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Save the Date! August 30 - September 1 Labor Day Weekend

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Dansville Festival of Balloons

Only in Dansville, NY! our official page! Daily Live Music with Full Scale, Southern Tier All-Star Jazz Band, Full Swing & Flint Creek

Salvania’s Restaurant 41 Jackson St. • Batavia

Every Friday Fresh Haddock Beer Battered Fish Fry

and Homemade Italian Italian Specials Specials

Active Living 50+ ____________________14

(585) 343-0489

Arts & Entertainment _____________________4

M-TH 7am-3pm; FRI. 7am-8pm TAKE-OUTS AVAILABLE

Auctions & Antiques ____________________21

“Since 1953”

Reisdorf Oil & Propane

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it. ~Russel Baker

Automotive ____________________16 Body & Mind ____________________18



16 Clinton St.

3758 S. Warsaw Rd.

(Batavia Citgo) 343-4453

(Rt. 19) 786-2560

The End of High Cost Funerals...

Classifieds ____________________45 Employment ____________________38 Garage Sales ____________________29 Give & Take ____________________12 Home Services ____________________24

329-333 West Main Street, Batavia, NY 14020 • 585.343.8260 WWW.GILMARTINFUNERALHOME.COM

Hometown Events ____________________10

Serving the GLOW Region at No Extra Charge.

Kidz Korner ____________________26 Passages ____________________13

Traditional Funerals Starting at $4495

Pet Place _____________________6

Traditional funerals include 2 day viewing, casket, removal, preparation, dressing/casketing, cosmetology, basic arrangements, supervision for visitation, supervision for funeral, facilities for visitation and funeral service, hearse, 50 memorial cards, DVD and registration book.

Puzzle Answers ____________________13

Concrete grave liners optional - not required by NYS Law, however, may be required by cemetery.

Real Estate ____________________32

Direct Cremation Funeral Home Charge $999

Sip & Dine ____________________33

Pre-Planning Services are Available. Make or Change Your Pre-Arrangements And Save.

Vibes & Rants ____________________28

Here for You...

Timothy J. Woodward Funeral Director - 3rd Generation Family Owned and Operated Since 1955


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HOW EVERYDAY CITIZENS CAN PROTECT LOCAL PARKS Leave nothing behind. Memories are not the only things park visitors should take with them when they leave the park. Estimates suggest that as much as 100 million pounds of garbage are generated at California’s Yosemite National Park each year. Significant damage can result if even a tiny fraction of that garbage is left behind. In addition, park officials forced to expend their limited resources on garbage pickup may not have enough resources left to address other issues, further threatening the park. Whether you’re hiking or camping, make sure everything you take into the park comes with you when you leave. If you have trash, make sure it’s deposited into the appropriate receptacles. SPORTS QUIZ By Chris Richcreek 1. Since records started being kept in 1988, which major-league batter holds the mark for most pitches faced in one at-bat? 2. Name the last National League team before the 2018 Arizona Diamondbacks to win at least nine consecutive series to start a season. 3. How many times have the New England Patriots won 13 or more games in a season, and how many of those times was the head coach Bill Belichick? 4. Wofford College’s Fletcher Magee became the all-time leader in career 3-pointers made (509) for Division I men’s basketball in the 2018-19 season. Who had held the mark? 5. Who was the last NHL player before Tampa Bay’s Nikita Kucherov in the 2018-19 campaign to have at least 128 points for the season? 6. Who was the first Major League Soccer goaltender to reach 200 career wins? 7. Name the last horse to win the Preakness and Belmont Triple Crown races after not winning the Kentucky Derby. (c) 2019 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

Answers 1. San Francisco’s Brandon Belt faced 21 pitches in an at-bat in 2018. 2. The 1907 Chicago Cubs. 3. Seven times, with all of them being under head coach Bill Belichick. 4. Oakland’s Travis Bader, with 504 (2010-14). 5. Pittsburgh’s Mario Lemieux tallied 161 points in the 1995-96 season. 6. Nick Rimando of Real Salt Lake, in 2018. 7. Afleet Alex, in 2005. GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER




Augmented Reality Entertainment

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Men’s • Women’s • Coeds • Mixed Couples • Doubles • Triples • Foursomes • Fivesomes

It s Time To Get Things ROLLIN League Meetings Starting August 15th-28th Call Today! Leagues are forming now… teams and individual bowlers welcome. MONDAY




Til Close


SENIORS ONLY $2.00/game

Synergistic OnLine Solutions Monday NFL 3/Man • 6:35pm

Mancuso Real Estate No Finer Diner 2/team 8:45pm

Retiree League 3/Team 4:00pm 2 Game Format Starts 10/1/19 Antique World 4/team Co-ed 7:00pm

Open Bowling Every Tuesday Night 3pm-Close




Turnbull Heating & TF Brown’s Charlie Bobo Air Junior Bowling Adult/Child 55 Alive 3/team League 3/Man • 9:45am Sign-ups 2/team • 11am (55 & over) 9/7 & 9/8 Starts Oct. 6th Starts Friday, 9/14 & 9/15 FUN, FUN, FUN Oct. 4, 2019 Starts 9/21/19

Wednesday Special 9am-5pm

Monday AM Ladies’ 3/Woman 9:15am

Independent Ladies’ 4/Woman • 6:10pm



TF Browns/ Wednesday Toyota of Ladies’ Batavia 3/Woman • 6:20pm Polish Falcon Men’s 5/Man • 6:15pm 3/Man • 6:15pm OUR BIGGEST Starts Oct. 2, 2019


Wed. Misfits 3/team 8:30pm New Format Short season

Open Bowling Open Bowling Open Bowling Open Bowling 9-11pm 3-10pm 9-11pm 5-10pm

Open Bowling Every Friday night 12pm to midnight.

Jack & Jill, 9/7/19 4/mixed couples 6:00pm Church League 4/team 10/12/19 • 6:15pm

Bowling Specials 12pm-8pm

TNT Moonlight Bowling 9:30pmMidnight 9/6/19

TNT Moonlight Bowling 9:30pmMidnight 9/7/19

Open Bowling Specials 12pm-8pm



Open Bowling 12pm-8pm

Junior Bowling

Check out our

Sign-ups Sept. 7th & 14th 9am to noon; Sept. 8th & 15th 12-3pm;

Family Fun Entertainment Center! FULLY RESURFACED LANE BEDS Leagues, Something for Everyone!

Jr. League Starts Sept. 21st, 2019

Mancuso Bowling Birthday Party Packages Basic $7.00 person Full $13.00 person Additional Games $3.25

All Ages & Abilities

TNT Moonlight Bowling is back! Starting Sept. 6th, 9:30pm to Midnight

Only $15.00/person! (shoe rental additional)

Come see the light show!

Open Bowling Times August Starting August 12, Mon.-Fri., 2-9pm Sat. Open Noon-9pm; Closed Sundays

214 E. Main St., Batavia


Looking For Something Specific? View all of our classified ads online at! GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

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We make precast concrete septic tanks 500 gal. • 1000 gal. • 1250 gal. • 1500 gal. We also sell Risers, Lids, Adapter Slabs and d-Boxes Just need to purchase a tank or need one installed - Give us a call!

(716) 291-1300

INTERIOR PAINTING “Look at your walls...

Then give us a call!”

• Basic Painting • Cabinet Painting/Refinishing • YES We Remove “Popcorn” Ceilings

585.409.8246 - OR -


Many people need not travel far for a little summertime fun, as many communities host fun events throughout the warmer months.

Q &A

with the

Vacations don’t have to be taxing. Cut down on some of the stressful aspects of traveling by simplifying and delegating tasks.

Look for this weekly column! Your questions answered by the local Cornell experts.


Gardeners I have perennial gardens that are 20+ years old - the plants have changed somewhat over the years, but the area has always been perennials. The gardens have become overgrown with clover in the last couple of years both green and purple clover. I’m wondering what I can do about it, besides weeding. The plants are fairly close together, so there isn’t much I could do about turning the soil. Is there something I could put down to impede the growth/ spread of the clover? Thank you. – Beth H.

from Cornell Cooperative Extension, Livingston County

become more of a challenge. First, where plants are close together and fairly tall, they will hide small bits of clover so that if you are not too obsessive, perhaps you can tolerate some amount of it. Of course, an abundance of clover and other weeds rob your perennials of moisture and nutrients, so it is important to keep these uninvited guests to a minimum. You might try putting down several layers of newspaper where there is room, wetting it down, and covering it with 2 or 3 inches of mulch. Eventually the newspaper will decompose, but it is a great alternative to using landscape cloth and easier to manage in small spaces between plants. Another suggestion, dig or pull out the clover (and I know that the purple clover is annoying since it doesn’t pull out as easily Mature gardens tend to fill up with weeds as as the green), then sprinkle a pre-emergent the perennials grow and spread over time. herbicide such as Preen in the freshly weedIt certainly makes weeding and mulching ed area, following the directions on the con-

tainer. If you do one small area at a time, it’s not too bad. I have found that it doesn’t prevent all weeds from germinating but does keep them to a manageable level. I do not recommend using a post-emergent herbicide since that would risk damaging your perennials.

What is the best advice for growing healthy roses? My beautiful lavender rose got black spot and even though I removed the affected leaves and picked up the fallen leaves, it still

died. It was only its second year. – June S. Many people buy a rose of a color they like. If you want a rose that is hardy and disease-resistant, you could purchase one that is grown on its own roots, then pick from available colors. Knock-Out Roses is a widely-available brand grown on its own roots. There are many others. If you do wish to grow grafted roses, you will need to provide good air circulation, enriched soil, ample mulch (especially before winter), and spray every two weeks with a fungicide to prevent black spot.

SEND YOUR QUESTIONS TO OUR EXPERTS! Your question(s) will be answered directly & may be featured in our column! Ask them today at: GVPENNYSAVER.COM/GARDEN

The Master Gardener Program is a national program of trained volunteers who work in partnership with their county CCE office to extend information throughout their communities.


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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Penny Saver

One-on-one personal attention. Let us pamper your pet in our mobile unit!!

PUPPY PALACE Full Grooming Services


This is Gunner. He is 4. He loves playing with the kids and is so patient and gentle. He loves being the center of attention!

PET OBESITY IS A GROWING PROBLEM The Purina Pet Care Center found that overweight pets may live two years less than ideal weight pets. Reduced life span is not the only problem, as carrying extra pounds can contribute to various maladies. These include osteoarthritis and poor joint health, type 2 diabetes, ligament injuries, heart and respiratory disease, kidney disease, and cancer.


Send us a photo and brief write-up of your pet and we’ll feature it. Email to: or mail to: P.O. Box 340; Avon, 14414. Pets will be published at discretion of GVPS.

Sponsored this week by:

“Where Your Pet is Part of Our Family” 7950 State Street Road, Batavia • 585.344.4974 GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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Make Your Concrete Floor Look Better Than New!





Lowest Rent-to-Own rates anywhere & Free delivery!

Epoxy Floor Systems

Expert Bat Proofing & Removal

1 OFF 9 Holes $2 OFF 18 Holes One coupon per person. Can’t be used on tournaments or leagues.

Call us for an estimate!

Daniel Gonyea Builders

Cell: 585-330-3986


6 Woodland Dr., Batavia 1

Many farmers’ markets offer foods that are organically grown and are produced without GMOs. Farmers’ market retailers also tend to give firsthand accounts of where their foods come from and how they are grown or raised.

TRIVIA TEST By Fifi Rodriguez 1. GEOGRAPHY: Which U.S. state has the most miles of rivers? 2. LITERATURE: Who was the author of “The Hundred and One Dalmatians”? 3. ANATOMY: What is the common term for the axilla? 4. LANGUAGE: What is the international radio code word for the letter “P”? 5. MUSIC: How many symphonies did Beethoven compose? 6. SPORTS: How many players are on a cricket team? 7. COMICS: Which comic strip features characters named Jeremy, Hector and Sara? 8. TELEVISION: What is the color of Mr. Spock’s blood on the “Star Trek” series? 9. MEASUREMENTS: What is a ligne and what does it measure? 10. FOOD & DRINK: What is the name of a tea named after a 1830s British prime minister? (c) 2019 King Features Synd., Inc.

1. Nebraska 2. Dodie Smith 3. Armpit 4. Papa 5. Nine 6. 11 7. “Zits” 8. Green 9. A French unit of length used to size watches, buttons and hats 10. Earl Grey Answers ●

“So much more than a shed”

⁄2 mile south of Batavia Downs




on portable structures


• Garage Floors • Porches/Patios • Durable & Cost Effective

Residential/Commercial Serving Western New York


Meadowbrook Golf Course

Protect Your M obile Devices - and Your Identity (Family Features) M obile devices have become an indispensable tool for many people - and the thought of losing one of those devices, or having it stolen, is disco ncerting, to say the least. But it happens every day. It’s estimated that lost or stolen phones alone could cost U.S. users $30 billion in 2012. W hen a phone or tablet goes missing, so does a lot of personal information. And that can lead to m ore than just some inconvenience - it can lead to a stolen identity. The Federal Trade Commission estimates that as many as 9 million Americans have their identities s tolen each year. W hile identity thieves still resort to old-fashioned methods of information gathering, like go ing through trash and stealing w allets and purses, they can also get the personal information you store on your mobile device.

We Care About Your Smiles! Emergency Care

Evening & Weekend Hours Available

Digital X-Rays

Handicap Accessibility Throughout

• • • • • • • • •

Cleanings Gum Care Bleaching Crowns & Bridges Invisalign Braces Implants Dentures Bonding Root Canals

Come see us at our STATE-OF-THE-ART FACILITY Located at #6 Batavia City Centre



X-Ray & Exam

Whitening w/regular cleaning & exam

Offer good for each family member. Call for details. New patients only. Cannot combine coupons. Expires 8-31-19.

Offer good for each family member 18 years & older. Call for details. New patients only. Cannot combine coupons. Expires 8-31-19.

BATAVIA FAMILY DENTAL, PLLC Dr. Steve Sokolovskiy • 100% Financing Available • New Patients Welcome

• Most Insurances Accepted • Including GHI Preferred

• (585) 343-4246 #6 Batavia City Centre, Batavia • Call Today!

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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The Best Place

IN TOWN TO FIND FRESH VEGETABLES • FRESH FRUIT Featuring fresh peaches, tomatoes, sweet corn, melon, peppers, blueberries & more! BAKED GOODS • KETTLE CORN GOAT MILK SOAPS • CHEESE • JELLIES WINE • HONEY • MAPLE SYRUP • MEAT LUNCH AND MORE!







GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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Albion Farmers’ Market

Clarendon Farmers’ Market

Canal Village Farmers’ Market

Clarendon Historical Society Route 31 Thursday 3:30-7 p.m June - October

127 W. Center St, Medina Sat 8am -1pm; June - Oct

320 West Ave. Sat 9-2pm June & Oct.; 9-3pm July-Sept. Batav Ia

Genesee Country Farmers’ Market


Sweet Dream Maple Farm

Bank St. and Alva Place Tues & Thurs 9-4; Fri 9-5; June 7 - Oct 25

Underhill Farms 4874 Batavia Elba Townline Road Open 7 days 8am-8pm Vegetables available all year long Strawberries available June & July BER G EN

Douglas Farm Market 6318 Clinton St Rd., Bergen M-F 12-6, Sat 10-5, Sun Closed Year Round


Brightly’s Farmers’ Market 525 Drake Rd., Hamlin Tues-Sat 9-5pm

Brockport Farmers’ Market Kirby’s Farm Market 9739 Ridge Rd. M-Sat 9-7pm, Sun 10-5pm May - October

701 White Rd., Brockport Saturday @ Rochester Public Market 6am-12pm; Sun @ Brockport Market 8-1

Lori’s Market Basket Farm Stand 51 State St., Holley Daily 9am - 6pm May 1st - November 30

Partyka Farms Farm Stand 1420 County Line Rd., Kendall Daily 9-8; May 1-Dec 26

LeRoy Farmers’ Market

Churchville Farmers’ Market 29 E Buffalo St., Churchville Tuesdays 4pm-7pm


North Chili Farmers’ Market

Pav ILIo n



11170 Maple Ridge Rd, Medina M-Sat 9-6pm Year Round

Hilton Farmers’ Market


McCracken Farms

Roberts Farm Market



Main St and Market St Sun 8-1; June 17 - Oct 28

10609 Ridge Rd., Medina M-F 9-5, Sat 10-5, Sun 12-5 Year Round

Methodist Church 2200 Westside Drive Sat 8-1; June 16 - Oct 27

Hovey Square - Across from Hilton Family Restaurant Sun 9-2; Mid-June thru Oct.



1116 Reynolds Rd., Corfu M-F 10am - 4pm; Sat-Sun 3-8pm • Year Round

LynOaken Farms

Trigon Park on Route 5 (Main St.) 14482 Sat 9am-12:30pm; June 16-Sept 29

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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Farmer’s Wife, LLC 7654 Big Tree Rd., Pavilion Daily 10:30am-8:30pm Open Year Round SCO TTSV ILLE

Scottsville Farmers’ Market American Legion Pkg Lot 61 • Main Street Wed 4-7; June 6 - Sept 26

On the Go? Visit your Market Directory online to find the closest market near you!




ALEXANDER Alexander Class of 1979 40th Class Reunion - Saturday, August 31st. For more information please call (585) 219-4061.

ATTICA Scrap Metal Collection: Saturday, September 7th. Help save the environment. A SCRAP METAL COLLECTION event will be held at the Attica First Presbyterian Church located at the corner of Main & Prospect streets in the Village of Attica. Metal may be dropped off between 8 am and noon. This years’ event will go towards our capital project and other repairs. Steel, aluminum, copper, and brass. Appliances, lawn chairs, lawn mowers, snow blowers, gas and electric motors, pool frames, car batteries, swing sets, car parts, plumbing or wiring scrap, or whatever metal you have that can be recycled will be accepted. Chiavetta’s Chicken BBQ and Basket Raffle: Labor Day - Monday, September 2, (do not have to be present to win). Join us at St. Vincent’s Auditorium, Walnut St., Attica from 11am-2pm (or sold out). $12 includes beverage and dessert. Take Outs Available. Sponsored by Saints Joachim & Anne Parish.

Pig Roast: The Attica Presbyterian Church, located at the corner of Main & Prospects Streets in the Village of Attica, will be having our Third Annual Pig Roast on Saturday, September 7th. We will begin serving at 10:00 AM til sold out. Take out only. Please pickup from our Prospect Street entrance as our Scrap Metal Drive will be occurring at the Main Street entrance. The sandwich and sides will be larger this year, but the cost will remain $10 and includes: Pork, Roll, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw and Dessert. This fundraiser benefits our capital fund projects.

BATAVIA Crossroads House Benefit at Settler’s! Come Support Our Local Fundraiser! Crossroads House, Batavia. Have a Great Meal at Settler’s Family Restaurant, 353 West Main St., Batavia on Tuesday, August 27 from 4pm-9pm. *The restaurant will make a contribution to this organization equal to 20% of the evenings pre-tax receipts. No coupon necessary. Echoes of Perception (and Reality) by Linda Fix - Held MondayFriday, August 13 - October 5, 9am-5pm. Artist Reception, August 20, 6-8pm. GOART Seymour Place, 201 East Main St., Batavia. www.

Please Join Us for Our 6th Annual Community Action Angels

Children’s Carnival! Prizes




Lambert Park 100 Verona Ave., Batavia ogs Friday, August 16, 2019 • 11am-2pm Hot D

Game Tickets 5 for $1 THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR SPONSORS Fidelis Care


Care A Van Ministries

2 Bikes to be raffled! Courtesy of Fidelis Care. Be there to win!

Call 343-7798 For More Information NO RAIN DATE Special thanks to all participationg agencies and businesses for your continued help and support! GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

“Kozy Korner’s” Thrift Shop at the Batavia First United Methodist Church, 8221 Lewiston Rd., Batavia is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 12-4pm. Come see our gently used jewelry, purses, home decorating items, glassware, household items and much more! We are Handicap Accessible. GLOW Electronics Collection: Saturday, September 21, 2019, Batavia, NY (Genesee County), 9am-12pm. Open to residents in: Genesee, Livingston & Wyoming Counties ONLY! (No business waste). By Appointment ONLY! LIMITED # OF SPOTS AVAILABLE! CALL ASAP TO RESERVE A SPOT! Call 585-815-7906, 585-344-2580 EXT. 5463, OR 800-836-1154 (for long distance callers). Email: glow@ to make an appointment. Website: www. Acceptable Materials: FREE: Monitors and TVs, computers, printers, keyboards, peripherals, microwaves, etc. (NOTHING WITH REFRIGERANT). Contact the GLOW office for a complete list. *LIMIT OF A TOTAL OF FOUR (4) CRT (TUBE TYPE) TVs and/or CRT MONITORS - No limit on ancillary items. Speak Up Toastmasters - Where Leaders are Made: Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Through Toastmasters, you’ll gain the practice to become the leader and speaker you want to be. You will also sharpen your management skills, become a better negotiator, gain trust and inspire your team. We are accepting applications for new members. Meetings are the 2nd & 4th Tuesday every month @ 7 p.m. 190 Oak St., Batavia (use rear entrance, Emmanuel Baptist Church). Space is limited CALL NOW to reserve your seat today. Guests are always welcome to visit for FREE. http://www. call/text 585-993-0515, or email Walkins welcome.

Batavia Walk to End Alzheimer’s - Saturday, September 21, 9amnoon. Hosted by Premier Genesee Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation at 278 Bank St., Batavia. While there is no fee to register or participate, we strongly encourage participants to fundraiser to contribute to the cause and the Chapter offers a number of tools and materials to help with fundraising. The Center’s outdoor park offers space to enjoy snacks and refreshments, visit with local vendors, and buy basket and 50/50 raffle tickets, while the roughly 2-mile walk route offers a pleasant stroll through a lovely neighborhood. Register at and start fundraising to earn terrific incentives. Questions: 716-626-0600 or 800-272-3900.

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Java with Joe E.- Michael Eula: Join us at the museum the 4th Thursday of each month, 910:30am for coffee, pastries and lively conversation about historical and cultural characters and events. If interested in this event, please contact the museum at 585-343-4727 or email and we will be happy to keep a chair and a warm cup of “joe” waiting for you. This month’s topic will be “In Only Six Short Years: Genesee County Reacts to the Assassinations of the Kennedys and Martin Luther King, Jr.” presented by Genesee County Historian Michael Eula. Holland Land Office Museum, 131 West Main Street, Batavia. http:// “Legends, Lore, and Secrets of Western New York”- Lorna MacDonald Czarnota at HLOM. Lorna MacDonald Czarnota will be speaking on her book “Legends, Lore, and Secrets of Western New York.” Uncover new stories and secrets told through the ages. Learn about the “cat people,” Ossian Giant, and Kitty O’Neil, just some of the names that make up the rich lore history of Western New York. This next installment of our guest speaker series will be on Thursday, August 29th, starting at 7pm. It’s only $3 per person and $2 for museum members. Holland Land Office Museum, 131 West Main Street, Batavia. http://www. The Holland Land Office Museum will be hosting its 7th Annual Senior Bus Trip Wednesday, September 18th - traveling to the Roycroft Campus in East Aurora. Includes a two hour tour of the campus. After the tour we will be eating lunch at the beautiful Roycroft Inn, with a choice of entrees. There will be time afterwards for exploring of downtown East Aurora. The bus will be leaving at 9am from the museum and returning at 5pm. Tickets $60 per person and $55 for museum members. Information: 585-343-4727 or This years event is made possible by the Muriel H. Marshall Fund.

GENESEO Arc of Livingston-Wyoming annual 5K Run/Walk in memory of Ramon Rocha on Saturday, September 7th, St. Mary’s Church, 4 Avon Road, Geneseo. Registration 9am, race begins 10am. Participants can register in advance at discounted prices by visiting or calling (585) 658-2828 ext. 128: $20 per individual participant, or $17 per person for teams of four or more people. On race day, those registration fees will be $25 per person. The first 150 registrants will receive commemorative t-shirts. All money raised will benefit The Arc of Livingston-Wyoming Foundation. The event is held in memory of Ramon Rocha, a SUNY Geneseo professor and board member at The Arc.



$50 DREAMING OF A OFF GOOD Serta, Gold Bond, NIGHT’S Sleep Logic REST?

M otion, Stationary and Sectional Furniture MUMFORD Hop Harvest Festival - What better way to spend Labor Day than with all things hops? Follow the journey of hops, one of New York State’s original cash crops, from field to brewery to pint glass. There will be tastings, food, and music all day, so kick back with one of GCV&M’s signature ales, and enjoy this last hurrah to summer! Join us Monday, September 2, 10-4pm at the Genesee Country Village & Museum, 1410 Flint Hill Rd., Mumford.

STAFFORD The Le Roy Stafford Senior Citizens meet on the third Wednesday of each month March thru December at the Knights of Columbus Hall behind Save-A-Lot on West Main St. in Le Roy. Bring your own place setting, preferred beverage and a generous dish to pass, or pay $4.00 for a delicious buffet dinner. Coffee, tea, condiments and dessert are provided. Dinner is served promptly at 6:00pm followed by a program. August’s program will be The Bread Man. Please join us for a nice evening of socializing and entertainment. For additional information contact our Coordinator Rosemary Miller at 585-506-5233 or Sharon Frost at 585-768-6846. Foodlink Free Mobile Food Pantry: Morganville United Church of Christ is partnering with Foodlink of Rochester to host a free mobile food pantry, Tuesday, August 27, 3:30-5:30pm at Morganville United Church of Christ, 8466 Morganville Road (off Rt 237, 1 mile north of Stafford). Exact food items and quantity available are not known, but fresh produce available. Must be 18 years of age, no income requirement or ID required. Must provide own bags/vehicle to transport items. First come, first serve basis while supplies last. If you are picking up for another family, you must have written permission from them including # in household.

Day Trip: On September 10th, 2019, Le Roy Stafford Senior Citizens have organized a day trip with an interactive visit to the Niagara Power Authority. We will be enjoying a Supreme Buffet Luncheon at Pane’s Restaurant. Wine & chocolate tasting experience at A Gust Of Sun and a shopping experience at Gordie Harper’s Bazaar. Per person cost is $60. The bus will depart from the parking lot at Tops Supermarket in Le Roy at 8am with an estimated return time of 6pm. Reservations and payment in full is due by August 26th. Info./Register: Rosemary Miller 585-506-5233. Hope you can join us! Foodlink Free Mobile Food Pantry at Stafford - The Stafford United Methodist Church is working in partnership with Foodlink of Rochester to sponsor the Foodlink Free Mobile Food Pantry on Friday, August 30th, from 4-5:30 PM. It will be held at the Stafford Fire Dept., located at 6153 Main Rd., Stafford. The exact items are not known, but fresh produce is always available. Food is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last. There is no income or ID requirement, but recipients must be 18 yrs. of age and provide their own bags and transportation.

Premium Bedding and Gel Active foam collection. Exp. 8/31/19 Prior sales excluded.



Now located inside the store!

309 Ellicott St., Batavia

343-0754 Hours: M 9-7; T, W, F 9-5; Th 9-7; Sat. 10-3

Carpets & Bedding

Prior Sales Excluded

Many communities come alive during the warmer weather, hosting an array of locally driven events. People looking for a day of entertainment or an evening of excitement may be able to find an event that’s just a short car ride away.

INFLUENTIAL JAZZ MUSICIANS Scott Joplin (c. 1868-1917): Born into a musical family that included his mother, a singer and banjo player, and his father, a violist, Scott Joplin grew up in Texarkana, learning to play the guitar and later the piano at a very young age. By the time Joplin was a teenager, he was working as a traveling musician and eventually became the foremost composer of ragtime jazz. notes that Joplin was a true student of music, studying at the George R. Smith College for Negroes in Missouri during the 1890s. Though one of history’s most celebrated jazz musicians, Joplin also composed ballets and operas.



Free Summer

Under The Stars Tom Wahl’s® Picnic Pavilion • Rt. 5&20, Avon TUESDAY NIGHT CONCERTS 7:30-10:00pm

Tuesday, Aug. 20

Batavia Swing Band

RAIN OR SHINE FREE CONCERTS In the event that seating is inadequate, please bring your own chairs.

Events should occur on a specific date at a specific time. Due to the increasing number of submissions, we will no longer be able to publish the following items: • Businesses/schools seeking registration for classes or programs • Organizations seeking Crafters or Vendors • Organizations seeking donations of items Genesee Valley Penny Saver reserves the right to approve/reject events for publication. EVENTS DEADLINE: Monday, 2 weeks prior to publication date. 60 word limit for events wishing to be published in print. Log in to your account or register on our website to start submitting your events today! Events are published in the Penny Saver as space allows. REGISTER AND SUBMIT YOUR EVENT ONLINE AT: Click on “My Hometown” then click “Submit Event.” Events may also be submitted at: 1471 Route 15, Avon, NY 14414 View more Hometown Events online at GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

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FULL-SIZE BOX SPRING. You pick up: 585-538-2790

HIDE-A-BED COUCH in very good condition: 315-536-4029

RAYOVAC EXTRA ADVANCED HEARING AID BATTERIES (size 10). Ten packets of six, exp. 4/2023. Canandaigua: 585-394-5874

VINTAGE STINGRAY/MUSCLE BIKES (or parts) wanted. If you’ve been holding onto it and want to get rid of, call me: 585-301-8346


ANTIQUE TEACUPS: China, porcelain, etc. ANTIQUE DISHWARE. Drop off needed in Batavia: 716-353-3127

3-PIECE ENTERTAINMENT CENTER can be repurposed into bookcases. You pick up: 585-261-0164

COUNTERTOP that measures no larger than 32”W. In very good condition: 585-482-3962

PLASTIC TUBING FOR OXYGEN TANKS. You pick up Lakeville: 585-346-9777

Used DOOR for a basement in good condition. Without frame. Standard 28”W x 79”L (no larger than 29”W): 585-482-3962

Large quantity of TY BEANIE BABIES, all sizes. Prefer a nonprofit organization: 585-346-9777

REEL TO REEL TAPE MACHINE and an 8 TRACK PLAYER in good working order:

ORIGINAL PIRATE-THEMED VBS CURRICULUM complete with skits, costumes, great props & decorations, lessons. First come, takes it! Text: 585-764-6810

14 FT. ALUMINUM CANOE: 585-371-2633

MATERIAL SCRAPS to make a quilt or whatever project: 585-424-5993

New/gently used, EASY TO FOLD WHEELCHAIR, for my mother in Brockport area:

OLD BOATS, BOAT PARTS, MOTOR – anything boat related: 585-456-3916

13 containers of HIGH CALORIE BOOST and 11 bottles of CARNATION BREAKFAST ESSENTIALS. All unopened: 585-201-7009

STRAW BALES for animal bedding and LOCAL HONEY PRODUCER: 585-637-0933

Large quantity of FABRIC SAMPLE BOOKS, different sizes. Great for projects: 585-734-9121

LIGHTWEIGHT WHEELCHAIR to transport senior. Not heavy: Text 585-748-8531

HAMMOND ORGAN 1973 and/or KIMBALL SPINET PIANO 1975. You pick up near Warsaw: 585-429-0001

PING PONG TABLE: 585-250-2376

28” OLD STYLE BOX TV, heavy. Works just fine. Bought in 2005. You pick up:

VINTAGE ELECTRONIC ITEMS: Radios, Tube Tester, Tubes, Motors, Audio, Microphones, etc. (No TV’s):

1829 PROSPECTOR WOOD STOVE and HITZER WOOD STOVE (can burn coal). Very heavy. You pick up: 585-405-5385

MP3 PLAYERS and IPOD SHUFFLES for a Music of Ages Program. New or used okay as long as they are in working order: 585-815-8501 x400

ELECTRIC HOSPITAL BED. Almost brand new. You pick up: 585-381-0501

STAIRLIFT for a Veteran. Will pick up: 585-554-5313

ELECTRIC LIFT CHAIR. Good condition. Works well: 585-233-6073 SOLID OAK CABINET (76-1/2” x 24” x 18”) with three movable shelves and a CABINET (78-3/4” x 48-3/4” x 21-3/4”), 2 doors and space to hang things: 585-533-9359 ACROSONIC CONSOLE PIANO with bench. Built by Baldwin: 585-473-0387 or 585-624-9439 PERM RODS, large bag, many different sizes and a BLACK PLASTIC APRON for coloring: 585-394-3354

First year teacher looking for CLASSROOM FURNITURE AND SUPPLIES. Large oval rug, mailbox, rocking chair, electric pencil sharpener. Anything appreciated: PLAYER PIANO ROLLS, AUTO-HARP and CANS OF WHITE PAINT: 585-671-1996 please leave message Used or old RAIL FENCE, don’t need post: 585-334-1249 GAS POWERED PUSH MOWER in good working condition for non-profit museum: 585-589-9013

Unearthed a ton of FLAT SHALE ROCKS. Byron area: 585-548-9914

OLD VIDEO GAMES and CONSOLES wanted for needy children. Will pick up: or call 585-285-2446

LONG DRESSER, HEADBOARD & METAL FRAME. No footboard. Needs to be repainted. You pick up: 585-259-2841 or

DIGITAL PROJECTOR in working condition to borrow for a day event: 585-672-5807

Working 32” SONY TV: 585-334-0205

Working LAMINATOR for Scout leader training: 585-339-8659

Submit at under Our Sections - Give & Take - or call 226-8111 x 111 Let us know when your item is taken/you receive what you asked for and we will remove it from the list.

Guidelines: Submissions published as space allows. We reserve the right to decline/edit/omit information. We assume no responsibility for submissions. Submissions must include phone # or email. GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

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Holnbeck Electric

Buy One Burger Get Second One

1/2 OFF

Why risk fires?

Equal or lesser value. Valid Mon.-Thurs. 11am-10pm. Dine-in only. Not valid w/any other specials running. Exp. 9.5.19.

• Troubleshooting specialist • Old house wiring problems, we’ll find it! Serving Batavia area for 65 yrs We do it all • FREE estimates David Holnbeck, Owner 45 years experience

Bourbon & Burger Co. 9 Jackson St. Batavia, NY 14020 (585) 219-4242


Hrs. Mon.-Sat. 11am-2am, Closed Sun.

Custom Memorials

• Portraits • Etchings • Cemetery Lettering • Monument Cleanings Other Services include Veterans Plaques, Urns and more!

Monday-Friday 9-5, Saturday 9-12 Other times/places by appt., including your home. All monuments and etchings done at our Albion warehouse… Come visit for a tour.

But we’d suggest you wear them!


Oakley Monument Company 604 E. Main St., Batavia, NY •

protective booties


with your carpet cleaning!

(585) 343-0022

Thinking about becoming a Home Inspector?

Puzzle Answers This Week

Caparco’s Home Inspection School in Batavia is the premier NY State affiliated hands-on inspection training school offering a full license training course at the lowest possible price. Classes start in September.


Our flexible convenient scheduling makes it simple to join anytime.

Call us today! 585.797.7329 or visit:

Summer tuition includes a FREE Starter Inspection Tool Kit!

BANISH MOSQUITOES FROM YOUR YARD Use fans. Consumer Reports tested the efficacy of oscillating pedestal fans to keep mosquitoes from invading decks and patios and found that such fans cut mosquito landings by 45 to 65 percent for those sitting closest to the fans. When hosting backyard barbecues, homeowners can set up several such fans on their decks and patios to keep mosquitoes at bay.

How Many Left & Right?


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A Look Back… MOMENTS IN TIME The History Channel

Safeguard Your Smile, Wherever You Go (NAPSI) - Smile. It’s vacation time, and there are so many paths to fun and adventure close to home. Try winding your way through the Wisconsin Dells water parks or sailing Lake Superior. So pack your bags, and don’t forget your toothbrush-healthy teeth and gums don’t take a vacation. To help, here are some toothsome tips to protect your oral health en route. Before you go: Now is a good time to think of your last regular dental checkup. If you can’t recall, you might want to check in with your dentist and look for any imminent problems. If you take care of them before you go, it’ll be easier to keep the fun flowing. Have toothbrush, will travel: Whether you’re road-tripping or hopping on a flight, your oral hygiene routine shouldn’t take a backseat to fun. Steer clear of dental troubles with regular brushing and flossing. Visit the travel toiletries section of a drug or discount store. You’ll find plenty of essentials to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy on the go, including travel-sized toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss. Especially handy for long flights or camping: disposable mini toothbrush packs. They don’t require water or toothpaste and fit easily into tiny purses, too.

On Aug. 25, 1835, the start of a six-part series announcing the discovery of life on the moon appears in the New York Sun newspaper. Sales of the paper soared as readers believed the tales about unicorns, two-legged beavers and furry, winged humanoids. Even Yale University scientists were fooled. On Aug. 24, 1873, William Henry Jackson takes the first photographs of Colorado’s elusive Mount of the Holy Cross, providing reliable proof of its existence. The phenomenon formed after thousands of years of erosion of two deep ravines, which by sheltering winter snow from the sun created a perfect cross. On Aug. 19, 1909, the first race is held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. After the unstable rock and tar track caused the deaths of six people that day, the surface was replaced with 3.2 million paving bricks.

Go ahead, vent (your toothbrush). Moist environments breed bacteria, so keep your toothbrush as dry as possible while on the go. A vented toothbrush carrier will do the trick. When you reach your destination, take your toothbrush out of its case so it can dry thoroughly. Keep it away from the sink and at least several feet from the toilet. (Flushing makes bacteria airborne.) Water you waiting for? Everyone should have a personal water bottle that’s easy to hold and carry. You’ll be less tempted by sodas and sugary drinks that aren’t very sweet to your teeth, and more likely to drink water. “Drinking water, especially fluoridated water, helps reduce cavities and protects precious tooth enamel by washing away harmful acids and bacteria,” explained Dr. Fred Eichmiller, Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Delta Dental of Wisconsin. “And if you add ice to cool down your drink, don’t chew it. Ice cubes can crack open fillings-which can crash the best vacation plans.” Swish, rinse, repeat: If you can’t brush after indulging in sticky, sweet treats (such as s’mores), just swish. Keep water nearby while you’re traveling. Dr. Eichmiller encourages patients to make a habit of swishing after meals in any case to clear lingering food particles from your mouth. Brace for emergencies: If you or anyone you’re traveling with has orthodontia, it’s smart to pack some dental wax. If a bracket or wire pops loose, the wax will protect your gums and mouth from injury until you can see your orthodontist. Do you develop canker sores from spicy or salty indulgences? Then remember to pack a small tube of benzocaine (over-the-counter topical anesthetic). Applying ice or rinsing with warm salt water can also help. Gum’s the word: Sugar-free gum can be a lifesaver after meals on the go, especially if you can’t brush away food particles. Gum chewing greatly increases the production of saliva, which can help reduce tooth decay. It can also satisfy your sweet tooth, so you can say no to snacks that are high in sugar. The best vacation photos are the ones in which everybody’s smiling. So keep these tooth-saving tips in mind wherever you wander-and enjoy. You don’t have to let dental difficulties take a bite out of your vacation enjoyment. GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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HOMETOWN Genesee County Office for the Aging People 60 and over are invited to attend senior citizen noon meals in Genesee County. To make or cancel reservations, please call: Batavia, 343-1611; Havenwood, 344-1260; Bethany, 356-5622; Corfu, 599-3248; Leisuretimers, 542-5984

Week of: Aug. 19-Aug. 23, 2019


Wednesday: (Batavia, East Bethany, & Havenwood) Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes Peas, WW Bread, Applesauce Thursday: (Corfu, Havenwood, & Leisuretimers) Cold Meal Vit. C Juice, Roast Beef/Rye Bread 3 Bean Salad, Hawaiian Dessert Friday: (Batavia & Havenwood) Cheese Tortellini/Meat Sauce Broccoli Florets, Multigrain Bread/Butter, Diced Pears Monday: (Batavia & Havenwood) Vitamin C Juice, Sliced Ham Sweet Potatoes, Lima Beans MG Bread, Ice Cream Cup Tuesday: (Havenwood & Leisuretimers) Veal Parmesan, Brown Rice Cauliflower, MG Bread, Fruit Cocktail

HOW TO MAINTAIN MENTAL ACUITY Read more. Avid readers may be happy to learn that one of their favorite pastimes can improve the efficiency of their cognitive systems while delaying such systems’ decline. A 2013 study published in the journal Neurology by researchers at Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center found that mentally active lifestyles may not prevent the formations of plaques and tangles associated with Alzheimer’s disease, but such lifestyles decreases the likelihood that the presence of plaques or tangles will impair cognitive function.


Washington Towers Smoke-free building

HUD Subsidized Senior Housing 1 State Street in the City of Batavia Rent based on income Check out our WEBSITE:

Standard 1 BR Available Soon!


Serving the community since 1981 See pictures: Download forms including an application. Find links to HUD information.


Managed by VJ Gautieri Constructors

Turning 65 was easy…


Understanding Medicare isn’t!

1. 18 years and counting! Avon varsity basketball team competes at the St. Bonaventure Summer Camp!

I’m here to help with signing up for Medicare Part A and Part B

2. Feet Up; Sun Down!

John McGowan is an independent healthcare broker who represents many different insurance companies. This insures you get the right policy for your needs.

Call John McGowan to schedule an appointment 41 Liberty St. • Batavia • 585.297.4307 GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

We Want Your Photos!

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3. Landon keeps his John Deere clean! 4. Marley M., Liam T., Liam W., and Lily W. making fun summer memories!




Attention: Ford/Lincoln/ Mercury Owners In the absence of a local Ford dealer

Dan’s Tire & Auto Service Center


all of your vehicles’ repair needs, including Ford Diesels. We have full access to Ford/Motorcraft parts, repair manuals, & service bulletins. e AAA Winner of th ward for Top Shop A

585-343-7210 48 Batavia City Centre



Make An Appointment Today!


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HOROSCOPE ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Despite your Aries penchant for wanting to tackle a problem head-on, you might want to take a little more time to see how a current situation develops. It could surprise you. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Taking on the role of peacemaker in a disruptive environment is a challenge. But you can do it. Just continue to have the same faith in yourself that so many others have in you. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Although your work schedule keeps you busy, you should make time to start preparing for that important upcoming family event you’ll want to celebrate in a special way. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Home is where the Moon Child wants to be early in the week. But by week’s end, a chance to travel raises her or his excitement level, and that of the lucky person who gets to go along. LEO (July 23 to August 22) Be careful not to be a copycat when dealing with someone who uses unfair or even unkind methods to reach a goal. As always, do the right thing the right way, and you’ll win in the end. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) An offer could have many good things attached to it that are not apparent at first glance, including a chance to move into another career area. You might want to check out its possibilities. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) With responsibilities surging both in the workplace and in the home, it’s important to prioritize how you deal with them. Be patient. Pressures will begin to ease starting early next week. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) A positive reaction to a suggestion could indicate that you’re on track for getting your message to the right people. Devote the weekend to catching up with the special people in your life. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) A new attitude from those in charge could make things difficult for you unless you can accept the changes without feeling as if you’re being pressured into doing so. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Family matters once again dominate much of the week. But don’t neglect your workplace duties while you deal with them. An offer to help could come from a surprising source. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) A difficult workplace situation begins to ease, but there still are matters that need to be dealt with before it’s fully resolved. There’s also a more positive turn in domestic relationships. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Don’t let yourself be rushed into making a decision about an intriguing financial arrangement. Asking questions and checking it out now could pay off in a big way later on. BORN THIS WEEK: You might have a tendency to be more than a bit judgmental, but others understand it comes from a warm, loving heart.

Download the Zappar app then tap on a car for more information!


2018 RAM 1500 QUAD 4X4

$29,630 MSRP #JC877

$41,490 MSRP #RP741

Everyone Qualifies!

$10,000 SAVINGS!

BUY 0% FOR 72 MOS*



LEASE $189/MO.** 2019 1500 QUAD 4X4



2018 RAM 2500 CREW 4X4

$42,170 MSRP #RP753

$61,440 MSRP #RP743

25% OFF!


$10,000 SAVINGS!









*Buy OAC through Chrysler Capital. Plus tax & fees. **Lease is 42 mos/10,000 mi./yr. OAC through Chrysler Captial w/$3,000 down, 1st payment, taxes & fees.

M any elements of vehicle maintenance become second nature to drivers once they have a few months of driving under their belts. Oil changes, routine checkups and periodic vehicle inspections can keep cars runn ing smoothly and safely on the road. But few drivers remember to maintain their headlights, a potentiall y dangerous oversight that can compromise the safety of drivers and their fellow motorists.

(c) 2019 King Features Synd., Inc.


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Sal Salmm on on Orthodontic Orthodontics s


Beautiful smiles enhance self-confidence & self-esteem.

• Were you embarrassed this summer to wear sandals or go barefoot because of thick, yellow nails? Now’s the time to get treatment. • If left untreated, fungal toenails can cause: recurring athlete’s foot, infected ingrown toenails (requiring surgery) and discomfort wearing shoes, not to mention their unsightly appearance. • Patients with diabetes, poor circulation, and numbness to their feet can develop more serious complications. • There are safer, new topical medications available to help cure fungal toenails. • A simple one a day pill for 3 months will usually cure fungal toenails within 6-9 months from the start of treatment. • Treatment now may result in clear, thinner nails for the year 2016. • Call now for an appointment to determine if you’re a candidate for this newer treatment.

Spe Special cialist ist ww ith ith 5A Batavia City Centre Batavia

116 North Center St. Perry

(585) 344-0775 (585) 237-2410


281 Main St. Arcade

(716) 492-5161

Ankle and Foot Centers of WNY Medicine and Surgery of the Foot and Ankle Dr. George R. Vito, DPM, FACFAS


Heel Pain - Bunions - Hammertoes - Neuromas - Bone Spurs Fractures of the Foot and Ankle, Diabetic Foot Care, Orthotics, Ingrown Nails Reconstruction of the Diabetic Foot and Ankle PRP INJECTIONS FOR CHRONIC FOOT AND ANKLE PAIN

Batavia • 2 State Street • 343-8150



8745 Lake Street Rd, LeRoy, NY

Mental side effects Stress can have an adverse effect on mood and has even been linked to depression, which the World Health Organization reports is the leading cause of disability across the globe. People suffering from stress also may experience anxiety, restlessness and feelings of being overwhelmed. In addition, stress can compromise a person’s ability to focus, adversely affecting a person’s ability to complete their work-related tasks. That’s not insignificant, as 61 percent of respondents in the 2017 “Stress in America” survey reported that work was a significant source of their stress.



We Care About ut

Your Smiles by Dr. Steve Sokolovskiy

YOUR CHANCE TO GET EVEN The first thing that someone notices about you is your smile. At a glance, people can tell whether your teeth are discolored, positioned correctly, and evenly aligned. Tooth shape is an underlying factor when it comes to tooth alignment. Teeth that are positioned correctly can still look crooked if they are severely out of shape. Because teeth wear down at different rates, they can be different lengths. Chipped teeth can also make teeth look jagged and uneven. Fortunately, these and other problems can be corrected with a simple cosmetic procedure known as “enameloplasty” (or “tooth reshaping”). By gently removing some of the tooth enamel, the dentist can fix minor imperfections and contour teeth to your satisfaction.

When you look in the mirror, are you happy with the way your teeth look? Are you pleased with the smile you present to the world? If you answered, “No” to either question, BATAVIA FAMILY DENTAL would like to help the way you see yourself. Schedule a consultation today for full service dental care that can change the way the world sees you. Our office is located at 6 Batavia City Centre and weíre waiting for your call at 585.343.4246. P.S. Cosmetic contouring, which includes polishing, generally takes less than a half hour. GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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Cholesterol Plummets After Giving Up Bread ---

DEAR DR. ROACH: Something’s been puzzling me. I’m a 71-year-old female, and my cholesterol tends to hover around the 240 mark. However, I had to give up bread for several weeks due to oral surgery, and my next blood test results showed my cholesterol had plummeted 40 points, to 206. (I actually had them double-check, since I thought they had given me someone else’s report!) I asked my doctor about this, but he didn’t know of any reason for it to happen. My husband thinks it may have something to do with the yeast. Do you have any ideas? -- R.R. ANSWER: No, I don’t think it’s the yeast; I think it’s because you are eating fewer carbohydrates from bread, which get quickly converted to sugar and enters the blood. Sugar has effects on blood cholesterol (especially on triglycerides). Although a 20 percent drop is higher than the average, it’s not out of the expected range. The other thing that is often forgotten is what you changed your diet to. If you ate overall fewer calories, you may have lost a few pounds, and sometimes that can have a big beneficial effect on cholesterol. It also may be the case that you ate more fiber from vegetables, nuts and fruits, which in itself can help reduce cholesterol. It was wise to double-check, because although the lab only rarely makes mistakes, the level in the body does vary a bit. It’s possible that the 240 was higher than your average and the 206 was lower. Following the trend helps prevent those kinds of errors. ***

DEAR DR. ROACH: There is a lot of information about how much one should exercise that doesn’t seem to apply to seniors. I am a 76-year-old man in acceptable health for my age. I have never fallen, but my balance has declined some. I walk about 30 leisurely minutes a day, but I wouldn’t say any of the walk could be defined as “cardio.” When walking on uneven ground, I use a walking stick. I am active in my yard; I mow my lawns and tend vegetable and flower beds. Is this enough of an exercise regimen? -- L.S. ANSWER: You are doing a lot better than most people who are 76. The optimal for you depends, because your exercise regimen has to work for your life. I can say that people who exercise a bit more than you do (including some work with weights and some more vigorous exercise to get the heart rate up -- that’s what defines “cardio”) are likely to have a slightly lower risk of many diseases; however, it’s very wise to be cautious when you have a balance issue, even if you have never fallen. Using a walking stick is great if it helps you (many people have written to say that they use one or two sticks to help maintain balance). What you don’t want is an exercise regimen that you won’t like to do, because people quickly quit exercising if they aren’t enjoying at least some aspect of it. So, keep doing what you are doing: It will help prevent loss of balance, strength and function. Dr. Roach regrets that he is unable to answer individual letters, but will incorporate them in the column whenever possible. Readers may email questions to ©2019 North America Synd., Inc. All Rights Reserved GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

ACROSS 1 5 9 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 23 25 28 32 33 34 36 37 38 39 42 44 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56


ABC daytime offering, with “The” Sand hill Letterman’s network Con Egg “The Greatest” Proper subject? Obtains Play on words Oklahoma city Felon’s flight Dweeb Individual Green, in a sense Pesky pincered insect Worldwide Dentist’s directive Presses Giggly sound Outstanding, as debt Tin Man’s need Sun. discourse Distort “-- been had!” Doctrines Expert “Yeah, right” Speed along Anger Grand Birthright barterer Blazed a trail Teen hangout “Yesterday,” “Today” or “Tomorrow”

This week’s puzzle answer is


Barn-roof decoration Aware of Needle case Look, but don’t buy Fairway bend Eye layer Eggnog sprinkling Ambulance org. Mob boss Unclear image Go down Ticket-holders’ winnings JapaneseAmericans “Crazy” singer Patsy Small salamander Beer cousin Fish eggs Feathery wrap Blackbird “Acid” Biblical prophet Handy Cry like a banshee Farm fraction Clarinetist’s need String instrument Mediocre Complain Overconfident $ dispenser

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 20 22 24 25 26 27 29 30 31 35 36 39 40 41 43 45 46 47 49

elsewhere in this paper.

The Crossword Puzzle is provided by Tribune Media Services. Any questions or comments should be made to 1-800-346-8798.

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Recently, we surveyed you, our advertisers. Thank you for your responses. Here are a few… 100% satisfaction Have advertised for many years and

have always been pleased... thank you.


VERY happy with my ROI

I have had nothing

but good experiences when advertising with you.

Excellent customer service! Always a great experience working with the folks at GVPS

I have been a client for 30 years and I have had very few complaints!

Great staff, very helpful! We love the Penny Saver -it gets the word out to all our potential supporters.

We appreciate the wide, regional

coverage. Love that I can

extend my ad to many areas Call Us Toll Free


at a reasonable price.

Dedicated to helping you reach your customers! GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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PUBLIC AUCTION OF A SINGLE-FAMILY RESIDENCE, Tues., Aug. 27, 6 p.m., 11095 Warner Rd., Darien, NY. 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, 1,980 sq. ft., assessed at $187,273, new roof 2018, whole house generator, air conditioning. 2 large pole barn structures, 4.1-acre lot, well water and septic. Attica school district. OPEN HOUSE: August 21, 11am-1pm. TERMS: Sold subject to seller’s acceptance of final bid. 10% Buyer’s Premium. $25,000 deposit auction day. Closing in 45 days. See www. for photos & details.


8975 Wortendyke Rd., Batavia, NY 14020 Auction Center Office • (585) 343-4529

Auction to be held at Batavia Self Storage, 45 Liberty St., Batavia, NY. Notice given to the following of units being sold: Scott R. Karnas – unit 0082; Jessica Costley – unit57B. TERMS: Full payment auction day, 13% Buyer’s Premium, 3% discount for cash or good check.


8975 Wortendyke Rd., Batavia, NY 14020 Auction Center Office • (585) 343-4529

Preowned Items Can Be Good For The Environment Visit consignment stores: Consignment shops and Goodwill(R) stores are popular places to buy preowned items. These stores take donations or offer items for sale on consignment, which means once sold the person who provided the item gets a portion of the sale. When browsing the racks of these stores, it’s possible to discover highend items mixed in with less expensive items. Shoppers may find designer handbags and clothing for much less than they would sell at retail, especially if the pieces are one or two seasons old. Relying on these stores to supplement classic wardrobe pieces is cost-effective and beneficial to the environment. If you regularly shop consignment stores, you can develop a rapport with the shopkeeper, who may alert you when new items are available.

Auctioneers, Realtors & Appraisers

The WNY Gas & Steam Engine Association, in conjunction with Bontrager Real Estate & Auction Service will hold an


10294 Gillate Rd., Alexander, NY Thursday, September 5, starting at 12 Noon

4 bedrooms, 2 bath, 1,732 sq. ft., natural gas boiler & hot water tank, 100 watt electrical service, assessed at $60,900, 40 ft. x 195.25 ft. lot, Oakfield-Alabama school district. Public water and sewer. TERMS: Sold subject to seller’s acceptance of final bid. 10% Buyer’s Premium. $10,000 deposit auction day. Closing in 45 days. See for photos & details.

The auction will feature a collection of tractors, vehicles, tools, ag-related items & much more! Call 585-343-4529 to consign items. Consignments may be delivered to auction location Sept. 2 - Sept. 5, 8am-5pm. Loader available on site. See for list & photos. TERMS: Cash, Approved Check w/ID, MC/VISA, 13% B/P. 3% discount for cash or good check.

8975 Wortendyke Rd., Batavia, NY 14020 Auction Center Office • (585) 343-4529

8975 Wortendyke Rd., Batavia, NY 14020 Auction Center Office • (585) 343-4529 GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

Phone (585) 494-1880 59 South Lake Avenue Bergen, New York 14416


Thurs., Aug. 22, 6 p.m., 43 S. Pearl St., Oakfield, NY.


PARCEL 1: Selling will be 10 wooded acres with 1486 sq ft ranch cabin, 20 x 40 Amish built pole barn, outbuilding and spring fed pond. Assessed for $127,800, Sells for $50,000 or above. PARCEL 2: 5.2 wooded acres and pond. Assessed for $39,100, Sells for $10,000 or above. $10,000 deposit required to bid on parcel 1 and $3,000 deposit required to bid on parcel 2. OPEN HOUSES: Sat., 8-24 from 10-11 A.M., Sat., 8-31 10-11 A.M. and Sat., 9-7 from 10-11 A.M. Please see for pictures and descriptions or call Shelly at 585-683-0995 or Penne at 585-303-2325. TERMS: 10% Buyer’s Premium.



11:00 A.M.

Auction to be held at 3518 Six Ponds Lane, off of Italy Hill Rd. 4 miles West of Branchport N.Y.

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STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY COURT, GENESEE COUNTY In the Matter of the Foreclosure of Tax Liens by Proceeding In Rem pursuant to Article Eleven of the Real Property Tax Law by the City of Batavia, New York PETITION AND NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE Index No. 67728 The above-captioned proceeding is hereby commenced to enforce the payment of delinquent taxes or other lawful charges which have accumulated and become liens against certain property. The parcels to which this proceeding applies are identified on Schedule A of this Petition, which is annexed hereto and made a part hereof. This document serves both as a Petition of Foreclosure and a Notice of Foreclosure for purposes of this proceeding. Effect of filing: All persons having or claiming to have an interest in the real property described in this petition are hereby notified that the filing of this petition constitutes the commencement by the Tax District of a proceeding in the court specified in the caption above to foreclosure each of the tax liens therein described by a foreclosure proceeding in rem. Nature of proceeding: This proceeding is brought against the real property only and is to foreclose the tax liens described in this petition. No personal judgment will be entered herein for such taxes or other legal charges or any part thereof. Persons affected: This notice is directed to all persons owning or having or claiming to have an interest in the real property described in this petition. Such persons are hereby notified further that a duplicate of this petition has been filed in the office of the Enforcing Officer of the Tax District and will remain open for public inspection up to an including the date specified below as the last day for redemption. Right of redemption. Any person having or claiming to have an interest in any such real property and the legal right thereto may on or before said date redeem the same by paying the amount of all such unpaid tax liens thereon, including all interest and penalties and other legal charges which are included in the lien against such real property, computed to and including the date of redemption. Such payments shall be made to Heidi J. Parker, City of Batavia Clerk/Treasurer at City Hall, Clerk’s Office, One Batavia City Centre, Batavia, New York 14020. In the event that such taxes are paid by a person other than the record owner of such real property, the person so paying shall be entitled to have the tax liens affected thereby satisfied of record. Last day for redemption: The last day for redemption is hereby fixed as the 25th day of October, 2019. Service of answer: Every person having any right, title or interest in or lien upon any parcel of real property described in this petition may serve a duly verified answer upon the attorney for the Tax District setting forth in detail the nature and amount of his or her interest and any defense or objection to the foreclosure. Such answer must be filed in the Office of the County Clerk and served upon the attorney for the Tax District on or before the date above mentioned as the last day for redemption. Failure to redeem or answer: In the event of failure to redeem or answer by any person having the right to redeem or answer, such person shall be forever barred and foreclosed of all his or her right, title and interest and equity of redemption in and to the parcel described in this petition and a judgment in foreclosure may be taken by default. I, Heidi J. Parker, being duly sworn, depose and say: I am the Enforcing Officer for the City of Batavia, New York. I have read this Petition which I have signed, and I am familiar with its contents. The contents of this Petition are true to the best of my knowledge, based upon the records of the City of Batavia I do not know of any errors or omissions in this Petition.

Dated: July 22, 2019 Enforcing Officer:

Heidi J. Parker City of Batavia Clerk/Treasurer

Heidi J. Parker

State of New York ) County of Genesee ) ss Sworn before me this 22 day of July, 2019:


UNDERBERG & KESSLER LLP GEORGE S. VAN NEST, ESQ. Attorneys for the City of Batavia 50 Fountain Plaza Suite 320 Buffalo, New York 14202 (716)848-9000

TAX ENFORCEMENT NOTIFICATION STATE OF NEW YORK Index No.: 67728 COUNTY COURT, GENESEE COUNTY In the Matter of the Foreclosure of Tax Liens by Proceeding In Rem pursuant to Article Eleven of the Real Property Tax Law by the City of Batavia, New York The above-captioned proceeding is hereby commenced to enforce You are presumed to own or have a legal interest in one or more of the parcels of real property described on the enclosed petition of foreclosure. A proceeding to foreclose on such property based upon the failure to pay real property taxes has been commenced. Foreclosure will result in the loss of ownership of such property and all rights in that property. To avoid loss of ownership. or of any other rights in the property, all unpaid taxes and other legal charges must be paid prior to October 25, 2019 or you must interpose a duly verified answer in the proceeding. You may make payment to Heidi J. Parker, City of Batavia Clerk/ Treasurer at City Hall, Clerk’s Office, One Batavia City Centre, Batavia, New York 14020 in the amount of all such unpaid taxes and legal charges prior to that date. You may wish to contact an attorney to protect your rights. After October 25, 2019, a court will transfer the title of the property to the City of Batavia, New York by means of a court judgment. Should you have any questions regarding this notice, please call Heidi J. Parker, City of Batavia Clerk/Treasurer at City Hall, Clerk’s Office, One Batavia City Centre, Batavia, New York 14020 at (585) 345-6305. Dated: July 22, 2019 SCHEDULE A FORECLOSURE PROPERTIES Residential Tax Map No.


Commercial Tax Map No.



MG Services, LLC


12 Batavia City Centre

Seneca Powers Partners, LP Alliance Energy


163 Cedar Street Rear

Hadibaig Management Co., LLC


561-563 East Main Street

Wesley W. Winters Shirley M. Winters


32 Edward Street

Alliance Energy



Charles Sorce, Jr. Mary M. Sorce


218 West Main Street

Dawson Development Corp. Mark E. Shephard/Kim S. Shephard Albert Polk/Peggy Jean Polk Darin P. Florian Neil Kiersz Rina Mee Joseph K. Schlossel/ Michelle V. Schlossel John Wahr Ronald N. Dyer/Betty Jo Dyer/Brian Dyer Kathleen D. Montreal/Donald P. Myers Richard H. Lewis/Brooke Wenner/Philip Ayala Mary Z. Smith Michael Howe


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84.057-1-17 84.040-2-47 85.013-1-27 84.033-2-25 84.018-1-13 84.066-2-76 84.020-3-51 84.035-1-44 84.034-1-3 84.032-1-8 84.034-2-20 84.026-1-28 84.007-1-21


Address 5-7 Dawson Place 34 Dellinger Avenue 697 East Main Street 34-38 Hutchins Place 12 Law Street 117 Liberty Street 28 Linwood Avenue 20 Manhattan Avenue 106 North Street 50 Oak Street 136 Summit Street 114 Tracy Avenue 3 Willow Street


Ready. Set.

Let’s Celebrate Banquet Facility up to 500 Guests • Anniversaries • Retirements • Corporate Events • Birthdays • Weddings


Catering Services Available!

Alexander Fire Dept.

Banquet Facility

10708 Alexander Rd. (Rt. 98) • Alexander, NY


Food trucks: Trendy couples can treat guests to another special component toward the end of the reception. A takeout style food truck order can serve as a fourth or fifth course.


Civil ceremony: A marriage ceremony conducted by a council official or justice of the peace at a municipal location rather than in a house of worship.


& much more

Penny Lane

1471 ROUTE 15 AVON, NEW YORK 14414

Invitation Sets Save the Dates Programs Menus Table Cards Thank You Cards Wine Glasses Wedding Favors

Interactive Ad



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Tool & Equipment Rental

Attention College Students! Large Selection Of Starting at

Floor Sanders, Backhoes, Lawn & Garden Equipment & more! No deposits required. Reservations encouraged. Check out our complete list of rentals on our website.

Carpet Remnants 50¢/sq.ft. Up to 6 Ft.

FREE ESTIMATES • ALWAYS HAVE… ALWAYS "WILL!" 651 E. Main Street, Batavia • 343-7830 Mon.-Wed. 8:30am-5:30pm; Thurs. & Fri. 8:30am-7:30pm; Sat. till 3pm

Proudly Serving Our Community For 26 Years

*Financing available to qualified applicants

* Binding Service Available


111 CEDAR St. • BATAVIA • 585-343-4899



Pellet Early Buy! Instant Heat Pellets $




Fully Insured • Call Now For A FREE ESTIMATE

Offer ends 8/31/19 Cash or check only. Call for details. 81 Lake St., LeRoy


LeRoy Hearth & Home 7149 W. Main Rd. • LeRoy • (585) 502-0139

Like us on

We take pride in our work, and it shows! • Roofing • Siding • Windows

• Metal Roofs • Gutter Installation & Cleaning Time tested since 1945

“IT’S WHAT WE DO!” 5 Year Warranty • Free Estimates


Commercial • Industrial • Residential ●

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111


Member of



Walkways Retaining Walls Hardscapes Lawn Mowing Bulk Mulch Stone Play Sand Lawn Fertilization

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TIPS TO MAKE AN OLDER HOME MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT Insulate basement headers. Uninsulated basement headers are common, especially in older homes. They can act as a gateway for heated air to escape. Fixing the problem is fast and easy. Simply cut stone wool insulation to fit the cavity and compress into place. Doing this throughout your basement will prevent heat loss and can potentially save hundreds of dollars each year.





MASONRY REPAIRS Foundations, Porches, Stone, Chimneys, Basement Waterproofing Small jobs welcome.

FREE ESTIMATES Reasonable Prices.

Quick Response to All Calls

Call Jerry 585.590.9564


Install, Protect & Repair Asphalt Milling & Striping Patching star ng at $500 Paving: Commerical & Residen al


Cherry Scented

Over 25 years of experience



Rob Stiles • 585.734.3060 TREE SERVICES


TheTreeService • Free Estimates • Fully Insured

For all your tree removal and trimming needs.


Office: 585-318-4138 Tom Miesch 585-353-6927 Accepted

proudly serving the Tri-County area.


D.G. Cassiano Excavating, LLC • Water Line Services • New Stone Driveways & Parking Pads • Trucking: Driveway Stone/Gravel/ Sand/Topsoil - All delivered • Septic Tanks, D-Box, Septic Systems Installed & Repaired Fully Insured


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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Free Estimates

Oakfield, NY • (585) 948-9042 BATAVIA EDITION


Sponsored By:

KORNER joke corner!

Which circus performers can see in the dark? (Answer: The acro-bats!)

Did you hear about the human cannonball? (Answer: (He got fired!)

Did you hear about the fire at the circus? (Answer: (The heat was in-tents!)

Look for more activities!


shadow match the clowns! Find the clowns matching shadows! Draw a line to the correct one.

Post your photos on social with #gvpsmuckdogs or online at

HOW MANY LEFT & Right? How many elephants are facing right & how many are facing left? Write in the number below!

Left? ____ Right?____ View more games at GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

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submissions is Tuesday at noon

Tues. @ 4:00PM Fairport-PenfieldWebster PittsfordEast Rochester Wed. @ 10:00AM Eastway Wed. @ 12:00PM Canandaigua-Naples Rush-Henrietta

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Easily place a classified using one of the three options below: Complete the online form at: Choose Your Category: ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

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GRAND TOTAL ................................ $ _________ Payment: ___ Cash ___Check ___CC ___Money Order BATAVIA EDITION


Submit photos and captions at


under My Hometown

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Eric Gott, Larry VanNorman and friend are three Livonians that make living in Upstate New York special. Thanks for stopping to help me get my lawn mower unstuck. It’s neighbors like you that make a real difference! Thanks again!

On July 22nd, my husband and I went shopping at Wal-Mart. I thought my purse had been stolen. Upon reporting it to security, she told me it wasn’t stolen. I had left it on the counter in the sewing area and someone turned it in. I want to thank that person for doing the right thing. Thank you! While it is true that the Earth has dealt with many eons of climate change, the issue we are facing is accelerated climate change. We are actually at the tail end of an ice age, believe it or not, and the Earth that we know is warming up quicker than it has ever done in the past. Why is this? Because we are not using renewable energy sources, and we are polluting our planet. In a matter of generations, we have essentially killed the planet. Wind farms and solar energy are in fact the way to go compared to our current coal and oil energy sources, which are dumping out how much pollution? Heaven forbid you see a wind turbine in your field of vision. If you want to be truly accurate, nuclear energy tops all the energy suppliers out there.


I want to say Thank You to law enforcement and anyone else who protects society from criminals. It breaks my heart to see our ‘Men and Women in Blue’ who are being treated badly, especially by those who are misbehaving and undisciplined. They are disrespecting our men and women in blue, and our military, too, especially in Thanks to Dave Coty [local city]. Do the right thing and the Town of Livonia by supporting those who put crew for making our roads their lives on the line every safer for travel. We greatly day for strangers. Thank appreciate the guard You to all law enforcement rails you installed at a personnel, our military potentially unsafe culvert at personnel and those who the bottom of a hill where respect and support these ice forms, deer cross and men and women. The problem a deep ravine all come is not just the actions of together. disrespectful people, but it is Many thanks from also the silence of the good a grateful traveler Climate Change is real, and it is happening. The UN released a report stating that close to 1 million plant and animal species are near extinction and that the causes are all manmade. Wildfires are bigger and fiercer; storms are getting stronger; climate change is all around us. We need to have more solar farms or wind turbines to reduce emissions from coal and gas power plants. I would like to live in a world where the polar ice caps remain, the coasts are not flooded and 100-degree days are not the norm.

group holds up a table for the server; they get only a certain number of tables. You definitely wouldn’t like it if the shoe were on the other foot. You would no doubt be yelling and hollering about not being treated fairly. So, next time you go to a restaurant, don’t spend so much, so that you will be able to give a decent tip or just go to a fast food joint to eat.

We all like to be appreciated. Between my Mom, Dad and myself, we have each leased cars from one dealer for four years. I just switched to another Servers depend on tips dealer. Is it too much to ask for their salary. If you that your salesman call you come into a restaurant, after you’ve had the car for with a group especially, and a week or so, not only to get good service, then tip thank you for your business accordingly. A five-dollar but also as a courtesy to see tip for a bill well over $100 how you like the vehicle? is not acceptable! Your Maybe I am old-fashioned,

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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people who do not defend those who enforce our laws. About the Circle in Avon Village - looks great! The hanging baskets & flower beds are beautiful and a pleasure to drive by! Congrats to TOPS (LeRoy) on their recent remodeling job! Looks great; produce department is especially nicely updated. A Regular Customer

but I, for one, would have liked to receive that call. I asked my neighbor if I could place a political sign in his yard for the June primary. A few days after I placed my sign, a different sign appeared next to it. The day after the primary, I removed my sign. Two days later, my neighbor called me to see if I was going to remove the other sign. I informed him I did not place another sign in his yard. My neighbor assumed it was me and was furious to learn the sign was placed without permission. I’ve since learned several signs were placed throughout the county without permission. This is not right!



W E ST M A I N W IN E & SP I R I TS, L L C ALEXANDER: 4280 DryBridge Road. 8/16-17 (8-2pm). YARD SALE. 15” tires w/rims, fridge/freezer w/ icemaker, youth dresser w/ nightstand, boy’s/men´s clothing, ATV helmet, more! CORFU: 2369 Pratt Road (bridge out, follow detour). 8/23-25 (9-5pm). LARGE MULTIFAMILY DOWNSIZING SALE. Rain/shine. Forty five years of accumulation. Antiques, primitives, Haviland China, oak furniture (Larkin secretary), Roycroft books, maple hutch, wood outdoor furniture, lanterns, crocks and lots more. Don’t miss this one! ATTICA: 10956 Alexander Road August 16, 17 & 18 (9-4pm) Household sale Amish quilts, snowblower, freezer, furniture, oil lamps, books, too much to list. No Early Birds please. LEROY: Randall and Keeney Roads. August 16, 17, and some 18th (9-3pm) Neighborhood Garage and Yard Sales. Something for everyone, items too numerous to mention. BATAVIA: 9401 Wortendyke Rd. August 24 & 25, (9to4pm) Down Sizing Sale, Lots of interesting items, Moms estate, furniture, antiques, wood stove, old windows, lots of good things, NO Kids Stuff or Clothes.

Seasoned Firewood For Sale


BATAVIA: 18 Trumbull Parkway. Fri.- Sat., 8/23-24 (9-7pm). LARGE MULTIFAMILY GARAGE SALE! Something for everyone. Tons of Pokemon cards for buy/ sell /trade.

Wave Vodka $11.99 1.75L

341 W E ST M AI N STR E E T BATAVI A • 344-271 7 H O U R S: M o n .-Sa t.9-9 Su n .N o o n - 6

LEROY: 80 Wolcott Street, August 24-31, (8-4pm) daily. MOVING SALE - Household items, furniture, decor, girl’s clothing, tools, fixtures.


Diegelman’s Plumbing LLC

STAFFORD: 8619 Sanders Road. 8/16-8/17 (9-4). THREE FAMILY SALE. Come check us out. A lot of different things. BATAVIA: 131 Union Street. 8/16 (11-5pm), 8/17 (9-4pm). HEMER FAMILY GARAGE SALE. Great stuff, craft items, boy’s clothing, household goods, furniture, dishes, linens, glassware, many books, tons of toys, Mary Kay Products. Reasonably priced. MUMFORD: 29 and 33 William Street Saturday 8/17 - Sunday 8/18 (9-4pm or until?) (Raindates: 8/31-9/2) **DOWNSIZING SALE*. Antiques, china, glass, clothes, games, woven baskets, handbags and totes, kids toys and more!!!

From new bath to drain cleaning WE DO IT ALL Free Home Inspections Doug • Master Plumber

Licensed and Insured

585-356-3438 cell

For All Your Tree Care Needs

24 Years Experience

585.219.4053 Reasonable Rates Serving Western NY

•␣Climbing •␣Certified Arborist (on staff) •␣Trimming • Removal •␣Stump Grinding •␣Bucket Truck No Job Too Big, No Job Too Small

On Aug. 22, 1989, Nolan Ryan of the Texas Rangers becomes the first pitcher in major league history to record 5,000 career strikeouts. Ryan would go on to compile 5,714 strikeouts, a record that still stands.

FREE* Household Haz Waste/ Pharmaceutical Collection Appointments Required Limited number of spots available. Open to residents of Genesee, Livingston & Wyoming Counties

Sat., Sept. 14 • 9am-1pm Batavia, NY Accepting: oil filters, antifreeze & vehicle batteries, household cleaning products, pesticides & insecticides, polishes & waxes, solvents, driveway sealer, pool chemicals, fluorescent bulbs & tubes, UNUSED, UNUSABLE MEDICINE, OIL BASED paint & stain ONLY , resins & adhesives NO MOTOR OIL *Tires accepted for $5.00 ea. (Passenger/ Light Truck). *NO ELECTRONICS see our ad week of 9/7/19.

STRANGE BUT TRUE by Samantha Weaver Those who study such things say that Niagara Falls will only last another 2,400 years.

Partially funded by a NYSDEC HHW Assistance Grant & Covanta Niagara

CALL (585) 344-2580 Ext. 5463 or (585) 815-7906 or (800) 836-1154 toll free. or

Sponsored by: GLOW Region Solid Waste GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

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Our 10 editions are published weekly with a total circulation of over 129,000

Delivery Available 6 Days a Week


Main Office:

PO Box 340 1471 Route 15, Avon, NY 14414 Phone: 585-226-8111 Fax: 585-226-3390

Additional offices:

JACK FROST HEATING AND COOLING OF BATAVIA, LLC. Art. of Org. filed with the SSNY on July 8, 2019. Office: GENESEE County. SSNY designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to the LLC, 3738 WEST MAIN ST. RD., BATAVIA, NY 14020. Purpose: Any lawful purpose

Understanding food labels is a great first step toward eating healthy.

222 East Main Street, Batavia, NY 14020 Phone: 585-343-3111 Fax: 585-343-3353


202 South Main Street, Canandaigua, NY 14424 Phone: 585-393-1111 Fax: 585-393-1823


134 Main Street Dansville, NY 14437 Phone: 585-335-8537 Fax: 585-204-4007

Zap this ad for a Special Back To School Offer!

585 E. Main St. • Batavia

585-343-3470 Open til 8pm M-F!

President ..............................Steve Harrison

$2 OFF

Vice President .....................Kimberly Dougherty Controller ..........................Kathy Hammond


Advertising Sales Manager .............................Manuel Karam

for a special offer


Creative Director .................................Cristie Leone

$5 OFF $2 OFF


Color, Foil or Highlights

Adult Cut or Wash, Cut & Style

Not valid with any other offer, Expires 9/27/19

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Not valid with any other offer, Expires 9/27/19

Production Supervisor .....................................Jeff Wasson Circulation Manager .................................Shari Rapone Billing/Office Manager .....................................Beth Garbe Members of:

Free Community Papers of NY and

National Award Winning Paper

A perfect team!

& the Batavia Muckdogs

July & August - Bring ANY gift card of ANY denomination for gas, store or grocery & receive FREE tickets to an upcoming Muckdogs game! ALL PROCEEDS will benefit the WILLIE BEE FOUNDATION! Bring your gift cards to ferrellgas at 655 Ellicott St., Batavia or the Muckdogs stadium for the Foundation. Together we will make a difference to the children & their families! $30 or more & also receive ‘muckbucks’ for the concessions.

Gold Standard Publication


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3 Bedroom Victorian • 1.5 Baths • 2,300 SF 2 Car Garage • Great Neighborhood • Large Deck Newer Windows • Air Conditioning Beautiful Front Porch • 10 Foot Ceilings REAL ESTATE SECTION

$149,900 • CALL 585.356.1391 After moving, getting acclimated to a new neighborhood and making new friends is one way to feel at home.


The Real Estate Market Is Heating Up for Summer! Check Out These HOT Deals!

6 Ellicott Ave., Batavia, NY 14020








Move right into this village home! Modern kit., FDR w/dr. to lg. rear deck/patio & fenced-in yd., lg. liv. rm, 3 bd & full ba w/ whirlpool tub, new roof, thermo windows, newer furn. & C/A, newer elec. svc, alum. siding, front porch, newer shed, low utility bills. $109,900.

Spacious 4 bedrm/2.5 Bath Cape on huge private village lot. Convenience of 1st flr. laundry, lg. eat-in kit. plus FDR or family rm., nice size liv.rm. 1ST flr. 2 bedrms & 1.5 baths. 2 bedrms. & full bath 2nd flr., C/A.Private patio w/hot tub. Double wide driveway & gar. $179,900.

Wonderful 4 Bedrm & 2 1/2 Bath Colonial. Beautiful oak kitchen w/granite counter tops. Newer appliances. FDR & spacious Liv. rm. Family rm. w/gas fireplace. Rear patio. Two car attached garage. $229,900.

John Gerace, Lic. RE Broker, C 585.303.0407

Lois Gerace, Lic. Assoc. RE Broker, C 585.356.2113. NEW PRICE !



0 LOVERS LANE, BATAVIA Town of Batavia. 5.6 acre parcel. Mostly wooded lot. Convenient location to Buffalo and Rochester. Public water available. Check it out! $25,000. John Gerace, Lic. RE Broker, C 585.303.0407


Robert Gerace, Lic. Assoc. RE Broker, C 585.813.4902

9551 FARGO RD., BETHANY PRICE REDUCED! 3 bdrm/2 full bath country Ranch built in 2015! Very spacious kit./fam rm. combo w/bfast bar. Cathedral ceilings. Master bedrm/bath. Dbl drs off kit. & master bdrm to huge open porch. Conven. 1st flr. laundry. Att. 2.5 car gar. + 20x36 Pole Barn.

Now $299,900. Lorraine Dilcher, Lic. RE Salesperson, H 585.948.9136

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111


1341 LITTLE FALLS RD., PEMBROKE Privacy galore w/expansive 4 bdrm/2 ba country Ranch on 3 picturesque acres! Chefs delight kit. w/built in appl. & bfast area, huge din. rm. w/cath ceiling & pano views of gorgeous yd. Cozy liv. rm w/brick frplc, Lg. mstr br/ba + fin. bsmt adds bdrm, bar, fam. rm & billiard rm. 1 car att. gar. + barn & gar. $389,900.

John Gerace, Lic. RE Broker, C 585.303.0407



6206 MERRILL RD., BYRON This one level residence has a ton of potential. It is a SHORT SALE and not able to be financed. House is being sold “AS IS” with no repairs. Plenty of room in this 3/4 bedroom, 2 full bath house with detached garage. $49,900. Jeremy Yasses, Lic. RE Salesperson, C 585.343.3755.

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6745 JUNCTION RD., PAVILION NEWLY RENOVATED 3 bdrm, 1/5 bath Colonial. Nothing to do but unpack. Liv. rm. 14x25, sunrm w/French doors. New metal roof, flooring, appl., bathrms, doors, light fixtures, etc.

Now $179,500. Debbie Kaiser, Lic. RE Salesperson, C 585.356.5217




Japanese, Thai, & Chinese Cuisine

Now Catering

Small Ice Cream Weddings & Parties Cone/Dish Call us for information!

10% OFF

w/purchase of any meal with this ad.

Tuesday: Cheeseburger & Fries Wednesday: Meatloaf Thursday: Chicken & Biscuits Friday: Fish Fry Saturday: Cook’s Choice Sunday: Breakfast Special

Now Serving Ice Cream & Milkshakes

After 3pm. Dine-in only. Exp. 9/1/19. Must have coupon.

4140 Veterans Memorial Drive Batavia, NY 14020


New Hrs.: Tues.-Thurs. 6am-2pm; Fri. 6am-8pm; Sat. 6am-2pm; Sun. 7am-2pm; Closed Mon.

(Across from Walmart) Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 11am-10pm; Fri. & Sat. 11am-11pm, Sun. Noon-10pm Like us on Facebook:


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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Oakfield Hotel Inc.

(NAPSI)—Anyone involved in running a theater, festival, or a sporting or live music event knows all too well the difficulty of doing it on your own. Some event managers turn to third parties like Eventbrite or Ticketmaster to get help with critical ticket sales, but one of the biggest pain points is finding an effective ticketing solution that supports their brand. When ticketing, marketing, fundraising and donation activities are not synchronized, event managers spend more time managing their business rather than the event itself. This leads to lost profits and angry patrons.

& Bowling Lanes

Live Music: UNRULY Aug. 31 • 7pm-11pm Haddock..................... $10.95 Broiled & Cajun. . . . . . . $11.45 1/2 Fish....................... $7.50 Shrimp Dinner............ $10.95 Shrimp in a Basket........ $9.25 Clam Fry Dinner. . . . . . . . $10.95 Scallop Dinner............ $10.95 Seafood Platter............ $11.95 FISH FRY Served from 11:30am Children’s Portions (reduced rate)

FRIDAY SPECIALS Aug. 16th - Prime Rib $18.95 Aug. 23rd - Strip Steak w/Jumbo Shrimp stuffed w/Crab Meat $17.00 Aug. 30th - Ribeye $15.50 Daily open bowling!

Rick Blair, co-founder of Artisan Center Theater in Hurst, TX, went through years of trying different ticket brokers to increase sales, but was put off by the high fees and lack of personal attention. He also found that the solutions he tried did not work well with his other tools. “I had separate platforms for ticketing, marketing, website updates and donor management. None of them talked to each other and the entire process was a mess,” he said. Two years ago, he discovered the Vendini ticketing platform. Now the theater has an all-in-one system to handle VIP alerts and online, mobile and box office ticket sales that integrates with e-mail, social and direct marketing.

Serving PIZZA • WINGS • SUBS Daily 4:00 -11pm

Open Daily with Full Menu & Daily Specials!

Planning A Party? Call us to reserve your indoor party room or pavilion!

By using Vendini’s Patron Connect, Blair and his team are notified when a donor is coming to the show and where they will be sitting. “When I get the alert, I can rush to my office, write a thank-you card, and slip it onto the donor’s seat before they arrive. That has resulted in many new donations because everyone appreciates a personal touch. Patron Connect is one of my most powerful marketing tools.”

Delivery Now Available After 5PM!

49 S. Pearl St., Oakfield • 585.948.5566 NOW ACCEPTING ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS!

HOW TO BE MORE COURTEOUS WHILE DINING OUT If something is not right with the meal, mention it early so it can be remedied. Do not eat an entire meal before filing a complaint with the server.

Vendini makes event execution simpler and faster. Event managers can create an event, specify dates and times, set pricing, and start selling tickets in minutes. Vendini’s live event management software helps managers like Blair run events more easily and effectively. Learn More: For more information, go to

Due to the popularity of July’s specials, we have extended them through August! Saturdays in August

Purchase any Regular Menu Entree and make it a 5 course meal at no extra charge!

We have been told that our slow smoked ribs with our homemade BBQ sauce are the BEST in town! Come on out and experience our “fall off the bone” Chef Mike specialty - cherry wood smoked St. Louis Ribs with homemade BBQ sauce.

Tuesday -Friday from 4 - 6 p.m. ONLY

Includes complimentary Chef appetizer, soup of the day and Chef’s choice dessert. (Please let your server know you would like to have a complete dinner. This is exclusive to guests who see our social media and print advertising.)

Add a 1/2 rack to any dinner for $8 OR a full rack for $16.

Weekday Special Tuesday - Friday 4 - 6 pm

Once you have them you will want to come back for more!!

(Not valid with 5 course upgrade)

Sundays in August Sunday Brunch $20

1 lb. Prime Rib Dinner $21

Served from 10 am until 1 pm Western New York’s newest most loved brunch! Featuring our carved Prime Rib and Lobster omelets!! And yes... we welcome 2nd and 3rd helpings! $5 Mimosas and Bloody Marys

Tuesday - Friday 6 - 8 pm

10 oz. Prime Rib combined with a 6 oz. Lobster Pot $28 (Not valid with 5 course upgrade)

Fridays in August

Sunday Dinner Special 1 - 4 pm 1 lb. Prime Rib $21

1/2 Price drinks (at the bar only) All Evening

Add on a 4 oz. Lobster Tail for only $10

(Excludes bottle of wine and champagne)

4 - 8 pm

Friday Fish Fry To Go $10

Our specialty “Prime Rib and Lobster Pot”

Starting at 4 pm. Includes beer battered fish fry, French fries and homemade coleslaw (Not valid with 5 course upgrade)

10 oz. Prime Rib carved tableside combined with a 6 oz. Lobster Pot $28 (Over $15 off the regular price!)

In-House Fish Fry $14

All dinners include choice of potato, garden salad and homemade rolls and specialty bread.

Includes beer battered fish fry, fresh garden salad, choice of potato, warm dinner rolls and homemade specialty bread (Not valid with 5 course upgrade)

If you would like either of our custom-made food trailers or the “Rib Cage” (the new 350 gallon smoker) at your next event, give us a call at 585-343-6972. Remember, all menu items are always available for take out.

“Not valid with any other discount.”

No affiliation with Red Osier Rochester, RPM Enterprise or Total Sandwich Catering.

Tuesday-Saturday, open at 4PM; Sunday, open at 1PM; Closed Mon.

Route 5, Stafford • 343-6972 Specials always available online at GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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BATAVIA COUNTRY CLUB Join us FRIDAYS from 4pm to 9pm for dinner! Full Menu available, seating on the lower level.



Left in Batavia!



Bill McDonald/The Old Hippies will be playing on the patio on

Sunday, Aug. 18th

Aug. 16th • 6pm to 9pm




NEW Lottery Ticket Basket Raffle


Ascension Parish Bingo

Lunch with Soup FISH FRY & Salad Bar Best Fish Fry in Batavia Every Friday Night!


Starting at only

1.00 OFF


Doors Open at 5:00PM Bingo Starts at 7:00PM

Batavia Country Club 7909 Batavia-Byron Road Batavia



17 Sumner St., Batavia • 585-705-0618


Only $2.99 w/ an entree

Friday Fish Frys 4:30pm-9pm Includes coleslaw, potato & vegetable of the day.

Don’t miss the

$2.99 all you can eat soup & salad bar.

Ramblin’ Lou Family Band “WNY’s 1st Family of Country Music”

Tax & Gratuity Extra. Only One Coupon Per Check Required. Not valid on holidays.

featuring 3 Generations at the

8250 Park Road, Batavia, NY (585) 344-2100

IDEAS FOR FAST AND EASY ENTERTAINING Quickly chill drinks. Unexpected guests may require chilling beverages down quickly. Wet some paper towels and wrap them around beverage bottles before placing in the freezer. In roughly 15 minutes, the bottle will be almost cold. Cool down many beverages at once by mixing water and salt with ice to form an ice bath in the sink or a beverage cooler.


Sept. 29-Oct. 4 Vermont/N. Hampshire/Maine - Acadia Nat. Park Nov. 4-6 Amish Country - Lancaster, PA - 2 shows including “Miracle of Christmas” Nov. 14-18 Nashville Country Christmas/Opryland Hotel/Grand Ole Opry


Open 7 Days A Week!

March 22-April 1, 2020 - Southern Caribbean Cruise - NCL - 10 days. 8 Ports Of Call: St. Thomas, St. Maarten, St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Lucia, Curacao, Aruba & Puerto Rico. Inc. roundtrip air from Buffalo to Puerto Rico. Port Charges/taxes, transfers, plus 2 amenities of choice! BOOK NOW!

(Weather permitting)

Only $6/golfer, $1 under 5 years old! EVERY SUNDAY LAST DAY IS SEPT. 2! 10am-2pm Enjoy The Spectacular View While Dining On Our Patio! Regular Restaurant Hours: Monday-Friday 11-9; Sunday Brunch 10-2 Reservations Suggested Open to the

Terry Hills


“Travel with Friends”

Only $35.00 (18 holes w/cart after 11am)


Aug. 7-18 (except 8/11 & 8/14) “Ave. of Flags” stage, near Gate #2 Great Family Fun, Entertainment & Country Music

Ramblin’ Lou Tours WXRL Radio


Join us for

Erie County Fair - Hamburg, NY for their 55th consecutive year! Showtime: 6:00-7:15pm NEW TIME

Sept 4-11, 2020 - New England/Nova Scotia/Canada Cruise - NCL - (7 nights) Prince Edward Isl., Cape Breton Isl, - Nova Scotia / Boston, MA/ Bar Harbor, ME/Halifax, Nova Scotia/Quebec City & La Baie-Saguenay River - Quebec. Incl. roundtrip air from Buffalo/Boston, Quebec/Buffalo, Port charges/taxes, transfers, plus 2 amenities of choice! BOOK NOW!


Golf Course • Restaurant • Banquet Facility 5122 Clinton St. Rd. (Rt. 33), 1 mile east of Batavia

For FREE brochure, call (716) 681-1313 (Mon.-Fri. 9-5) •


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

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ALABAMA HOLLEY FARM Rts. 77 & 63 Basom, NY 14013 585-948-5161 Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-7pm Closed Sundays only.

GAS GRILL SAFETY TIPS Close the valve after cooking. Always make sure the valve is tightly closed after cooking.

BAKED ONION, GOAT CHEESE AND SUN-DRIED TOMATO DIP Prep time: 20 minutes Cook time: 20 minutes Servings: 6 1 jar (16 ounces) Aunt Nellie’s Holland-Style Onions nonstick cooking spray 2 tablespoons chopped oil-packed, sun-dried tomatoes, divided 1 large clove garlic, minced 4 tablespoons sliced fresh basil, divided coarse ground black pepper, to taste 1 tablespoon oil from sun-dried tomatoes or olive oil, divided 1 log (8 ounces) goat cheese 1/2 teaspoon Mediterranean herb seasoning (optional) crackers (optional) flatbread (optional) pita chips (optional) Heat oven to 350 F. Drain onions well; pat dry. Spray shallow, oven-proof dish (34-cup size) with nonstick cooking spray. Place onions in dish. Press with spatula to flatten and crush. Sprinkle with 1 tablespoon tomatoes, garlic, 2 tablespoons basil and black pepper, to taste. Drizzle with 1/2 tablespoon oil. Cut goat cheese into 6-8 rounds. Arrange over onion mixture. Sprinkle with remaining tomatoes; drizzle with remaining oil. Sprinkle with herb seasoning, if desired. Bake uncovered 20-30 minutes, or until cheese is soft and mixture is bubbly. Sprinkle with remaining basil. Serve warm with crackers, flatbread or pita chips, if desired.

ONLINE POLL: On August 10th, Jeffrey Epstein died while incarcerated and awaiting trial. Do you believe Epstein’s death was self-inflicted? • Absolutely! One can always find a way. • Unlikely since he was a known risk. • No way! Someone else did this.

Poll Ends 08-20-19

Results from 08-13-19 With recent shootings killing 22 in El Paso, Texas and 9 in Dayton, Ohio, many are suggesting changes to firearm legislation. Is this the answer? 35% Yes, more laws would reduce access to firearms. 11% Yes, fewer laws would arm more civilians, deterring violence. 54% No, firearm legislation is not the solution.

NOW HERE’S A TIP By JoAnn Derson Use a Tic-Tac container to store bobby pins or toothpicks for traveling. An Altoids tin makes a good holder for flossers.

Fair Housing Statement All real estate advertised in the Genesee Valley Penny Saver is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, age, marital status, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

Fair Housing Enforcement Project Monroe County Legal Assistance Center 1 W. Main Street Rochester, NY 14614 (585) 325-2500 • EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

Page 36



GCASA: New Programs Help Even the Odds By Amanda Dudek


he Genesee/Orleans Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (GCASA), with locations in both Batavia and Albion, supports a much greater population than many may think, serving Genesee, Orleans and Wyoming Counties. For many years, GCASA has served people with Substance Use Disorder. Now, its innovative programs offer a glimpse of hope to both those struggling with substance use and those who love them. The current Opioid Epidemic brought many new services to GCASA. To its Director of Communications & Development, Shannon Ford, this means they can better serve area communities. “We opened up our opioid treatment program - a methadone clinic - in Batavia almost a year ago now,” she said. “We fall in between Rochester and Buffalo, so there was a huge need. Methadone is administered every single day, and people couldn’t get to Buffalo or Rochester daily for that service.” At about the same time, GCASA launched its ground-breaking Peer Recovery Program. “The Peer Recovery Program is very exciting,” said Ford. “It is a very new field that is recognized by the state.” There is credentialing that is involved in order for someone to be a Peer Recovery Advocate with GCASA. “Our Peers work with people in a non-clinical way,” explained Ford. “Our counselors are able to help, but there are boundaries and limits to that service delivery. Peers are able to fill in some of those gaps and to meet broader needs.” Peers may offer to give a ride to an appointment, go to NA or AA, offer support at a court appearance and talk through difficult times. “Peers also have a mobile unit. “Peers park in the community so anyone can approach them,” stated Ford. “They are an onsite information resource and can help get people set up for an evaluation. They can transport people to a detox facility, recovery center or an inpatient treatment facility. They are extremely flexible with a lot to offer.” Peers also must have “lived experienced,” whether as someone who has struggled personally or who has dealt with a struggling loved one. Peers are also essential in emergency situations. “We have a protocol established with the hospitals in all three of the counties we serve,” shared Ford. “At the ER, if someone presents having had an overdose, overdosing or withdrawing from use, they can have a peer contacted and deployed to that hospital 24/7, 365 days a year.” Hospitals can also now provide a “bridge script,” of Suboxone so that the person can have medication until they are able to see a doctor and receive a full prescription. Peers also offer Narcan training on the spot to loved ones. Programs like these come at a cost, and Ford explains that special funding has made these Peer R Pe Recovery Ad Advocates te participat participate in services possible. “We are National Night Out. pretty lucky,” she said. “We have several different funding sources. For example, we have a grant through the Greater Rochester Health Foundation that funds the Genesee Orleans Wyoming Opioid Task Force. We also have several state grants that


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

Peeer Recovery Advocates with their mobile unit

support a variety of services.” Funding is understandably becoming more available. “The Opioid Epidemic has really changed everything,” explained Ford. “People are dying. Before the Opioid Epidemic, it would be rare for us to lose someone, and if we did, it might be one patient a year due to a very long, chronic condition. The Opioid Epidemic has been so dangerous. We have lost many patients, and those are just the ones we know about.” Not only are people at a much higher risk for overdosing and dying, but also that risk increases exponentially if Fentanyl is involved. “Heroin is cheap, accessible and dangerous,” she said. “Fentanyl raises that bar and is much more dangerous.” “We are doing everything we can as an agency to stop people from dying,” said Ford. “We know people with a substance use disorder can recover with the right treatment. We truly care about the people with whom we work. We love them and want them to live meaningful, fulfilled lives. We understand that substance use disorder is a disease of the brain, and we are working hard to change people’s perception of what a substance using person looks like. Substance use disorder can be treated. Recovery is possible.” GCASA plans to open a detox center in Batavia and a women’s and children’s community residence in Albion, breaking ground next spring. “We are removing a huge barrier to women by providing a place for their children, as well,” said Ford. GCASA will also open a recovery center in Batavia. “This will be a safe place for people to go and do a variety of activities.” “It will be holistic, including mindfulness, yoga, cooking classes, even TVs so that people do not have to go to bars to watch sports with friends, remaining safe, drug and alcohol-free.” Enjoy this article? Check out this week’s other great stories: • Honduras Builds Hope with Border Buddies • Wild Tinker Draws Families Back to Nature Have something interesting you’d like to share with our readers? Perhaps an original story, a personal experience, community happening, or school event? Add some photos, and your story will be featured on our popular website for all to see. Who knows - it may even end up in print! It’s easy to do. Go to My Hometown at to view previously posted stories and to post your own. Visit My Hometown today!

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Substitute Teachers Rate of Pay:

$100.00 per day for NYS Certified Teachers $90.00 per day for Non-Certified

Full & Part-Time to seal driveways & parking lots.

Application can be found at: application or the link on our website: under District tab, Human Resources, Employment Opportunities Questions regarding employment openings can be directed to:

Competitive wages $13-$20/hr. depending on experience. Hardworking people eligible for raises in 30 days.

Lisa Atkinson District Clerk/Human Resources (585) 591-1551 x2422




Alexander Central School is an Equal Opportunity Employer

ADVICE FOR A SUCCESSFUL CAREER CHANGE Research the job market. Look into the industries for the field you are considering. Is it the right time for success in this field? Industries tend to ebb and flow. Do not leave a job only to find the next career has few, if any, openings. Job growth projections are available through resources like the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIANS Timebuyer, Inc. Batavia Auto Dealer seeks experienced tech. Candidate will have min. 2-3 yrs. current hands-on experience working in repair shop diagnosing and repair of cars/trucks/SUVs. NYS Inspection License is NOT required. VALID NYS DRIVER’S LICENSE IS NECESSARY. Excellent Work Ethic; Clean, Neat Appearance. WE OFFER: - Competitive Hourly Wage – NO Flat Rate - Full-Time…40 hrs. Monday-Friday - Positive Environment - Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance - Paid Holidays/Sick Time/ Vacation - Bonuses/401k/Uniforms/ Tools Provided Email your resume today to: EMPLOYMENT

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

Page 38



Genesee Country Village & Museum is accepting applications for part-time

Janitorial Position Great job for a retiree with flexible hours. To apply, visit for more information.

View complete employment listings at


When looking for a new hobby, adults may find that activities that suit their personalities tend to be the most rewarding.

Now Hiring Coast has opened a new office in Elma, NY. Both of our NY offices are looking to hire more than 100 customer service representatives and managers that are looking to advance their careers, secure their financial future, and take control of their schedules. Apply online at or in person. Collection experience not required. Industry leading paid training provided. For more information: Call or Text for a confidential interview: (585) 447-2799 Email: Apply: Geneseo, NY Office 4273 Volunteer Road, Geneseo, NY 14454 Elma, NY Office Jamison Business Park 611 Jamison Road, Suite 1017, Elma, NY 14059

Coast Professional, Inc. is a privately owned, EOE/AA/M/F/Veteran/Disability Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex or national origin.


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

Page 39



Herds Person CY HEIFER FARM located in Elba, NY is looking to fill a Herds Person position. Flexible schedule, paid time off, 401K, health insurance offered. Prior cattle and equipment experience preferred, competitive pay!

Adult Education Programs

Nursing Assistant (C N A)

Classes starting in September at the Batavia Campus. Monday/Tuesday/Thursday Funding available to those who qualify.

Interested applicants please email with references and resumes or apply in person at 5327 Watson Road, Elba NY

Licensed Practical Nursing Programs (LPN)

Classes starting this fall. Funding available to those who qualify.


Call for further Information (585) 344-7788 (585) 658-7788 Visit Our Website for More Information “Adult Ed” -

CDL - Class B Full time position. Pre-alcohol and drug testing is required. Equal opportunity employer. Apply in person to:


PREMIER GENESEE CENTER FOR NURSING AND REHABILITATION 278 Bank Street, Batavia, NY August 26, 2019 • 1:00-5:00pm

in the 1st flr. Community Room OPEN INTERVIEWS FOR NURSING POSITIONS ONLY RN’s, LPN’s, CNA’s – FT/PT, all shifts Sign-on Bonuses & Full Benefit Package! EMPLOYMENT

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

Page 40

638 E. Main St., Batavia, NY 14020 HOW TO BUILD A STRONG PROFESSIONAL NETWORK Employ social media. Social media is not just for kids. In fact, social media is a great way for professionals to make and maintain professional contacts. LinkedIn, for example, makes it easy to connect with fellow professionals who are looking to do the same. Twitter can be used to promote professional events such as seminars or workshops you are working with. These platforms can be used to grow your network quickly and easily, but be sure to vet each person you connect with to make sure you are affiliating yourself with the right people.




Substitute Teacher

RN Supervisor - FT; 4 days/wk; days & evenings CNA’s - FT, PT & Per Diem; evenings & nights Sign-on Bonuses for all positions

Aides Rate of Pay: $11.10/hr.


Premier Genesee Center for Nursing & Rehab

Interested candidates should send a letter of interest, resume and Civil Service Application ( to:

278 Bank St, Batavia 14020 Updating a résumé with the goal of standing out among a crowded pool of applicants is a great way for job seekers to land a new job.

Alexander Central School 3314 Buffalo St., Alexander, NY 14005 c/o Lisa Atkinson Alexander Central School is an Equal Opportunity Employer




Golf benefits included based on hours worked

For Elderly Supported Housing Complex in Batavia, NY Responsible for daily operation (Monday–Friday) of senior nutrition meal site including set up, serving, cleaning and ordering supplies while adhering to DOH/ OFA regulations for meal service. Assist the property Service Coordinator with group activities. Ability/ experience working with elderly and disabled a plus. Job is 3 hours per day, 5 days per week. Physical ability to lift or carry 25 pounds, move tables and chairs necessary. Vehicle and valid Driver’s License. Experience in food service required. Compensation based on qualifications.

Apply in person Mon.-Fri. 10am-4pm or Online at:

5122 Clinton Street Road, Batavia

Send Resume with qualifications and company application (required) to:

Nothnagle Drilling, Inc. is Accepting Applications

GVRPC, Inc., 5861 Groveland Sta. Road, Mt. Morris, NY 14510 or email:

Please apply in person.

Entry Level or Experienced Operators & Laborers


CDL helpful + good pay and benefits.

Scottsville, NY • 585-538-2328

Contact us to advertise in this section!

Class A & Class B Drivers Wanted


Local and Transport Dedicated runs available. Full or Part-time Plus Benefits

Call 585-591-1624 EMPLOYMENT

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

Page 41



Hi-Vu Acres Is Looking For A Full Time


Class A Driver with Tank Endorsement

JV Volleyball, Varsity Wrestling, Modified Wrestling, Modified Baseball, Varsity Girls Track & Field, Varsity Track & Field Assistant, Modified Track

Looking to be home daily, with a flexible schedule? No overnights and hourly pay? We can help! Hourly rate. Benefits options are available for an individual or family, as well as paid vacation and sick time, and eventual IRA options. Qualified Candidates will have: • Class A CDL with Tank Endorsement • Minimum 1 year CDL driving experience • Clean driving record • Weekend availability • Ability to operate a manual transmission • Ability to handle a 3 inch hose to assist with loading/unloading • A team player attitude! Candidates are subject to a pre-hire drug screening, per DOT Requirements.

Interested candidates should send a letter of interest, resume and Civil Service Application ( to:

Alexander Central School 3314 Buffalo St., Alexander, NY 14005 c/o Lisa Atkinson

Contact us today for this great opportunity!! Call Debbie at (585) 993-0551

Alexander Central School is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Keywords, phrasing, formatting, and having the right skills for the job can ensure a résume is seen by a recruiter, and perhaps even lead to a new career.

Do you have what it takes to work for one of the Northeast’s largest used truck & equipment dealers?

Experienced Truck Mechanic (with own tools) needed Competitve pay. Health care benefits. Matching 401K.

Send resume to or apply in person Caledonia Diesel, LLC 2905 Simpson Rd. • Caledonia. No calls please.

Control Desk Operator PT/FT 20-35 hrs. Nights/Weekends a must. Customer service a plus. Working Leagues, Open Play, Tournaments, B-day Parties. Apply in person M-F 2pm-8pm.

Pin Chaser/Mechanics PT/FT 20-35 hrs. Nights/Weekends a must. Maintaining Pinsetters, General Maintenance & Cleaning. Apply in person M-F 2pm-9pm.

214 East Main St. Batavia

View complete employment listings at


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

Page 42



JOIN OUR TEAM ELECTRICIANS: Competitive wages including a $2,000 Hiring Bonus plus retention bonus at year 1 and year 2. Retirees are encouraged to apply! We have both part and full-time opportunities for qualified/experienced individuals. 2018 gross wages $51,000 - $63,000

ADESA Buffalo located in Akron, NY is hiring! Full-time positions receive 401k match, health, dental and vision benefits, as well as 20 days of PTO eligible for use after 30 days.

• PRODUCTION OPERATORS: 2018 gross wages $47,000 - $73,000

• DAY SHIFT MECHANIC: 2018 gross wages $52,000 - $77,000 United States Gypsum Company, the leader in the gypsum building products industry is seeking entry-level through highly skilled Electricians at the Oakfield, New York plant. The competitive pay rate is based upon experience.

• Automotive Paint/Body Tech • Lot Driver (part-time also available) • Condition Report Writers

USG offers excellent benefits including medical, dental, vision, retirement plan, 401k matched at 50% up to the 6%, holidays, vacation, sick days and quarterly bonuses.

If interested, please apply at:

Apply by sending resume to: or call: 585-344-5099

Many retirees still work even after calling it a career, and opportunities abound for men and women looking to fill their time and make a little extra money along the way.

Caledonia-Mumford Central School 99 North Street, Caledonia, New York 14423 Phone (585) 538-3400

Vacancy Notice Position:


Qualifications: NYS Certified as Level I, II or III Teaching Assistant Assignment:

Elementary Building


Follows School Calendar (10 Month Position)


Per Contract

Start Date:

September 1, 2019


August 20, 2019

Application can be found at:, or the link on our website under District tab, Employment Opportunities. Paper applications available in the District Office. Learn more about the Caledonia-Mumford Central School District and our communities by visiting the school website Caledonia-Mumford Central School Is An Equal Opportunity Employer


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

Page 43



New York State DOT is hiring Mechanics

We offer competitive wages & many benefits!

Career opportunities around the state • Excellent Health Insurance - Medical, Dental and Vision Coverage • Promotional Opportunities - Mechanic to Division Director • Paid Vacation and Paid Sick - Each earn up to 13 days of each per year • Paid Personal leave - 5 days per year • 12 Paid Holidays per year • Excellent Retirement Benefits

Minimum Qualifications: Four years as Automotive or Diesel mechanic OR an Associate’s Degree in Automotive or Diesel repair technology.

ROOFERS, SIDERS, We’re HELPERS, CARPENTER Hiring: & APPRENTICES Experience helpful, but looking to train the right candidate on all products we install.

Apply in person to: Classic Home Improvements 653 Ellicott St., Batavia, NY 14020

Contact our central office at 585-586-1252 OR email:

CSD Career Systems Development Corporation Seeking highly motivated individuals for the Iroquois Job Corps, in Medina, NY a residential vocational training program for at-promise youth 16-24


• Residential Advisor • CNA Instructor • Admission Counselor (based in Rochester) • Security Officer • Substitute Teacher • Recreation Specialist • Cooks Helper • Teacher

2020 Census jobs provide: Great pay Flexible hours

Thousands of jobs are available nationwide, and many are near you. Help support your community by being a Census Taker.

Penn Foster High School Diploma

• LPN • Administrative Services Director •Purchasing Agent CSD offers a competitive compensation package including medical, dental, 401K. For complete job description & to apply, please visit our website: AND CONTACT Nicole at

For more information or help applying, please call

1-855-JOB-2020 The U.S. Census Bureau is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Equal Opportunity Employer Female/Minority/Disabled/Veteran


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

Weekly pay Paid training

Page 44



To place a classified ad, visit or call 1-866-812-8111



ADOPT: Please help us become parents and give your newborn secure life, forever love. Kevin/Kevin Expenses Paid. 631-278-5131.

LICENSED DAYCARE. Accepts DSS Payments. Openings for children from 6 weeks to 12 years old. 585-589-7172.

ANNOUNCEMENTS PRINTING: Affordable, exquisite, fast. or call 1-866-812-8111 and ask for Gina or Jeanine.


DID YOU KNOW... Placing an Obituary in the Genesee Valley Penny Saver Passages Section is far less expensive than other media? Email: Lynn Forrester for more information!

“Item for Sale” ads for any item under $50! One ad per residence/phone #. 3 editions per week ($5/each addl. area per week). One item in the ad. Ten words or less. Price of item must be $50 or less & stated in the ad.

ART & MUSIC EXPERT PIANO TUNING & REPAIR. Since 1980. Musician Extraordinaire, Charles M. Freida, 585-426-2334. SCHOOL BAND AND ORCHESTRA Instrument Rentals. Discount prices, in stock! Roxy’s Music Store, Batavia; 585-344-7222.

All free ads must be placed via our website:

AUTOMOTIVE DONATE YOUR CAR TO CHARITY. Receive maximum value of write off for your taxes. Running or not! All conditions accepted. Free pickup. Call for details. 1-855-587-1166. CARS/ TRUCKS WANTED!!! We buy 2002-2018 Cars/ Trucks. Running or Not! Nationwide Free Pickup! Call 1-888-416-2208. 1970 TRIUMPH SPITFIRE. Body in very god shape, mechanically sound. Interior needs work, need a new convertible top. $4,000.00 or best reasonable offer. 585- 943-5834. DONATE YOUR CAR to Veterans Today! Help and Support our Veterans. Fast - FREE pick up. 100% tax deductible. Call 1-800-245-0398.

info Classifiat ed gvpennysave ads with the Ads Plus logo have more pictures, videos or info online providing you with more details before making your decision to purchase! Visit and view the ad online to see the additional details. Scan the QR code below to learn more!


CARS/ TRUCKS WANTED!!! 2002 and Newer! Any Condition. Running or Not. Competitive Offer! Free Towing! We’re Nationwide! Call Now: 1-888-416-2330. CARS/ TRUCKS WANTED!!! All Makes/ Models 2002-2018! Any Condition. Running or Not. Top $$$ Paid! Free Towing! We’re Nationwide! Call Now: 1-888-985-1806. FOR SALE: 1984 Chevy Camaro Z-28, low mileage, $5,300. 585-219-4949. 2009 FORD FUSION SE V6 sport pkg, sun & sync pkg: Inspected 6/19, black, sunroof, One owner, new battery, front brakes, tires 2 years old, new coolant lines. 169500 miles, remote start added. $3900/o.b.o 585-943-5297.

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

CLEANING I WILL CLEAN Your House! Can run errands. Reasonably Priced. 585-589-7172.

EDUCATION AIRLINES ARE HIRING - Get FAA approved hands on Aviation training. Financial Aid for qualified students Career placement assistance. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance, 888-686-1704. MEDICAL BILLING TRAINEES NEEDED! Train at home for a career as a Medical Office Professional at CTI! 1-833-766-4511. AIRLINE MECHANIC TRAINING Get FAA Technician certification. Approved for military benefits. Financial Aid if qualified. Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance, 866-453-6204.

ELECTRONICS COMPUTER ISSUES? FREE DIAGNOSIS by GEEKS ON SITE! Virus Removal, Data Recovery! 24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE, In-home repair/ On-line solutions. $20 OFF ANY SERVICE! 855-385-4814.


VIAGRA and CIALIS USERS! 100 Generic Pills SPECIAL $99. FREE Shipping! 100% guaranteed. 24/7 CALL NOW! 888-445-5928. Hablamos Espanol.

ITEMS FOR SALE TOPSOIL FOR SALE: $30/ yard, plus delivery, or you pickup. Located in Batavia. Cash only. Call 716-560-1807. LOVE SEAT: $200 cash. Serious offers only! 585-344-0574. Email for picture. Located in Batavia. BEACH WEDDING - Table decorations and chair sashes for 100. $350 for all! Located in Hilton/ Hamlin. Call 585-831-0140. STEEL MASTER 2003 Quonset Hut. 14’ H x 30’ W x 50’ L Has overhead door, man door, closed back. Good Condition $7,500. Call Scott/text for pictures. 585-330-8877 RIDING MOWER $110, Grass blower $100, Weedwacker $140 (New), Weedwacker $25 (Old), Walking lawn mower $85, 1972 4 wheel drive Blazer has been redone $30,000, Niagara’s Lazy Lakes campground $7,300 invested will sell $1,000. Cost $158 every 6 months. Call 585-334-8609 Carl Lockhart. CAST IRON BATHTUBS: Two, one 5’, one 6’. Pick up in Batavia. No delivery. 585-201-7264.


NEED IRS RELIEF $10K - $125k+. Get Fresh Start or Forgiveness. Call 1-833-328-1365 Monday through Friday 7AM-5PM PST.

HEALTH VIAGRA and CIALIS USERS! 60 Generic Pills SPECIAL $99.00 FREE Shipping! 100% guaranteed. 24/7 CALL NOW! 888-349-4759 Hablamos Espanol. DENTAL INSURANCE from Physicians Mutual Insurance Company. NOT just a discount plan, REAL coverage for [350] procedures. Call 1-855-434-9221 for details. www. 6118-0219 FINALLY, AFFORDABLE HEARING AIDS!! High-quality Nano hearing aids are priced 90% less than other brands. Buy one/ get one free! 60-day free trial. 866-251-2290. OXYGEN - Anytime. Anywhere. No tanks to refill. No deliveries. The All-New Inogen One G4 is only 2.8 pounds! FAA approved! FREE info kit: 1-855-839-1738. SUFFERING FROM an ADDICTION to Alcohol, Opiates, Prescription PainKillers or other DRUGS? There is hope! Call Today to speak with someone who cares. Call NOW 1-855-866-0913.

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WEST HIGHLAND TERRIER: Male, 15 weeks. Shots, wormed, ACA. $600 cash. Dog house, $25. Crate, kennel, $50. 585-507-8788

FOR RENT OAKFIELD VILLAGE: 2 bedroom upper apartment, unfurnished. Refrigerator, stove, private parking. $575 /mo. plus gas and electric, water included. Security deposit. No pets/ smoking. 585-948-5347. 1 & 2 BEDROOM UPPER APARTMENTS: Corfu/ Pembroke, Indian Falls, Pembroke schools. Fresh paint, new carpet, personal storage closet. Clean, quiet, country location. On-site parking. Stove, refrigerator, dishwasher. On-site laundry. $645 & $750/ month includes water. 716-417-0244. CITY OF BATAVIA: 2 bedroom lower, $700 plus gas and electric. Coin laundry. 585-409-3717.



HOUSE FOR RENT: Town of Groveland, Geneseo Schools. 3 Bedroom, 2 Full Baths; Newly Renovated Master Bath, New Carpet/ Flooring, New Appliances; 2 Car Garage w/ Large Cold Storage Area; Central Air; Large Yard. Includes Waste Disposal, Snow Removal, Yard Maintenance. No Pets or Smoking. $1600/ Month. Security Deposit, References Required. 585-734-3264.

RENTAL- HENRIETTA: 221 River Meadow Drive. 3 bedroom single family house w/appliances. Close to RIT. No large dogs. $1,200 plus utilities. Mark Guggino Real Estate, 585-334-3166. PAVILION RENTAL: 1/2 duplex, 2 bedrooms, built 1990’s. Country setting, near LeRoy. First floor laundry. $725/ month plus utilities. No pets. 585-226-6459. BATAVIA: One bedroom upper apartment. Stove, refrigerator included. Yard, parking. $700/mo. + security deposit. Heat, water included. 585-201-7264.

FIREPLACE/ CHIMNEY SERVICES All Brands. Installation, Parts, Gas Logs & Lines Installed. Chimney Relining, Repair, Caps, Dampers and Crowns. 42’ Lift. Call/ Text: 585-356-5567 Email:

M&M´s E-Z CLEANERS Residential Junk Removal Cleanout... Estates, Hoarders, Move Outs Attics, Basements, Garages, Barns Demo... Garages, Pools, Sheds, Barns Mike, 585-975-9019, 585-482-8366.

I AM WILLING TO TEAR DOWN any Old Wood and Concrete Structures Olds Steps, Additions, Sidewalks, Chimneys Swimming Pools, Fallen Trees Cleanouts. Water Proofing. Cleaning Services 585-356-4845 or 585-297-3969. Fully insured.

STAY IN YOUR HOME LONGER with American Standard Walk-In Bathtub. Receive up to $1500 off, including a free toilet, and lifetime warranty on the tub and installation! Call us at 1-855-465-5426.

Waters Basement Services, Inc. The only WATER that should be in YOUR BASEMENT is BOB WATERS! Waterproofing, Drain Tile, Sumps & Backup Pumps, Wall Cracks, Stone Foundation, Structural Repair & More! www. 585-765-3369; 716-474-3898

CASH FOR VINTAGE ITEMS $$$$$$$$ Paying Top Dollar FREE HOME APPRAISALS Vintage watches, coins, vintage toys, military items, clocks, fishing, hunting, farm, railroad, advertising items, jewelry. Also buying estates. Main Street Williamsville location. CM GOLD CALL OR TEXT 716-472-8450 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

ELIMINATE GUTTER CLEANING FOREVER! LeafFilter, the most advanced debris-blocking gutter protection. Schedule a FREE LeafFilter estimate today. 15% off and 0% financing for those who qualify. PLUS Senior & Military Discounts. Call 1-855-995-2490.


STAY IN YOUR HOME LONGER with an American Standard Walk-In Bathtub. Receive up to $1,500 off, including a free toilet, and a lifetime warranty on the tub and installation! Call us at 1-855-534-6198.

Old Signs, Lamps, Paintings, Trains, Aviation- Auto- Nautical items, American Indian Items, Old Cameras, Christmas & Halloween Items, Toys & Games, Bronze & Marble Statues, Crocks & Jugs, Antique Costume Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Persian & Oriental Rugs, Military, Badges, Pens, Lighters, Historical & Political Items & Documents. Call

BATHROOM RENOVATIONS. EASY, ONE DAY updates! We specialize in safe bathing. Grab bars, no slip flooring & seated showers. Call for a free in-home consultation: 888-912-4745. GUTTER CLEANING! 585-353-6927.


BATAVIA: 2 Bedroom upper apartment. New windows/ new countertops! Heat included. Off Street parking with garage. No pets/ Smoking. 585-813-1981. FOR RENT: Very nice, large upstairs 2 bedroom apartment, gas heat. $700/ month + utilities. No smoking. No pets. 585-322-4312.

FOR SALE MOBILE HOME: Country Meadows MHP, Batavia. 3 Bedroom, 12x65, with 4’ living room extension, includes refrigerator, stove, microwave, W/D hookup, mower, weedwacker, leaf blower, deep freezer, snowblower, central air, new thermal windows, has updated peak aluminum roof, 8x10 shed with power, 12x16 shed wired for power, 10x25 sunroom, exterior security lighting. lot rent $495/mo. Two pets allowed. Asking $18,000 and $2,000 deposit. Byron-Bergen school district. Move in ready! DEER HUNTING LAND for sale. 4.7 acres adjacent to Iroquois Wildlife Refuge. $5,000. Inquire at 585-219-4523.

SERVICES STUMP GRINDING / REMOVAL. Free estimates, fully insured. Fast, reliable service. Reasonably priced. Call Mike, 716-544-5856. GENESEE VALLEY PENNY SAVER


SAVAGE MASONRY CHIMNEY REPAIRS: Rebuilds, Cleanings, Crowns, Relining. Basement walls, steps, sidewalks, roof leaks. Insured! 585-703-2526. STUMP GRINDING / REMOVAL: Free estimates. Fully insured. Fast, reliable service. Reasonably priced. Call Mike, 716-544-5856. I AM WILLING TO TEAR DOWN any Old Wood and Concrete Structures Olds Steps, Additions, Sidewalks, Chimneys Swimming Pools, Fallen Trees Cleanouts. Water Proofing. Cleaning Services 585-356-4845 or 585-297-3969. Fully insured.

SHEPARD ASPHALT PAVING: Commercial/ residential. Excavation. Concrete. Topsoil. SIGN UP NOW & SAVE! 35 years experience! Free Estimates! 585-733-2781.

GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111

Same Day Service W A T E R / F L O O D CLEANOUTS We Remove TVs, Tires, Paint, Carpet, Concrete, Furniture, Hot Tubs, Pianos, Swimming Pools, Sheds, Decks. Basement, Attic, Garage & Barn Cleanouts. MR. JUNK IT ALL 585-880-0383. RELIABLE REPAIR: Call us for all major appliance repair needs. Like us on Facebook! 585-483-1112. www.

WANTED TRUCK DRIVER TRAINEES NEEDED at Stevens Transport! Earn $1000 per week! Paid CDL Training! No experience needed! 1-844-452-4121. CASH FOR UNEXPIRED DIABETIC TEST STRIPS! Call 1-855-440-4001 Free Shipping, Best Prices & 24 hr payment! BBB Rated A+ www.

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WANTS TO PURCHASE minerals and other oil and gas interests. Send details to P.O. Box 13557, Denver, Co. 80201.

MISC. PORTABLE OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR May Be Covered by Medicare! Reclaim independence and mobility with the compact design and long-lasting battery of Inogen One. Free information kit! Call 888-609-2189. USE ROUNDUP WEEDKILLER? Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, and Leukemia may result from RoundUp exposure. A recent $2 billion judgment was awarded in a RoundUp injury case. Call 1-619-493-4791 or email RoundUp@ and let us begin work on your RoundUp case today. BUYING FRESH GINSENG FOR OVER 50 YEARS. Monday and Thursday 6:00 - 8:00 PM or by appointment. Markets are stable, best prices paid for high quality root. Buying all grades. Please do not wash! Family of Bruce Phetteplace 607-334-4942.



MISC. GET DIRECTV! ONLY $35/month! 155 Channels & 1000s of Shows/ Movies On Demand (w/SELECT All Included Package.) PLUS Stream on Up to FIVE Screens Simultaneously at No Additional Cost. Call DIRECTV 1-866-731-3285 DISH TV - Over 190 Channels Now ONLY $59.99/ month! 2 year price guarantee, FREE Installation! Save HUNDREDS over Cable and DIRECTV. Add Internet as low as $14.95/ month! 1-800-871-1312. APPLYING FOR SOCIAL SECURITY Disability or Appealing a Denied Claim? Call Bill Gordon & Assoc., Social Security Disability Attorneys, 1-855-498-6323! FREE Consultations. Local Attorneys Nationwide [Mail: 2420 N St NW, Washington DC. Office: Broward Co. FL (TX/NM Bar.)] BECOME A PUBLISHED AUTHOR. We want to Read Your Book! Dorrance Publishing-Trusted by Authors Since 1920. Book manuscript submissions currently being reviewed. Comprehensive Services: Consultation, Production, Promotion and Distribution. Call for Your Free Author’s Guide 1-877-626-2213. CALL EMPIRE TODAY to schedule a FREE in-home estimate on Carpeting & Flooring. Call Today! 1-800-508-2824. SPECTRUM TRIPLE PLAY! TV, Internet & Voice for $99.97/ month. Fastest Internet. 100 MB per second speed. Free Primetime on Demand. Unlimited Voice. NO CONTRACTS. Call 1-855-652-9304 or visit http:// Get DIRECTV! ONLY $35/ month! 155 Channels & 1000s of Shows/ Movies On Demand (w/ SELECT All Included Package.) PLUS Stream on Up to FIVE Screens Simultaneously at No Addt’l Cost. Call DIRECTV 1-855-781-1565. DISH Network $59.99 For 190 Channels! Add High Speed Internet for ONLY $14.95/ month. Best Technology. Best Value. Smart HD DVR Included. FREE Installation. Some restrictions apply. Call 1-855-837-9146.


BECOME A PUBLISHED AUTHOR! We edit, print and distribute your work internationally. We do the work... You reap the Rewards! Call for a FREE Author’s Submission Kit: 866-951-7214.

Honor Your Loved One In print and online by publishing an Obituary in our Passages Section for just $50. Includes color photo and unlimited wording. Call or Email: Lynn Forrester, Ext. 141 585-226-8111

A PLACE FOR MOM. The nation’s largest senior living referral service. Contact our trusted, local experts today! Our service is FREE/ no obligation. CALL 1-844-722-7993.

A PLACE FOR MOM. The nation’s largest senior living referral service. Contact our trusted, local experts today! Our service is FREE/ no obligation. CALL 1-844-258-8586. MOBILEHELP, AMERICA’S Premier Mobile Medical Alert System. Whether You’re Home or Away. For Safety and Peace of Mind. No Long Term Contracts! Free Brochure! Call Today! 1-855-401-6993. INVENTORS - FREE INFORMATION PACKAGE: Have your product idea developed affordably by the Research & Development pros and presented to manufacturers. Call 1-888-501-0236 for a Free Idea Starter Guide. Submit your idea for a free consultation. DENTAL INSURANCE. Call Physicians Mutual Insurance Company for details. NOT just a discount plan, REAL coverage for 350 procedures. 888-623-3036 or http://www. Ad# 6118. ATTENTION OXYGEN THERAPY USERS! Inogen One G4 is capable of full 24/7 oxygen delivery. Only 2.8 pounds. FREE information kit. Call 877-929-9587. A PLACE FOR MOM has helped over a million families find senior living. Our trusted, local advisors help find solutions to your unique needs at no cost to you. Call 855-741-7459. DISH TV $59.99 For 190 Channels + $14.95 High Speed Internet. Free Installation, Smart HD DVR Included, Free Voice Remote. Some restrictions apply 1-800-718-1593. BICYCLE REPAIRS: 585-343-0548.

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SPECTRUM TRIPLE PLAY! TV, Internet & Voice for $99.97/ month. Fastest Internet. 100 MB per second speed. Free Primetime on Demand. Unlimited Voice. NO CONTRACTS. Call 1-888-383-5155 or visit http:// CASH FOR CARS: We Buy Any Condition Vehicle, 2002 and Newer. Nationwide Free Pick Up! Call Now: 1-800-864-5960.

EARTHLINK HIGH SPEED INTERNET. As Low As $14.95/ month (for the first 3 months.) Reliable High Speed Fiber Optic Technology. Stream Videos, Music and More! Call Earthlink Today 1-855-520-7938.

PROTECT YOUR HOME AND FAMILY with Vivint Smart Home. Call 844-475-6160 today to receive a FREE $50 GIFTCARD with your purchase. Use promo code: FREE50


SPECTRUM TRIPLE PLAY! TV, Internet & Voice for $99.97/ month. Fastest Internet. 100 MB per second speed. Free Primetime on Demand. Unlimited Voice. NO CONTRACTS. Call 1-877-338-2315 or visit http://

Get a SMARTPHONE for $0 DOWN* with AT&T Next and AT&T Next Every Year; $250 Gift Card for Switching to AT&T! (*Requires well-qualified credit. Limits & restrictions apply.) 1-888-545-5093. DENIED SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY? Appeal! If you’re 50+, filed for SSD and denied, our attorneys can help get you approved! No money out of pockets! Call 1-866-376-3163. DIAGNOSED WITH LUNG CANCER? You may qualify for a substantial cash award. NO obligation, NO risk! We’ve recovered millions. Let us help you!! Call 24/7, 855-845-8269. LUNG CANCER? Asbestos exposure in industrial, construction, manufacturing jobs, or military may be the cause. Family in the home were also exposed. Call 1-866-795-3684 or email cancer@breakinginjurynews. com. $30 billion is set aside for asbestos victims with cancer. Valuable settlement monies may not require filing a lawsuit.

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CROSS COUNTRY MOVING, Long distance Moving Company, out of state move $799 Long Distance Movers. Get Free quote on your Long distance move 1-800-511-2181.

MAKE A CONNECTION. Real People, Flirty Chat. Meet singles right now! Call LiveLinks. Try it FREE. Call NOW: 1-888-909-9905. 18+.

KILL BED BUGS! Harris Sprays, Mattress Covers, Kits. Available: Hardware Stores, The Home Depot,

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D 4602080 4 X 10.96 i 3000 General FULL New and Pre-owned 0079851470554955 Upstate Toyota 0000007112


GVPENNYSAVER.COM 1-866-812-8111



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