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Executing orders is not a defence

The Linden Inquiry was commissioned as a result of widespread concern over police excesses during the July 18, 2012 public disorder event during which three lives were lost, and several persons injured. Members of the disciplined services must not expect that they can ignore international human rights conventions in the hope of claiming that they were following orders. Moreover, they should expect that when they commit reprehensible acts in the belief that they are fulfilling their political masters’wishes whether expressed or implied, it will be the violators who will be sanctioned – orders or no orders. The “Nuremberg Defence” will not fly. The term was originally coined during the war crimes trials at Nuremberg after World War II when war criminals charged with genocide, mass murder, torture and other atrocities used the defence, “I was only following orders” so frequently that the argument became known as “The Nuremberg Defence”. Nazi war criminal, Adolph Eichmann, did not recognize the verdict of guilty since as he claimed, the atrocities he was accused of committing against the Jewish people were not in accordance with his wishes. He stressed that he was only guilty of being obedient, subordinate to his official duties, his oath of allegiance and his oath of office. Eichmann, the zealous director of the “final solution” asked for understanding and mercy arguing that his was the obedience of a subordinate; he was hanged in 1961. For far too long people have come to accept the trampling on human rights by the police in this country with sporadic outbursts of condemnation which quickly die down because of limited attention span or the fact that the immediate past atrocity has been overtaken by another equally gruesome or moreso. What passes for investigations into allegations of misconduct leaves a lot to be desired and therefore it is no wonder that the watching public views the outcomes with cynicism. Mikhail Belikov, a retired Ukrainian miner, was in June 2013, tortured by three policemen and raped with a baton. Hospital doctors found that he had suffered serious internal injuries which required a temporary colostomy. Two of the officers were charged with torture.The international convention is that if it is universally known to everyone that an order involves the infringement of the law then there is no justification on the part of anyone to obey such an order. The principle of universal knowledge refutes any argument that subordinates are under no obligation to question an order of their superior officer. Ironically the Bush Administration in taking a position to defend its rendition programme of enforced ‘disappearances’ from prosecution, provided cover to persons who participated in the extraordinary renditions programme. They would be entitled to defend themselves by stating that they were informed that the programme was legal in an attempt to give credibility to an illegal practice. What is of some significance is the escape valve that people have used over time by saying that they are just doing their jobs. This argument may be unintentionally exposing the intense pressure that many people feel to get their jobs done, and may be the reason for unethical, abusive and sometimes illegal police practices that the public is confronted with on an almost daily basis. The fact that no stringent measures are taken to curb excesses is clear indication that these ranks may just be doing what they are told and what they are told might be the cause of the problems. The recent postings of at least two police officers have understandably raised eyebrows in informed circles, and when taken with remarks made at Bagotville by leading political and pan-African activists, justifiably question the motives behind these placements. Rumours abound that the possibility of early elections has been the determining factor in two sensitive postings. Be all that it may, the police like any other service occupation, should be driven by an obligation to make people’s lives better while at the same time prevent them coming to harm. People must be free from profiling, harassment, verbal and physical assault, and from police who refuse to take responsibility for their actions by sheltering under the ‘Nuremberg Defence’.

Sunday April 13, 2014

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This is a rank and crude appeal to race and should be of concern to all DEAR EDITOR, Until this nation is prepared to have open and frank conversations on race in the quest for equality and national development, the self-serving and opportunistic in our midst will continue to manipulate our differences to the detriment of all. For years, discussions relating to the sugar industry were something many felt had to be tiptoed around for fear of offending a race and being called racists by the PPP. This fear has seen an industry, though primarily developed by the two major races and creating a unified history, being hijacked for divisive purposes. Persons are being made to feel GuySuCo is a sacred cow, the

exclusive property of the PPP, when sugar from its inception has played a major role in this nation’s formation and development. From the unpaid African enslaved workers, the underpaid African and Indian indentured workers, to the present workers, sugar has been built on the sweat, blood, tears and gross exploitation of the two major races. Other races have too made contributions. Sugar’s history and legacy must therefore be the proud ownership of every Guyanese, and its present crisis equally of concern. All have historically invested and continue to invest in this industry. Within recent years a part of this investment has been through taxpayers’

loans and subventions to keep the spluttering industry afloat. The government continues to plunder the Consolidated Fund to divert money to this industry, mismanaging it through lack of proper planning and sustaining a heaven to reward the politically aligned and managerial incompetent with super salaries. Calls, evidence and recommendations in the public domain are being ignored and dismissed as efforts to attack or deny a race. This presents the government coverage for ignoring the clear and present danger that has arisen from its failure to ensure an efficient industry and assure the economic livelihood of (Continued on page 64)

Sunday April 13, 2014

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Sunday April 13, 2014

Kaieteur M@ilbox Kaieteur M@ilbox Prosperity for a few on the backs of all is what Hydar Ally and the PPP celebrate DEAR EDITOR, Hydar Ally’s article titled “The rising tide of prosperity” (KN, Apr 12, 2014) was standard PPP propaganda dancing lewdly in front of us and telling us it is a modest creature. The kangaroo tendency of the PPP to jump backward into the past when confronted by its shortcomings and atrocities of the present is now legendary. Hydar Ally speaks of negative economic growth under the PNC. But Hydar Ally will not tell us of the shoddy and pitiful economic performance of the PPP in an era of unrestrained free market growth from the 1990s to present. Cheddi Jagan oversaw the following GDP growth rates from 1993 to 1996 inclusive: 1993: 8.2%, 1994: 8.5%, 1995: 5% and 1996: 7.9%. Janet Jagan achieved annual GDP growth as follows from 1997 to 1999: 1997: 6.2%, 1998: -1.7% and 1999: 3%. Mr Jagdeo was trained as an economist, yet Guyana under Jagdeo achieved the following yearly GDP growth rates from 2000 to 2011 inclusive: 2000: -1.4%, 2001: 2.2%, 2002: 1.1%, 2003: -1%, 2004: 3.3%, 2005: -2%, 2006:

5.1%, 2007: -3.6%, 2008: 2%, 2009: 3.3%, 2010: 4.4% and 2011: 5.4%. Donald Ramotar had economic growth of 4.8% in 2012 and 5.2% in 2013. That is 73.1% total annualized GDP growth over 21 years or growth or 3.48% per annum for the past 21 years. The entire world economy grew by 3.5% annually over this time period. So much for this pathetic economic charade the shallow comrades at Freedom House are crowing over! That is lacklustre economic growth by any stretch of the imagination and certainly when one considers Guyana as one of the most blessed nations in terms of resources per capita. That is a shameful performance for a country with Guyana’s distinct advantages of (1) small population (2) high debt writeoffs (3) significant per capita natural resource allocation (4) English speaking population (5) cheap labour (6) close proximity to Latin American, Brazilian, South American and North American markets and (7) significant remittance inflows. We missed out on the commodity booms and

instead cocaine became our strongest export in the past 20 years. Massive countries devastated by the fall of communism like China and Russia with hundreds of millions and over a billion in populations were able to lift their people out of poverty yet the economic charlatans at Freedom House were able to deliver a pathetic 3.48% annual GDP growth over 21 years. Now that we know the PPP’s dismal economic performance in relation to the rest of the world, we must consider the type of economy inherited by the PPP. The PPP operates Hoyte’s economy without any significant alterations over the past 20 years. Hoyte handed the PPP an economy that grew by 6.026% and 7.758% in 1991 and 1992 respectively. The PPP got a booming economy from the PNC, ready for takeoff in a free market system. The economy has sputtered since. The PPP’s sordid claim to fame as an economic rejuvenator is bogus. Its lifelong excuse of

inheriting a broken economy from the PNC does not fly anymore. The following countries all had decrepit socialist and communist economies USSR, China, India, Vietnam, Albania, Angola, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Cambodia, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, former Yugoslavia republics, Ukraine, Belarus, Algeria, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Seychelles and Suriname- and they have all outperformed the PPP’s Guyana. The other issue with Ally’s propaganda is prosperity for whom: the fat cat contract worker friends of the PPP like some sitting at OP and collecting inflated salaries to write mindless drivel to the nation’s independent newspapers or the lean sugar workers trying to stay afloat financially? Is it prosperity for the lucky few who get government contracts or the unlucky not so few who have to make out with the contract of indenture the PPP has saddled them with? Prosperity for the Pradoville mansion builders or the Plastic City shantytown residents?

Will President Ramotar sanction this Minister for his misdeed? DEAR EDITOR, Whenever I pick up the Kaieteur Newspaper, one of the first articles I look for and read is the Freddie Kissoon column. Although, I do not always agree with some of his comments, sometimes, I feel like he is a version of St. John the Baptist, a voice in the wilderness. Freddie’s column in your Friday April 11, edition under the headline ‘Penis erection and moral politics in Guyana’ is a blast. I could not believe

what is mentioned, that a Minister did to a young reporter. Where are we heading as a country when such a senior public official can inflict such verbal abuse on a woman? Was it not the other day that a fellow Minister was advocating quite vociferously about sexual harassment and abuse? Where is her voice now? I am sure that she heard about this incident. Some time ago, a Doctor from GPHC was alleged to have been involved

with his stepchild. Condemnation was swift from Ministers Manickchand and Teixeira. Have they gone to sleep? Editor, is it because of the Minister’s association that the Head of Government is not going to sanction him for this misdeed? In the Guyana Chronicle of Friday 11th, March, a headline screams out that President Ramotar is calling on Granger to apologise to Guyanese for a statement, he made on ‘drug

money’ being the force behind Guyana’s economic growth. This is petty when placed alongside this serious offence committed by the ‘penis erection’ Minister on a young female reporter. This Minister should not only be made to apologise, he should be sent packing. He is an embarrassment to his Government. These issues are becoming plentiful – with another Minister being allegedly sexually involved with two teenage sisters (one is said to have been impregnated by the Minister). Mr. President, you have work to do. Please do your job as a man, a father and an honest Guyanese. Delon Charles

Or is it prosperity for the drug dealers, gun runners, contraband traders, fuel smugglers, pimps and money launderers versus prosperity for the decent citizen struggling to find his or her daily bread. Prosperity by inequality, by taking taxes and VAT collected from all including the poor and giving it to a few in choice contracts is not prosperity. Nor is allowing drug kingpins to flourish in prosperity.

The GDP per capita does not reflect the dangerous and crippling repercussions of the PPP’s wrongdoing, marginalization and cronyism. It does not show the chasms and gulfs between the haves and the have-nots. The PPP have glorified the demise of the working class people. And these rogues still have the temerity to keep Cheddi Jagan’s photograph adorning their Freedom House shrine. M. Maxwell

Why is Ms. Sooba still on the job? DEAR EDITOR, It was reported, in your newspaper that the Minister of Local Government has said to the Mayor of Georgetown, that Ms. Carol Sooba should continue to act as Town Clerk. But on what basis has he said that since he does not have the authority to appoint or dismiss anyone. According to what was reported in the press, the Chief Justice said that the Minister’s action to appoint Ms. Sooba was illegal. It therefore stands to reason that he cannot say who should act in any position at the council because he does not have the authority. This is yet another classic case of the government trying to bully its way into the affairs of the Georgetown municipality. Government interference has affected the systems of the municipalities to deliver services to the citizens. Under the law, chapter 28:01, the council has the right to manage its own business because councillors were elected by the people to oversee their business at the local level. What the Minister has been doing is illegally forcing his will on the people of Georgetown and in fact all other local areas in this country, by putting in PPP/C cronies to do their biddings at their every beck and call. It is political not professional.

These officers are not accountable to the councils that pay them but to the Minister who appointed them to the position. In that way, the government would exercise full control over those bodies. The ruling by the Chief Justice has brought that to an end, not only for Georgetown but for all municipalities and local government bodies in Guyana. In the past, the very city council exercised discipline and control over its own staff. It is common knowledge that a number of senior officers, including Town Clerks, City Engineers and City Treasurers, were dismissed by the city council for small transgressions than those committed by Ms. Sooba. But somehow, for reasons beyond commonsense the council appears to be unable to dismiss this woman. Aside from the ruling of the Chief Justice, Ms. Sooba has been continuously and continually disrespectful to the council; she has not been implementing its decisions. She should have been dismissed a long time ago. The council is the employer and as such the council has the right to act to ensure its employees assist in achieving organizational goals. Why is Ms. Sooba still on the job? Aubrey James

Sunday April 13, 2014

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Sunday April 13, 2014

LET OLD WOUNDS HEAL PM: Forget ‘pain and anguish’ caused by Robbie’s 18-18 decision Trinidad Express - IT is time to allow “old wounds to heal” because the past is best honoured by “learning and letting go”. So said Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, one of the country’s Cabinet members who lost her job following former president Arthur NR Robinson’s decision in 2001 to appoint Patrick Manning prime minister following an 18-18 general election deadlock. Persad-Bissessar made the statements as the Parliament Friday delivered tributes to Robinson who passed away on Wednesday. Persad-Bissessar recounted Robinson’s “life that was lived with tremendous purpose and achievement”. She said during Robinson’s tenure as president he faced a “defining moment” in this country’s “social and political history”. “In 2001, just one year after the UNC (United National Congress) was elected to a second term, a general election was forced and the result delivered a deadlock with both major parties receiving 18 seats,” she said.” “It was then left to president Robinson to decide who would assume the prime ministership and the choice made was for Patrick Manning to assume leadership of government. The Member for San Fernando East,” PersadBissessar said. Robinson’s decision to by-pass Basdeo Panday for the post of prime minister sparked controversy. “This electoral tie and unprecedented constitutional crisis and the decision made by the then president caused intense debate, a great part of which was bitterly played out in the public,” PersadBissessar said. “We all know what the arguments were at that time. We all know how we felt at that time and how we were prepared to fight his decision,” she said. Persad-Bissessar said many were hurt by Robinson’s decision. “Many were hurting, one side did not lose and the other side did not win,” she said. “But today, almost 14 years later, that decision has written itself into history as a moment when our nation was forced to re-examine its supreme law and reconsider the arrangements by which

Kamla PersadBissessar

we govern ourselves,” Persad-Bissessar said. Persad-Bissessar said at no time in history everyone agreed when faced with a turning point. “All throughout human history, where nations around the world came to turning points where the future was to be transformed and a new path was to be chosen, there was never a time when everyone agreed,” she said. “Yes there was pain, there was anguish and indeed there was even bitterness,” PersadBissessar said. Persad-Bissessar called on those still hurting to let the wounds heal. “If we as a nation are to truly continue walking forward we are the ones who will hurt ourselves if we remain locked in the past,” she said.

“And for anyone who still holds to the pain of the past, I ask respectfully that we allow our old wounds to heal, consider what we have been able to learn and then allow ourselves to grow,” PersadBissessar said. Persad-Bissessar said it is “our duty to rise above that which pains is personally and do what is best for our country”. In it now time to let go, she said. “And this is why, Mr Speaker, notwithstanding arguments in the past and our conviction that maybe something wrong was done. The past is best honoured by learning and letting go,” she said. She said Robinson was only human. “Was Mr Robinson the perfect human being? No, he wasn’t, as none of us here,” Persad-Bissessar said.

Venezuela protests: 181 reporters beaten, arrested or robbed Caracas (AFP) - A total of 181 journalists have been the target of attacks, thefts or arbitrary detentions in Venezuela since the start of anti-government protests two months ago, a reporters’ union said yesterday. The Union of Press Workers said 60 percent of the attacks were carried out by security forces, with just a quarter done by demonstrators on either side. Since nearly daily protests began in early February, the union has tallied 82 cases of harassment, 40 physical attacks and 35 thefts or destruction of cameras and other materials by the police or demonstrators. It has also counted 23 arbitrary arrests of reporters, it said. The protests are denouncing rampant street crime, soaring inflation, poor job prospects and shortages of such essential goods as milk and toilet paper. They have left 41 dead and more than 650 wounded, and prompted accusations of human rights violations by police.

Sunday April 13, 2014

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Dem boys seh

Donald ain’t no politician Is not an easy thing when you got to find money and at de same time guard against all dem people who want money. And de government people got it bad. At de Chronicle de government try fuh get somebody good after de woman carry some story bout Jagdeo and he leading de party. Dem search and couldn’t find people suh dem tek a man from Hen See Hen. From de time he land is trouble because he meet a woman who know he. De first morning she remind he that is she birthday. He give she a raise. By de Saturday dem boys hear he holler that is whole week she telling he bout she birthday. She remind he that a woman got to use tricks to live. De man pun Essequibo Coast got to deal wid all de

tricks from Transport. He truck drive overboard and transport telling he that it ain’t know nutten bout no truck. De man claim that de truck been pun de Transport boat but even that de people denying. Now dem using tricks to get de truck from de river. Is sheer politicians dem had to ship down to de coast because once you got politicians you got tricks. Is de politicians who know bout all de tricks. And that is de job that attracting everybody. Kwame lef wha he use to do to become a politician. Odinga tun a politician and even Ash Knee tun a politician. After de budget debate some children decide that dem and all want to become politician but Donald tell dem that it got a age limit. One schoolboy ask bout

The Quest for Knowledge refreshes the mind, recreates the spirit, and motivates the body. It creates enthusiasm and desire to live an exciting and full day in spite of the routine.

de criteria. Donald ask he if he circumcise and de boy seh yes. Immediately Donald tell he that he can’t be a politician. Of course de boy didn’t understand suh he go to de Waterfalls paper and he ask de boss man fuh explain wha Donald mean. De boss man whisper something and de boy tek a step back. All who circumcise can’t be a politician because a politician got to be a complete prick. Talk half and swear to high heavens that Donald ain’t circumcise because he ain’t no politician.

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Diplomatic fortitude needed for reparatory justice - Committee One important lesson has been learned from the study of several reparatory cases in recent decades. It is evident that weak and fragmented nations and communities do not receive reparatory justice because they have neither the will nor the diplomatic fortitude to press their claims. This is according to Chair of the Guyana Reparations Committee, Eric Phillips, who is also a member of the African Cultural and Development Association (ACDA). Current Members of the Guyana Reparations Committee are Eric Phillips, Chair (African Cultural & Development Assoc.), Professor Emeritus Dr. Winston McGowan, Vice Chairman Jenny Daly (Museum of African Heritage/ MCY&S); Representative (Ministry of Amerindian Affairs) Jean La Rose (Amerindian Peoples Association); Deon Abrams (Pan African Organization (Guyana Branch); Ras Leon Saul (Guyana Rastafarian Council) ( Secretary ); Noah Yahshuarun (Descendants of Manumitted Africans); Jonathan Adams (Blak Reparations Forum); Ethel Marjorie McCaskey (Land Rights Advocate); Dimitri Nicholson (Youth Leader ), Royston Peters (Essequibo Reparations Committee) and Eric Welcome (Berbice

Sunday April 13, 2014

Local Govt. Ministry to appeal CJ’s ruling on Town Clerk appointment The Georgetown City Council

Chair of the Guyana Reparations Committee Eric Phillips

Ras Leon Saul of the Guyana Rastafarian Council

Reparations Committee). According to Phillips, reparation is won by states that place social respect for the rights of citizens high on the development agenda. The Caribbean needs to leverage all available diplomatic channels and to speak as one voice on the issue. Channels to be utilized by the Region are as follows: United Nations; African Union; Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), Pan African Congress and other supportive governments. He explained that for reparations to be meaningful it must at the foundation offer each person of enslaved and indigenous ancestry the opportunity to be impacted

by the programs aimed at improving self esteem, educational and technical competence and economic and financial self sustainability. These programmes are best defined by the beneficiaries. Public education in the Region and in the European States where claims are being made is especially important. It is critical that the public in CARICOM be fully engaged in dialogue on the issue of reparations, and that the general public, but especially the youth in CARICOM are knowledgeable and supportive of the issue, Phillips said. In Europe, it is equally important to cultivate public (Continued on page 12)

Minister within the Local Government Ministry, Norman Whittaker, believes that Chief Justice Ian Chang erred when he ruled that the Ministry could not appoint Carol Sooba to the substantive post of Town Clerk. Whittaker told Kaieteur News, yesterday, that the Attorney General’s office will file the matter in the Court of Appeal. Former Local Government Minister Ganga Persaud had appointed Sooba as Town Clerk towards

the end of last year. On Thursday Chang ruled that according to the Constitution, the Minister does not have the power to appoint any official within the Local Government arm to any position once the official is earning a certain salary - the Town Clerk position falls into that category, Chang stated. He went on to say that the Constitution provides for a Local Government Service Commission; the body authorized for staffing among other things. In the absence of this Commission, the Minister can place a person to act in a certain position, but cannot appoint them to the substantive post. However, since the law was passed in 1969 to convene the Commission this has never been done, the CJ said. He could not find any evidence to show this. It was thus his view that appointments cannot be made in default because of an absent Commission which is legally required. The CJ said that Sooba is a de facto (not legally ordained) Town Clerk and the Minister used power he did not have (ultra vires). The CJ’s added that if he erred in his ruling it was because he was not provided with the relevant information by the defendants such as Ministerial orders and related documents. He had to do his own research, he said. Minister Whitaker said that Sooba will remain acting Town Clerk until the appeal is complete, but the Mayor and majority of councilors are

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against the Minister’s position. Mayor Hamilton Green described the decision for Sooba to continue in an acting capacity as “reductio ad absurdum”. He said that steps were already being taken to deal with the matter. The Mayor has stated also that they will recommend someone they think is fit to hold the Town Clerk post, but Minister Whitaker has warned against any move to replace Sooba; reminding that the court made it clear that only a direct challenge by quo warranto, could end Sooba’s de facto post. Shadow Local Government Minister Ronald Bulkan has also called for Sooba to remove herself from the Town Clerk position. He charged that not only is Sooba unqualified for the post, but she refuses to cooperate with the Council. Sooba has said to the media that when the time comes for her to be removed legally, she will step down. City Hall is however divided with the Mayor and majority of Councillors taking one position and the Administration taking another. The Mayor and Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green have stated repeatedly that Sooba’s imposition on the Council is to enable the Local Government Ministry to micro-manage the Council. Sooba has stated however that the divide between herself and the Mayor and Councillors is because she is cleaning house. She claims to be tackling corruption at the Municipality; previously launching a campaign to “root out corruption”, she has also claimed to be bringing in more money for the cash strapped Council.

Sunday April 13, 2014

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PNC/R threatens to boycott Rodney COI

Leader of APNU David Granger

The People’s National Congress/Reform (PNC/R) has announced that it will not be taking part in the Dr. Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry (COI). PNCR Leader and head of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), David Granger, in an interview with this publication highlighted that the PNC/R which is a part of APNU made the decision not to participate because of the Terms of Reference (TOR) for Rodney’s COI. He said that the party does not feel comfortable with some of the terms of reference.

Speaking to the fourth clause of the TOR, Granger said that it directed the “commission’s attention to the persons in command of the defence and security forces at the time; we felt it was prejudicial to the outcome of the COI and we said we will not support it.” He said that he wrote President Donald Ramotar concerning the said section of the TOR but to date he has not received a response. Granger also said that he asked the President to amend that TOR which he (Granger) cited as offensive. He said

Prison officer found guilty of beating up lad A Prison Officer escaped being placed in the same institution that he is charged to supervise after being found guilty on a charge of assaulting a teen with a piece of wire. Prison Officer, Erwin Mentore, a training officer attached to the New Amsterdam Prison was however placed on a bond to keep the peace for six months after he was found guilty. He was also ordered to pay $10,000 cost. The penalty was instituted by Magistrate Sherdel Isaacs-Marcus at the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court on Friday. The matter occurred around 19:00 hrs on October 10, 2013. The teen, David Van Keric, was standing with friends at Lot 49 Stanleytown , New Amsterdam, when the defendant exited a vehicle and asked ‘Who went through 54’, [referring to Lot 54 Stanleytown]. After not getting a positive response, he went into the trunk of his motor car

and removed what the complainant described as a ‘wire whip’, and dealt him a lash on his left foot causing him injuries in the process. The matter was reported to the Central Police Station where a report was lodged and the teen subsequently taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital, where a medical report was issued. A confrontation between the parties was subsequently held by the police. The Prison Officer in his explanation stated that he was at the Prison Officers’ Sports Club at Penitentiary Walk, New Amsterdam, when his mother telephoned him to complain that ‘some boys were throwing bricks on her house’.

He responded by driving to Stanleytown, where he saw a group of boys standing at Lot 49 Stanleytown where the incident occurred. He, however denied lashing the complainant with a ‘wire whip’, but confessed that it was a belt he used instead. Mentore, in a sworn statement also stated that he had responded to a telephone call from his mother who claimed that some boys were ‘kicking down her front door’. He further denied that a confrontation was held, but instead, was told by the police that he would be charged criminally. The Prison Officer was unrepresented during the trial.

that if that part isn’t amended the party would not be participating. Granger did say that this is strictly from the PNC/R side. APNU has not taken a decision but each party comprising the partnership could decide what it wants to do individually as did the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) which is part of APNU and of which Walter Rodney was the co-founder. That party had reluctantly acquiesced to taking part in the COI since it said that it had no t b e e n f o r m a l l y contacted or consulted on the creation of the COI even though it was that party and the PNC that had been calling for a COI into Rodney’s death but in the end it decided to allow its members to take part if they so desired. The Opposition Leader said that he met the commissioners themselves but didn’t indicate whether he would participate in the inquiry. APNU had previously expressed reservations with the TOR and with one of the persons on the Commission Guyana-born, Trinidad-based Senior Counsel, Seenauth Jairam who they felt would be

biased in his approach since he worked previously with the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C). Dr. Rodney was killed when a bomb exploded in a car in which he was an occupant. He was 38 years old at the time. The government has said that it was Rodney’s family that have been calling for closure on how he died and that fueled their (government) impetus to establish a COI into his death. The government in justifying why it did not incorporate the WPA or other political parties said it was because the family only wanted to deal with them (government). The period for submissions of evidence to the COI was closed since March and according to the

Chairman of the Commission Sir Richard Cheltenham (QC) the inquiry is likely to start after the Easter Holiday weekend. The Chairman explained that the Commission is expected to go as far back to 1978 to 1980. Cheltenham made it clear that in relation to concerns regarding the Terms of Reference (TOR), those should be addressed with the relevant authorities. He said that anyone with a problem should put their concerns with the sponsoring authority, which is the Government. Both the Army and Police have also signaled their intention to be a part of the Commission. Both entities have archives on the incident and they have said that they would make them available.

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Annandale shooting…

It could be a while before alleged bandit faces the court Dunstan La Fleur, the alleged bandit who was shot by an Annandale, East Coast Demerara (ECD) businessman more than three months ago, will be charged upon recovery, according to a police source. La Fleur, who is a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC)’s High-DependencyUnit, was shot once to his lower right side face by a licensed firearm holder following a 20-minute gun battle between him and the businessman in whose house he was caught. Yesterday, the source informed this publication that a file on the matter is almost complete. “A file is almost complete but we will have to wait until he is discharged from the hospital, interview him and then send the file to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) office for advice,” the police source said. The 28-year-old alleged bandit was first hospitalized in a very critical condition at the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. He was on a life support machine and was at first

- Police source described as “lifeless.” After his condition improved, he was transferred to the High Dependency Unit.” Kaieteur News was told that La Fleur had gained entry into the businessman, Mananno Jeffrey’s home, through an open window in the family’s bathroom located in the bottom flat of the twostorey building. The 31-year-old businessman is a Rural Constable and a member of the Annandale North Community Policing Group. He had explained to this newspaper that his father, Ishwar Jeffrey, woke him up and informed him that three men were in the yard. “He went to the bathroom upstairs and he heard some strange sounds. When he peeped through the downstairs window, he saw the three men trying to get into the house,” the businessman explained. He added that he was about to fire a warning shot but noticed that one of the bandits had already got into

his home. “I went downstairs but was confronted by this guy. It was me and him, face to face, and he had a gun in his hand.” Jeffrey said that he fired a shot at the bandit but missed. “When I fired the shot, he run in the guest room (located in the lower flat) and was shaking the grill hard, hard and like he realize the only way he could have escaped was through the same bathroom window.” According to the 31-yearold man who operates a food stall and owns a fishing boat, the bandit then peeked out the room and fired a shot. “He had no idea that I was hiding at the side of the wall. So when he fired the shot, he came out the room, pointing his gun straight and I was right at the side of him but he didn’t see me and I fired the shot.” “He fall down and I run out to look for the other two men but they had already escaped,” Jeffrey said. He added that police officers arrived at his home about one and a half hours later and took the badly injured man to the hospital where he remains a patient.

Thieves hit young entrepreneurs Two young entrepreneurs who have ventured into the field of repairing cell phones and computers are in an unfortunate situation. Thieves broke into their stall at the Anna Regina Old Market and stole a quantity of cell phones, computers and

flash drives. The incident occurred mid of last week. Popular businessman, Mark Mc Lean, explained that his son, Andre Mc Lean, and one of his colleagues, who are both partners in business said that Thursday morning he was confronted with a broken lock to one of his stalls.

Mc Lean said that he later realized that his son’s stall was broken into. Mc Lean said that after thorough scrutiny, he found that customers’ cell phones, computers and flash drives were all missing. A report was subsequently lodged with the police at Anna Regina Police Station and members of the local Interim Management Committee. To date, Mc Lean said, no one has been arrested. A week prior to the incident at the Anna Regina Old market, another businessman’s stall was broken into. Business operatives are gravely concerned about the frequency and the manner in which their stalls are tampered with and broken into. Only two security guards operate on a nightly basis at the Anna Regina Old market. Business operatives are appealing particularly to the IMC to put proper mechanisms in place to avert burglary at the market.

Sunday April 13, 2014

Man faces court for seawall stick-up A man, who allegedly mugged a woman on the city seawalls a few days ago and made off with her cellular phone and other items, was recently remanded to prison when he appeared before a city Magistrate. Mohamed Rafeek Ahmad accosted, brandished a knife and floored Rehanna Benjamin before stealing her belongings on April 10, last. The woman and a friend were reportedly walking along the seawall in the Kingston area when Ahmad approached them with a knife in his hand.

State Prosecutor, Inspector Michael Grant explained that Ahmad attacked the woman who despite her efforts to hold onto her bag, was pushed to the ground relieved of her items worth $114,000. Benjamin, however, raised an alarm and police ranks that were in the area responded. They managed to apprehend him and the charge was subsequently instituted. Ahmad was on Friday arraigned by Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry. He pleaded not guilty when the charge was

read to him. Inspector Grant offered several objections to bail. He urged the court to consider the violent abuse the victim sustained, that the articles were recovered on the defendant as well as the serious nature and prevalence of the offence and remand him to prison. The Chief Magistrate upheld the objections and bail was refused. The matter was transferred to Magistrate Faith McGusty’s court where it will be called again on April 24 for trial.

Africanised bees attack Saxacalli woman Alicia Kippins, a mother of two of Saxacalli, a farming community further down from Bartica on the Essequibo River, is in a critical condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital. Kippins had to be air dashed to the city around 3 AM Saturday after she was

experiencing anaphylaxis shocks. Her condition has been deemed as ‘critical’. Reports emerging from Saxacalli state that Kippins, 28, was farming in the back dam when she was attacked by Africanised bees. She was reportedly

admitted to the Bartica Hospital on Wednesday last. Her condition worsened on Friday. Since the beginning of the y e a r, medical practitioners, especially at Bartica, have seen some grave cases of bee sting patients.

Diplomatic fortitude needed for... (From page 10) opinion in favour of the Caribbean case, to be successful. The Caribbean Diaspora, Phillips noted, should be engaged in the dialogue and in helping to advance the case in Europe. Public education activities at the national level will be determined by the National Committees and may include: Town Hall Meetings and national consultations; Traditional media: broadcast media, newspapers, brochures, quick facts, press conferences; New media: internet based social media and websites; Eminent spokespersons and Champions and at the regional level. Ras Leon Saul of the Guyana Rastafarian Council explained that the outcomes of the reparation are: a better economic reality for Africans and Amerindians; Better health and educational services for both Groups in particular and the Nation in general and the removal of the barriers to competitiveness in African and Amerindian

communities which make Them technically, economically, educationally and culturally competitive with other communities. Ras Leon Saul lamented that the Caribbean was denied participation in Europe’s industrialization process, and was confined to the role of producer and exporter of raw materials. This system was designed to extract maximum value from the region and to enable maximum wealth accumulation in Europe. The effectiveness of this policy meant that the Caribbean entered its nation building phase as a technologically and scientifically ill-equippedbackward space within the postmodern world economy. Generations of Caribbean youth, as a consequence,

have been denied membership and access to the science and technology culture that is the world’s youth patrimony. Technology transfer and science sharing for development must be a part of the Caricom Reparations Justice Programme (CRJP). The CARICOM Reparations Commission was established last September following the mandate of the Thirty-fourth Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government which was held in July 2013 in Trinidad and Tobago, w here it was agreed that National Committees on Reparations would be established in Member States. The Guyana Reparations Committee was established by the Government of Guyana in October 2013.

Sunday April 13, 2014

Kaieteur News

The region’s “increasing weight” can’t be overlooked Recently there has been the growing concern of obesity within the Caribbean region; which some scholars posit can be attributed to the economic growth within the region that has changed the type of foods being consumed, most of which include a higher fat content. Others argue that the region has culturally shifted and developed the western ideology of fast foods, hence the reason why we see the proliferation of such eating establishments. Whatever the case may be, what is definitively certain is that the region is in essence getting fatter. Research by international organizations such as WHO and PAHO have shown the inextricable link to disease and obesity, which is greatly manifested in the likes of diabetes and cardiovascular problems, among others, all of which, in Guyana’s context, have increased significantly among the younger generation and adults. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in its nutrition and consumer protection summary of Guyana “a national study on physical activity conducted in 2000, found that 22.4% of the population 20 years and older are obese and that an additional 29.0% are overweight. Significantly more females are obese compared with males. Compared to a previous survey (1996-97) these values indicate an increase in the prevalence of excess weight over the period 199697 to 2000.” These results aren’t just limited to Guyana, throughout the region there is the prevalence of obesity which is statistically reflected albeit differently. Godfrey Xuereb, Pauline Johnson, Audrey Morris, Christine Bocage, Paula Trotter and Fitzroy Henry in their article ‘Obesity in Caribbean Children: its magnitude and current control effects’ report that “national surveys in different Caribbean countries found that 7-20 percent of males and 22- 48 percent of females, 15 years of age exceeded 120 percent of reference weight for height” also known as one’s Body Mass Index (BMI). The intellectuals further state that “studies carried out among overweight children aged 5-15 in the USA have shown that 61 percent already have one or more cardiovascular risk factors and 27 per cent have two or more such factors.” A direction in which the Caribbean is no doubt

heading. Moreover “Type 2 diabetes, so rare in youth, that is used to be known as adultonset Diabetes Mellitus, has risen dramatically in adolescents. Mortality and morbidity data from the region suggest that the prevalence of Chronic Nutrition Related Diseases is increasing in all the countries of the region” (Ibid). Dr. Fitzroy J. Henry, director of the Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute (CFNI) in his paper combatting obesity and Non communicable Diseases (NCDs) in the Caribbean policy perspectives says that “Obesity is the most important underlying cause of death in the Caribbean. Furthermore, the alarming increase in obesity in recent decades constitutes a formidable public health and financial challenge to Caribbean countries. Obesity is strongly associated with the major chronic diseases the Caribbean confronts today: cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and some cancers. And the disease burden increases with increasing obesity.” It’s quite clear that we have a problem; the question now is what measures we put in place to abate or curb this “disease” which is afflicting the region. For the most part a conscious lifestyle geared towards health and nutrition would be the most logical approach. But based on the societal constructs of the region and the level of education that is placed on obesity, persons may be oblivious to the situation facing them. Research has proven that mothers generally cannot distinguish whether or not their children are obese, and culturally some persons associate fat with wealth, hence the reason why they are not inclined to reverse it. Obesity is more complex

than it seems as Dr. Henry outlines “this position is different from those who believe that the problem of obesity is simply a consequence of poor personal behaviours - the product of gluttony and laziness. This bias against obese people and an over-emphasis of personal responsibility has resulted in the key role of the environment in the development of obesity being largely ignored. Exalting people to change their behaviours to improve the quality of their diet and their physical activity level is unlikely to succeed in an environment in which there are many inducements to engage in opposing behaviours that lead to a chronic positive energy imbalance.” According to Dr. Henry, in the past, largely educational programme approaches have been applied to combat obesity in the Caribbean. A more effective strategy for dealing with this public health problem he suggests “would appear to be one that goes beyond the educational dimension and deals with those environmental and societal factors that induce the obesity promoting behaviour. In this way we may reduce the exposure of the whole population to obesitypromoting forces.” “The successful challenge to obesity therefore lies not in medical interventions at the individual level but in the public policy domain which can create the environment for individual behaviour change…Vital to the success of this approach will be the participation of health officials, educators, legislators, businesses and planners in various health promoting actions” says Dr. Henry. (Dwijendra Rooplall)

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

The kidnapping and killing of the victim still have some people scared. They know a bit of what sparked the incident and they know that someone from inside the prison system called the shots. The thing is to get someone to talk and that is proving difficult because the police are going about it the wrong way. But a young man is going to make a suggestion that once followed would uncover the plot. ************** The death of a young

Page 21

man on the roads would do nothing to halt the madness that possesses some young drivers. One of them is going to ignore a traffic sign with very serious consequences. Sadly, one of the victims

would not have money to afford the necessary replacement. This is where vigilante justice would take over and the nation would be talking again. ************** A band of pirates would get a rude awakening. Soon into their attack they are going to realize that some people do take precautions. It is not nice to see big men cry but there would be a lot of tears, especially when the patrol from next door descends on the scene in a jiffy.

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Sunday April 13, 2014

Who abducted Anita? By Michael Jordan Anita Persaud stepped out of her parents’ home at Good Faith, Mahaicony at around 18.15 hrs on Sunday, August 19, 2001. The pretty 18-year-old was dressed in a pair of white pants and a green blouse. At the time, only her father, Ramesh Persaud, and a friend were at home, but the men were reportedly fixing an outboard engine in the backyard. Mr. Persaud, a fisherman, would later say that he assumed that Anita was going to meet her mother at a wedding house, two properties away from his. But when his wife came home later that night, she told her husband that Anita had asked to go to the cinema, located a corner away from

her home. Thinking that Anita was indeed at the cinema and knowing that she had her own keys to the house, the family retired to bed. When the parents awoke the following morning, they observed that Anita’s bedroom door was shut. They assumed that she was still sleeping, so no one bothered to check on her. But when 09:00 hrs came and Anita failed to surface, her mother decided to check in the bedroom. She was surprised to find it empty. The wedding had continued into the next day, and the parents decided to ask some of the guests whether their daughter had passed by. But none of them had seen Anita. However, the Persauds eldest son told his mother that one of his friends

had reportedly seen his sister walking on the Mahaicony Public Road with a boy the night before. Mrs. Persaud eventually made a report at the Mahaicony Police Station. The police enquired whether the teen had a boyfriend. Mrs. Persaud explained that Anita was planning to get married in 2002. She believed that the police suspected that the teen might have run off with her fiancé. But that theory did not appear to be plausible, since the fiancé was living overseas. Mrs. Persaud was returning home from the police station when she observed a familiar object on the road. It was a shoe. In fact, the shoe looked like one that Anita wore. Mrs. Persaud picked up

the shoe and took it home. She was talking with her husband about Anita’s possible whereabouts when she remembered the shoe. She then returned to the police station with it. But yet, the police and everyone else still seemed to believe that the missing girl had run away with a lover. Anita’s mother then travelled to her sister’s home at Corentyne, Berbice, in the hope that Anita might have gone there. To her disappointment, the sister had no information about Anita. On Tuesday, August 21, 2001, Mrs. Persaud sent her eldest son to question the friend who claimed to have seen Anita walking with a boy. But shortly after, Mrs. Persaud’s son came running towards her. Breathless, the son pointed to the canal in front of the family’s home. “Body…floating…” he eventually gasped. The family members immediately rushed to the canal. Lying face down in the

water with a rope around her neck, and clad only in her white pants, was Anita Persaud. During an autopsy, a pathologist reportedly found traces of mud in the victim’s lungs. This suggested that Anita was still alive when she was dumped in the canal. Shortly after the post mortem, police detained four suspects. Among them were two brothers who were convicted twice for rape, only to be freed on appeal. But the suspects were all released after they were reportedly able to account for their whereabouts on the night that Anita was slain. The police also detained Anita’s parents and the friend who was reportedly repairing the boat engine with Mr. Persaud when his daughter left home. The detectives had

reportedly received information that Mr. Persaud would often beat his children badly. While Mrs. Persaud was released the following day, her husband and his friend were kept in custody for three days before being released. To the family’s frustration, no one else has ever been arrested. But what do the parents believe happened on that fateful night eleven years ago? Their theory is that a gang abducted Anita, took her out of the area, then brought her back and dumped her, still alive, in the canal near her home. But what is left unanswered is why would this ‘gang’ have taken the risk of transporting their victim back to the scene from where she was abducted? As for the young man who had claimed to have seen Anita walking with a boy on the night she was killed, he reportedly later told the family that he had made the story up as a joke. At Mrs. Persaud’s request, Anita was buried near a tree in the family’s backyard. “She hadn’t a chance to live a full life, because some selfish person or persons took her away from us,” Mr. Persaud told Kaieteur News, some years ago. “The thought that these persons have not been brought to justice rips at our hearts each day. That is what we have been feeling and may have to live with for the rest of our lives. But I know that there is a God and whoever killed our daughter will come to justice some day.” If you have any information about this or any other unusual case, please contact Kaieteur News by letter or telephone at our Lot 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown office. Our numbers are 22-58458, 2258465, 22-58482 and 2258491. You need not disclose your identity. You can also contact Michael Jordan at his email address: mjdragon

Sunday April 13, 2014

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Penis erection politics and the goat man’s goat politics The incident in which a powerful PPPite told a very young j o u r n a l i s t i n a request for an interview that he still can achieve penis erection has come at an interesting time. In Trinidad, the Prime Minister is in an ongoing no-nonsense mood. She has fired several Ministers over embarrassing indiscretions. Had one of her Ministers done what this PPPite did to that journalist, he would have been fired. In Guyana, the reverse is the opposite, the more sexually depraved are the apparatchiks, the greater the protection by the party machine. The sexual thing in politics in Guyana is not new. Maybe it goes way back to the early postcolonial days. But the sickening and semicivilized dimensions can really be dated to the era of the champion. The champion really d i r t i e d t h e p e r s o n a l i t y,

mind, soul, heart and character of the PPP. It is not that the PPP had much of those elements anyway, but what little the PPP had of them, the champion destroyed with the saturation of sexual excesses. One simply has to do elementary Freudian analysis on the penis erection encounter and one will see how sexual morbidities have taken over the PPP Government. There are literally millions of ways you can indicate to a woman that you want to have sex with her. You have to belong to a culture of extreme lecherousness to tell her; “I want you to know I still can get an erection.” Why did he descend to such vulgar levels? Because this is what he has seen since the champion took over his party and the country. Look who the champion surrounded himself with?

Look what crazy sexual things they say and do? L e t m e repeat in these columns about an incident that took place with me and one of the most intimate pals of the champion. I was coming out of the Foreign Service Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on New Garden Street when this tall friend of the champion who is a stain on the revolutionary credentials of the African people of Guyana came into my car. He just opened the door and sat down. I swear on my life, this is what he did. There wasn’t time to stop him. He asked if I was going downtown, then said, “This is the first time I’ve see you in person; I didn’t know you were so small, how you is manage to F… all those women at UG?” That is how this man greeted me. This man became extremely close to the champion. Imagine what direction

he and the champion went into. I can tell you that when Roger Khan was in his prime, there were nasty late parties at the Pegasus in which the type of debaucheries that took place there featured many prominent members of the c o r r i d o r s o f power as participants. This is the direction the champion took the PPP into. This is the only world the penis erection man knows, that is why after one of the annual anniversary events of Cheddi Jagan’s death at the mansion of the champion, he took a 14-year-old and played w ith her at his home rather than keep the promise to her mother that he would take her to her home. The penis erection incident will not be the last. The culture of sexual escapades has overtaken the organization that Cheddi Jagan left behind. To h e a r a b o u t t h e s e sexual escapades would sicken you, especially

since they involved underage age boys and girls. It simply boggles the mind why the powerful United States has not moved against this regime given its mountain of unspeakable immoralities. My two nephews and my brother-in-law visited from Canada some years ago and we stayed way into the early morning at Celina Resort at the Kitty pump station. The caprine Minister came in with another gentleman and two definitely underage teens. What the penis erection man did is just the tip of the iceberg. But that will not deter the goat man. The goat man will continue to tell Guyanese that his party and his government are the best things to have happened to Guyana. The goat man is going to completely black out from his press conference notes or from his mind

Frederick Kissoon when he addresses his party supporters that penis erection politics has permanently damaged the image of his party. The goat Minister is not going to tell Guyanese that never before in the history of politics, has power been so intertwined with sexual miasma, sexual orgies, sexual vocabulary as in the rule of the PPP since 1999. Sad though that as the goat man continues to sing his song of PPP goodness, penis erection politics will continue to make him look like a goat.

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Book Review… Book: John Hearne’s Life and Fiction: A Critical Biographical Study by Shivaun Hearne Reviewer: Dr Glenville Ashby John Hearne’s Life and Fiction: A Critical Biographical Study is an exposition that merges an artist with his canvas, a writer with his pen. More importantly, it examines the moulding of an artist. Shivaun Hearne offers a scholastic oeuvre that comes alive with colour and verve. It is exhaustively researched work punctuated with academic rigour. T h a t H e a r n e ’s w o r k appears anachronistic, on the cusp of irrelevance, is challenged by the author. She argues, in compelling style, that a country is an amalgam of many cultural epochs, none outstripping the other in worth. This is the crux of Hearne’s thesis John Hearne was raised in a period that was afflicted by the embers of plantocracy and the unsavoury canons on

class, race and “shadism.” His was a family that enjoyed the privileges seized by society’s upper crust. Here, several observations can be gleaned. Hearne’s merit was attributed to structured familial grooming, but also his (own) personal adventurism. He attended the most prestigious schools and had the mantras of the privileged drilled into him by his elders. Indeed, his home was a replica of a highly stratified society. His work reflected that much. Colonial and post colonial societies do reflect their artists’ zeitgeist in as genuine a manner as possible. Unfortunately, social critics can be unforgiving, dismissive of yesterday’s spirit. Some are blinded by political opportunism, thereby

Sunday April 13, 2014

Revelatory book resurrects life of a Caribbean icon m a r g i n a l i z i n g achievements of the past. But Hearne’s compendium transcends politics. It is classical existentialism that bleeds with the joys and anguish of the human experience. It brilliantly portrays the crises that beset many an artist. Of Hearne’s self doubt we learn: “The internal battle between wanting to be a poet but having the talent for prose seemed to nag at Hearne more than he would admit. He continued to write, more poetry than prose...and suffered through the lulls and dry spells.” Heavy drinking soon emerged as a nemesis to his literary prowess. “Whether alcoholism was the result or the cause of his increased depression is impossible to say. What is certain is that his periods of guilt and self loathing grew and his creative writing suffered,” surmises t h e a u t h o r. D u r i n g h i s sojourn in London in the early 1950s he met with other West Indian literary

giants such as George Lamming, V.S. Naipaul, and Samuel Selvon. This was a period of acculturation with all its personal struggles and misgivings. The author is reserved in casting Hearne as an u n a p o l o g e t i c conservative. And rightly so. Ever the master of framing reality within a fictional context, his “ Vo i c e s under the Wi n d o w, ” s h o u l d b e explored for its sheer brilliance in creativity. In this masterpiece he casts himself as Mark Lattimer, “the light-skinned politically active lawyer.” Here, “Lattimer attempts to save a little boy from being trampled by the crowd,” and “is fatally wounded by an enraged mulatoo man” spewing racial expletives. He writes, “The black people bellowing at me to get off their necks and the whites, too, screaming nervously not so often, more refined, whenever I came nearer to certain limits.” Although Hearne might have missed the opportunity to redeem himself p o l i t i c a l l y, because, “Lat t i m e r ” s e c o nd guessed his motives, “Voices” speaks volumes of the raging battle between the human conscience and the forces of revolution. Effortlessly, Hearne’s revelatory book moves us to revisit the past, without blinders. No doubt, we

The book cover of John Hearne’s Life and Fiction stand to garner profound lessons from John Hearne’s timeless artistry. John Hearne’s Life and Fiction: A Critical Biographical Study by Shivaun Hearne

Publisher: Caribbean Quarterly, UWI, Mona, Jamaica, 2013 ISBN: 978-976-41-02533 Rating: Highly recommended

Sunday April 13, 2014

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The mind is the devil’s playground Cats never fail to get my attention and I am sure it is the same with other people who hear them at nights more than they do during the daylight hours. As a country boy I grew up hearing cats with their caterwauling and the noise always got to me. Sometimes the mind can play tricks. People say that if the mind conjures up something then you can bet your last dollar that you will see what the mind wants you to see. I have heard of people who saw ghosts. I don’t believe in ghosts but there are people who would try their utmost to convince me. Poor me, recognizing that I am in a losing cause, would simply cease my protestations and life would go on. As much as I say that I do not believe, there were times when I literally picked up my heels and sprinted to safety. I must have told this story before but it will certainly not hurt to tell it again. There I was in my native Beterverwagting heading home late. I was about fifteen but I was already disobeying my mother. So there I was out late—it was about nine in the night but in rural Guyana that

is considered late—and heading home. I had to pass by a cemetery. Before I could reach the cemetery I saw a white object that later turned out to be a piece of cloth in a drain. My mind said ghost so I started a sprint. I ran through a huge brick pile and by the time I came to a stop huge patches of hair had disappeared from my head and skin was somewhere on the bricks. I did not even see two people who were chatting on the other side of the road, so transfixed was I on getting out of the way of that white object. But I had started to talk about the cats. Anyone who would hear the amorous felines at nights would swear that they are hearing children crying. This week I came out of my sleep at the sound and I wondered at the child who was making that noise. I must have been on tenterhooks having seen the body of a man stuffed under some trees in the cemetery. It is this aspect of life that sometimes gets to me. And I have seen a lot in my life. I have seen human disfigurement in many forms. But then I tell myself that

in every society there will be the things that reduce human beings to the level of the lowest of animals. I have heard people talk about mindnumbing experiences. There was a woman who swore to high heavens that she saw her dead mother standing under a tree and that she tried to point out the object to the people who were with her. Needless to say, they saw nothing. But I have friends who made no bones about seeing dead people. One man who has security cameras at his home and who like me is skeptical about ghosts, swore that he saw his mother on his porch. He said that he happened to glance at the monitor and there she was. He went out of his house to the spot where his mother was supposed to be but saw nothing. He was not hallucinating. But I am willing to bet that if he had a cat and the animal had brushed against his leg at that time he would have leaped so high that he would have touched the moon. And I have known this happen to ordinary people. One day I saw a woman on the streets screaming and hopping.

When the episode was over she explained that she thought that she had stepped on a snake. It was a piece of cloth that her foot hooked. But the mind does funny things. The woman almost threw a fit and it took a lot of time for people to calm her down. Then there was the man who was walking home one night. He felt something tapping him on the back and when he looked back he saw nothing. He walked faster and the taps became more frequent. The man started to run and the taps became a staccato. It was not until the man reached home that he realized the source of his panic. It was his hat band that had become loose. A piece of cloth could have given him a heart attack. During the crime wave there were kidnappings. One man who lived at Melanie Damishana got taken. A ransom was demanded and

paid. The man was released but he was never the same again. I helped him seek counseling but it would seem that it didn’t help. One of his friends told me that this man drove into his yard and his dog simply leaped up to his window and pressed its nose against his neck. The man fainted. It is all in the mind. That is why we daydream; it is why some of us get nightmares and it is why some of us see ghosts. It is also why cats sound so much like wailing babies and had me waking out

Adam Harris of my sleep and sending me back to the discovery of that man under those trees in the cemetery.

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Sunday April 13, 2014

Region Eight has been forsaken by the PPP Govt. (Excerpts from the Budget debate presentation by Eula Marcello MP) EDUCATION Schools across Region Eight are facing very difficult challenges; lack of teaching materials, janitorial supplies, and inadequate textbooks at nursery, primary and secondary school levels. The schools need specialised teachers for specific subjects since teachers who are trained in math and technical

drawing are asked to also teach social studies and agriculture science teachers are being asked to teach maths. There is no ICT being taught at the secondary schools in Region Eight. Construction of the Paramakatoi Primary School that started in 2012 is still to be completed. The students are housed at the MultiPurpose Hall and the Paramakatoi Church of Christ. This clearly shows that if the

government was serious about education for all Guyanese children, they would have ensured that the construction was completed in a timely manner. While the government is building schools, however long it takes to complete construction, the buildings alone are not enough. We need teachers from the Hinterland to be trained, so when they would have completed their training they would return to their villages to serve. There is nothing in the 2014 budget for a technical institute in the hinterland. Are we to take it that this government does not believe that Amerindians are capable of pursuing technical studies? Why is it that for so long, Amerindian children are being denied the opportunity to realise their dreams of attending a technical institute? Why is it that they have to leave the hinterland to attend technical institutes on the Coast, why the discrimination? HEALTH The people of Region Eight suffered tremendously from the shortage of commonly used medicines last year and the same continues this year. Good health is one of the most important things a person

must have in order to work and bring progress and improve his livelihood and the livelihood of others. If we are to have a decent health care system in this country we need to start by paying our health care workers a decent living wage. It seems that expireddrugs are the order of the day at Region Eight as drugs are not being supplied in a timely manner. In addition, drugs supplied to the hospital, health centres and health post are very much limited and the administrators do not seem to take into account the growing population. The Government boasts of the increase in the number of nurses and doctors in the health system. While this may be true, most of the health centres in Region Eight do not have a doctor. For example, in the case of Kato Cottage Hospital, there is no doctor and the hospital is managed by two community health workers. There are no Community Health Workers at a number of Community Health Posts, so decent health care delivery cannot be realised in these communities. In order to have a proper health care system in this country we need adequate staff and adequate medical supplies. We need dedicated medical professionals who are readily available, especially in times of emergencies, and not persons who spend their nights drinking alcohol and their days sleeping so they are hardly at their post.

The Health Minister should pay surprise visits to some of the hinterland locations and then they would know what is going on. How can you trust the diagnosis of a doctor who smells of alcohol? On many occasions persons have to travel to Georgetown at their own expense to see a proper doctor and get proper medical attention. This is why the Georgetown Public Hospital is burdened with minor matters from the hinterland; because the health centres in the hinterland are not properly staffed and equipped. Furthermore, due to shortage of medical supplies in North Pakaraimas, patients are referred to District Hospitals unnecessarily. WATER There is no adequate water supply at Region Eight. The Salbora Well goes on and off. Further inland in the interior remote areas, wells dug in 2012-2013 do not serve the public adequately, since there is need for extension of pipelines. INFRASTRUCTURE In the years 2012 and 2013 more infrastructural development was promised and more tax dollars were allocated, but all the people have received are a set of substandard projects and contractors being overpaid as we read in the Auditor General’s Reports. When the representatives of the Guyanese people raise questions with the intention that action would be taken to rectify the discrepancies, they

Eula Marcello MP end up being victimised and abused, very often by the persons who ought to have seen to the proper implementation of the projects in the first place. It is recommend that central government scrutinise developmental projects from the initial stages through to completion so that the people who put up the tax dollars to fund the projects can get value for their money. Examples of these include the Paramakatoi/Mountain Foot Health Centre since its commencement in early 2012, Arasawa Health Post not completed though it started three years ago, X-Ray department extension commenced early this year and is left incomplete, so there is no X-Ray service at Mahdia. It must be noted that the Public Works budget for Region Eight was reduced. The Region will now get less than it did last year for this critical sector.

Sunday April 13, 2014

SUNDAY SPECIAL SPARE PARTS DEALER FEARED KIDNAPPED - CALLERS DEMAND $50M Popular spare parts dealer Rajendra Singh, called ‘Sunil’ was reportedly kidnapped at gunpoint at around 19.00 hrs last week Saturday night outside his Lot 15, Foulis Public Road, East Coast Demerara residence. A family member reportedly received a call from the alleged kidnappers who demanded $50M for Singh’s release. According to reports reaching Kaieteur News, the 40-year-old businessman had already closed up for the evening. The perpetrators came to the location pretending that they wanted to make a purchase. Kaieteur News understands that Singh, who is in the habit of helping out customers even after he has closed up for the day, went out to the men. The ‘customers’ immediately held him at gunpoint and forced him into his own car. A source said that Singh’s wife subsequently received a call from someone claiming to be one of the kidnappers. The caller demanded $50M and said that the ransom had to be delivered immediately. The ‘kidnapper’ also allegedly left a contact number and warned her not to contact the police. EX-PARLIAMENTARIAN ERNEST ELLIOT REPLACES JAIPAUL SHARMA A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) coalition prepared to name former Region Four official and ex Parliamentarian Ernest Elliot as the replacement for Jaipaul Sharma. Sharma tendered his resignation the previous week following what he described as a verbal attack on him in the National Assembly by Education Minister Priya Manickchand. Sharma’s resignation was accepted, paving the way for Elliot’s return. Kaieteur News understands that several influential members of APNU’s hierarchy had made a case for a seasoned politician like former PNC General Secretary Aubrey Norton to return to the House or for the nod to be given to younger activists like Shondel Hope or Ryan Belgrave. MONDAY EDITION PROBE INTO GOLD BOARD RACKET UNEARTHS COLLUSION - GUYANA ROBBED OF HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS$$$ EACH MONTH Several hundred million Guyana dollars are being

Kaieteur News

Ernest Elliot siphoned off each month in a racket at the Gold Board, as a result of collusion between dealers, Government and senior officials of that entity. An official within the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) last Sunday explained the scheme that was uncovered and which over the weekend led to the closure of the Guyana Gold Board sub-office at Bartica, Region Seven. Five low-level employees at the office have since been arrested. According to the source, dealers would purchase gold from miners across the country at purity levels that vary. This gold would then be sold to the Guyana Gold Board Office and its branches countrywide. The source said that through collusion, some corrupt staffers in the Gold Board pay the dealers for gold at a 95 per cent purity rate, when in fact the purity level is far less. This means that despite the fact some of the gold sold to the Gold Board may be 60 per cent pure, the dealer is still paid for the gold at the 95 per cent rate. According to the official, this racket that has been going on for several years and as such had to be with the knowledge of very senior officials at the Gold Board and possibly at the Ministry level. The official opined that it is highly inconceivable that the Gold Board could not have picked up on the scheme. “The Gold Board must be aware of the quality of gold its buys and the quality of gold it sells on a monthly basis.” RAMKARRAN WARNED OF SECURITY IMPLICATION BEFORE SASH SAWH’S ASSASSINATION Former Minister of Agriculture, Satyadeow Sash Sawh, was assassinated weeks after the Former Speaker of the National Assembly, Ralph Ramkarran

Former Speaker of the National Assembly, Ralph Ramkarran had warned the party to undertake a serious analysis of the then crime situation to determine whether the party or individuals were at risk. This is according to Ramkarran in his most recent writings on his blog, where he said that the plea was made in March 2006 when he addressed a meeting of the Central Committee of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP). In recalling his presentation, Ramkarran said he told the meeting that, “The security situation is uppermost in people’s minds…Everyone is terrified out of his/her wits because of the gruesome violence in Agricola, the massive theft of arms from the army, regular killings allegedly by the Buxton terrorists and weekly, wanton killings by armed robbers.” He said at the time, that a report on the Agricola violence was given by then Home Affairs Minister, Gail Teixeira, “which revealed no information or analysis of any significance, so we are none the wiser.” According to Ramkarran, “one member requested that the President should speak to the issue but he declined to do so…The newspapers or private individuals involved in speculation are the only source of information and analysis available for the executive leadership of the Party.” TUESDAY EDITION SUPPLY WOMAN, 21, REMANDED FOR CHILDREN’S KILLINGS Twenty-one-year-old Hofasawa Awena Rutherford appeared impassive as she quietly occupied the prisoners’ docks during the court proceedings late Monday afternoon. Moments before her case was called by Magistrate Zamilla Ally, the defendant who was decked in black and white, strolled casually up to the courtroom at the Vigilance Magistrate’s

Page 27

Court which at the time was solely occupied by court officials and police ranks. Rutherford is the woman who allegedly killed her children by feeding them a poisonous substance on March 27 at their Lot 10 Supply, Mahaicony home, two Thursdays ago, as she relieved a relative of babysitting duties, Rutherford reportedly told the relative that she “had a surprise” for her children. The mother took them home and allegedly fed her them ‘carbon tablets’. Jabari Ajoya Cadogan, 16 months old, died at the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital, while his sister, four-year-old Hodociea Juliana Cadogan, succumbed at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). Rutherford’s arraignment was merely days after she was discharged from the hospital since she too had reportedly ingested the deadly rodenticide. Rutherford, who was unrepresented by legal counsel, faced one count of murder for the two children. When the single charge was read to her she was not called upon to respond since it was laid indictably. Rutherford who stared stonily at the Magistrate spoke only to confirm her age, address and that she was unemployed and had never been charged before any court. OPPOSITION STAGES “WALK OUT” ON PRIYA MANICKCHAND

…INSISTS THAT SHE MUSTAPOLOGISE The Parliamentary Opposition Monday retaliated against Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, when she again stood in the National Assembly to add her voice to the ongoing 2014 budget debates. As the Minister commenced her speech, members of the joint opposition, the Alliance for Change (AFC) and A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), swiftly vacated their chairs and headed for the nearest exits. The only opposition member who remained grounded was APNU’s Chief Whip and Shadow Minister of Education, Amna Ally, who was slated to speak immediately after Manickchand. The previous Friday, Manickchand first attempted to make her presentation but was ‘drowned out’ by the Opposition’s ‘table banging’ and calls for her to apologise to the APNU member Jaipaul Sharma for comments that were deemed “highly improper” by Speaker of the House, Raphael Trotman. Manickchand’s comments were voiced in the House two Tuesdays ago as APNU’s Volda Lawrence was making her budget presentation. She was highlighting the fact that a number of underage girls are being impregnated by older men. The Education Minister

in heckling mode noted that the “APNU member Sharma” would know about such activities. WEDNESDAY EDITION ‘PET’ PROJECTS TRICKERY USED TO BLEED NATIONAL PURSE – AFC -FINANCE MINISTER MUSTADJUST BUDGET OR FACE NONAPPROVAL With hours left before the National Assembly started considerations of the 2014 National Budget estimates, the Alliance For Change (AFC) warned that Government will be at fault for its non-approval. In a strongly worded statement, the smaller of two Opposition factions in the House also accused the Government side of using trickery to bleed the national purse for ‘pet’ projects. But there was also a hint that there is still a chance for negotiation. “The Alliance For Change has appealed to the government, even at this 25th hour, to come to the negotiating table on the 2014 National Budget before the detailed examination of the estimates in the Committee of Supply begins.” The party, which has seven of the 33 seats of the Opposition-controlled house, claimed that the Government, though fully aware that the AFC would not give its (Continued on page 41)

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Sunday April 13, 2014

Guyana must strengthen its economic diplomacy The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must strengthen this country’s economic diplomacy. Economic diplomacy is the vehicle by which Guyana can effectively collaborate with its continental and regional neighbours to achieve our domestic developmental policies. Economic diplomacy means the use of trade and economic strategies and influence to consolidate the correct political climate. This can facilitate peace and security, promote international trade and investments and develop i n t e r n a t i o n a l telecommunications, energy and transport networks, among other things. It should therefore be a policy priority in order to support Guyana’s economic development. The annual national budget, therefore, should demonstrate Guyana’s capacity to strengthen its foreign economic diplomacy in order to boost its domestic economy. BRAZIL

The Guyana Chronicle (March 3, 2014) reported, “High Level Suriname meeting examines enhancing exports to Brazil.” Brazil, Guyana’s southern neighbour, is an acknowledged economic powerhouse in Latin America. Our relationship with Brazil must be taken into account in our domestic policy. Brazil’s economy is the largest of the Latin American nations and the second largest in the western hemisphere. Brazil, according to the World Economic Forum, was the top country in upward evolution of competitiveness in 2009. It gained eight positions among other countries, overcoming Russia for the first time and partially closing the competitiveness gap with India and China among the BRIC economies. Brazil has the second largest industrial sector in the Americas. Guyana should seek to exploit all avenues of trade with Brazil. Caribbean Export (the Regional Trade Promotion and Facilitation Agency)

commissioned a study which detailed an immediate set of actions aimed at addressing the less than stellar performance of firms based in Guyana and Suriname in the Brazilian market. The Report noted that Guyana and Suriname are not adequately exploiting trade opportunities either between themselves or with Brazil and the report found that the Partial Scope Agreements between Brazil and the two countries do not cover most of the countries’ most competitive exports. The Report also found that infrastructural limitations, such as energy costs and road networks inhibit trade. Some of the recommendations of the Troika Trade Assessment Plan include the establishment of trade desks in the Suriname Business Forum and the Private Sector Commission of Guyana to provide training for exportready firms and trade and market intelligence and trade show support, including the subsidizing of airfare and accommodation for exportready firms.

THE CARIBBEAN The Caribbean is also an essential zone for Guyana’s economic expansion. The Caribbean Single Market and Economy promises to be of tremendous benefit to peoples and businesses throughout CARICOM. The free movement of people creates an avenue for the region to share skills whilst simultaneously facilitating those seeking improved standards of living and better employment prospects away from their domestic spheres. Businesses also have access to a much bigger market than their national markets would allow, and therefore, the potential to generate additional revenue and increased profits. The region can share its expertise, technology and resources to greater effect. The annual budget should have made provision to strengthen our capacity to compete or co-operate within CARICOM. Guyana is not exploiting its Caribbean markets sufficiently. Agreements between Guyana and Barbados in the areas of agriculture, fisheries, education, tourism, security and investments and civil aviation are commendable,

but greater collaboration should be pursued with more of our Caribbean neighbours. The Caribbean Single Market and Economy is about people. If there is no public “buy–in”, efforts and resources expended thus far towards the implementation of the CSME could very well prove to be futile. CARICOM is capable of advancing our national interest. This is set out in Article 4 of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas; “coordination of foreign policies (that is presenting a united front in its relations with countries outside the grouping).” Through coordination of regional foreign policy, we can increase our influence in international affairs. Meetings and discussions are not to be confused with operationalizing this critical function of regional integration. ECONOMIC DIPLOMACY There needs to be within the Foreign Affairs Ministry, therefore, a robust Economic Diplomacy Department. It should have responsibility for interfacing with Guyana’s diplomatic missions abroad, the business entities and the other institutions with economic or commercial

duties. There is urgent need for Commercial and Economic Attachés to be appointed in our embassies in Paramaribo (Suriname), Caracas (Venezuela) and Brasilia (Brazil) immediately. APNU believes that there is urgent need to rethink and to establish coordinated foreign policy. It is time for the Department of Government and International Affairs at the University of Guyana, the Foreign Service Institute and the Department for International Cooperation to begin collaborating on a conceptual template for a sustained co-ordinated regional economic foreign policy. This year’s budgetary allocation for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is inadequate. Advancing Guyana’s interests is not a task for the Government alone, let alone the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is a task that requires a new inclusionary approach – an approach which requires dialogue and understanding among Government, business and the rest of the community. At every stage of our dialogue, the public needs to be informed. If Guyana’s foreign policy is to succeed, it must aim to mobilize the understanding and support of all Guyana. If there is to be a better Guyana, we have to institute policies that would ensure that we build a strong economy through robust international economic relations.

Sunday April 13, 2014

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Local folklore and a “true believer” By Kiana Wilburg Anthony Kissoon asserts that after some “strange encounters” he remains a true believer that the Massacuraman and the Old Higue actually live amongst us. The 62-year-old, who lives a quiet life with his loving wife and daughter in Prashad Nagar, expressed that while he is passionate about the Kissoon family business and politics to an extent, he is most certainly obsessed with our Folklore legends; an aspect of the Guyanese legacy which he claims has lived on since the 15th Century. With his book titled Tale of the Spirits which was published twice, Kissoon captivates his readers with testimonies of real life encounters. The tales exude simplicity and serve as the perfect cushion for their eerie yet “believable” details. It’s a perfect read to rekindle that relationship with our heritage. Recently, Mr. Kissoon briefly shared with me his short-lived venture into the world of politics and eventual love for folklore. Born on June 18, 1952, the avid reader is the second twin of two sons of Alston and Lyla Kissoon. He attended Mrs. Allen’s Primary School and then elementary at Sacred Heart R.C School. He then progressed to St. Stanislaus College. But due to much political turmoil in the early sixties, his parents sent him and his two brothers to Barbados. After spending two school terms in Barbados, Kissoon returned to Guyana and continued his

Anthony Kissoon gives a copy of his f irst collection of “Tales of the Spirits” to Mayor Hamilton Green schooling at St. Stanislaus. But the tragic passing of his father in January 1966 meant another trip to a foreign land. The sons were sent to Mount St. Mary’s in Sheffield, England. He then returned to Guyana in 1968 and successfully obtained seven GCE O level passes at his former high school and went on to Canada. He was accepted at Mc Gill University. There, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics. Also in that year he was accepted into the London School of Economics where he got his Masters Degree in Economics History in 1976. He then returned to Guyana to devote his time to understanding the family business. In 1980, he assumed a different role. He was appointed Special Advisor to the then President Forbes Burnham. He said the

decision to enter the “cruel world of politics” was one that scared him a bit, but “the comforting words of the President gave me the encouragement I needed to accept that challenge”. NEGLECTEDASPECT OF CULTURE The father of three believes that Guyana’s folklore is one of the most neglected aspects of its culture. He insists that it should be preserved, promoted and publications on it circulated more often. “I love folklore and I am of the firm belief that much more needs to be done to spur the rebirth of the love for this rich part of our history which has managed to live through the turbulence of our past. My book is dedicated to my mom who has always been a fountain of encouragement and has been at the genesis of my love for this part of our history.

Folklore for a country is like its fingerprints. It’s the one thing that has not been cloned and though the tales may alter as they pass through the ages and are handed down from one generation to the next its essence always remain the same. I do hope that more of our local writers can do the same and that the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport can lend more than just lip service to this wonderful and crucial aspect of our culture. This is what makes us Guyanese.” “My book focuses on the tales of the Massacuraman, the Water Baby, the Old Higue, Baccoo, Moon Gazer, the Living Dead and the White Man. I kept it simple and conversational; reminiscent of the style it was told to me by my mother and other friends. I have placed these tales in an orderly and specific time frame and the only reason for doing so is that Guyana was settled and colonized by various people at different times in its history.” The late Viola Burnham (wife of President Burnham) had commented on the first publication of his book stating that, “Kissoon’s “Tales of the Spirits” are folkloric in the oral tradition of our ancestors with an interestingly mischievous addition of fiction and morality, peppered with blood-curdling imagery, to young as well as to adult readers, they attempt to fill a vacuum in the cultural memory of all Guyanese whatever their origin.” Kissoon then told me the riveting tale of the Moon

Mr. Kissoon (far right) during his days as an advisor to the then President Forbes Burnham (far left). Standing next to Mr. Burnham is Kissoon’s mother, Mrs. Lyla Kissoon, and the then First Lady, Mrs. Viola Burnham.

An illustration of the Water Baby from “Tales of the Spirits.”

gazer, which is a man-like creature which stares or gazes at the moon. He said that the legend was handed down by the old East Indian labourers who worked at the sugar plantations from dusk to dawn. It is said that the Moon Gazer, when disturbed, would become very angry and unleash his wrath upon his curious victims. Kissoon asserts that he

knows of many who have lived to tell the tale. But considering that I am easily frightened I humbly declined his invitation to see for myself. However, he is extending an invitation to anyone who desires to take a long stroll across an estate after midnight where the Moon Gazer still sleeps. His work can be found at Austin’s Book Store.

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Sunday April 13, 2014

Sunday April 13, 2014

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Sunday April 13, 2014

Region Three - achieving successes with limited resources With a population amounting to in excess of 100,000 people, according to the official census records of 2002, Region Three is classified as Essequibo IslandsWest Demerara, an alluring rural district that can easily pull on the curiosity of just about anyone as they leave the Demerara Harbour Bridge or dismount a speed boat at the Vreed-en-Hoop Stelling. Home to many fascinatingly designed architectural buildings and stretches of thoroughfare that can take you way past the historic Wales Estate on the West Bank of Demerara or the Parika Stelling at East Bank Essequibo, the Region is one that embodies a sense of tranquility having left the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the capital city of Georgetown. But, like the other nine administrative Regions of the country, Region Three is not without its challenges. Limited financing has from long been the primary factor hindering quality regional developmental works, particularly as it relates to road repairs. This disclosure was recently made by Regional Chairman, Julius Faerber,

Region Three Regional Chairman, Julius Faerber during an interview with this publication which saw him seeking to shed light on the reason repairs are annually warranted on some roads. “The road works that we do are limited in terms of financing and because of the financing we are not able to do the type of roads that we would like such as the asphalt concrete,” Faerber intimated. This, as a result, has seen the Region’s road repair works

being characterised by double bitumen surfaces which are often no match for heavy vehicles that traverse them on a regular basis, sometimes causing damage much too soon. In addition to the impact of the weight of some of these vehicles, the Regional Chairman disclosed that the situation is compounded by inclement weather which contributes to the creation of potholes and at times, causes impassable roads. However, in recognition of this daunting state of affairs, Faerber said that “we are trying to move away from that now; most of the roads we are trying to put in place are the asphalt concrete.” And the Region has had some support in this regard through the Community Road Improvement Programme (CRIP) which, according to Faerber, has seen at least three Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NCDs) benefiting from improved quality roads. With funding, amounting to US$18.7M, from both the Caribbean Development Bank and Government, the CRIP programme was one intended

to facilitate the construction of 100 kilometres of community roads. The Region Three roads that were repaired under the CRIP programme were some located in the NDCs of Best/Klein/ Pouderoyen, Stewartville/ Cornelia Ida and Tuschen/ Uitvlugt. And according to Faerber, “the type of work they received was very noticeable because those roads are better roads now than the ones that we would normally do.” Moreover, there are yet some roads within these very NDCs that remain a challenge to the Regional Administration since they require annual repairs. And while some residents within expanding housing schemes, such as La Parfaite Harmonie, are looking to the Region to facilitate road repairs, Faerber informed that “we do not have direct control over these housing schemes...these schemes are still under the control of the Ministry of Housing, so we cannot venture into some areas to do anything until they are handed over to us.” He nevertheless explained that the Ministry would usually undertake strategic works in order to upgrade about 75 per cent of these scheme roads before they are placed in the care of the Region. This would by extension see the Region budgeting for their maintenance and repairs as well. Faerber said that the Region is currently finalising its budget, with in excess of $200 million already set aside for its capital programme.

“We are working on our works programme in terms of putting together our bill of quantities and very shortly, say within another month, we will be putting out advertisements and then start executing the various works that we have budgeted for.” In addition to the upgrading of roads throughout the Region, works slated for this year will include rehabilitation to community bridges, maintenance work on schools and other regional buildings. Further still, the budget will cater to the excavation of trenches and repairs to a number of sluices. And according to Faerber, who has been serving in the capacity of Regional Chairman for the past eight years, one of his more noteworthy achievements thus far has been works to improve the Region’s drainage system. “I can remember coming in the Region and there were many of our trenches and canals that were in a deplorable state, but today they are functional and many of our farmers are happy...A larger farming area has been developed because of the clearing of these waterways and now our farmers are able to have more produce.” However, he insisted that the challenges under his tenure continue to be regular works warranted to repair roads as well as education and health facilities. Faerber said that funds are continually plugged into the rehabilitation of health

facilities, especially the health centres which, he said, are rehabilitated and adequately equipped and furnished with the relevant drugs. “This is important to promote primary health care whereby persons living in the communities spread across the Regions can access medical care and treatment easily rather than have to travel miles to the West Demerara Regional Hospital.” Despite the fact that “funds are never sufficient” Faerber revealed that “we have done quite a lot of work in terms of improving our health facilities but of course we are not where we really want to be as yet and so we are working towards having a better health service in this Region.” And even as the Regional Administration fervently continues infrastructural works, Faerber said that keen attention is also paid to the state of security as well. According to him, the efforts of the Police Force have been instrumental in helping to ensure that residents have an improved sense of security. “Security in this Region has improved, because looking at the general statistics over the years we have seen a decline in the rate of certain crimes. We have even seen a drastic reduction in fatal accidents,” Faerber said. He did note, however, that although there have been many laudable achievements in the Region, “I am not satisfied; I think that we can do more and I think we can work together to ensure that we have a better Region.”

Sunday April 13, 2014



By Leonard Gildarie


Kaieteur News

ver the past two years, we have been focusing especially on moving from being without a piece of real estate to owning a lot, to eventually constructing a home. Construction to a greenhorn like me was like pulling a tooth, a maddening process that I dread going through, ever, again. I moved in when the grout was still wet on the tiles and barely three months had passed since actual construction had started. It was in time for the Christmas, just over three years ago. During the past week, I was in constant contact, like normal, harassing my friends down at the Housing Ministry on complaints that we would have received. The Ministry has been very receptive to hearing about some of the complaints. I have forwarded emails our readers would have sent and the Ministry has been following up on them. At least, that is what several of our readers have confirmed. The Ministry has been facing a major problem which it seems to be getting a handle on. However, even one incident is one too many. According to Housing Minister, Irfaan Ali, and his

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Selling your house lot/ property and those scams

Land Administration Manager, Denise TudorKing, there are still instances where citizens continue being duped by some very enterprising fraudsters. In one case, a man is believed to have hit his victims for as much as $80M. Wanted bulletins have been issued for a number of fraudsters and several matters are currently before the courts. Tudor-King disclosed that over the past two years alone, there were about 20 cases in which false receipts were presented to the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA). Some of the documents falsified included even interview l e t t e r s a n d acknowledgements, along with allocation letters. In all cases, the fraud was detected by the control systems in place at CH&PA, the operational arm of the Housing Ministry. In layman's terms, this means that every time that C H & PA s e n d s a n y correspondence, it is tagged against your application that is on file. So if you turn up with an interview letter that was made up by someone else, you will get caught. According to Minister Ali, CH&PA has been battling to tweak its systems continuously to prevent fraud, but the reality is that attempts have been made

In some cases persons pay huge sums for vacant land, but that land does not belong to the seller time and again. One ingenious operator claimed that he had contacts in CH&PA to get a piece of land. The customer doesn't even have to attend the application. He would present an application form to the unsuspecting person. The fraudster, the Minister said, would even take the person to the Ministry, and have them wait outside. The fraudster would go inside and pretend to meet with his contact and then come out with an allocation letter or maybe even what looks like a title to the land.

The documents were, of course, manufactured. The monies would then be paid over to the fraudster and he disappears into the sunset. Still, persons would pay huge sums for vacant land in mainly new housing schemes. The only problem is that the land does not belong to the seller. But there is another type of illegal sale of house lots. This particular one is being t a r g e t e d b y C H & PA because it involves land that was legitimately acquired. U n d e r C H & PA ' s regulations, house lots acquired through its

application process cannot be sold before 10 years. But many persons have sold their land. Those transactions are not official and are fraught with legal dangers. The property owners would sell these, giving the buyer a Power of Attorney. C H & PA c a n g i v e permission for land to be sold before the 10 years are up. The reasons can include the homeowner wanting cash because of a medical emergency or maybe even l e a v i n g t h e c o u n t r y. However, CH&PA must be satisfied and a penalty will

in all likelihood be charged. This would depend on the market value of the property. According to Ali, C H & PA h a s n o representatives transacting its business. Rather, all applicants must visit its offices to transact these. Enjoy the weekend and as Easter approaches don't forget to warn the kids about flying kites close to those power lines. Please continue to send those comments to or call me weekdays on 225-8491.

Sunday April 13, 2014

From page 27 support for a few of these “pet projects and ‘rag-tag’ ventures” that serve only to enrich the PPP and its cronies, has sought to lump the allocations for these projects with projects that the party would be inclined to support. “One example of this is the allocations for NCN (National Communications Network) and GINA (Government Information Agency) being lumped with allocations for security at the Office of the President. This sort of budgeting is deceitful; it is trickery and an attempt by the government to foster bad spending by hiding it under layers of good spending.” The AFC said that the government will not be allowed to get away with such “underhand budgeting practices”. GUYANAPOLICE FORCE IS FREE FROM POLITICAL CONTROL – ROHEE - APNU NOT IMPRESSED Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee has dismissed suggestions that the Guyana Police Force is being politically controlled. Delivering a fiery presentation during the 2014 Budget Debate in the National Assembly, Rohee said that what obtains now in the security sector is a far cry from what occurred under the regime of the People’s National Congress (PNC). “The fact is that the Guyana Police Force, being the foremost law enforcement agency in this country, notwithstanding all the bashing…it is free from political control as it used to be in the past,” Rohee declared. This was in direct reference to what many feel is the widely held belief that the Guyana Police Force is being used as a political tool, under the direct control of the Minister of Home Affairs. According to Rohee, there were days in the past when persons opposed to the government were pulled off planes and prevented from leaving Guyana. This prompted heckling from the Opposition side that Guyana has become a police state. During his hour-long debate contribution, Rohee also quoted from published documents which referred to instances when it was alleged that orders were issued for the military personnel to shore up numbers at the major events such as party congresses of the then ruling PNC. At this point in Rohee’s presentation, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s Basil Williams rose on a point of order, claiming that Rohee

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will consider any possible amendments.

was breaching Standing Order 41 (1), since his presentation was not relevant to the issue that was engaging the National Assembly. THURSDAY EDITION BRUTAL END TO KIDNAPPING…BUSINESSMAN’S BODY FOUND IN CEMETERY After holding their captive for almost four days, kidnappers finally lost patience and murdered Enmore spare parts dealer, Rajendra Singh, called Sunil, even before they could collect the $25M ransom they had demanded. The 40-year-old Singh’s body with a bullet wound to the head, was discovered in an isolated section of Le Repentir cemetery around 09:30 hours Wednesday. His killers had used a jersey to tie his mouth and nose. The killers then proceeded to stuff him in an alcove created by some fallen trees. They had removed his pants, leaving him clad in his socks and his underwear. His hands were bound with what appeared to be his belt. A worker who was in the process of identifying suitable land for burial sites stumbled upon Singh’s bound body. “Me see de body under a tree…He been pon he face. Me run out hay, pick up me bicycle and go at de office and tell me boss,” the worker stated. He could not estimate how long the body was there but investigators believe that Singh was killed right in the cemetery sometime early Wednesday morning. They reportedly recovered a warhead from a tree near where the body was found, convincing them that the bullet which killed Singh passed through his skull and lodged in the tree. Initially, people could only guess at the identity of the body although there was speculation that it was the missing businessman. It was a relative, who turned up in the cemetery and positively identified him. News of the discovery was relayed to

Singh’s immediate relatives in Enmore who were obviously shocked, since they were desperately hoping that he would have been released without harm. ANOTHER TRAGEDYAT SUPENAAM STELLING, TRUCK OVERBOARD A number of businessmen conducting business on the Essequibo Coast and the North West District, Region One, are unsure whether their cargo (goods) would be rendered usable, after the 12hour delay at the Good-Hope/ Supenaam Ferry Stelling. The delay followed a laden truck falling overboard early Wednesday morning. Almost 35 vehicles laden with perishable cargo were left stranded on the ferry. Reports are that the China-donated boat, MV Kanawan, moored at the Good-Hope/Supenaam wharf around 1:35 am Wednesday. While the truck, GKK 9159, was attempting to disembark the vessel, it fell overboard after the back door of the ferry slipped open. Husbard Thomas, a/k ‘Anto’, the truck driver, who managed to scurry to safety, said that he managed to escape with minor injuries through one of the vehicle’s windows. He was trapped inside of the laden truck when it hit the water. Thomas, a driver for the past 15 years, said that after the Kanawan had moored at the Good Hope ferry stelling, a Canter truck was the first vehicle to disembark the vessel. Five passengers followed. Thomas said the truck was the second vehicle to disembark but when he attempted to drive off of the boat his vehicle fell through the door. Thomas said that one half of the door was not properly intact; the rope that usually functions as a secure source was not strapped unto the ramp. Owner of the submerged truck, Delroy Griffith, said his truck is valued at almost $6.5M. Meanwhile, Jagnarine Singh, a/k ‘Teddy’, of Airy Hall, Essequibo Coast, lost some $2.5M in cargo that included

25 bags of feed, ten bags of onions and tomatoes and panel doors. FRIDAY EDITION OPPOSITION BLOCKS SPECIALTY HOSPITAL, $1.1B AMERINDIAN FUND - HEALTH MINISTRY GRILLED OVER PRICES PAID FOR DRUGS In the first of its promised cuts to this year’s National Budget, the Opposition yesterday voted against the Indian-funded US$18M Specialty Hospital and a $1.1B provision for the Amerindian Development Fund. The blocking of the $910M for the controversial hospital slated for Turkeyen, East Coast Demerara, and the $1.1B set aside for the Amerindian fund immediately sparked condemnation from the Government side, which said that the action has undermined the possibilities of talks with the Opposition refusing even at the last moment to say what its concerns are with respect to the budget. A m e r i n d i a n representatives in the National Assembly for the Opposition insisted, during a hasty press conference, that they want a clear plan from Government on how the fund is being spent, with Toshaos and villagers complaining that the monies are benefitting mainly handpicked representatives of the ruling People’s Progressive Party/ Civic who collect $30,000 monthly and do virtually nothing. An attempt at a possible resolution on the Specialty Hospital during a break failed. Amendments to the National Budget have created great controversy, dividing the National Assembly in no uncertain terms. The matter went to court and earlier this year, there was a ruling that the National Assembly can only approve or disapprove the estimates. It will be up to the Finance Minister to amend those estimates. On Wednesday, Speaker of the House, Raphael Trotman, proposed that a subcommittee be established that

SOOBA’S APPOINTMENT AS TOWN CLERK QUASHED - CJ RULES MINISTER DOES NOT HAVE SUCH POWER The decision to appoint Carol Sooba as the substantive Town Clerk of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC) was on Thursday quashed when Chief Justice (ag) Ian Chang ruled that the Local Government Minister does not have the power to appoint any person in a substantive position within the body. The Chief Justice was at the time passing judgment on the matter brought against the Local Government Ministry by Royston King who challenged the government’s appointment of Sooba to the office of Town Clerk, when he explained that the Constitution does not give the Minister the power to appoint any official earning a certain amount of money annually. Chang emphasized that the Constitution specifically gives that power to a Local Government Service Commission; members of whom shall be appointed by the Prime Minister. Section 95 of the Municipal and District Councils Act Chapter 28:01 says that the Commission will be commissioned and consist of a chairman, deputy chairman and three others. Section 96 of the same Act provides for the members appointments, while Section 116 (1) provides the Commission with the power to appoint staffers among other things. Under Section 326 (4) of the same Act, it is further provided that in the absence of the Commission, “the powers (of the Commission) conferred under section 116 shall be exercised by the Minister.” However, the Chief Justice (CJ) noted that since the law came into being in

1969; the body has never been commissioned to function. The law limits the Minister’s power, while it specifically provides for the establishment of the Commission. SATURDAY EDITION M&CC TO PLAY MINOR ROLE IN MAJOR CITY CLEAN-UP -ALLOCATIONS FOR REGIONS ONE, TWO, THREEAPPROVED A $2.8B allocation for the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development in the 2014 National Budget was approved Friday in the National Assembly, but not before searching questions were asked over $2B set aside for the Haags Bosch dumpsite development and a major cleanup of the city. In the latter project, $1B has been provided for cleanup and environmental enhancement in the rural and urban areas. Minister Norman Whittaker admitted that while $500M will be used to clear drains and kokers in Georgetown, the Ministry will not just be passing the money over to the City Council. Rather the city’s management will play a stakeholder role in which several Ministries, including Agriculture, Tourism and Public Works, will also be participating. The state of the city has been a major thorn in the side of both City Council and the Administration for years. City Council has accused Government over starving it for funds, with the latter also trading barbs, saying that the Council has been mismanaging the affairs. With Local Government Elections long overdue, finances for capital programmes and even the more mundane operations have been tight. Cemeteries, drains, garbage collections and illegal vending have been major problems facing the City Council.

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Sunday April 13, 2014

Obesity (excess body fat) By Dr. Kumar Sukhraj, BSC, MBBS In this edition of health tips, I would like to focus on Obesity which is a global health issue that poses a challenge to many leaders to devise ways of preventing, treating and offering of rehabilitative services for those affected. A certain amount of body fat is necessary for storing energy, heat insulation, shock absorption, and other functions. However obesity is a medical condition in which there is excess body fat accumulation to a level that has many negative effects on the health and over all wellbeing. As per the World Health Organization and different reputed associations of health care providers, obesity is generally measured in terms of Body Mass Index or BMI. It is measured using the formula where body weight in Kilograms is divided by the square of the height of the person in metres (Kg/m2). The following table adapted from the World Health Organization has made it easy to understand the classification of obesity based on the individuals BMI. When a person is diagnosed as being obese,

he/she may think that being out of shape is the only concern and may not see this condition as urgent, however obesity has several harmful effects on one’s health. Patient who are obese can have a significant reduction in their life expectancy. Obesity can also increase the risk of developing many chronic illnesses such as: · Insulin resistance. Insulin a hormone that is produce by the pancreas and

is necessary for the transport of blood glucose (sugar) into the cells of muscle and fat (which is then used for energy). This state can be a precursor for type 2 diabetes. · Type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes. The greater the degree and duration of obesity the greater the risk on a person developing type 2 diabetes. Central obesity (excess fat around waist) is a common factor that can lead to type 2 diabetes.

· High blood pressure (hypertension). Hypertension is common among obese adults. · High cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) · Stroke (cerebrovascular accident or CVA) · Heart attack. The risk of developing heart disease is high in obese people. In patients who have already had a heart attack, obesity is associated with an increased likelihood of a second heart

attack. · Congestive heart failure · Cancer. Obesity is also associated with several forms of cancer relating to different organs of the body like breast, ovaries, colon and rectum, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, stomach endometrial, cervical, prostate and kidneys. · Gallstones · Gout and gouty arthritis · Osteoarthritis (degenerative arthritis) of the knees, hips, and the lower back · Sleep apnea. This is a pause in breathing or instances of shallow or infrequent breathing during sleep Obese people are sometimes even referred to as obese patients, and have a reduced life expectancy up to ten years than normal people of their same age and other factors. Obesity is a known cause of preventable deaths across many groups of people. The fundamental cause of obesity and overweight is an energy imbalance between calories consumed and calories expended. Globally, there has been: · An increased intake of energy-dense foods that are high in fat; and an increase in physical inactivity due to the increasingly sedentary

Minor foot wounds a major threat for diabetics For people with diabetes, one foot ulcer is very likely to lead to another, according to a new study that finds even minor lesions create a major risk of more severe foot wounds. The best defense, Dutch researchers say, is to treat even minor sores carefully and to protect feet from pressure and injury with specialized footwear. “I hope medical specialists, and other health care practitioners will use this knowledge and implement it in clinical practice,” said senior author Sicco Bus, staff scientist with the Academic Medical Center at the University of Amsterdam. People with diabetes often lose feeling in their feet as a result of nerve damage, known as myelopathy. The lack of sensation makes diabetics prone to injure their feet without realizing it, and allows small wounds to grow into serious ulcers that can eventually lead to infection or gangrene. In the U.S., 26 million Americans have diabetes. Every year, 65,700 of these patients have lower-limb

amputations. Past research has shown that having had a foot ulcer is a significant risk factor for having more of them. “Ulcer recurrence is a debilitating condition for the patient, risking further complications such as infection and amputation, and influencing loss of patient mobility and quality of life,” Bus told Reuters Health. To find out what factors most strongly predict who will develop foot ulcers, Bus and his colleagues analyzed data from a large trial of specialized footwear for diabetes patients

with nerve damage in their feet (see Reuters Health article of January 24, 2013 here: 1ewrG4F). For the new analysis, the researchers focused on 171 participants, all of whom reported having a foot ulcer at least 18 months before the study began. For a period of 18 months, each person was checked for new ulcers every three months, and interviewed about their daily habits. The pressure on their feet while walking barefoot and in the special footwear was also measured. During one week, sensors in the shoes reported

how often the participants wore their shoes and how many steps they took. During the study period, 71 people developed ulcers on the soles of their feet, 41 of them as a result of unrecognized “trauma,” Bus and his colleagues report in the journal Diabetes Care. Among those 41, the people who had minor lesions when the study began were nine times more likely than those who didn’t to develop an ulcer. Often the wounds were in the same place as a previous ulcer, suggesting there was ongoing pressure or injury happening at that spot, according to the researchers. Patients who wore shoes customized to the pressure points of their feet, however, had a 57 percent lower risk of developing a new ulcer compared to those who didn’t. Currently, to prevent ulcers, doctors and nurses have to check the feet of diabetic patients every day for wounds or use specialized tools for determining pressure points that might be prone to blisters. “Some diabetics wear

wounds on their feet kind of in the same way that a person might wear a hole in their sock, but for a diabetic, this hole gets infected and often leads to an amputated foot,” Dr. David Armstrong, a professor of surgery at the University of Arizona, told Reuters Health. “Myelopathy is a massive problem, it’s silent, and it doesn’t hurt, even in instances of gangrene. It’s no one’s fault, but no one pays attention to it. This study opens up avenues for prevention,” said Armstrong, who was not involved in the research. The protective effect of customized footwear seen in the study highlights the benefits of personalized healthcare in high-risk patients, noted Dr. Lawrence Lavery, a professor of surgery at the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine and the Scott and White Memorial Hospital in Temple, Texas. Private insurers will have to step up to pay the expense, Lavery said. “This is something that is well worth investing in.” (Reuters)

nature of many forms of work, changing modes of transportation, and increasing urbanization. Once you are diagnosed with obesity remember that help is available. Consult your doctor for advice and also at the individual level, you can help yourself from developing related diseases by · limiting energy intake from total fats and sugars; · i n c r e a s i n g consumption of fruit and vegetables, as well as legumes, whole grains and nuts; · choose a diet moderate in salt and sodium. · if you drink alcoholic beverages, do so in moderation. · engaging in regular physical activity (60 minutes a day for children and 150 minutes per week for adults). If you want to be healthy and not obese it is important to maintaining your ideal body weight by having a balance between food consumption and calories needed by the body for energy as well a physical activities. Please remember that you are what you eat. Remember that your health is your wealth. Please feel free to send an email to kumarsukhraj or call 6228032 for further enquiry and discussion on the topic. Patient education plays an important in the diagnosis and management illness. Please look forward for a continuation of the discussion on health issues in the next publication. References 1.Haslam DW, James WP (2005).”Obesity”. Lancet 366 (9492):1197– 09. doi:10.1016/S01406736(05)674831. PMID 16198769] 2. Cancer Causes Control. 2010; 21(8):130514 (ISSN: 1573-7225) 3. Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA.] 4. World health organisation media centrefactsheet on obesity-http:// factsheets]

Sunday April 13, 2014

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Actress Gillan plays with perceptions in ghostly thriller ‘Oculus’ A haunted mirror, a murderous father and two siblings seeking revenge form the plot for the new supernatural thriller “Oculus,” which blurs perceptions and reality with ghostly scares. “Oculus,” out in the United States and Canada on Friday, follows a young woman, Kaylie, who reunites with her brother Tim after his release from an institution where he was held for a decade for killing their father, who had murdered their mother. Kaylie is convinced that a large ornate mirror in their home caused the mental instability and subsequent demise of her parents, and is determined to clear her father’s name of murder by proving the mirror is haunted by a manipulative entity. “Kaylie is not running from the entity, she’s running to it, and the worse it gets, the more happy and excited

she gets because it’s verifying everything that she believed, so it’s just counteracting everything that we’re used to,” said British actress Karen Gillan, discussing her character. The film flits between past and present, and what is real is constantly called into question as the two siblings try to right a heinous wrong. In one particularly unsettling scene, Kaylie bites into an apple, only to find it’s a light bulb. “To play with who’s sane, who’s insane, we start off thinking that Kaylie is completely together and then we gradually think that maybe she’s totally unhinged,” Gillan said. “It’s all about perception because that’s what the mirror plays with,” she added. “Oculus” is the latest release from producer Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions, the company behind the runaway success

of “Paranormal Activity,” a film made for $11,000 that grossed $193 million at the worldwide box office, spawning a franchise for Paramount Pictures, which distributed the films. Five “Paranormal Activity” films have grossed $807 million globally. The “Paranormal” franchise deals with a supernatural demonic entity that haunts the interconnected families featured in each film, and has set off a new wave of ghostly horror films. ‘DOCTOR WHO’ TO NEBULA “Horror movies have gotten much more supernatural-focused, and I think that’s what the trend is at the moment, but I think at some point it’ll swing back to more real, horrible events,” Blum said. Blum said the budget for “Oculus,” which will be distributed in the United States and Canada by

Final book in ‘Divergent’ trilogy to be split into two films The final book in the “Divergent” trilogy will be split into two movies, Lions Gate said on Friday, following the same formula the studio used for the upcoming final installments of “The Hunger Games” series. “Allegiant Part 1” is set to be released on March 18, 2016, and its second part a year later on March 24, 2017, the studio said. “Divergent,” a dystopian thriller based on the young adult book series by author Veronica Roth, stars Shailene Woodley and was released last month, grossing $116.6 million so far at the U.S. box office. The series tells the story of a futuristic society that divides people into groups based on personality traits. Woodley’s character, teen heroine Tris Prior, becomes a threat to the government-enforced system as her multiple dominant traits make it difficult for her to fit into society. The second film in the franchise, “Insurgent,” is set to begin production next month with a release date of March 20, 2015. Theo James stars alongside Woodley in the films. Lions Gate will release the final two installments of “The Hunger Games” franchise, “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” starring Jennifer Lawrence, in November, followed by the

second part in November 2015. “The Hunger Games” series has so far grossed $1.5 billion in global ticket sales. The final installment of the “Twilight” series, another young adult book series adapted for the big screen by

Summit Entertainment, was split into two parts. Lions Gate purchased Summit in 2012 and distributed the final “Twilight” film. The series grossed $3.3 billion over five films released between 2008 and 2012.

Relativity Media, is on par with his other successful recent horror films “Sinister,” “Insidious” and “The Purge,” placing it between $1.5 million and $3 million. “Oculus” is expected to take in $13 million at U.S. and Canadian theaters in its opening weekend, according to Relativity paid $2.5 million for domestic distribution rights. Scotland native Gillan, 26, had her breakthrough role in 2010, playing Amy Pond on British time travel sci-fi television series “Doctor Who,” an experience that she called “my three years of drama school.” Since then, she has been cast as the villain Nebula in the upcoming Marvel film “Guardians of the Galaxy,” a role that she shaved her long red hair for. “The female villain in the film, that is something I’ve

Karen Gillan

never done before, it’s brandnew territory, and I just thought I’m going to have some fun with this,” the actress said. In addition to shaving her head, Gillan trained for two months to get into the physical shape of Nebula, a sadistic assassin employed by super-villain Thanos. She said she is fascinated by

human behavior and psychology. “Finding the motivation for her to be the baddie is quite interesting. It’s like being a lawyer, finding the redeeming features so that she’s not just bad for the sake of being bad,” she said. “And it’s just fun to play the baddie,” she added with a laugh.

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Sunday April 13, 2014

Sunday April 13, 2014

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Desecration at Port Kaituma (From page 34) to get by on a combined monthly salary of about $600. We graciously refused, thank God! I later heard, though this was never substantiated, that a pupil of mine at St. Dominic's School, whose name I don't remember, was adopted by the 'Jonestowners', and died with them several months after. I particularly remember this child because he was the only one I knew there who was not shy in teaching me some Warrau words, the pronunciation of which I recall fairly well; but not the meanings, except for 'Bowkiya' which I'm pretty sure means “Good morning' or 'Good day.” No doubt November 20th, 1978, a spanking-new Monday morning, was a good day, that is, until my headmaster and friend, Leslie Phang, informed me in that question/ statement kind of way, of the news that 'over 100 people' had died at Jonestown over the weekend. I cannot recall what I said, but it must have been something akin to the kind of shock-and-awe response that was to be expected when the U.S hit Iraq in 2003. Then the crazy math began. By that afternoon the count had risen to nearly 200, and a day later another 200 had been added. Four hundred people? This was not happening! Not in Guyana; not right here in the North West! News reports by radio were sketchy. As can be imagined, Kumaka/Mabaruma was abuzz with talk, especially since it was market day, and the boat from Georgetown had arrived bringing with it fresh news from the capital in-

An entrance to Jonestown cluding the Georgetown killings (Chuck, the fudge-maker was implicated in this) and stories about drugs, large quantities of U.S. currency spirited out of Jonestown, and the number of dead doubling to 800. It would eventually surpass 900 and make headlines around the world. By Friday, November 24, the full scale of the tragedy had unfolded - nine hundred and fourteen souls lost in a deadly haze of paranoid rhetoric, poisoned Kool-Aid, lethal injections, automatic weapon fire and Jones' overriding exhortation to commit 'revolutionary suicide.' Bodies had ended up stacked three and four deep, hence the initial miscounts. Parents and other adults covered their children and babies underneath, the first to die. And from the Port Kaituma airstrip, the body of

U.S. Congressman, Leo Ryan had already been flown home, the first such representative to die in the line of duty The following Tuesday I went to Kumaka and stared in solemn perplexity at the little store that now stood there as a question mark, amidst a sea of exclamations. “Why?” “It don't mek sense!” “Jim Jones musee di crazy!” Everywhere in Kumaka and Mabaruma

people were talking; at the stelling, in the shops, at the Regional office, the hospital, even in Joe Pierre's rum shop where the usual market day brawls were replaced by more

sober reflection. And the rumour mill turned. Someone said that a couple of Guyanese had perished in the massacre. Another declared that the first persons who turned up in Port Kaituma after the killings had carted off hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in U.S currency. A boat captain was rumoured to have been murdered trying to escape to Venezuela with a quantity of Jonestown cash. And so, in the aftermath of disaster, the talk went on. In the United States and across the globe, Guyana, Port Kaituma and Jonestown gained instant notoriety. Back on the Aruka, nothing much had changed. The leisurely tenor of life continued as school activities at St. Dominic's began to wind down for the Christmas holidays. Along the river, farmers went back to their yams and corn, hunters prepared for the next perfect moonless night, children swam and played by the river's edge oblivious to

tragedy, and the denizens of the forests continued to play out their endless cycle of predation, life and death. But near Port Kaituma, on a piece of earth hallowed over the centuries by the Amerindians' reverence for nature, the desecration at Jonestown would likely never be forgotten. ******************** (N.b.: In my last 'Countryman' story, I inadvertently stated that Guyana's North West Region stretches in part from the Orinoco River to the Moruka. Lest I provoke a war with our western neighbour, let me state that I meant the Amakura River (though some may argue that our colonial ruler, the U.K. on behalf of British Guiana, had claimed as much in the 19th century.) (Dennis Nichols is a teacher, journalist, creative writer, and winner of the 2000 International Short Story Competition, run by the U.K – based Commonwealth Broadcasting Association)

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Sunday April 13, 2014

GWMO to open Guyana’s first home for TIP survivors By Keeran Danny The Guyana Women Miners’ Organization (GWMO) in the quest to provide a home and safe environment for survivors of human trafficking has proven that Napoleon Bonaparte was accurate when he said, “Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools.” Armed with a dream and the right collaboration, the organization was able to

- Expresses gratitude to ‘Mercy Sisters’ secure a building to house survivors of Trafficking In Persons (TIP). This accommodation would be the first of its kind in Guyana, specifically targeting persons who were forcefully sexually exploited. During a recent interview this publication, Simona Broomes, President of GWMO, expressed gratitude to the ‘Mercy Sisters’ for

providing the building free of cost. She said that apart from minor works to upgrade the building, the structure is in a relatively good condition. Broomes reflected that when GWMO was formed in 2012, having a home for TIP survivors was on a list of priority projects. As members of the organization began rescuing women and teenagers from Guyana’s

“gold bush’ the need for the home was amplified. She said that attempts were made in the past to meet the Minister of Housing Irfaan Ali in an attempt to secure an appropriate location to erect the home. In addition, the matter was discussed with the Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Jennifer Webster. “She (Webster) had

GWMO President, Simona Broomes identified an area and said we would have worked together and would meet the Minister of Natural Resources and the foreign companies to get funding to put up that home, but nothing materialized,” Broomes added. However, Broomes is hoping that Government would see the setting up of the shelter as a positive step and provide a subvention to assist with the operations. According to Broomes, the building donated by the Mercy Sisters is situated in Georgetown. The GWMO and the Mercy Sisters will soon be signing a Memorandum of Understanding which is very clear. Due to the Mercy Sisters’ experience with shelters, the GWMO has requested that a board be formed to manage the facility. The home has the capacity to accommodate 10 persons comfortably. The structure will include a counseling room, a room for a caretaker, an office, and a kitchen. The idea is to create a home-like atmosphere for the survivors, since many of them have never been exposed to such an environment, she noted. While the home will focus on the care and needs of teenage victims, adults will not be ignored. The adult survivors will be housed temporarily on another level and would be provided with necessary assistance. “It’s a wonderful building all that is needed is preparation…I see the facility as giving survivors a second chance, and that is really needed…We want to put the building as a home. That home environment…for instance, if a girl never had a proper home… she was raised from shelter to shelter. We don’t want her coming into another environment feeling as if she is in a shelter,” she said. Broomes emphasized that one critical room of this building will be the counseling area, since the survivors would need continuous counseling. She noted that survivors of TIP do not have the same challenges as a person who ran away from home, as such, they cannot be placed at any shelter. “They have to adapt to certain behaviour changes… as in having sex with

anybody or multiple partners…They have to smoke marijuana, use drugs, ecstasy, alcohol…They have to have a certain language and wear revealing clothing… The forced sexual exploitation is the worst human rights violation I have ever seen.” Broomes recalled going into one of the remote communities and listening to the horror story of a teenager, whom she could not have saved from sexual slavery. With tears streaming down her cheeks, Broomes recalled a child weighing probably no more than 120 pounds walking towards her, opening her shirt buttons, only to reveal her scars from being mercilessly brutalized. Apparently, the teen, who works at a shop, had signaled to Broomes earlier. In a brief casual conversation at a restaurant, the teen told Broomes to meet her behind a washroom. There she revealed her ordeal of being forced into prostitution by her mother’s friend. “This child told me one night the madam brought a man to her and told her to do whatever the man wants…The man took out four pieces of rope and tied her face down and had anal sex…Even in pain next morning the madam wanted her to clean the shop…Upon seeing the man again the girl ran into the room and put up a fight…This aggravated the man who told her that he would give her a tattoo for life…the man beat her up and took his cigarettes and burned her chest… roasting her nipples…The girl is fearful since the man threatened to kill her mother,” Broomes said. She said there are many other young girls who have suffered in a similar manner. At a young age horrible things have happened to them, and so a caring home environment is imperative in their reintegration in society. The collaboration with the Mercy Sisters’ would help to aid some of that reintegration, she said. Besides the provision of the building, the Mercy Sisters have pledged to provide counseling, tutoring and training for survivors. They are also willing to look at other areas of collaboration.

Sunday April 13, 2014

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LIAT promises improved flying experience with new aircraft Guyanese passengers travelling with the regional airline LIAT are promised a renewed flying experience as the company moves to significantly improve customer service, starting with the replacement of its older airplanes. The company continues to push on with its fleet upgrade, with Guyanese getting their first sample of one of the new aircraft in the re-fleeting programme last Wednesday. The airline’s new ATR 42-600 landed at the Ogle International Airport around 14:00hours. The ATR-42, with a

seating of 48, is expected to fly Guyana once daily, and twice during the peak season. LIAT’s Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Julie Reifer-Jones, had stated when the latest aircraft was flown in from France that the company, “remains commitment to raise the standard of customer service throughout the LIAT network; and 2014 is the year when our customers and the general public will see that we are determined to serve the region better.” LIAT is expected to complete its modernization programme at the end of the year. LIAT 48-seat ATR 42-600 made its inaugural trip to Guyana on Wednesday

Dedicated to serving... From page 38 many years of fundraising and extensive renovation. It features disability-friendly play equipment such as swings with special safety seats, horizontal bars, steering wheels and a triple-deck play structure with wave, curved and straight slides, rung and vine climbers and a bridge. One of its members, Ms. Mitzy Campbell expressed sincere thanks for UNICEF's support of the Inner Wheel Club of Georgetown's vision for the park. She said that the layout is arranged to integrate children of all abilities so that they learn to accept their differences and celebrate their similarities. She added that several local companies have also been faithful contributors towards supporting the initiative of the organization and as such she extended warm thanks on behalf of the team to GT&T; National Commission on Disability and Cynthia Massay of the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre, Scotiabank, Ansa McAl, Farfan & Mendes Ltd./Mines Services Ltd., Gafoors, NT Computeac, and others. Members of the IWCG have also expressed that in spite of the Club's enthusiasm and encouragement from sponsors, several persons have reported strong reserva-

tions about the likelihood of vandalism and misuse of the equipment. “For example, teenagers and parents have been seen accompanying their children on the seats of swings which are intended only for infants. Some have questioned security and on-going maintenance of the grounds. During construction and at times when the gate was closed, parents and children accessed the facility by jumping the fence.” “These are areas in which the Club will work to promote social responsibility and ownership. A lot of hard work has been put in to make this project a reality. Donors' funds have had to be micromanaged and literally stretched to achieve what we see here today,” the Club's Playground Project Manager Evelyn Cheong says. However, in spite of the circumstances, the members of the Club say that they are determined to ensure that the project does not go downhill. The Club is happy that what started out as a dream has progressed to making life changing impressions on so many lives. Today, International Inner Wheel has over 100,000 members in 3,895 Inner Wheel Clubs in over 100 countries worldwide.

Sunday April 13, 2014

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How to reduce crime in Guyana By Ralph Seeram Desperate times call for desperate measures; drastic crimes call for drastic action; the present system is not working. Criminals have no fear of the law or punishment; the system has to change now. The purpose of imprisonment and the death penalty is to set an example and discourage potential criminals. This is not working in Guyana. The system has to change, and I have the solution. All those human rights people will need to keep quiet when my plan is implemented. They will have to remain quiet just as they kept quiet when the kidnapped businessman was executed, just as how they remain quiet when businessmen are murdered or robbed; wives are hacked to death and so forth. All these victims have human rights too. Their rights have been violated, but you do not hear a word of outrage, even the public is getting sensitized to these outrageous crimes. The system needs a shock treatment, so here goes. All those who commit murder with a gun will die by the gun. We are going to have Execution Day on the third Saturday of the month. It’s going to be a public event; you advertise it as any sporting event to be held at Eve Leary or at the Providence Stadium. Of course it’s going to be free to the public. No blindfold, let the killers see and experience what their victims felt, death staring them in the face, six policemen or soldiers with rifles, three loaded with live bullets, three blanks, so no one knows who fired the fatal shots. If you are sentenced to death, it doesn’t matter how you die, you don’t have any rights, death is death. It’s going to be real public event, vendors, music

and all. This also goes for those who like cutlass as a weapon of choice. You shed blood, your blood will be shed also, in public, just as how you publicly chopped your victim. Then we have those who did not use weapons to commit murder. We are going to have a hanging day in public. Stabroek Market might be a good venue. If the crowds start to get too large then you shift the event to the National Stadium. Here again no blindfold, you put them on public display, hang them high in public. Apparently there is no fear of God, so you have to put the fear of man in man or woman. Hanging used to be in the public so there is nothing new here. Not only will the criminals see death staring at them, but potential criminals will also see what’s in store for them. We also have to introduce a Bounty system, kind of a Clint Eastwood type. Only we want them ALIVE, so you put up large rewards for bounty hunters to bring in murderers at large. Now these have to be registered Bounty Hunters. Believe me, they will find the criminals way faster than the police, we also have to introduce a TIP hot line where informants are rewarded for the capture or info on who commit certain crimes. Let’s not forget the “white collar crimes” especially those committed by politicians and police. Politicians love publicity, photo op and press conferences. So “white collar criminals” as well as burglars

and those motorcycle daylight robbers, who think other people money (OPM) is there for the taking, will be dealt with in this way. First we have a Parade Day for them where they are publicly displayed with signs around their neck saying, “I am a thief”. For the politicians who are in jail, you have a monthly press conference for them, because they love publicity. Reporters can ask them questions like how is life away from Pradoville? Have they made any new boyfriends in prison, especially the new criminals that like little girls and boys? Those who like to break and enter will be given special tasks to break stones in a quarry to help build roads. For those violent criminals we bring back the “Cat O’ Nine Tails”. Yes if you want a deterrent the “cat” is the thing. I had a close friend who was a Prison Officer; he told that the toughest criminals or “bad man” breaks when they get the whip. That, he said, is their greatest fear. He said that after the whipping they become very cooperative, no more a trouble maker. We are also going to make whipping a public event. These hanging, whipping and execution events will draw crowds larger than entertainers. We also will have to get the Television cameras so those who cannot attend can witness events from the comfort of their homes. For my plan to succeed we have to address two areas, the police and the judiciary. First you get rid of Rohee,

bring back Gajraj from India as Home Affairs Minister. There is too much corruption in the police force. The Sergeant can’t tell the constable anything because he is also on the ‘take’. The Inspector can’t discipline the Sergeant because the Sergeant knows his boss is collecting. The same applies for the Superintendent and higher up. There are honest cops but they are outnumbered by corrupt ones. So we bring in a number of expatriate officers on loan from Police Departments in the US, Canada and the UK. Put them in charge of the force with powers to fire on the spot, anyone taking bribes, or guilty of police brutality. We raise the police salary to a minimum of G$100,000 per

month, set higher standards for recruits, you will attract better qualified applicants. There will be a zero tolerance for bribe takers and givers. A better educated policeman will be an asset to solving crimes. We also have to change the way we prosecute. Now tell me why we have a Police Corporal prosecuting a murder case or any case against a trained Lawyer? You need legally trained lawyers to prosecute in the Magistrates’ courts; too many criminals are freed because of the system. Let’s not forget the Magistrates or Judges; we have to get them inline also.

Weed out the corrupt ones. I love this new judge that is handing out 60-year jail sentences. He reminds me of the “angry God” the late Judge Akbar Khan. Criminals, especially white collar criminals and even some lawyers were afraid to appear in his court. He drove the fear of man into criminals. I remember he sentenced a boyhood friend of mine to seven years’ imprisonment for stealing a few thousand dollars as a public servant. Now my readers what you think of my plan, would it reduce crime? Ralph Seeram can be reached at Email:

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$1.3B for Amaila... From page 14 Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL). The specifications for the building of the road were provided by Sithe Global and reviewed by the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) and the Ministry of Public Works. The Finance Minister explained that given that the contract was jointly executed by both NICIL and the

Ministry of Public Works, the tender documents were jointly reviewed by the two contract parties in consultation with Sithe Global. The Finance Minister said that the tenders received were reviewed by a threeperson evaluation team comprising Walter Willis, Leon Goring, and Gordon Gilkes. The evaluation report was ultimately submitted to Cabinet for its no-objection.

Smart phones overuse... From page 59 at a smart phone, the light peaking out of that is blueviolet.” Hepworth says that tests have found that over exposure to blue-violet light has the potential to put us at greater risk of macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness. Opticians note that although “good” blue light (blue-turquoise) is needed to help regulate biological clocks, it is also thought that extensive exposure to blue-violet light can disrupt sleep patterns and

affect moods. “Although we don’t know if there’s a direct link with it creating eye problems, there is strong lab evidence it can potentially do that,” Hepworth added. “It’s the combination of not blinking enough and bringing the device closer than you normally look at objects – it strains your eyes.” Amanda Saint, another optician, says the advice is simple. “Get your eyes tested regularly and take regular breaks from your computer and hand held device.”

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This is a rank and crude Another impending rainy appeal to race and should... season with threats of floods From page 4 those who would be affected, and the nation as a whole. Our post slavery/ indentureship economy has seen the races gravitating to different sectors. While some recognise and respect this right to choice others have used this to deem one group lazy and the other hardworking. The ‘deserving’ and ‘undeserving’ workers are used as wedge in a backward politics and exploited to the hilt by a self-serving, racist and anti-working class government. It is this belief that would see the government in 2013 boldly expressing the view that public servants are paid enough and ignored their calls to have their right to collective bargaining respected. This belief guides the government’s policy of underinvestment and underpaying workers in the disciplined forces even as it expects the delivery of optimum services. This belief would see the government’s continued denial of workers’ right

to a union of choice and addressing the grievances of an African dominated workforce in the Bauxite Company of Guyana Incorporated (BCGI) even as it consistently acts to address sugar workers’ grievances and respect their right to a union of choice. This open display of divisive politics and disrespect for some workers emboldened the self-serving African Empowerment Advisor to accuse the opposition of engaging in “ethnic cleansing.” This accusation was a guise to avoid tying accountability and submission of a plan to the approval of $6B subvention to GuySuCo. The demand for accountability and a plan are guarantees for the sugar workers’ wellbeing. The only group to be affected by this would be the government who feels it does not have to account for spending the people’s money and managing the people’s business. Clutching at regressive behaviours to continue the corrupt management of the nation’s resources/institutions is a disservice to workers. The political exploitation of sugar workers continues daily. To observe an Indian dominated crowd singling out for accusation and entreaty Rupert Roopnarine, Moses Nagamotto and Khemraj Ramjattan-members of the joint opposition- to approve the subvention is a rank and crude appeal to race and should be of concern to all. It

is disrespectful to use supporters in this manner to divert attention from the demands made for accountability and efficient management in the industry which are crucial to ensuring sugar workers’ livelihood. The opposition and civil society’s positions are similar to that publicly made known by GAWU, its President and PPP MP, Komal Chand. Proposals for prudent investment in the industry, accompanied with an objective plan have been the unified call for years, which the government continues to ignore. The PPP is not interested in the viability of the sugar industry. The party’s interest in the industry is that for acquiring political support from sugar workers and the adjoining communities at elections time. Were the government interested in the industry’s financial and economic viability by now there would have been a national studied response to the crisis. The opposition is called upon to forthwith examine theirs, civil society and GAWU’s positions and hold the government accountable in the National Assembly. Present this nation and the sugar workers with opportunities to see who are working in their interest and who are exploiting them. Time must be made in the National Assembly to give sugar the singular and laser beam attention it needs. Lincoln Lewis.

DEAR EDITOR, In a few weeks time Guyana’s major rainy season is expected to commence but the drainage systems in the City and along the coastland lack basic preparation (Clean inland graded drains and outfall channels, drainage pumps in working order at critical locations, etc,) all necessary to meet the impending challenges of heavy downpours with resulting widespread flooding. Dr. Ramsammy, Minister of Agriculture announced a few days ago that the Hope Canal Project (HCP) which should have been completed by June 2013, is now expected to be completed by June 30, 2014 after four previous time extensions to the various contractors. Unfortunately, the evidence suggests that despite this assurance, HCP will not be completed this year to relieve flood waters from the East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC) into the Atlantic Ocean as this is an integrated project and all its elements have to be completed before it becomes functional. Hence another impending rainy season with the threat of flooding of the Mahaica River and coastal lowlands from the EDWC flood discharges looms over the people living in these areas. The HCP sluice is about 50 percent completed and it is unlikely that its eight

radial SS gates with their control mechanism will be fabricated, installed and become functional this year. After the sluice is completed its abutments will have to be tied in with the existing sea defence and a 3km channel dug across the foreshore to allow flood water from EDWC to be discharged into the ocean. These are extra works and contracts to execute them are yet to be awarded. The road bridge is completed but work on its approach ramps and their alignment to tie in with the existing roadway is still to be accomplished. Also, excavation and shaping of that segment of the canal under the bridge has to be completed to allow flood water to get to the sluice from the conservancy. The 11 km canal has been dug but its waterway is overgrown with weeds which have to be cleared and its embankments have to be leveled to finished grade after the thick bush growing over them is removed. Substantial complex work remains to be done on that segment of the canal between the crown and conservancy dams to make the pegasse soil comprising its embankments watertight and stable as they were not constructed with selected fill as should have been the case. The impending rainy season will slow construction progress and impact

adversely the June 30th completion deadline and therefore there are serious misgivings about Dr. Ramsammy’s ’once again’ completion deadline and his posture of no penalty to be imposed on the contractors only forgiveness. The three door head regulator is about 75% completed and after completion its abutments have to be tied in to the canal embankments downstream and the EDWC dam upstream. This work will has to be done by experienced constructors particularly with a high water level in the conservancy unless its water level is lowered or very expense cofferdams constructed to facilitate excavation/ construction work. Any forced discharge from the EDWC to facilitate construction work at the height of the rainy season will pose flooding threat to the people of Mahaica. These are all expensive additional works to the HCP and to date no contract has been awarded to undertake them nor has any Government funding made available to get them done. As could be deduced from the foregoing, and apart from contract work, substantial extra works remain to be done to make HCP functional and this will take over a year to accomplish. Minister Ramsammy seems to lack the expertise to assess a complicated project which was dreamt up and passed over to him in a chaotic state by his predecessor and whose final cost and eventual completion date continues to elude him as he artfully uses his political skills to mislead the Guyanese people by issuing unrealistic completion dates one after the other with impunity. When all is said and done he should be held responsible for the large cost and time overrun on HCP which he continues to defend and which will eventually cause the Guyanese taxpayers dearly. Charles Sohan

Sunday April 13, 2014

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Sunday April 13, 2014

Kaieteur M@ilbox

One of India’s sickest moments is on world display right now DEAR EDITOR, I have to confess and I am not ashamed in the slightest to say that I am not an admirer of India. I was educated in Canada and I do love Canadian culture and what it stands for. I think Canada is one of the finest countries on the map. It if was not a small country (over ninety percent of Canada is inhabitable) with a small population, Canada would have outshone the US for a place where people would prefer to settle Sadly, one of the most admirable politicians of the 20th century has been overshadowed because of this smallness. I refer to Pierre Trudeau. For me, he remains one of the finest politicians the post-war world has produced. I have never been to India but my

whole life I have studied world cultures and though there are fantastic things about India’s culture, there are frightening aspects of its - acceptance of the caste system (that even a giant like Mahatma Gandhi accepted); obsession with European skin texture; inherent flaws in its religion of Hinduism (with emphasis on natural inequalities, skin colour), its permanent feudal system of politics and society; its total unconcern about the atrocities that take place in the world (in this regards it has a friend in China) What is taking place in India right at this moment before the eyes of the world is too unspeakable to contemplate. Next month, one of two persons will become the Prime Minister and both are horribly unfit to lead that

great country and I will not deny it is a great country. Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi should be in jail for crimes against humanity. This is an obnoxious human who reveled in a small episode of genocide he instigated in India In 2002, in savage antiMuslim violence in the state of Gujarat (the state where Hindus worship the rat and where the worst bubonic plague in the world in the last few hundreds of years occurred in 1994; while worshippers pray in the temples the rats are running about on the worshippers and the food on the tables), Modi as Chief Minister, actually encouraged the pogrom. How the International Court of Justice has not charged him remains an

eyesore on that body. One of Gujarat’s most gifted poets was burned to death in the riots and if you read the account of a BBC journalist’s talk with her days before they killed her it would move you to tears. Do not go to Wikipedia for an account of Modi’s role in the anti-Muslim genocide. It white washes his participation. It may have been written by Modi himself knowing the inherent weakness of Wikipedia. For a graphic account of Wikipedia’s congenital dangers, read the page on John Mair who writes in Guyanese newspapers as Bill Cotton. Be careful what you read on Wikipedia This same court has the temerity to continue to seek extradition of several African continent politicians for war

crimes that are insignificant compared to what Modi has done. India is on the brink of destruction if this man wins. He hates Muslims, refuses to apologize for his atrocities and proclaims himself a Hindu nationalist. If he wins, one hopes all Muslim countries boycott India in its entirety Opposing Modi is the great grandson of the first post-colonial Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. The Nehru/Gandhi dynasty believes and accepts that it owns India. Rahul Gandhi is the son of former PM, Rajiv Gandhi. Rahul had to be head of the Congress Party because he was told this from birth. He will tell his children too that his family owns the Congress Party and India. At forty two years,

Gandhi has no political experience and I doubt he knows in which country the EU head office is situated. I doubt he knows what is the NAACP in the US. Like Sarah Palin of the USA, he probably thinks that Africa is a country and not a continent. This is what is taking place in India right now, right at this minute as voting goes on. We may have laughed at Italy when it had Berlesconi. We may laugh at our own President here in Guyana. We may laugh at the hat the President of South Sudan wears all the time. But what is taking place in India is no laughing matter. The great Nietzsche once prayed for a superhero to save the world, India better start praying for one. Frederick Kissoon

We can treat one another with respect if we eliminate this scourge DEAR EDITOR, It is common knowledge that the greatest constraints to overall development in our country originate from the racial prejudice that affects our activities in the various spheres of our existence, whether it be social, economic, political, or even to some extent spiritual. Even the problems we are at present witnessing among the players in our Parliament can be traced to this schism within our society. And, although it may seem very improbable that we can solve this mountainous dilemma at any time in the

foreseeable future, each Guyanese must see it as his/ her duty to play a part in its elimination so that, even if we feel that we will not live to see the fruits of our labours, we can at least leave a legacy of communal peace and stability for those who come after us. To do so, an assessment of the causes of and extent to which this cancer has taken hold of our body politic would be useful in determining any strategy that needs to be instituted to deal with it. Anyone attempting such an objective appraisal of this phenomenon in our society will find so many factors

which militate towards prolonging its existence that it would appear permanently intractable. Some of these are:1. Race is intricately tied up in the economic imbalance that exists between the racial groups, especially the two in the majority. Employment practices, occupational habits and preferences all tend to perpetuate this disparity. 2. Succeeding generations since the middle 1950s were born into a society largely divided by racial strife, and they have, whether on purpose or by default, passed this on to their own children who comprise the present generation. 3. The international powers created, and to some extent strive to maintain, the schism of our people into two racial camps so as to counteract, in their view, the

threat of communism within the state apparatus. This means that, although our international benefactors may act generously towards our welfare in other areas, we cannot expect much help from outside in this our major problem. 4. The politicians of the two main political parties will not surrender their policy of playing the race card, as they see this as the only means of maintaining the support of their parties at elections, each being hopeful that they would be able to garner enough from the other side to place or keep them in power. 5. Our religions are mainly aligned along racial lines, this being inherited either from those who brought their faith with them, or who adopted them for the centuries of their living here. It is true that Christian denominations have made some inroads among traditionally nonChristian groups, but it is still believed that racial prejudice still largely affects relations among respective members,

especially in the rural areas, where other social factors impact on them. 6. The physical arrangement, in which the two main racial groups have settled historically in so many enclaves, and which has been maintained by various racial disturbances starting from the breakup of the original PPP in the 1950s, and heightened in the 1963-64 and other post-election disorders, have militated against groups benefiting from close interaction, which would have led to more understanding and appreciation, and consequently treating one another primarily as human beings rather than members of an alien entity.. 7. Because of the inherent cultural differences which exist between the races, which in some cases are diametrically varied, and the reluctance of all sides to compromise in these because of their perception that their culture would lose its gravity, many deep-seated differences have been maintained, and

these further drive a wedge between our groups. An examination of these factors must show how each one is problematic, and how slim are the chances for them to be resolved by any strategies that do not consider the personal element of racial prejudice, which is at the heart of the impasse. Although we tend to lay the blame for discrimination and racial violence on groups, including the government, racial prejudice is basically a personal depravity that needs to be dealt with at the personal level if we are to permanently get rid of the problem. The heart and soul of each of us is where it has to start, and I therefore call on each Guyanese to see it as his bounden duty to do whatever he can to eradicate this scourge from among our midst, and thus enable us to deal with each other as fellow human beings who share the same hopes and aspirations for our people as a nation. Roy Paul

Sunday April 13, 2014

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World Bank says remittances to the Caribbean remain robust despite increased deportations WASHINGTON - CMC — The World Bank says remittances to the Caribbean are expected to remain robust this year, despite increased deportations of migrant workers. The Washington-based financial institution said that migrants from developing countries, including the Caribbean, are expected to send US$436 billion in remittances to their home countries this year. According to the latest issue of the bank’s Migration and Development Brief, this year’s remittance flows to developing countries will increase by 7.8 per cent over the 2013 volume of US$404 billion, rising to US$516 billion in 2016. The document noted that global remittances, including those to high-income countries, are estimated at US$581 billion this year, from US$542 billion in 2013, rising to US$681 billion in 2016. The World Bank said remittances remain a key source of external resource flows for developing countries, far exceeding

official development assistance and more stable than private debt and portfolio equity flows. For many Caribbean and other developing countries, the bank said remittances are “an important source of foreign exchange, surpassing earnings from major exports, and covering a substantial portion of imports”. Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of the World Bank, Kaushik Basu, said “remittances have become a major component of the balance of payments of nations. “There is no doubt that these flows act as an antidote to poverty and promote prosperity,” he said, noting that remittances and migration data were also “barometers of global peace and turmoil, and this is what makes World Bank’s KNOMAD initiative to organize, analyze, and make available these data so important”. The Migration and Development Brief notes that while the medium term outlook for remittances is

strong, downside risks loom mainly from migrants’ return to their home countries as a result of conflict or deportation from host countries. According to the brief, last year saw an “intensification of deportations,” over 368,000 people deported from the United States to their home countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. The World Bank said remittance flows to countries in Latin America and the Caribbean grew slightly by 1.9 per cent in 2013 to reach US$61 billion. Following a 13-month decline, the bank said remittance flows to the region began recovering in the second half of 2013. It said the positive impetus from the US economic recovery was “partly offset by removals of migrants from the US”. In the medium term, the World Bank said improving employment conditions in the US “point to stronger growth in remittances” which are expected to reach US$81 billion by 2016.

French foreign minister on historic visit to Cuba

HAVANA (Reuters) - France’s foreign minister arrived in Cuba yesterday for a brief but historic visit, the first by such a highranking French official in 31 years and a sign of the quickening pace of improving ties between the European Union and Havana. Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius met with his Cuban counterpart Bruno Rodriguez upon arrival, and was scheduled to meet with Cardinal Jaime Ortega and then French businessmen. Rodriguez met with Laurent in Paris last month. “We want to strengthen our ties with South America and particularly with Cuba,” Fabius said, before sitting down for talks with Rodriguez. Both men pointed to the long history of friendly relations and cooperation between the two countries. “Our bilateral relations are developing in a favorable way today and there are great possibilities for the future,” Rodriguez said. A French diplomat said Fabius would discuss with Rodriguez the beginning of a political dialogue that would include human rights, and business opportunities provided by economic reforms on the island. No agreements were expected to be signed. Since Fabius took office in 2012 he has tried to shift more of France’s diplomatic focus toward winning contracts in markets where French firms are traditionally weak, as Paris looks to find growth opportunities overseas. France is looking to expand its business ties with Latin America and sees Cuba as an important player in the region, given that it hosted a regional summit this year and both

Brazil and Mexico are increasing their presence in the country. Fabius was scheduled to return to France yesterday evening, having been in Mexico before stopping in Havana. Bilateral trade last year was $388 million (280 million euros), according to the French government, mainly wheat exports to the communist-run Caribbean island. Construction and engineering firm Bouygues, beverage maker Pernod-Ricard, the Accor tourism corporation and energy company Total, all have investments in Cuba and are among 60 French firms operating in the country. France has also been leading efforts by the Paris Club of creditor nations to resume debt negotiations with Havana, broken off in 2000. In February, the EU agreed to begin negotiations with Cuba to increase trade, investment and dialogue on human rights in its most significant diplomatic shift since it lifted sanctions on the country in 2008. The talks are scheduled to begin April 29 in Havana, according to European diplomats, and they said the French foreign minister’s visit would test the waters. Cuba has been subject to a U.S. embargo for five decades. It is eager to eliminate the EU’s “common position,” enacted in December 1996, which links human rights and democracy conditions to improved economic relations. To do so, the two sides will have to reach a new accord that is agreeable to all 28 member states, including Poland and the Czech Republic, which have taken a harder line on Cuba given their own communist pasts.

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Sunday April 13, 2014

Pro-Russia militants seize more ground in east Ukraine, risk of ‘gas war’ looms KIEV/MOSCOW (Reuters) - Armed men seized official buildings in a city in eastern Ukraine yesterday and hoisted the Russian flag, deepening a stand-off with Moscow which, Kiev warned, was dragging Europe into a “gas war” that could disrupt supplies across the continent. At least 20 men armed with pistols and rifles took over the police station and a security services headquarters in Slaviansk, about 150 km (90 miles) from the border with Russia. Officials said the men had seized hundreds of pistols from arsenals in the buildings. The militants replaced the Ukrainian flag on one of the buildings with the red, white and blue Russian flag. On a road leading into Slaviansk, other members of the group, armed with automatic rifles, set up a roadblock and checked vehicles entering the city, a Reuters reporter said. Ukraine’s Westernbacked government warned of

tough action if the militants did not lay down their weapons, but it was unclear if the local law enforcement agencies were taking orders from Kiev any more after the local police chief quit. Kostyantyn Pozhydayev came out to speak to proRussian protesters at his offices in the regional capital, Donetsk, and told them he was stepping down “in accordance with your demands”. Some of his officers left the building. The protesters occupied the ground floor of the Donetsk police headquarters and a black and orange flag adopted by pro-Russian separatists flew over the building in place of the Ukrainian flag, a Reuters reporter said. The occupations are a potential flashpoint because if protesters are killed or hurt by Ukrainian forces, that could prompt the Kremlin to intervene to protect the local Russian-speaking population, a repeat of the

scenario in Crimea. Russia and Ukraine have been in confrontation since protests in Kiev forced the Moscow-backed president from office, and the Kremlin sent troops into Crimea, the home of its Black Sea Fleet and a part of Russia until 1954. Moscow denies any plan to send in forces or split Ukraine, but the Westernleaning authorities in Kiev believe Russia is trying to create a pretext to interfere again. NATO says Russian armed forces are massing on Ukraine’s eastern border, while Moscow says they are on normal maneuvers. Oleksandr Turchynov, the acting Ukrainian president, called an emergency meeting of the national security council yesterday evening to discuss the unrest in the east. Ukraine’s acting foreign minister, Andriy Deshchytsia, said he had spoken by telephone with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and demanded Moscow stop what he called

An armed man stands in front of pro-Russian protesters near the police headquarters in Slaviansk, yesterday. REUTERS/Gleb Garanich (UKRAINE - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST) “provocative actions” by its agents in eastern Ukraine. Lavrov, in a statement issued by his ministry, said there were no Russian agents in the region and that it would be “unacceptable” if Ukrainian authorities were to order the storming of the buildings. Ukrainian commentator Sergei Leshchenko said the burst of activity by proRussian groups was an attempt by the Kremlin to give it a strong negotiating position before international talks about Ukraine in Geneva next Thursday. Russia is expected to argue at the talks for a revamp of Ukraine’s constitution to give a large degree of autonomy to eastern Ukraine, something Kiev and its Western backers reject. “Russia will come to the talks with the position that ‘Donetsk and several neighboring regions are already ours - now let’s talk about federalization’,” said Leshchenko, a commentator with the Ukrainska Pravda newspaper. With the crisis in Ukraine still unresolved, the gas dispute threatens to affect

millions of people across Europe. A large proportion of the natural gas that EU states buy from Russia is pumped via Ukrainian territory, so if Russia makes good on a threat to cut off Ukraine for non-payment of its bills, customers further west will have supplies disrupted. Russia is demanding Kiev pay a much higher price for its gas, and settle unpaid bills. Russian state-owned gas giant Gazprom and its Ukrainian counterpart, Naftogaz, are in talks, but the chances of an agreement are slim. “I would say we are coming nearer to a solution of the situation, but one in the direction that is bad for Ukraine,” Ukrainian Energy Minister Yuri Prodan said in an interview with the German newspaper Boersenzeitung “We are probably steering towards Russia turning off its gas provision,” he was quoted as saying. That raised the specter of a repeat of past “gas wars”, when Ukraine’s gas was cut off with a knock-on effect on supplies to EU states. The scope for compromise narrowed after

the Naftogaz chief executive told a Ukrainian newspaper that Kiev was suspending payments to Gazprom pending a conclusion of talks on a new deal. Ukraine has de facto stopped payments already because it failed to make an installment of over $500 million due this month to Russian state gas giant Gazprom. Gazprom spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov, asked by Reuters about the statement by the Naftogaz chief, said: “What does suspending mean? They’ve not paid at all” since mid-way through last month. Moscow says it does not want to turn off Ukraine’s gas if it can be avoided, and that it will honor all commitments to supply its EU customers. Kiev and Brussels are working out ways to keep supplies flowing to EU states, and for those countries to then pump the gas to Ukraine by reversing the flow in their pipelines. The crisis has been seized upon by some right-wing nationalists in the EU who are campaigning for next month’s European Parliament elections. They accuse Brussels of antagonizing Russia. Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s far-right National Front, was in Moscow yesterday and met the speaker of Russia’s lower house of parliament, one of the people on an EU sanctions list. “I am surprised a Cold War on Russia has been declared in the European Union,” Russian media quoted her as saying.

Sunday April 13, 2014

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“ICC World T-20 2014 was excellent but what now for West Indies?”

Having been extremely fortunate to have been directly involved in the television coverage of ICC World T-20 2014, I had a closeup, ring-side seat of the competition and could say with great certainty that it has been the most enjoyable tournament that I have ever covered, surpassing even ICC World Cups 1999 and 2007 by a very long way. ICC WT-20 2014 served up surprises, excitement, desperate disappointments and wonderful winners. No-one is more pleased than me that if West Indies could not win, then Sri Lanka deserves that accolade. Captain Arjuna Ranatunga surprised all with Sri Lankan tactical innovation, and wonderful batting from Sanath Jayasuriya, Roshan Mohanama, Romesh Kaluwitharana and Aravinda Da Silva, with bowling brilliance from Chaminda Vaas, Kumar Dhamasena and

Muttiah Muralitheran, to win ICC World Cup 1996. Few expected it to take 18 more years for “The Lankan Lions” to win another world competition. Because they lost so many world finals after that, Sri Lanka has been considered the perennial cricketing bridesmaids. Indeed, Sri Lanka’s most despondent, desperate, disappointing moment must have been when West Indies, whom fortune did favour back then too, beat them at ICC WT-20 2012, at home in Colombo. Many Lankan tears flowed then! Tears have turned to massive smiles for Sri Lanka and especially Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara, former team captains, professional cricketers who are always so friendly and communicative. Sangakkara, Sri Lanka’s veteran wicket-keeperbatsman and a qualified

lawyer, with his team-mate and co-owner of a restaurant in Colombo, stylish batsman Jayawardene, who has just become a father for the first time, must fully celebrate this deserved success in their last T-20 international for Sri Lanka. The biggest surprise must have been Netherlands’ blitz on Ireland to reach Super 10’s of the competition. Ireland had looked almost unbeatable for Associate teams, but “Orange Brigade” made minced meat of “Green Machine”, allowing the Dutch guys to advance to the “big boys” segment. Netherlands even nearly pulled off the upset of the tournament too, just missing out on beating “big gun” South Africa, the Dutch just losing by two runs, probably by their lack of winning experiences. The best games of the tournament were West Indies v Australia, Sri Lanka v England and New Zealand v

Sunday April 13, 2014 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): The audience you appear in front of today isn't in the mood for vagueness or coded business speak. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): You're far too humble to start bragging left and right about your recent accomplishments, but in your quest to not be pompous, are you depriving yourself of some positive press that you really deserve? ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Lighten up about yourself! No matter how bad things may or may not be right now, there is plenty of stuff in your life that you can celebrate. ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Being selfless and giving your time to a worthy cause is a wonderful thing to do, but if you're only doing it for bragging rights, there's no point in doing it at all. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): The biggest risk you can take in life isn't letting it all ride on black at the craps table or betting your life savings on a football game. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): When you feel a jolt of social electricity hit you today, go with it. *********************

LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): Are you afraid to take on a leadership role? You might have no choice today, when other people start looking to you for some answers or advice. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): Save all of your outrageous antics for another time -- today you'll want to keep things on the down-low. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. 21): Is someone's generous gift causing you to feel guilty? Do you worry that you don't truly deserve the praise (or the price tag)? .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19): The person you are worried about right now needs your patience and your support more than anything, so give them the space they're asking for. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 18):Today you will be given a wonderful opportunity to share what you think with people who can make a difference in your world. ********************* PISCES (Feb. 19 - March 20): If you're going to be around a big personality, today, your tendency might be to let them take the lead and call the shots.

South Africa, games that all had severe agro, with no quarter asked, or given, by any of these teams. Each of these three games realized over 350 runs in 40 total overs, an incredible production rate, and providing so much enjoyment for all, but, maybe disappointingly, no team managed 200 in the Super 10’s. Two individual batting innings stood out for me. No. 1 was Virat Kohli’s masterful, mature, measured 72 not out, only 44 deliveries, as India destroyed South Africa in semi-final No. 2. England’s Alex Hales’ 116 no, as his team blew Sri Lanka out of the water, must have given the Lankans the scare of their cricketing lives. The pitch at Chittagong was always a bit of a lottery, as too much depended on which team won the toss and almost always batted second. The pitch at Mirpur, Dhaka was as good as T-20 pitches can be, with bounce, carry, pace and spin producing magnificent cricket. Bangladesh as country hosts did excellently! So, what is next in world competitions for beaten but not disgraced 2012 defending champions West Indies, who were very tentative against

India and maybe unlucky, due to rain and hail, against Sri Lanka? ICC World Cup 2015 – 50 overs version – the blue ribbon event for International Cricket Council, is just around the proverbial cricketing cow corner, scheduled from February 14 to March 29, 2015, in Australia and New Zealand. West Indies Head Coach Ottis Gibson has notified that they are already planning for that event, but if I were a young but budding cricketer now, not yet having made my name “big” in people’s minds, or on the cricket fields of the Caribbean, then I would focus on ICC WT-20 2016, even ICC World Cup 2019. Whatever West Indies do, they must not make the same blunders that they made for Bangladesh 2014. Here is one such blunder. Sheldon Cottrell, Jamaica’s handy left-arm pacer, was a passenger on this tour. He should never have been selected at all. A World T-20 competition is no place for “getting experience.” As was seen in Sri Lanka’s team, real veterans, including leg-spinner Rangana Herath, came through to win overall. Sri Lanka’s captain, Dinesh

Colin E. H. Croft says: Chandimal, even effectively dropped himself so his team could win! Cottrell’s place should have been given to either of West Indies recognized left-arm spinners Suilleiman Benn, Nakita Miller or Verasammy Permaul, given conditions that we all knew would have prevailed in Bangladesh. Even the world’s best fast bowler, Dale Steyn of South Africa, struggled somewhat there! Whichever of these spinners was selected could have formed a useful combination with leg-spinner Samuel Badree and mysteryspinner Sunil Narine, for better results, as India’s Ravendra Jadeja did with Ravichandran Ashwin and Amit Misra. Remember SL’s SLA Herath incredible 3.3-2-3-5 spell? Anyway, there is much to ponder for next year and 2016 too. Enjoy!

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Letter to the Sports Editor

WHAT A SHAME, MR. HARPER DEAR EDITOR, The Cricket Clubs of Georgetown should express their dissatisfaction about what transpired at a Special General Meeting of the Georgetown Cricket Association, Chaired by Mr. Roger Harper. This meeting was called specially to set the date for an Annual General Meeting of the GCA after the Chief Justice, The Honourable Justice Chang, agreed with a member that a resolution passed by Roger Harper was illegal and cannot be relied upon. The Plaintiff in that matter agreed to let the members decide on a new date outside of January, as required by the GCA Constitution, and that the notice period of one month be given to members. To the astonishment of the cricket playing clubs of Georgetown Cricket Association present at the

meeting, Mr. Harper and his cohorts decided to call the AGM until November of this year, contrary to the intentions of the CJ Order. This is gross disrespect for members of the GCA and their constitution as constitutional changes require 2/3 majority. We ask the question, what if Mr. Harper decided, by a simple majority, that the GCB AGM should be held in November 2020? Should we agree with that? This is utter nonsense and the cricket playing clubs of Georgetown must take action. The Six (6) major clubs have some of the best facilities amongst Georgetown based clubs, and any Georgetown team is normally made up of several members of our clubs. Many of the clubs that gave Mr. Harper a mandate to stay in power until around the end of November have no grounds, no facilities and some do not

play any cricket. Yet, Mr. Harper, who professes to care about cricket is happy to take a mandate to perpetuate himself into power without elections. I wish to reiterate for the understanding of the public that the Georgetown Cricket Association has not had elections since January 2012. The constitution provides for elections to be held in January of every year and this was upheld by the Chief Justice and never challenged by Mr. Harper and his Executives. Mr. Harper, What level of cricket does Diplomats, Ace Warriors, and YMCA play? It is time that we take charge of our affairs! I intend to do everything possible to stop this sad situation and ensure that our Youths have a chance. Yours in Sports, Concerned Cricket Administrator.

Bishoo grabs best bowling figures... From page 73 the middle order to finish the day 4-78 from 24 overs on a placid track. The visitors resumed in brilliant sunshine on their overnight score of 274-8 and it took Guyana 40 minutes to wrap up the innings with the lads from Carnival Country six runs away from their third batting bonus point. Imran Khan added seven to his overnight 37 before he was removed by Bishoo, who also accounted for Jaggernauth (12) to end with their third best bowling figures in Regional cricket behind Ryan Hinds (9-68) and Derick Parry (9-76). The 28-year-old Bishoo, one of only five bowlers in Regional cricket with nine wickets in an innings (the others are Bernard Julian and Rajendra Dhanraj), ensured that Guyana had to chase a total of less than 300 runs. Guyana began their reply in positive fashion with Trevon Griffith thumping four fours off Guyanese born pacer Marlon Richards, one back over his head reaching the sightscreen in a flash. However the left-hander got a beauty that left him from Test pacer Shannon Gabriel and nicked it to the Keeper for 23 to leave his team on 34-1. Debutant 17-year-old Shemron Hetymer joined fellow West Indies under1 9 o p e n e r Ta g e narine Chanderpaul, but wasted his unexpected opportunity to

play First-Class cricket when he impetuously tried to take on Jaggernauth and was taken at long-on before he had scored and Guyana had slipped to 37-2. Chanderpaul, who was dropped at slip before he had scored by Lendl Simmons off Gabriel, was very unlucky to be run out off a rebound from the shin guard of Jonathon Augustus at silly mid-off while playing a forcing back foot punch when on 14 with the score on 51-3 just after Lunch which was taken with Guyana on 38-2. The recalled Vishal Singh (2), one of six left-handers in the first six in the order, was then caught behind off the 30-year-old Jaggernauth as Guyana slipped to 58-4 and when in-form Anthony Bramble (16) was befuddled by Jaggernauth and bowled; going down the track and missing the ball comp l e t e l y, G u y a n a h a d slumped to 89-5 as their top order again failed to fire. But the 26-year-old Johnson, who looked a class above the other batsmen, mixed caution with calculated aggression and played some exhilarating shots on the lush green outfield much to entertainment of a small crowd which included his wife. Johnson, who has two First-Class tons, the last one an accomplished 110 against the Leewards in Antigua in the last round, was give excellent support by Barnwell who was his usual explosive self.

At Tea the sixth wicket pair had began ‘operation rebuild’ and the South Americans were 144-5 with Barnwell on 28 and his skipper on 56. After the break Barnwell reached his fourth fifty at this level but the valuable 80-run stand was broken when Skipper Ryan Emrit, who was roughed up by the pugnacious right-hander, was trapped LBW after batting for 90 minutes, facing 88 balls and reaching the boundary seven times. Zaheer Mohamed joined his captain at 169-6 and grew in confidence as his innings progressed before Johnson was caught behind off Jaggernauth with one that pitched on off s t u m p , brought the left-hander forward and spun away to find the edge. His 16th First Class fifty came from 193 minutes, 163 balls and was decorated with eight fours and an effortless six and his demise left Guyana 2137. Mohamed, who added 44 with Johnson for the seventh wicket, was joined by Bishoo who looked a lot more confident after his destructive spell with the ball and the pair remained unbeaten when bails were lifted even as the T&T spinners troubled the batsmen with clever flight and variations. Mohamed was on 39 and Bishoo on 18 as Guyana batted 82 overs yesterday. Today is the third day and play is scheduled to commence at 10:00hrs.

Sunday April 13, 2014

Heat top Pacers to reclaim lead in East THE ASSOCIATED PRESS - LeBron James scored 36 points, and the host Miami Heat moved back atop the Eastern Conference by beating the Indiana Pacers, 98-86, on Friday night. The Heat scored the first 16 points of the second half and were not threatened after that. Miami (54-25) leads Indiana (54-26) by a halfgame. Mario Chalmers scored 13 points, Udonis Haslem added 11, and Chris Bosh and Ray Allen each had 10 for the Heat. Paul George scored 22 points for Indiana, and David West added 18. Pacers center Roy Hibbert had only 5 points and 1 rebound, grabbing it with just over two minutes left in the game. Miami’s remaining games are against Atlanta, Washington and Philadelphia. If the Heat win all three, they will have homecourt advantage through at least the East finals — in which they went seven games against Indiana last season. SPURS 112, SUNS 104 Danny Green had a careerhigh 33 points, helping San Antonio rally from a 21-point deficit to beat visiting Phoenix and clinch the N.B.A.’s best record at 62-18. Kawhi Leonard scored 18 points, and Tony Parker added 18 points and 3 assists in his return from a two-game absence because of a back injury. CELTICS 106, BOBCATS 103 Avery Bradley scored 22 points, Phil Pressey had a career-high 13 assists, and host Boston held off a late surge by Charlotte to snap a nine-game skid. Boston led, 104-103, before Jared Sullinger made two free throws with 2.5 seconds left. Charlotte’s

Miami’s LeBron James (left) shoots over Pacers center Roy Hibbert. James scored a game-high 36 points, while Hibbert finished with only five points. (Lynne Sladky/Associated Press) Jannero Pargo missed a 3point attempt as time expired. BULLS 106, PISTONS 98 D. J. Augustin scored 24 points, and Chicago rallied from an 18-point deficit to beat visiting Detroit for a seventh straight win. The Bulls moved a game ahead of Toronto, the Atlantic Division leader, for third in the Eastern Conference. T’WOLVES 112, ROCKETS 110 Corey Brewer scored a career-high 51 points to lead short-handed Minnesota over visiting Houston. Brewer made 19 of 30 shots, easily surpassing his previous career high of 29 points. He became the fifth player this season to score 50 in a game.

GRIZZLIES 117, 76ERS 95 Marc Gasol had 21 points and 10 rebounds, and Mike Miller added 19 points to help host Memphis beat Philadelphia. Tony Allen scored 15 points to help the Grizzlies draw even with the Suns for the Western Conference’s final playoff spot. WIZARDS 96, MAGIC 86 Nene scored 17 points, and Bradley Beal added 16 as visiting Washington overcame a sluggish offense to beat Orlando. BUCKS 119, CAVALIERS 116 Brandon Knight scored 24 points to help Milwaukee hold off visiting Cleveland and preserve the Bucks’ slim hopes of avoiding having the N.B.A.’s worst record.

Agustin Ceballos fired home a penalty corner in the 9th minute to give them a 1-0 lead at the half. He returned after the break to slot in a field goal as the Argentines enjoyed a 2-0 cushion, before the Guyanese responded through Simon’s field goal attempt in the 28th minute of play. Just when it seemed as if the mighty South Americans would have avenged the earlier loss, Assanah slammed in a penalty corner to send the game into a shootout and the rest is history as the skilful marksman netted twice. In the final that followed, Canada coasted to a 4-2 triumph over the USA after enjoying a 2-0 lead at the break. Jeewanjoth Bath opened the scoring for the Canadians with a field goal in the 6th

minute and that was followed by a similar effort from Ken Perreira. One minute after the resumption, Sebastian Scheurer n e t t e d f o r t h e USA, but Micah Teixeira ensured that the Canadians enjoyed some level of comfort as he hammered home a penalty corner in the 32nd minute for a 3-1 lead. Moritz Runzi made it a little uncomfortable for the Canadians as he scored a field goal, but Jonathan Roberts closed the deal for the Maple Leafs with a favourite strike, firing in a penalty corner one minute from full time which meant that they have now qualified for next year ’s World Cup scheduled to be played from February 3-8 in Germany.

Guyana finish third, beat Argentina..

From page 71 Montevideo, Uruguay.The national stickmen beat the mighty Argentines 2-1 in a shootout after regulation time saw the two teams deadlocked at 2-2 with Aderemi Simon netting a field goal in the 28th minute, while Jamarj Assanah as he had done all tournament saved the day for the Guyanese, scoring a penalty corner on the stroke of full time to send the game into a penalty shootout. Assanah then came back to net both pe n a l t i e s t o hand the Guyanese a well deserved win and an impressive third place finish which ensured that they kept the Argentines and Uruguay behind them. Earlier in the game, the Argentines seemed to be coasting along when

Sunday April 13, 2014

Kaieteur News

NAMILCO One Love Football Classic

Alpha, Western Tigers, Slingerz & GDF clash in quarters today The final two semifinal spots are up for grabs this evening when the 7th edition of the NAMILCO One Love Football Classic knock-out tournament continues at the Tucville Playfield in the City. Guyana’s leading club side and CONCACAF Champion’s League qualifiers Alpha ‘The Hammer’ United will match skills with Western Tigers in the first game with an eye on taking one of the two spots at stake. The exploits of this side are well documented so it will not be too hard to predict which way the outcome will go but as they saying go, it’s never over until it’s over. Western Tigers are known to have the big game temperament so Alpha’s work will be cut out as the Tigers will also fancy their chances of advancing to the final four. Ronson Williams will be in goal for the National Super League champions and he will be supported by f o r w a r d Kithson Bain, Captain Dwight Peters, Gregory ‘Jackie Chan’ Richardson and Travis ‘Zorro’ Grant. The Tigers will depend on their seasoned campaigners, Phillip Rowley, Hubert Pedro, ‘King’ Solomon Austin, Jerome Richardson and custodian, Derrick Carter to

Page 71

Badree, Narine make cricket history

Riddim Squad & Conquerors into semis take the fight to Alpha. Tonight’s feature game pits the pride of the west side, Slingerz Football Club against the Guyana Defence Force in what is anticipated to be an intense contest. The Army has always been a tough side and is capable of stepping up their game to match any opponent. Slingerz have proven in their short career to date that they are a no nonsense side that is aiming to the best and no doubt, will continue on that path tonight. As usual, their quest will be led by the nippy Devon Millington, the dependable Vurlon Mills, who is in fine form, the unstoppable Anthony ‘Awo’ Abrams, Joshua Brown and Jason Cromwell between the uprights. GDF’s challenge for a semifinal place rests with the likes of William Europe, Nigel Braithwaite, Kennard Simmons, Delroy Fraser and goalie, Rawle Success. Kick off time this evening is 18:00hrs. In the first quarterfinal matches, host team Fruta Conquerors and Riddim Squad booked the first semifinal spots’ following wins over Pele and Sunburst Camptown, respectively.

Conquerors disposed of the challenge from Pele, once known as the knock out artists in Guyana, by a 2-0 margin. The game was by no means an easy one for either side but the home team played more compact and were the hungrier of the two. Proceedings were settled in a two minute burst deep into the second half. Raphael Edwards finally broke the deadlock in the 71st minute much to the relief of his teammates and followers. Conquerors did not leave anything to chance and almost immediately put the sealer on the lid when Dwayne Lawrence rocked the Pele nets just two minutes after they established the lead. Riddim Squad were finally able to break the jinx of losing to Sunburst Camptown, churning out a composed 3-1 win. Camptown were not able to score on the night, it was an own goal in the 33rd minute that accounted for theirs. On target for the Mocha based Riddim Squad were Amos Ramsey in the 10th minute, Sceyon Hope on the stroke of half time and Steffon Ramsey in the 62nd minute.

Young Sunshine Girls thrash Barbados for fourth straight win Jamaica’s wing attack Caralee Tinglin flies in to steal the ball ahead of the Barbados pair of Amanda Knight (left) and Keyla Harewood during their 2014 Jean Pierre Youth Netball Tournament in Antigua on Thursday night. Jamaica won 38- 21. (PHOTO: COLLIN REID COURTESY OF SCOTIABANK)

Sunil Narine (left) and Samuel Badree topped the T20 bowling list. (WICB)

Trinidad Guardian - Port of Spain, Trinidad - T&T Cricket Board (T&TCB) is basking in the afterglow of the historic achievements of Samuel Badree and Sunil Narine, who were recently named the top two spin bowlers in the world in T20 cricket. The ICC, the world governing body for cricket, in their latest rankings have placed Badree and Narine as the two leading bowlers in the shortest format of the game. Badree, 33, is a leg-spin bowler who was given the top spot among the world’s T20 bowlers after an impressive performance for the West Indies in the recent ICC T20 Championship in Bangladesh. The defending champions, West Indies, were beaten by Sri Lanka in the semi-final, after rain interrupted their reply to Sri Lanka. West Indies was undone by the Duckworth/ Lewis method, which found them short of their opponent’s total at that stage of the innings. Badree has played in the Indian Premier League (IPL) for the Chennai Super Kings and the Rajasthan Royals, and has also featured for the T&T Red Steel in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) and the West Indies “A” team.

He also had the distinction of being named in the 2014 ICC T20 Championship All Star Team. Badree has played 20 T20 internationals taking 36 wickets, with best figures of 4/12, while he has accumulated 887 wickets from 87 T20 matches. And though better internationally recognised, Narine was rated number one by the ICC in T20 cricket going into the world tournament. Narine slipped into second following a not so spectacular bowling performance in contrast to Badree who had an outstanding World T20. Narine, 25, has played in the IPL for the Kolkota Knightriders, for the Barisal Burners in the Bangladesh T20 League, the Cape Cobras in the South Africa T20, the Guyana Amazon Warriors in the CPL and for the West Indies Under-19s. He has played 29 T20 internationals taking 38 wickets with best individual bowling figures of 4/12, while he has grabbed 145 scalps in 112 Twenty20s with 5/19 being his best returns. President of the T&TCB Azim Bassarath yesterday extended congratulations on behalf of his executive to Badree and Narine, saying they had brought pride and

joy to T&T with their exploits on the cricket field. Bassarath said the ICC’s recognition of the duo is of historic importance, since it is the first time that two local spinners have been elevated to such lofty heights. “The T&TCB is justifiably proud of the achievements of both Samuel Badree and Sunil Narine and it stands testimony of their talent, commitment and dedication. It also validates the support and encouragement that both have received from the T&TCB during their career,” said Bassarath. He said the T&TCB hopes that young cricketers with their eyes fixed on reaching the highest levels of the game could use both Badree and Narine as examples and role models if they are to succeed. While Badree and Narine are being celebrated for their latest achievements, former national captain Rangy Nanan and Amit Jaggernauth remains the most successful in the regional four-day game. Nanan is eighth-placed among the top ten regional bowlers with 256 wickets in 64 matches, while Jaggernauth is tenth with 251 wickets in 63 matches. Top of the heap is Guyana’s Mahendra Nagamottoo who has 325 wickets in 80 matches.

Guyana finish third, beat Argentina again - Canada defeat USA, qualify for 2015 WC in Germany

Jamaica Observer - The unbeaten Jamaica Under-16 netball team triumphed 38-21 over Barbados in the 2014 Jean Pierre Youth Netball Tournament in Antigua and Barbuda on Thursday evening.Goalshooter Simone

Gordon landed 34 shots from her 37 attempts, while goal attack Shanique Francis scored four from nine attempts, which gave the Jamaicans their fourth straight win in the youth tournament.The Jamaicans

led from start to finish as they ended the first quarter 9-4. They out-scored their opponents 10-6 in the second quarter. The third quarter saw the local girls increasing the score to 29-13, before sealing the game with the final tally.

Perhaps inspired by the outstanding performances of their female counterparts not so long ago, the Guyana men’s national hockey team made another emphatic statement to the administrators of sport here to get on with the development of the sector after beating powerhouse Argentina for a second time yesterday to finish third, at the Pan Am Cup in (Continued on page 70)

Jamarj Assanah

Aderemi Simon

Page 72

Kaieteur News

GCA – BRAINSTREET UNDER-15 COMPETITION 2014 BEGINS tomorrow The Georgetown Cricket Association and The Brainstreet Group are partnering once again to deliver the GCA- Brainstreet Under-15 Cricket Competition 2014. The competition will begin tomorrow, Monday 14th April, and will see matches being played during each week of the Easter Holidays at a number of venues in Georgetown. CEO of Brainstreet, Mr Lance Hinds, stated that his

company was delighted to partner with the GCA for the fourth year running to give the youths the opportunity to showcase their skills and looks forward to another successful competition. The Competition will involve ten teams; Everest CC, GYO, GNIC, DCC “A”, DCC “B”, GCC, Malteenoes SC, St Stanislaus College, Transport SC and Bel Air Rubis. Once again the competition will be in two

phases. The League phase which will see teams playing each other once and the winner will be the team with the most points, and the Cup phase; which will see the top four teams from the league competition competing in a straight 50-overs knock-out competition. Demerara Cricket Club will be trying to do the double for a fourth year having won both the League and the Cup competitions in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Threvon Pluck is MVP and joint...

Trophy Stall Marketing Representative Travis Brandon presents the winning trophy to Grove Hi Tech Captain Threvon Pluck in the presence of happy teammates and other officials. From page 70 seven goals each. Pluck scored in every game of the two-round league which attracted four clubs and saw a total of 51 goals being scored in the twelve games that were contested at the Grove Playfield. Just a single game was drawn (Diamond v Herstelling 0-0) with no walk overs recorded. Grove also walked away with the Best Goalkeeper prize which went to Shawn Dominic while their Coach, Levi Braithwaite was also rewarded for his efforts. Fourth paced Herstelling, which ended the tournament with one point, received a trophy; third placed Diamond United collected the third place trophy and 18-bronze medals for their efforts, end-

ing with 7 points. Soesdyke Falcons, who won their last game against Diamond to overtake them for the second place, collected a trophy and 18-silver medals, accumulating 9 points from their quota of matches. Champions, Grove Hi Tech received the champions trophy and 18-gold medals tallying some 18 points from their six unbeaten games. Trophy Stall Marketing Representative Travis Brandon thanked the teams for participating in the league which he said his boss, Ramesh Sunich was very pleased to support. He said that this was not the first time that Trophy Stall has been supportive of football on the East Bank and will continue to play their part.

This Under-15 League will be contested on an annual basis Brandon informed. EBFA President Wayne Francois and Secretary Franklin both complimented the teams for their efforts as well as the parents/guardians, coaches and club officials for investing valuable time in ensuring that the players were present for every game. Wilson informed that the EBFA Under-17 inter-club tournament will kick off shortly while there will also be Under-13 and Under-10 tournaments in the ensuing months. The EBFA expressed gratitude to Referee Shawn Singh for his sterling contribution of standing in the middle for every game.

Sunday April 13, 2014

Director of Sport challenges opposition to refute government’s sports contribution During his presentation during the Budget Debates during the current sitting of Parliament, Director of Sport Neil Kumar, challenged the opposition to refute the contribution and effort being made by government in relation to sports. Sighting arguments put forward by one Member of Parliament (MP) the Director of Sport pointed out; “…we heard the Honourable Member Mr. Trevor Williams questioning the leadership and vision of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. His main laments were that Ministry is visionless. Yet he has failed miserably to offer any alternative vision in his presentation.” “Mr. Speaker, in the last 8 years alone we can see substantial investments and transformation of the sports sector, we have seen development of the: 1. Guyana National Stadium 2. National Aquatic Center 3. Public Squash Courts 4. National Synthetic Athletic Track 5. Lights at Albion Cricket Ground “But following the logic of Honourable Williams these historic first in Guyana is visionless.” Kumar pounced on a recent news article pointing out; “In an article written by the Hon. Member on the 1st December 2013 in Kaieteur News AFC Column, he offers his grand vision for sports development in Guyana. That is to rename the Guyana National Stadium into the Clive Lloyd National Stadium. While I have no problem recognizing Clive Lloyd, who is an advisor to the Government on sport, the point is, naming a facility will not cause sports to develop in Guyana. You have to do much more than that; you have to invest in people, programmes and facilities. That is what we are doing.” Commenting on a recent action plan touted by the AFC, the Director of Sports informed that, “In sports Education – AFC would like to see courses in Sports Medicine, Sports Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Sports Administration. The

Lawn Tennis Courts.

Neil Kumar Government has established a multi-purpose facility, the National Resource Center that would evolve into the National Sports Institute where the course mentioned and many others will be taught. This is not just electioneering, by making empty promises that you cannot fulfill. This is about proper planning and delivering on those plans. The National Resource Center is not a dream. IT IS A REALITY!” On community grounds, Kumar stated, “Just last year we spent 300 million dollars on community grounds. Let me assure you that a list can be provided to you.” Apart from the Guyana National Stadium at Providence, Kumar noted the importance of other facilities government has constructed; “The spanking new Olympic Size Swimming Pool is today a reality and very soon the National Aquatic Centre will be an international facility with the completion of a warmup/warm-down pool. The Synthetic Track at Leonora will be completed this year and other facilities will be constructed around the track. The track is completed. Hence, Guyana will be able to organise and host International athletic events.” “The National Racquet Centre at Woolford Avenue is a reality. Today we can talk about our glamorous Squash Courts which are both of international standard and the first Public Courts in the Caribbean. We also have at the same facility our double

With the construction of these facilities and others, our Government recognizes that the time is most opportune for us to develop our human resources.” He further stated, “Recently, the National Sports Resource Centre was commissioned by the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport the Honourable Dr. Frank Anthony. This M$55 Guyana dollars project adds to the ambience of the National Racquet Centre which also accommodates the Tennis Courts and Squash Courts.” On the Resource Centre the Director highlighted its importance in educating sports personalities; “The Commissioning of this important and necessary facility marks the beginning of a new era in sports for Guyana. The National Sports Resource Centre will create the opportunity for athletes to be exposed to information via print and electronic media which will take them and the various sports fraternities to the highest level. Athletes, Coaches, Students and the general public will be exposed to public lectures, we intend to organise. We recognise the fact that access to information is extremely important and intend to ensure development in this essential area. Hence, the National Sports Resource Centre is the fore runner for a future National Sports Institute, which is essential for Guyana to continue with positive development in the world of sports. This aesthetic and educational facility is expected to provide guidance, training and certification to the stakeholders in sports – athletes, coaches, umpires, referees, scorers, journalists, managers, Chaperons, technical persons along with the general public.” “It is also envisaged that through various initiatives, the National Sports Commission will organise several training programmes. The Resource Centre will be able to train and ultimately give certificates and diplomas to our sport officials,” he informed.

Former junior national hands over... DCB/Diamond Fire & General ...

From page 72 said that it is contributions like those that help maintain their responsibility to spread table tennis across Guyana. Among the items donated were a set of racquets, blades, balls and other paraphernalia

related to the sport. The United States-based Clarke said that his love for the sport motivated the donations and he was happy to be part of the GTTA development programme. “When I was growing up and playing in

Guyana, we didn’t have this kind of benevolence and I thought of changing that with these items since I love the sport,” Clarke, who said he played at the NCAA level after migrating, told this newspaper yesterday.

From page 73 Demerara Cricket Board, Anand Sanasie stated that this year’s competition was closely contested. He thanked the sponsors for coming on board and said he do look forward to their continued support. The Vice-President complimented the Executives of Enmore Community Centre and clubs in Georgetown for ensuring that their areas were represented in the competition. And despite the challenges, looks forward to the U-17 and Women competitions in Demerara.

Sunday April 13, 2014

Kaieteur News

Page 73

Clive Atwell goes after the WBC world feather West Demerara beat weight title in his toughest battle to date East Bank to retain title DCB/Diamond Fire & General Insurance Inc U-19 tourney

By Michael Benjamin When 25 years old Clive ‘The Punisher’ Atwell enters the ring on May 24 next against Johnny Gonzalez for the latter fighter’s World Boxing Council (WBC) featherweight title, he will be pitting his skill against a veteran whose reputation precedes him and though the Mexican is seven years A t w e l l ’s s e n i o r , t h e Guyanese pugilist will be required to dig deep if he is to emulate the feats of his predecessors starting with Andrew ‘Sixhead’ Lewis, who stopped American James Paige in the 7th round to clinch Guyana’s first world title. The fight is scheduled for Alcapulco Guerrero, Mexico and Atwell, who currently resides in Dominica, has returned home and commenced training at the Andrew Lewis Boxing Gym, Albouystown under the watchful eyes of veteran coach, Lennox ‘Cappell’ Daniels. Earlier in the week, Atwell engaged in preparatory works with several rounds on the heavy bag. He also engaged in shadow boxing exercises and calisthenics and from all appearances is committed to the job at hand. While Atwell has oozed confidence at winning the fight and add to the rich local boxing legacy, the distinct difference in experience between him and Gonsalves cannot be ignored. Gonzalez is a veteran and has compiled a decent 63-8 record. He has registered 47 knockouts with a ratio of 74.6 percent. Atwell has an impressive 12-0-1 record and a flurry of late knockouts has improved his knockout ratio to a percentage of 53.85. While Gonzalez seemed to be the more experienced and while his

Already decorated with several prestigious belts, Atwell will go after the world championship next month. record looms ominously, records and statistics can sometimes be misleading. Ye s t e r d a y m o r n i n g Kaieteur Sport spoke with Atwell at his Agricola residence and he said that he is in great mental shape and working assiduously to attain a similar level of physical fitness. He said that he has been following the career of Gonzalez ever since he (Atwell) had been informed of the possible matchup. The fight is somewhat fortuitous since Gonzalez who won the title from Elio Rojas on points in April 2012, was initially slated to defend against Abner Mares. Those two had engaged in an earlier bout in August last year where Gonzalez had

prevailed after he stopped Mares in the first round to retain his title. They were set for the second encounter when Abner incurred an injury to his ribs during training and was forced out of the fight paving the way for the Atwell encounter. Atwell’s last fight was against Jamaican, Glenroy Beckford, on Oct 14 last whom he knocked out in the second round. Before that he had disposed of Rudolph Fraser and won the local featherweight title before taking on Revlon Lake for the local lightweight title. He then disposed of Trinidadian, Prince Lee Isidore for the Caribbean Boxing Federation (CABOFE) title and was on the verge of accruing the

imminent bout. “I have noted that Gonzalez seems to be quite a force but I am already in training and plan to give this fight all that I’ve got,” Atwell intimated. Indeed the Mexican pugilist is a force to be reckoned and is as tough as nails. He won the title a after a bruising fight with Elias Rojas and successfully defended several times. In his defence against Daniel Ponce DeLeon, Gonzalez was floored in round 8 from an accidental head butt that opened a cut over his right eye. He rose from the canvass, shrugged off that injury and went on to win the fight on points. He also rose from the canvass and defeated another tough customer, Eusebio Osejo, in February last year even after a further point was deducted from his score for intentionally spitting out his mouthpiece to procure more time. Atwell feels that though Gonzalez has experience he (Atwell) has the tools to take care of him. “I have seen tapes of my opponent and while I am not getting complacent I am sure I can take him on and relieve him of his belt,” a confident Atwell pronounced. Should he achieve the feat, Atwell will follow in the footsteps of Lewis, Gwendolyn O’Neil, Vivian Harris, Gary St Clair, Wayne Braithwaite and Shondell Alfred. To date, sixteen Guyanese-born professional boxers have attempted such a feat with those mentioned above being successful. To date Guyana’s record in the world championships arena could be dubbed meritorious and Atwell said that when the smoke is cleared he will add to the illustrious names that have distinguished themselves in the ‘square jungle.’

Regional four-day cricket

Bishoo grabs best bowling figures by a Guyanese in Regional cricket But T&T close in on first innings lead By Sean Devers Leg-spinner Devendra Bishoo wrote his name in the records of Regional Cricket by capturing 9-78, the best figures ever by a Guyana at

this level but although Skipper Leon Johnson fashioned a high-class 78 and Christopher Barnwell supported with an even halfc e n t u r y, Tr i n i d a d a n d

Tobago were three wickets away from a first innings lead with the host needing another 47 runs. When play on day two of their Regional four-day

match ended at Providence yesterday, Guyana were 247-7 in reply to T&T’s 294 with off-spinner Amit Jaggernauth ripping through (Continued on page 70)

Sherfane Rutherford (left) collects his man-of-the-match prize from chairman of the DCB junior selection panel Nazimul Drepaul.

Vice-President of West Demerara Cricket Association, Anand Sanasie (left) accepts the wining trophy from Assistant Manager of Diamond Fire & General Insurance Inc, Rabindranauth Basil on behalf of the West Demerara team. West Demerara defeated East Bank by 19 runs yesterday to retain the Demerara Cricket Board Inter Association U-19 50over title sponsored by Diamond Fire & General Insurance Inc. Batting first at the Wales Community Centre ground, West Demerara posted 186 all out in 47.5 overs. Avenash Dhaniram top scored with 35 while Ronaldo Renee and Richie Looknauth made 28 and 24 respectively. Bowling for East Bank, Ryan Shun grabbed 4-42 and Deonarine Seegobin captured 3-25. In reply, East Bank threatened somewhat but eventually succumbed for 167 in 47.5 overs. Man of the match Seegobin scored 35 and got support from Ricky Debydial with 22. Pacer Ewart Samuels claimed 2-15 and Travis Persaud 2-27. At the Everest Cricket Club ground, Georgetown overcame East Coast by 27 runs. Georgetown managed 145-9 off their allotted 50 overs. Kemol Savory and Cleon Mc Ewan top scored

with 45 apiece. Richard Woolford picked up 2-15, Shutahal 2-28 and Gavin Moriah 2-30. In their chase, East Coast never got going and were bowled out for 118 in 27.2 overs. Rudolph Singh was the only batsman that showed fight with a top score of 58 not out. Sherfane Rutherford bagged 5-14 off five overs while Steven Sankar grabbed 3-22 of 4.2 overs. Rutherford was adjudged the man-of-thematch. Georgetown, East Coast, and West Demerara finished with two victories each but West Demerara emerged the winner by virtue of a superior run rate. At the closing ceremony at the Everest Cricket Club, Assistant Manager of Diamond Fire & General I n s u r a n c e I n c , Rabindranauth Basil, said they are satisfied with the outcome of the competition and are happy to be associated with youth cricket in Demerara. Vice-President of (Continued on page 72)

Page 74

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Sunday April 13, 2014

First Impression Hotel hands over Baseball League/E-Networks offering Easter sponsorship for Berbice cycle race holiday camps for interested youngsters All is set for the Flying Ace Cycle Club road race today in Berbice. The race which is organized by coach Randolph Roberts is the 6th for the year so far has been sponsored by the First Impression Hotel of Hampshire Corentyne and a few other business persons in Berbice, including Furniture World in New Amsterdam and the Crawford Family of Fyrish Corentyne, Berbice. Newcomers First Impression Hotel on Thursday made sure that their entry to the sponsorship world is a note worthy venture when they handed over a package to coach and organizer of the event Randolph Roberts at a simple handing over ceremony at the hotel. The principals of the newly opened hotel in handing over the cheque stated their appreciation for the hard work and commitment of Roberts as he soldiers on in keeping the sport going in the Ancient County. They wished him all the best with the activity and give indication of future commitments. Roberts expressed thanks to the owners of the Hotel for coming forward with sponsorship in such a timely manner. He wished them all the best in their

Customer Sales representative of the First Impression Hotel, Rushelle Simpson hands of the sponsorship package to Coach Randolph Roberts in the presence of another staff member. business venture and looked forward for a long and fruitful relationship between the two entities. The 50 mile race is for Berbician cyclists only and is expected to pedal off from Marks Bridge at Tacama Turn 60, Stanleytown proceed to the No 43 Bridge on the Corentyne before turning back to finish in front of the First Impression Hotel at Hampshire Corentyne. Prizes will be awarded to the first eight finishers, the first two females and the first two beginners and the first two female U16 riders.

There will also be eight prime point prizes up for grabs. The females and beginners are expected to ride shorter distances. Cyclists from both the FACC and Trojan Cycle clubs are expected to renew battle with the likes of Andrea ‘Padlock’ Green, Ray Millington, the Crawford cousins Romallo and Jebon, Elijah Brijader, Andrew Hicks, Wasim Hassnu, Audrel Ross, Edmond Francis, Keith Griffith, Wilbert and Gary Benjamin, Turhan Harris and Syborne Fernandes among others battling.

Former junior national hands over gear to GTTA

Michael Clarke presents a sample of the equipment to Kayson Ninvalle yesterday at Olympic House while other players, coaches and GTTA Officials, including President, Godfrey Munroe (left) share the moment. Former junior national table tennis player, Michael Clarke, yesterday handed over a quantity of equipment to the Guyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA) at the Guyana Olympic Association Headquarters as a means of continuing to

propel the sport forward. “I think this gesture is quite commendable and timely and we want to show our appreciation to him for this contribution. These contributions are keys to our development,” President of GTTA, Godfrey Munroe

told Kaieteur Sport at the simple presentation ceremony. According to Munroe, a lot of organisations fill their mailbox with request for support in piloting the sport at the grassroots level. He (Continued on page 72)

The Guyana Baseball League in association with E-Networks Inc. is offering nationwide baseball camps throughout the Easter school holidays the organisation stated in a press release yesterday. Youngsters, both boys and girls, between the ages 624 are welcome to attend camps in New Amsterdam 19th and 20th April, Phoenix Primary School Ground, Cornelia Ida ,West Demerara and the Georgetown Cricket Club 19thand 22nd -24th April. The camps are free. Attendees can register by c o n t a c t i n g M r. Z a h i r Moakan - New Amsterdam, Mr. Ravindra Seeram - C.I, West Demerara, call 657STAR – Georgetown, on F a c e b o o k : ENetworksbaseballstar and at the ground on camp mornings. All equipment is being provided by the GBL and participants are asked to dress appropriately for sporting activity and in the interest of preserving the environment to bring reusable water bottles. Camp begins at 9:00AM and ends

Participants will be engaging in activity that is hoped many will compete in the growing sport. at 4:30PM. All participants will be invited to take part in a two day League tournament in Georgetown on the 23rd and 24th April. The release stated that, “With the professionalism GBL has exhibited while coordinating E-Networks Baseball Star, many of the sponsoring agencies suggested we offer a wider variety of opportunity by way of baseball camps. We guarantee that these camps will be run with the same philosophy of providing all children with the opportunity

to develop sports skills in a fun and non-competitive environment.” “GBL programmes are designed to engage the imagination of the youth of today. Our energetic staff implements a unique camp atmosphere, which allows for safety, fun, and skills development. All GBL camps will focus on helping the kids learn the rules of the game while working on sportsmanship,” the release informed. All of the E-Networks Baseball Star contenders will be attending the camps.

Trophy Stall/EBFA U-15 League winner and others rewarded

Threvon Pluck is MVP and joint leading goal scorer with Shane Meusa

Joint leading goal scorers, Threvon Pluck (right) and Shane Meusa (left) receives their trophy from Diamond United FC President, Phillip Cox. Grove Hi Tech Captain Threvon Pluck was named Most Valuable Player of the just concluded Trophy Stall sponsored East Bank Football Association (EBFA) Under-15 League

and was presented with his t r o p h y a t y e s t e r d a y ’s presentation held at the Grove Community Centre. Pluck, who led his team to the championship trophy and the only team to end

unbeaten, also ended as the joint leading goal scorer of the competition along with Shane Meusa of the second placed Soesdyke Falcons. They both scored a total of (Continued on page 72)

Sunday April 13, 2014

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Has Atwell’s management made a Greaves aiming for the top mistake with his budding career? While being hailed in certain quarters as a Quantum Leap, Clive Atwell’s recent signing to challenge Johnny Gonzalez f o r t h e l a t t e r ’s W B C featherweight title is being labeled as “not well thought out” by sections of the local boxing fraternity. Several persons in the boxing circles were debating this impending fight with the majority questioning the rationale behind taking the fight when clearly Atwell needs to be ‘better steered’ on a successful path in the sport based on the promise he has shown and the immense talent he possesses. Several persons spoke about the disparity in experience, also pointing to the purse he is reportedly getting and also the fact he will fight the Mexican in his hometown. “I am one hundred percent patriotic and would want to see this Dear Land of Guyana win another world title. However, it’s also my duty to call a spade a spade. I don’t think Atwell is ready for this kind of competition and don’t think he can win taking all things into consideration,” one boxing aficionado, who requested anonymity, declared. “Allow me to put this into perspective. Gonzalez has almost four times as more knockouts as Atwell has fights. Atwell has to fight a Mexican in Mexico. Atwell has never fought outside of Guyana and has never fought a rated fighter,” the boxing knowledgeable added. “Something that hurts me is the fact that Atwell has signed to fight for US$14,000 for this seemingly suicidal undertaking. That’s less than

Johnny Gonzalez (Getty Images) three million Guyana dollars. After management, trainer and training fees are deducted you guess what he would be left with. The US$14,000 question is who is advising this young man who has a very good future ahead of him. Does his management team really care about his career. It certainly doesn’t look so.” “My advice would be to drop this fight. Atwell has nothing to earn going to Mexico other than a blemish on his record and some chump change.” And Seon Bristol, former boxer, now Manager and Boxing Promoter, said, “From the information on the table, I would have to say I see it as a poor decision. Management team and advisers play a pivotal role in boxers’ careers. If you just throw a boxer to the wolves for the sake of a few dollars then that speaks volumes.” “In my estimation US$14,000 is a ridiculously low purse for a world title

fight. It is the lowest that I have ever heard of. It is not apposite compensation for the task at hand,” Bristol noted. He further went on, “Something doesn’t smell good and if I were to advise Mr. Atwell, my words would be to drop this fight.” Bristol pointed out, “Everything is stacked against him. The location of the fight, the purse, his experience, Gonzalez’ record and more importantly I understand that Atwell would be training at home for this fight. History would show that Vivian Harris, Wayne Braithwaite, Gary St Clair and Andrew Lewis won world titles…none of them trained for their title fights at home.” All that offered their views expressed the desire to see Atwell gain more experience in the ring and a course being carefully charted to a world title shot with all the right negotiations in place for adequate remuneration.

EBDCA/G Spot U-19 final on today The East Bank Demerara Cricket Association (EBDCA)/G Spot bar U-19 40-over final will be played today between host Bayrock and Lower East Bank in

Linden. Action gets under way at 11:00 hrs. The winning and runner teams will receive trophies, while members of the victorious team will be given

medals; the man of the match will take home a trophy. Executives of the EBDCA, Demerara and Guyana Cricket Boards will distribute the prizes after the games.

Sanasie 50-over semi-finals fixed for today in Pomeroon The semi-finals of the Anand Sanasie 50-over cricket competition will be contested today in Pomeroon. Tennese Farm will host Rising Sun and Pomeroon

Oil Mill will play Ravens at Cavaliers ground. The final will be played next Sunday. The winning team will receive a trophy and $50,000, the runner up a trophy and $25,000 while

the batsman with the most runs, the best bowler in the competition and man of the match in the final as well as the losing semi-finalists will be given $10,000 each.

Just 14 years old, young table tennis star Priscilla Greaves has already racked up an impressive resume in the sport and is deserving of Kaieteur Sport’s focus this week. From a very tender age, Priscilla’s love for the sport and her natural talent was evident and early in her career she begun to showcase her talent first at the local level, before moving to the bigger stage which was the Caribbean Pre-Cadet Championships in 2009 in Barbados. This Marian Academy student whose career began in 2008 has steadily climbed the ladder both at the local and regional levels and seems to have a bright future in the sport should she maintain her focus and continue to receive the support n e c e s s a r y f o r f urther development. Starting in 2008, Priscilla, who is coached by former national champion Colin France, placed first in the under 9 and 10 years division at the National Sports Commission-sponsored Competition, before going on to Barbados the following year to claim bronze medals in the under10 Singles , Mixed Doubles and team events. The year 2011 was another outstanding period for Priscilla as she continued to dominate her age division, capturing the under-13 title this time, before heading to Trinidad and Tobago where she improved from her bronze medal effort the previous year to secure a silver medal in the 13 and under category. It was a clear indication of her emerging talent and managed to serve notice of her ambition to reach the pinnacle of her

Marian Academy’s young tennis star Priscilla Greaves poses with some of her trophies for Kaieteur Sport recently. division. Not satisfied with her achievements thus far, the precocious young talent continued to work hard and was rewarded with another NSC title in 2012 and a place on the national team that was going to participate in the Caribbean Pre-Cadet Championships in Jamaica where again she was outstanding, winning gold in the girls and mixed doubles and girls team events to go with the silver she won in the singles division and crown a solid performance. The year 2013 was once again a time for her to continue to display her rich talent and this she did,

winning the national Precadet, before going on to Tr i n i d a d a n d To b a g o where she participated in the Silver Bowl tournament returning with a silver in the under-15 division and a bronze in the Under-18’s after playing way above her age group. Priscilla has already started this year with a bang, capturing the NSC Under-15 title and represented her school in a tournament that was recently staged. This young dedicated racquet wielder is surely an emerging talent and deserving of special mention.

Miller, Taylor fire Jamaicans to a lead Bridgetown, Barbados Jamaica closed Day 2 of their Round 7, Regional 4-Day match against the Combined Campuses & Colleges leading by 100 runs. Summary Scores: Jamaica 1st Innings: 182 All Out (75.2 Overs). Carlton Baugh J r 5 7 , J e r o m e Ta y l o r 39,Raymon Reifer 11-3-243. Combined Campuses & Colleges 1st Innings: 161 All Out (68.1 Overs). Kevin McClean 36, Shacaya Thomas 33, Kyle Corbin 22,

Steven Jacobs* 20; Nikita Miller 31-16-31-5, Jerome Taylor 15-4-40-3. Jamaica 2nd Innings: 79/2 (38 Overs). John Campbell 38, Jermaine Blackwood 23*. And in the Leewards vs Barbados game ( - The Leeward Islands, with a first innings deficit of 232, were 54 for two off 21 overs in their second innings - still trailing by 178 runs. The not

out batsmen were captain Kieran Powell on 23 and Devon Thomas, nought. Barbados, starting the day on 167 for one, were bowled out for 326 off 125.3 overs - 40 minutes after tea in reply to a first innings total of 94 all out in 34.4 overs. Captain and opener Kraigg Brathwaite top scored with 92. It was the third time this season that Brathwaite was dismissed in the 90s. Leg-spinner Anthony Martin took five for

t r o Sp NAMILCO One Love Football Classic

Alpha, Western Tigers, Slingerz & GDF clash in quarters today Riddim Squad & Conquerors into semis


Sunburst Camptown (orange & black) on the defensive against Riddim Squad at the Tucville ground.

Bishoo grabs best bowling figures by a Guyanese in Regional cricket But T&T close in on first innings lead P.73

Guyana Captain Leon Johnson sweeps during his accomplished 78 yesterday

FIFA World Cup countdown Tournament starts in:59 Days

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