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Carpet Installation Proper installation of your new carpeting or flooring is the most important part of your purchase. Our installers are highly skilled professionals who you will welcome to your home.

Penny Saver Pet of the Week Hi, my name is Caesar and I am a 3-year-old Shih Tzu. I am not really a sheriff, but I like to dress up as one! I am a very smart fellow; I can wave bye bye, high five, do the bunny hop, wink, play dead if you point at me and say bang and give my “Mom” big hugs! I am a handsome guy with 2 inch long eyelashes…(makes my mom jealous)! Send us a photo and brief write-up of your pet and we’ll feature it as the “POW.” Featured pets will be entered in the Pet of the Year Contest and become eligible to win a gift. Email to: or mail to: P.O. Box 340; Avon, 14414. For return of photos, please include a selfaddressed, stamped envelope. Pets will be published at discretion of GVPS.

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Churchville Elementary School Students react with joy as they learn they’ve set a new record for this year’s American Heart Association Hoops for Heart campaign. The school raised $21,230!


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585-232-5110 There are over 100,000 kids in foster care, like Manny waiting to be adopted.

Champion Moving Local & Long Distance Services 100 Owens Rd., Brockport

585-235-3500 NYS DOT#-11083

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DID YOU KNOW? Aerial yoga is a relatively new form of the Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline of yoga. Inspired by aerial gymnastics, calisthenics, pilates, and, of course, yoga, aerial yoga is sometimes referred to as “antigravity yoga.” This unique form of yoga involves the use of hammocks suspended from the ceiling that support practitioners’ bodies, allowing them to work against gravity. Popular aerial yoga poses include aerial lunges, the half boat pose, the reclining angle pose, and the one-legged king pigeon pose. Though aerial yoga is a recent phenomenon, those interested in pursuing this unique form of exercise can seek more information at local yoga studios. Unlike traditional yoga that many people can practice at home without supervision, aerial yoga participants should only perform the poses under the supervision of professionals.


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Fact or Artifact? --DEAR DR. ROACH: I recently had a nuclear stress test as a requirement for a kidney transplant. The results of my test indicated that I had sustained moderate damage to my heart as the result of a heart attack. No further testing could be done because of the possible effect of dye on my kidneys. Six months later in a follow-up nuclear test, my results were normal and I was told that the problem was an artifact. Would you explain what an artifact is? -- M.J.N. ANSWER: An artifact, in this context, is anything that can keep the test from being interpreted correctly. People often think of medical tests as definitive -- the stress test shows that either you have blockages in the arteries in your heart or you don’t -- but it usually is not so clear. Even a perfectly normal stress test is possible in people with blockages, but the bigger the blockage, the more likely we can see them. In women, breasts can obscure the images from the radioactive dye used in a nuclear stress test, making it seem as though the inferior portion of the heart isn’t getting enough blood, which is one of the most common artifacts leading to a false-positive diagnosis (when the test says there is an abnormality but there isn’t). It may be that on the follow-up test, the technician did a better job of placing the camera. Unfortunately, it also is possible that the second test was a false-negative test. In that case, the first stress test was correct that you had heart damage, and the second stress test failed to identify blockages in the heart. This happens sometimes when there are multiple blockages diffusely in all the blood vessels, since the main thing the physician interpreting the test is looking for is more radiation (meaning more blood flow) in one part of the heart compared with another. Stress tests normally are quite accurate at detecting health and disease. When there are conflicting results, as in your case, sometimes the answer is clear from other data (including common sense). Other times a more definitive test is needed, such as a cardiac catheterization (angiogram). Since these have risks, it’s imperative that the patient discuss with an experienced clinician whether the test is worth those risks. The booklet on heart attacks, America’s No. 1 killer, explains what happens, how they are treated and how they are avoided. Readers can order a copy by writing: Dr. Roach -- No. 102W, 628 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803. Enclose a check or money order (no cash) for $4.75 U.S./$6 Canada with the recipient’s printed name and address. Please allow four weeks for delivery. *** Dr. Roach regrets that he is unable to answer individual letters, but will incorporate them in the column whenever possible. Readers may email questions to To view and order health pamphlets, visit © 2018 North America Synd., Inc. All Rights Reserved


BOTH SLEPT WELL? Sleep Insights Can Help. Sleep affects our mood, health, and relationships. Dr. Jacob Dominik, Sleep Insights’ Medical Director, will personally help address your sleep-related problems, including: t t t t

Snoring Sleep Apnea Insomnia Fatigue / Daytime Sleepiness

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Circadian Rhythm Disorders Restless Legs Syndrome Narcolepsy Parasomnias (unusual behavior during sleep)


Practicing Medicine. Perfecting Sleep.

SLEEP WELL. LIVE WELL. 47A Batavia City Centre | Batavia NY 14020


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H O R O SC O P E ARIES (March 21 to April 19) With your practical side dominant this week, it’s a good time to reassess your finances to see what expenses you can cut. Aspects also favor mending fraying relationships. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Your Bovine-inspired determination to follow matters through from beginning to end pays off in a big way. Enjoy a well-earned weekend of fun with a special someone. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Aspects favor re-establishing business relationships you might have neglected. A family member’s request needs to be given more thought before you make a decision. CANCER ( June 21 to July 22) While you might appreciate the avalanche of advice coming from others, keep in mind that the intuitive Moon Child is best served by listening to her or his own inner voice. LEO ( July 23 to August 22) The Lion’s social life whirls at centrifugal speed this week as you go from function to function. Things slow by week’s end, giving you a chance to catch up on your chores. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Don’t let your stand on an issue cause a rift with a colleague. Insist on both of you taking time to reassess your positions while there’s still room for compromise. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) An opportunity you’d been hoping for finally opens up. But read the fine print before you make a commitment, especially where a time factor might be involved. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Your need to know what’s going on behind the scenes leads you to make some bold moves. Be prepared with a full explanation of your actions if necessary. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) A lot of details need tending to during the early part of the week. The pressure eases midweek, allowing you to get back to your major undertaking. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) A friend asks you to act on their behalf in a dispute. Be careful. You might not have all the facts you need in order to make a fair assessment of the situation. AQUARIUS ( January 20 to February 18) A new development might require you to cancel some of your plans. But you adapt easily, and by week’s end, you could receive welcome “cheeringup” news. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Your recent workplace accomplishments boost your selfconfidence just as you’re about to consider a potentially rewarding, although possibly risky, career move. BORN THIS WEEK: Your love of the arts is equaled only by your strong sense of justice. People can depend on you to always try to do what’s right.





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Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” ~Robin Williams


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Plumbing Needs? We Can Help! Have you had your furnace cleaned or checked?

Feature your birthday girl or boy in our

Birthday Celebrations Section! Submit your announcement online for just $10 at under My Hometown ~ For the Family ~ Celebrate A Birthday or stop by any one of our offices.


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We Sell & Repair Sump-pumps


by Henry Boltinoff

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Finding work after 50 Unemployment isn’t easy for anyone, regardless of their age. But unemployed men and women over 50 may find it especially difficult to find work. Whether it’s a byproduct of age-related discrimination or any of a host of additional variables, jobless older workers often struggle to find work. In a 2016 analysis of government figures, the Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis at the New School estimated that the jobless rate for workers 55 and older in August of 2016, six years after the Great Recession, was nearly 9 percent. At the time, the national jobless rate hovered around 5 percent. Unemployed men and women over 50 who are struggling to find work can consider the following strategies as they look to rejoin the workforce. • Revisit your résumé. Unemployed men and women over 50 have no doubt updated their résumés to reflect their most recent professional experience. But they may need to trim some of the fat in regard to their work life 10 or more years ago. Today’s job, men and women over 50 should make an effort to hiring managers may only be concerned with recent experience showcase their enthusiasm about working with and learning that illustrates skillsets that are relevant to today’s jobs. Men and from younger colleagues, while also noting their desire to women over 50 may consider their experience from 20 years ago commit long-term to a company. Some hiring managers may invaluable, but if that experience does not meet the specific needs surprise older applicants, viewing them as potentially more of the jobs they’re now seeking, then they should remove it from reliable than younger workers simply looking to gain some their résumés so hiring managers can quickly access the more experience in a particular industry before moving on to the next relevant information from their work histories. opportunity. • Embrace 21st century job hunting. Finding a job in the second • Make use of your existing downtime. Another strategy decade of the 21st century is unlike job hunting in decades prior, unemployed men and women over 50 can try as they look for and wholly different from how men and women over 50 looked work is to make better use of their existing downtime. Enrolling for jobs upon beginning their professional lives. Networking can in online courses can give prospective employers the impression mean the difference between unemployment and landing a job. that applicants over 50 are both tech-savvy and willing to learn Go to job fairs attended by hiring managers and join professional new things. Each of those things can help men and women over organizations that host events where professionals in your field 50 overcome any unjustified, tech-related stigmas that hiring can gather. managers may attach to older job candidates. • Turn your age into a positive. Men and women over 50 should Finding work after 50 is not always easy, and job seekers may accept the likelihood that their new managers and/or hiring need to adjust their approach before they can get back in the managers will be younger than them. When interviewing for a workforce.


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A ssembly of God


Caledonia Assembly of God

St. Padre Pio Parish - Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo Rev. Thaddeus Bocianowski 585-948-5344 - Office • 56 Maple Avenue, Oakfield & 65 South Main Street, Elba Masses: Saturday, 4:30pm in Oakfield (Nov. 1-Apr. 30) in Elba at 4:30pm (May 1-Oct. 31) Sunday: 8:00am - Elba site/10:00am - Oakfield site/Mon. - 6pm - Elba/ Tues. - 8am - Elba/Wed. 7pm - Oakfield/Thurs. & Fri. - 8am - Oakfield Easter Vigil Mass, Sat., March 31st, 8:00pm

3087 Main St., Caledonia 538-6730 Pastor Bob Messmer Sunday Worship 10:30am; Children’s Program 11:00am Wednesday Bible Study 7:00pm


Church of God

Hilton Baptist Church “A Congregation of the American Baptist Churches” 50 Lake Ave., Hilton, NY 14468 • 585-392-7990 • Pastor: Dan Brown Website: • E-mail: Facebook: Hilton Baptist Church • Worship Service: 10am • Fellowship: 11am Children’s Sunday School: 11am-12noon • Adult Bible Study: Sun. 9-9:45am; Thurs. 9am Women’s Bible Study & Men’s Group: Every other Sat. (Call for dates & times) Child care avail. during the Worship Service. Handicap accessible.

First Church of God 3059 Main St., Caledonia • 538-2176 Reverend William Phillips Sunday School at 10:00am; Sunday Service at 11:00am Bible Study - Wednesday at 6:00pm

Emmanuel Baptist Church 2345 Lake Rd. (Rt. 19) across from Lawrence Rd., Clarkson, NY Sunday Service 9:45am with Traditional Hymns and Preaching from the Holy Bible; Refreshments 11:00-11:15am; Sunday School 11:15am (all ages); Sunday Evening Service 6:00pm; Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting 7:00pm. Family Oriented. Nursery Available. All are welcome to come. Pastor Ken Miller • (585) 964-7370

Cornerstone Church of East Pembroke 2583 Main Rd., (Rt. 5) East Pembroke 762-8721 • Email: Service at 10:30am with Reverend Glenn Bloom, Jr. Easter Week: Maundy Thurs., March 29, 7pm. Cantata & Holy Communion and Easter Sunday, April 1, Easter Brunch at 9:30am before service with worship at 10:30am

First Baptist Church 306 E Main St, Batavia, NY 585-343-9002 • Rev. Sandy Kramer Traditional Full Gospel Sunday Worship,10AM. Sunday School (all ages) 9AM. Nursery provided, also weekly Bible studies & prayer fellowship. Handicap accessible. CHRIST THE CENTER...LOVE FOR ALL WHO ENTER

Friendship Bible Baptist Church 32 Public Square, Holley, NY 14470 • 585-301-0036 Where the KJV-1611 is preached. Where souls are saved and the Lord Jesus Christ is exalted. Sunday 10:30am, Wednesday evening 7pm.

Catholic Our Lady of Mercy Parish Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo 44 Lake Street LeRoy 14482 • 585-768-6543 Fax: 585-768-7093 - Easter Vigil at 8:00pm at Our Lady of Mercy Easter Day Masses at Our Lady of Mercy at 7:15am, 8:30am & 10:30am No Evening Mass on Easter Easter Day Mass at 9:00am at St. Brigid’s, 18 Gibson St., Bergen, NY

Episcopal St. James Episcopal Church 405 E. Main Street, Batavia • Mother Bonnie Morris 585-343-6802 • Good Friday - Noon-3pm (quiet, devotions & music), 7pm Liturgy Easter Eve - March 31 - The Great Vigil of Easter, 7pm (St. Mark’s LeRoy) Easter Day - 10am Holy Eucharist with Choir, hymns, brass & bells

Grace Episcopal Church 9 Browns Ave. (at west end of Genesee St.), Scottsville • 889-2028 The Rev. Kenneth R. Pepin, Rector Sunday Morning: 10:30am - Holy Eucharist 10:30am - Church School

Lutheran Concordia Lutheran Church - LCMS 6601 Fourth Section Rd., Brockport 14420 (Rt. 31 across from Wegmans) 637-5930 • Sunday worship 10am, fellowship and coffee hour follow. Sunday Bible Class 9am. Wednesday Bible Class at 11am. Holy Week: Maundy Thursday service at 7pm, Good Friday service at 7pm, Easter Sunday worship at 10am.

Lutheran Church of Our Saviour 2415 Chili Ave., Rochester • 247-7824 Modern Traditional Service: Sunday, 9am Traditional Service: Sunday, 11:15am Sunday School: 10:15am • Nursery School: Ages 3 and 4


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DENTAL Insurance Physicians Mutual Insurance Company

A less expensive way to help get the dental care you deserve! CALL NOW!

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Get help paying dental bills and keep more money in your pocket This is real dental insurance — NOT just a discount plan You can get coverage before your next checkup

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Insurance Policy P150NY 6129


Wyoming and Pavilion United Methodist Churches Reverend Dr. Wilson Jones • 12 Main Street, Wyoming Sunday Worship Service 9:00am 11115 East Park Street, Pavilion Sunday Worship Service 10:30am • Sunday School 10:45am All are welcome to attend either service.

Batavia First United Methodist Church Disciples Making Disciples One Heart at a Time! 8221 Lewiston Rd., Batavia, NY 14020 • Rev. Ruth R. Warner Prayer Monday - Friday 11am Sunday School 9am. Nursery Care available Worship Sunday 10am & Wednesday 12 Noon Bible Study Sunday 9am & Wednesday 6pm

Brockport United Methodist Church 92 Main Street (Corner of Main and Erie) Handicap Accessible Pastor Meg Morin • 637-4240 Sunday Service: 9:30am (Nursery Care Available); Children’s Sunday School during worship. Youth Group and Adult Study, like us on Facebook: Brockport UMC OPEN DOORS, OPEN HEARTS, OPEN MINDS

Hamlin United Methodist Church 1742 Lake Rd., Hamlin • 964-2244 Rev. Karen Woodworth Sunday Service & Sunday School 11:00am Bible Study Thursdays 6:30pm All Are Welcome

N on-D enominational Cornerstone Church of East Pembroke 8020 Bank Street Road, Batavia • 343-8020 Sunday Coffee & Fellowship 9am Sunday Worship Service 10am Wednesday Prayer & Worship as well as Children & Youth Activities 6pm

Open Bible Fellowship 3639 Redman Rd., Brockport • 738-4049 or 348-8365 Sunday Bible Study 10am • Sunday Worship Service 11am Wednesday Bible Study 6:30pm All Are Welcome. Come As You Are

Presbyterian First Presbyterian Church, Batavia “Transforming Lives!” • 300 East Main Street (Corner of Main & Liberty) Rev. Dr. Roula Alkhouri, Pastor • 343-0505 Sunday Services: 9:00am ARISE! Service in the Chapel 10:45am Sanctuary Service (Nursery Care Available) •



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THE REAL McCABE By Charlotte Wilson The Real McCabe is a simple biography of a local man. I have written it solely for the purpose of noting his life and passing. Though little was known of him he lived a worthwhile and honest life. It should not pass unnoticed or unappreciated. In his book of poems, he had this to say. “I was born in East Bridgewater, Mass., at a time when there was no hospital there. A Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Selee lived there then and asked if I might use their surname as my first name, so I became Selee. I was baptized by Bishop C.C.McCabe of the Methodist Church and I kicked up such a fuss with my little heels on his chest that after the service was over, he asked if I could carry his name as my middle name. And so I became Selee McCabe. In his younger days, Bishop McCabe was a baritone soloist and on the occasion of the first singing of The Battle Hymn of the Republic, he was the singer chosen to do it. President Lincoln was in the audience on that occasion and he wrote a note and sent it down to the stage asking the young man to sing it again and soloist McCabe complied with the President’s request. A few of the people I talked to remembered McCabe, but no one remembered much about him. I first met McCabe when he came with my fiancé on Memorial Day weekend in 1954. I was coming to New York to meet my future in-laws, and in his letter, Rob had said, “I hope you don’t mind if I bring along an eccentric old man. “Mac,” as he was called had relatives in Portland he wished to visit and so he was dropped off in Portland and we picked him up on our return to New York State. My first impression of “Mac” was that, of a jolly, rotund old elf and in the next 600 miles I learned about “Mac’s” peculiarities firsthand. He told me he was the son of a Methodist minister and a domineering mother. Although she tried, Minerva Augusta could not control her son. He was obviously bright, as his mother had said he could read Dickens’ “A Child’s History of England” before he started school. Another thing I learned about “Mac” was that he never swore, but he said things that sounded very close to swear words. As we drove through hilly and curvy North Adams, Massachusetts, he denounced the roads as “condemned snake paths.” “Mac” told me he had graduated from a Free Methodist College and showed me a picture of his graduating class and the girl he had been engaged to. He said she had jilted him and his heart was broken. No one I talked to later seemed to know if this had caused his paranoia or if it had been caused by an accident he had suffered, when as an employee of a grainery, a load fell on him. My future father-in-law had befriended him and Mac had become a common sight in the neighborhood, but few, if any, chose to know him well. One would see him with a blanket tied around his shoulders with a rope, and eyeglasses tied around his head, out in the rain mowing lawns. He hired out as a handyman in the neighborhood, although he held a full time job at the university, washing pots and pans. He wore mended rags to work and said it was of no use to buy new clothes as they just got dirty and ruined there. He later hired me to do his laundry and wash those rags twice a year and believe me, they needed it. I had to use tongs to pick them up. Mac was extremely honest and never cheated anyone out of a penny, even the government. If a tree were cut down in the area, he would clean up the branches, cut them into twigs, bundle and tie them and sell them for kindling for five cents a bundle. When he mowed a neighbor’s lawn, he would mow North and South, then East and West, until it looked perfect. When Mac was a young man, he sang with a traveling church choir and I’m sure he had a beautiful voice as we sang songs on our trip back from Maine and he harmonized beautifully.


When my parents came to visit me in New York, my dad was charmed by Mac. They sat on the sun-deck of my father-in-law’s house and Mac told my dad how the corn used to grow 10 feet high on that very spot, years back. Then he told my dad how watermelons were grown in Georgia. It seems they dropped the seeds from a helicopter and later harvested them with large tongs, also by helicopter, because of rattlesnakes. My dad listened with great amusement. Although sometimes Mac made good sense, mostly you just wondered where he got his logic. Mac worried constantly about the F.B.I.. He thought they were coming to get him and had devised an escape plan. He lived on the south side of the street, so his plan was to dig a tunnel north under the street to his neighbors and then under the railroad tracks. They would never find him! There was just one fly in the ointment…a neighbor lady (whom he was sure was a secret member of the F.B.I.). He believed she watched his comings and goings from the top of a tree. Mac got promoted to potato peeler at the university. Then he went to the president of the university to complain that someone was trying to sabotage his work by putting rocks in the potato peeler. Mac typed and did term papers for students, for a fee. He kept records of everything. He saved everything; even his urine, which he kept in jars under his bed. He saved books, magazines, and manuscripts. There were only walk-through paths in his apartment. My father-in-law took Mac to the cobblers regularly as Mac always kept his shoes in good repair. Once, when a sole came off his shoe, Mac stuck his foot, shoe and all into a bucket of tar. He said this would preserve his sole. He had his own sewing machine and mended his own clothes. They were mends upon mends upon patches but he wore them with dignity, so I washed them with respect. Mac hoed and cultivated his garden at night because he said, “It was cooler and better for the crops.” He had plans to put heat tapes in the ground so he could start his garden earlier in the year. We learned to appreciate Mac’s good qualities in the few years we knew him. He ate ice cream by the quart. He would walk into our yard with a quart of vanilla ice cream, proceed to the nearest chair and ask for a spoon. Then he’d devour the whole thing. However, if one of the children were in the yard, he always offered to share it. Mac had lots of cats. He paid a neighbor boy to go to the store to buy cat food, but never seemed to buy food for himself. Maybe he ate cat food or perhaps he ate at the college. His cats were the joy of his life. He hired a professional photographer to take photos of them playing with a football, then wrote a story about it. That fall, we moved to the country. We knew he would be alone for Thanksgiving, so we invited him for dinner. We picked him up because he didn’t have a car. He brought his “Cat’s Football Game” story and read it to my children. Soon, all the neighborhood kids were there listening intently. I wish I had taken pictures. At Christmastime, our family group drove into the village. We parked the car and walked to Mac’s and sang Christmas carols at the bottom of the stairs. Mac appeared at the top of the stairs in a halo of light from the single overhead bulb. I climbed up the stairs and handed him a basket of homemade cookies. Tears welled up in his eyes and rolled down his wrinkled cheeks. He whispered, “God bless you.” Mac didn’t live too much longer. I suppose a few of the village people noted his passing, as one notes the passage of one season into another; but few, if any ever knew the Real McCabe. I’ll never forget him.

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week. She is our “garage cat” and we had adopted her from a farm so she was used to coming and going. On a nice day I opened the garage door to let her go in and out because she had been in the garage for a couple of weeks with all the snow. A snowstorm came in and we thought she was back in the garage. We hoped she had made her way to one of the barns nearby. You never know what Thank you to my neighbor, might get your cat in the Tammy. She was kind enough to country so we were happy to take a photo of a cat she found in know that she was safe. She is a her garage and post it on FB. big talker and I wish I knew YES! She had found our cat. We what she was saying. I’m sure it had been looking for our cat for a was about her adventures. Time Thank you to all the volunteer coaches for a great 2018 youth basketball season! You lead by example, motivate and listen, challenge and develop our kids into better team players. Also a big thank you to the officials and referees who put up with the comments and outbursts from us parents. We appreciate you too, even if that was so clearly a foul. :)

Where are those to enforce laws? This morning, people barely stopping at stop signs, people cutting in front of me, turn signals of some cars not being used when turning. One SUV darted and turned right, right in front of me. Lucky him I was doing the speed limit and watching. I never see any

police out in the morning. Not near the shopping outlet, the stretch of road going to the big box store, or near the intersection. Even at the roundabout, people not bothering to yield. It's insane how some of these people are driving. You have to be really alert driving in this town. So why when I come to town in the morning this mostly always happens and no police around to do something about this careless driving. I always breathe a sigh of relief when I leave that town to back to where it is quiet and not mayhem.

To the person who complained last week: I totally get it! People use my driveway to turn around all the time and it drives me crazy! They miss the driveway and ruin my lawn and

to put in a “cat door.” Thanks again for your kindness, Tammy! I would like to thank the driver in line behind me today (Mar 1st) at the Lakeville McDonald's who paid for my breakfast! You made my day! I'll pay it forward!

skills of soccer for our long running Riga Recreation Soccer Academy. David Thomas Recreation Supervisor Town of Riga

A “Thumbs Up” to the coaches of the Churchville Soccer Club (Courtney, Dan, Jamie, and Brian) for volunteering their precious time to provide leadership in teaching boys and girls in grades K-4 the fundamental

break the markers I put out for the man who plows my drive and do not have the decency to drop off a new one that would cost them 89 cents to replace. Several times they have barely missed hitting my new fence, which is three feet from either side of the driveway. I say to these people you are rude, rude, rude. Use the next street to turn around, not private driveways. Replace my markers if you run over them. To the homeowner...the buck stops here. Get yourself some orange cones and put them at the very end of your driveway. A tiny bit inconvenient for you but it solves the problem nicely.

On December 1st I had to put my dog down. I called my local vet as soon as he opened. While talking to his receptionist she said

she could hear my dog crying. I told her he was in a lot of pain and I needed to put him down as soon as possible. She told me the vet had gone home for a minute but as soon as he got home she would ask him if he would put my dog down. After about 10 minutes she called back and told me that the vet could not put my dog down today as he had to give another dog an x-ray and take & do some blood work. How heartless can a vet be! He would not take 10 minutes out of his so called business day to put my dog who was suffering out of his misery? Thank God for the York Animal Hospita,l they helped my poor dog!!! Couldn't have asked for more caring people. They are the best.


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THIS SPRING, IT’S ALL ABOUT THAT BASS FISHING -AND YOUR BASIC GEAR COVER YOUR HEAD. Hats w ith a hard-hat liner w ill keep your neck, ears and head w arm in c old w eather. For w armer climates, a w ide-brimmed hat w ill guard against sunburn, overheating and overexposure.



SIGHTS, SOUNDS AND SYMBOLS OF ST. PATRICK’S DAY The color green is everywhere come St. Patrick’s Day, but celebrants may be surprised to learn that blue is the color that was once most affiliated with St. Patrick himself. Numerous paintings depict St. Patrick wearing blue vestments. But green is the color now most instantly associated with Ireland, which is widely referred to as the “Emerald Isle.” Ireland’s lush countryside and rolling green hills attract millions of visitors each year. The color green can be found just about everywhere on St. Patrick’s Day, even if Patrick himself was partial to blue.


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And ANTIQUES Saturday, March 17 at 10AM GIVING AWAY THE GREEN! St. Patrick’s Day Prizes Preview & Registration 8AM 2150 Liberty Dr., Niagara Falls, NY Highlights include: 2015: Dodge Dart; 2014: Ram 1500; 2013: VW Jetta Wagon, Chevy Sonic; 2012: Chevy Cruze; 2011: Lincoln MKZ; 2005 Zinger Camper. Vehicles of all types and price ranges: cars, trucks, 4x4’s and recreational vehicles Auctioneer’s note: This month’s promotion will be “Giving Away the Green!!” Cash or credit card only. All advertised items are subject to redemption prior to the auction, and creditors’ on the spot approval. Photos, and complete information:


ST. PATRICK’S DAY FUN FOR YOUNGSTERS One way to get kids excited about St. Patrick’s Day is to arrange for them to learn any of the traditional Irish dance forms. Parents can even enroll alongside their youngsters, making this a fun way for families to enjoy some quality time together. Look around for classes offering lessons on Irish céilí dances, Irish set dancing or Irish step dancing. Every April, God rewrites the Book of Genesis. ~ Author Unknown

161 East Ave., Brockport, NY 14420 637-1050

Great Leprechaun Hunt: Sat., March 17, 10am-11:30am Complete a series of challenges as a family to find and trap the leprechaun and get some of his treasure.

Date Night*: Fri., March 23, 5:30pm-8:00pm Have a fun night out at the library with your significant other, while your children are entertained in the children’s room.

Cardboard Creature Challenge*: Sat., March 24, 1:00pm-3:00pm What can you create using cardboard and your imagination? Enter the challenge as a single creator or bring your team of up to 4 members to compete for our awesome prizes. Materials will be provided. Grades 6-12 (*Registration required.)

Fair Housing Statement All real estate advertised in the Genesee Valley Penny Saver is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, age, marital status, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

Fair Housing Enforcement Project Monroe County Legal Assistance Center 1 W. Main Street Rochester, NY 14614 (585) 325-2500 • EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY

SPORTS QUIZ By Chris Richcreek 1. When was the last time before 2016 that the Chicago Cubs lost a postseason game by a 1-0 score? 2. How many times did Yankees legend Joe DiMaggio have more home runs than strikeouts in a major-league season? 3. Which Big Ten football team was the first to go to the Rose Bowl? 4. Who was the first NBA player to officially record a quadrupledouble? 5. Name the last NHL player before Washington’s Alex Ovechkin to start a season with back-to-back hat tricks. 6. How many consecutive yearly Directors’ Cups has Stanford won for having the most success in Division I college athletics? 7. Who was heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano’s final bout against before retiring with a 49-0 record?

A n sw ers

Selling 150+ Vehicles From NYS Child Support, NYS Tax & Finance, Local Credit Unions and Banks

I’ve banished Winter, saith the Spring, Awake! arise, ye flowers! Brisk breezes blow, Bright sunshine glow, And rouse the young Year’s powers. ~ Henry James Slack (1818–1896), The Ministry of the Beautiful, “Conversation IV: Spring-time on the Western Coast,” 1850

1. It was 1918, when Boston’s Babe Ruth shut out the Cubs in the first game of the World Series. 2. Seven times (1937, ‘38, ‘39, ‘40, ‘41, ‘46 and ‘48). 3. Michigan, in 1902. 4. Nate Thurmond, for Chicago in 1974 (22 points, 14 rebounds, 13 assists, 12 blocked shots). 5. In 1917, Cy Denneny, Joe Malone and Reg Noble all did it. 6. Twenty-three. 7. Archie Moore, in 1955.


(c) 2018 King Features Syndicate, Inc.


PENNY SAVER ONLINE POLL: United Airlines recently rolled out and then quickly retracted a plan to replace quarterly employee bonuses for its 80,000 employees with a program that would pay $100,000 to one lucky employee selected at random and smaller bonuses of $2,000 or $5,000 to about 1,300 more. Other employees would get vacation packages or a new Mercedes. The idea was to make the plan more exciting for employees, but most would have lost bonuses that paid up to $1,500 over the course of the year. What is your opinion of United’s plan? • It’s just a money grab for United Airlines, they are not thinking of employees! • A bonus is a bonus, it is not something an employee should plan on. They should be happy to get anything! • United should forget about the bonus plan and just give everyone a boost in pay. Poll Ends: 03/13/18 Vote at: Poll Results: 03/06/18 What is your opinion of arming school staff so they are prepared to protect students? • This is a terrible idea, they don’t need the added stress! – 40% • I’m all for it if it means that lives will be saved. – 40% • It would be better to hire trained professionals whose sole responsibility is to protect students. – 20%


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ALBION Maple Syrup Bus Tour - Seats are filling quickly for the Cobblestone Society’s Maple Syrup Bus Tour, scheduled for Friday, March 23, 9am-4pm. Your guide has educational and fun stops planned, including a visit to a maple farm in Attica and a meal with buckwheat pancakes and 100% pure maple syrup at a seasonal destination in Angelica. For information or to reserve your seat visit www. or call 585-589-9013. Members $50, all others $55.

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Harvest Kitchen at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 14 State Street, Brockport, will be changing their serving time to 2-3:30pm on the second Sunday of each month. St. Luke’s Harvest Kitchen is offering a FREE meal to everyone in the community. Please join us! There will be tables set up for eating, playing cards, coffee, or just relaxing. There is no charge, but donations will be gladly accepted! Our Clothing Closet is also open every Sunday afternoon from 3-4:30pm and Thursday evenings from 78:30pm. Call 637-6650 or email The Rev. Krista Cameron at


CHILI The Chili Art Group will meet on Thursday March 22nd, 2018 at 7pm in the Chili Senior Center, 3235 Chili Avenue. Our guest Artist will be Brian O’Neill demonstrating his expertise in varied media. Visit his website at: www. Visitors and new members are welcome. For questions please contact Judy Wood at: eaglesnest@rochester.rr. com.


BATAVIA All Babies Cherished Basket Raffle - Saturday, April 14, 11-2pm at the ARC Community Center, 38 Woodrow Rd., Batavia. Beef on Weck, Pasta Salad, Desserts & Drinks will be available. For More Information, please contact us at 585-344-5660.

BROCKPORT Flag Drop-Off Location: Do you have a dirty, sun-faded, torn or tattered American Flag? If so, you may drop it off anytime during business hours at the Ameriprise Financial office located at 80 Clinton St., Brockport. A formal flag retirement ceremony will be held to properly retire and dispose of all the flags that are collected. If you’d like to attend the flag retirement ceremony or for more information, contact Normand R. Fluet, Jr., CRPC, CLTC, APMA at (585) 637-0202. DANCE/Strasser Features Graduate and Undergraduate Student Choreography - The College at Brockport’s Department of Dance will present DANCE/Strasser featuring choreography by undergraduate and graduate students in the College’s nationally renowned dance program. Performances take place Thursday Saturday, March 22-24, 2018, at 7:30pm in the Rose L. Strasser Studio in Hartwell Hall, Kenyon Street, on the Brockport campus. Tickets are $17/General, $12/Senior Citizens, Brockport Alumni, Faculty and Staff, and $9/ Students. They are available online at, by phone at (585) 395-2787, or at the Tower Fine Arts Center Box Office, 180 Holley Street, Brockport. Any remaining tickets will be available at the Box Office in Hartwell Hall one hour prior to each performance.


HILTON The Parma Hilton Historical Society’s next monthly meeting is Monday, March 12, 2018, 7pm, Parma Town Hall, 1300 Hilton Parma Corners Road (Rte 259). The topic is the History of Mt. Hope Cemetery and it’s famous residents. Our tour guide is Mr. Dennis Carr who will introduce us to the famous and not too famous, and perhaps a few rascals along the way who now quietly reside in this lovely setting. Free and open to the public. Refreshments served. Bring a friend.”


ALEXANDER Fishermen’s Flea Market - Saturday, March 24 from 9-2pm. $2, Children under 12 Free. Alexander Firemen’s Recreation Hall, 10708 Rt. 98, Alexander. Lunch can be purchased from Alexander Fire Dept. Jim: 585-591-0168, Joe: 716-440-0004.

Lenten events: Concordia Lutheran Church, Brockport, welcomes the community during Lent. Wednesdays through March 21st 11am Bible Study/Lunch, led by Pastor. Bring a sandwich. Holy Week-March 29th, Maundy Thursday with communion and March 30th, Good Friday worship, both at 7pm, with no meals. April 1st Easter Worship, celebrating Jesus resurrection, with communion, 10am. 6601 Fourth Section Road (Route 31, west of Econo Lodge) 637-5930.

Gates Historical Society March Meeting - Kevin Dorey and Matthew Caulfield will be doing a presentation about Seabreeze, the fourth oldest amusement park and how it opened as a picnic grove and park in 1879 and turned into an amusement park in 1903. They would like you to bring any photos or movies that you might like to share with them. Held March 19, 7pm-8:30pm, Gates Town Hall Annex, 1605 Buffalo Rd., Rochester. Cost: $5 Donation. www.

HAMLIN The Gathering Table - Brockport First Baptist Church, 124 So. Main St., will hold a free community dinner, The Gathering Table, on Sunday, March 18, 1-2:30pm. The dinner is family friendly, and the church is fully accessible. The Teen Closet will be open from 1-2:30pm offering free clothing, accessories, and personal hygiene products. Please join us for dinner and teens visit the Closet.

“Climbing Every Mountain” Benefit Concert featuring the Spencerport Community Chorus, Sweden Senior Singers, and the Lake Effect Band will be held at Brockport First Baptist Church, 124 So. Main St. on Sunday, March 18, at 3:30pm. Admission is free. Donations will be accepted to benefit hurricane relief in Puerto Rico. Join us for an afternoon of music. A bake sale will be held in conjunction with the concert.

MORTON BAPTIST CHURCH 1152 County Line Rd., Morton

BEEF-ON-WECK (Served w/German potato salad, applesauce and chocolate chip cookie)

Saturday, March 24, 2018 Serving from 4-6pm Price: $9.00 50/50 Raffle • Take Outs Only

For tickets call Dave or Sandy 585-659-2527

Hamlin Lions Club Spaghetti Dinner - Come out and support your community and The Hamlin Lions! Wednesday, MARCH 14, 4-7pm at The Farmers Table, 1700 Lake Rd. North, Hamlin. Kids 8 and under eat free! $5 presale, $7 at the door. sites/hamlinny/index.php. Friends of the Hamlin Library All You Can Eat Spaghetti and Meatball Dinner. March 25, 125pm at the Hamlin VFW, 1739 Lake Road, Hamlin. Pre-sale tickets available at the Hamlin Library and Hamlin Town Hall. $8 adults, $4 for children (6-10), 5 under free. Tickets one dollar more at the door. Music and many door prizes given out. Proceeds to benefit Library summer reading program.

Morton Baptist Church Beef-OnWeck (served w/German Potato Salad, Applesauce and Chocolate Chip Cookie). SATURDAY, MARCH 24. Serving from 4-6PM. TAKE OUTS ONLY. 50/50 RAFFLE. Price: $9. For Tickets - call Dave or Sandy at 585-659-2527.

PENFIELD ”Rochester Reads” - Penfield Public Library will be hosting a visiting author invited to Rochester by Writers & Books ( to participate in a community-wide event “Rochester Reads” March 28-30. Reyna Grande, author will discuss her latest book a memoir The Distance Between Us (Atria Books, 2012). Ms. grande will share her coming-of-age story from her childhood in Mexico, through her illegal immigration to the U.S. in pursuit of a better life to her success as a student and author. Sponsored by Friends of Penfield Public Library and Gift & Memorial Fund of the Penfield Public Library. REGISTRATION begins February 28.

And Spring arose on the garden fair, Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere; And each flower and herb on Earth’s dark breast rose from the dreams of its wintry rest. ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley, “The Sensitive Plant”

GUIDELINES TO QUALIFY FOR PUBLICATION IN OUR HOMETOWN EVENTS: Events should occur on a specific date at a specific time. Due to the increasing number of submissions, we will no longer be able to publish the following items: • Businesses/schools seeking registration for classes or programs • Organizations seeking Crafters or Vendors • Organizations seeking donations of items Genesee Valley Penny Saver reserves the right to approve/reject events for publication. EVENTS DEADLINE: Monday, 2 weeks prior to publication date. 60 word limit for events wishing to be published in print. Log in to your account or register on our website to start submitting your events today! Events are published in the Penny Saver as space allows. REGISTER AND SUBMIT YOUR EVENT ONLINE AT: Click on “My Hometown” then click “Submit Event.” Events may also be submitted at: 1471 Route 15, Avon, NY 14414 View more Hometown Events online at


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Puzzle Answers Crossword Puzzle



83 Foot Crawler Lift!

86 Public Square • Holley, NY 14470 (585) 638-6987 • Mon & Wed: 10am-1pm and 4-8pm Tues, Thurs, & Fri: 10am-5pm Saturdays: 10am-2pm

ROCHESTER caregivers. Call or stop to register.

G.R.A.S.P. , Inc. (Greece Residents Assisting Stray Pets) is having it’s FABULOUS VEGAS NIGHT FUNDRAISER on Saturday, March 10th, 2018 at Brook-Lea Country Club from 6:30pm10:30pm. An exciting night of casino style gaming, auctions, raffle prizes, hors d’oeuvres, desserts and entertainment. All proceeds from this event will go directly to help and support the homeless animals that GRASP serves. Event is open to the public and tickets are $40 per person or $75 per couple. Tickets: Pet World in Ridgemont Plaza, Special T Cakes, 3811 Dewey Ave, or to pay by credit card visit: https:// Info.: or call 234-1953. Genesee Region Orchid Society annual Orchid Show and Sale: March 23-25. Displays, talks, demonstrations, orchid experts, and sales. Days/times: Friday, March 23: show and vendors 2-5pm; Saturday 10-5pm; Sunday 9-10am for photographers and 10-4pm for general public. Cost: $7. Location: Eisenhart Auditorium at the Rochester Museum and Science Center, 657 East Avenue. www.

Science has never drummed up quite as effective a tranquilizing agent as a sunny spring day. ~ W. Earl Hall

1680 Lake Road Hamlin, NY 14464 585.964.2320 FUN WITH FLUFFY SLIME FOR KIDS: Sat, Mar 10 at 11am.

PRESCHOOL STORYTIME: Mon, Mar 12 from 10:30-11:15am.

THURSDAY STORYTIME: Thurs, Mar 15, 6:45-7:30pm. The theme is community helpers and Greta the Therapy Dog will be visiting.

EASTER BRUNCH WITH CHEF LIZ: Sat, March 17 at 11am. Tips, recipes and samples of delicious Easter brunch recipes. Register at 964-2320.


Tape Canvas Tues. March 13th, 4:00 PM


Kids ages 5-11 can design a painting using tape on their canvas to create shapes and designs. Please register.

24 Years Experience

Duct Tape Creations Wed. March 14th, 6:30 PM Grace will lead t(w)eens ages 9-18 in this workshop to create cool duct tape creations, such as keychains. Please register.

Detective Day Sat. March 17th, 10:30 AM

Go Figure!

Sharpen your detective skills, and solve a mystery using clues and props. Please register for this event, designed for ages 4-11 .

For All Your Tree Care Needs

585.219.4053 Reasonable Rates Serving Western NY

•␣Climbing •␣Certified Arborist (on staff) •␣Trimming • Removal •␣Stump Grinding •␣Bucket Truck No Job Too Big, No Job Too Small

ST. PATRICK’S DAY FUN FOR YOUNGSTERS St. Patrick’s Day and Irish culture in particular is synonymous with music, and there may be no better way to stoke kids’ enthusiasm for St. Patrick’s Day than to introduce them to Irish music. Check out local entertainment venues to see if there are any Irish-inspired concerts on tap. If possible, find shows geared toward youngsters that encourage them to participate by singing along or dancing as the musicians play. Kids who seem especially inspired can even be encouraged to learn an instrument associated with Irish music, such as the banjo, tin whistle or violin.

Even Exchange

Used Farm Equipment For Sale: MAGIC MAZE CAN BE NOUN OR A VERB

HOCUS-FOCUS 1. Hat is different. 2. Purse is smaller. 3. Letter is different. 4. License is missing. 5. Curtains are missing. 6. Wheel is different.

• International FARMALL Parts Tractors also Tractor Parts and Motors • Sickle Bar Mowers • International 720 - 4 Bottom Plow • International 5100 Hoe Drill • Older Feeder Wagon • International 6 Row Corn Planter needs some repairs • MF Super 35 Combine Restorable • Plus other pieces of equipment

VOLUNTEEN CONNECTION: Sat, March 17 at noon. Tweens & Teens can help design and plan future programs.

EASTER BUNNY CRAFT FOR ADULTS: Tue, Mar 20 at 6:30pm and Wed, Mar 21 at 1pm. Register for programs at 964-2320.

Please call (585) 721-5722 for more information.


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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Submit at under My Hometown or call 226-8111 x 111

30” PANASONIC TV w/video hookup. Works good. You pick up: 585-396-9107 NATURE MADE CALCIUM & VITAMIN B-12 SUPPLEMENTS. Over-the-counter, NEW, still sealed. USP label on all: 585-431-3433 SOLID WOOD UPRIGHT PIANO. Beautiful piece of furniture. Light cherry stain. Bench include: Text only 585-489-1428 QUEEN SIZE WATERBED, headboard, drawers, mattress and heating pad: 585-659-2983 Old POOL TABLE with BALLS. No sticks. You move, Webster area: 585-455-1902 between 9am-6pm)

START-UP BEEKEEPER’S EQUIPMENT for nonprofit organization helping returning Veterans and people with disabilities: 585-624-7777 MATCHING SOLID WOOD PICTURE FRAMES. 2 – 8x10 for project. Do not need glass or be in good condition: PORTABLE SEWING MACHINE: WHEELCHAIR: 585-335-2510 RECUMBENT BIKE with right gears and right brakes for stroke victim:

BROTHER HL20 LASER PRINTER: GAS STOVE – clean, older model, 4 burners work great. Oven needs parts which may be obsolete: 585-354-9964

12 - ONE GALLON METAL PAINT CANS, with dried paint or nearly empty of paint: 585-315-7178

2 TIRES for a HONDA 2010 FIT. Good condition. You pick up: 585-362-6906

LAPTOPS, 3 used and lightweight, for a ministry center in the Kibera slum in Kenya, (http://www.newlifeministries

30” TOSHIBA TV. You move: 585-243-4164


PEARSON/SCOTT FORESMAN TEACHING MATERIAL. Many multiple copy new packages. Pick up only to nonprofit organization. First come, first serve:

EVENT TENT: 20’x40’. Minor repairs needed okay; also DISPLAY RACKS for not-for-profit:

KODAK SLIDE MAGAZINES (48), SLIDE CAROUSELS (38), CAROUSEL PROJECTORS, needs rubber parts rebuilt (2): 585-226-6286 FEEDING TUBE BAGS & SYRINGES that clean the tubes: 585-889-1969 OLD CROCHET & KNITTING BOOKS: 585-486-4038

FILE CABINETS in any size, no rust or dents: 4 MUSIC STANDS needed for Music Ministry (nonprofit organization). Used for jail and homeless outreach: 585-485-1949 WIRELESS STEREO HEADPHONES & DVD PLAYER: 585-409-6477 FULL SIZE TREADMILL: Call or Text Jim 585-465-0133

Let us know when your item is taken/you receive what you asked for and we will remove it from the list.

Guidelines: Submissions published as space allows. We reserve the right to decline/edit/omit information. We assume no responsibility for submissions.

Submissions must include phone # or email. Noncommercial use only. 20 word limit.


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3 ways to place your





1. Call 637-5100 2. On our website: 3. or stop by our office 15 Main Street • Brockport, NY 14420

INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT SAINT PATRICK Saint Patrick’s work as a Christian missionary incorporated some pagan beliefs to which many natives of Ireland had previously subscribed. He combined those beliefs with the Christian sacrament, and the Celtic cross traces its origins to this combination of pagan beliefs and Christianity.

TRIVIA TEST By Fifi Rodriguez

Simply bring them in to our Avon Office only during regular business hours. Our production team will shred and bundle this paper for trucking to the mill.

Avon 1471 Rt. 15

Answers 1. Maybelline 2. Convection 3. “My Heart Will Go On” 4. 2,000 5. Thyroid 6. “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” 7. Hercules 8. 180 degrees 9. “The Grateful Dead” (1967) 10. Tony Robbins

We will recycle your old phone books and magazines.

(c) 2018 King Features Synd., Inc.

We make it easy for you to GO GREEN…

1. AD SLOGANS: Which company advertised its products with the tagline “Maybe she’s born with it”? 2. SCIENCE: What is the process called when heat is transferred through a liquid or gas? 3. MOVIES: What is the theme song from “Titanic”? 4. MEASUREMENTS: How many pounds are in a ton (U.S.)? 5. ANATOMY: Metabolism is regulated by which gland in the human body? 6. LITERATURE: In which book in the Harry Potter series does the character of Dolores Umbridge appear? 7. MYTHOLOGY: Who was the Roman god of strength? 8. MATH: What is the degree of a triangle? 9. MUSIC: What was the name of the Grateful Dead’s first album? 10. FAMOUS QUOTES: Which inspirational speaker once said, “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”?

ACROSS 1 4 7 8 10 11 13

16 17 18 19 20 21 23 25 26 27 28 30 33 36 37 38 39 40 41

Chaps Insane Location Skeptical sort Original “Trivial Pursuit” edition Traitor Benedict Monopoly avenue neighboring “Go” Winehouse or Poehler Wooden strips I love (Lat.) Big party Always Fischer’s game Cloys “Hey, sailor!” Legend -- de Janeiro Occurrence Hot tub 1970s TV hospital drama Ending that may be grand Point-and-click device Follow Bridge, in Brest That woman Powerful stick

DOWN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 14 15 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 28 29 30 31 32 34 35

TV’s “The -Project” Needle case Gets snug and cozy Gift from a wise man Paquin and Pavlova “My Heart Will Go On” singer Appear to be -- blanche Stick firmly “Today Show” rival, for short Knighted women Chows down Neither mate “30 Rock” star Biblical verb ending Main Sweatshirt that can cover your head Harmonization Try Upper limb Brawl PayPal currency Worth “Beat the Clock” challenge Nuisance Exist Quaint stopovers Midday

This week’s puzzle answer is elsewhere in this paper. The Crossword Puzzle is provided by Tribune Media Services. Any questions or comments should be made to 1-800-346-8798.


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Fill your openings fast by placing your ad in the Employment Section. Call 226-8111, 343-3111, 393-1111 or 637-5100

WANTED Experienced Toolmaker In small job shop environment. Must be able to make details on a Bridgeport mill, engine lathe, and surface grinder. Contact Jim at (585) 247-1625 or In today’s competitive job market, individuals need to channel all possible assets to get ahead. Working more efficiently and improving productivity can be an advantage to anyone.

A-Shift Shipping Clerk for Plastic lnjection Molding Company Responsibilities include verifying and keeping records of incoming and outgoing shipments, preparing items for shipments and maintaining accurate inventory of shipping materials and supplies. Other duties include machine counts and weighing of parts. Must have good math and computer skills. Experience in plastic injection molding, shipping, and use of scales is a plus, but not necessary. Pay based on experience. Submit resumes to:

Seeking Full Time

SHOP MECHANIC Industry leading Toyota forklift dealership. Previous forklift experience preferred. Automotive experience a plus. No Nights - No Weekends - No Holidays - No Flat Rate Competitive Wages & Benefits Fax or email resume to: 585-742-5142 Equal Opportunity Employer


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Fill your openings fast by placing your ad in the Employment Section. Call 226-8111, 343-3111, 393-1111 or 637-5100

ACHIEVE A BETTER WORK-LIFE BALANCE Don’t procrastinate. Stick to your schedule so you don’t feel stressed and as if you are constantly rushing around. Complete one item before you move on to the next.

WAYS TO INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY AT WORK Schedule fewer meetings if possible. Meetings can sometimes be a waste of time. Before reserving the conference room, see if a resolution can be made via group text, email or other correspondence.


HELP WANTED Land Yourself a Job Opportunity!

Bus Drivers & Bus Attendants Complete training provided.

Benefits: NYS Retirement System Healthcare per UPSEU Contract Great part-time schedule (School Breaks/Summers OFF)

Lifetime Assistance, Inc. is looking for people with your talent to assist individuals we support with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our goal is to help individuals with making their dreams and goals come true! Lifetime Assistance offers competitive wages and an excellent benefits package including: •␣Flexible schedules to meet most needs •␣Generous Paid Time Off •␣Medical/Dental/Vision •␣Agency funded Retirement Plan 401A Positions available: Direct care staff for day program and residential settings, LPN, Driver, Assistant Residence Manager; RN and Medicaid Service Coordinator We invite you to attend our Open Interviews day on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 from 11am-7pm at 425 Paul Road, Rochester, NY 14624 Please visit our website to apply or learn more about our Agency and our mission. To expedite the interviewing process, please complete an online application the day prior and call ahead for instructions. 585-426-4120

Call: 585-637-1807 Apply on-line at:

EOE: Lifetime Assistance is committed to understanding and valuing the differences of our employees and the individuals we serve. We are committed to creating a culture that promotes mutual respect, acceptance, and cooperation among individuals of diverse backgrounds. It is expected that all employees share this commitment.


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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Fill your openings fast by placing your ad in the Employment Section. Call 226-8111, 343-3111, 393-1111 or 637-5100 SHOW ADMINISTRATIVE PROFESSIONALS THEY ARE APPRECIATED Spring for coffee. Many employees require a caffeine buzz to get them through their busy days. The old pot in the break room may not deliver the best brews these days, and you can give employees another coffee fix to help them perk up. Check to see if independent coffee chains or even franchised businesses have to-go carafes. If not, consider purchasing a coffeehouse-inspired coffee maker, complete with the capabilities to make cappuccino and lattés.

FULL TIME Sales Opportunity with Greenfield Wireless Authorized Cricket Retailer. NEW Showroom coming soon to Brockport & Webster

Salary, COMMISSION & Growth potential. Join the Sales Leaders and have some fun! Resume to:

Join the New York State Workforce As a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)! Salary range: $37,366 to $45,857 The Finger Lakes DDSOO is seeking LPNs in Livingston, Ontario, Monroe & Wayne counties. Minimum Qualifications: Must have a current license and registration to practice in New York State, or a limited permit to practice in NYS, or an application on file for a limited permit to practice in NYS

GET A HANDLE ON WORK-RELATED STRESS Speak up about your stress. As noted, stress at the workplace can affect workers’ performance, which employers are looking to optimize. Workers can speak to their employers if they feel their work environments are conducive to stress. Work in tandem with an employer to develop time-saving strategies that make it easier to get work done on time. Supervisors may encourage employees to delegate more often, freeing up time to get their work done. Employers may also direct employees to wellness resources that can help them more effectively combat stress. The outcomes of such discussions may never be known if workers never take the initiative and speak up about their stress.

For more information: Finger Lakes DDSOO Human Resources Office: (585) 461-8765 E-mail

LOVES NURSES Registered Nurse Positions Available

NYS Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) Office of Human Resources Finger Lakes DDSO, 620 Westfall Rd., Rochester, NY 14620


As a Direct Support Professional! Salary range: $31,691 to $43,443 Finger Lakes DDSO will be continuously administering the Civil Service Exam for Direct Support Professionals throughout Ontario, Monroe, Livingston, and Wayne Counties Minimum Qualifications: High school diploma or GED equivalent; you must have a valid license to operate a motor vehicle in New York State at the time of appointment and continuously thereafter

For exam application: Finger Lakes DDSOO Human Resources Office: (585) 461-8765 E-mail NYS Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) Office of Human Resources Management Office Finger Lakes DDSO, 620 Westfall Rd., Rochester, NY 14620 An Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer


DO YOU WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE A PROFESSIONAL? DO YOU WANT THE OPPORTUNITY TO SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE? IF YOU’VE ANSWERED YES, WE HAVE THE JOB FOR YOU! Lifetime Assistance, Inc. is looking for caring and compassionate Registered Nurses to join our Residential Services Team. We are a community leader, providing comprehensive services to children and adults with developmental disabilities. Our goal is to foster independence, self-reliance and respect for individuals with disabilities. Our vision is to assist each person to reach their full potential and realize the opportunities of a Lifetime. Lifetime Assistance Residential RNs provide nursing oversight and care for people living in our group homes and training to our direct support professionals. In addition to generous benefits, the position includes no weekends, evenings, holidays, or on-call commitments.

Candidates are encouraged to visit us on-line and learn more at 585-426-4120 We Offer: • • • • • • •

Generous Paid Time Off (up to 3-weeks first year) Competitive Salaries Commensurate with Experience Medical & Dental Life Insurance Agency funded retirement plan Employee referral bonus program Tuition Reimbursement

EOE: Lifetime Assistance is committed to understanding and valuing the differences of our employees and the individuals we serve. We are committed to creating a culture that promotes mutual respect, acceptance, and cooperation among individuals of diverse backgrounds. It is expected that all employees share this commitment.


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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Fill your openings fast by placing your ad in the Employment Section. Call 226-8111, 343-3111, 393-1111 or 637-5100

Turn your passion into a career at Brookdale Brockport, a Brookdale Senior Living community! WELLNESS NURSE – LPN: Full-time day and evening positions available. Part-time positions available for all shifts.

CERTIFIED HOME HEALTH AIDES: Full-time and Part-time positions available for days, evenings and overnights. HHA certification needed for our community’s Enhanced License.

ETHANOL PLANT OPERATOR Performs work of routine ethanol production operations and related duties. Monitors process operating parameters and maintains them within specified parameters. Maintains logs and records. Performs sampling activities and conducts laboratory testing procedures. Operates powered industrial equipment. Participates in plant maintenance program, performs flushings, cleanings and lubrications. They must be able to climb stairs and ladders. Have a valid NYS driver’s license. Have a high school/GED diploma. Apply

Western New York Energy 4141 Bates Rd./P.O. Box 191 • Medina, NY 14103

Applications can be filled out in person at:

90 West Avenue, Brockport, NY 14420

(585) 637-3140 Resumes may be sent to: Please fill the subject titled with the position of interest.

ACHIEVE A BETTER WORK-LIFE BALANCE Divide your responsibilities. Allow family members to tackle some chores or other household duties so it will free up more time to spend together.


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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Fill your openings fast by placing your ad in the Employment Section. Call 226-8111, 343-3111, 393-1111 or 637-5100

WANTED Experienced

SHEET METAL FABRICATOR • Must be able to read and interpret fabrication blueprints and problem solve. Setup and operate press brake, shear, saws, and plate roll. • Flexibility is a must regarding duties and responsibilities Email resume for consideration to:


Commercial Carpenter For Local Established General Contractor Full Time Experience, own tools & transportation A MUST. OSHA 10 HR. Pay based on experience, some prevailing rate work. email resumes to:

We are in need of an IN HOME LPN for our son. Qualifications discussed at interview.

$21.96/hour • Albion, NY Also, PT in home responsible person needed to help nurses with personal care. (below qualifications not required for this position) Every other Sat. & Sun. 6am-2pm; 2pm-10pm; and every other Fri. & Sat. 10pm-6am Must have current NYS LPN License, current CPR card, infection control documents, and will be required to have professional liability insurance. Call 585-589-0576 or email

It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want — oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so! ~ Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer, Detective


CDL A + B DRIVERS All local deliveries of fertilizer and crop production products.

GENERAL LABORERS Daily indoor/outdoor work. Front end loader and forklift a plus. All positions must pass pre-employment drug screen & have a clean license. Excellent pay, OT & Bonus!

Apply in person: 8610 Rt. 237, Stafford, NY (Between Rt. 33 and Rt. 5) Carolina Eastern Crocker, LLC

The path to recovery begins here. Prevention. Treatment. Recovery. Support. GCASA currently operates outpatient alcohol and substance use disorder (SUD) treatment, prevention education, EAP, and residential SUD programs. We are expanding to include a Methadone Clinic at our Batavia location in Spring 2018 as well as other services and supports.

We are looking for experienced:

• RNs • LPNs • Counselors/Clinicians • Secretaries • Peer Mentors* • Project Coordinator(s)* *grant funded Pre-employment background/post offer drug screening required. Send resumes to:

GCASA, Attn: Human Resources 430 East Main Street, Batavia, NY 14020 or apply online at: Genesee Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, (GCASA), a private nonprofit that has been in operation for over 40 years and has earned a local and regional reputation for providing excellent alcohol and substance use disorder services. GCASA is a Best Company to Work for New York 2018



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Fill your openings fast by placing your ad in the Employment Section. Call 226-8111, 343-3111, 393-1111 or 637-5100

M A CHIN E SHO P SUPERV ISO R The supervisorofthe m achine shop,toolroom and finishing departm ents oversees the developm entand im plem entation ofprojects and the day to day responsibilities within the departm ent.The rightsupervisorwilllook atproduct functionality,costefficiencies,and ensures thatthis departm entfeeds allother departm ents by request. A m inim um of3 years previous supervisory experience.Associate’s orBachelor’s degree preferred.Related experience and/ortraining in a m anufacturing setting,or equivalentcom bination ofeducation and experience willbe considered.

You m ay subm ita resum e at: hr@libertypum ,by fax at585.494.8371 or com plete an application in person. 7000 A pple Tree A venue |Bergen |N ew York

Negotiating raises can be nervewracking. But men and women should not hesitate to ask for compensation commensurate with their experience.



WELDERS CNC TURRET OPERATORS PRESS BRAKE OPERATORS SPRAY PAINTERS LASER OPERATORS MECHANICAL ASSEMBLY We offer competitive pay, great benefits, profit sharing, and job training for motivated individuals!

Learn a lifetime skill while you make money! Penasack Machine Company 585-589-7044 • 49 Sanford St., Albion, NY

Apply in person or email resumé to:

GREAT PART-TIME JOBS FOR RETIREES Consulting work: Many retirees have long résumés, and that experience is still valuable even after retirement. Consulting firms often hire experienced businesspeople on a project or contract basis, which can be great opportunities for retirees to fill their time and make sizable amounts of money without having to commit to long-term employment.

Offering Rewarding Career Opportunities Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Positions Available Lifetime Assistance, Inc. is looking for caring and compassionate Licensed Practical Nurses to join our Residential Services Team. We are a community leader, providing comprehensive services to children and adults with developmental disabilities. Our goal is to foster independence, selfreliance and respect for individuals with disabilities. Our vision is to assist each person to reach their full potential and realize the opportunities of a Lifetime. Lifetime Assistance Residential LPNs provide nursing service and care for people living in our group homes and training to our direct support professionals.

Candidates are encouraged to visit us on-line and learn more at 585-426-4120 We Offer: • Generous Paid Time Off (up to 3-weeks first year) • Competitive Salaries Commensurate with Experience • Medical & Dental • Life Insurance • Agency funded retirement plan • Employee referral bonus program • Tuition Reimbursement EOE: Lifetime Assistance is committed to understanding and valuing the differences of our employees and the individuals we serve. We are committed to creating a culture that promotes mutual respect, acceptance, and cooperation among individuals of diverse backgrounds. It is expected that all employees share this commitment.


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

ANNOUNCEMENTS PRINTING: Affordable, exquisite, fast. or call 1-866-812-8111 and ask for Gina or Jeanine.

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AIRLINES ARE HIRING - Get FAA approved hands on Aviation training. Financial aid for qualified students Career placement assistance. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance 1-866-296-7094.

FINANCES DID YOU KNOW... Placing an Obituary in the Genesee Valley Penny Saver Passages Section is far less expensive than other media? Email: Lynn Forrester for more information!

A N T I Q U E S H O W & COLLECTIBLES: Sunday, March 18, Watkins Glen, NY. Located inside the Community Center at Clute Park. 9:30-3pm. Over 30 Dealers. Sponsored by Watkins-Montour Rotary Club, supporting community service programs. Refreshments available. $3 Donations, age 12 and under free.

AUTOMOTIVE JUNK CARS, TRUCKS, and Vans Wanted! Higher cash paid for most. Always free pickup. 585-305-5865.

CASH 4 CARS up to $500 for your junk car, truck, van. FREE towing. 585-482-2140. www. Donate Your Car to Veterans Today! Help and Support our Veterans. Fast FREE pick up. 100% tax deductible. Call 1-800-245-0398. CARS/TRUCKS WANTED!!! All Make/Models 2000-2015! Any Condition. Running or Not. Competitive Offer! Free Towing! We’re Nationwide! Call Now: 1-888-416-2330. CARS/ TRUCKS WANTED!!! We buy 2000-2015 Cars/ Trucks, Running or Not! Nationwide Free Pickup! Call 1-888-416-2208.



Stop OVERPAYING for your prescriptions! SAVE! Call our licensed Canadian and International pharmacy, compare prices and get $25.00 OFF your first prescription! CALL 1-844-520-6712 Promo Code CDC201725.

Over $10K in debt? Be debt free in 24-48 months. Pay nothing to enroll. Call National Debt Relief at 866-243-0510.

DENTAL INSURANCE. Call Physicians Mutual Insurance Company for details. NOT just a discount plan, REAL coverage for 350 procedures. 855-434-9221 or http://www.

Over $10K in debt? Be debt free in 24-48 months. Pay a fraction of what you owe. A+ BBB rated. Call National Debt Relief 1-855-403-3654.

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FDA-Registered Hearing Aids. 100% Risk-Free! 45-Day Home Trial. Comfort Fit. Crisp Clear Sound. If you decide to keep it, PAY ONLY $299 per aid. FREE Shipping. Call Hearing Help Express 1- 844-730-5923.

FIREWOOD LOGS for sale. Call Steve Schiano for details, 585-233-3035.

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GOT KNEE PAIN? Back Pain? Shoulder Pain? Get a pain-relieving brace at little or NO cost to you. Medicare Patients Call Health Hotline Now! 1- 855-439-2862.

AIRLINES ARE HIRING - Get FAA approved hands on Aviation training. Financial Aid for qualified students Career placement assistance. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance 888-686-1704.

WERE YOU AN INDUSTRIAL OR CONSTRUCTION TRADESMAN and recently diagnosed with LUNG CANCER? You and your family may be entitled to a SIGNIFICANT CASH AWARD. Call 1-877-689-5293 for your risk free consultation.

ITEMS FOR SALE FOR SALE; DINNING ROOM TABLE length 62” with leaves 86”, with protection pads, 6 chairs. HUTCH; Top half with 3 glass doors, glass shelves, inside light. Bottom: Open shelf, 2 drawers, 3 doors-1 shelf. Top separates from bottom for transportation. Asking $1,500. Call Monica 585-589-8114.

LIVESTOCK SHOW PIGS FOR SALE: Born January, February, March. Call for details, 585-689-0244.

REAL ESTATE VACATION HOME, CAMP OR LAND FOR SALE OR RENT? Advertise with us! We connect you with nearly 3-million consumers (plus more online!) with a statewide classified ad. Advertise your property for just $489 for a 25-word ad, zoned ads start at $229. Visit www.gvpennysaver. com or call 1-866-812-8111.

FOR RENT PRESIDENTS´ VILLAGE APARTMENTS: One & Two bedrooms, heat & satellite included. Senior Citizen Discounts Available! 585-637-4450. CAPE COD: 4 bedroom, 2 baths, 2 sun decks. View of the ocean at Nauset Beach. Has Internet and outside hot shower. Available June 9-30, August 18-25. $2000 /wk. 585-377-5013 APARTMENT FOR RENT: Livonia, 2 Bedroom, newly renovated (new carpet/ paint throughout). 1 year lease, $725/ monthly. References required. 585-261-4285.


HAMLIN: 2 Bedroom, Upstairs Apartment. Available Immediately. $600/ Month. Heat Included. 585-964-5811. CALEDONIA VILLAGE: 1 bedroom upper apartment. Off street parking for 1 car. Includes all utilities except electric. Walking distance to stores. No dogs. Security deposit. Available 4/1/18. Leave message at 585-293-2992. BATAVIA- Townhouses from $543/ month including water, appliances, laundry hookups. No pets. Birchwood Village, 585-343-0205 EHO. NORTH BERGEN: 3 bedroom, half house. and 1 bedroom available. Call for more info 585-315-1802. BROCKPORT: Studio Apartment, NO PETS. 637-2210

FOR SALE CATSKILL MTNS ESTATE SALE! MARCH 24TH! 90 MINS NY CITY! 11 Huge Tracts from $39,900! Beautiful woods, stonewalls, views! Call 888-701-1864 to register. Virtual tour:

SERVICES CHIMNEY, STOVES, & FIREPLACES Cleaning, Relining, Service, Installations, Repairs. New & Used Stoves, Mantels, Parts Available. Call/ Email: 585-356-5567

COMPLETE BATHROOM REMODELING! Bathtub to Walk-In Shower Conversions. Tile Flooring. Kitchen Back Splashes. Countertops, Vanities, and Plumbing Service. Tile Repair & Re-Grouting Free Estimates, Fully insured! Please visit: For Pictures, Videos & Testimonies. 585-317-2296. HELP YOUR LOCAL ECONOMY and save money with Solar Power! Solar Power has a strong return on investment, Free Maintenance, Free Quote. Simple Reliable Energy with No Out of Pocket Costs. Call now! 1-877-648-8426


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CARPET LAYER has THOUSANDS of yards of carpet left over! $1.50/ s.f., installed. Free in home estimates. Hugh, 585-798-0909.

Waters Basement Services, Inc. The only WATER that should be in YOUR BASEMENT is BOB WATERS... Waterproofing, Drain Tile, Sump & Backup/Pumps, Wall Crack Repair, Stone Foundations, Structural Repair, Rim Joist Spray Insulation & More! Visit our Web Site for complete services & Before & After Photos. (585)765-3369 or (716) 474-3898

TIM CALLAGHAN PAINTING *Interior/ Exterior *Wallpaper Removal *Drywall Repair *Deck Staining *Over 25 Years Experience *FREE Reasonable Estimates Tim, 585-259-6758 Custom Windows & Doors REPLACEMENT WINDOWS Anderson, Pella & Alside starting at $199. White Viny Double Hung, Professional Installation, 40 years experience, BBB A+ rating, Authorized Home Advisor Contractor. Call Rich @ 1-866-272-7533.

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NATE’S HANDYMAN: *No job too big or small. *Free estimate. *Interior/ Exterior. *Honey Do List. *Basement Waterproofing. $99 Roof Repair Special. $59 Gutter Cleaning. 585-755-NATE (6283)

Honor Your Loved One In print and online by publishing an Obituary in our Passages Section for just $50. Includes color photo and unlimited wording. Call or Email: Lynn Forrester, Ext. 141 585-226-8111

ERIK BERGGREN REMODELING Interior Painting, Drywall, Electrical, Plumbing, Flooring, Finished Basements, Handyman Services, Repairs. See Facebook for more services. 585-507-8354.

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M&M´s E-Z CLEANERS Residential Junk Removal Cleanout... Estates, Hoarders, Move Outs Attics, Basements, Garages, Barns Demo... Garages, Pools, Sheds, Barns Mike, 585-975-9019, 585-482-8366. ROOF SAVER! $199 leak repair special! Shingle, chimney, gutter repairs! Commercial and Residential. 24 hour emergency service. Call 585-317-3476/ 716-559-5594. NEED AN ELECTRICIAN? Immediate response. Licensed and insured. Any job welcomed. 30 years experience. Call 585-455-1626.

WANTED ANTIQUES WANTED: Jewelry, Gold, Silver Coins. Furniture, Toys, Crocks, Oil Paintings, Railroad Items. Oil & Farm Signs, Pedal Tractors. Howard, FOX FARM ANTIQUES, 585-226-6160.

No Job Too Big or Small! Same Day Service Available. We Remove TVs, Tires, Paint, Carpet, Concrete, Furniture, & More. We Haul Away Hot Tubs, Pianos, Organs, Swimming Pools, Sheds, Decks, Etc. Complete Demo Service Available. Basement, Attic, Garage & Barn Cleanouts. Foreclosure Move-out Service. We Work with Hoarders. Insured. References. Home Advisor 5 Star Rating MR. JUNK IT ALL 585-880-0383.


CHAPPELLS JUNK YARD: Free towing of your junk cars, truck, vans. Up to $500 cash. Up to $5000 for newer models. 585-394-9450.

MISC. NEW AUTHORS WANTED! Page Publishing will help you self-publish your own book. FREE author submission kit! Limited offer! Why wait? Call now: 866-951-7214. SUPPORT our service members, veterans and their families in their time of need. For more information visit the Fisher House website at

RN NURSING JOBS available in your vicinity. Hospitals, psych, dtox, correction centers & more. Great Pay and Benefits. 1-866-387-8100 #202. White Glove Placement email: DCA#1068435 SUPPORT OUR SERVICE MEMBERS, veterans and their families in their time of need. For more information visit the Fisher House website at DONATE YOUR CAR TO CHARITY. Receive maximum value of write off for your taxes. Running or not! All conditions accepted. Free pickup. Call for details. 1-855-587-1166. DISH TV $59.99 For 190 Channels $14.95 High Speed Internet. Free Installation, Smart HD DVR Included, Free Voice Remote. Some restrictions apply. Call 1-855-891-5734. UNABLE TO WORK DUE TO INJURY OR ILLNESS? Call Bill Gordon & Assoc., Social Security Disability Attorneys! FREE Evaluation. Local Attorneys Nationwide 1-800-919-8208. [Mail: 2420 N St NW, Washington DC. Office: Broward Co. FL (TX/NM Bar.)] NEW AUTHORS WANTED! Page Publishing will help you self-publish your own book. FREE author submission kit! Limited offer! Why wait? Call now: 1-877-635-3893. IF ADVERTISING IN ONE FREE PAPER IS SMART, then advertising in hundreds of them is pure genius! Do it with just one phone call! Reach nearly 3 million consumers statewide in print -- plus more online -- quickly and inexpensively! Zoned ads start at $229 for a 25-word ad. Visit us at or call 1-866-812-8111.


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View all of our classified ads at!



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