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NBS earns $180M from Berbice Bridge in 2011 Pg. 11

- moving to increase mortgage ceiling to $15M Suriname Airways returns to Guyana after six years

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Pres. Donald Ramotar and Suriname Head of State Desi Bouterse exchange views shortly after the arrival of Flight 737

Budget silent Linden fireman APNU will demand that NICIL on NIS money commits suicide be brought to books - Greenidge impaired in CLICO Pg. 7

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GuySuCo’s failure forces Antigua to Pg. 13

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday April 04, 2012

Govt. stands firmly behind HPV vaccination programme Government, from all indications, is standing firmly behind its decision to administer Gardasil, a vaccine aimed at reducing the likelihood of young girls contracting the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh in his presentation of the 2012 Budget under the theme “remaining on course, united in purpose, prosperity for all” has described the move as “boosting the armoury of vaccines to provide national coverage against the HPV.” The HPV vaccine was launched in January and several critics have since voiced their concerns, citing the need for better awareness of the vaccine which, according to one concerned group of women, has several side-effects. In fact, the group in a petition to Minister of Health Dr Bheri Ramsaran, in January, called for the vaccination programme “to be terminated with immediate effect” until the questions associated with the vaccine are answered. According to the group, their concerns are rooted in the fact that the Ministry has not adequately furnished families with information about the effects of the vaccine that have the potential of emerging years later. “We hereby request further and detailed information about the Ministry's decision to inoculate these children against the HPV in a vaccination programme, purportedly to protect them from cervical cancer and other related diseases they are likely to contract in their adulthood,” the petition outlined. However, according to the Finance Minister, the vaccine will continue to be

administered to girls from age 11 “along with intensive sensitisation programmes” in order to alleviate the occurrence of cervical cancer. Although a cost for the vaccination programme was not outlined by the Finance Minister or the current Minister of Health (Dr Ramsaran), former Minister of Health Dr Leslie Ramsammy had anticipated that approximately $40M would be expended to introduce the vaccine to about 25,000 girls and mount to about $60M to cater for 40,000. This year, a total of $16.9 billion has been allocated to the Ministry of Health in its quest to “continue the modernisation of the sector and to consolidate on the gains made over the past decade”. Dr Singh revealed that Government will continue to place emphasis on decentralising services, strengthen public-private collaborations in a continued effort to reduce chronic non-communicable diseases, improve the quality of health care and access to health services, and strengthen the health system. As part of its vaccination programme this year, Dr Singh revealed that the Government has budgeted a sum of $240M to support the continued distribution of the antenatal and infant sprinkles, which is aimed at improving the nutritional health of over 15,000 mothers and children. Last year, the national immunisation progamme benefited from the introduction of a new vaccine which protects against 13 infections that severely affect young children. Further, some (Continued on page 6)

Wednesday April 04, 2012

Kaieteur News

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- Guyana asked to reorganise priorities after Marriott request The 2012 Budget Debates are set to commence immediately after the Easter celebrations and from all indications it will be a fiery period in the National Assembly. The National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) headed by Winston Brassington and the proposed Georgetown Marriott Hotel are expected to hold a spotlight in centre stage during the debates. The Proposed Marriott Hotel is owned by a Special Purpose Company established for its construction, called Atlantic Hotels Inc (AHI) and is also headed by Brassington Former Finance Minister Carl Greenidge says that there is a motion in his name which is going to seek to force the Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh to bring all sources of revenue to the Consolidated Fund. The other sources of revenue that Greenidge alluded to include those of NICIL and the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission among others. A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) will be seeking to have this effected even before the House votes on the Appropriation Bill 2012. Greenidge says that his party will be using the transition period between the Committee of Supply (which scrutinises the estimates of the Budget) and the actual

vote, for its approval in the Full House. The Appropriation Bill is the legislative instrument that gives authority for use of expenditures outlined in the 2012 Estimates by the Finance Minister. APNU will be looking for support from the Alliance for Change (AFC). The two parties, collectively, have a one-vote advantage over the People’s Progressive Party Civic. Greenidge says that at present it is ludicrous for the Minister to be citing projects in the National Budget for which there is no proper accounting entailed. He further charged that with expenditures being funded

Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh Chinese Exim Bank, upon receipt of the proposal for the Georgetown Marriott and the CJIA Expansion Project, had instructed the country to reorganise its priorities. Guyana had submitted for consideration by the Chinese Bank, both the proposed

“…the Chinese would be more open to assist a government with developmental infrastructure such as the airport expansion where, when constructed, would serve to give them (Chinese) kudos, as against a hotel project going belly-up”- Greenidge from sources outside of the budget, the nation’s deficit and inflation rates will be grossly misrepresented. NICIL has not presented an audited report for almost a decade and is set to plug onethird of the US$58M into the proposed Georgetown Marriott. This project is even more worrisome since the

Georgetown Marriott and the expansion proposal for the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. The proposal for the CJIA expansion was re-submitted for support, in the form of a concessionary Chinese loan. The Marriott equity was left to be financed by NICIL and a syndicated consortium

Marcia Nadir-Sharma of investors to be sourced by Republic Bank. Greenidge, who is an experienced negotiator with International Financial Institutions (IFIs), told this publication that while he could not be certain as to why the Chinese would not w a n t t o i n v e s t i n the Marriott Project, the fact that it is a commercial operation linked to the private sector would be a key determining factor. “The Chinese would be more open to assist a government with developmental infrastructure such as the airport expansion where, when constructed, would serve to give them (Chinese) kudos, as against a hotel project going ‘bellyup’ He opined that the lack of feasibility on the project could also be a contributing factor to the Chinese not wanting to take the chance in investing in the project. The Former Finance Minister said that it is very

18,000 to sit Nat’l Grade Six Assessment today Some 18,000 primary school students countrywide are set to sit the two-day 2012 National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) which begins today and concludes tomorrow. Last year, a total of 17,392 candidates were registered to participate in the assessment. Registered candidates, according to a statement issued by Chief Education Officer, Olato Sam, will today be required to undergo assessments in the subject areas of English Language and Science. Tomorrow, students will be fully focused on Mathematics and Social Studies. According to Sam, all administrative and logistical preparations are in place for the NGSA, even as he emphasised that candidates are to “be prepared, punctual

and remember to walk with their timetables”. Candidates should have previously been evaluated at the National Grade Two Assessment in 2008 and the National Grade Four Assessment in 2010. Candidates’ performances are expected to reflect the percentage of the marks gained at the Grade Two and Grade Four Assessments, combined with the marks attained at the National Grade Six Assessment. Five per cent (5%) of each candidate’s Grade Two score in Mathematics and English, and 10 per cent (10%) of the Grade Four score in the same subjects, are added to 85 per cent of each candidate’s score in those subjects. The combined scores in Mathematics and English are then added to the scores gained in Science and Social

Studies. Last year, the highest possible standardised scores obtainable were: Mathematics – 136, English 138, Social Studies - 134, and Science - 143. The highest possible total score obtainable was 551. Gaining the top position with a score of 537 marks at the assessments was Terron Alleyne of Regma Primary. Second position was gained by Sariah Singh of ABC Academy with 536 marks. The third position was shared by Sarah David-Longe from Success Elementary, Angelie Persaud from C.V Nunes

Primary and Carol Hopkinson from Regma Primary. They each scored 534 marks. The sixth position was shared by Teryka Mohabir of Regma Primary, Thalia BaezaMilan of School of the Nations and Kareem Adbool of Success Elementary. They each attained 533 marks. The ninth position was earned by Narissa Persaud of Leonora Primary with 532 marks. The 10th position was shared by two candidates namely: Shafeek Rayman of Dharmic Rama Krishna and Edmund Henry of New Guyana School. They each scored 531 marks.

NICIL boss Winston Brassington

Carl Greenidge

troubling, however, that the country is pushing ahead with the project when there is no clear allocation of any such expenditure in the Budget. Greenidge stressed that because of the large amounts of money being hoarded by NICIL and for which it expends in isolation without any accounting to Parliament, the Budget Estimates are severely undermined. This, he emphasized, can eventually prove to be a major problem for the government, because the Minister of Finance would have been “misrepresenting the figures as it relates to the nation’s accounts”. “APNU will demand that NICIL be brought to books,” stressed Greenidge. The holding company (NICIL) recently entered into what some have come to term “an incestuous relationship” with the owners of the proposed Georgetown Marriott. The owner of the proposed Georgetown Marriott Hotel is Atlantic Hotels Inc. (AHI), and this company recently inked an agreement with NICIL to lease the seven-acre plot of land for $24,000 per month. This lease is for 99 years and

AHI has been given the opportunity by NICIL to purchase the land for US$1M This is according to the “Agreement to Lease of Land…made and entered into this 28th day of January, 2010” between NICIL and Atlantic Hotels Inc. NICIL is headed by Winston Brassington, but for the purposes of the Agreement which was recently made available after much public furor, the holding company is represented by its Deputy Chief Executive Officer/Company Secretary, Marcia Nadir-Sharma. Nadir-Sharma is also the Company Secretary for AHI, which is also headed by Brassington and for the purposes of the agreement of lease, AHI was represented by Brassington. In the agreement for the 6.8 acres of land which is located in the vicinity of the Pegasus Hotel Guyana, and is considered beach front property, Brassington agrees that AHI will purchase the land from NICIL (which Brassington also heads), “anytime after the commencement of the hotel operations or substantial completion of construction, whichever is earlier.”

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Kaieteur News

KAIETEUR NEWS Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: ADAM HARRIS Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491 Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


NIS on the Ropes Last week, Secretary to the Cabinet, Dr. Roger Luncheon, announced that the NIS as it presently stands would become unviable unless it simultaneously increased its revenues while ‘controlling” expenditures. If he were the Chairman of a private enterprise corporation, we would have to say that he was presiding over an entity that was either already eating into its reserves or was soon to do so. Not a healthy position to be in any circumstance. As one of the measures to increase revenues, Dr. Luncheon mentioned the possibility of increasing the contributory rate (split between the employer and the employee) from the present 13%. He admitted, however, that this would simultaneously reduce the take home income of employees and the profitability of businesses. To reduce expenditure, the NIS chairman also mentioned that another intervention could be to raise the age at which pensions can be acquired: from the present 60 years to “65 or even 67 years”. Coming just before the budget that was billed as a ‘people’s budget’, if these measures are implemented, it will be a terrible blow to the older and most vulnerable members of our society. Right now, the two largest blocs of workers – public service workers and sugar workers – retire around 55 years: the former by fiat and the latter because of their broken bodies. After making their contributions for over thirty years in some instances, what are they to survive on between 55 and 67? The life expectancy at birth is now 69 years, so we guess Dr. Luncheon figures that the NIS might be able to get by, by paying pensions to qualified pensioners for two years. But what makes Dr. Luncheon’s statements even more outrageous is that more than four years ago, a NIS Reform Committee submitted a report to him which analysed the status of the scheme and made a raft of recommendations for addressing the identified problems. The Committee’s report stated bluntly that “in about five years (i.e. by 2012) expenditure would begin to exceed total income”. Prophetic? As for Dr. Luncheon’s blithe assertion that the NIS has reserves of $30billion, the report predicted, “in 2013 the reserves would begin decreasing and be depleted by 2022.” The question is, what has Dr. Luncheon and his Board been doing since 2007? Let us take the income of the NIS which comes from contributions and investments. The Committee made several recommendations for increasing contributions – but not by raising the contribution rate. T his is the quick and dirty method which will place the burden squarely on the backs of the workers that are in the organised sector. Have at least half of the self-employed been brought into the NIS system? If not, why has the goal not been reached? Has the NIS put in place measures to ensure that all licenced contractors are monitored to make sure their contributions are made? What about the legions in the interior mining gold? What about taxi drivers? Then there are the investments. Is there an Investment Management Committee as recommended? Has the investment portfolio been diversified away in the manner recommended to deliver the recommended rate of return? Has Dr. Luncheon been delivering regular reports in this area? Dr. Luncheon mentioned that the NIS has recently acquired the CLICO building. Has this investment been delivering a positive cash flow? Then, of course, there is the $5.7 billion that the NIS invested in CLICO – are we going to be recovering this amount? Have the recommendations in the financial reporting systems (both substantively and in its computerisation) been implemented? Have the auditing services been put up for tender on a ‘rotating basis”? In our estimation, the NIS is too important an institution to be left on ‘auto pilot’ as it appears to be right now. Before going forward, we demand that Dr. Luncheon gives a report of actions taken to implement the NIS Reform report of 2007. The government cannot give with the right hand (Dr. Singh) and then take a larger portion with the left hand (Dr. Luncheon).

Wednesday April 04, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news Aspects of the Chief Justice’s decision are troubling DEAR EDITOR, There are many troubling aspects of the recent written decision of the Chief Justice on the issues before him involving the Commissioner of Police. This is from the point of view of view of one not versed in law. One sentence in the CJ’s ruling, which aimed at justifying his ruling, leaps out of the page. He points out that a defendant may suffer the consequences of an unwise prosecution. One of these is in “family relations.” He says this to justify hearing the case against the DPP’s use of her discretion. So far as the Commissioner of Police is concerned, by his own testimony and that of his accuser, he tampered with his own “family relations” by finding himself in a hotel room with a woman who had gone to him for support and some kind of protection. I find it “irrational” for the honourable Judge, in the remarks supporting his decision to suggest that he could at that stage undo what the suspect had already done, and done, “knowingly”, to his own

“family relations” . The Chief Justice is therefore protecting a citizen who had previously thrown those relations out of a hotel window. Is this not an attempt to guard the Chief Guardian? Apart from that, the Chief Justice studied the statements of both the accuser and the man accused. He seemed to make a mental cross-examination of the two parties. To this process counsel were not admitted. The press report does not allow us to see how the Judge dealt with any doubts arising in the judicial mind. One part of his mind posed questions and another part answered them. All of that may be very good legal procedure. We just do not know. What we as outsiders know for certain is this. In matters of alleged rape there are always power relations. And power relations can be read into certain situations. A Commissioner of Police, armed or unarmed, is a person of great power compared to an average woman asking him a favour. Who will decide the conditions under which he

goes with her into a hotel and a hotel room? She or he? Did the Chief Justice look into that? What were her chances if she did not go? What did her promise her for “good” behaviour? What choices were before her? This would be a good place for the Court to speculate about “consequences”. One report reads, “Chang ( i.e.the CJ) said that after the two left the hotel and were driving in the car, Greene was talking to her as though they were lovers.” And then he poses the question, “Why would the applicant soon after assaulting and having forcible intercourse with the complainant speak to her as though they were lovers”. My former, much respected colleague, has spent a lot of her time for years arguing and teaching that rape is not “intercourse”; that forced intercourse is a serious crime. It is hard to teach those already learned. Unfortunately, there was no one to answer the very pertinent question posed by the Judge and repeated in the previous paragraph. The answer is not a mystery to

those who have seen even one bandit movie. Could it be that someone knowing the ropes had planned a perfect crime? It is of course possible that a DPP could lack reason. Now we know that a court can lack imagination. If it is true that there is this fantasy that some things belong solely to a jury, it is also true that learned judges on their own may be ill equipped to be sole judges of the facts. I am very much on the side of those men on the spot who have said that in their own words that the CJ’s leading decision can lead to new immunities, that is protection from prosecution I am also delighted that it is a woman who expressed fear that the post of DPP may now be undermined. Many other readers pointed out the value of cross -examination, which the ruling may result in avoiding. Is there really need for judicial review as the Chief Justice advises, when a suspect is already on the way to the Courts? Eusi Kwayana

This bauxite company is flouting the local laws DEAR EDITOR, The Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc (BCGI) has taken the Minister of Labour to court for exercising his power under the Labour Law, Chapter 98:01 and imposing arbitration between the company and the Guyana Bauxite and General Workers’ Union (GB&GWU), the workers’ representative. Though I strongly believe that this is a waste of the Court’s time I will await its ruling. Attention is paid to the reasons given by the Human Resources Officer, Elena Gorshkova, via a Press Release, for the company’s actions. Ms. Gorshkova is either being badly advised, thinks the company is above the Laws of Guyana, or being disingenuous, and it becomes important to set the record straight. The company’s refusal to negotiate with the union came to a head in November 2009, reaching a national crisis when at a December 2, 2009 conciliation meeting chaired by then Chief Labour Officer, Yoganand Persaud, BCGI delivered a letter dated December 1, 2009 to the Union, Chief Labour Officer, and then Minister of Labour Manzoor Nadir, stating: “We wish to advise that Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc. hereby deems the Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) entered into between the Company, the Guyana Bauxite and Workers’ Union,

and the Ministry of Labour dated the 4th April, 2008, as terminated with immediate effect…and the company will move to derecognize the Union.” This is an out of order position taken by the company since it does not have the scope or authority to determine who the workers chose as their representative. As clearly stated in Article 147(1) of the Guyana Constitution, “Except with his or her consent, no person shall be hindered in the enjoyment of his or her freedom of assembly, association and freedom to demonstrate peacefully, this is to say, his or her right to assemble freely, to demonstrate peacefully and to associate with persons and in particular to form or belong to…trade unions…for the protection of his or her interests.” This right and freedom is reinforced in the Trade Union Recognition and Certification Act Chapter98:07, Section 23 (1) ‘Compulsory recognition and duty to treat’ which states: “When a trade union obtains a certificate of recognition for workers comprised in a bargaining unit in accordance with this Part, the employer shall recognise the union, and the union and the employer shall bargain in good faith and enter into negotiations with each other for the purpose of collective bargaining.” The 67 workers who on

22ndMay 2009 refused to operate dump trucks did so because the air conditioning units were not working. This is consistent with their right and freedom. According to the Guyana Constitution Article 147 (2), “except with his or her own consent, no person shall be hindered in the enjoyment of his or her freedom to strike.” If our supreme law says we can strike then this is a right and freedom no one can or must think they can take away from us. Also, the Occupational Safety andHealth Act (1997) Section 56 (1) ‘Refusal to

work’, expressly states, “ A worker may refuseto work or do particular work where he has reasonable justification to believe that : (a) any equipment, machine, device or article the worker is to use or operate presents an imminent and serious danger to the life or health of himself, or another worker; or (b) the physical condition of the workplace or the part thereof in which he works or isto work presents an imminent and serious danger to his life or health.” The above stated articles and section also apply to the Continued on page 5

IT is a curse to some, a blessing to others DEAR EDITOR, I read your News item of March 3, about vandalism and GT&T being affected by it and noted that “telephone and other telecommunication services for thousands of customers including several businesses in and around the central Georgetown area have been repeatedly disrupted over the past weeks as a result of what seems to be organized rampant vandalism”. This reminded me of our experience in London a few years ago. Several telephones in my area suddenly stopped working for days, and everyone affected was puzzled as to why. It turned out that, with the immediate introduction of Broadband nationally, this was mainly through theft, because “traditional wired local area networking systems require copper coaxial cable or twisted pair to be run between or among two or more of the nodes in the network”, and copper was greatly needed. It was not a case of vandalism at all - it was naked greed. The railway system also suffered disruption for the same reason - their cables were dug up, for the copper wire content. This stolen stuff provided a source of income to many people - thieves and accomplices. To some, the field of IT is a blessing; to others it is perhaps a curse. Geralda Dennison

Wednesday April 04, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters... Where your views make the news

It is a case of hypocrisy to talk about proportionality here DEAR EDITOR, The question of proportionality seems to be a burning issue these days and it seems to be the biggest topic on the minds of everyone in this country who is a PPP supporter or sympathetic to the PPP. There are not an overwhelming number of these folks but none the less, the topic comes up every so often. I personally equate proportionality when it is discussed with the PPP dilemma in mind with hypocrisy. I personally find the statements being made by Gail Teixiera and Ralph Ramkarran regarding proportionality to be pure vomit and here are my reasons for this revulsion to when it comes to the PPP complaining about proportionality. First of all the PPP is a minority government so no matter how you slice it or dice it a minority does not translate into a majority… maybe in Freedom House Maths it does but not in straight line accounting. Going by the numbers, the PPP did not win a majority in Government. Thus, how can they possibly expect to continue their domination in parliament when the population voted against that configuration? is the PPP trying to overturn the will of the people? The simple answer is yes,

they did so for 20 years claiming they were elected by the majority so why would that change? When you ask the majority of Guyanese if they want a dictatorship I can guarantee you the answer is no. But the truth is the PPP is a dictatorship no matter how you slice it or dice it the powers granted to the Executive President where he cannot be prosecuted for any crimes he may commits including libel etc is clear as day the laws of a dictatorship not a democracy. Now back to this question of proportionality that the PPP seems obsessed with lately. Here are the questions we have to ask ourselves. Is the wealth that the PPP ruling class acquired over the past 20 years proportional to the normal growth of wealth for public servants in similar positions across the Caribbean and even in Guyana? I think the overwhelming answer would be no. Is the access that the PPP had to NCN, State Radio and Chronicle during the last elections proportional to the access the AFC and APNU had? I think the answer to that question would be a resounding NO. The signs the PPP had plastered all over Guyana and let us compare that to the fact that the PPP was tearing down AFC signs across the

country for the most mediocre of reasons, was that proportional? NO. Was the access to state funds to bribe indigenous areas or regions proportional to what the other parties namely the AFC and APNU had access to? The answer is again a resounding NO. Proportional to all the drugs flowing out of this country have we proportionally arrested any major drug lords in Guyana to equate to the amount of drugs flowing through Guyana? I think you know the answer to that also. The Scrutinizing funds allocated to the PPP and PNC for elections work; was that proportionally allocated to all political parties? The answer is a resounding NO. A policeman in Guyana makes approximately $50,000 per month; a Presidential advisor in some cases with less education than a policeman makes about $700,000 per month. Is that proportional? I don’t think so. Have the assets that the PPP sold off via NICIL proportionally been purchased by folks connected to the PPP and also not connected to the PPP? What is the distribution ratio on the disposal of state assets at super basement crasher low prices? I must say that you know according to Ramotar and Continued on page 23

DEAR EDITOR, About six weeks ago I caused a letter to appear in both the Stabroek News and Kaieteur News, in which I mentioned how concerned the residents of Region Two are, because the Ultrasound Machine although operable cannot be put in use because the Technician is not available. Shortly after, Minister of Health Dr. Bheri Ramsaran, during a call in programme on RCA Channel 8 made some comments which would indicate that he was not happy with the contents of my letter. I was happy because my letter had definitely served the purpose for which it was intended. A few days later, a Medical Images Technician was transferred from Region Three to Region Two and from that time to the time of writing this letter numerous persons have benefited from the uses of that machine. I met this young man who is a Cuban-trained Guyanese. He is very caring and knowledgeable. The same

can be said of some Cubantrained Guyanese Doctors also. The staff of the records office is also efficient, but I was totally surprised when I was told that the Suddie Public Hospital has been without a Resident Surgeon for more than seven months and that a surgeon would only make one unscheduled visit

about every month.. I trust the Honourable Minister would treat this issue with the same degree of urgency that he did with the Ultrasound Machine, by having a surgeon based at the Suddie Public Hospital in Region Two, a region with a population of more than seventy thousand people. Arche W. Cordis

This medical situation in Essequibo needs correcting

That Cane Grove Rice Mill dust issue

DEAR EDITOR, I have observed over the last few days, quite a few articles on the rice mill dust issue. It appears to me that no one has bothered to investigate this matter thoroughly, but rather, it is being used as a political football in a zero sum game between the AFC and the ruling party. In any successful society the welfare of the majority is considered before that of a minority. In this particular issue, it appears that political expediency has elevated the importance of 30 to 40 persons, over that of over three thousand. This business directly supports in excess of five hundred rice farmers and seventy employees. At an average household size, which is larger than that of the urban middle class, of five, the Maths is simple, and so is the solution. Relocate. This situation is made more absurd when you come to the realization that these persons are ILLEGALLY squatting on reserves designed especially because of the dust that necessarily is generated and made airborne in any rice mill. The leeward side of all rice mills is designed as a green space. Travel around the country and observe for yourself, that is, if you cannot Google it. A rice mill without dust is like a beach without sand. However, quite a tangible amount of money was spent, directed by the EPA and the Ministry of Agriculture, to reduce the amount of dust emitted. Drive by and have a look. Fighting for the rights of the minority and downtrodden is a noble act. However, attempting to close a legitimate business that directly benefits over three thousand persons at the behest of ILLEGAL squatters is not an attempt to fight for any right, thus it cannot be just and hence not noble. The

closure of this mill would adversely affect the farmers that depend on this establishment for fertilizers, fuel, operating cash and a reliable outlet to sell their produce to, whose payments are always competitive and timely. And of course, the employees, who are all from Cane Grove, would have no access to gainful employment opportunities close by, if this intention is materialized. Since we, on every side of the divide, trumpet the merits of democracy, it may be prudent to remind us of the Aristotelian quote that “the

will of the majority is supreme”. The question for the Government is, why would you jeopardize the livelihood of hundreds of your supporters when there is the simple and legally sound solution of the relocation of six to 10 families? The questions for AFC are, “Do you want to continue to be a minority party? And, would you ever aspire to govern the whole of Guyana for the benefit of all?” Let us wait and see what the answers are. Sabena Khan

This bauxite company... From page 4 8thNovember, 2010 action by workers who expressed their grievances for having to eat meals that were prepared with expired rations and in a rat and rodent-infested kitchen. The company itself confirmed the workers’ grievances. Workers of Guyana are not hogs who can be feed anything. Even farmers who value their hogs’ worth would not mistreat them. The company also ignores Article46 (2) of the Collective Labour Agreement signed between itself and the GB&GWU, which clearly states, “in the event of a strike, lockout or any form of work stoppage the parties shall meet urgently and expeditiously to bring the situation back to normalcy.” Instead it has been arbitrarily suspending and dismissing workers, and operating above the Collective Labour Agreement, Labour Laws and Guyana Constitution. As BCGI seeks excuses for violating our laws and trampling workers under

the notion that their “activities[are] inimical to [the] employer’s interests” they ignore the employer’s interest cannot be at the expense of the workers’ rights, freedoms, health a n d s a f e t y, t h e C L A , Labour Laws and the Guyana Constitution. The company is advised that Guyana is a nation governed by its own laws, premised on universal declaration and international conventions. The company cannot come here, disobey our laws and trample on the citizens and think there will be silence and complicity in the face of these violations. This is not what true Guyanese are made of. As a people we will not allow our freedoms and rights fought for over hundreds of years, through bitter struggles, blood, sweat and tears to now be taken away. Justice is ours and justice must prevail! Carlton Sinclair, President GB&GWU Kwakwani/ AroaimaBranch

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Kaieteur News

Teen ‘confesses’ to killing uncle A 15-year-old boy who allegedly killed his uncle, Michael Williams, has reportedly admitted to committing the act but claimed that he retaliated after being struck. Kaieteur News understands that the teen, who was captured on Sunday, told police that he chopped Williams after the man pelted him with a bottle. Police sources said that he provided no reason for the altercation. The teen had gone into hiding after allegedly killing the 50-year-old man at Kariako Backdam, North West District last Friday. He was nabbed on Sunday at Kokerite Mission, a community some 40 miles

- claims victim struck him with bottle from the area where the murder occurred. A source said that after killing Williams, the teen fled the area in a stolen canoe and paddled to Kokerite. He reportedly told a villager that he lived at Mainstay, and persuaded the man to take him there by speedboat. But during the trip the villager became suspicious after the teen repeatedly kept hiding near the bow. The lad refused to assist when the vessel became stuck on a sandbank. The boat owner stopped at Kokerite Mission and alerted other villagers. They then tied up the youth and alerted the police.

He was reportedly armed with a cutlass and with a bow and arrows. A source said he also had a leg of smoked wild meat, which he had stolen. According to reports, Michael Williams and a friend were walking in Kariabo Backdam last Friday when Williams stopped to rest. The man’s nephew was seen walking on the trail with a cutlass over his shoulder. According to persons from the area, Williams and his nephew were seen arguing before the teen chopped his uncle, almost beheading him. It is alleged that the teen calmly wiped off his bloodstained cutlass before walking away.

Shot Sophia miner still on life support Twenty-year-old Jerry Jones, who was shot on Sunday night remains in a critical condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. Jones was shot to the neck and robbed of a gold chain at his residence in South Sophia. Jones’s mother, Judith, told Kaieteur News yesterday that her son’s condition has not improved. She said that he is still on life support. The woman stated that to her knowledge the police have not made any arrests. She further told Kaieteur News that she could not say if her son knows his attackers. According to reports, two men visited Jones’s

house and requested to see the injured man’s brother. Jones was outside at the time, and after seeing the huge gold chain that he was wearing, the men shot him in the region of the neck and relieved him of the item of jewellery. The woman recounted that both of her sons worked in the interior. Her son, Jerry, was playing a game on a laptop computer when two men whom she never saw before, called out asking for her other son. She explained to the police at the hospital that she answered the men, telling them that the person they were asking for was not at home. One of the men then

requested a telephone number for the son they were seeking. She informed the men that she would inform her son that two persons were looking for him whenever he contacted the home. “They told me that they had to go into the interior with him, that’s why they wanted to contact him.” She said that Jerry was standing on the verandah while she was talking to the men. Jones explained that after she was finished talking to them, they walked around at the side of the house and saw her son who was wearing a gold chain. “This chain was made with over an ounce of gold, and it had a shape like a buckbeads pattern. They might have seen the chain and decided to rob my son and shoot him. I really want the police to catch these boys,” the mother lamented.

Wednesday April 04, 2012

Budget silent on NIS money impaired in CLICO Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh, on Friday during the budget presentation failed to make mention of the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) and the $6B impaired in the Colonial Life Insurance Company (CLICO) Guyana. Dr Singh reported to the House that in 2011, the task of resolving the domestic chapter of the Caribbean-wide CLICO saga continued. “I am pleased to report that following the granting of a liquidation order by the Court, some 7,744 policyholders were paid a total of $4.1B. He said that the repayment process will continue, and the liquidator intends to garner additional funds through sale of company assets and legal actions with respect to the parent company and other regional subsidiaries. This leaves the cashstrapped NIS, still banking on the State guarantee for the safe and timely return of its investment, even as its expenditure this year threatens to exceed its revenue. The most recent (2010) NIS report was recently laid in the House by Dr Singh. Its findings revealed that the Scheme’s expenditure is dangerously close to exceeding its annual revenue. The report also underscored the institution’s heavy dependence on short term investments. One such investment is the one impaired in CLICO (Guyana). According to the NIS report, in 2010, the total expenditure as it relates to pension was some $9.1B,

while the income was only pegged at $7.8B. Old-age benefit was responsible for some $6.7B of the payout. On the income from short term benefits, it was reported that the Scheme raked in some $2B while expending just over $1B. While the total income for the scheme rose to $11.2B in 2010 up from 10.2B in 2009, the report revealed that total expenditure accounted for some $10.8B as against $9.6B the previous year. The report also revealed that the administrative costs associated with running the scheme is some $1.4B. According to the independent auditor’s report for NIS, prepared by TSD Lal & Co. Chartered Accountants, “the actuaries reported several matters of concern, among which were that annual expenditure is projected to exceed the year’s contribution income beginning in 2014 and reserves are expected to be exhausted in 2022…The actuaries made certain recommendations to ensure the future viability of the Scheme, but so far these have not been fully implemented.” The inde p e n d e n t a u d i t o r s a l s o s a i d t h at investments of $28.8 billion in the statement of financial position include an amount of $5.748 billion for CLICO Life and General Insurance Company Ltd. CLICO Life and General Insurance Company Ltd., was put under judicial management in 2009. “Due to uncertainties regarding the future of CLICO Life and General Insurance Company Ltd and its ability to honour its debts when due, a unanimous Parliamentary Resolution was passed guaranteeing State

support for the recovery of this investment.” An independent expert had said that the nation’s coffers will soon be affected adversely by the investment of NIS in CLICO (Guyana). According to the source, based on the projections of the figures as they relate to expenditure and revenue the latter will soon be less than the required expenditure and the $6B investment in CLICO is impaired and will not be available for use at any time in the near future. The national coffers will be affected, given that at anytime NIS is unable to make its payments, the company by law has to move to the National Assembly seeking monies to be approved from the Consolidated Fund. It was pointed out that in recent years, expenditure and revenue was almost at break even and expenditure was projected to increase. Over the years the revenue collected by NIS has remained stagnant while the expenditure grew, so should the monies not be recovered from CLICO (Guyana) soon, then it would be unavoidable for NIS to not petition for money from the coffers. The Bank of Guyana has been appointed liquidator and is seeking to increase the liability of the failed insurance company by raising more money from activities such as the sale of the company’s assets as well as from taking legal action against BOSAI, CLICO (Bahamas) and Caribbean Resources Limited. The sale of assets at book value should have realized some $2.7B but the budget was also silent on the level of cash acquired from the sale of assets thus far.

Govt. stands firmly... (From page 2) 15,147 infants between six and 24 months benefited from over 1.3 million sachets of sprinkles while 10,154 mothers received 913,860 sachets of sprinkles under the Maternal and Child Nutrition programme. Additionally, services were expanded in the area of Maternal and Child Health with training in supervisory tools at the health centre level while the Health Quality Initiative advanced from 21 to 51 sites, Dr Singh asserted.

Wednesday April 04, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Linden fireman commits suicide UK snooping row casts doubt on Cameron leadership

A 35-year-old fireman died at the Linden Hospital Complex early yesterday morning, hours after he was taken to the institution by colleagues. Jose McKenzie, who was employed by the Linden Fire Service as a leading fireman and acting section leader, was reportedly heard by neighbours groaning on Monday afternoon. He lived in the Constabulary Compound, not far from his place of employment. An informed source claimed, “Somebody called and seh y’all better check pon that guy, he ain’t sounding too good. Like something happen to he.” Mackenzie was reportedly found in a crouching position in a corner of his home, and was crying out. Emergency medical treatment was administered at the hospital and Mackenzie

appeared to be more comfortable, it was reported. “First he was vomiting and so, but all of dat de stop. That guy didn’t look as if he would die. I really surprised when I hear he died,” a friend claimed. There are reports that earlier on Monday, McKenzie had asked a friend to buy gramoxone for him, but after the friend refused, he borrowed his bicycle and went out to make the purchase himself. It was however claimed that nobody actually saw Mackenzie with the gramozone, but there are suspicions that he might have bought the stuff and drank it Informed sources claimed that the man may have committed suicide because he owed his estranged wife a significant amount of child support, which he could not pay. “I think he kill heself

because he was actually due to pay his child support and couldn’t make it. And on top of that, people close to him saying that he recently secured a bank loan, and give it to another woman. Wasn’t too long after that the wife asked for the support, because one of the children de sick. “I think he freak out realizing how he just squander money and ain’t had any to take care of the child,” claimed one woman who knew McKenzie. Persons close to McKenzie said that he however did not seem in any way depressed and had actually participated in the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ on Sunday at the Wisroc bus park, and had scored the lone goal for the ‘Constab Warriors’, who were defeated by ‘The Amazing’.

Desi Bouterse

s u s p e c t s g u i l t y, t h e y should not be allowed to avoid their punishment.” Rosenthal said he would express his concerns to Surinamese diplomats in The Hague. Bouterse was convicted in absentia of drug trafficking in the Netherlands in 1999, but avoided the 11-year sentence because Suriname does not have an extradition treaty with its former colonial ruler.

Dutch urge Suriname not to grant President amnesty

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — The Netherlands is pressing former colony Suriname not to grant President Desi Bouterse and others immunity from prosecution for crimes committed under his military dictatorship in the 1980s. Lawmakers in Suriname were set to debate a proposed amnesty law yesterday that would shield Bouterse and 24 associates from prosecution for alleged crimes — including abducting and killing political opponents — carried out in the 1980s. Bouterse seized power in a 1980 coup. Under international pressure, he allowed the return of civilian rule in 1987 only to launch a second coup in 1990. He stepped down as military chief in 1992, but has remained a powerful force in the nation of 500,000 with lawmakers electing him president in 2010. Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal said in a statement yesterday that Suriname is obliged by international treaties to “investigate human rights violations and prosecute the perpetrators.” Amnesty International also recently urged Suriname’s parliament to reject the bill that would absolve Bouterse for the so-called December killings. The group said the legal proceedings against the president and his associates, which began in November 2007 and have been repeatedly delayed, should be allowed to run

their course. Rosenthal said Surinamese victims “have the right to see the trial proceed. If a court finds the

LONDON (Reuters) Plans to boost digital surveillance powers have pushed Britain’s government into a row it can ill afford, after a week of gaffes that have raised questions over Prime Minister David Cameron’s leadership. The plan involves monitoring all phone calls, texts, emails and online activities to help tackle crime and militant attacks, a move condemned even by some within Cameron’s Conservative Party and labeled by critics as a “snooper’s charter”. The opposition Labour Party has made political capital out of the furor sparked by the proposals, after a week of embarrassment over mixed messages on a hot food tax and how to handle a fuel strike. “I say to the prime minister: he has got to get a grip on this government. He has got to get a grip on the way his government operates and the way that policy is made,” Labour leader Ed

David Cameron Miliband said on Tuesday. More damaging for Cameron is criticism from members of his own party and from the Liberal Democrats, the junior partner in Britain’s coalition administration. The government says it is introducing the measures for the security services to be able to keep up with new communication technologies, and insists the plan will not give it powers to access the contents of phone calls and emails without a warrant.

C u r r e n t l y, British agencies can monitor calls and emails of specific individuals who may be under investigation, after obtaining ministerial approval. The new powers are expected to extend that remit to all Britons. “It is vital that the police and security services are able to obtain communications data in certain circumstances to investigate serious crime and terrorism and to protect the public,” the Home Office, or interior ministry, said. Several controversies have hit the government in recent weeks, one of them over last month’s annual budget, in which a gradual phasing out of a type of tax relief for pensioners was portrayed as a “granny tax” to help pay for tax cuts for high earners. Cameron and finance minister George Osborne, also a Conservative, have struggled to shake off an image of privileged upper class politicians out of touch with ordinary Britons.

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday April 04, 2012

Small and medium businesses to benefit from investment fund Small and medium scale business operators engaging in similar ventures within the same area who are prepared to work collectively could benefit from financing from Government. Within months, the administration will be launching a Small Business Development Fund creating and building incentives for the small and medium scale businesses. This assertion was expressed by acting Minister of Tourism, Industry, Trade and Commerce, Irfaan Ali, at the recent launching of GuyExpo 2012 at the International Conference Centre. He noted that before the actual commencement of GuyExpo on September 27, government would launch the programme. Addressing the

gathering, which comprised members of the public and private sector, the Minister emphasised that Government wants this fund, though small, to function in such a way that economies of scales could be achieved and operators could benefit from the size of market. He noted that the investment fund would operate somewhat like the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security’s Women of Worth (WOW) programme. Citing an example, he explained “If we look at Kwakwani as an area that we are going to develop a poultry industry and we have resources through this Fund to finance and to help 10 small farmers each doing 1,000 chickens… you are talking about 10,000 chickens, we

would bring them together as a small group so whilst they are small they can compete at another level.” Ali pointed out that this fund could also be used to help communities develop their tourism product, for instance, new eco-lodges could be built and existing ones strengthened. He stressed that the 2012 Budget shows the great potential the tourism sector has in Guyana as a strong emerging sector. “To this end, GuyExpo would have a Tourism Village that would seek not only to present our traditional forms of the tourism product but would bring an entire village approach to how we market

this product,” Ali said. He noted that Government decided to launch GuyExpo this early to market Guyana regionally and internationally - opining that it allows enough time to target those markets, invite investors and tourist operators operating outside of Guyana to interact, share and access information with locals that would help to expand and develop Guyana’s tourism sector. “We are already in talks with Trinidad Yachter’s Association to have a ‘Sail Guyana Week’ where we hope to attract 60 yachts here in Guyana. We have started some discussions with THAG to have a ‘Drive

Guyana’ trail,” Ali said. He stressed that many small and medium scale businesses would benefit from these macro initiatives. According to Ali, at this year’s event, government is looking to have investment fora targeting small, medium and large-sized businesses. It is hoped that these fora would create linkages, locally and regionally. In addition, a special banking seminar would be hosted, benefiting small business operators. The seminar would allow the exchange of information on accessing loans from banks. He said, “We want to bring everyone in a room and discuss and share information

on how to access loans and development business proposals, and how we can build a more banking friendly environment for the small and medium size businesses. There will also be a segment for youths to be exposed to various relevant skills for tomorrow’s development.” He emphasised that GuyExpo is the ultimate showcase of Guyana’s future in terms of the business community and the country’s investment opportunities, while he also boasted that owing to good management of the event and active participation of the private sector, GuyExpo is now self sufficient.

Health Inspectors commence crackdown on illegal operations

City Hall launched its inspectors around the city yesterday to verify if salons, restaurants, barber shops and common lodging houses were in compliance with basic public health and sanitation rules and regulations as prescribed by the Municipal Act Chapter 28:01. According to acting Public Relations Officer, Debra Lewis, several establishments in the city have not been complying with basic public health standards. Adding that Public Health Inspectors are on the alert, Lewis noted that persons who are desirous of engaging in salons, restaurants, barber shops and common lodging houses are to register with the Public Health Department of the Municipality situated at South Road, Georgetown. Assisting with enforcement by members of the City Constabulary, the Environmental Health Officers are warning errant establishments that they will

- barbers, restaurants and salons on radar

A section of the pavement that is used for barbering, in the vicinity of the Route 40 minibus park. be prosecuted and fined if they do not comply with registration of their businesses or comply with the registration. According to City Hall, the Health Department is engaged in a yearly exercise to also conduct inspection activities of hotels around the city. It was noted that there

are some facilities that are on par with international standards, while there are some barely on the borderline. It was explained that the purpose of this annual engagement is to ensure that these facilities are registered and certified once they reach the minimum public health

requirements as outlined by the Municipality. City Hall has advised that owners of hotels, guesthouses and apartment buildings around the city should cooperate with the Municipality by paying their registration fees once they have been given approval to operate. The municipality’s Chief Environmental Health Officer, Kenneth Stephens revealed that at least 12 barbers around the Stabroek Market area were shut down yesterday. The Chief Environmental Health Officer said that while no one was charged, the operation was aimed at sending a message while at the same time removing some of the structures. According to barbers who operate in the Stabroek area, City Hall should pay keener attention to the drainage and irrigation, since wherever they operate would always be cleaned. “I don’t know what they want us to do, the Health Inspectors should help us with a place to cut hair instead of putting us out of work…they want us to turn to crime?” one barber questioned. (Rabindra Rooplall)

Wednesday April 04, 2012

Kaieteur News


Sometimes the most important things in the news go unnoticed. Over the past few days, there have been two reports in the news that have hardly elicited comment - and in Guyana the slightest thing can cause a storm in a teacup. Yet, these two reports which appeared in the Kaieteur News may be the most positive developments in the country since Uncle Donald took office last November. The first report quotes Guyana’s Ambassador to China, David Dabydeen, as saying that the President of Guyana is fully committed to transparency and openness. He also observed that the President was not opposed to

documents being released to interested and affected stakeholders to facilitate greater scrutiny. These are sound bites for sore ears. But it gets better. In another report published yesterday in the same Kaieteur News, the President himself is quoted as saying that if what the newspaper is reporting about the rented generators at the GPL is true, then this is something to be concerned about. It has taken some time in coming, but now we are seeing the Uncle Donald that everyone knows about and expects. Now we are seeing him stepping out and saying the things that people have come to associate with him.

One of those things referred to by the Guyanese Ambassador to China is that secrecy breeds suspicion. It sure does. There have been a great many secret deals signed under the Bharrat Jagdeo administration and there was an unwillingness of that administration to level with the public about some controversial deals. Uncle Donald no doubt believes that some of these deals are good for Guyana, but as he has also shown recently, he is prepared to throw away those deals that he sees as rotten and intervene in those that are not living up to expectations. Earlier this year, the government took the bold

City Hall laptop episode…

Mayor calls for probe of Finance Chair’s transactions Cash-strapped City Hall is now investigating all transactions conducted by acting Chairman of the Georgetown Municipality’s Finance Committee, Junior Garrett, since he approved the purchase of a laptop from “a non-existent company”. Mayor Hamilton Green made this decision, yesterday, following the disclosure that Garrett approved the purchase of a Dell Latitude D800, laptop computer - to the tune of $120,000 - from a nonexistent company, in February. Meanwhile, Garrett is lashing back claiming that he cannot inspect every detail on a payment voucher that staff presents to him for his signature. He stressed that for similar reasons, he recommended in City Hall’s budget 2012 that a Procurement Commission be established. “This incident is only a drop in the ocean. There are many discrepancies that require immediate intervention by the Auditor General. However, the Mayor is dragging his feet on these matters,” Garrett asserted. In February, Garrett’s lone signature appeared on the payment voucher approving the purchase of the computer for the City Treasurer’s Department from a fictitious company. The computer was rented from an individual by City Hall to prepare its budget document and now that that project is over, the computer was purchased. Apparently, officials called the number listed as the company’s on the payment voucher, and discovered it was a private residence. The processing of the payment for the computer was halted. According to Mayor Green, the revelation of this transaction has raised

decision - bold because it exposes the administration to lawsuits - to cancel the contract for the construction of the Amaila Falls Access Road which was granted to ‘Fip’ Motilall. It is hard to recall any time in the past, where a major contract was recalled because of non-performance. There have been many underperforming contractors in the history of this country, going way back to independence, but one can hardly recall a major contract being pulled. Uncle Donald, however, had had enough of the slippages on the Amaila Falls Access Road contract and decided that the arrangement, like a bad marriage, had to end. Uncle Donald ended that arrangement, much unlike what happened in the past, when extensions were granted for works which should have been completed. Another sign that Uncle Donald may be moving slowly but surely in the right direction, was the briefing

held for the Opposition parties on the hydropower contract. This was a political masterstroke on the part of the President. Given the hard time that the Opposition was giving him in Parliament, Uncle Donald could have simply buried them with paperwork or refused to answer their questions. One Opposition leader himself conceded that the government was not obligated to answer questions put to them in parliament. The President, however, opted to hold a confidential briefing, and the Opposition parties were quite pleased by what they heard, so much so that the hydropower deal seems to have fallen off the radar of their criticisms. Uncle Donald has therefore been doing his thing without a great deal of fuss, and those who know him will appreciate that this is the man’s style. He is not a fussy person; he does not crave attention. He is a simple, decent man.

Page 9

It would have been lovely, though, if instead of hearing certain things through his Ambassador to China, if those things could have been announced up front by the President. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and it is therefore left to be seen what Uncle Donald is going to do about those hefty rentals being paid by GPL. He certainly should ask for an explanation and then act after being advised about the matter. He is going to receive a great deal of support in Guyana if he does the right thing, and those who know him will testify that he is a man who likes to do the right thing, even if it means upsetting some of the former political bigwigs who may be sitting a little uneasy now that Uncle Donald has signaled his intentions.

Dem boys seh

Uncle Donald turn back de Rat decision

Acting Chairman of Finance Committee, Junior Garrett

City Mayor Hamilton Green

concerns that similar businesses could have been done within the past months and therefore the Town Clerk, Yonette Pluck, needs to conduct a thorough investigation into all transactions in which Garrett was involved. Green related that Pluck would have to launch an investigation into the apparent breaches in the procedures to acquire the computer, and to ascertain if other staffers are involved in this transaction. Depending on the findings of the investigation, the Auditor General could be called in. Green added that the citizens of Georgetown should not be robbed of taxes that should be used to beautify Georgetown. He emphasised that it is surprising that a Councillor, particularly Garrett, “who always seems punctilious” would possibly be involved in such a misdeed. The Mayor stressed that it is questionable why Garrett would sign a payment voucher without checking the validity of the company. Garrett in his defence claimed that City Hall’s Information Technology Officer presented documents

for the purchase of the computer. The Councillor noted that he signed the payment voucher along with several other documents, and as such, time did not permit him to call the company to verify its existence. He noted that in the past, the same Information Technology Officer recommended that Council purchase software for about $14M when similar software could have been obtained free of cost. Garrett asserted that this and a booklet of financial discrepancies were brought to the Mayor’s attention, but to date nothing has been done. He stressed that it is beyond him, why the Mayor would have vital information about the misappropriation of funds and refuse to take action. He noted that if the Mayor was serious about stamping out corruption from City Hall he would have already confronted the officers and even engaged the Auditor General for assistance. “For instance, some staff are receiving daily incentives at a time, when the Council is cash-strapped, to carry out basic daily functions,” Garrett claimed.

Some things does surprise people. People got a birthday and dem does get a surprise. A man get jail and he does surprise because he don’t expect that. Uncle Donald wake up de other day 10 o’clock in de morning and tell he staff fuh mek sure that dem government people give back de ads to de Big Market and de Waterfalls paper. Uncle Donald decide that de Rat do an injustice. De Rat commit an immoral act. He tek way de ads from dem two paper thinking that he woulda shut dem mouth. He think he woulda put dem out of business and that he newspaper alone—de Hard Times paper wha nobody don’t read— woulda tek over de market. But little do he know that dem boys can still carry all de government ads free. That is de scampishness and greed in de man. He aim was fuh tek over de whole country and got everybody wukking under he. Is de same bad mind and scampishness wha de Rat got mek de whole country suffering. He mek Antigua and all suffering. He and de Chinee give Guyana a truck up sugar factory because dem full dem pocket. Two years gone and de factory never wuk. Now Antigua got to go somewhere else fuh buy sugar. All dem years Guyana use to sell dem.

Guyana and all might got to buy sugar, salt and pepper just now from de Santa Complex that de Rat own. Dem boys decide to live without anything coming from or out de Santa complex that dem thief. Dem prefer go to dem grave, hungry. Dem got decency, honesty and pride. Guyana got one Chinee man who born right here. He nah come from China. He nah got no scampishness in he. He got pride. But some people a cuss he. In fact, all dem race ah cuss he except dem Chinee

wha come from China. At least he ain’t hear dem yet. When he rule that it was illegal fuh de Yankees to extradite Barry Dataram, dem people cuss, including de Yankee boys. When he give bail fuh murder, Rohee, Henry de Yellow and plenty people cuss he. Now he rule in favour of de same Henry de Yellow who cuss he up and people ah cuss he more bad. But one thing, all dem decision wha he get cuss for now tun de law in Guyana. Talk half and think about de other half.

Page 10

Kaieteur News

Wednesday April 04, 2012


The historic side of midnight President Donald Ramotar was the identical version of Bharrat Jagdeo when he addressed PPP supporters on the occasion of the 2012 death anniversary of Cheddi Jagan. Even the most mentally challenged person could have easily predicted that a stuck record would have been played – the PNC Government was a dictatorship that denied freedom to the Guyanese people and the PPP Government has liberated

Guyana. I went back to research the annual speeches of Mr. Jagdeo on these occasions and without exception, the stuck record was played – it was the PPP good guy versus the bad guy when the PNC was in Government. The trouble with the PPP is that the stuck record can no longer be played. Science has damaged it. It is like a car with four flat tyres (one of the biggest supporters of the PPP Government, a small businessman, has imported a

three-wheel car; sales are slack). There is nothing science can do to make it go if the tyres are not inflated. The stuck record cannot be played on the phonograph because it is stuck. So it failed to deliver a majority percentage at the November 28, 2011 general elections, marking an historic moment for Guyana. But this will not deter President Ramotar. Come next March, as the troops are marshaled for another eulogy of Cheddi Jagan, we will hear how bad the PNC Government treated the Guyanese people. And the teenagers who would have been cajoled to attend would turn to their mothers and say, “Mommy, who is Forbes Burnham?” She, of course, somewhat embarrassed at the stupidity of her leaders, would turn and say, “Hush, child!” We talk so much about the historic moment when the PPP failed to get a parliamentary

majority, but we seem not to discuss how the stuck record was defeated and what brought about history at midnight in Guyana on November 28, 2011. The stuck record failed, not because the younger generation didn’t know what the PPP leaders were talking about when they refer to Forbes Burnham, and his Government. The PPP lost in 2011 because the Guyanese people knew that they were as undemocratic as the very past rulers they so berated Nothing could have been done to get the stuck record to play during the election last year. Hundreds of millions were poured into the campaign by the PPP from the Treasury (which belongs to the nation not Freedom House) but the gorgons still lost. We as a nation are yet to contemplate the crushing devastation the PPP received in the national elections, given the prodigious sums that went into Mr. Ramotar’s presidential ambitions. And who said so? No, not the AFC or Mark Benschop or Malcolm Harripaul or Congress Place, but the prestigious OAS Observers and the EAB. I guess at the

bottom-house meetings, the faithful will be told that the OAS is a spy for Granger and that the AFC controls the EAB. I remember a cartoon in Newsweek that Nigel Westmaas showed me a long time ago after the Sandinistas lost the general election in Nicaragua. Fidel Castro is speaking to the losing Daniel Ortega and he says to him. “You lost a what?” When the results came in, De Donald must have told the famous MBA man (the PPP’s campaign manager) those identical words. It could not have been possible to lose such an election; not with three television stations, two newspapers, the country’s only radio station and billions of state dollars on your side. But the PPP lost, and in a way would have been further crushed if the billions weren’t used. Of course the Chronicle and the Beacon of Truth (the Guyana Times that Glenn Lall insists is owned by De Rat) didn’t chip in. Sorry! They did chip in; only thing is no one reads them. The historic moment came on November 28 last year,

Frederick Kissoon because the Guyanese people tore away the veil of innocence from the visage of the PPP and saw Frankenstein. How utterly asinine some leaders are. How could anyone be so comical to think that they could have collected the two seats in Region Ten when Region Ten people are denied modern television coverage? Check this out. It has never been mentioned by anyone before. I think the PPP lost also because viewers got a shock when they saw a vibrant, loud-mouthed Roger Luncheon on the platform in the Kitty rally. He was louder than all the other PPP speakers. It is possible people said how come Luncheon was so boisterous when all these years he appeared so sick. Maybe he was fooling us all this time?

Wednesday April 04, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 11

NBS earns $180M from Berbice Bridge in 2011 - disburses record-breaking $4.2B in mortgages, earns $772M profit - moving to increase mortgage ceiling to $15M

CEO Ahmad Khan

NBS Chairman Dr. Nanda Gopaul

By Leonard Gildarie At the end of 2011, mortgage lender New Building Society (NBS) had recovered $584M, representing almost one-third of its total investments in the Berbice River Bridge. The society, weeks before it commissions its spanking multi-million-dollar new headquarters on Avenue of the Republic, also last year saw its highest profit of $772M - a whopping 34% more than the previous year. It also disbursed mortgage advances totaling $4.2B, another record - 43% higher than the previous year. “Our investment in the Berbice Bridge continued to yield the highest returns amongst out investments portfolio. At the end of the year, we have earned and received interest totaling approximately $179M. Our total earnings’ to date is approximately $584M or 32% of our total investment in this

venture,” the Society revealed in its 2011 Annual Report. NBS has reportedly invested over $1.8B (US$9M) in the Berbice Bridge which was commissioned in January 2009, purchasing the shares of fallen insurance giant, CLICO. The Society’s outgoing Chairman and now the Minister of Labour, Dr. Nanda Gopaul, who is due to step down after the April 28th Annual General Meeting (AGM), in his report, said that 78% of NBS’s liquid cash is invested in Treasury Bills, earning 2% interest annually. According to Gopaul, the $772M profit was achieved despite NBS reducing its mortgage rates for lower, middle and higher income mortgagors. Total mortgages increased by 9% and were $23.5B at the end of 2011. “With respect to those persons who are in arrears,

they are generally mortgagors who genuinely fall on bad times or those who are bad managers of their affairs or those who have no intention of paying. Fortunately, the percentage for the last category is very small, where the overwhelming majority of borrowers view their repayment obligations very seriously,” the outgoing Chairman said in his final report. At the end of 2011, NBS’s savings balance was $38.474M or 85% of total assets and had grown by 8% over the previous year. However, Gopaul warned that prices of imported building materials have affected mortgages. “The prices for imported building materials have increased to the extent that it will cost substantially higher to build a home than say two years ago. To meet these challenges our membership approved an increase in our ceiling for any one security last year from $12M to $15M. This, however, will have to be assented to by the Minister of Finance before it becomes operable. We are working towards making this a reality, so that our financial resources can be more beneficially utilised to the advantage of our members and customers.” NBS, which has been in existence over the 72 years, saw its Loans Portfolio

Mocha Access Road rehab attracts $564M bid

The Mocha Access Road, East Bank Demerara, is set to be rehabilitated under the Ministry of Housing and Water - Central Housing and Planning Authority, after the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) yesterday opened nine bids – one for $564M. Last year, residents protested the deplorable conditions of the road and even erected a makeshift blockade on one stretch of the roadway to prevent traffic from entering or leaving the village, in an effort to gain an audience with Minister of Public Works and Communications, Robeson Benn. The residents had blamed truck drivers with over laden vehicles - delivering construction material to various housing schemes - for the thoroughfare’s rapid deterioration. With an engineer’s estimate of $399,999,353 the bids that were submitted are as follows:

Meanwhile, a solitary bid was submitted for the auditing of the Ministry of Health/U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Cooperative Agreements. The bid:

And one bid was submitted for the procurement of accessories for lab equipment for the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS).

NBS, which is set to commission its new headquarters later this month, says it issued a record-breaking $4.2B in mortgages last year. accounting for 51% of its Total Assets, says Ahmad Khan, NBS Chief Executive Officer/Secretary. The society’s liquid assets at the end of 2011 were $17.6B as against $16B at the end of the previous year,

representing an increase of 10%. “The society’s astounding performance of 2011 and the past years have been tremendously due to the skills and talents of our employees who have worked

tirelessly to upkeep our tradition of being the premier mortgage institution and providing a safe and secure environment for our customers and members,” Khan noted in the annual report.

Family wants probe into prison inmate’s death

- accused spent 19 days in lockups with gunshot wound Relatives of Steve Weever are blaming police ranks for causing his death. The police reportedly kept him in the Brickdam Police Station lockups for over two weeks with a gunshot injury. His family is now calling for a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death. Weever, of Grove Squatting Area, East Bank Demerara, was shot in the thigh on January 28 last, after a Waterloo Street businessman allegedly caught him and another man, identified as 41-year-old Carlos Grant, attempting to steal items from the man’s premises. Grant, of Charlotte Street, Georgetown, was also shot in the thigh. He was jailed for 18 months for simple larceny after admitting to stealing from the businessman’s premises. The businessman alleged that he was forced to open fire after the intruders attacked him with cutlasses. Weever was admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where he remained for a week. During an interview while at the hospital, Weever had told Kaieteur News that his name was Steve Anthony and he had also denied being a thief. He had claimed that he had been “creasing” (looking) at his alleged accomplice, since he suspected that the man was up to no good. The shot man also claimed that he had trailed Carlos Grant into the businessman’s yard but was himself held at gunpoint by the owner whom he “was trying to help.” Police confirmed that Weever was subsequently discharged and kept in the Brickdam Police Station lock-ups for 19 days. A source close to the investigation said that the prisoner was kept there while the

Steve Weever

police attempted to get a medical report from the GPHC. Relatives believe that the wound became infected while Weever was in the Brickdam lock-ups. The suspect was subsequently charged and remanded while he was still being treated for the gunshot injury. A senior prison official told Kaieteur News that Weever was kept in the infirmary. Weever’s sister, Fay Chase, said that during her many visits to the hospital she suspected that her brother’s wound was not healing. Chase told Kaieteur News that when family members turned up on Monday to witness her brother’s post mortem, the pathologist refused to examine the body because the family did not have her brother’s medical records. They were eventually able to locate Weever’s medical records and a post mortem is expected to be performed today.

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By Kristen Macklingam After six years, Suriname Airways has returned to Guyana and is now offering non-stop flights to Miami. The inaugural flight arrived yesterday at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) at 10:00 hrs. On board were Surinamese President and Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Chairperson, Desi Bouterse and a delegation who were welcomed by Guyana’s President, Donald Ramotar, and his delegation. President Ramotar, moments after the plane touched down on Guyanese soil, stated that history was once more created with the Suriname Airways Flight 737’s arrival at CJIA after many years of absence. He pointed out that the relationship between Guyana and Suriname continues to grow stronger, while referring to the recent opening of Surinamese insurance company, Assuria, in Guyana. “Only four days ago I was at a ceremony involving both countries, Suriname’s insurance company in Guyana, the Assuria. This shows that Guyana and Suriname are taking very seriously our commitment towards integration - our

Kaieteur News

Wednesday April 04, 2012

- offers direct flights to Miami countries, economies and integration with CARICOM as a whole. This step of Suriname Airways flying to Guyana and going on to Miami is very important to all of us,” said President Ramotar. The Head-of-State emphasised the importance of such bilateral agreements, which would help Guyana to further develop as a country and as a CARICOM member. He said that such an event offers another possibility of developing the tourist industry in Guyana, which Suriname has already been successful in doing. “Because of our geographical positions, where we are, being Caribbean countries and South American countries, this is another very practical and material step toward having even broader integration of the South… We need more flights directly to our country to encourage the development of tourism, because we have a very good tourist product that we can develop,” said President Ramotar. He added that with Suriname Airways coming directly to Guyana it offers the country “an easier and faster

way” of travelling to Europe, while attracting more European tourists to Guyana. President Bouterse, in his address to the media, shared President Ramotar’s sentiments. “This auspicious moment is of special significance because it is another manifestation of the growing friendship and cooperation between Guyana and Suriname. Our countries have pledged to improve the connectivity in South America by air, land and water to facilitate the people by people contact as well as movement of goods. “Our two countries have made great progress in the field of land connectivity, for example, through implementation of the ferry at South Drain (Suriname) and Springlands (Guyana) and we are currently in the process of weighing our options for the construction of a bridge over the Corentyne River,” said the Suriname President. Meanwhile, Guyana’s Minister of Public Works, Transport and Hydraulics, Robeson Benn, at the launching ceremony stated that open skies and competitive prices are necessary to maintain the air

Suriname Airways Flight 737 touching down at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, yesterday bridge to North America and develop the Southern air linkages within the Caribbean. He also pointed out that almost G$1B has already been spent on developing and modernising the tower and air navigation systems at the CJIA, as the country continues to make large investments in developing airport infrastructure. Presently there is a proposal to build a new airport terminal building which will extend the size of the building from its present 9,000 sq. metres to 14,000 sq. metres and an extension of the runway from 7,500 feet to 10,500 feet. It was noted that the recent developments at the Ogle International Airport have ensured that the said airport has become a regional hub for international flights. “There is an allocation in

national budget this year of over 4.5 billion dollars towards these expansion works, which would see us being able to continue to facilitate the development in the air transport sector in Guyana and to facilitate the airlines from other countries coming to our country,” said Benn. He stressed the need for both Guyana and Suriname to ensure travelling is “safe, efficient and cheap enough” so that there can be sustainable operations which will resound to the benefit of both countries. Such developments are necessary to guarantee the development of economic synergies which will see improvements in both Suriname and Guyana’s bilateral relations as well as the economic development of the nations, he said. According to Suriname’s

Minister of Transport, Industry and Communications, Falisie Pinas, his country and Guyana have a long history of trade cooperation, and this has great spin-off benefits. “There is sufficient trade between our nations and at this moment visitors from Guyana are the second largest group that is visiting Suriname. In 2012 we had 30,000 Guyanese visitors and in 2011 we had 33,000. With this new route we hope to open doors to more visitors and trade between our two countries and countries across the world. Regional integration and tourism development are two important quality goals of Suriname and transportation can contribute very well in keeping these goals.” Also present at the ceremony was Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce (ag), Irfaan Ali. Shortly after the launching ceremony, the flight took off for Miami with a number of Caribbean media operatives on board, along with scheduled passengers.

Wednesday April 04, 2012

Kaieteur News

GuySuCo’s failures force Antigua to import sugar from elsewhere Antigua and Barbuda has been given a 20-month waiver to import brown sugar outside of its main supplier, Guyana, in a move aimed at ending the current shortage. This means that the commodity would not attract the Common External Tariff (CET) that is normally applied on such items imported from outside the region, a report from the Antigua Observer newspaper said yesterday. At the just-concluded 34th Meeting of the Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED) in Guyana, Antigua and Barbuda was given the green light to import 1500 metric tons of the commodity starting this month and ending December 2013. The report said that the sugar shortage was caused by extensive rains in Guyana in January, followed by industrial action the following month. Guyana, which supported Antigua and Barbuda’s waiver request, said that the state-owned Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc (GuySuCo) was forced to review its production and supply outlook for the remainder of 2012 as a result of the rains and strikes. Based on GuySuCo’s projections, Guyana would only be able to guarantee its quota to Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname for which it has

three-year contracts. A number of other OECS member states were granted waivers in different quantities after they made representation in the wake of a request by Minister of State within the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Senator Joanne Massiah, who asked that the issue of “supply of brown sugar” be placed on the agenda of the COTED meeting. “We are happy that Guyana was responsive to our request for an update on the industry,” Trade Co-ordinator Ambassador, Dr. Clarence Henry said. “That is how the rules related to requests for the grant of waivers/suspensions were meant to work. When regional producers are unable to supply a commodity, they should say so rather than adopt stalling tactics. I compliment GuySuCo for being transparent and immediately agreeing to our request for the suspension of

the CET, which means that the way is clear for us to import brown sugar from extra-Caricom sources to satisfy our demands,” Dr Henry added. He, along with Research Officer within the Division of Industry and Commerce, JoyMarie King, accompanied Senator Massiah to the COTED meeting. According to reports, the sugar shortage that was reported around two weeks ago resulted in rationing by some supermarkets. Guyana, on Tuesday, announced a major overhaul plan to bring the US$200M Skeldon factory into full operation by next year. Despite being handed over to government two years ago, the factory has failed to make production targets. GuySuCo has been targeting the CARICOM States as a crucial market for its packaged sugar, a premium product.

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Nigerian national Sulaiman Delodin was yet again remanded to jail on cocaine possession charges. This time Customs AntiNarcotics Unit (CANU) ranks said that Delodin reportedly had 21.748 kg of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking at Number 78 Village, Corentyne, Berbice. The man was reportedly caught on Monday, last (April 2). CANU prosecutor Donald Downer requested of Magistrate Hazel Hamilton that the accused be remanded to jail and that the matter be transferred to the Springlands Magistrate’s Court. But Downer was informed by the court that the matter was only being dated to be brought before Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry. Delodin is however no stranger to drug ranks. On Mashramani Day last year, he and two others were remanded to jail after it was alleged that they had 430 grams of cocaine in their possession. This matter was heard by

Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry. On Monday the Nigerian stood unrepresented and again pleaded not guilty to drug charges. When asked whether he would like bail, he wished it be granted. But after being informed that the legislation only permitted bail based on special reasons as it related to the charge, Delodin said he had no special reason, only that he was detained and not permitted to contact a lawyer, so he could only plead not guilty. This publication had earlier reported that on April 2, CANU ranks said that after receiving certain information they intercepted a “backtrack” boat operating between Guyana and Suriname and found 22 kilos of cocaine in a suitcase. CANU’s Head, James Singh, yesterday however corrected the assertion saying that at no time was the operation conducted on the waterways. Had this taken place the bust would have

Sulaiman Delodin fallen under the jurisdiction of the Surinamese. For the alleged matter on Mash Day, Delodin was reportedly placed on $400,000 bail which had been granted by the High Court. Ever since, the man had been out on pre-trial liberty. He will however remain a guest of the state until May 17 when he will again appear at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court before the Chief Magistrate.

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Wednesday April 04, 2012

Wednesday April 04, 2012

Kaieteur News

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'Value for money' expected as $$B allocated to improving education In recognition of the fact that education is a prerequisite to the successful development of a nation, Government in this year's Budget has allowed for the allocation of $26.5 billion to be directed to the education sector. This represents just about a $2.5 billion increase when compared to last year's allotment. As part of the 2012 allocation, a sum of $3.3 billion has been assigned to ensuring that public education institutions are conducive to learning. This, according to Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh, will see the national budget catering to the continued construction, extension, rehabiliation and maintenance of schools and other educational facilities countrywide. He revealed that the allocation will see the construction of a Nursery School at Turkeyen, the extension of the ParikaSalem Secondary School a n d t h e Wa r a m a d o n g

Dormitory and teaching block. In addition, works on the La Bonne Intention, St Pius and Diamond Primary Schools, Leonora Secondary School and dormitories at Charity and Sand Creek Secondary Schools, along with science and information technology laboratories, are expected to be completed. An additional $1 billion has been allocated to the continued implementation of the National and Hinterland School Feeding programmes, while the School Uniform programme will continue - a dual initiative which is aimed at ensuring that every child is equipped with the basic necessities for school, Dr Singh added. The plans for the sector will also see special emphasis being directed to those who are differentlyable, with a view of empowering them to achieve personal fulfilment, thus enabling them to make a

productive contribution to society, Dr Singh said. “We have budgeted for the construction of an annexe at the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre which caters for 60 differently-able students and will be equipped with the essential sanitary facilities, furnishing, and a computer room.” Further, the training facility will be rehabilitated, so as to provide technical and vocational training to the students at the centre, he added. The Minister also alluded to the continuance of

programmes aimed at making significant progress towards universal education, pointing out that 36 schools countrywide are being targeted for a pilot programme which will address key dimensions of education delivery. This, Dr Singh said, will include working closely with teachers and allocating adequate resources in an effort to improve performances in both Mathematics and English at this year's Caribbean Secondary Certificate Education (CSEC) examinations.

According to Minister of Education Priya Manickchand, having pumped just about $24 billion - apart from teachers' salaries - into the education sector on an annual basis, the government is determined to reap value for money at this year's CSEC examination. She revealed that based on a review of current capital type investment it has been deduced that “we are not seeing the corresponding rise in grades in the two particular subject areas of Maths and English”. “This is one of the biggest Ministries, in terms

of the resources that are plugged into the Ministry, but the result has not been proportionate to the investments made. The problem with that is very simple, if our children can't matriculate with Maths and English then it means there are going to be a lot of doors that are closed to them - in the job area and the further education area - and we need to make sure that that changes,” Manickchand stressed. It was against this background that she saw it necessary to introduce an (Continued on page 21)

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Wednesday April 04, 2012

Wednesday April 04, 2012

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E'bo Technical Institute receives STARR donation

STARR Computers sales representative Shunella Taylor presents the equipment to ETI Principal Michael Turner in the presence of company staffers Nakesia Bostwick and Raydon Samaroo. In keeping with its promise to tangibly assist technical entities in Guyana, S TA R R C o m p u t e r s yesterday donated a quantity of equipment to the E s s e q u i b o Te c h n i c a l Institute (ETI). Central processing units, surge

protectors, keyboards, data switches and speakers were among the items. ETI's Principal Michael Turner accepted the donation on that entity's behalf, and opined that it “would enhance students' practical learning capabilities�.

General Manager of S TA R R C o m p u t e r s , Rehman Majeed, explained that the equipment is to be used for training in the field of Information Technology. It was also noted that similar donations were made to the (Continued on page 20)

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Wednesday April 04, 2012

Wednesday April 04, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday April 04, 2012

Do not be swayed by those with political agendas - Rohee tells Jr. Police Officers Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee has urged Junior Officers of the Guyana Police Force not to be swayed by persons who have political agendas and who would want to mislead them for their own narrow ends. Rohee was addressing the officers at the official opening of the Junior Officers’ Training Course at Police Headquarters, Eve Leary, on Monday. Over 30 officers are attending the programme which is being conducted in two parts, with the assistance of the University of Guyana. The Home Affairs Minister in his feature address noted that the training programme is being held during a period when a number of issues that are currently being highlighted in the media and other circles would attract the attention of officers in the organization. Among them are the vexing issues of alleged breaches of the Force’s Standing Orders, the role of the Ministry of Home Affairs in relation to the Guyana Police Force, and the controversial $90M allocation to the organization for duties associated with last year’s General Elections. The Junior Officers were urged to develop the ability

The Junior Officers pose for a photo with (seated from left) Police Commissioner (ag) Leroy Brumell, Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee and the Force’s Training Officer Clinton Conway. to objectively review and analyse these issues before arriving at conclusions. “Your views must not be clouded by emotions but by facts. If you do otherwise, your views are likely to be swayed by factors that are unrealistic and unreasonable, and misleading. This is a time when you have to engage in clear thinking. This does not apply only to Junior Officers, but all officers and other ranks of the Guyana Police Force,” the Minister urged. He reminded them that they are leaders of men and women, and their attitude

towards their job could have an impact on the way their subordinates perform. Rohee charged them to remain focused and stick steadfastly to their duties and responsibilities as members of the Force, while at the same time displaying a high degree of professionalism. “Those who have their own axes to grind, they are the only ones that will benefit from confusion in our society. Many of them have suddenly become experts on everything in this country.” Rohee commended the administration of the Guyana

Police Force for ensuring that training courses of this nature are mounted on a continual basis. He said that the Ministry of Home Affairs, for its part, has been constantly stressing the need for regular training opportunities to be provided to all members of the Force, adding that the Junior Officers’ Course is of critical

importance to the long term sustainability of the senior management structure of the organisation. However, he pointed out that Junior Officers are not the only category of Police personnel that need to undergo constant training, since training of Senior Constables, Corporals,

Sergeants, Inspectors and even the Senior Officers must also be given high priority by the Force’s administration. He said that the ongoing collaboration between the Police and the University of Guyana to organise and conduct the course and other training programmes of the (Continued on page 21)

E'bo Technical Institute receives... (From centre) Georgetown, Linden and Berbice Institutes over the past two years. In addition, STARR Computers has extended an invitation to all educational institutions to participate in several field trips on renewable energy. Majeed revealed that the company has one of the

largest solar installations in Guyana, and hosts seminars and demonstrations for students, on renewable energy. Some of the topics covered at the seminars include: Global Warming and its impact on Guyana; Alternative Energy Solutions; Solar Installation Models; Demonstration

of Solar and Wind Installation; Green PC - a low wattage computer specifically designed for schools, cafés and labs. Majeed said persons desirous of attending the seminars can contact Sales Manager Penny Francis at STARR Computers on Brickdam for more information.

Wednesday April 04, 2012

Kaieteur News

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'Value for money' expected as... Council established to monitor Allied Health Professionals

(From page 15) ambitious programme during the latter part of last year aiming for drastic improvements in results. Also, as part of the efforts to ensure continued improvement of the education sector, the Finance Minister last Friday revealed that one of Government's key initiatives is to improve teachers' quality, by strengthening the institutions involved in teacher training, even as the training programmes offered are upgraded. “We are proud to note that the proportion of trained teachers has consistently been increasing over the last five years, moving from 58 per cent to 70 per cent at the primary level and from 55 per cent to 64 per cent at the secondary level,” Dr. Singh asserted. He pointed out that as part of the measures to fur-

ther improve these percentages, over $1.2 billion has been allotted towards teacher training. This, according to the Finance Minister, includes provision for operational expenditure of the Cyril Potter College of Education, which is expected to produce 430 graduates from the Associate Degree in Education Programme in November this year, while another 800 students will complete the Trained Certificate Programme in July. Dr Singh also pointed out that information and communication technology (ICT) remains on Government's front burner for the sector “as we accelerate training of our teachers, with an aim of having 3,500 teachers trained by the end of 2012.” As a result, he noted that all secondary schools will be

equipped with functioning ICT Departments even as the ICT-based Success Makers programme will be installed in 60 primary schools, as teachers are trained in the use of this software as a teaching and learning aid. Another priority of the Government is to ensure that the University of Guyana delivers quality education, towards which over $900 million has been allocated. Dr Singh revealed that with the completion of the preparatory work for the US$10M University of Guyana Science and Technology Project, $80 million has been allocated under this project towards the commencement of curriculum reform, research support and infrastructure rehabilitation. Moreover, another $450 million has been budgeted for the student loan programme.

Do not be swayed by those... (From page 20) Force has not gone unnoticed by his Ministry. This type of cooperation, he observed, will assist in uplifting the standard of training in the Force and result in a higher quality of Police Officer being produced, with the end result being a higher quality of service provided to the public. Rohee took the opportunity to address and clarify the relationship between the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Guyana Police Force, which he said is being manipulated by persons who have their own agendas. According to Rohee, the Guyana Police Force is one of the agencies that fall under the purview of his ministry the others being the Guyana Prison Service, the Guyana

Fire Service, the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit and the General Registrar’s Office. “As regards the Guyana Police Force, the functions of the Ministry of Home Affairs relates to Ministerial Oversight and the Provision of Policy Guidelines. That is the extent to which the Ministry engages the Guyana Police Force,” the Minister noted. “I have had cause to raise this issue on a number of occasions, previously, because there are some in our midst who want to see the disintegration of law and order in this society, and have been attempting to say that the Guyana Police Force could do what it likes without reference to the Laws of Guyana, under which the Force operates, and the legal responsibilities of the Guyana Police Force to the

Ministry of Home Affairs that are provided for under our Laws. “The Police Force has its specific functions to perform under the Laws of Guyana and which cannot be interfered with by anyone,” Rohee stressed. He told the Junior Officers that they need to understand that the Guyana Police Force is not a “stand-alone institution”. Its functions are tied into the national security and developmental landscape of the country. “It is my expectation that at the end of your training you would have developed a better appreciation of your roles and functions … You are also expected to share the knowledge gained with your colleagues and subordinates,” the Home Affairs Minister asserted.

Having been enacted two years ago, the Allied Health Professions Act has been amended to include health professionals who fall under Environmental Health and Counselling and Testing. This is according to the official gazette dated March 24, 2012, which states that the Act will now govern the operations of Environmental Health Officers, Public Health Inspectors, Sanitary Inspectors, Port Health Officers and Environmental Health Assistants. According to the Order signed by Minister of Health, Dr Bheri Ramsaran, the practice of Environmental Health is a sub-speciality of the field of Public Health and includes the disciplines associated with sanitation, hygiene and water. It was noted too that in the course of engaging in the practice of Environmental Health as a Sanitary Inspector, Public Health Officer, Environmental Health Officer or Environmental Health Assistant “a person may, subject to terms, conditions and limitations imposed on his (her) certificate of registration, perform or prescribe the use of population health procedures including the incorporation of measures to homes, communities and districts to prevent, contain, reduce, eliminate or eradicate a public health threat.” The Order points out again that in the course of engaging in the practice of counselling and testing as a Counselor/Tester, “a person may, subject to terms,

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

conditions and limitations imposed on his (her) certificate of practice take blood samples from veins or by skin pricking.” It was stated that the practice of counselling is a health measure dedicated to identifying risk factors for vulnerable populations and providing necessary psychological support for the processes of testing for communicable diseases with potential for challenging the course of a disease through management, treatment and cure. And in order to ensure that the operations of these officials are properly monitored, the Allied Health Professions Council has been established as a body corporate in April 2012 at the Ministry of Health’s Brickdam, Georgetown, head office. Based on the Order, the Chief Medical Officer shall be an ex-officio member of the Council, with two individuals from the Allied Health Professionals being appointed as members of the first Council and six representing the professional association, while another

two will be from the consumers’ organisations. The Allied Health Professionals appointees are: Mr Andrew Boyle, Medical technologist and Ms Petal Surjpaul, Medical Physicist. The representatives of the Professional Association are: Mr Nolan Hawke, Medical Technologist Association Representative; Ms Gloria Garraway, Guyana Physiotherapist Association; Ms Isha Hector, Guyana Association of Rehabilitation Professionals; Ms Norma Howard, Nutritionist and Dietician Association of Guyana; Ms Donna Bowman, Guyana Radiographers’ Association and Ms Ameena Hinds, Environmental Health Association of Guyana. Mr Patrick Dyal is the appointee drawn from the Guyana Consumers Association and Ms Vidushi Persaud represents Legal Consumers. Based on the Minister’s Order, Mr Boyle is to be nominated to act as the Chairperson and Ms Garraway as Deputy Chairperson of the first Council for the period January 2012 through December 2014.

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CAKES & PASTRIES Hot homemade cross buns. Only by orders. Call: 6930443 Character cakes: 1-lb #5,000. Call: 223-9497

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PROPERTY FOR SALE Property in Pomona, Essequibo Coast, two storeys -30x50. Price negotiable. Call: 690-4673

Trinidad work permit enquires. Call: 614-4705/6758352

House plan drafting for only $10,000. Call: 694-9843 WANTED

Wednesday April 04, 2012

One 10 RB Dragline. Call: 687-6174 One cargo ship. Call: 6876174 Perkins 1006 6 cylinder turbo diesel motor; runs excellent, perfect for mining operation. Contact: 600-6000 Any amount live chicken, pluck chicken, Liver, giblets & foots. More info contact: MayMay: 621-4304, 2201043 Spares for washer, microwaves, fridges, stovetimers, gear boxes, pumps etc. Contact:225-9032, 6472943 One dish washing machine; for sale price -$150,000. Price negotiable. Daniel: 615-7132

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Wednesday April 04, 2012

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Letters... Where your views make the news

APNU NOT A DISRUPTIVE BUNCH DEAR EDITOR, As a citizen of Guyana and a proud member of A Partnership of National Unity (APNU) parliamentary group, I am disgusted and wary of the behaviour portrayed by members of the PPP/C, both in and out of Parliament. Prior to the General and Regional Elections in 2011, I was integrally involved in the elections campaign for APNU; since in my view, I strongly sensed that that was the best choice to take Guyana forward. During the campaign, I visited a number of non-traditional APNU areas and the majority of those persons expressed their dissatisfaction of the PPP/C and indicated that they would not be voting for them and would like to see a change in Government. Every day as I open the daily newspapers it is just to be greeted with the continuous rhetorical behaviour of the PPP/C, which peddles untrue statements to the nation. On Saturday, March 24, 2012 the Stabroek News, Guyana Times and Guyana Chronicle carried their own interpretation of statements made by the President, Mr. Donald Ramotar regarding the 2011 General and Regional elections. One headline stated, “Ramotar open to Forensic Audit of Elections, says APNU trying to hide its history.” Being a member of A Partnership of National Unity in the National Assembly, I am disturbed at the comments and statements made by the man who is holding the highest office in this land. Mr. Ramotar, all Guyanese

are conscious that your party won the Executive branch of Government; while the combined opposition controls the Legislative branch. As a young politician, when the PPP/C party took the rein of government, I was still attending secondary school. Therefore, 90 per cent of the current parliamentary members for APNU were not part of the legislative branch of Government during the era of the PNC/R, both by its late Presidents, L.F.S. Burnham and Hugh Desmond Hoyte. In that very paragraph Mr. Ramotar made mention of the APNU/AFC where we are creating a hostile atmosphere in the chambers and that we are uncooperative and disruptive. Sir, I would like to say publicly that I have denounced these quotes made by you, since the members on the opposition side of those hollow walls are “professionals.” We are not a disruptive bunch or trying to create an environment of unfriendliness. We are merely representing the citizens, more so the underprivileged of this nation. At the sitting of the National Assembly, March 15, 2012, friends of mine visited the National Assembly for the first time to witness parliamentary procedures. The feedback given is that they were embarrassed to see how matured people who are leaders behaved; they have vowed never to return and cannot believe that these persons are serious about moving Guyana forward. In my opinion Mr. Ramotar seems to be singing and reading from the same hymn sheet as his predecessor, Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo. It seems as

though Mr. Ramotar is in an elections campaign mode, since he and team continue to pronounce on what the PNC then would have done in their period of rulership. The PPP/C brags and boasts of the many developmental strides they made from 1992 to 2011. Mr. Ramotar in his statement condemns the number of atrocities, such as corruption, crime, murders, rape among others perpetuated by the PNC. Perhaps some of these things might have occurred, but not on a large scale or so blatantly that we currently see before our very eyes. The number of atrocities we have heard and witnessed under this incumbent government is appalling during their nineteen years of which twelve years were dictatorial. Mr. Ramotar further alluded that Guyana was the most developed nation from 1964 and prior to 1992 it subsequently became backward. How emphatic? Fellow Guyanese, the PPP/C has failed us tremendously under the Jaganite (Janet) and Jagdeo rule. Mr. Ramotar referred to APNU members having “the worst history of corruption, while some of them were even charged for rape.” Corruption in most government departments is the order of the day under this government. A number of Government Ministers and officials have been singly identified in malpractices, accused of misappropriation of public funds. Senior Public Officials have been accused of sexual molestation/ rape, specific reference: Mr. Kwame

It is a case of hypocrisy to talk... From page 5 Gerry Gouveia these were all done proportionally fair and transparent through a bidding process. You can laugh now, proportionally of course. Sugar workers are being treated like slaves in this country let us make no bones about this fact. They are mistreated by their own government that they overwhelmingly voted for in the 2006 elections. Were they proportionally rewarded compared to the PPP stooges on the board and Management of Guysuco? Again I can guarantee you the answer is no. The other question we must ask ourselves is about stealing and corruption. Is the stealing of state funds today proportionally greater or less under the PPP versus under the PNC rule? I think you know the answer to the “thiefin” question also. Proportionally how many treason cases were filed under the PPP versus the PNC and how many of them were done with zero evidence or trumped up charges? I think Maurice Arjoon, Mark Benschop, Oliver Hinckson, The Munroes and Whartons all will proportionally tell us overwhelmingly that the PPP abuse of power is greater. Therefore, when Ralph Ramkarran and Anil Nandlall and the rest of the PPP come to preach to this nation about proportionality it is

extremely arrogant of these individuals to raise their heads to complain that they are being unfairly treated. As a matter of fact it is repugnant behaviour on their part. This is exactly the kind of arrogance and treachery the Guyanese electorate rejected at the last elections in 2011. The PPP has not understood the results of the last election and that is consistent with their behaviour since November 2011. They have no intention of changing course or taking corrective steps to do things differently. This argument about proportionality, the budget they presented, makeup of the current cabinet, all point to maintaining the status quo. The continued fattening of the PPP rulers at the expense of the tax payers and the poor people in this country is the kind of proportionality the PPP is fighting to maintain. When the PPP talks about proportionality it is really saying that it wants to have the ability to proportionally screw you more than anyone else and wants you to proportionally like it better than any other society in the world. So to all my fellow Guyanese I ask you to think long and hard about these points I have highlighted above and ask yourselves which side of the proportionality equation do you want to be on, be careful and do not turn around while answering this question. John B. Singh

McCoy/Julius (whatever happen to this matter?). The current Auditor General’s report has revealed a number of flaws at Government Ministries. There is the contentious $90M that the Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Clement Rohee claimed that was budgeted for meals to feed policemen and women on Elections Day. The nation is still waiting to see what will come out of this. The APNU will not allow for this issue to go under the bridge. It is prudent to let the Guyanese populace know that every cent that is used in the enhancement of areas in the country, approximately 90 per cent comes from taxes you the people remit to government. As a consequence we need to have answers and proper accountability from those who are governing and running the affairs of its citizenry. Long live the Republic of Guyana. God Bless us all! Annette Ferguson

TO LET Furnished two bedroom apt Eccles E.B.D. Tel: 698-3644/ 602-5089 Short term apartment Eccles, 679-7139 Short term apartments. Tel: 667-1549 Hair & Nails stations must have clients $5,000 per week Middleton St C/Ville. Call: 619-5357 2 bedrooms Top Flat. Self contained 16 Stanley town W.B.D. Call: 689-9836 Eccles Studio apartments. Call: 233-2770 2 bedroom apartments fully grilled, 8th Street Cummings Lodge $25,000. Call: 6960255 Lamaha Gardens -$90,000, Section K-$120,000, Bel Air – US1700, Regent StreetUS1200. Diana: 227-2256, 6269382 MASSAGE American style massages service. Call: 609-4036 LEARN TO DRIVE B&C Driving School pick up & drop off: 225-0150, 6806826, 229-7258 Prudential learning “Training to pass” stick/ manual also automatic. Call: 642-4827. We’re #1 Soman and Sons Driving School. First Federation Building. Call: 225-4858, 6445166, 622-2872, 615-0964

(From page 22)

VACANCY Office assistant. Send application to Shigam Inc by For porters, carpenters, mason, apply in person ,65Robb & Orange walk ,Bourda Vacancy male and female workers accountant checker RA Soda Factory Berbice. Call: 330-2399, 623-5920 Good Hope Branch Ban Manger sale manager driver Albion Ban Manger Canter/Delivers apply in person @ P.Ramroop & Sons, 23 Lombard Street with references from previous employers Porters apply in person @ P. Ramroop & Sons, 23 Lombard Street, with reference from previous employer. Vacancy exists for an Accountant, Executive Secretary and Clerical Clerk. Please make contact:2185120, 218-5121 1 male or female Sales’ Representative; salary $90,000 per month plus commission. Call: 231-0199 Sales girls & Cashier. Call: 226-0881, 226-1316 Canter driver for East Coast location. Call: 266-0881, 2261316 Security guards for East Coast location. Call: 226-0881, 2261316 1 refrigerator & washing machine technician/ trainee. Call: 683-8734, 231-0655

VEHICLES FOR SALE 99 Honda Civic Leather interior. Call:648-2075 1 Toyota land cruiser pickup, 2008 model. Fully loaded with all accessories 27,000KM. Tel: 656-2350 1 Toyota Hilux double cab pickup PKK series. Tel: 2278682, 227-3681 Just arrived: Allion and Premio, tel: 624-2000, 6221610 1 Toyota Tundra, magrims, tray canter, fully loaded, $3.5M, 1 Nissan Titan $3.5M, GMM Series. Tel: 227-2027, 623-4045 1 Dually, Dodgeram ideal for interior purposes, off road tires.GNN Series. Tel: 2272027, 623-4045 Nissan Cefiro car excellent condition, 125 Yamaha Riva Scooter. Call: 231-1789, 6251874 Unregistered Tundra, Tacoma and interstate batteries. Call: 265-2103, 6459860 Unregistered Premio, Allion, 212 vehicles, fully loaded. Call: 609-8188, 602-6307 UNREGISTERED ALLION, PREMIO, ALEX, RUNX, SPACIO, 2 TON CANTER. CALL: 677-7666,610-7666 1 Toyota Super Custom bus late GMM Series. Immaculate condition, fully powered. Price negotiable. Call: 648-7109, 686-4818 Hilux 4x4 solid Def pick up, Diesel, long base, excellent condition. Call: 623-0243

EDUCATIONAL Princeton College Forms 15 CXC Adults Lesson for students. S.A.T.-Phonics etc. Call: 690-5008/611-3793 Learn Spanish. Call: 673-1232 Register now for full time & adults CXC classes. Call: 683-5742, 227-7627 Easter computer classes all ages-$6,500, Micro Graphics Technology Vreed-en-Hoop/ Grove Public Road. Call: 2643057 Easter computer classes all ages &6,500, Micrographics Technology Parika Highway (Bollywood Building). Call: 670-5734

One Hilux Vigo 2011 (New) GNN series. Contact: 2315171, 619-7134 1 Camry $600,000. Tel: 6216965 EP 71-Starlet automatic, AE 91-Sprinter, Honda FIT 2004, RVR, 212, NZE. Call: 6445096, 697-1453 3 Ton enclosed canter, unregistered.Tel: 617-2891 3 Ton 4 wheel drive canter, unregistered. Tel: 617-2891 1-2RZ Mini bus, reregistered. Call: 617-2891 Quantum Auto Sales, Toyota Allion, Silver & White with TV/NAV, Toyota Spacio & Fielders, Low mileage, excellent condition. Call: 6247684

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The Abigail Column DTV CHANNEL 8 07:55hrs. Sign On 08:00hrs. Indian Movie 11:00hrs. The View 12:00hrs. Prime News 12:30hrs. The Young and the Restless 13:30hrs. The Bold and the Beautiful 14:00hrs. The Talk 16:00hrs. Smallville 17:00hrs. Beverly Hills, 90210 18:00hrs. World News 18:30hrs. Nightly News 19:30hrs. Greetings and Announcements 20:00hrs. Channel 8 News 21:00hrs. Criminal Minds (New Episode) 22:00hrs. DTV’s Festival of Biblical Movies for the Lenten Season: Jesus 00:00hrs. Sign Off NTN CHANNEL 18/ CABLE 69 50:00hrs -Sign on with the Mahamrtunjaya Mantra 05:10hrs - Meditation 05:30hrs - Queenstown Masjid Presents Quran This Morning 06:00hrs - R. Gossai General Store Presents Ram Bhajans

06:15hrs - Jettoo’s Lumber Yard Presents Ram Bhajans 06:30hrs - Muneshwar Limited Presents Ram Bhajans 06:45hrs - Double Standard Taxi Presents Ram Bhajans 07:00hrs - RRT Enterprise Presents Ram Bhajans 07:15hrs - M & M Snackette Presents Raja Yoga Discourses 07:30hrs - Dr. Balwant Singh’s Hospital Inc Presents 07:45hrs - The Family of the Late Leila & David Persaud Presents Ram Bhajans 08:00hrs - NTN This Morning Live with Reyaz Husein 09:30hrs - IPL 5 OPENING CEREMONY 10:30hrs - IPL - CHANNAI SUPER KINGS vs MUMBAI INDIANS 13:00hrs - Indian Soap - Ram Milayee Jodi 13:30hrs - Indian Soap Yahaan Mein 14:00hrs - Indian Soap - Choti Bahu 14:30hrs - Indian Soap - Pavitra Rishta 15:00hrs - Indian Soap - Punar Vivaah 15:30hrs - Investigation

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Discovery 16:30hrs - Devotional Times 17:00hrs - Drying Tears Live with Pastor Edson 17:30hrs - Kingdom Agenda Hosted by Bishop Dr. J. Edgehill 18:00hrs - Ganesh Parts Presents - JAI DURGA MAA Serial 18:15hrs - Birthday Greetings / Deaths Announcement & In Memoriam 18:30hrs - Hare Krishna Today 19:00hrs - Music Fantasia with Asif Nawaz 20:00hrs - Ashmins Presents DANCE WITH ME with Joel 21:00hrs - Indian Soap - Ram Milayee Jodi 21:30hrs - Indian Soap Yahaan Mein 22:00hrs - Indian Soap - Choti Bahu 22:30hrs - Indian Soap - Pavitra Rishta 23:00hrs - Sign Off with the Gayatri Mantra NCN CHANNEL 11 01:00hrs – BBC World 02:00hrs – NCN Late Edition (R/B) 02:30hrs – Late Nite with GINA 03:00hrs – Movie 05:00hrs – Inspiration 05:30hrs – Newtown Gospel 06:00hrs – NCN Late Edition News(r/b) 06:30hrs – Feature 07:00hrs – Guyana Today 08:00hrs – Let’s Talk Tax (R/ B) 09:00hrs – Stop the Suffering 10:00hrs – IPL-Chennai Super Kings VS Mumbai Indians 13:30hrs – NCN Newsbreak 13:35hrs – GRA IN FOCUS(R/ B) 14:00hrs – Your Health the Nations Wealth(R/B) 15:00hrs – Feel the Beat (R/B) 16:00hrs – Cartoons 17:00hrs – Anderson 18:00hrs – NCN News Magazine – Live 18:30hrs – Feature 19:00hrs – Al Jazeera 19:30hrs – Minister’s Forum 20:00hrs – 3d/daily millions/ play de dream/lotto draw 20:05hrs – GWI Alert 20:35hrs – Oral Tradition 21:05hrs – NCN Sports Magazine 22:05hrs – NCN News Late Edition 22:35hrs – Caribbean Newsline 23:00hrs – Movie

Woman who is happily single hesitates before marrying again

DEARABIGAIL, I’m a woman in my early 30s. When I was a teenager, boys never looked my way, but since my early 20s nearly every guy I’ve had friendly contact with has fallen in love with me. I have been proposed to six times. I was married twice and hated it both times. I have been single for a few years and love it. I have mostly avoided men during this time because I didn’t know if any man

would want to just casually date me. I started dating again about six months ago and have been seeing a man who is fantastic. He has hinted at marriage, and I’m terrified because I’m afraid that I will “lose” myself. I enjoy my life the way it is, but I’m worried that eventually I will want a partnership, and this would be the man for me. Happily Single Dear Happily Single, Because of the number of people who are divorced or

living together without marriage, I would have to say no, marriage isn’t for everyone. But when you get it right and have built a strong, loving, mutually respectful partnership, nothing can beat it. If you’re planning to have children, it is to their advantage to live in a twoparent household. Marriage can only be as strong and lasting as the couple entering into it are determined it will be. And that takes love, understanding, empathy and willingness to compromise.

Wednesday April 04, 2012 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): While this day will overwhelm people around you with a surfeit of minutiae that must be dealt with, you will handle the chaotic data deluge with ease. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Unusual things will be very attractive to you today - your mind is eager for exploration, and your soul will be awakened by what it finds. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Even though you love them all dearly, you are a bit out of sync with the members of your family right now. Don't be surprised if you have a hard time communicating with them. ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): You'll be walking, talking and thinking right in step with your closest friends today. It's a good day for sharing your thoughts with them, because they likely have very similar thoughts! ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): The friendships you have been enjoying the most right now are the friendships that are going to take you far in your life. These people are your connections to new opportunities, and they're full of good advice that you should listen to. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): While someone else is basking in the limelight, are you stewing in sour grapes? The universe advises against jealously, as it will only create more negative energy around you. ********************* LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): If you're feeling stuck in a rut right now, one of the

best things you can do is let go of any grudges you've been holding -- you'll feel as though you've just attached a hundred helium balloons to your soul. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): While today should be a very good day for you and your people, it won't offer any exceptional memories or achievements. It's going to be sometimes easy and sometimes hard -- a classic balance of positive and negative energy is controlling your world right now, so you can expect an uneventful day with a little bit of everything but no extremes. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. 21): You need to take things more slowly in your relationships. Any impatience you show will only create more stress for you today, so try to let things unfold naturally. **************** CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): You will never have more fun doing research than you will today! All the facts you need will be right at your fingertips -- ready to be plucked from the chaos of confusion and give you important insight. ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18): Take care of little details today -- spend some time doing things like balancing your checkbook, scheduling dentist appointments and organizing your junk drawer. ********************* PISCE S ( F e b . 1 9 March 20): There are many changes going on in your relationships at work, home or school. Luckily, these changes are mostly for the better.

Wednesday April 04, 2012

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COLOMBO (AFP) Skipper Mahela Jayawardene cracked his second century in consecutive matches to pull Sri Lanka out of trouble in the second and final Test against England in Colombo yesterday. Jayawardene followed his match-winning 180 in the first Test in Galle with a classy 105 after seamer James Anderson had reduced the hosts to 30 for three within the first hour at P. Sara Oval. Thilan Samaraweera (54) added 124 for the fourth wicket with his captain as Sri Lanka recovered to post 238 for six by stumps on the opening day in a remarkable re-run of the GalleTest. Sri Lanka had slumped to 15-3 in the first four overs of the match at Galle, before Jayawardene and Samaraweera rescued the hosts by putting on a halfcentury partnership. A sell-out crowd of 5,000, mostly travelling English fans, applauded warmly when Jayawardene reached his 31st Test century with a single off left-arm spinner Samit Patel after tea. The 34-year-old struck 11 fours and a six in his eighth hundred against England before he was trapped legbefore by off-spinner Graeme Swann with a sharp, turning

delivery. England, whose 75-run defeat at Galle followed a 3-0 rout by Pakistan in the United Arab Emirates earlier in the year, need a win to level the series and retain their number one ranking. Andrew Strauss’ men will slip to second spot behind South Africa if they lose or draw the match. Angelo Mathews, returning to the side after missing the first Test with a calf injury, was unbeaten on 41 after adding 62 runs for the fifth wicket with his skipper. Samaraweera said the sluggish pitch hampered shot-making. “This is not a typical Oval wicket which had true bounce,” he said. “This time the ball is not coming on to the bat, it’s not easy to score runs. We have probably lost one extra wicket, but hopefully we can get to 300 and put England under pressure.” Anderson struck in his third over when he forced Tillakaratne Dilshan to edge a catch to wicket-keeper Matt Prior after the previous two balls had been driven for boundaries. Kumar Sangakkara was dismissed first ball for the

East Coast Cricket Board picks squad for U-15 trials The East Coast Cricket Board has selected 30 players for their Under-15 trials which will be staged today from 10:00hrs at the Lusignan Community Centre ground. Players are asked to reach the venue at 09:30hrs. The players named: Mahendra Chatura Motielal Chatura Akeem Niles Gavin Bodwah Naresh Persaud Darren Roberts Elijah Vancooten Vishwanauth Ramlakhan Vidyanand Jailall Rajpaul Gopaul

Mark Baiehu David Wilson Clifton Ford Hardeo Narine Camrul Hookumchand Keanu Humphrey Mahendra Persaud Sirichand Gangaram Shivnarine Gobin Parmanand Sanicharan Vickesh Mangru Bhaskar Deodat Karamchand Dowlatram Gerrard Taylor Suresh Khemraj Shaindra Sookdeo Vickash Horel Leraj Ramjal Robin Williams Shairaz Alli

second match in a row when he was snapped up by Strauss in the slips, the England captain taking the

catch at second attempt. Jayawardene once again prevented a hat-trick, as he had done in Galle, and went

on to master the England attack on a dry wicket that is expected to crumble in the later stages of the match.

Scores: Sri Lanka 238 for 6 (Jayawardene 105, Samaraweera 54, Anderson 3-52) v England.

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Wednesday April 04, 2012

Barcelona beat AC Milan 3-1 on agg

Lionel Messi scores two penalties as Barcelona beat AC Milan 3-1 to book their place in the last four of the Champions League.

BBC Sport - Lionel Messi was Barcelona’s hero yet again as his two first-half penalties sealed a Champions League quarterfinal win over AC Milan. Messi, 24, moved into third on the list of all-time goalscorers in the competition as Barca set up a last-four place against Benfica or Chelsea. Milan were briefly level when midfielder Antonio Nocerino steered in Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s pass. But they had no answer after the break with Andres Iniesta adding a third. No side has ever retained the trophy in the Champions League era but Pep Guardiola’s side must be outstanding favourites to achieve the feat in Munich on 19 May. Messi inspired them to beat Manchester United in last year’s final at Wembley, and the Argentine’s incredible goalscoring form could steer the club to another title this year. Barely a week seems to go by without Messi adding another record to his collection, and he quickly chalked up two more to his ever-growing list of personal achievements with his 57th and 58th goals of a remarkable season. He became the youngest player to score 50 Champions League goals with his first

spot-kick, before notching up the most goals in a single campaign as his second of the night - and 14th in total this season - put Barca back ahead. Messi then completed the night’s work with an assist as his shot was blocked by the hapless Philippe Mexes, only to fall into the path of Iniesta who struck the pivotal third goal into the far corner. Chelsea could yet bar Guardiola’s side’s progress in a repeat of the ill-tempered semi-final of 2009 - and Roberto di Matteo’s side will have seen few chinks in the defending champions’ armour during this display. Massimiliano Allegri’s Milan team knew that any score draw would be enough to see them through, and they made a lively start before Messi opened the scoring 11 minutes in. Disappointingly for the visitors, the goal was a gift as Mexes dawdled on the halfway line and was robbed of possession by Messi. The forward surprisingly elected to cut the ball back for Xavi instead of shooting, but when the ball came back to Messi he was brought down by Luca Antonini. Referee Bjorn Kuipers awarded the penalty and Messi stroked the ball into the bottom corner. Milan continued to pose

a threat and drew level with a fine goal just after the half hour. Former Manchester City man Robinho hurdled two tackles before finding Ibrahimovic on the edge of the box, and the Swede played a perfectly-weighted through pass which Nocerino placed beyond Victor Valdes. But the Italians failed to build on that goal and Barcelona were back ahead before the break as Alessandro Nesta gave away another cheap penalty. The vastly experienced defender needlessly grabbed hold of Sergio Busquets inside the area, and Messi struck the ball into the opposite corner. Messi was instrumental in the third goal as well, and when his low shot struck Mexes to land at Iniesta’s feet, the midfielder calmly took a touch before rifling past Christian Abbiati. That goal crushed Milan’s spirit, and the match desended into an exhibition as Barca booked their place in the semi-finals for a fifth successive year. With Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid still in the mix and a potent Bayern Munich side looking to win the cup on their own ground, Barcelona still face several considerable hurdles before they can lift the trophy again, but Guardiola’s men undoubtedly remain the side to beat.

President’s XI facing defeat

From back page 139 balls in just over 2 ¼ hours. The President’s XI were setback early, when West Indies opener Kieran Powell was lbw to Hilfenhaus for a duck in the second over, playing back and across to a long-hop that never got past his ankle. Two overs later, Nkrumah Bonner was caught at gully for two off the same bowler, looking to play into the legside. The President’s XI were 10 for two, but Kyle Corbin came to crease and with Devon Smith brought some stability to the top order, carrying the hosts to 42 for two at tea.

After the break, things started to unravel for the President’s XI, after Smith was bowled by James Pattinson for 18 playing down the wrong line to have his offstump extracted. After his departure, there was neither substance nor stability from the rest of the batting, apart from the President’s XI captain Carlton Baugh Jr, whose 27 not out was the top score. The middle-order batting crumbled against the spin of Lyon before Hilfenhaus returned to mop up the tail with incisive fast-medium bowling. Earlier, off-spinner Ryan Austin and Bonner, bowling his part-time leg-spin, brought the President’s XI back into the match. They both captured three for 43 from 17 and 11 overs respectively, after the visitors resumed from their overnight total of 81 for one. Kevin McClean gave the President’s XI an early strike, when he had Australia captain Michael Clarke caught behind for 30. The hosts were cocka-hoop, when Delorn Johnson had former Australia captain Ricky Ponting caught behind

down the leg-side for 13 hooking at a bouncer, leaving the visitors 113 for four. But the President’s XI met defiance from the two Peters, Forrest and Nevill, the pair putting on 49 for the fifth wicket to steady the ship. Bonner scalped Nevill on the stroke of lunch, when the Australia wicketkeeper/ batsman edged a back-foot drive and was caught behind for 25. After lunch, Bonner and Austin worked their way through the Australia lowerorder, but Forrest reached his 50 from 110 balls with his third four off the leg-spinner before the Aussies declared close to an hour after lunch. The match is the only warm-up for Australia prior to the three-Test series against Australia with the first set to start on Saturday at Kensington Oval just a few kilometres south of this venue in the Barbados capital of Bridgetown. Scores: Australians 30 for 0 (Cowan 10*, Watson 15*) and 214 for 9 declared (Forrest 53*) need 56 to defeat WICB President’s XI 201 and 98 (Hilfenhaus 4-8, Lyon 4-17).

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Ponting can’t afford slip-up in West Indies Yahoo! Cricket – Ricky Ponting knows if he fails to score runs in the away Test series against West Indies, fresh questions will be asked about his desire to extend his illustrious international c a r e e r, especially as he is no longer part of Australia’s one-day team. Ponting silenced calls for him to be axed when he scored 544 runs, including two-centuries at an average of 108.80 in the f o u r- m a t c h Te s t s e r i e s against India. But, a subpar series in the Caribbean, will reignite the debate around his place in the team, especially as Australia next play a Test only six months after the series against West Indies. The former Australia captain though knows the only way he can silence the critics is by being consistent and putting up the runs on the board. “It’s about being consistent and putting performances on the board game after game. The Indian Test series was great. It had been a long time between drinks since I’d had a series like that, and to come out of that and play well in the games I played for Ta s s i e ( Ta s m a n i a ) was satisfying,” Ponting told Sydney Morning Herald. “To know the hard work I’ve been doing is paying off is satisfying as well. That’s what this week’s all about now, making sure I get that preparation spot

on and am ready to go for the three-day game, get something out of that which I can then take into the Test matches.” This is the first time after 57 series that Ponting has come into the West I n d i e s s e r i e s a s a Te s t specialist. But, he played extremely well for Tasmania in the Sheffield Shield, scoring two centuries in four innings, to continue his good form from the India series. “The last few weeks I’ve had three Shield games and the one-day final,” he said. “Because I was playing as much as I was, I probably didn’t keep an eye on the international stuff as much as I normally do,” Ponting added. Ponting admitted being away from international cricket for a while has made him that much more excited to be a part again of the national team’s setup. Meanwhile, talking about Australia’s recent resurgence and England’s capitulations against Pakistan and Sri Lanka, Ponting said it is now tough for any team to dominate international cricket for a long time. “It goes to show we’re on the right track to turning our cricket around and probably goes to show that England might have been at the start of the end of their cycle,” Ponting was quoted as saying by Cricinfo.

Wolf Warriors continues... From page 29 Mc Donald 2-25. Sunrise Female 75 -3; Romona Stellingburg 28, Patricia Tello 1-12. All Stars Conquerors 79-3 in 8 overs; Akila Castello 22*. Stellingburg 2-9. Both winners have qualified for the Super 16 stage. March 31st Linden Zone C Male – MSC Ground Round 4 – Coomacka Mines United 112-8; Adrian Edmundson 33, Dellon Campbell 4-22. Bad Boys 1132 from 8.3 overs; Delon Campbell 44* (4x6). Bayrock Blazers ‘A’ 86-4; Delon Williams 45, Ramharshan Mohabir 2-13. Hill Foot Strickers 64-9; Shawn Adams 2-10. Tello Warriors 85-7; Massiah Joseph 51 (2x6 4x4). Vipers 87-2 from 8.2 overs; Andy Persaud 34. South Stars 129-5; Colin Duke 36; Parris Archer 2-18. Kwakwani All Stars 68-8; Christopher Basdeo 2-6.

April 1st MSC Ground Round 5 – South Stars 103-6 in 10 overs; Colin Duke 47. Bad Boys 80-8 in 10 overs; Ian Ruddock 3-14 from 2 overs. Bayrock Blazers ‘A’ 93-5 in 10 overs; Delon Williams 36. Vipers 83 from 9.5 overs; Leon Moseley 3-6. Round 6 – South Star 854 in 8 overs; Ian Moseley 43, Chris Basdeo 2-16 from 2 overs. Bayrock Blazers ‘A’ 878 in 10 overs; Onel Grant 34, Delon Williams 5-14. Bayrock Blazers qualifies for Super 16. April 1st East Bank Zone D Male – Diamond Ground Round – 4 Little Diamond Kings lost to Determine 14 by 26 runs. Dynamic Security Force pipped Kaituk Warriors by 2 runs. Garden of Eden Titan lost to V&A General Store by 7 wickets. Digital Technology XI beat Frontliners by 29 runs. Farm XI took care of Kris Int. by 33 runs. Craig Vipers drew the bye.

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GMEC Knockout Tournament kicks off Saturday Georgetown Masters Easter Classic (GMEC) Knockout Football Tournament, which will see the winning team walking out the venue with half a million dollars, will be officially launched on Saturday with four matches after an opening ceremony which will feature the Acting President of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF), Franklin Wilson and Steve Ninvalle of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports as the key officials involved from 5:30pm. At the briefing at the Georgetown Football Sports Club, President of the GFF echoed that he was happy with the Masters Committee finally getting themselves in line as they were long overdue. The acting President is of the belief that the Masters will aid in the development of football in Guyana. Georgetown’s Football Association President Veron Burnette was also on identical views as Wilson as he too believed that the Maters will

Winning team to take $500,000 be a role model to the upcoming generation. “I am happy to be a part of the Masters Committee but apart from that I believe that the Masters can add to the development of football in setting the right examples for the junior players.” Burnette revealed that most of the players in the Master Knockout Tournament were either National players for their country or were great senior players. The Georgetown Masters Easter Classic Knockout Football Tournament which is sponsored by Ansa McAl will see 12 teams vying for supremacy at the Georgetown Football Club ground in groups (A,B,C,D) of four (three teams per group) in the knockout stages. Each game will last for 60 minutes. The two top teams from each group will advance into the ‘knockout phase’ to play

for the top prizes in the competition ($500,000 first prize, $300,000 runner-up prize, $100,000 third prize and $50,000 fourth prize) which will be accompanied with trophies, medals and a plate; the plate prize will see the two teams in the ‘looser plate’ vying for that prize. The tournament kicks off with Georgetown FC and Rastafarian Patriots FC from 6:00pm. Georgetown FC, which compete twice yearly in the Masters International Football Tournament in Barbados and Trinidad, will be spearheaded by overseas based Trevor Maxwell, Shawn Daniels, Peter Lashley, Ronald Barker, Clanton McCloud and Andrew Bright. Thomas United FC will see the likes of Dion Barnwell (Captain), Errol Solomon, Eswick North, Brian Thompson, Shawn O’Neil and Orin Agard in action, will take on Fruta Conquerors FC from 7pm.

Beacons FC will clash with Brasimex FC from 8pm, while Santos FC will spar with East Coast FC, a team which has been active over the past three years from 9pm in the final match. Beacons FC, which will be making their debut in the Masters Tournament, will be spearheaded by Present Golden Jaguars Coach and Former National Coach, Wayne Dover and Gordon Braithwaite. Beacons will also be displaying Claude Philips a former MVP of the Kashif and Shanghai Football Tournament, Triton Luke (defender), Shawn Jordon (defender), National striker Mortimer Stuart and the Grimes brothers (Lionel and Jermaine). Santos line up will see former National player Anthony Williams (Captain), Anthony Stanton, Olader Pedro, Terrence Wills, Earl Smith, Sherwin Paires, Mark Cox, Ricky Solomon, Quincy Porter, Frank Parris, Patrice Ram, Trevon Burnett and Coach, Kavin Pearce.

Members of the Master Committee after the briefing at the Georgetown Football Club.

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Fourth Scotiabank Tribute to Teacher’s BCB launch A. Ally & Sons Programme hosted by RHTY&SC teams U-17 Inter Secondary tourney The Rose Hall Town Young and Sports The Teachers were honoured for the Year Club (RHTY&SC) Pepsi Under-19 along with the Gizmos and Gadgets First Division teams on Tuesday March 27, honoured seven (7) outstanding teachers under the 4th Annual Scotiabank Tribute to Teachers Programme. Members of both teams visited schools in the area to present Certificates of Excellence and a collection of prizes to the Teachers. Those honoured were Bhowani Doodnauth of Belvedere Primary, Minerva Rodney of Rose Hall Town Nursery, Nermala Sewdat of the Port Mourant Secondary School, Julie Harris of the Corentyne Comprehensive High School, Odetta Davis of Lower Corentyne, Michelle Lewis of Port Mourant Primary and Osmin Davis of Rose Hall Town Primary School.

2011 having been selected by their peers and management at their respective schools. They were selected based on discipline, performance in the classroom, attendance, punctuality, relationship with fellow staff and students and commitment and involvement in sports. Club Secretary/CEO, Hilbert Foster, expressed gratitude to the Bank of Nova Scotia for its continued sponsorship of the programme. He made special mention of Marketing Manager, Ms. Jennifer Cipriani while praising members of both teams for their continued dedication to making a positive change via education and sports. He expressed gratitude to the management of the seven schools for their cooperation.

CCHS’ Eshwerie Kesrilall wins BCB/ Scotiabank Essay compitition Fourteen-year old, Eshwerie Kesrilall, of Corentyne Comprehensive High School of Port Mourant copped the top prize when the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) hosted the presentation ceremony for its 2012 Bank of Nova Scotia Essay Competition which was opened to all Secondary School in Berbice. Chairman of the BCB Special Events Committee, Hilbert Foster who organised the event, stated that the students were asked to write essays (250-300 words) on the topic “Education is important in the life of a cricketer”. The main aims of the competition were to promote the valve of education among youths and to

underscore the importance of education in the career of young players. Forster disclosed that dozens of entries were received but expressed his disappointment about the attitude of several Head teachers who simply refused to cooperate despite the BCB obtaining permission from the Region 6 Ministry of Education. The veteran Administrator also disclosed that on April 29, they would be hosting a Spelling Bee tournament for Primary School students and a Poster competition for Nursery School students as part of its Pro-Education Campaign. Mr. Mohamed Azim of the Bank of Nova Scotia praised the BCB for investing in the educational development of

youths. He disclosed that the Bank was pleased to be associated with Berbice cricket and apart from sponsoring the Essay and Spelling Bee competitions, would also be sponsoring the 2012 Berbice Cricket Academy. Winner of the essay competition, Keswerie Kesrilall, received $15,000 and a trophy, first runner up Keesha DeSouza $10,000 while second runner-up Meezan Sain collected $5,000. Headmistress, Nermala Hussain, received $25,000 on behalf of CCHS for producing the winner of the Essay competition. The BCB is expressing gratitude to Ms. Jennifer Ciprani of the Bank for sponsoring the competition.

Mr. Gavin Moriah (right) hands over sponsorship to BCB treasurer, Anil Beharry. The Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) with emphasis on the development of new talent on Thursday last, launched the A. Ally and Sons Under-17 Inter Secondary School tournament during a simple ceremony at the Board’s Charlotte Street office. The New Amsterdam based company is sponsoring the tournament at the cost of $200,000. Chairman of the BCB Special Events Committee, Hilbert Foster, stated that 22 Secondary Schools from Region’s 5 and 6 would be taking part in the tournament with players born on or after the January 1, 1996. Competing schools are Rosignol, Fort Wellington, Bush Lot, Belladrum and Mahaicony, Line Path, Skeldon, Tagore Memorial, Central Corentyne, Winifred Gaskin, Manchester, Black Bush Polder, Corentyne Comprehensive, Port

Mourant, Lower Corentyne, J.C. Chandisingh, Canje Secondary, Berbice High, New Amsterdam Secondary, Tutorial Academy, Berbice Educational Institute and Vryman’s Erven. The teams would be divided into five zones while the winner would receive $30,000 and a trophy and the runner up $20,000 and trophy. Foster disclosed that the tournament’s main aims would be to identify new talent in Berbice; to establish a permanent register of young players and to promote the ‘Say Yes to Education and No to Drugs’ message. He also noted that a school tournament would also be organized in the Upper Corentyne district. Treasurer of the BCB, Anil Beharry, described the tournament as a massive boost for Berbice cricket at the youth level as new players would be identified. He praised the Berbice

Wellington, (IANS): Former Indian Premier League (IPL) chairman Lalit Modi will be appealing against the High Court of London’s verdict in the libel case filed against him by exNew Zealand captain Chris Cairns, an aide said. Modi’s PR man, Phil Mepham told the Fairfax Media that the IPL founder would lodge an appeal before the April 20 deadline. “The appeal is in the process of being lodged and will be done before the April 20 deadline. There is no advantage or disadvantage to it being lodged either sooner or later, so will be submitted once the technical

details behind the appeal have been agreed,” said Mepham, who was head of media for England’s recent Fifa World Cup bid. Modi last week had also hinted that he would appeal against the decision. “I have seen the judgment. All I want to say at the moment is that we are appealing the judgment,” he said on Twitter last week. The High Court awarded Cairns 90,000 pounds in damages after a two-week trial last month. Cairns had sued the Indian business over a Tweet made Jan 5, 2010. Modi had tweeted that the New Zealander was removed from

Chamber of Commerce for the role it played in obtaining the sponsorship and expressed gratitude to the management and staff of A. Ally and Sons for investing in Berbice cricket. The tournament, Beharry stated, would be properly organized and is one of 25 to be hosted in 2012 by the BCB. Marketing Manager of A. Ally and Sons, Mr. Gavin Moriah, in brief remarks, stated that his company was pleased to be associated with the BCB and was highly impressed with the work of the board over the years. A. Ally and Sons, Moriah stated was fully aware of its corporate responsibility and was more than delighted to assist to lift the game even higher in the Ancient County. The A. Ally and Sons tournament would start in late April and all schools are asked to contact the BCB office on 333 2375 for more information.

Modi to appeal against court order favouring Cairns

Mohamed Azim poses with the three winners of the essay competition and Head Mistress of CCHS, Nermala Hussain.

Sunil Narine to play entire IPL - Kolkata official Sunil Narine, the West Indies spinner who was bought by Kolkata Knight Riders for $700,000 in the January player auction, will be available for the entire duration of the 2012 IPL, a franchise official has said. The IPL overlaps with West Indies’ home Tests against Australia, and while Narine does not have a WICB contract and hasn’t played a Test yet, his excellent form in the limitedovers series against Australia could have resulted in a call-up. Venky Mysore, the Knight Riders chief executive, told ESPNcricinfo that Narine will be landing in Kolkata today and is free to play in the

tournament. Narine and the WICB had been in discussions behind the scenes but the West Indies coach, Otis Gibson, had admitted it would be difficult to stop Narine playing in the IPL if that was his preference. Narine, 23, has taken 34 first-class wickets at an average of 11.88. Narine first attracted international attention during the 2011 Champions League T20. Opposing batsmen found his assortment of offbreaks and ‘knuckle balls’ difficult to pick and the most runs he conceded in any game was 26 against New South Wales. In the next match against the Super Kings, he took 3 for 8, accounting for Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni and M Vijay.

Lalit Modi the IPL auction list because of his involvement in alleged match-fixing in Indian Cricket League (ICL) in 2008.

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GT&T 10/10 Nationwide softball cricket tourney

Wolf Warriors continues to roar; Rising Star are West Coast female champs

1010 action in the Bauxite Mining Town of Linden

1010 action at the Mackenzie Sports Club Ground.

As the massive crowds continues to absorb some enthralling cricket around Guyana, a number of the favourite teams have continued to impress when the 3rd GT&T Nationwide knock-out softball cricket competition continued last weekend. In the very competitive male division, defending champions Wolf’s Warriors continued their fine run of form as were Unstoppable, Universal Solutions Tigers. Regal, Trophy Stall, Farm XI,

Affiance Storm and Bayroc Blazers ‘A’. In the female category on the West Coast of Demerara, Rising Star put away all opposition to emerge as the champions of that zone. Last weekend recorded more gripping action around the country as the crowds continue to come out in large numbers. A number of upsets were the order of the day in the Bauxite Mining Town of Linden with the vociferous crowd intimately involved. South Star dominated

Kwakwani All Stars by 61 runs - South Stars batting first made 129-5 in 10 overs, Kwakwani All Stars were limited to 68-8 in reply. Vipers disposed of Tello Warriors by 8 wickets - Tello Warriors 85-7, Vipers 87-2 in 8.2 overs. Bayroc Blazers ‘A’ got past Hillfoot Strikers by 22 runs after posting 86-7 in 10 overs; Delon Williams hitting 45. Hillfoot Strikers were boxed in as they only mustered 64-9. However, the match of the

day saw Bad Boys giving a beating to last year’s Super16 qualifier, Coomaka Mines United. Coomaka Mines took first strike and made a challenging 112-8 in 10 overs with Delon Campbell snapping up 4-22 from 2 overs. Bad Boys lived true to their name, starting their reply like they were late for train by hitting 60 off their first 3 overs, eventually rattling their way to 113-2 in 8.3 overs; Campbell returned with the bat to torment the opposition

A number of top class horses have so far taken entry for the Annual Port Mourant Turf Club Easter Sunday Annual One day Horserace meet set for this Sunday April 8 at the club’s entity Port Mourant, Corentyne, Berbice. Eight races are scheduled for the day’s programme which will have over $5M in trophies and cash at stake. One of the oldest and biggest racetrack in Guyana, the PMTC is usually a sea of activity for their traditional Easter Sunday meeting, with thousands of Turfites including a number of Overseas based Guyanese back home for the Easter celebrations, converging on the facility and this year is expected to be as competitive as ever. Even as entry has closed some owners were at the last moment still entering their animals in an effort to be part of the excitement and claim their share of the cash up for grabs and so far over 60 of the country’s top horses have

been entered in what is expected to be a scorching day of racing. There are four feature events on the day’s programme with the B and Lower 1500M event being the main drawing card for whopping $1M winners take. The other events on the days programme are the Fouryear-old open 1200m event which will see the winner receiving $450,000 and trophy. There is $400,000 and trophy available for the winner of the E and Lower 1500m race. The Three-year-old open event for horses Bred and Born in Guyana and the West Indies over 1500M is for a top prize of $390,000 and trophy. The Three-year-old Guyana bred horses will be running for a top prize of $300,000 over 1200M. Horses entered in the G and Lower 1200M gallop will have $220,000 and trophy to aim for. The “I” and lower class 1200M race has a winning

purse of $190,000. There is an event for I3 and lower horses for a pole position payment of $150,000. Some of the Horses entered so far include The Message, Jet Set Go, Damascus Dream, Donut Prince, Grande Roja, Night Crescendo, Who is on the Case, Work Force, Swing Easy, Technology, Got to Go, Crazy Cat, Prince Charming, Who so ever, Home Bush Baby, Who is on the Case, Stormy Flame, Top of the Line, The Bailiff, Strom in a Tea Cup, Better than Gold, Bridal Stone Corner, Captain Crook, Settle in Seattle, Appealing Harvest, Stormy Lass, Prado Gold, Gold Plated, Stormy Deal, Happy Choice, Mona Lisa, Rock Sonia, Savion, Sabrina’s Joy, Red Cloud, Come Dance with Me, Third World, Watch My Shadow, I want Revenge, Blessings, Captain Crook, Face The Fire, Northern Dancer and Bridal Stone Corner, Red Cloud, Rock Sonia, Kiara, Pride and Joy, Miss Regina South Sea,

Princess Kiara, Royal Champion, the Gump, Funny Sided, Apostle and the newly imported Gold Prince among the early entries. Three of Guyana’s main Horseracing sponsors in Beverage Giants Banks DIH Limited, Digicel and Jumbo Jet Auto Sales are the major sponsors to date. Champion jockey, champion Trainer and stable will all be presented with accolades compliments of Trophy Stall, Bourda Market and the organizers. The day’s event will be run under the auspices of the Guyana Horse Racing Authority. Those animals that are not properly registered will not be allowed to participate and anyone found contravening any of the rules will be penalized accordingly. Interested persons can still contact C. Ramnauth on telephone numbers 337-5311, 697-1979, Kris Jagdeo on 3220369 or R, Gajnabi on 643-9696 for further information. (Samuel Whyte)

Many top horses entered for Port Mourant Easter Sunday $5M horserace meet

bowlers with an unbeaten 44. In the Cinderella County of Essequibo, Affiance Storm cruised past Paradise All Stars by 10 wickets while there were also wins for Fire Battalion, Cotton Field Stickers and Queenstown Warriors. Following are the collated results of last weekend’s matches. April 1st West Coast {Zone A – Female} Uitvlugt Ground Round 3 – Rising Star XI batting first scored 86-6 in 10 overs; Adela Graham 31 (1x6 2x4). Devas Girls 67-8 in 10 overs; Waheeda Rahaman 310 from 2 overs. Rising Star XI won by 19 runs, they also won the Zone. April 1st West Coast {Zone A – Male} Uitvlugt Ground Round 4 – Cross Breed XI 81 all out in 9.2 overs; Yogadhan Narine 3-15 from 2 overs. Rambo XI 81 all out in 9.1 overs; Nateram Ramotar 4-5 from 2 overs. In the super over Rambo XI made 7 in response to Cross Breed XI’s 6. Cornelia Ida Cricket Club 92-9 in 10 overs; Dhaniram Azeemuddin 23*. Hyde Park Warriors playing with 8 men, 96-5 in 6.2 overs; Ashim Mohamed 24. De Kindren Uprising 1156 in 10 overs; Levan Lochan 42 (5x6). Ocean View XI 121-4 in 9.5 overs; Adrian Ramsammy 59* (4x6 4x4). Ocean View XI won by 6 wickets. Leonora Youth 138-2 in 10 overs; Imtiaz Hack 55 (5x6). Royal Assasin 60 all out in 7 overs; Hemindra Kowlessar 2-11 from 1 over. Wolf’s Warriors 168-5 in 10 overs; Riaz Karim 97* (9x6). Super X1 50 for 7 in 7.4 overs;

Dhanraj Champalall 3-11 from 2 overs when bad light stopped play. The officials went to the scorecards to compare scores after 6 overs (which constitutes a match). Wolf’s Warriors were 88-3 at that same juncture as opposed to Super X1’s 50-6, Wolf’s Warriors adjudged the winner by having 38 runs more than their opponents at that point. Super Street drew the bye. West Bank Zone B – Female Speed Boat – Winner April 1 West Bank Zone B Male Sunday 1st April Uitvlugt Ground Round 4 – Progressive 156-3 in 10 overs. Demerara Harbour Bridge Conqueror 101-9 in 10 overs; Sudesh Tulsie 2-25, Progressive won by 55 runs. Crag Accounting Firm ‘A’ 147-4 in 10 overs; Davendra Chatterpaul 44* (3x6). IPE C/ Sec Warriors 64-4 in 10 overs; Mukesh Persaud 2-14 from 2 overs, Crag Accounting Firm won by 83 runs. Die Heart XI 67 all out in 9.4 overs; Imran Hamid 4-17 from 2 overs. Speed Boat Sports Club 70-4 in 6.3 overs; Greg Singh 41. Invaderz 178-2 in 10 overs; Khemraj Ramsundar 80 (9x6), Lincoln leander 79 (7x6) the two involved in a partnership of 176 off 56 balls. Redbacks 41 all out in 8.3 overs; Ababa Zaman 2-12 from 2 overs. Invaderz won by 137 runs. April 1st Linden Zone C Female Round 4 – Ituni Village Warriors 76 in 8.5; Wavon King 3-14. Wiruni Conquerors 77-2 in 7 overs; Shavon Dindial 34*, Shavon Continued on page 27

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Third Desmond Dorsett Memorial classic Road race successfully staged

The top three runners from 2nd left, James Rohoman, Darren Dick and Nigel Melville. The Third edition of the Desmond Dorsett Memorial Road Race Classic, which is organized by the Dorsett Family of Leeds/No50 village Corentyne, was successfully staged last Sunday on the Upper Corentyne. The race which began at 09:30hrs was open to athletes throughout Berbice and was run in four categories namely U15 Boys, U15 girls and Under20 females and U20 males. The race started at 47 Village and ended at the popular NO53 Complex covering a distance of four miles. The U15 athletes and the U20 females covered a distance e of 3 ½ miles, while the U15 athletes and the U20 females begin at No 49 village and also finished at the No 53 Complex. In the end it was James Rahaman who out did his competitors to win in the U20 category crossing the finishing line ahead of Deon Sampson with Nigel Melville who won the first edition of the event coming in third. On the distaff U20 side Abigail Gray won from Samantha Hintzen. Among the junior boys, last year’s winner Shawn Agard was a repeat winner as he got the better of Shemroy Sparman with Aubrey Leitch third. A special prize was presented to 10 yr old Iverson Mendonca for completing the distance. Among the junior girls, Chelsea Toney was also a repeat winner as she convincingly won from Lashana Johnson with Anika Jaundoo third. The top finishers were all presented with trophies and monetary awards compliments of the Dorsett

family. The other placers were all presented with medals. All the participants were each given a certificate of participation, ribbons and other memorabilia along with a Desmond Dorsett Memorial T-shirt in which the participated in. Residents in the various communities turned out in large numbers to witness the event which passed through No 49, Leeds, No51, NO52 and finally finishing at the No 53 Sports Complex. The event which began in 2009 was not held last year (2011) due to various reasons. For the first time a fun day was held after the event at the No 53 Sports Complex and saw participation in a number of games including Softball Cricket, Volleyball, Football, Dominoes and a number of Novelty events. The late Superintendent

Dorsett was an ardent sports fan who participated in numerous sporting activities including Cricket and athletics during his tenure in the Guyana Police Force and in the community. A native of East Canje, Dorsette moved to Corentyne before migrated after retiring. His wife Waveney Dorsett, a retired Head Mistress, and community activist and also a re-migrant along with two of their children Darryl and Chanel spearheaded the event this year. The family would like to say special thanks Retired Assistant Commissioner Alvin Smith and Toney Gerrick, all the participants and those who assisted in making the event a success. They plan to make the event even bigger and better next year.

Wednesday April 04, 2012

Cyclists to get boost from GSDF Guyana’s cyclists will receive a massive boost for their 2012 season as preparations are in the making to aid in its development according to Colin Baker, President of the Guyana Sports Development Foundation (GSDF). Baker, who stated that the Amelia’s Ward Circuit last Sunday attracted over 200 spectators at Linden Bauxite Flyer’s Cycle Club-organised Baker’s Memorial Cycle Meet, said that he will be looking to revive the sport in Linden to the way it used to be a few years ago. He disclosed that programmes will be organised to assist coaches nationally, “I plan to import coaches as I did with the Scotiabank/Pepsi Schools Football Tournament to educate the coaches. I will also be providing coaching materials for the coaches and also equipment for the cyclists.” The President also noted that he will be making a great effort in getting former cyclists involved in the programme to assist and share their knowledge as cycling returns to its first instance in Guyana. Questioning Baker about the prize for the feature event, he revealed that the trophy for the feature event is a lien prize meaning that the winner of the race will have to acquire two consecutive wins before the prize officially becomes their property. Meanwhile, last Sunday Cycle Meet saw Eric Sankar riding away with the feature event in a time of 1:01:46 seconds before Carlton Wheelers Cycle Club Raynauth Jeffrey who was second and third place cyclist Walter Grant Stuart; Albert Philander, Mark Lewis and Junior Niles were the other three cyclists to finish in top

President of the Guyana Sports Development Foundation, Colin Barker presents the prize for the feature event to the winner, Eric Sankar after the conclusion of the races. positions. Hinds (4), Grant-Stuart (4), La Rose and Jeffrey (2) and Robin Persaud and Micheal Anthony with one each, took the regular sprint prizes while the other three special sprint prizes were won by Persaud, Orville Hinds and GrantStuart. Jeffrey who was runnerup in the feature event rode away with two wins at the meet; the spot light cyclist out pedaled the other riders in the Junior 5-lap event to win by over one minute from runner-up cyclist, Paul DeNobrega. The 17 years old cyclist also took the Unknown Distance event before Alonzo Greaves (second) and Junior Niles (third). Roraima Bikers Club team of Alonzo Greaves, Marlon ‘Fishy’ Williams, Albert Philander and Alex Mendez finished the two-lap time trial

Man found guilty in Ga. of killing boxer Forrest ATLANTA (AP)—A Georgia jury has found a man guilty of murder in the death of former professional boxing champion Vernon Forrest. The Fulton County jury on Monday convicted 28year-old Jquante Crews, and a judge sentenced him to life in prison without parole plus 10 years. Forrest was fatally shot in July 2009. Prosecutors say Forrest was robbed at gunpoint by Demario Ware, who has already been convicted in the case and sentenced to life in prison. Prosecutors say Ware fled with Forrest’s championship ring and Rolex watch. As he chased Ware, Forrest encountered Charmon Sinkfield, the alleged gunman.

Prosecutors say Crews drove the getaway car. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against Sinkfield.

Forrest, a native of Augusta, Ga., who lived in Atlanta, was a member of the 1992 Olympic team along with Oscar De La Hoya. Forrest

later won welterweight and junior middleweight titles and compiled a professional record of 41-3 with 29 knockouts.

Vernon Forrest

Jquante Crews

Demario Ware

race in a time of 6 minutes to claim the top position, CWCC took the second position as Continental Cycle Club settled for third. The Beginners’ two-lap event was won by Jornel Yearwood. Yearwood’s club mate Randy Haynes, with 13year-old Alfie Sonaram of Flying Stars Cycle Club finished second and third respectively. Junior Niles stole the Veterans Under-50 four-lap event from Ian ‘Dumb Boy’ Jackson and Talim Shaw as Alonzo Greaves who suffered a dislocated shoulder during one of his races later in the day, out-sprinted Robin Persaud and Marlon Williams to take the Category 1 and 2 six-lap race in a time of 19.39:30 seconds. Naomi Singh, who was also in the collision with Greaves, took the Ladies’ twolap event and the School Boys and Girls Open race earlier in the day. Rastaff O’Selmo snatched the Category 3 and 4 five-lap event from Philander and DeNobrega. Virgil Jones outclassed Lancelot Rose and Walter Isaacs around the Amelia’s Ward Circuit to take the Veterans over 50. The Mountain Bike twolap race was won by Keon Thomas; Briston John pedaled away with BMX 6-9 one-lap as Linden Cyclist only event was won by Orville Hinds followed by Gordon Sampson and Micheal Anthony. Mikalah Diaz conquered Cleveland King and Shaquel Campbell to take the BMX Open; Jamal Arthur and Kemraj Sunichan won the boys B M X 9-12 and B M X 12-14 respectively.

Wednesday April 04, 2012

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Mayor’s Annual Knockout Inter-Ward football tournament…

West Ruimveldt, Bourda, Wortmanville and West Ruimveldt Estate easily advance to semis

Pernell Shultz

Dwayne Alli

The fierce battle in the Mayor’s Annual Knockout Inter-Ward Football Tournament continues on Good Friday at the Georgetown Football Club ground with a double header when the semi-finals get underway with four top teams. The first match will see West Ruimveldt coming up against Bourda at 6:30pm. Wortmanville will close the curtains for the evening when they clash with East Ruimveldt Estate from 8:30pm as they try to register another victory to advance to the finals which is slated for April 13. Meanwhile, West Ruimveldt defeated Kitty 1-0 in the Quarterfinals last Sunday. The battle between the two teams saw Dwayne Alli scoring the only goal for the team in the 18th minute. Bourda also imitated West Ruimveldt’s 1-0 victory against Kuru Kururu when Roy Stanton netted his goal in the 79th minute. Wortmanville displayed their worth and skills in the tournament when they crushed Alexander Village 4-0. Pernell Shultz’s hat-trick and Paul Daniels goal completed the task. West Ruimveldt was also in the winning spree when they upset Tiger Bay in a 1-0 victory with Hubert Pedro’s 45th minute goal.

Brazil says no delays on World Cup stadiums SAO PAULO (AP)—The Brazilian government says construction work at World Cup stadiums is on schedule in all 12 host cities. With 800 days until the World Cup, the government says more than half the work is completed at five stadiums. At another five, more than 30 percent of the construction is done. Two are at just 20 percent—the Beira-Rio stadium in the southern city of Porto Alegre and the Arena das Dunas in northeastern Natal. The Castelao stadium in the northeastern city of Fortaleza is closest to completion, with 60 percent of the work done. The government said Tuesday that renovation at famed Maracana Stadium, site of the final, is 39 percent finished.

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President’s XI facing defeat Peter Forrest plays a well timed drive during his 50 not out

CAVE HILL, Barbados – An inexplicable batting collapse, triggered by Ben

Nathan Lyon showed he was a quick learner by improving on his first innings display.

Hilfenhaus and Nathan Ly o n , p u t t h e W I C B President’s XI on the verge of defeat against Australia in their three-day, tour match yesterday. N o P r e s i d e n t ’s X I batsman distinguished himself, as Hilfenhaus finished with the flattering figures of four wickets for eight runs from seven overs and Lyon captured four for 17 from seven overs, sending the home team crashing to 98 all out in their second innings about 35 minutes before the scheduled close at the Three Ws Oval. The President’s XI then failed to make a breakthrough, as Australia, chasing 86 for victory, reached 30 without loss in their second innings at the close on the second day with left-handed opener Ed Cowan not out on 15 and Shane Watson not out on 10. This followed the dramatic batting collapse from the President’s XI, after the President’s XI did well to dismiss Australia for 214 in their first innings, despite a top score of 53 from Peter Forrest which included two fours and three sixes from Continued on page 26

Santos FC lead Powerade Pee Wee Tournament Santos Football Club with 12 points are the current leaders of the Powerade Pee Wee Football tournament organized by the Georgetown Football Association (GFA) and sponsored by Banks DIH Limited under the Coca Cola brand. Santos accumulated 12 points from five matches in the six-team competition played at Banks DIH ground at Thirst Park. Fruta Conquerors and Renaissance FC are tied on nine points each, while GFC and Sunburst Camptown are locked on three points apiece. Riddim Squad are still to get off the mark. In results to date, Santos defeated GFC 4-0, Renaissance edged out Santos 1-0, Conquerors got the better

Fruta Conquerors on the attack against Sunburst Camptown in the Powerade Pee Wee competition. of Camptown 2-0, GFC squeezed past Riddim Squad 2-1, Renaissance brushed aside Camptown 4-0, Santos made light work of Riddim Squad 6-0, Conquerors beat

GFC 2-0, Santos stopped Camptown 3-1, Conquerors won against Riddim Squad 30, Camptown beat GFC 1-0, Santos took care of Conquerors 1-0 and

Renaissance clubbed Riddim Squad 4-0. The tournament continues this weekend with several matches at Thirst Park.

Six athletes sure of CARIFTA participation - AAG to update media today

A representative of Chetsons (left) hands over the track pants for the athletes who will represent Guyana at the CARIFTA Games in Bermuda this weekend. Up to Kaieteur Sport press time last evening, the Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG) was certain that six of the ten athletes who were named to represent Guyana at the 2012 CARIFTA Games will compete at the prestigious regional meet. Details of the status of the team will be revealed today when the association hosts a briefing at Olympic House at 3:30pm. However, based on the availability of funding, this paper has learnt that four athletes may have to be omitted for the tour.

T h e C A R I F TA G a m e s g e t s underway in Bermuda on Friday with Guyana expected to depart on Thursday through Trinidad and Tobago on a chartered aircraft. The first option was to attend the meet via the United States but that plan has since changed. According to sources close to the AAG, it is believed that the chartered route through Trinidad is much more economical, and feasible, than the US route. It is expected that full details will come out today as it relates to the logistics of Guyana’s participation.

But from what was reported before, the association was incurring US$1450 per person for airfare through the United States, while using Trinidad as a route is costing around US$1100; the change of travel plan is aimed at getting as much persons on the team. This newspaper has learnt that Chavez Ageday (U-20 100m, 200m), Davin Fraser (U-20 100m), Tevin Garraway (U-17 100m, 200m), Stephan James (U20 200m, 400m), Samuel Kaiton (U-20 5000m) and Andrea Foster (U-17 1500m, 3000m) are the six athletes who are certain that they will be competing in Bermuda. Ageday, Fraser, James and Garraway made the qualifying standards at the AAG CARIFTA trials last month, while Kaiton and Foster were named because of Guyana’s deep history of producing medals in those distance events; they were also close to the qualifying standard along with Tirono Mitchelle, Letitia Myles and Shomaine Daniels. The other qualifier, Timothy Fullington was not among those who are certain to compete. There will also be an update on the status of Fullington as a qualifier. All ten of the athletes had gotten US visas while uniforms were made for their full participation. (Edison Jefford)

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