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Greene to be given marching orders if - Govt. he doesn't resign official Pg. 3

Henry Greene

The last roundup A typical scene on the roadways of Mahaicony

Pres. Ramotar Female bandit beats OP's control of Lotto Pg. vows tougher elderly woman Pg. fund circumvents 3 Pg. 11 drug fight unconscious 6 Parliament's Authority - says money laundering unit to be beefed up

- gang flees with $1.2M - Former Auditor General Dr. Goolsarran

Kitty taxi driver - triangular love shot dead affair may be motive Pg. 2

Dead - Balram Jadoonaugth

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Kaieteur News

Monday April 16, 2012

Spate of fires caused by children…

Welfare, fire officials stress supervision of minors A four-year-old playing with matches caused this fire

Two children died in this fire last week


elfare and Fire officials h a v e expressed concern about the recent spate of fires that were caused by children who were left unsupervised. But they stopped short on commenting on whether guardians should be prosecuted in cases where minors perished in fires when they were left at home alone. “In some countries it's a misdemeanor, we need to look at it (laws here),” a Fire Service official said. And a Welfare official also called on guardians to take extra care to ensure minors are properly supervised. “People have to take responsibility…it's time relatives take responsibility to protect children. No child

should be left home alone. We need more community response to children. The official conceded that poverty and a single parent home, may sometimes cause guardians to leave children protected while going out to work. “But people have been poor all the time and people used to look after their children. Poverty is one f a c t o r, b u t b e i n g a responsible parent is another.” In recent days, there has been a spate of fires which were caused by children playing with matches. One ended tragically last Wednesday, when two small children lost their lives after being trapped in a burning house at La Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank D e m e r a r a . The fire was reportedly

caused by a burning candle that was placed in a plastic receptacle. The candle was placed on a bookshelf in the children's bedroom. Reports indicate that one of the children had put out the candle, but another child lit it again. The children and three others were at home alone at the time. Ten-year-old Andrea James and her six-year-old cousin, Alonzo Douglas, perished in the fire which consumed the property located at Lot 689 Middle Dam, La Parfaite Harmonie. Delon Douglas, eight, Brian Douglas, 10, and six-yearold Andre Douglas escaped by smashing windows and jumping from the burning building. They sustained minor burns, bruises and s c r a t c h e s . According to initial reports,

the fire started in the upper flat of the three-bedroom s t r u c t u r e . Kaieteur News understands that two of the children were in a bedroom when the fire started while another was in the bathroom. One of the children said the flames spread quickly, leaving them with no time to open the doors to the side stairs leading to the yard. Delon Douglas, one of the lads, recalled breaking a window and telling the others to jump. However, only the three boys managed to jump to safety. Andrea James panicked after the flames kept her away from the broken window and she retreated to t h e r o o m s . “She was on the verandah and at the time only a lady was in the yard when the fire started and the lady keep

telling she jump and she just run back inside the house and she never come back out,” a neighbour said. Six-year-old Alonzo Douglas, who was set to celebrate his birthday next

month, was also trapped in t h e b l a z e . Others fires at Agricola, East Bank Demerara and in William Street, Kitty, were also caused by children playing with matches.

Kitty taxi driver shot dead - triangular love affair may be motive A 24-year old Kitty Taxi Driver was shot dead in front of his Lot 25 Dennis Street, Campbellville, home in wee hours of Sunday morning. Balram Jadoonaugth also known as “Sanjay” a driver attached to the “GR” Ta x i S e r v i c e , w a s reportedly shot in the chest and back shortly after arriving home in his car. He managed to drive a short distance away before crashing into a lamp pole. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. Relatives are certain that robbery was not a motive, since the young man was still wearing his gold chain and rings. He also had all his money in his wallet. They believe that the taxi driver was killed because of a relationship that he had with a woman, who is reportedly married. Kaieteur News understands that police are questioning a suspect. His sister, Ranuka Azeez, said that her brother left the taxi service around 2:30hrs and went home. The woman told Kaieteur News that family members heard gunshots, but assumed that a car was back firing. “My parents heard the

Dead: Balram Jadoonaugth gunshots…but they were in bed and thought it was a car or something, they never thought it would have been Sanjay.” She said it was only after police ranks came to her parent's home, that the family became aware of what happened. The woman said she was told that after he was shot, he managed to drive away. However, Jadoonaugth crashed into a light pole a short distance away from his home. Kaieteur News was told that residents called the police and ambulance. The taxi driver was pronounced dead on arrival at the GPHC. Relatives say they have a “clear idea” of who might be behind this beastly act. According to them, (Continued on page 15)

Monday April 16, 2012

Kaieteur News

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OP’s control of Lotto fund Greene to be given marching circumvents Parliament’s Authority orders if he doesn’t resign - Former Auditor General Dr. Goolsarran

- Govt. official The Guyana government will remove embattled Police Commissioner Henry Greene out of office if he refuses to resign, a top government source said yesterday. But the decision to fire Greene or have him resign could involve him returning to his Eve Leary, Kingston headquarters. If that happens, the source said Greene will only be there for a “brief” period, possibly a week, to allow for the installation of a new Commissioner. “You cannot just fire the Commissioner; there are constitutional provisions that have to be followed to allow for a transition,” the well placed source told this newspaper. Kaieteur News understands that before leaving for the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia, President Donald Ramotar asked Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon to “talk” to Greene, mainly to ask him to clear out his office. But if he doesn’t walk on his own, the source said he will be given marching orders, as the government has no intention of keeping him in office. Articles 211(4) and 225 of the constitution prescribe the procedure for the removal from office of the Commissioner for misbehavior. If the government wants to remove the Commissioner for misbehavior, it has to appoint a tribunal to make such a recommendation. The President has to appoint a tribunal which shall consist of a Chairman and not less than two other members, namely highly qualified judges. The members would be named after consultation with the Judicial Service Commission. The President has the power to suspend the Commissioner from office while the tribunal carries out its work. If such a tribunal is set up and makes the recommendation for Greene to be removed from office, the President is constitutionally

bound to consult with the Opposition Leader before appointing a new Commissioner. Greene had moved to the High Court to challenge a recommendation by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) that he be charged with rape. The Chief Justice ruled in Greene’s favour, saying the charge would not stand a chance of success in the courts. But opposition political parties, human rights groups and at least one government minister, has asked the Top Cop to vacate his post given that he admitted to having sex with the woman at the centre of the scandal. Whatever the outcome, it would be an embarrassing end to Greene’s almost fourdecade long career with the Guyana Police Force. He was named Police Commissioner on July 24, 2006 when then Commissioner of Police Mr. Winston Felix, proceeded on pre-retirement leave. Greene is the ninth national of Guyana to command the Force since its establishment on July 1, 1839. The woman in the scandal has claimed she was raped, but the Commissioner has insisted that the sex was consensual. Following an investigation by local and Jamaican detectives, the DPP recommended that Mr. Greene be charged with rape. The Transparency Institute of Guyana has said Greene is unfit to hold high or any public office and called on him to resign immediately. “Regardless of whether this sexual encounter was consensual or not, it violates the minimum standards of professionalism and integrity required of any member of law enforcement and certainly that required of the Commissioner,” the human rights watchdog said in a

Police Commissioner Henry Greene strongly worded statement condemning Mr. Greene’s behavior. In December last year, a 34-year-old mother of two claimed that she was forced into a city hotel and raped by Greene. She said they first met on November 15, 2011, when she went to meet the Top Cop to enquire about the status of an investigation regarding her. She said that in the process of the investigations, the Police had taken possession of her mobile phone and she wanted to recover the phone. The woman claimed that Greene told her to meet him on November 22 to uplift the phone and afterwards he offered her a ride home. However, she alleged that she was driven to a city hotel where the Commissioner pulled out a gun and waved it at her, causing her to be afraid. At this point, she said she reluctantly exited the vehicle after Greene made a strange demand. In a statement he made to investigators, Greene said that when the woman came to meet him at Police Headquarters on November 22 last and it was upon her insistence that they meet “socially” that they ended up at a villa and had sex. The Top Cop has claimed that he did not have a gun in his possession at the time.

Former Auditor General, Dr. Anand Goolsarran speaks with a KN reporter By Gary Eleazar Former Auditor General Dr. Anand Goolsaran has defended his critique of Former Minister of Legal Affairs, Charles Ramson’s pronouncement of Office of the President’s oversight of the proceeds from the Lottery. Dr. Goolsaran had recently reiterated his position that the 24 per cent proceeds from the Guyana Lottery Fund for which the Government has received several billion dollars should be turned over to the Consolidated Fund where it would be subject to Parliamentary Scrutiny. He says that OP’s action is tantamount to circumventing Parliament’s authority. Goolsarran is on record as saying that Ramson’s advice on lotto monies not being paid into the Consolidated Fund is “very flawed.” He had further said that had he still been Auditor General he would have disagreed with the advice and hoped it would have been reconsidered by Ramson. Ramson had advised current Auditor General

Deodat Sharma that there is no legal basis for government’s portion of the Guyana Lottery Company’s revenues to be paid into the Consolidated Fund. In defence of his pronouncements the former Auditor General told this publication yesterday that, “I have a strong view on it…I am very passionate about the Consolidated Funds because that is where all public monies should sit and the lotto money

Dr. Goolsarran qualifies his pronouncement firstly with his background as Auditor General and adds that this has led him to have a clear understanding of public finances. The former Auditor General also said that he considers himself a ‘quasi lawyer.’ He says that even though he is not a qualified lawyer he has undertaken a significant amount of law studies

“I am very passionate about the Consolidated Fund because that is where all public monies should sit….and the Lotto money is public money.” is public money.” Dr. Goolsarran, in responding to those that have chided his position saying that he is no lawyer and as such cannot pronounce on a legal ruling made by a Senior Counsel who was also at the time Attorney General, said that he is knowledgeable on public finances and public administration.

because, “as Auditor General you have to know the law….I may not be a qualified lawyer but as Auditor General you have to know the Law.” He explained that as Auditor General he had to be aware of public finances and the principles that govern public financing. Dr. Goolsarran also said (Continued on page 17)

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Kaieteur News

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Drugs and the Summit The Sixth Summit of the Americas is now over. The Heads of State of every country in the hemisphere – barring three – were in attendance; the latter because of their disagreement with the US’s stance on refusing Cuba’s participation in the Summit. This issue was very frankly aired with the US steadfastly holding on to their Cold War policy more than two decades after they won the war. If there was even an anachronism in world politics, this policy was it and the US President’s peers were not shy about expressing their sentiments. But it was the second major issue – dubbed by the US as “the war on drugs” – that was of even greater interest to Guyana and most of the other attendees. And sadly here again, the US adopted a position that was at variance from every other Head of State. The US refused to budge from its strategy and concede that there was no light at the end of the tunnel on “the war on drugs”. President Obama had in recent weeks faced criticism from some Presidents who said the U.S. approach to the drug trade had simply generated more violence in Latin America. But he reiterated that the U.S. would not shift strategies in the war on drugs. The host of the Summit, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, is considered one of Washington’s closest allies. But Santos declared frankly it was perhaps time for a change in drug policy — perhaps a big change. He meant possibly veering from the U.S.’s tough military approach against drug gangs in the region. “After an objective, rigorous analysis of policy,” Santos said, “we might reach another conclusion on strategy.” Options that some leaders have proposed include decriminalizing some drugs. He offered a rationale that should resonate with us in Guyana. He cited the irony of Colombia’s “successes”, funded by the US. While it extradites hundreds of alleged drug traffickers for trial to the U.S., criminals turn to other countries where law enforcement is weaker. Central America and Mexico, in particular, are bleeding as traffickers shift to countries of lesser resistance, such as Guyana, as we know to our cost. “We know that our success has (negatively) affected other countries and we are pedalling and pedalling and pedalling like we’re on a stationary bike,” said Santos. “The moment has come to analyze if what we’re doing is best or if we can find a more effective and cheaper alternative for society.” But seeking this alternative is not a new endeavour. Back in 1998, the UN had committed itself to eliminating the drug problem in the next decade by attacking its supply side. By 2008 it had to declare it had failed completely. The problem was the US remained the number one drug destination with the corresponding number one spot for drug users – even though it reportedly spends a whopping US$40 billion annually on its “war on drugs”. After another world conclave in 2009 to rethink the issue, the Europeans, supported by the Latin American countries that have borne the brunt of violence of the “war on drugs”, showed conclusively that the war on drugs was ineffective and that a new approach was needed. They suggested the problem of drugs be defined as a “public health” issue which could mean an end of prohibition and the ‘war on drugs”. The US would have none of it – and this obviously remains its position. Never mind the drug war has claimed tens of thousands of lives and undermined governments such as ours and Mexico’s etc. As usual, Obama was his amiable self and allowed that a debate about the drug issue was positive – the countries suggesting change are necessarily concerned because of its negative impact on their economies and societies. But his bottom line was, “I, personally, and my administration’s position, is that legalization is not the answer.” So we can expect local entrepreneurs to ensure Guyana remains a major trans-shipment point for drugs to the booming US market. And for the US to continue to castigate us.

Monday April 16, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

Legal practitioners are afraid to speak out DEAR EDITOR, What passes for a judicial system in Guyana is badly broken. The sad fact is that no one is working seriously to fix it. Not the administrators, not the practicing bar, not the Government. It has been broken for a long time but in recent times it has come under public scrutiny partly because of the decisions of the Acting Chief Justice Mr. Ian Chang, the Magistrate’s decision in the so-called treason case, the Freddie Kissoon libel case, the freeing of the NBS Senior Managers on the fraud charge four years after they were charged and during which time their reputation were irretrievably destroyed. The system is also broken resulting in a severe backlog of cases. Many years ago, we were told that these would be cleared by some multi-million dollars foreign funded programme. Instead, this programme created a public quarrel between the former Registrar Ms. Sita Ramlall and the

former Chief Justice as to who received what for which work done. The backlog continues with Civil Cases piling up and many persons languishing in jail for as much as six years waiting for their cases to be heard. For those on bail the situation is not much brighter. There is too another foreign funded programme, called the Justice Improvement Programme headed by Madam Justice Claudette Singh. Both justice and improvement seem as elusive as ever. All of this is public knowledge but no one wants to speak about it. The legal practitioners are afraid to speak out because they have to appear before the very administrators and do not wish to take chances. One lawyer has been writing about the Registry but that is as far as the profession seems willing to go. As a result, it is now left to lawyers like Dana Seetalall writing from a safe and secure place like Trinidad to express an opinion in the

ruling by Chief Justice Chang (ag.) on the Henry Greene matter, which has to potential of being Guyana’s Dreyfus Affair. I wish too to recognise Minister Priya Manickchand, Attorney-at-Law for her courage in speaking on the issue. One of the problems with the decision on Greene is that it has simultaneously damaged public confidence in three important constitutional offices – the Chief Justice and by extension the judicial system, the Commissioner of Police and by extension the entire Police Force, and the Director of Public Prosecution, who is constitutionally protected from interference by ‘anyone’. It is generally agreed that the decision by Justice Chang in the Greene case sets a dangerous precedent and if allowed to stand will constitute a paradigm shift in how justice is dispensed in “republican” Guyana, in favour of those with power and influence. My own appeal to the full Court filed on June 10, 2010

against Justice Chang’s rejection of my application to stop Synergy Holdings from proceeding with the “Fip” Motilall road has not yet been heard and my letter to him on February 12, 2012 as the Chief Judge to facilitate a re-hearing of the matter by the Full Court as provided for under the Rules of the High Court were neither answered with an acknowledgement nor a response. It is possible that the acting Chief Justice is a very busy Judge. His ruling on the Cricket Board, including veiled but welcome advice to the Government, has also prompted much discussion and is now the main foundational plank upon which the controversial Lloyd IMC was constituted. Then his decision stopping the Arbitral proceedings ordered by the Minister of Labour will also no doubt provide much discussion in legal and labour circles, but the fact remains that workers, in pursuing peaceful and constitutional Continued on page 5

Oh, what a wonderful state we are living in! DEAR EDITOR, Kindly allow me a space in your column so that the public can judge the actions of the Guyana Police Force. I am living in the village of Enmore, East Coast of Demerara. On Sunday morning at about 02:15 hrs, I was awakened by a telephone call from my neighbour informing me that someone is trying to break down her front door. I urged her to remain calm and stay inside her home whilst I will try to get some help. While talking to my neighbour over the telephone, I could have sensed the fear in her voice and to make matters worse she lives with her two little children. At the time there was a wake in the village and given the fact that the village of Enmore is closely knitted, my other immediate neighbours

were attending the occasion. So I was left with no other choice but to call the Cove and John Police Station for help after calling the Enmore Outpost and getting no response. I eventually got through to the Cove and John Police Station at about 02:20 hours and related the situation to Constable Durant who promised to send a patrol to my neighbour’s residence. I received another call from my neighbour and this time I gave her some hope that the Police are on their way. After waiting for about 20 minutes and no sign of the Police, I placed another call to the Cove and John Police Station and spoke to the same Constable whom I had talked to previously and this time she told me that she is still trying to get on to the patrol. I then enquired from her weather there is only one

What a loss to Guyana DEAR EDITOR, I happened across Cheddi Jagan, Jr’s letter about Denis Eon Solomon. I had the privilege of knowing Dr. Solomon when he was an undergraduate student at the University of New Orleans. During our friendship in New Oreleans, Denis often went abroad to study at universities in Toronto, Glasgow, and Lancashire. He was everything as a student that Mr. Jagan mentioned. He spoke frequently of his friendship

with Cheddi and of always bringing home the prizes from Queen’s College to his mother who expected no less. Although I have not heard from Dr. Solomon in many years, I was gratified to learn of his brilliant accomplishments and, like his mother, expected no less. What a loss to Guyana, a country that proved far too dangerous to recruit and maintain its greatest scholars. Diane Landry Fisher, Ph.D., JD Maine, USA

patrol for the entire East Coast but the officer told me that she wants to get on to the patrol closest to Enmore. I hung up after realising that I’m not getting anywhere. I had to resort to putting on my exterior lights, which I think may have been a deterrent to the would-be bandits. It must be stated that Enmore is just about five minutes away from Cove and John and with the fact that there is little or no traffic during that hour in the morning makes driving much easier and faster. We waited until 04:00 hours and still there was no sign of the Police. By this time the noise at my neighbour had subsided, so it is reasonable to assume that the would be thief or thieves had left. Mr. Editor, what is more disappointing is that sometime this morning I learnt that my opposite neighbour’s home was invaded and some articles were stolen. It is so heart rendering to know that we as citizens of

this country contribute heavily to the upkeep of the disciplinary forces via our tax contributions and yet we cannot have any confidence that they will come to our rescue in the time of need. Had the Police turned up this morning when I had called, I’m certain that they would have apprehended the perpetrator(s). It is indeed a sad day for this country whose citizens have no level of confidence in the Guyana Police Force and if we are to defend the sanctity and sovereignty of our homes, the Police will have no hesitation or difficulties charging us. Oh, what a wonderful state we are living in! By the way, Minister Rohee, instead of you going on record and saying that you have lost confidence in Commander Ramnarine, well that is just your opinion instead you should get up from your slumber and do a reality check with the Guyanese population and you will see that it is you and your so called Police Force that we have no confidence in. Enmore Resident

Rohee’s tsunami

DEAR EDITOR, The press has reported Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee as stating that the PPP will bounce back like a “tsunami” in the next general elections. Apart from the overt proclamation of the appetite of his party and government for complete control over the society, the choice of the term “tsunami” is interesting. By Rohee’s logic, the PPP, through this tsunami, is threatening a flood far greater than the proportions of 2005. Given what happens when a tsunami occurs, does he mean they plan to wreak more havoc than already accomplished? Nigel Westmaas

Monday April 16, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters... Where your views make the news Dr. George Norton treats the precious Something strange gift of life as a disease to be eradicated happened in Guyana

DEAR EDITOR, For personal reasons, I’ve made the decision to discontinue my letter-writing hobby. As such, this will be my last letter to your publication. This announcement will not only make my critics happy, but members of my own family who have long feared for my safety. I leave these pages on a sad, disturbing note: In an article, “Public hospitals should provide abortion services - APNU” (Kaieteur News, April 12), Parliamentary representative for APNU, Dr. George Norton calls on the Government of Guyana to allow taxpayers money to fund (illegal) abortions at public hospitals around the country. This is outrageous and a crime against morality. I hope our religious leaders find the courage to condemn and denounce this savage and ungodly act against humanity. According to Dr. Norton, “If a woman who needs an abortion cannot afford or cannot access proper medical care in the public domain and is forced to go to unlicenced, incompetent bottom house clinics, this problem would remain.” How about this Dr. Norton; women who know that they cannot afford to bring a baby into this world, should abstain from having sex, use protection, and make sure that the men use protection as well. Where is the cry for responsibility and accountability among our leaders? Abortion, or as Dr. Norton puts it, “termination of pregnancies” is the deliberate killing of a fetus... an unborn or unhatched vertebrate in the later stages of development, showing the main recognizable features of a child. It is a sin against God and humanity to kill, and the butchers who perform this gruesome act are no different in the eyes of God than the criminals who commit the heinous crime of murder. I would have supported a call by Dr. Norton to increase government funding for social services, including the construction of more orphanages; improved

conditions of those existing ones; HIV testing; government sponsorship of an annual seminar by religious institutions on the topic of Unwanted Pregnancy; and the inclusion of a compulsory course in Planned Parenthood in the curriculum of all colleges and university. A lot is already being done to educate our youth, but obviously more needs to be done. Our womenfolk need to take responsibility as well. There are millions of families around the world who would do anything or pay any amount to have a child of their own, yet Dr. George Norton treats the precious gift of life as a disease to be eradicated. A doctor takes an oath to preserve life, not to destroy it. For Dr. George Norton to make such an outrageous appeal to the government as an APNU representative in Parliament, and also as a member of the medical profession, clearly demonstrates how irresponsible and bankrupted of ideas that party is. The decision to abort a pregnancy should only be approved by doctors in cases of rape or incest. Women who are destitute and find themselves pregnant should be able to go to any public hospital for free prenatal care. After the birth of the child, the mother should be encouraged to give up this baby for adoption if her financial situation remains the same. In those rare cases where a woman gives birth to an unwanted baby in places other than a hospital, that woman should be free to walk in to any medical facility, place of worship, or any police station anonymously and hand over that baby for

adoption, without giving her name or address, or without fear of being prosecuted. The child will then be transported to a public hospital for a full medical, and kept there until arrangements are made with an orphanage to provide adequate care for that child. This, I believe, is a humane alternative for those who find their situation so hopeless and unbearable, that they risk having botched abortions by unqualified persons or uncertified physicians in unlicensed facilities. And it is much more humane than reading the caption in a news article, “Newborn found abandoned in toilet.” Of course, it would help if Dr. George Norton compliments the government’s ongoing efforts, by conducting an APNU sponsored nationwide seminar, to educate underprivileged women on the dangers of having unprotected sex. But don’t hold your breath, this will never happen. Perhaps the only person still affiliated with APNU, who is independent enough and immensely qualified to undertake this educational project, and who cares enough to do so in a bipartisan way, is Dr. Faith Harding. The Administration would be wise to solicit her services in this regard. In closing, I wish to thank all my readers, those who supported my views, and also those who opposed. I’m aware that my letters were controversial at times, but I’ve always tried to be fair and objective. I also wish to thank the Editors of Kaieteur News and Guyana Chronicle for allowing me space to express my opinion. Harry Gill

DEAR EDITOR, I was visiting a very nice hotel and restaurant in Guyana when I witnessed on several occasions something strange happening. I saw numerous Members of Parliament (MP) come to eat at the hotel. The meal of the day was duck curry, dhal and rice. Then it occurred to me that these MPs could afford to eat delicacies like duck, while the poor Guyanese can’t even afford to put meat on their plate. How can these MPs truly represent their constituents when they are living the affluent life? Can the MPs relate to their constituency who cannot afford to buy food for their children? Can the MPs feel compassion for those poor constituencies they represent? This incidence reminds me of the days of slavery. The slave owner lived the affluent life, eating the

finest food, while the slave struggled to get food to eat. Is there some form of slavery happening in Guyana today? What I saw sure look similar to what I read about slavery in the past. Today, the MPs are the slave owners, while the poor and disadvantaged are the slaves. Just as the MPs are able to eat the duck paid for by the poor and disadvantaged tax payers, the slave owners were able to eat the finest food paid for by the free labour of the slave. One day I decided to go down to see what happens during parliament. I was shocked with what I saw MPs doing. They were heckling each speaker regardless of party. They were cracking jokes about each presenter. For example, when Moses Nagamootoo was presenting on the floor, one of the MPs asked him loudly, “Moses, do you want a half bottle of

rum?” I was disgusted with the MP’s behavior. They were acting like children. They were playing and joking while people in Guyana are suffering, struggling to get food and women are being physically and emotionally abused every day. While the MPs are cracking jokes in parliament, there is nothing funny about women in Guyana being killed by their lovers. There is nothing funny about women who can’t feed their children. There is nothing funny about the high unemployment rate in Guyana. There is nothing funny about the fact that MPs can afford to eat duck while the poor and disadvantage can’t afford to buy food. While the MPs were having a good time in the parliament at the expense of the poor taxpayer, the poor are suffering financially. Anthony Pantlitz

Legal practitioners are afraid to... From page 4 means of seeking their rights and reducing their grievances, have come up against a judicial brick wall. As former Chancellor Keith Massiah has suggested in relation to the Greene affair, major issues with far reaching implications such as Greene, the Rusal Arbitration, Synergy and Cricket Administration should be adjudicated by a panel of judges. In my view, there is a clear and compelling need for such a panel as well as a Constitutional Court dealing exclusively with the kind of issues on which the longacting Chief Justice Chang has adjudicated, often quite

controversially. But I note that the Chief Justice is not without his cheerleaders including Attorney-at-Law Mr. Jerome Khan, all of them ready to offer the Trinidad case involving its Chief Justice Satnarine Sharma, in support of the Greene decision, but all of them c o n v e niently unable to indicate how the circumstances in the Greene affair meet the Privy Council’s test of “rare in the extreme”. The Constitution of Guyana requires the consent of the Opposition Leader in appointing a Chancellor and a Chief Justice (not acting offices) and the President should consult

early with the Opposition Leader to secure his consent for these appointments as required by the Constitution. A Chief Justice who does not function in accordance with the Constitution and who does not enjoy the confidence of large sections of the population is not conducive to fixing any judicial system, the bedrock of a functioning society. The President should take some time to look into this and seek serious advice from knowledgeable sources so that we may begin the arduous task of fixing a broken system before it gets worse. Ramon Gaskin

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Kaieteur News

Monday April 16, 2012

Company that supervised bungled Amaila Falls road project to overlook new contractors By Gary Eleazar The very company that overlooked Makeshwar ‘Fip’ Motilall’s bungled Amaila Falls Road project has now been tasked with continued supervision of the other contractors who will complete the critical roadway. The company, SRKN Gineering headed by Dr. Ravi Narine, was awarded ‘Supervisory Oversight’ of the US$15.4M Amaila Falls Road which was being undertaken by Motilall’s company, Synergy Holdings Inc. Dr. Narine’s contract has now been extended to September of this year. Dr. Narine’s company will also prepare the remaining road designs for the controversial project, something that Motilall had been tasked with. The administration had reported that Fip Motilall’s Synergy Holdings Inc never submitted the remaining designs which were included in his lump sum “design and build” contract. But this publication was reliably informed that the engineer, who Motilall had secured out of Florida during the latter days of the contract, had completed the designs for Synergy Holdings Inc. But the engineer reportedly left the country with the designs after Motilall failed to pay him some US$12,000. Dr. Narine’s company has also now been contracted to provide the Engineer ’s

Estimate for the remaining sections of the road. It was last Tuesday that bids were opened for the completion of one section of the road when it was also unveiled that SRKN prepared the Engineer’s Estimate for that project to the tune of some $979M. Dr. Narine was also tasked with responsibility for approving payments to Makeswhar ‘Fip’ Motilall upon completion of allotted sections. Many believe that Narine’s company, SRKN, shares the blame for the bungling of the project. Motilall had his US$15.4M contract terminated in January last for failing to secure a Performance Bond among other shortfalls, including missing the deadlines on three occasions. The administration has already expended several million US dollars on the project including two advances to Synergy Holdings Inc for which Motilall used to buy equipment to begin building the road. The administration has since moved to the courts to recover over US$4.5M from Synergy Holdings as a result of the shortfalls. Action has also been initiated to recover the US$1.5M performance Bond held by Hand in Hand. There is however the bone of contention over SRKN Gineering remaining with oversight for the project since his $63M contract

remains in force and has been extended to September. This publication was told that fees for the design of the road were embedded in the ‘lump-sum’ contract that ‘Fip’ was awarded. Kaieteur News was told that SRKN has now been charged with designing the roads as an included provision in the contract already awarded. Head of State, Donald Ramotar, had ordered the release of several documents which the media, political opposition and other stakeholders had been calling for including the contract handed to Dr. Narine. That contract document had illustrated that Dr. Narine was presiding as consultant over and throughout the failings of Motilall even though the government could have terminated this arrangement which cost Guyana an additional $63.5M. This revelation had caused prominent local Attorney-at-Law Vic Puran to offer to prosecute Dr. Narine (pro bono) for ‘collecting money under false pretence.” Puran argued that Dr. Narine presented himself and company as being capable of undertaking the task at hand when this turned out to be far from true. When the documents were made public it was revealed that government had at its disposal a safeguard mechanism which was never invoked. This was in the form of a clause that provided for termination of the contract at

the sole discretion “and for any reason whatsoever” by the client (government). Dr. Narine presented to NICIL a financial proposal for the project he was vying for and this proposal was also supplemented with an additional proposal. In the initial proposal, there was a provision for $6M to purchase a duty free, double-cab, diesel engine, 4WD vehicle, along with another sum of $350,000 for associated costs such as insurance and licence among others. There was an additional provision of $250,000 for the purchase of GPS tracking equipment bringing the total provision for Dr. Narine’s duty free vehicle for the project to $6.6M. This was also submitted for Cabinet’s approval. Another $12M was also submitted in the proposal as payment for a five-man team consisting of Dr. Narine, the

project manager, a roads engineer John Lewis, an environmentalist, Hemwantie Tiwari-Singh, surveyor Neville Thorne and a driver. Dr. Narine was set to receive $1.650M for 30 days of work and the engineer $3.6M for 60 days of work. That additional financial proposal submitted by Dr. Narine also catered for an additional $4M to purchase a duty free vehicle to be used on the project along with financial provisions for associated costs such as insurance. Both proposals for the consultancy project (which was subsequently approved) also catered for meals and hotel fees while in Mahdia, Mabura Hills and several other locations along the way. Hotel fees were also catered for the crew while they travelled from Mona Falls to Amaila Falls. There are reports that Motilall’s failure had even

SRNK Gineering Boss, Ravi Narine forced Dr. Narine of SRKN to attempt to take over management of the project in full. Motilall has since denied that SRKN was forced to take over management of the project but rather said that he only assisted.

Female bandit beats elderly woman unconscious A 69 year-old Anna Catherina woman was forced to seek medical attention after she was beaten unconscious by a female bandit who invaded her business and home at around 17:30 hrs on Saturday. Police said that Khemchand, 72 years, and his wife Lakrajie Khemchand, were in their business place at Anna Catherina, West Coast Demerara, when they were attacked and robbed by a woman and two men, one of whom was armed with a firearm. The perpetrators fled with $1.2M. Khemchand told Kaieteur news that he was sitting at the outer part of the shop when a young man and woman entered he shop to make a purchase. Khemchand said the man purchase a few

- gang flees with $1.2M bottles of soft drinks and paid for them. “After he pay for the drinks the girl ask for a bottle of Vasco wine which was inside of the shop and my wife was on the inside so the girl went in to my wife to collect the wine,”. According to Khemchand just as he turned around to check on his wife and the 'customer' he felt something cold being pressed to his neck. He then realized that he was being held at gunpoint. The man recalled that the girl, who appeared to be in her teens started to beating his wife about her body. According to the businessman the gunman then placed a black plastic bag over his head and

dragged him into the house where he saw his wife lying unconscious on a carpet with blood on her face. “After we reach in the house the man start searching up the place and he took away $400,000 which I had in meh pocket and he just keep cuffing me in meh belly and back,”. According to a police report, the gunman and his accomplice escaped with some $1.2 M which they took from a bedroom. The businessman added that the bandit tied him up with duct tape, and then joined his accomplice in ransacking the house. This publication was told that the robbers spent (Continued on page 10)

Monday April 16, 2012

Kaieteur News

UN peace monitors in Syria set to begin mission

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OBAMA: US has offered no ‘freebies’ to Iran CARTAGENA, Colombia (AP) — Exposing a rift with Israel, President Barack Obama yesterday insisted that the United States has not “given anything away” in new talks with Iran as he defended his continued push for a diplomatic resolution to the dispute over Tehran’s nuclear ambitions. Obama said he refused to let the talks turn into a “stalling process,” but believed there was still time for diplomacy. His assessment, delivered at the close of a Latin American summit in Colombia, came

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (right) meets with Special Joint U.N.-Arab League Envoy Kofi Annan in Geneva Saturday. (REUTERS/Evan Schneider/UN Photo/Handout) BEIRUT (Reuters) - U.N. peace monitors are due to start their mission in Syria today to oversee a shaky ceasefire undermined by persistent violence and the shelling of the opposition stronghold of Homs by forces loyal to President Bashar alAssad. The ceasefire is part of a broader peace plan brokered by international mediator Kofi Annan, but it looked increasingly under threat throughout the weekend as the government vowed a crackdown on a wave of “terrorist attacks” in Syria. An advance team of five unarmed monitors arrived in the capital Damascus yesterday evening, a Reuters witness said. A Syrian official escorting the team at a Damascus hotel told Reuters that more observers were expected to arrive today, but offered no details. Under the U.N. plan, two dozen more observers are due to enter Syria in coming days. As the monitors prepared to embark on their mission, violence persisted on the ground. One activist said the city of Homs, one of the hotbeds of opposition to Assad, was bombarded on Sunday by government forces at a rate of “one shell per minute”. Other activist sources said that six people had been killed on Sunday, and four bodies had been found. Casting further doubt on whether the ceasefire would hold, Syria said it would stop what it called “terrorist groups” from committing criminal acts, state television

reported. Annan, joint special envoy of the United Nations and Arab League, brokered the six-point peace plan in March as part of international efforts to stop 13 months of violence. The plan calls for the start of political dialogue, the delivery of humanitarian assistance, the release of prisoners including those involved in peaceful protests, freedom of movement for journalists to work throughout Syria. The U.N. Security Council authorized the deployment of up to 30 unarmed observers on Saturday in the first resolution on Syria the 15nation council managed to approve unanimously since the uprising erupted in March 2011. Syria blames the violence on what it says are terrorists seeking to topple Assad. It has denied journalists access to the country, making it impossible to independently verify reports. The U.N. estimates Assad’s forces have killed more than 9,000 people in the uprising. Syria says foreignbacked militants have killed more than 2,500 soldiers and police. Yesterday, the Syrian state news agency SANA said a “terrorist group” ambushed armed forces in Idlib province, killing a soldier and wounding three others. “Since the announcement of an end to military operations, terrorist attacks have increased by dozens, causing a large loss of life,” SANA added.

“(Security forces), based on their duty to protect civilians and the country, will stop terrorist groups from continuing their criminals acts and the killing of civilians,” SANA said. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said he was concerned about the shelling of Homs and urged the Syrian government to refrain from any escalation of violence. “While we welcome the cessation of violence at this time I warn that the whole world is watching with skeptical eyes whether this will be sustainable,” he said. “It is important the Syrian government takes all the measures to keep the cessation of violence.” Annan’s spokesman said the mission could be expanded to 250 or more but that would require another resolution. Syrian government spokeswoman Bouthaina Shaaban said Syria could not be responsible for the safety of the monitors unless it was involved in “all steps on the ground”. On the eve of the mission, Syrian forces pounded Homs, activists said. “Early this morning we saw a helicopter and a spotter plane fly overhead. Ten minutes later, there was heavy shelling,” said Walid al-Fares, a local activist.

after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday had said the U.S. and world powers gave Tehran a “freebie” by agreeing to hold more talks next month. Obama shot back: “The notion that somehow we’ve given something away or a ‘freebie’ would indicate Iran has gotten something. In fact, they’ve got some of the toughest sanctions that they’re going to be facing coming up in just a few months if they don’t take advantage of these talks.” Still, in a news conference here, Obama warned to Iran, “The clock’s ticking.”

Secure despite rocket fiasco, North Korea’s Kim lauds military PYONGYANG (Reuters) - North Korea’s new leader delivered his first major public speech yesterday as the impoverished state celebrated the centenary of its founder’s birth, calling for a push to “final victory” despite a failed rocket launch two days earlier. A jowly Kim Jong-un, clad in black and the third of his line to rule North Korea, read monotonously from a script in P y o n g y a n g ’s central square after goosestepping soldiers and sailors showcased the North’s military power in a parade in spring sunshine. Smiling and joking with generals on a podium after the speech, Kim watched as the country’s missiles paraded past, a reminder t h a t d e s p i t e F r i d a y ’s embarrassing failure to successfully launch a rocket, North Korea packs a punch. In a move that indicated Kim would stick to the “military-first” policies that have put North Korea

on the verge of nuclearw e a p o n s c a p a c i t y, h e lauded respectively his grandfather, Kim Il-sung, and his father, Kim Jong-il, as the “founder and the builder of our revolutionary armed forces”. North Korea is believed to be readying a third nuclear test, based on intelligence satellite images and a past pattern of rocket launches followed by tests. “Let us move forward to final victory,” the 20something leader urged tens of thousands of military and civilians as they applauded his more than 20-minute speech, the first time a North Korean leader has delivered a major public set-piece address. South Korea’s Yonhap news agency and YTN TV later cited military sources

Kim Jong-un and analysts as saying the North unveiled at the parade a new long-range missile, presumed to be a ballistic missile with a range of to 6,000 km (3,700 miles). The missile appeared to be longer and with a bigger diameter compared with others the North has revealed.

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IMF negotiations, tax reform points of concern after PNP’s 100 days in office At least two political analysts have weighed in on the People’s National Party’s (PNP) first 100 days in office. Commentator and lecturer at the University of Technology, Martin Henry says the Portia Simpson Miller-led administration has managed to firmly establish itself in structure and operation without becoming engrossed in major scandals. He notes that the Government has been able to reduce major crimes and maintain a stable dollar. However, Mr Henry says the problems and constraints facing the country have remained unchanged. Writing in yesterday’s Sunday Gleaner, Mr Henry notes the Government has not been able to negotiate a new agreement with the

Portia Simpson Miller International Monetary Fund in the two-week deadline promised. He says while finance minister, Dr Peter Phillips should be commended for the vigour with which he has engaged the IMF, the

discussions with the Fund have remained secret and are likely to be drawn out similar to talks between the IMF and the previous Jamaica Labour Party administration. Political commentator, Kevin Obrien Chang, adds that the Portia Simpson Miller led-administration should move to urgently adopt the recommendations of the Private Sector Working Group on Tax Reform. According to Mr Chang, the proposed package is comprehensive and should contribute greatly to the achievement of national goals. He says if Mrs Simpson accepts the package it would gain her popularity among the business community while providing assistance to poor. (Jamaica Gleaner)

Sports coach, teacher charged with sexual offences The police have charged 31-year-old sports coach,

Tahir Dudley, with buggery while 48-year-old teacher,

Lervan Jones, has been charged with another sexual offence. Dudley was charged with two counts of buggery while Jones was charged with sexual touching of a minor. They were among four people arrested on the weekend by investigators from the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse The police say the other people are expected to be charged sometime this week.

Monday April 16, 2012

Latin America rebels against Obama over Cuba CARTAGENA, Colombia (Reuters) - Unprecedented Latin American opposition to U.S. sanctions on Cuba left President Barack Obama isolated at a summit yesterday and illustrated Washington’s declining influence in a region being aggressively courted by China. Unlike the rock-star status he enjoyed at the 2009 Summit of the Americas after taking office, Obama has had a bruising time at the two-day meeting in Colombia of some 30 heads of state. Sixteen U.S. security personnel were caught in an embarrassing prostitution scandal before Obama arrived, Brazil and others have bashed Obama over U.S. monetary policy and he has been on the defensive over Cuba and calls to legalize drugs. Due to the hostile U.S. and Canadian line on communist-run Cuba, the heads of state failed to produce a final declaration as

the summit fizzled out on Sunday afternoon. “There was no declaration because there was no consensus,” said Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. He bristled at suggestions the summit had been a failure, however, saying the exchange of different views was a sign of democratic health. For the first time, conservative-led U.S. allies like Mexico and Colombia are throwing their weight behind the traditional demand of leftist governments that Cuba be invited to the next Summit of the Americas. Cuba was kicked out of the Organization of American States (OAS) a few years after Fidel Castro’s 1959 revolution and has been kept out of its summits due mainly to U.S. opposition. But Latin American leaders are increasingly militant in opposing both Cuba’s exclusion and the 50year-old U.S. trade embargo on the Caribbean island.

Barack Obama “The isolation, the embargo, the indifference, looking the other way, have been ineffective,” Santos said. “I hope Cuba is at the next summit in three years.” Santos, a major U.S. ally in the region who has relied on Washington for financial and military help to fight guerrillas and drug traffickers, has become vocal about Cuba’s inclusion even though he also advocates for democratic reform by Havana.

Marriott expands in Caribbean BETHESDA, Md. (AP) — Marriott International Inc. plans to double the number of hotels it has in the Caribbean and Latin America over the next five years, the company a n n o u n c ed Friday. Marriott, which operates The Ritz-Carlton, JW Marriott and other hotel chains,

currently has 69 hotels in 25 countries in these two regions. It has 35 hotels already under development there as well. The company hopes to have more than 140 hotels in the two regions by 2017. “Latin America is booming, in terms of economic growth and

political and institutional stability, which is creating a promising business climate,” Arne Sorenson, the new CEO of Marriott International, said in a statement. “The rising middle class throughout the region is eager to travel to new places and do business on the road. Worldwide, we’re seeing a golden age of travel, and Latin America is at the forefront.” Marriot, based in Bethesda, Md., had 3,718 properties and timeshare resorts as of the end of its most recent fiscal quarter.

Monday April 16, 2012

Kaieteur News

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IT COULD HAVE BEEN YOU! It could have been you or someone you know. Instead it was Henry Greene who faced allegations that he had forcible sex with a woman. Imagine if instead of the Commissioner of Police, it was you. Imagine you were the person who was accused of rape when all along you were contending that the sex you had with your accuser was consensual. Imagine if after the allegation was made against you, an investigation was ordered. Imagine that investigation found that the actions of the complainant were questionable. Would you like if despite this finding, charges were recommended against you? Imagine also if the same investigative report observed that the complainant’s story was riddled with inconsistencies and that because of these inconsistencies it could not be concluded definitively that she was raped. Would you, the accused in such circumstance be pleased if charges were still filed against you for rape? Imagine if your accuser had said that her doctor had advised her that an infection she had was caused by the condom used during the alleged rape. Imagine if that fact was discredited. Would you like if despite this you were still charged for rape? I doubt whether you would. No one should be

charged when there is insufficiency of evidence, lack of credible evidence or if the star witness lacks credibility. Yet there are many out there who would like to see the Commissioner of Police lynched on the basis of a complaint that was found to be riddled with inconsistencies, actions that were questionable and a complainant who had gone to the Commissioner to seek his assistance in relation to a matter in which she was under investigation for an alleged wrongdoing. Is this someone that the prosecution would wish to place on a witness stand? There are many persons out there who want to see the back of the Commissioner of Police. For some of these persons it is all about their own credibility. Some of them have to be seen as demonstrating that they take the issue of women’s rights seriously because this is the business they are in and if they are not seen as being militant then the credibility of their organizations is going to be called into question. There are others with political axes to grind and others who are acting out of pure defensiveness in order to deflect criticism from their own inconsistent stance on other matters concerning women. And of course there are those with political axes to

grind against the Commissioner? But all of these persons need to ask themselves: what if it were them who were being similarly accused? Would they have liked to have had to proceed in leave while an investigation took place? Details of the investigative report into the allegations of rape against the Commissioner of Police were published in yesterday’s Stabroek News. Based on that report alone, no charges should have been proffered against the Commissioner of Police. Why charges were recommended against him is another issue and one which needs to be addressed because based on the investigative report alone there was little chance of a successful prosecution. So the question is, why were charges recommended? The courts itself have found that there was no rational basis for the charge. Imagine then that all of this had happened to you or someone you know. Imagine that charges were recommended against you when in fact there was no rational basis for the charge. Would you be pleased by this? How would you have felt? Imagine having to be locked up for years on remand while awaiting trial on the basis of evidence which the investigators themselves

Poor pay has “chased experienced teachers to other countries” Leader of the Opposition and A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Mr. David Granger has stated that “poor pay has chased away experienced teachers to other countries and has discouraged others from entering the teaching profession. Granger made the remarks while speaking to members of the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU) on the occasion of its third Biennial Conference in Berbice. He noted that parents, teachers and students have had to shut down some rural schools because of poor sanitary and physical conditions. APNU, he added, is not unaware of the severe damage done to the education system. “The large number of dropouts from primary and secondary schools; the large number of failures of students presented at the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA), at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate Examinations (CSEC) and the administrative and financial crisis at the Cyril Potter

- Granger tells GTU Conference College of Education (CPCE) and at the University of Guyana (UG), are symptoms of deeper problems which must be corrected”. The Opposition leader added that APNU reiterates its commitment to increased salaries and benefits, improved incentive systems for teachers, to rehabilitate or rebuild ram-shacked schools, reduce the number of untrained and under qualified teachers and upgrade CPCE and UG. APNU, he added, wishes to assure GTU that “we shall continue to collaborate with it in a cordial manner to improve the conditions throughout the national teaching service”. The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC)’s Lincoln Lewis, in his message to the teachers’ conference noted the current climate in the

country “where the citizens’ rights and rule of law are constantly under threat. It requires an understanding of organisations like the GTU to ensure that every trade union has a moral and social responsibility, not only to the workers but to the communities in which they operate”. He added that the coming together of the branches and groups and individuals with various views augers well for a rich confidence to develop and to define a programme of action to meet the needs of workers. “It is against this backdrop that the GTUC wishes your organisation a successful conference, at the end of which, we look forward to working with you to realise improved working conditions for your members”.

There is only one success to be able to spend your life in your own way.

deemed to have been riddled with inconsistencies and in which the actions of your accuser was described as questionable. Imagine you losing your job, your income and your family having to suffer all because of allegations which the investigators deemed could not have been substantiated. How fair would this have been to you? You would have lost years of your life, your career would have been disrupted and you made to suffer because of this. And if you were in poor health, your heart may fail you. Yet this is what many in Guyana are proposing. They want the Commissioner to face charges when the investigating team failed to conclude that there was rape. Having failed to have the Commissioner of Police prosecuted, there are now

calls for him to be removed. But what about the suffering that this sickly man has had to endure and which must have taken a toll on his health? What about the possibility that this man was setup? What about the possibility of the Commissioner being the victim here? How come no one is asking if there was a political angle to the accusations against the Commissioner? Instead we have persons with no locus standi approaching the Police Complaints Authority and the Office of Professional Responsibility demanding that the Commissioner be investigated for professional misconduct. Are these persons who are writing letters going to give the evidence of the alleged misconduct? Not

only can none of these two offices investigate the Commissioner for misconduct but even if they could, they could not proceed on the basis of letters from individuals or groups with no connection to the matter. If the Commissioner of Police is to be investigated for professional misconduct, then the complainant will have to file such a report and the matter would then have to be referred to a tribunal. But any such hearing would also be obligated to examine the basis on which the complainant originally sought the assistance of the Commissioner. And this may open a can of worms.

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Monday April 16, 2012

APNU blames Govt. for failed projects in regions Government was once again blasted by the main opposition, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) on Wednesday at the Parliament Buildings, this time for failing to allow Regional offices to function. This has resulted in a number of projects throughout the regions suffering from deficiencies,

said APNU. In fact, these projects are presently in stages that the main opposition party says “do not serve the public’s interests”. Some of those mentioned were issues concerning the $2.2 B Linden Hospital and the $1B Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation inpatient facility.

The Supenaam or Good Hope stelling was also highlighted by APNU as being built some three years before the arrival of the ferries that were to use it. Another major issue was the $416M that is being sought for the modification of the Supenaam and Parika stellings, before the vessels can actually be used.

- accuses ruling party of fully controlling Regional offices During Wednesday’s budgetary debates, Ronald Bulkan, APNU Shadow Minister of Local Government and Regional Development (MLGRD), stated that the Regional offices should have been allowed to function as required by the Constitution without the unnecessary interference of Government. “If the Government is to operate in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution then these projects and interventions must originate from the Regions themselves and who must be responsible for its execution, implementation, monitoring, etc. That this programme and these projects in particular come under the authority of central Government in the absence of some overriding reason is really but one means of subterfuge employed to miniaturize and marginalize the authority of local democratic organs, as dictated by the Constitution. This practice must come to an end.” According to Bulkan, Government has repeatedly failed to honour Constitutional requirements as it relates to the engagement with, and the management of the administrative regions. He said that the executing agency for the respective capital projects to the various regions is given to the Regional Democratic Councils (RDCs) and not the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development.

Bulkan cited that on numerous occasions the said Ministry plays “the lead role” via the Regional Administration and the Regional Executive Officer (REO) who it appoints. “The phenomenon to which I refer is the continuing and current control being exercised by central Government through the MLGRD and via the REOs that they appoint. These REOs operate like tin gods and the further away they are from Georgetown the more out of control they behave. They are encouraged to act with impunity by the Minister who appoints them and in many as well as the majority of cases do not see it as their duty to be an officer of the RDC…,” said Bulkan. The APNU parliamentarian explained that the mandate is that the development programme of each region be integrated into the national development plans and imposes on the Government a duty to allocate funds to each Region to enable its execution. “It needs to be stressed that the lead role for the creation of the respective development plans is the responsibility of the duly elected RDCs and not the central Government’s ministry…So the Constitution tempers the near imperial powers inherent in the presidency by way of these ten RDCs each having a Regional Chairperson. Proper observance of the

Ronald Bulkan, APNU Shadow Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Constitution would see these ten Regional Chairpersons collectively having a status superior to the Cabinet,” continued Bulkan. While alluding to the fact that the Regions must be given the resources to foster their development, Bulkan stated that the issue of widespread and pervasive poverty and high employment should be placed as high priority. Due to such issues many persons throughout various regions are forced to migrate and “seek their fortunes elsewhere, anywhere.” He emphasised that the responsibility for administering affairs in the Regions must go to the local democratic organs such as the RDCs and Neighbourhood Democratic C o u ncils (NDCs). Should these bodies be excluded in the process, the potential for inefficiency, waste, corruption and more will be increased.

Ann Catherina wholesale...

The shop at Anna Catherina Public Road which was attacked by a gunman and his female accomplice. (From page 6) close to 20 minutes in their victim's home before fleeing with two black bags of cash. Khemchand said once he was sure that his attackers had fled he freed himself and alerted his neighbors. “I fight up and I get the duct tape lil slack and then I

pull out meh hand but me wife de still unconscious so I call out and people come and help,” The man said he also informed the police who eventually arrived. This publication was told that the businessman had his wife checked by a doctor who

visited their home but was subsequently advised to take her to a hospital. The woman was treated and subsequently discharged. According to reports this is the second time Khemchand was attacked and robbed by gunmen. Investigations are ongoing.

Monday April 16, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Ramotar vows tougher drug fight - says money laundering unit to be beefed up By Neil Marks in Cartagena, Colombia President Donald Ramotar yesterday vowed a tougher war on drugs, which he says breeds money laundering and corruption in Guyana. Colombia, where the President spent the last few days discussing greater cooperation with 33 other countries in the Americas, is thought to be one of the main producers of the drugs that flow into Guyana's borders and shipped to buyers in other parts of the world. Ramotar said that Guyana's drug trafficking results in several problems for Guyana, including money-laundering and corruption. But a greater problem, he suggested, is getting the hard facts on the trail of the dirty money. Ramotar says he is keen on beefing up the Guyana Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

President Donald Ramotar, left, with other leaders who attended the Americas Summit “..I think it needs to have a bigger investigative arm to try to track where the money is going…we need to examine it and beef those things up,” Ramotar told Kaieteur News. He said his government would be looking to the Americans “to see what

models can be used.” Recently, Guyana and the US signed an agreement to establish and support projects aimed at countering money-laundering and narcotics operation over the next three years. The FIU and the Customs AntiNarcotics Unit (CANU) will

be supported through the initiative. In an address to the VI Summit of the Americas, Ramotar said that traffickers in narcotics have been using poverty as an ally in the trade “that has done tremendous harm to our hemisphere and the world at large.”

He said that countries in the hemisphere need very close coordination and cooperation in fighting the drug trade. “Experience has shown that as soon as we choke off the trade in one country it finds new areas to carry on. That is why we have no

alternative but to work together to really make an impact. “Needless to say, the narco trade has also given rise to gun running, trafficking in persons, corruption and some of the most heinous crimes known (Continued on page 15)

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Monday April 16, 2012

Monday April 16, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Relatives of hammer-beaten woman unhappy with police probe Relatives of Eureka Garraway are pleading with the police to step up their efforts to arrest the man who allegedly inflicted a hammer beating on the 38-year-old woman. A relative said yesterday that Garraway's condition has improved and she now recognizes visitors and is speaking with them. However, she is reportedly still to give police a statement. This is an improvement from last week when Garraway was complaining of severe pains and was not recognizing her relatives. A sister-in-law who visited Garraway in hospital yesterday said that the 38year-old failed to recognize her and appeared disoriented. Garraway was also complaining of severe pains and underwent another CAT scan to ascertain if her head injuries were more serious than initially b e l i e v e d . Garraway sustained cuts to her head which required more than 100 stitches. The brutal attack also reportedly left her with two broken fingers. Meanwhile, the sister-inlaw said that the suspect has spoken to some of Garraway's relatives. The man, who Kaieteur News contacted by phone, has promised to turn himself in once his lover is fit enough to be discharged. He had explained that he wanted to ensure that Garraway does not die. Asked to explain the reason for the attack, the suspect said that he 'flipped' and that he now regrets every m o m e n t . Police reportedly have

- suspect calling relatives, still at large numerous complaints of assault against the suspect, but Kaieteur News understands that Garraway herself may have often come to her abuser's defence, stating that “he's a diabetic and that he's sickly.” A niece also alleged that the suspect has a relative in the Force and the rank would intervene on the suspect's b e h a l f . Garraway's lover is well known for dressing up in outrageous outfits, including baby's diapers, at cricket m a t c h e s . Two Wednesdays ago, Garraway was found unconscious and bleeding profusely from the head in a relative's Non Pareil, East Coast Demerara residence. She had reportedly been slashed as well as beaten with a hammer. A niece claimed that Garraway's attacker contacted relatives by telephone shortly after and threatened to harm them. However, in the interview with Kaieteur News, the man denied threatening anyone. He said that he did call one family member to enquire about Garraway's welfare. According to the niece, Garraway was visiting a sister-in-law at Non Pareil last week Wednesday when her lover arrived. It is alleged that the sister-in-law and the others eventually went out, leaving Garraway and her lover at the r e s i d e n c e . Kaieteur News was told that before departing, the sisterin-law, who was aware of the

suspect's history of physical abuse, expressed concern about Garraway being left alone with the man. Garraway reportedly reassured her that she would b e “ a l r i g h t . ” It is alleged that at around 15:00 hrs, neighbours heard screams emanating from the house where Garraway was staying. According to the niece, around 18:00 hrs Garraway's brother received a phone call from the

woman's lover. The suspect reportedly told the brother “I leave your sister in a pool of blood; go home (and c h e c k ) . ” The brother relayed the information to his wife, who went home and discovered the unconscious and battered Garraway on a bed. They rushed her to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. The sister-in-law said that the matter was reported to the Vigilance Police Station.

Eureka Garraway

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Kaieteur News

Monday April 16, 2012

Man held for Norton Street arson attempt


olice have detained a suspect in connection with an attempt by persons to burn down a Norton Street house early yesterday morning. Arsonists set the front and back steps of the Lot 28 Norton Street, Lodge property alight, but quick work by neighbours averted tragedy. Winslow Mc Kenzie, the home owner, said that he was watching television at around 03:00 hrs when he heard his neighbors calling out for him. When he looked

out he noticed fire on his front step. The neighbours then alerted him that his back landing was also ablaze. According to Mc Kenzie his neighbors immediately formed a bucket brigade and started to put out the fire. The man said once the fire on the front step was put out he exited his house and assisted his neighbors to put out the blaze which was all over his back door and on the platform. “By that time too we called in the police and the fire service but by the time the fire service arrived the

fire was already under control.” The man said the ranks from the fire service removed a bottle of gasoline which was left under his house. Asked about a possible motive, Mc Kenzie said that his son, Cheddi Bacchus and another Norton Street resident had an argument over money. Bacchus is at present overseas. According to the home owner, as recent as Friday, there was an exchange of words between his son and the man about money.

“I really don't know what is the problem but I think is has to do with some money story and Friday the man was here and he vowed to return after a talking with my son.” He added that it is his strong belief that the two incidents may be linked. Meanwhile this publication was told that the suspect was detained late yesterday afternoon. There are reports that minutes after the fire was spotted, a young male was seen leaving Mc Kenzie's yard.

Home owner Winslow Mc Kenzie showing the damage which was done to his back door as a result of the fire.

One month, and four burglaries later…

Mon Repos Market vendors still await police action Maureen Rampertab pointing to her broken lock

After being burglarized for the fourth time in less than six months, some Mon Repos Market vendors fear that the latest break-in will be ignored like the ones before. Kaieteur News understands that the three security guards, who were in police custody at the Beterverwagting Police Station, East Coast Demerara, were subsequently released. “The police didn't even tell we back wha happened to the case. We suffering all de time, and the NDC never even showed any sympathy,” one vendor said. The stalls, which are located in the last lane to the south of the market, were broken into during the midnight hours of March 14.

The robbers carted off millions of dollars in valuables despite the fact that the facility is manned by three guards at a time, fueling speculations of some amount of complicity. From all indications the thieves used hammers and other implements to break their way into the stalls, yet the guards on duty maintained that they heard nothing. The affected vendors are still however very suspicious of these guards who they had said “never see or hear anything.” The guards were hired by the Lusignan Neighbourhood Democratic Council. When Kaieteur News visited the scene, Anita Persaud, a single mother of (Continued on page 18)

Monday April 16, 2012

One of the major reasons for communication problems is that we use the same word to describe a variety of phenomena that are essentially different. Take the word “love”. We believe, “That love makes the world go round” and “Love is in the air.” We say, “I love my wife”, “I love my house”, “I love my car”, “I love our dog.” As one language expert pointed out, “Hopefully, we are using the same word to describe different emotions and that the love we feel for our car or dog is not the same we feel or express for our wives.” The word “ball” is another word that has a variety of meaning or interpretations. As a noun it is a solid or hollow sphere or ovoid, especially one that is kicked, thrown, or hit in a game. This would apply to a cricket or soccer ball. But it can also be the rounded protuberant part of the foot at the base of the big toe or thumb. In vulgar slang the plural “balls” can mean the testicles as well as the possession of courage or nerve. It can be

Kaieteur News

an exclamation meaning “rubbish” or it can be a “screw-up” or complete mess. It is also a village in Barbados. A friend once pointed out to me that in terms of “balls” to mean courage the term “guts” is also widely used but insists there is a distinction that goes beyond “intestinal” and “testicular” fortitude. He says “guts” is arriving home late after a night out with the boys, being met by your wife with a broom, and having the “guts” to ask, “Are you still cleaning, or are you flying somewhere?” “Balls” is coming home late after a night out with the boys, smelling of perfume and rum, lipstick on your collar, slapping your wife on the butt and having the “balls” to say, “You’re next, Chubby.” During a cricket match in South Africa a Jamaican pace bowler overstepped the bowling crease and the Barbadian female commentator said, “That’s the problem with (X) – no balls, no balls.” This could have been interpreted as a comment on the man’s bowling, his anatomy or his

courage. Some of the best puns and jokes come from the deliberate exploitation for humorous purposes of the many meanings of a word like “ball”. A man received an ad in the mail for a golf resort where everything cost only one dollar. He jumped at the offer and headed off for the weekend. He arrived, played a round of golf, and it cost him one dollar. That evening, he went for dinner and it cost him another dollar. Even his room was only one dollar a day. The following day, before checking out, he headed out to play one last round. On the way, he stopped by the pro shop and charged a sleeve of three balls to his room. Standing at the check-out desk, he looked at his bill and saw, “Golf: $2.00. Dinner: $1.00. Room: $1.00. Sleeve of Golf Balls: $3000.00.” He was outraged. He called the manager over and exclaimed, “What is this all about? Everything is supposed to cost one dollar and you charged me three thousand dollars for three golf balls!” “I’m sorry, sir,” replied the

Ramotar vows tougher... (From page 11) to mankind,” the President stated. While the US says the cocaine trafficked through Guyana originates in Colombia, Ramotar said he isn't too sure about that and credits Bogota for having made progress in fighting the scourge. He said that it is America's efforts to squeeze the drug trade in Colombia that has created the “balloon effect” causing drugs to be trafficked through Guyana and the Caribbean. The US recently renewed calls for the Guyana government to enforce laws against money laundering and financial crimes. In the 2012 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR), the US State Department has noted that while Guyana is a party to the Inter-American Convention against Corruption, it is yet to fully implement its provisions, “such as seizure of property obtained through corruption.” The report noted that as a matter of policy, the Government of Guyana does not encourage or facilitate the illicit production or distribution of narcotic or psychotropic drugs or other controlled substances, or the laundering of proceeds from illegal drug transactions. “News media, however, report on allegations of corruption; some reports have implicated police personally in stealing drugs from seizures,

while others point to high government officials who are not investigated and thus go unpunished.” The report stated that Guyana continues to be a transit country for cocaine destined for the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe and West Africa with cocaine from Colombia smuggled to Venezuela and onward to Guyana by sea (fishing vessels, bulk cargo vessels and tug vessels) or air. Because of Guyana's porous borders, smuggling is also conducted by land from Brazil and Suriname into Guyana, the report noted, adding that once cocaine arrives in Guyana, it is often concealed in legitimate commodities and smuggled via commercial maritime vessels, air shipments, human couriers or the postal services. The report said that drug trafficking organisations based in Guyana are beginning to use neighboring Suriname as a major distribution hub where Suriname is used as a stash location and

distribution country for drugs entering Guyana. The report noted that The Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act (AMLCFTA), the Interception of Communications Bill and the Criminal Procedure Bill were designed to enhance both the investigative capability of law enforcement authorities and prosecutors' ability to obtain convictions in drug related cases. However, in 2011, there were no convictions under these laws, “and there is an apparent lack of political will to investigate and prosecute drug trafficking organizations.” The government of Guyana signed a maritime counter-drug bilateral agreement with the United States in 2001, but has yet to take the necessary domestic action to bring the agreement into effect, the report noted. Approximately 352 kilogrammes of cocaine and 393 kilogrammes of marijuana were seized in 2011.

Kitty taxi driver shot... (From page 2) Jadoonaugth was threatened twice by the husband of a female acquaintance. This newspaper was further told that a report was made to the police. In January the body of 40 year old Mark Small, a taxi driver, was found slumped in his car in a nearby canal, at Goedverwagting, Market Street, ECD, with several stab wounds about the body. Small was employed with the GT Express Taxi Service, which is based on Sheriff Street. A clear motive for the murder was not ascertained.

manager, “obviously you failed to read the fine print in our promotional brochure. That is what our golf balls cost.” “Excuse me,” the man replied, “but had I wanted to spend that kind of money, I would have gone to the luxury hotel across the street and paid them a thousand dollars a day for a room. At least I would have known what I was paying for!” “That’s right, sir, you could have,” said the manager. “Over there they get you by the room. Over here we get you by the balls!” Sometimes, unfortunately, such a situation is not funny especially when the punch line is literal. It is like the remarks about the pig when commenting to a chicken about their respective contributions to a dish of ham and eggs, “For you madam,” he observed, “it is merely part of your day’s work but it represents a genuine sacrifice on my part.” This is the sad case of an Indiana man who was rushed to the hospital after his scrotum was the victim of a vicious attack by an exgirlfriend. According to the Daily Caller, the victim reportedly told police that his former girlfriend, Christina

Page 15

Reber, stormed into his apartment as he was innocently sitting at his computer. Reber, with whom he had severed ties a few days earlier, first struck him on the head and then grabbed his scrotum and began “squeezing as hard as she could.” Naturally, he told officers that he “was in incredible pain when [she] grabbed his scrotum and began digging in her fingers.” The police report indicates that the scrotum area was “completely torn loose from his body.” Reber reportedly “refused to let go of his scrotum,” but that the victim was finally able to remove his balls from her vice-like grip. The newspaper which used the opening line “Talk about a ball buster” also observed, “As if the story isn’t already good enough, the victim, who has not been identified, was taken to BALL MEMORIAL HOSPITAL. As far as we know, the hospital is not only for scrotum-specific injuries. In an interview two days after the incident, the man told police that after his ex

was done breaking his balls, his family jewels are so swollen that he is unable to work, and he isn’t sure if there will be permanent damage. Reber was charged with two felonies: aggravated battery and illegally entering the victim’s home. She was also charged with a misdemeanor domestic battery.” The headline for the story was, “Angry ex-girlfriend goes ballistic, rips off man’s scrotum.” Almost every man in the world would not only sympathise with the sufferer but would demand a stiff sentence for Ms. Reber. No woman can ever appreciate the agony or understand the importance these particular anatomical attributes hold for us. In fact, the first testicular guard, the “Cup,” was used in Hockey in 1874 and the first helmet was used in 1974. That means it only took 100 years for men to realize that their brains are also important. *Tony Deyal was last seen saying that whatever you may think about Ms. Reber’s behaviour she found the only way to get any man’s undivided attention.

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Kaieteur News

2012 budget falls short of addressing social ills of society - APNU A Partnership for National Unity Parliamentarian Volda Lawrence has stated that this year’s budget falls woefully short of addressing the many social issues of society. Hence she said that her Party will not allow the Administration to give the spoils of the sweat and hard work of ordinary citizen to the friends and families of the Government. “We therefore will carefully attend to the appropriations as allocated in the estimates,” Ms. Lawrence reiterated. Pointing out some of the many social issues, Ms. Lawrence said the issue of child labour should be addressed promptly. She said sooner rather than later some organization will report negatively on Guyana’s continued breach of the International Labour Organization’s Convention 182, the worst form of child labour. She pointed out that the laws of Guyana provide that no child under 15 years must be employed and that persons 15-18 years can work, but this work must not be injurious to the health and safety of the worker. Yet today she says as one travels the streets of Georgetown and those areas where there is a high degree of economic activity one would observe a great number of children who ought to be in school working as shop attendants, porters, vendors with entertainment bands, restaurants and on construction sites. She added that the depressing reality is that in

most instances the parents or guardians are well aware of the child’s working life and benefit from the rewards. “Apart from breaching the conventions, many of these children become uncontrollable and find themselves in conflict with the law, bringing undue pressure to the already choked social system. “While it is my belief that no representative of this honourable house would condone such infringement on the Right of the Child, it does not in any way release them from taking action whenever they come into contact with such situations”. Lawrence beckoned the Ministers responsible for both Human Services and Education to remedy this situation. Touching on other social issues Ms. Lawrence sought to use statistics showing that in 2009 there were almost 900 cases of child abuse reported, in 2010, 3400 cases, in 2011 the figures surpassed 4000 cases. “Of these cases more than 50 percent have been committed in Region Four while Regions Three, Five, Six, and Ten range between six to 16 percent”. What is more mind boggling, Lawrence said, are incidences which have not been reported and those that continue to take place and go unreported given the geography of the other regions. “Our children have fallen victim to various types of abuse, physical, sexual, verbal, neglect and abandonment to mention a few”. She brought the

House’s attention to the fact that statistics reveal that the majority of abused children are of primary school ages followed by those at the secondary level, particularly those not attending school. She added that many of these children are taken out of their homes and sent to live with other family members since the perpetrators to a large extent are parents, relatives and step- parents. She stressed that even with the passing of specific legislations to address the plight of children the abuse continues unabated. This, she says, “leaves us with the task of finding other mechanisms whereby we can successfully address this crime inflicted upon our future generation.” “There is that adage that “every male can father but not all males can be a father…the values which we were known to embrace as a people have changed dramatically...we are obligated as leaders to ensure that those who are given the opportunity to be mothers and fathers are given the knowledge and understand their responsibility and we must ensure that they are dealt with in accordance with the law. However, Lawrence said that the government must be willing to give the assistance where the legitimate need exists. “Specific efforts must be made to ensure the equitable distribution of the national wealth to our people”.

Monday April 16, 2012

Councillors mull approaching Auditor General on City Hall’s financial discrepancies Councillors of the Georgetown Municipality are yet to decide if they would engage the Auditor General to investigate alleged financial discrepancies at City Hall that were unearthed by Chairman of its Finance Committee, Junior Garrett. This is intended to weed out corruption from all levels of City Hall’s administration. Some of the discrepancies Councillors would like to put before the Auditor General, Deodat Sharma, include what they say is blatant disregard for the functions of the Finance Committee; alleged preferential treatment of some contractors; misuse of Council’s scarce financial resources; and diversion from established tendering process. This is according to Garrett, who related that Councillors would have to decide if a copy of the booklet he compiled on financial discrepancies including the payment of daily incentives to some staff would be given to Sharma for investigation. He alleged that Councillors are forced into this direction since a copy of the booklet given to City H a l l ’s p o l i t i c a l h e a d , Mayor Hamilton Green, was ignored. However, sections of the media reported that Green had denied ever receiving a copy of the document. Nonetheless,

Junior Garrett Deputy Mayor, Patricia Green, who has a print, is supporting Garrett’s claim. The disclosure of this booklet came one day after the Mayor announced that he has instructed an investigation into all transactions undertaken by Garrett since he assumed the position of Finance Chairman. This stemmed from the fact that Garrett’s lone signature appeared on a payment voucher for the purchase of a laptop computer from a company which is allegedly nonexistent. Garrett had maintained

that he signed the document presented to him without verifying the company’s authenticity since it was not his responsibility. According to Garrett, several questionable vouchers without “Contract for Works” amounting to $7.9M were documented and disseminated to key officials. He added that some contractors have been receiving preferential treatment which is contributing to the misuse of City Hall’s scarce financial resources. In addition, the works undertaken by some contractors do not undergo the established tendering process. “I wish to state from a professional point of view that the necessary systems and controls are not adhered to and drastic action should be taken immediately to prevent further misuse and abuse of funds by persons for their personal gain,” Garrett said. Currently, the Auditor General’s Office is investigating the payment of incentives to staff of the City Treasurer Department in December last year and the sale of the old incinerator.

Religious organizations, Health Ministry host medical outreach Over 300 Guyanese have accessed free medical attention within proximity of their respective work places, as the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the corporate community provided medical care including eye care and dental services. A similar activity is scheduled for Masjid al Nur in Parfait Harmonie, Region three on April 16. This medical attention which began from the beginning of the year, aims to take the much needed services to various communities to meet the needs of the residents, particularly the elderly. These activities have now expanded to include religious organizations. One was hosted at the Masjid AnNajm and Social Center in Albouystown, Georgetown where both Muslims and nonMuslims received general and eye care services. According to Health officials, many other religious organisations are involved in facilitating such outreaches; in this regard the call now is for more organisations to tap

into this effort. Minister of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran noted that apart from providing medical services, lectures are also done which provide pertinent information about a range of health issues. He further said that s h o r t l y, o n e o f t h e M i n i s t r y ’s o r a l h e a l t h caravans will be stationed in the community to provide dental health, in partnership with the Rotary Club. Director, Masjid AnNajm and Social Center, Naeem Muhammad said that the outreach falls into the objectives of the organisation which is to bring social services to the people of the community. He indicated his satisfaction to partner with the Ministry of Health and by extension the Government of Guyana. It is hoped that similar outreaches will be carried out more often. He explained that an assessment will be done based on the medical needs of the community so as to determine what other services can be included in the outreaches.

Monday April 16, 2012

Kaieteur News

The Abigail Column Ex-fiancée ponders options with cheater DEAR ABIGAIL, I have been in a relationship for more than two years. For most of that time, we have been engaged. I recently discovered that my fiancé was texting and talking to a woman from work. When I questioned him about it, he admitted that he had slept with her. I broke off the engagement and broke off contact with him. He continues to contact me. He says he loves me and that it

will never happen again. I love him but don’t think that the odds are good for this working out. I hate the idea of going back to a cheater. How can I believe his assurances that it won’t happen again? How can I trust him again? Am I crazy to even think of going back to him? Crazy Dear Crazy, You’re not crazy to reconsider this relationship — especially if he is working hard to win you back. It would

be crazy, however, to jump right back into an engagement with someone who has cheated. If you are willing to try again, and if he is willing to be constant, steady, faithful, truthful and — most important — to talk about his motivations and behaviour, then you could give it another try, although I agree with you that the odds for success are not great. If you do get back together, take marriage off the table until you have been together — faithfully — for another year.

Monday April 16, 2012 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): You need to start thinking about long term things today -- both the fun ones and the not-so-fun ones. Plan ahead for your next vacation, and you could get some very good rates on airfare or hotel. Plan ahead on your next career move, and you'll be prepared when an unexpected opportunity presents itself. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Someone you have always been able to count on for help hasn't been quite as helpful lately, but you shouldn't resent them for it. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Something you thought would radically change your life hasn't turn out to have had much of an affect at all right now, so what's next? ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Money matters are going to be at the top of your mind today -- you have many questions, and you should work on getting answers today. Pick up a financially-oriented magazine and find a quiet spot to read it cover to cover. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): Having a regular health regime is a very good thing, but you should be careful not to get too vocally enthusiastic about it. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Just for today, try a new experiment with one of your closest friendships -- hold back what you're feeling right now. You don't have to share every emotion with them every time you feel it. Hold on to a feeling and mull it over before broadcasting it out into the world.

********************* LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): By definition, fads come and go -- so you are usually hesitant to get involved in something that will just fade away in the next few months. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. 21): Are you in a romantic relationship right now? If so, you can expect things to shift around today. It looks like things are moving to the next stage -and you are ready for it, whether you think so or not. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. 21): Admittedly, interacting with strangers can be a gamble sometimes -- you never know if you are starting an interesting conversation worth having, or one from which you'll be desperate to escape! .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): Apply a healthy grain of salt to whatever story someone tells you today -- chances are, they are exaggerating a few aspects. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18): You could get blinded by your own brilliance today, so be sure to have a good pair of dark sunglasses handy! Your wit, quick thinking, and overall positive energy will help keep smiles on everyone's faces. ********************* PISCE S ( F e b . 1 9 March 20): Your impatience has been growing lately, and today you may feel as if your life is meandering at a frustratingly slow pace. But this change of rhythm is a very good thing for you, so you should try to be open to it.

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OP’s control of Lotto fund... (From page 3) that Ramson had referred to an outdated law when he pronounced that OP was within its jurisdiction to oversee the management of the lotto funds. He said that Ramson was speaking about legislation from the 1960’s when Guyana had a National Lottery Control Committee. Dr. Goolsarran explained that one major difference is the fact that during the 1960’s, the government of the day had managed the Lottery as against present day

circumstances where the lottery only pays government proceeds. He said that at that time it was the government that had to make the pay-out so it would have made sense at the time to have the fund administered exclusively by Office of the President. “You have a different scenario now where the government is not involved…it is a private arrangement.” He said that the 24 per cent which is paid over to the government is akin to a ‘license-fee’

Dr. Goolsarran reiterated that the gravest implication of having the monies controlled by Office of the President is the lack of Parliamentary oversight. “Parliament is not approving of this expenditure,” said Dr. Goolsarran as he drew reference to lotto funds and reiterated, “all public expenditure has to be sanctioned by Parliament.” Dr. Goolsarran served as Guyana’s Auditor general from 1990 to 2005 before migrating overseas and has since returned home.

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Kaieteur News

Monday April 16, 2012

Opposition parties should consider their position clearly in voting against budget TO LET Short term apartments Eccles. Call:679-7139

(From page 19)

Short term apartments. Call: 667-1549 Three (3) office spaces with kitchen C/Ville. Call: 6500716, 223-1051 Building-16000 sqft , yard50000 sqft, can be used for Bond, factory etc. Contact:225-7643, 225-7493 Lot 10 Area “G” Ogle. Tel: 683-6666, 650-6450 Clean and Spacious rooms in the centre of the city $4000/day. Call: 227-4311, 227-8360 Unfurnished newly built apartment W.C.D. Call:6986496 South -$100,000, Lamaha Garden-$90,000, Prashad Nagar-US900, Regent Street-US1200. Diana: 2272256, 626-9382

VEHICLES FOR SALE 99 Honda Civic Leather interior. Call:648-2075 Just arrived: Allion and Premio, tel: 624-2000, 6221610 Unregistered Premio, Allion, with TV & rims. Call: 6098188, 602-6307 UNREGISTERED ALLION, PREMIO, SPACIO, RUNX, ALEX, 2 TON CANTER, AVENSIS, VEROSSA, 212. CALL:677-7666/ 610-7666 Hilux 4x4 solid Def pick up, Diesel, long base, excellent condition. Call: 623-0243 3 Ton enclosed canter, unregistered.Tel: 617-2891 3 Ton 4 wheel drive canter, unregistered. Tel: 617-2891 1-2RZ Mini bus, reregistered. Call: 617-2891

CAKE & PASTRIES 1-lb character cakes $5,000, pastries at whole sale prices. Call: 223-9497

Unregistered Black Spacio, Silver Premio; reverse camera, Cerisor. Call: 6970294, 220-9514 Toyota Diesel Prado Excellent Condition Diplomat Vehicle. Call:6246702 One EP 71 Starlet Auto, 1 Pajero JR, 1 AE 91 Sprinter. Call: 644-5069, 697-1453


1 RZ Mini bus BGG Series $800,000. Call:627-3343

Progressive auto rental, cars from $3,500 per day. Call: 643-5122, 656-0087,

1 Toyota pickup V6 SR5 4WD. Call: 642-4779

Al’s Car & Pick up Rental. Call:698-7807 Premio, 110 Corolla. Call: 679-7139

VACANCY Have an interest in customer service? Then be apart of Q! Call:220-0401, 225-6466 House keeper at Land of Canaan E.B.D, shift system. Call:266-5243 General workers Georgetown location. Call: 225-6337 Experience storekeepers/ senior Bond clerks, with knowledge in Hardware items experienced Heavy Duty Drivers. Call: 226-0635, 226-4071-5 1 refrigerator & washing machine technician/ Trainee. Call: 683-8734, 231-0655

1 Bedford 500, 1 Mazda Titan, 1 Nissan Atlas, 1 Nissan Diesel. Contact Keith:642-6234 1 RZ Minibus E.F.1 BKK Series in good condition, 1.1M neg. Call:265-3694 Unregistered Mitsubishi enclosed canter. Call: 6229123, 679-8056 TO RENT One Bobcat Skid Loader for rent. Please contact: 610-3575

With budgetary debates in full swing at the Parliament Buildings, Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, has expressed his disappointment at the Opposition parties in their call to vote against this year’s $75B capital budget. In a press release on Saturday, Dr. Ramsammy stated that while Members of Parliament have indicated that they will not support the capital budget of 2012, he urges the Alliance for Change and A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) to consider their positions clearly. “As a Member of Parliament and as one who has responsibility for agriculture, I am disappointed at the position MP Veerasammy Ramayah and the others have taken. I, unfortunately, also heard Mr. Moses Nagamootoo and others saying the same thing and I am hopeful that this is not the position of the AFC or APNU. I reject the position of the AFC and APNU MPs and I would hope the AFC and APNU will consider their positions very clearly.” He said that the capital projects are usually financed through arrangements with international financial institutions such as the Inter American Development Bank (IDB), World Bank and donor countries and organisations. It was stated that these capital projects are projects which the international partners and Guyana have agreed to and the financing is targeted. The monies granted to the country for the execution of these projects

- Dr. Ramsammy cannot be used for other expenses or payments. “Such resources cannot be directed away from the projects as the Opposition MPs want us to do. Such funding cannot be utilized to support salary increases, pay pensions etc. If we do not want to proceed with the projects, the funding arrangements are terminated.” The Agriculture Minister emphasized that the capital budget is to ensure that “much needed” infrastructural projects are supported. If parliamentarians choose to vote against the capital budget then they must be willing to tell the nation that they will not support these projects and would rather the country to never have access to these funds, added Dr. Ramsammy. He urged that the Opposition members understand that these projects also create more jobs and by not supporting the capital investment, these jobs are threatened. “On one hand, these MPs claim we must create more jobs and on the other hand they want to vote against jobcreation that results from these projects. But we are not unaware of the motivation behind the rejection – it is to ensure they suffocate development in our country to help them gain p o w e r. While the Opposition pursues actions to suffocate development to

satisfy their own interest and their hunger for power, the PPP/C will continue to promote the interest of our country by building our infrastructure and creating the environment to further promote development and create jobs,” stated the Agriculture Minister. He posited that this should not detract from the need for rigid and robust monitoring and evaluation to ensure value-for-money. He added that Government continues to be concerned over the lateness of work and the quality of work as it continues to improve systems to ensure more on-time delivery of work and higher quality. In addition, much of the capital projects provide opportunities for the private sector in the country and there are many Guyanese-owned construction firms operating in the country. H o w e v e r, G o v e r n m e n t concedes that contractors have not been delivering projects on time and many of the projects have experienced considerable delays, the release said. “We concede too that the quality of work by some of the contractors is questionable. The Government of Guyana will continue our efforts to ensure value-for-money spent but we are determined to build the private sector capacity in Guyana. We reject the Opposition’s portray of the

Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy private sector as only a greed machine, only interested in stealing as much as they can and we unequivocally reject this position.” Dr. Ramsammy alluded to the fact that Government has ensured that the Constitution makes provision for a Procurement Commission to be established. The Public Accounts Committee of Parliament failed to submit nominees for the appointment of the members of this committee. Presently there is an agreement between the leaders of the political parties to discuss this issue and resolve it early. “I urge that there be political agreements that will allow the establishment of the Procurement Commission as soon as possible…While we are addressing these concerns, we must also continue to create employment opportunities, build our infrastructure and support economic development.”

Mon Repos Market vendors still await police action (From page 14) two, was sitting in her stall with tears in her eyes, relating the losses she and her children have suffered. This was the fourth blow for Persaud. This time, the burglars made good their escape with her compressor valued at more than $200,000 and an additional $200,000 in garments which she has not yet paid for.

The still distraught salon owner said that she was feeling helpless, since she not only has to repay such a huge debt, but is still saddled with school fees, light bill and rent for both her stall and home, among other expenses. She estimated that as a result of all the breakages, she has lost a total of $1.5M. Meanwhile, owner of stall Number 298, Narendra Puran, better known as Tota, had initially told this newspaper that after the thieves failed to gain entry into his jewellery and cellular phone store via the front door, they decided to break the ceiling which afforded them entry to both his and Persaud's side doors. And while they managed to break Persaud's door lock, the robbers could not get past the grillwork on Persaud's side door. They did however manage to pull out $50,000 in items through a portion of the grillwork. Puran, who had been bur-

glarized twice before, vented his anger on the guards who he said always claim that they had not heard or seen anything. He previously suffered a similar fate in September last year, losing $900,000 on that occasion. The police never charged anyone for any of the break-ins. Bibi Salima Khan, owner of stalls Number 294-295, had said that the thieves gained access to her clothing stall by breaking the “shuttle”- (a shed that also works as a door for the front of the stall). Khan said that she was robbed of $500,000 worth of clothing, footwear and mosquito nets. She added that she lost $300,000 in a previous burglary. Maureen Rampertab, the owner of stalls Number 293 and 310, which house two separate gift shops, was robbed of over $500,000 in brand name makeup, undergarments, lingerie, colognes and jewelry. These are mainly

Victoria's Secret, Avon, Sterling Silver jewellery and Liz Taylor products. Rampertab, who was robbed for the first time, explained to this newspaper that the thieves broke the locks to the doors to both of her stalls and stripped the mannequins of expensive underwear and lingerie. “I have established myself here. Now people know about me and are coming to me. It took me three years to build this clientele I now have. My worry is the price to restock.” This publication understands that one guard originally claimed that he had seen some men in the market during the hours when the stalls were being attacked. The vendors are, to date, wondering why he didn't stop the robbers, or at least raise an alarm. Since the accused guards have been relieved of their duties, other non–professionals have again been hired.

Monday April 16, 2012

Kaieteur News

SERVICES Permanent &Visitors Visa Applications Professional Immigration Consultant Room E-4 Maraj Building 225-6496/662-6045. WANTED Technical series Inc Industrial Site Eccles, 1 accounts clerk, Tool room clerk, 1 Industrial electrician, apply in person. Call: 6144358 East Coast Guyoil wanted day & night pump attendants, washman, manager, office assistants & sales girls. Call: 684-2838, 671-3983

WANTED Drivers for car/van/canter, 3 years experience. Call: 2250188, 225-6070 Live in/live out babysitter/ clerk/domestic. Call: 2250188, 225-6070 One live in or out maid & experienced sales girls. Call: 264-3356, 253-3149, 668-3985 Mason, painter, security guard, maid. Call: 225-3234

One male or female to work in Interior; 1 Shop Assistant. Call: 663-4476

Girls to work in bar as waitress. Age 18 to 25. Call: 256-4096

One live in domestic must be honest & reliable between ages, 25-45. Call: 223-0742

E & N Beck 3 Princess & Ketley Sts, Charlestown, Machinist/Crankshaft, Machine operator. Apply in person.

Cashier, sales staff, Grocery & clothing apply with written application to Nirva Supermarket. Pooran Sanchar General Constructing Services, 4 able bodied labourers, 1 driver. Contact us on: 2653586, 665-3550, 617-8369 Porters & sales girls apply with written application at Lot 1 E Dennis& Milton Street Campbellville One live in domestic. Contact:658-9495 / 627-2550 Female workers needed 3 subject or sound secondary education. Age 18-28yrs. Call: 225-7307 Taxi drivers. Call: 225-3234 Maid/Helper cosmetologist. Tel: 227-4799, 223-5451. Cleaners Handy boys & kitchen assistants apply Hack’s Halaal Restaurant, 5 Commerce ST, 9-11am. Excavator Operator, Mechanics (Caterpillar, Perkins & model M Trucks) Jetmen, Marrack, sailors. Call: 223-5273-4

Manager’s Assistant general duties including Custom and Bond, Security Guards, accommodation available. Call: 676-6700 1 lumber yard labourer. Call: 2263736 Cashier apply to Shell Service Station Ramsburg Providence East Coast Demerara One matured women to babysit two young children in Diamond New Scheme. Call: 679-3451, 668-2319 One experienced hire car driver. Contact Mrs.Z.Khan, at 11 Thomas Street Kitty. Call: 226-7948, 686-6648 Porters, salesgirls, must have a sound secondary education. Apply Bissan’s Trading, 94 King Street GTown. Call: 227-3206 1 Tutor to teach Form 1, apply Bissan’s Trading, 94 King Street. Call: 227-7306 Two washbay attendants 1825 work previous experience would be an asset. Contact: 227-5169

P.S.G.C.S workers in farm at Yarrakabra. Apply at Lot 122, Covent Garden Island E.B.D. Call:265-3586 One skilled lathe operator attractive rates. Call:613-3091 One live in maid. Call:2235324


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Experience sales represented, apply Wieting & Richter Ltd Experience taxi drivers, dispatchers and bus drivers. Call: 265-7076, 616-5419

Soman & sons Driving School. First Federation Building Call: 225-4858, 6445166, 622-2872, 615-0964 Prudential Learning “Training to Pass” automatic also stick/ manual. Call: 642-4827. We’ re #1

ONLINE SHOPPING NO COMMISSION, WEEKLY S H I P M E N T S , AFFORDABLE RATES, FREE PRIVATE MAILBOX T E L # 2 3 1 - 5 7 8 9 FREIGHTLINKEXPRESS@ GMAIL.COM WE FILL OUT PASSPORT & VISA FORMS:USA, UK & CANADA TEL#231-5789 We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer. Omar:231-0655,6838734 We refill HP cartridges for $1,800. Call:650-7699

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Man Utd cruise to win over Aston Villa BBC Sport - Manchester United re-established a fivepoint lead over Manchester City at the top of the Premier League but their victory overAston Villa was aided by another controversial penalty. Ashley Young, who won a spot-kick last week against QPR, was involved again, adjudged to be tripped by Ciaran Clark. Contact between the pair was minimal but Wayne Rooney converted before Danny Welbeck made it 2-0 at the back post. Villa improved after the break but Rooney and Nani sealed victory. United were the superior team, especially in the first half, and the win also cut Manchester City’s goal difference advantage to four goals. But questions will be asked of Young, after Clark appeared to pull his foot away from the winger. Young’s former team-mates failed to improve a wretched record against United, which now extends to one win in 31 games. More importantly, they remain just six points above the relegation zone but they will look at games against Sunderland, Bolton and West Brom as a better chance of accruing points than a trip to Old Trafford. For United, victory was a perfect response after losing at Wigan on Wednesday and they were not put under any sustained pressure, hard as Villa fought.

Before the spot-kick controversy, Andreas Weimann had tested David de Gea and Clark almost made amends for his transgression later in the half when his header whistled wide. Stephen Ireland’s curling shot also went close, but United were well on top and could have extended their lead through efforts by Welbeck, Rooney and Paul Scholes. Visiting keeper Shay Given had to be on top form to tip one Welbeck shot over, and he was severely let down by his defence for United’s second. Patrice Evra overlapped on the left and although his low cross was delivered into a dangerous area, it was well within the reach James Collins and Nathan Baker, who inexplicably chose to leave it allowing Welbeck to slide in at the back post. Scholes was once again the dictator in midfield, having being left out of the defeat by Wigan. But the 37-year-old was Position Team 1 Man Utd 2 Man City 3 Arsenal 4 Tottenham 5 Newcastle 6 Chelsea 7 Everton 8 Liverpool 9 Sunderland 10 Fulham

booked for an ugly tackle on Gabriel Agbonlahor early in the second half, as Villa attempted to impose themselves on the game. They had some success in stemming the flow towards their goal and Emile Heskey, who replaced the injured Clark, had a header tipped over by De Gea, while Nathan Baker also headed inches wide from a corner. McLeish may take a dim view of the first goal, but Villa can have few complaints about the result - if there were any doubts about the direction of the game, Rooney made sure when he tucked in Antonio Valencia’s cutback for his 32nd goal of the season. And Nani came on to boost United’s goal total when he scored from close range. Sir Alex Ferguson’s team now host Everton before they travel to Etihad Stadium to face City, where - following this result - victory could secure them their 20th topflight title.

Played 34 34 33 33 33 33 33 33 34 33

GD 54 58 25 19 8 18 4 4 1 0

Points 82 77 64 59 59 57 47 46 43 43

SLOW DAY FOR AUSTRALIA... From back page knock before his good fortune ran out after the drinks break when Shillingford was introduced into the attack. Shillingford, who was brought into the team at the expense of Devendra Bishoo, had not played a test for 18 months after he was reported for a suspect bowling action and had to remodel his action. He repaid the selectors’ faith when he turned the ball sharply and Warner edged to Darren Sammy at slip. Cowan was trapped lbw by Roach with the total on 65 just before lunch when the paceman swung the ball back in and rapped him on the pads. Cowan, whose innings

featured five fours, challenged the decision but lost. Roach got a second wicket after lunch when he squared up Ricky Ponting on seven and the former skipper nicked one behind that was fumbled by wicketkeeper Carlton Baugh but snapped up on the rebound by Sammy. Watson and Clarke steadied the Australian innings with an 84-run stand for the fourth wicket before Clarke hooked Deonarine to Shillingford at deep square leg. Shillingford got Watson’s wicket when he had him caught at bat-pad by Adrian Barath. Scores: Australia 208 for 5 (Hussey 26*, Wade 11*) v West Indies. (Reuters)

Monday April 16, 2012

Dominant Nico Rosberg wins Chinese Grand Prix Nico Rosberg took his maiden Formula 1 victory with a dominant drive in the Chinese Grand Prix. The German led from pole position to secure Mercedes’ first victory since the 1955 Italian Grand Prix. A titanic battle for second place ended in favour of McLaren’s Jenson Button, who headed team-mate Lewis Hamilton. The Red Bulls of Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel were fourth and fifth respectively, ahead of Lotus driver Romain Grosjean in sixth. The Williams pair of Bruno Senna and Pastor Maldonado, Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari and Sauber’s Kamui Kobayashi completed the top 10. The result puts Hamilton into the world championship lead, two points ahead of Button. Alonso is third, ahead of Webber, Vettel and Rosberg. Rosberg said: “Unbelievable feeling, very cool, very happy, very excited. It’s been a long time coming for me and the team also. It’s amazing, and it’s really nice to see how quickly we are progressing, I didn’t expect to be that fast.” The race was a classic strategy battle between those doing two stops and those doing three. Rosberg and Mercedes chose two, Button and McLaren three, and it appeared set for a close battle to the finish in the final stint between the two until a problem fitting a rear wheel at his final pit stop delayed the Englishman. Button said: “Before the final stop our race pace was

Mercedes-AMG driver Nico Rosberg of Germany celebrates on the podium after winning the Formula One Chinese Grand Prix good, especially on the harder tyre, and then the last stop, I stopped on the marks and we had problems with the rear of the car and lost nine to 10 seconds. “It was a pity because I had four cars in front of me, and I would have had a nice clear track to hunt down Nico. “It would have been a big gap but I would have given it a go.” The problem put Button in a huge scrap for second, stretching initially from Kimi Raikkonen’s Lotus in second place back to Paul di Resta’s Force India in 13th, all running in line astern. A frantic last 10 laps first saw Raikkonen, on a twostop strategy, drop to the back of the group after running wide as his tyres started to lose grip. That left Vettel, also on two stops, in second ahead of the two McLarens, with Button ahead of Lewis Hamilton, who did three stops like his team-mate.

Button passed Vettel for second place on lap 50, Hamilton followed him past four laps later, and Webber took fourth place from his team-mate between the penultimate and last corners on the final lap. Hamilton said: “I’m very happy to make it up to the podium. The team did a great job through the pit stops and I think it was one of the best races so far in the season. It was incredible. Fantastic day.” Alonso had been battling with Hamilton and Webber but he made an error in trying to pass Maldonado around the outside of the fast Turn Seven, ran wide and lost ground. Michael Schumacher ran second to team-mate Rosberg, losing half a second a lap, until his first pit stop, when the team did not tighten the nut on his right front wheel and he was forced into retirement.

Barbados take first innings honours... From back page 197 for three - there was an early start by half-an-hour at 9.30 a.m.- Barbados grabbed crucial first innings lead over the title holders for the past four years on a long, eventful first session. The lead was attained six minutes into the extended session when left-hander Benn hit left-arm spinner Nikita Miller through the covers and scampered two runs with last man Tino Best. There was a three-hour session of play with lunch being taken at 12.30 p.m. Barbados middle order batsman Jonathan Carter had the agony of being dismissed for 99 for the second time in his first-class career. Lefthander Carter, who resumed on 96, was caught at fine-leg by Sheldon Cotterell from a hook off fast bowler Andrew Richardson after the first ten

minutes’ play (203-4). The 24-year-old Carter also fell for 99 against Combined Campuses & Colleges at the 3Ws Oval, Cave Hill in Barbados last year when he was bowled by his cousin Carlos Brathwaite, who is now his Barbados team-mate. Dwayne Smith, from his overnight 16, was leg before wicket by Richardson for 29 (216-5); Dowrich was caught and bowled for nought, first ball, off Richardson (216-6); skipper Shamarh Brooks was caught at slip by Parchment off Nikita Miller for 19 (248-7); Javon Searles, sweeping, was leg before wicket by legspinner Odean Brown for six (259-8); Carlos B rathwaite, essaying a reverse sweep, was bowled by Nikita Miller for 27 (269-9) and Benn was caught at mid-

on by captain Tamar Lambert from a pull off Nikita Miller for 14 (291 all out), leaving Best unbeaten on 11. Saturday evening, lefthander Omar Phillips was leg before wicket by Richardson for nought off the very first ball of the innings (0-1); Kyle Hope was caught at mid-off by David Bernard off Richardson for 13 (30-2) and Rashidi Boucher was caught by wicket-keeper Horace Miller off Nikita Miller for 52 ((174-3). Richardson took five for 71 off 19 overs and Nikita Miller, four for 63 off 39.2 overs. Jamaica Bowling: Richardson 19-5-71-5, Cotterell 9-1-45-0, N. Miller 39.2-12-63-4, Brown 20-3-501, Bernard 11-0-38-0, Lambert 3-0-14-0. Scores: Jamaica 273 and 133/2; Barbados 291.

Monday April 16, 2012

Kaieteur News

RHTY&SC & BCB assist Rainbow Generation CC The Rainbow Generation Cricket Club of West Berbice on Wednesday last became the thirteenth Club in the area to receive assistance from the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club and the Special Events Committee of the Berbice Cricket Board. The Club received a collection of cricket gear which included one bat, wicket-keeping gloves, pads, batting pads and a scorebook to assist them in their youth development programme. Secretary/CEO of the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club and Chairman of the Special Events Committee Hilbert Foster informed that the Rainbow Generation Cricket Club is one of the most active clubs in Berbice and over the years has played in every tournament organised by the Berbice Board. He urged the club to continue to strive for excellence and to continue to invest in youths. Foster noted that the West Coast of Berbice was receiving special attention from the BCB this

Mr. Shabeer Baksh (right) receives the donation on behalf of Rainbow Generation from RHTYSC/BCB President Keith Foster. year after years of neglect from an in active West Berbice Cricket Association. Public Relations Officer of the Rainbow Generation Cricket Club Mr. Wayne Fraser expressed gratitude to both organisations for the assistance which was valued at $60,000. Fraser praised both entities for the roles they are playing in the development of cricket in the

West Berbice area while pledging that his club would continue to play its part in producing new talent for the County at all levels. The Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports club and Berbice Cricket Board have expressed gratitude to Mr. Feroze Barakat and Food for the Poor (Guy) Inc for making the donation possible.

Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets, Futsal Football Competition

Pepper Skull, Trainline Warriors emphatic winners Pepper Skull, Trainline Warriors, Half Mile / One Mile, Mini Bus and Coomacka United were the latest teams to register wins when the Linden segment of this year’s Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets, Futsal Football Competition continued on Saturday evening with eight matches played, at the Amelia’s Ward Bus Park. Pepper Skull easily disposed of High Stars by a 4-1 margin; Trainline Warriors exacted a similar result against Attackers; Half Mile / One Mile then beat Wisroc 2-1; Mini Bus condemned $100 Cars to another loss after defeating them 2-1 and Coomacka United cruised past Constab Warriors 2-0. In full results of the evening:

Game 1 Half Mile/One Mile 2 Scorers: Charles Harvey 7th min and Derol Dainty 16th min Wisroc 1 Scorer: Orandy Wills Game 2 Amelia’s Ward Russians 0 South Stars 0 Game 3 Sheriff Squad 2 Scorers: Colwin Davis 1st min and Quacy Johnson 2nd min Retrieve Unknowns 2 Scorer: Derrol George 3rd and 7th min Game 4 Pepper Skull 4 Scorers: Ralwin Adams 4th min and Leon Clement 5th, 14th and 17th min High Stars 1 Scorer: Joseph Licorish 13th min

GKRS renews alliance with... From page 23 presentation, King- Mendonca said her company is pleased to support the development of young sportsmen and women, not just in hockey, but in other sport disciplines. She said GKRS through its other subsidiaries, Western Union and Bill Express; have over the years been very benevolent to sport. Harding thanked King- Mendonca and the management and staff of the establishment for their support, noting that the Hikers Club has been working very hard to make the entity proud. The Club is unbeaten so far in 2012, having beaten all opponents at the Under-15, Under-21 and second division levels.

Floyd Major Game 5 Classic Six 0 Wash Boyz 0 Game 6 Mini Bus 2 Scorer: Jonathan Fredricks 6th and 18th min $100 Car 1 Scorer: Deon Grandison 20th Game 7 Commacka United 2 Scorer: Atheba Edmunson 11th and 18th min Constab Warriors 0 Game 8 Trainline Warriors 4 Scorer: Floyd Major 6th, 7th, 11th and 12th min Attackers 1 Scorer: Marlon Cox 17th min The competition was expected to resume last evening, at the same venue.

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OMINOUS! - Bolt, Blake impress

Bolt, Blake open season with imposing runs at UTech Classic Jamaica Observer OLYMPIC champion Usain Bolt and World champion Yohan Blake both opened their competitive season Saturday night with commanding performances at the fifth UTech Track and Field Classic at the National Stadium. Despite running under rainy and cold conditions, Blake sped to a World Leading 9.90 seconds clocking in the men’s 100m after teaming with Bolt and two other Racers Track Club members to set another World Leading time of 37.82 seconds in the 4x100m race. Three World Leading times and five meet records were set up to press time last night as Racers’ Rosemarie Whyte won the women’s 400m in 51.13 seconds. In front of a small but appreciative crowd, both men delivered, sending signals that they will be hard to beat later in the season. Blake, who at 21 years old last year became the youngest man to win the 100m at the World Championships, was surprised by his time and told reporters he was ahead of schedule in training. The top four men were all under the old record of 10.20 seconds set in 2008 by Barbadian Andrew Hinds, as Jacques Harvey of UTech was second in 10.10 seconds and Sheldon Mitchell of SWEPT was third in 10.18 seconds. Wolmer’s schoolboy Odean Skeen won his heat in a personal best 10.33 seconds, two weeks after being disqualified from the Class One 100m final at the ISSA/ GraceKennedy Boys’ and Girls’ Athletics Championships. Despite admitting to being “anxious” before the relays, double World Record holder Bolt erased doubts about his fitness and readiness for the track season by leading his Racers TC team to a World Leading and meet record 37.82 seconds. The quartet of Mario Forsythe, Blake, Kimmari Roach and Bolt, easily beat an MVP team anchored by former 100m world record holder Asafa Powell, who finished in 38.27 seconds, second fastest in the world so far and which was also under the old meet record of 38.46 seconds set by MVP in 2009. UTech were third in 38.99 seconds. Great Britain’s Dwayne Chambers led off the MVP team, handing over to Michael Frater, who handed off to Nesta Carter.

After the race Bolt told reporters he was a bit anxious. “Yes I am always a bit nervous before my first race, but I got through it okay and that is good. “I am always wondering if I am still fast, even if I am doing well in training, so it is always good to come out here and run.” After about 10 minutes warming down, he said the weather did not affect him. “This is what we are accustomed to in Europe and I went out there and executed.” Bolt, who said he was healthy “though not as smooth as I want”, downplayed the anxiety over the late start to the season, saying it was up to coach Glen Mills to decide when he would run. “It’s all about the coach, he decides when and where I run, it’s always up to him.” Bolt was due to run the 200m Saturday night but the deteriorating weather condition forced him to pull out. The MVP women’s team of Shericka Williams, Sherone Simpson, Anniesha McLaughlin and Trinidadian Ayanna Hutchinson broke the meet record in the 4x100m in 44.12 seconds set in 2008 by GC Foster, in 44.08 seconds, ahead of UTech

(46.36secs) and Mico University (47.48secs). Beijing Olympic finalist Whyte easily beat the MVP pair of Anneisha McLaughlin (52.49secs) and Stephanie McPherson (52.98secs) to replace Sherone Simpson’s 51.42 seconds as the world leader. Oral Thompson, the 2010 national champion, won the men’s quarter-mile in 45.95 seconds as his late surge took him past Edino Steele (46.16secs) and Diego Armando Palomeque of Colombia (46.36secs). Despite small fields, both sprint hurdle records fell to UWI’s Hansle Parchment and Shermaine Williams. Parchment, the World University Games champion, ran 13.71secs for the 110m hurdles to beat the old time of 14.14secs set in 2009 by Jean Juste of University of Albany, with Markino Buckley second in 14.32secs and Simon Dickens of UTech third in 14.36secs.Williams, the 2008 World Junior Championships silver medallist, won the 100m hurdles in 13.15secs, just breaking the 13.16secs set in 2008 by Brigitte FosterHylton, beating Latoya Greaves (13.17secs) in a close finish, while Andrea Bliss was third in 13.53secs.

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Narine’s fiver in vain as Punjab beat Kolkata in last-ball finish Chawla picked up three wickets, including those of the well-set Manvinder Bisla and the dangerous Shakib Al Hasan and Yusuf Pathan, for just 18 runs in four overs, as Punjab prevented the home team from getting to the 135 target it was set despite cruising on 73 for two at one stage. KKR looked untroubled for the most part as Gautam Gambhir, Manvinder Bisla and Manoj Tiwary all got starts, and when Debrata Das announced himself with an unbeaten 23-ball 35, KKR needed just 13 to win off the last 12 balls with four wickets in hand. But Praveen Kumar bowled a sensational 19th over for just four runs, leaving the home team to get nine runs off Harmeet Singh’s last over. Harmeet obliged with a made-to-order effort, confining KKR to just six runs – dismissing Ryan ten Doeschate in the bargain and allowing Punjab to register a much-needed away win in IPL-V. A l t h o u g h KKR lost Jacques Kallis cheaply in its pursuit, the young Indian pair of Bisla and Tiwary shepherded the team with a 43-run partnership. Tiwary was trapped in front by Bhatt, and Bisla clean bowled by Chawla in the next over, as the home side was left with 55 to get in a shade under eight overs. It was here that Punjab began to apply the brakes. Yusuf and Shakib left cheaply to Chawla, and suddenly the going wasn’t quite as easy for KKR as had appeared a few overs earlier. Although ten

Doeschate and Debrata brought some stability back to chase - adding 40 in 29 balls for the seventh wicket - in the end Punjab bowled to a plan and tasted success for a hardfought win. Earlier, ‘mystery spinner’ Sunil Narine claimed five for 19 in four overs, as KKR restricted Punjab to 134 after skipper Gambhir elected to field. A struggling Adam Gilchrist – finally showing signs of weathering – became Narine’s first victim when he was out for a nineball five. Mandeep Singh (38) and David Hussey (32) enabled the visiting side to reach 1349 in 20 overs after they were sent in to bat. Punjab would have ended with more, were i t n o t f o r t h e N a r i n e ’s wizardry, which accounted for five wickets for just 19 runs in his quota of four overs. Narine nailed Gilchrist and Shaun Marsh in his first spell, and returned to claim Bipul Sharma and Praveen Kumar in the same over – the 18th of KKR’s innings – to peg the host back each time it looked to break free. The West Indian picked up another wicket in his last over – the 20th of the innings- when he dismissed Harmeet, who had struck three precious boundaries in an invaluable six-ball 14. Narine was declared manof-the-match for his effort, although his team ended on the losing side. Scores: Kings XI Punjab 134 for 9 (Mandeep Singh 38, Narine 5-19) beat Kolkata Knight Riders 132 for 7 (Das 35, Chawla 3-18) by 2 runs.

Monday April 16, 2012

GFF Super League

Pele & Western Tigers are latest winners

Pele’s Marvin Joseph netting the first goal from the penalty spot against Buxton United at the BV Ground. When competition in the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Super League sponsored by FIFA under the Win in CONCACAF with CONCACAF Initiative continued over the weekend, Pele and BK International Western Tigers were in winners row; Victoria Kings were held to a draw by Seawall FC. Pele defeated Buxton

United 3-1 in the feature game of a double header at the BV Ground yesterday. Pele took the lead in the 38th minute when Marvin Joseph netted the first of his brace from the penalty spot. The young Buxton side were able to equalize on the stroke of half time, compliments of a Assaye goal. The second half saw the

more experienced Pele side taking control of proceedings and in the process was able to put the game beyond the reach of the home team. Joseph was again on target in the 50th minute with Okeene Fraser netting his in the 75th. The earlier game between Seawall FC and Victoria Kings saw the Kings taking the early lead with Kirk Warren

breaching the defense in the 5th minute. It took some robust and patient playing by the visiting boys from the West Side to pull one back. That neutralizing goal came in the 70th minute through Adami Hoyte. On Saturday, BK International Western Tigers needled Rosignol United compliments of a Rensford Coleridge 23rd minute effort.

Dravid’s Rajasthan smash Bangalore at Chinnaswamy Yahoo! Cricket – BANGALORE: Ajinkya Rahane blasted the first century of IPL-V as Rajasthan Royals upset Royal Challengers Bangalore by a massive 59 runs at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium here, on Sunday. With six points from five games, Rajasthan are now top of the points table. But really, where does one begin to write a match report when a team, batting first, has amassed 113 runs in the last eight overs of its innings?

How does one decide upon the key moments of a contest when a total of ten sixes and 19 fours - that’s 136 runs of a total of 195 – are hammered in the first essay itself. Get a hang of the enormity of the math, pause and draw your breath at the humiliation meted out to bowlers, and only then dwell upon the result of the game – a huge away win for Rajasthan over favoured Bangalore – an outcome which was scarcely in doubt once Rahane’s 60ball 103 and Owais Shah’s 26ball 60 had floored the home team by the time the first 20 overs were dispensed with. Welcome to the Indian Premier League, the graveyard of bowlers, and the end of cricket as a genuine contest between bat and ball. And to those who hold up Rajasthan’s bowling performance as a counter to the previous argument, bear in mind that the cascade of wickets during the chase was largely a result of the massive asking rate, rather than an outcome of any skill or assistance that the bowlers may have benefited from. But to begin with the beginning, Rahul Dravid won the toss and elected to bat on a placid track. The skipper was dismissed for an out-ofplace 32-ball 25, allowing Rahane and Shah assumed centre stage and compile a

Ajinkya Rahane 121-run partnership in – hold your breath – just 50 deliveries. Faced with a sizable target, Bangalore succumbed to the mounting pressure of the chase, and once mediumpacer Pankaj Singh (4-0-18-2) accounted for both openers – including the talismanic Chris Gayle before he could cause any damage - the match was virtually over as a contest. Siddharth Trivedi (40-25-4) pushed one through Virat Kohli’s gate – the medium pacer’s second of four bowled victims - to snuff out the last embers of hope in Bangalore’s camp, and eventually the host was done in as wickets kept tumbling in the face of a spiralling asking rate. Earlier, Rahane galloped

to the first century of IPL-V as he and Shah whipped Rajasthan to 195. It would be futile to dwell upon individual hits – of which there were many, but it would also be pertinent to mention that Rahane went berserk in Sreenath Aravind’s 14th over of the first innings, when he ripped apart the bowler for six consecutive boundaries. The hits rained thick and fast as Vinay Kumar too was thrashed for 24 in the 17th over. Rahane reached his century in just 58 balls, and Shah his fifty in just 19, as Royals kept up a frenetic pace. Rahane’s last fifty runs took just 17 balls, and coupled with the havoc Shah was unleashing at the other end, Royals looted 82 runs in the last five overs, defusing Bangalore’s challenge even before the home team had taken strike. It would be apt to mention here that amidst the deluge of runs, Zaheer Khan bowled his four overs for 15 (including a maiden), while skipper Vettori completed his quota for just 20. Unfortunately for Bangalore, the rest of the bowlers more than made up for the good shows with their generosity. Scores: Rajasthan Royals 195 for 2 (Rahane 103*, Shah 60) beat 136 Royal Challengers Bangalore (Agarwal 34, Trivedi 4 for 25) by 59 runs.

Monday April 16, 2012

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GFF Under-16 Inter Association

G/town & East & Upper Dem. post wins C o m p e t itio n in th e Guyana Football Federation Inter Association Under-16 football tournament kicked off on the weekend with Georgetown, East Demerara and Upper Demerara recording contrasting wins. The biggest winner was the Georgetown unit which disposed of East Bank 4-0 at the GFC Ground on Saturday. For the City side, Rafael Edwards opened the scoring in the 25th minute and four minutes later the advantage was doubled when Ronaldo Dover, son of National Coach Wayne ‘Wiggy’ Dover rocked the nets. At the half the score remained unchanged with the Georgetown side banging in two more before the end of the game. Keith Gainer in the 50th and Jermaine Fletcher in the 56th were the other

Action in the Georgetown / East Bank game on Saturday afternoon at the GFC Ground.

p l a y e r s o n t a rg e t f o r Georgetown. Upper Demerara were 21 winners over Bartica, for the winners, Shane Luckie netted the double in the 26th and 59th minute. Bartica

had taken the lead in the 11 t h m i n u t e t h r o u g h Luciano Narine but that was their only goal as it turned out. And in what can be deemed an upset win, East

Coast defeated Berbice by the lone goal of their clash at the BV Ground yesterday. Stephen Matthews was the scorer in the 64th minute of a keen battle. More play is set for this weekend.

GKRS renews alliance with Hikers Hockey Club

GKRS Marketing Manager, Natheeah King-Mendonca (right), presents the sponsorship cheque to Manager of the Hikers Junior Programme, Michael Harding in the presence of players, Leon Bacchus, Aroydy Bradford and Andrew Stewart.

For the third year in succession, Grace Kennedy Remittance Services (Guyana) Limited, has thrown its support behind the Hikers Hockey Club Junior Programme. At a simple ceremony at the entity’s head office on Wa t e r S t r e e t F r i d a y afternoon, Marketing Manager Natheeah KingMendonca presented a cheque valued $250,000 to Manager of the Hikers Hockey Club Junior Programme, Michael Harding, in the presence of players Leon Bacchus, Aroydy Bradford and Andrew Stewart. In making the Continued on page 21

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SLOW DAY FOR AUSTRALIA & WEST INDIES Shane Shillingford was impressive on his return to Test cricket

Shane Watson goes back to pull a boundary

Barbados take first innings honours in Regional 4-Day final

Jonathan Carter

Australia and West Indies shared the honours on a slow opening day in the second Test at Queen’s Park Oval in Trinidad. When stumps were drawn, both teams retreated to the dressing room satisfied but not elated after a tough day in the Caribbean sun. The Australians had 208 runs on the board but West Indies had five wickets. Last week’s first test in Barbados was a thriller which Australia won by three wickets and already the second test looks like being another close encounter. The revival of West Indies cricket has been slowly gathering momentum in the past two years and on Sunday it was their slow bowlers who did most of the

damage. Shane Shillingford, playing his first test since 2010, captured two vital wickets and took a catch in the outfield to give his fellow off-spinner Narsingh Deonarine a wicket. Paceman Kemar Roach also collected two wickets to rattle the Australian top order before the vistors dug themselves out of trouble with some disciplined batting. Shane Watson made a watchful 56 off 172 balls while captain Michael Clarke scored 45 from 99 deliveries. When play ended, Mike Hussey, Australia’s last specialist batsmen, was unbeaten on 26 after being dropped on five, while wicketkeeper Matthew Wade not out 11. After winning the toss and electing

to have first use of a dry batting wicket, the Australian openers made a flying start, reaching 53 without loss when drinks were taken. But the home side soon took over, dismissing David Warner for 29 then his fellow opener Ed Cowan for 28 as it became increasingly more difficult to score freely. Warner had a lucky escape in the first over from Fidel Edwards when he was given out caught behind by South Africa umpire Marias Erasmus. Warner challenged the ruling and television reviews showed that he did not get an edge but might well have been out leg before wicket. The left-hander was allowed to stay and struck four boundaries in his 42-ball Continued on page 20

42 (100-2). Play resumed at 5 p.m. after a two-hour delay because of rain. At that time 16 overs were remaining in the day. As soon as the players left the field for tea with the score 55 for one, there was a slight drizzle and the ‘square’ was soon covered. It then rained heavily, leaving puddles of water near the edges of the covers. Earlier, Barbados were bowled out for 291 off 111.2 overs in reply to Jamaica’s first innings total of 273 all out off 93.1 overs – eight minutes after lunch. Beginning the day on Continued on page 20


Dominant Nico Rosberg wins Chinese Grand Prix

- Bolt, Blake impress

Bolt, Blake open season with imposing runs at UTech Classic Pg. 21

Pg. 20

Usain Bolt (left) heads Asafa Powell during the UTech 4x100 relay. Mercedes-AMG driver Nico Rosberg of Germany turns the second corner before winning Formula One's Chinese Grand Prix at the Shanghai International Circuit.

Kingston, Jamaica – ( – Jamaica, with a first innings deficit of 18, were 133 for two in their second innings – an overall lead of 115 against Barbados – at the close of play on the third day of the 2012 West Indies four-day championship final at Sabina Park here yesterday. The not out batsmen were Donovan Pagon on 43 and Danza Hyatt 10. Xavier Marshall was leg before wicket by fast medium bowler Carlos Brathwaite for 22 (55-1) and Brenton Parchment, cutting, was caught at the wicket by Shane Dowrich off left-arm spinner Sulieman Benn for

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