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July 1994

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Once again this fine bitch has something to brag about! For the first time since 1968, a breed other than a German Shorthaired Pointer was used in the National German Pointing Dog Championship, commonly known as " The All Breed".

"(f}{aiie" was named Runner-Up to the Champion in the 1994 Open Shooting Dog Championship.


and owner Ihandler John Schoonover, took on 60 of the finest dogs and

trainers from across the country to prove that this Wire was something to watch.

"(f}{alie" is no stranger to the winners circle. Here are just a few more of her accomplishments: 1993 NGPDA Amateur Shooting Dog Championship - Runner-Up 1991 &'92 GWPCA National Amateur Champion 1993 GWPCA National Champion 1990,'91&'92 GWPCA #1 Gun Dog Winner of the Arizona Nationals Puppy & Derby Classic


Thanks to all who have helped and supported Marie and along the way.









Owner / Trainer Handler John & Ruth Schoonover Overbaron Kennels S510E 255 LaGrange, IN 46761 (219) 463-3733



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fr~.tfi.e.MeIl1 bers

Judges are required to penalize handling that is loud and distracts from the work. Some breeds allow handlers to collar their dogs after birdwork, thus preventing any possibility of a breach in manners. A recent letter to the editor proposed that we should adopt this policy and allow handlers to drag their dogs from birds rather than do the training required to correctly heel a dog from birds worked. It is easier to teach a dog to hop on his hind legs then hand him to a scout who can block him from delayed chasing than it is to teach him to heel. Trainability is what separates a finished performance from the perpetual derby dog! Lessening the requirements of a Field Championship doesn't make better dogs. The less you have to teach a dog the more dogs you can handle and the more money the professional trainer can make.

To the Editor; I would like to comment on a few statements in the last WireNews that seem to reflect an unawareness, an indifference and a desire to lessen the requirements to earn a Field Championship. My comments are not meant to offend but are intcnded to illustrate the point. Several years ago the GSPC of A eliminated the water test as a requirement to eam a Field Championship. It was claimed that due to the scarcity of water, it was impossible to hold these tests. This requirement may be felt to be just a "lousy water test" but water work is an integral part of the German Wirchaired Pointer. Before we forsake this "meaningless" requirement of Field Championship, look what has transpired with the GSP--all run, all white and can't swim! In our breed, a dog has not passed ALL the requirements to become a Field Champion UNTIL it has passed a water test.

I have never been a fan of advertising. Lawyers, doctors and even veterinarians can make any claim they like in an expensive TV ad and it doesn't even have to be true. But a G\VP should not be proclaimed a Dual Champion until it has earned the required 10 points including the four retrieving points (a major obstacle). Even though a lousy water test is a simple requirement, it also needs to be completed to earn this prestigious title. If we remove the lousy water test, eliminate the four retrieving points and allow collaring from our requirements for a Field Championship, what do we have? Sounds like a Brittany to me!! Ray Calkins

Anoter important requirement of Field Championship is manners on game. A GWP is required to remain steady to wing, to shot and wait to be sent for a retrieve. To bc awarded a Field Championship a wirehair mm;t earn FOUR (4) first place points in retrieving stakes. In situations where birds are not shot, a GWP is to be heeled off worked game and a delayed chase is not allowed.

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The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NA VHDA) is Federally recognized as a tax exempt, non-profit, educationalorganization dedicated to improving the versatile hunting dogs in North America and the conservation of game. NAVHDA members learn to train and handle their own dogs to point, retrieve from land and water, and to track and recover game under all weather conditions.


for only $30

(US Fund.)

Membership Application Yes, ~

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IL 60006

Reporter; Barb Hein .~:.,.."'<...i<.,.(""J'''''

As this is being written, Spring events are in full swing. There is a special excitement to getting out with the dogs in the Spring after months of being cabin-bound .

DEL~WARE Y-AI~I~EYG~ÂŁLllB The Delaware Valley Club newsletter, The Versatile, has a new editor, Jan Fast of Warsaw, VA. The Del Val club has been busy this spring. A hunting test with 48 entIies was held in York PA. Despite the prerequisite bad weather, of the 11 Wires entered 10 qualified, all at the Junior level. Qualifiers were: HELLBENDER'S BUM RUSH (Mary Spies) HELLBENDER'S HOLLUTA HUSSIE (Mary Spies) DANCIN DOLLS DIAMOND DAZZEL (AJ Johnson) WEIDEt"JHUGEL RUE V GEMSTONE (Patti Roberts) HELLBENDER'S LASER TWO (Bill Koever) TNT RAINMAKER (Maureen Tait) JERELIN'S TROPICAL STORM ( Linda Krepak) SCHNELLBERG'S RAMBLIN'S ROSE (Mal Decker) VALHALLA'S JAKES JENNY (Mal Decker) SURE SHOT'S JUSTA OUTLAW (Rich Bucca) The club supported the entry at Chester Valley KC in May. Winners were: Best of Bree_dCH. DUNKEES JUST A TOP FLITE JH (Bemee Brawn & Fran Sakiey) Belli2LOpposite: CH HEYWIRES WHISTLE IN THE DARK CD JH (Barb Novak) WDLill\T: SHADRA'S MAKE MY DAY (J&L Clark & S&C Walsh) WB:WEIDENHUGELGLORY DAYS (Patti Roberts) Del Val will support the entry of Wires at the Sand & Sea KC in August and have plans weIl under way for their Specialty held with the Berk County KC in September.

Planning for a supported show, a spring hunting test and two spring field tIials kept Fort Detroiters focused on dog activities during the winter. First on the calendar: the supported Detroit K. C. March 13 show. This show, one of the largest one-day, benched shows in the country, drew a GWP entry of 26 with majors in both sexes. Winners were: .BQB CH. RIPSNORTER'S THUNDERHART (Lisa & Jeff George) EDS: CH. LARKSPURS KAISANS LET IT BE (Keith Nash) .w--DLB~: NEUDORFS AFTERHOURS MAX (Franz Neuwirth & Tina & Walt Whitmore)

:wE: JAMARS WALTZ TIME (Eben Ingram & MarilynPowell) ... Next on the calendar - an April 9 field trial. GWP placements: LAUNDRY (Zack)(Gail & BiIl Richardson)

ill: (2) SGR DIRTY


AWI2; (3)CH. AFTERHOURS HbY- WIRb'S EDISON,JH (Eileen Fahey/Christine Whitmore) ... An April 28 hunting test saw 56 entIies running on two courses in the rain. For the first time in several years, no GWP's were entered in Master. Seniors ran in a deluge. Even so, CH. JED'S SPITZE GESCHUTZ, handled by owner Jim Tucker, earned his first Senior qualifying score. On the Junior Course, despite the weather, 5 of the 7 Wires entered in Junior qualified: MEGAN MEG ELLERY (Larry Fifer) OTTO Yon WIND DANCER (Paul Lagrou) GUSTA V JAEGER (E. G. Wilkins) CH. EBBTIDE SUMMER BREEZE (Garnett Persinger) CH. EBBTIDE SUMMER HEAT (Ted Magness)

fLWP CLUB OE~ORTHERN OHIO According (0 the April/May issue of their Drahthaar Dispatch, there were two errors in the listing of GWPNO officers in the last Local Barks. President is Ed Binder (not Bender), and Chris Kopfstein is a 2-year Board MemberThe Drahthaar Dispatch reports that AFTERHOURS HEYWIRE'S KHATI (1'. Whitmore) is a new show champion ...At the club's February Awards Diuner awards were presented to: CH. THORNWOOD'S TRUE GRIT - Top Show Dog CH. AtTERHOURS PRIVATE NUMBER - Top Show Bitch CH. AFfERHOURS HEYWIRE'S EDISON, JH - Top Field Dog AFfERHOURS SWEET MAGGIE MAE, JH -Top Field Bitch & Wolfram Stumpf Award JEAN RENNER - Congeniality & Sportsmanship Walt Whitmore's youngNEUENDORFS AFTERHOURS MAX, JH now has a Canine Good Citizen award and 7 points toward his Championship - including a 4 point major. CH. AFTERHOURS HEYWIRE'S EDISON, JH has 3 points toward his Field Championship, and Christi Schoessow's CH. CREAGAN'S HOW SWEET IT IS has earned tlle Canine Good Citizen award.

GW~CL(JB-DE II~LINOIS Oflicers fOf 1994: Pres.-Bill Lehmann / VP-Dan Sullivan / Treas.Sue Martin / Secy.-Debbie Rezzardi - 5805 South Nagle, Chicago, IL 60638, (312) 229-1592. With 18 Wires in competition, the judge's nod went to the following at the club's Easter Sunday Specialty show. Best of Breed: CH. THORNWOODS TRUE GRIT (PatIicia Diehl) Best Opposite: CH. ALISON'S DRAHTED BRUNHILDA, MH (Dan Sullivan) WI2: MIRW AN A RAINBOW CHASER (Pat Hopkins) WE: BEECHTREE'S MOLLY B (Dolores & Donald Beechtree). Sue Martin had organized a tasty array of luncheon goodies for the GWP exhibitors which was greatly enjoyed by all....The club is

NICE (ifJIN(;.

(CII. J tllld J Silow tllld T~II .III It CtI,tI",.,

A",~ Alllli~.III)




DARIEN, CT 06820


working hard to promote interest in the breed. Their specialty was held with the prestigious Chicago International. The GWPCI booth was well received. The club even picked up some new members ... Dan Sullivan and his Master Hunter HILDE recently participated in an event where the field work of various breeds was demonstrated. HILDE performed flawlessly and her work generated considerable interest. ... GWP qualifiers at their April 9-10 back-to-back hunting tests: .Iuniill: (Both days): PEPPER (Gil & Carol Maynard)Finished title. BRUNA (Frank Susi ) (first two legs) &nL<rr.(Sun.) KAHLUA (Mike Bekhout) Next on the GWPCI calendar is a flm day picnic May 22. Human attendees will enjoy shooting sporting clays, while canines have their own program of water activities.

GWP CLUB OF.EASTERN NEBRASKA This year's officers: PreS.-Art Armbrust / VP-Bill Perkins / TreasStan Po chop / Secy.-Al Jirka, 4706 Primrose Lane, Omaha, NE 68157, (402) 733-8656 ... Even with 125 entries in their April 910 field trial, everything went well. Good weather helped ... After the hectic field trial weekend, the club enjoyed a more relaxing day May 22 hosting a 26 entry hunting test. ARMBRUST ROGUE POOFIE (Art Armbmst) qualified in Junior.


GWP CLUB OF WISCONSIN The GWPCW held its spring hunt test April 2 at Ottowa field trial grounds, Eagle, WI. and drew a nice entry of 36. Qualifying GWP'S: .Inniill: YON GRAFENAUER LUDWIG GEIST (Scott Krueger) YON GRAFENAUER JAEGER FRITZ (Jim Burhap) An Aug. 13 specialty show is next on the club's calendar, followed by a fall hunting test Sept. 17 at the Ottowa F.T. grounds. (See Coming Events for contact persons.)

TWIN CITIES GWP CLUB Members of this club have had a very successful early spring in local all-breed field trials. At the first trial of the season: BACKWOOD'S FLEXIBLE FLYER (Archie) (Greg Dixon): 1st O.P. & 2nd O.D. SOO LINE'S DARK MAGIC (Indy) (Liz Barrett): 2nd O.P. CADENBURG'S SMOKIN' MAGIC (Dwight Muth): IstA WD The following weekend: INDY: 3RD O.D. SAMANTHA von TREBORWOLF (Dwight Muth) won a 3 point NSTRA. Championship. The April 23-24 weekend was another good one for Twin Cities GWP's: ST. CROIX' S RAWHIDE RUBY (Sue-Bruce Mueller/handIer Sue) : 1st OLGD and 4th ALGD. INDY: 1st in Derby At a Brit trial May l' where they were the only two in Derby: INDY 1st - MAGIC 3rd. SOOLINE'S ALLIED FREIGHTER (Ansel) (RhondaHaukoos): AGD.

Ames, IA 50010, (515) 233-2701. ... Entries in the GWPCCI April 9-10 hunting tests this spring were the largest yet. One GWP qualified in Senior: BROWN'S PRIDE OF JULIE D (Dennis Brown) ... Oct. 1-2 hunting tests are on the club's fall calendar.


Special congratulations to Liz Barrett! Her CH. SOOLINE'S LI'L ABNER (Abner) qualified in back to back hunting tests May 7 and 8 to earn his Master Hunter title. The Minnesota ladies are making their presence felt! Liz reported the TCGWPC March training day went very well. There was a good lUmout - and the food was great As an extra they also had great fun shooting sporting clays ...

GlYP CLUB OF CENTRAl ..IOWA Officers for 1994: PreS.-Bob Bowers / VP-Lonnie Pickell / Treas.Peggy Pickell / Secy.-Dennis Brown, 2412 Athlone Ct., RR 2,


This fledgling club sponsored two activities in March to promote interest in the club and breed. On March 19 the club held a "fun day" in Midlothian, TX. The original plan was to have field, conformation and obedience demonstrations along with a picnic lunch. However, since most people present were primarily interested in field, the agenda was quickly changed to a field day. Three field trialers from the Lone Star GSP Gub were on hand to help. The young dogs were first exposed to a tethered pigeon in an open area then worked individually on planted birds. Later in the day young dogs who hadn't previously seen a bird were paired with more experienced dogs. Ann Kostishak said you could almost see the "light go on" in the younger dog when the bird flushed, and that from then on the youngster usually stopped romping and started hunting .... They had planned to have a booth at the Texas K.C. at the Dallas Convention Center,due to a mixup , the show had to be relocated to an outdoor site. Unfortunately, hard rain and driving wind prevented booth set up. The second formal club meeting was held after the show with attendees from Okla., various parts of Texas and N. M. Steve Scaramuzzo was elected Treasurer. Thanks, Ann, for the excellent report - wish there were room to print it in its entirety. After writing the preceding, I received the club's second fine newsletter and a note from club president/newsletter editor Ray Morrison. Several winners are listed in their Bragging Rights column:Kandy Scaramuzzo's TWELVEGAUGEfmished at the Cypress Creek show and later earned his Canine Good Citizen certificate.Aoo Kostishak's HOPE acquired her CDX at the show in Kansas.Ray Morrison's TOPPER earned his Junior Hunter title. Bema Lee Akin's CArTI finished at the Galveston County show. This group is well organized, has its goals firmly in mind and is moving forward. If you live anywhere in Texas or surrounding states and would like to join or get on their mailing list, call Ray at (214) 222-8733.



At their Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet, officers and board members elected for the 1994-95 club year: Pres.-Harvey Rawn / VP-Karla Weber / Recording Secy.-Nikki Vampotic / Corresponding Secy. & Newsletter Editor-Karen Nelsen / Treas.-Suz Rawn / Board Members-Jay Collins, John Collins, Dick Gault and Beth Ross. Highlight of the evening was presentation of trophies to the following owners for their dog's accomplishments:

Junior Hunters: CH. JA YMAR'S AUTUMN REIGN, CD, JH - Jay Collins CH. HARLEQUEN MARSU MAGE VaN VABER, JH Karla Weher & Sue Decker CH. JAYMAR WIESEN'S RITE ON TARGEf, JH - Nikki Vampotic & Jay Collins Champion CH. FAIROAKS TIMEBOMB V WEISEN - Lisa Jaffe Mexican Champion: MEX. CH. CIRCE YOM WEISEN - Suz & Harvey Rawn Top Show Dog: CH. JAMARS BACK IN TIME - Lisa Jaffe & Marilyn Powell Top Obedience Dog: CH. JA YMAR'S AUTUMN REIGN, CD, JH - a-Jay Collins/H-Nikki Vampotic Top Field Dog: JA YMAR'S BLAKE'S WINDSONG - Jay Collins & Nikki Vampotic Versatility Award: CH. JAYMAR'S A\.JfUMN REIGN, CD, JH Bench & Obed. Handler: Nikki Vampotic/Field Handler: Jay Collins GWPCSC member Donna Wright recently earned a position on the USA Groom Team. The team is composed of the top six competitors in the United States. They will represent the US at the World Team Grooming competition to he held in Milan, Italy in October. Congratulations, Donna. ... Congratulations also to Karen Nelsen and Franz Neuwirth. Both ftnished champions with 5 point majors at the GWPCNC Specialty show. (See details in GWPCNC report.) ... GWPCSC'sSpecialty will be June 5 with Pasadena K C.



Thanks to Karen Nelsen for a delightful 5 page word picture of the GWPCNC specialty. Unfortunately, only the highlights of the 3路路 show weekend can be included here due to space limitations. Fri., April 22-Wine Country KC.: WD/BW (3 pts.): WINDRIVER'S SAGE (a-Jeff Smith/H-Judy Tamagni) WE (5 pts.): SGR SUNDAY SILENCE (a-Karen Nelsen/HNikki Vampotic) BQB: CH. JAMARS BACK IN TIME (Lisa Jaffe) B.QS; CH. CASCADE CAfE VaN DUFFIN, SH (a-Terry & Ann Duffin/H-Bob Perry) Sat., GWPCNC Specialty: (In rain) .&s.tin Sweeps' J & J's WESTCOAST CONNECTION (Nikki Vampotic) Best Opposite' NEUDORFS KAPERING KATIE (Franz Neuwirth) Regular Classes: .w.I2.(5 pts.): NEUDORFS STRUTTING SAM (a-Franz Neuwirth/H-Jo Ann Steffes) WBLR..W(5 pts.): SGR SUNDA Y SILENCE BQB.:. CH. C. WOBEGON WARRIOR (Robert Perry) BQS.: CH. CASCADE CA TE VaN DUFFIN ,SH ... SUNDA Y SILENCE and NEUDORFS STRUTTING SAM finished at this show. Also, CH. WEIDENHUGEL MERLIN V NICO, JH earned a qualifying score in Novice B. .. The GWPCNC served a delicious pot luck lunch for all participants, but with only a 10' x 10' shelter, the lunch was, unfortunately, cut short by the ram. Sun., April 24, Sir Francis Drake KC: & J WESTCOAST CON~bCTION

.w.I2.(3 pts.): J


WB/BW (5 pts.): CADENBERG TECLA V TREY (a-Mildred RevellfH-Sandy Perez) BQB: CH. AFfERHOURS WYR'N BO JEST (Franz Neuwirth) B..C2LCH. CASCADE CATE VaN DUFFIN, SH ... Number One GWPCNC priority is the Nationals, and they are working hard. Complete preliminary information is included elsewhere in this Wire-News.

OREGON GWP CI-,UB Lynn Calkins reports the only change in OGWPC offtcers for 1994 is: she has been elected Treasurer. ... As a tuneup for their May 29 hunting test the club recently held a training day for all pointing breeds. The OGWPC provided birds to its members; non club members were changed a nominal fee .... Congratulations to Ray and Lynn Calkins who celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary at the hunting test. What better way to celebrate than at a dog activity!?!?!?

SEATTI-,E-TACOMA GWP CI-,lJB AnotherbreedftrstforBRANDY!! She is now AM. & CAN. CH., OTCH NORDIC'S VIKING BRANDY. Can. CDX, MIl!!! She finished her Master Hunter title by qualifying at two tests per weekend on two consecutive weekends!! BRANDY does everything with great style!!! Congratulations to Ray Hennum BRANDY'S better half ... Fifty-six dogs ran in the STGWPC's March 26-27 field trial. GWP placements: Amateur Walking Puppy: (1) FLINTLOCK'S HAWKEYE(O-Shawn Humprey/H -Jim Landis) (2) SURE SHOT'S JUSTA JACKPOT (Doug Ljungren) (3) FLINTLOCK'S ROSEBUD (Heinz Ahlman) (4) SURE SHOT'S JUSTA MISS MARKER (Penny Ljungren) Open Puppy: (2) JIMKATHS ALLURE (a-Kathleen Yates, DVM/H-Mike Hemphill) (3) FLINTLOCK'S ROSEBUD Open Derby: (2) PIEMONTE CAITLIN V CHISOLA (a-Dr. Aloysia Hard/ H-Mike Hemphill) (3) JIMKATHS ALLURE Amateur Gun Dog; (4) FC/AFC SURE SHOT'S MAGGIE (Doug Ljungren) All Age: (1) CHARMAINE von WILSON (Ray Calkins) (2) FLINTLOCK'S DAKOTA (a-Jim Yates/H-Mike Hemphill) GWP Qualifiers at the club's May Hunting Test: Junior: (Both dogs finished their JH) INVERNESS HIGHLANDER - (Laura Myles) (HIGHLANDER finished in 4 consecutive tests!) INVERNESS DASH OF TWIN RIVERS (Ken Gangloss) ... Next on the club's calendar is a fun field day June 4.

***** As always, thanks to everyone who sent in newsletters and info so your club and members could receive the recognition they deserve in the National newsletter! Congratulations to all whose pride and joy won, placed or earned a qualifying score ... PLEASE, keep the reports and newsletters coming. This is your column!! I'm only the coordinator and condenser.

-New York City in February. It's cold, it's snowy, the traffic is a nightmare, and parking is next to impossible. Why in the world did I come here? Because it's Westminster, the greatest show on earth! 2500 Champion pure bred dogs, most of which are the top dogs in their breeds, congregate at Madison Square Garden in Febmary for the Westminster Dog Show. This is not a regular dog show, this is "the Garden". All of us who show dogs, dream of wimung Best in Show here. Most of us never will, but heck, it'sworth trying. Westnunster is not a particularly fun show to bring a dog, first of all it is a benched show. You and your dog arrive at the crack of dawn and must stay until 8:00 PM. The mles state that your dog must be on the bench at all times unless it is being shown or groomed. Benched shows are an exhibitors nightmare, but a spectators dream. People from allover the world come by to see, touch and talk about the dogs. You spend a lot of time explaining breed type, temperament and in the GWP's case, hunting ability. Being on the bench all day is tiring for the dogs and for the handlers, someone must always be with the dogs to make sure unknowing fingers don't get to close. Mostly everyone cooperates with each other. For instance, those of us with Wires spent some time watc1ung after the Vizslas benched next to us so their owners could go get some hllich. The favor was returned when we were hungry. \Ve had some great conversations with owners of other breeds. \Ve leamed of some problems in the Vizsla Club of America, tlungs we may have to overcome ourselves some day.

West11linster 1994 Westminster is a great place to sit and talk with Wire owners you generally only get to see at the Nationals, but never have time to chat with at the Nationals. There is never enough time. But at Westminster, you have all day. Westminster is the place to see some of the great dogs you may only have heard about or seen in the magazines, our own breed and all of the others. Mystiqe, (German Shepherd)the winningest dog on the face of the earth was there, so was Willum the Norwich Terrier. (\Vho by the way went on to win Best in Show!) The Groups arc done in the evening with judges and most handlers all gussied up for the TV cameras. There is something about watching Group judging at this show that makes it very different than most shows. The dogs are "on" the handlers are "on" and the crowd cheers for their favorite breed. It is exciting. Ring conditions at the Garden leave something to be desired. You have to be a creative handler (sometlung I am not known for) to be able to show your dog to his or her best potential. The rings are so small, by the time you get a Wire moving you have to tum a comer. But still, this is Westnunster,it's not the winning, it's the being there that counts.(O.K. maybe I'm strecthing the good sportsmanship stuff just a wee bit) Our judge this year was Mr. Victor Boutwell who tried to give all of the dogs a chance to strut their stuff. Mr. Boutwell chose as his Best of Breed winner Ch. Windhavens Cheery Jubilee (B) bred by Jeff and Helen George and Robert Furlong. "Julie" is owned by Richard & Judith Zaleski and was handled by Gregg Myers. Best of Opposite Sex was awarded to Ch. Larkspurs Crnisin Classic (D) bred by Gina & Frankie McCain and owned by Gina and Pat Dresser. "Cruiser" was handled by Tommy Glassford. Two Judges awards of Merit were given this year, Ch. Thomwoods Tme Grit bred and owned by Patricia & Barry Diehl and handled by Bobby Barlow and Ch. Dunkees Justa Top Bite JH bred, ,owned and handled by Bemee Brawn co-owned by Dr. francis Sakiey, each received a bronze medallion commemorating their day. I'm sure if the judge could have given more he would have. All in all, Westminster is something everyone should do once. If not to show then at least to see.


R I, VT)

Bn'l'd Compl,tition


These rankings are based on only those Wires beaten in BOB competition during the period January I-April 15, 1994 as reportedinAKC AWARDS thru Vol 14, No.6, June 1994. P. Diehl 1. Ch Thornwood's True Grit (D) 123 2. Ch. Ripsnorter's Thunderhart (D) 61 L&J George 3. Ch. Shurcan Potogold Sheza McRae (B) 33 J&D McCallum/B. Halligan Ch. Larkspurs Minicruiser (D) 33 L&I Eagle P. Dresser/G. McCain 4. Ch. Larkspurs Crusin Classic (D) 29 5. Ch. Afterhours Fraulein Gretchen (B) 27 KMosing 6. Ch. Windhaven's Frost Fire (D) 23 R&D Furlong F. Neuwirth/J.Renner 7. Ch. Afterhours Wyr'n Bo Jest (D) 20 T&JWoodfm 8. Ch. Scrub Oak's Bomerang (D) 18 Ch. Cassio's Whipped Frosting (D) 18 R. Koeppel L. Jaffe/McMillanlBurnside/Rosati 9. Ch. J and J Jammans Show Girl (B) 14 10. Ch. Ripsnorters She's Got the Look (B) 10 P. Ranker/H. George

G .·Oll P Com petition These rankings are based on group placements and the number of dogs beaten related to those placements as reported in AKC AWARDS thru Vol 14, No.6, June, 1994. They cover the period January I-April 15, 1994 1. Ch Thornwood's True Grit (D) 1214 P Diehl 2. Ch Ripsnorter's Thunderhart (D) 1046 L&J George 3. Ch. Larkspur's Cruisin Classic (D) 378 P Dresser/G. McCain 4. J & J Jamman's Show Girl (B) 192 Jaffee/McMillin/Burns/Rosati 5. Ch. Windhaven's Frost Fire (D) 144 R&D Furlong 6. Ch. Cassio's Whipped Frosting (D) 129 R Koeppel 7. Ch Mariad Rave Mad v Rommelhaus (8) 98 S&E Herman 8. Ch. Shurcan Potogold Sheza McRae CD (8) 98 McCallum! Halligan

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 9Bitches 8 Dogs 12 13 10 10 86714 976Bitches 11 68 96 343Dogs 65 3425 67 5pts. 4pts. 2pts. 3 pts.POINT Bitches 22 1 pt

SCHEDULES (For GWP's) Effective May 17,1994

What are Mycoplasma's and do they cause infertility in dogs? Mycoplasmas and ureapplasmas are simple organisms that have been implicated in reproductive tract infections and upper respiratory infections in dogs. They appear to be opportunistic pathogens, that is, they cause problems only when conditions are right. Since mycoplasma is transmitted in nasal and oral secretions as well as venereally, close, intensive housing conditions can be expected to provide ideal conditions for these organisms. Puppies born of affected bitches can have severe respiratory disease. Infertility has been blamed on mycoplasma infections in both male and female dogs. In interpreting results of mycoplasma cultures, we need to be aware that a scant growth of mycoplasma is normal in swabs taken from the upper respiratory and genital tracts of dogs. Routinely cultured healthy, fertile dogs and bitches often show some organisms in their cultures. It is also normal to isolate a spectnnn of different bacteria from vaginal and semen cultures of dogs. However, if a vaginal discharge (usually white, mucoid) is present in a bitch that has failed to conceive when appropriately bred to a fertile stud, mycoplasma should definitely be on the list of organisms to test for. Similarly, if fetal resorption is occurring at a high rate or litter sizes are small, cultures should be perfonned to rule out mycoplasma or other infections. The cultures are best obtained from the area close to the cervix using a guarded swab (Accu-CulShure) or a speculum to guard the swab. Regular transport medium can be used but the sample should be sent with a cold pack by overnight mail to a lab with a high success rate in isolating mycoplasma as the organism can be difficult to grow. The diagnostic lab at Cornell University has an excellent recovery rate. Samples should be sent Mondays thrOW'JlWednesdays to Diagnostic Laboratories, New York State College of Veterinary Medicine, PO Box 786, Ithaca, N.Y. 14851-0786

Treatment of known mycoplasma infections involves antibiotics administered for 14 to 28 days. Enrofloxacin (Baytril), Chloramphenicol and Erythromycin are antibiotics of choice. The first has just been cleared for ues in pregnant bitches. None of the antibiotics should be used indiscriminately i.e. as a preventative measure, since overuse can wipe out bacteria that maintain a normal balance in the reproductive tract and actually cause overgrowth of undesired organisms such as resistant strains, mycoplasma, candida etc. It is suggested that a properly done mycoplasma culture be included in the complete workup of any infertility problem in dog or bitch. Thyroid levels, semen culture and evaluation, progesterone target testing to detennine ovulation timing and examination for anatomical abnormalities should also be performed. Last but not least, if pups die or are aborted, a complete examination of the fetus may yield clues as to whether an infection may be involved. This is often omitted on our search for answers to reproductive problems. It is to be hoped that mycoplasmosis will be a rare problem in the German Wirehaired Pointer since this is not a breed that kennel well. Stress and overcrowded living conditions are risk factors for the infection. A known infected bitch should be bred only by AI to avoid infecting the stud dog.

Do you have a question for Dr. Schwabe? Send your questions to the editor and they will be passed along.

········_E.lllZ_~II"J CH Sunshine Jake, NA VHDA NA DC/AFC Dunkees Justa Hole N One CD MH NAVHDA UT OFAGood

CH. Bach V Schnellberg DCISGR Silent Running CD,MH (Levi)OF A Good Schnell berg's VaniUa Mousse

CH Malpats Justabump CDX


Due July 18 CH Afterhours Cassio LandlordOFA Good

DC SGR Silent Running CD MHOFA Good Darling Autumn CH MerryGene Gold N Point Spring OF A Ex

Darling Summer Tenant JH (Samantha) Cll. Merry Gene Gold 'N'Point OFA Ex








~lJot' ~ ~ocklanb rso~~ FC/ AFC Cascade Steamer MH NAFC - 1985 NAFC - 1986

Sure Shot's Rockland


(Sire) Sure Shot 's Razzle Dazzle SH

~rnnrl5' Yon jDuffin Terry and Ann Duffin 64155 N. Hwy 97 Bend, OR 97701 (503) 388-3739 14

rg of


( €:1!). ([a~cabt ([att l10n tlluffin. ~1!) ) B.O.B. 1993 GWPCA National Specialty

NFC/DC Cascade Rogue Mil NAVI-IDA UT

CH. Cale Yon Duffin SH (Dam) Ivluffin. Yon Duffin

1kentttl5' Yon tDufftn Terry and Ann Duffin 64155 N. Hwy 97 Bend, OR 97701 (503) 388-3739 15


Hi3h Wire ACt0 Now that show season is in full swing, we should have a check list of things to bring; water, chairs, shade (space blankets work great for covering crates or making a canopy), first aid kit and tick spray. Just the other day at a trial someone asked to borrow a leash- they left theirs home. Don't forget lunch, a lot of places don't have food.

Thi0 MOrlth0 Trtlirlirl3 Tip0 In my last article I told you how easy it can be to train at home. In your kitchen for instance. An exercise I teach in my kitchen are the finishes. They are easy and the dogs enjoy learning them. I teach both at the same time, only a few minutes a day. FINISH -To have your dog return to heel position at your left side The Finish to your right side. Using Food 1. Have your dog sitting in front of you. With a treat in your right hand say "Around". Slowly move your hand, level with your dog's nose, around your right side to your back and say "Good Boy, get it". 2. Have your dog sitting in front of you. Have a treat in your right and left hand. Say "arOlUld" and slowly move your right hand arOlUldto your back. When your dog is behind you quickly bring your left hand in back of you, show your dog the treat. don't give him the treat in your right hand. Bring yom left hand slowly to your left side raising the treat up and back, keeping the treat at your do's nose and say "Sit". When your dog sits, sat "Good boy, get it". Encourage your dog to sit straight in heel position .

Using a toy 1. Have your dog sitting in front. show YOlU'dogthe toy. say "Around:. slowly move your hand to the right releasing the toy when your hand gets behind you. say "Good Boy, Get It". 2. Have your dog sitting in front. show your dog the toy and say "around". slowly move your hand all the way behind you then toss the toy so it goes past your left side. Say "good Boy, Get It;. 3. Have your dog sitting in front. Say "Around", move your right hand as if you had the toy in it. Keep the toy in your left hand but don't show the dog the toy and say "Sit", raising your hand with the toy just above the dog's head. when he sits say "Good boy, Get It" and give him the toy. The Finish to your left Have your dog sitting in front. Show your dog the treat or toy, say the word "Heel". With the treat in your left hand slowly move your hand behind you as far back as you can, bring your hand towards you so the dog turns towards you following your hand. Then bring your hand straight up to your left side encouraging your dog to sit straight in heel position. Recently at the shows I've seen some nice working Wires. I wish you all great success.

Cooyt(ultltion.:') to our neWe0t .:':>tar.:') on obtainln.s tiler CD'.:')! J and J Chance of a lifetime -- Owner Evelyn Van Uden Ky- Wires Kosmic Kaper -- Owner Cynthia A. Morton

Happy Handling

- Until the next

i"ue ....



••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 1993 Final Obedience Standings

Ann Kostishak

Just when you thought it was safe to start reading the obedience column again - she's back! Actually, Janet Balir agreed to become obedience editor; however, I agreed to do the 1993 Obedience Standings. I, not Janet, am responsible for any errors (by midnight all breed designations start to look alike in the Awards) Compiling the standings was like visiting old friends. Over the past four or five years I've followed several of yom careers from a distance (like Stephanie Shafer and Fox Hill's Mr. Badger, UD who gamered another High in Trial this year) although we've never had a chance to meet. There are others (like Ray Hennum and CH OTCH & Can CH Nordic's Viking Brandy) with whom I've had the good fortune to become acquainted. Suzette Wood is such a regular competitor that when I hadn't found a qualifying score for any of her dogs by August, I was starting to worry that she'd moved to Tibet to practice transcendental mediation or some otber manifestation of a mid-life crisis! Not to worry, she popped up at the Nationals, I just wasn't there! Statistically, it was a pretty good year. We had 1 UD, 2 CDX's and 14 CD's. In addition we had 1 TD and 1 TDX this year. O.le dog, ScImellberg's Reba Jean, CDX, trained by Barb Skurya, did double duty this year earning both a CD and CDX. Hilde Stapgens and her Helbender's Frosted Cake rewarded my many hours of going through every obedience trial, regardless of location, by earning a CD leg at the Cook Inlet (Alaska!) Kennel Club show and trial.


1993 GWPCA Top Obedience Dogs Novice 1. Oakhylls Charm 0 Blairsdale CD (B) 1. Blair 1. J and J Chance of a Lifetime CD (D) E. VanUdcn 3. Schnellberg's Reba Jean CD (B) B.Skurya 4. Ch. Hellbenders Hollotta Hussie CD (B) .M. Spies/RGoode 5. Lisl von Der Vogelweide CD (B) J. Moffat... 5. Ky-Wires Kosmic Kaper CD (B) c. Morton 5. Schnellberg's Jake CD (D) S. Owen 5. Windrift's Ms.lndy Pcndence CD P. McGowan 9. Ch. Maestro Razz's Royal Lady CD (B)J. DillinghamJS.Pollack 10. Windhaven's Magic Marker CD (D) D&R Furlong



23 23 22 16 12 12 12 12 11 10


63 34 18 9 5 5 2




Top 3




. :.. 1 1 . 1 . . . .

192.5 192.0 195.0 190.0 187.5 187.0 197.0 184.0 185.5 192.0


. 1 . . . . .

197.5 188.0 191.5 192.0 190.0 180.0 177.5


185.5 191.0 189.5 174.5


1 1


Open 1. Fox Hill's Mr. Badger UD (D) 2. Lyvewyres Lady Kip to Landry UD (B) 3. Schncllberg's Reba Jean CDX JH (B) 4. CH OrCH/CanCH Nordic'sVikingBrandyCanCDX 5. Lieben-Waid Electric Express CDX (B) 5. Wildwings Teasel V. Neekohaus, UDT 7. Cb. Heywire's Rowdy RiffraffCD

S&.TShafer R Nappier B. Skurya R Hennum S. Wood H. Madsen B& J Novak


Utility 1. Lyvewyres Lady Kip to Landry UD (B) R Nappier 2. Fox Hill's Mr. Badger UD (D) 8&J Shafer 2. CH OrCH CanCHNordic'sVikingBrandyCanCDX..R Hennum 4. Wildwings Teasel V. Neekohaus. UDT H. Madsen

25 14 14 .4

3 1

Top 10 - All Classes 1. Fox Hill's Mr. Badger UD (D) S&.TShafer 2. Lyvewyrers Lady Kip to Laandry UD (B) R Nappier 3. Schnellberg's Reba Jean CDX JH (B) B. Skurya 4. CHOTCH Nordics Viking Brandy Can CDX R Helillum 5. Oakhyll's Charm 0 Blairsdale CD (B) 1. Blair 5. J and J Chance of a Lifetime CD (D) E. VanUden 7. Ch Hellbender's Holluta Hussie CD JH (B) M. Spies 8. Lisl von Der Vogelweide CD (B) J Moffat 8. KyWires Kosmic KaperCD (B) c. Morton 8. Schnellberg's Jake CD (D) S. Ownen 8. Windrift's Ms.lndy Pendence CD P. McGowan

77 59 40 23 23 23 16 12 12 12 12

Tracking Dog Excellent Tora's Covey Yom TreberwolfCDX

TDX(B) ..... J Rader

Tracking Dog Hawkin's Hill Flash DancerTD


8&B Patnoe


5 1 2 1

5 2 1

2 3

1 1 1 1

197.5 188.5 195.0 192.0 192.5 192.0 190.0 187.0 187.0 197.0 184.0





CH Heywire's Whistle in the Dark, CD, JH (Abby) CH. Heywire's Rowdy Riffraff, CDX, JH, Can. CD (Rowdy) This time line started on 10/2/93 with a junior Hunter leg for each of the girls. It continued on 11/7/93 with Abby's first CD leg. Then 11/13/93 with another CD leg for Abby and a trip to the breed ring for Best of Breed at Salisbury Kennel Club. The next day, 11/14/93, another Best of Breed at Mispillion Kennel Club and the completion of her CD earned Abby a steak dinner! Rowdy joined in that day with her first CDXleg. Then it was back to the birds for Rowdy's second jH leg on 11/20 and a .JHleg for each on 11/21 and 12/11 to finish Rowdy's jH. Not to be left behind, Abby finished her .JHone day later on 12/12. While Abby trained for her CDX,Rowdy came back out on 3/20/94 and 4/2 to finish her CDX,just six month to the day from when this all started! I am exhausted, but the girls insist that we get ready for Senior Hunter and more Obedience in the fall.

See you then! Breeden:

OWMr:'tlrbtlrtl HtJllt/lt

Judy Clles/lire, Heywi,.

Kellnel 45 SOIItltridge I)';"., tHell CINe, NY 11542

HHdwtlt~rs K~lJIIeI 1935 Orclltlrd hillt /I_lid fJtIstld~lHI,MI) 21122 (411) 431-2164

(S16) 611-3564 'ev Murrtly, /1111B.


llIuN/, DE 19956(312) 62'-8116

+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ 18

Preliminary 1994 Standings reflect placements through March 18, 1994 trials as recorded through theMay 1994 Gazette. GWPCA Dogs


Senior Dogs 1. FC/AFCSure Shot's Maggie, MH 2. DC/AFC Cascade Ike, MH 3. CH. Dunkees Justa Top Flite JH 4. CH Uodibar's Fanny Paltani 5. CH Schnellberg's Gretta, JH 6. FC Sure Shot's Mister Chips 6. Uodibar's Bush Man

D.Ljungren WA Calkins OR Brawn/Sakiey Shelley TX Tait NJ



Lee OR /.: Pratt W A.<::::

8. Sure Shot's Golly Miss Molly 9. Wirewood's Mystery Rondezvous 10. Justa Moonshadow JH


24/ 30::·::.,....



Ri&JJk'H' . ••", ....... .•••.•.•..

..... : . ••



•••• ,', "c.-

...:.:.: ",

.. .... ...




• uoo

• --

H" .••• ••••••••• ,


.' ,H" . ..


. ••

<HXN~~:::Jr4I" ":::::':::::::=Collins \=tA ... ..::'::


51" H' 30 :.::::.··: .

Collins eX::: ..... ,., ... :::::/itr· Kincaid H.. 31 ........TX'H ,.... Landis"WA:''': .: ::::,::., ..H : :,.:::::::>.\.::': ::: -.",.15 KoeverPA "/:. 7 .... .. BraW'riJBruzzone P A)::·<:·::C: 8 Brawn PA 6 Hemphill WA 31 Humphrey WA 19 Bucca PA 5 -


7. Nitor Proof Justa DBL F.cagle 7. Sure Shot's Justa Wild Thang 9. Flintlocks Addition 10. Flintlock's Hawk Eye

10. Sure Shot's Justa Outlaw

4 4



62 40 33 27 25 20 20 16


'.:::'13 16


10. Marsu's Morning Starr Junior Dogs 1. Jimkath's Allure 2. Jay-Mars Blake's Windczar 2. Jay-Mars Blake's Whilwind 4. Gabby's Next Generation Q 5. Flintlock's riesel yon Diesel 6.Hellbender's Laser Two


97 72 47 71

31 21 21 18 9

8 6

6 5 4 4


Congratulations to the following dogs and owners who have rmished titles over the past 6 months. Owner Title Date Published Wilkins MH 3/94 Katrin Jaeger, MH Kaese Kuchen, MH Lehmann, ILL MH 5/94


NFC/FC/ AFC MARIE LA VEAU VON STEUBEN Ownerlhandler John Schoonover 1991/1992 NAFC National German Pointing Dog Amateur Shooting Dog ChampionshipNow also

1993 Runner-UP

National German Pointing Dog Open Shooting Dog Championship - 1994 Runner Up Marie is the first wirehair (and only non GSP) in the 27 year running of the NGPD Open Shooting Dog to finish in the top two. Sixty dogs ran in this one hour stake and Marie obviously made an impression !! It's still a team and John deserves more than just a casual "Nice Dog"! Good trainer, Great dog--Solid teamwork!!!



The All Breed or

so keen that this stake could only improve the caliber of all breeds concerned.

The National German Pointing Dog Association Championships The fortieth mnning of the All Breed championships were held at the Green River Wildlife Area, in lllinois from March 28 to April 6. This trial is a conglomerate of several championships; Shooting Dog, All Age, Amateur Shooting Dog and a Derby Classic. These championships are open to GSP's, VizIas, GWP's and Weimaraners. Here is a history of the championship direct from the catalog; "The National German Pointing Dog Championship has a rich and colorful history. It began as many organizations do, with men of vision, dreamers, and those that dared to make changes. There were also those that doubted and said that it couldn't be done- shouldn't be done. they claimed that the German breeds in question weren't ready for such new innovations and that the complexities were far too great. Yet the men of vision made the concept of theory a reality. It began and we began in the North parking lot of the Brookfield Zoo. The German Pointing Dog Training Club was formed right after the Second World War. There were those that saw tremendous worth of having tbe German Pointing Breeds competing among one another. Starting as the German Pointing dog Training Club, we evolved into a national Futurity representing the four German breeds. In the beginning the idea was to breed young dogs that would represent the best of each of the four breeds. These Futurity Dogs were to be class bird dogs. And it was hoped that these dogs would come from breeders who were concerned with the improvement of their strain of dogs and thus promote better selection of the best for breeding. The one hour Futurity that was formed suffered from a lack of National support. The complexities were so great that this Futurity lasted only a few short years. However, it was this Futurity that became the catalyst that brought about the formation of the all Breed National Championship as we know it today. In 1954 a group of men representing the various German pointing dog clubs met at the engineers Club in Chicago to discuss bringing the different German bred dogs into competition for a Championship title. The National German Shrthair Pointer Association was also in attendance being represented by its President, Paul Sharp and Secretary Van Van Dorvat. The Moderator of the meeting was William F. Brown. There was much discussion as to the rurming rules and the mechanics of rurming an All Breed National Championship. The primary thought behind holding a Championship which would include the Wiemaraner, German Shrorthaired Pointer, Vizsla and the German Wirehaired Pointer

Just a year after the initial meeting, this stake became a reality. On October 8,1955, the first National German Pointing Dog Championship was held at Green River Public Hunting Area, near Ohio, Illinois. Judging this inaugural event were the very capable Hjalmar Olsen and Joseph Deiss. Interest in the event occurred immediately and entries rolled in and counted 20 at the time of the drawing. The honor of being the first national German Pointing dog champion went to a Weimaraner - CRESTED GLAD W ARRIOR- owned by Joseph W. lipop and handled by Chet Cummings. As the years have gone by, this organization has held a successful trial every year. In 1968 a National ShootingDog Championship was added- a GSP, CHRIS V. HOHEN TANN, owned by Ray Bauspies and handled by Pete Kainz, was named the Champion. 1968 was the inaugural mnning of our Derby Classic, with the Puppy Classic being added in 1970. 1979 was the inaugural running of the National Amateur Championship of our National German Pointing Dog Association." Of course of interst to GWP owners is how our breed has done in this event. A few Wires have done rather well thank you very much. The Wirehair has been involved in this championship since the beginning. The first GWP to make an impression on the judges was Haar Baron Gremlin a female owned and handled by Clif Faestel. Gremlin was runner up in the' 57 All Age Championship, with an entry of 23 dogs. Gremlin was again the runner up in the' 58 Championship with 26 entries. In 1959 although the title of Champion was witheld, another GWP, Haar Barons Mike owned and handled by Clif Faestel was named the winner. This win was over 30 dogs. Again the' 60 Championship title was witheld but the winner over 27 dogs was, Haar Baron Gremlin. Finally in 1961 the judges saw fit to name a Champion and the title of 1961 NGPD Champion was bestowed on Haar Baron's Tina a GWP female owned and handled by Cliff Faestel. Tina is the only GWP to have won the NGPD All Age C11ampionship. Apparently from 1957 through 1961 GWP's dominated the winners circle in this event. Unfortunately, after 1961 the GWP slipped from the roster of Champions. 22 years later Walker's Blue Movie, a female owned and handled by Dr. Stan Haag won the Amateur Shooting Dog Championship and became the second GWP to be named Champion.This famous Dual Champion was the only Wire entered in a 33 dog stake and she beat them all. Once again things got a little slow for the GWP in the All Breed. Just about every year saw a GWP entered in one of the Championships, but alas none ever got to take home the elusive trophy. At this point in time the All Breed had become (for the most part) a GSP showcase. But once again a female Wire has made her mark. FC/AFC Marie Laveau von Steubenowned by John and Ruth Schoonover from LaGrange IN, and handled by John was runner up in last years Amateur Shooting Dog Championship with an entry of 49. Marie was again named runner up in this years Open Shooting Dog Championship, again handled by owner John" with an entry of 60. Two other Wires entered this years competition, and I understand from those that were there that our breed put on a good show. They were, Lynn & Ray Calkins Cascade Ike, and Jim & Judy Pratt's Uodibar's Bushman. I have never had the chance to attend this trial, someday, I

(Drahthaar) was that the competition among these dogs would be


k.u Breed can't ...

keep promising myself. Congratulations to John & Marie for their continued fme performances and thanks to the GWP owners from the past who have given all of us a tradition to continue.

National Championship (All Age 26 starters) Judges Bob Weiss and Tom Schwertfeger I.Pipelines Bobtailed Bndit GSP Owner; Wayne Troutman !Handler; John Steger 2. L B' s Ohi Kate GSP Handler; Len Forbush

Here is a breakdown of the winners breed by breed : All Age Championship (starting in 1955) Winners Runner Up Weims 2 1 3 2 GWP 34 33 GSP Open Shooting Dog (started GSP's 26 GWP Amatuer GWP GSP

Amateur Shooting Dog Championship (57 starters) Judges Harry Vanderzwet and Ken Ruff 1. Skyline's Farewell Kate GSP Owner/handler Kent Kislingbury 2. Pipelines Bobtailed Bandit Owner/handler Wayne Troutman


Shooting Dog (started 1 15

24 1

Open Derby Classic (30 starters) Judges Bill Wittgan and Rob Ricter 1. Highwaters Raisenette Mickie GSP Owner Dr. Vince Rizzo /Handler John Steger 2. Windwalkers No Return Ticket

1979) 1 15

Owner Kent Kislingbury !Handler Terry Krommenhoek 3. Oakcrik's Beboppin Baby Owner Terry Trzcinski

This years winners were: National Shooting Dog Championship (60 starters) Judges Larry Walters and Loyd Bozeman 1. Blue Max Spitfire GSP Owner; linda Nickerson !Handler; Keith Gulledge 2. Marie Laveau von Steuben GWP Owner!Handler John Schoonover

AKC UPDATES For those of you who do not receive the AKC Gazette, or for those of you too busy to sit down and read it, here are some items that may interest you. (Taken from the April ,May and June 1994 issues) New GWP Judges;The following people have either been approved or are seeking approval to judge German Wirehaired Pointers. Letters concerning these applicants should be addressed to the AKC Judges Department. (Approved /provisional)William Robert Russell, Jr. (1933),Milton W A (Approved! provisional)Mrs. Patricia M. Lapinski (6401),845 Taylor Road, Port Orange, FL 32127 (Apply accepted)Dr. Ronald I Spritzer, Cincinnati, OH (Approved/ provisional) Elliot Weiss (6383), Glenwild, NY (Provisional completed) Mrs. Suzanne Dilln (5043), Flower Mound, TX (Approved! provisional) Mrs. Paula Nykiel (5487), Washington, MO (Approved/ provisional) Dr. Ronald Spritzer (3822), Cincinnati, OH (Approved/ provisional) Mrs. Judy Webb (5625), Albuquerque, NM Obedience and Tracking Fanciers; If you are interested in completing a questionaire on obedience and tracking, please write to Patricia Scully,Chairman, AKC Delegates' Obedience Club Committee, 328 Parkside Drive, Suffern, NY 10901 You Do Make A Difference; In the last issue of the Wire News,the National Senior Citizen Pet Ownership Protection Act Bill HR2145, was printed. AapparentIy letters from dog fanciers from around the country has promoted a lot of interest from legislators. If you have not yet contacted your Congressman there is still time to do so. It's good to know sometimes what we do can make a difference. Breeding Restrictions Defeated; The delegates defeated the proposed amendments to Chapter 3, Section 5 of the Rules applying to Registration and Discipline which would have imposed limitations on breeding. They also defeated the proposed amendment to Chapter 11, Section 1 of the Rules applying to dogs Shows, which would have permitt dogs with limited registration to compete at licensed and member dog shows. TheBoard approved agility regulations that will go into effect on August 1,1994. Agility events will be administered under the Performance Events division. A new FaJi:number has been set up by AKC to order materials. The fax is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. (919) 233~u2-:-.Be sure to include all pertinent info and credit card type and # Elected as the new chairman of the Board of AKC was James W. Smith. Nelson Sills was reelected as treasurer.


.. 'j

Flintlock Kennels -----Bird Dog Training & Trialing Mike Hemphill E. 17505 Cataldo, Greenacres, WA 99016

DogJ now being taken for Jummer training. ~ Iregettin 'em reaiJyfor tbe '94 National'.!

''Jack'' needclan owner! If you are looking for a winner this is it. Jack has already won a 24 dog puppy stake and is showing great promise as a shooting dog. Dog this good aren't for sale very often

LitterJ planned for thid Jummer:

# 1Overbarons

Country Hustler x Flintlocks Belle V Rahn Haus

Hustler was the 1993 GWPCA Field Futurity winner. Both dogs have produced field trial winners and super hunters.

# 2 Flintlocks

Strange Brew x Flintlocks Razin Kane.

This is a repeat breeding. The first breeding produced outstanding pups both in conformation and field ability. Two pups are field trial winners.

(509) 922-8188 22


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BlllelJlllI Clip witll tile (;WPCA1.090 •••

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it •. IIJI'


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CH/AFC Fritz V Schnell berg II Judy's Silver Flash Judy V Schnell berg CH Valhalla's Ligtening Bolt JH CH Sunshine Jake NA VHDA NA Valhalla's Wood Sprite Dickersons Midnight Molly CH Sunshine Jake Valhalla's Shot in the Ruff (littermate to Hole NOne) CH. Malpats Justabump CDX Valhalla's Frosty CH Sunshine Jake Valhalla's Freyja Dickersons Midnight Molly CH Haar Baron Secret Diplomat CH Sunshine Jake NA VHDA NA Wolfweise Adel DC AFC Dunkees Justa Hole N One CD MH NA VHDA UT CH Talbach High Society CD CH Malpats Justabump CDX CH DB Scholar Von Rowe CD

CH Dunkees Justa Flite JH NA VHDA NA OFA Good

FC/ AFC Baron Von Schyrental Sure Shots Benny Boy FC/ AFC Halbs Miss Chief Sure Shots Justa Racie Lacie FC/AFC Halb von Pommoregon FC/AFC Halbs Sure Shot Gesela von Grafenberg

"Samantha" lives to find birds, we hunt grouse in the Pennsylvania woods and pheasants in the farmlands. She is a great house dog who loves to play ball with my kids. Sam has a short, tight, thick coat with plenty of beard and eyebrow and she has been OFA'dGood. "Topper" needs only a water test to complete his Field Championship and Amateur Field Championship. He has two legs towards his Master Hunter title. He is a Group winning "special", was awarded the Judges Award of Merit at the "92 GWPCANational Specialty, and was the Runner Up at the '93 GWPCANational Amateur Championship.Several of his kids are on the top ten puppy/derby list and one of them just went BOBover several "specials" (including his daddy) for a 4 pt. major. This litter will be due August '94. For more information contact: Randy Osenbach (717)

386-2279 24


Freezing SeInen

addressed before the freeze rather than after. All but one straw will

Ray Calkins, DVM

In March, Lynn and I spent 4 days with the staff of




ing to freeze semen. International Canine Genetics (ICG) in Malvern, PA learn-I We started early, worked late and ate Italian!! The class was small- just the two of us. The ICG beagles were in geneal cooperative - the whippet was not!! Most of what we learned- and all that we didis unacceptable conversation at Grandma's! But the possibilities are exciting. I became interested in the procedure severdl years ago when we had Cade and Steamer frozen and as the years have gone by, more and more of our veterinary practice centered arOlmd reproduction. So when Chuck from ICG knocked on our door early this year to ask if we were interested in becoming the freezing center in Portland, the decision was easy. With this article, I hope to answer some questions that we hear repeatedly. The botton line is at the end so if you feel the need, read that section now!

Why to Freeze? 1. Insurance

be labelled and packeged for storage. That one straw is thawed (after the fInal liquid N immersion) to evaluate the quality (viability and motility) of the sperm. From this evaluation a final determination is made regarding the quality of the freeze and a recommendation to store or discard the sperm is made. ill general, the average semen freezes at about 50%. The straws are sent from the freezing center to the giant coolers in Pennsylvania and ICG then becomes the contracted "holder" of the sperm. One of the most frequently asked questions becomes Whose sperm is it? The answer, according to AKC- if you are the owner at the time of the freeze, it's yours. So yes, you can sell the dog to Australia and keep his semen and use it, or you may choose to transfer it as well, but AKC will be involved. The semen is registered with AKC at the time of collection. The other question is always- How many breedings do I have? With the test thaw, the sperm count and the number of straws, the freezing center will calculate the number of inseminations that been stored. Whether you choose to use three vaginal iuseminations, or one surgical implantation will affect the number of breedings that one freeze will produce. At least GWPs are large enough to expect a reasonable number (3-5) of surgical breeding from on ejaculate. This is certainly a generalization and there are no guarantees. For whatever reason, some dogs just don't freeze well.

The Bottom Line

Anything can happen in this world, hit by car, stolen, illness. 2. Convenience She's ready & he's trialing or headed for Westminster 3. illternationbal Breedings ill general, most indivduals are concerned about having semen from their special "Fritz" for a future breeding to one of their own dogs. If you're interested in retiring on his golden sperm you may need to develop an ongoing freezing program.

When to freeze? 1. like insurance, start young but mature. Semen of dogs between the ages of 2 and 4 seem to take the freezing procedure with the most success. Unfortunately you may not have decided whether Fritz is one in a million but if you are planning on putting him with a trainer or handler and fInancially investing in his future, a little frozen semen would be good lllsurance. 2. When he's healthy Stress, a heavy trial, show or breeding schedule and illness will affect the quality and quantity of sperm produced.

The Decp f','c{'ze The semen is collected and fractionated (divided). Only the sperm rich portion of the ejaculate is buffered, counted and diluted to a standard concentration for freezing. This solution is first' chilled, then suspended in the vapor over luquid nitrogen and finally immersed to bring its final holding temperature to -196C. The chilled sperm are packaged for freezing in straws that are individually labelled (Dobe sperm looks for all the word like GWP sperm). The chilling and freezing process will take 4-5 hours. Don't even think about stopping at 5:00 PM the day before he flies to England.!! The paperwork is incredible and if you have a dog that you may want to have used internationally, the requirements for : importation of the sperm may be very complex and should be


ICG has established guidelines for the feezing centers and there are areas and practices that will be more than I've quoted, so it's best to talk with the freezing center near you. But for beginners, the initial evaluation is $55.00. If the semen is not worth proceeding, there may be some other treatments that would be indicated, ego culture and antibiotic therapy and another try at a later date. If the semen is of good quality and the freeze proceeds, the standard fee is an additional $165.00. If additional ejaculates are collected and frozen from the same dog within a reasonable time frame, the fee will be $165 for each additional ejaculate that is frozen. Collections every other week during a resting off season would be recommended. This initail $165 includes the fIrst year of storage for up to 25 straws. After that the storage fee is $35lyear for the first 25 straws and $l/straw over 25. Using the semen is much more of a quess from this end-there are several variables. The semen must be prepared and shipped to the bitch. Ovulation timing tests are a must with frozen semen. The method of insemination must be decided-vaginal or surgical. Surgical obviously requires an anesthetic. At this time, leG estimates a continental US shipment at $150 with and additional refundable deposit on the shipping dewar. This figure does not include the ovulation timing lab tests or the veterinary fees for the insemination- a requirement for frozen semen registration with AKC. Obviously, that figure may change before we're ready to use the fozen swimmers. Is it worth the insurance? Thats your call! How many more questions do you have now? If you would like to have more information we can answer letters so the membership can share or ICG can direct you to a freezing center or ICG affliate in your area. (1-800-248-8099) I would like to encourage you to consider the possibilities BEFORE he's sleeping his days away. Those days will come too


Some Numbers To Chew On



The 1993 Registration statistics were published in the April '94 issue of the AKC Gazette. A grand total of 1,422,559 dogs were indivdually registered. This number is down 85,702 dogs from 1992. For the third year in a row the Labrador Retreiver was the #1 registered dog with 124,899 Labs registered in '93. This was an increase of over 4,000 dogs over the '92 registration. Rottweilers came in second for the second year in a row with 104,160 dogs registered. German Wirehaired Pointers came in 70th with 1,480 dogs registered. This number is down just 5 dogs from last year. Where do we stand in comparison to the rest of the pointing breeds? Lets see. + or # 1993 # 1992 Breed +194 GSP 30 13,931 29 13,737 -1266 Brittanys 31 13,635 28 14,901 +832 Weimaraners 41 5,590 44 4,758 +8 Irish Setters 53 2,726 54 2,718 +60 Vizsla 58 2,246 55 2,186 -5 GWP 70 1,480 71 1,485 -151 Gordon Setters 72 1,393 68 1,544 -98 English Setters 84 842 80 940 -1 Pointers 92 563 95 564 -16 W Pt Griffon 119 169 118 185 171 32 +4 88 90 33 #+ #35 47 or201 109 122 -3 +30 101 1993 1992 449 331 305 297 65 80 +39 +8 49 +119 65 77 37 +7 -264 112 102 488 326 75 -579 3,013 3,407 3,671 1,258 1,139 Now, lets3,006 check the number of36litters registered Breed

Wirehair breeders seem to be fairly consistent. Compare the number of dogs produced to the years below. GWP's '92 1991 '90 '89 '88 '87 '86 '85 '84 1,485 1,276 1,162 1,121? ? 1,003 988 I did some checking on the other pointing breeds. German Shorthair Pointers saw a huge increase of dogs produced, as did the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. (even though their numbers are still relatively small) 1993 1985 GSP 13,931 8,351 +5,580 WPG 169 77 +92 Our breed has shown growth since 1985, that's good. But I for one am glad to see it grow slowly and steadly.

SOME MORE NUMBERS The 1993 Event and Title Statistics were published in the April 1994 AKC Events calendar. Title abbreviations which affect our breed are as follows: CH (Champion), Obedience Titles; CD (CompanionDog), CDX (Companion Dog Excellent), UD (Utility Dog), UDX (Utility Dog Excellant), OTCH (Obedience Trial Champion) Tracking Titles; TD (Tracking Dog), TDX (Tracking Dog Excellant) Held Titles; FC (Field Champion), AFC (Amateur Field Champion), JH (Junior Hunter), SH (Senior Hunter), MH (Master Hunter) All sporting breeds, and Beagles, Basset Hounds and Dachsunds are eligible to comptete for FC titles in Field Trials. The AFC applies only to sporting breeds. The breeds eliglible for hunting titles are Retrievers, Pointing Breeds and Spaniels. Here's how you all did;








un 1


TD 2





JH 42

SH 9

MH 7

#of Hunting Tests I223 1215 38 1098 464 1 9241lets 3116 2264 69 22 10 9169 571 35 37 21 632559 254 26 177 18 136 125 148 766 11,390 1 26 45 380 255 265 58 23 10 175 182 431 1992 1 compare 453 402 263 34,373 1,399 11,212 10,795 35,130 the other pointing breeds I5341932814#Now of dogs competingthis with Britt


There were a total of 1,117 all breed dogs shows held in 1993 as compared with 1,155 in '92. The largest all breed show held in 1993 was the Louisville KC with a grand total of 4286 dogs competing. This club also held the largest show last year with a total entry of 4233. Whew, that's a lot of doggie you know what. For Specialty shows, the honor went to the American Spaniel Club which saw an entry of 843 spaniels. For a single breed specialty it was the American Shetland Sheepdog Assoc. held in Virginia Beach, VA with an entry of 724. Just for a comparison, the 1993 German Wirehaired Pointer National Specialty came in 197th with 130 dogs in competition.

Correction.s BOARDING














T eJtlty & AAA VuEbiJ(



• 64155


HWl/.97 • Send. OR 97701


Randall Berry 17514 Seidel Tomball, TX John D. Powell 1917 Vista Oaks Drive Carrollton, TX 75007 Rick Schultz & Amanda 1603 N. 7th


~~~ ~ Z.6~~




CROSS STITCH! A 600k of 6 counted cross stitch charts of the 6eautifuL German Wirefi.a.ired Pointer at work. The GWP is depicted pointing, retrieving, sta.nding, gaiting, two GWPs point & honor, and as a pu-ppy sitting. 600k is $10.00.send c.liec.k/ MO (US funds amy) to:

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City Telephone (__




I/We the undersigned agree to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America, Inc. and the rules of the American Kennel Club.

Signature(s) IN1'ERESTS. ~ . Show. -NAVI?DA T.rackmg. Hunting I_Field ~nal_VDD. Compamon dog/FamIly dog


_ , _NSrR~ _Obe~le~ce _RetrIevIng _ 0 th er


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Wire~News 1994 July  

Wire~News 1994 July

Wire~News 1994 July  

Wire~News 1994 July