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Saturday April 28, 2012

Ramotar fires back on Budget cuts By Gary Eleazar


e a r t l e s s , irresponsible and poisonous were among Head of State Donald Ramotar's choice words as he delivered his address to the nation last evening in reaction to the $21B slashed out of the 2012 Budget. Ramotar, in his address to the nation, which was broadcast live on NCN said bluntly, “I want to assure all Guyana that the steps and decisions my Government takes in the coming period will be guided by the national interest and commitment to the well-being of the people of this country…I am confident that we will

…says callous Opposition refused Govt. proposals overcome the present setback.” Some saw this statement as a hint that general elections are not too far off. Firing back at the Opposition and speaking directly to the cuts Ramotar said that the $192.8B budget presented by the administration was carefully crafted to lift the quality of life in Guyana and that these cuts appear to be motivated to undermine progress in our country. “The implications of the cuts are wide ranging,” according to Ramotar who said that in the first instance the cuts could result in many

people losing their jobs. “This (the cut) will place new burdens on these persons, many of whom are the breadwinners of their families… In this regard the cuts are heartless.” He said, too, that the cuts threaten the financing of the many transformative projects which were intended to boost economic growth. The president said, “Through these poisonous acts, the Opposition seems determined to slow down and eventually halt the impressive growth taking place under the PPP/Civic Government.” He said that using the

dictatorship of one which they have in Parliament they want to stymie further progress obviously in the hope that if they can stop the development of our country they would advance their political mission which is to take power, even if it is at the expense of ordinary Guyanese well-being… “This is most reckless and irresponsible and reflects the undemocratic nature of APNU, a creature of the PNCR, and the AFC which is led by bitter men obsessed with achieving personal power.” Ramotar said, “They

have done this foul deed after we had several meetings over six days during which the government provided exhaustive answers to all their concerns and offered reasonable responses to their demands.” Speaking directly to the demands of the opposition which its leaders have been saying were ignored by the President, he said, “We demonstrated goodwill from the beginning in increasing the old age pension to $10,000 per month… That alone would cost the treasury more than one billion dollars… “We agreed on a package of measures to assist the citizens of Linden where we agreed to implement a phased reduction in subsidies which would see the citizens of that mining community paying only a half of the tariff which the rest of the country is paying.” Ramotar commented on the Value Added Tax (VAT) which the Combined Opposition suggested should be reduced by at least two per cent.

Head of State Donald Ramotar

“We told them that we believed that a study was needed before any action was taken.” The President said that the administration indicated “that we were willing to sit with them to agree on extending the list of zerorated items….This we believe is a more targeted way to assist persons considered to be low income earners.” Reducing the toll for the Berbice Bridge was another on the list of demands for the Opposition Ramotar said, “We pointed out that the company, BBCI running that entity was a private company….We pointed out that some very important public institutions had invested in the bridge, including the NIS and New Building Society.” The president said that the Office of the President delegation deliberated with the opposition on how the fees were arrived at. “They were advised also that we were putting back a ferry to cross the river to correct the disadvantage that school (continued on page 7)

Saturday April 28, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Duo in Sand Hills Rohee says budget cut murder gets intended to ‘disable’ CANU Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, has said that the opposition’s move to slice off a $20 million allocation for the country’s drug enforcement agency was a move aimed at disabling the agency. Rohee was speaking at a press conference at Freedom House, the Georgetown headquarters of the governing People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/ C). The $20 million is a subvention that the government had intended to give to CANU. However, the Unit has other budgetary allocations. Thes e i n c l u d e $ 7 1 million to run the CANU operations, plus an additional $27 million for capital expenditures. The Capital Expenditures are meant to improve CANU’s transportation needs and its operational efficiency. The $27 million is budgeted under the Ministry of Home Affairs and is to be spent on the construction of a security hut and the installation of a cubicle. In addition, the money is intended to be used for the purchase of vehicles, boat, trailer, engine, desks, chairs, filing cabinets, air condition unit and a contraband inspection kit. But the government is up in arms that CANU could not benefit from the additional $20 million subvention. Rohee suggested that by blocking the $20 million subvention, the opposition parties are in support of the drug pushers. He said that if opposition parties claim that they are against drug traffickers, but yet still vote against funding for the Custom Anti-Narcotics Unit, then it begs the question of “whose side are you on?” T h e H o m e A ff a i r s Minister was high in praise for CANU under the command of James Singh. He said that since Singh took over the Unit four years ago, there has been a clean-up that has resulted in drug enforcement officers being dismissed after polygraph tests.

…sends wrong signal to drug pushers

Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee When Singh took over, the Unit had 36 officers. That number has now been reduced to 24, Rohee said, as a result of dismissals and three deaths. He said the “clean up” has made CANU more efficient. He said that the government found the money to give to CANU at a time when countries are struggling to find the money to equip their drug enforcement agencies. He said that the axing of the $20 million for CANU sends the wrong message to the drug pushers, but Rohee vowed that CANU will continue its fight. Rohee said that he spoke with CANU’s head and the Unit’s officers, and they have assured him that the budget cuts will not demoralize them, but will make them stronger. He said that the opposition sought to make the budget cut because it wants the country to keep the image that it is a narco-state. Recently, President Donald Ramotar vowed a tougher war on drugs, which he says breeds money laundering and corruption in Guyana. Ramotar said that Guyana’s drug trafficking

results in several problems for Guyana, including moneylaundering and corruption. But a greater problem, he suggested, is getting the hard facts on the trail of the dirty money. He added that he is keen on beefing up the Guyana Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). “I think it needs to have a bigger investigative arm to try to track where the money is going…We need to examine it and beef those things up,” Ramotar told Kaieteur News. He said that his government would be looking to the Americans “to see what models can be used.” Recently, Guyana and the US signed an agreement to establ i s h a n d s u p p o r t projects aimed at countering moneylaundering and narcotics operation over the next three years. The FIU and CANU will be supported through the initiative. In the 2012 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR), the US State Department has noted that while Guyana is a party to the Inter-American Convention against Corruption, it is yet to fully implement its provisions, “such as seizure of property obtained through corruption.” The report noted that as a matter of policy, the Government of Guyana does not encourage or facilitate the illicit p r o d u c t i o n o r distribution of narcotic or psychotropic drugs or other controlled substances, or the laundering of proceeds from illegal drug transactions. The report stated that Guyana continues to be a transit country for cocaine destined for the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe and West Africa with

cocaine from Colombia smuggled to Venezuela and onward to Guyana by sea (fishing vessels, bulk cargo vessels and tug vessels) or air. Because of Guyana’s porous borders, smuggling is also conducted by land from Brazil and Suriname into Guyana, the report noted, adding that once cocaine arrives in Guyana, it is often concealed in legitimate commodities and smuggled via commercial maritime vessels, air shipments, human couriers or the postal services. The report said that drug trafficking organisations based in Guyana are beginning to use neighbouring Suriname as a major distribution hub where Suriname is used as a stash location and distribution country for drugs entering Guyana. The report noted that the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act (AMLCFTA), the Interception of Communications Bill and the Criminal Procedure Bill were designed to enhance both the investigative capability of law enforcement authorities and prosecutors’ ability to obtain convictions in drug related cases. However, in 2011, there were no convictions under these laws, “and there is an apparent lack of political will to investigate and prosecute drug trafficking organizations.” The government of Guyana signed a maritime counter-d r u g b i l a t e r a l agreement with the United States in 2001, but has yet to take the necessary domestic action to bring the agreement into effect, the report noted. Approximately 352 kilogrammes of cocaine and 393 kilogrammes of marijuana were seized in 2011.

death sentence

Duo in Sand Hills murder sentenced to death After deliberating for about 90 minutes the mixed jury in the Sand Hills murder trial yesterday returned with a guilty verdict for the two accused Dave Banwarie, 32, and Elmo Benedict, 30, both of Sand Hills, Berbice River. The men were sentenced to death by presiding Judge, Justice James Bovell-Drakes. The men were on trial for the March 1, 2008 murder of Rakesh Rajaram who was hacked to death. Initially, the men faced a pre-trial hearing which was conducted by then Magistrate Omeyana Hamilton at the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court. She, at the time found that a prima facie case had been made out against them and that they were committed to stand trial at the Berbice High Court. During the murder trial which commenced on April 5, nine prosecution witnesses testified. Among them were retired detective sergeant Charles Brown, Detective Corporals Lawrence Thomas and Dharmendra Inderpaul,

Crime Scene Detective Corporal Curtis Cort and Dr. Vivekanand Brijmohan. They had given evidence in relation to caution statements purportedly made by Banwarie and Benedict where the men admitted to committing the crime. A cutlass allegedly used during the crime, and photographs taken at the scene were also presented and tendered as evidence. Attorney at Law Raymond Alli represented Benedict while state appointed lawyer Rabindranauth Singh appeared for Banwarie. In presenting their defence, the attorneys contended that there were several inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case and offered self-defence on the part of their clients. Rhondel Weaver who represented the state made her submissions based mainly on the caution statements taken from the two accused. Banwarie had stated that he lived with Rookmin as ‘man and wife’. During that period, (continued on page 7)

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Kaieteur News

Saturday April 28, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


An overblown situation The verdict is out because the country is divided on the budgetary cuts. The government presented a $192.8 billion budget and proclaimed that it was the largest ever in the country. Indeed it should be because each year there is inflation. Should the government maintain the same level of spending each year every succeeding budget would be the largest ever because there would be financial additions to compensate for inflation. But this time there was a massive public relations campaign on the part of the government. People heard the pleading that any budgetary cut would lead to job loss. The result is that sugar workers in the main and the staff of the state-run communication network took to the streets in protest because they were led to believe that they were being put on the breadline. One can understand if these organizations were in dire straits and solely depended on funding through the budget. For example, National Communication Network is said to be a private sector agency. It still enjoys a government subvention and it is this subvention that has been removed. Its records reveal that it has grossed five times as much money as any other private television station and probably twice as much as any private media house. The stated figure of $504 million grossed by NCN should not be trifled with. Despite statements from the NCN management that the subvention is slightly less than ten per cent of its revenue, ‘its staff responded to reports that there would be job cuts there. The Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon, did not pay too much attention to the budget cuts for NCN. Instead, the focus was on the Government Information Agency. This agency which is funded by votes directed to Office of the President is of the view that it now has no money. The anger on the part of the staff can be understood in light of the fact that some Government officials have already pronounced that the staff has joined the breadline although they are all still at their desks performing whatever duties they did prior to the budget cuts. When this fact is pointed out to the administration the tune changes. There are then statements that there is no money to pay the staff come May 1. Until the nation sees these people being sent home it will be hard for the government to explain the conclusion it reached in the face of the budget cuts. In any case some of these people simply do not work. Only the inefficient need to fear retrenchment or displacement. And many are inefficient. The largest portion of the money cut from the budget was the sum proclaimed as an advance ahead of the release of the Norway funds. The opposition is contending that rather than borrow from the public treasury it should wait for the Norway funds that it had already borrowed last year and is still to replenish this borrowed sum. There is something that the nation has not been made aware of. Every year, despite budgetary allocations, the government resorts to the Consolidated Funds. The final budget is always larger than what is presented at the start of the year. In the face of the cuts, the government can always approach parliament for supplementary budgeting. The general view is that the government is challenging the right of the opposition to cut the budget. Dr Luncheon recently said that the opposition is showing its strength to its supporters. All this noise about the likely impact of the budget cuts cannot be justified. What one may find is that the government may be asked to be more prudent with the taxpayers’ money, something that has never been the case despite the pleadings and the challenges by the opposition parties prior to the November 28 elections. Already the government has an excuse of fear for seeking supplementary allocations. It is contending that the opposition had already failed to approve a supplementary allocation. This is simply a case of a government refusing being told to be more responsible with public funds and this admonition is not being well received.

Trinidad’s partial move to abolish appeals to the Privy Council is puzzling DEAR EDITOR, When I read a release from the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) on Wednesday night that the CCJ welcomes the plan by Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister, Kamla Persad-Bissessar to withdraw from the Privy Council and accede to the CCJ Appellate Jurisdiction, I was very happy, since I got the impression that the twin island republic would sever all connections with the London-based Privy Council. However, unfortunately this is not the case, the T&T Prime Minister said that she will introduce legislation to remove the Privy Council as the final court only in criminal matters, and civil appeals will still be determined by the British-based Court. This I find not only unusual, but confusing. It is like having one foot in and the other out. Kamla Persad-Bissessar said that she has decided on

the move following discussions she had with her counterpart at the recently concluded CARICOM meeting in Suriname. She added that she had given an undertaking to the other heads of government that she would approach the issue on her return to Port of Spain. But it seems as if she cannot make up her mind and decided on the halfway route using the approach of “caution and gradualism” I am baffled at the Prime Minister ’s approach, especially since she said that she and her government have confidence in the CCJ, but she preferred to be cautious like the People’s Republic of China and Singapore, when those two countries phased out their withdrawal from the Privy Council. The Prime Minister made a very valid point when she said that “ties to the Privy

Council developed complications in particular with respect to the issue of death penalty”. This seems to indicate that that is her main reason for routing only criminal cases to the Port of Spain-based regional court. Persad-Bissessar is a Caribbean-trained attorney who was elevated to Queen’s Counsel last year, but she failed to take into consideration that civil appeals cost litigants a fortune and it would be unwise for the London-based Court to continue to hear them, although she agrees that there are capable judges at the CCJ. She also made the point that there has been “critical observation” from commentators, jurists and institutions concerning Trinidad and Tobago’s relationship with the Privy Council. Moreover, on August 31 the oil rich country will

celebrate its 50th anniversary of independence. It would be five decades of political independence, but they still want to hold on to the coattails of the British masters for civil justice. It is ironical that Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica were on the forefront of the regional court two decades ago and those two big countries are still tied to Britain. Moreover, PersadBissessar even proudly noted in her statement in Parliament last Wednesday that her mentor, Basdeo Panday, who was Prime Minister in 1999, announced that his Government would provide a site to house the CCJ. So far only Guyana, Barbados and Belize have abolished appeals to the Privy Council and have accepted the CCJ as the final appellate court. Oscar Ramjeet

The AFC should not trust the PNC/APNU DEAR EDITOR, Throughout its history, the PNC/APNU has been a party of political scampishness. In 1964 the PNC ‘ratted’ and kicked out the United Force after the UF helped it to gain power through the backdoor, thanks to American meddling. There are some fundamental characteristics about the PNC/APNU. The two most glaring are poor leadership and the unadulterated desperation for power. The PNC has already proven it can’t handle power, even when there is no opposition. That dismal leadership and desperation caused the PNC/APNU to do some really dumb, reckless and dirty things. Arguably, the dumbest thing done by the PNC leadership was failing to alter the 1980 Burnham Constitution when it knew it could never win a free and fair election. The PPP hammered the PNC/APNU election after election after 1992 and then used the Burnham Constitution to batter the PNC, marginalize those same Africans who vote religiously for the PNC, and fill its pockets at will. If the PPP loses power tomorrow, it still controls the wealth of this nation. To add insult to injury, PPP supporters were already the dominant wealth group to begin with. Never has a party betrayed its supporters with such foolish decision-making like the PNC. Fast forward to 2012 and the PNC/APNU stabs the AFC in the back by cutting a secret deal with the PPP. It was only when it was rudely exposed that it ran

back to the AFC and ended up adopting the positions the AFC held steadfast to throughout. The AFC’s leadership did not compromise on its desire for deep cuts and it got it. A party with seven seats defeated the giants. Now the PNC/APNU again sidelined the AFC from getting a commissioner seat on GECOM. That was a move stemming from desperation for power. The PNC/APNU sees its domination of the electoral process as vital to its attempts to regain power. I will be blunt here. The PNC/ APNU cannot be trusted. It is dominated by old despots from the PNC days. They will always cut your throat if you get too cozy with them. While APNU was flip-flopping, the AFC was emerging as the

only party with any credibility. The AFC got the cuts it wanted albeit in smaller amounts. PNC/APNU supporters, and in particular those who left the AFC to return to the PNC/APNU in 2011, are taking notes. They saw which party demonstrated strength and competence. The PNC/APNU made the biggest fool of itself. The AFC cannot afford to trust the PNC/APNU. The PNC/ APNU cannot afford to continue this raw backstabbing. For starters, this new setup of an opposition-controlled Parliament was not achieved as much by increased APNU support as it was achieved by the AFC splitting the Indian vote and stealing vital Amerindian and Mixed votes from the PPP. PNC/APNU supporters

need to know that any return of those voters to the PPP will derail this current arrangement of an opposition-controlled Parliament. More importantly, the PNC/APNU needs to take note of this reality. For if it continues to behave like a political snake to the AFC, those very voters the AFC stole from the PPP will at some point convince themselves that the PNC/APNU is a rat and will return to the PPP. This puts the PNC/APNU back into the political dungeons as a useless opposition to a PPP majority. Thank heavens the PPP cannot muster a majority or it would have called an election. AFC should know its history when it is dealing with the PNC/APNU for it might become its future. M. Maxwell

Missing points and opportunities DEAR EDITOR, Well, we are doing it again with taxpayers’ dollars. Strange, but we have not learned from the mistakes of others. The political blame game continues, and my hard earned taxes do little or nothing to comfort me on how it is spent. I recently took notice of the road works being done on the East Bank of Demerara, and if I have it right, it is another road that is being built, but just adjacent to the present one. What has happened to all the land in our backdams and canefields? Again, there was very little if any consultation by the people in authority with the general public. The media itself has done no justice to the issue at hand. Do a survey of how

people would like to see their taxes spent and I am sure it will be revealed that having still one road link into town is ridiculous for a country of this size. As I have written previously, many people coming from the Ancient County would love to bypass the city all together. Well, I know that most of the bridges on the East Bank were broken and reconstructed not long ago. Well now I see most with severe waves on them. Please don’t tell me that my tax dollars are going to pay for substandard work. Hope the contractors are held liable and moreover, some parts, if not the entire agreement in the contract should be published. A recent debate has arisen concerning tourism and how the new Marriott Hotel and

upgrading the airport would affect it. Well if you don’t fix the garbage in the city, and level our paves so that they are not a constant tripping hazard to the very tourists we are looking to have as guests, then we are going nowhere. It will just be a big airport and a big hotel. Tourism is held together on a number of things which include certain basic services, of which include a proper and reliable transportation system, clean environment for people to really stop and have a look, being able to shop using credit cards, acceptance of other currencies US, Canadian, TT, etc., just to mention a few. Of the few things listed, how many do we have functioning in good capacity? Just saying. N. Lynch

Saturday April 28, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Death threat to Chris Ram sent Where has all the from ‘hacked’ PPP e-mail address trust gone? Letters... Where your views

DEAR EDITOR, This lead question in a recent article in the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) professional journal seems just as timely and pertinent in our national affairs as indeed it is in our workplaces. The origins and implications of this collapse in ‘trust’ are manifold and of course cry-out for answers. It is naïve to think that solutions are just around the corner; but we can at least put the matter on the table and hope that from our collective awareness and discussion, some indications of rescue and relief might emerge. The local and international media have not skimped on reports of trust deficits in politics, business, religion and, guess what…the media itself, to name just a few of our societal ‘institutions’. My professional interest encourages me to take a first look at the phenomenon in the workplace. The CIPD article stems from a major research effort that examined why trust matters and what can be done to repair it. They identified these four types of primary trust relationships in the workplace: Trust in the organization, in the leaders, in the line manager and in each other. The study revealed that while each of these was powerful in its own way, “trust in each other” was the most robust. The lessons arising from the research study are by no means ‘original’ or new or counter-intuitive; their sharp impact is in their surprising simplicity, cost-free applicability and potential nodal effect. For example, who among us with average intelligence and interest in improving the

lot of workers and society at large can quarrel with the following: · Trust is harder to restore once it has been broken than it can be built in the first place; · To build and retain trust, leaders need to demonstrate that they are not ‘self-serving’ but instead are serving the needs of the country, the community, the group, the organization and all stakeholders. There is too much manipulation of the ordinary citizen, the workers who are being ’used’ as pawns in the games being played by socalled leaders, with the result that there is no trust among fellow-workers. The sight of so-called leaders riding on the backs of divided followers continues to cast its dark shadows · Managers must be visible, (must walk the walk, not just talk and give orders); · Communication with employees and all others must be straight, simple and sincere. People need discourses that are honest and free from ‘spin’ in order to be fully ‘engaged’. In the workplace the relationship with the line manager, the direct supervisor, is crucial; to undermine this is suicidal for the organization, the very managers, supervisors and employees. · Structurally, the need for repositioning the HR function should be carefully considered (of course this implies the availability of credible HR expertise). Nowrang Persaud

The People’s Progressive Party Civic has denied any involvement in the death threats against key opposition members. A statement out of Freedom House told of a report of a death threat issued against “anti-government activist” Christopher Ram who apparently “received death threats via a mail he received from an e-mail address linked to the PPP/C.” In the e-mail Ram was threatened that should the writer lose his job as a result of the budget cuts he would be burnt in his home. The threats even extended to Ram’s family as well. The statement said that the party “sought advice from IT experts after it received a copy of the e-mail in question from members of the media and has been advised that this is a clear case of email Address Spoofing.” According to the release the e-mail could have been manipulated in a number of ways to change the “from” field and to disguise the routing to make it seem as if the e-mail had come from another address. “… Someone is “spoofing” the PPP/C Gmail address and from the looks of it several other addresses of known individuals as well.” A report was subsequently made to Google and the

- Freedom House violation is currently being investigated. The statement went on to claim that the PPP/C has been “… receiving abusive messages apparently originating from Ena Ram’s email address (Wife of Christopher Ram) for which we have documented evidence.” However the release went on to suggest the possibility that Mrs. Ram’s address was likewise “spoofed”. To further complicate matters it was also stated in the release that “similar threats” were issued against the lives of PPP/C officials. These threats were apparently received from what may have been the “… addresses of a certain antigovernment newspaper, a

former opposition talk show host and a malicious antigovernment blog site among others.” In what the Party called “an ongoing malicious campaign by unknown individual(s) to distract from the growing resentment by Guyanese against recent developments in the National Assembly” they claimed that it was an “effort to derail and distract the public from the real issues at hand … especially how they will be affected by the cuts to the National Budget by the opposition.” The Guyana Police Force was encouraged in the release “to conduct a thorough investigation, given that the origins of such mail can be tracked and to hold the

individual(s) responsible, accountable for their actions.” “We trust that the GPF will leave no stone unturned in their investigation …” On Monday, Moses Nagamooto informed the house that death threats were made against him. Nagamootoo told Speaker of the House, Raphael Trotman, that there is a threat, that should he leave the protection of the People’s Progressive Party, he would meet the same fate as “Vincent Teekah.” Teekah, a former People’s National Congress (PNC) Education Minister, was shot and killed under suspicious circumstances on October 24, 1979. Nagamootoo told the House that should this threat be executed then “my blood will run on the head of others.”

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Kaieteur News

Saturday April 28, 2012

Budget cuts were like Freddy Guyana poised to export Manganese after decades with his scissors - Rohee Gov’t says it has ‘bent over backward’ to the opposition The government yesterday denied suggestions that it was playing hardball with the opposition in the inter-party talks. Minister Clement Rohee said that the inclusion of other stakeholders would be an option going forward. Rohee equated the parliamentary opposition, which Thursday voted for a $21 billion cut in the budget, to the horror movie character “Freddy” and his scissors. He said the opposition adopted the view that it was either their way or no way, and hence the government was being told to “behave” and that they would get the money later if they do so. Minister of Housing and Water Irfaan Ali declared that the government had bent over backwards to the opposition. He refuted claims that the government was not willing to buy into suggestions by the two Parliamentary opposition parties. Ministers Ali and Rohee were speaking at a press conference at Freedom House, the Georgetown headquarters of the governing People’s Progressive Party (PPP/C). They suggested that the opposition parties – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance for Change (AFC) - decided on slashing $21 billion from the budget because they could

not get their way. Rohee said that the burden of prioritizing projects rests with the government and that it is the government’sprerogativetodecide what the projects necessary for economic and social development are. He said that the government has responsibility over the “national assets” and he denied that progress was not made in the inter-party talks. Rohee said that in the first instance, APNU entered talks with the government already having increased the Old Age Pension. Rohee insisted that APNU had decided on electricity tariff increases in Linden – a stronghold of the People’s National Congress/Reform, which is the main party inAPNU. But the Minister suggested that pressure from its own supporters and from the AFC, caused the APNU to backpedal. When the AFC joined the talks with the government, Minister Ali said that their demands for a reduction in Valued Added Tax (VAT) were not totally rejected. He said that it was explained to the parties that one of the first actions President Donald Ramotar took was to constitute a committee to look at the entire tax system, and therefore the work of that committee should go ahead. Ali added that the government also suggested

the setting up of a special fund for vulnerable groups, if it is that some groups were marginalized. Rohee said that the situation reached a ridiculous point when the opposition suggested the nationalization of the Berbice River Bridge. He said that the days of nationalization belong to the 1970s and the current PPP/C government would not allow it because it sends a bad message to both local and foreign investors. He said that the opposition was dabbling in cynicism to say that the monies which were cut from the budget could be had later through supplementary provisions. To Rohee, that was the opposition saying: “If we see you behaving yourself, you can come back with a Supplementary (budget).” Minister Ali said that throughout the inter-party discussions the government reached out to the opposition. Rohee said that the true spirit of the talks and its outcomes were not being reflected and he therefore suggested that the talks be more open. He suggested the inclusion of other stakeholders in the talks and goodbye to the closed-door negotiations. “These talks have to be much more open,” Rohee declared.

Many city schools have public health defects Several City schools were found with various public health defects during a recent inspection by the Mayor and City Council’s Public Health Department, last month. Some of the defects have since been corrected. This was revealed at the Council’s recent statutory meeting, when the Department submitted its findings.

According to Public Relations Officer, Royston King, Officers of the Environmental Health Section inspected 50 primary and secondary schools in Georgetown. Some of the public health defects included dirty and smelly sanitary blocks, insanitary conditions around drinking water taps and

inadequate refuse storage facilities. King assured that these issues were brought to the attention of the respective head teachers. Councillors are calling on the competent authorities to ensure the integrity of schools to the health and well-being of students. School yards should be kept clean and tidy at all times, he said.

Reunion Manganese Incorporated is expected to install a pilot plant at its Matthews Ridge, North West district site by next year April. Full commercial operations are expected to begin by the fourth quarter of 2014. Reunion was awarded four prospecting licences (PLs) by Government to conduct exploration and development activities for manganese in the North West District. Reunion Manganese Incorporated’s executive chairman, David Fennell, who met with President Donald Ramotar on Monday, noted that the construction will begin by August and the plant will facilitate the production and shipment of commercial manganese. According to Joachim Bayah, Chief Operating Officer, the targeted markets are to give feedback to the company, after which the final feasibility study will be filed for approval, making way for the actual construction of the plant. In addition, an engineering group is designing the pilot plant. The primary use of manganese ore is in

Chief Operating Officer of Reunion Manganese, Joachim Bayah production of alloys for steel making, in addition to other uses in non-ferrous alloys and in dry cell batteries. Eighty per cent of the world resources are in South Africa. Reunion manganese incorporated was awarded four prospecting licences by government to conduct manganese exploration and development activities in the North West district. The company was

granted the mineral licence in 2010 that sets the framework for the continued prospecting by the company, which is gearing up to set up a minimum-sized mining operation in Matthews Ridge, Region One, with the hope that its prospecting would discover enough manganese reserves to enlarge its operations. The prospecting licences (PLs) cover an area of 45,729 acres and are centered on the abandoned manganese mines at Matthews Ridge and Pipiani which were operated by a subsidiary of Union Carbide Corporation from 1962 to 1968. The company’s operations would require the rebuilding of 50 kilometres of the abandoned railway line, linking Matthews Ridge to Port Kaituma, since manganese would have to be transported by train to that port for export. Additionally, the 30-mile stretch of road between the two communities would also be upgraded and maintained by the company. Government has committed $50M towards this project and work will start shortly.

Cops join search for missing goldsmith Police have joined in the search for 33-year-old goldsmith, Budhram Persaud, who has been missing for two weeks. Persaud, called ‘Buffa’, of Lot 895, Thirteenth Street, Diamond New Scheme, East Bank Demerara, disappeared on Saturday April 14. He has not been seen since and his mobile phone has been turned off. Relatives told Kaieteur News, yesterday, that they have established that the goldsmith was last seen at a popular drinking spot at Grove, East Bank Demerara. According to them, employees who were shown a photograph of the man recalled seeing him drinking alone. However, they could not recall seeing him leave. Relatives do not believe that Persaud disappeared on his own volition, since they said that none of his belongings are missing. Even his national

identification card and birth certificate were left at home. According to reports, on April 14, Persaud visited a night spot at Industry, East Coast Demerara, and was there in the company of another goldsmith. The relatives said that they were told that he eventually left in a taxi between 21:00 hrs and 22:00 hrs, indicating that he was heading home. A sister told Kaieteur News that they checked the night-spot and some staffers confirmed that he was at the location. They were also told that he boarded a vehicle from an Industry taxi service. It was at that point that he apparently headed for the night spot at Grove, East Bank Demerara. Persaud’s relatives have checked various hospitals, a mortuary and even Le Repentir Cemetery, but have found no trace of the

Budhram Persaud goldsmith. They have made reports at several police stations. The sister said that while he sometimes stayed out overnight after having a few drinks, Persaud would return home the following day. When he was last seen, Budhram Persaud was wearing a pair of grey and white three-quarter pants, light-grey t-shirt, camouflage hat and black slippers. Persons with information about his whereabouts can call 679-2972; 668-0408; 2265498, or the nearest police station.

Saturday April 28, 2012

Kaieteur News

Several injured in Norton Street collision A collision on the corner of Camp and Norton Streets Thursday evening left several persons who were travelling in an East/ West minibus sustaining injuries and becoming patients at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. According to reports, around 10:30 hours, a minibus filled with passengers was heading in a southern direction along Camp Street when a taxi heading in a Western direction, struck it. Those present at the scene told Kaieteur News that the taxi driver appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. He was staggering immediately after the collision and refused to offer any explanation for his actions.

Eyewitnesses told Kaieteur News that the taxi driver failed to stop at the corner as the sign indicated. The car after hitting the minibus slammed into a nearby tailoring establishment while the bus narrowly missed a pharmacy and crashed into the wall of the building next door on the other side of the road. As police officers arrived on the scene, onlookers became irate and insisted that the ranks search the driver whom they said was the cause of the collision. The police ended up taking the driver to the Brickdam Police Station.

Al Qaeda now incapable of 9/11-scale attack WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Al Qaeda’s core organisation is likely incapable of carrying out another mass-casualty attack on the scale of September 11, 2001, U.S. intelligence and counterterrorism officials said yesterday. U.S. government experts also believe that the likelihood of an attack using chemical, biological, atomic or radiological weapons over the next year was not high, said Robert Cardillo, deputy director of U.S. National

- U.S. officials Intelligence. Cardillo and other U.S. officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, described these assessments on a conference call with journalists billed as an opportunity for government experts to voice their assessments of al Qaeda’s potency a year after the killing of Osama bin Laden in a U.S. commando raid. Cardillo said the al Qaeda “core” organisation that bin

Duo in Sand Hills... From page 3 he said he became aware of a friendship between her and the deceased, who repeatedly threatened to shoot him. On the day in question, he said he returned home and did not find Rookmin. He made several checks but did not find her. Later in the evening he received certain information from his brother-in-law, and the two of them armed themselves with cutlasses, and went in search of the missing woman. Some time later, they found a camp in the bushes and after ascertaining that Rakesh Rajaram was inside they rushed in. “Rakesh,” he said, “jump out a hammock and pick up something. Me rush in on Rakesh and start to chop he and while I doing dat, Rakesh hold on to de cutlass. He loose de cutlass and fall. “Rakesh bleed from the injuries. I ask he fuh de gun which he seh he would use to shoot me. Rookmin then take down the gun from the camp roof. She then tell me that she got two load (bullets) in her underwear and I take dem out with meh hands,” Banwarie stated. The case for the prosecution however contended that on the day in

question the two accused went to Rajaram’s camp in search of Rookmin Benedict. After an altercation, Rajaram was severely chopped. He was then placed on a stretcher and taken to the village landing where he was left by the two accused who fled the scene. Rajaram was then taken by speedboat to the New Amsterdam Market Wharf and later to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. An autopsy performed on the body by Dr. Vivekanand Brijmohan gave the cause of death as shock and haemorrhage and multiple injuries. When the Judge made the death penalty announcement yesterday, five of the accused family members who had been traversing ‘to and fro’ on every court date broke into tears. The accused themselves were shocked at the results of the murder matter. It was however revealed that the lawyers would be appealing the matter. According to Benedict’s lawyer, Alli, both representatives of the accused will seek to file the appeal.

Laden created has suffered strategic setbacks due to the outbreak of “Arab Spring” protests and rebellions in Islamic countries, which have not spread great sympathy for al Qaeda’s hardline and violent brand of Islam. More worrying to U.S. counterterrorism officials and their allies abroad is the possibility of home-grown extremists, or “lone wolves,” who are radicalized over the Internet or in small cells, but who also now are being given encouragement by media outlets connected to al Qaeda and its affiliates.

While they were unwilling to declare that al Qaeda was on the brink of “strategic defeat,” the U.S. officials did say they believed the central organization founded by bin Laden simply was not capable today of marshalling the kind of resources and planning that went into the deadly suicide airplane hijackings of September 11, 2001. The officials said that the United States regards four al Qaeda spinoffs or affiliates as still posing threats of greater or lesser degree to U.S. interests.

Ramotar fires back on... From page 2 children and workers in the Rosignol and West Bank Berbice may experience since the bridge became operational… “Moreover, we asked them to consider the implications for investors in our country were we to do what they demanded -to nationalize the Bridge and make it a state company. We told them that that would put us in a bad position since we had agreed with the investors on a rate of return and that the bridge will become government owned after twenty years of operation. “This too they rejected.” The President for the first time broke silence on an agreement to the creation of a Depressed Community Fund and proposed its funding of over $2B dollars for 2012 through an allocation of 1 per cent of VAT revenue collections in 2011. “We have been open and frank at all times with the Opposition….the combined Opposition has conspired and ended up retarding the

development taking place…By putting workers on the breadline, they have demonstrated a callous and mean-spirited attitude.” He said that the inexplicable and unfathomable cuts instituted by the opposition to “our National Budget constitute an ominous threat to the livelihood of Guyanese and to future generations.” Ramotar was adamant that reductions in the Budgeted provisions “assail not just workers rights but also threaten to reverse the gains which our people, through hard work and sacrifice, have earned over the years.” The President did however assure that the door to dialogue has not been closed. “My faith in dialogue remains undiminished.” He said that he still holds the view that dialogue with all Guyanese, including the political parties, is the best way to narrow differences and find consensus but warned that “dialogue cannot be constructive or productive when the other side is intransigent or adopt an all or nothing posture.”

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Saturday April 28, 2012

Linden to celebrate Town Week BY DMITRIALLICOCK Many overseas visitors and former residents gathered in Linden this week to celebrate Linden Town Week with festivity, reflection and edification. The Linden Tourism Committee and people of Upper Demerara must be proud to see this brand new tradition and excellent idea which was started in 1996 take root and has grown to what it is today. The Linden Town Week is held annually during the last week of April in Linden. Residents showcase their achievements, make known the Town’s history and give recognition to its famous and respected residents. There are displays, exhibitions and competitions of various kinds like agricultural and local art and craft exhibitions and chainsaw competitions. The highlight of this festival is the crowning of the Linden Town Queen The history town of Linden, which incorporated Mackenzie and two former village districts, Wismar and

Christianburg, established in 1970 and named after the late Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, President of Guyana, dates back to the 1700s. The last 200 years of Upper Demerara and Linden’s history could be broken up into three aspects of significant influence on the lives of the people. The Paterson Sawmill and Red Camp housing area, the Sprostons Demerara to Essequibo Railway, and the Demerara Bauxite Company The general area known as Mackenzie today is made up of a piece of prized land that is the largest area of natural open flat land along the entire 215-mile length of the Demerara River valley. This natural feature is created by the many creeks converging in this area. The area called Linden is located 65 miles from the Atlantic coast of Guyana. The historical record shows that Robert Frederick Allicock lived on the eastern shore of the Demerara River and owned Noitgedacht or

plantation Retrieve an area of 4901 Rhynland acre or 8.040 square miles. John Allicock had owned Plantation Wismar {401 acres} after Anthony and John Somersall ; Harrower and Donvin owned Nerva Sawmill; Christian Fenette owned Christianburg prior to John Dagleish Paterson; Old England was owned by John Payne Blount before John Mansfield; Three Friends by Sir John Spencer; Blount and Brotherson had owned Arakwa. The Watooka Lands were the property of Cloot DeNieunkirk. Most of these plantations became Timber Estates. The languages spoken during those times would have been Dutch, English, German, Akawaio and also Scottish Gaelic, spoken by the prominent Scottish Highlanders in the area. It is important to note that much of the land along the banks of the Demerara River has seen a succession of planters and early settlers, of whose estates nothing remains today. Today the only remnant of the early settlers clearly visible is the remains

of the 1824 Water Wheel of the Sawmill that John Dagleish Paterson owned. The Paterson family plot lies in front of the fresh ruins of the fire that destroyed the former Paterson’s home and Court House in April 2011. The Demerara Bauxite Company would soon be established with the 1912 land purchased by George Bain Mackenzie. The year 1917 saw the first mining of bauxite at Akyma and later the construction of the Bauxite plant and housing areas on the eastern shores of the river. In 1916, The Demerara Bauxite Company was incorporated and registered in Georgetown, and started operations on the lands bought by Mackenzie. 1n 1917, bauxite mining started at Maria Elizabeth and nearby Akyma. Both areas are south of Mackenzie, about eight miles upriver from the town. The area of Mackenzie was briefly called Mackenzie City but the ‘City’ was dropped later. The bauxite plant on the east bank of the

Despite impending tariff hike …

Lindeners will still pay 50% less than rest of Guyana - Luncheon A tariff hike in electricity rates in Linden will still see consumers there paying less than half what the rest of the country is currently paying, Government has insisted. Explaining the increase yesterday, Government spokesman, Dr. Roger Luncheon, said that this year, the $3B subsidy for Linden was slashed by $1B which meant that tariffs would have to be increased, though still way below the level of the rest of the country. The announcement of the hike and slashing of the subsidy has been met with protests by especially Lindeners. The hike was recently passed in Parliament during the 2012 National Budget deliberations. According to Dr. Luncheon yesterday, the tariffs will go up but not close to what “others” are paying. Linden will still maintain two sets of rates-- residential and commercial-as compared to various levels being charged throughout the rest of the country. There would still be two rates for residences, and separate ones for business, commercial and industrial. Government has also decided not to impose the $300 fixed rate charges for residential. This will also hold true for the industrial companies which could rise

Lindeners protest in front of the Regional Democratic Council office earlier this month. as much as $128,000 monthly, the government official said. In reality, what Lindeners will be paying is around $24$26 per kilowatt hour as compared to the $48-$53 being paid by the rest of Guyana. Dr. Luncheon noted that Lindeners continue to rack up high consumptions as compared to the rest of Guyana. Hoping that this consumption will go down, the official said that it is a fact that residential usage in Linden is double compared to what is being used in the city and other parts of Guyana. Business use of electricity

there also was high at one and half times higher than elsewhere. Since the closure of the bauxite plants in Linden back in the 80’s Government had introduced the electricity subsidies to the area as a means to alleviate the hardships of many who have been laid off. A Chinese company, Bosai, has since taken over some aspects of the bauxite industry there while RUSAL, a Russian owned bauxite company, has taken over the operations at Aroaima and Kwakwani. There have been criticisms of the government’s move to

reduce the subsidy which in effect forced the current electricity rates there to be hiked. But Government says that there have been plans in the making for a while to bring the rates on levels acceptable to the rest of the country. Opposition parties have accused Government of a revenge act by slashing the subsidy following their massive losses in Linden, a traditional support base of the People’s National Congress, which forms a major part of A Partnership for National Unity, one of the two opposition parties in Parliament.

Demerara River was soon built. The mining community would soon follow. Thousands of homes were constructed by Demba to house its employees. The entire area of Mackenzie including Kara-Kara, Industrial area, Rainbow City, Constabulary compound, Mackenzie High School teachers living quarters at Retrieve and at Red Wood Crescent were built by Demba. The exclusive areas of Watooka, Fairs Rust, Noitgedacht and the Richmond Hill area were also constructed to house their staff members. Thousands from the coastal areas of Guyana and the numerous Caribbean Island flocked to Linden with the promise of work, housing and a better life. As the company expanded, housing then moved across the river to Silvertown, Wismar, Silver city, Christianburg, and the housing scheme areas on Wismar hill. Along with housing came all supportive building of municipality such as library, clinic, hospital, recreational

hall, public pool, the Mackenzie sports club with tennis court and ground, all built for the comfort of their workers. The Watooka guest house, pool, tennis court, school, dairy and golf course served the staff of Demba. Most of the streets of Mackenzie were named after the woods logged in the nearby forests such as Greenheart, Purpleheart, Crabwood, Mora, Bulletwood, Determa, Silverballi and others. Some areas like “Dakama” Circle and “Redwood” Crescent were named in a similar manner. Arvida road now Republic Avenue, was named after Alcan’s Alumina smelter located in Arvida, Quebec, Canada as bauxite dominated life in Upper Demerara and Linden The Upper Demerara, Botaba Seventh Day Adventist Church of 1897 is the oldest Seventh Day Adventist Church in Guyana. Along with the 1898 Scots Presbyterian Church at Christianburg, it is the oldest surviving building in the area.

ImmigrationTALK: Questions & Answers By: Attorney Gail S. Seeram Through this “Question & Answer” column, our goal is to answer your immigration questions. Many of you have questions on backlog time and eligibility – we seek to clarify these issues and more. We appreciate your comments and questions. If you have a question that you would like answered in this column, please email: Question #1: I lost my certificate of naturalization. Do I need to reapply for one or will my U.S. passport be enough to prove that I am a U.S. citizen? Answer #1: T h e certificate of naturalization and certificate of citizenship are primary proof that you are a U.S. citizen. The U.S. passport is second proof. I advise you to file Form N-565 to replace your certificate of naturalization. The filing fee is US$345. Note, you should get a safe deposit box at the bank and keep items like your passport, birth certificate and certificate of naturalization safely stored. Question #2: My U.S. citizen sister filed for me since April 2001, how much longer do I have to wait? Answer #2: According to the February 2012 visa bulletin, visas for siblings of a U.S. citizen are being issued for petitions filed on or before September 8, 2000. So, you have less than a one-year

wait. Assuming all required documents have been submitted to the National Visa Center, you will receive an interview notice from the U.S. Embassy when the visa is available. Question #3: My lawful permanent resident spouse filed a petition for me. Can I still apply for a visitor visa? Answer #3: Yes, you can apply but since you have an intent to live in the U.S., this may impact your approval for the visitor visa. Remember, to obtain a visitor visa, you must show strong ties to your native country and also that you have no intent to reside or overstay to live in the U.S. Question #4: Why was my tourist visa revoked? Answer #4: There can be several reasons why the U.S. Embassy revoked your visa. Some reason may be that you failed to meet the requirements for the visa; maybe you overstayed in the U.S. with your visa or maybe you made a fraudulent misrepresentation to the U.S. Embassy. I would advise you to seek an explanation from the U.S. Embassy, though one is not legally required. Question #5: I’m a lawful permanent resident. Can I apply for my fiancé? Answer #5:Unfortunately, the answer is no. Only a U.S. citizen can apply for a fiancé visa. A fiancé visa is not available for a lawful permanent resident.

Saturday April 28, 2012

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WHAT A COUNTRY WE LIVE IN! If you did not cry when you viewed the screening of that Indian movie classic Dosti, then you must have a heart of stone. If you did not cry when looking at John Voigt play The Champ, then you have a strong constitution for emotional roller coasters. But if you did not cry when you look at those employees from GINA who are about to join the unemployed ranks, then you do not have a heart. It is very sad to see what has happened to those poor employees of GINA, most of whom are young people trying to make a life in this country that is so wracked with divisions that it is difficult for some people to come out and say that what was done to these workers was wrong, dead wrong! How can APNU claim that it was not its intention to put ordinary workers out of work when it voted down the subvention for GINA? That agency is a subvention agency. It does not earn its

own revenues. So when you vote a mere $1 for that body what are you saying to them? You cannot be saying to them you need them to reform. Reform with $1? A vote of $1 for a subvention agency is a vote to close down the agency and this is what now faces the employees of GINA. What reform can one speak about in GINA? Reforming government propaganda? The job of GINA is propaganda. Its job is to churn out the government side of issues and the government side alone. This is what was also done under the PNC when there was the Government Information Service and its successor the Guyana Public Communications Agency which was headed by someone who is now a media consultant. No one decided then that the government propaganda agencies should not be funded in the budget. Every government is entitled to have a unit to

Dem boys seh...

Is cut ass and kick ass Since de opposition cut de money from de budget all people hearing is how some people get knock off and how some people gun hungry and de opposition tun development upside down. People now realize that dem owe money and got expense and children to mind. Dem boys seh that is now dem know that de government does knock off people so quick. And de government sorry fuh knock off dem same people. But de same government when it tek away de ads from de private media it didn’t sorry fuh dem workers who coulda get knock off because de papers woulda get a hard time paying de staff. Uncle Donald get vex when de budget cut. He talk pun de radio and TV how he vex and how people want to mess up he government and stall development. De waterfalls boss man know is who de money does develop and he don’t talk wid spit in he mouth when he ready fuh call name. Whole day and whole night de people from Hen See Hen and Geena dem talking how dem ain’t got wuk. Well dem boys want to know if dem ain’t got wuk wha dem doing at Hen See Hen and Geena when de day come? Perhaps dem does go deh fuh beg. Fuzzy mekking enough money fuh pay ten of dem when de month come. He can tek a pay cut because he mekking nuff money fuh doing nutten. And is now dem boys understand why Robeson didn’t touch any scissors when he went to de airport. He was to cut de ribbon to open a place but he call a child fuh do de wuk. He believe that since he had de scissors people woulda blame he fuh cutting de budget. Well when de dust settle Uncle Donald gun cut he term. At least dem boys expect him to do that and call snap elections. He gun serve de shortest term in de history but he intend to mek sure that APNU and AFC don’t cut nutten again. He gun ask people fuh cut dem ass. Roti done talk bout kicking ass. Talk half and cut ass fuh de other ass

promote its public relations. These are usually called government information agencies. No one has to agree with what the government says. But those who respect free speech will argue that while they may not agree with those with whom they differ, they will defend to the death those persons’ right to communicate their opinions. So can the opposition be defending the right of the government to express its opinion when they are demanding reform by effectively shutting the very agency that disseminates information for the government down? What is even sadder is the silence, the lack of response by the wider society. What is dismaying is the fact that the only media grouping which

has so far come forward to condemn this travesty has been the newly formed Independent Media Workers Association which many feel is not so independent. The Guyana Press Association is yet to break a whisper. Kaieteur News which is so keen on running front page comments whenever freedom of the press is under threat has been silent on the treatment to these workers, as has been the Stabroek News. What a society we live in that the political polarization allows persons to laugh at the misery and ill-fate of others! What a society we live in that persons could lose their jobs so easily and so unfairly and there is little support coming their way! If the outcome was not so tragic, if it did not involve

displacing young professionals into the ranks of the unemployed in a country in which the opposition says that jobs are hard to come by for young people, then the excuse by the opposition that it did not intend to put ordinary workers on the bread line would have been a comedy. But there is nothing to laugh about what has happened in GINA. And if there is any joke then it has to be on those who have robbed these young people of the source of their bread and butter. To add insult to injury, we are told that the opposition feels that it has no reason to apologize. It does not. The issue is not about apologizing. Saying sorry is not going to give back these workers their jobs. It is not

going to assuage the hurt that they feel at what their c o u n t r y ’s l e a d e r s h a v e done to them. This injustice that was meted out to them was not done by some private sector boss or even by their own government superiors. It was done to them by the very persons whom they elected to oversee their interests in the parliament. An apology is not the issue. The issue is shame. Did those who voted that $1 for GINA have no shame? Are they not ashamed at what they have done to other people’s children?

Luncheon says NCN is a private entity As the fallout continues from the Oppositions’ slashing of over $21B from the National Budget, Government yesterday made it clear that the Opposition failed to present justifiable reasons for its decisions. Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon, maintained that there are only a few reasons that could be advanced for the cutting of the allocations which affected the Government Information News Agency (GINA), NCN, Customs Anti Narcotic Unit (CANU), the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) and a number of projects under the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS), including the One Laptop Per Family Project (OLPF) and the Amaila Falls Hydro Project. These reasons would include whether Guyana is suffering from a recession and thus there is the need to lay off workers and close departments. According to Dr. Luncheon at a press conference yesterday, the fact is that Guyana is not experiencing a recession at the moment. The same opposition parties- the Alliance For Change (AFC) and A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)-- are arguing for

Linden’s electricity rates to remain the same and for the subsidy to remain in place yet they have reduced monies from the budget, forcing possible job losses. It was also puzzling that the opposition wanted information on Government contract workers and despite being offered satisfactory explanations, still turned around slashed millions, the Cabinet Secretary said. “Was it a move to fool government or to demonstrate strength to supporters?” Dr. Luncheon queried. It is clear that the two opposition parties did not

intend to have well-meaning dialogue and Guyana may have lost out, he added. However, he warned of possible repercussions. “Even if the battle is lost…let those affected…let those who are aggrieved gird themselves for further struggles.” Meanwhile, faced with questions over the slashing of over $200M in subsidies from NCN and GINA, which the combined opposition earlier this week voted for, Luncheon disclosed that NCN is a private company. However, it was GINA that government is worried about. The opposition voted for a $1 subsidy, removing some

$211M that had been allocated. Both GINA and NCN have been flayed by the opposition parties for unfair coverage, especially during the recent elections. Opposition parties have also complained about not being allowed equitable time on air at NCN even as the ruling People’s Progressive Party/Civic was being allowed a free-for-all.

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Saturday April 28, 2012

OP fallout sparked Budget cuts - Greenidge By Gary Eleazar The political Opposition allowed billions of dollars in the 2012 budget to be voted on unchallenged even though there were less than desired results from meetings at the Office of the President. But there were still some areas that attracted budgetary cuts. These cuts followed continued failure on the part of the opposition to reach agreement with President Donald Ramotar and his team. A Partnership for National Unity (APNU’s) point man on finances, Carl Greenidge, who was at the time responding to the fact that for the first five days, APNU and AFC never substantially challenged the expenditures said, “You are right in the sense because the opposition parties were not in a position to move on different things together. Billions of dollars went through.” In order to substantially challenge any allocation in the Estimates for 2012, a Member of Parliament would have had to move with an official motion that had 24 hours notice. On Monday, Greenidge submitted his notice which targeted Office of the President, Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Finance. Allocations for these budget agencies were slated for the final two days of deliberation in the Committee of Supply. Monday’s motion by

Greenidge was followed by another motion, this time by Alliance For Change (AFC) Chairman Khemraj Ramjattan. Both motions followed the breakdown of talks at Office of the President only a few hours earlier. That round of negotiations had started on Sunday and went beyond the midnight hour. NOAGREEMENTS Greenidge who chaired a media briefing with Lance Carberry and Volda Lawrence, also of APNU, told reporters just before the final cuts that the two parties which hold the combined majority in the House, could not agree, initially, on what expenditures to cut. He was speaking shortly before the Combined Opposition agreed and proceeded to slash $18 B from the Low Carbon Development Programmes. According to Greenidge, that agreeing on what to cut was supposed to have been a straight forward process. It turned out to be complicated. Greenidge sought to explain that the manner in which the rules operate, coupled with the vague estimates, motions could open the proposer of the motion to ridicule or pave the way for inappropriate cuts, given that a figure has to be attached to the motion. This scenario befell the AFC when it first submitted a

motion to reduce the estimates for Contract Employees at three Ministries. That attracted a lively protest. Ramjattan’s first motion had been equally opaque and according to the AFC Chairman, “caused some trouble,” for that party’s move to target the “fat cats.” This, Greenidge said, transpired even as APNU was engaged in negotiations at Office of the President “in good faith” but the Government team led by Head of State Donald Ramotar, according to Greenidge, refused to budge on the opposition demands. POLITICS: THE ART OF THE POSSIBLE This, he said, served to compound the situation further, leaving the opposition with no alternative but to slice out of the budget, what was still within reach given that by this time the estimates for the Ministries of Health, Public Works, Home Affairs, Housing and Water, and Agriculture among others, had all been approved unchallenged. Greenidge when talking about why there was never a substantial challenge to the CJIA airport expansion $4.5B project for which APNU has vehemently criticized and called for an immediate halt, said that, “politics is the art of the possible.” He conceded that while all

AFC Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan of the opposition parties had intimated the ‘trimming of fat’ from the budget, “the fact is that prior to the debate on the budget and after the budget debate we had been speaking with our partners on the opposition benches to see where we could jointly engage in action to do what we did.” He said that the decisions by APNU may not always appear logical but, “it is better to take action where you can and take it effectively than to take the action and be seen to fail in circumstances that may prejudice future action.” Greenidge conceded also that as a result of there being no motion to challenge several of the estimates, the opposition would have been relegated to merely expressing dissatisfaction with the expenditures. “But there were other items in the

Former Finance Minister, Carl Greenidge Budget.” Despite approving the billions of dollars in allocations in the first five days there still remained entities such as the Office of the President, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Finance from where cuts could be effected. Greenidge said that the action taken by APNU “is not simply to effect a cut in a particular item…we need a number of things done.” He proceeded to remind media operatives of APNU’s demands for institutional changes to be made. This institutional change that Greenidge spoke of

cannot be affected by way of the estimates as was conceded by the former Finance Minister who said that “the Committee of Supply can’t make the Institutional changes.” He reminded that issues such as pension and public servant wages were not within the power of the Opposition to address in the sense of an increase, given that the laws restrict the Opposition to only reducing an allocation. “We couldn’t add them to the estimates but we want them done,” said Greenidge even as he underscored the fact that the budget cuts represent the first of many steps in achieving the opposition’s objectives. “We can’t come to you and say, ‘look we have changed the budget in a way that we promised and we have worked so magnificently in the Committee of Supply’...because there are only certain things that can be done in the Committee of Supply. That is why some discussions and negotiations were necessary with government.” APNUS STRATEGY In revealing APNU’s strategy, Greenidge said that (continued on page 18)

Mother denies her daughter was raped - Girl, 9, will be re-examined The mother of the nineyear-old girl, who was allegedly sexually abused by her stepfather, is insisting that her daughter was not raped. The mother is insisting on an independent medical examination on the little girl. She is claiming that her daughter is lying. She is now saying that she strongly believes that her daughter was instigated by someone. She told Kaieteur News that she spent most of her time at home with her children and she knows that ‘Beef’ could never rape her daughter.

“If he de rape her wouldn’t I had seen blood on her underwear? And she (the little girl) said she told me every time the man touch her but that is not true. My husband does hardly be home,” the mother claimed. When Kaieteur News contacted ‘Beef’, who is now on a $100,000 station bail, for a comment, he said “I remember the story when a woman bin want deh with Joseph and she do all thing just to sleep with he but he refuse. Likewise, the devil is trying to tamper with me,” ‘Beef’ claimed. He added, “When I read the newspaper and see how them man does rape them young gal, that thing does upset me.” Kaieteur News was told that the little girl related her horrifying ordeal to an agent at the Child Care Protection Agency yesterday- this was done in front of her mother, who bluntly refused and asked for the medical to be done again. This publication understands that the little girl will be examined by a doctor on Monday. ‘Beef ’s’ biological 13-year-old daughter will also be examined.

Saturday April 28, 2012

Kaieteur News

Sonu Nigam arrives for tonight's concert


he sensational Sonu Nigam arrived in Guyana at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport early yesterday morning. The superstar was greeted with fresh flowers presented to him by the young members of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha, as well as a tassa group and fans. Described as the “King of Chords”, Nigam took the time to have a brief chat with members of the press and Executive members of the Dharmic Sabha. The wellknown melodious voice of Bollywood is scheduled to fill the ears of those in and around the National Stadium this evening. But before that, those who were lucky enough to win VVIP passes, were treated to a dinner at the Pegasus Hotel with the s u p e r s t a r, w h e r e t h e unveiling of the plan for the construction of a Shelter in Berbice for abused children, was done. Winning her VVIP ticket from the National Milling Company of Guyana Incorporated was Savitri Chotoo. There were also consolation prizes; the 2 X 2 – VIP and the 15 X 2 Standard Concert tickets The organizers of this historic mega concert, the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha, had been continuously urging fans to get their tickets early. The show, which is in celebration of the 174 th Anniversary of the arrival of Indians in Guyana, is expected to be a major sold out to the Guyanese audience. Sonu Nigam will be giving his Guyanese fans a three-hour non-stop session of rocking and mesmerizing Bollywood melodies comprising his popular hits as well as gems from yesteryear. He is well known for his tribute to the legendary Mohammed in his album titled “Rafi Resurrected”. Gates open at 17:00 hrs and the Concert begins at 19:00 hrs. Performing along with Sonu Nigam will be the very talented singer Gunjan Singh and TV Actress/ Model Manasi Verma who appeared in a number of TV serials including the popular ZEETV Soap Kasamh Se in which she played Bani's sister, Piya. T h e y w i l l b e complemented by Sonu's full band of outstanding

Sonu Nigam being greeted by the young members of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha musicians and technical personnel. The Sabha's own dance troupe, the Dharmic Nritya Sangh will also perform. The Dharmic Sabha has been working assiduously to put all arrangements in place to make Sonu's first concert in Guyana truly magnificent. Special focus has been given to stage, sound, lights, big screens and seating so that patrons can have optimum enjoyment. There will be a number of

food stalls featuring the various Indian delicacies such as sada rotis and c h o k h a s , s e v e n - c u r r y, authentic Indian cuisine and Indian sweets. And as usual, there will be a strict no alcohol policy. All proceeds of this event will be dedicated towards the construction of a Shelter which will house children who are victims of abuse. The building will be based in Berbice, where the Sabha has already secured land.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday April 28, 2012

Saturday April 28, 2012

WANTED One cook, must know to cook Roti & Puri. Call 6477432 One live in domestic. Contact:658-9495 / 627-2550 Girls to work in bar, age 18 to 25, tel: 256 – 4096

Kaieteur News

SALON Make up courses, artist trained & certified in Trinidad: 660-5257,647-1773 Quality yourself in Cosmetology or nails, make up, Register, Limited spaces. Call Abby: 216-1950, 6197603, 666-5241

1 shop assistant to work on Sundays only call:226-2320 or 193 charlotte Street G/ Town

One experience TM driver to work in interior. Call:6420176,670-1052 Office clerk; CXC English/ Mathematics. Call: 225-4492, 225-6070 One male to work in interior $60,000. Call: 686-2201 Live-in domestic must know to cook and 1 waitress, salary 50,000 monthly. Call:610-5043


One maid, one cook. Contact: 223-5273-4 1 male/female shop assistant to work in the interior # 688-0197

SERVICES Permanent &Visitors Visa Applications Professional Immigration Consultant Room E-4 Maraj Building 225-6496/662-6045.

CAR RENTAL Progressive auto rental, cars from $3,500 per day. Call: 6435122, 656-0087, Premio, 110 Corolla. Call: 6797139 Al’s car & pickup rental. Call: 698-7807 First choice car rental cars $5,000-7,000 per day 6680306,225-6337 Learn to Drive

House plan drafting for only $10,000. Building estimate for only $10,000. Call 6949843 US & Canada Visa application services. Call: 643-6630, Family Discounts Available. Let US attorney assist you with your Visa application. Call: Mrs. Elias:233-2338

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Looking for a job? Office, Domestic & need assistance, contact Angela: 694-0096

Two male shop assistants to work in Georgetown & the interior, serious enquiries only. Call: 225-2940, 225-0305

Land for sale at BlankenBurg W.C.D 50fx350f for 23,000,000. Call: 265-6019, 696-3505

Now open KDRS Pharmacy at Mon Repos Mall 220-8675 nutritionist available every Saturday

Urgently: chainsaw operator to work in the interior. Call: 626-0006, 231-3159 Live-in domestic; excellent remuneration. Call: 613-3091 1 Tutor to teach Form 1, apply Bissan’s Trading, 94 King Street. Call: 227-7306 Taxi drivers & carpenters. Call: 698-7807, 225-3234 1 handy boy to work in the interior #688-0197 Security guards, accommodation available. Call:676-6700 Experienced worker for land dredge contact 618-8800 Van/car driver, person to sell ice cream cones tel:613-3091 Experience men to burn charcoal & chainsaw operator. Call: 653-6236 Labourers to work on wood concession accommodation provided $4,000 per day. Call: 653-6236 One female to wash clothes. Call: 621-7862


EDUCATIONAL Learn Spanish. Call: 6731232 Princeton College Forms 1-5, CXC adults’ classes’; $1500 a subject S.A.T/Phonics etc. Call: 690-5008, 611-3793

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Persons/family to live & take care of farm @ E.C.D, attractive salary offered. Contact: 690-1943, 691-8021

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15ft fiber glass boat $170,000. Call: 260-0301, 685-1233

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Kaieteur News

Local cops hunt killer of Trinidadian attorney’s daughter - suspect reportedly hiding out here Local police have joined in the manhunt for a Guyanese construction worker who is wanted for the gruesome murder of Nikita Ramischand, the daughter of a prominent Trinidadian attorney. Kaieteur News understands that police have received information that the suspect, 25-year-old Ramesh Sookram, called ‘Alan’, fled to Guyana the day after Ramischand’s mutilated body was found at Maracas, Trinidad. A source said that information indicated that he entered Guyana around 01:00 hrs on Thursday. Detectives reportedly questioned Sookram’s mother at the woman’s Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara home, but learned nothing of the fugitive’s whereabouts. INTERPOL has also been notified. Ramischand is the daughter of prominent Trinidadian attorney Odai Ramischand. She is also the niece of Attorney General Anil Nandlall. Reports out of Trinidad said that the teen was attacked near her mother’s salon in Maracas on Wednesday night. Her throat was slit and she was stabbed several times in the abdomen. According to a report in the Trinidad Newsday, investigators believe the suspect was obsessed with Nikita, who rejected his marriage proposal a few weeks ago. Newsday quoted Deputy Police Commissioner Mervyn Richardson as expressing optimism that the case would be solved, “since we know who killed Nikita and we know who we are searching for.” He said investigators expect to detain the suspect, whose last known address was Felicity in Central Trinidad. According to the Trinidad media, Nikita, a second-year ACCA student of the School of Business and Computer Sciences (SBCS), worked at Casa de Belize, a salon her mother Shariza operated next to the family home at LP 46 Maracas Royal Road, Maracas, St Joseph. She was supposed to attend to a client at the salon about 7 pm on Wednesday. Police believe that while walking to the salon, Nikita was ambushed by the suspect who dragged her behind the premises where he slit her throat and stabbed her in her abdomen. They believe that the killer used a kitchen knife. The Newsday said that the victim’s mother told police that she did not hear any screams or any strange noises, but when Nikita failed to arrive at the salon she became suspicious and began calling

Nikita Ramischand

Ramesh Sookram

her cell phone. When the calls went unanswered, Shariza, her husband, Odai, their eldest son, Sid, and another brother and sisters began searching for Nikita. They found her bloodied body behind the salon at about 8 pm. Police believe the killer scaled a ten foot razor-edged wire fence, located on the northern side of the Ramischand family home, where he hid and waited for Nikita. Bloodstains were reportedly found on the fence. Homicide officers were called in as well as District Medical Officer Dr. Richards who instructed that Nikita’s body be taken to the Forensic Science Centre, St. James for an autopsy which was done yesterday. An autopsy, performed by pathologist Dr. Eastlyn McDonald-Burris, revealed that Nikita bled to death after her throat was slit. She also received six stab wounds to the abdomen. According to the Trinidad Newsday, Sid, Nikita’s eldest brother, yesterday said Nikita was considered “the baby” of the family and lived a sheltered life. He said that three months ago, his father hired construction workers to work on the property where they lived and it was there that Nikita met the suspect. He said the two spoke frequently on the phone and when the suspect

asked Nikita to get married a few weeks ago, she refused. The newspaper quoted the brother as saying that the suspect began making threatening phone calls to Nikita. Three weeks ago, the suspect scaled the razor-wire fence, entered the property and began threatening his sister. It was only when Nikita said that she would call the police that the suspect left. Sid added that his sister started a new relationship and believes that this may have angered the suspect. He believes Nikita was being stalked. He called on the police to find her killer. “My sister was such a brilliant student who passed her exams with flying colours and we know she had a bright future ahead of her. But now that she has been snatched away from us, it seems like a bad nightmare but we are all trying to deal with this and we know that our love for each other will pull us through,” Sid told the Trinidad Newsday Police officers returned to the murder scene yesterday and searched for clues. Nikita’s father, Odai, remained indoors. Members of the legal fraternity expressed their condolences to Odai and his family and senior police officers pledged to do everything to bring the killer to justice. Odai, who was born in Guyana, has been practising law in Trinidad for decades.

Saturday April 28, 2012

Police ranks announce curfew in Agricola Ranks were either illinformed or in deception mode Thursday night when they ordered three residents of Agricola off the streets. The move was allegedly in keeping with a curfew. However, this newspaper after contacting the Guyana Police Force Public Relations Office, yesterday, was informed that there is no curfew. In fact according to a rank, “We have no state of emergency so no rank can’t inform people that there is a curfew. I am not aware of any such thing and even if there was one (curfew), we would have issued an advisory.” However, this newspaper was informed yesterday that it was shortly after 21:00 hours Thursday that a police patrol vehicle, PLL 1000, entered Agricola. At the time three residents of the area – all relatives were standing on the corner of Third Street, Agricola. According to one of the

residents, the vehicle, a pick up, sped pass them and went further into the neighbourhood before returning to where they were standing about five minutes later. The vehicle contained four police ranks at the time, the resident informed, one of whom asked, “Y’all aint know there is a curfew?...What y’all doing on the road this hour?” The resident, who has a background in law enforcement, said that he indicated to the rank that he was not aware of such an advisory, a response which seemed to incense the officer. “He said ‘you have “nuff” mouth (talk a lot) I gonna have to search you’. So I said do what you have to do, I don’t have anything...” The rank, according to the resident, proceeded to take his name as well as that of his two companions. As the process was being conducted, one of the ranks requested that “we spell our names but I

said y’all should know to spell.” Riled-up by the resident’s response, one rank, who was described as short and dark in complexion, decided to “crank-up his weapon and said ‘if y’all don’t comply and spell y’all names we gonna throw y’all into this van.’” An attempt by another of the residents to speak to the officer was met with physical assault. “The officer just chucked him.” So disturbing was the attitude of the police rank that he decided to call a relative who is currently a member of the police force to inform him of the situation. The officer with the gun immediately began denying that he ever assaulted anyone. Earlier, he had insisted, “You can call who you want, even the President...nobody can’t do me nothing...” The matter, according to an official attached to the Public Relations Department, will certainly be investigated.

REDjet indebted to its customers

Several persons are claiming that the low-cost carrier, REDjet, which is no longer in effect, has owed them a significant sum of money and has not made any efforts to contact them. According to one woman, Pessy Bailey, she had booked a ticket to Trinidad and Tobago for $380.00 at REDjet’s office in Kingston, Georgetown and two days before her flight she received

a call from the company. She claimed that an official from the company had informed her that all the flights have been cancelled and that she was required to visit the company the following day. Bailey said when she visited the office, she was asked to fill out a form and was promised that she will be refunded within three weeks. Yesterday, the woman

claimed that it has been almost two months and she has not heard from the company. She said when she visited the local office a few times, it was closed. She also said she tried calling the numbers listed for the lowcost carrier but none were working. Kaieteur News also tried to contact REDjet for a comment but all the numbers were out of service.

GDF takes stand on academic education Chief of Staff Commodore Gary Best says that the Guyana Defense Force has heightened its focus on efficiently disseminating education among its members. His comments were made when he officially declared open the first Basic Recruit Course for 2012 on Thursday. This initiative, he explained, is beneficial to recruits capable of attaining University level education which would be delivered through the force. It was noted that 150

recruits started training at the Colonel John Clarke Military School at Tacama on March 26. In addition to their military skills, the training programme consists of an intense back to school foundation level education programme in Mathematics and English Language. This foundation programme, it was revealed, is complemented by higher levels of education which would-be soldiers will continue throughout their military career. Addressing the recruits in

the main Lecture Hall at Tacama, Commodore Best said that education is the foundation of knowledge and so the Force remains committed to its ranks in this regard. “The Guyana Defence Force is committed to providing each soldier with the opportunity to acquire academic education in addition to military skills.” This, he said, was part of the Force ensuring that its ranks are able to maintain a good standard of living, and

social conduct. Commodore Best commended the recruits for their choice to serve the country and urged that their tasks ahead would require great sacrifice. He said that the GDF is an institution of instruction and that no physical violence is permitted against any student on any course. “The training staff has a responsibility to train you, not oppress you, but they will train you hard so you fight easy,” he advised. He also

told them that after training they must be role models to the youths when they return to their villages and also to work to keep their communities safe from crime and disasters. Recruits will also receive training in a number of other areas including Foot and Arms Drills, Field Craft, Map Reading and Navigation, National Policy, Skill- at- Arms, Military Law, Minor Tactics Internal Security and Physical Training, over the next 10 weeks.

Saturday April 28, 2012

Kaieteur News

Cousins remanded for cocaine at CJIA Two men who reside at Ice House Road, Timehri, were yesterday remanded to jail by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine- Beharry for reportedly attempting to place 4.512 kilograms of cocaine on an EZjet flight destined for New York. Nineteen-year-old Mark Pollard and his cousin, 21year-old Ray Pollard, were not required to plead to the charge of narcotics possession for trafficking. They were arrested at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) after Customs Anti- Narcotics ranks (CANU) reportedly intercepted them with drugs. Defense Lawyer Mark Waldron, who is representing the two men, informed the court that the Pollards are employed at the Timehri Handling Services, a company that provides ground support for inbound and outgoing flights. Waldron said that Ray Pollard was attached to Liat flight and the other to EZjet. He told the court that based on his information, a bag containing the drugs was found early Thursday morning in the baggage bay of EZjet. He alleged that none of the defendants was seen with the drugs and neither did they admit to having the narcotics. Further, Waldron argued that five persons were initially arrested on the allegation and were being held in police custody. The lawyer continued to argue that the police had not made connections between the men and the drugs and that boiled down to them having special reasons as to why they should be permitted bail. Waldron also claimed that by CANU’s actions, five persons were suspected to be affiliated with the drugs which meant that they were acting on suspicions. Waldron argued that it was unclear why his clients alone were brought to court. He then said that security guards at check points where the men had passed and all other relevant persons should have been arrested. The prosecutor’s facts however differed greatly from the lawyer’s. The police alleged that on the day in

question, April 27, one of the defendants was seen by a CANU rank going through the arrival section of the airport wearing a black jacket that seemed a bit bulky. Being suspicious of the man, the drug rank reportedly kept an eye on the defendant. The prosecutor then alleged that the drug rank saw the defendant take off the said black jacket and a black haversack was underneath; the man reportedly had the bag on his back. It was further revealed that the defendant took off the haversack and handed it to the other defendant. That is when the CANU rank reportedly intervened telling the two persons what he suspected. A search was

Life of Boards extended again Almost four months have elapsed in 2012 and Cabinet has not reappointed boards. Instead, the life of state boards has been extended until June 30, 2012, says Dr. Roger Luncheon at Cabinet press briefing, yesterday.

According to Dr. Luncheon, the life of these boards expired on December 31, 2011. To ensure their continuity there have been several extensions in February and April.

UGBC lecturers researching bullying, social media and mangroves By Leon Suseran Never before in its 10-year history has the University of Guyana Berbice Campus (UGBC) been involved in much-needed research from several of its lecturers. This was revealed by the Director, Professor Daizal R. Samad, who has said that several lecturers at the institution are currently investigating different areas of research, including bullying and the use of social media in the learning process. A lecturer attached to the institution, Mrs. Maureen Bynoe, is currently doing research on bullying in schools. That project addresses a serious problem, “and we look forward to her report. I have advised her that we want to use her methodology and expand that into general behaviour...why are good children behaving well...what are the variables involved and why do children who don’t behave so well, why do they perform so?” Other research being done at the campus includes one by Mrs. Jacqueline Murray and the other by Mr. Kamuel Gaffar. Mrs. Murray’s focus is on measuring the performance of university students in particular academic areas like mathematics and accounting. Mr. Gaffar’s research (which has already been

Mark and Ray Pollard conducted and in the bag four parcels were reportedly found. It was allegedly checked in the men’s presence and the suspected cocaine was seen. Waldron however argued that the police’s story was inconsistent and incoherent. He put forward that if the drug ranks had caught the men red handed why then was there the need to arrest other persons. The facts did not mention that others had been arrested with the two accused and that prompted Waldron to challenge a CANU official to swear under oath whether other persons were detained. He even put on the line his bail application which he said he would revoke if the officer was ready to say that other persons were not arrested. This was not required as the said rank then informed the prosecutor that others were indeed arrested. The Pollards were not granted bail. The court did not see Waldron’s arguments as a basis for special reasons. The men were remanded until Monday when they will appear at the Providence Magistrate’s Court.

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published) focuses on the use of social networking tools like Facebook, You-Tube, Twitter, Google Plus, Wikis, and Blogs for teaching and learning. “Mr. Gaffar has informed me that he has already implemented a kind of cybertutorial time on Sundays when students and himself would use Facebook to chat about course material that was done during the week. UGBC is breaking ground on cyberpedagogy and virtual tutorials”, he added. Work is also being pursued by Mrs. Marilyn Ramjeet-Samad on mangroves. “How to sustain the ecological integrity and to see what kind of degradation the mangroves are going through and how we can sustain and rebuild the mangrove swamps and further their multiplication are some of the tasks”. “We look forward to published versions of the research. Marilyn is soon to expose her findings at a conference in St. Kitts.” UGBC students continue to be involved in campus development activities. Sitting areas are being built, fire stations created, sidewalks built, and a new benab is planned. Students in Social Work and English are leading the charge. The lecturers pushing these activities are Ms. Kedaroo and Mr. Rommel Etwaroo.

Recently, UGBC concluded what was called “Knowledge Sharing Workshops”. This was a three-day series of workshops for secondary school teachers and students. The initiative was taken by Mrs. Pamela Rose and Ms. Camani Kedaroo, two lecturers in the Department of English. “We were honoured to have Dr. Joyce Jonas leading those workshops. It was a personal pleasure for me to welcome Dr. Jonas once again to our Campus. Dr. Jonas taught me at UG during the seventies, has given great service to UG, and continues to do so even though she is retired”. In March, the campus was graced by Professor John Rickford from Stanford University who spoke on furthering research and publication. He noted that UGBC continues to partner with the private sector and continues to involve itself in charitable causes (in partnership with the Guyana Police Force and the Private Sector) to assist the elderly, the disabled, and the less fortunate in society. “It is important for UGBC to demonstrate that it has a social conscience. The Campus is not here to serve itself; it is here to make a positive difference in the lives of all citizens”, he stated.

Timehri Neighbourhood market not considered a squatter settlement - Clement Corlette Several market vendors of Timehri, East Bank Demerara (EBD) have now approached the office of the Region Four Democratic Council (RDC), for its intervention after being served notices by the Ministry of Public Works to remove their property or structures. Regional Chairman, Clement Corlette, has objected to such actions by the government and in a letter sent yesterday to Minister of Transport and Hydraulics, Robeson Benn, so stated. According to Corlette, it was yesterday when a number of these affected vendors reported to him that the Ministry recently served a notice to the market stall holders. The document also included demands for the removal of property or structures within 21 days from receipt of the notice. Corlette said that the notice of violation is dated

April 19, 2011. He has also objected to the Ministry’s implementation of the project without consulting with the RDC and Regional Chairman beforehand on any impact that may arise to affect the people in that area. The Regional Chairman, in his letter to Minister Benn, requested that such actions on the Ministry’s behalf be suspended until all parties can have discussions on the matter. “It is my request that all aspects of the project be put on pause immediately until due discussion and clarification with the RDC and Regional Chairman. Information available to me indicates that any irrational removal of the stalls will affect the livelihood, social and economic circumstances of over 60 families,” the letter stated. The arguments put forward also explained that these 30 stalls supply the

communal needs of residents within the area and if they are removed it will affect the availability of a variety of consumer services. He further said that the Timehri Neighbourhood market is not considered a squatter occupation of road reserve by the RED, Region Four. In fact, the history of the advent of the market, relates to a community visit about 40 years ago by the late President L.F.S Burnham, during which he advised residents of the area to use the location as a market to vend farm produces and commodities of trade, he noted. Corlette also added that the Prime Minister at that time was Hamilton Green, the present Mayor of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council. Green was tasked with the transfer of, or occupation of the land by interested vendors.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday April 28, 2012

The Abigail Column No love, but kids’ father won’t leave DEARABIGAIL, I have been with “Paul” for the past eight years, and we have three kids. We never married. Paul was once abusive both emotionally and physically. He got better when our first child was born six years ago. I will always care about Paul, but I don’t love him anymore. He knows this because I’ve told him.

The problem is, Paul will not leave. We both agree that things between us will never work out, but he refuses to go. I have been seeing another man for the past seven months, but we haven’t been intimate because of Paul. So would it be wrong if I started having sex with my boyfriend while Paul is still in the house? Used Up Dear Used Up, Even though you never

married, you and Paul may have a legally binding common-law marriage. Unless you want to continue sharing a home with him, one of you needs to leave. Talk to an attorney about how to disentangle, and have a custody and visitation agreement in place for the sake of your children, who need both their parents. Please take care of this before you start having sex with another man in the same house as your children’s father.

Saturday April 28, 2012 ARIES (MARCH 21 APRIL 19): Any obstacles that appear will be swept aside and people who oppose you will get short shrift. Your temper is not likely to be as its smoothest and some diplomacy will be needed. *********************************** TAURUS (APRIL 20 MAY 20): You will achieve little by direct action. Indeed the harder you push, the less you may succeed so it might be as well to develop patience. *********************************** GEMINI (MAY21 - JUNE 20): You don't intend to let the grass grow under your feet so you will be setting your goals for the future very determinedly. Co-operation will not always be easy for you but your enthusiasm will be catching amongst companions, so they should rally round. *********************************** CANCER (JUNE 21 JULY 22): At times you will be justifying what you do just because of the outcome, which can make you seem opportunistic and not always compassionate of the needs of those less able. *********************************** LEO (JULY 23 - AUG. 22): Being challenged makes you come alive, and you would rather travel far than be stuck in routine. At times you may scatter your energy in too many directions at once. *********************************** VIRGO (AUG. 23 - SEPT. 22): You feel more intensely at the moment, and could be jealous if you feel insecure. You are coming across with more powerful effect, but have no intention of displaying your hand. Secrets will stay that way.

LIBRA (SEPT. 23 - OCT. 22): You will be cross with companions who are acting unfairly and appear to be getting away with it. Try to throw your energy into joint co-operative ventures. If you pull together you can achieve a great deal more than you would solo ************************************* SCORPIO (OCT. 23 NOV. 21): Watch health since you could be a little over heated, even accident-prone at times. Put as much attention towards getting your body fit as you do towards practical work matters. ************************************* SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22 - DEC. 21): You will want to be centre-stage, entertaining others and picking up all the attention and applause. Your creative flair and strong willpower should help. In addition your physical passions will soar and you will demand the right to be yourself. ************************************* CAPRICORN (DEC. 22 JAN. 19): You may retreat into your shell when irritated or hurt. You will be hypersensitive to the slightest emotional change, and if threatened, you will be very defensive. ************************************* AQUARIUS (JAN. 20 FEB. 18): For the next few weeks debates and controversies are keeping you on your toes as long as you win most of the time. Your mind is fast moving, witty, sharp, and rather too cutting at times. ************************************* PISCES (FEB. 19 MARCH 20): No one will easily push you off track once you know where you are aiming. Your staying power is greater than usual now and others will find you dependable.

DTV CHANNEL 8 08:55hrs. Sign On 09:00hrs. Supah Ninjas 10:00hrs. Power Rangers 12:00hrs. Prime News 12:20hrs. Movie: When Zachery Beaver Came to Town 13:50hrs. Movie: Mountain Family Robinson 16:00hrs. Goosebumps 17:00hrs. The Baptist Hour 18:00hrs. World News 18:30hrs. Nightly News 19:00hrs. Greetings and Announcements 20:00hrs. Issues of the People (Live) 21:00hrs. Indian Movie 00:00hrs. Sign Off NCN CHANNEL 11 01:00 – NCN Late Edition(R/B) 01:30 – Late Nite with GINA 02:00 – BBC 03:00 – Movie 05:00 – Inspiration 05:30 – Newtown Gospel 06:00 – Ebezener Praise Time 06:30 – IPL #38 C hennai Super Kings vs Kings XI Punjab 08:00 – Pulse Beat (R/B) 08:30 – Weekly Digest 09:00 – Youth Expression 10:00 – Movie 12:00 – CNN 12:30 – Close up 13:00 – Gospel Zone 13:30 – IPL #39 Delhi Daredevils vs Pune Warriors 15:00–Revelation&Power–Live 16:00 – Save the Children 16:30 – Payless Hour (Live) 17:30 – Choices 18:00 – NCN News Magazine – Live 18:30–LawEnforcement&You 19:00 – Let’s Talk Tax 20:00 – 3d/daily millions/ play de dream/lotto draw 20:05 – President’s Diary 20:35 – Video Hitlist 21:35 – Bollywood Hits 22:35 – Movie NTN CHANNEL 18/ CABLE 69 05:00h - Sign on with the Mahamrtunjaya Mantra 05:15h - Mediation 05:30h - Queenstown Masjid Presents Quran This Morning 06:00h - R. Gossai General Store Presents Hanuman Bhajans 06:15h - Jettoo’s Lumber Yard Presents Hanuman Bhajans 06:30h - IPL 5 - CHENNAI

SUPER KINGS v KINGS X1 PUNJAB 10:00h - Teaching of Islam by Brother Roshan Khan 10:30h - AL - INSAAN 11:00h - Assembly of Prayer 11:30h - Caribbean Power Outreach 12:00h - Getting It Right 13:00h - Motor Car / Bike Race Sponsor by GUYOIL 14:30h - IPL 5 - KOLKATA KNIGHT RIDERS v ROYAL C. BANGALORE 18:00h - Ganesh Parts Presents - BHAGAVAD GITA ( Discourses in English) - Serial 18:15h - Drying Tears Live

with Pastor Edson 18:45h - Birthday Greetings / Death Announcement & In Memoriam 19:00h - DDL HOUR Live with Joel 20:00h - Chitrahaar with Aarya 20:30h - DVD MOVIE :DAM 999 (Eng:Sub:) *ing Ashish Vidyarthi, Joshua Fredric Smith, Rajit Kapur, Vinay Rai & Vimala Raman 22:30h - DVD MOVIE :BENDING THE RULES *ing Edge & Jamie Kennedy 24:00h - Sign off with the Gayatri Mantra

OP fallout sparked Budget cuts - Greenidge From page 10 “the idea is that we would speak to them, draw to their attention our concerns, tell them we know what we could do and we would do it if they didn’t have the discussions with us…it’s not that we wanted to blackmail them.” The Former Finance Minister in explaining to the media what had transpired to inform the Budget cuts, said the move was to ensure that Government understands that

“both sides have power at their disposal; let us approach the problems constructively.” He sought to emphasise that the Committee of Supply which is the mechanism to effect changes to the budget “is not the be all and end all to economic change.” Greenidge conceded that in order to extract from the government the full package of its demands there has to be continuous engagement.

Guides are subjected to change without notice

Saturday April 28, 2012

>>Letter to the Sports Editor<< DEAR EDITOR, Wishful thinking is a great thing, but when one doesn’t have the resources available to have such thoughts become a reality, one would just have to keep dreaming...”We want to compete with the Jamaicans” was the KN headline in its Sunday, April 15, 2012 issue. We are not even considering the Trinis as the first hurdle, but rather, the Jamaican Elites. Respectfully to the Track Athletes of Guyana…You

Kaieteur News

Available resources is the key indeed possess talent and unless you are based in the USA, perhaps on a scholarship with endorsement from Nike or Addidas, it’s only then you will see yourself rubbing shoulders with the Jamaican Elites. It’s impossible for it to happen being based in Guyana because Track and Field is not seen or considered by most of Corporate Business Guyana and the Government of the day as serious investment. Cricket is number one and that it will be....That’s the reality people. Guyana could hardly ever

pay for its athletes to attend regional meets and that alone should be an eye opener. One perfect and recent case scenario is the contingent who/that was shortlisted for the Carifta Games in Bermuda. So, I don’t understand how in heavens name Guyana can even think about competing with the Jamaican Elites. I hope to God that I wouldn’t be reading in the dailies that Guyana does not have enough funds available to jet off Athlete, Stephan James, who has been considered/

UK weather ‘may hamper Usain... From page 21 legal fight against the World Anti-Doping Agency over its unilateral liftime Olympic ban for athletes caught doping. “So long as it is not against the rules,” Mills added. “I have no problem with the rules as long as the rules are across the board for everybody. “If you are caught and

suspended for whatever period, the sport allows you to return to competition and those are the rules under which the competition is conducted. “One would hope that the person who has found themselves in trouble with that aspect would have learned their lesson and come back to the

sport to operate under the fairness of competition and to stay away from drugs. “I do not believe in life sentences. I don’t believe that somebody should be sentenced to death or banned for life. “You should be given an opportunity to redeem yourself, and as long as the sport allows that I have no problem with it.”

McIntosh stars as LTI defeat Multi to win... From page 23 unarguably the best power forward in the country when he led his team defensively while being able to not pick up his final foul that would’ve seen him being a spectator (fouled out). It was one block-shot after another as the free for all that Multi enjoyed in the paint was no more. Traven ‘Babylon’ Dryden – Multi’s muscle-man, who finished with 12 points, was outplayed in the second half by both Webster and Fraser. Terron

Welch who also had a very good first half, tried to shoot his team back into the game but time ran out on him as he finished with 12 points. Thanks to Digicel one of the sponsors of this year’s tournament, Dryden also received one of the MVP trophies which were handed over by the company’s representative Dwayne Scott. Archibald totaled 138 points in the tournament and went home with the “Most Points in the tournament” trophy and also the leading

Johil Commercial invests... From back page track and field a prominent place in Guyana. The second edition last year created history when Aliann Pompey competed for the first time in Guyana since becoming a double Commonwealth medallist. The 2012 event will fea-

Page 19

ture Linden’s international track star, Marian Burnett competing against athletes from two Caribbean countries and Guyana. Full details of the cash prizes and those who will be competing alongside Burnett will be disclosed at an official launch.

scorer for the second place team trophy which was sponsored by Marlon Josiah. As customary the organizers, selected five players who they think were the most outstanding in this year’s event – Stanley McIntosh, Linden Fraser, Emmanuel Archibald, Joel Webster and Traven Dryden – and were outfitted with the Louis Webster sponsored All-Star T-shirts. Meanwhile, Linden Foundation Secondary (LFS) upset last year’s winners Mackenzie High School (MHS) 65 – 40 to claim the third place trophy. Prior to the start of the finals, Linden ‘Sancho’ Alphonso, the founder of the tournament, said that while he was happy to see the support of his friends and the Corporate world towards the staging of the event, he was not satisfied with the level of play outside of the two finalists, adding that it reflects poorly on the standard of the game.

selected to represent The Golden Arrowhead at the World Junior Championship in Spain in a matter of a few weeks and the same applies for the contingent heading to the 2012 London Olympics. T. Pemberton

(From page 15)


TO LET Short term apartments Eccles. Call:679-7139

VACANCY Have an interest in customer service? Then be apart of Q! Call:220-0401, 225-6466

Herstelling-$132,000, V/ Hoop- $400US. Steve: 6995490 New 2&3 bedroom apartment, prime location Diamond AA block X. Call:682-3483 Harmony inn fully furnished self contained a/c apartments, Short term& long term Parfaite Harmony WBD Tel:694-7817 Short term apartments. Call: 667-1549

the Guyana Beverage Company provided the $100,000 fourth prize. Several other corporate entities have also contributed to the success of the tournament including MACORP, John Fernandes Ltd, Nazar Mohamed of Mohamed’s Enterprise, Lombard Street, CIDI, General Equipment Guyana Ltd, New Thriving Restaurant, Sterling Products and Courtney Benn Construction Company. The Tournament Coordinator is urging all fans to come out and support their respective teams while expressing sincere gratitude to all the

sponsors, big and small, for their assistance in ensuring the tournament was a reality. Meanwhile, individual awards will be presented to the outstanding players; the MVP will win a trip to Kaieteur Falls compliments of Roraima Airways and a Lazy Boy recliner from AH&L Kissoon Furniture Store. The highest goal scorer will be awarded a $20,000 gift voucher from Keishar’s. Leading in the goal tally so far is Anthony Sancho with 4 followed by Desford Williams, Pernell Schultz and Hubert Pedro all with 3 and in with a chance of increasing that tally.

1 refrigerator & washing machine technician/ Trainee. Call: 683-8734, 231-0655 Fish cleaners- Eccles. Call:233-2546, 675-6467 Kitchen assistant @ Charlestown- ages 18-35. Call: 614-1020 Sales clerk porters, drivers with lorry license, apply with written application 2J’s General Store. Call: 225-2350 Porters: apply in person to P. Ramroop &Sons, 23 Lombard Street, with reference from previous employers

Daily Georgetown’s comfortable rooms in the middle of city $4000/day. Call: 227-4311, 227-8360, 2261908 after hours.

Beauty specialist certified in body massage and facial salary $50,000-$65,000. Call: 231-0320

Diamond Scheme one bedroom furnished apartments (Toilet/ Bath) single person. Call: 2162637, after 4:00pm

1 male &1 female cashier/ salesclerk, apply in person with written application to Mike’s Pharmacy, 56 Sheriff Street.

East Coast -$45000-$5500US600, Campbellville US750, Bel Air-US1250. Diana: 227-2256, 626-9382

One expeditor, contact: 223 5273/4

Bottom flat 220 Lamaha St Kitty Georgetown. Call: 6927218, 257-0150 Business places and apartment New Road, VreedEn-Hoop. Call: 682-3011 Fully furnished 3 bedroom top flat US$950, 2 flat residence/business US$1,200, 609- 2302/645 2580/ 233 5711 Newly built apartment – WCD, call: 698-6496 Four (4) bedroom apartment. Contact: 682-8875

Mayors Cup Final to be intense tonight From back page be will centre around striker Roy Stanton who scored in the quarter-finals, Keshawn Blackman, Keon Solomon, Allan Spence and Ronell McClean. West Ruimveldt’s aim to topple their opponents will be led by the Pedro brothers (Hubert and Micheal), Michael Oie, Stellon David and Randolph Morrison. At stake in the championship game is the Banks DIH top prize of $500,000 while Digicel second prize of $250,000 will be awarded to the loser. Beepat and Sons is the sponsor of the $150,000 for the team finishing third while

Salesgirls & salesboys. Apply Avinash Complex Water St. Georgetown. Call: 226-3361, 227-7828

PROPERTY FOR SALE Two story wooden and concrete building located at 14 ‘A’ Kersaint Park, L.B.I., E.C.D land measuring 75ft, by 75ft, kitchen cupboards, window grills, 6 bedroom, alarm, system,concrete fence and drains, large storage bond adjoining property price 21 Million (negotiable). Call: 643-2403, 227-2712 Alberttown-$20M, Republic Park-$25M, Queenstown$35M, Newtown-$30M. Diana:227-2256, 626-9382

LEARN TO DRIVE Soman & Sons Driving School; First Federation Building. Call: 225-4858, 6445166, 622-2872, 615-0964

Aubrey Barker-$30M, Essequibo-18.5M, Kingston-16.5M, Agriolca15.5M, Atlantic Garden-18M. Steve:699-5499

Prudential learning “training to pass” automatic also stick/ manual 642-4827 we’re #1

TOUR Capoey Lake 1st May. Joy: 218-1285, 657-0825

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Kaieteur News

Saturday April 28, 2012

GT&T 10/10 - the battle for final 4 places starts today @ Everest Gr. At this stage, it’s only the best of the best that will lock horns with only the better teams advancing even further, the semi finals of the 3rd GT&T / Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport / Guyana Softball League 10/10 nationwide softball cricket competition; action is set for the Everest Cricket Club Ground, Camp Road, Georgetown. Earning the right to face off for a place in the semi finals but first, having to prove that they deserve to move on are defending champions Wolf ’s Warriors of West Coast Demerara who will play be challenged by Upper East Coast’s Mahaica Raiders in the feature game. Upper Corentyne’s Unstoppable will throw put their unbeaten record at stake when the face off with Bayrock Blazers’s ‘A’ hailing from the Bauxite Mining Town of Linden, this is the other male showdown with both expected to be exhilarating duals. On the distaff side of the divide, the duals are expected to be just as riveting as the females have been holding their own. New Amsterdam Canje’s, Karibee Strikers will be going all out to tame Lower East Coast’s 4R Lioness with neither side taking each other for granted while the day’s opening encounter features Linden’s own All Star Conquerors and Rising Stars X1 of Upper East Coast. Wolf ’s Warriors have sounded an ominous warning to the remaining male teams that they have no intention of giving up the title following an emphatic win in their Super-16 clash against Essequibo’s Affiance Storm whom they hammered by 9 wickets reaching 93-1 off in 6.5 overs responding to affiance’ 92-3 from their 10 overs. The brutal nature of Warriors’ batting should be concern for any team coming in their path, Captain Amreith Rai (regarded as the leading

softball batsman) and Mohamed Karim will be aiming to blast their team into the semis following up on their vintage display in the quarters. Support will also come from opening batsman Reaaz Karim. Warriors will have to tighten up on their bowling led by Dhanraj Champalall, Diaram Persaud and Devenand Persaud. In an invited comment, Captain Rai stated: “We work hard to win and this game is no exception, therefore we are expected to produce.” Mahaica Raiders though, are a confident bunch that will be aiming to upset the opposition and based on reports have endeavored to lift the standard of their game a few notches as they have been doing with every game to date. They will depend heavily on the ruthless Marvin Babb who is the best all-rounder in the side with support from Rohit Dutchin who did well in their Super-16 game when they defeated Rising Star Super Sixers from Essequibo by 5 wickets; limiting them to 73-7 in 10 overs and responding with 75-5 in 8.4 overs. Skipper Motilall Ghumandath commented: “We have the best opportunity to win because we are hungry for victory.” Unstoppable XI, losing finalist’s in the inaugural year of the competition are hungry to go all the way to ensure they cash in on the more than 30-million dollars in cash and other prizes at stake. They have a lot of momentum going their way this year having disposed in impressive fashion, Universal Solutions Tigers (a second year semi finalist) in the Super-16 match by 24 runs. They believe that their chances of making the final four, is as good as any other team. Their quest to succeed further will be led by Surendra Nauth Sookhdeo who has the capability to dominate at any time due to his all-round

Team Unstoppable

The All Star Conquerors ability. He opens the batting and bowls first change and was the difference in the Super-16 game, blasting 68 and also returning the enviable figures of 3-7 from 2 overs. Captain of Unstoppable XI Vinod Nankishore, commented: “We have all the ingredients to win and have to ensure we execute at a higher level to succeed.” Bayroc Blazers ‘A’ also has a wonderful story to tell

and must not be underestimated having blasted their past Farm X1 in pulsating style by 6 wickets in the previous stage of the competition. They will be in very high spirits and are fancying their chances of going further. Leading their charge will be Leon Moseley, a genuine allrounder who can dominate on his day. His batting ability will be tested by the wily Sookhdeo, while his reverse

sweep will have to come to the fore to offset the fielders. Bayroc Blazers Skipper Nolan Beekharry noted, “We understand the Everest Ground and have the ability to make things happen, therefore we will look for all the opportunities to destroy them.” Female matches - Rising Stars XI have been on a roll this year and are blessed with some big hitters who can take the game away from any

opposition if given the opportunity. Dianne Prescott’s presence and performances have been sending shivers up bowler’s spine as she has dominated all the bowlers whom she has faced this year. A lot will depend on her to give Rising Stars XI a huge total and a winning chance; they took care of Albion Tigers easily in their Super16 game by some 8 wickets in 7 overs chasing down 71. All Star Conquerors have lived up to their name and have been conquering all in their path. They are a good all round unit in their second year of this tournament and will seek to dominate their opponents from the beginning. In their line-up is Akilah Castello who made finding the boundary quite easily but will have to be at her best to conquer the Rising Star XI impressive bowling unit. Anazette Carew will support Castello in the batting while the bowling will depend on Nadeena Agrella to limit the rampant Rising Stars XI batters. Both teams fielding will be tested on the fast Everest turf and whoever adapts fastest will have the edge of progressing. Karibee Rice Strikers is an experienced bunch with most of their players representing the Ancient County at the hard ball level. Skipper Erva Giddings will lead the batting charge and with her ability and power will want to dominate from ball one. Giddings, Tessa Park and Urmala Brandit will be their main trump cards in search of a win against 4R Lioness who have quietly eased into this round. Their batting have been totally dominating so far, their latest win came against Capoey Regal Warriors whom they defeated by 37 runs. Tracy Glasgow who blasted 49* in that match will again be leading the batting with support from Gangadai Singh who has the ability to bat for long periods.

Universal DVD/Universal Solutions T20 championship A sustained and defining spell of fast bowling by Policeman Micheal Newland playing for Universal Solutions Tigers propelled his team to an easy 6-wicket semi final win over East Berbice Warriors and a place in the finals of the Universal DVD and Universal Solutions’ 7th Anniversary 2020 competition. They will meet The Universal DVD Titans who defeated West Berbice All

Stars by 5-wickets in their semi final clash. The East Berbice Warriors lead by Steven Latcha won the toss and elected to take first strike but surrendered tamely as they were shot out for a paltry 79 in 18 overs with Veerapen Permaul 29 (2x4) and Troy Matheison 16 being the only batsmen to reach double figures. The batsmen had to answer to the bounty hunting

Newland who bowled with pace and aggression to take 5-17 in his four overs. He was well supported by Pereira with 3-14 and medium pacer Vishal Mohabir with 2 for 3. The Tigers then eased to 80 for 4 from 15 overs with Delbert Hicks hammering an unbeaten 47 (1x6 4x4) and Harrinarine Chattergoon 21 (2x4), the two added 40 for the 2nd wicket with Hicks ending the game with two thumping boundaries. For the Warriors

Mark Lionel took 2-16. In the other semifinal between Universal Titans and West Berbice All Stars; West Berbice led by Sherwin Mc Pherson won the toss and decided to bat first and were bowled out for 113 in 19.3 overs. The pugnacious left handed Keith Fraser clubbed 36 (3x6 1x4) and Karamdat Bissoondyal 32 (1x6 3x4). Bowling for Universal Titans, off spinner Eon Hooper snared 4 for 18 from

four overs, Rajiv Ivan and Gudakesh Motie took two each while West Indies leg spinner Davendra Bishoo took one wicket. The Titans in their reply were led by wicketkeeper batsman Jason Sinclair with a spanking 32 * (4x4) as they reached 117-5 in 16.1 overs. Ivan 19 (1x6 2x4) and Kevin Ramdeen 10 offered support. National pacer Keon Joseph ended with 3 for 12 from his four overs.

The Titans and Tigers will now clash on May 1st in the final at the same venue. However before that the East Berbice Warriors and West Berbice All Stars will tangle in the third place play off. The first game will get start at 11:00hrs with the final starting at 4:00hrs. Over $500,000 in cash and prizes are up for grabs. The 3rd place and final games will be preceded by an exhibition female encounter.

Saturday April 28, 2012

Kaieteur News

Farfan & Mendes First Division Men’s Hockey League The Guyana Hockey Board (GHB) opens its 2012 hockey season tomorrow with the premiere outdoor competition of season in the Farfan and Mendes Men’s First Division Hockey League. The opening match between Defending Champions GCC and rivals Hikers will be held at the GCC ground from 16:30hrs following the second Division match between the Airbenders and Old Fort. This first league match will put to test the skills of the defending Champions GCC as they take on the experienced Hikers in what should be a formidable showdown. Farfan and Mendes have been long-time sponsors of hockey and this is the premiere local Hockey event of the GHB’s calendar. The competition involves tworounds of play which culminates in an exquisite final showdown to determine who will be this year’s winner. Apart from the much desired Farfan & Mendes Trophy, the winning team of this competition becomes eligible to represent Guyana at the Pan American Club

Adermi Simon Championships later this year which features the top club teams in the Americas. The tournament will feature GCC, Old Fort, Hikers and the Under-21 Supernova. The Local hockey event will see the likes of GCC’s striker Orlando Semple and Kevin Spencer with their crafty stick-work alongside experienced defenders Alan Fernandes, Dwayne Scott and Michael Xavier who are determined to retain the title which they won last year. Looking to reclaim the premier hockey title, Nationals Shane Samuels, Robert Fernandes and Robert

France will spearhead the Hikers attack which will be buffered with the deceptive stick skills of Jerazino Bell. Old Fort’s play-maker Aderemi ‘Dove’ Simon will be on show once again along with teammates Dwight Sullivan, Dwayne Allen and Chris Low-Koan who has strengthened their squad’s competitive force. The GHB decided to include the Under-21s in last year’s competition in order to provide them with the much needed match practice as they prepare for the Pan American Hockey Championships in 2012. As such the junior side enjoyed many solid performances against their senior rivals and has made an imprint in last year’s league and will be making their second appearance in the tournament. Young Shaquille Assanah and Eric Hing will be looking to showcase their talent. The tournament will continue the following week with a clash between Old Fort against the young enthusiastic under-21 national squad.

UK weather ‘may hamper Usain Bolt’s record bid’ Usain Bolt’s hopes of breaking his own 100m world record at the London Olympics may be hampered by the British weather, says his coach Glen Mills. The 25-year-old Jamaican wants to “amaze” the world by running 9.4 seconds, which would take 0.18secs off the mark he set in Berlin in 2009. “I’m not sure if London will be kind in terms of temperature,” said Mills. “Given the right conditions, it’s possible,” he admitted, but added “the world record would be a bonus”. Mills suggested Bolt’s main focus would be retaining his 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay titles. The coach said Bolt would not attempt to go one better than Beijing and attempt to win gold in the 4x400m relay as well. “The Olympic programme, as set out, does not really allow him to do it. He would love to do it because he runs great relay legs,” said Mills. The opening round of the 4x400m on 9 August takes place on the same day as the 200m final. The final of the 4x400m and the first round of the 4x100m will be run on the following day.

Usain Bolt (L) and his compatriot Yohan Blake Meanwhile, Mills, who also coaches world 100m champion Yohan Blake, insists he would have no problem with the likes of Dwain Chambers competing against his athletes at the Olympics.

Chambers tested positive for a banned substance in 2003 and was barred from representing Team GB at the Olympics. But he could compete in London if the BOA loses its (Continued on page 19)

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Sammy’s flourish fails to save WI Roseau, Dominica – A flourishing half-century from Darren Sammy, failed to change the course of history and brought Australia a 75run victory in a rousing conclusion to the third and final Digicel Test on Friday. Sammy batted with typical freedom, smoking four fours and three sixes in 61 from 51 balls in just over 1 ½ hours in a last-ditch bid to singlehandedly try to change the outcome, as West Indies unsuccessfully chased 370 for victory on the final day at Windsor Park. The West Indies Captain added 49 for the last wicket with hometown hero Shane Shillingford, whose 31 not out included half-dozen fours from 46 balls in 45 minutes, bringing a thrilling climax to the match before the frenzied partisan crown. Sammy was caught at short fine leg off a top-edged sweep from off-spinner Nathan Lyon’s bowling to bring the match to a close about five minutes before lunch, as West Indies were bowled out for 294 in their second innings. The result meant that West Indies lost the three-

Chanderpaul is Man-of-the-Series for his 346 runs at an average of 86.50 match series 0-2, following a three-wicket defeat in the first Digicel Test at Kensington Oval in Barbados, and a draw in the second Digicel Test at Queen’s Park Oval a week later. It also ensured Australia firmly hung onto the Frank Worrell Trophy, symbol of supremacy between the two sides. West Indies were always under the clock, once Australia captain Michael Clarke, bowling his uncomplicated left-arm spin, and Lyon grabbed two wickets apiece in the first hour. After West Indies resumed from their overnight total of 173 for five, Clarke struck early, when Narsingh Deonarine was caught and bowled for 13, digging out a full-length delivery. Field umpire Tony Hill of New Zealand asked TV umpire Ian Gould of England for assistance and TV replays suggested the ball was driven back to the bowler on the full. Carlton Baugh Jr. made 12 before he pulled a short ball from Lyon to short mid-

wicket, where Ricky Ponting held a blinder over his head, and Kemar Roach was caught at slip off the same bowler for two. Ravi Rampaul came to the crease with Sammy in full cry and tried to match his captain’s effort, but he was caught at deep mid-on from a miscued loft, giving Clarke the last of his five wickets for 86 runs from 23 overs before Lyon brought things to a close, ending with three for 87 from 29.3 overs. Australia wicketkeeper/ batsman Matthew Wade named Man-of-the-Match for his maiden Test hundred of 106 that gave Australia a healthy first innings total of 328. But durable West Indies left-hander Shivnarine Chanderpal was chosen as Man-of-the- Series. He finished with a series-high 346 runs at an average of 86.50. Roach was also the most successful bowler in the Test series. He captured 19 wickets at 19.73 apiece, with Shillingford’s 14 at 26.14 the second-highest tally.

Delhi whip Mumbai by 37 runs Strong performance sees Delhi surge to the top of the table New Delhi: Virender Sehwag made good his first encounter against a Rajya Sabha nominee as Delhi Daredevils walloped Mumbai Indians by 37-runs at the Feroz Shah Kotla, here on Friday night. The victory took Delhi, by far the form horse of the season, to the top of the table with 12 points from eight fixtures, a place in the last four now appearing well within the realm of possibility. Sehwag had said before the match how it would be a novel occasion playing against a prospective member of the upper house – Sachin Tendulkar - and once his 39-ball 73, and Kevin Pietersen’s mind-blowing half-century, took Delhi to 207 batting first the moment was made all the more memorable, as Mumbai gave up the ghost 37 runs short of the target. The visitors, however, got it all wrong right from the start. Harbhajan Singh won the toss and elected to field, only to find the decision backfire as Sehwag, Mahela Jayawardene (55) and Pietersen (50 not out, 26b) all blasted half-centuries to hit Mumbai where it hurt – the 208 target an insurmountable mountain whichever way one looked at it. And when Mumbai lost Tendulkar,

Aiden Blizzard and Rohit Sharma within the first four overs of the chase – with just 19 on the board – the match was likely to end only one way. Although Ambati Rayudu (62, 39b) and Dinesh Karthik (40, 28b) strove to make a fist of it, the ask proved too much in the end, and all Delhi’s bowlers (the pick of whom was, unsurprisingly, Morne Morkel with 4-0-21-1) had to do was put it in the slot and wait for the batsmen to hole out. Earlier, Delhi looked no gift horses in the mouth as Harbhajan sent them in, and immediately went hell for leather. The home side posted 50 in under six overs, 100 in eight overs and 150 in 15 overs, not once allowing the scoring rate to dip, as first Sehwag and Jayawardene, and later Pietersen struck the big blows against almost the entirety of Mumbai’s bowling attack. But really, the writing was on the wall when Sehwag and Jayawardene combined for 135 runs in just 13.1 overs for the opening wicket. Dinesh Karthik missed a stumping of Sehwag, off Robin Peterson; when the batsman was on 40, and the lapse cost Mumbai over 30 precious runs as the Delhi skipper went on to plunder the attack with disdain.

US government investigating NBA players’ union New York (AP) - The Federal Government is investigating the business practices of the NBA Players’ Association. The Union confirmed Friday (yesterday) it has received a subpoena for documents from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan and says it will

cooperate with the investigation. The NBPA also said in a statement that it has appointed a special committee to oversee an internal inquiry, including a financial audit. Recent reports have questioned the NBPA’s

finances and spending practices, largely having to do with the hiring of family members and firms that employ relatives of executive director Billy Hunter. Hunter says he will cooperate with the internal inquiry, but will not be in involved in the effort so it remains

independent. The special committee, consisting of members of the NBPA executive committee and other player representatives. The special committee has retained Theodore V. Wells, Jr. and the law firm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison

LLP to conduct the inquiry. The NBPA said in the statement it looks forward to putting the matters to rest. Carly Sullivan, a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan, said: ‘’We have no comment. We don’t confirm or deny investigations.’’

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Saturday April 28, 2012

Linden Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Futsal Football Competition... Fudadin selected for England tour, Bishoo axed Hard Knocks, Amelia’s Ward

Chanderpaul, Deonarine also included

Assad Fudadin The Clyde Butts led West Indies selection panel yesterday named a 15-man squad for the tour of England with 26-year-old Guyanese left-hander Assad Fudadin set to make his first senior International tour along with 23-year-old Trinidad and Tobago fast bowler Shannon Gabriel. Dominican off-spinner Shane Shillingford who grabbed 10 wickets and scored an unbeaten 36 in a losing cause in the final Test which ended yesterday, is the lone specialist spinner selected with Guyanese Devendra Bishoo losing his place in the squad after bursting onto the International scene last year with a string of impressive performances before losing form and confidence this year. Butts, a former Guyana and West Indies off-spinner said the panel expected pace to be West Indies’ primary weapon on early season English pitches. Denesh Ramdin and Marlon Samuels have been recalled while Kraigg Brathwaite and Carlton Baugh have lost their places for the tour which begins next month. Thirty-seven year-old Veteran Shiv Chanderpaul who passed 10,000 Test runs with two fifties in the last Test against Australia and fellow left-hander Narsingh Deonarine are the other Guyanese in the squad. Bishoo and Brathwaite, who made three ducks and 11

in his final four innings of the Australia series will play for West Indies A against India ‘A’ while Adrian Barath and Kieran Powell were both included for England despite not passing 50 in the Australia series. “We are going to England early in the season, where the conditions tend to favour the quick bowlers more than the spinners,” Butts said. “Young Gabriel continues to impress the selectors in both Regional and A-team cricket, and we feel it is a good time to introduce him to the team. We feel he will be an asset to the team in England and has a bright future in West Indies cricket. “Shillingford has bowled very well against the Australians and we expect a lot from him in England. Bishoo has done well for West Indies in the last year or so, but he has lost some of his confidence and the selectors feel playing him in the A team against India A will give him the chance to regain that confidence. “We have got to continue to build for the future and we believe that Barath and Powell have bright futures in the game. We also feel this way about Kraigg Brathwaite, but he too, has lost some of his conviction and the selectors also feel playing him in the A team against India A will give him the chance to regain that confidence. None of the other openers in the region have stood out and we are hoping to strengthen this part of our cricket in future Regional tournaments and the A-team tours.” “Baugh has been good behind the stumps, but his batting has not quite lived up to expectations, hence the selection of Ramdin,” Butts said. “Before he got injured in the camp prior to the series against Australia, Denesh was showing good form both

behind the stumps and with the bat.” Samuels has returned after asking to be exempt from selection for the Australia series to play in the IPL. “Marlon since his return to the team has not done badly for us and the selectors feel that he is an asset to the team,” Butts said. Chris Gayle was not selected since the series clashes with the latter part of the Indian Twenty20 tournament, although he could be picked for the limited-overs portion of the tour having reached an agreement with the WICB. West Indies’ first tour match is against Sussex at Hove from May 5. The first Test begins at Lord’s on May 17. West Indies Test squad to tour England: Darren Sammy (Capt.); Kirk Edwards (ViceCapt.), Adrian Barath, Darren Bravo, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Narsingh Deonarine, Fidel Edwards, Assad Fudadin, Shannon Gabriel, Kieran Powell, Kemar Roach, Denesh Ramdin, Ravi Rampaul, Marlon Samuels and Shane Shillingford.

Russians final

Watched by a capacity crowd that resembled a Carnival atmosphere, Hard Knocks and Amelia’s Ward Russians recorded similar wins against their opponents to set up a mouth watering finale in this year’s edition of the Linden Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Futsal Football Competition. In semi-final action played at the Wisroc / Amelia’s Ward Bus Park on Thursday evening, Hard Knocks via the penalty shootout defeated Pokerburg 2-1 after regulation and extra time failed to break the 0-0 deadlock, while Amelia’s Ward Russians won by a similar margin against Retrieve Unknowns after a comparable sequence as the first game could not separate the two teams. They both now have the opportunity to play for the top prize of $500,000 for the winner, while the loser takes home $250,000, 3rd place$150,000 and 4th place finisher $100,000. Pokerburg and Retrieve Unknowns will now have to battle each other for the minor positions, but their encounter promises to produce

against the winners of the Northern Caribbean Qualifying Round scheduled for July. The winner of the finals of the NACRA RWC 15s Qualifier will go forward to the next Round of the RWC 2015. The high-intensity Training Programme for the games will be carried out under the supervision of Head Coach Theo Henry and Fitness Coach Barrington Browne. All participants are

fireworks as well since they are two teams that possess players with an abundance of skills in this format of the game. With the Linden Town Week celebrations in full swing, many overseas-based Guyanese from the Mining community have returned home for the annual event and many of them are expected to still be around for the May 5 finals to be played at the same

venue. At the completion of the finals, outstanding players will also be recipients of special prizes compliments of the sponsor Banks DIH. Full results: Game 1 Pokerburg 0 Hard Knocks 0. Hard Knocks Won on penalty shootout 2-1 Game 2 - Amelia’s Ward Russians 0 Retrieve Unknowns 0. Amelia’s Ward Russians won on penalty shootout 2-1

Bessessar confident ahead of tomorrow’s Drag Meet Deyon Bessessar (front left) showcases his powerful 1800cc Toyota Starlet.

GRFU call to trials 15s squad for 2015 WC Qualifier The following players have been called to trials for the Southern Caribbean Qualifying Round for the Rugby World Cup 2015. Guyana is scheduled to play Barbados on May 19th in Barbados and Trinidad on June 2nd at the National Stadium, Providence. According to a release, positive results from these games for Guyana would set the stage for a further game

Part of the semi-final action between Hard Knocks and Pokerburg which the former won to advance to the final.

expected to be at the National Park from 16:30 hrs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and available for video analysis on Friday and games on Saturday from 15:30hrs in the National Park. Forwards: Jason Tyrell, Walter George, Dwayne Schroeder, Avery Corbin, Richard Staglon *, Jermaine Prowell, Vallon Adams, Cyon Kitt, Delroy Gordon, Rondel Mc Auther, Elwin Chase.

Half-Backs: Ryan Gonsalves, Chris Singh, Leon Greaves, Peabo Hamilton, Ryan Hinckson *, Lance Adonis. Backs: Ronald Mayers *, Troy Bascom, Claudius Butts, Claude Alexander, Rodwell Hutson, Blaise Bailey, Brian Walks, Kevin Joseph, Rickford Cummings, O’Neill Charles, Tristan Fraites, Danny Anderson, John Mars. *Overseas Players

Drag racer, Deyon Bessessar, is set to compete in the 1800cc category at tomorrow’s Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club Drag Meet which will be staged, at the South Dakota Circuit. Bessessar, who sped to victory in this category two years ago, is returning to the track for the second time and speaking with Kaieteur Sport yesterday he exuded confidence ahead of tomorrow’s event. He would be competing in three races and feels that his tight grip on the steering wheel and the Toyota Starlet that is loaded with an1800cc

engine would lead him to victory. Bessessar assured that his speed machine is well tuned thanks to his sponsors Ramesh Sukraj and Kenny Flat Shop located in La Grange. Meanwhile, popular drag racer Afraz Allie is also confident that he will be victorious. Allie usually races in Group 2 category and has had much success against his local rivals and he will be defending the title he won last year in the 1331cc category. At this year’s Meet, Allie would be racing a 4E turbocharged Toyota Starlet from the West Coast Demerara. Meanwhile, according to a release from the club, a full contingent from Suriname is expected to arrive for the occasion to race against their Guyanese counterparts in what is anticipated to produce fierce rivalry. Among those expected to represent Guyana are: Rameez Mohamed, Motilall Deodass, Aaron Bethune Syed Ali, Afraz Allie and Danny Persaud, while the Dutch quest for supremacy will be spearheaded by Jimmy Chin Konkiem, Jacob Yacoob, Hans Yzer and Oliver Tjin-LiepShie. The first race starts at 12:00 hrs and admission is $1000 with children and vehicles free.

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