not give a deadline/specific date for elections is misleading. As I respond, I am cognisant that I do not possess the wherewithal of the PPP to guaranteed coverage in the media, and I rather suspect the importance of this conversation will not be resolved over one or two statements, but will be followed by a barrage of attacks which I am prepared to address. I trust equal access will be granted. The PPP/C requested of the CCJ that an order be made for elections to be held by the 18th September 2019 (see Stabroek News, 11th July 2019 ‘‘Jagdeo asks CCJ to order elections be held by September 18). The Court never granted the request (see Stabroek News, 13th July, 2019 “CCJ dubs gov’t ‘caretaker’ but elections date a no-go”). In fact, on the matter of election, the CCJ expressly

President and the National Assembly (and implicitly in GECOM), responsibilities that impact on the precise timing of the elections which must be held. It would not therefore be right for the Court, by issuance of coercive orders or detailed directives, to presume to instruct these bodies on how they must act and thereby pre-empt the performance of their c o n s t i t u t i o n a l responsibilities.” Refer to item [7] here: 2019-CCJ-14-AJ.pdf The failure of the PPP/C to get the CCJ to grant their requested date for elections saw them doubling over to deceive society - local and international stakeholders by giving the impression that September 18th is a directive of the Court. In this regard, it is evident from media coverage that the PPP has a cadre of surrogates to drive this deception, as they individually and collectively engage in bullying tactics that seek to bring the judiciary and our legal system into disrepute as well as

ET TU, LINCOLN? DEAR EDITOR, For many years I have followed the writings and activism of Lincoln Lewis, there are times our views coincided and times when they diverged, however, never before Sunday and yesterday have I seen Mr. Lewis depart from the realm of good sense and logic. By claiming that the Caribbean Court of Justice did not specify a date or deadline for General Elections and that omission equates to non-existence of a precise timeline, Mr. Lewis joins those who have chosen to ignore the fact that a Noconfidence motion has been adjudicated as validly passed as of 21st December and consequences paused until June 18th, 2019. Lincoln Lewis often called for consultations between government and civil society as outlined in Article 13 of the Guyana Constitution where it states “the principal objective of the system of the State is to establish an inclusionary democracy by providing increasing opportunities for the participation of citizens and their organizations in the management and decisionmaking processes of the State, with particular emphasis on those areas of decision-making that directly affect their well-

being.” Lewis is now turning his back on our Constitution and his reputation for being a normally sensible voice of and for civil society, by ignoring the fact that Article 106 sets a three-month timeframe for elections, and this is precisely what the CCJ means when it says “Article 106 of the Constitution invested the President and the National Assembly (and implicitly in GECOM), responsibilities that impact on the precise timing of the elections which must be held. It would not, therefore, be right for the Court, by issuance of coercive orders or detailed directives, to presume to instruct these bodies on how they must act and thereby pre-empt the performance of their c o n s t i t u t i o n a l responsibilities.” The CCJ ruled against every aspect of the Granger administration’s case challenging the validity of the No-confidence motion. Costs in millions were awarded to the lawyers representing the Leader of the Opposition; Counsel for the Government of Guyana and GECOM were subject to cringe-worthy insults. Did we really want the CCJ to say anything more explicit than “these particular provisions require (Continued on page 29)

of the quotations cited from the CCJ ruling support their call that the election should be held by 18th September. They have no evidence to bear and are merely engaging in a PR stunt to mislead. Since the CCJ ruling, Christopher Ram has approached the High Court for a Fixed Date Application that elections be held by 18th September. This in effect means he/they are now pursuing a ruling in a lower court that the highest court did not grant. Only the less objective and discerning amongst us will be fooled. In summary, the PPP/C went to Guyana’s court of last resort, the CCJ, to have an election by the 18th September. That Court did not grant the request, so there is now one being heard in the lower court, i.e. the High Court, to have the dateline granted. One notes that much of what we are currently experiencing is as a result of the inability of both sides to come together in mutual respect and embrace the laws that bind them, even as they put aside the political games. Had this been done, the role

any elections being held, and therefore these issues could have been resolved in the National Assembly. On the Rule of Law, the propaganda truism of telling a lie often enough makes it the truth will not be tolerated. This present crisis we face must be resolved in a lawful and orderly manner for it has serious implications for security and safety. Meanwhile, lest it be forgotten, the Bharrat Jagdeo-led PPP/C has no moral authority. They also lack credibility in the eyes of anyone with a modicum of decency and belief in the rule of law. They seek to cast aspersions to discredit anyone who speaks truth to power. They are of a special mould that creates much concern and mayhem in the world at various periods of our history. They are a threat to peace, stability and good governance, the rule of law and unity. Guyanese have every reason to be concerned, if not fearful of this current era. Regards, Lincoln Lewis

We finally hold our destiny in our hands DEAR EDITOR, Driving down the East Coast the other evening and seeing people walking on the seawall silhouetted by the setting sun, I felt an overwhelming nostalgia for simpler times. But strangely, it was as if I had projected myself into the future and was remembering the present as some past idyll before the advent of oil. I felt sad, imagining the loss of all things Guyanese: the sense of family, a unique community subsumed by commercialism in the forms of high rises, franchises and flashy cars. A sleepy town turned into an impersonal oil city, helicopters churning overhead. I’m sure many in the middle class and elite of Guyana share this anxiety a b o u t o u r c o u n t r y, o u r future and about our place in this new order - of our influence. Of our relevance. One hears a lot of debate centred on whether oil and the substantial funds that will flow, will be a blessing or a curse to Guyana. But it is not about the oil stuck in the earth for millions of years -this strange liquid that powers the world. In the end it is about how, as

Guyanese, we react to this new and potentially transformational development. And this is where ancient insecurities about our worth as a people are now bubbling to the surface. Centuries of being literally and metaphorically beaten down, of being told even by our fellow Caribbean people of our worthlessness, have taken a heavy toll. So we appear now at this crucial moment to be doubting our belief in ourselves to now rise to the challenge of having real wealth, and of our ability to use it for the good of all our people. While it might be hard in the short term for Guyanese as a whole to overcome our history and have the collective transformation we need, it is encouraging to see so m a n y y o u n g people positioning themselves for the boundless opportunities t h a t t h e a d v e n t of oil wealth will bring. Finally I would urge everyone to take a calmer, more balanced and hopeful view of the future. We finally hold our destiny in our hands. Yours sincerely Albert Russell

Wednesday August 14, 2019


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Setting the record straight on Dr. Cheddi Jagan and Mr. Jagdeo DEAR EDITOR, Guyanese can ill-afford to disregard the risks associated with having Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo and the PPP back in office at the upcoming general and regional elections. It is incumbent upon us as a people to understand these risks - from the potential of reinstitutionalising corruption within the corridors of government, to the gross mismanagement of our natural resources, to welfare losses that will accrue due to retrograde economic policies - because such an outcome is not one that can be easily reversed in the near term. We are of the opinion also that great benefit could be derived from being able to distinguish between the PPP’s founder-leader, Dr. Cheddi Jagan, and Mr. Jagdeo, since this is critical in appreciating the difference in outcomes of PPP government under the leadership of either of these two individuals. I myself have sought a

better understanding of Dr. Jagan by reading his books, picking up a copy of his ‘The West on Trial’ a few months ago. Nowhere near completing it, now navigating the chapter where the British sent their ships to Guyana. From the little that I’ve covered however, I’ve picked up a lot on Dr. Jagan which I’d like to share with the voting public. One of the more notable things about Dr. Jagan was that he was born of Indian parents (themselves born in India) who came to Guyana in 1901 on the same vessel as infants with their parents. Dr. Jagan’s dad was about 2 years old, and his mom was around 18 months. Mom and dad were married early as was the tradition then, but mom only started living with dad at around the age of 16 years. Dr. Jagan was born at Port Mourant on March 22, 1918. Dr. Jagan’s dad joined his father on the plantation early, and went on to become a ‘driver’ (foreman) of a gang. As a child, someone had suggested that Dr. Jagan

showed promise, and that he should continue with his education. As a result, Dr. Jagan was sent to Queen’s College in Georgetown. After finishing there he went to America to study dentistry, and met the love of his life, Janet Rosenberg. She returned with him to Guyana and together they started his practice. Most striking about Dr. Jagan was that he carried the memories of his childhood and hard labour endured by his father and mom, who virtually grew up in indentureship, with him, and this seemed to crystalise in his mind due to his education and exposure in America. He returned to Guyana, and even though he was able to start his business, he remained restless and searched for avenues in public life in Georgetown through which he could start tackling what he remembered as the harsh and brutal treatment of his parents by plantation life. Dr. Jagan moved around

DEAR EDITOR, Craig Sylvester, Party Leader and Presidential Candidate of the Democratic National Congress, in his recent letter, “We urge gov’t to seriously reconsider position and name an election date”, has made excellent observations and suggestions regarding President Granger’s refusal to honour the country’s constitution. In addition to Mr. Sylvester, leaders of other political parties have uttered similar sentiments recently. Lenox Shuman of the Liberty

and Justice Party, the ANUG leaders, and Mr. Jagdeo of the PPP, are justifiably worried about the obvious defiance of the highest court of the land, as well as the tenets of the constitution, by those in power. These opposition parties must come together and voice their concerns not as individual party contestants, but as one loud voice against the strong-arm perpetrators who are hell-bent on destroying the rule of law and democracy in the country. Judging from the antics of the government over the last

few months, one is convinced that the President and his cohorts will do any and everything to wrest power from the people, and do so with an iron fist for decades to come.All Guyanese who are concerned about people’s rights and respect should join hearts and hands, and take a stand - stand up against this crass infringement and be counted. Political parties should put aside their petty differences and come together to fight tyranny. Now is the time! Or else, “too late” would be the cry. Dr. Devanand Bhagwan

Opposition parties must come together to fight tyranny

the various social and political groups and was active in a number of unions, if I remember well. Dr. Jagan recognised that he could gain traction representing workers’ rights in this manner, but was a virtual novice in politics at the time, as he himself admitted. His time with the unions exposed more and more how workers were taken advantage of at the time. He sincerely wanted to make an impact here, and sought to gain publicity by starting the Political Affairs Committee (PAC) in 1946, and began publishing his ideas and opinions in the PAC Bulletin, and subsequently the Thunder, the newspaper of the People’s Progressive Party, which was formed on Jan 1, 1950. Dr. Jagan covered a lot of territory, moving up the East Coast and into some of the plantations. He recognised that exploitative conditions of the plantations received the blessings of the colonial government, and hoped to address workers’ concerns more effectively through political representation in the legislature. Burnham’s membership within the PPP added significant political weight to the party, as it gradually and ultimately received national support of workers at the time.

The colonial government of the time recognised this, and sought to sow division within the party by observing, through one of its commissions, something to the effect that the PPP was being dominated by Indians. This was the spark that eventually led to the split in the PPP, with Burnham initially setting up and naming his party the People’s Progressive Party also, but subsequently relenting in favour of the People’s National Congress. Dr. Jagan’s initial involvement in trade unionism and starting up the PPP had little or no financial gain or reward for him. Personally, he had undertaken to assist his siblings, about ten of them I think they were, and sent quite a few of them abroad to study. Although Janet did not find favour with Dr. Jagan’s mom initially, she ultimately relented, and praised him for choosing her. Dr. Jagan’s political work was purely selfless in nature. He was genuinely committed to improving the welfare of all workers, although I personally think that he empathised deeply with the lot of sugar workers in light of the trials he lived to see his parents and brothers and sisters endure at the hands of plantation owners. I think that Dr. Jagan really saw

himself in all sugar workers, and all Guyanese as a matter of fact, that given the opportunity, they could all go on to achieve great things in life. He shared a special bond of family, brotherhood, with sugar workers and his belief in their capabilities maintained his commitment to improving their lot for the remainder of his life. Dr. Jagan’s obvious passion and devotion to Guyana’s workers is a stark contrast to Mr. Jagdeo’s own record, particularly in the sugar industry where workers were released from Diamond and LBI without severance even as massive amounts of unexplained wealth was accumulated by a few chosen elites. Rice farmers also lost hundreds of millions of dollars to misappropriation involving PPP executives under Jagdeo’s leadership. I close by observing that traditional supporters of the PPP hold the future of Guyana in their hands. They can catapult us forward into the future, or send us back into the corruption and lawlessness of government under Jagdeo. (Completed with reference to material available on the internet.) Yours Faithfully, Craig Sylvester, Democratic National Congress


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End GPL monopoly DEAR EDITOR, Electricity plays an important role in the modern world. The electricity business can be broken down into two parts: Generation of Electricity and Distribution of Electricity. Generation comes from diesel generators, wind farms, solar farms, hydro, etc., while distribution is the national grid (the wiring, transformers, etc.) Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) is the State-owned company responsible for providing electricity to Guyanese. It has a near monopoly in doing this.

Because of this monopoly, GPL does not fulfil its obligation with merit, with numerous blackouts every year. Why is this? It is because of GPL being a Staterun enterprise and having a monopoly that it has a don’tcare attitude. Is it really a don’t-care attitude or is it a lack of knowledge and poor planning. In a country prone to blackouts, there is no logic in having the distribution system interconnected. This is because when there is blackout in one part of the national grid, it will affect the

other parts. Hence, the national grid needs to be segregated. Also, GPL’s monopoly needs to be broken. This can be done by simply creating two State-owned electricity companies: one responsible for the generation of electricity and the other responsible for maintaining the national grid. Then companies (like Giftland Mall) can supply electricity to the national grid as opposed to waiting over four years for a Power Purchasing Agreement from GPL. Yours Faithfully Sean Ori

Strategic cooperation and competition DEAR EDITOR, Competitive trade is a sublime form of warfare. From 2018, the United States (US) and China have been engaged in a trade war. The US defence strategies list China and Russia as its top concern. With regard to China, the report declares the relationship has changed from strategic cooperation to strategic competition. The current USdominated world order has been in place after World War 2 - re-enforced by the 1944 Bretton Wood Agreement and the US Military superiority. Whether it is the US-China trade War, Iran Nuclear deal, North Korea acquiring Nuclear weapons, US unsuccessful attempts to have regime change in Syria and Venezuela or humiliating vote in the UN to not support Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the US power is ineffective. The question is: Can Guyana and Caricom

Countries come out unscathed when their most important trading partner and international reserve supplier is in decline and refuses to strategically adapt? Since the 1823 Monroe doctrine, the US has effectively categorised the Caribbean as an imperial interest of the US, and all of Caricom is historically, financially and militarily tied to the US. During the Cold War with the Soviet Union, the US was a rising power, but now it is a declining power with a national debt of 22.5 trillion, an annual deficit of at least 1.2 billion and many countries moving away from the US dollar.During the 1970s, US President Nixon engaged China to ensure China and Russia didn’t unite. Russia is in the US’s league militarily and China is a match economically, and they are working together and creating a new international order. China has the belt and road initiative which involve

152 countries and over US$1trillion. Russia has demonstrated it can regulate US global hegemony; for example it controls a portion of Ukraine, part of Georgia, and intervened in Syria and Venezuela. I personally see the US, China and Russia as international predators, and countries like Guyana as potential prey in the international arena (jungle). It’s only if we are willing subordinates or we manipulate their predatory tendencies to our advantage and strategically use them as counter balance to get what we want and need with minimal cost. I have never seen in history, any powerful country do any significant action without something being in it for them. “Massa days done.” It is time to put our national interest first with a combination of strategic cooperation and strategic competition. Yours truly, Brian E Plummer

How India has progressed since colonial rule. Today, India has one of the largest road Independence networks. At the time of independence, the

DEAR EDITOR, Tomorrow, August 15, India celebrates her 72nd anniversary since independence in 1947. It is important to note the suffering that Indians experienced before independence (as indeed we in Guyana did) and the economic strides the country has made during the postindependence period – from a destroyed economy, widespread illiteracy, and shocking mal-nourishment to growth, industrialisation and development. As in Guyana during colonial rule, India was kept in underdevelopment and abysmal poverty. As the scholar Dr. Shashi Tharoor noted in a lecture at Oxford University, when Britain conquered India as a colony, India’s share of world GDP was around 25%. And when Britain left, India’s share of world GDP was a mere 3%. So India grew negatively. At the time of independence, as was also the case in Guyana, farming largely used primitive technology like wooden cultivators, bulls, buffaloes, carts, and manual labour. Today, machinery drives agriculture. Almost all houses in rural areas were made of mud, cow dung, and thatch. Today, one can observe large numbers of concrete houses in rural areas. Animal dung and wood were the fuel of cooking; today, almost every home has access to cooking gas. Rural schools were in open areas or under trees or thatched structures. Today, everywhere has proper indoor schools. Education was a luxury during colonial rule; today, primary and some secondary school education is mandatory. In addition, university education is virtually free. There were virtually no public toilets and houses hardly had toilets; there was open defecation. Today, there are public toilets and bathrooms almost everywhere. During colonial rule, very few had access to electricity. Today, India is almost selfsufficient in electrical power generation. Every village is electrified. There was hardly running water not only in villages but in urban areas as well during colonial rule. Today, every village has access to running water and most homes have water indoors in addition to sinks and bathrooms. There were few passable roads during

Calling on our President to help small loggers in Region 10 DEAR HE PRESIDENT GRANGER, Recently the media has been dominated by news that GFC is cash-strapped. Mr. President this is not surprising, as we small loggers in Region 10 are facing the same woes and are on the verge of being extinct from the industry we have been in for over 40 years. Small loggers in Region 10, all of who supported the APNU/AFC Government, are feeling the impact of GFC’s financial woes. When the Commission suffers, we suffer. Firstly the concessions are out of stock. Secondly, the land is small, with many members having to work a little area. The tags quota is small with large members, we don’t have rich species, the roads are in a bad state and the markets are hard to get. So we depend on help. We have a large stock of logs in the backdam that we can’t haul because we don’t have markets, plus the equipment to pull it on

the road. Buyers have come to us, but they are saying GFC is not giving them permission to buy it from us and send it abroad. They are willing to pick it up at the stump and pay us a good price but need your permission, Mr President, to buy and sell it abroad. A few months ago during a Ministerial outreach in Region 10, we brought this matter to Minister Trotman, and he promised to assist, but two months have gone and we never heard back. Is this the way you treat your supporters. Our children go to sleep hungry; we need monies to buy school supplies, we need to put bread on the table for our families. Mr. President, we the small loggers of Region 10 are asking for your urgent help to let the government give permission for buyers to purchase our products and send it abroad so we can get pay and keep our business going.

Wednesday August 14, 2019

Small loggers face a lot of stringent requirements and compliance is very high. We cause very little degradation in the forest. We are also aware that Guyana’s green reputation overseas is based on good conduct in the forest. Yet we get no benefits and the miners get all the benefits - miners who damage the environment. Mr. President, we supported you in 2015 and we stand ready to support you again in the upcoming elections. We are discouraged though when we see our Government hold on to outdated policies that are disadvantaging region 10. The current log export policy prohibits us from consolidating exports across the various communities in region 10, and individually we are too small to compete with the large operators and access international markets. Yet, after so much representation we have made directly to the Ministry of Natural Resources and at the Government outreaches, nothing has been done to change this travesty. You can do more for us, Mr. President. We are your supporters and this is our time of need. Help. Help. Help. Sincerely, Terence Williams Small Logger

rail network was limited and served British interests. Today, every part of India is accessible by road and the country boosts the largest rail network in the world. Few air flights were available at the time of independence and only one carrier. Today, there are a dozen domestic carriers with thousands of flights that land and take off in every city – from the smallest to the largest. Dozens of foreign airlines and countless countries have air service to India. India used to depend on other countries for telecommunication and TV services. Telephone service was almost unseen or unheard of even in urban areas at the time of independence. Today, India boosts the second largest number of phones. Today, India sends satellites into space and major companies and other countries (including India, Germany, Japan, UK, etc.) contract India for satellite linkup. India is the only country to launch over 100 satellites into space at one launch. It is only the third country to send space vehicles to the moon and the second to send a vehicle to probe Mars. India is a nuclear power that has developed its own bombs and missiles for protection against neighbourly threats. India boosts the second largest number of university engineering and medical grads. India supplies the world with engineers, doctors, nurses, and IT (computer) specialists. Indian doctors experimented with the first in vitro baby and cloned animals.India boasts of some of the best technology universities in the world; many of those rejected at Indian tech universities are recruited with scholarships and grants at universities in the US, Canada, UK, Japan, and Australia; the highest number of PhDs in STEM in America are foreign students from India. Graduates of Indian tech schools are recruited for employment by multinational corporations in the West. India is the sixth most industrialised nation in the world with an increasing serviceoriented economy. At independence, one percent worked in the service sector. Today, a third of those employed in India work in the service sector. Employment dependence on agriculture has been halved since independence.From about the 25th largest economy in 1947, India has the fourth largest economy today. India was asked to attend the G-8 meeting this year. It was an aid recipient country during decades after independence; today it is among the largest aid donor countries. India gives more aid (as a percentage of its budget) to poor countries than any wealthy country. Guyana is among the recipient of India’s financial assistance, including dozens of scholarships annually for tech training. India was not a democracy during colonial rule; India is among a handful of a hundred countries where democracy has survived post-independence. India experienced negative growth during colonial rule to around 7% today, and an average of about 3% postindependence. India has been taking its time to catch up with the developed world. It may take another twenty five years to reach developed status. No doubt, India has made tremendous progress since its break from colonial rule moving from negative growth and widespread poverty and hunger to rapid economic growth and self sufficiency in food production and about ten times in national income. The country has been transformed from almost complete agriculture to industrialisation, from largely traditional to significantly modern, and from rural to increased urbanisation. Yours truly, Dr. Vishnu Bisram

Wednesday August 14, 2019


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Guyana makes pitch on investments at Washington forum Ambassador of Guyana to the United States, Dr. Riyad Insanally, recently emphasised the economic prospects that his country offered following the discovery of vast oil and gasreserves offshore. He was the keynote speaker at a private networking luncheon in Washington DC.During the event, which was organised by the Washington Inter-Governmental ProfessionalGroup and attended by representatives of diplomatic missions, United States Government agencies and the private sector, Ambassador Insanally highlighted the potential for partnerships and investment. He explained that these were available in areas such as downstream industrial activity, renewable energy, infrastructural development, information and communica-

Ambassador Dr. Riyad Insanally with participants of the forum in Washington D.C. tions technologies, transportation services and ecotourism. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he further noted that the time was ripe for greater United

States and international public and private sector interest in supporting Guyana’s transformation. His remarks were framed around the theme, “Guyana

on the Cusp of Change”. “Ambassador Insanally also used the opportunity to update attendees on Guyana’s legal and diplomatic response to the Guyana/Ven-

ezuela controversy. He emphasised that Guyana placed its faith in diplomacy and the rule of international law.”The Washington InterGovernmental Professional

Group, LLC, is an organisation that supports Washington DC-based professionals in maximising their networking capabilities with embassies and other agencies.


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Wednesday August 14, 2019

Challenge brought against house-to-house registration by Shuman for ruling Aug. 23


n application filed by Lenox Shuman, Leader of the Justice and Liberty Party, which is challenging the validity of an order made by Former chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GEOCM) for house-to-house registration to commence on July 20, has been fixed for ruling on August 23 by Chief Justice Roxane George. During the application which was heard yesterday, Shuman’s lawyer, Sanjeev Datadin, insisted that the June 11 order which was published in the Official Gazette is void since it only came into effect on July 20, and by then the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) had already declared that Patterson’s unilateral appointment was unconstitutional. Patterson’s appointment was affirmed void on June 18 by the regional court. According to Datadin, the order states that house-tohouse registration is prescribed to last until October 20. The lawyer contended that since Patterson’s appointment was deemed void by the regional court, everything done under his hand can also be rendered void.

Attorney: Roysdale Forde

Attorney: Sanjeev Datadin

Chief Justice: Roxane George

Solicitor General: Nigel Hawke

Datadin also argues that the setting of the date was among other things, unlawful and made in bad faith. In fact, Datadin held that the de facto doctrine does not apply in this case. The de facto doctrine is used to characterise an officer, a government, a past action, or state of affairs that must be accepted for all practicable purposes, but is illegal or illegitimate. GECOM’s lawyer Roysdale Forde, however, argued that such doctrine applies to this case since at the time the order was made Patterson was functioning as

Chairman of the Commission. Both lawyers advanced several case laws to support their point. Solicitor General Nigel Hawke, who appeared for Attorney General Basil Williams, maintained that the order issued by Patterson is not void and is in compliance with Article 159 (2) and (3), Articles 162 (1) and (2) of the Constitution as well as the relevant sections of the National Registration Act. Hawke said, “The Commission acted within its constitutional remit.” Further, Datadin contended that the decision by GECOM to conduct house-to-house registra-

tion, a process that will run beyond the September 18 timeframe for elections is totalling unreasonable. To support this argument, the lawyer stated that Patterson was very well aware that his appointment was the subject of an application before the CCJ. That aside, Datadin said that Patterson should have been prepared for the eventuality that the court might not rule in his favour and stayed clear of issuing such an order. He respectfully submitted that in making the order, the former elections Chairman failed to consider the possible determination that

elections have to be held within three months of June 18 in keeping with Article 106 (7). It is Datadin’s interpretation of the CCJ’s ruling that elections are to be held on or before September 18. In his response, Forde told the court that Datadin supplied no evidence to convince the court that Patterson failed to take these factors into consideration. According to him, the CCJ made no determination on a timeframe for when elections are to be conducted. Relying on specific paragraphs of the court’s judg-

Leader of the Justice and Liberty Party: Lenox Shuman ment, Forde emphasized that the CCJ held that the matter is now at a stage where the political actors have to return to Parliament to extend the timeframe for holding elections as is also prescribed in Article 106 (7). For this reason, Hawke added the CCJ said it expects the political actors to act with a certain level of integrity. Given that the No-Confidence Motion was passed since December 21, 2018, elections were due by March 21. But owing to the lengthy litigation process that timeframe was not met. The CCJ only affirmed that the motion was properly carried in its ruling, which was also dated June 18. For most part, Hawke adopted the submissions made by Forde as it relates to the de facto doctrine. Moreover, Datadin argued that there is no law, which stipulates that house-tohouse registration must take place to obtain an Official List of Electors (OLE) for the holding of credible elections. In fact, Shuman’s lawyer held that there has not been house-to-house registration in Guyana since 2008 although there have been valid lists produced for general elections in 2011, 2015 and for local government elections in 2018. Hawke debunked this position. He stated that GECOM in acting within its constitutional remit has decided that in this particular case houseto-house registration is the only rational, reasonable and fair process to create a new OLE. In responding to Datadin’s submission that GECOM acted in bad faith by embarking on the house-tohouse registration process, Hawke agreed with Forde that there was no evidence to substantiate this allegation. Citing a judgment by CCJ’s President Adrian Saunders, Hawke contended that “concrete evidence” is needed to prove the allegation, and as it is, there is nothing particularised that GECOM acted in such manner. Shuman, in press release, (Continued on page 29)


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Wednesday August 14, 2019

The AFC has no leverage to negotiate Was the Alliance For Change consulted during the selection of the Chairperson of the Guyana Elections Commission? Was the AFC involved in the recent talks between the Leader of the Opposition and the President? If the answer to both of these questions is “No”, then what is there to renegotiate. The AFC can no longer be taken seriously if it had no input into the two issues. It is a rubber stamp within the government and therefore has condemned itself to political impotence. The AFC has been treated like a doormat within the Coalition Government. The immigration portfolio has always fallen within the Ministry of Home Affairs, now renamed Ministry of Public Security. The immigration portfolio

was cut away from the public security portfolio and a separate Ministry created. The AFC has sat there and accepted that. It has sat there and seen its former leader Raphael Trotman stripped of responsibilities for the oil and gas sector which is now under the Ministry of the Presidency even though Trotman holds the portfolio of the Ministry of Natural Resources. The AFC has accepted this invasion of its territory. The Ministry of the Presidency has also set up its own media outfit cutting-in into the information portfolio. The AFC has not protested this establishment, which does work which ought to have been handled by the Department of Public Information. The old General Manager

of the Guyana Chronicle as supposed to be reinstated. But a new Board has not yet been appointed to do so. And the AFC seems not to be making any noise to have this done. The Ministry of Agriculture, headed by an AFC Minister, now has another Minister with responsibility for Rural Agriculture. Therefore, we are supposing that the portfolio for urban agriculture rests with someone else. The AFC has not protested the appointment of a portfolio that makes little sense. The AFC has come to represent a betrayal of its supporters. It was supposed to keep the PNCR’s feet to the fire, to act as a counterbalance to the PNCR’s domination of government. The AFC was expected to be a counterfoil


Guyana want people to wuk

Guyana is a paradise. Everybody from outside de country saying so. Couple years ago, nobody didn’t even want to even see Guyanese. Now dem running to come and live wid dem. And dat is why Jordan get into trouble.Guyanese always talking how dem can’t get wuk but de foreigners coming and getting wuk. Jordan seh dem tekking less money. De trade union get vex. Even Jagdeo get vex. He mek Jordan had to come back and explain dat when Guyanese go to a foreign country, dem does do de same thing. Dem does tek jobs fuh less.And nuff local businessmen complaining dat dem can’t find people to wuk. One man even thinking about importing labour. When dem boys ask why dis is so, one man seh is because none of dem who seh dem not wukking does go hungry. Some who complain bout de absence of a job can’t do de job dem want. De odda night, dem boys was hoping dat people was there to wuk pon de runway lights when de American plane was coming in. De lights blowout just as de plane was coming

in. Dis happen at de new airport wha ain’t even commission yet. Dem plane should get a instrument dat could help dem see when dem landing so dat dem can land in de dark but because dis is Guyana, no pilot want tek dat chance. He might hit a minibus.Anyhow, de plane tun back and go to Trinidad. Dis time, de airport people gather up some flambeaux and diyas from last Diwali. Dem light up de runway but dem didn’t know dat pilots can’t see things like dat. When dem boys investigate how de airport light fail, dem learn dat de airport was thiefing lights from GPL. De people find out and promptly give dem blackout. But dem boys want to know why de airport people didn’t ask dem Chinese to provide lights. Dem have automatic lighting dat does come on as soon as lights go out. Meanwhile de Waterfalls boss man seh anybody who want to wuk just got to watch how dem Cubans and Brazilians and Venezuelans getting wuk. Talk half and know dat wuk deh.

to the PNCR’s policies and to ensure that the ethnic security fears were not exacerbated by the PNCR’s reversion to its old policies. The AFC has failed in its commitment to act as a balance of power within the government. It became smitten with the trappings of political office and overwhelmed by its responsibilities. It is out of its depth when it comes to managing the country. The government kicked the AFC to the kerb in the runup to local government elections. Some of its councillors in areas such as Bartica have had to suffer the humiliation of being kicked out of their former positions after the AFC failed to reach an agreement with the APNU. The AFC was left to hang out to dry? Is this how partners behave? Why then does the AFC feel that it will have any say in the renegotiation of the Cummingsburg Accord, which has long expired regardless of what the AFC says? Does the AFC really believe that it will be able to

command 405 of parliamentary and Cabinet seats from a power-hungry and its new prostrated sidekick the Working People’s Alliance. The WPA will take whatever its gets, even if it is half a seat. It has no choice because it has no substantial support within the electorate. The party of Walter Rodney is only keeping meetings in certain areas but not in others.Its proposal for cash grants from the oil revenues for citizens has been rejected outright by the government. Yet the WPA continues to prostrate itself in front of the government, reneging on the conditions it had set for its support in the elections. The AFC has been, at best ambivalent about this proposal. It can hardly influence the APNU to seriously consider the issue. The AFC says that its demand for the position of Prime Minister within any future coalition is non-negotiable. We will see? Granger is going to be 80 years at the end of any second term? Why does the AFC believe that the

PNCR will roll over and allow for an AFC person to become Prime Minister when the PNCR has to groom a successor?The PNCR distrusts the AFC. The coalition is a marriage of convenience but there is love in that relationship. The PNCR is furious that it was an AFC person, who voted with the Opposition and caused the government to fall. The AFC will suffer a fallout as a result. It had better downgrade its demands to three Ministers in any new government, and accept the post of Speaker of the National Assembly because as sure as night follows day, the AFC will not be able to negotiate any 40/60 split of parliamentary and Cabinet seats. In addition, when it comes to the post of Prime Minister, the AFC is dreaming if it feels it will be given this position.


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Wednesday August 14, 2019


The pathetic nonsense Granger’s British advisor uttered I have always lamented the state of journalism in Guyana. Journalists do not do research. They have to. They have that obligation to their readers and viewers. There are literally hundreds of controversial areas in the exercise of power that go unpublished because our journalists are not willing to research them and give the Guyanese people what they need to know. After the publication of this column, it is hoped that the private media do its job. There was a Caucasian advisor from the UK that last week lectured to PNC and AFC leadership on the shape of the upcoming election campaign. This gentleman never visited Guyana before. Whatever he knows about Guyana, he probably gleamed from the internet. Granger informed the AFC

that he would like them to do a tête-á-tête with this gentleman. Granger suggested the entire national executive (around 33 persons) meet this fellow because the talk would be on campaign strategy. A section of the AFC’s founding leadership suggested that such a gathering would be too large and information on the advisor’s presence in Guyana could get out. After a fierce disagreement, the total body met this British advisor at State House. Here in Guyana, the AFC and the PNC are becoming more unstable and bizarre as the election date draws near. At the gathering, the consultant was introduced but his name was not spelt out. Five AFC executives told me that his name was not mentioned. For the purpose of this

article, I felt inclined to contact Ramjattan, Patterson, Trotman for the name. On second thoughts, I think the media should follow up the issue with both the PNC and AFC. The man’s delivery was foolish and nonsensical. I will highlight the two most asinine items in his presentation. First, he told the dead meat apparatchiks of the AFC that from here on, the strategy of the APNU+AFC should be to shift focus away from Jagdeo to Irfaan Ali because Ali is the presidential candidate not Jagdeo. He advised that it is counterproductive to concentrate on Jagdeo, instead dedicate energy to exposing Ali. Dem boys seh this British bloke smoking dried “konga pump”. The face of the PPP campaign is Bharrat Jagdeo.

Only a clown doesn’t know that and Mr. Granger’s consultant is a clown. If the APNU+AFC is going to convert undecided voters and motivate them to reject the PPP in the election, then it has to dissect the Jagdeo leadership of the past government until it lost power in 2015. It has to show the electorate that Jagdeo messed up big time and wants to lead Guyana again through Ali. This British consultant is not familiar with Guyana so he doesn’t know that Jagdeo told the media, after Ali clinched the PPP’s presidential nomination, that if the PPP wins, he will participate in the government. The second major aspect of the presentation is the advice that from here on, the AFC must expand as much as possible the image of Granger. He told the AFC’s dead meat

apparatchiks that the 2019 campaign must be on Granger. Here again we see the ignorance of this gentleman. The man should be lecturing Granger not the AFC. Granger has held three press conferences in four years. Why should the AFC maximise the aura of Granger when Granger himself refused to enlarge his own image? My honest opinion is that Granger has no aura that could be expanded. What does this stranger to Guyanese politics know about Granger? We have had six executive presidents before Granger (I am omitting the six month interim status of Sam Hinds). Of those six, Burnham, Hoyte, Janet and Cheddi Jagan and Jagdeo were all more dynamic and selfassured heads of government with definite leadership qualities. The tussle for the winner of the contest for lackluster presidency is between Granger and Ramotar. Although Ramotar’s strings were pulled by Jagdeo, he was not as self-effacing as Granger. He was not as bereft in leadership qualities as Granger. Mr. Granger is not

Frederick Kissoon charismatic. He is not a forceful speaker. His deliveries lack political attractiveness. It would be better if this consultant sits down with Granger and tries to transform him. He should tell Ganger when to open his mouth and when to shut up. When asked last week by the media, if he would appeal the Chief Justice’s H2H ruling given that just minutes before he told the reporters he will not accept a decision not favourable to the conduct of credible election, he responded, “I said what I said.” That was not only arrogance; it shows lack of leadership qualities. The British bloke has his work cut out. (The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this newspaper)

Wednesday August 14, 2019

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Wednesday August 14, 2019

Acting NICIL head recognised as MASTERMIND behind Watooka Guest House rehab

Acting NICIL Head, Colvin Heath-London Although Watooka Guest House has resumed full operation, a number of persons are still reflecting on its rehabilitation journey. In fact many are still commending the mastermind behind this auspicious achievement. Acting Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of the National Industrial and Commercial and Investments Limited [NICIL), Colvin Heath-London, has been credited with facilitating the major refurbishment of the landmark facility. Recognising this recently was Agriculture Minister with responsibility for Rural Affairs, Mrs. Valerie PattersonYearwood, who has dubbed Heath-London’s efforts as “extraordinary”. According to Minister Patterson-Yearwood, his contributions have been very significant especially in light of the fact that he isn’t even from Linden. Moreover, the Minister said that she is heartened to see what the facility has been transformed into given its former dilapidated state. She recalled that the facility was plagued with a myriad of issues ahead of its rehabilitation ranging from faulty and leaking air conditioners to malfunctioning toilets. According to the Minister, she had personally experienced the shortcomings of the facility. “The flushing of the toilet would cause it to make noise for about five minutes and there were a number of other things that were missing from rooms,” the Minister divulged. But these are all issues of the past, she noted with pride. Describing Heath-London as “a man having a great heart”, the Minister said that the people of Region Ten should be excited that he demonstrated his commitment to a task that has surpassed expectations. “To what this facility used to be, I can say that this man certainly had great plans. He has truly demonstrated his vision and the plans of his heart so we should continue to congratulate him for the giant steps that he took,” PattersonYearwood said. Quoting the late motivational speaker and author, Dr. Miles Munroe’s maxim that “vision is of the eyes and not the heart,” the Minister said of Heath-London that he is an individual of true vision. According to her, while there was some talk about no money being available for the refurbishment, Heath-London was able to do what was necessary to find the necessary finances. “What we see now, it is certainly beyond expectation and for those who knew what this [Watooka Guest House] used to be, it certainly took vision to bring it to where it is today. I am very proud that he has bigger and greater plans as I can feel his heart and I would like to express, on behalf of the residents of Region 10, a big thank you to him,” said PattersonYearwood. In her speech of commendation to the NICIL executive, she added, “There are some people who have eyes and can’t see and there are some who would say what must be done but wouldn’t do it, but you have eyes, you saw and you did.” The Region’s Regional Chairman, Mr. Renis Morian, also shared his appreciation for the support, which he said, is the epitome of leadership, a trait that is sometimes missing in society. According to Morian, the level of leadership HeathLondon has brought to Linden through NICIL, the public can expect greater things. “I am personally, and on behalf of the residents of Region Ten, very proud and would like to continue expressing our appreciation to NICIL as its evident that with Heath-London’s vision, we will continue to see greater things from NICIL,” Morian confidently predicted.

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Wednesday August 14, 2019

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Guyana Goldfields exploring sale

Canadian-owned Guyana Goldfields Inc. is reportedly examining its options for selling the operations. Canada-owned Guyana Goldfields Inc., which controls the biggest gold mining operations in Guyana, is contemplating a possible sale. While local officials of the AGM Inc., the local company, which operates the gold mine at Aurora, Cuyuni, in Region Seven did not confirm yesterday,

online business news, Bloomberg, reported that the Toronto-based company is working with advisers at Royal Bank of Canada and Maxit Capital, an independent financial adviser to mining companies. While sources said that the matter is private, it was disclosed that the deliberations are in early

stages and may not result in a sale of the business. The gold mining company has faced pressure from investors after a selldown in the stock saw the company lost more than $1B in value since June 2016. Investors, led by former chief executive officer Patrick Sheridan, said publicly at the beginning

of the year that they were seeking an overhaul of the board, amid falling production and higher costs. In April, Guyana Goldfields reached a settlement with a group of dissident shareholders after a proxy fight and agreed to revamp the board and change the CEO.

The office of the DPP has confirmed that it is in possession of a detailed report that implicates a retired policewoman, a female colleague, and a policeman in the in the alleged covering up of a series of gang rapes. The report was handed over to the DPP office last week. The report is said to include statements from a handwriting expert, who concluded that a retired female lance corporal forged the signatures of three of the victims. The same rank is also accused of altering the young women’s statements to suggest that they had not identified their attackers. The victims had positively identified their attackers. Two of the policewomen were attached to the Forces’ Sexual Offences Units. Kaieteur News understands that some of the police ranks who were involved in aspects of the investigation claimed that their statements were switched. The police expert reportedly verified that the handwriting in the altered

statements matched samples of the female lance corporal’s handwriting. A policeman who is related to one of the suspects is also accused of paying one of the victims $200,000 to settle the matter. The female lance corporal from the Sex Crimes Unit is said to have acted as the gobetween in handing over the ‘hush money.’ It is also alleged that one of the implicated policemen made a false statement in which he gave one of the suspects an alibi. However, that statement contradicted another that the same rank entered into the station diary. Commissioner of Police, Leslie James, has said that the media will be informed of the findings of this and other investigations. All of the implicated ranks have been transferred. The victims, all in their teens, claim that the policeman’s son and two others, gang-raped and robbed them earlier this year, after they were duped into going on dates with one gang

member who drives a car. The teens said that although the matter was investigated and the suspects apprehended, only one of the alleged rapists was charged. They have suggested that policewomen who help in sex crime investigations, and who took their statements, were involved in the cover-up. Kaieteur News was told that persons close to the alleged rapists gave one victim’s family some $200,000 to avoid prosecution. It is reported that the alleged serial rapists, including the policeman’s relatives, moved around on a motorcycle and a car. They allegedly contacted their victims via social media. The gang would reportedly then arrange to meet the unsuspecting young women. If a young woman responded, one of the gang members would take her for a ‘date’ in a car. Unknown to the teen, two accomplices of their ‘date’ would be hiding in the car trunk. The ‘date’ would take the teen to a secluded area, where

his accomplices would emerge from the car trunk. The men would then take turns raping the teen, before relieving her of her cellphone and other valuables. All the attacks are said to have occurred at secluded areas on East Bank Demerara. From reports reaching Kaieteur News, the gang slipped up when they contacted another teen, who is a friend of one of the victims. The young woman allegedly notified the police, who allegedly instructed the intended victim to meet her ‘date’ at a particular location while the ranks lay in wait. The ‘date’ and his accomplices were arrested when they all turned up at the location. It is alleged that the investigation took a disturbing turn when the police ranks realised that one of the suspects was the son of a police rank. While the victims allegedly identified all of the suspects, and also provided statements, only one of the men was charged. He remains on remand.

File with DPP implicates three cops in gang rape cover up

Guyana Goldfields slumped by almost half in late October after the company lowered its production guidance and raised costs for a second time last year. The first time it delivered similar bad news in 2018 was in mid-July, when its market value plummeted by more than a fifth. The company’s shares were down 5.7% at 10:35 a.m, Tuesday, in Toronto, giving it a market value of about C$231 million ($175 million). That’s down from about C$1.6 billion in mid 2016. AGM in addition to its main operations at Aurora has

annexes at Buck Hall on the Essequibo River and at Liliendaal, Georgetown. AGM has more than 600 workers and have been producing about 150,000 ounces on average since starting commercial operations in early 2016. It is a largest private producer for an industry that has been the biggest foreign currency earner for Guyana. It is moving to build an underground mine. It is targeting up to 160,000 ounces to be produced this year with 38,300 declared for the second quarter.

Wednesday August 14, 2019


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It’s the media’s job now, to make people feel safe – Ramjattan Crime has been on a steady decline. The country is becoming more secure. It’s the job of the media now, to make sure the public understands that. That’s the opinion of Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan.

In an exclusive interview with Kaieteur News, the Minister said that Government is doing its job to mitigate the prevalence of crime via several preventative and punitive measures. As a matter of fact, the

statistics provided by him shows that crime has been declining steadily. In a recent radio interview, called INSIGHT, the Minister provided statistics for the total number of serious crimes per year. For the years

2011-2013, he said that the numbers were 3,823; 3,760; and 4,204 respectively. Then from the years 2016-2018, the numbers were 3,330; 3,036; and 2,681 respectively. Ramjattan opines that the media continues to report

Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan

sensationally on crime, and that that creates the perception that crime isn’t on the decline. He said that the media has the responsibility to ensure that it reports on the measures Government has been taking, and to ensure its statistical reports on crime are accurate. The Government with support from the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB) had embarked on an initiative to reform the Guyana Police Force (GPF) from an incident-driven reactive institution to one that relies on analyses of patterns, incidents and problems for prevention. The Public Security Ministry also recently concluded a national consultation to agree on a crime and violence, mitigation training programme, for schools. The initiative, a component of the 10th European Development Fund for CARIFORUM Crime and Security Cooperation Programme, is aimed at identifying the sociological conditions that create environments of crime and violence, mitigating those, and teaching young people better so that they aren’t predisposed to criminal behaviour. And in Georgetown, where more than half of all recorded cases of crime occur, the Government has installed a Smart City System, a component of the $32M National Broadband Project sponsored by the Ministry of Public Telecommunications, through a loan from China. That initiative aims to provide high-tech surveillance of the City’s commercial areas, where there is a lot of wealth circulating.

Those and many other initiatives are being spearheaded by Government. But if the media doesn’t report accurately, said the Minister, then people will not feel safe. He had referred to his readings of work by Steven Pinker, a renowned Cognitive Psychologist at Harvard University. Ramjattan said that Pinker, in his book, Enlightenment Now, wrote of a similar happening in New York, where the crime rate from 1995 to 2015 went down, but the perception among the general public was that crime had doubled. Pinker has said that crime is on a decline the world over, but that the way information is disseminated has created the perception that crime is at an all-time high. “So that is what we’re going to have in Guyana.” Ramjattan said. Continuing, the Minister accepted that Guyana is situated in a generally dangerous region. “Our crime rates, especially our murder rates, are higher than even war-torn Syria… It’s unbelievable, but it is something that is true; 56,000 murders occur in Brazil every year, that is far more than the people dying in the Syrian War. Honduras went up to 68,000 one year. In Jamaica, the homicide rate is about 55 per 100,000 people; they had about 2,400 last year. Trinidad is extremely high, again reaching about 38 to 39 per 100,000 people.” But for the region, he has said that Guyana has a commendably low rate of crime. “In Guyana, it is 15 [per 100,000]; one of the lowest.”


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Wednesday August 14, 2019

Corentyne farmers protest for aerial spraying to fix paddy bug situation Farmers with their placards at Number 56 Village.

Several placard-bearing farmers yesterday turned out to demand aerial spraying to remedy the paddy bug infestation that has been decimating their crops for months. Lekka Rambridge, President of the Rice Producers Association told reporters that the decision to protest followed repeated calls for assistance. He called on the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) to have aerial spraying done immediately. “We are gathered here to demonstrate that the paddy bug influx is beyond control and we want the GRDB to understand that with that much paddy bug in the field, it is out of the farmers reach and so we are demanding aerial spraying to be done”. Over 62,000 acres of rice is under threat if this is not done, Rambridge said. According to the RPA President, “The board took a

decision months ago and instructed the General Manager to do aerial spraying but only a week ago when I called the General Manager to tell him Region Six is ready for aerial spraying then he started to look for aircraft. “This is gross incompetence by him, gross incompetence.” Rambridge said that the special committee attached to the GRDB, of which he is a member, made recommendations to have two Entomologists brought in to find solutions. However, two agronomists were brought in who suggested to farmers that they were spraying their crops more than they are supposed to.“Since my father planting rice and myself, 50 years of spraying of the crop two times has always been done and then we spray for paddy bug. “Now these two (Continued on page 30)

Wednesday August 14, 2019

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PPP picket for early elections continues at Ministry of the Presidency

The People’s Progressive Party demands elections by September 18. The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) conducted yet another picketing exercise yesterday, near the Ministry of the Presidency. The party is advocating for elections by September 18, 2019. Present at the exercise were PPP General Secretary, Bharrat Jagdeo; Presidential Candidate, Irfaan Ali; parliamentarians, Zulfikar Mustapha, Neend Kumar, Juan Edghill; several regional executives, and other members of the party. The procession chanted, “We want elections now! Who must go? Granger!” as it marched down Vlissengen Road. Jagdeo is adamant that with Ali at the helm of the

campaign, the party will win the upcoming General and Regional Elections. The party staged several protests, recently, throughout the country. “Call elections now! Granger must dissolve parliament now!” The dissolution is Parliament is one of the several demands the Opposition has made to Government, following the consequential orders of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) on the No Confidence Cases. President David Granger had indicated that his Government is taking the Opposition Leader’s demands seriously and with careful consideration.

Government does not appear to accede to the demand. Minister of Government, George Norton, said at a recent press conference of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) – a body of the APNU+AFC Coalition – that Government is considering having a sitting of the legislative body. It just hasn’t decided on a date yet. Several bills are slated to be laid in the National Assembly, and the Opposition has indicated that, should it win the election, Bills passed during the period are likely to be considered illegal. The PPP has also demanded the resignation of Continued on page 27

Mason charged for allegedly killing taxi-driver in Mocha A 48-year-old mason was yesterday arraigned before a city magistrate where he was read a charge for allegedly killing a 34-year-old taxidriver in Mocha Arcadia seven days ago. Kwayana Fernandes was not required to plead to the indictable charge, which alleged that on August 6, last, at Cemetery Road, Mocha Arcadia, East Bank Demerara, he murdered Owayne Lynch. The defendant who was not represented by an attorney appeared in the Georgetown Magistrates Courts before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan where he informed her that he resides at 475 Cemetery Road Mocha Arcadia, East Bank Demerara. He indicated that he has only been living there for the past nine months. Police Prosecutor Neville Jeffers, who is representing the state in the matter,

DEAD: Owayne Lynch highlighted that there are two more statements to complete the file before the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) commences. As a result, the prosecutor asked for one week to have this completed. Fernandes was then remanded to prison until

August 27, next where a report will be given from the prosecutor based on the status of the file. According to information, on the day in question, the taxi driver of 3521 Stevedore Housing Scheme, Georgetown was plying his trade when he was killed. Enquiries disclosed that the victim who is the driver of motorcar PRR 3313, a black Toyota IST and attached to the Swift Cab located at Lot 6 Dennis Street, Turkeyen, Sophia was dispatched around 20:31 hrs to pick up a client destined to Mocha Arcadia, East Bank Demerara. However, about 21:45 hrs, the victim was seen lying motionless on Cemetery Road Mocha Arcadia in a pool of blood with multiple wounds about his body; an ice-pick was allegedly found at the scene.



Wednesday August 14, 2019

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Child crushed to death by truck…

File finally with DPP after relative provides statement

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Police have finally provided the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) with a report on the horrific death last June of seven-yearold Ciara Benjamin at Agricola. A senior police official said that investigators have received a statement from the dead child’s aunt, who was present when Ciara was killed. Police were initially unable to interview the aunt, since other relatives had said that she was too traumatised to give a statement. Ciara Benjamin was in the company of her aunt, Simone Barry, when she was crushed by a sand-laden truck on the Agricola public road. Police have received different accounts of what transpired. They had also said that CCTV reports did not give a

VACANCY Operator (Electrical & Mechanical Knowledge an asset), Labourer. Apply with handwritten application, Police Clearance. Wieting & Richter Ltd 10-13 Water St, G/ town 1 experienced driver, must have license for car/van/ minibus & motorbus, residing in G/town between ages 2450 yrs old. #225-1429/641-5075 Pump attendant & cashier, shift rotated weekly (6am-3pm & 3pm-11pm) Shell Service Station Providence EBD. E m a i l : Industrial Sales Representative, 5 Subject CXC Age 25+ Experience in Sales, must own vehicle, email r e s u m e :

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Ciara Benjamin clear indication of what had occurred. One report is that the child was waiting to cross the road with her aunt, Barry, when the horrific accident happened. They were reportedly standing close to the median when the sand truck, with registration GWW962 slammed into the structure. The accident resulted in the child’s legs being severed. The driver, later identified as Danion Welcome was beaten by incensed residents who rushed to the scene. His truck was also torched.

Wednesday August 14, 2019


Kaieteur News

PPP picket for early elections... Berbice Teen Missing

From page 25 the Cabinet, but Granger has refused. The chant could be heard yesterday: “Caretaker government must respect the Constitution!” The President had indicated that several restrictions would be placed on the operations of the “interim” Government, out of respect for the Constitution and the rulings of the Court.

The most pivotal decision at this juncture is in the hands of the Chief Justice, Roxane GeorgeWiltshire, who is expected to rule today on a request made by Attorney-at-law Christopher Ram for a Conservatory Order, halting the House to House exercise, which started on July 20, 2019. The Opposition contends that claims and objections would suffice to

refresh the expired Official List of Electors (OLE), and that House-to-House would not allow for elections to be held by September 18, 2019. Following the Court ruling today, the Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), retired Justice Claudette Singh, will hold a special meeting tomorrow to decide on the way forward.

A teenage girl who attends the number Eight West Coast Berbice, Secondary School and who lives with her grandmother since 2008 is currently missing. The teen has been identified as Christina Krisendat, who was last seen on Saturday night, last, around 18:30hrs before she left the custody of her grandmother. Persons with information about the whereabouts of the teen are asked to contact her grandmother (Lucile) on Telephone number # 328-7424, or contact the nearest police station. According to her grandmother, there are reports that she is in Linden.

Christina Krisendat


Kaieteur News

Wednesday August 14, 2019


Kaieteur News

Wednesday August 14, 2019

Man who used bow and arrow AGM workers still to be unionised to kill wife’s lover remanded A man after suspecting his wife of having an affair and allegedly killed her lover, was yesterday brought before the court to answer the murder charge. Fifty-year-old Munroe Lawrence, a farmer of Karaudanawa Village, South Rupununi, made his first court appearance in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan. Lawrence was not required to plead to the indictable charge. The charge stated that between August 5, 2019, and August 6, 2019, at Karaudanawa Village, South Rupununi, he murdered Pius Ernest a 32-year-old rancher from the same village. The facts stated that between the dates mentioned in the charge, the wife of the accused who shared an intimate relationship with Ernest, went to the man’s home. Based on his suspicion, the accused armed himself with a bow and arrow and followed his wife. Lawrence then hid in some nearby bushes and waited. Upon seeing Ernest, Lawrence fired his bow striking Ernest to his chest. Lawrence then fled the crime scene and the victim subsequently succumbed to his injuries. An investigation was then launched by the police and the accused was later arrested. Based on a caution statement that he reportedly gave to the police, he was charged for the offence committed. Prosecutor Mansfield asked for two weeks for the completion of the file. The post mortem report, the statement from the rank who ob-

Remanded: Munroe Lawrence served the post mortem and photographs are said to be outstanding. After listening to the prosecutor, Magistrate McLennan remanded the accused to prison and transferred the matter to the Lethem Magistrate Court where he is expected to make his next court appearance on August 26, 2019.

The workers of Aurora Gold Mines Incorporated (AGM) have reported unease on the ground. Minister of Labour, Keith Scott, had promised the rank-and-file workers at Aurora, Buck Hall and Tapir units, since July 3, last, that an application for them to be unionised would be expedited by the Trade Union Recognition and Certification (TUR&CB). That has still not been done. After this promise was made, roughly 250 workers stopped a strike which had brought a halt to operations to Aurora. Now, workers at all three units are prepared to bring the company’s operations to a standstill if their demand for unionisation is not met. The workers expecting to be unionised number in excess of 600.Kaieteur News understands that since 2016, President of the National Mine Workers Union of Guyana (NMWUG), Sherwin Downer, has been making efforts to have the workers unionised, but there has been resistance by the company. Several persons claiming to be workers have been contacting this publication

Minister of Labour, Keith Scott, is yet to deliver on his promise to AGM Inc. workers throughout the past year with claims of workers’ rights abuses. They had refused to go on record for fear of persecution by the administration. Downer said that the company has attempted to periodically placate its workers by granting one-off bonuses. Recently, after the last strike ended, the company decided to give workers a quarterly 7.6 percent bonus. Downer told Kaieteur News that this time around, the union has already submitted 300 signed application

Police, protesters clash at Hong Kong airport after flights halted for second day

HONG KONG (Reuters) Police and protesters clashed at Hong Kong’s international airport yesterday after flights were disrupted for a second day as the political crisis in the former British colony deepened. In Washington, U.S. President Donald Trump said the Chinese government was moving troops to the border with Hong Kong and he urged calm.Trump said the situation in Hong Kong was tricky but he hoped it would work out for everybody, including China, and “for liberty” without anyone getting hurt or killed.Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam warned that Hong Kong risked being “smashed to pieces”.Demonstrators who have been protesting for the past nine weeks against Beijing’s growing influence in the special administrative region targeted the international airport for a second day yesterday. Thousands of black-clad protesters jammed the terminal chanting, singing and waving banners. Scuffles broke out in the evening after an injured man was held by a group of protesters. Some claimed he was an undercover mainland Chinese agent and initially refused to let him leave.Medics, however, bundled him onto a stretcher and forced their way through jeering throngs to an

ambulance.Several police vehicles were blocked by protesters and riot police moved in amid chaotic scenes, using pepper spray to keep people back. A policeman pulled out a gun at one point.Protesters also barricaded some passageways in the airport with luggage trolleys, metal barriers and other objects. Others clambered onto check-in counters as the protesters appeared to control part of the airport for a short while. At least two protesters were taken away by police. Another mainland Chinese man was held and tied down by protesters at the airport after they thought he was posing as a reporter. The editor-in-chief of the state-run Global Times newspaper, Hu Xijin, tweeted that the man was a journalist with the paper. He was later taken away by ambulance.The situation calmed down after a few hours without the violence worsening, and the crowds thinned out. Hong Kong media reported that an injunction had been issued by a court to clear the airport of protesters. The action followed an unprecedented shutdown of the airport on Monday. Hong Kong’s Airport Authority said operations had been “seriously disrupted” on Tuesday and departing passengers had been unable to reach immigration counters.

The weeks of protests began as opposition to a nowsuspended bill that would have allowed suspects to be extradited to mainland China and have swelled into wider callsfordemocracy.Demonstrators say they are fighting the erosion of the “one country, two systems” arrangement that enshrined some autonomy for Hong Kong since China took it back from Britain in 1997. The increasingly violent clashes between police and protesters have roiled the Asian financial hub. Hong Kong’s stock market fell to a seven-month low on Tuesday. PUSHED INTO THE ABYSS A senior U.S. official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said: “Freedoms of expression and assembly are core values that we share with the people of Hong Kong and these freedoms should be protected.” The United Nations human rights commissioner, Michele Bachelet, urged Hong Kong authorities to exercise restraint and investigate evidence of their forces firing tear gas at protesters in ways banned under international law. China responded by saying her comments sent the wrong signal to “violent criminal offenders”. Chief Executive Lam made an appeal for calm and

restraint.“Take a minute to look at our city, our home,” she said, her voice cracking, at a news conference in the newly-fortified government headquarters complex. “Can we bear to push it into the abyss and see it smashed to pieces?” she said. Demonstrators want Lam to resign. She says she will stay.The events present Chinese President Xi Jinping with one of his biggest challenges since he came to power in 2012.Hong Kong legal experts say Beijing might be paving the way to use anti-terrorism laws to try to quell the dem-

onstrations. On Monday, Britain, a guarantor of the agreement that transferred Hong Kong to China in 1997, yesterday condemned the violence and urged dialogue.

forms, a copy of the union’s constitution and its receipt book for the union recognition process. On the company’s end, signatures have been submitted as well. The Labour officials are expected to go through the signatures, and complete verification process this week. Downer told Kaieteur News that the company has made several attempts to frustrate the process, including questioning his credentials. When Kaieteur News contacted Director, Corporate Office and Compliance, Peter Benny, about this, he responded, “What credentials did I question? I do not concern myself with that.” During previous correspondence with Kaieteur News on the same matter, Benny had urged the publication to look into Downer’s background. “What is his industrial relations experience? Where was he trained? Where did he get his exposure?” The company had also attempted to have some workers excluded from the process with the contention that they work in a “sensitive unit”. It is unclear whether the TUR&CB will accede to that request. Downer said that there is much to be done, as soon as the recognition process is complete. He noted that the workers are due for an increase. He added that the union will also be looking at advocating for an improvement to the workers’ risk allowances.

Challenge brought against house... From page 8 had stated that Chief Election Officer Keith Lowenfield was quoted in the media saying that the OLE can be sanitised by a simple claims and objections exercise. According to the Presidential candidate, at any given time, there are between 30,000 and 50,000 Amerindians working in various parts of the mining and logging sector that will be denied their right to vote by the house-to-house registration process.

ET TU, LINCOLN? From page 4 no gloss on the part of the Court in order to render them intelligible and workable. Their meaning is clear and it is the responsibility of constitutional actors in Guyana to honour them. Upon the passage of a vote of no confidence, the Article requires the resignation of the Cabinet including the President. The article goes on to state, among other things, that notwithstanding such resignation, the Government shall remain in office and that an election shall be held “within three months, or such longer period as the

National Assembly shall by resolution supported by not less than two-thirds of the votes of all the elected members of the National Assembly determine …” President Granger used the cover of Judicial action to legitimise the life of his administration past March 21st, 2019; that cover was removed by the ruling of the CCJ that stated the ‘pause’ had ended with its decision of June 18th, 2019 that validated the passage of the No-confidence motion and which reset the three-month clock for General Elections. What more can the Chief Justice tell us that have not

already been pronounced upon by our highest court? The Judiciary has already been exposed as impotent in the coercive department, the CCJ appealing to the ‘integrity’ of, and ‘responsible’ behaviour of political and constitutional actors, very cognizant of its inability to coerce a resistant executive arm of Government. To see this disrespect for our Constitution and the Rule of Law as the basis for governance supported by any member of Civil society is a stab in the back for us all. Et tu, Lincoln? Respectfully Robin Singh


Kaieteur News

Wednesday August 14, 2019

Frustration as Region Two adjourns Local Gov’t Commission clamps down statutory meeting for sixth time on City Hall over $200M NIS debt The Boardroom yesterday with a few councillors who attended

Over the past six months, there has been no proper sitting of the statutory meeting of the Region Two Democratic Council. The meeting came to an abrupt end again yesterday when the Clerk of the RDC, Denis Jaikaran, walked out of the boardroom mere minutes before the meeting’s commencement. Based on reports reaching this publication, at the time of the Clerk walking out, there were a total of eight councillors in the boardroom, along with the Regional Vice Chairman, Juliet Coonjah, who was acting in the capacity of the Chairman. This publication understands that immediately after the prayer and pledge, the Clerk walked out of the boardroom without any explanation, and signalled his programme heads to do same. A counsellor, who represents the A Partnership for National Unity [APNU] party, was left seated in the boardroom but was later called out of the boardroom by the party Chairman, Prince Holder.The repeated action taken by the clerk is being viewed by councillors as disrespectful, and appears not to be in the best interest of politics. Kaieteur News understands that during the statutory meeting

last July, the Clerk again walked out of the meeting.The RDC is the highest forum within the region and is key to development. After six months, councillors believe that development within the region may be stifled, since they are unable to raise a number of issues in crucial areas. “The Clerk is not in place to answer any queries by the RDC, so how can we move forward as an elected body. There has been no reports from councillors from the various committees on health, finance, education and agriculture since these committees are hardly functioning anymore,” said the acting Chairman of the RDC.Councillors who represent the Hinterland Affairs Committee, said that they are disappointed that issues affecting the hinterland communities, cannot be raised at the region’s highest forum. “What do we say to the Toshao and to the people in the hinterland when their reports are not reaching the RDC… what feedback or assurance do we to give them that their issues will be addressed?” asked a frustrated Toshao who is also a member of the Hinterland Affairs Committee.

The Local Government Commission,(LGC) has instructed the Georgetown Mayor City and Council (M& CC) to clear over $200M worth of employee contributions owed to the National Insurance Scheme (NIS). The move is part of a wider plan by the LGC to clamp down on local government authorities, which have been failing to honour the statutory obligation of paying NIS remittances on behalf of their employees. During a statutory meeting held at City Hall, yesterday, Town Clerk (ag) Sherry Jerrick, informed the Councillors of the LGC’ s intention to have the Council clear its debt to NIS. In addition, she noted that the Commission had asked that the Council pay regularly the monthly contributions of employees. Jerrick furnished the Council with a letter signed by Chairman of the LGC, Mortimer Mingo. According to Jerrick, the letter outlined that the Georgetown M&CC’s current debt to NIS is $218,416,918. She noted that the correspondence served to remind the Council that non –payment of the contributions will result in loss of benefits for City Hall staffers. In addition, Jerrick noted the letter emphasised that the statutory obligations of M&CC to pay current contributions on behalf of the employees when they fall due. Further alluding to the letter, Jerrick added the LGC warned that, “It should be recognised that through the non-payment and corresponding non-submission of

Chairman of the LGC Mortimer Mingo schedules the stated debt continues to increase.” In keeping with powers vested in the Local Government Commission Act of 2013, she said that the Commission had therefore instructed that the M&CC submit to NIS payments submission of the mentioned outstanding remittance to enable computation of the real debt and further to actualise the settlement of the debt on or before August 12, 2019.” The Town Clerk (Ag) said the M&CC is also required to provide the LGC with all documents submitted to NIS. According to Jerrick, the Commission has requested monthly status updates as it regards the payment of City Council debt and the monthly remittance of employees NIS deducted. In response to queries about the City Hall‘s August 12 deadline to make the submissions, Jerrick told the Council that she only re-

ceived the correspondence on Friday last. “The correspondence is stamped as received on July 31… It has no signatures as to who received it but I received it from the secretary on Friday afternoon.” In response to further queries on the issues, Jerrick informed the Council that the outstanding monies owed to NIS are being paid. Last year, NIS Debt Recovery Manager, Louise Bryan, testified before a Commission of Inquiry into the Mayor and City Council about the city’s indebtedness to the Scheme. She disclosed the M&CC had racked up over $206M in debt to the National Insurance Scheme. Bryan told retired Justice Cecil Kennard who chaired the CoI that the outstanding payments span the period September 1994 to August 2018. Bryan stated that partial payments were made for the periods May to November of 2009, September to November of 2016, February to May of 2017, April to December of 2017, March of 2018, April to June of 2018, and July to August of 2018. She said that though partial payments were made, the Council racked up interest, which the city has not paid to the Scheme. The Debt Recovery Manager provided a series of documents to the Commission, which she explained, comprised a series of demand notices issued to the Council throughout the periods of their non-payment, as well as letters from the Scheme to the Local Government Commission.

Corentyne farmers protest for ... From page 16 agronomists coming and tell us we doing it wrong. We have an entomologist in this country that sits there and does nothing,” Rambridge claimed. Ramlagan Singh, Extension Officer of the RPA, told reporters that the situation is

so critical that from the over 25 percent of farmers lost their previous crop and could “barely make it to go back”. “Rice is now flowering at 64 Village, 57 Village and 61 Village and paddy bug infestation is very high and so we are asking GRDB to do aerial spraying.

CSEC 2019 results to be announced today The hard, long, tired, and certainly impatient nights will finally pay off now that the Ministry will be announcing the results of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) results, this today. This year’s examination which concluded at its usual May-June date, attracted over 10,000 students. In 2018, according to the Ministry of Education’s statistics, 12,269 candidates were registered as compared to the year of 2017 where there were 12,684 candidates. An analysis of the 2018 results revealed a 69.1 percent in Grades One to Three overall passes in General and Technical proficiencies. This would have marked a 5.3 percent increase in overall passes compared to 2017’s 63.8 percent. Over the years, there has been a constant increase in passes in English language and Mathematics.

“Because as soon as farmers spray their field, three days after, it is re-infested”, Singh added. The Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) recently brought in a team from the Latin-American Fund for Irrigated Rice (FLAR), to tackle the paddy bug infestation. They spent a week in Berbice, gathering data, researching and subsequently producing findings about the problem. The team had found that there was an over-dependence on insecticides that caused a biological imbalance. Suggestions were made to have better pest management practices other than insecticides. A solution that would allow for less spraying of crops with insecticides and more focus on seed treatments and biological control was suggested. GRDB had reportedly promised to change their agronomy practices.

Wednesday August 14, 2019

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Berbice Pumps to be Rehabilitated, Engineer’s Estimates in Excess of $40M Each Bids were opened for three projects of the Ministry of Agriculture yesterday at the National Procurement and Tender Administration’s (NPTAB) weekly bid opening. The engineer’s estimates for the rehabilitation of three pumps in Berbice were in excess of $40 million each. In recent times, areas like Black Bush Polder and the Corentyne have seen some flooding during heavy rains. The former is highly dependent on agriculture as its main economic activity and flooding tends to significantly affect that as well. The pumps to that will be rehabilitated are located at Mibicuri, Black Bush Polder, Berbice, Albion, Corentyne, and Manarabisi, Corentyne. Additionally, at a previous bid opening there were projects from the National Parks Commission on the agenda that attracted no bids. This week, however, the projects Rehabilitation of Enclosures and Exhibits for Birds-Zoological Park appeared again and Rehabilitation of Northern Stand reappeared and they attracted bids as well. Finally, a few contractors stood up to the task. Other notable projects were the Ministry of Communities Completion of Tempie/Seafield NDC Building East Corentyne Berbice and Assessment of Sanitary Conditions in Municipalities. Ministry of Agriculture Rehabilitation of Pump Station Located at Mibicuri, Black Bush Polder, Berbice, Region 6.

Assessment of Sanitary Conditions in Municipalities

Bank of Guyana - Procurement and Implementation of a Real Time Gross Settlement System and a Central Security Depository (CSD) System.

Ministry of Business Design and Supervision of the National Exhibition Centre Administration Building

Ministry of Public Telecommunications - Procurement of One Five-Seater Bus

Rehabilitation of Pump Station Located at Albion, Corentyne, Region 6 Supreme Court - Rehabilitation of Fence at Old Magistrate’s Living Quarters Located at Maria’s Lodge Essequibo Coast Region 2

Rehabilitation of Pump Station Located at Manarabisi, Corentyne, Region 6 Construction of Remaining Two Sides of Perimeter Fence between Suddie Supreme and Magistrate’s Court, Region 2.

National Parks Commission Rehabilitation of Enclosures and Exhibits for Birds-Zoological Park

Heightening of Driveway at Suddie’s Sub-Registry Region 2 Rehabilitation of Northern Stand

Ministry of Communities Completion of Tempie/Seafield NDC Building East Corentyne Berbice.


Kaieteur News

Wednesday August 14, 2019

Wednesday August 14, 2019

Murray expects to be back to peak physical fitness by January (Reuters) - Former world number one Andy Murray said he expects to be back to his physical best by January next year, 12 months after he had hip resurfacing surgery in a bid to salvage his career. Murray, 32, made his long-awaited singles return at the Cincinnati Masters on Monday — his first singles match since an opening-round Australian Open exit in January — where he lost in straight sets to Richard Gasquet. Although Murray played doubles and mixed doubles at Wimbledon, he announced on Monday he would not play singles at

the U.S. Open as he strives to get back to peak fitness that would allow him to play five-set matches at Grand Slams. “I think nine to 12 months after the operation is when I would expect to be getting close to the best that I can be physically. And speed wise I should be fully recovered by 12 months,” Murray told BBC Sport. That would give him a realistic chance of competing at the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam of the year, which begins on Jan. 20 in Melbourne. “Speeds have improved, but they are

quite linear speeds, and repeatable tests, whereas on a match court you are changing direction and having to react to balls and anticipate,” Murray added. “The way to get that back is by playing matches. You can hit as many speed targets as you like, but once you get out o n c o u r t i t ’s v e r y different.” The three-time Grand Slam champion said over the weekend that he would be playing at the inaugural Zhuhai Championships, which will be held two weeks after the U.S. Open ends next month.

Wednesday August 14, 2019 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) The thing you dread the most could be the very thing you need the most in your life. You're at a point right now when the lessons that come might be hard to swallow, but they're necessary. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) You may look at your orderly closet, wellorganized desk, and clean bathroom and be proud. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) You could feel blocked, Gemini, like you're in a trap. Perhaps your friends are influencing you into believing one thing, while your family has you trained to believe another.


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LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) You may feel as if someone or something has just reformatted your hard drive. Suddenly things are running much more smoothly. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) You may be forced to put your thoughts into neat little boxes that can be easily understood and processed, Scorpio. Your ideas are abstract and don't always make reasonable sense. SAGIT(Nov.22–Dec.21) This may be a difficult day in which you feel pressured to get things done, yet there's indecisiveness and hesitation lingering in your mind.

CANCER (June 21–July 22) Remember that it takes energy to repress and bottle up your feelings. Without realizing it you may be stuffing a great deal of emotion inside while trying to ignore it.

CAPRI(Dec.22–Jan.19) There's tremendous discipline in your way of thinking, Capricorn, which is helping you advance toward your goals. Don't expect that you will solve every problem right away.

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Deep inside you know the right thing to do, Leo. Perhaps you just saw someone drop money on the ground and you picked it up. Do you return it or pocket it for yourself?

AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) Your thoughts may be strained, Aquarius, and you could find it difficult to process things that are normally no problem. Try not to force answers that don't seem to want to come.

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Your mastery of your mind and abili t y t o s t a y disciplined about your goals is impressive, Virgo. Others recognize and appreciate your efforts much more than usual.

PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) Your thinking may have emotional overtones that prevent you from seeing the truth clearly, Pisces. Do your best to tame your feelings in order to let more rational thoughts rise to the surface.

Man City avoid transfer ban over youth transfers; fined by FIFA

Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling, David Silva, John Stones, Kyle Walker and Rodri pose as they celebrate winning the FA Community Shield with the trophy. (REUTERS/David Klein/File Photo) MANCHESTER, England (Reuters) - Premier League champions Manchester City have avoided a transfer ban but have been fined 370,000 Swiss Francs (£314,565) by FIFA for breaches of rules regarding the transfer of Under-18 players, football’s world governing body said in a statement on Monday. Premier League rivals Chelsea were given a oneyear transfer ban and fined 600,000 Swiss francs in February in relation to 29 cases where regulations relating to the international transfer and registration of Under-18 players were breached. Chelsea have filed an appeal with the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) against the ban, which stopped them from signing players during the closeseason. City are also facing a separate investigation from UEFA regarding financial fair play (FFP), which was opened in March. FIFA said its Disciplinary Committee took into account the fact that City had “accepted its responsibility”. “The protection of minors

India’s next coach: Moody... From page 35 coach will be challenged by the candidatures of Pravin Amre, Vikram Rathour and J Arun Kumar.All three have been associated with coaching at the domestic and IPL level. Amre is presently batting consultant of the USA national team and Delhi Capitals, while Rathour, who served as member of the selection committee until 2016, and Arun are with Himachal Pradesh and Puducherry respectively.The support staff is likely to be picked by MSK Prasad, the men’s selection committee chairman.

is a key element in FIFA’s overall regulatory framework relating to the transfer of players, and the effective enforcement of these rules is paramount, as has also been confirmed on various occasions by the Court of Arbitration for Sport,” FIFA said in a statement. City did not immediately respond to a request for comment. German publication Der Spiegel reported in March that the club’s Abu Dhabi owners inflated sponsorship agreements to comply with FFP requirements, which prompted the UEFA probe. The club have appealed

to CAS against UEFA’s investigation and club chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak has said the club will “unquestionably prevail”. In a statement on the club’s website in May, Al Mubarak said: “I believe, quite comfortably, if the process is going to be judged on facts then unquestionably we will prevail. If it’s not about facts and it’s about other things, then it is a different conversation.” FFP rules are intended to prevent clubs receiving unlimited amounts of money through inflated sponsorship deals with organisations related to the owners.


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Wednesday August 14, 2019

Nortje, Second and Muthusamy part of Test squad to India, no Faf for T20Is ESPNcricinfo - Quinton de Kock will captain South Africa’s T20 side during their upcoming trip to India. There are also three newcomers in the squad for the three-match T20 International series, with Temba Bavuma and Anrich Nortje included and Lions allrounder Bjorn Fortuin in line for an international debut. Faf du Plessis was not included in South Africa’s T20 squad, but will captain South Africa in the three-Test series that follows the T20s, with Bavuma named as his vicecaptain. Cricket South Africa’s acting Director of Cricket Corrie van Zyl stressed that du Plessis “remains an important part of our plans for white-ball cricket” despite his absence from the T20 squad. Nortje was one of three new caps in South Africa’s Te s t s q u a d , a l o n g w i t h wicketkeeper Rudi Second and spin-bowling

Rudi Second celebrates his fifty. (PTI) allrounder Senuran Muthusamy. Offspinner Dane Piedt returns to the Test squad on the back of very impressive performances in domestic four-day cricket, having topped last season’s bowling tables with 54 dismissals.

Also included is Zubayr Hamza, who was one of only two batsmen to make double hundreds in the franchise fourday competition last season, and made his Test debut against Pakistan in January. “All three newcomers to the Test side have more

than earned their spurs through impressive performances in last s e a s o n ’s F o u r- D a y Franchise competition,” said van Zyl. “ We f e e l w e h a v e covered all the options for the conditions we are likely to encounter on the subcontinent with Muthusamy and Dane Piedt, who was far and away the leading wicket-taker in our FourDay competition, providing the back-up to Keshav Maharaj. “Zubayr Hamza made an impressive start to his Test career against Pakistan last season when Faf du Plessis was ruled out and the retirement of Hashim Amla creates a further opportunity for him.” Aiden Markram, Theunis de Bruyn and Lungi Ngidi were not considered for T20 selection as all three are part of the South Africa A

squad that will be playing f o u r - day cricket in September. Allrounder Chris Morris, who has been playing for Hampshire in the Vitality Blast, did not make himself available for selection. Dale Steyn, who recently retired from Test cricket, did make himself available for T20 selection, but was not picked. “As far as the T20 squad is concerned, Temba Bavuma and Bjorn Fortuin were two of the standout players in the CSA T20 Challenge last season while Nortje was outstanding in the Mzansi Super League until ruled out by injury,” van Zyl said. “This is very much a form squad with players being rewarded for their consistent performances at franchise level. This applies equally to Junior Dala and Jon-Jon Smuts. “The T20 series gives us the last chance to have a look at our leadership and batting options as the next edition of

the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup is now little more than a year away which is why we have gone with an inexperienced leadership group,” explained van Zyl. “This is our last chance to do this before we settle on an established squad.” Test match squad: Faf du Plessis (capt), Temba Bavuma (vice-capt), Theunis de Bruyn, Quinton de Kock, Dean Elgar, Zubayr Hamza, Keshav Maharaj, Aiden Markram, Senuran Muthusamy, Lungi Ngidi, Anrich Nortje, Vernon Philander, Dane Piedt, Kagiso Rabada, Rudi Second. T20I squad: Quinton de Kock (capt), Rassie van der Dussen (vice-capt), Temba Bavuma, Junior Dala, Bjorn Fortuin, Beuran Hendricks, Reeza Hendricks, David Miller, Anrich Nortje, Andile Phehlukwayo, Dwaine Pretorius, Kagiso Rabada, Tabraiz Shamsi, Jon-Jon Smuts.

Athletics: Simbine on world mission but rues Semenya absence LONDON (Reuters) South African sprinter Akani Simbine will look to become the fastest man on earth at next month’s world championships but he will run with a heavy heart that his compatriot and friend Caster Semenya will not be joining him in Doha. Simbine, 25, has enjoyed a stellar year in preparation for his fourth world championships, winning 100-metres gold at last year’s Commonwealth Games and triumphing at London’s Diamond League meeting in July. However, what should be a golden period for South African athletics with Simbine’s rise and the achievements of Olympic 400m champion Wayde van Niekerk has been overshadowed by the ongoing saga of Semenya’s participation in the sport. The 28-year-old double 800m Olympic gold medallist is fighting an International Association

of Athletics Federations (IAAF) regulation that female middle-distance runners with a high natural level of testosterone must take medication to reduce it. The Swiss Federal Tribunal (SFT) last month reversed a ruling that temporarily lifted the I A A F ’s testosterone regulations imposed on Semenya, effectively ruling her out of the Sept. 28-Oct. 6 world championships in Qatar. Simbine, who has talked to Semenya on the phone, said the case was sad for the whole country. “ T h e r e ’s a k i n d o f knock-on (effect) on the South African sporting world, not just athletics because Caster was Queen of South African sports and now we can’t see her anymore,” he told Reuters in telephone interview. “But as athletes and sports people we support her as much as we can...

because she is one of us at the end of the day. To show the world that we are together as one and she’s not fighting this on her own. “Seeing a friend going through something like this is heartbreaking and upsetting and is really not nice.” Simbine has his own g o a l s t o f o c u s o n n o w, however, starting with his bid to become the first South African to win a sprint medal at the world championships. Born in a poor suburb of Johannesburg, Simbine flourished on the track while studying an Information Science degree at the University of Pretoria, encouraged by his parents who insisted he made sure of being able to make a living outside of athletics. They need not have worried so much, though, as he set the 100m national record of 9.89 seconds in Hungary in 2016 at the age of 22. That was a month before Simbine’s Olympic debut in Rio de Janeiro where he finished fifth in the final but almost a second behind sprinting great Usain Bolt. With the multiple world champion Jamaican now retired from the sport, many are vying to be the next king of the track. AMERICAN COMPETITION Simbine is aware of the fierce competition he faces,

South Africa’s Akani Simbine in action during the men’s 100m final at the Diamond League. (Action Images via Reuters/Matthew Childs/File Photo) particularly from Americans. Christian Coleman has the world leading time this year of 9.81 seconds while compatriot Noah Lyles is second with 9.86. Also up there is world champion Justin Gatlin who will be defending his title on what could well be his final appearance in the global event. But Simbine, whose Diamond League winning time of 9.93 is tied-fifth best in the world this year, is confident he can win the final on Sept. 28. “I believe I can be the best and if I’m in the sport then I can’t just say ‘Oh well, Christian is running fast, Noah is running fast, Gatlin is running fast, I

can’t beat them’ – then I’m in the sport for the wrong reasons,” he said. “ S o f o r m e i t ’s j u s t about the right belief in what my coach and I are doing and that we are producing something that’s not been seen before in South Africa because there hasn’t been a South African on 100m podium, so for us it’s a really great, exciting thing. “I know where they (the Americans) are at. I know toe to toe if they are at their best and I am at my best, it will be a good race.” OLYMPIC DREAM After Doha, attention turns to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics which Simbine is planning for, helped by the support of commercial

deals such as his threeyear sponsorship by Avanti Communications signed this month. The Games may be a year away, but Simbine, who was a promising football player before deciding to focus on sprinting, is daring to dream. “Every day,” he said when asked if he allows himself to visualise crossing the finish line in first place. “Not a day passes where I don’t dream of holding the gold medal and being the fastest man and just achieving goals that I set for myself and showing the world that a South African boy can be the best in the world.”

Wednesday August 14, 2019


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Tokyo paralympics marathon to start earlier due to heat fears TOKYO (Reuters) - The marathon race at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics will start 30 minutes earlier than originally scheduled, as part of the organizers’ efforts to tackle the heat threat to athletes and fans in the Japanese capital. With less than a year to go until the start of the Olympics, the Games’ ability to contend with extreme heat is a key talking point, particularly after a worker at a Tokyo 2020 construction site died on Thursday, with heatstroke suspected as the cause. Soaring temperatures have killed at least 57 people across Japan since late July, highlighting the possible health threat to athletes and fans. While announcing the full schedule of the Paralympics, which runs from Aug. 25-Sept. 6, organizers said changes were being m a d e t o accommodate the high temperatures, including starting the marathon at 6.30 a.m. local time (2130GMT).

“As it has been discussed a lot, the heat countermeasures are something we must take into consideration. Even though it will be held at the end of August it will still be hot,” said Games director Koji Murofushi. “From the ‘athletes first’ point of view, the start time of marathon has been moved 30 minutes early from 7 a.m. to 6.30. “For triathlon, we moved the start from 8 a.m. to 7.30 and for equestrian, by adding a day to the duration of the competition from four to five days, we avoid having the competition at the hottest time of the day.” Besides high temperatures, organizers may have to contend with J a p a n ’s notoriously devastating typhoon season, which usually runs from July to October. Murofushi did not provide details of Tokyo 2020’s measures should a huge typhoon hit during

the Paralympics but said a contingency plan was in place. “Basically, we aim to hand all the medals to athletes - this is what we aim to do foremost – by the closing ceremony,” added the former Olympic gold medallist hammer thrower. “Of course, there will be various situations where we cannot hold a competition and we aim to create the contingency plan accordingly. “There is an extra day planned, but this is not something we will announce in advance.” Tickets for the Paralympics will go on sale for Japanese residents in a lottery starting on August 22, with ticket prices for groups and families starting for as little as 500 yen ($4.75). The low-priced tickets are aimed at under-12 children and those with disabilities in a bid to boost attendance and interest in the Games.

Passersby holding sunshades walk past decorations celebrating the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games at Nihonbashi district in Tokyo, Japan August 5, 2019. (REUTERS/Issei Kato/file photo) The most expensive tickets are for the opening ceremony on Aug. 25. The highest category will cost 150,000 yen (about $1,427)

while the costliest sports are the finals of the swimming and wheelchair basketball. Men’s wheelchair basketball - one of the most

popular events at any Paralympics - is the final medal event and will be held before the closing ceremony on Sept. 6.

Teenager Gauff, former champ Stosur get U.S. Open wildcards (Reuters) - American teenager Cori “Coco” Gauff and former champion Samantha Stosur were among players to be given wildcards into the main draw of the U.S. Open starting later this month, organizers said yesterday. Gauff, 15, stunned players and fans alike when she made her debut in the main draw of a Grand Slam at this year’s Wimbledon, reaching the fourth round where she was

beaten by eventual champion Simona Halep. Gauff, the youngest finalist in the girls’ singles event at the U.S. Open in 2017 aged 13, is one of five teenagers given wildcards at Flushing Meadows. Americans Caty McNally, Whitney Osuigwe and Katie Volynets (all 17) and France’s 16-year-old Diane Parry, who became the youngest player this decade to win a maindraw match in the French Open in May, also

Australia’s Samantha Stosur in action during her first round match against Spain’s Carla Suarez-Navarro at Wimbledon. (REUTERS/Hannah McKay)

received them. A u s t r a l i a ’s St o s u r, U . S . O p e n champion in 2011, will be making her 15th appearance in the main draw. The 35-year-old, who last reached a Grand Slam singles semifinal in 2016 at Roland Garros, was also a doubles champion in New York in 2005. “Parry and Stosur earn their entry via t h e U S TA’s r e c i p r o c a l w i l d c a r d arrangement with the French Tennis

F e d e r a t i o n a n d Te n n i s A u s t r a l i a , ” organizers said in a statement. American Jack Sock headlines the men’s singles wildcards. The 26-year-old, who was sidelined for six months after sustaining a thumb injury at the Australian Open, is looking to maintain his streak of playing in every U.S. Open main draw since 2010. The U.S. Open begins on Aug. 26.

Cori Gauff of the U.S. celebrates winning her second round match against Slovakia’s Magdalena Rybarikova at Wimbledon. (REUTERS/Carl Recine)


Wednesday August 14, 2019

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England’s Moeen Ali takes break from cricket after Ashes axe AFP - England all-rounder Moeen Ali will take a “short break” from cricket after being dropped from the squad to face Australia in the second Ashes Test this week. The 32-year-old was axed after scoring nought and four in England’s first Test defeat at Edgbaston. He also struggled with his off-spin, taking three wickets for 172 runs across Australia’s two innings, failing to take advantage of a pitch that ought to have suited him. Moeen, who was a m e m b e r o f E n g l a n d ’s World Cup-winning squad, has been replaced by Somerset left-arm spinner Jack Leach for the Lord’s

Te s t , w i t h h i s c o u n t y Worcestershire revealing he will now take a “short break from action”. “Mo is spending a little time away from the middle recharging his batteries and putting in some quality practice time which he feels he needs, and we completely respect,” Worcestershire first-team coach Alex Gidman told the club’s website on Tuesday. “He has had an intense schedule of international cricket involving the ICC World Cup and the start of the Ashes. “Mo loves playing for Wo r c e s t e r s h i r e a n d h e gives a lift to everyone in the dressing room when he

comes back and plays for us. We look forward to when he returns soon.” Moeen is the world’s leading Test wicket-taker over the past 12 months, with 48 scalps in 10 matches at an average of 25.27. H o w e v e r, h e h a s struggled for form in recent outings and was dropped during the World Cup over concerns about his batting. I n Te s t s , h e h a s registered seven singlefigure scores in his past nine innings, with his career average dipping below 30. England captain Joe Root said Moeen, a veteran of 60 Tests, could

No fears for Frappart as French referee prepares to make history in Super Cup AFP - France’s Stephanie Frappart has no concerns about the scrutiny she will face in today’s UEFA Super Cup between Liverpool and Chelsea when she becomes the first woman to referee a major men’s match in European competition. “I don’t think so. We have to prove physically, technically and tactically that we are the same as the men. I’m not afraid about that. Nothing changes for me,” Frappart, 35, said on the eve of the match in Istanbul between the reigning European champions and the winners of last season’s Europa League. Frappart has already been a trailblazer for female referees. Earlier this year she became the first woman to take charge of a match in Ligue 1 in her home country. She has since been promoted to the French top flight’s pool of referees on a permanent basis. “Of course my life has changed because I am more popular now all over the world,” she said, insisting that refereeing a men’s match is the same for her. “I think there is not a lot of difference, because football is the same.” Along with her assistants,

Stephanie Frappart will become the first woman to referee a major men’s match in European competition as she officiates Wednesday’s Super Cup between Liverpool and Chelsea. (AFP/File/ Christophe Simon) compatriot Manuela Nicolosi and Ireland’s Michelle O’Neill, Frappart also took charge of the women’s World Cup final between the United States and the Netherlands last month. Nicolosi and O’Neill will assist her again in Istanbul. Roberto Rosetti, UEFA’s head of refereeing, said he came up with the idea of appointing Frappart for such a high-profile men’s fixture after watching her at the women’s World Cup. “I hope she will inspire

regain his place. “As he proved last summer, coming into that India series having a massive influence on it, there’s no reason why he can’t go back and do the same again, and try and force his way back into the squad,” Root told reporters at Lord’s on Tuesday before Moeen’s break was announced. “You know, he’s been a big part of English cricket, he’s done some fantastic things in a Test shirt. And it’s certainly not the last we’ll see of him, he’s a fine character, a great man and gives so much to this team. “I’m sure that it won’t be long until you see him back involved.”

Moeen Ali is taking a short break from cricket after being dropped by England. (AFP/File/Saeed Khan)

Cricket to return to Commonwealth Games in 2022 with women’s T20s ESPNcricinfo - Cricket is set to make a reappearance at the Commonwealth Games (CWG) for the upcoming edition - Birmingham 2022 with the top eight international women’s teams from among countries that come under the Commonwealth ambit competing in the T20 format over eight days, with all matches taking place at Edgbaston. The game, then in the 50over format, last featured in the CWG back in 1998, in Kuala Lumpur, with South Africa winning the gold medal after beating Australia in the final by four wickets. “Today is an historic day and we are delighted to welcome the sport of cricket back to the Commonwealth Games,” Dame Louise Martin, president of the CWG Federation, said in a statement. The ICC will lend support to the federation by

overseeing the staging of the competition, apart from providing match officials. Amy Satterthwaite, the New Zealand women captain, was among the first to react after the news came out, calling it an “important milestone for the game”. “To expose the women’s game to such a different global audience, and to be part of such a prestigious event such as the Commonwealth Games - it’s a huge boost at a time of real momentum,” she said. “Having the opportunity to play against countries we currently don’t usually compete with will be unique and only a good thing for the growth of the game.” The growth of the game and it’s increasing popularity were major factor in the firstever standalone ICC Women’s World T20 being staged in the Caribbean last November, with another edition set to be held in

Australia in March 2020. “This is a truly historic moment for women’s cricket and for the global cricket community, who were united in their support of this bid,” ICC’s chief executive Manu Sawhney said. “Women’s cricket continues to go from strength to strength, and we are delighted and honoured the Commonwealth Games Associations voted to include Women’s T20 cricket at Birmingham 2022. “Fast and exciting, the T20 format is the perfect fit for the Commonwealth Games and offers another chance to showcase women’s cricket on the global stage as part of our ambitious plans to accelerate the growth of the game, whilst inspiring the next generation of cricketers. All the players who are lucky enough to compete at Birmingham 2022 will be part of a truly memorable experience.”

thousands of younger women referees all over the world,” he said, a sentiment shared by the Chelsea boss, Frank Lampard. “It’s great news, I’m very pleased to be a part of this moment in history which is very much due,” said Lampard. “I think we were very slow everywhere on this and now we are trying to make strides. There is still a long way to go but in terms of tomorrow (Wednesday) it is a huge moment.”

Dane van Niekerk and Sarah Taylor in action during a T20I at Edgbaston in 2014. (Getty Images)

Wednesday August 14, 2019


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Root expects England revival as Paine looks forward to ‘special’ Lord’s ESPNcricinfo - England captain Joe Root is adamant his side will “come back strong” as they look to draw level in the Ashes. Root’s men head into the second Test at Lord’s starting today 1-0 down in a fivematch series following a 251run hammering by Australia at Edgbaston last week and knowing another defeat would leave their hopes of regaining the Ashes hanging by a thread. “Last week will have hurt everyone,” Root told reporters at L o r d ’s yesterday. “Everyone will be absolutely desperate to go and win this week and I expect nothing less. “ We really back ourselves to perform and to come back strong. We’ve proven that we do that time and time again when we’ve been defeated, especially at home. And I’m expecting a big response from the boys.” The Yorkshire batsman also said that England will have to think again about how to dismiss Australian batsman Steve Smith who virtually won the first Test single-handed with innings of 144 and 142. “In the second innings, we tried to chase things a little bit,” Root said. “We maybe tried to be

slightly too aggressive early on to him, let him get in. So I think we’ll go about things slightly differently.” - ‘Great honour’ Today’s match will see Smith and Tim Paine, who took over as Australia captain after the former was stripped of the leadership following the South Africa ball-tampering affair in 2018, back at the ground where they both made their Te s t d e b u t s a g a i n s t Pakistan in 2010. For Paine it has been a nine-year wait to return to the ‘home of cricket’. “I’m rapt to be playing international cricket again and to have a second opportunity,” said the 34year-old wicketkeeper. “To have the captaincy is a great honour as well. It’s certainly one I didn’t want or expect, but doing the job n o w, I’m thoroughly enjoying it.” Almost a decade on, Paine does not recall much f r o m a Te s t d e b u t t h a t Australia won by 150 runs. “I remember a lot of nerves. I don’t remember a huge amount from the day...Ricky Ponting giving me my cap, and Steve (Smith), but I can’t remember a word he said. “Having made my Test debut here that ground is

Australia captain Tim Paine is back at Lord’s, nine years after making his Test debut there. (AFP/File / Lindsey Parnaby) always going to be special but for it to be here, it’s a special ground for all cricketers,” he added. “We’re rapt to be here, we love playing cricket at

Lord’s.” Australia have a fine record at Lord’s, having won 17 — including that win over Pakistan and another over South Africa in 1912 — and

Pull together - England’ captain Joe Root training at Lord’s yesterday. (Afp / Adrian Dennis) lost only seven of the 38 Tests they have played there since 1884.

An 18th win will all but ensure that Paine’s Australians retain the Ashes.

India’s next coach: Moody, Simmons, Hesson in shortlist of six with Shastri ESPNcricinfo - The next head coach of the senior India men’s team is expected to be chosen on Friday from a shortlist of six: the incumbent, Ravi Shastri, as well as Tom Moody, Mike Hesson, Phil Simmons, Lalchand Rajput and Robin Singh. The BCCI’s Cricket Advisory Committee, headed by Kapil Dev, will convene in Mumbai to conduct the interviews before making their decision. Hesson will be present in Mumbai for the interview, along with Rajput and Robin, team manager and fielding coach during India’s 2007 World T20 win, while Moody and Simmons are likely to join the committee members over video conference. Besides Kapil, the CAC comprises Anshuman Gaekwad, the former India opener and coach, and Shantha Rangaswamy, the former India women’s team captain. Confirming the updates, a senior BCCI official was quoted as saying by Press Trust of India, “These six will give presentation for head coach before CAC. It has been learnt that these six have been short-listed for interview with the CAC.” While the names of

Moody, who has rich coaching pedigree in international cricket [Sri Lanka] as well as in the franchise circuit [Kings XI Punjab and Sunrisers Hyderabad in the IPL, for example], and Hesson, formerly head coach with New Zealand and Kings XI, have been doing the rounds, Simmons is seen as a late entrant. The former West Indies opener was until June the head coach of Afghanistan. In the past, he has also had stints with West Indies, with whom he won the World T20 title in 2016, and, most notably, Ireland. Hesson, meanwhile, served as head coach of New Zealand for six years, the highlights being their memorable run to the 2015 World Cup final and a home Test series win over England in 2018. He has also been linked with the Bangladesh men’s team, who are without a coach since letting go of Steve Rhodes after the World Cup. There have been suggestions from the BCCI that Shastri is most likely to continue, something that has the backing of India captain Virat Kohli, who publicly

The Indian team trains at Sophia Gardens. (Associated Press) expressed his support for Shastri at a press conference before flying out for the tour of the USA and the Caribbean late last month. “With Ravi bhai, all of us have a great camaraderie, everyone in the team shares mutual respect [with him]. And we have done really well

together as a group,” Kohli had said at the time. “Yeah, we will definitely be very happy if he is continuing as a coach, but as I said it is upon the CAC to seek my advice or opinion if they want. Right now, I haven’t been contacted at all. And I don’t know what is going to happen with the

process.” Shastri and the rest of his support staff - Sanjay Bangar (batting coach), B Arun (bowling coach) and R Sridhar (fielding coach) - are automatic entrants into the process. All of them are on an extended 45-day contract that will come to an end following

the two-Test series in the Caribbean. While Arun has been favoured, like Shastri, to retain his job, Sridhar could be up against Jonty Rhodes for the fielding coach’s position. Meanwhile, Bangar’s position as batting (Continued on page 31)


Wednesday August 14, 2019

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Local Amputees France, Williams, DeAbreu gearing for NY marathon and Terry Fox run By Zaheer Mohamed Guyanese Amputees William France, Godfrey Williams and Yvonne DeAbreu are currently preparing to take part in two marathons overseas. Their first assignment will be the Terry Fox run which is slated to be held on September 15 in Canada, while their second event is the New York Marathon which is set for November 4. The trio has embarked on a fund raising venture in order to make their participation in both events possible, and apart from soliciting donations from the public at the Demerara Harbour Bridge, they have planned three other ventures. They have managed to raise $264,000 to date and need to garner $624,000 more to attend both events. They have planned a fund raising walk this Sunday from Grove Police Station on the East Bank of Demerara to Banks DIH. Another walk is set for August 25 on the Essequibo Coast from Coffee Grove to Anna Regina and on October 3 in Berbice from Port Mourant to Canje Bridge.

According to France, they do not get paid for these events and have to raise funds to make their participation possible, which they are doing for their country. France, 62, told Kaieteur Sport that he wants to become the oldest amputee in the world to take part in the New York marathon, which he hopes to accomplish on November 4. That feat is currently held by Dick Thruman of the United States of America who participated in the event at age 59. France, who began his career in 1994 at the Go Guyana Run, last participated in the New York Marathon in 2011, and this year’s edition will be his 23rd; he currently trains three times per week on the Linden Soesdyke Highway. France, who is the President of the William France Differently Able Athletic Club, which is based on Mocha, received the Medal of Service in 1996 and the Walter Rodney award in 1997; he is the only Guyanese to achieve the award to date. The Terry Fox run began in 1981 and is being held to raise funds for cancer

awareness. The 50-year-old Williams of Canal Number One started his career in 2000 and has done three marathons to date including the Terry Fox run in 2001; he trains three times a week. Williams said he was encouraged by France to get involved in these events, which he said helps to keep him fit. He added that he enjoys taking part in marathon and expressed gratitude to President David Granger who presented him with a house lot. DeAbreu, aged 42, of Kitty began her career three years ago; she said that after witnessing other amputees in action, she decided to give it a try and she enjoys representing her country. So far she did three marathons including the Terry Fox run and two in the USA. She has expressed gratitude to President Granger for presenting her with a house lot. The trio is calling on the business community to render assistance in their quest to represent Guyana once again, and is also urging the Government to assist them with employment. They have expressed gratitude to Banks DIH, DDL,

French club Marseille sack Adil Rami for ‘gross misconduct’ AFP - French club Marseille said yesterday they had sacked World Cup winner Adil Rami reportedly for ‘gross misconduct’ following a disciplinary procedure. The Ligue 1 outfit gave no explanation for the decision, saying only that they had “decided to end the contract” of Rami, 33, part of France’s 2018 World Cup winning squad. L’Equipe sports daily, citing a letter sent by the club to Rami, said he had been sacked for ‘gross misconduct’ after he skipped training to take part in a TV reality show. The defender, former partner of ex-Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, had been under investigation since he missed the training sesion at the end of last season. Rami, who has played two seasons for the club, said he was injured but on the same day took part in the recording of a French TV show that

Marseille defender Adil Rami, shown playing for France, has been sacked by the club, reportedly for ‘gross misconduct’. (AFP/File / Franck Fife) included demanding physical stunts. In July club president Jacques-Henri Eyraud told Rami he needed to think deeply about “his obligations as a player especially as a world champion”. The previous month, Rami hit the headlines when US celebrity Anderson revealed

the pair had broken up following a high-profile twoyear relationship. Over the summer Rami was left out of Marseille’s preseason tour to the United States and dropped from the club’s opening match of the season on Saturday under new coach Andre VillasBoas, a 2-0 defeat to Reims.

The amputees from left William France, Yvonne DeAbreu and Godfrey Williams. Stanley Ming, Courtney Benn, Humphrey’s Bakery, Ramchand’s Auto sale, A. Gafoor and Sons, Clear Waters, De Silva’s optical of South Road and Middle

Street, the Guyana Police Force, Neil Kumar, former Prime Mi n i s t e r S a m u e l Hinds, Director of Sport Christopher Jones and others who have assisted

them over the years. Those who are willing to assist the athletes can contact France on 680-3892, Williams on 696-3373 and DeAbreu on 666-2259.

SIC fuels 1320 Heat Local security firm, Secure Innovations and Concepts, has partnered in a major way with the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) for their 1320 Heat, international drag race-meet event. The company over the last week handed over its contribution, with director Harold Hopkinson commenting on the reason for their support. “ We a r e a l w a y s i n t e r e s t e d i n developing sports and sports men and women. We believe that it is the way forward and it is something that we as a people should get behind.” “We joined up with motor racing more specifically because I have a love for it in all its forms.” In receiving the cheque, GMR&SC Vice-president Hansraj Singh stated, “Sponsors like Secure Innovations and Concepts mean the world to motorsport.” “They come in at times when the sport needs them and really put their shoulders to the wheel and help the sport.” Meanwhile, Trinidad’s contingent is expected to ship in the coming week, with a three-way battle between Guyana, S u r i n a m e a n d Tr i n i d a d & To b a g o anticipated. Other sponsors of the event include R. Kissoon Contracting, Deryck Jaisingh Trucking Service and Machinery Rentals, Delco Ice, Mohamed Enterprise, Prem’s

Electrical, E-Networks, Trans-Pacific Auto Sales/Spares, Cyril’s Taxi, Blue Spring Water, Choke Gas Station, Miracle Optical, Tr o p i c a l Shipping, Associated Construction Services, Hand-in-Hand Insurance, Ramchand’s Auto Body and Tow Truck Service, Imran Auto Work, BM Soat Auto Sales and Spares, Marcia’s Flight Services at Ogle Aerodome, Ibet Supreme, Homeline Furnishing, Motul Lubricant, Jiwanram Printery and Sniper Entertainment Sound Company. Admission to the event is $2,000 for adults and $1,000 for children.

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Boys Table Tennis Champ Malachi Moore in ITTF Caribbean Hopes Camp Guyana’s’ National Under 10 Boys Champion Malachi Moore is currently in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Participating in the International Table Tennis Federation Caribbean Hopes table tennis training camp scheduled for the 11th to 19th August, where fifteen (15) of the Caribbean’s best 11 years and under boys and girls are currently participating in the camp. Moore a Malteenoes Table tennis club member who is coached by Idi Lewis and his mother winged out on Saturday 11th August 2019 enroute to the Dominican Republic where they arrived safely, Moore had his first training session on Sunday 12th and Monday 13th. The programme aimed at providing nurturin g a n d early exposure to young talents is being conducted under the guidance of

Venezuela’s experienced ITTF expert Ms. Luisana Perez; for the eight (8) days, training will be two three hour sessions per day; each day commencing at 9.00am and concluding at 6 . 3 0 p m . A d d i t i o n a l l y, coaches attended workshops and seminars, followed by a Challenge tournament, Malachi will be supported by a coach from the Dominican Republic a request made to Mr. Juan Vila, Pan American and Dominican Table Tennis Federation President. The world Hopes programme targets players in the Under 11 category which is the first step on the road to high performance conducted under ITTF Education and Training Programme it is an ITTF global continental programme which offers young players selected from the different

continents a support p a t hway to benefit from training equipment support. The Caribbean Hopes training camp offers players from the region the opportunity to possibly qualify as part of the Pan American team which resents the Latin continent against the continents of Europe Asia, Oceania, North America at the Worlds hopes camp and competition. Moore was selected by the the Guyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA) along with 2019 national girls 11 and 13 cadet champion Jasmine Billingy, however he would be Guyana’s lone participant at the camp given the age stipulation which requires players must to not have been 11 years as at January 1st 2019. A player can turn 11 this year but must NOT be 11 on January 1st, which would have nullified and made

Malachi Moore (right) practices during the Camp in the Dominican Republic. ineligible the talented Billingy possibilities of qualifying even if she wins the hopes camp. Based on the cost a decision was taken to have

her solely participate in the Caribbean Mini and pre cadet championships. The two players are amongst a group of other talented players to lead

Guyana’s charge at the 2019 Caribbean Mini and Pre cadet table tennis Championships scheduled for the 19thto 27th August 2019 in the Dominican Republic.

Fitness Express/Space Gym/GABBFF Seniors 2019

Marlon ‘Bolo’ Bennett is new Mr. Guyana after 20 year wait - Rosanna fun takes Bikini crown; Campbell is Mr. Physique By Franklin Wilson It was worth the twodecade wait for the new Mr. Guyana Marlon ‘Bolo’ Bennett, who proved yet again that ‘age is just a number’, when the 42 year-old flexed his way to the prestigious crown of Mr. Guyana on Sunday last at the National Cultural Centre when the Guyana Amateur Body Building and Fitness Federation (GABBFF) held its marquee, Senior Championships. In taking the crown, Bennett representing Fitness 53, upstaged his younger counterparts as he sported a chiseled and balanced body to beat Caerus Cipriani, Carlos Petterson, Derren Harris and Leon Benjamin in that order after they had qualified for the overall by winning their respective categories. On a night when the lights at the usually reliable NCC was not of the best, the judges did their utmost to ensure that all the cuts and carves presented by the athletes were recognizable enough which swayed their pens in the right direction as they attempted to score each, correctly. Bennett had earlier sounded a serious warning bell when he won two other categories on the night. First he took care of business coming out as the best Lightweight, staving off the

challenge of three other athletes. Not done there, the seasoned campaigner who said that he was motivated and had the belief that he stood a chance at reigning in the national crown after former Mr. Guyana Kerwyn Clarke informed that he was not going to compete, returned to take the Masters class, bettering two other competitors; Donald Lindie (Total Fitness) and Rhon Lonke of Fitness 53. Cipriani competing under the Fitness Gym banner, who in the past few years favoured the Mr. Physique segment of the competition, decide to try his muscles in the body building aspect and came out tops in the Light Middleweight category, a two way battle with Space Gym’s Fabian Roza. Space Gym’s Petterson stormed to the Heavyweight crown as the judges decided he was bet t e r t h a n h i s competition in Lonke (Fitness 53) and Alex Hamilton of Fitness Zone who were good for 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Harris (Tower Unity Gym) got the better of his lone rival, Tajpaul Gwendsammy (Power House) in the Bantamweight class, while Benjamin of Lifetime Gym won the Welterweight division from Henry Ramsey (Buddy’s Gym) and Julian Allen of Fitness 53 in that order.

Derren Harris – Bantamweight winner receives his trophy and medal. The Miss Bikini showdown was between two members of Space Gym which saw Rosanna Fung gaining the judges nod for the first place ahead of Angelica Barroncas. Fung also won the Novice category earlier this year. Like the Miss Bikini clash, the much anticipated Men’s Physique battle was also a Space Gym showdown which saw Emmerson Campbell prevailing yet again over old rival Yannick Grimes who had

to settle for the 3rd place behind Tariq Dakhil and Delroy Phillips. GABBF F P r e s i d e n t Keavon Bess expressed satisfaction that the competition came off well as he complimented all the sponsors and patrons who came out to make the night a success. Sponsors included Fitness Express, Space Gym, Stage of Champions, Fast Graphics, Digital Technology and Ellies Trading.

Rosanna Fung – Miss Bikini GABBFF Seniors 2019


Wednesday August 14, 2019

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Windies target execution, tropical wave threatens PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, CMC – West Indies will focus on their execution of plans as they go in search of a series-levelling win against powerhouses India but the passage of a strong tropical wave could ruin the crucial final One-Day International at Queen’s Park Oval here today. Weather authorities yesterday forecast strong winds, heavy showers and thunderstorms between 10 am and 2 pm, with the possibility of flash flooding, putting in danger the contest set to bowl off at 9:30 am (Eastern Caribbean time). The three-match series has been dogged by rain which forced a reduction of overs during the West Indies run chase in last Sunday’s second ODI, as the hosts fell to a 59-run defeat under Duckworth-Lewis-Stern. And heavy rain in Guyana last week also led to the abandonment of the opener at the National Stadium after just 13 overs. Once the rain stays away, however, West Indies will target massive improvement in an attempt to break a wretched run that has seen them win just six of 21 ODIs this year. And all-rounder Carlos Brathwaite believes the hosts are not far away from pulling together the complete performance and putting a win under their belts. “I don’t think we’re doing that badly or as badly or as badly as the results show,”

Brathwaite told media here Tuesday ahead of the game. “I think we’re just missing a few key points or moments which could turn one or two losses into wins, and which would make us look a little better, give us a little momentum and then you can push to start to win series more consistently.” He added: “I don’t think it’s [a lack of] belief per se because if you ask the guys in the dressing room if they believe we can win, I think they do believe we can win but the know-how and the execution of that belief is where we have been lacking, especially in key moments. “But I don’t think it is a lack of belief, I don’t think it is a lack of passion and in most cases not even a lack of skill but we just haven’t been executing what we wanted to execute in key moments of the game and it’s hampered us for the majority of the World Cup and then in this last game.” West Indies squandered the ideal opportunity to take the series lead, after being asked to chase revised total of 270 off 46 overs. They were cruising on 148 for three in the 28th over before suffering a dramatic middle and lower collapse and losing their last seven wickets for 62 runs. Despite the defeat, Brathwaite said confidence was high they could steal a share of the series, but the batting needed to improve considerably.

“[The mood] is good. Obviously we drew the last series against England at home as well and then going into the last game [on Wednesday], I think it is just for us to get the batting right in both parts,” he pointed out. “If we could divide the batting in half – we either get good starts and then throw it away at the back end or we don’t get good starts and then run it close because of a rearguard effort. “I think the batting has been much improved from the T20 [series] especially from the overall batting performance in the World Cup as well but we didn’t close it off [in the last game]. “So it’s for the batting to get us into a position similar to the second game more often than not – hopefully that happens tomorrow as well – and for the lower half to close out the game.” SQUADS: WEST INDIES – Jason Holder (captain), Fabian Allen, Carlos Brathwaite, John Campbell, Roston Chase, Sheldon Cottrell, Chris Gayle, Shimron Hetmyer, Shai Hope, Evin Lewis, Keemo Paul, Nicholas Pooran, Kemar Roach, Oshane Thomas. INDIA – Virat Kohli (captain), Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, KL Rahul, Shreyas Iyer, Manish Pandey, Rishabh Pant, Ravindra Jadeja, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Kedar Jadhav, Mohammed Shami, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Khaleel Ahmed, Navdeep Saini.

GCF AGM aborted due to late start; new date is next Tuesday The long overdue Guyana Cycling Federation (GCF) Annual General Meeting and election was voided yesterday afternoon as a result of the meeting not starting at the stipulated time of 15:00hrs. President of the federation Horace Burrowes called the meeting to order at 15:50hrs but soon after, it was pointed out by one of the members that the constitution

was specific when it comes to starting on time. It says that after twenty (20) minutes would have elapsed after the stipulated starting time, the meeting would have to be adjourned and set for seven (7) days after, same time, same place which means the new date should be next Tuesday, August 20.

Grandmaster Christopher Francis to conduct... From page 39 “Soke” Francis, said, “Participants are guaranteed 5 hours of the most valuable teachings in personal (close-combat) self defence one can ever wish for, from a combination of 2 world-class experts in self-defence. This is not a speech seminar, this is everyone being shown and practicing the actual moves/techniques. All are guaranteed to build awareness, mental & physical self-confidence, while automatically reducing the attraction to those who

would before see you as “prey”. Security & Law enforcement will greatly benefit by being taught how to subdue an errant offender/intruder or affect an arrest in a few seconds, without the use of firearm, regardless of any disadvantage in weight, size, or height”. Massiah said all Guyanese and even foreigners should make the most of such an opportunity which will be highly beneficial in strengthening their security for safety and survival in a

world of ungodly and evilminded. Donation for the Seminar is G$5000 (snacks included). The event is sponsored by Hand-in-Hand Insurance Co, Steve’s Jewe l l e r y, Maxido Self Defence, Maximum Sports Combat & Strength, Enterprise & Destiny Consulting & Public Relations Firm (USA), Fabulous Homes, Jamrock Restaurant, & Caribbean Martial Arts Alliance. Master Max Massiah can be contacted on (592) 609-8132 for further information.

Navdeep Saini, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Rishabh Pant walk off the field © Randy Brooks/AFP/Getty Images

Outstanding Wallace keeps Swifts on top SYDNEY, Australia, CMC – Trinidadian Samantha Wallace produced another excellent performance to keep New South Wales Swifts at the top of the Australian Super Netball League, with a hard fought 57-51 win over Melbourne Vixens last weekend. Playing at Quaycentre here Saturday, the 25-year-old goal-shooter scored 45 goals from 49 attempts as the leaders picked up their ninth win of the season to move to 72 points – four clear of Sunshine Coast Lightning. Wallace was supported by goal attack Sophie Garbin who scored 12 from 18 attempts. For the losers, Tegan Philip led with 24 goals from 30 attempts while Mwai Kumwenda chipped in with 18 from 20. The contest remained close after the first quarter when Swifts eked out a 12-10 lead but it opened in the second quarter as the Swifts out-shot their rivals 16-11 to lead 28-21 at the half. Swifts endured strong resistance in the third quarter, winning 15-14 and losing the final stanza 14-16 but their first half performance was enough to give them the edge. Wallace, who turned out at the recent World Cup in England, lies third in the league in scoring on 470 goals, behind Jamaicans Janiele Fowler-Reid (601) of

Trinidadian Samantha Wallace. West Coast Fever and Shimona Nelson (501) of Collingwood Magpies. In fact, both Fowler-Reid and Nelson were on show on Monday night as Magpies toppled Fever 63-57 at the RAC Centre in Perth. The 20-year-old Nelson, playing as goal-shooter, scored 43 from 50 attempts while Natalie Medhurst chipped in with 14 from 17, efforts which helped Magpies pull away in the second half after finding themselves down 27-28 at half-time. Magpies had a massive third quarter where they outscored Fever 19-11 and even though they were outscored 18-17 in the final quarter, the damage had already been done.

Fowler-Reid powered the losers with 54 from 60 attempts. Another Jamaican star, Romelda Aiken, proved nearly unstoppable but found herself on the losing side as Adelaide Thunderbirds defeated Queensland Firebirds 71-59 at the Queensland State Netball Centre on Sunday. Aiken, 30, shot 38 from 39 and got help from Gretel Tippett with 21 from 25 but it was not enough to overturn a 30-33 deficit at half-time as Thunderbirds dominated the second half. For the winners Sasha Glasgow scored 36 from 37 while Maria Folau was similarly outstanding with 35 from 38.

Wednesday August 14, 2019

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Grandmaster Christopher Francis to conduct self-defence training seminar August 18 Former (14 time) International & World Martial Arts Champion, CEO of the Pan Caribbean M a r t i a l A r t s Championships, President of the Caribbean Martial Arts Alliance, head of the Black Hawks International Martial Arts Network, 10th Dan Grandmaster, Professor Christopher Francis, respected throughout the World as a Self-Defence

expert, will be in Guyana to conduct a physically interactive 5-hour selfdefence training Seminar “The Scientific Art Of Safety & Survival” on Sunday 18th August, starting 10.30am (sharp) at the Police Officers Mess, Eve Leary. The Professor will be joined by Master Max “Bone breaker” Massiah, Founder of MAXIDO Self Defence System, which is gaining

rapid interest & respect worldwide for its nononsense application of selfdefence techniques which all solely concentrates on dislocation & breakage of an aggressor’s limbs, with devastating effect, in under 4 seconds. The Seminar is specifically structured for the seemingly vulnerable, and likely to be targeted (business owners,

professionals, seniors, females, and especially lawenforcement & security personnel) who may be suspected to mugging, burglary, bullyism, road rage, rape, unlawful physical/domestic assault etc. For adults age 20 to 85 years, females over 16 are accepted with their parents consent. Max Massiah, the host of (Continued on page 30)


Professor Christopher Francis with the legendary Silver Fox.

Fitness Express/Space Gym/GABBFF Seniors 2019

Marlon ‘Bolo’ Bennett is new Mr. Guyana - Rosanna fun takes crown; Campbell after 20 year wait Bikini is Mr. Physique

Men’s Physique top three from right, Emmerson Campbelle (winner), Yannick Grimes (3rd) and Tariq Dakhil (2nd).

rt Spo

Marlon ‘Bolo’ Bennett - Mr. Guyana 2019

Windies target execution, tropical wave threatens Nicholas Pooran sweeps for four, West Indies v India, 2nd ODI, Port of Spain, August 11, 2019 © Getty Images

Fast bowler Oshane Thomas prepares to send down a delivery during training ahead of Wednesday’s final ODI against India. (Photo courtesy CWI Media)

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