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August 11, 2013


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Amaila left hanging THE HEIST OF GUYANA after Sithe pullout … APNU's objections were never addressed by Govt. - Greenidge

'Edo' holds another 'Classic’

Senior KN Sports Reporter Edison Jefford tied the knot with stunning Chaka Charles yesterday in Linden. Congratulations from the Management & Staff of KN!

GPHC Maternal death...

Expert Committee finds

negligence, poor management in care delivered French Guiana-based Guyanese accused of abducting son speaks out - disguises himself to visit his homeland


Proficient attorney Rohan Chandan is a 'Special Person’

Hey you! Yes, you, our valued readers! Please do not miss our forthcoming series about how Guyana has been parceled out and handed out to friends and cronies of former President Jagdeo. Most of you who have been following the news and features in this newspaper may have an idea of the rampant corruption, nepotism and cronyism that characterized the second term of the Jagdeo administration. What you may not appreciate is how almost every major developmental decision was tied to the personal and selfish interests of Jagdeo and his friends; how the national interest became subservient to that avaricious class of friends and cohorts; how one deal was linked to another and how today what we have is an economy that is in the control of a small band of powerful individuals with strong ties to the then Jagdeo administration. In this series, we will show you how Guyana has been stolen from right under your noses, how political power has been used to feed the appetite of a grouping that is now firmly in command of the economy of Guyana, how major projects are all part of efforts to plunder the wealth of the country to enrich a few at the expense of many. We will also establish how certain foreign companies fit into this scheme of things. In short, we will connect the dots for you. We are doing this because we believe that what has taken place under the Jagdeo administration was morally depraved and should not be repeated again in this country. Unless we expose how political power and political office were used for profiteering and personal enrichment, we risk making the same mistakes under the present and any future administration. If the period 2006-2011 has taught us anything, it is that we must now be circumspect with major policy initiatives, because what looks like icing on the cake may be poisoned with the dart of deception. The blatant exercise of cronyism must not be allowed to repeat itself again in this country, whatever little may be left of it, following the rampage of recent years. Kaieteur News is well aware of the risks involved in publishing this series. We can predict the harsh reaction from vested interests, but we believe that we have a sacred duty to publish this series because as our publisher, Glenn Lall, has so often reminded, 'If you do not stand up for something, you will fall for anything’. Starting this Sunday we will take a stand for the future of you and your children. Please support us by reading this series. (See page 10)

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Sunday August 11, 2013

Sunday August 11, 2013

Kaieteur News

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French Guiana-based Guyanese accused of abducting son speaks out By Dale Andrews Ever since a wanted bulletin was issued for his arrest in 2008, 44-year-old Linden Sinclair has been forced to into dodging local police. His alleged crime is: abducting his two-year-old son Ezekiel and taking him back to his place of birth, French Guiana. But Sinclair is adamant that the crime he is being accused of is a big fabrication. For him, the only crime he is guilty of was trying to be a father of his child. In an age when society is crying out for fathers to play a more meaningful role in the children’s lives, Sinclair said that he is being persecuted for doing just that. The time spent hiding had taken its toll on Sinclair, and coupled with the fact that his young son had to endure the stress with his father forced Sinclair into settling his feud with his former girlfriend and sending the child back to Guyana. The former Foreign Service Officer, who was forced to seek the safety of the French overseas department to the east of Surinam, recently returned to Guyana for a brief period and related a tale of being hounded by the Guyana police at the instigation of the mother of his child, with the backing of a former top police

officer. Risking capture, Sinclair, using several disguises, combed the city, hoping to get a glimpse of his now seven-year-old son, whom he had not seen for the past two years. Now safely back in French Guiana, he gave the go-ahead to publish his story, since he is desperate to clear himself of the abduction allegation. In 2008 a police bulletin read: “Lynden Sinclair, whose last known address was 412 West Ruimveldt Housing Scheme, Georgetown, is wanted by the police for questioning in relation to the abduction of a two-year-old male child. Sinclair, 39, is a former employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The police are asking that anyone with information which may lead to the arrest of Lynden Sinclair kindly contact the police on telephone numbers 2256411, 226-9941, 226-6978, 227-6123, 911 or at the nearest police station. All information will be treated with strict confidence.” But according to Sinclair, he had a falling out with his common law wife after returning to Guyana with little Ezekiel. He said that he had confided in the woman that he had information on a high ranking policeman who had direct links to the illegal drug

INNER RESEARCH When was the last time you sat down with yourself for a good assessment of your life? Don’t we all need to know where we’ve been, how the changes we made in the past are affecting us today, where we want to be in the future and what aspects of our personal style are standing in our way of moving forward towards the life we really want to live? Each of us will find a time and place to do this, if we want to. What are the benefits of deciding to look inside? Suddenly you are allowing yourself to do something precious - give yourself time. Every one of us is overbooked in our lives with little time to do anything for ourselves. We have jobs, families and friends who all demand our attention. How can we bring more to our daily relationships if we don’t take the time to know and understand ourselves first? I won’t kid you and say it is all rosy when you do your inner research. Sometimes you have to deal with issues you swept under the rug - knowing one day you would have to look at them again. But guess what? Today is all any of us gets, and even this is not a guarantee. So look inside - deal with what you want to avoid now. Get it out of the way so you can move forward. One thing I do recommend is to also thank yourself for all the courage you have shown in the past, for everyone has had a rocky road at sometime in his or her life. Celebrate the challenges you have overcome. Examine the times you have not triumphed and the lesson you were supposed to learn as a result. Be truthful. If you make a commitment to improve at least one aspect of your personality this year and develop a game plan with a start date, before you know it, you will be on your way to the life you really want.

- disguises himself to visit his homeland trade. “It was dirty, terrible. Stuff about rapes, going as far back as twenty years…his links to Roger Khan, and other hard evidence,” Sinclair disclosed. The former Foreign Affairs Ministry employee said that his common law wife, who he believes had struck up a relationship with the police officer, let the cat out of the bag and since then he became a target for elimination. He stated that although he was still an employee of the Foreign Ministry at the time, he had to be constantly “looking over his shoulder” for he was convinced that the high ranking cop was definitely pursuing him for personal reasons. “Oh, he was coming after me! Because when I heard that the police were looking for me, I checked with Eve Leary and they said ‘No! No such thing!’ People were coming to my mother’s house, my cousin’s house, but never to my house.” Sinclair went into hiding and had taken his son with him. As the hunt for him intensified, he decided that he had to leave Guyana. But at that time he was not willing to put his young son through the horrors of being on the run with him. He contacted the child’s mother and offered to have her take him back. This newspaper was provided with recorded conversations between Sinclair and the child’s mother, during which he pleaded with her to take the little boy. However while the woman agreed, she insisted that the child be taken to a police station and she would uplift him from there. Sinclair admitted that he sensed that he was being setup so that the police could capture him, and he expressed that sentiment to the woman. The woman also expressed fear for her safety and declined to collect the child without the police being present. Eventually they agreed that the child be taken to a police station at a specified time, so that his mother could collect him. The plan fell through, for although Sinclair kept his end of the bargain, the woman did not show up to collect her son. “Thirteen times she refused to come and take him and this is what the public should know. She refused to come and take him. I took the

Linden Sinclair and his son.

child to the Linden Police Station; I took the child to the Social Services. I did make efforts to give her the child and she refused,” Sinclair told Kaieteur News. He even claimed that at one time when he made arrangements with the woman to hand over the child at an agreed rendezvous in Sophia, he was attacked by persons he suspected to be gunmen, causing him to risk his life as well as that of his son in order to get away from them. Eventually, having no other choice, Sinclair fled Guyana with the child, leaving all other personal belongings, including his minibus, behind. “We stamped out. That’s very important. We never ran away. We just went back to ‘our country’ where we belong,” said Sinclair who had solid links to French Guiana. He felt that his troubles were over and it was time to start a new life as a single-parent father. He was wrong! Leaving the child with relatives in French Guiana, Sinclair sought employment in neighboring Surinam. It was there he learnt that a wanted bulletin was issued for him back in his homeland. “I started wondering who I kidnapped in Guyana, and then I found out that it was my own son I had kidnapped.” Being a former Foreign Service Officer, Sinclair was fully aware of the arrangement Guyana has with Surinam and he knew he was not safe, so once again he was on the run and again he fled to the safety of French Guiana. According to Sinclair, from all indications the Guyanese authorities were stopping at nothing to get to

him. “They even sent people to French Guiana to get me.” According to Sinclair, the matter of the child’s custody was eventually taken before a French judge who ruled that he as the child’s father was entitled to his custody, since the child was a born Frenchman. “The French Police even turned and told me that I must not come to Guyana because they want to kill me,” Sinclair said. However, despite this, Sinclair agreed to have the child return to his mother in 2011, with the stated condition that he be allowed to see him periodically. The woman eventually brought the child back to Guyana and that was the last time Sinclair saw him. Since then he has been making several secret sojourns into Guyana with the hope of seeing his son, all to no avail. “I was trying to help with Guyana’s development, but Guyana turned around and undeveloped me, you understand… that’s how I see it,” he said. Sinclair said that because

of the kidnapping allegations, a lot of his friends and associates, including diplomats, both regional and international have distanced themselves from him. “They say, ‘no this guy is a criminal, he’s a kidnapper’ when in fact my only crime was to be a good father to my child. To make sure that he’s safe and well taken care of…If being a good father is criminal, then what does that say about the Guyanese public.” “It’s okay to make children with a woman and then go away and leave them, and then you’re considered a man by Guyanese… Is that it? That’s the question I ask. What is happening, Guyana doesn’t care about good fathers anymore? People were telling me that I should have gone away and just leave him (my son), leave him with social services. I couldn’t do that,” a distraught Sinclair declared. He said that initially he did not know why he was being so targeted, but now he is convinced that it had to do with what he had in his desk drawer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “They went to my office and they searched and they found it. So they figured if they could get me and silence me, the information would have been suppressed.” Five years after the bulletin was first issued for him, Sinclair remains on Guyana’s wanted list. In an e-mail to this newspaper shortly after he returned to French Guiana last week, Sinclair informed that the hunt for him resumed when he was here. “Men in plainclothes came looking for me again. I also received a call from a policeman claiming that I am needed at Kitty Police Station,” he wrote.

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Servant Leadership In the just concluded PPP Congress, as they elected their new cadre of leaders, the question of what type of leaders might be best at this juncture had to be paramount in the minds of the delegates. So too at the “conversation” among African Guyanese last weekend, even though elections were not on their agenda. The need for leadership is perennial. Man, after all, is a social animal and by definition we must function in groups and institutions – especially in our modern, complex societies. Groups and institutions need leaders to ensure that goals are fulfilled, the people are inspired to work towards those goals and sanctions are applied to those that may want to stymie the realisation of the common good. This need for effective leaders is evident not only in our beleaguered country. There is the well-known acknowledgement of varying leadership styles that may be appropriate in different situations – the democratic, the laissez-faire and the authoritarian leaders. But in our Caribbean and Guyanese reality, the imprint of the authoritarian leadership model has been dominant for so long that it appears that no matter who we select – whether in business, not for profit, religious, labour, educational, and surely political – authoritarianism is the default mode. We are past overdue for a leadership reset. Since the seventies, there has been another view – proffered by Robert Greenleaf – which advocates a completely different tack. Labelled “servant leadership”, it is a philosophy and a body of practices that prioritises, in the repertoire of the leader, the needs of his colleagues and of those whom they all are supposed to serve. In politics, this would be the people. In his now seminal essay, “The Servant as Leader,” Greenleaf described the essence of servant leadership: “[It] manifests itself in the care taken by the servant — first to make sure that other people’s highest priority needs are being served. The best test, and difficult to administer, is this: Do those served grow as persons? Do they, while being served, become healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, more likely themselves to become servants?” The approach acknowledges that in the development of the leader, the early phase has to be inevitably focused on the acquisition of competence – especially in the area in which he/she will operate. The development of the self is accompanied though inevitable acts of power in which the competence is displayed. As these acts of power are increased with greater authority being conferred on the leader, there is the ever-present danger of the individual developing on what has been termed the “monomaniacal trajectory” that we see all around us, in every field of human endeavour. Greenleaf’s proposal was that at some point in this “crucible of power” the leader has to consciously take or be forced to take a “redemptive” turn. In this phase of his development, the servant leader imbibes the qualities of: listening, empathy, healing, awareness, persuasion, foresight, stewardship, growth, and the building of community. In what might be seen as a descent of the leader into a greater alignment with his “people”, he/she continues with the development of self, but in a test of humility. We should note that the leader still retains the competence and capacity for acts of power as consonant by his/her authority – it is simply the manner of acting that is altered by the greater giving of self. This latter process is crucial in the development of the community surrounding the leader – both the immediate and wider ones as a culture of service is fostered. This type of servant leader has been paradigmatically exemplified by Gandhi, and aspects of it are evident in many of those that self-consciously set him up as a model – such as Martin Luther King in the USA and Nelson Mandela in South Africa. In Guyana, we must decide what type of leader can best take Guyana forward at this point of our history. Do we want leaders of competence tempered with the mantle of humility or do we want Little Caesars bent on only their own self-aggrandizement?

Sunday August 11, 2013

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Chinese/African incident in Wortmanville DEAR EDITOR, On Wednesday morning an incident occurred in Wortmanville just outside my mother-in-law’s house. This occurrence holds tremendous lessons for race relations in Guyana and I would urge all Guyanese to reflect on it and all sociologists and political analysts to think hard about. But mostly the East Indian people of Guyana I come from Wortmanville, in South Georgetown, where apart from studies abroad lived my entire life there, moving out only in 2007. South Georgetown people are always

stereotyped but here is a huge example of their nature. Here is what happened. A car driven by an African Guyanese male with two African Guyanese females, drove into a parked vehicle owned by a Chinese family which is my mother-in-law’s neighbour. The Chinese family came out and began remonstrating with the driver. The accident had no grey areas. He just drove into a parked car positioned off the road and stationed on the parapet. The African young man began to argue with the Chinese family. Four African neighbours from different

houses began to challenge him. Heated arguments ensued. At one time I sandwiched myself between an irate neighbour and the driver. Another neigbour brought out spray paint to mark the lines where the vehicles were All the defenders of the Chinese family were African Guyanese. Race never came into it. A Wortmanville resident was being bullied by an outsider and the neigbours stood up for justice. I have seen this incident so many times in my life played out in different shapes that I can safely say that the times are literally countless. I have

witnessed the inflexible protection of East Indian people by African Guyanese in situations where persons were trying to be unfairly violent to East Indians. When you grew up and lived among an ethnic community that is other than your own, you see dimensions of their character that outsiders would not understand. Life in south Georgetown has taught me two lessons. One is that I am not Indian or African but Guyanese. Secondly, human beings are fundamentally humane, selfless, honest people Frederick Kissoon

Sunday August 11, 2013

Kaieteur News

Kaieteur M@ilbox I did not speak to any reporter from Kaieteur News DEAR EDITOR: Your story “Home Affairs claims racial hostilities at recent forum-Organisers refute claims” (KN August 10) reported that Kaieteur News contacted me regarding the press release by the Ministry of Home Affairs and I was quoted as saying “I was nowhere there at the City Hall, so I don’t know where the Ministry got their information from.” This is quite alarming. I did not speak to any reporter from Kaieteur News regarding that story. This is not a case of being misquoted; it’s a case of a reporter manufacturing a quote and attributing it to me. I could not make such a comment since the statement

attributed to me by the Ministry is accurate. I did make that statement on Monday August 5 during an address at a public meeting at City Hall in the full view and hearing of the media and all others present. However, it is true that I have not attended any of the subsequent protests by the vendors and/or the City Councilors at City Hall or elsewhere. I would be very grateful if this matter can be publicly cleared up as it puts me in very bad light. David Hinds ************ EDITOR’S NOTE: It is impossible to explain the unexplainable and this

situation presents such a dilemma. It has been established that Dr. Hinds never spoke to any Kaieteur News reporter, thus the quote attributed to him is indeed non-existent and admittedly alarming. The circumstances have since been discussed and the problem identified. This publication unreservedly apologizes to Dr. Hinds and sincerely regrets any inconvenience or unnecessary embarrassment caused as a result of the article’s erroneous content. Dr. Hinds can also rest assured that apart from this public acknowledgement, the matter is being dealt with in a condign manner internally.

PPP workshops not stage managed DEAR SIR, Peeping Tom claims that the leaders of the P.P.P stage managed the outcome of workshops at the just concluded congress in Port Mourant. The problem with PEEPING is that you firstly have to be hidden or concealed, and secondly, you have to keep your distance from the object of your peeping so that you would not be caught. This unwarranted invasion of privacy most times leads to the wrong impression due to the Peeper’s inability to hear and see everything. The workshops of the

PPP congress followed the universal norms associated with the conducting of any such activity. The discussions were moderated by a panel of PPP members that had direct responsibility for the topic under consideration. For example, the resource personnel for the workshop on Party Organisation were the Executive Secretary, Organizing Secretary and the Political Affairs Secretary. Now, are these not the relevant persons to listen to the participant views and in the position to respond to their queries?

For the enlightenment of the Peeper, I had a close-up view of the discussion and what I heard and saw were old stalwarts giving dialectical analysis of the situation, new members expressing refreshing unfettered views that reflected their newness and most of all, the young comrades were a j o y t o behold in their forceful, radical and dynamic presentations. Democracy was at work and we are sorry for disappointing the PEEPERS in that what they expected, did not happen. Reggie Bhagwandin

The govt should call upon the Canadians to evaluate and report on this current project DEAR EDITOR, Thanks to contributor Delgado for tons of information on the Amaila Falls Project. Here in Region 11, one can only gape in astonishment that the Guyana Government would choose to be secretive and closeted on details of such an important project that will have a lasting effect on the lives of its citizens. Is the government ruling for its people or only for the current members of its party? Given the acknowledged state of corruption in its governance as evidenced by its own web site “I paid a bribe”, there is little to be surprised about on the current secretiveness. Many years ago the Canadian Government through CIDA, did extensive work on setting up hydro power for Guyana . Available financing caused that project to be not implemented. Why

would not the current government call upon the Canadians to evaluate and report on this current project which is much smaller than what the Canadians worked on in the past? The thought behind this suggestion is that sincere credence could be had and such credence could enhance the determination of the Guyana Government in is attitude of going ahead at all costs. Ipso facto, an adverse

report would encourage the opponents to continue to oppose! Good order, good governance and good intentions, seem to specious expressions by the current government. Carl Veecock

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Sunday August 11, 2013

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The Guyana Police Force makes The National Minimum Wage the final decision about security and 40-hour work week DEAR EDITOR, he chose to go public on an relations acumen is not lost, around Parliament Buildings Mr. Mohamed Akeel issue which initially could but what a vain attempt it is? DEAR EDITOR, The Parliament Office has noted the comments of prominent columnist Freddie Kissoon in an article entitled: “I doubt I will vote in the next general elections”. The Parliament Office wishes to make it known to the public that neither the Speaker of the National Assembly nor the Clerk of the National Assembly has the

jurisdiction or authority over the roadways outside the Parliament Buildings compound. Therefore, the Speaker and Clerk have no right to direct the Guyana Police Force as to the operational matters regarding security arrangements that are implemented to address traffic and security concerns on days of sittings. Following the passing of a Resolution pertaining to the Police Force’s erection of barricades around the Parliament Buildings, the Commissioner of Police was accordingly informed of the contents therein. In subsequent meetings held

between the Security SubCommittee of the Parliamentary Management Committee and Officers of the Guyana Police Force, it was determined that to the best extent possible, there would be a relaxation of the levels of security cordon placed around the Parliament Buildings. Nevertheless, the final decision on the levels of security around the Parliament Buildings would be determined by the Guyana Police Force based on its assessment and determination of threat levels. S.E. SAACS Clerk of the National Assembly

seems to be begging the issue on the National Minimum Wage Order. We have seen Mr. Akeel’s recent response to our letter dated July 23, 2013 and we are satisfied that rather than being helpful, his second letter, like the first, is intended to embarrass officers in the Ministry of Labour, who would have been trained under Mr. Akeel’s leadership. In fact, he wants to exhibit his superior knowledge, and it should be so, given his vast years as a labour officer or we would have been disappointed if he did not have the skills and competence. Therefore, his skills and competence are out of the question. We are however disappointed that (1) that as a former Chief Labour Officer

have been discussed with his former colleagues of long years. We can only ask, what was his motive to go public? And we already answered that. Further, setting certain categories of worker hours of work like what he mentioned in his letter concerning the public sector is not equivalent to setting the National Minimum wage or the national working hours. He should know that long before that the National Association of Agricultural Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE) had a 40-hour, five-day work week in the sugar industry. We also did indicate that we were conscious of conflicting aspects of the Order as against the Act and did say that the issue is being looked at for amendment. So the fulmination of Mr. Akeel was unnecessary. Reading his letter, one can only come to the conclusion that brinkmanship is preferred by him rather than constructive dialogue. His attempt to show his industrial

Imagine in a letter on a labour issue this patriotic Guyanese refers to a ‘green card’ that he does not have. Why lament that? What relevance has it to his letter? His last interesting paragraph gives us the impression that he is really after the Minister of Labour. After all, he seems to have taken umbrage at the Minister’s attendance at the Guyana Trades Union Congress’s (GTUC’s) Labour Day Rally 2013, which he describes as an Opposition rally and hinted that the Minister should have attended the Government rally. The Minister did also attend the Federation of Independent Trades Union of Guyana (FITUG) 2013 May Day Rally. We wonder if Mr. Akeel is referring to the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers’ Union’s (GAWU’s) rally as Government rally and what yardstick he used to describe the TUC’s rally as ‘Opposition’ rally. We also wonder at his knowledge of the Guyana Public Service Union as a “separatists” union. It must be from his enormous industrial relations experience. Hail Akeel! You are an expert! Please try one more time so that we can know more of what is on your mind and what is bothering you. Come Clean and deal with the person you perceive as an “opposition and unpatriotic” Guyanese. NorrisWitter

Sunday August 11, 2013

Kaieteur News

Assad sends air force to prevent rebel advances in home province BEIRUT (Reuters) Warplanes bombed a village in Syria’s north overnight in an apparent effort by President Bashar al-Assad to prevent rebels fighting him from advancing on communities in the stronghold region of his Alawite sect. Assad’s forces are on the defensive in his family’s home province of Latakia, and recent rebel gains across northern Syria, including a military air base captured last week in Aleppo province, have further loosened his grip on the country. Assad controls much of southern and central Syria, while insurgents hold northern areas near the Turkish border and along the Euphrates valley towards Iraq. The northeast corner of the pivotal Arab state is now an increasingly autonomous

Kurdish region. (http:// The mainly Sunni Muslim insurgents are battling to overthrow Assad, whose minority Alawite sect is an offshoot of Shi’ite Islam, in a civil war which erupted two years ago when mainly peaceful protests against his rule were put down with force. As many as 20 people were killed in the air strikes on the village of Salma, including 10 civilians, six Syrian fighters and four foreign fighters, the anti-Assad Syrian Observatory for Human Rights group said yesterday. Amateur video footage posted on the Internet showed a large apartment block with all its outside walls blown out. Men, some in military fatigues, were seen loading bodies onto a pickup truck. Salma is a Sunni village in

the Jabal Akrad mountain range which overlooks the Mediterranean. Salma-based rebel forces comprised of mainly Islamist brigades, including two al Qaeda-linked groups, have killed hundreds in offensives this month and have seized several Alawite settlements. Rebels captured the religiously-mixed village of Kharratah two miles (three km) south of Salma, video posted online by rebels on Friday showed. The insurgents could be seen walking around the village, surrounded by green fields and orchards. No civilians could be seen and houses appeared to be empty. Assad has deployed extra forces in the region and the air raids reflected an urgent priority to protect the main region of his Alawite sect - 12 percent of Syria’s 21 million people.

RPT-China investigates France’s Sanofi for alleged bribery - Xinhua (Reuters) - China has started investigating French drugmaker Sanofi SA for allegedly bribing more than 500 Chinese doctors with about 1.7 million yuan ($277,600) of payments to raise sales, China’s Xinhua state news agency said yesterday. Xinhua cited a health bureau official as saying the team investigating Sanofi would include disciplinary authorities and the Beijing municipal health bureau, and it would look for clinical research programmes with lists of patient names and medical reports. Sanofi said this week it took “very seriously” allegations published in a Chinese newspaper on Thursday that its staff bribed more than 500 doctors in China in 2007 to raise

sales. An anonymous whistleblower told the 21st Century Business Herald newspaper that Sanofi staff paid bribes totalling about 1.7 million yuan to 503 doctors at 79 hospitals in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou and Guangzhou in late 2007. Sanofi said in a statement it was aware of the report but it said it was premature to comment on events that may have occurred in 2007. It said it had zero tolerance for any unethical practices. Chinese investigations into bribery and over-pricing have centred on Britain’s GlaxoSmithKline Plc (GSK) but the latest developments suggest they could have a wider impact across the pharmaceuticals industry.

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Sunday August 11, 2013

Sunday August 11, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Guyana to benefit from regional $720M forest carbon fund Guyana is one of four countries to benefit from a 2.7M Euro ($720M) European program to help determine the country’s forest carbon stocks. Under the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) project, a technical platform will be established which will to support estimation of land cover changes and forest carbon stocks; identifying deforestation and degradation drivers and modelling land use changes and socio-economic development, the Office of Climate Change, an arm of the Office of the President, said in a statement. The regional REDD+ project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER), the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM) and the local government of French Guiana (Région Guyane). “The project’s

Guyana will benefit from a $720M regional fund to help protect its forests. overarching aim is to support the reduction of greenhouse gases (GhG) associated with deforestation and forest degradation through information sharing and strengthening the technical

capacity of REDD+ focal points and forest service institutions in Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana and the Brazilian State of Amapa.” At the first meeting of the

project, held on Thursday in Paramaribo, Adviser to the President and Head of the Office of Climate Change, Shyam Nokta, disclosed that the project was initiated out of a meeting by Guyana and

the Ministers of Environment of France and Suriname at the United Nations Climate Conference in Poznan in December 2008. Nokta also provided an overview of Guyana’s REDD+ initiatives under the framework of the Low Carbon Development Strategy and with support from the Kingdom of Norway. Under the Norway deal, Guyana is to draw down US$250M in cash over a fiveyear period for protecting its forests. The monies are to be used in “green” projects geared to enhance the development of the country. A significant portion of the Norway funds had been planned for the Amaila Falls Hydro Project. In lending support to the project, Nokta, according to the OCC, outlined Guyana’s willingness to share experiences and lessons learnt, while at the same time seeking support from the project to continue to build a

REDD+ model. Guyana’s Office of Climate Change and Guyana Forestry Commission are represented on the project’s Steering Committee. The Guiana Shield is one of the largest blocks of primary tropical forest, worldwide ,as well as a region with very high biodiversity. Some 90% are covered with intact rainforest and it plays a critical role in mitigating climate change and in water regulation of Amazon and Orinoco basins. REDD+ is a global initiative designed to pay groups or countries for protecting their forests and reducing emissions of greenhouse gas pollutants, especially CO‚ . It aims to reduce net emissions on a global scale. If it succeeds, it could help protect the world’s forests as carbon reservoirs and maximize their potential for slowing down and reducing the impact of climate change.

Sunday August 11, 2013

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Mixed emotions on Sithe Global withdrawal By Abena Rockcliffe The Amaila Falls Hydro Project has been surrounded by much controversy and uncertainty. But now when it seems as if the project will be either stalled or scraped, mixed emotions and views are being voiced. Financial analyst, Ramon Gaskin, who had been very critical about a number of details of the Amaila project, yesterday shouted “Hallelujah” in response to his feeling about Sithe Global’s withdrawal from the project, while Public Relations (PR) consultant Kit Nascimento said that what has happened is “tragic.” Sithe Global is the company that has become both developer and investor in the Amaila Falls Hydro Project. The company bought its developing licence from Fip Motilall who was granted his by the government of Guyana. On Friday last, Sithe Global officially withdrew as an investor, citing a lack of national consensus on the part of the Parliamentary opposition. The company had before stated that it would be “forced’ to pull out of the project in the absence of such consensus. It has lobbied extensively, through PR work, to gain such a reality. Yesterday, Gaskin said that he was overjoyed that Sithe Global pulled out of the project. Gaskin is one of the persons who had publicly stated that he wasn’t against Hydro electricity, but just couldn’t accept the Amaila Falls project in the form that it stood. Asked yesterday if he

thinks that the project can be saved, bearing in the mind the latest development, Gaskin stressed that the project is not worth saving. He said that it is the most expensive hydro in the world and will cause a sharp increase of electricity tariff. “It should not be saved and the government should let Sithe Global walk, at least I’m glad they did.” added Gaskin. Asked if he was not worried about the long delay before the possibility of a hydro can be brought back to the table, Gaskin told this newspaper that in 90 days the bidding process can begin again. He advised that “this time it should be put out for international competitive bidding to countries like Brazil, Germany and India.” Gaskin had spoken about the benefits of Sithe in the project saying that the company was getting too much for its investment. At the other end of the spectrum, meanwhile, words like “tragic’ and “disaster” were used by Kit Nascimento to describe what has happened. “This is a disaster for Guyana. Sithe Global’s pullout will do terrible harm. It will be a long time until a source to match it can be put in place.” According to Nascimento, who was the moderator at the last stakeholders’ forum on the Amaila project, it now appears that no matter what the opposition does at this late stage, it is unlikely that it can do any good. He opined that the Amaila project fell victim to irresponsible politics and a

Ramon Gaskin

Kit Nascimento

good deal of irresponsible media coverage On Thursday, August 8, the National Assembly passed the legislation relating to the Project, but without the support of the main opposition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU). However, while the minority opposition – the Alliance for Change voted in favour of the Amaila Bills, APNU didn’t. During a brief statement at State House on Friday, which was aired on the National Communications Network (NCN), President Ramotar said that government is doing the best it can to save the project. The government has spent more than US$12 million to build a road to access the hydropower site and Sithe Global has already invested some US$16M in the project. Analysts Christopher Ram and Gaskin had stated that the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project should be retendered internationally or scrapped entirely, while warning that the cost

associated with the project is well over the country’s US$1.7 billion national debt. The two had met with several stakeholders,

This low bed took a deep turn at the junction of Drury Lane and Middleton Street causing the 40ft container to cant precariously and impede the free flow of traffic.

inclusive of representatives of the diplomatic corps, private sector and politicians among others, and said, not only will the project in its configuration at the time, saddle the nation with a huge debt, but there is no guarantee that the cost of electricity will be reduced. Gaskin had stated that the cost of electricity could very well increase, given the high levels of risk and uncertainty associated with the project. “We do not reject hydro as a proposition,” cautioned Gaskin “but this Amaila deal, we have to reject it.” Similarly, economist Professor Clive Thomas of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) had been very critical of the project, he

too warned about the possibility of the electricity being raised even higher after the project would have come on stream. Thomas did the first and so far only comprehensive study on the project coming out of a source other than the government. It is titled “Eight essays on the Political Economy of the Amaila Falls Hydro Project.” He warned in that piece that Guyana will quickly outgrow the project. This was confirmed by Head of the Technical team for the Amaila project, Winston Brassington. Thomas had said that with five years after the power being generated from the plant would become insufficient to satisfy consumers need.

Lightning destroys Mahdia Power Company’s generator Mahdia and surrounding communities were plunged into darkness during the wee hours of yesterday morning after lightning struck destroying the power company’s small generator and lightning arrestors. According to a source, the company was unable to switch over to the large generator since it was nonoperational at the time. Personnel worked diligently to repair the large generator and were able to restore electricity to the communities. The source said that Mahdia’s Friday night lime was interrupted with heavy rainfall and lightning. Eyewitnesses are surprised that no building caught fire since sparks were seen on

electricity cables. Residents were thankful that the power had been restored yesterday, hours ahead of Mahdia’s pageant and fair. However, there are concerns that the power company would have to further ration electricity supply, since the large generator utilizes a lot of fuel. But, according to a source, management is hoping that would not occur. Over the past two weeks, Mahdia Power Company was forced to reduce its power distribution from 18 hours to

12 hours because of limited fuel. The source said the company finds it financially difficult to fund 18 hours of electricity daily. As such, usually around month-end when the company is collecting revenue and is in the process of reshipping fuel, the need to ration fuel kicks in. According to the source, though the company is financially strapped, the Regional Administration has not paid its electricity bill for January to the present date. The amount owed is approximately $9M.

We cannot determine our destiny, but we do have a choice of a philosophy that will influence the direction of our life.

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Sunday August 11, 2013

GPHC Maternal death...

Expert Committee finds negligence, poor management in care delivered An Expert Committee that was tasked with investigating the June 4 maternal death of 28-year-old Luan Rodney at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) has determined that there was negligence and poor management on the part of both doctors and nurses who attended to the woman. This disclosure was made by Chief Medical Officer, Dr Shamdeo Persaud, under whose purview the investigation was conducted. Rodney, who was reportedly overdue, was admitted to the hospital one day earlier to deliver her second child but died as a result of a ruptured uterus, resulting in hypovolemic shock. The life-threatening condition, according to medical experts, is created when an individual loses more than 20 per cent of the body’s blood supply. This severe blood loss makes it impossible for the heart to pump sufficient blood throughout the body, thereby causing many organs to fail if immediate emergency medication attention is not engaged. The baby was delivered stillborn because of the excessive bleeding and because doctors reported

- Attending doctors were not qualified for role played

Dead: Luan Rodney that she hadn’t sufficient passage. This publication was informed that although the woman was administered medication to induce labour, she was not closely monitored, even after a nurse was alerted to the fact that she was in labour. A nearby patient revealed that it was not until she observed Rodney bleeding and alerted the ward nurse that action was taken. Doctors of the public hospital had met with the dead woman’s husband, Nigel Rodney, who related that medical officials informed that it was after the nurses had

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

found that his wife wasn’t doing too well in the ward that a decision was made to take her to the delivery room. It was after doing this that a call was placed to a doctor to come and attend to the patient. The doctor, the man said, explained to him that he examined the patient, at which point he observed that she was bleeding. The doctor further expounded that once such a patient is found to be bleeding, be it due to a ruptured uterus or the passing of the placenta before the delivery of the baby, it requires emergency surgery. As such, he said that immediate moves were made to rush the woman to the operating theatre. Nigel Rodney said that he was told that his wife was losing a great deal of blood and therefore required a blood transfusion. The man said, too, that he was told that his wife was unconscious throughout the entire process and never regained consciousness. The doctors were however unable to confirm reports that the now dead woman was bleeding ahead of being rushed to the delivery room. This publication was informed, too, that the woman was administered

Cytotec, which is known to cause complications ranging from uterine rupture to amniotic fluid embolism. However, the labour-inducing medication is still very much approved by many health sectors. According to Minister of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran, during an interview with this newspaper, although the drug is a legitimate one, it is imperative that patients to whom it is administered are closely monitored. “Cytotec is a good drug to induce labour…it is in protocol now, and it is one that is being used more and more for such activities…but once you induce labour, by whatever method, patients must be monitored.” And although two doctors and two nurses were sent on administrative leave by the public hospital pending the outcome of an ensuing investigation, there are additional measures that are expected to be implemented within three months of the completion date of the investigation. Moreover, Dr. Persaud insisted that the recommendations from the Committee include that the findings of the investigation be reviewed and appropriate action be taken by both the

Medical and Nursing Councils. But according to the CMO, “the Committee is very careful not to tell the Councils what to do.” Dr. Persaud disclosed that it has been recommended that the doctors involved be sent on academic probation, which means they must complete three months for the deficiencies that were recognised in their performance. The recommended probation commenced on June 24 and will culminate on September 24. They will also be required to undergo training in Basic Life Support and Advance Cardiac Life Support, which according to Dr. Persaud, will be useful in cases where patients suffer complications. All training, he disclosed, will be conducted at the GPHC. And although both sets of culpable practitioners could see their operations being censored, Dr. Persaud said any disciplinary action is likely to take into consideration the fact that the two implicated doctors were not trained obstetricians. They have since been enrolled in a post-graduate training programme, but according to Dr Persaud, “we do hope that they can be further tutored in the areas in which they were identified not to respond effectively in the management of the patient.” “They could probably be censored in some way, regardless of what is said, once an issue like this goes to the Council it will always matter, because if they seek a certificate it could be revealed that they were investigated and found to be negligent or they had a malpractice or something,” Dr. Persaud explained. Doctors, according to him, could fall under different categories of licences, including internship licence,

Dr. Shamdeo Persaud an institutional category where a practitioner is able to work under supervision and then there is the full licence where practitioners can either operate in the public or private sphere independently. Under the full licence category, doctors can gain specialised qualifications, whereby that practitioner can be designated a paediatrician or obstetrician or any specialist area. At any time, the Council could move practitioners from one category to another, Dr Persaud said. Nurses could also have full licence (as Registered Nurses) and it is possible for the Nursing Council to censure them by putting them on a suspended or temporary licence, which is a licence that requires the nurse to operate under supervision. With this licence, the nurse is mandated to report to someone to see that their work is being supervised. “We can do that at the Medical Council, too, where we can put them back on an institutional licence and then recommend that they be placed under supervision for varying periods from six months up to 18 months,” Dr. Persaud said.

Sunday August 11, 2013

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Amaila left hanging after Sithe pullout The future of the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project remains uncertain and while President Donald Ramotar has assured that Government will try its best to keep the project alive, there are still a number of critical questions that remain unanswered, even as the project developers have decided to withdraw. Sithe Global, the developers who acquired the licence for the project from Makeswhar ‘Fip’ Motilall’s Synergy Holdings Inc, yesterday officially announced that they are pulling out from the project. The Company said that this was being done because there was not unanimous support from all three of the political parties in Parliament. “We today, reluctantly announce our withdrawal from the project,” a statement from Sithe Global indicated. According to the statement, the project was supported by the Alliance for Change (AFC), the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/ C) and all non-partisan organizations that reviewed the project. “However it was not supported unanimously by all three political parties, a necessary prerequisite to the project receiving international funds required to complete it.” According to Sithe Global, at present the project cannot move forward, despite 16 years of work and over US$16M of independent Sithe Global expenditure and more than US$15M of Government expenditure. “While our efforts have

…APNU’s objections were never addressed by Govt. - Greenidge

APNU’s Financial Spokesperson, Carl Greenidge come to a close, we again take this opportunity to thank you the people of Guyana for your full consideration of the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project.” A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s Financial Spokesperson Carl Greenidge, in light of the formal announcement by Sithe Global, yesterday told this publication that the party was opposed to the project on a principled position. According to Greenidge, none of the objections raised by the party was addressed by the government. He said that Government was quite aware of Sithe Global’s concerns as it was of the opposition’s, regarding the project, but despite this it did not address them, hence the decision to vote against it. Greenidge said that the project was badly designed in

the first place, along with being the most costly anywhere in the world. In relation to the design, Greenidge said that when it was initially being mulled in the early 1990s, the reservoir and river basin were supposed to have been built to accommodate a number of hydro plants. According to Greenidge, ever since the government linked up with Makeswhar ‘Fip’ Motilall’s Synergy Holdings Inc, this idea was discarded and the administration went ahead with designing the single hydro power project. Greenidge said that the package that saw the project costing in excess of US$300M servicing financing for the project was also questionable. He said that when APNU attempted to solicit information from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) regarding the package, the part was informed that Sithe Global was its client and as such it could not pass on the information to APNU. Greenidge said, too, that when the party attempted to garner information on what exactly the final tariff would be, this proved to be a futile undertaking. He said that APNU was concerned with what the final tariff would be to the average consumer, but in requesting answers, they were being told

about the amount for which Sithe Global would supply electricity to GPL. In the absence of a finalized Power Purchase Agreement between Amaila Falls Hydro Inc, and the GPL, it remains largely guesswork as to whether the electricity tariff would have been reduced. Chartered Accountant Christopher Ram, who had been a vocal critic of the project and its cost, has informed this publication that while he has managed to secure an engagement with GPL regarding many of the queries he has, these are yet to be resolved. He indicated that this past week he held an initial but extensive engagement with Chairman of the Board of Directors of GPL, Winston Brassington, along with his “two Amaila technical advisers and Kit Nascimento and the Public Relations agent of GPL, on the scores of concerns I have had with the project.” According to Ram, at the end of that session it was agreed that they would meet again and in anticipation of that, he has since forwarded a number of questions to Brassington. “I had given an undertaking that I would reserve further statements on the project pending the meeting with Brassington and his team…Accordingly, I am

withholding any comments on the announcement of Sithe’s withdrawal from the project.” Meanwhile, President Ramotar in an address to the nation said “we will work hard to try to do what we can to save this project and also try to expand it… try to get this project on stream because it of importance to the developme n t of the country.” The president said that government was warning about this all along, noting that they presented all the

information requested to the Parliamentary parties, and the private sector was engaged on the issue. During the past week’s marathon session of the sitting of the National Assembly, APNU voted against the Hydro Electric Bill as well as the motion to raise the debt ceiling guarantee for public corporations. The proposed changes in the leg i s l a t i o n w e r e approved through a majority vote when the AFC tossed in its support for the US$858M project. It had however amended the debt ceiling motion capping the government’s request to that of $50B instead of the original $150B initially requested.

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Sunday August 11, 2013

PPP vows to tackle corruption, reverse elections setback The ruling party has vowed to tackle, in a timely manner, cases of corruption when they are found. According to the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), the issue of corruption was raised during its 30th Congress held last weekend at the J.C. Chandisingh Secondary School, Port Mourant, East Berbice. In a political declaration released yesterday, the party had this to say on corruption and what was decided at the Congress: “We stand firmly on the side of good governance, the promotion of accountability in government and in the party and transparency of those in public life. Furthermore, we support the party in government and the party in firmly addressing such cases of corruption wheresoever they are found in a timely manner.” The issue of corruption has been one hotly debated for a number of years now. There have been accusations of deep-seated corruption but no known cases of anyone being charged or officially sanctioned. The administration has been calling for evidence. Last year, two senior officials

of the state-owned National Communications Network (NCN) were embroiled in multi-million-dollar case involving the production of a singing talent show. Some of the moneys were even deposited in the bank account of one of the executives. Yet, almost one year later, the Office of the President has not yet released the findings of that report, despite calls for it and promises by government officials, including President Donald Ramotar. One of the two officials resigned while the other has been on suspension. In another case, an independent auditor of the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) found that his contract could not be renewed after highlighting several instances of what he believed to be irregularities. His report implicated senior NDIA officials. He sent a copy of his report to the President, raising anger over the deliberate bypass. Meanwhile, the “political declaration” yesterday also addressed the party’s performance at the November 2011 General and Regional

Elections in which it lost its Parliamentary majority for the first time in its 20-year rule. The party said that delegates and observers acknowledged that there was still more to be done “and the party recognizes that some things that we wanted to do in government could not be done because of the lack of human, technical and financial resources. We recognize that in this the postNovember 2011 election period we have been tried and tested by the one seat majority of the opposition APNU and AFC in the National Assembly and their reckless anti-national positions.” On the way forward, the party said it was preparing to reverse those results which caused them to become a one-seat minority in the National Assembly. “We resolutely resolve here today that we, the party delegates and observers, to the 30th Congress, will work strenuously to strengthen the party and its bodies, to invigorate our work amongst the people with more focused political leadership and consciousness, to ensure that the present situation is reversed at the next elections.” Party officials had said that they have blamed the Parliamentary loss to failure to connect to grass roots supporters, traditionally considered as the party’s

mainstay. The poor results of the sugar industry and a growing divide with sugar workers have also been blamed. During the opening of the congress two Fridays ago, the party had unveiled plans to strengthen its youth arm even more. Vowing to continue uniting the “diverse ethnic groups” in the country and to “unequivocally reject those who are intent on dividing our people on the basis of ethnicity”, the party said it recognizes that ethnic insecurities are real and that any political solution must address these insecurities and build trust and confidence among Guyanese. The party also took credit for the development strides

in Guyana. “We recognize with pride as PPP members that Guyana has made tremendous economic progress, surviving the global financial and economic crises that have ravaged many countries in the world, including the USA, Southern Europe, and some Caribbean countries.” The statement pointed to the 21 years that the party had been in government “radically” reforming the Guyana Constitution and upholding it, protecting human rights, safeguarding democracy, upholding due process, protecting the workers and farmers, assisting the private sector, cementing good neighbourliness with states on the borders, articulated

the best interests of overseas Guyanese and have created t r a n s f o r m a t i v e developmental projects which will allow Guyana to make quantum leaps to being a modern democratic nation. “We reaffirm our firm commitment to ensuring that public safety and security remains a top priority in the overall developmental strategy of the PPP/C administration. To this end, we will work to ensure that the admini s t r a t i o n provides the joint services with the necessary tools and legal provisions to allow them to execute effectively their lawful responsibilities in the fight against all forms of criminal activities and the protection of our borders.”

Designs for $5,000 note completed, Cabinet to give green light for circulation

The designs for Guyana’s $5,000 bill have already been produced giving a clear awareness of what the notes would look like. A question of timing when the bills would be introduced is up to Cabinet. This is according to Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon, during a brief interview with this publication. Dr. Luncheon said because of the volume of transactions Guyana is involved in, having such a high note in circulation is needed. “What administration is probably looking at is the volume of economic activities… no use you are having a $5,000 bill in an economy in a size that doesn’t sustain it…Our economy does,” he declared.

- Dr. Luncheon Dr. Luncheon first announced the introduction of the $5,000 note last year following a recommendation from the Central Bank, when the economy was booming. However, this year, one commercial bank announced that the economy had slowed and pointed to the drop in gold prices on the world market and cuts to the National Budget. According to Dr. Luncheon, “Had it not been for the budget cuts, we would have been spending over $200B in the economy this year. You have to have the size of the economy to sustain the range in the denomination of Bills, both at the top and at the bottom. The distribution and the

denomination are important”. He highlighted as another important aspect of having a large note, the saving in the investment of time on counting large sums and storage. In addition, having a new note in circulation would avoid criminal exploiting weaknesses. “That’s why we turn to the external De La Rue mostly as the Caribbean market and Latin America and they do quite a bit of their production of currency notes for the developing world and in the English-speaking Caribbean, and that of course has a lot to do with security and the difficulties in counterfeiting the money.” The Cabinet Secretary emphasized that these are all issues Government has to address. He said every now and again Cabinet is informed of where Guyana is “with the different strands of influential thinking into the decisionmaking and when they converge they say let’s go ahead”. Dr. Luncheon had said the $5,000 bill would be the fifth currency note in circulation, joining the $20, $100, $500 and the $1,000 notes. According to him, all the other notes will remain in circulation.

Sunday August 11, 2013

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Killing of the Kaieteur News pressmen…

“That thing ruined my whole life” - surviving security guard By Rehana Ashley Ahamad


even years have passed, and some families of the slained Kaieteur News pressmen seem to be holding their grounds and moving on. But, this is not the case of Julius De Grace, one of the two survivors of the attack. It is not the case where he just did not recuperate, his wife said, noting that her husband's mental state has deteriorated. Ever since the fateful night of August 8, 2006, the woman explained that De Grace who was once a fearless man has become scared to the extent where even sleeping has become a task. Her words came as no shock to me, because as I spoke to Mr. De Grace, he was literally shaking like a leave. He seemed very fragile. The now 74-year-old man was the only security personnel on duty that night, and the first to be shot in the head by one of the fully armed youths who wasted no time in scouring the premises for those who were inside, executing five of the six pressmen who were hiding in the toilet. “Right now, I don't remember anything. You underrate the shock I been through? I still feel stupid to this day. Only people who been through it can understand young lady, you wouldn't. That thing ruined my whole life,” De Grace said. He added that ever since the killings, he has not been able to work any longer. And out of fear that tragedy might once again strike in his path, De Grace said that he does not leave his home very often. The man even pleaded that I not accompany this article with his photograph, as he heard that the accused were released, and are currently roaming free. Meanwhile, Ramchand Harripersaud also known as “Harry”, the only surviving pressman has been able move on to some degree. Although the events of that night would still make tears fall, he has commenced working to provide for his family. “Harry” is currently employed in the printery of another newspaper. Recalling that night, the he said that just minutes after

he and his colleagues reported for work at around 22:00hrs, the sound of gunshots filled the air. He explained that they did not put much thought into it, because it was during the crime wave, and such sounds had become a norm, especially on the main road which was “a good way” from where they were working at the Eccles Industrial Site. Usually, the workers, he said, would climb on a few roles of news print, and peep through a small window close to the ceiling of the building, to see what was happening out on the road, but on that fateful night, the men had just started working to get the press up and running, so they did not bother. Just then, Harripersaud said that Bhena Lall, wife of Kaieteur News' Publisher, Glenn Lall, had called to warn them that they should secure the place, since she heard gunmen were in the area. But before the men could do anything those sounds grew nearer. By that time, De Grace was about to padlock the gate, when some “li'l children with guns” managed to overpower him. Upon hearing his colleague, De Grace scream“gunmen coming”, “Harry” said that he and other pressmen rushed to the back where they hid in a toilet. Harripersaud noted that the youngest of the coldblooded youths was just about 13-years-old, while the eldest did not seem to have passed age 19. Harripersaud recalled that one of the men were “cussing” that if them (the pressmen) don't come out, they will riddle the place with bullets. His five colleagues thought that their attackers just wanted to rob them, so they exited the toilet. But as (continued on page 50)

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Sunday August 11, 2013

Rashlie Joseph crowned Mr. African Roots 2013 By Javone Vickerie Rashlie Joseph during his talent piece

Twenty-nine year-old Rashlie Joseph was on Saturday night crowned the first ever Mr. Guyana African Roots 2013 at the Theatre Guild Playhouse at Kingston. The competition saw eight contenders competing in the categories of creative swimwear, intelligence, talent and evening wear. In the intelligence segment, the contenders were tasked with choosing an Afro-Guyanese personality and giving an

impromptu biography on that individual. The next three places went to Dallon Amsterdam, Royden James and Dixie Wilson respectively. The event was hosted by radio personality and television Nurriyah Gerard. Joseph told Kaieteur News that in December last year he was approached by one of the organizers about the pageant. “I always wanted to enter in a competition because of my competitive nature and I decided to sign up and start preparing.” Joseph boasted that he already knew that the crown was his. “I was confident even before things kicked off. Of course I was passionate about expressing myself as a Guyanese and my culture while displaying my talents. He added that during the preliminary competitions leading up to the big night, he was always focusing on the things he needed. Because of his previous experiences with designing and the performing arts, Joseph opined that it was a bonus for him. Also a model who won the Guyana Model Search title in 2005, the new title holder said that the competition gave him a platform to display what he already knew. Joseph said that he and fellow competitors were told to create one outfit which had a meaning behind it, so he decided to let his pieces focus on the topic “Millennium Africa”.

He revealed that he spent hours in front of the mirror rehearsing his speeches and practicing his routines. “I looked in the mirror everyday and told myself that I am going to win. I had to win!” Joseph exclaimed. The teacher and former student of North Ruimveldt Secondary described himself as “a normal young man who is very active in church and the performing arts”. Apart from winning Mr. Guyana African Roots, Joseph is also a graduate of the Cyril Potter College of Education and Cambridge University. “My life was not that exciting…except for now having won the competition. So before all this I was at home, work and church…a basic routine.” Joseph said that he is ready to embark on a life-changing journey - being a role model to young men and a mentor to those who feel less of themselves. In encouraging those eager young men who would want to enter the pageant next year, Joseph said, “You need to be confident and blank out the negative criticism. Men in the artistic field in general get a lot of unnecessary criticism which can damage their self esteem.” He added that because humans are blessed with varying talents, there is nothing wrong with men modeling or participating in the artistic field. “We have so many gifts and talents that we cannot allow people to intimidate us,” Joseph said.

Sunday August 11, 2013

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Sunday August 11, 2013

Proficient attorney Rohan Chandan is a 'Special Person’ By Leon Suseran


ohan Chandan knows what it is t o m a k e sacrifices. He did so when he had to leave his young wife and month-old daughter in order to educate himself in a strange country, and later returned to these shores to reap the benefits of his sweat and labour. He had to live on what he called a “limited, shoe-string budget” while studying. As similar stories often go…it all turned out well. Rohan was born to caneharvester, Willie, and housewife, Phulmattie Chandan, at Vryheid, West Canje, Berbice. Growing up in the rural community back then, he was involved in pretty much every activity that country-boys of his age were, such as cutting cane, cultivating rice and tending to the cows as well as kitchen gardens. “ We c a u g h t f i s h too...Life was very simple but very satisfying also.” He attended Lochaber Primary School after which he wrote the College of Preceptors (CP) Exams and was awarded a place at Berbice

A family portrait

High in 1965 in the Lower Fifth Form. He graduated in 1967 and started to work as a Pupil Teacher at the St. Thomas Primary School (now Lochaber Primary). In 1969, he gained employment in the Public Service and worked as a clerk at the Magistrate department at both Georgetown and N/A Deeds Registry “and there I got this idea about studying law.”

In 1979, he commenced studies at the University of Guyana and pursued Law. But before he entered the university, Chandan stated that he met his life-long partner, Vidyawattie, and described what happened thereon as “the tough part.” “I had one child-- my eldest child Geeta was born then, and that was one of the tough decisions: a family or my education/career. So it

With a plaque received at the Guyana Cricket Board Annual Awards 2009 for his contribution to cricket in Berbice as a Match Referee

“While I was a trailblazer and I made the sacrifices, in my university days, I could not afford to buy law books, so I had to live in the library - that was a great sacrifice.” Rohan Chandan dealt a lot with checking Deeds, documents, transports as well as indexing those records. It was during this time that he developed a yearning and desire for the law field. “I was checking lawyers' work and I saw so many errors in their work then, especially with the p r e p a r a t i o n o f Transports...and I said to myself, 'Why can I not be somebody like these [people] who are preparing these documents?'”

was very challenging, but I made the sacrifice for the family.” His children have all made themselves into reputable citizens. Geeta is a Magistrate practicing in the local justice system, while Priya is an Accountant; Vishal is a Medical Doctor and Smita, a Pharmacist. “While I was a trailblazer and I made the sacrifices, in my university days, I could not afford to buy law books, so I had to live in the library- that was a great sacrifice.” Then in order to 'stretch the dollar' and make ends

meet Chandan left his wife and baby daughter to pursue his studies. “I was going for betterment and would be separated from my young family. But I knew my wife was from a good, noble, Hindu background and she is a very simple person.” Since the law Programme was linked to

that of the University of the West Indies (UWI) in Trinidad, he graduated in 1983 with a Bachelor of Laws Degree from UG and left Guyana to complete those studies at Hugh Wooding Law School in 1 9 8 3 , af ter w h ich h e graduated in 1985 with a Certificate in Legal Education.

He recalled the “trial and tribulation times” but he did manage to succeed. Upon his return to Guyana, he was admitted to the bar in 1985 and worked at the Deeds Registry at the High Court of Berbice. It was the first time that the registry had a lawyer in its employ. In 1986, he worked as a Legal Officer/Secretary at the then Guyana Agricultural and Industrial Development Bank for two years, after which he was offered a position as Legal Officer at the Guyana Sugar Corporation in 1987 until 1990. Having good potential in the legal system, Chandan assumed the Magistracy in 1990. “I always wanted to get into the mainstream of law, but as a Magistrate, your mind is like a pendulum...It is a unique experience in that when you are listening to cases, you cannot come to a decision-- but those were good days in Berbice.” Magistrate Chandan's humungous task was running all the courts in Berbice from 1992 onwards; eleven courts! “Sometimes, I had to run three courts per day! But after awhile it leveled out. All the possible crimes came before me: murder, manslaughter, common law offences, narcotics-- the whole gamut-- traffic cases...and then we were few magistrates in the 1990s...those were terrible times, too, to work on the bench...Most times when you submitted for your (continued on page 47)

Sunday August 11, 2013

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Sunday August 11, 2013

Sunday August 11, 2013

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Ravi Dev Column

Emancipation and freedom During this Emancipation month, the dominant narrative has been of the heroic efforts of the slaves that actively rebelled against their oppressors so that slavery became no longer viable. There are many other narratives, such as of the humanitarian impulses of the British who were willing to commit “econocide”, to let freedom ring. And each of these narratives would have elements of “truth”. They illustrate the truism that the problem-space in which they were deployed, like all problem-spaces, is a context of dispute, a contested space. Ultimately problemspaces are discursive contexts grounded in the problematic of knowledge and power. The way we narrativise our past tells us something about how we see our present and our hopes for (and possible realisation of) the future. The question I attempted to pose some time ago, concerns the relevance of certain narrations of historical incidents in our present problem-space and I do so once again, as the narrative of emancipation is invoked. Since 1838, Emancipation has generally been framed as an inaugural event in the

A tear is never far away, especially since there are always copycats. Three women have been violently attacked with cutlasses, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. There will be other assaults but none so violent. A man is going to use a piece of wood with vicious intent. Sadly, these are women in the lower echelons of society and hardly have the kind of representation they need. Suffice it to say that

generally vindicationist telling of the overcoming, against the greatest of odds, to deliver the African slaves out of (in) human bondage. Like all propositions, it was a response to questions generated within the problem-space of that time, with a look firmly towards to a future horizon that encapsulated the hopes of the ex-slaves and their descendants at that time. But problem-spaces are fundamentally temporally bound to the particular historico-socio-cultural conjuncture in which the Q&A is generated. Problem-spaces are always in flux, and it is therefore vital to always intensely interrogate our present and its horizon of expectations, and consider whether the old telling moves us closer to our currently defined goals or not. It is not that the answers proposed by the old telling are necessarily wrong or mistaken. A vindicationist approach (the answer) was necessary for the longest while, because the old historiography denied Africans any agency, much less heroism and leadership, in the struggle against New World slavery (the question).

But the point I am raising is whether here in 2013, the old question has the same relevance in reference to our present problem-space and horizon of expectations? In answering, “Maybe not,” I suggest that maybe it is time that, in invoking Emancipation, we look to it for answers to the new, more relevant questions posed by our present conjuncture. This exercise imposes on us, of course, the stricture that we become much more aware of what we are looking to the past for. Our historical interventions, then, must be much more self-consciously, strategic. Another reason for proposing that we move beyond the old questions and answers is, as I had elaborated on at length in discussing more generally our historical narrativisations, Emancipation is one facet in the larger project of revolutionary romance that had teleologically guaranteed the ex-slaves the Promised Land. “Emancipation” was touted as “freedom” and we know to our cost (or we should know to our cost) that the latter is as elusive today as it was on August 1st 1838. I am suggesting that, interestingly enough, another question posed in 1838, and of greater salience in today’s

the police are going to arrest one of the perpetrators before long. **** A holiday drowning is

going to occur during the festivities on the Soesdyke/ Linden Highway. People simply get carried away. This is going to be a youth who would sample alcohol even as he is incapable of handling this drug. **** One would wish that there is an end to the fires that strike with such devastating force. Another family, this time on the west side, would be rendered homeless.

problem-space, was the pronouncement that the freed slaves would not be able to utilise the freedom conferred (or won) on account of their purported inability to create a new viable society on their own. Just as interesting, however, is the fact that just after emancipation, the exslaves husbanded the resources (financial, conceptual and organisational) to launch a village movement that had few rivals in the new world. After all, which other group had ever emerged from the very anti-thesis of freedom to challenge its most fundamental premise so quickly? That the expectations and hopes, immanent in that inaugural move to found a new society, have not been realised to the present, should give us pause to consider the impact of contingency, fortuity, happenstance, luck

and our own frailties – not to mention, enemy action - on the best laid of plans. We cannot ignore also the possible diversionary effect precipitated by the continued deployment of the romantic revolutionary/ vindicationary emancipation narrative with its teleological promise of redemption and salvation, when it had lost much of its traction. The distinction between emancipation and freedom may today appear trite, but that does not make it less real and true and relevant. In making that distinction, Hannah Arendt noted: “…liberation may be the condition of freedom but by no means leads automatically to it.” I would like to suggest that a course that may have greater salience to our present problem-space would be to once again reemphasise the project to establish

Ravi Dev

freedom. We need to create the political-institutional conditions that will give meaning to the positive import of freedom. And this is why the initiative launched by the newly-freed slaves after emancipation - the Village Movement - that directly addressed issues of selfgovernance and economic independence - has to take centre stage in our present Emancipation narrative. However, I caution, as I have done before, on the dangers of focusing only on the benefits of the intended horizon of expectations rather than on the obstacles preventing its realisation.

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Sunday August 11, 2013


Wanted: Shawn Fordyce By Michael Jordan How many times have you heard people say of someone who had committed some heinous crime: “He was a quiet and peaceful man; we don’t know what got into him.” That’s the way some described Oral Hendricks. He drowned two small boys in a

Wanted: Richard Lord

canal and slit the throat of a third. That was two decades ago, and, once again, we’re hearing those words, ‘quiet’ and ‘peaceful’ to describe two very dangerous men. One of them is Richard Lord, the 26-year-old canecutter who, on Wednesday, July 31, 2013, killed his two children, and left his

reputed wife without her right arm and with no fingers on her left hand. The other is Shawn Fordyce, the ex-policeman who chopped his wife and three step-daughters the following day. The two despicable acts were preceded by u n s e t t l i n g history. At the age of 14, Bibi

Nazarena Houston eloped with Richard Lord. That was when her misery reportedly began. She claimed that her spouse repeatedly a c c u s e d her of being unfaithful and that she was constantly beaten. About two weeks ago, Houston left her Zeelugt, East Bank Essequibo home with her children. But she returned home on Wednesday, July 31, 2013, after seeing a probation officer. According to Houston, she told her husband that she was leaving him. He reportedly began sharpening a cutlass and asking her where she had been while she was not at home. She thought of escaping, but he shut the door. First, he chopped fiveyear-old Kimberly Houston, almost severing her neck. He then killed two-year-old Tarif Lord before hacking off his reputed wife’s right hand and severing the fingers of her left hand. The killer then fled and Ms. Houston is terrified to return to her home. “He know that I am not dead and he gon come back to kill me.” But the alleged killer’s father, Albert Lord, told me that he was unaware of his son’s violent outbursts. “I’m shocked about this. He’s not that kind of man. He complain to me how she go and lef’ he and he don’t know where she gone and he want he children. She go away plenty times and he go and bring her back. Up to Tuesday night (the day before the tragedy) we talk and he say that he only want he children and I say ‘why you don’t leave the woman before you do something stupid?’ and he say ‘no daddy, I wouldn’t do nothing’. He’s a very quiet man…a peaceful man.” Police, in a bulletin issued for the suspect, describe

Richard Lord as being of mixed ethnicity, medium build, and brown in complexion. They say his last known addresses were given as Lot 867 Zeelugt North, East Bank Essequibo; and Lot 2 Viva La Force, West Bank Demerara. Persons with information that might lead to his apprehension can contact the police on telephone numbers 225-6411, 226-6978, 268- 2222 or the Guyana Police Force emergency number 911. So let’s turn to Shawn Fordyce. Some of the expoliceman’s associates described him as a bitter man, who felt that some family members did not appreciate the sacrifices he had made. The associates said that he had hinted to them of marital troubles. One relative would later claim that he was a ‘tormented’ man. At around 21:00 hrs on Thursday, August 1, 2013, the seething anger that the ‘D” Field, Sophia man harboured against his family exploded. His wife, Dorothy Blackman-Fordyce, indicated that she was going out with another female relative. However, she reportedly changed her mind after her husband objected. Ms. Fordyce then left to buy a phone card. According to relatives, believing that his spouse was still going out, Shawn Fordyce reportedly threw a handful of muddy water on her. Latoya Wilson, one of the man’s stepchildren pleaded with the man to stop, which he did. But Fordyce, it is alleged, then ran inside the house, picked up a cutlass and began to attack his wife and step-daughters Attorney-atLaw Wanda Fortune; Latoya Wilson, 20; and 12-year-old Donette Fordyce. The attack reportedly only ceased when the suspect’s cutlass slipped

from his hands. Because he’s still at large, Fordyce’s victims are terrified to return to their Sophia home. They have alleged that he contacted a friend of the family and expressed surprise that his victims were still alive. He reportedly even turned up at the hospital where some of the victims were being treated, but left after a security guard recognized him. Wanda Fortune believes that that some of her stepfather ’s relatives are assisting him. She says he has connections in Paradise, West Coast Berbice; Guyhoc Park; Sophia, both B and D Field; D’Urban Street and Middle Road, La Penitence. The attorney is convinced that her stepfather meant to kill them, and that they will all be in danger as long as he remains on the run. A police bulletin described the suspect as dark in complexion and of medium build. His last known addresses are Lot 132 ‘D’ Field Sophia, East Coast Demerara and Paradise Village, West Coast Berbice. The police are appealing to anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of Shawn Fordyce to contact them on telephone numbers 225-6411, 226-6978, 229-2569, 229-2702, 229-2557, 911 or the nearest police station. If you have any information about this or any other unusual case, please contact Kaieteur News by letter or telephone at our Lot 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown offices. Our numbers are 22-58465, 2258473 and 22-58458. You need not disclose your identity. You can also contact Michael Jordan at his email a d d r e s s

Sunday August 11, 2013

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Nigel Hughes and Khemraj Ramjattan Mark Benschop in a letter to this newspaper put my age as “touching 70s.” I didn’t reply to that because I think, not most, but all Guyanese know I am very far from seventy (by the way; do I look like over seventy?). But I have been around a long time to know who is who in Guyanese society and Guyanese politics. I have not counted the numbers of columns I have penned since 1988 when I first started newspaper commentary, but since then it has to be a few thousands. In that kaleidoscope of analytical directions, emotional reflections, historical journeys, sociological outpourings and some personal silhouettes, readers can extract the way I have felt about countless persons in and out of this country and some major international figures. No, I am not over seventy but I feel like I have been around for over seventy years when I think of the assessments over more than two decades of Guyanese personalities and politicians that I have made in my pages. My negative and positive choices are public. There is

no way I can be that silly to think that I can avoid naming names in this particular column so as to avoid people’s awareness of my conceptualizations of these positive and negative horizons. Let’s leave out those who have departed. Readers of my state of mind since 1988 would know that I deeply respect and admire Eusi Kwayana. He is an exceptional Guyanese. I admire Tacuma Ogunseye in a very profound way. Prominent Guyanese like Yesu Persaud, Professor Rudy James, Clive Thomas, Sister Mary Noel Menezes, David Hinds, (to name just a few) are exceptional Guyanese that I have interfaced with over more than thirty-five years and I have nothing but excellent things to say about them. I am glad I met them. There are others that I cannot mention because they would not want me to publish our long relationship out of fear of victimization. In 2008, Mr. Donald Ramotar, in Berbice publicly said some businessmen assisted me to build my home where I now reside in Turkeyen. I replied to him in a letter in KN and he

responded in this very newspaper and asserted what he knew. He was right. I did receive their generosity because we knew each other and they wanted to help. Yes, they are businessmen, and my politics is uncompromisingly working class oriented, but they are good and humane people. I am not in their pocket. Since I built my home in 2006, I have never solicited any help from them. One day I will name them when there are no clouds of victimization. They are great Guyanese. The eyes of countless Guyanese would pop out of their eyes if they know about the prominent professional who insisted that he wanted to make a contribution to my home construction. He gave me fifty thousand dollars. We always liked each other’s academic potential and we knew each other very

well. But people go separate ways in life. I stuck with my bohemian, anarchist outlook and my love for the poor and powerless. He went in a diametrically and dialectically opposite direction. For years now we have never talked. I hate power and want nothing to do with it. Two fantastic Guyanese I met and have nothing but love for them are Nigel Hughes and Khemraj Ramjattan. They are extraordinary political activists in my book and for now I will continue to see them as I have always done. I met Khemraj in 1988. And I immediately saw in him, a person with a fiercely independent mind. While I was acerbically critical of the PPP, Khemraj never for one moment ever rebuked me for my views or tried to persuade me. I remember when he was

with the PPP, Khemraj remonstrated strongly with Ralph Ramkarran when I got Ramkarran’s libel writ. They were both PPP leaders, but Khemraj said to Ramkarran; “How can you sue Freddie, he is antidictatorship. For Ramkarran, I was not a PPP person, so I was the enemy. For Khemraj, I was someone whose politics he supported. I met Nigel Hughes in 1989 when he defended me on a charge of attempted arson at UG during the anti-budget protest that same year at UG. He offered his service pro bono and I was acquitted on a false charge. It was clear to most of us who saw Nigel that this was going to be a phenomenal man who will

Frederick Kissoon have a future say in the direction of Guyanese politics. I stand by my conviction which I printed several times on this page – not since Walter Rodney has Guyana seen such a caring, charismatic activist. My advice to Nigel is to stay in politics and help bring about the future all Guyanese still dream of.

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Sunday August 11, 2013

Truth delivered with uncanny jest and Flair Theatre Review…

FETE, MARRIAGE AND MURDER Play performed at St Augustine Girls School, Trinidad REVIEWER: Dr Glenville Ashby Truth is oftentimes said in jest. It is a dictum that aptly describes this compendium

of short plays by university lecturer and prolific social critic, Dr Jerome Teelucksingh. He uses the medium of theatre to raise issues impacting society. Fete, Marriage and Murder is a series of short plays delivered with comedic flair, panache, and a healthy dose of Trinbagonian argot, adding a rich tapestry to an otherwise trite, even bare

stagecraft. Teelucksingh compensates for this shortcoming with a vibrant script and an eclectic range of performances that grasp audiences from the opening salvo to the last utterance. For content and delivery, this compendium of plays offers pedantic, albeit pedestrian commentaries through the prism of the common folk, in stark black and white terms. That Teelucksingh adds “Fete” to the title is misleading. After all, the word is used to describe an unforgiving bash, pure bacchanal. In Tribagonian terms, such a scenario is hardly present. But hardly a literalist, Teelucksing can be forgiven. Maybe the effervescent, free spirited style of the craft, are in some ways, fete-like. In Fete and Rum Save the Environment, Teelucksingh infuses biblical injunctions to the environmental question. It drives home the grave issue of global scope. “The pastor” hoists the message, exhorting

with scriptural colour and tone – his “green” message is deftly couched in religious terms. He is outlandishly eccentric, bellowing: “Pesticides are evil…farmers spray pesticides on food, we get sick and die. The farmers who use it are also evil.” He continues to rant: “...deodorant and aerosol sprays are creations of Satan. These products release chlorofluorocarbons which deplete the ozone layer...” to the shouts of “Amen.” In Marriage, group culture and individualism collide. Capturing the unpredictability of arranged marriages, the urbane leaning Hafsah dodges her parents’ choice - a mentally troubled young man whose imaginary companions show up at the first meeting. It’s sidesplitting humour that does not overwhelm the writer’s overriding message. In the end the Hafsah triumphs over the wishes of her parents and marries a man of her choice without breaking the cultural thread. The East Indian wedding unfolds. Here, traditionalism and modernity coexist. Confrontation and domestic upheaval are really unnecessary. Pure theatre but short on cinematographic ambition, the playwright fluidly traverses history, culling some major events from the island’s checkered past. Here, his work is loudest, vibrating with emotion and

rivetting appeal. Murderers in Uniform defines Teelucksingh’s work. He captures the foreboding spectre of life under colonial rule in Trinidad. It is history played out, unsanitized and frighteningly real. Timeless lessons are well learned, if only we could implement them. The Hosay riots of the 1860s on the heels of the Camboulay tragedy spell out the struggle for cultural expression and independence. It is a portrayal that yearns for interethnic dialogue and accommodation. The struggle against oppression would be that much easier. In the throes and triumphs of history, Teelucksingh is in his element. The characters excel - their dramatic display, captivating. “Yuh hear dat de government ban de Hosay dis year? Hosein enquires. “Dey cyah do dat. Dem white people mad or wot.” The threat of violence looms as one actor warns: “Buh de police did recently beat Africans for dem celebrations....” The scene - the violent suppression of Hosay is wrenching. Shots ring out: “OH JESUS CHRIST!! WILLIAMS, COME QUICK and HELP ME HERE!” He bleeding plenty. Dem police do the same ting in Canboulay.” “EVERYBODY RUN..DEY SHOOTING WE.” But hope for interethnic

unity against oppression is ever present. Both groups Indians and Africans understand their collective experiences and struggles. We hear of “Indians coming together from different castes and religions,” for Hosay. What is more significant is the comment by one of the lead character, Roop: “But wot frightening de colonial government is dat Negroes involved in it. Racial unity is threat for de government.” “Mother’s Day” is a warm but tepid play, a far cry from Office of Principal of Saghview with its touch of humour and Sopheclean irony. Teelucksingh’s magic slowly evaporates as Fete, Marriage and Murder tapers off with the incredulous overreach, “Everlasting Hate,” which covers lots of ground just to prove the potentially internecine side of jealousy. Alas, bleeding with Trinbagonian lingo, Fete, Marriage and Murder is at times shrouded in the provincial, losing universal appeal at a life-threatening pace. An unfortunate paradox to an otherwise compelling look at society. ******************* Email: glenvilleashby Follow me on Twitter@glenvilleashby Fete, Marriage and Murder by Dr Jerome Teelucksingh Rating: Recommended

Sunday August 11, 2013

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Revelations - the final book in the Bible Revelations, the last book in the Bible has many prophesies. It talks about the end of the world which experts say is figurative. In Guyana there have been many revelations. Strange things happen at the worst of times. Sometimes they so shock people that they are left to wonder whether they are awake or dreaming. I remember the time when the Caribbean Airlines craft crashed at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. It was the first time since the terminal was constructed some forty years ago that such an incident had occurred there. Of course, just off the airport some people had found the wreck of a World War Two craft that must have crashed in the 1940s. That was some time back. The strange thing at the time was that the base, Atkinson Field, was a landing site for war-time craft. For this aircraft to crash and to go missing must be something. I found it strange. The next thing that I found strange was that a group of gunmen could have simply walked into a small

community and kill innocent people. Such actions, in my mind, were confined to the sick in some other societies; certainly not Guyana. Of course, I now see that the sickness has reached the Caribbean. Trinidad is a giant mortuary, with people being killed at the rate of almost more than one a day. I got the biggest shock on Tuesday when I happened to read that Attorney at Law, Nigel Hughes, was the Company Secretary for Amaila Falls Hydro Inc, the local company set up to manage the construction and operation of the Amaila Falls hydroelectric project. This company, as Mr Hughes was to state in a letter that came the same day Kaieteur News broke the story that he, Hughes, was the Company Secretary, came into existence in 2009. Mr Hughes said that this was public knowledge, but if that was indeed the case then I was not a member of the public; I just did not know. It may be true that his party, the Alliance For Change, knew of the arrangement and that he did ask not to be involved in any discussion involving the

Amaila Falls hydroelectric project. However, while this may be the case at the party level, it was certainly not known by the wider society. What the nation knew was that Winston Brassington established and headed the Amaila Falls Hydro Inc and that his secretary, Marcia Nadir-Sharma was another leader in the company. Many of us thought that it was a two-man company. So there was everyone challenging the cost of the project and Mr Hughes’s party contributing to the debate, while Mr Hughes simply held an opposing view as Chairman of the party. It is not unusual for leaders in a political party to hold opposing views, but in the end, the views of the majority would take precedence. That is what democracy is about. I would therefore have thought that since the political party held an opposing view to Mr Hughes, and since Mr Hughes was not prepared to sacrifice his views for the unity of the party, he should have resigned since then. To wait until a newspaper publication of this fact that he is the Company Secretary,

suggests that he might have been languishing in the secret knowledge. However, I respect his decision to resign. In so doing he has stated where his interest lies, and it would be interesting to hear his views on all the confusion that now surrounds the hydroelectric project. For one, money is a prime mover. Mr Hughes has to live, and it is obvious he has chosen to earn over debating about the current feasibility of the project. Indeed, many people would be disappointed, because it is human nature for people to see things in the light of ‘us’ and ‘them’. Nigel Hughes would now be in the ‘them’ category whenever the discussion is about the Amaila Falls hydroelectric project. And all this might have passed unnoticed had the price for the project not skyrocketed. I did mention the rising cost of the road, but I hasten to say that when the

then President, Bharrat Jagdeo, announced that the cost of the Amaila project would have been US$550 million, the cost of the contract offered to Makeshwar ‘Fip’ Motilall was a factor. In fact, President Jagdeo said that the cost of the road would have been Guyana’s contribution to the project, thus lowering the final cost and the amount Guyana would have had to repay to the borrowers. One could understand pricing everything, but the government must now tell the nation what it will actually have to pay for the project. We know that money from the Norway funds is going into the project and that the money will not have to be repaid. The repayment is the sore point. Everyone believes that Guyana would be paying interest on the US$858 million, but this is not the case. As an aside, I noticed that bandits have been targeting

Adam Harris the headquarters of the company scheduled to build the hydro project. The impact of the attacks is left to be seen.

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Sunday August 11, 2013

Way cleared for Local Government Elections, hydro development The Sitting of the National Assembly on August 7, 2013, saw the Alliance For Change giving its support for the four Local Government Bills and the Bill and Motion pertaining to the Amaila Falls Hydroelectric Project. The AFC expects that, with the passage of the Bills, the way is now cleared for the

holding of Local Government Elections under a reformed system. The AFC looks forward to the early assent of the President to the Bills and subsequent Gazetting. The Alliance For Change has always maintained its support for the development of hydroelectric power in Guyana, and in this context,

supported the re-tabling of the Bill to amend the Hydroelectric Power Act. This Bill clears the way for additional protection of the environment surrounding the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project that is necessary to secure the support of the Inter-American Development Bank and its contributors. Mindful of the many concerns raised by various groups and individuals in relation to the Motion on the Guarantee of Debt by Public Corporations, but cognisant of the importance attached to this measure by the developers of the project, the AFC sought a compromise position. This necessitated the Party support the retabling of the original Motion, which allowed the AFC to make amendments that are more discretionary. In this regard, the Party amended the original motion to raise the level of debt that can be incurred by a public corporation from $150 billion,

as was originally suggested by the Government, to $50 billion. In addition, the Party also tied the increase specifically to the Guyana Power and Light and the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project. The Alliance For Change, positioned as it is as a ‘third force’, sought to take a nationalistic approach that would keep the project alive, at least in so long as the IDB needs to complete its due diligence and report on the feasibility of the project. The AFC’s support for the legislative arrangements related to the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project in no way diminishes its position - that the Party awaits the report on the feasibility study being done by the Inter-American Development Bank. Apart from the environmental impact of the project, the IDB study will, more critically, determine the economic viability of the project and the capacity of the

Guyana Power and Light to efficiently and effectively manage electricity generated by Amaila. This of critical importance when the AFC looks to make a final pronouncement on whether it will (or not) support the Project. Though the AFC has given its support for the legislative arrangements relating to the project, many concerns still remain. These range from the final dollar figure for a completed project , inclusive of all interests payable on loans and other fees chargeable until the project is wholly owned by Guyana; what will be the cost of electricity charged to consumers, capacity of the project to satisfy total demand on a year-round basis; what will become of communities, including Amerindian communities which do not presently form part of the national grid; will GPL still buy electricity from GuySuCo and at what rate, as this

revenue stream is critical to the failing sugar industry. What is important for public consumption is that the original Motion brought by the PPPC Government on July 18th sought to raise the debt ceiling for public corporations to $150 billion. By August 7th, the same PPPC had reduced that ceiling to $130 billion when the Motion was re-tabled. By the end of the day, they were going along with $50 billion, a mere one-third of the amount they had originally demanded. As we go forward, it is clear that much more scrutiny has to be done and many more questions asked. However, given that the development of hydropower was being touted since the 1970s and the hope of all Guyanese to one day be able to access affordable and reliable electricity, the AFC believes that it would be premature to kill the project without giving it a fair chance.

Sunday August 11, 2013

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withdrawing $63,000 from Anderson’s account. According to the teacher, he only became aware that his card was missing the next day, which was his son’s birthday. Since it was a Sunday, he inquired from the security personnel of the bank whether anyone had found a visa card but received a negative response. Trying to make sense of what had happened Anderson said, “I only collected my receipt from the ATM.”

POLITICIANS MUST NOT ALLOW AMAILA TO BECOME ANOTHER SKELDON PLANT OR BERBICE BRIDGE – DR. JANETTE BULKAN The saying, “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” was the stark reminder of Dr. Janette Bulkan, as she appealed to politicians to not have the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project become a repeat of the Skeldon Sugar Factory or the Berbice River Bridge. “Guyanese cannot afford to subsidise another investment like the Berbice River Bridge.” Dr. Bulkan is an anthropologist who has been quite vocal on issues regarding Guyana’s forestry practices and more recently the Amaila Falls Hydro Project. In a recent open letter to the media, Dr. Bulkan urged that politicians be cognizant of the mistakes Guyana made in the past as it relates to project investments. She singled out as glaring examples the Berbice River Bridge, the Skeldon Plant and the controversial Marriott Hotel. Dr. Bulkan is asking for parliamentarians to seek a ’Green Paper’ which she said will help to avert another failed project. A ‘Green Paper,’ can be defined as a discussion document intended to stimulate debate and launch a process of consultation on a particular topic. It usually presents a range of ideas and is meant to invite interested

individuals or organizations to contribute views and information. It may be followed by a ‘White Paper’—an official set of proposals. Bulkan said that a ‘Green Paper’ should be independently done on the Amaila Falls project. GTUC SAYS COMPETENTGUYANESE BEING SIDELINED IN AMAILADEBATE The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) condemns the “roguish tactics by Government investors and special interest” and believes that the Members of Parliament (MPs) must engage their constituents on Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project. GTUC leader, Lincoln Lewis, this past week weighed in on the current moves by government to win support for the Amaila Project and said that the participation of MPs at the recent engagement in the National Assembly raises serious concerns as to their rights and

roles. “The parliamentarians were elected by the citizens and their first and foremost responsibility is to protect and advance the interests of the citizens.” Lewis believes that it is time parliamentarians understand that “your first role is to the citizens, and no foreign company has the right to walk into our National Assembly and try to sell you something that is inimical to the interest of the people, and more so this being done without the people’s involvement and support.” In lamenting the use of the Chambers, Lewis said that “our elected officials on both sides of the National Assembly have decided that they would entertain presentations from a group whose only intention is to make money on the backs of the citizens to influence them in making decisions.” Lewis opined also that the tenor of salesmanship by the investors comes across as “bullying our policy makers to conform to their wishes”. MONDAY EDITION CONTROVERSIAL HYDRO PROJECT…NO ABSOLUTE GUARANTEE FOR GUYANESE EMPLOYMENT Many who attended the stakeholders’ forum held by the government, last

Wednesday, left the Guyana International Conference Centre uncertain that the average Guyanese worker will benefit in any way from the US$858M Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project. In fact, among some of the fears still harboured is that the Amaila Project resembles the Georgetown Marriott with regards to the employment of Guyanese. The question was posed by a stakeholder present, who inquired whether there was a clause enshrined in the agreement to secure employment for Guyanese workers. China Railway First Group has been contracted by Sithe Global to construct the Hydro Project. The Chinese construction company is currently undertaking section ‘seven’ of the Amaila Falls Access Road and has not employed any Guyanese on that venture. The company has further stated that it will not be employing any Guyanese as it proceeds with that section of the access road. With respect to Guyanese employment on the actual construction of the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project, stakeholders were assured that this would happen. President of Sithe Global, Brian Kubeck, indicated that the construction site will attract just about 1,500 persons, of which between 15 to 20 percent of those will be Guyanese. This however is

being provided for, using “very discretionary language” as was presented by Sithe Global. MAN CAUGHT ON CAMERA EMPTYING TEACHER’S BANK ACCOUNT A man was caught on camera emptying a teacher’s bank account using the visa card that was left in an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM). On July 20, Deandre Anderson, a teacher of St. Ambrose Primary School went to Republic Bank Limited, New Market Street Branch to make a withdrawal. Because his children were waiting on him, Anderson hurriedly transacted his business, leaving behind his visa card in the ATM. The bank’s camera footage has revealed what took place after Anderson walked away from the machine and exited the bank. The recording shows the suspect and Anderson crossing paths at the bank’s door. According to the footage, the suspect approached the ATM Anderson had used a few seconds earlier. Upon seeing the visa card in the machine, the suspect smiled and began looking nervously over his shoulder at the door. He did this continuously throughout the episode. After a few seconds he started operating the machine,

TUESDAY EDITION AMAILA PROJECT COULD COST US$320M LESS – Former Auditor General T he raising of the debt ceiling guarantee for public corporations and the setting aside of the reserve offset, specifically to cater for the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project, will come up for a vote in the National Assembly this week, but local financial experts are still up in arms over the US$858M price tag. Former Auditor General Anand Goolsarran believes that the project could cost US$320M less, but this could only happen if government opts for a different ‘financing structure’ and includes more equity partners, as against just Sithe Global and Government. The current financing structure sees the project being built using 70 per cent debt, or money being borrowed from the China Export Import (EXIM) Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The servicing of this debt comes at a cost of US$97.1M. This is in addition to the US$35M being paid in lenders’ fees and advisory services, paid to an undisclosed Chinese entity. Financing of the money being borrowed also comes with, ‘debt political risk insurance’ to the tune of US$187.7M, bringing the total cost of financing the loans for the project to US$319.7M. According to Goolsarran, this financing cost of US$320M, can be avoided if the equity base can be broadened by Government, as well as bring on board additional shareholders. He says that even if Sithe Global and Government agree to put more money into the project, as against borrowing, the total cost of the project can be brought down. Guyana is plugging US$100M into the project while Sithe Global is putting in $157M. ATM THIEF IS A COP - REPAYS STOLEN $63,000 TO TEACHER (Continued on page 37)

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The five movements of Guyanese history (This article is an abridged version of an Address to the Forum on the State of Black African Guyana) The history of Guyana for four centuries has been marked by five major movements “ emancipation, village, political, labour and cultural. Each movement was driven by a powerful ‘idea.’ Each had a transformative effect on the country. Each involved a significant mass of the population. T h e first and most important was the ‘Emancipation Movement’ “ driven by the passionate desire for liberation from the bondage of European enslavement. Africans rejected their enslavement and ceaselessly rebelled, resisted or ran away from the plantations in a bid to be free. There were several serious revolts during the era

of enslavement, but the most remarkable of these erupted in Berbice in February 1763; in West Demerara in April 1795; in East Demerara in August 1823 and in Essequibo in August 1834. These broke the back of the slave mode of commodity production and ushered in total Emancipation which came into effect on 1st August 1838. The consequences of Emancipation are inestimable. It triggered the indentured immigration scheme in which over 340,000 Europeans, West Africans, West Indians, East Indians and Chinese labourers were brought into Guyana. The new immigrants, together with the Amerindians, Africans and European planters already here, were woven into the ethnic tapestry of what we recognise as Guyanese

society today. The ‘Village Movement’ was the most significant, immediate consequence of Emancipation. Free people started to quit the plantations a year after Emancipation, in response to provocation by planters. Free Africans spent more than one million dollars to buy 6,070 hectares of land between 1839 and 1848 to initiate the ‘Village Movement.’ The village population surged to 15,906 by 1842 and nearly trebled to 44,443 by 1848. The exodus of Africans from the plantations was followed by a period of reaction by the European planters through the ‘legislative encirclement’ of the villages. The general idea was to prevent the expansion of the peasantry. European planters tried to prevent the free Africans from establishing a viable, rival

village e c o n o m y. T h e y reasoned that labour was already in short supply and, if the freed men and women worked on village farms instead of in the plantation canefields, labour would become more scarce and more costly. T h e e m e rg e n t A f r i c a n peasantry and the E u r o p e a n p l a n t o c r a c y, therefore, were set on a collision course from the outset. The beginning of free village life nevertheless initiated the infrastructural development of rural areas. Early efforts at village administration laid the foundation of the Guyanese system of local democracy. Village councils became the school-houses where many national politicians had their apprenticeship. The ‘Cultural Movement’ began largely with the evangelizing mission of the Congregational, Lutheran and Presbyterian Churches, the introduction of Islam and Hinduism, the opening of elementary schools, the formation of ethnic associations among the Africans, Chinese, Indians and Portuguese, and the launching of newspapers. People started to establish themselves as artisans, hucksters, teachers, nurses and clergymen. Compulsory education, introduced in 1876, emphasised academic attainment and vocational skills as means of selfactualisation and social mobility. Educatio n fostered

the embourgeoisement of a small literate class out of which emerged a number of this country’s most talented citizens – artists, poets, writers, musicians, educators, trade unionists, scientists, attorneys, doctors, clergymen, public serv a n t s and sportsmen. The ‘Labour Movement’ mobilised and organised the labouring classes in trade unions from the first quarter of the 20th century. Guyana’s first trade union was founded for urban, waterfront workers “ people whose employment was irregular and who were wholly dependent on their meag r e w a g e s f o r t h e i r subsistence. The celebrated founder of the British Guiana Labour Union (BGLU) in 1919 was Hubert Critchlow. The Union was registered in 1922, a time when workers’ standards of living were being eroded by the inflation and depression which afflicted the colony in the wake of the First World War. The Man Power Citizens Association (MPCA), based in the sugar i n d u s t r y, w a s t h e f i r s t significant rural workers’ union. The ‘Political Movement’ began with the quest for constitutional and political rights which had been denied to the bulk of the nonEuropean population in the 19th century. Some limited reforms were achieved by 1891 but, as more educated and salaried nonEuropean citizens qualified for the restricted franchise, momentum for reform was generated. The British Guiana

P e o p l e ’s


Association and the more successful Popular Party were supported by African, Indian and Portuguese candidates who were elected to the Court of Policy. The formation of the original People’s Progressive Party in 1950 was a logical outcome of the continuation of agitation of progressive elements. The original PPP was a party o f a n e w t y p e . I t benefitted from the militancy and mass consciousness stimulated by the trade union movement, the protoparties and the ethnic associations, which had been formed in the late 19th and earlier 20th centuries. The original PPP was Guyana’s first modern, massbased party. Its success at the general elections of 1953 was attributed to the keen leadership and ‘dual charisma’ of its chairman, Forbes Burnham, and leader of the legislative group, Cheddi Jagan. It appealed to African and Indian masses and nationalists of all ethnic groups, but the party eventually split into two factions – the `Jaganites’ and the `Burnhamites’ – which formed the bases of the PPP and PNC of today. These five movements propelled Guyana’s history over the centuries. They helped to transform the plantation economy into one which children of all ethnic groups could live w i t h out exploitation, domination and discrimination.

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Interesting Creatures‌

The Army Ant T

he name army ant (or legionary ant or marabunta) is applied to over 200 ant species, in different lineages, due to their aggressive predatory foraging groups, known as "raids", in which huge numbers of ants forage simultaneously over a certain area. Another shared feature is that, unlike most ant species, army ants do not construct permanent nests; an army ant colony moves almost incessantly over the time it exists. All species are members of the true ant family, Formicidae, but several groups have independently evolved the same basic behavioral and ecological syndrome. This syndrome is often referred to as "legionary behavior", and is an example of convergent evolution. Originally, the Old World and New World lineages of army ants were thought to have evolved independently, an example of convergent evolution. In 2003, though, genetic analysis of various species suggests that they all evolved from a single common ancestor, which lived approximately 100 million years ago at the time of the separation of the continents of Africa and America. Army ant taxonomy remains everchanging, and genetic analysis will continue to provide more information about the relatedness of the various species. During the nomadic phase, the ants move during the day, capturing insects, spiders, and small vertebrates. At dusk, they form their nests, which they change almost daily. Some species protect their paths with soldiers. During their hunt, they are accompanied by various birds, such as antbirds, thrushes, and wrens, which devour the insects that are flushed out by the ants. Among the army ants are some species that only venture out at night, but no adequate studies of their activities have been made. From a long time, it was unknown how Army ants

travel through their surrounding environment so keenly. As their name suggests, Army ants attack other animals as part of their normal behavior. Recent research has shown that Army ants travel with the help of a special kind of Pheromone. When the scent of these pheromones decreases, or becomes absent, they tend to lose their way and may even die. The stationary phase, which lasts about two to three weeks, begins when the larvae pupate. From this point on, the prey that was previously fed to the larvae is now fed exclusively to the queen. The abdomen (gaster) of the queen swells significantly, and she lays her eggs. At the end of the stationary phase, the pupae emerge from their cocoons (eclosion). After this, the ants resume the nomadic phase. Army ants do not build a nest like most other ants. Instead, they build a living nest with their bodies, known as a bivouac. Bivouacs tend to be found in tree trunks or in burrows dug by the ants. The members of the bivouac hold onto each other's legs and so build a sort of ball, which may look unstructured to a layman's eyes, but is actually a wellorganized structure. The older female workers are located on the exterior; in the interior are the younger female workers. At the smallest disturbance, soldiers gather on the top surface of the bivouac, ready to defend the nest with powerful pincers and stingers. The interior of the nest is filled with numerous passages and contains many chambers with food, the queen, the larvae, and the eggs. The whole colony of army ants can consume up to 500,000 prey animals each day, so can have a significant influence on the population, diversity, and behavior of their prey. The prey selection differs with the species. Underground species prey primarily on grounddwelling arthropods and their larvae, earthworms,

and occasionally also the young of vertebrates, turtle eggs, or oily seeds. A majority of the species, the "colony robbers", specialize in the offspring of other ants and wasps. Only a few species seem to have the very broad spectrum of prey seen in the raiding species. Even these species do not eat every kind of animal. Although small vertebrates that get caught in the raid will be killed, the jaws of the American Eciton are not suited to this type of prey, in contrast to the African Dorylus. These undesired prey are simply left behind and consumed by scavengers or by the flies that accompany the ant swarm. Only a few species hunt primarily on the surface of the earth; they seek their prey mainly in leaf litter and in low vegetation. About five species hunt in higher trees, where they can attack birds and their eggs, although they focus on hunting other social insects along with their eggs and larvae. In their raids, army ants follow two patterns: column raids and swarm attacks. The species Eciton hamatum is a typical example of the column raider. In this type, the swarm members separate to the sides of the main route and make small foraging groups, similar to a tree with

its branches. The individual side paths can be widely separated from one another. The tropical army ants, such as Eciton burchelli, opt for the swarm attack. They, too, have a main route in the beginning, which is then separated out into many branches in a form like an umbel, but their side paths

are close together and may cross each other many times, so the individual teams effectively cover a large area. In this way, the column can fan itself out to a width of up to 20m. Historically, "army ant" referred, in the broad sense, to various members of five different ant subfamilies: in two of these cases, the

Ponerinae and Myrmicinae, only a few species and genera exhibit legionary behavior; in the other three lineages, Ecitoninae, D o r y l i n a e , a n d Leptanillinae, all of the constituent species are legionary. (Source: Wikipedia – The Free Online Encyclopedia)

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From page 27 With his photograph emblazoned on the front page of Guyana’s most popular daily, a police Constable who illegally emptied a teacher’s bank account has taken the easy way out and turned himself into the Brickdam Station. The policeman, who is a member of the Tactical Services Unit, surrendered Monday morning and repaid the money he withdrew from the Republic Bank account after the teacher, Deandre Anderson, had forgotten his VISA Card in one of the b a n k ’s Automatic Te l l e r Machines. However he will have to do more than that, since his actions have not only angered the teacher but also caused great embarrassment to the Guyana Police Force. Had it not been for the bank’s camera footage, the Constable might have gotten off scot free. “He is not a wise policeman; he ought to know that the bank would have surveillance cameras,” one of his colleagues told Kaieteur News Monday. WEDNESDAY EDITION GUYANA TO PAY 8.5% INTEREST RATE, WHILE WORLD PAYS 3% - Guyana to pay over US$4M per megawatt, as world pays under US$3M Guyana is not only building one of the most expensive hydro electr i c plants in the world, per megawatt, it is also paying among the highest interest rates for the largest section of the loan it has acquired for the project. The world average per megawatt lies at just about US$2.3M while the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Plant stands at some US$5M, given the price tag of US$858M. Government has argued that one of the hydro plants that this publication drew comparisons to in Pakistan does not include a transmission line and an access road. If one were to remove those costs from the Guyana project its per megawatt still stands at US$4.1M. Regarding the interest rates being paid to the China Exim Bank for the US$500M loan, Amaila Falls Hydro Inc., has inked an agreement committing to repay at 8.5 per cent. An assessment of the loans provided for hydropower plants around the world reveals that the very bank that Guyana has committed to paying 8.5 per cent, has agreed to lend Nigeria over US$3B, including money

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for a hydropower venture there, at a three per cent rate of return. In 2008 also, the Chinese government, through the Exim Bank, agreed to extend a concessionary loan of US$83.1M to Gabon to fund the Grand Poubara Hydroelectric Project. That loan has a three per cent interest rate over its 20year term, with a seven-year grace period. Nigel Hughes resigns as AFC chairman Prominent Attorney-atLaw, Nigel Hughes Tuesday tendered his resignation as Chairman of the Alliance For Change (AFC). His resignation comes on the heels of an article published in this newspaper’s August 6 edi t i o n t i t l e d “Nigel Hughes is Company Secretary for Amaila Falls H y d r o I n c . ” H o w e v e r, Kaieteur News understands that the AFC has rejected his resignation. Hughes’s involvement with Amaila Falls Hydro Inc— the Special Purpose Vehicle/Company created for the development, construction and operation of the US$858M Hydro Power plan—was made public. However in a p r e s s r e l e a s e Tu e s d a y, Hughes stated that his position as Secretary to the Company has been a matter of “public record since the incorporation of the company in April 2009.” According to official documents seen by this newspaper, Hughes was appointed as the Company Secretary on April 23, 2009, the very day the company was first incorporated in Guyana. “I welcome and

support the publication of this fact as I do any other matter pertinent to the issues surrounding the Amaila Falls debate,” Hughes said. THURSDAY EDITION PARLIAMENT PAVES WAY FOR LOCAL GOVT. ELECTIONS AFTER 19 YEAR HIATUS Nineteen years after the last Local Government Elections were held in Guyana, the National Assembly lon Wednesday evening approved a suite of legislation to pave the way for a fresh round of elections. The House approved the Fiscal Transfers Bill, the Municipal and District Councils (Amendment) Bill, the Local Government (Amendment) Bill and the Local Government Commission Bill. This was after a 12-year period of attempting to reform the process. It was not smooth sailing in the House h o w e v e r, as Government had attempted to foist as a priority onto t h e O r d e r P a p e r of the Assembly, debates surrounding the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Plant and the raising of the debt ceiling guarantee for public corporations before the Local Government Bills. The opposition Alliance for Change (AFC) and A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) vehemently opposed a change in the order of business for the day and wanted to proceed with the legislation related to Local Government first. This led to government requesting a suspension in order to caucus. Two hours later, the

House resumed and Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds, reported that government was prepared to deal with the Local Government legislation prior to the Amaila-related business. HIGHAIR FARES…GOVT. THREATENS TO REVOKE CAL FLAG CARRIER STATUS Amidst growing concerns over the high price of air fares, Government on Thursday announced that it summoned senior executive of the Caribbean Airlines (CAL) to meet no later than Friday. Government has also threatened to review CAL’s flag carrier status which was granted earlier this year, a statement from the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce said.

While there was no consensus to be had in the National Assembly on the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project in its current construct, the House, through a majority vote, managed to approve the amendments to the Hydro Electric Act as well as increase the debt ceiling guarantee for Public Corporations to $50B. Sithe Global, developers of the project, had threatened to walk away had they not received the support of all three of the political parties in the National Assembly. The marathon session of the sitting of the National Assembly began on Thursday, one hour after its stipulated 14:00hrs start time, and the business of the House did not conclude until Thursday morning at 03:00hrs. TEEN MURDERS GIRLFRIENDAFTER CLAIMING INFIDELITY After accusing her of cheating on him, an 18-yearold mercilessly beat his teenage girlfriend with a spade, dragged her by the hair, out of his mother’s Diamond New Scheme, East Bank Demerara home and viciously hacked her to death. The blood-curdling attack occurred around 13:00 hrs Thursday. Angela Mc Allister, 17, of Plaisance, East Coast Demerara, was reportedly attacked by the enraged suspect after she went to his mother’s Lot 538 Eleventh Avenue home, to “sort out” the allegations of infidelity. T h e a l l e g e d k i l l e r,

Joshua Allen, then remained at the scene with his hands raised in surrender until the police eventually arrived. Sandra A l l e n , t h e s u s p e c t ’s mother, told Kaieteur News that he had been behaving strangely prior to the cruel attack on his girlfriend. SATURDAY EDITION SITHE GLOBAL’S FUTURE INPUT IN DOUBT Company reportedly pulls out President of Sithe Global, Brian Kubeck, yesterday maintained that “a publicprivate partnership of this magnitude requires a national consensus in order for us to proceed further.” Several hours later there were reports that Sithe Global had pulled out of the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project, but there was no confirmation from any official source on any such development. Kubeck was referring to the fact that the political opposition was divided on the pieces of legislation it had to consider in relation to the venture. The news from Sithe Global came following the vote on Thursday morning. The Alliance for Change (AFC) voted in support, while A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) took an opposing position. Kaieteur News made contact with Kubeck Friday and according t o t h e S i t h e Global President “We will make an announcement in the papers on Sunday (today). In the meantime, I will say that our position remains unchanged.”

Sunday August 11, 2013

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HOW THE FIRST LATIN AMERICAN POPE IS RESHAPING THE CATHOLIC CHURCH By Samuele Tamburini Research Associate at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs On March 13, the Catholic Church’s elective body, the conclave of Cardinals, selected Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, formerly Archbishop of Buenos Aires, as the new pope. Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, is the first non-European, as well as the first Latin American, to serve as pope. His election demonstrated the Church’s acknowledgement of Latin America’s 425 million Catholics, the largest Catholic population of any region in the world. This development brings great hope, as Pope Francis’ actions and speeches seem to be setting forth a new agenda for the Catholic Church that incorporates the world’s poorest, especially those in Latin America. NEW LEADERSHIP Surrounded by the poorest areas at “the end of the earth,” as Pope Francis likes to call his native country of Argentina, he saw firsthand the effects of widespread poverty in the villas miserias, or slum districts, of Buenos Aires. This is why, once elected, he chose to live in a small apartment, the Palazzo Santa Marta in the Vatican instead of the magnificent Palazzo Apostolico (Apostolic Palace). His humility is also clearly reflected in his choice of the name “Francis” after his election. Francis is a highly significant name in the Catholic Church, as it refers to Saint Francis of Assisi. In his acceptance speech to the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Holy See, Pope Francis emphasized that this name would serve as a symbol of his dedication to improving conditions for the worlds’ most impoverished

Pope Francis blesses a child during his visit to the Varginha slum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Thursday, July 25, 2013. people. “Francis of Assisi is a familiar figure far beyond the borders of Italy and Europe, even among those who do not profess the Catholic faith. One of the first reasons was Francis’ love for the poor,” the Pope said. Pope Francis has a rather informal manner, “walking up to crowds, shaking hands with surprised bystanders in the street, [and] mixing his formal speeches with off-thecuff remarks,” as journalist Frances D’Emilio has noted. One of his first acts as Pope was to visit Casal Del Marmo, a youth detention centre in Rome. He often spends his Sundays visiting small peripheral parishes in the city. “We understand reality better from the outskirts not the centre,” Pope Francis has observed, a philosophy that makes him popular among Catholics and non-Catholics alike. The Cardinals’ choice of Bergoglio reflected their

desire to recruit new leadership after numerous prior controversies, including Pope Benedict XVI’s unexpected resignation, evidence of corruption in Church finances, issues regarding the lack of transparency in the selection of bishops, and, worst of all, the infamous sexual abuse scandals and the cover-up that have rocked the Roman Catholic Church.

including the publishing of the bank’s budget. He directly chastised priests who focus on personal advancement and worldly ambition, reminding them that “being free from personal goals is very important” and that “careerism is a form of leprosy” for the Church. Essentially, Pope Francis is trying to develop the model of an honest and modest

“How many poor people there still are in the world! And what great suffering they have to endure!” – Pope Francis, 2013 Pope Francis has already started to reform the controversial bank of the Vatican, the Istituto per le opere di religione (Institute for the Works of Religion; IOR), introducing changes aimed at creating transparency and honesty in the bank’s operations,

Church. Following the example of Saint Francis, the pope is emphasizing the importance of combating poverty, building peace, protecting the environment, and building bridges between the world’s many diverse people and cultures. Paying more attention to the world’s poor was not simply a tactical choice for Pope Francis in order to restore the Catholic Church. The sick, the homeless, orphans, and other marginalized groups have been at the core of his message since he was a bishop in Buenos Aires. POVERTYAND CAPITALISM Perhaps the most surprising and radical critique made by Pope Francis was against capitalist values of financial gains and consumerism, which he argues reduce human beings to merely what they consume and produce. “We must recover the whole sense of gift, of

gratuitousness, of solidarity,” the Pope announced, adding bluntly that “rampant capitalism has taught the logic of profit at all costs, of giving to get, of exploitation without looking at the person […] and we see the results in the crisis we are experiencing!” Nevertheless, it is best to avoid overly simplistic analyses of the new pope’s critique. One of John Paul II’s (1978-2005) most important collaborators, the powerful Cardinal Camillo Ruini, recently sounded a word of caution. To equate “the insistence of Pope Francis on poverty and on closeness to the poor, today, with liberation theology is entirely out of place,” Ruini warned. Adds Church watcher and journalist Sandro Magister, “The true Francis is very different from the one that some imagine.” Bergoglio was no stranger to liberation theology, the Latin American theological movement born in the 1970s, which asserted the Church’s commitment to poor and marginalized people; but even as a young priest, Pope Francis disagreed with key aspects of liberation theology. In fact, Bergoglio’s idea of society has never been based on liberation theology’s Marxist interpretation of poverty. Bergoglio sought rather a theology not of liberation, but one “founded on the culture and religious devotion of the common people, of the poor in the first place, with their traditional spirituality and their sense of justice.” POPE FRANCIS AND LATINAMERICAN CATHOLICISM The Catholic population

in Latin America has grown swiftly over the last century, from 70 million to 425 million, transforming Latin America into a strategic outpost for the diffusion of Catholicism throughout the world. Yet this growth is not without challenges, as the Roman Catholic Church faces the serious encroachment of secularization in the region, and as society de-emphasizes religion and embraces secular values. During his tenure as President of the Argentine Bishops’ Conference, Cardinal Bergoglio opposed gay marriage and supported legislation more in line with conservative Catholic social principles. In 2010, then Archbishop Bergoglio and President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s (2007-present) relationship grew strained when President Kirchner signed a law allowing samesex marriages. After the election of Pope Francis, President Kirchner sent him her congratulations, a move that seemed to improve the relationship between her administration and the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires. Nevertheless, the pope’s relationship with President Kirchner will likely remain complicated. For now, the first Latin American pope will continue to face serious challenges. It is unclear at this point how much he will be able to change in the Catholic Church. It is encouraging to see a new pope so strongly committed to fighting corruption and abuses in the Church, and the scandals of some clergymen, but he will need help from those within and outside of the Church who authentically share his commitments. Likely the most significant change that the election of Pope Francis will generate is the perception of Latin America around the world. In Pope Francis’ perspective, “the Latin American continent has already won a ‘middleclass’ spot in the world order, and is destined to have an even greater influence in future scenarios.” And so the Pope’s journey to Brazil for the 27th World Youth Day (July 23-27) was a significant moment of relations between the Catholic Church and Latin America. This visit, Pope Francis’s first international trip, took place in a time when Brazil is witnessing mass protests over poverty. As the Pope observed after his walking through a favela in Río de Janeiro, “there will be no harmony or happiness for a society that ignores, that leaves to the margins, that abandons in the periphery a part of its self.”

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Meet the stunning 19-year-old Marty Kanhai. She enjoys doing nail art, listening to music, meeting and interacting with new people. Her favourite quote is: Always expected the unexpected

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China-Caribbean relations: a new footing needed By Sir Ronald Sanders


n China, recently, one of the country's leading academics told me that a former Chinese Ambassador to the Caribbean said that the region has “a two-party system” – one party during the day and another party at night. What the academic was quoting the former Chinese Ambassador as saying is that Caribbean workers prefer to “party” than to work. This is a principal reason that Chinese companies advance for importing labour from China for construction projects in the Caribbean. Another is that they are pressured by Caribbean governments to deliver projects quickly, and they cannot do so without importing Chinese workers, to whom they do not apply the labour laws and practices of Caribbean countries. The former Chinese Ambassador's remark demonstrated a lack of appreciation of the historical, political and cultural development of Caribbean labour laws and industrial procedures. It showed little appreciation for the history of slavery and indentured labour in the region; the exploitation of workers; and the rise of the trade union movement to establish and protect workers' interests and their conditions of work. Yet, if the current practices continue in which Caribbean workers are, for the most part, spectators at projects employing Chinese labour, there will eventually be resentment and a backlash, particularly if the projects are financed by loans to Caribbean governments that taxpayers have to repay. Such a backlash will harm relations between China and Caribbean countries at a time when these relations should be improved and deepened at the economic level. It has to be recognised, however, that Caribbean workers will also have to improve their performance if they are to compete in a global market where costs and output are crucial factors in production. Chinese companies that secure contracts for construction and other projects should also be mindful of the importance of joint ventures with

Caribbean companies, especially as Caribbean firms cannot raise capital on the advantageous terms given to Chinese competitors by the China Development Bank and the China Import-Export Bank. If Caribbean businesses continue to be sidelined by Chinese firms in bids for projects in their own countries because of the comparative high costs of borrowing, and also because they are required to adhere to Caribbean labour laws, they too will build up resentment. Based on their experiences elsewhere – more particularly in Africa – Chinese companies are beginning to recognise the vital importance of understanding the culture and laws of the countries in which they operate. They know that even if governments blink at their own laws in order to secure Chinese financing, this is a rope that has an end, and the end could have unhelpful consequences. But, there needs to be a constructive dialogue now, between the government of China and the governments of the Caribbean, to set down the terms of engagement, including joint ventures, public sector-private sector partnerships, respect for labour laws and the requirement to employ local labour on projects financed by Caribbean governments' borrowing. Chinese officials state quite clearly that the government of China would not be averse to such a discussion with Caribbean governments. It is, therefore, a discussion that should happen soon. For their part, Chinese officials are clear about what China wants for its business people. In a recent ChinaLatin America and Caribbean Forum in which I participated in Beijing, China's representatives proposed that governments should give China's business people “a stable and better investment environment, in particular, more facilities in

such areas as national treatment, tax, visa and residence”. While it is appropriate that China should seek such conditions for its business people, reciprocal arrangements from Caribbean countries - even if they were agreed – would hardly be beneficial to the small states of the region. In this connection, Caribbean governments should be thinking through their own requirements from China including aid for trade, and Chinese companies putting up capital for much needed infrastructural projects on the basis that they would build and operate such projects until their investment is recovered, at which time they would hand them over to the governments, or sell them to the Caribbean private sector. Caribbean countries should be fully engaged with China. The urgency of doing so stares the region in the face compellingly. China is the world's second largest

e c o n o m y, b u t m o r e importantly it has US$3.4 trillion in foreign reserves. China needs to invest that money so that it gets a regular and sustained return. The portion of these reserves that are tied up in US and European bonds is not earning a great return. Thus, China is investing overseas in owning real assets - like ports, utilities, natural resources, technology and financial companies. The British Guardian Newspaper reported in May this year that, “since 2005, China has provided loan commitments of more than $86 billion to Latin American countries. That is more than the World Bank or the Inter-American Development Bank has provided to the region during the same period”. The Chinese investment and loans have contributed significantly to the growth of Latin American economies over the last eight years. For its part, China expects that the money it has invested in

Latin American countries will give it returns not only in political influence on issues that are important to China in the international community, but also in financial benefits. Caribbean countries should be active in securing investment and concessionary loan financing from China, but not to continue the construction of vanity projects that do not earn revenues and that will quickly deteriorate unless they are maintained by draining national budgets. Caribbean “cap in hand” diplomacy has elicited some response from China in the past, but it is not maintainable. The relationship has to be put on a mutually beneficial footing. In this connection, the Caribbean might focus on offering China and Chinese businesses the opportunity to invest in sustainable projects from which they will earn a return. Such projects could include energy generation from

Sir Ronald Sanders renewable sources; roads and bridges that can be financed from tolls; regionw i d e m a r i t i m e transportation including fast ferries; the construction of modern sea ports; tourist resorts (not necessarily for the Chinese market); agriculture and fisheries projects. Urgent work is required by Caribbean countries to take full advantage of the considerable resources that China has to invest in what the Chinese call “win-win” situations. (The writer is a Consultant, Senior Research Fellow at London University and former Caribbean diplomat) Responses and previous c o m m e n t a r i e s :

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Sunday August 11, 2013

Sunday August 11, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Proficient attorney Rohan Chandan is ... From page 18 traveling allowances, there were no funds to pay and we had to wait a long time.” When asked if he was a “strict”, “no- nonsense” magistrate, Chandan stated that with the stroke of a pen, “a man's liberty could have been taken away, but I was always cautious in doing my job and you had to be balanced.” Chandan is also a Mediator, trained by the Carter Centre in 2003 “… then I continued in 2011 with the Jamaican Mediation Institute (JMI) and also did the Advanced Certificate in M e d i a t i o n l a s t y e a r. Mediation, he stated, helps alleviate the build-up of cases. However, the legal practitioner believes that there is also opposition to mediation, whereby some lawyers believe that it would “take bread out of their pockets.” He demitted the office of Magistrate in 1997 and left the bench as Senior Magistrate after which he went into private practice. During 1993, having a deep love for the game of cricket and wanting to make a contribution to the field, he became an Administrator of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) and also functioned as a fully-qualified First Class Umpire. After umpiring, he also functioned as a Regional Cricket Match Referee and for his services he was awarded by the BCB as well as the Berbice Cricket Umpires Association. At its annual awards in 2009, the Guyana Cricket Board also awarded him for the dedication and commitment he showed as a match referee. In September 2012, he received an award from the BCB for his services as a Cricket Administrator. Earlier this year, too, the Berbice Umpires' Association presented him with a Certificate of Appreciation for his work.

Rohan Chandan

Chandan recalled that he stood as umpire in a lot of big matches in Berbice, “and the most troublesome matches were between Albion and Port Mourant...both teams had star players and you know, the contest was tremendous and sometimes you did not want to make errors...especially if it was a final being played.” While being Attorney-atLaw, he was appointed Chairman of the Region 6 Rice Assessment Committee. He also lectured at the University of Guyana Berbice Campus (UGBC) from 2000-2007 and taught Commercial Law to Accounting and Marketing students. “I enjoyed those years

because there is an old saying that 'a teacher who ceases to learn loses the power to teach'.” Chandan and his family lost everything in a fire which destroyed their home at Albion, Corentyne in 2004. “I don't like to talk about this, but it is a part of my history. All my worldly possessions had gone, but I always believe that as long as you are talented, you will succeed and manage to pick up the pieces and come back again.” Luckily, a few days before the fire, the Chandans had purchased a property in New Amsterdam. He had to start fresh. “Mostly, the children

were traumatized...but I am a strong believer in the Almighty God and I believe that when you do the right thing, God will show you a way out of your difficulties and I have instilled religious principles in my children.” His father, he stated, stressed the importance of education. “He said that without an education, you would be like a dog among doctors, a misfit in society, and that is why I blazed the trail and balanced family life to get a tertiary education, and I am very proud that my children have followed in my footsteps.” He thanked his wife, “the great woman beside me”, who has been with him throughout all the tragedies, happiness and sacrifices. “Life is a balancing act and sometimes we lose faith in life, but we have to keep focus and when tragedies meet you, you don't throw up your hands in despair, your prayers will see you through.” Chandan describes himself as an “omnivorous” reader who has read “thousands” of books in his lifetime “…and I also like to write.” One of his dreams, he stated, is to write a book about his life experiences, traveling and of course, law. “I think that I have read so much and now it is time

that I put something for posterity,” he stated. His daughter being a young Magistrate in the judicial system, Chandan stated that “she is a chip off the block and is a good researcher.” “Theoretically, she may ask a few questions- I am always there, but she is the only one that has followed me. I thought my son would have followed me, but he has gone in a different direction.” When asked what life has taught him, he said that it is “to be a simple and educated man”. “You might mix with powerful people in society, but do not lose the common touch, because you might travel the whole world, but will have to come back to the same people who nurtured you.” Chandan stated that his commitment and love for books as well as discipline brought him to where he is today. “Keep focused; don't worry with too much frills and ribbons; be punctual and be present....try and be a rounded person...sports is very important and don't forget your God.” He enjoys giving motivational talks to young people at Mandirs and Churches as well as counseling people. “Some people come on a Saturday

morning...they might have a problem and I pass on a lot of the knowledge I gained from life.” He enjoys cricket as well and watching boxing on television. Family, he stressed, is the bedrock of any civilization and strong families result in stronger communities. Being a lawyer, he stated that a lot of family disputes come before him, but he tries his utmost to resolve them before moving in the direction of the courts. “I sometimes try to get the parties to reconcile, and there have been times where I filed the case but they reconcile before the matter comes up....and I feel good about it when people, whose homes are broken, are joined again. I feel that I have accomplished something.” He lives by the philosophy: “Be simple. Be truthful. Be moral. Do the things the Lord would want you to do in life. Whatever you live by, be like a mirror, so when people look at you, you can be a good role model for society. In my book, family is the most important unit. We must always cherish family and family values at all times. There's an old saying, 'The family who p r a y s t o g e t h e r, s t a y s together', and I sincerely believe in unity among families.”

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Sunday August 11, 2013

Sunday August 11, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Bedside registration at GPHC S By Tiffanne Ramphal

ince the birth registration process has been now taken into the maternity ward, expecting mothers are being urged to have names for their babies in mind; as well as other essential documents to register the child on hand, even before entering the labour room. This is due to the recent implementation of Bedside Birth Registration at the records management level of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), which aims at ensuring that no live birth conducted at the health facility goes unregistered. Bedside registering is also being adapted by the New Amsterdam (Region 6) and Suddie (Region 2) hospitals. As opposed to the previous registration process, and as the name suggests, bedside registration takes place in the post-natal maternity ward with clerks from the Medical Records Department filling up the newborn's registration form at the patient's 'bedside' before discharge. According to Nerica Bassoodeo, Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) Manager at the GPHC, since the former registration process was conducted following discharge of the patient, some parents would not return to register the birth or to complete registration if the process was started. “Some would wait until it's necessary for the child to have a birth certificate… probably when they need to enroll for nursery school,” she informed. Statistics provided by the GPHC revealed that during a nine-month period prior to the implementation of the bedside registration process, only 69% of live deliveries occurring at the hospital were registered. The HMIS Manager stated that failure to register a child at birth not only impacts the child individually in later stages of life (as it relates to application for necessary documents such as passports) but is also detrimental to national planning, since registration information is essential in catering for effective disease surveillance and public education on a national level. “It assists governments in planning for social services such as education and health and is a basis for

effective administration and good governance.” Since implementation, the records department, noting the need to have all babies who were delivered at the health facility registered, has been seeking all means by which to affiliate the public and expecting mothers about the new registrations process. Thus far, officials of the department have been holding talks aimed at educating mothers, from their prenatal stage, about the importance of bedside registration, so that when the time comes to have the process conducted, those mothers would be prepared. “We let them know that they need to select two names, a boy's name and a girl's name, to register for the birth. Also if they are legally married, they need to come with their marriage certificate and identification cards. In the case where the parents are legally married, the father does not need to be present to have his name inserted on the birth certificate. Some people feel that the father must be there,” Bassoodeo said. For common law relationships, however, she said that the father needs to be present along with the mother and has to present any form of picture identification. Bassoodeo admitted that even though the process is in its sixth month of implementation, most parents are not aware of the steps that are needed to be taken to have the birth of their child registered. She said that even with the wide circulation of posters, provided by the General Register Office in collaboration with UNICEF, to educate mothers on “what they need to walk with” to register the birth of the child, the process is completely new to some. As such, even though the department is doing its best to educate the new mothers, it has been difficult to win everyone over to the new process. “I guess it's because with this generation the process is relatively new. And like any other culture that people are accustomed to, getting them to do things differently and to break away from what they are accustomed to doing is difficult,” she opined. Highlighting some of the difficulties encountered, she said that a few mothers have been reluctant to have the registration done. “When the clerk calls on

the mothers to register, some pretend they are not there, some leave conveniently and go to the washroom. Some say that they don't have a name.” T h e u n d y i n g commitment and patience of those in the Records Department is evident in dealing with these obstacles, since they have taken it upon themselves to compile “pink and blue” folders containing girls' and boys' names respectively for those uncertain parents. These are some of the little challenges that the

department is trying to deal with. As these things arise, we see how best we can work along with the parents so they can come on board,” Bassoodeo said In spite of this, the department has reported a 99% improvement in registrations for live births over the period it has been implemented. The aim is to continue to provide the services and to educate new mothers on the timely manner in which to have their birth registration done while acting as an aid to national planning strategies.

A clerk conducting bedside registration in the postnatal ward at the GPHC

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Sunday August 11, 2013

“That thing ruined ... From page 15 the youths ordered the men to lie face down, “Harry” said he knew that the men were there to kill. Harripersaud survived by not coming out of the toilet like the men ordered. “I don't know who mek da decision fuh me da night. Maybe was god. Me curl up and stay in that toilet till everything, and place get back quiet,” the West Coast Demerara resident related. Harripersaud said that he watched helplessly through a crease in the door and saw his colleagues' “feet jumping”, with each passing gunshot as the life was snuffed out of them. Found lying face down with bullets to the back of their heads, were Chetram Persaud called “Boyo” who was 46 years old at the time

of his death; Eion Wegman, 47, who resided at Lot 51 Fourth Street, Alberttown, Georgetown, which is now known as the Pet Shop; Richard Stewart, 24, of Lamaha Park, East La Penitence; and the youngest of them, 22-year-old Mark Maikoo (Marko) of Company Park, Yarrow Dam, La Penitence. Year after year, Kaieteur News would feature articles in remembrance of fallen colleagues who were ruthlessly executed by a group of misguided and cold-blooded youths. This year, I opted to take up the task of penning a few lines in memory of the fallen members of the Kaieteur News family. I am not among those who have vivid recollection of that night, but from what

has been related to me from some of my most senior colleagues, I also felt a sense of loss. On Friday last, I ventured off to meet with the families of those who were killed. Many of them had changed their telephone numbers and addresses, but, I was able to meet with Dhanesh and Dwijesh Persaud, sons senior pressman Chetram Persaud. They lived not very far away from the printery, so as the sounds of gunshots spread, they took precaution, clueless that those bullets were being fired at their loved one. “We know the sounds did coming from that direction, but we didn't think much about it, because we say that them men wouldn't go in till at the back there,” Dhanesh

The Kaieteur News printery at Eccles Industrial Site where five pressmen were killed Persaud, 20, related. The man added that just minutes after the sounds faded, a man was heard screaming that the printery was attacked. He said that he, his b r o t h e r, a n d m o t h e r, Malwantie Persaud wasted no time in rushing over to his father's workplace to make sure he was okay. But what they saw was their father's lifeless body lying face down alongside others in a pool of blood. Less than a year after, Malwantie Persaud died. “She take things on until

she died. She had breast cancer, but she was still going strong. But after daddy die, is like she give up on life. She stop taking medication and so,” Dwijesh Persaud, 20 said. The mother of Richard Stewart also passed away due to similar stress, and his father noted that he is, so far, being able to cope with the loss of his wife and child. He could not say much. Meanwhile, relatives of Mark Maikoo said that the man's wife, in searching of closure, along with their four months old daughter at the

time, left the couple's home to live elsewhere. Unfortunately, despite much effort, I was unable to locate her, as well as relatives of Eion Wegman and Shameez Mohamed, since they too changed their addresses and telephone numbers. Indeed, after seven years, this has remained the harshest blow to the media fraternity. The deaths of these pressmen have been considered as an attack on press freedom; we therefore consider them martyrs. May their souls rest in peace.

Sunday August 11, 2013

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ACDA competition winners receive accolades

The winners pose with their prizes. Some of the vibrant activities to commemorate Emancipation Day 2013 have concluded, and several persons were rewarded for giving of their best during several competitions hosted by the African Cultural and Development Association (ACDA) on August 1, last. Award for Best African Wear Male went to Mr. Ashford Glen, while Ms. Desiree Pestano was named the Best Dressed African Female, and little Beyonce - the Best Dressed African

Child. The ‘Young Gifted and Black’ performers were named as Shawn English, who stunned the audience with his vocals, and Poet, Ms. Kamadiyah Yisreal who did an entertaining piece. There were also prizes for winners in Sports Competitions such as Football, Dominoes and Cricket. In the Dominoes competition, Stars copped the top spot, followed by Cobra and Middle Road Warriors. The Under 13

Football competition was dominated by ACDA’s Sophia Football team, followed by Redeemer All Stars. The Redeemer cricket team emerged victorious, followed by ACDA’s Sophia Cricket team. The winning groups were ‘Mystique’ with the best costume in the Hello Africa Parade and Divine Stars with the Best Creative Stage Performance (Theme: Mali-Dogon). The winners all received monetary prices and trophies.

Animal starves to death in police pound The Ministry of Home Affairs’ stray catching campaign has hit another snag following the avoidable death of another animal in a pound on the West Coast of Demerara, thanks to poor record keeping and some inconsiderate action by the police. The incident also led to the detention of the animal owner Sheikh Mustapha at the Den Amstel Police Station and the attempted arrest of a Kaieteur News Reporter who went there to cover the story. The animal in question is a goat which had been picked up by stray catchers last week and impounded at the police pound in the district. From all indications the animal died from improper care even though the owner had made moves to pay the pound fee for it to be released. Mustapha, a livestock farmer from Anna Catherina, West Coast Demerara for the past 15 years was given the royal runaround while trying to straighten out the matter long before the animal succumbed on Friday last. “They released me after writing down something in a book, and now all my goats will die in the pound because the police want to spite me,” Mustapha lamented. He explained that Wednesday last, the Ministry of Home Affairs stray catching unit impounded a goat with two kids while they were in front of his business premises in

Glasgow) in charge of the stray catching business, he said the catchers tell he is only up to Leonora and that was it. The matter finish.” But Mustapha persisted and eventually the police were instructed to release the animals, however, this instruction was not adhered to. “Now I got to pay $21,000 for three goats, but then I asked where and under what the money would be recorded if I pay it over, since they don’t have any records of the goats in their book. The police get vex with me and started treating me like if I was their enemy and I had to leave the station.” That was on Friday. When Mustapha returned to the station yesterday, he was greeted with the sight of one of his animals lying dead in the The pound located within the Den Amstel Police Station compound. Anna Catherina. “Recently I had to sell out all my goats because of the same problem, because if it’s not the stay catchers, the junkies kidnap them. Is over 40 goats I had, and I sell out most of them,” the livestock farmer stated. Mustapha told this newspaper that the record keeping by the police leaves much to be desired. He said that he had contacted the Den Amstel Police Station several times whenever his goats were missing to inquire if any were

impounded, however, on all occasions it was confirmed by police that none was impounded. “But this time I see them (stay catching unit) catching my goats at 4:30 the Wednesday afternoon. Then Thursday at midday, I went to the station to collect my goats. They ask me where the goats get catch from and I said Anna Catherina. They (police) check the record and they said no goats were caught from there. I told them that’s impossible because I see

them (stray catchers) taking them.” Mustapha then checked the pound himself and discovered that his goat and her two kids were indeed there. He was willing to pay the pound fee to get them released. “I see my goat and two kids in the pound, and they are still telling me the station record show that no goat came from there and they can’t give me no goat. When I get onto the man (Coordinator of the Stray Catcher Programme, Ovid

pound. “Plenty animal inside the pound and one bundle grass they give all the animals, and people have to pay $200 for each animal every day that they stay in the pound plus when you are taking them out is over $5,000 have to be paid on each animal, so where are these moneys being record and who is taking care of these animals? This is cruelty,” he said. Since the commencement of the stray catching programme, a number of animals have been left to die in police pounds throughout the country. Owners claimed that while they have been insisting that they be allowed to take care of their animals even while they are in the pounds, the police are denying them that opportunity, resulting in several of the animals starving to death.

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Sunday August 11, 2013

Stop this Amalia Falls hydro project now By Ralph Seeram A few years ago the U.S. Government implemented a law forcing banks to disclose to borrowers the true cost of loans they are taking out. It is called The Truth in Lending Act. Banks and mortgage brokers hated this because the borrowers would realize in most cases they will be repaying twice the amount borrowed. I did some work as a closing agent for banks, and I can tell you that 90% of the time the mortgage broker never attend the signing of the loan documents. They were embarrassed when I would have to disclose to the borrower how much money that has to be repaid. For instance if you borrow $100,000 for 20 years at 8.5%

interest you end up paying $164,000 in interest plus the $100,000 making it a total of $264,000 that you repay. It was the bank’s little secret. I mention the above because I was reading various reports on the Amaila Falls Hydro Electro project, and it is my firm belief that this project should come to a “dead halt” NOW. There are quite a few things not right about this project. To be honest there is something “fishy”; this contract has the stench of a fish market and the opposition needs to take a strong stand and bring this project to a halt. Not only is it too much money, but the way I see it, Guyanese in the near future will be saddled with a serious debt problem, the likes of which can bankrupt the

country. This project is too big to continue with so many unanswered questions. One of the main benefits of the PPP losing its majority in Parliament is that most of those secret backdoor contracts are now “seeing the light”. Had the PPP won Parliament it would have rammed these contracts “down the throat of Guyanese taxpayers”. Thank God the opposition can to an extent bring a halt to this. Let me state that I am no economist, but I know a thing or two about mortgages and amortization of loans. I even had a mortgage broker licence at one time. So let’s look at the financing of the Amaila Falls project, and I am assuming the loans are being amortized. My understanding is the Government is borrowing US$500M. I don’t care about

Timehri woman missing Relatives of a 28-yearold woman are asking for the public’s assistance to ensure her safe return. Missing is Priya Mann, of Timehri, East Bank Demerara. She was last seen on Thursday at 13:00h (1:00 pm). A sister informed that the woman “is not of sound mind and would usually wander off from time to time”. It was pointed that when she goes away she would usually find herself in

“difficult situations”. She is slimly built and around five feet, four inches in height. The family is requesting if anyone knows the wher e a b o u t s o f P r i y a Mann, to kindly conta c t them on the followi n g n u m bers: 261-5419, 6738884 and 269-2475, as well as the nearest police station in the village she might be located, so that they can collect her and get her the medical attention she requires.

Missing: Priya Mann

the technicalities and accounting trickery, it is the Amaila Falls Hydro Inc. borrowing and GPL paying that I am concerned about. At the end of the day it is the Guyana Government that is going to GUARANTEE the payment no matter “how you twist and turn it” So they are borrowing US$500 million at the outrageous interest rate of 8.5% amortized over 20 years. Do you know how much is the interest to be repaid over 20 years? It’s over US$541 million plus repaying the principal or US$500 million so the repayment will be over a BILLION dollars. By the 15th year, GPL would have repaid the US$500M in interest and still owe US$200M. In today’s financial markets 8.5% is really at the high end. Kaieteur News has already showed where loans for similar projects were made at less than half of the 8.5%, some made by the very China Exim Bank. The bleeding of the GPL doesn’t stop there. There are the investment returns for Sithe Global. Reports say Sithe Global is going to get a whopping 19% return on its investment of US$157M. Do you know that Sithe Global is going to get its US$157M in less than six years, and if it has to be paid for 20 years, it will have a return of US$453M in interest on its investment of US$157M. Put another way, it will receive a total of over US$600M. Now tell me who are the idiots that agree to this type of financing? Maybe they are not idiots; maybe the “goody bag” was passed around and everybody got a “piece of the action”, a piece of the pie.

Brian Kubeck of Sithe Global really thinks Guyanese are “jackasses” to tell them that the company needs 19% return because it is taking the risks. GPL and the Guyanese taxpayers and electricity consumers are at risk here. They have to repay the loan. Besides, insurers take care of risks. Another thing that puzzles me is how come Guyanese have to pay the bulk of the loan and Sithe Global has a 60% share? Why create a middle company, why not the Guyana government or GPL taken the loan directly, making them the majority shareholder, maybe Christopher and Anand can explain this. Here is the deal; nobody is against hydroelectricity, even critics of the government. What everyone wants is to ensure Guyanese get the best deal possible. This present contract seems to point in the opposite way. It has been pointed out in this newspaper that the cost per megawatt is twice the average cost. The way I see it that overpriced projected cost of US$858 M is going to balloon to twice as much, to over US$1.6 BILLION, and I have not even included associated costs that go with loans like lenders fees and insurance costs. If people think electricity rates will go down, they will have a surprise. GPL will have to fork out nearly US$7M a month to service those loans, not counting other overhead costs. It may have missed me, but I have not seen any analysis on projected revenues to cover GPL expenses, service the loans and provide cheap electricity.

Another smelly aspect of this contract is the supply of labour and materials. Any person with “commonsense” will tell you those bullet points on the subject are vague and are escape clauses rather than enforcement with penalty. For instance “use reasonable efforts to use materials produced in Guyana etc.” should have been written, SHALL use materials produced etc. etc; same for hiring Guyanese workers, instead of “use reasonable efforts to hire individuals who are Guyanese etc. etc., it should read ‘SHALL hire individuals who are Guyanese etc. etc. and the list goes on. The nonsense that happened at the Marriott Hotel must not be repeated either at the new Timehri Airport or the Amaila Falls project. If the government fails to protect the rights of Guyanese workers I can foresee serious industrial actions from Guyanese workers. I have not even gotten into if those Chinese foreign workers will pay tax and NIS. By the way, anybody out there knows if those Chinese workers at the Marriott are paying their NIS and P.A.Y.E. contributions? Just asking. Can someone in Government tell the Guyanese taxpayers? This Amaila Falls project is a national project; the success or failure would affect Guyanese if it transcends the PPP, APNU or AFC. It is time for the PPP government to realize that this contract as it stands is not in the best interest of Guyanese. It is time to reexamine the contract and financing, it is time for the PPP government to realize that at this stage it is not about showing the opposition the contract at this late stage, it’s about getting consensus from all the various experts, be it Anand Goolsarran, Christopher Ram, Clive Thomas, Janette Bulkan, ( I know the PPP sees them as critics but they still have a contribution to make) various stakeholders and international experts, to satisfy the taxpayers that they will value for their hard earned money. It is time for a truly independent body to review the entire project. If the PPP goes ahead with this project as it is I can foresee serious legal actions to stop the project, the opposition parties would be justified in taking such actions on behalf of the Guyanese taxpayers. Ralph Seeram can be reached at email:

Sunday August 11, 2013

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Worrying increase in road fatalities involving children The Guyana Police Force in a recent press release indicated that since the period of January to July 2013 there have been a total of 61 deaths on the country’s roadways thus far, six of which involved children. According to the report, compared to the 2012 report, for 2013 there has been an increase of fatal accident by 18%, an increase of death by 20%, and a 200% increase of road fatalities involving children. However, there was a decrease in serious (17%), minor (14%) and damage (26%) accidents for the year thus far. During the period mentioned, the police have recorded a total of 162 accidents of a serious nature, 213 minor accidents and 358 damaged accidents. Speeding according to the police, was recorded as the number one cause out of three for road fatalities, with a total of 43 accidents caused by speeding drivers. Inattentiveness was recorded at a total of 14, while failing to conform to a sign had only one report. According to a chart, categories of road users killed between January 01 and July 31, 2013 were; 21 pedestrians, 11 motorcyclists, 10 pedal cyclists, 7 drivers, 6 passengers who were in motor cars, 3 who were in

motor lorries/vans, two who were pillion riders, and one who was a passenger of a minibus. During the seven-month period so far, a total of 87 vehicles were involved in accidents - with a total of 27 private cars. Apart from hire cars, a total of 13 motor cycles, 10 pedal cycles, nine motor Lorries, nine hire cars, eight mini buses, three motor tractors & trailers, three motor vans and one motor jeep were recorded in that category. In the release, police said that traffic enforcement has so far resulted in a total of 50,530 cases against motorists for breaching the traffic laws during the period January 01 to July 31, 2013. Some of the offences and number of cases made were: Speeding - 12,842; Breach of Condition of Road Service License /Music 1,675, Driving under the influence of alcohol – 321, Using cell phone while driving – 601, Breach of Traffic Light Signal – 903, Tinted Motor vehicles – 722, Unlicensed Driver – 847, Fail to wear Seat Belt - 1,607; Dangerous Driving – 573, Careless Driving – 202, Fail to Wear Safety Helmet – 193, Overload Minibus - 5,682, Obstruction - 4,066 Fail to Conform to Sign - 3,816 and Crossing Double Yellow Line - 3,349.

Miss Emancipation Pageant 2013 set for tonight The stage of the National Cultural Centre will come alive this evening as eight beautiful and equally talented AfroGuyanese women - Franale Holder, Jennel Lovell, Shanice Bourne, Shevona Jerrick, Sunaika Adolphus, Miracle Hilliman, Joelly Valentine and Makida Blake - vie for the title of Miss Emancipation 2013 Commencing at 20:00hrs, the pageant will feature three segments- evening wear, business wear, and talent piece. Their onstage presence, their smiles, and the general way in which they portray elegance and grace, will all be scoring points for these beauties as they try to convince the judges that they deserve the much coveted title of Miss Emancipation 2013. In addition to this prestigious title, the winners will receive monetary prizes. The queen will be awarded $100,000, while the first runner-up will receive $75,000, followed by the second runner-up with $50,000 and the fourth with $25,000 along with other hampers and prizes. Meanwhile, in keeping with the United Nations Day of the Woman, the delegates will be choosing a strong woman of African descent to speak on as their respective platforms. Via this pageant, these beauties will be assisting to send to school, at least 12 young ladies of Mali, sub-Sahara Africa, where education for girls is not free. This initiative is expected to equip the Mali girls with much-needed facilities to explore their senses and exploit their skills. Tickets for the pageant cost $1000, $1500 and $2000 and are available at the National Cultural Centre; Nigel’s Supermarket, Robb Street; Jones Beauty Salon, D’Urban Street; Ashmins Trading, High Street and Upscale Restaurant and Sport Bar, Hinck Street, Georgetown.

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Doctors urge caution about common practice By Kiana Wilburg For those not familiar with the term, “douche or douching,” it refers to the process where a mixture of solutions, usually prepackaged, is inserted or squirted into the vagina. It is believed that the liquid is intended to cleanse that part of the anatomy, leaving behind a pleasant odour. On Friday last, this newspaper opted to interview several women around the city to find out their thoughts on to the topic at hand, and these are a few of their comments; “Douching is extremely safe and should be done at least twice a month”; “Every healthy woman should douche, it is a tradition passed down from the older generation of women in my family and so far I have never encountered vaginal issues since I’m douching”; “Douching is safe, I remember I had a slight itching with a discharge and I douched until it went away, now I only see that highsmelling odour after my menstrual cycle.” Considering the fact that the vagina is a “self-cleaning organ,” in light of the previous comments, the question that was of much concern was, “Is douching a safe health practice? Well, tradition or not, douching is not as safe as some may think. In fact, according to Dr. Yezmin Alvarado-Rivas, a gynecologist at the Eureka Medical Laboratory on 263 Thomas Street, Georgetown, “douching does more harm than good, if any at all.” Dr. Alvarado-Rivas explained that there is no need to douche. Douching, she said, actually affects the normal, delicate flora (micro-

organisms living in the vagina) of the vagina. “In the vagina, there is good and bad bacteria and douching can seriously affect its normalcy. When that normal state is changed in any way, with douching for example, bad bacteria can spread where they shouldn’t be and an overgrowth can be caused. Douching also rinses the vagina and removes good bacteria, which leaves the woman very susceptible to other infections.” She added, “Let’s say there is a case where the woman has an infection, when she uses the douche, she can spread the infection to other parts of her vagina like the fallopian tubes and the ovaries, thus making the problem even worse.” Supporting her position was William A. Boyle, Microbiologist and Director of Eureka Medical Laboratory. Boyle said, “Douching gives a false sense that everything is fine as it leaves behind a pleasant odour. But it must not be misunderstood that because it covers up a bad odour, if one was previously detected, that it gets rid of an infection. If anything, douching only makes the problem worse.” In short, Boyle, Dr. Alvarado-Rivas and a medical practitioner at the Woodlands Hospital, Thomasine Aaron, have essentially objected to the use of douche. Notions such as, “douching cleans the vagina, gets rid of rank odours, prevents pregnancy, or removes fungal infections,” can once and for all be cradled into the “myth basket.” The gynecologists said that according to their medical records, apart from sexually

A disposable douche transmitted diseases, fungal infections and in particular, Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is extremely prevalent among women in Guyana. Bacterial Vaginosis, she noted, is a vaginal infection caused by an imbalance of bacteria in the vagina. A woman’s vagina normally contains many different kinds of bacteria and when the natural balance of those bacteria is disturbed, some types die off while others multiply. While men don’t contract BV, Dr. Alvarado-Rivas noted that Bacterial Vaginosis brings with it a gray vaginal discharge accompanied by a foul-smelling odour, especially after sexual

intercourse. There can also be swelling in the vaginal area and a burning sensation while urinating. The doctor made mention of this infection for the simple reason that most women conform to the notion that douching helps this condition. But guess what? Contrary to belief, douching actually plays a part in the development of this infection. To be absolutely certain that you have contracted an infection and to know what treatment is needed, medical practitioners of the Woodlands Hospital and the Eureka Medical Laboratory are strongly advocating that women avoid douching and see a doctor instead.

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Northern Ireland clashes leave 56 police, 2 civilians injured BELFAST (Reuters) Fifty-six police officers and two civilians were injured in clashes in central Belfast in the latest flare-up in tensions between Northern Ireland’s Protestant and Catholic communities, authorities said yesterday. Many of the injuries were minor, but four officers were taken to hospital after the clashes late on Friday, during which police fired plastic bullets and water cannon after being pelted with missiles for a second successive night. Belfast remains divided between pro-British Protestants and Catholics who generally favor unification with Ireland, despite a 1998 peace and power-sharing deal that put an end to the worst of the “troubles” in the British province. Protestants tried to block a march on Friday evening along the city’s main thoroughfare, Royal Avenue, by the nationalist side of the community and when police moved in to clear them, they threw bricks, bottles and fireworks. Burnt-out cars and rubble littered the city centre and shop fronts were damaged.

People run past a burning car after loyalist protesters attacked the police with bricks and bottles as they waited for a republican parade to make it’s way through Belfast City Centre. Reuters/Cathal McHaughton. Police said seven people were arrested. “It was sheer thuggery,” said Assistant Chief Constable George Hamilton, who commanded Friday night’s police operation. “There were all sorts of weapons and equipment being used against the police including scaffolding and masonry. People were pulling up the paving stones from the busiest shopping precinct in Belfast.” The Catholic parade, marking the anniversary of the 1971 introduction of

internment without trial by British authorities, eventually had to pass along a different route. Eight were hurt on Thursday night when a crowd at a bonfire to mark the anniversary in a Catholicdominated part of Belfast threw paint bombs, bottles and masonry at police. Forty-two years ago, soldiers swept into Catholic districts and arrested more than 340 people as the British government sought to halt growing Irish Republican Army (IRA) violence aimed at extinguishing rule from London.

Netanyahu tells U.S. mediator Palestinians inciting against Israel (Reuters) - Israel has complained to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry about statements by the Palestinians which it said undermined nascent peace talks, an Israeli official said yesterday. “Incitement and peace cannot coexist,” the official quoted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as telling Kerry, the negotiations’ sponsor, in a letter sent over the weekend. The complaint underscored the recrimination and distrust on both sides that threaten the talks, even as Israel

prepares to free scores of Palestinian prisoners ahead of a second round of discussions next week. According to the official, Netanyahu’s letter referred to an assertion Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas made on July 29 that a future Palestinian state “would not see the presence of a single Israeli - civilian or soldier”. Netanyahu also cited an official Palestinian television broadcast of a goodwill visit by the Barcelona football club to the occupied West Bank last week, during which a sportscaster, speaking in

Benjamin Netanyahu voiceover, described Israeli towns and cities as Palestinian - as did a singer who performed on the pitch. “Rather than educate the next generation of Palestinians to live in peace with Israel, this hate education lays the ground for continued violence, terror and conflict,” the letter said. The U.S. embassy in Israel did not immediately return a call for comment on Netanyahu’s letter to Kerry. The Palestinians have themselves long accused Israel of poor faith in peacemaking, given its expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank which most world powers deem illegal.

Sunday August 11, 2013

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Trinidad Express - The shareholder governments of the regional airline, LIAT, Friday signed a US$65 million loan agreement with the Barbados-based Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) as the cashstrapped airline seeks to upgrade its ageing fleet. The loan represents 61 per cent of a US$100 million re-fleeting exercise being undertaken by the Antigua-based regional airline that is replacing its Canadian Dash 8 fleet with French-made ATRs. Barbados, LIAT’s largest shareholder, takes up the bulk of the loan—US$33.2 million– while Antigua and Barbuda put up US$21.9 million, St. Vincent and Grenadines US$7 million and Dominica US$2.4 million. But each shareholder will provide the funds to LIAT on the same terms it received from the CDB, with the airline responsible for repaying the loan over a 13-year period, following a two-year grace period. The signing ceremony comes against increased criticism of the airline by the travelling public in recent months with long

delays, numerous cancellations and lost baggage being the order of the day. LIAT chairman Jean Holder apologised for the hiccups, assuring that positive change is coming with the airline’s re-fleeting exercise. Barbados Prime Minister Freundel Stuart said his government had no problem coming to the table to assist LIAT, since it is not possible to contemplate a region without the airline, despite the frustration expressed by the travelling public. “Barbados has a vested interest in the easy movement of people in this region…because Caricom is our third largest source market for tourism. So, we cannot contemplate a region without the services of an airline like LIAT. “I don’t know of any other airlines prepared to do in this region what LIAT has done since 1956, in one form or another. Therefore, the Government of Barbados, over which I preside, had no difficulty in lending its consent to the securing of this loan,” he stated. Stuart said that Barbados remains committed to LIAT’s cause.

CLICO QUERY Barbados Nation - PRIME MINISTER of St Vincent and the Grenadines Dr Ralph Gonsalves admits he and other Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) leaders have some reservations about aspects of the recently released judicial manager’s report on CLICO. “. . . We have a number of queries in relation to the overall proposals,” he told t h e S AT U R D AY S U N y e s t e r d a y, a d d i n g t h a t OECS countries wanted “some clarification” on a number of points.

He was speaking after participating in a loan signing ceremony between LIAT and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) at the CDB’s Wildey, St Michael headquarters. Gonzalves did not go into details. “ We h a v e r e a d a n d studied the judicial manager ’s submission to the court in Barbados and we would like to engage the manager and the Government of Barbados on the suggestions for the resolution put forward in the report,” he admitted.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

Sunday August 11, 2013

Brazil president’s approval recovers slightly from protest slump SAO PAULO (Reuters) President Dilma Rousseff’s approval rating gained six percentage points after diving in the wake of massive protests in Brazil, a poll published yesterday showed. The number of Brazilians who consider Rousseff ’s administration “great” or “good” was 36 percent, up from an all-time low 30 percent in late June, according to a Datafolha opinion poll published in local newspaper Folha de S. Paulo. The recovery, though still far below the 65 percent approval she had in March, reflects slightly more confidence in Brazil’s economy as concerns about inflation ease. The poll also showed Brazilians are less supportive of the mass protests that drew 1 million to the streets at their peak in mid June. The demonstrations dealt with a range of issues including corruption and poor

transportation, and some say they lacked focus. The number of Brazilians who said the protests had resulted in positive changes fell to 49 percent from 65 percent in Datafolha’s last poll. The 27 percentage point drop in Rousseff’s approval in just three weeks that Datafolha reported on June 29, after the protests, was the sharpest suffered by a Brazilian leader since 1990. Rousseff, who is expected to run for re-election next year, at one point had one of the highest approval ratings in the western hemisphere. The poll published yesterday morning did not include voter intention. The number of Brazilians who consider Rousseff ’s administration “bad” or “terrible” fell to 22 percent from 25 percent a month earlier, the poll said. The approval rating of her

economic team, led by Finance Minister Guido Mantega and central bank president Alexandre Tombini, rose slightly to 30 percent from 27 percent a month earlier. Pessimism over inflation was nearly stable at 54 percent from 53 percent a month earlier. Inflation in Brazil had been rising since December, but slowed sharply in July after authorities in several cities and states rolled back public transport fare increases after the protests. But it is still a delicate moment for Brazil’s economy, which barely expanded last year, and the government is betting on an ambitious agenda of infrastructure projects to return to sustained growth in coming years. The poll, conducted August 7-9, surveyed 2,615 people and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points.

Former Acting Chief Justice urges region to move towards CCJ ROSEAU, Dominica CMC – Prominent regional jurist, Sir Brian Alleyne, says he is optimistic that Caribbean countries will soon to the realisation that they all need to join the Trinidadbased Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). But Sir Brian, the former Acting Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, says it is also necessary for the regional countries to allow for much debate on the court that was established in 2001 to replace the London-based Privy

Council as the regional final court. “As you know I am very strong supporter of the idea of the region moving to its own independent and regional final court. I am supportive of the move, I regret however there has not been enough public consultation and discussion of the issue”. Sir Brian said there has been “more of a confrontational kind of thing rather than a genuine consultative process of the people. I regret that, but nevertheless I support the

move, I am glad to hear St. Lucia is moving in that direction, I don’t know what the rest of the Caribbean region will do, but I have no doubt that overtime we will all move that way,” he said on the state-owned DBS radio Saturday. The CCJ, which has both an original and appellate jurisdiction, also functions as an international tribunal interpreting the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas that guides the regional integration movement, CARICOM. While most of the CARICOM countries are signatories to the original jurisdiction, only Barbados, Guyana and Belize have signed on to the appellate jurisdiction.

Sunday August 11, 2013

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Jack: Laventille Gone Green Trinidad Guardian - For the first time in its history, the PNM is in danger of losing its stronghold of Laventille. And the threat is coming from former Fifa vice-president Jack Warner ’s new Independent Liberal Party (ILP). The claim is coming from none other than ILP interim leader himself, Jack Warner. Warner told the T&T Guardian that, up to Friday morning, he had a membership list of 106,000 people and the vast majority were from Laventille and San Juan/Barataria. Warner was responding to questions from the Guardian on feedback from the ground in Laventille that constituents have gone green. ”Yes they have,” he said confidently. ”The whole country has gone green. The ILP has a membership of 106,000 people. We have employed 32 persons to disaggregate the membership and the vast majority are from Laventille and San Juan/ Barataria. “Based on evidence, the support the ILP has from Laventille is astounding. I was told so by Lennox Smith (community activist) and did not really believe but when I saw the list...” Warner promised to reveal a breakdown of the ILP’s membership list soon. Asked if the party will be campaigning in Laventille, he replied: “We will be starting from tomorrow in Tunapuna.” The ILP will launch its local government election campaign at Auzonville Park, Tunapuna, this evening. Warner’s position was hotly disputed by Laventille West MP Nyleung Hypolite, who said he is not worried, that the PNM is poised, not only to retain Laventille, but win the upcoming local government and 2015 general elections. Laventille East/Morvant MP Donna Cox said she has been hearing some talk but assured Laventille East/ Morvant is safe. She laughingly dismissed rumours among constituents that she, too, has gone green. Warner, in response, said: “Tell them Kamla said the same thing about Chaguanas West. If they haven’t learnt anything from Chaguanas West, they have nothing to learn.” Some residents of Laventille West, in particular, who spoke to the T&T Guardian endorsed Warner’s claim. ”The PNM in danger in Laventille. For the first time in history, the PNM will lose

... but PNM MPs Laugh it off this seat. Laventille and the East-West Corridor gone green,” one community activist and spokesman, who said he walks the length and breadth of Laventille, told the Guardian yesterday. ”Everybody saying they gone green.” He said they are voting for the ILP for the same reasons the people of the former UNC stronghold of Chaguanas West booted out the Government in the July 29 by-election in a stunning defeat and joined the green brigade. The key issue is representation. ”We want proper representation. For years, Laventille voted for the PNM and is still underdeveloped. People are seeing Jack as an action man,” he said. “At one meeting in St Barbs, a matriarch, known as a diehard PNM, said she was fed up and was going by Jack to get membership forms to give out in Laventille.” And, contrary to what some may think, Jack has “already put down some work in Laventille West,” the activist said, requesting anonymity because of his job. He said when Warner was national

security minister, he introduced several programmes in Laventille West through a community caravan and gang leaders thrashed out their differences. “Whenever he came into the area and saw something the people wanted fixed, in two-twos work started on it. People in Snake Valley and St Barbs can tell you about this,” he said. ”Plus, people in Laventille accustomed going down Chaguanas by Jack for help. He know the support he have here, too.” The activist said residents, like those in Chaguanas West, do not care about corruption allegations hanging over Warner’s head. “In Laventille, fellas does be killing people and residents protect them because they feed them. Translate this to the politics. People accustomed with allegations in Laventille. They look up to people who help them as heroes, like Robin Hood.” Laventille West MP Nyleung Hypolite said he attends a constituency executive meeting every month and has not heard anyone threatening to go green. ”I have a constituency group meeting monthly and

have heard none of this. I have a regular church service with residents of Beetham and have not heard any such thing,” he said. ”People are talking to give out false information, misguide and mislead. Laventille West, I can proudly say, will stay PNM.” Hypolite said the same goes for Laventille East, Morvant, Port-of-Spain and other PNM seats on the EastWest Corridor and

throughout T&T. ”I am certain that in the 2015 general election the PNM will retain its 12 seats and even get more to form the government.” On the contrary, he said he has been hearing people saying they want to join the PNM, including senators. He said the PNM election machinery has been pushed into high gear and councillors and MPs are walking in their constituencies daily.

Jack Warner

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Kaieteur News

Sunday August 11, 2013

Sunday August 11, 2013

Kaieteur News

The Abigail Column In love with an untrustworthy man

DEARABIGAIL, I have been engaged to “Phillip” for two years, but we’ve been dating for nine. I accidentally intercepted a text message from a woman that said, “Miss you.” Needless to say, this sparked my curiosity. I kept an eye on his phone and noticed that this same number showed up

several times. When I finally got the nerve to ask about it, Phillip said a married woman was pursuing him. He considered her a friend and told her it would never go further. I believed him, but asked him to stop contacting her. He agreed, but then I saw that he was still calling and texting her. I also happen to know he has asked her to lunch a few times. Phillip rarely works late and never goes anywhere

without me. This is creating a huge strain on our relationship. Am I naive or just stupid? Felicia Dear Felicia, Neither. You are in love with someone who is not behaving in a trustworthy manner and you know it, but you’re hoping for a less damaging explanation. I wish I could provide it. Insist on premarital counseling before you take another step with this man.

Sunday August 11, 2013 ARIES (MARCH 21 APRIL 19): You will want more beautiful things around you even than usual. Maybe you are trying to compensate just a touch for a lack you feel elsewhere. But don't assume if you are not being given lavish presents that you are not really valued. ************************************ TAURUS (APRIL 20 MAY 20): What you really want is peace, bliss and harmony around, so you are trying to iron out problems, act as a peacemaker, and maybe in the process not stand up for your rights. ************************************ GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUNE 20): You may be feeling just a touch isolated or under-appreciated at the moment. But there really is no need. Just enjoy this quiet time since it will not last long. With Venus tucked out of sight your role is to be giving rather than receiving. ************************************ CANCER (JUNE 21 JULY 22): You have a wonderful knack of putting others at their ease, so you are more than welcome wherever you go. But you will be demanding elbow room. You won't put up with jealousy in any form and will run a mile at the first whiff off possessiveness. ************************************ LEO (JULY 23 - AUG. 22): You very much want to be looked up to and admired now, so you are putting a great deal of stress on how you look, sprucing up your outer appearance. Maybe even putting on airs and graces. ************************************ VIRGO (AUG. 23 - SEPT. 22): You want love or your social life to be an adventurous experience at the moment and you will be happy for loved ones to expand your view of life and teach you a great deal.

LIBRA (SEPT. 23 - OCT. 22): You love people or you loathe them at the moment; there's not much in between. You want to live life at a profound level and don't care anything too frivolous or superficial. Your social charms are undeniable now and you can be seductively persuasive when you turn your mind to it. ************************************ SCORPIO (OCT. 23 NOV. 21): Freedom is what you really want, away from old restrictive situations and ties. Your emotional life may feel in a state of upheaval but you are abandoning much that was inhibiting from the past. ************************************ SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22 - DEC. 21): You are tending to throw your emotional needs into work at the moment, and can be a little stand-offish on social occasions. Others find you reserved but do not always realise quite how shy or even pre-occupied you really are. ************************************ CAPRICORN (DEC. 22 JAN. 19): Your naturally sunny temperament at the moment is making you popular and helping you to avoid the boring routines at work and elsewhere. ************************************ AQUARIUS (JAN. 20 FEB. 18): More sensitive and emotional than usual, you want happy family relations and a peaceful domestic existence. You will have an intuitive feel for whatever is happening, but you may overreact, and feel hurt by even the slightest whiff of criticism. ************************************ PISCES (FEB. 19 MARCH 20): Nothing is making you happier at the moment than peaceful conversations with friends, neighbours, brothers and sisters or workmates.

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SERVICES Dianne’s Bridal and Party Accessories Rentals, Decorating, Catering and Event Planning. 103 Regent Road Call: 225-8111 Permanent & Visitors Visa Applications, Professional Immigration Consultant Room D5 Maraj Building Call:225-6496,6626045,223-8115

Kaieteur News

FOR SALE 500 Ton Cargo Ship with Contract- call: 687-6174 Fully vaccinated Pitbull Pups- Contact Johnny @ 628-9884 Zack’s Lumber Yard Georgetown: Millcut form board $115 per BM, Softwood & H/wood $180 per BM- Call:687-5361/674-0013




2- 2007 Toyota Avensis. Call 698-0674

Tibetian Pups, 6 weeks & 1 year- Call:645-1208

Repairs, sales & spares air conditioning, microwaves, washer, fridges & stoves. Ultra Cool. Call: 225-9032, 647-2943

Mining claims- 1 River, 24 lands- Potaro River- Call:1613-797-3314

1993 Volvo Hauler, 1 Thermal Arc, portable gas welder, Perkins 4108 Diesel Engine & Kubota V1902 DieselCall:660-1514

Ducklings and PigletsCall:688-7291/618-2708

One Wardrobe $35,000Call:225-4658

We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer, dryer. Call:2310655, 683-8734 Omar

1 Freight Liner Hauler, 1- 48ft trailer, 1 Low Bed (hauler & trailer)- Call:613-6979

1 Wadkin Circular Saw & 1 Dunlop CompressorContact Tel: 254-0209

We repair LCD, Plasma, LED TV, Microwave, Washer & Dryer, Amp etc. Call:6472276/693-3277

2 A/C- (sizes 12 & 15), solar system 45 gallon (hot & cold) Call:691-9071/674-1231

Pure Bred Rottweiler pupsCall:650-8496

TransponderTV: No Monthly Fees, No Hidden Fees, No Additional Charges: 250 Channels + 50 HD Channels- Call: 675-3201 Evergreen Services: Tree trimming/ landscapingCall:664-5947/227-8259 Hello the doctor is back! Have your gas stove repaired and serviceCall:601-0595/ 220-4073/ 220-5785 ONLINE SHOPPING ZERO COMMISSION, WEEKLY SHIPMENTS,AFFORDABLE RATES, FREE PRIVATE MAILBOX.CALL:2315789, 225-9030 WE FILL OUT VISA FORMS:USA, UK & CANADA & CREDIT CARD SERVICES CALL: 231-5789 HOUSE PLAN DRAFTING FOR ONLY $10,000CALL:694-9843/227-2766 CITITECH: Computer/ printer repairs (Mac & PC) IT consultation & Network installation: 125 Light St. Alberttown, G/TownCall:226-0085/693-1259 Gentle Hands is now offering home nurses from as low as $20,000 per month- Call:6623717 Brian Moe @ 642-3543: Computer Technician: Home and Office visits at your comfort!! FB:brianmoe.165 Creative Constructs: Professional Caribbean to International Construction: Specialized in General Construction, from startfinish-Call: 613-7964/6751510 TOURS August 18th & 25th @ Orealla, Santa Mission & Capoey Lake- Call Joy: 2181285/649-9059/692-3114

1 Male English Mastiff Dog $150,000- Call:678-2814/6992322 Wall dividers, Cabinets, Sofas, Beds & WardrobeCall:219-3732 (After 5pm) S & N Mining Inc. Large Quantity Of Virgin Mining Mercury: Best In Guyana: $14,500LB, Wholesale Negotiable- Contact Carol: 649-8505 One Honda Honmel 1000 CBR, condition usedCall:610-7005/219-1342 WE HAVE ANY SIZE AND AMOUNT OF PALMS: #1 PLANT SHOP, 70 SHERIFF ST. CALL:227-8094 One Motocross Kawasaki KX 250F motorcycle 2010: Asking $1,000,000GYD, owner leaving country. Never registered- Call:699-5203 1 Gillotine: Wohlenberg 45" cut size: bindprintservice@gmail. com- Call:1-868-222-7097 Spare for washing machine, microwaves, fridges, stoves, timers, gearbox, pumps, etc call: 225-9032, 647-2943 Rottweiler pup – Contact:619-6086/699-7077 1-Hilux Vigo, single cab; PMM Series – Tele:626-7040 Pro Care adults pull ups ( large), assorted linen table cloths, linen chair covers, flowers – Call:771-5388/ 7,680-1198 1 used electric paint sprayer, 1- 25HP Evinrude Outboard motor, a quantity of costume jewellry, perfume, ladies hair etc. Call:680-9040 1 – Front end loader, 1 – D6D CAT bulldozer, 1-22RB dragline –Contact :695-5427 9 months old salon equipment and furniture, barber chair and station – call:225-2303 or 681-61563

Pure Rottweiler Pups. Call 220-6879 2-320 excavator , 1 - Fiat Tractor, 4 wheel drive, 3engine, (2) - 6- Cylinder complete workshop - Call: 695-5427

R1 new condition, colour red: 2005 Ford F150 fully loaded $1.8M Neg- Call:623-4045/ 689-3846 New ATVs: Introductory price $1,450,000 (Duty Free)Call:691-0234

VEHICLE FOR SALE Fielder Wagon - Call: 691-3812

Sale! Axio: TV, DVD $3.1M Neg: Pre-order Premio $2.5M Neg- Call: 655-3400

One Hilux Surf- Call:617-3001

Ray’s Motor Spares & Auto Sales: For best price, wholesale & retail dealer in Japanese automobiles & partsCall:233-5151/ 231-7839 2 Ford F150: Price $4.5M & $3.5M- Call: 643-5249 / 2654979 1 BMW 318i PNN series $3.2M, 1 Toyota Raum PKK series $1.250M: Both in immaculate condition- Call: 613-5308 Sale! Sale! Toyota Premio (unregistered), fully loaded $2.5M-Call:617-2891/220-2345

One Precision built trailer pump (new) make offerCall:227-1830

1 Toyota RZ $650,000- Call: 265-4164

Power tools, drill saw, grinder, Sauder & moreCall:615-9314

2008 White Tacoma Auto, lift kit, off road tyre, GRR series, 31,000 miles: Excellent condition- Call:610-5370

55 Gal empty barrel $5500 each- Call:615-9314 Pluck chicken wholesaleContact Tele:676-0931/6867180 Desktop computers windows 7; $40,000; 80GB – Tele:600-0036/223-1719 GPS map 76 – Call:600-0036/ 223-1719 Electric Snow Cone machines- Call:266-2711/6094594 Asphalt Roofing Shingles, pig feed, duck feed & shrimp meal- Call:266-2711/609-4594 Garden Earth and Builders waste also Bobcat rental, excavating clearing and leveling done- Call:616-0617 or 663-3285 Massey, Yanmar Ford 5000 Logging/ Agriculture Tractors, parts, Loader & Ford Truck- Call:615-1578/ 694-3595: Tools & Chainsaw668-2831 5 Cylinders Duets, 4 cylinders Cummins & 4 cylinders Forde TurboCall:226-9076 (Between 8:00am to 5:00pm)

Sunday August 11, 2013

New 2013 Isuzu: D-Max single & double cabs- Call: 691-0234 One Mitsubishi Canter; late GPP series – Call:662-8743 One Mitsubishi Canter GRR 5201: 15ft tray- Call:613-2150/ 254-0247

ALYEA’S AUTO SALE PREMIO 03 $2.7 NEG, PREMIO 02 $2.6 NEG,AXIO 08 $2.950 NEG: 40 CROAL ST G/TOWN- CALL:6223823/231-7284 Cheapest- Premio, Spacio, Hilux, Stick Gear Buses- Call: 616-7635 1 Toyota- AT192, AT212, Ceres, Vitz, Raum, EP71 Starlet, Hilux Pickup Solid DEF, Tacoma- Call: 644-5096/ 697-1453 Fila Wagon: PPP series, CD, A/C, very clean: $1.725 NegCall:615-9314 Honda Civic $200,000 negotiable- call:604-6973 L-Touring Wagon HB $850,000- Call:674-8982 1 Hiab Truck- Call:618-1967 Unregistered 01 Toyota Tundra extra cab, 4×4, loaded, new tyre: Neg $2.6M- Call: 615-9314

1- AA60 Carina- Call:6430332/689-5254 2006 Silver Toyota Tacoma 4WD, automatic transmission, low kilometers. With accessories G$5.5M Neg- Call:624-6008

Massey Tractor just arrived from Canada: 285MF $2.4M, 165MF $1.8M, Square Leg 135MF $1.3M- Call:682-5230/ 628-9596

Axio Special- 2007, TV/DVD & Reverse Camera $2.950MCall:617-2891

1- 2004 Tacoma 4W drive, 3RZ engine: Good condition, foreign use: Price $3.2MCall:266-2367

2006 Black Toyota Tacoma: 4 Cylinders/2WD/ manual transmission, low kilometers. With accessories G$3.8M Neg- Call:624-6008 First Class Auto: Allion, Premio, Spacio, IST, Axio, 212, Fielder, Verossa & AllexCall:609-8188/602-6307 Unregistered Mitsubishi long canter $3,350,000Call:615-7526/653-4560

New Yamaha R1 motorcycle. 100cc (candy red & black) recently registered 2013. Latest. double exhaust, bug light- Call:647-2491 Toyota Tercel PGG series: A/ C, alarm, mag rim, music: Excellent condition $650,000Call:690-3995 Toyota Raum PKK series. Lady driven, excellent condition $1.2M Neg cashCall:685-8513 or 216-0146 Toyota L-Touring Wagon: automatic, A/C, Mags, leather seats, white, PLL. $950,000- Call:612-2258 Toyota Ipsum mini van: 7 seats, sun roof, A/C, automatic, mags, etc. Blue $1.6M- Call:612-2258 Quantum Auto: Spacio, Premio & new model Raum with Alloy wheel & dark interior: Excellent conditionCall:624-7684/617-2378 FOR SALE/RENT American Pool TableCall:277-0578

1 Toyota Premio (old model): A/C, fully powered. Excellent condition $1.2M- Call:613-5308 1 five (5) L- Diesel 4×4 Hilux in very good condition: Ready for the Interior- Call: 667-2703

One NZE Toyota CorollaCall:614-9060


Unregistered Mitsubishi short canter $3,250,000Call:615-7526/653-4560 Toyota Versossa, Versossa complete nose cut: Carina 192 $450,000: 1 Mazda pickup: 1 unregistered Fielder Wagon ($2.1M)- Call:656-0507 New Arrival! Unregistered Toyota Sienta- Bodykit, TV, camera, spoiler, fogs, remote smart alarm, mags- Call:6436565/226-9931


One black Titan (2005) 4 wheel drive, fully loaded: $4.2M negotiable- Call:6782814/699-2322

1 Nissan 12 seater Bus, mags, engine, over haul, new seats, just spray $650,000 NegCall:675-6721

Female looking for unmarried male for serious relationship, age 44-45- Call: 670-2498 (No texting)

Smart Choice Auto: Unregistered Premio, Allion, IST, Fielder- Call:652-3820/ 665-4529

Honda Cappa (yellow). Leather seats, reverse camera, DVD/TV, CD player, mag rims. Base radio- Call:647-2491

EDUCATIONAL I.A.E (Camp street): Register for full- time, lessons & adults CXC classes: Maths, English, Business & Science- Call: 223-0604/ 6835742 Is your child hyperactive or has a disability and needs individual teaching? For best results- Call:683-3887 IPE Private School: Nursery, Primary, Secondary Level: Register now: Branches: Grove, Mon-Repos, Pourderoyen, Anna Catherina- Call:629-5300 Signup now for Computerized Accounting Programs: Quickbooks, Peachtree etc. MicroGraphics Technology Vreed-En-Hoop- Call:2643057 PC repairs course, CorelDraw, Publisher etc. MicroGraphics Technology Vreed-En-Hoop- Call:2643057 Private Tutoring, CSEC Mathematics: For further information contact 618-2737 (Continued on page 63)

Sunday August 11, 2013

Kaieteur News

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(From page 62) LAND FOR SALE 2- Acres cultivated, 2-1 Acres cultivated, 7 Acres cultivated, citrus, house, fish pond, storage at Parika. Call 226-7968 House lot for sale: Friendship, D i a m o n d EBD & drafting of house plans. Call:223-0733, 2230730, 692-8513 Parfaite Harmonie $1.2M, $1.3M, $1.4M- Call:675-7292 2369.664 Sq/ft of land @ Victoria village, E.C.D $600,000- Call:660-0563 Gold and Diamond land: Parish Hill, Port Kaituma , Kurupung, E Kuraka – Tele: 600-0036/223-1719 Bagotville land great for farming / residence – Tele: 600-0036/223-1719 House lots 50’×118’ New Hope, E.B.D: Serious enquires only. No prices on phone- Call: 266-2711/6094594 32 Acres for sale, Lot 5 Content Mahaicony, E.C.D: US$175,000: Call: 813-3194219: rpooran@ Transported Land; Land for Sale at Craig Public RoadContact: 695-6641/ 223-3120/ 690-8571/ 666-9972, Price Negotiable.

TO LET Fully furnished short term apartments @ Eccles call: 679-7139 Harmony Inn: Apartments fully furnished, airconditioned apartments: $5000 per night- Call:6680306/602-8769/694-7817 Fully furnished Vacation home with all amenitiesCall during working hours227-1218 Campbellville $120,000, BelAir US$1200, Lamaha Gardens US$2500, Queenstown US$1000- Call Diana @ 227-2256/626-9382 House to rent @ 655 Arcadia Mocha- Call:699-2596/6960718 Small business space – Tele :231-2619/691-7164 Secret Villa Apartments, fully furnished self contained apartments- Call:266-5243/ 228-6337/223-0994 Two bedrooms furnished apartment US$50 per dayCall:665-2548 Furnished executive one or two bedrooms suite in Diamond. Ideal for foreigners- Call 609-2466 Furnished daily rental apartment availableCall:646-5147

LEARN TO DRIVE Soman & Sons Driving School , First Federation Building Call 225-4858, 6445166,622-2872,615-0964 B & C Driving School: Lot 5 Hadfield Lodge- call:2250150,229-7258,680-6826



24 Hour East Coast Guyoil needs night pump attendants, salesgirl & office assistant- Call:6889611/684-2838

Campbellville $30M, Kitty $30M, Section ‘K’ $40M, AA Eccles- Call Diana @ 2272256/626-9382

Refrigeration, A/C Technician. Call 231-0655/ 683-8734 Vacancy exists for 1 Parts Sales Clerk: Sound Secondary education with knowledge in Japanese vehicles spare partsCall:231-7839 One person to build chairs in work shop- Call:610-7005/ 219-1342 Vacancy exists for one Manager to work at an out of town Hotel/ ClubCall:226-9768/642-7963 Senior Accounts Clerk: Minimum 5 subjects CXC, CAT/ACCA, knowledge of Quickbooks Accounting (3yrs experience)Call:231-4069 Cashier/ customer service Rep: Minimum 5 subjects CXC, knowledge of Point of Sale- Call:231-4069- email: jimmy@nvtech One experienced female shop assistant preferably from West Bank Demerara – Call:690-2952 R.A. Soda Factory: Driver – Good Hope bond; T.K Bedford truck - Call:3332399/623-5920 R.A. Soda Factory: Driver ;Albion - canter ; live in quarter - call:33-2399/ 6235920 R.A. Soda Factory: Driver R/ Nol – Accountant & Checkers – Call:333-2399, 623-5920 Experienced salesperson needed: Courtney’s Boutique; Stall A37 Bourda Market (behind Wireless Connection) Tele: 227-3407 Serious inquires only!

Property for sale in Enterprise E. C. Demerara Call: 627-5416/611-7437 1 Charlestown, Corner property with business potential; $40M – Tele: 6735882 2-Storey transported property on land measuring approximately 66"x200" ; Cove – and – John Ashram; $15M - Call Mr. Ramdhani: 656-8400/665-3712

WANTED Driver, salesperson, merchandiser & porter male needed, bring resume ( include reference) & passport photo @ Vegetarian Gardens Tele:227-7714/223-3448 Receptionist, room attendant, bar attendants, washer & presser , cook & helper– Contact: Hick’s Ville Hotel @ 231-0951/231-0953

Mineral Property @ Cuyuni, Mazaruni, Upper Demerara, Berbice, Upper Kurupukari – call:6141669/682-0365

1 whole day domesticCall:650-4761/667-5717

Paradise, E.C.D: Concrete modern 2 bedrooms, front and rear verandah. Concrete fenced large lot $11M negcall: 660-0563 Paradise, E.C.D: Concrete modern 2 storeys, 4 bedrooms- 2 masters. Concrete fenced large lot $26.5M neg- call: 660-0563

Minibus driver for contract, living in Georgetown- Please Call:675-3093 Experienced sewing machine operators- Call:220-4337

Haslington, E.C.D: Building ‘A’, concrete/ timber modern 2 storeys, 7 bedrooms, grilled & fenced. Building ‘B’, 3 apartments, fenced $18M Neg- Call:660-0563 Good Business Properties: Alexander, New Market, Lamaha, Middle, Camp, Waterloo, Lance Gibbs & Lombard street- Call:2317805/231-2200/618-7483 1 two storey wooded and concrete building. Located @ Guyhoc Park main road $25M- Call:264-2154 Two storey house, six bedrooms & two kitchen @ block ‘8’ Tushen, E.B.ECall:650-2982

Skilled and semi skilled joiners- Call:220-4247

FOR RENT 3 Bedrooms unfurnished house to rent US$2200 per month: Located in Lamaha Gardens- Call:616-5415 Apartments from $60,000$160,000- Call:675-7292 University Garden US$1000, 5 bedrooms exclusiveCall:675-7292 2- Two bedrooms apartments @ Queenstown & 1 two storey building @ Bel-Air park- Call:225-2562/660-4481 Furnished 2 bedrooms bottom flat @ Uitvlught Housing scheme, W.C.DCall:663-2882

CAR RENTAL Progressive Auto Rental - cars from $4000 per day. Call 643-5122, 225-8711; email www. progressive autorental. com

Relaxing massage serviceCall: 622-6256 MASSAGE

DRESSMAKING Classes in Designing and Sewing. Call Sharmela (Canadian-Trained) @ 6410784/626-2629

T h e G e n t ’s S p a : L e t beautiful sophisticated masseuse pamper you: New masseuse availableCall:657-5979 For that relaxing and sensual happy ending- Call for appointment @ tele 699-3519

Premio, Vitz call: 679-7139 Untouchable Car Rental: Low Rate , Low Deposit call:231-8653,621-6827 Aidan’s Car Rental & PickupCall: 645-7981/ 698-7807 First Choice Car Rental: $5000 & $6000 per day- Call: 668-0306/ 694-7817

Secret Villa apartments: now hiring general workers to work 8 hrs shift and one handy boy – Tele :225-6337 Machine Operator to work in Garment Factory- Call:2222541 Experienced Hire Cars drivers to work in Gem’s Taxi Service- Call:227-0638/6279424 Experienced counter servers, roti/puri cooks, pastry makers & cashiers: Apply @ Hacks Halaal 5 Commerce St. Do you need excavator operator for the Interior? 12 years experience in miningCall:254-0624/655-4440

Sailors/ Welders- Call:6893846/227-2027 One live-in or live out maidcall:668-3985/264-3355/6837936 House Keepers to work 8 hours shift & Handy boy 17-19 years @ Land of Canaan- Call:266-5243-5 One Live in domesticCall:614-6053/600-6053 Contract cars to work in Taxi Service- call: 627-9424/ 2270638 Old Guyana Currencies $1,$5,$10 bills and stampsCall:653-5696 Urgently needed 1 plot of land to buy in Parfaite Harmonie- Call:675-7292 Handy boy and salesgirl – Tele:227-8529 Live in experienced domestic & waitress; must be honest, boarding & lodging free; $50,000 monthly – Tele:698-7172

MASSAGE American Style massage services- Call:678-7499

One three bedrooms apartment anywhere around town- Call:617-7865

Wanted – House lot in Diamond – Call 677 -6620

Business Spot at 14 Peter’s Hall E.B.D- Tel: 233-5110/ 6680309

Lookup for pastry maker, counter help, cooks: IKS S e r v i c e s / -2231719/ Experience Must

WANTED One live-in domestic. Call 617-1679

SALON Make Up Courses, Artist Trained & Certified in Trinidad. Call: 660-5257, 647-1773 Natural beauty salon & spa: Grove Market Street EBD tele:265-4138,652-5800 specialized in everything for women & children Nails & Things : Get any nail service for $1,000 this Friday 9th to Sunday 11th August Tele:619-2220/600-2220

Experienced salesgirl – Call:680-0866/225-4997 Workers for land dredgeCall:667-5717 One maid; must be able to cook and iron; age 40-50 – Tele:668-0306 Attractive live in waitressCall:327-0252/674-4665 Carpenters and Labourers to work in the Georgetown areas: Carpenters $6000, Labourers $3,500- Contact 646-9087

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Kaieteur News

Sunday August 11, 2013

Sunday August 11, 2013

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“LCPL brings seriously contrasting fortunes and surprises!” Colin E. H. Croft The colour has been dazzling, excitement electric and enjoyment all encompassing! This weekend brings more in Limacol Caribbean Premier League 2013, but it is also time for even more serious cricket, with teams manipulating efforts to finish in top four positions! After initial euphoria, all teams must now be sufficiently settled to be thinking of having their name(s) on that trophy for winning this initial competition. There is nothing like being the first No. 1! Barbados’ Tridents, surprisingly good so far, play Guyana’s Amazon Warriors at Queen Park Oval today (Sunday), an extremely crucial game for Tridents to defend its deserved 100% record. Amazon Warriors, 2nd at the time of writing, will want to burst Tridents’ bubble, even as they hoped to have beaten the surprisingly lowly placed Trinidad & Tobago Red Steel last Friday. In passing, Azim Bassarath, President of Trinidad & Tobago Cricket Board, recently, correctly, warned his administrators, officials and country that while T&T has done excellently in recent cricket tournaments regionally and world-wide, they should not be sitting on their laurels and congratulating themselves. Reiterating that even harder work lies ahead, Bassarath has overseen the continued emergence of young cricketers who could go all the way to representing senior West Indies. At the time, he was congratulating Trinidad & Tobago’s teams, in what he called a ‘special time’, for winning both 2013 Under 15 and Under 17 tournaments, continuing T&T’s winning tradition. This bodes really well for T&T’s cricket, especially for the production line that could produce

Dwayne Bravo and the T&T Red Steel finally came good against the Guyana Amazon Warriors. (CPL) next generation West Indians players, to follow Kieron Pollard, Darren Bravo or Denesh Ramdin. One of Bassarath’s lieutenants, Suruj Ragoonath, had an ill-fated entrance at representing West Indies eons ago as an opening batsman, but he is now proving to be a formidable administrator for his country, brilliant as Chief Executive Officer; a friendly, communicative and very helpful cricket professional! So, in T-20 cricket, Trinidad & Tobago has achieved much, “Red Force” representing the Caribbean well at Champions League tournaments whenever they were West Indies’ cricketing diplomats. T&T even had eight players in West Indies team which won ICC World T-20 competition last year. But, what has gone wrong with its LCPL team, “Red Steel”, now in the cellar? Even captain Dwayne Bravo does not know! Recent l y, almost countermanding Bassarath’s salutations, Bravo lamented the fact that his Red Steel was disappointing its supporters. More importantly, they must be disappointing themselves! Ross Taylor, former New

Zealand captain, still arguably its best batsman, has not hit his straps at all, scoring 02, 11, 31 in three games at time of writing. Bravo himself has been similarly poor; 08, 05, 29. Confirming Bassarath’s suggestion on T&T’s youth, Red Steel’s only fifty to date had come from 17 year old wicket-keeper, Nicholas Pooran. He is taking any opportunity given to show-case his wares! Contrast those stats to Barbados’ Trident, runaway leaders at what can be termed half-way point! In four games to date, Tridents have gored and outscored the opposition; 169-5, 146-8, 53-6, while winning that extremely low scoring game when Red Steel made only 52, and, in its most recent game, against St. Lucia’s Zouks, making the highest total of the tournament so far, 175-6. Trident’s batting has been led by recently much maligned captain, Pollard, who is back on his patch in T20’s, and has scored one of two fifties for his team, 61, along with Pakistan’s Shoaib Malik, whose 78 against Zouks, game No. 1, is the highest score so far.

Jumbo Jet family rolls out $30M 7th Annual Guyana ... From page 59 pole position takings being tagged at $300,000 and trophy. The final race has $200,000 plus trophy at stake for the winner of the JKL event over 1200M. The top Jockey along with the runner up, the top stable and champion trainer will all be presented with accolades compliments of the Trophy Stall, Bourda Market and the

organizers. Entries closed on Saturday 10th August. The organisers have also put t o g e t h e r some interesting incentives for lucky patrons and participants that will be unveiled later. Jumbo Jet is committed to the improvement of horse racing in Guyana. The event will be held under the rules of the Guyana

Horse Racing Authority. Interested persons can contact Chandu Ramkissoon (624-9063 or 232-0633), Kris Jagdeo (624-6123; 322-0369), Rajendra (Jim –Jo) 618-7278, Ramnauth 337-5311, Romel Jagroop (624-1798) and Sancho 690-0569. Race time is 12:30 hrs. The coordinator is Nasrudeen (Jumbo Jet) Mohamed. (Samuel Whyte)

Trident’s batting, generally, has been consistent. Batting does normally win T20’s, but Shakib al Hassan, Bangladesh’s former captain and its best all-rounder, has been mesmeric with his tantalizing

slow left arm productions. Few who witnessed it would ever forget Shakib’s contribution, and elation, his crowning moment as captain - 2nd Test when Bangladesh beat a depleted West Indies, 2-0, in 2009. Shakib’s astounding contributions in two Tests were 17, 30, 16, 96 not out, and 2-76, 339, 3-59, 5-70, easily “Man of the Series.” He reminds some of late T&T and West Indies spinner Inshan Ali, who was quicker through the air, but like Shakib, bamboozled batsmen with extremely slow “china-men.” Many a batsman perished to Inshan as have to Shakib. To this day, you could still hear ghosts shouting from long-gone northern concrete stands at QPO; “You are drowning in honey. There is always room in the air!” Red Steel felt the magic of Shakib’s fingers with his phenomenal spell of 4-1-6-6! Almost unbelievable! Guyana too has been a surprising revelation. Coach Roger Harper is a seriously tough task-master, but

Colin E. H. Croft his team seems to be reacting well to his directives, winning their first two games before falling to Zouks. Another Trinidad & Tobago “export”, Lendl Simmons, has carried Amazon Warrior’s batting; 42, 67 and 38 in three thrilling innings. New Zealanders Martin Guptill and James Franklyn, and former West Indies captain, still such an intelligent batsman and cricketer, Ramnaresh Sarwan, have also helped keep Amazon Warriors’ batting together. Yes, this weekend’s games have much to play for. Which teams come out ahead will be interesting. Enjoy!

Patterson Day of Sports being staged today A Day of Sports will be held in honour of the late Bonny Patterson today, Sunday August 11, at the Mahaicony Community Centre ground starting from 10:00 hrs. Events slated for the day are 5-a-side small goal football, Basketball and Dominoes. Teams expected to take part are Mahaica, Mahaicony, Belladrum and Royals. The activities are being organized by the Patterson family. Meanwhile, Redeemer All Star defeated African Cultural Development Association (ACDA) by 11 runs in the final

of the ACDA and Johnny Barnwell organised softball competition which was played recently at the National Park. Reedemer batted first and scored 89-4 off their allotted 8 overs, while ACDA in reply were bowled out for 78 in 8 overs. ACDA rebounded in the football competition by winning the final against the said opponents 2-1. And Stars marked 78 games to win the Dominoes competition ahead of Cobra 76 and Middle Road 60. Dennis Adams made the maximum 18 games for Stars, while Dennis Parris chalked

up 16 for Cobra and Desmond Croal 13 for Middle Road. Trophies, Medals and cash prizes which were given to all teams that competed in the respective finals were donated by Guyana Olympic Association, GTM, Paul’s Import Distributors, Trophy Stall Bourda Market, ACDA, M Beepat and Sons, GPL, Jones Gas Station, GRA, New GPC, Office of the Prime Minister, Ken Phillips, Den’s Trading, David Granger, Trisha Ramlall, Minister Robert Persaud, NDC region 4, Roysdale Forde, Basil Williams and Vincent Alexander.

Kelly-Ann Baptiste tests positive, withdraws from World Championships NBC Sport (Nick Zaccardi) - Trinidad and Tobago sprinter Kelly-Ann Baptiste tested positive for a banned substance and withdrew from the World Track and Field Championships one day before her first race. “She has voluntarily withdrawn from the competition and is heading back to her base,” Trinidad and Tobago team manager Dexter Voisin told the Trinidad Express. Baptiste has trained with

Tyson Gay, the U.S. sprinter who has failed multiple drug tests this year. She was entered in the 100 meters, 200 and the 4×100 relay in Moscow. The women’s 100 begins with heats Sunday. Baptiste is ranked No. 3 in the world in the 100 this year with a time of 10.83 seconds, trailing two-time Olympic champion Jamaican ShellyAnn Fraser-Pryce (10.77) and Nigerian Blessing Okagbare (10.79). She was considered a medal threat in the 100. She is

ranked No. 7 in the world this year in the 200. Baptiste won bronze in the 100 at the 2011 World Championships and placed sixth at the 2012 Olympics. Her absence makes FraserPryce and Okagbare even greater gold- and silver-medal favorites in Monday’s final. It also increases the chances of Americans Carmelita Jeter, the defending world champion coming off injury, English Gardner, Octavious Freeman and Alexandria Anderson.

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Sunday August 11, 2013

Kiplagat denies Straneo Atkinson lands second gold to retain marathon title

MOSCOW (Reuters) Kenyan Edna Kiplagat defied hot and humid conditions and a brave front-running display from Italian Valeria Straneo to become the first woman to retain the world marathon title yesterday. Kiplagat, 33, won the first gold of the Moscow world championships after taking control of the race in the shadows of the Luzhniki stadium to win in 2:25:44. The smooth-striding Kiplagat, who led a Kenyan sweep of the medals in Daegu in 2011, stalked Straneo, 37, until the 40-kilometre mark after the two other leading protagonists - Japan’s Kayoko Fukushi and Ethiopian Meselech Melkamu dropped off the pace. Straneo, who underwent surgery in 2010 to have her spleen and gall bladder removed, was unable to keep tabs on the leader in the shade of the Olympic Park and took silver in 2:25:58. Fukushi secured bronze in 2:27:45. Kiplagat’s victory made up for a disappointing London

Edna Ngeringwony Kiplagat of Kenya waves as she celebrates winning the women’s marathon during the IAAF World Athletics Championships at the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow August 10, 2013. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse Olympics last year when she was suffering with flu and trailed home 20th behind Ethiopian Tiki Gelana. She showed she had regained her form by finishing second in the London marathon in April, but Gelana’s poor season continued as she dropped out before the 15-km mark of a race run by the

banks of the Moskva river and on a series of loops between the stadium and Red Square. Gelana also suffered in the London marathon when was knocked to the ground after being struck by a wheelchair athlete mid-race, limping home in 16th place.

Kenya acknowledges... From page 60 has to get on top of the doping in order to maintain its credibility. While no one knows the scale of the doping problem in Kenya, critics say officials need to do more and point out that only one athlete from Ethiopia, Kenya’s neighbor and greatest rival, is serving a drugs ban. By contrast, eight Kenyans have been suspended in the last year alone, according to the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). IAAF figures released last month showed Kenyans were the world’s most tested athletes in 2012, followed by Russians and Americans, something Kenyan officials said was a byproduct of having the highest number of top athletes. Moses Kiptanui, a threetimes world 3,000 meters steeplechase champion, earlier this year became the first highprofile former Kenyan athlete to allege doping was widespread. “When you talk to these runners, and I’ve talked to some of those who have been caught, they say ‘I’m not the only one’,” Kiptanui told Reuters in his home near the Ugandan border, reachable only by a sunkissed dirt road which pierces through lush maize plantations. A wealthy businessman, Kiptanui last year stopped coaching to focus on his large dairy business. He said several athletes have told him they can buy banned substances at chemist shops in

the Rift Valley towns of Eldoret and Kapsabet. One top foreign agent told Reuters how a low level athlete he did not represent phoned him for advice over what constitutes doping after a doctor from Eldoret offered to conductablood transfusion for him. “There is an issue in Kenya where doctors and pharmacists see an opportunity to approach athletes or have athletes come in looking for vitamins and then they say, ‘look we can help you, we can give you thismedication’or‘thiswillhelpyou perform,” the agent said. Both Kiptanui and the agent say the doping issue is confined to the minority but are adamant Athletics Kenya is not doing enough to educate or shield the runners, whose parents are often subsistence farmers and cannot afford to school them properly. NO LABS, NO MONEY Athletics Kenya (AK) president Isaiah Kiplagat disclosed in May that the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was concerned the government was not taking doping seriously and conceded Kenya’s credibility was being doubted in the athletics world. However, Kenya’s ability to root out doping on its own is limited as the east African country does not have a single IAAF-certified drugs testing lab. All the blood samples taken in Nairobi are flown to Johannesburg, Barcelona or Paris for tests. A new testing lab is planned in Eldoret but officials

say that will be constructed by the IAAF and may take years. Kenya is also short of trained scientists, proper equipment and money. “They don’t have the ability, the strength, the money. Most importantly, they don’t have the will. They just want to protect their seats,” Kiptanui said, echoing the thoughts of other coaches, agents and former runners who spoke to Reuters about doping. While corruption accusations have dogged AK for years, its vice president David Okeyo said it was not fair to accuse the federation of being lackadaisical over doping. “We have done a lot. The athletes that have really been found to be positive have been dealt with according to the rules,” Okeyo told Reuters over the telephone from Moscow. “We deal with these issues when they come. But you cannot say there is a national issue concerning doping.” AK last year promised to carry out an investigation into the sources of doping in Kenya but so far no agent or manager has been fingered. Only athletes who test positive, usually during competitions abroad, have been punished. Okeyo said AK has been powerless to stop those inciting athletes to dope due to lack of evidence. “This is like a court case, if you don’t have evidence, there is nothing you can do,” Okeyo said. “It can only come from athletes themselves.”

Jamaica Observer – Jamaica’s Alia Atkinson won her second gold medal at the Eindhoven World Cup swim meet in the 50-metre breaststroke in a new personal best 29:42 seconds on Thursday evening. She thus continued her impressive form following her victory in the 100-metre breaststroke the previous day. Atkinson stamped her authority over a very competitive field which included three finalists from the just concluded Barcelona World Aquatic Championships. Second was Moniek Nijhuis of the Netherlands, who swam 29:95 seconds, with third going to Jennie Johansson from Sweden in 30:07. Later in the evening she won a bronze medal in the 100-metre individual medley in 59:11 seconds. Lying in eighth at the 50-metre mark, Atkinson swam an amazing

Alia Atkinson

breaststroke and freestyle leg to finish third behind Hungarian Katinka Hosszu, who won in a world record time of: 57:50 seconds, lowering her own record which she set in the morning

prelims — 57:73. Second went to Sarah Sjoestroem of Sweden in: 58:78. Atkinson was down to compete in Berlin FINA World Cup meet yesterday and today.

Heart of a champion - Williams-Mills aims to inspire cancer survivors MOSCOW, Russia (AFP) — Newly crowned Jamaican 400 metres champion Novlene Williams-Mills says she hopes by competing at the World Athletics Championships she will inspire fellow cancer sufferers after she battled against the illness for the past year. The 31-year-old, who showed great grit when she won Olympic 4x400m relay bronze last year having been diagnosed with breast cancer just before the Games, said when she lines up for the 400m heats today in Moscow it will be another “baby step” on her road back. “It was a very hard time for me,” she said after completing training. “I am a breast cancer survivor, but at the same time I don’t want people to label me as such. “However, if I can help to inspire other people suffering from cancer then I can say that I have served a purpose.” Williams-Mills, who won individual bronze at the 2007 World Championships, said her motivation as an athlete had changed markedly since undergoing surgery no less than four times, including a double mastectomy with the last operation in January. “Every time I had surgery I thought great, this is the last one and then the doctor calls and I go back for another one and I end up with four operations by January and I say to myself ‘This is crazy’. “My priorities may not have changed but my motivations are different now. “I see myself as a fighter

Novlene Williams-Mills not as a competitor.” Williams-Mills, who apart from the emotional relay medal in London last year, has also won two other 4x400m relay Olympic bronze medals, said being diagnosed with cancer had caused her to reassess certain things. “When you think of cancer, breast cancer as I had, it is quite a shock because you have no control over it,” she said. “You are fighting your body, not other athletes, but that helped me. It brought out the competitive side of me. There is no way I told myself that I am going to give up. “Life will change, no doubt about it. Things that you have taken for granted go out the window. One minute you go to the doctor with not a worry and the next minute you are walking out the door in shock at being told you have cancer.

“However, I believe that now I am mentally stronger. I look at situations differently.” Williams-Mills, who did not publicise her illness at first preferring to keep it just among her close family including her husband Jameel, said anything was possible on the track now she had won the national title. “When I won I thought this is crazy as well. Ok, it is for me another, as I call it, baby step, but an important one as well. Now I think anything is possible when I walk out there on Saturday. “If I win I will celebrate, but of course just running is a way of showing you have won. “I won’t be celebrating in the traditional way as my husband isn’t here but I will go and have a drink and dance.”

Sunday August 11, 2013

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KMTC/Digicel one day Is accountability and transparency horserace meet set for today Letter to the Sports Editor

still a perquisite within the GFF?

Dear Editor, The Christopher Matthias led administration of the Guyana Football Federation, recently completing 100 days in office, following the Elections of Office Bearers on Friday, April 12, 2013 at the Le Meriden Pegasus, the venue for the meeting. As a layman, with a vested interest in seeing the world’s most popular, passionate and emotional sport develops meaningfully in Guyana, Editor, I still support the notion of the philosopher, who once said, “If one were to ask me for the perquisite of being involved in sports, I would say the first thing is to be happy”. Despite the fact I’m a layman, I’m extremely unhappy, in the manner how the sport locally, is being treated as an old worn out football that is kicked about in a scrubby match. Moreover, when constructive criticism cannot be taken with the deserved smile, and strive towards rectifying the situation, since self-criticism is just a phase of appraisal or evaluation! As a consequence I must enquire if the pre-electoral pledges by the current GFF President that was also documented in his manifesto of: “Accountability and Transparency” continues to be a prerequisite, within his administration of the sport? While I must openly admit that I’m not a financial expert! Nevertheless, my basic initiative tells me that cost cutting measures are an automatic reality, towards alleviating an inherent debt, or servicing. But for some

strange reason, it’s quite the opposite with the current GFF administration. Would the trend of perks for the boys continue for the next 2 years of Matthias’ rule? Or, would the General Council, finally awaken out of its slumber and deal with the relevant checks and balances! Finally, even though I was a profound critic of the sport, under the stewardship of former President, Colin Klass and to a lesser extent former President (ag) Franklin Wilson, it must be noted that under no given circumstance had I ever dealt with their respective personalities, but rather with the lack of progress/ development! So, in similar fashion Matthias would be no different, moreover, with my pen ink not drying up! By the way what of the “Forensic Audit”, is it completed, what are the findings and the cost? Would it be made public via a press conference or debriefing; involving the media, both electronic and print? Strange as it may seem extravagant spending under this current administration, in such a short space of time makes the two previous presidents, appear like “choir boys”. Editor, a few examples that readily come to mind according to a well informed source are: I. A 2 Day trip to Essequibo, to overlook the installation of an IMC, by 2 individuals - exceeding $100,000. II. Refurbishment of the Presidential Office at the GFF Secretariat in excess of $1,000,000. III. Doubling of

monthly stipend for GFF executive. With the aforementioned being taken into consideration, along with the cost of the forensic audit and the employment of a Personal Assistant for the President, in addition to hosting the first Ordinary Congress of the GFF, at Hotel Tower, then the expenditure for a cash strapped and debt inherent GFF, in just over 100 days, can be in the vicinity of $5,000,000. Were these spending compatible to the constitutional requirements, involving the Finance Committee, Executive and General Council? Unbelievable, but not surprised, since the GFF Super League, the nation’s Premier Competition is not being made accountable to the public! Has it come to a premature end, and what are the final positions of the teams? What would be the determining factor for Promotion and Relegation; since there is a high level of dormancy in a significant number of Associations? And after all these years of the competition, why isn’t a lower division comprising of 14 teams at least, not played as a feeder to the Super League! Was this taken into consideration of the Coaches Association 9 year development plan? With a lack of vision for the sport’s development by the executive, national Football would perish, but in hind-sight that is what the majority voted for, in Matthias’ favour, which must at all costs be respected! Lester Sealey

COFONA Emancipation cycling event pedals off today Another grueling event is anticipated as all the top cyclists in Berbice are expected to don their cycling gear and take to the road today for the Council of Friends of New Amsterdam (COFONA) group cycle race in collaboration with the Flying Ace Cycle Club (FACC) of Berbice. The 45 miles event, which is open to only Berbicians, is being held as part of the observation of the Emancipation Celebration in The Ancient County. The race is expected to pedal off from Main and Alexander Street in New Amsterdam and proceed to the Bush Lot Gas Station and back to its place of origin for the finish. Prizes will be awarded to

the top four finishers and the top three juniors, while there will be eight sprint point prizes up for grabs. Top Berbice cyclists Neil Reece, Elijah Brijjader, Dwight Holder, Ray Millington, Syborne Fernandes, the Crawford brothers, Gary Benjamin, Brian Harris, Audrel Ross and Triston Kamal among others are expected to be on the saddle for the day’s activity. The CAFONA group, which was formed in New York, is made up of former New Amsterdam residents now living overseas and was set up with the aim of helping to revive the town. The group is headed by Doctor Leonard

Lewis who is an educator in the United States of America. The group has an overseas and a local chapter. The local chapter which coordinates things in Guyana is headed by Mrs. Marcy Williams. The COFONA group has this year added spice to the Emancipation activities in Berbice with a number of activities. Their activities are being held under the theme ‘From Resistance through Emancipation, towards Empowerment’. The coordinator of the race is coach Randolph Roberts.Member of the group will be on hand to start the race and distribute the prizes at the end of the activity.

All is set for the Kennard Memorial Turf Club (KMTC)/ Digicel one day Horserace Classic today at the club’s Bush Lot Farm racetrack, Corentyne Berbice. Over $13M in cash, trophies and other incentives are up for grabs in what is the biggest race meet on the calendar so far. Eight events are list for the day with close to 85 horses entered to take part in the day’s events which is expected to be action packed. The feature event is for B class horses is a one mile event and has such entries as- Score’s Even, Donut Prince, C.P Got Even, Grande De Roja, Elle’s Vision, Got To Go, The Message, Funny Factor, Miss Karina, Zee Bomb, Swing Easy and Marathon Man with the winner racing away with $2.5M and trophy in what is expected to be a close

encounter. The top Guyana and West Indies Bred three-year old horses have been entered for the $1.3M purse also over one mile. The D3 Class six furlong race with a tantalizing first prize of $900,000 also has a competitive field assembled. The two year Guyana and West Indies Bred event has 11 entries down to compete for the winning money of $700,000 over five Furlongs. A 14 horse line-up is in contention for the G1 and lower one mile race for the $600,000 winner’s money. A top prize of $325,000 is available for the winner in the I1 and Lower seven furlongs race in which 16 horses have been entered. A whopping 17 animals have been entered in the J1 and lower event for the $300,000 at stake over six Furlongs. The final race for

the day is for animals classified J3 and K over five furlongs and has some 16 animals down to compete for a winner’s money of $200,000. All the winners will be presented with trophies compliments of the sponsors. There will also be rewards for the outstanding individual performers which will include top jockey, trainer, stable and horse compliments of Ramesh Sunich of the Trophy Stall, Bourda Market and Digicel. The race meet will be run under the rules of the GHRA. Contact can be made with Secretary Niketa Ross on 66204668, Campton Sancho on 690-0569 Roopnarine Matadial on 325-3192, Justice Cecil Kennard on 2261399, 225-4818 or 623-7609, Ivan Dipnarine 331-0316, Isabella Beaton 693-7812 or Dennis DeRoop on 609-9143 for any queries. Race time is 12:30hrs. (Samuel Whyte)

Jumbo Jet family rolls out $30M 7th Annual Guyana Cup Horserace meet August 25 ‘Jumbo Jet’ by name and nature is huge in whatever it does and as such the sponsors of the Annual Guyana Cup Horse racing event is making a gargantuan investment as it rolls out a sumptuous programme for Guyana’s biggest horserace meet, the 7th Annual Guyana Cup horse race meet, set for the Sunday 25th August at the Port Mourant Turf Club. Organized by one of Guyana’s leading horseracing establishments and Auto dealership- the Jumbo Jet Auto Sales and Racing Stables, with establishments at Bush Lot and Chester Villages West Coast Berbice, East Bank Demerara and Georgetown in collaboration with the Port Mourant Turf Club, have come up with an enormous $30M and over package which makes it by far the single largest sporting event in Guyana. Known as the ‘Sport of Kings’ horseracing is being dubbed as the number one sporting event in the country with by far the largest prize money on offer for any sport in the country. Thus the Jumbo Jet conglomerate and friends are offering big winnings for the races. Nine top of the line races are carded for the day with a number of feature events on the card. There are events for B class horses, two events for three year old horses. Two

Irshad Mohamed (left) Organizer, receives a sponsorship cheque from Mark Samaroo of the Hand in Hand Group of Companies as preparations advance for Guyana Cup 2013. events for two year old horses and another race for horses classified E and lower, while the event for E and G class horses are also big draw cards. The B class event has A class money on offer, totaling close to a whopping $7M at stake in cash and prizes with the winner taking home the lavish $3.5M and the Guyana Cup trophy over 1700M along with bragging rights. In the Co-feature 1600M event for 3-yr old horses, bred and born in Guyana and the West Indies, the organizers

have put up a mouthwatering $2.5M and trophy. The Two year old event for West Indies Bred horses has its first prize tagged at $1.5M and trophy and is a 1000M event. The E class and lower 1400M event will see the winner racing away with the $1M top prize and trophy. There is a race for F class horses with the winner getting $700,000 and trophy over 1000M. The G3 & Lower race is a 1200M event where the winning horse will run (Continued on page 57)

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Teams drawn for second GSCL 12/12

Defending champs Memorex draw bye for second round, tournament bowls off today

Members of the head table at the drawing for the second Georgetown Softball Cricket League Inc. second 12/12 tournament, from left Samuel Kingston, Calvin Roberts (partly hidden), Ian John and Ralphman. Defending champions of the Georgetown Softball Cricket League Incorporated (GSCL Inc) organized 12/12 tournament, Memorex, has drawn the bye to the second round of this year’s tournament which commenced yesterday. Eleven (11) other teams along with Memorex have entered to compete for the top prize of $600,000 and a trophy, they are Universal DVD Titans, R1, Speedboat XI, Trophy Stall, Regal XI, East Coast All Star, Better Hope, Recharge, Smith’s XI, Wolf Warriors and Romaine XI; the runner up will receive $200,000 and a trophy. Memorex were drawn in Group D alongside R1 and Universal DVD Titans, with

the latter teams meeting in the first round, before Memorex plays the loser of that encounter and later in the day, the winner, with the two top teams advancing to the quarterfinals. The draw was conducted at a simple ceremony held at the Guyana National Industrial Corporation Sports Club on Woolford Avenue last Thursday evening, while Everest Cricket Club ground will host all the matches. Trophy Stall, Regal XI and East Coast All Star are in Group A, with Regal XI being given the first round bye, Speed Boat, Better Hope and Recharge are the teams doing battle out of Group B, with

Recharge earning the bye and Smith’s XI, Wolf Warriors and Romaine XI battling out of Group C, with Romaine XI drawing the first round bye. At the quarterfinal stage, the winner of Group C will oppose the runner-up of Group D, with Group D’s winner facing the Group C’s runner-up in one match and vice versa between Groups A and B, the top four teams will advance to the semifinals. At that stage, the winner of the first quarterfinal will oppose the winner of the fourth quarterfinal in one match while the other semifinal will pit the winner of the second quarterfinal against winner of the third. GSCL Inc vice president Ian John thanked the sponsors for once again staying committed to the softball body, who over the past six months have been keeping teams in and around Georgetown active with the various competitions. “Having hosted a very successful tournament in May, we are pleased to say that those sponsors who were with us for that first tournament, has seen it fit to commit to this one, while we have some new ones on board and the GSCL Inc. is very grateful for the commitment shown by these sponsors. We urge you to play the game fairly, respect the umpires decisions at all times over the four days that this competition will be played and at the end of it all, may the best team come out on top” stated John. Apart from the above mentioned prizes, the Man of the Series will receive one three piece living room suite, the best batsman and bowler will each walk away with $5,000 and a trophy and the Man of the Match in the finals, $10,000 and a trophy.

Sunday August 11, 2013

Mo Farah wins 10,000m title at World Championships in Moscow BBC Sport - Double Olympic champion Mo Farah created history once again in Moscow as he became the first British man to win a 10,000m world title. A year on from winning the 10,000m and 5,000m in London, the 30-year-old moved a step closer to repeating his Olympic feat in the Russian capital. The Londoner saw off 2011 champion Ibrahim Jeilan in a thrilling sprint finish, crossing the line in 27 minutes and 21.71 seconds. Ethiopia’s Jeilan (27:22.23) had to settle for silver, just as Farah did at the World Championships two years ago, while Paul Tanui (27:22.61) secured bronze for Kenya. Farah’s victory brought the Great Britain team their first medal of the World Championships on the opening day. “I had the experience from two years ago,” Farah told BBC Sport. “I knew I just had to cover every move and the guys were going to go out there to take a lot out of me. I was just digging in, digging in. It was nice to come out here and win it. “Training has been really hard; I’ve spent a lot of time

away from my family and when I came home for the Anniversary Games, my little daughter didn’t even recognise me. But it’s definitely been worth it.” There had been talk of the Ethiopians and Kenyans ganging up on Britain’s sole representative, but they failed to test Farah’s endurance in stifling conditions as the first half of the race was completed at a comfortable tempo. Farah had said that he would be confident of victory were he one of the first three athletes at the bell. In fact, he was leading the pack approaching the final 400m although the presence of Jeilan making a late surge down the home straight brought back memories of Daegu, when the Olympic champion was overtaken by the Ethiopian in the final 150 metres. Farah proved the stronger down the finishing straight this time, raising his arms in victory as he crossed the line, although it did not spark the riotous cheers of 12 months ago in a sparsely populated Luzhniki Stadium. An exhausted Farah then fell to the track, sucking in the oxygen after a 54.49-second last lap, but he will not care

about that as he stands on the verge of joining the greats. Only three years ago, Ethiopian Haile Gebrselassie - the man widely regarded as the greatest distance runner of them all - told Farah he had little chance of breaking Africa’s grip in the longdistance events. His boyhood hero’s words might have been tougher to take than those endless lungbusting sessions in his training base in Oregon. But since his exchange with the former Olympic and world champion, Farah has gone on to become Britain’s greatest ever distance runner and the finest in the world right now. The Briton now owns the Olympic and world 10,000m titles, and by the end of these championships he could have matched the feat of Gebrselassie’s compatriot Kenenisa Bekele, the only man to win double gold in the men’s distance events at both the Olympics and World Championships. Farah will start the defence of his 5,000m title on Wednesday when he lines up in the heats. Reaching Friday’s final should be a matter of routine and then another piece of history will loom still closer.

Kenya acknowledges growing doping problem ITEN, Kenya (Reuters) With limited resources to catch cheats, Kenya sees education as the best tool to fight doping as it comes to terms with the reality that performance enhancing drugs are threatening its reputation for producing world-class runners. Kenya has suspended 14 athletes since the start of last year for doping amid a trickle of claims that cheating is widespread in the training camps dotted across its lush Rift Valley region. While Kenyan officials stress none of those caught were top athletes, the controversy has cast a shadow over one of the world’s most successful running nations at a time athletics is reeling from highprofile doping scandals. The run up to the Moscow World Championships has been overshadowed by failed drugs tests by American Tyson Gay and Jamaican sprinters Asafa Powell, Veronica Campbell-Brown and Sherone Simpson and multiple positive tests by Turkish athletes. Kenyan officials say it is

vital to stop doping in its tracks to ensure no Kenyan athlete of a similar caliber to Gay or Powell is lured into using performance enhancing drugs, something they fear could devastate the sport. “We need to clean our own house,” running great Kipchoge Keino, Kenya’s National Olympic Committee chief, told Reuters in Eldoret in the Rift Valley. “We need to educate our athletes. We need to sit down together and give them seminars so they can understand. We have to show them in practical terms that this is not the right way.” In Iten, a small village at the heart of Kenya’s running revolution, athletes are reluctant to talk about doping with outsiders but the issue is a common topic of conversation among coaches, former runners and agents. Brother Colm O’Connell, coach to Kenya’s Olympic champion and 800 meters world record holder David Rudisha, said the failed drugs tests by some Kenyan athletes had come as a total surprise and the suspension

of Gay and the Jamaican sprinters had left a sour taste for the running community. “With recent developments, we are in a very hazy situation about this whole drug situation,” said O’Connell, who has trained 25 world champions and five Olympic champions during his 37 years in Iten. “But I think as a coach you have to somehow shut it out from what you’re trying do, otherwise you give up.” “NOT THE ONLY ONE” Allegations that doping is widespread in Kenya were first aired by the German national television broadcaster ARD before last year ’s London Olympic Games. Kenyan officials were furious at first, saying the country was being defamed. But after months of denials and angry ripostes, they have started to acknowledge the problem. “I think they’ve realized that this is an issue in Kenya. For a long time we kind of ignored the idea that it’s there,” O’Connell said, adding that the federation (Continued on page 58)

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Shelly-Ann, Parchment lead teammates into battle today Jamaica Observer MOSCOW, Russia — Olympic 100m champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce will start her quest for her first major sprint double title, while Olympic sprint hurdles bronze medallist Hansle Parchment will test his injured ankle on today’s second day of the 14th IAAF World Championships at the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow. On the day when Jamaica’s medal chase is expected to begin with the final of the men’s 100m final that will close the competition schedule, Jamaicans will be busy in the morning session. The semi-finals and final of the men’s 100m as well as the semi-finals of the women’s 400m will be run in the afternoon session. Fraser-Pryce, who won the Olympic gold medal in the 100m and took silver in the 200m in London last year, is the World Leader in both events and is expected to at least repeat her medal performances. Fraser-Pryce, last year’s Diamond League race winner, Jamaican champion Kerron Stewart, Schillone Calvert who will make her debut in an individual event as a senior athlete, and CAC Senior games champion Sherry-Ann Brooks, will line up in the heats of the women’s 100m this morning at 2:55 am Jamaica time. Parchment, who will be racing for the first time since May after injuring his left ankle at the Jamaican National Championships in June, told

Usain Bolt & GB’s James Dasaolu through 100m heats at Worlds

James Dasaolu (Getty images), Usain Bolt (Reuters)

Hansle Parchment on his way to a training session yesterday. (PHOTO: GARFIELD ROBINSON) the Jamaica Observer Friday after a training session he was “okay” and was seen running to catch a bus back to the athletes’ hotel without any sign of a limp. A day earlier, he told Jamaican journalists he was “ready for competition”, adding that he is “not 100 per cent, but close enough to compete”. Parchment, the national record holder, will run the event with new national champion Andrew Riley, who is the second fastest Jamaican over the hurdles with a personal best 13.14 seconds set just over a month ago in Paris and with Dwight Thomas. He said his focus was “getting into the finals”, after which he will

concentrate on getting a medal. “I am aiming as high as I can, to get the gold medal, but I have to make the final first,” said Parchment, whose 13.05 is second in the world only to American David Oliver’s 13.04 seconds. While saying the competition should be “great”, Parchment also recognises that no one has run away with the favourites tag as yet. “The times are all close, so that should add to the challenge,” he said. Jamaica’s men’s 400m future could be on the track with Javere Bell, Calabar High schoolboy Javon Francis and Omar Johnson, who will contest the first round. Francis told the Observer

Fraser-Pryce after training in Moscow yesterday. (PHOTO: GARIELD ROBISON) he was fit and ready to go. “I am ready and looking forward to making the finals,” the 18year-old said after a training session at the practice facility next to the main stadium. “I am looking forward to making it to the final and hope to lower my (personal record) from 45.24 seconds to low or mid 44 seconds,” he added. His race plans, he said, were still to be worked out with coach Michael Clarke, but he added he was up the task. Johnson, who was third at the National Trials in June and who won a silver medal at the CAC Seniors but only has the B standard, was chosen ahead of Rusheen McDonald who achieved the A standard three weeks ago.

BBC Sport - World record holder Usain Bolt cruised through the 100m heats at the World Championships, but Briton James Dasaolu only made it as a fastest loser. Dasaolu, 25, became the second-quickest Briton of all time with 9.91 seconds last month, but could only manage 10.20 as he finished fourth in his heat. Bolt had no such trouble, easing to victory in the final heat in 10.07. American Mike Rodgers was quickest in 9.98, while Britons Dwain Chambers and Harry Aikines-Aryeetey also progressed. Dasaolu’s involvement almost finished at the earliest stage as he appeared to ease off approaching the line and was edged out of the three automatic qualifying places. “I’ve learnt a lesson,” the Londoner told BBC Sport. “I don’t think I got off to a great start. I’ll just use the round

and try to build on this tomorrow. “I haven’t been able to do much training in the run-up to this and I knew I’d be a bit rusty but hopefully I can step my game up tomorrow.” Aikines-Aryeetey and Chambers were both third in their heats and, after a nervous wait, Dasaolu learned he had qualified by 0.01 seconds. Rodgers and compatriot Justin Gatlin, with 9.99, were the only men to dip under 10 seconds, but Bolt barely broke sweat as he dominated his heat. The Jamaican is looking to regain the world title he lost in Daegu two years ago when he false started in the final, and then had to watch as compatriot Yohan Blake took the title. With Blake injured and American star Tyson Gay absent because of a doping scandal, Bolt is an even firmer favourite to win gold today.

Remove protective coating for Hot Spot - Brennan ESPNcricinfo - Hot Spot inventor Warren Brennan has called for protective coatings to be removed from bats in order to achieve the most accurate thermal imaging results. Brennan has broken his silence on the Hot Spot debate of the past week, releasing a statement that did not mention silicone-tape but said the thermal signatures of cricket bats were “unquestionably” affected by their protective coatings. A number of edges have failed to show up on Hot Spot during the ongoing Ashes series, leaving the players uncertain of whether to use reviews or not. Following the Old Trafford Test, Channel Nine in Australia reported the ICC was investigating the possibility that players were using silicone-tape on the

edges of their bats during this series in a deliberate effort to fool Hot Spot. However, the ICC dismissed those claims and the captains of both sides rubbished the idea that any of their players would set out to cheat the DRS. Brennan, who had initially declined to comment on the debate, has now released a statement in which he said that his company, BBG Sports, had tested a range of the latest cricket bats over the past week and found that their protective coating can reduce the likelihood of edges showing up on Hot Spot. “Following the M a n c h e s t e r Te s t m a t c h earlier this week, BBG Sports analysed contentious Hot Spot decisions from the Ashes series and decided to

purchase several of the latest generation of cricket bats to undertake thorough testing,” the BBG statement said. “BBG Sports observed that the majority of bats had some form of protective coating that would wrap around onto the edges of the bat. “Strangely enough, this protective coating would cover only half of the edge of the bat and not the entire edge of the bat. BBG Sports believed this could cause the front edge of the bat to have a different thermal signature than the back edge of the bat. BBG Sports’ own internal testing over the past three days utilizing the latest generation of cricket bats has, in their opinion, provided conclusive findings. “The type and

thickness of the protective c o a t i n g unquestionably affects the thermal signature of the Hot Spot system. In layman’s terms, the protective coating definitely diminishes Hot Spot marks. BBG Sports advised the ICC earlier this week on these initial findings and has committed to further testing over the coming weeks. “BBG Sports believes that in order to achieve optimum Hot Spot results the removal of protective coating from bats and edges needs to occur. This will allow for the best thermal signatures between cricket balls and natural timber cricket bats.” However, the ICC is unlikely to enforce any such rules, given that batsmen have been using protective coatings on

their bats for many years. Earlier this week, Australia’s captain Michael Clarke said that every bat he had owned since he was about 12 had featured a protective layer in order to increase the bat’s longevity, and most bats these days incorporate some form of such protection. The ICC’s umpires manager, Simon Taufel, also said earlier this week that for the past three years, Test umpires have carried out random bat inspections roughly 12 times per Test and not once has a batsman been found

to have used silicone-tape in an attempt to trick the technology. Taufel said if such tape was found on the edges, a player would be liable for a breach of the Code of Conduct. Hot Spot was again the centre of attention on the first morning of the Chester-le-Street Test, but this time the system worked as intended. Joe Root was adjudged not out by the on-field umpire Tony Hill but after Australia asked for a review, a faint edge showed up on Hot Spot and the decision was overturned.

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Serena Williams through at Rogers Novak Djokovic to face Rafael Cup, Petra Kvitova bows out Nadal in Rogers Cup semi-final BBC Sport - World number one Serena Williams brushed aside Magdalena Rybarikova 6-1 6-1 in an hour to reach the semi-finals of the Rogers Cup in Toronto. The 31year-old, seeking her eighth title of the year, will play third seed Agnieszka Radwanska, who beat Sara Errani of Italy 7-6 (7-1) 7-5. Defending champion Petra Kvitova is out after losing 4-6 7-5 62 to unseeded Romanian Sorana Cirstea. Cirstea now faces Li Na, whoovercameDominikaCibulkova 7-6(7-1)6-2. Williams, who has lost only 10 games in three matches this week, overpowered world number 42 Rybarikova with big serves and fearsome returns, firing seven aces and breaking her Slovakian opponent six times. “I’m definitely feeling pretty good, playing much better than I have in the past month,” said Williams, who has won all eight of her matches since losing to Sabine Lisicki in the fourth round at Wimbledon last month. Radwanska’s encounter with world number six Errani, who beat her 6-4 76 (8-6) in the French Open quarter-finals, contained 11 successive breaks of serve in the first set and lasted a minute more than two hours. “I was trying to focus really hard in the last few points because I knew it could really turn around for her,”

Serena Williams (Reuters)

said the Pole, beaten by Lisicki in the semi-finals at Wimbledon. “I was looking at the clock and saw two hours already and I said ‘I have to end this now’.” The 24-yearold has lost all five of her previous meetings with Williams, most recently on a hard court in Miami in March. “She does everything so well,” Williams said of Radwanska. “She’s having a much better year. It’s going to be an interesting match. It’s definitely not going to be easy.” Sixth seed Kvitova, who beat Li in last year’s final, admitted fatigue following Thursday’s 6-3 6-3 win over Samantha Stosur proved significant as she doublefaulted on break points in six different games and ended the match with just 12 winners and

55 unforced errors. “I didn’t find energy from my legs,” said the 23-year-old lefthander, who served 10 double faults. World number 27 Cirstea, who has beaten former world number ones Jelena Jankovic and Caroline Wozniacki this week, said of her victory: “It might come as a surprise for many people. It’s not really a surprise for me, because I know how hard I have been working for the past couple of weeks. It’s nice to see the reward.” China’s Li, in her first tournament since reaching the quarter-finals at Wimbledon, admitted she was weary after a three-set win over former world number one Ana Ivanovic on Thursday and needed 96 minutes to see off unseeded Slovakian Cibulkova.

BBC Sport - World number one Novak Djokovic secured a semi-final with Rafael Nadal at the Rogers Cup in Montreal with a 6-1 62 victory over Frenchman Richard Gasquet. Djokovic required only 52 minutes to eliminate the world number nine and called his performance “as close to perfection as you can be really”. Nadal, who leads Djokovic 20-15 in previous meetings, beat Australian qualifier Marinko Matosevic 6-2 6-4. Canadians Vasek Pospisil and Milos Raonic meet in the other semi-final. Nadal beat Djokovic 9-7 in the fifth set of an epic French Open semi-final lasting more than four-and-a-half hours in Paris two months ago. Their last 11 meetings have been in finals, four of which were on hard courts similar to those in Montreal, and they were all won by Djokovic. “Hard court is my most preferred surface. I feel that that’s maybe the place where I have more chances against him than on clay definitely,” said the Serb, 26. Fourth seed Nadal admitted the hard courts would make Djokovic favourite to go through to the

final. “The conditions here are probably more favourable for him,” said the 27-year-old Spaniard. “Yes, we are playing on hard, but especially the conditions here. It’s one of the fastest courts of the hard-court tournaments outdoors.” Meanwhile Raonic, the world number 13, kept his composure in front of a parochial home crowd as he overcame Andy Murray’s conqueror Ernests Gulbis 76 4-6 6-4 in a two-and-a-half hour contest. He now plays the 71st-ranked Pospisil, guaranteeing a Canadian finalist for the first time since Mike Belkin in 1969. “It means a lot, not just

to us, but to Canadian tennis,” said Raonic. “It’s an opportunity, a great, great moment. At the same time, it’s another tennis match. That doesn’t change.” Pospisil, who beat American John Isner and fifth seed Tomas Berdych this week in three sets, was given a rather lighter workout in the quarter-finals when opponent Nikolay Davydenko retired because of illness while trailing 3-0 in the first set. “Two Canadians in the semi-final, one guaranteed to be in the final. It’s a historic moment for tennis in Canada,” said Pospisil. “We know each other very well. Since we were little kids.”

Chris Rogers century gives Australia control of Test

BBC Sport - Chris Rogers scored a gutsy 101 not out to give Australia the advantage in an absorbing fourth Ashes Test at Chester-le-Street. The left-handed opener’s maiden Test century guided the tourists to 222-5 at the close of the second day in reply to England’s 238 all out. Rogers led Australia’s recovery after an incisive spell from Stuart Broad reduced them to 49-3 in overcast conditions, forging a partnership of 129 with Shane Watson, who made 68. Both enjoyed slices of good fortune with Rogers reprieved on review on 20 and dropped at slip on 49, while Tim Bresnan spilled a chance off his own bowling to remove Watson for five. But as the ball softened and the England attack tired, Rogers and Watson began to prosper to give Australia the ascendancy as they look to recover from 2-0 down in the series. Stuck on 96 for 20 balls, Rogers was kept in check by Graeme Swann before finally sending a sweep to the boundary to go to three figures shortly before bad light ended play. The 35-year-old paused to

Chris Rogers celebrates his maiden Test hundred. (Getty Images) allow the moment to sink in before removing his helmet to acknowledge the applause from the crowd and his team-mates. As he posted the first hundred by an Australia opener in 12 Tests, Rogers became the second oldest Australian to score his maiden Test century. After Jackson Bird had

Stuart Broad is happy to have Shane Watson caught behind. (Getty Images) bowled James Anderson with the 12th ball of the day to end England’s first innings, Broad produced a spell reminiscent of his Ashes-winning burst at The Oval in 2009. Pitching the ball up and finding some late swing, he removed David Warner, Usman Khawaja and captain Michael Clarke in the space of 27 balls and beat the bat of Rogers on countless

occasions. Warner, promoted to the top of the order after batting at number six in the drawn third Test at Old Trafford, was bowled after bringing his bat down too late on a ball that arrowed into his off stump. Khawaja got a thin edge off the underside of his bat to give Matt Prior his 200th Test catch and a frustrated Clarke

and perished to a wild swipe that flew high to Cook at first slip. There was no let-up from Broad as he had Rogers groping outside off stump before throwing his arms up to celebrate what he thought was a catch behind. Umpire Tony Hill upheld the appeal but Rogers successfully reviewed the decision when replays showed the ball struck pad not bat. With Hawk-Eye suggesting the ball would have clipped off stump, England assumed Rogers would be given out lbw, but because Hill had given him out caught and the lbw prediction was only an “umpire’s call”, the batsman survived. The reprieve allowed Australia to scrape through to lunch without further damage, only for Bresnan to reapply the pressure with the wicket of Steve Smith, who poked tentatively and nicked through to Prior. With the tourists reeling on 76-4, England would have been confident of securing a first-innings lead, but their efforts were fatally undermined by two dropped

catches in successive overs. Watson, fidgety and unsettled against the moving ball, drove a delivery back towards Bresnan, who stuck out a left hand but could not hold on. Then, from the final ball of a superb over, Broad drew a loose drive from Rogers that flew off the edge and was put down at second slip by Swann, diving across Cook, who looked well positioned to take the catch. Unfortunately for England, the wicketless James Anderson and Bresnan struggled to match Broad’s intensity or threat, allowing Rogers and Watson to settle into their rhythm and accumulate runs with greater ease either side of tea. Watson hit seven fours in his first half-century of the series, while Rogers began to find the gaps in the field to move towards his landmark century. Broad returned to strangle Watson down the leg side, but Rogers held firm under darkening skies to complete a memorable hundred. Scores: Australia 222 for 5 (Rogers 101*, Watson 68, Broad 4-48) trail England 238 by 16 runs.

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Caribbean Table Tennis pre- Cadet Championships open The Caribbean Table Tennis pre-Cadet 2013 Championships commenced last evening at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. The Tournament which involved host Guyana, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Aruba Dominica Republic was officially declared opened by the Minister of Culture Youth and Sports Dr. Frank Anthony. Anthony in his brief remarks congratulated the G u y a n a Ta b l e Te n n i s Association for hosting the championships and urged

the participants to put their best foot forward. He stated that the sport is ranked fifth in the world and urged the coaches the start training the players at a young age. The Minister encourage the youths to get more involved in sports and said it is not only about winning but how you play the game. Anthony indicated that the sport can improve but stressed the need for more facilities and coaches. “This tournament is about finding, nurturing and developing n e w t a l e n t . We h a v e

demonstrated in the Caribbean that we can excel in sport, look at athletics for example,� added Anthony. The Guyana Boys U-11 A team were set to battle their counterparts from the B team, while Barbados were scheduled to tackle Aruba in the said category last evening. Also set to play in last evening opening games were Guyana A team vs the Guyana B team (Girls U13), Trinidad and Tobago vs Barbados (Girls U13), Guyana A vs Guyana B

(Boys U-11) and Barbados vs Aruba (Boys U-11). Among the fixtures for today are Trinidad and Tobago vs Guyana B (Boys U-11), Barbados vs Guyana A (Boys U-11), Barbados vs Guyana B (Boys U-11), Trinidad and Tobago vs A r u b a ( B o y s U - 11 ) , Barbados vs Guyana B (Boys U-11), Guyana A vs Barbados (Girls U-13), Guyana A vs Trinidad and To b a g o ( B o y s U - 11 ) , Guyana B vs Aruba (Boys U11) and Trinidad and Tobago vs Barbados (Boys U-11).

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson in US PGA turmoil at Oak Hill BBC Sport - Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson endured torrid days as their hopes of climbing into US PGA contention disappeared in ignominious fashion at Oak Hill. Wo r l d n u m b e r o n e Woods was a shadow of the player who strolled to his fifth title of the year by seven shots yesterday and carded a three-over 73 to slide to four over. Open champion Mickelson, ranked second, fared worse with an eightover 78. "Not joyous, that's for sure," Woods said of his week. Woods cut a disconsolate figure on the course on Friday after treading water with a level-par 70 as others lit up Oak Hill, and he quickly called an emergency session with swing coach Sean Foley on the driving range. But there were few signs of improvement on Saturday, and he seemed unable to implement any of his recent putting work with

Tiger Woods (AP) fellow pro Steve Stricker. The 14-time major champion began the day 10 shots behind leader Jason Dufner but was further in arrears after catching rough off the tee on the first and then hitting a tree with his second. Another bogey followed at the third after missing the green and failing to get up and down in two. He made an encouraging birdie on the 11th but Woods's driver was a liability and his putter misfired from close range. Tw o m o r e b o g e y s

followed on the 16th and 17th before a decent 10ft putt to save par on the last. Barring a miracle, the 37-year-old will now have to wait until next April to resume his quest for a 15th major title and first since 2008. "I just haven't got my takeaway right. It's off," said Woods, who shot a secondround 61 on the way to his WGC-Invitational win last week. "Consequently the whole patterning is off. Just one of those weeks where it's just a fraction off, and a fraction off on a set-up like this, it's going to cost me. "When I do it right, I hit some sweet shots. And when I do it wrong, I'm struggling. Today for some reason I kept blocking every putt. I burned a few edges out there and it just wasn't quite right. "In the middle part I was grinding just to kind of hang in there around par. "That's golf. We don't play well every week. Unfortunately I happened to get that this

week." Asked if he might be pressing too hard to end his five-year major drought, Woods said: "As far as overall game plan and the way I'm playing, I've been there in enough of these things where I've been right there in the back nine on Sunday with a chance. As far as that's concerned, no." Mickelson, who won the Scottish Open the week before clinching his first Claret Jug and fifth major title, sprayed the ball all over Oak Hill's East Course. The left-hander went out in 39, courtesy of a birdie, two bogeys and a triple bogey on the seventh after finding trees and rough. Another birdie followed at the 12th but the 43-yearold then finished in disastrous fashion. He double-bogeyed the 14th after putting back off the green and followed it up with further bogeys at 15, 17 and 18 to end 10 over, 74th of the 75 players to make the cut.

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Digicel 2013 Senior Caribbean Squash Championships starts today The Digicel 2013 Senior Caribbean Squash Championships powered by POWERADE and SMALTA starts today at the Georgetown Club Squash Courts with the commencement of the individual tournament. The tournament is scheduled to run from August 11 - 17 with the M e n ' s a n d Wo m e n ' s Individual Championships from August 11 - 13 and the Team competition from August 14 - 17. Participants from Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, OECS along with the hosts Guyana will be involved in the week long tournament. Defending Men's Individual Champion,

Jamaican Chris Binnie, is one of the favourites for the title. He will be challenged by Guyanese players Sunil Seth, Richard Chin and Alec Arjoon, Cameron Stafford of the Cayman Islands and Gavin and Bryant Cumberbatch of Barbados. Defending Women's Individual Champion Guyanese Nicolette Fernandes will be challenged by Barbadian Karen Meekins. Trinidad & Tobago are the defending Men's Team champions and Barbados are the defending Women's and Veterans Team Champions. The three main title sponsors for the tournament are Digicel, Banks DIH and Ansa McAl.

t r o Sp

Caribbean Table Tennis pre- Cadet Championships open P. 63

The teams at last evening’s opening ceremony at the CASH. (Inset) Dr. Frank Anthony addresses them

Remove Mo Farah wins 10,000m title at World Championships in Moscow protective coating for Hot Spot - Brennan P. 61

P. 60

Mo Farah wins the 10,000m at the 14th IAAF World Athletics Championships, Moscow 2013. (Getty Images)

Kelly-Ann Baptiste tests positive, withdraws from P. 57 World C/ships

Kelly-Ann Baptiste

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