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Govt. Ministers deny NEWS influence, participation in conflict of interest matters AIETEUR

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Amending Procurement Act key to maximising local participation in local oil sector - Tender Board Head Ambulances galore! One would hope that these ambulances parked in the Ministry of Public Health compound, Brickdam, will be utilized in the optimum manner.

Exxon installs Public debt E'bo cellphone first Subsea Tree retailer brutally increases for Liza Phase 1 beaten, robbed development to US$1.7B in home invasion

Energy Dept. taking incorrect stance on important issues - Should be focused on renegotiation of oil contracts, etc - Dr. Mangal

Kaieteur News


Tuesday April 16, 2019

E'bo cellphone retailer brutally beaten, robbed in home invasion


businessman is fortunate to be alive after he and his family were terrorized by five armed gunmen on Sunday night, at their Vilvoorden, Essequibo Coast home. Based on reports reaching this publication, cellphone retailer, Nahid Sabar, along with his wife and two sons, were ambushed by gunmen who

entered their premises around 20:00 hrs. Sabar told Kaieteur News that upon opening his gate, three gunmen ran towards him, gun butted him to the ground, held a cutlass to his wife's neck and held onto his two sons. The 28year-old man said that he was forced to open the padlocks on his door. After a severe beating, which he average lasted for

The Sabars' home where the robbery occurred

The businessman after the ordeal some 5 minutes - the man said that the bandits demanded $20 million. He said the gunmen took their orders from someone via cellphone. Though he could recognize none of the men, he mentioned that they possessed “heavy firepower”. “They had some submachine guns, a shotgun and a long gun - an assault rifle - one had over me. They all had handguns as their side arms… two more had a computer bag with ammo, because when they lash me, ammo fall out the bag.” “They tell me they

wanted 20 million. I tell them I ain't got so much money. So I took out my market money that I didn't count properly and I give them… They asked for the computer bag, somehow the man on the phone tell them I got a computer bag from market. I hand them the bag and when they watch inside, they say 'nah nah nah we ain't come for this stupidness, we ain't come for this lil bit money'”. Displeased with the sum of cash offered, the businessman said that the men continued beating him, and an attempt was made by (continued on page 20)

Kaieteur News

Tuesday April 16, 2019


Energy Dept. taking incorrect stance -Should be focused on renegotiation on important issues of oil contracts, etc - Dr. Mangal By Kiana Wilburg


he Department of Energy (DoE) has made it pellucid on several occasions that it will not be pursuing the renegotiation of the Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) with ExxonMobil's partners, Hess and CNOOC, as well as its subsidiary, Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited (EEPGL). It has also expressed that it is unconcerned with the fact that it is using a UK firm, Bayphase Consultancy, to review the Field Development Plans for ExxonMobil, even though Bayphase is Exxon's client. T a k i n g t h e aforementioned into considering, among other factors, Oil and Gas Consultant, Dr. Jan Mangal is convinced that the Department of Energy is taking an incorrect stance when it comes to critical issues on the sector. During an interview

with Kaieteur News recently, Dr. Mangal said that the DoE should be championing the need for a re-negotiation of the contract for Stabroek Block. “But they are not and are instead, wasting time talking about future blocks when all the value for Guyana may be in the S t a b r o e k B l o c k , ” D r. Mangal commented. He said, too, that the D o E s h o u l d b e spearheading a move to rescind the awards of the Kaieteur and Canje Blocks, but instead, nothing is being done in this regard. Dr. Mangal added, “The DoE should have championed the need for cost reviews and audits, but initially they did not. And now it seems the cost review will be a stitch-up or just a farce, with the hiring of BayPhase.” Further to this, Dr. Mangal said that the current set-up or approach for the Department also differs from what was originally

planned. Dr. Mangal had expressed on his Facebook page that the department was supposed to be seen as one of the premier government institutions for the most capable of Guyanese as well as the best foreign oil and gas experts. It was also expected to strive to be seen in a p o s i t i v e l i gh t b y a l l stakeholders. “It must be the picture of a well-run, well-resourced, and transparent organization. It must be viewed as working for the long term interests of the people of Guyana, as opposed to for the interests of business elites, politicians or foreign companies. It must share information regularly via its website and hold regular press conferences (weekly or at least monthly),” Dr. Mangal shared. He told this newspaper however that there have been some deviations, but these are expected. The Oil

Construction worker, 20, killed in three-vehicle accident


olice are investigating a fatal accident which occurred yesterday, about 04:30 hrs on the Land of Canaan Public Road, East Bank Demerara. Dead is Mahendra Ryan Deokie, 20, a construction worker of Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara. Three occupants of the same vehicle Nicholas Morrison, Amerita Mohanlall and Emily Persaud - all of Lot 14 Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara, are receiving medical attention. Investigations have so far revealed that a Honda CRV, PKK 1555 and minibus, BWW 5216, were proceeding north along the western carriageway of the road, while motor car, PPP 972, driven by Deokie, was proceeding south along the eastern carriageway “at a fast rate of speed”. According to the police, he reportedly lost control of the vehicle and it veered onto the western lane, collided with the CRV's right rear wheel and then into the front right side of the bus. As a result of the collision, all of the drivers and the occupants of the car received injuries. They were taken to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre by public spirited citizens where the driver of the car (Deokie) succumbed to his injuries while receiving medical attention. The other two drivers were treated and sent away. Nicholas Morrison was transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital. His condition is considered serious. The others, the police said, are still at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre in stable condition.

Dead: Ryan Deokie

The other two drivers, who have both passed breathalyzer tests, are assisting with the investigation.

Oil and Gas Consultant, Dr. Jan Mangal Consultant said that as new people are brought in and time evolves, plans and ideas will change. Dr. Mangal said, “But I see some troubling signs. The DoE has yet to hire the teams of oil and gas professionals who have decades of experience with the 'major' oil companies. And I stress 'major' oil companies, which are Exxon, Shell, Chevron, BP, etc. We should not hire people from the smaller companies, at least not now.” The Oil Consultant continued, “We need people who have not been exposed ethically. The major companies try to be squeaky clean, but some of the small companies can be cowboys. And the major oil companies have a lot of processes to protect themselves, but this is less so in the smaller companies.

Hence I would be more comfortable hiring a commercial manager or technical manager from Shell or Exxon, than from a minnow company like Maersk.” The current Petroleum Advisor to the Government, Matthew Wilks, was the Chief Commercial Officer of Maserk Oil, which is based in Denmark. Wilks was there for five years and one month. He left there in January 2018, and was hired by the Government in August. Further to this, Dr. Mangal said that in transferring responsibility for the oil sector from the Ministry of Natural Resources to the new DoE, one has to be careful about the transfer of staff as well. He said, “We have to remember that many unacceptable things occurred in the Ministry of Natural Resources. There was no progress for three years which benefited ExxonMobil and not Guyana, and the Kaieteur and Canje blocks where fraudulently awarded, which also benefited ExxonMobil. Hence there were people in

the Ministry who should have been kept away from the new DoE, but I worry that some of these individuals have not been kept away.” The Oil and Gas Consultant also noted that the DoE was meant to be a showcase of how the new government should function for the benefit of the people. He said that it was meant to be a pinnacle to which other government bodies could aspire; an emblem of efficient and impactful public service. He said, “It needed to have the best people from Guyana, from the Diaspora and from around the world. Its operations needed to be transparent, with data and information published on its website, with plans and strategies published on its website, with the profiles of its employees published on its website, with minutes of meetings published, with procurement processes published and transparently tracked, etc.” Dr. Mangal said there is still an opportunity for the DoE to improve as it grows, but the foregoing signs have been discouraging.


Tuesday April 16, 2019

Kaieteur News

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Tender boards are in the news On a few occasions, government cannot be faulted for meaning well. And the Procurement Act, as well as these far-flung tender boards, stand as that hoped-for ideal of the clean and constructive, as well as what was supposed to bring comforting; with the national functioning as a model for the smaller equivalents in the various regions on how to conduct the business of the people. But there is that old, tiring, much applicable adage: the stricter the government, the wiser the population. Now, tender boards are in the news. They are in the news. Not for fairness and integrity; but condemnation. It is for the castigation of jobs not done, through failure at the unbiased and the principled. Once again in dirty Guyana, there is more of this shredded laundry. Where there should be bureaucratic cleanliness, there is individual tawdriness; and where there ought to be a consistent purity of practice and result, there are only the same pollutions. Governments may have the best of intentions, and tender processes represent a solid apparatus. But that is evident only on the drawing board of the mind, and on the stacks of paper that choke this country into a coma for its lack of implementing in both letter and spirit. Because at bottom, it is people who make these things come alive and establish a lasting standard. People of calibre, who dedicate themselves to make administrative visions, take on a splendid life that cannot be faulted by anyone, including the hypercritical and the vigilantly suspicious. It is those same kinds of officials, who convert the provisions on paper to that which delivers a wellrespected product. All will never be satisfied, but most will applaud. Regrettably, in Guyana, the evidence mounts that a certain kind of people dominate those spaces where such affairs of state take centre stage; where a great deal of mammon comes into play; and where there is playing for patronage. Inside and outside, there is this 2-step tango perfected for the longest time now. At the core, it is fix, favour, fulfill. These are the sleazy approaches, the crafty calculations, and the settled expectations that run the day, and ruin it, too. The corrupt are rewarded; the clean denied. Contingencies are built-in for the known force majeures embodied in cultural and environmental considerations. Get the slimy deed done. It is one big joke; all these procedures and policies violated at will, but with great skill. Just the other day, there were media reports of someone daring enough to tamper with what was already in motion. The edge of a gutter reality; a clear and ongoing danger. When looked at carefully and clinically, the bidding process has now assumed all the cleverness and chicanery of a particular kind of delightful mathematical and scientific sorcery. The de minimis bid that ekes out a fair and reasonable margin only gets consumed by the inflated one that takes care of both awarder and awardee. All the shadowy accounting and compartmentalized collection traditions cannot disguise the vulgarities that have prevailed for so long, and which continue to flourish unchecked, as the cunning and wily find ways to game the system. Remember: stricter the government, wiser the population. Remember, too: governments are static and hobbled by the trap of time; on the other hand, populations are mentally agile, and take the time to study to detect loopholes, to undercut, and to marshal willing collaborators.Taken together, this is what inflicts great harm on the unknowns and the underdogs, who have little by the way of political clout, and less in the tangible of a reimbursement record that recommends rearranging matters. There is the growing consensus that the tender boards are pigs painted with polka dots and tried to pass off as snow leopards of integrity. Local tender boards, like those hard-to-find cats, bring sharp disappointment upon the discovery that there are the old stinking skunks.

Corruption, Corruption! DEAR EDITOR, You got to laugh or start pulling out your hair when the Opposition claims the Government is corrupt and the Government claims the Opposition is corrupt when in fact they both have their elements of corruption, so tackling corruption, corruption becomes a bit of a game for them. If everyone is serious about tackling corruption then much more needs to be done other than the occasional news story. Corruption seems to be part and parcel of the Guyanese way of life. It seems to have been happening for so long that it has

become INSTITUTIONALIZED. While there is corruption in every country, in many country it is frowned upon and dealt with. In Guyana, it seems to be the accepted norm with the prevailing excuse that “we are a poor country”. Because it is so widespread, where do you begin to tackle it? From the top or everywhere? Saying corruption, corruption and PROVING corruption are two different things. Yours faithfully Sean Ori

After the CCJ ruling the ‘coming together’ challenge will stare us straight in the face DEAR EDITOR, For some time now, Guyanese, from all walks of life have been calling in one way or another on political parties to ‘come together to make Guyana a better place for all.’ Within recent months, the call has become even more pronounced. Though the call has been vague and somewhat meaningless, inherently, it has two aspirational concepts. First is the ‘coming together’, second is to ‘make Guyana a better place.’ Experience has shown that the call for political parties to ‘come together’ is easier said than done. Notwithstanding, it is usually buttressed by calls for tolerance and understanding. Whatever the calls, in a Guyanese context, they are not without justification. Guyana is not the only country in the world where these calls are made, in fact they can be heard in many other national jurisdictions. To help nations come to grips with their respective challenges associated with such calls, the United Nations has dedicated certain dates to be observed by member states. These dates are of great relevance to Guyanese ‘real politik’. They include International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (March 3); International Day of Living Together in Peace (May 16); International Day of Democracy (September 15) and International Day for Tolerance (November 16). It is expected that governments, political parties and stakeholders in countries where these dates are of great relevance would, together, observe these days by organizing various types of events to bring citizens together. What better opportunity do these dates not offer to nations such as ours to bring people together from all walks of life? A m a z i n g l y , notwithstanding the relevance of these dates to

Guyana, the APNU+ AFC Coalition Administration has not seen it fit to observe any of the four events here in Guyana. Instead, it prefers to remain hooked on pomp, ceremony, and symbolism of statehood. At the same time, they shamelessly pat themselves on the back, claiming credit for good governance when the social, economic and political realities tell a completely different story. The challenge therefore is, what are the real prospects for the realization of the call for Guyanese to ‘come together’ in a society bedeviled with two fundamentally hazardous issues; race/ethnicity and political polarization. Two sides of one coin. What has been lacking over the years is not so much the narrative for Guyanese to ‘come together for a better Guyana,’ the political landscape is littered with an untold number of monologues on the subject. The Ministry of Social Cohesion is no more than a sinecure established to ensconce a political hack in a cushy job with catch-all responsibilities. The ‘coming together for a better Guyana’ narrative is plentiful, it’s even VAT free. It’s the listening that is in short supply. In other words, as far as the call is concerned, we have heard it ad nauseam, moreover, we have been witnesses to a dialogue of the deaf for a very long time. There are some in our midst who call out politicians to ‘come together to make Guyana a better place’ but practice being the criterion of truth, calls from such quarters end up as mere sloganeering or empty rhetoric. In this regard, the question could very well be asked; ‘come together on what, and for what, when fundamental differences in interpretation of problems as well as solutions prevail? The story of the seven blind women and the elephant is quite applicable here. While calls for politicians ‘to come together’ continue

unabated, there are yet others who claim to know, or think they have the answer to realize the ‘come together’ narrative. Little do those who make the call realize that in a democracy, as governments go, the politician’s answers to a country’s problems have a five year shelf life. Moreover, in a Guyanese context answers to the country’s challenges are perceived to be anchored in an ethnic waterway where strong under currents pull inexorably in one direction or another. Few Guyanese would argue against making Guyana ‘a better place for all’ but the discourse would ultimately arrive at a dead end when questions such as; a better place for who?’ and, ‘whose turn is it to eat?’ are asked. It is precisely at this juncture of the discourse that race and politics would intercede, much like when the muddy waters of the Demerara River would meet, but not mix with the clearer waters of the Atlantic Ocean. But why should this natural science phenomenon ‘at sea’ negate the prospects of what, from a political science perspective, could eventuate on land with the coming together of the extant social and political on a specific issue, say the demand for free and fair elections, or constitutional reform or a government of national reconciliation? Those who view ‘coming together’ as the central enigma, are reminded of the American writer Sinclair Lewis who wrote; “The world is not what you think it is. And by the way, neither are you.” Put into a Guyanese folklore context; ‘There is more in the mortar than on the pestle.’ The split in the PPP in 1955 resulted in the emergence of the modern day PPP and PNC but that did not prevent the leaders of the two political parties, at one time or another to ‘come together’ to discuss, and to agree or agree to disagree on issues of mutual interest rather than

on everything under the sun. This is not to say that any ‘coming together’ in these times will be determined strictly by these two parties. Though, they will play a major role the emergence of new political and social forces and their contribution should not be under nor over estimated. ‘Coming together’ can take various forms, it can be strategic or tactical; it could be short, medium of long term. In most cases it is usually on a specific issue. To those who might have an aversion to the call for political leaders and parties to ‘come together for a better Guyana’ it is apposite to recall the historical experiences of 1961-1962, 1974-1976 19801985, 1990-1992 ,2014-2015 and 2015 to 2019. It was during these periods, leaders of political parties, in one form or another, came together, either for the achievement of national democratic goals or in defense of Guyana’s territorial integrity and national sovereignty. These were all short term, specific goal-oriented acts of coming together following the election of the Grangerled APNU-AFC Coalition in 2015 and its abysmal failure on all fronts as a government, a renewed call can be heard on the one hand, for opposition political parties to ‘come together’ to vote the APNU+AFC out of office, and on the other, for all the opposition parties and the ruling party to come together for a united and better Guyana for all. Under such conditions, it would be wise to proceed with caution having regard to the Frankilian view that ‘If everyone is thinking alike then no one is thinking.’ And while the ‘coming together’ for the betterment of Guyana may seem a perverse proposition or an exculpatory fairytale, at the end of the day what will eventually face us as a nation, as it was in Shakespeare’s Hamlet is; ‘ To be or not to be, that is the question.’ Parallel lines never meet (Continued on page 6)

Tuesday April 16, 2019

Something smells fishy in the move to ‘reorganize’ the GFC DEAR EDITOR, I have been following the news regarding the “reorganization” of the Guyana Forestry Commission and I am in utter shock of the current state this model organization has descended under this current government. Now, rather than accepting that the current APNU/AFC erred in taking away GFC finances from the REDD+, etc. and the general slump in construction and economic development, efforts are being made to facilitate corruption. This will be done through the wanton removal of technical and competent staffers blocking the current AFC led, former GFC Commissioner Clayton Hall to carry out his work. Editor, I have been involved in the forest sector as a teenager as a chainsaw operator to provide for my mother and siblings moving on to owning my own portable sawmill gaining valuable contracts from construction companies; then on to owning my own

sawmill, gaining export markets. It is a fact that the sector was at its lowest when Mr. Hall was the Commissioner of Forestry, it was a free-for-all for chainsaw operators and only his closest business associates benefitted the most. Do we want to back-peddle to those days? However, it was after his departure that the fortunes of the sector gradually changed allowing for equal opportunities for all stakeholders operating under strict but workable regulations. During this period, many chainsaw operators got opportunities as I did to develop themselves and families, particularly in rural riverine communities. I am knowledgeable of how Guyana’s forest is managed in the fields and will plead innocence to what is actually happening at the GFC Head Office as it relates to finances and staff benefits. But what I can definitively say is that the sector is well managed, is one of the most regulated sectors and to now learn that

efforts are being made to “reorganize”, something smells fishy. I am sure the government, which approved this reorganization has been misled and should pay attention to what has happened, happening and will happen. The consequences and repercussions of this intended “reorganization” will have far-reaching social effects for the staff of the Commission, forest stakeholders as well as political implications for the Government. Further, I do believe that the Commission was deliberately handicapped and sabotaged by Mr. Hall and the Ministry of Natural Resources since this government came into power to arrive at this stage as a means to justify “reorganization” and seize control of an independent semi-autonomous agency to satisfy the personal and selfish needs of certain individuals. Sincerely, C. DeBarros (Snr.)

Open letter to GTT’s Justin Nedd DEAR EDITOR, Online was physically quite long at GT&T branch at Camp and Robb Streets on Friday, 12thApril, 2019. Ask the scores of customers who were standing outside the outer entrance. One apparent reason for the slow service was the necessity for the customer attendants to search to confirm what each client’s bill was, it was obvious the latter did not have ‘online’ facilities, but just knew that it was time to pay up.


Kaieteur News

It is not hard to presume that the scenario was being replicated at other branch offices. Why therefore is this insistence on the pretence that GT&T is doing more ‘online’, when in fact, the standing lines are growing longer? There was not even a comforting chair for the disabled. Then the next day, Directory Assistance consisted of a score of robotic voices asking me to wait for the next available

representative, since my call was so important. I had to give up after three tries and twenty-five minutes in an attempt to report that the primary instrument of landline 226-5335 had not worked for two weeks now. Regards E. B. John

I appeal to our Leaders to clothe themselves with a sense of responsibility DEAR EDITOR, We live in times that require good quality leadership in Guyana to take us to that high plateau of development and goodness. A condition that we and our children deserve. This condition can be easily achieved with our bountiful resources. This glory can be easily realized if our political, religious, business, civic and youth leaders display maturity and make the welfare of Guyana the principle objective casting aside all personal preferences and avoid all forms of tribalism. Beyond this, we must learn to respect human life. Our present crop of leaders can do well if they only learn from history. This week marks the 100th anniversary of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre also known as the Amritsar massacre in India where on the 13th of April 1919, British soldiers shot and killed many of our Indian brothers and sisters in India – reason; arrogance, intolerance and iconoclast in high places. Perhaps, it was a kind of response to the black hole of Calcutta, which occurred on the 17thJune, 1756, where after the fall of Fort William, the Nawab of Calcutta, Sirajud Daulah who had a problem with the British saw 143 captured British soldiers stuffed into a dungeon

designed to accommodate three or four persons. After two days, only a few survived. The others died of suffocation and lack of water. We have witnessed atrocities of vary degrees of horror everywhere in every continent. Not to mention the millions of lives lost in wars, political and religious conflicts. In every case, the architects who were responsible for the horrors were iconoclast who rejected traditional values and tolerance. Today, we can view the Guyana situation and unhappily observe the emergence of a small cabal of iconoclast deceiving and threatening. Last weekend, I got word of a meeting held in New York hosted by the leadership of the PPP. The rhetoric seems similar to what we heard at Babu Jaan and elsewhere. The audience in the ‘Big Apple’ were clearly upset with the inappropriate and onesided representation presented to them resulting in the meeting ending in disorder. As one who was involved during the horrors of the early 60s, I appeal for sanity and measured language so that we avoid that part of our history from repeating itself. It was a time when intolerance disturbed and dislocated several of our

communities. I appeal to our Leaders to clothe themselves with a sense of responsibility and let their armour be the truth and to remember that those who seek the highest office in our land must be the persons of quality, rectitude, honesty and dignity. Furthermore, accepting the weakness and shortcomings of all of us, when we make a mistake or commit an indiscretion, we should have the courage and strength to say we made a mistake and seek forgiveness and move on. A worrisome feature today is that there is a gentleman and perhaps, this may be a generous term, but I wish to be kind, who seeks to occupy the highest post in our land, has been highly deceptive about his purported academic credentials. We are yet to be presented with clear evidence to justify Irfaan Ali’s academic qualification and as if that is not enough, members of an inner circle are writing, for public consumption, extolling the virtues of this individual and referring to his in a (Continued on page 6)


Tuesday April 16, 2019

Kaieteur News

There should be a clear distinction between leadership and development as it relates to engaging the Diaspora DEAR EDITOR, I would like to build on my letter that was published on the 10 April, 2019 in the Stabroek and Kaieteur Newspapers and which has generated much discussion as well as between myself and many persons, I would also like to make a few clarifications. One of my friends who is a retired dual citizen and holds a substantive government position, indicated to me jokingly, that he was hurt by my comments that retirees with dual citizenships should be removed from heading government agencies and participate in a nurturing capacity while they hand over the baton to younger professionals. I responded to my friend, who I respect and hold very dearly, that I hope that he is magnanimous enough to have this discussion with me in a dispassionate way because it is a discussion that we need to have as a country. He is indeed magnanimous since we had the discussion; and I promised to write a second letter, clarifying some things. I also sense from some responses and discussions, that some sections of the Diaspora was somewhat unhappy with my perspective

on Diaspora engagement. Firstly, I believe that this is a healthy discussion as we try as a country to move our approach to development from being broad and shallow to becoming narrow and deep. On the point of Diaspora engagement, I also believe that we are confusing leadership and development. The point I am making is that we should not be importing leaders, rather we should be developing our leaders; however, we can certainly import skills and expertise from the Diaspora to develop the country. As we move forward, there is need for more definition on the programme for engaging the Diaspora. I agree that with a 750,000 population and a fast growing economy, there is need for skills and expertise from the Diaspora and we need those skills now. I also understand this need in the Guyana context, since unlike countries like India, which has a population of over 1.3 billion and plenty of skills to move around, we are not that fortunate. However, the time has come for our leaders and Government to stop making blanket statements that we don’t have skills in Guyana and therefore we need skills

and expertise from the Diaspora. There is a perception that most persons who stayed, it is because they could not have done better; and to use the words of one professional who spoke to me, ‘it is as if everybody who stayed are dunce and that is why they stayed’. Many intelligent, smart, hardworking and honest persons stayed; and a greater value has to be placed on the indigenous knowledge, which they possess. It is that indigenous knowledge that held the country together all of these years and I repeat; a greater value must be placed on that. The country did not fall apart during the difficult years! As we engage the Diaspora, what I would like to see, is a well-structured and phased programme which imports necessary skills and expertise while at the same time, identify and nurture local talent into improved professionals as well as leaders, Note, I did not say better, I said improved professionals since better in this context, is relative. One of the major gaps in Guyana is in the area of policy development. One of the challenges we have had from my observations and from discussions with local

I appeal to our Leaders to clothe... From page 5 particular portfolio. This is ludicrous, if not laughable. Starting schemes that could not be completed, building houses that were leaking, the steps going into different directions to the house, porous septic tanks, walls that a child could walk through, houses that were leaning. When as Chairman of CH&PA, I asked the Engineer, how it is they could build houses on abandon sugarcane lands without even doing a basic soil test. He told me and I have witnesses, that he received Ministerial instructions to proceed nevertheless. After spending substantial sums to repair one of the units, the effort to make

it habitable had to be aborted. Then there are reports about certain contractors and friends who were paid off in full before the houses were completed and properly handed over. I take it that since a letter refer specifically to Housing that Hon. Minister Bulkan and CH&PA Authority will respond with full details to this bizarre statement. Happily, over the past few months, in spite of personal challenges we have seen the calm and statesmanship of President David Arthur Granger. It will be helpful if others who seek and hold high office take a leaf out of his book and I make no exception, I include persons on both sides of the political divide.

As we climb the political ladder, we must learn to practice restraint, honesty and be like Caesar’s wife, beyond reproach. In particular, our young people should be influenced and guided by a sort of renaissance to take us out of darkness. Honourable Editor, my plea for rectitude, balance and the truth include the media. Our newspapers, radio, television, Facebook and teaching institutions must recognize the important role they play in shaping the character of the upcoming generation. They say seeing and hearing is believing. We must not let them down. Hamilton Green

professionals, is that many persons coming from the Diaspora while they have modern knowledge in a number of technical areas, most of them have not worked at policy or senior executive levels; hence they lack experience in these areas. So while many of them may have Masters degrees and PhDs because there are numerous opportunities in developed countries to pursue advance studies; they do not have the exposure or experience at policy making, national governance, leadership and senior executive management levels. However, there is an expectation from various segments of the Diaspora and a perception from local leaders, that because these persons have academic qualifications and worked in developed countries, they should automatically be placed in leadership and senior level management positions. This has been and still is a challenge. One such difficulty is that local professionals who are required to work under these persons have to train them (whether officially or unofficially). Those who are humble enough recognize the strengths and weaknesses in these arrangements but for those who are not humle, the local professionals make the necessary adjustments, in many cases to what are essentially activity-driven

programmes, instead one which reflect strategic thinking and planning. After 1992, many professionals returned from the Diaspora to serve under the PPP/C administration and from 2015, a number of professionals have been returning to serve under APNU+AFC administration. The point here is not that we should not bring skills and expertise from the Diaspora, we need the skills but there is need for the programme to be more results-oriented and more impact-driven. The government has to determine how to establish balance by involving the Diaspora but at the same time developing programmes to create more value from local professionals and leaders. What we need are persons to strategically position the country and develop our competitive advantage. Where are our leadership programmes to develop the next tier of parliamentarians and management executives? Where is the mentorship and coaching programmes to nurture the next generation of parliamentarians and leaders in other areas of the society? I must indicate that I applaud the WPA for its response by submitting the name of Tabitha SaraboHalley to replace Dr. Rupert Roopnarine in Parliament and I sincerely hope that the President favourably considers this nomination. Not only is this nomination a young person but a woman

and she has my full support. Let her go to Parliament; and Dr. Rishi Thakur, Desmond Trotman and Dr. Roopnarine must continue to mentor her. I am stimulated by this response from WPA; she is 31 years old, intelligent, full of energy and vigour and is involved, what more does she need to qualify? The government must become aware that there is a perception of leadership currently in Guyana that senior levels of political and executive leadership are for retired persons. Let’s give the younger professionals and young leaders a chance to grow and develop their confidence. Someone once said that ‘experience is only what you gain through experience’; let them have their own experience! On the point of the retired dual citizens or other retired professionals who are heading government agencies, I am suggesting that a comprehensive ‘Mentorship and Coaching’ programme be developed as a part of our human resource development. This will allow them to occupy substantive positions or consultancies, however, in a more nurturing capacity, particularly those over 70 years old. Young Guyanese professionals who want to come home to serve are welcome but they cannot be working for e.g. in a supervisory position at a bank in a developed country (Continued on page 24)

After the CCJ ruling the ‘coming... From page 22 but they follow each other until infinity. After the CCJ’s rules, Guyana will find itself moving closer to both truth and dare. Under those circumstances, the ‘coming together’ challenge will stare us straight in the face. Once again, Guyanese will soon find themselves stepping into unchartered terrain, the political parties can enter that terrain alone or together aware of their respective vulnerabilities and scars.

In the ‘coming together’ or ‘drowning separately’ polemic, the various sides may be tempted to embrace closure and easy answers to difficult questions. But whichever way Guyanese leaders chose to go, their followers will remain connected with their worries, fears, hopes and aspirations so characteristic of a people who cling tenaciously to the need for their leaders to ‘come together’ for the betterment of country and people. And only by embracing Martin Carter’s prophetic

warning; ‘All are involved, all are consumed’. Will Guyanese prove once again their heightened political awareness knowing full well that Carter’s prophecy is the singular one that speaks directly to the need for us to ‘come together’? If it is our wish not only to survive as a nation but to which ‘We pledge our allegiance as onward we go, United together our strength we will show and build a new Guyana, a land of renown.’ Yours faithfully, Clement J. Rohee

Tuesday April 16, 2019


Kaieteur News

Amending Procurement Act key to maximising local participation in oil sector -Tender Board Head of tenders for domestically produced goods, provided that such preference is specified in the tender documents.” “If the lowest evaluated tender was submitted by a foreign tenderer, the evaluating committee will apply the

to be a national discussion on whether the 10 percent is good enough. We are in the process of modernizing the current Procurement Act. We had a consultancy to do that and we have reviewed the recommendations together with

from the sector. “This is very important. If we are talking development and the good life, then this is a necessary step. I would think, and I am not a politician, but it is only fair for the people of Guyana to benefit

don, IPIECA develops shares and promotes good practice and knowledge to help the oil and gas industry of countries improve environmental and social performance. According to IPIECA, there are several modifica-

Pull quote: “This is very important. If we are talking development and the good life, then this is a necessary step. I would think, and I am not a politician, but it is only fair for the people of Guyana to benefit as much as possible from the gains of the oil and gas sector. So this is a crucial step to propelling local businesses, and particularly women-owned businesses.”

NPTAB Head, Berkley Wickham By Kiana Wilburg There are several tactics Guyana can employ to ensure local companies get a fair advantage in the tendering process for oil and gas contracts. In fact, Guyana’s procurement laws contain one of these tools called a ‘margin of tenderer reference’. The law states, “The procuring entity may grant a margin of tenderer reference not exceeding 10 percent to tenders submitted by domestic contractors or for the benefit

margin of preference to the prices submitted by all foreign tenderers, for evaluation purpose. If, after applying the margin of preference, the lowest evaluated tender was submitted by a domestic tenderer, such tenderer shall be awarded the contract.” But considering the massive scale of Guyana’s oil wealth to come, Head of the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB), Berkley Wickham, says that perhaps it is time for amendments to be made to this provision, among others, since they date back to 2003. During an exclusive interview with this newspaper, Wickham said, “There needs

the Public Procurement Commission and those revisions are now with the Attorney General’s Chambers for drafting.” The Tender Board Head added, “And I would think thereafter, there will be a public process for stakeholder engagements to look at what was recommended for amendment. So there will be ample opportunity at that stage for the people to have a say on what they think should be included to promote more local participation for the oil sector.” Wickham also emphasized that amendments to the Act are crucial to ensuring local businesses benefit the most

as much as possible from the gains of the oil and gas sector. So this is a crucial step to propelling local businesses, and particularly womenowned businesses.” STRATEGY MODIFICATIONS There are several tools emerging oil producers like Guyana can use to maximize the participation of local firms in the oil and gas sector. One of the most effective ways is through the modification of the procurement strategy that governs the sector. This is according to the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA). Headquartered in Lon-

Antigua named among ‘major money laundering’ centres Daily Observer - Antigua and Barbuda and “all major Caribbean and Central American countries” have been listed as “Major Money Laundering Jurisdictions” according to the latest US International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR) – Volume Two, dedicated to money laundering – forthe year 2018. According to an article written by Caribbean News Now Managing Editor Yuri Kemp and published by, the offending countries – listed in alphabetical order – have been identified as follows: Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, The Ba-

hamas, Barbados, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Curacao, Dominica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, St. Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Maarten, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, and Venezuela. The article also pointed out that the only Caribbean/Central American countries left off this year’s INCSR are the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico – both US protectorates – along with Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guiana, all overseas de-

partments of France. The US even added itself to the list of major money laundering jurisdictions along with the United Kingdom, Spain and The Netherlands – all founding members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) – which works closely . . . with the European Union (EU) on tax-avoidance issues and creates the “Tax

Haven Blacklist” that seeks to name and shame and then penalize countries it determines are tax havens and money laundering centers. The US is a founding member of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the international financial crimes watchdog that also works in conjunction with the OECD on tax avoidance and taxfraud-related matters.

tions a country can make to ensure local businesses are given a fair advantage. It outlined one option to be Reservation or ‘set aside’ provisions which mandate that only qualified local firms are allowed to bid for certain contracts. IPIECA also said that the procurement strategy can be improved by providing local companies with additional information, reducing the size and complexity of the scope, or simplifying procedures or processes to make it more likely for them to participate in the procurement process. Further to this, the Association said that modifications can be made to the Bid Evaluation Process to help busi-

nesses have more participation. In this regard, it said that the General Preferencing provision can be used. This allows for a local bidder to be selected when it is relatively close to other competitors on quality and price. Another effective change which can be made to the evaluation process is called Price preferencing. This allows local bidders to have a set preference figure discounted from their tender price. IPIECA said that this provides a price advantage against outside competitors. Significantly, the Association said that feedback should be given to unsuccessful bidders. IPIECA said that this enables local firms to improve and can also lessen potential grievances on the part of unsuccessful bidders. IPIECA said, too, that the procurement strategy governing the sector should also be modified to ensure that there is maximum participation of local workers. It said that this can be done by making mandatory requirements for the employment of local enterprises or workers.


Tuesday April 16, 2019

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Combined effort needed to stem criminal activities at Stabroek Market - City’s Chief Constable The City Constabulary has declared that it will need the combined efforts of their entity and the Guyana Police Service to stem the incidence of criminal activities at the Stabroek Market. In an interview yesterday, City Constabulary’s Chief Constable, Andrew Foo noted that it is no secret that the Stabroek Market has been recognized as a hotspot for criminal elements , making direct reference to the bartering and sale of stolen articles that occur at the location. He was also directing his attention to the ‘under the clock operations’ of a particular group of men who it is said would trade in marijuana, and would knowingly purchase stolen items. Foo yesterday reflected that this issue has been escalating over the years and has posed quite a task for the Constabulary to deal with because of lack of resources. While he applauded the Guyana Police Service for the

manner in which they have been tackling crime around the city, he stated that for crime to be targeted effectively, it will take a combination of both entities to do so, especially in the Stabroek Market area. He said the fact that robbers/thieves know they can freely sell stolen items, this would have greatly increased robberies in the Stabroek area, given that the location is an extremely busy space, always occupied by bus operators, vendors and even minibus touts as an extension. When asked about some cell phone repair dealers inside the market who would customarily purchase stolen cell phones and other items for retail purposes, he agreed that this issue too may have contributed to the present stigma attached to the Stabroek Market. He explained that for some time now the Guyana Police Service has been providing them with leads, but what is

really needed is their prolonged presence in the market which is extremely busy on a daily basis. He said that the police have the manpower, dogs, vehicles and weapons to stage successful campaigns, but his department is lacking in such areas, thus limiting their power to fight crime. Foo said a campaign last week has managed to rake in a few leads and arrests, but noted that the success of such exercise also depends on the cooperation of vendors at the Stabroek Market Square. A Kaieteur News reporter visited at least two telephone repair stalls in the Stabroek Market on three separate occasions under the pretext of wanting to purchase cellular phones, and on each occasion the reporter was readily offered, at surprisingly low prices, items that were in many cases second hand pieces that were repaired and being sold.

A few persons who were very ‘hush hush’ in their responses did let on however that the phone repair stalls in the market were the locations where most of the ‘under the counter deals’ would occur. As the reporter stood at the stalls making enquiries, several young men came and went and attempted to sell cell phones, most of them showcasing a level of fear and nervousness during the process. The reporter explained that what actually occurred was that they would converse in hushed tones with the dealers and the items would then be removed from concealed places on their person. After being examined by the dealers, a price would be struck (sometimes with great disagreement from the sellers), who eventually would boil down, since they appeared to be in desperate need of the

cash. LAWS ON STOLEN PROPERTY As the laws governing stolen property would dictate (Knowingly Receiving, Buying, Concealing), if a service member buys, receives or conceals stolen property, when he/she knew that the property was stolen from another person, then it is an offence and he/she can be punished as per the provisions under the law If someone tells you that the goods are stolen, then you cannot purchase them. If you do, then you could be charged with receipt of stolen property, which is a crime. Also refuse to store goods if you know they are stolen. If you have received stolen property, you could be charged with a crime. You can also be charged with receiving stolen property if you

knew the property was stolen and concealed, sold, or withheld property from the owner or aided in concealing, selling or withholding property from the owner. If you end up unknowingly possessing stolen goods, the worst that happens is that the items are taken from you and given to the rightful owner. ... However, the police can arrest you if you reasonably should have known that the item was stolen. For example, if you buy a laptop worth $1,000 for $50 then you may be charged. It is illegal to sell stolen property. However, you’ll run afoul of the law by selling such property only if you do so “knowingly.”... Your attorney will help prepare you for talking with the police and for explaining how you came into possession of the stolen goods in the first place.

Mechanic accused of causing death of truck driver in accident granted bail Ye s t e r d a y i n t h e Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts, a mechanic was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan after being accused of causing the death of truck driver Mohammed Kalamadeen. Leroy Baijnauth was not required to plead to the accusation after it was read to him as the charge was made indictable. It was alleged that on November 17, 2018 at Friendship, East Bank Demerara, Baijnauth drove motor lorry GXX 1162 in a dangerous manner and thereby caused the death of Mohammed Kalamadeen. The defendant was represented by attorney Maxwell McKay who informed the court that his client is 29 years of age. The attorney also stated that Baijnauth is the father of one and resides at Lot 182 Kuru-Kuru, East Bank Demerara. Police prosecutor Gordon Mansfield related the facts of the charge which stated that on the day in question the defendant was driving in the southern direction along the eastern lane of the public road. Kalamadeen was driving truck GVV 9645 which was proceeding in the opposite direction. As the vehicles approached each other, Baijnauth’s vehicle allegedly swerved into the path of Kalamadeen’s, and collided with the right side of the truck. Both persons received injuries and were taken to the Diamond Hos-

Leroy Baijnauth pital for treatment. Kalamadeen was transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, where he succumbed to his injuries on December 10, 2018. The prosecutor further highlighted that based on advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions, Baijnauth was charged for the offence.

Prosecutor Mansfield had no objections to bail and therefore same was granted to the tune of $350,000 under the condition that Bajnauth report to the Grove Police Station every Friday pending the outcome of the matter. Magistrate McLennan then adjourned the matter until April 30.

Tuesday April 16, 2019


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The way it used to be; the way it can once again become In a letter published in another section of the media, Gordon Forte, the former head of a snack food distribution company, recalled that in 1977, his company received an enquiry about the possibility of supplying plantain chips to a Puerto Rican firm. In those days, under the Burnham dictatorship, if you wanted to do any business involving imports or exports, you had to have g o v e r n m e n t ’s s a n c t i o n . This was because you would have needed licences to import your equipment, proof of access to foreign exchange, a commitment to remit some or all of your foreign exchange earnings and licences to export the finished product. The government had a tight rein on business. When the Thompson group wanted to sell their shares in the Graphic newspaper, they required permission from the government. Burnham said no, and he nationalized it instead, thereby seizing control of the print media. It was therefore not unusual for the government’s permission to be had for the proposed plantain chips factory, and why Cabinet, in those days, would have had to sanction this project. Nothing moved unless it was sanctioned by Burnham. This is why Forte was told by the

Minister of Economic Development, Desmond Hoyte, that his proposal had to go to Cabinet The project was attractive. It would have involved the local company sourcing the raw materials, plantains, locally, processing them and then exporting the finished product, thereby creating employment and earning foreign exchange for an economy direly strapped for foreign exchange. The PNC government rejected the proposal. Forte felt racial considerations were involved after one Minister told him, “Plantains is Black people’s food. We can’t allow the price to increase. You can grow and fry your own plantains.” The rejection, it was felt, was based on the idea that if the company purchased plantains locally, this would drive up the price of the product on the local market, and this would disadvantage the constituents of the ruling party. The rejection of this proposal shows the myopic vision of not just the ruling, socialist PNC government but of one of i t s Vi c e P r e s i d e n t s , Desmond Hoyte, who has since acquired a mythical status as an economic liberalizer. Yet, a mere eight years before he took office, he and his government’s policies were shortsighted

and counterproductive to national development. His government felt that a plantain chips factory would affect his p a r t y ’s s u p p o r t b a s e , because it would raise the price of plantains on the local market. He did not conceive that there were hundreds of small ground provision farmers, who were supporters of his party, who would have benefitted from the increase in demand for their produce. The government could not envisage the benefits of a guaranteed market and the higher prices for the produce. The government could not comprehend that the establishment of the factory would have created hundreds of jobs and earned valuable foreign exchange at a time when the supermarket shelves were empty. The problem was not racial. It was ideological. The PNC government had miniaturized the private sector. It was extremely averse to private investment and private property. In 1960, speaking in the National A s s e m b l y, Burnham had equated Marxism with hatred for private property. He said any Marxist who admitted that he did not say that he hated private property was saying that he was not a Marxist. And in an address

Dem boys seh ...

Use more than face mask to protect Guyanese Was nuff confusion when news come dat about 16 Chinee people in de manganese mine get sick. Then more news come dat two of dem dead. People start to talk bout Swine Flu. De experts seh was nutten of de sort and de big lab seh how some of de people had leptospirosis. De results come from a proppa lab, one in Trinidad, and de people seh none of de people ever had leptospirosis. De people get sick because dem breathe in bat down and rat pee. De people was suppose to get protective mask and things like dat. But Bosai didn’t care. It send dem people in de mines just suh. When de authorities ask if dem had protective face mask, Bosai seh dem probably dem wid Customs. But is Burnham gon get de blame in de end. He was de one who tell de manganese people dat is better Guyana keep its manganese than allow some farrin people to use it and don’t give de country nutten. It tek more than sixty years before somebody come and offer Guyana a good price. And dis is wheh Burnham gon get

cuss. Dem boys seh dat dem Chinee people use Guyana like a floor cloth. Dem do demself in de forest; dem go in de gold field and dig out de gold and dem didn’t even pay royalty. Dem offer nuff money till dem almost tek over de business in de city. In de end, dem actually get Burnham jumbie vex and dat is why dem get sick because dem gone and trouble‘ de same manganese he was keeping fuh Guyanese. Dem boys wish everybody can tek care of Guyanese. De oil people come and dem holding de knife handle while Guyanese holding de blade. Things reach de stage wheh China know dat Guyana can’t treat people who sick, suh dem send a plane to fly back dem own people. Ten tickets to China cost about $5 million but dat is child’s play fuh China. It looking after its own. Guyanese should now look after dem own to. And dem boys ain’t talking bout face mask. Talk half and think about protecting Guyanese.

to a public gathering organized by the Jaycees in Linden on May 22, 1975, Burnham attacked the movement’s promotion of economic justice through free enterprise. He called on the local body to either rewrite their mission statement or dissociate themselves from their parent body. It was this sort of blinkered economic thinking and blind ideological dogmatism which was responsible for the economic rut which Guyana found itself in from the mid-1970s. It was this obsession with state

control which allowed for the denial of an economic venture which would have helped to ease the economic woes of the country. Hoyte is widely credited with implementing policies of economic liberalization. What many people did not realize was how cautious he was in this approach, even though he was faced with very few other options. The legal revocation of the Exchange Controls Act and the amendments to the Trade Act were left to the PPPC when it took office in 1992. The irony of it all is that

the very neo-liberal policies which Hoyte is credited with launching, a ff e c t e d h i s p a r t y ’s supporters negatively. It wiped out economic activities associated with artisans and small-scale farmers who could no longer compete with cheaper foreign imports.


Tuesday April 16, 2019

Kaieteur News

=== The Freddie Kissoon column ===

Which James Bond is advising Sherod Duncan? Last year when the Chronicle removed David Hinds and Lincoln Lewis as columnists, I interviewed Sherod Duncan on the imbroglio after I found out he had voted as a board member for the action. It was unthinkable Duncan would do that, given his role in confronting the arrogant and bad governance of the then Town Clerk, Royston King. Duncan was also vocal on the parking meter disaster. I couldn’t believe even for a moment that Duncan would agree to remove two Guyanese icons from the pages of Chronicle; for two reasons. They fought for the freedom of Guyanese so that Duncan could become

a City Councilor and have the right to engage in protest. Secondly, it was the return of damning state control of the media. I interviewed Duncan, and what I found was a man hiding behind a mask with the word, “I am a democrat.” See my column of Saturday, March 17, 2018 with the headline, “Contrasting interviews with Sherod Duncan and Ruel Johnson.” Just a brief recap; Duncan told me (I still have the recorded interview) that all he did was to vote for upholding the right of the Chronicle’s editor, Nigel Williams, to make the decision. Now why is Duncan appealing the board’s decision to fire him? I know James

Bond is advising him. Which one; the Ian Fleming character with the licence to kill or the local lawyer with that name? Whichever one it is, then they have to ask Duncan why is it that his editor at the Chronicle has the right to remove Hinds and Lewis but the board doesn’t have the right to remove him? It looks like Duncan is set to ride off in obscurity, but the lesson to be learnt from the advent of Duncan on the political scene is vastly important and every Guyanese in this troubled land needs to internalize it. There is a colossal irony in the Duncan King circus that should be told to every schoolboy.

Duncan and King used popular struggle to get power and then turned around and became just like the people they criticized. We all wanted Carol Sooba out of the Town Clerk’s job, because we saw Sooba as a PPP mandarin during the rule of the PPP. The PPP lost power and in stepped King. Then King ran out of City Hall shouting; Eureka! Eureka! King discovered that he was in fact a real king. And he ran City Hall as a king. As it turned out, King was more arrogant than Carol. When I was five years old, there was a very popular song around the world by Neil Sedaka titled, “Oh Carol.” The first line went like this; “Oh Carol, I am but a fool.” We were all foolish not to see that King, when he was in the opposition, badly wanted to sit upon a throne and wear a crown. What is the ironic connection between King and Duncan? We now come to that. Enter “Captain Clean.” Remember when he was trying to win our support, Duncan dressed up as Captain Clean and posted up his

costume on social media. This was when he was Deputy Mayor and he was sending a signal to King that he needed to clean the Augean stables of Georgetown. Duncan flew over Georgetown as Captain Clean and parked his body outside of City Hall to protest the parking meter contract. One day, Moses Nagamootoo was sharing out cuts of a new watermelon species he had blessed on a farmer’s plantation and saw Captain Clean flying overhead looking down at the thousands of melons that reminded one of that famous Charles Bronson movie, “Mr. Majestyk” where some bandits came and shot up the thousands of melons, Mr. Majestyk had on his farm. The man from Whim (who I understand is running scared from the people of Whim who want to pick his bones) called down Captain Clean to earth and offered him the job of GM of Nagamootoo’s newspaper, the Chronicle. Duncan accepted and soon the irony with King was being shown

Frederick Kissoon to Guyanese as when people flocked to the cinemas to see James Bond movies. As General Manager of Chronicle, Captain Clean flew so high that he almost touched the spacecraft that was featured in the James Bond movie, “Moonraker.” But unlike Bond who is unbeatable, Captain Clean crash-landed and got badly defeated. A lady at the Chronicle peep the file of Captain Clean and ran to the media. She intoned that Captain Clean was spending money, the amount that it takes to make a James Bond film. Captain Clean was then cleaned out of the Chronicle.

Murdered WCB granny…

PM reveals woman died from shock and haemorrhage due to neck wound The 71-year-old woman whose life was tragically ripped from her, allegedly by her own daughter, died from shock and haemorrhage due to an incise wound to the neck. Government Pathologist Vivekanand Brijmohan performed the autopsy on Rookmin Jameer of Tempe Village, West Coast Berbice. Divisional Commander Paul Langevine said that a file is being prepared to be sent for advice from the DPP for charges to be laid. On Saturday night the woman’s daughter Kamela Jameer, reportedly confessed to the killing after she cracked under intense questioning by police. She told lawmen that she and her mother had an argument over some money she stole and the situation escalated, she picked up a chopper from the kitchen counter and slit her throat. The pensioner collapsed and bled to death before the accused called relatives and authorities. She had hatched up an excuse to make it appear that that her mother was killed while she was at church. However,

Arrested: Kamela Jameer

Killed: Rookmin Jameer

her story only elicited more questions. She told relatives and police that she went to church Friday afternoon, and when she returned, she found her mother on the kitchen floor dead with her throat slit. But sources in the village stated that the younger woman was imbibing that afternoon and that she habitually abused her mother. The woman’s son had told Kaieteur News that his mother

complained to his wife a week prior to her death, that his sister had stolen money from her. They had advised her to make a report, but she was scared, since the daughter threatened to harm her if she left the yard. Kamela Jameer and her husband were arrested on Saturday and she reportedly confessed hours later. Her husband was subsequently released.

Tuesday April 16, 2019

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Tuesday April 16, 2019

Kaieteur News

My Videomega interest was declared to the Integrity Commission – Minister Hughes - denies participating in contract award Minister of Public Telecommunications, Cathy Hughes, has categorically denied using her office or participating in the decisionmaking process that led to the award of a contract to her media company, Videomega Productions Ltd. The statement by Hughes, a senior executive of the Alliance For Change (AFC) which forms the smaller faction of the Coalition Government, would come amid a raging debate over public officers and what constitutes a conflict of interest situation. It was reported recently that Videomega owned by Hughes received $832,200 for producing ads for the o i l a n d g a s s e c t o r, o n behalf of the Department of Energy. The department, which falls under the Ministry of t h e P r e s i d e n c y, h a d insisted that the necessary procurement protocols were followed in awarding the contracts. Hughes said last week that she had relinquished control in the company since assuming office. The company itself said that the ministry does not handle the daily operations. Ye s t e r d a y, i n h e r

statement, Hughes was at pains to insist that conflict of interest scenario as contemplated by the regulations does not apply to her. In any case, she had not knowledge that the contract was even issued. Below in its entirety is the Minister’s statement: “I would like to invite everyone’s attention to the specific provisions of the Integrity Commission (Amendment of Code of Conduct) Order 2017 particularly the contents of Articles 4 and 5 “Conflict of Interest” and “Use of Official influence.” The specific contents of the article 4 provide: No person in public life shall (a) Allow private interest to conflict with his or her public duties or improperly influence his or her conduct in public in the performance of his or her public duties. (b) Allow the pursuit of his or her private interests to interfere with the proper discharge of his or her public duties. Provided that any such conflict that tends to interfere with the proper discharge of his or her public duties shall

be reported to the Integrity Commission for guidance on a resolution as soon as practicable in favour of public duties of the person in public life. (2) For the purposes of this Code, a conflict of interest arises where a public official makes or participates in the making of decision in the execution of his or her office and at the same time knows or ought to have reasonably have known, that the making of that decision, there is material beneficial opportunity either directly or indirectly to further his or her private interest or that of a member of his or her family or any other person or entity. (3) A person in public life shall (a) In order to protect and uphold the public interest , take reasonable steps to avoid, resolve and disclose any material conflict of interest, financial or non financial, that arises or is likely to arise, between his or her personal interest and his or her official duties (b) Declare any conflict of interest in writing to the relevant authority as soon as possible after becoming aware of the conflict of interest (c) Refuse or relinquish any outside employment,

shareholding or directorship which create conflict of interest. Article 5 of the Code provides: Use of official influence. No person in public life shall use his or her official influence in support of any scheme or in furtherance of any contract or proposed contract or other matter in regard of which he or she has an interest. I have never made or participated in the making of any decision in the execution of my office as Minister of Public Telecommunications in the deliberations of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) decision to award a contract to Videomega Productions. I have no relationship with the decision making processes of the DOE. The decision was entirely that of the Department of Energy. I have never utilized any influence official or otherwise to influence the furtherance of any contract with Videomega Productions Ltd. I have never at any time prior to the public comments by MP Gail Texeira and Edward Layne from Channel 28 been aware that the DOE was considering the award of any contract to Videomega Productions.

Minister Cathy Hughes In my declarations to the Integrity Commission made in July 2018 prior to the declarations of most members of the National Assembly including the Leader of the Opposition, I fully disclosed my interest in Videomega Productions Ltd. I have taken no decision in my capacity as Minister of Public Telecommunications or in my personal capacity

which has been the subject of a conflict of interest. I completely reject the not surprising but malicious accusations of Stabroek News and Anand Goolsarran. We don’t all have private agendas with special interests to protect. Catherine Hughes. M.P. Minister of Public Telecommunications.

Award of contract to Housing Minister’s husband…

Adams-Yearwood denies influencing decision by CHPA board In August 2017, Minister with responsibilities for Housing, Valerie AdamsYearwood tied the knot with Godfrey Yearwood. That same year, he was awarded four contracts to build housing units for the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA), an entity that manages the housing sector on behalf of Government, and for which the minister holds the portfolio. The fallout and accusations of conflict of interest now have the minister defending the awards. Yesterday, in a detailed statement, about two weeks after the reports surfaced, following statements of Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo, the minister insisted she had not hand in the awards of the contracts…four of them in 2017 to her husband. Below is her full statement: Fellow Guyanese, I present the following infor-

mation to provide clarity and to set the record straight with regard to allegations made against my family and me. M y h u s b a n d , M r. Godfrey Yearwood, is a well-known and longstanding contractor for over 33 years. He was contracted by the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA) to construct (1) duplex unit, (2) single elevated units and (2) units for the differentlyabled. This represents (3) contracts, all signed in 2017, with the final one signed in December 2017. Prior to that, he was contracted early 2017 along with another contractor to do rehabilitation works at the Linden office to which both contractors were highly commended (publicly) by the CEO, Mr. Lelon Saul. Mr. Yearwood currently has (1) contract outstanding which will conclude in (2) weeks. I had no input whatso-

Minister Valerie Adams-Yearwood and her husband, Godfrey Yearwood with President David Granger in August 2017 during the wedding ceremony. ever, with regard to the award of these contracts. I became knowledgeable of same when Mr. Yearwood informed me directly.

Like all other contractors, every contract that Mr. Yearwood has received was done through the official bidding process. Ev-

ery contract that was/is engaged in was awarded by the competent authority – the Board of Directors of CHPA, of which I am not a

member. Like all other contractors, Mr. Yearwood is subject to the same rules and regulations, without exception. COLLECTING MONIES There is absolutely no truth to the unfounded allegation that I collected any monies on behalf of my husband. I have never collected any cash or cheque(s) on behalf of Yearwood Contracting & Consultancy Company. It is a total falsehood. During my travels for medical r e a s o n s , M r. Ye a r w o o d authorised Mr. Delroy Anthony to sign for cheques that became payable during Mr. Yearwood’s absence. PRESIDING OVER CONTRACTS I do not preside over any aspect of the contract award process. The selection of contractors, the awarding of and/or the termination of contracts are outside my remit as Minister. I had no involvement (Continued on page 22)

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Tuesday April 16, 2019


Public debt increases to US$1.7B - 2018 growth rate revised upwards to 4.1 percent; highest since 2013


overnment has released its revised figures on the 2018 performance of the economy with the country's growth rate pegged at 4.1 percent, higher than the 3.4 percent that was forecast in November when the 2019 national budget was unveiled. In the 'End of Year Outcome 2018' report released by the Ministry of Finance yesterday, it was also disclosed that at the end of 2018, Guyana's stock of public debt was higher than estimated at US$1,708.4 million, 1.5 percent higher than the projected 2018 figure of US$1,683.7 million at Budget 2019. However, the ministry explained this rise in the public debt stock was due to higher disbursements in the last three months of 2018, from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the China EximBank. For 2018, the total public debt-to-GDP ratio was 44.2 percent, 0.2 percentage points lower than the budget 2019 projection of 44.4 percent. Again, the performance of gold was credited with helping the economy along. According to the report, belated improvements in gold declarations during the last quarter of 2018, was a key driver. The report warned that economic resilience going forward will be largely dependent on the country's ability to capitalize on institutional strengthening and opportunities for diversification. On the fiscal side, there continues to be challenges to implementing the Public Sector Investment Programme - public spending on projects. “More rigorous steps are being applied to project appraisals to ensure a higher degree of project implementation readiness during 2019 and the years ahead. Revenue collections remained high, but include a significant level of arrears as improved compliance and the 9-month tax amnesty bolstered revenue collections.” According to the report, global growth, according to the International Monetary Fund, in its 2019 World Economic Outlook Update, estimated 2019 growth to be 3.5 percent.

Finance Minister, Winston Jordan With regards to the December 21st noconfidence vote in the National Assembly, the country is being affected. “However, political developments in late December 2018, which spilled into 2019, and unpredictable weather conditions, can pose threats to the performance of our key sectors. This can be aggravated by the continued influx of Ve n e z u e l a n s e s c a p i n g deteriorating economic and social conditions – in January 2019, it was reported that about 3,868 documented Venezuelan migrants are in Guyana – and the difficult international conditions – trade tensions and uncertainty as well as challenging financial circumstances.” With regards to the sectors, the report said that the agriculture, fishing and forestry sectors grew by 1.5 percent in 2018, 0.4 percentage points better than the previous forecast. This was due to significantly higher p r o d u c t i o n o f s u g a r, livestock and timber, which resulted in growth in these industries being revised upwards by 4.8 percentage points, 1.9 percentage points and 1.6 percentage points, respectively. Sugar improved? “The upturn in sugar production was as a result of better-than expected performance of the second crop, which saw the three operational sugar estates – Albion, Blairmont and Uitvlugt – surpassing the production levels achieved in 2017.” In the forestry subsector, production in the last two months of 2018

surpassed expectations, it was reported. The good news continued in the mining and quarrying sector which recorded growth of 2.9 percent in 2018, 5.2 percentage points above the previous forecast. “The reversal in this sector was primarily due to higher gold declaration, which exceeded the previous projection by 7.9 percent. After lower-than-expected production for much of the second half of 2018, Guyana Goldfields saw an increase in December 2018, with output rising to its highest level since August 2018.” According to the ministry, the manufacturing sector realized growth of 1.0 percent in 2018, 0.1 percentage points higher than estimated in Budget 2019, due to the better-thananticipated outturn in sugar production. Other manufacturing, which comprises mainly light manufacturing, performed in line with its projection, growing by 5.2 percent over 2017. The construction sector grew by 11.0 percent in 2018, 1 percentage point lower than projected in Budget 2019. This was primarily due to slowerthan-expected execution of the Public Sector Investment Programme towards the end of 2018. MORE LENDING Over the 12 months, ending December 2018, net domestic credit in the economy increased by 16.3 percent, to approximately $254.9 billion. This was faster than the 14.6 percent growth rate projected in Budget 2019 and was supported by higher loans and advances to both the private and public sectors. “Credit to the former grew 0.3 percentage points faster than the 3.9 percent projected in Budget 2019, to reach $233.6 billion. This was driven by a s t r o n g e r- t h a n - e x p e c t e d

expansion in credit to business enterprises in the agriculture sector, and a smaller-than-anticipated contraction in credit to the mining and quarrying, and manufacturing sectors. Loans and advances to the agriculture sector grew by 17 percent to $13.3 billion, faster than the 12 percent projected in Budget 2019.” However, credit to the mining and quarrying, and manufacturing sectors

declined by 4.1 percent and 0.3 percent to $5.1 billion and $24.5 billion, respectively, more slowly than the anticipated contractions of 11.9 percent and 3.7 percent in Budget 2019. On the other hand, loans and advances to the services sector grew by 5.9 percent to $69.8 billion, slightly less than the 6.1 percent estimated in Budget 2019. As it relates to

individuals, credit to households expanded by 4.1 percent to $31.7 billion, 2.0 percentage points above the Budget 2019 projection. In December 2018, the 12-month inflation rate was 1.6 percent, instead of the 2.0 percent reported in Budget 2019. “This was due to all major components of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) returning lower levels than previously estimated.”

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Tuesday April 16, 2019

Education Dept. gives support to Region Four pupils gearing for NGSA S

till basking in the glory of superb performances by a number of Region Four pupils at the 2018 National Grade Six Assessment [NGSA], the Department of Education yesterday decided to lend support to those set to write the assessment in a matter of days. In this regard, the Department through its Officers began distributing pencils, erasers and sharpeners to the 2,936 pupils who have been registered within the region. Accompanied by Cadet Officers, Ms Simone Abrams and Ms Indranie Ramnarine, the Regional Education Officer [REdO] Tiffany Harvey distributed the items to 56 primary schools within Region Four yesterday. The distribution process at the various schools will end today. The distribution exercise was the brainchild of REdO Harvey, who said that after discussion with her officers they were all on board with the noble gesture. She said that it was in recognition that several parents are economically challenged, and with several of the pupils coming from single parent homes, it was decided that something should be done to help. “While some may say that these items are small and relatively not expensive, we are cognisant that for some it would be very difficult.

REO Pauline Lucas handing over some items to a male pupil of BV Primary School.

Grade Six teachers at BV Primary pose with REO Lucas and REdO Harvey after the distribution of items.

We are aware that some parents, especially those single parents, are going through their own difficulties, and with many of them already spending money on their child's preparation, we felt that providing this form of assistance was timely and appropriate,” the Department of Education Region Four Head said. She told the several hundred children eligible for the support that she is c o n f i d e n t t h a t Demerara/Mahaica Region Four will once again excel and even better last year's performance. She moreover urged the students to remain calm and confident, while reminding them about the importance of prayers and faith,

regardless of their religious beliefs. She also told them that the presence of the Regional Executive Officer [REO], Ms Pauline Lucas, at the schools is a clear testimony of her faith, confidence and belief that they will deliver greater things this year. “I must confess that I am happy and pleased that our REO is here and this is a testimony that indeed she is determined like us within the Department of Education to see great things. I can tell you that I already have my outfit that I will be wearing when the results are announced in June, as I am confident that Region Four will do exceptionally well.” “Believe me, we will do well, because I know that

REdO Tiffany Harvey handing over items to a pupil of LBI Primary in the presence of her Grade Six teacher.

your teachers have been working earnestly with you, while your parents, siblings and other relatives are giving you the moral support that

you deserve. I am proud of each of you and remain confident that you will all do well,” an optimistic Harvey told the pupils yesterday. REdO Harvey admitted that she is still reeling from excitement over the 2018 performances and added that she feels that with increased support and assistance to the students, there would be better performances overall. She thanked REO Lucas, who she said remains steadfast and supportive of initiatives being executed by her deportment. “We at the Department remain thankful and grateful for the continuous and overwhelming support and assistance being given by our REO, as together with her support, we are able to achieve more,” Harvey said. Lucas in turn expressed excitement and pleasure over the initiative. She publicly thanked the REdO and her team, stating that it is initiatives like these that help to foster development and advancement of education. Lucas told the pupils too

that they will get over this, as it forms part of life's journey, even as she too reminded them that God is important in everything they do, regardless of their religion, as she reflected when she was preparing for Common Entrance examination back in the day. “As I stand here today, I am remembering when as a child I had written common entrance and when my daughter and nieces had written too, the excitement, anxiety and even fear were evident, because you want to do very well. Let me say this, you need to remain calm and confident with your trust and faith in God intact. Regardless of your religion, we know that prayer and faith are important,” REO Lucas said. Lucas reaffirmed the commitment given by REdO Harvey that the region will be celebrating once again the achievements of top performing pupils, as she considered how “the region is going all out for the country's top schools with determination.”

Tuesday April 16, 2019

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Tuesday April 16, 2019

Exxon installs first subsea tree for Liza Phase 1 development


xxonMobil has successfully installed the first subsea tree for the Liza Phase One Development Project. In a missive to the media, the company noted that a subsea tree monitors and controls the production of a subsea well. Fixed to the wellhead of a completed well, it can also manage fluids or gas injected into a well. The oil major said that the tree arrived in Guyana's waters on the Chouest CInstaller in February. It said that installation and testing began on April 11 and lasted for four days. The American multinational said that it was lowered into the water from the back deck of the multipurpose installation vessel via a crane, set in 1700

metres of water onto the first completed well, latched, and locked into place using a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV). The valves were then pressure tested. The next tree is expected to be installed in May, the company noted. Further to this, ExxonMobil said that the Liza Phase One development includes a subsea production system and a Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel designed to have the capacity to process up to 120,000 barrels of oil per day from four subsea drill centres consisting of 17 wells, including eight producers, six water injectors, and three gas injectors. Production startup is scheduled for early 2020.

Police ranks in border areas to be trained in registering births


inister of Citizenship Winston Felix, yesterday morning, announced that the Government has taken a decision to train ranks of the Guyana Police Force who are working in border locations such as Eteringbang, in the registration of births. At a meeting of the National Multi-Sectoral Coordinating Committee, the Minister said that since its assumption to office, the Government has been working with a mandate of 100 percent registration of births. “There should be no child in Guyana, irrespective of their geographical location, who is not registered.” He noted that he has already dispatced a letter to the Office of the Commissioner of Police requesting to have a meeting with the General Register Office (GRO) to ensure that all systems are put in place for the training to begin. The Minister said it is important for issues such as

the storage of application forms, training schedule and sustainability to be worked out between the two entities. He noted that he expects that the administrative and other issues would be finalised within one month's time. “What we are looking at is the fact that there should be sustainability. We would not want to train ranks and when they are moved from that location, there are issues. The absence of a rank trained in this area should not affect the system, so that is what must be looked at,” he said. Eteringbang, Minister Felix informed, would be used as a pilot before registration is rolled out in other border locations. In recent months, Guyana has registered almost 6,000 Venezuela migrants who are fleeing difficult times in that country. Indigenous communities have also been complaining about problems registering their children in the outlying communities.

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Tuesday April 16, 2019

Uitvlugt cane cutters protest over shortened work week


esterday, cane cutters of Uitvlugt Estate staged a picketing exercise, calling on the estate's management to provide them with a “fair week's work”. Last week, the cane cutters claimed that they were only provided with approximately three days of work. “Such reduced work in the cropping period is unusual, recognizing that maximum efforts would usually be pursued to ensure the timely harvesting of canes. The situation at Uitvlugt is even more unusual as the factory is generally operating normally and, therefore, it appears, there was no reason to limit work to the cane cutters in the first place,” the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) explained in a statement. Uitvlugt, on the West Coast Demerara, is one of three estates that the Coalition Government has held on to as part of a wider restructuring. A number of workers from the closed Wales estate, West Bank Demerara, were sent to work at Uitvlugt. According to GAWU yesterday, “strangely though the cane cutters received

reduced work assignments last week, the estate still managed to realize its weekly production target”. “The workers shared that the achievement of the target is linked to, what appears, preference given to the processing of farmers' canes. The workers lamented that the situation, which apart from denying them work, is causing the estate canes to become older, a situation that can well lend to reduce cane productivity.” The union pointed out that the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) would usually plan its harvesting programme in such a way to ensure that there is balanced harvesting of farmers and estate canes. “The workers are most dismayed by the apparent actions of the estate which has served to curtail their earnings. The cane cutters shared that they had to contend with a longer-than-usual out-ofcrop period which was extended by an additional week and, at this time, they are eager to work, recognizing they have many of life's obligations to meet.” According to the union, workers said that GuySuCo had pointed to their earnings being enhanced by incentives - the very denial

of work to workers precludes the opportunity from earning the very incentives the corporation has touted. GAWU disclosed that on April 12, 2019, it wrote GuySuCo's Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Harold Davis, about the prevailing situation, and urged that the workers be offered suitable, adequate work. “We opined that such a situation is in the interest of the workers and the Corporation. I n d e e d , t h e circumstances of last week have left a most bitter taste in the mouths of the workers who, while they have demonstrated their willingness to work, have had their best of intentions sapped for unknown reason/s. The Union, at this time, looks forward to a normal situation being restored at Uitvlugt.”


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Tuesday April 16, 2019

Passengers start paying additional $4,000 for CJIA renovations


ffective April 1st, 2019, passengers using the Cheddi Jagan International Airport ( C J I A , Ti m e h r i , w e r e expected to pay an additional $4,000 in fees, thanks to the US$150M renovations. The fees include an airport security fee for $4,300, up $1,800 from $2,500 and the passenger facility charge which moved from $1,100 to $3,300, an increase of $2,200. The airlines operating have reportedly informed travel agents and other stakeholders. The taxes are being

collected from the point of sale and are shown on passengers' tickets separately. Guyana learnt of the increases via a circular dated January 25, 2019 by the CJIA to airlines. “We have added a new arrivals terminal, rehabilitated and expanded the departures terminal and have included amenities such as elevators, escalators and passenger boarding bridges. The main runway is also being extended to 11,024 feet and new remote parking apron constructed to accommodate Codes D and

Effective April 1, CJIA has been collecting an extra $4,000 from every passenger for using the renovated airport E aircraft,” the airport explained in its circular. It said that undoubtedly these costs, along with additional staffing and equipment needed to handle increased passengers traffic, will see recurrent and capital expenditures increasing significantly in the coming years. It was disclosed that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) policy on charges recognized that such capital expenditure placed a burden on Government and airports and made provision for such sums to be recovered over a period of time by way of implementation of new fees or amendment of existing fees. The airport said that against this background, effective April 1, the airport security fee would be US$20 per departing passenger. “This fee will replace the current airport security fee and passenger screening fee,” it was explained in the circular. “Additionally, the fee will cater for: screening of selected passengers; procurement of additional screening including but not limited to Walk Through Metal Detectors, Hold Baggage Scanners, Hand Baggage Scanners, procurement and installation of inline baggage handling system, expansion of the current CCTV system.” The airport also said it

would be implementing an additional fee…a passenger service charge of US$15. This fee replaces the current passenger boarding bridge and the (Common Use Terminal Systems) CUTE fees. “Additionally the fee will cater for use of the CUTE, FIDs (flight information display systems) Self Check Kiosks; use of the counters at check-ins and boarding gates; and use of the terminal building including passenger boarding bridges. The airport corporation is kindly requesting the airline to put measures in place to have this fee included on its ticket effective 1st April, 2019,” the circular had urged. The circular was issued as the Government of Guyana prepares to take full possession of the facilities which has been under expansion contract since 2011. The project has been marred by one problem after another. The contractor, China Harbour Engineering Company, failed to deliver. The project, the largest ongoing infrastructural undertaken by the government, has spanned three administrations thus far. It was inexplicably modified by the Coalition Government starting in 2015 with Guyana getting a considerably smaller airport, though still obligated for that US$150M bill. China Harbour, in the meantime, seems to have escaped with a slap on the wrist. The project has been angering observers who insisted that Guyana did not get value for its money and in any case, there seems little concern by the government for demanding same.

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Tuesday April 16, 2019


Aurora declares 36,600 ounces for first quarter

Guyana Goldfields Inc. which operates the Aurora mine in Region Seven, has announced production of 36,600 ounces of gold for the first quarter


u y a n a Goldfields Inc. which operates the Aurora mine in Region Seven, has announced production of 36,600 ounces of gold for the first quarter. On January 14, 2019, the company, Guyana biggest gold mining operation, stated that first quarter gold production would be similar to its fourth quarter 2018 production of 42,750 ounces, based on the now obsolete 2012 resource model. “The Company's balance sheet remains strong with an unaudited cash balance of approximately US$73 million at March 31 and total

debt reduced to US$35 million. Under the current terms of the loan agreement, the Company is scheduled to make seven additional quarterly payments of US$5 million to retire the debt at the end of 2020. The Company is reviewing options to restructure debt in order to boost its financial flexibility.” The disclosures would come as the Canadianowned company, facing a bid by a number of shareholders to sack the current board, citing poor performance, will be holding an annual and special general meeting o n M a y 2 2 n d . Scott Caldwell, President &

CEO stated: "Management is developing an optimized production schedule that will, among other things, reduce the stockpile build up that is currently part of the new LOM plan. Moreover, management has identified several additional cost savings opportunities not captured within the new LOM plan that will improve operating and financial flexibility." "Looking ahead, we expect to set a new and higher standard in our operating performance and provide consistent results based on our new resource model. We have continued to strengthen our Board and

senior management and have brought on proven expertise to assist with our operating plan." In the first quarter of 2019, the company said it significantly improved mining and milling volumes compared with the prior year. Gold recovery averaged 90.5% for the quarter, compared with 91.7% a year e a r l i e r. T h e c o m p a n y completed the mill expansion which is anticipated to enhance capacity and redundancy of the primary crushing circuit and expected to further lower per unit costs. Work on the underground decline will

resume in the second quarter. “The contractor will complete and reinforce the collar at Mad Kiss and extend the exploration decline 200 metres to fulfil the scope of the early works phase. The Company expects this work will take approximately three months to complete once the contractor is fully mobilized. A budget of US$2.0 million has been approved for the early works phase.” On April 4, 2019, a group consisting of senior Guyana Government officials and media visited the AuroraGold Mine. “The tour successfully met its key objectives, highlighting the safety and

well-managed operations w h i le familiarizing key stakehol d e r s w i t h t h e opportunities that lie ahead if and when the Company obtains a permit for underground mining.” The Company has submitted an application for an underground mining permit to the Guyana G e o l o g y a n d M i nes Commission. If approved, the Company proposes to commence commercial underground mining in 2022. Underground operations would be expected to add 300 people to the current work force of approximately 720.

FIU targets membership to watchdog body to boost info sharing


uyana's move to becoming a member of the Egmont Group of Financial Intelligence Units could become a reality by the end of 2019 or as early 2020. This is according to Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), Matthew Langevine. Membership of the Egmont Group will increase Guyana's level of international cooperation, including the sharing of intelligence with the likes of FIUs around the world. The FIU head told the Department of Public Information in a recent interview that Guyana's application has now been

revived. Application to the group was first made in 2014, under the previous government but was not supported, because of the country's blacklisted status with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF). After exiting the third round of mutual evaluation in 2016, under the stewardship of the Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams SC., the application was reactivated. According to Langevine, the process of becoming a member of the Egmont Group was changed over the

years. One requirement was that of acquiring sponsors within the region. “We were very proactive in reaching out to a number of countries. November last year, Guyana got the commitment of Trinidad and Tobago and the British Virgin Islands as sponsors. There was a preliminary visit by the head of FIU in the BVI. Who walked through with the FIU,” Langevine said, adding that Guyana's case is being built by the sponsors to be taken to the Egmont Group. “Guyana is expecting that its membership will be finalised by the end of 2019 or early 2020,” he said. The Egmont Group is a

Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), Matthew Langevine united body of 159 Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs). It was created to provide FIUs around the world a forum to exchange information confidentially to combat Money-Laundering, the Financing of Terrorism and other predicate offences.

Langevine, who served as Head of the CFTAF forum of Heads for 2018, stressed the importance of Guyana becoming a member of the international FIU group. During his stint as head, he said Guyana was able to increase the number MOU's

with countries regarding the sharing of information. Langevine said Guyana signed MOU's with Barbados and Jamaica last year. “Since those MOU's have been signed, much work was done. There have been information exchanges with those countries, and a number of other countries which have had MOU's before. It just demonstrates the importance of having those relationships.” The Financial Action Ta s k F o r c e i s a n intergovernmental organisation that designs and promotes policies and standards to combat financial crime CFATF is an observer member of the Financial Action Task Force.

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Tuesday April 16, 2019

Taxi driver, others arrested Defence to make submission after Berbice cops finds in cocaine in fish trial ganja stashed in music box


Arrested: Rahamat Ally


he police in Berbice continue to make strides in their fight against the drug trade in the Ancient County after intercepting another vehicle with drugs at the Berbice Bridge crossing. At about 16:00 hrs on Saturday 14th ranks at the Police Check Point, Berbice Bridge Access Road, Palmyra Village, East Berbice, were conducting stop and search when they stopped motor car No HB 8549. The vehicle which was being driven by Rahamat Alli 55, a hire car driver of 41 Station Street Kitty, Georgetown had four other occupants: Imran Khamoo, 25 a construction worker of Lot 32, Logwood Street, Enmore; Ramesh Chandra, 26 a mechanic of 168 Albert and Market Street, No.79 Village, Corentyne, Berbice; Tameshwar Mohan, 33, a fisherman of 262 Chesney

The seized ganja. Squatting Area, Corentyne, Berbice, and Natram Jaikarran, 29 years, a construction worker of Industry Cummings Lodge, Georgetown. The men were told to exit and the car was search in their presence. In the trunk, the police found A Top Tec Audio Speaker Box containing (10) bulky black parcels, wrapped with transparent plastic. The parcels were checked and found to contain a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems of what was suspected to be Cannabis Sativa. The driver and the occupants were told of the offence committed, cautioned and arrested. The men were taken to Central Police Station, along

with the suspected cannabis. The items were tested and weighed in their presence and found to be 4,593 grams of Cannabis Sativa. The driver subsequently told police that he had picked up a woman from the “backtrack” at Skeldon. He took her to 'Little Africa', where he collected the speaker box from two males at a house. He was paid $200,000 to take the box to Georgetown and upon arrival he would receive a further $100,000. He was expected to deliver it to someone whom he would have to call. He was given a cellular phone number to call the person when he arrived in Georgetown. Alli and the other occupants are in custody assisting with investigation.

E'bo cellphone retailer brutally beaten, robbed in home... From page 2 one of the bandits to have him executed. He said that this forced his wife to then reveal to the gunmen that there was a significant sum of additional cash in the house. “That still wasn't enough. Again they say that they ain't come for this stupidness and they gon carry one of the youth man (a son) and I gon decide what to do. Dem man hold me son and put the knife pon he neck and dem start row and dem seh leh me kill he first… I said no, I got stock, I got iPhone and Samsung phones in the canter that value a lot of money, so they took 30

pieces.” According to Sabar, after pleading for his life, he and his family were tied up and ordered not to leave the premises until a considerable amount of time would've elapsed. During the ordeal, three gunmen were inside the house, while two guarded the front and back entrances of the home. It was also reported that the family living behind the businessman was tied up, beaten and robbed simultaneously. As it relates to the progress of the investigation, the businessman said that he lacks confidence that the

police will solve this case. He explained that shortly after the robbery, the police were reluctant to pursue the gang though their immediate whereabouts were known. “When the police come here, I tell them I know wheh de man dem deh. Y'all can go after dem… Deh say dem ain't got boat and dem can't move without the okay from up top. One of dem even say he only walk with blanks,” Sabar claimed. According to Sabar, up to 13:00 hrs yesterday, no proper investigation was conducted and the scene wasn't even dusted for fingerprints.

s the trial for the men accused of trafficking cocaine in frozen fish to the United States of America continues, Defence Attorney Bernard Da Silva is to make a written submission for his clients. The men charged for the offence are businessman Amir Ally, 30, of Goed F o r t u i n , We s t B a n k Demerara, and Canter truck driver, Baldeo Persaud, 32, of 47 Kingston Street, 'C' Field, Leonora, West Coast Demerara. Yesterday when the matter was called in the courtroom of Senior Magistrate Leron Daly, Persaud, the number two accused, led his defence into the matter and his attorney asked for the matter to be adjourned so that he can present a written submission on the next occasion. The defendants are currently on remand as their matter is being tried in the Georgetown Magistrates' Courts. Custom Anti-

Baldeo Persaud

Amir Ally

Narcotics Unit (CANU), Prosecutor Konyo Sandiford is representing the state in the trial. During the first hearing, Ally and Persaud both pleaded not guilty to charge which alleged that on February 6, 2018, at Laparkan Cargo Shed at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), they trafficked 9.366 kilograms of cocaine. According to reports, on the day in question, ranks

from CANU conducted a search on boxes which had already been packed and were at the Cargo Shed. During the search, the ranks found a quantity of cocaine stashed in frozen fish that was destined for the USA. An investigation was then carried out and the two defendants were arrested and charged for the offence. The trial is slated to continue on May 2, when the defence attorney will make his submission.

Brazilian cyclist fined for illegal entry


Brazilian yesterday made an appearance in the Georgetown Magistrates' Courts before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan where he was fined for illegal entry after cycling his way into the country. Jose Lopez Perreira pleaded guilty to the charge which stated that between March 30 and April 2, 2019 at Lethem, Rupununi, he entered Guyana and did not present himself to an immigration officer. The defendant with the aid of a Portuguese interpreter told the court that he is 50 years old. He stated that he came into Guyana so that he could find a better job. According to reports, on the day in question Perreira was stopped by police ranks from Berbice who were conducting stop and search exercises. He was asked to present his passport or travel documents; however, he failed to do so. As a result he was arrested and escorted by the police to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters, where, with the aid of an interpreter, he admitted that he had entered Guyana illegally from Lethem with the use of a bicycle, hence, he was

Jose Lopez Perreira charged for the offence. Police prosecutor Gordon Mansfield indicated that they had no criminal record for Perreira. After listening to both sides, Magistrate McLennan fined the defendant $30,000 - in default of which, he is to spend four weeks in prison. She also instructed that he is to be escorted to the nearest port of exit to his country after paying his fine or serving the default time.

Mocha man killed in Providence hit-and-run


Mocha Arcadia man met his demise having been struck by a vehicle, with the police now hunting for the driver who fled the scene. According to police sources, the accident occurred at the bridge separating Peter's Hall and

Providence, yesterday, after 3pm. Dead is Arnold Kissoonlall. The man is said to be a worker for Texila University, a medical institution at Providence. It is unclear where he was heading, but he was hit and apparently run over. There was a bicycle

nearby, badly mangled, suggesting he was heading towards the Demerara Harbour Bridge. It is unclear how the man was hit on that section of the western carriageway. He was closer to the no-man's land area near the median. Kissoonlall is said to be in his 40s.

Tuesday April 16, 2019


Kaieteur News

Venezuelans seeking European Yacht escapes pirate attack asylum in ‘record’ numbers PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad - CMC – President of the Yacht Services Association of Trinidad and Tobago (YSATT), Tommy Johnson, has called on yacht owners to travel in “a convoy if possible” after a 55-foot sailboat came under attack from Venezuelan pirates over the last weekend. In a statement posted on the YSATT’s Facebook page, Johnson said on Sunday, the Sylph, a 55-foot Beneteau sailboat, which was positioned about 15 nautical miles north-east of the Hibiscus oil platform, was approached by a group of eight Venezuelans in an attempted piracy attack. “The yacht refused to stop and in heavy seas and high wind took an evasive zig zag course preventing them from boarding. Due to the fact that they were unable to board they abandoned their plans and left but fired sev-

Those who are able to do so travel to Europe. In Spain, Venezuelan asylum-seekers have come to outnumber applicants from everywhere else. Brussels (AFP) - Venezuelans and other Latin Americans are filing a surge in requests for asylum in European countries, which are more accustomed to dealing with migrants from the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa, figures showed yesterday. After citizens from Syria, those from Venezuela were the second-largest group among the 57,000 people who asked for asylum in February in the EU, Switzerland and Norway, according to official figures. Venezuelans fleeing their crisis-hit country filed more asylum applications than Afghans, Iraqis and Nigerians, the next-biggest groups, the European Asylum Support Office said in a statement. “The fact that Venezuelans lodged more applications than Afghans represents a noticeable development,” EASO said. “Venezuelan nationals had never lodged such a high number

of applications in a single month ever before.” There were 3,995 Venezuelans who applied in February, up 51 percent from January and nearly triple the figure a year ago, EASO added. In February, Venezuela saw a worsening of a political, economic and humanitarian crisis resulting from the contested re-election of President Nicola Maduro. EASO said Syrians, who have been fleeing the eight-year civil war, lodged some 5,393 applications, slightly fewer than in January. Afghan applications decreased to December 2018 levels, even if the number was up 31 percent from a year ago. EASO said 1,937 Colombians, 731 Salvadorans, 616 Nicaraguans and 592 Hondurans filed for asylum in February. There were also 351 requests from citizens of Haiti, 323 from Peru, 112 from Cuba

and 73 from Guatemala. Most, it said, are seeking to live in Spain. EAS0 said the Colombian applications also amounted to a record high, up 47 percent from January and more than triple the number from a year earlier. Colombia now ranks tenth in the nationalities seeking asylum in Europe. The number of Nicaraguan applicants also increased sharply, from just nine in February 2018, to 616 in February this year. In 2015, the European Union faced its worst migration crisis since World War II, with more than one million people entering the bloc from Syria and other countries in the Middle East and Africa. The EU has sharply cut the migration flow through cooperation with Turkey and Libya, which have been staging areas for migrants crossing the Mediterranean.

Govt. says it saved millions on oil imports KINGSTON, Jamaica CMC – The Jamaica government says Wigton Windfarm Limited, the state-owned energy company, which went public last week, had been able to save the country in excess of US$54 million in oil imports. Science, Energy and Technology Minister, Fayval Williams, says the production of clean energy from the facility has enabled the country to avoid the purchase of 800,000 barrels of oil, and the emission of one million tons of carbon dioxide, thereby reducing the country’s carbon footprint. Wigton is regarded as the largest wind energy facility in the English-speaking Caribbean. It is a subsidiary of the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ), and began opera-

tions in 2004 with the commissioning of a 20.7 megawattgenerating plant. Williams regarded the Initial Public Offering (IPO) as a “new phase in the company’s history” adding “this is indeed a bold and strategic move. “The growth in (renewable energy) globally, will undoubtedly bring greater investment opportunities in the future for a company like Wigton and we want Jamaica to be a part of this growing global movement in an even greater way. I believe we have the will and the capacity, and as a Government, we are putting the plans in place to ensure that we maximize our renewable energy potential,” Mrs. Williams added. Jamaicans will have the opportunity to purchase

shares in Wigton when the IPO opens on April 17 and closes on May 1. A total of 11 billion shares at 0.50 cents each are being offered with 2.2 billion shares reserved for public sector workers. The government said it is seeking to raise J$5.5 billion (One Jamaica dollar=US$0.008 cents) from the sale. Last week, Prime Minister Andrew Holness told the ceremony that the IPO is the best way of giving back to the people. “This is the best way of achieving the goal of socialisation of wealth, “Holness said, adding “I have high hopes for the Wigton IPO as the government embarks on a strategy make Jamaica an ownership economy”.

eral shots at the sailboat.” John said that while no one on board was injured, the boat suffered several bullet holes. “Sylph is now in Port Louis Grenada meeting with the Coast Guard and officials,” he said, adding that the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard (TTCG) is in contact with their Grenadian counterpart. “Meanwhile, please file a float plan with the TTCG and call North Post Radio station if you are traveling in or out of Trinidad. Travel in a convoy if possible,” Johnson wrote. In recent months, a number of Trinidad and Tobago nationals have been held while at sea. In February, five fishermen, returned home after more than a week after being abducted at sea. Their families reportedly sold their boats, engines and a van to raise the ransom money.

Small number of guns recovered under gun amnesty BRIDGETOWN, Barbados - CMC – The Barbados government said while it did not expect to have received a “large number” of illegal guns during the gun amnesty that ended last Saturday, the authorities had recovered at least eight guns during the week long exercise. “To be frank, the expectation was not really that we would have gotten large numbers. The historical facts in relation to the gun amnesties in Barbados before, you tend to get relatively small amounts of firearms and some that are old,” said Attorney General Dale Marshall.

Marshall, who is out of the island, told the radio station of Starcom Network, that on his return he would be able to provide the island with the number of guns and ammunition returned during the amnesty. As of Wednesday last week, the authorities had recovered eight guns and 873 rounds of ammunition and Marshall told radio listeners that the majority of the guns submitted belonged to people who had died and some people had suggested that one week was not sufficient for persons to submit illegal guns. “I don’t know how long it

would take for someone to decide to hand in an illegal firearm. I think that’s just one of these excuses,” he added. Earlier this month, the government announced the week long gun amnesty in a move aimed at curbing the rise in gun-related murders in the country. Marshall told Parliament that the Mia Mottley administration was intent on dealing severely with the situation. “If you have ammunition and you know you have no lawful reason to have, take it to a police station day or night, no questions asked,” he told legislators.





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Adams-Yearwood denies influencing...


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Tuesday April 16, 2019

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From page 12 in the (pre or post) award of the contracts to my husband or any other contractor. In 2017, as part of the effort to promote the Housing Solutions 2017 and Beyond Project, I was present at the symbolic signing ceremony for contractors that had been pre-qualified to build houses for the Housing Expo. Two of the contractors signed their documents that day. All aspects of the selection and award processes had been completed by the competent authority. My presence was purely ceremonial. The other time that I would have spoken with contractors would have been to discuss policy matters and share our expectations with regard to meeting deadlines

There should be a... From page 6 and expect to return and be placed into a position as Managing Director. These are varying levels of responsibilities, accountability and roles. The programme should include an aspect for developing their leadership and executive management skills but also to

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and quality standards. INDEBTEDNESS TO SUB-CONTRACTOR As far as I know, a subcontractor, by the name of Mr. Desmond Murphy, was engaged by Mr. Yearwood in 2018. During the period of (6) weeks, while we were overseas, the sub-contractor did a lot of substandard work which was rejected by CH&PA as well as several materials which were purchased by Mr. Yearwood and left in poss e s s i o n o f M r. M u r p h y could not be accounted for. The defective works had to be corrected by the Contractor Mr. Yearwood using his own finances. The sub-contractor, therefore, could not be paid for those works. I trust that the foregoing has set the record straight on this matter.

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similarly develop the locals. This has been as challenge as one critically examines our development. For example one of the reasons for the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) being developed is that the home –grown Judges have a better understanding of the Caribbean and local context as against the Judges of the Privy Council. I would also like to add that some persons are of the view that many of us are not friends of the Government, hence we are critical of some of its actions, rather, it is because we are friends of the Government that we do n o t w a n t t h e m to selfdestruct. Many of us would not see our leaders walking over a cliff and remain silent because we are trying to keep our jobs or to be perceived in as favourably. We speak out of love for country. On the point of our lawmakers with dual citizenship, it is a sign of good character when a leader accepts the benefits and the burdens of his or her choices. Imagine our lawmakers leaving and entering the country on their American, British or Canadian Passports…so they are not even subjected to the very laws they are making… Yours faithfully, Citizen Audreyanna Thomas

Tuesday April 16, 2019


Kaieteur News

East Coast masqueraders call for penalties for lawless offenders claim so-called groups tarnish reputation of seasoned campaigners Masquerade groups already directly under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport are calling on the Culture Director, and the Ministry, to have legislation in place to ensure masquerade groups that fail to come u n d e r t h e m i n i s t r y ’s umbrella are penalized for unlawful public appearances. This plea by several masquerade groups from the East Coast of Demerara comes on the heels of a recent incident where a ‘so-called masquerade g r o u p ’ f r o m t h e We s t Demerara District took to the streets, prancing for cash, creating a traffic congestion for over two hours much to the dismay and anger of drivers and other commuters. The group at that time that was said to be ‘celebrating the death’ of a popular m a s q u e r a d e r, h a d n o t received permission, nor had its members consulted with the Culture Ministry, according to Culture Director Tamika Boatswain. Representatives of masquerade groups from

M a h a i c o n y, M a h a i c a , Victoria, and Berbice in separate interviews all declared that “it’s high time” the Culture Ministry does something about groups popping up all over, adorning themselves with costumes and doing as they please. Masqueraders from Victoria Village, East Coast Demerara and West Coast Berbice are particularly angry with the recent ‘faulty group from the Westside’, claiming that this group is ‘duttying de waters fuh everybody’ Those from Victoria are particularly displeased since they claim to have kept within their traditional operations, and have always consulted with the Culture Ministry with regard to all aspects of their operations. They have informed that groups are just appearing across the length and breadth of Guyana, and some of them may not have ever once seen the environs of the Culture Ministry’s Main Street, Georgetown compound. When Culture Director Boatswain was contacted

Masquerade dancers, operating without the Culture Ministry’s endorsement, obstructed traffic for prolonged periods on the roads just recently. for a comment yesterday, she noted that the calls for such legislation by masquerade groups will have to be tabled at a ministerial level, and the

Accused in Sparendaam gang murder faces High Court trial The trial of Junior Anthony Henry has commenced at the Georgetown Supreme Court before Justice James Bovell –Drakes. Henry is accused of the murder of Michael Hamilton called ‘Mickel’ which occurred on October 7, 2013 at Sparendaam, East Coast Demerara. Hamilton was reportedly gunned down two corners away from his home. His killer had purportedly fled the scene of the shooting. According to reports, police investigations had revealed that the 22-year-old mason of Lot 128 Sparendaam Housing Scheme was shot twice by a gang member with whom he had an ongoing feud for several months. The victim’s family members had reportedly received death threats prior to the shooting. Police investigators revealed that the two men were known to each other. They had said that the shooting was the result of an ongoing gang feud. The Police had received reports of the two warring parties shooting at each other. According to the facts of the case, during the confrontation, the suspect allegedly opened fire, grazing Hamilton in the leg. Hamilton reportedly followed his attacker to Sec-

Dead: Michael Hamilton ond Street, Sparendaam, where he was shot dead. A relative of the victim recalled hearing three gunshots and later seeing Hamilton leaning against an uncle while blood gushed from a wound in the centre of his chest. He was placed in a taxi and taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead. An uncle

of the dead man had said that the family had made numerous reports, before the murder, but no action was taken by the ranks. State Prosecutors Tiffany Lyken and Sarah Martin are set to call eleven witnesses to the stand during the trial. Attorney-at-law, Lyndon Amsterdam will be representing the accused.

implementation of the desired legislation will have to be discussed professionally. She expressed the desire that groups across Guyana should always approach the ministry before embarking on any personal ventures and should always keep such operations (especially if its street appearances) within the confines of the law, and should at no time ignite chaos with regards to traffic congestion. She also expressed the need for groups to stick with the traditional concept behind masquerade and not use it only as a ‘money making mechanism’. Masquerade bands are expected to acquire an endorsement from the

Culture Ministry, but many today are ignoring this process. The Department of To u r i s m within the Ministry of Business, will be hosting its first Masquerade Consultation today at Moray House, Camp and Quamina Streets, Georgetown. The D e p a r t m e n t ’s objective for this consultation is to understand the challenges and propose the most viable solutions that will aid in the sustainability of this very unique aspect of the nation’s culture that makes up its rich cultural heritage. Further, following several examples in the Caribbean, Minister Dominic Gaskin has indicated an interest in the

development of a cultural tourism product based on the masquerade. This venture will be staged also to map out the next steps and ways the Culture Ministry can give support to the masquerade tradition in order that it could be part of Guyana’s cultural tourism product Over the years the traditional masquerade art form has dwindled from a traditional cultural showcase to a moneymaking avenue, where dancers just mainly prance along the roadways, offering lacklustre performances, and demanding monies from often infuriated drivers, many times blocking their paths until the drivers give in.


Tuesday April 16, 2019

Kaieteur News

Fire devastates Notre-Dame Cathedral, centuries-old Parisian landmark PARIS (Reuters) - NotreDame Cathedral went up in flames on Monday in a roaring blaze that devastated the Parisian landmark, a searing loss for the city and for France. Flames that began in the early evening burst rapidly through the roof of the centuries-old cathedral and engulfed the spire, which collapsed, quickly followed by the entire roof. A huge plume of smoke wafted across the city and ash fell over a large area. Parisians watched on, many of them lost for words. “Like all our compatriots, I am sad this evening to see this part of all of us burn,” President Emmanuel Macron tweeted. “Basically the whole rooftop is gone. I see no hope for the building,” said witness Jacek Poltorak, watching the fire from a fifth-floor balcony two blocks from the southern facade of the cathedral, one of France’s most visited sites. Firefighters tried to contain the blaze with water hoses and cleared the area around Notre-Dame, which sits on an island in the River Seine and marks the very centre of Paris. Witnesses said the whole island was being evacuated. Nobody was injured, junior interior minister Laurent Nunez said at the scene, adding: “It’s too early to determine the causes of the fire.” The Paris prosecutor’s

office said it had launched an inquiry into the fire. France 2 television reported that police were treating it as an accident. “Everything is collapsing,” a police officer near the scene said as the cathedral continued to burn. Macron, who cancelled an address to the nation that he had been due to give on Monday evening, went to the scene of the blaze. SYMBOL OF PARIS The cathedral, which dates back to the 12th cen-

tury, features in Victor Hugo’s classic novel “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame”. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site that attracts millions of tourists every year. “I have a lot of friends who live abroad and every time they come I tell them to go to Notre-Dame,” said witness Samantha Silva, with tears in her eyes. “I’ve visited it so many times, but it will never be the same. It’s a real symbol of Paris.”

The cathedral was in the midst of renovations, with some sections under scaffolding, and bronze statues were removed last week for works. Built over a century starting in 1163, Notre-Dame is considered to be among the finest examples of French Gothic cathedral architecture. It is renowned for its rib vaulting, flying buttresses and stunning stained glass windows, as well as its many carved stone gargoyles. Its 100-metre-long (330-

foot) roof, of which a large section was consumed in the first hour of the blaze, was one of the oldest such structures in Paris, according to the cathedral’s website. “There are a lot of art works inside ... it’s a real tragedy,” Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo told reporters at the scene. A centre of Roman Catholic faith, over the centuries Notre-Dame has also been a target of political upheaval. It was ransacked by riot-

ing Protestant Huguenots in the 16th century, pillaged again during the French Revolution of the 1790s and left in a state of semi-neglect. Hugo’s 1831 work led to revived interest in the cathedral and a major – partly botched – restoration that began in 1844. The wood-and-lead spire was built during that restoration, according to the cathedral’s website. UNESCO said in a tweet it was “closely monitoring the situation and is standing by France’s side to safeguard and restore this invaluable heritage”. A speech by French President Emmanuel Macron that was scheduled to air on French TV on Monday night was postponed the address in light of the fire. “Notre-Dame de Paris in flames,” Macron tweeted. “Emotion of a whole nation. Thought for all Catholics and for all French. Like all our compatriots, I am sad tonight to see this part of us burn.” Hundreds of people gathered in the streets below to watch the blaze, some in tears, others simply shouting its name. A CNN International correspondent said that blowing cinders were falling on their heads. Dramatic images posted to social media showed the roof of the medieval cathedral engulfed in flames, and its spire collapsing into the church.

Denials of U.S. immigrant visas Venezuelans at Brazil border live on bus going nowhere skyrocket after little-heralded rule change PACARAIMA, Brazil (Reuters) - Ten destitute Venezuelan migrants who fled their country’s crisis did not get far when they crossed into Brazil: they have been living for three months on an abandoned bus just across the border. They sleep on cardboard, except for the lucky one who gets the hammock. They cook on a wood fire just outside the door of the motor-less 1983 Mercedes Benz bus. Two children go to the local school every morning. The penniless migrants

work at odd jobs for spare change, loading the cars and pickups of Venezuelans who cross over to buy food and goods in short supply back home. “We’ve been living in this bus for three months,” says Hildemaro Ortiz, 24, from Punta de Mata in eastern Venezuela, who hopes to move to a bigger Brazilian city once his son makes it across the border. Ortiz and his bus-mates are part of a flood of Venezuelans pouring into the rest of Latin America, often driven by

hunger and desperate to escape an economy in free-fall as food shortages and blackouts rattle their oil-rich nation. Tens of thousands of migrants have fled the political and economic upheaval in Venezuela through Pacaraima, the only road crossing to Brazil, creating tension at the border. About 3.7 million people have left Venezuela in recent years, mostly via its western neighbor Colombia, according to the World Bank. Ixora Sanguino, 27, sweeps the floor of the bus and folds the blankets. “I never thought I would ever live in a bus, and least of all in another country like this,” said the mother of three who had to leave her children behind in Ciudad Bolivar. “There is nothing in Venezuela right now,” she said.

WASHINGTON/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) When Arturo Balbino, a Texas construction worker, walked into his visa interview at the American consulate in the northern Mexican border town of Ciudad Juarez in March, he wasn’t nervous. He felt good. Balbino, a 33year-old Mexican national who had entered the United States illegally 14 years ago, thought he had a strong case for a spousal visa: a wife and children who are U.S. citizens, a father-in-law who had pledged in an affidavit to financially support him if necessary, and a letter from his employer guaranteeing him an $18-per-hour job upon his return. When he went for the interview, he was at the final step of legalizing his status, which would, he hoped, pave

the way for a more stable life for himself and his family. Instead, the consular officer denied his application on the grounds that he could become a drain on U.S. taxpayers by requiring government financial assistance, according to documents reviewed by Reuters. That decision stranded Balbino in Mexico indefinitely and upended his family’s life. More and more aspiring immigrants – especially Mexicans – are being denied visas based on determinations by the U.S. State Department that they might become “public charges,” dependent on the government for support, according to official data and interviews with attorneys, immigrants and their family members. Lawyers for some immigrants say consular officers are denying visas even

when applicants fulfill legal requirements to prove they will be financially independent. The refusals, capping an often complex and lengthy application process, can trap people for months or longer outside the United States, separated from American spouses and children, as they renew their efforts to legally return. Some may never be able to go back. One reason for the rise in refusals are little-known changes last year in the State Department’s foreign affairs manual that gave diplomats wider discretion in deciding visa denials on public-charge grounds. The changes occurred in January 2018 as the Department of Homeland Security was preparing a separate, highly controversial proposal to restrict immigration on public-charge grounds.

Tuesday April 16, 2019


Kaieteur News

Manganese mine incident...

‘Mystery’ illness identified as Histoplasmosis - Infection caused by Fungus found in droppings of birds, bats and rats in humid areas The mystery illness which was erroneously assumed to be H1N1 (Swine Flu) and as leptospirosis in two cases, affecting employees working in the Guyana Manganese Inc. tunnel in Matthew’s Ridge, Region One, BarimaWaini, has finally been determined to be Histoplasmosis, an infection by a fungus found in the droppings of birds, bats and rats in humid areas. This was confirmed when the Ministry of Public Health held a press conference yesterday in its Mental Health Unit Boardroom, to provide an update on the recent outbreak and related issues. Samples were collected from all patients and initially some testing was done at the National Public Health Reference Laboratory (NPHRL). Further samples were sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency Laboratory (CARPHA) in Trinidad for confirmation. The results initially were negative for Influenza A and B inclusive of H1N1, Chikungunya, Zika and Dengue. All patients underwent malaria tests in Matthews Ridge and they were also negative. Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Shamdeo Persaud provided a detailed update. Relating the developments sequentially, the CMO said that the first four cases were reported on March 28; one died while receiving care at Pakera District Hospital in Region One. The following day, four more were brought in to Pakera District Hospital complaining of similar symptoms (fever, headaches, joint pains, mild shortness of breath). Subsequently, the seven Chinese workers were transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). An additional six employees, including one Guyanese, were attended to at the Port Kaituma Hospital, but later transferred to the GPHC. One of the six persons visited the hospital on his own. He was evaluated but not admitted. Once the cases were reported, several teams visited the site from the regional level. The teams included the Regional Health Officer and the Regional Environmental Health Officer, along with some supporting medical staff. “In the initial stage, we weren’t sure what we were dealing with, but since it was a febrile illness with respiratory symptoms, we took all the necessary precaution to restrict access to both the site and the hospital where the

patients were being kept. “The additional staffers that were sent to the region set up a temporary facility at the community centre in Matthews’s Ridge where they were seeing the regular patients,” the CMO recounted. “Following the transfer of the patients on April 3, they cleaned up the Pakera District Hospital and closed down the temporary sites. Work resumed as normal at the hospital for Maternal Child Health and other services.” “Two persons are dead; one died at Pakera District Hospital and one at GPHC. Of those admitted at the GPHC, two were discharged. An additional person was discharged from Pakera District Hospital. “Ten workers were transferred to China on Monday, April 9. Sixteen Chinese workers were under care and treatment. Following the transfer, two more were admitted to Pakera Hospital bringing it to a total of 18.” Blood, sputum and urine samples were collected from those that were under care, while tissue samples were collected during the post mortem from the two deceased. Testing for these samples was done locally at the National Public Health Reference Laboratory (NPHRL) and confirmation was done at Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) in Trinidad. “All tests were negative for Influenza A & B, Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika. Even though reported, we had two positive for Leptospirosis, according to the NPHRL, those were later found negative through confirmation from CARPHA. “On the weekend of April 7, a team was flown in to Matthew’s Ridge. The team included officers from Environmental Protection Agency and Occupational Safety and Health, and they did an evaluation of the work site and looked at some of the risk factors relating to the environment. A community meeting was also held with residents,”

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Shamdeo Persaud addresses the media Dr. Persaud said. It was disclosed that from April 8 to April 10, two Consultants from the Pan American Health Organisation/ World Health Organisation (PAHO/WHO) along with the Chief Medical Officer and a team from the Ministry of Public Health visited the area. A team of nine officers from the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), China, was also part of the visiting team. “During the visit, the team met with the hospital staff. We reviewed their procedures for infectious disease control and prevention and we also met with company officials. Interviews were conducted with the persons who were working in the mine.” A total of 23 Chinese workers were interviewed. They were working in the four different tunnels. The CMO continued: “On April 10, we received word from CARPHA that five samples were tested for histoplasmosis, four were positive. The Chinese CDC tested an additional six persons and five were positive for histoplasmosis. One person tested showed weak positive hantavirus, but this may have been because a past exposure to that germ.

“Currently, we are monitoring persons at Matthew’s Ridge. During the last two days, two persons developed fever and they were admitted to Pakera District Hospital and are under close observation and treatment for hantavirus, which is a fungal

infection. We also took samples from them and they are presently being processed for shipment to CARPHA.” Meanwhile, the absence of safety gear for workers was highlighted. Interviews were done with employees who

had not developed any illness. And this revealed the shortcomings. Officials were told that the safety gear was in the country, but was not on site. They had not cleared customs at the wharf at that time. However that claim was never confirmed. Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Consultant Gwyneth King said, “Our information to date is that the workers were not wearing [any] personal safety gear. That is to say that they were not wearing respirators, so they were exposed to breathing in the fungus. “If you have to do a job like that, you need to wear personal safety gear, otherwise to that you could expose yourself.” King said that officials will be working within the confines of the Occupational Safety and Health Act to see what action, if any, can be taken against the company for this major inadequacy. However, they are only now going through their findings and preparing the report.


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Tuesday April 16, 2019

Tuesday April 16, 2019


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African soccer whistleblower fired after accusing boss of corruption JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - African soccer’s ruling body has fired a senior official after he made corruption accusations against the organization’s president in a potential blow to FIFA’s efforts to clean up the game after a raft of scandals worldwide. The Confederation of African Football (CAF) sacked general secretary Amr Fahmy after the Egyptian accused his boss Ahmad Ahmad of bribes and misuse of hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to officials and an internal document. The document, sent on March 31 by Fahmy to a FIFA body that investigates alleged ethics breaches and seen by Reuters, accuses Ahmad of ordering his secretary-general to pay $20,000 bribes into accounts

of African soccer association presidents. They included Cape Verde and Tanzania. The document also accused Ahmad of costing CAF an extra $830,000 by ordering equipment via a French intermediary company called Tactical Steel. Furthermore, it accuses him of harassing four female CAF staff, whom it did not name; violating statutes to increase Moroccan representation within the organization; and overspending more than $400,000 of CAF money on cars in Egypt and Madagascar, where a satellite office has been set up for him. LATEST FIFA CONTROVERSY Senior CAF officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Fahmy was

fired after compiling the document with the allegations against Ahmad, from Madagascar, who took the top African soccer post two years ago. CAF confirmed to Reuters that Fahmy lost his job at an executive committee meeting in Cairo on Thursday, prior to the draw for the Africa Cup of Nations finals. It declined to give more details about the reason for his dismissal. “There’s no explanation. It’s the Executive Committee decision,” communications director Nathalie Rabe said in an email exchange with Reuters on Sunday. Ahmad, who is also a vicepresident of world governing body FIFA, did not respond to requests for comment on the allegations against him. Requests for comment to

Tuesday April 16, 2019 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) Romance is in the air today. Alas, it seems to rain down on everyone but you. You must have put on your romancerepellent raincoat before leaving the house this morning. TAURUS(Apr.20–May20) Your creativity is at an alltime high, Taurus, so take advantage of it. This would be an ideal day to paint or write. Even though you consider your talents well below amateur status. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Your inspiration and creativity are high today, Gemini. If you've been thinking about taking up painting or poetry, this would be an ideal day to get started. CANCER (June 21–July 22) It's bad enough having too many cooks in the kitchen, but when those cooks argue not only about how to cook the meal but also about how to design the kitchen.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Sometimes you can be too passive and let others trample all over you. Your lack of ego is admirable, but only up to a point, Libra. Why let others take credit for your ideas? SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) An unethical acquaintance could be spreading unfounded rumors. Don't take anything you hear today at face value. Get all the facts before drawing conclusions. SAGIT(Nov.22–Dec.21) A longtime friend may become something more today, Sagittarius. It could be that there has always been a certain spark between you, but you haven't been able to acknowledge it until now. CAPRI (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) You may be frustrated today. An anticipated romantic encounter may be postponed or canceled. There's no reason to consider it a major setback in the relationship.

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Your self-confidence is at a low point these days, and this is making you especially vulnerable. It's likely that a recent confrontation with a close friend has you worrying about the overall health of the relationship.

AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) You could feel a bit low today due to disappointment in someone important to you. It could be that a mentor no longer supports you or perhaps an authority figure has shown his or her true colors.

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) You may feel some frustration over your perceived inability to reach an important milestone in your career. It's possible that you only need to reevaluate the benchmarks.

PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) You're likely changing your mind about something that has been important to you, Pisces. Perhaps you're questioning your job, career path, or choice of a mate.

the soccer presidents and authorities of Cape Verde and Tanzania, and to Tactical Steel in France, were also not immediately answered. Fahmy was replaced by Mouad Hajji, from Morocco. The allegations against Ahmad follow a string of

WBCA Supports the appointment... From page 30 permit or attend any meeting to instruct Mr. Arun Gossai to challenge the Minister’s appoint of Mr. Stephen Lewis, as the cricket ombudsman. In fact, West Berbice fully supports the appointment of Mr. Lewis and implore this gentleman to begin the club verification process, especially in the County of Berbice where many, nonplaying phantoms voted in the last BCB Elections. We would also like the Cricket Ombudsman to clarify why no BCB Election was held in December 2018. It is time all the affected clubs speak out against the one man show in Berbice. No Executive Meetings, No Elections!! It is Time. Yours Sincerely, Carole Nurse. Secretary, West Berbice Cricket Association.

scandals related to FIFA’s practices in Latin America and Asia in recent years, which have led to the indictment and jailing of numerous senior soccer administrators. The corruption scandals first broke in 2015. The CAF case is potentially problematic for FIFA president Gianni Infantino - set to be re-elected unopposed in June for a fouryear term - as Ahmad is one of his deputies. FIFA declined comment. “The Ethics Committee

does not comment on potential ongoing proceedings nor on whether or not investigations are underway into alleged ethics cases,” a spokesperson said. Ahmad, 59, served as Minister of Fisheries in Madagascar and in the country’s senate before a quick rise to the CAF presidency. His accuser Fahmy, 35, was appointed as general secretary in late 2017, keeping up a family tradition that stretches across three generations.


Tuesday April 16, 2019

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NSC assists sports organisations

Sand Hill’s Elias Allicock collects from DOS Christopher Jones. The National Sports Commission continues to assist areas across Guyana in the Development of Sport. Director of Sport Christopher Jones and other staff recently handed over cricket equipment several clubs and persons including Sand Hill (Demerara River). Elias Allicock collected

Vryheid’s Lust, South Sports Committee members collect trophies for their event.

their donation and they will be hosting a one day Hardball Cricket competition on Easter Monday, with Trophies and other prizes sponsored by NSC. Vryheid’s Lust, South Sports Committee, will be organising a four days programme and received support.

U19 female cricketer Shemika Edwards (centre), student of Annandale Secondary, and Lavern Edwards receive their donation.

Parurima Village, Kamarang River Upper Mazaruni, Tyson Sports Club has organised their 24th Annual Easter Football Competition from the 21-23 April. And U19 female cricketer Shemika Edwards (student of Annandale Secondary) was also presented with assistance from the NSC.

Noelle Smith (left) of the NSC hands over to Tyson Sports Club President Lee Williams, while Sports Officer Deon Carew look on.

NSC Annual Easter Swim Programme commences The National Sports Commission Easter Swim Programme commenced yesterday at the Colgrain pool in Georgetown and National Aquatic Centre in Lilliendaal, East Coast Demerara. The programme which is being held in collaboration with the Ministry of the Presidency Department of Social Cohesion, Culture, Youth and Sport has 210 male and female students between the ages of 6-16 and will lasts for two weeks. Students from 6-10 are being trained at Colgrain, while those from 11-16 years old goes through their paces at the NAC. They are being tutored on breathing, along with swimming, floating, kicking and freestyle among other techniques. Coaches

Paul Mahaica and Christopher Mc Adams conduct the sessions with assistance from life guards and instructors. In his brief remark, Director of Sport Christopher Jones encouraged the parents to continue to place emphasis on their children involvement in sport and urged the participants to take the classes seriously, adding that they can go places. Administrative Assistant of Colgrain Swimming Pool, Miss Desiree Cummings said she is pleased with the response and stated that the programme will help the participants to overcome fear and get stronger so that they can improve in every aspect of the sport. She added that registration is still on going and will close today.

A section of the participants with their parents during the opening of the programme.

Tuesday April 16, 2019


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Mangra wins A&R Jiwanram Printery 2nd annual golf classic With fine dry weather and the golf course in great condition, the players took off in high expectation of being in the Winners Row at the end of the second annual A&R Jiwanram Printery Golf Classic on Saturday last at the Lusignan Golf Course. But it was Maxim Mangra who took the Champion spot with an amazing net 65, after recovering from a not so good front nine. A&R Jiwanram Printery of 31 Back St., Bel Air Village, Georgetown, Tel: 592-2265588; 592-603-1250/1255 is a modern professional hi-tech Printing & Graphic Design Company that does a wide range of print jobs including banners, clothing, calendars, books, wrappers, business cards etc. in small or large quantities as requested, with a general maximum turnaround time of 24 hours. A&R Printery, a strong supporter of the Lusignan Golf Club, making available paper and print facilities for the Club at much reduced cost, and sometimes at no cost, sponsored its inaugural tournament on Saturday December 8, 2018, - a tournament that was won by

Balgobin Ragnauth (66/23). Playing in the 21 – 30 handicap flight, Maxim Mangra emerged 1st with a net score of 65 off a handicap of 26. Clifford Reis (69/25) placed 2nd, while Dr Philbert London (69/25) and Guillermo Escarraga (76/21) were close challengers. In the 11 – 20 handicap flight, Ayube Subhan played a good net 73 off of handicap 15 to edge out Bholawram Deo (73/18) in the back nine play. Meanwhile, Gavin Todd (75/ 17), Mahindranauth Tewari (78/15) and Shanella Webster (79/15) put up commendable performances. Mike Mangal placed 1st in the 0 – 10 handicap flight with a net 79 off a 9 handicap. He was chased, but not overtaken, by Club President Aleem Hussain (80/10); these two outdistanced the other players in their group. Special prizes were won by Mahindranauth Tewari for the Longest Drive, Ayube Subhan for the Best Gross, and Maxim Mangra for the Nearest to The Pin. Maxim won a third prize – the tournament Champion prize – for returning the Best Net score of 65.

The winners after the presentation. From left Clifford Reis, Maxim Mangra, Mike Mangal, Ayube Subhan, Robert Hanoman (representing A&R Printery), Joaan Deo (standing in for Captain Chatterpaul Deo), Bholawram Deo, a Bar assistant for the day, and Club President Aleem Hussain.

CWI appoints new independent Injured Alzarri Joseph likely to miss remainder of IPL Director ST JOHNS, Antigua Cricket West Indies (CWI) has announced the appointment of Mr. Imran McSood-Amjad, Chairman and First CEO of NAGICO as a new Independent Director. Mr. McSood-Amjad’s appointment was ratified by the CWI Board of Directors in a Board Meeting held on Tuesday, April 9, 2019. Mr. McSood-Amjad joins CWI with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the insurance and motor industries. A self-made entrepreneur and philanthropist, Mr. McSoodAmjad and his Nagico Insurances organization have long had an active involvement in West Indies cricket, including NAGICO being a recent past sponsor of the West Indies Super50 Cup. He is also Chairman of Motorworld, Caribbean Auto and International Motors Ltd in St Maarten. His passion for cricket in the West Indies runs deep and he is the founder and current Chairman of the St. Maarten Cricket Association. Mr. McSood-Amjad has also been recognized for his longstanding and outstanding services to St Maarten’s society with the Order of Orange-Nassau, a

Mr. Imran McSood- Amjad

CWI President Ricky Skerritt

Royal Decoration and recognition from the Kingdom of the Netherlands. President Ricky Skerritt said, “We are delighted to welcome Mr. McSoodAmjad’s deep region-wide business experience and his undoubted passion for cricket to the CWI Board, where we know he will make valuable contributions to the growth and success of the West Indies to make cricket the heartbeat of the Caribbean.” Mr. McSood-Amjad joins the Board and he expressed the honour he felt in receiving his new appointment, “It’s a privilege to be appointed to serve cricket across the whole

of the region as we aim to strengthen West Indies cricket. Cricket makes such a difference to every community, country, player and fan and there is a genuine opportunity to make cricket stronger and continue to be the pride of the Caribbean.” He added, “CWI must focus on all levels of cricket and work towards ensuring that the best and most disciplined players represent us at each level so as to become world leaders of the game once again. This would require a unified and astute approach to cricket coupled with financial vision for which I hope to bring added value.”

Alzarri Joseph conceded 53 runs in his three overs. (BCCI) ESPNcricinfo – Alzarri Joseph is likely to join Mumbai Indians’ injury bench after hurting his bowling arm during Saturday’s clash against Rajasthan Royals. ESPNcricinfo understands that Joseph has a tear in his right arm, which he dislocated while diving on the field, and will miss the remainder of the tournament. Joseph himself was a replacement for New Zealand’s Adam Milne, who didn’t arrive after suffering from a swollen heel. Milne had been bought at the December auction for for

INR 75 lakhs (US$104,000 approx). As per the rules, the replacement also gets the same amount. This has been a difficult year for Joseph already. In February, he lost his mother in the middle of his maiden home Test in Antigua, where he’d dismissed Joe Denly off the first delivery. He opted to play the Test, displaying a lot of character in West Indies’ series win against England. Joseph’s IPL sojourn lasted a week. He announced himself spectacularly by picking the IPL’s best bowling figures of 6 for 12 to deliver an away win against against Sunrisers Hyderabad. Three

days later, Joseph hit the winning runs against Kings XI Punjab in his first home game. However, he had just bowled two overs in which he had given 22 runs, going wicketless. On Friday, before his fall, Joseph had already endured a hard beating, once again going wicketless and leaking 53 runs in three overs. Having played half the number of games, Mumbai will be keen to find an immediate replacement for Joseph. Mumbai play Royal Challengers at home today before travelling for four away games.


Tuesday April 16, 2019

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Bounty Paper Towel & Solo Drink Hockey Leagues

Defending Champs GBTI earn 5-3 win over Bingo Spartans

GCC Pitbulls defender Samuel Woodroffe takes a shot at the YMCA Old Fort Ballerz goal. The GBTI GCC women bounced back after losing to Saints the previous week, to thrash Bingo Spartans 5-3 on Sunday when play resumed in the Bounty Paper Towel Second Division Outdoor Hockey League at the Saint Stanislaus College (SSC) ground on Carifesta Avenue. This was a welcomed win for the reigning champions who lost 2-1 to Saints the previous week in the league organised by the Guyana

Hockey Board (GHB) but it wasn’t a straightforward triumph. At half time, the younger and quicker Bingo Spartans side were going neck and neck with their more senior opponents with the scores locked at 3-3, thanks to a brace from Paige Fernandes and one goal from Sarah Klautky. For GBTI GCC, Princessa Wilkie banged in four of her team’s five goals before Vanessa Pires had scored the

game’s opener in the fifth minute. In the other women’s second division match, top of the points table; Saints, notched their second win with a 2-0 victory over YMCA Old Fort (OF) Wild Cats. Clayza Bobb and Nia Williams notched one goal each for the winners. On the men’s side, Bounty GCC got past YMCA OF Rusty 2-0 in game one with the goals coming off the

LBI and Hope win P.K.F Barcellos, Narine & Co. Tapeball tourneys

Outstanding YMCA Old Fort Ballerz midfielder Omar Hopkinson controls the ball against two GCC defenders. sticks of Samuel Woodroffe and John Phang, while Saints Savages safely negotiated a 2-1 win against Saints Shockwave. Hilton Chester scored a brace for the Savages while his brother Hilmar scored the solitary goal for Shockwave. In the Solo sponsored under-20 division, GCC Pitbulls needled Saints Storm via a second half field goal (FG) from Tariq Nelson. YMCA OF Ballerz got the better of Saints Samurai with a similar 1-0 victory in the other Solo boys’ match, Nandalall Persaud scored the winner. The tournament continues this weekend at the same venue.

Speedsters Charlia Webb of Saints (right) and Sarah Klautky of Bingo Spartans race for possession.

GCC, Diplomats triumph; DCC secure draw with Everest

LBI Secondary School, champions of the 4th annual inter-Secondary School Tapeball cricket competition. Last Saturday, the P.K.F. Barcellos, Narine & Company Inter-Secondary School annual Tapeball cricket competition bowled off at the Durban Park Tarmac and La Bonne Intention (LBI) Secondary school came out as the champions of the fourth edition of the two-day

tournament. LBI defeated The Business School in the semifinal before getting past Patentia in the final. Patentia had made light work of Hope Secondary in their semifinal before falling short in the final of the 12team competition that began last Friday.

On the distaff side, Hope Secondary won the James ‘Kool’ Lewis trophy in the schools girls’ softball cricket event after d e feating Queenstown Secondary Schools girls via a walkover in the five team competition. For the boys, Ryan Wong won the MVP award.

Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) and Diplomats registered victories when the latest round of matches in the Georgetown Cricket Association Noble House Sea Foods Second Division two-day tournament concluded on Sunday last. GCC completed an eight wicket victory over host Muslim Youth Organisation. Resuming on their overnight first innings 225-7 in reply to MYO 114, GCC progressed to 242 all out. Brian Bowen, Kishan Singh and Chris Surat picked up two wickets each. Trailing by 128, MYO made 158 all out, batting a second time. Roopesh Motilall struck 53, while Chris Ramdeen made 20 as Duncan Clarke picked up four wickets while Deonarine Seegobin, Gavin Singh and Darius Andrews had two each. GCC needed 30 to win and achieved their target for the loss of two

wickets. Scores- MYO 114 (Chris Ramdeen and Rudalph Singh 47 each; Darius Andrews 734) and 158 (Roopesh Motilall 53) lost to GCC 242 (Deonarine Seegobin 62) and 31-2 by eight wickets. At Gandhi Youth Organisation, Diplomats upset Transport SC by four wickets. Facing a deficit of 158, TSC were asked to follow-on and posted 243 all out with Adrian Hinds scoring 47, Shaun De Souza 44 and Azeem Azeez 26; Raydon Gill bagged six wickets. Set 84 for victory, Diplomats reached their target for the loss of six wickets; Joel Spooner and Kevin Ross took two wickets each. Scores-Diplomats 289 (Nigel Simpson 106, Joel Spooner 4-69) and 84-6 beat TSC 131 (Andre Forrester 343) and 243 (Adrian Hinds 47, Raydon Gill six wickets) by four wickets.

At DCC, the home team and Everest CC played to a draw. Batting first, Everest CC managed 225 all out with Matthew Nandu scoring 51, Aron Beharry 48 and Usherdeva Balgobin 37; Xavie Smith captured 4-56 while Ricardo Percival and Daniel Mootoo had two each. DCC were bowled out for 200 in reply. Eziekiel Wilson made 48 and added 66 with Alphius Bookie who got 38, Dequan Bamfield contributed 31, Mootoo 29, Smith 23 and Indergit Nanan 18. Nandu picked up 3-22, Gavin Sookdeo 2-20 and Ariel Tilku 2-33. Leading by 25, Everest CC made 126 all out, batting a second time. Nandu led with 44 and Rishi Hiralall got 15 as Smith took 4-29 and Mootoo 2-13. Set 150 to win from a minimum of eight overs well into the final session, DCC were 5-2 when play was halted. (Zaheer Mohamed)

Tuesday April 16, 2019


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Bartica Easter Regatta Sports

Grass Track Racing to take Mongrippa Hill Track by revs on Saturday - BMX cyclists to also compete It is being touted as one of the biggest showdowns in the sport and is set for this Easter Saturday at the Mongrippa Hill Track when the best athletes in the Grass Track arena collide as part of the sports programme for Bartica Easter Regatta, 2019. Organised by the Red Earth Riders Sports Club in conjunction with the Mayor and Town Council of Bartica, the likes of home boys, Andrew ‘Dare Devil’ Wong, Dave Young, Bobby Rasul, Dale Hareen and Steven Vieira will all be on show as they seek to out rev each other. Last year’s event was exciting but the organisers are promising an even bigger and more competitive event this time around with riders from Essequibo, East Coast Demerara, Georgetown and Linden confirmed to throw down the gauntlet to the home boys with lucrative cash prizes and trophies on offer in the 14-races carded for the day. According to Haydock

Parris and Dave Young, two of the representatives from Red Earth Riders Sports Club of Bartica, they are more than happy to be working along with Sports Organiser for the Regatta, Michael Dos Santos and t h e M a y o r a n d To w n Council which now has the franchise for Regatta. The organisers are encouraging fans to come out in their numbers to enjoy what will be a fantastic day of riding and they have also pulled out the stops to ensure that the BMX riders in Bartica also enjoy what is going to be served up. They have disclosed that building on the momentum of the recently held Bartica Cycling Challenge, a collaborative effort between the Mayor and Town Council and the Guyana Cycling Federation, they will be running off a total of four (4) BMX races, each race has a BMX cycle as the first prize apart from other incentives. Races would be for Girls Under-12, Boys

Under-10, 13 and 15. Events listed for the Dirt Bike Riders are as follows: * Three (3) Professional Races – 125CC – Cash prize of $65,000 for each race * Three (3) Novices Races – 125CC – Cash prize of $45,000 for each race * Two (2) Quads Races – Cash prize of $50,000 for each race * Two (2) Races for Bush Bikes (4-wheels) – Cash prize of $30,000 for each race * Two (2) Races for Four (4) Stroke 125CC – Cash prize of $30,000 for each race * One (1) Race for Side by Side – Cash Prize of $65,000 * One (1) Open Race for Two (2) wheel bikes – Cash prize of $65,000 BMX Cycle Races Girls Under-12 1st prize one BMX cycle Boys Under-10 1st prize one BMX cycle Boys Under-13 1st prize one BMX cycle Boys Under-15 1st prize one BMX cycle There would also be other incentives for the BMX cyclists placing in the other top positions,

Sergeant commands Regal to 3rd consecutive Florida Cup Open title An ultra aggressive 85 from Rickey Sergeant handed Regal All Stars a commanding 131-run victory over Softball Cricket Canada (SCC) All Stars in the Open final of the 15th edition of the Florida Cup which ended last Sunday in Fort Lauderdale. The all-rounder walked in at number four with the now three-time champions 33-2 in the third over after winning the toss and powered them to 233 for 7 from their 20 overs. However, at the start of his innings he was just a spectator at the other end and played the supporting role to Patrick Rooplall who seemed a man possessed. Rooplall hit two sixes and two fours off the first six balls he faced to get the ball rolling in the assault at the only international cricket venue in North America, Central Broward Regional stadium. In the next over, Sergeant got into his stride and started to match Rooplall shot for shot. The duo took the score to 89-3 when Rooplall holed out at

midwicket for 46 which included three fours and five sixes in the eight over. After Rooplall’s demise, Sergeant got support from Sewchand Budu who made 16 (1x4; 1x6) and Eon Ellis 22 not out (1x4; 1x6) before he was 5th out at 196-5 in the 17th over 15 runs short of what would have been a welldeserved century. Ellis, Rabindra Ramnauth (03), Martin Dutchin (06) and Delroy Pereira 10 not out (1x4; 1x6) then saw the champions past the 200-run mark. Earlier, inform opener Sachin Singh 08 (2x4) and captain Fazal Rafiek 01 fell to Ramkissoon who was the pick of the SCC bowlers with 3-33 from his four overs. SCC reply were off to a bad start when fast bowler Martin Dutchin (2-13) sent back opener A. Rukhram without scoring and K. Parbhudin (06) in quick succession. Dutchin was supported by opener Shilenda Ramnauth (1-13) to leave SCC on 28-3 after eight overs and they never recovered. R. Ramsuchit top scored with 47 including four fours and two sixes, while A.

Sookdeo made 22; they were the only two batsmen to reach double figures when the innings ended at 101 in 19.4. Kishore Smith was the most destructive Regal All stars bowler with 4-22, while Pereira picked up 2-23 (3.4). For his destructive innings which contained seven fours and six sixes, Sergeant was named Man-of- the-Match, while Sewchand Budhu was voted Man-of-the Series. Regal All Stars have now won three Florida Cups in a row after copping 2016 and 2017 titles. In the other categories, Orlando Legends won the Over-50 title after beating South Florida Legends in the final and SVC Corriverton took the Masters Over-40 title when they beat SCC Masters. It was the 15th edition of the Florida Cup which was organized by the South Florida Softball Cricket League. Across the three formats, there were 28 teams in total with 10 each in the Open and Masters Over-40, while there were eight teams in the Legends Over-50.

From right, Haydock Parris of the Organising Club, Regatta Sports Organiser Michael Dos Santos and Racer, Dave Young display two brand new motor cycles for saturday and two of four BMX cycles to be given away. 2nd and 3rd. Among the sponsors on board to date are Guyoil,

Elegance Jewelry, Sir Gas Station, KGM Security, Nicholas Kadir, Mohamed’s

Enterprise, W. Golden, Dino’s Investment and Pandit Service Station.

CWI confirms Estwick, Collymore return to coaching setup BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, CMC – Experienced coach Roddy Estwick has returned to the setup of the senior men’s side for the ICC World Cup, Cricket West Indies confirmed yesterday. Ironically, the Barbadian was sacked ahead of the World Cup qualifiers in March last year, ending a near two-year stint with the West Indies side. He will be the assistant coach to interim head coach, Floyd Reifer, who was announced last week in the post, and joins former Test seamer Corey Collymore and ex-first class pacer, Rayon Griffith, as the the support staff. “CWI have, in consultation with interim head coach Floyd Reifer, assembled a strong support group of coaches to work with the squad for the Tri-Series against Ireland and Bangladesh as we prepare for the World Cup,” said director of cricket, Jimmy Adams. “This support group will continue throughout the ICC Cricket World Cup in England.” Estwick earned plaudits from players during his tenure as bowling coach after replacing legendary former fast bowler, Sir Curtly Ambrose, in May 2016 ahead of the Tri-Nations Series in the Caribbean. After his sacking, Estwick worked as bowling coach of the Windies women’s squad for the Twenty20 World Cup in November last year. Collymore, meanwhile, returns to the setup as well after featuring as bowling coach on Windies men’s tours of India and Bangladesh last year. The 41-year-old, who played 30 Tests and 84 One-Day Internationals for West Indies, will resume his role as bowling coach for the tour of Ireland and the World Cup. Guyanese Griffith, who served as a coach with Caribbean Premier League franchise

West Indies assistant coach Roddy Estwick. Guyana Amazon Warriors in the past, will now undertake fielding coach duties. CWI have revamped the entire coaching staff for the upcoming World Cup, following the recent election of new president Ricky Skerritt and vice-president Dr Kishore Shallow. Englishman Richard Pybus, controversially appointed interim head coach last January, has been removed along with his support team of Vasbert Drakes, Toby Radford and Esuan Crandon.


Tuesday April 16, 2019

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Letter to the Sports Editor

Ending the foreign vs local player debate in Guyana Football Fraternity Dear Editor, One of the most widely used idioms in life is (not verbatim) - doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, is a symptom of insanity. Using that statement as a guide in a football context the question I pose to the Guyana football fraternity is: Why after every major Golden Jaguars and Lady Jaguars teams success in the last decade, is there an issue with many locally about more “local players” not being involved in the teams? Are people not realizing that questioning what is a highly successful modern football trend of building international football teams is bordering on insanity now? As the former Golden Jaguars press officer during the 2014 World Cup qualifiers who has worked throughout CONCACAF in similar roles in Trinidad with W Connection FC and the Canada National team, I humbly believe I’m making this statement from some level of authority and also concern that many in the Guyana football fraternity is missing the bigger picture. Thus I write this with a hope of changing the narrative. I am one the few people who was present at Providence 2011 when the men defeated Trinidad, Couva 2015 when the ladies toppled Jamaica and Lenora last month during the Belize win. Amazing moments live that unfortunately in aftermath become tainted by the foreign based vs local Player discussion. The Football side: Guyana secured Gold Cup qualification, in a tournament where Jamaica has been to consecutive finals in 2015 and 2017. These Jamaica sides were filled with English born players of Jamaican heritage most famously 2015/16, premier League winning captain from Leicester City, Wes Morgan. Notably the Guyana team built by the British-Jamaica coach Michael Johnson with the usual great recruitment help from Faizal Khan follows the Reggae Boyz successful blueprint. Around world football many teams are hunting their diaspora for talent. Outside of Jamaica we have seen CFU nation’s French Guiana, Curacao, Suriname make strong attempt to build teams similarly. During my time working with W Connection, we travelled to Suriname in 2014

to play a unofficial friendly vs a Suriname team full of Dutch players. They were making a notable attempt to petition their government to create a dual citizenship rule to allow many black players of Surinamese heritage who historically become legendary for Holland, to be able to play for Suriname. It eventually failed for bureaucratic reasons - but that’s how far Guyana’s neighbors were willing to go. In Canada during the 2017 Gold Cup I was part of team as the Canadian Fast tracked the citizenship of Ghana immigrant Alphonso Davies to play for Canada. Two years later he is now playing for Bayern Munich. The only countries in world football who would objectively never look outside for football expertise because of their unique history with the sport are Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Italy - to some degree Spain. Cricket has a rich history in Guyana since West Indies played its first international game in 1928 and has local cricket expertise in abundance. Inversely Guyana football has a non-existent history since the nation first international in 1905 doesn’t have massive football local expertise. The last decade or so in Guyana’s football existence has been its most successful & it’s coincided with overseas expertise being involved. Whether it was the Lady Jaguars first Gold Cup appearance to the Men’s upcoming tournament debut, or the presence of Jamaal Shabbaz, aforementioned Faizal Khan, Richard Groden & coach Johnson. Even criticism of Elite League is knee jerk. Currently Trinidad football association has their bank accounts seized by the courts and hasn’t been able to start the TT pro League for 2019 leaving local striker Sheldon

Holder inactive and forcing goalkeeper Akel Clarke to play in Suriname. The Human side: Building on the point above, a factor not considered here is the state of life as black/coloured people in North America and Europe. Without getting too political it is clear that there is a rise in the United States & England societies especially in anti immigrant rhetoric and discrimination to coloured & black citizens. This has crept into the sporting arena alarmingly where in European football with the level of racist abuse black football players are receiving. Over in America everyone is well aware of the NFL black players protest and NBA black players being abused by some fans. Government rules and misguided people in those countries are telling and sending signals overtly and covertly to these players and people that are making them question if they are wanted in modern America & England. So how can it be fair to players who come to represent their heritage country as a form of escape from that toxicity and have Guyanese people - call them “foreign” and question how Guyanese they are? How do locals think players feel who in some cases have professional clubs who question their logic to play for unknown football country like Guyana? It need to stop they are 100 % Guyanese. This Gold Cup qualification and consistent foreign player recruitment thus need to be fully embraced and seen as the potential starting block to build for the future, so that one day senior teams can be almost 100% Guyana born with targeted help from players in the diaspora. Colin Benjamin.

WBCA Supports the appointment of the Cricket Ombudsman Dear Editor, I write to express the support of West Berbice Cricket Association for the appointment of the Cricket Ombudsman. The Honorable Minister Dr. George Norton has brought an end to the speculations and we can

finally move forward with the continued success of Guyana’s cricket with whoever becomes the Executive Committee of the GCB in January 2020. The WDCA is not associated with nor did we (Continued on page 25)

Edinburgh Warriors CC organised 10/ 10 cricket and fun day set for Saturday - Top teams in Berbice set to compete A number of top teams in Berbice are set to compete in a one day 10/10 cricket competition organised by the resurgent Edinburgh Warriors Cricket Club of East bank Berbice. The event, which will also feature a fun day, is set for Saturday 20th April on the Edinburgh Cricket Ground and will feature a number of top teams in Berbice. Among the teams listed to

participate are Rose Hall Community Center, Police Sports Club, Bermine Cricket Club, Mount Sinai, Chesney, Edinburgh Warriors, East Bank Wanders and Sisters Cricket Club. The day’s action is set to get on the way at 09:00am and will see a number of other games and novelty event being played. There will be a number of incentives on offer for the top teams and outstanding individual

players. The day’s activity will be a fund raising event for the club that was recently resuscitated by overseas based Guyanese Mr. Egbert Lyken-Edwards and his wife Maureen Lyken-Edwards. There will be lots to eat and drink including Kite flying competition and the public is invited come out and support a worthy cause. (Samuel Whyte)

Linden Town Week Linden Mayor’s Cup ¼ Finals

Winners Connection defeat Shattas 3-1, Rockers knock out Blueberry Hill 2-1 The semifinal lineups for this year inaugural Linden Town Week, Linden Mayor’s Cup football tournament was decided on Sunday night when number two ranked Net Rockers and the Haynes and Lewis Winners Connection defeated Blueberry Hill United and Silver Shattas respectively on Sunday night at the Mackenzie Sports Club ground. Shaquille Frank would get a brace as the Winners Connection who turned back the challenge of the Shattas by a 3-1 score in the first game of the night, as Net Rockers eliminated Blueberry Hill United 2-1. The Winners Connection gained the lead through a 10thminute Rennard Caesar header from a squared ball put in from Cedric Hunt for a 1-0 advantage. Goal number two came after a feed to Frank would allow him to score his first goal in the 39th minute for a 2-0 score-line, which they held until the first half ended. Captain Marley Davidson would facilitate the Winners Connection third goal as he sent Frank away in the 54th minute. But Rehu Regis pulled one back after a defensive lapse by the Winners Connection occurred in the 62ndminute but the game was beyond the Shattas and ended with victory for the Winners Connection 3-1. Game two began with Net Rockers gaining a 4th minute goal against Blueberry Hill to put them into the lead through Royston Fraser. Before the first half would end the Rockers doubled that score when Joel Isaacs completed a fine play to score in the 27thminute and give the Rockers a 2-0 lead. However, Blueberry Hill would cut that lead when off

Net Rockers scorers Joel Isaacs and Royston Fraser.

Winners Connection scorers Rennard Caesar and Shaquille Frank a defensive error by the Rockers goalkeeper, allowing Karon Noble to capitalize and score soon after play resumed in the second half in the 46thminute. But the scores would remain unchanged and Rockers came away winners 2-1 eventually.

Tomorrow the semifinals are set for the Mackenzie Sports Club ground. In game one from 19.00hrs Haynes and Lewis Winners Connection and Net Rockers collide, while at 21.00 hrs it is Christianburg’s Eagles United against new kids on the block Capital FC.

Kaieteur News

Tuesday April 16, 2019


Fifth Elizabeth Styles/East Coast Cricket Board 40-Overs - $510,000 in cash up for grabs Tourney launched

Officials from the ECCB and sponsors along with team officials and members display the trophies at stake in the Elizabeth Styles tournament at the launch.

Stag Easter futsal tournament

Round-of-16 concludes tonight as Ground Structures Engineering joins list of sponsors

Organiser Frank ‘English’ Parris (center) receives the sponsorship cheque from Ground Structures Engineering’s Ebony Inniss, while Kevin Inniss looks on.

The final four matches of the Stag Easter Futsal tournament that is being organised by the Santos football club, will kick off tonight at the National Gymnasium on Mandela Avenue. The action gets underway from 20:00hrs tonight featuring California Square and Melanie. In the second match that blows off at 21:00hrs, Future Stars will match skills with Ansa Mcal, the winner of the game will play Sparta Boss in the quarterfinals on Thursday. Gold is Money will be pitted against Hustlers in the penultimate clash at 22:00hrs

for the spot in the last eight against Leopold Street. The curtains will fall tonight following the anticipated clash between Bent Street and Tiger Bay that kicks off at 23:00hrs. Joining STAG beer and other sponsors of the event that include Dynas’ Trading, Star Party Rental, Sonic Boom and 94.1, are Ground Structures Engineering. They made their contribution to Organiser Frank English Parris recently when Ebony Inniss made the presentation. The winners of this competition will pocket $700,000.

US based company, Elizabeth Styles, has continued its partnership with the East Coast Cricket Board (ECCB) and has doled out $510,000 for a 40-overs round-robin competition which was unveiled on Saturday April 13, 2019 at the Better Hope Community Centre. Among the officials attending the launch were Marketing Director of Elizabeth Styles Mr. Kevin Thomas via Skype made his presentation, the ECCB President Mr. Bissoondyal Singh, among others which also included a number of Club Captains. Thomas commented: “While this is the fifth consecutive year that we are

sponsoring cricket on the East Coast of Demerara, we have also in the past sponsored Under17, 19, 21 and development programmes in the County of Berbice and it gives us great pleasure to be associated with the game in Guyana. We believe that the ECCB is doing a great job and are quite satisfied with the way they have been administering these competitions and as such we wish them well.” The winner of the competition will pocket $380,000 along with a trophy; second place attracts $80,000 and a trophy, while the best player in the final will also receive a trophy. The ECCB has disclosed that this year there will be no zoning of teams since the sponsor had requested that every team on the East Coast be allowed to face each other. The competition is expected to bowl off shortly. ECCB Vice-President and Competitions Committee Chairman Raymond Barton, speaking at the launch explained that nineteen teams have entered the competition so far with four others have indicated that they are interested in participating. He anticipates some exciting cricket as this competition is the largest Elizabeth Tournament on the East Coast regarding the

amount of teams participating. Teams as far as Abary will be competing with teams from the lower East Coast and he expects some thrilling and competitive cricket. President of the ECCB Bissoondyal Singh in his presentation noted that while the board is facing challenging times as it relates to receiving subventions and financing from what is given to Guyana by Cricket West Indies, they have managed to maintain a high level of cricket activities. “Had it not been for businesses and companies like Elizabeth Styles it would have been a monumental task and so on behalf of the ECCB, the clubs and teams, I would like to express sincere gratitude to the management and staff of Elizabeth Styles for their generosity.” The Competitions Committee Chairman VicePresident Mr. Raymond Barton is requesting that clubs make contact with the committee in relation to participating in the tournament. Contact can be made on telephone number 626 0223 on or before tomorrow. Elizabeth Styles is a company that produces hair care, baby care and a wide range of cosmetics and operates in 104 countries.

t r o Sp Bartica Easter Regatta Sports

Grass Track Racing to take Mongrippa Hill Track by revs on Saturday - BMX cyclists to also compete

Some of the Dirt Bikers during a practice session at the Mongrippa Hill venue, recently.

Sergeant commands Regal to 3rd consecutive Florida Cup Open title

The victorious Regal All Stars unit with their accolades.

Fifth Elizabeth Styles/East Coast Cricket Board 40-Overs Tourney launched - $510,000 in cash up for grabs Printed and published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd., 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown. Tel: 225-8458, 225-8465, 225-8491 or Fax: 225-8473/226-8210.

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