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Wednesday April 3, 2013

Local contractors buckle on Amaila Falls road With local contractors buckling on the construction of the road to Amaila Falls, the government has secured a deal with China Railway First Group Co. Ltd (China Rail) to get the job done. Kaieteur News understands that the agreement is almost signed off, and key officials of the company are expected in the country to get their bulldozers on the road. Before the actual construction of the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project begins, an allweather access road to the proposed site is necessary for the transportation of heavy-duty equipment needed for the construction. China Rail will construct

the section of the road called Block 7. The government has expressed continuous concern about the pace of the road works. Speaking recently about the move to China Rail, Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon said it reflected the “concerns about the capacity of the domestic contractor to deliver the goods on time”. China Rail is the same contractor that was awarded the contract to build the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project. Once the deal is finalised with the Chinese company to execute works on the section described as “very technical and difficult”, the previous

- China Rail moving in agreements with local contractors to complete the same stretch will be voided. Several contractors have been involved in constructing the road, through contracts that were assigned in “lots.” The Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project reached major milestones in September, with the signing of key project agreements in Xi’an, China. The Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) contract, valued at US $506 million, was executed by Amaila Falls Hydro Inc.(AFH) and China Railway First Group Co. Ltd. (CRFG). Neither Guyana Power &

Light Inc. (GPL), nor the government is a signatory to the EPC contract. AFH, as owner of the Project, has the contractual obligation to build and finance the construction of the plant, then sell the power to GPL, pursuant to agreements to be entered into with GPL and the government. The Investment Agreement, governing the fiscal arrangements and certain legal obligations related to CRFG’s activities in Guyana with respect to the Project, was executed by CRFG and the Government of Guyana. The Mandate Letter, an agreement that

formally initiates the documentation and due diligence phase related to the planned participation of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in the financing Project, was executed by AFH and the IDB. On January 12, 2012, the government cancelled the controversial contract that was won by Synergy Holdings, under the Bharrat Jagdeo presidency. The new Donald Ramotar government terminated the contract from Fip Motilall’s Synergy Holdings and moved to seize all of his equipment. The government further determined that the contractor would pay US$120,000 in liquidated damages. Luncheon had previously indicated that even if costs are recovered maximally from Synergy Holdings, the cost will still be more than the original contract sum. The project site is located on the Kuribrong River, a tributary of the Potaro River in West Central Guyana. The nearest point of access is the airstrip at Kaieteur Falls on the Potaro River, approximately 15 miles to the south. An overland trail exists from Kaieteur to Amaila. Access is also provided overland by an all-weather

road through Tumatumari on the Potaro River and on to Mahdia and Kangaruma. River access along the Potaro-Kuribrong Rivers to the foot of Amaila Falls involves several portages around rapids and waterfalls. The road from Tumatumari was recently extended to Mahdia/ Kangaruma that brings the project closer to the site, but approximately 30 miles of additional roads needed to be built to the top of Amaila Falls. The Government of Guyana had granted the road building contract in March 2010. The then Bharrat Jagdeo government had vociferously defended the contract given to Motilall and his company, Synergy Holdings, and refused to terminate the contract, despite mounting controversy over Motilall’s suitability and ability to complete the contract. Government has allocated US$80M in this year’s budget for the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project. This sum is Government’s equity in the project and comes under Guyana REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) Investment Fund - GRIF, Dr. Ashni Singh, Minister of Finance, said in his budget speech last week.

Rice mill administrator found hanging Jenelle Ramnarine, a 24year-old Assistant Administrator assigned to the Caricom Rice Mills Ltd Firm, at Anna Regina, was discovered hanging by a rope in her living room at her Richmond Housing Scheme home on Monday night. Her boyfriend reportedly made the discovery. Ramnarine’s aunt, Maureen Sukhai, said that her relatives were only informed about her niece’s death, after the body was removed from her premises by relatives. The Sukhai family is contending that while the members do not want to make a definitive pronouncement about Ramnarine’s death until a post mortem examination, they did not want to completely rule out foul play. Just after 19:00 hours on Monday, police saw Ramnarine’s body hanging by a rope in her house. The body was positioned with her knees touching the floor. Sukhai, who was at the Anna Regina police station on Tuesday morning , said that she learnt of her niece’s death while she was at the time attending a wake at Henrietta. “A relative told me ‘I have some news.’” Sukhai said what came as a shock to her family was the manner in which information about her niece’s death was

Dead: Jenelle Ramnarine relayed to them. She said her niece’s boyfriend made the discovery, then proceeded to inform the police without notifying the family. She said neighbours informed her that her niece, who lived alone, was seen crying after she and her boyfriend apparently had an argument. “He was the last person she was with and as such I am convinced that he ought to know what transpired that night,” a brother of the woman said. Jenelle Ramnarine was described as a very quiet and reserved individual. She was the eldest of six children. Police have since questioned the man and are awaiting results of the post mortem examination.

Wednesday April 3, 2013

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UG student arraigned on $$M armed During the multi-millionrobbery charge dollar heist which was carried Assault charges likely for police officer, A public management out at around 15:30 hours on from the University March 30, an armed gunman ‘illegal’ miners could also face court student of Guyana was yesterday and two accomplices held up arraigned on a charge of Marudi beating incident…

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has instructed that the police Corporal in the Marudi miners beating incident be charged with assault. The officer who used physical force against alleged illegal miners during an operation to curb the practice is likely to be charged this week, according to Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell. Information is that the case file has been delivered to the officer’s commander who will in turn update him on his court matter. In the meantime, the miners who were allegedly

operating illegally in the Region Nine area are also likely to be charged. It is however unclear what the charges would entail and when the matter will be before the court. The Commissioner however said that the matter is being looked at, while all the relevant parties would be charged within the necessary time. Early last month, video footage showing a police officer whipping miners on the Marudi trail surfaced, spreading on the social media. Investigations by the

Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) and the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment were launched, with Minister Robert Persaud calling an emergency meeting of the Board of Directors for the GGMC in addition to requesting the assistance of the Commissioner of Police in investigating the allegations. The victims, Brazilian nationals, also met with the Brazilian Ambassador to speak on the matter. Those affected by the police reportedly suffered injuries about the body.

Firearm licences fraud case…

Ex-cop confesses to torching evidence, fined $160,000 The female police officer mixed up in the recently uncovered firearm licence fraud, confessed to a related crime when she made her appearance before Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court yesterday. A tearful Edon Greene, 44, accepted the facts of the charge which stated that between July 28, 2012 and September 27, 2012, she attempted to defeat the course of justice by destroying the two firearm licence books which were part of an investigation, and were to be audited and certified to determine their accuracy. In reply to the charge, a visibly remorseful Greene begged for the court’s understanding and sympathy

as she apologised for “embarrassing the Guyana Police Force and her family.” Police reports stated that following the disclosure of financial irregularities at the Brickdam Police Station Registry, Greene was placed under open arrest, while the Force solicited help from licenced firearm holders who made purchases during August and December 2012. The female Lance Corporal was suspected to have been involved in the disappearance of a quantity of cash from the Registry during the aforementioned period. The money represented the proceeds from the sale of firearm licences. The reports revealed that Greene was previously transferred from

Tucville youth shot during altercation A Tucville youth was shot in the right arm during an altercation with three other young men at around 14:15 hrs yesterday. Police identified the victim as Leon Daniels, 21, while hospital sources gave his age as 17. The incident allegedly occurred near a bridge that separates Tucville from the Lamaha Conservancy. Kaieteur News was told

that Daniels’ brother had an altercation with a group of young men earlier in the day. The men reportedly returned some time later and opened fire at the brothers, wounding Leon Daniels in the arm. He was admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). Police said that the suspects are still to be apprehended.

the Finance Office where she and others were implicated in another massive fraud, for which no one has been prosecuted. Instead, the rank was recently promoted at the last police promotions announced on January 1. The licences were entrusted to Greene for her to issue eligible applicants on behalf of the state. However, she sold it to individuals and companies during the period mentioned in the charge and used the proceeds for her personal benefit. According to facts read by Prosecutor Vishnu Hunte, Greene was attached to the firearm section of the A Division Registry. Several checks revealed that two of the licence books were not accounted for. An investigation was conducted and Greene confessed to burning evidence of issuing illegal firearm licences. She was then arrested and charged for the offence in question. As a result, Greene was automatically relieved of her duties as an officer of the Guyana Police Force. After her stirring apology before Magistrate Latchman, Greene was instructed to pay a fine of $160,000 or serve an alternative 24 months imprisonment.

armed robbery. The accused, 17-year-old Sean Rodrigues, is accused of a multi-milliondollar robbery which occurred on March 30 last, at Electronics City, Sheriff Street, Subryanville, Georgetown. Police reports revealed that the defendant armed himself with a gun and went into the store where he made off with 35 expensive cellular phones, worth $10,651,000. Rodrigues pleaded not guilty to the charge while his Attorney Glenn Hanoman made an application for bail. The lawyer told the court that the teenager comes from a good family with whom he has lived all his life adding that the teen’s relatives would ensure that he returns for his trial to clear his name of the allegation. Hanoman explained that police basically charged the teenager after a zipped bag, containing the cellular phones, was found in a car that he owns, but that he has since offered the police a reasonable explanation. Prosecutor Vishnu Hunte

Remanded: Sean Rodrigues opposed the application and stated that his objection is based on the penalty attached to the crime as well as the quantum mentioned in the charge and the weapon which was used. “The defendant was positively identified by both victims at an ID parade,” Hunte noted. Magistrate Judy Latchman refused bail, and the accused will make his next court appearance on April 17.

employees, Marty Kanhai and Tiffany Peroune, and grabbed dozens of high-end cellular phone from the store. Reports indicated that the men came in posing as customers. One of them was carrying a bag. The one with the bag then placed it on the counter pulled out a gun and ordered Kanhai to ‘start packing the bag’. The other then pulled out a knife and held Peroune while ordering her to assist her colleague in emptying the glass case. There were also reports that the men who perpetrated the robbery were seen in the store prior to the robbery making enquiries about items in the store. Within minutes the men had the bag filled with popular brands including HTC, iPhone, BlackBerry and Samsung Galaxy, among others. Once the men were satisfied that they had enough they fled the store in a waiting car, with licence plates PPP 4544, which was parked close by.

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Big Pharma vs. Third World Monday might have been “April Fool’s Day” but a decision announced that day by the Indian Supreme Court was no joke. In a landmark ruling that is sure to redound to the benefit of the entire developing world, the Court rejected the Swiss ‘big pharma’ multinational Novartis’ claim that Indian-manufactured generic copies of its cancer-fighting drug Glivec or Gleevnec violated its ‘patent’. Novartis’ original patent had long expired on the drug, but it utilised a prevalent practice in the industry called “evergreening’. In this manoeuvre, the pharmaceutical companies make a small modification on the original formulation to file for a new patent that would maintain its exclusive right to manufacture it for another five years. More importantly they could continue to charge huge premiums for the drugs. The court said they ‘firmly reject the appellant’s case that (the reformulated drug) is a new product and the outcome of an invention beyond the (original) patent. It held that India’s Patents (Amendment) Act, 2005 established that the “mere discovery of a new form of a known substance which does not result in the enhancement of the known efficacy of that substance” is not an invention — for the purpose of patenting. Glinvec is only one of a host of drugs that are being manufactured in India because they reject the ploy of ‘evergreening’. India is presently the world’s largest manufacturer of generic drugs and the case will be closely followed in other countries such as Brazil and Thailand that have pharmaceutical industries striving to bring drugs to their poorer population at prices they can afford. Gleevec, for example, costs as much as $70,000 a year in the US, while Indian generic versions cost about $2,500 a year. This is literally a matter of life and death for many in the developing world. It is obviously also a large factor in the cost of health care in the US and other developed countries, but because of the power of ‘big pharma’, ‘evergreening’ is accepted by the authorities. India exports about $10 billion worth of generic medicine annually and together with China produce more than 80 percent of the active ingredients of all drugs used in the United States. The irony is that ‘big pharma’, in its drive for profits, uses Indian and Chinese cost effectiveness to manufacture the active ingredients there, but slaps on a label in their home countries to make a huge killing (pun intended). However the downside for their quest to make their huge profits ad infinitum is that the Indian and Chinese drug manufacturers frequently have the inside information on the new drugs even before they are released and are in a position to get immediately into production at the expiration of the original patent in five years, under their own brand names. ‘Big Pharma’ cannot credibly complain of ‘inferior third world products’ as is their wont, since their own products emanate from the same sources. Their only honourable recourse, it would appear, would be to market their product more effectively, but the levels of profit they are demanding make this option unattractive for them. What they have chosen to do instead is to use their leverage in their home countries to force the developing world to accept ‘evergreening’. For instance this is one of the issues that the US is promoting in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which it is promoting right now. Big Pharma insists that there will be less investment in research for new products to fight disease, but critics point out that the profits typically made in one year in the US alone cover the largest research budgets. Novartis has already announced that it will be spending less money in India on research because of the decision. In Guyana, we have had some experience with the insistence of ‘Big Pharma’, in general, and Novartis in particular, demanding more money for its products. The government insisted on calling for bids on an anti-malarial drug which ended up costing the Guyanese taxpayers millions of dollars than if the generics from India had been requested.

Wednesday April 03, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

Freddie, Lincoln and the grand promise of concession from a zero sum player DEAR EDITOR, I have been following the recent debate and a quasicuss down between two avowed friends, Freddie Kissoon and Lincoln Lewis. I have also seen the piece by Elton McRae which ask pertinent questions about the effectiveness of the TUC as the de facto representative of labour in Guyana. I believe the essence of the debate contains matters of national concern that is deserving of the attention of every Guyanese. Among the lengthy and seemingly endless back and forth between Lewis and Kissoon the burden of proof (of fruits of engagement) lies squarely on the doorsteps of Lewis for the simple fact that he is an elected (some people say self-imposed) leader of the labour umbrella body. He has power and responsibility that is derived from a constituency, Kissoon does not. Kissoon is a mere columnist and public commentator with a responsibility to review events and ask hard questions of those whose sphere of influence affect the lives of Guyanese. At the heart of this debate is a thesis by Kissoon that people with antithetical principles should not meet and talk with a dictatorial government that has a history of acting in bad faith. Meetings do not make sense when it is known or can be reasonably estimated beforehand that the result is a zero sum (all or nothing)

game. This whole debate arose out of a charge by Elton McRae that the meeting between government and GTUC was nonproductive and that Lewis and his team left with a predetermined zero. For my part I find both the positions of Kissoon and McRae to be tenable since Lewis in his many outpourings sought to attack the integrity of Kissoon without even once delineating the tangibles he has taken away from that meeting on behalf of his constituency. Lewis is embarrassed to admit that he walked away from the meeting empty handed and he seeks comfort in the self-destructive path of character assignation and M a c h i a v e l l i a n gerrymandering, instead of admitting that (in hind sight) the meeting was a waste of time. To be fair to Lewis he did say that the glorious achievement of the meeting was a promise (I repeat, a promise) that Marriott will never be repeated in Guyana and that that is the only redeemable solution because the hotel contract has reached a point of no return. In other words this one is too far gone but we will keep an eye out for the next one and if ever another one comes around we hope that the PPP regime sees the light of the Messiah, receives a transformation of heart and cedes some ground to the GTUC.

Oh dear, if that is Lincoln’s glorious achievement for meeting with the government on the Marriott project, then he is completely out moded, clearly out of his depths and unworthy of the badge he now wears on behalf of the working class constituency. If talks with this autocracy makes sense while the bombs of injustice are being rained all over Guyana in the Jagdeo/Ramator version of “Shock and Awe,” then Mr. Lewis why don’t you convene meetings to talk about the resumption of subvention to Critchlow Labour College, the resumption of collective bargaining with the subject union for wages and salaries for public servants, the c o n t i n u e d

disenfranchisement of the union and dismantling of the public service by unilaterally, removing large blocks of workers from the traditional public service and placing them under nonpensionable, nonunionized contract regimes or talk about why the government continues to ignore the rights of workers of GTUC member unions (of which GB&GWU is a glaring example) and talk about the continued practice of dismissal of workers based on results of polygraph tests. And while you are at it, get this regime to reform the Ethnic Relations Commission and allow the University of Guyana to be a truly academic institution and not a political playfield. Lenno Craig

DEAR EDITOR, An article in the Guyana Times newspaper of Tuesday March 5 headlined ‘Aircraft body roasts KN over article on Gouveia’ is so petty, it is disgusting. However, a clearing of the air is in order. While the erstwhile Aircraft Owners Association of Guyana would like to paint Mr. Gouveia as being far better than sliced bread, maybe a keen check into history would reveal a collage which may have a taint or two. That being said, please let us correct the records – owning an airline and being a pilot does not qualify one to

be one of the most informed aviators in Guyana. There are informed Aviators who have decided to remain quiet and let the fools be passed further on. Also, please do not derail the history about ‘main medevacuation’. I am from the Hinterland and I can attest to the fact that years before Roraima Airways, there was Air Services Limited (Yacoob Ally) that did evacuations at any hour, day or night, with or without pay. So, AOAG, hold off on the halo and wings – there are no free dinners with your golden boy. Hinterland resident

On a Point of Order

Wednesday April 03, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Nandlall’s April Fool politics DEAR EDITOR, I cannot help casting my mind back to the air of expectancy on the one hand and the cloud of doom and despair on the other which blew over Guyana in October 1992 with the ascention of the PPP to power in Guyana after 28 years. Some time soon after, I remember a somewhat heated discussion we as university students had with former President Jimmy Carter and something he said; it was, that it was their intention to create a model state of Guyana. I remember, too, the first cries of Cheddi Jagan about the ethic imbalance in the composition of the workforce in the public service. I remember prior to all of this the PPP’s vehement opposition to the constitution. On April 1, I listened to, on NCN, a rebroadcast of Attorney General Anil Nandlall speaking on a range of topics relevant to politics in Guyana today. I did not want to think that N.C.N was playing the All Fools Day trick on either the nation or on the Attorney General. However, I wonder if this is the model state of democracy which

President Carter spoke of. President Carter’s democratic model state now denies the majority their voice through Presidential non assent to the opposition’s bills, and the Attorney General seems to have forgotten Roger Khan and Ronald Gajraj in so short a space of time. In this model state, radio and television licences are distributed in a ratio with Indians getting eight to every 1.3 issued to Afrikans and .07 to Portuguese. Amerindians don’t appear on the bandwidth. Whilst Indians are getting approximately six broadcasting licences to every one given to Afrikans the denial rate to Afrikans is 50 per cent, that is, for every licence denied to all other ethnicities one is denied to an Afrikan. So much for the distribution of state patronage according ethnic proportionality. The Jagdeo versus Freddie court case reveals much the same pattern in the distribution of land and all other areas of resource allocation under the state’s hand. The A.G. was speaking to

the PPP followers. That a party would want to keep its constituency at so elementary a level of consciousness is not healthy for national development. That it exclusively forms the nation’s executive and does not have the majority of the nation with it in its ramblings is oppressive at least, and political backward at most. True patriots ultimately do not mind who rule their country once that rule is in the interest of the nation. The AG’s piety on All Fools Day whether born out of innocence or ignorance was almost comical. Guyana deserves better. Its role in contributing to the struggle for Independence and consequently Republicanism is being compromised by the current forms of oppressive rule. I would prefer to see the PPP as inalienable a national institution sever itself from the ignoble path and proceed on a more enlightened path not only for the nation’s sake but for its own legacy and the elevation of the minds of those who look to it for leadership and interpretations of the world around them. JONATHAN ADAMS

Tackling the socio-economic problems of Georgetown DEAR EDITOR, The entire population, especially, the dwellers of Georgetown, should welcome the news of a plan to restore this Capital City to its former pristine state. In any country, the capital is supposed to be the showpiece, but regrettably our city, now two hundred years old, has experienced a decline in law, order, discipline and sanitation within recent times. We are aware that our Garden City is now known to be one of garbage and uncleanliness. Dealing with these problems is everyone’s business as a matter of pride and patriotism. It is hoped that the committees fainted in this national exercise have within their mandate the task of dealing with the debacle of Le Repentir, our main cemetery. Scores of letters have been written over the years about the problems of Le Repentir. There have been many suggestions but much progress has not been made. The section between Cemetery Road and St. Stephen’s Street is a jungle. I daresay that the dead must be “turning in their graves” or

crushed by the growth of massive trees and dense undergrowth. Speaking about cemeteries is an unpleasant topic but the deceased also have rights. Let us compare how we manage our systems with the way other countries do and we will see a vast difference. It is believed that many people resort to cremation because of the problems encountered in burial.

Let us hope that persons can trace the tombs of their loved ones provided the sexton’s office has reliable records. Finally, we wish the committees success in their Herculean task in renewing the age-old great reputation that Georgetown once boasted of. Our laws need to be revised to impose stiffer penalties on those who indulge in wanton littering. Malcolm Maynard

Pointless to make NIS contributions DEAR EDITOR, As a concerned citizen and contributor to the National Insurance Scheme, I find it necessary to write this letter. I started making contributions through my employers in 1972. I left Guyana for a few years; then returned and started my own business. At first business was great; I decided to continue making self contributions to the scheme, seeing it as an opportunity to have additional financial assistance later in life and to help keep the institution viable. As a patriotic Guyanese I am willing to do what’s right to ensure that our country find a meaningful place in this universe; and that poor Guyanese who are the ones to suffer the most; has a better chance in society. The last few years I have become very troubled and have absolutely no confidence in the way our system function. Each and every year I am

evaluated and an assessment of a dollar amount is established for me to pay each month, currently; $6.900, an interest is also assess if my monthly payments are not made on time. Business these days is not what it once was. I am working much harder than in the past. Some months I see little or no profits, but I have maintained my obligations, whether it’s paying my contribution, taxes, water bill, light bill or paying $24,000, to a private contractor to clean the filthy and stinking alleyway behind my home every few months, because the city and administration don’t seem to care about the ordinary man; and don’t feel obliged to adhere to their responsibilities. I find this very disturbing and unconscionable that the administration of the National Insurance Scheme seems to care less of the effect their poor and unsatisfactory

handling of the funds that has been entrusted to them by the citizens of this country. As a law-biding and responsible citizen of this country, I have had enough of the lawless and unconcerned attitude of those who have been abusing and misusing funds of this nation; and taking us for granted. So, in light of all that has been going on these past few years and with the dismal and uncertainty of National Insurance funds; especially since said funds are being used for other than intended purposes I find it pointless to continue making contributions to a scheme that has “what appears” some reckless incompetent and dishonest people spearheading the institution. I have decided to discontinue making further contributions until there is evidence of better handling of the people’s business. Thank you for your time. L. Major

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Wednesday April 03, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

GBTI responds to Mr. Craig DEAR EDITOR, Reference is made to an article printed in your newsprint dated 28th March 2013 and submitted by Mr Lenno Craig under the caption of “An Illegal, Illogical and Repressive Practice”. It is quite unfortunate that the Bank was not given the opportunity by Kaieteur News to have its response printed with the publication of the letter.

We hereby advise Mr. Craig that subsequent to the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act of 2009, all Financial Institutions are required to verify the identity of their customers. The following documentation is required when establishing an account with a Bank: Passport or National Identification Card and Proof of address. For information purposes

we advise that a Proof of Address is: Documentation issued by a public organisation such as a Bank, Building Society, Insurance Company, Local Authority, Utility Company or Educational Institution reflecting the name and address of the person and must have been sent in the post and received at the address. The documents provided by Mr Craig were not in

compliance with the aforementioned and as such we were unable to proceed with the transaction he requested. The Guyana Bank for Trade & Industry Ltd operates in a regulated environment and at all times we must act in accordance and comply with the requirements of the law. Collette Lyken-Ramdial Head-Banking Operations

A most disgraceful attack DEAR EDITOR, The PPP and its economic sponsors at the Hard Times newspapers are low-class and disgraceful with no sense of dignity, respect or moral fortitude. Under a column named Eyewitness and captioned Nixing Development the paper claimed: “The AFC bush doctor from Berbice complained about his village’s cricket field. He fretted, “People can see that the Whim ground is infested with bush.” Infested??? A ground might be “overgrown” wanker! It’s the “bush” that can be “infested.” This patriotic son of Berbice, Dr. Veersaamy Ramayaa, was in the midst of burying his bellowed wife last week and yet these “Babu John “cuss birds” and their vindictive and foul minded non-intellectual authors in Freedom House have chosen to attack Dr. Ramayaa during his bereaved moment. What manner of people are in charge of this country? Have they any sense of time, place and propriety? Were they dragged up in the crab bush? Were they schooled in decency and respect? These heartless goons are part of the PPP cabal that has no pride and self-respect. They are just downright nasty. We encourage the reading Guyanese public to get the facts from Kaieteur News and use them as a true litmus test of the mentality of the Freedom House gang. They are uncouth, vindictive and power drunken people who lack any sort of decent upbringing. They bring shame to their ancestors who came on the boats across the “Kala Pani.”

First they came for Balram Singh Rai and destroyed him, then they came for Moses Bhagwan and ostracized him, then they came for Ranji Chandisingh and devoured him,, then they came for Vincent Teekah and buried him, then they came for Prakash Ramjattan and exiled him, then they came for Moses Nagamootoo and smeared his career , and eventually, they came for Ralph Ramkarran and banished him. Now these vulgar and brainless idiots have come for Dr Ramayaa; all brilliant East Indians who have seen through the PPP’s corrupted game. It is only a matter of time before they come for all the Berbicians. As more Berbicians read these sheep in wolf clothing articles, they will reject them outright. When that happens, where will they hide the millions of US dollars they have stolen from the Treasury? Since the political meltdown of the PPP in the 2011 elections, they have become the cesspool of Guyana’s politics. They continue to make pusillanimous efforts to drag all righteous, patriotic and consciousness Guyanese, especially Berbicians down into their cesspool but they will not succeed because time and history are not on their side. And because the three patriots from Berbice— Moses Nagamootoo, Khemraj Ramjattan and Veerasammy Ramayaa will not allow them to contaminate the decent and intelligent minds of courageous Berbicians. Dr Asquith Rose and Harish S. Singh

DEAR EDITOR, It is a unanimous decision of GECOM that all appointments/renewals of Contracts for Senior Level Staff must come before the Full Commission for its evaluation and appointment. Such decisions are guided by recommendations from Heads of Department etc, any letters of misconduct, warning letters etc of the person being evaluated M their Personal file etc. The present Chief Elections Officer, Mr. Gocool Boodoo’s contract, is now due for renewal. At a GECOM meeting when this was being discussed I pointed out to the Chairman, Dr. Steve Surujbally, that as a Full-Time Chairman, that he is the link between us six Commissioners and the Secretariat Staff. I further stated that

whenever Commissioners pointed out any lapses by Senior Staff at our meeting, he the Chairman always exploded - “Leave my boys alone- They are the Technicians - Let them do their work.” I further requested and Commissioners agreed that he must present us with his assessment/evaluation for all of us to debate on and to provide any warning letter, any correspondences etc he would have sent to the Chief Elections Officer during his tenure - so we can all arrive at a fair evaluation that fulfills the tenets of natural justice. I also pointed out that the incumbent must be given a hearing and all Commissioners agreed. This issued is still to be debated. Dr. K. Mangal Commissioner

GECOM is still open on the Boodoo issue

Wednesday April 3, 2013

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Wednesday April 3, 2013

Research seen as a crucial factor to aid nurses’ development By Sharmain Grainger Critical thinking coupled with a more holistic approach aided by research should encompass the way nurses within the local health sector operate. At least this is the recommendation of a recent graduate of the University of Guyana’s Bachelors of Science Degree programme in Nursing, Vilma Persaud. Ahead of undertaking the programme, Persaud was able to garner much experience in the sector and has even offered her nursing skills to the reputable Caribbean Heart Institute situated in the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. Her experience has in fact taught her that in order for the ideal quality of nurses to be plugged into the system there is need, from the initial stage, for the right persons to be selected. “In order for you to have the right quality of persons to be nurses, you have to first choose the right types to be placed into the nursing schools for training,” Persaud affirmed. She pointed to the fact that there has been evidence to support that some individuals had sought to join the noble profession with ulterior motives on their minds. “People should not be

joining the profession just because they see it as a gateway to someplace else, and a lot of the times that is the case.” Moreover, she is adamant that while persons should seek to join the profession with a view to improving it, the onus also remains on those who are tasked with selecting the most suitable applicants. Persaud noted that she is not completely satisfied with the state of nursing in Guyana adding that, “I would like to see that nurses are allowed to be critical thinkers and are able to take a holistic approach to nursing. From what I have seen I don’t know if it probably has something to do with the ratio of nurses to patients, but there are some nurses who haphazardly do their work and that kind of thing and to me that poses a very big problem.” She further asserted that once nurses with a love for the profession are able to embrace a holistic approach and can completely care for patients, there is likely to be a transformation of the delivery of health care. IMPORTANCE OF RESEARCH Persaud emphasised that change within the nursing profession could also be realised if research is fully

Dr Emanuel Cummings

Vilma Persaud

incorporated. “One of the biggest things that I have seen in the BSc Nursing programme is research and that is something that is not introduced in the nursing schools, and it is only through this programme that I have been able to see how important research is to improving nursing.” Persaud, who was ascribed as the Valedictorian for the Nursing programme last year, attaining the highest Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.8, insisted that “if you want to see nursing improving and the vision for nursing being realised, research is the way to go, and that is how you gain respect also. It is not just what I say or what I think, and things like that, it is what I can show.” According to

Persaud, there have been instances when other medical personnel refuse to listen to nurses because “you may know things, but you are just a nurse some may think...” But even attempts to advance the research work of nurses who undertake the BSc programme have been faced with some shortcomings, according to Coordinator of the Programme, Afesha Leacock-Marshall. Primary among the challenges is that of funding, as according to her, the programme is currently seeking sponsorship in order to offset its expenses. She related that the programme has, since its commencement in 2002, been thriving on sponsorship with organizations such as the

Association of Guyanese Nurses and Allied Professionals (AGNAP) based in England being a very instrumental supporter of research projects. However, she disclosed that “a lot of times we have students who produce very good research and we want to send them to international conferences to showcase their work, but because of financial constraints we are unable to do so.” Dean of the University’s Health Sciences Faculty, Dr Emanuel Cummings, under whose purview the programme falls, also recently emphasized the importance of research in nursing. He underscored the need for more nurses to learn from their colleagues in the Caribbean, particularly those in Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados. He alluded to a point in time when local nurses would send research work to the Caribbean Health Research Council (CHRC) and papers were accepted and presented and they were recognised. “That is something that I have said that we need to resuscitate. We want to encourage all of our programmes, including nursing, to do research.” He made reference to the fact that a premier function of the university is research,

which is essential to determine some of the issues that exist, and to gain the “know how” to address these. Health care in the Region has reached a stage where at the level of the CHRC a research agenda has been established, and Guyana also has a research agenda, Dr Cummings added. The research agenda, he noted, is not in isolation of what goes on in the Ministry of Health or the Faculty of Health Sciences. “This research agenda has been put together by key players within the Ministry of Health and also the Faculty of Health Sciences, and so this research agenda was carefully chosen based on the issues we think are of national interest to health care delivery.” “It is crucial that nurses get on board with this movement and seek to do quality research so that answers can be found for a lot of the issues which exist here in the area of nursing education, thereby making an even more significant contribution towards further development,” Dr. Cummings stressed. By extension, he added, this could see the role of nurses not only being important, but on par with any other level of health care professional.

Wednesday April 3, 2013

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A TEST FOR THE OPPOSITION The recourse to cutting the Budget may be the opposition’s way of compensating for not being able to offer constructive criticisms and feasible alternatives to the government’s programmes. It is left to be seen just how the opposition will respond this time around. It is left to be seen what will be the basis of their criticisms and whether they can ditch personal attacks and employ in its place reasoned arguments. That may be asking too much of the opposition, but they really need to prove that they are capable of unmasking the 2013 Budget. They also have to prove that at the end of the day they can wrest reasonable compromises from the government It is no use asking, like the AFC did last year, about where the government was finding the money to make major pharmaceutical purchases, when it was the same opposition that supported the passage of the health budget. It is no use asking about the overall costs of the airport expansion project if funding for this project was approved last year. That would be like closing the stable doors after the horse has bolted. It is no use trying to make out as if certain public officials are “fat cats” when there has been no public disclosure as to what some

parliamentarians earn, inclusive of fringe benefits, for their work in the National Assembly. In a recent court case it was revealed that a member of parliament paid five million dollars in tax for one year alone. This means that his annual income for that year was in excess of fifteen million dollars. How then can one justify this talk about “fat cats”? These arguments are good for the camera, but they do not conceal the absence of credible alternatives and solid criticisms. And this is what one has to look out for in this year’s Budget debates. The government is expected to spend a great deal of time outlining what it did last year and what it plans to do this year. It will come with concrete facts and with statistics to make its case. And it must be recalled that the economy did very well last year and therefore it will be hard for the opposition to find solid grounds to be critical of the management of the economy. The opposition parties will therefore be sorely tested in this year’s Budget debate. They will be on the ones on trial, not the government. The public will be looking towards them to see what criticisms they can offer and how strong or weak are these criticisms. The people of Guyana will want to know where the opposition stands on this

Dem boys seh...

Dem know how to legalise corruption When people eye big dem does get greedy fuh any and everything. Rob Earth sit down wid de Rat and plan how dem gun share de radio station. Fuh tek shame out he eye de Rat decide that he gun give he best friend and de party. He then tell Rob Earth that he gun give another set of licences to Rob Earth TV station. Is then Rob Earth big eye tek over. He tek de station fuh heself. Now de whole party shame, but dem do good fuh cover up de shame. Dem telling everybody that de Rat free up radio. Is like a rich man who tell de world that he sharing he money. He call he mother and give she some. Then he call he wife and give she some. Then he call all he children and give dem. Nobody else ain’t get. That is sharing according to de Rat. And that is wha happen wid de radio situation. When de sharing done, dem set up a body fuh legalise de radio station. Dem boys seh that people now know wha it mean to legalise corruption. Is de same thing dem do wid de contract fuh de airport. Dem boys want to know who in dem right senses gun sign an agreement wid a contractor to pay de contractor if de project delay. A man building he house and he tell de contractor fuh done de house in three months. Then he agree that if de contractor don’t finish de house then he got to pay de contractor one million dollars every day. Kak must pass. All de contractor got to do is stall de project. Brazzy sign such a contract wid dem Chinee. That is legalising corruption but Donald ain’t seeing that. He still got abeer in he eye. Dem boys want to know if dem got any other government that does pay people for failure. Burnham and Cheddi must be hugging up and crying upstairs fuh see wha dem lef fuh tek over after dem. Talk half and watch how fuh mek corruption pay.

Budget. They are not interested in learning about cuts. They want to know how, if the opposition had $209 billion dollars to spend, how they would spend this sum. That may be asking the opposition parties too much, because they do not have the political experience of managing such a large Budget. But at least they should be able to think about some of the things that they would do differently from the government if they had to manage a Budget of that size. The government has already increased old age pensions by some 25%. That is costing the treasury a few billion each year, with in

excess of 40,000 persons receiving this pension in a country of under 800,000 persons. The AFC has long been calling for an audit of the names of those receiving old age pensions. Their former parliamentarian Sheila Holder was convinced that the pension roll was padded. She went to her grave convinced that all was not right with the pension list. There is need to ensure that this roll does not contain persons who are not eligible for pensions. There is also a need, if future increases are to be sustainable, for some means test to be introduced

before someone becomes eligible for old age pension. Should someone for example receiving NIS pension be eligible for old age pension? This surely cannot be right, because old age pension is not a contributory scheme. Therefore there is no legal entitlement to old age pension. How can persons who receive a fat cheque each month from the NIS, as pension, still be eligible for old age pension, when this money could have been used to pay higher old age pensions to persons who are not in receipt of the NIS pension? These are the issues upon

which the public expects strident contributions from the opposition. The talk about cuts is a mere sideshow; it is the easy way out of the Budget debacle and it played right into the hands of the government on the last occasion. It may happen again this year.

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Wednesday April 3, 2013

Freddie Kissoon Column

Here is a working class government for you If the PPP is an organization that in the making of policies is dedicated to elevating the poorer classes and has done just that while in power, then the meaning of a working class government is total nonsense and no genius can define what it means or measure its performance. If the PPP Government in Guyana is on the side of the labouring masses and the economically poorer sections of Guyana, then I proclaim most emphatically, that Wall Street and the bankers of the US are working class heroes.

The PPP Government achieved power in 1992 and in 2014 will abolish property tax which starts from $7M. It means that for twenty-one years, this government that shouts out how much it cares for the poorer classes has been taxing citizens who have seven million dollars in assets. How can any politician be so ignorant, asinine, uncaring and bestial to ask its citizens who have $7M in assets, to pay property tax? If you work as an employee in any low level job for twenty-five years and saved your money to buy a

home, one would assume that after so many years of toiling that you have seven million dollars in assets. It is no secret that maybe a panel door in one of the houses in Pradoville 2 costs more than seven million dollars. After twenty-one years in power, this dastardly cruelty will be abolished. For twenty-one years, this socalled working people’s government could not see how cruel this policy was. Here are more examples of the heartlessness of the PPP Government. It torments your mind as to why the people of

this country voted this group into power five consecutive times. Do you know that President Cheddi Jagan abolished duty free cars for UG lecturers when he came to power in 1992? Do you know that only senior doctors in the public medical sector can get duty free vehicles? For the police force it is only superintendents. Yet mining equipment and manufacturing machines for the capitalist class are assigned duty free status. Let’s stick with cars. Before we do that, let’s repeat

the nonsense that came out of the mouth of Finance Minister Ashni Singh during the 2012 budget debate. Singh, in reacting to the call for VAT reduction told the National Assembly that there is a basket of goods that poor people buy which is zero rated. If, according to Singh, you lower VAT on all other items, it will not help the marginal classes because they do not buy such goods. If anything stupid ever came out of the mouth of Finance Minister in the history of this country, this is an example. Police of lower ranks, soldiers of lower ranks, vendors, teachers, lower rank public servants, hire car drivers and other low earning citizens are not middle class people. If they are going to buy a car, they will not choose an expensive one. They normally go for a price of $1.9 million. The middle class, the upper classes and the wealthily groups do not drive cars that cost two million dollars. A typical $ 1.8M Toyota vehicle is the Raum or AT 212. It is on these models the government can lower the one-million-dollar duty, making a vehicle accessible to working class citizens. Go on any road in Georgetown and look at the types of citizens driving a Raum. Do you know that this PPP Government when it brought in VAT put the 16 percent on the most basic foodstuff that the poorer classes depend on? All the

Frederick Kissoon basic necessities originally carried VAT including sugar, oil, bread, rice, eggs, toothpaste, milk, biscuits. It was widespread protests that caused a re-think. What goes through the mind of a ruling politician that can put VAT rate at 16 percent on foodstuff that are essential for the labouring masses. And the so-called great freedom fighter of the poorer classes was alive then and was in control of the PPP – Janet Jagan. Do you know the great Cheddi Jagan who called the longest sugar strike on the estates over the imposition of the Sugar Levy in 1976 came to power in 1992 and died in office without abolishing it? It was done away with eleven years after 1992. Do you know that when the Berbice campus of UG was established and the Turkeyen lecturers were asked to teach, they were told to line up for bus transportation and the meal allowance was five hundred dollars? This very government is seeking re-election and will showcase its “working class” nature.

Chronicle reporter detained after forcing way into West Dem. Hospital A Chronicle newspaper reporter and a cameraman were detained briefly by ranks of the Vreed-en-hoop Police Station over an alleged gun-pulling incident. Reports are that on Saturday night, last, the reporter and cameraman turned up at the West Demerara Regional Hospital enquiring about an accident which occurred at Crane, West Coast Demerara. This publication was told that the reporter and cameraman were barred from entering the triage area where patients were being attended. Sources say that the reporter reportedly pulled a gun on a female doctor who was on duty as he tried to make his way into a room. In the process, the door was damaged. The reporter’s actions forced the doctor to call in police at the medical institution and the reporter and cameraman were detained. The two men were released some time later after a full statement was given by the doctor.

Wednesday April 3, 2013

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GEA highlights fuel smuggling reduction amidst corruption allegations Amidst numerous allegations made against Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) officials by its staffers, administrators of that entity have rebuffed and dismissed allegations that a fuel smuggling cover-up is fracturing the agency and its system. GEA head Mahender Sharma said, via press release, that fuel smuggling has to date decreased, presumably by the measures being put in place by the agency. He highlighted that for 2012, GEA recorded fuel smuggling cases at, “Fifteen convictions from 10 completed prosecutions.” Sharma argued that from 2008 to date, new fuel smuggling cases have decreased, with three in 2008, seven in 2009, 27 in 2010, 13 in 2011 and four in 2012. On marked fuel, Sharma said that last year 1,648 sites were sampled at least once from a total of 8,323 site visits. One percent of the 1,648 sites were found with significant dilution. “From 2006 to 2012, the percentage of sites found with significant dilution in at least one tank has progressively decreased from 34% in 2006 to one percent in 2011. Significant levels of adulteration were also detected in only one percent of the samples analysed, while there was a significant

decrease in the volume of illegal fuel seized,” he noted. An additional metric to evaluate the performance of the Fuel Marking programme, Sharma defended is, “A measure of gasoline, diesel and kerosene consumption (excluding large duty-free consumers). Consumption of gasoline for the year 2012 increased by 11.09% compared to 2011 and consumption of gasoil by the oil companies Guyoil, Rubis and SOL, only (excluding the large duty-free consumers) increased by 13.35%. For the oil companies, 3,404,107 barrels of petroleum-based products were sold in 2012 with an average of 9,301 barrels per day. This represents a 12.97% increase when compared to 2011.” In light of this, Sharma opined that the increase in gasoil consumption correlates with the overall sustained growth of the economy, while decreased availability of smuggled fuel,

is presumably due to the monitoring and enforcement activities of the Fuel Marking Programme. Sharma said when staffers were asked about the agency’s living conditions, they noted that, “The allegation of living conditions is laughable, and it begs the question of when such photographs were taken, considering the repairs completed at the pictured base. During the spate of fires in Linden, the base was destroyed, but this is now currently under construction.” Additionally, “A forum was held for all Analytical Inspectors, which allowed them the podium to make presentations on ‘Ways to tackle Fuel Smuggling’ and an open environment to voice any concerns to management and each other,” Sharma said. For an Analytical Inspector to become employed at the GEA, Sharma informed that an interview process exists, inviting applicants to ask questions, and management is brutally honest in the harsh realities of the field of work. “Cognizant that dangers may be inherent and involves the commitment of such persons employed, it has always been management’s policy that inspectors understand the nature and type of work, with the hours of service and allowances attached.” Sharma further related that, “GEA officials are confused at the tirade of accusations made against the

A housebreaker was fatally shot early yesterday morning – just past midnight – after he attacked a businessman who caught him red-handed in his Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo residence. According to a police statement on the matter, 25year-old James Williams was pronounced dead on arrival at the Leonora Cottage Hospital after being shot by a licensed firearm holder, Andrew Forrester. This publication was told that Forrester was out and when he returned home at about 00:25 hrs, he found Williams in his premises. According to the police statement, Williams attacked Forrester with a claw bar and Forrester discharged several rounds from his revolver. Williams was struck in the abdomen. It was stressed by residents that the incident has added to a worrying number of ‘break and enter’ episodes which have occurred in the community over the past two weeks. There are reports that

close to sixteen households have suffered losses at the hands of a group which has been wreaking havoc in the Tuschen Housing Scheme. When Kaieteur News visited the area yesterday several residents came out to voice their concern, claiming that the police seem to be turning a blind eye to the situation. One female resident, Cheryl Prince, told this publication that her home was targeted last Thursday while she and her family were asleep. Prince said that she was in bed at around 03:30 hours and saw someone in her room, but paid no mind as she thought it was one of her sons. “The light in my room does normally be off and my sons does come in the room at anytime to charge their phone, so when I see the person I just stay on the bed and said nothing… but then something fell and my big son jump up after he saw one of the boys in the house.” According to Prince, her son then raised an alarm which caused herself and the

others in the home to wake up. By that time the two intruders began grabbing whatever valuables they could before fleeing. Prince said a laptop computer, mobile phones and a quantity of cash were stolen. The matter was reported and two young men were apprehended. Yesterday the duo appeared at the Vreeden-Hoop Magistrate’s Court where they were charged and placed on $80,000 bail each. And another home was broken into some two weeks ago, with the perpetrators making off with a large quantity of cash, a licensed firearm and a flat screen television set. During that burglary the occupants of the home were all fast asleep and the intruders made their way in through a kitchen window. To date there has been no arrest in that incident. In the meantime, residents are calling for an increased police presence, as they insist these crimes are being committed by persons living in the area. “The things these persons

By Zena Henry

GEA head Mahender Sharma

Agency noting that previous press releases and reports indicate the successes of the Fuel Marking Programme. Vehemently denying any orders for the ‘covering up’ of fuel smugglers or avoiding the inspection of any areas. The attempted character assassinations of those officials involved in the fuel marking programme still have no bearing on the fact that inspectors may have failed polygraph tests. The failure of polygraph tests signals a loss of confidence in said employee, and termination is not an easy decision; rather the stages to this outcome are lengthy and structured, as it is not the quality of work that is doubted by the inspectors, but their integrity in achieving the same goal.” The release concluded that “It is quite coincidental that hot on the heels of the termination of two employees, articles have surfaced regarding the integrity of officials. Members of staff have expressed their disappointment and disgust at the purported falsities and character assassinations of such officials and the continued publication of such articles without regard for unbiased journalism”. The information from the GEA however failed to challenge workers’ conflict of interest view about senior agency officials reportedly having businesses requiring the use of fuel and affiliation with persons also having businesses requiring fuel. The release failed to state

targeting things like television, computers and other electrical appliances… once they moving with these things people can see them. They got to be living in this area and it got to be that they selling these things fast,” one resident opined. Another resident stated that there needs to be more collaboration between the Community Policing Group and the police. Some residents feel that the police are not carrying out thorough investigations since they are being fed with information but very little results are seen. One source said only recently two young men were handed over to the police with what is believed to have been a quantity of stolen cellular phones, however to date there has been no feedback from the police about that matter. Residents say all they continue to hear from the police is “investigations are ongoing” while more residents of the community continue to suffer losses on a daily basis.

Home intruder shot dead by businessman

why certain staffers were exempted from polygraph tests even though their section was pegged to be tested. While the release purports character assignation of fuel marking staffers, GEA sources charged that top brass officials are the ones hurting the agency via corrupt practices. Also, no mention was made about tactics in apprehending smugglers since staffers had charged poor or inadequate machinery and improper management of evidence samples.

In addressing living conditions at the agency’s out-of-town base, it was admitted that the Linden base was under construction following last July’s events, but workers spoke of uninhabitable conditions at the Essequibo base, and that was not addressed. Sharma also failed to address staff accusations that no investigations have been done or arrests made when staffers are threatened or attacked, especially when affiliates of the ruling party are involved.

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Wednesday April 3, 2013

Wednesday April 3, 2013

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Punitive measure could be next move to curtail public health threats – Minister Punitive measures could be the next move embraced by the Ministry of Health, if moves at education and suasion are not readily accepted by residents to ensure that public health regulations are in place. This was the assertion of Minister of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran, who revealed that this is particularly intended for those residing in the mining communities, who if errant, can provide the ideal environment for vector-borne diseases, among others, to easily thrive. Moreover, the Minister noted that “we are going to be looking at that and at the

same time we hope the media will join with us when punitive measures have to be taken. You do education, you do suasion and some more suasion, but then there must be some intervention, which I hope will be supported by the media...and I want to call on the media to help us with education too.” His comments were forthcoming in wake of the recent outbreak of gastroenteritis in Region One. Investigative work undertaken by officials within the health sector, backed by other relevant agencies, was able to reveal that the disease which claimed at least three

lives and infected more than 500 was linked to the insanitary condition of the waterways. According to Minister Ramsaran, this state of affairs represents an ongoing struggle for the health sector, even as he questioned “who throws styrofoam boxes, cans and plastic bags into a beautiful river?” Moreover, he said that even before the media had become privy to the outbreak, the Health Ministry already had people on the ground investigating and according to him “we have been working with the communities and there are now even certain

High Court concludes 28 matters during January 2013 Assizes The three Judges who presided over the 2013 January Demerara Assizes Madam Justice Dawn Gregory, Madam Justice Roxanne George and Justice Navindra Singh, were able to conclude 28 cases out of 241 matters scheduled to be heard in the High Court. Justice Singh was able to complete nine cases for the offence of murder via verdicts. In two of the matters dealt with, two cases ended with the upholding of no case submissions. There had been five guilty verdicts, two not guilty, two hung juries, while an accused was committed to the National Psychiatric Hospital. Madam Justice George completed seven cases; two guilty verdicts, three not guilty and two no case submissions. Madam Justice Gregory completed four matters; two no case submission, two guilty verdicts and one accused was unfit to plead to the charge. Of the 28 cases completed, three murder matters and six ‘rape of a child under the age of 16’ matters, were declared nolle prosequi (unwilling to pursue/do not prosecute) by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), while one accused died before his matter could have been completed. In two murder matters, there was insufficient evidence at the time. One matter which was heard by Justice Singh involved six accused charged for murder; but the number three accused

was nolle prosequi for insufficient evidence. Of the six rape matters that were declared nolle prosequi, four of them were for charges under the new Sexual Act and due to the Amendment, the DPP discontinued the charges so that these matters can have the benefit of the Amendment. For the other two matters, the virtual complainants indicated that they no longer wished to proceed. Justice Franklin Holder sat at the Essequibo Criminal Assizes for January, he continued the October 2012 Criminal Assizes, and then opened the Essequibo February Assizes on Tuesday February 19, 2013. Twenty-two cases were listed to be heard for the February Assizes. During this period Justice Holder completed three (3) matters, two of which are from the February list. The three cases completed are for the offence of murder. In the first murder case, the accused pleaded guilty to the lesser offence of Manslaughter and was sentenced to fourteen (14) years imprisonment. And in the other two cases the trial judge upheld a no case submission and directed the jury to return a formal verdict of not guilty. At the same time, Justice Brassington Reynolds sat in the Berbice Assizes with effect from January he continued the October 2012 Criminal Assizes and then opened the Berbice February Assizes on February 5. Six

matters received attention during this period. Four matters were disposed of by Justice Reynolds from a list of forty-five cases. Of these four matters, three of them were for the offence of murder and one for attempt to commit murder. In two of the murder cases, the trial judge imposed the death penalty after the jury returned with a unanimous verdict of guilty against the accused persons. And in the third murder case, the accused pleaded guilty to the lesser offence of manslaughter and was sentenced to eight years imprisonment after Justice Reynolds had considered the findings of a Probation Report which was requested by the Defence. In the matter for the offence of attempt to commit murder, the Judge directed the jury to return a formal verdict of not guilty after the victim indicated to the court that he did not wished to proceed with the matter. Two matters were declared nolle prosequi by the DPP for the offence of Carnal Knowledge. This occurred because the virtual complainants indicated that they no longer wished to proceed with these matters. The session will continue until June 17. The April 2013 Assizes for Demerara was opened yesterday. There are 219 cases listed to be heard during the session before Justice James Bovell-Drakes, Justice Navindra Singh and Justice Brassington Reynolds. The Essequibo Assizes will commence on Tuesday May 21, 2013 before Justice Franklin Holder while the next Berbice Assizes will start on Tuesday June 18, 2013, before Madam Justice Dawn Gregory.

restricted areas in some communities for disposal.” This proactive move, according to the Minister, is one geared at winning the public over, in order to have them too embrace public health practices. As such he noted, “We have been continuing on a regular basis to have (sensitisation) flyers out there, but probably we need to do more...” At a recent malaria conference, Minister Ramsaran said that “we pointed out that we would be setting up, for example, certain communitybased organisations in malaria communities hoping that they would spread this information, but there is just that much that the Ministry of Health can do”. For this reason, he noted that the Ministry will have to seek to rely on, for example, the enforcement capacity of the Regional Democratic Council and its arm, but “we will take some genuine criticisms and work on it with the joint force that the Chief Medical Officer is putting

Minister of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran together to talk to the communities.” Dr. Ramsaran emphasised that proactive measures have since influenced positive responses, whereby people are being more mindful of their surroundings. He pointed to the fact that although persons would usually adhere during a crisis situation after the threat subsides “we usually go back

to our old habits.” He said that the situation in the mining communities can be further compounded, because the population is known to change over time. “There are a lot of dynamics...a lot of people are coming in and have the ‘want to get rich quick’ mentality and these things are known”. He noted that the Ministry will be working in collaboration with the relevant authorities to ensure that measures are in place to aid proper public health recommended practices. Among these, the Minister said, are the construction of pit latrines, which he disclosed “must be built in a certain fashion, at a certain depth, in certain soil and certain distances from certain structures and water supply”. “It is not rocket science you can’t build your latrine wherever it is convenient to you but where it is in accordance with public health recommended practices,” added the Minister.

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Wednesday April 3, 2013

Debates underway in National Assembly…

2013 Budget is unconstitutional - APNU By Keeran Danny “Sleight of hand” and “little tricks” were phrases used by A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Member of Parliament Carl Greenidge to describe the 2013 Budget, which he claims is “unconstitutional and does not cater for the poor”. But, Government believes that the $208.8B Budget fulfills the dreams of ordinary citizens and seeks to enhance health, education, and transform the economic landscape of Guyana, which has been experiencing positive growth. These were the arguments that set the stage for the commencement of the 2013 Budget debates in the National Assembly that are expected to continue over the next two weeks. Already, on the first day of the debates heckling filled the atmosphere, a power outage interrupted proceedings and the Speaker was forced to call an adjournment for about five minutes. Apparently, both sides of the House could not agree on the length of time Greenidge was permitted to speak, and to avoid what was turning into

- seeks to realise Guyanese dreams – Govt.

Housing Minister, Irfaan Ali

APNU’s Carl Greenidge during his presentation at the budget debate yesterday an intense row, the Speaker adjourned the proceedings for a decision to be made. Greenidge was allowed an extra 15 minutes to conclude, giving him 75 minutes speech time. According to Greenidge, APNU would not support the Budget because it is unconstitutional in its current form. He argued that the

estimates need to be prepared differently with monies being allocated for individual Constitutional Offices. The only Constitutional Office that has ‘lump sum’ monies allocated in the Budget is the Ethnic Relations Commission. In addition, several Constitutional Offices such as the Ombudsman remained

unfilled. Greenidge referred to Article 222 (A) of the Laws of Guyana which states, “...the expenditure of each of the entities shall be financed as a direct charge on the Consolidated Fund, determined as a lump sum by way of an annual subvention approved by the National Assembly after a review and approval of the entity’s annual budget as part of the process of the determination of the national budget.” Greenidge related that Guyana is confronted by an Administration that has consistently flouted the requirements of the Constitution and the presentation of the budget in this form is asking the Opposition to “join in breaking the law”. Though, not rejecting resources for the Office of the First Lady, he said that it seems that Government’s priorities are skewed. Since that allocation did not cause a crisis at the Ministry of Finance, providing monies for the Constitutional Offices should have been reflected in the Budget, he added. Continuing his arguments about Government utilising monies from extra-budgetary agencies, Greenidge said that reports on the Guyana

Geology and Mines Commission, Lotto Fund, Cricket World Cup, NICIL and Carifesta, are still to be laid in the National Assembly. He related that the reports were expected to be presented to the House in February 2012. Moreover, funds from these entities should have been channelled to the Consolidated Fund. Greenidge, APNU’s Shadow Finance Minister, also took a jab at the 16 percent Value Added Tax (VAT) which Government did not alter, despite appeals. He related that APNU is still waiting for the recommendations that were supposed to be submitted by a committee established by the President to review the tax system, particularly VAT. According to Greenidge, the view of Government is that VAT is attached to luxury items and is burdened on the rich. Therefore, the poor should be grateful for that. However, he read a letter by Red Thread, a NonGovernmental Organization, highlighting how foodstuff such as macaroni and necessary household items attract VAT. He emphasised that VAT has not made the system equitable, instead it is regressive. Greenidge argued that Government failed to implement the second stage that was expected to cushion the implementation of VAT. He noted that following the implementation of VAT other taxes were expected to be

Ramotar plans meeting with foreigners working in Guyana President Donald Ramotar has called a meeting with foreign nationals living and working in Guyana. The meeting is scheduled for April 15 at the International Conference Centre, East Coast Demerara. In particular, all Chinese, Brazilian, Indian and African nationals living and working in Guyana, including those with naturalized status, have been invited to the meeting. The notice, published in government media, did not say what the specific purpose of the meeting is, but said it is “to discuss matters of interest to the Government of Guyana and all foreign nationals resident in Guyana”.

adjusted. Meanwhile, in response, Housing and Water Minister and PPP Member of Parliament, Irfaan Ali, described Greenidge’s speech as mere rambling. He argued passionately that the Budget seeks to realise the Guyanese dreams, enhance their lives and is “the embodiment of hope”. Ali contended that Greenidge failed to realise that the 16 percent VAT replaced the 30 percent consumption tax. He further argued that over the past seven years the economy has registered strong positive growth, averaging 4.5 percent between 2007 and 2012. “It is noteworthy that economic expansion over the past seven years was accompanied by marked improvement in our GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita...The GDP per capita increased from US$1,694 in 2006 to US$3,148 in 2012,” he emphasised. Quoting from the World Bank, Ali said that while there have been threats to the United States economy and a struggle by European countries, Guyana’s economy is projected to grow by 5.6 percent during 2013. He argued that the budget is “for the people” and this is reflected in the $52.2B allocated to further enhancing the quality of human capital. This sum includes $19B for the health sector, $28.7B for the education sector, and $4.5B investment in the Information, Communication and Technology sector. According to Ali, the Budget also proposes additional reforms to the financial sector and $370M for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises. Government is making efforts to improve the cost and ease with doing businesses. He emphasised that making housing accessible is also a priority of Government. Of a total of 216 squatting settlements, 171 areas are currently being regularised. Fortyfive (45) areas have been listed as zero tolerance and approximately 800 households are still to be relocated. Meanwhile, thousands of house lots have been allocated t o citizens. However, APNU Member of Parliament, Keith Scott commented that citizens have to sometimes pay a minimum of $500,000 per house lot, and the price is inflated for those who live aboard. He stressed that Guyana’s population is small and as such land should be easily accessible.

Wednesday April 3, 2013

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Plaisance residents protest tower construction on playfield Several residents of Plaisance, East Coast Demerara yesterday gathered at the area’s Community Centre Ground, to protest the construction of a transmitting tower on the ground. The residents, most of whom were mothers, said that they are in complete disagreement with the chosen location for the tower not only because the radiation threat that it poses, but also because the recreational activities of both the seniors and youngsters, who utilize the compound, will be drastically affected. “Look how close they want to build this thing; it giving off radiation, which is a dangerous thing. Where people will play? This shows that we are being disregarded. We have our rights as people of Plaisance,” one man said. According to the villagers, ever since Pradoville 2, which is separated from the Community Centre Ground by just a fence, has been developed, activities there have been tremendously reduced. Former President Bharrat Jagdeo and many senior government functionaries have residences in Pradoville 2 “They say we are disturbing them…now they

want to take away the field completely,”one resident said. The proposed tower is being pushed for as part of the E-governance programme, one that will facilitate the linking of government’s fibre-optic cable that has been laid from Lethem to Linden, to the coastline, to enable internet access. The construction of the tower is being done by a Chinese contracting firm named Huawei, in collaboration with local subcontractors, and the blessing of the government of Guyana. It will be one of 54 towers that will be erected in densely populated areas along the coast. “This is not fair. We won’t tolerate this. We have all our functions here. This Plaisance Community Centre Ground is a part of our life as a community,” one female protester said. She added that it is not a case where the location was chosen because it is not being utilised, since the ground attracts youngsters on a daily basis. “Dem li’l boys does deh playing their sports almost every day. And you see on Sundays and so, even fathers come out here with their children. Many centre

Some of the protestors outside of the Plaisance Community Centre Ground grounds don’t get that, but we do, and that is an indication that we utilising this place effectively, so we are not going to give it up easily.” In addition to the sporting activities, the ground also facilitates family reunions and senior citizen meetings. Following the reaction of some very angry residents on Sunday last, work on the project was halted, as the contractor packed up and left. Some of the materials like the huge wooden poles were as

of yesterday, scattered on the playfield. There is also a huge hole left from where the foundation was being laid a few feet away from the actual building. The users of the facility are angered by the fact that those spearheading the project did not see the need to have proper consultations with them, the stakeholders. This was followed by accusations of contemptuousness on behalf of the government towards the community. The residents have

vowed to ensure that their only place of recreation is not taken away by an administration that has already “stolen their land” to establish the “Pradoville 2” housing scheme, and granted a huge chunk of their cemetery to a private investor. The cause of these persons is being supported by prominent A Partnership for National Unity strategist, former Member of Parliament, Aubrey Norton. He said that since the acquisition of the land to construct Pradoville 2, it was evident that the

administration, (under former President, Bharrat Jagdeo) intended to set up an empire aback of the community without regards for the people of Plaisance. The Government had initially removed the existing Guyana Broadcasting Corporation tower at Sparendaam, and placed it at La Parfaite Harmonie. This has left the residents of Plaisance with the opinion that the area is there to facilitate the building of mansions for close associates of the administration.

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Wednesday April 3, 2013

Irishman charged with threatening Gold Board’s $102B tops list of govt. agencies with large budgets to assassinate Guyana’s President An Irish national who matter,” Hanoman stated. - Sports Commission hoping for $1B allegedly “fell prey to However Police The Guyana Gold Board (GGB) and its sister agency, Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) have topped government’s statutory bodies with the largest budgets. Out of 41 statutory bodies, GGB has been a key entity because of the current gold rush which over the last few years has swelled Guyana’s treasury. Gold has overtaken sugar and rice to become the biggest foreign currency earner in recent years. This year GGB has set its budget at a hefty $102.5B, down $6B from 2012. The Board is the government agency that trades in gold. GGB is expected to rake in $95.7B from sales and services and another $6.8B from other miscellaneous receipts. The Board would have benefitted especially from last year ’s highest gold production of 438,645 ounces and there seems to be no sign of letting up in investments in the ‘bush’ which topped US$100M in 2011. Mining regulator, GGMC, is next on the list with a $10B budget this year - just $700M less than what was spent in

2012. GGMC is expected to earn $9.4B in rents and royalties. The agency last year received fines and fees to the tune of $231M and is targeting $165M this year. Another semiautonomous state agency, the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) has set a budget of $720M as against the $677M for 2012. GFC, which regulates forestry activities in Guyana, last year earned $644M and is targeting $44M more in 2013.While it collected fees and fines of $389M in 2012, it is targeting $402M this year. All three agencies have been placed under the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, a new ministry that was created under the Donald Ramotar administration and is being managed by Minister Robert Persaud. All three entities also have not been taking monies from Central Government in the form of subsidies or otherwise. The Audit Office of Guyana, which examines accounts for government and its agencies, has seen its

budget go up over the years. The body answers to the Public Accounts Committee of the National Assembly. In 2011, its operating expenses rose from $479M to $618M. The National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA), which overlooks drainage across the country, has set itself a budget of $2.4B as against the $3.1B last year. The Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation (DHBC) budget is expected to rise $35M this year from the $700M in 2012. The National Library, another statutory body has a budget of $7M, more than the $183M it had set itself in 2012. While the University of Guyana Turkeyen Campus, would have revised its budget last year to $1.7B, this year it is raising this by $37M. The Berbice campus is targeting $260M - $4M more than 2012 to run its operations. Meanwhile, the National Sports Commission will this year see almost $500M being infused by the Central Government. Last year, the Commission’s was $570M. This year that budget has jumped to $1B.

Guyanese rum”, after consuming a number of alcoholic beverages at the rodeo last weekend, appeared in court yesterday charged with threatening to assassinate the President of Guyana. Police say that on March 29 last, while at Tabatinga, North Rupununi, Cilian James Crossan used threatening language against the President. The defendant pleaded not guilty to the charge as he stood before Magistrate Judy Latchman. He was represented by Attorney-atLaw Glenn Hanoman. The lawyer told the court that his client is just 17 years old - having been born on June 26, 1995, in Ireland. At this statement, the Magistrate requested a copy of the defendant’s birth certificate which was produced to the court. The lawyer further claimed his client’s outburst against the President was simply because he was under the influence of alcohol. “The defendant had been very, very intoxicated after consuming alcohol beverages to which he was not accustomed, and I think fell prey to Guyanese rum,” Hanoman stated. At this remark, the Magistrate inquired whether the defendant had been drinking piwari.

Irish national Cilian James Crossan Hanoman told the court that the teenager is attached to the British charity, Project Trust, as a volunteer teacher at Shulinab, South Central Rupununi, since last August. A project, he says, which is actively involved in educating young Guyanese in remote areas of the country. Also present at the hearing was the Honorary Consul of Ireland to Guyana, Deen Sharma, and a representative of Project Trust, who vouched that the defendant has an unblemished character, while adding that this was the first incident of which any of the v o l u n t e e r s h a d been charged. In his appeal for bail, the Defence Counsel further stated he is doubtful that the complainant in the matter is aware of the proceedings. “I am even more doubtful that the complainant may want to proceed with the

Prosecution Sergeant Vishnu Hunte objected to bail on the grounds that “the threat was directed to no other than the President of Guyana his Excellency Donald Ramotar by a foreign national. “There is therefore is likelihood that he may flee the jurisdiction since he is not a resident of Guyana,” Hunte stated. Hunte said that while the President was at Lethem, it was Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs, Nigel Dharamlall who heard the defendant’s public remarks and cautioned him to stop but he refused, thus he was arrested. Hunte further said that the accused admitted to making the threats while under caution by police ranks. “I will shoot the President; I will shoot the President in his head,” Police claimed that Crossan said, while in the vicinity of the City Boy Club Bar at Tabatinga, Lethem. However, the presiding Magistrate did not deny bail, but ordered that the defendant lodge his travel documents and report to the Lethem police outpost every Monday pending the outcome of the case. The man was released on $60,000 bail. The case will continue on May 30, as he is scheduled to stand before the Chief Magistrate on this date.

Gunmen snatch $6M from Lethem businesswoman - One nabbed A 26-year-old businesswoman from Lethem was last evening held at gunpoint by two motorcyclists and robbed of $6.3M in the vicinity of Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara. The incident occurred at around 18:00hrs. Kaieteur News understands that the woman who had just landed at the Ogle

International Airport was in a car at a nearby traffic light when two men on motorcycles blocked their path. The men then approached the car with their guns pointing at the woman and her driver, while demanding money. In grabbing all that they could find, the men abandoned their bikes and escaped in a car which later ended up in a nearby ditch at Turkeyen, near UG Road. One of the robbers did not

manage to escape, and was swiftly apprehended by police. He has reportedly identified his accomplice. Kaieteur News understands that the getaway car is believed to be owned by another criminal who is known to the police. Apart from the large quantity of cash, the robbers also took an ounce of gold, a cell phone, and some documents, none of which were retrieved. Investigations are ongoing.

Wednesday April 3, 2013

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Wednesday April 3, 2013

E.C.D. fatal accident…

Cop likely to face charges for causing death

Curtis Europe

A policeman is likely to face charges in relation to the death of one of his colleagues in a horrific accident on the Strathspey Railway Embankment on the East Coast Demerara (ECD) on Phagwah Day. The cop, Roland Beharry who was driving the car at the time when Police Detective, Mohamed Ali, 48, of Wakenaam and Annandale met his death, was discharged from the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) last Saturday with a broken left foot. Yesterday, a senior police officer on the ECD told Kaieteur News that Beharry has been served with a notice of intended prosecution. A file is being prepared to be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice. The senior officer said that Beharry is likely to face charges for causing death. Curtis Europe, the third policeman involved in the

accident was discharged from the hospital on Easter Monday with a broken left hand and abrasions to his face. When asked about the accident, Europe said that he could vaguely recall what transpired on that fateful day. “I can’t remember what really happened, but I could recall seeing other policemen at the hospital around me,” he said. According to reports, at around 17:00 hours on Phagwah Day, the trio was returning from an assignment in another district along the East C o a s t w h e n Corporal Detective Beharry reportedly lost control of his Toyota Raum and crashed into one of the aluminium bridge rails on the embankment. Ali, who was sitting in the front passenger seat sustained the full brunt of the impact and suffered severe internal injuries. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the GPHC.

Roland Beharry

Wednesday April 03, 2013

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At Chavez’s birthplace, Maduro swears to win Venezuela vote SABANETA, Venezuela (Reuters) - Venezuelan acting President Nicolas Maduro made a pilgrimage to late socialist leader Hugo Chavez’s birthplace yesterday and pledged to win the April 14 election in his honor. “We regard Chavez as our father. He marked our life, that’s why we came here to make an oath in the land of his birth that we will never let him down,” Maduro, 50, said in the village of Sabaneta where his former boss was born. “I am going to be president of this country because he ordered it,” Maduro added at the launch of his formal election campaign before the oilproducing South American nation’s presidential poll. Opinion polls give Maduro, a former bus driver who rose to be Chavez’s foreign minister and vice president, a formidable lead of between 11 and 20 percentage points over opposition challenger Henrique Capriles. The burly and mustachioed Maduro is benefiting from the personal blessing of Chavez, who named him as his preferred heir three months before dying of cancer on March 5. That endorsement, in Chavez’s last public speech, stopped in-fighting over the succession within the ruling Socialist Party and

transformed Maduro’s status in the eyes of his mentor’s passionate supporters. “I support Maduro because Chavez left in him the hopes of solving the people’s problems, I will support him as long as he has the same feelings as Chavez,” said Carlos Guzman, a 23-year-old farmer in Barinas state in western Venezuela, which includes Sabaneta. Maduro also has a wellfinanced state apparatus behind him, working-class credentials that play well with loyal ‘Chavista’ supporters, and the goodwill of millions who have benefited from C h a v e z ’s oil-funded welfare policies or “missions.” Venezuela has t h e w o r l d ’s l a rg e s o i l reserves. Capriles is a centrist state governor who wants to roll back the economic nationalizations and political polarization of the Chavez era in favor of a Brazilian-style model of free markets with strong welfare spending. He was launching his campaign in the oil-producing eastern state of Monagas yesterday. Opposition strategists are hoping the “sympathy” effect over Chavez’s death will wear off, giving Capriles a fighting chance if he focuses voters’ attention on their myriad daily problems from potholes to power cuts. Capriles, 40, also vows to

keep Chavez’s “missions,” though he plans to staff them with Venezuelans instead of the more than 40,000 Cuban workers who poured into the country under Chavez. “With Henrique Capriles, from April 14 all Venezuelans will earn more, eat better and sleep peacefully,” his campaign director Carlos Ocariz said at an event in Caracas to launch the formal 10-day period of campaigning. Capriles is promising to raise the minimum salary by 40 percent to counter the impact of a recent devaluation, diversify the economy away from oil, and combat crime levels that ballooned during Chavez’s 14-year rule. He lampoons Maduro as an incompetent official trying pathetically to imitate Chavez. Maduro’s visit to Sabaneta on Tuesday was a recreation of Chavez’s successful presidential reelection bid last year, when he began a series of rallies in his home village. Accompanied by family members and political leaders, Maduro and others told stories about Chavez recalling, for example, that he used to sell sweets on the local streets. Musicians played Chavez’s favorite “llanera” music from the plains of Venezuela which inspired much of his rhetoric and ideas.

Government seeking to get unions agreement on wage freeze

KINGSTON, Jamaica CMC – The Jamaica government says it is continuing efforts for a wage restraint agreement within the public service, but not all unions have bought into the initiative which is seen as important to sealing a deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).. Public Utilities Minister Horrace Dalley, said the threeyear agreement, which was signed last month, will result in civil servants forgoing major wage increases for the period 2013 to 2015. The accord is among the stipulations outlined by the IMF for the Portia Simpson Miller government to conclude a four-year IMF Extended Funding Facility (EFF), to support the country’s economic programme. To date, unions representing over 80 per cent of the public sector workforce

Horrace Dalley have signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) formalizing this arrangement. Dalley said the government would continue discussions with the other unions in the hope that “the national interest will prevail and that they will understand the need to come on board”.

Regarding unions deemed to be “sticking to their ground” and not wanting to endorse the agreement, Dalley said based on the prevailing developments, “there is no group that can receive any increase in wages during this period. “The eighty-odd per cent of the public sector workers who have agreed to sign on…to the call from the government, to help in this dif f i c u l t p e r i o d , w e (greatly) appreciate, and that sacrifice is monumental. (However) no other group can, or will be treated differently,” he added. Among the unions that have not yet signed on to the agreement include the Jamaica Air Traffic Controllers Association, the Police Federation, the Police Officers’ Association and the Nurses Association of Jamaica.

Venezuela’s acting President and presidential candidate Nicolas Maduro speaks during a ceremony with students in Caracas, Monday. REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins “Nicolas Maduro will be elected on April 14 by the majority of our people to continue accelerating the revolution,” said Chavez’s elder brother, Adan, alongside Maduro in the garden of the humble home where they were brought up by their grandmother.

They admired a tree planted by Chavez and called “Revolution,” and another named “Rebellion” that was placed by Bolivian President Evo Morales on a previous visit to the house by the two Latin American leftist leaders and friends. Though Maduro looks on

course to win the vote, he faces a tough task beyond April 14 putting state finances back in order after blowout election-year spending in 2012 and balancing a disparate coalition that for years was kept in line by the strong personality of Chavez.

Antigua hosts money laundering conference ST. JOHN’S, Antigua CMC – A two-day meeting allowing for the heads of Financial Intelligence Units from the English-speaking Caribbean to share best practices and experiences in asset forfeiture, money laundering and proceedings of crime, gets underway here today. The April 3-4 meeting will be addressed by Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer and Jeffrey Robinson, described by the British

Bankers’ Association as ‘the world’s leading financial crime author’. A statement from the British High Commission said that Robinson is “expected to deliver some hard hitting messages about the prevalence and impact of the global crimes of organised crime and money laundering. “Robinson is a recognised expert and speaker on organised crime and money laundering. His seminal work, The Laundrymen published in

1995, showed the extent of global money laundering. It is considered as the definitive book on the subject and is used as a text in universities and law schools.” The meeting here is being hosted by the Office of National Drugs and Money Laundering Control Policy (ONDCP) and funded by the UK Department for International Development’s Caribbean Criminal Assets Recovery Programme (CCARP).

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Wednesday April 03, 2013

No single bullet for Caribbean economic problems, IMF says WASHINGTON - CMC – The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says there is no “single bullet” that will allow Caribbean countries to deal with their various problems such as high debt, low growth, mitigation of vulnerabilities and strengthening financial system. The IMF said that growth in the Caribbean has stagnated in the last two decades, except in commodity exporters. The last rapid growth spurt in the 1980s was fuelled mainly by expansion of tourism, banana production, and public investments, it said, noting that many Caribbean economies face high and rising debt to gross domestic product (GDP) ratios that jeopardise prospects for medium-term debt sustainability and growth. In 2012, overall public sector debt was estimated at about 79 per cent of regional GDP. In a paper entitled ‘Caribbean Small States –

Challenges of High Debt and Low Growth,’ the Washington-based financial institution said many Caribbean small states are at a critical juncture and bold strategies to address the challenges are essential. “Given the magnitude of the effort required, no single bullet exists to address all of the challenges in the Caribbean,” the IMF said, adding that “while fiscal adjustment is unavoidable given the extent of fiscal and external imbalances and the debt overhang, the smallness and vulnerabilities of these countries make adjustment exceptionally difficult”. The IMF said ideally, a comprehensive growth strategy would replace public sector demand with selffinancing private sector demand. It said further work is needed to assess the appropriateness of the exchange rate instrument as an element in jump-starting growth. “Given the exceptionally high costs of natural

disasters, small states in the Caribbean should be seen as frontline candidates for support from climate-change funding as global strategies for mitigation and adaptation to climate change become operational.” The IMF said that work should be stepped up, both to anticipate, identify and provision for the current vulnerabilities of the financial system to the unavoidable rebalancing of the troubled economies, and to strengthen the supervisory and regulatory framework to reduce long-run vulnerabilities. The financial institution said debt restructuring looks extremely likely to be part of countries’ strategy to return to sustainability, given the magnitude of the implied fiscal effort otherwise. “However, its success in the region has been partial and inadequate; in some cases, countries have given up important degrees of freedom in partial restructurings without concomitant improvements in

sustainability. “Hence, more work is needed to clarify when debt restructuring will/will not be worthwhile—as well as to understand the scope for, and dangers of, considering debt restructuring as part of any permanent solution.” But the IMF noted that this ambitious agenda goes beyond its areas of expertise, and would need to involve all development partners at the international and regional level. “The work agenda above enumerates a combination of strategies targeted at each element of the region’s problems, implemented at the same time to generate maximum benefit. Hence, it will be important for the Fund to collaborate closely with other international financial institutions (including the World Bank’s Comprehensive Debt Framework).” It said that this collaboration has already started, with staff participation in Growth Forum exercises, and a planned joint Growth Conference in 2013.

Jamaica looking to further develop hydro power sector KINGSTON, Jamaica CMC – The Italian consulting firm, SP Studio Pietrangeli will undertake a J$109 million (US$ One Jamaica dollar = US$0.01 cents) feasibility study on five potential hydro power sites across the island. The Ministry of Energy says it will partner with the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) in undertaking the feasibility project being carried out as part of the Energy Security and Efficiency Enhancement Project, funded through a 2011 World Bank loan agreement. The feasibility

work will end in August this year. Under the agreement, t h e Wo r l d B a n k h a s provided US$15 million to finance initiatives to increase Jamaica’s energy efficiency and improve energy security. Of this amount, $2.5 million has been allocated to the implementation of the hydro project. Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell has described the project as significant to his ministry’s larger plan to develop Jamaica’s renewable energy industry.

Opposition wants full probe KINGSTON, Jamaica – The main opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has called for a full scale investigation into reports that National Security Minister Peter Bunting had been held up and robbed over the weekend. Opposition spokesman on National Security and Justice Delroy Chuck in a statement said while the JLP had learnt of the “unfortunate incident” and was also relieved that Bunting had not been injured,

given the conflicting accounts of what happened, there was need for a thorough probe. He said that while the minister has asserted that it was a burglary, as opposed to a hold-up, there are reports suggesting otherwise. “It is therefore important, in the public interest, that there is nothing less than a thorough investigation into the incident and full public disclosure of the results of such an investigation.

Wednesday April 03, 2013

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New options to deal with blackout Trinidad Guardian - In the wake of Friday’s nationwide blackout, Energy Minister Kevin Ramnarine says the Government will be looking towards alternative energy sources to help bolster local electricity supplies. Speaking with reporters Monday, Ramnarine said what the Good Friday blackout has shown “is the importance of diversifying away from fossil fuels.” The minister made the statement while responding to reporters after high-level talks with executives from the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC), National Gas Company (NGC), Trinidad Generation Unlimited (TGU) and Phoenix Park Gas Processors Ltd at the ministry’s Maska compound office, La Romaine. He said three renewable energy projects were approved in the last budget for the Ministry of Energy. “One was solar lighting on community centres, the other was installing solar photovoltaic cells in schools and the third was resource assessment study,” he explained. Ramnarine said the study was under way and would be in collaboration with the Green Fund and University of the West Indies. “It is really to determine where are the areas in Trinidad to establish wind farms,” he said. “And without even a study, we know the best areas are Manzanilla and Mayaro. Lots of constant wind. That study will start shortly.” The minister said

Nizam Baksh Minister of Public Utilities together with Kevin Ramnarine, Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs Monday during high-level discussions with executives of T&TEC, National Gas Company, Phoenix Park Gas and Ministry officials at the Ministry’s San Fernando office, Maska compound, La Romaine. Photo: RISHI RAGOONATH powerful solar lights were installed at nine community centres. He said he was pleased to see that on the night of the blackout, lights of the surveillance bays, which are solar, were on. Ramnarine said during the meeting it was recommended that all major intersections of Trinidad and Tobago have some sort of solar lighting to keep the traffic lighting system working to avoid accidents. The minister said the root cause of the problem which led to the blackout “resides in the bypass valve system that is operated by Phoenix

Park Gas Processors Ltd and the National Gas Company.” He said both companies have been mandated to examine that system with the view of upgrading that system to ensure that it never happens again. Ramnarine stressed that “thus far there is no evidence of sabotage” in the blackout that left citizens in darkness in both Trinidad and Tobago for several hours. He said: “No, it was not an attempted coup. Absolutely not. It was a mechanical issue. We would like to thank the national community for their patience. The community must be

Brazil’s Lula da Silva backs Maduro in Venez vote

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Brazil’s former president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, has voiced his support for ruling party candidate Nicolas Maduro ahead of Venezuela’s presidential election. In a video broadcast on state television in Venezuela, Silva says he believes Maduro would be capable of accomplishing goals set by late President Hugo Chavez.

Chavez and Silva were close political allies, and their two countries share close trade ties. Silva says in the video he doesn’t want to meddle in Venezuela’s domestic affairs, but notes that Chavez singled out Maduro as his chosen successor before his death last month. Maduro thanked Silva for his support during a televised address on Monday.

Prosecutors file murder charges in Brazil fire SAO PAULO (AP) — Prosecutors have filed charges against eight people in connection with a deadly nightclub fire in southern Brazil that killed 241 people earlier this year. The Jan. 27 fire roared through the crowded, windowless Kiss nightclub in

the city of Santa Maria, filling the air with flames and thick, toxic smoke. Police have said the band performing at the club lit a flare, which ignited flammable soundproofing foam on the ceiling. That released a deadly combination of cyanide, carbon monoxide and carbon

dioxide. Prosecutor David Medina said yesterday press conference that the two owners of the nightclub and two members of the band have been charged with murder. Two others were charged with perjury and two with evidence tampering.

congratulated for showing their patience.” Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar, he said, will receive a comprehensive

report on the blackout tomorrow. He explained that the companies involved have either completed their individual reports or are in the process of completing their reports. “So what we are going to do is collate all those reports at the Ministry of Energy today and use that for the report that will go to Cabinet today,” he added. The minister also revealed that he will be taking a note to Cabinet to appoint a committee comprising of T&TEC, PowerGen, TGU and University of the West Indies to come up with a long-term plan for the power sector. “We are seeing that in the not too distant future, in five to six years, T&T will require another new power plant,” he said, as he pointed to increasing demand for electricity from the residential sector. While Minister of Public Utilities Nizam Baksh assured that T&TEC was working to ensure the nation had a reliable supply of power there were reports of power disruptions in West Trinidad.However, Baksh said: “We are doing

everything within our power to provide a regular and reliable supply of electricity. Certain things may be beyond your control, but we are certainly looking at every aspect of it. In fact, I am meeting with some of T&TEC managers today.” Ramnarine said Monday’s meeting was productive and there were some positive recommendations. He said one of the main recommendations coming out of Monday’s two-hour meeting was having dual fuel power plants in Trinidad. “The time has come to examine whether we have too many eggs in one basket, the natural gas basket, and we would want to install some dual fuel capacity in other power plants in Trinidad,” he said. “So we can switch onto diesel fuel oil and continue to supply the country.” Ramnarine said the role of the Trinidad Generation Unlimited power plant in La Brea in supplying electricity to the nation was also looked at in the meeting.

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Wednesday April 03, 2013

N.Y. politicians arrested in mayoral race bribe scheme (Reuters) - A highranking Democratic New York State senator was arrested yesterday and charged with trying to buy a place on the Republican ticket in the city’s next mayoral race, an effort that prosecutors said was part of a wide-ranging bribery scandal and reflected pervasive corruption in New York politics. Five other politicians, three Republicans and two Democrats, were also arrested and charged with collectively accepting more than $100,000 in bribes in meetings in parked cars, hotel rooms and state offices, according to court papers. Authorities described the scheme - potentially one of the biggest political scandals to hit New York in years - as an attempt to game the city’s first wide-open mayoral election in more than a decade. New York will choose a new mayor in November, before Michael Bloomberg’s third term wraps up at year’s end. The charges center on State Senator Malcolm Smith, a Democrat from Queens, who prosecutors said made payments to a city

councilman to set up meetings with top New York Republicans to assist in getting him on the mayoral ballot. Smith and the councilman, Daniel Halloran, a Republican from Queens, were among the six politicians arrested yesterday morning in connection to the bribery scandal. Charges against the six include bribery, extortion, and wire and mail fraud. “From time to time the question arises, how common is corruption in New York?” said Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara at a latemorning press conference. “Based on the cases that we have brought and continue to bring, it seems downright pervasive.” Recent years have seen another high-ranking New York state Senator, Democrat Pedro Espada Jr., convicted of stealing more than $600,000 from Soundview HealthCare Center, a partly federally funded company he worked at; and a pay-for-play scandal at the state’s pension fund that saw the state comptroller resign and serve 21 months in prison.

Senator Malcolm Smith Authorities arrested four other politicians: Queens County Republican Party Vice Chairman Vincent Tabone, Bronx County Republican Party Chairman Joseph Savino, Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin and Spring Valley Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret. Jasmin and Desmaret are Democrats. Smith’s lawyer, Gerald Shargel, defended his client but said he had not yet fully reviewed the charges. “Malcolm Smith is a dedicated

public servant who has served ... his constituents in an exemplary fashion,” Shargel said. Representatives of the other five officials all either declined to comment or did not respond to phone calls yesterday morning. The scandal, uncovered by FBI agents working with an undercover investigator and a cooperating witness, allegedly involved a series of secret meetings in restaurants, hotels and Smith’s Senate office in Albany, New York in which bribes were discussed or money exchanged. Court documents released yesterday showed the people alternating between brazen and cautious behavior as they solicited and received bribes. At a September meeting at a Manhattan restaurant at which he received $7,500 in cash, City Councilman

Halloran told a confidential witness working with the FBI, “Money is what greases the wheels — good, bad or indifferent.” At other times they were warier. During a February meeting with an undercover FBI agent he believed to be a real estate developer, Queens Republican official Tabone frisked the agent to check for a recording device. He was unsuccessful and the conversation was recorded anyway. Prosecutors said that two of the politicians charged in the scheme - Tabone and Savino - received a total of $40,000 in bribes for promising to support Smith. Halloran, the Queens Councilman, was said to have gotten $20,500 for setting up a meeting with people Smith believed were supporters but were in fact the cooperating witness and an undercover FBI agent. Two of the other

politicians arrested yesterday, Jasmin and Desmaret, were charged for their role in a related bribery incident involving a proposed real estate project in Spring Valley, a suburban town located about 35 miles north of New York City. Smith’s motivation was winning a spot on the ballot as a Republican mayoral contender, since that primary is seen as considerably less competitive than the Democratic contest in liberal New York. In 2001, billionaire Michael Bloomberg - a lifelong Democrat - won the right to run for mayor as a Republican, though he later abandoned his party affiliation altogether. As Bloomberg prepares to leave City Hall after three terms in office, a handful of Democrats, including Smith, have sought Republican support for their candidacies.

(Reuters) - Bogged down by a stagnating economy and sinking poll ratings, British Prime Minister David Cameron ventured into a new swamp when he waded waistdeep into mud to rescue a drowning sheep. Cameron was on his way back from visiting a farmer near his weekend home in the Oxfordshire countryside last month when he heard bleating and spotted a ewe that had got stuck in the mud after following her two lambs. In jeans and rubber boots, Cameron waded into the swamp, followed by his two bodyguards, wrestled the

sodden sheep and hoisted it onto safe ground, the Sun newspaper reported. “When I got there, David (Cameron) was in the swamp, waist-deep in mud, along with the two police, who had all gone in there to help drag this sheep out,” farmer Julian Tustian told the Daily Telegraph. “He was brilliant, pulling, pushing and shoving. He was covered in mud, he looked a mess.” The ewe, which has since been nicknamed Swampy, has fully recovered from the ordeal, which unfolded on the evening of March 1, Tustian said. The lambs drowned.

The story of the lost sheep’s messy rescue could have passed for an April fool joke but a Downing Street spokeswoman confirmed it had taken place. Twitter users mocked what they labelled Cameron’s “ewe turn”, describing it as an unusual show of compassion from a prime minister imposing harsh welfare cuts and talking tough on immigration. “Are you sure it was not the over way round? The ewe saved #Cameron from the swamp he’s in?” wrote one user calling himself @Brianma68.

Waist-dee p in m ud, Camer on aist-deep mud, Cameron rescues distr essed shee p distressed sheep

North Korea vows to restart nuclear facilities SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea said yesterday it will restart its long-shuttered plutonium reactor and increase production of nuclear weapons material, in what outsiders see as its latest attempt to extract U.S. concessions by raising fears of war. A spokesman for the North’s General Department of Atomic Energy said scientists will quickly begin “readjusting and restarting” the facilities at its main Nyongbyon nuclear complex, including the plutonium reactor and a uranium enrichment plant. Both could produce fuel for nuclear weapons. The reactor began operations in 1986 but was shut down as part of international nuclear disarmament talks in 2007 that

Kim Jong Un have since stalled. North Korea said work to restart the facilities would begin “without delay.” Experts estimate it could take anywhere from three months to a year to reactivate the

reactor. The nuclear vows and a rising tide of threats in recent weeks are seen as efforts by the North to force disarmament-for-aid talks with Washington and to increase domestic loyalty to young North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by portraying him as a powerful military commander. Y e s t e r d a y ’ s announcement underscores concerns about North Korea’s timetable for building a nuclear-tipped missile that can reach the United States, although it is still believed to be years away from developing that technology. The U.S. called for North Korea to abandon its nuclear ambitions, saying it would be “extremely alarming” if Pyongyang follows through on a vow to restart its plutonium reactor.

Wednesday April 03, 2013

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U.N. approves first-ever global arms trade treaty UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The 193-nation U.N. General Assembly overwhelmingly approved yesterday the first-ever treaty on global arms trade that seeks to regulate the $70 billion international business in conventional arms ranging from light weapons to battle tanks and warships. There were 154 votes in favor, 3 against and 23 abstentions. Iran, Syria and North Korea last week prevented a treaty-drafting conference at U.N. headquarters from reaching the required consensus to adopt the treaty. That left delegations that support it no choice but to turn to a General Assembly vote to adopt it.The Iranian, Syrian and North Korean delegations cast the sole votes against the treaty yesterday. Iran, which is under a U.N. arms embargo over its nuclear program, is eager to ensure its arms imports and exports are not curtailed, diplomats said. Syria’s government is embroiled in a two-year civil war and relies on Russian and Iranian weapons, they added. North Korea is also under a U.N. arms embargo due to its nuclear weapons and missile programs. The treaty will be open for signature on June 3 and will

A soldier removes a weapon from a pile of confiscated weapons, which are about to be destroyed, at a foundry in Santiago. REUTERS/Ivan Alvarado enter into force 90 days after the 50th signatory ratifies it. Major arms producers China and Russia joined Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and other countries in abstaining. A number of countries, led by India, which also abstained, complained the treaty favored exporting over importing states. The United States, the world’s No. 1 arms exporter, voted in favor of the treaty despite fierce opposition from the National Rifle

Syria shell lands in Israelioccupied Golan Heights JERUSALEM (Reuters) A mortar shell fired during fighting between Syrian forces and rebels landed in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights yesterday, military sources said. Military sources said it was unclear if the shell, which landed near an Israeli settlement, was fired deliberately at territory held by Israel or was a stray. The U.N. Security Council voiced concern last week about the increasing spillover into the Golan Heights of the Syrian civil war being fought between forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and rebels trying to topple him. A military spokeswoman said the mortar caused no injuries or damage and that the incident was reported to the United Nations. A few minutes after the mortar landed, Israeli soldiers reported hearing gunfire nearby as they patrolled in the Golan Heights, the sources said. It was unclear if the

shots, which caused no injuries, were aimed at the Israeli forces. Shells have fallen several times inside Israeli-controlled territory. Some incidents have drawn Israeli return fire. Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria in the 1967 Middle East war and annexed the strategic plateau in 1981 in a move that has not won international recognition. U.N. peacekeepers monitor the ceasefire line. Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, touring the Golan Heights earlier yesterday, said Israel would not intervene in Syria fighting unless it compromised Israeli security. Israel is concerned Lebanon’s Hezbollah guerrillas and al Qaeda could gain possession of Syria’s chemical weapons. “We have acted against this and we will act in the future in order to prevent such weapons falling into the hands of irresponsible elements,” Yaalon said.

Association, a powerful U.S. pro-gun lobbying group. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said in a statement that the U.N. adopted “a strong, effective and implementable Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) that can strengthen global security while protecting the sovereign right of states to conduct legitimate arms trade.” “Nothing in this treaty could ever infringe on the rights of American citizens under our domestic law or the Constitution, including the Second Amendment,” he added, referring to the U.S. constitutional amendment that guarantees the right to

bear arms. The NRA opposes the treaty and has vowed to fight to prevent its ratification by the U.S. Senate when it reaches Washington. The NRA says the treaty will undermine domestic gun rights, a view the U.S. government has strongly rejected. Syrian U.N. Ambassador Bashar Ja’afari repeated that his government opposes the arms trade treaty because it does not ban the sale of weapons to non-state actors and “terrorists” like those allegedly active in Syria. The civil war there has claimed at least 70,000 lives, according to U.N. estimates.

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U.S. deploys warship as tensions over North Korea rise WA S H I N G T O N (Reuters) - The Pentagon said yesterday that a second U.S. guided-missile destroyer had taken position in the western Pacific on a missile defense mission, as tensions rise over North Korea’s threats of war against the United States and its ally, South Korea. The announcement is the latest confirmation of minor adjustments to the posture of the U.S. military, which is seeking to reassure allies in Seoul and Tokyo of American military capabilities to respond to any moves by Pyongyang. U.S. defense officials announced on Monday that the USS John McCain, an Aegis-class guided-missile destroyer used for ballistic missile defense, was being put into position to operate off the Korean peninsula. Pentagon spokesman George Little said yesterday the McCain had arrived at a “pre-determined location” in the western Pacific. He added that another destroyer, the USS Decatur, had also taken position in the western Pacific “to perform a missile defense mission as assigned by our combatant commander.” “They (the McCain and the Decatur) will be poised to respond to any missile threats

to our allies or our territory,” Little said. The Pentagon denied reports that a floating, X-band radar was being deployed to the waters off Japan, saying no decisions had been made about what would be done with the radar once at-sea testing in the region was finished. The radar is used to track an adversary’s missiles as part of a missile defense system. “It’s incorrect to tie the (radar) at this point to what’s happening on the Korean peninsula right now,” Little said. News of the latest U.S. move to bolster missile defenses around the Korean peninsula came as North Korea said yesterday it would revive a mothballed nuclear reactor able to produce bomb-grade plutonium. United Nations SecretaryGeneral Ban Ki-moon said the crisis over North Korea had gone too far and he appealed for discussion and negotiation. “Nuclear threats are not a game. Aggressive rhetoric and military posturing only result in counter-actions, and fuel fear and instability,” Ban, a South Korean, told a news conference during a visit to Andorra.

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present. - Jim Rohn

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Wednesday April 03, 2013

Bomb hits Somalia’s biggest Islamists accuse U.S. of interference in Egyptian affairs bank after militant threat MOGADISHU (Reuters) - A bomb exploded outside the headquarters of Somalia’s biggest bank yesterday, wounding at least two people hours after al Qaeda-linked militants ordered the company cease operations in areas under their control. The blast outside Dahabshiil’s office in Mogadishu shattered its doors and littered the area with debris, police said.

statement on the movement’s website. Money transfer firms like Dahabshiil are vital to the Horn of Africa country’s fractured economy, which lacks a developed banking sector after 20 years of civil conflict. Security in the coastal capital Mogadishu has improved greatly since al Shabaab fled the city after a military offensive in August

Somalis typically transfer money via “hawala” agents, an informal system based on trust, including $2 billion the Mogadishu government says Somalis abroad send home every year. Dahabshiil declined to comment on the threats by Shabaab, which in 2010 briefly banned money transfers by mobile phone, saying it helped feed Western capitalism.

Bassem Youssef (C), the country’s best-known satirist, gestures to journalists and activists as he arrives at the high court to appear at the prosecutor’s office in Cairo last Sunday. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany CAIRO (Reuters) President Mohamed Mursi’s Islamist allies accused the United States yesterday of blatant interference in Egypt’s affairs after Washington said Cairo was muzzling freedom of speech. On Monday, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland criticized the questioning of the most popular Egyptian television satirist over allegations that he insulted Mursi and Islam. Bassem Youssef, who rose to fame with a satirical online show after the uprising that swept Hosni Mubarak from power in 2011, turned himself in on Sunday after the prosecutor general issued an arrest warrant for the comedian. The Justice and Freedom Party, political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, condemned the comments from Nuland and said the

government was committed to freedom of expression. “Nuland’s statements are ... blatantly interfering in Egypt’s internal affairs,” a party statement said. In Washington, Nuland said her remarks on Monday represented the views of the U.S. government and “we stand by those views as articulated here yesterday.” “Our point here yesterday was to say that rule of law needs to be applied appropriately in all circumstances,” she told reporters at her daily news briefing. “So no, we reject the notion that we were interfering.” Youssef, whose program is now on television and has been compared to U.S. satirist Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show”, is accused of insulting Islam and undermining Mursi’s

standing. The prosecutor general issued the warrant after at least four legal complaints filed by supporters of Mursi, an Islamist who was freely elected in June. In what seemed a gesture of defiance, Yo u s s e f a r r i v e d a t t h e prosecutor general’s office wearing an oversized graduation hat modeled on one donned by Mursi when he was awarded an honorary degree in Pakistan in March. He was later released on bail of 15,000 Egyptian pounds ($2,200). Nuland said on Monday Egyptian authorities seemed to be selectively prosecuting those accused of insulting the government while ignoring or playing down attacks on anti-government protesters and cases of “extreme police brutality”.

Policemen walk past the scene of an explosion near the presidential palace in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu. REUTERS/Feisal Omar (SOMALIA - Tags: CIVIL UNREST CRIME LAW POLITICS “A remote-controlled bomb planted in front of Mogadishu’s Dahabshiil bank and money transfer headquarters injured two guards,” police captain Nur Hassan told Reuters. Earlier, members of Islamist group al Shabaab walked into Dahabshiil branches in areas of Somalia under their control and demanded they close, accusing the company of working for aid agencies they have banned in their territories, according to a

2011. But bombings and assassinations - blamed on militants - are still frequent. Police said they had yet to identify who was behind the blast, but that a mobile phone attached to the device was used to detonate it. It was the first such attack to target a bank. “The explosion crashed open the main entrance glass window but good luck it was dark, and customers were not near,” a Dahabshiil worker, who asked not to be named, told Reuters.

“I heard they accused us of allowing aid agencies to send cash through our bank,” Dahabshiil employee Sabdow Ali said from the al Shabaabcontrolled southern town of Hudur. Al Shabaab has thrown out more than a dozen humanitarian groups from areas under its control in the past three years, including the United Nations’ food agency, the International Committee of the Red Cross and Islamic Relief.

Osborne tries to limit welfare overhaul fallout (Reuters) - Chancellor George Osborne tried to limit political fallout from the biggest overhaul of Britain’s welfare state in decades yesterday, saying the country could no longer afford a system he said was “broken”. In a rare political speech, given to supermarket workers in Sittingbourne in Kent, Osborne sought to justify changes including a cap on welfare benefits that church leaders and the Labour opposition have called callous and to defend his policies which have brought slower-than-expected economic recovery. Osborne knows changes to a 200 billion pound-peryear system that swallows more than a third of his budget

is fraught with risk for the ruling Conservative party ahead of local elections next month and a 2015 general election. Critics accuse his party of governing in the interests of the rich and it is the less well off who will bear the brunt of changes, even though the welfare budget is being restructured and its growth curbed rather than being cut in nominal terms. The changes are part of a drive to get Britain’s large public sector deficit down in a year when the economy is only forecast to expand by 0.6 percent, but Osborne said they were also meant to restore fairness. “For too long, we’ve had a system where people who did the right thing - who get up in the morning and work

hard - felt penalised for it, while people who did the wrong thing got rewarded for it,” he told Morrisons supermarket workers. “The system became so complicated, and benefits so generous, that people found they were better off on the dole (on unemployment benefits) than they were in work.” Some of the new rules start to bite this week, while others will take effect later this year. The welfare budget includes pensions and tax credits as well as unemployment, sickness, housing, local tax and child support benefits. Such benefits have traditionally risen in line with inflation but will rise by just 1 percent between 2014 and 2016.

Wednesday April 3, 2013

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Wednesday April 03, 2013

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Wednesday April 03, 2013 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19): It may feel as if the whole world is standing in your way now, but it’s only a cosmic reminder to change your attitude and take the problems you face in stride. Fortunately, you can overcome most obstacles, but you need to get a bit more serious than you’ve been for the past few days. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20): You are fully committed to your beliefs, but there are differences that may be worthy of discussion with your friends today. Don’t take questions from others as personal attacks now, even if that’s how they feel in the moment. GEMINI (May 21–June 20): An initial offer may be placed on the table today, starting a serious round of negotiations. Don’t try to make up your story as you go along or the other person might end up dictating the terms of the relationship. CANCER (June 21–July 22): You gain strength as the day progresses now that the Moon is visiting earthy Capricorn. But uncertain feelings may be upsetting at first as you seek the solid ground of clarity. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22): It’s time to channel your creativity into something constructive today. Imagination dissipates into the air unless it’s grounded with direct action. Fortunately, your dedication and focus transform lofty possibilities into concrete realities. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22): Although you like exercising your authority, you may not feel like you have to be everyone’s parent today. Paradoxically, you might even be more serious now, but others feel safe enough around you to let their inner children come out and play.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22): Your brilliant ideas and big promises are being put to the test today. Honesty and optimism are admirable, but require commitment in order to transform them into something tangible. Be a planner now; use your resources to make the difference between success and failure. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21): The work that you recently invested in yourself is almost ready to be presented to the world. Although it’s not wise to stand on the sidelines and watch silently, you aren’t quite ready for prime time yet. SAGIT (Nov. 22–Dec. 21): Waves of heavy feelings may wash over you now that the Moon is visiting sobering Capricorn. It isn’t the end of the fun, but important issues that require your attention are coming back into focus. Manage your time and money with the utmost care today. CAPRICORN(Dec.22–Jan.19): You may feel as if people have been showing off recently and receiving unwarranted attention for their unprecedented actions. Finally, everyone seems to be ready to get back down to earth and talk to someone like you who really knows what to do. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18): You and your buddies have hatched some brilliant ideas, but today you may run into a more conservative thinker who isn’t ready to let you have your way. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20): The load of responsibility that you are carrying on your shoulders may become a bit lighter today as coworkers or friends jump in to share the burden. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you have grown tired.

Wednesday April 3, 2013

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National Budget 2013 debates...

APNU calls GuySuCo, GPL ‘black holes’ A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has rejected budgetary allocations for the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) and Guyana Power and Light (GPL) deeming them ‘black holes’. The Party believes that both entities need institutional restructuring before any funds are channelled into them. Presenting this stance were APNU Members of Parliament Carl Greenidge and Keith Scott yesterday during the Budget debates in the National Assembly. According to Greenidge, the volume of debt incurred by Government over the last 10 years exceeds the Cheddi Jagan and Forbes Burnham governments. He contended that when the debt is spent on activities such as the Skeldon Sugar Factory - that may take years to realise its potential taxpayers have a great burden to bear. The troubled $200M Skeldon Sugar Factory is part of GuySuCo’s many challenges. Ironically, the factory was built as part of the company’s turnaround plan. Greenidge said that that plan did not work and now Government wants $1B to drive another meaningful arrangement. He said, “No-one in their right mind views the

GuySuCo figures as realistic. The reason is simple, the problems bedevilling the industry have been obvious for quite awhile and the Opposition Parties have been calling on the Government to take relevant measures of an operational and policy nature to address the problems of the industry”. Like GuySuCo, the state’s energy company has been experiencing its share of challenges with Government pumping resources into it. This year, Government wants to give GPL $11.2B, a vast increase from last year’s $6B. Greenidge stated that these two entities are like black holes that Government continues to pour resources into. “They need institutional reform, organizational change and de-politicization.” According to Scott, GuySuCo’s initial turnaround plan has spun out of control. He said last year Government gave $4B to GuySuCo and announced an ambitious target which had to be revised. Scott stressed that there needs to be full accountability of the monies being put into the sugar company. Like Greenidge, Scott believes that both companies need restructuring before any monies should be given. Defending Government’s pouring of resources into

GuySuCo Housing Minister Irfaan Ali argued that the industry provides jobs for 18,000 persons which essentially translates to 24,000 households. In addition, the sugar company earns in excess of US$100M of foreign currency. He stressed that the $1B transfer would assist GuySuCo to implement its transformation plans. Ali is confident that the outlook for the industry remains positive given its comparative advantage within CARICOM and the extension of the European Union Support. He stressed that Government will not turn its back on the sugar industry. According to Ali, the $5.8B transfer to GPL is to assist with the company’s cash flow requirements. Meanwhile, $5.4B will be used to support key projects such as the upgrade of the transmission and distribution networks, loss reduction programme and other activities. He stressed that the $5.4B injection will also reduce the need for future increases in tariff since it may serve to reduce line losses. The capital injection would also reduce line losses by 2.2 percent and translate into savings amounting to $596.2M annually.

Alleged unlawful assault on cop lands Grove man in court Yesterday, 28-year-old Jermaine Alexander of Grove, East Bank Demerara, appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court to answer to the charge of unlawful assault of a peace officer. Based on the defendant’s explanation, he was entered into a not guilty plea. In his defence, Alexander explained that on the day in question, he saw Lance

Corporal Graham trying to arrest his friend, and a scuffle developed. The defendant, at that point, told his friend to cooperate with the officer, but after seeing that the squabble between the two was getting out of hand, he interrupted and tried to separate the two. The defendant claimed he was then arrested by the same officer he was trying to assist and was taken to the station where he was charged for the said allegations.

According to the facts of the police, on March 26, the defendant obstructed Lance Corporal Graham whilst he was conducting his duties on Vlissengen Road in Georgetown. Nevertheless, the Prosecution did not object to bail and the defendant was granted this to the tune of $70,000. He is expected to make his next court appearance on May 10.

Travis Millington, who was guarding a mango tree with a passion, appeared in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court yesterday, after severely chopping Odessa Grant for picking one of the fruits from a neighbouring tree. Presiding over the matter was Magistrate Judy Latchman who read the charge of felonious wounding to the 25-year-old defendant, to which he pleaded not guilty. Grant, 39, who is a resident of Rahaman’s Park,

related her side of the story. “This man always telling me ‘bout don’t pick this mango from this tree. Your worship, the tree hangs over in my yard and a day I decide to pick the mango. When he see I go to pick the mango, he holler on me and tell me don’t pick it and I went ahead and I picked it. Then all of a sudden I see he go inside and come out back with a cutlass. Then he send he brother to hold me down and he lash me up with the cutlass and I got chop up real bad.” Police reports revealed

that the incident which occurred on March 25 stemmed from a misunderstanding over a mango and the medical report of the complainant was read to the court. It revealed that she received several lacerations to her back and head. The matter was reported and the defendant who is also a resident of Rahaman’s Park, was arrested and charged for the said offence. The assailant, who is expected to return to the court on May 10, was placed on bail in the sum of $200,000.

$200,000 bail for man accused of chopping woman over mango

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Berbice Volleyball Association assist newly formed sports club The Berbice Volleyball Association (BVA), which has been described as one of the active and reasonably well organised

sporting bodies in Guyana, continues to organise activities and assist its affiliates in whatever way possible.

Recently the BVA presented volleyballs and other equipment to the newly formed Union Renaissance Sports Club Volleyball team of

Secretary Adityanand Singh hands over the Volleyball to the captain of the Union Renaissance Sports Club in the presence of other players and officials.

No 53 Village, Corentyne. The donation was handed over by BVA Secretary, Adityanand Singh to the team’s captain in the presence of team members, BVA officials, executives of the clubs and other well wishers. The group of beginners, who are already affiliated to the BVA, attended a recently competition to observe and get tips from the more experienced players and expressed the hope to participate in future events. Speaking at the handing over ceremony BVA president Gregory Rambarran stated that the equipment was part of a promise the BVA had made to the club to assist them in whatever way possible. He urged the mostly young players to stay disciplined and keep focused. The players expressed their gratitude to the BVA and promised to do their best to uphold the good name of the sport. (Samuel Whyte)

Wednesday April 03, 2013

Cole endorses Matthias... From page 32 Cole added that he and Mathias are not really friends, but his support for him also stemmed from the process by which he was nominated to contest for the GFF Presidency. “Here you have the most active assocaiton with over 17 or 18 clubs, nine of which categorically stated that they’ve nominated Matthias for Presidency. They had two distinguished gentlemen who ran alongside Mathias- Joe Harrmon, MP and Colonel Bruce Lovell and the process that the GFA used could have seen either Lovell or Harmon being nominated, but the nine clubs chose Matthias. Lets say that if each of those nine clubs have a 100 players, then it means that 900 players in Georgetown and by extension Guyana was given an opportunity to select and nominate a candidate who they feel would represent them effectively, the nomination process that was used by the GFA I am going with the wishes of the clubs and the judgment of the executives to say that

Matthias is the man to go in that race.” Seondly, according to Cole, Matthias is part of a successful GFA that is in good financial standing in the form of millions of dollars in its account. “This is the association that followed the Troy Mendoncaled administration, and they’ve stood up to the GFF in terms of taking them to Court, having FIFA / CONCACAF intervene and also being able to stage a successful yearend tournament twice so that they could be financially buoyant. All this was done in addition to the continuation of reform, while the act of democracy exhibited by the GFA was also commendable and I think that is the way to go. I would like to see a GFF become a GFA in terms of generating funds off its own which Mathhias was part and parcel of accomplishing and that is why he is my candidate for the Presidency of the GFF,” Cole, who was speaking in a personal capacity stated.

Wednesday April 03, 2013

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::: Letter to the Sports Editor :::

Congratulations to Guyana’s CARIFTA medal winners DEAR EDITOR, Two Gold, Two Silver and Two Bronze for the Guyanese contingent at the just concluded 2013 CARIFTA GAMES in The Bahamas deserve an applauded. It’s a clear message to the power houses of the Caribbean that Guyana is currently at many disadvantages, but strides are taken to face up to the challenges. The non-medal athletes should use this experience to keep building a much stronger mind set and hopefully when

the Synthetic Track is completed, Guyana will be able to showcase a much higher level of competition to their rivals. As a reminder to Parents and Guardians, it would be wise to begin your quest of investment or savings towards “Spike Boots’ and “Starters Blocks.” In doing so, athletes can begin their preparations very early with their techniques on grass and it would not be too difficult with the transition process by changing over towards the synthetic

Hamstrung Powell withdraws from Melbourne meet Asafa Powell

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Former 100 meters world record holder Asafa Powell has been forced to withdraw from his first meeting since last year’s Olympic final because of a hamstring injury, Athletics Australia said on Tuesday. The 30-year-old Jamaican, who has run the 100m in less than 10 seconds more times than any other sprinter, was scheduled to race at the IAAF World Challenge in Melbourne on Saturday. The injury also forced Powell to pull out of the final of Monday’s Stawell Gift, a 131-year-old handicap race run on grass in a small town in Australia’s Victoria state. Powell suffered a groin injury in the Olympic final in London last year and trailed home last as his compatriots Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake won gold and silver. Britain’s Olympic long jump champion Greg Rutherford will renew his rivalry with Australian silver medalist Mitch Watt at Saturday’s meeting at Lakeside Stadium.

Six medals from eight... From page 36 Games success. Partnerships in countries like Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada, Bahamas and a few others, between Government and sport associations, have gone pass rhetoric, which is one of the key reasons why those countries are in the top tier of athletics in the region, and even beyond, as is the case with Jamaica and Trinidad. Those Governments have put their monies where their mouths are in ensuring that their brightest and most

talented prospects develop pass CARIFTA to international superstars, even if it is fully funding their education at top athleticsoriented colleges overseas. Again, for emphasis, the question must be asked, does this Government and its Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport really understand what partnership means? History has proven that they do not, and the athletics community, as a result, ought to band together and build from this success and not be bogged down with rhetoric.

surface. That applies to the sprinters (100, 200, 400). The reality is that some serious adjustments will have to be made with persons schedules/timings because of the distance between Georgetown and Leonora and I am quite sure with early planning, situations will work out for everyone. It did caught my attention from one of the report’s in the dailies a couple of days ago

that the coach Mr. Shaun Dietz of the famous Guyanese athlete, Miss Kadecia Baird (USA Based and World Junior Silver Medalist) that her focus is now towards the 2013 World Championships in Moscow. That was indeed great reading for me because these are the level of meets that Guyana needs to more frequent in competition. Perhaps The Athletics

Association of Guyana (AAG) can now via a press release, say who, if any more Guyanese has been selected to attend the Moscow Meet or whether there will be a local meet to decide who will be accompanying Miss K. Baird. In closing, I have recently learnt of Mr. Colin Ming of Mings Products and Services (MPS) offering a long term commitment of endorsement towards Miss Tirana

Mitchell and I was very elated with this news. Whatever the terms and conditions, I sincerely hope that this athlete in question understands her responsibility as a brand ambassador of the company that has made such a wonderful gesture of endorsement. These opportunities don’t always come too often. T. Pemberton

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Wednesday April 03, 2013

Ja run away with another CARIFTA title PSG snatch late

Simoya Campbell of Jamaica cruises to victory in the Girls’ Under-20 800-metre final at the 42nd CARIFTA Games at the Thomas A Robinson Stadium in Nassau, Bahamas. (PHOTO: ANTHONY FOSTER) Jamaica Observer - A small cloud hung over the final medal count as the 42nd CARIFTA Games at the Thomas A Robinson Stadium in Nassau, Bahamas, closed last night in what should have been fireworks by the Jamaican team. Javon Francis ran a brilliantly timed anchor leg on the Under-20 boys’ 4x400m finals, but news filtering out was that the team

had been disqualified soon afterwards, and the Jamaican management team had fired off a protest immediately. It was not clear up to press time what the infringement was with several different causes been mooted. The team had run what was thought to be a new meet record 3:05.68 as Jamaican athletes won three of the four mile relays, adding another 23

medals to the 50 they had won coming into the day. However, there are still some questions about the final medal count, as the official number on the event website kept changing over the last two days of the championships. Monday morning the official website published a medal standing that showed Jamaica with 50 medals — 20 gold, 19 silver and 11 bronze — well ahead of their hosts, who had 21 medals, with Barbados further back with 11 and Trinidad on 10, the only countries in double digits. The numbers were, however, changed midway the third and final day with a disclaimer saying “events which may be excluded from this count did not meet the CARIFTA standard of having a minimum of five athletes from three different countries”. That was far from the minds of the athletes yesterday, however, as after taking the baton from a tired Jevaughn Minzie, behind the Trinidad and Tobago and

Bahamas athletes, Francis, the IAAF World Junior Championships 400m finalist, passed both in the first 150 metres then strode away majestically to end the three championships in a blaze of glory. They beat the previous record of 3:07.10 held by another Jamaican quartet. Yanique McNeil, Simoya Campbell, Shericka Jackson, and Chriss-Ann Gordon ran away with the Under-20 girls’ title, winning in 3:34.26, beating Barbados and Bahamas. The Under-17 girls started the tide winning in 3:44.13 with the team of Shannon Kalawan, Tiffany James the individual 400m winner, Patrice Moodie, and Asshani Robb on anchor. With makeshift 400m runner Jauavney James, the 1550m/300m champion, asked to anchor the team, the boys’ Under-17 faded to third place, beaten by the Bahamas and Barbados. Jamaica’s march to the 29th hold on the title had continued earlier in the day during the finals of the 200m, 800m and sprint hurdles as the medal count continued to pile up. Natalliah Whyte and Martin Manley won their Under-17 200m races to cop their second individual gold medals each. Whyte, who won the girls’ 100m race on Saturday, dominated yesterday’s 200m, speeding to 23.65 seconds, pushed by a 2.1 metres per second wind just over the legal limit, beating The Bahamas’s Jenae Ambrose24.04 seconds and Guyana’s Tirana Mitchell. Manley, who had won the 400m gold, ran past two athletes in the last 10 metres to snatch the gold in 21.35 seconds (2.3m/s wind), edging out Mario Burke of Barbados, who was third last year, and Jamaica’s Jaheel Hydle, who got the bronze less than 90 minutes after he won the 110m hurdles gold. Shericka Jackson ran a brilliant personal best 22.84 seconds, but was denied by Bahamas’s Shauna Miller’s 22.77 seconds, both under the old meeting record of 22.85 seconds set last year by Anthonique Stratchan with a second Bahamian Carmeisha Cox taking third. Minzie led late in the Under-20 boys’ race after teammate Odail Todd pulled up as they came off the curve but was caught by the fast-finishing Bahamian Teray Smith who won with 20.58 seconds (3.4 seconds) out of lane eight. Minzie took second with 20.64 seconds as Trinidad’s Jereem Richards was third.

draw with Barca

BBC Sport - Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored one goal and set up the other as he inspired Paris St-Germain against former club Barcelona in a thrilling Champions League quarter-final first leg match. The Swede stabbed home from an apparently offside position to cancel out Lionel Messi’s wellmade opener. Xavi’s 89thminute penalty after Salvatore Sirigu fouled Alexis Sanchez seemed to have secured Barca’s win. But Ibrahimovic’s 94thminute knock-down was swept home by Blaise Matuidi. It was a disappointing end for Barcelona, who had lost Messi to a hamstring strain at half-time and Javier Mascherano to another injury in the second half. Those injuries combined with Ibrahimovic’s performance against a team where he had an unhappy 2009-10 season may have dominated the post-match discussion, but it was the inclusion of 37-year-old David Beckham in PSG’s starting line-up that caught the eye before kickoff. The selection of the former England captain, ahead of the 20-year-old Marco Verratti, looked questionable as Barcelona monopolised possession in an ominous opening, but Beckham went on to have a solid 70 minutes in a deeplying midfield role. Despite their early dominance, Barca looked vulnerable at the back and almost conceded from PSG’s first attack as a flustered Sergio Busquets poked the ball against the frame of his own goal. The home side’s game plan initially confounded Barca with Beckham and the industrious Matuidi sitting deep and launching swift counter-attacks towards a dangerous front quartet of Ibrahimovic, the impressive Lucas Moura, and A rg e n t i n e pair Ezequiel Lavezzi and Javier Pastore. Barcelona were limited to wayward long-range efforts from Andres Iniesta and Alexis Sanchez, before a moment of brilliance converted their time on the ball to a score on the board. Despite Messi’s neat finish for his 57th goal of the season, Dani Alves’s delicious pass, off the outside of his right foot, to

slice open the defence stole the show. Messi escaped the attentions of the excellent Thiago Silva once more to curl narrowly over but it was to be his final contribution as he hobbled out of the action with a right hamstring strain that will be assessed over the next 24 hours. Former Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas came on in place of Messi, but without the Argentine’s attacking menace on the pitch Matuidi was able to push forward. Ibrahimovic almost scooped the ball cleverly into the path of the PSG midfielder, who will miss the return leg after picking up a booking, but Gerard Pique was quick enough to make up the ground. Sanchez had wasted two openings for Barca before Ibrahimovic, coming from an offside position, poked in after Thiago Silva’s header hit the post. With a minute of normal time left, Xavi coolly converted from 12 yards after Sanchez had been felled by Sirigu’s needless charge from goal. But Ibrahimovic, whose flick-on had almost played in Kevin Gamiero minutes before, had the final word as he nodded the ball into the path of Matuidi whose shot squirmed past Victor Valdes after going through the legs of Barca substitute Marc Bartra. Meanwhile, Bayern Munich produced an authoritative performance at home to leave Juventus facing an uphill task to reach the Champions League semifinals. The German league leaders made the perfect start when David Alaba’s deflected 35-yard shot spun past Gianluigi Buffon inside 30 seconds. Thomas Mueller tapped in Mario Mandzukic’s square pass to double Bayern’s lead after the break. Juventus’ best chances fell to Arturo Vidal who twice shot at Manuel Neuer. But in truth the Italian champions rarely threatened as Bayern totally dominated the quarter-final first leg and created several outstanding chances. Bayern entered their sixth Champions League quarterfinal in seven seasons on the back of a thumping 9-2 weekend win over Bundesliga rivals Hamburg and continued in the same vein as they produced another dominant display, full of attacking verve.

Wednesday April 03, 2013

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Cole endorses Matthias for GFF President He has worn many hats in the football arena both as a former player, and outstanding Administrator and in an interview with members of the media yesterday, he emphatically endorsed Christopher Matthias to be the next President of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF). Marlan Cole, the former President of Fruta Conquerors FC, current CoDirector of the Petra Organisation, former Secretary of the Georgetown Football Association (GFA) and a player, speaking with the media said he stood steadfast behind Matthias, informing that what the current General Secretary of the GFA has done for football over the past two years is testimony to his commitment and willingness to see the advancement of the sport despite facing great obstacles over the period. According to Cole, who has served in an administrative capacity for a number of years, Matthias is

the best candidate of the four in his opinion, pointing to his courage in standing up to the once mighty GFF and willing to risk his career as a football administrator as traits that swayed his advocacy for him. He pointed to his willingness to instigate constitutional reform as another feature of the man that gained his nod over the others, while his knowledge of administration and his open-minded personality are all excellent characteristics that could improve the image in the sport. “Matthias as I’ve seen over the past two years is an approachable guy and one who is willing to listen and accommodate views from the other side with sincerity, traits that were lacking from those who it was clear to see transmitted quite the opposite,” Cole said. Cole, who was part of the GFA that many within football circles unanimously agreed was one of the better administrations in recent times, claimed to be quite

Marlan Cole familiar with what obtained during the Colin Klass era that was dominated by unilateral rulership and intolerant of diverse views. “I know the ins and outs of football and I know of some of the things we suffered under Klass, who incidentally had a chief lieutenant in the person of Aubrey ‘Shanghai’Major, someone now vying for the positon of President of the GFF,” Cole disclosed. (Continued on page 28)

Wednesday April 03, 2013

Broadened inclusion as Scotiabank/Pepsi School’s Football competition moves to B’ce Following the successful launching of the Scotiabank/ Pepsi School Football competition in Georgetown earlier this year, the organizers have moved over to Berbice for the second leg of the programme which was officially launched at the All Saints Ground, New Amsterdam Saturday March 30 last. The participating teams staged a march past where Sports Officer of the Berbice Branch of the Guyana Teacher ’s Union (GTU), Heathcliff Peters, took the salute. The GTU Sports Officer commended the large turnout while urging the students to be good role models and ambassadors. He reminded them of the benefits that are derived from participation in sports, while endorsing that football provides the type of activity that enhances good health. Mr. Peters also lauded the two sponsors, DDL and Scotia Bank, for their sustained support, while saying that the initiative is good for the community and by extension, the country. Subsequently, activities got underway with the first game between New Amsterdam Multilateral and Berbice Educational Institute

which was won by the former team 2-nil on the back of goals off the boots of Chad Henry (6th) and Tavil Simpson (54th). Activities will shift to the Ministry of Education, Sports Complex Ground, Carifesta Avenue on Saturday April 6 next with a female encounter between Christ Church Secondary and Central High School starting at 09:00hrs. Later on, at 10:30hrs, St Stanislaus College and Tucville High will clash while School of the Nations tackle Campbellville Community High at 12:00hrs in male encounters. One day later, on Sunday April 7, Christ Church will play St George’s in a male encounter starting at 10:30hrs, while Campbellville and Charlestown will clash in a female game starting at 12:00hrs. The final game for that day will see Central High opposing Tutorial High men’s team. Meanwhile, Lindeners will also witness a few games when Harmony Secondary come up against Mackenzie High in a male game, while Wismar Christianburg Secondary and New Silver City are slated to meet shortly afterwards also in another male encounter. Those games

commence at 11:30hrs. The action in Berbice will continue on Sat April 13 with 3 games at the All Saints Ground commencing at 09:00hrs when Berbice Education Institute opposes Vryman’s Ervin Secondary followed at 10:30hrs when Canje Secondary and Tutorial High compete against each other from 12:00hrs. New Amsterdam Multilateral School and Berbice High School will compete in the final game that day. The Scotiabank/Pepsi football programme was previously staged among schools in Georgetown for the initial 2 years but organizers have decided to expand activities to New Amsterdam and Linden t h i s y e a r. A c t i v i t i e s i n Georgetown and Linden commenced on March 23 with the former team fielding 13 schools, while the latter fielded six. Participants range from ages 10 to 15 years. Those students participating in the programme may find the material beneficial in the imminent CXC exams. Organizers also intimated that at the end of the tournament in July, an All-Star team will be exposed to continuous training.

NZ cricketer Jesse Ryder ‘has no memory of attack’

BBC Sport - New Zealand cricketer Jesse Ryder has told police that he has no recollection of being attacked outside a bar. Ryder, 28, was put in a medically-induced coma after being attacked twice in quick succession as he left the bar in Christchurch last Thursday. He is now out of the coma and intensive care, but has been unable to help police with their investigation. Ryder told police his last memory was being dismissed in a match on Wednesday. Two people have been charged with assault and are due in court later this week. “Unfortunately Mr Ryder has no recollection of what took place or the events leading up to the incident,” Detective Senior Sergeant Brian Archer said. “Should Mr Ryder gain sufficient recollection as his recovery continues, then we may look to speak to him again. However there are no immediate plans to reinterview him at this time.” The cricketer had been in Christchurch with team-mates after playing for Wellington Firebirds in a domestic one-

Jesse Ryder

day competition. He had been due to fly to Delhi to begin a $300,000 (£200,000) contract in the Indian Premier League. His manager, Aaron Klee, said it was not known when his client would be discharged from hospital. “He’s absolutely talking, sitting there having conversations and he’s up on his feet,” Mr Klee said. “It’s nice to see the big guy back on his feet again.”

Ryder stopped playing international cricket for New Zealand in February last year after a series of alcoholrelated problems. He had also had disciplinary lapses. But police said while he had been drinking before the assault on Thursday morning, alcohol was not a factor. The suspects charged with assaulting him, aged 20 and 37, are due to appear before Christchurch District Court on 4 April.

Wednesday April 03, 2013

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Tournament opener hit by injuries

BHS beat BEI in Raj Mangal Memorial football tourney

Virender Sehwag (left) is likely to miss the game, but Gautam Gambhir is fit. (AFP)

The winning BHS team pose with their silverware along with coordinators former nationals Neil Humphrey and Ike Bowery.

ESPNcricinfo - For much of IPL 2012, Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Daredevils were the form teams favoured to make it to the summit clash. Knight Riders got there and won it, putting the horrors of seasons past behind them. Daredevils always promised so much, but in 2012 they inexplicably left out top wicket-taker Morne Morkel from the knockout against Chennai Super Kings, a decision that contributed to their heavy defeat. The pre-season build-up has been bad news for Daredevils, who have had to suffer high-profile pullouts. Kevin Pietersen will miss the entire tournament due to a knee injury sustained in New Zealand, while Jesse Ryder was set to fly to India before being assaulted in Christchurch. The franchise has just replaced him with the Australian batsman Ben Rohrer, but their troubles do not end there. Virender Sehwag, who captained Daredevils last year, is also doubtful for the opening game on Wednesday with a back spasm. Morkel will miss at least the first game because he is in South Africa representing Titans in the final stages of their domestic T20 competition. Mahela Jayawardene, who took over as full-time captain, will have to deal with a depleted batting line-up. Knight Riders don’t have a fully fit squad at their disposal either. Brendon McCullum is yet to join the squad in India, as he is recovering from a hamstring injury sustained during the England Tests. James Pattinson, the Australia fast

bowler, is resting at home, as advised by Cricket Australia following the Test tour of India. Jacques Kallis is only just returning from injury and Gautam Gambhir, the captain, has just recovered from jaundice and insists he is fit to play from game one. On paper, Knight Riders look the stronger side and playing at home will give them an edge. PLAYERS TO WATCH Mahela Jayawardene is coming off an injury layoff, having missed Sri Lanka’s entire home series against Bangladesh. In the absence of Pietersen and Sehwag, much will be expected from the captain, who might position himself as an opener. He wouldn’t have had much match practice going into tomorrow’s game, so his team will hope he finds his touch straightaway. Manvinder Bisla made the world sit up and take notice on May 27, 2012, the night of the IPL final. In a high-scoring game, Bisla smashed 89 off 48 balls to stun Chennai Super Kings and help Knight Riders to the title. An aggressive top-order batsman-cumkeeper, he played only seven games for Knight Riders last season. He should expect more this year, following that knock. 2012 HEAD-TO-HEAD The teams met twice last season, both winning a game each. In the first match in Kolkata, a game reduced to 12 overs a side due to rain, Knight Riders managed 97 for 9, and Daredevils chased it down with five balls to spare. In the return match, Knight Riders hit back with a sixwicket win, with McCullum leading the way with a fifty.

Berbice High School played a better brand of football to defeat arch rival Berbice Educational Institute 5-3 in a U-15 encounter to retain the Raj Mangal Memorial Inter School trophy which is played between the two schools. This is the third year for the tournament with the previous encounters being played between past students of the two schools. The two teams battled recently at the All Saints Scot Church Ground in New Amsterdam and as is usual when the two teams clash, be it present or old students, the

games are always closely fought and keenly contested. BHS were out running and dominated the first segment of play with a 3-1 lead at half time. BEI tried to regroup in the second half, which was more evenly contested, with both teams scoring twice. Star player Dereck Taylor found the back of the nets in the seventh minute for the first of his three strikes with goals following in the 40th and 48th minutes. Dmitri Thomas however was the first to score for BHS slicing home one in as early

as the third minute with Randy Arrindel beating the keeper in the 18 minute. For BEI the lads on target were Ticquan Casey in the 21st and 52 minute, while Arion Kendall scored in the 38 minute. Individual prizes were presented to a number of the students who excelled during the 60 minutes match. Best goalkeeper Keon Williams (BEI), Best defender Ticquan Casey (BEI), Best Midfielder Sherman Collins BHS (BHS) and Best Forward Dereck Taylor (BHS). Taylor was also adjudged as the Most Valuable Player on show.

They all received trophies. Mangal was a former Educationist and a former Head Master of BEI and Principal of the Cyril Potter Education Secondary Department in Berbice. The game was organised and sponsored by overseas based former BEI students and former national junior players Owen “Piggy” Humphrey and Robert “Buntin” Carrington. They have committed to assist with football, sports and youth development back home in whatever way possible. The coordinator was Neil “Grizzly” Humphrey. (Samuel Whyte)

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Wednesday April 03, 2013

Big spenders still searching for returns ESPNcricinfo - If willingness to put millions behind desire was a guarantee of success, Mumbai Indians should have been IPL winners multiple times by now. Year after year, auction after auction, they have poured in the big bucks and signed the biggest names, but the prize has always eluded them. The IPL is only five seasons old, and there are more franchises that haven’t won it than those that have, but the tag of free-spending underachievers has belonged to Mumbai. Three successive seasons of making the IPL knockouts and a Champions League title haven’t quite been able to shake off that label. That’s the price you pay for assembling so many overseas and Indian stars. This season is no different. John Wright and Anil Kumble are the latest additions to the Mumbai management. Ricky Ponting is the newest captain. These are not merely big names. These are institutions, men whose achievements will resonate for generations to come. They have probably the biggest

crowd-puller the game has ever seen, Sachin Tendulkar, whose presence guarantees sellouts at Wankhede Stadium weeks before the season begins. There is Kieron Pollard, to whom Twenty20 comes as naturally as cricket did to Garry Sobers. Why is such a collection of superstars still without an IPL title? It is as much a reflection on the fickleness of the format as on Mumbai’s inability to handle the pressure in knockout clashes. It is difficult to imagine a similar line-up going without success for so long in Tests or ODIs, although South Africa will readily dispute that when it comes to world tournaments. For what it’s worth, the South African flavour of the squad last season has given way to one that is overwhelmingly Australian, with four of the five buys in the 2013 auction coming from Ponting’s country, including the million-dollar Glenn Maxwell. The Indian contingent, especially the first-choice players, is perhaps the strongest in the

Anil Kumble (right) and Ricky Ponting are mentor and captain of Mumbai Indians for the season. (Mumbai Indians) IPL. When you have so much to play with, you are prone to tinker too much too soon if

the results don’t come Mumbai tried 24 players, the most, last season and as many as eight opening combinations. Stability is one thing Ponting will have to strive for. The results could follow. Or then again, the knockouts could prove to be the stumbling point. Regardless, the Wankhede stands will be packed and shrieking. KEY PLAYERS Mumbai were the only bidders for Ricky Ponting in the auction. They bought him at base price and made him captain. This was probably the only way for Ponting to return to the IPL. Most other franchises have settled

leadership. Ponting is making the most of what is left of his playing days following the end of a great international career in December. After the IPL, he will play in England and the West Indies. No love is lost between the former Australia captain and Indian fans, and now he is leading a franchise which has Tendulkar, Harbhajan Singh and Kumble. Ponting’s record suggests he isn’t a bad Twenty20 batsman at all. He has been in fine nick; more than 900 runs in the Sheffield Shield and a decent run in the Big Bash. He was one of the longest-serving captains in international cricket, and has an overflowing trophy cabinet to back his credentials. On the face of it, it seems to be a bargain buy for a splurging franchise that has had to do with reluctant and hot-headed captains in the past. Pollard was Mumbai’s second highest wicket-taker last season, behind Lasith Malinga. Harbhajan had six wickets from 17 matches; RP Singh 10 from 11 at nearly eight runs an over. Barring Munaf Patel to an extent, there was little strike support for Malinga from the other frontline bowlers. Malinga has only four overs in a T20 game, and the others will have to do better than their 2012 showing. Davy Jacobs, James Franklin, R Sathish, Aiden Blizzard, T Suman, Richard Levi, Herschelle Gibbs, Dwayne Smith … that is not some random wishlist for a Mumbai Indians XI, but the list of opening partners for Sachin Tendulkar over the previous two seasons. Only

the pairing with Smith had some success. Phillip Hughes is the newest contender to open with Tendulkar, whose T20 strike-rate has also suffered along with his overall decline. Unless Tendulkar can script yet another revival in his batting, the onus will be on his partner to provide firepower at the top. Who will it be, or rather, how many more combinations will we see? BIG PLAYERS IN Undoubtedly Ponting, although paying a million dollars for Maxwell also makes him a big signing. However, with Ponting, Pollard and Malinga likely to take three of the four overseas players’ slots, it is to be seen how many games Maxwell gets. Many have pointed to his lacklustre debut Test series in India to scoff at the price Mumbai paid for him, but if reverse logic was to be applied, Pollard should have been hailed as a potential Test great by now. BIG PLAYERS OUT Thisara Perera, the hardhitting Sri Lanka allrounder, was released by the franchise and bought by Sunrisers Hyderabad for $675,000 in the 2013 auction. UNDER THE RADAR First-class batting and bowling averages of 42.03 and 25.47 suggest that Rishi Dhawan, the 23-year old from Himachal Pradesh, has the makings of a genuine allrounder. Another allrounder, Madhya Pradesh’s Jalaj Saxena has been around for a while, and his batting has prospered in recent times, although the same cannot be said about his offbreaks.

Universal Auto & General Supplies 11-Race Cycle Meet The 9th edition of the Universal Auto & General Supplies 11-Race Cycle Meet will take place this Saturday at the Inner circuit of the National Park and as usual, an exciting day of action is anticipated with the best riders expected to compete. The opening race of the day’s proceedings will pedal off at 09:00hrs, the feature event is the school boys and invitational 35-lap contest which will see the leading senior riders as well as their junior and juvenile counterparts all vying for the top six positions. Managing/Director of Universal Auto & General Supplies Shameer Baksh will be there to compete and

- ninth edition set for NP on Saturday assist with the distribution of prizes at the event. Last year ’s winner of the feature event was Robin Persaud (One Hour 17 Minutes 52 Seconds). Michael Anthony won the

juvenile 10 lap contest (22 Minutes 36.57 Seconds), w h i l e Ve t e r a n S h a m e e r Baksh took care of business in the veteran 5lap event in 12 Minutes 21 Seconds.

Following is the full list of races: Race 12 to 14 yrs Boys & Girls Veteran U – 50 yrs Veteran O – 50 yrs Veteran O – 60 yrs Juveniles BMX Boys Open BMX Boys 12 to 14 yrs BMX Boys 6 to 9 yrs BMX Boys 9 to 12 yrs Mountain Bikers School Boys & Invitation -

Laps 3 5 5 5 10 3 3 2 3 5 35

Wednesday April 03, 2013

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Wednesday April 03, 2013

Six medals from eight athletes is extremely commendable - The Sport Ministry must enact its ‘partnership’ rhetoric

Guyana’s CARIFTA Games athletics team pose for a photo opportunity in the Bahamas with officials last weekend. The team won a total of six medals. (Dean ‘The Sportsman’ Greenaway photograph) By Edison Jefford Six CARFITA Games medals from eight athletes represent a success rate of 75% for Guyana at the competition that is holistically viewed as the Caribbean’s premier junior track and field meet, and the

springboard to the world youth and junior levels. The extremely commendable performance from the athletes that represented Guyana in Bahamas over the last weekend should be seen as the beginning of rewarding

careers in athletics, and must monetarily motivate the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport. Before the team left Guyana, a courtesy call was placed to the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony, who had

spoken at the Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG) Awards only a week before. The minister was monotonous on both occasions. He, one, urged the athletes to do well for Guyana at the CARIFTA Games – “...we would like to see gold medals...” was his direct request of the team; secondly, he spoke of a glorified synthetic track for which construction is still underway; and thirdly, he pleaded for a ‘partnership’ with the subject association moving forward. Well, the dust has settled in the Bahamas and Guyanese proudly boasts of two gold medals, three bronze medals and a silver medal. Those performances should test the minister’s rhetoric prior to the team’s departure, and his understanding of ‘partnership’. Categorically, the synthetic track has been lots of rhetoric at Leonora. Constant contract signings and completion dates, but nothing concrete. Yet at every opportunity, Dr. Anthony mentions this project to the athletics community like a ratcatcher waving a piece of cheese. The synthetic track started around November 2010. If you count the months that construction has been ongoing at the site, it would amount to 30 months, and the issues have been nothing that the athletics community should pay for as is currently happening. For example, one of the issues was a contractor’s failure to complete works on a parameter fence after the ministry’s issuance of a contract; the contractor only realised after receiving the contract that he singularly

lacked the requisite competence to build the fence. The issue forced the ministry to re-issue the same contract to two different contractors, obviously losing money and time in the process. The last that was heard on this matter was that the ministry has moved to the Courts to recover tax payers’ dollars that was handed out to the contractor, who defaulted. The new date for the actual laying of the synthetic track that came out of the ministry was given late last year as being mid 2013; the minister told his athletics audience last week that the surface for laying the track has been completed. Mid2013 is two months away. Then there is the minister’s talk of ‘partnership’, but does the minister understand what the word he bellowed at the athletics community actually mean. This performance from Guyana at what is the Caribbean’s highest level will answer that question further. But from observations, it is clear that the ministry’s understanding of partnership and partnership in the ideal sense have two different connotations. For instance, the ministry’s support of what is a national team would have moved passed merely waiving airport taxes for the touring delegation under the ideal sense of the concept, ‘partnership’. But that has been the ministry’s role with national athletics teams time immemorial; the rhetoric of the synthetic track is as if to convince the athletics community that the ministry’s contribution to the sport is at its maximum with the advent of the facility. Under the ideal context of partnership, the ministry

would have ensured that the touring Guyana team was properly housed in the Bahamas prior to the opening of the Games Village. But, had it not been for the Guyana/Bahamas Association in the Bahamas, and the efforts of its Chairperson, Coreen Douglas, Guyana could have been left embarrassingly wanting. Against those odds, and no support from Government but a presumptuous call for gold medals at the CARIFTA Games and perhaps a waiver of a US $20 airport tax, Guyana finished sixth of the 19 countries that participated at the Games with a haul of six medals. If the minister must be reminded, a partnership is a hand-in-glove arrangement with either parties or number of parties, understanding their respective roles, thereby fuelling a working relationship to ensure general success. Historic and current ministry practices and behaviour suggest anything but a partnership with the athletics community. Judging from what the minister said; his understanding of partnership is the subject association’s submission of a development plan. However, the minister and his ministry failed to indicate what role it will take in enacting a development plan when it is produced. We have been here before with a host of talented junior athletes producing in the region and not progressing past that level. The names will be too numerous to mention here but had the ministry understood what partnership meant then maybe Guyana, by now, would have progressed further internationally than this resounding CARFITA (Continued on page 29)

Dave Scott, Jose Jardine... From back page remaining results, first to third places. 90HP 4-Laps - Clint Gonsalves (Miracle), Raymond Rasul (Lashback), Dave Young (3:16 Monster). 40HP - Dave Young (3:16 Monster), Clint Gonsalves (Nitronsic),RamkumarSingh(Puja). Jet Ski - Whitney Welsome, Saddiqui Rasul, Mark Fagundes Jet Ski - Whitney Welcome, Bobby Rasul, Mark Fagundes 200HP – Unlimited 4Laps Selwyn Joseph (The Girl Sugar), Jose Jardine

(Flash), Dave Young (3:16 Monster) 200HP 4-Laps - Selwyn Joseph (The Girls Sugar), Jose Jardine (Flash), Dave Young (3:16 Monster) 40HP 3-Laps Dave Young (3:16 Monster), Ramkumar Singhy (Puja) 75HP 4-Laps - Clint Gonsalves (Miracle), Jose Jardine (Flash), Dave Young (3:16 Monster) 40HP 3-Laps Dave Young (3:16 Monster), Ramkumar Singh (Puja) Jet Ski - Whitney Welcome, Bobby Rasul, Kenny Washington

Wednesday April 03, 2013

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LINDEN GUINNESS ‘GREATEST OF THE STREETS’ CONTINUES TONIGHT Play in the Linden segment of the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Futsal Competition continues tonight with more action in the Mining community. Meanwhile, the points standing after three nights of action are as follows:

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EBDCA\G Spot U-19 inter zone tourney

Zone D and A to clash in final

Zone D have booked their place in the final of the East Bank Demerara Cricket Association (EBDCA)\G Spot inter zone U-19 40 over tournament after recording consecutive victories last weekend. On Sunday last at Diamond, Zone D beat Zone C by 14 runs. Zone D batted first and scored 160 before they were bowled out in 26.3 overs. Ronaldo Fernandes made 29(2x4), Kevon Moore 18(1x6) and Alex Loncke 17(3x4) as Decroy Williams grabbed 5-53. Zone C in reply were skittled for 46 in 12.5 overs. Kevon Moore claimed 3-16, Omar Persaud 2-1 and Ryan Khan 2-23. On Saturday at the said venue, Zone D overcame Zone B by 3 wickets. Zone D

posted 140 all out in 33.4 overs. Shivram Persaud stroked 45(6x4) and Leon Persaud supported with 20(1x4); Iassie Ramalho snared 3-19 and Kevon Moore 2-24. Zone D, who will take on Zone A in the final on Sunday at Diamond, responded with 141-7 in 28 overs with Vicash Persaud scoring 37(4x4). Meanwhile, the EBDCA team to participate in the Demerara Cricket Board I n t e r A s s o c i a t i o n U-19 tournament reads, Deonarine Seegobin, Shivram Persaud, Stephon Brown, Alex Loncke, Kevon Moore, Ryan Shun, Asif Ali, Ameer khan, Jamal Fisher, Vicash Rampersaud, Ronaldo Fernandes, Leon Persaud, Decroy Williams, Arshad Alli and Kenny Lawrence.

Jamaica PM congratulates Cameron on WICB Presidency Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller of Jamaica has congratulated Jamaican Whycliffe ‘Dave’ Cameron on being elected P r e s i d e n t o f t h e We s t Indies Cricket Board (WICB). The elections were held last week in Barbados. In a congratulatory message, the Prime Minister said Jamaica and the region expects that u n d e r y o u r w a t c h We s t Indies cricket can chart a new course of development and success. With our long history of excellence you now have the opportunity to build on

this legacy for the greater good of the sport and cricket-loving fans around the world. I have every confidence that the process and d e v e l o p m e n t o f We s t Indies cricket will benefit from your talent, passion and considerable experience, the Prime Minister said. And, in her congratulations, the Minister without Portfolio with responsibility for Sport, Natalie Neita Headley said “we expected no less and look forward to a successful tenure as WICB President.”

East Bank Football Association (EBFA)/ Trophy Stall U-23 Knockout Football C/ships

Kuru Kururu Warriors/ Grove Hi Tech to battle for championship honours

DCB Inter- Association U-19 Competition starts on Friday The Demerara Cricket Board Inter Association U-19 tournament is set to start on Friday with East Coast facing East Bank at Enmore and Georgetown playing West Demerara at Wales. On Saturday, West Demerara will take on East Coast at

Enmore and Georgetown will entertain East Bank at Demerara Cricket Club. The final round will be played on Sunday, West Demerara will challenge East Bank at Wales and Georgetown will come up against East Coast at Georgetown Cricket Club.

Kuru Kururu Warriors and Grove Hi Tech defeated United and Champs respectively to advance to the finals when activities in the East Bank Football Association (EBFA)/Trophy Stall U-23 Knockout Football tournament continued at the Grove Play field Sunday March 31 last. Kuru Kururu Warriors defeated United 1-0 after Christopher Alleyne netted in the 4th minute while Lloyd Matthews (29th), Odingo Jhingoree (44th) and Travis Jones (80th & 90th)

completed the onslaught for Grove Hi Tech in their humiliation of Champs. Meanwhile, the finals and third place playoff will be contested this Sunday April 7 at the same venue. Mocha Champs oppose Diamond United from 13:00hrs, while the championship match commences at 15:00hrs. Managing Director of Trophy Stall, Ramesh Sunich will witness the matches and later on he will distribute the prizes to the winners and runners up of both matches.

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Wednesday April 03, 2013

Guyanese players cop 8 medals in Suriname International Easter Badminton tourney The Suriname International Easter Tournament which was played at the Walter Amo Sports Hall concluded on Sunday 31 of March with the Guyanese Players winning 8Medals. 1-Gold, 1-Silver and 4 Bronze. Priyanna Ramdhani (Runner-up Junior Sportswoman for 2012) again brought Guyana honours as she won the Gold in her first Under-13 International Tournament moving up from Under-11. She played throughout the tournament without dropping a set, beating all her opponents by under 11 points, gave one love and won the Finals by beating Imani Mangroe: 21-9, 21-8. The Silver went to 14-year old Narayan Ramdhani seeded no. 2 who also played without dropping a set until he lost in the Under-17 Boys Finals to Soren Opti: 21-13, 21-16. Amkika Ramraj got Bronze in the Under-17 Girls Singles by losing to S. Lindveld: 216, 21-10 in the Semi-Finals.

She also did not drop a set. Jea Ramsammy also got Bronze in the Under-17 Girls Singles losing to Viviane Chen:21-3, 21-8 in the SemiFinals. She also did not drop a set earlier. Narayan & Priyanna Ramdhani got bronze in the Under-19 Mixed Doubles losing to Mitch Nai Chung Tong & Santusha Ramzan: 2116, 21-10. The Results for Day-2 were: Under-13 Girls Singles Semi-Finals: Priyanna Ramdhani defeated No.1 Seed Stacey Cheung: 21-0, 21-4 Under-13 Girls Singles Finals: Priyanna Ramdhani defeated Imani Mangroe: 219, 21-8 Under-17 Boys Singles Semi-Finals: Narayan Ramdhani defeated Mitch Nai Chung Tong: 21-11, 21-18 Under-17 Boys Singles Finals: Narayan Ramdhani lost to Soren Opti: 21-13, 21-16

Under-17 Girls Singles Semi-Finals: Jea Ramsammy lost to Viviane Chen: 21-3, 21-8 Ambika Ramraj lost to S. lindveld: 21-6, 21-10 Under-19 Mixed Doubles Quarter-Finals: Jonathan Mangra & Ambika Ramraj lost to Soren Opti & Ishaak Rugshaar: 214, 21-6 Omari Joseph & Nadine Jairam lost to Kevin Zou & Crstal Leefmans: 21-7, 21-5 Jonathan Persaud & Arian Kayume lost to Mitch Nai Chung Tong & Santusha Ramzan: 21-7, 21-6 Under-19 Mixed Doubles Semi-Finals: Narayan & Priyanna Ramdhani lost to Mitch Nai Chung Tong & Santusha Ramzan: 21-16, 21-10 Mixed Doubles BDivision Round Two: Crystal dey (GUY) & Brian Kilwon(SUR) lost to Alain Toney & Shemara Lindveld:21-11, 21-12 Anthony Murray & Jea Ramsammy lost t0: Roche Young-A-fat & Zanora

From left: Guyana’s medal winners with medals; Ambika Ramraj, Jea Ramsammy, Priyanna and Narayan Ramdhani. Thyssen: 21-2, 21-6 The GBA is very pleased with the performances of the players at this tournament and would also like to thank

Mr. Carlton Joao & Mr. Errol Nelson of Banks DIH, Mr. Neil Kumar of the National Sports C o m mission, M r.

Mohamed of Mohamed’s E n t e r p rise, Mr. Lionel DaSilva of House of Optics and Mr. Ray Rahaman of Rent-A-Tent.

Wednesday April 03, 2013

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