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WEDNESDAY 4th December, 2019

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The coffin bearing the remains of the late Senior Superintendent of Police, Brian Eastman being draped with the flag of the Guyana Police Force during his funeral service at the Central Seventh-day Adventist Church on Church Street on Tuesday. Eastman and Dillon DeRamos, owner of Kosmos Bar at Movietowne, died after the Lexus GX 470 in which they were travelling crashed into the fence of Yokohama Trading at Liliendaal on November 26, 2019 (Delano Williams photo)

$260M polyclinic for

North Ruimveldt



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Lowenfield contract almost up

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, December 4, 2019


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, December 4, 2019

GECOM rethinking putting non-ID card holders on supplementary list By Lisa Hamilton THE Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) is reconsidering its decision to place persons who failed to collect their Identification (ID) Cards from the Commission’s offices on a separate Supplementary List on Elections Day. According to Commissioner Vincent Alexander, the Commission now believes that this could cause some amount of confusion on Elections Day. “There is some review of that matter,” he said on Tuesday. “I’m not quite sure we’re settled on it being a Supplementary List. The view is expressed that a Supplementary List could be a source of confusion, because the electoral list is normally in alphabetical order, and what we find is that somebody goes to the list in the first instance, and then they have to go to another list in the second instance, and it could be an untidy arrangement, so it’s under review.” The Commission’s previous position was that the names of the individuals who fail to collect their ID Cards within 21 days will be excluded from the Official List of Electors [OLE] and placed on a Supplementary List on Elections Day. These individuals would still be permitted to vote, should they turn up with other appropriate identification, and will remain on the National Register of Registrants Database (NRRD). No alternative options have been finalised for the Supplementary List as yet, but the Commission has committed to putting one in place. Alexander said that all on the Commission agree that something must be done to bring those who fail to collect their IDs but turn up to vote on Elections Day under greater scrutiny. “We’re also of the collective view

Commissioner Sase Gunraj

Commissioner Vincent Alexander

that at the end of the day, there must be a mechanism that focuses on those persons on Election Day. In other words, some mechanism should be used; I don’t think we’re final on the mechanism to ensure that there is an alertness to the fact that here are a set of people who did not uplift their ID cards,” he said. Meanwhile, the total number of ID Cards collected as of December 2, 2019 stands at 805, and the Commission has now decided to extend the period for upliftment beyond the initial 21-day deadline. Commissioner Sase Gunraj said that he raised the issue at the Tuesday meeting that persons have had difficulties in contacting the Commission for the collection of their cards. This 805 is out of over 18,000 who have not collected their ID Cards in several years

for unconfirmed reasons. He said that as far as he could remember, some of the highest numbers of collections came from Parika, Georgetown and Whim. On a previous occasion, Alexander said that he is not surprised that this number is very low, as he had long suggested that a number of these people may either be deceased or overseas. He explained that the concern is less about the failure to collect the ID Cards, and more about the failure of the persons in question to present themselves as existing. Meanwhile, the Commission has made no new decisions with regards to the crossmatching of house-to-house or Claims and Objections (C&O) data. Last Tuesday, it was revealed that the recent cross-matching report received from overseas is believed to be incorrect.

Gunraj had stated that the cross-matching information from the 370,000 transactions from the house-to-house registration showed that some 60,000 forms did not “attract a hit,” meaning that they were names apart from those on the NRRD. The cross-matching was conducted by an international digital security company, Gemalto, and the decision taken to contact the service provider for clarity. Alexander updated yesterday: “We’re still at the point where Gemalto is still doing cross-matching. This time they’re cross-matching the Claims and Objections against all of the information, and so it’s not until we have gotten back all of the cross-matching results that we’ll make a final decision.” The Commission had expected to receive all of this information already, and is exploring other channels to fast-track its receipt of the data. Also on the burner was the Commission’s need for funding. Alexander said that as far as he is aware, the Commission has sufficient funding for the holding of new General and Regional Elections come March 2, 2020. He said that should the Commission require additional funding, nonetheless, there is still time to approach government for it. Meanwhile, Commissioner Gunraj noted that the Commission also met with a delegation from the Carter Center and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The latter organization is interested in providing support areas critical to the conduct of elections, while the former would like to provide electoral observation. Added to this, he confirmed that the European Union (EU) has also been accredited.

Lunch, not Christmas party, for GT schools … MoE advises secondary school heads in ‘memo’ GIVEN the inappropriate behaviour, activities, and clothing worn by students, as well as the inappropriate music at many public school Christmas parties across Georgetown, the Ministry of Education (MoE) has informed secondary schools in the City that they would only be allowed to host a “Christmas Luncheon” and not Christmas parties this year. The students will be required to be dressed in uniform, as dress codes advised in the past were never adhered to and persons not attending the respective schools would attend the parties. The playing of Christmas carols are permitted at the event, while in addition to the Christmas luncheon, the schools are also at liberty to organise Christmas concerts showcasing the religious aspect of Christmas. The MoE, on Monday, issued a memo to all secondary school head teachers in Georgetown, informing of the new policy, and outlining some of the guidelines for the luncheon. “Christmas parties in many schools have moved away from the spirit of the season to

one of inappropriate behaviour and activities by students,” the memo read. Further it stated that: “Concerns were shared about the kind of music played, clothing worn by our students despite dress codes and also the large number of uninvited persons who attend these parties. As such, the decision was taken for all Secondary Schools in Georgetown to host Christmas luncheons and not Christmas parties.” Other guidelines for the luncheon included students being dismissed by 14.30hrs and not allowed to loiter around the school compound; checks will be expected to be made by teachers of the students bag for alcohol, weapons and illegal drugs. No strangers or visitors will be allowed, and the security guards and teachers are to ensure those persons entering the schools are current students of the respective schools. The students can do gift exchanges if they like, but that is optional. Christmas parties are an annual feature at the end of the Christmas term, however, over the years the event has gotten out of hand.

Ministry of Education


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Wednesday, December 4, 2019

‘Very, very nasty’ …Trump clashes with Macron before NATO summit LONDON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump and French leader Emmanuel Macron clashed over the future of NATO on Tuesday before a summit intended to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Western military alliance. In sharp exchanges underlining discord in a transatlantic bloc hailed by backers as the most successful military pact in history, Trump demanded that Europe pay more for its collective defense and make

concessions to U.S. interests on trade. Macron, the French president, stood by comments he made last month describing NATO as suffering from a lack of strategic purpose akin to “brain death”, and criticised fellow NATO member Turkey, which he accused of working with Islamic State proxies. Washington and Paris have long argued over NATO’s purpose - France opposed the 2003 Iraq war - but the new tensions will add to doubts over the alliance’s future that have grown with Trump’s ambivalence over U.S. commitments to defend Europe. Trump said Macron’s criticism of NATO was “very, very nasty” and questioned whether the U.S. military should defend any countries that were “delinquent” on alliance targets for national military spending. “It’s not right to be taken advantage of on NATO and also then to be taken advantage of on trade, and that’s what happens. We

can’t let that happen,” Trump said of transatlantic disputes on issues ranging from the aerospace sector to a European digital services tax on U.S. technology giants. All 29 member states have a target of spending 2% of their gross domestic product on defense and Trump has singled out Germany for falling short of that goal. But Macron stood by his criticism of NATO and said its real problem was a failure to forge a clear purpose since the end of the Cold War. “If we invest money and put our soldiers’ lives at risk in theaters of operation we must be clear about the fundamentals of NATO,” he said in a tweet at the end of a day overshadowed by tensions between the French and U.S. leaders. A French presidency official said Trump often makes strident statements ahead of bilateral meetings and cools his rhetoric later. He noted that Macron and Trump “exchanged jokes and were very relaxed” at a joint news

conference in London. COLLECTIVE DEFENSE AT STAKE Turkey threatened to block a plan to defend Baltic states and Poland against Russian attacks unless NATO backed Ankara in recognizing the Kurdish YPG militia as terrorists. The YPG’s fighters have long been U.S. and French allies against Islamic State in Syria. Turkey considers them an enemy because of links to Kurdish insurgents in southeastern Turkey. “If our friends at NATO do not recognize as terrorist organizations those we consider terrorist organizations ... we will stand against any step that will be taken there,” Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said before traveling to London. Erdogan has already strained alliance ties with a move to buy Russian air defense systems. Trump said he was looking at imposing sanctions on Ankara over the issue. The uncertainty over the plan for Poland and the Baltic

states, drawn up at their request after Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, raises issues about security on all of NATO’s frontiers. Under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s 1949 founding treaty, an attack on one ally is an attack on all its members, and the alliance has military strategies for collective defense across its territory. The summit, in a hotel in Hertfordshire just outside London, begins on Wednesday. On Tuesday evening, alliance leaders attended a reception hosted by Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace. The British monarch, in a teal-colored matching jacket and skirt, greeted the summiteers and accompanying partners, including former fashion model Melania Trump, who was wearing a bright yellow dress with matching cape and purple sleeves.

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Lowenfield contract almost up GUYANA CHRONICLE, Wednesday, December 4, 2019


…GECOM agrees to keep him on job, pay him in lieu of leave

The contract of Chief Elections Officer (CEO), Keith Lowenfield --- a critical person to the coming elections will come to an end in March, the month of the most anticipated elections in Guyana’s history. Coming out of a meeting with the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) on Tuesday, Commissioner Vincent Alexander said that a

Chief Elections Officer (CEO), Keith Lowenfield

compromise has been made to keep the CEO on the job

to cater for the election. “The CEO’s contract comes to an end in March. His contract requires him to take all of his leave before the end of contract and he has outstanding leave which was now applied for. The decision has been taken to pay him in lieu of leave so that he stays in the job up to elections,” he said. The Commissioner said that a decision on the renew-

al of his contract should be made in at least two weeks while his leave is expected to begin in matter of days. However, contention being no stranger to the Commission has seen another commissioner disagreeing that such decision was made. When the Guyana Chronicle contacted Peoples Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) nominated Commissioner Sase Gunraj

for a comment he stated that no such decision had been made. “We’ve not made a decision on it as yet…,” he said. The full membership of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) back in March 2014 had decided unanimously to the appointment Lowenfield to the position of Chief Election Officer and Commis-

sioner of National Registration. The Commission’s decision had brought to an end a very lengthy and meticulous procedure associated with the matter including advertising the vacancy locally and overseas. Some fourteen had applied for the post.

Teenage motorcyclist killed in crash Deshon Morris, 18, riding motorcycle CJ 6021 was killed Tuesday evening after he collided with a truck, GTT 2073 with an attached lowbed TEE 6391 in the vicinity of D’Aguiar and Rahaman’s Park, East Bank Demerara. Morris resided at Lot Four, East La Penitence, Georgetown and was employed at the Ministry of the Presidency’s Bertram Collins College of the Public Service, Ogle Estate, East Coast Demerara. His pillon rider was identified as Keon Granville, 27, of East Ruimveldt, Georgetown. Reports indicate that the motorcyclist was proceeding north on the eastern drive lane of the western carriageway of Houston Public Road while the truck was proceeding east on the northern drive

The truck, GTT 2073 with an attached lowbed TEE 6391 parked at the Ruimveldt Police Station following the fatal accident

lane of Meadow Bank Public Road. As the truck driver approached the intersection of Meadow Bank and Houston Public Road, he failed to

stop and continued east onto the Houston Public Road. In doing so, he ended up into the path of the motorcycle. The front of the motorcy-

cle came into contact with the right side front portion of the truck, and as a result of the collision, both the motorcyclist and his pillion rider fell

onto the road surface where they received injuries about their bodies. Morris was picked up in an unconscious state and taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival while the pillion rider was treated for laceration about the body and discharged. A breathalyzer test conducted on the driver of the truck indicated that he was not intoxicated. The driver of the truck was taken into police custody while the vehicle was lodged at the Ruimveldt Police Station.

Deshon Morris


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Wednesday, December 4, 2019

GPF and crime-solving WHAT is always an issue is whether a police force per¬forms its duties in a professional manner and if there is adherence to Human Rights and the Rule of Law. The observance or not, of this enshrined dictum will determine the level of public cooperation and the police’s ability to prevent and solve crimes. The Guyana Police Force is in the process of what can be described as a renewal, emerging from a period which wit¬nessed its descent to unheard-of levels of conduct that would not have made proud, those early generation of policemen who had served with distinction. This coincided with what many senior policemen com¬plained of as being political interference in the management of the local law enforcement institution. It was a phase that recalled policemen being prosecut-

ed for bribery; being part of criminal gangs, hit men, drug traf¬ficking and trafficking in persons; acting as drug escorts and enforcers. Clearly, these were acts that were totally criminal and inimical to any professional police force’s mandate of crime-solving and prevention. Also, excesses were committed against the citizenry that did severe harm to police-commu¬nity relations. No doubt, the results were disastrous for crime-prevention and solving, as the number of unsolved crimes mounted, cou¬pled with both a refusal and reluctance of persons to report serious crimes and volunteer information. Today, notwithstanding that there are still challenges to overcome with regard to the general operations of the local police force, the professional climate has been much improved through the Citizens Security Pro-

gramme, which entails the reform and transformation of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) from an incident-driven reactive institution to one that relies on analysis of patterns, incidents and problems. Realising that citizens and ultimately the community are still pivotal in the goal of crime-prevention, the Guyana Police Force over the years has embarked on what can be described as a rebuild with communities strategy. This programme targeted partic¬ular communities that were crime ‘hot spots’, with various initiatives such as skills and entrepreneurship training for youths, sports and lectures on the advantages of communities working together with the law, being crime-free were held. An example of this has been the training for Youth at Risk, involving youths from East Berbice-Corentyne and Demerara/ Mahaica. This was

facilitated through a technical cooperation agreement in support of the Citizen Sector Strategy(CSS). Interventions as these, have led to a reduction of crime among youths in the Berbice community, Albouystown and West Coast Demerara among other areas. Also, there was the very productive effort of the Cops and Faith innovation that combined religious faiths and the police, working with youths in these areas. The paradigm appears to be slowly but surely shifting towards the police in their various divisions being more com¬munity-oriented and problem-solving (COPS). Apparently, the number one law enforcement agency in Guyana is paying more attention to solving crime and also problems in the communities they serve. Crime-solving since has never been so high. Not only has some cold cases been solved; but, current

crimes, especially murders, have witnessed an almost 100 percent success in apprehension of the perpetrators. Perpetrators have been quickly arrested and placed before the courts. Further proof of the improvement in community-police relationship have time again been manifested in recent times with the Guyana Po¬lice Force being able to speedily re-capture prison escapees and other criminals. Apart from a few cases of citizens harbouring escapees, communities were applauded for doing their civic duty of informing the police as to the presence/whereabouts of these fugitives, in their communities. There is no police force in a society that is predicated on human rights, law and order that can perform its seminal task of crime-solving and crime-prevention, without cooperation from its citizens. For among the

latter, there is information as to who did the crime, where, and when. The new dispensation which commenced from May, 2015, has caused a renewed sense of duty among policemen/ women to protect and serve; a realisation that citizens’ rights should be respected, if their cooperation is to be courted for the prevention and solving of crime. Policemen are being given training opportunities, locally and abroad, for enhance¬ment of crime-prevention and crime-solving skills. Let it be reiterated that a police force that is profes¬sional and that has the support of communities and their citizens, will be successful crime-solvers, becoming effec¬tive protectors of that nation.

The MoE dealt with the matter professionally Dear Editor, RECENTLY, we have seen the education sector coming under increased scrutiny with a number of unfortunate incidents involving both students and a teacher. Editor, I’ve also noticed that on Sunday December 1, 2019 in the four daily newspapers the Ministry of Education published two notices. One dealt with the fight involving a male and female student, and the other addressed an altercation between a teacher and a parent. Editor, the MoE’s statements are both instructive and informative. As an educator

and a parent, let me say that I believe the ministry dealt with both matters appropriately. Reading the contributions in relation to these issues on social and contemporary media, it is clear that although some of us mean well with our contributions, like the MoE’s statement points out, we have not placed the matter in its right context. Editor, and here is where I will give a few reasons why I believe the Education Ministry dealt with the matter properly. Firstly, we must understand that in the case of the incident involving the male and female student, the Ministry is constrained by what it can say. This

is due to the fact that these are minors they are dealing with and so the children’s privacy and that of their families cannot be compromised. Analysing the language the Ministry used in its statements one gets the impression that there is a whole lot more going on that meets the eye in the case of the fight between the two students, but obviously the ministry cannot state those. The Richard Ishmael Secondary School matter is a clear case of bullying, also abuse and other concerns. But the Ministry of Education is not allowed to take sides. As a responsible body it has to listen to both sides and

then make a determination as it identifies the causes and effects of the issue. So while some sections of society may wish to see quick action against one of the parties the MoE has to ensure it follows due process and be guided by what is outlined in the school policy regarding these matters. The Ministry has taken a similar approach with the Winfer Gardens Primary incident involving the parent and teacher. The Ministry in no uncertain term branded the actions of the parent as criminal and rightfully so in my view. But as citizens we should be aware that if a matter is engaging the

attention of the police there is only so much that can be said on the issue or one runs the risk of prejudicing the police investigations. Finally Editor, this nation has a responsibility to our school children and young people. We have to play our parts in ensuring that these children, who are the future of tomorrow, inculcate good values, attitudes, morals etc. This cannot be the work of the MoE alone, these children spend quite a lot of time in the home so the home has to play its role. The family cannot abdicate its duties and then expect the Ministry of Education to fix a problem that

those in the home helped to create. We have to continue to speak to our children. Editor, it begs the question, what message is that parent sending to those children? Children model behaviours from their parents, is that the type of behaviour that mother wants her children to embrace and showcase? I firmly believe that the parent should publicly apologise to this nation and more importantly to her children. Regards, Leon Persaud

43 years behind the scenes at the National Cultural Centre, Bernard Chung deserves to be recognised Dear Editor, I FIRST sang at the National Cultural Centre (NCC), it

could have been in 1978, and remember seeing Bernard Chung there, working as part of the backstage staff. On

Sunday, December 1, 2019, I attended a function at the venue and Bernard Chung is still working there. He told me that

he has been employed there for some 43 years. Editor, It’s a shame that ordinary people, like Bernard, are

hardly ever recognised for their quiet (behind-the-scenes), but faithful service. I believe that he may be the only remaining

staff from the original group. Bernard deserves recognition.  Regards, Remington Nelson

GUYANA CHRONICLE, Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Coalition has done well to improve healthcare in Guyana Dear editor,

HAVE you ever been an in-patient in hospital? Have you ever had a loved one in hospital? I have, and I can tell you that both are quite distressing. I chose a career in the health profession, where I have had the privilege of meeting some wonderful patients, to try to make a difference. What I found with most of my patients is that in most instances, a reassuring smile and a gentle hug would suffice. Sometimes these, the basics as they are known, are forgotten with all of the complex machines that are at our disposal. During the PPP’s 23 years in government, I had made several observations that were quite concerning. Two and three patients sharing a bed on the maternity ward; beds without sheets and pillows. No patients’ privacy. Patients’ deaths not routinely investigated unless it reaches the media. Poor communications by healthcare professionals. Patients travelling many miles to get basic medical tests among other ills. I struggled to be silent. I was not silent. When this government came into power in 2015, I continued my criticism. President David Granger and Prime Minister Moses Nagamottoo, two men I greatly admire, did not escape my criticisms. Guyana Times, the PPP-aligned newspapers, got hold of one of my letters and chose to score cheap political points by interviewing the then Junior Minister of Public Health Dr. Karen Cummings. All that I have stated above can be easily verified. I state the above because I know what I am about to write, the PPP scribes will rush to misrepresent me as a government supporter blowing

the Government’s trumpet. On looking at my stated record of objectivity, they will struggle to defend such a position. A few nights ago, I listened to an interview on Benschop Radio given by the Honourable Minister of Public Health Volda Lawrence. The interview was intellectually stimulating and very eye-opening. The interviewer was very informed and asked very difficult and searching questions. The interviewee was also very informed, amiable, and articulate. But what was amazing was her grasp of medical concepts, taking into consideration that she is an accountant by profession. The interview started with the normal getting-to-know-you question. Our Minister of Public Health volunteered that she was conceived in Linden, but born in Georgetown. A very light and humanly touch for which the interviewer, Mr. Benschop, in jest, constantly reminded the Honourable Minister. The Hon. Minister then set the scene of the status of the health service when APNU-AFC came into power in 2015. The negative observations I alluded to were still present. The Hon. Minister then went on to outline other concerning observations at the New Amsterdam Hospital. The mortuary being in close proximity to the kitchen where patients’ meals are prepared. The smell of decomposing bodies pervasive in the kitchen. The drain for the mortuary passes through the middle of the kitchen. The doctors’ sleeping area was a boxed off area of four white sheets and a bed. The hospital beds and hospital environs was in a deplorable state. These conditions were not unique to New Amsterdam Hospital, but was a common pattern throughout Guyana. The minister then went on to outline what this present gov-

ernment was able to achieve. Through collaboration with Food for the Poor, Government funding and other agencies, hospital beds were procured, hence patients no longer need to share beds in the maternity wards; something that was prevalent during PPP’s 23 years in power. Some may see this as minor, but this is major. The closest analogy I can think of is having to travel by plane and spending eight hours sitting and sleeping next to a complete stranger. It is not easy. Now add two newborns to that mix. Two adults and two babies on a single bed. How the PPP could have allowed that to continue for 23 years is unbelievable. As alluded to earlier, being an inpatient in hospital is very distressing. Why burden these distressed patients with inadequate and poor sleeping arrangements? The second takeaway point was the reduction in maternal mortality. To achieve this, the ministry worked along with PAHO, private and public consultants. The Hon. Minister of Public Health had this to say, “We recognized, and we admitted to the issues that we have, especially those related to maternal mortality and the maternal health system.” In my opinion, this, namely, candour and probity, was unheard of in Guyana under the PPP. Unless there is honesty in recognising that a problem exists, be prepared to explore the causes of that problem, then it would be impossible to solve it. Great Leadership by the Hon. Minister. The Hon. Minister also had this say, “When there were many maternal deaths, we did not play the blame game; instead, in addition to assistance from PAHO, we put together the Maternal Mortality Review (MMR) Committee. They have been reviewing all the Standard

Operating Procedures (SOPs), and visiting all the medical facilities where deliveries are done.” Again, this highlighted three important medical concepts: First is to investigate but not to blame. By having such a culture would encourage health professionals to be honest. The fact is that most errors in medicine are institutional and not individual. Secondly, investigating a death provides the opportunity to learn, not only at GPHC, but throughout the country. Finally, by reviewing of all the SOPs allows the medical investigators to scrutinise individual steps in the patient’s pathway of care. In so doing, flaws or deficiencies in a specific step may be identified and modified, with a view to reducing any chance of the error reoccurring. Again, brilliant leadership by the Hon. Minister. It was a massive disaster by the PPP to practise 19th Century medicine in the 21st Century, failing to understand these basic concepts. The Minister also spoke of investigating “near misses”. A “near miss” is an event that might have resulted in harm, but the problem did not reach the patient because of timely intervention by healthcare providers or the patient or family, or due to good fortune. It is very important to investigate this since in all likelihood a medical error had occurred. Even though the patient did not come to harm, the error had the potential to have caused that hence it needs to be identified, remedied and information disseminated. The Minister also spoke of the use of specialist maternity suits which are available in the hinterland. These are used when pregnant patients may be having a bleeding complication in pregnancy, in the remote hinterland areas and a doctor may not be read-

ily available. As a result the patients were this maternity suit to stabilise them until the doctor is available to take over the care and provide definitive treatment. A chronic shortage of health care professionals has always been a problem in Guyana especially in the hinterland regions. Addressing this problem required innovative thinking and action. To address this shortage locals in the area were trained as Community Health Workers (CHW). They main role was to assist with delivery. Working in conjunction with this is the building of maternity homes at the hospitals in the hinterland. These homes will serve to house mothers who live many miles away from the hospital and also those who may have a complicated pregnancy. What is obvious from the above is that the decrease in maternal mortality rate was not by chance. Rather it was due to active intervention by this Government to resuscitate a dying healthcare service that they inheriting from the PPP. What is significant is that these changes were achieved in a fraction of 23yrs. Also the Hon. Minister addressed other aspects of medicine where steps were taking. She spoke of bringing healthcare to the patients and reducing the patient need to travel long distances for healthcare. This is all a part of patient centred care. A patient who may require a basic scan test but had to travel tens of miles to have this done. Now that is not necessary since these test are now available at their local hospitals, which reduce the burden on GPHC and improve patients’ and relatives satisfaction. Also over the past four years, there were physical development of many health centres and Regional Hospitals. Recently

a doctors’ quarter was completely renovated. Recognising that healthcare professionals communications was an area of concern, communication skills training is being given to health professionals at GPHC with a view to extend it nationally. This is critical in improving patients and relatives experiences. Finally, the Ministry of Public health is a part of the UNAIDS 90-90-90. Thus far the Ministry has been able to achieve the first 90 and is scoring in the mid 80’s for the two 90’s with a view to completing the triple 90 in 2020. It was reassuring to hear the Hon. Minister clearly stating that there is much more to be done. Twenty three years of mismanagement by the PPP has resulted in complete destruction of the health service. It is impossible to remedy this in four years. The solution to this problem is to have sound leadership from the top. The solution involves probity by all healthcare professionals. The solution requires candour by all healthcare professionals. For the first time with the leadership of APNU-AFC Government, I can confidently state that healthcare in Guyana is going in the right direction. These are baby steps but they are going in the direction of progress. Well done Madam Minister and her team. With your leadership, I can see that our healthcare will become the envy of the Caribbean. We are some distance from that but having a vision, passion and dream is where it starts. Regards, Dr. Mark Devonish MBBS MSc Med. Ed

Flooding in the city is not MoPI’s fault Dear Editor, Please permit me to respond to an article published by Stabroek News on the 3rd November, 2019 under the headline ‘Georgetown and its environs will continue to experience yearly flooding as more of its drainage channels become clogged’. The author of this article was responding to a letter penned by former Mayor of Georgetown and Minister of Works and Hydraulics, Mr. Hamilton Greene when he stated, “Georgetown and its environs will continue to experience yearly flooding as more of its drainage channels become clogged as a result of haphazard development, poor maintenance of the drainage system and bad management.” The Ministry would like to remind or bring to the attention of the public that the clogging of drains usually occurs not

only because of “haphazard development” in Georgetown, as highlighted by the author, but also as a result of the lawlessness of persons who visit, work or even live in the city. The maintenance of drains is another aspect the Ministry is certain that the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) has under control. The Ministry has been working along with the agency to ensure the drains are kept in a good condition to prevent flooding. In fact, the two agencies have partnered several times in the past to achieve this goal. The Ministry takes this opportunity to encourage citizens to be more considerate while disposing of their litter. Regards, Davina Ramdass, Public Relations Officer Ministry of Public Infrastructure


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Guyana looking to reduce energy consumption in the cooling sector –– as country continues push to reduce carbon footprint

GUYANA is looking to reduce the energy consumption in the cooling sector, as the country continues to take steps towards reducing its carbon footprint, said Minister of Agriculture, Noel Holder. The step is being taken at a time when a 20 per cent increase was recorded in the importation of cooling equipment between 2016 and 2019. “This trend is expected to continue along with the possibility of dramatic escalation in these numbers in the coming years resulting in a concomitant increase in the consumption of energy in the sector,” said Minister Holder at a seminar on energy efficiency and alternative technologies for the cooling sector, at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre, on Tuesday. According to statistics provided by the minister, cooling, although recognised as an important technology, is also one of the highest consumers of energy in Guyana. It is estimated that this sector accounts for approximately

Minister of Agriculture, Noel Holder (Adrian Narine photo) 17 per cent of energy con- and capacity deficiencies sumed worldwide. in this sector be addressed “Guyana continues to to ensure that growth in this take steps to reduce our sector does not undermine energy consumption in this emission reductions and sector through the pro- energy efficiency gains in motion of energy efficient other sectors. cooling technologies and In that regard, Minister practices,” said Minister Holder was optimistic that Holder. the seminar will build on He believes that, giv- the many actions taking en the increasing demand place nationally, regionalfor and the use of cooling ly and globally to expose technologies in the current relevant stakeholders to and emerging sectors, it is information and practices imperative that the tech- to guide the development of nological, environmental policies. It will also guide choice of technologies and improve practices within the cooling sector, with

the aim of minimising the sector’s long-term carbon footprint on the planet. “We recognise the need for actions taken nationally through these programmes to be needs focused and country driven,” said the minister, adding that there should be proposed policies and actions that should epitomise and be reflective of national goals and long term development strategy. His view is that the areas to be discussed during the seminar are synonymous with the current development initiatives and will contribute to the construct of responsive policies and practices within the cooling sector.

The seminar also forms part of Guyana’s work and obligations in keeping with the Kigali Amendment for the phasing out of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) under the Montreal Protocol. The Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol was entered into force on January 1, 2019 and aims to phase down HFC refrigerants and has the potential to avoid up to 0.1?C of warming by 2050 and up to 0.4? by 2100. According to the Climate and Clean Air Coalition, the economic, environmental, and health benefits of catalysing simultaneous energy efficiency improvements,

in concert with the HFC phase down, supports reduced energy consumption and avoided emissions of CO2 and black carbon, which can potentially double the climate benefit of the phase down alone. The efficient cooling initiative brings together governments, intergovernmental organisations, and the private sector to build high-level political leadership and facilitate collaboration among stakeholders. The aim is to enhance energy efficiency in the cooling sector while countries implement the phase-down of HFC refrigerants under the Montreal Protocol.

The participants at the seminar on energy efficiency and alternative technologies for the cooling sector (Adrian Narine photo)

Women’s Police Association celebrates seventh anniversary UNDER the theme “Promoting Gender Equality and Professional Development for Women in Law Enforcement”, the Guyana Association of Women Police (GAWP), on Monday, hosted a Grand Church Service at the Police Officers’ Mess Annexe, Young Street, Eve Leary, to commemorate their seventh anniversary. The service started with an opening prayer followed by the GAWP prayer, both of which were done by the chairperson, Woman Inspector, Roxanne Whaul. Woman Superintendent, Lorraine Saul, who welcomed all, reflected on the contributions the association

had made in the development and betterment of its members, since establishment in 2012, as well as the upkeep of the association’s mandate of empowering women. Songs of worship such as “Lord I Lift Your Name On High”, “What A Mighty God We Serve”, “How Great Is Our God”, “Because Of Who You Are I Give You Glory” and “Love Lifted Me” could be heard from the gathering as they rejoiced in singing. Reading of scriptures, Esther 5:14 and Esther 5:5-8 were also done by W/Deputy Superintendent, Fredella Boyce; and W/Constable 25044, Yolanda Kippins, respectively. Delivering the ‘message’ was

Woman Superintendent, Marcelene Washington, who, in her very passionate and moving address, reminded those present that doubt and stress may come, but urged them to keep their eyes on Jesus and give God the glory. The church service saw a large turnout of members of the association from constables to officers, including Deputy Commissioner ‘Operations’, Maxine Graham; Deputy Commissioner ‘Administration’, Paul Williams; regional and branch commanders, other senior and junior officers and special invitees too numerous to mention.


GUYANA CHRONICLE, Wednesday December 4, 2019

Guyana Chronicle overall winner at PAHO Media Awards

GUYANA Chronicle’s Vanessa Braithwaite-Moore stole the show at the PAHO/WHO Clare Forrester Media Awards for excellence in health journalism last Sunday evening. The awards ceremony was held at the Guyana Marriott Hotel in Kingston under the theme, “Strengthening Health Systems to Achieve Universal Health, Through the Sustainable Development Goals in Guyana.” Braithwaite-Moore, the overall winner of the awards,

Filaria campaign and is expected to attend a two-week internship at PAHO headquarters in Washington DC. Guyana Chronicle’s Tajeram Mohabir and Stabroek News’ Jeanna Pearson, the winners of the awards when it was reintroduced in 2014, were rewarded a similar gesture by the PAHO Guyana office. Braithwaite told the Guyana Chronicle that the PAHO awards can definitely be deemed as a major motivator for journalists to tackle health issues. She

seek out health issues affecting the Guyanese populace; not only to submit as an entry, but to raise the needed awareness, all year round. Meanwhile, Sharda Bhaccus of Stabroek News won the first place award for Best Print News Story; Tajeram Mohabir (Guyana Chronicle) won Best Print Feature/Documentary; Tracy Ramalho (NCN) won the Best TV News Story; Devina Samaroo (Guyana Times) won the Best TV Feature/Documentary

Chronicle’s Vanessa Braithwaite-Moore receiving one of her many prizes on Sunday night (Carl Croker photographer)

Guyana National Newspapers Limited (GNNL) General Manger, Donna Todd, with the Guyana Chronicle winners at the PAHO Media Awards (Carl Croker photo)

won prizes for Best Radio and Online stories, and came in second for Best Radio Feature, and third for Best Online Feature. Braithwaite also won the special award for coverage in the mass drug administration

said while many newsrooms work according to beats and many journalists do not get the chance to cover the health sector, these awards serve to encourage them to take a step out of their comfort zones and

and Best Online Feature categories; Loreen Warde (NCN) won the Best Radio Feature; Aubrey Odle was adjudged Best Photographer and Patrick Ramsammy, Best Videographer. Rabindra Rooplall, Tele-

sha Ramnarine, Samuel Maughn and Adrian Narine, were other Guyana Chronicle winners in the competition, which saw 132 entries from 11 media houses. In delivering the feature address at the event, Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo,

urged local journalists not to underestimate the power they have to educate the public. “I salute you for your passion and dedication in promoting greater awareness in Guyana through health journalism. Last year – same date, same place and the same time – I also thanked the Pan American Health Organisation/World Health Organisation (PAHO/WHO) for reviving, since 2014, this Annual Media Award, and I do so again tonight.” As a former journalist, the prime minister said personnel who give reportage on the health sector possess unique attributes and motivation. “It is not easy for them to reveal the facts without sensationalising the topic. It calls for dedication and commitment from the awardees in print, television, radio and online media. I truly believe in the power of media, and the important role that journalists play in contributing to every facet of life in our nation, the Region and the world.” He added: “Public health,

it is said, is everybody’s business. It is the business of both the public and private sectors, the business of all institutions and communities. All of us, at the levels of the nation, the Region and the world, collectively have a role and a responsibility to guard the health of our peoples.” Dr. William Adu-Krow, the PAHO/WHO Guyana’s Representative, noted the hard work, continuous improvement, and personal growth demonstrated by the journalists and explained that health is an important component of daily life. Meanwhile, Minister of Public Health, Volda Lawrence, relayed her ministry’s elation at the commitment of PAHO/ WHO and the journalists to bring awareness to many trending health topics. Minister of Public Telecommunications, Catherine Hughes, and members of the diplomatic corps were also among the attendees at the event.

Flamenco performance for NCC on Friday

GUYANESE can turn out on Friday at the National Cultural Centre (NCC) to enjoy an evening of flamenco dancing in “Gloria”, a performance by Sonia Olla and her Flamenco Troupe, as the Honorary Consul of Spain to Guyana, Brian Tiwari, and Ambassador of Spain to Guyana, His Excellency Javier Carbojosa, host their annual charity production. As in the past two years, all proceeds from the event will go to the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre. Tiwari said the event will be a great opportunity to expose Guyanese to the Spanish culture, while simultaneously supporting a worthy cause. “I am trying to promote as much Spanish activity as I can promote here. The flamenco dancers I don’t think we have

that anywhere in this country so you can only see them once, and they’re international dancers,” Tiwari pointed out.. Tiwari further stated that “Coming close to Christmas it gives Guyanese a better view of entertainment overseas, and Guyana is always lacking entertainment, so the more we can do as private sector for entertainment is good for us and also good because we are giving all the proceeds go to Ptolemy Reid Centre.” Flamenco dance is a highly-expressive, Spanish dance form, based on various folkloric characterized by hand clapping, percussive footwork, and intricate hand, arm, and body movements. Though Flamenco is not known in Guyana, it has many influences from Africa and Asia, similar to many of the cultural influences here in

Guyana, Ambassador Carbojosa noted last year. Flamenco has become popular all over the world, especially the United States and Japan.  This is the third year that Tiwari is hosting the production in Guyana. “We change the group from time to time. The first time we had a guitarist, then the last one was a flamenco six dancers, and this one is a different dance group,” Tiwari said. At last year’s event, Guyanese were treated to a performance from the Cristina Heeren Foundation of Flamenco Art of Seville, Spain titled “Calle Pureza”. That production was held at the Theatre Guild, Tiwari noted, and, because of the sold out attendance, the decision was taken to move the event to the NCC. “The last one we had at

Members of the Cristina Heeren Foundation of Flamenco Art of Seville, Spain, performing at the event last year

the Theatre Guild was amazing. That was fully booked and it was well accepted; so this year we decided the best thing was to use the Cultural Centre, and that was given to us, at no cost, by the Honourable Minister George Norton.

We just have to pay the fees for the staff,” he related. The event has received much support both from patrons and sponsors. Prime Minister’s wife, Sita Nagamootoo, is expected to be a patron of the event. “We’ve

raised over $1 million already in cash. I am very happy with the support that we are getting from everybody the government, the private, everybody they’re very supportive of this,” he said.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Barticans enjoying improved facilities

HAVING faced years with potholed roads, poor sanitation and a lack of proper sporting facilities, and street lighting, residents are praising the improvements that Bartica has seen over the past four years. Councilor on the Town Council, and businessman, Kenneth Williams, recently commended the improved state of the area. “Bartica has street and other lights at about 85-90 per cent. That is a vast improvement of a few years ago,” he said. In Bartica, the Ministries of Public Infrastructure and Communities, the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) and the municipality of the township, have collaborated over the past few years in the

An improved road in Bartica Bartica Councillor, Kenneth Williams

Improved stands at the Bartica Community Centre

rehabilitating of roads from the Essequibo River waterfront to as far as the Five Miles area near the Bartica aerodrome. Many of the roads were unpaved before 2016. The Bartica Community Centre was recently upgraded and now has two huge spectator stands, a basketball and volleyball court and an air-conditioned community boardroom, 100 per cent powered by solar energy which speaks to the commitment if making Bartica a ‘Green’ township. Bartica has seen huge improvements in sanitation facilities and garbage collection in the area. The unfavourable garbage situation was brought under control by the MoC Sanitation Management Unit, which supervised the construction of a small but much-needed controlled dumpsite just away from the commercial district. “I can honestly say they have done good work with the [dumpsite]. You don’t smell nothing when you go pass that landfill site. They made good improvements with that,” notes 57-year-old taxi driver, Daniel Atherly. Atherly says, however, that commercial activities in Bartica and its environs have slowed a bit in recent years for reasons associated mostly with volatility in the mining industry. For many of the 15,000 people under the umbrella and governance of the Bartica Municipality, the conversion from a sometimes ‘wild-west’ community, flushed with beer-drinking miners, to the full-fledged capital town of the Cuyuni-

Mazaruni Region, is an overwhelming success. Bartica is one of several capital towns that the Government of President David Granger has created since the Coalition came to power in mid-2015. Government commissioned the area officially as a town in May, 2016. The aim of government is to improve the livelihood of its residents, provide basic facilities that people in the City and coast take for granted, improve living standards for hinterland residents and allow for self-governance at least at the municipal level. Established as a Christian mission in the late 1880s, Bartica is an access point to miners heading to rich gold and diamond-bearing lands in the lush CuyuniMazaruni Region. Commissioning the town four years ago, President Granger argued that “Bartica always deserved to be a town and whatever happened was an historical error, a great travesty. Bartica is always in my heart. The Church of St. John the Baptist was established 185 years ago and (today) I will join you, the residents of Bartica in worshiping there, the first church I worshiped at. You are a town now. This is your moment to dazzle the rest of Guyana. History is being made here. Instead of being the third, you are now the seventh town in Guyana and you should all be proud of your achievements and I congratulate you,” he said.

Police constable to lead his defence POLICE constable John Holder, was, on Tuesday, December 3, 2019, called to lead his defence by Magistrate Sherdel Isaac-Marcus for attempting to prevent the course of justice. The police constable was the key witness in Maryann Daby matter. The particulars of the charge stated that, between August 10, 2018 and October 2, 2018 at Georgetown, John Holder, 28, of North Road, Bourda, attempted to pervert the course of justice by deviating from his police statement dated May 13, 2018, in the case, ‘The Police vs Maryann Daby’.

Daby was charged for attempting to kill a police rank. However, that matter was discharged, due to insufficient evidence. It is alleged that, during investigation of the said matter, Holder gave several conflicting statements. The magistrate ruled that, based on the evidence led by the prosecution team, she found sufficient evidence against Holder. She called upon him to lead his defence. Attorney-at-law Steven Roberts who represented Holder asked the court for some time to get prepared. Magistrate Isaac-Marcus adjourned the matter until January 6, 2020.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, December 4, 2019

More condemnation for Irfaan’s sugar plan PRESIDENTIAL Candidate of Change Guyana, Robert Badal, has joined the long list of officials who have frowned upon the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) promise to reopen the shuttered sugar estates, saying that party is “selling dreams”. “Reopening those estates would be impractical,” said Badal during his party’s weekly press briefing at the Pegasus Hotel, on Tuesday. Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo had said if the PPP wins the next elections, its members will find a way to reopen the estates. “The PPP will find a way of reopening the estates that are closed so as to put people back to work. We will explore all forms of partnerships to get that done plus innovative financing and investments so people can return to providing for their families,” said Jagdeo. Badal, who said he worked in the sugar industry for years, said he knows that the reopening of the estates would not be feasible and viable. Government, as part of an effort to rekindle the sugar industry and return it to viability had closed the Wales (West Bank Demerara), Enmore (East Demerara), Rose Hall and Skeldon (East Berbice) Sugar Estates. Badal believes that reopening those estates would basically mean re-cultivating and starting back from the bottom, a move which would not be feasible. The Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) is currently using three estates for production

– Blairmont and Albion in Berbice and Uitvlugt in West Demerara. In presenting the 2018 Budget to the National Assembly, Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan had said government’s intensified focus on diversification and value-added production in the non-sugar agriculture sector has become absolutely critical at this point as the sugar industry continues to undergo restructuring. According to Minister Jordan, the Special Purposes Unit (SPU) in 2018 was tasked with examining and articulating the way forward with respect to the divestment of the Skeldon, Rosehall, and East Demerara estates. “Our taxpayers must no longer be burdened to carry the weight of an unprofitable, inefficient, and antiquated public corporation. The government has allocated $6.3B, in 2018, to support the reduced operations of GuySuCo,” the minister said. Minister Jordan had said government intends to uphold its duty to the communities and families in the areas affected by divestment, as part of the GuySuCo restructuring. In order to ensure continued livelihoods, skills re-training programme will be offered for those who choose to pursue new opportunities. He said those who wish to continue with a livelihood in agriculture may see an opportunity to own their own farmland. In addition, he said the government will assume responsibility for social services, including health centres and communi-

Ifan Ali

ty centre grounds. LABOUR NOT IMPRESSED On Monday, Guyana Chronicle reported veteran Trade Unionist, Lincoln Lewis saying that the utterances by Presidential Candidate for the PPP, Irfaan Ali, that he would reopen sugar estates should not be trusted and he flayed the opposition for floundering opportunities during its time in office to reform the industry. At the launch of the party’s manifesto last Friday, Ali reiterated the PPP’s promise that they will reopen shuttered estates of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuco), even as the party and its presidential candidate continue to dodge specifics on how they plan to go about that without pumping losses into the industry. “These promises in very many cases bear no semblance to reality. For the PPP now in their manifesto to say they would reopen the sugar estates, I would like to know on what information basis they are going to do

that,” Joseph Harmon, APNU General Secretary asked last week during a PNCR news conference. “This blank statement that we will reopen sugar estates, when you examine it, when you go into the details you will see how fake this promise is. And it is not something that any right thinking Guyanese can take on face value.” Tearing into the issue further, Harmon questioned how the PPP could revive the industry given their stellar record of mismanagement, decline and unaccountability in the industry across the 23 years they oversaw it. “We need to go back a little bit so that we understand where we are with this PPP promise about reopening sugar estates. For the tenth parliament for almost every single budget the PPP promised to turn around GuySuco. There were so many turn around plans in the National Assembly that we were getting eye-turn. Every year, so many billions for a turn around, so many billions for a turn around,” he said. INCAPABLE OF

SALVAGING INDUSTRY Weighing in on the issue in his Sunday column which appeared in the Kaieteur News, Lewis said Ali sought to assure society the PPP has grand plans for the sugar industry when it was during the PPP administration that sugar’s fortune changed drastically, and it proved incapable of salvaging the industry. Lewis said presented with the opportunity to diversify and retool with financial support offered from the European Union, that government blew it. “The nation witnessed a scatter-shot approach in decision-making. US$200plus million was wasted in building the Skeldon Sugar Factory which became a ‘white elephant’. It is sad to see this factory standing idle and rotting, because it represents the single largest debt incurred by government. All of these millions have gone for naught and the taxpayers are saddled with the burden of repaying the loan,” Lewis who is also General Secretary of the Guyana Trades Union Congress said. ALI WAS PART OF IT According to Lewis, in its restructuring plan, the PPP had closed sugar estates and workers were sent home. “How can we not be shocked by Ali’s announcement that a PPP government will reopen the estates? This gentleman sat in the Cabinet that took the decision to close estates. He was part of the administration that floundered around in managing the industry.

Why must workers/citizens believe that he has found a resurrection plan, and having before closed estates, will now reopen them? He has to know he better come good, because the tomfoolery is not accepted.” Buttressing the empty promises, Lewis said is the recent call on the government by the Leader of the Opposition to find money to pay sugar workers. “In principle I am not opposed to workers receiving better wages and improve conditions of work, for as a trade unionist this is what I’m committed to. The management of GuySuCo must return to the negotiation table with the sugar unions and engage in Collective Bargaining. The law must trump egos or bruised feelings.” That notwithstanding, Lewis said the opposition is seeking to pull wool over people’s eyes. “Given [the PPP’s] track record in sugar, the utterances of Ali cannot be trusted nor should we believe that Jagdeo is interested in sugar workers being paid any increase. He has made a political calculation and is gambling on GuySuCo’s action angering the workers to the point where it creates alienation and resentment. To him the sugar estates and adjoining communities are viewed as voting farms, to reap of their bounty not to ensure their sustenance.”

Garbage collection 'ramp-up' for Christmas THE Mayor and City Council (M&CC) is anticipating smooth Christmas season solid waste collection as payments to the council’s main garbage- collection contractors are up-to-date. Former Georgetown Mayor Patricia Chase-Green had lamented, in 2018, what she said was the contractors using the Christmas season every year to hold the City Council to ransom. The contractors have, in the past, however, denied that they deliberately take this stance and blamed council’s failure to deliver payments in a timely fashion. Sitting down on the Guyana Chronicle’s online programme

Vantage Point on Tuesday, Solid Waste Management Director, Walter Narine, said that things will be different this year. “I speak with great confidence that we would not have a strike this Christmas season,” he said. He added that a 25 per cent increase in garbage is expected between November 15 and January 15, 2019. As such, the M&CC will assist during this period with its resources of garbage trucks and skip bins around the city; these, Narine estimated, will be enough. “We have to cater for that and we have positioned ourselves for that, so the contractors are being paid to do their job but we have to

Solid Waste Management Director at the Mayor and City Council, Walter Narine

complement that effort because of the excess garbage now,” he said. “A lot of people already started cleaning up for Christmas; a lot of people already started to throw out old furniture and bring new ones and we will cater for that…they break down, they clean up, they chop down trees, everything.” Skip bins are being rented as cheaply as $8,000 for 72 hours and the M&CC has already seen an increase in the bookings for the season. In the last two weeks of December, collection in commercial areas will be “doubled up” to cater for an increase in shopping activity in the city.

At the same time, Narine reminded the public that there is no excuse to litter and in the case of no nearby bins, He said: “I’ll ask each Guyanese to look within themselves, you’re passionate Guyanese; you’re a proud set of people, not because somebody will come and clean it up means you must create more work for them. They are also humans, they have kids too. So, do not litter. If you have something to throw away, if you don’t see a bin, take it with you…we have to be more patriotic and we have to understand that the actions that we’re doing presently are hurting the environment.”


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, December 4, 2019

GDF awards 500 soldiers, civilian employees with cash

CHIEF-OF-STAFF, Brigadier Patrick West, on Tuesday, awarded 500 soldiers and civilian employees with monetary incentives for outstanding performances during the year. The activity was the traditional incentive ceremony held in the auditorium of Base Camp, Ayanganna. The awardees were selected from every unit across the force. Brigadier West congratulated the awardees for being duly recognised by their respective commanders. “Because of your efforts, we had a good year,” he said. The chief-of-staff also said he was proud of the fact that those individuals could be justly rewarded for efforts which they have made to improve their own standards. The annual incentive ceremony is meant to recognise and reward the efforts of general exemplary performance, foster morale and encourage teamwork.

Chief-of-Staff, Brigadier Patrick West addressing the gathering

South Ruimveldt man freed of murder charge A MAN who was on trial for the 2015 murder of ‘D’ Field Sophia shopkeeper Shawn Anys, was on Tuesday acquitted by a mixed 12-member jury on the direction of High Court Judge Sandil Kissoon. Jamal Forde of South Ruimveldt, Georgetown, was charged with killing Ayns on May 1, 2015 at ‘D’ Field, Sophia, during the course or furtherance of a robbery. The trial commenced on November 26, 2019, with evidence being led by State Prosecutors Mandel Moore and Abigail Gibbs. Forde was represented by attorneys-at-law Ronald BurchSmith and Keoma Griffith. The attorneys made a nocase submission calling for the charge to be dismissed, since they argued that the prosecution had failed to make a case against Forde. The attorneys also noted that the evidence did not show how Forde was picked up and placed on an identification parade; further, there were several discrepancies in the identification of their client and the alleged eye-witness in the trial was unable to give a proper description of Anys’ killer. Justice Kissoon ruled in favour of the no-case submission and directed the jury to return a verdict of not guilty. According to reports, Anys, who owned and man-

Jamal Forde

aged a small grocery shop at his home, was confronted by the bandits just before 23:00hrs. The man was in his home when he heard his dogs barking and decided to venture out of the house to investigate. He was then confronted by two armed men who forced him into the house and shot him while demanding money and valuables. The gunmen made off with $40,000 in cash along with jewellery. Anys was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Following police investigation in 2016, Forde was arrested along with Odel Roberts, of Sophia. Roberts is currently on remand awaiting hearing at the High Court for Anys murder.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Bamia residents overjoyed with approval of logging concession THE small community of Bamia, located on the Linden Soesdyke Highway, is now better empowered and household heads are now in a better position to provide for their families, following the approval for a logging concession by the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC). To facilitate this process, earlier in the year, residents established the Bamia-Amelia's Ward Forestry and Farming Cooperative Society. It presently has about 30 members. An executive body was also established to manage the affairs of the co-op. The concession is located on the Eunamco Road, Upper Demerara-Upper Berbice, Region 10. Residents are elated that their calls for job opportunities have been answered, since economic activities were stagnant. Resident, Eustace Williams, said that the concession is a real boost to Bamia, since many of the residents

were unemployed. “The concession is really good, we never had a logging association, like in Bamia, they don’t have any employment in Bamia that will create employment for the people,” he explained. “We never had a concession or an association before, despite they are loggers there,” Williams emphasised. Similar sentiments were expressed by the Chairman of the co-op, Michael Hercules, who said he sees tremendous potential and benefit from the concession, since a significant number of persons will benefit from direct employment. “Many persons would be able to obtain a living. When persons heard about it, it sent shock waves to the residents of Bamia and this is testimony to the commitment of the government, because prior to 2015, this would have been a dream, that would have never materialised,” Hercules posited.

He said he is encouraged that these positive initiatives are occurring in less than five years and therefore he reasoned, what would happen

Chairman, Bamia-Amelia's Ward Forestry and Farming Co-op Society, Michael Hercules

in two or three terms. Constituency Representative of Bamia/Amelia's Ward, Lawrence Simon, said that this was a call made by the residents while he campaigned for Local Government Elections, and it was his duty to ensure tangible economic projects come to

GTT signs MoU with UG to install top-up machine on campus

GTT Sales Manager Richard Das (right) and University of Guyana's TMC Chairperson, Dr. Paloma Mohamed sign the MoU

Students and faculty members at the University of Guyana (UG), Turkeyen Campus, will soon be able to access quick GTT credit on campus as the company, on Tuesday, signed an agreement with the university to have a vendor top up machine installed. Manager of Sales at GTT, Richard Das, explained the installation of machine would go towards strengthening the company’s self-service and 24-hour top up option to some 14,000 persons, GTT said in a release.

After months of negotiations between the two parties, Deputy Vice-Chancellor-PACE at UG, Dr. Paloma Mohamed Martin, expressed delight in the signing of the agreement, and said the installation of the kiosk will go a far way in benefitting those on campus. “We have had a long history of partnerships with GTT since I took office about four to five years ago...We are looking forward to closer and more meaningful collaboration with GTT and we are thankful for this first step,” Dr. Martin said.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor explained that the University looks forward to the installation of many more kiosks, since the campus is vast and there is another campus in Berbice. “There is scope for growth, once we are able to test this and see how it is going to work,” Dr. Martin said. Das stated that the GTT team will take the University’s hope to have more kiosks installed at more points on campus. This will be the first GTT top up kiosk to be set up at the University by GTT.

Residents of the community of Bamia

the community. He formed a group called ‘Think Green’ and engaged the necessary stakeholders on bringing such a project to fruition. There were challenges in ensuring all the necessary requirements were met and all the necessary documentation

was retrieved, but the group never gave up. “Empowerment is key to development and we are getting there. Our team basically, Think Green, along with Linden Mayor and Town Council, along with all other stakeholders, will be working to develop our com-

munities and Linden at large, the town we love,” he said. During this period, residents would have also initiated agricultural and tourism projects within their communities, all in an effort to boost its economy.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Organisation seeking donations to help young cancer patient IT is the time of year when families gather to celebrate with laughter and joy, but such a festive time would not be possible for 22-month-old Avisha Best, who was diagnosed with Leukemia. Best is fighting for her life at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), but she needs to travel overseas for treatment as soon as possible, said the Saving Hands Emergency Aid Inc. (SHEA) Foundation – the organisation which took up the mantle to raise

funds for Best’s treatment. SHEA was called in to assist the toddler, who has been in-patient at the GPHC for 45 days. The advanced treatment needed to save her life is not available there. According to the American Society of Hematology, Leukemia is a type of cancer found in the blood and bone marrow and is caused by the rapid production of abnormal white blood cells. These abnormal white blood cells are not able to fight infection and impair the ability of the bone marrow

to produce red blood cells and platelets. Leukemia can be either acute or chronic. Chronic leukemia progresses more slowly than acute leukemia, which requires immediate treatment. Leukemia is also classified as lymphocytic or myelogenous. Lymphocytic leukemia refers to abnormal cell growth in the marrow cells that become lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell that plays a role in the immune system. In myelogenous leukemia, abnormal cell

Avisha Best (SHEA photo)

growth occurs in the marrow cells that mature into

red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. According to SHEA, the debilitating disease has taken a toll on Best’s health. The organisation said despite incredible efforts from local doctors to treat the child, her condition continues to worsen as time passes. She will eventually need a bone marrow transplant, which is not available in Guyana, so she must travel for treatment overseas. “Time is of the essence, and we need your help to create a miracle in helping

Avisha to travel to the USA for urgent treatment to save her life. She must travel within the next two weeks, so please do not hesitate in helping,” said SHEA. Persons interested in donating towards the cause are asked to do so by either visiting the following link: https://savinghandsemergencyaid. org/avishabest or making a donation at a local Demerara Bank under the name Lori Narine, using account number: 006002041325.

Man pleads guilty to manslaughter for killing wife THREE years after Hafeeza Rohoman was beaten and left to drown in a canal at Helena, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara (ECD), her reputed husband on Tuesday confessed to the

gruesome crime. Lakeram Harinarine called ‘Ricky,’ formerly of Helena Mahaica, ECD, was charged with the capital offence. However, he opted to plead guilty to manslaughter

before Justice Jo-Ann Barlow at the Demerara High Court. Harinarine admitted that between January 7, 2016, and January 10, 2016, at Helena, Mahaica, ECD, he unlawful-

ly killed Rohoman. The matter has been adjourned until December 12, 2019, for presentation of the probation report and sentencing. According to reports, Rohoman was frequently abused by her reputed husband. On January 7, 2016, it is alleged that Rohoman had opted to exit the relationship and was going to live with her parent.

DEAD: Hafeeza Rohoman

Consequently, Harinarine became angry and armed himself with a bicycle bar with which he allegedly struck Rohoman to the head; as a result, Rohoman fell into the canal and drowned; her body was later fished out of the canal on January 10, 2016. A post-mortem revealed that the woman died of drowning and trauma to the head.


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GAWU and sugar workers protest for pay hike

SEVERAL sugar workers from the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuco) and representatives from the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU), on Tuesday morning, continued their campaign for a pay increase with a protest outside of the Ministry of the Presidency on Vlissengen Road. The cash-strapped GuySuco has approximately 9000 workers at the three sugar estates in Blairmont, Albion and Uitvlugt. GAWU and the workers had recommenced a push for a salary increase since early October. “The objective of this protest is to persuade the government to provide an increase to the sugar workers,” President of GAWU, Komal Chand, noted as he stood on the sidelines of the protest. Several government officials have pointed out that the matter of salary increases for

the GuySuco workers has to be taken up with the GuySuCo and its Board of Directors directly, even as it is noted that it is unlikely that industry would be able to afford it. However, the management of GuySuCo has not yet responded to those requests. Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan, who has responsibility for NICIL, said any possibility of a pay increase for sugar workers must be dealt with by the board of GuySuCo. Jordan said although GuySuCo is a state corporation, it has to be “commercially run” and “profitably engaged.” In the past, it was reported that increases were not given because the sugar industry had to be reassessed and restructured in order to return to profitability.

Berbician busted with over 100 pounds cannabis

Jairam Lallman identifies the huge parcels of the illegal substance in the car

FOLLOWING their discovery of 102 pounds of cannabis on Monday night, law- enforcement agents have arrested three persons including a 35-yearold resident of Fort Ordnance Housing Scheme, East Canje, Berbice. According to the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU), its ranks intercepted a car aback the Botanical Gardens in Georgetown. The anti-narcotics agency revealed that Jairam Lallman was transporting the suspected drugs from a location in Berbice to a given location in Georgetown, when ranks stopped the car he was driving at Mandela Avenue.

Arrested: Jairam Lallman

The car was searched and parcels of suspected bulk marijuana were found in the trunk. The illegal drugs weighed 46.59 kilogrammes.

The parcels of cannabis found by CANU officers

Some of the protesters on Vlissengen Road on Tuesday (Tamica Garnett photo)


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Forest Carbon Partnership Facility…

Toshaos, indigenous women attend budgeting/ accounting training workshop THE Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPFREDD+) Project on Tuesday hosted day one of its three-day budgeting/accounting training workshop for members of the National Toshaos Council (NTC), indigenous women and youth leaders. The workshop is being held at Regency Suites Hotel, Georgetown. Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman, spoke at the workshop and underscored the necessity for the event, explaining that it will prove very beneficial in the overall performance of the organisation and committees.

Attendees at the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF-REDD+) budgeting/ accounting training workshop.

During today’s training

of accounting; documenting

preparation of income state-

session the participants will

business transactions; record-

ments and several other key

be taught the fundamentals

ing financial transactions;

accounting principles.

Minister of Natural Resources Raphael Trotman speaks at the workshop

Trotman also made the announcement that the Ministry of Natural Resources is optimistic about continuing its collaboration with the

National Toshaos Council by saying, “Currently we are in the process of drafting a letter to the council expressing our commitment to continued collaboration between the Ministry of Natural Resources and the NTC. Chairman of the NTC, Nicholas Fredericks, in his remarks expressed the hope that everyone in attendance internalises the knowledge that is imparted, align themselves and apply what they learn to the daily operations of their organisations and committees, so as to foster growth and efficiency in their operations.

Diamond man accused of drug possession remanded

Micheal Haynes

MAGISTRATE Sherdel Isaacs-Marcus, on Tuesday December 3, 2019, remanded a 38-year-old man to prison for possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking. Micheal Haynes of Diamond, East Bank Demerara, appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court and denied the charge, when it was read to him. Particulars of the charge stated that, on November 29, 2019, at Diamond Housing Scheme, Haynes had in his possession 44 kilograms, 200 grams of cannabis, for the purpose of trafficking. Police prosecutor Adduni Inniss objected to bail being granted to Haynes based on the nature of the offence and the penalty attached. Inniss also told the court that, on the day in question, police, acting on informa-

tion, went to Lot 1080 Diamond Housing Scheme where they made contact with Haynes and a search was conducted at his home. Inniss stated that, on searching one of the bedrooms in the man’s home, the police found the narcotic. Further searches were carried out in another room, and a blue barrel containing suspected leaves, seeds and stems was also found. Haynes was then escorted to the narcotic branch where he was arrested and later charged. The prosecutor added that Haynes also admitted ownership of the narcotics. Magistrate Isaac-Marcus, after listening to the prosecutor, remanded the man to prison and adjourned the matter until December 9, 2019.

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Rural revitalization enriches villagers’ lives NANCHANG, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- Rural revitalization strategy in east China’s Jiangxi Province has created jobs that are changing the life of local villagers who might never dream of it before. Cao Jiaxiang, 44, is a photographer in Huangling Village, Wuyuan County in the province. Although he dreamed of becoming a photographer ever since he was a child, Cao’s dream only came true seven years ago. “Our village used to be very poor, so I had no choice but to leave the village for work after I graduated from high school,” he said. The mountain village was mired in poverty due to its isolation and frequent natural disasters. However, the village has been changing in recent years thanks to the country’s rural revitalization strategy that aims to boost the development of agriculture, promote rural employment and increase farmers’ incomes. Boasting rich tourism resources including centuries-old architecture, the village has been developing the industry with government support, and is estimated to receive about 1.4 million tourists in 2019.

In 2012, Cao quit his job in a garment factory in Zhejiang Province and went back to the village working as a photographer for the local tourism administration. He is collecting old photos from villagers and shooting new ones from identical angles to show the huge changes that have taken place in the village. “I never thought that I could make my dream come true in my home village and record the changes here with my camera,” he said. Cao Xixiang, 58, is now a popular attraction in her own right, performing local agricultural customs for outside visitors. Wearing a kerchief and an apron, Cao Xixiang dries farm produce including chili and pumpkin in bamboo baskets in the bright sunshine. The custom has become a must-see performance for tourists visiting the village. “I can make a living by performing since the village became a tourist attraction,” she said. Nearly 200 villagers, including Cao Xixiang, have been employed to perform local customs for tourists. The village’s annual per capita income has increased to 45,000 yuan (6,402.78 U.S. dollars) from 3,500 yuan since the development of the tourism

A view of Huangling Village in Wuyuan County, east China’s Jiangxi Province

industry. Wuyuan has more than 4,000 well-preserved centuries-old Hui-style buildings from the Ming and Qing dynasties (13681911) that feature black roof tiles and white walls with detailed carvings. The county is combining the protection of ancient architecture and the development of cultural tourism to achieve sustainable development. China’s rural revitalization strategy is helping revamp the countryside. The strategy was first put forward during the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in 2017 and has been repeatedly stressed by the Chinese leadership ever since. The strategy aims at achieving the basic modernization of agriculture and rural areas by 2035, and the grand goal of a strong agricultural industry, beautiful countryside and well-off farmers by 2050. Under this initiative, the rural areas in China are rapidly transforming, with agriculture developing fast, rural tourism booming and migrant workers returning home from coastal areas to make a living.

A tourist looks out from a building in Huangling Village of Wuyuan County, east China’s Jiangxi Province

UNEP chief lauds China for global leadership in tackling climate crisis NAIROBI, Dec. 2 (Xinhua) -- China has become an important global partner in addressing the current climate crisis as the country demonstrates concrete ways to achieve a low-carbon future, chief of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has said. Inger Andersen, executive director of the UNEP, said China “has had a tremendous success in demonstrating climate leadership in recent years” through large investments in clean energy and technologies, electric mobility, and wide-scale land restoration. Andersen told Xinhua in a recent interview in Nairobi, where the UNEP headquarters is based, that the UNEP is proud of its longstanding collaboration with the Chinese government, one that dates back to the UN Conference on the Human Environment

held in 1972 in Stockholm, Sweden. The UNEP opened an office in China in 2003, she said, adding “we have been extremely proud to have established a number of strategic partnerships with the (Chinese) government, think-tanks, civil society and businesses in support of sustainable development in the country.” Initially, cooperation between the UNEP and China focused on capacity building and awareness-raising on environmental protection, but the focus has now shifted to green development and finance, sustainable consumption, low carbon development, as well as environmental law and circularity, Andersen said. Andersen observed that the world needs more multilateralism to tackle the current climate crisis. “The problems we face today -- especially environ-

(Aerial photo shows a photovoltaic (PV) power station in Tujing Village of Duzhuang Township, Datong, north China’s Shanxi Province. )

mental ones -- are no longer confined to individual countries or regions. They are global in scope and scale. And an effective response will also be global.

For that, we need a staunch multilateralism, and I am pleased to see China taking an active role in promoting this approach,” she said. “We need China to not

only be at the table, but to help bring the world together to tackle these problems common to all humanity,” she added. Andersen said the

UNEP supports nations as they come to agreements around issues that require coordinated global action. According to Andersen, “effective multilateralism” will deliver climate action that ensures no one is left behind. Anderson said the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit and this year’s General Debate of the UN General Assembly held in September in New York made it clear that the environment is the single most important mandate at this point in history. “At the General Assembly, an unprecedented 179 heads of delegations referenced climate change in their statements in the general debate,” she said. “And the good thing is that the private sector, local governments, young people, civil society, indigenous groups are all pushing for climate action,” she added.


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Exxon applies to drill 31 more wells --- EPA finds projects not particularly harmful to environment lion oil-equivalent barrels. This month, the oil giant is working towards ‘first oil’ in the Liza Phase 1 Development Project which is expected to generate over $7B in royalty and profit oil

The Guyana Basin

ESSO Exploration and Production Guyana Limited (EEPGL), a subsidiary of ExxonMobil, has applied to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the authorisation to explore 31 wells in three oil blocks offshore Guyana. A notice published by the EPA, on Tuesday, indicated that the projects include a 25- well exploration programme in the Stabroek Block; a 3-well exploration programme in Kaieteur Block and a 3-well exploration programme in Canje Block. The EPA has screened each application and found that they will not significantly affect the environment and are therefore exempt from the requirement of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). However, EEPGL will have to present an Environmental Assessment and Management Plan for the projects. “The Environmental Assessment and Management Plan will assess any possible impacts to the environment and, or, human health, and detail specific mitigation measures to be undertaken to ensure that the proposed project is implemented in an environmentally-sound and sustainable manner,” the notice stated. Earlier in November, Exxon Mobil had noted that its value position in Guyana had increased and it was considering its undrilled potential. Upon completion of operations at Tripletail, the Noble Tom Madden drillship will next drill the Uaru-1 well, located approximately six miles east of the Liza field.

Exxon also announced that two other wells were planned. These are the Hassa-1, also to be drilled by the Noble Tom Madden, and the Mako-1 well to be drilled by the Noble Don Taylor. The explorations have been labelled as “near term” and fall with Exxon’s short-term drilling outlook. “We are making excellent progress on our longterm growth strategy,” ExxonMobil Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Darren W. Woods said during a presentation. “… we are ahead of schedule for first oil in Guyana. The value

of our position in Guyana improved further this quarter with an additional discovery, our fourth this year.” In the Canje Block, ExxonMobil holds a 35 per cent interest; in the Kaieteur Block it owns 35 per cent and in Stabroek, 45 per cent. This will be the first wells to be drilled by Exxon in the Canje and Kaieteur Blocks by ExxonMobil. The company has already had 14 discoveries in the Stabroek Block. The discovery adds to the previously announced estimated recoverable resource of more than 6 bil-

revenues for Guyana over the life of the project. In accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency Act and Environmental Protection (Authorisations) Regulations, any person

who may be affected by the project has been invited, by the agency, to lodge an appeal against the Agency’s decision to the Environmental Assessment Board, within 30 days.


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CARICOM mounts election $260M polyclinic for observer mission to Dominica North Ruimveldt A $260M North Ruimveldt Polyclinic will be constructed at Blue Mountain Road, Festival City Entrance, North Ruimveldt, in Georgetown. This was recently announced by Director-General of the Ministry of the Presidency, Joseph Harmon. The contract was awarded to Ivor Allen Contracting Services. A polyclinic provides both general and specialised outpatient health services

including consultations, examinations and treatment for a variety of diseases and injuries. Currently, there is one such facility located at Enmore on the East Coast Demerara (ECD), and plans are onstream to upgrade the Baracara Health Centre into a polyclinic. The latter is expected to commence this year and conclude in 2020. The upgrade to the Baracara facility will

see Maternal and Child Health Services expanded with deliveries, laboratory tests, dental checks, ear, nose and Throat services, among many others, being done. Additionally, the Director-General announced that, following the awarding of the contract to Mohammed Ramzan Ali Khan, a $20M Health Training complex will be constructed in Mabaruma, Region One.

THE Caribbean Community (CARICOM) will mount a CARICOM Election Observation Mission, to monitor the general elections, which will be held in the Commonwealth of Dominica on Friday. The mission will be headed by Ms. Josephine Tamai, Chief Elections Officer, Department of Elections and Boundaries of Belize, the Caricom Secretariat said in a release. Ms. Tamai has served as Chief of Mission, as well as Deputy Chief of Missions, CARICOM Election Observer Missions.  She most recently served as a member of the CARICOM Joint Electoral Reform Mission to the Commonwealth of Dominica in August 2019.  The other members of the

Mission include experts in Electoral Management and Administration from Antigua and Barbuda; The Bahamas; Barbados; Belize; Jamaica; Saint Lucia; St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Suriname. The Mission will be supported by Mr. Jhonson Alexandre and Ms. Helen Marshall of the Foreign and Community Relations Directorate of the CARICOM Secretariat. Members of the Mission and the CARICOM Secretariat Support Staff will begin arriving in the Commonwealth of Dominica on December 2, 2019, and depart by December 9, 2019.  The CARICOM Election Observation Mission will meet with the electoral officials, leaders of political parties and other stakehold-

ers of the Commonwealth of Dominica. On the day of the elections, the Mission will monitor the electoral process, including the opening of the Poll, the voting process, the closing of the Poll and the counting of the ballots. The Election Observation Mission will issue a Preliminary Statement based on its observations and findings.  A Report of the General Elections will be subsequently prepared and submitted to the Secretary-General of the Caribbean Community. For CARICOM, election observation serves as a platform to support existing democratic traditions within the Caribbean Community as part of its wider policy of supporting democracy.


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43 graduate from Skill-at-Arms Course

FORTY-THREE military students, including five from the Guyana Police Force and two each from the Guyana Prison Service and the City Constabulary, graduated from a Skill-atArms Course on Monday. Sergeant Chris Corbin was the top graduate of the second and final Skill-atArms Course conducted for this year. Sergeant Travis Lewis, who also copped the award for Best Shot, was the runner-up to the Best Graduating Student. Commanding Officer of the four Engineers Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel, Selwyn Austin, congratulated the successful participants. “Today, you graduate. Today, we celebrate your success. Congratulations!” he said. He added: “During the course, you covered several modules: each has the same weight of importance because the course was designed to enhance your proficiency in shooting and weapons-handling and also to

Seated: Senior military personnel with the graduates

rehearse you in these skills so that you are prepared to coach members of your unit or in our sister services.” The graduates were encouraged to maintain the network among themselves so that they may benefit from continuous learning. Lt Col Austin also urged the graduates to embrace the Values and Standards of the GDF since they are a nec-

essary guide to professional soldiering. “Be responsible for your every action in and out of uniform. Abide by and respect the laws which govern our society. Ignoring or living outside of the law can spell disaster. Be respectful to your superiors and your subordinates and other persons that you may come into contact with. Remember that

to get respect, you must first give respect! Conduct yourselves appropriately, since we in the Disciplined Services, are often looked upon as the standard-bearers of

discipline. Avoid and stand firm against behaviour that will erode the discipline of the organisation. Do not aid or condone insubordination from the ranks below you.

In all this be the example,” he said. The chief-of-staff, officers and ranks of the GDF extend congratulations to the graduates.


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American Racing Tips Gulfstream Park Race 1 Good Solution Race 2 Mr Atila Race 3 Tipsy Kitten Race 4 Black Jet Race 5 Pocket of Candy Race 6 Sturgeon Race 7 Flaming Hot Race 8 Catharsis Race 9 The Gipper English Racing Tips Lingfield 08:10 hrs River Dawn 08:40 hrs Holy Eleanor 09:10 hrs Baby Steps 09:45 hrs Mustarrid 10:15 hrs Banta Bay 10:50 hrs Late Romance 11:20 hrs Yasir Kempton 11:40 hrs Maazel 12:10 hrs Al Dawodiya 12:40 hrs Mitty’s Smile 13:10 hrs Lady Dancealot 13:40 hrs Mildenberger 14:10 hrs Royal Star 14:40 hrs Rangali Island 15:10 hrs Purple Paddy Haydock 08:50 hrs Ashfield Paddy 09:20 hrs Keep Wondering 10:25 hrs On To Victory 11:00 hrs Diggin Deep 11:30 hrs Informateur South Africa Racing Tips Kenilworth 08:20 hrs Reef Knot 08:55 hrs Halliberry 09:30 hrs Earl Of Warwick 10:05 hrs Stanley 10:40 hrs Traces 11:15 hrs Mr Cobbs


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Drayton wins BCA/Sookraj & Sons Chess tournament

NATIONAL Chess Champion Anthony Drayton stormed the boards this past Sunday to emerge winner of the Berbice Chess Association (BCA)/R. Sookraj & Sons Outback Open tournament. Played at the University of Guyana (UG) Berbice Campus, Tain Village the Open event, which was attended by 23 local players, some of whom are rated by the Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDE)/(World Chess Fedferation). Matches were played with a 20-minute time limit with 7 rounds to play but when the dust settled, it was the reigning Guyana champ who toppled the competitors to end unbeaten with 5 wins and 2 draws as he finished the day with 6 points. Ex-chess champion Wen-

dell Meusa also ended with 6 points but suffered his only loss to Drayton while Davion Mars, another exchamp was forced to settle for 3rd place after ending with 5.5 points; losing to Meusa and drawing one with the Drayton. Used by the BCA as a

breeding ground of sorts for upcoming talents in the Ancient County, the oneday event also saw a few budding players etch their names in the victory books, as the young duo of Kriskal Persaud who finished with 4.5 points won the Best Berbice Player award.

Persaud played well but lost to the seasoned pair of Meusa and Mars but secured a draw with Loris Nathoo. Meanwhile the Best Junior Player award was given to Queen’s College student Omesh Dyal who secured 4 points.

From left: Yuvindra Sookraj Operations Manager of R. Sookraj & Sons Outback Adventures, Davion Mars, Anthony Drayton, Omesh Dyal, Wendell Meusa and Kriskal Persaud

LABA YBG Under-19 basketball

Raiders, Royals open with wins; two more matches on tonight

RETRIEVE Raiders and Victory Valley Royals scored opening wins when the Linden Amateur Basketball Association/Youth Basketball Guyana Under-19 club championship began on Sunday at the Mackenzie Sports Club (MSC) hard court. Tonight two more matches are scheduled for this tournament with the first game at 18:00hrs bringing together Kings and Raiders and the second at 20:00hrs featuring Victory Valley Royals and Amelia’s Ward Jets. In the opening game of the tournament Raiders scored a 46-32 win over the Jets after leading 26-18 at the break. Stephon Duncan netted 17 points to lead the charged for the Raiders as Kareem Roberts added 11 for the winners. Jennies Benjamin topped the scoring for the Jets with 13 points while Gaius George got 10. In game two of the double-header feature, Victory Valley Royals led by Kobe Tappin with a game-high 24 points overcame the challenge of Kings 46-31, after taking a 21-15 lead. Shemar Henry supported with eight points for the Royals win. Carmelo Man-SonHing was the best player for Kings with seven points while Tyrese Arthur had six in the losing cause.

Vitabiotics supports KFC goodwill football series THE second edition of the KFC Goodwill series yesterday gained support from Wellman Original and Vitabiotics Feroglobin. Both products, solely distributed by Mike’s Pharmacy in Guyana will be given to all the schools in the 2019 edition of the tournament. During yesterday’s partnership announcement, Marketing Manager for Vitabiotics, Michael Jessimy, told the media that the brand is not a stranger to sports locally. “This is’ not our first foray into sport. We support cricket as well. We will always be willing to help in the promotion of sport and it will help in the long run to develop sport.” He noted that the brand has been on board with several prolific cricketers thus far, adding that, “We may very well be able to see Guyana’s next prolific striker from this tournament.” Meanwhile, co-director of the Petra organization, Troy Mendonca, stated that they are pleased to have the company on board for the tournament. He also confirmed that Lodge Secondary and Annandale are the two schools that will complete the sixteam lineup for the KFC

tournament. While there are still two rounds left in the tournament, the Petra co-director said, “We are going to try to complete the league as early as the weather permits.” Mendonca noted, however, that their priority is the KFC goodwill series and getting the ground in shape for the 2019 edition of the tournament which begins on December 14. “We took the decision (to announce Annandale and Lodge Secondary) because those two teams have an unassailable lead in the tournament. The first playing date will feature Annai against Annandale from 17:00hrs at the Ministry of Education ground with the Lodge Secondary playing USL Montjoly. On the second playing date, (December 16), the Lodge Secondary will play Waramadong with Shiva Boys playing Annai in game two. On the third playing date, Shiva Boys will play Annandale with Waramadong opposing USL Montjoly. The semi-finals are billed for December 20 with the third place playoff and final set for December 22.

Farias returns as president of RFA RYAN Farias was returned as president of the Rupununi Football Association (RFA) when the Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Saturday, November 30, at the St Ignatius Secondary School. The full executive reads: Ryan Farias (President), Curtis Buckley (First Vice President), Nobert Williams (Second Vice President), John Abraham Third Vice President), John Adams (Fourth Vice President), Troy Benjamin (Secretary), Deborah Allicock (Treasurer), Amanda Campion (Assistant Secretary/ Treasurer). The Committee Members are Joshua Fredericks, Colin Henry, Errol McGarrell, Leroy Johnson, Sean Curtright, Viviane George and Roy Andrews. Clubs present were Paiwomak Warriors, Sun Parakeets, Tabatinga, Rising Stars, Gladiators, Guyana Rush Saints, Terminators, Strikers, Snipers, Titans United, Shiriri and Far East United Sports Club. Four new clubs were admitted fully to the RFA namely, Moco Moco FC, Spartans FC, Rewa Sports Club and Potarnau Sky Kings FC. Commenting on his re-election to serve his second term as president, Farias expressed thanks to the clubs for reposing confidence in him to lead the body for the next two years, whilst outlining his plans. “The focus for this new executive for the next two years would be one, to have qualified coaches for all our clubs, to have more referees qualified, to have three to four male players in the national team who will be representing Guyana at the 2026 FIFA World Cup bid and to be able to compete at any tournament level among the other Regional Members Associations.” Farias also noted that it is very challenging to travel around so they are also going to pursue the idea of a vehicle to help address this issue with the assistance of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF). Performing duties as the Returning Officer was Mr James La Rose on behalf of the GFF.

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Root ‘proud’ despite 1-0 Test series defeat to New Zealand CAPTAIN Joe Root says he is proud of the way England “learned lessons quickly” in their Test series defeat in New Zealand. Beaten by an innings and 65 runs in the first Test, England established a first-innings lead of 101 before the second Test in Hamilton was drawn. Root made 226 and opener Rory Burns 101 in England’s 476. “I feel like we’re a more rounded team for being out here,” Root, 28, told BBC Test Match Special. England, under new coach Chris Silverwood, collapsed from 277-4 to 353 all out in the first innings and were bowled out for 197 in the second at Mount Maunganui. At Seddon Park, they batted for 162.5 overs, as they passed 400 in the first innings for the first time since 2017. Centuries for Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor, and rain on the final afternoon, ensured a draw that gave

New Zealand a 1-0 series win. Root said: “We got ourselves in a position in that first game where we could have gone on and put them under

really proud of is the way we learned the lessons quickly from that.” England took only 21 wickets in the series, although

have won only two of their past 11 away series. They next travel to South Africa for a four-Test series which begins on December

“We want to become a much harder side to beat, first and foremost, and then go on and win games when it does get flat and hard. “Similarly, we want to go and make really big totals and put sides under pressure.” New Zealand, who are second in the International Cricket Council Test rankings, have not lost any of their past seven series.

SCOREBOARD Kiwis skipper Kane Williamson is congratulated by fellow centurion Ross Taylor

huge amounts of pressure, made a big first-innings score, just like we did this week. “It could have looked very different. But one thing I’m

the pitches offered the bowlers little assistance. They end the year without a Test series victory for the first time since 1999, and


“We are a side that want to learn quite quickly and want to become quite resilient in these conditions,” Root said.

NEW ZEALAND 1st innings 375 ENGLAND 1st innings 476 NEW ZEALAND 2nd innings o/n 96-2 Tom Latham c Joe Root b Chris Woakes 18 Jeet Raval lbw Sam Curran 0 Kane Williamson not out 104 Ross Taylor not out 105 Extras: (b-2, lb-3, nb-1, pen-5, w-3) 14 Total: (two wkts, 75.0 overs) 241 Fall of wickets: 1-2, 2-28. Bowling: Stuart Broad 9-0-28-0, Sam Curran 16- 2-56-1(w-2), Jofra Archer 12-1-27-0, Chris Woakes 11-4-12-1, Ben Stokes 14-1-58-0 (w-1, nb-1), Joe Denly 9-1-2-0, Joe Root 4-1-23-0.

BCCI chief wants India to play Sprint star Blake pink-ball Tests in every series lashes IAAF chief Coefor ‘killing’ athletics NEW DELHI, India (Reuters) - Indian cricket board chief Sourav Ganguly believes pink-ball Tests are here to stay and wants the team under Virat Kohli to play at least one such match in every series. India became the last major cricket nation to embrace day-night Tests when they hosted neighbours Bangladesh in front of a sellout crowd at Kolkata’s Eden Gardens last month. As the president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Ganguly’s nudge prompted India to take the plunge into daynight Tests, which pundits believe can address Test cricket’s dwindling attendance in most venues. “I am pretty upbeat about it,” Ganguly told ‘The Week’ magazine. “I feel this is the way forward. Not every Test, but at least one Test in a series.” The world’s richest cricket board aggressively marketed India’s maiden

“We know how strong the England side are and the balance they have in the team,” captain Williamson said. “It was a great fighting effort, the amount of tight series we’ve had. The guys involved always want another game or two. It’s been great cricket to be a part of.” New Zealand face Australia in a three-Test series starting on December 12. (BBC Sport)

pink-ball Test, illuminating prominent city landmarks in pink and overall creating a buzz around the match.

ready. Nobody wants to play Test cricket in front of 5 000 people,” added the former India captain.

BCCI president Sourav Ganguly

Encouraged by the turnout in Kolkata, other Indian venues are now ready to host day-night Tests, Ganguly said. “I will share my experiences with the board and we will try and implement it in other places.” “After this, everyone is

Kohli has welcomed the innovation but said pinkball Tests should be an exception and not the rule. “I think (day-night Tests) can be a one-off thing; it should not be a regular scenario,” Kohli said in Kolkata on the eve of the Test match.

NEW DELHI, India (AFP) - Jamaican ace sprinter Yohan Blake has slammed world athletics chief Sebastian Coe for taking away track and field disciplines such as the 200 metres from next year’s Diamond League. The International Association of Athletics Associations (IAAF) dropped the 200m, 3 000m steeplechase, triple jump and discus from its list of “core” disciplines at Diamond League meetings in 2020. “I believe all the events are very important. This is people’s careers, this is where they make their money,” Blake said at a promotional event in Mumbai on Monday. “If he can take away the 200 and triple jump, I don’t know if he is trying to build it or trying to kill athletics but that’s a stupid move. He must enhance the sport, but he is killing it. It is just madness.”

The athletics world body said its decision was based on online research in China, France, South Africa and the United States and post-event surveys in Belgium, Britain and Switzerland. It said the aim was to reduce the length of the Diamond League meetings to fit a 90-minute international broadcast window. The 29-year-old Blake, who won 100m gold in the 2011 world championships, has had to settle with being the second fastest man behind countryman Usain Bolt in both 100m and 200m. But the two-time Olympic sprint relay gold medal-

Jamaica sprint star Yohan Blake has lashed out at IAAF chief Sebastian Coe, saying he is killing athletics (AFP Photo/Jewel SAMAD)

list said he was confident of taking more gold in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. “I’m always the favourite, the second fastest man in the universe. Everyone has to look up to me,” said Blake. “I think is going to be epic, this is the greatest show on earth and everyone is looking for that blue-carpet event, which is the 100m. “If you take Bolt away from the picture, I will be the fastest man in the world. I was born in the wrong time. Nevertheless, I am happy with what I have achieved.”


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Woodpecker Products contributes to GSSF Practical Shooting Match

OWNER and Managing Director of Woodpecker Products, located at Lot 40 Fourth Street, Alberttown, Luana Fernandes, recently generously donated to Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation several trophies for their upcoming Practical Pistol Competition to be held at the GDF Timehri Ranges. At a simple handing-over ceremony, representative of Woodpecker Products, Maria Samaroo, presented the trophies to GSSF’s Asst. secretary/treasurer Andrew Phang, who accepted the prizes on behalf of the GSSF and thanked Woodpecker Products for the support given to local sport shooting. Also present was GSSFs s e c r e t a r y Vi d u s h i P e rsaud-McKinnon, who joined in thanking Fernandes for her unhesitating support and encouragement towards the GSSF which is dedicated towards encouraging and promoting safe sport shooting among all Guyanese. The GSSF will be closing its shooting calendar by organising a pistol practice competition. Match Director David Dharry noted that the divisions which will be recognised are Standard and Production, which will

see prizes handed out for the top three overall in each division. Fernandes conveyed her wishes for success for the Federation and a successful event.

member of the GSSF, or can visit for further details or simply send an email to info@guyanasportshooting. com indicating their interest.

petitor to shoot rapidly and accurately with a full power (9mm/higher calibre) handgun in a fun, fair, safe, competitive environment. Scoring takes into ac-

From left, GSSF secretary Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon, GSSF Asst. secretary/treasurer Andrew Phang receives one of the six trophies from Woodpecker Products’ representative, Maria Samaroo

The match will be open to all experienced Practical Pistol Shooters of Guyana and advised competitors to pre-register. Interested competitors who want to come out to have some safe shooting fun can contact any Board

Practical shooting is regarded as any type of sport shooting that involves engaging targets while having to move with the firearm. The handgun element of sport simultaneously measures the ability of the com-

count three elements – speed, accuracy and power. Each match is made up of stages that seek to measure a shooter’s ability in all three elements and coordinated under strict safety guidelines.

Uttar Pradesh’s Priyam Garg to lead India in U-19 World Cup 2020 PRIYAM Garg will lead India’s quest to defend the Under-19 World Cup after being named captain for the tournament, to be played in South Africa from January 17 to February 9. The squad was announced on Monday, a day after the national junior selection committee, headed by Aashish Kapoor, met at the BCCI headquarters here with Rahul Dravid, the head of cricket at the National Cricket Academy, as a special invitee. Led by Prithvi Shaw and Rahul Dravid as coach, India lifted the trophy in 2018. Garg will have his Utter Pradesh( UP) team-mate Dhruv Chand Jurel as his deputy. Kartik Tyagi will complete the UP triumvirate in the squad of 15. Besides UP, Mumbai will also see three of its promising

cricketers in the squad. Yashasvi Jaiswal, who became the youngest double-centurion in senior List A cricket in the Vijay Hazare Trophy, would look to carry his sensational form to South Africa.

hope to play the supporting role. The squad, which sees representation from eight associations, also includes Divyansh Joshi, who has an interesting tale. The

Priyam Garg in action during a Sye Mushtaq Ali Trophy match in New Delh

While Atharva Ankolekar, the left-arm spinner who was the star of India’s U-19 Asia Cup triumph, and batsman Divyaansh Saxena, from the stables of Dilip Vengsarkar Foundation, will

all-rounder who is from Greater Noida in UP and studies in Dehradun in Uttarakhand was first spotted while batting for Mizoram in the Vinoo Mankad Trophy. He will be hoping to kickstart a cricket revolution in

Mizoram despite being one of the three guest players in the north-eastern state’s under-19 team. The India under-19 squad couldn’t have asked for a better preparation than a bilateral series against South Africa and a quadrangular series featuring South Africa, Zimbabwe and New Zealand’s under-19 teams in South Africa just ahead of the tournament. India U19 squad for Wo r l d C u p : Ya s h a s vi Jaiswal, Tilak Varma, Divyaansh Saxena, Priyam Garg (Captain) , Dhruv Chand Jurel (vice-captain and wicket-keeper), Shashwat Rawat, Divyansh Joshi, Shubhang Hegde, Ravi Bishnoi, Akash Singh, Kartik Tyagi, Atharva Ankolekar, Kumar Kushagra (wicket-keeper), Sushant Mishra , Vidyadhar Patil. (Sportstar)

Gayle makes about-turn, set to feature for Challengers DHAKA, Bangladesh, (CMC) – Veteran batting star Chris Gayle has made a sudden aboutturn and agreed to play in the Bangladesh Premier League, just days after announcing he was taking a break from the game. The 40-year-old said last week he would not play again this year following his stint in the South African Mzansi Super League, and even told media he was at odds to explain why he had been associated with the Chattogram Challengers franchise in the BPL bowling off December 11. However, Challengers announced Monday that the big-hitting West Indies lefthander would feature in the league, following discussions with his representatives. “ We a r e happy to announce that Gayle will play for us and there is no uncertainty about his participation in the tournament,” said Challengers managing director, KM Rifatuzzaman. “He is having a hamstring problem, so we will not get him from the beginning, but we are hopeful to have him at some point in the tournament. “We have finalised everything with Gayle’s agent. Some formalities are not done yet, but all those things will be completed soon. Sources have said Gayle is not expected to suit up before January 4 in the tournament which runs until February 8. In wide-ranging comments following his appearance in the Mzansi Super League, Gayle

complained of the need to “recharge my batteries and think ahead in life”. He said he had already made himself unavailable for West Indies’ series against India starting this week, and also ruled himself out of the Australia Big Bash beginning this month.

Chris Gayle

“West Indies called me to play ODIs, but I am not going to play. They (selectors) want me to play with the youngsters but for this year I am going to take a break,” Gayle said last month. “I am not going to the Big Bash. I’m not sure what cricket will come up, I don’t even know how my name reached the BPL, but I have been drafted in a team and I don’t even know how that happened.” Following his comments, Challengers called on the Bangladesh Cricket Board to take action against Gayle if he failed to participate in the BPL. Gayle is in the twilight of a storied career that has seen him become the most successful batsman in T20 franchise history.

CRICKET QUIZ CORNER (Wednesday, November 26, 2019)

COMPLIMENTS OF THE TROPHY STALL- Bourda Market & The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL COMPANY LTD- 83 Garnett Street, Campbellville, Georgetown (Tel: 225-6158) (1) (2)

ANSWERS TO YESTERDAY’S QUIZ: 380-Matthew Hayden (vs ZIM, Perth, 2003) 185*-Shane Watson (vs BANG, 2011)

(1) (2)

TODAY’S QUIZ: What is the highest Test score by a Pakistani player to date? What is the highest ODI score by a Pakistani player to date?


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday, December 4, 2019

West Indies Test captain Jason Holder


West Indies jump in Test rankings; Holder has eyes on Top 5 spot

JASON Holder’s plan to move the West Indies into Test cricket’s Top 5 has already started to bear fruit. Following the comprehensive nine-wicket win over Afghanistan last week and Pakistan’s defeat to Australia on Monday, Holder’s team has leapfrogged the Pakistanis on the ICC Test match rankings table. A check on the ICC website shows West Indies on 81 points – one ahead of Pakistan. Following last week’s win at the Ekana Stadium in Lucknow, Holder said the result had significance and called on his players to aim for the fourth or fifth spot. The tall all-rounder has maintained his position as the top-ranked all-rounder in Test cricket, now he wants to see his team move up to a top spot in the overall rankings. Based on the way they have played in recent years – including their comprehensive win over England to regain the Wisden trophy – Holder is confident his team is good enough to finish in the top bracket of the ongoing ICC World Test Championship. “I think by the end of the Test Championship, I don’t see it being impossible for us to be fourth or fifth in the world. That would be a significant achievement in a twoyear period,” the captain told members of the media. “We have some tough series coming up. We have England in England then South Africa coming to the Caribbean, then we have a trip to New Zealand all good cricket sides … but I don’t think it’s beyond us to beat them. We have to make sure we keep building and developing. Once we do that, we can compete with any side in the

world. A realistic target in two years would be to be ranked three or four in the world.” West Indies Test schedule for next year starts with them defending the prestigious Wisden Trophy with three Test matches in England in June at the Oval, Edgbaston and Lord’s. This will be followed by two at home in July and August at Queen’s Park Oval in Trinidad and the Darren Sammy Cricket Ground in St Lucia as South Africa play red-ball cricket in the region for the first time since 2011. They will close out the year with two matches in New Zealand from late November into early December. Holder ended the year as the leading batsman for West Indies with 344 runs in five matches at an average of 49.14 runs per innings. His best score was the monumental 202 not out when they beat England in the first Test in Barbados. He had the second most wickets (20 at an average of 17.25) behind Kemar Roach, who was the team’s best, with 27 wickets (average 18.07) in six matches. The best bowler figures this year were 8-60 by Roston Chase in the win in Barbados followed by Rahkeem Cornwall with 7-75 last week. “I’ve said it in the last couple of series we have played, more responsibility needs to be taken by our batters. We have shown glimpses of brilliance, which is all well and good, but consistency is the name of the game,” the captain said. “In order to be a world-class team, you have to be consistent with your batting. You have to get 20 wickets of course, but you have to set it up with the bat.

First innings count for a lot. If we can put teams under pressure with our first-innings scores, more often than not, West Indies will be up there among the top-ranked sides in the world. TEST MATCH RESULTS 2019 ● v England ● WI won by 381 runs – Kensington Oval, Barbados ● WI won by 10 wickets – Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Ground, Antigua ● WI lost by 232 runs – Darren Sammy Stadium, St Lucia v India ● WI lost by 318 runs – Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Ground, Antigua ● WI lost by 257 runs – Sabina Park, Jamaica v Afghanistan ● WI won by 9 wickets – Ekana Cricket Stadium, Lucknow TEST MATCH SCHEDULE 2020 ● West Indies to England (Wisden Trophy Series) ● June 4-8: 1st Test – The Oval, London ● June 12-16: 2nd Test – Edgbaston, Birmingham ● June 25-29: 3rd Test – Lords, London ● South Africa to West Indies ● July 23-27: 1st Test – Queen’s Park Oval, Trinidad ● July 31 to August 4: 2nd Test – Daren Sammy Stadium, Saint Lucia ● West Indies to New Zealand ● November 26-30: 1st Test – venue to be determined ● December 4-8: 2nd Test – venue to be determined

Rio All-Stars optimistic of claiming $1M first prize TROY Lambert, head coach newcomers Rio AllStars, is confident that his charges will make the grand final of the inaugural Rio Indoor Streetball Championship on December 14 at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue.  This was disclosed via an official press release from tournament coordinators Three Peat Promotions.  Formerly the head-tactician of Bent Street, Lambert said that while the tournament is highly competitive, his side possess the required abilities and experience to earn a place in the coveted final. He added, “It’s a very open tournament, but we are very confident in our skills and will be coming to play football. We are here to take over Streetball and looking to win championships starting with this tournament. We just want to be the best in Georgetown and in Guyana.” Rio would faceoff with Future Stars in the quarterfinal on Saturday, December 7. A win will earn them a date with either Bent Street or Back Circle in the semi-final round. In the other two quarterfinal matches, Sparta

Boss will oppose BV and Gold is Money will tackle Leopold Street. Asked about the impact of the tournament on the growth of Streetball, he declared, “This is a big impact towards

Troy Lambert

the communities from the standpoint where the teams normally don’t have executives, they just come out and want to play. Now they have a chance to play for cash prizes of one million dollars. I really see this is a plus and I want more sponsors to come in and improve street football so it can grow further.” “You never know that another sponsor might come and award more money to the players. Streetball at the

moment is it; everyone wants to play Streetball, even the Elite League players. As a player you are getting more playing time and earning more. It is like a salary, when you ask players if they are playing in the year-end tournaments, their response is ‘my office is in the gym’.” According to Lambert, “Tournaments such as this have elevated Streetball, it’s about the organisers and coordinators. I wish Rio can continue to invest in Streetball and host more tournaments. The talk is that Rio should take over and be an integral part of the Streetball community. “It’s great for Streetball they are on board, it’s comparable to when Alpha United and Slingerz were around and what they did. Other individuals and businesses might come on board and host events and form teams and improve the quality.” He further affirmed that Streetball has grown exponentially due to lack of the politics and infighting that have plagued the traditional format, “Streetball doesn’t have a leader; it’s about the communities and players. That has allowed it to

grow and be supported by many. There is no politics involved. This tournament is a massive plus for the format

and going forward I want to see more tournaments and sponsors involved in Streetball.”

The tournament continues on Saturday at the National Gymnasium with the quarterfinal round.

Bermuda foiled by Hong Kong century-maker Shah MUSCAT, Oman, (CMC) – An unbeaten century by Hong Kong’s 23-year-old Kinchit Shah ended Bermuda’s hopes of victory in their opening Cricket World Cup Challenge League B match with a three-wicket defeat here Tuesday.

underpinned by 63 apiece from Kamau Leverock and Tre Manders. Opener Leverock smashed 13 fours and a six in his 40-ball knock while number three Manders’ 89ball innings included four fours and two sixes.

Bermuda’s Kamau Leverock

Having been sent in, Bermuda failed to make the most of a solid batting performance that saw them pile up 291 for eight in their 50 overs,

Although Sussex allrounder Delray Rawlins fell for 11, Onias Bascome (43 not out) and wicketkeeper Sinclair Smith (24 not out)

added 65 in an unbroken ninth-wicket partnership after Dion Stovell chipped in with 38, but Bermuda were generally below par with the ball. Hong Kong’s first two wickets fell for 14 runs inside three overs, but they rarely looked troubled from then on, getting home with four balls to spare at the Al Amerat Cricket Ground, Ministry Turf 2. As long as they had Mumbai-born number four bat Shah at the wicket, Hong Kong would have fancied their chances, and he sealed the points with an unbeaten 116 from 135 balls which included 12 fours and a six after opener Nizakat Khan and Waqas Barkat both made half-centuries. Medium pacer Bascome was the pick of the Bermuda attack with two for 49 while strike bowler Justin Pitcher claimed two for 52. Bermuda next face Uganda on Friday.

Marketing Manager for Vitabiotics, Michael Jessimy, hands over the sponsorship cheque to Petra co-director Troy Mendonca in the presence of Logistics officer Lawrence Griffith (Adrian Narine photo)



Vitabiotics supports KFC goodwill football series Pollard embraces underdogs tag for India series NEW DELHI, India (CMC) – West Indies captain positive work ethic employed against Afghanistan. Kieron Pollard has conceded that his side will be “You must commend the guys on how they worked underdogs in the upcoming white-ball series against in the little period of time when they got together for the powerhouse India but says “anything is possible” Afghanistan series,” he pointed out. once they execute properly. “It was incredible and it augurs well for us as we The Caribbean side face the Indians in a three-match go into the future where we have to set a benchmark Twenty20 series starting Friday in Hyderabad before in terms of preparation. turning their attention to a three-match One-Day Inter“It is something that has been mentioned but success national series set to bowl off December 15 in Chennai. is boring because you have to do the same thing over With West Indies languishing 10th in the T20 and over again to be consistent and this is something rankings and ninth in ODIs, India are already the the guys are willing to work on and it’s something we heavy favourites, a point which Pollard was quick to as management are looking to push as well so that was acknowledge. good but we’re looking to get better.” “We are coming up against a harder opposition Put in charge of a relatively inexperienced squad, … we are going to be underdogs and we are the Pollard said instilling a winning mentality was cruunderdogs and that’s fine, but then again it is about cial. going out there and executing and believing in your“The will to win is what makes you as an indiself and believing in your talent. Once you have that vidual sometimes to be successful because then you belief, anything is possible,” Pollard was quoted want to pass on that knowledge that you have learnt as saying. … and try to educate them (younger players),” he “There are boxes which need to be stressed. ticked off, basics. When you do that most times, sometimes you end up on the WEST INDIES TOUR OF INDIA 2019 – FIXTURES right side of the result; so let’s see how 1st T20I: December 6 (Friday) it goes. I’m very excited and looking Venue: Rajiv Gandhi International Stadiforward to that series.” um, Hyderabad West Indies had mixed results 2nd T20I: December 8 (Sunday) in the limited overs series against Venue: Greenfield International Stadium, Afghanistan last month, sweeping Thiruvananthapuram the ODIs but then losing the T20s, 3rd T20I: December 11 (Wednesday) after winning the opening fixture of Venue: Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai the three-match rubber. 1st ODI: December 15 (Sunday) India, with their array of limited Venue: MA Chidambaram Stadium, overs stars, are expected to provide Chennai much tougher opposition. Significantly, 2nd ODI:  December 18 West Indies have not beaten them in (Wednesday) a one-day series in 13 years and have Venue: ACA-VDsuffered whitewashes in their last CA Cricket Stadium, two T20 series. Visakhapatnam Pollard said it was important 3rd ODI:  Defor West Indies to build on the cember 22 (Sunday) West Indies captain Kieron Pollard

RFA president Ryan Farias

Farias 31 returns as president of RFA

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