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Ranks scale this fence in search of a suspect. Residents called their mode of operation unprofessional

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- Chief Justice Chang

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Kaieteur News

Friday April 06, 2012

Friday April 06, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Logs shipment…

- says still in transition phase An Indian coffee company which has logging concessions in Guyana yesterday admitted shipping several containers out of the country within recent months, despite no processing facility built here as yet. In a statement, Vaitarna Holdings Pvt. Inc, apparently the local operating subsidiary of Vaitarna Holdings Private Inc. (VHPI), insisted that the logs export was above board, and that it is not the company’s intention to engage solely in log exports. The company, which is part of the group that owns the popular Coffee Day Inc. franchises in India, also said that the company will soon be transitioning to the production of value added products. “…and we are currently exploring the feasibility of setting up a wood processing plant at various locations. Please be advised also that the species being exported are exported by other forest companies,” the statement continued. In justifying the report carried in this

newspaper that almost 50 containers of logs were exported since February, Vaitarna said that “any new company in the startup of their operations goes through a transition period similar to Vaitarna Holdings Pvt Inc.” The company said that it is a fact that it has the facility like any other forestry company to export logs and other forest products in keeping with the National Log Export Policy and the Government of Guyana guidelines. “Vaitarna Holdings Pvt. Inc would therefore be grateful if the statement that Vaitarna Holdings Pvt. Inc is exporting logs, contrary to its agreement with the Guyana Forestry Commission, can be corrected.” The statement was signed by one Chethan Narayan, Director of Vaitarna Holding Pvt. Inc, which is said to be located at 228 Lance Gibbs Street, Queenstown. Yesterday, Kaieteur News reported that the company shipped the containers of logs out despite no processing facilities

established here as yet. There have been questions in the past about wholesale logging and exporting, something that government says it has been working diligently on to curtail and to encourage more local value-added processing. Vaitarna had come under scrutiny in April last year after the Times of India, reported that the company was granted almost 1.8M acres of forest lands in Guyana. The company wanted the logs for its furniture business in India, it was also reported. Government, to quell questions whether it was a sweetheart deal, insisted that the company was not too much interested in log exports and would be looking to establish plants here. The majority of logs shipped out over the last two months are said to be washiba, a hardwood used to make top-end furniture. Also shipped were purpleheart, greenheart and snakewood. Guyana has not made a secret of its intentions to drastically reduce log exports in favour of more downstream or value-added processing.

Vaitarna Holdings Private Inc. (VHPI), an Indian-owned company, reportedly shipped almost 50 containers out of Guyana, despite government saying last year that the company was not too interested in log exports.

GFC’s Commissioner, James Singh

Former Agri Minister, Robert Persaud

The former Bharrat Jagdeo administration had heavily defended the Vaitarna Holdings Private Inc. (VHPI) deal. Coffee Day is owned by V. G. Siddhartha an Indian businessman from Karnataka. “It has been established that in addition to log exports in accordance with National Log Export Policy, the company will engage in added value activities. The GFC has a policy of added value forestry activities and would have rejected any application from the company if it was solely interested in log exports,” former Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud, had told the media during a press conference to explain the deal. It was disclosed then that VHPI was issued a State Forest Exploratory Permit (SFEP) previously issued to Simon and Shock Intl. (SSI), a US company, and a Timber Sales Agreement (TSA) previously issued to Caribbean Resources Limited (CRL). “The real facts are that a logging concession of 345,961 acres previously leased to CRL was reallocated to VHPI. Contrary to what is reported, there will be no large scale exportation of logs, since the company has committed to get involved in downstream activities; in

addition to logs exports in accordance with the National Forest Policy (NFP),” Persaud had stated. It was explained that the company first has to do a forest inventory; present a business plan that incorporates the inventory amongst other requirements, and conduct an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA). “In doing the ESIA, there will be at least two public opportunities for persons to indicate their support/ objection to the granting of logging rights to the company. Also, this process is led by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Environmental Assessment Board (EAB).” “When this documentation is provided to the satisfaction of the GFC and its technical team, EPA, EAB, Cabinet Sub-Committee on Natural Resources and Cabinet; only then can approval for logging be given.”So the process is far from over. The current National Forest Policy, under revision, does not say no to log exports, rather it encourages and promotes value adding,” Persaud had emphasised. “The National Log Export Policy is testament to that – it provides strong

Coffee Day and Vaitarna’s owner, V.G. Siddhartha disincentives for log exports; this would be revised in 2011 with the aim of providing even stronger disincentives.” VHPI had paid over $600M (US$3M) to pay off CLICO policy holders in Guyana. Asked then how long it may take before the Indian company can start harvesting should the green light be given, the Minister disclosed between two to three years. Earlier this week, GFC’s Commissioner James Singh when contacted on the containers of logs that were shipped out, disclosed that the company would be doing some processing in Guyana. However, it is unclear when this would start. He however pointed out that the company has all its paperwork in order, with nothing stopping them from harvesting and exporting. A forestry official with close links to the VHPI, in confirming the shipment of the almost 50 containers of logs, said that company is in full swing of harvesting, but the official was unclear of when there will be the establishing of processing facilities by the company in Guyana. VHPI has also not sold wood locally, it was said.

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Kaieteur News

Friday April 06, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


BRICS progress Last month the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) had their fourth leadership Summit. But with all of their obvious potential on the world stage, many analysts still debate whether the grouping should even exist in the first place. Most western commentators argue the five membernations’ national interests diverge too greatly for the group to agree on anything. They have every reason to worry: If the BRICS were able to articulate a common position on virtually any global issue, they would immediately become a global agendasetter, with the capacity to seriously challenge the established powers’ control over the global discourse. It is true that the major challenge for BRICS has always been, and continues to be, the articulation of a common vision. Without the ability to find a common denominator, there is little reason to organize yearly summits to debate global issues. From the very beginning, critics of the BRICS outfit have argued that such a vision was an impossible dream. Yet most observers overlook the great progress BRICS have already made since their first meeting in Russia in 2009. Each year, the BRICS summits have become more productive, even as the scope of issues discussed has continuously expanded. Last year’s summit in China was remarkable because South Africa’s inclusion turned out to be a success, further bolstering the BRICS’ global legitimacy. In addition, China and Russia came close to supporting India and Brazil’s bid for permanent membership on the UN Security Council, a position that had been unthinkable a short time ago. Furthermore, as shown in the just concluded summit, the BRICS members are slowly beginning to institutionalize their ties. Aside from a BRICS development bank, a common stock exchange, and the elimination of investment barriers and cooperation on maritime security, the BRICS members sought to build a common regulatory framework to boost intra-BRICS trade. While China has strong ties to the other four members, trade between the latter is extremely low, with great potential for growth. Steps were also taken to increase civil society ties, which also remain weak. Common platforms for research institutes and NGOs will create more opportunities to exchange best practices on common challenges such as inequality, pollution, poverty reduction, universal health care and education. This is not to say there aren’t differences between the five member-nations. For instance, while Brazil, India and South Africa are pushing for a significant redistribution of power in global institutions, China and Russia are statusquo powers that are reluctant to change a system that has served them so well over the past few decades. Similarly, whereas India, Brazil, and South Africa all abstained from the U.N. Security Council resolution on Syria, and thus allowed the Western powers to approve it, Russia and China vetoed it. Some analysts seize upon these disparities to question the utility of the BRICS grouping. This, however, ignores the fundamental reality that internal differences create friction in all interstate groupings. Many observers also err in viewing the BRICS as a potential alliance intent on upending the prevailing global order. Once again, the truth is more complex. Rather than turning into a “NATO of the South” or a European Union–type grouping, BRICS is perhaps more interested in less rigid models like those of the G-7 or the Organization for European Economic Cooperation. At the same time, given its unique history and geographic characteristics, BRICS will have to chart its own path. Internal differences in some areas do not reduce the utility of the BRICS concept as a whole. Quite to the contrary, different points of view, a commitment to free debate and a willingness to learn from each other are key reasons why the BRICS’s continued existence makes a great deal of sense. Even as the world becomes increasingly multi-polar, the global debate remains dangerously one-sided and centred on Western points of view. This not only negatively impacts the emerging powers, but equally affects the established powers, which are unable to properly engage rising actors and convince them to assume greater responsibility.

1992 Old Age pension remains an unfulfilled promise MR. EDITOR, The 2012 budget that was presented in the National Assembly by the Minister of Finance is a clear indication that the Ramotar administration will be a mirror image of the Jagdeo era. The government’s budget can only be classified as anti –working class; anti small man and a precursor of hard times to come for those considered “less fortunate”. What I find ironic, is that apart from bailing out GuySuCo, this budget represents a symbolic kick in the gut to a majority of traditional PPPC supporters, who must be having buyers’ remorse for the choice they made on November 28, last year. In 1992 while campaigning for the Presidency, Dr. Cheddi Jagan

(then leader of the PPP) made a promise to the working men and women of Guyana, that if elected he would raise the old age pension to $10,000. We have experienced 20 years of continuous PPP governments and that promise which was made to the hard working men and women of this country is still a pipe dream. For while, the PPP as a party in opposition espoused the value of the working man and woman and pretended to champion their cause. As a government their policies and programmes have not matched their rhetoric. Dr. Jagan in 1992 talked about establishing a lean and clean government, but ask the man in the street to describe the PPP in office in one word, and there is a high probability

that he or she would say “corrupt” or “thieving”. In Dr Singh’s budget presentation there was money in the billions of dollars to prop-up the ailing sugar industry and the equally under performing Electricity Corporation. There were allocations for all the pet projects of the Jagdeo era; Hydro; Airport; Hotel etc. What was shocking was the paltry sum of money that was thrown at our retirees and the poor. Under the 2012 budgetary allocations public assistance has been increased from $5,500 to $5, 900; while old age pension has increased from $7,500 to $8,100 per month. When this is juxtaposed against the pension of President Jagdeo who receives approximately $1

million monthly( as his pension) and another $ 2 million in benefits, the paltry amount given to those who have spent a life time working to build this nation becomes even more ridiculous. After working for just 12 years (and still a very young man) Jagdeo is paid what amounts to a King’s ransom, while Pensioners can barely buy bread. The PPP promised in 1992, that when it took over from the PNC it would turn Guyana into a “workers’ paradise”; twenty years later and the workers of this nation are catching hell. Wages in the public sector remain at “starvation levels” and have not kept pace with inflation; there will no relief from the burdensome (Continued on page 7)

DEAR EDITOR, It is with great disgust and total frustration that I pen this letter and hope that it attracts the attention of the Home Affairs Minister, Police Commissioner, Human Rights Groups and all other interested parties. Ever since the latter part of 2011 noise nuisance has become a fixture in Campbellville on Middleton Street opposite the Rama Krishna Primary. Repeated calls to the police on their 911 emergency number where the matter has been repeatedly

reported have proven to be non helpful. In enquiring about the steady events that cause me to have sleepless nights, I get the shock of my life. A neighbour who has the same experience, the same level of discomfort as I do made a most shocking revelation. I was informed that the parties going on at the premises are actually parties for gays and lesbians’ and these seem to be a fixture in my neighbourhood. Since October last year there is a party almost every

MR EDITOR, What irony. I read Nadira Jagan’s’ recent ‘scolding’ of the PPP/C. When she stated that “Their (her parents) lives were involved in politics so their time for me and my brother was very limited…”, something clicked into place. Those triple (very, very, very) high moral standards seemed to be lost, to a certain extent, on her sibling. I remembered my own experience of the “corruption” in his dental surgery in the 1990s,that she now accuses party members of and seems to despise so much. Of course, ‘’her parents must be churning up in the waters of the rivers (in which their ashes were sprinkled)”. I think Janet Jagan must have been a very embarrassed, disappointed, sorrowful mother when the antics came to light - the envisaged ‘dynasty’ was imperilled. Nadira’s is a case of ‘the mote in your eye and the beam in your brother’s’. I guess many of her hearers might have been thinking the same. The days of law and order are well and truly over - for many former colonies. In 1966, when an Anglo-Indian work

colleague told me about the amount of bribes she had to pay public servants at every level to get her immigration documents processed, I was appalled and told her so. I said that would never happen in my homeland. I really needed to ‘polish my crystal ball’ then. Geralda Dennison

single week in an attached section of the building. While the parties are meant to be indoor these persons can be seen on the streets carry on with their lawless and out or order behaviors accompanied by loud screams and shouting. The other sore issue is the very strong scent of marijuana that fills the air and the constant breaking of bottles and violent confrontations that end up into fights many of the times. While the organizers seems to be more interested in making money at these events the lives and safety of those who attend these events are not taken into consideration. The very small compartment to which these patrons are confined is totally unsafe since there is no emergency exit and no form of security at these events. One would expect the laws of the land to be upheld by everyone despite the nature of their operations. Campbellville is a residential area and after having a hard week at working one would

expect the weekends to be less bothersome but with the practice at this location each weekend it makes it difficult for anyone to find the courage to just sit and allow it to continue. Last week the venue was the subject of another party and that was not spared from the usual fights, marijuana smoke and illegal forms of intercourse on the public roads. Luckily the police visited the venue at midnight. That saw the party stopping briefly before regaining momentum. Surprisingly I was informed only last night that there is yet another party targeting the same group of people. I am therefore calling on the Home Affairs Minister, the ‘A’ Division Commander and all other concerned agencies to intervene and address this issue that is clearly aimed at disturbing the peace and is nothing short of public disorder and disrespect for the rule of law. What has society gone to? C. Marshall

DEAR EDITOR, Help and Shelter wholeheartedly agrees with the Guyana Human Rights Association, APNU, Red Thread and all those who regard acting Chief Justice’s ruling in the Henry Greene matter a travesty and joins in the calls for the DPP to appeal the ruling and for Mr. Greene to be immediately removed from office. We need not repeat what has already been said regarding the flaws in the ruling, including the judge’s disregard for the provisions of the Sexual Offences Act and failure to acquaint himself with how women may

react to the trauma of being raped. Mr. Greene is not the first person holding the office of commissioner of police to be accused of rape. The first case did not even reach the stage of the then DPP advising that charges be laid. But the result of both will be the same if last Friday’s ruling is allowed to stand and a man who at the very least has, by his own admission, flagrantly abused his office is allowed to remain in it. (We have today heard that Mr. Greene may be intending to resign. We feel strongly that he should not be allowed to do so, but should be dismissed.)

Given all the work that has been done to level the field for victims of rape in the 21 years between these two matters, including the passing of new sex offences legislation (with all party support after extensive public education and consultation) we expected better for our client. We sincerely hope that our expectations will not prove to have been irrational. Denise Dias Danuta Radzik Margaret Kertzious Carol Innis-Baptiste Gaitrie Shivsankar Josephine Whitehead For Help & Shelter

A most raucous affair in Campbellville

The irony of Nadira’s comments

Help and Shelter joins in call for Top Cop to be sacked

Friday April 06, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Khurshid Sattaur’s was an unfortunate revelation GPHC takes offence DEAR EDITOR, Please allow me to respond to Mr. Khurshid Sattaur’s, CommissionerGeneral Guyana Revenue Authority, letter published in the SN dated April 5, 2012. Mr. Sattaur ’s letter, captioned “A reduction in VAT would not benefit those earning below $40,000 per month because their consumption relates to items which are not exempt or zero rated”, can be described as nothing but grossly unfortunate. Assuming the role of the President Ramotar’s spokesperson, Mr. Sattaur has decided to shoulder his professional responsibility and put on his political hat when he decided that he must defend and deny what Donald Ramotar promised Guyanese while on the campaign trail. Wearing his political hat, while representing a supposedly semi-autonomous agency, Sattaur stated that in my letter of April 1, 2012 I proffered a number of misrepresentations. He stated that my letter “made the erroneous claim that the President promised to reduce the rate of VAT.” He went on to further state that my letter “…contentiously stated that from the beginning, the rate was too high”. For his perplexingly suspicious defence of Ramotar’s rhetoric on the

campaign trail, I wish only to refer the gentleman to the daily newspapers and the PPP/C website to confirm his obvious fear. And for the record I will hasten to make them public here, not for the ordinary Guyanese who remembers Ramotar’s VAT promise well, but for Mr. Sattaur who might be suffering from a severe and induced state of ‘impulsive disillusionment’ which has impaired his memory. So for starters; Michael Younge on December 19, 2012 posted on the PPP/C’s website an article captioned “Taxation system, VAT review underway”. He asserts, “The VAT has been a sore bone of contention among ordinary Guyanese and members of the business community. “There were calls, even in the run up to the recently held regional and general elections for the tax system to be either scrapped or reduced by half, because of the alleged burden that consumers and businesses were experiencing”. Maybe Sattaur is not an ordinary Guyanese and so he is not aware that from the inception, 16 per cent VAT, for most Guyanese imposed a burden or he is immune from the tax. With respect to the claim by the Revenue boss, that Ramotar never made promise

to reduce VAT let me refer the goodly gentleman to an article published in the KN dated July 12, 2011under the heading ‘VAT likely to be reduced – Ramotar’. This is one of the many campaign episodes in which Ramotar boosted the Guyanese expectation, when he intimated that should he win the elections reducing VAT was a possibility. “A Donald Ramotar administration will have no problem reviewing the VAT tax structure with the possibility of reducing it from the current 16 per cent”. The report went on, “In an invited comment”, that with respect to reducing VAT “the PPP Presidential Candidate said that he would entertain the idea…” Ramotar while campaigning in Florida with former President Bharrat Jagdeo is reported to have made these comments when he responded to PPP supporters who raised the question of the 16% VAT and the burden it places on Guyanese. So Mr. Sattaur, Ramotar VAT promise was heard loud and clear. But in case you might still have doubts I wish to refer you to an article dated Thursday January 26, 2012, published in SN and titled “VAT chop for Ramotar, AFC talk”. In this article it was reported that Chairman of the

Not a word of acknowledgement DEAR EDITOR, The following letter was delivered to the Offices of The Police Complaints Authority, The Office of Professional Responsibility and the Police Service Commission on March 30. To date (Thursday, April 5, 2012), we have not even received an acknowledgement of receipt from any of the three. This raises the question whether the Office of the Commissioner of Police is above the law. March 30, 2012 COMPLAINT AGAINST MR HENRY GREENE Mr Henry Greene, Commissioner of Police, in connection with the DPP’s

advice that he be charged for rape, swore to an affidavit which was proffered in the court of the Chief Justice. The Commissioner of Police swore in his affidavit that he engaged in a sexual encounter with a woman who came to him for assistance in his capacity as Commissioner, and that he engaged in the sexual encounter with her knowing that she was the subject of an active police investigation. This behavior of the Commissioner breeches the most permissive codes of accepted ethical behavior, and certainly, in a professional of Mr Greene’s

position, at minimum, it amounts to (1) potentially perverting a police investigation and (2) abusing his official position to secure sexual favours. We anticipate your urgent examination and institution of disciplinary measures in relation to this complaint. Karen de Souza, Wintress White Andaiye

AFC was expected to meet with Mr. Ramotar, the next day, to further discuss issues related to the national budget. On the issue of VAT reduction, Ramjattan told reporters that he was optimistic that his party and the PPP/C would be able to compromise on issues such as the reduction of VAT and an increase in public sector wages. Your attempt to offer political cover to Donald Ramotar using your professional office, underlines the problems we will continue to have in Guyana, where too often professional are prepared to sacrifice professional ethics and credibility for ‘political cloutism’. The public would have been more edified and receptive of your response had you taken the time to alert them as to how those very consumer goods they buy every day attract that high 16% Value Added Tax (VAT). To state that those who make less than $40,000 per month will not benefit from a reduction in VAT is disingenuous and lacks honest and real clarification. Since you seem to pride yourself in the belief that you have, to use your words, “proper knowledge of the system” it might be good for you to explain how the reduction of VAT can lead to the possible reduction of house rent, as the material cost for repairs might be reduced, thereby not having the tenant bear the burden of increase rent. Additionally, you may want to explain to me why I had to pay the cost for three foods, at the restaurant, when I only got two. The impact of the 16% VAT stung me two years ago, when I decided to buy two foods for two persons who badly wanted something to eat, when I was told the cost I could not help saying, it is only two I asked (Continued on page 7)

DEAR EDITOR, I write to express my disappointment with the fact that a Press Release dated 2 April, 2012, which was sent from the Public Relations Office of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation and sought to clarify a damaging error made by one of your reporters was not published in your daily. The article (published 1 April, 2012) was captioned; ‘Ailing man dies at Parika Stelling while waiting for ambulance’ and was in reference to a male deceased whom the reporter stated died at the stelling because GPHC failed to properly coordinate its ambulance service to transport the patient to the hospital and as such, the patient died while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. It was confirmed that no contact was made to GPHC for an ambulance and as such, this story should be retracted and/or corrected. I deem this as unfair

journalism and again damaging to the hospital’s image. I therefore humbly request that fair reportage is done in future and the hospital is given an opportunity to have its side heard. The article stated that, “Sources say that the officials at the Bartica Hospital made proper arrangement for the patient to be collected at the Parika Stelling with an ambulance from the Georgetown Public Hospital [Corporation],”… “They [relatives & witnesses] are questioning why there was no better coordination on the part of the Georgetown Public Hospital.” The aforementioned accusation is completely unfounded and misleading. No contact was made to GPHC to request an ambulance. There was no record of this request at GPHC’s Ambulance Dispatchers’ Office, Public Safety Department and (Continued on page 7)

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Kaieteur News

Friday April 06, 2012

Greene is still Commissioner of Police Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon has declared that the government can terminate the agreement to extend the tenure of embattled Commissioner of Police Henry Greene. However, he explained that the administration is adopting a cautious approach on whether or not to allow Greene to continue in office. Luncheon, who is also Head of the Presidential Secretariat, told journalists yesterday that since there is a possibility that criminal proceedings against Greene are not yet put to rest entirely, there is no point in rushing to make a definitive decision on Greene’s fate as the Commissioner of Police. Luncheon was referring to the possibility of the state appealing the decision of Chief Justice Ian Chang to quash the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to

institute a rape charge against Greene. The decision to appeal the Chief Justice’s decision, he said, rests with the Attorney General. “In dispensing with the services of a Commissioner, it is not merely pulling the plug; you have to remove for cause, and the tendency is that you have to have substantial cause. The constitution prescribes a process for the removal of a Commissioner,” Luncheon explained. As far as Luncheon is concerned, Henry Greene is still the Commissioner of Police, although his continued tenure is being actively discussed by the administration. There were reports that Greene’s departure from the Force had been finalized, following a call by former Human Services Minister Priya Manickchand for him to demit office.

- Dr. Roger Luncheon - Govt. proceeding with caution on termination of contract Manickchand, who had piloted the Sexual Offences Bill 2010, is the first highranking government official to pronounce so definitively for Greene to be relieved of the Top Cop position. She had based her position on the fact that Greene had abused his position when he engaged in admitted sexual intercourse with a woman when she approached him for help in a police matter that she was engaged in. According to Luncheon, whenever the criminal matters have been discharged, Cabinet will then move to address the other aspect of the issue, the moral and

professional conduct of the Commissioner. “We would like to be correct and on the safe side and indeed adopt a position that resonates; that addresses the concerns of all and sundry in this matter,” Luncheon told the media. He said that should an appeal be filed by the Attorney General, challenging Justice Chang’s decision to quash the DPP’s advice, it would allow the administration the time to conclude deliberations on the ethical issue surrounding Greene’s conduct. The state has six weeks from the date of Justice Chang’s decision to file an

Business community urged not to exploit Tourism Conference visitors Acting Minister of Tourism, Irfaan Ali, has urged the business community not to exploit foreigners, who would be in Guyana for the Sustainable Tourism Conference from April 15 to 18. A d d r e s s i n g representatives of the public and private sectors at the recent launching of GuyExpo 2012, Minister Ali urged business operators not to have double standards but to behave professionally in a competitive environment.

He stressed, “If it is we have a product that is sold at a dollar and market opportunities arise, don’t try to change the price of that product to $2 because of that market opportunity…It is a competitive environment that requires a high level of professionalism.” Ali stressed that business operators need to create a different culture - one that seeks opportunities on a professional basis. “Expansion of our market requires that we develop this

type of culture,” he stated. More than 30 regional and international media and over 50 regional hoteliers are expected to be in Guyana for the conference which is slated for the International Conference Centre. The local tourism sector, as well as private businesses, stands to benefit tremendously from this event. Ali asserted that during the conference all craft manufacturers, especially those involved in the bamboo trade, will be brought

tog e t h e r to expose their product to the many market opportunities that would be present. The Ministries of Tourism and Public Works in collaboration with the Mayor and City Council and the private sector have commenced working together to clean up Georgetown for the conference. Some clean-up campaigns have begun, while the Tourism Ministry will be intensifying its efforts after the Easter weekend.

Commissioner of Police Henry Greene appeal, but Luncheon is of the view that a decision on whether Greene will return to office could be finalized before that period expires. Greene’s admission to having consensual sex with the woman has been a major bone of contention. There have been several calls for his removal as the Commissioner of Police. The first to call for his resignation was his predecessor Winston Felix, who had told the media that it would have been the most honourable thing to do. Felix’s call was followed by others from the Guyana Association of Women Lawyers and other women’s groups, and the main opposition political parties, the Alliance For Change and A Partnership for National Unity. Dr Luncheon said that the calls were obviously not being made to the government, but rather to Greene himself, for him to step down. “It (Greene’s removal) cannot be done on the basis of Stabroek News or Kaieteur News or the women lawyers or others, or the Opposition;

it has to be done in accordance with the constitution. On Wednesday, the state-owned National Communications Network’s website posted that Greene was likely to tender his resignation. However, Luncheon yesterday dismissed the report, explaining that he is unaware that such an occurrence has taken place. “Definitely we are not in receipt of any resignation from Mr. Greene,” Luncheon declared. He once again defended government’s position to retain Greene even after he had reached the age of retirement. “What the Constitution provides for is an acceptance of an offer by the Commissioner to serve beyond his fifty-fifth year as the Commissioner, and for no longer than his sixtieth year. That offer and acceptance has been made. The evidence for that is, indeed…three years have passed with him past fifty-five, and being unquestionably the Commissioner of Police and discharging those functions,” Luncheon stated.

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Friday April 06, 2012

Kaieteur News

Letters... Where your views make the news

General Elections, Toshaos’ Elections and the Indigenous Peoples

DEAR EDITOR, I was the least bit surprised at the report of the Electoral Assistance Bureau with regards to the votes of the indigenous peoples at the last General Elections. I can tell you that from my interaction with indigenous peoples from various regions, that it is true our peoples were the recipients of gifts, yes many gifts, but in the gift sets were also ‘misinformation, slander and scare tactics’ that the EAB has so made clear. It was appalling to realize that one major party would denigrate to such levels to try to win votes. A tip of the iceberg I can give you is where one community that had been trying for a long time to have the army removed from their community was told by this party that the other party would never have the soldiers removed since the other party are of the army. Again, as the EAB has posited that because indigenous communities ‘do not readily have access to information’ they are

manipulated to believe whatever the PPP/C has been telling them all along. Other groups that try to educate or inform indigenous peoples are branded as opposition, anti-development and many other names and our peoples are chastised for listening to, participating and associating with such groups. I can also tell you that a lot of indigenous peoples did not get to vote because they did not have birth certificates in order to be registered in the first place. Furthermore, it is the season of the elections for Toshaos and Village Councils. For quite some time now, our peoples have experienced the government’s interference and involvement in the nominations and elections of its village councils where they have been trying to get the right leader for them – either one who is a strong supporter of the party, or, one who keeps quiet and doesn’t challenge them.

1992 Old Age pension... From page 4 16 per cent Value Added Tax (VAT) and sadly no pay raise for public sector employees. Supporters of this government, I am sure, are asking themselves what are the benefits of continued support (apart from ethnic pride in the Presidency). With the cost of living expected to increase and fuel prices on the rise, the future for the working poor in Guyana seems pretty bleak. There will be no War on Poverty; there will be no benevolent government safety net. However the rich and well connected will continue to do well under the Ramotar administration. These Oligarchs, who

represent less than one per cent of the population, will be able to give glowing testimonials and millions of dollars to “the party”; a party built on the backs of poor working peasants who continue to give their votes every five years to an institution that continue to neglect and disrespect them. I was taught that “charity begins at home” but the evidence clearly shows, that there is no love for the working man by this PPP government. The working class party of old that promised them a living wage and a workers paradise is now a rich man club. In their own self interest PPP supporters should start looking for another home. Mark Archer

The Ministry of Amerindian Affairs, it is reported, has gone so far as trying to reopen nominations in some communities that have their current Toshao as the lone nominee. Nowhere in the law can it be found that there cannot be one nominee. If the people feel confident to re-nominate the current Toshao as the lone nominee then the decisions

of the people must not be questioned, but respected. The government should instead focus on raising awareness of its various programmes that it is implementing in the name of climate change, low carbon and sustainable development and use of natural resources so that our peoples can truly be partners for the benefit of the country from their own traditional lands. Laura George

Khurshid Sattaur’s... From page 5 for, the young lady at the counter smiled and showed me the bill and said “is VAT”. I checked my bill and indeed it was VAT. Finally, Mr. Sattaur’s statement that reducing VAT would not benefit the ordinary Guyanese must be of concern to every Guyanese especially those whose job it is to represent the interest of the average wage earner. It appears that from the Revenue boss’ position these people will have no interest in building their own home, and will be perpetual consumers of the ‘food basket items’. One may argue, based on Sattaur’s rational, that the tax is probably geared to keep the poor impoverished, because the mere thought of

constructing a home would result in a state of heartache, when one sees the impact the 16% VAT has on the cost of materials. While it is true that many ordinary consumers will continue to spend most of the little they earn obn food items, to argue that a reduction in VAT would not benefit the ordinary man is an insult, and an insensitive generalization. I would hope that debate on the 2012 budget would end with, among other things, the reduction of VAT, to do less would be to continue to strangle Guyanese with this unfair burden, which retards their progress. What an unfortunate revelation! Lurlene Nestor

GPHC takes offence From page 5 further confirmation of this fact was given this morning, 1 April, 2012 by the Ward Sister (Supervisor) who arranged for the patient to be transported as well as accompanied the patients to the hospital. In fact, it was advised that this request was made to the West Demerara Regional Hospital and ambulance PPP 691 was dispatched and transported the patients to the GPHC.

Management chides Kaieteur news for yet another shallow investigation and hasty publication of an incident which further damages the Corporation’s image. Management is herein demanding an apology from the Kaieteur newspaper for the inaccurate statement which was published after there was obviously no in depth investigation done. Mr. Michael H. Khan Chief Executive Officer

Page 7

Page 8

Kaieteur News

Police raid of South R/veldt house comes up blank Police came up emptyhanded after they swooped down on a South Ruimveldt Park house in what appeared to be a random raid around midday yesterday. The ranks were forced to scale a high fence to gain access to the house which was unoccupied at the time of the search. Neighbours were taken by surprise by the sight of dozens of heavily-armed

ranks who had surrounded the property, which according to reports, belongs to a France-based Guyanese man. It is not clear why the police raided the house, but neighbours said that the property owner had left the country for France about a week ago. While the police entered the yard, they were not able to gain entry into the heavily fortified property which is equipped with surveillance cameras. Several residents in the area opined that the actions of the police appeared to be quite unprofessional.

A police rank climbs into the verandah of the house during the raid.

Friday April 06, 2012

GPL rental costs almost criminal - Ramjattan “The renting of generating sets by the Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) amounts to reckless misspending and is almost criminal,” says Khemraj Ramjattan, lead Parliamentarian for the Alliance For Change (AFC). Last year, GPL rented 12 generators at a cost of US$720,000 each, when it could have spent just US$180,000 more to own one. “This is what you call recklessness to the threshold of criminality,” Ramjattan asserted. President Donald Ramotar on Monday did not dismiss questions raised about the lack of prudent spending at the utility. “If what they say it true, it is obviously something to be concerned about,” Ramotar said. The revelation about the company’s rental costs comes at a time when GPL has lamented a mammoth fuel bill coupled with a growing demand for electricity. The government plans to power $6 billion into the company this year, saying this is meant to address its financial constraints and avoid already burdened

consumers from paying higher electricity tariffs. GPL last year paid a hefty US$8.6M to rent 12 Caterpillar generating sets for a period of one year when it could have spent just US$2.2M more to buy them all. Last week, the company said, that renting the generators was the only feasible option as opposed to buying them. This is despite the fact that in June last year GPL said that it had 22 of the same Caterpillar sets in the system. Six Caterpillar sets brought in last June are still in the system at Versailles and Leonora, West Demerara, and at Garden of Eden, East Bank Demerara, among other places. Government is moving ahead with plans to build a 165-megawatt hydro-electric project at Amaila Falls, Region Eight, to meet growing demands. GPL has said that electricity demand has been growing at least 10 per cent annually, outstripping investments and power production which until recently countrywide topped over 80 megawatts.

Pedestrian killed on V/ Hoop road Police are trying to ascertain the identity of a male pedestrian who was killed at around 20:45 hrs yesterday after being run over by a car on the Vreeden-Hoop public road, West Coast Demerara. The victim, known only as ‘Chungie’, is said to be of East Indian ancestry, and resides at Crane, West Coast Demerara. The driver of the vehicle has alleged that he was driving east along the public road when he accidentally ran over ‘Chungie’, who was lying on the roadway. Eyewitnesses said that the pedestrian was killed on the spot. His body was taken to the Ezekiel Funeral home, while the driver was detained at the Vreed-en-Hoop Police Station.

Friday April 06, 2012

Tax policy is made by politicians based on technical assistance provided by tax administrators. This technical assistance is merely to ensure that tax policy is consistent with and in compliance with the tax laws. It is not the role of tax administrators to make policy. This is an executive prerogative. Similarly, when tax proposals are floated within the society, be it from political or civil society forces, there is no need for tax administrators, including the Commissioner-General of the Guyana Revenue Authority, to be giving any opinion on matters of tax policy. The CommissionerGeneral ought to stay clear of such engagements. He has no place in such a discourse. Leave those who wish to suggest tax changes to do so. His job is to comply with any tax policy that is made whether it is an increase or a reduction in the VAT, providing the law is not being broken. His role is not to be responding to any proposal made. He may, of course, respond to criticism of his tax authority in terms of their management of the country’s

Kaieteur News

tax laws. In instances where such criticism emanates from an opposition political party and where there is a clear-cut political agenda, while the taxman has a right to defend his authority’s management, he would be better advised in these cases to stay clear of the political minefields and leave such responses to the politicians. Recently it was reported that the head of the country’s tax department was claiming that a reduction in the Value Added Tax (VAT) was not going to benefit the ordinary worker earning below $50,000. The point being made, of course, is that already a wide range of items are zero-rated for cost of living purposes. As such, any reduction in

VAT may not have an effect on the cost of living. Since most basic food items are already free of VAT, reducing the tax is not going to make much of an impact. The fact that these very basic items are used by both the rich and the poor and while the zero-rating may have been intended to help the poor, it also helps the rich, and helps the rich more, since the rich would consume more of these items since they have a greater disposable income. It therefore makes no sense in this context to reduce the VAT, because it will benefit the rich more than the poor. However, it is not fair to argue, as some may be wont to suggest, that reducing the VAT is not going to help the poor. It must be recalled that

Page 9

clothing and footwear which the poor still have to purchase also attract VAT and therefore any overall reduction will help a poor man somewhat, but will rebound more to the rich man who shops designer brands which are more costly. Both the AFC and APNU have been calling for a reduction in VAT, but the government is not taking them seriously, because the government knows that these parties do not have a clue about what they are talking. They are responding to a false public perception that it was the introduction of the VAT that caused an increase in the cost of living. It was unfortunate that when the VAT was introduced it coincided with the increase

in global oil and commodity prices. Many in the business community also still do not understand how to price their goods to cater for the refund of their VAT. While the CommissionerGeneral of the GRA is correct when he notes that there are a great deal of unscrupulous businessmen who duck the VAT by not issuing receipts to cooperating customers the fact is that the greatest tax evasion is believed to originate by those who are stealing from the public coffers. These persons who are luxuriating in mansions and living beyond their means should be investigated, because they have stolen from the public purse and enriched themselves beyond

normal means. So while there is a case against unscrupulous businessmen and professionals who do not pay their fair share of taxes, there are also those who have milked the system and become rich beyond imagination. This is where the taxman needs to be concentrating and it is within his power to do so. No politician can stop him from going after the pirates of the treasury. On that count he has free rein.

Page 10

Kaieteur News

Friday April 06, 2012


From the time Minister Priya Manickhand expressed the view publicly that Henry Greene should demit office, opinions started to fly around like bees moving toward their nectar. They all centered on Manickchand’s “bravery.” There was the feeling that Manickchand is a maverick. This columnist had to answer questions about what I thought of what Manickchand said. Here is my response. The Guyanese people have had more than sixty years in which to analyse the PPP. This party has been in power for the twenty years plus seven years earlier, plus 28 years in opposition. In that long period, the PPP has fanatically adhered to the

culture of democratic centralism and Stalinist methodologies. The PPP tolerates no dissent the kind you find in liberal constitutionalism that Fareed Zakaria wrote about. It was wishful thinking on the part of anyone to think that there would have been a members’ meeting to elect the PPP presidential candidate for the last national elections. The PPP is a tightly knit group-think outfit that would not permit free speech that is dissenting or even mildly critical. It would not take lightly to public divergence from what is the laid down party line on matters of all kinds. The PPP has never been open to internal free speech. It may

not practice capitalism, but it is surely Stalinist in its organizational structure. When he became Minister, in his first budget presentation (I researched it before I wrote this piece) Ashni Singh told the press that the budget could have been better, all budgets could be better, but there are constraints to what a government can do. The next day there was a letter in the press from Singh saying that he was misinterpreted and that his budget was the best offered in the country so far. It was obvious to the analyst that he was told he spoke wrongly. Leslie Ramsammy, on a television programme in 1999, said that there should be a

Cabinet reshuffle and maybe a new Minister was needed in the health portfolio. Ramsammy was admonished severely for that observation. We now come to Priya Manickchand. Henry Greene is the Commissioner of Police who has served the PPP Government faithfully for over seven years. It is foolish to think that his relationship with the Government in those seven years was marked by professional impeccability. Far from it. My point is that Greene is a figure that had overlapping relations with powerful members of the PPP Government. In the midst of the Greene crisis, Manickchand exclaimed that Greene should not wait to be told to resign,

A Mines Officer, fingered for allegedly sanctioning illegal body searches on females passing through a hinterland checkpoint, has been dismissed, officials confirmed yesterday. According to officials of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), the officer was being investigated for indiscipline

and other malpractices. The incident has now sparked GGMC, a regulatory body that overlooks mining in the country, to also launch an overall examination of staffers’ discipline. The review recommendation will assist in enhancing monitoring and investigation of suspected illegal activities by GGMC’s employees who have to deal with miners and other stakeholders of the sector. With high interest especially in gold mining, GGMC, which has now been placed under the jurisdiction of the newly established

Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, has been going through a significant shakeup. Kaieteur News was told that the Mines Officer, posted at Itaballi Outpost, Region Seven, allegedly sanctioned inappropriate actions on women, under the pretext of searching for gold and precious stones. Officials of the GGMC had earlier confirmed that the department had almost completed its investigations and that disciplinary action would soon be taken against the officer. The officer had been placed on desk duty and half-pay. According to an official from the newly established Women’s Miners Association, following numerous complaints, it had written to the Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment seeking his intervention. This was after

complaints were made to GGMC, but there were no immediate actions. Kaieteur News was told that the GGMC Mines Officer has also been accused of asking miners for bribes and would even allegedly use force. The actions are totally against the procedures of the Commission, this newspaper was told. It was noted that while the officers of the GGMC have the authority to conduct random searches on persons passing the checkpoints, it would be totally inappropriate for men to conduct searches on women. At least one embarrassed female had lodged complaints with the GGMC and the Women Miners Association. There were also allegations that some miners, intent on defrauding the state, would prefer to deal with specific mines officers to benefit from favours and other benefits.

Mines Officer dismissed for sanctioning inappropriate actions

but should willingly go. Did Manickchand become a maverick and without consulting her superiors in the establishment just mouthed off? My answer is no. I offer two scenarios as to why Manickchand appeared to be “bold.” Readers could chose which one they find more efficacious. First, I think Manickchand knew that the overwhelming sentiment among the Leviathans was that Greene had to go and will be told to go. She figured if she mouthed off, there could be no repercussions because that was the thinking in her party. The alternative explanation was that the Leviathans had their little confabulation probably over drinks or over a sumptuous dinner and the Greene imbroglio came up for a decision. I will now quote what I think was said; “Priya, you want to set the tone? Arrange to be quoted as saying that you think Greene should go, then, one of us will chip in next and let’s see how it plays out.” Other commentators are entitled to their opinion, but my contestation is that Priya Manickchand or any other PPP Minister, or any other high level PPP leader, would never ever contemplate

Frederick Kissoon making a public statement on a sensitive national issue like the fate of the Police Commissioner without clearing it with party apparatchiks. This is not the way the PPP operates, and the PPP will never sanction such liberal conduct from within its ranks. As stated before in one of my columns, I think the Americans want Greene, and they are putting pressure on Ramotar. It would appear that this is the manoeuvre the Americans were waiting to make in the post-Jagdeo configuration. Greene opened himself to vulnerability because of the sex scandal. Even if there could have been pressure to keep him because of loyalty, Greene self- destructed. Greene handed Ramotar his head on a platter. Give Greene to the Americans, give him too to the Guyanese people and either way, Ramotar wins big time. Sorry Henry? There is a big hole in the bucket; go and mend it.

Dem boys seh... Is US$25 Million not US$30 Million, thiefing Brazzy Dem got some pardner in crime but dem does bruck up when one do he own thing and nah tell de other one. Dem does walk together, drink together, sleep together and thief together. Roti and Henry de Yellow was real pardner in crime. De other day dem thief together—a whole 90 Michael. All people talk, Uncle Donald never call one investigation. But dem boys notice that de pardner in crime bruck up, and all because of one woman. De woman meet Henry and after she sweet talk he de man carry she to a hutel. Roti get vex because he nah get he piece. Only Henry get. That same piece gun kill Henry because he loss he wuk. But dem boys know that Roti and he kavakamites gun tek de same Henry and put he somewhere else—de same way dem tek de man wid de name opposite to Burger King—Big Mac. He deh pun plenty Boards and he getting more pay than when he was in office. But nobody can get pay like Brazzy. Nobody don’t pay he, he does pay heself from all dem deal he does mek. He already sell out half of Guyana. De last thing dem boys think dem know that he sell, is de GT&T shares. He mek de government tell de nation that de shares sell fuh US$30 million and how de people gun pay down US$25 million and tek two years fuh pay de other five Michael. Wha he didn’t tell de nation is that de same shares use to bring in US$2.5 Michael every year in dividends. De people who buy de shares gun pay de next two years from de very dividends. De fuss year dem gun tek de US$2.5 million and give de government. Dem gun do de same thing de next year. In short, is only US$25 Million and not the US$30 million you want us to believe that you sell de eff…in shares for. Talk half and dem boys praying fuh all of dem

Friday April 06, 2012

After disclosing to the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) at its most recent Annual General Meeting that the decision to sell the 20 per cent shares it owned was “off the table,” Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon yesterday changed the tune. Dr Luncheon announced that the government during its most recent Cabinet Meeting, on Wednesday last, decided on a proposal made by a Hong Kong-based company to buy the shares for US$30M. The money will be paid in two instalments— US$25M upfront and the remaining US$5M to be paid over the course of two years. Up until the sale, the government was receiving from GT&T, an annual dividend of US$2.5 million. Dividends will more than likely be used to pay the $5M instalment. The telephone company, according to reports, had noted the statements issued less than two weeks ago by Head of State Donald Ramotar, that no decision was taken as it relates to the sale of the shares. Ramotar at that time did reiterate that whenever such a sale is made, it “would be in the best interest of the Guyanese people”. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GT&T, Yog Mahadeo yesterday said that he was surprised at the manner in which the sale was

Government has decided to sell its 20 percent shares in GT&T

Kaieteur News

handled. Mahadeo stated that it was only after Dr Luncheon made the announcement and the media attempted to solicit comments from him, that he was made aware that the company’s shares were sold. Government yesterday declined to disclose who the Chinese buyers were. Head of the Privatisation Unit, Winston Brassington said that as soon as he informs the buyer that his offer has been accepted he would make the announcement. Mahadeo also said that he found it to be extremely strange that the buyer had not ventured to have any discussions with him, his management team, or the parent company Atlantic Tele-Network (ATN). It was also pointed out that any inferred due diligence was with Government, not the company. The GT&T head questioned which business entity or individual would seek to purchase 20 per cent of a company and not sit one day to have a discussion with the CEO or management of that Company. According to Dr. Luncheon, the decision to sell the company to an “Asian Chinese enterprise” was because of the due diligence that was conducted with the Chinese company and the offer that was made was communicated to GT&T subsequently. Thus the decision was made to sell. “It would not be the first

Page 11

Company unaware of sale - CEO decision coming from the privatization board that the government accepted. It won’t be the last that the government has rejected, so the decision was made on Wednesday,” Dr Luncheon noted. Mahadeo said that prior to yesterday, the last pronouncement on the shares was made by Winston Brassington who signaled that the sale was “off of the table.” The Guyana Government over the past decade received several hundred million dollars in dividends at no additional expenditure. When asked about the US$2.5M average earnings that the Government received annually from its shares, and what motivated the decision to sell the profitable asset, Dr Luncheon said, “…If you have been a purveyor of the stock market, you would quite accept that you are here today and that you can be gone tomorrow, so the analysis had to take into consideration. The Privatization Unit that brought together the government, trade unions, consumers and private sector, has looked at this matter in a comprehensive way and so advised Cabinet on the decision to sell.”

That decision to sell has come in for tremendous flak, especially in light of the other investments that the government would have made in the telecommunications industry While the amount of US$30M has been accepted as a ‘fair offer,’ the motivation behind the sale and subsequent loss of annual revenue for the Government has come in for criticism. Another critical player in the industry has opined that Government is clearly setting itself as a major player in the local telecommunications industry. The GT&T boss was livid that the administration has taken its LTE technical plans which it has since handed over to one of its associates, “to build an empire.” Finance Minister, Dr Ashni Singh in his Budget presentation in the House recently alluded to the government establishing its own countrywide network which will essentially compete with the private operator. Dr Singh drew reference to a 4G network which will require a significant amount of investment in infrastructure and he pointed to the fibre optic cable that the government has

commenced installing. Dr Singh told the House on Friday last that in pursuit of the objectives of universal access to ICT, Government has been following the twin tracks of installing infrastructure that will see high speed delivery of eGovernment content along with ensuring that no household will be left without access to that content. He said that to this end, amounts totalling $2.6B were allocated to install some 580 kilometres of high speed fibre optic network spanning from Lethem to Providence with drop-off sites at Lethem, Annai, Kurupukari, Mabura and Linden, and commencing a high speed fibre optic backhaul network connecting Moleson Creek to Anna Regina, with a data centre at Providence for the development of eGovernment with high speed wireless access, using a 4G network. A total of $3.1B is budgeted to be spent in 2012 for the continuation of these networks, according to Dr Singh. It is these pronouncements among others, coupled with the installation of the fibre optic cable and the installation of infrastructure to facilitate a 4G network which causes officials in the telecommunications industry to assert that the Government is seeking to establish itself as a major player in the

Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon industry. The move has also been decried as insensitive on the part of the government, which Mahadeo insists is ignoring the investments and development in the sector already being made as a result of private efforts. Effectively this means that the Government is selling its 20 per cent in GT&T while building its own telecommunication network. GT&T’s Workers Union had approached the banks with a view to purchasing some of the shares which would have been owned by the company’s workers, but Brassington had refused to have the shares sold independently and notified that it would only be sold en bloc.

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Kaieteur News

Friday April 06, 2012

Another taxpayer bailout of NIS inevitable A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is currently bracing for word on when the Government will have to use taxpayers’ dollars to bail out the ailing National Insurance Scheme (NIS). This is according to APNUs point man on finance, Carl Greenidge, who says that the party is expecting that the administration will make the request sometime this year by way of a Supplementary Provision from the Contingency Fund “or early next year.” The Former Finance Minister said that based on information available, the Scheme at present is in grave financial difficulty, which is a phenomenon its Head, Dr Roger Luncheon, seems not to be au-fait with. This assertion was made by Greenidge in light of recent comments made by Dr Luncheon where he suggested that the Scheme is

- Carl Greenidge

Former Finance Minister Carl Greenidge not in any financial danger. Under the legislation that governs the National Insurance Scheme, should it fail to meet its obligation when it comes to payments, then it has to resort to the treasury by way of advances that must be repaid. The scheme’s affairs and

its management have long been criticized and its 2010 report stated that by this year the expenditure will surpass its revenue. Greenidge says that the time has come for a serious, structured reassessment of the Scheme “to have it evolve to reflect the current environment in which it operates.” The APNU finance expert says that the opposition will be calling on the Finance Minister to provide answers to the House as it relates to the Government’s plan to resuscitate the scheme. He lamented the fact that the actuarial reports over the years have all been making relevant recommendations as it relates to resuscitating the Scheme, but they have not been taken on board by the

Venezuelan gang nabbed following Cuyuni robbery spree Army and police ranks have nabbed a gang of Venezuelans suspected of robbing five of their countrymen and a Guyanese in the Cuyuni area at around 10:00 hrs on Wedn e s d a y. A police release said that Guyanese national Mohan Lall, 45, of Hampton Court, Essequibo, along with Venezuelan Nationals Hector Benjamin Marine, 38; Frank Lopez, 47; Raquel Lopez, 27; Marian Salazar, 33 and Yenna

Hernandez, 32, were in the Wenamu River, Cuyuni, when they were held up by five men who we r e reported to be Venezuelan nationals and who were armed with a shotgun, knives and cutlasses. The gang tied up the victims and relieved them of 13 ounces of raw gold, US$1,000, a cell phone and imitation jewellery before escaping. Police ranks and army personnel based at Eteringbang responded

quickly to the report and managed to arrest the five suspects and recover a 12gauge Winchester shotgun with four cartridges, a quantity of raw gold and some imitation jewellery. Kaieteur News understands that the suspects have been brought to the city and are being questioned at Police Headquarters, Eve Leary. A team of police ranks have also travelled to Cuyuni to conduct further investigations.

Cabinet. Greenidge said that given the circumstances, they expect to see a bailout package being requested in the short term, but the Scheme will have to ensure that decisions are taken to ensure the industry’s long term viability. Chartered Accountant Christopher Ram recently hammered the hierarchy of the Scheme and was very critical of the $6B invested by NIS in CLICO (Guyana), which has since been impaired as a result of the company’s liquidation order. Ram opined that the Government has allowed political considerations to undermine the proper management of the Scheme ignoring the recommendations contained in the reports of the actuaries for the 2001 and 2006 reviews. He emphasised that under Dr. Luncheon’s stewardship, the failure to act on the recommendations of the actuaries, compounded by the collapse of its investment in CLICO, has left a $6B hole in the Scheme’s balance sheet, and no income from more than 20 per cent of its investment. Ram also expressed concerns about the manner in which the sale to the NIS of a building previously owned by CLICO (Guyana) to the tune of $600M has been dealt with, and whether there was any element of a subsidy in the price of $600M paid for a building which up

to recently was valued at more than one billion dollars. “Any under-sale could constitute a fraud,” Ram cautioned. That aside, the Chartered Accountant explained that in a liquidation of any entity, monies acquired from the sale of assets are supposed to be placed in a pool and distributed equitably among persons owed by the entity, ranked according to their status – preferred, secure or unsecured. He noted that things like unpaid employees’ earnings, their PAYE and NIS, rates and taxes and corporate taxes for one year are called preferential, meaning that they must be paid first. It was stressed that instead of following this process, the building was transferred to the NIS and the value used to clear a small part of the debt owed by CLICO to the NIS. “This illegality is a backdoor contribution to the Scheme at the expense of ranking creditors, which may even include the Guyana Revenue Authority,” Ram pointed out. Kaieteur News understands that whenever the NIS investment is raised at the Board, it is “hurriedly brushed under the carpet.” Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh, on Friday last during the budget presentation failed to make mention of the NIS investment in CLICO (Guyana). To date, the Government of Guyana is the only government in the region that has refused to investigate CLICO’s domestic

Chartered Accountant Christopher Ram operations. Dr Singh in his Budget presentation reported that in 2011, the task of resolving the domestic chapter of the Caribbean-wide CLICO saga continued. “I am pleased to report that following the granting of a liquidation order by the Court, some 7,744 policyholders were paid a total of $4.1B. Ram & McRae in its response to the Budget Speech, countered by showing that $3.6B came from government funds and itself constituted phase one of a bailout. The Finance Minister said that the repayment process will continue, and the liquidator intends to garner additional funds through the sale of company assets and legal actions with respect to the parent company and other regional subsidiaries. This leaves the cashstrapped NIS, still banking on the State guarantee for the safe and timely return of its investment.

Friday April 06, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 13

Lindeners protest impending electricity hike

Some of the protestors outside the RDC Office

By Enid Joaquin A group of Lindeners, mainly women, yesterday took to the streets in the mining town to protest the impending electricity hike for the area, announced by Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh during the recent Budget presentation. The organizers indicated that the peaceful protest is the precursor to a massive one planned for tomorrow, where “every Lindener is expected to take to the streets”. The protesters converged in front of the Linden Utilities Coop Society Limited (LUCSL), which provides electricity for residents on the West Bank or Wismar shore, before marching down the street chanting, “No increase in electricity”, “Ashni eyes pas we” and, “PPP mean fuh punish we”. Apart from the chants the protesters carried placards with similar slogans. The march culminated in front of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) Office, where the protesters were addressed by Chairman of Region 10, Sharma Solomon, and member of Parliament Vanessa Kissoon. In her brief remarks, Kissoon told the protesters, “As your female representative for this Region I will not rest until we get what we deserve. And what we deserve is nothing but the best. And I want to say that Region 10 is like the most important part of the body, and if you get rid of the important part, you know what will happen. I want to say to you, the struggle has just begun, and we will not give up, we will not rest.” During his address, Solomon told the gathering “The 2012 Budget reflects a level of vindictiveness against the people of Region 10. This Government, instead of giving to poor people; instead of taking VAT away from poor people, or reducing it; instead of giving pensioners and recipients of public assistance more, what

they have done is give absolutely nothing to Region 10. “Teachers and Nurses will get nothing, single parents will get nothing. Pensioners and public assistance recipients are being embarrassed with what they are getting. And hear what’s happening… we have no economic expansion, but Government intends to instead put on you a burden of an 800% increase in electricity tariffs.” “Now let me tell you this, I have nothing against those who would be subsidised in this 2012 budget, for example, I believe the sugar workers deserve to be subsidized those are hard working people, and it is no fault of sugar workers that GuySuCo, based on Skeldon mismanagement, is in the state it is in, but me and you as taxpayers have to pay for that. But here it is that Government intends to increase the tariffs for electricity. They provide you with nothing, and instead place on you an 800 % increase in electricity tariffs. The question then to ask this Government is “what’s next?” “Because when you implement that, how do you intend for me to pay it? What next? When you give pensioners $600 and public assistance $400, how are they going to pay 800% increase in electricity. People of Region 10, this is totally unacceptable!” Solomon closed his remarks by assuring the people of his intentions to suspend the standing order of Council at the statutory meeting, in order to address the electricity issue. “There is absolutely no matter in Region 10 that’s more important than this right now, and we are going to suspend the standing order and deal with this; and every single councilor, whether AFC, APNU or PPP will have to justify to you, the people, why the Government should put 800% increased tariffs on

you.” “We want them on record to say how they feel about this and if they support it,” he stated emphatically. Solomon later suspended the standing order of Council at the RDC monthly statutory meeting as promised, to discuss the subsidies and the 2012 budget, particularly as it relates to the proposed electricity hike for Lindeners. The motion was moved by councilor Maurice Butters, seconded by Leslie Gonsalves, and carried by all the other councillors, except one who opted to abstain. Councillor Gonsalves during his presentation pointed out that nothing in the budget “speaks well” for Region 10. Adding that Government is sending a ‘bad signal’ if subsidies are removed without proper justification, he emphasised that the increased tariffs should not even be entertained in Parliament. Charles Sampson who was next, acknowledged that talking about increased electricity tariffs is nothing new, and added that he was well aware of the subsidy by government, “but a lot of subsidies are also given to other parts of the country,” he declared. “An increase was proposed a few years ago, but we opposed that vigorously, because any increase in tariffs is political. “We won’t be able to live in this place because the business people will throw any increase on the consumer - the Government has no consideration.” Sampson alluded to the steam power plant which used Bunker C oil and was “shut down’, but could still be rehabilitated. “This is a spiteful move by Government, and we’re going to resist. This is not a PPP, PNC, or APNU issue, this is an economic issue, and any increase the people can’t afford.” Councillor Maurice Butters reiterated much of

APNU MP Vanessa Kissoon and Region 10 Chairman Sharma Solomon what was said by Sampson, and added that if Government was withdrawing subsidy from Linden, but not from GuySuCo, then the move was clearly a political one. Councillor Gittens described the impending hike as a disrespectful and vengeful act that will hurt the region. He pointed to the

people that would meet him in the street and beg him “Sir do something - we can’t afford this, ever”. The Regional Vice Chairman called the budget a ‘treacherous act’ that seeks to deprive Region 10. “But we cannot take deprivation anymore. The time has come for our eyes to

be opened. The people have elected us to represent them and we must first and foremost make proper representation on their behalf.” Chairman Solomon said that the budget is not a people-oriented one. He reflected that it wasn’t the (Continued on page 14)

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Chief Justice Ian Chang believes that recent comments by political figures on his decision to quash the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) are designed to undermine his office. The Chief Justice has been the centre of a growing controversy, following his recent ruling that the DPP’s advice to charge

Kaieteur News

Commissioner of Police Henry Greene with rape was irrational. The Chief Justice was specifically concerned with the comments made by Education Minister Priya Manickchand and attorneyat-law Deborah Backer of A Partnership for National Unity. Manickchand, in calling for Greene to demit office, had

expressed disquiet at the ruling of the Chief Justice in the matter involving the Commissioner. In an interview with the Stabroek News, the former Human Services Minister, who had piloted the Sexual Offences Bill 2010 through Parliament, said that she is worried about the implications Justice’s Chang’s ruling will have “on other prosecutions

Friday April 06, 2012

- Chief Justice or intended prosecutions for rape, even though she agrees that the court had jurisdiction to review a decision by the DPP.” And Backer, an APNU Member of Parliament, had stated that her party has placed on record its dismay and disappointment at the apparent lack of sensitivity and knowledge revealed by the statements made by the Chief Justice in his ruling. “On the issue of the Chief Justice’s lack of sensitivity, he must be aware that progressive countries, recognising that the trial of sexual offences often turns out to be the hardest on the victims, have enacted victimfriendly legislation empowering Courts, inter alia, to hold trial in camera, and also forbid the publication of reports of certain details of the alleged act,” APNU pointed out. The party said that rather than adhere to these modern principles, the Chief Justice quite happily read to the packed court room and by extension the entire country “all the gory details of the alleged rape”. “These statements show a remarkable lack of reading on the part of the Chief Justice on how women and children react to the barbaric offence of rape. Thursday the 29th day of March, 2012 will

remain a black day for all right thinking people of Guyana. We trust that the Director of Public Prosecutions will appeal the decision of the Honourable Chief Justice…” Backer had stated. Justice Chang believes that these comments, especially from political figureheads, will have farreaching effects for the integrity of the office of the Chief Justice. “That particular office and the Chancellor, the appointments are made by the President with the consent of the Leader of the Opposition.” The Chief Justice said that he does not have a problem with anyone disagreeing with his decision, but to use certain words is worrying. “You can’t say that it’s disquieting and I don’t read enough, and I’m insensitive.” According to Chang, what is worrying, are the persons who are making the statements. “They are representatives of the government and they are representatives of the opposition. These are people who are representatives of the major political parties,” Chang said, adding that he is not so much worried by statements made by others who are critical of his decision. Justice Chang in defending his ruling has

Chief Justice Ian Chang urged those who want to criticize to read his 64-page decision. “What are the implications of these criticisms? I don’t read? I am incompetent?” Chang asked during a telephone interview with this newspaper. “If these people are saying these things what are they doing, not undermining the office? It is the kind of language they are using,” he added. The Chief Justice said that persons can disagree with his decision which he added can be tested in a higher court. “They are arguing that the court should not interfere with the works of parliament…they are interfering with my work. Let the court correct me, they should not be correcting me as parliamentarians,” Justice Chang declared.

Lindeners protest impending... (From page 13) previous Government made a bad deal with Texas Ohio, “that we now have to shoulder that burden”. Solomon said that it is the responsibility of a caring Government to encourage economic activity and stimulate economic growth in any community. “Region 10 for the past decade has not shown any significant expansion in

economic development. In the past, thousands of persons were employed in the bauxite industry, now that’s reduced to a few hundreds, which means we would have lost jobs over the years. So there must be some reasonable justification, for the increase or the removal of subsidies.” He opined that the Government is more willing to help mismanagement and

incompetence. “The type of mismanagement we talking about - both GPL and GuySuCo - this burden is being transferred to the people.” The majority of persons in Linden are adamant that any increase in electricity tariffs would only serve to further ‘strangle’ the already hard pressed community.

Friday April, 06, 2012

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Friday April 06, 2012

Friday April 06, 2012

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Our participation in local govt. elections hinges on reforms - APNU

APNU Parliamentarians Lance Carberry, Ronald Bulkan and Desmond Trotman at yesterday’s press briefing. Opposition coalition, A Partnership for Unity (A.P.N.U), yesterday insisted that it is unlikely the coalition will be willing to participate in elections until local government reforms become a reality. The Local Government Elections were planned for this year, after several postponements dating back to the ‘90s. APNU also slammed the government over moves to “surreptitiously use state resources to place that party in a decidedly advantageous position when the long overdue local government elections are held later this year”. During its weekly press conference at the Leader of the Opposition’s office, Hadfield Street, APNU said that the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development is pursuing a chaotic and destructive agenda through its “spin twins” Ministers - Minister Ganga Persaud and Junior Minister, Norman Whittaker - with a supporting cast that includes “Permanent Secretary, Mr. Collin Croal and Mr. Pooran Persaud.”

APNU is referring to a move by government to replace several nonfunctioning Neighbourhood Democratic Councils across the country with Interim Management Committees, a right Minister Persaud has, but which the coalition stressed was being done for the ruling PPP/C to gain control. “Instead of engaging in soul-searching to determine why the PPP/C regime was rebuffed and rejected by a majority of the electorate, at the 28th November 2011 General and Regional Elections, the PPP/C Administration seems intent on using this Ministry to impose its control over and to subvert the right of citizens to freely choose councillors and officials to manage community affairs and local government issues.” At the press conference yesterday were APNU’s Lance Carberry, Ronald Bulkan and Desmond Trotman. APNU noted that the last Local Government Elections were last held in 1994, eighteen years ago. “Since that time the PPP in government has always

postponed the holding of elections on some pretext or the other. This is a serious indictment against the PPP/C regime, which, when it was in opposition, always promoted the value and importance of empowering people, at the level of communities, to manage the affairs of the communities in which they live.” The coalition officials accused the government, through a series of orchestrated complaints, of replacing NDCs with “party hacks” “That approach simply will not “wuk”. It was tried before in several NDCs with disastrous consequences. The Ministers are fully aware that, in almost every instance when IMCs were imposed on communities, the persons appointed to replace them were not up to the mark. They were clearly not imbued with the spirit of volunteerism which drives elected local government officials, and in almost every instance they were more interested in ripping off the NDCs and feathering their nest at the expense of community interests and development.”

“There were problems in places like Enmore and Bartica, with in one case, the complainants did not turn up to give evidence against the particular NDC, yet the Ministry is contemplating an IMC. They are going around the country dissolving and dismantling NDCs and replacing them with IMCs in a furtive and non-transparent manner and, in the process, ignoring the will of the majority of citizens whose preference is to elect their own officials.” “APNU wishes to state its position clearly. It is that citizens want duly elected NDCs, not the PPP’s handpicked IMCs. We call on the Government to get

serious and re-commit themselves to the reform of the local government system as recommended by the Task Force, set up by then President Bharrat Jagdeo and the late Opposition Leader, Mr. Desmond Hoyte, in 2001, as the precursor for the holding of Local Government Elections,” Bulkan read from a prepared statement. “There are numerous cases of incompetence, unaccountability, corruption and others malpractices that the Government should attend to before they seek to undermine the system of local government. Some priorities would include the following: fixing the Skeldon sugar factory and

the Enmore packaging plant; drainage problems on the East Coast; the Amaila falls road project fiasco; the Hope canal escapade; the Supenaam stelling scandal; to name a few.” “If it is enquiries government is seeking, a few would include extra-judicial killings; phantom gangs; the crime spree; the Roger Khan saga; the Lusignan, Bartica and Lindo Creek massacres; contracts to the new GPC; the Lotto Scam; the illegal use of NICIL funds; the Queens Atlantic/Sanata Textiles Scandal; GGMC; the Polar Beer Scam; the NIS/ Clico misadventure, among many others,” the party statement concluded.

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Friday April 06, 2012

Friday April 06, 2012

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Friday April 06, 2012

Friday April 06, 2012

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The People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) The People’s National Congress Reform extends Easter Greetings to all Guyanese, particularly members of the Guyanese and worldwide Christian Community, on the occasion of the celebration of one of the most important events in the Christian Calendar, the commemoration of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Easter Story represents, for the members of the Christian Community, the fulfillment of God’s Prophecy that mankind would be offered the hope of eternal life through the

supreme sacrifice of His son, Jesus Christ, and His subsequent Resurrection from the dead. It is this faith which has kept the worldwide Christian Church alive and enabled its followers to significantly contribute towards making the earth a better place for all mankind. The Easter Festival inspires hope that eventually what is right and good would triumph. For most Guyanese, the Easter season is celebrated by the widespread flying of kites, which symbolically represents the theme of the Resurrection. Whatever may

have been its origins, kite flying attracts widespread participation of Guyanese from all walks of life, regardless of religion, ethnicity or culture. Easter is, therefore, a national opportunity for Guyanese to share and enjoy common experiences, interests and values. We, of the People’s National Congress Reform, hope that the symbolism of our kites soaring to the heavens inspire all Guyanese to emulate the examples set by Jesus. The PNCR wishes all Guyanese a happy, joyous and fulfilling Easter.

The leadership, members and supporters of The United Force (TUF) wish all Guyanese, and our Christian brothers and sisters in particular, a Happy Easter. The TUF wishes to call on our people to not only celebrate Easter in our own unique Guyanese style with our kites and delicious foods, but to reflect on the teachings and life of the lord Jesus Christ.

We must care for our people just as how Jesus cared for his people. We must share with the poor, needy, those who ask, the children and the orphans, as Jesus lived and cared for them. We must maintain our dignity and speak the truth even if our lives are at stake, just as how Jesus did when his life was threatened. We must be loyal to our people

and our country, just like how Jesus asked his disciples to be loyal to him and not to deny him. Jesus said, too, “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s.” Let us learn from these great teachings of the lord Jesus Christ. Once again, best wishes and Happy Easter from The United Force – There’s a place in the sun for everyone.

The United Force (TUF)

Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) One of the bonds common to most of Guyana’s ethnic groups is their religious nature and spiritual pursuit of higher calling for living exemplary lives. Guyanese are guaranteed religious freedom by Constitutional Law. Our people demonstrate religious tolerance as various groups practice their own faith unhindered. This weekend the Christian community observes its most scared component of their faith – the crucifixion then resurrection of Jesus Christ, who many Christians regard as God the Son. The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union

(GAWU) joins, through its recognition of that significant pillar of the Christian Faith, with Guyanese to reflect upon all the elements of this revered weekend. The dozens of messages inherent in the Christians accounts of their Saviour’s prophesied demise and rising up, are in fact lessons for all of human-kind to consider. A divine being, representing His Father’s Will, having come as a Hope, a Beacon of Salvation for his errant followers, lives a life of service and guidance, but is there put to death by Rulers of an Empire dedicated to perpetuating their dominion over the poor and powerless.

Everlasting hope is forever re-kindled as many witness a resurrection, defying mere earthly mortal control of man’s government. GAWU, which is home to thousands of Christians members, regards the Crucifixion/Resurrection story as a powerful basis for mankind’s redemption from their errant ways, if they give meaning to these beliefs rooted in the Biblical events of over two thousand years ago. GAWU exhorts members of the Christian Faith to use the lessons of their sacrificial Lenten fast to be steadfast in their pursuits for the rest of the year. A Happy Easter To All!

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The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) The People’s Progressive Party extends best wishes to all Guyanese and especially our Christian brothers and sisters as the nation observes Good Friday and the traditional Easter celebration. The message of Easter has a universal appeal and reminds us to always pursue

lofty goals such as unity and fraternity. In remembering the sacrifices of Christ, let us take that example and resolve to build a Guyana that is tolerant where all our people will live in peace and harmony. At a community level, let

us ensure that the true spirit of Easter is enjoyed by all ensuring harmony, acceptance and brotherhood. The Party also takes this opportunity to encourage all kite flyers to ensure they do so in safe open spaces and not next to electrical lines or other prohibited zones.

Alliance for Change (AFC) This weekend, Guyanese will join with many other Christians across the world to celebrate Easter. This is an important period in the Christian calendar. On Good Friday, we reflect on the life of Jesus Christ. It is a time when we meditate on the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension of Christ after he was falsely accused, tried and died on the cross, all for the sake of offering mankind salvation from sin and the opportunity to be reunited to their heavenly father. On Easter Monday, we celebrate the glory of Christ’s resurrection. This day traditionally has been a delightful time, when

Christian and non-Christian Guyanese celebrate in large numbers as we fly our kites and enjoy a day of fun with friends and family. Easter reminds us that despite the challenges and hardships we face as individuals and our own human weaknesses, there is hope of a new day, of brighter times to come. Easter reminds us that all is not lost and that with faith we can claim a brighter tomorrow. The great message of Easter is therefore hope; hope that makes us have that confidence in God that in His goodness and love, we can triumph. The spiritual lessons

offered in the resurrection of Jesus Christ give our lives meaning and direction, and the opportunity to start over and live better lives, no matter what are our present difficulties and circumstances. A gentle wind of hope has engulfed all Guyana. Our people now look to the future with renewed anticipation of good things to come. As the kites lift to the sky on Easter Monday so too must the Guyanese spirit rise in confidence that the Guyana of tomorrow will present opportunities for a better life for all. A Blessed Easter to all Guyana.

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Friday April 06, 2012

Dead monkeys from Guyana…

Los Angeles, California A jury in Los Angeles on Wednesday acquitted a Florida animal broker of 10 counts of animal cruelty in a case involving 15 monkeys who died after being shuttled around the world on international flights. A spokesman for the city attorney’s office said the jurors took less than an hour to reach the verdicts acquitting Robert Matson Conyers of all charges. The nearly two-week trial focused on a disastrous odyssey around the world as the monkeys destined for a Bangkok breeding centre were refused transit at several points, including China.

Acquitted: Robert Matson Conyers Conyers’ attorney, John Murray, argued that the broker was not responsible for

what happened while the monkeys were being ferried around the world. They were well fed and cared for while in Conyers’ control, Murray said. The monkeys suffered from neglect, starvation and hypothermia during the ordeal, and 15 of the 25 originally shipped from Guyana eventually died. Prosecution and defence lawyers described a scenario in which everything that could go wrong did. The monkeys wound up on a circuitous seven-day trip across thousands of miles with stops in Miami and China, and twice in Los Angeles.

Julia MacKenzie, the West Coast coordinator for the advocacy group, Stop Animal Cruelty Now (SAEN), sat through the trial. She said she interviewed jurors after the verdict and they said Conyers was not to blame for what happened. “They felt he tried to take care of them when he had them, and it wasn’t his fault,” she said. Conyers took the stand in his own defence, MacKenzie said. He testified that he had adequately fed and watered the monkeys when he had them in his control in Miami between flights. One airline refused to fly the animals because of poor weather, and Chinese authorities turned them back for improper documentation. Also, it was Chinese New Year when the monkeys arrived, and, with everyone on vacation, they languished on a tarmac for 39 hours. The prosecutor and defence attorney did not

respond to repeated calls from The Associated Press following the verdicts. Frank Mateljan of the city attorney’s office said: “The jury has rendered their opinion and certainly we’ll accept it. We take the tough cases when we feel they warrant criminal charges.” A Guyanese exporter, Akhtar Hussain, was charged with Conyers in connection with the deaths of the primates. However, he did not attend the trial and is believed to be in Guyana. Last week, Guyana’s Wildlife Management Division (WMD) came out in defence of Hussain saying that foreign new articles of the trial contained several erroneous statements, including the suggestion that the export of monkeys from Guyana is illegal. WMD said that the article, published in a US paper and carried in the local media, “is very cleverly crafted in that many details were omitted and the actual information

included seems designed to mislead and to cast a very negative light on the wildlife trade”. The WMD statement noted that Guyana is listed as a source country of monkeys immediately following the sentence that notes that the unregulated and illegal trade of monkeys to the US is on the increase. “This seems to suggest that export of monkeys from Guyana is illegal. Guyana has established quotas for four species of primates and small numbers of these species are exported to the US each year.” “While the articles by sections of the media are bad publicity, under the circumstances it would appear as though Mr. Hussain had little control over the matter. Unless further information is provided to prove otherwise, Mr. Hussain must be given the benefit of the doubt,” WMD said in concluding its statement.

Rice farmers, exporters urged to protect traditional markets Rice continues to be one of the most primary agricultural products in Guyana and over the past few years the country has been able to benefit from good price arrangements for this commodity from Venezuela. While Venezuela has assured its commitment in 2012 towards continuing to purchase rice at good prices from Guyana, Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy is urging that the traditional markets be protected. “There is a preference for the Venezuela rice market among our rice farmers but we have been working with the farmers that when you find a good market like the Venezuelan market we must also protect the traditional markets. Europe and the Caribbean represent a traditional market and the bulk of rice used to go to these. Some also used to go to the United States and these are our traditional markets which I want to encourage farmers, millers and exporters not to neglect. Those are safe markets and we need to also keep those markets.” The Minister explained that the first crop for this year had more than 150,000 acres that were under cultivation one of the largest in the country’s history.

In terms of production, there is an expectation of a “bumper crop” although the floods during the past five months did have an impact on rice production. “While farmers were preparing land and putting it under cultivation from October to December 2011 one of their problems was that they had just come through a dry season and had an issue of irrigation. We were able to ensure that enough water came in, but then the farmers had to endure three heavy rainfall periods that led to flooding in the Agricultural belt and particularly the rice belt.” Heavy rainfall during the month of December, the end of January and in February affected the cultivation in Region Two, Region Three, particularly in Canal Polder no.1 and Canal Polder no.2, Blankenburg, Regions Five and Six. Kaieteur News was told that despite the heavy rainfall and flooding the total losses will not impact on the overall production in the first crop. Dr. Ramsammy asserted that after a final assessment is made on the losses because of floods, it is likely to be about 8,000 acres lost, out of the 170,000 acres that were under cultivation. This would mean a loss of less than four per cent.

According to the Minister, a minimal loss experienced in rice production for the country does not indicate that the loss was shared. The loss was quite significant among farmers. Meanwhile the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB), Rice Producers Association (RPA) and Ministry of Agriculture are working together to ensure that these farmers receive some type of support. The Ministry is optimistic that this year’s rice production will exceed the record 401,000 tonnes that were reaped in 2011. “There is a good chance that we will exceed the 401,000 tonnes; there is a good chance that our market, external market will be maintained, and therefore Guyana’s export of rice will remain high in 2012. Guyana will continue to work on yield and breeds and therefore we expect that the future of rice in Guyana is one that is brimful of potential and opportunity. We will continue to build on that,” Dr. Ramsammy added. Since last month, white rice has begun to be exported to Venezuela, cargo rice to Europe and both white and parboiled rice to CARICOM countries. (Kristen Macklingam)

Friday April 06, 2012

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The Abigail Column Should I risk losing him if I need space?

DEARABIGAIL, I am 19 years old and have been in a relationship with “Justin” since I was 16. I couldn’t ask for anyone better. Justin would do anything for me. Let’s just say I feel married. But lately, I feel like we should have some space. Justin doesn’t agree. He says once we’re apart, he will leave for good. He doesn’t understand why we need this.

He doesn’t believe in breaks. However I think it would make us realise whether we really are meant for each other, instead of wondering when we’re much older and it’s too late. I don’t want to lose Justin forever, but I can’t help the way I feel. Do I stay in this relationship and make the best of it? After all, we do love each other. Or do I take the chance of giving myself some space and risk losing him for good? Terrified Dear Terrified, Take the risk. If you are feeling boxed in now, it will

only get worse over time and destroy the relationship when the stakes are higher. You both deserve the chance to see what else is out there before making a commitment to each other, especially since you haven’t had the opportunity before. Justin is issuing ultimatums because he is scared. You’ve been together a long time, and it can be daunting to give up the familiar for the new. And yes, there is a possibility you won’t get back together. But if you don’t give yourself some space now, you are likely to regret it later.

Friday January 06, 2012 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19) : Pleasant surprises are in store on the career front, so get ready. While your ideas may not be popular with the top brass, you are getting a lot of support from your peers. You could even launch a new venture of your own or be nominated to represent your fellow workers. ***************************** TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20) : You’re able to talk anybody into anything, so use this power wisely! At times, you will feel guilty about how easy it is to manipulate colleagues, friends and lovers. Thankfully, your motives are relatively pure. ***************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20) : Keeping a delicious secret to yourself may be a challenge, but it’s a worthy one. Maybe you’ve just embarked on a romance, and want to keep the relationship quiet for now. ***************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22) : Beware of putting too much pressure on a romantic partner today. If you’re single, it could be because you are seeking an impossible ideal. Stop looking for Prince or Princess Charming and start reviewing people on their individual merits. ***************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): You may feel as though your talents aren’t being properly utilised. That’s probably because you’re reluctant to challenge a colleague’s authority. Never fear; in time it will be clear this person is not up to the job. ***************************** VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): Friends may disapprove of your behaviour right now, but who cares? You’re dealing with enormous pressure right now, and need to enjoy relief wherever you can find it.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): Career demands are rearing their ugly heads again, cutting into your personal life. If you’re looking for work, you may be forced to postpone a fun outing for the sake of filling out job applications and sending out CVs. ***************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): You’re not feeling very sure of yourself, which makes it tricky to deal with difficult colleagues. Instead of getting drawn into pointless arguments, focus on doing the best job you can. ***************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): The powers-thatbe could be withholding money that is rightfully yours and while injustices like these make your blood boil, it’s important to maintain perspective of this situation. ***************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19) : It’s difficult to reach an agreement with someone you work with or a former lover. Rather than pressing the point, it might be better to cut your losses. ***************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18) : It may be hard to get your message across, mainly because it’s so radical. You’ve always been three steps ahead of the pack, so it’s not surprising others can’t understand your vision. ***************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): Money talks may be stalled, tempting you to end a creative project. Don’t throw in the towel just yet. A community group or government grant could provide you with the cash you need.

NCN CHANNEL 11 01:00 – BBC World 02:00 – NCN Late Edition(R/B) 02:30 – Late Nite with GINA 03:00 – Movie 05:00 – Inspiration 05:30 – Newtown Gospel 06:00 – NCN Late Edition News(R/B) 06:30 – IPL#3 Mumbai Indians VS Pune Warriors 10:30 – IPL#4 Rajasthan Royals VS Kings XI Punjab 13:00 – Bollywood Hits(R/B) 14:00 – Stop the Suffering 14:30 – Good Friday Service 16:00 - Atonement 2012 (LIVE) 19:00 – Al Jazeera 19:30 – Close up 20:00 – Grow with IPED 20:30 – CASTRO 22:00 – Movie DTV CHANNEL 8 06:55hrs. Sign On 07:00hrs. DTV’s Festival of Biblical Movies for the Lenten Season: Jesus of Nazareth 12:30hrs. The Young and the Restless 13:30hrs. The Bold and the Beautiful 14:00hrs. The Talk 15:00hrs. Live Coverage of the Roman Catholic Church of the Ascension Good Friday Service 16:30hrs. Prime News 17:00hrs. Beverly Hills, 90210 18:00hrs. World News 18:30hrs. Nightly News 19:00hrs. Greetings and Announcements 20:00hrs. Channel 8 News 21:00hrs. Supernatural (New Episode) 21:35hrs. Movie: Salt 23:00hrs. Sign Off

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WANTED Waitress for bar, preferably from East Bank, 19- 23 yrs. Call: 233-5477/643-2090 for interview. Experience Dispatcher. Call: 227-1200, 225-4111 Experienced Tractor drivers to work on Logging concession. Call: 261-2553 1 Maid, 1 handyman to work at hotel. Apply in person @ 12 Henry Street. Tel: 2236284 Technical series Inc Industrial Site Eccles, 1 accounts clerk, Tool room clerk, 1 Industrial electrician, apply in person. Call: 6144358

SALON Make up courses, artist trained & certified in Trinidad: 660-5257,647-1773 Cosmetology courses. Tel: 225-6026, 682-2604 Quality yourself in Cosmetology or nails, make up, Register, Limited spaces. Call Abby: 216-1950, 6197603, 666-5241 (Easter offer) get your hand tips down for $2,000, toe tips $700. Call: Fiona: 651-9418 HEALTH HIV/AIDS you can still have a second chance. Call: 639-6054

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Friday April 06, 2012

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Friday April 06, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 27

Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Futsal Football...


Another round of matches will be played tomorrow evening when the Linden segment of the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Futsal Football continues, at the New Silvercity Secondary School Tarmac. In the fixtures: The Amazing versus Exodus, Top Class vs. El Dorado, Speightland vs. Rough & Rugged Pokerburg vs. Cherokee Park, Goal Getters vs. Scheme, Eagles vs. Trainline Warriors, Star Boyz vs. Street Vybz and Ripping Bullets vs. Barsenal. Meanwhile, below is the points standing in the respective groups after two rounds:

VACANCY Vacancy exists for an Accountant, Executive Secretary and Clerical Clerk. Please make contact:2185120, 218-5121 Sales girls & Cashier. Call: 226-0881, 226-1316 Canter driver for East Coast location. Call: 266-0881, 2261316 Security guards for East Coast location. Call: 2260881, 226-1316

GFF/EBFA U16 League continues tomorrow Competition in the East Bank Football Association (EBFA) organised Guyana Football Federation (GFF) sponsored Under-16 League will continue tomorrow at the Grove Playfield with a number of matches. To date, Grove Hi Tech boasts an unblemished slate after two games, scoring a total of 15 goals with wins over Diamond United 9-0 and Mocha Champs 6-0. Also tasting victory so far are Mocha Champs and Agricola Red Triangle.

In Grove’s dismantling of Diamond United, Joel Dick netted a hat-trick (26, 39, 53), Trevor Jones a double (79, 85), while there was one each for Shelton Joe (20), Mervin Squires (57), Odingo Jhingoree (73) and an own goal in the 63rd minute. Grove’s opening game of the League saw them taking care of Mocha Champs 6-0 with Roddick McKenzie hitting the network twice. Odingo Jhingoree, Trevor Jones, Marvin Squires and an

own goal accounted for the others. Mocha Champs, in their second game of the League rebounded from an earlier loss to beat Agricola 6-0. The players on target were Shamar Anderson with a brace (63, 82) with one each for Wayne Halley (25), Kester Joseph (42), Handel Flue (78) and Kevin Agard (84). Agricola were 1-0 victors over Diamond United, Sheldon Chapman scoring the winner. Play will continue tomorrow at the Grove Playfield.

Deonarine on probationary... From back page were surprised when Deonarine was discarded due to doubts about his ability to bat for long periods, after a couple of limpet-like displays against Australia in Perth during a series where the 2-0 margin arguably flattered the hosts. Gibson pointed out that Deonarine’s strong results in this season’s Caribbean regional competition were compelling enough to earn a recall, but had been achieved without the hundreds he expects of his batsmen. “His quality as a batsman has never been the concern,” Gibson said. “It’s whether he’s able to bat a day and a half, whether he’s able to bat the four hours that is required at international level to make a Test hundred. His results will show he’s made a lot of runs this year but he hasn’t made a firstclass hundred. “At the same time he’s been putting runs on the board and in a series where not a lot of batsmen put runs on the board it is hard to ignore his runs. I add to that the fact we can’t have Marlon at the moment, so he fills the role that Marlon was playing.” Another batsman facing high expectations against

Australia will be the gifted Darren Bravo, who has shown the potential to be the best West Indian batsman of his generation but had a halting introduction to Australian opposition in the ODI matches, losing his place. Gibson said Bravo needed to clear his head and believe in his methods, ignoring the visitors’ efforts to corral him. “He just needs to be himself,” Gibson said. “I think sometimes one-day cricket lends itself to you having to go out in circumstances and play shots and maybe up the scoring rate or whatever’s the case or consolidate when you’ve just lost a couple of wickets and stuff like that. Test cricket’s very different, he goes out every day

and starts over, [he should] just be himself and bat the way he batted, especially in India. “He made a brilliant hundred in Bangladesh, but in India he was outstanding, and the Indians, from some of the fields that they set for him, it was clear they had obvious plans for him as well and he scored two Test hundreds. So he is somebody that we have a lot of confidence and belief in and somebody that will take us forward over the next couple of years. “We’re not worried about his form, we know what he’s capable of and he tends to rise to the big occasion as well, so we’re looking forward to seeing him bat over the next couple of weeks.”

Mayor’s supremacy... From page 30 Henry (3), Hubert Pedro (3) and Pernell Shultz (3). Both Sancho and Henry chances of grabbing the most goal scored prize are in the shadows since their teams are not in the semi-finals. Meanwhile, Banks DIH Ltd has donated the top prize of $500,000, while Digicel took care of the second prize of $250,000. Beepat and Sons has donated $150,000 for the team finishing in the third

place, while the Guyana Beverage Company provided the $100,000 fourth prize. Several other corporate entities have also contributed to the success of the tournament including MACORP, John Fernandes Ltd, Nazar Mohamed of Mohamed’s Enterprise, Lombard Street, CIDI, General Equipment Guyana Ltd, New Thriving Restaurant, Sterling Products and Courtney Benn Construction Company.

1 refrigerator & washing machine technician/ trainee. Call: 683-8734, 231-0655 TO RENT One Bobcat Skid Loader for rent. Please contact: 610-3575 TO LET Furnished two bedroom apt Eccles E.B.D. Tel: 698-3644/ 602-5089 Self contained rooms Prashad Nagar 10,000, weekly. Contact: 227-2993 Short term apartments. Tel: 667-1549 One two bedroom house by itself Haslington E.C.D. Call: 220-2940, 663-9816 Eccles Studio apartments. Call: 233-2770 2 bedroom apartments fully grilled, 8th Street Cummings Lodge $25,000. Call: 6960255

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Lamaha Gardens -$90,000, Section K-$120,000, Bel Air –US1700, Regent StreetUS1200. Diana: 227-2256, 626-9382

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One bedroom flat. Call: 2642920, 615-9824

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Lot 10 Area “G” Ogle. Tel: 683-6666, 650-6450

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LEARN TO DRIVE B&C Driving School pick up & drop off: 225-0150, 6806826, 229-7258 Soman and Sons Driving School. First Federation Building. Call: 225-4858, 6445166, 622-2872, 615-0964 CAR RENTAL Cars. Call: 643-1131 Progressive auto rental, cars from $3,500 per day. Call: 6435122, 656-0087, LAND FOR SALE Transported- Land of Canaan. Tel: 266-0014/6698139 Lot 20 St. John’s street and Savannah Road, New Amsterdam, 85’x60’. Call: 232-0417, 615-2085

3 Ton enclosed canter, unregistered.Tel: 617-2891 3 Ton 4 wheel drive canter, unregistered. Tel: 617-2891 1-2RZ Mini bus, reregistered. Call: 617-2891 Leaving, must sell Red BMW, 635 CSI, Lexus, LS 400, good working condition/ BMW 740 IL. Call:646-8326/612-1486 Unregistered Black Spacio, Silver Premio; reverse camera, Cerisor. Call: 6970294, 220-9514 TOUR Moraikobai, Capoey Lake, St. Cuthbert’s Mission, Marshall Rapids, 8th, 9th. Call Sean or Joy:218-1285, 657-0825

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Kaieteur News

TSU Range closed tomorrow Saturday 7th April

Wilson’s Travel Softball Cricket Clash of the Divas 10/10 competition postponed

Marksmen from the Guyana National Rifle Association Smallbore section will take a rest tomorrow after it was disclosed that the Tactical Service Unit (TSU) Pistol Range at Eve Leary will be closed to facilitate an event by the Police Force. 2IC of the TSU Headquarters, Assistant Superintendent Mr. Patrick Todd informed Smallbore Vice-Captain Mr. Gordon Richards that the GPF will be having an exercise at their TSU Headquarters on Saturday 7 April 2012, and as such shooting at the range will not be allowed. Thus the range will be closed for this day. The GNRA regrets any inconvenience caused by this disruption.

Due to unforeseen circumstances the Clash of the Divas 10 overs softball cricket competition organized by Wilson’s Travel Service for the Fairfield ground in Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara tomorrow and Sunday, has been postponed to a later date. The two-day competition was expected to see competition among action female softball cricket teams not only from the East Coast but from other areas in Guyana and the winner would have taken home $100,000 and a trophy, while the losing finalist would have gotten $25,000 and a trophy. For more information, contact can be made with Kurt on telephone number 602-0031, Sonia (695-6851), Azad (651-9100) or at the office on telephone number 228-5061.

Scotiabank/Pepsi Schools Football Academy Tournament resume tomorrow The Scotiabank/Pepsi School Football Academy Tournament recommences tomorrow, Saturday 7th April 2012 at the Ministry of Education Sports Complex, Carifesta Avenue, with two games from 9:30hrs. As usual, the girls (East Ruimveldt Secondary and St Stanislaus College) will play

the first game to set the atmosphere in the Tournament. The second game which starts at 11:00 hrs will see St George’s clashing with Campbellville Secondary from the Male’s A category of the tournament. The competition continues on Tuesday with a triple header from 09:15 hrs

with a female game between Lodge Secondary and Campbellville Secondary, Central High and North Georgetown Secondary from 10:30hrs and defending champions Tucville Secondary coming up against Charlestown High from 12:00hrs to end the matches for the day.

Friday April 06, 2012

VVR Schools’ Basketball Championships...

LTI, ‘Multi’ register impressive wins Former junior national forward, Linden Fraser scored 30 points to help Linden Technical Institute (LTI) to a convincing win Wednesday in the Victory Valley Royals (VVR) Schools’ basketball tournament at the Mackenzie Sports Club Court. Fraser was devastating in the paint while propelling LTI to their second win in the tournament when they routed the New Silvercity Secondary School (NSSS) 82–31. The Linden Foundation Secondary was dealt a heavy blow losing 44-99 to the C h r i s t i a n b u r g / Wi s m a r Secondary School (Multi) after shooting guard, Emanuel Archibald dropped 37 points. Playing in the opening game of the double-header, New Silvercity featured a lineup of mostly diminutive players while LTI had a team that seemed destined to add another title to their long list of regional and national silverware. In the first half, thanks to the rebounding skills of Fraser, LTI raced to a 20–0 lead in the opening minutes

Linden Fraser forcing New Silvercity coach, Colin Barker to attempt several methods aimed at settling his team that finished the half trailing 8-41. The rest is now history. Stanley McIntosh with 16 points, Jemmar Bethune 15 points and Ahkeel Primo 11 points were the other players in double figures for LTI. Al Edwards was the only player for New Silvercity in double digits with 12 points while Selwyn Noble contributed with eight. Meanwhile, after going down 51–56 to LTI in their previous match in the

competition, ‘Multi’ regrouped and displayed a fine all-round performance that Archibald and Travin Dryden orchestrated. Archibald marshaled the team’s defence in the backcourt while Dryden took care of the paint, making it hard for the Linden Foundation players to get in. Already with a victory in the tournament (36–30 against Wisburg) Linden Foundation came with the goal of seeking their second win in as many games, but they had no answers for ‘Multi’. Half time saw the scoreboard reading 40–21 in favour of Multi. Dryden had 20 points and Terron Welch 22 points for ‘Multi’. Denis Niles with 16 points and Paul Kellman, who added 13 points proved to be their school’s most efficient players. The competition continues next Wednesday with Mackenzie High School facing Linden Foundation in the first game of the doubleheader while the second game brings together Wisburg and ‘Multi’.

Friday April 06, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Guyana generate great performances at Vieira on target for another International Meets in Trinidad and Tobago successful year - Morgan disappointed after failing to participate at Southern Games

Guyanese athletes generated superb performances in Trinidad and Tobago when they made their appearance to participate in the various International Meets during March. Guyana’s little Kenyan, Cleveland Forde of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) along with Cleveland Thomas, Alika Morgan and Alicia Fortune were successful at the Games in Twin Island. Forde, who was a part of the Guyana Team, copped two silver medals in the 1500m and 5000m at the Southern Games which was held on March 24th and 25th at the Guaracara Park, Pointe-aPierre. Cleveland Thomas missed the podium in both 1500m and 800m. Forde clocked 3:58.10 seconds in the 1500m to settle for second place behind Jamaican Shawn Peter who won the race in 3:56.05 seconds. The final top position was claimed by Baranabas Kirui of Kenya in 4:01.88 seconds. Cleveland Thomas who placed fourth completed the race in 4:06.06 seconds. Thomas missed another chance of medaling in the 800m when USA’s Sharief Webb registered 1:52.10 seconds to take gold at the Games. Sean Pitter of Jamaica and Jehue Gordon of Memphis Pioneers clocked 1:52.9 seconds and 1:54.13 seconds to leave Thomas (1:55.27 seconds) in fourth. Forde (15:11.18 seconds) achieved another silver to add to his collection in the 5000m when the race got under the starter’s order. Baranabas Kirui who was third to Forde in the 1500m clocked 15:08.00 seconds to earn gold, Kelvin Johnson was third in 16:00.57 seconds. Durly Lucas was the 10K winner. Forde was also successful in Falcon Games at the Crawford Stadium, winning the Men’s 5,000m in 14:48.15 seconds. Thomas of Running Brave Athletic Club took two silver medals in the Men’s 800m and 1500m in 1:56.12 seconds and 4:05.48 seconds respectively, Denny Gualbance of Quantum Club won the 800m and 1500m in 1:55.69 seconds and 4:03.67 seconds. Guyana’s sprint queen Alicia Fortune who made her first International attempt for the year to qualify for the London Olympics Games clocked 12.21 seconds in the preliminaries Women 100m; Nicole Davis of Memphis Pioneers won the race in 11.96 seconds in the finals.

Alika Morgan Fortune qualified for the Women’s 200m in a time of 24.50 seconds and clocked 24.90 seconds to finish sixth in the finals, Kamaria Durant of Simplex bolted to 23.82 seconds for first place, Nicole Davis 24.39 seconds was second. Fortune’s club mate, Joshua Griffith false start in the Men’s 400m. Distance athlete, Alika Morgan who won the Trinidad and Tobago 5km road race and the 1500m at the Falcon Games disclosed to Kaieteur Sport that she was disappointed on disturbing news an official of the Southern Games echoed to her when she made her appearance to compete at the Games. Morgan who was a part of

a three man Guyana Team with Cleveland Forde and Thomas stated that when she arrived at the venue she learnt that her name was scratched off the athlete’s competing list. The athlete who was listed to run the 800m and 1500m at the Southern Games won two gold medals and a silver medal in Trinidad. The two gold medals were won in the Trinidad and Tobago 5km road race (20:02 seconds) and the 1500m at the Falcon Games (4:47 seconds). Asking Morgan about her performance in 1500m, she noted that the race was a comfortable win since the competitive level was low, “The competition needed more athletes, the 1500m only had three runners with the inclusion of me but I did fairly okay.” The athlete who revealed that she will be participating in the National U-23 Championship and the CARICOM 10k in July also placed second in a 10K road race in a time of 38:57 seconds. In closing Morgan expressed her gratitude to her sponsors, GT&T, Mings Trading, Mark Phillips and Mark Crandon for their generous support. (Juanita Hooper)

Guyana’s Superbike champion Stephen Vieira leads Canada’s Kevin Graham as they approach the turn into the back straights. By Rawle Welch He is the Caribbean best, having won the regional title last year in convincing fashion with dominant performances in all three territories that the Series was held and in reviewing his results so far this year, Guyana’s Superbike champion Stephen ‘Valentino Rossi’Vieira seems to be getting better and better. Vieira, who has dominated the local scene for the past three years in an interview with Kaieteur Sport following another captivating display last Sunday at the Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club ‘Race of Champions’ Meet, at the South Dakota Circuit was unusually upbeat about his performance after racing to two wins and a similar amount of second places. A normally reserved competitor, the Guyanese

Regatta 2012: All the big guns confirmed for powerboat racing - River Swim & Run Bartica Run on tomorrow morning With excellent weather the order of the day in the lead up to what is anticipated to be one of the most competitive Bartica Regattas, Regional Chairman Gordon Bradford is predicting an exciting time for the competitors, fans and sponsors. Speaking with Kaieteur Sport, Bradford said that plans are well in train to bring off another successful event noting that activities would have already started with the Third Annual Aruwai Mining sponsored T20 competition organised by D&C Promotions. “We will continue our sporting activities on Easter Sunday morning with the River Swim and the Run Bartica Run that will take place around the community. We expect a blast of a time at the Powerboat racing with all the big names expected to face off on Sunday and Monday.” Bradford is urging fans to come out early on both days of the Powerboat racing since the organisers have taken a decision to run off the big

races early in the morning when the water is calm, given that the experiences of choppy waters later in the day over the years makes it difficult for the bigger engines to operate at full blast. The River Swim will not take place across the river as in previous years, this time around it will be held along the river banks starting at Dress Island and ending at the Regatta Golden Beach Pavilion, Third Avenue. The Run Bartica Run will see the best short distance athletes in the community testing the stamina of each other around the streets of the community. The big boys will then collide at the Regatta Pavilion circuit for the Powerboat, Canoe and Jet Ski races on Sunday morning from 10:00hrs sharp according to Bradford. Some of the names that will feature at the Powerboat racing are Veteran Stephen Belle (Tattianna), Conan Belle, Clarence Belle (Quicksilver), Dave Scott (Jaguar), Christopher ‘Big’ Belle, Randy Belle (Waverunner), Neil

Gonsalves (Czyzie Boy 2) from the Pomeroon and Henry De Silva among others. Bradford is expressing profound gratitude to Office of the President for their support towards this year’s event. Gratitude is also being extended Banks DIH, Ansa McAl Trading, GT&T and Digicel for the corporate roles they have once again played in making the event a reality. A number of shows will also be held during the course of Regatta which will feature Jamaican artiste Taurus Riley on Saturday night, a Gospel Festival titled “The best is yet to come” is set for Sunday evening whilst there will be another concert dubbed “Throttle Down” is slated for Monday night featuring Karma Band and Ravi B of Trinidad and Tobago. All the shows will be held at the Bartica Community Centre Ground. His Excellency, President Donald Ramoutar and Leader of the Opposition David Granger are expected to grace the activities with their presence.

speedster seemed elated about his victories over Canadian Kevin Graham, who had subjugated him in the past, but is now playing second fiddle to Vieira for the last two seasons. Asked about the state of the sport at present, Vieira, who has been instrumental in honing the skills of many young and upcoming riders expressed optimism about the segment of the sport that went into decline in the late 90’s and early 2000. “I am seeing vast improvement in the Superbike category from two years ago, we now have at least 12 to15 riders at most Meets and this is an encouraging development so strides are being made at every level in the sport right now,” Vieira said. He spoke highly of many of the young riders who’ve been putting in the hard work to improve their individual skills and have also worked just as hard to garner sponsorship which is critical for the survival of the competitors and the sport as well. “Motor racing is a very expensive sport to participate in and without the support of the corporate community it would be difficult for many of us to develop the bikes to the level where we could be competitive with the foreigners or even good enough to encourage fans to come and see us compete,” he stated. Still not back to full fitness following a motor accident recently, Vieira disclosed to this newspaper how seriously he is taking the accolade of being the best in the Caribbean. “Shortly after the accident

I realized I needed the assistance of a personal fitness trainer to take me through the recovery phase so I approached Kezqweyah Yisrael, a respected fitness guru and he has done a wonderful job in whipping me back to a level of fitness I’m satisfied with at this point. My knees and hip were seriously hurt following the accident and he (Yisrael) was able to implement a programme that really enhanced my speedy recovery and for this I’m extremely grateful,” Vieira told this newspaper. He revealed the programme consist of swimming, weight training and a lot of strengthening exercises including a Beep Test. Yisrael, I can say without fear of contradiction really fast track my recovery and I would like to extend thanks to him for a job well done, while my team that includes Maurice Menezes and Marcel Profitt, who ensures that my Yamaha GSX R600cc motor cycle is always in perfect working condition, have also been extremely valuable to me. Vieira was also high in praise of his major sponsor Continental Agencies that offers him its generosity under the Sunburst Orange Juice brand, adding that Mr. Puri has stood with him over the past three years and he is delightfully grateful for his support and the entire staff of the Company. Vieira promised to make Guyana proud throughout the year in local and overseas competitions.

GFCA IMC TO HOLD MEETING SATURDAY The Interim Management Committee of the Guyana Football Coaches Association (GFCA) is extending an invitation to all Football Coaches and Potential Coaches to attend a meeting at the Guyana Football Federation Office on Saturday April, 7 from 11.00hrs sharp. Following is the agenda for the meeting. Agenda:

1. Prayers 2. Call to Order 3. Welcome and Opening Remarks 4. Confirmation of Agenda 5. Discussion and Approval of the Draft Guyana Football Coaches Association Constitution 6. Fix a date for the 1st Annual General Meeting 7. Any other business Please make every effort to attend.

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Kaieteur News

Friday April 06, 2012

Food for the Poor assists GYO with cricket gears Mayor’s supremacy Food for the Poor (Guyana) continued its act of goodwill towards the sporting community when representative Paul Chan-ASue presented a large quantity of cricket gears to Vice-President of Gandhi Youth Organisation (GYO) Frank DeAbreu, during a simple ceremony which was conducted yesterday, at the club’s Headquarters on Woolford Avenue. Chan-A-Sue, a former member of the club speaking at the occasion which also had in attendance current President Khemraj Ramjattan, former President Anand Goolsarran, other executive members and young players, spoke about the ease in which he arrived at the decision after being given the mandate to choose the clubs to benefit from the Company’s

battle on today with double header

-winners advances to final to play off for $500,000

Food for the Poor Representative Paul Chan-A-Sue (left) hands over the gears to Gandhi Youth Organisation VicePresident Frank DeAbreu in the presence of club members and players yesterday at the club’s Headquarters. generosity. Chan-A-Sue informed that as soon as he learnt that the club has a large group of young players, he had no

hesitation in authorizing the donation of the gears which he felt would be the ideal gift for them. In reflecting on his time

YBG gears for NSBF Regional Conference Launch Youth Basketball Guyana (YBG) is scheduled to launch the 2012 Regional Conference segment of the country’s leading school basketball championship, the National School Basketball Festival (NSBF), which will be done next Wednesday. The occasion will take place at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall from 11am. The National School Basketball Festival has been the largest

school basketball tournament in the last three years with its existence spanning six years. It is the schools’ competition with arguably the highest standard, and has also been used as one of the main yardsticks to select players to compete at the Inter-Guiana Games (IGG). This year, for the second time, the Regional Conference tournaments contested in five zones will

precede the National Championships. Digicel Guyana Inc., Banks DIH and Edward B Beharry & Company Ltd. has renewed their sponsorship commitment with YBG. Coordinators of the event, including Executive Director, Chris Bowman, along with officials from the Government and Cooperate partners will officially launch the event that is expected to attract some 50 school teams from across Guyana.

CARIFTA team arrives in Bermuda

The Guyana CARIFTA Games contingent pose for a photo opportunity shortly after touching down in Bermuda yesterday. Guyana’s junior CARIFTA Games athletics team arrived in Bermuda yesterday afternoon after hours of travelling still confident that they will do very well. This was according to manager of the team, Pamela Phillips, who briefly spoke to Kaieteur Sport. “It was a little tiresome due to the hours that we left

this morning but the athletes are happy and ready to go this weekend,” Phillips said in a brief message. The team left Guyana for Trinidad & Tobago before travelling via a chartered aircraft to Bermuda. Six athletes that include Chavez Ageday (U-20 100m, 200m), Davin Fraser (U-20 100m), Tevin Garraway (U-17 100m, 200m), Stephan James

(U-20 200m, 400m), Samuel Kaiton (5000m) and Andrea Foster (U-17 800m, 1500m) will be representing Guyana. Among the six athletes, Phillips and coach, Julian Edmonds are the two officials on the tour. The competition gets underway today and will conclude on Sunday at the National Sports Centre in Bermuda.

spent as a member of the club, Chan-A-Sue spoke of the days when the facility was not as resplendent as it is today, informing that at the time there was barely a makeshift tent which served as a cover for the fans and players. “Now I see a fully concreted practice facility in addition to a main pavilion and stand and I have to say that it has come a far way and I’m happy for you,” Chan-ASue told the gathering. Goolsarran, the former Auditor General, who recently returned after living for number of years in the USA, spoke of his disappointment when he read that they were not playing Division 1 cricket a few years ago, but was happy to hear that they’ve since rejoined the ranks in the senior category of the game locally. A member since 1970 after which he held the Presidency for almost two decades, Goolsarran urged the young members to play as hard as they used to which could them allow them to move on to the higher levels including playing for the West Indies someday. He said he was glad to be back and to see that the club has improved all round and playing at the Division 1 level. Goolsarran advised the players to not only think about their own individual performances, but to also think about the club since success brings growth and this could be a positive for the overall performance of the club. DeAbreu, who thanked Food for the Poor on behalf of the club assured Chan-A-Sue that the gears will be fully utilized and accounted for, adding that every piece of the donation will be given to the young players of the club for use. Meanwhile, the club has started the season on a positive note according to DeAbreu, who disclosed that they won all their matches to date.

By Juanita Hooper The Semi-finals in the Mayor’s Annual Knockout Inter-Ward football fiesta will kick off today with what promises to be a thrilling double header from 6:30pm at the Georgetown Football Club (GFC) ground. The semis which will see four top class teams displaying their worth to advance to the finals will be must watch games when the two matches gets under the referees’ order. The first mouth watering match, which will be contested between West Ruimveldt and Bourda is expected to be a fierce battle judging from the two teams’ previous performances in the tournament. Dwayne Alli, Devon Millington, Philip Rowley, Nedd Fraser and Sherman David will lead West Ruimveldt who will look to draw first blood against Bourda. Bourda team will be gunning to pressure West Ruimveldt with their strong line-up which includes striker Roy Stanton who scored in the quarter-finals in the 79th minute against Kuru Kururu, Keshawn Blackman, Keon Solomon, Allan Spence and Ronell McClean. The spectators thirst will be quenched when the final match is played between the remaining two teams from 8:30pm. The skirmish between Wortmanville and West Ruimveldt Estate will see top football players spearheading both teams. In the quarter-finals last Sunday, Wortmanville showed that they are a force to be reckoned with after crushing Alexander Village 40 to advance to today’s game. Forefront players for Wortmanville are Pernell Shultz, Eon Alleyne, Colin Edwards, Dellon Williams, Joshua Brown, Paul Daniels and Royan Morrison. Talented teenaged Shultz hat trick and Daniels’ goal allowed Wortmanville to advance easily. West Ruimveldt Estate will be coming out with their ‘A’ game to earn a spot in the final and also to stomp their authority against the Wortmanville boys. The Pedro brothers (Hubert and Michael), Michael Oie, Stellon David and Randolph Morrison will lead West Ruimveldt Estate in the battle against Wortmanville. The two top teams from

Stellon David

Sherman David

Devon Millington

Purnell Shultz the semi-finals will be clashing on April 13 in the final for $500,000 and $250,000; the two losing teams from tonight’s match will play for $150,000 and $100,000. The traditional Mayor’s Annual Knockout Inter-Ward football fiesta will see the Most Valuable Player taking the Keishars’ US$100 prize. Similar amounts, which were donated by two other entities, will be awarded to the player that scores the most goals. To date, several players are closely grouped to cart off the prize for the most goals scored; the group includes Anthony Sancho (4), Michael (Continued on page 27)

Friday April 06, 2012

Kaieteur News

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t r o Sp Deonarine on probationary Regatta 2012: All the big guns confirmed for powerboat racing return - River Swim & Run Bartica Run on tomorrow morning - Gibson

Narsingh Deonarine’s recall to the West Indies Test team to face Australia is a temporary solution to the absence of Marlon Samuels and has arrived despite continued reservations about his fitness, the coach Ottis Gibson has candidly admitted. Deonarine acquitted himself well as a batsman in Australia in 2009-10, but a f t e r G i b s o n ’s 2 0 1 0 appointment the left-hander was not offered a WICB contract due to poor fitness results. He has undergone a fresh round of testing ahead of the first Test of this series at the Kensington Oval in Barbados, and Gibson stated

Pg 29

Narsingh Deonarine that Deonarine had to show visible improvement over the next three weeks. “Partly but not entirely. I can only be honest,” Gibson said when asked whether Deonarine had reached the fitness benchmark set for him. “He’s someone that we need right now, we’re not able to have Marlon [Samuels] in the team at the moment because Marlon’s

Ottis Gibson gone to the IPL as well and h e ’s a l i k e f o r l i k e replacement for Marlon, he bowls a little bit of off spin and he bats at six, he’s been the leading batsman in the regional tournament just now, and that’s the role that he will play. “With regard to his fitness, it’s just an ongoing process for him, one that he has to keep on top of because I’m sure he has seen how the fitness of the team itself has improved significantly in the last 12 months. He will know that eventually if he doesn’t make the necessary adjustments to his fitness that the team will move on, as all great teams do, without him. “I’m sure he will meet those requirements because he’s desperate to play cricket. I had a chat with him yesterday and he desperately wants to be here and do his thing and he had some fitness assessments yesterday, we will know the results of them later on and stuff, so hopefully if the message didn’t get through in the first instance, hopefully it will get through the second time around.” Australian observers (Continued on page 27)

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