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Man shot in neck Pg. 10

for gold chain Fire ravages four Regent St. businesses Pg. 11

Budget 2012…

Increased Linden Guyana to plug US$22.5M electricity tariffs a into CJIA expansion, vengeful act - AFC awaits Chinese loan Pg. 6

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73 murder cases listed for April sitting of thePg. Demerara Assizes 6 - former GTU Head's carnal knowledge matter also expected to be heard

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Kaieteur News

Monday April 02, 2012

106-year- old Patamona mother honoured by her community

Madeline Simon speaks about her early life at a special ceremony to honour her Very little is known of the history of the Patamonas who have resided in parts of the Pakaraima Mountain, Region Eight, for a very long time. Patamona is an Amerindian tribe that is mostly found in mountainous areas. An early contact between them and Europeans was made in the early nineteenth century when they were described as mountaineers. On January 01, last, Paramakatoi's oldest Patamona resident, Madeline Simon, turned 106-years-old. She was honoured at a special ceremony that coincided with the launching of a new church in the community R e s i d e n t s o f Paramakatoi, Monkey Mountain, Kato, Taruka, Kaibarupai, Kopinang, Chenapau, Kurukubaru and many more communities were in attendance at the function during which she was thanked for the services she rendered to the community in her youthful days. Many more senior citizens were also recognised, including Simon's deceased husband, John Simon who was the first local Pastor of then, Pilgrim Holiness Church and who was responsible for bringing over two hundred Brazilians to reside at Taruka during his missionary stint. The Simons reared eight children, three of themCalvin Simon, Kathy Sue Belle and Gregory Simon still live in Paramakatoi, while, Ashton Simon, Michael Simon, Nancy Perreira live on the Coast and another, Cheryl Arneaud lives in Trinidad. The Simons' eldest son Ashton Simon in brief remarks told the gathering, “I cannot ever remember experiencing anything out of the ordinary. My dad was an expert hunter; my mom is a

hard working farmer, so between them we were never out of food. My mom prays every day for her children and their families and the villagers, maybe that has kept us on safe grounds over the years. I am proud to be one of her many children whom she raised under careful guidance of the church and never spared the rod – that was an important element of my childhood upbringing. During my recent visit back home, I walked to the local shop bare feet and found it to be surprising to some youths, but little do they know, I and many others ran up the Paramakatoi Mountain from our humble dwellings, bare feet to get to school.” When asked the reason for the longevity among Patamonas, Ashton Simon said “we are mountaineers and exercise is an important element for health. Patamonas climb every day. Clean air, organic foods, lots of cassiri and a healthy system does play an important element too, particularly the educational component.” Special mention and recognition was also showered on Papai and Amai Agness Williams, father and mother of Ovid and Ian Williams. Agness Williams was the only known person who spoke English to the Missionaries during the mission's initial visits to Paramakatoi. She subsequently became their interpreter and so, many accolades were bestowed on h e r a n d f a m i l y. H e r contributions as an English speaker became the bedrock for the missionaries during the latter 40's and onwards. Papai Williams, the longest serving Toshao was highly respected and showered with the fullest of cooperation on matters that benefitted Paramakatoi and other villages.

Monday April 02, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Lindeners Budget 2012… seeing dark Guyana to plug US$22.5M into CJIA economic future expansion, awaits Chinese loan

Residents of the mining town of linden have reacted angrily to the announcement that their electricity rates will be drastically increased to bring them on par with the rest of the country. They are convinced that the decision was taken to punish them for their rejection of the ruling PPP/C at last year’s general and regional elections. “I think the Government is using this budget to increase electricity In Linden to really sock it to us because we didn’t vote for them, because an increase that will bring us on par with other areas in Guyana would be totally unfair to us. This is a mining town, and as such we are entitled to certain concessions. Look at all the things we suffer here with the dust. Who is to compensate us for all these years of sufferation,” one Lindener observed. She lamented the medical bills that residents there have to pay, pointing to the fact that Lindeners suffer constantly from colds and other respiratory conditions. “Any subsidy that the Government grants us whether for electricity or any other thing, we more than deserve it”, the woman declared. Another woman who is in the catering business told this newspaper that any increase in electricity will force her to increase prices for her services. “Right now is an electric stove I using, because it is cheaper than the gas, that is the only way I could keep my prices down. Now when they increase electricity, it means I would have to charge people more and the thing is, they already crying out with the current prices, so what you think gon happen when I increase prices.” She argued that the people of Linden are already suffering from lack of jobs and other economic opportunities and now that the Government has heaped an additional “burden on us, what will become of us?” “I think we going backwards instead of

forward, because we ain’t getting more money, the VAT remains the same and soon we got to pay increased electricity rates. I think they want to kill us. It ain’t fair.” Chairman of Region 10 Sharma Solomon said the budget has done nothing for Linden or Region 10. “Over the past decade, there has been no significant economic growth in this Region and when one considers what the budget offers, it’s an embarrassment. It doesn’t cater for single mothers or poor people. This is like strangulation for poor people. And then to remove the subsidy for electricity is saying that you’re out to chastise us. It says you’re out to chastise the community,” Solomon said. “The Texas/Ohio fiasco was a bad deal, which cost us the steam power plant, which produced electricity at a far cheaper rate. But it was scrapped and sold as scrap metal. Now there is talk that it is up and running in some other part of the country. It could have been producing cheap electricity for us, because it ran on diesel. Now I’m saying that if the Government can subsidize entities that find themselves in difficult financial straits then they can subsidize us, because there has been no real economic growth here for the past decade,” the Regional Chairman declared. He said that the 2012 budget will do absolutely nothing for Region 10, except to possibly further strangle the poor people. Solomon described the $600 increase for pensioners as a “total insult”. The 1000 plus jobs promised by President Ramotar during the last elections campaign remains an illusion, and Lindeners are becoming increasingly frustrated with a Government many feel has no consideration for the people.

Preliminary Designs for the CJIA expansion programme The expansion of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), along with initial peripheral works has been pegged at US$162M ($32.4B). This is some US$19M more than the price quoted by Former President Bharrat Jagdeo, who said that the project will cost some US$143M. Jagdeo has said that the funding would come in the form of a Chinese Concessionary Loan of US$138M that the Government had applied for and Guyana will have to plug another US$5M. This project was initially shrouded in secrecy and was only made public when the Jamaica media reported on the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in that country between Guyana’s Government Officials and the Chinese owned Construction firm, China Harbour Engineering Company. But the 2012 Budgetary Allocation has allocated for expenditure from Central Government, some US$22.5M ($4.2B) for the project. The 2012 budget

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estimates listed US$141.5M ($28.3B) as funding to be sourced from China, representing what Guyana has actually applied for as against the US$138M alluded to by Jagdeo. The description of the project, according to the 2012 Budgetary Estimates presented by Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh on Friday last states, “Construction of new terminal building, Construction of aprons, taxiways and extension of main runway, design and construction of new car park, internal roads and handling equipment.”

Following the rancor over the non-disclosure of the details of the project and the agreements with the Chinese, recently elected Head-ofState, Donald Ramotar made some of the documentation public. This newspaper however understands that even as the Government is moving ahead with the injection of its US$22.5M into the project, the Chinese Loan from Exim Bank is currently stalled. There is also no definitive, legally binding agreement with the China Harbour Engineering Company.

Currently, only the MoU exists, even as Guyana makes its move to invest its share. There is also no indication that the US$141.5M loan that Guyana has applied for will be made available anytime soon. This publication understands that the Exim Bank recently instructed Guyana to resubmit its applications for the loans with greater emphasis on prioritising its request, especially in light of another request for funding, this time for the proposed Georgetown Marriott hotel.

Family blasts police over investigation of taxi driver’s 2009 murder Three years have passed since Sherriff Taxi Driver, Keith Bowen also called “Keitho” was found dead in Sussex Street in the vicinity of Cemetery Road, near the Island Bridge. Bowen was killed just a day before he was to have been the Best Man at his brother’s wedding, on March 21, 2009. His murder is part of the “very long list” of

unsolved murders in Guyana. No one has been charged for Bowen’s murder, and relatives are less than optimistic that his killer(s) will be brought to justice. His mother Mrs. Fay King, when contacted by this newspaper said that since her son’s death, no police official has ever revisited the home. King said that even though she and her daughter kept

going to the station in connection with the matter, they did not get favourable responses from the police. Eventually, King said, she (Continued on page 18)

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Kaieteur News

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Budget 2012 It is perhaps not surprising that the budget did not contain any major surprises. President Ramotar did promise during the elections campaign that he would basically continue with the economic policies of the past administration. But there was still some hope that the President would at least begin to break some new ground and give the populace a signal of a change in the status quo. There is nothing wrong in the Minister of Finance, for instance, extolling the achievement of the past administration in maintaining economic growth averaging some 4.4% over the last five years. This is a matter of the record and it is also true, as indicated, this achievement goes against the grain of the wider regional downturn. But we have to point out that countries such as Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados have achieved a much higher per capita income (PPI) than us. Our status quo demands a much higher rate of growth than that achieved at present and projected - for us to get there. According to the World Bank, our annual PPI – measured as what it would take someone to purchase comparable goods in the US – is US$3450; while T&T’s PPI is US$ 24, 040. At a 4.4% growth rate it will take us 45 years to catch up with T&T – assuming that T&T stagnates and doesn’t grow. We will not even double our PPI at the present rate in 16 years. This means that we have to begin to do some things a bit differently. We have emphasised that one of the questions that must be asked when the government spends money in a country as poor as ours, is “who benefits?” Both the President and his Minister of Finance emphasised that it was a “people’s budget”. In a free-enterprise economy like Guyana’s, we understand that ultimately, the economic condition of all the people – especially the poor – will improve when they have jobs. Well paying jobs that can deliver a life of dignity for all. Therefore, unlike some, we will not reject out of turn initiatives that may flow to the private sector. However, we expect a “people’s budget” to incorporate measures that will ensure that jobs will be created and that for contracts on services especially, value is received for money spent. From this perspective, we expected that, for instance, funds would have been budgeted for an anti-corruption unit that had the powers to independently initiate investigation of corruption once certain enumerated benchmarks were triggered. We are very skeptical of the efficacy of ‘good intentions’ – stated or otherwise – in and of itself to eradicate corruption. This disease, we all know, arises out of the very nature of man to be greedy and covetous. We a c k n o w l e d g e t h e p r o g r e s s i v e n a t u r e o f measures to raise the income tax threshold from $40,000 to $50,000. While we heard that the $6 billion subsidy to GPL will stave off an imminent rate increase in electricity, this will benefit the larger users more that t h e s m a l l e r, p o o r e r o n e s . T h i s i s r e g r e s s i v e . Additionally, such a subsidy hides the very real crisis in the management of GPL. The latter constantly complain of ‘line losses’ – primarily from theft of electricity – but what they do not report is that the present exorbitant rate makes “Peter pay for Paul”. The subsidy is actually for management mistakes (or corruption) that had them rent standby generators at prices almost for what they might have purchased them. Another budget policy that this newspaper has long railed against, which actually takes money from the poor and puts it into the pocket of the super rich, is the coddling of banks in this country. Under the guise of keeping inflation in check, the banks are allowed to plunk their money down at the Bank of Guyana and earn billions of dollars in interest. This interest is paid from the taxes of all – including the poor – via the budget. Unless for this escape hatch, the banks would have been forced to lend to businesses to set up or expand businesses and provide jobs. (To be continued)

Monday April 02, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

PNC ‘dictatorship’ allowed protest outside parliament but PPP ‘democracy’ disallows it DEAR EDITOR, On the morning of Friday 30th March 2012 I encountered a traffic going into Georgetown at 7:15 hours. It turns out that it was caused by the police erecting barricades around the parliament building and cordoning off the area. Not even pedestrians were allowed to use the sidewalk. This was in preparation for the budget presentation at 14:00 Hours. Traffic was snaillike all day around Georgetown and the parliament building looked like it was under siege. One got the impression that the police expected an armed attack on parliament. At around 13:30 hours I tried to gain entry to the sidewalk in front parliament. I was denied entry at three police check points. Only members of parliament, employees of parliament, and accredited reporters were being allowed through. Members of the public were denied entry. I ended up in the vicinity of Demico House where I met Karen D’souza, a small group of women

activists, and a small group of APNU supporters. We were all behind barricades manned by a large police contingent. It was the first time I was meeting Karen in 20 years. She and I were toddlers at La Bagatelle, Leguan in the early 1960’s and we were in Preps A and B. Later in the 1970’s we lived a mile apart in the Vreed-en-Hoop area. Karen was a WPA activist and I was a PPP/PYO activist. As teenagers we both participated in picketing exercises on the side walk in front of parliament buildings. That was in the “horrible days” of “PNC dictatorship.” The “dictator” Burnham, and later Desmond Hoyte, allowed the PPP and the WPA to protest in front parliament, and those protests were huge and persistent. From the time I met Karen on Friday we were immediately on the same wavelength. We both started to blurt out in loud angry tones about the travesty we were witnessing. The “democratic PPP” had stopped all protest in front of

parliament. We talked about the time in late 1992 when the PPP was restored to government and Karen and a group of WPA women supporters tried to picket parliament. The police tried to strip search Karen and baton charged the group forcing them to flee up Brickdam whilst some of Janet Jagan’s “intellectuals” clapped their hands in glee. Now in 2012, after 20 years of PPP democracy, members of the public are denied entry to parliament, and protestors are kept at bay by metal barricades and a huge police presence. Karen and I reminisced about the days when Eusi Kwayana would engage in hunger strikes and fasts in front parliament, when Odai Paul Singh chained himself to the gates, and when PNC ministers and functionaries were made to walk a gauntlet of placards and taunts on the sidewalk in front parliament. Today members of the public and protestors are kept far away from that sidewalk by “PPP Democracy.” I was extremely angry,

and when Opposition Leader Brig Granger came to shake hands with the protestors I told him that this nonsense must stop. What is worse is that no other opposition MP came to meet their supporters. All the APNU and AFC MPs just walked or drove into parliament compound without even a glance at the people whose votes they were courting a mere four months ago. It was as if they now saw themselves as part of an elite on par with the PPP dictators who could not be bothered with the women trying to protest the “ CJ acquittal” of the Police Commissioner of the rape charge. No female MP came to lend solidarity with the women protestors and it was as if the poor working class APNU supporters were seen as a nuisance in the vicinity of parliament. How can opposition MPs tolerate the PPP placing barricades and police between them and their constituents? It is no wonder that the PPP can do as it pleases without fear of repercussions. Malcolm Harripaul

DEAR EDITOR, While holding no court for Mr. Greene, as I followed this matter, based upon what was offered in the press, I became more and more convinced that, as a matter of criminal liability, the Director of Public Prosecutions would be hard pressed to present to the court, a credible body of facts and evidence that could be calibrated to any set of elements that would give legal muster a charge of rape. I was sure Mr. Greene would be exonerated in a pre-trial court of law - a totally different construction from the court of public opinion and emotion. The Chief Justice’s concerns and questions, iterated in his opinion, mirror my own; and they go to the core of evidentiary accumulation and analysis; understandably, a process to which general society does not avail itself. To those who would cry foul and question the Chief Justice’s decision, I would caution that you read his opinion meticulously to see the holes that actually existed in the complainant’s story; particularly the chain of events after their first meeting and, more so, the continued contacts after the event of the alleged rape. The uninformed rush by many to demand Mr.

Greene’s head, based on the allegations of the complainant, could have been tempered by the simple consideration that there were only two eye witnesses to whatever occurred between them – the complainant and the accused. When there are no other eye witnesses who can testify with pellucid conviction as to their observation of what actually happened, and when there is no other direct evidence that could corroborate the commission of the alleged criminal action, a trier of fact must rely on circumstantial evidence; which is defined in part as: “proof of a chain of

facts and circumstances indicating that the person is either guilty or not guilty”. Additionally, circumstantial evidence must be buttressed by the applications of inference and reasonableness based on the human experience: In all, when it is applied, it must yet meet the legal standard of having no gaps in which reasonable doubt can exist. For example, it is reasonable to expect that an aggrieved rape victim would make a police report immediately after the carnal violation has occurred. At the same time, the wider the gap grows between the alleged crime

and the complaint, the lesser would be the credibility of the eventual complaint. Of course, these situations are not absolute; but what is troubling in the case under consideration here is that in addition to the lengthy time lapse in bring the charge, the self-acclaimed victim occasioned several liaisons with the accused after the event of the alleged rape. The Chief Justice was present with a chain of events by the Director of Public Prosecution who failed to provide legally acceptable explanations for the gaps and missing links therein; leaving Continued on page 5

Two different Courts: Public opinion vs. Legal reasoning

I call on the Honourable Minister to unequivocally withdraw her reprehensible statements DEAR EDITOR, It was with dismay but not surprise that I read the letter to the editor captioned “Priya Manickchand at odds with Emily Dodson over Linden Legal Aid Clinic” (KN 28/3/2012) penned by the Honourable Minister Priya Manickchand. Given Mrs . Joan Ward-Mars comprehensive correction of the “facts “ provided by the Honourable Minister on the funding of the Linden Legal Aid Centre, I will confine myself to the personal attacks leveled against the character of Ms Emily Dodson. Mr Editor isn’t it ironic that as the curtains descend on International Women’s Month 2012 a female Minister of the Government gleefully uses the print media to, without any justification whatsoever, verbally abuse and seek to bring into disrepute the integrity of

the character of a sister whose “capital offence” was, it seems, to dare to utter uncomplimentary, though accurate, remarks about the Government. The Honourable Minister would do well to understand that “Jagdeoism” (the public attack by Ministers in a very personal way on citizens who dare to expose the shortcomings of the Government) went out of currency on the 28th November 2011. I call on the Honourable Minister to unequivocally withdraw her reprehensible statements that “Ms. Dodson’s statements raise two issues which reflect either deliberate wickedness or hopeless ignorance .” and “ I did not authorize Ms. Dodson to make those wild, ill informed and highly political statements.” Deborah Backer

Monday April 02, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters... Where your views make the news The combined opposition is not worth When will the its salt if it allows this budget to pass

Government learn?

DEAR EDITOR, The eloquent budget speech given by the Honourable Finance Minister reminds me of the similar eloquence of President Forbes Burnham. No one can deny that President Burnham was a gifted speaker, and whether you liked him or not, one was simply drawn to listen to him, whenever he speaks. I listened to the Honourable Minister last Friday, and I liked his speech. His command of the English language is great, and his presentation was immaculate. Having said that, I am extremely disappointed that this Government does not seem to understand that Guyana needs a new direction away from the Bharat Jagdeo mismangement of our beautiful country. I maintained that it was a grave mistake for President Janet Jagan to have given the Presidency to this “boy,” and for the PPP to continue to nominate him as their candidate. Now this is history, and whether we supported him or not, the damage is done. President Ramoutar comes into office and offers a new hope to Guyana. This hope seems to be fading away as the evening twilight, and the President can only blame himself if he continues on this path. It appears as

though President Jagdeo is still the puppet master and he is pulling the strings. There are numerous areas in the budget that need attention, but I will only make a few points. Firstly, when will NICIL books be audited by the Auditor General, its findings made public, and its balances transferred into the Consolidated Fund? Sadly, the Honourable Minister did not address this. My firm opinion is that there need to be a forensic audit of the books at NICIL, and I hereby offer my service to the Government to assist in this exercise. Secondly, the National Assembly is being asked to dole out $10 billion to Guysuco and GPL. Well, I am told that if a wall is cracked, you do not simply put sand and cement on it and hope that the problem goes away. Surely, this plaster will be a band aid for a time, but the problem will still be there. Unless we check the foundation and correct the problem, the wall will eventually collapse. My point is that unless Guysuco and GPL have professional boards appointed, and the boards appoint competent managers, nothing will change. My hope is that the majority opposition in Parliament demands a holistic approach to Guysuco and

GPL before any funds are approved for them. Thirdly, the Government is set to spend billions more on the Hope canal. What an utter disgrace. Guyana is one of the few countries blessed with a hugh supply of fresh water. When the rain comes, we seem to be in a mad rush to release this water into the ocean. I suppose you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that if we extend our conservancies, excavating the land inward and making it deeper, building strong dams to withstand the water pressure, we will not only save the water for our farmers, but we can market our fresh water to countries that need it. It would be more prudent for the Government to spend this large sum to save our water, and to then sell it to those who need it, thus recovering our investments. There are many more areas to highlight, but I will only hope that the President makes the right turn, and does his best to make our country the envy of the Caribbean. I am reminded that many citizens from the Caribbean came to Guyana in the 1900’s, because Guyana had a better standard of living than most Caribbean countries. Can the President chart a new course and make this happen again? We will have to wait and see. Charles Sugrim

Two different Courts: Public opinion... From page 4 him no recourse but to reject the proposition that a crime had been committed. Note well, there is no dispute that there was sexual activity between Mr. Green and the complainant: Given the circumstances of their meeting, as immoral as that may be, it is not criminal. Another misplaced alarm that came on the heels of Justice Chang’s decision, published in the online edition GT-Brutal Facts, saw the Chief Justice as corrupted and compromised; and further suggested that women in Guyana must continually live in fear. True enough, society at large needs to be vigilant and active in proliferating, promoting and protecting the rights and status of women with regard to their quest for equality with their men folk: That notwithstanding, the merits of that article, yet cannot be interfaced successfully with the well reasoned decision of Justice Chang. Such otherwise justified, sociological opining would find better consort in ongoing articulations for that gender’s ascendancy to their rightful

equality with men. Notably though, one is left to wonder whether the Chief justice’s obvious attack on the competence of the Director of Public Prosecution, at least in the extant matter, is warranted. It seems as though the Chief Justice spared no effort to criticize and admonish the prosecutorial arm of the nation’s judicial system. I would opine that he went so far in his criticism of the prosecutorial offering in this case, intentionally or not, that it would constitute a warning to the government that it ought to look at the leadership of the Directorate of Public Prosecutions; a consideration not alien to the a prevailing notion that the current administration continues to further the Jagdeo-implemented practice of appointing political hacks(no pun intended)to critically important government positions, their lack of experience and qualifications, being no bar. In conclusion, before any rush to vilify Chief Justice Chang, one should meticulously read the opinions upon which his

decision rests. The guidance about the affairs of women and how they fare — and fear — in patrician societies and what ought to obtain for their rise to equality with their menfolk is appropriate; however, in the matter at hand, such noble cogitations, standing alone, must remain insufficient, in considering the criminal culpability of the morally challenged and ignoble police commissioner. Wrickford Dalgetty Brooklyn, NY

DEAR SIR, Last Friday, March 30, 2012, Minister Ashni Singh may have read the wrong budget to this nation. Guyanese should reject it; they should demand changes that reflect seriousness, on the part of the government, towards good governance, financial prudency and rectitude and national development. The opposition should find ways of informing the public to take such and other appropriate actions. Prior to the reading of the national budget, Guyana’s Finance Minister, Mr. Ashni Singh was reported, in the Chronicle, to have said that we (Guyanese) should expect a people’s budget. If that report was accurate then, it is quite possible that the minister may have read the wrong budget. There is nothing in that document that speaks to the development of the ordinary citizen of Guyana; nothing to motivate public servants to make public service a career; nothing to show gratitude to our pensioners, who have worked for years at different jobs to develop this country; and nothing to encourage our young people to stay and develop Guyana. Therefore, the one thing that the budget does not focus on is people. We were deceived by the Minister of Finance. Instead we see that the government has set aside billions of taxpayers’ dollars as handouts to faltering corporations like GPL, and GUYSUCO. Those handouts should really go towards the development of human resources and the creation of jobs for numerous amounts of unemployed youths in every region of this beloved country of ours and to give

pensioners more dignity in the twilight of their years. But as we see unemployment and making our senior citizens comfortable appear to be unimportant and do not rank in priority as the need to help friends of the government. Also, there is no word on the 16 percent VAT. All the political parties promised to address VAT. However, the government’s budget said nothing about any adjustment about that tax. Absolutely nothing, in the budget, to deal with or root out corruption and disentangle the government, and state from the criminal underworld- trafficking in narcotics and smugglingwhich continue to negatively affect legitimate corporations and businesses. The underworld has been able to build structures which are deeply entrenched in the state apparatus. Those structures are very difficult to dismantle even by the current oppositional forces. There has to be another radical way. It is clear that the budget was crafted to keep Guyana’s economy on the most disgraceful path that the former President Jagedo has left as his legacy. It allows the PPP/C to use the resources of Guyana like their personal property; their credit card. But the opposition must not facilitate this burden, which we and our children were forced to bear, for twenty years, in the name of development. They must act now and stop this madness. That is precisely the reason the majority of Guyanese gave them control of the parliament on November 28, 2011. One way by which they can do that is by educating the masses on the meaning of

the 2012 budget. This is really important because it could lead to greater empowerment of the people and encourage them to take appropriate actions against yet another document that brings oppression to the already oppressed, particularly in the public sector, and those who are unemployed. The opposition must find innovative ways of unpacking the figures and their meanings in the budget to the public. They need to put the numbers it in local language that the “man in the street” understands. Avoid the financial technical terms, and jargon and communicate with the average person, who wants to know but cannot cut through the heavy language used in financial documents such as the budget. One and two television programmes and a corner meeting, here and there, will never be enough to inform the people about it. There has to be a sustained effort by APNU and AFC to raise awareness and educate and interact with the masses on the budget; to demonstrate its short comings; and to show what could have been done differently. Finally, I hope that APNU and AFC understand that the people are depending on them to protect their interest and advance this nation of ours. No opposition that has knowledge of the extant socioeconomic circumstances in very vulnerable communities could really allow such a budget to pass. If the combined opposition permits the national budget of 2012, as presented by government, to pass then it is not worth its salt. Name withheld

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Kaieteur News

73 murder cases listed for April sitting of the Demerara Assizes Beginning Tuesday April 3rd, 73 persons who were committed to stand trial in the High Court for murder are expected to have their matters heard as the judicial system prepares for the Second opening of the Demerara Assizes for this year. Among some of the cases which are expected to be heard are those involving Cyon Collier called ‘Picture Boy’, who was committed for three counts of murder stemming from two separate incidents. Collier was tried for the killing of Non Pareil businessman Chandrapaul Persaud called ‘Kero man’, which took place on September 30, 2006. However a re-trial was ordered after the matter ended in a hung jury. He is to stand trial for the murders of siblings Carl Andrews, 31 and Ray Walcott, 35. Also on the list is Police Constable 19712 Kevin Waterman, who is accused of killing his girlfriend, Woman Constable 18998 Eleanor Jones in July, 2007, just outside her home at Burnham Drive, Silvertown, Wismar, Linden. Murder accused Odinga Green ‘called’ Dingo is also expected to have his matter heard in High Court for the

- former GTU Head’s carnal knowledge matter also expected to be heard

Murder accused Cyon Collier called ‘Picture Boy’ murder of Nazaline Mohammed of East Ruimveldt. Green allegedly took the woman from her home on February 2, 2007 to Linden where he reportedly killed her. I n a d d i t i o n to the murders, the sitting judges are expected to hear a total of 25 cases of manslaughter and 64 cases of carnal knowledge. Among those committed to stand trial for carnal knowledge is former President of the Guyana Teachers’ Union, Colwyn

Carnal Knowledge accused Colwyn King.

Murder accused Kevin Waterman. King. In October of 2009, King was charged with carnal knowledge of a girl who was below the age of consent. Seventeen cases of buggery are expected to be heard, in addition to 37 cases of rape. One man has been committed to stand trial for four counts of causing death by dangerous driving. Four persons have been committed to stand trial for trafficking in narcotics. The court has issued arrest warrants for three of those p e r s o n s , D i o n St a n l e y, Oliver George and Kim Marks.

Monday April 02, 2012

Increased Linden electricity tariffs a vengeful act - AFC Just days after an Alliance for Change (AFC) team visited Linden to listen to the concerns of the residents, the party was met with word of a policy that will represent the “final nail in the coffin of Lindeners.” This is according to AFC Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan, who said that the party was shocked at the least upon hearing of the new electricity tariffs for the people of Linden. The AFC Chairman said that there can be no doubt that the decision was a vengeful act on the people of Linden as a result of their voting persuasion on November, 2011 when Guyana held its Regional and General Elections. During the presentation of the 2012 Budget for Guyana, Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh announced t h a t s t a r t i n g t h i s y e a r, “reforms will be initiated to the tariff subsidy with the aim of giving effect to a progressive alignment of the subsidised rates with the national rates that are applicable on the GPL grid.” This means that the electricity bill that Lindeners have been accustomed to paying for several years now will skyrocket. This has already drawn an angry reaction from members in the Opposition, including Ramjattan, who pointed to the fact that after years of economic starvation on the part of the administration for the people of Linden, some have only recently begun to recover with some small cottage industries being established. Ramjattan said that what this new policy means is that those businesses will quickly be rendered unprofitable, further complicating the economic situation that Linden faces. The AFC Chairman then pointed to the average household consumer who will quickly see their electricity bill skyrocket by multiples of hundreds of per

cent. During his budget speech the Finance Minister had explained that since the privatisation of the bauxite operations in Linden and the Berbice River, Government has been subsidising electricity rates in these communities. “Currently, in Linden, electricity costs between $5 and $15 per kWh, while on the GPL grid customers pay an average of $64 per kWh.” He said that the total cost of this electricity subsidy was $2.9B last year, the equivalent of 10 per cent of GPL’s total revenues. But Ramjattan said that his party will be pushing strongly for the Government to maintain the subsidy for Linden’s Electricity Generation until such time that it is financially sound for the people of Linden to be able to pay the increased tariff.

AFC Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan opportunity in Linden to give residents a platform to voice their concerns about pertinent issues that are affecting them, according to Ramsaroop. Ramsaroop also pointed out that the interactions, apart from serving as a catalyst to help the party bring about change, were also

“Lindeners were never being prepared for this removal in this sweeping manner…The EU gave assistance and phased it out… look how this same Government is treating its own Guyanese,” Ramjattan The AFC Chairman is adamant that if the current subsidy cannot be sustained, “and there must be serious efforts to find a way… then there must be a phased removal.” He maintained that the “sudden and full impact of this total removal will hurt badly….the Lindeners were never being prepared for this removal in this sweeping manner.” Ramjattan said the analogous situation is the way the European Union (EU) dealt with removal of Guyana’s preferential treatment of sugar. The EU gave assistance and phased it out. “Even that this Government was so critical of…Yet look how this same Government treating its own Guyanese.” The team of executive Members of the Alliance For Change (AFC) that visited the mining community recently included Moses Nagamootoo, Nigel and Cathy Hughes, Gerhard Ramsaroop and Kojo McPherson, along with political activist Frederick Kissoon. The party has been gaining momentum over the years, but lost a significant amount of its support base i n L i n d e n d u r i n g the recently held General and Regional Elections as was evident in the casting of votes. The AFC team used the

aimed at assuring Lindeners that the AFC cared very much for the community, and what is taking place. “These interactions will help us to determine ways to address issues affecting the people, both in and out of Parliament,” he acknowledged. He was also quick to point out that notwithstanding the loss of support from the mining town, every single vote for the AFC counted for the new dispensation that “we presently find ourselves in, where the Government has now got to be accountable to the people, as the people of Guyana now control Parliament.” He added that the AFC wanted to assure the people that they are not angry with them, but grateful for whatever support was given. According to Ramsaroop, the AFC is committed to representing Linden, as the party abhors the current system which treats the Town like a ‘step child’ of the Government. “We have come to ensure that Linden regains its rightful place and get what every other area in Guyana is getting,” Ramsaroop emphasised. Moses Nagamootoo also highlighted several discrepancies that currently prevail in the present administration and pointed out that the AFC will be “putting the pressure on.”

Monday April 02, 2012

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Syria ‘friends’ warn Assad time is short to end bloodshed BEIRUT (Reuters) Western and Arab nations warned President Bashar al-Assad not to delay adopting a plan to end a year of bloodshed in Syria and called on peace envoy Kofi Annan to set a timetable for action if the violence continues. Annan is due to brief the UN Security Council today about whether he has seen any progress towards implementing his proposals, which Damascus has accepted but not yet carried out. After their meeting in Istanbul yesterday, the “Friends of Syria” said Assad did not have an open-ended opportunity to meet his commitments to Annan, who is seeking a ceasefire, troop withdrawals from cities and

access for humanitarian aid. The group made no mention of arming the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA), as advocated by some Gulf Arab states, but said it would “continue to work on additional appropriate measures with a view to the protection of the Syrian people”. Hardline Gulf states are likely to interpret the phrase as a licence to fund, if not arm, the FSA, while the United States and others will see it as allowing supplies of nonlethal equipment to the loosely organised armed opposition to Assad. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said her government was supplying “communications equipment that will help activists organise, evade attacks by

Kofi Annan

Hillary Clinton

the regime and connect to the outside world” and was “discussing with other nations how best to expand this support”. Ministers from the United States, Europe and Arab countries attended the

Istanbul meeting but Security Council members China and Russia and Syria’s ally Iran were prominent absentees, reflecting the divided international response to Syria’s crisis. “The regime will be judged by its deeds rather than its promises,” said a communiqué issued by representatives of 83 nations in Turkey. It called on Annan “to determine a timeline for next steps, including a return to the U.N. Security Council, if the killing continues”. Violence has raged unabated despite Annan’s mediation. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported 70 people were killed across Syria on Sunday, including 12 civilians killed in bombardment and sniper fire in the city of Homs. Nineteen soldiers and 12 rebel gunmen were killed in clashes.

Britain set for sweeping Internet, phone monitoring LONDON (Reuters) Britain is to allow one of its intelligence agencies to monitor all phone calls, texts, emails and online activities in the country to help tackle crime and militant attacks, the Interior Ministry said yesterday. “It is vital that police and security services are able to obtain communications data in certain circumstances to investigate serious crime and terrorism and to protect the public,” a Home Office spokesman said. The proposed law already has drawn strong criticism, from within the ruling Conservative Party’s own ranks, as an invasion of privacy and personal rights. “What the government hasn’t explained is precisely

why they intend to eavesdrop on all of us without even going to a judge for a warrant, which is what always used to happen,” Member of Parliament David Davis told BBC News. “It is an unnecessary extension of the ability of the state to snoop on ordinary people,” he said. New legislation is expected to be announced in the legislative agenda-setting speech given by the queen in May. Currently, British agencies can monitor calls and e-mails of specific individuals who may be under investigation after obtaining ministerial approval, but expanding that to all citizens is certain to

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Jackie Allicock, a former resident of Rainbow City, Linden in the 1980’s is asked to contact Mr. Glenn Lall on tel # 624-6456.

enrage civil liberties campaigners. Internet companies would be required to install hardware which would allow the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), referred to as Britain’s electronic ‘listening’ agency, to gain real-time access to communications data. The new law would not allow GCHQ to access the content of emails, calls or messages without a warrant, but it would allow it to trace who an individual or group was in contact with, how frequently they communicated and for how long. The Sunday Times newspaper, which first reported the story, said some details of the proposals were given to members of the Britain’s Internet Service Providers’ Association last month.

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Caribbean American group to explore business opportunities in Jamaica WASHINGTON - CMC With just over four weeks to go before the EXPO JAMAICA 2012 in Kingston, the Washington-based Institute of Caribbean Studies (ICS) says it is partnering with small business organisations across the United States in leading a Business Opportunities (BizOpps) Exploration to the event. “The goal is to introduce US small businesses, that is businesses with one to five hundred employees, to Jamaica and Jamaicans to assist in building networks critical for international business success,” said ICS in a statement. It said participants will engage in a half-day seminar

Dr. Claire Nelson on “Doing Business in Jamaica” and “SMART Foresight for Small Businesses.” The group said it will also coordinate Buyers Only Sessions at the National Arena.

The delegation will be led by ICS’ Jamaican-born founder and president, Dr. Claire Nelson, a former senior technical advisor at the Washington-based InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB). Dr. Nelson, who has over 25 years of business and project development experience, will be joined by Dr. Nsombi Jaja, CEO of Quality Management Consultancy Inc., a leading consulting firm with A- List clients in both the private and public sector in Jamaica. “For almost 20 years, ICS has been organising investment forums and speaking on business opportunities in the Caribbean,” Dr. Nelson said.

B’dos concerned Jamaicans coming for marriages of convenience BARBADOS immigration authorities are concerned that Jamaicans are coming to the island to be involved in marriages of convenience, a report in yesterday’s Barbados Nation said.

The report said the women are meeting men in the Internet and then going to Barbados to marry them. Senator Harry Husbands, parliamentary secretary in the

Office of the Prime Minister, was quoted as saying one Jamaican woman went to the island on three different occasions to marry three different men. (Jamaica Observer)

Monday April 02, 2012

T&T departure tax now $200 ...Minister defends increase Effective June 1, the Airport Authority of T&T (AATT) will increase its Passenger Service charge (formerly Departure Tax) from $100 to $200. The decision to hike the price was taken by the AATT board at a February 2 meeting, Transport Minister Devant Maharaj confirmed Saturday. The last increase, Maharaj said, was ten years ago. “We have no choice. If somebody has to worry about a $100 increase as they buy a ticket to go away they would have other problems involved. I think the new fee is reasonable.” He said the increase was small compared to the prices people paid for

visas and airline tickets. Maharaj said he would examine cost against revenue with regard to all agencies under him. The airport, Maharaj said, barely earns enough from the collection of fares and fees. Plans, Sunday Guardian understands, are also in the pipeline to increase the concourse fee from $45 to $65, which Maharaj said he was unaware of. In order to fulfill its mandate to provide safe and secure aviation facilities and to generate additional revenue to meet increased salaries and maintenance cost, Maharaj said the AATT recommended that the departure tax be changed.

Devant Maharaj The AATT estimates passenger movement of 843,078 from October 2011 to 2012. Saturday, several travel agencies complained that they were unaware of the increase. (Trinidad Guardian)

All not lost for REDjet Two Caribbean governments say they are leaving the door open for REDjet even though the suspension of its operating licence in Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago could hinder the low-cost carrier’s return to the skies. Guyana, which was the first regional country to roll out the red carpet for

Barbadian-based REDjet last May, Saturday joined with Antigua and Barbuda in pledging its continued support for the grounded airline. While expressing serious disappointment over its apparent demise, Minister of Transport Robeson Benn said the Guyana government had no intention of turning its

back on the airline and was prepared to discuss the way forward. “We have not spoken to anyone as yet. We will have discussions here by T u e s d a y o r so b u t apparently we are being pre-empted by what is h a p p e n i n g i n t he other jurisdictions,” Benn said. (Barbados Nation)

Regional diplomats react to arrest of their St. Vincent and the Grenadines colleague NEW YORK - CMC - St. Kitts and Nevis Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Delano Bart has described as “provocative and uncivilized” the police treatment of his St. Vincent and the Grenadines counterpart Camillo Gonsalves who was detained and handcuffed on Wednesday. Bart, who is chairman of the United Nations CARICOM Group, described

the move by the New York police as a “very serious and flagrant violation of obligations under the United Nations Headquarters Agreement and the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations”. Gonsalves has “vehemently” denied a claim by the New York Police Department (NYPD) that he was arrested earlier this week after he refused to identify

himself. “The officer asked the ambassador to stop, he refused, he continued and entered into the location, and the officers followed him into the location,” the NYPD on Thursday in statement. But Gonsalves, the eldest son of Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) that was simply not the case.

Monday April 02, 2012

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THE GHRA MUST ALSO RESPECT THE HUMAN RIGHTS OF THE COMMISSIONER OF POLICE The Commissioner of Police recently brought an action asking the court to quash a recommendation of the DPP that he, the Commissioner, be charged for rape. The decision went the Commissioner’s way. This has upset the Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA). But one has to ask whether the GHRA has actually read the sixty- four page judgment of the Chief Justice; one has to ask also whether the GHRA has examined the issue of the credibility of the person who accused the Commissioner of having forced sex with her; or whether the GHRA is familiar with the basis of the DPP’s recommendations. If the GHRA has not done any of these things, it is in no position to pass judgment on the Chief Justice’s ruling. If on the other hand, the GHRA had adopted the position that in common law the discretion of the DPP remains beyond challenge in

the courts and it therefore for an accused to establish the flawed exercise of discretion in a trial and not through judicial review, the GHRA would be on much firmer footing. But based purely on media reports, the GHRA seems to feel that a rape victim has been unjustly treated. It is free to arrive at this conclusion but the GHRA must also appreciate the fineries of the law. A decision to prosecute has to be based not on the mere fact that the DPP feels that an offence as claimed has been committed, but also on the chances of successful conviction. Whatever the DPP believed happened between the Commissioner of Police and his accuser, the decision to charge has to also examine the likelihood of a successful prosecution. The DPP should not recommend charges unless the DPP is certain that the evidence before her can successfully prosecute that charge. If the examination of the

evidence tendered before, including its reliability and the credibility of the witnesses, leads the DPP to be unsure of the certainty of a successful prosecution, the DPP is duty- bound to so indicate in her advice to the police. The GHRA therefore must not become emotional simply because we are dealing with an accused and an accuser who are far apart in terms of power in the society. There is within our society, a strong temptation when dealing with such cases for persons to want to go for the jugular: “Let us get a well known individual, someone with power.” It is the temptation of the small person’s revenge. There is equally a burning desire of many to get even with the current administration by seeking to have high officials indicted. There is even a movement to try to deny the benefits in law to those eligible to enjoy

Dem boys seh

More woman gun holler rape De Chinee man get nuff people vex wid he because he use de law to save Henry de Yellow. And is not that he and Henry is friend. In fact, Henry get vex when de Chinee man give some murder accused bail because Henry did want keep dem in jail. Anyhow, a woman come forward and claim how Henry rape she. De thing is that she wait two weeks and was actually meeting Henry after de so-called rape. Dem boys seh that is because de big money didn’t come forward that she decide fuh get even. She even send a text message telling how he tek she fuh a fool. Anyhow, dem people vex. Tek Freddie, he vex too. Dem boys want to know if a woman did come forward and seh how he rape she even though he couldn’t, if he wouldn’t want de same treatment. De good thing is that wouldn’t happen to he because dem women ain’t stupid and dem got taste. Some other men now thinking twice about going behind woman. One of dem

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

actually seh that he gun try man but he forget that de same thing can happen and that gun be more shameful. De funny thing is that a man can accuse a woman of rape but de only thing is that de woman ain’t gun even get arrested because de police gun laugh de man. That matter would never reach de court. Dem got nuff men, though, who does rape women and de women suh frighten that dem don’t seh nutten. Some big ones in de government do that and dem does tell dem gyal that if dem talk dem gun lose whatever

wuk dem got. Dem case never meet de Chinee man. One of dem get ask fuh resign only de other day because he try a thing wid de wrong woman. She complain to de boss. De man use to do de same thing to other women and dem use to wipe dem mouth. Henry, according to nuff people, use to trouble nuff woman and dem didn’t seh nutten. This time as old people always seh, every day bucket does guh to well one day he bottom does drop out. Talk half and don’t mess wid woman fuh de other half.

these benefits. Behind all of this is a thinking that says, if we cannot win them at the polls, let us name, shame and humiliate high officialdom. The GHRA CANNOT be accused of doing this but they must be circumspect in not playing into the hands of those with this agenda. The second temptation is for there to be apprehensions that because of the influence of the accused, this influence could be used to pervert the course of justice. In short, might will prevail over right. The government rightly sought to disabuse the possibility of the course of justice being perverted and thereby avoiding the claim that the police would not have been independent in their work. The government invited crime sleuths from Jamaica to undertake the investigation. The investigators reportedly made some recommendations. There are conflicting reports as to what were their findings. The file went to the DPP for her recommendation and she reportedly recommended that charges be filed against the Commissioner.

Before the charges could have been filed, the Commissioner moved to the courts in order to quash the recommendation. The Court has now vitiated the recommendation of the DPP. Based on reports in the media the Chief Justice went through the evidence meticulously to establish issues such as reliability of the evidence, the credibility of the accuser and the prospects of a conviction. Instead of addressing these issues, the GHRA is attacking the Chief Justice’s ruling on the issue of consent. There is of course open to the GHRA and to the person who made the accusation, the option to appeal the decision and to take it all the way to the Caribbean Court of Justice. Perhaps the GHRA, if after reading the Chief Justice’s decision is interested in this approach, could assist the woman who alleged that she was raped to have the matter taken further within the legal system. The GHRA cannot however just be interested in the human rights of the woman. It has to also defend

the human rights of the Commissioner. If there is incontrovertible evidence that the Commissioner was framed and thus made to go through a great deal of emotional stress and turmoil, especially considering his fragile health, then it is within the right of the Commissioner to sue his accuser for making malicious allegations against him. The man’s heart could have given out on him, given the stress that he must have undergone and therefore if he turns out to be the victim in this case, GHRA must be as forceful in asserting his right to seek remedies, as it is now criticizing the Chief Justice’s take on consent. More importantly though, the Chief Justice’s decision represents a serious indictment against the judgment of the DPP. It is for her to either defend her original opinion by appealing the decision of the Chief Justice, or in the face of this ruling reconsider her future as the Director of Public Prosecutions.

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Monday April 02, 2012

Man shot in neck for gold chain A Sophia resident is nursing a gunshot wound to the neck after being robbed of a gold chain by two bandits last night. Injured is 20-year-old Jerry Jones of 1265, Section B Sophia. He was admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and his condition is listed as critical. According to reports, two men visited Jones’ house and requested to see the injured man’s brother. However, Jones ventured out to speak to the two men who claimed that they were supposed to travel with his brother into the interior to work. But after seeing the huge gold chain that Jones was wearing, the men shot him in the region of the neck and relieved him of the jewellery. The wounded

man’s mother, Judith Jones recounted that both of her sons worked in the interior and her son Jerry was playing a game on the laptop computer when two men whom she never saw before called out asking for other son. She explained to the police at the GPHC that she answered the men, telling them that the person they were asking for was not at home and one of the men then requested a telephone number for the son they were asking for. She informed the men that she would inform her son that two persons were looking for him whenever he contacted the home. “They told me that they had to go into the interior with him, that’s why they wanted to contact him.” She informed that her son

Jerry was standing on the verandah while she was talking to the men. Miss Jones explained that after she was finished talking to the men, they walked around at the side of the house and saw her son who was wearing a heavy gold chain. “This chain was made with over an ounce of gold, and it had a shape like buck beads pattern. They might have seen the chain and decided to rob my son and shoot him. I really want the police to catch these boys, they were two black boys,” the mother lamented. Police were last night carrying out surveillance activities in Sophia in the hope of apprehending the bandits or to gather information of their whereabouts.

Guyana women entrepreneurs return from successful US forum

Director of D & J Shipping Service, Lucia L. Desir-John at the event Two Guyanese women were among 22 leading female entrepreneurs from 10 Caribbean countries who attended the two-day Entrepreneurs Network Caribbean (WEN Caribbean) in the USA capital Washington DC, on March 13. The event was also attended by US Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Guyana was represented by Director of D & J Shipping Service, Lucia L. Desir-John and Barbara Dublin- Peterkin of Beauty Circle and Naturopathic Centre. Other countries that were represented were Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, St Lucia, St Vincent, Suriname, Dominica, Grenada and the Bahamas. According to Desir-John, the goal of the Caribbean

Women Entrepreneurs Network mission is to strengthen the voice, visibility and viability of women-led businesses in the Caribbean through advocacy, training, networking, identifying and sharing best practices and the procurement of funds to support the entrepreneurship development of its members. She explained that at the forum, the women entrepreneurs were connected to the various tools and resources available to the Caribbean from the United States to support women in business. Ms. Desir-John informed that presentations were made by representatives from the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, InfoDEV, International Finance Corporation, Weconnect International and the US Department of State.

Additionally, several b u s i n e s s w o m e n organisations also explained how they functioned to support their members. She explained that at the end of the forum, a representative from each attending Caribbean nation was selected to represent their respective countries at future WEN Caribbean events. An Executive body, which now leads and coordinates the activities of WEN Caribbean throughout the Region was also established. Desir-John added that their immediate task is to finalise the structure of the network, recruit new members from the various Caribbean nations and sensitise Public and Private Sector agencies as well as launching the organisation’s website at

Monday April 02, 2012

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Fire ravages four Regent Street businesses - Building was center of property dispute By Latoya Giles A regent street building that housed four stores was destroyed, while others suffered from major water damage after a fire of unknown origin broke out early yesterday morning. The stores, Dalip Variety, Akash People's Variety Store, Prakash Discount Store and Monty Smart Choice Store were all housed inside the Jaigobin Building, which is located at the corner of Regent and Wellington Streets, opposite the Guyoil Gas Station. A c c o r d i n g t o eyewitnesses, the fire started sometime after 05:00hrs. Good work by fire fighters enabled them to contain the blaze to the Jaigobin building alone, saving other stores within close proximity. Fire Chief Marlon Gentle who was at the scene told the media that the Fire Service received a telephone call around 5:35am from a male, stating that he saw

flames in the building. Gentle said that the units responded immediately, two from the Central Fire Station and one from Alberttown. He said that when the units arrived, thick smoke and flames were seen in Dalip's Variety Store, which is located on the upper floor of the building. According to the Fire Chief, the building was heavily grilled and contained shutters, which initially hampered the work of the fire fighters. He further told the media that the building had a variety of items inside, such as batteries, aerosols, plastics and clothing, all of which would have fuelled the blaze. The Fire Chief said that it took very little time for the entire wooden building to become engulfed in flames. Gentle said that as the fire threat was raised, a second alarm went out and two other units were dispatched to the scene, one from West Ruimveldt and

What is left of the burnt out Regent Street businesses.

t h e o t h e r f r o m Campbellville. Many “experts” at the scene were critical of the methods employed by the fire service and openly voiced their displeasure. The Fire Chief explained that firefighters used the heavy capacity hose laying lorry which brought up water from the North Road

Canal to the building. Gentle said that despite what people are saying, the Fire Service had to put up with two security barriers which caused a delay. “The building was grilled, plus had shutters…” Gentle stated. He said that he could not risk sending men into a building which had heavy

smoke, adding that one needed to take the fire fighters' safety into account before they committed them to enter the building. Owner of Dalip's Variety, Dalip Murjani told Kaieteur News that he received a call sometime after 05:00 am. He said that he brushed off the call as a “joke”, but nevertheless went to his

store. Upon his arrival, his worst fears were confirmed. He blamed the firefighters for what he described as a poor job of containing the fire and estimated his losses to the tune of millions of dollars. Meanwhile, as the blaze began to die down, other irate storeowners (Continued on page 15)

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Monday April 02, 2012

Monday April 02, 2012

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Local Govt. Ministry mum about repayments made by former Grove/ Diamond NDC Overseer While the Ministry of Local Government affirms that its responsibility to the 65 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) across the country embraces the issue of transparency, it is yet to release information about the repayment arrangements by a former Overseer. Despite requests made by this newspaper to have information made available as to the monies already repaid by former Grove/ Diamond Overseer, Balraj Budwah, the Ministry has continued to remain silent. Reports are that financial discrepancies arose at the Grove/Diamond NDC, East Bank Demerara (EBD) and residents in the villages began pointing fingers at Budwah as they became more concerned about the management of the entity's funds. Investigations were launched into the matter and Budwah was sent on “Administrative leave” during this period. Kaieteur News understands that shortly after this, Budwah tendered his resignation, though it was unclear if this was done before the investigation was completed. In a letter penned to Minister within the Ministry of Local Government, Norman Whittaker, (then Minister of Local Government) on September 26, 2011, Budwah accepted the responsibility of repaying the large sums of monies that were discovered to be “missing”. “With reference to the investigation carried out

between the Minister of Local Government and the Local Government Department of the Regional Democratic Council, Region #4, Please be informed that I am in agreement with the facts presented in the report. I will refund the sum of Two million six hundred and fifteen thousand and twenty four dollars ($2, 615, 124) to the Council's account on or before 26th October, 2011,” stated Budwah in his letter. Kaieteur News was told that while many months have passed, Budwah has failed to stick to the above mentioned agreement. Minister Whittaker had told this publication on March 16, 2012 that while he did not know about the details of the matter, he was aware that some payments were already made by Budwah. However, he assured that his Ministry will continue to look over the relevant offices throughout the country to ensure transparency. “The Ministry continues to guide and to provide oversight over the 10 Regional Democratic Councils, the 65 NDCs, six Municipalities and several Committee Development Councils (CDCs) across our country. This oversight responsibility embraces the issue of transparency,” Whittaker had said. He also denied having knowledge of the former Overseer's whereabouts. To date many residents in the Grove/Diamond villages are still annoyed

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Monday April 02, 2012

Christians usher in Holy Week with Palm Sunday observances

Catholics in New Amsterdam lift their palm branches to be blessed by Monsignor Terrence Montrose on Palm Sunday Christians yesterday began the most solemn and important week in their calendar, Holy Week. The

week commences on what is traditionally called Palm Sunday, which is one of the most important days in the

Christian calendar after Christmas and Easter. Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter, and

Members of the Holy Rosary Church of Kitty during their Palm Sunday celebration. marks the beginning of the week of events leading up to the day when Jesus' death is commemorated. During the week Christians around the world recall the very important events and last days of the earthly life of Jesus Christ. In Guyana yesterday several Palm Sunday processions were held across the country as Christians reenacted Jesus' triumphant entry into the city of

Jerusalem. The participants waved palm branches, while singing and walking through the streets. In Georgetown, Catholics gathered at the Bourda Cricket Ground for the Palm Sunday Service, which was preceded by a procession through parts of the city. In New Amsterdam, the Anglicans gathered under the New Amsterdam Town

Arch for the blessing of the palms. They proceeded through Main Street, into Church Street, thence into Trinity Street and to the All Saints Anglican Church. The Roman Catholics had their palms blessed by Monsignor Rev Terrence Montrose on the Catholic lawns at Pope Street. Other important celebrations in this coming week include the Holy (Continued on page 18)

Monday April 02, 2012

If an island is uninhabited then it is easy to be uninhibited and cohabit in all of nature’s splendor au naturel. But Dominica’s capital city, Roseau, has a population of about 15,000 and it seems that most of them were at the port when in broad daylight two gay men whose lawyer claimed they were struck by the beautiful mountains, the clean and clear fresh air and were having a few cocktails, threw caution to the wind. Unfortunately, in jettisoning caution they left themselves literally exposed. While their actual location may not have been the “poop” deck as some persons later claimed, the two men found themselves in deep poop. The two, John Robert Hart, 41, and Dennis Jay Mayer, 43, of Palm Springs, were aboard the Celebrity Summit cruise ship. The cruise was organised by Atlantis Events, a Southern California company that specialises in gay travel.

Kaieteur News

There were about 2,000 passengers on board. One of the passengers, John Claudio, later gave the scuttlebutt to QUEERTY.COM, a website that claims to be free of any agenda “except that gay one”. Claudio revealed, “My boyfriend and I, and a busload of other guys, did see what was happening on the balcony of the Celebrity Summit as we waited for our excursion to depart. At first, I wasn’t paying attention, until I noticed a few Dominican females near the security gate of the pier where the ship docked, waving their arms and hands towards the ship, and talking loudly about something on the ship. The others on board the bus also looked, and we noticed one, then two guys on the balcony walking around naked. My first thought was, ‘If we can see them, can they see us?’ “The ruckus at the dock became more excited when it appeared, at first to me, that

they were engaging in oral sex. The two guys in front of me then said, ‘No, they are (having sexual intercourse).’ As I leaned forward in my seat, I noticed that they were (having sexual intercourse), and in a standing position. It was very, very obvious that they were engaged in (having sexual intercourse). “We were not that far away from the ship, maybe one half to three quarters the length of a football field. Again, did they know we could see them?” Claudio says some of the girls on the pier then grabbed a port police officer, who hadn’t been looking at the ship up until that point. “When the girls pointed to the balcony for the police officer to see, he then, himself, noticed the guys (having sexual intercourse). The police officer started to walk towards the ship, as other police officers also started to observe the action on the balcony. The balcony was just above Deck 5, where the

lifeboats are stored, and only two or three staterooms from the elevator banks, on the port side of the Celebrity Summit facing the town. “ As the police officer walked, then stopped, then walked again toward the ship, the two guys on the balcony were still (having sexual intercourse). By this time, we could see many people on the pier and onshore taking photos of the action taking place on the balcony.” The policeman called for backup and he and his colleagues soon got to the bottom of it. However, the two men initially said they were given a bum rap. According to an AP report, Mayer and Hart claimed they were in their room when they got a call from a cruise ship official. “We were summoned that the captain wished to speak to us,” Mayer said. “We were caught off guard.” Three cruise ship officials and six Dominica police officers were waiting for them. After police

Primary Science must be fun to attract students - Education Ministry With a new practical approach to teaching Science at the primary level, the Education Ministry is hoping to stimulate pupils’ curiosity in the world around them and to encourage critical and creative thinking. This is according to Assistant Chief Education Officer (Primary), Marcel Hudson, at the recent launching of the Ministry’s Inquiry Base Science Education programme. This pilot programme is being rolled out in six schools. The programme is as a result of declining interest in science subjects at the secondary level, which in turn leads to fewer students opting to study the pure sciences, such as Physics and Chemistry, at the university level. It could result in necessary modifications

before it is implemented in all schools across Guyana. The schools participating in this pilot phase are Arapaima Primary, CV Nunes Primary, Winfer Gardens Primary, St. Margaret’s Primary, Leonora Primary and Cornelia Ida Primary. According to Hudson, who was delivering remarks on behalf of Education Minister, Priya Manickchand at the recent launching ceremony, the Ministry is seeking to engage Grades Five and Six students in active participation in Science in primary schools. Hudson noted that primary Science should be fun while being learnt and that is exactly what the Ministry wants to achieve with this programme. “We do not want our students to be bored. As such, pupils and teachers

must be engaged at all times…It is the kind of training a child receives at this level that guides them to a career path… If we set the stage now, children will know where they need to go in relation to science in terms of choosing a career and that is why it is imperative that this kind of activity is done at the earliest opportunity,” he stressed. It was noted that with this inquiry method of teaching Science, students could learn to solve problems, conduct experiments and be creative. He urged all schools involved in the pilot programme to take the exercise seriously. “We don’t want a situation when students are in Secondary School, then they are attempting to grapple with the concept of science, because it becomes extremely difficult. So what we want to

Fire ravages four Regent... (From page 11) disregarded orders and broke the doors of their buildings to access their belongings. With the help of workers and residents, they quickly loaded trucks as they tried to save goods that were not damaged. Kaieteur News was told that several bags containing money were also found in the stores. Police Divisional Commander George Vyphuis had his ranks on high alert to prevent any form of looting.

Another store owner, Vivckanand Gansham told Kaieteur News that he too received a telephone call sometime after 05:00am and he immediately dressed and went to the store. “The building was on fire….the smoke was really thick.” He told Kaieteur News that the original owner for the property died several years ago, but his sister Vidoushi Ramkarran rented out the

building. This newspaper was told that none of the businesses had any insurance policies. Sources have told this newspaper that at present, the property was at the center of a bitter property dispute which is engaging the High Court. Back in 2009, a fire believed to be of electrical origin razed a clothing store, Household Plus and Electronics and DM Beauty World.

do is to make that transition and would be more effective in what they do,” he said. According to Hudson, the education system and country needs more persons to engage in Chemistry, Physics and the other disciplines in Science. To fulfill these aims, people he said, need to pilot both factual knowledge and skills of scientific inquiry; identifying questions that can be addressed scientifically; planning and carrying out experiments; evaluating data and recognizing the limitations of their own work and the work of others. He stated, “We recognize the fact that helping children engage in the world of science can be daunting. Many teachers and parents sometimes feel frustrated to find interesting ways to teach students about science and those who do not know the world of science may be confused as to how to help our young children learn about complex concepts using simple terms.”

Page 15

interviewed both men separately, the assistant captain spoke, Mayer said. “At this time, we are going to eject you from the ship. We have zero tolerance toward your behavior,” Mayer recalled him saying. Mayer recounted that the police told him, “You’re being arrested for being gay. We’re arresting you for the crime of buggery.” Mayer denied engaging in homosexual sex. Mayer said he was naked in his cabin and nearly naked on the balcony. “I was less partially clothed than I should have been.” Mayer said police brought in government officials to look at them. “They paraded many people by to look in on us as if we were some type of animal, which was quite humiliating,” he said. “People got great joy in the pleasure of taunting us.” Mayer also commented on the journey to the courthouse where they

faced an angry crowd, “They were chanting and banging on the police vehicle. They were screaming things,” he said. “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life, other than in movies. Both my partner and I really feared for our safety.” Once in the courtroom, Chief Magistrate Evaline Baptiste ordered the men to pay a nearly $900 fine after they pleaded guilty to indecent exposure. He called the two men “rogues and vagabonds.” Police then drove them to the airport where they were told to bugger off. The moral of this story is that while sex in a pubic place is acceptable, sex in a public place is not. *Tony Deyal was last seen saying that if you are found guilty of public indecency and having sex in public, there is bugger all that you can do about it.

Page 16

Kaieteur News

Monday April 02, 2012

Guyana’s 2011 export earnings top US$1.1B During his review of the performance of 2011, Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh reported on a positive note, saying that Guyana’s export earnings topped the US$1B mark with rice and gold returning stellar performances. Dr. Singh reported to the House during this year’s budget presentation that in 2012 there was an 11.3 increase in rice production. He told the House that the rice industry extended its stellar performance of recent years with total production in 2011 of 401,904 tonnes. According to Dr. Singh, during last year, the industry continued to expand acreage

under cultivation and earned higher yields, reflecting increased training to farmers, returns from the introduction of higher yielding varieties of rice and supported by Government’s investment in drainage and irrigation. “Investment and production in the sector were also bolstered by the benefit of stronger external market prices.” He said that “The other agriculture subsectors grew by 5.7 percent, reflecting returns on the Grow More campaign and the Agricultural Diversification Programme, coupled with more integrated market

…Rice, gold return stellar performances access, especially with the bridging of the Berbice River.” The Minister also reported positive news for the livestock sector, which he said expanded by 5.8 per cent and is mainly attributed to higher production of eggs, poultry meat and mutton. “On the other hand, the fishing industry contracted by 5.3 per cent, reflecting a reduction in the number of operating vessels and fishing trips associated with the increased cost of fuel and the risk of piracy and also the continued depletion of fishing grounds.” Additionally, the Forestry Sector contracted by 9.3 per cent. The finance minister reported that the mining and quarrying sector recorded growth of 19.2 percent in 2011. “Underlying this was a 17.7 percent increase in raw gold declarations to 363,083 ounces, the highest level since 2004 when Omai Gold mines was still in operation, as favourable world market prices persisted in 2011 and induced significant continued investment in the sector.” As it relates to the projections for 2012, Dr Singh reported that the rice industry is now projected to expand further to 412,425 tonnes, a 2.6 per cent increase in value added to the industry. “This record output target places the industry in a favourable position to exploit new and emerging markets. The industry continues to reap the benefits of investments made in research and extension services and is aided by improvements in drainage and irrigation infrastructure.” He said too that the livestock industry is expected to grow by a further 4.9 per cent, while the other agriculture sector is also projected to expand by four per cent. The Finance Minister said that the continued expansion in these two subsectors, positions Guyana to take advantage of regional market opportunities while ensuring domestic food security. The Forestry Sector is projected to decline by 8.2

percent, reflecting the implementation of programmes to improve stakeholder capacity in areas of forest policy and sustainable forestry management. The Finance Minister said too that at the end of 2011, the balance of payments reflected a deficit of US$15M. “This is primarily attributed to developments on the current account due to a higher import bill driven by rising fuel prices and higher levels of imports of capital goods concentrated mainly in the industrial, agricultural and mining sectors…This outweighed the collective increases in export earnings associated with higher world market prices for key commodities and net current transfers.” The Minister reported too that export earnings in 2011 expanded by 27.6 per cent to US$1.1B “primarily attributed to increase in volumes exported as well as favourable world market prices for most of the key export commodities.” Export earnings on sugar, Dr. Singh reported, increased by 21.6 per cent to US$123.4M due to a 16.8 per cent increase in average export price, coupled with a four per cent increase in export volume to 211,762 tonnes. He said that rice export earnings also expanded by 14.5 per cent to US$173.2M, mainly due to a 26.1 per cent increase in average export price to US$567 per ton, while export volume contracted to 305,382 tonnes due to a decline in stock levels at the beginning of the year. Total gold exports is valued US$517.1M, a 49.3 per cent increase over 2010. The Finance Minister reported also that the capital account recorded a surplus of US$373.2M compared to US$339.2M as a result of higher foreign direct investment concentrated mainly in the mining, and telecommunication sectors. “Reflecting these developments, the Bank of Guyana ended the year with total external reserves of US$798.1M, equivalent to 4.2 months of imports.”

Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh as he made his way to the Chambers on Friday last to present the 2012 Budget

AFC outraged at substandard road works The Alliance For Change (AFC) is outraged at the continued sub-standard infrastructural works done throughout Guyana and is demanding that this comes to an end now. This follows observation of some road works at Enmore on the East Coast of Demerara by a team of AFC members on Thursday last. The team, which comprised Kojo McPherson and Gerhard Ramsaroop, along with political activist Freddie Kissoon, went to Enmore to meet with the sugar workers who were summarily dismissed the

previous day. On the way there, the deplorable state of the Logwood, Enmore Bridge was photographed and a video made in an effort to get the authorities to intervene. However, less than 24 hours later, the road over the bridge collapsed. At Enmore too, not far from the sugar packaging plant, the hole in a $4M bridge that was highlighted in the media three weeks ago has gotten worse. The ACF is further demanding that weight limits must be enforced so as to protect the taxpayers.

A resident stands in a hole in the road at Enmore.

Monday April 02, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 17

The Abigail Column I’ve been cheating on my partner DEARABIGAIL, I’ve been with my boyfriend for nearly four years and, while we may have our occasional disagreements, our relationship is great — my boyfriend is sweet, understanding and caring. I am also very attracted to him. Our sex life is wonderful and he is attentive to my every need, both physically and emotionally. However, despite the fact that I am very happy in this relationship, I have cheated on him a few times. I’ve never slept with anyone else, but I have gone out on dates with other men and even made out with a few.

It’s not like I don’t love my boyfriend, I just like the thrill of being with a new man. Cheater Dear Cheater, What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? At least one study places the last two options — third party and discovery — as rather low on the “forgivability” meter, so that’s one thing to consider. Not telling him would keep him in the dark, so this too, is something to consider. Ultimately, you know what makes sense for you and your relationship, so trust your gut on this one. Outside of the relationship is permissible (lots of trust and good

communication is required for this to work). Still, some people who have these desires opt for cheating, an option that may seem like less “work” than the other two, but is probably more harmful to the relationship. Whatever you decide, the fact that you are wondering about and investigating this part of yourself is admirable. It takes strength to reflect on oneself and one’s relationship in this way. Whatever you decide to do in terms of your boyfriend (telling him or not telling him), exploring why you’ve cheated could help relieve some of the stress you are feeling about your future ability to commit.

Monday April 02, 2012 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): You've got to speak the truth today -- and loudly! Do not stay quiet if you see someone acting improperly or telling a self-serving lie. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): There is so much warmth being sent your way right now that no matter where you go, you will be able to feel right at home, right away. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): The task of organizing an upcoming social event is starting to get complicated, due to a difference between your energy and resources and your companions'. ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Like a stained-glass window in a Gothic cathedral, the many colors and components of who you are right now have combined to create something quite breathtaking. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): Today, gentle teasing could feel like a harsh rebuke, and a brief smile could seem like an audacious flirtation -- because you are going through a very sensitive phase. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Human relationships are very unpredictable, which is why you should rely more on family members for help. They can give you the insight you need in order to understand a recent breakup or a fight with a friend. ********************* LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): Rearrange your schedule in order to put your friends

and family first today. Work, errands and personal business can wait for another day. The stars favor time spent at home, so think of a fun all-day activity you can do. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. 21): Schedule a chat with your boss, a teacher or another person in authority soon, because you are finally poised to get everything you want -- and so richly deserve. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. 21): If you sense that something is wrong in one of your relationships, don't let it slide or pretend that there's nothing wrong. Today you need to try to get to the bottom of things. .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): Do not be surprised if you feel like a human yo-yo by the end of the day, because you will be going through quite a few ups and downs. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18): When you get a flat tire, do you take hours to examine the tire, debate what to do and then review what you did? Of course not! You know what needs to be done, and you deal with the situation right away! ********************* PISCE S ( F e b . 1 9 March 20):First and foremost, a romance should be fun, right? So if you're not having fun with your sweetheart, today it's time to admit that and figure out what you're going to do about it.

DTV CHANNEL 8 07:55hrs. Sign On 09:00hrs. Live! With Kelly 10:00hrs. Frasier 11:00hrs. The View 12:00hrs. World News 12:30hrs. The Young and the Restless 13:30hrs. The Bold and the Beautiful 14:00hrs. The Talk 15:00hrs. Boy Meets World 16:00hrs. Smallville 17:00hrs. Beverly Hills, 90210 18:00hrs. World News 18:30hrs. Nightly News 19:00hrs. Greetings and Announcements 20:00hrs. Channel 8 News 20:30hrs. Dancing with the Stars (New Episode) 22:00hrs. DTV’s Festival of Biblical Movies for the Lenten Season: Jesus Christ Superstar 00:00hrs. Sign Off NTN CHANNEL 18/ CABLE 69 05:00hrs - Sign on with the Mahamrtunjaya Mantra 05:15hrs - Meditation 05:30hrs - Queenstown Masjid Presents Quran This Morning 06:00hrs - R. Gossai General Store Presents Shiva Bhajans 06:15hrs - Jettoo’s Lumber Yard Presents Shiva Bhajans 06:30hrs - Muneshwar Limited Presents Shiva Bhajans 06:45hrs - Double Standard Taxi Presents Shiva Bhajans 07:00hrs - RRT Enterprise Presents Shiva Bhajans 07:15hrs - M & M Snackette Presents Raja Yoga Discourses 07:30hrs - Dr. Balwant Singh’s Hospital Inc Presents Shiva Bhajans 07:45hrs - The Family of The Late Leila & David Persaud Presents Shiva Bhajans 08:00hrs - NTN This Morning Live with Reyaz Husein 09:30hrs - Indian Soap - Ram Milayee Jodi 10:00hrs - Indian Soap Yahaan Mein 10:30hrs - Indian Soap - Choti Bahu 11:00hrs - Indian Soap Pavitra Rishta 11:30hrs - Indian Soap - Punar Vivaah 12:00hrs - DVD Movie:-WILL YOU MARRY ME (Eng: Sub:) *ing Shreyas Talpade, Mughda Godse, Paresh Rawal & Celina Jaitley

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Kaieteur News

Monday April 02, 2012

Govt. budgets $672 million for Speciality Hospital LAND FOR SALE House lots on East Bank Demerara. Call: 692-0509

(From page 19)

Transported- Land of Canaan. Tel: 266-0014/6698139 Lot 20 St.John’s and Republic Road New Amsterdam, 85’x60’. Call: 615-2085 Ogle Front$45M, Queenstown-$110M, Eccles -$14M, Diamond-$3M &6.5M, Dora Linden Highway-$12M.Call: Designer House

1 Toyota land cruiser pickup, 2008 model. Fully loaded with all accessories 27,000KM. Tel: 656-2350 TO LET Lodge apartments (Vlissingen/ Durban): unfurnished $40,000-$60,000 pm, furnished (for visitors) $500-US1000 pm. Call: 2180436, 629-1093 Furnished two bedroom apt Eccles E.B.D. Tel: 698-3644/ 602-5089 Short term apartment Eccles, 679-7139

CAR RENTAL Cars. Call: 643-1131 Al’s cars canter & pick up rental. Call:698-7807 Progressive auto rental, cars from $3,500 per day. Call: 643-5122, 656-0087, Premio, 110 Corolla. Call: 679-7139

MASSAGE American style massages service. Call: 609-4036 Relax your mind and body try a massage. Call: 622-6256

One 1 bedroom furnished apt Parfaite Harmonie W.B.D. Call: 602-8769, 6947817 Lamaha Garden-$90,000, South-$100,000, Bel AirUS1700, Hotel & Bar -US1700 / US$3,500. Diana: 227-2256 Short term apartments. Tel: 667-1549

1 Dually, Dodgeram ideal for interior purposes, off road tires.GNN Series. Tel: 2272027, 623-4045 1 male or female to look after layer birds in the interior. Tel: 688-0197 Unregistered Tundra, Tacoma and interstate batteries. Call: 265-2103, 6459860

Unregistered Premio, Allion, 212 vehicles, fully loaded. Call: 609-8188, 602-6507

Eccles Studio apartments. Call: 233-2770 Kitty Apt-500US, V/Hoop500US, Eccles-700US, Garden of Eden-400US, Diamond800US. Steve: 699-5490

White Honda CRV, fully loaded flair kit, sun roof, AC, magrims, 2.5M Negotiable. Call: 673-8467 Toyota Premio & Raum Fully loaded and unregistered. Call: 269-0432, 686-0323 1- Toyota IST, Fog lamps, TV, Spoiler, full body kit, mag rims, CD player, reverse camera. Call: 612-4017 Hilux 4x4 solid Def pick up, Diesel, long base, excellent condition. Call: 623-0243

CAKES & PASTRIES Hot homemade cross buns. Only by orders. Call: 6930443 Creative Cakes with Wilton certified cake decorating. Call Corrie:225-7298, 610-8333

Quality yourself in Cosmetology or nails, make up, Register, Limited spaces. Call Abby: 216-1950, 6197603, 666-5241

1 Toyota Tundra, magrims, tray canter, fully loaded, $3.5M, 1 Nissan Titan $3.5M, GMM Series. Tel: 227-2027, 623-4045

2 bedrooms Top Flat. Self contained 16 Stanley town W.B.D. Call: 689-9836

B&C Driving School pick up & drop off: 225-0150, 6806826, 229-7258

Cosmetology courses. Tel: 225-6026, 682-2604

Just arrived: Allion and Premio, tel: 624-2000, 6221610

Hair & Nails stations must have clients $5,000 per week Middleton St C/Ville. Call: 619-5357


SALON Make up courses, artist trained & certified in Trinidad: 660-5257,647-1773

1 Toyota Hilux double cab pickup PKK series. Tel: 2278682, 227-3681

Quantum Auto Sales, Toyota Allion, Silver & White with TV/NAV, Toyota Spacio & Fielders, Low mileage, excellent condition. Call: 624-7684

PEN PAL Female seeks male companion age 46 and over. Call: 651-3407

Prudential learning “Training to pass” stick/ manual also automatic. Call: 642-4827. We’re #1

VEHICLES FOR SALE 99 Honda Civic Leather interior. Call:648-2075

Character cakes: 1-lb #5,000. Call: 223-9497

One Hilux Vigo 2011 (New) GNN series. Contact: 2315171, 619-7134 1 Camry $600,000. Tel: 6216965 Toyota Raum PMM Series first owner mags, alarm, body kit, $1.550. Call: 617-7113 EP 71-Starlet automatic, AE 91-Sprinter, Honda FIT 2004, RVR, 212, NZE. Call: 644-5096, 697-1453

Touted as a means of placing emphasis on universal access to primary health care and expanding access to specialised care, Government has budgeted the sum of $672 million to commence construction of the much talked about speciality hospital at Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown. According to Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh, this 100-bed state-of-the-art facility when completed, will allow Guyanese nationals, the wider Guyanese Diaspora and Caribbean nationals’ access to the best quality tertiary health care at an affordable cost, including in the areas of cardiology, nephrology, oncology, intensive care services, along with supporting laboratory services, clinical services, training and research. This year has seen an allocation of over $16.9 billion to the health sector with the aim of continuing with modernisation plans and to consolidate on the gains over the past decade, Dr Singh said. He revealed that Government’s vision is to place emphasis on decentralising services, strengthening public-private collaborations in a continued effort to reduce chronic non-

communicable diseases, improve the quality of care and access to health services and strengthen the health system. An additional $948 million has been allocated to construct, rehabilitate and maintain health infrastructure countrywide, Dr Singh said. This, according to him, includes the completion of the National Psychiatric Hospital, Georgetown School of Nursing, construction of a health centre at Port Mourant, and renovation and transformation of the Mahaica and Linden Hospital buildings into the National Treatment and Rehabilitation Facility for Drugs and Alcohol. Further, he revealed that a sum of $235 million has been allocated for the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of accommodation for doctors and other medical support staff in areas such as Sand Creek, Karasabai, Kwakwani, Corriverton and Long Creek and for the procurement of medical equipment. The Health Sector, according to Dr Singh, is also poised to benefit this year from in excess of $387 million which has been budgeted for the training and improvement of public health personnel to meet the growing demands for

specialised services. The sector, he said, is expected to benefit from the services of over 250 Cuban-trained Guyanese doctors who will be placed across the country. Reflecting on the National Health Strategy 2008-2012, Dr Singh said that Government’s steadfast focus on further decentralisation and expansion of health services had seen it expending $14.5 billion last year. This, as a result, saw over $998 million being spent on health care infrastructure development for the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of health facilities, including the new 285-bed facility at the Georgetown Public Hospital. A denture laboratory at the Cheddi Jagan Dental Centre, works at the West Demerara Regional Hospital and reconstruction to sections of the Lethem Hospital were undertaken even as an additional $29 million was expended on land preparation for the specialty hospital, Dr Singh said. He added too that Government expended over $300 million on training of medical and paramedical professionals in light of growing demand for health services while introducing a number of post graduate programmes.

Family blasts police over investigation... (From page 3) stopped going, since according to her, she has left everything in “the almighty’s hands”. The woman said that she constantly has to try and answer questions which are asked by Bowen’s 12 year old son. “From time to time he would ask about his father….I would try to explain what happened,” the woman told Kaieteur News. King added that there were numerous speculations about her son’s murder. One was that he was killed by then wanted man Tyrone Rowe called ‘Cobra’. However, the mother said that she does not believe that

Rowe had anything to do with her son’s death. King was positive that her son was not involved in any illegality. Bowen’s stepfather Glen King did not hold back his thoughts about the investigation. According to the man, the behavior of the ranks of the Guyana Police Force regarding the matter shows gross incompetence but he hopes that one day the family will get justice. On the night of the murder, Bowen had already bought his suit and his mother had expected him to arrive at her home with pastry ingredients for the reception for his brother’s wedding. Bowen was shot behind

Christians usher in... (From page 14) Thursday services that involve the washing of the feet of persons. This again is a re-enactment of how Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. The week's events also include Good Friday service, the most holy day of the year for Christians, where the death of Jesus is remembered. Churches usually hold three-hour services and have special customs on that day, including the veneration of the crucifix. Cross buns, one of the main delicacies that many persons will enjoy is also a very important part of Holy Week. The week comes to an end on Holy Saturday night when new members of the church will be baptised and received at special late-night Masses which are held to usher in the most joyous season for Christians, Easter Sunday.

Dead taxi driver Keith Bowen the right ear, and this had led to initial speculation that he was the victim of an execution-style killing. Reports suggest that Bowen was attacked and shot in his car shortly before his body was found in Sussex Street. The attackers then dumped him out in West La Penitence in an area called Island Bridge, opposite the Le Repentir Cemetery. Residents recalled hearing a single gunshot shortly before seeing Bowen lying on the parapet. One of the dead man’s sisters, Karen Bowen, told Kaieteur News that the family learned about the killing after a relative contacted the home by telephone.

Monday April 02, 2012

Kaieteur News

WANTED Drivers, porters and office clerk with computer, Apply at Survival Lot 10 Vlissengen Rd WANTED Waitress for bar, preferably from East Bank, 19- 23 yrs. Call: 233-5477/643-2090 for interview. Male & female between ages 35-45 for New Security Company experience an asset. Tel: 231-0633 Experience Dispatcher. Call: 227-1200, 225-4111

One able body security guard from Grove Diamond Scheme area to work at night. Call: 623-1615, 225-5800 Carpenters, masons, labourers, bulldozers& excavator operator, truck drivers. Call: 681-0685, 6263644

Responsible hire car driver, contact: 231-7475.

Experience dispatchers, mini bus and taxi drivers at princess hotel. Contact: 2657075, 616-5419

Experienced Tractor drivers to work on Logging concession. Call: 261-2553

One experience waitress @ Mambo’s Barr 93 Barr Street Kitty

1 Maid, 1 handyman to work at hotel. Apply in person @ 12 Henry Street. Tel: 2236284

2 certified mechanics for overseas job. Contact Jonny: 611-8742

Technical series Inc Industrial Site Eccles, 1 accounts clerk, Tool room clerk, 1 Industrial electrician, apply in person. Call: 6144358 1 welder/ fabricator, 2 machinist (must know to weld) knowledge of late sharper & milling machines for interior. Call: 679-9088 2 cooks to work in the interior female $80,000. Age 35-45. Call: 686-2201 East Coast Guyoil wanted day & night pump attendants, washman, manager, office assistants & sales girls. Call: 684-2838, 671-3983 EXPERIENCE SALES CLERK FOR HARDWARE ELECTRICAL,CLERK FOR HARDWARE E L E C T R I C A L D E PA R T M E N T COMPUTER LITERATE, HARDWARE EMPORIUM Small business needs live pigs, cows and red snapper @ whole sale price. CallDenella: 675-9801, 231-0635 Live in attractive waitress. Call: 228-5129 1 live in domestic &50,000. Age 35-45. Call: 686-2201 E& N Beck, (3) - Princess & Ketley Sts, Charlestown, 1Apprentice. Apply in person. Watchman/ handyman. Call: 225-0188, 225-6070 1 experience cooks to work in the interior. Contact: 6837968, 696-5566 1 experience sewing girl. Contact Devika. Call: 6113041 Female store keeper to work in the interior must have computer knowledge. Call for more info. Call: 231-3159

Shikhan, cleaners & casher, apply in person 34 Princess Street Wortmanville One general domestic must be clean & honest. Must start working at 8:00am to 5:00pm. Please Call: 639-9473, 233-2631 One cook at Bar B Que Shack 76 Church & Light Street Alberttown. Call: 639-1764 Labourers and Porters, apply Wieting & Richter Ltd. Live in attractive waitress (Preferably) from Berbice. Call: 650-7144 One general domestic to cook and clean. Tel: 226-1877 or 641-3687 Sales girls & porters apply with application, Best Buy Food Suppliers, lot 1 E Dennis and Middleton Street C/Ville Off road drivers for logging company; Bedford Company TM & MACK double axel trucks, attractive salary. Call: 694-2554, 661-1075 Waitress cooks bartenders’ security guards to work in kitty area. Call: 226-7054, 6239645 Bobcat Operator. Call: 6103575 One live in waitress age 1825 yrs salary $40-50,000 monthly. Call: 222-4890 One experience key cutter & lock repair. Preferably from East Coast. Call: 6279153 Carpenters to work with limited supervision with own tools 225-0188, 2256070 TOUR (Rodeo - Rodeo ) excitement Rodeo in Lethem site, Seeing fun Easter Weekend. Call: 639-2663, 665-5171, 6440185, 227-8290

SERVICES Permanent &Visitors Visa Applications Professional Immigration Consultant Room E-4 Maraj Building 225-6496/662-6045. ONLINE SHOPPING NO COMMISSION, WEEKLY S H I P M E N T S , AFFORDABLE RATES, FREE PRIVATE MAILBOX T E L # 2 3 1 - 5 7 8 9 FREIGHTLINKEXPRESS@ GMAIL.COM WE FILL OUT PASSPORT & VISA FORMS:USA, UK & CANADA TEL#231-5789 We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer. Omar:231-0655,6838734

Page 19

EDUCATIONAL Princeton College Forms 15 CXC Adults Lesson for students. S.A.T.-Phonics etc. Call: 690-5008/611-3793 Register now for full time & adults CXC classes. Call: 683-5742, 227-7627 Easter computer classes all ages-$6,500, Micro Graphics Technology Vreed-en-Hoop/ Grove Public Road. Call: 2643057 Easter computer classes all ages &6,500, Micrographics Technology Parika Highway (Bollywood Building). Call: 670-5734

We refill HP cartridges for $1,800. Call:650-7699 Vehicle steam cleaning. Tel: 627-7835 Trinidad work permit enquires. Call: 614-4705/6758352 GET FREE SHIPPING ON ONLINE FORALLORDERS FOR EASTER (CONDITIONS APPLY) @ E M A I L : freightlinkexpress@ TEL: 231-5789 House plan drafting for only $10,000. Call: 694-9843 VISA FOR USA, CANADA OR THE UK! Non immigrant visa application processing. 225-0762, 18 Garnette Street VISAPLUS

PROPERTY FOR SALE Flat concrete house at Kuru kururu, land 100x200. Call: 692-0509 Property in Pomona, Essequibo Coast, two storeys -30x50. Price negotiable. Call: 690-4673 Transported property 3 stand New Amsterdam Berbice. Flat concrete building 8.M negotiable. Contact: 220-2936, 333-4419 Diamond-$18.5M, Atlantic Garden-$18M, Mahicony$60M. Steve: 699-5490 3 bedroom flat house @ 20th Street Diamond New Scheme. Call: 680-3345, 2330134 BV-$6M, Prospect (E.B.D)$12M, Eccles-$45M, Bel Air$45M. Diana: 227-2256, 6269382

VACANCY Office assistant. Send application to Shigam Inc by Movie Grill is looking for cashier & waitress call between 8:00am -5:00pm Mon-Fri. Tel: 233-6631, 6221957 For porters, carpenters, mason, apply in person ,65Robb & Orange walk ,Bourda

Rosignol Village W.C.D. Call: 330-2551, 648-3245 Diamond -$40M, Lamaha Garden-$62M, 71M, Happy Acre-$59M, Sheriff StsUS$1,6M. Call: Designer House Kingston -19.5M, Diamond10.5, Atlantic Gardens-18.5 M, Daniel’s Town Essequibo19.5M. Steve: 699-5490 Mahaicony-60M, Kitty-28M, Diamond-38M, Diamond30M

Vacancy male and female workers accountant checker RA Soda Factory Berbice. Call: 330-2399, 623-5920 Good Hope Branch Ban Manger sale manager driver Albion Ban Manger Canter/Delivers apply in person @ P.Ramroop & Sons, 23 Lombard Street with references from previous employers Porters apply in person @ P. Ramroop & Sons, 23 Lombard Street, with reference from previous employer.

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Kaieteur News

Monday April 02, 2012

6th IPF/NAPF Caribbean Powerlifting C/ships

Guyana’s strongmen re-capture Team Title; Morgan, Ade-Thomas are open & junior best lifters Despite being under severe pressure due to three athletes bombing out, the management of the Guyana powerlifting team employed sound strategic tactics which led to Guyana re-capturing the Team Title when the curtains came down on the 6th Annual International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) / North American Powerlifting Federation (NAPF) / Caribbean Championships, at the University of the Virgin Islands, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas on March 31. The Guyanese competing at full strength for the first time overseas, thanks to the US Embassy which facilitated same by granting visas to all the athletes, the strongmen and women form the Land of Many Waters proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are the best at this level. Taking Guyana to the title after the foundation was set on a phenomenal opening day by Commonwealth and World record holder Winston ‘Aged Master’ Stoby, Randolph ‘The Accomplisher’ Morgan, Dawn ‘The Cool Destroyer’ McCammon-Barker, Vijai Rahim, Anis Ade-Thomas, Gumendra Shewdas and Kimberly Mars, along with a focused Karel Mars despite having to settle

for silver to T&T’s Adrian Brown whom he defeated last year. Mars’ performance, having followed team strategy to the letter, pushed Guyana to a total of 54 points which saw them defeating neighbours Trinidad and Tobago who mustered 51 points; Puerto Rico finished third on 49 with the host (USVI) team next on 44 points. In the Women championship, Puerto Rico took top honours with 45 points, T&T 24, Guyana 21 and the USVI 8. Yet again, Morgan proved that he is the boss by taking the Best Lifter title in the Open category, emulating their countryman were Dawn Barker who won the Open Women division, while Anis Ade-Thomas took the Junior Best Lifter award. A. Gonzalez of Puerto Rico claimed the Masters category for males, while J. Tapia was the best among the Women Juniors and R. Lee of T&T was best Master among the Women. The Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPF) said that they will be hosting a full media brief later this week; the team is expected to arrive home today.

RCMTC&SF, Ituni and Phoenix Lodges says a big thank you The Management Committee of the Ryan Crawford Memorial Turf Club & Sports Facilities at Alness Corentyne in collaboration with the Ituni and Phoenix Lodges has taken the opportunity to extend heartfelt thanks to all the sponsors and the various media houses in Guyana who contributed in making their one day Charity Fund raising Horserace meet held on Sunday 25th March, at the Clubs Entity Alness Corentyne Berbice, a success. Among those coming in for commendations were: Banks DIH Limited, Attorney at Law Rajendra Poonai, Bish Panday of the P & P Syndicate, Delmur Company Ltd, Dequan Shipping & Trading Incorporated, Right Worship, Brother Doodnauth Persaud, District Grand Master, Eureka Laboratory, Brother Martin Singh, the Brethrens of Ituni & Phoenix Lodges, Francis “Chico” Chichester & Friends, Workers of The Ryan Crawford Memorial Turf Club and Sports facilities. Meanwhile, the club would like to notify the general public of its next race meet which is set for Monday 2nd July, Caricom Day, in collaboration with Banks DIH Limited and dubbed the” CARICOM DAY OF RACING” at the club’s facilities, Alness Corentyne, Berbice. Ten events will be contested with close to $9M up for grabs. The list of events are B and lower event with a

Next event set for Caricom Day first prize of $1M and trophy up for grabs and a total purse of over $2M over 1700M. There will be a race for 3yrs old horses for Guyana and West Indies Bred horses for a winning take of $500,000 over 1600M. The E and lower 1200M race will have a first prize of $500,000. The race for Two Year old Guyana and West Indies Bred Horse will have a winners’ purse of $450,000 over 1100M. The Guyana Bred Three Year old event is for a first prize of $400,000 over 1400M. Two-year old Bred horses will also be competing for a $400,000 first prize over 950M. The G and lower event will see the animals racing for a $400,000 winners money over 1600M. The H and lower race will be a 1400M affair with a first

prize of $300,000. The animals in the ‘I’ class event will be competing for $180,000 winners money over 1400M. The K&L (Division 2 and 3) event will fetch a winning prize of $150,000over 1400M. Outstanding individual performers including top Jockey, trainer and stable will be presented with accolades compliments of the Trophy Stall, Bourda Market and the RCMTC. Interested persons can contact the club’s office at Number 13 Hermitage East Coast Berbice (19 Road). Bobby Vaughn can be contacted on telephone number 624-6788 or Noresa Saul on numbers 333-0290 or 333-0301. Doctor Dwight Walrond on Telephone numbers 623-0100 or 2206557.

Sammy says Windies... From page 22 good start. It’s been something that has been happening to us throughout the series that when we lose wickets we lose them in clusters and today (Friday) was no different. “But the belief and character of the team has been shown. The bowlers backed the batsmen up ... by defending that total.” Sammy said the turning point of the game was the run-out of dangerous opener David Warner. He was punishing the Windies bowlers with five fours and three sixes in his 43-ball 58 when he was brilliantly run out by Dwayne Bravo’s direct throw from mid-on. “That was the game changer right there. Warner was batting really, really well and that’s something Bravo is used to doing,” Sammy explained. “He’s an impact player and... he had a big impact with that run out and from there the momentum just shifted. We kept pushing at them and we won in the end which was good for us.”

Monday April 02, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Hikers and All Greys remain unbeaten in John Fernandes Insurance Hockey League The veteran All Greys made light work of Old Fort when the sides met in their first round clash on Saturday March 31st at Saints ground. With a goal each from four former national players on the All Greys side, the game was never in doubt as Old Fort could only muster a double themselves. Azad DeAbreu, who has been a goal threat in every match, opened to All Greys account with a crafty reverse sweep 11 minutes in, while Alan Fernandes added a second with a well placed shot just 2 minutes later. Old Fort’s Fitzroy Leitch managed to reduce the margin before the half with Old Fort’s first goal but the second half would favour All Greys once again. Damon Woodroffe and Ivor Thompson scored two more for the All Greys in the second half to take their team’s tally to 4 before Deon

Jamaica and Barbados recorded emphatic victories to book final places in the West Indies Cricket Board Regional 4-Day cricket championship yesterday when the semifinals were concluded. Jamaica beat Guyana by 133 runs in their encounter after resuming on 99/3 and making 189 all out for a lead of 259. They then dismissed Guyana for 126, the same score they made in the first innings. Narsingh Deonarine top scored with 23, while Nikita Miller took 4 wickets.

Action in the match between All Greys and Old Fort. Carew’s final consolation goal for Old Fort. The 4-1 victory sees the All Greys settled in second place of the tournament behind the other undefeated side the Hikers. The Hikers would take on Saints in the second clash of the day with Andrew Stewart

and Leon Bacchus being their marksmen for the day. The pair would score the only goals of the match as the Hikers cruised to an easy victory, maintaining their top position in the tournament. The Hikers remain in top position with 12 points, while

the All Greys hold second place with 9 points. GCC have 6 points and Old Fort have 3, while Saints and Airbenders round out the pool on zero. The critical matchup between GCC and the All Greys takes place next at GCC today April 2nd from 4:45PM.

Jackson captures DMW feature race Ian ‘Dumb Boy’ Jackson rose to the top podium spot at the end of the feature 35lap School Boys and Invitational race of the seventh annual Diamond Mineral Water 11-race cycling programme at the inner circuit of the National Park on Saturday last. A field of 29 starters got

Barbados and Jamaica to contest Regional 4-Day final

things going, with a number of cyclists being either lapped or dropped out of the feature contest, it was Jackson who prevailed from the small group that remained. He clocked one hour, 19 minutes, 13 seconds, copping one of the eight prime prizes on offer.

Knicks guard Lin to have knee operation NEW YORK (AP)—Say so long to Linsanity. Jeremy Lin will miss the rest of the regular season because he needs knee surgery that will sideline him six weeks and could leave the Knicks without their star point guard in the playoffs—if they make it that far. Lin had an MRI exam this week that revealed a small, chronic meniscus tear and he has elected to have surgery next week in New York. With the regular season ending April 26, the biggest story in basketball this season is done unless the Knicks make a deep postseason run.

Seon Alves finished second, while Marlon Williams, Paul DeNobrega, Eric Sankar and Walter GrantStuart rounded out the top six in that order. Sankar claimed two prime prizes, while there was one apiece for Alves, Grant-Stuart, Robin Persaud, Raynauth Jeffrey, and Orville Hinds. Other winners on the day included Naomi Singh, Shameer Baksh, Virgil Jones, Maurice Fagundes, Raynauth Jeffrey, Nigel Jacobs, Isaiah Sahadeo, Drayton John, Adrian Sharma and Makel Dias. The event was sponsored exclusively by Demerara Distillers Limited under its Diamond Mineral Water brand. The company was represented by Ms. Alexis Crawford and Management Trainee, Ms. Trishwantie Doodnauth.

Essequibo businessman organises 20/20 cricket competition Cricket lovers in the Cinderella County of Essequibo will have their appetites whetted when businessman, Ricky Toney organises a 20/20 cricket competition at the Anna Regina Community Centre Ground on April 13 and 14 next. The tournament will attract teams from across the region including Pomeroon, Central, North and South Essequibo, Wakenaam, Leguan, East Bank Essequibo and Bartica. Several national players out of Berbice and Demerara will also comprise a part of those teams and is expected to add to the excitement. Mr. Toney intimated that he aims to revamp the interest in the sport in an effort to positively transform cricket in Essequibo.

Meanwhile, the tournament was officially launched last week in the presence of members of the corporate society and those of the Essequibo Cricket Board. Officials of the Essequibo Cricket Board, currently serving on the Government installed Interim Management Committee (IMC); Elroy Stephney dubbed the occasion as a special day for Essequibo cricketers and noted that the tournament is anticipated to be very competitive. He said the bifurcated objective of the competition is to promote the sport in the region while providing top class competition for young Essequibo cricketers. The Cricket Board official further added his voice to the many others appealing for sponsorship for the tournament.

Both Crawford and Doodnauth expressed their company’s delight at being part of the activity. Hassan Mohamed, National coach and organiser of the event, thanked DDL for its assistance, noting the importance of corporate support towards the success of sport. He added that the riders will be back in action again next weekend with the staging of a road race on the West Demerara roadways. Results from the races: 12-14 Open: (1) Naomi Singh (2) Alfie Soonaram Veterans U-50: (1) Shameer Baksh (2) Kennard Lovell (3) James Mentore Veterans O-50: (1) Virgil Jones (2) Wilfred Thom (3) Courtney Hackett Veterans O-60: (1) Maurice Fagundes (2) Harry Lall Juveniles: (1) Raynauth Jeffrey (2) Raul Leal (3) Paul DeNobrega Uprights: (1) Nigel Jacobs (2) Andre Petty BMX 6-9: (1) Isiah Sahadeo (2) Ken Sahadeo (3) Christopher Goring BMX 9-12: (1) Drayton John (2) Kapil Dev Bisham (3) Turhan Garbarran BMX 12-14: (1) Adrian Sharma (2) Khemraj Sanichar (3) Jason Jordan BMX Open: (1) Makel Dias (2) Hamza Eastman (3) Adrian Sharma 35-laps School Boys and Invitational: (1) Ian Jackson (2) Seon Alves (3) Marlon Williams (4) Paul DeNobrega (5) Eric Sankar (6) Walter Grant-Stuart

He was named man-of-thematch. In the Jamaican second innings, Xavier Marshall 59 and Tamar Lambert 37 were the top scorers. Devendra Bishoo took 5-62 and Veerasammy Permaul 3-51 to lead the Guyana bowling. Scores: Jamaica 196 and 189; Guyana 126 and 126. In the other match, Barbados dismissed T&T for 128 chasing 355 for victory. Sulieman Benn led the Bajan bowlers with 9 wickets in the match. Scores: Barbados 223 and 216; T&T 84 and 128.

Inter Schools’ 4-A-Side KO Football competition set for April 7 All Youths Entertainment, in association with the Georgetown Office Assistants Sports Committee (GDASC) and Holy Family will be staging a National Inter-Schools Easter Fest 4-A- side inter schools Knockout Small Goal Football Competition, on Saturday, April 7 at the Saints Stanislaus Ground, Carifesta Avenue. A d d i t i o n a l l y, a f e w athletics races are slated to be contested, consisting of 100, 200, 400 and 800 metres. The d a y ’s proceedings get underway from 08:30hrs with registration commencing

1hour earlier. Cash incentives trophies and individual prizes are up for grabs. The 4-A-Side Most Valuable Player (MVP) will receive a 12 Speed Mountain Climber Cycle compliments of Gift land Office Max, who is among the major sponsors, along with Digicel and GR Construction, in addition to RT Taxi Service, Colours Boutique and Excel Minerals. For further information contact can be made with Quincy Williams (M) 6832296, Deryck Younge (M) 672-6179 and Lorianne Tracy (M) 693-7901.

‘Big Ben’ prevents a... From page 23 Carl Ince said he was impressed with the level of talent displayed by the juniors in the tournament this year. He also stated that the improvement in the overall skills of the junior is a very promising and encouraging sign prior to the commencement of training for national selection. Assistant marketing manager of Toucan Industries Andrea King congratulated all the participants of the tournament and described their performance as a “job well done” during the closing ceremony. King also pledged the continued support of Toucan Industries for upcoming tournaments. The Kool-Aid Junior was sponsored by Toucan Industries and organized by the Guyana Squash Association (GSA) in collaboration with its number one corporate sponsor Digicel Guyana. TOURNAMENT RESULTS Category A Winner: Jason Ray Khalil First runner up: Nyron

Joseph Second runner up: Steven Xavier Category B Winner: Benjamin Mekdeci First runner up: Akeila Wiltshire Second runner up: Patrick Fraser Category C Winner: Larissa Wiltshire First runner up: Andrew Peroune Second runner up: Alec Melville Category D Winner: Shomari Wiltshire First runner up: Matthew Phang Second runner up: Mahendra Khusial Category E Winner: Lydia Alphonso First runner up: Justin Gomes Second runner up: Rebecca Low Category F Winner: John Phang First runner up: Daniel Islam Second runner up: Sarah Lewis

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Monday April 02, 2012

GABBFF/Malta Supreme Muscle Madness C/ships

Eybo Orford & Donnel Perry are Intermediate & Novice champs

Eybo Orford – Intermediate Overall winner

Donnel Perry – Novice Overall winner displays his prizes

Nadina Taharally (right) and Sharon Lee. If the very encouraging crowd support is anything to go by, then bodybuilding in Guyana seems to be on the right road to returning to its glory days. The Banks DIH Malta Supreme sponsored Guyana Amateur Body Building & Fitness Federation 2012 Novice and Intermediate Championships turned out to be a resounding success on Saturday evening at the Theatre Guild, Parade Street, Kingston. Emerging as overall Intermediate champion was Eybo Orford of Total Fitness

Gym, East Bank Demerara. Orford had placed 2nd in the Bantamweight category of the Novice competition to Donnel Perry of Buddy’s Gym in the Bantamweight (143lbs – 65kg) class but showed admirable determination to enter the Intermediate segment where he earned the title of overall champion. Emerging as the overall Novice champion was Perry, it was the icing on the cake for an athlete that overcame his competition in the most competitive category on the night {Bantamweight} which

attracted 12 competitors. To arrive at the winner, two of the five judges requested comparisons among the athletes to satisfy their minds that the final decision was flawless. And as it turned out, the judges did an excellent job not only in this category, but overall; the crowd left very satisfied that they {judges} were spot on, on the night. There were just two female competitors in Nadina Taharally of Interline Fitness Gym who captured the Miss Physique (open) top spot

from gym mate Sharon Lee who made her debut at this level. Lee returned to win the Miss Body Fitness (open) as the lone competitor. Guest poser Mark ‘Uno’ Perry was electric in his performance, the 2008 Mr. Guyana as well as winner of the inaugural Hugh Ross Classic looked chiseled and in the pink of form as he wowed the appreciative crowd during his guess posing routine. Barring some glitches here and there, the GABBFF under a new Executive did a splendid job and the crowd

Sammy says Windies will compete in Test series BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (CMC) — West Indies captain Darren Sammy has warned Australia to expect more of his side’s fighting spirit when the threeTest series bowls off here next weekend. He was speaking Friday after West Indies produced another sensational effort to beat the Aussies by 14 runs and tie the two-match Twenty20 series 1-1. The performance was the latest show of resilience, a quality that came to the fore when they fought back during the preceding fivematch one-day series to earn a 2-2 tie. “Two and two, one and one. I think one-all in the Test series would be a perfect result for the home series,” Sammy quipped. “We now have the belief in the team that we can compete and win against topranked teams. “We’re going to carry

that same mentality towards the Tests. That’s what we’ve got to keep telling the boys, once we believe, we can achieve. We’re going to play fearless cricket when we’re at home. We intend to deliver.” West Indies bowled off the one-day series badly, slumping to a disappointing 64-run loss in the first match of the tripleheader in St Vincent. They stormed back to win the second match by five wickets, carved out a dramatic tie in the third when they appeared dead to rights, before winning the fourth match by 42 runs. The regional side then lost back-to-back matches the fifth ODI by 30 runs and the first T20 by eight wickets - but Friday’s outing again displayed their tenacity. “From the start of the series, we all know how the Australians play and we decided from the time we went to India (last year) we

Darren Sammy were going to play fearless cricket and that’s the same thing we did in this competition,” Sammy explained. “We’re going to stand up to them if they stand up to us. [We will] keep it clean but we will be very competitive and that’s what you’ve been seeing throughout this series which is good as long as we don’t disrespect our

opponents and keep it in the spirit of the game. “It was very good to see our boys showing fight and heart out there.” On Friday at Kensington Oval, West Indies suffered a bad collapse, slumping from 110 for two to 160 all out as they lost their last eight wickets for 50 runs. Australia were running away with the game at 64 for one in the eighth over until the Windies hit back strongly to restrict them to 146 for nine. “It (morale) is very good. I think that’s what propelled us to perform [on Friday]. The team spirit, the never-say-die attitude, each man fighting for the man next to him and that’s been the mantra of this unit and it’s good we got the result out there on the field,” Sammy said. “We just lost wickets. (Dwayne) Smith and (Johnson) Charles gave us a Continued on page 20

support {packed Theatre} was enormous which capped a fine evening of entertainment; persons travelling from as far as Berbice and Linden. Following are the results of both competitions. Novices - Overall Winner Donnel Perry (Buddy’s Gym) Heavyweight (over 176lbs – 80kg) Al Dowding (Interline Fitness), Christopher Miller (Universal Barbell Club) Light Middleweight (176lbs – 80kg) 4 Sherlon Hodge (Total Fitness Gym), Tremel King (Body Max Gym), Michael Dos Santos (Total Fitness Gym), Devon Johnson (Interline Fitness Gym). Welterweight (165lbs – 75kg) 6 Richard Bynoe (Interline Fitness), William Warde (Total Fitness), Paul Kelunde (Power House), Aquan Fredericks (Kingsrow Barbell Club) Lightweight (154lbs – 70kg) 3 Markwell Braithwaite (Total Fitness Gym), Quinaj Forde (Interline Fitness Gym), Ronald Livingstone (Interline Fitness Gym) Bantamweight (143lbs – 65kg) 12 Donnel Perry (Buddy’s Gym), Eybo Orford (Total Fitness Gym), Yogeshwar Urimul (Muscle Mania), Akeem Inniss (Total Fitness Gym) Miss Physique (open) Nadina Taharally (Interline Fitness Gym), Sharon Lee (Interline Fitness Gym) Miss Body Fitness (open) Sharon Lee (Interline

Fitness Gym) Junior Under-21 (open) 11 Akeem Inniss (Total Fitness Gym), Yogeshwar Urimul (Muscle Mania), Colin Sertimer (Total Fitness Gym), Aquan Fredericks (Kingsrow Barbell Club) Masters (Open) Al Dowding (Interline Fitness Gym), Markwell Braithwaite (Total Fitness Gym), Williams Warde (Total Fitness Gym) Intermediate – Overall Winner Eybo Orford (Total Fitness Gym) Welterweight (165lbs – 75kg) Richard Bynoe (Interline Fitness Gym) Lightweight (154lbs – 70kg) Terrence Morris (GDF), Markwell Braithwaite (Total Fitness Gym) Bantamweight (143lbs – 65kg) Donnel Perry (Buddy’s Gym), Eybo Orford (Total Fitness Gym) Apart from receiving trophies, all the winners were presented with supplement hampers compliments of Fitness Express. The GABBFF is expressing gratitude to the fans, judges and corporate Guyana for their support which ensured the success of both competitions. Corporate support came from Banks DIH Limited under their Malta Supreme brand, Fitness Express, Hand In Hand, Subs & Salads, DeSinco Trading, Lipton Tea, GAMA Fit, Kross Color Records and Tons of Fun Party Service. (Photos and story by Franklin Wilson)

Monday April 02, 2012

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‘Big Ben’ prevents a Wiltshire sweep

Kool-Aid Junior Easter Squash tournament final day

The respective category top performers take time out for a photo following the tournament. A breakout performance from Benjamin Mekdeci proved to be enough to defeat Caribbean under 15 girls’ champion Akeila Wiltshire and triumph in category B of the Kool-Aid Junior Easter Tournament and earn the Most Outstanding Player award at the Georgetown Club’s Squash facility. ‘Big Ben’, who is the reigning Caribbean under 13

champion, took apart Wiltshire in straight games (30) with an ensemble of controlled power shots. Wiltshire had been undefeated before that match and was on her way to joining her younger sister Larissa and brother Shomari as category winners in this skill level tournament sponsored by Toucan Industries. Big Ben’s power and shot

selection were smothering from the onset, pouncing on every shot that was loosely played. Ben’s superior ball retrieval skill was another huge asset during the match as he anticipated Wiltshire’s next shot and got on his way to retrieving it faster than usual. Patrick Fraser finished third in that category after benefiting from a walkover since Pablio Mundini failed

to show on the final day. Larissa Wiltshire defeated Taylor Fernandes in straight games to eclipse Andrew Peroune in a tiebreaker by games to win category C. Peroune and Wiltshire had won the same amount of matches, but Wiltshire gained the edge in the tie-breaker since she won her matches more convincingly.

Her eight-year-old brother Shomari also wrapped up a commanding win against Travis Whitehead to win category D with a perfect 3-0 record. While the other seven, eight and nine-year-olds were battling it out in category F, Shomari was overthrowing older opponents with ease and was acknowledged as the most improved player of the tournament for his impressive performances. Lydia Alphonso also managed to finish the tournament undefeated in category E by defeating Alexandra Phang 3-0 on the final day of the tournament. Justin Gomes finished second in that category, while Rebecca Low, who was adjudged most improved female player, placed third. Meanwhile, the final day of competition saw another dramatic twist of events in the category F standings. John Phang defeated Anthony Islam and secured first place, but there was a three-way tie for second place between Lucas Jonas, Sarah Lewis and Daniel Islam. After winning five consecutive matches to shoot into first place on Saturday, Lucas Jonas bounced back down to fourth after losing to Daniel Islam. An intense battle between Lewis and

Maya Collins had to be discontinued prematurely due to Collins’ injury. After benefiting from that win Lewis, placed third when t o u r n a m e n t o rg a n i z e r s settled the tie based on win/loss statistics on games in each match. The eagerly anticipated match between Caribbean under 15 champion Nyron Joseph and Caribbean under 17 champion Jason Ray Khalil never materialized. Joseph reportedly injured his hand during the tournament and although he was willing to play, merely gripping the racquet would have put him in pain. Level Four Elite Coach Continued on page 21

rt o p S 6th IPF/NAPF Caribbean Powerlifting C/ships

Guyana’s strongmen re-capture Team Title; Morgan, Ade-Thomas Pg. 20 are open & junior best lifters

Simply the best, Randolph Morgan is all smiles after taking gold again.

The King is back, Mark Vieira races to two victories - Stephen Vieira, Fagundes, Tjin-Liep-Shie also impressive

The King is back. That was the overwhelming chant Master at his trade, Winston Stoby at the end of a fascinating day on the podium after copping gold. of racing yesterday, at the South Dakota Circuit. It was the day when former king of the South Dakota Circuit Mark Vieira reclaimed his throne with the only hitch being the absence of nemesis Andrew King, who did not race due to a personal assignment overseas. In his absence, Vieira took full advantage blazing to two wins from three starts with the only disappointment coming in the first Group 4 race where his Mazda RX8 developed electrical problems that evidently Dawn Barker proudly displays the National affected his placing at the top. Flag after blowing away the opposition In the second race, he started on pole and led throughout the race to register an emphatic win ahead of Ryan Rahaman and Irfaan Kalamadeen and in the final event in the category the master was once again clinically efficient romping to another convincing victory ahead of his brother Paul and Ryan Rahaman. Also registering outstanding performances were Stephen ‘Valentino Rossi’ Vieira, who continued his recent mastery over Canadian Kevin Graham, racing to two wins and a two second places, while Suriname’s Oliver Tjin-LiepShie was not to be outdone, racing to two firsts and a second place in his three starts

Superbike champion Stephen Vieira and his Chief Mechanic Maurice Menezes takes a lap of honour with the chequered flag following one of his victories yesterday.

Oliver- Tjin-Liep-Shie in the Group 2B division. Superbiker Ricardo Fagundes, who campaigns in

the ‘B’ class also showed commanding form, beating the field on three occasions, while adding a second place. Also in winners row were, Chet Singh in the Group 2A Class, Motilall Deodass in the Group 2B Division, Mohamed Ali in the Novices category, Mohamed Roshandin in the Group 2A, Carey Griffith in the Super Bike ‘B’ Class, Joel Neblett in the Super bike ‘A’ Class, John Joseph in the Group 2A Division and Kevin Graham in the Super bike ‘A’ Class. Kaieteur Sport will bring the full results in the next issue.

A rejuvenated Mark Vieira approaches the Clubhouse turn ahead of Ryan Rahaman en route to his first win of the day.

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