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Public procurement…

Systems in place for accountability and transparency - President p. 3

“I don’t want to see the same names looking at and evaluating bids.”

So who killed the protesters? p. 13

Slain Lindeners remembered as p. Buxtonians 11 unveil Monument

- Crime Chief denies saying cops who shot Lindeners identified

Bel Air

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businessman died of

suffocation Mining tensions ease as Ramotar says no ban on mercury

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- GGMC to resume accepting river claims applications

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Saturday August 04, 2012

Mining tensions ease as President says - GGMC to resume accepting no ban on mercury river claims applications


xecutives of the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA), accompanied by some leading miners, met yesterday with President Donald Ramotar where it was agreed that there will be no ban on the use of mercury. Government also agreed yesterday to lift a monthlong suspension on the processing of new river mining claims applications. According to a joint statement from the miners association and the Ministry of Natural Resources yesterday, the President also agreed that there will also be more government meetings with the miners. The miners` delegation was led by GGDMA's President, Patrick Harding. Miners have been recording an excellent performance in recent years as gold prices remain high on the world market. H o w e v e r, t h e relationship with the mining regulator, the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) have

President Donald Ramotar and team meeting with miners at his office yesterday. been strained in recent months over a number of critical issues including an impending ban on mercury, which is used in the gold recovery process, and a number of restrictions. Present at the meeting also were Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Robert Persaud and Head of the Presidential Secretarial, Dr. Roger Luncheon. “ G G D M A

representatives expressed to President Ramotar a number of issues that they feel are threatening the existence of the gold and diamond mining industry and sought a way forward that will allow the industry to continue to be productive.” It was agreed that “there will not be a ban on the use of mercury. Avenues will be explored for viable alternatives.” There will also be no ban on river mining and no

refusal to accepting monies from miners GGMC for river claims, the joint statement said. GGMC had insisted that there was no ban on river mining but just a one month suspension to review the process in light of complaints of pollution by affected Amerindians. GGMC will be accepting river claim applications from Monday. “The issues of extensions to the Titled Amerindian

Lands into areas held by miners will be further discussed,” it was also agreed to. The statement said that the mining association will also be meeting monthly with Minister Persaud to discuss and resolve issues facing the industry. The association also had issues with the GGMC Chairman “The GGDMA also highlighted what it feels is a conflict of interest situation

with Major General (rtd) Joe Singh who was described as an environmentalist and who it believes has taken some “anti-mining” positions.” Singh was retained as the GGMC Chairman late last year. “ F u r t h e r, P r e s i d e n t Ramotar also encouraged the mining community to work closely with the regulatory body and other stakeholders to ensure sustainable mining in Guyana.”

Saturday August 04, 2012

Kaieteur News

Public procurement… By Latoya Giles President Donald Ramotar yesterday reiterated that errant contractors and service-providers could be banned for “shoddy” work. The President made this remark at the closing day for the National Procurement Symposium, which was held at the Convention Centre. The Head of State told the audience that he had always wanted a forum to discuss several issues with the procurement sector. He said that the government has being trying to get a system which is very open, and stressed that accountability is important for any democratic country striving for excellence. He said that he wants this “accountability” feature for the state, and added that the government has put a lot of work into the framework for this. He added that several systems were put in place for accountability and transparency.

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Systems in place for accountability and transparency - President

- “I don’t want to see the same names looking at and evaluating bids.” “The government has introduced a public procurement system, so that we could get public tendering for the government’s needs. We also introduced public opening of bids, for persons who have an interest, to ensure transparency, “the President noted. Moreover, he emphasized that all of these things are being evaluated by technical teams, and a number of persons were trained, because he wanted a wider rotation system. “We need a rotation, I don’t want to see the same names looking at and evaluating bids,” Ramotar asserted. He sought to clarify that cabinet does not award contracts, but gives noobjections. He said that if there are concerns, they would send it (contract) back with observations. The contract would have to be re-

evaluated and returned to be taken into consideration. “We have to put in place strong legislation in order to try and ensure that our system is fair and we work under strict guidelines. The reason for this is that we want to ensure that Guyanese are getting value for their tax paying dollars.” “Business people and contractors would have equal opportunities to bid for these jobs, and there would be fairness for allocation of contractors.” Ramotar further stated that this should be strictly based on merit. “We wanted to broaden the pool of contractors and service providers so that we could encourage competition. This would help with the value for money within the system.” Notwithstanding this, the President said that he is well

President Donald Ramotar aware of problems which sometimes are highlighted in the newspapers. “Not all of it has to do with the work that has to be done, some has to do with politics,” Ramotar opined. He said that in some

Linden yet to return to normalcy It has been just over two weeks since the protest against increased electricity tariffs for the mining town of Linden started, and the shooting to death of the three Lindeners who were buried on Wednesday, but the town is yet to return to a state of normalcy. In fact the major thoroughfares which facilitate ingress and egress to the community are still blocked, and manned by residents who are determined not to ‘retreat or surrender’ until the increased tariffs are withdrawn. President Ramotar had said in a statement that the increase would be put on hold, but Lindeners have reiterated that they “would rather starve” than agree to a suspension that could be reversed at any time. Linden Fund USA and the Relief Committee also of the USA which collaborated with them, recently donated US $3000 to help feed Lindeners. Nine food camps were each allotted food items, to the value of $50,000 and $80,000 depending on the respective

camp’s capacity, to cook and deliver the food on a daily basis to the people on the streets. There are also plans to present shut-ins and other vulnerable persons with hampers utilizing the money remaining. Both the Linden Fund USA and the Relief Committee were applauded by Lindeners for the kind gesture. Secretary of the Committee of Management of LUSCSL, and RDC councillor Charles Sampson, who was most vocal in commending the organizations, said that the gesture was highly appreciated, and was most timely. Sampson pointed out that the Linden Fund has always come to the support of Lindeners, both in the good times, and in times of crisis. “I would personally like to commend these organizations

for this magnanimous gesture, and we here in Linden would like them to know that what they did is highly appreciated; and we certainly hope that more of this help would be forthcoming in the upcoming days,’ Sampson added. The food items acquired with the money are presently being used to feed people who are currently involved in the protest action and cannot work. Lindeners are free to go to any of the food camps or kitchens and get a meal, free of cost. The head of one camp at the Wismar end of the Mackenzie/Wismar Bridge, told this newspaper that on the night of the last wake and funeral for the murdered Linden trio, close to eight thousand meals were distributed. Several men and women

across Linden have been volunteering their time to cook daily at these nine camps. And on any given day persons could be seen dropping in to get a ‘bite’. Some persons have however suggested that, with any future donations, more attention should be paid to the less fortunate, who might not be able to venture out to the camps on a daily basis. Moreover, residents have complained that the banks are faced with a shortage of cash. One resident told Kaieteur News that several Automated Teller Machines do not have any cash and the banks have not being refilling them. (Latoya Giles)

instances the story may be truthful, but sometimes people need to look at the problem practically. “Some jobs are long overrun… there is always an application for extension, and this tells me that we are allowing contractors to be bidding for more than one job at a time and not having the capacity to do all,” the President asserted. He said that this has to form a part of the evaluation process, because when it happens, it costs the government additionally. “We are a poor, developing country, and we cannot afford this additional cost, because it is taking away from other sectors. We are living in a competitive world and we need to invest in our people. We (government) have to ensure that we can save our money

and invest it on our people, education and health wise.” Further lashing out at contractors, the President said that rain should not be an issue or excuse for not getting the job done. He said that everyone in Guyana should have figured out by now that we have a specific weather pattern because of our proximity to the equator. Ramotar further told the gathering that some of the variations are huge and sometimes these problems are with consultants and engineers. He pointed out that this also related to contractors who cannot finish their work, all of which is unacceptable for a country like Guyana which is struggling to enhance people’s livelihood. “Poor supervision leads to shoddy work and is costing the government considerable amounts. Very often a lot of work has to be redone and these are things that we cannot tolerate, it takes away from different sectors,” Ramotar told the audience. The Head of State assured that he has asked the Ministry of Finance and Attorney General to re-examine these laws because taxpayers should not be paying for this. “I’ve instructed them already that we should implement penalty clauses where people sign contracts and without valid reasons cannot complete their contracts”.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday August 04, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


Falling through the cracks The results of the Caribbean Secondary Examinations Council examinations should be out anytime now. More than 18,000 Guyanese students would have written these examinations and no more than twenty per cent of them would do well. This is good because there should be replacements for the older people who are leaving the system. The sad reality is that many of these would depart for foreign lands leaving mediocrity in their wake. But there is an even more serious issue and this has to do with those others who fail to make the grade. Gone are the days when they would have been sent to a trade school or to some institution where they would have developed life skills. Indeed, these institutions still exist, but many parents do not know about them or seem not to care. The result is that we would have a host of young people either walking the streets looking for jobs as store assistants or as any low level worker. It is not now unusual to see office assistants well into their fifties, because they got into the system but were incapable of gaining upward mobility. With the goldfields beckoning, there will be those young men who would head in that direction. There would be others who would seek to become minibus drivers and conductors; girls would head to the institutions that offer help to early school leavers, but there are not too many of these. A few would set up trays and vend on the streets. These would be the young entrepreneurs. A long time back the system provided for streaming. Those who were academically inclined would be placed into a technical stream. The system worked. There was the Guyana National Service which accommodated a large number of young people. One person who benefitted from that system was former Assistant Commissioner of Police Paul Slowe. We have been talking a lot about developing the ‘slow’ learners, but we have not done much in recent times, with dire consequences for the society. Of interest is the pattern in rural Guyana where the extended family is very much alive. Parents can often be heard telling children that if they fail to take in their ‘school work’ they would have to learn trade. It goes without saying that the drug trade has impacted the system. The lure of quick money is seeing many young people gravitating to the drug dealers. The solution rests in the government taking a real interest in those who fall through the cracks. Indeed, there is some effort to rescue them. The Education Ministry has a programme for remedial learning but even here the parents and the children do not rush to take advantage of this offer. This is shocking and suggests that many parents are not into education. There is the suggestion that the economic conditions have parents looking toward the next meal rather than focusing on the development of their children, who are in effect, an extension of the parents themselves. There is the work study programme that enables some institutions to grab those school leavers who may have an inclination toward the place that offers the work study and the Education Ministry ensures that the programme works. What is needed is an extension of this programme. Children should be sent to the various construction locations where we are certain, contractors would be glad to have extra hands for less than he would pay his regular workers. There are also those locations that fabricate furniture and other household equipment. Students should be assigned to these facilities. For the record, Guyana is not the only country faced with what seems to be growing levels of unskilled and untrained young people; it is not the only country where the young people are slipping through the cracks. The United States with its immense resources has the same problem. However, there are systems in the United States that would eventually capture the laggards. Further, there are many people. Guyana does not have those luxuries.

The Suddie Hospital Funeral Parlour cannot be exonerated for this shocking mix-up DEAR EDITOR, The Suddie Funeral Parlour cannot be exonerated from blame for the shocking mix-up which caused the body of well-known Essequibo Pandit, Harry Persaud of Adventure Village, to be mistakenly cremated at L’ Union foreshore on Wednesday. After the death of the Pandit which occurred at the Suddie Hospital on Tuesday, his body was removed to the parlour by staff members of the institution and arrangements were finalized for him to be cremated on Thursday. A visit was made by family members of the Pandit around 16:33hrs on Wednesday to indicate to the parlour that his body will be removed at a given time the next morning for funeral service at his home and then for cremation. Whilst there, the family members decided to have a look at the Pandit but it was discovered that his body was missing. An alarm was raised

and it was only then the mortuary staff observed that the Pandit’s body had been handed over earlier on the same day by mistake to family members of a man whose name was given as See Persaud, 74, of Reliance whose body was at the morgue and was scheduled to be cremated. Family members of the Pandit made a frantic dash to retrieve his body but it was too late as he was already wrongfully cremated. Only his ashes remained. See Persaud’s body is still lying at the mortuary and it still remains strikingly baffling as to how come no detection was made of him being different from the Pandit when he was being removed from the parlour, to the time of viewing at his home and also at the cremation site before being placed on the pyre. This is not a case where the bodies of the Pandit and that of See Persaud were in a state of de-composition, mangled

or mutilated beyond recognition. From information reaching me, the two of them bore the same size and complexion but there were different, distinguishable features to their face. During a visit to See Persaud’s home to ascertain from family members what could have caused the mix– up, it was explained to me that there were also two men bearing the same name of See Persaud at the morgue. The other See Persaud was from Anna Regina and family members went at the mortuary to uplift the body of See Persaud of Reliance, the one from Anna Regina was pointed out. The family objected and refused the body after saying that it was the wrong person. It was then the body of Pandit Harry Persaud was pulled out and given to them. They were some reluctance to accept the body because it also looked different but after an explanation was given by a member of the mortuary staff that some facial features will

change through freezing, his word was accepted to be true. The family members of See Persaud from Reliance confirmed that there were no tags on any of the dead bodies and according to them, had this been done this difficult situation would not have arisen. While I was there much regret was shown for the ugly incident which was described as unfortunate and the first of its kind to occur in the Region 2 district. A cremation is now fixed for See Persaud for today (yesterday) but hundreds of people not being aware of what had transpired converged but with much disappointment to the Pandit’s home on Thursday to pay tribute for his indomitable service to the community. It was felt that he deserved a decent funeral. An official of the Public Health Department was present but there were no one from the police. Baliram Persaud

So why gun for Minister Rohee’s head? DEAR EDITOR, I have been following the calls by members of the opposition parties for the immediate removal of Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, from his portfolio. This is, to my mind, is unjust and unfair. To begin with, I’m no Clement Rohee’s fan or sympathiser because most of the times he opens his mouth, his utterances cause but laughter. However, the call to have the Minister leave his office is not the ideal thing to do at this time, taking into consideration that until now it cannot be proven that the subject Minister gave the orders directly or indirectly to open fire on the protesters in Linden. A Commission of Inquiry is being set up and I am positively sure that if at some point the Minister gave instructions to the Police in Linden, then during the inquiry it will be revealed. If that happens, then I will also be among the first set of persons to call for the resignation of Minister Rohee. Looking at an interview on NCN with the Minister a few Sundays ago he made it pellucidly clear that at no time did he or anyone from his office issued orders to the police in Linden. It must be noted that involved is APNU’s Winston Felix who happens to be one of the advocates against the Minister remaining in office

Commissioner of Police of the Guyana Police Force at the time of the Agricola massacre. It is the same Winston Felix and his APNU buddy, Basil Williams, who were allegedly caught during a telephone conversation trying to implicate an innocent woman. And let us not forget it is the same Winston Felix whose name was mentioned along with Edward Collins, former Chiefof-Staff of the Guyana Defence Force, by Selwyn Vaughn, an informant for the US Drug Enforcement Agency implicating the two of assisting to remove the bodies of some of the slain sugar workers in the Buxton back lands commonly referred

to as the “Gulf”. But, despite the aforementioned there will never be calls by the Grangers, Hughes or the Hinds or the other political activists who on a daily basis would picket the office of Minister Rohee asking that he demits office. I’m almost sure that there will be no calls seeking the likes of Mr. Felix or his APNU buddies whose names were fingered in some very startling revelations to be hauled in front a Commission of Inquiry to answer questions about their role and knowledge during the crime wave etc. Remember, it is the same Winston Felix that said those

famous words “hold me accountable for whatever happens during my tenure”. Yes, it is the same Winston Felix who publicly stated that the reason why he instructed his ranks to standby at the Ruimveldt Police Station during the Agricola massacre was because if they were to confront the gunmen, there would have been civilian casualties. While that explanation maybe have been believed at that time, now that there are certain revelations coming out during the Shaheed “Roger” Khan’s trial, the question is did Winston Felix really had the thoughts of civilian casualties in mind or (Continued on page 5)

G/town, Vreed-en-Hoop stellings are critical as a backup to Demerara Bridge DEAR EDITOR, The submerging of the Demerara Harbour Bridge leaves a lot of unanswered questions and many, many lessons to be learnt, and I do hope that those in authority learn quickly and put alternative systems in place. The lives of the thousands of commuters depend so heavily upon crossing that bridge. It is difficult to understand why the Georgetown and the Vreed-en-Hoop Ferry Stelling were left to deteriorate over a period of time, and the Minister of Works or the Government did not anticipate that one day, this bridge that served all of us for more than three decades, for one reason or the other will have to be closed to vehicular traffic for major repairs. I am on record as saying that during this administration, the Transport and Harbours Department have been neglected and because of this, it is mainly the people that lives in

Regions One, Two, Three and Seven, that are paying the price. The navigational aids in the rivers of Guyana are no longer there. The channels are left to be silted up. Vessels are not properly maintained and a host of other things that would cause serious disruption to the schedule of the services. When this occurs, it is the farmers and other producers who suffer the most incurring losses due to perishable goods and other factors. This bridge have served well and as it becomes more aged, more serious and frequent disruptions are anticipated, and of such the Vreed-en-Hoop and the Georgetown Ferry Stelling must at all times be serviceable, and be able to be used as an alternative route for the thousand of vehicles that would otherwise left stranded. Archie Cordis AFC Councillor, Region # 2.

Saturday August 04, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

THERE IS NO CIVIC IN THE PPP So why gun for...

DEAR EDITOR, The statements by Peeping Tom in your August 2 edition concerning the Civic component of the PPP/Civic is very interesting and revealing. Especially at the end of the article, when Mr. Tom says it all - that if a Civic person is not in the government then that person is “out like south”. This ends his doctoral delivery on the analysis, diagnosis and prognosis of the Civic and President Cheddi’s prognostication on the Civicall made up and twisted to suit his subjective view and to peddle propaganda intended to fool the supporters of the PPP/Civic. Mr. Tom does not even begin to understand the politics of President Cheddi if he thinks that , after years of trying to work on real political coalitions in our country, he would formulate a Civic in 1990-1992 in order that it just be a paper entity and only in alliance with the PPP in Government as individuals and not as a potent and dynamic group. President Cheddi’s policies of reaching out to people who might not want to join the Marxist PPP but might want to work with the PPP to bring betterment to our people is clear to understand because the historical context is there and Dr. Jagan, as a Marxist who had studied the history of Marxist methodology in a manifest way, would have understood that with the changing times after the Soviet collapse, he had to change and accept coalition

politics. Also, because of the racial factor in Guyanese politics, President Cheddi understood the need to draw into alliances, people of different ethnic and ideological backgrounds as many perceive the PPP as an East Indian party. Mr. Tom can say what he likes but Jagan was a serious politician and a man committed to the active participation of new, young activists to play a part in the politics of this country; he would never accept a loose arrangement of individuals who could only function as a part of the government. But who could play an active role in community, local and regional affairs, while organizing themselves into a Civic component to support and strengthen the PPP while bringing new ideas, opening new avenues for a unified and vibrant movement and bringing vibrant new personalities to the forefront of politics. Jagan always pushed for group meetings of the Civic when he was alive and never thought of the Civic as individuals which Peeping Tom would have the public believe. The failure of the Civic to take hold and expand is Mr. Sam Hinds’ fault as he dithered away all those years, making no effort whatsoever

to follow the wishes of Jagan and as the leaders of the PPP pushed their own agenda of majoritarian rule after Jagan died, Hinds went along, enjoying the PM’s position and doing nothing much to carry out the mandate of a strong Civic. Peeping Tom in his article is trying to denigrate President Cheddi’s efforts to find common ground with patriotic Guyanese who could work with and within a PPP-centered government as a first step in a process to find national unity and a better Guyana and the public needs to understand that Jagan was not a half-stepping politician - his whole political life was dedicated to organizing people into working teams and functioning groups; he never saw politics as individualistic but as a collective force. Since my letter on the Civic and the destructive influences of Sam Hinds was published the day before, I

have to assume that Mr. Tom was targeting my point of view and since I am not allowed into the PPP party, what he’s saying in the last line of his propaganda piece, is that since I’m not part of the government, then I’m a phantom, existing only to be on a candidate’s list . There is no Civic. As far, as I am concerned and all the talk from Mr. (Donad) Ramotar before the elections of 2011, committing himself to a strong Civic component, was just talk- there is no Civic-just the PPP, closed off to a communist agenda of state control, undemocratic intra-party relationships, bullyism and cronyism, all shrouded in secret deals which leaves a bad smell behind. Cheddi(Joey) Jagan(Jr.)

From page 4 was it a delayed tactic employed by him…? What would be great is for the Government to also hold inquests also on the Buxton crime spree and the Lusignan and Bartica massacres. I’m certain that the names and supporters of these criminal gangs that would have committed these heinous crimes would be revealed. Some of the instigators

and supporters of the socalled freedom fighters are walking around the place giving people the impression that they are angels. My advice to Minister Rohee is to keep your mouth shut. Whatever you have to say, do it before the Commission of Inquiry. God bless and look over our country because we dearly need you, Lord. Randy Persaud

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Saturday August 04, 2012

U.S., Pakistan appear to make Bel Air businessman died little headway in spy meet of suffocation, blunt trauma (Reuters) - U.S. and Pakistani spy chiefs exchanged grievances in their first official meeting this week, sources familiar with the discussions said yesterday, but it was unclear if the two uneasy allies made any progress to end deep divisions on militants living in Pakistani tribal areas or on U.S. drone strikes. Lieutenant-General Zaheer ul-Islam, who was named in March to head the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), on his first official visit to Washington met on Thursday with CIA Director David Petraeus at CIA headquarters. Ahead of his visit, Pakistani officials said the country’s spy chief would call for an end to U.S. military drone strikes in volatile areas bordering Afghanistan and push for a sharing of technology and intelligence. The public preview of Pakistani demands on Petraeus appeared to have displeased U.S. officials, who pushed back at the notion they might cede to Pakistani requests. The United States and Pakistan are seeking to repair relations that have suffered over the past 20 months, in

part because of the unilateral U.S. raid that killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Pakistan in May, 2011, and a U.S. air attack that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers in November. The two countries reached a breakthrough last month with a deal that reopened ground supply routes that NATO nations use to supply troops in neighboring Afghanistan, which had been closed since the November air attack along the Afghan border. The Obama administration is deeply suspicious of Pakistan, which it believes harbors militants, while Pakistan accuses Washington of disregarding its own human toll from militancy and says drone strikes violate its sovereignty. While sources familiar with the discussions said the two spy chiefs aired mutual grievances, they did not appear to have made big strides on the main issues. MIRROR-IMAGE REQUESTS Other sources familiar with the talks this week said that Pakistani officials asked the United States to go after militant sanctuaries in

Afghanistan that were used to launch attacks across the border in Pakistan - a mirror image of long-standing American requests - along with an end to drone strikes and help hunting down remnants of al Qaeda. Washington has prodded Islamabad to go after militants who launch cross-border attacks from Pakistan’s tribal areas on U.S. troops in Afghanistan before returning to their safe havens. Pakistan’s parliament has demanded an end to the drone strikes, but the sources in Washington indicated that U.S. officials did not yield to those demands. “The discussions today between General Zahir and Director Petraeus were substantive, professional, and productive,” a U.S. official said on condition of anonymity. “Both leaders reaffirmed their commitment to work together to counter the terrorist presence in the region that threatens both U.S. and Pakistani national security.” Ahead of Thursday’s meeting, U.S. officials signaled there would be little, if any, change in U.S. counterterrorism activity in Pakistan and the region. The Obama administration is pressuring Pakistan to take action in particular against the Haqqani network, a militant group allied with the Taliban that is blamed for some of the boldest attacks against Western and Afghan government targets in Afghanistan. Pakistan responds that it is doing all it can against militants, but notes that extremists attack its own civilians and soldiers.

Police have written to the Guyana Revenue Authority to ascertain whether any of their staffers had been paying recent visits to the home of stallholder Frank Persaud, who was slain last Tuesday by bandits posing as customs officers. Investigators are pondering whether the killers might have been former GRA employees, but are yet to come up with any leads pointing to the identity of the three men who attacked the 45-year-old man at his Bel Air Village, East Coast Demerara home. A post mortem conducted yesterday by Government Pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh, revealed that cause of death was due to blunt trauma to the head and suffocation. It is believed that Mr. Persaud suffocated after his attackers covered his mouth and nose with duct-tape. Several blows to the head are also being noted as a possible contributory factor to the man’s demise. Persaud, who operated a stall in Stabroek Market, was bound and gagged in a bond

beneath his house, after the assailants, lured him there under the pretext of checking on goods that he had stored on the property. Reports suggest that the murder was not intentional, since investigations reveal that the robbers tried to revive their unconscious victim by throwing water on him, before they made their escape in a white Canter. The robbers also tied up the victim’s wife, Bibi Nalisha Mohamed, and the couple’s two-year-old daughter. The

woman managed to free herself and contacted relatives who visited the scene where Persaud’s motionless body was found. Reports indicate that the killers visited the house once Monday and on Tuesday morning, before returning later that evening when they made their move. Police believe that they did not advance on the first two occasions because a worker was always present. However, the story they had come up with after having entered was that they were giving Mr. Persaud time to get up his duty slips. Relatives disclosed that a large quantity of corned beef, biscuits and wafers were stolen from the bond. The intruders also made off with $119,000 in cash - proceeds of the day’s sale. The dead man’s wife said that one of the men had a Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) badge and wore a shirt and tie, while the other two had shirt-jacs. They also had cameras and reportedly took out photographs.

hurricane if they reach 74 mph. It was speeding westward at 21 mph and was forecast to turn more to the northwest next week. Some computer forecasting models showed the storm moving into the southern Gulf of Mexico by Thursday, but it was too early to know whether it could disrupt oil and gas operations in the Gulf. Businesses and government offices were ordered closed until noon on St. Lucia as Ernesto passed over the island, churning up 12-foot (3.7-meter) waves a few miles off its north shore. It moved so quickly that St. Lucia got less than an inch of rain and there were no

reports of damage or injuries. “I want to thank God for sparing us the worst,” said Acting Prime Minister Philip Pierre, who is filling in while Prime Minister Kenny Anthony attends the Olympic Games in London. Pierre said there was still a chance of heavy rains. “We have to still be cautious in our approach but the all clear has been given and normal business activity can return to St. Lucia,” he said. August and September are usually the most active months of the AtlanticCaribbean hurricane season, which runs from June 1 to November 30.

Frank Persaud

Tropical Storm Ernesto races west over Caribbean

(Reuters) - Tropical Storm Ernesto swept over the tiny island of St. Lucia yesterday and could strengthen into a hurricane as it races westward across the Caribbean Sea, forecasters said. All warnings were dropped for the southeastern Caribbean islands by midday. By last evening, the storm was over open water about 250 miles west of St. Lucia and was not expected to threaten any other islands for the next few days. Ernesto was forecast to pass south of Jamaica tomorrow and then strengthen into a hurricane before hitting Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula on Wednesday, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said. The storm had top sustained winds of 50 mph and would become a

Landing gear failed on aircraft - authorities Investigations into the Emancipation Day plane crash-landing at Cheddi Jagan International Airport Corporation (CJIAC) are incomplete, but authorities confirmed that the aircraft’s landing gear had failed. On Wednesday, approximately 10:30 hrs Civil Aviation Authority Control Tower reported itinerant aircraft Cessna 172 from Grenada, registration number N662NA, crash landed on Runway 24/06. Zenette Inc’s aircraft, which was reportedly en route to Brazil, made a fuel stop at CJIAC.

The pilot, Freederico Ratte of Florida the only person onboard, was not injured. According to Zulfikar Mohammed, Chief Executive Officer of Civil Aviation Authority, the engine of the aircraft will have to be removed and the underside of the plane has to be repaired. The owner of the plane has to bring the engine to Guyana, but the Authority is unaware when that would be done, he added. In the meantime the plane is being housed in the old Guyana Airways Corporation hangar.

Saturday August 04, 2012

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Jobs report presents British coalition faces mixed blessing for Obama rift over political reform

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama got new jobs figures yesterday to buttress his argument that he’s presiding over steady, if slow, economic growth. But the government’s report that the overall rate of unemployment actually crept up by one-tenth of a point allows Republican Mitt Romney to keep pressure on Obama to defend his record. The new unemployment numbers show that private employers added 163,000 jobs in July, the best pace of hiring in five months. The jobless rate rose, however, to 8.3 percent from 8.2 percent in June. Romney jumped on the report, calling the figures a “hammer blow” to middle-class families. “We’ve now gone 42 consecutive months with the unemployment rate above 8 percent,” Romney said in a statement. “Middle-class Americans deserve better, and I believe America can do better.”

No U.S. president since World War II has been re-elected with unemployment above 8 percent. Obama’s re-election campaign focused its attention not on the uptick in the unemployment rate, but on the 29th straight month of private sector job growth. Seeking to draw a contrast with Romney, campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt said the presumptive GOP nominee’s pledge to make “severe cuts” in the budget “would slow economic growth and could lead to another recession.” White House economist Alan Krueger said yesterday’s report was evidence that the economy is recovering. “It is critical that we continue the policies that build an economy that works for the middle class as we dig our way out of the deep hole that was caused by the severe recession that began in December 2007,” Krueger said.

Ex-judge’s relative not above the law Trinidad Express DESCRIBING her behaviour as “reprehensible, to say the least”, the Court of Appeal has upheld the obscene language conviction and sentence of the daughter of a former High Court judge. Justices of Appeal PaulaMae Weekes and Alice YorkeSoo Hon said it appears that Vanessa Maraj considered herself to be above the law by virtue of being the daughter of a former judge. “We pause to note the irony,” Weekes said Thursday. Maraj was arrested by PC Lauren Hutchinson on March 27, 2009 and charged with making use of obscene language and resisting a police officer in the execution of his/ her duty. She was found guilty of both offences and, on the first charge, was fined $200 and in default of payment, serve a term of four months simple imprisonment. On the second charge, she was fined $2,000 and in default of payment, serve a term of four months simple imprisonment. The evidence was that Hutchinson, who was

- T&T Court of Appeal

Paula-Mae Weekes dressed in plain clothes and off duty, was in the car park of Hi-Lo supermarket in St Ann’s when she heard Maraj saying loudly: “F—k you, yuh mudda c—t!” Maraj, who was holding the hand of a young boy at the time, repeated the words. She was approached by Hutchinson who identified herself and asked Maraj to desist from using that kind of language in the presence of a young child. Maraj responded: “You glad you are a police. F—k you.” She was arrested but pulled away, saying: “Do you know who I am? I am Justice

Sonny Maraj’s daughter. F— k you,” and continued walking into the supermarket. Hutchinson followed her and held on to her but was told: “You feel you Amazon, yuh c—t.” Maraj refused to enter the police vehicle and had to be forced to do so. She was taken to the Belmont Police Station. In her defence, Maraj admitted she was at the HiLo car park with her six-yearold nephew. She said a black SUV had swerved around the corner and she exclaimed for fear that she and her nephew would be knocked over. She denied using obscene language and maintained she merely said: “Oh my God, that flipping car almost ran into us.” Maraj said she asked Hutchinson to identify herself but the officer refused to do so. She said her nephew started to cry and Hutchinson shouted at him to be quiet.

LONDON (Reuters) - The junior party in Britain’s coalition government said yesterday the two-year-old alliance was entering “uncharted territory” after reports that Prime Minister David Cameron planned to drop promised parliamentary reforms. Newspapers said Cameron was set to abandon reforms to parliament’s unelected upper chamber, the House of Lords, that have been championed by his Liberal Democrat partners after he failed to overcome opposition within his own Conservatives. Cameron’s office said talks on the Lords were still in progress and that an announcement would be made in due course. But the reports were greeted with fury by the leftleaning Liberal Democrats, who have seen their opinion poll ratings slump after joining the center-right Conservatives in government in 2010. The Lib Dems have staked much political capital on replacing the Lords with a largely elected chamber and now face the risk of accusations from grassroots

members that they have gained little from their support for the Conservative-led government. Lib Dem legislators have reluctantly backed many Conservative measures, including an unpopular rise in university fees, as part of a coalition deal struck between the two parties. But the Conservatives’ failure to keep their side of the bargain by supporting reform of the Lords threatens to chill already the lukewarm relations between the two sides and provoke the Lib Dems into tit-for-tat retaliation. “Lords reform was in the coalition agreement and we expect it to be delivered as such,” a senior Liberal Democrat source told Reuters on Friday. “A deal is a deal - if that deal is not honored it takes the coalition government into uncharted territory,” said the source. Cameron and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg have said the row over the Lords would not lead to a divorce or divert the coalition from its primary aim of restoring Britain’s economy back to health after being hit by the global

David Cameron financial crisis. But the Lib Dems are likely to respond by blocking changes sought by the Conservatives to the number and make-up of voting districts that were expected to favor Cameron’s party in the next election, due in 2015. That could potentially trigger what one Lib Dem legislator has said could be a “chain reaction” of disagreements between the coalition partners.

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Saturday August 04, 2012

Syrian army moves on rebels in Aleppo, Damascus (Reuters) - Syrian forces stormed the last rebel stronghold in the capital Damascus in tanks and armored vehicles yesterday and blasted artillery at rebels in Aleppo, where the United Nations said the army was preparing a massive assault. The violence came within hours of former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan quitting as international peace envoy for Syria, underlining the impotence of mediation efforts in the 17-month-old uprising against President Bashar alAssad. A senior U.N. official said a long-expected army onslaught to take Aleppo, Syria’s largest city and economic hub, was imminent following a buildup of army reinforcements. The fighting in Aleppo has focused on the Salaheddine district, seen as a gateway to the city for the Syrian army. Rebels poured into Aleppo in July after being largely driven from the capital, Damascus, where they had launched an offensive that coincided with a bomb blast that killed four top security

officials. The fighting in Syria’s two main cities has intensified the conflict over the past three weeks. Rebels told Reuters journalists inside Aleppo yesterday that they had captured a large police station after days of clashes. Rebel commanderAbu Zaher said fighters had taken several police officers prisoner and seized weapons and ammunition. Other rebels said heavy fighting was taking place in Saleheddine, the main battleground district, where they estimated 20 civilians had been killed. They say 50 of their fighters have been killed there in the last several days. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said “acts of brutality” reported in Aleppo could be crimes against humanity. Both sides have accused each other of carrying out summary executions of prisoners in the city. U.N. member states voted overwhelmingly to condemn the Syrian government at a special session of the 193nation General Assembly that Western diplomats said

highlighted the isolation of Assad supporters Russia and China. Russia’s U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin blasted the Saudi-drafted resolution, which condemned Damascus and called for a political transition, as “harmful” and said it “hides blatant support for the armed opposition.” Russia and China were among the 12 nations that voted against the text, which received 133 yes votes and 31 abstentions. DAMASCUS TO ALEPPO In the capital, Syrian troops entered Damascus’s southern district of Tadamon with dozens of tanks and armored vehicles in a push to win back the last rebel stronghold there, a witness and activists said. Activists said most of the district was under the control of government forces by early Friday evening. The army had been trying to enter Tadamon for more than a week but was pushed back by fierce resistance from the rebels. An activist said the troops had executed several people after entering the district. The account could not be confirmed. “Thousands of soldiers have entered the neighborhood, they are conducting house-to-house raids,” a resident, who did not want to be identified for security reasons, said by telephone. The fighting spread to

Aleppo from Damascus after the bomb attack on Assad’s security headquarters in the capital on July 18, which killed four of the president’s senior aides and encouraged rebels to step up hostilities. The Syrian army has reinforced its positions in and around Aleppo over the past two weeks, while conducting daily artillery and aerial bombardments of rebel forces in the city. “The focus two weeks ago was on Damascus. The focus is now on Aleppo, where there has been a considerable buildup of military means, and where we have reason to believe that the main battle is about to start,” Herve Ladsous, the UnderSecretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, said in NewYork. HELICOPTER BOMBARDMENT Annan resigned on Thursday, complaining of “finger-pointing” at the United Nations while the bloodshed in Syria went on. His mission, centered on a peace plan and a ceasefire that never took hold, had looked increasingly futile amid escalating violence. In an article published on the Financial Times website, Annan said Russia, China and Iran “must take concerted efforts to persuade Syria’s leadership to change course and embrace a political transition.” “It is clear that President Bashar al-Assad must leave office,” Annan said. However, in a sign that Russia is not yet ready to

abandon support for its ally, Moscow hosted a Syrian oil official and promised to send gasoline in return for crude that Syria is having difficulty selling because of sanctions. “We are ready to deliver all of our oil and receive what we need in gasoline and diesel,” Qadri Jamil, Syria’s deputy prime minister for economic affairs, told journalists in Moscow. At the United Nations, the 193-nation General Assembly approved a Saudi-drafted resolution that expressed “grave concern” at the escalation of violence in Syria, with 133 votes in favor, 12 against and 31 abstentions. Russia and China were among those opposed. The resolution has the assembly “deploring the failure of the Security Council to agree on measures to ensure the compliance of Syrian authorities with its decisions.” Syrian Ambassador Bashar Ja’afari complained that the meeting was “another piece of theatre,” adding that the “resolution will have no impact whatsoever.” KEYCITY Aleppo, with its 2.5 million inhabitants, is a prize that could determine the outcome of a war the Syrian opposition says has already cost 18,000 lives. Internet and telephone networks in Aleppo were mostly cut for the third day, hampering attempts by rebels to coordinate and forcing them to use couriers to deliver orders.

Soldiers were launching rockets at insurgents from an infantry school north of Aleppo. Areas around the city are divided, with some villages loyal to Assad and others favoring the opposition. Police and soldiers were setting up mobile checkpoints on some main roads leading into the city from the north. There are increasing signs of quarrelling among rebel factions and between fighters and the population. “The Free Syrian Army is causing us headaches now,” said Abu Ahmed, a local official who works with journalists in the Syrian town of Azaz, near the Turkish border. “If they don’t like the actions of a person they tie him up, beat him and arrest him. Personality differences between brigade members are being settled using kidnappings and force. They are self-righteous and we are not happy about it,” he told Reuters. Elsewhere in the country, opposition activists said Syrian forces had killed at least 50 people during clashes with rebels in the central city of Hama on Thursday, while a helicopter bombardment killed 16 rebels near the southern town of Deraa. In Damascus, at least 20 people were killed on Thursday when security forces fired three mortar rounds at a Palestinian camp that is home to 100,000 refugees, medical sources said. Palestinian leaders in the West Bank and Gaza condemned the attack.

Saturday August 04, 2012

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WHO WERE THE WILD ONES? There is a cloud of secrecy hanging over the just concluded elections of the People’s National Congress Reform. And interestingly, many of the unashamedly antigovernment journalists in Guyana can hardly be bothered by the fact that since last S u n day very little information has filtered through about what transpired in the run-up to, during and after elections for the officers and central executive of the party. Unlike previous c o n g r e s s e s which were crowned off with massive rallies at the Square of the Revolution, there was no post-Congress rally this time around. One has to ask why. One also has to ask why it is that the media was shutout from the elections process. Certainly, the presence of the media would have enhanced the transparency of the process. Not having the media present has led to speculation and many versions about what took place. One version is that the elections for office bearers of the PNCR started late because it was found that

there were many persons who were delegates but not on the voters‘ list. There was also another version contained in a media report that both of the main camps contesting the election for leader had problems with the process. This too has not been confirmed. Our usually very vigilant media seem very contented with not seeking out what really happened. There has also been little explanation as to why the result of the elections of the party was not known by the media until the early hours of Monday morning. So the questions need to be asked; Why the secrecy? Were there problems with the electoral process at the Congress? Why did the tallying of the votes take so long? And what about the other positions for the Central Executive of the Party? It has been almost a week since the Congress ended, and the public is yet to know who the new representatives on the Central Executive are. Did something go wrong that would gravely embarrass the party and that is why not much is being said? Are sections of the media privy to

Dem boys seh ...

President Jagdeo shameless Some people name does tell wha dem is. Tek de name Ali. When dem woman miners check pun some Chinee who wukking dredge in de bush de people tell dem that Ramzan Ali bring dem fuh wuk. Well dem boys want fuh know since when people got to bring in Chinee fuh operate dredge in de bush. Guyanese de doing that all de time and when dem did want fuh expand dem call de Brazilians. But this man bring Chinee. People want fuh know if he and Irfaat is family. But then again it could be Irfaat heself who bring dem Chinee, because he don’t have no shame. He is not de only one who don’t have shame. Bharrat Jagdeo don’t have no shame, too. De man put a really fancy package fuh he pension just before he lef de government. One man who write a letter to de press seh that Bharrat is not a shameless person, he is DE shameless person. On de other hand Joe Singh is a man wid pride and shame. He wukking wid de telephone people and at de same time Ohh Pee hire he as an adviser. When a man ask Parliament how much money dem contract worker does get, Joe Singh name come up. Joe send a letter fuh explain that although dem got he name pun de pay sheet, he never tek a cent from Ohh Pee. Well dem boys want fuh know who does collect he money when de month come. But Bharrat Jagdeo is another kettle of fish. He not only tek de pay as President, he also mek arrangement fuh tek de pay when he lef de wuk. He put together a package that giving he money fuh security, fuh lights, fuh telephone, fuh drivers, fuh maid, fuh gardener and money fuh travel. And de same Bharrat Jagdeo lef some pensioner wid $10,000 a month and dem got to pay dem own light and water and telephone bill from that. De man ain’t got shame. No wonder a mayor had to call he gutter rat. Without shame he go back in time and change de law fuh he friend collect de Santa complex after de Waterfalls paper expose de lawlessness. Today he got people wasting time in Parliament fuh review de package. A foreign Finance Minister wife get ketch wid nuff money. De Minister resign because he shame. An act goes much farther than a word will ever travel. That is wha dem boys seh. Talk half and don’t shame fuh lef de other half.

information about what took place and opting to conceal this information? There is no report in the media about what the Congress decided. The party has not reported publicly to its membership about the resolutions taken at the Congress. So how are the ordinary rank and file members and supporters of the party going to learn what positions were adopted? What we do know is that Mr. Basil Williams was elected Chairman of the party. This effectively means that Mr. Basil Williams is most likely going to become the next leader of the party when Mr. Granger steps aside. There is a view that Mr.

Granger may not contest as the presidential candidate for the next elections. There is a view that by then he would be close to seventy years of age and therefore is likely to want to give way to a younger leader. If this view is true, could that person be Mr. Basil Williams? We also know that there were three Deputy Chairpersons elected and a Treasurer. But apart from this, very little was known about what else took place. For example, did Mr. Corbin secure his seat on the executive of the party or will separate elections have to be held for these positions? There is a large cloak of secrecy hanging over the just concluded elections and the

lack of information is leading to rumours about divisions within the party. During the opening ceremonies, the media reported that there was criticism launched about certain “wild men” whose actions were said to be detrimental to the party. Later there was an explanation attempting to clarify what was meant, but in the end, the explanation came across as damage control. There was an attempt to suggest that the wild men were persons who had fallen out with the party. But certainly given the result of the elections, these individuals who were no longer part of the PNCR, and who were being linked to the PPP, could not have

been a major influential factor, and therefore of little concern to the PNCR. As such, the wild men being initially referred to had to be internal elements with the party. So who exactly were these wild men and why has everything suddenly gone quiet about the Congress? Did somet h i n g h a p p e n within the Congress that the PNCR is too embarrassed to speak about and therefore it is being kept under tabs?

Mom believes poor patient care caused newborn’s death Eighteen-year-old Natasha Singh of Tuschen Housing Scheme, East Bank Essequibo, lost her first child at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) on Wednesday last, around 02:30 hours, mere minutes after she had given birth. She insists that poor patient care was responsible. The young woman who buried the infant yesterday recalled that she was admitted to the West Demerara Regional Hospital on July 26 and was subsequently transferred to the Georgetown Hospital on July 31. Singh related that while at the West Demerara Hospital, labour was induced but that did not produce the desired effect. According to the woman, the doctor who was attending to her recommended that “drips” be administered to further induce labour. Following that, the

woman said she was informed by medical officials at the hospital that her blood pressure was rapidly increasing. Hence the decision was made to transfer her to the GPHC. “They admit me to the Georgetown Hospital on Tuesday night (July 31) and a doctor examine me and tell me that everything will be okay.” At the GPHC, the woman said, the nurses again induced labour as her pain continued. Singh further stated that she was advised to inform the nurse on duty if there was anything she was not comfortable with. At about 02:00 hours on Wednesday (August 1), Singh said she informed the

nurse that she wanted to go to the washroom, and claims to have been told “Do it there.” Singh related that after the pain became unbearable given that it was her first experience, she called out to the nurse for a second time, but was accused of “making noise in the ward”. “The nurse started to row and never came to see what I wanted. I told her that I feel the baby coming out, but she told me that it was too early and that I must take some rest,” the woman stated. Singh claims that she sought help from another nurse, but was merely told to “shut up”. This publication was told that Singh was only attended to after the nurses

realized that the baby was partially delivered. It was only at that point, Singh said, she was taken into the labour room where she delivered the baby and was returned to the maternity ward. “About half hour later, the nurse told me that my baby dead. I don’t know what happened. I asked what cause my baby to die, but they said that the post mortem will say that,” the woman disclosed. The woman opined that if more attention was given to her maybe her baby would have been alive. A post mortem was reportedly done on the baby, and the relatives claim to have been told that the results will be revealed at a later date.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday August 04, 2012

Corruption runs very, very deep in Guyana, says Imam By Leon Suseran Imam of the Central Jama Masjid in New Amsterdam and prominent Islamic leader, Mohamed Haniff, has expressed serious concern that corruption runs “very, very deep” in Guyana. The religious leader, in speaking with Kaieteur News, noted that “by now everyone is aware in some way that there is corruption from the highest to the lowest”. “The newspapers tell the story. I take my information from the newspapers and based on what they have on a daily basis, it is telling us that there is not only murder happening almost every day, but also there is rampant corruption at the highest of levels in the land. These corrupt individuals do not leave trails that easily, so prosecution may not necessarily be easy.” “Why is there corruption? Because people are not that

God-fearing and there is not enough semblance of belief that there is a continuity of life after death. Also, they are not much aware in their hearts that we will all be accountable to God on the Day of Judgment for our actions in this world.

mustn’t have wealth, but when our passion for wealth has become so much that this is the sole object of our lives, we don’t care if we’ve got to kill to get it, cheat, steal, or be corrupt.” “These people just want

Creator; rather, it will jeopardize that opportunity.” The Imam called on all those who are leaders in various positions to know that they will be held accountable and “if they are guilty of mismanagement and

“Running behind wealth is the source of all evil today. There is a greedy accumulation of wealth among some of us. These people can ruin our society…particularly if they occupy high offices or are influential. It isn’t that we mustn’t have wealth, but when our passion for wealth has become so much that this is the sole object of our lives, we don’t care if we’ve got to kill to get it, cheat, steal, or be corrupt.” If they were, they would not do, or would think twice before doing such things.” “Running behind wealth is the source of all evil today. There is a greedy accumulation of wealth among some of us. These people can ruin our society…particularly if they occupy high offices or are influential. It isn’t that we

to acquire more and more and more and they fail to understand when they die, it has to be left just here [on earth]. I believe that the more people think about death, it is going to soften their think about death often, regularly. It will provide better perspective. Corruption, murder and fraud will not take humans to their

corruption, they will be answerable, regardless of who is President, Prime Minister, Minister or whatever, all will be humbled on the Day of Judgment”. He opined that there is a lack of “quality” people in positions. “When I speak of quality, it is pertaining to conduct, character and integrity. A new generation needs to emerge to be people of better conduct, manners and character. Those qualities have declined significantly today compared to long ago and standards have fallen. We need to arrest

those situations and introduce a new breed of people. Some system has to be implemented in the schools from the lowest levels, where children can be groomed and prepared to practice good behaviour and ethics. Psychologists and social scientists, he added, believe crime and murder in today’s societies are as a result of poverty. Haniff begs to differ. “I personally believe that is an insult to poor people. If you are going to tell me I am poor and that is going to make me a criminal to murder and steal, it is an insult. My belief is that people have moved away and have alienated themselves from the Creator, and it is because of people’s failure to worship God, this is responsible for the position we are in.” Persons today, he reiterated, are “hardly Godfearing and God-conscious” and therefore cannot “stay on course”. “Many religious men of the past were poor… like Jesus and Mohammad, as well as disciples, but they never resorted to crime. Crime is as a result of ignorance,

Imam Mohamed Haniff exploitation and domination”. He believes the clerics of all religions need to do more work in reforming their following “…and this is the only way we can have some semblance of order and eradication, to some extent, of the low standards in our country”. “Things such as alcohol and gambling create more disorder in society. These must be eradicated completely. But then again, in a country like Guyana where gambling is legal, and alcohol is legal, we are working against the odds.” “Everyone should strive to enhance their personal character and integrity, because this is what counts… what makes you a man; what makes you the real human being. Living in the world (continued on page 17)

Saturday August 04, 2012

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Slain Lindeners remembered as Buxtonians unveil monument Names in excess of 450 persons, inclusive of the three Lindeners, who died in what is being described as unlawful killings during the period of 2003 to present day, are expected to be inscribed on a monument which was yesterday unveiled and handed over to residents of the East Coast Demerara village of Buxton. The monument, the brainchild of Morris Wilson, stands at the head of Middle Walk, opposite the recently commissioned Tipperary Hall. Wi l s o n , w h o i s a Buxtonian himself, told this publication that the initiative to build the monument came in light of the numerous persons killed in unexplained circumstances, which to date numbers some 452, including those who recently lost their lives in Linden. Those names, Wilson said, will soon be printed on the front of the monument to remind Guyana of times when the value of life was taken for granted. During his remarks, he urged those present to recognize the monument as a signal that the struggle for equality and justice continues. He said that the monument should erase from people's minds the false notion of security in the country. Wilson alluded to those killed at Linden during the protest over the electricity tariff hikes, saying that it was a perfect example of the disregard that exists for the value of life. He further mentioned that the names of the three slain Lindeners will also be erected on the Monument, along with others such as Minister Satyadeow 'Sash' Sawh, who along with his sister, brother and a security guard were murdered on April 22, 2006; Shaka Blair who was killed

Residents and invitees chat in various groups following the unveiling of the monument

in his home at Buxton and Ronald Waddell who was gunned execution-style in front of his premises. The artist behind the creative structure, Barrington Braithwaite, said that the monument is very significant to represent an unforgettable period in this country's history. He said the memorial was placed to recognize that life is not just organic but there is an essence which is extremely valuable. The monument, he said, is not a reminder of what took place in Buxton only but also what has transpired since 2003. Braithwaite said the idea came long before the Linden shootings, but after the incident, the necessity of such a figure was recognized. Several prominent individuals were also present to celebrate the unveiling of the monument. Leader of the Opposition David Granger, former PNCR leader Robert

Cops intercept 25 kilos of cocaine at CJIA Police intercepted what is believed to be their biggest cocaine haul so far for the year at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) on Thursday night. According to reports, at around 23:30 hours, ranks from the Police Narcotics Branch noticed an unclaimed bag in the loading area. Upon searching the bag which bore no name tag they found 25 bricks of a white powdery substance. Tests carried out on the substance

revealed that it was cocaine. Several persons were questioned but no one was arrested. Over recent times there have been questions from the international community about drugs passing through the CJIA without being detected until after leaving Port Georgetown. This has become a major concern as Guyana has been labeled a drug transshipment point. Investigations are ongoing.

Corbin, Alliance for Change member Nigel Hughes and Dr. David Hinds were all on hand to witness the unveiling of the structure. Relatives and friends of many of those whose names are expected to be placed on the monument were also present, with some even reciting poems and songs. Corbin, like many others, commended Wilson and Braithwaite on their plan to erect and construct the monument. He expressed sorrow at the constant need to comfort the families of slain individuals and the continued

viewing of persons who lost their lives by the bullets coming from the guns, in some cases, by those who are expected to protect. He, too, mentioned the recent killings in Linden, and stressed that it was a classic case of the continued struggle for equality and evidence of the prolonged issue of marginalization. David Hinds delivered a message of freedom and equality. He began by relating the history of Buxton, and that of the African people, who he said worked hard to purchase

and humanize the East Coast after purchasing the land from slave owners. Hinds called on various members of society who he said are the ones responsible for making change in the country, and asked that they play a more integral role in disseminating information and paving the way for the truth. He spoke of the monument, which he said is much needed for persons to recognize the significance of life and the struggle of persons in this country. Opposition Leader Granger spoke about the

Government's reluctance to investigate and spearhead probes into numerous unlawful killings. He said instead of factories and schools, monuments and cemeteries were being built. Nigel Hughes also took a swing at the Government for what he said are the unjust and unsanctioned actions they display. He congratulated those involved with the monument and requested that the next time they meet it would be to celebrate their victory against the injustices the people of the country face.

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Saturday August 04, 2012

GPHC 'christens' Maternity Unit Theatre - patients no longer have to be sent to main operating facility Mandy Smith, 23, yesterday became the firstever patient to be operated on in the recently commissioned Operating Theatre of the Maternity Unit of the Georgetown Pubic Hospital Corporation (GPHC). Smith entered the theatre around 12:10hrs and gave birth at 12:37hrs. The baby, a boy, weighed 3kg 100g, hospital officials said yesterday. The new life brought into the world is Smith's second child. Upon delivery of her f i r s t b a b y, s h e a l s o underwent surgery. H o w e v e r, o n t h a t occasion, she had to be transported from the Maternity Unit via ambulance to the Main Operating Theatre which is located in the Ambulatory Care and Diagnostic Centre (ACDC) building in the North Block of the hospital's

Doctors at work during yesterday's procedure

IT'S A BOY! The infant minutes after delivery compound. For her and other mothers who develop complications, this will no longer be the case. The maternal operating theatre is now conveniently located a stone's throw away from the Pre-natal Unit of the Maternity Ward. It is outfitted with all the

requisite equipment, medical supplies and staff, who will function on a 24hour basis to cater for any emergency case which may present itself. GPHC disclosed that the majority of the equipment was donated by Global Links, a US-based organisation and the

Ministry of Health. The Operating Theatre was officially re-opened on 31 May 2012. Maternal mortality has been an issue of concern within the media over the last few years, as the number of reported cases has increased in comparison to a decade ago. In 2010, there was a

spate of maternal deaths; thereafter, there have been a few too many cases. Management of the GPHC yesterday affirmed that it remains cognizant of the need to steadily improve the quality of health care provided to the people of Guyana as the demand for such care arises. GPHC made it known

that the initiative is coupled with the Masters Degree in Obstetrics and Gynaecology Programme which commenced in May last. Mandy Smith is now said to be resting “comfortably� in the Recovery Room of the Maternity Theatre. Another procedure was scheduled to commence within hours of the first.

Saturday August 04, 2012

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Accounts Clerk- 5 years experience passes in Accounts, Maths, English. Apply @ Alabama, Georgetown Ferry Stelling.

Prime residential land for sale by owner Atlantic Gardens 114ft by 74ft. $23M negotiable, call: 600- 3732, 600- 4536

1 Pool Table, call: 669-9927

1 driver, salesman Call: 2201500, 614-4626

Charlotte Street 35’’ x 110’’ $65M Call:619-4682

Driver for party rental service; within the vicinity of Parika & Vreed-en-Hoop, must be able to work flexible hours, call: 638-1627 Vacancy exists for plant shop sales person, harding working a must Call: 6481821 Live-in nanny/maid 30-45 years, Location: Kuru Kururu Call: 697-8797

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Upholster Call 227-3660 8am to 5pm. Male security guard & camp attendant to clean to work in the interior Call : 231-3159

Experience security, porters & drivers Call: 223-5273, 2235274

1 Bobcat & trailor Call:6460101


WANTED 2 Experience salesgirls & 1 handyman, 23 Lombard Street Werk-en-Rust Georgetown Call: 227-8529, 626-8003

Apartments Call :667-1549 Albertown US$650, Regent Street US$650, West $40,000 - $50,000, Hadfiels Street $50,000, Diamond $60,000 Diana 227-2256, 626-9382 1 Bedroom apartment at Plantation Versailles W.B.D Call: 618-5070 3 bedrooms apartment bottom flat West Bank Demerara Small Family Call: 267-1446, 662-1995

General male receptionist shift work able body- Hilton Crest International Hotel Call: 225-9211

Two bedrooms upper flat $55,000 per month Call : 6255461

Salesgirls and porter boys at 127 Regent and Alexander Street Avishkar Building Georgetown Call: 231-8157

6-weeks course in designing/ dressmaking. Call Sharmela: 225- 2598, 641- 0784


One 15 HP Yamaha (long foot), Call: 689-5254, 643-0332 Pure Breed Pitbull pups, vaccinated & dewormed, 9 weeks old, $35,000, call: 6429753, 622-1217 Air refreshner $60, wiper blades ( all sizes), used wood working machines. Call: 2203175, 616- 4403, 652- 2008 2005 Tacoma 4 cylinder, call: 651-8870, 233-6161 Used laptop computer $40,000 to $65,000 Call:2270095 Diving Suit, call: 613- 5158, 265- 3449 Champion pure breed rottweilers pups, both parents imported, grandparents are international champions from dog show Call: 685-2584

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Page 15

Assorted Green Heart and Hard Wood; suitable for fence and scaffolding. Please contact: 641-4952

1 stainless steel meat saw, meat grinder, display freezer cold storage room, call: 6518870 Caterpiller backhoe model 426c. Call: 651- 8870, 233- 6161 Granite counter tops $40,000, Tarpaulins: 50" x 30" $10,000, Concrete 36" x 24" $ 2,000 per gal. Call: 616- 4403, 652- 2008

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Kaieteur News

Business entity undertakes rehab of Cooper’s Lane in N/A Business entity A. Ally and Sons, owners of a chain of stores in Berbice with a history of giving back to the community, have decided to extend their benevolence even further by undertaking the complete rehabilitation of the Cooper’s Lane in New Amsterdam. With four main stores and a number of bonds and outlets in the ancient county, the company which has its headquarters at Main and Cooper’s Lane, has already begun work on the street which stretches from Main to Republic Road covering over 100 meters. The company is undertaking the venture with assistance from another Berbice business, Home Design and Engineering Associates Construction Company owned by Dwayne Ferdinand. Speaking to the media, Human Resource Manager Gavin Moriah said they have undertaken the venture as part of their corporate responsibility. “We at A. Ally and Sons are always looking at new ventures, partnerships… things that not only benefit us, but the entire community. Small or big ventures, we see it as part of our corporate

Saturday August 04, 2012

Guyana to host InterGuianas Cultural Festival Guyana, through the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, is set to host InterGuianas Cultural Festival from August 20-25. The festival, which is expected to showcase visual, literary, performing, culinary arts and fashion, was established by a memorandum of understanding between the three Guianas — Guyana, French Guiana and Suriname. The inaugural InterGuianas Cultural Festival

was held in Paramaribo last year from August 25 to 29. A 40-member Guyana contingent participated and its presentations were highly appreciated. The hosting of the festival was embarked upon with the aim of fostering closer relations among the countries as well as to provide artistes with an opportunity to discuss techniques and motivation and to provide the people of the Guianas with the values emerging from various art forms. (GINA)

J’ca govt. working to conclude new IMF agreement this year Workmen putting things right on Cooper’s Lane responsibility of giving back to the community from where we garner our support. This street project is one of our many at the moment,” he stated. The manager also explained that one of the main reasons for undertaking the venture is that it was observed that a number of streets throughout the town of New Amsterdam have deteriorated while others are impassable. He hoped that others would follow and help

in the general improvement of the town. Moriah said that they are not going to divulge the cost of the project, but stated that whatever it costs it will be done. He admitted that the street is often used by vehicles transporting products for the company and the principals saw it fit to undertake the project. Foreman of the Home Design and Engineering Associates Construction Company, Jacob Robertson,

stated that they will be cleaning all the holes and first filling them with sand, stone and tar before completing it with a DBST (Double Bitumen Surface Treatment) Base. Moriah also urged the business community of New Amsterdam not to depend on the Municipality for everything, but to do their part in helping to restore the town to its glorious past.

KINGSTON, Jamaica (JIS) —Minister of Finance and Public Service, Dr Peter Phillips, has affirmed the Jamaican government’s intention to have a new agreement in place with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) by the end of this year. He was responding to comments made in the House of Representatives Tuesday by opposition member of parliament, Karl Samuda, who stated that a new IMF agreement will not be in place

until 2013. Phillips stated that there is no basis for the assertion “that we are looking to conclude a programme into the next calendar year. It is not so, and we certainly have indicated otherwise to this House.” He stated further that the negotiating team from the IMF will be in the island in September, and the Ministry is working on a presentation to be made to the IMF Board before the end of December.

Immigration TALK: Peacemaker stabbed by cousin Questions & Answers A 27-year-old construction worker was on Thursday stabbed twice in his abdomen by his cousin, with whom he once shared a close relationship. Damien Moore of Non Pareil, East Coast Demerara (ECD) was stabbed at around 11:30 hrs on Thursday, when he intervened as a peacemaker in an argument between his cousin, sister and grandmother. Moore yesterday told Kaieteur News that he never thought that his cousin, who is currently on the run, would have stabbed him. The 27-year-old said that he was in his bed sleeping; when he was jolted awake by a loud argument. “I heard Junior (cousin) arguing with

my sister and grandmother over money and he was using indecent language so I ask him to be quiet and he asked me to come and stop him.”

Corruption runs very ... From page 10 today— in Guyana— we can see, from top to bottom, there is a vacuum when we talk about standards of life, about character, about conduct, integrity, I personally believe that this is absent to a great degree in our country, and for young people coming up, they must be made aware that it is not only scholastic and academic achievements that count. “What’s the purpose of

By: Attorney Gail S. Seeram, Through this “Question & Answer” column, our goal is to answer your immigration questions. Many of you have questions on backlog time and eligibility – we seek to clarify these issues and more. We appreciate your comments and questions. If you have a question that you would like answered in this column, please email:

The injured man

reaching such high standards (academically), and your moral values and behaviour are not firm. For example, I would never visit any service provider—say, a doctor or lawyer— if I know he is on drugs, on alcohol, or if I know his behaviour is unbecoming or he is corrupt. I am not interested in him or his services. I look up to people with good manners and good character, and this is what is absent from our country.”

After the argument continued, Moore said he got up from his bed and asked his cousin to leave, “...he was still cursing so I hold him on his shoulder to lead him to the door but he turn around and push me on the chair and then start stab me two times and run away.” Moore, who is currently a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), said that he was not aware that his cousin had a knife on him. His cousin has since been on the run. Family members believe that he left Georgetown through Ogle Airport and is currently in the interior, since he spends most of his time there.

Question #1: My daughter who is eighteen years has been accepted by a college in the USA to begin classes in September of this year. She has a visitor visa for the USA. Can she come to the USA with her visitor visa and then apply for a change to a student visa? How likely is this and if so please advise me what’s the process. Answer #1: It is recommended that she take her Form I-20 (given to her by accepting college) into the U.S. Embassy and apply for a F-1 student visa and then enter the U.S. with the F-1. If she enters with the visitor visa and then applies for a change of status, it may take 3-6 months and her time on her visitor visa may expire. Remember the maximum time on the visitor visa is 6 months.

Gail S. Seeram Question #2: My son is a Permanent Resident in New York. His son is having a heart problem in Guyana. He is about 7 months old. How could the father get his son to the U.S. for medical treatment? He is planning to marry the child’s mother. The baby’s case is urgent. Answer #2: He should apply for a visitor visa at U.S. Embassy and explain the medical emergency. Take documents to the U.S. Embassy to show the child’s medical issues and also proof of who will be paying the medical expenses in the U.S. Question #3: My husband passed away last year. My question is his parents had sponsored him to

migrate to the US. He had received all the necessary documents and included myself and our child in the petition. But now I’m wondering what will be the outcome of our papers due to his death? Do my son and I still stand a chance to migrate to the US? A nswer #3: Unfortunately, when your husband died, so did the pending petition. There is process to substitute a deceased petitioner, but when the beneficiary (husband) dies, the petition becomes void. Question #4: My mother is a US citizen and she filed for myself and two children under 21 years of age. The date of the interview is very soon, I would like to know what I have to take with me to the U.S. Embassy. Answer #4: The U.S. Embassy will provide you a list or a link to access the list of documents on-line. But, generally, you must provide a police clearance, affidavit of support from sponsor, passport photos, original passport, Form DS230, and certified copies of birth certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce.

Saturday August 04, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Soesdyke children killings… NY-based team to give aid to Region One Preliminary Inquiry underway By Latoya Giles A fifteen (15) member team from the New York-based Guyana Aid Region One, Inc. (“GARO”) is expected in the country on August 3rd, 2012 to conduct a one day Health Fair in Mabaruma, Region 1. This Health Fair will be held on August 7 and is the first of what is expected to be an annual event. The team will be in Guyana for the period August 3rd to August 12th, 2012 and would be met by their President Mr. David Correia and members of the Georgetown Chapter of GARO. While in Guyana, the organization will make donations of medical supplies to the Georgetown Hospital and the Mabaruma Regional Hospital. In addition they would take the opportunity to present their annual awards to the top 10 students from Region 1 who excelled at the recently concluded Grade Six assessment. This year these students are from Koriabo, Mabaruma, Kamwatta, Moruca and Port Kaituma. The President of the Organization has indicated that the event was made

possible through collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, the Regional Chairman, Region 1 and the Doctor and Matron of the Mabaruma Hospital. GARO (New York Chapter) is a registered notfor-profit organization in New York State, organized to help the people in Region One socially, educationally and economically. It comprises mostly members who have lived in the Region previously, though some of the members are from other parts of Guyana; others are children of Guyanese parents and some are even citizens of the United States. In the past, GARO donated computers to schools and learning centres in Mabaruma, netbooks to the learning centre in Moruca, textbooks to the secondary schools, books and supplies to Wauna Nursery school and bed linen to Mabaruma and Pakera Hospitals. Annual monetary awards are also given to students who excel at the Grade Six Examination. They have also donated clothing to the poor and gifts

to help craft groups prepare products for samples and for sale. This is their first attempt at helping the people in Region One to become more aware of their health and well-being. All the members are volunteers and funds must be raised every year in the US to help the Region. In order to raise funds, they conduct two functions annually: a “North West Style” breakfast every September and a dance in November. This year, a Barbeque was organized solely to help pay for the Health Fair venture in Region One. Mr. Correia said that the members are excited about this new outreach and are hoping that the Health Fair will become a regular event in the other sub-regions in following years. The Georgetown Chapter collaborates with the New York Chapter while at the same time it identifies and funds other undertakings in the region. The President of the Georgetown Chapter is Captain (CG) John Flores, while the Treasurer is Leslie Wilburg and Secretary is Mona Bynoe.

Over 200 kids to attend annual police youth camp

Almost ten months after the brutal slaying of three children at Soesdyke, the Preliminary Inquiry into the case got underway on Tuesday last with the accused, John Blanchard, appearing before Magistrate Leslie Sobers at the Providence Court. The first witness to take the stand was Blanchard’s mother-in-law Denise Cumberbatch. She will continue to give her evidence on Tuesday, August 14, when the matter is scheduled to be called again. On July 5, last, the court ruled that Blanchard was mentally fit to stand trial for the murder of his three children, Joy, Belika and Daniel. On October 11, 2011, Blanchard was detained for allegedly chopping the three

Murder accused John Blanchard young children causing the death of two of the minors. Belika Blanchard and her fiveyear-old brother Daniel died instantly, while six-year-old Joy Blanchard succumbed to

her injuries several days later. The family resided at Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara, and according to persons, at the time of the incident, the children’s mother had left for the interior where she sought a better job. It is alleged that the chopping incident stemmed from a phone conversation Blanchard had with the woman moments before. Blanchard who sold clothing to sustain his family had reportedly been experiencing difficulty with his companion. The two had allegedly split up, with the woman leaving the children behind. It was indicated that Blanchard had sought the support of his younger sister on the night of the incident. She claimed that Blanchard had tried to contact her but was unable to do so.

Accused motorcycle robbers refused bail Two alleged motorcycle robbers were refused bail after appearing before Magistrate Hazel Octive-Hamilton at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court on Thursday. Marlon Bobb, 21, of East Ruimveldt and Derrick Norton, 27, of Smyth and D’Urban Streets, were slapped with separate charges of aggravated robbery and larceny from the person. The allegations are that on July 30, in Georgetown, the men robbed Brenton Charles of one gold chain valued $65,000. The day before that, the men were alleged to have also robbed Carlene Skellikie of one gold band costing $60,000. This reportedly took place at Robb and King Streets. Attorney-at-law George Thomas, representing Bobb, in his bail application, said that his client is a bond clerk with no previous or pending

matters before the court. The lawyer also argued that there was no identification parade conducted that would connect his client to the matter. An unrepresented Norton claimed that he is a vendor with a small son and a wife to take care of. He claimed he was locked up for five days after he was arrested by the police. Prosecutor Simone Payne, however, had a different story to tell. In objecting to bail, she said in relation to the stolen chain in the aggravated robbery matter, the gold jewellery was recovered by the police and is lodged at the Alberttown Police Station. Police ranks at the time were on patrol and had seen a commotion and rode to where persons had congregated. The police were able to make contact with Charles, the

victim, who said he was robbed by two men on a motorcycle. As a result of the information, the police proceeded to ride after a motorcycle they had seen on arriving at the scene. Prosecutor Payne claimed that Bobb was the pillion rider who had removed the man’s chain. She said the patrol ranks were informed that the cyclists had dropped the chain on the roadway and rode off after noticing that they were being chased. They were caught and brought back to the victim who allegedly identified them as the robbers. The court, however, put the men on bail on one of the matters. Bobb and Norton both received $120,000 bail in Skellikie’s matter. In Charles’s matter of the aggravated robbery, the two accused were not permitted bail and were remanded until September 17.

‘Litterbug’ jailed for a week Participants at the last camp doing their morning exercises Over 200 children will attend the Guyana Police Force’s Annual Youth Camp which is being held in collaboration with the Guyana Police Wives’ Association, between Monday August 6 and Saturday August 11, at the Rosignol Primary School, West Coast Berbice. The children, between the ages of eight and 14 years old, selected from among youths involved in the Force’s Youth Clubs and Scout Groups, will

be participating in the much anticipated Camp, which is being conducted under the theme “Empowering Young Minds for the next Generation”. The Camp will be managed by Assistant Commissioner Carol LewisPrimo, who will be assisted by other police ranks, members of the Police Wives’ Association and a number of civilians who have volunteered their services. During the period, the

campers will be involved in craft-work, educational talks, road safety, religious teaching, information technology, games and an exhibition to showcase their skills learnt, among other activities. The first Police Youth Camp was held at Camp Soweyo, Soesdyke/Linden Highway, in 1991. Last year’s camp was at the Linden Foundation Secondary School in Amelia’s Ward, Linden.

A litterbug was yesterday sentenced to seven days in prison by Magistrate Faith McGusty since he was unable to pay the $10,000 fine attached to littering. According to Royston King, Public Relations Officer of the Mayor and City Council, Samuel Daniels of Hadfield Street, Lodge, Georgetown, was arrested and charged for depositing refuse on Quamina Street, South Cummingsburg, Georgetown. His imprisonment is part of the Council’s recently launched campaign to stop illegal dumping in the city. For the year, about 15 litterbugs were placed before the court,

but this is the first time an individual has been incarcerated for the offence, King said. The body is renewing its appeal for citizens to desist from dumping refuse. King emphasized that the Council is short on manpower and vital resources to keep the City clean. According to Chief Constabulary Officer, Andrew Foo, monitoring the streets to ensure residents do not litter is difficult since the constabulary is operating below strength. Within recent years recruitment has been low, due to the late payment of salary and better options with other Law Enforcement

Agencies. Foo blamed the Constabulary’s inability to provide tools, uniforms and vehicles for constables, on the Council’s poor financial situation.

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NTN CHANNEL 18 / CABLE 69 05:00h - CRICKET: 5TH ODI SRI LANKA vs INDIA 12:00h - Getting It Right 13:00h - Motor Car / Bike Race Sponsor by GUYOIL 14:00h - National Geographic 15:00h - Saturday Afternoon Fiesta Live with Angelica 16:00h - Investigation Discovery 17:00h - Assembly of Prayer 17:30h - Teaching of Islam by Brother Roshan Khan 18:00h - Ganesh Parts Presents - BHAGAVAD GITA (Discourses in English) - Serial 18:15h - Drying Tears Live with Pastor Edson

18:45h - Birthday Greetings / Death Announcement & In Memoriam 19:00h - DDL HOUR Live with Joel 20:00h - Chitrahaar with Aarya 20:30h - DVD MOVIE: POLICE FORCE (Eng:Sub:) *ing Akshay Kumar, Raveena Tandon, Amrish Puri & Raj Babbar 23:15h - DVD MOVIE: LOCKOUT 00:45h - Sign off with the Gayatri Mantra NCN CHANNEL 11 05:30 – Newtown Gospel 06:00 – NCN Late Edition (R/B) 06:30 – CIOG Ramadan Prog. 07:00 – Ebezener Praise Time 07:30 – The Truth

08:00 – Pulse Beat 08:30 – Cartoons 09:00 – 2012 Summer Olympics 17:30 – Choices 18:00 – NCN News Magazine – Live 18:30 – Law Enforcement & You 19:00 – Let’s Talk Tax 19:30 – President’s Diary 20:00 – 3d/daily millions/ play de dream/lotto draw 20:05 – Bollywood Hits 21:05 – Summer Olympics 2012 22:00 – NCN News 22:30 – Summer Olympics 2012 24:00 – 2nd Test MatchWest Indies VS New Zealand- DAY 3 DTV CHANNEL 8 08:55hrs. Sign On

Saturday August 04, 2012 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): Although you’ve always been proud of your principles, it’s important to respect others’ beliefs, too and while someone’s outlook on life may seem totally at odds with yours, you can still forge a relationship with this person. ********************************* TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20): Power struggles with a large organisation could crop up, which is intimidating. Don’t feel as though you must go through this situation alone. ********************************* GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): Conflicts may arise over your private and public personas. It may seem to a business or romantic partner that you adopt certain behaviour in order to impress your superiors and while this may be true, it’s only because you want the best for your partnership. ********************************* CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): It may feel as though your current surroundings are positively toxic. The only way to remedy this situation is to find a way out of it. Getting an advanced degree or additional training will open up bigger and better job opportunities. ********************************* LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): Unless you plan ahead, your financial affairs will be a continued source of stress. Paying off debt little by little seems like a drag, but it’s better than being hounded by creditors. ********************************* VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): It’s essential to make a choice between your family and personal life. Although your relatives want you to take a certain path, you’re drawn to a different way of life.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): You may not be able to teach someone a lesson, no matter how hard you try. Rather than waste your energy nagging this pupil, turn your attention to personal affairs. ********************************* SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): You’re a smooth talker who won’t take “no” for an answer, especially at work. Whether you want to trade jobs with somebody or need to switch jobs, you can achieve your objective. Alternatively, you may want to ask a colleague on a date. ********************************* SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): Owning your emotions causes your selfesteem to rise. There’s no point in pretending that you are indifferent to a situation that drives you mad. ********************************* CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): You’re experiencing dramatic improvement with your health, and it’s evident to others. In the past, you may have lacked the energy to take a short trip or move to more pleasant surroundings. Now you are able to take such a step. ********************************* AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): Working behindthe-scenes is the best way to increase your bank balance. In the past, you’ve garnered lots of favourable attention for your brilliant solutions to difficult problems. ********************************* PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): Friends are urging you to express your creative side, and who are you to argue? If somebody wants to show your work in a gallery or introduce you to a potential patron, let them.

Saturday August 04, 2012

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Saturday August 04, 2012

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Sharapova faces Serena in gold showdown Maria Sharapova will fight for an Olympic gold medal today after beating fellow Russian Maria Kirilenko in the women’s singles semifinals. In the final Sharapova will face Wimbledon champion Serena Williams, who continued her romp through the draw with a 6-1

6-2 hammering of world number one Azarenka. Third seed Sharapova, who is playing in her first Games and carried Russia’s flag at the opening ceremony, continued her fine form on the Wimbledon grass this week to win 6-2 6-3. Sharapova has served

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Jamaicans perform... From page 21 Heat 3 - Jamaican Campbell-Brown, won in 10.94. Second was Bulgarian Ivet Lalova in 11.06 and Gloria Asumnu finished third in 11.13. Heat 4 - Nigerian sprinter Blessing Okagbare ran out of Heat 4, winning in 10.93 seconds. American Tianna Madison was second in 10.97 and Trinidadian Michelle-Lee Ahye was third in 11.28. Heat 5 - Allyson Felix won heat 5 in 11.01. Brazilian Roseangela Santos finished second in 11.07 seconds with Gabon’s first Olympic representative, Ruddy Zang Milama finishing third in 11.14 seconds. Heat 6 - Shelly-Ann Fraser finished first in 11.00 flat. Trinidadian Semoy Hackett was second in 11.04 and Olesya Povh was third in 11.18 seconds. Heat 7 - The final race in round one was won by Murielle Ahoure from Cote d’Ivoire, finishing in 10.99, while Laverne Jones-Ferrette from the US Virgin Islands claimed second place in 11.07. Jamaica’s Stewart was third in 11.08 seconds. (RJR News & Jamaica Observer)

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Serena Williams

Maria Sharapova

particularly well despite windy conditions and she overpowered Kirilenko in the first set in particular. The 14th seed, a quarterfinalist at Wimbledon last month, hit back in the second set and was a break ahead at 3-2, but Sharapova responded with a run of four games in a row, putting away a forehand on her second match point. In the final she will face either Serena Williams while Victoria Azarenka will oppose

Kirilenko in the bronze medal match. Williams and Azarenka had met in the semi-finals of Wimbledon last month, where Azarenka gave a good account of herself despite losing in straight sets, but today (yesterday) she simply could not live with the power of Williams. The American and Sharapova will now face each other not just for a gold medal but also to become only the second woman after Steffi Graf to win all four grand slams and the Olympic title in their career. (Mail Online)

Samuels fails to stop NZ edging ahead From back page Northern Stand to accomplish his highest Test score before he was the last batsman dismissed, when he was caught at deep cover from a flawed inside-out drive at a delivery from Bracewell. He batted 264 minutes, faced 169 balls, and struck 15 fours and four sixes. West Indies captain Darren Sammy made 32 and was the only other batsman that passed 20, as New Zealand’s four-pronged, fast-medium bowling attack bowled with acute discipline. Bracewell ended with 3-46 from 15.3 overs, Trent Boult finished with 3-58 from 17 overs, Neil Wagner grabbed 2-24 from 10 overs, and Southee captured 2-70 from 19 overs. The Windies fast bowling attack, unlike New Zealand’s, failed to make inroads into the opposition batting, as Watling and Guptill put on 55 for the first wicket. Kemar Roach was unfortunate with his first ball of a second spell from the Michael Holding End, when Kieran Powell dropped Watling on three at third slip. Deonarine however, helped the home team end the day with a smile on their faces, when Watling was lbw for 11 moving too far inside the line to turn a delivery into the leg-side in the second-last over of the day, and Guptill was lbw for 42 playing back to a fast, full straight delivery in the final over. Earlier, three cheap wickets – including Chris Gayle – had put West Indies under pressure, as they reached 62 for three at lunch. After the Windies resumed on 11 without loss, opener Kieran Powell and Assad Fudadin fell in the first half-hour to Boult, and Gayle fell for eight to a brute of a delivery from Wagner in the final hour before lunch. Powell failed to add to his overnight 10 before he edged to third slip, and Fudadin made five before he was lbw after the Black Caps reviewed South African umpire Marais Erasmus’ not-out verdict. Gayle was strangely subdued throughout the 107 minutes he spent at the crease and survived a chance on five, when wicketkeeper Kruger van Wyk and first slip fielder Ross Taylor, the visitors’ captain, combined to muff an edge from the big left-hander in Southee’s

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third over. The talismanic opener was kept on a tight rein by the New Zealand attack before he cuffed a short, rising delivery from Wagner, another left-arm fast-medium bowler, to backward point. After lunch, Samuels took charge, reaching his 50 from 93 balls, when he slapped a short delivery from Wagner through widish mid-off for his ninth four. Samuels remained unflappable, but there was instability at the other end with four wickets falling, leaving West Indies scrambling on 163 for seven. Shivnarine Chanderpaul was caught at first slip for nine, nibbling at a delivery from Southee that moved across him, and Narsingh Deonarine soon followed, caught behind for a duck, playing forward defensive to Boult, leaving West Indies 83 for five. Denesh Ramdin arrived and stemmed the fall of wickets, putting on 30 with Samuels before he was caught at gully for 15 from a leading edge to a short, rising delivery from Wagner. West Indies captain Darren Sammy played his usual cameo, striking six fours from just 29 balls before he was lbw to Southee playing across a full-length delivery that struck him on the boot. The decision was confirmed, when New Zealand reviewed Australian umpire Paul Reiffel’s not-out verdict. After tea, the West Indies decline continued unchecked with suspense surrounding Samuels’ march to his hundred. Sunil Narine made one before he gave a chest-high catch to second slip off Bracewell, and Kemar Roach failed to score before he fell in similar fashion after the same bowler softened him up with a couple of well-directed bouncers aimed at the body – but Tino Best had little to do as Samuels hastened to his hundred. West Indies lead the two-Test series 1-0, following a nine-wicket victory in the first Test, which ended last Monday at the Vivian Richards Cricket Ground. They are making a bid to complete their first series sweep, since Ridley Jacobs’ side beat Bangladesh 2-0 close to a decade ago. (

(From page 15)

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Kaieteur News

Saturday August 04, 2012

OUT OF THE BOX! Controversial boxer Tomasz Majewski Mayweather released from jail a month early retains shot put title

Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather walked free from a Las Vegas jail early on Friday morning after serving two months for battering his ex-girlfriend in front of their children. The undefeated fivedivision champion was greeted by 20 family and friends, including rapper 50 Cent, as he emerged from Clark County Detention Centre just after midnight. The 35-year-old remained silent as, in the darkness, he

got into a blue Bentley sedan and drove himself away. He had served two of the three months jail time he was handed for a hair-pulling, armtwisting attack on former lover Josie Harris as two of their three children watched. And he is now free to resume a boxing career his lawyers warned in court documents might be at risk because jail food and water did not meet his dietary needs. They also said his lack of exercise space in a cramped

Athletics Olympic Schedule August 4 05:00 AM Men’s 100m Preliminaries 05:05 AM Women’s Heptathlon Long Jump 05:20 AM Women’s Pole Vault Qualification 05:35 AM Men’s 400m Round 1 06:35 AM Women’s 3000m Steeplechase Round 1 06:40 AM Women’s Heptathlon Javelin Throw 07:30 AM Men’s 100m Round 1 12:00 AM Men’s 20km walk Final 02:00 PM Men’s 400m Hurdles Semi-finals 02:30 PM Women’s Discus Throw Final Medal event 02:35 PM Women’s 100m Semi-finals 02:55 PM Men’s Long Jump Final Medal event 03:05 PM Women’s 400m Semi-finals 03:35 PM Women’s Heptathlon 800m Medal event 04:15 PM Men’s 10,000m Final Medal event 04:55 PM Women’s 100m Final Swimming August 4 02:30 PM Women’s 50m Freestyle Final Medal event 02:36 PM Men’s 1500m Freestyle Final Medal event 03:07 PM Women’s 4x100m Medley Relay Final Medal event 03:27 PM Men’s 4x100m Medley Relay Final Medal event

cell of fewer than 98sq ft threatened his health and fitness. A lot has happened in Mayweather’s world since he was jailed June 1. With no television in his solo cell, he could not see arch rival Manny Pacquiao lose his WBO welterweight title on June 9 to Timothy Bradley. Mayweather, who goes by the nickname ‘Money’, was also not around to celebrate last month when Forbes magazine named him the world’s highest-paid athlete for 2011. And he missed fiancee Shantel Jackson’s private birthday bash last week at a Las Vegas steakhouse with friends. Las Vegas ReviewJournal celebrity columnist Norm Clark noted that Mayweather sent diamonds. But Mayweather is now a free man, even if his next opponent is not immediately clear. Mayweather’s manager Leonard Ellerbe did not respond this week to repeated messages from The Associated Press. Promoters for Mayweather’s main rival, Philippine boxer Manny Pacquiao, are planning a fight for November 10 at the MGM Grand Garden arena in Las Vegas, Nevada Athletic Commission executive Keith Kizer said. Pacquiao’s opponent has not been named but

Mayweather was not believed to be on the list. Pacquiao, who earned $62million in fights and endorsements last year, ranked second on the Forbes richest athletes list behind Mayweather and his $85million in fight earnings. To fight in Las Vegas, Mayweather will need a new license from the Nevada Athletic Commission, Kizer said yesterday (Thursday). His last license, for the May 5 bout against Miguel Cotto, was for one fight only. If Mayweather applies, commission Chairman Raymond ‘Skip’ Avansino Jr. could decide to grant approval administratively or summon Mayweather before the panel for a public hearing, Kizer said. Mayweather received about 30 days off his 90-day jail sentence for work time and good behaviour. Nevada state law allows inmates to receive up to 10 days off per month for co-operating with jailers and working or being willing to work. Las Vegas police administer the jail, and a department spokesman said Mayweather was not required to work and did not misbehave behind bars. The plea deal allowed him to avoid trial on felony charges that could have gotten Mayweather up to 34 years in prison if he was convicted.

Anis Ade-Thomas soaring to higher heights despite... From page 23 resulting in glory for Guyana. He earned silver behind the USA’s and the NAPF reigning Conway Brookes in the 83 kg to 93kg combined category and bronze in the Men’s 83kg Open division. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, Ade-Thomas’ performance has again vindicated the confidence the GAPF shows in the athletes they select to represent this nation given the fact that nine out of ten times they medal since Guyana’s return to international competition. Like many have noted and continues to point out, corporate and government support has been very little or nothing at all and Ade-Thomas pointed this out very early in reflecting on his exploits. “Government must see that the GAPF has continued to excel in overseas competitions over the years and they must step up their tangible and real support for our athletes. They have to do more, they must trust the work that the GAPF under President

Peter Green has been doing and support them in real terms.” The athlete complimented the GAPF for making it possible for him to represent Guyana, he also singled out his coach, Egbert Jackson for the splendid job he has done in preparing him and for the mental, psychological strength and discipline he has instilled in him. The Total Fitness (Corentyne Berbice) Gym member said that he spoke with his coach the night before competition to find out what he felt about how he would perform given the fact that he did not have and would not have had enough rest leading up to the start of competition. And as he has always done, Coach Jackson set about pumping up his athlete psychologically for the task at hand, the rest is now history. The Trinidad and Tobago team at the championships also played a part in inspiring Ade-Thomas as they cheered him on along with his Manager, Gordon Spencer who

was very encouraging, AdeThomas noted. “This victory is for all who would have been playing positive roles in my development to date. I am very grateful to them all for their support.” Coach Jackson also spoke with Kaieteur Sport about Ade-Thomas’ accomplishment pointing out that it was up to standards. He also echoed the sentiments of Ade-Thomas in relation to government and corporate support for athletes. Jackson, who has been in the sport dating back to the 1980s said that his charge has done very well as a junior and his ascendency will surely depend on the level of support he is able to get. The seasoned coach highlighted that fact that AdeThomas wanted to quit the sport at one point due to the lack of support, but he was able to convince him to do otherwise, his achievements speaks for itself. “Financial support is vital for him, the cost for a suit is

quite a bit and after sometime you will have to change it due to wear and tear. There is also the issue of supplements and vitamins that the athlete would need to keep himself going all the time, so lots of help is needed to keep in the game if you are serious of about achieving.” “When you are exceptional in Guyana nobody does anything to help you, there is only a lot of talk. Athletes need incentives to help them along and encourage them to continue. Corporate Guyana and the government need to really step it up and help.” Commenting on the achievement of his athlete from a role model stand point, Jackson was quick to point out that his performances will serve to motivate other young athletes in a positive way. In commending the GAPF for the work it has been doing, Jackson informed that he has quite a few more athletes to unleash in the sport of powerlifting. (Franklin Wilson)

Poland’s Tomasz Majewski has become the first man in almost 60 years to retain the Olympic shot put title. He produced a throw of 21.87m in round three to take the lead from world champion David Storl of Germany, who managed 21.86 in round two. With the title already won, Majewski, 30, then threw 21.89 in the final round - his best throw of the season. American Reece Hoffa threw 21.23 to beat his compatriot Christian Cantwell (21.19) to bronze. Majewski’s victory saw him emulate American Parry O’Brien, who won successive shot put titles in 1952 and 1956. Afterwards Majewski predicted that Storl would be shot put Olympic champion at the next Games. Britain’s Carl Myerscough failed to reach

Tomasz Majewski

the final after finishing 29th in qualifying with a throw of 18.95m - more than a metre down on his season’s best. Myerscough, who served a two-year ban for testing positive for anabolic steroids in 1999, was allowed to compete in London when the British Olympic Association’s lifetime ban for drug cheats was overturned. (BBC Sport)

Homer continues... From page 23 after beating Jamaica 3-1 in the deciding match. The 13-year-old Marian Academy student and member of the Malteenoes Sports Club also won a gold medal in the U-13 Girls Doubles contest when she teamed up with Greaves; Homer then got on the podium again with a silver medal in the Mixed Doubles with partner Kyle Edghill; she got a third medal, a bronze, in the U-13 Singles competition. The rising player believes that she could have been draped in all gold if she had controlled what she called “nervousness” well enough. “Seriously, I could have captured that (Singles) gold, but nervousness stepped in when I saw I had to play the girl from the Dominican Republic,” she said. Asked what stood out for her on the tour, interestingly she mentioned being able to bounce back from two games down in the team competition and win 3-2 in a critical match that helped Guyana secure gold; she said she just could not have found a similar resolve up nine points in the final set against the Dominican Republic player. “In my head I was up nine points, I didn’t focus on what my Coach (Idi Lewis) told me, I was just focusing on getting the game over,” Homer said. Her father, who was in Jamaica to watch her compete, also believes that nerves affected the player. Renford Homer indicated that the Dominican Republic’s players are usually aggressive and the sometimes timid

Homer saw her opponent in action before and that raised some amount of fear in her. Homer’s father believed that his daughter needed mental toughness. “To a great extent, her nerves played a great part in the outcome of the singles competition. Idi tried his best to speak to Jamaali, to get her to overcome those feelings and indeed the game got a lot better as it progressed, but by that time the game could have gone in any direction. She had a chance of closing it off, but it didn’t work that way,” her father noted. However, he stated that Jamaali continues to make the family proud. He said he is completely satisfied with her steady progression from the time she started playing to now. Homer believes that once the player continues to build on the three pillars established for her that are academics, table tennis and her Christianity, she will be able to consistently succeed. Her performance in Jamaica in the Singles competition has qualified her for the Latin American Championships along with Greaves, who placed second, in Venezuela in November. Homer was grateful for the support she received from her parents, Renford and Joanna Homer, sponsors and coaches. She also thanked the Guyana Table Tennis Association and the World Vision Church of God for their support. Homer said that she is currently training for the upcoming National Championships scheduled for later this month. (Edison Jefford)

Saturday August 04, 2012

Kaieteur News

Tirunesh Dibaba defends Olympic 10,000m title Ethiopia’s Tirunesh Dibaba defended her Olympic 10,000m title with a dominant display as Britain’s Jo Pavey and Julia Bleasdale smashed their personal bests. Leading with 500m to go, 26-year-old Dibaba broke away from Kenya’s Sally Kipyego and Vivian Cheruiyot to win in 30 minutes 20.76 seconds. Pavey finished seventh in 30:53.20 with Bleasdale clocking 30:55.63 in eighth. On her fourth Olympics Pavey, 38, beat her previous best by 19.10 seconds, as Bleasdale improved by 33.96 seconds. Dibaba’s triumph was her third Olympic gold after

winning both the 5,000m and 10,000m in Beijing - the first female athlete to do so. And she could match that triumph, as she plans to run again in the shorter distance in London in the final on Friday, 10 August. After a steady first 4,000m where the pace was 74 seconds per lap, Kipyego began to drag out the race around the halfway mark. Ethiopia’s Werknesh Kidane took it on another gear around 7,600m as the leading runners slimmed down to just four with team-mate Dibaba behind Cheruiyot and Kipyego. With three laps to go

Pompey to go faster in 400m semis - Winston George 400 m hunger to be fulfilled today

Kipyego found the front as Kidane slipped back, but it mattered little as Dibaba tore down the finishing straight for the penultimate time. In front of a noisy crowd clearly enjoying the first day of athletics in the Olympic Stadium, the Ethiopian runner established a 30m lead down the back straight. And she extended it further as she completed a final lap of 62 seconds to give her opposition no chance of stripping her of her crown. (BBC Sport)

Murray blitzes Djokovic to book gold medal face-off with Federer Mail Online - Andy Murray will play Roger Federer for the Olympic gold medal tomorrow after a brilliant 7-5 7-5 victory over Novak Djokovic in yesterday’s men’s singles semi-final. The 25-year-old is now guaranteed at least a silver medal and will have the chance to make it gold in a repeat of last month’s Wimbledon final. Murray has never beaten Djokovic at a grand slam but the best-of-three-set format and the surface played slightly into the hands of the Scot. He has managed to take the momentum from his great Wimbledon run into the Olympics and looked particularly impressive in yesterday’s victory over Nicolas Almagro. Djokovic presented a big step up, of course, but Murray came out supremely aggressive and had two break points in the Serb’s first service game. He could not

Andy Murray

take them, but the signs were very good, and when he came under pressure in the seventh game he did not waver, coming through a long game. The standard from both men was superb as they traded fast and flat groundstrokes, pulling each other all around the court, but it was Murray who had the final say in the first set. With Djokovic serving to stay in it, Murray brought up his first set point and took it with a curling forehand pass that was agonisingly out of his opponent’s reach.

Cuba’s Leuris Pupo wins pistol gold Leuris Pupo gave Cuba their first gold medal of the London 2012 Olympics with victory in the men’s 25m rapid pistol event at the Royal Artillery Barracks. Pupo equalled the finals world record with 34 out of 40 to finish four shots ahead of India’s Vijay Kumar, with China’s Ding Feng winning bronze. World champion and world number one Alexei Klimov of Russia set a new world record to top the qualifying round. But he could only finish fourth in the six-man final. Pupo had finished the qualifying six points behind Klimov on 586 but the scores were wiped clean for the final and, after a shaky first round in which he only scored three shots out of five, Pupo showed greater consistency. He took the lead halfway through the competition with his third maximum in a row and held on for a comfortable victory. (BBC Sport)

Page 21

The Scot roared and Centre Court roared with him, but the job was only half done and Djokovic is a man who never knows when he is beaten. Murray had to save break points in both his first two service games in the second set as the second seed piled on the pressure, but the break did not come. Djokovic was certainly not making the most of the openings he did have, and Murray saved another break point in the ninth game, this time with a pinpoint serve. Player and crowd celebrated together as he held on once more, and amazingly it was the same story two games later, Djokovic by now laughing in exasperation at his failure to break through. The Serb had been so solid on his serve all set but suddenly he found himself at 0-30 and, when Murray stepped in on a return, he had three match points. Djokovic has made salvaging such situations a bit of a speciality but not this time, a return from the Scot simply too good and he wept with joy as Centre Court rose to its feet. Murray even got out of his chair to leap exuberantly into the air as he savoured one of the best results and

Guyana’s Aliann Pompey yesterday eased her way into the semi finals of the Women’s 400m preliminary round at the 2012 London Olympic Games after placing 4th in heat two which was the fastest of the seven heats. Pompey, who migrated to the United States at age 14 and failed to get past the semi final stage at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in this event, clocked 52.10 seconds in London yesterday to equal her season’s best which was recorded in Omaha, Nebraska at an U.S Club Championships. Pompey running out of lane 8 in the longest sprinting event in athletics reacted to the gun in 0.174 seconds, the fastest for her heats and is ranked number 19 of the 45 athletes who ran the preliminary rounds. She is ranked 19 of the 24 qualifiers for the semi finals set for today. Holding down the number one spot is Botswana’s Amantle Montsho who produced a blistering 50.40 seconds ahead of Jamaica’s Christine Day (51.05 seconds) and Great Britain’s Shana Cox (52.01 seconds). The US-based quarter miler speaking with Kaieteur Sport after her race expressed how she felt: “I am happy that I have qualified for the semi

Winston George finals. This is the third time that I will be competing in this round.” The four-time Olympian who has expressed confidence that she can generate more speed to produce a faster time today; she continued by saying that as an athlete you need to be able to run from any lane. “It felt good. It was tough doing it from lane 8 but at the end of it all you need to be able to run from any lane.” Pompey added that she had great support from team Guyana for the event. “I had the whole team, Niall Roberts, Raul Lall, Britany van Lange, Jeremy Bascom, Winston George along with every Coach and Official there to support me. That is an amazing feeling. It feels like I

am not running alone.” Pompey who has a personal best time of 50.71 seconds will be running in heat two (lane 3) today against Libania Grenot (lane 2), Regina George (lane 4), Amantle Montsho (lane 5), Francena McCorory (lane 6), Christine Day (lane 7), Shana Cox (lane 8) and Alina Lohvynenko (lane 9). Meanwhile, Lyndon Wilson Coach of locally based Olympian Winston George has indicated that the quarter-miler is hungry and ready for competition in the 400 meters, today. George posted a time of 45.86 seconds last year in Venezuela at the ALBA Games to qualify for the event; it was also a PB for him. Wilson who has great hopes for his athlete: “ Yes I have great expectations from him, all he has to do is go out there and run his race.” The Coach is also hoping that George lowers his Personal Best time by going under the 45 seconds barrier. George who will compete from lane 6 in heat 6, coming up against the likes of Conrad Williams (lane 2), Lashawn Merritt (lane 3), Saijad Hashemiahangari (lane 4), Lalonde Gordon (lane 5), Steven Solomon (lane 7) and Marcell Deak (lane 8).

Jamaicans perform well in track and field events

Jamaica’ 400m female runners performed well to make it through to the next round of the event at the London Olympic Games yesterday. Christine Day who took the track first in heat 2 clocked 51.05 to finish second. Rosemarie Whyte was edged on the line in her heat finishing second in 50.90secs. Novlene WilliamsMills ran 50.88 to take Heat 6. Leford Green was the only Jamaican to make it through to the semifinals of the men’s 400m hurdles. He will run in Heat 3 today.

The finals of the women’s triple jump will include Jamaica’s Kimberly Williams who leapt 14.53 metres to advance. Former World champion Trecia Smith also advanced with a jump of 14.31m. In the field events Dorian Scott advanced in the men’s shot put with a throw of 20.31 metres; Poland’s Tomasz Majewski successfully retained the gold medal. The Islands top female sprinters have all advanced to the semi final round after their respective heats in the 100m sprint. All three Jamaican

contenders, — Shelley Ann Fraser Pryce, Veronica Campbell Brown and Kerron Stewart — have progressed to the semis. Heat 1 - Kelly-Ann Baptiste from Trinidad and Tobago, first in 10.96; Myriam Soumare, France, second in 11.07 and Verna Sailer from Germany finished third in 11.12. Heat 2 - American Carmalita Jeter won heat 2 in 10.83. Olga Bludova from Kazakhstan was second in 11.31 and Bahamian Sheniqua Farguson finished third in 11.35. (Continued on page 19)

Page 22

Kaieteur News

Saturday August 04, 2012

Citizens put on notice - National Fitness Week set for early December Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Dr. Frank Anthony has always bemoaned the disinterest of citizens in the engagement of physical fitness activities. He remains adamant that such habits could reduce the high incidences of obesity and consequently minimize the vast numbers individuals suffering from chronic non communicable diseases. The Minister’s views were firmly enforced when the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport in collaboration

with Flex Night Incorporated launched National Fitness Week (NFW) in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport Boardroom, yesterday morning. Activities will be nationwide in scope and will be conducted from December 2 - 9 next. The general objective is to raise, throughout the length and breadth of Guyana, levels of awareness of the importance of pursuing the health and fitness lifestyle. Convener of the National

Fitness Week Working Group, Donald Sinclair briefed the media of the benefits to be derived from such activities and enforced his views in a power point presentation. He pointed out the ills of poor diet and inadequate physical exercises while highlighting the detriments such as diabetes, chronic lung diseases, cancer, heart diseases and stroke among others. Mr. Sinclair also spoke of the detriments of smoking and the consequent cancerous risks.

Petersen hits 182 as SA take control over England Leeds, England (Reuters) - Alviro Petersen scored 182, his highest in a test match, as he steered South African to a commanding 419 all out on day two of the second test at Headingley yesterday. Petersen’s career highlight was tempered by a hamstring injury late in his innings that prevented him from fielding and led to him having scans in hospital. The early signs are that he will be out for ten days with a minor hamstring tear, his team said. England safely reached 48 without loss when bad light and rain ended play with 22 overs still to be bowled. Alastair Cook was on 20 and Andrew Strauss 19 after surviving some erratic bowling which mixed accurate and moving deliveries that narrowly missed the outside edge with more wayward balls that were suitably dispatched

for boundaries. South Africa are the team in the control and England will need to bat until Sunday if they are to at least pull level with the tourists’ total. England, 1-0 down in the three-match series, must avoid defeat in the series if they are to prevent South Africa from leapfrogging them to the top of the world test rankings. South Africa’s assistant coach Russel Domingo was content with his team’s position in the match. Petersen’s innings, which lasted 530 minutes, surpassed his previous best of 156 against New Zealand as he punished England for dropping him on 29 on the first morning when Cook spilled a straightforward chance at second slip. Petersen was finally caught behind off Stuart

Leon Belony wins GASP Emancipation Day Open Scrabble tourney Leon Belony shrugged aside fluctuating fortunes in the recently staged Open Scrabble tournament staged by the Guyana Association of Scrabble Players (GASP) less than two weeks ago and claimed the top honours when the ruling word forming association (GASP) staged the Emancipation Open at the Malteenoes Sports Club (MSC), Wednesday afternoon last. The prolific word former amassed an impeccable 6 points with a positive spread of 616 to relegate National Champion, Abigail McDonald to second place with 5 points and a positive spread of 777 while Moen Gafoor sealed off the podium spots with 4 points and a positive spread of 113. Gafoor and McDonald both surrendered games to Belony by spreads of 85 and 84 respectively with Gafoor suffering a further loss to McDonald by a spread of 130. Belony’s other victims were Michael Benjamin (92), Orlando Michael (283), Maurice Munro (169) and Grace Hercules (4). McDonald chalked up wins against Prudence Edwards (246), Ruby Cummings (66), Rudolph Michael (270), Orlando Michael (149) and Gafoor (130). Gafoor’s four victories came at the expense of Grace Hercules (72), Ruby Cummings (14), Julian Skeete (51) and Maurice Munro (61).

Broad, but only departed after an England review when umpire Rod Tucker initially gave him not out. It was the third time an original decision was overturned on review, the previous two involving ‘out’ lbw decisions against Petersen when on 119 and 124. South Africa had to survive a testing morning, as England began the day with six maidens and they took 25 minutes to score their first run against very accurate and threatening bowling from Broad and James Anderson. But the Proteas came through to maintain their advantage. JP Duminy scored 48 not out at number eight, shepherding the tail to see the Proteas past the moraleboosting mark of 400. The first wicket of the day was left-hander Jacques Rudolph, who was stumped from a ripping turner by part-time spinner Kevin Pietersen after the decision was sent to third umpire Asad Rauf. Petersen was hardly troubled though in his 365ball innings and he was especially profitable through the square leg and midwicket regions any time England’s bowlers’ strayed with their line. Steven Finn had Vernon Philander (13) caught on the square leg boundary, Morne Morkel (19) added 39 precious runs with Duminy for the ninth wicket before he was caught at mid-on off Broad, and Anderson had last man Imran Tahir caught at slip for a duck. Strauss was almost caught at first slip by Graeme Smith off Philander on six but the ball bounced inches short of the fielder. He responded by playing two elegant straight driven fours to Philander and then Dale Steyn in the next over.

He said that facilitators have targeted several stakeholders to promote the concept of healthy living among them the Parliamentary groups. “The aim is to urge members of Parliament to assume leadership roles in devising imaginative ways to incorporate the health and fitness message in the activities that form part of their portfolio,” said Mr. Sinclair. He also said that organizers wish to deepen awareness of the occupational health risks posed by prolonged periods of sedentary inactivity and to motivate senior citizens, 60 years and over, to be more cognizant of personal health and fitness matters. Media operatives will also be integral in the promotion of fitness e d u c a t i o n a n d w i l l be encouraged to highlight health, fitness and nutrition matters, concerns and events during National Fitness Week. Other target publics

Donald Sinclair will include smokers, eating establishments, health institutions and motorists among others. In the case of eating establishments, organizers wish to encourage these institutions to offer special low-fat or low-sugar or generally healthier alternative menu choices during the NFW period. He further said that motorists will be briefed on the connection between excessive horn use and mental stress on the roads. Organizers are also planning a mass corporate

exercise class on the inaugural day of NFW, at a public venue to start off activities. This will be bolstered with an escorted walk for the elderly citizens, 60 years and over, on one of the days of Fitness week. The electronic media will also be incorporated through panel discussions on fitnessrelated issues and will be privy to health tips before and after newscasts as well as call-in programmes where exercise specialists and fitness gurus will address health concerns. Plans are also in train to solicit the involvement of local sports icons to transcend the message. Several names were bandied around including renowned body builder, Hugh Ross, West Indies cricketer, Shivnarine Chanderpaul and local Squash Queen, Nicholette Fernandes among others. The organizers are adamant that the initiative could be the catalyst to a healthy nation and are asking the general public to be a part of activities.

National Chess champion Taffin Khan retains lead in the Red Cherry tournament

Khan (3rd right sitting) and Greenidge (extreme left sitting) pose with other ‘Red Cherry’ aspirants after fourth round activities. Senior National Chess champion, Taffin Khan, in an exhibition of speed and shrewd concentration, turned back the challenges of his detractors to lead the points table when the fourth preliminary round of the Red Cherry Ladder chess tournament concluded at the Kei-Shar’s Sports Club, Hadfield Street, Georgetown Wednesday. The local chess king has so far accumulated 63 points, ten more than his nearest rival, Ronuel Greenidge while his predecessor, Kriskal Persaud has amassed 51

points. Anthony Drayton has accrued 46 points while Saeed Ali has 44. The other points standing are, Glenford Corlette (43), Chino Chung (42), Roberto Neto (40), David Khan (35), Davion Mars and Irshad Mohamad (30 apiece) with Sheriffa Ali in the cellar on 28 points. Khan, who had earlier lingered behind Persaud, assumed the lead position at the end of the second round and seems set to capture the overall lead. He will have to be wary of Ronuel Greenidge who is quickly compiling

valuable points after edging past Persaud to assume his current position. Activities are winding down and with just two more preliminary rounds left, players would be going all out to overtake the national champion. The four top players clash on Saturday August 11 to establish the overall winner. The fifth preliminary round gets underway tomorrow at the same venue with another six matches. Players would each have a limited time of 15 minutes to win their respective games.

Saturday August 04, 2012

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Anis Ade-Thomas soaring to higher heights despite challenges - real support needed from government and corporate Guyana


espite the lack of real corporate a n d governmental support, many of Guyana’s athletes continues to soar the ladder of positive achievement earning respect for themselves and Guyana. In the small world of Powerlifting, Guyana’s athletes have over the years especially the past five to six years, have been breaking records at the Caribbean, Regional, Commonwealth, International and Masters levels. Just a few days ago (July 24-28), this nation’s lone athlete to the 10th Annual IPF/NAPF North American Regional Powerlifting Championships held at the We s t i n H o t e l i n Georgetown, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands secured a silver and bronze medal competing in the Men’s Junior 83 kg to 93kg

combined category. Ade-Thomas, a quiet and easy going individual who hails from the Ancient County of Berbice, New Amsterdam to be specific also smashed his own Commonwealth Dead Lift record in the process as well as set new National records. He achieved new national standards for the Squat 265kg (584.32lbs); Bench Press 132.5kg (292.16lbs); Dead Lift 295kg (650.47lbs) and Total 692.5kg (1,526.96lbs). T h e n e w Commonwealth Junior Dead Lift record of 295.0kgs replaces the old mark of 292.5kg which he achieved at the Caribbean Championships last March. While his achievements are shared by all including the nation, Ade-Thomas had to pull out all the stops in order to bring this nation glory; his attendance in the

Homer continues ascendancy

Jamaali Homer (right) and father, Renford Homer


p and coming table tennis star, Jamaali Homer continued her ascendancy in Jamaica at the Pre-Cadets Caribbean Championships when she tallied four medals to help the Guyanese contingent to a historical overall title ahead of the strong Dominican Republic. “I am satisfied with my performance, more so the two gold medals. I am not quite happy with the silver and bronze because both were games that I could have won,” Homer told Kaieteur Sport in an interview yesterday. The team returned

to Guyana last week. Homer won two gold medals, one silver and one bronze medal to ratify the belief that she is on top of her game. Overall, Guyana won five gold medals, five silver and eight bronze medals that ensured them a total of 48 points that gave them the overall title. Homer, who is the current national Under-13 Champion, was a critical part of that success which was unprecedented. She, along with Priscilla Greaves and Kristie Lopes won an Under-13 team gold medal (Continued on page 20)

Cayman Islands was made possible by the Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation. Speaking with Kaieteur Sport after touching down on Tuesday, Ade-Thomas noted that his performance has cleared up a lot of doubts about his ability to perform

under pressure at a high level. The athlete arrived on the Island just the night before competition and was severely affected by jet jag but as a true Guyanese, the challenges that he faced only brought out the best in him (Continued on page 20)

Page 23

Anis Ade-Thomas

t r o Sp

Samuels fails to stop NZ edging ahead K i n g s t o n , Jamaica – N a r s i n g h Deonarine gave West Indies a boost with two late wickets, after Marlon Samuels emphasised his batting rebirth with a fourth Test hundred in the face of a batting meltdown, which allowed New Zealand to nose ahead in the second Digicel Test on Friday here. Part-time off-spinner Deonarine removed openers B.J. Watling and Martin

Guptill in two overs that cost three runs, as the New Zealanders reached 59 for two in their second innings for an overall lead of 110 at the close on the second day. This followed Samuels holding the Windies batting together, stroking his highest Test score of 123, as the Caribbean side were dismissed for 209 about 50 minutes after tea on the second day. To the delight of crowd of mainly his compatriots at

Cuba’s Leuris Pupo wins pistol gold

Sabina Park, Samuels reached his milestone from 164 balls with the first of his four sixes, an effortless inside-out drive over the top of extra cover off Tim Southee. It was the second time his hometown fans had the chance to celebrate him scoring a hundred, following his undefeated 101 in the second One-day International against the same opponents last month. To c e l e b r a t e t h e

landmark, Samuels struck consecutive sixes off the next two deliveries from Southee, following up with a lofted straight drive into the George Headley Stand and another lofted drive over long-off into the same structure next delivery to take West Indies over the 200-run threshold. He then greeted the first ball of the next over from Doug Bracewell with a crunching pull into the Great (Continued on page 19)

Marlon Samuels

P. 21

Pompey to go Tirunesh Dibaba defends Olympic 10,000m title faster in 400m semis Leuris Pupo

P. 21

Tirunesh Dibaba

P. 21

-Winston George 400m hunger to be fulfilled today

Aliann Pompey

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