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President Donald Ramotar, flanked by Minister Juan Edghill and Minister Anil Nandlall at yesterday’s news conference. (Adrian Narine photo)

AG says AML/CFT Bill unlikely to be presented to Parliament today

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Critics of International market Jagdeo have developments trigger crossed all increased investor interest in Guyana 11 boundaries In quest for platinum...


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Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

Another woman busted with Page 20 cocaine at CJIA Girl’s body found in Page Paradise cemetery 17


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday February 27, 2014


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday February 27, 2014

President decries Opposition’s blackmail politics

Gov’t sees little hope in meeting crucial CFATF deadline

Gov’t sees little hope in meeting crucial CFATF deadline

By Vanessa Narine GUYANA is once again positioned at a dangerous precipice with only one day to go before another deadline for the passage of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) (Amendment) Bill of 2013. President Donald Ramotar yesterday briefed the media on his administration’s last-ditch attempt to reach a compromise with the combined Opposition ahead of today’s sitting of the National Assembly to allow for passage of AML/CFT (Amendment) Bill. And he noted that the fate of the AML/CFT Bill is still unclear. “I don’t know what the Opposition is ready to concede to give us a bill that is CFAFT compliant,” the Guyanese Head of State declared at a press conference at Office of the President. Guyana faces a critical deadline come tomorrow (February 28), when it is required to submit a report to the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) which must include a copy of the enacted Bill, that will, after analysis, be correlated to the deficiencies identified by the body at its November 2013 Plenary meeting, before a report is made in May 2014. The President said, “They wanted me to give them all of the assurances that they want, but the APNU has refused to mention to me what concessions they were ready to make on the Amendments that they have.

“I went further to say since we know that we have a Bill that we know is CFATF compliant, let us pass that Bill and let us send the Amendments that they have to the CFATF to seek their opinions if these Bills will be in compliance with the CFATF. “…they have refused to say how they are ready to modify their positions…they want me to give everything they want and then say they will discuss their issues at the Special Select Committee later today (yesterday).” MORE AFC DEMANDS According to the Head of State, the positions of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance for Change (AFC) have changed, as it relates to their bargaining of their

‘Guyana should not face the horror of blacklisting’ - Minister Edghill

support for the bill in exchange for support of the important piece of legislation. “Their demands, I have said, are blackmail politics,” he stressed. Ramotar explained that the AFC, as opposed to their one demand for the establishment of the Public Procurement Commission (PPC), the party now has three demands. The first demand, the establishment of the PPC, is an already problematic demand, given that the Government’s push to maintain its no-objection in the award of contracts is being opposed.

“I told the AFC that I am ready to set up the PPC, but the Government’s no objection must be maintained,” he said. The President maintained that the Cabinet does not award contracts and Guyana is one of few countries that have limited

‘What is needed is patriotism and putting the welfare of our people first…the question of blacklisting will not arise if we have an ounce of patriotism’ – President Ramotar

their role in the public procurement process. “This is an executive function and if the executive is to be held responsible, this is the minimum we should have,” the President said. Mr. Ramotar added that the question of no-objection is why the establishment of the PPC has failed to take off. The Procurement (Amendment) Bill 2013 was read for the first time in the National Assembly last November and aims to amend the 2003 principal Procurement Act by making changes to section 54, deleting subsection six – effectively restoring Cabinet’s no-objection role. Section 54 deals with Cabinet’s involvement in reviewing the award of procurement contracts and the phasing out of its functions with the establishment of a Public Procurement Commission, in the interest of

decentralising the procurement process. Subsection six states that: “Cabinet’s involvement shall cease upon the establishment of the Public Procurement Commission, except in relation to those matters referred to in subsection one which are pending.” In addition to Government’s move to secure its position, moves have been made at the level of the Public Accounts Committee to address the establishment of the PPC. The second demand of the AFC is related to the first, in that the party has proposed that the Government, instead of a no-objection, forward its positions on contracts to the PPC itself. The President said, “This proposal was sprung on us this morning and it has to be examined….is it giving the PPC more powers than the Constitution prescribes, this is something we have to look at.

ments,” the Head of State said. APNU’S POSITION Ramotar bemoaned the position of the APNU as it relates to its demands for the reversal of his position of the non-assent of several bills and the inclusion of three amendments, which the CFAFT advisor, Roger Hernandez, has publicly dubbed as “risky” in terms of compliance to international standards. He said, “I did not assent to those Bills because I have been advised that they were unconstitutional.” “…I have received a letter from the Leader of the Opposition suggesting that we set up a committee to look at the Bills that I have not assented to, on the grounds to pass the AML/ CFT Bill. “I responded to him positively by saying that I wanted this Bill (the AML/CFT Bill), without their amendments, and that I am willing to set up a

‘We have done everything we are required to do other than pass the bill…Government is committed to making Guyana ready to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism’ – AG Nandlall

He stressed that the powers of the PPC, as prescribed by the Constitution, must be respected. The third demand of the AFC, Ramotar said, is their adoption and support of APNU’s demands. “Now they have changed their position and adopted all of APNU’s positions, including all of APNU’s proposed amend-

President Ramotar interacts with members of the media after the formal press conference yesterday

committee to work towards a solution on the Bills he spoke about.I reiterated my readiness to set up this committee today.” The President pointed out

the dangers in reversing his decision to sign Bills that are unconstitutional, as per his legal advice. He referenced the Esther Pereira Elections Petition case of 1998, where despite an agreement by Members of Parliament, a legal case did result. “How do I know if I sign this, despite my legal advice, that another Esther Pereira will raise her head and impeach me?” President Ramotar asked. He made it clear that, as it stands, nothing is preventing the Opposition from challenging his reason withholding assent and taking the matter to the court. On the issue of APNU’s three proposed amendments, the Head of State said, “I have said that since we know we have a Bill that is CFATF compliant, pass that Bill and send their amendments to CFAFT to see if they are in compliance with CFAFT standard; and if they are not in compliance, then the Opposition should give up the amendments. If they are compliant, then they have the majority in the House and they can have it

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday February 27, 2014

Man becomes first in China to sue government over dangerous air pollution (The Sideshow) A Chinese man is attempting to make history by becoming the first person to sue his government over the country’s dangerous levels of air pollution. Li Guixin submitted a complaint to a district court in Hebei province, asking the Shijiazhuang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to “perform its duty to control air pollution according to the law,” according to the state-run Chinese language publication Yanzhao Metropolis Daily. On Tuesday, pollution levels in Beijing topped hazardous levels for the sixth straight day, according to the U.S. Embassy pollution monitor. The most recent ratings were literally “beyond index,” meaning they exceeded the already most extreme measurement levels of air pollution. The World Health Organization’s China representative told a briefing in Beijing on Monday that both the government and industries in China need to make a better effort to curb pollution levels across the country.

“We have to put more pressure on all of the authorities and all the industry production to improve so we can actually reduce the very heavy pollution,” Bernhard Schwartlander said. The court has not yet decided whether to take up Li’s complaint, but he is still the first known individual in China who has attempted to sue the government over its failure to curb dramatically increasing levels of pollution. Chinese law reportedly makes it difficult for nongovernmental organizations to sue the government or industries over pollution levels. The BBC said higher courts in the country have already rejected Li’s complaint but that the district court is currently deliberating whether or not to take up his case. In addition, Li is asking for compensation for residents who are affected by the pollution. “The reason that I’m proposing administrative compensation is to let every citizen see that amid this haze, we’re the real victims,” Li told the paper. “Besides the threat to our health,

we’ve also suffered economic losses, and these losses should be borne by the government and the environmental departments.”

In his complaint, Li said he has spent money on air purifiers, face masks and even a treadmill so that he can exercise while avoiding going outdoors during

levels of extreme air pollution. “Li Guixin couldn’t take a walk or run like in the past as air quality worsened, and he also has

to wear a mask now when he goes out,” said Li’s lawyer, Wu Yufen. “His case is relevant for everyone in our city.”

Japanese tourists wear face masks while walking through Beijing. (Reuters)

Muslim converts who hacked British soldier to death jailed for life (Reuters) - TWO British Muslim converts were sentenced to life in prison on Wednesday for hacking a soldier to death on a London street in broad daylight, a gruesome killing that horrified the nation and provoked an anti-Islamic backlash. Michael Adebolajo, 29, and Michael Adebowale, 22, were convicted by a jury in December

of murdering off-duty soldier Lee Rigby, a 25-year-old Afghan war veteran in Woolwich, southeast London, in May last year. Adebolajo received a whole-life term while Adebowale was told he would serve a minimum period of 45 years. They were sentenced in their absence after being dragged shouting and struggling

down to the cells by security guards with whom they had started brawling in the dock as Judge Nigel Sweeney opened his sentencing remarks. “You decided, between you, and in order to advance your extremist cause, to murder a soldier in public in broad daylight and to do so in a way that would generate maximum media coverage,” Sweeney told the Old

Family members of murdered British soldier Lee Rigby, (L-R) his stepfather Ian Rigby, his mother Lyn Rigby, and sister Sarah McClure arrive at the Old Bailey courthouse in London February 26, 2014.

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Bailey court, calling the killing “barbaric.” “Sentence for murder is mandatory - it must be one of life imprisonment,” he said. The sentence was greeted with cheers by a large group of far-right demonstrators who had rigged up a mock gallows outside the court in central London. The murder, which provoked a rise in hate crimes against Muslims in Britain and anti-Islamic street protests, made international headlines as a video of Adebolajo with blood-soaked hands standing in the street justifying the attack to nearby people traveled around the world. Rigby’s wife Rebecca told the court in a written statement that the death of the off-duty soldier, who had served in Afghanistan, Cyprus and Germany, was all the more shocking for having taken place in Britain. “We both talked about the dangers of Afghanistan and we braced ourselves for it,” said Rebecca Rigby. “You do not expect to see this on the streets of the United Kingdom. “My son will grow up and see images of his dad that no son should have to endure and there’s nothing I can do to change this,” she said of their two-year-old child. After the sentencing, Rigby’s family issued a short statement saying: “We feel satisfied that justice has been served for Lee.”

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday February 27, 2014


Abducted mom saves herself ...hunt on for Penal truck driver

(Trinidad Express) POLICE are searching for a 42-year-old truck driver who abducted a woman and locked her in the trunk of his car. The woman, a mother of two, was able to unlock the trunk and save herself. Investigators said the suspect broke into the woman’s apartment at Bownath Trace, Penal, while she was caring

for her two young children on Monday afternoon. The man attacked the woman and beat her on the head. Police said the woman was knocked unconscious and the man believed she was dead. He dragged her out of the house, placed her in the trunk of his car and drove off. The children were left screaming inside the apartment.

The woman, in her 20s, regained consciousness inside the trunk and began shouting for help. She knocked out the park lights at the rear of the vehicle, poked her hand through the opening, and began waving, the Express was told. A female driver noticed the hand and contacted the Penal police station. As officers issued an all points bulletin and began

searching for the green Nissan 280C car, the woman unlatched the trunk and jumped out. She ran to a nearby hardware and begged for help. The hardware workers gave the woman water and clothing before contacting paramedics. The woman was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where she was treated for minor injuries and discharged. Her children were found at home by police and handed over to relatives. They were not harmed.

Chinese CNG for TT vehicles (Newsday) THIS country’s multi-million dollar fuel subsidy could become a thing of the past, without motorists ever having to pay full price at the pump for gasoline or diesel. How? By TT partnering with China’s ENN Group of Companies to make compressed natural gas (CNG) readily available, at a very low price, at fuelling stations across the country. This was proffered by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar as she delivered the feature

address Tuesday at the China-TT Business and Investment Forum in Beijing, China. More than 140 Chinese companies sent representatives to the event, which was hosted by InvesTT in collaboration with the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT). “An agreement was signed on Sunday between our National Gas Company and ENN for construction of CNG filling stations in TT. This agreement will have a major and positive

impact on my country’s energy and transport industries by making CNG a more viable fuel option for our motoring public. “This is very important to us, because my Government spends $4 billion; which I’m told is equivalent to your currency, the Yuan (¥), $4 billion per year in subsidising fuel. If we can (remove) that subsidy, not by giving people petrol at a higher price but by instead using cheaper-to-produce CNG, then I can save $4 billion which I can then put into hospitals, schools

Jamaica won’t get nuclear ship (Jamaica Gleaner) TWO LEADING researchers into nuclear energy have all but thrown out at a suggestion from a lawmaker for the short-term use of nuclear energy to the national grid. Robert Montague, speaking in the Senate last Friday, said

as part of a strategy to provide cheaper energy to Jamaicans, the Government should “temporarily lease, for five years, a nuclear ship or submarine from one of our partners and feed the approximately 380 megawatts of electricity into our grid until we sort out our energy future”.

DPP welcomes limited appeal right as ‘step in right direction’ (Jamaica Gleaner) THE Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Paula Llewellyn says the decision to enact laws granting a limited right of appeal is a step in the right direction. However, she told The Gleaner/Power 106 News Centre that the prosecutorial authorities prefer a general right of appeal. She says appealing sentences is only one aspect. She says it Is hoped that over time, the position of policymakers will evolve and prosecutors will be granted a general right of appeal. The Jamaican Bar Association says granting the prosecution the right of appeal in some circumstances will serve the interest of justice. However, the association’s president, Ian Wilkinson notes that some lawyers fear that government prosecutors could abuse the right and prolong cases. He says the Criminal Law Committee of the Bar Association will carefully scrutinise the proposal.

Bahamas detain seven

NASSAU, Bahamas (CMC) – Police say they have detained seven people, including three Haitian nationals, who attempted to enter the country illegally on board a small aircraft over the last weekend. The police and immigration authorities said that those detained also included four Dominicans and that a search was on for the pilot of the twin-engine Piper plane that rammed into a police jeep along the tiny airstrip on Abaco Island. The police statement confirmed that a “police vehicle also received damages as a result of the collision” and together with immigration authorities were “actively investigating this matter and are appealing to the public for anyone with information to contact them”. The police said the seven illegal migrants were arrested while at the Sandy Point Airport, Abaco.

Montague said the move could lead to a 40 or even 50 per cent cut in light bills. Zia Mian, the former director general of the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR), when asked by The Gleaner to comment on the proposal, said Jamaica does not have regulatory capacity nor legislation or International Atomic Energy Agency compliance requirements in place to commission a nuclear plant quickly. He said while nuclear energy is quite cheap and clean, Jamaica must create an enabling environment for it to be deployed. “It is a time-consuming task,” he said. Phillip Paulwell, the country’s energy minister, said he approached some of Jamaica’s major trading partners in 2012, shortly after he took office, seeking their support to implement a similar programme for the short to medium term. “It is not a new thing that is being proposed. We have discussed it with major trading partners and having pursued it, I do not believe we are going to get the support from any of our international partners,” Paulwell said. But Professor Gerald Lalor, pioneering geochemist and founder of the International Centre for Environmental and Nuclear Sciences, said while thought could be given to Montague’s suggestion, it is best if Jamaica focuses its attention on getting the new power plant, which will provide 360MW of natural gas-fired energy to the grid. “The proposal is very optimistic,” Lalor said. “nuclear reactors are not available just so, and the control is very tight. “The Russians made a similar proposal a few years ago, but never replied to requests for further information. It is unlikely that the suggestion would fly at this time, as except for Russian icebreakers, the operational ships are all military vessels and cost was not a problem in their design,” Lalor told The Gleaner.

and roads,” Persad-Bissessar told the forum. Noting that in China, the term “match-making” refers to forging of business relationships and agreements, Persad-Bissessar encouraged the Chinese and TT business delegations to use their “Match-making Meeting” yesterday afternoon to form partnerships in the energy sector and further. Partnerships were also sought by the PM to increase the export of asphalt and bitumen, two items that are in high demand internationally. “We have the asphalt in the ground but we do not seem to have enough capacity to extract it fast enough to meet demand. Again, we can partner to modernise the asphalt plant down in La Brea because many of the countries I travel to have asked to buy our asphalt yet we cannot sell. Not because we don’t have but because we are not taking it out of the ground fast enough,” Persad-Bissessar said. The Chinese delegates listened intently as Persad-Bissessar outlined a similar investment opportunity regarding the production and sale of bitumen by State-owned energy company, Petrotrin. “Many countries also want to buy bitumen from us but Petrotrin can’t make enough. It’s not because we do not have the resources. I think, respectfully, that the capacity to monetise needs improvement.”

Senator wants apology from publishers (Trinidad Guardian) GOVERNMENT Senator Devant Maharaj has called on T&T Publishers and Broadcasters’ Association (TTPBA) president Darren Lee Sing and the association to apologise to Independent Senator Anthony Vieira for criticising Vieira’s statement that media houses should disclose any political affiliation. “Darren Lee Sing... this is a man whose father get a radio station overnight because of political connection and he want to criticise Senator Vieira?”  Maharaj said in yesterday’s Senate debate.  Maharaj was contributing to debate on an Independent motion on campaign financing reform.  He noted Vieira’s comment in recent debate on the same motion when Vieira made a call for media houses to disclose their political affiliation since the media should not be an “echo chamber for politicians.”  Maharaj also noted Vieira’s sentiment that reporters should declare their personal and commercial relationships and that when the media were “hijacked”   by special interests — people with deep pockets who may DEVANT MAHARAJ have a personal  axe to grind — such conflict of interests should be known. Maharaj further noted Vieira felt it was wrong for reporters to be used as “hired guns.”  Maharaj added: ”I endorse this statement by Senator Vieira. I think it’s correct. It should remain.  “But what was the response Senator Vieira got? He was vilified by the least of the apostles, Darren Lee Sing, T&T Publisher and Broadcasters’ Association, said the media had no political... this is a man whose father get a radio  station overnight,  you know, because of political connections and he want to criticise Senator Vieira? “Darren Lee Sing and the TPBA should apologise to the Independent senator for even contemplating that statement,” Maharaj said. “Yes! Yes!” PP Senators shouted.  “To slam an Independent senator when your hands are less than clean.” Maharaj added. He gave details from a Director of Public Prosecutions report that on October 7, 2002, before election that year, then PNM minister Hedwidge Bereaux told then permanent secretary Emmanuel George (now a government minister) that the Prime Minister wanted a note brought to Cabinet recommending that Louis Lee Sing should be granted a radio broadcast licence.  He said the division was that applications were to be treated on a first-come-first-served  basis. A draft Cabinet note on the grant of a special licence was prepared by George, Mala Ganase and Elizabeth Camps highlighting a number of concerns since the possible process would be outside the usual procedure, he said. 



GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday February 27, 2014

The blackmail continues - with Greenidge and Goolsarran on the PPC


What is the price of human life?

THE landscape of Guyana is littered with human bodies, from coast to coast, and in the hinterland regions through violent means. Apart from crimes of passion, most of these lives were snuffed out by murderous bandits who refuse to earn through hard work and sacrifice, preferring instead to wrest, by force, the wealth and properties accrued by others, even if they deprive the victims of their lives in the process. However, the devastation they leave in their wake can never be counted like cash, but has duration of generations. If the breadwinner is taken, as well as the family wealth, then mortgages cannot be paid and homes and shelters are lost. Children being sent to private schools with the best of care, suddenly lose all the privileges a loving father provided, as well as many basic necessities for their survival. Mothers have to become breadwinners; and if they have no skills, qualifications or experience, the best they could hope for is working long, backbreaking hours doing domestic chores for others, leaving their children virtual orphans, with no one being home when they return from school, leaving them open to the predators that predominate in society. Old parents are left hungry, with no one to pay their medical bills or provide for their needs; and the cycle of devastation of lives spirals downwards. Today, persons who never worked a day in their lives, and their mothers, girlfriends, wives and other relatives live in the most prestigious residential neighbourhoods, in fabulously appointed houses; drive the latest luxury vehicles; their children attend the best schools; and their lavish lifestyles make many of those who work and sacrifice to accumulate their wealth look like paupers. And they have achieved all of this with a gun, through their own peculiar methods of wealth acquisition: robbing and killing the hard-working citizens of the land. Approximately one week ago, 41-year-old Bridjlall Persaud was shot in his head in a hail of bullets, and he seemed to have died instantly as a result of the massive injuries he sustained. This was rush-hour in Lombard Street, where traffic moves at a snail’s pace. He was murdered for his hard-earned money while he was at the wheel of his vehicle on his way to work. The robbers took away a bag containing $1M in cash and escaped. No one sought to pursue the murderous thieves, because heroes are scant in Guyana, and it was merely another episode of theft, leading to cold-blooded murder after all. Neither did the Red Thread, the Guyana Human Rights Association, the Opposition parties, or their satellites in the opposition media come out in their numbers as they normally do to protest when a thief and murderer is killed while committing criminal acts; because, for them, only the lives of thieves and murderers have any value. And the price of the lives of victims? Well, for Bridjlall Persaud, his wife, their four young children, and all his dependants, that was $1M; less or more for others, depending on how much the thieves managed to get from their forays. But for the opposition? Zilch! Nada! Nothing! Because the murderous adventurism will be multiplied a gadzillion times more; escalating beyond that which exists in Mexico, Colombia, or other such countries where the members of the underworld and drug kingpins hold sway; which seems to be their intent by their ruthlessly, among a plethora of destructive actions and inflammatory, misleading rhetoric, stymieing the passage of the AML/CFT Bill.

BOTH Carl Greenidge, former Finance Minister, and Anand Goolsarran, former Auditor General, pride themselves on being transparent, accountable and credible financial gurus. However, the facts are that these two gentlemen presided over Guyana’s worst economic mismanagement; it was characterised by gross financial mismanagement, wholesale corruption, and high levels of unemployment and inflation rates, and an overall sense of lost hope which permeated the entire society. Guyana’s social and economic stability also took a severe beating. Greenidge, now Shadow Finance Minister of APNU, and Goolsarran of the AFC, have both been nominated to become permanent fixtures on the Public Procurement Commission (PPC), and have proposed a whopping $100M for the operation of the PPC. This exorbitant demand must be met before any definitive decision is undertaken by the government, and so the blackmail continues. My view is that the return of Greenidge and Goolsarran (financial goofs) is far from coincidental, and can be tied to APNU and AFC’s ludicrous proposals/conditions/demands in exchange

for the passage of the Anti- Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AMLCFT) Bill. These demands and their intransigent positions are by design, intended to hurt Guyanese businesses and financial institutions. I strongly believe that regardless of whatever concessions are offered by the government, APNU and the AFC will not support the AMLCFT Bill, since it is their ideological intent and in their best interest to capitalise on the impending financial crisis, should Guyana be wholly exposed to economic sanctions by the international France-based Financial Action Task Force (FATF). Furthermore, in my opinion, the establishment of the PPC along with the already established Public Accounts Committee (PAC) will serve as proxies of APNU and AFC to puppeteer the strings of the Executive to achieve their narrow-minded political agenda. ERIN R. NORTHE

Hernandez said no such thing about APNU amendments being ‘risky’ WITH reference to your report of last Friday’s press conference held by Mr Roger Hernandez of the CFATF and carried on Page 3 of Tuesday’s (Chronicle) newspaper under the headline, ‘APNU amendments are risky’ says CFATF adviser: I attended Mr Hernandez briefing of the Select Committee held at 5pm the very afternoon, and wish you to note the following: Mr Hernandez reported that his task was limited to reporting on the 2012 compliance exercise and the draft Bill. He added that CFATF had not examined APNU’s or any other proposals. He therefore could not offer a view on any other proposals at that point in time. At no point during the ensuing discussion did Mr Hernandez share with the meeting his views on the APNU’s proposals, which could not have been properly before him. He did observe that any other proposals relating to the Bill (whether from the APNU or Government or anyone else) including amendments to the original Act would be subject to ex-post review by the body. He stressed that, obviously, while a specific change proposed may or may not be compliant, that change could affect another element of the Bill, and in the process make it non-compliant. He urged that this be borne in mind. It is an obvious and prudent caution applicable to almost every change in legislation, and it is the job of the Chief Parliamentary Council to ensure that this is checked. You article claims that “pressed for a comment on the three proposed amendments by... APNU, he acknowledged that the amendments are risky ones.” I am surprised that he used such words, specifically in relation to APNU’s amendments on which he said he could not pronounce;

especially since he had been at pains to explain that the CFATF could not properly pronounce on matters before they had been finalised, or pertaining to the rights of an Assembly. It would have, therefore, been most unprofessional for him to have made the statements you assert. However, in view of the repetition of the assertion in your paper that he did not express concern about the riskiness of any proposals other than the guidelines CFATF had provided, but specifically of APNU proposals, I write to request that you provide a transcript of the portion of his statement to that effect. I should like you to know that in the event that you are able to provide the same and it bears out your claim, I shall be writing to CFATF to provide the written analysis of the report, and demand an explanation of why the official would have omitted to mention it to the meeting of the Select Committee and a separate meeting of the APNU and AFC, and chosen instead to reserve the airing of such a politically sensitive opinion to the press. At none of the meetings did he put a question to us about the specifics of the APNU proposal. CARL B. GREENIDGE EDITOR’S NOTE: This newspaper stands by our report. We have on record Mr Hernandez saying, at the press conference, that “the concern that we have is that the amendments being put forward may make those areas that were formally compliant, non-compliant. There is a risk with that.” This quote was also carried, verbatim, by other media outlets.

Drug traffickers have no respect for self, society, nor newborn THE most recent cocaine bust, involving one Tishana Edwards, shows the extent to which persons are going to explore in the trafficking of drugs. I am speaking about the lengths persons would go to sell the white stuff. They sell their bodies; that is, violate that God-given sanctuary when they swallow large numbers of packets of the drug, paying little heed to the danger it poses to their very lives; some even died when the packets burst in their stomachs. They sometimes strap it on themselves; make false compartments in their suitcases; place drugs in wigs, in the weaving of their hair, in vegetables and other eatables such as cakes, pepper sauce, fruit juices. And now, rum liqueur. It is like a Pandora’s Box, as the list goes on and on, with no end in sight, not forgetting the fact that drug trafficking has no age range. And when a 78-year-old man was caught transporting the narcotic, he, too, was about to board a plane bound for New York. The illegal trade has no gender, race, nor religion. Even the handicapped have come in for dishonourable mention. I know of a wheelchair-bound lady who is serving time right now for drug possession with intent to traffic. Therefore, the list of possibilities for drug trafficking seems endless, with the preferred route being

North America. You see, the North American destination is within close proximity to Guyana, since many of the traffickers have their contacts there already, whether by way of friends or relatives living in the metropolis. So, the next logical thing to do is organise things down here in Guyana, and get the stuff up to the lucrative North. It is as easy as that. For this simple reason, drug-trafficking remains an attraction to those wanting to make quick, big money, while it remains a headache for law enforcement. Drug trafficking has an endless list of vile implications, chief of which is the risk to life and limb; but the madness goes far beyond the scope of our imagination. When one can show no respect for their suckling newborn, it tells you where we are in this dungeon called drug trafficking. I mean, this young lady does not have any respect for herself; that is already an established fact. But my God! Do show some respect for your newborn! Kudos to the alert CANU team at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport! Keep up the good work! NEIL ADAMS

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday February 27, 2014

COMMENTARY: By David De Groot FREEDOMS are alive and thriving in Guyana; and this begs the question: who in all honesty can muster the gumption to deny this attestation? Examine carefully, the freedoms that are abroad in the wider society. And in fact, the Government must be complimented for encouraging and countenancing the widespread proliferation of television and radio stations, and also moving

from two to four daily newspapers, thus complementing all of these advances is the reality of experiencing increasing internet–based news outlets, the phenomenal figures for radio are from only one to over 10, and television from three stations to over 20; quite a startling ratio when you consider the size of our population! The net result in this proliferation, as aforestated, is the freedom of speech, which every Guyanese now takes for granted; and this was never more


Guyana is a free State

evident than during preparations for Mashramani 2014, in the calypso competition for both adult and children. The lyricism employed I personally found objectionable, but yet the announced winners all adopted lyrics that were somewhat caustic against the government, the principal sponsor of the competition. This is a scenario that warrants a pause to reflect, and it will be more relevant to those of us who lived through the Burnham and Hoyte years of

autocratic rule, to appreciate how far our nation has advanced in the freedoms now so readily accepted as a norm. I shudder to think what would have befallen whoever was responsible for countenancing what would then have been unacceptable treasonous cheek. This insidious policy is not lost on the present-day leaders in APNU, and when you consider their newfound anti-nationalist policy, only heaven can come to our rescue, if, by some miracle, they are ever entrusted with

governing the affairs of this country. But having traversed the foregoing, I am left with no option but to question the findings of their conclusion, as released on the 2014 Reporters Without Borders World Press Freedom Index, which placed Guyana at 69 out of 179 countries. This is a press index which ranks countries based on their assessment of countries’ press freedom reports, and the logical question is: what were the records that were available

David DeGroot for them to arrive at the negative conclusion on our country?

Dialogue, mutual cultural awareness can help resolve race issues THE issue of race should not be a taboo, but must be discussed openly if Guyana is to progress. This is according to UK-based Guyanese Professor, Clem Seecharran. “We live in multi-caste, multi-religious, multi-ethnic societies, and it is important that we have ongoing dialogue. “If you want people to live and share with you to create a nation, then we must do this [open dialogue],” was the central theme of his lecture as part of the Culture Ministry-sponsored Republic of Guyana’s Distinguished Lecture Series. Professor Seecharran reportedly advanced the idea of a more open dialogue on the issue of race differences, particularly between Indians and Africans. He said topics such as mutual prejudice between races and possible solutions of these issues can be found in discourse in such multi-ethnic and multi-religious societies like Guyana for it to progress. “If we are not secure in our identity and race, then we will not be friendly to others who do not look like ourselves. Our country consciousness is slow, but our race consciousness is quick. We need to become Guyanese-conscious and not race-conscious,” he said, adding: “If you have mutual respect and love for each other, then and only then we will become Guyanese and not Indians or Africans.” With such an open invitation to enter the race minefield, with all its sensitive issues, it would require either a head-on meeting of the minds or continue, as is often the case, to ignore and sidestep it

to remain taboo. What Professor Seecharran’s challenge has actually done is to unintentionally expose why race has definitely been more lectures instead of engaging and responsive dialogue. Mr. Eusi Kwayana’s lifelong activities over 55 years, where some even portray him as saintly, earned him exclusive ownership, monopoly and complete dominance of the race advocacy frequency for Black rights without absolutely any equality of response, comeback or counter-match from his enfeebled opposites. Most rational, decent-minded people would agree and sympathise with Professor Seecharran’s wisdom in advocating dialogue. For any respected Guyanese academic to finally acknowledge that the race issue has seriously handicapped Guyana’s progress and to now advance it up the national agenda for resolution is most commendable. In anguish over the fate of Guyana, well known musician, Mr. Dave Martins, writing in the Stabroek News of 23-2-14, was also sincerely concerned to openly lament what unresolved race problems could mean for the country’s tranquility and survival. Both distinguished patriots seek to make a positive ‘difference’, and both are due significant credit for their bravery. Refreshing conversations should definitely decide whether partition’s separating divisiveness, temporary power-sharing or federalism, where Guyana remains united and Black power is achieved,

Maha Shiv-raatri: The Great Night of Auspiciousness

MAHA Shiv-raatri is translated as the ‘Great Night of Auspiciousness’, which commonly is observed and celebrated once annually with great pomp and festivities. It is indelibly marked with elaborate rituals, and as a time when there appears to be recommitment and, to an extent, an awakening of that religious instinct among those who observe the occasion. It is one of the major Hindu celebrations which is observed, according to Hindu calendar, on the 14th day of the dark fortnight in the month of ‘Phalguna (corresponds to February/March)’. Maha Shiv-raatri originally refers to the much-perfected state of spiritual realization, divinity and holiness, which the true spiritual seekers of yore had achieved. In order that the pursuit of the path of such realization may come to the masses, and that the lesser god-realized persons may spend time in lifting their minds to noble ideals, directing it to the Lord, Maha Shiv-raatri has been brought into a very significant ritual, dedicating this day to Lord Shiva. Hindu mythology depicts Lord Shiva with many signs and symbols, each of which is symbolic on the path of spirituality. Lord Shiva is depicted sitting in a meditative posture, which represents Omniscience and Oneness with universe. A crescent moon and a lock of matted hair, through which the Ganges flows, are apparent. The moon represents the stillness and tranquility of the mind that is imperative for spiritual growth and evolution. The movement

of time is also another meaning of the moon. The matted hair symbolizes the journey of the soul to achieve purity, spiritual wisdom and union with God. The flowing of the Ganges represents the purity and spiritual wisdom that has to be attained to become one with the Supreme. The serpent coiling around him may appear to be horrifying, but it has lofty significances. It signifies spiritual powers and cosmic energies, and also the Supreme command and control God has over nature. Moreover, the snake around Him stands for fearlessness and power to remove fearlessness. The trident he wields represents the sharpness of the mind to conquer vices, and traverse to unite with the Supreme. In essence, Shiv-raatri is an opportunity to begin to realise the latent divine self within. It is ideally a spiritual observance, and reminder of the need for spirituality. It is marked as the “Great Night of Auspiciousness”, where true spiritual seekers rededicate themselves to the subjective science and the pursuit of excellence in their daily lives. PANDIT CHARRANLALL NANDALALL Secretary of Sanatan Vaidic Dharma Pandits’ Sabha, Region 3

is the best way to go. Guyanese of all races have co-existed very harmoniously with each other prior to the early 1960s, until PNC-instigated, CIA-funded riots, and resentment against U.S. and British impositions on Guyana’s virginity increased our problems. Would religion, a more responsive education curriculum, exposure and awareness to each other’s cultural beliefs and not emphasis on economics alone make a difference? Addiction to wielding power seldom abates when political viagra is a handy aid. Mr. Forbes Burnham’s post-1953 ambition to supplant Dr Cheddi Jagan as PPP leader has gained traction that it was the singular cause for racial friction in Guyana. It depends on your perspective, not forgetting many prominent PPP Indo-Guyanese went with him, and many Blacks remained unwavering PPP loyalists up to this day. Fallout from the 1856 Angel Gabriel riots (led by John Francis Orr, a coloured religious fanatic, aka, Angel Gabriel, who instigated a riot against the Portuguese) was no impediment for Mr. Burnham to forge a Black-Portuguese coalition between the PNC and the Portuguese-led United Force in 1964. After the UF had served its purpose, the PNC, with Mr. CML John as PNC Home Affairs Minister, flushed them out just before the 1968 rigged elections. What impact resulted after the PNC dumped the Portuguese-led UF? The majority of Guyana’s Portuguese population, in disgust, quietly left Guyana permanently, and the UF gradually faded. In contrast, the WPA, without electoral mandate, had demanded half of the Cabinet ministries after the 1992 elections from the PPP/C. Who is to be blamed when they refused to let Dr. Clive Thomas become prime minister? Black-Chinese tensions, unheard of in Guyana’s history, arose after the harassment and looting of a Georgetown Chinese establishment by a predominantly Black mob, starring Mr. Mark Benschop, on January 8, 2013 at nearby Stabroek Market. The store owner, who reportedly caught and punished a teenager hiding under her bed where her babies lay asleep above the store was portrayed as racist. But was Black resentment of Chinese economic success actually responsible for the racial tensions? Whatever the unknown complete story after the Rupunini uprising, in which GDF soldiers reportedly brutalised and raped Amerindians, it found no human rights champions. By contrast, Black on Indian hostilities have remained the repetitious norm, especially during elections; also without adequate civil society/human rights response. The most horrific May 26, 1964 Wismar massacre of Indians did much to damage Guyana’s race relations. How do these and other acrimonious encounters and mutually aroused fears become permanently resolved? No country with similar problems has so far found the magic formula. Professor Seecharran’s entreaty for all races, especially Indians and Africans, to actively pursue dialogue for better relationships can move Guyana from a sovereign state to a nation where everyone considers themselves Guyanese. Where do we begin? SULTAN MOHAMED


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday February 27, 2014

Critics of former President Jagdeo have crossed all boundaries

ILLNESS afflicts everyone at some point or another in their lives, but Opposition forces have hit a new low on the vilification they are heaping on former President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo in their ongoing saga of vindictive spitefulness directed towards a man whom one blogger described on a social media site as “…someone who towers superlatively over all his critics at every level in every human equation and socio-political dynamic.” Like any human being, Dr. Jagdeo, who last month celebrated his 50th birthday, is susceptible to viruses; and as usual he was giving his all in service to humanity in general and Guyanese in particular, when he was struck low by the deadly bite of a dengue-carrying mosquito. Having recently returned from India where he represented Guyana and joined several high-level officials, including former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, at the opening of the 14th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS) in the Indian capital, New Delhi, under the theme, ‘Attaining Energy, Water and Food Security for All’, Dr. Jagdeo was taken ill and examined by local doctors, who advised that he seek medical treatment overseas. He did not go overseas for his medical care through any expressed wish of his, and the private plane that transported him was not provided by the state; but while his critics would perceive as their inalienable right to enjoy friendship with whomever they find compatibility with, they seek to deny Bharrat Jagdeo that same right to association with whomsoever he chooses to befriend; and Kaieteur News’ obsession with the unbreakable friendship between Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo and Dr. Bobby Ramroop has now become par for the course. Is it envy because they cannot attract that quality of trust as exists between these two men, because they do not have The astounding silence of Opposition the quality of trustworthiness to elements on Corbin being taken for medical attract that level of friendship intervention overseas, at an astronomical from anyone? From his pension to his med- cost to the state, is deafening, yet speaks ical bills, his critics have an volumes of the hypocrisy of the collective unending litany of complaints political Opposition and the satellites in the and vindictive pillorying of a man who served this country media and NGO anti-Government cabal. C o r b i n ’s c o l l a p s e , n e c e s s i t a t i n g unreservedly and with great distinction; without considering that approximately ten times the expenditure of Opposition leaders also enjoy the Dr. Jagdeo’s medical costs, may be a timely same benefits; and this was only made possible because of the reminder that everyone is mortal; and the largesse and the generosity of the rain falls on everyone’s home; so why is one PPP/C administration, because treatment right for Corbin, but undeserved they gave nothing to Dr. Jagan by Jagdeo? during the years he was leader of the Opposition. They have relentlessly stigmatised and demonised President Jagdeo for his pension package, which allows him to continue to serve this country and humanity, gratis. There is a reason that soldiers surrounded kings to protect their lives by sacrificing their own, because the contribution of some men to the greater good of society and the human family is irreplaceable. People have died from the viral form of dengue, especially when pneumonia factors into the equation; and if the attending physicians, out of an abundance of caution decided that he needed specialised care why should anyone have a problem with that? The very man who, as former President did not hesitate to send then Opposition Leader Robert Corbin overseas for evaluation when, according to sources, he was suffering from peptic ulcer, which cost the state tens of millions of dollars, and who set systems in place for even the poorest of the poor to access funding from the state for overseas medical treatment when specialist treatment is recommended is not allowed the same care that his doctors recommended. Many leaders in the political Opposition have been accorded the same courtesies by Government, including AFC Chairman Nigel Hughes, who collapsed while attacking the very Government that flew him out so that he could receive timely intervention when he collapsed in the hinterland from a heart attack. The astounding silence of Opposition elements on Corbin being taken for medical intervention overseas, at an astronomical cost to the state, is deafening, yet speaks volumes of the hypocrisy of

Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

the collective political Opposition and the satellites in the media and NGO anti-Government cabal. Corbin’s collapse, necessitating approximately ten times the expenditure of Dr. Jagdeo’s medical costs, may be a timely reminder that everyone is mortal; and the rain falls on everyone’s home; so why is one treatment right for Corbin, but undeserved by Jagdeo?

Former President Jagdeo discharged from hospital – stunned by malicious reporting in Kaieteur News, Stabroek News

FORMER President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo was dicharged from hospital on Tuesday after receiving treatment in Miami, Florida for dengue fever and pneumonia. The former President is expected back in the country later this week, according to a report published in the Guyana Times newspaper. Jagdeo initially began receiving treatment in Guyana and was advised by his medical team to seek further treatment in a recommended hospital overseas. The former President immediately agreed to go on the advice of his doctor. Jagdeo expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to the many persons who conveyed best wishes for his speedy recovery. The former President, however, said he has been taken by total surprise by what he termed “malicious and deliberate” misinformation about his illness, as well as about other personal matters, as reported in the Kaieteur News, Stabroek News and some online

media entities in Guyana. Jagdeo further described these reports as “insenstitive, and irresponsible”, stating that they were clearly aimed as “personal attacks” on him by Kaieteur News and Stabroek News. Specifically, the Stabroek News reported that Jagdeo was staying at “his home” in Florida, while the Kaieteur News speculated wildly about the costs for air travel. Speaking after being discharged, Jagdeo said the assertion of property ownership is not only false, but also a “total fabrication” and “blatant lie”. He asserted that at no time was he, nor currently is he, the owner of any property in Florida. This he described as yet another glaring personal attack aimed at damaging his credibility. According to the Times report, Jagdeo said he intends to pursue this matter further on his return to Guyana.

“What is even more shocking is that this attack was being orchestrated and carried out on the former President even while he was undergoing treatment and recuperating in hospital,” one member of the medical team said. Dr Jadgeo departed Guyana last Friday night and arrived in Miami, Florida early Saturday morning. Medical personnel said the former Guyanese President responded well to treatment while he was in hospital. Jagdeo last month celebrated his 50th birthday. He recently returned from India where he represented Guyana and joined several high-level officials, including former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, at the opening of the 14th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS) in the Indian capital, New Delhi, under the theme, ‘Attaining Energy, Water and Food Security for All’.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday February 27, 2014

Old Kai: Chronicles of Guyana …

Mouth open, story jump out! - Lincoln Lewis ‘inadvertently’ confirms what Old Kai knew all along

OLD Kai has settled on what he will get Lincoln Lewis for his next birthday. A bib! Any guesses why? Just look at any video recording of his public statements and you will understand. The man’s mouth and brain seem to be at war every time he attempts to speak. Thankfully, it is because of this very trait that he accidentally exposed the Opposition. It will come as no surprise to you that this gentleman, who sees himself as a trade unionist of some sort, is actually demanding that the future of workers across the country be destroyed. We are told by the media that during one of his usual ‘lick down, bruk up’ public statements, he demanded that the Opposition follow through with its efforts not to pass the amended Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AMLCFT) Bill. Further, we are informed that he has warned that his union will “review its relationship with the Opposition” if they do not follow through with plans to endanger the country’s economy

There is still a chance for the Opposition to put our people and country ahead of their selfish and narrow political agenda. by getting it blacklisted. Lewis, the latrant, could not possibly close his mouth after that, as he snarled that he will regard it as an act of ‘treachery (betrayal, duplicity, etc.)’ if the Opposition deviates from what he will have us believe was some sort of prior agreement. This further serves to confirm that David Granger and the entire Opposition have been lying to the people of this country all along, by indicating that they were interested in passing the critical amendment. He even confirmed that their sinister plan was further ‘fine-tuned’ when they recently met. Lewis also outlined that the excuse which will be provided for the Opposition’s latest refusal to support the AML/CFT amendment is the government’s alleged refusal to implement several agreements which were reportedly signed. However, he could only muster one example of these ‘several agreements’ he spoke of. This damning revelation of Lewis’ should be seen in the context of the bold media statement by APNU’s David Granger on February 14, 2014 that they “remain committed to passing the Anti-Money Laundering Bill.” This explains why the APNU and AFC have been making a number of incoherent excuses for their

refusal to pass the amendment for several months now, and when their mystery proposals were finally revealed, the financial advisor from the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF), Roger Hernandez, announced that “The concern that we have is that the (APNU) amendment put forward may make those areas that were formerly compliant, non-compliant…” So, Granger’s statement that “the coalition remains committed to cleaning up the Anti-Money Laundering Bill, and to have it approved by the House before the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) meets again in May…” is a lie, as, according to Mr. Hernandez, APNU’s ‘cleaning up’ will actually jeopardize sound anti-money laundering systems that Guyana already has in place. But back to ‘backyard buse-out’ Lewis, as when questioned on the CFATF deadline, by which time we are expected to pass

Lincoln Lewis and the GTUC confirm that APNU/AFC have been lying to Guyanese all along, as they had never intended to pass the AML/CFT legislation despite their public pronouncements the amendment or be fully blacklisted, he is quoted as saying, “I am not concerned with deadlines.” Yet, on the other hand, he is concerned with holding the government to deadlines which suit his agenda. What follows next should confirm that Lewis and his cronies are not living in Guyana or on Earth, but rather somewhere else, possibly a trillion miles away in space, as according to Inews, “He [Lewis] believes that there will not be any major impact on the country if the amended Bill is not supported and passed in the National Assembly.” Where was Lincoln Lewis and the Opposition when Banks DIH Chairman, Mr. Clifford Reis, announced, since January 21, 2014, that Guyana’s foreign exchange rate has increased as a result of the non-passage of the AML/CFT Amendment Bill. Mr. Reis was quoted as saying that “The AML/CFT Bill’s enactment is certainly not restricted to the confines of the banking system in Guyana, but has far-reaching implications and consequences for everyone globally, regarding non-compliance.” Republic Bank’s Chief Executive Officer John Alves is

OAS Assistant Secretary General urges youth delegates to…


THE Assistant Secretary General of the Organisation of American States (OAS), Albert Ramdin, has urged the youth of the Americas to get involved, take an interest and express their opinions on global, hemispheric, regional and sub-regional developments, in the interest of democracy and the upholding of democratic values. Ambassador Ramdin made this call while addressing a meeting with a delegation of Youth Ambassadors from countries across the Caribbean at the OAS headquarters in Washington DC. The Caribbean Youth Ambassadors are part of the BoldLeaders Youth Ambassadors Project developed by a United States non-profit organisation in conjunction with the Bureau of Educational Develop-

ment and Cultural Affairs of the United States Department of State and US Embassies in the participating countries. The programme focuses on building civic engagement, leadership, respect for diversity and conflict resolution. Assistant Secretary General Ramdin, who is also Chair of the OAS Inter-Departmental Working Group on Youth, described the Youth Ambassadors Programme as “a unique mechanism which allows participants an opportunity to be exposed to organisations, groups and individuals who shape policy and are involved in global issues.” Ambassador Ramdin added, “programmes like these are crucial in bridging the gap between what students read and learn about, and

quoted in the media as saying that “the situation has placed the banking sector at a loss, and there will be great difficulties for both incoming and outgoing foreign exchange activities with corresponding Banks.” Georgetown Chamber of Commerce (GCCI) President and businessman, Mr. Clinton Urling has said the severity of the implications will not bode well for Guyana. “…this would have economic consequences, which could not only affect businesses, but the private sector as a whole,” he reportedly said. In October, 2013, the Insurance Association of Guyana had warned that “insurance and banking transactions will become nearly impossible... without the global acceptance of risk, a small country with limited insurance-bearing capacity, such as Guyana, cannot effectively insure the country’s assets.” The Insurance Association further noted that should Guyana LINCOLN LEWIS be blacklisted, “all commerce requiring life, health, motor, cargo, marine, aircraft, liability, accident, fire and catastrophic loss insurance will be severely restricted, and bankers will be unable to effect simple letters of credit...Simple essentials of life will become scarce commodities, such as fuel.” Even more damning is that we were told since then by the Association that “indeed, this process has already begun, and the financial sector is replete with incidents of heavily increased global scrutiny of otherwise ordinary transactions… A heavy toll will be exacted from the people of our nation…Every man, woman and child will suffer.” This reality clearly does not concern Mr. Granger and his Opposition grouping of APNU/AFC and Lincoln Lewis and the Trades Union Congress. They clearly want to see “every (Guyanese) man, woman and child suffer,” including their own supporters and members. Is this the ‘Good Life’ Mr. Granger proudly promised Guyanese leading up to the 2011 election? Is this the ‘Change’ the AFC spoke about? There is still a chance for the Opposition to put our people and country ahead of their selfish and narrow political agenda. Old Kai is watching on. how it translates into real-world situations. We’ve seen that international diplomacy is also about respect, engagement and the ability to negotiate. Political differences can often be solved through meaningful dialogue, a process which the OAS often facilitates through quiet diplomacy.” The senior OAS official urged the young representatives from different countries including The Bahamas, Grenada, Jamaica, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago to take advantage of their two-week experience in the United States, Ambassador Albert Ramdin by sharing their perspectives, ideas and thoughts with peers in their home countries and communities.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday February 27, 2014

Private Sector warns that Guyana must meet its international obligations on money laundering THE Private Sector Commission (PSC) on Friday met with Mr. Roger Hernandez, the Financial Advisor for Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF), who visited Guyana with regard to the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism legislation required to be passed by tomorrow. The PSC, in a statement yesterday, said that having consulted at length with the CFATF Financial Advisor, it wishes to warn that, should Guyana fail to report on 28th February, 2014, to CFATF that the National Assembly has passed AML/CFT legislation which is compliant with the requirements of CFATF, extremely severe financial counter measures will inevitably be taken against Guyana by the Financial Action Task Force and International Cooperation Review Group (FATF/ICRG) The PSC, in meetings with all of the political parties concerned, has underlined the fact that, because earlier CFATF deadlines have been missed, already a number of international

What people say about the neglect of our masquerade, drumming By Alex Wayne

OVER the years, it has been noted that Guyana is indeed facing a serious dilemma in that our folklore ( particularly masquerade and drumming) is disappearing from our society or losing its allure and significance altogether. Many have indicated various reasons for this and so we took to the streets to hear what the people have to say. Here are some views gleaned: ANDRES GARIB (MAINTENANCE WORKER) Although the masquerade band has been a significant feature in society throughout the years, the art form has lost its impact and authenticities, since many who participate in this art form are more interested in soliciting cash than providing genuine fun and entertainment for spectators. Another factor that destroys the masquerade is the lack of related authorities to put maximum monetary investments towards its development”. As for the folklore of the African drums, this tradition is diminishing because of similar reasons. Persons are now taking the African Drums into the streets, solely to obtain ‘fast cash’. Everyday you can see men in streets, not properly attired, attempting half-hearted drumming. What is needed is a more centralised and intensified effort to enhance and promote our traditional folklore so it could become a tourist attraction. LYN ANN MEDFORD (HOTEL MANAGER/ DANCE INSTRUCTOR) “The masquerade and drumming traditions are indeed important to our culture and in showcasing Guyana as a promising tourist location. Tourists are always intrigued by Caribbean culture and these two art forms have always been a highpoint for visitors. However, the two traditions over the years have not received deserved recognition by all concerned, and as such have rapidly been fading from our society. It’s quite a pleasure to see the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport, in collaboration with other related entities, making efforts to strengthen these art forms and taking them to the next level.

… or face the consequences banks have begun to impose financial restrictions with consequential delays on transacting business with Guyana, and that the consequences will be felt by the entire population. The organisation, over the past few days, has met with the Alliance For Change (AFC), A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the government in an effort to urge that they place the country’s interest above partisan political interests and that they find sufficient common ground to have the required legislation passed. The PSC has asked, at these meetings, that recognition be given to the fact that the current legislation under consideration in the Parliamentary Select Committee without further amendments has been identified as being compliant with the requirements set out by CFATF and has urged its passing. The organisation has emphasised at these meetings that MICHELLE ‘BIG RED’ KING (SOCA QUEEN AND FASHION ENTHUSIAST) While I agree that our drums and the masquerade folklore is indeed almost absent from our society, I certainly would not blame any one person for this saddening fact. What is needed in Guyana is centralised effort in every region to promote the art forms. And I am talking workshops, seminars, entertainment ventures, shows and documentaries. JERMAINE MC BEAN (ESTABLISHED MUSICIAN) “I would be very brief in my comments since I don’t believe in long speeches. While drum and masquerade is indeed important aspects in our rich Guyanese culture, I think in many cases the wrong concepts are formulated in promoting the art forms, and in many cases initiatives formulated are often staged in the wrong locations. Yes indeed, the drums and masquerade are really disappearing from the local shores, and there are many reasons for that. Monies should be invested in properly training persons to market and promote the art forms and masquerade and drumming should become a high point at our airports, and historical land sites where it is expected that tourists will converge. NANCY OSBORNE (SINGER AND FITNESS ENTHUSIAST) Over the years people have lost their respect for drumming and for masquerade, thus naturally causing them to receive little or no significance. This has resulted in open disrespect and insults from commuters as drummers and masquerade dancers take to the streets during the Christmas and Mashramani festivities. This of course has dampened the spirits of those involved. And I know of many who have indicated that incentives made available to persons in masquerade and drumming have made their efforts almost fruitless. What is needed to get things back on track is a ‘countrywide effort’ that involves the collaborations of academic institutions, dance schools, and the very experienced involvement of the ‘elderly folks’ with a vast reservoir of experience in such culture to pass on their knowledge to the youngsters coming up after they would have moved on. Drumming and masquerade should also receive the unanimous ‘monetary sponsorship packages’ that many corporate entities shower on foreign ‘entertainment ventures’.

failure on the part of Guyana to effectively respond to the requirements of the international community to meet its anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism obligations is not an option for Guyana. The PSC has underlined that fact, noted by Mr. Hernandez during his visit and independently reported in the media, that, once Guyana has been referred by FATF to the ICRG, severe restrictions will be automatically imposed by international banking, financial institutions and companies in conducting financial transactions with Guyana. The PSC said they cannot over emphasise the fact that enormous and irretrievable damage will be done to the country’s economy from which it will take Guyana a minimum of two years to recover after having first met its international obligations to legislate and implement measures against money laundering. CHRISTOPHER DE FRIETAS (HOTEL FRONT DESK RECEPTIONIST) Masquerade is probably the only original form of music and dance from Guyana, and it is believed by many that masquerade has it’s origin in Nigeria’s Yoruba and Ibo traditions. The drums are said to have originated from the depths of Africa too, and as such, has maintained a stronghold around the Caribbean. “Quite naturally, any country or people would want to ensure their traditions and cultures remain around for a very long time, and that has been the downfall of those in Guyana responsible for doing so. I think those responsible for promoting the drums and masquerade in Guyana should not only make efforts to heighten the tradition, but should compensate those involved in the practice just the same as they do with persons that may be involved in competitions in the genre of calypso, soca, chutney and other competitions. CHRISTOPHER BOYER (MARKETING CLERK) Its very appalling to see the state of our traditional drumming and masquerade in today’s society. In years gone by, masquerade and African drumming used to be the ‘order of the day’ in many villages. Today these art forms are not even prevalent in historical villages like Itacha, Victoria, Ann’s Grove and a few others where the traditions originated. This tradition has dwindled considerably and I think those to be blamed are the agencies that were tasked with keeping them alive and vibrant in Guyana. It’s a good thing to see the Mash Secretariat, in collaboration with the Culture Ministry, reviving the masquerade in certain communities, and the masquerade ‘flounce off’ recently hosted at Ann’s Grove Village was an excellent initiative. However, for the era of the drums and masquerade to evolve again, there is need for a countrywide effort to sustain the art forms. Masquerade and drumming should become a part of our school curriculum and the few individuals or group trying to do their best with such culture should be assisted in a major way by authorities that seem more interested in placing their finances elsewhere. TYRONE NELSON (OVERSEAS-BASED FASHION DESIGNER) “Guyanese are migrating every day and one of the reasons would be because of our disappearing folklore and other issues. Take for instance, not so long ago, the leader of Guyana’s top masquerade band ‘Joker is Wild’ migrated to Trinidad in search of ‘green pastures’. And in an article in the Kaieteur News in 2009, he stated that he was frustrated at the insignificant manner in which authorities were dealing with the art form. Visiting Trinidad, he had the opportunity of witnessing the vibrant culture there and decided to try his luck again in a land where culture and traditions are given priority and deserved emphasis”.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday February 27, 2014

In quest for platinum...

International market developments trigger increased investor interest in Guyana By Clifford Stanley RECENT international market developments in Platinum Group Minerals (PGMs) have increased investor exploration interest in Guyana. Platinum was being sold on the international market yesterday at US$1,436 per troy ounce or US$96 more than gold. Last week, Ensurge Inc., a United States (U.S.) based company that is engaged in the exploring and developing of precious metal mining opportunities in Guyana, announced that it had commenced    discussions with another U.S. company, Mojave Gold Corporation (MGC) on participating in the quest for PGMs in Guyana. PGMs is the term used to collectively refer to six metallic elements, namely ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium and platinum, which all have similar physical and chemical properties and tend to occur together in the same mineral deposits. Knowledgeable sources have described platinum as a grayish white mineral, exhibiting a metallic colour between nickel and silver and the “most precious” metal or the “rarest of the precious metals, rarer than even gold.”   On average it exists on the earth’s crust at about 5/1000 gramme per metric ton and has unique properties that make it especially useful in industry.  It is used in the production of fibreglass, medicines, chemicals, computers, lasers, petroleum products (gasolene), fibre optic cables,

crude oil refining, fertilisers, synthetic fibres, glass, paints, wires, plating and explosives. It is also utilised as an exhaust catalyst to convert dangerous emissions to safe non-toxic substances and it has been reported that automotive demand for platinum consumes about a third of its production.  CRITICAL INPUT Because it is such a critical input for many industries (and is rare) the United States (U.S.) Government has labelled platinum a “strategic metal.” MGC disclosed, recently, that it has been exploring for platinum in Guyana along with GlobalMin LLC, another American based company, for the past three years through a Permission for Geological and Geophysical Survey (PGGS) issued by Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, covering an area of 4.4 million acres. The permit, granting GlobalMin Guyana Inc., a subsidiary of GlobalMin LLC, exclusive control of the approximately 4.4 million acres for exploration of PGMs, was secured in March 2011. The PGGS also allows for subsequent licence upgrades, including PGM mining rights exclusively, within the negotiated area. Ensurge Inc said the PGGS is now being converted into exclusive prospecting licences.

GlobalMin LLC had been conducting substantial field work  and analytical testing in Guyana, discovering and documenting a significant presence of alluvial PGMs and targeting areas for continued exploration and analysis, since 2002. Ensurge Inc has, previously, worked with MGC in exploring the alluvial presence and recovery of PGMs at a test site on the Mazaruni River. With respect to the ongoing discussions, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MGC, Steve Heard, stated: “In our work to identify PGM deposits, we have conducted substantial soil and rock sampling, biochem and geochem analysis, and gathered ground and aerial magnetic data. This valuable cross-confirming information allows us to choose drill sites for locating PGMs in bedrock.  “Having already established relations through the prior joint test facility with Ensurge, now is an excellent time for the companies to explore a new relationship that allows the latter to take an equity position in MGC.” Ensurge Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jeff Hanks, stated: “Our relationship with MGC started in early 2012 and this is an exciting opportunity for our work in Guyana to go to an entirely new level. We think having an opportunity to work with MGC in developing PGMs is a positive move for the Company.” Ensurge subsidiary, TransGlobal Gold Corp is currently operating several dredges on the Mazaruni River.     

ECHO launches Most Improved School Yard competition

THE Environmental Community Health Organisation (ECHO) yesterday launched its Most Improved School Yard Competition with a tree planting exercise at Veed-en-Hoop Primary School, West Bank Demerara. The objectives of this event are: (a) To raise environmental awareness among 300 children, in 20 schools (b) To improve the physical conditions in 20 schools, and (c) To reduce litter by 30 % in 20 schools within 6 weeks A number of officials, including Regional Chairman, Julius Faerber, Assistant Chief Education Officer, Marcel Hutson and PAHO/WHO Representative Adrianus Vlugman attended the launching. In brief remarks, Faerber noted the importance of the event and encouraged the children to treat their surroundings with respect. He said that Region 3 welcomes the initiative by ECHO, and urged all school to get involved. Mr. Hutson, in his remarks, underscored the need to inculcate good environmental practices among our children. He stressed that we need to raise the level of environmental awareness not only in schools, but also in local communities. And Vlugman, in his comments, said that children are the future and they must be encouraged to pay careful attention to environmental and public health. He posited that they should be more involved in sports and they should eat healthy.

Royston King, Executive Director of ECHO, said that over the years, the Ministry of Education, the Regional Democratic Council and PAHO/WHO have been supportive of the efforts of ECHO. This has influenced the net-working of the organisation among schools, not only in Region 3, but also throughout Guyana. He said that the reason for the tree-planting exercise was environmental as well as nutritional, and that all schools should be part of caring for the environment. He noted that the mission of Echo is to increase the eco-consciousness and social responsibility of members, 35 children, by providing them access to the natural world, state of the art social media, innovative educational programmes and resources. Through diverse collaborative partnerships, ECHO will develop the next generation of leaders who will have the knowledge, passion and skills to promote and work toward environmental sustainability. Also, the vision of the organisation is to be the largest and most widespread and comprehensive organisation for youth environmental education, connecting the community with youth, offering expansive programmes, and providing resources for schools nationwide.

ing socio-economic backgrounds and cultures; d) Developing leadership skills; e) Finding their voice; f) Stretching their expectations of self; g) Positively impacting their peers, families, schools, communities and planet; h) Creating and building upon a vision of a sustainable future; i) Providing opportunities to engage politicians, leaders, peers and educators; j) Participating in a grassroots movement to sustain the planet; and k) Participating in field trips.

Under ECHO children will benefit by: a) Expanding their eco-consciousness; b) Learning about green technology; c) Meeting and collaborating with other school clubs from vary-

Studies indicate that people protect what they know and what they love. ECHO will educate children in environmental sustainability and give them access to the natural world around them to create a lasting connection with the health of the planet. At the exercise yesterday, Echo- club members recited poems and sang songs about the importance of the environment.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday February 27, 2014

Guyana CAHFSA to become attracted operational by end of June US$1.326 billion in foreign direct investment Bolstering intra-regional trade...

By Clifford Stanley

THE Caribbean Agricultural Health and Food Safety Agency (CAHFSA), which was established in 2010 to  develop sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures  for certifying agricultural products for intra-regional trade, is to become operational, finally, by the end of June,2014. This was disclosed by Mrs. Nisa Surujbally, Programme Manager for Agriculture and Industry within CARICOM, during a one-day programme in Georgetown  which introduced, to local stakeholders, elements of the  42 months long SPS project for CARIFORUM States, funded by the European Union (EU) and being implemented by the Inter-American Institute for Co-operation on Agriculture (IICA). During her presentation at that forum, she said the Board of Directors for CAHFSA will soon meet to appoint a chief executive officer (CEO) before the agency becomes operational by mid-year. Welcoming the announcement, a reliable source revealed that this development will be significant for intra-regional trade in agricultural produce, because the Region will depend on CAHFSA to strengthen agricultural health and food safety and ensure the highest standards for such  trading. BLOCKING IMPORTS

He said sections of the private sector in Guyana have long complained about difficulties they faced in seeking access to regional markets for goods produced here. “They have gone so far as to name some CARICOM  territories which they say have been seeking to maximise their own intra-regional exports while blocking imports from Guyana,” he declared. Of significance, the source pointed out, is that apart from developing technical measures and protocols required to achieve SPS certification, CAHFSA will also devise arrangements to reduce the abuse of related actions as non-tariff barriers, such as deliberate administrative delays in the clearance of perishable agricultural goods. Surujbally emphasised that the prime responsibility of CAHFSA is to assist CARICOM member states to coordinate and strengthen infrastructure, institutional and human resource capacity to effectively deliver agricultural goods which achieve international health and food safety standards. This task is to be accomplished through steps and guidelines which are designed to safeguard human health and prevent the introduction of, or minimise the incidents of transmission of agricultural

pests across national borders. She reminded that, when CAHFSA was formed in 2010, CARICOM member states agreed to its establishment, given the importance of agriculture as a key driver of the Caribbean Single Market & Economy (CSME). She said the operationalisation had been s l o w, s i n c e then, “due to a variety of reasons.”  “Nevertheless,” she said, “I want to assure stakeholders that CAHFSA will soon be there to ensure a harmonized, regional approach to intra-regional trade in agricultural produce, Mrs. Nisa Surujbally, Programme Manager agricultural for Agriculture and Industry within health and food CARICOM safety.”   CAHFSA will be based in Suriname, where, during its inauguration in 2010, then CARICOM Secretary General Edwin Carrington had pointed out that its operations were vital to fulfilling the provisions of the Treaty of Chaguaramas that calls for the putting in place of an effective SPS regime and the harmonisation of laws, administrative practices and procedures in respect of agriculture.  Carrington had said: “Undoubtedly, therefore, this agency will undergird the drive towards greater Community trade in food and agricultural products, giving impetus to the CSME as well as increase the Region’s share of the global trade in agricultural products.”  

Guyana’s Julia Kanhai launches ‘Backslider’ RELEASED in North America, Europe and Australia in January 2014, ‘Backslider’, written by University of Guyana lecturer, Julia Kanhai, was officially launched Saturday with a book signing ceremony at EMTEC headquarters in Georgetown.

The publication, which promises to be Kanhai’s first of many, explores several themes, including sexual abuse. ‘Backslider’, written under the pen name Terry K., traces the journey of a pastor’s daughter who tries to assert independence in her personal life.

While on her first date, Rachael (the protagonist) is drugged by someone who turns out to be a serial rapist. In her quest for revenge, she commits a few crimes but she eventually decides between drowning in her pain and resurfacing to face her God. The book is a

Julia Kanhai signing copies of her book at Saturday’s launch

vivid description of the trauma, denial, depression and doubts a victim experiences, as well as the small steps that can be taken to regain trust in others and, more importantly, themselves. While the book is fictional, Kanhai explained that a lot of the material came from stories she had heard from different sources. Among those in attendance at the launch was Minister of Culture Youth and Sports, Dr. Frank Anthony, who congratulated Kanhai for her work and willingness to address a topic which some still consider to be taboo. He said he hoped the book would spark a movement locally, where others are motivated to write. Also making brief remarks was the Dean of the Faculty of Education and Humanities at the University of Guyana, Alim Hosein, who provided a brief background about the author and her journey in the literary arts. For more information about Julia Kanhai or her book, kindly visit the author’s official website, The book is available at EMTEC headquarters, 80 Duncan Street, Newtown, Kitty.

- between 2006 and 2012 By Michel Outridge

GUYANA has been able to attract US$1.326 billion in foreign direct investment between the period 2006 and 2012. Over the same period, it has seen credit to the private sector increase from G$30.6 billion in 2006 to G$82.6 billion in 2012, almost a 300 percent expansion in the six-year period. This disclosure was made by Coordinator of National Events/Administrator in the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Tameca Sukhdeo-Singh, who was at the time speaking at the launch, last Friday evening, of ‘West Indies Vodka Cooler’ which comprises six tantalising flavours of vodka dubbed ‘cocktails in a bottle’. The event, hosted by the CARICOM Bottling Company Inc., a Guyanese business, was held at the Gravity Lounge on Regent and Camp Streets, Georgetown. S u k h deo-Singh said growth in the local economy and the willingness of the private sector to make strategic investments is credited to “cost and availability of Tameca Sukhdeo-Singh doing business”, “cost and productivity of local labour”, and “quality of the labour force and education system”. These factors are important catalysts for development while diversifying the economic base to improve the resilience of our domestic economy, she remarked. She said Government has developed a comprehensive action plan aimed at improving the business and institutional environment. “This action plan consists of more than 60 competitiveness and efficiency-enhancing reforms and which will be implemented in a coordinated manner across 10 targeted policy areas. These include starting a business, dealing with construction permits/licences, getting electricity, registering property, getting credit, protecting investors, paying taxes, trading across borders, enforcing contracts and resolving insolvency. “It is envisaged that successful implementation of the Action Plan will see the improvement in Guyana’s ranking on the World Bank’s Doing Business Index (DBI) – from its current position of 114, to 80 by 2015,” she said.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday February 27, 2014

Good lessons to be learnt from Guyana THERE was a time when hardly anyone would do business with Guyana, be it a country, investors, or international lending agencies. It has taken years of hard work and difficult policy choices, but from a state of almost ruination, the Guyanese economy was able to bounce back and today is lauded as strong, buoyant and resilient by many well respected economists and financial institutions, both re-

– CDB President

gionally and internationally. The economy was recently lauded by the Caribbean Development Bank’s President Dr William Warren Smith who noted that there were some very good lessons to be learnt, for the Caribbean states and the rest of the world, from the Guyanese experience. Dr. Smith noted that though the country’s economic development has followed a very

tough road, the economy has shown ‘resilience’, and alluded to the responsible management of its economy. “Guyana is a good example of a country that has done some of the right things, and at the same time has also benefitted from good fortune. They have come a very, very long distance in terms of their fiscal situation. They have been responsible in terms of addressing it,” the CDB

Court decision soon on challenged Town Clerk appointment By George Barclay ACTING Chief Justice Ian Chang will shortly deliver his decision on the controversial appointment of Carol Sooba as Town Clerk. The ruling will determine if the latter remains as the Chief Executive of the Georgetown municipality despite being challenged by Public Relations Officer, Royston King. Following King’s application for writs or orders of certiorari relative to the appointing of Sooba, the Chief Justice had issued nisi orders directed to the Local Government Minister for him to show cause why his decision to appoint Sooba should not be quashed. In his answering affidavit, Member of Parliament (MP) Norman Whittaker, on behalf of the Minister of Local Government said: “I was personally involved in and have personal knowledge of all matters and procedures which led to and touch and concern the appointment of Ms. Carol Sooba to the position of Town Clerk Town Clerk Carol Sooba for the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown.” “Sooba acted in the position of Town Clerk from July 25, 2012 until she was appointed to the position by the Minister of Local Government on December 2, 2013, pursuant to powers vested in him by the provisions of the Municipal and District Councils (Amendment) Act, Chapter 28.01, Laws of Guyana. “Indeed, when Sooba was appointed to act, the Mayor, Public Relations Officer Georgetown Mayor Mr. Hamilton Green and a Royston King Hamilton Green majority of the Councillors welcomed her appointment at the first statutory meeting she attended in that capacity and lauded her qualities. “But, as she commenced the discharge of her functions, in what I assessed to be in a professional and competent manner, the relations begun to deteriorate,” Whittaker stated. The Chief Justice will send out notices informing Chief Justice (Ag) the concerned parties about Minister Norman Whittaker Ian Chang the date of his ruling.

Head said. In 2012, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) heaped similar praises on Guyana. The Executive Directors commended the policies which have supported the country’s macroeconomic resilience and sustained growth. “Generally there is a lot of vibrancy in the Guyanese economy. Just by casual observation one can see that there is a lot of construction that is taking place in the country… you can almost see the country changing in front

Caribbean Development Bank’s President Dr William Warren Smith of your eyes, and so that is just a casual indication of the extent to which economic activity is vibrant and buoyant in that country,” Dr Smith said. Government has had to work hard to get the Guyanese economy to this point where it is being singled out for praises, from a position where misman-

agement and falling commodity prices, and high fuel cost would have created the situation of an economy once described as one of the poorest in the Region. According to the CDB head, International financial institutions have provided substantial debt forgiveness, and Guyana has been able to capitalise on this, whilst continuing to pursue responsible fiscal reforms. The emerging international market for commodities has also redounded to Guyana’s benefit as it has a lot to offer in this regard, the CDB president noted. “They have been able to use the resources to help develop and grow their economy,” Dr Smith stated. Today Guyana is rated a middle-income developing country, whose economic success is widely being applauded.


Guyana can become leading - CRFM regional fish exporter official By Clifford Stanley

A SENIOR official of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) has highlighted the potential of fisheries and aquaculture for development in Guyana, with respect to employment, food security, nutrition and trade. Mrs. June Masters, Statistics and Information Analyst of the CRFM, said this country has the capacity to become the number one exporter of fish and fisheries products in the Caribbean, once the sanitary and phytosanitary concerns about such exports are effectively addressed. She made the observation during a recent workshop, hosted by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture (IICA), which discussed a European Union (EU) funded project to upgrade sanitary and phytosanitary regimes of countries within the Region, so that agricultural products and fisheries can meet export market requirements. Masters explained that the CRFM is a regional fisheries body which coordinates fishing activities and deals with all matters related to fisheries across 17 Caribbean member States, which include the 15 members of CARICOM plus the Turks and Caicos Islands and Anguilla. The CRFM works closely with the local fisheries division of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Mrs. June Masters, Statistics and Information Analyst of the CRFM, addressing the recent IICA workshop

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday February 27, 2014 MAJOR CONTRIBUTORS She disclosed that the CRFM has found that fisheries are major contributors to the economic well-being of Guyana. Masters said that, according to the recently crafted food and nutrition security strategy for Guyana, it was estimated that each person in Guyana consumes about 35.6 kilogrammes of fish per year. This is twice the average world consumption and underlines the fact that fish is the major source of animal protein in Guyana and that aquaculture has played a significant role in meeting local fish demand. In terms of export potential, she disclosed that in 2009, Guyana was the second largest exporter of fish in the Caribbean, topped only by Suriname, with the main export markets being in the Caribbean and the United States (U.S.). She emphasised that it is the view of the CRFM that Guyana can export more fish and fish products. “Though Guyana has a good thing going, I am here to tell you that you can make this good thing better. Up the game and make sure that the fish product from Guyana could be, without question, of the highest quality and you will be able to access any market worldwide,” she pointed out to the workshop participants. Masters urged a review of the landing-site facilities, the fisheries legislation, the quality issues and marketing and expansion issues, some of which have bearing on sanitary and phytosanitary concerns and all of which will be addressed in some way by the EU-funded project. She added: “I, therefore, urge you to make full use of this project, invite you to participate fully and wish you every success in making Guyana number one in fish exports in the Region.”

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday February 27, 2014

CJIA’s website down until tomorrow to facilitate an upgrade THE management of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport wishes to advise passengers that its website will be down until tomorrow (February 28, 2014) to facilitate an upgrade. As such, CJIA’s management is apologizing for any inconvenience caused. However, it said that if persons wish to seek clarification about a flight, they can contact the Airport Duty Office on telephone number 261-2281.

At Demerara Assizes…


Members of Rodney’s CoI call on Army Chief of Staff

MEMBERS of the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry, on Tuesday, paid a courtesy call on Chief of Staff (CoS) of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), Brigadier Mark Phillips at his office at Defence Headquarters, Base Camp Ayanganna in Georgetown. Queen’s Counsel, Sir Richard Cheltenham from Barbados is chairing the commission and its other two members are senior counsel, Seenauth Jairam from Trinidad and Tobago and Queen’s Counsel Jacqueline Samuels-Brown from Jamaica. Brigadier Phillips congratulated the commissioners on their appointment, citing that the Commission of Inquiry has been long awaited by the Guyanese people. During discussions, CoS Brigadier Phillips and his team, which included Deputy CoS Col Kemraj Persaud and other senior officers, presented a synopsis of the intelligence apparatus of Guyana and, to this end, assured members of the commission of the Force’s assistance and co-operation. The members of the commission also highlighted their commitment to bringing closure to the matter.

Prosecution witness reneges on testimony about shooter recognition By George Barclay A WITNESS for the prosecution in the Mahaica murder case, Daveonand Persaud, who had told Justice Franklyn Holder and the mixed jury that he had recognised the gunman who shot the murder victim, later reneged under cross-examination. Testifying at the Demerara Assizes on Tuesday, he admitted: “I barely saw the man. I did not recognise him.” Persaud was giving evidence at the trial in which Shawn Anthony Thom and Orin David are facing a two-count indictment, accusing them of murdering Lakhram Bishundial called ‘Mohan’ and robbery under arms, committed on August 21, 2010. Persaud agreed that he gave different descriptions of the gunman, to whom he had referred, from time to time, as a ‘Rasta’, ‘Rasta man with plaits’, ‘negro man’ and ‘a ‘dougla boy.’ The witness concurred that there was a difference between the statements: “I barely see the man” and “I recognised the man.” Under re-examination by state prosecutor, Ms. Judith Mursalin, the witness acknowledged knowing that the statements he made were different but had no explanation for making them. Attorneys-at-law, Mr. Trenton Lake and Mr. George Thomas are representing the accused at the continuing trial.

In photo from left, Deputy CoS Kemraj Persaud , Hugh Denbow (facilitator), Seenauth Jairam, Jacqueline SamuelsBrown, Sir Richard Cheltenham and CoS Brigadier Mark Phillips at Defence Headquarters


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday February 27, 2014

AG says AML/CFT Bill unlikely to be presented to Parliament today By Vanessa Narine THE Parliamentary Special Select Committee reviewing the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) (Amendment) Bill met yesterday and A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) members are still to clarify queries from the Chief Parliamentary Counsel regarding their proposed amendments. This was according to Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall, in an interview with the Guyana Chronicle last night. The AG said, “What is clear is that the bill is unlikely to be presented to the National Assembly for passage tomorrow (today).” He stated that the Committee’s meeting was adjourned to 11:00am today. CLARIFICATIONS STILL NEEDED Nandlall said, “At the last meeting, on February 21, the APNU members were not prepared with answers to the Chief Parliamentary Counsel’s queries and again today (yesterday) we saw them still being unprepared to furnish the requested explanations. “They produced nothing in writing; however, they orally explained and clarified some of the queries but there are still issues

that are outstanding.” He explained that on February 9, after 10 months of considering the Bill, the APNU forwarded their proposals in “raw language” and these had to first be refined by the Chief Parliamentary Counsel. The AG said, “When the CPC completed his examination of what was presented to him, he wrote to the committee seeking explanations and clarification and posed several questions in respect of the constitutionality of some of the provisions as well as the compatibility with the provisions of the Principal Act, as well as sister legislations. “He requested that the APNU members provide him with explanations to his queries. This letter ATTORNEY GENERAL ANIL NANDLALL was sent out since February 19.” The AG noted too that the Chief Parliamentary Counsel was requested to complete the draft, with the aid of APNU’s oral explanations, in time for today’s

meeting. Nandlall said, “The Chief Parliamentary Counsel has indicated to them that this will be an uphill task. “Tomorrow (today) at 11:00am Chief Parliamentary Counsel will be expected to report whether he has completed their draft. “However, when that is completed, it is expected that the Government side will have to examine it and then the Committee will have to deliberate to give its approval.” PROBLEMATIC AMENDMENTS The AG pointed out that the proposed amendments are the same amendments “with a few cosmetic changes” that the Government has problems with. He said, “The Government has indicated in Committee and in public that they find these unacceptable. “Also having regard to the public consultations with stakeholders in the trade union movement, the private sector and Guyanese from all walks of life, these proposals have been rejected. “The APNU members, nevertheless, are pursing them resolutely.” The three amendments seek to: change the entire governing apparatus of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU); remove the Attorney General wherever that name appears and replace it with the FIU; and vest a police officer or customs officer with a power to seize currency from any person, anywhere in Guyana, if those officers have reason to believe that the currency is the proceeds of crime or will be used to finance crime. “The APNU continues to ram these amendments down the throat of Guyana,” Nandlall stressed. The amendments, at the last Committee Meeting, were dubbed by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force’s (CFATF) advisor, Roger Hernandez, as ‘risky” ones. “The concern that we have is that the amendments being put forward may make those areas that were formally compliant, non-compliant. There is a risk with that,” he said. Hernandez explained that there are two major risks in the amendments as presented: one that Guyana could become non-compliant in areas the country has already been deemed compliant; and two, that their implementations presents several challenges in terms of effectiveness. He stressed that these “observations” were made known to all the Committee members for their consideration. “This is definitely something for the parties concerned to look at,” Hernandez said. The CFATF advisor added that his observations are confined to the amendments in their current form – an acknowledgement that they are still to be finalised. Whether the amendments become a part of the Bill, whose provisions the Committee has unanimously supported, or not, Hernandez noted that the enacted legislation will be subject to review by CFATF to ensure that it is compliant with required standards. He reiterated that the concerns over the current risks of including the amendments, as is, into the Bill have been expressed. Hernandez disclosed to members of the media that once Guyana is required to submit a report to CFATF on February 28, which must include a copy of the enacted Bill, which will, after analysis, be correlated to the deficiencies identified by the body at its November 2013 Plenary meeting, before a report is made in May 2014. Guyana with the current state of events is likely to miss CFAFT’s deadline and be recommended for international sanctions by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), in addition to already being blacklisted regionally by CFAFT.

New wildlife Bill to be tabled in Parliament – current version to be retracted

MINISTER of Natural Resources and the Environment Robert Persaud yesterday informed that the Wildlife Import and Export Bill which was tabled in the National Assembly last year, is currently being re-examined at the drafting section of the Attorney General’s Chambers. Minister Persaud said that after the Bill was tabled, certain issues arose and the Government thought it best that the Bill be reviewed. Once it has been finalised, the tabled Bill will be withdrawn and a new Bill will be presented. The tabled Bill sought to regulate international trade of Guyana’s wildlife, and to enable Guyana to fulfil its obligation under the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, Washington 1973.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday February 27, 2014


Gov’t concerned about low quarry production - criteria for granting licences to be reviewed

MINISTER of Natural Resources and the Environment Mr Robert Persaud has expressed serious concerns with the low production level of the quarrying sector. Last month, quarry production was recorded at 50,197 tonnes compared to 52,360 tonnes for the corresponding period in 2013. Thus far for the month of February, the figures remain unsatisfactory. Minister Persaud explained that the Government has a road programme of over $3B that requires a substantial amount of quarry materials. This is in addition to the sea and river defence projects and housing development (both in the public and private sectors). “Many of the Government, as well as the private contractors are themselves complaining, and have reported of their inability to access the type and quantity of quarry products that they need,” he

lamented. Concerns have also been raised by stakeholders about pricing, but this is determined by the market. The ministry’s primary interest is to get quarry operators and producers to increase and improve their production which they had pledged to, at a meeting earlier this year. This was the basis on which they were granted licences to operate. In January, Minister Persaud convened meetings with quarry, and sand and loam pit operators with the aim of advising them on projects and the projected level of materials that will be needed to satisfy the demand, so that they can structure their operations accordingly. “We have been given the assurance by all the operators that they intended to not only maintain the 2013 level which was

New profiling method yielding more busts at airports – Minister Rohee By Leroy Smith

THE Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU), the Guyana Police Force (GPF) and security personnel at the Ogle and Cheddi Jagan International airports have been working recently with a new profiling method for incoming and outgoing passengers at the two terminals. That is responsible for the increase in the number of persons being held and busted with

CLEMENT ROHEE cocaine, according to Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Clement Rohee. Speaking to media at his ministry’s Brickdam, Georgetown boardroom, he said he is very pleased that the new systems employed by the relevant persons have been bearing fruit and he is particularly pleased that more and more persons are being caught. He said the development

proves that the adjustments and strategies being adopted are effective and demonstrate that the system is workable and serving the purpose of tracking those who wish to carry cocaine out of the country. The minister told reporters that persons who are nabbed at the airports with cocaine are very well aware of what they are carrying and the possible consequences for the offence. GREAT RISK He described those who carry the illegal substance as “hustlers” and explained that they are hustling for a living and doing so at a great risk and, because of that, they stand the chance of being apprehended and, once caught, they will have to face the law. Since the adjustments, CANU and police ranks have been able to build their capacity in identifying the persons who are hustling to take drugs out of the country, Rohee said, maintaining that they are engaging in illegal activities, in fact highrisk actions and, once caught, the consequences will have to be felt by them. He said persons who are caught with drugs on their persons or in their luggage or other belongings, while transiting the

Girl’s body found in Paradise cemetery POLICE are said to be investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a 19-year-old girl, whose body was found in the Paradise Cemetery late yesterday afternoon. According to media reports, the girl has been missing since Sunday. While it is not clear how the girl met her death, one report seems to indicate that her boyfriend,with whom she shared a house, has been taken into police custody. Another report said the girl is 19-year-old Patricia Younge.

airports, are fully aware of what they are carrying since they are looking to make extra money. He reminded that there is a risk involved in such practices and, as such, penalties will have to be felt. Rohee said each month, the Security Committee of the CJIA would meet and discuss and review their existing position with respect to the airport and its environs. The meeting would, usually, see various ways and means being examined and, wherever loopholes are discovered, those are immediately remedied. “I believe that those adjustments are now bearing fruit so, together with the administration, airport management, law enforcement, cargo and commercial airlines, a solution was worked out and is now bringing success,” Minister Rohee reported.

considerably higher than 2012, but also to increase and expand… but I am dissatisfied that operators are not responding, and not producing adequately to satisfy the demands, be it for roads or other areas of the construction sector,” the minister said. Operators have submitted a number of reasons for the low production including: equipment failure, difficulties in clearing equipment spares, shortage of labour, and other logistical issues. The ministry has since intervened, paving the way for operators to meet with officials from the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) to iron out some of the issues and to continue engaging ROBERT PERSAUD them in discussions with a view to resolving this problem. However, Minister Persaud said that much more could be done on the part of the operators. Against this backdrop, Cabinet has mandated that the conditions under which quarrying licences are granted, be reviewed to ensure that this resource is adequately utilised and that developmental projects are not held back as a result of poor production. The ministry is also encouraging investors who are interested in quarrying to go into the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) to look at available areas. Minister Persaud said that this will bring more players into the sector, and increase the competition. He also explained that if the issue of low production persists, then the country will have to go in the direction of importing stones, which a few contractors and operators are already doing. “We have to put more stringent conditions to ensure that if people have this resource, they utilise it, and if they cannot utilise it, that they relinquish it so that it can be made available to others… we have vast resources in terms of quarry, so complaints about inadequate supply or availability should not be an issue,” the minister said.

Gov’t sees little hope for ... (FROM PAGE 3) passed.I am giving my public commitment that I will assent to the Bill.” NO HYSTERIA The President also flayed APNU Member Dr Rupert Roopnarine for charging that the current Administration is “creating hysteria” with the pronouncement on drop-dead dates for compliance. He said, “This is where our success in fighting for Guyana is turned against us…this is our efforts at diplomacy and our appeals to get time…this is used against us. “All we have been doing is to protect Guyana from being blacklisted and when we succeed in getting concessions, we are criticised.” Ramotar pointed out that if Guyana is blacklisted, there is not much that the country will be able to do to prevent or soften the impacts of such a pronouncement. He said, “I don’t know what we can do if we are blacklisted, because a lot of the actions that will be taken will be done outside of our jurisdiction…the whole idea, the thinking behind this bill is to have all the countries in the Region to have a similar type of legislation. This is why there is an international sanction against the country when they do not pass the legislation.” The President stressed that his Government will continue to “battle” for Guyana. He said, “We will continue to argue our case. We do that, knowing that we will be lampooned at home for creating hysteria, but we will do what we have to.We will continue to fight as much as possible…the Government has no problems with passing the bill as it stands.” Ramotar stated that his position is “eminently reasonable”, considering the circumstances. “What is needed is patriotism and putting the welfare of our people first…the question of blacklisting will not arise if we have an ounce of that (patriotism),” he posited. ENFORCEMENT Asked about the shortcomings in enforcement with the existing legislation, the 2009 AML/CFT Act, Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Anil Nandlall said the CFAFT review process is a continuous one. He added that the last wave of review underscored the failures of prosecution and institutional charges. The AG noted too that in addition to legislative recommendations, where Guyana remains non-compliant, CFAT also made non-legislative recommendations, where Guyana has made progress. These are: establishing guidelines for supervisory authorities, a whole mechanism in Guyana’s commercial architecture to connect them; the establishment of a national task force, which includes

representatives from the Ministries of Legal Affairs, Finance, Home Affairs, and representatives of the Central Bank, the insurance sector, the Guyana Defence Force, and the private sector, among others; and the establishment of a Specialised Organised Crime Unit, for which the recruitment of staff has already commenced. “We have done everything we are required to do other than pass the bill…Government is committed to making Guyana ready to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism,” he stressed. The AG charged that the importance of the legislation is lost on the Opposition. He said, “The government has exhausted every possibility to ensure the bill has passed. “The Opposition, operating on the premise that the Bill is a Government Bill and if the Bill is not passed, the government will lose something and they are using this bill to extract all sorts of things from the government. “…this bill has to be passed because it is important to Guyana.” Nandlall added that the positions of the combined Opposition are “incapable of finding acceptance” with any reasonable grouping of people in Guyana. ADMITTED DEADLINE Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Juan Edghill, who was also present at yesterday’s press conference, underscored the fact that the Opposition parties have admitted the legitimacy of the February 28 deadline. He said, “Guyana should not face the horror of blacklisting.” He said, “To tinker with the 2009 Act when you don’t have the time to deal with compliance is putting Guyana at risk…the issues they are seeking to address are ones that require national consultation and CFAFT did not ask for these. These recommendations are of such a serious consequence.” Edghill maintained that given the national importance of the Bill, it should not be subjected to trading support for demands. “This is a bill to satisfy international requirements…The Opposition cannot escape the fact that they expose us to consequences because of narrow partisan, political, and in some case, personal interest,” he said. Between February and May, it is expected that there will be dialogue and discussions with CFATF and the current Administration, with regard to the preparation of the report for CFATF Plenary. If the May Plenary is dissatisfied with Guyana’s progress, CFATF’s November 2013 statement already provides the decision for the country’s referral to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), which meets again in June 2014. The report Guyana must submit tomorrow (Friday, February 28), also has to address Guyana’s plan of action to correct its deficiencies as part of the ongoing process, as well as report the conclusions on the AML/CFT (Amendment) Bill.


Internet café owner, miner remanded for allegedly trafficking in narcotics By Geeta Rampersaud

AMRITA Persaud, a self-employed woman who resides at Lot 26

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday February 27, 2014

Seaforth Street, Campbellville, and 42-year-old Gavin Williams of Lot 82 Gordon Street, Kitty, Georgetown were both remanded to prison by Magistrate Fabayo Azore on charges of trafficking in narcotics. The duo pleaded not guilty to the charges that on Friday, February 21, at Lot 26 Seaforth Street, Campbellville, they had in their possession 4.566 kg of cannabis-sativa (marijuana) for the purpose of trafficking in narcotics. Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) prosecutor, Mr. Oswald Defendant Amrita Persaud

Defendant Gavin Williams Massiah, told the court that Persaud and her family are known to the defendant Williams. Accordingly, an arrangement was made whereby Williams took the substance mentioned in the particulars to the home of Amrita Persaud. But CANU officers, acting on information, visited Persaud’s home and identified themselves. Persaud subsequently went to her bedroom and brought a bag containing the prohibited substance and told them, “I know what you came for,” and gave them the bag. Attorney-at-law, Mr. Neil Boston, representing Persaud, applied for bail, citing that Persaud operates an Internet café. He added that in relation to the offence, special circumstances must be related to the person, rather than the offence. He said Persaud had no authority to check what was in the bag that Williams had left with her shortly before CANU turned up. The lawyer reminded the court that the guiding principle in granting bail is to determine if the defendant would return to court to stand trial. Regarding Williams, the prosecutor said he owns a vehicle and is involved in the business of mining. He said the defendant used his vehicle to deliver the illegal substance to Persaud for the purpose of selling. Massiah said that, acting on information, the ranks arrested Williams and he was identified as the person who had taken the substance to Persaud. He first denied the allegation, but later assisted CANU ranks with further investigations. Williams claimed he was given the substance by someone in South Ruimveldt. Williams was represented by attorney-at-law Ms. Granville, who in a bail application stated that her client is a father of six with no prior conviction. She said that according to the prosecution’s facts, nothing indicates that her client was in actual or constructive possession of the substance. The prosecutor indicated that the files in this matter are incomplete, but bail was refused the duo because there was no special reason advanced by the defence. The cases have been put down to March 19.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday February 27, 2014

Berbice man committed for jury trial - after killing foster nephew who spurned his amorous advances

By Jeune Bailey Vankeric ROY Lewis has been committed to stand jury trial at the Berbice Assizes following

a preliminary inquiry into the allegation that he fatally stabbed his foster nephew because the lad had spurned his advances for a relationship

with a woman. Several witnesses testified at the preliminary inquiry presided over by Magistrate Sherdel Isaacs-Marcus sitting at

22-yr-old cane harvester gets 11 years for killing mother’s lover By Jeune Bailey Vankeric T W E N T Y- t w o - y e a r - o l d Rakash Janack, who unlawfully killed his mother’s lover, was sentenced to eleven years’ imprisonment by Justice Diana Insanally at the Berbice Assizes a few days ago. Initially indicted for murder, he pleaded guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter, and the state accepted his plea. The sentence was handed down after the facts were narrated by Prosecutrix Ms Renita Singh. Janack had to his credit a balanced probation report compiled by Officer Odessia Semple, and mitigating factors presented by defence attorney, Mr. Raymond Ali. Narrating the facts of the case, the prosecutrix had noted that the witness Satwantie Sahadeo, mother-in-law of the convict, had recounted that whilst being at home at Zorgen-Hoop, Blairmont, West Bank of Berbice with her reputed husband Ragnunauth Bisnauth, Mr. Brentnol Isaacs, the deceased, had entered the yard. Seemingly inebriated, Isaacs, who was armed with a piece of wood, verbally abused the couple; but he became abusive after he had been informed that no cigarettes were available. Bisnauth became afraid after Isaacs had threatened to enter his house to look for cigarettes, and the couple began to shout for their neighbour when their son-in-law, the accused, who lived about fifty feet away, appeared and began to argue with the now deceased man. During that confrontation, Isaacs hit the accused with a plastic tub, which broke following the impact, and the accused raced home and returned shortly afterwards with a cutlass, which he used to chop Isaacs on his chest. Isaacs fell into a nearby trench before fleeing into one Ashton’s yard. The eyewitnesses said that after Isaacs had been chopped, Janack was overheard declaring that he had long had his eye on Isaacs because of the sexual relationship Isaacs had had with his mother. Meanwhile, Ms. Thomas (only name stated), a resident of Ashton’s yard, recalled being at home when she heard someone calling for her husband, and upon looking through her window, she had seen Isaacs climbing over her gate and into her yard. She went to the verandah

Rakash Janack has been sentenced to 11 years and saw the person, who, after identifying himself as Brentnol Isaacs, said: “Rakash just chop me.” When she attempted to pick up the injured man, who had fallen to the ground, he again said, “Me famo, is Rakash chop meh”. Isaacs was taken to the Fort Wellington Cottage Hospital before being transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he died. A post-mortem report revealed his cause of death as due to an incised wound to the aorta. Meanwhile, Probation and Social Services Officer Ms. Odessia Semple, in her maiden presentation at the Berbice Assizes, noted that the accused, who is currently 22 years 3 months old, attended the Blairmont Nursery and Primary schools, but being the eldest of five siblings, was forced to terminate his schooling at eight years old because of financial constraints. He was subsequently employed at a sawmilling establishment at Rosignol Village, West Coast of Berbice, and the proceeds from that activity were utilised to assist in the maintenance of the family. His parents terminated their common law relationship after his maternal grandparents had disapproved of it. Rakash Janack was just two years old at the time of his parents’ separation. After his parents had separated, Janack’s mother established another common law union, but her lover would verbally and physically abuse her and her children, resulting in them relocating to the Home for Battered Women and Children at Albion, Corentyne. Upon leaving the institution, the accused was placed in the care and custody of another orphanage at Diamond, East

Bank of Demerara, where he remained for two years. On his release, he relocated to some place in the Berbice River, where he worked as a labourer, before being employed by the Guyana Sugar Corporation as a cane harvester. He also established a common law union, which resulted in him becoming a father. Information emanating from the Zorg–en-Hoop community described the accused as a hardworking, quiet, soft spoken and well-mannered individual who never engaged himself in conflictual situation. Brentnol Isaacs, on the other hand, was described as a trouble maker who was always disturbing the peace and tranquility, as he was a habitual user of marijuana. One of his relatives indicated that Isaacs had portrayed an ‘eye for an eye attitude’, and would occasionally involve himself in fights. In his plea in mitigation on behalf of Rakash Janack, attorney-at-law, Raymond Ali noted that his client acted out of character, and has been genuinely remorseful. The lawyer denied claims that the incident resulted from the accused defending his mother because of an alleged relationship with Isaacs. Before imposing sentence, Justice Insanally noted that the accused may have overstepped his boundary by going for a cutlass, and it would have been more appropriate for him to have called the police. “You have asked me not to consider that the deceased was having an affair with the mother of the accused. But something was playing on the mind of the accused whilst the act was being committed…. “Based on the probation report, he left school at age eight years; and at 12 years, he maintained his mother and siblings…. His childhood was taken from him at an early age…. He inflicted serious injuries, which cost the man his life. “I have taken into consideration that the deceased was the aggressor; that the accused acted out of proportion; (that) he has not wasted the court’s time; and (I have taken into account) the probation report. I will start at 17 years. Two years will be deducted for the plea, 16 months for the period in remand prison, and two years, 8 months for mitigating factors. He is sentenced to 11 years,” Justice Insanally declared.

the Sisters Magistrate’s Court, East Bank of Berbice, located a short distance from where the incident had occurred just over a year ago. She ruled that a prima facie case had been made out against the defendant, and accordingly signed the committal warrant. Eighteen-year-old Devon Da Silva, alias Devon Lewis, succumbed to stab wounds while he lay in the arms of his girlfriend at her home at Sisters Village, East Bank of Berbice just after 02:30hrs on December 27, 2012. His alleged attacker had been held under police guard at the New Amsterdam Hospital, where he had been rushed after ingesting what was suspected to be a poisonous liquid. At the time of Devon’s mur-

der, the 34-year-old Roy Lewis, Devon’s foster uncle, had faced a criminal charge of threatening language used against Devon, and had been expected to return to the Sisters Magistrate’s Court for trial on February 4, 2013. In Devon Lewis’s court documents dated May 3, 2012, he had recounted that he was not on speaking terms with his uncle since he was 14 years old. The misunderstanding stemmed from his uncle telling him that he would kill him if he should tell anyone that he (the deceased) had anal sex with him (the uncle). The teenager had reported that during the misunderstanding in May, Roy Lewis, his foster father’s brother, had drawn a metal-handled knife to his neck and had told him: “Remember

what I tell you. I will kill you.” A scuffle had ensued in the presence of several witnesses, and it had resulted in Devon Lewis receiving injuries to his left hand and abdomen. The now deceased Devon had also reported that while he had never told anyone of what he had been forced to do, the suspect would always threaten him; and when he sought employment at the Bermine cement packing facility, his attacker had also sought employment there, and was in the habit of puncturing Devon’s bicycle wheel and throwing suspicious liquid in his milk. During the hearings of the preliminary inquiry, several witnesses had testified in favour of the prosecution, but Roy Lewis was unrepresented.


Cosmetologist on way to USA busted at CJIA with narcotics

- remanded on trafficking charge

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday February 27, 2014 By Geeta Rampersaud TISHANA Edwards of Lot 2 Victoria Road, Sparendaam, East Coast of Demerara was refused bail by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry on a drug trafficking charge when she appeared at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday. The 23-year-old mother of one pleaded not guilty to the offence that, on Sunday, February 23, at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), Timehri, she had in her possession 2.092 kilogrammes of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. The prosecutor of the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU), Mr. Oswald Massiah, said the defendant had recently applied to work as an officer with CANU, but was not offered the job. He said she works with her mother, who is a cosmetologist; and on the day in question, she was an outgoing passenger on a Jamaica Airways flight destined for the JFK Airport in New York when she was busted. Massiah said that during a procedural check at the airport, ranks manning the scanner detected two bottles of cream liqueur that contained strange objects. Checks revealed that the seals of the bottles were broken, and a further search revealed the amount of cocaine mentioned in the particulars, which was tested in the defendant’s presence. Defence attorney, Mr. George Thomas was not present in court, but attorney-at-law, Ms. Denise Hodge, holding in his absence, said the defendant has a two-and-a-half-month-old baby that depends on her; but Prosecutor Massiah said the baby could be cared for by the woman’s relatives in her absence. The matter was transferred to the Providence Magistrate’s Court for report and fixture tomorrow (February 28).

‘DRUG DEFENDANT’: Tishana Edwards

Another woman busted with cocaine at CJIA

- CANU officers discovered quantity of cocaine in ‘achar’ in the 24-yr-old’s luggage A 24-year-old woman was caught at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) after Customs and Anti Narcotic Unit (CANU) officers discovered a quantity of cocaine in the guise of achar in one of her luggage around 05:00 hrs yesterday morning. According to a statement from CJIA, the woman was an outgoing passenger on BW 525. The permanent Canadian citizen is currently assisting police with their investigations. Meanwhile, the actual amount of cocaine has not been determined as yet. The discovery of the cocaine comes on the heels of the arrest and subsequent charge of Tishana Edwards who on February 23 was caught with 2.092 kilogrammes of cocaine in cream liqueur. CJIA’s management again applauds the law enforcement officers in their ongoing pursuit to curb the narco-trafficking trade.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday February 27, 2014

Another jury sworn in murder case following reports of impropriety By Jeune Bailey Vankeric ANOTHER mixed jury has been sworn in at the Berbice Assizes to deliberate in the

East Ruimveldt vendor remanded for allegedly trafficking marijuana on Mash day

JUNIOR Caesar, a vendor of Lot 227 East Ruimveldt, Georgetown, was on Tuesday remanded to prison by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry for allegedly trafficking in narcotics. Caesar pleaded not guilty to the charge, particulars of which said that on Sunday, February 23 (Mash Day) at Main Street, Georgetown, he had possession of 84 grammes of cannabis sativa (marijuana) for the purpose of trafficking. Police Inspector Michael Grant, prosecuting, said that on the day in question, the defendant was sitting in front of Hotel Tower when the ranks observed him acting in a suspicious manner, searched him, and found the substance in a black plastic bag on the ground next to him. The prosecutor objected to bail, citing that no special reason was advanced for Caesar’s pre-trial liberty. The matter was transferred to Magistrate Judy Latchman’s court for report and fixture on March 5. (Geeta Rampersaud)

case of the State versus Joshua Persaud, alias ‘Sunny Boy’ or ‘Bun Boy’, and Raphael Rene Morrison, called ‘Red Head’, who have been indicted for murder under the common law. The duo allegedly killed Marlon Andrew Ramcharran on June 3, 2013. The twelve-member panel was sworn after Justice Diana Insanally overruled preliminary submissions by defence counsel, Mursalene Bacchus. However, the trial will commence on Thursday, February 27. Two weeks ago, when hearing in the case had commenced, Justice Diana Insanally had discharged the empanelled jury after reports of impropriety had surfaced. That decision had been made after a juror had reportedly been seen conversing with a relative of the number one

accused. An in-chamber investigation had reportedly revealed that that conversation had been related to a banking-related issue. However, on that occasion, State Prosecutrix Ms Renita Singh had said she was uncomfortable with that development, and had asked for the empanelling of a new jury to deliberate the case. At the first hearing, Justice Insanally had overruled the preliminary submission of defence counsel, Mursalene Bacchus, in which he had applied for severance of the joint indictment, in that there be separate trials for the accused persons. The accused persons had pleaded not guilty to the murder indictment. Eleven witnesses, including six police ranks, are expected to testify in the prosecution’s case.


Aries March 21 - April 19

Right now, you are able to command with exceptional skill, and this allows you to move ahead with confidence. When something has to be done, you’re the first to step up and take control of the situation. Your boss or mate especially appreciates your willingness to take the initiative, as well as your ability to make the crucial decisions they are having difficulty making on their own.

Taurus April 20 - May 20

You definitely aren’t in the mood for any kind of childish play right now. While you may be forced to concede that everyone can’t be exactly like you, that certainly doesn’t stop you from expecting better behaviour from the people you are spending the majority of your time with. There’s nothing you’d like more than for everyone to get along and follow the plan. While your view definitely has its merits, try to include a little flexibility in your outlook.

Gemini May 21 - June 21

There’s nothing wrong with making room for other people’s opinions, but you should take steps to guard yourself from being taken advantage of or being led astray. After all, your mind isn’t quite made up, which makes it easy for someone to come along and influence you. Listen intently to what other people have to say about the topic in question, and then do your own research either to confirm or disprove their theories. Your perspective on certain issues may change, but the final word should be left entirely up to you.

Cancer June 22 - July 22

If everyone in the group seems to be agreeing with what you say a little too quickly, take the time to talk to each of them separately. Someone who is afraid to speak out in a group is much more likely to express their opinions in a more personal setting. Do your best to remain unemotional, even if you get some less than desirable feedback. Everything seems to be in the right spot, but you need to take a closer look. Certain balances are off at the moment, but the problem might be too subtle to notice upon first glance.

Leo July 23 - August 22

It might be difficult to let go of old ideas and comfortable situations, but if you’re going to succeed at a leadership role, you have to be willing to be adaptable. If everyone is looking to you for the answers, you better be prepared to give them. And if you don’t know the information they’re asking for offhand, you better start figuring out where you can attain it. Once you truly believe you’re the right person for the job, very little will stand in your way.

For Thursday February 27, 2014 -14:30hrs For Friday February 28, 2014 -14:30hrs

Virgo August 23 - September 22

This is the time to drop your inhibitions and your reservations and really be willing to experiment! If given the choice between something old and something new, it’s always more exciting to pick the latter. In the past you’ve been too worried about safety precautions and what-ifs to let yourself go and experience all that life has to offer, but something inside of you is telling you to go for it today. Fun is completely what you make it. Of course, if you just can’t bring yourself to throw caution to the wind entirely, don’t force yourself.

Libra September 23 - October 22

You know you deserve to have a good time, and that’s exactly what you plan on doing. You aren’t about to let anyone else spoil your good mood, are you? You’ll get along swimmingly with all kinds of people today, and you don’t necessarily have to know everyone to enjoy their company. Invite a big group of friends over for dinner, or go to a restaurant by yourself to cultivate new friendships. The bigger the crowd, the better the time.

Scorpio October 23 - November 21

You’re usually calm and collected, but something has you bothered enough to make you really blow your top. If you have a chance, take a step back from the person or thing that is irritating you long enough to calm down and reassess your position. There might actually be a way out of this jam, but you’re going to have to compose yourself if you want to find the nearest exit.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21

Other people are sure to be envious of your superior public speaking talents, so enjoy the attention while you have it. Saying exactly what you mean diplomatically comes quite naturally to you, which means you should be able to keep the number of misunderstandings around you to a minimum. This is the perfect time to give a speech to a packed auditorium, recite a poem at a coffee shop or sing a spontaneous song to the love of your life in the middle of a crowded park.

Capricorn December 22 - January 19

Some good deals are out there right now, but beware of false advertising and exaggerated product claims. You’ve heard it before -- something that seems too good to be true probably is -- so why aren’t you paying attention this time? If you don’t want to wind up regretting your purchases, it’s absolutely imperative you use your head before plunking down your hard-earned money for anything right now.

Aquarius January 20 - February 18

It always helps to have a plan, but right now you have the ability to come up with ingenious solutions even on the spur of the moment. Make an effort toward your goals, and you’ll be rewarded. Other people are likely to flock to your ideas -- especially since you have more than your fair share of energy and charisma working for you at the moment -- but there may not be room for everyone to climb aboard. Use a careful and exclusive selection process to ensure you get the creme de la creme working with you.

Pisces February 19 - March 20

You can’t fight what’s happening around you, so why not try to take an active part of the events as they unfold? Your best chance at happiness is to be open to change right now. Besides, a simple adjustment in attitude is pretty much all it will take to get with the programme. You work best with someone mentoring you, but if you have to be on your own, try to follow the instructions you’re given as closely as possible. Your dreams may have special significance tonight, but analysing the hazy symbols could take some time.

22 22






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offers courses in dressmaking, curtains, floral, cake decoration, 153 Barr St, Kitty. 670-2653, 618-1706.


 Institute of Motoring Learn to drive at an affordable cost. Professional, Courteous and Patient Driving Instructor. For more details contact Annmarie/Vanessa at 172 Light and Charlotte Streets, Bourda. Te# 227-5072, 226-7541, 2 2 6 - 0 1 6 8 .


Inn Apartments and Car Rental. Premio, Vitz. Eccles New Scheme. Tel. 679-7139, 639-4452, 619-3360.

 .        

 you cursed, depressed, demon-possessed or need finance? Call Apostle Randolph Williams - (592) 2616050 20:00hrs to 23:00hrs.



 tutor offers help in English, Reading, Writing, etc. - low level to CXC. Call 690-7467.  improved grades!Individualised Tutoring for both adults and children. Register for Home Schoo l i n g o r Afterschool Classes-- Phonics, Reading; Composition W r i t ing; Handwriting; Mathematics; Music Classes-play instruments, sit exams. Exam p r e p a r ation-CSEC, NGSA, ABRSM. Call: 651-5220, Academic Excellent (IAE) Register for Forms 1 - 5, CXC Repeaters, Lessons, morning and evening classes for adults, Mathematics, English A, Science and Business. Flexible time table. 683-5742, 2230604 or visit us at 194 Camp Street (Behind Ultra Waters.).  parents/ guardians! Supercharge your child/loved ones' reading and writing skills using the highly effective hooked on phonics programmes. Call 624-7711 now. Small class size, individual attention guaranteed, quiet area, fees reasonable.

       Divinty Spa, 245 Sheriff St., specialise in relaxation and therapuetic massages, facials. C a l l 661-6 6 9 4 , a s k f o r D i a n n a  Service: Swedish deep tissue, therapeutic, prenatal. All massages done by qualified therapist. For appointment. call Samantha 661-2219.

RENTAL / HIRE RENTAL HIRE  excavator and Kubota. Call 692-2521.  equipped kitchen at Julian's Restaurant and bar $35 000 weekly. 638-4505, 225-4709.



 Jewellery and Pawn Shop, Lot 1 Durban Street Werk-enRust between Camp and George Streets. Tel: 223-6331, 227-2307.


  

 prayer and counselling in any situation. Call 6494247.  puri made to order for any occasion. Call 2268469.  Taxi and Transportation Service. Tel. 216-0381, 6400692. , television, music sets, gas stoves repairs. Call 6996307.  envelopes $5 each, and any other envelopes made to order. 671-0601.

 Construction: Specialised in construction of buildings, swimming pools, renovations, bobcat rental, excavation of lands and all your construction needs. Tel. 225-1499, 628-2330 Mohamed.

and Services: We fix all desktops, laptops and tablets. We sell laptop screen as cheap as $16 000. Set up office and business networks and internet café. Quality, reliable and affordable service, trained technician, The PC doctor 696-2602, Get 20% off for February

HEALTH/FITNESS  or gain weight, fat reduction power, protein powder. Call 660-2686, 625-7073.

 construction: Professional Caribbean to international construction specialized in general work from start to finish. Roofing, pool, carpentry, plumbing, tilling, painting, electrical, masonry etc.   

 Visa Service. Professional Visa applications to the US and Canada. Fees USA VISA $3000, Canada $4000, Plaza Computer Service, 245 Sheriff Street, C/ville.    . Open Monday to Sunday 09:00hrs 21:00hrs

 and Sons Driving School. Learn to drive the right way. First Federation Building. 622-2872, 644-5166, 689-5997, 615-0964.

                 


 Construction and Rental Service excav a t o r, b o b c a t , t r u c k , t o o l s . Te l . 6015024, 227-4536.

LEARN TO DRIVE  Driving School. Cell No. 650-4291. We operate on the East Coast and Georgetown.

Choice car rental, $6 000 per day. 694-7817, 6680306, 225-6337.


 and Nail Technology courses offered. Contact 226-0258.


 Electrical Services: For all installation work, rewinding and servicing pumps, trans f o r m e r s , f a n s , b l e n d ers, washers and dryers 619-3194.

 puri for your weddings, birthdays and other occasions. 226-8469.

 computer repairs also get any software cheap including Rosetta Stone L a n g u a g e s o f t w a r e . Te l . 662-0001.

 male looking for a female from Guyana, Jamaica or USA. Tel. 668-5901.

 repair LCD, LED, Plasma washing machine microwave and stereo set. Home serv i c e s p r o v i d e d . Te l . 6 9 3 3277, 647-2677.  for hire, honest, reliable and professional, in concrete, wooden structure, tiling, painting and plumbing, etc. Call 614-3564.  installation cutting, polishing and profiling to all your granite c o u n t e r t o p s a lso building of cupboards and closets. Contact Rawle 611-7031, 667-7963.




 of worldwide pen friends. Information? Send stamped self-addressed envelope: EFI, PO Box 12154, Georgetown.  a Friend! Get educated! Get Married! Migrate!..through the CFI. Telephone Friendship Link. Call 592-261-5079, 654-3670, 6888293,261-6833 twenty-four hours you match: find lifelong partners, friends; confidential rules apply Tel. 592223-8237, 592-648-6098 8:30 am - 5 pm daily; both phones same hours.



      reading, other works done. For fast result s - r e u n i t i n g l o v e r s , r e m o v i n g e v i l a n d a ll blockages, etc. Call 696-8873, 6 7 3 - 11 6 6 .           work done in Suriname. Love, marr i a g e , s i c k n e s s , p r e g n a n c y, r e m o v e s e v i l , p r o s p e r i t y, business. Readings. Call 674-8603, 597-851-9876.  works done to bring peace, finance, success, enhance prosperity, remove evil, blockage, reunite f a m i l i e s , l o vers, etc. 6107234, 644-0058.  spiritual help in removing evil spirit, bad luck, evil sickness, spells, reuniting lovers, bringing prosperity to business, etc. Tel: 612-6417, 220-0708, .6875653.




and lorry drivers, porters and fillers. 226-5473. : Apply in person at Alabama Trading, Georgetown Ferry Stelling, Stabroek. : Apply in person at Alabama Trading, Georgetown Ferry Stelling, Stabroek.  Artist, must be able to work in Corel Draw or Adobe CS5. P.O. Box 10501.  Clerk Application with CV and references to: P.O. Bank 10109, Georgetown.  carpenters. Apply in person at Alabama Trading, Georgetown Ferry Stelling, Stabroek.  male Janitor. Apply in person at Alabama Trading, Georgetown Ferry Stelling, Stabroek.  Marketing young computer-skilled person and a secretary. Phone  following Western Union CSR, Office Assistant, Cleaners, Cashiers. Survival Shopping Complex, 173 Sheriff Street, Georgetown. Tel. 2275286-9.  assistants in a reputable pharmacy located in Kitty. Interested persons please call 641-3240 for more information.           f e male waitresses age 18 30, 1 male cleaning/handyman for night shift. Contact tel. 654-5838. Cashier: Minimum 5 subjects including Maths and English. Apply within, with passport size photo, 79 Albert and Laluni Streets Georgetown, Nimbus Water Department

        e x i s t f o r Sales Clerk, B o n d C l e r k , A ccounts Clerk, Pharmacist and cleaners at Roy's Pharm a c y. I n t e r e s t e d p e r s o n s c a n s end in applications along with Curriculum Vitae and one passp o r t - s i z e p h o t og r a ph t o R oy ' s P h a rm a c y Stall #32-33 and 64-65 B o u r d a Market. one cleaner call Samantha 223-6072.  exists for the following:- (1) One (1) Senior Internal Auditor: Ambitious female to work in Finance Department. Requirements: Certified Account Technician (CAT) level 2 or AAT - level 2. Four CXC subjects or equivalent including Mathematics, English and Principles of Accounts. Must be pleasant, disciplined and of stable personality. Experience would be an asset (30 to 50yrs preferably) (2) One Junior Accounts Clerk to work in the Finance Department. Apply in Person to:- Mr. Latchmin Khan / Rajdai Raghubeer (Vashti) RK's Security Services 172 Light & Charlotte Streets, Bourda , Highly motivated and energetic person with secondary education, 2 years min. experience in retail sales. Starting at $40,000. - $45,000. per month.     . Highly motivated individual with excellent analytical abilities needed for inventory control and marketing .Diploma in Business or Marketing field is required. Working knowledge of MS Office, Quickbooks plus 1 year experience is needed.Apply to LENS DECOR, 8 Sheriff Street, G/Town. Call: 2270176 Email:


 , Cook. Apply within at Sweet Point Snackette, 42 Orange Walk, Bourda. Phone 226-7147.

 Bank. Tel. 226-0861, cell 669-0899.

Labourers. A p p l y t o : T h e M a n a g e r, S o l Gas Distribution, 9 Dowding S t r e e t , G e o r g e t o w n . Te l . 225-2259, 622-5922, 2163152.

LAND in Carmichael St, US$750,000 (260x39). Tel. 2163120(office), 667-6644.

 exists for the following positions at : Managers, waiters, waitresses, supervisors, cashiers, bartenders, cleaners, hostesses, security personnel. S e n d a p p l i c a t i o n s t o P. O . Box:101848 exists for an Office Assistant. Must have a valid Motor Cycle License. Age 20 and 30 years.Sound Primary Education. Apply in person with application and reference between the hours 10hrs. and 1600 hrs. Cell Phone Shack, 176 Middle Street.  Sales Clerk must have working experience and a sound secondary education (experience in furniture sales would be an asset). One furniture factory supervisor. Must have at least one year experience. Both positions exist on the West Coast Demerara. Contact 225-8203.  World: Career opportunity - A vacancy exists for dynamic and motivated individual to fill the position of Night Computer Operator, must have minimum CXC Maths and English and must be computer-literate (including Microsoft Office). Send application to Email

 Air Park (double lot) 166 x 37 - $60M. Call Carol 623-0070.

 St. 40 x 240 $70M. Call Carol 623-0070, 6129785.  Road 40 x 50 $55M. Call Carol 623-0070, 6129785.  St. (business) 30 x 100 - $62M. Call Carol 6230070.  Gardens 60 x 135 - $22M. Call Carol 6230070, 612-9785. Parfaite Harmony 50 x 100 $2.2M, Schoonord 50'x100' - $2.5M. Call Carol 623-0070, 612-9785.  120 acres of land US$800 000. Call Carol 6230070.  of land for sale located at Ocean View Drive, Ruimzeight Gardens WCD. Call 267-2348, 694-3896.  EBD 3 acres of well built-up land with wide river frontage US$900 000 or G$180M. Call Carol 623-0070.  3rd Avenue, size 120' x 60', prime spot. Priced for quick sale - $10M. 652-5601.  at 14 Kersaint Park, LBI, house lot 50x90 - $ 1 5 M . Te l . 6 9 9 - 9 2 0 1 . at Lot 21 Surat Drive, Triumph,. ECD. Contact Mr Hinds at 223-8059.



 from road to river at Parika. Contact Mr Hinds at 2238059.  acres of land at Blankenburg. Contact Mr Hinds at 223-8059. house and land at De Kendren $6.5M negotiable. 679-7691, 337-5592.   of land at Block 'G' Blankenburg. Contact Mr Hinds at 223-8059.  Gardens, ECD, 60x135. $17M neg. Tel 6392835, 223-5460.  house lot at Phase 2 Martyrsville, Mon Repos. Price $2.6M neg. Tel. 629-5300. Y with 45 cows, horse, house and generator.   land 49'x124' close proximity to CARICOM, ECD $18M, Hogg Island 54 acres $25M. Tel. 227-0613, 645-7248.   cultivated citrus, house, fish pond, storage, 2 acres cultivated, ACRE cultivated Parika. Contact 226-7968.   100 x 50 only $14M, Call 231-2064, 225-2626, 227-6863, 615-0069, 627-0288, 226-1064.   , Highway and East Bank Demerara Junction.       GATED COMPOUND: Versailles (behind Aracari), Republic Gardens Eccles, Diamond and Herstelling.     in Queenstown 165 x 60 over $100M. Phone Vice President Alysious Pereira 6232591, Vice President Darandia 615-0069, 618-0000, 225-2626  GARDENS/ R E PUBLIC PA R K E.B.D (Gated community) - Size 50 X 100 Price $11.5 million neg. Contact 665-7400, 643-6353. GARDENS/ REPUBLIC PARK E.B.D (Gated community) - Size 5000 sq ft. Price $13.5 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  STREET- double lot prime business spot (Size 12,500 sq ft) Price USD$ 1.3 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665 -7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  GARDENS/ REPUBLIC PARK E.B.D (Gated community) - (Size 10,000 sq ft) Price $23 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  STREET NEWTOWN - Double lot. Price $21 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  with foundation 110x 53, 60 x 26 at La Parfaite Harmonie, WBD, Second Street in from Canal Road. Price $3.5M neg. Tel. 647-4593, 680-3896.         G A R D E N S E.C.D - Triple lot. Price $58 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  RD- WORTHMAN-VILLE- triple lot suitable for business, bond, etc. Price reduce to $35 million. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  ST NEWTOWN- Land for commercial building, bond, apartments, etc. Size 32x135. Price $34 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665- 7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  STREET, FREEBURG - INVESTMENT corner lot . Size 11,000 sq ft. Price $77 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.







 ST NEWTOWN Land with concrete fence. Size 31 X 135. Price 21.5 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

 E.C.D - Land with foundation for 2 storey house. Land size 52 X 84.Price $ 6.5 million. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.

 two-bedroom top flat at Lot 62 Da Silva St. Newtown. Contact 222-4058, 681-9932.

 apartment, central location, beautifully furnished, AC bedroom, hot and cold water, pretty garden for entertaining/dining, wi-fi access US$550 monthly. Tel. 641-4664, 225-7211.

 Street, Campbellville: 3-bedroom 2-storey, concrete house AC, master room, parking, room for office on lower flat, secure, etc. US$1300 neg, Naresh Persaud 225-9882, 681-2499.

 STREET, NEWTOWN - corner lot suitable for apartment complex, store, bond, restaurant, etc. Price 35 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.

 businesses must think out of the box. They must adopt a new strategy. The Chinese are moving in some locations that land for bond/factory is cheap, 20 000 sq ft land close to the Chinese embassy for bond. $58M, 8 000 s q . f t o n the main road close t o t h e C h i nese Embassy $54M for 4-storey fast food/super market 200-car parking. 1½ acres of land in Turkeyen for hostel, school, university, bond, Buy now, be decisive. Present, you have a boss, now decide. Phone Mr. Danhandri 6150065, Mr. Patrick Pereira 6693350, Mr. Alysious Pereira 6232591, 225-2709, 225-2626, 225-3 0 6 8, 226-1064, 227-6863, 225-5198 Seven days of h o t m ail:

bedroom apartment, 8 Drysdale Street, Charlestown. 227-4563, 667-3684.

 furnished tow-bedroom apartment with AC at 38 Shell Road, Kitty. Contact R.R. Samuels, 215 David and Lamaha Streets, Kitty. Tel. 225-1514.

 front, 2-storey property 3-bedroom upstairs and 2 downstairs, parking, separate entrances, $90 000 upstairs, $80 000 downstairs. Lately renovated. Tel. 268-2121.

 - Price 36 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  NEW SCHEME E.B.D - Price $7 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353. (110 ft x 60 ft) - $3.2M, La Parfaite Harmonie (100 ft x 50 ft) _ $2.2M and $1.4M, Schoonord (100 ft x 50 ft) - $2M. 675-7292.  GARDENS/ REPUBLIC PARK E.B.D (Gated community) - Size 50 X 100 Price $11.5 million neg. Contact 6657400, 643-6353.  $9M, 120 x 45, Kitty 230x39 - $50M, Kitty $16 and $13M, gated community $9M, Republic Park 50 x100 $16M. La Parfaite Harmonie $1M. Call 684-2244.  for bond, hotel, apartment complex, Blygezight 120 x 60 $36M, neg, Austin St. 134 x 56 $36M, Kitty 8 000 sq ft - $22M, Phone Vice President 225-2626, 618-0000, 225-2626, 623-2591, 2261064, 227-6863, 615-0069  land in Duncan St. for 4-storey of f i c e c o m p l e x , b o n d , s c h o o l , apartment $40M. Phone 627-0288, Mr. Ramsayoe 618-0000, Mr Alysious Pereira 623-2591, Mr. Darindra 615-0069.   to Brickdam, $75M suitable for 5storey complex, hotel Mr Ramsohoye 618-0000, Mr Pereira 226-1064, Mr. Darindra 615-0069, 225-2626, 2276863, 225-5198\    land in Bel Air Village for hotel, bond, 5stor e y, s t u d e n t s ' d o r m $42M. Phone Vice President Patrick Pereira 669-3350, Vice P r e s i d ent Ramsohoye 6180000, 623-2591, 227-6863, 2252626, 667-7812.  140x60 in Subryanville for office complex, residence $60M. Phone Mr Boodram 692-3231, Mr. Pereira 669-0943, Mr Darindra 615-0069, 225-2709, 225-2626, 623-2591, 226-1064, 225-5198, 227-6949, 231-2064.  with 20ft driveway Dennis Street $17M, Sec. 'M' 90 x 50 plus reserve $17M, Kitty 8 000 sq. ft - $19M, one house in McDoom close to main road $9M. Phone Mr Darindra 6150069, 618-0000 Vice President Alysious Pereira 623-2591, 2276863, 226-1064, 225-2626.  land is going to solve your business need, in Smyth close to Brickdam 120 x 60 the only land available for $55M neg All lands that would give you the same return on your investment $95M, talking of 5-storey complex. Phone Lady Boston 684-2244, Lady Racel Jones 6883434 , Master Darindra 615-0069, 6180000, 623-2591, 225-2626, 225-3068, 226-1064 , E mail : lot in Dennis St, with driveway 20 feet $17M, Sec. 'M', 80 x 60, plus reserve for bond $19M, Da Silva St 80 x 50 $13M, Kitty Railway Embankment 8 000 sq. f t $ 20M, land has 20 ft driveways. Vic e President Drandia 6150069, Vice P r e sident Alysious Pereira - 623-2591, Vice Pr e s i dent Ramsayae 618-0000, Vice President 225-2626, 226-1064, 667-7812.

 wish to advertise all land was made by the creator for different purposes. Go as high as you can to enjoy economy of height. Earl's Court LBI double lot 120 x 90 - $17M, Happy Acres parallel to the Main Road 100 x 50 $16M, for business or 4-storey apartment land for bonds on the East Coast $28M, Kitty 8 000 sq. ft $20M, Da Silva St 70 x 35 $14M, 9 0 0 0 s q . f t o n M a i n Road 500 yards south of Chinese Embassy, Turkeyen 1.4 acres $38M, Campbellville 8 0 x 6 0 w i t h l o t s of reserve $16M, Republ i c P a r k $ 1 6 M , C o n t i n e n t a l P a r k d o u b l e l ot $35 M, Croal Street 75 x 50 $32M, 3 lots at 'AA' Eccles with massive unfinis h e d s t r u c t u r e $98M, plus reserve. Friendship $3.5M, Pearl 5 acres for gated community $45M neg. Phone , 225-3068, 226-1064, 227-6863, 2276964, 225-2626. to let


 for decent worki n g p e r s o n . Te l . 2 2 7 - 0 4 8 5 . Gardens: 3-bedrooms apartment exclusive. 613-9033.  space in Kingston 22'x12'. Tel. 226-1308.   bottom flat, Lamaha Street Queenstown. Call 225-4097, 668-0922. unfurnished house, kitchen, toilet and bath at Chateau Margot. Call 660-0943. house at Bougainvillea Park. Call 643-5220, 685-5306. -bedroom downstairs. Fully grilled, lower East Bank $35 000. Call 616-5737.  concrete building Mon Repos Block 8 - $40 000. Tel. 643-5797, 231-7568. -bedroom self-contained apartment, 629-1561, 2208826, 679-4615.  House, furnished apartment. Call 656-9894, 2274792.  semi-furnished house, Section 'A' Diamond. Tel. 660-0330.  US$600, Bel Air Park US$400 neg., US$750 and many others. Contact 628-8012.  Inn Hall for weddings, party, conferences, etc. Call 692-2521.  2-bedroom house with AC and washing machine in Kitty area. Tel. 644-8074.  furnished apartments in Ogle, US$650, US$1400. Call 622-7236.  furnished 2-bedroom house in South Ruimveldt Park US$600. Phone 691-1521.  three-bedroom apartment 2nd Street Cummings Lodge - 629-6351, 222-0555.

 bottom flat apartment at 364 Third Street, Herstelling EBD. Call 265-3538.

 furnished 2-bedroom apartment in South Ruimveldt Park US$400. Phone 591-1521.  for single persons only, at Agriculture Road, Mon Repos ECD. Call 684-4193.

  located ground floor office spaces, 306 and 175 sq. ft, - salon, designer, storage or other. (No internal flooding). Call 227-3064, 628-7589.

 apartment at 31 Public Road, Agricola, EBD opposite Police outpost. Call 6908729.

 WILLS STREET, Republic Park, fully AC, fully grilled, electronic security system, water filtration system, etc US$1000. Call 688-4321, 216-2782.

  top flat concrete house very convenient Anna Catherina WCD $30 000 per month. Call 678-3474, 698-4813.

 Gardens: Furnished 3-bedroom, AC, hot and cold water, security system US$950 monthly. De Freitas Associates 609-2302, 609-6516.

 3-bedroom unfurnished upper flat in Eccles. Price $80 000. Contact 639-2728.  floor and second floor space on Duncan Street. 6218198.  house for rent at Mon Repos. Call 220-7937, 625-5257.  Street business space for rent. Contact 60064 80,  2-bedroom family house, fully furnished in Enterprise ECD. Tel. 651-3156, 646-2939.  Furnished 2-bedroom flat, suitable for overseas visitors. Tel. 227-1871, 6462939.  front bottom flat apartment two-bedroom, AC unit, living room, kitchen, washroom, Success ECD no parking. Price $50 000. 675-9107, 642-3478.   3-storey business and residential properties in and around Georgetown. 638-9116, 603-0976.  newly built apartment, light, water, etc, Cornelia Ida, WCD. $60 000. Call 687-1628,  building: 3-storey property 6 000 sq. ft, great location in the city US$7000. Call Carol 623-0070, 612-9785.  and unfurnished properties in residential neighbourhoods US$2000 US$5000. Call Carol 623-0070.  room and apartment $3 500, $4 000, $5 000, $6 000 daily. Call Julian 638-4505, 225-4709. large secure bottom flat (2 bedrooms) in Atlantic Gardens, unfurnished, G$65 000 monthly. Contact 622-4746, 220-0959.  Studio apartment, furnished. Electricity and water included, $50 000 per month. Contact 678-8904.  Parfaite Harmonie WBD, three-bedroom top flat, inside toilet, bath, overhead tank car park. Call 18:00hrs to 19:00hrs, 220-4538, cell 672-4164 Sandy.  Nagar: Fully furnished 2-bedroom apartment with air conditioning, generator and security US$900. Call Carol 623-0070.  concrete bond 87'x32, lots of yard space suitable for CarMart, etc. Public Road McDoom 233-0570 (No agents.).  apartment from US$500, US$800, US$1000, $US1200 and upwards. 226-1064, 669-3350. -storey four bedrooms, house situated in Triumph $50 000 monthly. Contact 697-8116, 220-7454.  unfurnished one-bedroom apartment $50 000, one three-bedroom apartment, flat $120 000. Call 662-8969, 6690943, 644-5128.

 bottom flat apartment, kitchen and dining, hot and cold water bath and living room, with parking and overhead water at Section 'A' Great Diamond, EBD. 692-1963.  flat apartments 143B Fifth Street Alberttown, long and short terms, rentals double,24hrs surveilance/night security and single rooms US$40 and US$80 per night, wifi, AC, hot and cold. Tel. 231-6721.  wooden house $70,000, Agricola Public Road. 2 bedroom house in Diamond $90,000. Brand new 5 bedroom house in Diamond $200,000, various business space, $100,000 Tel. 216-3120(office), 667-6644.  apartment in Bent Street, Wortmanville, US$30 per day. Contact 226-3309, 2181033, 678-4267.  furnished 5-bedroom, 3storey house situate at 168 Charlotte Street at $120 000 monthly. Call 225-4712, 696-2435.  flat located at 340 East Street, $45 000 monthly. Call 225-4712, 696-2435.  to rent close to U G, s h a r e d a c c o m m o d a t i o n call: 625- 8585 also to rent, one five bedroom house .  three-bedroom house at 76 Republic Drive, BV, ECD. Front house big yard space for vehicles. Phone 627-6083, 649-4689 Mr & Mrs Dodson.  National Shipping Corporation Ltd: Prime office space for rent, situated in our annex compound at 1 Public Road La Penitence. Phone 624-0321, 226-3365.  fully furnished studio apartment, situated in a secure and gated compound suitable for a single person. Short term and long term rental. Call 699-6891.  3-bedroom upper flat apartment with all modern conveniences, quiet and secure residential area, with space for parking, $40 000 per month. Tel. 229-6691.  concrete lower apartment, fully grilled, with one parking, in Kitty. Working couple preferred. Tel. 664-7945, 641-1852. : Furnished onebedroom, kitchenette, living room, telephone, wi-fi, hot and cold pressure, parking, air condition (optional) suitable for professional. US$500. Tel. 667-9367  furnished three-bedroom house situated in 1st Avenue Subryanville with one master room, hot and cold water, fully meshed and grilled and generator. 610-8351, 697-5492.  1- and 2-bedroom apartments for $40 000, $50 000, $65 000 per month. Call 650-6231, 697-0480.  5 Block 'Y' Cornelia Ida, West Coast Demerara. Call 6101083 call anytime after 17:00hrs to 20:00hrs during the week, and weekends call at anytime. $45 000 monthly.

                       prime three-storey commercial building with car park, located on North Road, between Oronoque and Albert Streets. Contact 626-6909, 6427963, 669-0855. - Bottom flat suitable for storage bond size (1160 sq ft). Price $100,000 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.    brand new Eccles $80 000, 3-bedroom South $65 000, executive rentals from US$700, Bel Air Park, Prashad Nagar, Vreed-en-Hoop $40M. Call 684-2244.  Gardens E.C.D - semi furnished 4 bedroom house. Price USD $1400 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.  GARDENS Fully furnished Executive 3 bedroom house. Price USD $1800. Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.  STREET SECTION K C/VILLE- unfurnished 3 bedroom house can be rented as office. Price $1700 USD neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665 7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  US$750 US$800, Atlantic Gardens US$600 - US$900, Alberttown (furnished) US$1500, Section 'K' US$1500, Campbellville US$1200, Bel Air US$1800. Diana 227-2256, 626-9382.  close proximity to Sheriff Street - brand new 3 storey concrete building. Suitable for business, school, residence etc. Price USD $12,000. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  - 3 storey concrete building suitable for school. Building size 10,250 sq ft. Price USD $5000. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  - Semifurnished 3 bedroom house with office space on ground floor. Price USD $1600. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  - furnished 2 bedroom executive top flat. Price USD $1250. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  - bottom flat suitable for office/residence. Price USD $1200. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  ST CHARLESTOWN - 3 storey concrete building for general store/ storage bond. Size 15225 Sq Ft. Price USD $10,000. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  STREET, ALBERTOWN - 3 storey concrete building. Suitable for school, embassy, office complex, call centre, medical complex etc. Price USD $6,000 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

24 24 TO LET


 PARK - 5 bedroom executive house. Price USD $4500. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.

 NAGAR - Furnished 3 bedroom top flat. Price USD $950. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

 STREET brand new executive offices. Size per unit 1650 sq ft. Price USD $2200 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.

 St, W/Rust: Large and secured bond US$1600 neg, 3-bedroom upper flat same address US$500, Bel Air Park 3-bedroom upper flat AC, 1 master room, parking, etc US$1000 unfurnished, US$1200 furnished. Naresh Persaud 2259882, 681-2499.

 - unfurnished 4 bedroom house can be used as office or residence. Price USD $1500 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  : Unfurnished one master en suite, three additional bedrooms, living, dining, kitchen, lounge with bar area and door to patio terrace, utility room, hot and cold pressure, parking, suitable for corporate clients. US$1500. Tel 667-9367.         , GEORGETOWN - office space available suitable for consultants, accounting firm, lawyers etc. Price USD $900 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.   GARDENS Fully furnished Executive 5 bedroom house. Price USD $3000 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  AND REGENT STREETS - Commercial space on ground floor. Size 1645 sq ft. Price USD $2400 (as is). Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.   : Eccles entire house $180 000 or top apartment $100 000, and bottom apartment $80 000, Kitty 2-bedroom unfurnished apartment $85 000, office space East Street $50 000.     /executive rental: Wonderful 7-bedroom property for office & residence at Atlantic Ville, East Coast Demerara. Price US$2000. Call Mr Darin 615-0069, 225-2626, 225-5198, 225-3069, 225-2709, 231-2064.  Street, Kitty: 3-bedroom front house, 1 self-contained room, tub, washroom, hot and cold, 2 washrooms, 2 AC, ceiling fans in all rooms, breezy verandah and all rooms beautifuly lacquered fully grilled, private driveway for 3 vehicles. Suitable for foreigners. Call 2253262, 676-6948. -bedroom upper flat very spacious, grilled and secure, inside toilet and bath, kitchen unit, telephone, etc. Public Road. Couple preferable. Tel. 653-7654, $68 000 monthly. -bedroom fully furnished flat, Queenstown US$1500 business space 30"x 30" Charlestown US$700. Wills/ Vasco Real Estate and Landscaping 227-2612, 223-1877, 6278314, 655-0755.  Subryanville furnished two-bedroom apartment with AC, garage parking, US$500. Liliendaal, unfurnished, two-bedroom apartment, spacious, large verandah, garage parking. Price $70 0 0 0 G e o r g e t o w n . Te l . 2 2 5 3737, 225-4398, 651-7078   OMIYANA 683-7684 Bel Air 3bedroom nice US$1000 overseas companies welcome also expatriates Ogle house with pool US$4000 very modern. Diamond, water and light included $65 000, Eccles $80 000 2-bedroom, Kersaint Park LBI $65 000, $55 000.  Homes John, 609-8233 Bel Air 3-bedroom nice US$1000 overseas companies welcome, also expatriates. Ogle house with pool US$4000 very modern, Diamond, water and light included $65 000, Eccles $80 000 2 bedroom. Kersaint Park LBI $65 000, $55 000.

Sts. Queenstown   BSc has more than 20,000 hrs in Real Estate Investment and Economic Transformation of People Economic Growth. We have rental from US$1500, in Bel Air Park, a m b assador's residence in Uni versity Gardens Le Resouvenir, Lama Ave with pool, Jacaranda Ave. with large lawns US$2000, Pras h a d Nagar U S$100 0 , a p t . f r o m U S $ 7 0 0 , b o n d 8 0 0 0 sq ft, smal l a n d l a r ge o f f i c e s p a c e up to 1500 0 sq foot; state of the art hote l a n d o f f i c e c o m p l e x w i t h inc o m e o f U S $ 4 0 0 0 0 mo n t h l y ; 2 acre s o f l and in the city for hotel, and any complex Main Street 2 ½ acres US$5M, Water Stre e t 4 a cres for hotel, hotel on 5 acres of land overlooki n g t h e s e a U S $ 5 M ; another overlooki n g t h e s e a US$1.5M , income US$15000; riverside land residential land at LBI - $10M; Republic Park $8M, Diamond $7M, Sec. ' K ' $20 M , B e l A ir Park $25M, G a r n e t t double lo t $ 4 2 M , Phone 225-2626, 231-2064, 2252709, 226-1064, 227-6949, 2276863, 667-7812. 619-7945.  have rental from US$800 in                    beautiful 2storey concrete property, 4 self-contained rooms, large den, large living room, family room, t e l e vision room, beautiful kitchen, fully air conditioned, h o t a n d c o l d f a c i l i ties, land space. Price US$ 2 5 0 0 , u n f u r nished.    2-storey concr e t e p r o p e r t y, m a s t e r r o o m , 2 b e d rooms, kitchen, family room, den, verandah, hot and cold facilities, semi-furnished, security cameras, l a nd space US $ 1 5 0 0 .        2 - s t o r e y c o n c rete property, fully air conditioned 3 be d r o o m s , u n f u r n i s h e d US$2000, (neg).   2-storey conc r e t e property large living area, 4 s elf-contained rooms hot and cold facilities, generator, unfurnished US$1500 neg.   middle floor suitable for bu siness $175 00 0 . : Beautiful 2storey concrete p r o p e r t y i n perfect con d i t i o n , 4 b e d r o o m s , h o t a nd cold facilities, master room, family room, den, air-conditioned, parkin g s p a c e for vehicle US$2500. D o c a l l u s o n Te l . 2 2 5 6858, 225-7164, 688-1885 Call Te r r e n c e 6 6 7 - 7 8 1 2 . We are situated at 247 'D' Forshaw &Oronoque World #1 Realtor Mister Terry Redford Reid 667-78 1 2 , 2 25-6 8 5 8 , 2 2 5 - 7 1 6 4 , 2 2 6 1 0 6 4 , 2 2 5 - 2626, 231-2 0 6 8 , 6 1 9-7945. H a ve the execut i v e r e n t a l r e d u c e d by 35%, Prashad Nagar US$1000, Jacaranda Ave. Bel Air Par k U S $ 2 0 0 0 , Barima Ave Bel Air Park US$1 8 0 0 , B e l A i r S p r i n g s U S $ 1 0 0 0 , large bond for rental office small form US$375, 10 000 sq ft office space for technologybusiness, Lamaha G a r d e n s U S $ 1 5 0 0 , L a m a Av e , B e l A i r P a r k US$180 0 , B e l A i r P a r k o n t he round about US$1000, Prashad Nagar US$1500, land from $11 million, riverside land hotels w i t h U S $ 3 5 0 0 0 m o n t h rental a nd office space US$40 000 month properties from $14 million. 225-2626, 225-5198, 226-1064, 623-2591, 669-3350

PROPERTYFORSALE PROPERTY FOR SALE  storey $19M, East Street. Tel. 615-8683, 225-7593.  Ville $52M, neg. Contact 680-3771, 694-7210.  Street US$1.7M neg. 227-0464, 646-3251.  Ruimveldt: 2-storey 2-family house $13M. Call Carol 623-0070.  concrete 2 flat house in Sophia, prime location. Call 6297745.  (back with no driveway) - $15m. Call Carol 6230070.  Gardens, corner lot $10M. Contact 680-3771, 694-7210.  on 120 acres of land, East Coast Demerara US$800 000. Call Carol 623-0070, 612-9785.  Street: Good for business - $45M. Call Carol 623-0070, 612-9785.  Gardens (new) $55M, $70M. Call Carol 6230070, 612-9785.  Ruimveldt Gardens: Large 4-bedroom house on double lot $70M. Call Carol 623-0070.  at Charlestown. Price $10M. Tel. 627-3902. Park: New 3-bedroom fully furnished with modern baths and kitchen $65M. Call Carol 623-0070. BB: 2-storey 2-amily house $35M. Call Carol 623-0070.  house on double lot $52M. Call Carol 623-0070, 6129785.  St. (Lodge) 43x171 - $40M. Call Carol 6230070, 612-9785.  St: (business, business, business) $125M, $150M, $180M. Call Carol 623-0070, 612=9785.  to rent, sell, buy? Room, house, floor space? Call 687-8168.   at Granville Park. Contact Mr Hinds at 2238059 .   : One two-storey back building. Price $17M neg. Contact 681-8788, 6397758.  Front land with a small wooden house in East Coast Demerara. Contact 657-8086.  property on the corner of Fourth and Light Streets, Alberttown. Interested persons, please call 617-8255.  2 income properties near cricket stadium, Providence, plus parking for 4 vehicles $40M. 684-3718 etc.  Park $38M, BB Eccles $32M, George St $34M, Do you have property to sell? Do you wish to buy? Norbert De Freitas Associates - 609-2302, 609-6516.  unfinished two-storey building in La Parfaite Harmonie, going cheap. Call 685-9321, 216-1370.  property, 25 Mon Repos Public Road ECD, opposite the market, seaside corner. Price $70M neg. Call 220-9889.  Kitty $27M, Alberttown $45M neg, Call Corretta on tel. 697-7842, 2317052, 671-6653.  $10M, East Coast $20M, McDoom $19M, 41 acres land on highway $21M. Diana 227-2256, 626-9382.  Regent Street, reduced to $40M for quick sale. Republic Gardens $35M. Diana 227-2256, 626-9382.  2 VILLAGE, Sukhu St, East Canje Berbice, new structure (two houses) $16M. Contact 6655776.  two-storey concrete and wooden building in Dehli Street, Prashad Nagar. Tel. 686-6058, 612-9999.



 St: Three-bedroom back house $16M neg. A lot more on offer on East Coast. Tel. 639-2835, 223-5460.

 & Oronoque concrete wooden building between Regent and Robb reduced from $45M to $39M. 641-1800.

 3-storey building at Lot 61 Station Street, Kitty $32M neg. Contact 6803771, 694-7210.  second building in Pike Street from Sheriff street great business and residential area. $50M neg. Call 2313236 No agent. 3-storey Robb Street, property owner, 4-storey Charlotte Lacytown, 4-storey North Road Laytown. 225-2319, 688-7224.  concrete 2 flat house at 47 Happy Acres ECD, fully furnished 3 bedrooms top flat, hot and cold bath, big yard space. Call 2252902, 673-1095.   2-storey concrete building (30x40) land (50x80) at Liliendaal, Dennis Street "A" Field Sophia. Price $8.8M. Tel. 662-3842. property, prime location (land 200' x 50') store front 72' x 24', bond 87' x 32', extra space for 15 cars Public Road, McDoom. Tel. 233-0570 (No agent).  Palace and Restaurant, 344 and 345 Middle and East Streets. For sale by owner only. Contact 656-9835, 1-908-456-/6683. property, Atlantic Gardens, E.C. Dem. Tel. 2256608, 679-4096, 661-7719. Must be sold. : Large 3storey ocean front, incomplete building $85M neg. Call Carol 623-0070.  new 3-bedroom property, low land, East Coast Demerara $16M neg. Contact 680-3771, 694-7210. $14M, Greenheart St $19M, La Parfaite Harmonie $8M neg, Rasville $12M Nandy Park $43M neg, Eccles $29M. Alicia 616-1442.  farm at Yarrowkabra, house and land at Windsor Forest, WCD. Eleven lots at Wakenaam. Call 686-4994, 225-3070.   Harmonie $14.5M neg, (95% complete, materials to finish supplied), Republic Park $60M neg, Providence $4.5M neg. and many others. Contact 628-8012.              two-storey concrete 5bedroom property, parking for 3 vehicles, in Georgetown $48M neg. Contact Mr Alexander Pereira 669-0943, 231-2064 or Mr Louie Pereira 623-2591.  2-storey building wooden and concrete in Norton Street, five buildings from Camp Street, second house in yard, $20M neg. Call 628-0972.   wooden and concrete buildings. Vacant possession, 178 Waterloo Street, Georgetown, $50M neg. Call 627-3994.  two-storey property situated at Lusignan highway, ECD $26M neg., one two-storey property situated at Anira Street, Queenstown. Call 225-4359, 6233443. No agents. REAL ESTATE: Houses in Bel Air Park, Lamaha Gardens, AA Eccles, Diamond, Better Hope and around Georgetown from G$27M. Tel. 676-8995, 611-8438. 2-storey concrete building location Cinema Road entrance Non Pareil, ECD. 6 bedrooms, spacious living area, ideal income property. Contact 6483127, 220-2424.  2 family concrete house upper flat 3 bedroom lower flat 2 bedroom. Price $56 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.

 $28M, South $18M, $22M, East Coast front $12M, Robb Street $50M, Kitty 2nd house $13M, 3rd Avenue Diamond $6.5M, 684-2244,  close proximity to Sheriff Street - brand new 3 storey concrete building. Suitable for business, school, residence etc. Price USD $1.4 Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  BABB STREET KITTY - 2 storey wooden and c o n c r e t e I n c o m e P r o p e r t y. Price $64 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643635 3.  - 3 storey Investment Property. Currently renting as apartments and offices. Price $100,000,000 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.  PARK E.B.D - 2 family wooden and concrete Income Property. Price $35 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  ROAD - brand new 3 storey concrete building with roof garden. Currently renting a s h o t e l a n d b a r. P r i c e $11 5 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 m i l l i o n n e g . Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353. ST, KITTY - Investment property on corner. Suitable for any business. Price $60 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  GARDENS $35M, SUBRYANVILLE $50M, New Haven $80M, Bel Air Park, Lamaha Gardens, Garnett St $23M, Charlotte Street $50M, Church Street $75M, North Road, D'Urban Street $50M. TEL. 2268148, 625-1624. New Scheme: 3-storey concrete building. Ground floor 90x 60 AC, 1st floor 90 x 60, 2nd floor 45 x 60, top flat 7 self-contained bedrooms, AC. Land 110x120. Suitable for business and residence US$1M neg. 227-0464, 646-3251. HOPE E.B.D (Gated Community) - Executive modern four bedroom concrete houses with swimming pool. On single lot $39 million, with double lot $45 million. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  OLD ROAD E.B.D - 2 family house upper flat 3 bedroom, lower flat 2 two bedroom apartments repairs needed. Price $25 million. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  E.B.D - 2 family wooden and concrete house upper flat 4 bedroom, lower flat 2 bedroom apartment repairs needed. Price $16 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  E.B.D - unfinished 3 bedroom house. Land size 58 X 120. Price $21 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  .B.D - brand new Executive concrete house, upper flat 4 bedroom and lower flat 2 apartments Price $53 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353. BACKLANDS - 3 bedroom flat house on corner lot, repairs needed Price $14 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 6857887, 643-6353.

PROPERTYFORSALE  W.B.D- brand new 5 bedroom executive house with extra house lot. Price $70 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353. ROAD KITTY: two family concrete property suitable for business Price $45 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353. REPOS E.C.D- Modern 4 bedroom concrete property inclusive of 1 master room. Price $35 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  E.B.D - Modern 2 family concrete house. Price $35 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  OF CANAAN- 4 bedroom concrete house just off the public road. Price reduce to $14.5 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  NAGAR - Inv e s t m e n t p r o p e r t y. 3 b e d room upper flat and 2 bedr o o m l o w er flat. Price $ 56.5 million for quick sale . Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353   Investment property on corner. Suitable for business, apartment complex, hotel or dream house etc. Land size 6500 Sq Ft.Price $85 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  S T R E E T, ALBERTOWN - 3 storey conc r e t e i n v e s t m e n t p r o p e r t y. Suitable for school, embassy, office complex etc. Price $160 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  and Land for Sale Two Story e d W o o d e n a n d Concrete House, Fifth Street Alberttown Georgetown. $40 Million Dollars Negotiable. Contact: Mr. George Tel: 2316278 Or Dr: Thasana Teekah Tel: 626-0993 Street $25M, Guysuco Gardens (UG) $45M, Bel Air Park $55M, Lamaha Gardens $40M, Brickdam $75M, Thomas Street opposite Prashad Hospital $65M, Sheriff Street (business) $155M, Ogle with swimming pool $135M, Thomas Street land (150x40) $75M, Robb Street land (110x32) $60M, North Road $70M, Camp Street land (200x75) US$1.5M. Call Vish Realty - 612-7377. Ideal for two families.         p r o p erty in Bent St - $16.5M, P h o n e M r. D a r i n d r a 6 1 5 0069, 226-1064, 618-0000, Mr Pereira 623-2591, 2252626. 225-5198, 231-2064, 2261064.   Adelaide and Evans Streets Charlestown, Georgetown, Georgetown, Lot No. 41 Section 'A', NO. 53 Village, Corentyne, Berbice. Contact 233-6811, 679-3448.  St, S/C/burg 2-storey house on land 250ft x 38ft, ideal for big investment $72M neg. Nasresh Persaud - 2259882, 681-2499.   20% on all executive properties $60M, 30% discount on $24M, and below, 15% discount on land $18M. Phone 667-7812, 225-6858 , 225-2626 Terrence Reid.          neighbourhood, Sophia, business and residence property. Top 2 bedrooms, bottom concrete business. Phone North America 226-1064, 225-5198, 225-2626, 231-2064, 227-6949.

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 Street $50M, Church Street $75M, D\Urban Street $50M, GUYSUCO Gardens, New Haven, Lamaha Gardens, Bel Air Park. TEL. 226-8148, 625-1624.

  on all properties fo r this summer only. UG Gardens $140M, Republic Park $30M, Nandy Park 4 apartments $32M, Middle Road La Penitence land size 140 x 6 0 $17M, second Street Alberttown business and residence $45M, 5th St. A lberttown massive c o n c r e t e $48M, Eccles $14M, K i t t y Sandy Babb St. two properties on double lot $38M, L a m a h a St Queenstown apartment complex $5 8 M . P h o n e V i c e P r esid e n t 2 3 1 - 2 0 6 4 , 2 2 5 3 0 6 8 , 2 2 7 - 6 8 6 3 , 2 2 6 - 1 0 64, 227-6949, 225-2626.

  26% 26% 26% discount: Two-family concrete business and residence in the front of Ha p p y Acres $32M, Dowding Street, Kitty with driveway $16M, BB Eccles $16M, South R u i m v e l dt Gardens $!6M, Light Street $21M, Second b u i l d i n g w ith 12 ft drive way $!4M, David Street Subryanville wi t h 1 4 f t d r i v e w a y $ 1 6 M , West Ruimveldt c o n c r e t e flat house $4.9M, Dazell H o u s i n g S c h e m e $ 11 M , L a Penitence business and r e s i d e n c e with reserve for 2 0 c a r s $ 11 M , M e a d o w Brook old house $12M, L o d g e $ 1 4 M , Middle Road La Penitence with 20ft driveway 4 apartments $15M, second ranch con crete $38M, Garnett St. business and resid e n c e $ 3 2 M . P h o n e M r. Budram 692-3831, Mr Darindra 615-0069, Mr. A. Pereira 623-2591, Mrs Hercules 661-1952, 225-2626, 225-2709, 225-5198..

built two flat concrete build i ng a t D i a m o n d N e w Scheme. T h e u p s t a i r s c o n sists of two self-contained bedrooms with bu i l t - i n closets, a spacious k i t c hen, d i n i n g a n d l i v i n g rooms along with a large verandah a t t h e b a c k . T h e lower flat has a two-bedroom apartment and a large area that could b e u s e d a s a bond or f or any business. The yard has a concrete fen c e with spikes and razor w i r e a b o v e i t . T h e r e is also a laundry and a generator room downstairs along with a fully tiled carport. A complete water supply is available including six tanks and pump. Asking price: $42M. Interested persons can contact owner at 693 2531.

  JOHN 609-9233 Campbellville 6-bedroom $22M,, Tucville huge $28M, Alberttown 5-bedroom with two extra lots $55M, Ocean Front lands $15M neg, Campbellville 4-bedroom $22M, Houston Garden US$1.5M, La Parfaite harmonie 3-bedroom $7M.  Fabulous HOMES 683-7684 Campbellville 6-bedroom $22M, Tucville huge $28M, Alberttown 5-bedroom with two extra lots $55M, Ocean Front lands $15M neg, Campbellville 4-bedroom $22M, Houston Garden US$1.5M, La Parfaite Harmonie 3bedroom $7M.  Street and Subryanville: Two-family house, three bedrooms up (lone self-contained) two bedrooms down $50M. Rental: US$1500 and US$800 respectively. Semi-furnished, ideal for residence or office.. Call Corretta on 697-7842, 231-7052, 671-6653. are ) FEBRUARY bargains: Se c . ' K ' $ 2 3 m i l l i o n , M e a d o w B r ook $ 2 8 M , a n d $35M , Kitty $23, Alberttown concrete massive for hotel $45M, Bel Air Park in great condition $52M, Happy Acres exec u t i v e $58M, Alb e r t t o w n $ 3 0 M , S e c . ' M' C a m p b e l l v i l l e $ 3 4 M n o w, Phone 225-2626, 225-5198, 22 7-6863, 227-6449, 225-2709, 231-2064, 226-1064, 667-7812          location  Street, Kingston opposite the American Embassy. One (1) huge four storey concrete and steel building, 2 bedrooms on each f l a t , A C < h o t w a t e r , refrige r a t o r a n d s tove o n e ach floor and fully furn i s h e d , g e n e r a t o r. C a n b e u s e d f o r e m b a s s y, o f f i c e , apartments or residence. Price $180M. Property bei n g sold with all equipment and furnishings inclusive. Serious enquiries 223-8634, 646-3251, 2270464'  modern Pike North Ruimveldt ranch with master room $17M, Meadow Brook Gardens $35M, Tucville concrete new $27M, Providen c e $ 2 5 M , new ranch $13M, Bel Air Park $45M, Prashad Nagar $ 37M, Duncan St. $23M, Sec. ' M' Ca m p b e l l v i l l e r e q u i r e s repairs $14M, D'Urban St. $15M, Bent St. busine s s residence. Phone Lord Johnny Ramsohoye 225-2709, 618-0000, 227-6949, 2252626, 226-1064, 227-6949, 2255198  Homes International Realty: Coldingen $14M neg, Rasville $14M neg, Enmore $8M neg, Camp b e l l v i l l e $ 1 5 M neg, Diamond 2 for 1 deal $ 1 5 M neg, Cove and John 2 h o m e s 5 b e drooms $12M, 4-bedro o m $10M, McDoom Solid concrete $ 2 0 M, North Ruimveldt 7bedroom fixer upper, Nismes $6.5M, La Parfaite Harmonie $8.5M, 6-bedroom apartment (4 2-br, 2 1-br) only $21M neg), corner lot 89x80 Albouystown. Ready to go now! And many more, call Ahaziah 613-3018 Sam's Real Estate and Property Management has the best priced properties for 2014: D'Urban Backlands $28M, Continental Park $45M, Atlantic Ville $19M, Non Pareil (land) $7M, Princes St. $11.5M, Grove (land) $7.5M, Diamond (land) $4M, Bel Air Park $35M, Kingston $20M. Rentals South Ruimveldt Park $65M, Duncan St $75 000, Bond 55x75 ft, Eccles Industrial Site US$4500 neg. Tel. 6977842, 231-7052, 671-6653.

   new three-bedroom fully furnished house in Subryanville, all modern conveniences, US$3000 neg., one semi-furnished flat, Lamaha Gardens $65 000 per month, one-bedroom apartment, fully furnished D'Urban Backlands US$700, business place, 2room offices and general office space US$1200, one 4-bedroom fully furnished house with 2 utili t y r o o m s , g e n e r a t o r, e t c , Albettown US$1300, two-room office, unfurnished South Cummingsburg US$30 00 neg, Wills/Vasco Real Estate and Landscaping 227-2612, 223-1877, 6278314, 655-0755.  3-storey concre t e b u i l d i n g , P r i c e $ 1 00 M .   property in good condition. Price $18M.   b e a u t i f u l 2-store y c o n c r e t e p r o p e r t y 3 self-contained, 1 ma s t e r , l i b r a r y, television room, living room, upstairs back verandah, downstairs den, fully marble ston e tile, family room pati o , g a r a g e p a r k i n g s p a c e , f o r 3 cars, needs cosmet i c s , l a n d s p a c e P r i c e $ 9 0 M, O g l e b e a u t i f u l p r o p e r t y $90M,  $36M neg,   $120M beautiful home excellent condition in   $55M neg, Queens t o w n property $100M. Do call us at Joy Reid's Realty. We are located at 247(D) Forshaw and Oronoque St r e e ts , Q u e e n s t o w n . Te l . 2 25-6858, 225-7164, 66778 12, e m ail: WBD: almost br a n d n e w 5 b e d r o o m house for sale, master room and all rooms selfc ontained with AC and fans, open concept kitchen/ dining/living room, large w a l k - i n p a n t r y, o f f i c e / l i brary room and a powder room. B e a u t i f u l l a n d s c a p e and wr ap around patio. Priced to sell - $ 7 5 M i l l i o n . Te l . 5 9 2 - 6 2 4 - 8 7 0 4 , 5 9 2684-9203.  on all properties for this summer only. Sale! Sale! Sale! Business property im m e d i ately: East of O r a n g e W a l k i n C h a r l o t te Stree t $28M, 3-storey business property in Croal Street re quires repairs $32M, B e n t S t r e e t a l m o s t new 2sto r e y b u s i n e s s p r o p e r t y $!6M, South R u i m v e l d t Gardens residence $16 M, O g l e f u lly concrete new $ 4 9 M , Tucville new $26M , Prashad Nagar exe c u t i v e $55M, Bel Air Park $55M, K i t t y b u s i n e s s o r residence requires repairs, o n 8 0 0 0 s q . ft - $19M, Forshaw old h o u s e $21 M , 3-storey b u s i ness c lose to Main Street $55M, Meadow Brook $45M, fully concrete D ' U r b a n B a c k l a n d s $ 3 0 M, New S e c t i o n 'K' $42M, Lamaha G a r d e n s e x e c u t i v e $ 6 8 M , o ne r a n c h - style Section 'M' 3-bedroom suites for elde r l y $50M, fully concrete with excellent interior work, B e l A i r G a r dens $130M 2 3 1 - 2 0 6 4 , 225 3 0 6 8 , 227-6863, 226-1064, 2276949,

 3-storey concrete building, Price $100M.   property in good condition. Price $18M.    beautiful 2-storey concrete property 3 self-co n t a i n e d , 1 ma s t e r , l i b r a r y, t e l e v i s i o n r o o m , living room, upstairs ba c k v e r a n d a h , d o w n s t a i r s d e n , f u l l y m a r b l e s t o n e tile, family room patio, garage parking space, for 3 cars, needs cosmetics, land space Price $90M,Ogle b e a u t i f u l prope rty $90M,  $36M neg,    $120M beautiful home excellent condition in   $55M neg, Queenstown property $100M. Do call us at Joy Reid's Realty. We are located at 247(D) Forshaw and Oronoque Streets, Queenstown. Tel. 225-6858, 2257164, 667-7812, email:

 Street business $150M, Sheriff Street apartment building earning $3M per month - US$1M, Main St r e e t thr e e - s t o r e y r e s t a u r a n t , hotel building US$2M, Lamaha Street near Camp three-storey $160M, Thomas Street, Cummingsburg two threestorey buildings $80M e a c h , M i d d le Street, near hospital three-storey building $130M, Charlotte Street co n c r e t e r e s i d e n t i a l , c o u l d be converted into office building $25M, Charlotte Street four-storey new on double lots US$1.1M, Bel A i r V i l l a g e e x ecutive $34M, A A E ccles $68M, others. Mentore/Singh Realty 2251017, 623-6136.  concrete Section 'K' $44M, 7-apartment William St. concrete building reduced from $60M to $50M, Kitty house requires. repair on 8 000 sq. ft $19 M , Middle Road La Penitence $ 1 6 . 5 M , a l m o s t Regent a nd Oronoque St. $36M, Charlotte Street East of Orange Walk $28M, South Ruimv e l d t Gardens $66M, Meadow Brook concrete $45M, e x e c u t i v e R epublic Park $48M, Lamaha Gardens 3 self-contained $70M, Prashad Nagar 6-bedroom $58M, business 3storey Quamina Street $85M, Bel Air Gardens on double lot $140M, Subryanville $58M, Alberttown concrete business $40M, New Haven 4 self-contained $80M, 3-bedroom new concrete Ogle $48M, Bel Air Park $52M, Croal St. 3-storey require repairs $30M, 4 lots in AA Eccles with incomp l e t e c a t h e d r a l - s t y l e s t ructure requires $20M to complete, plus reserve and place for l a k e $ 9 0 M n e g . , Mr. Darendra 615-0069, Vice Presiednt Alysious Pereira 6232591, Vice Pre s i d e n t J honny Ramsahoye 225-2709, Vice President Darindra 615-0069, 225-2626, 225-3068, 227-6863, 226-1064, 667-78 1 2 , f a c e b o o k To n y Reid Re a l t y 7 da ys a week 24 hours a day all holidays and all prices are negotiable.

 b a r g a i n s No rton S t r e e t - $14 M , B e n t Street business and residence - $16M, executive Prashad Nagar mansion double lot - $85M, 8 apt. apartment complex was $120M, now - $85M, Sec. 'K' Ca mpbellville $23M, Alberttown con c r e t e 5 b e d r o o m s - $ 4 6 M , o t h e r for $19M, and - $30M, South Ruimveldt Gardens - $19M, Fest i v a l City - $ 1 4 M C h a r l o t t e Street business and residence b y Bourda Market - $ 2 6 M , C umming s S t r e e t - $ 3 4 M , Me a d o w B r o ok - $28M, D'U rban Street for double lo t for 5-stor e y - $25M, Phone Lord Alysious P e r e i r a - 623-2591, 227-6949, 225-2709, 231-2064, 227-6863, 226-1064, 2 2 7 - 6 8 6 3 , 2 2 5 5198, 6 6 7 -78 1 2 tonyreidsrealty@hotmail.c om Bargains in Guyana: Full concrete D'Urban Street business $19M, business and residen ce Bent S t r e e t 1 6 M , G o r d o n Street business & residence $23M. Waterloo Street busin e s s a n d residence ( n e w ) $35M. South Road Land $36M, Charlotte Street 2 buildings 2 houses by Light $32M. Land 140 x 60 by Russian E m b a s s y $ 3 0 M . L a n d a t Turkeyen 140x60 $32M. L0 Ressovenure Land 126x60 $20M. Campbellville flat house needs repairs $13M. Section K $19M needs rep a i r s , 3 - s t o r e y Q u a m i n a S t r e e t f o r h o te l U S $ 5 9 9 0 0 0 , B e l A i r P a rk $49M Lamaha Gardens va l u e d $85M now $ 7 0 M . R e ntal o f apartm ents from U S $ 7 0 0 , R e s i d e n c e U S $1 2 0 0 u p w a r ds. Phone Lord Patrick Pereira 227-6863, 225-2709, 227-6949, 226-1064, 669-3350. 7 days a week tonyrei d s r e a l t y @ h o t m a i l . c o m   your year for 28% discount on all properties. Happy A c r e s 2 - s t o r e y c o n crete $24M, Providence Stadium new $16M, concrete R e p u b l i c P a r k $ 3 6M, Eccles concrete $34M, South Ruimveldt Gardens $12M n eeds repairs, Middle Road La Penitence 4apartment $14M, La Penitence t w o - s t o r e y $ 11 M , D \ U r b a n Backland s c o n c r e t e $ 2 8 M, Meadow Brook $12M, D\Urban Street concrete residence and business $28M, Lamaha Gardens executive $68M, Prashad Nagar 8000 s q ft l a n d $ 6 0 M , L a m a A v enue, Bel Air Park $83M, Bel Air Park $45M Dowding Street Kitty $29M, and $19M , D a v i d Street Subryan v i l l e f r om $19M, back with 12ft drive w a y $ 1 4 M , S ection 'K' Campbellville $40M, Garnett S t r e e t r a n c h concrete $38M, Owen Street Kitty concrete 2-storey $39M, Camp Street business and residence. Phone Mr Darindra 615-0069, Mr Carlos B u d r a m 6 9 2 - 3 8 3 1 , M r. A l e x P e r e i r a 231-2064, Mr. Ramsahoye 2252709, 225-2626, 225-3068, 2276949, 225-5198, 627-7812, 2261064.

PROPERTYFORSALE  us at Raphael's Realty, 204 Ch a r l o t t e St B o r u d a Te l 225-8241, 227-4950 after hrs 226-7829 Fax 227-1537. EXECUTIVE: Ogle $115M, Diamond $35M, $20M, $13M, Queenstown $65M, $75M, Ve r s a i l l e s $ 2 5 M , C o n t i n e ntal Park (exquisitely furnished) $70M, Wismar Burnham Drive $8M, Breda St Werk-en-Rust $20M, Plaisance (2-storey concrete) $23M, Dazzell Scheme $27M, Atlantic Ville $19M, John Street Campbellville $55M, Water Street, Agricola $18M. LAND: La Grange $3M, 157 acres river to highway, L i n d e n H i g h w a y $ 3 0 M , Mon Repos $2.5M, Dowding St . , B e l A i r P a r k $ 6 0 M , R E N TA L O g l e 5 - b e d r o o m f u r n i s h e d , s w i m m i n g p ool US$4000. New one and twostorey apartments in Georgetown US$1200 and US$1500 monthly. All prices are negotiable..



 & plucked chicken. Tel: 650-4421, 220-9203.  puppies, dogs for adoption. Call 649-4247. 14" RIVER dredge complete. Call 669-8985.  fuel drums. Call 226-7948, 697-9610.  motor bike, great business venture - 227-5788.  cooler in perfect working condition. 227-1028.  Rover parts. Contact 692-2521, 231-6322.     s c r a p 3 1 2 B C AT excavator. Contact 656-2350.   hauler trucks, 1 C F D A F. C o n t a c t 6 5 6 2350. : One four-bedroom house and two house lots $28M.. 662-8969, 669-0943.  bull pups, pink nose, vaccinated and dewormed. Call 2229077, 653-6191.  Jazz PLL series, $1.2M neg. Call 227-3471, 6141069. , computer, etc for internet café. Contact 6103689, 254-1958.  312 short boom and 320 short boom. Contact 6562350.  PROPERTIES IN GEORGETOWN  KVA generator Honda EX 3300 watts also 2300 watts also 1000 watts generator. 6887224, 225-2319.  and Tibetan terrier mixed puppies, vaccinated and dewormed. Tel. 266-0410.  structure, height 35 ft L x 87 ft W x 52 ft - $4M, located in Linden. Tel. 694-7210, 6803771.  15 and 9.9 fourstroke engine and mercury 15 and 25 four-stroke engine. Contact 220-0567.  Ferguson tractor, 15-speed, 4-wheel drive, in excellent condition. Call 692-2521, 231-6322.  407C (25 lb) UK-made. Call 233-0654, Monday to Friday (08:00hrs to 17:00hrs).  Sprinter AE 100, series PSS 587, 1 stove (6-burner). Call 621-8333, 645-8338, 2259714.   360, PSP Games, modding of systems also available. Contact 6843025. -old German Shepherd and pitbull mixed pups, vaccinated and dewormed. Call 6953813.

FORSALE VEHICLES FOR SALE  Metallic refrigerator Frigidaire in excellent condition $140 000. Contact 622-4746, 220-0959.  table, imported & local & accessories such as cues, balls, cloth, rubber, spot chalk, etc. One Honda CRV. Tel. 609-3311, 6144841, 220-4298. : Japanese Shyzu mixed with poodle. Tel. 2751122, 668-1396.  set mag rims size 22" with tyre 6 holes. Contact 6263371.  Hydraulic jack hammer for breaking very strong concrete and rocks, can be worked on 320 CAT, 324, or 330. Also Doosan, Kobelco, Hitachi. Tel. 656-2350.  jewel workshop, gold detector, 1 RZ minibus BKK 5413. All excellent condition. Call 612-2517, 220-0103.       -used Massey t r a c t o r, 2 - 6 0 H p t r a c t o r s $1.6M00 each, 75Hp tractor $2.4M. Call 627-4148                           set model D 343, 250 kva, 3 Ph, 415-240, 220/127v, AC 60 Hz. Call 2270190, 693-5610, 616-9727.  backhoe 3 CX, caterpillar backhoe, 10-ton toad r o l l e r, p o r ta b l e w e l d e r o n wheels. Call 623-3404.  caterpillar engine 3406 Di $1M. 2 set 17" mags with tyre (6 logs), 4 wheel 2 wheel drive. 6546166.     e q u i p p e d m o bile snackette/juice bar, with g e n e r a t o r, r u n n i n g w a t e r , c o o l e r, e t c . 6 3 8 - 9 11 6 , 6 0 3 0976.              b o a r, 4-inch and 5-inch seine 240 lb , 15 Marino engine, $500 000. Call 698-1425, 2 3 4 - 1111 . - 110v Fridge 2 Double Beds with Mattresses; 3piece Suites; 2 Wardrobes, Entertaiment Centre, etc... No reasonable offer refuse.. 6236431/ 652-2568/ 657-8887.  lavatory sink tops, double or single bowl with face basin or we can make to order. Contact Rawle - 611-7031, 6677963.  pit bull pups, vaccinated and dewormed. Toyota Raum, 16" chrome rims, AC, CD. Price $1.45M neg. Call 650-0609.  Yard at La Parfaite Harmonie, 3-storey building at Shell Road Kitty, 2-storey house at Pigeon Island, ECD. Call 6192084.  Market: Double, front stalls facing Regent Street, for electronics cellphone pharmacy, jewellery, cosmetics. 6411800.  cell phone, 9650 model, Blackberry Bold excellent condition (new)- $12,000. 624-6464, 6 6 5 - 6 0 6 1 , 6 8 6 0900.. Keith.  165 Massey Ferguson tractor, one 225 Amp portable gas welder and one used marine caterpillar engine. Contact 6830172, 610-0756.  F-350 single cab, 8ft tray, V8 Turbo diesel, manual gearbox, solid diffs 4WD, double tanks. Recently refurbished, $2.7M. Call 662-5910.  louvre doors Canadamade from $9 000 up, 25% off regular price, 37 Brickdam, East of New Thriving. Call 688-8044 Monday to Friday (10:00hrs to 16:00hrs). alarm Prestige 787C $24 000, 997C $34 500 and Viper $19 500, Pioneer car stereo with USB $19 500 - $25 000, rearview mirror reverse camera. 679-7944.

26 26 FORSALE  12x5.9" portable planer, also DeWalt 12" sliding compound mitre saw. DeWalt compressor nail gun. 688-7224, 225-2319. adjustable up and downcross cut saw on table - 240v, 1- Wadkin 12 inch plane with blades- 240v. All machines are in good working order. Owner leaving 6643368.   Hymac in working condition, 750 KVA generator, working construction. Tel. 2602859, cell 661-9981.          250-gallon plastic totes, ideal to transport fuel to the interior also oil paint and concrete paint, 5 gallons and 1 gall o n , , m a r i n e paint also. Phone 220-1014.    Hp Yamaha outboard engine, 2 - 150 Hp Marine outboard engines, 1 Perkins 4.108 with transmission, 2 fibre glass boat with 225 Hp Mercury engine. Tel. 629-9061.  catridges and Hp ink in box, cheap. Owners leaving 2 Xerox ink cartridges 113R 634 $30 000 each, 5 Xerox ink cartridges 113R 321 $30 000 each, 8 Hp Laser Jet ink cartridges 98X 92298S. Tel:6643368  imported! David's beautiful b r i d a l o u t f i t a n d accessories, re jewellery and purse, etc. All going at reasonable prices. Call now 2 2 5 - 9 4 5 0 , 6 4 9 - 4 435.   radiators for 6or 4-cylinder (1) red engine 2 x 2-1/2 ft in good condition $50 000 excellent. Large commercial vacuum cleaner 120v, 60 Hz, 10 A, stainless steel, on trolley for car wash or industrial purposes, Hp 4.2 shop vac, wet/ dry $60 000. Tel:675-8008.  650-16 tyres Goodyear nylon 10-ply rating $21,000 each, 5 used mag rims for Toyota Land Cruiser 5-hole, 17 tyre $120 000. Owner leaving 614-9432.  Rebel motorcycle 250cc $450 000 neg, Harley Davidson motorcycle 1350 cc $2.2 neg, 1 Samsung Galaxy Tablet 11, 10-inch $65 000. 6737734.  mirrors $30 000, pressure washer 2200 psi $45 000, brush cutter $30 000, chain saw $50 000, food warmer $25 000, hot dog machine $40 000. Tel. 680-3863. 3 Hp Laser Jet ink cartridges 13X $6 000 each, 4 Hp Laser Jet ink coloured cartridges 4193A $5 000 each, 3 Canon cartridges NPG H toner $4 000 each. All prices are neg. Tel:6214928  oil tanker boat (wooden) inboard engine 6cyl (Caterpillar), max capacity 200 drums, boat length 55 ft, 7 ft depth, 14 ft width. Can also be converted to a snapper boat, solar power backup, kitchen, toilet and 4 beds. Tel. 615-5922.

FORSALE    phaser 3300 multi-function printer (new), BROTHER Intellifax machine (new), SHARP G function calculator (new), EPSON overhead projector (new), CRV radiator 2002 (new). Tel 674-7494, 639-2835. -PIECE dining set (wholesale/retail) $35 000/$45 000, 30, 32, 34, 36 purpleheart panel doors, $28 000 each, 30, 32, 34, 36 Kabakali panel doors $20 000 each. Tel. 688-9712, 651-0717, 669-1448.  large table lamps antique with shade 110v $15 000, toaster oven with glass door 110v$4 000, coffe e p e r c o l a t o r w i t h glass mug 110v $4 000, antique half round small table and antique stool $15 000. Call: 616-5340          machine 3-speed, 3-pint cup stainless steel good for home or b u s i n e s s 11 0 v ( H a m i l t o n Beach) made $20 000, new 4-speed Premium blender with large mug 110v $5 000. O w n e r l e a v i n g 6 7 5 - 8 0 08. -by-side large refrigerator and freezer hardly used 110v good condition $180 000, 32-inch Sony TV, col o u r e d c u r v e d screen 110v with remote $50 000, Inverter 140-watt power invertors DC 12 volt to 110 volts with fuse system $20 000, Detecto scale large for measuring height and weight of patient, good for doctor\s clinic or any medical organisation, UK-made $45 000. Owner migrating 675-8008.  heavy duty Kolbe German made band saw 4340 MM to 450 MM model B 63, 240, 208 and 440 volts 50/60 Hz could also tilt the table. Large De Walt industrial cross and rip saw on large metal table, could move in any direction with 4 foot original, 208, 240 and 440v, 50/60 Hz, 2825 to 3425 RPM 3Hp motor, sliding on arm adjustable to tilt or turn to any direction. Tel: 614-9432. -size mattress with box spring, brand new $120 000, 28ft aluminum extension ladder, American-made, brand new $45 000. Used 18 cubic refrigerator $85 000, brand new vehicle dashboard, video camera recorder $25 000, used 14-ft aluminum boat with 40Hp Johnson engine, comes with steering, fuel tank and battery $1M neg. Tel. 609-7257, 621-7728.  Perkins generator 12500 watts $495 000, Perkins 1000 series 4-cylinder engine on bed with radiator $875 000 like new Welder engine driven $450 000 large American-made wood shaper $250 000, wood morticer $180 000. Tel. 619-6863, 226-3883, 601-8276.  for office: Paper cutter guillotine hand type 18x30 US-made $10 000, 1 set office wall divider UK-made to set up two to three offices with glass door $40 000, office paper shredder 110v fully automatic to destroy documents $10 000. Tel:664-3368

 items: Antique corner table, bed, antique vanity, sofa, closet, coffee tables, nibbi chairs, carpet, printer, 3-wheel motorbike, beverage cooler, kitchen utensils and much more. Phone 227-1028, 231-5788.

dehumidifier on wheels 110v, for office, home or patio, filters clean air $15 000, large new APC smart uninterruptable power supply 120 vac, along with all fittings and new laptop and manuals, CD instructions $90 000. Tel:664-3368

 1- large Canadian Band Saw 240v, one large De Walt Rip Saw or Cross Cut Saw with large arm and table, move in any direction- 240v. 1 Edge sander with 12 inch disc 240v, to sand wood edge. Price $1.6M neg. Tel:621-4928

ONE la r g e f l a t s c r e e n computer monitors 60 Hz 110v $15 000 each 14'x16', 10 surge protector and battery back ups ES 750, 120v, 60Hz, $10 000 each, Owner leaving. Tel. 621-4928.

  entral air conditioner units large 240v complete with motor $50 000 each, large fuel tank metal on stand with gauge 500 gallon $60 000, large Kholer generator housing to keep noise low while generator working $60 000. Tel:616-5340

! Plants! Hibiscus, crotons, palms (red palm), Xmas trees, ixoras, ficus, mussaenda etc, also sweet tamarind plants, etc. Contact Evergreen Plant Shop, 156 Block 'X' Diamond Housing Scheme (2nd Avenue/2nd Street). Tel 216-2199, 687-5631.

FOR SALE  Lister engines, 2 generators 75 KVA and 30 KVA, with heavy d u t y t r a i l e r . Te l . 2 2 5 - 7 7 3 2 , 610-3043, 688-4771, 2270173, 622-7402.  dish for communication or TV station or anything that you want to set up. 50 pieces of 10 feet dish width at $100 000 complete each, 10 pieces central air conditioner units large 240v complete with motor $50 000 each, large fuel tank metal on stand with gauge 2000 gallon $60 000. Tel: 621-4928.



 RX8 18-inch alloy rims, leather seats, spoiler, metallic red, $1.8M. Call 220-0170.

 AE 100 Toyota Sprinter. Price $725 000 neg, alarm, AC and one GX110 Toyota Mark 11. Price $2.6M neg. Both in very good condition. Tel. 629-5300.

 AT 212 fully loaded alarm, DVD, CD player, mag rims, late PKK series. Price $1.25M neg, Toyota AT 212 very good condition, HB series Contact 6263371.

 Rover 4x4 SUV also Nissan Titan (4x4LE) fully loaded also Honda DelSol sport car. 688-7224, 225-2319.

Cami, PNN series, automatic, mags, TV, $1.6M, Premio PNN series, reverse camera, CD, DVD, mags, $2.3M. Tel. 227-0613, 645-7248.

 motorcycle, three-wheel with open tray in excellent condition. Call 220-3899.  Toyota 2005 Runx unregistered, $2.45M neg. 619-2431  silver Honda CRV, PMM series, year 2002. Price $3M neg. Tel. 641-5670, 666-3348.  Daf truck with hyab. Tel.. 626-5706.

12-inch disc sander for sanding edge of any furniture 110-240, electric Mac tool brand parts washer 110v with 25-gal drum that holds wash fluid at the bottom and square metal bin 2ft by 3 ½ ft at the top with cover to wash engine parts, e t c A l l m a chines are working. Make an o f f e r f o r 1 or the lot. Owner leaving 614-9432.

 Allion, PNN series, low mileage, alarm, well maintained car. Tel. 616-2126, 614-4436.

10 STURDY metal cages with door to secure air conditioner units, water pumps, etc.Could place a lock on door for security purposes $15 000 each, 2 large 2400 BTU air conditioner evaporator complete wall unit 240v $50 000 each with all brackets complete. Owner leaving. 6758008.\

 Toyota AT 212, high PKK series, fully loaded, CD/DVD, alarm, $1.15M. Call 649-8395.

 ! !                                            hard-to-get vehicle parts including windscreen, computer box, doors, lights, engines, front half, back half, mirrors,window screen for all types of vehicles, spoiler, door visors, mud-flap for 2002 Rav-4, etc for Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Honda Isuzu, Fuzo, etc. at unbeatable prices. Contact Tel. 645-7800, 001597-866-6358.  Auto Parts, 6 Vlissengen Road Newtown. Tel. 227-2835. Must be sold. Tyre sizes 185x55x15, 185x60x15, 205x55x16, 235x65x16, 225x65x16, 205x60x16, 215x55x17, 225x50x17, 225x55x17, 235x60x17, 235x65x17, 235x55x17, 245x45x17, 245x65x17, 225x45x17, 235x55x18, 225x55x18.


 2007 model, PRR series. Tel. 661-6161.  Corona $500 000. 6949007.   , 1 new model 212. Call 621-8129. seater Regius minibus. Contact 614-2878.  , $800 000 neg.. Sold by owner. 616-6130.  192, first owner, used privately. Call 690-8004.  X-trail $2.8M, reasonable offer welcome. Call 639-6911.  Toyota Corona AT 170, excellent condition. Please call 678-1091.  RZ hardly used immaculate condition, $1.6M. Rocky 225-1400, 621-5902.  SV-40 Toyota Camry in excellent condition. Tel. 644-5931.  canter in immaculate condition. Price: $2.5M. Tel: 6608260.              Benz 300E 1992, LHD, good condition, needs repairs. Call Raza 628-8591.  Toyota Allex, PLL series, immaculate condition. Price $1.5M neg. Call 684-8055.

 Voxy Toyota Noah, full loaded, must see. RZ bus 2000 cc. Call Narine 688-1657, home 216-3488.  base RZ minibus in working condition. Call 652-7384, 668-5062, after 14:00hrs.

  $750 000, owner leaving, AT 192, $800 000 neg. Call 689-5080, 629-9383.  Toyota 212 new model and one NZE Toyota Corolla. Call 656-7900, 668-1718.   CHEAP ONLINE VEHICLE DEALS. TEL. 626-9590, 657-1796. NISSAN Double cab pick up, $700,000 Tel. 216-3120(office), 6676644.  Passo, PNN series, female-driven. Tel. 625-5252, 6600330.  minibus VVII, BPP series, excellent condition, music, mag, etc. Call 270-4625, 629-7739.   Express, PMM series, low mileage, spare parts available. Contact 684-3025 for more information.  F150 V6 in working condition $700 000. Tel. 256-3749, 681-5422, 692-0526.  BMW 316I, mag rims, music, AC, etc. Price $2.1M neg. Tel. 649-7005.  Toyota Fielder, TV, rims, reverse camera. 654-2036, 663-2700.  in excellent condition, rims, alarm, TV, body kit. Contact 617-5559, 256-3542.  model Toyota Allion, late PMM series. In excellent condition. Tel. 616-7351.       t r a c t o r, f o r e i g n used, in excellent condition. Price neg. Contact 670-9393.  AT 192, in good condition,music,rims,ac, alaram, $900,000 neg. Tel:625-6487  RAV-4 series PGG, manual, excellent condition. Contact 622-4746, 226-5053.  Dyna 2-tonne diesel canter, in excellent condition, $975 000 or best offer. Tel. 268-2121.  Hilux extra cab pickup, one without engine. Contact 642-1070..  Lancer car, PJJ series $800 000 neg, AC, CD player. Tel. 692-1195, 622-7558.    212, new model, in excellent condition. Contact 2225123, 628-3625.  MAZDA 6, 2300 CC, immaculate condition - $2.8M Tel. 612-9999. your car TV getting error "insert map disc"? Software reload available 643-6565.  Tacoma parklights and bumper lights, BMW parklights, Toyota BB rear lights. 643-6565.  Auto blowout sale! Unregistered Mazda Axela $2 295 000, Pioneer CD, crystal lights, remote start alarm. 6436565, 226-9931.  Hilux 2004 diesel, 4x4, 4-door stickshift pick-up also BMW 318i 2004 likenew. 225-2319, 688-7224.

 Civic HID, leather interior, mag rims, CD deck, LED head and tail lights. Call 6190585, 226-0931.  400 SL SPORTS CAR $4.3M. OWNER LEAVING COUNTRY. KEM 225-9156, REGENT STREET.  3Y, GGG series, in good condition. Must sell. No reasonable offer refused. Tel. 625-3265, 618-2317.  FERGUSON TRACTORS. 165 AND 135 WITH SPARES. Price $1.5M and $600 000.     Toyota Raum old model in good condition. Price $1M. 640-0692.  Mazda RX8, fully loaded. Contact 609-9829. Owner leaving country. 11, good condition, music set, chrome wheels, remote start, alarm, 6282330 Chris.  Pickup, excellent condition, 5-speed transmission. Asking $2.2M neg. Contact 683-0658, 693-7635   Toyota Carina car in very good condition, PFF series. Contact 613-6264, 222-6026.  Tacoma 4x4 2006, $4.2M, RX8 Mazda 2004, $2.2M. Tel. 615-8683, 2257593.   Will VS, PMM series, excellent condition. Contact 646-4429, 6218539.  A4 Audi, sun roof, turbo, 4WD, 1800cc, DVD, blue tooth. Price $4.2M neg. Tel. 669-7298.  Nissan Titan GMM series, 4WD, rim, bars, cover, etc. Price $2.5M neg. Call 6429003, 685-5100.  Hilux Surf 4-door, power windows, 4x4 excellent condition 3Y engine. Must sell. $2.2M neg. 615-4667.  equipped 2004 Toyota Allion with TV, camera, DVD, etc. Going cheap. 6389116, 603-0976.  Solid def $2.45M, Isuzu truck 2-ton dump $2.3M. Vehicles unregistered. Annandale Public Road 6411800.  Nissan Frontier $1.5M, two Hilux unregistered pick-up $2M each, one solid deff 4-door pick-up $1.7M neg. Contact 665-5776.  Hilux Solid diff pickups, GASOLENE (4Y) and diesel engine. Just arrived, in excellent condition. Tel. 6912077.          Spacio, mag rims, music, AC< TV, DVD in excellent condition. Price $2.3M neg. Tel. 677-9044, 231-2931.  model Raum, mag, AC,,CD, alarm, excellent condition. Price $1.75M neg. Cell 685-7565.  Spa c i o , f u l l y loaded $2.1M, To y o t a Fielder, fully loaded $2.1M n e g . Te l . 6 6 1 - 6 1 6 1 .  Custom 3Y minibus, double coil spring, mag rims, music and perfect for any hustle. Call 686-1237, 6604739, 255-0914.


 Nissan Pick-up, engine KA20, AC, music, good working condition, first owner, GNN series. Call 259-3158, 673-1935.  Toyota Hilux V6 GMM series, LHD, 4WD, winch, off road bumpers, etc, Toyota RZ EFI long base, 6 lugs late JJ series. Call 643-9235. Honda Chapa PKK series, mag rims, music, AC, alarm, fully loaded, lady-driven. Tel. 621-5582, 611-4227. Hilux pickup 4x4, long base, manual, single cab, just imported. Excellent condition. Tel. 665-2880.  MINIBUS for sale $700 000, BGG 6255, reasonable working condition. Call 618-5093. Toyota Raum, PMM series, AC, stereo, excellent condition. Owner leaving country. Call 660-9478.  ACE small bus, EFI, stick shift, 5-speed. Private Price $350 000. Phone 268-3953, 6385301.         C i v i c , C D player, AC, mag rims, alarm system, $780 000 neg. Ford Ranger 2003 $2.2M neg. Tel. 658-5400.  Nissan Tiida Latio PPP series, in excellent condition. Owner migrating. MILAGE 58,000, LADYDRIVEN Tel. 617-3834.  vehicles Toyota Tacoma 2002, Toyota Tacoma 2006, one Nissan Vanette, One Toyota IST. Contact 621-6898, 657-1930, 6601943.  NZE Corolla car, rims, AC, press start, alarm, music set, equaliser speakers, all four wheels disc brakes, newly sprayed, lady-driven, leather interior. Call 668-5384, 648-3342.  Premio PNN series, in excellent condition (ladydriven), 17" chrome rims, alarm, automatic start, ac, CD player etc. $2.3M neg. Tel. 649-2541.  (Suzuki Escudo/Vitara), fully loaded and in excellent condition and a Toyota Mark 11 Luxury Sedan. Vehicles must go. Call 623-8172, 6292404, 649-6410, 220-3411.  RZ minibus in excellent condition, BPP series, CD deck, AC, fully long base, stick s h i f t , $ 2 . 6 M n e g . Te l . 6 2 6 1375.  Daf long base closed up canter series, GPP 445, 101 Mon Repos Housing Scheme. Contact numbers 220-7555, 6907021, 616-1090, 674-4724. Price $3.5M neg.  Corolla AE 100 Wagon with 4A-GE 20-valve back top engine and 5-speed gear box, 4-wheel, disc brakes, stage 3 clutch, magna flow exhaust system, 15" mag rims. Call 6464519.   / Company Bus, (80 Passengers) Coach Bus, make: Blue Bird, miles: 15,000 only, excellent condition - 6246464, 6 6 5 - 6 0 6 1 , 6 8 6 - 0 9 0 0 . Keith.  Toyota Tacoma 2005, TRD 4x4 fully loaded, automatic, bright cherry red, excellent condition. Tel. 669-1113, 671-8883, 614-0949. Price $3.9M.=  Toyota Tacoma 2011, 4x2 pick-up extended cab, fully loaded automatic, comes with front and side curtain air bags. Excellent condition. Tel. 6691113, 671-8883, 614-0949.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday February 27, 2014


Australia drugs probe over, ex-judge to review evidence (Reuters) - Australia’s peak anti-doping agency has completed a 13-month probe into the use of performance-enhancing drugs in local sports and a retired judge will now decide whether to pursue individual cases, the country’s anti-doping chief said. The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) investigation has cast a pall over the country’s top-flight Australian Rules football and rugby league competitions for over a year, but has so far resulted in only one player ban. Outgoing ASADA chief Aurora Andruska said the evidence would be weighed by retired Federal Court judge Garry Downes. Mr Downes will look at the information and the evidence and say how the cases will be taken forward,” Andruska told lawmakers at a Senate committee hearing in Canberra late yesterday.

GTA celebrates 2nd World ... (FROM BACK PAGE) activities. There were clinics for beginners, intermediate and advanced players and great exhibition matches were also played by Guyana’s top juniors. An excited crowd of spectators witnessed these matches.. The young players also received a pep talk from GTA’s president Ramesh Seebarran. This year, the GTA will join with 60 ITF member nations to replicate this event with the expectation that more children will participate from at least ten primary schools that were invited. The children’s activities, which are scheduled for 09:00hrs to 11:30hrs, will include activities on and off court for children aged 5 to 14years old. The GTA will also open its doors to the adult public to play during the afternoon session in a bid to encourage more adults to adopt the sport as a form of exercise. The adult session will start at 13.00hrs and end at 16.00hrs and will include CARDIO tennis drills which combine the best features of the sport of tennis with cardiovascular exercise as a high energy exercise regime that is useful for persons wishing to lose weight and improve their health and wellbeing. In an effort to grow and promote the game of tennis around the world, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) launched this annual event in 2013 in partnership with StarGames, a multinational tennis partner who once again this year organised the three exhibition match showdowns which will be held in New York, Hong Kong and London on Monday, March 3rd with a line-up of top-ranked players who will surely thrill the international tennis fraternity. The GTA invites the general public to participate in this event and the organisation will also use the opportunity to provide information on coaches and their club programmes for interested persons who wish to start playing tennis in Guyana.

Clint’s Fashion in ... (FROM BACK PAGE) Entertainment, Aubrey Major Jr, at a simple yet significant presentation where he expressed his pleasure at being a part of the tournament. According to Cornelius, giving back to Linden is nothing new to him, but with regard to sports, this tournament will be the first time that he is sponsoring a major event. Major, in accepting the trophies, thanked Cornelius, stating that they are more than happy to have the fashion boutique on board and is looking forward to a long lasting partnership with the entity. The 12-team tournament will be played on a knock-out format and will fetch a first prize of $200 000, while second through fourth places are set to pocket $100 000, $75 000 and $25 000 respectively. Meanwhile, the tournament will officially be launched today at the Ansa McAl Beterverwagting Head Office at 09:30hrs.

English Taunton 10:10 hrs Arrayan 10:40 hrs Vicente 11:10 hrs Sound Investment 11:40 hrs Comical Red 12:10 hrs Someothersdohavem 12:40 hrs Martys nMission 13:10 hrs The Darling Boy Southwell 10:20 hrs Turnbury 10:50 hrs Monsieur Lavene 11:20 hrs Mica Moca 11:50 hrs Halfsin 12:20 hrs Eva Clarke 12:50 hrs Baltic Prince 13:20 hrs Queen Of Skies South Africa Racing Tips Vaal 08:25 hrs Shirla 09:00 hrs Lady Of Kildare 09:35 hrs Kwaaiwater

10:15 hrs Across The Ice 10:55 hrs Shiver ‘N Shake 11:30 hrs Alareef Irish Racing Tips Thurles 10:25 hrs Killtilane Rose 10:55 hrs Competitive Edge 11:25 hrs Cadspeed 12:05 hrs Urano 12:35 hrs Shesafoxylady 13:05 hrs Snowell 13:35 hrs Grangeclare Pearl Arab Emirates Racing Tips Meydan 10:40 hrs Tamaathul 11:15 hrs Medicean Man 11:50 hrs Wednaan 12:25 hrs Ihtimal 13:00 hrs Gabrial 13:35 hrs Vasily


GUYANA CHRONICLE Thursday February 27, 2014

Rabada takes six for 26 as SA reach third ICC U19 Cup final … South Africa aim to end title drought, against Pakistan on Saturday

FAST bowler Kagiso Rabada produced the best bowling performance of the tournament to date, as South Africa beat three-time former champions Australia by 80 runs in the second semifinal of the ICC U19 Cricket World Cup 2014 in front of Star Sports cameras at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium yesterday. Rabada, who came into the match with seven wickets, returned figures of 8.2-0-25-6 as Australia, chasing 231 for victory, lost their last seven wickets for 54 runs in about 14 overs, to be bowled out for 150 in 42.2 overs. Rabada dismissed the top three batsmen to leave Australia reeling at 33 for three, and then returned to rip the heart out of the Australia middle and lower middle-order with some very fast, aggressive and accurate bowling. The only Australia batsman to bat with some confidence was Jake Doran who scored 36 while captain Alex Gregory

contributed 31. The two batsmen put on 66 runs for the fourth wicket in about 22 overs. The partnership ended when Rabada brought off a smart catch at mid-off to dismiss Gregory. Both the batsmen fell to Corbin Bosch who finished with impressive figures of two for 25. Yesterday’s result means both finalists from the 2012, Australia and India, will now feature in the play-offs, while Saturday’s final will be between two-time former champions Pakistan and South Africa, who have previously reached the final in 2002 and 2008. The final will be broadcast live by Star Sports and will start at 12:00hrs local time. Earlier, South Africa survived a middle-order collapse to post a competitive total on the board. Wicketkeeper-opener Clyde Fortuin hit a classy 74 and captain Aiden Markram scored a polished 45 as the two batsmen put on 105 runs in less than 21 overs for the first wicket. This

was their first century partnership of the tournament and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Fortuin, who later excelled behind the stumps by bringing off three smart catches, hit eight fours in a 92-ball innings. Markram, who fell to a spectacular catch by Guy Walker

in the gully, hit four fours in a 63-ball 45. Fortuin, after the departure of Markram, added 45 runs for the second wicket with Kirwin Christoffels (20) to take the score to 150 for one in 30 overs before South Africa lost the plot and stuttered to 230 for nine, thanks to Yaseen Valli’s

Match-winning performance from pacer Kagiso Rabada leads South Africa to U19 CWC 2014 final spot. 36-ball 31 with three fours at number-six. Australia bowlers bowled much better in the middle of the innings and were all well rewarded. Matthew Short snapped up two 14, Billy Stanlake claimed two for 36 while Ben Ashkenazi picked up two for 37. Rabada, the 18-year-old from Johannesburg, later said: “My plan was to stick to line and length, and bowl fast. I’m glad that this paid off. “It is important that we keep our feet on the ground and stay relaxed and composed for the final.” Markram praised his side for putting up an impressive show, when he said: “It’s an amazing feeling to be in the final. We are delighted but we’ll move forward with our feet on the ground and we will take on the next challenge that lies ahead. “It is amazing to have Rabada in your armoury. We can call on him whenever, wherever and I believe he was due for this performance. I am extremely happy for him that it paid off.” Looking ahead to the final, Markram said: “Pakistan have always managed to put out a good side at any level of cricket, so we’re definitely not going to take them for granted. I think it is of massive importance to come here with calm heads and to just enjoy playing in the final.” A disappointed Gregrory said: “We’re a little bit disappointed but South Africa played very well. They got off to a very good start and carried that momentum right through the game. “Rabada bowled very well, bowled with good speed and energy. It was very hard to bat against him. “We’re now hoping to win our game against England and claim third place in the tour-

nament.” Scores in brief: Super League semi-final – South Africa beat Australia by 80 runs at Dubai International Cricket Stadium. South Africa 230-9, 50 overs (Clyde Fortuin 74, Aiden Markram 45, Yaseen Valli 31; Matthew Short 2-14, Billy Stanlake 2-36, Ben Ashkenazi 2-37) Australia 150 all out, 42.2 overs (Jake Doran 36, Alex Gregory 31, James Bazley 22; Kagiso Rabada 8.2-0-25-6, Corbin Bosch 2-25) Man-of-the-match - Kagiso Rabada 13th/14th position playoff, Scotland beat Namibia by five runs at Abu Dhabi Oval 1. Scotland 178, 43.4 overs

(Alex Baum 36, Michael English 34; Kobus Brand 2-24, Bredell Wessells 2-34, Jano Coetzee 2-38, Marius Delport 2-38) Namibia 173 all out, 45.1 overs (Joshuan Julius 32, Bredell Wessells 29; Nick Farrar 3-33, Abdul Sabri 3-38, Ryan Brown 2-18) 15th/16th position playoff, Canada beat PNG by 11 runs at Abu Dhabi Oval 2. Canada 169 all out 44.1 overs (Yug Rao 77, Stephan Joseph 58; Nosaina Pokana 4-27, Sakavai Gebai 3-25, Riley Hekure 2-45) PNG 158 all out 48.2 overs (Dogodo Bau 39 not out, Kiplin Doriga 33; Farhan Malik 3-20, Nikhil Dutta 3-27).

Albion, Rose Hall Town are joint champions of the 2013 Tenelec Inc. Under-15 competition ALBION Community Centre and Rose Hall Town Farfan and Mendes were declared joint champions of the 2013 Tenelec Inc. Under-15 cricket competition last weekend in Berbice after rain caused 190 minutes play to be lost in the two-day final, resulting in the match ending without a first innings decision. It was nevertheless enthralling cricket from both sides. In the match played at Albion and which was scheduled to commence at 10:00hrs on Saturday, but because of overnight and morning rain as well as seepage started at 15.00hrs. Rose Hall lost three early wickets, all to offspinner Asif Ally to be 22 for 3 but skipper Veremootoo Senwasone was joined by Bashkar Yadram and together the pair put on 47 for the 4th wicket before Senwasone went for 21, at 69 for 4. Yadram then put on 25 for the 5th wicket with S Bachaus (5) after which he added another 34 for the 6th wicket with Kevin Anderson (4) before he fell to pacer Joshua Harrichand for 64, at 128 for 6. Harrichand then picked up the last four wickets to see Rose Hall bowled out for 162 in their first innings. Harrichand ended with 5 for 29 while Ally took 3 for 57. When Albion began their response they were given a good start of 39 runs by wicketkeeper/batsman Adrian Sukhwa and Asif Ally but Sukhwa was run-out for 24 and Ally was bowled by left-arm spinner Keith Simpson for 12, in quick succession, to drop to 41 to 2. Matthew Hardyal (15) and Joshua Harrichand (11) then put on 20 more for the 3rd wicket before Simpson removed both of them. Simpson then had Karran Arjpaul caught for 10 to pick up his fourth consecutive wicket. At 81 for 5, Albion were under pressure to avoid a first-innings loss but resolute and sensible batting from Vivkanand Gagjit (19) Ramesh Kasinauth (10) Rajiv Sookram (14 n.o.) and Renaldo Rowe (1 n.o.) together with some delaying tactics in the last hour, saw the match end in a tense no-result affair with Albion ending on 135 for 8. Keith Simpson finished with 4 for 18 and offspinner Bashkar Yadram 2 for 55. Yadram was adjudged Man-ofthe-Match. At the presentation ceremony the president of the Berbice cricket board, .Keith Foster, praised the two teams for reaching the final and putting on good performances over the two days. He disclosed that the 2014 competition is scheduled to start very soon and urged both teams as well as the other clubs to start preparations immediately especially since the Inter-county competition is scheduled for late March. Both teams were presented with the winning trophy as well as $25 000 each while Yadram received t trophy for being Man-of-the-Match.

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Kohli century seals another chase

THE Fatullah crowd waited for Virat Kohli to reach his 19th ODI hundred, and started heading for the exit soon after he reached the landmark.

117, Anamul 77, Shami 4-50) by six wickets). Bangladesh’s bowling attack hardly put a dent in the record 213-run third-wicket partnership, barely creating

Virat Kohli savours his 19th ODI hundred. India still needed 77 from 12.3 overs in a chase that, if statistics were anything to go by, still had some juice remaining. They had every right to leave, however, as the India captain made 136 and easily brought out a six-wicket win. (Scores: India 280 for 4 (Kohli 136, Rahane 73) beat Bangladesh 279 for 7 (Rahim

a chance that could keep the spectators on their seats for the entire game. Instead, the ground had almost emptied by the time India completed the win in 49 overs. This, after Bangladesh had posted 279 for 7 with captain Mushfiqur Rahim making 117. This was the just the second time in ODI history that both

captains scored hundreds in the same game. While Mushfiqur’s century was about redemption after a series of controversies, Kohli ensured he wasn’t trumped by his opposite number, particularly in a situation which favours him. But the crux of the chase was with Kohli’s regular mastery of the situation. He neither panics, nor takes things too lightly. His batting has the assuredness that every international team craves for, particularly when they have to chase a high total Kohli has now equalled Brian Lara in the all-time list of hundreds in ODIs. Thirteen of the 19 have come while chasing. Only once has he failed, incidentally his last hundred earlier this year against New Zealand. This one ended on 122 balls, having struck 16 fours and two sixes. Against a team that had thrice previously failed to defend scores in excess of 250 against India, this innings and the dominance under the lights was inevitable - very much like most of Kohli’s one-day centuries these days. From 54 for 2 in the 13th over, Kohli took advantage of every loose ball that came his way, be it deliveries sliding down the leg side or those gone wide. When Bangladesh stopped giving him room or

Pakistan appoints Latif as new chief selector

(REUTERS) - The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has appointed Rashid Latif as the new chief selector and also offered him an important role in dealing with anti-corruption issues, the former captain said yesterday. “The board chairman (Najam Sethi) offered me the position of chief selector in addition to education and training in anti-corruption unit. I have accepted both responsibilities,” Latif told Reuters. Latif, 45, who played 37 Tests and 166 oneday from 1992-2003 is a prominent voice against the menace of match-fixing in the country. “I see both responsibilities as a big challenge. I will start working as chief selector from April 1 and my main task is to prepare and pick a strong squad for the 2015 World Cup,” Latif said. The former wicketkeeper-batsman said he was equally keen on the other role. “It excites me a lot as I want to educate our players about the pitfalls of corruption in any form in cricket,” he said. Pakistan cricket has functioned without a chief selector since last September when the Islamabad High Court put aside a decision by the board to appoint former captain Moin RASHID LATIF Khan as chief selector.

letting him curl his forearms, he unleashed the cover drive time and again. The rasping speed takes it past cover as soon as the fielder gets into position, and by the time the long-off fielder has taken a few steps to his left, the umpire signals four. He reached his fifty off 48 balls in the 25th over, and his hundred off 95 balls in the 38th over. It was that easy. Ajinkya Rahane held it together at the other end, never giving away any advantage as he ensured Kohli was fed as much strike as possible. He made 73 off 83 balls, his fourth ODI fifty. The first two wickets, through Abdur Razzak and Ziaur Rahman, were all Bangladesh could muster when the game was still in their grasp. Left-arm spinner Razzak is Bangladesh’s most successful bowler in the second innings, but he went for 55 in his 10 overs, not beating Kohli and Rahane regularly enough. Mashrafe was decent without any menace while Sohag Gazi continued his ordinary form, going wicketless in his first six overs, only picking up Rahane towards the end. His first delivery to Kohli was a rank long-hop, a nightmare which only Varun Aaron could relate to. Mushfiqur’s second ODI century, and his 133-run third-wicket stand with Anamul Haque gave Bangladesh a competitive total. The pair came together in the 13th over after Shamsur Rahman could not handle Shami’s extra bounce in the sixth over and Mominul Haque had clumsily got himself stumped off an inside edge off R Ashwin. (ESPN Cricinfo)

Trott ‘hungry’ to make England return, says Amiss (REUTERS) - Jonathan Trott is “raring to go” for England once again and he will make his comeback for Warwickshire in April, Dennis Amiss, chairman of Trott’s benefit committee, said yesterday. The South African-born batsman, who has scored 3 763 runs in 49 Tests, left England’s dismal Ashes tour of Australia last year with a stress-related illness. “He’s still very hungry,” Amiss was quoted as saying on the BBC. “He wants to continue succeeding both for Warwickshire and for England.” Trott is expected to play in a friendly against Gloucestershire at the start of April and a first-class match against Oxford

England batsman Jonathan Trott left the Ashes tour with a stress-related illness. University, before the first County Championship game against Sussex on April 13. “He’s doing very well,” added Amiss, who was Warwickshire chief executive when Trott joined the county from South Africa in 2002. “He’s had a great rest, which is very important, and he is raring to go again.” The 32-year-old Trott looked short of confidence as he struggled with technical issues in his batting against Australia, but Amiss believes he can recapture his best form. “I think it was essentially burnout,” the former England batsman added. “Cricket is his passion and I believe he has qualities, as we’ve seen, to be able to score a mass of runs for Warwickshire to get himself back into the England side and regain his position.” England are currently in the Caribbean for a limited-overs tour of the West Indies before heading to Bangladesh for the Twenty20 World Cup.

Kent’s Stevens cleared in Bangladesh corruption probe (REUTERS) - Kent cricketer Darren Stevens has been found not guilty by an International Cricket Council (ICC) tribunal of failing to report an illegal approach while playing in the Bangladesh Premier League in 2013. The 37-year-old all-rounder had been charged with two counts of failing to report a corrupt approach while playing for the Dhaka Gladiators, and faced a five-year suspension from cricket if found guilty. “I would officially like to thank the tribunal for their verdict today and in particular their determination of non guilty findings in charges brought against me by the Bangladesh Cricket Board,” Stevens said in a statement on Kent’s website ( “I can assure all of the fans of the Dhaka Gladiators, the people of Bangladesh and all cricket followers, that I have always played the game of cricket honestly, with integrity and to the best of my ability. “I have loved playing cricket in Bangladesh, as well as everywhere else in the world and I hope that I will be allowed to continue DARREN STEVENS to play cricket globally.” Stevens had always denied the charges which followed an ICC Anti-Corruption and Security Unit investigation into an alleged conspiracy within the Bangladesh franchise to engage in match-fixing and spot-fixing during the tournament. Seven people were charged by the ICC with fixing-related offences and two with failing to report corrupt approaches made to them, one of whom was Stevens.


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Regal Real thrash Schalke, Galatasaray hold Chelsea By Toby Davis

LONDON, England (Reuters) - Real Madrid laid down a marker in this season’s Champions League by inflicting a 6-1 thrashing on Schalke 04 in a one-sided last-16 first leg while Galatasaray and Chelsea drew 1-1 yesterday.

Real’s galactico-laced frontline of Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals each as the Spaniards secured only their second win in 26 trips to Germany and effectively booked their spot in the last eight. Fernando Torres’s early goal for Chelsea was cancelled

out by Galatasaray’s Aurelien Chedjou in the second half. Benzema opened the scoring for Real Madrid on 13 minutes after Bale and Ronaldo had caused mischief in the German defence and Wales winger Bale drove through the heart of the Schalke backline to double the lead eight minutes later.

Schalke 04’s goalkeeper Ralf Faehrmann (C) sits on the ground after a goal by Real Madrid during their Champions League soccer match in Gelsenkirchen, yesterday.

Ronaldo scored seven minutes after the break with a left-footed effort after a series of stepovers bamboozled Schalke’s Joel Matip and Benzema grabbed his second following a one-two with Ronaldo. Bale made it 5-0 with a precise finish after being played through by Sergio Ramos and Ronaldo netted for the 11th time in this season’s competition before former Real striker Klaas-Jan Huntelaar grabbed a stoppage-time consolation for the hosts. In Istanbul, Galatasaray striker Didier Drogba was reunited with his former club but he suffered a largely frustrating evening leading the line for his new side. Chelsea took the lead when Torres scored the first goal by an English club in this season’s last-16 first legs, side-footing into an empty net from close range after nine minutes. Chedjou equalised after 64 minutes when he tapped in after Wesley Sneijder’s corner was missed by John Terry. The return legs will take place on March 18.

Windies Women crumble to third ODI defeat LINCOLN, New Zealand - West Indies lost to New Zealand by 107 runs in the third and final One-Day International (ODI) allowing the home side to complete a threenil series win at Bert Sutcliffe Oval, here yesterday. West Indies restricted New Zealand to 221 for 8 but a five-wicket haul from teenager Felicity Leydon-Davis shattered the visitors’ efforts to overhaul that total as they folded for 114 in 37.2 overs. The Caribbean side lost opener Shaquana Quintyne in the fourth over in a shaky start to the 222-run chase. They relinquished further control by losing seven wickets for 35 runs, plummeting from

45 for one to 80 for eight. 19-year-old Leydon-Davis removed the West Indies top order including captain Merissa Aguilleira who was trapped lbw for four. Opener Natasha McLean was caught for 18 after putting on 39 runs for the second with Shemaine Campbelle who was bowled by Leydon-Davis for a top score of 22 that included four fours. Leydon-Davis returned to dismiss Tremayne Smart and Vanessa Watts in successive overs after the two had put on a 42-run ninth-wicket stand to push West Indies past 100. Smart was caught for 11, Watts bowled for 18 while Shanel Daley cracked three

fours in a knock of 20. Leydon-Davis finished with five for 18 while Nicola Browne picked up two for 34. It was not all smooth sailing for New Zealand who stumbled to 90 for the loss of four wickets after winning the toss and deciding to bat first. Middle-order batter Sarah McGlashan was bowled by Shaquana Quintyne for 25 while opener Sam Curtis was run-out for 24. However, Rachel Priest hit seven fours and a six while steadying the innings with a


Compliments of THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market &The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL CO. LTD-83 Garnette Street, Campbellville (Tel: 225-6158; 223-6055) Answers to yesterday’s quiz: 150-Rohan Kanhai (WI vs ENG, 1968) WI: 25; Ireland: 4 Today’s Quiz: Where and when did Sir Vivian Richards play his final Test match? Which two have never played an ODI game against Ireland? Sulieman Benn; DevendraBishoo; Devon Smith; Dave Bernard; Carlton Baugh Answers in tomorrow’s issue

Rachel Priest struck a quick 57 in New Zealand’s innings

40-ball 57 that boosted their total past 200 to keep them in the game. Quintyne and Stacy-Ann King picked up two wickets each while Smartt, Taylor and Watts each grabbed one. West Indies and New Zealand begin a five-match T20 series on Saturday.

GSCL Inc. commences preparations for Independence Cup By Calvin Roberts

FOLLOWING the successful hosting of its inaugural Republic Cup tournament earlier this month, the Georgetown Softball Cricket League Inc. (GSCL) has commenced its preparations for the hosting of the first-ever Independence Cup. This tournament, which will see teams battle in three categories, namely Masters, Open and Female, is set for May 3, 4 and 5, at various venues around Georgetown, culminating with the finals at the Everest Cricket Club ground on the final day. Live radio commentary will flow from NCN’s Voice of Guyana. To this end, teams desirous of competing in the Open and Masters category for which the first 12 teams of both categories will be accommodated, are asked to pay an entrance fee of $110 000 and $100 000 respectively, while the GSCL Inc. is looking at accommodating six female teams who are asked to pay an entrance fee of $25 000 each. The victors of the Open category will pocket $800 000 with the runners-up receiving $200 000. For the Masters, the winners will take home $500 000 and the runners-up $200 000 while the female winners will receive $100 000 and the losing finalists $50 000. Teams are asked to note carefully that GSCL Inc. will be providing balls for all three categories of the competition and also look after the umpires’ fees, hence all teams are charged with providing their own water and meals, throughout their participation in the tournament. The GSCL Inc. will be providing the Supreme balls to be used by teams competing in the Open and Female categories, while for the Masters category the big ball will be utilised, even as round hand and wrist bowling will be tolerated. Added information will be provided at the team briefing. Some of the grounds identified to be used for this tournament, which promises to be an annual affair, are Demerara Cricket Club, Ministry of Education, Carifesta Sports Complex, Muslim Youth Organisation, Guyana National Industrial Corporation, St Stanislaus and Everest. Registration can be done by contacting Assistant Secretary/Treasurer of the GSCL Inc. Russell Jadbeer on 225-4802, 226-4205 0r 626-8228. The launching of the tournament will be held at the GNIC Sports Club on a date and time to be announced.

Lambert back as 4-Day skipper

MIDDLE-order batsman Tamar Lambert was yesterday reappointed captain of Jamaica’s 13-man squad to face Guyana in the opening game of the Regional Four-Day tournament set to bowl off at Sabina Park tomorrow. The 32-year-old, who displayed good all-round performances in the recently concluded NAGICO Super50 tournament, was overlooked for the top leadership role, which was given to David Bernard Jr after West Indies opening batsman Chris Gayle was ruled out with an injury. Lambert has led Jamaica to five Regional Four-Day titles from 2007-2008 to 2011-2012, when Barbados broke the streak last season. Nikita Miller, who will miss this weekend’s game, and Damion Jacobs, are set to replace Sheldon Cotterell and Andre Russell for the game against the Leeward Islands on March 7. Russell and Cotterell will take up duties for the West Indies in the T20 World Cup in Bangladesh. Meanwhile, Odean Brown, who has returned from a knee surgery, practised with the team over the past few days, but was not named in the squad, as he is yet to be cleared by Dr Ashkai Mansingh. The 32-year-old leg-spinner made his first-class debut against Trinidad & Tobago in 2004, and has played in 62 matches, taking 240 wickets at an average of 22.28. In their final two-day practice game at Sabina Park on Tuesday, Bernard’s XI, led by a fourth-wicket stand of 138 between Jermaine TAMAR LAMBERT Blackwood (96) and Nkrumah Bonner (75), posted 332-5. Blackwood’s knock included 11 fours and one six, while Bonner’s innings had four boundaries. Bernard Jr (33 not out) and Andre Russell (45 not out) were involved in a sixth-wicket partnership of 79 before the team declared. Andrew Richardson led the bowling for Lambert’s XI, taking four for 39, while Damion Jacobs took one for 51. Lambert’s XI in reply were 20-3 before the game was called off.

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Malta Supreme Hugh Ross Classic Bodybuilding Show Fruta Conquerors to contest both U-14 Hadi’s World Inc./City Mall and U-16 Frank flexes financial muscle Watson finals today

FRUTA Conquerors football club will be contesting both the Under-14 and U-16 championships in tonight’s finals of the Frank Watson memorial tournament at the Georgetown Football Club (GFC) ground. At 16.30hrs, Fruta Conquerors will first face Western Tigers in the Under-14 category and then against Pele in the Under-16.There will also be an Under-14 and U-16 All-Star games. The tournament which started last Saturday was organised by the USA Pelebased alumni through former national players Patrick ‘Labba’ Barton and Ivor Carington. Apart from trophies and medals for the top two finishers in each category, prizes will be rewarded to the Most Valuable Player (MVP) and the highest goalscorer.

FRANK WATSON According to the organisers, each player who participates in the tournament will receive a voucher valued at $5 000 to shop for school supplies from Giftland OfficeMax.

New Era Mackeson/Cell Smart KO Futsal tournament

WITH preparations at a heightened level among athletes competing in the fourth edition of the Malta Supreme Hugh Ross Classic Bodybuilding and Fitness Show set for Saturday March 29 at the National Cultural Centre, Hadi’s World Inc./City Mall has flexed its financial muscle to ensure another successful competition. Yesterday at the entity’s Lombard Street premises, Public Relations representative Ms. Dione Johnson handed over a cheque to Chairman of the Hugh Ross Classic Committee Hugh Ross. Johnson, in making the presentation to the man in whose honour the show is held, noted that the entity has always been a supporter of the show and this year it would be no different. “We at Hadi’s World Inc./ City Mall are happy to once again be a part of this activity which showcases the best athletes both male and female. We see this contribution as our way of giving back to the persons

Hadi’s World Inc./City Mall Public Relations representative Ms Dione Johnson hands over the cheque to Hugh Ross. who bring joy to us whilst competing.” Hadi’s World Inc./City Mall has always been an ardent supporter of Guyana’s sports and its development. The entity and its sister entity Mohammed’s Enterprise have been tangibly supporting sports throughout the length and breadth of Guyana. Ross, in response, complimented Ms Johnson and her company for their support

once again promising that this year’s competition will be the best ever. Ross informed that International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB) Pro athlete Jeff ‘Classic’ Beckham has already been confirmed as the Guest Poser and he would be in Guyana a few days before the show to interact with athletes and schoolchildren among other activities. On competition night, there

would be three female categories – Female Bodybuilding, Miss Figure and Miss Bikini. The male categories are, Bantamweight – up to 65kg (143lb), Lightweight – up to 70kg (144-154lb), Welterweight – up to 75kg (155165lb), Light Middleweight – up to 80kg (166-176lb), Heavyweight (176 and over). The respective category winners will then compete in the overall where the winner will be crowned Mr HRC 2014.

Clint’s Fashion in Style sponsors Gibson doesn’t want England job trophies; tourney to launch today CLINT’S Fashion in Style, located in the Mackenzie Market in Linden, became the first business from the mining town to support this year’s New Era Entertainment Mackeson/Cell Smart Futsal Tournament which starts on March 8 at the Mackenzie Sports Club Hard Court. Proprietor Clint Cornelius handed over the trophies for the second through fourth place finishers to co-Director of New Era (PLEASE SEE PAGE 27)

Proprietor Clint Cornelius (centre) makes the presentation of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place trophies to Aubrey Major Jr while store representative Eushana McIntosh looks on.

WEST Indies coach Ottis Gibson has distanced himself from the reckoning to become England’s new team director. Gibson’s ambitions, or otherwise, to succeed Andy Flower apparently provided an extra layer of intrigue to England’s forthcoming series of three one-day internationals and then three Twenty20s against the Windies over the next two weeks. England limited-overs coach Ashley Giles is considered the front-runner to be named by late April as the replacement for Flower, who resigned following this winter’s Ashes whitewash. The outcome of the two series might yet have a significant bearing on England’s next high-profile appointment, especially with new managing director Paul Downton in attendance - having flown to Antigua on Tuesday. But Gibson, who served as England bowling coach alongside Flower until he took up his role with his native West Indies, gave little credence to theories he might apply to return. “My name is firmly in the hat for this job I’m doing,” he said. “The West Indies job is tough enough, and I’m fully committed to this one to get it right and improving the fortunes of West Indies cricket. “When you’re not working then every job appeals to you, but at the moment I’m working and working hard - so that is all I’m looking at right now.” The 44-year-old, whose much-travelled career as a highly-skilled pace bowler included two Tests and a memorable stint at Durham, also played for Glamorgan and Leicestershire and guided the Windies to victory in the ICC World Twenty20 in Sri Lanka in 2012. They will defend that title in Bangladesh next month, and Gibson made it clear the West Indies expect destructive opener Chris Gayle to return from a hip injury in time not only for that global tournament but also to face England in those three Twenty20s in Barbados. “From all reports I’ve heard Chris should be back,” he said. “He had some time out with a hamstring injury and he had a good two months to get himself right. He did some work in Australia with a physio he feels comfortable with over there. “He was back here and played in the first T20 (against Ireland) and looked good, but then he had a reaction in his back. “When you work so hard on one thing then something else can give way. “He had a reaction in his back and his hip, so we’ve given him some more time to get himself comfortable on the cricket field.”

In the meantime, Gibson has also voiced his surprise at how quickly Flower appeared to lose favour with some England supporters. The 5-0 drubbing in Australia followed three successive Ashes series victories, among many other successes. Gibson said: “What happened between England winning in the summer and then going to Australia is that the Aussies improved beyond belief. “When you’ve got one person like Mitchell Johnson bowling as well as he did and being hostile, plus good back-up with (Ryan) Harris and (Peter) Siddle, then you can see that Australia improved and England didn’t. “It just shows how quickly things change sometimes in sport. “I feel a little bit sorry for Andy Flower - because I was here with him when we (England) got bowled out for 51 in Jamaica, and it didn’t look good then. “Where he then took the team to number one in the world and winning world titles and three Ashes in a row and that sort of stuff, was great. “ W h e n things changed it seemed like people forgot about the three or four great years he had and after one bad series, he is WEST INDIES COACH contemplating OTTIS GIBSON his future and people saying he should be sacked and stuff like that. “I guess that is the nature of coaching, but it is still sad in a way.” (PA Sport)


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Gibson doesn’t want England job England ODI series crucial to Windies T20 title defence - Gibson Page 31

The Chronicle is at

West Indies won their only ODI clash against Ireland last Sunday. (Windies cricket photo)

ST JOHN’S, Antigua (CMC) Head Coach Ottis Gibson has described the limited overs series against England starting this weekend as important to the West Indies preparations for the ICC T20 World Cup in Bangladesh, starting next month. The Windies cricketers arrived in Antigua Monday afternoon and had a full training session on Tuesday morning at the match venue, the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Ground. “We’re building toward the ICC T20 World Cup in Bangladesh and that’s important for us, but this series is also very important for us,” Gibson told reporters. “We will play this series as One-Day Internationals, be-

cause that is what they are, and we will play hard and tough cricket and look to beat England. We haven’t played great One-Day cricket over the last six to eight months so we have to try and treat these games as they are - try and win them for sure.” The recent series between New Zealand and West Indies ended 2-2 with the Caribbean side winning the final match to level the series. In the final match West Indies made a record 363-4 to win by 202 runs. One match was washed out. “We’re at home so hopefully we will benefit from home advantage. We went to New Zealand recently with a depleted side and we managed

to level that series and we came away thinking that we could have won it,” Gibson said. “Hopefully we can come out and entertain our fans and give them something to smile about because we have not given them much to smile about recently in this format.” The upcoming series against England starts tomorrow, with the second match carded for Sunday and the third match next Wednesday. Following the ODIs, the two teams will play a threematch T20 Series in Barbados as part of preparations for the ICC World T20 Tournament to be played in Bangladesh. West Indies are the defending champions.

GTA celebrates 2nd World Tennis Day on Sunday THE 2nd World Tennis Day will once again be celebrated in Guyana this Sunday, March 2. So says the Guyana Tennis Association (GTA) in a press release yesterday. The Association successfully celebrated the event last year

at the National Racquet Centre at Camp and Woolford Avenue with over 50 young children participating in fun-tennis-related (PLEASE SEE PAGE 27)

Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce have been nominated for the prestigious Laureus Awards.

Bolt and Fraser-Pryce nominated for Laureus Awards

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KINGSTON, Jamaica (CMC) - World and Olympic champions Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce of Jamaica are among 42 sporting giants nominated for prestigious Laureus Awards to be presented next month. Three-time winner Bolt and Fraser-Pryce have been nominated among the six men and six women shortlisted in the sportsman and sportswoman-of-the-year categories. Three other athletics top performers, Mo Farah (United Kingdom), Raphael Holzdeppe (Germany), and Yelena Isinbayeva (Russia) have been nominated to take home awards in other categories. The Laureus World Sports Awards, established in 1999, are awarded annually to sportspeople who have been outstanding during the previous year. The 2014 staging of the awards is set for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on March 26. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2014

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