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Third prison escapee caught

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Foreign Minister underscores need for policy shift



Minister Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett

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Schoolboy disappears along Siriki trail centre

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New $600 million GPL Substation

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President Donald Ramotar meeting ATN’s President of International Operations, Paul Bowersock while GT&T’s Chief Executive Officer Radha Krishna Sharma and ATN Vice President for Government and Regulatory Affairs Douglas Minster look on


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 21, 2014

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 21, 2014

Guyana on track to host 44th Annual CDB Board of Governors meeting


- event to bring together Region’s economic leadership to deliberate on challenges ON May 28 and 29, Guyana will host the Annual Board of Governors’ meeting of the Region’s premiere development institution and leadership in economic and financial system, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). Minister of Finance and Chairman of the Board of Governors, Dr. Ashni Singh, while speaking on the National Communications Network (NCN) on the issue of Guyana’s preparedness with regard to its hosting of the bank’s 44th Annual Board of Governors’ meeting, said the country is on track to host the event. He said planning and preparation for the meeting which started some time ago, have intensified over the recent days and weeks. “It is an extremely important event in the annual calendar of events for the Caribbean, and Guyana considers itself privileged to host this meeting,” Minister Singh said. He said the meeting is happening at an important time for the Region and the institution, that itself has an important mandate. Dr Singh pointed out that the Region is facing extremely severe economic challenges that require hard decisions, firm resolve and strong will to confront and overcome them. He noted that since its establishment, the CDB has grown in strength and size and has discharged in a most admirable fashion its mandate of supporting economic and social challenges across the Caribbean. Dr Singh said the meeting will serve to focus on the institution with regard to the role it can play in consolidating support for the Region. Minister Singh explained that the meeting, which will comprise several components, in addition to being a meeting of the shareholders of the CDB for the annual reports, performance over the past year, audited financial statement and so forth, importantly brings together the economic leadership of the Region to reflect and deliberate on the challenges of the Region and to chart a course forward for confronting those challenges. The Guyanese Finance Minister noted that more significantly, the economic leadership together will seek to define or help to influence the role that the CDB will play in helping the Region and the individual member states to confront those challenges. There will also be a number of special forums organised around the meeting that coincide with the gathering of the Regional leaders and which will address a number of pressing issues confronting the Region, including climate change, financial sector issues, debt and indebtedness and fiscal sustainability, Minister Singh noted.

Further, there will be activities aimed at broadening awareness and participation of economic issues confronting the Region, which will be specifically aimed at involving youth. But even more, is the opportunity presented for bilateral engagements among the economic leaders in the Region, and as well, the opportunity for Guyana to be showcased to the rest of the world, whether by way of social events or tourism activities, Minister Singh pointed out. During the meeting, Guyana will take centre stage with regard to the issue of agriculture and climate change. Guyana has been on the forefront of the global advocacy effort on the issue of climate, and in particular on the peculiar threat faced by the small states of the Caribbean and the role of forest in contributing to the global fight against climate change. Guyana is the only net exporter of food in the Caribbean and continues to see itself as potentially the food basket of the Region. Agriculture is not only viewed as an important opportunity for growth and investment in Guyana, but very importantly as an important strategy for addressing some of the macro-economic challenges faced by the Region. Meanwhile, Minister Singh also recognised CDB’s support to Guyana and the institution’s optimism about the country’s outlook. Earlier this year, the institution’s president, William Warren Smith made several pronouncements about the country, including the fact that Guyana, along with Haiti and Suriname, are expected to lead the Region’s growth in 2014. He also praised the vibrancy of the Guyanese economy, which Minister Singh noted. “We have been shareholders of the bank from its inception, and the bank has seen Guyana through some of our most difficult years, through the 70s and 80s when the Guyanese economy was literally on its knees. Since we have embarked on the important economic reform of the 90s and over the past decade, the bank has not been reluctant to recognise the boldness of the decision that we have taken, the appropriateness of some of the policy decisions that we have adopted,

and the favourable results that have flowed, therefore... the bank has been very clear that in recent years, the Guyanese economy has been a strong performer, has contributed significantly to Regional economic well-being, and that Guyana has an even greater role to play going forward, whether it is contributing to agriculture production, or whether as an investment in Dr. Ashni Singh, regional busiMinister of Finance ness.. “The bank has been proactive in playing its part, in positioning and situating itself to be a part of this bright future that it believes Guyana has, and so the bank has been investing in partnering with us with both large-scale and small scale infrastructure projects,” he said. CDB funding in Guyana has been used for financing social and economic infrastructure, such as schools, road and water projects, building more disaster-resistant structures, community skills training and support for small and medium-sized enterprises.  Guyana has benefitted from the special development fund as well from loans totalling almost US$28M to strengthen sea and river defence systems. (GINA)



GSI chairman Robert Badal has mislead shareholders on the matter of dividends – says NICIL CHAIRMAN and Managing Director of Guyana Stockfeeds Inc. (GSI), Mr. Robert Badal, at the conclusion of the company’s Annual General Meeting held at the Pegasus Hotel on Friday last (16th May, 2014), introduced a handwritten “statement” to the meeting attacking the Securities Council, which was read out to the shareholders by Mrs. Priya Nauth-Badal, Company Secretary. Mr. Badal then asked the shareholders to endorse the “statement” by a show of hands. The “statement” was not, however, made available to the shareholders and its presentation to the meeting for endorsement was contrary to the provisions set out in Articles 112 of the Companies Act governing the conduct of the meeting. The “statement” was released to the media and published in the Kaieteur News last Sunday (18th May) and demands the resignation of Chief Executive Officer, Cheryl Ibbott, and Legal Officer, Shawn Allicock, of the Guyana Securities Council. Guyana Stockfeeds Inc. (GSI) had been castigated by the Securities Council in a Public Advisory for misleading ROBERT BADAL its shareholders by claiming, in its Interim Financial Report published for January – June 2013, that it had paid shareholders dividends amounting to $80,285,557, when, in fact, the company had not paid the dividends. The truth is that, in 2008, the Court ruled in favour of an action brought by the National Industrial & Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) against Mr. Badal’s attempt to unlawfully reduce the Government of Guyana’s shares in Stockfeeds from 38% to 7% by means of an illegal Rights Issue giving Mr. Badal almost 80% ownership of the company, under the guise of raising capital for the construction of a wharf illegally on, and through, NICIL’s land. Mr. Badal, rather than restore the government’s shareholding as ordered by the Court, appealed the decision which is still to be determined. Mr. Badal, however, improperly

declared in his 2013 Interim Report that dividends of $80M were paid and, as a result, mislead the shareholders prompting the Advisory by the Securities Council. The Court, in fact, ruled that the business affairs of Stockfeeds were being carried out oppressively, that the company had not complied with the Companies Act and that the Rights Issue was illegal, null and void and issued an order restraining any further issuance of shares or increase in the defendant’s shareholding or any changes to the share register of the company. NICIL’s challenge to the declaration and payment of the $80M dividend for the year 2012 was based on the prevailing ruling of the Court effectively preventing the payment of dividends on a share record that was based on an illegal Rights Issue which is still to be determined by the Court. Mr. Badal’s reaction to the challenge was to threaten to have NICIL’s representative forcibly removed from the 2013 meeting and to become abusive, informing the 2013 AGM that he intended to pay the dividends immediately and that no Court could stop him. The payout would have, of course, resulted in Mr. Badal receiving 80% of the $80M payout. At the most recent 2014 AGM, as we have pointed out above, Mr. Badal misrepresented the foundation for the Court’s ruling restraining the payout of dividends and was openly critical of the Court. It is said that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. There are other questionable arrangements with regard to the management of Stockfeeds which its Chairman and Managing Director may wish to explain especially which, to quote him, “in other jurisdictions”, may have led to his resignation/removal as Chairman and Managing Director. Guyana Stockfeeds, for instance, each year, purchases billions of dollars in goods and services from a company called Guyana Stockfeeds Inc. created in Trinidad & Tobago by Mr. Badal. The Trinidad & Tobago company is not, however, as one would expect, a subsidiary of Guyana Stockfeeds in Guyana. It is solely owned by Mr. Badal who directly profits from the sale of these goods and services from Guyana Stockfeeds Inc. in Trinidad & Tobago to Guyana Stockfeeds Inc. in Guyana. For example payments were made from GSI (Guyana) to GSI (Trinidad & Tobago) for goods and services (that can be done by GSI/Guyana directly) amounting to $909.9M in 2010,

DATE: 17/05/2014

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$852M in 2011, $771M in 2012 and $1.3B in 2013. To add insult to injury, GSI (Guyana) paid Badal’s GSI (Trinidad & Tobago) “management fees” of $30m per annum for the last 5 years and in 2013 paid for all operating costs of maintaining GSI (Trinidad & Tobago) amounting to $52.3M. The proceeds from these transactions are pocketed by Mr. Badal. Then there is the case of Mr. Badal’s disposal of the Popeye’s franchise ownership. Mr. Badal, as the sole shareholder of El Dorado Restaurants Inc., sold the Popeye’s franchise to Guyana Stockfeeds Inc. in 2007 for $123M. Some 3 years later, however, in 2010, Mr. Badal was offered a higher price for the Popeye’s franchise than the price he sold it for to Stockfeeds in 2007. Instead of Stockfeeds shareholders profiting from the new offer for the Popeye’s franchise, Mr. Badal promptly rescinded the 2007 sale of the franchise from El Dorado Restaurants Inc. to Stockfeeds, pocketing the profit from the sale as the sole shareholder of El Dorado Restaurants Inc. When this extraordinary financial “sleight of hand” by Mr. Badal was challenged by NICIL’s representatives at the Stockfeeds 2011 AGM, Mr. Badal offered the specious explanation that Stockfeeds had not paid El Dorado Restaurants even though Stockfeeds “Cash at bank” was in excess of $304M at the time he reversed the sale. Another transaction that invites explanation regarding Mr. Badal’s stewardship as Chairman and Managing Director of GSI relate to Mr. Badal’s El Dorado Trading Company Ltd and National Edible Oils and Fats Inc (NEOFI) which purchased 4.2 acres of land at Farm from GPC and GoG in 1997 for US$540,000. On NEOFI’s failure to complete payments, on 10th April 2002, NEOFI (owned by Badal) assigned its rights, interests and obligations in the Agreement of sale for the land to GSI. In 2003, GSI issued a letter of Guarantee paying for the land and in 2003 the property was transferred to GSI. In the 2013 Annual Report, land disposal totalling $178M and equipment valued at $35M and sold for $139M were recorded without any notes or explanations. Verbal indications revealed that Mr. Badal recorded and exited the property from GSI to himself.




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IAC congratulates newly elected Prime Minister of India

THE Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) has extended congratulations to Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister-elect of the Republic of India, and his Bharatiya Janata Party on the occasion of their majority victory at the recently held general elections in India. The IAC, over the years, has hosted various Indian groups and artistes including the Punjab Police Group and Bhoj Puri Troupe led by Assistant Commissioner of Police, M. Singh (Uttar Pradesh) in 2004; Rangashree School of Fine Arts of Ahmadabad, Gujarat led by Mr. Pandit and Ms. Avani Pandit in 2006; The Surangama Troupe led by Dr. Pushpa Prasad in 2007; Ahoj Puri Folk & Dance Troupe led by Majula Diwakar in 2008; singer Ms. Kumud Diwan and a troupe led by kathak dancer Ms Mahua Shankar in 2009. The IAC, the pre-eminent Indian cultural organisation in Guyana, said it looks forward to working with various organisations from India in the future.

Shri Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister-elect





Unleashing the ‘Dogs of War’

MAKING its way across the highways of cyberspace is a video clip of Freddie Kissoon abusing Public Service Minister, Dr. Jennifer Webster, and Mark Benschop, trying to bully protesting female public servants into agreeing with his assertion that they were paid to protest for their rights, despite the women strenuously insisting that they were protesting the threat the opposition’s actions and utterances are posing to their livelihoods and their survival on their own volition. And this causes one to wonder when the Opposition will stop their bullying ways. The very real fear that the Opposition’s actions would devolve into violence is an extant reality of an ongoing cycle that has its genesis in the infamous ‘X-13 Plan,’ allegedly crafted by Hamilton Green and Forbes Burnham, and continuing throughout Guyana’s history in various guises. Seven years ago, at the height of the ‘Buxton Resistance’ and the PNC “slo’ fiah, mo’ fiah” campaign, four GuySuCo workers were kidnapped and murdered aback Buxton; sleeping babies from an adjoining community were slain, along with their parents and older siblings; a sitting minister of government was gunned down in his home, together with his siblings and security guard; people having a recreational drink at a bar were gunned down; businessmen were scythed down like chaff, while entire blocks of business entities were either looted or burnt flat. On May 4, early in the morning, Premchand Barran and his 10-yr-old son, Mervyn Barran, from Enterprise were executed in the backdam where they went to catch shrimp. Not far from them, Mr. Dhanpaul Jagdeo from Non Pareil was found dead. Each had been executed. One policeman who persevered in investigating the murders, police detective Harry Kooseran, was gunned down. The PPP adjured its supporters not to retaliate, so the Opposition’s plan to ignite a race war was averted; but the pressure continued. The list of atrocities was endless and spiralling out of the control of the governmental construct. Even a few of the security sector heads, as evidenced by tape-recordings and other subsequent revelations, were complicit in these criminal and murderous forays by one section of the Guyanese community against the other. During that period in time, the inflammatory Opposition rhetoric and actions, to the extent where they labelled murderous thieves and rapists as ‘freedom fighters,’ and even draped the body of the notorious Lindon ‘Blackie’ London with the Golden Arrowhead, thereby giving him hero status, was never condemned by the Guyana Human Rights Association and the Opposition collective of ‘NGOs,’ including the PNC/APNU/WPA women’s arm, Red Thread, which have much clout with the foreign ambassadorial delegates through intermingling on the cocktail circuit. The police ranks were unable to intervene in the wanton slaughter and destruction countrywide, because they, too, came under fire, being gunned down on the streets as they performed their duties, or even while they performed personal tasks during their off-duty periods.


The ‘Get Modi’ brigade FOR over a decade, Congress and the western media have conducted a well-orchestrated ‘Get Modi’ campaign, that evokes all the lessons of the Goebbelsian propaganda principles: create the big lie and tell it so often and so widely, it gradually bludgeons the minds of the unwary into accepting it as “truth.” Saraswati Ali’s “The Modi disaster for ordinary Indians” (In the Diaspora - SN 5-20-14) is almost a caricature of the tactic and regurgitates most of the old fabrications with some new ones following the general elections. Ms. Ali starts off by raising the bogeyman of Modi’s “putative role in the 2002 state-sanctioned massacre of close to 2000 Muslims in the state of Gujarat where he was Chief Minister.” But why does Ms Ali cite this ‘2000 figure’ when, as the BBC reported on May 11, 2005, “India has for the first time published detailed figures on the number of people killed in the religious riots in the western state of Gujarat in 2002. The government told parliament that 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed, 223 more people reported missing and another 2,500 injured.” As Modi said, “The death of a single innocent person, whether Hindu or Muslim or belonging to any other religion, is highly unfortunate and cannot be justified. That more than 1,000 people were killed is highly unfortunate and reprehensible. But that cannot be a justification to exaggerate and inflate the number of people killed to 2,000 or any higher figure.” But Ms. Ali not only repeats the sin of commission through inflation, but that of omission by not mentioning, as all her cohorts do, that the carnage in Gujarat was sparked by claims that a trainload of Hindu pilgrims that had been burnt alive (59 died) was the work of Muslims. One of the accused leaders is now a wanted fugitive in Pakistan. Ms. Ali then says, “In 2012, a Special Investigation Team

(SIT) appointed by the courts cleared him (Modi). It wasn’t any “court” but the universally respected Supreme Court of India that later reviewed the evidence and concurred with the clean chit given to Modi. Not satisfied on the prompting of the Public Prosecutor Office, on 26 December, 2013, an Ahmedabad court which was asked by the Supreme Court to handle the case, cleared Modi of any responsibility for the riots. But to his avowed enemies like Ms. Ali, the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” shouldn’t apply to Modi. Ms. Ali then maligns the Indian Judiciary by implying that they are “unable to handle massacres in India”, and mentions the anti-Sikh riots of 1984 following the assassination of Congress PM Indira Gandhi. But Ms. Ali again hides more than she reveals. The courts do not initiate charges in India - it is initiated by the State via the Public Prosecutor Office - and this institution faces very heavy political pressures - from the state controlled by the Congress Party. So while all sorts of charges and inquiries were filed against Modi and his aides (one of whom was convicted and imprisoned) none have been made in the 1984 Delhi killings that were in retaliation for the Killing of the Congress PM. What was most disturbing was Ms. Ali blaming Modi from the Indian Stock Market rising at the news that he would be the next PM, and Mukesh Ambani’s fortune consequently rising!!! Any other commentator would have been encouraged by the vote of confidence in the new PM but not to the enemies of Modi. Modi’s election spending was also criticised because India still has a high percentage of poverty. One would have hoped Ms. Ali would have criticised Congress, which was in office for the past ten years,

Then the bodies of the criminals began dropping like flies, either through clandestine actions, or through confrontations with the more patriotic members of the Joint Services. It was only then that the voices of conscience, including and especially the Roman Catholic-led Guyana Human Rights Association, arose to vociferously condemn the gunning down of “innocent young men,” even though the “innocent young men” were known thieves and murderers. The perennial protesters, who had shown no conscience and remorse for the destruction of innocent lives of men, women and children peacefully going about their business, or even sleeping in their beds, came out howling, even compiling a ‘dossier’ in which they listed criminals with their victims, claiming all those people died from extra-judicial killing by police ranks. It is said that if a lie is told often enough, then it is perceived as fact. That lie has gained traction in international communities. This period of several dark and tragic times of Guyana was precipitated by ruthlessly power-hungry, opportunistic politicians who do not care if they ‘bruk up’ the country in their relentless bid for power; and the community through which they directed their murderous campaigns was the PNC stronghold of Buxton, which was driven to the ground during that dark period of that community’s history. Today, that community is rising like a phoenix from the ashes of that destructive past. Subsequently, the Opposition used another PNC stronghold to create strife between the two major races in Guyana; and it started during the election campaign, and continued with the protests against the justifiable restructured tariffs for electricity in Linden. A pamphlet, in sync with Keon Gibson’s highly racist publication, was circulated by PNC/APNU activists, including some senior members, in Linden prior to the elections, which accuses President Donald Ramotar of practising racism against Afro-Guyanese. Taken into consideration, the above, as well as calls by the youth arm of APNU for the boycott of Indian-run businesses and those of Afro-Guyanese who eschew race politics to work on developmental projects driven by the government; the pillorying of African leaders in government who they call “houseboys,” even against bureaucratic technocrats merely doing a job within the government construct; and the racist rhetoric against GuySuCo workers, conscientious Guyanese felt constrained to issue a timely reminder and warning of the consequences of these inflammatory racist rhetoric and actions by the joint Opposition and their satellites. President Ramotar’s grandmother was purely Afro-Guy-

anese; his grandfather was purely Amerindian; and his father was pure Indo-Guyanese, which equates to him being purely the ultimate, quintessential Guyanese. His close family members represent all the races in near-equal measure across the country. So how could he discriminate against any one Guyanese race, given his inhered biological and cultural composition? The racists refuse to recognise that all Guyanese, especially from the African, Indian and Amerindian communities can claim Donald Ramotar as their own. It was David DeCaires who first began the campaign of race-hate accusations against Dr. Jagan, through the Stabroek News, after the greatest humanitarian in the western world made a speech in Canada, decrying the way Africans are generally treated; and just as the anti-PPP faction twisted Dr. Jagan’s comments out of context to infuse racist overtones, the opportunistic joint Opposition, especially the professional protestors who mean to subjugate the public servants, whom they see as their personal property, went into a frenzy of accusations and volatile rhetoric to stir up more race-hate and anti-government actions, because the public servants are now protesting the Opposition’s actions, which threaten their survival. Buxtonians also are rejecting the calls from their leaders to be divisive once again, because they have been there; done that! And they were the ones who suffered the consequences, while their leaders went their merry ways with their air-conditioned vehicles, their fancy houses, and their security guards, and their children were being sent to the fanciest of educational establishments, while the children of the Buxtonians were socialised to become criminals in the “Buxton Resistance” army by their leaders and their henchmen, with many of them killed by the security forces, leaving grieving and devastated family members behind. The Buxtonians are once again experiencing growth and development, and are refusing to allow their young men to once more become cannon fodder for the elitist opposition forces. So, Lindeners and residents of Agricola became the next targets for the Opposition’s army of destruction. Those who lived through and experienced the horrors of those years are terrified of this trend to incite violence and hatred, as exemplified by Freddie Kissoon’s raging against a sitting Minister of Government, because of the potential for the destructive elements, the Opposition’s ‘dogs of war,’ who could once again be unleashed upon this country. The signs are troubling.

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GT&T disappointed by vacuity and vagueness of Chronicle article

PLEASE allow us the opportunity to respond to Ravin Singh’s article, ‘Some customers bemoan quality of GT&T internet and mobile services’ published in the Wednesday, May 14th edition of the Guyana Chronicle. GT&T is foremost disappointed by the vacuity and vagueness of the article. Its unsubstantiated insinuations do not allow us to investigate nor address any specific allegation. We have a network of tens of thousands of customers some of whom may, from time to time, experience service degradation due to a multiplicity of factors, in many cases not network related, e.g., faulty devices, improper device connection, utility power issues and damage to our outside plant by 3rd party actions including vandalism. We have a commitment to provide high quality and reliable data services which includes DSL to our customers. Whenever there is a direct network related report we strive to take immediate action to restore service. We are also extremely perturbed by the unprofessional and unethical conduct of your staff based on the fact that our records reveal that the reporter made no attempt to contact the CEO’s office or our Public Relations Office, to which all local media houses have access, for any comment. He, however, was apparently allowed to publish this falsehood. We therefore request that the reporter exercises journalistic responsibility and share any specific details he may possess so that we may be able to address those customers’ concerns directly. ALLISON PARKER Public Relations Officer, GT&T

The ‘Get Modi’ ... (From page 6) for not introducing legislation to cap campaign spending. For good measure Ms. Ali introduced the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) as “ousting the BJP” in the Delhi City elections last year. Since a Congress party member was the incumbent, we don’t understand how AAP could have “ousted” BJP. A better test of AAP’s present acceptability, after they abdicated their responsibilities, was the result at the general elections: AAP lost all seven seats to the BJP - including even Muslim dominated constituencies like Chandni Chowk. Like the English-speaking elite that Ms. Ali echoes, she presumes to speak for the “ordinary Indian” and portentously predicts that Modi will be a “disaster” for them. We guess in their book, the fact that the subalterns spoke at the ballot box and installed Modi by the largest majority in thirty years, doesn’t mean anything. The BSP of Mayati, who proudly proclaimed herself as “Daughter of the Chamars” - the archetypical “low caste” - lost all her seats in her home state of Uttar Pradesh, where the Chamars and Muslims practically form the majority. While Ms. Ali’s favoured AAP candidates had banked heavily on a secure Muslim vote bank in Delhi, this reversal in trend across all constituencies in Delhi and elsewhere is emblematic of the fact that the community have moved beyond the past references to Modi’s alleged involvement in the Gujarat riots. It also shows that the minority community is ready to give the BJP a chance at governance too. But not Ms. Ali and her ilk. RAVI DEV


UG law students have legitimate expectation of admittance to law school I REFER to an article captioned, “UG law graduates to play second fiddle to UWI’s” published in Sunday Stabroek, May 18, 2014, in which commentary is attributed to yours truly, and which I stand by. I humbly ask that the following be added for a broader discussion still on the subject matter. Mid-April our learned Head of the University of Guyana (UG) Department of Law, Mr. Sheldon McDonald, sought opportunity to inform media present at a handing over of law texts to the UG Library by the KIVO Foundation that: “The spin that is being placed on the current situation as regards the (UG law) students who are going to Law School is slightly unfortunate. The Attorney General (Hon. Anil Nandlall) has announced that the Heads of Government have taken a decision on the issue that was taken to them by the Government of Guyana. It is a decision of the highest order of the Community determining certain actions from the Council for Legal Education (CLE), a creature of the Community. The Chairman of the Community, the Hon. Dr. Ralph Gonsalves carried out those instructions, yet we still see bylines like ‘UG students still in limbo.’ Given the trajectory of Stabroek News reporting and the new developments reported on this situation I wonder whether the CARICOM Community has entered into a new phase of how organs, “creature(s) of the Community” engage the Community on matters that have been “determined” by the Community. Secondly, it is my humble submission that even though in the regular order of business the CLE’s arrangement with UG for the top 25 law graduates was only granted a year’s

extension to cover the previous year and would have self-determined in 2014, the conduct of LEC/UWI/HWLS by the decision by the CLE to determine the automatic placements in February of 2014 was unreasonable under the pervading circumstance. I humbly submit that after the application process to Hugh Wooding Law School was opened to all, including UG law graduates, it created legitimate expectation that the arrangement of automatic placements would subsist and those successful at the Entrance Examinations also would be allowed admittance. Additionally, the open and close of the application process; duly responded to by UG students, as well created and cemented a legitimate expectation that those applications would be considered on the merits of Grade Point Average (GPA) and Entrance Examination grades and not on the basis of space, as is the present conundrum with a preference for UWI law graduates first. One wonders if there is not a series of injustices being meted out here, and whether, by their conduct the CLE is stopped from denying UG graduates admittance only on the basis on space when the long standing practice is to judge the applications based on GPA attained and Entrance Examination grades. SHEROD AVERY DUNCAN Student-at-Law, Class of 2014 President, UGSS, 2009-2010

The denial of my constitutional right for the last two decades FOR the last 20 years, Guyana has failed to convene Local Government Elections (LGE), even though it is lawfully due every 3 years. This model of development cannot continue and will inevitably set Guyana up for failure and degradation. Since 1994, we have witnessed the deterioration and even disbandment of many Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) and City and Town Councils. And many of the disbanded institutions were replaced by Interim-Management Committees (IMCs). Today, many of these institutions are incapable of effectively serving the citizens of this country. This is certainly not a scenario I envision for my family, my community, my nation or myself as we move into the future. It is time for us, Guyanese, to take our country back, at the community and national levels! Since 1992, we have undergone 4 general elections, of which there were no complaints about lack of public education as being a deterrent of holding those elections and no one cared if the citizens were ready or not. And for that reason, sweeping statements and the pronouncement of a few on behalf of the populace to say that we are not ready for Local Government Elections is unacceptable. Article 71 of the Constitution states that Local Government is a vital aspect of democracy and shall be organised so as to involve as many people as possible in the task of managing and developing the communities in which they live. For this purpose the said Article 71 of the Constitution

also states that Parliament shall provide for a countrywide system of Local Government through the establishment of organs of local democratic power as an integral part of the political organisation of the state. An effective Local Government is vital primarily to: (i) enable democratic local decision-making and action by, and on behalf of communities; and (ii) promote the social, economic, environmental, and cultural well-being of communities. Recently, we have seen the public display of the breakdown of the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) of Georgetown. A series of unfortunate incidents have occurred, which have caused me to feel a great deal of disappointment and embarrassment on their behalf and that of my country. It would appear as if these authority figures have forgotten their intended purpose and responsibilities to us, the people they serve. I have lost confidence in their capabilities and the restoration of such might be lost. It is clear that the present system is NOT working to ensure the sustainable development of my country. As a Guyanese, I would like to publicly state that I am ready for LGE! The Guyana Elections Commission has publicly stated that it is ready for LGE! The people are saying that they are ready for LGE! We need a date for LGE! Please do not continue to deny me my civic duty to vote in LGE! It has only been a lifetime wait for me. MARISSA LOWDEN Blue CAPS


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 21, 2014

Guyana’s Confucius Institute hailed as a further symbol of strong partnership between Guyana and China

PRESIDENT Donald Ramotar, in congratulating the University of Guyana (UG) on what he described as an important milestone in its history stated that the formal opening of the faculty’s Confucius Institute was another example of the close and valued relationship, between Guyana and China.

renowned philosopher and teacher whom it is named after. “The historians tell us that Confucius lived in a society characterised by warfare and politics of fierce rivalry, sounds familiar? But on many occasions, his wisdom, diplomacy and moral influence managed to prevail in conflicts and disputes”. The teaching of Con-

the beginning of a rich contribution to Guyanese nationhood. He added that Guyana has had a long history of distinguished Guyanese of Chinese lineage such as its first President Arthur Chung and Parliamentarian and Educator, Rudy Luck. Contributions to the business sector were noted by the president as was the fact that

and thanked all of those who made it a reality. The ambassador also handed over a quantity of books to the institute. Brief remarks were also given by Chinese Director Professor Jan Yuhua, UG’s Vice Chancellor Professor Jacob Opadeyi, along with cultural performances and a Taichi display by students, Crystal Crawford, Subraj Singh, Keiona Callaik, Nadine Jalill and Mariah Perry. The programme offered through a new faculty of the university contains four courses, comprising a threeyear programme, according to Director, Professor Al Creighton, and takes students from Beginners to Intermediate levels. The programme is fully

accredited and is available as part of the degree programme, he added. There are currently 272 students enrolled and this number exceeded what was initially expected due to the trend of less persons electing to study foreign languages. This has put great pressure on available classroom space and the lecturers. These include Chinese Director Ma Toa, Tie Zhiya and Peng Zhe, who conduct classes in languages and the Taichi Martial Art. In addition to attracting immigration officers and members of the Public Service, Chinese nationals who speak other dialects and wish to learn standard Mandarin are taking up studies. The Confucius Institute is a joint venture with UG, Dalian University of Foreign

Languages and Hanban. The latter, Hanban, the Office of Chinese Language Council International, is affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education and serves as the Confucius Institute Headquarters. It sponsors Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms around the world. It also provides resources to Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms in support of teaching and learning of Chinese language and culture. It is the official Chinese language teaching and cultural centre, as well as Chinese related information center in Guyana. By January of 2012, there were 322 Confucius Institutes and 500 Confucius Classrooms in 105 countries/regions. (GINA)

UG’s Vice Chancellor Jacob Opadeyi, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Chinese Ambassador Zhang Limin, President Donald Ramotar and Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute Professor Jun Yuhua unveiling the plaque to mark the opening of the Confucius Institute at the University of Guyana He said this is a relationship which has seen productive partnerships in politics, engineering, economics and culture. Explaining that the new facility will serve to inform Guyanese, the president said that the theme of enlightenment holds special significance for Guyana, as it did in the time of the

fucius can educate the world about relations between nations and can counsel in human and international relations, President Ramotar added. He recalled that from the first arrival of Chinese indentured labourers in 1853, when they were recognised as hardworking, adaptable people and civilised, it was

they provided UG’s first two scholarships for students. With regards to politics, he noted that the PPP has always had a close relationship with the country’s Communist Party. In brief remarks, the Chinese Ambassador Zhang Limin said that the institute will serve to inform and promote his country’s culture,

Chinese Ambassador Zhang Limin, Director, Professor Al Creighton, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, President Donald Ramotar and UG’s Vice Chancellor Jacob Opadeyi

Japanese Ambassador pays courtesy call on President Ramotar PRESIDENT Donald Ramotar received a courtesy call, on Monday, from Non-resident Japanese Ambassador Yoshimasa Tezuka at the Office of the President in Georgetown. The visit was to apprise the president of activities scheduled for, what has been designated Japan-Caricom Friendship Year, according to the ambassador. He said issues of bilateral affairs were discussed, along with areas of cooperation, along with proposed future activities between Japan and Caricom.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of bilateral consultations between Japan and the regional grouping, which are held annually. The Caricom-Japan Public-Private Joint Economic Mission was a forum in which Caricom promoted investment opportunities to Japan in areas such as Energy, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is one of the key agencies through which the cooperation programmes are being realised.

President Donald Ramotar greeting Japanese Non-resident High Commissioner Yoshimasa Tezuka

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 21, 2014

Lone fugitive on the run as…


Third prison escapee caught - found hiding under bed in city home By Leroy Smith THE third of four prisoners who escaped from the Georgetown Magistrates Courts Holding Cell on Monday was found early yesterday morning hiding under a bed in a house on Freeman Street, East La Penitence in Georgetown. Police received word about the development and rushed to the area, and the fugitive, 20-year-old Randolph Marks, of East Ruimveldt, Georgetown,was handed over to them. BRAZEN ESCAPE It was chaos at the Georgetown Magistrates Courts on Monday morning after it was discovered that four notorious convicts who had shown up for court and were being held in the courts’ holding area, had broken their way out of the facility and had fled the courts’ premises. The four that escaped were Vickram Persaud, Keron Cummings, Randolph Marks and Steve Bacchus. Aided by public-spirited citizens, the police chased the fleeing men, but managed to recapture only murder accused Steve Bacchus on Hadfield Street, from where he was reportedly attempting to enter Leopold Street to seek refuge. A few hours later, on Monday night, the Police confirmed that escaped prisoner, 28-year-old Vickram Persaud called ‘Lil John’ was shot dead “during an armed confrontation with the police” at Fort Wellington, West Coast Berbice. The Police said Persaud, of Doctor Dam in La Grange on the West Bank of Demerara, had earlier that day escaped from the lock-ups at the Georgetown Magistrates Courts where he was waiting to attend Court. The Police said an unlicensed .38 revolver has been recovered, while Persaud’s body is at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) mortuary.

Persaud was charged with the murder of Police Tactical Services Unit (TSU) rank, Constable Michael Cumberbatch, in September last year. LONE FUGITIVE



The forth prisoner, 26-year-old Keron Cummings, of Sophia, is still on the run, and the police have assured that he will be recaptured. Police ‘A’ Division Commander Clifton Hicken yesterday assured that all efforts are being made to locate and capture the lone fugitive from justice. In an interview with the Guyana Chronicle, Commander Hicken related that while the police do not intend to resort to force as its first option in dealing with any issue, force would be employed if the need arises and if it becomes

absolutely necessary. The commander explained that an investigation has already been launched into the incident, and several factors are being looked at to verify what exactly may have contributed to the prisoners’ escape. He said that the internal investigation would mostly focus on the circumstances surrounding the incident, and whether the security posture at the court had been relaxed in any way to facilitate the process. One police source who spoke with this publication also explained that, at the time of the breakout, the ranks on duty might have been distracted, but he said that factor would be brought out in the probe. The police source explained that prisoners usually adopt a very noisy approach whenever they are in custody, since they feel to themselves that they, having already been charged with serious offences, are already in police custody and need not fear being charged again by the cops. According to the source, it was raining on the day of the escape, and the possibility exists that the noise being made by the rain during that period had prevented police officers from hearing the noise of activities associated with the prisoners’ escape. Another possible cause for the police not being alerted to what was ongoing on the day in question is the collective noise that was being made by the prisoners. The source said that the investigation, being done by Commander Hicken’s office, will also be looking to see if, at any time during the course of the day, there had been abnormal noise coming from the prisoners. That factor would have had some effect in preventing the police officers on duty that day from hearing activities associated with breakout of the facility. The source reminded that top of the agenda of any prisoner is freedom, and prisoners will always be looking at ways to secure their freedom, and would usually work collaboratively to achieve that objective. Commander Hicken told the Guyana Chronicle that the Force would also be looking to see if standard operating procedures in regard to security at the court had, in any way, been compromised.

ATN officials pay courtesy call on President Ramotar

SENIOR officials from the Atlantic Tele-Network Company (ATN) paid President Donald Ramotar a courtesy call yesterday, to discuss pending legislation with regards to the telecommunications sector. The visit was to apprise the President of the company’s presentation to the Parliamentary Select Committee, which is set to examine the proposed plans which will liberalise the

local sector, according to ATN’s President of International Operations, Paul Bowersock. Bowersock, who was accompanied by ATN’S Vice President for Government and Regulatory Affairs, Douglas Minster, and Guyana Telephone and Telegraph’s (GT&T) Chief Executive Officer, Radha Krishna Sharma, said that all they need is a level and fair playing

field for all stakeholders in the sector, as they are fully prepared to invest even more, to improve the services offered. Government has already indicated its desire to open the local telecommunications sector to end the ATN/GT&T monopoly for certain services, thereby increasing competition and offering better services for consumers.

Following power outage at workplace…

Several Qualfon employees allegedly lost ‘consciousness’ - rushed to GPHC for medical assistance

UP to press time last night, more than a dozen employees of the Qualfon Guyana Inc Call Centre, at Plaisance, East Coast Demerara were being treated at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) for what the hospital is saying could have been “asthma attacks”. The Guyana Chronicle has been informed that the Qualfon employees were at work when a power outage struck. Shortly after, the employees began ‘acting strangely’, and

several of them reportedly lost consciousness. However, one woman told the Chronicle that not all the Qualfon employees were exhibiting the same signs at the same time. The Public Relations Officer of the Georgetown Public Hospital said last evening that GPHC doctors had decided to treat the Qualfon employees for ‘asthma’ after they all indicated that they do suffer from that condition. All the employees were therefore given oxygen

while in the Emergency Room of the GPHC. Several employees, relatives and other concerned persons turned up at the GPHC after hearing of the development. The Qualfon Call Centre has two locations on the East Coast of Demerara. The employees who were affected last evening are all from the location at Ogle. That facility was constructed on what used to be a burial ground for the Ogle and Plaisance communities years ago. (Leroy Smith)

ATN’s President of International Operations, Paul Bowersock, President Donald Ramotar, GT&T’s Chief Executive Officer, Radha Krishna Sharma and ATN’s Vice President for Government and Regulatory Affairs Douglas Minster, yesterday. (GINA photo)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 21, 2014

Guyana’s Environment Minister spotlights need for action to guard against bio-piracy - at opening of CARICOM’s sub-regional workshop to agree benefits sharing from biodiversity By Vanessa Narine

A ONE-WEEK sub-regional capacity-building workshop on the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) of natural resources of countries’ biodiversity, opened on Monday at the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat, Annex at Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown. Addressing the gathering, Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Mr. Robert Persaud called on the regional stakeholders, representatives from the local Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (SCBD) to recognise the importance of ensuring that countries are able to have a system that safeguards their resources. “As nations rich in biodiversity, it is important to have in place a system that will safeguard our resources. In many instances, we have been victims of misappropriation or bio-piracy of our genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge, which have often been patented in other countries. This we hope to prevent in the future,” he said. The Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their Utilisation (ABS) is a supplementary agreement to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). It provides a transparent legal framework for the effective implementation of one of the three objectives of the CBD, the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising out of the utilisation of genetic resources. Thereby contributing to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. The Nagoya Protocol on ABS was adopted on October 29, 2010 in Nagoya, Japan and will enter into force 90 days after the fiftieth instrument of ratification, the date for such being set for July 7, 2014. In this regard, the workshop aims to strengthen the capacity of the participating countries to ratify or accede to the Nagoya Protocol and prepare for its implementation with the view to contributing to the achievement of Aichi Target 16, which stipulates that the Nagoya Protocol is in force and operational, consistent with national legislation by 2015. The one-week session is also looking to build on the outcomes of previous workshops organised in the Region, including the Second Caribbean Workshop on ABS, held in Kingston, Jamaica, last November and the Regional Training Workshop on Drafting Legislation for Implementation on the Nagoya Protocol on ABS, held in Roseau, Dominica, last June, both of which were organised by the CARICOM Secretariat and the ABS Capacity Development Initiative, in collaboration with the CBD Secretariat. LEGAL CERTAINTY The Nagoya Protocol will create greater legal certainty and transparency for both providers and users of genetic resources by establishing more predictable conditions for access to genetic resources and helping to ensure benefit-sharing when genetic resources leave the contracting party providing them. By helping to ensure benefit-sharing, the Nagoya Protocol creates incentives to conserve and sustainably use genetic resources and, therefore, enhances the contribution of biodiversity to development and human well-being. Minister Persaud noted that, in Guyana, treaties like the Nagoya Protocol are supported by existing legislation, not in the least of which is the country’s Constitution. He said: “The Constitution, in Article 2:36 says, in the interest of the present and future generations, the State will protect rational use of its fauna and flora and will take all appropriate measures to conserve and improve the environment. “…by the end of this workshop we anticipate that participating countries would have strengthened their capacity to ratify or accede to the Protocol and prepare them for implementation. In so doing, Aichi Target 16 would be achieved, which is that the Nagoya Protocol is in force and operational, consistent with national legislation by 2015.” Minister Persaud explained the value of the Protocol to countries like Guyana with a rich biodiversity and made reference to the fact that it has been a victim of bio-piracy.

He said: “In 2000, Dr. Conrad Gorinsky, an ethnobotanist patented a chemical protein from the nut of the greenheart tree (Ocotearodiaei). This nut produces an ingredient called tipir. The chemical is capable of preventing the return of diseases like malaria and useful in treating cancer and perhaps even the AIDS virus. But tipir’s medical properties are also well known to the Wapishana who grate the nut and use it to stop haemorrhages, prevent infections, as a contraceptive and to provoke abortions.” POLITICAL ROW According to Minister Persaud, Dr. Gorinsky named the ingredient ‘Rupununine’ and has run into a political row and a potential court case. “The community was furious saying that their knowledge has been stolen,” the minister stated. As such, he said it is important to note that the Protocol provides clearly outlined procedures where prior informed consent is taken into account before access is granted to genetic resources and traditional knowledge; avenues for the

commended. “I know that Guyana’s accession to the Protocol is the result of a great deal of careful planning and consultation. I am confident that, at this workshop, our Guyanese colleagues will share their strategies, experiences and lessons learned, so that their accomplishment can serve as an exemplar for other CARICOM Member States. “I must emphasise that, as with all multilateral environmental agreements, becoming Party to the Nagoya Protocol is not an end in itself. Parties must take measures to ensure that laws, policies and programmes of action are put in place to uphold the principles of fair and equitable benefit-sharing and to enable countries to take full advantage of the economic value of their genetic resources.” Bernard also alluded to the fact that the workshop coincides with the move by many CARICOM Member States to update their national biodiversity strategies and action plans. She said: “The CARICOM Secretariat, through its Sustainable Development Programme, has long advocated for mainstreaming the environment into national and regional

The stakeholder groups meeting this week on the Nagoya Protocol, on Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) of natural resources negotiation of mutually agreed terms which ensures the fair and equitable sharing of benefits that arise from their utilisation and compliance with its provisions, once the genetic resource leaves the country providing it. “As a party to the Nagoya Protocol, countries can benefit from training and advancement of scientific research; exchange of information and best practices; links with research institutions and cooperation in the case of emergencies where ABS has been granted and then leaves the country; opportunities to access resources and guidance from other parties that are signatories to the Protocol and opportunities to raise awareness about ABS and related issues at the national level,” Minister Persaud said. “Further, the Nagoya Protocol would also contribute to the other two objectives of the CBD relating to conservation and sustainable use, since benefits accruing from utilisation of genetic resources would act as incentive to parties and their local communities to conserve and sustainably use their biodiversity,” he added. He said, on April 22, 2014, Guyana became the first Caribbean nation and the 30th country worldwide to accede to the Protocol. “With this step, our nation signalled its commitment to the effective implementation of the third fundamental objective of the Convention, fair and equitable sharing of the benefits derived from the use of genetic resources,” Minister Persaud said. The fact that Guyana has led the Caribbean Region in this regard was also highlighted by CARICOM Director of Human Development, Ms. Myrna Bernard, who stated that the forum represents a continuation of the Region’s work to build the capacity of Member States to reap a fair and equitable share of benefits generated from the use of their genetic resources and traditional knowledge about them. HIGHLY COMMENDED She said: “Guyana became the first CARICOM Party to the Nagoya Protocol and, for this, it is to be highly

strategies for economic and social development. “The update process provides an excellent avenue for incorporating the provisions and principles of the Nagoya Protocol into national biodiversity strategies. It is also an opportunity for countries to give serious consideration to mechanisms for increasing their share in the benefits derived from the use of their biodiversity capital. “With creative and strategic planning, these benefits can be leveraged to contribute to economic growth, poverty alleviation and an increase in our capacities for research, innovation and entrepreneurship.” Bernard underscored the moves being made at the level of the Secretariat, which include a series of activities to build Member States’ capacity to implement the Protocol. “In cooperation with the Access and Benefit-Sharing Initiative and support from the European Union, the Secretariat has co-hosted two previous Caribbean regional ABS workshops. “We have delivered training in the drafting of legislation for Protocol implementation. We have compiled and disseminated a list of qualified consultants who could assist Member States in the legislative and policy process.” She stated, too, that in an effort to widen awareness and deepen the understanding of the opportunities and benefits that could arise from participation in the global ABS framework, the Secretariat has also formally brought the Nagoya Protocol and its implications for the Region to the attention of the Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED), through the Ministers of Agriculture and Environment. “We are committed to supporting the Region’s participation in the global ABS framework which, we believe, could be a means for us to transform our biological capital into goods and services for national and regional development,” said the Director of Human Development. The workshop which commenced yesterday was made possible with support of the Global Environment Facility (GEF), Government of Japan and the Secretariat of the Convention on Biodiversity.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 21, 2014

As Guyana assumes COFCOR chair…

Foreign Minister underscores need for policy shift By Vanessa Narine THE 17th meeting of the Council for Foreign and Community Relations (COFCOR) opened at the Guyana International Conference Centre, Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown yesterday, with Guyana assuming the chair. Under the leadership of Foreign Affairs Minister, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett, other Ministers with similar portfolios began discussions on wide-ranging matters, including the upcoming eighth United Kingdom-Caribbean Forum; the fifth CARICOM-Spain Summit and the observance of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)-Japan Friendship Year. Participation of CARICOM Member States in the Tour-

ism Expo Japan 2014 was also on the table and the grouping was updated on the CARICOM-Canada Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiation and the Ministers addressed regional positions on several matters impacting multilateral relations, among them the United Nations post 2015 development agenda and the third international conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS) later this year. Minister Rodrigues-Birkett challenged the gathering to recognise the changes taking place on the international scene and be ready to respond with the required repositioning of policies. “At the level of the Council for Foreign and Community Relations, we have had to be aware and ready to respond to changes on the international scene that would, consequently, require a repositioning of our policies. This has been a central theme in several of our meetings,” she pointed out. Continuing, she said: “Today, Guyana is the venue where our focus will be on the conduct of the Region’s foreign policy in a changing global environment. I am, indeed, looking forward to our own introspection, at the end of which I hope we will arrive at clear and practical actions that would reflect our adaptation in a rapidly changing world and, more importantly, an approach that would lead to even greater coordination.”

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Trinidad and Tobago, Winston Dookeran, the immediate past Chair of COFCOR, left, is greeted by current COFCOR Chair and Guyana’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett. Secretary-General of the CARICOM Secretariat, Ambassador Irwin LaRocque is at centre. (Adrian Narine photos)

MAIN ISSUES According to her, among the main issues in focus are: * The need for CARICOM Member States to remain seized on the climate change issue, given that 2014 has been designated, by the Unit-

ed Nations, as the International Year of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and the importance of participation in the upcoming meetings including those convened by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, as well as the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States in Samoa and the UN Climate Change Summit in New York; * The post 2015 Agenda and Financing for Development and the means for implementation of an ambitious and transformative post-2015 development agenda, and * The fact that Member States are constrained by high levels of debt and graduation from concessional financing and development aid, based on an arbitrary categorisation of our small developing states as upper middle income countries, using GDP per capita, a system that ignores significant vulnerability indices that paint a true picture of the economy. Minister Rodrigues-Birkett said: “For CARICOM, a key imperative is the building of resilience, resilience to climate change and environmental risk and resilience to external economic shocks. CARICOM needs to remain fully engaged and to ensure that our priorities are duly reflected in the relevant outcomes.” She also spoke on the issue of foreign policy coordination and said it is not necessarily unanimity of positions, even though one may question what the objective, in the first instance was, if this is the case. “The issue of foreign policy coordination has endured its fair share of criticism from within our respective borders and from those who seek the creation of a stronger, more interdependent community of our nation states. “…it is my firm belief that, while there will be instances when we will have divergent positions for more reasons than one, we must continue our efforts to maximise our 14 voices and 14 votes. We must be prepared, at times, to sacrifice short term individual gains in order for the overall Region to benefit on the longer term,” she urged. REGION HAS DONE WELL Rodrigues-Birkett noted that, while there is much to do, the Region has done well, a fact that has been recognised by countries the world

The participating stakeholders of the 17th meeting of COFCOR

See page 12


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 21, 2014

Foreign Minister underscores ... From page 11

over. “We have presented common positions on key foreign policy issues, such as climate change, on the issue of differentiation and graduation, Security Council Reform, issues relating to Small Island Developing States, the Advance Passenger Duty and Security. We have also led the effort in securing an Arms Trade Treaty always with a united front. “The fact, that we have seen an increase in the number of Governments wanting to dialogue with us as a group, demonstrates not only that they see us as a group, but also that our united positions have not gone unnoticed. I must pay tribute to our CARICOM Ambassadors for their role in advancing the consensus positions of the Region,” she said. The Foreign Affairs Minister stated that emphasis must be placed on the ongoing information revolution, which has brought with it much information, as well as the need for speed in analysis, coordination and reaction.” BLACKBERRY DIPLOMACY “(It has brought with it) the need to be versed in Blackberry diplomacy and i-diplomacy,” she acknowledged. Rodrigues-Birkett emphasised that, despite the evolving dynamism of the technological environment, the commitment, both of individual States and as Member States of the Caribbean Community to the fundamental principles of peaceful resolution of disputes, an unswerving respect for international law and a commitment to ensuring the unhindered right to development within national boundaries must not be doubted. “…these are essential to the peaceful and ordered development of States within our Community, as well as the international community of nations, of which we are an integral part,” she agreed. Continuing, the Minister said: “As a community, we become stronger the more we act in solidarity with these principles. That strength and that solidarity will, undoubt-

Regional heads get down to business yesterday, after the opening session of the 17th meeting of COFCOR edly, make a considerable impact within the international community and enhance our own stature to a level that belies our physical size.” Caricom Secretary-General, Ambassador Irwin La Rocque, in his turn at the podium, said the meeting provides an opportunity for reflecting on the moves made by the Community in the promotion and protection of its interests. “It also provides the occasion to look forward to the prospects by analysing the trends, developments and events which shape the external environment in which our Member States operate,” he said. “…as small states, multilateral diplomacy is of prime importance to the Caribbean Community in pursuit of the protection and promotion of the interests of our Member States. “In view of the rapidly evolving international geopolitical situation, Caricom has sought to reorient its external relations to take account of the dynamics on the global and hemispheric stage.The Community has taken into account the narrowing of the interests of its traditional partners in their relations with us. “We are, therefore, actively seeking to widen our own geopolitical space by establishing links with an array of non-traditional partners and forming strategic alliances where there is a convergence of interests.” INCREASINGLY INTER-CONNECTED According to him, through globalisation, the new world has become increasingly inter-connected, as issues such as climate change, pandemics, terrorism and migration evidence themselves. Ambassador La Rocque said: “Given that background, while maintaining our traditional links, the scope for our Community to develop new partnerships is extremely wide

with a great diversity of sources of relations, trade, investment, technical cooperation and development assistance. “Already, we are transforming our relationship with Latin America as we have come together bilaterally, collectively and institutionally through arrangements such as the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) and, more recently, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), PetroCaribe and the Bolivarian Alternative (ALBA). Individual Caricom Member States are also active members of the Central American Integration System (SICA) and the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR). “The Community’s relations with individual Latin American States, such as Brazil, Chile and Mexico have been strengthened. In late April, the Community held its Third Summit meeting with Mexico and looks forward to the proposed Summit with Brazil. On my recent visit to Chile, Her Excellency President Bachelet assured me of her country’s desire to strengthen its cooperation with the Community. These evolving relationships have increased the level of mutual understanding and also resulted in Latin American countries becoming increasingly sensitive to the peculiarities and vulnerabilities of Small Island Developing States such as ours,” he reported. Acknowledging that Caricom’s foreign policy agenda is packed, the Secretary-General called for regional stakeholders to prioritise. “Today presents the opportunity for an in-depth discussion on Caricom foreign policy in the changing global environment, in order to recommend foreign policy approaches and priorities,” he posited. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Trinidad and Tobago Winston Dookeran, the immediate past Chair of COFCOR, was also present at yesterday’s forum.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 21, 2014

New $600 million GPL Substation at Columbia/Mahaicony completed

- to be commissioned in a few days’ time “I AM proud, that in my lifetime, we can see lights in all their glory and that new development has finally reached your doorsteps.” This heartfelt sentiment was expressed by Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL), Mr. Bharat Dindyal, at a public meeting held last Friday at the Fairfield Community Centre, East Coast, Demerara. The meeting was reportedly held to sensitise residents on the improvements that will come on stream when the just completed new GPL Substation at Columbia/Mahaicony is commissioned within a few days. In recalling his days as a young engineer at GEC in 1987 when he was pain-

Mr Bharat Dindyal, Chief Executive Officer of GPL

fully aware that the West Coast, Berbice area was one plagued with chronic low-voltage, the CEO traced the history of expansion projects that started in 1987 and recognised that the proposed transmission line between Onverwagt and Sophia in that plan, never happened. Now 30 years later, after construction started in 2012, the CEO told the residents that GPL is finally commissioning a facility in their community that will transform the quality and reliability of power as West Berbice can now get power from East Berbice and Georgetown. “Whenever the hydro power comes on line, the substation will be ready See page 15

The just completed new GPL Substation at Columbia/Mahaicony





GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 21, 2014

New $600 million GPL Substation ...

From page 13

Residents in attendance at a public meeting held last Friday at Fairfield Community Centre, East Coast Demerara

and equipped to handle it,” the company said in a statement. Mr. Dindyal told the gathering that the Substation represents a huge investment of over Gy$600 million, funded from the loan of US$39 million provided by the China Import/Export Bank and it has the capacity to deliver power for at least the next 20 years. The residents heard that the state-ofthe-art Substation has a very sophisticated computerised control system, that does not require anyone to be on the premises, but will be controlled from Sophia. The Sophia Control Centre, he said, could see and regulate the power supply for every village from

Georgetown to Columbia. He alerted residents that they must not believe that they’re experiencing high voltage when they see how bright the lights are and they must be aware that their electricity bills are likely to increase as consumption will go up when their appliances start to function properly. Rice Millers who, in the past complained about low voltage, will now have their factories working at full power. The session ended with the CEO and his team fielding questions from the floor and the invitation for residents ‘to work with GPL to ensure that this investment bears fruit.’


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 21, 2014

NA man reportedly kills childmother, then attempts suicide By Asif Hakim

AN 18-year-old girl was reportedly stabbed to death on Monday night by her

48-year-old former lover, whom she had separated from about a week ago, after being together for more than two years and

from which union a child was conceived. The child is now four months old. According to reports, Onicka Greaves was fatally

stabbed by Robert Sandy, her former lover, who then attempted suicide by drinking a poisonous substance. However, he managed to

Eighteen-year-old Onicka Greaves who was reportedly murdered by her former lover. (Photo courtesy of Gordon Moseley) survive and was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital by relatives where he is under police guard. Speaking with this publication, the murdered girl’s mother, Abiola Greaves, said that her daughter had ended the relationship with the man and moved to Georgetown the same week, but he had been calling her and threatening that “something will happen” if she should go with someone else. She also stated that the baby was left in her care but she never took the man’s threats seriously. However, she related that Sandy deceived her daughter by telling her that the baby was sick and she should return to see what was happening. “After coming back to New Amsterdam without informing me, I heard someone was screaming loudly but I did not know where it was coming from. As I rushed downstairs I saw him stabbing my daughter continuously, the neighbours then came over to offer me some help but the man had already disappeared. With the help of my neighbour we then took her to the hospital where she was alive,” the mother related. She said that while she was at the hospital watching at her daughter, she felt that something would happen. “I was at the hospital whole night hoping for my daughter to be alive but as the doctors continued to fight for

her life, I was told that she died. She died early Tuesday morning (yesterday). Words cannot express how I’m feeling, I will have to take care of the baby now,” the mother lamented. However, a relative of Sandy who wants to remain anonymous said that he had told her that Greaves had left him, noting that the man was then acting strangely. “I heard when Sandy was threatening Abiola over the phone - he was telling her that ‘if he can’t get she, nobody cannot get she.’I warned him about the threats and he kept telling me that nothing would not happen. I’m very surprised and shocked of his actions because he was never a suicidal type and always having a good relationship,” the relative said. In another incident on Friday, May 02, reportedly stemming from domestic discord, forty-eight-yearold Chetram Bharrat of Haslington, East Coast Demerara was chopped to death, while his wife, Lomattie Ramdat, 36, sustained several lacerations when two men armed with cutlasses invaded their home. According to reports, Bharrat used to be working in Suriname for long periods while his wife began a relationship with another man without letting him know she had a husband. It is said that the other man was responsible for her husband’s death.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 21, 2014

Traffic Chief joins in appeal against bribery By Michel Outridge TRAFFIC Chief, Hugh Denhert, joining in the efforts to tackle bribery within the Guyana Police Force (GPF), has appealed to the public not to pay any money. He was reacting to numerous complaints by citizens, including from a reporter attached to the State-owned Guyana Chronicle. The Superintendent of Police noted that they have employed several sting operations which were executed by a different department within the GPF and had successes but there is need for continuation. He said people cannot give the Police money and still talk about doing the TRAFFIC CHIEF proper thing, by reHUGH DENHERT porting at a station to a supervisor for redress as it relates to any traffic violations. Denhert maintained it is not advisable to make a commitment to the Police by offering a bribe instead of reporting the matter.

“If a traffic cop stops you on the road while you are driving and you feel that their course of action did not warrant a ticket, do not pay the Police but go to the station and ask to speak to an officer or a supervisor.” – Traffic Chief The Traffic Chief said it should be noted that nobody wants to go to Court but people have got to take the necessary action in such matters. He explained that, when on the road, defaulters are dealing with a constable or traffic cop and, if an individual feels they were wrongly given a ticket or something does not seem right, the thing to do is go to the nearest Police station and seek clarification. PROVIDE GUIDANCE Denhert pointed out that, in every Division, there is a Traffic Officer to provide guidance and they are aware of the knowhow, so to speak and accepting cash is totally unacceptable. The Traffic Chief reiterated that it is against the law to accept bribes and the giver is as guilty as the receiver in such dealings, adding that, once a complaint is made, an investigation follows and, if the rank involved is found culpable, the individual would be dealt with departmentally and as necessary. He observed that members of the See page 18



GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 21, 2014

Traffic Chief joins in appeal ...

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Anti-Crime patrols on motorcycles are performing the duties of traffic ranks but they are not supposed to be doing that since it is not their prime function and he urged that such incidents be reported. Denhert said, time and time again, those ranks undertake more traffic duties unnecessarily and persons feel harassed. He advised: “If a traffic cop stops you on the road while you are driving and you feel that their course of action did not warrant a ticket, do not pay the Police but go to the station and ask to speak to an officer or a supervisor.� When asked about the absence of traffic ranks on the road at nights, Denhert said that, if there is a roadblock one should be there in support of the armed personnel manning it, since they are not carrying arms like the others. GROSSLY UNDERSTAFFED He also said the volume of traffic in the night does not require the number like in the day but he acknowledged that the Department is grossly understaffed and the same ranks have to work day and night. As regards the issue of traffic cops taking possession of drivers’ licences, Denhert said, as long as the document is valid and genuine, there is no reason for a Police rank to take it. Again, he encouraged licensed drivers to go to the Police station and sort out the matter with a supervisor rather than paying cops. He, however, made an appeal to all road users to look out for each other, be it a pedestrian, a pedal cyclist or a driver. Denhert said almost all categories of drivers are guilty of drinking and driving and the widespread habit has become like a style for some people who behave in a reckless manner on the roadway. The Traffic Chief admonished pedestrians, as well, to be alert and not text on cell phones while crossing the road, since they are the most vulnerable and, like pedal cyclists have no designated lane. Meanwhile, the Traffic Department reported, yesterday, that for this year, so far, it recorded 43 deaths from 40 road accidents, including five children. For the corresponding period last year, there were 44 deaths, including five children, from 41 road accidents.




GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 21, 2014



New Zealand Foreign Minister pays courtesy call on President PRESIDENT Donald Ramotar received a courtesy call earlier this week from New Zealand Foreign Minister, Murray Mc Cully, at the presidential complex in

Georgetown. Minister Mc Cully explained that he will be in Guyana for two days to address the Caricom Foreign Ministers meeting and lobby

President Donald Ramotar greeting New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray Mc Cully

for the Region’s support as his country contests a seat on the United Nations’ Security Council, later this year. He said that countries such as his, in the South Pacific and the Caribbean have similar challenges and are seeking similar solutions to address these, as well as develop closer ties. The recent appointment of Ambassador Jan Henderson, Ambassador to Guyana and Barbados is another indication of the value his country places on the relationship between itself and the Caribbean, he further stated. Sustainable energy remains a primary focus for New Zealand, as well as for Caricom member states, the ambassador noted. “The

Non-resident New Zealand High Commissioner, Jan Henderson, President Donald Ramotar, New Zealand Foreign Minister, Murray Mc Cully, and Foreign Affairs Minister, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett

countries of the Pacific spend about 10% of their GDP, about 25 to 30% of their total import bills on diesel for electricity generation and we are on a crash course to try and increase the renewable component from 5 % to 50%. That’s where the bulk of that development and partnerships go in the Pacific at the moment.” He added that some of the Caricom countries have geo-thermal potential and New Zealand has considerable experience in this regard. In terms of sport, he indicated that the Black Caps cricket team is due to play in the Caribbean very soon and New Zealand is also co-hosting the Cricket World Cup in 2015. These are just additional opportunities for the exchange of cultures and ideas between the two Regions, he noted. (GINA)

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Schoolboy disappears along Siriki trail

- mother feels evil forces strayed her son

By Rajendra Prabhulall

‘MISSING TEENAGER’: Ruel Fredericks

FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD Charity Secondary School student, Ruel Fredericks has gone missing while walking along a trail at Siriki in the Upper Pomeroon River, last Friday afternoon. According to reports, the teenager who lives with his parents at New Haven Housing Scheme at Siriki, left home at around 17:30 hrs last Friday, walking along a lonely trail in the interior to collect a bicycle from a relative some distance away but he has not been seen since. Mother of the missing teenager, Ms. Shavon Fredericks, said she was told by her relatives that her son, Ruel never showed up at their home to collect the bicycle. She said many residents in the community along with relatives have searched the entire area along the trail for the teenager but without any success. The mother said she reported the matter to the police and to Regional Chairman, Mr. Parmanand Persaud. She said the Chairman responded quickly by ensuring that police and the Guyana Defence Force got involved in the search. Ms. Fredericks said she believes that her son was strayed away by evil forces and is calling for prayers. The search is continuing for the teenager.

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US$5M mill arrive

MINISTER of Natural Resources and the Environment Mr Robert Persaud, on Monday, urged Guyanese not to be threatened by the influx of foreign investors into the mining sector, but rather they should look at the opportunities that the foreign capital will generate. Minister Persaud was at the time speaking in Linden, Region 10, at a ceremony to mark the arrival of a 33.3 megawatt ball mill, valued US$5M, which will see the implementation

Accused in septic tank murder case to know her fate tomorrow By George Barclay DESIREE Jeffers is said to have participated in the murder of her policeman lover, Igriss Bobb Blackman, whose dead body was fished out of a septic tank at La Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara in 2006. Witnesses led by Prosecutrix, Miss Natasha Backer told the jury that Ms. Jeffers, who used to reside in the United States of America, was friendly with the deceased, who used to oversee her property when she was out of Guyana. The jury was told that problems developed in the friendship when Ms. Jeffers discovered that another woman had been involved in the affair, thereby constituting a triangular love affair.

It was alleged that the now deceased Blackman had, at one time, ended up in court with Ms. Jeffers as a result of an alleged assault; and later, their relationship deteriorated to the point where Blackman had been reported missing. Several searches had been made for him without success, until one day when a member of a police search party found Blackman’s dead body wrapped in a carpet and deposited in a septic tank on the premises of Ms. Jeffers’ home. Ms. Jeffers has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Igriss Bobb Blackman at this trial, and is being represented by Mr. Peter Hugh, in association with attorney-at-law, Miss Latchmie Rahamat. Justice Dawn Gregory will sum up the evidence tomorrow.

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Parts of the mill being offloaded on Monday (Adrian Narine photo) of the first stage of work for the launch of Troy Resources Limited, Karouni Gold Project. The project site is located in Region 7 (formerly known as West Omai). “Whether they are Australian, American, Chinese, Indian, Brazilian, there is a place…we are open for investment and we are not doing that at the disadvantage of Guyanese, in

GPL explains need for emergency load shedding GUYANA Power and Light (GPL) said that on Sunday two of the company’s Wartsila Engines - one at Garden of Eden and one at Kingston - experienced mechanical difficulties and so load shedding could not be avoided. GPL in a statement added that the loss of the 11 MW capacity occurred while planned overhaul of the Number Two unit (6.9 MW) at the new Kingston Plant is being done as scheduled, and resulted in a shortage of capacity to meet demand in the Demerara System. Therefore, emergency load shedding was instituted throughout the Demerara System from Monday night, and was expected to continue until 13:00hrs yesterday when repairs to one of the units would have been completed. On Monday night villages stretching from Versailles to La Retraite were without power from 18:29hrs to 20:20hrs, Windsor Forest to Edinburg from 19:06hrs to 21:10hrs and the Sophia area from 18:35hrs to 21:05hrs, GPL said. GPL stated that on Monday, consumers from Good Hope to Industry and in South and North Ruimveldt, Guyhoc Park, Tucville and Shirley Field-Ridley Scheme were without power from shortly after 08:00hrs on Monday morning. Repairs to the second engine were expected to be completed by midnight. Meanwhile, GPL extended its sincerest appreciation to customers for their patience and expressed regret at any inconvenience caused.

Police destroy 15 acres of ganja at Hararuni POLICE in a drug eradication operation last Saturday at Hararuni, Upper Demerara River, found and destroyed 15 acres of cannabis sativa (marijuana) plants under cultivation, ranging in height between 1 foot and 7 feet, along with 50 kilograms dried marijuana and 29 nurseries with seedlings. No arrest was made.

Two GDF soldiers injured in accidental shooting at Tacama THE Guyana Defence Force (GDF) on Monday night said that they have launched an investigation following the accidental shooting of two ranks at their base at Tacama. A press release said that at approximately 16:30 hrs on Monday, two ranks stationed at the Colonel John Clarke Military School at Tacama were injured when two rounds were accidentally discharged from a firearm. The injured are Lt Othneil Hope and Recruit Vernon Harding. Both ranks are currently at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation receiving treatment for their injuries, the GDF added. Meantime, the GDF has begun an investigation into the circumstances surrounding this incident. Further details will be released as they are made available.

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fidence in Guyana’s economy…

es for major Karouni Gold Project

act, we are looking at synergy, looking at small and medium cale miners and how they can develop a link that they can lso benefit from the growth and prosperity such as this and or us it is creating a “win win” situation, where we have arge foreign investments… benefiting not only the country s a whole, but the small, medium and national operations,” Minister Persaud explained. The Karouni gold mining project, a huge multi-millionUS-dollar investment by the Australian company, Troy Reources, has a lifeline of up to eight years and is expected to reate some 600 jobs for people not only in Region 10, but cross the country. “For us as a Government and for us as Guyanese, we ought to be proud of the fact that this project s moving at a reasonable pace, because over the past several ears we would have had much discourse and deliberation bout a large scale mining project in Guyana,” Minister Peraud told the gathering. The gold mining sector is mostly made up of small and medium scale mining, and those miners have done an outtanding job in terms of adapting to technology, dealing with hallenges, and at the same time, taking the country to its reatest production in 2013. Minister Persaud explained that there is place for large mining projects such as this, because if one were to look at Guyana’s gold resources in some areas, there are resources beng expended, and that is where large mining projects must be ncouraged and Guyanese must embrace those investments. Speaking on the environment, Minister Persaud further

stated that the emphasis Government places on the environment, to ensure that activities are done in a way that takes into account the sustainable use of resources must be adhered to. “We will ensure that this project is not only good economically in terms of providing jobs for Guyanese and revenue for the state and developing our natural resources, but very importantly it becomes an outstanding project with good environmental credentials,” the Minister noted. Meanwhile, Chairman of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), Clinton Williams said that this project is another milestone for Guyana’s mining industry. He added that the project was pending for a long time following some challenges with another company which was operating on the same site. Williams assured the company that GGMC will support them to ensure that there are no constraints. Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ken Nilsson- said that Troy Resources has been in existence since 1987 and has been operating in Australia, Brazil, Europe and Argentina. He stated that one of the aims is to get the local people, the Government and the business community’s support, and work together towards one goal, thus ensuring the project is successful. Nilsson said that he is optimistic that Guyana can be developed using its economic power though investments like this, as the country is well poised because of its mineral wealth. The company is expected to commence operations in 2015, once the relevant document is signed off by Government. (GINA)


Sooba seeks to have court quash Green’s appointment of King as Town Clerk By George Barclay ACTING Town Clerk Carol Sooba’s application to the court for Orders or Rules Nisi of Certiorari relative to Mayor Hamilton Green’s appointment of Royston King as Town Clerk of the Georgetown Municipality, will engage the Chief Justice on Thursday. Miss Sooba who is represented by Attorney-at-Law, Mr. Roysdale Forde, has put forward a nine-page motion for the consideration of the court. She is hoping to convince the court that the swearing-in of Royston King into the office of Town Clerk of the city of Georgetown by Mayor of Georgetown, Mr. Hamilton Green, is unlawful, ultra vires, irrational, unreasonable, in excess of jurisdiction, null and void and of no legal effect. When the matter begins on Thursday it is believed that the other side will ask the court for leave to file an affidavit in answer.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 21, 2014

GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 21, 2014


















While CFATF’s comments may not be binding, it would be foolish to disregard them- AG ATTORNEY General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall, expressed his disappointment at the recent outburst by APNU Member of Parliament, Joseph Harmon, in relation to the publicising of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force’s (CFATF) disapproval of the amendments proposed by the Opposition. On a television programme, the AG had informed that the CFATF has deemed the Opposition’s amendments as unacceptable. In response, Harmon was quoted by an online news outlet saying that the impression that CFATF has rejected their proposals was based on the AG’s interpretation. “I never pretended to interpret anything for the APNU. I would never arrogate to myself such a grave and serious responsibility. I was simply speaking about a letter addressed to me by CFATF which I was kind enough to share with Mr. Harmon and his colleagues,” Minister Nandlall told the Government Information Agency. CFATF’s position was outlined in the letter sent by the Executive Director of the CFATF Secretariat, Calvin Wilson, and was circulated via email to all of the members of the select committee to which the Bill was referred. Minister Nandlall said that, “Perhaps Mr. Harmon is peeved that the content of the letter has been made public by me for the simple reason that the letter confirms the deficiencies which the Government has long identified infected the MINISTER Opposition’s proposal...maybe he was hoping that this would ANIL NANDLALL not have been made public.” Harmon was quoted as saying that he does not understand the letter to be binding and that the pronouncement is merely advisory. The AG asserted that he never suggested in any fashion or form that the letter is binding as contended by APNU parliamentarian. “The Opposition disregarded my views and stubbornly persisted with their proposal... they adopted a similar position in relation to the deadlines which I frequently spoke about, as well as similar technical requirements and recommendations which I emphasised must be adhered to, in order to enact a CFATF compliant Bill. All of the Government’s positions were confirmed by Mr. Roger Hernandez of the CFATF, when he visited Guyana in February this year,” the AG reminded. He said that CFATF’s recent pronouncement on this matter has publicly embarrassed the APNU for the second time and JOE HARMON added that, “I can therefore understand the obvious acrimony in Mr. Harmon’s tone of language.” He added that, “What I am absolutely sure about is that since CFATF stands in the shoes of a judge in this situation, it would be utterly foolish to disregard their views. It was the CFATF’s chairperson and technical director, who offered technical assistance, both to the Government and the Opposition, when they visited Guyana a few weeks ago.” Harmon also criticised the Minister for writing to CFATF, soliciting its views and the AG reminded that it was the CFATF officials, who during their recent visit, invited both the Government as well as the Opposition to submit their individual drafts, which they he did on behalf of the Government. “The Government does not need Mr. Harmon’s or anyone’s approval or authority to do any such thing, as Mr. Harmon contends,” Minister Nandlall said.

Accused jewel thief granted $100,000 bail - despite vigorous objections from Police prosecutor By Geeta Rampersaud HOOSAY Barker, 30, of Lot 3 ‘G’ Middle Road, Campbellville, Georgetown, charged with larceny from person was, yesterday, ordered by Magistrate Faith McGusty to post $100,000 bail. The defendant pleaded not guilty to the offence that said, on Monday May 19, on Croal Street, also in the city, he stole from Mervin Mohamed one gold cricket band worth $160,000. Police Corporal Seon Blackman, prosecuting, said the virtual complainant was walking along the street when the defendant approached him and snatched the jewel. Mohamed gave chase and, with the assistance of a policeman in plain clothes, Barker was apprehended and the stolen article retrieved and lodged at the Brickdam Police Station. The prosecutor had objected to Barker being allowed pre-trial freedom on the grounds of the seriousness and prevalence of the offence. The prosecutor also expressed the fear that the defendant may tamper with the witness. But attorney-at-law, Mr. Adrian Thompson, requested that surety be set in a reasonable sum and assured the court that Barker was willing to lodge his passport should the request be granted. Barker was ordered to report to Sergeant Bowman at Criminal Investigations Department (CID) every Friday at 09:00 hrs until June 16.












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Spurs silence Thunder with Game One win (REUTERS) - San Antonio Spurs made the most of home court advantage as they delivered a superb offensive display to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 122-105 on Monday in Game One of the Western Conference finals. Though the Spurs had lost all four of their regular season games to the Thunder, they lived up to their status as the top seeds in the conference and dominated in the paint to take a 1-0 lead in the best-ofseven series. All-Star forward Tim Duncan scored a team-high 27 points and Manu Ginobili weighed in with 18 off the bench as San Antonio had five players in double-figures. The Spurs outshot their opponents by 57 percent to 46 from the field. “It was a great team win,” All-Star guard Tony Parker, who contributed 14 points and 12 assists for San Antonio, told reporters. “Everybody played well. Defence was pretty good so hopefully we can keep it going.” Spurs coach Gregg Popovich was delighted with the form

leads late in the third quarter representing their brief high points. Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green tallied 16 points apiece for the Spurs.

All-Star forward Tim Duncan scores a teamhigh 27 points.

shown by Parker, who left last week’s second-round clincher over the Portland Trail Blazers early in the second quarter due to a strained left hamstring. “I think he feels pretty good, a little winded probably but he didn’t seem to have a problem with his leg tonight,” said Popovich. “I thought he executed offensively really well to start the game.” Kevin Durant led Oklahoma City with 28 points and Russell Westbrook put up 25 and seven assists but the Thunder trailed for most of the game, a couple of narrow

MISSING IBAKA Oklahoma City’s defence sorely missed the shotblocking skills of forward Serge Ibaka, who is likely to miss the rest of the playoffs because of a calf injury suffered during last week’s series-clinching win over the Los Angeles Clippers. Asked how much the Spurs had benefited from the absence of Ibaka, Parker replied: “It helped a little bit. I thought our ball movement was great. We’ve just got to keep on doing that.” Roared on by their vocal home fans at AT&T Center, the Spurs made an explosive start by racing 20-9 ahead on a Duncan bank shot before the Thunder hit back and cut the lead to 30-27 after the first quarter. San Antonio again pulled away as their shooters spread the floor and dominated the paint, a twisting jump shot from Parker putting them 60-

48 up before they went into halftime leading 67-59. Again the Thunder stormed back, a Westbrook jump shot giving them their first lead of the night at 76-75 with five minutes left in the third, but the Spurs regained control on a 12-2 run to enter the fourth 89-82 ahead. San Antonio continued to dominate, a Green threepointer giving them a 93-82 advantage before Ginobili poured in two shots from beyond the arc late on to tighten his team’s grip on the game. Parker was happy with how San Antonio’s defence had coped with the Thunder’s one-two knockout punch of league MVP Durant and dynamic guard Westbrook. “We are not going to stop them, we are just trying to contain them,” said Parker. “We’re trying on every shot to make it hard on them. So far, it’s working but we know they are going to come back hard for Game Two.” Game Two will be played in San Antonio today before the series shifts to Oklahoma City.

Uthappa, Shakib flatten Super Kings ROBIN Uthappa made his fourth half-century of the season to lead Kolkata Knight Riders to an eightwicket win over Chennai Super Kings with two overs to spare. The win took Knight Riders level on Rajasthan Royals with 14 points from 12 games, helping them break further away from the crowded middle of the table. Uthappa, who was put down twice, and Gautam Gambhir put on 64 for the opening partnership in seven overs, and Knight Riders were in control of the chase of 155 after such a beginning. Shakib Al Hasan belted an unbeaten 46 off 21 to hasten the end. Uthappa made 67 off 39 and middled the ball consistently on a pitch where most batsmen had to rely on muscling it. Both sides had wanted to chase on the untested surface in Eden Gardens’ first match of the tournament, and Super Kings were to find out that despite the green tinge, the ball wasn’t quite coming on. There was some help for the spinners as well.

ROBIN Uthappa

Super Kings went below run-a-ball for almost twothirds of their innings. In contrast, Uthappa began with a flurry of boundaries. He eased the first ball of the innings from Ben Hilfenhaus between extra cover and mid-off for four and also clipped the fifth through square leg for four more. The two shots were to bring him plenty of runs through his innings. He also

deftly guided deliveries past slip, and resorted to the slog-sweep as his innings progressed. In his eagerness to drive, Uthappa offered two chances to slip early on, and Super Kings reprieved him each time. First, R. Ashwin dropped him on 6 off Hilfenhaus in the first over. MS Dhoni immediately replaced Ashwin with Suresh Raina in that position. In the third over, Raina let a harder, diving chance off Mohit Sharma go down, with Uthappa on 24. By the time Uthappa timed a lofted drive off Ravindra Jadeja to wide long-off in the 12th over, Knight Riders had almost reached 100. In his previous seven innings now, Uthappa’s lowest score has been 40. Knight Riders needed 57 off 50 when Uthappa fell. Manish Pandey struggled to get going but Shakib more than made up with some powerful hitting. Slogging, paddling and lofting his way to eight boundaries in 21 balls, Shakib shut the door firmly

on Super Kings. Shakib had opened the bowling and had contributed in tying down the Super Kings top order. At the other end, Pat Cummins, on IPL debut, bowled Dwayne Smith with his second ball. The pace of Umesh Yadav and the spin of Sunil Narine were as hard to get away. Raina took nine deliveries to get off the mark in a slow 55-run partnership with Brendon McCullum but accelerated later to make 65 off 52. Shakib could have had Raina on 16, but Yusuf Pathan dropped a difficult chance diving at the straight boundary in the eighth over. Raina opened up against Piyush Chawla, hitting him for three sixes but his attempt to clear long-on in the 18th over failed. Raina’s effort enabled Super Kings to go past 150, but it was quite insufficient against Uthappa and Shakib. (ESPN Cricinfo)

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Pollard pulls...

Incredibly, Pollard had both the presence of mind and the athletic skill to fling the ball back into the air, allow his momentum to carry him off the pitch momentarily, then dive back on to the field of play to take the catch a second time. The catch proved critical in the match: Cooper had roared to 61 before getting

caught, and losing him put Mumbai on the road to a comfortable 25-run victory. The IPL - and T20 in general - often witnesses nearmiraculous catches, but the sheer speed and height at which Pollard took his means that it stands alone, and is without doubt one of the best in the history of the game. (ESPN Cricinfo)

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Greaves departs... “Well, I’m looking to once again do well and improve my overall game, as well as get into top shape for the Commonwealth Games later this year. I have already spoken to Mr Gordon whom I know will have a schedule planned out for me, during my stay there” Greaves said, as he embarked on his fourth such visit to the USA. During his sojourn in the USA last year, the former Carlton Wheelers Cycle Club rider chalked up three impressive victories from eight races, claiming the top podium spot in the Floyd Bennett Category 1-3 race, the Historic Riverton Criterium (Pro 1-3) event and the W.S. United Category One race, while he also finished as runner-up in the Connecticut Criterium (Pro 1-3) race. Apart from the three top podium spots, he also copped fourth in the CRCA Open Category 1-3, 12th in the Floyd Bennett Category 1-3; 18th in the Bound Brook Criterium Pro-1 and 52nd in the Tour of Somerville Category Pro-1. “Those races opened my eyes more to competitive cycling and I brought back with me last year, a different view to

Racing Tips

Ayr 08:50 hrs The Wow Signal 09:20 hrs New Lease Of Life 09:50 hrs Hab Reeh 10:20 hrs Tatlisu 10:50 hrs Thorntoun Lady 11:20 hrs Latin Rebel 11:50 hrs Rothesay Chancer 12:20 hrs Testa Rossa Lingfield 09:00 hrs Dark And Dangerous 09:30 hrs Conquerant 10:00 hrs Silk Train 10:30 hrs Dovil’s Date 11:00 hrs Capaill Liath 11:30 hrs Frangipanni 12:00 hrs Run It Twice

training rides and competitive rides, and this time around, I intend to go there, improve in my performances and at the same time garner more knowledge on the sport. It is my intention to perform creditably, not only in the USA, but also in Scotland where I will be representing Guyana at the Commonwealth Games. For sure, I need to medal at the Games and make my country, sponsors, family and friends proud,” said Greaves. His trip to the USA has been made possible with support from communications service provider Digicel, Bounty Farm, Spads Inc., Toucan Industries, Kevin Jeffrey and family, Café Sol, Compton Persaud, Roraima Bikers Club, Linden Dowridge and George Humphrey. “I would like to thank all those sponsors who made this trip to the USA possible for me, especially Digicel, who has been behind me all the way since making me a Brand Ambassador, and my family who has been supportive of me all along the way as well,” said Greaves, prior to boarding his Caribbean Airlines flight yesterday morning.

Newton Abbot 09:10 hrs Vesperal Dream 09:40 hrs Bennys Quest 10:10 hrs Dan Breen 10:40 hrs Shades Of Autumn 11:10 hrs Realta Mo Croi 11:40 hrs Mister Trebus 12:10 hrs Bermuda Boy Irish Racing Tips Sligo 13:00 hrs Jimmy Two Times 13:30 hrs Cacheofgold 14:00 hrs Shantou Flyer 14:30 hrs Rasco 15:00 hrs Eight Till Late 15:30 hrs Jayo Time 16:00 hrs Grand Diem

South Africa Racing Tips Durbanville 08:35 hrs Royal Foundation 09:10 hrs Seven Fountains 09:50 hrs Barossa Valley 10:25 hrs Tour De Var 11:00 hrs Six Of The Best

American Racing Tips Belmont Race 1 Baby B Race 2 Charitable Race 3 Purling Race 4 White Sangria Race 5 Palestrina Race 6 Legendary Race 7 Accomplish First Race 8 Filimbi


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 21, 2014

Guinness finalists to be known tonight after quarter-finals and semis By Calvin Roberts FUTSAL football fans are expected to throng the Haslington Market Square by the hundreds tonight, where another six exciting and enthralling matches in the second annual Banks DIH/Petra Organisation East Coast of Demerara Guinness ‘Greatest of de Streets’ competition will be held. What makes tonight’s fixtures a must-see is the fact that the matches being played are four quarterfinals, followed by the semifinals, which means at the sound of the final whistle, Saturday night’s finalists will be known, with the losers meeting in the third place playoff. The action will kick off at 18:00hrs, with Melanie ‘B’ (who gained a 2-1 victory over Buxton ‘A’ on penalty kicks on the first night last Saturday) opposing Victoria Eagles who also used penalty kicks to edge Golden Grove Superstars 4-3. Last year’s runners-up Victoria Church Yard will rely on Kenroy Johnson and Nicholas Holder, their two goalscorers in their first round win over Vryheid’s

Lust, to steer them past Paradise in the second encounter, with Kwame Alfred leading Paradise’ charge. The third matchup pits defending champions Plaisance ‘A’ under the guile and wittiness of skipper

Fraser’s brace. The final quarterfinal matchup for the night will see Melanie ‘A’ who enjoyed a walkover from Mahaica, go up against Beterverwagting ‘A’, who also enjoyed a walkover from Ann’s Grove Warriors, who were scared

seven other teams from two other zones. Already, Georgetown zone champions Queen StreetTiger Bay; runners-up Stevedore Housing Scheme; third-place finishers Hope Street-Tiger Bay and fourthplace Albouystown ‘B’,

Flashback! Part of the opening night’s action in this year’s second annual Banks DIH/Petra Organisation East Coast of Demerara Guinness ‘Greatest of de Streets’ competition.

Warren Gilkes, taking on Beterverwagting ‘B’, who defeated Plaisance’s ‘B’ team 2-0 on the opening night, thanks to Edun

to show up for their opening night’s action. The winners of the East Coast zone will advance to the national playoff to face

along with Eagles, Retrieve Unknowns and Scheme out of Linden, have qualified for the national playoffs which will kick off next month.

Former England batsman Sharpe dies FORMER Yorkshire and England batsman Phil Sharpe has died, at the age of 77. Sharpe played 12 Tests in the 1960s, notably few, given his average of 46.23, and was a member of seven county championship-winning teams at Yorkshire. It is for his reputation as one of the greatest slip fielders of all-time that he will perhaps be best remembered.

Ex-Yorkshire and England batsman Phil Sharpe has died at the age of 77.

In that position, Sharpe took more than 600 catches in his 20-year career - many of them breathtakingly brilliant - and he also made in excess of 22 000 first-class runs. Yorkshire president Dickie Bird, a contemporary of Sharpe, as a player, said: “I grew up with Philip in the nets at Yorkshire. “He was one of the best slip fielders I ever saw. He would be ranked amongst the very

best alongside the likes of Mark Waugh, Bobby Simpson, Ian Botham and Ian Chappell “In my opinion he should have played more times for England. His batting record at Test level was fantastic. Averaging over 46 is a big achievement in the international arena. “Philip was a true gentleman and he will be a sad loss to Yorkshire Cricket.” (PA Sport)

Toure could leave Man City over birthday snub, says agent LONDON, England (Reuters) - Midfielder Yaya Toure is upset with Manchester City after an apparent birthday snub and could leave the Premier League champions, his agent said yesterday. According to Dimitri Seluk, who represents the Ivory Coast international, Toure was dismayed that, despite the club giving him a 31st birthday cake, the owners did not personally congratulate him at a post-season party in Abu Dhabi. Former Barcelona powerhouse Toure, whose goals were instrumental in City’s second title in three seasons, could even seek a move, Seluk said. “He got a cake but when it was Roberto Carlos’s birthday, the president of (Russian side) Anzhi (Makhachkala) gave him a Bugatti,” Seluk told BBC Sport. “I don’t expect City to present Yaya with a Bugatti, we only asked that they shook his hand and said ‘we congratulate you’. It is the minimum they must do when it is his birthday and the squad is all together. “Of course Yaya is upset about this. It is his birthday and nobody said anything or shook his hand, so he does not feel comfortable,” added Seluk, who said City sent a Twitter message wishing Toure a happy birthday. “The most important thing is a human relationship and maybe this is his opportunity for Yaya to find that. If City don’t respect him,

Yaya Toure

then easy - Yaya will leave. No problem.” Toure, who joined City in 2010 as part of the owner Sheikh Mansour’s vast outlay on worldclass players, moved to reassure Man City fans via his Twitter page yesterday. “Thanks for all the birthday messages today. Card from City just arrived ... Must have got lost in the post. Haha” he Tweeted. “Jokes aside. Please do not take words that do not come out of MY mouth seriously. Judge my commitment to @MCFC by my performances.” Toure signed a new fouryear contract last year and Seluk denied that he was looking for a better deal with the club. “No. Money is not important. He has enough money,” he said. “It is more important he plays for a club that respects him more than having a few thousand pounds added to his salary. “I have spoken to him about leaving and we will see what happens but, at the moment, Yaya is really upset.”

South Africa court sends Pistorius for 30 days of mental tests

PRETORIA, South Africa (Reuters) - South African Olympic and Paralympic track star Oscar Pistorius was ordered yesterday to undergo a month of psychiatric tests to find out whether he was criminally responsible when he shot dead his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day last year. Judge Thokozile Masipa

told Pistorius he must report to Pretoria’s Weskoppies hospital, one of South Africa’s top mental institutions, as an outpatient for up to 30 days, starting on May 26. The evaluation would determine “whether the accused by reason of mental illness or mental defect was at the time of the commission of the offence

criminally responsible for the offence he is charged with and whether he was capable of appreciating the wrongfulness of his act”. Pistorius, dressed in a black suit and tie, stood sombrely in the dock as Masipa read out the order before postponing the case to June 30. The Olympic star could face a life sentence if he is

Oscar Pistorious

found guilty of murdering his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, whom he shot and killed at his high security home in Pretoria on February 14 last year. Pistorius denies killing Steenkamp in cold blood after an argument, as suggested by prosecutors, and insists he shot four times at the toilet door she was behind, in self-defence

against what he thought was an intruder. Pistorius competed against able-bodied sprinters on carbon-fibre prosthetics, becoming one of the most recognised names in athletics. He won a clutch of Paralympic medals and reached the semi-finals of the 400m at the London 2012 Olympics.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 21, 2014

Sri Lanka beat England in Oval T20 ENGLAND’S home summer campaign began in familiar fashion with a nine-run Twenty20 loss to Sri Lanka at The Oval. The tourists finished on 1837, top-scorer Thisara Perera making the most of a dropped catch by Michael Carberry to blast 49 from only 20 balls. Alex Hales gave England hope with a fine 66, but the opener had little support from further down the order. The hosts had no answer to Lasith Malinga (3-28) and fell short despite Ravi Bopara’s (28) late hitting. The defeat means England have won only six out of 25 international matches in all formats since the beginning of last winter’s disastrous Ashes tour. Carberry’s drop, and two other missed chances in the field, did not help their cause, but Malinga’s superb fast bowling, where he conceded just four runs in the penultimate over, was crucial. England looked set to restrict the World T20 champions to a more manageable total when the tourists had lost two wickets before the end of the fourth over, including T20 debutant Harry Gurney

PLEASE allow me space to respond to the article ‘Kumar stops Basketball team from training at Cliff Anderson Sports Hall’, Stabroek News, May 15, 2014. Firstly no instruction was given to me to stop basketball training on May 14, 2014. As is the practice, whenever the Guyana Amateur Basketball Association (GABA) or the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) requires the use of the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall for training or competitions, the GABA or GABF will request separately. The GABA requested and received approval for training on May 12, 13, 14 and 15. After training on May 12 and 13, Mr Michael Singh, President of GABA on May 14 advised via telephone, that because GABF will, with immediate effect, request the use of the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall for training and competitions, for both bodies, training sessions requested by GABF for the

Lasith Malinga

claiming his first scalp in international cricket by bowling Tillakaratne Dilshan. Kithuruwan Vithanage and Lahiru Thirimanne staged a recovery with a partnership of 54 for the third wicket, but England’s attack chipped away at the Sri Lanka middle order until Perera was given a life by Carberry. The Hampshire opener, playing his first T20 international, nearly collided with Morgan as he dropped a steepling chance from Perera, who was on 20 at the time. Perera took full advantage with some savage hitting, scoring 49 of the 61 runs added while he was at the wicket in the last five overs of the innings. Morgan rued the mistakes in the field that led to Sri Lanka

getting out of reach. “It’s devastating,” said the Middlesex left-hander. “In the first 15 overs we bowled really well and fielded okay and then we sort of fell away. There are no excuses here. Perfect fielding conditions and we dropped three. It’s inexcusable.” Carberry’s miserable debut continued when the lefthander was dismissed for seven at the start of England’s second over, but opening partner Hales kept his side in the hunt. The Nottinghamshire player, whose brilliant hundred helped England beat Sri Lanka in the T20 World Cup, played almost a lone hand in his 41-ball knock until Malinga uprooted his off stump. Hales’ dismissal did not quite end England’s lingering hopes, but Malinga’s accuracy meant England required 24 from the last over. Bopara cleared the ropes once and hit the next ball for four, but his efforts were in vain, as Sri Lanka clung on to ensure the first home match of Peter Moores’ second spell as coach ended in defeat. (BBC Sport)

No instruction was given to stop basketball training 14 and 15 are cancelled. I immediately informed my immediate supervisor, the Admin Officer. Since there was no other activity scheduled for the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall for the day, I secured the facility and left for home. At 18:00hrs I received a telephone call from Mr Nigel Hinds, President of GABF saying that the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall was closed and enquiring why. I advised that from the conversation between Mr Singh and myself, there was no reason why the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall should not be closed. Mr Hinds then indicated to me that the GABA’s President cannot make such a decision as the responsibility for making requests is that of GABF. Subsequently, the Director of Sport, Mr Neil Kumar called and advised that the basketball players be allowed to train. I immediately instructed the security guard to allow the basketball players to have access for training. I arrived at the Cliff Anderson

Sports Hall at approximately 19:05hrs where training was in progress and the media inside the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. Since then, training and competitions are going on without any hindrance. I was later informed by the Director of Sport that he had no meeting with either Mr Singh or Mr Hinds on May 13, 2014 as he was attending a CARICOM Meeting at the International Conference Centre for the entire day. Once again, I must set the record straight that no instruction was issued to me by either of my supervising officers to close the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall to training sessions organised by GABA and subsequently taken over by GABF. I honestly hope that after reading this article, there will be a true understanding of what actually took place at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall on the evening of May 14, 2014. Bashur.A. Khan Superintendant Cliff Anderson Sports Hall

Plant Maintenance retain Bosai Inter-Department basketball crown PLANT Maintenance retained their BOSAI Minerals Group InterDepartment title when they scored a 41-31 win against General Services Friday night at the Mackenzie Sports Club. Having disposed of Mines in their semi-final clash 49-22, the defending champions were once again led by Neil Marks and Anson Durant, their leading scorers, to this win after taking control from the first quarter when they led 11-7 and 27-13 at halftime.

General Services never found their form after getting the better of Mines 65-36 and lost by ten points in the end,41-31. Plant Maintenance guard Anson Durant and forward Neil Marks were joint top scorers with 12 points, after scoring 11 and 10 respectively in their semifinal game. Mark Louis added six for the winners, while guard Alwyn Rodney had a game-high 13 points playing for General Services. The next best score for

General Services came from forward Clive McCalman with seven. In the third-place playoff game, Mines, led by a tournament-high 29 points from guard Marvin Russell, 12 from Laurent Sampson and 10 by R. King, whipped Plant Operations 66-33. The best scorers for the Plant Operations team were Rawelston Slowe with eight points and Patrick Clarke seven. In the female free throw shooting competition Ariel Melville was the winner.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 21, 2014

Reform process returning dignity Sammy helps Hyderabad to Caribbean football: Webb seal crucial win over RCB

B R I D G E T O W N , Barbados (CMC) – CONCACAF president Jeff Webb says he is pleased with the reform process the confederation has undergone, and believes it will help in restoring the credibility of all its member associations. The Caymanian banker assumed the top position in the wake of the damaging cash-for-votes scandal, and implemented several new initiatives to enhance the financial transparency, integrity and accountability of the confederation. “One of my main priorities two years ago – knowing where we were coming from and the turmoil we were in

– was for us to the restore the dignity of our Caribbean people so we could hold our heads up high,” Webb told a group of journalists here.

CONCACAF president Jeffrey Webb is pleased with the reform process.

“We’ve focused heavily on governance, on oversight

(and) we’ve spent so much time on statues and I believe the processes we’ve put in place, not only from CONCACAF’s standpoint but from FIFA’s standpoint with the reform process, I believe we are well on our way to doing that.” During the scandal, Caribbean associations were accused of taking cash bribes in exchange for their support for Qatari Mohamed bin Hammam who was rivalling current FIFA president Sepp Blatter, in the 2011 FIFA election. Long-standing CONCACAF chief Trinidadian Jack Warner resigned amidst corruption allegations. Webb was elected the following

year, with the task of cleaning up the confederation and restoring confidence. Webb said while the process would be a long one, he said the right steps had been taken and national associations would reap the results. “That as you know is going to take time,” he said. “The Confederation right down to every national association who were affected have to almost effectively almost re-invent themselves and present themselves for confidence.” CONCACAF is the continental governing body for football in North, Central America and the Caribbean.

FA to take no action against under-fire Scudamore

LONDON, England (Reuters) - The Football Association will take no action against Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore over sexist emails leaked by a former personal assistant, the governing body said yesterday. Scudamore, 54, was forced to apologise after the comments, made in a private email, were leaked to a Sunday newspaper by the female employee who had a temporary job at the Premier League. The Premier League announced yesterday that Scudamore would keep his job after acting on the findings of an inclusion advisory board that said there was no discrimination in its working environment. Scudamore had faced heavy criticism, including from Sports Minister Helen Grant,

who called the comments “completely unacceptable”. In a statement FA chairman Greg Dyke reiterated that as Scudamore was not an employee, the organisation could not take a position in terms of employment policy or take disciplinary action. “We were of the view that was a matter for the Premier League and we asked them to keep us informed of the actions they were taking,” he said. “In terms of wider FA disciplinary action, it was advised that The FA does not, as a matter of policy, consider private communications sent with a legitimate expectation of privacy to amount to professional misconduct. The FA has applied this policy on an ongoing basis and in relation to numerous other cases.” Peter McCormick, the acting chairman of the Premier League, explained to Dyke

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore

how the investigation into Scudamore’s comments was carried out. “He assured me they had followed proper process under their own employment and disciplinary rules and had conducted a thorough investigation. “We said last week that we considered the contents of the emails in question to be totally inappropriate and are still of

that view, as is the Premier League. “It is important to reiterate the significant focus The FA gives to equality, not least through the work of its Inclusion Advisory Board, and to tackling all forms of discrimination.” The statement added that FA board member Heather Rabbatts, who accused the Premier League of having a “closed culture of sexism” and said Scudamore should give “serious consideration” to his position, would follow up with the Premier League on how the organisations can work together on its inclusion agenda. Scudamore has helped make the Premier League the most lucrative league in the world since taking over as chief executive in 1999. The competition now has a global TV rights deal worth more than three billion pounds.

T&T’s Lendore doubtful for Commonwealth Games

KENTUCKY, United States, (CMC)- Trinidad and Tobago’s Olympic medalist Deon Lendore has expressed doubt about his participation in the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasglow, Scotland. “The Commonwealth Games right now is a kind of iffy situation, because this season I have really been hitting it hard,” said Lendore. “I went from being number one indoor where I’ve been running some fast times back-to-back, to com-

ing outdoor and dropping some serious time.” Lendore, who ran the second fastest time in the world this year to claim 400m gold in 44.36 over the weekend, says a hectic college season will leave him at a disadvantage. The 21 year old athlete’s achievement for his school Texas A&M earned him hero status for rewriting a 45-year-old record. Although he ran for Texas A&M, Lendore’s performance had booked him a place on the national team for

the Commonwealth Games. “I have been running a lot of races compared to everybody else. Then at the NCAA Championships, I will be running like six races. I don’t think I will be in the shape,” said Lendore “Everybody else (is) not running the collegiate circuit. They don’t know how hard I have it right now to be running all these races.” Earlier, the Trinidadian quarter miler anchored the Texas A&M four by one hundred metre team to gold to help his school finish first

on the men’s points table. Lendore said his attention will now shift to the Regional Championships where he is expected to compete in several races. “Within a month, I’m going to run like 12, 13, 14 races,” he said.  “Everybody else will have like two races. I will be at a disadvantage. I will be tired. I won’t be able to give it my all”.  The XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, is scheduled to start in July.

game in front of these beautiful fans,” declared Sammy who was recently replaced as West Indies Test captain by Trinidadian wicketkeeper Denesh Ramdin. “Those last two overs from Bhuvi and Dale kept us in the game. Credit to our openers. We’ll go to Ranchi, try for a clinical David Warner performance (and) hope HYDERABAD, India other results go our way.” (CMC) - Sacked West Sammy hit his first ball Indies captain Darren flat over the straight Sammy conjured up boundary, bringing the a late-innings salvo equation down to less to ensure Sunrisers than a run a ball. Hyderabad complete He then sealed the win a seven-wicket victory by chipping a slower ball over Royal Challengers from Mitchell Starc over Bangalore (RCB) in the cover, giving Sunrisers a Indian Premier League foot in the door amidst (IPL) yesterday. a scramble for fourth With two runs required place. of three balls Sammy Hyderabad appeared to took a double off the be coasting towards their fourth to seal the match target of 161 after a strong for Hyderabad and upset opening stand produced Bangalore’s plans of one hundred runs on the making the playoffs. strength of half-centuries Sammy, who hit a six, from Shikhar Dhawan was not out on ten as and  Man-of-the-Match Hyderabad chased down David Warner. the target to reach 162 However, they slipped for three after Bangalore a bit as the chase was had posted 160 for six dragged into the last over at the Rajiv Gandhi making way for Sammy’s International Stadium. heroics. West Indies opening Despite the victory, batsman Chris Gayle Sunrisers still need failed again with the bat, other results to go caught at short third man their way, as do Royal for 14 while attempting Challengers - both have to hit over the leg side. ten points with two “We needed a win, last remaining games.

CRICKET QUIZ CORNER (Wednesday May 21, 2014) Compliments of THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market &The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL CO. LTD-83 Garnette Street, Campbellville (Tel: 225-6158; 223-6055) Answers to yesterday’s quiz: (1)

Sachin Tendulkar (MI)


Suresh Raina – CSK vs MI

Today’s Quiz: (1) What are the best bowling figures in an IPL final to date? (2) Who delivered the first ball in an IPL game? Answers in tomorrow’s issue


GUYANA CHRONICLE Wednesday May 21, 2014

The time is now for Chris Williams … Linden shooting guard merits national selection

By Rawle Toney CHRIS Williams, the average built shooting guard, standing roughly at 6’1”, has never represented Guyana at any level though his stats would show that he’s actually way better than some who have gone on to stardom on the local scene. The 24-year-old hails from Victory Valley, Linden, an area many from the mining town regard as the Ghetto, so Williams’ life is not entirely devoted to basketball and, being a father and having certain responsibilities, work takes precedence over his addiction for the game he loves. But with Guyana set to participate at this year’s Caribbean Basketball Confederation (CBC) Championships in Tortola, president of the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) Nigel Hinds said that only the best

players will represent the Land of Many Waters at the prestigious event. The former Christianburg/ Wismar Secondary (Multi) student came out in the same era as Travis Burnett, Orin Rose and Akeem Kanhai but the difference between him and them is that they have all gone on to have illustrious Junior National careers, even winning gold at the InterGuiana Games (IGG). But everyone always asks: What happen Chris Williams?. So good is the Victory Valley Royals player that his alias in the sport is “Turkoglu” since many of his friends and teammates believes that the shooting guard not only carries a striking resemblance of the NBA and Turkish star Hedro Turkoglu, but their style of play is almost identical. Linden ‘Sancho’ Alphonso, the Victory Valley Royals basketball club founder member has long been making his proclamation that

if Williams was to take the game seriously; he would certainly be, if not one of,

players we have. The one thing I admire most about him is that he lets his game speak

Chris Williams chases down a loose ball while being closely guarded by Stephan Gillis in the Linden vs Georgetown clash at the Mackenzie Sports Club Hard Court (Sonell Nelson photo)

‘the’ best player in the country at his position. “Well-rounded player that can play both 1 and 2 positions but I think he is best suited at 2 where his ball-handling ability will give him an advantage. “Throw in his penetration and passing along with his ability to play both ends of the floor, he is one of the most rounded

for him and plays fearlessly with high intensity as well.” The standard of basketball is not very high in Guyana so he will definitely have to take his game to another level if he is selected to the national team, but he is as good as, and probably better than any other at his position in Guyana. I think he is a very good candidate,” said Alphonso.

Alphonso knows more than a thing or two about the game. In fact he was the coach of the female team that won gold at the CBC Championships (the CARICOM Championships) in 1996. To date, it’s Guyana’s lone Championship at the games since the men finished second (1994) and third (1981 & 2000). Playing in the shadows of Kanhai, who pundits believe is one of the best players in Guyana, is something Williams has been doing for a number of years. If a survey was to be done in Linden, some persons would argue that Williams is a far superior player than Kanhai and in Georgetown, some players might say it’s the other way around. Kanhai’s style of play always seems to allow him to grab the spotlight and the media’s attention – he’s athletic and has developed showmanship in his game while Williams is a text book player with a sniper-like aim to his shot.

Even in his younger days, he was drawn into debates with players like the late Kevin Lawrence and Stephan Gillis - two players who can shoot lights out on any given night. Linden drew first blood in the GABF Inter-Association Championship against Georgetown and Williams’ all-round play, especially his shooting and smothering defence, piloted his team to victory. On the social media site, Facebook, persons question his ability to play well on wood, already forgetting his countless breathtaking performances at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. Williams will be on show once again when Linden invade Georgetown in what could possible decide the winners of the InterAssociation Championship and pundits would be eager to see if he can replicate his performance at the Mackenzie Sports Club Hard Court.


The time is now for Chris Williams

The Chronicle is at

See story on page


Pollard pulls off sensational catch in T20 match WEST Indies all-rounder Kieron Pollard already had a reputation as one of the most exciting Twenty20 players in the world. His huge hitting with the bat and often devastating medium-fast bowling earn him millions each year, whether playing for West Indies, Somerset or the Mumbai Indians in the IPL. On Monday, however, he showed that it’s not just his batting and bowling that made him worth the money: it’s his fielding as well. Kevon Cooper of the Royal Challengers Bangalore

clubbed a shot off the bowling of Harbhajan Singh that looked a nailed-on six all the way. But the 6’5” Pollard had other ideas, leaping into the air like a gravity-defying NBA star as he raced back, getting a hand to the ball and stopping it clearing the ropes. He was moving so fast, however, that as he landed it seemed certain that he would topple over the boundary - which would have resulted in Cooper staying in, and claiming his six. Turn to page 39

Kieron Pollard takes a blinder on the boundary to dismiss Kevon Cooper in the match between Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians in Ahmedabad on Monday.

Greaves departs Guyana for training stint in USA … looking to peak for Commonwealth Games By Calvin Roberts WHEN 25-year- old Roraima Bikers Club’s Alanzo Greaves visited the United States of America (USA) last year under the watchful eyes of veteran cyclist Aubrey Gordon, he was involved in purely competitive races, battling against several top riders the world has to offer creditably. Yesterday morning, and just within 48 hours after finishing fourth in the 32nd Annual National Sports Commission Three-stage Independence cycle road race, Greaves departed for the USA, where he will go through another seven weeks

stint under the tutelage of Gordon. However, this time around, Greaves will spend the time not only in competition against top riders around the globe, but training for the upcoming Commonwealth Games which will be held in Glasgow, Scotland, from July 23 to August 3, 2014. The talented rider is part of the squad shortlisted by the Guyana Cycling Federation to prepare for participation at the Games and he is bent on bringing back glory to the Land of Many Waters, hence his trip to the USA. Turn to page 39

Flashback! Roraima Bikers Club’s Alanzo Greaves takes the historic Riverton Criterium (Pro 1-3) event during his sojourn in the USA last year.

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