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Friday August 02, 2013

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Trinidad’s Earthquake We are not sure what reading on the Richter scale the seismic event that occurred last Monday in Trinidad registered, but since it was felt all the way in Guyana, it has to be quite high. The perennial bane of politics in Trinidad, as in Guyana, has been its racialised pattern of voting by the two largest blocs of voters - Africans and Indians. In Trinidad, in the postindependence era, the Guyanese PNC and PPP were matched in their base of support by the People’s National Movement (PNM) and the DLP/ULF/ and now United National Congress (UNC). While these parties professed to be “multiracial”, it was accepted that candidates from the “other constituency” were basically “tokens” and would be voted in because of their party affiliation rather than any real cross-racial appeal. But Monday’s by-election in Chaguanas West might have just turned that half a century of political wisdom on its head. Chaguanas West is in the heartland of the UNC’s traditional Indian base, and in the first-past-the-post constituency system that Trinidad retained, was always considered a UNC “safe seat”. In 2007, as the financial backer and new Chairman of the UNC of Basdeo Panday, Jack Warner, an African, ran for that constituency and won comfortably. But while Warner might have been new to electoral politics he had been quite practiced in people’s politics, rising from Secretary of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFF) in 1973 to CONCACAF’s President in 1990 and FIFA Vice President in 1997. Dodged by accusations of fast dealings throughout his career as a football executive, Warner acquired extensive real estate and business holdings in Trinidad and abroad. He displayed a great talent for connecting with his new constituents in Chaguanas West. He spent a tremendous amount of time on the ground and attended numerous Hindu and Muslim events of ordinary people. In the 2010 snap general elections, he had shifted his support from the old UNC leader to the resurgent Kamla Persad Bissessar, and won Chaguanas West again. Everyone assumed that it was because of Kamla, who became PM in the election coalition with the third-party COP. Warner received the largest majority of any candidate nationally and became Minister of Works in the Cabinet. But by this time, pointed accusations of financial impropriety had begun to surface from his football life. By 2011, a video of his FIFA disciplinary hearings was leaked and precipitated wide opposition outrage. PM Kamla stood by Warner, but by April 2013 she decided the political fallout was too great and Warner resigned as the new Minister of Public Security, as Chairman of the UNC and from his Chaguanas West seat. The last act triggered a by-election and after the UNC decided to field another candidate, Warner formed a new political party - the Independent Liberal Party (ILP) to contest the seat. Kamla placed her personal reputation on the line by becoming totally involved in the campaign. Warner’s 69% victory over her candidate is thus being seen as an indictment of her leadership. But the most pertinent outcome from Warner’s victory is that the “truism” that a candidate from one “race group” could not win in a constituency dominated by another race group has been challenged. What Warner has demonstrated is if a candidate has a record of delivering on promises to his constituents and to identify with their problems, the racial bogeyman might be killed. In Guyana, we hope the politicians from the two “camps” have taken note of the seismic event and we hope that the presumptions of entitlement to ethnic constituency pies will be challenged. What Warner has also shown is that Trinidadian voters do not seem to be that concerned by the accusations of financial impropriety against Warner. Guyanese might be interested as to whether V.S. Naipaul’s characterisation of Trinidad as a “picaroon society with a taste for corruption” might also be true for their country. But then again, the funds in question did not come from Trinidad’s treasury.

Friday August 02, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

My questions for Sithe Global and the Government DEAR SIR, I wish to take advantage of Sithe’s presence in Guyana to put some pertinent questions to them and the Government in connection with the Amaila Falls Hydro Project.The reason I am using this medium is dictated by the fear that I would not be able to pose these questions at the so-called consultation at the Convention Centre. These are: 1. Who now owns the licence? And how much was paid to Fip Motilall for it and is there an expiry date of the licence? And what is it? 2. Have all the terms of the interim licence been complied with faithfully? If not, why not? 3. What is the total equity contribution of Sithe to the

deal? How much is Sithe’s own money? Is this in real cash or services already rendered? How much of it is in services? 4. Is Sithe borrowing money from IDB for this project? How much and on what terms? What is the interest rate? Is Sithe or IDB seeking a Government of Guyana guarantee for this loan? Is this provoking an increase in the debt ceiling? Are Sithe and IDB aware of the legal limitations on the Government guarantee for borrowing? 5. Is Sithe willing to produce its calculations and projections showing a reduction in tariffs? What is the total in US dollars that GPL would have to pay over 20 years on the PPA?

6. What exchange rate on the US dollar is projected in year five, year 10, 15 and 20? 7. Is Sithe depending on all or most of the major selfgenerators, DDL, Banks DIH etc. returning to the GPL Grid? What is the projected demand – year five, 10, 15 and 20? What is the projected final cost of GPL areas not being served by the projected Hydro? 8. What is to happen when there are blackouts from Amaila? 9. Why is Sithe being allocated majority equity portion and control of the company with a minority equity contribution? 10. How many directors will be on the Board of the Company and how is this distributed among the Government and Sithe? How

are the Senior Management positions distributed? 11. Where is the evidence that GPL is in a position to handle this Project? What are the projected system losses for GPL in year 5, 10, 15 and 20? 12. Who will oversee tariff settings by GPL? 13. What is the guaranteed rate of return for Sithe over 20 years? In percentage terms and in US dollars terms? Is Sithe original capital contribution, i f a n y, b e i n g r e p a i d separately over this period? 14. By what bidding process were Sithe and China Railway selected for this Project? 15. Who really picks up the costs for the failure of this Project? Ramon Gaskin

An application to President Ramotar for a Ministerial post DEAR MR. PRESIDENT, I write seeking employment with your Government as a Minister. I am the son of a cane cutter (I think it is called a cane harvester now) but it is the same back breaking work. I am qualified, sensible, hardworking and honest although I do not feel that I need many of the aforementioned qualities to qualify. But you may ask why I want to be a Minister? Well, Sir, I live in a simple two bedroom apartment in the bottom flat of a building and pay a rent of $25,000.00 per month. I was recently in a discussion with some friends who took pity

on my housing condition, and asked that I should see for myself where and how Ministers live. So, I jumped on my bicycle and rode down to a place my friends called “Pradoville 2”, just past the Sparendaam Police Station. I saw lots of big houses like palaces. A man pointed out to me, “dat is Minister Manickchand house”, and so on. I ride across to Railway Line, and I looked at “Pradoville 1”. The smallish house at front belongs to Mr. Donald Ramotar, who was never a minister but is now President. The house behind is that of Minister Ramsarran, and so it goes.

A good occasion to reflect on the long and difficult road we traveled DEAR EDITOR, This month marks 175 years since the abolition of slavery in Guyana, a significant milestone in our national calendar. Slavery as we all know was finally abolished in 1838 which paved the way for the introduction into the colony of indentured labourers the majority of whom came from India. This is a good occasion to reflect on the long and difficult road we traveled over the decades in our quest for nationhood. To say that

our foreparents suffered at the hands of the planter class is an understatement. They were stripped of their dignity and humanity by a brutal and ruthless system of oppression in which the only reason for their being was to provide free labour to the plantocracy. The system was as oppressive as it was dehumanizing but the slave masters under estimated the strength, resilience and intellect of their subjects and their capacity to rebel and (Continued on page 8)

Well I came back home and looking at the Kaieteur News I saw a big estate manager house with swimming pool that the paper said was owned by Minister Irfaan Ali. But nothing wrong with that. So I immediately say that I need one of that too. Mr. President, what better way to get a mansion than to join your Cabinet! Friends tell me that if I know how to handle the ropes I might get a second house somewhere in the countryside. I might even own a farm on the Linden/Soesdyke Highway, or new Mercedes. Maybe, a black Land Rover and a white Range Rover, on the same driveway. You know, in Law, the most certain legal advice is in Black and White and if I land the Attorney General job, I could put my hands on a black Land Rover and a white Range Rover. When I told Pa about the

mansions, he said that it is a shame that Government didn’t build one in memory of the late Dr. Cheddi Jagan. He deserved a mansion, for all the selfless work he has done. Clearly, Dr. Jagan didn’t have the financial genius or connections to have a mansion. Some of the Ministers could have taught him a thing or two about opulence and good living. Pa said that these Ministers should run a programme at the University of Guyana and teach how to do it. I don’t think that I should wait until I get an education to be a Minister. I will never realise my dreams of a big house or a foreign bank account. So, Sir, I just making a try right now, and hope for your quick reply. My friends said that I should write now since after Congress there would be lots of vacancies for ministers. Your humble servant-to-be Gunga Prasad

We are with you in your continued struggles in every part of the world DEAR EDITOR, Permit me to bid a happy 175th Emancipation Day / Month to all Guyanese, and in particular to my brothers and sisters of African descent, who must feel reassured that the rest of us

are with you in your continued struggles in every part of the world to recover, economically and spiritually, from that crippling blinding white flash in human history that spanned several centuries. Arun S Richard

Friday August 02, 2013

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

The Guyana Energy Agency should set out objectively all the pros and cons of this proposed investment DEAR EDITOR, I attended the open Stakeholders Meeting on the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project at the National Convention Centre on 31 July, described in the programme as ‘a collaboration between the Government of Guyana and Sithe Global’. 1. Mr Winston Brassington spoke from 3.30 to 4.05 PM, and then answered all the questions addressed to the Government of Guyana. It was impossible to establish from one sentence to the next on whose behalf Mr Brassington was speaking. In one sentence his ‘we’ referred to the Government of Guyana. The following sentence suggested that he was speaking as Chairman of GPL. The third sentence suggested that he was speaking of Amaila Falls Hydro Inc., the special purpose joint venture vehicle (SPV) created by the Government of Guyana and Sithe Global to negotiate the loans to build the dam and access road. In all future presentations, the multi-talented Mr Brassington should disclose

on whose behalf he is speaking at any one time so as to avoid any possible suggestion that he might be involved in conflicts of interest. 2. One of the Sithe Global’s slides on the benefits to Guyana from the EPC [I do not know what EPC stands for] contract with China Railway First Group included the following bulleted points: ‘Use reasonable efforts to use materials produced in Guyana. ‘Use reasonable efforts to hire individuals who are Guyanese citizens and residents. ‘Actively recruit local … ‘Provide adequate contractor supervisors’. Etc. Loose, discretionary language of this variety is not enforceable in a court of law. Go-Invest should say that this kind of discretionary language does not match Guyana’s Investment Code of 1988. Neither the Ministry of Labour nor any other government Ministry has issued any figures on employment of Guyanese, or benefits to the Guyana economy from PAYE and NIS

payments from the Marriott or any of the other secretly negotiated investments with Chinese companies awarded large infrastructural projects in Guyana. All such contracts should comply with our Investment Code and with the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Companies. 3.The three hour session on 31 July was again marked with a variety of estimates of component costs, delivered without a backing handout on paper or DVD by the Sithe/ Blackstone team and Mr Brassington. I would like to reiterate the suggestion I made at the consultation: AFHI would be a special purpose vehicle used to make the largest public investment to date in Guyana. Articles 13 and 146 of Guyana’s Constitution make a commitment to inclusionary democracy of any citizens and free disclosure of information. The Guyana Energy Agency should now compile and lay before Parliament through the responsible Minister a Green Paper that sets out objectively all the pros and cons of this proposed investment, based

on the GEA’s own projections of demand for and supply of electricity for the next 20-30 years and including provision for a reformed management and loss reduction by Guyana Power & Light. That should provide an agreed set of figures that can be the basis of informed discussion. The GEA may need help with such a task, as it – the GEA – has been strangely absent from the recent public debate. The National Assembly did not approve the proposal for funds for the Amaila Falls construction in the 2013 budget proposal of the Minister of Finance. Although US$ 80 million

is included in the Government’s Low Carbon Development Strategy (4th edition, March 2013) for purchase of equity in the Amaila Falls SPV, no project concept note (PCN) has yet been published to secure that money from the GRIF. It would be appropriate for the Office of Climate Change to prepare and circulate a PCN to use some of the GRIF money to fund the preparation of such a Green Paper, including the cost of

independent expert external advice, as it would not be appropriate to rely solely on the figures produced by the potential contractors - Sithe Global Power LLC, China Railway First Group, etc. – or potential lenders such as the InterAmerican Development Bank. Such use of Norwegian money is entirely within the spirit of the Norway-Guyana MoU of 2009, and the PCN need be no more complex than a couple of pages. Janette Bulkan

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Fire Officer perishes in Berbice crash Linden Mc Calmon, a 47year-old Senior Fire Officer, was pronounced dead on arrival at the Fort Wellington Hospital in the wee hours of yesterday morning, following an accident on the Bath Settlement Public Road, West Coast Berbice. According to a police media release last evening, the accident which occurred at about 00:30hrs yesterday also resulted in the injuries of 56-year-old Keith Bond, a resident of Grove Housing Scheme on the East Bank of Demerara (EBD). The police said that the two men were occupants of a motor car, when the driver lost control and crashed into a utility pole. The driver, a relative, is in police custody assisting with the investigations. Ellen Mentore, Mc Calmon’s aunt, told Kaieteur News that the Linden resident was visiting his home village of Hopetown

Fire Officer Linden Mc Calmon with his friend (Bond) to attend the annual Soiree which is held to usher in the Emancipation Day celebrations. The woman explained that she last saw her nephew at around 19:00hrs on Wednesday night in the company of her son. Mc Calmon left to go to Ithaca which is a few villages away,

the woman said. She suspects that Mc Calmon was returning to her home in Hopetown when he met his demise. The man has no children, and his wife is said to be overseas. When contacted last evening, Fire Chief Marlon Gentle said that Mc Calmon’s death has shocked and devastated the entire Fire Service. He explained that Mc Calmon was stationed at the Central Headquarters in Georgetown, and was the Officer in charge of the Stores Department. Mc Calmon’s death has followed two separate accidents involving his colleagues. On Wednesday last, two fire tenders, one at Diamond Housing Scheme, EBD, and another at Linden met with accidents. Fortunately, there were no fatalities. Mc Calmon’s death comes as a second tragedy not only to the Guyana Fire Service, but also to his family. His nephew died two weeks ago in a tragic accident in the United States of America.

Friday August 02, 2013

Man who killed children described as ‘quiet and peaceful’ The father of the man who butchered his two children and maimed his reputed wife yesterday described the Zeelugt fugitive as “a very quiet and peaceful man”, while expressing hope that he surrenders. Richard Lord, a 26-yearold cane-cutter, was still at large yesterday, a day after killing five-year-old Kimberley Houston and twoyear-old Tarif Lord, and severely wounding 21-yearold Bibi Nazarena Houston. Albert Lord, the suspect’s father, said that he was unaware of any reports of his son being violent towards his reputed wife and children. “I’m shocked about this. He’s not that kind of man. He

complain to me couple days now how she go and lef’ he and he don’t know where she gone and he want he children. She go away plenty times and he go and bring her back. Up to Tuesday night we talk and he say that he only want he children and I say ‘why you don’t leave the woman before you do something stupid?’ and he say ‘no daddy, I wouldn’t do nothing’. He’s a very quiet man…a peaceful man.” But that’s not the picture that relatives of the suspect’s reputed wife have of him. Residents, on the other hand, described Richard Lord

Twenty-one-year-old Bibi Nazarena Houston lies in the Intensive Care Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. Her right hand partly severed; the fingers of her left hand are also gone. But what relatives have not dared to tell her is that her two children are dead. A sister said that while the badly injured mother is gradually remembering the ordeal, she’s still unaware of her children’s fate. “She tell my other sister to take care of the children and not let him (the suspect) take them to Wales and to take care of the birth certificate,” a

sibling said. “They say that she’s recovering and that she’s remembering what happened.” Yesterday, police searched the Zeelugt, East Bank Essequibo area without locating the fugitive. Bibi Nazarena Houston had left the family’s Zeelugt Squatting Area home about a week ago, reportedly after being beaten by the suspect. However, she reportedly returned with her children on Wednesday. But at around 18:00 hrs, her mother, Khairool Houston, rushed over to her daughter’s house after being told that the suspect was beating her daughter.

- Father urges him to surrender as a jealous and violent man who constantly beat his reputed wife—who eloped with him when she was just 14—while accusing her of infidelity. The senior Lord said that he has been trying to reach his son by cell phone since receiving the shocking news. “I calling since last night (Wednesday) and the phone ringing out… now it going to voicemail.” Mr. Lord said if he got in contact with him he would tell him to turn himself in. “I would tell him to surrender; that’s all I would advise him to do.”

Kids’ mother unaware of their demise “I called out to her and she tell me that he (Richard) beating her and she face swell up. I tell her to come out the house and he shut the door fast and then I hear she hollering more. I called the police; when I come off the phone, I hear like lashes firing, so I ask my grandson to get me a wood to break the door.” “When I go on the landing to break the door, he opened the door and pushed me off the landing and run straight at the back with the cutlass. I couldn’t go in the house, but my neighbours go in and them come out back and tell me that the two children done dead.”

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

Friday August 02, 2013

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Friday August 02, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

A people that live in fear cannot be productive DEAR EDITOR, A mother “bawled out” for her dead son and a wife sobbed as her husband took his last breath. They both were responding to the frequency with which violent crimes and murders are being committed in this country. Women, children, and the elderly are among the victims of murder committed almost every day by heartless criminals who see life in Guyana as cheap and therefore expendable and the government, especially the Minister of Home Affairs seems incapable and incompetent to act to protect these innocent and law abiding citizens. Meanwhile, the president is also bent on turning his back on the citizens despite numerous calls by the majority opposition and stakeholders to end the criminalization of the country. After 22 years in power, the feeble PPP regime has done absolutely nothing to reduce the crimes perpetrated on innocent citizens. It is for this reason that many people are calling it quits and are migrating to the Caribbean and North America in droves for a better and safer lifestyle. And while there are good reasons to suggest that they are not turning their backs on their beloved country for good, one cannot help but think that Guyana under the current PPP regime had sufficiently fulfilled the dream of being a criminal-narcotics state and hence an unsafe nation. Therefore, it is no secret that because of the specter of crime and the lack of job opportunities, migration has become a most attractive proposition. Guyana is deemed to be among one of the most violent countries in the Caribbean. Some argue that it has to do with the return of hundreds of deportees, most of who were involved in acts of extreme violence in their adopted countries. Others point to the poor socio-economic conditions that a large section of the population have to live under which have led them to a point of hopelessness and anger. Whatever are the real reasons for these criminal acts, most Guyanese feel that the blame should be placed squarely on the shoulders of the ruling cliché who for the past ten years have done little or nothing to effective reduce crime and protect the citizens. Not only that the Minister of Home Affairs is incompetent and lacks the ability to deal with the crime, it is way above his head. We are deeply convinced that the role of government is to protect and safeguard the life of every citizen in Guyana not only the rich and powerful who can afford huge security details. Interestingly, the PPP cabal is now 22 years in office but regrettably crime continues to escalate at a rapid pace. We are making it loud and clear that the regime’s mission to reduce crimes as promised has not been accomplished. In fact, there are more robberies, theft, corruption, rapes, domestic violence and murders in Guyana than in any previous times. This is what we see as a case of “mission impossible”—a colossal failure by the PPP cabal. One of the major failings of this regime is

rather than dealing with the high crime rate, they have used every opportunity to ‘dumb down’ the population and manipulate the people with cheap propaganda to make it appear as though they have the interests of the people at heart but this is further from the truth. Everything the PPP cabal does and every action it takes is for the enrichment of themselves, relatives and friends and not the people. This selfish and venal behavior has only serve to nurture the criminal and corrupt activities that are taking place daily with no end in sight. Is this a caring and considerate regime? You be the judge! A people that live in fear cannot be productive. The fight against crime needs more than putting criminals in jail. It needs pre-emptive intervention on the part of the government at the local, regional and national levels. In other words, a holistic approach is the way forward for the government to save this nation. The PPP regime has so far failed to deal effectively with the scourge of crime, because they micro-manage a police force that is in desperate need of reform, better wages, vehicles, and other equipment. Is it any wonder that the incompetent Minister of Home Affairs has been pilloried constantly for not getting the job done? And is it any wonder that the police has become so frustrated that alleged drug and robbery killings have become the order of the day? No country can attract foreign investors or grow its way out of its economic and social problems if the productive sector is one comprising mainly of persons who continue to wallow in a state of perpetual poverty. The government should know that the people have to survive and if there are no opportunities for them to do so, then they will resort to acts of criminality. Interference by the minister has made the Police Force and unprofessional body. Their motto “to serve and protect” should be changed “to indulge and collect” from the public. The time has come for this corrupt and inept PPP regime to get serious about the security of the people, and we mean really serious. If the regime is to sufficiently weed out crimes from the society, it has to start discipline those corrupt officials, including ministers, permanent secretaries and the heads of various agencies. This means that the president must provide honest and meaningful leadership which he seems not to have. Having a professional police force must take priority. For too long, the PPP administration has only paid lip service to the security sector, even as the slaughter continues on innocent citizens. Not only this shameless behavior should not be tolerated by the people, it also represents the ineptitude of this uncaring cabal whose primary goal is to maintain power at all costs and bleed the treasury-the people’s money . Their priority is not to reduce crime or protect the people. Dr. Asquith Rose and Harish S. Singh

A good occasion to reflect... From page 4 resist even against the odds. We owe a deep sense of gratitude to our fore parents

for having laid a strong foundation for the development of this country.We have evolved today into a society in which there is a high level of ethnic tolerance and appreciation for diversity. Indeed we are enriched by our diversity and have today achieved a degree of multiculturalism that is not present in many other ethni-

cally diverse societies. Let us all as we pay homage to our ancestors pledge to contribute in our own modest ways to build a cohesive and prosperous country where every Guyanese could be proud of regardless of political affiliation of ethnic make-up. Hydar Ally

Friday August 02, 2013

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The future of the PPP hangs in the balance There is a powerful cabal that is external to the People’s Progressive Party. But inside of the party and inside of the government the r e i s a political grouping, a clique, that does the bidding of this cabal. If the delegates to this weekend’s Congress of the People’s Progressive Party wish to see their party returned to office the next time elections are called, they must dismantle that surrogate grouping within the party and within the government, for this is the link that is responsible for protecting the interests of the powerful economic oligarchy whose rapaciousness was responsible for the decline in voter-support of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) in the 2011 elections. The delegates must therefore be prepared for a major rescue act, one that is naturally fraught with danger. They must undertake the heroic task of rescuing their party from the carpetbaggers that have begun to exercise control over key operatives within the PPP and within the government. They must first identify the surrogates of the new oligarchic class and ensure that these persons are not

elected to the Central Executive. That, of course, is easier said than done. It has long been known that Congresses of the party are controlled by the political leadership of the party. It is known that delegates are often handed lists of names of persons whom they are expected to vote for and who they do vote for. This is a lawful practice and is called canvassing. It is a natural part of any election process, including elections within parties. There will always be persons lobbying delegates to vote for one candidate or another. This is all part of the hustings. This weekend’s Congress is not expected to be any different. But it should be a Congress with a difference, because unless the surrogates are purged from within the party and ultimately from within the government, the cabal will continue to exploit this country and this will cause the PPP to lose power. Make no mistake about it, the future of the PPP lies in the hands of the delegates at this weekend’s Congress. They can choose to be silent and not speak out against the excesses of a handful of their comrades or they can take the

Breastfeeding is most effective life-saver in - UNICEF history With the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) calling for a focus on breastfeeding as the most effective and inexpensive way of saving a child’s life, World Breastfeeding Week observances commenced yesterday on a global scale. It is the view of the United Nations body that with less than half of all children under six months benefitting from exclusive breastfeeding, strong leadership in promoting the practice is essential. “There is no other single health intervention that has such a high impact for babies and mothers as breastfeeding, and which costs so little for governments,” said UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Geeta Rao Gupta. She underscores that “Breastfeeding is a baby’s ‘first immunization’ and the most effective and inexpensive life-saver ever”. Children who are exclusively breastfed are 14 times more likely to survive the first six months of life than non-breastfed children. Starting breastfeeding in the first day after birth can reduce the risk of new-born death by

up to 45 per cent. Breastfeeding is also known to support a child’s ability to learn, and helps prevent obesity and chronic diseases later in life. Recent studies in the United States and United Kingdom point to large health care savings resulting from breastfeeding, given that breastfed children fall ill much less often than non-breastfed children. Apart from the benefits to the baby, mothers who breastfeed exclusively are less likely to become pregnant in the first six months following delivery, recover faster from giving birth, and return to their pre-pregnancy weight sooner. Evidence shows that they experience less postpartum depression and also have a lower risk of ovarian and breast cancer later in life. But despite these well documented benefits of breastfeeding worldwide, only 39 per cent of children aged less than six months were exclusively breastfed in 2012, UNICEF has ascertained. This global figure has improved very little for the past several decades, due in part to large countries where (Continued on page 11)

bold step of rescuing the party from the cabal that now controls it. The cabal has its sights on taking over the position of General Secretary. If that position falls into the hands of a lackey of the cabal, then not only will the same unpopular policies be pursued, not only will it cost the party the next elections, but the very delegates who pride themselves as leaders of the party will eventually fall under the hammer. Make no mistake: the cabal is only concerned about itself. It is ungrateful. The position of General

Secretary of the party must not fall into the wrong hands. It needs to be held by someone who can be trusted to ensure that the party does not totally fall under the spell of the cabal. The responsibility of saving the party thus rests with the delegates. They will be goaded into maintaining the status quo. They will be told that the party and government are under siege. They will be told all kinds of stories about how the opposition is out to destroy the progress that has been made by the party; they will be told about the enemies

in the media who are within the opposition camp and want to destroy the party. In short, the groundwork is being laid to ask the delegates to close ranks, because the closing of ranks means one thing and one thing only. It means that the status quo will remain. This is what the cabal wants. They want the delegates to close ranks and not disturb the cozy relationship that exists within the party and which allows for the cabal to run amok. The future of the PPP is in the hands of the delegates. If they arrogate to themselves

a perfunctory role at this Congress, then the PPP is finished. If on the other hand, they undertake the heroic task of saving the party from the greedy monster whose appetite for wealth and power cannot be satiated, then they would have saved the PPP from the enemy outside and its puppets within.

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Friday August 02, 2013


The Emperor’s New Clothes: The PPP Congress today If you put a gun to the head of a human being and ask him/her, do you hate me or love me, and the answer is the latter, then you are a hopeless moron to smile and believe the words. Those words were engineered by you to come out of the mouth of someone that you placed under duress. This is what is going to play out at the PPP’s Congress today. The hundreds of delegates on display were selected by party leaders. Most of these people are beneficiaries of the PPP Government’s resources that it distributes in incestuous ways. They will fill the auditorium and clap their benefactors with reverberating decibels. Their silly benefactors will sincerely

believe in their minds that they are popular and Indians love them. A commentator once said that East Indians do not like the PPP; it is that they don’t want the PNC in power. The roars from these hundreds of delegates will be understood by PPP leaders to mean that they are loved as never before. This is a prime example of the Emperor and his new clothes. No PPP leader has worn those clothes more spectacularly than its infamous Emperor, Bharrat Jagdeo. Mr. Jagdeo circulated about twenty thousand persons at his Day of Appreciation and all the big election rallies in 2012. He honestly believed in his mind that this was a testimony to the hundreds of thousands

that admired and valued him. There could be no greater example than the silly Emperor wearing clothes that were in fact his bare body. A mind is an extremely dangerous thing. When a mind translates self-deception into expressions of love from others, then danger lurks. When such translated selfdeception is embedded in people who are in charge of a country, then not only national nightmares, but cruel destruction will overrun such a nation. Guyana will not escape eventual destruction, because today’s Congress will re-energize the dangerous psychology that PPP leaders are prisoners of. The PPP Congress comes at a time, when that party is facing its most disgraceful

moments since Forbes Burnham left and formed the PNC about fifty-six years ago. No decent historian - except those paid by the PPP to do propaganda – would deny that the PPP has destroyed every piece of its legacy that it wore so bravely on its sleeve from 1964 until 1992. Today, the PPP Emperors and Empresses are drowning in miasmic corruptibility, sickening immorality and absolute power madness. Their fulcrum – the East Indians in and out of Guyana – know it, feel it and are slowly rejecting everything the PPP once stood for. If the PPP calls an election tomorrow, all the AFC has to do is front three persons, just three; Ralph Ramkarran, Moses

Nagamootoo and Khemraj Ramjattan, and the PPP will be reduced to a footnote. The fulcrum is weakening because the waves of Indian disappointment are sapping its base. It would be an interesting piece of research to find out how many of those delegates from the last Congress are still in Guyana. How many from today’s show will be around for the next one? The paradise that came from the mouth of Papa Cheddi during those endless promises after 1992 is dead just like Papa Cheddi. How intriguing to note that the siblings of PPP ministers are leaving these shores nonstop. The mother of a senior minister permanently migrated early this year. How do the psychologist and political analyst explain that in the desperate times from 1980, when Guyanese migrated in prodigious numbers, there are more Guyanese leaving this country in the 21st century? Under Burnham there was no money, not even toothpaste and toilet paper were available. Yet in today’s Guyana where shopping malls, soca festivals, chutney magic and Cheddi’s protégés are as perennial as the grass, more Guyanese are exiting

Frederick Kissoon than when the bad days under Mr. Burnham were unbearable. Between the decade, 2000 and 2009, more Guyanese left than in the decade 1980 to 1989 when the PNC was in government. Maybe no analyst can explain it. Maybe it defies human logic. Thomas Carroll came in 2000 and scooped up more than US$12 million selling visas to people who were mostly PPP supporters. Now Mr. Edy Duran has reportedly taken in significantly more than that number. Berbicians rushed to Carroll and Duran. In the Carroll days, young girls could be seen leaving his Pegasus room by the scores. Duran’s sexism exceeded Carroll’s. Go visit the Congress today and see how naked the Emperors and Empresses will be with their news clothes. Warning – it will not be a pretty sight. Sad to say an aging body does not look as attractive as an 18-year-old on the beach.

Dem boys seh...

De Waterfalls boss man had he way wid Brazzy Brazzy meet he meter. He does always walk wid he chest puff out, not that he can help it, is just that he chest puff and he belly more puff. Suh when he go wid de Sithe Global man to this second stakeholder meeting he think he gun smart everybody. He didn’t bargain fuh de Waterfalls boss man. Long time when a man tek a girl and carry she somewhere and do things to she, old people use to seh how de man had he way wid her. De Waterfalls boss man had he way wid Brazzy. Was question after question and Brazzy couldn’t answer. De Boss man pin he against a wall and Brazzy couldn’t seh one word. He mouth get small like rat tailpipe. That is when dem boys realize that de man was only good when it come to scampishness. Dem remember that this was de same man who argue that Fip was the right man fuh de road contract and who boast that Fip woulda finish de contract. When it come to telling de real story is another matter. He quick to tell people how everything confidential and that when de deal finalise then de people gun know. That mean when everybody get wha dem got to get and how others gun share de money wha lef. Is de same attitude Robeson develop. He tell people how when dem expand de airport people gun come from Africa and China. Well dem boys seh that even without the airport ain’t done de Chinese coming. And de people who coming from Africa is dem con men. Imagine some of dem ain’t come yet, but dem sending message to people bout how dem got money to send or how somebody bank account in trouble and need updating. Well de truth is that de only thing that can come from Africa is monkey and elephant and couple lion. De elephant li’l too big fuh de plane and Guyana got enough monkey already. Some sports model donkey might come—that is dem wid de stripe, but de country don’t need a big airstrip fuh that. Guyana got nuff of dem already going to wuk in stripe suit. Talk half and watch Brazzy mouth good.

Friday August 02, 2013

Kaieteur News

No charges recommended for regional official accused of sexual molestation

Boy, 3, drowns at creek By Latoya Giles

By Zena Henry The office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has instructed that there will be no charges instituted against the Region Three official who was accused of fondling one of his employees, a female accountant, early last month. The Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) said that it was made aware of the decision when police officers called earlier this week. Senior Industrial Relations Officer, Dennis English said that the Union will be meeting to discuss the way forward, since their investigations have unveiled a number of questionable procedural aspects, among them that the Region Three official was still on the job during the probe. “This is against protocol; persons have been sent on special leave for less, yet still this official was kept on the job, while the victim was transferred.” English continued that the official alleged that the victim had attitudinal and punctual problems, but there is no evidence to substantiate the allegations. He highlighted that there is no paperwork to show such insubordination, despite the regional office making a significant move

such as transferring the young accountant. English noted, however, that the decision of the DPP would have been made based on the information provided by the police investigations. This, he opined, was “not conducted in a transparent environment and so the true content of the matter could have been highlighted”. The reason given by the police for the non-institution of charges, he said, dealt with statements that the matter was reported late, and that the Deputy Regional Officer and other officials refuted claims that they were made aware that the woman was being sexually molested. It was also mentioned that on the day the victim had made the report to the police, she was earlier spoken to about her attitude by the embattled official. It is alleged that the man had threatened to take action against the accountant for her tardiness and disrespectful attitude. English maintained, however, that there is no evidence showing this, before pointing out that even in her transfer letter there had been nothing about her being transferred as a result of her attitude. He said the letter in fact stated to the woman that, “The Regional Administration looks forward for your

continued dedicated and effective service in its efforts to better the lives of its residents.” Local Government Permanent Secretary, Collin Croal told the newspaper that he “knows for sure” that the victim had to be transferred last month; that it had nothing to do with the sexual assault allegations, but “because of her attitude.” English pointed out that the victim only became aware of her transfer after she would have gone to the police about the official. He said the woman received an undated letter informing her of the development. English reiterated that union policy stipulates that when an employee is accused of something, to facilitate investigations the person must be sent on special leave, and there is no excuse or reason why the official was kept on the job. The woman told police in her report that the regional officer had made several sexual passes at her. She alleged that the man fondled her breasts and had made repeated sexual advances since his arrival in the region a year ago. The official was arrested, but denied everything. He was later released on $20,000 bail.

Breastfeeding is most effective... (From page 9) the breastfeeding rate is low and to the general lack of a supportive environment for breastfeeding mothers. However, countries with supportive policies and comprehensive programmes that reach all communities have been able to increase their breastfeeding rates significantly. As such, UNICEF states that there needs to be higher prioritisation and commitment, targeted policies and greater consensus to engage the world in promoting this lifesaving and vital practice. UNICEF outlines, too, that although breastfeeding is natural and may seem instinctive, it is essential to create an enabling environment for it to become the norm where “mothers benefit from the help of skilled health providers and community workers to support them to breastfeed, as well as culturally-sensitive communication, and protective laws and policies, particularly around the marketing of breast milk substitutes and maternity leave.” Moreover, UNICEF is on a mission to campaign for exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months and continued breastfeeding for

two years or beyond, using creative tactics to draw attention to the issue. In this regard, the body recently rolled out a campaign in Uruguay and Argentina,

“Giving the breast is giving the best of you”, starring Uruguayan actress Natalia Oreiro, aiming to boost breastfeeding among working mothers.

Page 11

What was supposed to be an exciting church outing turned out to be tragedy for one family yesterday, after a three-year-old boy drowned at the Marudi Creek, on the Linden/Soesdyke Highway. Douquan Emmanuel Edwards, of Fourth Street, Industry, East Coast Demerara, was pronounced dead on arrival at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre. According to the child’s mother, Shanela Browne, she and the young child were in the company of several church members. The woman told Kaieteur News that after they arrived at the creek at around 09:00hrs, she changed her son’s clothing and they began playing at the edge of the creek. Browne said that she did that for about 10 minutes. The woman said another female and two young children were playing close to where she was. She said that she eventually stepped away from the water’s edge, leaving her son with the female and the two children. Browne said she was a short distance away speaking to another church member, when her son brought a ball he was playing

with. She said that he then went back to the woman she had left him with. Browne recounted that about 15 minutes later she saw the woman walking towards her, but without her son. She said she anxiously enquired of his whereabouts. “After I saw her coming towards me, I asked her where my son is, and she told me that my son had left to come to me,” Browne said. The woman said that she started walking around looking for her son, but did not locate him. Soon several persons entered the water and began searching. Browne said it took no more than ten minutes for them to find the young child’s lifeless body. According to the mother, a young lady on the scene performed CPR on her son, but this was to no avail. The young child was then rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre where his demise was

Dead: Douquan Edwards confirmed. The body was taken to the Lyken Funeral Home. A post mortem will be performed at the earliest opportunity. Kaieteur News was informed that Douquan Edwards was the only child for his mother, and second of two children for his father.

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Kaieteur News

Friday August 02, 2013

Extreme inequalities in state ads distribution A report by the Viennabased International Press Institute (IPI) has highlighted the entity’s concerns over complaints that the Guyana Government may be unfairly using state advertisements to give back-door financial assistance to favoured media houses. A review by the body revealed “extreme inequalities in the way such advertising is distributed”. The state-owned Guyana Chronicle and The Mirror, a newspaper owned by the ruling party received “more than four times as much state advertising space as the so-

called “opposition” papers, Stabroek News and Kaieteur News,” the IPI found. Kaieteur News has the largest distribution, followed by Stabroek News. The ads issue has over the years raised tensions between private, independent media houses and Government, with the latter at one time withdrawing all its ads, announcing that it would be placing these on its website. However, the previous administration later reversed the decision, allowing state ads to be placed once again in the private media.

- Int’l press body Observers believe that this was done to facilitate a new newspaper, with close links to the government, to receive state ads. Earlier this year, the IPI, a powerful watchdog body of which several prominent media houses and journalists are part, received complaints over the placements of ads, which it was opined was not done in a transparent manner. The IPI noted that Kaieteur News was the biggest selling newspaper on Sundays with 37,000 copies, but in terms of state ads, it received the least. The review was conducted over a four-day period in May of this year where it was found that the

Guyana Chronicle received 8,397 column inches of state ads. The Mirror came next with 3,247 while the Guyana Times, a newspaper with close links to former President Jagdeo, was third with 1,581 column inches. Stabroek News received 1,147 with Kaieteur News at the bottom with a total of 664 column inches. The placements become even more bizarre when taken in context of the circulation of the newspapers. According to the IPI review, the Guyana Chronicle is claiming circulation of 18,000 copies on Sundays, with no figures provided for The Mirror. The Guyana Times, meanwhile, claimed 20,000-25,000 copies on Sundays, but insiders said this figure is more like 6,000. Stabroek News is doing 19,800 copies. Kaieteur News remained on top with 37,000 copies. “As shown, these figures do not correlate with circulation numbers: the Chronicle has (according to its own estimate) one-half of Kaieteur News’s readership,

yet receives, on average, 12 times as much state advertising. Such data certainly lend weight to accusations of deliberate discrimination in the distribution of official advertising, in order to punish certain newspapers for expressing their opinions. Speaking about the Chronicle and The Mirror, one editor said state advertising was a “back door subsidy because their circulation is low and they don’t attract many ads from the private sector.” In 2006, the government abruptly withdrew state advertising from Stabroek News. Official advertising was restored to that newspaper in May 2008, after 17 months, but was almost completely withdrawn again in 2010. Prior to the dual withdrawals, state ads had accounted for 15 per cent of Stabroek’s advertising revenue. According to IPI, Principle 13 of the InterAmerican Declaration of Principles on Freedom of Expression, promulgated in October 2000, clearly states: “The exercise of power and the use of public funds by the state, the granting of customs duty privileges, the arbitrary and discriminatory placement

of official advertising and government loans; the concession of radio and television broadcast frequencies, among others, with the intent to put pressure on and punish or reward and provide privileges to social communicators and communications media because of the opinions they express threaten freedom of expression, must be explicitly prohibited by law. The means of communication have the right to carry out their role in an independent manner. Direct or indirect pressures exerted upon journalists or other social communicators to stifle the dissemination of information are incompatible with freedom of expression.” On Monday, the IPI called on Government to begin a review of all outstanding broadcast licence applications, including those filed before the Broadcast Act took effect. The body also urged that the granting of any new television and radio licences should be done transparently and under the guidance of an independent Broadcast Authority. The IPI’s three-week visit to the region was to check on progress made by the countries to eliminate old criminal defamation laws.

Friday August 02, 2013

Kaieteur News

Page 13

ACDA hosts colourful emancipation festivity


ith a focus on honouring the African men and women who paved the way for the August 1, 1838 liberation of slaves, particularly those who revolted in 1823, the African Cultural and Development Association (ACDA) yesterday

spearheaded a vibrant and colourful emancipation celebration at the National Park. Under the theme “Honouring our Heroes”, the event saw the attendance of President Donald Ramotar, who upon entry to the venue was greeted by ACDA’s Executive Director, Eric

Phillips. Following the arrival of the President were Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, and Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr

Frank Anthony, who were promptly seated before the scheduled 15:00 hours start to the official (Continued on page 18)

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Kaieteur News

Friday August 02, 2013

Friday August 02, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Friday August 02, 2013

Friday August 02, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Friday August 02, 2013

ACDA hosts... From page 13 Emancipation programme. Other notable attendees included Demerara Distillers Limited Chief Executive Officer, Dr Yesu Persaud, and President of the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association, Clinton Williams. The presence of a contingent from Suriname added some international flavour. Chaired by media personality Mondale Smith and Miss Guyana Universe 2013, Ruqayyah Boyer, the official proceedings got off to a lively start with drumming by the Hebrew Family. But the quickly growing audience had already been put “in the mood”, having been engaged by the Buxton Fusion Drummers, Guyana Soiree B a n d a n d To n y S o n y Movement Sound System. In recognition of nationalism, a stirring rendition of the National Anthem was delivered by popular local artiste Lisa Punch. This was followed by a welcome by Phillips, who spared no effort in emphasising the importance of the occasion, that is, the fact that Africans were duly emancipated after centuries of struggle. The packed agenda for the afternoon included songs, dances, skits, poetry and a moving tribute to the ‘Heroes of 1823’by Sister Penda Guyan and Dr Rudy Guyan. The 1823 Slave Rebellion is in fact recognised as perhaps the biggest and arguably most significant revolt in Guyana, even more significant than that orchestrated by Cuffy in 1763. It was spurred after the Governor of the day sought to keep the Africans enslaved although they were formally g r a n t e d t h e i r l i b e r t y. Moreover, the slaves, who reportedly amounted to more than 10,000, were determined to have their freedom. As a result they planned a revolution. However, reports are that

after the revolt, the perceived organisers of the revolt were taken to where is now known as Parade Ground by their slave masters where they were beheaded. Their heads were displayed on staves around the ground and along the roadside from Plaisance all the way to Mahaica. And though it was subtle, there was no little effort by the Coalition of the Parade Ground Monument members to protest the move by Government to erect an 1823 Monument in the vicinity of the Georgetown Seawall rather than at Parade Ground. According to fliers that were distributed by the Coalition members yesterday at the National Park, “Not in our name will the marginalisation and disrespect of the African Culture be tolerated.” “We will accept only one official site for our monument to the 1823 martyrs – The Parade Ground – where our foreparents were murdered, beheaded, their bodies hung on poles, their heads displayed on staves and left to be consumed by the crows,” outlined one flier. Moreover, the Coalition is insisting that “the Guyana Government stop reinventing this cycle of oppression.” But in addition to the subtle protest moves, there were also the indications of celebration even before the formal programme, which included the display and sale of flavourful African foods and drinks, as well as books and other reading material available to those who desired to know more about African history. The environment was a kaleidoscope of African print, although in the mix there were some who opted for regular outfits. And just for those who desired to add a fashionable touch to their appearance, there was face painting on demand.

Friday August 02, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Friday August 02, 2013

Friday August 02, 2013

Kaieteur News

Page 21

UG unions working diligently to have concerns addressed Diligent work spearheaded by the unions representing University of Guyana workers has commenced with a view of a document being prepared to carefully outline the financial status of the tertiary institution. The document, once completed, will be presented to a Parliamentary Special Select Committee for review, this publication understands. But even as this is being undertaken, the unions tasked with representing the workers have been seeking the support of various stakeholders, including the Ministries of Finance and Education, as well as Vice Chancellor, Professor Jacob Opadeyi, who according to reports is currently outside of the jurisdiction. The unions’ lawyers are also said to be playing a vital role in helping to address the concerns. “The VC is one of our stakeholders, so we have to engage him on quality assurance, infrastructure among other when he gets back, that is what we will talk about,” said President of the University of Guyana Senior Staff Association (UGSSA), Dr Pat Francis. Dr Francis said that while there is currently no amplified action to emphasise the concerns of the union, much is being done in the background. She noted that the unions, including the

UGSSA President Dr. Pat Francis UGSSA and the University of Guyana Workers’ Union, have on the front burner issues such as salaries, conditions of service that deal with remuneration. She also disclosed that “we are still awaiting the Council to be out in place”. The unions have been expressing concern ever since the life of the University’s Council came to an end on June 30 last. It was with unease, too, that the unions have observed the failure by the relevant authorities to appoint another Council, which it claims has had a negative impact on the functioning of the university. For instance, it was noted on several occasions that the UG Negotiating Team cannot be convened without at least two Council members; hence the recommencement of

COFONA, RAPAC to build African Cultural Centre in Berbice By Leon Suseran With Emancipation observances ongoing and this being the commemorative year of the 250th Anniversary of the Berbice Slave Rebellion, the Council of Friends of New Amsterdam (COFONA) and the Revival, Awareness and Perpetuation of African Culture (RAPAC) have announced a partnership to establish an African Cultural Centre in the town of New Amsterdam. The project will see the construction of a modern cultural centre which, according to President of COFONA, Dr. Leonard Lewis, is badly needed in the town. A site, he stated, was made available a few years ago at Philadelphia Street. “The empty plot that is there has been given to RAPAC by Former Mayor Errol Alphonso and over the years, they have been trying to make use of it, but we are

taking this opportunity to make it a venture that the entire society and town should participate in because it will be a cultural centre that all the residents of the town will be able to make use of.” Dr Lewis stressed that collaboration with RAPAC is strong. “We want to help RAPAC with the space that they have been assigned.” At the end of the two weeks of activities, work will begin on the multi-purpose facility. “We will be working with them to push that venture and we would like to see that it is done in the town— it is needed. New Amsterdam does not have a cultural centre, and it is about time we have one, and so we would like folks to understand that it is not just RAPAC’s venture, but a venture for the whole of the town.” COFONA’s activities (Continued on page 25)

salary negotiations is dependent upon the appointment of the Council or the extension of the life of the old Council. Additionally, it was revealed that a recently scheduled Appointment Committee was cancelled as it needs Council members to be quorate. This means that new appointments and renewals and extensions of contracts are still to be completed. Moreover, the Unions remain concerned over the fact that the new academic year is scheduled to commence in a matter of weeks but there still is need

to repeat an appeal for persons to be appointed to the Council. According to the Unions, the Council requires people who are competent and possess the necessary skillsets to transform Guyana’s sole national University into an outstanding, creditable tertiary institution. However, although without a focal body in the form of the Council, Dr Francis said that the unions are preparing themselves for anticipated negotiations with the university within the next few weeks. And the financial situation of the university will certainly be high on the

agenda. A meeting between the unions, workers and the VC saw the latter making a promise to ensure that workers are at least given their net salaries by the stipulated pay day which is the third Thursday of each month. However, Dr Francis said that while workers were in receipt of their net salaries on time this month “we still don’t know what is the position with the gross (salaries) and our deductions.” But according to her, “they (the University) have time to put themselves in order for next month.” It was in fact the failure

on the part of the University to pay workers in a timely manner, coupled with the nonpayment of necessary deductions, including NIS, Pensions and Credit Union dues, among other issues, that prompted the unions to stage a picketing exercise in early June. In response to the industrial action, which came along with a threat by the university workers to file a class action lawsuit, the VC had pledged to personally make representation to the Ministers of Education and Finance concerning the financial state of the institution.

Friday August 02, 2013

Kaieteur News

COFONA, RAPAC to build... (From page 21) commenced in earnest yesterday with a grand Emancipation Day celebration across the Berbice area, with involvement of a number of groups. The celebrations will run on until August 12. Apart from well-known overseas-based Guyanese, Dr. Lewis said that there will be visitors and participants from Suriname “who have a close link to the Berbice Slave Rebellion.” He said that the folks over there have made use of their heritage sites where the slave revolts

occurred “and they have developed tourism activities around the sites...and that is one of the things we are hoping to do as well.” Another topic of major interest in the Caribbean, he said, is reparation. Dr. Lewis said that Caricom has now passed a Bill which investigates the question of whether African people should receive compensation for the fact that their ancestors were enslaved. Dr. Lewis also noted that the Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sport, one of the sponsors of the 2013 Commemoration

Programme, will be setting up exhibitions at the N/A Multilateral School in the coming days. Eleven units of the Ministry will be participating in this event so that folks can visit and examine artifacts. This is the first of its kind, he stated. The exhibits will be coming from Georgetown. The history of the town, he added, will also be portrayed in an interactive timeline at the N/A Town Hall. Also slated for next week are a Day of Community Service and a Family Fun Day.

Friday August 02, 2013 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): Someone who is far away is going to be on your mind today -- and you are on their mind as well. In fact, they've been thinking about you for a while now and are eager to get back in contact -- perhaps they've even started a game of phone tag with you. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Today is a great day to clean out your emotional closet and say what you have been wanting to say to that certain someone. Holding on to your feelings is not wise -it could cause your imagination to run wild and fear to overtake you. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Lots can be communicated with body language today, so let get moving. Arch an eyebrow to ask someone to explain themselves; bat your eyelashes to turn the current conversation into a more flirtatious one; or shake your finger to castigate someone who's misbehaving. ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Fake it 'til you make it today! It's fun, it's exciting, and it's usually incredibly effective. If you get stuck in a situation that's a bit over your head, call upon your best acting abilities to bluff your way through it. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): Your quick thinking in a tricky situation will leave others quite impressed today, although you might not completely understanding why. In your mind, you did what anyone else would have done in that position. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): There's a fine line between being charmingly talkative and being a blabbermouth -- you know how to walk that line, but not all people do.

Keep an eye out for a friend or coworker who isn't watching what they say today. ********************* LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): Good and bad energy are floating around you today -and you need to figure out how to avoid the bad. Sure, negative vibes are just a part of life -- sometimes a bummer in your day provides the motivation you need to make a change. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. 21): If you're looking for more insight into your latest dilemma, turn to your coworkers or classmates. You need to consult with someone who is either in the same situation or has been there before. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. 21): Be careful not to go along with that latest theory people are pushing right now. As you know, new ideas are not always good ideas. In terms of your romantic life, you shouldn't adhere too rigidly to some new self-help philosophy. .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): The only thing that matters today is doing what you want to do. Stick to your plan and don't let yourself get distracted by anyone or anything. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 18): Not every romance is constantly a sizzling affair - from time to time things cool off. They have to. So if your current romance is feeling less than dynamic, don't assume it's headed for an end. ********************* PISCE S ( F e b . 1 9 March 20): Avoid group activities today -- everybody wants something different, and trying to get your people on the same page will be a frustrating experience.

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Friday August 02, 2013

Friday August 02, 2013

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Friday August 02, 2013

Friday August 02, 2013

Kaieteur News

Warner has eyes on forming Govt

Jack Warner Trinidad Guardian - The Independent Liberal Party (ILP) has a vision to form the next Government of Trinidad and Tobago and will not partner with the People’s Partnership whose political style has been rejected by the people, says ILP interim leader Jack Warner. The ILP has one of the 41 constituencies under its belt (Chaguanas West) and according Warner, the party will

be opening offices throughout Trinidad and Tobago. On September 29, the ILP will hold its first national assembly where its leadership will be elected and its Constitution presented to the people. Warner will be contesting the leadership post. Warner, a former member of the United National Congress (UNC), resigned as MP and after being rejected by the party formed the ILP and won the Chaguanas West by-election with 12,642 votes. He held a news conference at the ILP Chaguanas headquarters Wednesday to speak about the party’s plans for the future. He pointed out that before his victory the intent was to join the People’s Partnership

Government but both Prime Minister Kamla PersadBissessar and Congress of the People (COP) political leader Prakash Ramadhar rejected his proposition. Warner said yesterday that a vast number of the ILP membership do not want the party to be tainted with the negatives of the People’s Partnership. The ILP and the Partnership, he said, have nothing in common except hate for the Opposition People’s National Movement (PNM). Asked if the ILP wants to form the next Government, Warner responded: “If the public and people believe that, yes, is that a bad thing? We will do what the people say we must do.”

Warning for Caribbean countries WASHINGTON - CMC – Caribbean countries have been warned that while increased financial integration has facilitated the flow of funds and allowed regional countries to overcome scale constraints, the increased interconnectedness has also built systemic risks and increased the likelihood of contagion. An International Monetary Fund (IMF) Working Paper examining the “Financial Interconnectedness and Financial Sector Reforms in the Caribbean” notes that financial sector linkages have increased continuously in the Caribbean with cross border capital flows and financial conglomerates dominating the financial system.

The paper said this has occurred largely through foreign banks’ dominant presence, mainly by Canadian banks, and foreign participation in insurance markets and pension funds, securities trading abroad and direct borrowing of domestic firms in international markets. However, it notes that most of these developments have been without any formal agreements, with the exception of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU), where there is a common central bank and common stock and government securities markets. Barbados, Jamaica, Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and Trinidad and Tobago, also

have an agreement to cross list securities on their stock markets. “While increased financial integration has facilitated the flow of funds and financial intermediation, and allowed the Caribbean countries to overcome scale constraints, the increased interconnectedness has also built systemic risks and increased the likelihood of contagion,” said the authors of the paper, Sumiko Ogawa, Joonkyu Park, Diva Singh, and Nita T. They said this was evident most recently when the collapse of the Trinidadbased conglomerate, CL Financial Group sent repercussions throughout the Caribbean region.

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Friday August 02, 2013

Friday August 02, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Sophia man chops Quest to leave a legacy has overpowered wife, three daughters

rational thinking - Professor Thomas By Abena Rockcliffe Economist Professor Clive Thomas has raised concerns about Guyana’s future, asserting that local political leadership may have been clouded by vanity, in relation to Government’s move to go ahead with the Amaila Falls Hydro Project, even with full knowledge that it is bad for the country. “It leads one to conclude that there is an ulterior motive. That cannot be good for Guyana.” Thomas expressed fears that the quest to leave a legacy (and for fame) has overpowered rational thinking by government officials. The Working People’s Alliance (WPA) executive

member said that the motive is one to satisfy the personal needs of politicians who are currently in the country’s administrative team. The Economist’s contention, and by extension the WPA’s, is that a hydro project is good for Guyana but the Amaila Falls project in its current form is totally “unacceptable”. Thomas advised that it is best Government just count its losses and abandon the Amaila deal before further damage can be done. At a WPA press conference, Professor Thomas stressed that the Government knows very well the jeopardy they are putting Guyana in. He said that

consultants that the government itself hired have corresponded with him and the studies showed several liabilities that can result from the project. Thomas said he was also enlightened about the inadequacies of the project from those very sources. In his publication titled “Eight Essays on the Political Economy of the Amaila Falls Hydro Project,” Thomas advised that “painful as it may be, it is better to leave a flawed deal sooner rather than later. Thomas’s publication is the first comprehensive study done on the Amaila Falls Hydro Project by a source other than the Guyana Government. In that piece, the

professor also advised that “if private investors are enamored about the profitability of a project, let them put their money where their mouths are. Do not involve public funding and no questions would be asked.” On Wednesday, at a stakeholders’ meeting held at the International Convention Centre, head of the technical team for the Amaila Falls project, Winston Brassington, admitted that in five years time, Guyana will have to source new avenues to generate electricity as the Amaila Plant would not be generating enough power in 2019 to satisfy consumer requirement.

A Sophia newspaper vendor went berserk last night, severely chopping his reputed wife and three daughters near their Fourth Street, ‘D’ Field residence. The assailant fled the scene and was still at large at press time. Sources said that the mother, Dorothy Blackman, was chopped multiple times to the upper body; her daughter, Donette Fordyce, 12, was chopped on the wrists which were almost severed; Wanda Fortune, 26, was chopped on the back and neck and Latoya Wilson, 20, sustained wounds to her back. Blackman and Fordyce are said to be critical. According to one report, Ms. Blackman’s reputed husband became furious because he believed that she

was going out. At around 21:00 hrs, the woman went to a nearby shop to purchase a phone card when the man confronted her with a cutlass and chopped her about the body. He then turned his wrath on his step-daughters. Kaieteur News understands that he accidentally dropped his cutlass, and fled when a neighbour, who armed himself with another cutlass attempted to apprehend him. The victims were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital by a police vehicle. “Look what he did to her and the children…She bought a minibus for him, then a taxi, and the woman works hard to collect and sell paper daily, and that is what he will do to her,” one resident said.

86–year-old Egypt’s rulers tell pro-Mursi protesters to found dead in yard quit camps CAIRO (Reuters) Egypt’s army-backed government yesterday warned supporters of deposed president Mohamed Mursi to abandon their Cairo protest camps, promising them a safe exit if they gave up without a fight. The appeal, made by Interior Ministry spokesman Hany Abdel Latif on state television, followed the government’s declaration on Wednesday it was ready to take action to end two weeks of sit-in protests by thousands of Mursi supporters at two sites. Since the army ousted the Islamist Mursi on July 3, police have rounded up many leaders of his Muslim Brotherhood, mostly on charges of inciting violence. The latest warnings raised the possibility of a potentially bloody showdown. Latif said that if protesters left the sites peacefully, they would be guaranteed a safe exit. No deadline was set. “There is no specified date. We will continue to

- foul play suspected The police are investigating the suspected murder of 86-year-old Sukdeo Singh of New Hope, East Bank Demerara, whose body was found under a heap of grass in his yard, with suspected chop wounds at

Egypt’s interim Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy gestures as German Minister Guido Westermelle (L) looks at a news conference in Cairo yesterday. (Reuters) study the situation on the ground,” Latif told Reuters. The protesters remained defiant yesterday and prepared for the worst. At the Rabaa al-Adawiya camp, ground was cleared of rubbish to allow easier ambulance access. Buckets of sand were placed throughout the camp to be used to extinguish tear gas canisters. Behind a barricade of bricks and sandbags, rocks had been piled up to use as ammunition. “We are ready.

We are ready to die for legitimacy. An attack can happen at any moment,” said Mohamed Saqr, a Brotherhood activist guarding an entrance to the encampment at a mosque in northeast Cairo. Egypt is now more polarized than at any time since the U.S.-backed autocrat Hosni Mubarak was toppled in 2011, starting a political transition fraught with unrest. Mursi became Egypt’s first freely-elected

Italy’s top court upholds Berlusconi jail sentence ROME (Reuters) - Italy’s Supreme Court yesterday upheld a jail sentence against Silvio Berlusconi for tax fraud in a devastating blow to the former prime minister that could throw the country’s fragile coalition government into crisis. The former cruise ship crooner is Italy’s most colorful and scandal-prone

figure but it was his first definitive conviction in up to 30 court cases on charges ranging from fraud and corruption to having sex with an underage prostitute. After a three-day hearing, the five judges of the supreme court rejected Berlusconi’s final appeal against a verdict handed down by two lower courts which sentenced the

media mogul to four years in jail - commuted to one year under an amnesty. But the top judges ordered a review by a Milan court of the second part of his sentence, a five-year ban from public office. This will enable him to remain a senator and leader of his center-right People of Freedom Party (PDL) for the moment.

leader in June 2012 but faced opposition over his inability to address social and economic problems and fears that he was leading the country towards stricter Islamist control. The new government’s transition plan envisions parliamentary elections in about six months, to be followed by a presidential vote. The Brotherhood says the army has mounted a coup against a legitimate elected leader and wants nothing to do with the plan. The government was buoyed by huge pro-army rallies on Friday in response to a call by army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi for Egyptians to give him a mandate to crack down on “violence and terrorism”. Mursi has been in army detention since his overthrow and faces a judicial inquiry into accusations that include murder and kidnapping. The authorities also brought formal c h a rg e s o n We d n e s d a y against the Brotherhood’s three top leaders, two of whom are in custody.

about 14:00 hours yesterday. Police in a statement said that the door to the elderly man’s home was found open and the house ransacked. No one has been arrested so far and investigations are in progress.

Obama rethinks Putin summit after Snowden granted asylum WA S H I N G T O N (Reuters) - President Barack Obama is rethinking whether to hold a summit in Moscow with President Vladimir Putin next month after Russia rejected U.S. pleas and gave temporary asylum to former American spy agency contractor Edward Snowden, the White House said yesterday. White House spokesman Jay Carney said Obama and U.S. officials are “extremely disappointed” by Russia’s decision to give Snowden a one-year asylum in the face of entreaties from American officials to expel Snowden back to the United States to face espionage charges. The Russian move also appeared to have put in doubt high-level talks scheduled for next week between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and their Russian counterparts. These talks are now “up in the air,” a U.S. official told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity. But the Obama administration’s

response to Russia’s move was restrained compared to the swift retaliatory steps urged by U.S. lawmakers, including allies of Obama. Snowden in June disclosed previously secret U.S. telephone and internet surveillance programs while in Hong Kong and then traveled to Russia, where he holed up in an airport for weeks. Russia’s move raised questions about the policy of “resetting” U.S. relations with Russia that Obama embarked on after taking office in 2009, and put pressure on Obama to react decisively to what many saw as a Russian rebuke. Obama’s first major decision is whether to go ahead with a one-on-one summit with Putin in Moscow next month in advance of a summit of G20 leaders in St. Petersburg. “We are evaluating the utility of a summit, in light of this and other issues, but I have no announcement today on that,” Carney told reporters.

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Friday August 02, 2013

Jamaica reiterates its commitment to CARICOM KINGSTON, Jamaica CMC – The Jamaican government reiterated its commitment to the regional integration movement, CARICOM and dismissed calls for the island to quit the 15-member grouping. Foreign Affairs Minister, AJ Nicholson in a statement in the Upper House on Wednesday addressed comments from Opposition leader Andrew Holness and Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) legislator Dr Christopher Tufton that the country could benefit from a “temporary pull out of CARICOM”. While Nicholson acknowledged that Jamaica may not be benefiting from CARICOM in the way it should, he said a withdrawal would affect benefits under the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) that

AJ Nicholson allows for the free movement of goods, skills, services and labour across the community. “In the context of a withdrawal from the CSME Jamaica would in effect be preventing its nationals and companies from utilizing the provisions under the CSME

for free movement of skilled persons, capital, services and right of establishment. “This would mean that those Jamaican nationals who have successfully moved to other CARICOM countries under the skills regime, would be required to amend their status in those countries,” he said. Nicholson said a split from CARICOM would also affect several regional organisations, including the University of the West Indies (UWI), the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) and the Caribbean Financial Cooperation. He argued that Jamaica has gained a high standing in CARICOM and this would be jeopardised with a temporary withdrawal.

British companies looking to Jamaica but have concerns Jamaica Observer BRITISH High Commissioner to Jamaica David Fitton has indicated that there is some level of interest from companies in Britain that want to set up shop in Jamaica, but says this will depend on a number of factors, including concerns about security. Speaking with the Jamaica Observer in an interview, Fitton — who took office in June — said that discussions have begun with the firms. However, he did not disclose their names. “There are one and two and for obvious reasons I

don’t want to go into details, but before I left London I did some briefing rounds on political issues, security issues and I also met with a number of companies,” he said. “Since I arrived, I have been to the Chamber of Commerce here and what’s clear is that there are some new companies that are looking at Jamaica,” Fitton said. “They have to do their due diligence, their research, when they are ready they will be in touch. It depends on

what the prospects are. Some of them may come to nothing, some may have good prospects,” the British high commissioner told the Observer. “I think what we discussed about security, whether it be corruption or the feeling that Kingston is a difficult city to work in, may be some of the reasons that put persons off from doing business here. So, if we tackle one problem we could actually help the other problem,” Fitton noted.

Friday August 02, 2013

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Friday August 02, 2013

Friday August 02, 2013

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WANTED Investor needed to invest in Fish processing Plant: Land available & plant partially completed- Call:612-0200/ 602-6477 One live-in domestic. Call 617-1679 One three bedrooms apartment anywhere around town- Call:617-7865

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Friday August 02, 2013

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Michael Clarke century puts Australia on top Captain Michael Clarke scored a vital century as Australia breathed life into their Ashes campaign by dominating the opening day of the third Test against England. Trailing 2-0 and needing a win to have any chance of regaining the Ashes, Australia won the toss and reached 303-3 by the close at Old Trafford, with Clarke unbeaten on 125 and Steve Smith 70. The pair put on an unbroken 174 for the fourth wicket after opener Chris Rogers set the tone for Australia’s first successful batting display of the series with a positive 84. Drawing on all his expertise against spin bowling, Clarke got the better of off-spinner Graeme Swann in a fascinating duel on a wicket that turned from the start as he posted the first century by any Australian in six Tests. But once again, in a series blighted by controversies, the day featured several contentious umpiring decisions, with both teams given reason to bemoan the decision review system. When Usman Khawaja was given out caught behind off Swann on the stroke of lunch - a decision upheld on review despite Hot Spot revealing no mark on his bat - even Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd weighed in on Twitter to criticise the call. After the interval it was England’s turn to feel aggrieved. Bowler James Anderson, wicketkeeper Matt Prior and the slips went up in unison to claim a catch off the edge of Smith’s bat but umpire Marais Erasmus remained unmoved. Once again Hot Spot showed nothing and the umpire’s decision stood. England used up their second referral when Swann’s lbw appeal to Smith was rejected, and were therefore powerless to overturn Tony Hill’s decision not to raise the finger when Stuart Broad trapped the same batsman in front of middle stump. Amid the turbulence, Clarke remained a picture of calm. Purposeful in defence and attack, he drove elegantly down the ground and through the covers and twice crashed the ball over Swann’s head for four. A nibble at an outswinger from Broad that almost caught the edge of his bat was as close he came to offering a chance, and when he brought up his 24th Test century off 169 balls in the evening session he was given a standing ovation by the 25,000-strong crowd. Clarke’s superb innings also helped ease the pressure on David Warner, who was shown on camera fidgeting nervously on the team balcony as he prepared for his first Test innings since he was suspended for punching England’s Joe Root. Warner’s recall was one of three changes for Australia, who brought in off-spinner Nathan Lyon and left-arm seamer Mitchell

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Michael Clarke Starc for Ashton Agar and James Pattinson. Kevin Pietersen passed a fitness test to take his place in an unchanged England side. After Clarke won the toss for the first time in the series, Australia’s under-pressure openers put on 76 for the first wicket to lay down an ideal platform for a solid total. Rogers, twice dismissed softly and cheaply by Swann in Australia’s 347-run defeat at Lord’s, took the attack to the England bowling as he brought up his fifty off 49 balls with his third four in the space of four deliveries from Anderson. Shane Watson was the first to fall to a fine piece of bowling by Tim Bresnan, who got a ball to shape away from the right-hander, inducing a thick edge to Alastair Cook at slip. Khawaja had just survived a big lbw appeal by Swann when he drove lavishly at a ball that turned sharply away from him and was given out caught behind by Hill. The batsman instantly sent for a review and looked astonished when it failed to deliver the reprieve he was clearly expecting. Rogers emerged from the lunch break a different player. Gone was the confidence and timing he had displayed before the interval and in their place were nerviness and uncertainty. He played and missed several times at Broad and Bresnan before swiping across the line at Swann and getting struck low on the pad in front of leg stump. At 129-3, England sensed another Australia collapse, but Clarke’s brilliance and Smith’s good fortune ensured the day took a very different course. (BBC Sport)

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Franklin and Lochte...

From 38 Pereira of Brazil third in 1:56.30. Lochte is the second man only after Michael Phelps to win a treble of 200 medley world titles, although he still has some way to go before he matches his decorated compatriot’s 26 world championships golds. Immediately after Lochte’s race Denmark’s Pedersen stunned the arena with a world record in the 200 breaststroke of 2:19.11 to better the previous mark of 2:19.59 set by American Rebecca Soni at

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the London Olympics. The Dane, whose previous best was 2:20.53, finished fourth in the event London and was seventh at the last world championships in Shanghai two years ago. Australian Magnussen has come to Spain seeking redemption after both he and his nation, one of swimming’s traditional powerhouses, badly underperformed in London. A second consecutive gold in the 100 freestyle for the man known as “the missile” will help dull

the disappointment of losing out to American Nathan Adrian by one hundredth of a second in the Olympic final. Magnussen clocked 47.71 seconds, with another American, Jimmy Feigen, taking silver in 47.82 and Adrian bronze in 47.84. The Australian joins exalted company as the only men to have previously won two straight 100 freestyle world titles are American Matt Biondi, Alexander Popov of Russia and Italian Filippo Magnini.

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Kaieteur News

Friday August 02, 2013

Another all-too-easy victory for India India have had little to complain about on this tour. The series was sealed at the earliest possible opportunity, and their other target of trying out some fringe players is also working well. Ambati Rayudu made a big contribution on his debut, another new face Jaydev Unadkat was the bowling star in the second ODI and the third India player to debut this series, Mohit Sharma, turned in an impressive performance as Zimbabwe were rolled over for 144 in the fourth ODI. One of their minor gripes could be that Cheteshwar Pujara’s much-awaited bow in limited-overs cricket didn’t go to plan, with Pujara insideedging Tendai Chatara for 13. They would have also liked this second-string squad to have been tested more by Zimbabwe, who have been disappointingly limp, rarely putting India under pressure. In Harare, Zimbabwe’s batsmen could at least fall back on the excuse that the new balls curved around extravagantly in the first hour but even against the easier conditions in Bulawayo they

came up short. Zimbabwe’s troubles were highlighted by the first ball itself, as Mohit served up a beauty that beat Vusi Sibanda and zipped perilously close to the top of the stumps. Mohit has played only six domestic one-dayers so far, but he showed no nerves in his opening over as he delivered an inswinger, outswinger and a bouncer, all with superb control. He beat the inside-edge and the outside-edge regularly in his opening spell, and even showed off the back-of-thehand slower ball which served him so well in his spotlight-grabbing IPL season this year. As ever, Zimbabwe’s openers were cagey at the start, with Sibanda taking 16 deliveries to get off the mark. Mohit, with the experience of only six domestic one-dayers, showed no nerves as he maintained a tight line and length with the new ball, before his persistent probing was rewarded with the wicket of Sikandar Raza, nicking through to the keeper.

Zimbabwe then began to be more adventurous despite the disciplined bowling, with Hamilton Masakadza effortlessly whipping Mohammed Shami over square leg for six. Just as the partnership was developing, Ravindra Jadeja’s accurate arm struck again, with a bullet throw to the stumps that left Masakadza repenting attempting a quick single. The introduction of spin hampered Zimbabwe further, as Jadeja extended Brendan Taylor’s horror run. Taylor hasn’t been in form this year, and was mortified to be adjudged lbw for a duck to a delivery that was clearly sliding down. In the next over, Jaydev Unadkat knocked over Sean Williams’ off stump after the batsman missed a straight one. When Jadeja removed the opener Sibanda in the 16th over, Zimbabwe were in serious trouble and India’s most dangerous bowler of the series, Amit Mishra, hadn’t come on to bowl yet. Elton Chigumbura has been Zimbabwe’s most successful batsman this series, and once

Franklin and Lochte fire, ‘Missile’ ignites (Reuters) - American teenager Missy Franklin won her fourth gold of the week and compatriot Ryan Lochte claimed the 13th of a glittering career on a thrilling day of action at the world championships on Thursday. Australia’s James Magnussen eased the pain of missing gold at the London Olympics and there were also triumphs for Chinese women Liu Zige and Zhao Jing while Denmark’s Rikke Pedersen popped up in the midst of it all to set a world record in qualifying for the 200 breaststroke. Franklin followed up Wednesday’s victory in the 200 freestyle by anchoring the U.S. to gold in the 4x200 relay, leaving her one shy of the women’s record of five at a single world championships set by Lisbeth Trickett of Australia in 2007 and American Tracy Caulkins in 1978. The bubbly 18-year-old from Pasadena, also a winner at the hilltop Palau Sant Jordi in the 100 backstroke and 4x100 relay, took her career tally of world titles to seven and has a crack at another three before racing ends on Sunday. Team mate Katie Ledecky,

again he was called on to right things after the specialist batsmen floundered. With the help of Malcolm Waller, he defied India for over 20 overs, generally playing it safe though there were some eye-catching strokes like the powerful loft over Mishra’s head for four. Waller also took his time before latching on to the loose deliveries on offer, like a flighted full toss from Mishra that was swatted for four. With the batting Powerplay taken, Waller swung a shortish ball from Shami for six and Zimbabwe looked for a late flourish. There was no late flourish, however, as Mohit returned to break the 80-run stand, getting Waller to edge behind. The innings didn’t last too long after that as Zimbabwe’s tail was clueless against Mishra, but it lasted long enough for Chigumbura to complete a well-made halfcentury. Zimbabwe’s 144 was never going to be much of a challenge for India, who took their time in completing the win. Pujara departed early, and the team management wisely decided against sending in the in-form Virat Kohli, giving Suresh Raina the chance to spend some time in the middle. Rohit Sharma has also had a lean run in this series, and he

Suresh Raina and Rohit Sharma added 122 for the second wicket. cashed in at a venue which must rank among his favourites - his only two previous innings for India at the Queens Sports Club were centuries.

He added an unbeaten 64 to that, and Raina too helped himself to a half-century as the pair put on 122 to complete another all-tooeasy victory for India.

World Twenty20 - Ireland women qualify by beating Netherlands

Missy Franklin (R) is congratulated by Germany’s Britta Steffen after the women’s 100m freestyle semi-final 16, who swam the first leg of Thursday’s relay, has three golds after her victories in the 400 and 1,500 meters freestyle. Australia were leading in the relay when Franklin leaped into the pool but she powered past Alicia Coutts and touched in a time of seven minutes 45.14 seconds. Coutts held on for silver in 7:47.08 and France, who led at the halfway stage, bronze in 7:48.43 in a repeat of the medal positions at the London Olympics. Franklin said that being part of a team was the most important part of swimming and she did not

care about the blistering final leg she conjured to win the race. Lochte, who has come into the championships after a break and a crack at a television career, claimed his first gold of the week when he eased to a third consecutive title in the 200 individual medley. The 28-year-old touched in a time of one minute 54.98 seconds, almost a second slower than the world record of 1:54.00 he set to win the gold in 2011. Kosuke Hagino of Japan was second in 1:56.29 and Thiago (Continued on page 37)

The Ireland team celebrate Ireland’s women qualified for next year ’s World Twenty20 after a thrilling tworun win over the Netherlands in Dublin on Thursday. Just one place in Bangladesh was on offer in the third-place play-off in the qualifying tournament. Isobel Joyce hit 72 from 64 balls and Kim Garth added 31 as the hosts posted a total of 136-5. The Netherlands only lost four wickets but came up short after needing four runs

off the final ball for victory. Garth and Louise McCarthy took a wicket apiece while the Dutch suffered two run-outs in making 134-4. Laura Delaney had the pressure of bowling the final over, with the Netherlands needing 12 to win. Just nine runs came from her six deliveries although a boundary from the last ball would have dashed Irish hopes. The game at the

YMCA was originally scheduled for Wednesday but rain caused it to be postponed. Pakistan and Sri Lanka, who shared victory in the competition after the weather brought a premature end to the final, also qualified for the 2014 World Twenty20. Ireland had beaten Japan and Canada in their opening two games before slipping to successive heavy defeats against the two finalists.

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- Coach Harper

Amazon Warriors take on Jamaica Tallawahs tonight; another capacity crowd expected

Nurse grabs 4-27 as Tridents beat Hawksbills by 12 runs

A section of the crowd at the Guyana vs Trinidad match at the Providence Stadium. Inset Harper and Sarwan seen strategizing for today’s big showdown

GDA/MSC collaborate MACKESON is the to host tourney tonight official stout of LCPL Public Relations Officer of Ansa McAl Trading Darshanie Yussuf and Guyana Amazon Warriors Financial Manager Dwayne Lovell

Trophy Stall’s Rep. Travis Brandon (centre) hands over the winning trophy to Secretary Mary A. Correia. GDA Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Luis Ramirez-Merlano shares the moment Printed and published by National Media & Publishing Company Limited, 24 Saffon St.Charlestown, Georgetown.Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491 or Fax: 225-8473/ 226-8210

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