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Sunday April 14, 2019

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Painting with a broad brush


he cries rise; the result of project awards and the appearance of insider favour, continuing wrongdoing, or simply something amiss. Matters do not fade away or settle when there are linkages involving ministers. Things do not stop at the political, but encroach into the territory of top public servants or wellplaced, influential state bureaucrats. And whether real or imagined, negligible or chronic, the brooms of suspicion and misgiving sweep wide. The first thing that should be said is that the servants pinpointed (ministers and strategic officers) are neither politically naïve, environmentally ignorant nor culturally insensitive. Yet, on too many occasions, there is this seeming indifference to the potential fallouts that are sure to come from what may not be a problem, but appears to be so. In this country, perception is reality. It might be an artificially or conveniently concocted perception to blast the unwary; but regardless, damage is done, at least to reputation, if not group. This places targets at the disadvantage of the defensive and on the backfoot. They cannot attack; they are forced to explain. Too often, that comes over as too weak, too late, and too lacking in credibility. This applies, whether the issue involved is about land or scholarships or housing or some contract award. The pervasive local sentiment (arguably local religion) is that, in governmental affairs of this nature, there exists a tradition and practice of mutual masturbation or to put in more mundane domestic terms: ‘hand wash hand’. And that paper separation is not enough to nullify the realities at work behind the scenes that rarely, if ever, distance sufficiently from policy, process, and practices, when such occurs in the dark alleyways of procurement, review, and winners. Those clamoring the loudest ought to know. For at one time or another, and for different bids, they either have been subject to rejection or were asked to pay to play; and ended up doing so. So, what is the answer? Can there be any that is robust enough and adequate enough to allay and overcome the piercing contentions of a poisoned and embitter terrain? It is a terrain made exponentially more problematic by the fact that everyone talks, there are no secrets, and everyone is so close as to be within earshot of the all the juicy details. The first commitment of state servants (stewards, too) is that there has to be full and preemptive disclosures. These are my immediate relationships, my businesses, my interests. Second, disclosures must be granular, and the more the better, if only for peace of mind and an affirmative defence later. The question is where does this stop? As this may only highlight relationships of blood and by law. The list could be unending. Third, there is what is considered a safe harbour in other locales: a blind trust. Admittedly, this one is not so blind in Guyana, since citizens who want to know end up knowing. The mentality is that nobody is honest, none can be trusted, and only the worst should be imagined. In regular, more civilized circumstances, a trustee or advisor both fully authorized, suffices to minimize accusations of skullduggery. In Guyana, it may not be enough: too much malice, too much readiness to ascribe perversity when there is none. Fourth, political and other public servants would be wise to operate with certain hard understandings: that they are held to a higher, sharper standard; that they must be open and purer that Calpurnia; and that they must appreciate that there are sinister shadows everywhere. Thus, they must overcompensate. Fifth, ministers must not see office as the influential (or crafty) means to lucrative ends or else all is lost.

Editor’s Note; If your sent letter was not published and you felt its contents were valid and devoid of libel or personal attacks, please contact us by phone or email.

Minister Hughes expects the nation to believe that she had nothing to do with this contract award Dear Editor, Several letter writers have voiced their concerns o n t h e g o v e r n m e n t ’s overreaching expenditure and contract awards. From Minister Jordan’s unilateral decision to increase the notender contract limit to $20 million to the current supplementary budget preparations by entities within the Ministry of Business, all raise questions about the motive of the gov’t. It is difficult to fathom how a group of politicians, who used corruption of the previous government as their central theme and platform in the 2015 Elections, can now so unashamedly indulge in those very acts. First, if we go back to the medical supplies’ warehouse/bond contract entered into by Minister Norton, we see a building with hardly any real

storage capacity, and worth a few hundred thousand dollars at most, procured for several million dollars. Further, Mr. Bulkan’s Ministry, which has not been able to utilize its annual budget for several years in a row, is now suddenly seeking a supplementary budget for each of its entities. What are those urgent additional needs that were not contemplated when the current budget was tabled and passed? Then there was the husband of the Housing Minister who was awarded a huge contract to build houses. No one in the gov’t saw the conflict of interests in that deal, either. Who would believe that a Minister living in the same house with her spouse didn’t know about that contract? Now they are again attempting to throw dust in our eyes. Minister Hughes

expects the nation to believe that she had nothing to do with the contract awarded to Videomega, a business she owned. The Minister/owner concept stinks of undue influence. How should the public view such contract? Hypocrisy at its best! They seem to have

forgotten their ‘good/better life’ promises or perhaps we missed the true intent of that promise, i.e., the good life/better life was meant for those in control of the economy, and not the masses. Yours sincerely, Ronald Singh

I would like to hear their views now on the unfolding scandal Dear Editor, The present buzz in our dear land of Guyana is about conflict of interest that exists in the awarding of contracts within the public sector. My focus is not on the level of corruption and bad governance, but on the comments of the representative of the EU and the USA made this week by their representatives of the giving the government a pat on the shoulder that they were doing a good job. I would like to hear their views now on the scandal unfolding and like to ask them whether this would be accepted as good governance in their respective societies or is it good governance because it suits their objectives? Rafeek Ferouz

Sunday April 14, 2019


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Kaieteur M@ilbox

Paddy bug devastation warrants an innovative search for solution DEAR EDITOR, Entomology is an intriguing subject. It practically tells you that we need insects to survive, even though many are of the belief that Noah would have been revered if he had forgotten to take a pair of mosquitoes on his ark. In these desperate times, Guyanese rice farmers would have each raised ten fingers in support of the paddy bug being excluded from the ark too. An article in KN on April 11, “Paddy bug ravages Region 6 rice crop”, is a reminder of the kind of destruction that this creature (paddy bug) is capable of. I have been there before, as a farmer on the Essequibo Coast. A Mister Rambrich, who spoke to KN said, “This has never happened to such an extent in Berbice.” The destruction of the rice crop by paddy bugs is not an unusual occurrence in the Essequibo Coast. As recent as last crop, some farmers, despite doing the best they could in the form of spraying repeatedly with insecticide, sustained damage above 50%. The present crop is being harvested with paddy bug damage somewhere around 15 to 20%. Not a word is mentioned in the media or anywhere about this problem in Essequibo. If it is mentioned, it is done

in retrospect, when somewhere else suffers. The stigma of ‘Cinderella’ has always dealt Essequibo a sucker blow! Rambrich, while accusing the GRDB of doing nothing to help the situation, also challenged the GRDB to seek a solution to the problem. Rambrich said, “In fact, they have an entomologist who never comes up with solutions. They are being trained and paid to do a job; let them deliver,” I do share your opinion Mr. Rambrich, based on experiences with the Entomology Department years ago in Essequibo. The GRDB Entomology Department seems only to be concerned with the tracking and termination of insects (weevil) from rice being exported from Guyana. In fact, that was the primary reason for the conception and existence of the Department of Entomology of GRDB. It was only after a massive invasion on the Essequibo around 2008 after a group of farmers, myself included, complained

to the Minister of Agriculture that despite all our battles with the paddy bug, we were not graced with a single visit or a word of advice from the entomologist. Since then, the Entomology Department began to play an active role. That role has not offered anything substantive in the battle against the paddy bugs. To begin with, the GRDB methodology of checking a field for paddy bug infestation is the most bizarre and ludicrous one any logical person can contemplate. It consists of a stick about six feet in length attached to a circular wire, about 12 inches in diameter, holding a net that closes at the bottom forming a sack. The methodology involves, holding the stick as a handle and swiping the net on the paddy panicles several times at different areas in the field then checking the contents. Depending on the number of bugs in the seine, a decision is made to spray or not. It is an insult to the vision of our rice farmers who can see paddy bugs well and from experience know

when to spray their crops. Their advice to keep surrounding areas free of grass is outdated to a time when it was perceived that the paddy bugs that can infest your crops come from your immediate surroundings. In my opinion, the paddy bugs come in swarms as an invasive force and can travel 10 to 15 miles in one flight lasting two to three hours in the direction of a scent emanated from the panicles of the paddy plant, keeping your immediate environment free of grass is useless as a control method in swarming conditions. In short, GRDB’s Entomology Department has nothing to offer farmers for the control of paddy bugs neither do they exhibit any willingness to seek any new innovative methods. The newly appointed paddy bug management officers (PBMO) by GRDB are not super bugs flying around eliminating the paddy bugs. The statistics on damage grains revealed that their contribution is of no effect. Whether it is a result of changing weather pattern or biblical prophecy, no rice

farmer will refute that the frequency and magnitude of the paddy bug invasion is on the increase. Mr. Rambrich suggested an aerial spray of the cultivated area as a solution. I am inclined to believe that such action will not help because I am of the opinion these bugs breed and migrate from the marshlands (swamps) beyond the cultivated areas. I had suggested that GRDB locate the areas where the bugs breed and put UV lights with zapping technology to former GRDB manager Jagnarine Singh. His response to me was, “You know UV lights can cause cancer”. My interpretation of his response was that he was concerned with the safety of the bugs because I did not recommend UV lights in the farmers’ domain. The Entomology Department needs the

services of a Helicopter to locate the areas where the paddy bugs breed. UV lights with zapping apparatus could be placed on poles, powered by solar devices could then be placed at random in these areas permanently. This is just an idea but it is worth trying, it could nip the problem in the bud. Our rice farmers are going bankrupt. The country loses billions on the reduced amount of rice for export. The rice produced is of a poorer quality. The country spends billions on insecticides that contaminate our environment and destroy friendly insects and fish. All because of the paddy bugs. Is this not enough carnage to inspire the powers that be to try something innovative to fight the scourge of the paddy bugs? Rudolph Singh


Sunday April 14, 2019

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Kaieteur M@ilbox

GTT has disconnected my DSL internet service without just cause

GFC Restructuring will be a National Embarrassment to the APNU AFC Government and Guyana

DEAR EDITOR, The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company due to its monopoly treats its customers with great disdain and operates like a third-rate mediocrity. Thousands are at the mercy of this entity especially those who do not live in Georgetown or the surrounding areas and therefore are left without alternatives for internet services. Not too long ago, I was forced to write about the shoddy service that I receive from this company and only after my plight was made public did GTT offer assistance. It seems that this company revels in free publicity whether good or bad; there is no other explanation for the manner in which customers are treated. My latest troubles started in the February after I made the ‘unfortunate’ mistake of requesting an upgrade from

my bronze plan to gold via the online platform. On February 4, I got email confirmation that my plan was changed from Bronze to Gold. With this change came a dramatic increase in price and of course I expected the required ‘upgrade’ in speed. However, I was faced with the same sluggish speed so I reported this issue. On February 7, a GTT technician visited my home and after explaining my situation, he told me outright that my neighbourhood cannot receive anything higher than the DSL bronze plan! He even said that I was being shortchanged on my bronze plan in terms of speed. At that moment, although GTT had my account on DSL Gold, I wasn’t even getting 1 Mbps. The technician advised me to immediately request a downgrade in case I get charged

for the Gold plan. I did this and got an email confirmation for service modification from GTT. Lo and behold, on March 11, my internet was disconnected. I paid the amount due for the Bronze plan for the month of February since this was what I was receiving yet when I contacted live chat, I was told that I owed over $3800 (the difference between the bronze and gold plan). After explaining my situation, the agent reconnected me and I reported the issue once again via the online form. During the month of March, I even visited GTT’s BV Office and spoke to a representative in order to avoid a repeat of what occurred on March 11. She told me that she reported the matter (ref. no. 173404), confirmed that my (Continued on page 7)

The recent announcement through the media of the imminent restructuring of the Forestry Commission has left the commission bitterly disappointed and divided. Staff have complained and as expressed in a Guyana Times article on Friday April 12 that the staff body had no idea this was in the making. Staff are feeling a sense of disrespect and betrayal by the Government and Ministry of Natural Resources, which seem to be behind this ordeal. Some questions that staff requires answer are: Why was there no communication to staff of this, who selected the person named in the release (Mr. Hall) to lead this process,

what are the terms of reference for this exercise, why the staff union and workers representative are not involved and who are the committee members. Additionally, staff want to know the reason behind this and if on all account the Ministry, Government and Board has been praising the work of the GFC, how suddenly a restructuring is needed. Many staff feel they will be victimize and discriminated in this exercise as already there is talk of organizational clean up. Most of the staff have no confidence in the convener Mr. Hall. He is a former Commissioner of the Forestry

Commission and persons have indicated he is very bitter and wants to settle the score. More alarming, he has publicly stated that time is short so he got to do what he got to do. Sir his tenure at GFC is marked with many incidences of glaring acts of corruption and mismanagement. This is the state that he wants to take the commission into again. During his tenure, the circumstances of the commission was in a state of disrepair with dilapidated office buildings, corrupt staff, broken vehicles, high incidences of illegal logging, low levels of production and exports (Continued on page 7)

Guyana belongs to all Guyanese DEAR EDITOR, First, they came for the Communist, and I did not speak out because I was not a communist. Then they came for the Social Democrats, and I did not speak out because I was not a Social Democrat. Then they came for the Trade Unionist, and I did not speak out because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me. -Martian Nigmallar Racial discrimination is like a wildfire in a dry forest. Those who stay quiet when others ignite such flames may soon be targeted by the very ones to whom their silence give approval to. The story of the Rwanda genocide, the genocide of the Jewish people ,and African Slavery must never be

forgotten by decent humans. It should be one of those things in life, that we must commit to see never reoccur on the face of the earth. Everyone has the right to be involved in the politics of promoting a government of their choice to run the affairs of the nation that they are citizens of. However, when that promotion takes the tone of putting people of different ethnicities against each other over policies, it must be condemned by all decent citizens. The consequences of not doing so can result in those who do not speak out against this racism being bitten by the very scorpion. Guyanese must remember that in the 1960s when politicians introduced race politics, both the Africans and the East Indians suffered casualties. It is therefore selfish for any politician who wants to represent this nation to take

it back to those dark days. Why place innocent people on an altar of sacrifice to achieve personal gain? Those that do so are no better than hyenas, and must be condemned by all for pushing this devil’s agenda. The history of Guyana shows that it was developed by the hard work done by a people of six different races. For the descendants of any one of those people to claim total ownership of this country and exclude the others is a wicked act of greed and covetousness. Guyana belongs to all Guyanese. They that operate in such greed will never be satisfied. They start now by going after those of a different race, but soon they will go after those of different religious beliefs, those less fortunate, and the list will go on, until they get to those who did not stand against their racism. Apostle Adrian Wade

Sunday April 14, 2019


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Kaieteur M@ilbox

LACK OF A WORKING RELATIONSHIP AMONG THE REGION 2, RDC MANAGEMENT NEEDS ADDRESSING Dear Editor, The Kaieteur News of Wednesday, 13th March, 2019 on its front page printed in large block letters and photograph of the interior of the Region’s Board Room, stating that the Statutory meeting of the Region Two Regional Democratic Council R.D.C. was not held because there was not a quorum, (a third of the Councillors) and on the said page there was a comment attributed by the Regional Executive Officer Mr. Jaikaran. I was very much concerned because the R.D.C. meetings must be seen as the highest decision-making forum or body in the Region and as a former Councillor, I cannot recall that during my seven consecutive years 2006 – 2013, until I resigned there were not a quorum and even before and after my tenure, I was reliably informed that a quorum was always met, thereby a meeting can be convened. On Tuesday, 9th April, 2019, I attended the Monthly Statutory meeting of the R.D.C. there were seven

Councillors, it was called to order, silent prayers were done, and the National Pledge was recited, the meeting was chaired by Miss Juliet Coonjah, a long serving Councillor and Deputy Regional Chairman, and as items on the agenda was started, the Regional Executive Officer R.E.O. who is also the Clerk of the R.D.C. rose up and announced that the meeting was not properly convened, because he was not properly informed about the absence of the Regional Chairman, Mr. Devanand Ramdatt. I immediately vacated my seat and left the Board Room, glancing over my shoulders was the R.E.O. and some employees of the Regional Administration close behind me; I was somewhat confused with what I heard and observed but on recollection, I should not have been because it is by now public knowledge that the former R.E.O. Mr. Rupert Hopkinson and the Council not the Chairman per see did not have a good working relationship. It is very important to say that I know Mr. Ramdatt for

the better part of two decades and I was fortunate to be at a lot of high-profile meetings that he chaired and made presentations and took questions, and I was always impressed by the ability he possessed; therefore I was the least surprised when he was elected to the chair of the Region Two R.D.C. and after he had taken the oath, I was among the first set of persons to congratulate him. As for Mr. Rupert Hopkinson, I know this gentleman well long before he was appointed the R.E.O. of this region and there should be no doubt in one mind that he is qualified and experienced to function in that capacity. But for some strange reason they never had a harmonious relationship, they could not have simply agree to disagree. Mr. Hopkinson is no longer part of the Regional Administration, his replacement Mr. Denis Jaikaran who has a wealth of knowledge in management having been Principal of several Technical Institutes across the country and other institutions of

GFC Restructuring will be a National... From page 6 and generally a broken sector. The restructuring seems to be an AFC thing as through the grapevine we understand that most of the committee members being selected are AFC persons (at least 3 other AFC officials) from the Ministry. We understand the Board has been shut out from this process as our workers representative Mr. Kevin Perreira cannot provide any answers to us and seems to be at a loss. He said this was never

brought to the Board’s attention and he first heard of it like everybody else - through the media. Staff are calling on the President to intervene and put a stop to this exercise. We are not opposed to restructuring but let us have a voice. Let us have an independent body or company come in and do a general assessment of the state of affairs and then make recommendation. Mr. Hall’s intention is not right; he seems to want to get his close associate into positions like what he did for the head

of the main division forest monitoring. He wants to remove the head of the forest resource and land allocation division and insert someone he can control. Overall, we think his intension is to come back as Commissioner. Is this what the APNU government wants and AFC Commissioner? Mr. President the Green State will lose all credibility if this exercise is allowed to proceed in this manner and with the current convener. Respectfully Richard Smith

learning and previously the R.E.O. of Region Three and as an Essequibian knows the arithmetic of the region well. The question is why in the interest of the residents of this region that working re-

lationship that is so vital, is lacking. It has to be understood that the development in all areas of this region and its people, hinges on the decisions made by the R.E.O. and the Regional Chairman as

head of the R.D.C. individually but most times collectively. Archie W. Cordis Former A.F.C. Councillor Region # 2

GTT has disconnected my DSL... From page 6 neighbourhood cannot receive anything higher than the DSL Bronze plan and informed me that the amount I was overbilled would be removed. Now after paying my bill for March (bronze plan) GTT has disconnected me and refuses to reconnect the internet unless I pay the $3800 from February plus the extra for the Gold plan for March which I did not receive, approximately $8200. I refuse to be bullied my GTT; I refuse to give this mediocre company $1 more than I am obligated to pay for the service, which I receive. The online facilities are a disaster and chatting with an agent is what I imagine a conversation with a robot or Stepford wife would go like. In addition, GTT has closed down several offices and the few that are available are always overflowing. It seems like this company believes only not-working millionaires use its services. When one calls 0488, the wait literally lasts for hours or until you give up the struggle; over and over the same old recording ‘all agents are busy, please hold’. If I had a heart condition, this company would surely speed up my entrance to the other side. On April 12, after giving up the on the 0488 wait, I contacted live chat, before this I visited several offices and the

lines literally snaked out of the buildings so I retreated. From the responses the agent gave, I can bet $8200 that she was reading a manual and even with the robotic responses, she audaciously refused to have her name mentioned when I stated that I was going to describe the encounter. Questions that couldn’t be found in the manual were outright ignored. I asked why my internet was disconnected. She referred to the outstanding amount. I explained my situation and told her that I was currently receiving the DSL Bronze plan speed plus I paid my bill for March. She said that I was on some 40 days or 10 days cycle. I asked how that was relevant to me as the customer. No answer. I asked her to check my payment history and explain logically to me why I was disconnected. No answer. The appearance of this outstanding $8200? In February, my payment was

$300 short. I asked her how $300 can morph into $8200. No answer. I asked her to check the amount due under my present plan. No answer. I referred to the encounter at BV with the GTT agent. She said I was misinformed so then I questioned whose fault is that and what was the misinformation I received. No answer. After a long drawn out chat where the agent skirted all the relevant questions, provided no enlightenment and kept repeating the same illogical statement, I ended the chat. Everything was, ‘40 days cycle vs 10 days’. How is this relevant to my situation as the customer? I am appealing to GTT to shed light on this situation and provide a logical explanation for my disconnection. Surely, there are many bright persons working at GTT. Stop being a bully. I have not done anything wrong here and I want my internet service to be reconnected. Narissa Deokarran


Sunday April 14, 2019

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Jagdeo instructed Irfaan Ali not to discuss credentials with the press

“Don’t say another word,” was the instruction given by Bharrat Jagdeo, the General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), to Mohamed Irfaan Ali. Jagdeo said he made sure that Ali, the party’s presidential candidate, would say no more about his credentials, when questioned by members of the media corps. So Ali was tightlipped last Thursday, when he was questioned by the media about the authenticity of his qualifications. It was his first press conference since being elected as the party’s presidential candidate. Many had expected him to use the opportunity to clear the air on the controversy surrounding his credentials. Instead, Ali continuously iterated, “I know that I’ve released my certificates. There is nothing more to add.” During the press conference, Ali was told that the lack of clarity about his qualifications placed an air of doubt

on his credibility as a candidate. He said that he has no qualms with the lack of clarity on the issue. “I can’t speak for the clarity [the media] has,” he said. “I don’t know how much more clarity the media can get.” He said that he had provided all the information necessary to verify his qualifications’ authenticity, but it was revealed that it was actually Jagdeo who told him not to speak further on the issue. Ali was asked about a qualification he supposedly received from an obscure West Coast Demerara institution, the Chamber Business School. He had used that paper to apply for matriculation to his Master’s Degree at the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University in India. Earlier this year, Ali’s qualifications were exposed as questionable. The Presidential hopeful has been unable to provide clarity about the first degree qualifying him for his

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo, addressing the Town Hall on Friday evening

Master’s Degree at the Indian university. He had promised to provide transcripts from the universities, which he attended, but he has not done so. Jagdeo said he told Ali “No matter what you do, you’re PPP. You’re the candidate. The hostile media and APNU will come after you.

Don’t say another word.” Jagdeo said this during a Town Hall meeting with Guyanese in Queens, New York. Batting for the party’s Presidential candidate, he told the gathering that they should not worry about media reports questioning Ali’s qualifications; that he is surrounded by a team of competent, qualified individuals. In fact, Jagdeo said, “I am chairing the manifesto committee”, which the party convened to compile policies for the development of the party’s elections manifesto. He said that that manifesto will state all the positions of the party, and that no one would be excused for departing from the party line – not even Ali. “As general secretary, I’ll be one of the first persons, if he doesn’t follow the party programme, to be critical,” Jagdeo said. Jagdeo told the Guyanese abroad that they should return to Guyana when it is time

Presidential Candidate for the PPP, Mohamed Irfaan Ali to vote, so that they could support the PPP/C and elect Ali as president. That wasn’t the only destination the Opposition Leader ventured to, on his expedition to the US. He also went to Washington to speak to officials at multiple branches of government about the next General and Regional Election to occur in

Guyana. He reminded that the US Department of State released a statement weeks ago, that it would support the execution of free and fair elections in Guyana. So he went to stress to officials the importance of having free and fair elections, so that Guyana would have stronger US oversight into its electoral process.

Sunday April 14, 2019


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Contractor exposes skullduggery in tender process -says engineers are the crooks in almost all the projects


Berbice-based contractor is mak ing some shocking accusations, pointing fingers at engineers and alleging fixing of bid documents. Peter Lewis, Managing Partner of Associated Construction Services, is calling on President David Granger to intervene and to launch an inquiry. There are several layers to the fraud that is occurring with the public bidding. He explained that from his investigations, engineers at ministries would collaborate with particular contractors in a kickback scheme. For example, for a road in the hinterlands, the amount of material, especially sand, is inflated. Contractors not in the know would submit estimates based on the work to be done. What would happen, Lewis explained, is that the contractor who bid nearest to the engineer’s inflated figures would get the job. The rest are disqualified. Then there is an after bidding scam where “henchmen” of the ministries and agencies would contact contractors for negotiations. “I am not getting jobs because I am not willing to pay,” Lewis said last week. Contractors have been hesitant to come forward fearing repercussions as there are a variety of reasons that can be used by ministries and

One of Peter Lewis’ asphalt plant that he says has been targeted because he is not paying bribes. agencies to turn a bid. Lewis has been pounding the Ministry of Public Infrastructure (MPI), on his Facebook page, questioning them. He said that two years ago, he installed the largest asphalt plant of the country, in Linden. More than 90 percent of the staffers are from there. But there were never any jobs for the company. Last August, a man (name given), who said he represents a particular ministry, approached Lewis and asked for 10 percent of a particular contract to ensure it is awarded to the contractor’s company.

“This happened last year. This corruption is affecting me and because of my stance, I am not getting any work. Imagine I have five motor graders and can’t get any work. “We have an asphalt plant in Linden and one Bartica. Guess what? In recent years, we only got $10M in work. I can tell you that two regionsRegion Seven and Region Ten- are one where corruption is not so much. I am one of the most equipped contractors and we are being targeted because we are not paying.” According to Lewis, if the powers that be could check with is happening on the hinterland roads, it would tell a

Dem boys seh ...

Guyana fetching odda people goadie Donald sign an oil contract fuh Guyana. De people ain’t even do one test and dem seh Guyana got to pay pre-contract cost. Is like de man who paying fuh something he give he friend fuh free. Dat is de kind of oil sense Guyana got. But dat is not de only stupidness dat happening in dis country. Is not every day somebody does ask or depend on odda people to talk fuh dem. But these days people who suppose to got sense got somebody telling dem not to talk. Dem boys know Jagdeo got an honorary doctorate so he is a doctor. Dem never know he got a lawyer thing too. He go to New York and tell people how he order Irfaat not to answer any questions ‘bout he qualifications. Is Irfaat write de exams; is he

got de certificate. How come Jagdeo can tell him not to talk about it? Dem have contractors who also can’t talk ‘bout wha dem got to suffer. People tekking on contracts and de engineers does got to get dem cut. Who don’t pay can’t get no contract. Dem boys seh one contractor decide dat he ain’t paying and he ain’t keeping he mouth shut. He talk how dem corrupt and how dem does inflate de cost of de project. De engineers dem does split de extra cost. Dat been happening fuh years. Dem engineers use to give one estimate and tell dem friends to bid near to de estimate. Dat is how some carpenters become millionaires when dem could barely swing a cutlass a few months earlier. Dem get free government

money through dem contract. De same trend continue today and Jagdeo know. Dat is why he seh Soulja Bai running a corrupt ship. Imagine Jagdeo set up SOCU to track down corrupt transactions. SOCU question all dem PPP people. When de government change, Jagdeo want to know how come dem never question any of Soulja Bai people. Now de police got to question SOCU. De organization corrupt. People thiefing from inside de organization. SOCU seize people money and by de time dem got to find de evidence, it done get thief. Is shame and dat is why Jagdeo go till in New York and talk ‘bout de corruption in SOCU. Talk half and watch how people getting goadie to carry.

shocking story of what really is going on. “I am challenging any engineer to justify, for example, the quantity on the hinterland roads. It is most times too low. It is difficult to make checks in the hinterlands. When the rains come, it is washed away. They blame it on the rains.” Lewis claimed that one of

the most common ways to fix contracts is to inflate the amount of materials…especially sand. “I even had people coming to me and ask me to do work on projects that were not even tendered yet. That is how bad the situation is. People know in advance they getting work.”

Fed-up: Contractor, Peter Lewis


Sunday April 14, 2019

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Norway deal reduced deforestation 30 percent between 2010-2015 -Researcher

Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) is a climate change mitigation policy in which rich countries provide payments to developing countries for protecting their forests. In 2009, Norway and Guyana entered into one of the first bilateral REDD+ projects, with Norway offering to pay US$250M to Guyana if annual deforestation rates remained low – the target between 2010 to 2015 was 0.056%. The agreement was historical in scope as it was the first national scale payments for performance REDD+ project in the world. Guyana was also a critical test case of whether REDD+ would work in a country that has historically high forest cover and low deforestation rates. Dr. Anand Roopsind, a Guyanese post-doctoral researcher at Boise State University in the US, on Friday presented preliminary findings from an ongoing study to quantity the effect of the Guyana-Norway Agreement (GNA). Present at the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) conference centre were several board of directors, staffers and stakeholders of the sector. Roopsind worked at GFC and Iwokrama. GFC itself has been struggling with limited resources to ensure that strict compliance is adhered to under the arrangements with Norway. Roopsind’s work focused on sustainable forest management in Guyana and Suriname, with a special interest in assessing the impact of forestry practices and policies on forest goods and services, especially timber, carbon and

Dr. Roopsind measuring below ground carbon in tree roots in the Iwokrama Forest to study how forests will be impacted by climate change. biodiversity. Dr. Roopsind and his research collaborators were able to quantify the impact of the GNA using a statistical approach that allowed them to predict what deforestation would have occurred if Guyana did not implement the GNA. The researchers could then compare the observed deforestation in Guyana under the GNA and what would have happened without it to measure its effect. Their preliminary analysis found that the GNA REDD+ project reduced deforestation in Guyana by over 30% during the project period (2010-2015), equivalent to approximately 12.8 million tons of avoided CO2 emissions. Dr. Roopsind said that in terms of what REDD+ was intended to achieve (protecting Guyana’s forests), the analysis indicates that the GuyanaNorway agreement was effective. “Our preliminary results indicate that the project met the additionality criteria of REDD+ as a result of the

climate mitigation payments and improved forest governance.” The researcher indicated, however, that international leakage due to global commodity trade likely reduced the net effect of the GNA, and without continued REDD+ payments, forest protection may not be achieved. “The complexity of leakage, in particular, suggests that REDD+ should be implemented at the regional scale across the Guiana Shield forest biome, and that conditional forest protection payments must be sustained and not be one-off.” Dr. Roopsind emphasized that initiatives to protect tropical forests like REDD+ are critical because tropical forest loss has been increasing globally, “even as we’ve become more aware of the critical role of forest conservation in combating climate change. “The largest loss of tropical forests in recorded history took place in 2016 and 2017. Our preliminary results indicate REDD+ initiatives can work to protect forests as a climate mitigation strategy.” Dr. Roopsind is also

A few of the stakeholders on Friday during the presentation of Dr. Roopsind at GFC’s headquarters, Kingston. collaborating closely with the University of Guyana to understand the impact of climate on Guyana’s forests and training students, faculty and young professionals working in natural resource agencies the skills needed for

sustainable natural resource management in Guyana. The project is being supported through collaborations with Boise State University, University of Florida, Oxford University, Iwokrama International

Centre, and WWF-Guianas. To date more than 150 persons have been trained in various technical skills ranging from statistical analysis, to using satellite imagery for land-use planning.

Human trafficking high on the radar with the refugees’ influx at borders

There is worry about human trafficking with an influx of refugees from Venezuela. While Guyana makes provisions for the steady influx of Venezuelans at the border the issue of human trafficking continues to engage the attention of the authorities. Since last year, a few businesses were raided and owners arrested and charged for the offence. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has been mandated to provide technical assistance to the Caribbean with a protocol that establishes clear lines of action— to prevent and combat trafficking in persons; to protect and assist victims of human trafficking respecting their human rights at all times. Many of the victims found

locally have been forced into prostitution and hard labour with unfair pay according to the authorities. Night Clubs and bars are often full of mostly sex workers paying lodging through their proceeds. The young ladies mostly from Venezuela and Santa Domingo are often undocumented immigrants. Only last year the Ministry of Social Protection – Counter Trafficking in Persons (CTIP) Department – was engaging in numerous activities to raise awareness on the issues of Human Trafficking. There was a proactive approach to avoid continued occurrences of this crime of

modern slavery. Some 77 victims were rescued last year and there is concern that with the high incidence of arriving Venezuelans so far the numbers might double this year. Within its mandate, UN Office on Drugs and Crime for Central America and the Caribbean seeks to strengthen the existing mechanisms of border control. The focus of the project on human trafficking and the smuggling of migrants is to strengthen international cooperation and coordination for the exchange of accurate and upto-date information and the facilitation of mutual legal assistance for preventing and combating the problem.

Sunday April 14, 2019

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Sunday April 14, 2019

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National Hardware wins Gafoors in court battle over Regent Street property The Regent and Alexander Streets corner lot, with the vendors operating outside


hief Justice (ag), Roxane GeorgeWiltshire on Friday ended a bitter decadelong battle between Guyana’s two leading commercial entities… Guyana Realty Investments Limited (GRIL), which is linked to Gafoors Group of Companies, and National Hardware… for the ownership of a prime commercial property located at 117 B Regent and Alexander Streets, Georgetown. The case ended with the court ruling in favour of National Hardware’s favour and dismissing GRILs petition for prescriptive title. The parties were represented by some of Guyana’s legal heavyweights- National Hardware by Devindra Kissoon of London House Chambers and Rajendra Poonai S.C., while GRIL represented by Rex McKay S.C., Edward Luckhoo S.C. and Neil Boston S.C. In what is one of the most followed property disputes in recent memory, Claude and Donna Deygoo, also known as Eddie and Donna Boyer, the proprietors of National Hardware, claimed that they had transported title to, and have been the legal owners of the property since September 2008. However, GRIL claimed prescriptive title, having allegedly purchased the

National Hardware’s Edward Boyer

Gafoor’s principal, Sattaur Gafoor

property from a third party (Bissoon) in 1993 to use the premises to operate a paint shop. The property was originally owned by Stanley Collymore who died in 1989, and then controlled by his son Anthony Collymore In her ruling, the Chief Justice noted that under cross-examination, one of GRIL’s main witnesses, Mohamed Ali, admitted that he “lacked personal knowledge of the property for the period 1989 to 1996. At the conclusion of his evidence, it was clear that for the most part, this witness was not personally aware of the facts included in the petition, which he deposed were true and correct. By relying on company documents and what he had been told, his was a reliance on hearsay.”

The Chief Justice in reviewing the testimony of Sattaur Gafoor, head of GRIL, noted that under crossexamination, he admitted that the plan of the property attached in support of the petition did not refer to GRIL but rather another entity, National Investments Limited. When asked by attorney-at-law Kissoon about other occupants of t h e p r operty, including evidence that the back buildings were occupied by unsavory characters and was a drug yard, the Chief Justice ruled, “I do not accept the explanation given in re-examination [by Gafoor] that the reason why letters [of removal] were not sent to the persons of the back buildings was because he had given them permission to be there.” Gafoor, according to the

court, was unable to answer in cross-examination, why letters of removal were not sent to occupants of the property and why GRIL did not seek to repair or demolish the buildings or erect new buildings on the Property if it truly owned the Property. Chief Justice George noted, “Apart from the fact that this is also hearsay, this evidence to my mind reemphasises that GRIL was not in control of the other buildings and as a result was not in exclusive control of the entire property. “He also said that though it was not stated in the petition, GRIL was in possession via Gafsons which used the property for trading.

Attorney-at-Law Devindra Kissoon

Attornery-at-Law, Rajendra Poonai

However, from the rest of the evidence, it was the front building to Regent Street that was being so used.” In dismissing GRILs petition and ordering costs in favour of National

Hardware, the Chief Justice found that the “evidence for GRIL does not establish actual possession and an intention to possess the whole property for the requisite period.”

Region Five awards contracts totaling $175M

Contractors affixing their signatures to the contract documents The Region Five Administration has signed agreements with 40 contractors to execute infrastructural projects within the region. The contracts worth $175M were awarded last week. There is one for $77M for improving the standards at educational facilities; $69M for construction rehabilitation and maintenance of community and farm to market roads and $29M for upgrades to health facilities. Regional Executive Officer (REO), Ovid Morrison, said that the awards for the second wave of projects, under its work programme for 2019, represent satisfactory progress towards the completion of all its approved regional

developmental projects for this year. Two major projects for educational infrastructure involves renovation works to the long-neglected Bygeval Secondary School at the cost of $11M and the Belladrum Secondary School at a cost $12M. At the Mahaicony Hospital, $12M has been awarded for the remodelling and extension of the Mahaicony Diagnostic Centre to include an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and male and female wards. Also, renovations will be carried out at the Strath Campbell Health Centre, located on the East Coast of Demerara, to include a doctor’s office, vaccination

room and staff room at the cost of $5M.Contracts costing $68M were awarded for the construction of new streets, and rehabilitation and maintenance of other public works. The contractors were reminded that they were obligated, under their contracts, to employ at least 20 percent of skilled and unskilled labour from within the communities in which the work. In February, some 30 contractors were awarded contracts for the upgrading and rehabilitation and construction of community roads at the cost of $105M; for education infrastructure projects valued at $29M and health care improvement projects valued at $19M.

Sunday April 14, 2019


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Prosecute SOCU officials fingered in fraud – PPP

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo


n audit by an im partial and profes sional auditor, must be conducted into the affairs of the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU), and all officials found guilty of involvement in fraudulent activity must be prosecuted. This is the demand of the People’s Progressive Party, and it was made after an audit of the financial records of the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) uncovered serious irregularities, including the falsification of records. That audit was ordered by Police Commissioner Leslie James in February following claims of grave mismanagement. It has recommended im-

mediate transfers and a fraud investigation of several of the discrepancies. The PPP has demanded not just that the unit be investigated with intent to prosecute, but it has also demanded the closing down of the unit, as well as the immediate resignation of the Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan. In a release, the party stated that it has been publicly complaining about SOCU for some time now, that the unit of the Guyana Police Force is removed from its mandate of combatting organised crimes and money laundering, and that it has been reduced to a rogue unit “carrying out political directions to witch hunt PPP leaders and shake down the business community under the pretext of crime fighting.” The party complained that the unit has been used as a tool to terrorise PPP public officers and officials, causing irreparable harm to their reputations and to their families Former senior officials of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) have been the focus of SOCU’s fraud probes, with charges being laid against former Finance Minister, Ashni Singh and Winston Brassington, former head of National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL).

WPA nominates Sarabo to replace Dr. Roopnaraine in National Assembly


ith Executive Member of the Wo r k i n g People’s Alliance (WPA), Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine, resigning from the National Assembly, the Party has made a recommendation to President David Granger on who should be his replacement. Kaieteur News understands from well placed sources in the Party that the youthful, Tabitha Sarabo was nominated. The President will have the final say on whether she will take Dr. Roopnaraine’s space in the National Assembly as he is the leader of the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU). The sources said that Sarabo was chosen as the party feels that it is time to go in the direction of youth. They said, “There is a general sense in the party that young people have to be brought into the leadership in the party. They have not been adequately represented at the highest level. The WPA wants to use this to signal to youths that we hear their concerns and we are in solidarity with them.”

WPA Member, Tabitha Sarabo The added, “This nomination is a pledge of solidarity to young people and their aspirations to be top leaders in their country. We hope that Ms. Sarabo’s nomination would inspire those in other parties and organizations to ensure young people are part of the decision making process as we move into the next important phase of Guyana’s national life, that is, the phase of oil and gas.”

The Opposition, according to Jagdeo, had questioned SOCU Advisor, Dr. Sam Sittlington, as to why the PPP officials were the only ones being targeted by SOCU, while numerous reports of

corruption by the coalition Government were not being investigated. One of these issues is the probe into the feasibility study for the new Demerara River Bridge, which Jagdeo

had accused SOCU of pussyfooting on. He noted that a report was made to SOCU based on evidence of Government corruption months ago. However, he said that the matter seemed to have slipped

below the radar. Jagdeo had noted that SOCU had questioned all the members of the PPP Cabinet in relation to deals made in the past, “but I haven’t seen any (Conitnued on page 60)


Sunday April 14, 2019

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PRESIDENT GRANGER KEEPING AN ACTIVE SCHEDULE IN CUBA …responding satisfactorily to his radiology regime

President David Granger who arrived in Cuba on April 2, 2019, for further medical evaluation has been keeping an active schedule in Havana. Last Friday, he visited the Escuela Taller de la Habana in Old Havana where he met the Administrative Staff and two groups of trainees in a classroom situation. The Taller Escuela was established in 1992. It is part of the Office of the Historian of the City of Havana. It trains young people in a variety of skills such as masonry, plumbing and carpentry, among others, and helps them to achieve upward mobility in the system.

The President has expressed a strong interest in vocational and skills training. He wanted to know and learn more about the Cuban approach to the training of Cuban youths who are not in the formal education system. He is hoping that the recently formed Guyana Youth Corps could benefit from the experience of the Taller Escuela and future cooperation between the two institutions. President Granger also visited the Cuban National Zoological Park and the National Botanic Garden of the University of Havana over the past two weeks. During his tour of both the Zoological Park and

the Botanic Garden, he explained some aspects of Guyana’s Green State Strategy to the Administrative Staff and tasked the Guyana Embassy with developing MOUs between Guyana and those Cuban agencies. In reviewing GuyanaCuba collaboration in the Health Sector, President Granger expressed a deep concern with the high incidence of cancer, heart disease and diabetes in Guyana and would like stronger ties between Guyana and the Cuban medical institutions that specialize in those ailments. President Granger, meanwhile, has commenced his regime of radiology, which will end in the next five days. His Cuban Medical Team has expressed their full satisfaction with the President’s response to treatment and the overall state of his health. He will return to Guyana next week.

President Granger at the Botanic Garden of Cuba - April 13, 2019

Sunday April 14, 2019


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Four years later…

Legal Practitioners Committee still to rule on case filed against Harmon Some four years after it completed its hearing, the Legal Practitioner’s Committee, (LPC), the committee with oversight responsibilities for attorneys, is yet to make a determination in a case filed against Minister of State Joseph Harmon. Harmon, who is an Attorneyat-law and current Minister of State, had been taken before the LPC over an alleged failure to reimburse some $500,000 to UKbased Guyanese, Floyd Doris. The sum was part of an agreement for the sale of a property located on Hadfield Street. According to documents seen by this newspaper, Harmon was retained as an attorney to deal with the legal aspects of the sale of the property. Attorney-at-law, Ronald Birch-Smith, who appeared before a committee on behalf of Doris, claimed that the hearings into matter were completed before the LPC some four years ago. The lawyer said that he wrote to the committee on several occasions but only received a promise that the committee would hand down a decision in the

matter. “That clearly never materialized and my client would have travelled to Guyana several times since seeking justice.” The attorney explained that the LPC has two committees chaired by Senior Counsel. The committees are scheduled to meet twice a month. Birch-Smith explained that hearings into the matter had concluded in 2015 before a previously constituted committee. He noted a committee was dissolved before a ruling was made. The newly formed LPC panel is chaired by Attorneyat-law, Andrew Pollard S.C. In his application, Doris stated that in early 2008 a friend, Collette Britton-Harry, told him that her aunt had a property at Hadfield Street to sell and that “she would get it for me at a good price. Collette and I were friends and I had helped her before.” He explained that BrittonHarry took him to Mr. Harmon. “I explained what I wanted and he agreed to act as my attorney.” “The cost of the property

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon was $1.5 million. Mr. Harmon told me the various fees, which I paid to him. I arranged to send other money to him as well.” Doris said that monies were paid to Harmon through Collette Britton-Harry in various sums. He claimed, too, that he did

not know what the various fees were for, “save that I received a note from Mr. Harmon which sets out fees amounting to $79,800.” The claimant said that he later learnt that sale of the property was never completed. He said that he was informed by BrittonHarry that her aunt was unable to conclude the sale of the property due to an illness. “I was informed by Collette that her aunt was in America and she had cancer and could not travel to Guyana to complete the transaction.” As a result, Mr. Doris moved to have his monies refunded. He said that he wrote to Harmon on the matter in 2011 but did not receive a reply. In the document, Doris claimed that a second letter was sent to Harmon relating to the refund. That too received no response. Consequently, Doris said that he sent a friend, Edwin Watson, to ask Mr. Harmon about the money. “Mr. Watson said Mr. Harmon said he didn’t know me, nor had he received any money from me. I do not remember

whether I had sent Mr. Watson before or after the second letter. I sent receipts to Mr. Harmon with Mr. Watson.” After several weeks of Mr. Watson visiting Harmon’s office, Doris said that Watson was eventually paid $500,000. “This was paid in the presence of my brother, Ingram Doris, in United States dollars.” “Another $271,000 was paid to Mr. Watson by Mr. Harmon on 5th February 2013. In April 2013, when I came back to Guyana, I went to Mr. Harmon. He told me that he paid Collette Britton $500,000 and that she withdrew the (sale) from the Court through another attorney.” Doris, however contends he did not authorise Mr. Harmon to pay any money to Ms. BrittonHarry. It is over the outstanding sum that the UK-based Guyanese has taken Harmon before the LPC. Harmon on the other hand, claimed that (Collette) BrittonHarry had instructed him that Doris was her cousin and that he was purchasing the property on her behalf.

The lawyer admitted that Doris sent to my office by Ms. Collette Britton-Harry, the sum of $1,440,000. That a term of the agreement of sale of the property was for the Purchaser to pay the Vendor a deposit of $500,000 and the balance paid on the passing of the Transport. In his affidavit in response “that after all the documents were filed and before the passing of Transport the said Collette Britton-Harry without informing me, retained another Attorney and withdrew and discontinued the transaction and I am reliably informed, collected the deposit in the sum of $500,000 from the Vendor of the property.” “That after I was made aware of this development, I called upon Britton-Harry to explain her action but she became uncooperative.” Harmon claimed that he informed Doris about the status of the case that some $500,000 was paid to his cousin (Britton-Harry). The lawyer therefore contends that he does not owe Doris any money whatsoever.


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Sunday April 14, 2019

Linden mourns as couple laid to rest As they lived, so they died, and so they were buried...together! The bodies of Sheshyka Ettienne and O’neil DeYounge were yesterday interred at the Bamia Cemetery, side by side, following a poignant funeral service at the Mackenzie Sports Club Ground, Linden. The Sports Club was

packed to capacity; the tributes and tears flowed freely. Shashyka’s mother held onto her unopened casket and sobbed uncontrollably, during the funeral service. Relatives of DeYounge also wailed. Ettienne, a former registered nurse at the Linden Hospital Complex and

DeYounge, a driver attached to the Bauxite Pensioners Association, were killed in a horrific collision, in the vicinity of the Toucan Drive Bus Shed, in Amelia’s Ward, almost two weeks ago. At the time, DeYounge was taking Ettienne home on his motorcycle. She had just ended her afternoon shift, at the Linden Hospital. Both had lived in Amelia’s Ward, a little distance from each other. They were young, happy, vibrant ambitious and in love...looking forward to a bright future together. Sheshyka was just 20, while O’neil was four years older. They were engaged to be married, and both were working hard to ensure their future...but that was snatched away. Their deaths sent shock waves across the community. And the incident re-

sulted in renewed calls for traffic lights to be installed, at the intersection of Toucan Mall and the main road on the Amelia’s Ward hill top. Among those in attendance at the funeral Service were relatives and friends from overseas, staff of the Linden Hospital Complex and the Bauxite Pensioners Association. Tributes were paid to both through song and spoken word. S h e s h y k a ’s colleagues paid tribute to her, then draped her casket with a banner emblazoned with her pictures. They also recited an acrostic, which described her as happy, spontaneous, kind hearted and ambitious. DeYounge was spoken of similarly. But speaking even more volumes, were the scores of young people who opted to wear t-shirts, with pictures of the couple emblazoned on them. (Enid Joaquin)

Snatched in their prime: Sheshyka Ettienne and O’neil DeYounge

Sunday April 14, 2019


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--- Hinds’ Sight by Dr. David Hinds ---

There is need for urgent constitutional reform The current political impasse is partly the result of the failure to push forward with constitutional reform. A constitution has to be a living document that is constantly reviewed to bring it in line with the changes in the society. The current constitution was written in an environment that is very different from what obtains today. A constitution that emerged to enable the consolidation of a commandist state cannot be the same one for a movement away from such a state. And in a country with sharp differences like ours, it is imperative that we periodically review the rules that govern our existence as a sovereign country. So, my first suggestion would be that we make it mandatory that there be periodic constitutional review —maybe every 15 years. Although Guyana has three co-equal branches of government in theory, in practice the executive overpowers the other two branches. In fact, one can reasonably argue that there is a form of executive supremacy. This has to do with the very powerful executive presidency, which was exploited by all our presidents, particularly Burnham, Hoyte and Jagdeo. Burnham and Jagdeo used the presidency to stifle democracy, while Hoyte used it partly to bring about democratic opening. The PPP and some independent observers have suggested that the present executive has over-reached. They have cited the president’s unilateral appointment of the GECOM chair, and the fact that the courts have found in at least three instances that executive actions had violated the Constitution. However, I do not believe that there has been a pattern of abuse of power by this executive. There have been in-

stances of over-reach and bad policy, but these, to my mind, have not amounted to abuse of power. I think this has to do with rigorous oversight by the other two branches. Despite institutional and political obstacles, there have been more checks on executive power than at any time in our post-colonial history. In an institutional sense, executive power can only be checked by the oversight of the other two branches of government: The legislative and judicial branches. In our present circumstances, where the governing coalition controls both the legislative and executive branches, it is difficult to have any effective oversight of the executive by the legislature. But, to be fair, there is some room for oversight in the sectoral committees by the opposition, and the PPP has been doing a very good job at that level. There are two impediments to more effective oversight by the legislature. First, there is not enough separation of powers. We need to move away from the system whereby the entire Cabinet sits in Parliament, even when a Cabinet member is not an elected member. This is a very counterproductive and obsolete arrangement. We are basically asking the Executive branch to oversee itself. The second impediment has to do with a political culture that is grounded in party loyalty or voting along party lines. It means that MPs do not vote their consciences, or on the perceived feelings of their constituencies. So, it is hardly likely that an MP of the ruling coalition, or for that matter of the PPP, would vote against his or her party in Parliament. From the ruling coalition’s standpoint, the fact that it has only a one-seat majority makes it even more impossible

for such a scenario. We have, however, seen instances where the judicial branch has pushed back against the executive. This is good for democracy, since the courts are the final arbiter of the law. When one takes into consideration that we have in the past had political interference with the judiciary, it is remarkable that the court is still prepared to act independently. The other area of oversight that is very encouraging is that of Civil Society. We have always had a very vocal, if not vigilant, Civil Society in Guyana. The problem has been the partisan bent of our Civil Society organizations, whereby some tend to be more vocal when one or the other party is in power. But I think they have generally done a good job at oversight of the government. The coming on stream of integrity legislation and anticorruption initiatives would also go a long way in checking executive power. But, ultimately, constitutional reform is the most effective way of reducing the powers of the executive, which is itself a formal check on the enormous power of the executive. I completely agree with Lincoln Lewis and others that compliance with constitutional provisions is vital to an effective democracy. But I think the issue is much broader than Lincoln often frames it. It is not a matter of compliance with the present constitution or constitutional reform, or one trumping the other. We must do both. I think, in our case, both compliance and reform are imperative. Constitutional reform is aimed at strengthening the democratic foundations of the constitution, which, in turn, would likely lead to more effective compliance. A constitution ought to be a living document that is

The Baccoo Speaks Something must be wrong with people when they can attack their own parents. This past week a man appeared in court for chopping his father. There will be another attack on a family member, this time with fatal consequences. A child would cut its mother’s throat and attempt to blame others. ** The border community is active with people crossing into Guyana. There are going to be reports of criminals crossing into Guyana, but this would be

unfounded since people only grab opportunities. The authorities are going to arrest some of these crossing into Guyana after they would be recruited by

locals who are steeped in crime. Those arrested would identify their recruiters and the names would raise eyebrows. ** The authorities are going to make a major drug bust in the coming days. More recently, the movement of drugs dried up and with it the illegal earnings. The dealers would become desperate because they owe some money to dangerous people. Bodies would begin to appear in the usual places.

constantly adjusted to meet the social, political, economic and cultural realities of the society. Downplaying constitutional reform assumes that the society is stuck in time; that it is not dynamic. You don’t move from colonialism to freedom without constantly adjusting your constitution to make it easier to achieve the latter. It is a constant process in which you strengthen just laws, stamp out unjust ones, and replace them with progressive ones. The proof of an effective constitution is its ability to guarantee political and social stability, while protecting citizens from the wrath of institutional power, and from their fellow citizens. A just constitution, in our case, must simultaneously guarantee rights and liberty to individuals and groups, and promote democracy and ethnic equality. We were given a constitution at independence that, in the final analysis, enabled rather than contained our ethnic divide. Were there good things in that Independence Constitution? Yes. But there were aspects of it that were

invariably exploited by the political elites in their pursuit of normalizing an authoritarian State. The 1980 Constitution enshrined rights that were not expressed in the Independence Constitution, but it simultaneously strengthened the authoritarian State. In particular, it strengthened the powers of the executive. It also continued to enable ethnic dominance, by keeping in place the winner-takes-all device. The 2001 reforms were aimed at dismantling that authoritarian State and doing something about the winnertakes-all system. While there were some modifications, it did not treat in any fundamental way with the twin problem of executive tyranny and ethnic dominance. Two decades later, the society cries out for corrective measures on these fronts. There is, therefore, a relationship between constitutional reform and compliance with just laws. The more you strengthen the democratic foundations of the constitution, the more likely leaders would comply with the laws. In the end, the

Dr David Hinds constitution must not only be a legal document with formal rules, but it must also be a document that promotes equality and social justice, and broadens the scope for freedom of individuals and groups, while at the same time serving as a check on authoritarian leadership. More of Dr. Hinds’ writings and commentaries can be found on his YouTube Channel Hinds’ Sight: Dr. David Hinds’ Guyana-Caribbean Politics and on his w e b s i t e Send comments to


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The killer, the taxi driver and the girl By Michael Jordan They say that revenge is a dish best served cold. The gunman that was waiting to kill Balram Jadoonauth might not have known this proverb, but his unhurried manner suggested that he knew that his task required patience, rather than blind rage. Dennis Street, Campbellville, was practically deserted around 2:30am on Sunday, April 15, 2012, when 24-year-old taxi driver Balram Jadoonauth headed to his parents’ home after working through the night at the GR Taxi Service. He had just reached the entrance to the Lot 25 residence when the waiting gunman fired. One bullet struck Jadoonauth in the left shoulder. Another punctured his liver and a third pierced one of his lungs. The wounded man managed to drive a short distance before crashing into a lamp pole. The sound awoke some residents, who ran to the scene. They contacted the police and an ambulance took Jadoonauth to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he died shortly after. From their home, Jadoonauth’s parents also heard the gunshots. They assumed that what they had heard was the sound of a ve-

Balram Jadoonauth hicle backfiring, and went back to sleep. They did not learn the truth until later that morning when police ranks rapped on their door to inform them that someone had gunned down their son in front of their home. Police were quick to observe that the killer had not made off with the young man’s gold jewellery or his wallet. They didn’t have far to

look for a motive. Jadoonauth’s parents were not only certain that they knew who had killed their son, they also believed that they knew why he was slain. At the time, the young taxi driver was having an affair with the wife of another man, who was also a taxi driver. According to relatives, the husband was aware of the relationship and had threatened Jadoonauth. The young taxi driver took the threats seriously enough to make a report at the Kitty Police Station. A few hours after the murder, police visited the suspect’s East Coast Demerara home and inquired about his whereabouts. A female relative told them that he had spent the entire Saturday night at home. She also said that he had left at around 6:30 the following day for the Cheddi Jagan International Airport to pick up a cousin who was scheduled to arrive on a seventhirty flight. Police then searched the premises. They found no incriminating evidence but took the man’s wife, who was said to be Jadoonauth’s lover, into custody. A female relative of the suspect later told me that when he eventually returned, she informed him that the police had asked for him. According to her, she advised the man to go to the Kitty Police Station and he complied. H e w a s t h e n t a k e n i n t o c u s t o d y. She also admitted that the suspect and his wife had marital problems, but insisted that he had not killed Jadoonauth. Police obtained telephone records which showed that the jilted husband had contacted Jadoonauth several times. The last phone calls were reportedly made just a few days before the young driver was slain. The husband also admitted that he had threatened to kill Jadoonauth over the affair with his wife. He reportedly said that

Sunday April 14, 2019

he had even complained to Jadoonauth’s parents. But police said that the man denied killing his wife’s lover, and provided an alibi for his movements at the time Jadoonauth was slain. Forensic ranks swabbed the man’s hands for traces of gunpowder and also impounded and searched his car. Again, they found nothing to link him to the death. They were also unable to shake his alibi. It was then that police received word that a security guard, who worked at a nearby premises on the fateful day, was claiming that he had seen the suspect near Jadoonauth’s home shortly before the victim was gunned down. But when they took the guard in for questioning, he denied saying that he had seen the suspect. They were then forced to release the man. Jadoonauth’s relatives are convinced that detectives had held the right man. They are also convinced that there are at least a few people who saw what happened. ”People (in the area) saw what happened. We heard rumours. People saw things, but when it comes to coming forward, no one wants to,” a relative told me. Until someone steps forward, the Jadoonauth family may never know who murdered their loved one. If you have any information about this or any other unusual case, please contact Kaieteur News by letter or telephone at our Lot 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown offices. Our numbers are 225-8458, 225-8465, 225-8473 and 225-8491. You need not disclose your identity. You can also contact Michael Jordan on telephone number +592 645 2447 ,or at his email address

Sunday April 14, 2019


Kaieteur News


Guyana: Law and class struggle In a column of Saturday, April 24, 2010 captioned, “Law and Class Struggle,” I wrote the following; “The first essays I read as a freshman at UG was an article with the above caption by Alan Hunt in a magazine titled, “Marxism Today.” That composition will remain in my mind forever, because it was the first analysis I read to write my first assignment as a new entrant to university. But there is another reason for the permanent presence of that item in my mind. That piece of political commentary had a profound effect on me. There are things that we encounter in our evolution as a person that subliminally effect in ways we may never know. I was young when I entered UG and saw myself as a radical youth fighting for the rights of the poorer classes because I came from that stratum of the Guyanese society and I knew how the pangs of poverty could bite. In the midst of that kind of thinking, I read Alan Hunt’s brilliant research. Hunt contends that laws were designed intentionally and specifically

to benefit those with wealth and prestige because they were drafted by people with property, money and power. He looks at a wide range of legal rules from company law to taxation to divorce and he shows where these edicts run

Frederick Kissoon against the interests of the working people and women.” I now return to law and class struggle, eight years after my first look at the subject. I was tempted to write this essay after reading in the newspaper that a cashier I would talk to when I buy at the supermarket has been charged with theft from his employer. Ricardo Singh was

charged with stealing $150,000 from Parshuram Arjune, owner of the Sheriff Street branch of Survival Supermarket. He is a mere lad – 20 years. For $150,000, he was put on $70,000 bail by Magistrate Sherdel Isaacs-Marcus. That is about half the amount of what he is accused of stealing. Years ago, I went directly to Mr. Arjune and I conveyed what his staff complained to me about. They were given a day off every two weeks. The law stipulates a day off in each week. I was told that Mr. Arjune has conformed to what the law stated. Do you know what would have happened if Arjune’s employees went to the police. Every school kid knows what the police would have said we cannot do anything about that; go to the Labour Ministry. But the police charged Arjune’s employee for stealing from him. I took Giftland Mall to the Labour Ministry, and here is where law and class struggle come in. Marvin Ruhoman was dismissed and he alleged that Giftland Mall did not follow the legal procedure.

Marvin claimed monies owed to him. Before I go on to tell you more about the drama, readers must bear in mind that we have two fighters for the working class high up in government - Drs. Rupert Roopnaraine and Clive Thomas. They tried to overthrow the Burnham Government in the seventies (read their description of their revolutionary action against Burnham in the book, “Walter Rodney: A Promise of Revolution.” But today they support a government that is more oppressive of low income families than when Burnham ruled. Chief Labour Officer Charles Ogle summoned his legal advisor, and in his presence all hell broke loose. The

lawyer told me and Marvin that she could not proceed with an investigation since I would be writing on the subject in the press. I was smothered with rage. What did my writing have to do with the alleged violation of Marvin’s rights? I implored Minister Keith Scott for his direct intervention. He took over the matter. Giftland eventually settled with Marvin. So what is the relevance of the Giftland situation to the Survival Supermarket case? On complaining to the Labour Ministry, no police visited Giftland. It was not a police matter. But Marvin would have been arrested immediately if he had got angry and gone back to

Giftland and picked up an item out of revenge. What is the moral here? Law favours the employer. It is not a criminal offence if you work an employee beyond the contracted, stipulated requirement of eight hours. But it is a criminal offence if you steal from the employer as a matter of revenge for your exploitation. The TUC sent a 19-point memorandum to the government, but nothing was included on reshaping the Labour Office. Maybe Roopnaraine and Thomas will do that soon. Don’t forget; Thomas popularized the term we often use – “the poor and powerless in Guyana.” Don’t forget too that Marx is dead.


Sunday April 14, 2019

Kaieteur News

The PPP is sowing seeds of discord, but it underestimates our people The PPP’s spin machine has kicked into high gear. It is creating scandals out of thin air. In truth, the well-worn machine is going back to the same old accusations of misdemeanors, missteps and miscreant behaviour that they themselves were accused of while in Government, behaviour and misdeeds that they remain guilty of. We understand that the Opposition has to find work to do, but please folks, at least make the accusations a little palatable. Guyana is so long past ‘cheap’ politics. Recently the seamy attack on senior Government officials came off as desperate. The man in the street saw it as the opposition’s attempt to claw back some political gains they thought they had

collected from last year’s Local Government Elections, and the December no confidence motion. Their latest muddy campaign targeted Public Telecommunications Minister Cathy Hughes and DPI Director Imran Khan in separate attacks which were very spurious. What it showed us is that the cabal still believes that they could topple the APNU+AFC administration, if not by underhanded means, then by playing fast and loose with people’s good name. The smear attack concerned a legitimate media contract that was awarded by the Department of Energy (DoE) to Videomega Media Production Company that is owned by Minister Hughes. That contract went through

the rigors of the Government’s procurement system before the video production company was asked to produce three television ads. A negligible search and a bit of homework would have shown the truth to the architects of this mischievous attack on the Minister – that she has relinquished control of the production outfit to well-known television and radio personality, Russell Lancaster, and that the request for service from the DoE was way above board. Mr. Lancaster on his own has vast experience and he knows his craft well. He and his voice are popular among large and small private sector companies in and outside of Guyana, and even among

certain members of the Opposition who have utilized his services. This alone addresses the PPP’s thinly veiled accusation of conflict of interest by Minister Hughes. The PPP is hoping that Guyanese have short memories. It is underestimating the people. The party shows us again and again that they will stop at nothing to disrupt the peace. They will do anything to try to destabilize the nation just to reclaim power and take us back to where we were before 2015. The people know what they went through and don’t want to return to those years of misery. We cannot allow them to throw us off track. We have the people’s work to do. Our

Government has been working to stabilize our economy. We have been able to restore peace and public order, and incrementally, we have been able to re-shape Guyana’s international image. It had to be done. Before 2015, Guyana was known as a working drug transshipment point with a highly corrupt Government that was willing to sell the nation’s mineral wealth and abundance of land for a pittance, never mind what the land was being used for – illegal airstrips, and gold mining on Amerindian-owned lands. Many foreign investors refused, or were not allowed by their own governments, to do business with Guyana, because it is illegal to invest in corrupt countries that are involved in the narcotics racket. But this Coalition Government changed all that. We are cleaning up our investment and governance systems, a job that is nowhere near finished. Once the Courts allows us, we will keep on cleaning and modernizing until this nation is able to stand tall among the oil-producing

countries in the world. We believe that the people of Guyana should stay on top of the issues and get a good understanding of what Government has done to begin to better their lives. They have to decide whether they want growth to continue, or be fooled by people who are using them to get their hands on oil revenue. We hope that our citizens could see the benefits that will come to them through the mechanisms that this government has already put in place. We hope that Opposition forces will not succeed in convincing poor, ordinary people that the Guyana economy is failing, and that they are facing doom and gloom if APNU stays in office. In reality, there is so much development in progress, and so much more for citizens and communities to look forward to, with Guyana on its way to becoming a mature country. As Guyanese we have to stand up and refuse to walk down the path being laid out by the destroyers. We have too much to offer ourselves, our children and their children, the Caribbean and the rest of the world.

Sunday April 14, 2019


Kaieteur News

My column

Irfaan Ali’s inauspicious start People on the campaign trail always make statements that sound good. The reality is something else. Irfaan Ali is someone who has always found time to talk to me. We shared some interesting moments when he was Minister. Overall he is a decent person. I remember doing a story on a fellow who had defrauded Guyana Water Inc. and got dismissed. Of course he was not the first to stare the truth in the face and decide contest it in the courts. This fellow filed a writ. I remember calling him and asking him if he was crazy, if he thought he could win in the courts. It did not matter to him, because I could not seek any compensation from him. And that is a problem with the legal system. People can sue and cost you money. Then they drop the suit, but you have already paid your lawyer. Your money goes down the drain. I went to Irfaan and asked him whether something was wrong, mentally, with his former employee. Irfaan picked up the phone and called the fellow. He simply

told him to drop the suit or have some worse indiscretions become part of the law suit. I never heard from the fellow gain. There was the Irfaan who hosted a housing exposition. I spoke with him on site and got an insight into his thinking. He was shrewd and he was familiar with the contractors. I found him a great fellow. That was not the same person I saw when he hosted his first press conference. He knew that there would be questions about his qualifications. There was information that some of his qualifications were forged. The degree from Sunderland, at least the document he presented, was flawed. The certificate would usually carry the candidate’s registration number. That was missing from Irfaan’s. There were other discrepancies that were never addressed. Jagdeo simply told reporters that the issue was not up for discussion. Irfaan, rather than address the issue, decided that it was all out there and that he had nothing more

to say. When the reporters insisted, he simply said that his leader had spoken about it and that he had nothing further to say. For the man who hopes to be president it is not ingenious to hide behind the leader. He gave the same answer to some other questions when he should have been putting his own stamp on things. In the wake of the press conference, people began to doubt his leadership capability. On the trail, outside the capital, Irfaan spoke of creating 50,000 jobs. When I heard this claim I said that he had to be a dreamer. For starters, he is claiming that there are 50,000 Guyanese who need jobs. Where are these Guyanese? He spoke about getting the support of the private sector. A simple analysis would reveal that those whom Irfaan is targeting are already employed. Even if he were to reopen all the sugar estates he could not find 50,000 people. And when he talks about reopening the sugar estates,

he parrots Jagdeo. Jagdeo argues that it is more expensive to keep the estates closed than to have them function even at a fantastic loss. Surely that could not be true. Irfaan is also talking about unemployed sugar workers. He described them as starving. Anyone who knows Guyanese would know that they simply do not starve. We always find something to provide an income. Some of the sugar workers are already employed. The people who are complaining about the closure of the sugar estates are the vendors and shop owners who made their money from the sugar workers. One man called me to say that when the sugar estates were operational he grossed a couple hundred thousand dollars each day. Of course. He was a beneficiary of the huge subsidies the government was pouring into the sugar industry.

Irfaan more than most knows that the future is not in sugar. He knows that the oil revenue would be a boon to any government. In fact, many would not even worry about employment. Government would fund many welfare projects. His biggest problem at this time is to prove that he is his own man. He certainly did not do that at his press conference. He hosted the conference at the Office of the Opposition Leader. Why? He could have used Freedom House, the headquarters of his party. He kept referring to his leader. He is supposed to be the leader, the man who should be making the decisions. But if he keeps looking to Jagdeo, then people would conclude that Jagdeo is really running the country. To rely on Jagdeo is to sink his hopes, because the older folks have their issues with the opposition leader. He

Adam Harris was never able to shake off the reports of corruption directed at him. So for Irfaan, who has a cloud over his head, to team up with a man who had an umbrella of corruption over him, is certainly not the best thing. Then he uses Kwame McCoy as his moderator. He could not have done worse, given Kwame’s image when he sheltered under Jagdeo’s wing. To the casual observer, Irfaan is Jagdeo’s boy, Jagdeo’s shadow.


Sunday April 14, 2019

Kaieteur News

Guyana - A bright and ‘green’ future Vision can be defined as the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. Over the past year, President David Granger has given us his vision of Guyana’s development post2020. Guyana will be a ‘green’ state. The President on numerous occasions has reminded that despite the discovery of large petroleum reserves in our offshore waters, Guyana will not be derailed in our march towards establishing a ‘green’ state. Guyana’s Green State Development Strategy will be developed as a template for ‘greening’ the country. The economy will be transitioned from one that is currently dependent on fossil fuels towards renewable, clean and cheaper sources of energy. As part of that strategy,

we will craft a comprehensive Coastal Zone Management Plan to protect human habitation, our coastal economic sector and coastal ecosystems. We will create ‘green’ enterprises and jobs inculcating ‘green’ education in our schools. With money from the petroleum sector, Guyana will invest in solar, wind, hydroand biomass sources of energy over the next five years. The Government of Guyana will lead the way in transitioning towards greater renewable energy use. Every government building will be encouraged to utilise alternative sources of energy, and incentives have been issued to catalyse private investment in renewables. Massive public infrastructure works will see vast improvement in connectivity

throughout the country. Highways connecting our hinterland communities to each other and to the coastland will be pivotal to the development of the ‘green’ state. The government will intensify the improvement of aerodromes, bridges and stellings. In agriculture, Guyanese can expect a more climate-resilient sector. Agricultural expansion will see mega farms in the intermediate and Rupununi savannahs; the expansion of non-traditional agricultural products such as coconuts, fruits, spices and various varieties of rice. Agroprocessing will be promoted as a means of increasing production and farm earnings and for generating employment. In the education sector the government has already implemented a menu of measures to enhance the quality

of education. Our education policy is aimed at providing students with knowledge, skills and values to become productive citizens in the economy of the future. With monies from the petroleum sector the government will continue to invest heavily in the development of this vital sector. In the past Guyana’s health system was plagued with inadequate infrastructure, high mortality rates, weak disease prevention measures, poor emergency health response and constraints to access health services, particularly in the hinterland. Since assuming office, the government has made a concerted effort to address these deficiencies and will continue to do so. Health infrastructure and the delivery of quality health care services will be vastly improved post-2020. The Ministry of Public Health is already mapping the proximity of health facilities to communities to ensure that as far as possible, a health facility is located within 5km of a community. Plans are also on stream to upgrade health centres to polyclinics, especially in large catchment areas. Local democracy is a means of citizens’ empowerment and government will continue to respect the autonomy of local democratic organs and strengthen their capacity to deliver effective

and efficient public services. In a recent address to youth leaders, President Granger said; “Our aim is to develop a nation of strong regions. Each region needs a centre, in the form of capital towns, for more balanced development. Guyana is not two countries – a developed one East of the Essequibo and an underdeveloped one West of the Essequibo. This government established four new capital towns – at Bartica, Mabaruma, Mahdia and Lethem – in the four large hinterland regions in the first three years in office. Your Government aims, eventually, at ensuring that each region would possess its own capital town to deliver public services and to promote economic and social development. Each region should have: its own aerodromes, banks, courts, factories, hospitals, galleries and museums, newspapers, radio and television stations, passport and registrar’s offices, police stations, secondary schools, sporting stadiums, sub-treasuries and other amenities; the capacity to generate employment opportunities for its young people – by attracting investors, encouraging commerce with the Caribbean, neighbouring countries and other parts of the world and by developing thriving business districts,

industrial parks, busy highways and bustling stellings.” Addressing Parliament on October 18, 2018, President Granger reminded; “Oil production is expected to begin in 2020 and will be the most transformative economic development in our history. Your government is taking steps to ensure that revenues which accrue from the sector will not be squandered but, instead, will be invested strategically in building human and institutional capacity, addressing our infrastructural deficit and providing economic security for future generations. Your government is committed to transparency in the management of this sector. We have already made public the petroleum contracts between investors and the government of Guyana…. Your government will ensure that oil revenues are prudently managed for the present and future generations in accordance with our objective of securing the good life for all. We shall do this through a Natural Resources Fund which will be established before first oil in 2020. Priority will be given to investments in our human capital, particularly our public education system and in key catalytic infrastructural projects that improve productivity, bridging the divide between coastland and hinterland.”

Sunday April 14, 2019

Kaieteur News

Gout: The unusual arthritis pains

By Dr. Zulfikar Bux Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine Historically, gout was known as “rich man’s disease”, because it was only found in the rich, who ate lavish diets, especially meats and alcohol. Developments in medicine have shown that a breakdown product of protein rich foods called uric acid was found in large deposits in joints of patients with arthritic pains from gout. In the ancient times only the rich could have afforded to eat extravagantly and unhealthily, but what was considered an excessive diet in ancient times is now easily accessible in the modern world. As a result, gout is becoming a more common presentation in our current generation. While some countries do not have many cases of gout, it can affect up to 10% of populations in some countries where diet is more immoderate and unhealthy. I will enlighten you about this unusual form of joint pain. WHAT IS GOUT? Gout is a form of arthritis. It can cause pain and swelling in the joints. At first, it tends to affect only one joint — most frequently the big toe. Uric acid can form sharp needle-like crystals that build up in the joints and cause

pain. Uric acid crystals can also form inside the tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder. These crystals can turn into “kidney stones” that can cause pain and problems with the flow of urine. WHATARE THE SYMPTOMS OF GOUT? People with gout get sudden attacks of severe pain, most often the big toe, ankle, or knee. Often the joint also turns red and swells. Usually, only one joint is affected, but some people have pain in more than one joint. Gout attacks tend to happen more often during the night. The pain from gout can be extreme. The pain and swelling are worst at the beginning of a gout attack. The symptoms then get better within a few days to weeks. It is not clear how the body “turns off” a gout attack. Patients with gout tend to have pain “flare ups” especially when their diet and lifestyle becomes unhealthy. In between these episodes, they tend to be symptom-free. TREATMENT Treatment for gout is geared around treating “flare ups” and using preventative methods including lifestyle changes and medications to prevent future episodes. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain medications such as ibuprofen or

diclofenac are usually used to treat the pain episodes. Sometimes your doctor may prescribe steroids if the pains are unresponsive to the anti-inflammatory medications. Allopurinol and colchicine are commonly used medication that decrease uric acid levels and help to minimize episodes of gout “flare ups”. LIFESTYLEAND HOMEREMEDIES Medications are the most proven, effective way to treat gout symptoms. However, making certain lifestyle changes also may help, such as: · Limiting alcoholic beverages and drinks sweetened with fruit sugar (fructose). Instead, drink plenty of nonalcoholic beverages, especially water. · Limit intake of foods high in proteins rich in purine such as red meat, organ meats and seafood. · Exercising regularly and losing weight. Keeping your body at a healthy weight reduces your risk of gout. PREVENTION During symptom-free periods, these dietary guidelines may help protect against fu-

ture gout attacks: · Keep your fluid intake high. Stay well-hydrated, including plenty of water. Limit how many sweetened beverages you drink, especially those sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. · Limit or avoid alcohol. Talk with your doctor about whether any amount or type of alcohol is safe for you. Recent evidence suggests that beer may be particularly likely to increase the risk of gout symptoms, especially in men. · Get your protein from low-fat dairy products. Lowfat dairy products may actu-

ally have a protective effect against gout, so these are your best-bet protein sources. · Limit your intake of meat, fish and poultry. A small amount may be tolerable, but pay close attention to what types — and how much — seem to cause problems for you. · Maintain a desirable body weight. Choose portions that allow you to maintain a healthy weight. Losing weight may decrease uric acid levels in your body. But avoid fasting or rapid weight loss, since doing so may temporarily raise uric acid levels. The next time you have a


Dr. Zulfikar Bux painful and swollen joint it just might be gout. It’s not just a rich man’s disease any longer, so ask your doctor about the possibility of having gout.


Sunday April 14, 2019

Kaieteur News

SUNDAY Kaieteur News’ 25th anniversary: Glenn Lall promises to continue fighting for Guyana Kaieteur News is 25 years old. The staff celebrated that anniversary at the Pegasus Hotel last Thursday evening. That same day the company launched its newest media outfit, Kaieteur Radio. Masters of Ceremonies, Alex Wayne and Joshua Van Sluytman, and prayers by representatives of the major religions got the programme started. Akeem Abrams, a violinist captivated the audience. Several public figures paid tribute to Glenn Lall, the publisher. Director of the publication, Teshawna Lall, told the audience that, being the daughter of the publisher, she has endured much bullying and hardships. However, she said that those only cemented her love and passion for the newspaper. Other speakers included Leslie Sobers, Chairman of Guyana National Broadcasting Authority, and Philanthropist, Yesu Persaud. Several of the employees were recognised for their long service. They are: Marcia Girard, the longest serving employee, with Kaieteur News since September, 1995; Adam Harris (January, 1996); Osafo King (April, 1996); Anudevi “Anupa” Badri (June, 1997); Michael Jordan (September, 1997); Julius Davson (June, 1997); Frederick Kissoon (June, 1998); Avinash Gangaram (June, 2001); Michael Baptiste (July, 2001); Fazal Ali (September, 2001); Sarah Balgobin (September, 2001); Claude David (February, 2002); Kumar Singh (March, 2002); Jasodha Kishun (March, 2002); Leelawattie Shiwsankar (September, 2002); Nigel McKenzie (April, 2003); Quacie Browne (September, 2004); Sean Devers (J u l y, 2 0 0 5 ) ; Franklin Wi l s o n (November, 2005); Alex Wa y n e ( J u n e , 2 0 0 5 ) ; Sharmain Grainger (March, 2006); Gregory Gildarie (2007); Winston Jilkes (2009); and Kelvin Seymour (2013). Lall paid tribute to his staff for making the newspaper the number one daily in Guyana, and the number one Guyanese paper in New York. He said that in the early days of Kaieteur News, his inspiration for running the paper was the prospect of attractive investment and big money, but as the years progressed, he began to realize that Kaieteur News was instituted by a Higher Power.

Man shot dead after attacking ranks in police station Police shot and killed Teon Maxwell, 24, of Bare Root Village East Coast Demerara, Saturday, as they attempted to arrest him. Reports reaching this publication suggest that the police were reacting to reports made by Maxwell’s reputed wife of her abuse at his hands, and the man’s attempt to take her life. Mother of the now deceased man had indicated that she had encouraged her daughter-in-law to go to the law after Maxwell had abused the young woman recently. She said he was seen sharpening knives which he said he was going to use to cut the young lady into pieces. There are reports that Maxwell was also told to go to the Vigilance Police Station (East Coast Demerara) with his reputed wife to sort out the matter, but he bluntly refused. Relatives then called the police to arrest him as he continued to make threats on the young lady’s life. Saturday, ranks from the Vigilance Police Station arrested the man. He was found with two knives, a cutlass and a hammer at the time of his arrest. The arresting ranks had apparently failed to search his person because on arrival at the station the young man whipped out a knife from his waist and attacked the police ranks. One eyewitness related

that pandemonium broke out inside the station as the now deceased man swiped at ranks that had the double task of protecting themselves, and at the same time trying to restrain Maxwell. Two ranks sustained injuries; one to the left hand, and the other a stab wound to the abdomen. At some point, Maxwell managed to escape from the ranks and jump into a police vehicle which still had its engine running. He attempted to drive off. That prompted a police rank to open fire while the man was still in the vehicle, killing him. He was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The body was later taken to the Lyken’s Funeral Parlour. The police have since launched an investigation both in relation to the incident and the apparent breach of standard operating procedure in arresting, escorting and detaining suspects. The procedure as it relates to the use and care of vehicles assigned is also a matter under internal investigation by the force. MONDAY Probe was ordered into contract awards to Housing Minister’s husband – Sources A top-level Government official reportedly ordered a probe last year into claims of conflict of interest

surrounding Minister of Housing, Valerie AdamsYearwood and her husband. Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo, raised the issue at a press conference on Wednesday last. He had said that in 2018, President David Granger was written to and his office responded, acknowledging receipt of the letter. An investigation was reportedly launched to ascertain whether there was a conflict of interest, given that Godfrey Yearwood, the Housing Minister’s husband, received contract awards from the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) while his wife is Minister of Housing. Jagdeo had claimed that Godfrey Yearwood’s subcontractor was not paid. This is what prompted the letters to the President, he said. “[The sub contractor] can’t pay his workers from the village of Victoria because the Minister ’s husband is refusing to pay them for contracts that he got in a Ministry that his wife runs,” Jagdeo had told the press. On Friday morning last, Chief Executive Officer of CH&PA, Lelon Saul, said that his office was notified of this issue. “A complaint was lodged at the Ministry – I think it was some time last year – and we called in both parties and we advised them to settle the issue,” Saul said. Many, including the Chief Executive Officer of the CH&PA, Lelon Saul, have opined that the situation

poses a conflict of interest, since the Housing Minister presides over the awarding of contracts. When journalists questioned her last Friday, about the contract awards to her husband, the Minister deflected responsibility to the board of CH&PA. “The Minister is not engaged in issuance of contracts,” she had said. She has oversight for CH&PA but has indicated to the press that she will not answer for actions taken by the body. Increase public disclosure of oil data – Chatham House Urges Considering the fact that the release of accurate information on the petroleum sector to the citizenry is central to ensuring transparency and accountability, Chatham House is calling on the governments of emerging oil producers like Guyana to increase public disclosure of oil data. Chatham House is a nongovernmental organization whose mission is to analyze and promote the understanding of major international issues and current affairs. The UK-based entity said that transparency removes the cover for possible corruption, builds trust, enables good decisions and allows for rapid intervention to correct problems in the system. It stressed that there is a large body of literature,

which supports this viewpoint. Speaking to the steps governments can take to increase accountability, Chatham House said that one option is to invest in institutional capacitybuilding to create stronger checks and balances. The transparency body said, “Whatever the existing governance model for the petroleum sector, accountability can be bolstered by increasing the capability of existing actors in the system to ask the right questions of those with responsibilities in the sector. Capacity-building reduces the knowledge asymmetry between the operators and decision-makers on the one hand and stakeholders on the other.” Further to this, Chatham House said that the government must make efforts to increase levels of accountability to the public. It said that various drivers can trigger the need to improve accountability processes in the petroleum sector; with one of the most significant triggers being the beginning of the production phase, which brings significant revenues. Chatham House said, “Reforms aimed at improving accountability are likely to be opposed if they upset entrenched interests. Indeed, it is important for governments to recognize that once an actor (specifically, the National Oil Company or the Ministry of (Continued on page 41)

Sunday April 14, 2019


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From page 32 Energy) has assumed responsibility for some of these regulatory functions, it can be difficult to take it back.” TUESDAY Modify Procurement Strategy to maximize participation of local businesses – Industry Analysts There are several tactics emerging oil producers like Guyana can employ to maximize the participation of local firms in the oil and gas sector. One of the most effective ways is through the modification of the procurement strategy that governs the sector. This is according to the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA). Headquartered in London, IPIECA develops shares and promotes good practice and knowledge to help the oil and gas industry of countries improve environmental and social performance. According to IPIECA, there are several modifications a country can make to ensure local businesses are given a fair advantage. It outlined one option to be Reservation or ‘set asides’ provisions which mandate that only qualified local firms are allowed to bid for certain contracts. IPIECA also said that the procurement strategy can be improved by providing local companies with additional information, reducing the size and complexity of the scope, or simplifying procedures or processes to make it more likely for them to participate

This photo accompanies the 2017 press release of the Minister of Housing, Valerie Adams-Patterson, with CH&PA officials and the contract awardees of the ‘Housing Solution 2017 and Beyond Exhibition’ in the procurement process. The Association said that modifications can be made to the Bid Evaluation Process to help businesses have more participation. In this regard, it said that the General Preferencing provision can be used. This allows for a local bidder to be selected when it is relatively close to other competitors on quality and price. Another effective change which can be made to the evaluation process is called Price preferencing. This allows local bidders to have a set preference figure discounted from their tender price. IPIECA said that this provides a price advantage against outside competitors. Significantly, the Association said that feedback should be given to unsuccessful bidders. IPIECA said that this enables local firms to improve and can

also lessen potential grievances on the part of unsuccessful bidders. IPIECA said, too, that the procurement strategy governing the sector should also be modified to ensure that there is maximum participation of local workers. It said that this can be done by making mandatory requirements for the employment of local enterprises or workers. US urges peaceful reaction to CCJ rulings on no-confidence vote New US ambassador to Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch, has urged Guyana to have a “peaceful” reaction to the impending ruling at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) on the no-confidence vote which triggered early elections. In her first interview with

the country’s newspapers, Lynch declined to speculate on the likely outcome. One thing is clear…the US embassy stands steadfast…firm in respect for democratic institutions, and democratic processes, she stressed. According to the ambassador, she has been heartened in just over a month in Guyana. “The political leaders that I have discussed this issue with, both in the current government…in the Opposition, and other political parties also indicated that they would respect this ruling and there will be a peaceful reaction to it,” she said. The official, said to be only the second female US ambassador to Guyana, would come at a testing time…when Guyana is about to start producing oil

commercially and when the country is facing fallouts from a unprecedented noconfidence vote that was carried on the evening of December 21. “So I am hopeful that will happen and that all political parties and citizens will react in a peaceful way,” she urged. The diplomatic community has been nervous over what has been a testing period for Guyana. In recent months, businesses have been complaining of falling revenues, a claim that Government says may not be so true. According to the ambassador, while she was unable to provide immediate figures, there has been steady request by US companies on investing in Guyana, a positive sign. The no-confidence motion has divided the nation with the government insisting that the vote was illegal as the parliamentarian, Charrandass Persaud was sitting illegal in the National Assembly at that time of the vote. The government took the matter to court. The High Court ruled that no person with dual citizenship can sit in the National Assembly and that the vote was carried, properly. However, the Court of Appeal recently deemed the vote needed a greater majority. WEDNESDAY Cabinet orders restructuring of Forestry Commission

A model of the Liza Destiny floating platform for the first phase of the oil development in the Stabroek Block. It is due around August.

With Guyana placing more of its forests for conservation purposes and with moves to ‘green’ the economy, the Government Tuesday announced that it has

approved the restructuring of the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC). According to the Ministry of Natural Resources, which has portfolio responsibilities, the restructuring would be in keeping of the national objective of moving towards a ‘green’ economy and the consequent realignment of critical agencies of state. The approval comes from Cabinet. Already, a Task Force has been established jointly between the Ministry and the Board of Directors of the GFC to address the reorganising and restructuring of the commission. Guyana has an area of 214,970 km2 of which nearly seventy-five percent is covered with natural vegetation. Of this area, approximately four-fifths is classified as state forests under the jurisdiction of the GFC. Almost a decade ago, Norway in a ground-breaking arrangement agreed to pay Guyana US$250M for keeping the country’s forest intact while at the same time taking steps to reduce deforestation rate. The arrangement was to reduce the impact of climate change using the forest and the greenhouse gas that is trapped. Under the Coalition Government, consecutive national budgets have unveiled a “green” economy. According to the Ministry Tuesday, the Task Force will include the technical and administrative talent and personnel of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Board, and the Commission who will examine the structure and functioning of the GFC to make recommendations to the (Continued on page 42)


From page 41 Minister, Raphael Trotman. He in turn is mandated to present a report to Cabinet. The Task Force’s mandate shall include, but will not be limited to, an examination and evaluation of current job descriptions and performance standards, personnel procedures, conditions of employment and appointment, wages and salary structures and payroll administration. “It will further aim at improving the efficient performance and effective management of the commission by identifying training and development opportunities for staff.” The Task Force is expected to submit to the Minister of Natural Resources a work schedule with timelines and a preliminary report that would complete this assignment no later than July 2019. The Convenor of the Task Force is the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility Project Coordinator (FCPF), Clayton Hall, the ministry said. Hall was a former senior forestry official with years of experience. Govt. will have to engage with ExxonMobil, private sector to renegotiate oil deal- US ambassador The US government will play no role in any possible renegotiation of the oil deal with ExxonMobil. That company, a UScontrolled oil giant, is one of the biggest in the world. It is locked in a deal with Guyana for two percent royalty on every barrel it declares plus a 50/50 split in profits. However, since the details of the arrangements have come out, following the oil discovery in 2015, and subsequent confirmation of several wells of over five billion barrels of oil, there has been widespread criticisms and expressions of concern. For one, several critics believe that the royalty is too low. The oil discovered is the lighter, sweet crude, which fetches premium price on the world market. Guyana, it is being argued, should have settled for a better deal of at least 10 percent. In addition, the 50/50 share in the profits is being viewed with deep suspicion. ExxonMobil’s long history in the oil business has not been without controversy. That 50/50 split of profits would only come after ExxonMobil and its two other partners have taken their expenses out. Those expenses include pre-2015 spending incurred during the initial exploration phase.

Sunday April 14, 2019

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ExxonMobil itself has had a history of not playing fair, and with evidence of expenses being inflated in other countries, thus reducing profits, it has been stressed that the shiny glitter of the black gold would not be so shiny, unless Guyana hurriedly attempts to renegotiate the deal. On Monday, newlyaccredited US ambassador, Sarah-Ann Lynch made it clear that the ball is in Guyana’s court. She was speaking during a media engagement at the Embassy in Kingston. Lynch emphasised that there would be no interference from the local US embassy to facilitate a renegotiation. She said that the embassy’s main role would be to foster opportunities in the oil and gas industry; it’s coming online and its growth. Lynch also said that the focus is on a level playing field, with an ample opportunity for growth and continuous interaction with government. Rejected contractors can appeal to Bid Protest Committee – NPTAB Chairman Chairman of the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board, (NPTAB), Berkley Wickham has said that t h e r e a r e existing mechanisms for rejected contractors to protest the selection of bids. Wickham noted that the system has been in place to ensure that the procurement of goods, services and the execution of works are conducted in accordance with the relevant laws. According to Wickham, the Bid Protest Committee under the Public Procurement Commission (PPC) would review the report of a disgruntled contractor to determine whether his/her claims can be substantiated. The NPTAB Chairman stressed that the committee provides a forum for contractors to air their concerns about the tender process and have those concerns addressed. His comment comes in wake of a complaint by a small contractor who raised questions over the manner in which contracts are awarded by the State. The contractor, who spoke to Kaieteur News on the condition of anonymity, raised questions about the award of contracts at the level of NPTAB. The contractor complained of the selection process, which he says,

favours large contractors. “Whenever the government puts out tenders for big projects, the projects most likely find themselves in the hands of the big contractors, even though small contractors offer to do the work for far less.” However, the NPTAB official clarified that contracts are not awarded merely on the basis of cost. There is a list of technical and administrative criteria that a contractor is required to satisfy before the contract is awarded. Wickham specified that the list includes a compliance certificate from the National Insurance Scheme, (NIS), Guyana Revenue Authority, (GRA) – which is to ensure taxes are up to date, a business registration certificate, and bid security — a small percentage paid as part of securing the bid. Additionally, he said, the company must provide documentation outlining the capability of its workforce, experience and financial capability to complete the project. “Contracts are not awarded based on the lowest cost [offered to do a project] but the lowest evaluated bid.” Wickham emphasized t h a t i f a c o n t ractor is dissatisfied with the manner in which the project is awarded, he has the option of raising it at the level of the Bid Protest Committee. The committee was initially under the purview of the Tender Administration Board and later moved to the PPC. THURSDAY Don’t approve Liza Phase Two Permit until all issues are resolved–Dr. Jan Mangal Oil and Gas Consultant, Dr. Jan Mangal, is of the firm view that the Environmental Permit for the Liza Phase Two project should not be approved until a long list of issues has been resolved. These include the need for all oil companies to have internationally recognized insurance policies and for the industry to be governed by a robust legislative and regulatory framework. He made this remark, among others, during an exclusive interview with Kaieteur News recently. The former Presidential Advisor said, “We need new legislation which is all aligned. But this cannot happen without teams of oil professionals which we do not have. And these teams

cannot include the ‘experts’ popping up who have zero years experience with the major oil companies.” He added, “We have people who went off to do a Masters, have never worked for a major oil company, but are prancing around Guyana as oil experts and consultants. “We cannot do anything without the right people, and we do not have the right people now.” Dr. Mangal commented that the only way Guyana has a chance to do a modicum of justice to its own interests, is by slowing the pace of ExxonMobil so as to give the country a chance to catchup. He emphasized that the players in government are obviously desperate to give the impression that they are in control and that Guyana is being well served. But this is not the case, the Oil Consultant said. FURTHER DELAYS ExxonMobil’s subsidiary, Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited (EEPGL), was supposed to receive its permit for the Liza Phase Two Project on or before March 1, 2019. But a few issues related to its permit are still being worked out before this can happen. Confirming this was Head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Dr. Vincent Adams. He said that the Energy

Department is conducting a rigorous review of the Field Development Plans (FDP) for the Phase Two Project. He reminded that the EPA has to work along with the Energy Department where these matters are concerned. MoTP Says… No procurement regulations breached in contract award to Cathy Hughes media company ...There was no impropriety—Ministry of the Presidency Amid deep public scrutiny, the Coalition Government insists that proper procedures were followed in the awarding of a contract to a Media Company that had close links to Minister of Public Telecommunication, Cathy Hughes. According to the Ministry of the Presidency, its Department of Energy worked closely with the ministry’s Procurement Unit in finalizing the contract. The contract being referred to is one for $832,000 to Video Mega Productions, a company that has its address at the Middle Street property said to be controlled by Hughes and her husband, attorney-at-law, Nigel Hughes. “The Ministry wishes to make it pellucid that the Department of Energy contracted Videomega

Productions to develop three 60-second television and radio Public Service Announcements (PSAs) at a cost of $832,000, as part of its public awareness and sensitization campaign with regards to the Co-operative Republic of Guyana’s emerging oil and gas sector.” According to the Ministry of the Presidency, in a statement late Tuesday night, it wishes to make it clear that the Department of Energy is not engaged in any “incestuous relationship” as is being claimed by the Opposition, and its Parliamentary Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira. Rather, the department has from its inception, “worked in compliance with all rules and regulations relative to the procurement of goods and services”. The allegations of impropriety were made by the Opposition and came on the heels of a recent disclosure that Pastor Godfrey Yearwood, the husband of Minister Valerie PattersonYearwood, who has charge over housing, was awarded a contract to build homes. That award only came to light after a worker complained of not being paid. Under practices worldwide, it is an accepted rule that family members and companies with linkages are not awarded contracts from the particular public entity or (Continued on page 43)

Sunday April 14, 2019


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The airport is incomplete after six years From page 42 ministry in which a relative works. Even a number of private companies have such rules. Even if the contract went out to tender, officials say, to ensure that there are no questions from the public, it is the general rule not to award. Ten years after body found in car trunk… Fuel Dealer’s wife charged with murder Almost ten years after her husband’s body was found in a car trunk, 50-year-old Milaimi Alli was Wednesday handcuffed and escorted to court to be charged with his murder. She was remanded after appearing in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan. Mrs. Alli was represented by attorney at law Bernard Da Silva. She is to make a second appearance on April 15, when the matter will be transferred to the Vigilance Magistrate’s Court. Milaimi Alli was arrested last Thursday at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport after returning from the US. That was after police issued a bulletin which stated that she was wanted for questioning into the murder of her husband, Ramzan Alli. Police had first charged Sadeek Mohamed Mitchell, a taxi driver, for Mr. Alli’s murder. It is alleged Mitchell had given a caution statement in which he admitted to killing the fuel d e a l e r o n a w o m a n ’s orders. Investigators held a confrontation between Mitchell and Mrs. Alli following her arrest. Ramzan Alli, 45, was discovered dead on Sunday, July 12, 2009, in the trunk of his rental car, which was on the Coldingen Railway Embankment Road. He was reportedly slain on the same day that he was preparing for a religious

function for his brother, Akbar Alli, who was murdered the previous year. FRIDAY Russia mandates oil companies to address education, training barriers- Guyana, others should look and learnIndustry Analyst Deficiencies in a country’s education and training systems can be major barriers to the participation of locals in the oil and gas sector. But petroleum companies can be called on to play an instrumental role in addressing these issues. This was noted by the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA). Headquartered in London, IPIECA develops, shares and promotes good practice and knowledge with oil producing nations. The Association said that by investing in local education and training institutions, oil majors are actually able to reduce the requirement to provide basic training internally. IPIECA said that this approach also has the added advantages of supporting wider skills development in the local economy and promoting the company’s long-term reputation as a good corporate citizen. It stressed that company investments in these areas can even enhance rather than replace statutory funding. To further cement its argument, IPIECA showed how Russia was able to benefit substantially from mandating that companies invest in the development of its training and educational institutions. It pointed out that Norwegian multinational energy company, Statoil, now called Equinor ASA, invested substantially in building the capacity of educational institutions in North West Russia. IPIECA said, “Statoil has invested significant resources in developing the capacity of local education

institutions in North West Russia—a region of growing importance for the company. At Pomor State University, Statoil has contributed financially and in the form of technical assistance to the development of a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree focusing on petroleum management.” The Association continued, “Developed in collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), this programme also receives funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “Emphasis is on building the skills and capacity of Pomor University itself. The first two groups of BBA students have recently graduated. Statoil also helped to initiate a technology transfer programme between the Arkhangelsk State Technical University (ASTU) in Russia and the University of Stavanger in Norway.” As a result, in 2007, the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association said that ASTU expanded its curriculum to include technical courses in advanced drilling technology, offshore technology, and seabed and underwater technology. US$150M renovated airport incomplete after six years On March 23, 2013, former President under the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/ C), Donald Ramotar, joined then Chinese Ambassador, Zhang Li Min, to turn the sod for a brand new terminal building and longer runway at the Timehri airport. It was supposed to be finished in 32 month–two and half years. More than six years later, the construction is dragging

on, and instead of a brand new terminal building with all the bells and whistles, Guyana is a getting way smaller, renovated Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA)…all for the same price. That project is the currently the largest, on-land infrastructural works. Airport employees were looking in disbelief as roof sheets were being replaced over the old terminal building and the finishing touches to cosmetic repairs inside that have not reduced the hefty price tag of US$150M that Guyanese taxpayers have been saddled with. The project was given several deadlines. It was initially given to the end of 2015. Then the drop-dead date was at the end of last year. There were no announcements that China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC), the Chinese contractor, was given a further extension for the first quarter. However, the first quarter has now come and gone. Kaieteur News has, based on complaints, even published a front page comment calling on Government to come clean on the project, and to explain among other things, how the US$150M was spent. It is not public knowledge that China Harbour was sanctioned for falling behind on the work. What is known is that the company came here, was granted significant tax and other concessions on materials and equipment and during that time, started work on the MovieTowne project at Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara for private investors. That project has been launched. CHEC then was awarded a contract to build a new complex for Pegasus Hotel,

Kingston. That project has started. The CJIA is struggling along. The CJIA expansion project has been saddled with one controversy after the next. In 2011, Guyana learnt from Jamaican press that the PPP/C government, heading into general elections, had secretly signed a contract with CHEC. SATURDAY Citizens could challenge oil contract if it is in conflict with the law – Ram The government may not be willing to renegotiate the oil contract it signed with Exxon’s subsidiary, Esso Exploration & Production Guyana Limited (EEPGL), but if that contract is in conflict with the law, it could be challenged in court. This is according to Chartered Accountant and Attorney-at-Law, Christopher Ram. His comments come on the heels of a statement made by newly accredited US Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch, that if there is anything to be done, the ball is in Guyana’s court. During a media engagement at the Embassy in Kingston on Monday, Lynch said that the US government does not intend to intervene to facilitate a renegotiation of the contract. She said that the main role of the US is to foster opportunities in the budding oil and gas sector. However, there are critics who have purported, since the discovery of high quality reservoirs as early as 2015, that Guyana does not get enough from the contract. Worries continued to mount as consecutive discoveries of wells indicated that there are over five billion barrels of oil

to be extracted. Currently, Guyana is set to share profits 50/50 with Exxon, and benefit from a two percent royalty for every barrel it declares. The profit would only come into play after ExxonMobil and its two other partners take their expenses out; expenses that include pre-2015 spending. Lynch was asked whether Guyana has the right to facilitate a renegotiation of the deal. She said that there is recognition of the country’s sovereignty. There is much potential for benefit when production commences, she told the press, given the magnitude of the discoveries made in Guyana’s waters. She said that it would be up to the government to work with the private sector (ExxonMobil) to see if there is room for renegotiation, so that Guyanese could benefit more. Former Minister of Trade, Industry, Investment and Communications in Trinidad and Tobago, Vasant Bharath, had said in February that the leverage of an oil-producing country to renegotiate is proportionate to the magnitude of the find. He said that that principle holds true in Guyana, since the country’s reserves stand over five billion barrels of high quality oil. But whether there has been any indication of willingness to renegotiate that contract by either of the major political players is another story. According to Ram, though the government has a duty to govern in the interest of the people, the persons who would be most instrumental to the renegotiation process – government officials – are resisting calls made for it, at every turn. Further, he said, an (Continued on page 44)


From page 43 obstacle to renegotiation is that there seems to be no expertise in the government in this regard. The question of renegotiation has been posed to Government officials several times, and it was constantly iterated that that will likely not happen at this time. When the presidential candidate of the People’s Progressive Party, Mohamed Irfaan Ali, was asked on Thursday last whether he would consider renegotiating the contract if he becomes President, he said that his party’s leader, Bharrat Jagdeo, had already spoken on that issue, and that he would not stray from Jagdeo’s declaration. The Opposition Leader had told the press in February that Guyana is now at the stage where it must focus less on the unfair provisions of the “poorly negotiated” contract and look now to make sure that it is not robbed of what it managed to secure under the contract. Asked how the unwillingness of political leaders’ to renegotiate the contract could be remedied, Ram said that the government’s hand can’t be forced. However, if there is a willingness to upend the contract, there are other options that citizens have at their dispensation. One of those, he said, is that the oil deal could be challenged in court, if an article is found to be in contravention of the law(s) of Guyana. The power of an oil producing country…Yemen demanded and achieved a labour force of 90% locals Oil producing nations

Sunday April 14, 2019

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have the power to demand that operators do more than just the bare minimum when it comes to employing locals. To prove this, the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA) referenced Yemen, the second-largest Arab sovereign state in the Peninsula, which ensured that almost 100 percent of the labour force used for its oil and gas industry, was Yemeni. Headquartered in London, IPIECA develops shares and promotes good practice and knowledge with oil producing nations. The Association noted that French oil major, Total, had to invest US$4.5 billion

into a Yemen LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) project which was launched in August 2005. IPIECA said that the project is by far the largest in the nation’s history. IPIECA said that the company had strict instructions to ensure at least “90% Yemenization of staff.” This was achieved by 2015. But in order to do so, Total had to do several things. The Association said that Total set up an integrated strategy to recruit, train, retain and motivate a world-class Yemeni workforce—all on employment terms and conditions that are highly competitive within the region. To compensate for the scarcity of local personnel

competent in LNG operations, IPIECA said that the Yemen LNG set up training centres that offer an intensive, high-calibre training programme for technical specialists, engineers and supervisors. To populate that scheme, Total launched an advertising campaign to attract candidates through radio, TV and the national press. Out of 16,000 application forms submitted for technical specialist level, the company chose 200 candidates. Training began with an intensive three-month English programme (since the official language of Yemen is Arabic), followed by eight months of training in oil and gas techniques. This was followed by 13 months of hands-on training. Out of 7,058 applicants for the supervisory training levels, IPIECA said that 82 engineers and supervisors ultimately joined the ranks of Yemen LNG. The Association said that many of the supervisor trainees for this specific level had acquired skills and knowledge working abroad. The transparency body said that Total offered competitive packages to these expatriates to attract them back home and to participate in the development and the operation of the LNG project. IPIECA said that the training programme for the Yemeni LNG plant was a first for the country. Based on this success, Yemen LNG moved to run further programmes to train technicians to fill vacant positions as the first batch of

trainees move on to assume senior and supervisory roles. To ensure that locals are able to participate to the fullest extent in the oil and gas sector, IPIECA advised that an effective local content programme must be in place at the national level. It said that this usually features training and skills development elements to help the local population achieve the minimum standards required by the company—either in terms of general education or specialist skills. It said that such training can be an inhouse initiative, or the company can look to local institutions to provide any necessary training. In either case, IPIECA said that the programme should be based on a detailed analysis of local capabilities and a schedule of the skills requirements over the life of the asset. The Association said that aspects of such training can include basic education. In this regard, it said, “Depending on the quality of the local education system, training programmes may benefit from education in basic capabilities such as numeracy and literacy. Although these fundamental requirements add to the time required to train local employees, the results provide a lasting legacy of improved educational levels.” As far as possible, IPIECA urged that training activities should suit the learning needs of participants in terms of language skills, level of education and style

of learning. It said, too, that practical experience is fundamental to building competencies in technical and trade skills and for supervisory and managerial positions. IPIECA said, “This presents a challenge where comparable working environments are not available locally, or for offshore operations where capacity to accommodate trainees is often limited. Some companies have developed programmes that base trainees at their facilities elsewhere in the country or internationally.” IPIECA also said that scholarship awards can be an effective way to attract talented young people into the industry and a valuable social investment activity. Woman expecting twins delivers triplets at GPHC A pregnant woman turned up at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation on Friday to deliver twin babies but instead triplets were born. The mother of the triplets is 21-year-old Latifa Stephen of Paradise, East Coast Demerara, a trainee teacher whose partner is a police officer said to be stationed in Berbice. This publication understands that this was the first set of triplets delivered at the premier health institution for this year. The team delivering the babies included Midwife Carol Trotz, who is said to have a number of complex deliveries under her belt.

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The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies

By Beatrix Potter It is said that the effect of eating too much lettuce is “soporific.”I have never felt sleepy after eating lettuces - but then I am not a rabbit.They certainly had a very soporific effect upon the Flopsy Bunnies!When Benjamin Bunny grew up, he married his Cousin Flopsy. They had a large family, and they were very improvident and cheerful.I do not remember the separate names of their children - they were generally called the “Flopsy Bunnies.”As there was not always quite enough to eat - Benjamin used to borrow cabbages from Flopsy’s brother, Peter Rabbit, who kept a nursery garden. Sometimes Peter Rabbit had no cabbages to spare.When this happened, the Flopsy Bunnies went across the field to a rubbish heap, in the ditch outside Mr. McGregor’s garden.Mr. McGregor’s rubbish heap was a mixture. There were jam pots and paper bags, and mountains of chopped grass from the mowing machine (which always tasted oily), and some rotten vegetable marrows and an old boot or two. One day - oh joy! - There were a quantity of overgrown lettuces, which had “shot” into flower.The Flopsy Bunnies simply stuffed lettuces. By degrees, one after another, they were overcome with slumber, and lay down in the mown grass.Benjamin was not so much overcome as his children. Before going to sleep he was sufficiently wide awake to put a paper bag over his head to keep off the flies.The little Flopsy Bunnies slept delightfully in the warm sun. From the lawn beyond the garden came the distant clacketty sound of the mowing machine. The blue bottles buzzed about the wall, and a little old mouse picked over the rubbish among the jam pots.(I can tell you her name, she was c a l l e d T h o m a s i n a Ti t t l e m o u s e , a woodmouse with a long tail.)She rustled across the paper bag, and awakened Benjamin Bunny.The mouse apologized profusely, and said that she knew Peter


Junior page

Rabbit.While she and Benjamin were talking, close under the wall, they heard a heavy tread above their heads - and suddenly Mr. McGregor emptied out a sacksful of lawn mowing right upon the top of the sleeping Flopsy Bunnies! Benjamin shrank down under his paper bag. The mouse hid in a jam pot.The little rabbits smiled sweetly in their sleep under the shower of grass - they did not awake because the lettuces had been so soporific.They dreamt that their mother Flopsy was tucking them up in a hay bed.

Lolly Pop Bunnies Requirements ·1 Tootsie Pop ·1 Styrofoam Craft Ball (1" ·1 White Pipe Cleaner ·2 Medium Googly Eyes ·2 Tiny White PomPoms ·1 Tiny Pink PomPom ·3 Small White PomPoms ·Sparkly Craft Foam

Mr. McGregor looked down after emptying his sack. He saw some funny little brown tips of ears sticking up through the lawn mowing. He stared at them for some time.Presently a fly settled on one of them and it moved.


(cut into the shape of bunny feet) ·Ribbon ·Hot Glue

Mr. McGregor climbed down on to the rubbish heap:“One, two, three, four! Five! Six little rabbits!” said he as he dropped them into his sack. The Flopsy Bunnies dreamt that their mother was turning them over in bed. They stirred a little in their sleep, but still they did not wake up.Mr. McGregor tied up the sack and left it on the wall.He went to put away the mowing machine.While he was gone, Mrs. Flopsy Bunny (who had remained at home) came across the field.She looked suspiciously at the sack and wondered where everybody was?Then the mouse came out of her jam pot, and Benjamin took the paper bag off his head, and they told the doleful tale.


Instructions Use a knitting needle or meat thermometer to poke a hole through the styrofoam ball. Slide the styrofoam ball over the lolly pop stick, twisting as you go to make sure the wrapper is covered. If the wrapper gets in the way, use a sharp pencil to make the hole slightly larger at one end.

Benjamin and Flopsy were in despair, they could not undo the string.But Mrs. Tittlemouse was a resourceful person. She nibbled a hole in the bottom corner of the sack.The little rabbits were pulled out and pinched to wake them.Their parents stuffed the empty sack with three rotten vegetable marrows, an old blacking-brush and two decayed turnips.Then they all hid under a bush and watched for Mr. McGregor.Mr. McGregor came back and picked up the sack, and carried it off.He carried it hanging down, as if it were rather heavy.The Flopsy Bunnies followed at a safe distance.They watched him go into his house.And then they crept up to the window to listen.Mr. McGregor threw down the sack on the stone floor in a way that would have been extremely painful to the

Bend a 2" loop at the end of the pipe cleaner and wrap the end a few times to keep the loop in place. Bend the other end of the pipe cleaner into another 2" loop and wrap the end around to make bunny ears.

of the styrofoam ball. Attach the two googly eyes and tiny pompoms in place to make the face. Attach two small pompoms for the paws and one small pompom for the tail. Attach the craft foam feet to the bottom of the lolly pop. Cut a piece of ribbon and tie a bow around the bunny ears or around the neck.

Bend the bunny ears upwards and use hot glue to attach the ears to the top

(Continued on next week)

Hard Samurai Sudoku FUN WITH POETRY by Uncle Roy

Helping Out

It makes me feel so good When I make people happy, That I always try to do something To help someone daily. I help my Mommy clean the house, And even wash the dishes, I help my brother with his homework, And brush my father's shoes. I sometimes help the old folks next door To shop and clean their place, I share my lunch with one of my friends, It puts such a smile on their face. So try this out and you will find People will see you as a treasure, But most of all the feeling you get Will make you want to help forever.


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Remember the nature of the present season and use this to improve yourself It would be beneficial to bear in mind that we are in the middle of the Lenten season leading up to Easter, in which Christians use the experiences of Christ’s sufferings and crucifixion to contemplate on their own nature and try to improve themselves to become better persons. Even if we are not Christians, we can still use this period to better ourselves, as many people of other religions do through meditation and self-sacrifice. For this purpose we should consider the ways in which we do not act rightfully, and meditate on how we can get rid of any way of thinking, bad habits, and traits of character that lead us to act wrongfully. First of all, we have to realise that in this exercise we need to put aside our own preferences, and use our conscience in an unselfish manner to explore ourselves internally and determine the ways in which we make mistakes, and what we need to do to correct these in our thoughts, words and actions. Some examples in which we act in ways which are not just and fair, and sometimes even sinful, are:1. We believe that we always need to act in our own interests, and so ignore or neglect to do anything that would

help someone who may need our help; 2. We feel that we always have to work to increase the things we have, and so act selfishly when we should share with others the goods that we come to possess. This prompts us sometimes to steal what belongs to others, justifying this by saying that we may need it more than them. 3. We entertain thoughts of lust towards the opposite sex, hatred and revenge against someone we perceived did us something wrong, and prejudice and hatred against others because they are of another race, class or religion. 4. We go to the extremes by lying to cover up some wrongdoing, cheating at games or at tests, and bullying others because we feel superior to them in some way, or want to get back at them for something they may have done against us. As we said before, to benefit from this season of repentance and willingness to become better persons, we need to look inwardly, try to identify the bad elements in ourselves, and make the effort conscientiously to improve. If you are sincere in this exercise, you will soon see the benefits in how you feel about yourself, and how others accept you as someone to be respected and even cherished as an example to follow.

Sunday April 14 , 2019

If by Rudyard Kipling If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too: If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or, being lied about, don't deal in lies, Or being hated don't give way to hating, And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise; If you can dream- -and not make dreams your master; If you can think- -and not make thoughts your aim, If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same:. If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, And stoop and build them up with worn-out tools; If you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss, And lose, and start again at your beginnings, And never breathe a word about your loss: If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone, And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on! ' If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with kings nor lose the common touch,If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, If all men count with you, but none too much: If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds' worth of distance run, Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it, And, which is more, you'll be a Man, my son

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK When we remember that we are all human and prone to error all the time, we will keep trying to improve ourselves morally and socially.

Solutions to last week’s In Search of April Raintree - Crossword

Bunny puzzle

Sunday April 14, 2019


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Shenseea to headline UG ‘King of Di Crowd’ Auditions set for April 27’ at Sports Hall FETE on May 21 Guyana Carnival organizers are proud to present “UG Fete” featuring the #1Trending Gyal Shenseea” alongside the nation’s very own, Timeka Marshall on May 21st. For UG Fete, Guyana Carnival collaborates with PACE ( Philanthrophy, Alumni and Civic Engagement) and The Student’s Society in order to raise funds which strive to foster the rounded development of the University of Guyana’s students. This will happen through the provision of services; programmes and the facilities to complement the academic environment that is holistically conducive to learning. General tickets cost $3000 and the stage front tickets cost $10000.UG Students will be able to receive a special rate of $2500 for a general ticket and a stage front ticket at $8000. Tickets will be on sale at the University of Guyana’s Campus and the Guyana Carnival box office located at 206 Lance Gibbs Street Queenstown. The princess of dancehall will be at the Turkeyen Campus on May 20th performing where students will also be given the opportunity to ask questions. Guyana Carnival 2019 is slated for May

17th– 27th with combinations of cooler fetes, mega concerts, day tours, jouverts and a grand Independence Day road parade. Make sure you get there!

Spice, Konshens, Ding Dong booked for Magnum Tonic Wine Explosion Stage Show Entry forms are now available for pick up and drop off for the highly anticipated “King of Di Crowd” auditions which are slated for April 27 at the National Sports Hall Tarmac. Entry forms can be found at Ansa McAL, Ingrid’s Bar, Sweet Point, White Castle Fishshop, Rumours Bar, Frenzy Bar, West Vybz Sports Bar, Park Square and Jaigobin and Sons. A total of $1M in cash and prizes are up for grabs and one year bragging rights by the winner. Be sure to secure your spots guys!

The Barefoot Rosé Wine Review

Three of Jamaica’s most beloved superstars, Spice, Konshens and Ding Dong are booked to perform at the Magnum Tonic Wine Explosion Stage Show come April 21, 2019 at the National Park. Gates are set to open at 9 am but the show gets underway at 9PM after families would have had their full of the Easter Kite Flying activities. Locals and other regional stars would be added to the show as it nears the April 21 deadline. Stay tuned for more details.

Tasters of wine will love the cute feet on this very identifiable bottle. Those toes make this an easy to identify brand. The footprints always remind me of the cute little footprints on newborn baby birth certificates. In this case though, we will refer to it as coming of age footprints. The back label contains brief tasting notes and description of the wine. It is capped with a screw top lid, making it easy to pop open no matter where your bare feet take you. COLOR: Pale pink with effervescent sparkle. AROMA: There is lightly sweetened raspberry and subtle watermelon on the nose. Hints of strawberry and a bit of sweet citrus aroma waft in the background. TASTE: This is gently sweet, yet loaded with fresh watermelon flavor. Sweet cherry and red berry flavors burst onto the tongue. Light citrus rounds out the flavor. Teeny tiny bubbles play over the tongue even though this is not a bubbly varietal. Strawberry is very apparent with the tiniest hint of light floral. The finish is light and crisp with medium to light body. OVERALL IMPRESSIONS: First of all, Barefoot wines are all affordable and approachable. A few of our tasters are already Barefoot wine buyers in part because of the value and quality. The wine is as fun and whimsical as the label. It can be sipped as is

or better yet, mixed in a wide variety of cocktails. I have created so many cocktails for Barefoot through the years that I’ve lost count. Some of those can be found here. Barefoot Rosé is perfect for ladies night, a day at the beach or pool, café lunches outdoors, and any other fun, whimsical event your heart desires. Serve with a fruit plate, almonds, or chilled pasta salad. (http://


Ginger Hair Mask For Dandruff And Itchy Scalp

Ginger, or adrak, is one spice that all Indians, or rather Asians, are very well aware of. The flavour-enhancing root spice is added to a number of curries, drinks and even sweets. The warm and zingy-tasting ginger is a part of a number of our home remedies for digestive troubles, as well as for cold and cough. The active compound in ginger, gingerol has analgesic (pain-relieving), sedative (sleepinducing), antipyretic (anti-fever) and antibacterial properties. This makes ginger a good remedy for a whole range of problems. Ginger is also good for fighting inflammation in the body, due to the presence of antioxidant zingerone in it. This is why ginger is able to boost immunity and enhance skin quality as well. But, did you know that you can even fight scalp infections and dandruff using ginger? How to make ginger hair mask for dandruff and itchy scalp: 1. Take a fresh ginger root and slice it into pieces using a sharp knife or grate it. 2. Add sliced or grated ginger to some water and set it boil on a low flame. Slowly the colour of the water will start to change and after a few minutes it will turn slightly muddy or translucent yellow. 3. Take the water off the flame and filter it out using a fine sieve. Also Read: Ginger For Stomach: From Indigestion, Bloating To Acidity Here’s How Ginger Can Help 4. Press the residual ginger collected over the sieve to drain out the maximum juice into the container. 5. Allow the water to cool down. You can either pour this juice into a tiny spray bottle and spray it onto your scalp directly or mix it with an oil carrier and then apply the oil to your scalp. Allow the mask to sit on your scalp for half an hour and then rinse it off with a gentle anti-dandruff shampoo. You can treat your scalp to the ginger juice or ginger juice mixture about once a week, in order to deal with dandruff and itchy scalp. The latter is the indication of bacterial growth and you may have it checked by a dermatologist before trying to treat it yourself. Besides this hair mask, regular oiling and massage is also important to treat dandruff.


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Sunday April 14 , 2019


Sunday April 14, 2019


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Guyana’s contingent shortlisted for Carifesta 14 - delegation to showcase premium quality, export ready presentations Guyana’s delegation to participate at the Carifesta XIV has already been shortlisted, according to Culture Director, Tamika Boatswain, yesterday. The Culture Director said that the Guyana contingent comprises 100 members including participants to showcase in the CulinaryArts, Dance, Drama, Visual Arts, Music, among other areas. Boatswain said that while the criteria for participation is still being fine tuned by the Culture Ministry, the coordinators have upped their ante this year and are particularly focusing on premium quality showcases, with the main objective of producing export ready presentations. Guyana’s delegation is expected to leave on August 14, 2019, since the festivities will run in Trinidad from August 15 to August 25. According to Boatswain, Guyana has been engaged in intense preparations with intent to leave a lasting impression this year. An official correspondence

has been received from the Carifesta Committee inviting Guyana to be a part of the festivities this year. Guyana’s Carifesta Committee is also adjusting other aspects like budget for participation to ensure all necessities of delegations members are catered for. CARIFESTA, the Caribbean Festival of Arts, will take place this year 2019 in Trinidad and Tobago. CARIFESTA is held every four years. Before the fouryear cycle ends, Caribbean nations bid to host the next. Trinidad and Tobago was successful in its bid to host the 14th CARIFESTAfestivities this year. The CARIFESTA Committee in Trinidad has already started work in earnest as they ready for the arrival of participating countries. Guyana was the initiator of the festival. Organizers had indicated that it was done firstly to further Caribbean unity to develop and enrich the national

culture of each country with intent of promoting the rich Caribbean culture. The first CARIFESTA was held in Guyana and was an event, which attracted notice even beyond the Caribbean, since the participants included writers and performers who were already famous in the wider world. The first CARIFESTA was a resounding success and the papers presented there are still of relevance. The first CARIFESTA is a legendary event in the cultural history of the Caribbean. At each of the 12 CARIFESTAs, which followed and took place over the last 40 years, Guyana was represented in the Visual Arts, Literary Arts, Dance, Fashion, Craft, Culinary Arts, FilmAnimation and Drama. Guyana’s contributions were always regarded as among the best and have always emphasised the philosophical underpinnings of the festival, which is that it serves as a catalyst for strengthening regional in-

Guyana’s participation at Carifesta in years gone by

tegration among Caribbean countries and more directly among its artisans and cultural practitioners.

The 2019 festival will therefore present and exhibit a multitalented cultural display in the visual and literary arts,

storytelling, fashion, body art, craft, theatre, dance, music, film and news media from participating countries and the diaspora.


Sunday April 14, 2019

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Hopetown Village: a close knit community It was quite a pleasure to be told by the Editors that I was being sent to Hopetown Village, West Coast Berbice, as I continued my weekly Village Focus treks around Guyana. Actually I was born in this village and lived there until my early teens, before relocating to Mahaicony East Coast Demerara. So naturally this visit meant fun and frolic, and a reconnection with relatives I had not seen in gages. Thank goodness there were no showdowns on the minibus this time around, but I had no idea I had another unpleasant experience waiting. This somewhat arrogant bus conductor on the Berbice bus park insisted on putting more than three persons in a seat (in the bus) so naturally I began to protest. In the end, I had no choice but to get into the back seat, which was occupied by a very fat elderly man and a skinny young lady. The man soon excused

He returned, plumped himself down, and began to chump loudly on the meal, making annoying slurping sounds as he seemingly gobbled down everything. When the bus drove off a short while later, his almost suffocating body odour engulfed me, forcing me to stick my nose out the window for almost the entire 97 kilometres ride to the countryside. I would not hesitate to declare that the drive was very uncomfortable, and I was seething in anger. In times gone by at least three villages were referred to as Hopetown Village by residents, and these included # 22 Bel Air, St. John and Hopetown itself. Today with properly erected village signs, Hopetown now lies between the two other slightly larger villages of Fort Wellington to the north and St. John to the south. My Arrival The sun was scorching when the bus rolled into

camera man or a reporta…He bettah nah cum hay, cause me ain’t got nutthing fuh tell he.” This did not deter me at all so I marched over to a provision vendor and struck up a conversation. The vendor, Dexter Cummings, was quite willing to shed light on the livelihood and humble existence of Hopetown villagers. According to Cummings, Hopetown is fairly quiet on a normal day. Some of the residents are engaged in livestock and small-scale cash crop farming. He said rice farming has dwindled considerably, while some of the owners of rice land have rented to other farmers because of the high cost of production. However, he noted that most of the large farmlands in the back dam locations are no more. Some villagers now have small kitchen gardens from which they reap produce for cooking or for sale at a few small stalls within the village. A few of the residents

Sharon Allicock gets ready to have us taste some of her home made tamarind balls.

himself to purchase a soda, and it was then that his overpowering body odour hit me. “Man look this was what country people would normally referred to as lime tree…” By this time, the young lady had slid to the other side of the seat, forcing the man to sit right next to me when he returned with his soda and a large bag overflowing with egg balls and boiled and fried channa.

Hopetown with hot, sweaty passengers, still trying to catch a little nap here and there. I paid the conductor, and as the bus drove off, I instantly became the curiosity of girls on the roadside and a few street-side vegetable vendors who stared at my camera and notepad with expressions I just could not fathom. “One young girl mouthed to another, loud enough for me to hear, “He look like a

farmers avoid the midday heat by enjoying a little High Wine in the shades at a roadside shop

operate shops and other small businesses or have jobs at schools, the Fort Wellington Hospital, the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) and other locations. I received a tour of the village from villager Joanna Goodridge who was pretty excited to be in the company of a journalist.Guyana fetching odda people goadieShe readily took me to all the resource persons who provided information on the village. She was so helpful that I treated her to ice-cream, fruit cake and some of the biggest cheese rolls I had ever seen from a roadside shop. Of course, she followed up with some good traditional Golden Apple juice made to perfection. She took me to my past favourite hideout, the Falcon Crest Disco, only to be told that this once popular hideout has been closed down. In times gone by this entertainment joint attracted villagers and residents from outside locations to its many traditional parties with the popular ‘One Man Bands’ from along the countryside. It was always a sight to

Welcome to the almost tranquil Village of Hopetown.

watch the very curvy and buxom women gyrating in wild abandon as they got high on Brown Rum, or the Banko Wine, which reddened their lips, and glazed their eyes. According to Aerobics and Dance Instructor, Roger Duncan, villagers now would venture outside the village for recreational purposes, or wait patiently for the arrival of the much anticipated annual Soiree event, or the Miss Emancipation African Beauty & Intelligence Pageant. At one time, this village was popular for producing some of the healthiest looking pigs, and the best pork chops around. Today, there are no more than three households rearing pigs. Poultry farming has also been greatly down played according to villagers. Talking about the journey of the village was Norma Goodridge, a widow who has lived there for almost sixty years. “Hopetown is different from what it was when I was much younger. We were accustomed to the muddy dams, and some were so sandy it almost blinded you when you tried to walk on them in the dry season. “I could remember sometimes that the dry season was so intense that large pastures would just suddenly catch afire just like that. Villagers had to come together to throw water from the trenches and beat out the fires. The smoke would be suffocating and mothers sometimes had to grab their babies and run to safety. “I used to enjoy the days when housewives would come out in numbers, and we would all line up alongside the trenches and ponds in the village, catching the bush fish.“Dem patwah, hurri and sunfish used to be really big and taste suh good. But today everything got modernized and people ain’t really get time with dem things. De young men only concerned with wearing their pants way below their

buttocks, and the little girls just piercing their navels, and their eyebrows like modern day Jezebels…Things have really changed.” The village has moved from its somewhat rustic appearance. It now has several classy looking buildings. The old traditional Co-op Society building has now been converted into the spanking new J & S Supermarket from which villages obtain their supplies and groceries. The Double ‘C’ and GT Graphics Internet Cafes are the locations students frequent for academic research and completion of SBAs. For fun now, young men would gather in their yards, play loud music and their drunken guffaws and throaty bellows could be

clean streets, well maintained trenches, good roads and schools in the best possible condition. The Community Centre ground is surprisingly well maintained. There is of course the Hopetown Practical Instruction Centre to help youths develop talents in art and craft and other creative avenues. Areas like McPherson Drive, Semple Street, and many more have now been spruced up to be quite presentable. Straying from Traditions Sherod Semple was particularly concerned about how villagers have strayed from traditions, and are changing their culture to suit that of trending times. “Hopetown village was always a village that stuck to

Vendor, Marlon Stephens displays fresh vegetables from his own kitchen garden heard from quite afar.One must compliment the teachers at the Hopetown Nursery and Primary Schools for the ‘tip top shape’ in which they are maintaining the school compound, and immediate surroundings. Villagers now miss the times of hanging out at the ‘Dem ah Watch Me’ Grocery and Mini Hangout Bar, owned by Althea Goodridge. That location offered a form of relaxation for villagers who preferred a more quiet form of entertainment. This hotspot has now been replaced by a provision stall owned by another villager. Hopetown Village is an attractive settlement of very

its roots, culture and traditions. I am not too pleased with the way things are today. The youths are changing everything to suit the modern times. This village has a rich history and residents need to get back to their roots and culture. “These days the only traditional event we have remaining is the annual Soiree event during Emancipation to which thousands will attend. Soiree is about our African roots…Beating of drums, traditional dances, drama, etc. “But today persons are changing this event to one that features big boom boxes, (Continued on page 59)

Sunday April 14, 2019


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IMPORTERS AND DEALERS SHOULD ENSURE TYRES MEET THE N ATION AL ST AND ARD TIONAL STAND ANDARD NA Since the commencement of its product monitoring programme, the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) has been monitoring tyres to ensure they meet the requirements of the available national standard. However, the ban on used tyres imported into Guyana has resulted in the revision of the tyre standard to include specific requirements for new tyres. This revised standard was approved at the end of 2017 and is currently being used by the GNBS to monitor the importation and sale of the com-

modity. Inspectors monitor these tyres at ports of entry, bonds and outlets, where the tyres are examined for labelling and quality requirements. Annually, tyre importers and dealers are required to register with the GNBS to import and sell tyres on the local market. A large majority of these registrants import tyres from Europe, North America, and Asia in a variety of brands. To ensure tyres meet the quality and labelling requirements prior to importation, importers should acquire a

copy of the new standard: Requirements for Pneumatic passenger car tyres GYS 67:2017 from the GNBS. This standard specifies the requirements for new and used pneumatic passenger car tyres, along with their storage conditions. It does not apply to tyres for highway commercial vehicles. The standard addresses size and construction characteristics, service description, which includes load index and speed categories. Tyre marking, choice of tyre sizes, storage conditions and inspection and selection

requirements are also specified in the standard. Importantly, the new standard states that new tyres shall not be more than two years old from the date of manufacture at the time of importation into Guyana. It also states that tyres that are six years or older shall not be sold or offered for sale in Guyana. The standard prohibits the importation of used tyres into Guyana and such tyres, which exceed six years from the date of manufacture shall not be sold, or offered for sale for use on passenger cars.

To ensure that new tyres are stored and displayed according to the requirements of the standard Inspectors of the GNBS conduct routine surveillance inspections of outlets and storage bonds. This is necessary because inappropriate storage can result in dry rot over time. Deterioration can also result from exposure to chemicals, high temperatures, sunlight, etc. Note that defective tyres are destroyed by the inspectors during monitoring. Finally, importers and dealers of tyres who have not yet

registered with the GNBS are reminded to do so as the Bureau will continue to monitor the quality and labelling of tyres imported and offered for sale in Guyana. To ensure quality tyres are available for consumers, in the absence of the requisite testing facility, the standard requires that importers supply test certificates of compliance showing the results of tests conducted on the tyres they are importing. For further information, kindly contact the GNBS on telephone numbers: 2190065, 219-0066 or 219-0069.

Hopetown Village: a close knit community From page 58 street parties, and an event that creates much traffic congestion. There is no longer any class to the event. Promoters just set up big music sets in open fields, or along the road, sell alcohol, and the young people get drunk and all manner of things happen. “This is not what the traditional Soiree event was meant to be. Our forefathers must be turning in their graves. Big people can no longer attend this event, and now have to come together in small groups and hold their traditional Soiree events under their houses, to avoid the chaos outside. And the noise is always deafening.” Semple explained that in years gone by one could, on weekends, hear the pulsating sound of African drummers in sections of the village as talented drummers kept the traditions alive through music. He said this has been replaced by the loud incessant sound of large stereo sets, blasting out songs, sometimes laced with unnerving profanities. Years ago, the Hopetown Anglican Church had to form a Senior Citizens Club to

ensure that older folks are properly entertained. Humble existence and great contentment That aside, villagers seemed to have maintained the rich camaraderie and great hospitality that has always attracted visitors to the location. What is more appealing is the manner in which residents exist in a peaceful atmosphere with a contentment that is evident in their conversations, demeanour, attitudes, and even their smiles that seem to always mirror happiness in their eyes. Joining a few men drinking High Wine by a roadside shop, I was amazed at the manner in which I was welcomed and even offered to indulge in the strong spirits. Of course, I declined. I can’t remember of ever tasting High Wine in my entire life, because I never like the scent of it anyway. Sharon Rockcliffe, who operated a roadside snackette, insisted that I taste her homemade tamarind balls. When I did, I almost choked. She fell into fits of laughter, explaining about how it is made and why it tasted so sour.

“Mista, don’t mek up yuh face suh. Countryside tamarind balls are the best you can ever have. We ain’t like…dem a city people who does use a whole lot of black ugly looking sugar, and lil bit tamarind… We does use lots of tamarind and less sugar. “And yuh got to make it sour; it good fuh the body. Besides, it will help to keep down yuh nature… suh yuh have no problems. Eat up and enjoy, and stap skinning up yuh damn face.” I sat there and listened to conversations. The men explained how they were quite comfortable with their occasional water shortages, ‘electrical blackouts’, and everything else that city folks would customarily make a big fuss about. Their somewhat dreamy smiles took me to a place of learning to accept many setbacks and disappointments in life, based on the fact that these very merry people still found the time and strength to offer great hospitality, and to showcase such high levels of contentment amidst life’s struggles. History of the Village As history would dictate,

the traditional bicycle is still a popular form of transport in the village.

Villager Norma Goodridge enjoys some good ole countryside cook-up rice. Hopetown is some 97 kilometres from Georgetown. It was bought by the Blair brothers, who pooled their money to purchase the village. It was said that the men loaded their pennies and other savings on to a wheelbarrow and pushed it all the way to Georgetown, a journey that took four days. They named the village ‘Hopetown’ in pursuit of hope for a better life after slavery. After the community was purchased, it was divided into Fybrace, St. John and Number 22 Village where farming and bartering to earn a living were done. Additionally, roads and streets were allotted. The community already had in existence a church and school, and the occupants subsequently established a governance system to facilitate the smooth running of the village. Today, Hopetown is known for the traditional annual soiree event, which is by far the biggest event of its kind held in Guyana. The soiree started many years ago, and had its inception with the newly freed slaves to eventually become an annual event. Information extracted from suggests that before 1838, there were four cotton plantations or

estates in the part of West Coast of Berbice now known as Hopetown. They were at that time known as plantation # 16, # 17, # 18 and # 19. At the time, they were owned by a planter named James Blair. History suggests that in 1788 land that was used to plant cotton, by 1800, was devoted to cattle rearing. This was because cotton from the USA was superior and cheaper than that from Guiana. Cattle were a less labour intensive form of agriculture, so if fewer slaves could be used to mind the cattle, then it would cost less to produce the cattle. After Emancipation in 1834, groups of freed slaves from these four plantations bought two sections of these plantations from Mr. James Blair. The original 49 proprietors of the St Paul’s Section saved up the wages they were able to earn as apprentices to Mr. Blair between 1834 and 1838 until they had $2,000 in coins, which they took in a wheelbarrow to Mr. Blair to pay for these former cotton plantations. ‘The estate they bought was divided up between the 49 proprietors who signed the transport document (deeds) with a cross by their names,

since they could not write. Pompey Joseph (Edwin’s 3 x Great grandfather) and Jacob Wilson were two of the former slaves listed as joint proprietors on the transport document they received on 12th October, 1840. By this time, one of the plantations (no 17) was a sugar plantation and Jacob Wilson was a cane cutter by day, earning a wage from the planter while returning at nights to cultivate his provisions (plantains, cassava, sweet potatoes, eddoes and corn) at the back of the estate the slaves had bought. Pompey Joseph was a carpenter who also kept cattle as well as cultivate his provisions on his portion of the land. By 1841, they had built “neat cottages” according to the magistrates report to the British Governor at that time. The original transport document was passed by Judge Samuel Firebrace whose name was given to the remaining section of the village, which together with St. Paul’s Section is now called “Hopetown”. Join us next Sunday, when we take you on an exciting journey in and around the Indo populated village of Champagne, East Coast Demerara.


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That GTT Billing Cycle We at the GTT, continue to work diligently to ensure that our customers are happy and satisfied. It is imperative that we are on par with the world’s technological advancements. Therefore, we are constantly upgrading our services. One of our priorities is to make your customer service experience straightforward and pleasing. However, at times we do face challenges. It is expected being a service provider, a catalyst for growth and therefore motivates us to work assiduously and to swiftly find solutions. We are however greatly concerned when our valued customers are affected. Recently, some of you were affected by the changes in our Billing Cycle. Those of you affected were some of our faithful DSL customers who would have been on a fortyday (40) Billing Cycle. In January, we would have sent a correspondence in the form of an email to inform you about consolidating your billing dates; meaning that we are aligning all our digital services on the same billing cycle where all bills are due on the first of the month with a ten-day grace period.Unfortunately, some customers either did not receive the correspondence or maybe missed it. Therefore, some of you would not have paid the December bill, which was due at the end of January, but then you would have received the January bill, which was due 10th February. Having both bills due would have led to disconnections, which we understand was disconcerting. Some of you would have also been affected in March.We assure you that we have heard your calls, seen your messages and felt your frustrations; we un-

derstand your perplexity and empathize with you. We pride ourselves on being a customer friendly company and regardless of our objectives to improve our services, irrespective of our innovative ideas, without our valued customers, we cannot function. So, it is with those thoughts in mind that we sincerely apologize for the confusion that would have occurred, the inconvenience some of you experienced and trust that you will accept the changes which are all in an effort to be more efficient. For the customers who were affected we have put certain measures in place. · You will have additional time to bring your account current. April 10, 2019 was your due date. · You will be reconnected forthwith. ·The associated reconnection fee will be credited back to your account immediately. · Your account will be credited with $500, which will be reflected on your next available bill.We know that the aforementioned measures cannot make up for the inconvenience, but we hope that they bring you some comfort and assurance that we put you first. We certainly will explore every option to ensure that in future all our customers are informed about any changes to our services. If your information is not updated; however, meaning that we cannot contact you via phone or email, then our efforts to keep you informed will be challenging. We therefore urge you to: 1. Update your contact information with us so that we can reach you in case of any

urgent notification impacting your account. This can be done through our website 2. Register for MyGTT with an email and invoice number so that you can be up to date on any outstanding balances. The MyGTT app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store is also very convenient. Benefits include: · Mobile payments using Visa Card. · The ability to set reminders for Upcoming Bill Payments. · Informative for querying of bills. · Access to the previous bill payments. · Real-time visualization of outstanding bills. You can also pay bills using Mobile Money Guyana (MMG). Other services that you can utilise are our Live Chat which is available Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm and of course you can call our customer service representatives at any time or visit one of our stores. We at GTT will continue to work to serve you and are grateful for your confidence in us and appreciate you using our services. Remember the ten-day grace period; bills are due on the first of every month, with a 10-day grace period, hereinafter, disconnections will commence. Remember you have the power in your hands to stay informed about your usage, billing, make queries at any time, and pay your bills at anytime from anywhere with the MyGTT app. We trust that you will continue to use your power as you enjoy a satisfying experience with us.

Sunday April 14, 2019

Sunday April 14, 2019


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Region Four Education Department raises autism awareness at symposium

In order to sensitize the public to Autism, the Department of Education of Region Four held a one-day symposium on Autism at the Beterverwagting [BV] Primary School last Thursday. The symposium was held in recognition of Autism Awareness month and was held under the theme: ‘Parenting with Love and Logic.’ The symposium, which was planned with teachers and parents of autistic children, saw a number of teachers from the Region’s Two Special Needs Centre, Region Four education officials and Regional Democratic Council officials. In addition to educating those in attendance about autism, the symposium was held to generate interest and support for those living with Autism. Regional Education Officer [REDO], Ms. Tiffany Harvey, said that symposiums like these generate excitement within her as it allows her department to focus the spotlight on critical and crucial issues that affect people’s lives on a daily basis. She, moreover, thanked the participants for coming out. She reminded them that they have a responsibility and urged them to support persons living or working with autism. She noted that with increased awareness and education, eradicating some of the autism-related challenges can be achieved. “As a region, we are embracing the various level of learning and importantly we cater to all level of learners from nursery to secondary. We have curriculum to deliver to all of them and it is in this mind, we recognised that while there is a special needs school on the East Bank, we saw a similar need for one on the East Coast. “It is in this vein that we established the East Coast Special Needs last year,” the REDO said. Stressing the need for increase knowledge and information, the REDO said

that there are many cases where parents would lock their children away at home. This certainly is a practice that the Education Department is seeking to eliminate since it is firmly believed that regardless of a child’s learning level that the department has educators, materials and systems that can cater to their needs. “While as educators, we would try to do all that we can with these children who have challenges, disorders, physical disability and impairment, we find an urgent need for parents to be made aware as these children spend a lot of time at home and as a result, the parents must know what is happening. “Many of these parents don’t know what their children are experiencing and many of these parents would lock their children away, not sending them to school. “This is not what we want because I can say that we have a school that every child can fit into so that they can continue their learning,” REDO Harvey said. She said that the symposium was a huge success. They were able to remind parents that irrespective of what their child

is affected by, that they can still make meaningful contributions to society. She said that her department will build upon the overwhelming success of the symposium and hopes that parents would use the knowledge and information gained in addressing autism related issues. “I am happy that the parents were able to leave with a wealth of knowledge and information and more importantly they are better able to determine the way forward for their child and if they need to reach out for help who should they contact and how can the department help them. I must say that we intend to do more of this as there are other areas that we would also seek to focus on so that we can reach out to more parents within the region in addressing educational related issues,” the REDO declared. She said, too, that this year her department will be concentrating on a number of more parents-related seminars, home visits, face the community meetings, workshops and PTA meetings as the department seeks to increase its reach in being able to address several issues within the education

Special Education Needs Officer for the Region Four Department of Education, Ms. Simone Abrams, delivering her presentation.

Participants listening attentively during the autism symposium.

department. Special Needs Officer, Ms. Simone Abrams, spoke passionately about the

impact and challenges faced by those living with autism and also by those who are tasked with taking care of

them. She reminded parents that while the difficulties and challenges can be enormous (Continued on page 64)


Sunday April 14, 2019

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14 Lindeners investing in chicken coops; 300 chickens distributed Residents of Speightland, Central Mackenzie, Linden received 300 chickens and bags of feed to start up poultry rearing. The poultry was handed over to five residents by Minister of Indigenous Peoples’

Affairs, Sydney Allicock, during a simple ceremony in the village yesterday. One person received 100 chickens while the others received 50 each. Minister Allicock explained that the initiative delivers on a promise made to

the residents during an engagement last year. Fourteen residents in the village had invested in building chicken coops and needed support to get the poultry to start their business. Minister Allicock said that

he was able to secure 750 chickens which will be distributed in consignments to the 14 persons; these five persons being the first group to receive. “We have to take them by batches. The first batch is five

persons, and then we stagger them in a two-week period so that we would have a system that you will have chickens rolling all the time. We are starting small with 50 chickens. This will help you to study the whole anatomy of the chicken, the feed, and keeping the environment clean the environment and most of all the market.” Twenty-five-year-old Juliet DaSilva, who receives 50 chickens to begin her poultry business, already owns an internet café. She said that this will see her earning more to sustain her family. “I am very thankful for this. As young people, we will be able to develop ourselves and earn and make a contribution to the development of our community.”

Jim Persaud, a block maker, also received $100,000 to boost his block-making business. He had also requested assistance from the government to purchase tools to kick start his own cement block making business to sustain his family. Persaud, who has been living in Speightland for some 30 years, said that he already has the sand and bricks. The money will be used to purchase the mold and cement. “I’m thankful for this, it is a great start,” he said. According to Minister Allicock, this initiative is part of the government’s efforts to empower citizens so that they can earn a living and make meaningful contributions to their communities and by extension the country. (DPI)

Juliet DaSilva, an entrepreneur, receives her chickens from Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Sydney Allicock.

Sunday April 14, 2019

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Cuban president calls for strengthened defences, economy in response to Trump threats


Sunday April 14, 2019

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Region Four Education ... From page 11 and sometimes somewhat frustrating, she urged them to


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remain steadfast and dedicated in continuing their work. This, she reminded, forms part of increasing awareness; this is very important in addressing growing difficulties and challenges. She expressed similar sentiments that the symposium created awareness and sensitization. “Remember through your actions you would be educating and informing others about what autism is and its impact upon you and your child. However, if you become frustrated to the point where you ignore your roles and responsibilities then you would be sending a wrong message that working with persons with autism is stressful and frustrating and that isn’t the message that we should be sending,” Abrams told the participants.

Prosecute SOCU officials fingered in fraud .... From page 13 member of this cabinet being called in to say what made them approve such a study”. According to Jagdeo, this sort of behaviour is duplicitous.“This Unit has rendered itself absolutely unfit to function as a law enforcement agency and as part of the prosecutorial arm of the State,” the PPP’s statement noted. This is why it has demanded that SOCU be shut down.

Sunday April 14, 2019


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BCB/Friends of Cricket 100 Balls Cricket Tournament

Young Warriors, Kendall’s Union, Guymine and Mt. Sinai among winning teams Play in the Berbice Cricket Board organised Friends of Cricket 100 Balls Tournament started recently with several teams registering victories. The Tournament is for Second Division Teams in the New Amsterdam/Canje Subzone and is being sponsored by a group of overseas based Berbicians who have an interest in the development of cricket in the area. The Tournament is one of over thirty that the Berbice Cricket Board would be organising in 2019 with several being played for teams in New Amsterdam/Canje, West Berbice, Lower/Central Corentyne and Upper

Corentyne/Black Bush Polder. President of the Berbice Cricket Board Hilbert Foster has already disclosed that in some of these tournaments, senior clubs would be debarred in an effort to encourage other clubs who have never won a Berbice Cricket Board Title. Rose Hall Town Bakewell and Albion Community Centre were recently debarred from the Spready’s Snackette 100 Balls Tournaments for teams in Lower/Central Corentyne. Scores from the matches played: 1) At Cumberland: Young Warriors Cricket Club

defeated East Bank Blazers by 6 wickets. East Bank Blazers scored 143 for 8. Leon Andrews51. Philbert Wilberg 40. Young Warriors Cricket Club 148 for 4. Alex Algoo 47, Seon Hetmyer 37, Ricardo Ramdehol 20. Anshi Ellis 2 for 18. 2) At Kendall’s Union: Kendall’s Union Cricket Club defeated Mental Hospital Cricket Club by 6 wickets. Mental Hospital Cricket Club 127 for 9. M. Hicks 32, S. McKenzie 35. D. Baker 3 for 22. F. Latiff 4 for 22. Kendall’s Union Cricket club 128 for 4. R. Seecharran 39, E. Garnett 17. A Joseph 2

Sunday April 14, 2019 ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19) A group with which you're affiliated may be temporarily torn apart by quarrels among its members, Aries. It's best to stay out of it. A friend could be having trouble and come to you for advice and help. TAURUS (Apr. 20–May 20) Changes taking place in your home could cause some temporary frustration tense nerves on the part of family members, Taurus. GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Miscommunication with someone from far away could lead to bruised egos, heightened emotions, and angry phone calls. It's best not to get drawn into a quarrel. CANCER(June21–July22) Your talents as a psychologist could be put to work today when misunderstandings arise. Your companions aren't likely to be thinking straight and may not respond to reassurance, Cancer. LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Someone who interests you could seem to be showing interest in someone else. This might arouse your insecurities and cause a bit of jealousy. Don't make yourself crazy. All may not be as it seems. VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Someone is keeping secrets from you. We all have private issues, Virgo, but this situation affects you. Your intuition will probably tell you who the person is. Try to get them to open up without exerting pressure.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Circumstances beyond your control might get in the way of attending a group event. This could cause some disappointment for you and others, Libra. SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) A female visitor who needs some sympathy could come around today. She may want advice on some problems, but she could also bring information, possibly involving new scientific or metaphysical studies SAGIT(Nov.22–Dec.21) Some important plans, perhaps involving a vacation or education, could be temporarily blocked by circumstances beyond your control CAPRI(Dec.22–Jan.19) A letter or call could arrive today bringing upsetting news about money, Capricorn. Your first reaction might be to blame yourself or someone else, but the circumstances are probably beyond anyone's control. AQUARIUS(Jan.20–Feb.18) Jealousy could rear its ugly head today, Aquarius. This could involve a romantic relationship. Jealousy is often groundless, so avoid it by doing some communicating. PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20) Nervous tension could cause a temporary malaise that keeps your energy very low today. But there are tasks that need to be done, so you'll probably try to do them in spite of the way you feel.

for 25. 3) At Goed Bananen Land: Kendall’s Union Sports Star defeated Goed Bananen Land by 1 wicket. Goed Bananen Land Cricket Club scored 118 for 9. D. Cyril 43, M. Persaud 16. Kendall’s Union Sports Star 121 for 9 from 96 Balls. D. Debedin 50, E. Harrichan 21. 4) At Edinburgh: Young Warriors ‘B’ Cricket Club defeated Edinburgh by 4 runs. Young Warriors ‘B’ Cricket Club scored 111 for 5 from 100 Balls. Carl Gilegous 32, Anil Beharry 27. C. Hope 2 for 32. Edinburgh Cricket Club 108 for 8 from 100 Balls. J.

Hundred eludes... From page 67 RCB home. In the other match at the Wankhede Stadium, Barbadian fast bowler Jofra Archer bowled superbly to help Rajasthan Royals to a four-wicket win over Kieron Pollard’s Mumbai Indians. The 24-year-old claimed three for 39 from his four overs as Mumbai were held to 187 for five off their 20 overs, despite opener Quinton de Kock’s 81. Pollard fell cheaply for six, caught at mid-wicket off Archer after being hurried into an illadvised pull shot. Royals then overhauled their target with three balls remaining courtesy of Englishman Jos Buttler’s 89 off 43 deliveries. Scores: Royal Challengers Bangalore 174 for 2 (Kohli 67, de Villiers 59*, Ashwin 1-30) beat Kings XI Punjab 173 for 4 (Gayle 99*, Chahal 2-33, Moeen 119) by eight wickets.

Andrews 22, J. Henry 23, Z. Hussain 17. Anil Beharry 2 for 26, Ishwar Singh 2 for 32. 5) At Sisters Ground: Guymine Sports Club defeated Police Sports Club by 6 wickets. Police Sports Club 93 for 7 in 16.4 Overs. O. Phillips 24, K. Ramsarran 2 for 16, D. Clements 3 for 21. Guymine Sports Club 98 for 4 in 7.1 Overs. Charlie Grimmond 52. T. Drakes 4 for 16. 6) At Mt. Sinai Ground: Tucber Park ‘B’ Cricket Club lost to Mt. Sinai Cricket Club by 8 wickets. Tucber Park ‘B’ Cricket Club 86 all out in 16 Overs. Tremayne Smartt 26, K. Samuels 10. S. Daniels 4 for 18. Mt Sinai Cricket Club 90 for 2 in 13.3 Overs. K. Harminton 32. 7) Betsy Ground Cricket Club defeated Tucber Park ‘A’ Cricket Club by 3 wickets. Tucber Park ‘A’ Cricket Club scored 143 for 6 in 16.4

Overs. Malcolm Mickle 35, Keon DeJesus 37. Betsy Ground Cricket Club 146 for 7 in 15.5 Overs. Ramnarine Jugisteer 49, A. Arjune 23, Gevon Schultz 2 for 21. Kwesi Mickle 2 for 23. 8) At Edinburgh: Kendall’s Union Cricket Club defeated Edinburgh Cricket Club by 5 wickets. Edinburgh Cricket Club 135 for 5. Kevin Henry 54. Basil Seepersaud 20. R. Seecharran 3 for 37. Kendall’s Union Cricket Club 136 for 6 in 16.3 Overs. E. Garnett 35, D. Baker 35. C. Hope 3 for 17. 9) At Canje Welfare Ground: Tucber Park ‘A’ Cricket Club defeated Police Sports Club by 60 runs. Tucber Park ‘A’ Cricket Club 139 for 6. Malcolm Mickle 63, Steve Deonarine 40. Police Sports Club 80 all out in 12 Overs. Kwesi Mickle 6 for 7, Anthony D’Andrade 2 for 0.


Sunday April 14, 2019

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Berbice Inter School Chess Championship

Vryman’s Erven Secondary wins 8th edition, Siparuta and Orealla impress - New Amsterdam Secondary sweeps individual category Vryman’s Erven Secondary School (VESS) claimed the team category top prize, while New Amsterdam Multilateral School (NAMS) swept the first three places in the Individual Category, at the eighth edition of the Berbice Interschool Chess Championship. However it was the performance of the Indigenous students representing Siparuta Primary School and Orealla Primary Top (Secondary Department) who virtually stole the show by carting off the second and third place prizes respectively in the team category. The competition which was organised by the Berbice Chess Association (BCA) was played at the St. Aloysius Primary School in New Amsterdam. Both primary and secondary schools participated in the competition which saw some 46 students from eleven schools participating.

Siparuta Primary School which participated in the competition for the first time emulated the performance of eventual winner VESS, who during their debut year in the third edition in 2012 had also placed second. The results for the day saw the Vryman’s Erven Secondary School team which was made up of Jared True, Orandie Profit, Iffenildo Dejonge and Cafu Taylor winning. In second position was Siparuta Primary School which comprised of Ryan Ron Hudson, Avinash Vickesh Morris, Brendon Zavish Williams and Regelio Brinsley Wong. Third place Orealla Primary Top (Secondary Department) was represented by Vivian Felix, Josh Peneux, Amelia Wong and Kavin Andrews The individual category which saw the NAMS student taking the top three positions was won by

Murphy Bagot with Rolston Semple placing second and Lleyton Persaud third. The competition was played on the Swiss System Format. This year ’s Berbice Interschool Chess Championship was coordinated by President of the BCA, Krishnanand Raghunandan. The competition was directed by Steve Leung, along with Dane Grimmond, Vice President and Treasurer of the BCA. All the trophies, meals, and travelling expenses for students and teachers were facilitated by the Department of Education, Region Six. According to President Raghunandan, the BCA is expressing its gratitude and appreciation for the vital support and contribution provided by the Department of Education, Region Six, towards the staging of the Championship.

BCB/Raffik Construction 100 Balls Cricket Tournament

RHT Tigers, RHT Bakewell, Albion CC, Toopoo, Whim National, Courtland register victories The Berbice Cricket Board/Raffik Construction 100 Balls Tournament for Second Division Teams in the Lower/Central Corentyne area stated last weekend with several matches. The Tournament is being sponsored by businessman Mohamed Raffik of the popular Raffik Construction firm located at Williamsburg, Rose Hall Town. Six teams registered victories to advance to the next round of matches. The teams are Rose Hall Town Tigers, Rose Hall Town Bakewell, Albion Community Centre, Toopoo, Whim National and Courtland. Scores from the first round of matches are: 1. At Chesney Ground: Rose Hall Town Tigers defeated Chesney Cricket Club by 5 wickets. Chesney Cricket Club -

112 all out in 16.4 Overs. K. Amoi 24, I Kamaludin 22, Daniel Lewis 2 for 25, Rondall Lewis 2 for 25, Delbert Hicks 2 for 1. Rose Hall Town Tigers 113 for 5 in 13 Overs. Brandon Prashad 21, Rondall Lewis 31, K. Mahadeo 24 not out. N. Deonarine 2 for 6. 2. At Albion Ground: Albion Com Centre breezed past Kilcoy Cricket Club by 112 runs. Albion Com Centre - 230 for 2 from 100 Balls. Adrian Sukhwa 137, Ramesh Kassinauth 30. Kilcoy Cricket Club - 118 all out in 14.4 Overs. R. Ramoutar 17, C. Mangal 23. Kevin Umroa 5 for 20. 3. At Port Mourant Ground: Toopoo Cricket Club created a huge upset when they defeated Port Mourant Cricket Club by 3 wickets off the last ball of the game. Port Mourant Cricket Club - 130 for 3 from 100 Balls. Arif Chan 67, R. Ramnauth 21. Norman Mangar 2 for 22. Toopoo Cricket Club 131 for 6 from 100 Balls. V. Narain 47, Y. Permaul 42. A. Mohamed 2 for 20. A. Chan 2 for 25.

4. At Whim Ground: Whim National defeated Belvedere United Cricket Club by 10 wickets. Belvedere United Cricket Club 50 all out. Yogindra Harrinarine 2 for 09, T. Harrinarine 2 for 10, Mahendra Charran 3 for 07. Whim National 51 without loss in 9 Overs. Kumar Mootain 40 N.O. 5. A t B u s h L o t Ground: Courtland Cricket Club got past Ramnarine Memorial by 6 wickets. Ramnarine Memorial 142 for 8. M. Bailey 30, P a u l Ty n d a l l 3 2 . J o e l Johnson 2 for 22, Filon Crandon 2 for 20, Timothy Mc Donald 2 for 22. Courtland Cricket Club 143 for 4 in 16 Overs. Troy Mathieson 22. K. Hooper 2 for 27. 6. At Tain Ground: Rose Hall Town Bakewell defeated Tain Block 4 Cricket Club by 3 wickets. Tain Block 4 Cricket Club 73 all out. Joshua Vantull 2 for 23, Kevin Sinclair 2 for 6. Rose Hall Town Bakewell 75 for 2 in 8 Overs. Junior Sinclair 28, Kevlon Anderson 16 not out.

Kingsly Hudson (at right) Senior Councillor, Siparuta Village Council, presents trophy to winning school team Vryman’s Erven Secondary School.

Why was Crandon sacked as Asst Coach for Tri-Nation series? - After success against England Asks Sean Devers Back in January, Guyana fast bowler Esuan Crandon along with Bajan Vasbert Drakes, and Toby Radford were appointed as assistants to then Head Coach Englishmen Richard Pybus for the England tour to the Caribbean where the first Test of the 3-Test series began on January 23at the Kensington Oval in Barbados. After winning the first Test by 381 runs Windies won the second Test in Antigua by 10 wickets before England registered a consolation win in the last Test in St Lucia to give the Windies a 2-1 series win. The 5-match ODI Series finished 2-all after the third ODI in Grenada was washed out, so it would have been a major disappointment for the 37-year-old Crandon that he was left out of the touring party for the Tri-Nation series, especially since new President Ricky Skerritt had publicly stated his ‘Local Coaches first’ policy. The Tri-Nation ODI series, which also includes host team Ireland and Bangladesh, starts on May 5 with the Windies playing their last four matches before the ICC World Cup starts with the Windies facing Pakistan in England on May 31. A virtual second string team without most of the players who are likely to be in the World Cup Squad due to

their participation in the ongoing IPL, gives those players selected an opportunity in Ireland. Crandon has been Guyana’s Head Coach for last five seasons in which he has won every First-Class title and taken them to the semifinals of the Regional Super50 for the few seasons. His participation as Guyana’s Coach has given him the opportunity to spend time among those players selected for Ireland which could be seen as an advantage. When he was first appointed by CWI, Crandon, who was first appointed Guyana Coach in 2012, said that he assumed that the reason for this appointment would be the success he would have gained over the years with the Guyana team as Head Coach. When the former Rose Hall Town, Berbice and Guyana pacer was selected Assistant Coach for the Windies he left Guyana with an unbeaten 12 match streak. But Guyana lost their next two games, while the Windies won their first two Test with Crandon on the Coaching staff. Coincidence, lucky charm or just that hard work brings success? Make your pick. It is now hoped that wholesale changes are not being made just for the sake of replacing everyone appointed by the Cameron

Administration, even those who were successful in their work. But looking at the first appointments from the CWI Administration one is tempted to think that is the case. And there has been no explanation why Test Keeper Shane Dowrich has been selected for ODI debut ahead of Guyana’s Anthony Bramble who continues to have the most dismissals and make runs over the two Regional seasons and who was appointed Captain of the West Indies ‘B’ team which ended as Runners-up in last year’s Global T20 tournament in Canada. Crandon is a former Guyana fast bowler who took 90 wickets from 38 First-Class games between 2000 – 2011. His best bowling figures is 7125 against the Brian Lara led T&T side in South Trinidad. Windies head to Ireland raked below England, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, while Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Scotland, UAE and Nepal are teams with ODI status below them. Windies squad to Ireland: Jason Holder (Captain), John Campbell, Darren Bravo, Shai Hope, Sheldon Cottrell, Shannon Gabriel, Kemar Roach, Sunil Ambris, Raymond Reifer, Fabian Allen, Ashely Nurse, Roston Chase, Shane Dowrich and Jonathan Carter.

Sunday April 14, 2019

WDFA/Trophy Stall U-11 League

Den Amstel and Pouderoyen are Saturday winners

Nicholas Adams Den Amstel FC Den Amstel and Pouderoyen Football Clubs both landed full points when the Trophy Stall sponsored West Demerara Football Association (WDFA) Under11 League continued yesterday morning at the Den Amstel Community Center Ground. A Nicholas Adams brace led the home team to victory over Genesis in the second of two matches. Adams scored first in the


Kaieteur News

Jamalli Austin and Teon Kennedy – Pouderoyen FC 18th minute but Ezekiel Yarde responded in like manner for Genesis one minute later to level the score. The winning strike came from Adams in the 36th minute, Genesis were unable to respond this time around which handed Den Amstel the win. Pouderoyen were

triumphant against Eagles by a similar 2-1 margin. Jamalli Austin sent Pouderoyen into the lead on 10 minutes; Eagles pulled level in the 18th minute through an Orlando Stephenson goal. The winning strike came off the boot of Pouderoyen’s Teon Kennedy in the 30th minute.

Richard Chatura hits another ton in SPR Enterprise 40 overs tourney Richard Charuta struck a fine century to lead host Fairfield SC to a 55-run victory over Cane Grove SC when play in the SPR Enterprise/ East Coast Cricket Committee 40 overs competition continued last Sunday with several matches. Fairfield SC managed 297 for 6 from 40 overs, taking first strike. Richard Chatura continued his good form with 101 while Ramnarine Chatura and T. Charles supported with 37 and 35 respectively. M. Sanchara took 4 for 63 from 7 overs. Cane Grove SC made 242 all out from 30 overs, with C. Ageday hitting 81 and Y. Umroa 46. Richard Chaturia and L. Tacochandra took 3 wickets apiece and Ramnarine Chatura two. Lusignan East trounced Helena SC by 10 wickets at Strathavon. Helena SC scored 94 all out in 28 overs. P. Balkissoon and P. Appana took two wickets apiece for Lusignan East, who reached their target in 6 overs with

Bashkar Yadram hitting an unbeaten 67. Buxton SC got the better of Mahaica Cavaliers by 6 wickets at Buxton. Mahaica made 121 all out in 27 overs. K. Fraser struck 76. Andre Mc Farlane and Marlon Thomas took three wickets apiece. Buxton reached 125 for 4 in 17 overs. Marlon Thomas and Kwesi Douglas scored 36 and 34 respectively. Enterprise Busta SC defeated Lusignan B by eight wickets at Enterprise ground. Lusignan B made 105 all out in 33 overs. K. Franklin got 30; B. Samaroo and Zaheer Mohamed Shadir took three and two wickets apiece for Enterprise BSC who replied with 108 for from 21 overs. Rohan Mangal made 41 not out; Navin Persaud took 2 for 18 from 6 overs. Lusignan A made light work of LBI SC at Lusignan B, winning by nine wickets. LBI SC were bowled out for 110 in 33 overs. K. Bishundial, Chanderpaul

Ramraj and R. Basdeo each took two wickets apiece. Lusignan A replied with 114 for 1 in 17 overs with Steven Ramdas scoring an unbeaten 63. Ogle CC defeated Beehive SC by virtue of a walk over. Meanwhile, two matches were played in the ECCC/ Neville Ramotar Memorial T/ 20 knockout competition at Enmore. In game one, Strathavon B defeated Enmore CC B by 14 runs. Strathavon B scored 144 for 4 from 20 overs with Jermain Persaud getting 54. Enmore CC B made 130 for 9, in reply. C. Seemangal got 36 and D. Wilson 24. In game two, Enmore CCCC A defeated Strathavon A by six wickets. Strathavon A were restricted to 120 for 7, taking first knock. Chaterpaul Hemraj made 39 and Gobinraj Hemraj 29. Satesh Jainarine had 3 for 14. Enmore CCCC A got to 126 for 4 from 19 overs with Hemraj Garbarran scoring 46 and Amir Khan 38 not out.

Caribbean Schoolboys’ and Juniors Boxing C/Ship

GBA begins preparations Hundred eludes Gayle in Kings XI for title defence loss, Archer shines in Royals win

MOHALI, India, CMC – West Indies superstar Chris Gayle agonisingly missed out on his 22nd Twenty20 hundred but his efforts came in a losing cause as his Kings XI Punjab went down to Royal Challengers Bangalore by eight wickets in the Indian Premier League here yesterday. Playing at the IS Bindra Stadium, the veteran 39-yearold opener ended unbeaten on 99 off 64 deliveries as Kings XI, choosing to bat first, reached 173 for four of their 20 overs. There was further disappointment for Gayle as RCB captain Virat Kohli topscored with 67 and South African AB de Villiers stroked an unbeaten 59, to get the visitors past their target with four balls remaining. The victory was RCB’s first in seven outings, leaving them still bottom of the standings while Kings XI suffered their fourth defeat in eight matches to remain fifth. Gayle had given the hosts a great start when he posted 66 off 38 balls for the first wicket with Lokesh Rahul who made 18. All told, the veteran 39-year-old opener crunched 10 fours and five sixes, as he raced to his half-

Next Sunday, the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) will be holding the first of several Pepsi Mike Parris under-16 and junior competitions that will mark the commencement of preparations for the Caribbean Junior and Schoolboys’ tournament which will be held from August 16-19 in Guyana at the National Gymnasium. For the first time in this competition; which was the brainchild of the Steve Ninvalle headed GBA, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico have been invited.

According to a release from the GBA, it was noted that Puerto Rico have already confirmed their participation for the tournament, and with such news, the GBA posited that Guyana will have to step up their preparation since this island is one of the better boxing nations in the region. Guyana has won the previous three editions of the competition and this early preparation indicates how serious the GBA are at solidifying their dominance at the youth level in the Caribbean.

King XI’s veteran West Indies opener, Chris Gayle. century off 28 deliveries. Kings XI were cruising on 110 for two but lost two wickets for three runs in the space of six balls, and it was left to Gayle to keep the innings together in a 60-run unbroken fifth wicket partnership with Mandeep Singh (18 not out). Gayle started the final over on 90 and was 95 with two balls remaining in the innings. However, he played and missed at a wide one from seamer Mohammed Siraj and with five needed from the last

delivery to reach three figures, squeezed a yorker to the backward point boundary. In reply, RCB were never in trouble after Kohli anchored an opening stand of 43 with Parthiv Patel (19) and then posted another 85 for the second wicket with de Villiers. Even when the Indian captain perished in the 16th over, de Villiers stayed firm to add 46 in an unbroken third wicket stand with Marcus Stoinis (28 not out), and see (Continued on page 65)

Cuban Boxing Coach Francisco Roldan will be part of the team of coaches assisting the boxers preparations. (File photo)


Sunday April 14, 2019

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East Coast Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Competition

Champs impress on opening night Shamar Scott’s brace, which came in the 8th and 15th minutes, ensured that defending champions Uprising got off to a positive start in this year’s East Coast Zone of the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Competition which opened on Friday evening, at the Haslington Market Tarmac. Played before another large turnout that included Guinness Brand Manager Lee Baptiste, the champs enjoying tremendous crowd support, showed why they are favoured to retain the title when they cruised to a 2-0 triumph over Non Pariel. They took the lead in the eight minute when Scott finished neatly following a fast counter attack, but despite creating numerous chances failed to increase their advantage before the half ended. Five minutes into the resumption, Scott was again the man on target, squeezing his effort past the last stop to give his team a two-goal cushion which lasted until the final

whistle sounded. Paradise-A also looked in ominous form in their 3-0 win over debutants Victoria Eagles with Tyreek Cummings slamming in a Guinness Goal, while Quincy Adams opened the scoring with a wonderful piece of artistry in the seventh minute. Seasoned campaigners BV-A and Victoria Church Yard looked in good form despite narrow wins with the former beating Plaisance-B 1-0, while the latter survived a penalty shootout against Melanie-A after regulation time failed to produce goals. The competition was set to resume last evening with round robin action, at the same venue. The final will be played on Easter Monday. Complete Results Guinness Goal-[GG] Game-1 Melanie-B-1 vs GWI East Coast-0 Ryan Seales-12th Game-2

Part of the action in the East Coast Guinness game at the Haslington Market Tarmac. Mahaica Determinators vs Liliendaal Hustlers-[A] Liliendaal won via walkover Game-3 Belfield Warriors-2 vs BVB-0 Shamar Holder-[GG]-18th Game-4 Paradise-A-3 vs Victoria Eagles-0 Tyreek Cummings-[GG]-

GCC, Diplomats claim first De Souza, Simpson hit innings points - tons, Andrews grabs 7 Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) and Diplomats picked up first innings points when play in the Georgetown Cricket Association/ Noble House Sea foods second division two-day tournament continued yesterday. Host MYO batted first and were bowled out for 114 in 27 overs against GCC. Chris Ramdeen and Rudalph Singh added 47 for the opening stand before Ramdeen was caught off Gavin Singh for 14. Darius Andrews then removed Marlon Boyle (00) and Khemraj Ramdeen (04), while Singh was lbw to Gavin Singh for 32 which included four fours and two sixes as MYO slipped 52-4. Christopher Surat made 24, while only Vinash Rampersaud (12) and Brian

Bowen (10) managed double figures of the remaining batsmen as Andrews finished with 7-34 from 10 overs and Singh 3-42. GCC closed on 225-7 in reply. After being reduced to 44-3, Deonarine Seegobin led the recovery, striking 12 fours before he was lbw to Chris Ramdeen for 62. Gavin Singh hit 11 fours and one six in scoring 59, while Rivaldo Phillips made 48 with nine fours. Surat, Kishan Singh, Bowen, Khemraj Ramdeen, Boyle and Roopesh Motilall have so far picked up one wicket each. At GYO, Diplomats batted first and posted 289-9 declared off 46 overs. Nigel Simpson struck 106 while Ronaldo Gibson made 52,

- Wins for Paradise-A, Hustlers, BV-A

Raydon Gill 50 and Ronaldo Forrester 25. Joel Spooner grabbed 4-69 and Kevin Ross 2-32. Transport SC were bowled out for 131 in 26 overs in reply, trailing by 158. Devaughn Nandan made 26 and Adrian Hinds 20; Forrester claimed 343. At GNIC SC, the home team took first strike and managed 290-7 declared with Shaun De Souza scoring 141 not out as Rawle Merrell, Ntini Permaul and Katish Shivratan picked up two wickets each. In reply, Malteenoes SC were 98-3 at stumps. Jeremiah Scott is unbeaten on 47 and Shaquille Moseley on 20. Matches continue at 11:00hrs today. (Zaheer Mohamed)

17th Quincy Adams-7th Game-5 BV-A-1 vs Plaisance-B-0 Delroy Dean-16th Game-6 Victoria Church Yard-0 vs Melanie-A-0 Victoria won 1-0 on penalty kicks Game-7 Buxton Diamond-0 vs

Haslington Hypers-0 Buxton won 1-0 on penalty kicks Game-8 Uprising-2 vs Non-Pariel0 Shamar Scott-8th and 15th Group-A [9] Lilliendaal vs MelanieB [10] BV-A vs Buxton

Diamond [11] Winner 9 vs Loser 10 [12] Winner 10 vs Loser of 9 Group-B [13] Paradise-A vs Victoria Church Yard [14] Belfield vs Uprising [15] Winner 13 vs Loser 14 [16] Winner 14 vs Loser 13

Bounty Paper Towel/ Solo Drink Outdoor Leagues

Big wins for SHC Samarai, Bingo Spartans and Sequel yesterday Play in the Bounty Paper Towel Second Division and the Solo Soft Drink Under-20 Outdoor Hockey Leagues continued yesterday at the Saint Stanislaus College (SSC) ground on Carifesta Avenue. During yesterday’s play in the leagu e s t h a t a r e organised by the Guyana Hockey Board (GHB), GCC the Sequel thumped YMCA Old Fort (OF) Aces 5-2 in the Bounty 2nd division with four goals from in-

form forward Philip Fernandes, while his brother Alan added the fifth. The other men’s 2nd division game that was played between Saints Hockey Club (SHC) Shockwave and YMCA OF Rusty, finished 1-1. SHC Samarai were unforgiving during the 5-0 thrashing of YMCA OF Generals but the other Solo boys’ under-20 league game between YMCA OF Ballerz and GCC Pitbulls was less

entertaining as it finished 11. On the distaff side in the Solo under-20 league, a hattrick from Alana Chung and one goal from Sarah Klautky, spearheaded Bingo GCC Spartans to a 4-0 win over Saints, while GCC HerRicanes and YMCA OF Bellas played to 0-0 stalemate. The competition continues tomorrow at the same venue with six more matches. (Calvin Chapman)

Milo Schools’ football tournament

New Champion to be crowned tonight A new champion will be crowned night in the Milo Schools’ football tournament tonight with the final between by

Linden’s Christianburg/ Wismar Secondary School (CWSS) and Lodge Secondary of Georgetown scheduled to kick off from

19:00hrs at the Ministry of Education (MOE) ground on Carifesta Avenue. Preceding the final will be the third place playoff between PC and Annandale at 17:00hrs. The tournament is also sponsored by the Ministry of Public Health through its stop gender based violence campaign.

Bingo GCC Spartans’ Paige Fernandes about to make a pass during their team’s 4-0 win over Saints yesterday.


Sunday April 14, 2019

E-Networks Easter Badminton Tournament 2019 concludes The E-Networks Easter B-Division Badminton Tournament was played off at the National Gymnasium on Friday last. The Tournament which was well attended saw upcoming players getting a chance to showcase their skills and Medaling as all APlayers and National Players were debarred from competing. B-Division Champions 2019 are: Easa Sanichara & Christina Kumar. MEN SINGLES: 1ST - Easa Sanichara 2ND - Hemraj Beharry 3 R D - J a m a l Shamsudeen & Isaac Mallampati LADIES SINGLES: 1ST - Christina Kumar 2ND - Anna Perreira 3RD - Emelia Ramdhani & Ayanna Watson MEN SINGLES CONSOLATION 1ST - Matthew Beharry 2ND - Shimron Lewis LADIES SINGLES CONSOLATION 1ST - Kaylie Anthon 2ND - Khaya Boswick Matches Played were: Men Singles Round One: Isaac Mallampati defeated Matthew Beharry: 21-17, 18-21, 16-21

Sekhar Mallampati defeated Xavier Anthon: 2114, 21-11 Mahendar Sharma defeated Shimron Lewis: 2116, 21-13 Men Singles QuarterFinals: Easa Sanichara defeated Elion Beaton: 21-4, 21-12 Isaac Mallampati defeated Damian Waithe: 21-12, 26-24 Hemraj Beharry defeated Sekhar Mallampati: 22-20, 21-13 Jamal Shamsudeen defeated Mahendar Sharma: 21-17, 21-3 Men Singles SemiFinals: Easa Sanichara defeated Isaac Mallampati: 21-14, 2112 Hemraj Beharry defeated Jamal Shamsudeen: 21-11, 21-16 Men Singles Finals: Easa Sanichara defeated Hemraj Beharry: 21-16, 2220 Ladies Singles First Round: Stephine Sajar defeated Gabriella Hinks: 21-4, 21-7 Sacha Parmanand defeated Kaylie Anthon: 216, 21-12 Jayde DaSilva defeated Khaya Boswick: 21-7, 21-10 Ashley Escarraga

The outstanding lot of the E-Networks Easter B-Division Badminton Tournament display their medals. defeated Jonique Adams: 216, 21-4 Ladies Singles QuarterFinals: Christine Kumar defeated Stephine Sajar: 2112, 21-7 Emelia Ramdhani defeated Sacha Parmanand: 21-10, 21-6 Anna Perreira defeated Jayde DaSilva: 21-12, 21-15 Ayanna Watson defeated

Ashley Escarrags: 21-10, 215 Ladies Singles SemiFinals: Christine Kumar defeated Emelia Ramdhani: 21-19, 9-21, 14-21 Anna Perreira defeated Ayanna Watson: 21-12, 1921, 21-15 Ladies Singles Finals: Christine Kumar defeated Anna Perreira: 21-

8, 21-2 M e n S i n g l e s Consolation Semi-Finals: Shimron Lewis defeated Xavier Anthon: 21-17, 21-13 M e n S i n g l e s Consolation Finals: Matthew Beharry defeated Shimron Lewis: 2116, 21-17 Ladies Singles Consolation Semi-Finals: Kaylie Anthon defeated

Gabriella Hinks: 21-12, 2110 Khaya Boswick defeated Jonique Adams: 21-12, 21-4 Ladies Singles Consolation Finals: Kaylie Anthon defeated Khaya Boswick: 21-11, 2117 The GBA is extremely thankful to E-Networks for making this Easter Tournament possible.

Saints Hockey Club takes top honours

Smalta/Icool Under-14 Smalta/Icool Under-14 Indoor Hockey League Indoor Hockey League

Saints Hockey Club Scorpions; Smalta-Icool under-14 boys’ champions.

Saints Hockey Club Snipers; Smalta-Icool under-14 girls’ champions

Head coach of Saints Hockey Club (SHC), Robert Fernandes, was all smiles as SHC took top honours in both the girls’ and boys’ categories of the Smalta/Icool Under-14 Hockey League that was organised by Guyana Hockey Board (GHB). The competition concluded on Friday last at the Marian Academy auditorium. In the girls’ final, it was an all SHC matchup with the Snipers needling Slayers through a Shania Azeez field goal (FG) in the 14 minute of the match. Saint Joseph High School (SJHS) Divas won the third place playoff 3-1 from penalties against Marian Academy. In the boys’ final, SHC Scorpions got the better of SJHS Gladiators via sudden death penalty shootout that finished 7-6. Normal time had finished 1-1. After a 3-3 normal time finish between SHC Supreme and Hikers Hockey Club (HHC) Team Uzzi, Supreme prevailed eventually from the penalty spot with a 2-1 victory in the boys’ third place play off.

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Hamilton Green 9-a-side Inter Ward Cup

Battle on today to get past Round of 16 action


he battle is on today to get past the Round of 16 action in the Hamilton Green Cup Inter Ward/Village 9-a-side Knockout football tournament at the Den Amstel Community Centre ground. Action kicks off from 15:00hrs and all teams to be at the venue by 14:00hrs to ensure that there is a prompt start to the day’s proceedings. In the opening encounter, Timehri take on the red hot Bourda Blues and this clash promises end to end action. Timehri will be led by Owen Denny, Prince Forde and Kevin Sobers, while Deon Alfred, Lennox Cort and Marcus Wilson will spearhead the Blues quest to advance. The Tyrone Khan led Soesdyke then match strides with Sophia and this too have the hallmark of a sizzling encounter. Khan will be supported by Roger Dey, Dwayne Barker and Delon Smith, while Sophia chances of progressing will depend on the services of the Smith’s siblings Peter, Simon and Ernie. The Charlestown versus Mocha affair is a virtual final in itself with some of the country’s top players on show. Jamal Cozier, Devon Charles, Keiron Solomon and Jermin Junor will be the key to Charlestown’s pursuit of victory, while Dorville and Orville Stewart along with Kevin Gordon and Rollett

Tyrone Khan Smith will lead the charge for Mocha. Another game of interest is the one between hosts Den Amstel Backstreet and De Kindren. Delon Lanferman, Kevyn Murray and Kobe Kingston will be the players to watch for Den Amstel, while Junior Benn and Steffon Coleman will lead the attack for De Kindren. The other fixtures are as follows:

Mahaica vs Lilliendaal, Goed Fortuin vs. Bagotsville, Pouderoyen vs. Sara Lodge and Uitvlugt vs. Zeelugt. The teams will be battling for a chance to claim the John Fernandes $300,000 first prize and Prime Minister trophy along with hampers from Ricks and Sari. The second placed team will take away the Courtney Benn sponsored $100,000, third $60,000 put up by Techno mills and fourth $40,000 donated by Ready Mix along with the respective trophies. All the trophies have been sponsored by Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo. Also at stake are the individual rewards for the Most Goals/MVP who will take home a Dinette Chair from China Trading and a Lazy Boy chair from AH&L Kissoon, along with the Best Goalkeeper who will claim the Minister of Natural Resources trophy. Among the sponsors so far are Techno mills, Ready mix, Sataur Gafoor, EC Veira, BEV Enterprises, BK International, IPA, New Thriving, Ricks and Sari, E-Networks, Star Computers, NAMILCO, Cummings Electrical, National Sports Commission, Star Entertainment, Alfro Alphonso, the Guyana Police Force, Ministry of State, Prime Minister and Ministry of Legal Affairs. Soesdyke’s Khan leads the goalscoring column with 2 goals, while Alfred, Bobb and Harvey, all have 1.

Sunday April 14, 2019

Tyrone Johnson Memorial set for April 20 in Parika - Six teams battle for $200,000 & bragging rights in T20 Final The place to be on Saturday April 20 is Parika Community Centre Playground in East Bank Essequibo where six teams will vie for the $200,000 winner’s prize and bragging rights in the T20 Final of the inaugural Tyrone Alphonso Johnson Memorial T20 cricket extravaganza. The runners up will receive $100,000 while Trophies and Medals will be at stake as Parika Salem SC, Meten-Meer-Zorg, Cold Fusion, Vergenoegen SC, Zeeburg SC and Hyde Park SC battle for supremacy. The event promises a day

Ruan Johnson

of fun and folic for the entire family and showcases players like Ricardo and Anthony Adams, Raun Johnson, Richie Looknauth, Kevin Boodie and Kemol Savory who have all represented Guyana in cricket, while the Slingerz Family Sound System will provide pulsating music for what is anticipated to be a ram packed venue. Apart from the exciting

Anthony Adams

Kemol Savory

action on the field, food and liquid refreshments will be on sale at the Event which has been organised in memory of former Parika Salem and GDF pacer Tyrone Alphonso Johnson who died in a speed boat accident in the Essequibo River in June 1994 at age 33. According to the USA based son of Johnson, this event will be an annual one. From next year the T20 tournament will be a two-day event with the semi-finals and Final set for Easter Sunday. Parika Salem Sports Club is co-ordinating the Event. The US committee will fund the cost of the Umpires fees, providing balls, the prize money and uniforms for each team. He added that his uncles; Alvin Johnson, a former GCB Vice-President and Vibert Johnson (a former National Youth Coach), along with his cousins Tamika and Tenika are spearheading the arrangements from Parika. Raffles and other prizes would be given away to the fans, while Bar-B-Q tickets cost $1,000 and can be bought from RK Investments (Parika). (Sean Devers)

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Sunday April 14, 2019


GFF Elite League Season 4

Two pulsating draws punctuate Friday night’s action Police ground is today’s venue from 14:00hrs By Franklin Wilson The Police Sports Club Ground, Eve Leary will be the center of attraction from 14:00hrs today when the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Elite League continues with Season Four play when East Demerara’s Ann’s Grove suits up against Buxton United to be followed by a clash between home team Police and Victoria Kings. On Friday night at the Guyana Defence Force Ground, Camp Ayangana, GDF, Den Amstel, Western Tigers and Santos all walked away with one point apiece as their matches ended in draws. The main attraction saw 10-man Den Amstel leaving it very late to snatch an even share of the spoils with the home team taking an early lead which they defended almost until full time. Amumchi Opara Benjamin had handed the Army the lead on the stroke of the first half hour when he pounced on a rebound from Den A m s t e l ’s g o a l k e e p e r Jamaine Cumberbatch who spilled a shot from a free kick. The fast paced clash saw both sides going at each freely but it was the home team that outfoxed the visitors in the initial exchanges. Despite the fact that they were coming off a heavy loss to Western Tigers one week ago, Den Amstel looked a confident unit and solid enough to match their opponents play for play. As the match matured and the time ticked away, the GDF would have certainly been fancying their chances of taking full points but the West Side boys were not inclined to allow that. With a single minute to full time,

Delon Lanferman - Den Amstel Football Club

Den Amstel’s most prolific goal scorer, Delon Lanferman who had been quiet ever since banging three past Ann’s Grove on March 17th in a 5-0 triumph, suddenly came to life to fire in the equalizer. The 89th minute stunner brought joy to Lanferman’s teammates and fans whilst at the same time, silencing the Army and their supporters. Despite losing Marvin Frank who was red carded in the 90+5th minute, Den Amstel were able to keep the GDF at bay to earn an equal share of the spoils. The evening got off to a blistering start and almost ended with the first major upset of the season as new kids on the block, Santos continues to look the part. They took the attack to Western Tigers whom they dominated for the opening 45 minutes of the shindig. Coming off back to back wins against Ann’s Grove and Buxton United, Santos seemed on track to make it three on the trot when their leading marksman, David George fired in two first half goals, ten minutes apart to take his tally to four so far. A ripping left foot shot across the eastern goal in the 29th minute caught the Western Tigers custodian Omar Jones and teammates by surprise. That surprise was soon strengthened ten minutes later when George repeated again in the 39th minute to give Santos control of proceedings, 2-0. The Tigers seemed out of sorts and despite creating chances failed to take advantage, Andrew Murray being the main culprit putting the ball way over the bar and wide of the uprights. His younger brother, Alex Murray, Santos’ goalie seemed to have his number. At the break, a stern talk from Western Tigers’ Coach Calvin Allen seemed to rile up his charges as their approach to the task of reigning back in their opponents was more businesslike. Like Santos’ George, Western’s Randolph Wagner took over scoring proceedings as he brought his side back on even terms. He {Wagner} first lashed one past Alex Murray in the 58th minute to halve the deficit and repeated same in the 86th minute, the match ending 2-2. Wagner and

Andrew Murray are each on three (3) goals for their team as the league heats up with Western still in pole position on goal difference, sharing the same points as the GDF, 8. Den Amstel moves to third place with Santos 4th, the two on 7 points and separated by goals.

Amumchi Opara Benjamin – Guyana Defence Force Football Club

Randolph Wagner Western Tigers Football Club

David George Santos Football Club

t r o Sp Bounty Paper Towel/ Solo Drink Outdoor Leagues

GCC Pitbulls’ Kareem McKenzie (left) being challenged by YMCA OF Ballerz Dominic Alleyne for possession during their 1-1 draw yesterday at Saints ground.

Big wins for SHC Samarai, Bingo Spartans and Sequel yesterday

East Coast Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Competition

Champs impress on opening night

Part of the action between champions Uprising and Non Pariel, at the Haslington Market Tarmac.

- Wins for Paradise-A, Hustlers, BV-A

Tyrone Johnson Memorial Saints Hockey Club set for April 20 in Parika takes top honours - Six teams battle for $200,000 & bragging rights in T20 Final Smalta/Icool Under-14 Indoor Hockey League

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