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Wednesday August 01, 2012

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Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters... Where your views make the news

Mr. Ramotar seems incapable of far-reaching reform in our dear country DEAR EDITOR, Recently, I was asked to evaluate President Ramotar’s eight months in office and I would like to respond by stating that I attached myself to the PPP/Civic in the last elections with the proviso, made clear to the public and to Mr. Ramotar, that I was following the principles of my father, President Cheddi, when he invented the term “critical support” during some of his years in opposition. I supported the presidential bid of Ramotar expecting certain principles to be upheld, which he agreed to, even in public; however, I have reserved the right to criticize wrong policies which will lead to conflicts, like in

Linden. Concerning local elections, which Mr.Ramotar promised, there is no visible preparation and a year is almost up. The imposition of Interim Management Committees in different areas of our country is a clear violation of what was promised, and will lead to conflict and chaos in the end. There is absolutely no compromise on my part on the issue of local elections. President Cheddi made sure that local elections were held on his watch, whereas Mr. Jagdeo obviously had no interest in local elections, and that is why the country will face serious political difficulties. Local elections are the bulwark of any

democracy, and to delay those elections is a slap in the face of the Guyanese people - we deserve better. Mr. Ramotar should proceed to disband IMCs and have local elections; let’s have our Godgiven right. Concerning the status of the Civic component of the PPP/Civic and as a candidate who is not allowed into the PPP party (I have been refused PPP membership; I wonder why - maybe the PPP supporters should ask why), I was made to understand by Mr..Ramotar that President Cheddi’s wish of a strong Civic would be realized after the 2011 elections - instead there is virtually no Civic.

I have constantly written Mr. Ramotar concerning this issue and to this day, have never received a response from him; no meeting, no consultations, no contact with anyone from the virtual “Civic”. Mr. Sam Hinds was given the mandate by my father to develop and strengthen the Civic but to this day, he has done nothing to carry out that great man’s dream. I feel that since Mr. Ralph Ramkarran has resigned from the PPP, then he should head the Civic component, and I’m sure he would carry out President Cheddi’s wishes to strengthen and expand the Civic component - a real necessity, since the PPP has been unable to win a clear

Commission of Inquiry should include a cause... From page 4 when they started protesting. Call it the cause and effect clause. This means that both the government and Bosai should avail their written agreements and their payment and receipt records to the commission, because no one knows whether any written agreement called for government to pay the subsidy or to arbitrarily terminate the subsidy or what system was used to set the rates for both Lindeners and the government, and whether the amount of money Bosai received exceeded the amount it spent to supply the electricity. In short, did Lindeners overpay, hence one report that suggested Bosai made a GY$119M profit on supplying electricity to Linden? We must remember that the PPP government-Bosai agreement was done outside the purview of the Public Utilities Commission, the statutory body responsible for setting rates for GPL consumers, and this has be an anomaly for the executive branch of government to engage in direct negotiation with a foreign-owned entity for the supply of a utility

service to a Guyanese community, thus leaving the community at the mercy of the government and the entity if or when the time came for rates to be increased. Has anyone, other than the government and Bosai, seen details of the agreement? And given the secretive and corrupt nature of the PPP regime, as well as the secretive nature o f t h e C h i n e s e , generally speaking, it is imperative that any future rate increase be determined by an independent body after a thorough assessment of Bosai’s cost of power generation and supply. I n s h o r t , L i n d e ners should know whether they were overpaying or will be paying a fair rate for a commodity, which was and is being generated primarily for the bauxite operations, and then secondarily for Linden consumers. Guyanese, on the whole, also need to take careful note of how this PPP regime operates when it comes to treating Guyanese with information about secret deals struck with the Chinese. Do we know the terms and conditions for the following Chinese loans: US$30M for

OLPF; US$14M for roll-on/ roll-off ferries; US$138M for CJIA expansion, and the US$500M Amalia Falls Hydro Electric Project (AFHEP)? By the way, if the AFHEP is ever built, it will be built by the Chinese, and since there is a BOOT (Build, Own, Operate and Transfer) agreement that calls for the builder to own, operate and then transfer the facility to the GPL after recouping investment costs, we have to ask ourselves if we really want to be indebted for decades to the Chinese who, like the PPP regime, have an aversion to transparency. In fact, all Guyana could one day wind up paying their electricity bills to the Chinese: Bosai in Linden and AFHEP! Meanwhile, Guyana is still reeling from the Guyana Sugar Corporation and the China National Technology Import and Export Corporation

(CNTIC) contracts signed on June 22, 2004 in Beijing, for the construction of the US$181M Chinese-built white elephant known as the Skeldon Modernization Plant, with a $110 million agreement that was partly funded by the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the Exim Bank of China. This money has to be repaid, whether Skeldon eventually works or not. Pray for Linden! Pray for Guyana! Pray for genuine change in the way government does business! Emile Mervin

victory in the last elections. Furthermore, Mr. Ramkarran should be made Prime Minister, to strengthen his position and carry out President Cheddi’s mandate. As I said before, Mr. Hinds’ handling of the Linden debacle and his mishandling of the mining sector warrants his removal from the PM’s office, not to mention his over-extended tenure as PM and his complete failure to help the people of Linden over the 20 years as PM. Mr.Ramotar should do as President Cheddi wished and dreamt of. Where are the radio licences for freedom of the press that Ramotar promised? Where are the tax and customs reforms which Jagdeo failed to do and are long overdue? When will our only city be given a needed facelift and a cleaner environment? When will all these expensive ministries be cut from Jagdeo’s reckless 24 ministries? When will our villages be given the real support they need to survive and prosper? Are we really fighting corruption in a sustained way or are we protecting “comrades” when it’s jail time coming?

The supporters of the PPP need to ask these questions now as we sink into conflict while Mr.Ramotar seems incapable of far-reaching reform in our dear country. President Ramotar should remember the words of Mahatma Gandhi:”Blind is not he who has lost his eyes but he who hides his shortcomings. He, who searches the branch and forgets the root, searches in vain. Man’s capacity for self-deception is amazing. When God is our Guide we need worry about nothing. He, who is shamed into acting correctly, is not acting correctly at all. He, who wants to please all, will please none. A wrong ceases to be a wrong only if it is righted. To think good thoughts is one thing; to act upon them is another. The fear of the gun disappears when it has been fired”. Cheddi(Joey)Jagan(Jr.)

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Machel Montano fracas lands boyfriend in court for gun-butting A man who reportedly threatened to kill his girlfriend and who allegedly forced a gun in her mouth, was yesterday placed on $75,000 bail by Magistrate Hazel Octive-Hamilton at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. The man, 27-year-old Stephen King, of 64 Prasad Nagar was slapped with two charges when he faced the court. It was alleged that on July 27th at Prasad Nagar, he unlawfully assaulted Sasha Sandy and at the same time used threatening behaviour. The defendant pleaded not guilty to both charges. Attorney-at-law, Gordon Gilhuys, appearing for the defendant, applied for bail, and explained that the couple had gone to the Machel Montano show but ended up in an argument while there. The lawyer further said that

the alleged victim was the one who had beaten the defendant and he thus retaliated. Attorney-at-law, Roger Yearwood, who appeared for Sandy, claimed that his client was slapped and gun-butted by the accused. A medical report was submitted. However, the defense lawyer insisted that his client was the one assaulted. He said that the victim a nd his client had been together for some time and if his client was such a bad person as he was being portrayed, then the woman would not have stuck with him. When it was revealed that the matter was being handled by Criminal Investigations Department, Gilhuys argued that the nearest police outpost to Prashad Nagar was Kitty Police Station,

suggesting that someone was placing special attention on the matter. The court, however, reminded him that the allegation involved a gun and CID may very well be taking on the case to find out whether the alleged firearm used was legal or illegal. Prosecutor Simone Payne had no objection to the defendant’s pre-trial liberty but she asked that bail be substantial and that the defendant have nothing to do with the victim. The Prosecutor said the defendant’s caution statement had no mention of the victim assaulting him. She did say that Sandy told the police that the man had hit her with a gun and that he had put it in her mouth before threatening to kill her. The matter will continue in Court Ten on September 17.

Emancipation celebrations

Staffers of Bank of Guyana in their Emancipation garb yesterday.

Wednesday August 01, 2012

‘Fat cats’…

Joe Singh not accepting OP salary while at GT&T Major General (rtd), Joe Singh, a Special Assistant to President Donald Ramotar, is insisting that he is not at the moment accepting a salary from the Office of President (OP). Singh was one of several persons whose salary was disclosed during a recent Parliamentary session. The released list had raised eyebrows as to the amounts. According to the former army chief in a released statement yesterday, since his recent attachment as the Chief Executive Officer (ag) of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T), he has stopped accepting a salary from the OP. Singh stressed that he is not the National Security Advisor although there have been occasions when such advice was given. “For the information of the public, my portfolio spans a wide spectrum of disciplines including natural resources, management, integrated planning, issues of strategic interest and climate related matters.” According to the list, Singh was being paid $667,440. “For clarification, the salary paid to me and quoted in the media as laid before Parliament is a reflection of a gross salary. A third is deducted at source and paid to the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA).” The official, who is also the Chairman of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission, also disclosed that he will forego his OP salary for the duration of his stint at GT&T. A request by A Partnership for National Unity’s (APNU) Joseph Harmon, as it relates to the names and designations of persons terminated as a result of the 2012 Budgetary Cuts, has revealed that at least one Freedom House operative,

Mahendra Roopnarine, earned $395,000 per month. The salary is paid by Office of the President. Minister of Finance Dr. Ashni Singh, last week presented a list to the National Assembly representing the list of persons unable to access their salaries. Roopnarine currently hosts the weekly programme “Getting it Right,” which was previously undertaken by then Junior Health Minister Bheri Ramsaran. Roopnarine was also a staple on pro-government television channels during the 2011 Election Campaign. Controversial Office of the President figure, in the person of the President’s Information Liaison Officer, Kwame McCoy is being paid $334,850 per month. McCoy’s designation is listed as a ‘Communications Coordinator.’ It was also revealed that Government Information Agency (GINA) which had its Budget reduced to $1, pays its Director Neaz Subhan $295, 530, while GINA’s Editor-inChief Shanta Goberdan earns $295,460 per month. Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon is listed as being paid by Office of the President, a salary of $895,326 while his Deputy, Hydar Ally is paid $550,064. Office of the President also pays the son of former Attorney General, Charles

Former army chief, Major General (rtd), Joe Singh Ramson, $430,196 for his position as Technical Legal Director. Desmond Kissoon, the Presidential Political Liaison Officer, Region Nine, earns some $280,000 while Clive Lloyd, the President’s Advisor on Sports earns $721,000 in this capacity. Reepu Daman Persaud the ailing Pandit is listed on the June payroll for Office of the President to receive $412,320 for his services as an Advisor to the President while former Regional Chairman for Region Six, Zulfikar Mustapha earns for himself as Head, Community Relations Liaison Officer some $307,600. Presidential Advisor Gail Teixeira earns for herself $967,985 from Office of the President in that capacity.

Wednesday August 01, 2012

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Students blow up Bel Air businessman murdered, school’s toilet wife, infant daughter terrorised

- authorities worried There was a lot of “turbulence” in many schools across Region 6 during the last school year. This was revealed by Region Six Education Officer, Shafiran Bhajan, at a recent press conference. Turbulence where the learners are affected by the things they see on television and they are coming from homes where they do not have the kind of nurturing they are supposed to have, thus the research shows if you come from a hostile home environment where you are not nurtured and supported and you go into a school environment where you meet similar situations, then chances are, you are not able to perform and the behaviour patterns will change, the official said. Region Six Chairman David Armogan has revealed that students in Berbice schools are destroying school property, including furniture, but more recently, they are trying to “break- up the toilets”. He was referring to the incident which occurred a few weeks ago at the JC Chandisingh Secondary School on the Corentyne where it was discovered that the toilet cistern (tank) in the boys section of the school had been blown up. The incident allegedly occurred around mid-morning. Eleven Fourth Form students, between the ages of 15 and 16, were subsequently taken into custody and questioned in the company of their parents. The students used a Thunder King Bomb (squib) to blow up the cistern. To create the explosion, the students lit a coil and attached it to the squib. They then moved from the area leaving the coil to burn and then cause the explosion when it reached the bomb. Armogan explained that cases have been received whereby “they (students) are

Region Six Education Officer, Shafiran Bhajan lighting squibs in the toilets and blowing it up— this is terrorism— it is not only vandalism, because if you are going to light things and blowing up institutions and blowing up toilets...” He revealed that the officials have had to lock the toilets in one of the schools— the male toilets, “and only give them access when somebody wants to go in, somebody gotta supervise them now— we gotta supervise children going to toilets!” He appealed to parents and students from the secondary schools, “to be more responsible because if they gonna destroy things, we can’t keep replacing them; where is the money going to come from?” When asked if this is a hint to the growing indiscipline in schools in Guyana, Armogan said that this has always been there “and it keeps raising its head every now and again and happens especially in schools where there is poor supervision”. Once the children are not properly supervised by the teachers, he said the children will do all sorts of things of idleness and they “look to do mischievous activities.”

A 45-year-old businessman was bound and murdered in his Bel Air Village, East Coast Demerara home at around 20:00 hrs yesterday by three men whom he let into the property after they claimed to be Customs Officers. The victim, Frank Persaud, of Lot One Area ‘L’ Bel Air, was slain in a bond beneath his house after the bogus Customs Officers, who had lured him there under the pretext of checking on goods that he had stored on the property. The robbers also tied up the victim’s wife, Nalisha Mohamed and the couple’s two-year-old daughter. Police disclosed that while the home was ransacked, only a laptop computer and $100,000 appeared to be missing. Several tins of corned beef were also missing from the bond. A source said that the victim bore no visible marks of violence and investigators surmised that he may have been strangled. Kaieteur News understands that the same

- killers posed as Customs Officers

MURDERED: Frank Persaud men, who had identified themselves as Guyana Revenue Authority staffers, had visited the home on Monday. A grief-stricken Nalisha Mohamed said that one of the men had a GRA badge and wore a shirt and tie, while the other two had shirt-jacs. They also had cameras and reportedly took out photographs. Ms. Mohamed said that she had just finished bathing the couple’s daughter when the men arrived. The woman said that she was suspicious that the men

had arrived at that hour, but her husband said that “if you don’t open they would say that you have uncustomed goods.” Police sources said that when the men returned yesterday evening, they informed Persaud that the GRA officials were not satisfied with their report and wanted to see the businessman’s ‘duty slips’ and also take photographs of the goods that he had imported. Persaud than accompanied the men to the bond, where they tied him up. The bogus Customs Officers then told Ms. Mohamed, who was in the top flat, that her husband wanted to see her. When she entered the bottom flat with her twoyear-old daughter, the men then pounced on her. The woman told Kaieteur News that after the child began to cry one of the men, who was unarmed, threatened to kill

her daughter and she pleaded with them to allow her to breastfeed the child. The men reportedly then tied up the woman and child with strips of cloth and the proceeded to ransack the top flat. The woman told Kaieteur News that she eventually managed to free herself and then made contact with a female relative who lives nearby. It was only after the relative and others came that they discovered her h u s b a n d ’s m o t i o n l e s s body in the bond. He was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead. However, a police source said that a neighbor had observed that the front gate was wide open and on venturing over to the property, found the bu s i n e s s m a n ’s l i f e l e s s body in the bond and his wife in an unconscious state nearby. They were taken to the GPHC where staff revived her.

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Wednesday August 01, 2012

T&T Opposition wants answers on resignation of top cops PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad - CMC - Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley has questioned the independence of the Police Service Commission (PSC) after Canadians Dwayne Gibbs and Jack Etwaski resigned as Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner respectively. “The Commissioner of Police must be seen to be operating at arms’ length from the wishes of the political directorate. If there is any occasion when there is a Commissioner of Police in

office who can be perceived to be the creature of the political directorate, it would be whoever is coming in now after this development,” Rowley said. “I am concerned about the details and there is a whole lot more that we have to hear from the Government. I am particularly keen to hear from the Police Service Commission,” he said, saying he believed their independence was being threatened by the Minister of National Security, Austin

“Jack” Warner. “I found the conduct of the Minister of National Security to be out of line with respect to the office of Commissioner of Police. I though the Minister of National Security was indicating that he was exercising an authority which he does not have under the C o n s t i t u t i o n a l arrangements,” he said. “These are political developments to respond to the crime wave in the country,” he added.

On Monday night, Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar confirmed earlier reports that the two Canadians who were given the jobs in July 2010 had submitted their resignations effective August 7. There had been widespread media speculation that the two men would have been sent packing by the coalition People’s Partnership administration, particularly after Warner said he did not favour the 21st century

Police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs, right, and his Deputy Jack Ewatski policing initiative that Gibbs had introduced as a crime fighting measure. Last month, Warner asked about his relationship with Gibbs, replied “if I have to, sometimes you have to crush grapes to get wine. Persad Bissessar said that the battle lines had been “clearly drawn” in the fight against crime and that Warner over the next few weeks, “will be announcing the details of some of these

measures” . She urged the population to “give him all our support as we give to those who would fill the vacancies created in the public service”. Soon after his appointment in June, Warner said the new crime initiative Gibbs wasn’t the solution and suggested the reintroduction of a unit once considered by some to be a “death squad” within the TTPS.

Jamaica to re-start scrap metal industry KINGSTON, Jamaica CMC - One year after Jamaica placed an indefinite ban on the scrap metal trade following “widespread’ theft of metal across the island”, the Portia Simpson-Miller administration is to re-start the trade under new regulations. Industry, Investment and Commerce Minister Anthony Hylton said the government is committed to re-instating the trade in the shortest possible time. “We have taken every possible caution, dotted every ‘I’ and crossed every ’T’, checked, cross checked and re-checked, to ensure that we plug every loophole, create the barriers and impediments to unscrupulous individuals and companies, to get the industry up and running. “This Ministry, this government, is pulling out all the stops to turn this economy around,” Hylton said, adding that among the new measures is the establishment of central scrap metal processing and loading sites, on a phased basis, to accommodate approved scrap metal exporters. Last year, the government

said the scrap metal theft had cost it and the private sector more than one billion dollars (US$11.7 million) over the past three years. The Scrap Metal Federation of Jamaica had been lobbying for the sector to remain operational saying a shutdown would bankrupt most stakeholders in the industry. Hyylton said centralising the operations would provide for several advantages, including an improvement in the level and frequency of inspections and tighter and more effective management in the processing and loading of scrap. He said this would result in a reduction in the quantity of stolen material and that competition among exporters would ensure that dealers and suppliers of scrap metal get a fair price, and private exporters will aggressively seek the best prices internationally, thereby ensuring that the country maximises its earnings from the trade. He said that for purposes of regulation, the government places scrap metal into two categories – industrial and non-industrial.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood.

Wednesday August 01, 2012

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The doors to negotiations were never closed In due course, the people of Linden will come to a clearer understanding that they were used as pawns in a game of political competition within and between political parties. This competition started long before that sad day of July 18 when the three protesters were killed. The competition began during the Budget debates and saw the AFC use the issue of the electricity tariffs in Linden to upstage APNU. The AFC made a bold move to steal vital political turf from APNU after the main opposition APNU had reportedly reached an agreement with the government on the implementation of tariffs and for a developmental component for Linden. APNU panicked and retreated when they saw what the AFC was doing. But a part of that retreat was also due to internal party dynamics within the PNCR. With Congress not far away and with factions competing for leadership, none of these factions wanted to be seen as being hand-in glove with the government and thus positions that were previously flexible hardened. The political leadership of Linden has to take responsibility for what happened. They were reckless. The doors for negotiations with the government were never closed. What created the mirage of closure were political expediencies between and within the opposition parties. Those persons who were on the bridge that day when the terrible events took place should not have been there. They should have been waiting on their leaders to

engage the government. Even after APNU made an about turn and sided with the AFC during the final stages of the Budget debate, even after $20B in funding was chopped from the Budget, the government never shut the door on talks. If there is anything that has defined the Donald Ramotar administration, it has been its openness with the opposition. From day one, he has been meeting with them. From the early days of Parliament, the government has committed to answering questions. Quite unethically privileged and private information have found their way out of the Parliament and into the public domain. But this has not deterred the government from meeting and discussing matters. The government cannot be accused of acting in bad faith. Perhaps the ghost of the past still haunts the Opposition and they still feel suspicious about dealing with the government but they can hardly accuse the government of backstabbing. Admittedly, the opposition would have felt slighted by the failure of the government to allow them to be an integral part of preparing the Budget. However, from the inception, the government indicated that it was the responsibility of the Executive to develop the Budget. This principle has been recently upheld. The government thus took the position that the opposition could make known its recommendations which would be considered. The Opposition always had the fallback that after the Budget was tabled, they could force negotiations so as to press their demands. This

is what happened before the matter was voted on in the Committee of Supply. The Opposition came out looking good because they were able to wrest concessions from the government on the issue of old age pensions. If the Budget had been prepared conjointly, the glory would have had to be shared. During these negotiations, there was no hiding of facts by the government. In fact the government took the unprecedented step of making public all the major contracts that were issued, and this has stilled a great deal of the speculation and criticism. The government therefore while maintaining its right to be masters of executive policy has had an open-door policy towards the opposition and has met its request for information. It has also accommodated many of the demands of the opposition. Against this background and in light of the position adopted by APNU in the talks with the government on the 2012 Budget, there was no need for what took place on July 18. There was no need for protests because negotiations could have continued on a solution to the electricity problem in Linden. This was not a new issue as APNU itself had made suggestions on how the problem could have been dealt with by the government. One of those suggestions according to the Prime Minister was to apply the subsidy more intensely for those using small amounts of electricity. The Prime Minister did indicate in his address to the National Assembly that the suggestion was being considered. So why protest? Why

Dem boys seh

Today is de last chance fuh Uncle Donald emancipate he self Is never easy when a person tek over a job from somebody who behave like dem de own it. Is even worse yet when de person that hand over did mek people feel like if he own dem too. De Big Rat mek sure he pass through all dem hole round de country before he lef Ohh Pee, even dem hole dat people seh he couldn’t mek it. And at every one, he lef he mark. Just like wha dem dog does do pun people car tyre. Well de smell lef de strongest in de big office wha Uncle Donald does sit in now. De big man sit down fuh eight months and is sheer rat deh in he mind. He ain’t look like if he get

fuh study anything else. And every corner he tun he gat fuh hear ‘bout de rat. Even dem boys remind he dat De Big Rat crossin’ he! Anybody woulda get fed up, and Uncle Donald ain’t no different. He is a big man wid pride and he want fuh free up he self, but like he ain’t know when fuh mek de move. Well de time come now! Dem Boys Seh dat there is no better time than Emancipation Day fuh do it. In fact this is he last chance. He could dress up in some fancy colour clothes today, go down by de Park, wait till he get a chance fuh seh two words, then holler out loud, loud wid he eye skin open “I AM FREE, I AM FREE”.

De people gun watch he like he mad at first, but then it going to sink In. De man finally get to exhale or as we does seh, breathe out. He did holding in he breath from de Rat smell since November. And talking bout holding in breath, soon everybody gat to learn fuh do that, because yuh can’t walk nowhere without buttin’ up wid a pile of garbage. De city stink. City Council give up cause dey bruk. Govt. ain’t got time cause dey deh in court every minute. De opposition behaving like is not dey business. Dem boys know all ah dem just wasting people time! Talk half and go free up yuh self today!

protest considering the facts at hand. The Prime Minister in Parliament had indicated that the average electricity subsidy for Linden was $60.81 per kilowatt hour. The average subsidy for the whole country was $8.78. This means that Linden is subsidized to the tune of more then seven times the rest of the country when measured per kilowatt hour. This clearly suggests that there was a need to look at the cost of generating electricity in Linden The same Prime Minister reported that the average subsidy per Linden household is about $200, 000 per year while for businesses in the mining town it is around $600,000. It was also reported elsewhere that the average consumption in Linden in about three times the national average. These are problems that cannot be ignored or resolved without sacrifices on all sides. If these problems were ignored in the past that was a mistake but clearly they needed to be resolved and could not be resolved without instituting market mechanisms to induce conservation. The other fact is that the subsidy was not being totally removed. It would have been

impossible to unify the rates by removing the subsidy because the cost of generating electricity is high in Linden when compared to the rest of the country The government was however not proposing the removal of the subsidy. It was proposing a reduction of the subsidy with the people of Linden in the first instance paying tariffs that would have only been half of what the rest of the country pays. But that is not the whole story because for bauxite pensioners there were preferences being offered. In fact, the deal was that bauxite pensioners who used 100 kilowatts or less would pay nothing. Yes, they would get for free what the rest of the country has to pay $6,000 per month for. No charge for the bauxite pensioners who were utilizing less than 100 kilowatt. If the leaders of the Linden protest felt that the 50% being charged was too steep an increase at the first go, they should have asked for a more

phased reduction. This may have posed some problems given the rising fuel costs but it was an issue that could have been placed on the negotiating table. But to take the stance of no increase was clearly untenable. And to resort to protest without exploring all possible negotiated solutions was irresponsible. There was no need for such drastic action, except of course if the reason for such drastic action was related to extraneous matters. Those people who died did not need to be where they were no July 18. It was mistake for such action to be taken without exhausting political dialogue. That such an option for dialogue was not pursued makes the deaths of these persons so much sadder.

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Wednesday August 01, 2012


Emancipation Day 2011 was already passed when in the same month a startling confession was made in the High Court by one of the most powerful men who control State power in Guyana. The event was the libel trial where I was sued along with this newspaper by the then President Bharrat Jagdeo. The anger of President Jagdeo stemmed from an academic paper I had read out at a scholarly conference in the National Library in which I argued that there was a manifest pattern of discrimination against African Guyanese. The

research was featured in one of my columns and that article prompted Jagdeo’s court papers. That research paper will be part of my defence when the trial resumes in September. Titled, “Ideological Racism and Ethnic Power: Examining presidencies in Guyanese History,” this 80 page research describes and examines with a plethora of statistics how State power has been used against African Guyanese. Let’s return to that hairraising confession. Dr. Luncheon, the only witness to testify for Mr. Jagdeo (the

other person was called to prove a request for malicious damage and not to testify for the plaintiff himself as Dr. Luncheon did). After pointing out to him that not one envoy in Guyana’s Foreign Service was African, my lawyer Mr. Nigel Hughes inquired of Luncheon if he, Luncheon believes this state of affairs was because there was no African Guyanese qualified to become an Ambassador. Luncheon agreed that this was so. The next day, the media, the bloggers and the Guyanese population couldn’t resist talking about what Luncheon admitted. Then soon after came a national election and the speakers of the AFC and APNU constantly reminded the meetings and the rallies what Luncheon uttered. The Luncheon admission was made public in the third week in August. By that time, Emancipation Day had come and gone. It leaves you to wonder what Emancipation Day would have been like if

Luncheon had said that obnoxious thing at the end of July, just days before the August 1st celebrations. Today is Emancipation Day and no doubt it has been clouded by the raging, fiery controversy of the gunning down of three protestors and the wounding of twenty others in protest activity in Linden on July 18. Could this Emancipation Day be like any other? The answer is no. Those who should have been in the National Park early this morning would have visited the Square of the Revolution where the bodies of the three dead men will be on view. Then the procession moves to Linden. A substantial amount of people from Linden who go to the Park on this day, will be in their home town. And large numbers who should have been in Georgetown for the August 1st festivities will be heading for Linden, including this writer. So since last year we have had the statistics on State bias against African

Guyanese as brought out in the libel trial and now there is the Linden tragedy. The question is; will there be another tragedy around this time of the year in 2013. The superstitious mind would say yes because 13 is an unlucky number. But don’t matter how superstitious is your belief about fate lying outside of the reach of humans, we control much of our destiny. Next year does not have to bring sadness and pessimism. We can inject our volition into the way fate works. This country has not worked because politics and ethnicity are too closely intertwined. Separating them may seem impossible to many. Maybe we don’t have to separate them. We just have to come to an arrangement where each ethnic community is allowed to be Guyanese and given the entitlement to the wealth their country has. Guyana’s problem since the fifties is that an Africanbased party catered for Africans more than the other

Frederick Kissoon races when it was in power. When the Indian based party came to office, it practiced the same depravity. But I need to put on my scholarly hat at this point. I need to say that I lived under both PNC rule and PPP hegemony and my academic conclusions are that the current pro-Indian party is more steeped in its prejudices against Africans than the PNC against Indians when the PNC was in Government. I say this honestly and sincerely and from my heart. But why do I have to inject my heart and mind into my scholarly work when the statistics are there. I believe my research in that paper, whose title is given above, proves this (my opinion of course). I fought for East Indian rights and now I am prepared to die in the fight against discrimination against African Guyanese.

Wednesday August 01, 2012

Kaieteur News

Battle against illegal logging… By Leonard Gildarie Government and the European Union (EU) have commenced negotiations on a process aimed to stamp out the trade of illegal logs and at the same time, for this country to secure its markets in that powerful bloc. With a half of a billion persons in the EU, Guyana over the last four years or so, has traded almost US$30M ($6B) in goods with businesses there. However, new measures by the union, similar to the Kimberley Process to stop the trade in conflict diamonds, have been introduced by the EU which will have farreaching consequences for Guyana’s logging industry, if there is non compliance. Once the agreement, targeted to be signed by 2015, becomes a reality, loggers and other stakeholders will have to ensure that their recordkeeping capacity is in keeping with regulations set by the EU. This is to allow better tracking of logs from its source. Already the US has in place, similar measures… the “Lacey Act”…. to fight global illegal logging. The European Parliament and European Council had approved the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (EU FLEGT) in 2003. It prohibits the sale of timber logged illegally under the rules of the country of origin. In addition, companies must use a system of ‘due diligence’ to ascertain that the timber they sell in the EU was harvested legally. Guyana has started several stakeholders meetings with operators and regulators alike to discuss the implications and to plot the way forward. During a joint press conference with Natural Resources Minister, Robert Persaud and EU Ambassador, Robert Kopecký on Monday, the officials noted that the negotiations for a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) between

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More stringent record-keeping for loggers under impending EU agreement

Guyana and the EU would be easy since there is a common appreciation of the factors. According to the Ambassador, the FLEGT program could be considered the “Kimberly Process” of logs and will help in stamping out illegal logging and preserving Guyana’s pristine forests. The diplomat noted that EU remains a big player in world trade with over 500 million persons living in its member states…residents who want woods, logs and furniture. According to Minister Persaud, the onus is on government to ensure the preservation of the EU market, with Guyana facing a possible unthinkable loss if the issue is not addressed. He called on donors to assist Guyana with resources during the negotiation. Guyana may have to “fine tune” current monitoring systems by government regulator, the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC), the Minister admitted. He noted that the EU FLEGT program encourages more valueadding. Guyana possesses approximately 18.3 million hectares of tropical rainforest, which cover roughly 87% of the country (21.1 million hectares). According to the joint statement by the Ministry and the EU, illegal logging and its associated trade, leads to worldwide sustainable economic, social, and environmental damage, involving financial, technical and trade links between companies and individuals in both timber-producing and timber-consuming countries. “Therefore, the combat against these illegal activities is not solely the responsibility of the producer countries, but is also the responsibility of consumer countries.” The agreement will be legally binding on both parties once negotiations are completed and the agreement is concluded. “When fully operational, the system provides

Natural Resources Minister, Robert Persaud, (3rd left) and EU Ambassador, Robert Kopecký with forestry officials. confidence to the EU buyers that Guyana’s timber products were legally sourced. The VPA will be applied to all timber exports on a list of forest products defined during negotiations with the European Union. The system can optionally be developed to cover forest products to all other exporting markets.” Informal consultations to date have resulted in an understanding amongst Guyanese stakeholders on the major issues that need to be addressed during the negotiation process, the statement said. According to the joint statement, also to be considered are the implications that a VPA would have on multiple land uses such as agriculture, forestry and mining; the impact on indigenous peoples on their titled lands in regard to commercial and subsistence activities. It is the hope that Guyana and the European Union have agreed to commence formal negotiations later this year with the objective of concluding negotiations on a VPA by September 2015. “Negotiations will also take into account the implications on the nontimber sector, in particular the extractive sector. Guyana and the EU anticipate that the conclusion and effective implementation of the VPA will contribute to the sustainable management of Guyana’s forests rural employment and economic development.”

US$179M financial proposal for Solid Waste Management Consultancy Under the Georgetown Solid Waste Management Financial Proposal, the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) yesterday opened a lone bid for the institutional strengthening and supervision consultancy.

The Ministry of Tourism Industry and Commerce also received two bids for the procurement of scanner for the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA).

The Ministry of Health also received bids for the procurement of medical equipment. The bids were divided into lots -(a) and (b.) The bids were:

Still in the health sector, bids were opened at NPTAB for the supply and delivery of furniture and equipment. The bids are as follow:

The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) also opened bids for the extension of the mortuary. With an estimated Engineer’s cost of $1,833,650, the bids are:

Power crisis again in Berbice The performance of the Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) has been deteriorating in Berbice over the past few months. Countless blackouts have gripped the East and West Berbice system in recent times and the situation seems to be worsening. A telephone call to the Engineer attached to the Canefield Power Station was met with hostility as he was not prepared to offer any explanation for over 10 power outages in the region within a 24- hour period. He said “ya’ll disturbing me” and “ya’ll can print whatever ya’ll want to print”. Efforts to contact Regional Operations

...160 blackouts in 2012 Manager, Ayube Bacchus yesterday, proved futile. Up to yesterday around 14:30hrs, there were 23 blackouts in July, and 160 blackouts for the year as compared to 89 during the same period last year. That means that power outages have almost doubled as compared to the same period last year. There were 34 blackouts in May, 17 in June. If GPL continues the current trend, it could see 2012 having the most recorded blackouts for the company, ever. The increasingly hot and humid days have caused

Berbicians to be reeling from the daily rolling blackouts and the heat. An interview with Bacchus in May had Berbicians all optimistic that things were okay with the power company and its generating capacity. Use of fuel, he had said, is one crucial area in which the company would be paying much attention to cushion the effects of the budget cuts. Fuel procurement, maintenance, subprojects, “it may have an impact on it, but the bottom line is that we have to manage this thing and be more efficient and do things better”.

Four bids were also submitted for the rehabilitation of internal walkways and roadways for the GPHC. With an engineer’s estimate of $2,251,350 the bids are as follow:

Under the Ministry of Culture bids were opened for the rehabilitation of the existing building at the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport. The engineer’s estimate is $1, 925, 000 and the bids were:

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Wednesday August 01, 2012

Suriname auto dealership commissions Berbice branch, decries red tape A Surinamese auto dealership is hoping to make its mark on the Guyanese market with the Monday commissioning of an office in Guyana. Pan American Motors Incorporated will be providing Guyanese with a choice of Sedans and SUVs. The business entity, which is located at 19-2 Strand and Pope Street, New Amsterdam, has a location at Border Town, Nickerie, but has its headquarters in the capital, Paramaribo. It has been doing business in Guyana since June, but has now gotten the all clear to officially open. According to the President of the company, Ishmael Mohammed Khan, the business started over 10 years ago with a simple branch in Nickerie and after two years, opened another one in Paramaribo. The decision to open a branch in this country was made three years ago after it was found that many Guyanese were doing business with the company. The Guyanese would also

complain about the high price of the vehicles and spare parts in Guyana. The businessman disclosed that New Amsterdam was chosen because of many reasons including its close proximity to Suriname. He was critical of the long time it took to process the paper work. “We import the cars directly from Japan on special arrangements. So we buy them cheap and we sell them back cheap. Our prices are good. We sell the cars for $1000 to $1500 US cheaper than others in Guyana. Plus we also give a lot of other benefits including full tank gas and warranty.” The company plans to open a branch in the city. Local manager, Robert Esseboom, said that business has been good. Also speaking at the ceremony was Mohamed Chiragally, President of Suriname’s City Group Holding and Five Star Hotel, which is one of the largest of its kind in Suriname. He was also very critical of the length of time that it took to get through the

The newly-commissioned New Amsterdam branch of Surinamese-owned Pan American Motors Incorporated. bureaucracy. He urged Guyana to remove the red tape. President of the Berbice Chamber of Commerce, Imran Sacoor, in extending an invitation for similar investments, encouraged

Guyanese business entities to use Suriname to expand their businesses.

PPP/C’s Member of Parliament, Fizal Jafarally, did not respond to the concerns

of the bureaucratic delays but congratulated the company for choosing Guyana.

Ansa McAl is 20! ANSA McAL Trading Ltd is celebrating its 20th anniversary and its Managing Director, Beverley Harper, has promised that the company will be celebrating in fine style with its employees, customers and Guyanese public at large. The company was incorporated in July 1992 and started operations in October that year. During this period, the company is planning to host a number of exciting activities, kicking it off last night with an anniversary concert dubbed “SOCA SHOWDOWN” at the

Providence, National Stadium. While the company will be hosting a number of celebratory events between July and October, they will also be focusing on community developmental works including the rehabilitation of the Mackenzie Sports Club football field, the development of the Beterverwagting Field and community projects in Berbice. According to the company, since coming to Guyana 20 years ago, it has been working to satisfy the needs of consumers by providing the highest quality

products including its Carib Beer, consumer goods, Procter & Gamble products, and pharmaceuticals and construction solutions. One of the company’s most revered products, ‘Carib Beer’ has become synonymous with ANSA McAl in Guyana and the Caribbean. ANSA McAl also represents Stag, Mackeson, Smalta, Gillette, Lucozade, Bounty, Ariel, Always, Swinger matches, Trinchloro, Mak-C, Cheekies, Underraga and Riunite wines, Penta paints, Caroni roof and floor tiles and a host of other great products. Tracing its beginning to Trinidad and Tobago in the early 1880’s, the ANSA McAl Group has grown beyond the borders of the twin island Republic to over 50 companies in about eight economic sectors in Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, Barbados, St. Kitts & Nevis and the United States of America; making this enterprise one of the largest and most profitable conglomerates in the Western Hemisphere. The company currently has an annual turnover of approximately $7B and employs approximately 170 persons.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

Wednesday August 01, 2012

Kaieteur News

Business owner drops dead... (From page 3) time expressed his regret over the losses of the other business owners. There are reports that some stores within the mall may have sustained minor water damages as fire fighters were forced to soak the building in their attempt to save it. Owners of several nearby stores were seen removing items to safety. Meanwhile, there was high police presence between Alexander and Camp Streets, which were cordoned off to prevent looting. However, there were still reports of some looting prior to the barricades being erected. According to Commander of “A” Division, George Vyphius, his ranks did an excellent job at containing the crowd. He noted that there were some reports of looting but he could not immediately say to what magnitude. Fire Chief, Marlon Gentle, said the Fire Service received the first fire call at around 05:15 hours and immediately responded with three fire tenders. Firemen, on arriving were greeted by the sight of the first building completely engulfed. The upper flat of the second building was also engulfed. “After we arrived and we got a better look at the situation we mobilized all units in Georgetown and once all our equipment had arrived we went into operation,” The Fire Chief said their first priority was to prevent the fire from spreading both to the eastern and western direction since they are all main commercial areas. “When the first three units arrived, the top of Clairans' building was engulfed and within minutes Boyo's building was on fire too,” The Fire Chief added that after an hour of persistent work they were able to con-

Lucky Dollar employees console each other at the scene tain the blaze at the Lucky Dollar building. “The three buildings were primarily of wood and therefore they would not have been able to resist the fire and added to that they were all heavily laden goods including cloth which gives off a lot of flames and burns easily.” RESCUED! He added that fortunately they were able to rescue four Chinese Nationals who were trapped in one of the burning buildings. “When we got here we heard that persons were trapped in a building and we also heard them banging on a metal shutter and screaming for help so we were forced to cut into the building to rescue them.” This publication was told that the four Chinese suffered minor cuts and bruises about their body. “The persons were taken into one of our trucks because they exited the build-

ings clutching bags with what we suspected to be valuables so we did that for their protection.” The Fire Chief further noted that while they did bring out all of their fire fighting capabilities the inferno overwhelmed their resources. “We came with all of our capacity but the magnitude of this fire overpowered our capacity, so we had to resort to the Church Street Canal, the North Road Canal and the South Road canal, the North Road was silted which was not good for us but overall we were able to do a good job.” There were no working water hydrants in the area. The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce & Industry in a press statement expressed sympathies and noted that the fire will no doubt create a setback on the economic fortunes of the businesses affected and the economy in general.

Firefighters soaking the side of City Mall building to prevent it from burning

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Wednesday August 01, 2012

Granger beckons return of lost PNCR leadership By Gary Eleazar The Peoples National Congress Reform (PNCR) this year celebrates its 55th anniversary and at the conclusion of its recently concluded 17th Biennial Congress, Brigadier (rtd) David Granger emerged as the New Party leader. It was not a typical PNCR internal election usually characterized with boisterous bitterness being on full display. Logistics did pose a problem as both candidates for the Leadership post, Granger and former Finance Minister, Carl Greenidge, reportedly expressed concerns over the process. Voting was delayed for a bit and contrary to reports that there was a ruckus, it proceeded fairly smoothly throughout the day, taking into account limitations on the part of the organizers. The result in terms of vote count had only been finalized in the wee hours on Monday morning by which time Attorney-at-Law, Basil Williams, had secured the Chairmanship of the party. ‘Cammie’ Ramsaroop was the incumbent.

…says party won’t go it alone at next election with him at the helm

PNCR’s newly elected Leader, Brigadier (rtd) David Granger Volda Lawrence and Dr. George Norton have both secured the Vice-Chair positions while Ronald Bulkan has been elected Treasurer. The remaining posts for the party’s Central Executive are yet to be finalized Previous party leader, Robert Corbin, did not contest the post, but rather than “abandon ship”, he sought a post on the Central Executive.

GRANGER’S TRACK RECORD Responding to criticisms that he may not be up to the task at hand, given that he was never a politician, Granger pointed to the renewed enthusiasm by young Guyanese, primarily as it relates to politics and the workings of the political parties in the current climate. He pointed also to the turnout at General and Regional Elections and said that while it was not as high as was expected, it did represent a renewed interest, and this he credits to his leadership during the campaign. Granger who currently leads A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), a coalition of 10 parties that includes the PNCR, defended his stewardship in that post, saying it is more than an adequate footing to stand on to serve him as Leader of the PNCR. He said that navigating the political climate following the results of the last Regional and General Election did require a different set of

skills for which he has demonstrated he possesses. “It did require managerial skills, it did require negotiation, consultation, cooperation and those are not skills that you publicize. But look at the impact in the National Assembly.” He explained that as a result of his leadership, the Alliance for Change (AFC), which holds seven of the 33 Combined Opposition seats in Parliament, voted along with APNU. “AFC and APNU were able to vote together and that is because of structures I put in place…that I, David Granger, put in place.” In speaking to his managerial skills that would give him the advantage over the others in heading the PNCR, Granger pointed to his management of a combination of parties in Parliament that fall under the APNU banner. He pointed to parties such as the Working Peoples’ Alliance (WPA) and the PNC, which have traditionally been at loggerheads, but are now working together as part of a coalition.

“These are not skills which you can broadcast, but they are acquired skills which have produced an outcome.” He pointed also to the recent “No Confidence” motion against Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, which he calls an impeachment and said that “it is led by David Granger and it calls for negotiations.” Turning his attention to the PNCR and its internal needs and his ability to deliver, Granger said “I think that after seven months in the National Assembly, the achievements of the joint opposition are attributable to leadership skills.” PNC THEN AND NOW The PNC left the executive halls of power following the 1992 Regional and General Elections under its then Leader, Hugh Desmond Hoyte, and according to Granger, “it has been no secret that there have been internal challenges within the party,” since then. He was at the time giving his assessment of the party as it stands today as against 1992. Granger explained that it is no secret that there have been parties formed such as the Alliance for Change which has been spawned in part by the internal differences of the PNC. Raphael Trotman, who currently holds the post of Leader of the AFC and Speaker of the National Assembly was once a senior Executive Member of the PNCR but parted ways with the party prior to the 2006 Election. “The difference is that I have been able to bring that sort of factionalism under control, the PNC as of last year was much more united.” He spoke of the fact that he has also been able to, in recent months strengthen the party’s National Congress of Women. “I will continue to work towards the reform of the

party,” said Granger even as he recognized that “despite the factionalism, the PNC emerged in 2011 a much stronger and more reliable ally and it was on that basis that APNU was founded.” He said that persons must recognize the magnitude of the reality where there is the existence of a 10-party coalition in Guyanese politics and stressed that the PNC was a major player in the formation of the partnership. APNU WILL BE NEXT GOVERNMENT Granger was adamant that the next government will be a government of national unity under the APNU banner. Granger told this publication that he has not been leader of the party before and as such could not say why several of the senior membership would have drifted, “but I am confident that with my leadership of the PNCR, people will return.” Not just banking on the return of key figures in the party, Granger stressed that the Guyana Youth and Student Movement (GYSM) is being resuscitated where a new cadre of leaders for the PNCR will be molded. “As I said I am aware that there were challenges…We would like to go into the (Regional and General) Elections with a much younger slate and a more balanced slate in terms of gender.” Granger was adamant that while there have been problems in the reform arm of the party; generally, it is in a better position currently, to attract supporters. Greenidge who was Granger’s biggest challenger at Sunday’s election had said that he is not questioning the Brigadier’s ability to lead but rather adding the post of PNCR leader to his portfolio will only serve to “put too much on his plate.” The PNCR Congress was originally scheduled to be held last year, but was pushed back to this date.

Wednesday August 01, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Govt. hosts landmark procurement conference Faced with embarrassing reports questioning transparency in the award of massive contracts, the government will this week meet key stakeholders to outline the process of public procurement. This comes as the country readies for the imminent establishment of the Public Procurement Commission (PPC) and the implementation of standard bidding documents for all state agencies involved in the procurement of goods and services. Tomorrow and Friday, the government will bring together all stakeholders, including bid evaluators and contractors, to thrash out all the details regarding public procurement. Minister within the Ministry of Finance, Juan Edghill, during a press conference on Monday, explained that it could be considered “two significant and landmark days” in the government’s quest for fairness, transparency and value for money in the award of government contracts. Edghill said that the issue of public procurement has been in the public spaces and the government was therefore taking a proactive approach in dealing with the issue. On Thursday, all of the persons at the national, regional and ministerial levels who are involved in the evaluation of bids would meet

- as corruption reports bite

Junior Minister of Finance, Juan Edghill to fully ventilate how they should do so. Evaluation committees recommend the best bids to the National Procurement and Tender Board Administration. If it involves a contract of over $15 million, the recommendation goes to the Cabinet for a “No Objection” before it could be awarded. Edghill said that this Thursday meeting, which would be closed to the public,

is an effort to strengthen the evaluation process and to ensure fairness, transparency and the value for money. On Friday, contractors from the length and breadth of Guyana, are being invited to gather for a symposium that will outline the bidding exercise, so that all and sundry can be educated in order to participate in the process. This is the session at which the new standard bidding documents would be released. Edghill said this education and awareness symposium will clear the misconception that bidders are pre-selected and only one set of bidders are chosen. According to the official, the government is not interested in “one set” of bidders, but “the best” bidder. As a result, he said the government is attempting to erase the feelings of some contractors that if they bid they would not be awarded a contract.

Meanwhile, Edghill said the use of the government’s procurement website is an

integral part of the procurement process, but it has not been updated because of certain challenges. The Government Information Agency (GINA)

is responsible for posting advertisements calling for the submission of bids and tenders for the supply of goods and services for the government.

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Wednesday August 01, 2012

Rohee stands defiant with “clear conscience” By Gary Eleazar The combined Opposition, on Monday, unanimously voted for Parliament to call on Head of State Donald Ramotar to issue Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee with his ‘Marching Orders’ That Motion of “No Confidence” was successfully piloted by Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, Brigadier (rtd) David Granger. The debate will also be recorded as one of the most extensive in the House in recent times with the vote finally taking place shortly after 02:00hrs in the ‘Hallowed Chambers.’ The debate had commenced on Wednesday last. Clement Rohee, was the subject of the debate and motion but he made the shortest presentation (just under five minutes) in his defence, where he declared that his “conscience was clear.” The Minister made it clear that he is standing behind the 166,000-plus persons that voted for the People’s Progressive Party/Civic, of which he is a part. “It was 166,177 people

- as House passes no confidence vote against him

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds who voted for us on this side of the House,” Rohee said. He told the House that while he has listened carefully to the charges being made by the Opposition, which have sometimes been scathing to the point of murder accusations, he would not respond to it at that forum. The Minister said that what happened in Linden resulting in the shooting deaths of three persons and numerous others injured “is a complex one.” Rohee declared that he has a lot to say but prefers to wait for the “Independent Commission of Inquiry.” He was adamant that the many views that arose during the debate “is but a microcosm” of the views from wider society. The Minister said that to lay the blame squarely at the ‘civilians” at the Ministry of Home Affairs, flies in the face of “presumption of innocence which is enshrined in the Constitution” as he plugged

following due process. CLEAR CONSCIENCE He said that he awaits the establishment of the Commission of Inquiry and reminded the House that, “I do so with a conscience that is clear.” “I have always executed my function without fear or favour, affection or ill will.” Even before the Minister stood in his defence, the Christian religious community was also on display trading barbs over the Linden debacle. Bishop Juan Edghill sought to condemn some of the Christian leaders in the Region 10 community who were part of the Linden protests against electricity tariff hike. Bishop Edghill who serves as the Junior Finance Minister, by way of heckling throughout his defense of Rohee, was constantly reminded of his campaign declaration as it relates to where “Jesus Christ” would cast his vote. Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds, who has also been taking significant flak for his “perceived inadequate representation” of the region, told the House “nothing could undo those tragic events.” He noted the many meetings between the stakeholders and the Administration and believed that progress is being made. The government, he said, is committed to the

international component for the Commission of Inquiry and reminded that the forum is expected to be “comprehensive in its coverage.” The Prime Minister reminded also that the Government is committed to putting on hold the increase in tariff for Linden and pointed too to the technical team proposed to review all available and practical options. While he said that the Government agrees with placing on record, condemnation for the killings and condolences for the family, he wants culpability to be determined by the Commission of Inquiry and as such reminded that the call for

Morian, Kissoon and Trotman all of whom were on the bridge at the time of the shooting. DEATHS NOT TRIVIAL The Brigadier (rtd) was adamant that the debate was not an occasion to trivialize the deaths of “these three martyrs” and said that “this house is not a place to make jokes about these three deaths.” He slammed government speakers saying that the debate was not an opportunity for “filibuster which has been taking place.” A filibuster is defined loosely to mean a type of parliamentary procedure where an individual extends debate, allowing a lone member to delay or entirely prevent a vote on a given proposal. It is also referred to in

“We are going to ensure that the people who presided over the last shooting will not preside over another shooting…there is no other institution in this country that can prevent this insanity, only this House can do it,” David Granger ‘Rohee’s head on a platter’ was premature and couldn’t be supported. Granger, who piloted the motion and had called for the vote, in his rebuttal Monday immediately reminded the Home Affair Minister that as opposed to the 166,000 persons that he was standing behind, the APNU’s demand, for which he spoke, was on the shoulders of 175,000-plus for APNU along with those that voted for the AFC. “We have heard the authentic testimony of eyewitnesses,” said Granger and he pointed to APNU’s

some jurisdictions as a “talking out a bill.” He lamented the fact that the Government lined up more than a dozen speakers to the motion using dialogue as a device to delay the inevitable. “This motion is not about electricity rates…This motion is about the competence of the Minister of Home affairs.” “The killings on 18 July were not force majeure; they were not an act of God.” He sought to debunk criticisms emanating from the Government benches that the motion was premature saying

Under Fire, Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee that, in fact “if anything it has been delayed….if anything, this motion is pre-emptive to prevent further mischief.” “We are going to ensure that there is justice tonight,” said Granger and warned that “we are going to ensure that the people who presided over the last shooting will not preside over another shooting…there is no other institution in this country that can prevent this insanity, only this House can do it.” Responding to those that have said that Parliament cannot remove the Minister, Granger declared that “There is no other institution in this country that can authoritatively call for, and demand the revocation of the appointment of the Minister of Home Affairs.” Granger explained that while the partnership supports the Commission of Inquiry that body should not been seen as a substitute to the revocation of the appointment of the Minister. Rattling off the list of moves that APNU will support, Granger was adamant that “we will not wait another night to stop this lawlessness in the Guyana Police Force.”

Wednesday August 01, 2012

Kaieteur News

Woman goes missing after receiving threatening phone calls Nanda Ramcoobeer, aged 39, of Lot 1695 Tuschen Housing Scheme, West Coast Demerara has been missing for the past eight days. Her disappearance comes after several threats were made by an unknown caller to take her life. The woman’s husband, Naresh Ramcoobeer, said that he is baffled as to why his wife of 21 years would just up and leave without an explanation. “We aint got no problem…we live good all these years… she never mention that she want go away,” said a tearful Ramcoobeer. Ramcoobeer, a fisherman by trade, said that he was at sea when he heard the dreadful news of his wife’s disappearance. The missing woman was last seen by their 15-year-old son when she left their home on Friday last.

Missing: Nanda Ramcoobeer According to the man, his teenaged son told him that his mother was clad in a long blue jeans and black vest as she left home to collect her glasses. “My son call me and tell me… “Papa, mommy aint

come home since three days now and we aint know what happen to she.” Ramcoobeer said that he abruptly left his work and went looking for his wife. “I look by the relatives. I file reports at the Leonora (police) Station and (I) looking all over for she,” the visibly frustrated man said. Two months ago, before the woman went missing, she had received numerous phone calls from an unknown number- the person on the other end threatened to kill her. “If she is anywhere, I just want she tell she children that she alright even if she find somebody else that mek she more happy than me, I gon let she go once she happy.” Persons knowing the whereabouts of Nanda Ramcoobeer are asked to call 672-4990 or 686-3930 or contact the nearest police station.

Woman leads police to sleeping spouse’s hidden illegal gun The old saying that “hell hath no fury than a woman’s scorn” was aptly manifested yesterday when an abused woman led police to the illegal gun that her reputed husband had threatened her with. The man made the mistake and fell asleep after committing the act, leaving the terrified woman with ample time to contact the police. It was early morning when the police swooped down on the Buxton, East Coast Demerara house and recovered a 9mm pistol, which was stashed in a washing machine. Police in a press release

yesterday stated that during investigations into a report of threats, “the police conducted a search on a house at Cummings Street, Buxton at about 00:10 hour, during which they found an unlicensed 9mm Glock pistol. A man has been arrested and is in police custody.” This newspaper was told that the woman and the man had parted ways sometime last week, with the man moving out of the home they were sharing. However, he returned on Monday night with the weapon and reportedly threatened to shoot the woman.

He remained at the house where he fell asleep after stashing the weapon. The terrified woman who saw where he had hidden the weapon, waited until he was fast asleep, sneaked out of the house and made her way to the Vigilance Police Station where she reported what had transpired. She subsequently took ranks to her house where the suspect was awakened and to his shock, he was taken to the washing machine. Police said that the suspect is not immediately known for any crime but checks are still being made to see if the weapon is linked to criminal activity.

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As Guyanese engage in Emancipation observances this year, the Alliance For Change (AFC) urges all Guyanese to reflect on the true state of our freedom. The AFC notes that this year the observances fall at a time when Linden is caught up in the throes of mourning for three of their sons, whose lives were snuffed out as the people of Linden demonstrated in a manner synonymous with the rights of free men. In no democratic society where freedom truly exists would men and women be prevented from exercising and enjoying basic human rights. The respect for and guarantee of human rights is the hallmark of a truly free society. When people have

their rights taken away, then they can no longer claim to be free. In this context, the AFC urges all Guyanese regardless of their race, colour, religion or political affiliation to use this Emancipation Day to stand together as free men and women; send a strong message that the struggles of our foreparents that led to their triumphant victory over bondage will not be trampled upon; and our freedom will not be taken from us – not through bullyism, tyranny or subterfuge. The deprivation of the human rights of any one group of our people must be the concern of all of us. In as much as our ancestors stood together against colonial

bondage and oppression, so too must we stand together as One People as we remind ourselves of our proud legacy eternalised in the words of our National Anthem: Green land of Guyana, our heroes of yore, Both bondsmen and free, laid their bones on your shore. This soil so they hallowed, and from them are we, All sons of one Mother, Guyana the free. Great land of Guyana, diverse though our strains, We’re born of their sacrifice, heirs of their pains, And ours is the glory their eyes did not see, One land of six peoples, united and free.

The Working People’s Alliance (WPA) salutes the people of Guyana, particularly the African Guyanese community, on the occasion of the 174th anniversary of the abolition of chattel slavery. This year’s observances are overshadowed by the shooting of unarmed protestors in Linden by the police. It is a vivid reminder that almost 18 decades since emancipation, the children of the formerly enslaved continue to face some of the very challenges their ancestors sought to eradicate. The anti-people nature of the state persists to this day. It is, therefore, fitting that this year’s observances be dedicated to the Linden Martyrs, who were injured on July 18 and the people of Linden. WPA commends the people of Linden and the wider African Guyanese community for rejecting attempts by Government to

draw them into a race war. The decision to instead focus their energies on organizing a mass freedom movement is a serious blow in favor of the restoration of the emancipation spirit. What is particularly inspiring is that in the noble tradition of selfemancipation, this movement is led by the masses acting in unity with their own strength and native wisdom. WPA urges that this culture of selforganization for selfemancipation become the rule rather than the exception. A people relying on their own instincts are always in a superior position to those relying on directions from overlords. WPA uses this Emancipation anniversary to call for a renewal of the Emancipation promise of a state and Government that stands not in opposition to the democratic and righteous aspirations of the citizenry but in the defense and promotion of a society free from domination and

coercion. We call for a national plan aimed at restoring the villages to their once productive state in the areas of economics, education and culture. In this regard an economic revitalization plan for Linden cannot wait. Such a plan must have the direct input of the communities involved. We encourage a conversation within the African Guyanese community aimed at educating the community, particularly the youth, about the contributions African Guyanese have made to the economic, political and cultural development of Guyana. We call for a similar national conversation on Racial Reconciliation as a prerequisite to national healing and unity. WPA remains convinced that only a national Government can bring the necessary relief and security to Guyana and lay the basis for a lasting social and political reconciliation.

The Chief Executive Officer, Michael Khan, management and staff of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation extend Emancipation Day greetings. The abolition of slavery represents a watershed in history, ending centuries of the most abominable system known to humanity. On this Emancipation Day 2012, it is noteworthy that we recognize the sterling efforts of the abolitionists. But even more important is that on this day we give honour and

thanks to the millions who paid the ultimate sacrifice so that slavery could be abolished. Long before the abolitionists began their noble mission, the slaves had begun a heroic and sustained process of resistance. In the course of that struggle, the burdens borne were great, the human toll heavy and the sacrifices countless. This was the colossal price paid to bring closure to one of history’s darkest phases. It is my wish that we, mankind, never again return

to such a state of human subjugation. On this Emancipation Day, it is also my hope that we will all commit towards securing our freedoms by working to build a society in which all are respected. Here at the Georgetown Hospital, we will continue to serve our patients with respect regardless of race, religion gender or social class. In so doing, we will be playing our part in securing a future in which every person is equal in dignity.

Wednesday August 01, 2012

On the occasion of Emancipation Day 2012, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) salutes Guyanese of African descent in particular and all Guyanese in general. This year 2012 is the 174th anniversary of the Emancipation of African slaves in British Guiana and the PPP takes great pride in celebrating the anniversary. Throughout these 174 years, citizens of African descent have made remarkable and significant progress in all areas of national development and social achievement. What they achieved to date would have made their ancestors proud with the achievements discernible from those days. It would have been like an impossible dream to those who were oppressed by slavery and exploitation. Today, our African

Guyanese population continues to make invaluable contributions to the progress of our country. This is now being done in the atmosphere of freedom and democracy. The PPP-Civic is also proud that among the nations of the world, Guyana stands out as a shining example of how a democratic and multiethnic society with varying cultural backgrounds can unify to accelerate social and economic development and provide an improvement in living standards. In any society, there will always be challenges to overcome. What has made us so successful thus far is our ability to rise above all obstacles and work together in the best interest of our nation. Within this context, the PPP is confident that the problems now confronting us

in Region 10 will be amicably resolved. The Party once again expresses deep regret over the fatalities that occurred in the police operation to maintain law and order in the region and the township of Linden. The PPP also joins with sober minded persons in warning about the “wild men” in that Region who are apparently bent on sowing seeds of dissension and division. Lindeners are urged to resist these “wild men” and to refrain from destroying what they have worked so hard over the past years to build. Let August 1, 2012 be seen as a day of assessment by all Guyanese to not only measure our successes, but to re-affirm our commitment to working together for the overall benefit of our country.

The Progressive Youth Organization (PYO) joins in celebrating one of the most important holidays in our country’s history. Emancipation Day, August 1, 1838 was the culmination of many great struggles of African slaves. It constituted the first major blow for the complete independence of our nation. As a young nation, we need to take inspiration from our past to proceed in developing our country. The sacrifices of our forefathers in fighting against slavery must inspire us to work tirelessly to promote our nation’s cause. In the past we were exploited to build European nations. Today, we have the opportunity of building our own country. So

far, we have collectively made important strides. Nation building is a huge venture and sacrifices and fairness are needed. All of us, especially young people, must be conscious that we need to put our shoulders to the wheel, in order to advance the best interests of our nation. We must also be prepared to equally struggle for our own and our future generations’ upliftment. That is why we support the plan for the gradual integration of electricity rates paid by the people of Linden with that of the rest of the country. This is in the best interest of all. We must also be aware that we have not reached the stage of full selfreliance. Neither the country nor the national private sector

possesses all the means to advance us rapidly to that stage we aspire to. This means that there is a role for foreign capital to play in the process of development. However, neither national nor international capital would invest in a climate where the atmosphere for production and productivity is not good. We must promote our country as a place where people are prepared to work diligently to bring about further advancement. We must fight against any proposal that would make us dependent and which in the end would lead to underdevelopment. The most prosperous countries in the world today are those whose people are prepared to work hard to build their nations.

One of the primary functions of the Ministry’s overall mandate is to preserve and promote the cultural significance, the elements of our heritage and legacy as a nation. The fact that Guyana is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural society, wherein various groups have fashioned and now celebrate diverse origins, landmarks and anniversaries in their own specific reverent, exuberant, even educational manner, merely adds to the cultural mosaic and identity that is peculiarly Guyanese. Such an observance and celebration is this week’s Emancipation

anniversary. It is against such reflections that the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport actively joins our AfricanGuyanese in celebrating this annual national event. Emancipation is national if only because it was the catalyst which caused the arrival of other major groups to this land (except our first, indigenous people, the Amerindians). Therein lies’ a powerful reason for every group of Guyanese to embrace both the act and spirit and consequences of the legal full freedom of the African plantation slaves from British ownership, one

hundred and seventy four years ago. Every year, friendly provocative debates arise as to the long-lasting effects of plantation enslavement on its victims and their descendants. The Ministry regards the discussions as useful, especially if analyses and conclusions are motivating both pride and productivity. Afro-Guyanese must be proud of the inescapable historical facts that their fathers’ sacrifices produced the countries first man-made drainage and irrigation infrastructure, established (Continued on page 27)

Wednesday August 01, 2012

On the 174th Anniversary of the Emancipation of the Slaves, under the theme, “Reclaiming Our Rights through Unified Purpose”, the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) joins other Guyanese organisations and the Guyanese people in general, in commemoration of this most important milestone in our country’s march towards social and economic independence. On the first of August 1838, descendants of Africans in Guyana regained their freedom after two centuries of enslavement. Every August, therefore, it is fitting that the entire Guyanese nation should participate in the public celebration to commemorate not only the bloody sacrifices of the Africans who struggled, suffered and were slaughtered for the sake of the freedom we all enjoy today, but also the birth of the nation itself which was the consequence of Emancipation. In fact, Emancipation is Guyana’s most important national celebration. It marks the start of the most significant demographic change through the coming of various ethnic groups – mainly the Portuguese, East Indians and Chinese; the transformation of the coastal landscape through the creation of free villages; the diversification of the economy into the production of food crops, gold-mining and logging; and, eventually, the liberation of society through the popular movements for labour organisation, constitutional reform and political mobilisation. In celebrating Emancipation, we celebrate the diversity of the Guyanese nation and the rich cultural heritage of all our people. Emancipation was not for few, but for all. It is true that the African fore-parents of the Guyanese people fought for

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freedom 249 years ago in the Berbice Revolt led by Kofi; 189 years ago in the Demerara Revolt inspired by Kwamina; 178 years ago in the Essequibo Revolt led by Damon; and in so many other places at many other times. Today, Guyanese of all races are the beneficiaries and heirs of our nation’s first freedom fighters. After Emancipation, the free people established village communities which became the crucible of what became recognised as African-Guyanese culture which rested securely on the foundation of freedom and was manifested in their adherence to the church almost every African was a Christian and almost every village had at least one church; the family home regardless how poor, everyone was a member of a family and had a home in which to live; the school – in which they were enabled to achieve near universal literacy; and the farm — the provision grounds which made Guyana a major exporter of vegetables to the Eastern Caribbean by early in the 20th century. This was the Emancipation Covenant for which the fore-parents of the African-Guyanese fought freedom; faith; family; education and labour. Emancipation was about liberation, not just from enslavement on the plantation, but from all forms of restrictions that prevented them from enjoying a dignified life. They understood that Emancipation was not a single event that occurred on August 1. It was the start of a continuous process in which the emancipated must continuously emancipate themselves. In our fore-parents’ world view, the consolidation of the family, acquisition of land, adherence to the faith, construction of homes, schools and churches,

production and sale of commodities were all part of self-liberation. Emerging from the long night of enslavement, they knew that they could expect no charity from a vengeful plantocracy, or sympathy from the Colonial Government. They knew that they had to work hard and long to get by, much less to get on. They did not expect the Government to solve their problems. They had to be self-reliant, and they were. It would have been wishful thinking to expect that a single legislative measure such as the Emancipation Act could erase the effects of a system which could be described as the greatest crime against humanity of the last millennium. Plantation slavery, however, cast a long dark shadow over the entire western hemisphere. Although the prominence of a few successful celebrities, scholars, professional persons and sportsmen and women is often mistaken as proof that the Emancipation of Africans was successful, it is evident that a much larger number do not enjoy a high quality of life. Many problems still affect persons of African descent — discrimination; marginalisation; underemployment; inappropriate education; criminal violence; political misrepresentation; debilitating disease; and domestic instability. These remain causes for concern that must be addressed. Emancipation, after all, was not a finite event that ended 174 years ago. Rather, it was the start of a long, continuous process which must aim at affording a higher quality of life to Guyanese of every race. May all of the many activities taking place during this week remind us of the need for continuous struggle, in unity, to overcome and to win despite the odds.

Ministry of Culture, Youth... (From page 26) our country’s original village system and contributed the human resources to man the then colony’s professions, trades and entrepreneurial enterprises. Reflection and selfexamination must occupy a f r o - G u y a n e s e consciousness at this stage of our history and national development even as they make merry at the soirees with traditional music, dance, foods and dress.

The Ministry increased its monetary contributions to the leading, registered, ethnic-specific afro-

Guyanese representative and cultural organizations that are active in preserving and promoting their rich legacy.

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Emancipation Day Message from His Excellency, President Donald Ramotar I extend hearty greetings to all Guyanese on the occasion of Emancipation Day, 2012. This day which is also popularly known as Freedom Day marks the anniversary of that very first Emancipation Day, August 1st, 1834 when the heinous system of slavery was outlawed in the B r i t i s h We s t I n d i a n colonies. While Emancipation did not end exploitation, it ended that barbaric system of slavery in which millions of persons were transported against their will to foreign lands and made to toil unremittingly without reward or recognition. That such a system could not endure forever was never in doubt. The abolition of slavery represented a victory for the African people who stoutly resisted the horrors of that system. But it was also a victory for all those who were to be later brought to our shores. These future immigrants, while having to work under arduous conditions, could not lawfully be subject to enslavement. Today on this the

anniversary of the abolition of slavery, I pay tribute to our African ancestors for their unrelenting resistance, amongst which was the 1763 uprising in Guyana. I pay tribute also to the resolve of our African ancestors who after the abolition of slavery were instrumental in the development of our village movement against great odds. Emancipation was the most important break in the chain of bondage, the first step towards Independence and towards the goal of nation- building. It offered the opportunity of the freed to demonstrate that they were capable of making a success of their liberation, and one of the ways in which this was demonstrated was by the creation of the village movement. The village movement crystallized by our African ancestors remains even today

an important vehicle for the empowerment and upliftment of all Guyanese. This movement remains one of the great achievements of the freed Africans. We should take pride in this achievement and work together – all of us - to ensure that this enduring institution is preserved and nurtured so as to contribute to the continuing development of all Guyanese. Our villages remain signposts of our history. We have been shaped by that history. Guyana is today a multi ethnic and multicultural society because of that very first Emancipation. Let us all commit to preserving and keeping intact our unique social tapestry by respecting and celebrating our diversity as a nation of free peoples living cohesively in this great land that we call our home. Happy Emancipation!

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Wednesday August 01, 2012

U.S. Embassy hosts famous Gajraj bemoans poor Maths, English Guyanese pianist performance at Agri. School

Dr. Ray Luck during his recital.

US Ambassador D. Brent Hardt and Mrs. Hardt last Wednesday hosted a piano recital by distinguished Guyanese-American international pianist, Dr. Ray Luck. According to the local US Embassy, the performance was attended by representatives of the Government of Guyana from the Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sport, as well as representatives of the diplomatic community and music lovers alike.

Ambassador Hardt in short remarks noted that the evening’s performance reflected the personal connections that exist between Guyana and the United States, as represented by the many talented people who migrate to the United States. It is also a reflection of the ongoing cultural connections the United States and Guyana share through music, dance, visual arts and other forms of cultural expression, he said. Dr. Luck was in Guyana to

conduct his eighth Annual Caribbean Piano Workshop, which, from its inception in 2005, has attracted participants from Anguilla to Tobago and Guyana. Dr. Luck has performed extensively in several music capitals of the world where he has won both public and critical acclaim. In 1992, the Government of Guyana awarded Dr. Luck the Cacique’s Crown of Honor for his outstanding musical achievement.

The Guyana School of Agriculture (GSA), last evening graduated a batch of 111 students during its 48th convocation at the institution in Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara. It was an event at which the agriculture sector ’s impact on the economy was highlighted. In attendance were graduates and their parents, Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, Permanent Secretary George Jervis and Minister of Legal Affairs and Attorney General, Anil Nandlall. Minister Ramsammy, in delivering the key note address said that government continues to invest in training persons in particular for careers in the agriculture sector in recognition of the fact that the sector has helped the country to move from least developing to today being a middle income country, with the potential to continue the movement to an even higher middle income status. This movement, however, will not happen unless agriculture in Guyana becomes more productive and is not just about ”feeding our people” but becomes a drive towards “going from a low income country to a high middle income country and generating wealth for our families.” This increased production, he said in a government statement, will be realised with better land utilisation for agriculture, and with better use of technology and more experience and young people in the agriculture sector. He said that this therefore speaks to the government’s investments in training in the sector.

- as 111 students graduate

Best Overall Performer, Certificate in Forestry (Essequibo) and winner of the Chairman’s Prize, Melissa Retemiah collects her trophy from Lolita Baksh, wife of the Minister within the Ministry of Agriculture “Our task is very clear… countries that are so reliant on agriculture will fail unless they invest in agriculture training,” the Minister said. Minister Anil Nandlall, who delivered the charge to the graduates this year, also reminded them of their importance, not only to the development of the agriculture sector but, Guyana as a whole. He told them that they were graduating in an exciting time in the country’s history and in the world economy order where they will have to make a contribution to the global agenda of food security. “You are important because you will contribute significantly to the agriculture sector, a sector

that holds the future for Guyana and you are important because you are part of our plan for future Guyana as young people,” Minister Nandlall said. He reminded them that agriculture has been the back bone of the Guyanese economy, and as well as formed part of the social fabric of the country and, they were therefore graduating “to serve a sector whose importance is indelibly marked in our country’s historical revolution and our country’s social and cultural architecture.” Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GSA, Brian Greenidge in his brief address thanked the staff of the (Continued on page 31)

Wednesday August 01, 2012

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Wednesday August 01, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

Sad depreciation of a nation and its people VEHICLES FOR SALE One Yamaha ATV Motor cycle 450cc 2003 Model with Winch and unregistered Call: 663-5494, 260-2929

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Toyota Hilux pick-up, solid DEF, 4X4 long base, diesel, excellent condition Call: 6230243 Canter for sale, (long base) series GPP excellent condition $3.6M NEG. Call: 682- 4224, 693- 8357 Unregistered Premio, Allion, Allex, AT 212, Spacio Call: 609-8188,638-3045 Just arrived: Allion and Premio, tel: 624-2000, 622-1610 One Honda Civic for sale as is $700,000. Call:619-7260, 687-5656 Toyota Sequoia in good condition. Call:Kampta 305969-5475 Raum PNN Series, fully loaded, Mitsubishi encloses canter GGG Safraz 674-7576 or 233-5062 One Tacoma 4x4, fully loaded, low mileage, one Honda airwave, fully loaded, low mileage Call:669-1113 2003 Nissan X Trail PLL series, excellent condition $3.2M Negotiable Call:6233839 Nissan Xtrail white PMM series, low mileage $3.5M Negotiable Call:623-6071 or 233-2468 2004 Nissan Cefiro 200JK, Luxury sedan, Hid light and 17’’ chrome rims Call: 6015500 or 601-5589 Leading Auto, Unregistered- Allion Runx, call: 677-7666 Leading Auto, Plate PLL series Raum, Starlet. Call: 677-7666

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DEAR EDITOR, I have been observing in Guyana the unfolding of melancholic political events, despicable reference to past sadistic and horrible violent events, no doubt inspired by misguided, warped and injured minds, for political turf and racial motives. I make reference to the socalled “Linden Crisis” and the article written by the Honourable Mr. Mohabir Anil Nandlall under the rubric “The National Assembly”: An Unruly Horse (part IV)” and three (3) letters to the editor, of a newspaper under the respective headlines, “Ralph Seeram should ask whether it is the PPP that want to take Guyana back to the sixties”, “We must dismantle the racist victim themes now used for sinister political agendas” and “Mr. Seeram: What if three cane-cutters were killed by the police in a similar scenario”. The contents of these three articles in different ways and, with the greatest deference to the writers, reflect a sad, unfortunate and appalling national psychic of self-condemnation to eternal damnation. A manifestation of a national psyche of inability, lack of will and the fortitude to extricate themselves from FOR RENT 2 Bedrooms furnished apartment Call:665-2548 Diamond Scheme Furnished apartment for one female, call: 216- 2637, 685- 0205 Top flat 2 bedroom at Herstelling, call: 265- 2171, 698- 3231 39 West Ruimveildt 5 minute to school also its 4 bedroom upstairs,master bedroom second wash room $70,000 Call: 694-5371 Vreed-En-Hoop W.B.D near to junction.Ideal for play school, daycare, lesson classes, doctor ’s office & other businesses Call: 680-9905 Upper-flat in New road, VreedEn-Hoop $40,000- 3 bedrooms, unfurnished, complete set up. Call: 2274764

past dastardly and horrible events to liberation, civilization, education and a new dispensation in accordance with good governance, equality, fairness, respect for human dignity, and principles of fundamental justice. For example, Mr. Mike Persaud has already determined that it was the police that killed the protestors in Linden recently, notwithstanding the pathologist findings and initial report. There is therefore no need for any further investigations, inquiry or trial. The responsibility for this tragedy is that of the Honourable Mr. Clement Rohee, despite the Honourable AG’s reference to section 7 of the Police Act and the declaration of the Disciplined Forces Commission. Most appalling is Mr. Mike Persaud’s judgment that the Honourable Mr. Rohee “lacks the education and training to understand it”. What education and training may I ask? In Trinidad and Tobago, the Honourable Mr. John Sandy was removed as the Minister of National Security despite being a Brigadier of the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment. If I am not mistaken, I think Minister Rohee is one of the longest serving members of Parliament in the Caribbean. The point I am making is that it is reprehensible and indeed un c i v i l i z e d a n d uncouth to refer to a Minister of Government in such a disparaging manner. Similarly the aforesaid three (3) letters to the editor reflect a social, moral and ethical decline of the values and rectitude of some people in Guyana. Reference to the past racial conflict, violence and horrendous events of the 1960s, the Lusiginan massacre, communism and pitting this against the present Linden Crisis and the constituents of the Government of the times supplanted by disingenuous, tangential, unenlightened and misconceived arguments only serve to unwittingly fool

and deceive the writers, the illiterate, less educated and unfortunate people. However the consequences and effects on the illiterate, less educated and unfortunate ones only promote hatred, racism, anger, suspicion and distrust among the people of Guyana resulting sometimes in death, bodily harm and injuries to people. The result is as presently obtains in Guyana - protests, threats of violence, social and moral decay and national morass. Let us return to the Honorable AG’s article. In law we often refer to the principles of natural justice, the “audi alterem partem” rule and the principles of fundamental justice. In short it is what is fair and reasonable. In Trinidad and Tobago recently, the opposition tabled in Parliament a motion of no confidence in the Honourable Prime Minister Ms. Kamla Persad-Bissessar. The requisite period of the notice was given to all the members of both houses of Parliament. Both the Government and the opposition parties would therefore have had adequate time to consult with their constituents and supporters, get their views, do the necessary research and properly prepare for an informative national debate in the highest forum of the land so that a reasoned and judicious decision is made in the highest court of the land in pronouncing judgment on the motion of no confidence in the Honorable Prime Minister. This is natural Justice. It is Justice being dispensed in accordance with certain rules of fairness developed for several centuries relating to the welfare and dignity of human beings. Let us not forget that if the motion of no confidence against Minister Rohee is successful, he loses his job, he is fired or dismissed from his employment. Simply put, he will no longer be a minister and loses his salary and all benefits associated therewith. It’s Parliamentary Practice

- Westminster or otherwise in all civilized countries. A person’s salary and benefits are his property. There is a universal human rights provision in constitutions of all countries of the civilized world, that is, a person cannot be deprived of his/her property except by due process of law. In Trinidad and Tobago, industrial relations practices are governed by the Industrial Relations Act. Before taking any steps to dismiss an employee or worker he/she must be given reasonable notice, he/she must be given a warning with full particulars of the reason(s) for his/her intended dismissal and a reasonable opportunity for him/her to show why he/she should not be dismissed. If there is noncompliance with these requirements any dismissal from employment would be deemed to be harsh, oppressive and contrary to good industrial relations practice. Apply this position in law to the Speaker’s decision, according to the Honourable AG’s article, to Minister Rohee’s position. It is simply untenable, injudicious, irrational, unreasonable, harsh, oppressive and contrary to the principles of fundamental justice and good parliamentary practice. You see the point is that we must stop highlighting unfortunate events of the past, as in the aforesaid three (3) articles, to suit egoistic, misconceived and, sometimes, unreasonable and irrational, pronouncements and expatiation to promote public, racial and political scandal, odium, hatred, anger, hostility, violence, protests, disturbances and breach of the peace because of narrow, prejudicial and misinformed political and other views. This impedes and or reverses national progress, social, educational and political transformation and national growth and development of the state of Guyana and its people. What a sad depreciation. Odai N. S. Ramischand Attorney-at-Law

Wednesday August 01, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Gajraj bemoans poor Maths, English performance... (From page 28) institution for their continued support throughout the year and, encouraged them to continue to work together and support each other in the further success of the institution. Chairman of GSA, Rudolph Gajraj expressed satisfaction with the institution’s continued success. Like Greenidge, he also spoke to the dedication and commitment of the school’s staff and faculty and praised them for achieving and upholding the exemplary status that the school currently holds among tertiary learning institutions in Guyana. Gajraj also highlighted some pressing matters of

concerns that require urgent attention among which was the quality of the institution’s entrants. He said that some of the entrants’ performance in the core subject areas of English and Mathematics and the Natural Sciences remains below expectations and suggested remedying this by enlarging the school’s remedial programme. Gajraj also said that the school’s fisheries course is running with a small number and that a solution to this problem needs to be found before the commencement of the next s c h o o l y e a r. Attracting students from the hinterland particularly, Region 8 is a problem, he said. The students successfully completed the

The 48th graduating class of the Guyana School of Agriculture following programmes at the GSA institutions across the

Wednesday August 01, 2012 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): Someone needs you to slow down -- you're going full-steam ahead, and this person is feeling a little left behind! ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Today, when your deep understanding of someone else's pain catches you by surprise, don't be afraid. These sudden, empathetic emotions might take you off guard, but they are wonderful evidence of the amount of love that you have in your heart. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): You can have a lot of influence over a lot of people, today -- if you want to. Are you ready to step away from the crowd and champion that big issue that no one else wants to deal with? ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): If you've been going out a lot lately, consider staying in tonight. Buy yourself a book you've been wanting to read. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): Do not be too alarmed if some problems you're having at home start to spill over into your social life. No harm will come of it. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Get bolder, when it comes to your goals. If you err on the side of 'brash,' you will transform your ambition from its current, 90-pound-weakling state to a healthy, strong, muscle-bound jock of an emotion. ********************* LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): By defending a friend or loved one in public recently,

you did more than become their biggest hero. You made quite a big impression on the onlookers, and people are starting to see you in a brandnew light. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): Try to expose yourself to new ideas today by interacting with people who don't always agree with you. Meeting up with someone who comes from a different background, culture or religion will also result in a good learning experience. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. 21): Listen to the conservative voice inside of you today. This is a day to play it safe and hold on tight to the things that are yours. As much as you would like to give your time to others, you need to let them fend for themselves. **************** CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): Today is a good day to get in some cleaning -whether that means simply tidying up a dirty room or clearing up a messy misunderstanding between you and a good friend. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18): You must be incredibly disciplined today -- so keep your eye on the ball! There will be a multitude of distractions for you. These could range from some sort of spontaneous party to a nagging sensation that you are forgetting to do something. ********************* PISCE S ( F e b . 1 9 March 20): A friend may be experiencing some relationship problems right now, but helping them out is not your obligation.

country - Diploma in Agriculture; (Mon Repos) with 28 graduates, (Essequibo) 5 graduates, Diploma in Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health 12 graduates, Certificate in Agriculture 15 graduates, Certificate in Fisheries 3 graduates, Certificate in Forestry (Mon Repos) 23 graduates and (Essequibo) 25 graduates. Graduates’ award for Best

DTV CHANNEL 8 08:55hrs. Sign On 09:00hrs. Live! With Kelly 10:00hrs. JAG 11:00hrs. The View 12:00hrs. Prime News 12:30hrs. The Young and the Restless 13:30hrs. The Bold and the Beautiful 14:00hrs. The Talk 15:00hrs. Boy Meets World 16:00hrs. Beverly Hills, 90210 17:00hrs. MacGyver 18:00hrs. World News 18:30hrs. Nightly News 19:30hrs. Greetings and Announcements 20:00hrs. Channel 8 News 20:30hrs. DTV’s Summer Movie Fest 23:00hrs. Sign Off

Overall Performance included the Diploma in Agriculture, (Mon Repos) Andrew Amin, (Essequibo) Moneshwar Chandrapaul, Certificate in Agriculture, Tawana Patrick, Diploma in Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health Jamila Morgan, Certificate in Forestry (Mon Repos) Donnica Thornhill, (Essequibo) Melissa Retemiah and Certificate in Fisheries Studies Anthony

Seepersaud. The Chief Executive Officer ’s prize went to Andrew Amin and the Chairman’s Prize to Melissa Retemiah. No student met the criteria to be awarded the Gold Medal Prize which is offered to the student who performs outstandingly in the areas of academic and practical work and campus community service.

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Wednesday August 01, 2012

Hicks wins Grenville Felix Cycle Road Race Up and coming cyclist, Andrew Hicks in a time of 1:15.00 out-sprinted the field to take top honours when the Flying Ace Cycling Club of New Amsterdam in collaboration with the Felix Family staged a cycle road race. The road race commemorated the 95th birth anniversary of engineer, Grenville Augustus Felix of Canefield East Canje, Berbice. The race, which was held on Saturday and began in front of Felix’s residence, was for Juvenile and BMX cyclists of the club only. The Juvenile cyclists rode to Borlam Turn and back, covering a distance of 20 miles. The BMX and U-12 cyclists wheeled off from the Canje Turn at the junction of the East Canje Public Road to the finishing line, a distance of 1.5 miles. Felix’s daughter, Joan Perry sent the cyclists on their way at approximately 9:45am. The young cyclists took the opportunity to show what they are made of with Hicks always in the hunt. On

The winners including top rider Andrew Hicks (with two trophies), other cyclists, and officials pose with their silverware along with Felix sitting, his children and other members of his family. the return journey, he was hard pressed by Shawn Rasheed with the two cyclists eventually distancing themselves from the rest of the field. In the end, it was a sprint to the line and it took the

better tactics and superior sprinting quality of Hicks to take him home first. Rasheed held on for second with Andriel Ross third. Samuel Mootoo was fourth and Tackoordeen Nankoo fifth.

McDonald anxious to regain top position in Emancipation Open Scrabble Championships Less than one week after turning in her worst performance in a tournament, National Scrabble Champion, Abigail McDonald will attempt to reinstate herself as a force to be reckoned with when the Guyana Association of Scrabble Players (GASP) stages the Emancipation Open Championships in the pavilion of the Malteenoes Sports Club this morning. McDonald would obviously want to forget the previous tournament where she started off on a positive note, winning all three pre lunch games but stumbled during the post lunch period, losing all three fixtures to Gafoor, Fred Collins and Julian Skeete to cap a dismal performance. She finished that tournament on 3 points and a positive spread of 299. This morning she will obviously start on a reenergized note and go all out to avenge those losses. Gafoor has been in ripping form and had contributed in large part to McDonald’s misfortunes. He had eventually won the tournament with an impeccable 6 points and a positive spread of 292. Naturally, he would want to continue his good showing and will be wary of the National Champion’s approaches. Caribbean Champion,

Abigail McDonald Fred Collins was not at his best form recently. He survived several close games and ended up in the second place in the 3rd edition of the Earl Vigilance Memorial Tournament at the Mackenzie Sports Complex a few weeks ago. Since then, the former national champion has been struggling to regain his top form. His second place position in the just concluded tournament might just be the ‘tonic’ needed to turn his fortunes. It is, therefore, foolhardy to discard this wily player from among the podium spots. Several other players have demonstrated some measure of consistency and could possibly shake up the top players. Leon Belony is a mean player and could spoil

Gafoor’s ambitions. He had challenged MacDonald in a three best of five tournament for the national title and carried the set to the end of the wire, only to surrender 32. Consequently, the banker rebounded with a victory in the Earl Vigilance Memorial Tournament where Collins had placed second. If Belony turns up in the right mood, the favourites will just have to watch out. Then there are Julian Skeete, Grace Hercules and Maurice Munru, players that have distinguished themselves after being adjudged the best outside of the top 10 ranked seeds. They are on the verge of breaking into the top ten rankings and may just displace one of those top seeds to accomplish the task. When one thoroughly peruses the situation it becomes apparent why selecting a winner poses a daunting task. Registration commences at 09:30hrs and the first tile will be placed at 10:00hrs. Players arriving late will have their clocks activated in their absence. Meanwhile, the organizers are reminding players that the Caribbean Championships is still slated for this month end. Players are also reminded to attend practice sessions at the Malteenoes Sports Club on Wednesday evenings starting at 18:00hrs.

Hicks rode away with three sprint prizes with Rasheed and Mottoo capturing the others. Aaron Hicks rode alone in the BMX category. The cyclists were presented with their trophies, cash incentives and other prizes by Felix and other members of his family at a simple presentation ceremony held at the Felix residence. Felix, who was born in Betsy Ground, East Canje and resided for most of his life at his pre s e n t a d d r e s s ,

worked for most of his life with the Guyana Sugar Corporation, Rose Hall Estate, rising to the rank of Senior Engineer, Engineering Manager and Factory Manager. Felix, who celebrated his birthday recently, is a father of eight, all of whom live overseas. Six of them returned to Guyana for the inaugural cycling event. Felix was always a member of a number of community and religious organisations using his spare time to repair cycle and make

furniture. Speaking at the presentation ceremony, his son, Russell thank everyone for participating in the inaugural cycling event and for collectively coming together to make the event a success and a memorable occasion. He promised that the family will make the event an annual affair and an even bigger and better competition. Flying Ace Cycle Club Coach, Randolph Roberts coordinated the event. (Samuel Whyte)

(Reuters) - The U.S. women’s soccer team beat North Korea on Tuesday against a backdrop of hostility between the global superpower and the isolated Asian dictatorship but U.S. fans and players said the Olympic spirit transcended politics. One American player said the teams played ping-pong together at their hotel ahead of the match, conjuring scenes from the 1970s when so-called “ping-pong diplomacy” marked a thaw in U.S.-Chinese relations. “We were in the same hotel as them and the girls were great... We played pingpong and stuff like that,” Shannon Boxx told Reuters after the match, which the Americans won 1-0 thanks to a 25th minute goal from striker Abby Wambach. The United States and North Korea have had fraught relations since the 1950-1953 Korean War, when the Americans fought alongside the capitalist South against the Communist North,

which was backed by the Soviet Union and China. The hostility is a live issue in world diplomacy. North Korea was branded part of a so-called “axis of evil” by former U.S. President George W. Bush, and Washington is intent on

frustrating the North’s nuclear armaments plans while Pyongyang is seemingly impervious to external pressure. But the American soccer players said they had put politics out of their minds.

SOCCER: U.S. women forget politics, beat North Korea

Khemraj Pooranmall prevails in draughts duel with Wilbert Freeman Khemraj Pooranmall turned in a sterling performance to take honours against Wilbert Freeman when the Guyana Draughts Association (GDA) staged a two man tournament at Oasis Water, Aubrey Barker Street, South Ruimveldt last Saturday. The tournament was played on a first two basis and it was Pooranmall who captured the first two sets to prevail. Managing director of Oasis Water, Wayne Forde acquiesced to sponsorship of the tournament and delivered short remarks at the conclusion. He congratulated the eventual champion even as he expressed delight at being given the opportunity to support the sport. Mr. Forde labeled draughts as a sport of wits and further urged wider participation from members of the various communities. The businessman then pledged future support to the Guyana Draughts Association. Mr. Pooranmall expressed delight for the support received and said thank you to his benefactor. He also urged citizens to become involved in the sport as it could aid in rational thinking even as the participants derive pleasure from involvement.

Wednesday August 01, 2012

Kaieteur News

Roberts fails to reach semifinals in 100m freestyle - 15 years old Britany Van Lange to test the waves this today Despite finishing fourth in the 2012 Olympics 100 meters freestyle; Guyana’s Niall Roberts was unable to qualify for the semi-finals, the second round in the race, yesterday morning at the aquatic centre against his opponents in London. Roberts swimming in heat two of the 100 meters clocked 55.66 seconds to finish before four swimmers, Tamir Andryei (56.37 seconds), Shane Mangroo (56.46 seconds), Yasser Nunez (57.11 seconds) and Israr Hussain (57.86 seconds). The 1991 born athlete first 50 meters of the 100 meters time was 26.42 seconds and was ranked third of the eight competitors. The heat was won by Esau Simpson (53.26 seconds) who was also unable to qualify for semifinals. All qualifiers for the second round, qualified with 48 seconds. Roberts is not a part of the 16 fastest swimmers for the games, which is led by the Brazilian Cesar Filch who won in Beijing. A disappointed Roberts said he struggled to beat the cold, a problem he had experienced in a different way in Beijing four years earlier. His aim before the race was to beat his personal best of 54.99, with a time of 53.00. He fell well short of his PB with 55.66. Months of 5am practice starts, early nights in, and avoiding fast food and drink came to nought, but Roberts has a couple of Olympics yet left in him. Roberts has struck a posed presence as an ambassador for team Guyana in London, chatting easily and dealing patiently with the multiple requests from London resident Guyanese who flocked to the high commission at the weekend to meet the team. Raul Lall, competing at judo, turned 18 last Friday, the day of the opening ceremony in which he took part. By Saturday noon his Olympic games were over. Worse, it was over in less than a minute, the time he took to be pinned by his opponent from Saudi Arabia. Such cruel brevity is the life of a judoka, and the young man from St Cuthbert’s was philosophical about his loss. The head of the Guyana team Juman Yassin, says that for Lall and the other young athletes such as Van Lange, it is essentially about giving them a taste of the world’s

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Unavailability of CASH continues to force postponements Just days after the organisers of the Inter-Market Football Competition were forced to postpone their scheduled tournament because of the unavailability venue, the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH), another sport organisation was forced to do the same. The Pepsi Sonics Basketball Club issued a press release yesterday, postponing their scheduled International Goodwill

Basketball Tournament that was set to be held during August 20-26 at the premier indoor venue for sport in Guyana. The release said that the event had been “cancelled” owed to “unforeseen circumstances”, but the president of the club, Merle Jordon, later confirmed that the event was postponed and not cancelled and will be held at a later date. The release had given “in

the new year” as the alternative date for the International Goodwill Basketball Tournament. The club thanked all organisations, sponsors and other stakeholders who had shown support and interest in the competition. The National Sports Commission that operates under the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport had issued a letter to the organisers of the Inter-Market Football

Competition informing them of a Science Fair at the venue between August and October. The letter was shared with the media. The scheduled Science Fair would have to be one of the largest in the world to consume a three-month span and force widespread postponement of sport events. The National Community Basketball League (NCBL) will also be in jeopardy to retain dates for its semi-final and final.

Bedasie powers Wales Masters to 30-run win Britany Van Lange biggest competition, and preparing them for more successful outings in future. Britany Van Lange, 15, the baby of the Guyana team, takes to the pool today to try to reverse a couple of early defeats for Team Guyana at the 2012 Olympics in London. Van Lange will compete in the Women’s 100 meters freestyle (preliminary). The confident and poised teenager has tasted world class competition before in the World Championships, but recognizes the Olympics as bigger stage, “I feel nervous, a bit anxious that I have reached the Olympics, which is I guess the highest level of sports in the world”. She continued, “I would just like to go out there and do my best and make my country proud.” The Olympic champion and world record holder, Britta Steffen from Germany, is at 28, almost twice Brittany’s age and vastly more experienced. It will be tough for her and she knows it. The top swimmers in the field are professionals, and not distracted by high school and homework that the Bishops High student needs to grapple with. “This is their career, this is their life choice, this is the path they want to take, and I guess they pretty much devote all their time to their career”, Britany mused. Britany’s best is 1.01.39. The world record, held by Steffen, 53.30, more than 8 seconds faster. In a swim sprint, it is a gulf. “For me, I would like to make a new PB. Go up there, try my best, and make a new PB.” Van Lange occupies the position of baby of the team that Niall Roberts held in Beijing four years ago.

Under an almost cloudless sky and in glorious sunshine at Everest yesterday, the touring Inverhaugh Cricket Club from Canada failed to break their losing streak in Guyana when they lost by 30 runs to a Wales Masters X1 in their penultimate game on their trip to South America. The Canadian bowlers were flayed to all parts of the lush green but heavy outfield by 39-year-old McGill Super Stars right-hander Naresh ‘Black Boy’ Badasie who clobbered four sixes and four fours in a pugnacious 65-ball 90 as the West Demerara side were bowled out for 212 with two balls remaining in their allotted 30 overs. Former Cayman Islands Stanford t20 player, Guyanese Shaeed Mohamed grabbed 421 from six overs of incisive off-spin on a slow straw coloured pitch for Inverhaugh, who were restricted to 189-9, when their 30 overs expired. The North American combination lost to Everest Masters and a Berbice X1 at Albion over the weekend,

Canadians play final game tomorrow against E/Bank were scheduled to visit the majestic Kaieteur Falls today before playing their final game against an East Bank unit at Everest tomorrow. Watched by a handful of spectators yesterday, Wales Masters won the toss and opted to bat first on a ground where the boundaries had to be ‘pulled in’ due to soggy conditions caused by rain and were given a solid 28-run start between Ramesh Thakur (12) and Orville Blacks (17) before Thakur was run out. Terry Daniels and Anand Bharrat both departed for ducks to leave the score on 129-6 but the belligerent Bedasie, who was dropped thrice, capitalised on his fortune and hit the ball with wonderful timing and crunching power with a massive straight six easily clearing the Northern Sightscreen, against the Atlantic Breeze. The Canal Number One batsman square drove legspinner Fazil Karrim for six to post his 50 and celebrated

with a viciously pulled six next ball as he dominated the innings. The burly Bedasie was eventually run out at 189-8 when 10 away from his fourth career century as tiredness took its toll on him. Hassan Inshan smashed four fours in a cameo 24 to ensure the local side passed the 200 mark, despite Mohamed’s good effort with the ball. In Inverhaugh’s reply, Vince Correia (20) was just beginning to look good when he was caught and bowled by off-spinner Krishna Mangal, while three runs later the visitors were backed up on the ropes when the experienced Mohamed (1) was trapped LBW to Abdool Shameer Samed to leave the score on 50-3. Without the services of former West Indies player Sew Shivnarine, who departed Guyana yesterday after making useful contributions in the first two games, the Canadian side

were always going to struggle once they were not able to achieve a ‘flying’ start. With the required run rate for victory escalating, Roy Singh hit four fours and two sixes in a well constructed 44, threatened briefly but got little support as only Karrim (25) and Balkaran Maraj, who hit consecutive sixes in his 24, of the other batsmen reached 25. Once a stupendous piece of fielding and a direct hit which shattered the wood work at the non-striker’s end by Bharrat from deep midwicket orchestrated the demise of Maraj, the North Americans were never in contention as Mangal and Sham Persaud finished with two wickets each for the Wales Masters. The Canadian club, which was formed by Bart Singh & associates in 1995 and plays all their games on turf wickets within the grounds owned by Jan & Bart Singh, will hope to end their first tour to Guyana with a consolation win tomorrow. (Sean Devers)

Taffin Khan assumes ‘top of the ladder’ position in Red Cherry Ladder chess tournament National chess champion, Taffin Khan, has accumulated 45 points to assume the lead position when action in the Red Cherry Ladder chess tournament continued at the Keishar ’s Sports Club Sunday morning last. Kriskal Persaud, a former national champion who had earlier assumed the top spot, has dropped to the second place slot; 6 points shy of Khan, while Ronuel Greenidge has played his way to the third place spot after amassing 38 points. Anthony Drayton suffered mixed fortunes and slipped downwards to fourth place while Saeed Ali, who also endured fluctuating fortunes, failed to gain a spot among the leaders. Despite occupying the

third place, Greenidge enjoyed a very good day with an almost flawless score on Sunday. He dropped one game to Taffin Khan, but defeated Kriskal Persaud and Anthony Drayton to secure his current standing. The tournament is at the halfway stage with a little more time for the top guns to vie for a lucrative spot. The other points standing to date reads, Drayton 37, Saeed Ali 35, Chino Chung and Glenford Corlette 32 each, Roberto Neto 29, David Khan 28, Davion Mars 24, Sheriffa Ali and Joshua Pedro 22 points apiece. The action continues this morning with the fourth of six preliminary rounds being contested from 10:00hrs. Based on the trend so far, one

could anticipate tense encounters and possible upsets as players vie for the top spots and lucrative prizes slated to get underway on August 11 next when the top four contestants battle for the top

spot. The winner of the finals will receive $50,000 cash, a Red Cherry voucher of similar value and a trophy. In the interim, prizes are being distributed to the top three performers at the end of each preliminary round.

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Wednesday August 01, 2012

Dominant China takes GB shock Brazil 1-0 to top Group E third diving gold

LONDON (Reuters) China claimed its third diving gold medal at the London Olympics on Tuesday by winning the women’s 10metres synchronised platform and taking them a step further in their aim to sweep all eight titles at the Games. Chinese pair Chen Ruolin and Wang Hao were practically in a league of their own, finishing on 368.40 points, more than 25 points ahead of second-place Mexico. Chen is the defending Olympics champion in both the individual and synchronised 10 metre platform, as well as the world champion. Looking shy but a little bored during a press conference after the contest, Chen said: “I’m honoured to add one more medal to the Chinese delegation. “Four years ago I was younger and a little nervous. Now I’m more mature as an athlete,” the 19year-old added. Chen’s diving partner for the last two years, Wang, said she had struggled to recover from knee and eye injuries and had had a tough time dieting

over the last year to lose weight and maintain her slender figure. “Now when I look back it seems nothing but there were times when it seemed such a long time until the Olympics,” she said. The silver medal was the perfect birthday gift for Paola Espinosa, who turned 26 on Tuesday. Espinosa, a former world champion who took the bronze in Beijing, was diving with fifteen year old Alejandra Orozco to win Mexico’s second medal of the Games with 343.32 points. “Mexico is a country with

a lot of diving talent and now the trainers are working together more to help that talent bear fruit,” said Espinosa. “This is the most complete team that Mexico has had for years in the Olympics and with a different mentality that we want to win.” Espinosa and Orozco, like their male compatriots who won silver in the men’s event on Monday, chose dives with the greatest overall level of difficulty that score higher. Canada’s Meaghan Benfeito and Roseline Filion took the bronze with 337.62 points.

Jamaica Observer - “IT’S going to be one hell of a race.” That is the assertion of former Prime Minister PJ Patterson as he backed the reigning Olympic 100m champion Usain Bolt to again take the title in the blue riband event this weekend at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Patterson salivated over the proposed Olympic men’s final clash between Bolt and the 100m world

champion and his training partner, Yohan Blake on Sunday, August 5. “I expect Bolt to be on his ‘A’ game. If he is, he will take first. If he is not, then he will be following behind Blake, but I’m backing the champion,” Patterson stated at yesterday’s Observer Monday Exchange of reporters and editors at the company’s Beechwood Avenue headquarters.

When quizzed about the chances of former world record holder Asafa Powell, who wa s t h i r d b e h i n d Blake and Bolt at the Jamaican Senior Championships in June, Patterson was much more hesitant, but said that he believed the s p r i n t e r, w h o i s l i k e l y competing in his last Olympics, was in a much better state mentally than he has been in former years. “Powell, from all I’ve seen and heard, his mental condition is the best it has been in this Olympic Games,” said Patterson. As for the women’s final s e t f o r t h i s S a t u r d a y, Patterson had no doubt that the reigning champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce would repeat the feat she completed in Beijing four years ago. “If the (pocket) rocket gets out of the blocks like she got out at the Trials, nobody can catch her,” Patterson said.

China's Chen Ruolin (left) and Wang Hao pose with their gold medals after winning the women's synchronised 10m platform final at the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Aquatics Centre. (REUTERS TIM WIMBORNE)

PJ backs Bolt, Fraser-Pryce for Olympic 100m titles

OLYMPIC MEDAL TABLE Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 14

Country Gold China 13 United States 9 France 4 South Korea 3 North Korea 3 Kazakhstan 3 Italy 2 Germany 2 Russian Federation 2 South Africa 2 Japan 1 Australia 1 Romania 1 Hungary 1 Brazil 1

Silver Bronze 6 4 8 6 3 4 2 3 0 1 0 0 4 2 3 1 2 4 0 0 4 8 3 2 2 2 1 1 1 1

Total 23 23 11 8 4 3 8 6 8 2 13 6 5 3 3

Great Britain women celebrate BBC Sport - Great Britain will play Canada in the quarter-finals of the women’s Olympic football tournament after defeating Brazil 1-0 at Wembley. Steph Houghton struck from a tight angle in the second minute to score her third goal in as many games. Kelly Smith had a penalty saved after the break as GB went in search of a decisive second. But they held on to earn the win that sees them top Group E, much to the delight of a record 70,584 crowd. It was not quite enough to break the Olympic record of 76,489 set at the 1996 Games, but it comfortably surpassed the 53,000 who watched Dick, Kerr’s Ladies FC take on St Helen’s Ladies at Goodison Park in 1920. And the masses inside Wembley created a fantastic atmosphere as they witnessed a game that was a superb advert for the women’s game. There might not have been that many clear-cut chances but there were moments of great skill, lots of passion and a series of thundering tackles from Brazil that angered the home fans. It was a fantastic occasion, with GB now the only team not to have conceded in the tournament. The match could not have got off to a better start for the hosts, with left-back Houghton striking so early in the contest. The defending was pretty poor but there was nothing shoddy about the finish as Houghton collected a pass from Karen Carney and took a touch before slotting home with a low strike. The goal produced a surge of noise inside Wembley but coach Hope Powell stood on the sidelines visibly trying to calm her players down. Perhaps she knew what was to follow because Brazil, fourth in the world rankings, soon started to look dangerous, dominating

possession and occasionally mesmerising their opponents with dazzling footwork. Cristiane twice shot wide from long distance after GB had squandered possession, while the 27-year-old forward was later denied by Karen Bardsley after some scintillating approach work from Thais Guedes. Brazil also went close when Alex Scott was forced to head against her own post after being put under pressure by Marta and Cristiane. Beijing silver medallists Brazil did not have it all their own way and two very cynical challenges from Bruna and Rosana showed how concerned they were by GB’s attacking threat. It took some last-ditch defending to clear a cross from Carney, with skipper Casey Stoney lurking at the far post, while Smith was not far away with a cracking strike across goal. Powell’s team wasted a golden opportunity to extend

their lead after the break, when Smith’s penalty was saved by Andreia diving to her left. The spot-kick, correctly awarded not long before the hour mark after Francielle brought down Eniola Aluko, came during a period when the home team looked threatening. Kim Little, anonymous in the opening 45 minutes, came to life and played a series of dangerous passes as Brazil seemed to lose a little of their sparkle. In the other Group E fixture, New Zealand beat Cameroon 3-1 to sneak through as one of the two best third-placed finishers. They will now face reigning Olympic champions United States. Rebecca Smith, an own goal by Ysis Sonkeng and a Sarah Gregorius strike helped New Zealand race into a three-goal lead, before Gabrielle Onguene pulled one back for the African side.

Bolt begins ‘legend’ campaign Saturday Jamaica Observer - KINGSTON, Jamaica — Usain Bolt will begin the campaign to repeat his three gold medal haul from Beijing 2008 this Saturday. Bolt will run the preliminaries of the Men’s 100m at 4:00am with the finals being run the following day at 3:50pm. His 200m-title defence will begin two days later on Tuesday, August 7. The 200m finals will be run at 2:55pm on Thursday. The winner of the men’s 4x100m finals, where Jamaica starts as overwhelming favourite, will be decided on August 11 at 3:00pm.

Wednesday August 01, 2012

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China’s Ye Shiwen is clean, says BOA boss Moynihan

BBC Sport- Teenage Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen is not a drug cheat, the British Olympic Association’s chairman has said, after a US coach cast doubt on her world record-breaking swim. Lord Colin Moynihan said Ye, 16, had passed drug tests, was “clean” and deserved recognition for her talent. Ye smashed her personal best by at least five seconds in the 400m Medley. Senior US coach John Leonard said her performance was disturbing and hinted that doping could have been involved. Mr Leonard, executive director of the World Swimming Coaches Association, said the performance reminded him of

the East German women swimmers in the 1980s, who were doping on a systematic basis. “History in our sport will tell you that every time we see something, and I will put quotation marks around this, unbelievable, history shows us that it turns out later on there was doping involved,” he told the UK’s Guardian newspaper. But Ye, who will compete later in the 200m Medley final, has strongly defended herself and denied that she would ever use banned substances. China’s anti-doping chief has said Chinese athletes have undergone nearly 100 drugs tests since arriving in London, and that not a single Chinese athlete had tested positive. Former swimmers, other Olympic champions and experts have all given their support to Ye. Lord Moynihan told a news conference that the World

Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) was “on top of the game”. “She’s been through Wada’s programme and she’s clean. That’s the end of the story. Ye Shiwen deserves recognition for her talent,” he said. International Olympic Committee (IOC) officials also insisted that if there were any drugs cheats, they would be caught. Dick Pound, an IOC member and former president of Wada, told the BBC that Ye’s performance was “surprising”. “Nobody’s ever seen somebody swim that fast before. You expect that to be an occurrence at an Olympic Games,” he said. “The problem is - with all the suspicions about drug use throughout sport - when something is really, really spectacular, the first thing you do after you see that performance is say, ‘hmm, I wonder’.” Mr Pound added: “It’s a fact of life that people say, ‘wasn’t that magnificent, was it too magnificent?’”

Tsonga beat Raonic in longest tennis match in Olympic history Reuters - Jo-Wilfried Tsonga beat Milos Raonic in the longest tennis match in Olympic history to reach the third round. The Frenchman eventually won 6-3 3-6 2523 after three hours and 56 minutes, following a third and final set lasting 48 games - itself an Olympic r e c o r d . Ts o n g a w a s t e d three match points before finally winning the epic deciding set. The 66-game contest also beat the previous record of 48 games from 2004 when Fernando Gonzalez beat Taylor Dent to win bronze in Athens. Chile’s Gonzalez eventually won 6-4 2-6 16-14 after a then-record three hours 25 minutes. Serbia’s Novak Djokovic thrashed Andy Roddick of the United States 6-2 6-1 at Wimbledon to reach the third round. The second seed looking to improve on his bronze medal from Beijing took only 54 minutes to overcome Roddick. Djokovic next plays either Australian Lleyton Hewitt or Croat Marin Cilic. Wo r l d n u m b e r t w o Djokovic, who was beaten in the 2012 Wimbledon semi-finals by Roger F e d e r e r, s a i d h e w a s enjoying the different atmosphere of the Olympics. “You’re not playing for yourself like you are most of the time throughout the year,” said

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

the 25-year-old. “I served extremely well during these opening two matches and [against Roddick] everything was working perfectly well.

Venus Williams moved a step closer to a fourth Olympic gold as she reached the third round with a 6-1 6-3 win over Aleksandra Wozniak of Canada.

Phelps breaks medal record... From back page rapidly and had to settle for second when South Africa’s Chad Le Clos ploughed through to snatch it on the final touch. Watching at poolside was Latynina, 77, who has held the record for decades with her haul - including nine golds - from the Games at Melbourne (1956), Rome (1960) and Tokyo (1964). Latynina told Reuters earlier this month she had no doubt Phelps would overtake her in London, adding: “I can only wish him well”. The entire audience in the 17,500-capacity Aquatics Centre stood to applaud Phelps’ achievement in winning 15 gold medals, two silvers and two bronze. Latynina won nine, five and four respectively. In other action on Day Four, Germany won its first two golds, in equestrian eventing, and France its fourth, in canoe slalom, but host nation Britain was still seeking its first. The United States women’s team stormed to the gymnastics gold - the country’s first since 1996 - with dazzling performances from Jordyn Wieber and Gabby Douglas. It was compensation for Wieber’s disappointment at missing out on a spot in the all-around individual final, and for the U.S. men’s slump to fifth place in their team event on Monday.

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Americans storm to women’s team gold

Team U.S.A members, Gabrielle Douglas, Alexandra Raisman, Jordyn Wieber, McKayla Maroney and Kyla Ross celebrate with their gold medals in London. (REUTERS MIKE BLAKE) LONDON (Reuters) - Jordyn Wieber sparkled and Gabby Douglas dazzled as the United States stormed to the Olympic women’s gymnastics team gold on Tuesday. Two days after an inconsolable Wieber fled the North Greenwich Arena in tears having missed out on a spot in the all-around final, her smile was back as she and her team mates gave the U.S. their first Olympic team title since 1996. So strong were they on all four apparatus,

that they won the competition by a huge margin of 5.066 with a total of 183.596 points. Russia’s quintet had been snapping at the Americans’ heels throughout the competition but were left sobbing after they imploded on their final apparatus, the floor. Ksenia Afanaseva completed her floor routine on her head and knees, summing up their miserable finish as they ended with 178.530. Romania, champions in 2004, rallied back from a poor start to claim bronze.

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Wednesday August 01, 2012

EZjet joins KMTC race meet as DDL continues sponsorship

Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) Marketing Assistant, Larry Willis hands over an envelope and trophy to Justice Kennard yesterday afternoon for the Post-Emancipation race meeting. There is always a first time for ev e r y t h i n g and yesterday marked EZjet Air Services Inc. debut as a sponsor with Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club (KMTC) PostEmancipation race meeting. The race meeting which, is also collaborated with Ansa McAl Trading Limited, saw EZjet pouring in $300,000 along with a trophy for the K & L W/A Class, race, number three on the programme which is slated for Sunday at the Bush Lot Farm,

Corentyne, Berbice. Country Manager of Guyana for EZjet Air Services Inc, Rosalinda Rusol stating how delighted the entity was with their involvement with Kennard’s Memorial, disclosed that their partnership marked the first one with a sport such a horseracing, “We have never sponsored horseracing before and this is our opportunity to extend gratitude to all Guyanese.” Hoping that the relationship which just

sprouted continues in the future, Rusol wished Justice Kennard a smooth and productive run off with the major meet which is only a few days away in the ancient county. Justice Kennard welcoming their sponsors EZjet in his brief remarks disclosed his gratitude to the Airline while lamenting on the importance of sponsorship to any sport, “We thank EZjet for coming on board and we will assure you that you will have no regrets of coming on board.” He continued by saying that he hopes the endeavor is the first of many. Meanwhile, a customary donation from Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) under their band El Dorado was made later in the afternoon at Kennard’s Office on Brickdam for the race. The monetary donation from the entity will contribute to the major event which will see dozen of horses competing in. This year will mark the 40th year since DDL has partnered with the Kennard’s Memorial Turf Club. DDL Marketing Assistant, Larry Wills in his brief remarks said that the company was pleased with the joint venture once again with Kennard’s Race

Meetings for 2012 and also stated that DDL will be devoted towards Kennard’s Memorial Club. Responding to Wills, Kennard believing that the 40 years relationship will continue uttered words of happiness to the company’s Marketing Assistant. The race meet will see horses galloping in the I2 & Lower W/A (7 furs), E & Lower W/A (6 furs), K & L W/A (5 furs), 2yrs Old-GuyW.I Bred (5 furs), H & Lower W/A (6 furs), G & Lower W/ A (7 furs), 3yrs Old-Guy-W.I Bred (7 furs), B & Lower W/A (1 mile) and 2yrs Old-GuyBred (5 furs) racing for first place prizes of $200,000, $450,000, $150,000, $400,000, $240,000, $320,000, $600,000, $1,500,000 and $250,000.

Country Manager of Guyana for EZjet Air Services Inc Rosalinda Rusol presents Justice Kennard yesterday morning at the Air Service office with an envelope and trophy for Sunday’s K & L W/A Class race.

A WASTE OF TIME! PJ slams WICB’s neglect of Cricket Report Jamaica Observer - A wasted year of his life is how former Jamaica Prime Minister PJ Patterson has described the time spent working on recommendations designed to revive West Indies cricket, but which have been ignored by the regional board since the proposals wee made almost five years ago. Officially entitled the Governance Committee on West Indies Cricket Report of October 2007, but popularly known as the Patterson Report, the project was commissioned by then West Indies Cricket Board (WCB) president Ken Gordon and examined the restructuring of the regional body for the sport. The report was mandated to make recommendations to improve the overall operations, effectiveness, governance and performance of the West Indies cricket team, strengthen public support and enhance its credibility. The WICB has come under criticism for its apparent dismissal of the report while leading Caribbean voices have called for the implementation of the recommendations made by the team which was headed by Patterson. In 2009, WICB president Dr Julian Hunte asserted that most of the recommendations (47 of 65) had been implemented — a claim dismissed by Gordon. The continuous decline in the fortunes of the regional team and the dispute between the Board and former captain Chris Gayle, which lasted for more than a year, drew the report into sharp focus yet

Former Prime Minister P.J. Patterson again. Patterson, meanwhile, implied that his time could have been better spent. “I wasted a year after retirement; I must tell you the truth. I won’t conceal it,” Patterson told reporters at a special sitting of the Jamaica Observer Monday Exchange yesterday at the company’s Beechwood Avenue headquarters. “When I retired in March 2006 I was ready to chill, watch the World Cup competition which I had helped to organise and make a reality and then I was asked to do this and I really took it on not just because I liked cricket, but it’s of great, great importance to us in the Caribbean,” Patterson said. He said changes were necessary because of the role cricket plays in the Caribbean. “It’s the only game in which we have a regional representation and it’s one that keeps the Caribbean together and I see sports entertainment as part of the

niche and I’m looking at cricket. “The biggest market in this hemisphere is not in the Caribbean. It is in Canada and the United States for which the West Indies Cricket Board is responsible. It was very important for economic reasons as well.” Patterson asserted that the WICB failed to implement the recommendations because it would call for a level of transparency its members seemed unwilling to allow. “They pigeon-holed the report. The main reason is because it was recommending changes of structure that would have resulted in some degree of openness and accountability which do not now exist in the present situation,” he said. Meanwhile, Patterson said that Gayle’s return and his very presence in the team transcended the runs he puts on the scoreboard. “Chris Gayle has shown by his performance what it is we have just wasted for the last 18 months over foolishness. If you watch him, it makes a difference. You need the senior people. I don’t know if anything will flow out of that.” The affable former government head said it was incumbent on those in leadership positions to respond positively to the changes around them. “We’re not realising that there are changes taking place in the global environment and in whatever we are doing, we have to make changes to respond to that environment, and cricket is no exception,” he said.

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