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Opposition set to vote against $211M budgeted for NCN, GINA Pg 3

… says monies could subsidise Linden's electricity Kitty taxi driver murder…

Govt. and lotto funds ...

Detained husband Audit Office admits threatening unable to pay to kill victim, denies for independent carrying out act Pg 12 legal advice Pg 8

This CJIA will disappear The Cheddi Jagan International Airport will be far different from this in another two years. It is about to undergo a complete overhaul

Govt. demands explanation for Berbice River Bridge fee

Caught with US$250M in overseas banks ...

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Jail awaits Governor over

inflated contracts, kickbacks Pg 13

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Visually-impaired girl heading out for surgery

The visually-impaired father of 11-year-old Paula Cottom, who needed financial aid to fly to Trinidad and Tobago for an eye surgery has been 'beating' the pavement tirelessly to raise the balance to provide their meals and accommodation, said the United Women for Special Children. The United Women for Special Children (UWSC) has also played a significant role in assisting the family with the outstanding US$1000 to cover the cost for the surgery while the Ministry of Health contributed US$2000. Yesterday, Ms Ann Geer, Immediate Past President of the United Women for Special Children said, “As a group we are very pleased to assist as we fulfill our mandate to help differently abled children and try to assist any child with a special need. These children must be encouraged and nurtured to achieve their rightful place in society.” The St. Angela's Primary School student who recently wrote the National Grade Six Assessment Examinations also received donations from other voluntary groups and

Tuesday April 17, 2012

Kaieteur News

The President of UWSC, Jennifer Comacho, handing over the cheque to Paula Cottom private persons and businesses. Cottom will leave Guyana for the Twinisland republic tomorrow for her surgery. At the age of seven, Cottom started suffering from a complicated cataract which later resulted in her being blind in the right eye. Recently, she was also diagnosed with “Inferior

Retinal Detachment with macula involvement with Development Cataract” in her left eye. The little girl's father, Paul Cottom, who has been suffering from cataract in both eyes for almost six years, did all that was possible in his means to raise the funds to fly his daughter to Trinidad and Tobago.

Guyana first country to host tourism conference twice By Kristen Macklingam As Guyana continues to gain international recognition in the areas of tourism and hospitality, the 13 t h Annual Caribbean S u s t a i n a b l e To u r i s m Development Conference (STC 13) was officially opened Sunday evening at the Guyana International Conference Centre (GICC). Under the theme “Keeping the Right Balance: Sustaining Our Resources” , regional and international tourism experts, specialists and international media representatives turned up in numbers to participate in the Caribbean's most important gathering on sustainable tourism development in Guyana. Chairman of the C a r i b b e a n To u r i s m Organisation (CTO) and Minister of Tourism and International Transport, St. Kitts and Nevis, Richard Skerritt, said that Guyana has achieved much in the tourism sector. This is the second occasion that Guyana is hosting the conference, something that has not been done by any other of the 32 member countries. According to Skerritt, Guyana is the first country to have hosted this type of conference twice (having hosted STC4) and that the world of travel and tourism has changed both dramatically and fundamentally over the past twelve years. “The fact that Guyana is

the first country to welcome back STC is a strong indication in my opinion that what has not changed is Guyana's commitment to the projection of sustainable use of its natural resources. “It is not by accident therefore that since STC4 Guyana has emerged as a leader in the world stage in the battle to reduce global carbon emissions. I believe it was the result of a deliberate decision by the leadership of this proud country to stand up and be counted in the global fight against the vast extremes of climate change and of course to lead by example,” said Skerritt. He explained that while critical fiscal challenges confronted the region, Guyana could have succumbed to the temptation to expand the extraction of timber and other resources from its vast rainforests for economic gain. However, recognizing the long term negative impact of deforestation, Guyana has been convinced that it should not be forced to choose between short term development priorities and climate change, the CTO Chairman said. “Even with the scary storm clouds of recession still hovering in our region and the loud insistent calls including from the IMF and other good friends that we must get our economic houses in order quickly, the Guyana Government still chose to protect virtually its entire 40 million acres of

rainforest.” Skerritt continued to explain that Guyana's initiatives with regards to biodiversity conservation, ecosystem management and climate change efforts, are yet another example that the Caribbean can lead the world. “Guyana's decision to better manage its vast forest resources and to be responsible in its development strategy is attracting more and more attention in the world especially the adventure tourism markets.” He emphasised that responsible tourism is good for business as tourism is the leading “money earner” for many Caribbean countries. “In order to appropriately address the essentials of economic growth and poverty alleviation each country should and must adopt a development strategy that is sustainable and in this regard Guyana is a leader”, added Skerritt. Guyana's Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce (ag) Irfaan Ali, stated that sustainable tourism, sustainable development and environmental management are pivotal in the field of tourism. These aspects, coupled with creating the right balance between economic development and nature, have become some of the most crucial and important global issues especially (continued on page 8)

Tuesday April 17, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Opposition set to vote against $211M …says monies could budgeted for NCN, GINA subsidise Linden’s electricity Opposition Parliamentary parties have signaled intentions to vote down some $200M that Government has allocated for the Government Information Agency (GINA) and the National Communications Network (NCN) in this year’s National Budget. It will more likely feature as one of the major items for disagreements in the new dispensation in which the government does not have the voting majority in the National Assembly. The news came even as the Opposition Leader, Brigadier General (rtd) David Granger, complained to Speaker of the House, Raphael Trotman, of the coverage provided especially by GINA on the ongoing Parliamentary debate of the 2012 National Budget. According to the Speaker yesterday, he has since asked GINA’s Director, Neaz Subhan, to reply to the written complaint of Granger. Granger ’s party, A Partnership For National Unity (APNU), has reportedly prepared a dossier of several instances where GINA allegedly did not include APNU’s presentations in the state-controlled reports of the proceedings.

GINA’s Head, Neaz Subhan

AFC’s Parliamentarian, Catherine Hughes

House Speaker, Raphael Trotman

Yesterday, Parliamentary opposition members of APNU and the Alliance For Change (AFC), who asked not to be named, disclosed that they do not intend to vote for provisions which include subsidies and provisions. Unfair coverage by both NCN and GINA is nothing new with the issue raising its head in the lead-up and during last year’s General and Regional Elections. There have also been numerous complaints by local, independent station owners over what they said was unfair competition from NCN which manages the country’s only authorized radio stations. Even the independent

watchdog, Electoral Assistance Bureau, has slammed the amount of airtime and coverage by the two agencies given to opposition parties. Last week, AFC’s Parliamentarian, Catherine Hughes, during her debate presentation also slammed the operations of the two, saying they represented a misuse of taxpayers’ dollars.

now been allocated $81M. “It is a well-known fact that NCN has deliberately refused access to this nationally-owned station to several large sections of the population in direct contravention to the provisions clearly outlined in our constitution. Political parties such as the AFC, the PNC and most recently APNU, have been consistently excluded, not even allowed a right to reply…a foundation of any democracy.” Hughes stressed that AFC is not prepared to go to another election where the NCN “dictates that the opposition will only get five minutes air time, but gives the PPP blanket coverage with equipment that was paid for by all Guyanese including the taxes from the majority of Guyanese that voted for the political opposition in this House.” The AFC official noted that NCN’s monopoly exerts to Linden across the television and radio airwaves unabated and is breach of a decision of Guyana’s courts which instructed that the situation in there is a breach of the constitutional rights of

Four nabbed while searching victim’s house Four men were given the surprise of their lives when they were caught red-handed by the police sifting through the belongings of a man whose house they had broken into. The men were charged with burglary when they appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court yesterday. Shane Tyson, 23, of 92 East La Penitence, Georgetown; Elton Bovell, 39, of 339 Mocha Arcadia, East Bank Demerara; Carl Tutor, 22 of 66 West Ruimveldt, Georgetown; and Sheldon Douglas, 32 of 59 William Street, Kitty; all pleaded not guilty to the offence which they reportedly committed at the home of Cecil Peterson. Police prosecutor, Lionel Harvey, alleged that on April 13, last, at 78 West Ruimveldt, around 23:30 hours the men were caught at Peterson’s residence where they had gone after receiving certain information. The prosecutor said that the men were found in the section of the home where the victim would normally store energy drinks.

The police further alleged that when asked by the ranks what they were doing in the home they could not give an answer. Further enquires pertaining to how the men had gotten into the house, proved that they had used a key. It was further revealed that two of the defendants were Peterson’s former employees. Defence Lawyer Adrian Thompson represented Tyson, George Thomas was for Douglas and Lawrence Harris represented Bovell. The attorneys all claimed that their clients were beaten by the police and this promoted the court to cause an investigation. The particulars of the charge had stated that the men attempted to commit a felony and were interrupted by the police. The prosecutor asked for substantial bail. He also requested that conditions be imposed as a stipulation of their pre-trial liberty. The four men were each granted $100,000 bail. They were also ordered to report to the relevant police station pending the conclusion of the matter. They will return to court on April 18.

NOT NEEDED According to Hughes, it is clear that NCN does not fulfill the mandate of a public service or national broadcaster and therefore should not be receiving together with GINA, a total of more than $211M as outlined in the budget estimates. Last year, GINA, described by Hughes as the “propaganda machinery”, received $111M. This year, that figure has moved to $130M. “Surely, Mr. Speaker, this expensive propaganda cannot be considered as critical to the development of a better Guyana,” Hughes said in her criticisms. In addition to GINA, NCN in the estimates which received $70M last year has

Lindeners. “The failure to issue licenses in a fair and objective manner, the refusal to allow existing TV stations to expand their signal, the recent subjective allocation of a few radio licenses to members of the PPP’s family and friends’ network, is nothing short of a dictatorship which the PPP is so prone to crying down.” Hughes also said she has received a letter from the Chief Executive Officer of NCN who said that the agency is registered as a company incorporated under the Companies Act of 1991 and which receives over 90 per cent of its income from advertising. NOTALLOWING “This is a wonderful feat for NCN and given this information it is clear that NCN and the Guyana Information Agency do not need over $200M from the limited national coffers. It is, after all, a successful company that clearly can compete effectively with the private sector, although this is not allowed in several countries. “Surely this honourable House cannot authorize the use of hard earned taxpayers’ money in such a manner.” Hughes said that the fact that NCN has made no attempt to change its modus operandi over the years and that fact that the best of international election and media monitoring experts have noted this unacceptable situation, election after

election, and yet unfortunately nothing has changed, it is now clear that only the National Assembly can and must make that change. “Let the agencies that NCN and GINA serve fund their activities if they refuse to serve the interest of all in this nation. “The people are tired of the NCN diet and more so, the people of Linden. Now to add to their insult, this government is saying that it cannot subsidise electricity costs for Linden.” The AFC Parliamentarian suggested that the NCN budgeted $81M be taken away and used to subsidise electricity for Linden. “I am showing the government how taxpayers’ money can be better utilised in the best interest of the people of Guyana. If the people can’t afford to pay for electricity they can’t watch NCN anyhow. “Again, we are not proposing any new money, just better use of existing funds. Or use the money set aside for NCN and GINA and open a meat processing plant at Linden where young people can get jobs and farmers at Kwakwani will be encouraged to get back into cattle farming knowing that there is a market available.”

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday April 17, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


Henry Greene is misguided The Henry Greene issue seems far from over. When the Director of Public Prosecutions recommended that he be charged for rape he succeeded in challenging the decision. His lawyers moved to the High Court before the Chief Justice and successfully argued that the decision to charge was illfounded. Indeed, this did not find favour with a large section of the society because, as some claimed, the Police Commissioner abused his office. Others claimed that his past should have made him face the courts, that there were others who should have made similar claims but did not. Surely, these people were being irrational. The matter has moved beyond that stage. By his own admission the Commissioner behaved inappropriately. In the first instance he accommodated a woman who had approached him to pervert the course of justice. He then goes beyond listening to the woman; he had what he called consensual sex with her. Surely the commissioner must realize that he behaved inappropriately and in a manner unbecoming of a commissioner. He must have seen the reaction of the public. It could be that he is of the view that the members of the public did not employ him and thus he is not accountable to them. However, the reality is that he is a servant of the very people who are calling for his resignation. In most other countries the commissioner in the same position as Mr Greene would have demitted office out of respect for the very police force and in deference to the people who employ him. It may be one thing for the courts to determine that a charge was out of the question but it is another thing for the commissioner to recognize that he could not expect to return to his desk. For one, he is already tainted in the eyes of the very policemen he leads and would want to continue leading; it is another thing for him to command their respect. He would also be hard pressed to be respected by his officers. However, there is worse; the administration has now openly said that he is not needed and that he should resign. The situation has now moved from a request to a clear indication that he is not needed. A very senior official has now gone public with the words that if the commissioner does not resign then he would be terminated. There could be no clearer signal that he should demit office. None other than the president has said that he has asked the Cabinet Secretary to deal with the issue. It must be embarrassing for the police commissioner to be caught in such a bind. In the first instance he attained the age of retirement some time ago. He has therefore qualified for all his benefits. He must have approached the administration for an extension and this was duly granted. For the Commissioner to behave as though he holds pride of place in the Guyana Police Force at this time is to further insult his intelligence. One Minister of Government who is actively involved in women’s issues was very vocal about the commissioner’s removal. Similar calls came from just about every women’s organization, including the Guyana Women Lawyers’Association. The social organisations have also come out in this regard. Yet this is not all about the commissioner disregarding calls for his resignation; this is about the administration being slothful in its action. The administration was quick to send Mr Greene on leave to allow for an investigation. Instead of sending him on leave the administration should have asked him to resign. This would have avoided all that is happening at this time. It is still an administrative decision and we are certain that it is rubbish on the part of the administration to suggest that it is not easy to dismiss a police commissioner. If the administration believes that there would be a problem then it should take whatever action it feels is necessary and if necessary be prepared to face the courts. The hearing for wrongful termination would be interesting, especially when the court hears that the commissioner by his own admission behaved inappropriately.

Govt. consultations must promote human rights standards DEAR EDITOR, The Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA) welcomes the announcement by the Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon, that the Government intends to launch consultations on the three thorny issues of sexual orientation, death penalty and corporal punishment. While disposed to give the Government the benefit of substantial doubt, our support for such a process, however, is conditional on it being a good faith effort to promote solutions which respect the relevant human rights involved. 1. GUYANA DOES NOT NEED CONSULTATIONS WHICH ENCOURAGE DIVISIVENESS In seeking to project the impression that the Guyana Government is “starting from scratch” in bringing up public consultations on these three issues, especially, sexual orientation, Dr. Luncheon is being disingenuous. W i d e s p r e a d consultations on the issue took place during the constitutional reform process of 2000. The Constitutional Reform Commission (CRC) comprised representatives of every sector of civil society labour, religious groups, Bar Association, Youth, Amerindians, etc.... Members fanned out all over the country for consultations and received at sittings opinions from groups and individuals on that issue. At the end of the day the CRC unanimously recommended that in Guyana there should be no discrimination against anyone on the ground of that person’s sexual orientation. The recommendation was forwarded to Parliament and unanimously accepted by members of the Assembly. The Bill was then sent to President Jagdeo for the formality of assent but he refused to assent to it when faced with religious opposition. What the society now needs from the Government is positive leadership in these areas. What the society does not need is yet another demonstration of how indifferent certain factions of the society are to the consequences of violence against children (corporal punishment), or to deliberate cruelty (capital punishment) or to stigmatize people with sexual orientations different to our own. Since any open-ended invitation will predictably fuel discord, encourage disrespect and end in greater divisiveness, the GHRA

proposes that the consultation focus on specific legal amendments on all three issues with the intention of submitting them to Parliament. Fragmenting the consultation among three Ministries is unhelpful, since the reason they are problematic is identical, namely, all three cases pose challenges to human dignity. 2. CONSULTATION MUST BE RIGHTS-BASED NOT OPINION-ORIENTED The history of human rights is a history of progressively recognizing and respecting new dimensions of the human person. Abolition of slavery symbolized recognition that all people are equal in dignity; abolition of torture in all circumstances recognizes bodily integrity as inviolable; recognition of the rights of women, of children, of persons with disabilities, of indigenous peoples, all reflect an evolving appreciation of what it means to be human. The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process reflects a growing international consensus that this progressive extension of respecting rights of all people is the hallmark of a civilized society. Absorbing and promoting these rights is the sign both of an attentive and

caring government and also of courageous national political, civic and religious leadership. In other words, the Government cannot in good faith launch a consultation around human rights issues without presenting to the nation the wealth of evidence which has strengthened a growing international and regional consensus against the death penalty and corporal punishment and for recognition of differing sexual orientations. If the government promotes its case in this way and loses, it can hold its head up internationally, regionally and domestically as having upheld its human rights responsibilities. 3. CIVIC MORALITY IS PRIMARILY ROOTED IN THE ETHICAL PRINCIPLES OF HUMAN RIGHTS, NOT RELIGION Official edginess on these issues reflects in part antagonism among some faith-based factions toward change. However, it is not the Government’s job to find common ground with religious opinion on these – or any - issues. At the end of the day, the ethical drivers for the positions Government adopts ought to be the human rights principles enshrined in the Constitution and international instruments it

has ratified, particularly the human rights meta-principle that all human beings are equally deserving of esteem. Moral progress is best measured by how seriously we work through this insight. Faith-based positions that deepen understanding of equal esteem would be an invaluable contribution to the consultation. Most people will agree that there is scope in a secular democracy for reasonable accommodation of religious beliefs when that accommodation does not affect the rights and freedoms of others. However, there is a growing need in Guyana for clarity between what is religious and what is properly secular. This concern is prompted by the ruling party’s penchant for appointing prominent religious figures to political office unaccompanied by any requirement to publicly commit themselves to serve all Guyanese citizens with equal esteem. A new practice of holding ‘official’ religious services in Government Ministries is also disturbing. However, the most serious and fundamental transgression of the distinction between religious and secular occurred with the announced intention of (Continued on page 5)

We will not give up our co-op without a fight DEAR EDITOR, It is perhaps no surprise that the Government of the day has employed what is now its normal modus operandi of an extremely crass and uncouth manner of informing the shareholders of the Linden Utility Services Cooperative Society Limited that they intend to snatch the product of 50 years of cooperative effort from the people. The Prime Minister’s letter to the Editor in the Stabroek News of Sunday April 15th was the means chosen by the government to inform that by July 1st of this year, they intend to “Merge the supply area of Linden Utility Services Co-op Society Ltd. (LUSCSL) into Linden Electricity Company Inc (LECI)”. While countries the world over encourage and promote cooperative efforts such as this, and the LUSCSL provides a beacon of an example for emulation for other similar efforts by Guyanese in all sectors, this government intends to simply tell our thousands of members to shut up shop and hand over our operations. However, the four thousand-plus members of this proud cooperative effort, built in the mould of our forefathers who pooled their resources to purchase the villages of Buxton and Victoria have a simple message to deliver to the Prime Minister and the Government, we will NOT back down from this challenge. We will resist any attempt to emasculate or wrest from our control what is acknowledged as the largest cooperative effort in terms of membership in Guyana, and

certainly one of the longest existing of these efforts. The attempt by the government to nationalize the toil of our members simply cannot be countenanced. We have protested long and hard against the perceived discrimination of the government against the LUSCSL’s cooperative efforts, most recently writing to engage the opposition parties in discussions, since our attempts to secure an Electricity Distribution Licence, which we applied for on at least three occasions, as far back as 1996 and again in 2008, have met with no success. The absence of this licence was cited by the government in an attempt in 2009 to impose a 16% increase in electricity costs on the residents of Wismar under the guise of charging VAT, a decision which met with stern protest by our members and was subsequently withdrawn. This latest attempt is even more despicable; both for the manner of its conveyance as well as for its intent, and the members of the LUSCSL and the people of Linden will not relinquish this important entity without struggle and determined resistance. We call for no less than a complete retraction of this attempt to nationalize the LUSCSL, and for the immediate grant of an Electricity Distribution Licence to our Co-op so that we can proceed unimpeded into another half century of proudly serving the people of Linden. COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT, LUSCSL

Tuesday April 17, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news DEAR EDITOR, The budget speeches that are being heard online via Mark Benschop radio is absolutely fantastic to listen to for many reasons. It shows that government involvement in media is a waste of time. The government should not be involved in Newspapers, TV or Radio to compete against the likes of Kaieteur News, Stabroek News and other independent media operators. Why aren’t these debates aired on radio across Guyana? Is it not important to get all citizens involved and also to hear about the proud successes of the PPP? The Budget debates have largely exposed the PPP as being able to find fault in everything the PNC, colonialists and people around the world have done, but when it comes to selfintrospection, there is clearly a unique blindness that has afflicted the PPP MPs. It is abundantly clear that the PPP did not see anything that they did wrong - worthy of apologizing to the Guyanese public for - over the past 20 years of authoritarian and corrupt rule. The PPP MPs were fixated on what Burnham spent and drank when he was in China etc. Clement Rohee lamented that he was beaten outside parliament and dragged to Brickdam, and many of those ranks today are under his Ministry and his command apparently. He however failed to mention that under his command other MPs have been shot. Mr. Rohee also

went at length to indicate to the House that his Visa privileges to the United States has been restored, a momentous occasion no doubt. Jennifer Webster and Anil Nandlall boasted about all the buildings that were being rehabilitated and all the schools that were being built around the country, they also boasted about the great numbers and statistics, none of which were in context, and no additional facts were provided in detail to explain certain behaviors and actions of the PPP, such as the creation of a contractor workforce in the Public Service which is not part of the Public Service Union. The failed, however, to explain why President’s College is in a constant state of disrepair due to lack of funding and is now becoming a national disgrace. What Nandlall, Rohee, Webster and all the other PPP trumpeters failed to tell us is what have they done to roll back the tools of authoritarianism that Burnham unleashed on the population and that their administration is also guilty of unleashing on the population. They are now telling us that NCN makes its own money and they don’t need money from the budget for NCN. Was that the case the past 19 years? Do Chronicle and GINA also make money and not require funding from the budget? These were all tools of the authoritarianism and they continue to be in support of that without question. What the PPP also failed

to tell the people of this country during these debates is why we are purchasing laptops when our children in school still do not get text books, exercise books and have access to the internet in every single school? Is this not the height of stupidity and incompetence? Do we build a big castle for a house with no furniture to sit on? Do we buy a Mercedes Benz and cannot afford the insurance or to put gas in the vehicle? This is exactly what the PPP is doing and this is not progress, this is progress in reverse, which is not sustainable and helps no one. Our people know and can judge the education our children are getting in school and I can assure you the people of this country who are watching the UG saga take place in front of our very eyes will agree about the PPP’s record in education, it is far from perfect. They have cut the budget to Critchlow Labor College which is an iconic educational institution in this country and GECOM has a bigger budget than UG, but the PPP is now telling us that they have a glorious record in the education sector. UG has the lowest paid lecturers in the region. This was brought up by the top man at UG (who is now leaving the institution) and he has no political axe to grind, he is not Guyanese. So all this fluff and nonsense in parliament is another example of the PPP tooting their own horn loudly as ever and ignoring the voices of the disenchanted

which were heard clearly in the November 2011 Elections. I sometimes wonder if the PPP leaders are clueless. Nandlall stood up in parliament and was trying to state that he can find the historical records of parliament and he doesn’t understand why APNU and AFC parliamentarians cannot find these records. Funny enough, Carl Greenidge to his credit indicated that what Nandlall was reading was his speeches not the hansards the official records of parliament. Mysteriously these records have disappeared, but the speeches seem to be intact. Is the PPP trying to pull the wool over our eyes and rewrite history? Where have these records gone, this is a sinister development which must be investigated. Another point that Nandlall made, and I am surprised that no one in parliament objected to it, was that the Government bailed

out GuySuCo last year with 4 billion dollars and they are doing so now again and they will do that again in the future if they have to. He went on to say that this happens in America. Well Mr. Nandlall should heed his own advice to fellow parliamentarians about reading. In America, when the banks and car manufacturers are bailed out it is not a ‘freebee’ they have to repay those monies to the tax

payers, that is not what is happening with GuySuCo. In America, when the government bailed out the banks and the car manufacturers, many of those CEOs were fired and boards were reconstituted, and CFO’s and entire leadership teams were disbanded - some of them were even prosecuted. Is that happening in our good Guyana? The answer is no. John. B. Singh

Govt. consultations... From page 4 President Jagdeo, endorsed by his successor President Ramotar, to have the State establish and fund a religious TV Channel. This proposed use of public funds for the promotion and support of religion in our secular state is clearly unconstitutional. The GHRA, therefore, reiterates its full support for a

consultation process which genuinely seeks understanding and acceptance of the Government’s ethical and legal obligations to implement human rights standards as they apply to corporal punishment, sexual orientation and the death penalty. Executive Committee

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday April 17, 2012

Rohee threatens to “kick ass” for the next five years Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee has declared that he intends to “kick ass” during his new term as the political head of the country’s law enforcement agencies. Speaking to members of Community Policing Groups, at a special conference last Sunday, Rohee who was reappointed Home Affairs Minister following the November elections, believes that he has learnt a lot from his first term which began in 2006. He stated that his first t e r m a s H o m e Aff a i r s Minister was more or less a feeling out process. He said that if after five years in the security sector and he has not learnt anything, then President Ramotar should send him home. “These five years, I intend to kick ass…to put it bluntly…because I know people waiting outside there to kick my ass,” the Home Affairs Minister stated. Rohee was recently

under attack for what was described as his interference in the day to day operations of the Guyana Police Force, with the latest criticism coming from former Commissioner of Police, now opposition parliamentarian, Winston Felix. The former head of the force drew specific reference to two instances that had featured prominently in the media. Felix reminded of one incident on November 28, 2011, when he overheard a police radio transmission where ranks were being instructed “not to arrest” or touch a “known OP Miscreant” or they would face prosecution. Felix also drew reference to the imbroglio surrounding the contentious $90M allocated to the police for e l e ctions duties, which caused Assistant Commissioner of Police David Ramnarine, to make several blistering allegations. According to Felix, the

Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee Minister of Home Affairs sought to again interfere in the day to day running of the administration of the Guyana Police Force on this matter when there is regulation already in place to address such matters. On Sunday Rohee issued a stern warning which was directly pointed at the Guyana Police Force. “The police haven’t really

seen me get upset as yet, but in this new term I intend to get upset…because after this new term, that’s it for me,” Rohee declared. The Minister was referring to what he believes is a lack of initiative on the part of many administrators in the security sector. However, his reasoning on how they should go about their functions may not go down well with many who believe that the security sector should not be compromised. According to Rohee, Community Policing involves good relations with the community in which the operatives serve. This, he said, should be maximized in the execution of the duty of Community Policing Groups whenever they are in need. In other words, the Minister encouraged the CPG members to solicit help whenever it is necessary instead of approaching the Ministry of Home Affairs with every

“The police haven’t really seen me get upset as yet, but in this new term I intend to get upset…because after this new term, that’s it for me,” request. “If you are working in these communities and you tell me you have such good relationship with the community, how come if y o u n e e d a part for the motorcycle or you need the motorcycle to be repaired, or the vehicle to be fixed, you can’t take it to a mechanic shop with all these good relations you have and get them to fix it for you free of cost?” Rohee said. He explained that the CPG is protecting the community and the community in turn should reciprocate. “So we gat pay back time,” Rohee declared. “If you have a person who has a gas station and you are desperately in need for some gas…you mean to tell me that since you have all this good relationship in the

community, you can’t go to that man and ask him to give you a pint of fuel?” The M i n i s t e r ’s statement is akin to sanctioning begging by members of the security s e c t o r, s i m i l a r t o w h a t obtained in relation to the G u y a n a P o l i c e F o r c e ’s elections duties when a few divisional commanders had indicated that they were instructed to solicit the assistance of members of the public to feed their ranks. The Ministry of Home Affairs had distanced itself from such a scenario, infirming that the instructions to solicit the help of the public did not come from that agency. Many had criticised this practice since they argued that it invariably leads to corruption.

Ramotar acted on SRKN’s recommendation to … we have got high quality terminate Fip’s contract professional work from SRKN - Benn Head of State Donald Ramotar was acting on the recommendations of Engineer Dr Ravi Naraine of SRKN ‘Gineering when he terminated the contract that was awarded to Makeswhar ‘Fip’ Motilall of Synergy Holdings Inc. This is according to a senior government official who said that Dr Naraine along with some other unnamed officials was credited with also rescuing the project from an even dire pitfall but he remained silent

in face of public flak. When it was revealed that it was SRKN’Gineering that had been awarded the ‘Supervising Consultant’ project managing oversight of Motilall there had been a public outcry for him to be dealt with as a stakeholder that shared blame for bungling the road. Minister of Public Works Robeson Benn while not acknowledging that it was on SRKN’s advice that the president acted when he terminated the contract, did

defend the engineer’s involvement in the project. Benn, moments before making his Budget 2012 presentation, told this publication that “they supervised and they recommended certain actions with respect to this project which the government has taken.” As it relates to SRKN’s involvement in the project, Minister Benn said that “we have gotten high quality professional work and engagement from SRKN.”

The Minister suggested that had its performance been less than desired then there would have been changes as in the case with Synergy Holdings. When Motilall’s contract was terminated he vehemently denied that there was a high level of mismanagement on his part and that Dr Naraine had to assume the management of the construction project even though he was only being paid as a consultant. The revelation that Dr Naraine had presided over the colossal failure of Motilall’s project and even approved payment certificates for the disgraced contractor had prompted Attorney-at-Law Vic Puran to offer to prosecute him for collecting money under false pretence for free. This offer was ignored by the administration and it is only now being revealed that Dr Naraine may have saved the taxpayers a significant amount in losses when he managed the project instead of the paid contractor Motilall. Dr Naraine’s involvement in the project had seen him coming in for criticism which may soon change as word of his true involvement in the project surfaces. SRKN’s contract for Oversight has since been extended to September of this

SRKN Boss, Dr Ravi Naraine who is now being credited with saving the project year. Dr. Naraine’s company will also prepare the remaining road designs for the controversial project, something that Motilall had been tasked with. The administration had reported that Fip Motilall’s Synergy Holdings Inc. never submitted the remaining designs which were included in his lump sum “design and build” contract. But this publication was reliably informed that the engineer, who Motilall had secured out of Florida during the latter days of the contract,

had completed the designs for Synergy Holdings Inc. But the engineer reportedly left the country with the designs after Motilall failed to pay him some US$12,000. Dr. Naraine’s company has also now been contracted to provide the Engineer’s Estimate for the remaining sections of the road. It was last Tuesday that bids were opened for the completion of one section of the road when it was also unveiled that SRKN prepared the Engineer’s Estimate for that project to the tune of some $979M. Motilall had his US$15.4M contract terminated in January last for failing to secure a Performance Bond among other shortfalls, including missing the deadlines on three occasions. The administration has already expended several million US dollars on the project including two advances to Synergy Holdings Inc for which Motilall used to buy equipment to begin building the road. The administration has since moved to the courts to recover over US$4.5M from Synergy Holdings as a result of the shortfalls. Action has also been initiated to recover the US$1.5M performance Bond held by Hand in Hand.

Tuesday April 17, 2012

Kaieteur News

World Bank picks health expert Kim as president (Reuters) - The World Bank on Monday chose Korean-born American health expert Jim Yong Kim as its new president, maintaining Washington’s grip on the job and leaving developing countries frustrated with the selection process. Kim, a physician and anthropologist who makes for a somewhat unorthodox choice to head the global anti-poverty lender, won the job over Nigeria’s widely respected finance minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, with the support of Washington’s allies in Western Europe, Japan and Canada - as well as some emerging economies. It was the first time in the World Bank’s history that the United States’ hold on the job was challenged. The decision by the World Bank’s 25-member board was not unanimous, with emerging economies splitting their support. Brazil and South Africa backed Okonjo-Iweala, while three sources said China and India supported Kim. Kim, 52, who is president of Dartmouth College, will assume his new post on July 1 after Robert Zoellick steps down as head of the World Bank. “I will seek a new alignment of the World Bank Group with a rapidly changing world,” Kim said in a statement. He said he would work to ensure that the World Bank “delivers more powerful results to support sustained growth; prioritizes evidencebased solutions over ideology; amplifies the voices of developing countries; and draws on the expertise and experience of the people we serve.” Okonjo-Iweala congratulated Kim and said the competition had led to “important victories” for developing nations, which

have increasingly pushed for more say at both institutions. Still, she said more effort was needed to end the “unfair tradition” that ensured Washington’s dominance of the global development lender. “It is clear to me that we need to make it more open, transparent and merit-based,” Okonjo-Iweala said. “We need to make sure that we do not contribute to a democratic deficit in global governance.” Some development experts criticized U.S. President Barack Obama’s choice as lacking the economic and financial credentials needed to respond to the needs of rising middle-income countries, which are still riddled with poverty but which are increasingly looking for innovative ways to finance their development. The United States said the process was open and transparent, but a number of emerging nations questioned whether candidates were assessed on their nationalities rather than on their merits, as World Bank members countries had agreed in 2010. The United States has held the presidency since the World Bank’s founding after World War Two, while a

European has always led its sister institution, the International Monetary Fund. BREAKING THE MOLD Unlike previous heads of the World Bank, Kim is not a politician, a banker or a career diplomat. He has worked to bring health care to the poor in developing countries, whether fighting tuberculosis in Haiti and Peru or tackling HIV/AIDS in Russian prisons. His training and experience, including directing the World Health Organization’s HIV/AIDS department and developing treatments for a form of drug resistant tuberculosis, gave him immediate credentials as a campaigner on behalf of the poor. He is also a founder of Partners In Health, which focuses on community health programs for impoverished nations. He earned both his medical degree and his doctorate in anthropology at Harvard University, where he helped set up the Global Health Delivery Project. South African Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan welcomed the fact that nonAmericans competed for the first time, but also said there were concerns the process was not fully merit-based.

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U.S. revokes security clearance of 11 agents over Colombia incident (Reuters) - The U.S. Secret Service said yesterday it revoked the top security clearance of 11 agents and uniformed division personnel over alleged misbehavior in Colombia, and a U.S. official said more than 10 military service members may also have been involved. George Ogilvie, a Secret Service spokesman, said of the 11 agency personnel: “Pending investigation, their top secret clearance has been revoked.” The 11 Secret Service agents were placed on administrative leave following alleged misconduct involving prostitutes, in an incident that marred President Barack Obama’s weekend trip to Colombia and brought unwelcome attention to the Secret Service. Before Obama arrived on Thursday, some U.S. agents brought a number of prostitutes back to a beachfront hotel in Cartagena near where the president was due to stay, according to a local police source, setting off the scandal. Initial reports from Colombian police said five U.S. military service members also were involved in the incident. But Army Colonel Scott

Malcom, a spokesman for U.S. Southern Command, said an interim investigating officer who began working to collect evidence in the case found information indicating more than five may be involved. One U.S. official, who asked not to be named, told Reuters it was “probably more than ten.” Pentagon spokesman George Little declined to say whether the service members involved were members of the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines. But one Pentagon source said all four services were involved.

Little also declined to describe the nature of the service members’ role at the summit Obama was attending, saying only that “they were not associated with presidential security” and “they were performing a support mission to the U.S. Secret Service.” The top U.S. military officer, General Martin Dempsey, said that the service members had let Obama down by distracting from Obama’s meeting with Latin leaders in Cartagena, and had embarrassed the Pentagon’s top brass.

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Tuesday April 17, 2012

Audit Office unable to pay for independent legal advice By Gary Eleazar Guyana’s Auditor General (ag), Deodat Sharma, says that he will be looking to have a meeting with his predecessor Dr Anand Goolsarran as it relates to the use of proceeds of the Lottery Fund, by Office of the President. Sharma told this publication yesterday that he will also be seeking to have a meeting with the former Attorney General, Charles Ramson, SC who had pronounced that Office of the President was within its jurisdiction to hold onto the money in a special fund and expend as it sees fit, without having to go through any Parliamentary oversight. Sharma says that he will also be looking to have the current Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall, assist with the matter, and to seek a lawful way forward to have the matter settled once and for all. Auditor General Sharma informed that he was also

…Sharma presses for forum with Dr Goolsarran, Ramson, Nandlall

Auditor General (ag) Deodat Sharma looking to employ the services of trained Attorneys, but the Audit Office is hamstrung by a lack of funds to undertake any such legal advice. The Audit Office of Guyana, though autonomous in nature, is dependent on the discretion of the Government and Ministry of Finance for money to undertake its functions.

Partially nude woman found dead near canal A woman said to be a destitute and of unsound mind was found dead on the parapet of the Number 11 Public Road, East Coast Berbice, yesterday by persons in the area. According to reports, the woman Stacy Conway, called ‘Stay’ of Mathew Allen Road, New Amsterdam, Berbice was partially nude. The body which was near to a canal, appeared to have sustained multiple injuries. It is

suspected that she is a victim of a hit and run accident. The woman would be seen with some members of her family traversing the various roadways at all hours of the day. She was last seen on Sunday. It is understood that the body was discovered some time after 08:00 hrs by persons grazing cows in the area. The matter was subsequently reported to the police. Investigations are continuing.

Former Auditor General Dr Anand Goolsarran

Former Minister of Legal Affairs, Charles Ramson, SC

Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall

Up until the pronouncement by Ramson, Auditor General Sharma had annually criticized the administration for not placing the proceeds received from the Guyana Lottery into the Consolidated Fund. The government gets 24 per cent on every ticket sold. Following the pronouncement by the Senior Counsel, Dr Goolsarran had deemed the argument as deeply “flawed.” Ramson had advised Sharma that there is no legal basis for Government’s (people of Guyana) portion of the Guyana Lottery Company’s revenues to be paid into the Consolidated Fund. Dr Goolsarran, however, is of the opinion that Ramson is wholly wrong in his assertion. “I am very passionate about the Consolidated Fund, because that is where all public monies should sit, and the lotto money is public money.” Dr. Goolsarran qualifies his statement first with his background as Auditor General and stresses that this has led him to have a clear understanding of public finances. He also said that he considers himself a ‘quasi lawyer.’

Dr. Goolsarran explained that even though he is not a qualified lawyer he has undertaken a significant amount of law studies because, “as Auditor General you have to know the law….I may not be a qualified lawyer but as Auditor General, you have to know the law.” He explained that as Auditor General he had to be aware of public finances and the principles that govern public financing. Dr. Goolsarran also pointed out that Ramson had referred to an outdated law when he pronounced that Office of the President was within its jurisdiction to oversee the management of the lotto funds. This is a position which was adhered to previously by Sharma, who said that he too is of the belief that the monies should, according to the Constitution, be transferred to the nation’s coffers in the form of the Consolidated Fund. He said that he is restricted by Ramson’s declaration, given that it was a decision on government policy. Dr Goolsarran contended that Ramson was speaking about legislation from the 1960s, when Guyana had a National Lottery Control Committee.

The former Auditor General explained that one major difference is the fact that during the 1960s, the government of the day had managed the Lottery, as against present-day circumstances, where the lottery only pays government proceeds. He said that at that time it was the government that had to make the pay-out, so it would have made sense at the time to have the fund administered exclusively by the administration. “You have a different scenario now, where the government is not involved…it is a private arrangement.” He said that the 24 per cent which is paid over to the government is akin to a ‘licence fee’ Dr. Goolsarran reiterated that the gravest implication of having the monies controlled by Office of the President is the lack of Parliamentary oversight. “Parliament is not approving of this expenditure,” said Dr. Goolsarran as he drew reference to Lotto funds and reiterated, “all public expenditure must be sanctioned by Parliament.” The non-transferral of 24 per cent of the money paid over to the government by the Guyana Lottery Company as

Guyana first country to host tourism... From page 2 within the Caribbean, he said. He said that Guyana is on the positive trajectory towards sustainable development with the future of the country being defined in the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) as one that seeks to balance economic developments and aspirations with global environmental prudence. During the three-day conference a number of discussions will take place concerning many themes that are critical to sustaining ecotourism and development. While emphasizing that the Caribbean countries have a lot to offer, Ali explained that collectively, more can be

done if these countries continue to work together to achieve these goals. “In the Caribbean tourism is too big to fail and singularly we are too small to compete thus our hope and recommendations are to utilize time and energy to move towards an integrative marketing plan for our entire region creating the perfect blend for each our advantage thereby creating a sustainable product.” Minister Ali added that the strategic location of Guyana opens up wide opportunities for the rest of the Caribbean, opportunities to benefit from the large markets in South America and from the European Union. Already

Guyana presents a water and land link to both Suriname and Brazil. He urged the delegates and observers to assess the country as a destination that can create opportunities for the rest of the Region. He added that in the recent budget presentation at Parliament Buildings, tourism is highlighted to play a critical role in the future advancement of the economy of the country. This was supported by an increase in investments in the sector. Government is now engaging discussions to create greater public and private partnerships so as to build and expand tourism product(s) in Guyana.

Former Shadow Finance Minister, the late Winston Murray the people’s share from lotteries, was described as an open and unashamed violation of Article 216 of the Constitution. It was the late Winston Murray who had made this statement while he held the portfolio of shadow finance Minister. Former president Bharrat Jagdeo, even before Ramson had made his pronouncement, had stated that there was nothing wrong with the way the monies were being used. His contention was that the Lotto funds were audited and it was not an issue of how it is spent. “It is just a technical issue whether it should be transferred to the Consolidated Fund and then spent from the fund rather than being spent this way.” He noted that what happens now is that what is needed for a project is transferred and then the project is done on that basis. “If a project is $50M then we transfer that amount to the fund and the project is done on that basis.” Jagdeo also noted that the financial laws of the country did allow for the setting up of funds outside of the Consolidated Fund. “It has always been a question of a technical issue rather than an accountability issue.” When questioned as to whether there would be any amendments to avoid a recurrence, Jagdeo said, “I don’t think so.” Several Auditor General Reports had recommended to the Ministry of Finance to take appropriate measures to close the bank account that currently holds the government’s 24 per cent proceeds of the Guyana Lotteries and ensure that it is paid over directly to the Consolidated Fund. This, the Auditor General’s Report notes, would be in accordance with Section 21 (1) of the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act, which states that all budget agency receipts shall be credited to the Consolidated Fund.

Tuesday April 17, 2012

Kaieteur News

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WAS THERE A POLITICAL CONSPIRACY AGAINST HENRY GREENE? Now that Henry Greene, the Commissioner of Police, has been exonerated of the accusations of rape- he was never charged- and now that the court has established that the decision to recommend charges was without a rational basis, it is now time for a determination as to whether the Commissioner was the victim of a vicious political plot. It is not sufficient for this case simply to be put to rest on the basis that a case of rape was not established against the Commissioner. It now needs to be determined whether the Commissioner was the victim of entrapment, whether he was framed and if so who were the forces that were behind any such actions. There are of course forces who are not interested in fair play. They are not interested in getting to the bottom as to why the Commissioner in the first place faced these allegations. They want to see the back of the Commissioner.

Having failed to have him indicted on criminal charges, they now wish to see him indicted in the court of public opinion and for him to lose his job for alleged professional misconduct. This is their fallback position. Since they cannot nail him for rape, they want him off the job for professional misconduct. But what is this professional misconduct that is being alleged? For professional misconduct to be established there has to be due process involved. A specific charge of misconduct has to be adduced and the Commissioner has to answer to that charge. So what is the specific charge of misconduct that is being alleged against the Commissioner? The charge of professional misconduct is a general charge which covers all manner of things. So what exactly is the specific charge of misconduct that the Commissioner is said to be guilty of. Those who

Dem boys seh ...

Jagdeo just like de thiefing Nigerian governor A governor in Nigeria going to jail because he inflate nuff contract and then he tek he kickback from dem same kantractah who he give de contract. De man salary couldn’t give he all dem things he end up wid. He full out a tax form and he tell de people that he don’t own nutten overseas and that he ain’t got no bank accounts overseas. De man had US $250 million in thiefing money in couple overseas bank; then dem find out that he had a private jet; he had top of de line cars and now he going to jail—pumpkin jumpsuit fuh he tail. And he gun wear dem till he dead. Does this mek you think bout anybody in Guyana. When dem boys hear de story dem think bout Jagdeo who seh that he ain’t got nutten. Is only that we in Guyana got to do some digging to find all. Dem boys know wheh plenty deh. If this Nigerian was a governor and he got all dem things, imagine wha a man like Jagdeo got. Jagdeo and de Nigerian get de wuk de same year—1999. De man was governor up to 2007. Jagdeo stay as de boss till 2011. This man thief US$250 million. That is de Norway Funds alone promised to Guyana. Imagine wha Jagdeo got. De man had a jet and Jagdeo got a Jet but wha he got get EZ (easy) in front of it. Dem, boys seh that dem wouldn’t surprise if he got another jet too because he like travel steady. People begging de Americans fuh help dem check he bank account but if he smart like de Nigerian governor he guh hide de money in other people name. De Nigerian governor did hide he money in he wife name and he sweet lady name and in he sissy name. All of dem heading to jail. Jagdeo ain’t got wife. He beat she and put she out. He probably got a sweet lady but he got nuff sissy. He also got he best friend Bobby who wife filing fuh divorce and claiming half of de wealth. Now since Jagdeo money tie up wid Bobby own, then Bobby wife can carry way Jagdeo money and Jagdeo too. Dem boys seh that Brazzy is Guyana governor. He is de man who does handle everybody money just like how de Nigerian lawyer was handling he own. He think he is a smart man. De pumpkin jumpsuit waiting fuh he and dem got all size. And is a funny thing that de governor get ketch because dem boys seh that he was coming to Guyana. Jagdeo invite he fuh tun back and rob he too. Talk half and don’t think bout thiefing de other half

wish to see the Commissioner dismissed are implying that he acted improperly when he had sex with someone whom he had met in his professional capacity. This is the basis of the allegation of professional misconduct. The problem here is that the Commissioner says that the sex he had was consensual and since the charge of forcible sex or rape was never established, then it means that the Commissioner has never been proven to have had forced sex with his accuser. Not proven to have had forced sex does not however mean that the sex was consensual. All it means is that rape was not established. But in order to establish that there was misconduct, it is necessary to disprove consensual sex. The only basis for

misconduct has to be the possibility that the sex was not consensual, that is, there was rape. But the courts have already pronounced that there was no rational basis for a charge of rape. And if there is no rational basis for rape, then forcible sex has not been established. And if rape has not been established then consensual sex has equally not been disproved. So what then will be the basis of a charge of professional misconduct? That the Commissioner had a liaison with someone who came to see him? Since the sex cannot be the basis of professional misconduct, then the only basis has to be that the Commissioner should not have had a liaison with his accuser. But since when does having a liaison with someone

constitute misconduct? Is it being argued that it constitutes misconduct for one Commissioner to have a liaison with a member of the public but it is not professional misconduct for another person in the force to have multiple relations with female police ranks? Is this the argument? If the Commissioner had used the powers of his office to pervert the course of justice and if in the process he had elicited s e x u a l f a v o u r s , then he may have opened himself to a charge of professional misconduct. But there is no evidence that the Commissioner in any way helped his accuser or perverted the course of justice in relation to the investigation involving the woman. In fact, it can be hypothesized that one

possible reason why the Commissioner found himself in this tangle was because he opted not to do the unprofessional thing and have the woman’s phone, which was seized by the police, returned to her. So where is the professional misconduct? There is none and the Commissioner must not be penalized or denied another day off his job si m p l y because there are forces out there who want him lynched. What should be of greater concern is whether t h e r e w a s a political conspiracy hatched against the Commissioner of Police and if so who is behind it.

Care Centres, child protection services protected 500 last year - Webster The Mahaica Children’s Home would soon be upgraded to provide better care, exclusively for teenage girls who have been victims of sexual abuse. It would be a collaborative project between the Human Services Ministry and a private sector company. This was revealed by Human Services Minister, Jennifer Webster, during her Budget presentation to the National Assembly, on Wednesday evening, as she outlined Government’s social services plans for citizens this year. Webster said that, that initiative is part of Government’s plan to ensure care centres and homes continue to provide

protective and parental care. The Minister said that last year, a new facility, the Sophia Care Centre was commissioned. This facility currently houses 180 children between the ages of five and 18 years old. It would provide holistic care for young children as well as specialized counseling services, arts and Information Technology. She added that Government would continue to provide support and training opportunities to equip youths with life skills. In addition, plans are ongoing to establish a ‘half way house’ to accommodate those youths who have attained the age of 17 years

and who are expected to leave the formal care system. Webster boasted that the Childcare Protection Agency has been playing a leading role in the investigation of a number of child abuse cases reported. This resulted in an increase of the number of cases investigated from 3,377 in 2010 to 3,653 cases in 2011. A total of 489 children were removed from abusive situations and placed in safe homes. The Minister said that the quality of Guyana’s child care services will be regulated through the implementation of the new Childcare Development and Services Act (2011), which mandates the licensing and monitoring of child care facilities.

“The agency currently monitors the operations of 19 private homes throughout the length and breadth of our country.” She noted that next month, the Ministry will install Visiting Committees whose primary role will be to ensure that the private homes operate within minimum standards required. Moreover, the homes must be safe and secure for the children’s wellbeing. Webster stated that during the year the Child Care and Protection Agency will concentrate its efforts on early childhood development through a number of initiatives and programmes which would benefit children up to the age of eight years.

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday April 17, 2012


APNU should not do this. It is wrong My attitude to APNU since the general elections in 2011 has not been one of optimism. I thought that with all that had happened under President Jagdeo, APNU had a good chance of winning a plurality of votes. I surmised that in a tight three-way competition, APNU or the AFC would have come out in front in a very close race. The happy aftermath was the PPP did not win the Parliament. With the opposition in control of the National Assembly, every citizen,

including PPP supporters, was somewhat satisfied that at least there will be no nasty domination anymore because there would be checks and balances. I heard the grown up child of a top PPP leader saying that the election result was not a bad thing after all. Even though they voted for the PPP, Indians felt that the balance was good for Guyana in that no party was in command, For supporters of the opposition –both APNU and AFC – the optimism was uncontrollable, the expectations were overflowing. Specifically as it relates to APNU, its embracers felt that its leaders would go in Parliament and confront the PPP and roll back the sickening things the PPP Government had done to the Guyanese people as a whole. It would be no exaggeration to say that PNC supporters who had now accepted the merger of their party into a new construct

would emerge as the firebrand that they knew it to be before Mr. Corbin went “soft.” As the months wore on, a creeping chagrin has taken over the minds of the voters who chose APNU on November 28, 2011. This is the feeling this writer is getting from the people he has met from all over Guyana, including Regions Six and Ten. A popular question you get is – where is APNU? For a small, new party with only seven seats, the AFC is far more visible in Guyana than APNU. In fact, this is putting it wrongly. AFC is visible, APNU is not. This is the point I relayed to Tony Vieira when we chatted at the symposium on the budget held at the Pegasus last Sunday. I described for Vieira the number of places that the AFC has visited where protest has broken out but APNU never made an appearance since the general elections last year. There were two Berbice protests by

sugar workers; demonstrations by the residents of Glasgow in Region Six over a deplorable state of the main road; two agitated picket lines outside the Enmore sugar estate; angry denunciations in the street over dust nuisance from a rice silo in Cane Grove; pickets for the treason accused and a five-week old industrial unrest at UG. APNU made an appearance at one of these places. This was when Parliamentarian James Bond went to talk to the people of Glasgow after the AFC first arrived the day before. How interesting that the Government has put out a statement accusing the AFC of two sins – trying to poach on GAWU and seeking to create confusion in the sugar industry. APNU was so silent that the Government had no reason to accuse it of anything Now against this background of dormancy,

APNU has made a decision that will have grave consequences for opposition unity. Under the Carter formula for GECOM, the opposition chooses three Commissioners and the Chairman. In the present scenario, the PNC had two appointees and Mr. Robert Williams came from a TUF recommendation. It was from the WPA that Dr. Surujbally’s name came. Under the Carter formula, the PNC chose not to dominate the process and select all three opposition Commissioners. APNU has now moved away from that framework and wants to replace the deceased Williams with an APNU submission. This is my opinion its wrong The AFC has angrily rejected this unusual departure from the traditional pattern. The AFC represents 21 percent of the opposition in Parliament. Why should APNU be allowed to have all three

Frederick Kissoon opposition Commissioners? It is unfair and plays into the hands of the PPP at a time when the proportionality farce is in the air. APNU has now adopted a formula which will have unpleasant consequences. I have been told that APNU has put forward four names to the APNU leadership. Three are APNU recommendations and the other is an ACF submission. This borders on the farcical because it is still APNU that has to choose. APNU has to return to the PNC’s generosity and give one Commissioner to the smaller parties in the opposition. Nothing less should be acceptable.

Tuesday April 17, 2012

Kaieteur News

Blairmont sugar workers strike again …this time to support injured workers

More than 500 workers from various sections of the Blairmont Estate took industrial action yesterday in solidarity with two of their colleagues who were injured on the job in March and who, up to date, have not received their benefits from the National Insurance Scheme (NIS). The majority of workers from the Factory, Mill Dock, Mechanical Tillage and Field Workshop of the estate did not work on Monday and the strike action is scheduled to continue until the two workers are compensated by NIS. Having an accident on the job means that the workers would be sent on leave and they would be paid by NIS instead of the normal payment by the sugar corporation. The two men have not received any monies from NIS. They added that they have not received any salary too from GuySuCo (due to them being on medical leave). The corporation, in a move to bring an end to the strike action and get the workers back on the job, released some monies from its own coffers to the two affected workers but the workers have said that is not enough. Nipaul Omrow, 46, and Nazeer Hussain, 40, both of Number Four, Blairmont Settlement, West Bank Berbice had their fingers severed and crushed while working on March 5 and March 9, last respectively. According to Omrow who has been with the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) for about thirty years, he was attempting to join two punts with an 18-inch length of chain (instead of three feet). “When the dump lifted the punt, the wave brought back the water punt and it slammed into my finger and cut off the one joint”. He has since been at home and off the job and has not received his days' pay from NIS. Umrow is perturbed over the matter since he knows that he pays his NIS contributions to his employer. The man has been running back and forth to NIS and GuySuCo, trying to sort the matter out but claims that he is being given a runaround. “First they (NIS Fort Wellington) said I gotta submit a schedule and we

reached the Field Secretary and I called Georgetown NIS and the Manager (of NIS) told me that the schedule was there but that GuySuCo did not pay our monies (contributions)”. The company, he stated, has refuted the allegations. Omrow is lamenting his expenses, including the mortgage on his home, bills and a family. “Either GuySuCo is telling lies or NIS...I want all of them with the union and let us solve this matter because we ain't know who telling lies and who telling truth. “Everything is being done over the phone-nobody a face nobody, so the parties need to come to the table and let us hear what happen”, he stated. Hussain, also a chainman, and employed with the industry for 22 years, was performing the same task in March and had his left index finger badly crushed while he was attempting “to join the punts”. He noted that the chain is very short, “and damaged my finger-- crushed it- naturally crushed, damaged”. He was rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital. “We running all over for our monies. We handed in schedules...and they telling us today, tomorrow, today, tomorrow”. He appeared at the NIS office at Fort Wellington and “them tell us until the estate pays NIS the money, they cannot release the money for us-- the estate owe them (NIS)”. “Me ain't got money right now. I get loan to pay and gotta send my children to school and I built my house the other day”. Hussain stated that other persons are currently in similar situations whereby they are awaiting benefits from the NIS and have not been able to collect same. He is laying blame on the sugar company for not submitting their contributions. “Estate is slack because we contribute to NIS and them know to cut our money every week and month (to take out NIS)...why can't we get our money?” The workers are also questioning the fact that if the NIS cannot find contributions for them for the past months, what has happened to the previous years' contributions? The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union ( G AW U ) , i n a p r e s s

statement on Monday, stated “According to a source in the NIS, payments were not made to the two workers because the Guyana Sugar Corporation (Guysuco) is in arrears with contribution remittances. “The Union demands that the NIS immediately pay the workers their due benefits without any further delay in keeping with this legal obligation”.

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The workers displaying their injured fingers; Umrow (L) and Hussain

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Tuesday April 17, 2012

Kaieteur News

Kitty taxi driver murder …

Detained husband admits threatening to kill victim, denies carrying out act


jilted East Coast Demerara husband has reportedly admitted to threatening to kill Kitty taxi driver Balram Jadoonauth over an affair Jadoonauth was having with his wife. But the 36-year-old suspect has denied being the gunman who ambushed and shot the 24-year-old dead on Sunday. Police are working on the theory that Jadoonauth, called ‘Sanjay’, was slain because of a relationship that he was having with the

Balram Jadoonauth

detained man’s wife. The suspect, who is also a taxi driver employed by a Georgetown service, was detained Sunday, reportedly after going to the Kitty Police Station. His wife, who is a hotel manager, has also been detained, but sources said that she is not cooperating with investigators. Police officials said that forensic ranks have swabbed the man’s hands for traces of gunpowder and expect to have the results within a few days.

They have also impounded the suspect’s car. Kaieteur News understands that checks of the man’s phone records revealed that he had contacted Jadoonauth on numerous occasions. A source said that the last phone calls were made just a few days before Jadoonauth was slain. According to sources, the husband admitted to the police that he had threatened to kill Jadoonauth over the affair between his wife and Jadoonauth. He reportedly

said that he had even complained to Jadoonauth’s parents. But police said that the man denied killing his wife’s lover, and has reportedly provided an alibi for his movements at the time Jadoonauth was slain. Contacted yesterday, a female relative of the detained man also provided an alibi for the suspect, and denied media reports that he was arrested at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. She said that the man was at home the entire

Saturday, but left for the airport at around 06:30 hrs on Sunday to pick up a cousin who had arrived on a 07:30 pm flight. She said that while he was away, police ranks arrived at the family’s home and enquired about his whereabouts. They then informed her about the murder and searched the premises, but found nothing. They then took the man’s wife into custody and left. The woman said that when the suspect returned, she informed him that the police had asked for him. According to her, she advised him to go to the Kitty Police Station and he complied. The woman admitted that the man and his wife had marital problems, but insisted that he is innocent. Jadoonauth, also known as “Sanjay”, was shot dead in front of his Lot 25 Dennis Street, Campbellville, home in the wee hours of Sunday morning. The GR Taxi Service employee was reportedly shot in the back shortly after arriving home in his car. Relatives are certain that robbery was not a motive, since the young man was still wearing his gold chain and rings. He also had all his money in his wallet. They believe that the taxi driver was killed because of a relationship that he had with a woman, who is reportedly married. According to them, Jadoonauth was threatened twice by the husband of a female acquaintance. The dead man’s sister, Ranuka Azeez, had stated that her brother left the taxi service around 2:30hrs and went home. The woman told Kaieteur News that family members heard gunshots, but assumed that a car was backfiring. She said it was only after police ranks came to her parents’ home, that the family became aware of what happened. The woman said she was told that after he was shot, he managed to drive away. However, Jadoonauth crashed into a light pole a short distance away from his home. Kaieteur News was told that residents called the police and ambulance. A post mortem will be conducted tomorrow.

Tuesday April 17, 2012

Kaieteur News

Caught with US$250M in overseas banks ...

Jail awaits Governor over inflated contracts, kickbacks

James Ibori


lobal Witness calls for a t h o r o u g h investigation into HSBC, Citibank and Abbey National (now owned by Santander) for their roles in the laundering of millions of pounds by James Ibori, former governor of Nigeria's oil-rich Delta State. Ibori pleaded guilty to ten counts of money laundering and fraud in relation to an estimated $250 million of stolen state assets on February 27; yesterday was the first day of his sentencing hearing. “By doing business with

of Delta State from 1999 to 2007, inflated government contracts, accepted kickbacks and even directly stole funds from state coffers. His official salary was £4,000 a year and his formal asset declaration stated that he had no cash or bank accounts outside of Nigeria. Despite this he managed to buy several houses around the world, including one in the UK valued at £2.2 million, luxury cars (a Bentley, Range Rover and Maybach) and a $20 million Challenger private jet. According to the prosecutor, Sasha Wass QC,

… Ibori, who was governor of Delta State from 1999 to 2007, inflated government contracts, accepted kickbacks and even directly stole funds from state coffers.

Ibori and his associates, these banks facilitated his corrupt behaviour and allowed him to spend diverted state assets on a luxury lifestyle, including a private jet and expensive London houses, while many Nigerians continue to live in poverty,” said Robert Palmer, a campaigner with Global Witness. Ye s t e r d a y, t h e prosecution provided an overview of Ibori's crimes, and in particular any aggravating factors. The details of how Ibori and his accomplices stole government funds and moved them into the UK are only coming out now, as a reporting restriction was in place until his guilty plea. His wife, sister and mistress have already been convicted of money laundering as have a string of professional intermediaries including a lawyer, a fiduciary agent and a corporate financier. Ibori, who was governor

Ibori and his associates used multiple accounts at Barclays, HSBC, Citibank and Abbey National to launder funds. Millions of pounds passed through these accounts in total, some of which were used to purchase expensive London property. In one case US$4.8 million was transferred from a Barclays account belonging to a company of which Ibori was formally a director to another account at Barclays controlled by Ibori's lawyer, Badhresh Gohil. The funds passed through two Swiss accounts, including one at a branch of Schroders in Zurich, and were used as part payment for the private jet. In another case, Ibori and others were able to cream $37.8 million off from the sale of Delta state shares in the telecoms company, V Mobile. Ibori had numerous Barclays accounts. The prosecutor described how in one case between 1999 and 2006 Ibori deposited £1.5 (continued on page 18)

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Tuesday April 17, 2012

Kaieteur News

Cuban nationals donate 62 units of blood

- plan to assist Guyana in other service areas

An urgent call for blood throughout the country prompted the Cuban nationals to donate over 62 units of blood yesterday. Head of the Cuban Medical Brigade (CMB), Dr. Maria del Carmen Lozada Concepcion led the drive. The volunteers were Cuban doctors, nurses, technicians, Medical students and staff from the Cuban Embassy. M e r c e d e s Va s a l l o Zoloeta, Teaching Secretary of CMB, told Kaieteur News that last February, the Cuban nationals held their annual meeting at the Cuba Embassy. She said that there were discussions as to how the

services they (Cuban nationals) offer can be “lifted”. The Secretary said that right there and then, it was decided that the Cuban people will try their best to assist Guyana in whatever way they can, including donating their blood to the Guyanese people. Vasallo Zoloeta said that in Guyana, there are 161 doctors, 56 of whom donated their blood, while six of 21 medical students assisted and one of six persons from the Cuba Embassy made up the volunteer. She added that all of the 188 Cubans in Guyana had agreed to donate their blood but because of medical

Cuban doctors from various hospitals in Guyana who assisted in the donation conditions, they could not. Also, some of them are on vacation while a few are still

working. The woman said that it was the first time the Cubans

have held this activity and they promise to make this donation a continuous effort.

Felix challenges Rohee to find radio set in his possession

- Invites those making claims to conduct search A Partner for National Unity Parliamentarian and former Commissioner of Police, Winston Felix, has refuted claims by Home Affair Minister Clement Rohee that he is in possession of a radio set owned by the Guyana Police Force. The Government Information Agency (GINA) quoted Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, on Saturday as saying that Felix, who retired as police chief almost six years ago, is still in possession of the communications equipment issued to him by the force. Rohee said that the former Police Commissioner

An angered Felix making a point to Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee at Parliament yesterday. is using the equipment which is still tuned into the police frequency to tap into police secrets. Rohee said the former top cop is not authorized to have the equipment and should return it immediately or face the full force of the law. However, yesterday in an invited comment on the issue Felix said he was never in possession of any radio belonging to the police Force. “I want whoever gave me

the radio to come forward and whoever wants to search let them come and search”. The former top cop went on to explain that he does not have the necessary antenna which is needed to operate the radio set. He said the antenna attached to his home is for domestic use. He added that he will at anytime welcome a search by anyone who believes that he is in possession of a radio. However, Rohee said (continued on page 16)

Tuesday April 17, 2012

Kaieteur News

SERVICES Permanent &Visitors Visa Applications Professional Immigration Consultant Room E-4 Maraj Building 225-6496/662-6045. WANTED Technical series Inc Industrial Site Eccles, 1 accounts clerk, Tool room clerk, 1 Industrial electrician, apply in person. Call: 6144358 East Coast Guyoil wanted day & night pump attendants, washman, manager, office assistants & sales girls. Call: 684-2838, 671-3983

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One 18’’ television, white flat playstation 2 along with controller, CD $50,000. Call: 678-3724, 227-7175

(Continued on page 20)

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday April 17, 2012

Govt. demands explanation Linden Hospital Complex for Berbice River Bridge fee a disaster - APNU The Berbice Bridge Company Inc. is yet to explain to Government why it arbitrarily redirected marine traffic from under the bridge high span to the retractor span for a fee. Government has refused to accept Berbice Bridge Company Inc. position and wants an explanation this week. “We are concerned that some operators who previously did not have to pass through the retractor span are said to have been forced to cross through the retractor span now, and to pay,” said Minister of Transport and Hydraulics, Robeson Benn, yesterday. “We had a meeting last week with the management and they have given a different explanation with respect to the vessels that are transiting the bridge… They are responding to us this week on some concerns expressed by us and some concerns expressed by some operators,” Benn said.

“We are not accepting that position from them. We are awaiting the follow-up meeting this week. I can’t tell you now what you can expect from it; the review of the parties together and evaluation of it would determine our final position.” S e v e r a l w e e k s ago, boat operators complained that the bridge’s management imposed an order that laden vessels, which cross under the high span free of cost, must desist from doing so. Instead, they must now cross whenever there is a retraction. And there is a fee attached. Ve s s e l s w i t h foreign registration are charged $55,000 for inbound pass and another $55,000 for out-bound. Locally registered vessels pay a fee of $28,000 for a oneway pass. This decision was presided over by Geeta Singh-Knight, the woman who also oversaw the collapse of Colonial Life

Insurance (Clico) Guyana. In the wake of the CLICO collapse, she was appointed to the GuySuCo Board of Directors. She was already head of the Berbice Bridge Company. The company in a statement justified its position as a means of protecting the structure since its safety cannot be compromised in anyway. It further said that every effort must be made to prevent loss of lives and injuries to those who use the bridge and damage to property. According to Benn, the Maritime Administration Department is currently engaging the bridge executive on safety and related issues. “The explanation we have is that there are very few operators that relate to boats that don’t have their requisite safety devices arrangements in place and that in respect to payment it only has to do when they are loaded.”

Felix challenges Rohee to find ... From page 14 that he does not believe Felix’s story about him overhearing a conversation on a radio set while he was standing next to a police rank. “I want to believe that he may be in possession and if he is in possession he should hand it over. If he does not we will find other means of getting him to hand it over”. The Home Affairs Minister added that he would like the former top cop to cooper-

ate as he would rather Felix to willingly hand over the radio set. Responding to question of a possible search on Felix’s property for the radio set, Rohee said he would not want to go down that road and would try his best to avoid that option. “I want to avoid a search and see how best we can resolve this issue.” According to Felix, he is of the opinion that the allega-

tion comes in light of his budget presentation last week where he stated that the Minister was interfering in police matters. He further questioned the fact why after five years of him leaving the force that such an allegation would be made. This issue was a topic for discussion yesterday in Parliament as it saw both Rohee and Felix exchanging heated words while Parliament took a recess due to heavy heckling.

Linden Hospital Complex The $2.2B Linden Hospital Complex, built to provide free health services in Region Ten, was denounced as a disaster in the National Assembly by A Partnership for National Unity’s Parliamentarian, Vanessa Kissoon. Kissoon, in her Budget debate presentation, highlighted several ‘eyebrow raising’ issues affecting the hospital, including poor infrastructure and inadequate equipment, all impacting the delivery of quality healthcare in the Region. The Parliamentarian took the position that it is not always about ‘big figures’ but the quality of work or

services provided on the basis that citizens get value for money. She said that there are cracks in the walls and there are no administrative blocks, psychiatric ward, mortuary or cafeteria. In addition, the Intensive Care Unit is nonoperational but patients receive limited crucial care in the High Dependency Unit. Moreover, the hospital only has one ultrasound machine but that too is nonoperational. She said that the machine has not worked since the hospital was commissioned over two years ago. Kissoon said that the absence of a capital budget for the hospital hampers

management’s ability to purchase important and sensitive equipment to provide important services that would negate having to send patients to the Georgetown Public Hospital. “Everyday babies are born…It is a blessing that these innocent creatures are not aware of the conditions they are born under or into as the maternity ward is often times so crowded that patients are crammed together in the room which comfortably holds only 10 beds.” Kissoon emphasized that the $5M furnace installed for the destruction of sharps has been non-functional for the past eight months. The sharps, which are categorized as infectious waste, are being stored under a shed. “A garbage pile is situated next to the furnace, which is located a few yards from the river…residents who are across from the furnace complained about nauseating odors emanating from the furnace,” she noted. Kissoon stated that with Government changing the contractual arrangement and conditions of services, staff that proceed on maternity or extended sick leave would lose their whole six months’ gratuity. “If they proceed on onemonth sick leave or no pay leave they lose three months’ gratuity, yet workers were told that gratuity is in lieu of pension…Unlike what we are told of a choice by workers to choose which category they prefer: contractual or public service, these workers were never given a choice,” Kissoon added.

Tuesday April 17, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 17

Authorities battle high Guyana gears to export manganese for first time in decades food prices in region A recent conference that brought together Agriculture Ministers and Permanent Secretaries from the Latin America and Caribbean region has highlighted the need for the region to urgently address the issues of Food and Nutrition Security, Disaster Risk Management, and Climate Change. At the 32nd Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean, held in Argentina at the end of March, the main factors characteristic of the region’s agricultural sector were highlighted. They included being highly vulnerable to natural (climatic) and economic shocks; fisheries and forestry being critical components of agriculture; high food import bill; rising and volatility of the prices of food; and high levels of poverty, malnutrition and Non-Communicable Diseases. The conference also announced that the Caribbean had reached a consensus on policy objectives for agriculture namely transformation of the sector towards marketoriented, internationally competitive and environmentally sound production of agriculture

products; increased production, productivity and world market share; increased diversification of processed agriculture products; as well as improved food and nutrition security. The FAO Programme of Work and Budget for the Latin America and Caribbean Region for the 2012 - 2013 bienniums were also presented, while Priority Areas of Action for 2014 – 2015 were identified. In terms of the way forward for the Caribbean Agricultural sector, several priority areas were proposed. For example, with regard to Food and Nutrition Security, an increase in production and productivity through promotion of sustainable agricultural systems and enterprises, post harvest technologies and storage was proposed. Greater promotion of changes in consumption patterns and the right to food was also put forward. In the area of Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change, the Conference recommended the promotion of Climate Smart Agriculture, and fisheries and forestry best practices on a platform of South-South and Triangular cooperation. Recommendations were

also put forward in the areas of Small Scale Agriculture, where the promotion of backyard and school gardening; and improved access to markets were discussed; as well as Agricultural Health and Food Safety. Ministers of Agriculture from Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, Belize, Cuba, Dominica, Haiti, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinidad and Tobago as well as Permanent Secretaries of Ministries of Agriculture from Barbados, Grenada, and Guyana participated in the Conference. The Caribbean Region was also represented by Sergio Garcia, CARICOM Secretariat Programme Manager for Agriculture and Industry; Florita Kentish, FAO’s Sub-Regional Coordinator for the Caribbean; and Vincent Little, FAO’s Regional Policy Advisor on Food and Nutrition Security. Michael King, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Barbados was Rapporteur for the Conference. The 33rd Session of the FAO Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean will be held in Chile in 2014.

Merry-go-round operator on $100,000 bail The operator of a merrygo-round on which 14-yearold Dexter Marshall was electrocuted a week ago has been released on $100,000 bail. The man was rearrested last Friday after a post mortem examination confirmed that the teenager was electrocuted. Marshall died two Sundays ago while riding the merry-go-round at a fair in Ann’s Grove, East Coast Demerara. Police had stated in an initial statement on the day of the incident that their investigations revealed that Marshall was feeling unwell and was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where he subsequently died. While th e o p e r a t o r maintained that his equipment was not at fault f o r t h e t e e n ’s d e a t h , relatives were convinced that the child died on the spot while clinging to the merry-go-round. They believe that he was electrocuted by a faulty apparatus on the popular ride. Zephene Pollard, the

Dexter Marshall dead teen’s mother, had told this newspaper that a few persons had reported to the merry go round operator that sparks were seen coming from a section of the apparatus. “Other people feel de current and they tell he dat de thing sparking and shocking and de man ain’t pay no attention,” Pollard told this newspaper. Another villager informed that at least four persons spoke of feeling the current through the metal frame of the merry-goround.

“When dis boy get shock, he went pon de merry go round and people thought he was mekkin joke. Is when dey pull out de wire, den he fall off,” an eyewitness told Kaieteur News. But the owner of the merry go round had a different story. He said that all the time he was operating the apparatus, there was no complaint. “When de ride done, everybody come off and was only he alone lef on. When we check he, he deh frothing up,” the merry-go-round operator said. A police investigator told this newspaper that while there are r e p o r t s i n t h e media about persons experiencing electrical shocks, no one has so far come forward with an official statement. “There were adults on the ride also and all we are hearing about any shocking is from the media,” the source said. The police are currently preparing a report which will be sent to the Director of Public Prosecution for advice.

Geologist, Dr. Grantley Walrond, makes a point during a recent tour of the Matthews Ridge facility where manganese mining is to resume. Colombia (Reuters) – Guyana is expecting to begin exporting the steel-making component manganese next year for the first time in nearly 50 years, President Donald Ramotar said on Sunday. Guyana, which wants to make the mining sector a bigger part of its economy, gave junior miner Reunion Gold Corporation a licence two years ago to explore and develop an area in the northwestern part of the country. “Guyana used to be an exporter of manganese, in the ’60s, but at that time the technology wasn’t very well developed,” Ramotar told Reuters in Cartagena, Colombia, where he is attending the Summit of the Americas. “It has become viable again. Next year the company will start commercial operations and will begin exporting around the same time,” said Ramotar, whose election in late 2011 extended the ruling PPP/C party’s almost two-decades in power. Guyana is seeking to spur economic development

through investment in mining operations that can create jobs, build infrastructure and reduce illegal gold mining that is linked to violence in some rural areas. JOB CREATION Reunion’s manganese subsidiary is developing an area near an abandoned mine at Matthew’s Ridge that was operated in the 1960s until it stopped being profitable. “There are a lot of benefits. There is the opportunity to collect a lot of taxes there, and it will create jobs for people in the region,” the president said. Reunion plans to build two roads in association with the project which he said is crucial for a country that has large stretches of isolated jungle, often linked to cities by little more than dirt or mud paths. “The mining sector has huge potential. We also have agreed on some projects for large-scale production of gold,” said Ramotar, who made the expansion of the

mining industry a key part of his election campaign. Guyanese officials said last year that mining investments include a $1 billion gold project to be developed by Guyana Goldfields and an agreement with First Bauxite Corporation to develop the Bonasika mine. The country has also invited Spanish oil company, Repsol, and Canada-based CGX Energy to drill off its coast, which could provide a source of crude for a country that relies on imports for fuel. “We expect information in about a month’s time as to whether or not there has been a discovery,” Ramotar said. CGX said in February, that it started drilling for oil for the first time since it was forced out of the area in a dispute with neighbouring Suriname in 2000. Guyana also has a longstanding border dispute with its larger neighbour, Venezuela, which has complicated efforts to explore for oil and gas off its western coast.

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday April 17, 2012

National Psychiatric Hospital frequently hit by thieves ...allegations of poorly-lit compound surface The National Psychiatric Hospital

The National Psychiatric Hospital at Fort Canje, Berbice seems to be a constant target for thieves and burglars since it is constantly being attacked by bandits who break in the kitchen area to steal food items. The most recent case occurred during the wee

hours of Friday when the kitchen was broken into. However, the burglar left several food items behind. According to a wellplaced source, the security guard was making his rounds around the complex around 02:00 hrs when he noticed the front door of the kitchen locked.

Suspecting that something was amiss since the kitchen door is not supposed to be locked from the inside; he went around the back of the kitchen and discovered a quantity of stocks left outside. There were corned beef and sardines packed in boxes. A pair of black boots and a

Vandalism against GT&T infrastructure affects services offer In light of the recent acts of vandalism against telecommunications infrastructure, the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) is calling on those responsible to desist from such actions. It is also urging consumers to be more vigilant and to report any suspicious activities to relevant authorities. In a press release yesterday, the PUC stated that the target of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company’s (GT&T’s) infrastructure appears to be the insulated copper cable which is used to provide landline services. “These acts of vandalism

- Public Utilities Commission that are seemingly becoming prevalent result in disruption of vital services to consumers. The Commission has been receiving complaints from consumers who are affected. “Reports suggest that these acts of vandalism may be an almost daily occurrence.” The PUC noted that this can cause GT&T to undergo unnecessary expenses to repair and replace the copper. Kaieteur News understands that apart from financial losses to the company, there is also the

deployment of human resources to remedy and to deal with these issues. This can impact negatively on other services offered by GT&T, the regulatory body said. This can potentially delay other infrastructural works of the company, works which may be beneficial to the community as a whole, it added. With this in mind, the PUC is calling on those who are guilty of vandalizing these cables to act responsibly, and desist from this practice.

As Jagdeo’s libel suit continues ...

OP staffer testifies

The libel suit against Kaieteur News’ columnist Freddie Kissoon continued yesterday before Justice Brassington Reynolds, with witness for plaintiff Rawle Kissoon continuing his evidence in chief. Senior Counsel Bernard De Santos yesterday questioned the witness using several copies of the Kaieteur News. However, before the initial questioning started there was some objection by attorney at law Nigel Hughes. Hughes said that he had indicated for the witness to walk with the original copies. Justice Reynolds also stated that the court needed to see the original copies to see where the excerpts came from. Former President Bharrat

Jagdeo filed the motion against Kissoon, Kaieteur News’ Editor Adam Harris and the newspaper’s Publisher, Glenn Lall, for in excess of $10 million in damages. The former president in his statement of claim said that the article ‘King Kong sent his goons to disrupt the Conference’ libeled him. De Santos in his questioning asked the witness if he could have produced the original copies of the newspapers, and the witness answered in the positive. Hughes interjected that he hoped that whatever is tendered before the court actually has relevance to what is inside the statement of claim. However, Senior Counsel

De Santos told the court that he believes all are admissible, since they show a pattern. De Santos said that if one were to look at the article written they would see that Kissoon had a morbid obsession. He said that the articles show malice and vilification. De Santos continued to state that it’s a consistent behaviour. However, Hughes said that De Santos cannot bring an article on cricket, to show malice. Moreover the witness stated in court that he would analyze various articles which criticized the former president. The witness could not say how many articles were analyzed, since he did not have the information on his person. The matter has been adjourned to May 16.

striped jersey were found at that spot. The guard then alerted the night supervisor and other staff who surrounded the building, armed with torch lights. The police were then summoned and they responded approximately half an hour later. The source went on to say that the police had difficulty combing the compound since it was poorly lit. They had to borrow torch lights from the nurses. Their search for the individual came up empty handed in the kitchen. Sometime later, police discovered a man wrapped in a sheet walking on the road not far from the hospital. He was then arrested on suspicion that he was the bandit. The source revealed that break- ins are regular at the medical facility, and that this was the third instance for this year. Bandits would normally break in and steal chicken,

greens, cheese and canned stuff. The source added that the hospital’s administration would usually be very tightlipped about the incidents. When contacted, Hospital Administrator, Leila ClarkeDaniels said that the breakin occurred at 04:00 hrs. “I don’t think they (the bandits) managed to get hold of anything”. She said they broke in the kitchen and the police captured the bandit. She added that the noise alerted the night supervisor and they called the police immediately and they responded. “I understood they surrounded the place and caught the person and he is in police custody”. POOR CONDITIONS The source revealed that the hospital is in a very poor physical state, and that snakes are regularly found crawling up steps leading to

the wards. The staff members want a better lit compound. “Some patients are eating out of [cutopen] peanut butter bottles and cups and flaked plates with holes.” Last year, a source at the facility revealed photographs of unsanitary eating utensils being used by patients at the hospital. The poor conditions of the wards and the eating utensils used by patients were highlighted. Two days after an article was published, the then Minister of Health, Dr Leslie Ramsammy visited the facility and ordered new utensils for the patients. However, it seems that the situation still persists at the mental health facility. Efforts to contact the Chief Executive Officer of the Berbice Regional Health Authority, Dr Vishwa Mahadeo, proved futile since he was said to be in Parliament.

Jail awaits Governor over inflated ... From page 13 million in a Knightsbridge branch of Barclays, much of this was in rolls of bank notes. In America Ibori held two accounts at Citibank and ran up a $920,000 American Express credit bill between 2003 and 2006. He bought a $1.8 million house in Houston, as well as moving at least $500,000 through his lawyer's client account at the now-defunct AIDT bank in Denver, Colorado. Banks and lawyers have a legal obligation to identify their customers and carry out ongoing checks to identify any suspicious transactions which they have to report to the authorities. In particular, they are supposed to identify customers who are senior politicians or their family members and close associates, who could potentially represent a corruption risk, and do extra checks on their funds. This case raises serious questions about the due diligence that Barclays and the other banks carried out on Ibori and his associates. What

checks did these banks do to ensure that the funds they were handling were not the proceeds of corruption? A 2011 review by the UK bank regulator, the Financial Services Authority (FSA), revealed that British banks were systematically failing to carry out the required anti-money laundering checks – particularly when dealing with senior foreign politicians. The FSA has said that it will take a tougher line in future and will start doing more intensive supervision. For example, last month Coutts bank was fined £8.75 million for failures uncovered during the regulator's 2011 review. But compared to the £1.9 billion in profits made by Coutts' parent bank RBS, this fine can be seen as simply a cost of doing business, especially as RBS has been fined more than once in the past for similar failures. “It's welcome that the FSA has said it will do more to target banks that fail to tackle financial crime. But unless they issue penalties that really hurt,

nothing will change,” said Palmer. “And we now need an investigation into how Ibori was able to move so much money through these British banks for so long and whether or not sufficient checks were carried out.” The case also shows how money launderers such as Ibori are able to use shell companies spread across different countries to move and conceal their assets. At present it can be incredibly difficult for law enforcement and others to identify the actual person who controls and benefits from a company. Global Witness is calling for all countries to use their company registers to publish details on the real, 'beneficial' owner of all companies. Barclays and HSBC declined to comment on the specific allegations due to client confidentiality. They said they had robust anti-money laundering and anti-corruption policies that applied across their global holdings. Santander declined to comment. (Global Witness)

Tuesday April 17, 2012

Kaieteur News

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The Abigail Column Reconsider future with boyfriend boyfriend is inexperienced or ambivalent. He has children and is certain he doesn’t want to have any more. I have heard from many women who have faced this. If they compromised or buried their desire to have children for the sake of the relationship, almost to a person they have reported regretting this choice. You need to determine if your desire to be a mother can be satisfied by any role you might play with his kids. If not, you should reconsider your future with him.

do. I am in love with him, and he says he loves me but that he does not want to have any more kids. Worried Woman DEARABIGAIL, I am a 30-year-old woman and am in a relationship with a man. We’ve been together for about a year now. He has two children from a previous relationship. T h e o t h e r d a y, I brought up the subject of having a child with him because I would love to be a mother soon. He flat-out told me he did not want to have any more children. I’m not sure what to

Dear Worried Woman, This may be the single most challenging issue that couples face as they contemplate their future. When someone gives you the benefit of his unvarnished view, and when he expresses this with frank honesty, you should believe him and then make your own choice based on the information he has provided. It’s not as though your

Tuesday April 17, 2012 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): Your outgoing nature makes you sparkle at a social gathering. It should be no trouble at all meeting new friends and romantic interests. If you’re already in a relationship, be sure to focus all of your attention on your beloved. ********************************** TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20): You’re extremely passionate toward those who are down on their luck. This would be a great day to perform charity work or raise money for your favourite cause. ********************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): You’re eager to let down your hair and unwind with friends this evening. Reject work and responsibilities in favour of fun. Now that the weekend is here, you need to put life back in its proper balance. ********************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): Making a terrific impression on others will be no problem for you. Just be sure to dress the part of a tasteful sophisticate. If you don’t have any suitable items in your wardrobe, go shopping with a Libra or Capricorn. ********************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): You’re friendly, vivacious a n d outgoing; in other words, you’re ready to party! Attending a festive social gathering makes your eyes sparkle with delight. If you’re single, you’re sure to make several love connections. ********************************** VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): You may be preoccupied with sex right now, wondering if you should really place so much emphasis on it. The answer is a qualified yes. If your physical needs aren’t being met, you need to discover why.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): Business and romantic relationships take on an added importance today. It’s time to address a sensitive subject, whether it’s sex, money or religion. The good news is that your partner is receptive to your ideas. Don’t feel defensive when stating your beliefs. ****************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): Looking after a sick friend or injured animal makes you feel loved and appreciated. You’ve always had a soft spot for creatures who are in need of aid. Now is your chance to express all the love and sympathy you like to keep secret from the world at large. ****************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): You are loved and admired wherever you go today, so be sure to make a public appearance. If you’re single, you could cross paths with a trim athlete who likes your adventurous spirit. ****************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): Having a stable home life is your biggest priority right now. One way you can promote domestic harmony is by preparing meals with your nearest and dearest. ****************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): You’re able to connect with virtually everyone you meet today. Maybe that’s because you’re open to new ideas. If you’re having trouble with a particular area of your love life, ask others for advice. ****************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): A love of luxury could prompt you to splurge on an expensive item for your home. Make sure that this purchase will afford long-lasting pleasure.

NCN CHANNEL 11 02:00 – NCN Late Edition(R/B) 02:30 – Late Nite with GINA 03:00 – Movie 05:00 – The Path of Forgetting Part 1 05:30 – Newtown Gospel 06:00 – NCN Late Edition(R/B) 06:30 – IPL#21 Rajasthan Royals VS Deccan Chargers 10:00 – Cricket 2st Test West Indies VS Australia Day 3 12:00 – Lotto Cricket Info & Quiz 12:40 – Cricket Resumes 17:00 – Anderson 18:00 – NCN News Magazine – Live 18:30 – Pulse Beat 19:00 – Al Jazeera 19:30 – Homestretch Magazine 20:00 – 3d/daily millions/ play de dream/lotto draw 20:05 – Your Health the Nations Wealth 21:05 – XI Interface 21:35 – Feature 22:05 – NCN News Late Edition 22:30 – IPL#22 Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Pune Warriors (Delayed) DTV CHANNEL 8 08:55hrs. Sign On 09:00hrs. Live! With Kelly 10:00hrs. Spice Goddess 10:30hrs. Everyday Exotic 11:00hrs. The View 12:00hrs. Prime News 12:30hrs. The Young and the Restless 13:30hrs. The Bold and the Beautiful 14:00hrs. The Talk 15:00hrs. Boy Meets World 16:00hrs. Beverly Hills, 90210 17:00hrs. The Wayans Brothers 18:00hrs. World News 18:30hrs. Awakening 19:00hrs. Greetings and Announcements 20:00hrs. Alliance on the Move 21:00hrs. Dancing with the Stars (Results) 22:00hrs. Movie: Moneyball 00:00hrs. Sign Off NTN CHANNEL 18/ CABLE 69 05:00h - Sign on with the Mahamrtunjaya Mantra 05:15h - Meditation 05:30h - Quran This Morning 06:00h - R. Gossai General Store Presents Hanuman Bhajans 06:15h - Jettoo’s Lumber

Yard Presents Hanuman Bhajans 06:30h - IPL 5 RAJASTHANI ROYALS v DECCAN CHARGERS 10:00h - Indian Soap - Ram Milayee Jodi 10:30h - IPL 5 - ROYAL C. BANGALORE v PUNE WARRIORS 14:00h - Indian Soap Yahaan Mein 14:30h - Indian Soap - Choti Bahu 15:00h - Indian Soap Pavitra Rishta 15:30h - Indian Soap - Punar Vivaah 16:00h - Investigation Discovery 16:45h - Dying Tears 17:15h - World’s Hindi Teaching by Sanskar Bharati

International 17:30h - Ganesh Parts Presents - BHAGAVAD GITA ( In English) Serial 17:45h - Birthday Greetings / Deaths Announcement & In Memoriam 18:00h - TBA 19:00h - DECOR & GIFT GALLERY Live With Joel Ghansham 20:00h - Square Talk Live with Kwame McCoy 21:00h - Indian Soap - Ram Milayee Jodi 21:30h - Indian Soap Yahaan Mein 22:00h - Indian Soap - Choti Bahu 22:30h - Indian Soap Pavitra Rishta 23:00h - Sign off with the Gayatri Mantra

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Short term apartments. Call: 667-1549 Three (3) office spaces with kitchen C/Ville. Call: 6500716, 223-1051 Building-16000 sqft , yard50000 sqft, can be used for Bond, factory etc. Contact:225-7643, 225-7493 Lot 10 Area “G” Ogle. Tel: 683-6666, 650-6450 Clean and Spacious rooms in the centre of the city $4000/day. Call: 227-4311, 227-8360 Unfurnished newly built apartment W.C.D. Call:6986496 South -$100,000, Lamaha Garden-$90,000, Prashad Nagar-US900, Regent Street-US1200. Diana: 2272256, 626-9382

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Five straight feels great, says Lambert KINGSTON, Jamaica – Jamaica recorded an amazing come-from-behind victory over Barbados yesterday to win the Final of the Regional 4 Day Tournament in style at Sabina Park. After conceding first innings lead, the Jamaicans bounced back to set the visitors a victory target of 230 runs. The Bajans folded for a mere 90 runs and the Jamaicans won by 139 runs. For winning the title, the Jamaicans took home the Headley/Weekes trophy, named in honour of West Indies legends, the late LIBRARY Closing down sales, text, university, novels & others from-$100 up. Call: 223-8237

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Tuesday April 17, 2012

George Headley and the evergreen Sir Everton Weekes. It was a superb result for the Jamaicans who won all their matches this year. It gave them a record fifth consecutive first-class title, as the country prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary of independence from Britain. Speaking after the victory, Jamaica captain Tamar Lambert said he was overjoyed with the team’s effort this season and paid tribute to all of the players and support staff who played a role in the five years of domination. “It is a great feeling!” said Lambert. “This is a truly remarkable achievement. To win here and create history is something to be proud of and as captain I am extremely happy. We have now made it five straight and it feels great. “This is the 50th year of Independence for the nation of Jamaica, so that makes it

an extra-special achievement as well. Before a ball was bowled this year, we said we wanted to win every match and we did just that. We went out and did what was required and here we stand as champions!” Looking back at the Final, Lambert said the team stayed focussed throughout the four days and were rewarded for their commitment and belief. “I want to say ‘well done’ to everyone involved,” he said. “In the first innings (Brenton) Parchment and (Donovan) Pagon played really well to set-up the game for us. “Barbados took first innings lead from us, but we were never out of the match. We won the third day by restricting their lead and then the bowlers came back to win the match for us on the last day. It was a true test of champions and we performed like champions.” “I would like to thank

everyone involved for an amazing five good years. We played some good cricket. Everyone deserves credit for whatever part they played and whatever contribution they made.” Summarised scores: JAMAICA 273 (Donovan Pagon 71, Brenton Parchment 58, Nikita Miller 34 not out; Sulieman Benn 5-90, Carlos Brathwaite 3-38) and 2475 decl. (Donovan Pagon 45, Tamar Lambert 42 not out, Brenton Parchment 42, Danza Hyatt 33, Xavier Marshall 22, Horace Miller 22 not out, David Bernard 21; Sulieman Benn 4-67) BARBADOS 291 (Jonathan Carter 99, Rashidi Boucher 52, Dwayne Smith 29, Carlos Brathwaite 27; Andrew Richardson 5-71, Nikita Miller 4-63) and 90 (Shane Dowrich 32; Dave Bernard 4-34, Nikita Miller 3-9, Odean Brown 2-12) Result: Jamaica won by 139 runs.

Australia take control with early... From back page through the covers and Beer responded with a delivery that ripped past a defensive push before sending down the arm ball which trapped Barath on the back foot. Barath was absolutely right not to review, but the same can’t be said of Kieran Powell. He had played a couple of pleasing drives before facing Pattinson’s first delivery which swung back into him. Ian Gould gave the decision but replays showed it had pitched outside leg stump. With Australia sensing further inroads Darren Bravo and Chanderpaul did well to prevent a terminal collapse. West Indies’ bowlers cannot be faulted for their endeavours but were not always supported in the field. Hussey passed fifty from 136 balls but should have been removed before the landmark. He was given his second life by Carlton Baugh on 47 when he advanced down the pitch to the probing Shane Shillingford, and was beaten by turn and bounce, only for Baugh to be unable to gather the take to complete the stumping. It was not easy, but

should have been taken. On the first day Baugh dropped Hussey on 5 and he made West Indies’ job even tougher. Narsingh Deonarine, who is developing the knack of breaking partnerships, eventually ended Hussey’s stay when he lured him into a drive. Soon afterwards Pattinson’s equally valuable contribution which spanned 119 deliveries was cut off when a leading edge looped high into the off side to give Shillingford a hard-earned third wicket. Australia had lost a wicket without adding to their overnight total when Matthew Wade edged Kemar Roach to first slip. Roach and Edwards then gave Pattinson a tough welcome to the crease with a series of deliveries that beat the outside edge while Edwards also struck him on the forearm with a short ball, something Roach repeated later on, but Pattinson stood his ground to provide priceless support for Hussey. Hussey pulled a rare short delivery from Shillingford through midwicket but the offspinner provided another tough examination for the batsmen. Hussey needed all

Yahoo Cricket - Mumbai: An impressive bowling effort on a responsive pitch allowed Delhi Daredevils to surge to the top of the IPL-V points table as they shellacked Mumbai Indians by seven wickets at the Wankhede Stadium on Monday night.

The marquee clash between two high-profile teams of the league didn’t quite turn out to be a cracker. Scores: Delhi Daredevils 93 for 3 (Sehwag 32) beat Mumbai Indians 92 (Harbhajan 33, Umesh 2-10, Nadeem 2-16) by seven wickets.

Bowlers fire Delhi to big win over Mumbai

his skill to survive; sometimes playing from deep in the crease then trying to stretch forward and also employing the sweep. Pattinson picked off a loose delivery from Darren Sammy with a cut and then slashed another boundary past a diving third slip as West Indies were, once again, frustrated by the batting of one of Australia’s bowlers. Although plenty of turn was on offer, the lack of pace in the wicket made it hard work for the bowlers and a couple of edges created by Shillingford did not carry to slip. Edwards, meanwhile, would have just been happy to find the edge as Pattinson continued to play and miss. Occasionally the dot balls and maidens were punctuated by a boundary, the most empathic of which was when Hussey swept Shillingford into the stands over midwicket. Pattinson did not lose much in comparison as he showed a very solid defensive technique and the footwork to attack rare loose deliveries. Roach made swift work of the remaining resistance when he bowled Hilfenhaus off his pads and two balls later pinned Beer lbw. To many people’s surprise Beer was the man to deliver the next ball of the Test. It was the turn of Australia’s spinners, but their quick bowlers were an equal threat. Scores: West Indies 40 for 3 (Bravo 16*, Chanderpaul 1*) trail Australia 311 (Hussey 73, Watson 56, Roach 5-105) by 262 runs.

Tuesday April 17, 2012

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Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Futsal Football Competition... Donut Prince takes feature Coomacka United only as De Gump scores double win on contentious day of racing team with maximum points What started out as a day of exciting races with many close finishes with Do Nut Prince and De Gump staring the show turned out to be a day of controversies which included a fracas resulting in persons being injured and the police arresting several of those involved. This was at the Rising Sun Turf Club Horse Race meet in collaboration with the Lions Clubs of Central Demerara, Durban Park and Bartica help last Sunday. Things got heated at the end of the competitive 3yr old1400M race for Guyana and West Indies bred horses worth $400,000, which stemmed from a controversial ending in which Jockey Balgobin out of Trinidad and Tobago aboard Serenity of The Jumbo Jet stable is said to have continuously blocked the path of Storm in Tea Cup of The Shariff stable being ridden by Rupert Ramnauth. The jockey’s action infuriated Turfites gathered and they started to protest and tempers flared. Jockey Balgobin, who reported that he was hit a few times, retaliated by taking off his helmet and throwing it at Attorney at Law Ryan Crawford. This further irritated the crowd and an ugly scene developed with a few fights erupting. The Jockey received some blows and the police subsequently had to intervene. Ugly scenes erupted and according to reports firearms were even drawn but the police did their job and made a few arrests. After a lengthy Stewards inquiry the decision was taken to disqualify Serenity and banned Jockey Balgobin. Thus the results read Storm in A Tea Cup, Rock Sonia and Feel’s like Gold winning the race in question. The above incidents whipped up a protest from the Jumbo Jet connections, which protested the sacking of Balgobin and demanded that he be allowed to ride, however the organizers stood firm and stuck to their guns. The feature C class event saw no animal from the Jumbo Jet Stable taking part as Donut Prince of the Colin Elcock stable with Jockey Winston Appadu in the stirrups returning to form to be crowned king with a close victory in a highly competitive race. Mission King of the Elcock stable and Swing Easy of the Shariff stable moving up in class did most of the front running. Around the far turn and into the homestretch

Minister Priya Manikchand presents the Digicel trophy to Kelvin Bennet owner and trainer of O SO Sharp

Ms Lisa Leo of the RSTF presents the winning trophy to Mr Ramkisoon for top Horses De Gump double victory. the lead changed hands and it was a ding down battle to the finishing line in the 1400M event between Donut Prince and Fresh Again. Donut Prince with a little more resolve was able to ease home and take the $1M winners money and trophy compliments of Banks DIH Limited. Mission King and Swing Easy rounded out the placers. The H class 1400M event saw Appealing Harvest of The Jumbo jet stable with Trinidadian Razack winning a close battle from Technology of The Elcock stable with Top of the Line and the Bailiff collecting the other two positions. The win was worth $400,000 compliments of the Lions Clubs. Stormy Lass of The C Singh Stable with Yap Drepaul had enough to outlast the field in the G class1400M event and take away the $260,000 top money and trophy compliments of the Lions Family. Second, third and fourth were occupied by Sabrina’s Joy, Prado’s Gold and Treacle. The inform De Gump of the Night Eyes stable of West Coast Berbice with Yap Drepaul on the perch just off

a double win at its last race meet, continued its superb form with another double victory at consecutive race meets for its fourth straight win. Owned by Lisa Ramkissoon and trained by Anthony Solomon the animal first won the H class 1400M event and $200,000 from Dream Girl, Royal Salute and Romeo. In the ‘I’ class 1100M race worth $180,000 it defeated Royal Time and Mona Lisa. The Digicel sponsored 1100M division 1,2 and 3 race saw O so Sharp owned and trained by Kelvin Burnett and ridden by Andron Findley being too sharp for its rivals as it cut away the competition to take the $100,000 top prize and trophy from MR Cool, No Body Knows and Triple A. The Champion Jockey was Yap Drepaul with The Elcock and Night Eyes stables being the dominant entities. They all received accolades compliments of the Trophy Stall, Bourda Market and the organizers. In all over 80 horses took part in the day’s proceedings with prize monies being pegged at close to $5M dollars. (Samuel Whyte)

Coomacka United produced another efficient performance to remain the only team in this year’s segment of the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Futsal Football Competition to secure maximum points after three games as play continued on Sunday, at the Amelia’s Ward Bus Park. They registered a comfortable 4-1 drubbing on Amazing to add three more points to their tally which went to 9 from three games. The night’s full results are as follows: GAME 1- El Dorado defeated Mini Bus 2-0. T. Edwards (15th) and K. Croal (17th) were the players on target. Game 2 Coomacka United drubbed Amazing 4-1. For the winners, W. Thom 6th min, A. Edmonson 12th min and K. Daw 16th and 19th min were the goalscorers. J. Fordyce (5th) netted the consolation strike for Amazing. Game 3- PokerBurg beat Wash Boyz 3-0. O. Gishard (7th, 8th, and 19th) booted in a hat-trick. Game 4- Star Boyz clobbered Hi-Stars 5-0 Scorers: R. Adams 5th , 9th, and 13th min, K Sears 10th

min and G. Mc Bean 17th min Game 5- Ripping Bullets edged Retrieve Unknowns 1-0. S. Seaforth (18th) made the lone strike of the game. Game 6- Half Mile/ One Mile and Goal Getters played

to a 0-0 draw. Game 7- Hard Knocks squeezed past Eagles 1-0. A. Benjamin (4th) scored for Hard Knocks. Above is the current points standing

Fabrice Muamba: Bolton midfielder discharged from hospital Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba has paid tribute to the London Chest Hospital staff after being discharged. The 24-year-old was technically “dead” for 78 minutes after suffering a cardiac arrest and collapsing in a game against Tottenham on 17 March and had been in hospital since then. “I am naturally very pleased to be discharged from hospital,” he said. “I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to every single member of staff who played a part in my care.” Muamba, pictured with Dr Andrew Deaner and Dr Sam Mohiddin of the Barts Health NHS Trust on his discharge, said: “Their dedication, professionalism and expertise is simply amazing and I will forever be in their debt. I also wish to say thank you to all the many well-wishers who have sent thousands of messages of support.” And in a joint press release issued by the Trust and his club, the midfielder continued: “Now I am out of hospital, I am looking forward

to continuing my recovery and spending precious time with my family.” Bolton Wanderers manager Owen Coyle said: “It is absolutely fantastic news that Fabrice has been discharged from hospital and everyone at the club is delighted. “We would also like to add our thanks to the staff at The London Chest Hospital for their care and treatment of Fabrice, which has been outstanding. “It is important that Fabrice and his family are now given time and space to be together, and we would ask the media to continue to respect their privacy.” A spokesman for the Trust said: “Barts Health can confirm that Fabrice Muamba has now been discharged following several weeks of treatment. All our staff wish him the very best in his ongoing recovery.” Muamba collapsed after 41 minutes of the FA Cup quarter-final tie with Spurs and was given mouth-tomouth resuscitation and 15 defibrillator shocks before he

Fabrice Muamba arrived at the intensive care unit of the heart attack centre at the London Chest Hospital. The former England Under-21 international was helped on the pitch by Deaner, consultant cardiologist at London Chest Hospital, who was at the game as a fan, and ran out of the stands to lend his expertise. Last month, Trotters club doctor Jonathan Tobin said: “It was 48 minutes when he collapsed to reaching hospital and a further 30 minutes after that. He was, in effect, dead at that time. “We were fearing the worst and didn’t think we would get the recovery we had. It’s incredible.”

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NBS 2nd Div. 40 over cricket...

Sasenarine Sukhdeo’s 106* steers Canefield into playoffs A sparkling undefeated century off the bat of Sasenarine Sukhdeo steered Canefield to a crucial 9-wicket win over Young and Restless which, after completion of Zone F preliminary round matches, left them tied at the top with Gangaram Strykers and Celebrity Times. Canefield however earned the right to advance to the last-16-playoffs by virtue of having the best run-rate of the three. After Young and Restless were bowled out for 163 on the back of a fine 86 from Keishar Gangaram, Canefield in response lost Shameer Ally (7) at 9 for 1 in the first over after which Sukhdeo joined Tilak Singh and the two proceeded to blast 156 in the next 14.2 overs to guide their team to 165 for 1 in just 15.2 overs. Sukhdeo hit an unbeaten 106 (9x4 8x6) while Tilak Singh made 19*. Other players scoring 50s were Chetram Bassant of Gangaram Strykers and Hansraj Ishmael of Goed Bananen Land. Collated scores from the matches:

At Cumberland - Canefield hammered Young and Restless by 9 wickets. Young and Restless 163 in 29 overs; Keishar Gangaram 86, Kamesh Kassim 3 for 13 and Khemraj Sumair 2 for 19. Canefield 165 for 1 in 15.2 overs; Sasenarine Sukhdeo 106*. At Goed Bananen Land - Gangaram Strykers beat Goed Bananen Land by 65 runs. Gangaram Strykers 223 for 9 in 30 overs; Chetram Bassant 70 and Looknauth Hoosein 37. Goed Bananen Land 158 for 8 in 30 overs; Hansraj Ishmael 86, Mohan Rampersaud 3 for 20 and Naresh Dhanraj 2 for 42. At Shieldstown - Blairmont Community Centre defeated No.3 by 5 wickets. No.3 138 in 31.2 overs; Dheramdeo Misir 37, Alan Johnson 30, Akram Rahaman 3 for 28, Shabbir Baksh 2 for 26, Deveshwari Prashad 2 for 30 and Devendra Lalsa 2 for 30. Blairmont Community Centre 141 for 5 in 17.3 overs; Devendra Lalsa 47 not out and Desmond Weekes 34.

Tuesday April 17, 2012

CARIFTA athletes ignite Berbice at LinWest Games CARIFTA 1500m bronze medalist Andrea Foster and CARIFTA team athlete Chavez Ageday ignited Berbice last Sunday when the 12th edition of the LinWest Games saw Linden amassing 292 points to be the overall winners at the Games on the 300m perimeter Blairmont Estate ground. East Coast Demerara was runner-up to Linden with 249 points while East Berbice’s 195 points was awarded third place. Talented Foster, who lately started running, outclassed the field in the open girls 1500m from the final 150m of the race to clock 5:19.2 seconds. Linden’s Shenika Chapman and Cassie Kirton were in distant second and third respectively, clocking 5:32.8 seconds and

John Fernandes Insurance Services Ltd Second Division Hockey League...

Exciting matches played over the weekend It was an action-filled weekend for the John Fernandes Second Division Hockey League which saw four high intensity games played, at the Saints Ground on Carifesta Avenue as teams battled to find their place at the top of the table. Saturday afternoon began with the young Saints taking on Old Fort and they gave their fans and teammates lots to cheer about when Joel Hunte in the 11th minute opened the scoring for them. Young Parmanand Dindial increased the lead as he joined his teammate, netting their second goal in the 22th minute. Saints continued with their rampage and netted four more goals through Kevin Edwards, Yonnick Peters, Dindial, who ended with a double and Hilton Chester. The remaining goals were scored in the 30th, 32nd, 34th and 66th minutes respectively to seal what a convincing 6-0 triumph for the Saints team. The second match between the All Greys Veterans and leaders of the tournament, Hikers, saw the same perseverance and intensity from both teams. The veteran side opened the scoring with a blistering shot from Damon Woodroffe in the 5th minute. However, Hikers responded with a goal by Hubert Forrester in the 17th minute to level the score. A defensive error by Hikers gave All Greys a penalty which was easily netted by Damon Woodroffe in the 18th minute to give them the lead, but Hikers once

Saturday – All Greys v Hikers – 4-4, Saints v Old Fort – 6-0 Sunday – Airbenders v Saints – 2-1, G.C.C. v Old Fort – 2-2 Airbenders Kerensa Fernandes fights for the ball against Saints Rene Edwards in their recent encounter.

again answered through George Melville in the 23rd minute. Alan Fernandes’ 25th minute strike found the back of the nets for the Veterans, however, Travon Younge fired back in the 32nd minute for Hikers to level the scores 3-3 at the break. Alan Fernandes it was who broke the deadlock in the 41st minute to send them into the lead once more. With only a few minutes left to play, Ivor Thompson was red carded and young Jamarj Assanah converted the resulting penalty stroke in the 57th minute for the Hikers. However, the All Greys were down to only 8 men and were unable to continue the game. As such they forfeited the rest of the match. This awarded a victory and full three points to Hikers. The Airbenders withstood a second half

barrage, before clinching a 21 victory over Saints to gain their first points in the tournament. The game began at a frantic pace, with both sides creating chances, but the first decisive shot was taken by Kerensa Fernandes when she wriggled away from the flat footed Timothy McIntosh, before hitting the ball past goal keeper Lorenzo Bethune. Another decisive shot was taken before the horn for the first half by Avonda James, who deflected Gabriella Xavier’s pass into the back of the net. However, a late response by Saints saw Devin Hooper dancing skillfully through the Airbenders defence to relay a pass to teammate Joel Hunte, who placed a beautiful shot into the goal in the 70th minute to get the lone goal for the Saints. The GCC Bourda boys

took the field against Old Fort. Scrambling with time running down, Old Fort found a way to score in the dying minutes of the second half to secure a dramatic 2-2 draw against the Bourda Boys. Eric Hing for G.C.C. took the opener in the 33rd minute by wonderfully netting a shot which deflected off goalkeeper Aderemi Simon into the back of the goal. The Bourda Boys pushed themselves further into the lead when Hing netted another for his team in the 41st minute. Terry Shaw finally broke Old Fort’s scoring drought when he found the net in the 53rd minute. With the intensity still high, Onassis Fraser made no mistake as he deftly eluded the Bourda Boys’ defence and found the back of the net to even the scores in the dying minutes of the game that resulted in a draw.

- Linden overall winners

Chavez Ageday takes an easy victory in the 200m at the Blairmont Estate ground, Berbice at the LinWest Games last Sunday. 5:37.3 seconds. Inter-Guiana Games (IGG) medalists, Ornesto Thomas and Nathaniel ‘Brother’ Giddings had a neck to neck battle in the 1500m open boys from the start of the race but Thomas (4:24.5 seconds) proved he was the better athlete when he shifted gears to outsprint Giddings, leaving him to settle for the runner up position in 2:24.8 seconds. Thomas who represented East Coast Demerara took another gold medal in the 800m boysU-18 in 2:09.1 seconds ahead of Grivon Grant (2:10.7 seconds) and Shaquille Smart (2:12.5 seconds). East Berbice’s Kadeem Peters won the boys U-20 800m in 2:16.0 seconds after a massive dip on finish line against Levi Cornette of East Coast Demerara who finished in 2:16.2 seconds. Giddings and Chapman of Linden took easy victories in the open 5000m and 3000m in 16:35.5 seconds and 11:54.7 seconds respectively. Chavez Ageday, Shannon Griffith and Tandica Burgess conducted clean sweeps in the 100m and 200m in their various age categories. Top sprinter Ageday easily took the boys U-20 100m and 200m in 11.1 seconds and 23.4 seconds. Linden’s Marlon Moshett who had a great chance of medaling in the 100m pulled up about 50m-60m in the race leaving his team mate, Carl Tudor to take silver in 11.3 seconds ahead of Quincy Nicholson who finished in 11.9 seconds. Tudor settled for another second in the boys 200m when Ageday ruled the field again in 23.8 seconds. Daryl Bennos of East Berbice was third in 24.7 seconds. East Coast Demerara Tandica Burgess won the girls’ version of the 100m and 200m in 13.3 seconds and 28.3 seconds. Griffith was also in the winning spree in the U-18

Andrea Foster girls’ category when she executed perfectly on the track to be unchallenged in the two sprint dashes (100m & 200m) clocking 12.5 seconds and 26.9 seconds. Jason Yaw won the U-18 boys 100m in 11.4 seconds ahead of Alvin Garnette’s 11.7 seconds and Tyrell Cummings’s 11.8 seconds. Samuel Doris won the 200m in 23.8 seconds leaving Garnette (24.3 seconds) to settle for another silver medal. Doris of East Coast Demerara also won the 400m in 53.6 seconds, Shaquille Smart was second in 54.2 seconds. Akeea Chapman of West Berbice won girls U-18 in 1:05.3 seconds, while Annecia Benjamin of Linden won the girls U-20 in 1:11.9 seconds. IGG gold medalist Parish Cadogan bounded to two gold medals in the open category of the long jump and high jump, effortlessly registering 180 cm (high) and 6m75cm (long) to give Linden 20 points. Marlyn Joseph of East Berbice leaped to 4m83cm to take first place, while Kalencia Harris best leap of 4m46cm was second. Timothy Fullington, the only field event athlete that qualified for the CARIFTA Games, threw 44m54cm in the open boys Javelin to take gold; no other thrower was able to reach the 40m mark. Onescia Byass added another 20 points to Linden when she registered distances of 32m22cm and 9m10cm in the open Discus and Shot Put.

Tuesday April 17, 2012

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International football returns to National Stadium today -Alpha, Milerock host teams from Suriname and Curacao


nternational football returns to the National Stadium when the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Club Championships opens today with a double header that involves local teams Alpha United and Milerock and they will entertain S u r i n a m e ’ s InterMoengotapoe and C u r a c a o ’s H u b e n t u t Fortuna. This disclosure was made yesterday at the Water Chris Restaurant on Waterloo Street where club champions Alpha United held a press briefing which

had in attendance its VicePresident Steve Ninvalle and Head Coach Wayne Dover. The local champions who reached the third round during their last participation at the tournament will be looking to advance further into the competition this time and this is according to Dover, who was responding to questions on the team’s preparations and aspirations this time around. Dover informed the media that the club had commenced preparations since January and in addition to the intense training,

they’ve also used the Guyana Football Federation’s Super League to get valuable on-field practice against some of the better local clubs. Ninvalle in his remarks said the delay in effectively promoting the hosting of the matches was due in part to funding and the announcement by Milerock, who were was originally slated to host the phase, of its inability to do so owing to lack of adequate funding. T h e Vi c e - P r e s i d e n t r e v e a l e d t h a t A l p h a ’s management after extensive discussions with

stakeholders and supporters then decided to take on the responsibility of hosting the games at a cost in excess of $6million. According to Ninvalle, they’ve had to exhaust every conceivable method and strategy to procure the funds, but have been able to do so. Ninvalle added that two teams from the Group will go forward to the next phase, explaining that even though Alpha has played InterMoengotapoe on a few occasions in the past, getting past them will be no easy task, while not much was divulged in terms of

Head Coach Wayne Dover (left) and Vice-President Steve Ninvalle at yesterday’s Press Briefing at the Water Chris Restaurant. knowledge of the Curacao team’s ability. The Alpha official also stated that the club has written the Ministry of Education asking that school children be allowed to attend the matches free of cost, while the price of admission for adults is $500.

In the fixtures: Milerock of Linden takes on Hubentut Fortuna from 16:00 hrs, while Alpha engages InterMoengotapoe from 18:00 hrs. The competition continues on Thursday with another double header at the same venue.

GT&T 10/10 Nationwide softball Super-16-round...

Regal X1, Unstoppable, Karibee Rice Strikers & Rising Stars into quarters


ollowing four more pulsating matches in the Super-16-round of action on Sunday last at the Albion Community Centre Ground, four more teams have marched into the quarterfinals of the 3rd GT&T 10/10 nationwide softball cricket competition. Witnessed by another huge, colorful and animated crowd, Regal X1, Unstoppable along with female winners Karibee Rice Strikers and Rising Stars booked their respective places as they all moved a step closer to the championship game. The feature match of the day ended in controversial circumstances but the Umpires awarded the match to Regal who had made 1194 after winning the toss and electing to take first strike against Memorex, the latter were 112-9 in 9.4 overs when the game ended abruptly with Ahamad Khan and Sekander Mohamed at the crease. Memorex needed 8 runs off the final two balls of the innings; with the adrenalin flowing at the crease and in the crowd, the batsman facing, Keron De Jesus hoisted the bowler to the long on boundary and while the batsmen were convinced that the ball would have cleared the boundary, it was gleefully caught by Chien

Female competition at the Albion Ground. Gittens on the boundary. Both batsmen had ventured out of their respective creases but did not cross in mid pitch (verified by the standing umpires) which would have see the non-striker going to the batting end. Gittens stood his ground when he caught the ball as some players including the hitter of the ball felt that he caught the ball outside the playing area. In the heat of the dispute, the non-striker {Ahamad Khan) it is understood was encouraged to go to the strikers end since th e t e am w o u l d h a v e preferred him to face the last two deliveries rather than

last man Sekander Mohamed. But the Umpires ruled against such a decision since the batsmen did not cross the wicket. Memorex Captain Waheed Edwards later lodged a protest and this was after the game was held up for a while. The Umpires again stood their ground; after informing Edwards of the situation and giving them the required 15 minutes under Law 21 (The Result) of the ICC Laws of Cricket 2003; the game was awarded to Regal X1. Scores in the match – Regal X1 119-4 in 10 overs; the inform Patrick Rooplall smashing 66 off 31 balls, he

cleared the boundary 7 times with one four. Chien Gittens made 20 off 11 with one six and a four. Joshua Garnett took 3-14 off 2-overs for Memorex who ended on 112-9 in 9.4 overs when the game ended in dispute. Veerasammy Lallbachan curbed his natural hitting instinct to hit 38 off 21 balls (4x6). Vivian De Silva brought his team back into the game with a well played 23 off 8 balls but was unfortunately run out. In another thrilling match that also saw an upset, Unstoppable, the Upper Corentyne Zone champs which was also the finalists of the inaugural competition defeated Universal Solutions Tigers the winner of the Central Corentyne Zone and 2011 losing finalists, by 24 runs. Winning the toss and electing to bat, Unstoppable reached 101-8 off their 10 overs. Opening batsman Surendranauth Sookdeo led the scoring with a swashbuckling 68 off 27balls. Universal’s opening bowler John Percival was the leading wicket taker with 3-14 off his quota of overs. When it was their turn to bat, in need of 102 to win, their reputation suggested that it was going to be a gettable total but was not how it turned out as they lost their first wicket with just 5 runs on the board and were

These Unstoppable batsmen were in unstoppable mode when they opposed Universal Solutions Tigers. never allowed to get going thereafter. At one point the struggle was well and truly on with Universal being on the ropes at 49-8, eventually ending on 77-8 when the overs expired. Sookdeo capped a magnificent all-round display by returning with the ball to grab 3-7 off his two overs. On the distaff side it was easy sailing for the New Amsterdam based Karibee Rice Strikers who mauled No. 28 Warriors of West Coast Berbice by 77 runs. Karibee Rice Strikers were invited to bat after losing the toss and they rattled up 116-4 in their 10overs, Tessa Parks ended on 25* and Captain Erva Giddings 21*, the two adding 38 in 3-overs in an unbroken 5th wicket partnership. Nicola Bobb took 2-16 for No. 28 warriors who

were limited to 39-9 fielding only 10-players in the game. Urmala Brandit was unplayable as she ended with 3-2 off 1.4 overs bowling for Karibee Rice Strikers. The other female game saw Upper East Coast champions Rising Stars rising to the occasion to defeat Central Corentyne champs Albion Tigers by 8wickets. Winning the toss and electing to bat, Albion Tigers were bowled out for 71 after losing their first wicket with 4-runs on the board. Their leading player and Captain, Nermala Sewdat led with 13 as Gailann Stanford grabbed 3-14 for Rising Stars who in response coasted to 72-2 in 7-overs. Mathana Cambridge (35) and Diana Prescott 22* set the perfect platform for victory by putting on 59 for the first wicket in 6 overs.

t r o Sp

Australia take control with early wickets Ben Hilfenhaus removed Kraigg Brathwaite for a duck.

Kemar Roach ended with 5 for 105.

Michael Hussey eventually fell for 73.


ustralia took a long time to manoeuvre their position with the bat in Portof-Spain but far less with the ball. Their total of 311, engineered on the second day by Michael Hussey and James Pattinson, was soon shown in its true value as West Indies stumbled to 49

for 3 at the close with the top order floundering against pace and spin. Hussey and Pattinson added 89 for seventh wicket as Australia batted through to tea on rain-interrupted day. Their effort was put into greater context when the last four wickets fell for 14 and the swift fall of batsmen

continued when West Indies started their reply. By stumps the home side were already facing a daunting task to stay in contention in the match and the series. It seemed, as ever, that their hopes lay largely with Shivnarine Chanderpaul. Michael Clarke continued to show the

Five straight feels Pg. 20 great, says Lambert

Jamaica with the ns celebrate Hea trophy at dley Weekes Sabina P ark.

innovative side of his captaincy by handing the new ball to the left-arm spin of Michael Beer, who was playing just his second Test, and he was an immediate threat with deliveries

gripping to beat the outside edge. It was Ben Hilfenhaus, though, who struck first with a testing spell of outswing when a delivery straightened on Kriagg Braithwaite and would have clipped leg

stump. Adrian Barath took 26 balls to get off the mark and was soon simply, yet beautifully, set up by Beer. Barath had driven on the up (Continued on page 20)

Donut Prince takes feature as De Gump scores double win on contentious day of racing Pg. 21

Banks D IH manage Outdoor eve n r and Am Mortimer Ste ts wart anda Ho okumch of the R an S winning TC presents th d b in the fe anks DIH trop e atu hy to Dr Dw re C class even t ight Wa lrond.

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